The Naughty Hot Mom

Melinda Davis laced her fingers together and put her hands against the back of her head, straining her enormous round tits upward. She was naked and she gazed down at the half-naked teenage boy who lay on her kitchen floor, staring up at her. Slowly, she started to dance. Her body twisted lewdly and her huge tits jiggled. She rubbed her full thighs together, then dipped, spreading her thighs and letting the boy see her glistening cunt lips.

“Beautiful!” Duane Brophy breathed. He was less than half Melinda’s age.

She still didn’t know what had come over her fifteen minutes ago. Until today, she had never done anything like this except in her fantasies. Although she had married young, she had lived quietly, bearing and bringing up two well-behaved son, keeping house, being faithful to her husband Kent, and going to church on Sundays.

But now she had pounced on the boy who lived next-door, the only boy of her best friend, Susan Brophy, and she felt perfectly natural, as if she were doing something she had always been meant to do. She already knew that much of her old life was gone forever, and, although she had always been semi-content in her ways, she did not regret its passing.

“Get your pants down!” he growled to the boy. “I want you to jack off for me!”

“Y-yes, ma’am, Mrs. Davis!” he whispered, fumbling at the crotch of his jeans.

“I told you before, stud, call me Melinda,” she said. “You are a stud, aren’t you, Duane, honey? A strong, good-looking bastard like you must’ve had his prick in lots of hot cunts.” She wasn’t taunting him. Duane Brophy was handsome and heavily muscled, and, despite his youth, she did not want him to be a virgin. She wanted someone with a well traveled cock.

But his slight stutter a moment ago and the fumbling of his hands worried her. To her pleasure, though, something — her words, perhaps — made him revert to his normal confident self.

His leer returned. Wiggling, he pushed his jeans and his shorts down to his knees. Melinda gasped. From the bulge she’d seen in his pants, she’d expected him to have a big cock but not nearly as big as the stiff, gorgeous monster that was now before her eyes. His prick was huge.

He kept leering up at her as he took hold of his hard cock and stroked his prick. Melinda felt her already-swollen nipples and clit stiffen even more. She began grinding her broad hips, and each time she brought them forward she dipped again, displaying her engorged pussy lips. Duane stared at her pussy lips and her swaying tits while she stared at his prick and the hand that was slowly stroking.

“That’s right!” she breathed. “Ooooh, Goddamn, you’re doing it just right! Sensational, baby!”

She realized with a jolt that this was the most exciting moment of her entire life. She remembered the other wildly exciting moments of her life. When she’d been a kid she’d been playing with her cunt lips and her burgeoning tits one night and had given herself her very first orgasm. When she’d been married, her husband had popped her cherry and given her, her first fuck on their wedding night. One night two years later when he’d fucked her, he’d finally made her cum, her first orgasm with a prick inside her. Since then, he’d made her cum three other times. And that was all! Except for giving birth to her two children, Wally and Cindy, who were now teenagers, those had been the only wildly exciting moments of her whole life, until today.

She realized now why the decision to change her life today had been so easy. Her old life had been dull, dry. She had usually overlooked the dullness because that old life had been comfortable in many ways. And it had seemed safe, with few risks. But in the long run the comfort and the safety hadn’t been enough. She needed excitement. She needed variety. She needed sex, much more sex, with much more satisfaction, with ecstasy. And those needs had quietly built until one unexpected thrill had been all that was required to push her over the line, the line between faithful wife and cock-seeking slut.

That unexpected thrill had come this morning.

Melinda had made a routine walk next-door to have, a routine conversation with her best friend, Susan Brophy. The back door of the Brophy house had been unlocked and as usual Melinda had walked in without knocking. The large room that stretched all the way across the back of the Brophy house was a combination den and game-room.

Instead, Melinda found Duane in the game-room, lifting weights. He was clad only in gym shorts, and is big muscles of his sun-bronzed body rippled and bulged spectacularly as he moved the heavy barbell. Instantly, Melinda felt a thrilling jolt in her cunt and tits, and heat had raced through her body.

“Hi, Mrs. Davis,” Duane said. “Mom’s not home right now.” He spoke without even breaking his rhythm as he pressed the barbell repeatedly over his head.

“Oh? When’ll she be back?” Melinda asked weakly, staring at his rippling, bulging muscles. She’d seen him working-out many times before, but all those other times he’d been wearing a long-sleeved sweatshirt. She was glad he wasn’t wearing one today.

“She’ll be gone three or four hours at least,” Duane answered. “She left just a few minutes ago, and you know she’s got two aunts who live here in town. She’s gone to see both of them and they always talk her ear off.”

“Well, shit, I didn’t need to talk to her about anything important anyway,” Melinda said. In her old life she would never have said “shit”, but she had already crossed over the line. She was hot and tingling all over. Inside her blouse and bra, her big nipples were stiffening, and, inside her slacks and panties, her clit and cunt lips were swelling. The crotch of her panties was moistening with fuck juice that was oozing out of her tight pussy.

Duane put the barbell down. He wasn’t even breathing hard. He glanced at his watch.

Melinda was standing about fifteen feet from him but she walked up to him then.

“How much weight were you lifting?” she asked.

“Just a hundred-fifty,” he replied.

“Just a hundred-fifty pounds?” Melinda said slowly, almost whispering.

Duane grinned. “Sure,” he answered. “In that exercise I can handle a lot more than that, but for me that’s good enough for a regular workout.”

“You must be as strong as an ox,” Melinda said, and this time she was whispering. Her breathing was getting jerky and her oversized tits were rising and falling sharply. “Shit, you must be as strong as four or five oxen. Okay if I feel your muscles?”

“Sure,” Duane said, and he leered at her, as if he already knew that she wanted his cock up her cunt. He held his arms up, bending them at the elbows and popping his massive biceps up for her.

She touched his biceps gingerly at first, but then squeezed them fervently, the way she longed to squeeze his prick. His biceps were rock-hard, the way she wanted his prick to be. After he lowered his arms, she slid her hands up to his broad shoulders, then down to his wide deep chest, then down to his hard narrow belly. And all the while, as she rubbed and squeezed his muscles, she was calculating.

Howard Brophy, who was Duane’s father and Susan’s husband, was at work and wouldn’t be home until later that afternoon.

Susan was gone for at least three or four hours. It would be safe enough for Melinda to get Duane’s prick inside her there in the Brophy house. Still, if Susan came back early and caught them, there would be hell to pay.

Kent, Melinda’s husband, was at work and wouldn’t be home until much later. Since it was summer, the kids weren’t in school, but Cindy, Melinda’s daughter, was out shopping with three of her friends, and Wally, Melinda’s son, was at a friend’s house a couple of miles away. Neither of the kids was likely to come home before noon, so it would also be safe enough for Melinda to fuck Duane in her own house.

But what if one of the kids came home early?

There was risk no matter which house she picked. She decided she’d be more comfortable in her own house.

“Duane,” Melinda purred, rubbing his belly muscles, “since you’re so strong, could you come over to my house and help me rearrange some furniture?”

“Right now?”


“Sure. Right after I do one more set with the weights.”

It was as simple as that. Melinda moved back a few feet and watched him pick up the barbell again and press it over his head what seemed to her like an amazing number of times. As she watched his muscles ripple and bulge, her cunt got juicier and she tingled even more. Then he put the barbell down, tugged on his jeans, and followed her over to her house.

She guessed now that it was her total wildness that had intimidated him for a minute. She’d intended to take him into her and Kent’s bedroom, but as soon as she got Duane into the house and closed the back door, she knew that she could wait no longer. Right there in the kitchen she hurled herself at him and French-kissed him voraciously. Then, moaning crazily with lust, she attacked her clothes, tearing her blouse and bra off and damn near tearing her slacks and panties off. Then she ordered him to lie down on the floor. He obeyed, and she started her lascivious dance.

She loved watching him stroke his huge prick! She loved feeling his hot gaze on her quivering tits and her dripping pussy lips. Her husband would never have dreamed of jacking off for her or watching her dance naked.

“Ooohhh, yes, Duane, do it to yourself!” she groaned as she got hatter.

She was so hot that the heat seemed to be heavy, seemed to be pulling her down. Each time she dipped, she moved lower, spreading her thighs wider, parting her protruding cunt lips for his lustful eyes.

“Aaaggghhh, now, now, ow!” she gasped, and she fell to her knees beside him and hunched over his loins.

He was still stroking his cock when she started licking his bloated cockhead hungrily. Her burning tongue swirled over his prick-head, prodded it, flailed it.

Letting go of his cock, Duane began stroking her long wavy blonde hair with one hand and squeezing one of her plump dangling tits with his other hand. Melinda clamped her lush lips around his purple cockhead and lashed with her tongue.

“Aawwnnhh! That’s good, Melinda!” Duane rasped. “But go on down, doll! Take it all! Take it all, even if it chokes you!” He laughed crudely and pulled on her tit. He put a hand on top of her head.

Melinda moved her head downward eagerly, sliding her moist lips along on his prick-flesh, taking more of his long thick cock into her mouth. She didn’t know if she could take all his prick or not but she was going to try. Her husband had a big prick and she’d deep-throated his cock a few times, but his was at least three inches shorter than Duane’s prick. Halfway down, she paused and sucked on Duane’s cock greedily, drawing her cheeks in against his turgid prick-meat.

“GO, baby!” Duane breathed, squeezing her tit.

She moved her head downward again, keeping her lips pressed against his cock. She cupped her tongue against his prickshaft and worked her tongue up and down as she kept pushing her head downward. Duane grunted with pleasure. His hips squirmed.

His cockhead was halfway down her throat now but Melinda was trying not to think about that. His prick was already as deep inside her mouth as her husband’s prick went, but there were a good three inches of Duane’s cock that she didn’t have inside yet. And she was afraid that if she thought about how much she had inside her mouth she would choke. So she looked down at the three inches still outside her mouth and concentrated on how great it would feel to have them inside.

She almost choked and she had to slow the downward push of her head. Her lips slowed to a crawl, reaching down for more cock only by tiny fractions of an inch.

She choked when there were still two inches of prick left outside her mouth. The choking wouldn’t go away and she jerked her head up.

Duane chuckled. “Couldn’t take it all, huh? My dick’s just too big for you. It’s been too big for all the other whores who’ve gone down on it, too.”

Melinda looked into his eyes and forced a tight smile onto her face, a determined smile. “If I choke this time,” she said, “don’t let my head come up. Just force it all the way down.”

Duane’s mouth dropped open in surprise, and Melinda wrapped her lips around his prick again. She plunged her head down until once more only three inches of his meaty cock were left outside her mouth. Then her advance slowed to a crawl again, and she felt Duane’s hold on her head tighten.

As before, she choked when her lips were only two inches from the bottom of his prick. Reflexively, she tried to jerk her head up, but Duane’s strong hand held her and slowly forced her head downward. She gagged continually as her lips went lower and lower on his cock and his prick-knob got deeper into her throat. She couldn’t help trying repeatedly to jerk her head up, but he kept forcing it down. And he pulled her tit downward, stretching her tit until she thought he was going to tear her tit right off.

“Yeah, bitch, we’ve almost got it,” Duane whispered. “Just another half-inch.”

He yanked her head the rest of the way down then, and her lips mashed against his belly and balls. Every bit of his huge, throbbing cock was inside her mouth, and his cockhead was at the bottom of her throat. She gagged a few more times but he kept holding her head down. Then the gagging stopped as pride and pleasure flooded through her.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned. She started dragging the tip of her tongue up and down his rigid prick, and he let go of her head and grasped her other tit.

“Wonderful, baby!” he breathed. “Yes, lick me!” She let her tongue slither over all the prick-flesh she could reach, and he pumped her tits up and down excitedly. His palms were over her nipples, rubbing them delightfully.

His fingers kneaded and twisted her tits. Her pleasure swelled.

She sucked on his prick like a vacuum cleaner, as if she wanted to suck his cock on down into her belly and suck the rest of his body in behind.

He released one of her tits and that disappointed her for a second, but he quickly slid his hand back to her big firm ass. He squeezed her ass-cheeks sensually, then put the edge of his hand into the crack of her ass and moved the hand downward. One of his fingers slid lengthwise between her pussy lips, across the tip of her straining clit.

Electric joy flashed through her. She began pulling her head upward, letting her lips drag up his thick cock while her tongue stabbed at his cock time after time. When her lips were on his prick-knob, she sank her teeth into his prickhead a little and jabbed the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit of his cock.

“Aaannnhhh!” he groaned, wriggling his hips. He shifted the hand at her loins and shoved two fingers deep into her flaming pussy. He pressed his thumb against her clit. It was like pressing a button to launch a missile. A fiery rocket of pleasure blasted off inside her.

Melinda plunged her head down again, and this time her full lips slid all the way to the base of his prick with no trouble at all. Duane stuck another finger into her aching cunt and began twisting all three fingers around inside her. He massaged her clit with his thumb and kneaded one of her heavy tits.

“Mmmm, mmm, mmmm!” she whimpered. She whipped her pretty head up and down, up and dawn, her lips covering the entire length of his cock on every stroke, her tongue darting at his prick inside her mouth. She sucked at his prick feverishly and wiggled her lips around as she slid them up and down.

“Yes, doll, yes!” he yelped. Still churning his fingers around in her juicy pussy, he began fucking them in and out hotly. Melinda’s heat rose higher and so did her pleasure.

She felt herself barreling toward orgasm. She fucked her lips up and down Duane’s cock faster while she beat at his prick with her tongue.

As her lips came up to his cockhead, she howled, “I’m cumming!” And her contractions broke loose as she pushed her head down again. Her pussy grabbed at his fucking fingers, and more fuck juice poured out of her cunt walls. She moved her clinging lips along on his prick swiftly and sucked hungrily. Her tongue danced on his cock.

“Aaawww! I’m gonna shoot off, honey!” Duane shouted. His cock started heaving. “Uunnhh, aahh, ooohhh!” His scalding jism began rampaging out of his prick, splattering into her mouth and throat as her head charged up and down. She loved feeling his fuck juice squirt into her mouth, and she sucked for every drop he could give.

When the squirting was over, he raised up, looked down into his eyes, and swallowed all of his cum. She gave him a glowing smile.

“Keep sucking me, doll,” he said, “and I’ll stay hard. In a few minutes, I’ll stick my cock into your pussy.”

“That’ll be a perfect place for it,” Melinda purred. And again she hunched over, putting her hands on the floor, and wrapped her lips around his prick just under the knob. She pushed her head down slowly this time and teased his cock with her darting tongue. His prick had softened slightly but was still stiff. She smacked her lips on his prick as she moved them up and down.

“I think I’ll suck your dirty cunt,” Duane said, taking hold of her hips. Melinda gasped as he lifted her. With part of his cock still in her mouth, he swung her body to bring her loins over his head, and she moved her hands frantically to keep her balance. She wound up with her knees on either side of his neck and her hands on either side of his hips. Her tits rested pleasantly on his belly.

Duane pulled her pussy lips wide apart with his fingers and raised his head. He kissed her pussy lips and her distended clit, then he thrust his hot tongue deep into her yawning cunt.

“Aaaiii!” Melinda squealed, jerking her head off his cock. He rolled his tongue and began spinning it around in her sultry pussy. Melinda’s head plummeted again and she took his whole prick into her mouth and throat. She puffed hot air on his prick while she tickled it with her tongue, and she flet his cock swell back to full hardness.

“Terrific, baby!” Duane breathed. “Aawwnnhh!” Still spinning his rolled tongue, he started fucking it in and out of her cunt. He wiggled his lower lip around on her clit, making more pleasure shoot through her shapely body.

Melinda drew her throat and cheeks in against his giant prick and sucked lustily. She swiped his cock with her tongue time after time. Then she began pumping her head slowly up and down, twisting her fucking lips around against his prick.

Duane flapped his tongue from side to side in her wet cunt, then reeled his tongue all the way out of her and began making it crawl deliciously back and forth across her taut clit. She shuddered and came, her pussy convulsing violently.

“Uunnhh, uunnhh, uuunnnhhh!” she grunted around his cock. While her cunt was still contracting, he abruptly wedged both of his forefingers into her super-tight asshole, shocking her but also giving her more pleasure. She realized then that her asshole was contracting, too. He wiggled the fingers around deep inside her shiner while his tongue wallowed on her clit. He shoved both of his thumbs into her red-hot pussy and fucked the thumbs in and out of her cunt while he worked his fore fingers in mid out of her humid shithole.

“Cumming!” she whined as another orgasm surged through her. The contractions of her pussy and asshole radiated outward through her whole body. She pumped her head up and down faster, keeping her moist lips pressed passionately against his stiff cock. Her tongue slapped his prick-flesh wildly.

“Aagghh!” he gasped. “Go to it, slut!” His tongue raced over her pussy lips a few times before he thrust back at her clit. He used his tongue and drilled her clit furiously. More spasms assaulted her scorching cunt.

“Now! Fuck me now, honey!” she sobbed, pulling her head up. “I’m making it again and I want to feel your huge prick in my fucking pussy! Aaahhh, aaahh, yes!”

“You’re right, whore! It’s time to fuck!” Duane roared. He pulled one of her legs up just long enough to slide his head and shoulders sideways out from under her. Then he slid the rest of his body out from under her.

A wicked thought flashed through Melinda’s feverish brain. “Give it to me while I’m like this!” she cried, still on her hands and knees. “Fuck me like a dog, you bastard!” It was a position her husband had never fucked her in, although she tried to get him to. But he’d said that fucking doggy-style was vulgar and depraved. Melinda had never cared whether it was vulgar and depraved or not. She’d always thought it would be terrific to get a prick in her cunt that way.

“That’s just what I was intending to do, doll,” Duane answered as he knelt between her legs. She shivered with obscene joy as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her juice-streaming pussy lips. She gasped with anticipation as he pushed his bulging cock-knob into her cunt. She expected him to take hold of her hips then, but to her surprise and pleasure, he reached down and grasped her hanging titties. He kneaded her tits a few times while he swung his slim hips from side to side, wiggling his prickhead around just inside her sweet pussy.

“Ooohh, give it to me, lover!” She whined. It occurred to her that Duane had already made her cum four times in less than half an hour, as many times as her husband had made her cum in eighteen years of marriage, and Duane had only just now stuck his cockhead into her cunt. She trembled with excitement at the thought that she might be about to have many more orgasms as Duane fucked her horny pussy with his tremendous prick.

Clenching her tits with both hands, Duane yanked her tits backward and up and pressed them against her belly. “Aaah, uuunnhhh!” Melinda groaned as a mixture of pleasure and pain lanced through her.

Holding her tits there, Duane kept swinging his hips from side to side but also started pushing them slowly forward, wiggling more of his iron-hard cock into her tight slick cunt.

“Aaaggghhh, yeeesss!” she screeched happily. “I want it! I want it all!”

“That’s what you’re going to get, baby!” Duane whispered. He kept shoving his prick into her pussy bit by bit, pushing her cunt walls back delightfully. Melinda was in agony with her desire to have his cock totally inside her, so she began pushing her hips backward, making her pussy take his prick faster. She felt his cock fucking deeper and deeper into her, and soon she knew that his prick had reached a place in her cunt that had never been touched before, because her husband’s big prick wasn’t quite big enough to reach that far. And still Duane’s cock kept pushing deeper into her eager pussy.

“Aaahhh, yes, fill me with it!” Melinda sobbed.

Duane clenched her tits harder, gave one more shove with his hips, and sent the last two inches of his colossal prick fucking into her cunt. Keeping his prick there, he began wriggling his hips, making his cock squirm around inside her pussy.

“Now snap your pussy around my dick, honey, if you know how,” Duane hissed.

Melinda knew how but she hadn’t snapped her pussy in years. Her husband’s fucking was so uninspiring that she had lost the urge to clamp her cunt around his prick. She wanted to snap her pussy around Duane’s cock, though, yearned for it with all of her lust driven soul. So she set her jaw determinedly and tried to work her pussy muscles.

The muscles moved and for a second her tight cunt tightened a bit more around the boy’s cock.

“Mmmm, not bad, doll,” Duane said. “Try again.” He was still wiggling his whole prick round in her searing pussy and holding her fabulously stretched tits against her trim belly.

Melinda tried harder this time, and her cunt tightened more strongly around his cock.

“Aaaahhh!” Duane sighed. “Yeah, that’s better, baby!” As she reined her pussy, he began sliding his prick backward but also kept wiggling around. He loosened his hold on her tits and moved her tits forward and down until they were hanging naturally. She drew her hips forward as his prick retreated. He slid his cockhead all the way back to her pussy lips, paused, then slowly pulled her tits backward and fucked his prick forward. Melinda thrust her hips back slowly to meet him. Again she felt the magnificent sensation of having her cunt touched at a spectacular depth, a sensation of being overwhelmingly full. She worked her cunt muscles again, and her torrid pussy grabbed his cock even more strongly than last time.

“Ooooo!” she moaned excitedly.

“Ooohhh, shit, you’re still gettin’ better with those muscles, doll!” Duane rasped, squeezing her tits while she cunt-hugged his prick.

He kept fucking her slowly and started revolving his hips, putting extra action on his fucking cock. Melinda revolved her hips in the opposite direction, adding to their mutual pleasure. Duane moved her tits forward as he pulled his cockhead back toward her cunt lips and hauled her tits backward as he began filling her pussy with his gigantic prick again. Melinda cunt-hugged his cock each time he filled her pussy, and she was soon able to snap her pussy. She reveled in a dual feeling of sexual power and sexual delight.

She felt her fifth orgasm of the day whirling to meet her. It struck her like a tornado, spinning her senses, filling her with a mad wind of joy. “Aaaiiieeee!” she wailed. “Oooohhh, Jesus, you’re making me cum, lover! Aaahhh, aaahhh, uuunnnhhh!” Her pussy was snapping on its own now and more juice was rolling out inside her. She wiggled her ass luxuriously against his belly, then began pumping her hips faster, still rotating them to heighten the pleasure. Duane speeded up the strokes of his stiff cock and the pushing and pulling of her whopping tits. But he was still drawing his prick-head back to her pussy lips before burying his cock in her seething cunt again.

“Uunnhh! I love it, honey!” he grunted. He started pausing for an instant every time his cock was completely inside her and giving his hips — and his prick — a zestful twist, giving her an extra thrill.

“Aaahhh, yes!” Melinda cried. “Tear me apart, you bastard! Fuck me faster!” She speeded up her hips again.

Duane kept pace by shortening his fuck-strokes. He still impaled her cunt on his cock with every thrust, but he kept two or three inches of his prick inside her when he pulled it back. He kept swinging her tits backward and forward as he fucked her blazing pussy, but now he crushed her tits against each other after jerking them backward, then pulled them apart as he swung them forward, and then crushed them against each other again.

“Aaaaaggghhh! I’m gettin’ off again!” Melinda raved as another orgasm jarred her. “Fuck, fuck, fuck meeee!”

Duane was still rotating his hips but again he shortened his strokes and fucked her faster, pulling only half of his prick out of her sizzling cunt before ramming his cock all the way back into her. Melinda quickened the pace of her grinding hips to match his rhythm, and she grunted with hungry bliss every time his cockhead smacked into the deepest part of her pussy.

“Oooooo! I’m cumming!” she howled mindlessly as more contractions beat at her cunt. The orgasms kept belting through her, one after another, each one wilder and stronger than the last, and she lost count of them as ecstasy overpowered her.

“Aaawwwnnnhhh! Baby, I’m gonna unload!” Duane shouted as he kept fucking his prick into her boiling pussy. His cock bucked and his blistering jism started gushing into her.

“Aaaiiiii!” Melinda screamed. “Yyyeeesss! Ooohh, God, I love the way it’s spurting! Aaaaaihhhhh, uuuuhnnhh, shoot it to me! Aaaannnhhh!” More convulsions churned through her steaming cunt and blasted outward to every nerve she had. Her pussy milked his cock greedily until his balls would give no more cum.


Melinda soon found that her whole outlook on life had changed. In a way, she was much happier. She had found a sexual joy which was much greater than she’d known before and which, before finding it, she hadn’t even been sure was possible for her. She was constantly excited now by the knowledge that she could achieve such joy.

She had gotten the prick of her best friend’s son up her cunt and she didn’t feel guilty.

And, in getting his prick up her cunt, she had also committed adultery, but she didn’t feel guilty about that either. She was glad she didn’t feel guilty.

But she still cared about her husband, Kent, and didn’t want to walk out on him and disrupt their family. Since she didn’t know how to turn him into a better lover — she’d been trying and failing at that for years — she was going to have to keep sneaking around behind Kent’s back to keep finding the sexual joy she’d found with Duane. And there was going to be a lot of sneaking around. She’d been denied the joy for too many years and now she was damn well going to get all of it she could. She really had no choice. The years of frustration had made her lust boil over.

“So I’ll sneak around,” she muttered determinedly to herself as she rested in bed late the next morning. “I’ll get a prick in me whenever I can.”

But all that sneaking around could create complications. It was better to have complications and ecstasy than to have a simple but eternally unsatisfied life. She could face the complications.

Another thought occurred to her. There might be nothing else she could do to make Kent’s life more sexually exciting, but she sure as shit didn’t want her two kids, Cindy and Wally, leading sexually dull lives. Melinda didn’t want them to have the kind of frustration — the quiet desperation — that she’d had herself. And as young as they were, there might be something she could do to help them.

The only question was, what?

“Hmmm, I bet Wally’s already getting some pussy, though,” she murmured, stretching lazily. Wally dated once or twice a week, and occasionally he still had a shit-eating grin on his face the next morning.

But those grins might have been just for show. And as for Cindy, who was a year older than Wally, poor Cindy hardly ever went out on dates. And she was a damn pretty girl. So her lack of dates probably meant that she wouldn’t fuck.

“I’m going to have to do something about that,” Melinda said to herself. “That girl ought to fuck. I’m going to have to make sure that Wally’s getting along all right in the fucking department, too. Maybe I’d better start with him. He’ll probably be easier.” But Melinda still didn’t know what she was going to do.

She decided to go shopping. She could think about it while she shopped.

Melinda’s shopping trip turned out to be a turn-on in itself. She bought nothing but sexy clothes — bikinis, short tight shorts, halters, tank-tops, tube-tops. When she got home, she put on a strapless flimsy halter that rode down almost to her nipples, and a pair of shorts that left plenty of her ample ass hanging out the bottom. Then she collected all her bras, slips, girdles, and all but one pair of her panties in a neat pile on her bed. She still hadn’t decided how to help Wally but she had decided to get rid of virtually all her underclothes. Underclothes, she’d found yesterday, got in the way when she was in a hurry to suck and fuck. She had never liked underclothes, anyway. She would keep only one pair of panties just in case a situation ever came up in which it might be a good idea to wear panties.

It would, of course, tear the hell out of some of the people at church if she showed up on Sunday with her huge braless tits jiggling all over the place, but Melinda had also decided never to go to church anymore. It was a conservative church that taught that all public displays of the body were sinful and that any sucking or fucking outside marriage was about the most hideous sin imaginable. Until yesterday Melinda had followed these commandments about sex, but it had been years since she’d really believed in them or in some of the other silly pieces of doctrine. And, from talking to other church members and seeing how they acted, she was sure that most of them didn’t believe in all the doctrine any more than she did. They went to church because it gave them good business and social contacts or because going to church was a habit they’d gotten into when they were kids and had never broken.

Carefully, she picked up her neatly stacked undergarments and started through the house, heading for the back door. As she walked, she thought some more about what to do about Wally. She guessed there was no great hurry about that, though. He was off playing ball at a friend’s house again. Cindy wasn’t home either. She was off listening to records or something at a friend’s house. And Kent was at work, of course. So Melinda was alone. It was a good time to think.

But she wasn’t alone long.

When she was almost to the back door, Wally opened it and rushed in. They ran smack into each other. They gasped at the impact. Melinda managed to stay on her feet, but her underclothes flew all over the kitchen.

“Oh! Sorry, Mom?” Wally exclaimed. “You all right? Gee, I guess I made a mess, didn’t I?”

Melinda put her hands on her hips, eyed him, and impatiently tapped her foot. “Yeah, I guess you did,” she said.

Wally glanced around the kitchen, blinked, then looked around it again, more slowly. His eyes and mouth gaped. Then, for the first time, he took a good look at her, dwelling on the gorgeous expanses of smooth bare flesh, especially the overabundant tit-flesh, and his eyes and mouth got wider. Melinda had never dressed this way before. Her son had never looked at her this way before either. Behind the shock on his face, she saw appreciation. And something else.

She saw lust. It jolted her even more than seeing Duane pumping iron yesterday had jolted her.

Seeing the lust on her son’s face aroused an answering lust inside her. That stunned her, but only for a second. Suddenly she knew what to do about Wally.

She ran her hands down her broad hips, as if smoothing out the already-smooth and clinging shorts. “How come you were in such a hurry?” she asked huskily.

“Uh, I was coming home to sort of, uh, clean up, and when I was going to go over to another guy’s house to play some basketball,” Wally stammered.

“Let’s see, you were playing ball, and now you’ve come home to clean up before playing more ball. Cleaning up before playing ball is not like you.” Her voice was still husky, slow, dripping with sex. She bent over to pick up a pair of panties, and more of her massive tits spilled out over the top of bar halter, exposing large slices of her wide pink areolas. She looked at him as she slowly straightened. He was staring at her tits.

“Uh, well, there’re gonna be a couple of girls playing basketball with us,” he answered.

Melinda’s eyebrows arched, and she smiled slowly and sexily. “Oh?” she purred. “So you were going to get your hands full of tits, asses, and pussies while you were playing, huh?”

Wally looked shocked again. She had never used such words in front of him before. She’d never said a word to him about sex before.

“Mothers know about tits, asses, and pussies, too,” she said in answer to his shocked look. “We also know about fucking. I bet you and your buddies were hoping to fuck those girls this afternoon. Weren’t you?”

“Uh, gash, Mom, uh…” Wally was at a loss for any other words. He was trying not to look at her tits now, but he seemed unable to keep from looking at them.

Melinda stepped toward him. Nervously, he took a step backward. Suddenly he asked, “Say, why don’t I pick up your stuff? What were you going to do with all this stuff, anyway?” He bent over and started picking up her underclothes quickly, trying to get out of an awkward situation.

“I’ll help you pick it up,” she said. “I’m going to throw all this shit away. I’m not going to wear underclothes anymore.”

She heard him gasp. But he kept moving quickly, as if he wanted to get this done and get away from her. He picked up twice as many underclothes as she did. When everything had been picked up, he walked meekly behind her as she led the way to the garbage cans outside.

“Well, I guess we’d better get you cleaned up,” she said after they’d dumped her undergarments in with the rest of the trash. “Come on!”

He gave her a puzzled look but said nothing. They went back inside. As soon as she closed the door, she took his hand. He flinched. “What are you doing, Mom?” he asked uneasily.

“I’m going to take you in the bathroom and help you get cleaned up,” she replied as she tugged him on through the kitchen. “I’m going to make sure you’re clean if you’re going to stick your prick into some girl’s hot young cunt this afternoon.” She sighed heavily. “I guess I’ll just have to give you a bath!”

Wally made a gurgling noise. But when Melinda smiled up at him, she saw that he was gazing at her huge tits again. Looking down, she saw a stirring in the crotch of his jeans. His cock was getting hard. She looked back up into his face.

“Mom, for heaven’s sake, I’m nearly a man,” he protested. “I can wash myself. I’ve been doing it for years now.”

Melinda stopped. When Wally stopped, she swung around in front of him, facing him. They were in the living room now. She still had hold of his hand.

“Of course, you wouldn’t need to take a bath if you were just going to fuck your nasty old mother,” she whispered. “I’m such a hungry-cunted whore, I’d take you on clean or dirty!”

Wally gaped at her again. With her free hand, she reached back and undid her halter. The garment dropped to the thick carpet, leaving her enormous tits naked. Wally gasped with a mixture of shock and lust. Melinda grabbed his hands and yanked them to her tits, and he began squeezing her awesome titties.

She moved her hands quickly to his jeans and undid them. Except for his heavy breathing and his squeezing of her tits, her son stood like a wide-eyed statue as she pulled his pants and shorts down onto his thighs. But his whole body jerked when she grabbed his prick.

His prick was about three-fourths erect and swelling fast. His was a big prick, not as big as Duane’s but probably bigger than her husband’s. She stroked his cock fervently. She threw her other arm around his neck and hauled his head down to hers.

“Mom!” he whined in protest, but she mashed her lips against his and thrust her hot tongue far into his mouth while she kept stroking his cock. His cock grew to full hardness and throbbed in her hand.

Then Wally groaned and his arms came around her, and she knew that she’d made his passion ride so high that his fear had left him. He pulled her against him fiercely, crushing her tits against his belly. He slid one of his hands down to her big ass and undid her shorts and dragged them down. The shorts dropped to the rug when he let go of them, and he started kneading her firm round ass-cheeks.

“Yes!” she breathed between kisses. “Oooohhh, yes!” Their lips rolled back and forth against each other. Their tongues stabbed at each other. She let go of his cock and let his prick press into her slim belly. She wiggled, rubbing her tits against his shirt and rubbing her belly against his prick.

“God, Mom!” he whispered, squeezing her ass. “I never dreamed… I never dreamed that I’d want you this way, that I’d want to fuck my own mother! Or that you’d want me to! I still can’t believe it! I’m not even sure it’s right. I ought to be screaming that it’s wrong, but I need you! I need to put my prick in your pussy!”

“You’re going to!” Melinda breathed, French-kissing him again. “And once your cock’s inside my hot cunt, you’ll believe it and you’ll feel great about it! I’ll make you feel great!”

Hurriedly, she finished getting Wally naked. Lying down on the plush carpet, they rolled over and over, kissing each other and rubbing each other’s body. When they stopped rolling, Melinda was on top, and she sat up and straddled her son’s belly on her knees. She reached between her thighs and took hold of his stiff prick. As he reached up and grasped her tits, she stuck his cockhead into her pussy. Her pussy was hot and wet. She grabbed his arms and sat down hard, plunging her cunt all the way down on his big prick.

“Aannhh!” Wally gasped and squeezed her tits. “Ooooohh, Mom!”

“Yes!” Melinda cried. She snapped her pussy around her son cock and started grinding her broad hips, rubbing her turgid clit against his prick luxuriously. Pleasure swelled inside her. “Aaahhh! I love your prick, baby!”

“And I love your cunt, Mom!” Wally crooned. “You’ve got the hottest, wettest pussy I’ve ever fucked, and, Jesus, you can snap it!”

She relaxed her cunt, then made several quick snaps, making Wally sigh sharply with pleasure each time. Then she began rotating her hips in the opposite direction and gradually moving herself upward, dragging her sweet pussy in a spiral up his cock. But she kept snapping her pussy around his cock, sometimes as hard as she could and sometimes just hard enough for him to feel it.

“Oooo, Goddamn!” he groaned. “I’ve eaten pussy but this is the first time I’ve felt like a pussy was eating me! Your cunt’s really chewing on my cock, Mom! Uunnhh!”

His fingers dug deeper as he squeezed her fleshy tits. When only his prickhead was still inside her, Melinda tilted this way and that, massaging his cockhead with her pussy lips. Moving downward again, she swung her hips backward and forward softly, her sleek belly undulating, her cunt nibbling at his prick. Again she sat all the way down on his prick and ground her hips, raking her clit against hiss prick, making feeling of delight lance through her.

“Aaahh!” she breathed. “Yes! Yes, lover!” She screwed her flaming pussy sensuously up his cock about two inches and screwed herself back down. She repeated the motions eight or ten times, rubbing her clit against him, pulling up, pushing down, and rubbing against him again.

“God, Mom!” Wally gasped. “I just thought — what if Cindy comes in? She’s not here, is she? But what if she comes back?”

Melinda smiled obscenely. “No,” she whispered, “she’s not here. I doubt that she’ll be back soon, but if she happens to walk in on us, you’ll just have to fuck her too!”

“Fuck my own sister?” Wally cried. Then he laughed. “Hell, why not? I’m already fucking my own mother!”

Still revolving her hips, Melinda began lengthening her fuck-strokes bit by bit, spiraling her cunt higher on his prick before screwing herself back down onto his whole cock. Her pleasure was growing and she knew that she was going to cum with her own son’s prick inside her hot pussy. Wally shifted his hands slightly on her tits, trapped each of her nipples between two fingers, and squeezed the distended nipples as he squeezed her tits. He orgasm got closer. She fucked her cunt up an down his cock a bit faster.

“Aawwnnhh! I’m almost there!” she whined.

She slid her pussy lips all the way up to his cockhead, then plunged straight down, impaling her wanton cunt on his big cock and slapping her erect clit against his prick at the same time. It detonated her orgasm, making a bomb of pleasure explode inside her.

“Aaaaaggghhh, yyeess!” she wailed. “I’m gettin’ off, baby! I’m cumming with my own son’s hard dick up my cunt! Aaaahhhh, uuunnnhhh, aahh, uuuunnhhh!”

“Fantastic, Mom!” Wally raved.

Melinda’s ecstasy was so intense that it almost hurt her to have her clit against his cock, but she bounced up and down on his prick excitedly, and tingled with wild thrills.

“Aaahh! Aaaii! Aaahh!” she squealed.

At last her orgasm trailed off, and she got her movements under control again and slowed down. She weaved her hips from side to side as she slid her burning cunt up and down his prick. She slid her pussy lips up to his bulging cock-knob before gently skewering her cunt in his cock again. Then she wiggled her hips a few times, wiggling her clit around against his cock and wiggling her pussy around on his prick.

Wally started pulling on her tits as he squeezed them. He hauled her tits forward, then down, harder and harder as she kept moving her body up and down, sliding her cunt along his cock. As her upward moving body carried her juicy pussy up his prick, her tits tried to move upward, too, but Wally was pulling on them, stretching them painfully. But she was so excited that the pain felt like pleasure.

“Baby!” she howled. “Squeeze my big old titties! Oooohh, hell, suck ’em! Suck and fuck! Suck and fuck! Aaawww!”

She let go of his arms and let him pull her over by yanking on her tits. She caught herself by putting her, hands on the rug near his shoulders. He stretched her tits to his face and started licking both tits avidly. His prick was still inside her hot cunt, but the angle of fucking was different now. Instead of going up and down, Melinda was moving her hips forward and backward. She was grinding her hips lewdly and was still drawing her pussy off everything but his cockhead before fucking her cunt on his prick again. She snapped her pussy at his cock often.

His tongue darted back and forth from one of her pink nipples to the other. Then he jammed as much of one tit into his mouth as he could and began sucking the tit zestfully and poking it with his tongue. He kneaded her other tit and started pumping his hips, fucking his prick into her cunt as she pushed herself back onto him. Her joy bounded upward. Her pussy convulsed.

“Aaahhh! I’m cumming again, honey!” she cried. “Ooohhh, dear God!” Fresh fuck juice rolled out of her cunt. She writhed blissfully and moved her hips faster but kept them going at a steady rhythm. Wally matched his speed to hers and kept fucking his cock into her pussy whenever she shoved her fiery pussy backward.

“Uunnhh! Ooooo, Mama!” Wally groaned in a muffled voice around her tit. He bit the whopping tit lightly and sucked harder.

Another orgasm tore through her, making her overflow with pleasure. But she kept grinding her hips to heighten her rapture as she drew her cunt every time his cock filled her pussy.

“Ooohhh, shit!” Wally bellowed. “I can’t hold back anymore! I’m gonna cream in your cunt, Mama! Aaannnhhh!”

“Yes, shoot it to me, Son!” Melinda screamed.

His prick started jumping wildly, and his scorching cum began spurting into her hot wet pussy. She flung her cunt back onto his cock faster, fucking herself on his prick as many times as she could. And then she came again herself, her pussy contracting crazily around his big prick.

Panting, he let go of her tits. They slipped down against his chest, and she raised her arms and legs, sprawling out atop him. His softening prick was still in her cunt.

“You want to clean up and go play basketball now, or would you rather play with your wicked mother some more?” she whispered.

Wally squeezed her ass with his hands and kissed her lips. “I’d rather stay here with you,” he said.

“Good. I didn’t intend to let you get away anyhow,” she chuckled. She kissed him feverishly, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth. She writhed, rolling her tits around against him and wiggling her pussy around his cock. She felt his cock vowing again inside her, but at the moment there was something she wanted more than another fuck.

Breaking the kiss, she moved her hips forward and pulled her cunt off his prick. Then she sat up and whipped around, coming to test with her knees on either side of his neck as she faced his lean body. She tilted forward and planted her hands on the rug on either side of his thighs. Her massive tits swung down against his upper thighs and lower belly.

“Now eat your mama’s pussy,” she growled, “but don’t use your hands.” Working her pussy muscles, she made her cum-filled cunt yawn open. “Lick my juice out of me, baby! You can put your hands on my tits.”

Wally reached down and grasped her tits as he raised his head. Melinda raised one of her hands off the rug, grabbed his semi-hard cock and pulled his prick up between her tits. Wally started wiggling the tip of his tongue back and forth across her clit.

“Oooo! Nice, baby!” Melinda groaned. “Now squeeze my tits together around your dick!”

“You got it, Mom!” Wally whispered. As he pressed her heavy tits together to sandwich his cock, she slipped her hand back to the rug. The tip of his tongue kept swinging across her bloated clit as he began rhythmically squeezing her titties. Her large nipples scooted delightfully around on his crotch and upper thighs as he kneaded the plump white tit-flesh above. She felt his prick surge wider and higher, growing to full size and pushing farther into her surrounding tit-flesh.

“Mmmmmm!” she sighed.

His tongue shot into her gaping cunt and spun around and around. Reeling his tongue back into his mouth, he swallowed the fuck juice in one gulp. Then he launched his tongue back into her searing pussy again and again until he had swallowed all of the cunt juice that his tongue could reach. His mother’s hot juice was flowing freely out of her cunt walls.

Still squeezing her tits, he mashed them harder against each other and against his still prick. He started pumping his hips, sliding his prick up and down in her warm tit-flesh. His tongue darted at her taut clit again.

“Ooohhh, yes!” Melinda cried as her pleasure mounted.

His tongue drummed on her clit in an uneven pattern, playing a wild tune of obscene bliss. She shuddered deliriously. Bit by bit, his tongue beat at her clit faster, and the patterns merged into one pattern of swift steady drilling. He kneaded her tits faster and fucked them faster.

“Uunngghh! I’m going to make it lover!” she sobbed. “Uunnnhhh, aaahh, aaaahhh!” A tornado-like orgasm churned through her and juice streamed out of her sweltering cunt down onto her clit and her son’s darting tongue. She squirmed ecstatically, rubbing fuck juice all over his face.

Then she sat up, jerking her tits out of his sweaty hands, and hurriedly whipped around again and straddled his loins on her knees. Her pussy was still contracting when she jammed his cockhead into her cunt, sank her fingers deep into her tits, and hotly, sat all the way down on his rigid prick.

“Aaahggghhh!” she screeched joyously. Moving straight up and down, she rose and fell rapidly, fucking her pussy on his whole cock every time she sat down.

“Aaawww, run wild, Mama!” Wally ranted. “Uunnhh, uunnhh, ooohhh, Jesus!”

Another orgasm ripped through her, close behind the previous one. She started grinding her hips, increasing her pleasure as she kept fucking up and down. More orgasms followed, short but intense, like a string of firecrackers.

“Aahh, aahh, aannhh!” Melinda whimpered.

Wally reached up and began helping her squeeze her tits as she screwed her sizzling pussy up and down his long thick cock. Shrieking with delight, she came at least a dozen times before the movements and the excitement exhausted her and she swayed forward and fell on her son, crushing her tits against him.

But her exhaustion was only temporary. She soon smiled, French-kissed him, and started writhing like a snake, grinding her tits against his chest and making her cunt squirm around on his hard cock. She began contracting her pussy around his prick. At first she contracted her cunt teasingly, but then she started snapping it strongly. She kept writhing, lasciviously, rubbing her voluptuous body all over him.

“Oooohh, Mom!” Wally groaned. “What you’re doing, to my prick! Aaannnhhh, aawwnnhh!”

As they kissed again, thrusting their blazing tongues into each other’s mouth, Melinda pushed her arms under his back and slipped her legs under his legs just below his knees and crossed her ankles. Then she rolled over onto her back, rolling her son with her so that he came out atop her.

“Now ride me, darling!” she whispered, keeping her arms and legs wrapped around him. “Ride your big whore of a mama!” She cunt-hugged his big prick again.

“Mmmmm!” he breathed. “OKay, Mom, it’ll be a hell of a ride.”

All of his weight was pressing down on her, and his cock was buried in her oven-hot pussy. Slowly, he started grinding his hips, stirring his prick around in her slick cunt and rubbing himself against her engorged clit. Melinda ground her hips, too, adding to both her sensations and his. Still grinding his hips, Wally began pumping them slowly, fucking his cock up and down in her pussy. Since he couldn’t pull his hips up far, his fuck-strokes were short and deep. But Melinda pushed her yearning cunt up to meet the thrusts of his prick.

“Ooooo! That’s good, ‘baby’!” she moaned. They kissed each other passionately. His body was mashing her tits down but he forced his hands in on top of her tits and began kneading them as he fucked his cock along in her tight pussy. She snapped her cunt every time his prick fucked into her.

Unwrapping her legs from around him, Melinda spread them wide and pulled them up, bending them at the knees and sinking her feet into the rug. The angle of her cunt was changed, and Wally fucked his prick deeper into her torrid pussy. She started revolving her hips in wide circles and clenching his prick more fiercely with her cunt every time he was all the way inside her.

“Eat my dick up, Mama!” Wally gasped, twisting her tits as he fucked her pussy. “Hell, yes, use that hot cunt!”

Melinda worked her hips slowly and blissfully up and down and around, sliding her cunt along on his cock in the same fashion. She not only kept clamping her pussy around his prick each time he was buried inside her but also began snapping her pussy lightly around his prick as he fucked her. Her pleasure ballooned, filling her again.

“Aaaahhh, I’m gonna cum, you fabulous fucker!” Melinda whooped, and turbulent spasms started shaking her.

Her pleasure doubled, tripled, kept going higher and higher with every contraction. She cried out mindlessly and tossed her head and bit into his shoulders. Her arms were still around his back, hugging him tightly, but now she moved them and grabbed his pumping ass in her small hands.

“Harder!” she shrilled. “Faster! Fuck your mama’s filthy pussy faster, you son of a whore! Ooohhh, uunnhh, eeeee!”

“Okay, you old slut!” Wally breathed, grinning wolfishly. She started squeezing his little ass urgently as he began fucking faster. More of his bulging prick came out on his upstrokes, but on his down strokes his prick fucked faster into the depths of her seething cunt.

“Yeeeessss!” she howled. “Chug it into me, baby! Ooooo, aahh, aaahhh!” She thrust her pussy eagerly up to meet him, and their bellies slapped together loudly. “Cumming!” Another orgasm pounded at her rapturous flesh. “Cumming, cumming!”

She pumped her hips faster, and Wally put his hands on the rug and straightened his arms, raising his upper body at an angle. He speeded up the thrusts of his prick to match her thrusts. He was fucking his prick into her steaming pussy now, knocking her big ass back down into the rug with every fuck-stroke.

“Uunnhh, uunnhh, uuunnnhbh!” Melinda grunted hysterically as her son’s fuck-thrusts knocked the breath out of her and sent more delight boiling through her. More contractions slapped at her cunt. “I’m there again! Aaaiiiii!”

“Aaannnhhh, Mama, I’m gonna shoot off!” Wally crowed, twisting his hips as he fucked her cunt with his cock.

“Ooohhh, lover, pour that stuff into me!” she shrieked as she felt his prick heaving inside her. His scalding cum began erupting out of his cock and splattering into her overheated pussy. She clenched his pumping ass desperately, driving her fingernails in deep, and jerked his loins down even harder against hers. Her cunt quaked with one more orgasm before he gave a last sigh and flopped down on top of her.


So now, Melinda thought proudly, she had done something about Wally. As she’d learned, Wally hadn’t really needed her help in finding his way to a vigorous sex life. He’d already been getting lots of pussy. But she hadn’t known that before fucking him and talking with him. Now he would have a more vigorous sex life, and she would have another outlet for her own strong desires.

That still left the problem of what do about her daughter Cindy, though. Actually, while Wally’s prick had been fucking away in her hot cunt, Melinda had pretty much decided what to do about Cindy, but there were some details to work out. Maybe it would be nice to get Cindy fucked by two boys instead of just one. That might do a better job of getting Cindy launched toward being a slut. Besides, Melinda wanted to watch, and it would be more fun watching two guys fuck Cindy than watching one guy fuck, Cindy.

Maybe Melinda shouldn’t just watch. Maybe she ought to jump right into the middle of things and help with the seduction. That might make things easier and result in even more fun. Melinda had always been curious about what it would be like to make it with another female, and making it with Cindy might be a fine way to find out.

Yes, there were quite a few more details to work out.

By the following morning, Melinda had worked out those details.

It was another working day for her husband, Kent so he was out of the way. Cindy was upstairs in her room and was intending to stay home all day. Melinda got Wally into her and Kent’s bedroom downstairs.

To help get Wally into the right mood and to be completely open with him, she started by telling him about the sucking and fucking she’d done with Duane.

“Good Lord!” Wally said. “It’s wild thinking about you getting Duane’s prick in you. His one of my buddies. Just thinking about him putting the root to you makes my cock hard!”

“Yes, I see!” Melinda puffed, squeezing the growing bulge in Wally’s jeans. “But now I’ve got something else to tell you. It’s about Cindy. I want to make it with Cindy, and I want you to fuck her. I want one of your friends to fuck her, too.”

“Cindy?” Wally gasped. “I know we joked about me fucking her while we were making it yesterday, but, shit, Mom, I don’t know. From what I hear, Cindy’s sort of a professional virgin.”

“That’s what I figured,” Melinda said. “I want to change that. I want to turn it all the way around.”

The bulge of Wally’s prick inside his jeans grew larger. “Well, I would like to fuck my dear old sister,” he admitted. “You think Duane should be the other guy?”

“No, not Duane,” Melinda replied. “I told you about Duane and me just to let you know I have no secrets from you. But Duane and Cindy don’t get along very well. Maybe Duane tried to fuck her and she got pissed off at him, I don’t know. Maybe we can get Duane and Cindy to fuck each other later. For now, I was thinking of your pal Chuck Freemont. She likes Chuck.”

“Yeah,” Wally said slowly. “And Chuck likes her. He’s also my best friend. I could probably talk him into it. But I’d have to tell him about you and me.”

Melinda smiled dazzlingly and squeezed Wally’s cock again. “I know,” she said. “It’s all right. You see, I want to make it with Chuck myself! Why don’t you call him and see if he can come over this afternoon? Tell him there’s a nice surprise waiting for him!”

Chuck came over early that afternoon, and he was definitely surprised when Melinda and Wally told him what they had in mind. Surprised? Hell, Chuck was shocked. They told him about the sucking and fucking they’d done with each other.

Having no intention of letting her plan be foiled, Melinda peeled her tube-top down, exposing her huge tits, and grabbed Chuck’s shoulders. “Would you like to suck my titties?” she whispered.

“Uh, yes, ma’am!” he mumbled, staring at her tits. She pulled his head down to them. He kissed and sucked her silky tits greedily while she got his big hard prick out of his pants and caressed his cock lovingly. When she slowly pulled back from him a minute later, she could tell by the look on his face that he was hooked.

“Come on,” she said to Chuck and Wally, “let’s go upstairs.”

“Should I put my prick back in my pants?” asked Chuck.

“Doesn’t matter!” Melinda answered, pulling her tube-top up until it was just above her nipples. “Once we get up there, I want you two to wait in the hall, out of sight, and keep quiet while I warm her up. You two take off all your clothes while you’re out there, and then when I give you the word, both of you come in. I warn you, though, even after I warm her up, she may not give in easily. Let’s go.”

Melinda led the way, and Wally and Chuck followed. Through the closed bedroom door, Melinda heard Cindy’s TV. Melinda knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Cindy called.

Melinda opened the door and went in. She closed the door almost completely but left it open just a crack.

Cindy looked around.

“Hi, Mom,” the girl said.

“Hi,” Melinda said perkily. “Whatcha doin’?”

“Mostly I’m watching people make fools of themselves, especially when they win something!” Cindy replied. She looked her mother up and down disapprovingly. “How come you’re dressing so sexily all of a sudden?” Cindy asked with a frown. “My goodness, I haven’t seen you in a bra since yesterday morning.”

Melinda realized that Cindy had unwittingly presented her with the perfect opening. “I got to feeling real sexy and I wanted to keep feeling that way, so I gave up underclothes,” Melinda answered with a smile. “Don’t you ever feel sexy? Shit, you ought to. Don’t you ever feel that your bra is pinching your tits too tightly? Don’t you ever want to just burst out of your bra and let your tits hang free?”

Cindy looked disgusted. “No,” she said. “Of course not.”

“Oh, come on, honey, tell the truth,” Melinda said, strolling over to the TV and turning it off, then walking up beside Cindy’s chair. “You’ve got a great figure. And from the size bra you wear, I bet your tits are huge. I haven’t seen them naked or braless in three or four years, but I bet your tits are nearly as big as mine. Come on, get up and strip so I can see. If they’re anything like as big as I think they are, I know you’d feel better if you went without a bra at least part of the time.”

Cindy just sat there and looked more disgusted.

“Come on, get up,” Melinda said. She reached down and caught Cindy’s hand. “You know I don’t like to order you around, but I want you to do this.” Melinda pulled on the girl’s hand.

“Aw, Mom,” Cindy snorted, grimacing, but reluctantly she got to her feet. Melinda let go of her hand then, but Cindy just looked at her and made no move to unbutton her blouse.

“Don’t be so modest, doll,” Melinda said. “Shit, be proud of your body. Look, I’m not ashamed to show my tits.” Smiling, she peeled off her tube-top and tossed it down. Then, when Cindy looked toward the ceiling and still made no move to unbutton her own blouse, Melinda started unbuttoning it. Cindy sighed disgustedly and stood there stiffly as Melinda got the blouse off her. Then Melinda went around behind the girl, unhooked her bia, came back around in front and took the bra off her and dropped it. Then she looked at Cindy’s naked tits.

Cindy’s tits were magnificent. They were round and enormous, every bit as big as Melinda’s. The girl’s nipples and areolas were large.

“Mmmmm! They’re gorgeous!” Melinda cooed. “And they’re as huge as mine! And don’t you feel better now that your bra’s off? Shit, that Goddamn bra had your wonderful tits all pinched in.” Taking hold of Cindy’s tits, Melinda dug her fingers into the tit-flesh cruelly. Her palms were against the nipples. “See? That’s how a bra treats great big titties like ours, except that a bra’s not as warm as my fingers.” Melinda relaxed her fingers, then dug them deep into Cindy’s tits again. Cindy shivered.

“Oohh, Mom, stop that!” Cindy groaned. “Why?” Melinda asked. She kneaded her daughter’s oversized tits a few more times, more gently than before but just as deeply. Cindy shivered every time. Her big nipples swelled.

“B-Because,” Cindy stammered, “it-it make me… it makes me…” She actually blushed.

“Because it makes you hat inside?” Melinda whispered. Ducking her head, she moved one of her palms aside, stuffed a big chunk of quivering tit-flesh into her mouth, and sucked the tit voraciously while she whipped her tongue across the surging nipple.

“Uunnhh!” Cindy grunted as her voluptuous body writhed. “Mother, what are you doing?”

Melinda squeezed both of Cindy’s tits again. “I asked if it makes you hot inside when I squeeze your fat titties,” Melinda growled. “Say it!” She started sucking one of the girl’s tits wildly again.

“Yes, it makes me hot inside when you squeeze my fat titties!” Cindy cried, shutting her eyes tightly and grasping her mother’s head.

“And does it make you hotter inside when I suck your huge titties?” Melinda demanded. Moving her head, she began sucking her daughter’s other tit and poking her hot tongue into it while she kneaded both of the firm heavy tits.

“Yes, it makes me hotter inside when you suck my huge titties!” Cindy groaned.

“Where inside does it make you hot?” Melinda rasped. She bit into the tit she was sucking and skated her teeth down to the turgid nipple.

“Everywhere!” Cindy breathed, wiggling her broad hips.

“But where does it make you hottest?” Melinda demanded. “Say the names of the places! The real names that you’ve probably never said until today!” She sawed her teeth lightly back and forth across Cindy’s big nipple.

“In my tits! In my cunt! In my clit!” Cindy cried. “Ooohh, Mama!” Wildly, the girl reached down, latched onto her mother’s colossal tits, and started squeezing and twisting them.

Melinda straightened up and threw her arms around Cindy, crushing their huge tits against each other. Their burning lips met and Melinda thrust her wriggling tongue deep into Cindy’s red-hot mouth. As they kissed, Cindy kept kneading Melinda’s tits, and Melinda slid her hands down to Cindy’s slacks. In a moment, Melinda had Cindy’s slacks and panties down into the girl’s rich thighs. Their kiss grew more intense as Melinda put her hand between Cindy’s thighs and massaged Cindy’s dripping pussy lips and engorged clit.

“Mmmm!” Cindy moaned, trembling with pleasure.

Melinda broke the kiss, shoved the girl down onto the big double bed, and grabbed her slacks and panties.

“Oohh, Mama, this is awful! We can’t do it! But I’ve got to!” Cindy sobbed. “Oh, my God, what’s come over me?”

“The same thing that comes over every normal person. Lust!” Melinda replied, yanking Cindy’s slacks and panties off her and leaving her fabulous body naked. Melinda stripped off her own shorts then and was just as naked. She dived onto the bed, ground her body against Cindy’s, and kissed her fiercely. Melinda started rubbing the girl’s wet cunt lips again and Cindy parted her thighs. Melinda found Cindy’s clit again and massaged it warmly.

“Aaahh!” Cindy sighed. She darted her tongue into her mother’s mouth, squeezed Melinda’s tits, then ran her hands down to Melinda’s lush ass and squeezed both asscheeks.

Wriggling forward, Melinda pushed one of her erect pink nipples into Cindy’s damp mouth. “Now suck your mama’s big old tit!” Melinda hissed. “Suck it!”

Cindy whined, opening her mouth wide. Melinda jammed more of the tit into the girl’s mouth and Cindy started sucking avidly. She prodded the tit with her tongue and lashed the big nipple.

“That’s right, Daughter dear! Oooo!” Melinda groaned. She began sliding the edge of her hand along between Cindy’s hot pussy lips, stroking the girl’s clit in a different way. Cindy squirmed with delight and sucked her mother’s tit harder, as if she wanted to suck it down her throat.

Melinda’s pleasure swelled. She was finding that she liked making it with another girl. She pulled her tit away from Cindy’s mouth and stuffed some of her other tit in. Cindy sucked just as avidly, and Melinda soon found herself on the edge of orgasm. Sitting up, she cried, “Now I’m going to eat your hot little pussy, honey! And you’re going to eat mine!”

“Ooohhh, yes, Mother!” Cindy babbled. “Let me eat your cunt!”

Quickly, Melinda got onto her knees and elbows astride the girl. Melinda put a forearm across her daughter’s thigh, extended her fingers to the girl’s pussy lips, and spread the pussy lips open. After racing her tongue up and down the slippery pussy lips a few times, the mother began making her tongue slither all over Cindy’s clit.

By that time, Cindy had raised her head and with her thumbs had pulled Melinda’s cunt lips open. Cindy pushed her tongue deep into her mother’s flaming pussy and wiggled the tongue from side to side crazily. Drawing her tongue out, she darted it at Melinda’s throbbing clit, and Melinda’s cunt convulsed.

“Aaahhh! Fantastic, baby! You’re making your mama cum!” Melinda raved, shuddering with joy. She began fucking Cindy’s clit feverishly with her tongue. The girl’s hips jumped and twisted.

“Uunnhh! Oooohhh! And you’re making your daughter cum, Mama!” Cindy squealed as her cunt started contracting. Both mother and daughter kept tongue-lashing each other’s clit, each driving the other through a long, shaking orgasm.

Then Melinda sat up and swung off the girl.

“That was great,” Cindy sighed, reaching up and fondling Melinda’s tits, “both of us cumming like that! I’d never even thought about making it with another woman before, much less making it with my own mother. And, shit, I’m still hot! I sure hope I’m not a lesbian, though.”

“Don’t worry,” Melinda answered, squeezing both of Cindy’s tits. “If you’d never even thought about sucking tits or eating pussy before, you’re probably not a lesbian. There’s one sure way, to find out, of course, and… hmmm…” She slid a hand down to her daughter’s crotch and shoved a finger into the girl’s incredibly tight cunt. Her fingertip immediately hit Cindy’s cherry. “Yes, that’s what I figured,” Melinda went on. “You’re a virgin. Well, we can take care of that, too.” She raised her voice to a yell. “Hey, guys, come on in!”

Cindy flinched. She jerked up into a sitting position and gasped as the door burst open and Wally and Chuck, both naked, rushed into the room.

“Ooohh, my God, Mother, what is this?” Cindy cried. “Wally! Chuck! Oohh, no!”

She tried to lunge away as the boys jumped onto the bed, but Melinda grabbed her by the shoulders. Then Wally and Chuck grabbed the girl, too, Chuck taking hold of her massive tits and starting to suck one of them hotly, Wally grasping one of her thighs, hunching over between then and fingering her wet pussy lips.

“Noooo!” Cindy wailed. “I’m not ready yet!” She twisted violently but Melinda, Chuck, and Wally all tightened their holds.

“You’re just scared, honey,” Melinda purred while Chuck kneaded and sucked Cindy’s overripe tits and Wally rubbed Cindy’s cunt lips. “Relax. No one’s going to hurt you. You don’t want to be a lesbian, so, if you’re not one, we’re going to prove that you’re not. And if you’re worried about committing a sin, hell, the only sin involved is a girl never having gotten a prick in her cunt. So we’re going to turn you out of the paths of sin and get you to living right!”

“But-but, Mom…” Cindy whimpered. She was about to say something else when Melinda started French-kissing her again. As they kissed, Melinda pushed Cindy’s upper body down until the girl was again flat on her back. Chuck moved with the girl and kept squeezing and sucking her tits. Wally took hold of her other thighs forced both her thighs wider, and began licking her swollen cunt lips and clit.

“Mmmmm!” Cindy moaned. “Uunnhh! Mmmmmm!”

Melinda slid her hands down to Cindy’s tits and helped Chuck squeeze the great tits. Chuck licked and sucked one of Cindy’s nipples, then the other. Wally rolled his tongue, pushed the tip of it into the opening of his sister’s pussy, and worked his tongue around and around. Pulling his tongue back, he let it flatten out, and time after time dragged it up her pussy lips. Then he used just the tip of his tongue again and started poking her clit. Cindy moaned more loudly and trembled and squirmed. Melinda raised up.

“Ooohh!” Cindy whined. “My God, I can’t help myself! I need a prick in me! Wally, Chuck, somebody, anybody — fuck my hot pussy! Bust my fuckin’ cherry!”

“That’s the spirit!” Melinda whooped. Hurriedly, she told everyone what to do and they obeyed. Wally got off the bed and stood beside it. Cindy scooted toward him until her ample ass was at the edge of the bed and her pussy lips were only an inch from the purple knob of his big raging-hard cock. Cindy spread her thighs and wrapped her legs around him. Chuck knelt on one side of Cindy and kneaded one of her tits, and Melinda knelt on the other side of the girl and kneaded her other tit. Cindy grabbed Chuck’s big stiff prick, squeezed fiercely, and shoved three fingers of her other hand into her mother’s hot cunt.

“Yes, Wally, fuck me!” Cindy cried.

Wally grasped her hips firmly. She raised her head as high as she could and watched Wally’s bulging cock approach her gaping pussy lips. Slowly, he forced his cock into the opening of her virgin cunt. His cockhead pressed against her cherry.

“Do it!” she sobbed.

“Yes! Give it to her!” Chuck hissed, panting as he stared at Wally’s prick and Cindy’s pussy.

“Yes, fuck your big sister! Make her a whore!” Melinda growled, also staring at her son’s prick and her daughter’s pussy.

Wally shoved his cock forward and Cindy groaned, but there was no breakthrough. But when Wally shoved his prick forward again, harder this time, her cherry burst and his prick surged deep into her tight cunt.

“Aaaagggghhhh!” Cindy shrieked, twisting her head. “Oooooh, Christ, it hurts! But it feels good, too! It feels good having my brother’s cock inside my pussy!” She looked back down between her thighs, gazing as if enthralled by the wonderfully lewd sight.

“I did it!” Wally crowed, wiggling his hips delightedly and making his cock squirm around inside Cindy’s juicy young cunt. “I busted my sister’s Goddamn cherry!”

“Fanfuckingtastic!” Chuck bubbled as he squeezed one of Cindy’s tits.

“Beautiful!” Melinda whooped. “Now push your prick in the rest of the way, baby! She’ll be able to say she took every inch of her brother’s big cock the very first time he stuck it into her!”

“Yes, I want it all!” Cindy squealed, wriggling her lush hips excitedly. She stroked Chuck’s prick feverishly and twisted her fingers around inside her mother’s pussy.

“Then you’ll get it all!” Wally grunted. He started fucking his cock deeper into his sister’s searing cunt, and all four people stared intedtly as more and more of his prick disappeared into her pussy. Cindy moaned happily, and then he gave a last push and his prick was totally inside her cunt.

“Yyyeeesss!” Cindy cried. “Ooohhh, God, yes! It feels so wonderful now! It doesn’t hurt at all anymore! Oh, Jesus, I love it!”

“Stay all the way in her a minute, Wally,” Melinda said, running her thumb around one of Cindy’s stiff nipples. “That’ll let her get more accustomed to having a cock in her cunt, and it’ll let us find out whether she can snap her hot little pussy yet.”

“Snap my pussy?” Cindy said, wriggling her hips some more, making her cunt wriggle around on her brother’s prick. “I’ve heard girls at school whisper about snapping their pussies, but I don’t know what it means.”

“It’s a way of making heaven even better, honey,” Melinda replied, bending over and licking one of Cindy’s plump tits. “What you do is make your crotch muscles contract, and that makes your pussy squeeze whatever’s in it even tighter! I’ll snap my pussy around your fingers!” Melinda contracted her cunt muscles and hugged Cindy’s fingers with her cunt.

“Marvelous!” Cindy sighed. “Let’s see [missing text].” Then she closed her eyes and concentrated, then tried to work her own pussy muscles. Her cunt gripped her brother’s throbbing prick more tightly. “Wow! I did it! It’s great!”

“All right, you sure as hell did!” Wally groaned, twisting his slim hips blissfully.

“Tremendous, Daughter!” Melinda whispered. “Now relax. Wally, get your big prick pumping in and out of her pussy now! But take it easy at first!”

“Yeah, I wanta feel your cock sliding along my cunt, Wally!” Cindy moaned, relaxing her pussy.

“You got it, Sis!” Wally answered. Sighing, he began pumping his hips forward and backward slowly, fucking his prick in and out of his sister’s sweet pussy. Cindy kept her head up so that she could watch herself get fucked, as well as feel it.

She started working her three fingers up and down in Melinda’s cunt and kept stroking Chuck’s hard cock. Melinda and Chuck sucked Cindy’s pillowy tits while Wally fucked the girl’s pussy. As Wally moved his hips forward and backward, he began rotating them, providing more friction as he gently fucked his prick in and out of her cunt. “Ooooh, that’s even better!” Cindy breathed.

Lowering her head as her pleasure became more and more intense, the girl started wiggling her hips from side to side, adding still more action as her brother fucked his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

“Yeah, you’re gettin’ with it, honey!” Wally whispered, rubbing her belly as he fucked her cunt.

“Oooo, I wanta snap my pussy around your prick some more!” Cindy cried. The next time he fucked his prick into her cunt, she tightened her cunt around his cock for a split-second, making them both groan with delight.

Melinda stopped sucking Cindy’s tit and sat up. “Okay, Wally, take hold of her titties now and squeeze them while you fuck her,” Melinda murmured. “Chuck, come over here with me. I’m hot as hell and I want your cock in me!”

“Sensational, Mrs. Davis!” Chuck rasped, raising up from Cindy’s other tit.

“Doll, you’re about to fuck my hungry old pussy. Call me Melinda.”

Cindy let go of Chuck’s prick, pulled her fingers out of her mother’s cunt, and gripped her brother’s upper arms as he grasped her tits. Still rotating his hips, Wally fucked his cock in Cindy’s pussy a bit faster. He kneaded her tits each time he fucked his prick into her cunt, and Cindy snapped her cunt deliciously.

Chuck crawled around Cindy and took Melinda in his arms. Melinda kissed him feverishly and stroked his rigid prick. Then Melinda turned her back to him and got onto her knees and elbows. Her large lovely ass and glistening pussy lips were thrust back toward him. “Let’s do it like the animals do!” she whispered hotly.

“Hot damn!” Chuck cried. Panting as he knelt behind her, he stuck his bloated cockhead into her snug cunt and latched onto her wide hips.

“Don’t be gentle, baby!” Melinda ordered. “I’m ready and I want to be reamed out hard and fast!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Chuck said, and, with a savage jerk of his hips, he fucked all of his big prick into her fiery pussy.

“Unnngghh!” Melinda grunted passionately. She clamped her cunt around his cock as hard as she could. “Now grab my tits! Rip ’em right off my body while you fuck the living hell out of me, stud!”

Chuck reached down, cupped her whopping tits, his palms against her nipples, and curled his long fingers into her white tit-flesh until his fingertips almost met. She moaned, relaxed her pussy, and felt Chuck’s cock slide backward. She moved her hips forward, and she and Chuck stopped moving away from each other when only his cock-knob was inside her. Then Chuck wrenched her tits harshly and fucked his prick into her juicy cunt again as she shoved her ass back to meet him. Her ass and his belly clapped together as his cock impaled her pussy. She yelped with pleasure and snapped her cunt around his cock for an instant before they pulled apart again. They kept moving heatedly, fucking hard and fast, just as Melinda wanted.

Melinda and Chuck were positioned so that both Cindy and Wally could see Chuck’s prick fucking into their mother, and Cindy got even more excited as she looked over and watched Melinda getting fucked. The vulgar sight helped push Cindy toward orgasm even faster, her very first orgasm with a cock inside her young pussy.

“Aaaahhhh! Aaaiiieeeee!” Cindy screamed as the spasms jarred her. “Ooohhh, sweet fucking Jeeesus, I’m cumming! I’m cumming with a prick in my cunt! Yyyeeesss!” She shuddered wildly and her ass bounced up and down.

“Yeah, let it loose, Sis!” Wally shouted. He ground his hips in wider circles but speeded up his strokes as he moved his cock in and out of his sister’s climaxing pussy. He kneaded her tits as he pulled his prick almost completely out of her cunt, then kneaded her tits again as he fucked his prick back into her.

It thrilled Melinda to know that her daughter had had an orgasm with a cock inside her pussy. But it also thrilled Melinda to know that she was about to come herself — and on the same bed where her daughter had just cum!

“Oooo! Sock it to me, Chuck, honey!” Melinda moaned. She started revolving her hips slightly as she pumped them forward and backward, and the extra sensations this created inside her hot cunt plunged her into a glorious orgasm. “Aaawwwnnnhhh! I’m making it!”

Chuck began revolving his hips, too, and shortening his fuck-strokes, drawing less of his prick out before fucking back into her happy pussy. He wrenched her tits harder.

“Ooohhh, come on, Wally, let’s do it as fast as Mom and Chuck are!” Cindy whined.

“That’s okay with me, slutty Sis?” Wally gasped. He kept grinding his hips but stepped up the pace as he fucked his prick in and out of Cindy’s sweltering cunt.

“Yes, yes!” Cindy ranted deliriously. “Oaooh, my God, I’m gonna get off again! Aaahh, aaahhh, aaannnhhh!” She came, her hips twisting, more fuck juice pouring out her pussy.

“I’m cumming again myself!” Melinda squealed as another orgasm danced madly through her. “Uunnhh, aaahhh, uuunnnhh!” She thrust her ass back at Chuck faster, and he matched her thrust for thrust, his cock battering her cunt, his hands yanking her tits.

“Ooooh, God, I’m gonna shoot off!” Chuck yelled.

“So am I!” Wally bellowed. “I’m gonna flood my own gorgeous sister’s hot little pussy!”

“Yes, pop your juice to me, Wally!” Cindy wailed.

Chuck’s cock bucked and began firing and scorching jism into Melinda’s hot pussy, and Wally’s prick heaved and started squirting his burning cum into Cindy’s hot cunt. Both sluts were still coming themselves as the fuck juice gushed into their pussies.

Their frantic bodies calmed down, but only for a second. The pricks slid out of the cunts, but Cindy cried, “More! I want more! Come here and fuck me, Chuck! Your cock’s still hard!”

Chuck turned toward her but got down on his back. “You do the work,” he said with a grin.

“Me? On top? Wow!” Cindy bubbled. She slithered over to him, rose to her knees, and swung a leg across his loins. Slipping his swollen cockhead into her juice-soaked pussy and smiling lasciviously, she slowly lowered herself, pushing her cunt onto his big stiff prick.

“All right, nasty son of mine, your cock’s still hard, too. Come here and stick it in me,” Melinda said. She stayed on her knees and elbows as Wally crawled onto the bed.

“You want it the same way Chuck gave it to you, huh?” Wally said.

“Not quite. I want you to stick it up my ass,” Melinda replied.

“Fuck you in your shithole? Great!” Wally whooped.

“Just go easy. I’ve never been fucked there,” Melinda said.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ve fucked half a dozen girls in the ass,” Wally said. “I know just what to do.” Reaching into Melinda’s cunt, he got out plenty of cum and pussy juice and laved both her asshole and his own prick. Then he fingered her asshole until the tight ring at the opening loosened up. “Ml ready.”

“Then put it in me!” Melinda pleaded. “Your finger’s got me to really craving to have your big prick in there.”

She wiggled her luscious ass and Wally knelt behind her. Sticking his bloated cockhead against the opening of her shitter, he grasped her hips and began shoving his own hips forward.

“Uunnhh,” Melinda groaned as she felt his prick-head being forced into her sensationally tight asshole. Then his cock-knob popped past the ring at the opening and his cock slid into her shithole more easily. Her shitter was still superbly tight, though, and she thrilled as her son’s hard prick fucked deeper. “Yes! Oohhh, Wally, I love it!”

Wally fucked his cock all the way into her asshole before puffing backward. He moved slowly as he kept fucking her. Keeping her elbows on the bed, Melinda swung her forearms backward. With one hand, she started kneading her hanging titties warmly, but she moved her other hand back to her loins and started massaging her turgid clit. Her lust grew and she began pumping her hips in time to the easy fucking of Wally’s prick in and out of her shitty asshole.

Meanwhile, Cindy had started rotating her broad hips as she worked them up and down. She was drawing her pussy upward until only Chuck’s cockhead was inside, and then she was spiraling her hungry cunt down onto him and softly skewering her pussy on every inch of his long prick.

Cindy’s massive tits swayed as she went up and down. Reaching up, Chuck took hold of them and pressed them together. He squeezed her tits as her torrid pussy fucked sensually up and down his cock.

“Oooo, yes, baby!” Cindy kept grinding her hips but began moving them faster, filling her cunt with his throbbing prick more often. And everytime she impaled herself, she also pushed her distended clit against him, adding to her lewd excitement. “Ooohh, hell, yes, I’m gonna cum!” she squealed. An orgasm jarred her and she shuddered as she fucked her wet pussy on Chuck’s prick.

Wally speeded up slightly as he fucked his cock in and out of his mother’s shithole. Melinda’s hips kept pace with him, and her fingers dug in deeper as she kneaded her oversized tits. She felt an orgasm getting ready to leap through her, and she rubbed her clit faster.

“Aaawww, I’m gonna make it!” Both Melinda’s cunt and her asshole started contracting wildly. “Faster, Wally!” she demanded. “Ream the hell out of your old mama!”

Wally’s prick was fucking along smoothly in her shitter, and it was no trouble for him to speed up his fuck-strokes. He fucked his cock in and out of her blazing asshole faster, and her asscheeks slapped harder against his belly as she matched her speed to his.

Cindy stepped up her own pace again as she fucked her tight young pussy up and down on Chuck’s erect prick. He squeezed her heavy tits faster and massaged them against each other.

“Go, baby, go!” Chuck raved.

“Where I’m going is into another cum!” Cindy howled. Her cunt convulsed frenziedly as she kept churning along on his cock.

Then his cock started jumping around, and he shouted, “Uuunnnggghh! I’m gonna cum myself!” His scalding jism rampaged out of his prick and splashed out inside Cindy’s pussy.

“Yes!” Cindy cried. “Oh, oh, oohh!”

Wally grunted heavily as he fucked his cock into Melinda’s slimy shithole. “Get ready, Mom! I’m about to spurt it to you!” he roared.

“Yes, let me feel it, big lover!” Melinda screamed, yanking at her huge tits furiously and rubbing her engorged clit crazily. Wally’s big prick started jerking and his white-hot jism began exploding into her steaming shitter. “Aahh, aaaahhh! And I’m cumming, too, baby!” Her pussy and her asshole snapped again as her son’s cum spilled out inside her.


The next two days were Saturday and Sunday, and they passed uneventfully because Kent, Melinda’s husband, was home.

At least, those two days passed uneventfully as far as sexual activity was concerned. There was a big argument on Sunday morning when Melinda, Cindy, and Wally refused to go to church. Kent was surprised. And he was downright shocked when they added that they were never going to that particular kind of church again and that they no longer believed in his kind of religion. Kent was so shocked that he argued too long and wound up missing church himself. All his arguing did no good of course.

He seemed baffled as to why all three of them had turned against church at the same time, but naturally Melinda, Cindy, and Wally just talked against silly points of church doctrine. They didn’t tell him about the wild sucking and fucking they’d been doing.

After Kent left for work Monday morning, Melinda, Cindy, and Wally did some more sucking and fucking. Then the two kids went off to see some of their friend and Melinda decided to go next-door to talk to her best friend, Susan Brophy. But if Susan was gone again and nobody but Duane was there, that would be all right, too. Melinda had already cum several times that morning, but she was still game for more sucking and fucking.

As she strolled over to Susan’s house, though, Melinda noticed a panel truck in the Brophys’ driveway. According to the sign painted on the side of the truck, the truck belonged to a plumber. That seemed to shoot down the possibility of getting Duane’s cock in her. It might even shoot down the possibility of talking to Susan. It depended on how closely Susan was watching the plumber’s work.

Melinda went on to the Brophys’ back door. As usual at this time of day, the door was unlocked, and she went in without knocking.

She expected to hear the plumber banging away at some pipes or something, but she heard nothing. She crossed the game-room and entered the kitchen. No one was in there. She guessed that the plumber must be in one of the bathrooms.

Expecting to find someone at any moment, Melinda went on through the rest of the downstairs part of the house and found no one. She supposed that Susan and the plumber must be upstairs. But Melinda had heard no noises yet and she thought that was strange.

Going to the stairs, she started up them. She thought of calling Susan’s name, but, just as she opened her mouth, she finally heard a noise.

“Uunnhh!” It had obviously come from a woman who had a cock in her and who was enjoying herself immensely. More moans followed the first one.

An obscene grin split Melinda’s face. She suppressed a laugh. “Excellent,” she murmured and tiptoed on up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs she turned right. The noises seemed to be coming from that direction. She stopped just outside the bathroom door. Only then did she hear the water sloshing. And the moans were coming from inside the bathroom. The bathroom door was open, so Melinda leaned over and peeped inside.

The bathtub was along one of the side walls. The shower doors running along the top of the tub’s edge were closed, but they were made of clear plastic, and Melinda could see through them with no problem at all.

Susan and a slender wiry man Melinda had never seen before were in the tub. Bath of them were naked, and the man was on top, his small ass rising slowly, then plunging quickly. Susan’s arms and legs were wrapped around him, and her hips were pumping, meeting his thrusts. Melinda could not see either Susan’s cunt or the man’s prick, but she was confident that his prick was in her cunt.

Melinda pulled back and stripped naked. Then she stepped into the bathroom and noisily slid one of the shower doors back.

“Hi!” she said, smiling brightly.

“Oh, my God! Melinda!” Susan gasped, staring up at her next-door neighbor.

“What the hell?” the man cried, jerking his head around and looking up also. His ass stopped moving.

Melinda knelt down and slapped his ass. “Get back to work,” she ordered. “The woman you’re fucking is my best friend, and I want you to satisfy her. And after you’re through with her, I want you to satisfy me!”

The man just stared at Melinda.

Melinda slapped his ass again. “Go on. Fuck that pussy some more!”

“Do as the naked lady says, Irv,” Susan purred, wriggling her broad hips around in the water, which was several inches deep. “Oh, by the way, Melinda, this is Irv Tidwell, the plumber. Irv, this is Melinda Davis, my next door neighbor. Irv got the sink over there unplugged, Melinda, but I liked him so much, I decided to have him plug me up. And he’s plugging me with one of the hugest cocks I’ve ever had inside me, and I’ve had a bunch!”

“Ooo! Terrific!” Melinda cooed. Irv’s ass started going up and down again, and Melinda reached down between his thighs and fondled his moving prick. His cock really was huge! “Wow! I can hardly wait to get it in me!”

“Uunnhh! Aahh!” Susan moaned as Irv’s cock drove into her pussy. “I always figured you for a horny woman, Melinda, but I thought you were too hung-up to really clit loose like this.”

“Until recently, I was,” Melinda replied. “But I got un-hung-up. But what about you? You certainly fooled me. You’ve always talked wild, but you were so lighthearted about it, I figured you were joking.” With her fingertips, she rode Irv’s enormous hard prick downward until she touched Susan’s pussy lips underwater. The water was hot. It moved in waves as Irv’s and Susan’s hips pumped. Melinda’s nipples and clit swelled as she felt Irv’s cock going in and out between Susan’s clinging pussy lips.

“I’m lighthearted about it because I love it and I never feel guilty,” Susan said, squeezing Irv’s ass with her hands and tickling his asshole with a fingertip.

“Aannhh!” Irv groaned. “That feels good, doll! And this damn hot water’s a real turnon!”

“Does Howard know you let other men fuck you?” Melinda asked Susan. Howard was Susan’s husband. Melinda slid her hand up to Irv’s heavy balls and started massaging them. She slipped her other hand under Irv’s chest and began squeezing one of Susan’s soft, massive tits.

“Hell, no, Howard doesn’t know,” Susan answered. “He’d hit the ceiling if he knew. That’s the one thing he’s old-fashioned about.” She nibbled at Irv’s neck, then said, “Oohh, come on, baby, faster! I’m almost there!”

“Faster, it is,” Irv grunted. “And I think I’m getting there myself!” Their hips speeded up and more waves rolled through the water. Irv’s belly slapped down against Susan’s belly as he fucked his prick down into her fiery cunt. Susan’s voluptuous body jerked.

“Aaaahhhh! Yes, I’m cumming!” Susan sobbed. “Aahh, oohh, ooohhh!” Melinda squeezed Susan’s tit harder and rubbed Irv’s balls against each other.

“Uunngghh!” Irv gasped. “Oohh, I’m makin’ it, too!” He fucked Susan’s pussy with his big cock. His cock heaved and his hot jism began spurting deep into Susan’s twitching cunt.

“Oooo! Uunnhh! Aaahhh!” Susan moaned deliriously, wrenching his ass-cheeks as his cock and his cum belted into her sweet pussy.

Then the lewd movements ceased and the water calmed down. Sighing, Irv came up to his knees, pulling his prick out of Susan. Along with cunt juice and his own cum, hot water was dripping off his prick, but that didn’t bother Melinda at all. She grabbed his prick and stretched her upper body over the edge of the tub. The metal track that the shower doors rolled in bit deep into her belly but she didn’t care. Irv’s cock was still fairly stiff but the stiffness was fading, and she wanted his cock rock-hard again. She popped his prick into her mouth and started sucking hungrily and prodding with her tongue.

“Yeah, go to it, Melinda!” Susan cheered. Wiggling away from Irv, Susan sat up and pulled the stopper out of the tub, letting the water drain out while Melinda slid her full lips along on Irv’s swelling cock. Then Susan stood up and turned on the shower.

“Aaaiii!” Melinda squealed delightedly as the hot water struck her.

“Come on, get all the way in!” Susan cried. Pulling her hand and mouth off Irv’s prick, Melinda scrambled into the tub. Irv stood up, and she knelt before him and took his cock back into her mouth, deep-throating his prick with one quick swoop forward. His oversized prick was almost fully hard now, and she sucked ravenously and ran the tip of her tongue along the underside. Susan rolled the shower doors shut and knelt behind Melinda, the stimulating hot water needling down on all three of them.

Reaching around Melinda, Susan grasped Melinda’s heavy titties and began kneading them and stretching them gently downward.

Susan’s own huge tits were pressed against Melinda’s back.

“Mmmm!” Melinda moaned. She drew her head backward slowly, letting her lips drag sensuously along on Irv throbbing prick. His cock was completely hard now, and she let her tongue crawl around on his cock.

Susan released one of Melinda’s tits and slipped her hand down between Melinda’s thighs. Susan massaged Melinda’s swollen clit and pussy lips, then pushed two fingers up into Melinda’s hot moist cunt. Susan pumped the fingers up and down slowly, twisting them at the same time while she rubbed Melinda’s clit with her thumb. Melinda heated up even more, and more juice oozed out inside her pussy.

Melinda slid her lips back to Irv’s tremendous cockhead and lashed the cockhead with her tongue before pushing her head forward again. She took his giant prick in bit by bit, savoring every inch of his engorged flesh as she took it into her searing mouth.

“Oohh,” Irv breathed. “Suck me, honey!” Melinda got his whole cock into her mouth and throat again, his cockhead at the bottom of her throat. Repeatedly, she drew her cheeks in more tightly against his cock as she inhaled through her nose and then she breathed hot air on his prick as she exhaled through her mouth.

Irv shivered as the hot air flowed over his cock, and he grunted and twisted as she drew her cheeks in again. She sucked on his prick avidly.

At last, she slid her head backward once more, smacking her lips on his prick and dragging her tongue along it silkily as she moved. Letting her lips slide off his cockhead, she raked his bulging knob lightly with her teeth and heard him groan excitedly. Then she closed her lips around his cockshaft and pushed her head forward again.

She was enjoying the way Susan was playing with her tits, finger-fucking her tight pussy and rubbing her clit. Melinda was disappointed when Susan stopped doing those things. Susan pulled back and for several seconds Melinda didn’t know where Susan was.

Then Melinda felt Susan’s hands on her thighs and felt Susan’s head come up between her thighs. “I hope you don’t mind getting your pussy eaten by a woman,” Susan said and pressed her lips against Melinda’s cunt lips.

“Mmm!” Melinda moaned with pleasure. Susan started lapping passionately at Melinda’s pussy lips, and Melinda pushed her own head forward swiftly and finished deep-throating Irv’s iron-hard prick again. She sucked harder and breathed faster on Irv’s prick as she felt Susan’s burning tongue lapping at her distended cunt lips.

Susan’s tongue sliced between the cunt lips and wiggled as far as it could go up into Melinda’s sweltering pussy. Susan wiggled her tongue rapidly from side to side in Melinda’s cunt, and Melinda swung her own tongue rapidly back and forth across the underside of Irv’s magnificent cock.

“Aaww, baby, you’re doin’ great!” Irv rasped. His hands were stroking her hair and her shoulders.

Susan started working her tongue up and down in Melinda’s pussy. Melinda’s bliss was growing and she began pumping her head backward and forward, fucking her lips along on Irv’s prick. As Susan’s tongue moved up and down faster, Melinda’s head moved backward and forward faster. Susan’s hands came up and started hauling on Melinda’s tits, and Melinda started kneading Irv’s ass.

When Susan popped her tongue out of Melinda’s cunt and began wildly licking Melinda’s straining clit, Melinda blew she was going to cum. She pulled her head back until her lips were half an inch behind Irv’s cockhead and began tongue-whipping his cockhead and the sensitive flesh just behind and on the underside of the prick-knob. His prick started jumping.

“Oooohhhhhh, I’m gonna shoot off!” Irv crowed. He began fucking more of his prick into her mouth, and, just as his scalding cum started spurting into her, Melinda shoved her head forward and took his whole cock into her mouth and throat again.

“Mm, mm, mmmmmmm!” she moaned frantically as her own orgasm let go. Her pussy quaked wildly. Juice rolled out between her cunt lips and Susan quickly lapped it up.

When all of Melinda’s available fuck juice was in Susan’s belly and all Irv’s jism was in Melinda’s belly, Susan dropped her head away from Melinda’s pussy lips, but Melinda kept sucking Irv’s huge cock.

“Good God!” Irv panted. “I’ve already cum twice. What does this babe want?”

Susan laughed. “I think she wants to keep you hard so you can start fucking her in a minute or two,” Susan replied. “And it doesn’t look like she intends to take no for an answer!”

Melinda was slowly pulling her head back now, sucking voraciously as she dragged her lush lips backward on his prick. Inside her mouth, her tongue was moving rapidly, prodding his cock, beating and dancing and slithering on his prick. Everytime her lips touched his cockhead, she immediately moved forward and deep-throated his prick again before once more dragging her lips slowly backward.

“Uunnhh!” Irv grunted. “That’s great, baby, but there’s, just no way you or anyone else can keep my prick hard.” But two minutes later his prick was still as stiff as ever and he was gasping with both lust and amazement. “Well, I’ll be damned!” he cried. “She’s doing it! Hell, she’s already done it!”

“Yeah, I can see that!” Susan breathed, staring up between Irv and Melinda at his cock and Melinda’s sliding, clinging lips.

Melinda drew her mouth off Irv’s cock but began stroking and squeezing his prick with her hand. “Stud, while you fuck me, I want to eat my next-door neighbor’s pussy!” she declared.

“Wonderful!” Susan bubbled. “What position shall we get in? Should we get out of the tub?” She raised her head and licked Melinda’s pussy lips a few times.

“Yes, let’s get out,” Melinda said, licking Irv’s cockhead while she stroked and squeezed the prickshaft. “But we won’t have to dry off. We can do it on the bathmat.”

Just outside the tub there was a huge thick bathmat on the floor. Susan turned off the shower, and, dripping, all three of them got out of the tub.

“You’re thin but you look like you’re pretty strong,” Melinda said to Irv.

“I get by,” he said. “What do you have in mind?”

Lying on her back on the bathmat, Melinda spread her legs wide. “Get down on your knees between my thighs,” she told him. “Then slip your hands under my ass, lift me up, and stick your gorgeous cock into my pussy!”

Irv obeyed her. Melinda used her pussy muscles to open her cunt and make his entrance easy. He fucked his prick deep into her hot pussy, and she wrapped her legs around him. Using her cunt muscles differently, she clamped her cunt tightly around his cock.

“Now face Irv and straddle my head on your knees,” she told Susan.

“Oh, you wicked whore, I love how you think!” Susan whooped, doing as Melinda had said, putting her gaping cunt lips right over Melinda’s mouth.

Opening her mouth, Melinda began licking Susan’s pussy lips, and at the same time Melinda relaxed her own cunt around Irv’s prick and gave a slight wiggle of her hips. Holding her up firmly by her big ass, Irv started pumping his narrow hips slowly, pulling all of his prick out of her cunt except his prickhead, then pushing nearly all of his awesome cock back into her sopping pussy. Melinda clenched his prick with her cunt then and writhed softly, just enough to add to their mutual pleasure but not enough to make it too tough for him to hold her.

Susan grasped Melinda’s tits and began rolling them around and around and kneading them. She snared the nipples between her fingers and squeezed the nipples. Using her thumbs to pull Susan’s pussy lips farther apart, Melinda darted her tongue at Susan’s erect clit.

“Aaaiii!” Susan squealed. “Ooohh, that’s wonderful, Melinda! Qooo! Oohh! Aaahhh!” Susan cried, digging her fingers in deeper as she squeezed Melinda’s tits. Susan stared lovingly at Irv’s rigid cock as he fucked in and out of Melinda’s pussy.

Irv was gradually shoving his prick deeper into Melinda’s torrid cunt. Finally he fucked his whole cock into her and wiggled his hips from side to side, stirring his prick around in her pussy and rubbing his lower belly against her swollen clit.

“Aawwnnhh, yes, Irv, honey!” Melinda groaned rapturously. She snapped her cunt around his cock quickly several times.

“Uunngghh!” he grunted. “Good God, bounce that pussy on my prick, baby!”

She made a few more quick snaps with her cunt around his cock, heightening their lascivious thrill. When Irv drew his cock back he kept wiggling his hips from side to side, making his prick do the same. When he pushed his prick forward again, he started rotating his hips, putting a different kind of action on his prick and thrilling her pussy even more. He kept wriggling his hips from side to side as he pulled his cock backward, then grinding his hips when he fucked forward, so that he was varying the sensual friction between his cock and Melinda’s cunt. Every time he had his prick totally inside her pussy, he rubbed back and forth across her clit for a few seconds.

“Aaaggghhh! I’m makin’ it!” Melinda howled as an orgasm rocked her. She fucked her tongue into Susan’s snug wet pussy and began rubbing Susan’s clit with her fingertips. Melinda wiggled her tongue every which way and swirled it up and down. She felt Susan’s blazing cunt start twitching, and she moved her tongue and fingertips faster.

“Oooohhh, Christ, it’s my turn!” Susan whined. “I’m cumming! Aahh, aaaiiieeee!” She wrenched Melinda’s tits and squirmed joyously. More fuck juice rolled out Susan’s pussy and onto Melinda’s hot tongue.

Making her best friend cum increased Melinda’s own excitement. “Iry, honey, fuck me faster!” she cried.

“That’s just what I was wanting to do,” Irv grunted, and he speeded up his cock as he fucked in and out of Melinda’s flaming cunt. But he kept wiggling his hips as he drew his prick backward, and grinding his hips as he fucked forward to fill her pussy again.

“Yes, baby!” Melinda breathed. “Oooo!” She longed to swing her hips in delight or to thrust her cunt at him as he fucked his cock into her, but she was afraid that she might make it too difficult for him to keep holding her. She reeled her tongue out of Susan’s pussy and launched the tongue wildly at Susan’s clit. Almost simultaneously, Melinda jammed three fingers up into Susan’s cunt and began fucking them up and down.

“Aaahh, uunnhh, oaohhh!” Susan whimpered. She was clinging to Melinda’s tits as if they were life preservers and was writhing crazily but was keeping her, blissful clit and cunt in the same place so that the intense pleasure she was feeling would keep flowing, keep rising.

Irv kept fucking his huge prick into Melinda’s seething pussy. He wasn’t staying all the way inside her as long now, so she snapped her cunt around his whole prick only once every fuck-stroke but she snapped fiercely. Irv grunted loudly and fucked her faster. Melinda stepped up the pace as she licked Susan’s clit and finger-fucked Susan’s pussy.

“Aahh, aaaggghhh!” Susan wailed. “Oohh, Christ, I’m making it again! Uunnhh, uunnhh, oooohhh!” Her pussy started contracting violently against Melinda’s fucking fingers, and more fuck juice poured out of Susan’s cunt.

“You’re cumming on her fingers and I’m gonna cum inside her pussy!” Irv shouted. “Take my load, baby!”

“Yes, put it where it belongs!” Melinda ranted.

His cock bucked, and his blistering jism began erupting into her steaming cunt. His load set off another orgasm of her own and her pussy convulsed madly.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed. “Aannhh, aaaiiiiii!”


After Irv left, Melinda and Susan dried off and struggled into their clothes.

“I gather that Duane’s not home right now,” Melinda said. Her tone was joking but she was looking for information. Since she’d been fucking and sucking with her own children, it had occurred to her that Susan might be fucking and sucking with Duane.

“Hell, no, he’s not here,” Susan laughed. “I get lots of cocks in me, but I’m careful not to do it when my son’s around. Not that it would shock Duane. He probably gets loads of pussy. But I’m afraid that if he caught me getting another man’s prick in me, he might decide to tell his father, just to create an interesting situation. Duane likes interesting situations.”

“Hmm,” Melinda said thoughtfully, “so do I.” From the way Susan talked, Melinda figured that Susan wasn’t fucking Duane. Melinda could probably find out for sure from Duane himself. If Susan wasn’t fucking Duane, Melinda knew how to create a very interesting situation.

That afternoon, Melinda got a chance to talk with Duane alone. Duane chuckled at the notion that he might be sticking his prick into his own mother.

“Shit, no,” he said, “although I’ve got to admit I wouldn’t mind. Mom’s a great-looking babe. I’d love to cram my cock into her if she was game for it. And the way she looks at me sometimes, I almost think she’d like to have my cock in her, but then she kind of shakes her head, not at me but at herself. I guess she’s afraid of committing incest.”

“Suppose she found out one of her friends was committing incest?” Melinda asked. “Like, what if she saw me with Wally’s prick in me? You think that would loosen her up enough to let you put your prick in her?”

“Yes, it might. But…”

“But what?”

“Is Wally sticking his cock into you?”

Melinda grinned. “Hell, yes,” she answered. “I’m making it with Cindy, too, and they’re making, it with each other.”

Duane laughed, loudly and long.

It was two days before Melinda figured out the details and got things set up. Wednesday afternoon, about an hour after lunch, Duane came over to Melinda’s house. Duane, Melinda, and Wally all went upstairs to Wally’s bedroom. Ten minutes later, Cindy went over to Susan’s house.

“Hi, Cindy,” Susan said when she answered Cindy’s knock at the back door.

“Hi, Mrs. Brophy,” responded Cindy. “Mom sent me over to ask you to come over to our house for a little while. You’ll have to ask her to find out exactly why. Al she told me to say was that there was something that would be kind of like things were with the plumber. I hope you understand that better than I do.”

Susan’s mouth dropped open, but she did her best to suppress the look of unrestrained lust that tried to take over her face. “Yes, Cindy,” she said, “I understand it quite well. Does your mother want me to come over there right now?”

“Yeah, if that’s okay. Come on, I’ll show you exactly where she is.”

Cindy turned and started toward home, and Susan grabbed the door key, stepped outside, locked the back door, and hastily followed Cindy. It never occurred to Susan that there should have been no need for Cindy to show her where Melinda was. Since Susan had been in Melinda’s house many times, she knew where all the rooms were. Cindy could have just told her which room Melinda was in. But instead of thinking of that, Susan was contemplating the joys of getting a hard cock stuck into her.

Cindy led Susan into the house, up the stairs, and along the upstairs hall to the closed door of Wally’s bedroom. Cindy knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Melinda called from inside.

Cindy opened the door. “Right in here, Mrs. Brophy,” she said, and she took Susan’s arm and led, her into the room.

Wally’s bed was off to one side. Melinda and Wally were on the bed, and both of them were naked. Melinda was on her hands and knees and was pumping her broad hips to meet Wally’s thrusts. Her huge tits were swinging wildly as she moved. Wally was kneeling behind his mother and was fucking his large stiff cock in and out of her wet cunt.

“Good God!” Susan gasped.

“Hi, Susan,” Melinda chirped. “Since you shared your action with the plumber with me, I thought I’d share some action with you.”

“But-but that’s your own son!” Susan exclaimed in a choked voice.

Melinda peered back over her shoulder at Wally and said, “Hmm. So it is. And he’s a great fuck, too.”

“Yes!” Cindy chimed in as she took off her halter. “And you’re next, Mrs. Brophy. Normally, I’d be next, but since you’re a guest, you’re next!”

Cindy peeled her shorts off, leaving herself naked, and turned to Susan. Susan stood dumbly and stared in astonishment at Wally and Melinda and seemed hardly aware that her own scanty clothes were being swiftly removed by Cindy.

When Susan was naked, Cindy said, “Wow, Mrs. Brophy! You’ve got beautiful titties! They’re just as big as mine or Mom’s. Your nipples are darker than ours, but they’re as big as ours, too. Ooo, I’ve just gotta kiss em!”

Being careful never to block Susan’s view of Melinda and Wally, Cindy lowered her head and started kissing and licking both of Susan’s massive round tits. Susan’s big brown nipples instantly sprang erect, and her vast mounds of tit-flesh heated up.

“Aannhh!” Susan groaned softly, but she seemed only half conscious of her own moves as she took hold of Cindy’s head and clasped it to her tits. Susan was enthralled by the obscene sight on the bed. A boy fucking his own mother, a woman who was Susan’s best friend!

Cindy put a hand on Susan’s belly and began rubbing the firm flesh in circles, but she pushed the circles steadily downward. Her hand slid into Susan’s dark pussy hair and the circles stopped as the hand slipped straight on down to Susan’s moist cunt lips. Cindy curled two fingers up into Susan’s hot tight pussy and started sliding them in and out slowly while she rubbed Susan’s swelling-clit with her thumb.

“Oohh, yes, Cindy!” Susan moaned. Then her voice rose almost to a shout as she said, “Ooohh, do it, Wally! Fuck your mother!”

Suddenly, Duane popped up from behind a large chair in the corner. He stepped out from behind the chair, showing that he was naked and that his huge prick was rock-hard. Susan’s head jerked toward him and she made a gurgling sound.

“My God, Mother, this is disgusting!” Duane bellowed. “You gape unashamedly at this depraved incestuous scene, and not only do you fail to protest, you actually cheer it on. And to make matters worse, you even let your best friend’s daughter suck your fat titties and finger-fuck your slimy cunt! This is horrible! It’s unbelievable!”

As Duane roared out these words of fake rage, he breathed heavily and stepped menacingly toward Susan. With one of his strong arms, he touched Cindy and pretended to sweep her out of the way, but the girl actually stepped back nimbly.

“Duane! Oh, my God!” Susan panted. She was still in shock and didn’t know what else to say.

Duane grabbed Susan by the tits. “So,” he said in an overdone snarl, “you like watching a boy fuck his own mother, do you? Do you?” He wrenched her tits brutally.

“Yes!” Susan panted.

Duane pivoted and, still holding her only by her tits, slung his mother onto the bed. Then he sprang after her and pounced on her. Grasping his hard prick in one hand, he shook the awesome slab of cock-flesh at her.

“So how would you like to have your son fuck you?” he roared.

“Yes!” Susan cried, throwing her legs open wide. “Oohh, sweet holy Christ, yeeesss!” She was reaching for him, trying to get her hands on his prick, but he kept moving his prick and it eluded her. “Pleeeease! Put it in me!”

“Are you a whore?” Duane growled.

“Yes, I’m a whore!” Susan babbled. “Your mother’s a filthy whore! Please, fuck me!”

With a satisfied grin, Duane fell atop her and fucked every inch of his immense cock into his mother’s wet gaping pussy.

“Aaaiiiii!” Susan screeched, clawing at his ass as his prick damn near split her cunt open.

“Fantastic, Duane!” Melinda yelled. “Fuck the hell out of your big-titted mama!” Melinda was pumping her own hips faster, hurling her burning cunt back greedily to be lanced on her own son’s fucking cock.

“Yeah, buddy, fuck your mother like I’m fucking mine!” Wally raved. He was fucking his big prick into Melinda’s pussy every time she pushed herself back at him.

Duane needed no urging. His slim hips were going up and down rapidly, drawing nearly all of his extra-long cock out of his mother’s wet cunt before slamming the entire cock back into her. For perhaps a minute, Susan just rested there and squeezed his ass and grunted blissfully as he fucked her pussy with his prick. But then her wide hips started moving, sending her pussy to meet his prick, as he fucked down into her.

“Aahh, oohh, ooohhh!” Susan groaned as her son fucked her.

“Yes, Duane, pop it to her!” Cindy whispered. Cindy crawled onto the bed and crouched between the two fucking couples. With one hand she reached down and tickled Duane’s balls and cock as he fucked his cock in and out of his mother’s fiery pussy. With her other hand, Cindy reached over and began pulling on her own mother’s heavy dangling titties.

“Suck me, Cindy! Suck my big melons!” Melinda cried as she shoved her cunt back to be skewered on Wally’s stiff cock.

“Oohh, Mama!” Cindy cooed. She rested on her back and wriggled until one of her mother’s swinging tits was dancing against her face. Cindy latched onto that tit and stuffed as much as she could into her hot mouth. Biting into the tit just hard enough to keep it there, she started sucking hard and rubbing her tongue across the rigid nipple. Cindy moved one hand to Melinda’s other tit and began kneading it and pumping it up and down, and she moved her other hand to Melinda’s loins and started massaging Melinda’s straining clit while Wally kept fucking his prick into Melinda’s flaming cunt. At the same time, Cindy stretched out one of her legs, and began runfling her foot along the back of one of Duane’s powerful thighs as Duane kept fucking his cock down into Susan’s pussy.

“Aaahh, yes, Daughter! Yes, Wally!” Melinda moaned. “Aaannnhhh, you two are making me cum! Aaaaahhh!” Melinda’s sweet pussy started convulsing and she writhed joyously.

Duane began grinding his hips as he pumped them up and down, and his oversized prick pushed Susan’s cunt walls back farther as he fucked in and out. Just above the base of his prick, his belly rubbed across his mother’s bloated clit every time he fucked his cock in her juicy cunt. Supporting himself on his elbows, he pivoted his arms until his hands were on her pillowy tits. Then he squeezed her titties harshly as he impaled her pussy on his fucking prick.

“Uunngghh! Oohh, God, help me!” Susan grunted. “My son’s cock is tearing me apart and I love it! Fuck, fuck!”

She started revolving her hips as she worked them avidly up and down, and her pleasure increased. Her physical pleasure alone was overwhelming, but she also drew a perverted men tal pleasure from knowing that her own son’s fabulous prick was reaming out her stretched pussy. She was committing incest, and a few feet away her best friend was doing the sante thing! Two huge-titted sluts with their own sons’ cock fucking wildly into their searing cunts!

“Mmm, aahh, aagghh!” Susan whimpered mindlessly. “Oohh, fuck, yes, I’m gonna cum! My own son’s great big prick is making me cum! Aaaaiiieeeee!” Her head tossed as the contractions began shaking her pussy.

“Yeah, get off, Mama!” Duane shouted. “Get off on my great big prick! Hell, yes!” He speeded up his fuck-strokes but kept grinding his hips, and his mother kept pushing her cunt up to meet his cock.

Melinda found her own pleasure about to overwhelm her. She, too, was feeling pleasure that was both physical and mental. Her own son’s prick was fucking repeatedly into her slippery cunt while her own daughter was sucking one plump titty, squeezing the other titty, and rubbing her taut clit. When Melinda turned her head slightly, she could see her best friend getting fucked. And it gave Melinda an extra thrill to know that she herself had been the one who’d arranged for Susan to get Duane’s cock shoved into her.

“Aaaahhhh! I’m there again!” Melinda wailed as a powerful orgasm jarred her. She began rotating her hips, making her pleasure even more intense. Wally started twisting his hips as he fucked his prick into her hot pussy. Cindy massaged her clit faster and sucked and squeezed her tits harder. Melinda’s orgasm got stronger and her moans got louder.

Squeezing Susan’s tits more fiercely, Duane began fucking his cock into his mother’s sultry cunt even faster. Susan’s orgasm faded out and she started snapping her wanton pussy around his prick whenever his cock was completely inside her cunt. And Duane pulled less and less of his prick out of her before fucking into her cunt again.

“Ooohhh! Aaawwnnhhh!” Susan screamed as another orgasm erupted inside her voluptuous body. “My son’s great big prick is making me cum again! Uunnhh, aaaiiii!” She shuddered rapturously as the contractions swept over her.

Duane kept fucking his enormous cock into his mother’s pussy. He was battering her cunt relentlessly, grunting with every thrust. “Get ready, Mom! I’m gonna fill your pussy with my jism!” he roared.

“Flood me with it!” Susan howled, clenching his ass-cheeks, frantically with her hands. Duane’s prick started jerking, and he buried all of his cock in her cunt and twisted his hips violently time after time as his white-hot cum surged into her.

“Now I’m gonna unload in my mother’s pussy!” Wally shouted as he fucked his big cock into Melinda’s cunt. His cock heaved and his sizzling jism began thumping wetly into Melinda’s pussy as Cindy kept squeezing and sucking Melinda’s tits and rubbing Melinda’s clit.

“Oooo, yes, Son!” Melinda cried. “I’m making it again, too!” And a new set of contractions tore through her overheated cunt.

Everyone on the bed settled down then, but not for long. Soon, Cindy made a dive far Duane’s shrinking prick and eagerly sucked his cock back into full hardness. “I want you to ream out my pussy with this fucking monster!” Cindy breathed.

“That was the last thing in the world you wanted when I made a pass at you about a year ago,” Duane chuckled. “You really got pissed off.”

“Yeah, but recently I’ve changed for the better,” Cindy replied. Kissing Duane hotly, she pushed him down onto his back and straddled his hips on her knees. She stuffed his turgid cockhead into her dripping cunt, then rubbed his bulging chest muscles with her hands. Revolving her hips, she began sitting down slowly, screwing her hot young pussy down onto his stiff prick.

“I think I’d like to have my pussy eaten,” Melinda said, and, on her knees, she straddled Duane’s head, facing her daughter. Melinda’s pussy lips were against Duane’s lips, and his tongue shot upward and began lashing her engorged clit. “Aaahh! Susan, why don’t you get my son’s cock up your slutty cunt?”

“That’s just what I was thinking about doing,” Susan answered. She reached for Wally, and he French-kissed her passionately, fondling her mammoth tits while she caressed his prick until his cock was totally erect again. Then she turned her back to him and got down on her side. She left her lower leg more or less straight but threw her upper leg forward, bending it at the knee. Wally knelt behind her, planting his knees on either side of her lower leg, and slowly began fucking his big hard cock into her tight juicy cunt.

“Ooohhh! That feels terrific!” Susan groaned. “This is a great angle for a prick to go into a pussy! Uunnhh!”

Susan reached down between her thighs and started massaging her clit. Wally fucked about half of his cock into her cunt before he pulled backward. He kept using only about half of his prick as he fucked her with slow, sensual strokes.

Cindy was spiraling her snug pussy up and down Duane’s long prick with equal slowness. She kneaded his chest muscles as she fucked her cunt up and down his cock. Melinda reached out and began kneading Cindy’s fleshy round tits, pressing and rubbing the distended nipples with her palms while she sank her fingers into the white flesh. Then Duane reached up and began squeezing Melinda’s whopping titties while he kept slapping her clit with his tongue.

“OOOO! Dear God!” Cindy whimpered. “I wish I’d given in and gotten your prick in me a year ago, Duane! It’s big enough for an elephant but I love it! Mmm! Aaahh!” Still moving slowly, she ground her hips in wider circles as she fucked her pussy up and down his cock.

Melinda’s upper body twisted sensuously as Duane’s tongue darted at her clit and his hands kept kneading her tits. Fuck juice was dripping out of her cunt into Duane’s open mouth, and Duane suddenly wriggled his tongue up into her torrid pussy. His tongue squirmed up and around and down time after time. Then Duane launched his tongue at her clit again. His tongue danced on her clit thrillingly and slithered all over it. More pleasure bubbled up inside her. And Melinda had the added excitement of seeing Duane’s cock appear and disappear between Cindy’s juice-coated pussy lips, and of seeing Wally fucking his prick in and out of Susan’s wet cunt.

“Aawwnnhh! I’m gonna cum!” Melinda whined. “Oohh, yyeess, I’m doing it! Oohh, aahh, ooohhh!” The contractions were shaking her, making ecstasy shoot through her. Duane danced his tongue on her clit faster and started pulling her titties downward as he squeezed them.

The next time Cindy sat all the way down on Duane’s prick, she cunt-hugged his cock hotly and worked her hips from side to side, nibbing her swollen clit back and forth against him. Then she let the pussy-pressure, off his cock and began fucking her cunt up and down his prick a bit faster. But every half-dozen strokes or so, she stopped the up-and-down motions again for a few seconds and swung her hips from side to side some more while she clamped her oven-hot pussy around his throbbing cock.

“Uunngghh! Yes, grab my prick, Cindy, baby!” Duane grunted as he kept whipping his tongue across Melinda’s clit and hauling on Melinda’s tits.

“Aaaaaiiiiii! I’m gonna make it!” Cindy howled. “Yeeesss!” Her cunt pulsated madly as an orgasm ripped through her shapely body.

A few feet away, Susan was about to cum, too, as Wally kept fucking about half of his big hard prick in and out of her blazing pussy. “Deeper, faster, Wally!” she moaned, still rubbing her clit. “Push your hand under me and raise me up and then really ream me out with that wonderful cock of yours! Uunnhh!”

Wally wedged a hand under Susan’s lower hip and lifted her loins slightly, allowing his cock to go farther into her tight cunt. He began pumping his lean hips furiously and drawing almost his entire prick out of her pussy before fucking all the way into her.

“Yes, yes!” she wailed. “That’s it! Aaahh, oohh, aaaabhh, I’m cumming!” The convulsions struck her and she jerked deliriously.

Susan could hear Melinda and Cindy groaning and squealing with more orgasms of their own, and it made Susan proud to know that her son was giving such pleasure to two women at the same time. But Susan had little time to think because her own pleasure was consuming her. She kept massaging her trembling clit frantically with one hand and started wrenching her titties violently with her other hand. Wally banged his bulging prick even harder into her climaxing cunt. Her obscene pleasure vaulted higher and she had one shattering orgasm after another.

“Ooohhh, uunnhh, aaahhh, aaaiiii!” Susan sobbed. “I’m cumming and cumming and cumming! Aaannnhhh!”

“And you’re about to feel my cum!” Wally shouted. His prick bucked crazily and his blistering jism started rocketing into Susan’s steaming pussy.

“Uunnhh, uunnhh, uuunnnhhh!” Susan shrieked.

“I’m gonna shoot off into your sister’s cunt, Wally!” Duane yelled as his own prick heaved. His scalding cum began blasting into Cindy’s seething cunt and he lashed Melinda’s clit frenziedly with his tongue.

“Ooohhh, I’m gettin’ off!” Cindy ranted.

“So am I!” Melinda screamed. “Aaahhh, uunnhh, aaaggghhh!” And both sluts boiling cunts exploded with tumultuous orgasms.


Kent Davis raised his eyebrows disdainfully as he looked at the dress his wife was putting on.

Melinda’s dress had a wide square-cut neckline that plunged almost to her navel and left a tremendous expanse of her huge round tits bare. Her large pink nipples and areolas were scarcely covered, and almost any movement she made would bring them winking into view for an instant. The dress ended just above her knees, but on both sides it was slit up to the tops of her wide hips, making it obvious that she wore no panties.

“Lately, the clothes you’ve been wearing have been scandalous,” Kent said. “But that dress is the worst thing yet. Practically every man at the party will be staring at you and lusting after you.”

“What do you care? You hardly ever lust after me,” Melinda responded. “And you won’t be there long enough to see them staring at me much. Every time we go to a party, you and three or four of your equally narrow minded buddies get righteously disgusted with all the boozing and the sexy talk and the titties practically hanging out of the dresses, so you all scram over to another house and play cards. If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were playing poker, but, hell, you wouldn’t even play for match sticks.”

It was Saturday night. The party they were going to was at Susan’s house. But that party was for most of the adults in the neighborhood. Here in Melinda’s and Kent’s house, a party for the neighborhood teenagers had already started, as was attested to by the loud rock music blaring out of Wally’s stereo. Twenty-five kids were here already and more were on the way.

Kent grimaced at the noise and said, “Let’s go. I’m not even going to ask you to change that dress. You wouldn’t do it, anyway, and even if you would, it would mean that much longer before we’d be out of this unholy racket. Sometimes I think rock-and-roll music is as sinful as dresses like yours.” He headed for the door.

Melinda smothered a chuckle and followed him out.

At Susan’s party, Melinda was pleased when Kent and four of his buddies left after only thirty minutes. In fact, the whole party seemed to breathe a sigh of relief at the departure of the neighborhood’s narrowest minds. Things got wilder, the music got louder, the talk got louder and sexier, the booze was downed faster, and several couples started dancing lewdly. The neighborhood was having fun, letting off steam that had built up from living in a highly stressed society.

Two hours into the party, the night was still young, but an attractive, slender woman of about thirty was already drunk. On Susan’s stereo, a record of striptease music dropped onto the turntable and started to play. And the attractive woman of about thirty kicked off her shoes, leaped up onto the sturdy coffee table in the living room, and started doing a striptease.

People instantly shouted the news all over the house, and within thirty seconds everyone at the party had crowded into the living room. Most of the people were laughing and cheering the woman on.

“Yeah! Take it off! Take it all off! Get naked! Yeah!”

Toward the back of the crowd, though, the woman’s red-faced husband began struggling forward, trying to reach his drunken wife. But the people were tightly packed, and his progress was slow. The woman peeled off her stockings and wriggled slowly out of her tight dress. Her bra and panties remained, but, just as she reached back and unhooked the bra, her husband finally got through and yanked her down off the table. From men and women alike there were cries of protest.

“Aw, hell, man, be a good sport!”

“Yeah, let her finish! She was lookin’ good.”

“Yeah, why should you be the only one to see everything she’s got?”

“Good God, man, the human body’s nothing to be ashamed of!”

But the red-faced husband hustled his drunken wife into her dress, grabbed her shoes and stockings, and dragged her out the front door, heading for home.

Melinda was standing right in front of the coffee table and she wasn’t drunk. She sensed that the let-down was so great that the party might crumble. The party had been offered an unexpected delight, but that delight had been snatched away before it could reach its climax, and people were turned-off now. Melinda jumped up onto the sturdy coffee table, swung her broad hips wildly, and yelled with joy.


People shouted with even more delight than they’d shown when the slender woman had started stripping. Melinda was prettier and had a much shapelier body. And everyone could see that she wore no underclothes.

“All right!” they shouted. “Take it off, Melinda! Get naked!”

The happy shouts thrilled her. She grinned crazily and twisted crazily. Her massive tits swung wildly and popped totally into view, beating back her neckline and staying beautifully naked. People, cheered madly.

Melinda settled her twisting into the rhythm of the brassy music. She cupped a huge tit with one hand, and reached back with her other hand and unzipped her dress. Then she grasped her wide shoulder-straps with both hands and did obscene bumps and grinds with her hips while she slowly pulled the shoulder straps down her arms. The top part of the dress flopped down, leaving her naked above the waist.

Prancing around on the coffee table, Melinda took hold of the back half of the lower part of her dress and began slowly pulling it up. Since the lower part was slit up to the tops of her hips on both sides, the front half stayed in place. But people screamed with anticipation as more of her thighs came into view.

“Yeah, Melinda, show us that big ass, baby!” Susan yelled.

“Yaa-hhiiiii!” Melinda shouted joyfully, and she jerked the fabric up and exposed her splendid ass. The partygoers clapped their hands and roared as she kept prancing around on the table and showing her ass to everyone. Then, planting her feet well apart, she bent forward and displayed her pussy lips.

“All right! Beautiful! Open your pussy up for us, Melinda!” people cried.

Using her pussy muscles, Melinda started opening and closing her wet cunt rhythmically, and the cheers got wilder. At the same time, Melinda peeled the dress off over her head. Everyone screamed gleefully. Naked, Melinda twisted her body furiously, did high kicks, slapped her big ass, squeezed her hefty titties, and stroked her glistening pussy lips. And she noticed the way hard cocks made pants bulge.

At last, the striptease record ended and she stepped down off the table to furious cheers and applause. As she slipped back into her dress, a smiling Susan came up beside her. “You’ve got even more nerve than I have,” Susan said. “This is one party that people will never forget!”

“They’d better not forget!” Melinda answered, laughing.

A handsome muscular man named Jason Lewis glided up on the other side of Melinda. Jason had just moved into the neighborhood after having recently been divorced. “That was fabulous!” he told Melinda. “All that dancing must have made you pretty hot, though. Why don’t we go outside and get some air?”

“Honey, I’m hot as hell,” Melinda said. “Let’s [missing text].”

He took her arm and they made their way through the crowd. Jason led her outside into the dark back yard, and immediately Melinda stepped in front of him, her back toward him.

“Unzip me, baby!” she said. “We both know why we came out here, and I don’t feel like waiting!”

Chuckling, Jason unzipped her dress. Melinda took the dress off as they walked on. She led him farther into the back yard and around behind a row of flowers that grew about knee-high, then drew him to the ground. They French-kissed fiercely as she lowered his pants and undershorts. The size of his prick made her gasp. His cock was even bigger than Duane’s!

“Oohh, lover! Put this flagpole of a cock inside me!” she breathed. “Right now!”

“With pleasure, doll!” Jason whispered. Getting atop her, he fitted his huge prickhead into her hot tight cunt, draped her legs across his shoulders, and got his upper body at an angle over her, his arms straight, his hands on the ground.

“Come on, drill me!” Melinda moaned, grabbing his trim ass and sinking her fingers in deep. He grunted and fucked his enormous cock all they way into her slick pussy. Melinda felt as if she’d been split open. “Aaawwwnnnhhh!”

Jason drew his prick upward quickly, but his next thrust was slower. The thrust after that was even slower, and he wiggled his hips, stirring his cock around as he fucked into her cunt. This time she felt only pleasure, although he again fucked his whole prick into her.

“Ooohh, baby,” she purred, “I think you’re making my pussy two inches deeper, but I love it!”

“So do I,” he replied. “Some cunts can’t take all of my prick. It’s always a special pleasure to find a cunt that can.”

Holding his cock completely inside her, he kept wiggling his hips, making his cock squirm around in her sweet pussy and rubbing across her turgid clit. Playfully, Melinda gave his cock a squeeze, with her pussy.

“Oohh, your cunt’s got talent, too!” Jason chuckled.

“You bet your sweet prick it has!” Melinda murmured, cunt-hugging his cock again for a second.

“Ooo, yes,” Jason whispered, wiggling his hips more vigorously. Slowly, he began pumping his hips again, fucking his awesome prick up and down in her pussy. But now he was also grinding his hips, giving his prick a different kind of action and giving her pussy a different kind of friction and a greater thrill. Every time his cockhead hit bottom inside her cunt, he kept pushing downward a bit to get his cock totally inside her. Then he paused for a few seconds and wiggled his hips before pulling his prick upward again. He moved upward until his cockhead was between her swollen pussy lips, and then he began his next slow, screwing fuck-thrust into her cunt.

As his prick slid up and down in her sultry pussy, Melinda kneaded his ass-cheeks and alternately pulled them well apart and pressed them against each other. She moaned with pleasure every time Jason’s cock filled her cunt, and, as her pleasure built, she also started moaning while his cock was stroking up and down. At first, she clamped her pussy around his prick only when his cock was all the way inside her, but then she began making little snaps at him with her pussy almost constantly.

“Mmm, milk me, baby!” Jason whispered as her cunt grabbed his prick. “By the way, what’ll your husband say when he hears about your striptease tonight?”

“He’ll raise holy hell,” Melinda answered, “and if he hears that I went out the back door with a man right after my striptease, he’ll probably throw the biggest fit in history. But let him!”

Melinda still had no wish to wreck her marriage, but she was finding it more and more difficult to cope with Kent’s narrow mindedness. And thinking about Kent’s inevitable anger over her lewd performance tonight made her even more excited as Jason kept fucking her hot cunt with his oversized cock.

“Uunnh ooohh, uunnhh!” she grunted. “Speed up a little, lover!”

“Sure thing, doll!” Jason crooned, and his hip-grinding fuck-strokes got a bit faster. He stopped pausing to wiggle his hips and rub across her clit when his prick was completely inside her pussy, but he shoved more strongly against her clit as he impaled her cunt on his great cock. When he moved his cock upward, he kept about two inches of inside her before he fucked downward to fill her hungry cunt again. Melinda kept snapping her pussy around his prick continually. Her pleasure swelled.

“Aaahh, oooo! Faster, stud! I’m gonna cum!” she whimpered.

Jason stepped up the pace of his fuck-strokes much more this time, pounding her wet cunt with his hard cock, and Melinda’s pussy began contracting feverishly.

“Aaaggghhh!” she gasped. “I’m there, baby, I’m there! Uunnhh, aannhh, aaannnhhh!”

She sank her fingernails into his ass and writhed blissfully as the orgasm twisted through her. As her contractions faded out, her writhing stopped, and Jason fucked his prick along in her cunt more slowly again. Smiling up at him wickedly, Melinda wriggled her forefinger deep into his tight asshole, swung the finger back and forth, and began pumping it slowly up and down.

“Uunngghh!” Jason grunted. “Nobody’s ever done that to me before! God, what a feeling! Getting my asshole finger-fucked while I fuck a cunt with my prick! Ooohhh, baby!”

“I figured you’d like it,” Melinda cooed. She plunged her finger all the way into his shitter as he drew his cock upward, and she pulled her finger almost all the way out of his shitter as he fucked his cock all the way into her fiery pussy. Again she started snapping her pussy around his prick as he fucked up and down with slow, grinding strokes. She yearned to swing her hips up to meet his thrust, but with the position her legs were in, she couldn’t pump her hips. So she kept finger-fucking his hot asshole and snapping her cunt around his cock, and sometimes she wiggled her hips with delight.

And she wiggled her hips more and more as her pleasure rose toward climax again. She began working her finger up and down in Jason’s shithole faster, and twisting the finger at the same time. Jason groaned and instantly started fucking his prick into her cunt much faster.

“Aaaiiii! I’m gettin’ off!” Melinda squealed as a glorious set of spasms hit her. Her hips wiggled furiously, making her ass wiggle around lusciously in the grass.

Jason fucked her climaxing pussy even faster with his mighty cock but kept rotating his hips to give both himself and Melinda extra pleasure. Gradually, he pulled less and less of his prick out of her before fucking all the way back into bet cunt. Soon his strokes were only two inches up and two inches down.

“Aagghh! I’m gonna shoot off, doll!” he gasped. And then his prick was bucking.

“Aahh, aaahhh, yyeess!” Melinda breathed as his furnace-hot cum spurted into her pussy. Her cunt twitched with another wonderful orgasm and she squirmed rapturously.

Then, just as their bodies stilled, they heard a low, crude laugh. A second laugh from another throat followed the first.

“Well, how about that, Vince? We were right!” said a deep, masculine voice.

“Yeah, Max,” replied another masculine voice, “and it sure feels good to be right because you and I are going to be the next fucker to stick their cocks into this slut!”

Jason yanked his prick out of Melinda’s yawning pussy and rolled onto his back on the ground beside her. Melinda saw two men standing on the other side of her. It was a dark night but there was enough light for her to recognize them as Vince Cooper and Maxwell Vickers. Both men lived in the neighborhood and both were married. They dropped to their knees.

“Hope you don’t object to us putting out pricks into you, Melinda, honey,” said Max, kneading her huge tits.

“Whether you want our cocks in your sweet body or not, though, we figure you’ll let us,” said Vince as he jammed three fingers into her cunt and twisted them around. “When your stupid husband gets word about that strip you did tonight, you’ll be in enough trouble. You wouldn’t Max and I to have to tell your hubby about Jason fucking you, would you?”

Melinda wanted to jerk away from Vince and Max and tell them to go to hell, but their hands on her tits and in her hot pussy were quickly rekindling her lust. She didn’t like either man, and their attempt to force her into taking their pricks repelled her. But she didn’t want them yapping to her husband.

“Sure, you bastards can stick your pricks into me,” she said. “On one condition. I want both your pricks in me at the same time, one in my mouth and one in my cunt! And if Jason can get his gorgeous prick hard again soon enough, I want him to ram it up my ass while you two are still inside me!”

Max laughed vulgarly. “Melinda, you’re a real whore! You’ve got a deal!”

“Hell, yes!” Vince chimed in.

“My cock’ll be hard again in less than five minutes,” Jason said. “I certainly don’t intend to miss a three-on-one bang!”

Max and Vince lowered their pants and undershorts, exposing their big hard pricks. Max got down on his back, and Melinda got on all-fours astride him. He stuck his cockhead into her sopping pussy, and she shoved her hips back, skewering her cunt on his prick. She clenched Max’s prick with her cunt and held on as Vince knelt just behind Max’s head Vince’s stiff cock was at just the right level for her, and she wrapped her full lips around his bloated cockhead. Vince twined his fingers in her long blonde hair, pressed his hands against her head, and thrust his hips forward, fucking his whole cock into her mouth.

“Mmmm!” she moaned blissfully. She had two pricks in her at the same time! It was a first for her, and it took her only a split-second to decide that she didn’t want it to be the last time. Having one of her hot fuck-holes full was great, but having two fuck-holes full simultaneously was incredible. And soon she would have all three full!

She tightened her mouth and throat around Vince’s thick cock and sucked hungrily. And she wiggled her hips when she kept her burning cunt clamped around Max’s prick. Her clit was being massaged against him. Max added to her delicious feeling by sinking his hands into her heavy titties and twisting her tits slowly, rubbing her engorged nipples around against his hairy chest.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned again as more pleasure surged through her. Suddenly she realized that she was about to cum and she wiggled her hips faster, made a series of excited snaps at Max’s prick with her greedy pussy, and sucked harder on Vince’s prick. Her orgasm broke loose, blotting out everything that wasn’t pleasure, and making her pleasure explode to new heights and depths. She moaned over and over and flailed Vince’s cock with her tongue.

“God, Vince, I think she’s cumming already!” Max gasped. “Her fucking pussy’s going crazy!” He squeezed and twisted her tits wildly and twisted his hips, wiggling his hard cock around in her pulsating cunt, adding to her terrific pleasure. Her pussy’s contractions got stronger and she began pumping her hips in short swift strokes, drawing her pussy forward two or three inches on Max’s prick before impaling herself on him again. Then she started working her head backward and forward in even shorter strokes on Vince’s cock and kept slapping his cock with her tongue.

“Sheeeit! Her tongue’s going crazy, too!” Vince panted. He started pumping his hips convulsively, fucking her mouth and throat with long, quick, jerky strokes of his prick.

As Melinda’s orgasm trailed off, she realized that Vince was close to cumming. But she didn’t want him to cum yet. She wanted to have all three cocks in her wanton body at once. So she pulled her tongue down so that only a little of it was touching his rapidly fucking prick, and she stopped her fierce sucking and the slight pumps of her head. She also slowed down the fuck-strokes of her feverish cunt on Max’s prick and lengthened the strokes, sliding her pussy forward until only his cockhead was inside her, then pushing backward until she had all the cock in her she could get.

“Ooohh,” Vince sighed, and he settled his strokes down to an easy rhythm in and out of her mouth and throat, and she felt the near orgasmic tension go out of his prick.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Jason sit up and crawl out of sight behind her. A few seconds later she felt his hands caressing her big ass. Jason eased a fingertip around the opening of her asshole a few times, then gradually wriggled the finger deep into her sensationally tight shitter. Slowly, he pumped the finger in and out time after time, finger-fucking her asshole while she fucked her juicy pussy on Max’s rigid cock. She loved feeling Jason finger-fucking her shitter, especially since she had cocks in her mouth and her cunt. She felt the tight ring at the opening of her asshole relax. Jason finger-fucked her asshole for another minute, then withdrew the finger. Knowing what was going to happen next, Melinda tingled with passion.

As she impaled her pussy on Max’s prick, Jason grasped her hips and held her still. Vince was still fucking his prick between her clinging lips, and he whooped, “Jason’s about to ram it up her ass, Max! Yeah, pop it to her, big Jason!”

With several fingers, Jason quickly drew some of her freely flowing pussy juice off her cunt lips and coated his hard cock, then smeared pussy juice just inside the opening of her shitter. After that, he placed the bulging knob of his immense prick against the opening of her asshole and again took hold of her hips. He started wedging his cockhead into the snug opening of her shitter.

“Uuuunnnhhh!” Melinda groaned in pain around Vince’s prick in her mouth. She began to wish she’d had one of the other guys fuck her smelly asshole.

Jason’s cock was too big for her to take back there! But it was too late now. Jason was going to force his gargantuan prick into her shithole and split her open! Jason twisted his hips and shoved harder, and his great cockhead fucked past the tremendously tight ring at the opening. With a bull-like thrust, he fucked half of his long prick into her stinking shitter.

“Aaannnhhh!” she groaned, more loudly than before, as more pain blitzed through her magnificent body.

“God, yes, poke her, Jason!” Vince ranted as he watched from the other end of her. He abruptly went wild, fucking his big cock in and out of her mouth and throat excitedly.

Another powerful thrust fucked the rest of Jason’s prick into her asshole. She groaned loudly again. Her whole body was quivering, her tight asshole quivering around Jason’s cock.

“He did it, Max! He did it!” Vince raved. “He got his whole prick into her shitter!”

“Hell, yes! I know!” Max answered, still squeezing and twisting her tits, though not as fast now. “I can almost feel his prick! There’s not much flesh between his prick and mine.”

“I can almost feel your prick, too, Max,” Jason said. “But I’ve already fucked her cunt, and although it’s plenty tight, believe me, pal, I’m in a tighter hole now than you’re in!”

Slowly, Vince settled down, fucking his cock smoothly in and out of her mouth and throat again. Jason held still for a minute, keeping his entire stiff prick in her asshole, letting her get used to it. Melinda’s pain faded and she slowly started moving her hips forward. Her hot pussy and her humid asshole began moving on Max’s and Jason’s cocks.

“Ready to move, huh, baby?” Jason said softly and began pulling his prick backward.

As Melinda’s hips drew forward and Jason’s cock went backward, Vince watched carefully and pulled his own cock backward, timing his motion so that his cockhead reached her full lips just as Melinda and Jason stopped moving away from each other. Then Vince fucked his prick slowly forward just as Melinda pushed her hips backward and Jason fucked his cock forward. All three throbbing pricks filled her at once — Vince’s in her mouth and throat, Jason’s in her shithole, and Max’s in her torrid cunt.

“Mmmmmmm!” she groaned as pleasure overwhelmed her. She tightened her mouth and throat around Vince’s cock and sucked hotly, and she snapped her pussy and her shitter around Max’s and Jason’s pricks and wiggled her hips. A sensational orgasm burst loose inside her. She shuddered with ever contraction and started slowly pumping her hips again.

Max was still kneading and twisting her enormous tits, and, as she kept fucking her searing cunt along on his prick, he began working his hips, fucking his prick to meet her backward-thrusting pussy. When his cock was completely inside her, he gave his hips a quick wiggle, rubbing against her straining clit and heightening her pleasure.

“Uunngghh!” she grunted fervently around Vince’s prick. She slashed at Vince’s cock with her tongue as he kept fucking her face. Vince, Jason, and Max kept their thrusts perfectly timed so that their three pricks kept filling her three seething fuck-holes at the same time. She gave Jason’s and Max’s cocks quick snaps with her hot asshole and her cunt.

Another fantastic orgasm kicked through Melinda. Her moans and grunts got louder, and she began pumping her hips faster. The fucking pricks of the three studs kept pace with her.

“Go to it, bitch!” Vince cried as he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. “Yes, use that tongue, baby!”

“If she uses her tongue as well as she uses her fucking pussy, she must be giving your cock one hell of a licking!” Max rasped as he fucked his prick in and out of Melinda’s boiling cunt.

“She knows how td use her asshole, too!”

Jason put in as he fucked his colossal prick in her slimy shitter.

She came again, the contractions rampaging through her. She moaned with overpowering delight and again speeded up the pleasure giving motions of her hips. All three studs fucked faster to keep pace, and, as long as they could, they kept filling her mouth, her asshole, and her slick pussy at the same time. But then Melinda started having one shattering orgasm after another, and she went insane with pleasure. Her hips moved fiercely but jerkily, without rhythm. The excitement of the three studs built, too, and each man began fucking his prick into her at his own pace. Sometimes her mouth and throat were full, sometimes her shithole was full, and sometimes her pussy was full, as the cocks fucked into her one after another. But this thrilled her even more, and her orgasms grew even more intense.

Then Vince panted, “Oohh, God, I’m gonna cum!” And his blazing jism began squirting into her mouth and throat.

A second later, Jason gasped, “I’m shooting off, too!” And his scalding cum started spurting into her sizzling asshole.

A second after that, Max breathed, “Aagghh! So am I!” And when his blistering jism began gushing into her steaming cunt, all three cum-loads were fountaining into her at once.

“Mmmmmm! Uuunnnhhh!” she moaned, and another orgasm of her own racked her spectacular body.


When Kent came home from work the following Monday evening, he was angrier than Melinda had ever seen him. He had heard about the striptease she’d done Saturday night at the party.

“How could you do such a thing?” he raged. “Taking your clothes off and and playing with yourself in front of all those people, our neighbors! You’ve disgraced me! I’ll never live this down!”

Melinda regarded her husband calmly. “Disgrace?” she said quizzically, raising her eyebrows. “Nobody there seemed to think I’d done anything disgraceful. Everyone cheered like crazy. And not just the men, either. All the women cheered me, too.”

“But what about the disgrace to me?” Kent howled.

“If nobody thought that I’d disgraced myself, how could I have disgraced you?” Melinda asked.

Kent screamed that her striptease had been immoral, and Melinda replied that it had been immoral only by his narrow standards, not by her standards. The argument went on like that for an hour, and then Kent stomped off into another room and sulked in silence. He didn’t speak to her the rest of the night or before he left for work Tuesday morning.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Melinda was out in the back yard sunbathing in her skimpiest string-bikini. Both Cindy and Wally were off doing things with their friends, but Melinda knew that Susan and Duane were home. She was thinking about going over and doing some fucking and sucking with them after awhile. Howard, Susan’s husband, was at work, of course, so there was no problem.

But, while Melinda was still sunbathing, she got a surprise which was also a disappointment.

Howard drove up into his driveway, got out of his car, and went into his house. For some reason, he had gotten off from work early.

For a minute, Melinda just rested there and wallowed in her disappointment. But then an interesting thought struck her, a thought that was also a bit frightening. She was sure that Susan had not been expecting Howard to come home early. What if Susan and Duane had been sucking or fucking when Howard came in and Howard had caught them? Melinda shivered at the idea. She started listening for the sound of angry voices coming from the Brophy house. She heard nothing.

After another minute, though, she decide that she might be too far away to hear anything. No doubt the house’s air conditioning was running, so all the doors leading outside were certainly closed as were all the windows.

Trying to look casual, Melinda got up and stolled toward the Brophy house, figuring that if she didn’t hear anything, she would go on in and talk to Susan, so that nobody would suspect that she’d been listening.

Melinda was twenty feet from the Brophy’s back door when she heard the angry voices. Or rather the angry voice. Howard’s voice.

Melinda walked up to the back door and, as usual, opened the door and went in without knocking. She was in the combination den and game-room, but she could see across it and through the open doorway into the kitchen. She saw Howard in the kitchen, along with Susan and Duane. Susan and Duane were naked.

Howard was fully dressed and raving.

“This is absolutely incredible!” Howard shouted, gesturing heatedly. “My wife not merely committing adultery, but committing incest with my own son! Goddamn!” He gestured so violently that he turned his body slightly, and as a result saw Melinda.

“Uh, hi,” Melinda said, sounding embarrassed. “Looks like I came at a bad time, huh? I just came on in the back door as usual. I didn’t realize. Look, I guess I’d better go, huh?”

“No! You stay!” Howard roared.

He grabbed Susan and Duane and towed them into the game-room, where Melinda was.

“This is partly your fault!” he yelled at Melinda. “Everyone loved that striptease you did the other night. Even I loved it. But I shouldn’t have. I think that striptease helped create an atmosphere of immorality in this house, and that made my wife think it was okay to seduce my son. I guess when one barrier falls, they all fall.”

Already, Melinda had realized that there was probably only one way to set things straight between Howard on the one hand and Susan and Duane on the other. “Now let’s see if I understand this,” Melinda said. “You mean that Susan got Duane’s huge prick in her because I… did this?” Melinda untied her bikini-top and let it fall to the rug. Twisting her shoulders, she shook her massive tits. “And because I did this?” She untied her bikini-bottom, and it dropped to the rug. Howard looked on goggle-eyed.

Melinda knelt in front of Duane, grasped his flaccid cock with one hand, and said, “And because I showed my titties and my pussy, that made Susan want to do this to Duane?” And she stuffed Duane’s entire prick into her hot mouth, sucked noisily, then slowly pulled her head backward, dragging her lush lips along on Duane’s cock. The cock swelled rapidly.

Susan got into the spirit of things then. “My goodness, darling,” she said to her husband as she knelt in front of him and unzipped his trousers, “I don’t know what made me do what, but I do know that seeing naked Melinda sucking our naked son’s glorious prick makes me want to suck your glorious prick?” And, reaching inside Howard’s pants, she fished around and pulled out his semi-hard cock. She popped half the cock into her mouth and began lashing his prick wildly with her tongue.

“Aagghh!” Howard gasped. “Oh, my God, I don’t believe this! This shouldn’t be happening! Hey, I’m supposed tote in charge here!”

Duane chuckled. “Well, Dad, if you want to be in charge,” he said, “just grab the slut’s head and start fucking her face. Like this!” Duane took hold of Melinda’s head and slowly pulled it toward him as he slowly fucked his now fully hard prick all the way into her mouth and throat. He kept moving slowly as he fucked his prick in Melinda’s mouth, her lips clinging to his prick, her warm spit making it glisten. Howard’s eyes bulged as he watched.

“Yes, fuck my slutty face, Howard!” Susan whispered hotly, running the tip of her tongue along the underside of his cock. His cock was totally hard now and huge, almost as huge as his son’s prick.

“Aaaannnhhh!” Howard bellowed, grabbing Susan’s head and fucking his cock savagely into her mouth. “Yes, I’ll fuck your face, you sleazy whore! You bitch! By damn, if this is the kind of scene sexual immorality can give me, I’m going to run wild, just like you three! Aaaiiiii!”

He jerked his wife’s head backward as he fucked his turgid prick nearly all the way out of her, then yanked her head forward again as he fucked his whole cock into her burning mouth. Susan’s lips were wrapped around his prick snugly, and she grunted with obscene joy every time his cockhead fucked to the bottom of her throat.

“Hey, Dad, let’s switch sluts!” Duane suggested as he pumped his own prick in and out of Melinda’s mouth and throat.

“Great idea, Son!” Howard answered. “Only let’s fuck the slimy whores’ cunts this time! You fuck you mother like you were doing when I came in, and I’ll fuck that stripteasing bitch Melinda!”

“Terrific!” Duane said, and both studs pulled their cocks out of the sluts’ mouths.

Howard went to Melinda, and Duane went to Susan.

Susan rose and bent forward over the back of a chair. Duane stood behind her and fucked his great prick deep into her juicy pussy. He paused to grasp her hanging titties, then began fucking his cock swiftly in and out of her hot cunt.

“Aahh,” Susan moaned. “Fuck me the way a good son should!”

Howard quickly stripped naked, shoved Melinda down onto her back on the carpet, and knelt down himself. Rolling her onto her belly, he jerked her arms up behind her back and said, “Keep your arms there or I’ll break them.” Then he dug his strong fingers into her fleshy hips, lifted her midsection until her pussy lips were around his bloated cockhead, and slowly pushed his whopping prick all the way into her dripping cunt.

“Aawwnnhh!” Melinda groaned, with both pleasure and pain. The pleasure was in her tight pussy, and the pain was in her titties. Her entire body weight was on her enormous tits, which were mashed brutally into the carpet. But she was afraid to plant her hands in the carpet and lift herself to relieve the pressure on her tits. She understood the wild rush of freedom that Howard was feeling, and she feared that his passion and his feeling of power might be so intense that he really would break her arms, if she moved them.

She tried to concentrate on the hot pleasure in her pussy as Howard’s prick fucked in and out, but she felt the pain in her tits getting worse. Howard was pushing her body forward as his cock went backward, and pulling her body backward as he fucked his prick into her cunt, so she was rolling forward and backward on her mammoth titties with every fast fuck-stroke. Then Howard started grinding his hips as he fucked her. This made her tits move in a slightly different way, and her pain got even worse.

But the pleasure in her sultry pussy got sweeter, and she began to enjoy her helplessness as Howard’s throbbing cock fucked along inside her. She began to like the pain in her tits, and the pain started to seem like pleasure. She began to feel a multitude of tiny fibers in the rug scratching her engorged nipples, and her pleasure surged crazily.

“Aaahhhh! Aahh, yes, Howard!” Melinda moaned. “Fuck me, honey! Use me! Oooohhh! Oh, sweet Christ, I’m gonna cum!”

“Aaaaggghhh! I’m gonna cum, too, everybody!” Susan wailed as Duane’s huge prick fucked her sweltering cunt.

Both sluts’ well-fucked pussies started contracting feverishly, and fresh juice poured out both cunts. Both studs fucked their stiff pricks in and out of the cunts even faster, and Duane clenched his mother’s hefty titties tightly every time he fucked his cock into her pussy.

“Good boy, Son!” Howard yelled. “You’re making your whore of a mama cum! Just like I’m making our whore of a next-door neighbor cum! Hell, yes!” The two studs rushed on, battering the two cunts with their oversized pricks, sending both women into more orgasms. Then Howard crowed, “Hey, Son, let’s swap sluts again!”

“Anything you say, Dad!” Duane gasped, fucking his cock into his mother’s pussy one more time before pulling completely out of her. Howard pulled out of Melinda and set her down, and each stud crossed over to the other woman.

Howard let Susan stay bent over the chair back, and, after sticking his cockhead into her hot pussy, he reached down and grasped her dangling tits. Moving slowly, he pulled her tits backward as he fucked his prick all the way into her wet cunt, and he swung her tits forward and stretched them downward as he drew his prick backward.

Duane pulled Melinda up off the floor and turned her to face him. Taking firm hold of her waist with both hands, he lifted her off the floor until her crotch was well above his. Melinda wrapped her legs around him, reached down between her thighs and past them and gripped his hard prick, and swung his prick up and slipped the swollen cock-knob between her pussy lips. Then she through her arms around his neck, and Duane slowly moved her downward, impaling her cunt on his cock.

“They call this the bow-and-arrow,” Duane murmured, moving her from side to side to stir his prick around inside her pussy.

“I call it another great way to fuck!” Melinda whooped, snapping her cunt lusciously around his cock a few times, adding to their mutual pleasure. “You couldn’t fuck a woman this way if you weren’t so strong, though!”

“Being strong has its advantages,” Duane replied with a grin. He moved her upward with circular motions, dragging her cunt in a spiral up his long prick. With similar motions he screwed her pussy down onto his cock as far as possible. Her giant tits were touching him, and, as he moved her, her tits slid up and down against him, creating more pleasure.

“Ooo, yes, lover!” Melinda purred. Every time her cunt was spiked on his prick, he held her there for a few seconds and moved her from side to side or around and around, and she snapped her pussy around his cock a few more times.

Howard was speeding up as he fucked his turgid prick in and out of his wife’s flaming cunt. But, as he pumped his hips forward and backward, he started grinding them also, increasing the delightful friction between his cock and her pussy. He kept stretching her colossal tits downward as he pulled his prick backward and pulling her tits backward as he drove his prick completely back into her cunt, but now he also began twisting her tits.

“Aawwnnhh! Ooohhh, I’m gonna make it, baby!” Susan groaned rapturously, and her oven-hot pussy started convulsing. “Yes, yes!”

“That’s it, wife-slut!” Howard ranted and again stepped up the pace as he pulled and stretched and twisted her titties and fucked her twitching cunt.

Melinda was surging toward orgasm herself. Duane was still moving her slowly, but her pleasure was growing fast. The next time he drove her pussy down onto his prick, she snapped her pussy around his cock hard and twisted her upper body luxuriously, rubbing her tits around against him. Blissful contractions rocked her.

“Aaaahhhh! Honey, I’m cumming!” she moaned. “Ooohhh! Uuunnhhh!”

“Good for you, babe!” Duane breathed, and he gradually started moving her up and down faster.

“Mmmm! Oooo!” Melinda whimpered as her torrid cunt fucked up and down his long thick cock faster and faster. She had always been amazed at Duane’s stupendous strength, but now his strength amazed her even more as he pumped her body rapidly up and down. She grunted loudly ever time he fucked her pussy on his prick. Another orgasm ripped her, and she heard Susan squealing with another orgasm.

Despite the swiftness with which he was pumping her up and down, Duane was still moving Melinda’s body with circular motions, screwing her boiling cunt up and down on his cock. She came time after time, each orgasm fiercer and more ecstatic than the last, and Susan seemed to be doing the same if one could judge from her increasingly wild noises as her husband’s prick beat at her seething pussy.

“Ooohhh, I’m gonna flood your pussy, Melinda!” Duane raved.

“And I’m gonna gush in your slutty mother’s pussy, Son!” Howard roared.

“Give me your juice, hubby!” Susan whined.

“Fill me with cum, Duane!” Melinda screamed.

Both cocks were jumping hotly by then, and scorching jism erupted into both steaming cunts. The two sluts shrieked with joy as more contractions belted through their blazing pussies.


It took only a few minutes for Melinda, Susan, and Duane to tell Howard about all the other sucking and fucking they’d been doing recently, including the action with Cindy and Wally.

Howard whistled in amazement. “I take it that your good old husband Kent knows nothing about any of that,” he said to Melinda.

“Of course he doesn’t,” Melinda replied.

“Say, has Kent heard about your striptease over here the other night?” Howard asked.

“Yeah, he heard about it yesterday,” said Melinda, “and we had a big argument about it last night. Then he stopped speaking to me. There’s no telling how long it’ll be before he talks to me again.”

Howard looked thoughtful. “I know that Kent’s more narrow-minded than I’ve ever been,” he said, “but I still got awfully narrow minded for a few minutes today when I found Susan and Duane fucking. But then you people roped me in and made me like your kind of wildness. Maybe we could do the same thing for Kent.”

“No, I’m afraid it wouldn’t work with him,” Melinda said. “There’s no way he’d ever go for it.”

It was Saturday afternoon before something happened to make Melinda change her mind.

Kent had said no more than a dozen words to her since their argument Monday night, and he hadn’t smiled at her even once. She was starting to think that seducing Kent into the wild life was the only way to save their marriage, but she was still convinced that the seduction attempt would fail. Then Saturday afternoon came along.

Melinda, Cindy and Susan, each dressed in a spectacularly revealing string-bikini, side by side in Melinda’s back yard to get some sun and to talk. After sunning their topsides, they turned over onto their bellies, and untied their bikini-tops so that the strings wouldn’t block the sun’s rays.

Five minutes later, Kent and Wally came outside to mow the grass. It was a chore they always split. Kent came over to the three sluts. At first, Melinda did not look up.

“Uh, I guess you three will have to move after awhile,” Kent said. “But, uh, there’s no hurry. We won’t mow this part of the yard until last.”

Melinda thought that was odd. She’d expected him to order them to move right away, maybe over into Susan’s yard where their practically naked bodies would be away from his virtuous eyes. Then she realized that he was still standing there, and she looked up. Looking embarrassed, Kent backed away quickly, and went with Wally to get the lawn mower out of the garage. Melinda was stunned. Kent had been ogling all three sets of huge tits pressed down against the towels on the ground. He’d even been gazing at Cindy’s tits. And there had been lust in his eyes.

Melinda smiled and started thinking.

As Kent mowed the grass, he looked often at the three sluts, and, whenever Wally took over the mowing for a while, Kent came and sat down near the three of them and talked and stared at their tits.

Melinda decided that maybe Kent had just needed the right kind of shock, the kind that Duane had given her a short time ago, that day when she’d seen him lifting weights with his shirt off.

At 8:30 that night, Melinda, Cindy, and Wally were in Wally’s room upstairs. Melinda and Cindy were still wearing their string bikinis. Kent had sneaked furtive looks at their tits all through supper that night and hadn’t complained about their skimpy attire. Kent was downstairs in the living room now, watching a baseball game on television.

Melinda checked her watch. “Okay, Cindy,” she said. “It’s time for you to get downstairs. Susan should be knocking on the back door just about a minute from now.”

“All right, I’m on the way,” Cindy answered. She headed downstairs.

Cindy stopped in the living room, said hi to her father, and asked what the score of the game was. He told her. Then a knock came at the back door. “I’ll get it, Daddy,” Cindy said and went to the back door and let Susan in.

Susan, too, was still wearing her string bikini.

“We’re in luck. He’s sitting on the couch,” Cindy whispered. She left the back door open. Together, they went into the living room.

“Hi, Kent,” Susan said.

“Hello, Susan,” said Kent, looking at the two sluts appreciatively, and lustfully. “Melinda’s upstairs.”

“Yeah, she and Wally are watching a movie on Wally’s TV,” Cindy put in.

“Looks like right here’s the place for me, then,” Susan said. “I came over hoping to see the baseball game. Over at my place, Howard’s watching a boxing match, and Duane’s watching some kind of bodybuilding or weight-lifting show.”

“It’s Saturday night and Duane doesn’t have a date?” Kent asked. “That’s odd, especially since Wally and Cindy don’t, either.”

“Well, in Duane’s case, he decided that he’d fucked enough cunts for this week,” Susan answered merrily.

When Kent looked shocked, she plopped down on the couch beside him, pressing her lush body against him. He looked more shocked.

“Hey, lighten up!” she told him. “From the way you stared at our big old titties this afternoon, I thought you were coming out of your shell.”

“I wasn’t, staring at your-your breasts,” Kent said.

“Titties,” Susan said insistently.

“T-titties,” Kent stammered. “I wasn’t staring at them.”

“Nonsense! Of course you were!” Susan said. “Why deny it? It’s not bad! Hell, Cindy, let’s really give him something to stare at!”

Kent’s shock deepened as both sluts quickly took off their bikinis, leaving themselves naked. Susan snatched up one of his hands and pulled him deep into one of her huge tits.

Cindy sat down on the other side of him, grabbed his other hand, and pulled it between her full thighs, pressing it against her moist pussy lips. She pushed part of his middle finger into her hot young cunt. Kent’s eyes bulged out almost impossibly far. The crotch of his pants rose as his cock swiftly hardened.

“Uh! Uh, this is wrong! It’s immoral!” Kent said. “My God, Melinda’s right upstairs! And, Susan, you’re her best friend! Cindy you’re my daughter!” As he talked, Susan’s free hand was busy unzipping his pants and pulling out his big stiff prick. He looked down in disbelief as Susan caressed it. “Oh, God, well all go to hell!”

“No, Daddy! Heaven!” Cindy whispered. And she and Susan lowered their heads and started licking his turgid cock.

“Oohh!” he groaned in pleasure. “Wait what’ll Melinda say?”

“Oh, I don’t guess I’ll say much,” Melinda replied. Kent’s head swung around. Melinda was standing in the doorway, Wally beside her. Both of them were naked, having stripped off their clothes before going downstairs. Kent started to get up, but Cindy wrapped her burning lips around his cock and went all the way down, taking his prickhead into her throat, and he stayed on the couch.

“What’s going on here?” he cried.

“Looks like an orgy to me,” said Howard Brophy as he and Duane strolled into the living room from the kitchen. They’d entered the kitchen through the open back door a minute after Cindy had let Susan in. “Come on, Son, let’s get naked and join the fun.”

Kent gaped at everybody. Cindy slid her lips up and down the full length of his cock a few times. Then she pulled her head away, and Susan took his cockhead into her mouth and lashed his prick wildly with her tongue. He squirmed with delight but kept gaping. Howard and Duane took off their clothes. Melinda walked over to the TV and turned it off.

“I don’t guess you’ll need to go to church tomorrow, hubby,” Melinda said. “You’re doing your whorsipping tonight at the altar of flesh! May the Goddess of love bless us all!” She clapped her hands. “Okay, let’s do this right!” She gave instructions, and everybody did as she said.

Kent lay down on his back on the plush carpet. Cindy sat across his loins, stuck his cockhead into her tight cunt, and started grinding her hips luxuriously as she sat all the way down on her father’s prick. Facing Cindy, Susan sat across Kent’s head and ground her dripping pussy into his face, stopping with her pussy lips on his parted lips. His tongue came to life, darted up into her cunt, and swirled around and around. He raised his hands and began kneading Susan’s immense tits. Both Wally and Duane stood astride Kent, and Wally stuck his large erect prick into Cindy’s mouth while Duane stuck his stiff oversized prick into Susan’s mouth. Both skits sucked hungrily as the cocks fucked in and out of their hot mouths.

Facing her husband’s side, Melinda got down on her hands and knees and began licking and sucking one of Cindy’s great round tits. And Howard knelt behind Melinda and shoved his tremendous cock all the way into her yearning pussy, then reached dawn and started squeezing her massive titties as he fucked his prick backward and forward in her snug sweet cunt.

“Ooohh, Daddy, I love having your wonderful cock in my pussy!” Cindy moaned as Wally pulled his prick out of her mouth for a few seconds. Then Wally began fucking his prick in and out of her mouth and throat again. Cindy prodded his cock with her tongue as his cock fucked back and forth between her clinging lips, and every time his cock was totally inside her, she sucked hard.

Cindy held onto Wally’s hips as she spiraled her own hips up and down, fucking her pussy up and down her father’s throbbing cock. Every time she impaled herself on Kent’s prick, she ground her hips at few more times rubbing her swollen clit against his cock. And, as she worked her cunt up and down, sit snapped her pussy around his prick.

“Hey, hubby, how does it feel to have your cock in your daughter’s pussy while your son’s cock is in her mouth?” Melinda asked between licks at Cindy’s big nipple.

“Terrific!” Kent answered as he drew his tongue out of Susan’s cunt. “I think I’ll worship the Goddess of love from now on!” He began stabbing his tongue at Susan’s taut clit and kneading her tits more deeply.

“Aaaiii! Yes, Kent!” Susan squealed, whipping her tongue across Duane’s purple prickhead. As Duane slowly fucked his cock into her mouth and throat again, she licked his cock’s underside avidly and moaned with lust.

Howard was rotating his lean hips as he fucked his huge prick in and out of Melinda’s fiery cunt. He pulled back until his cockhead was between her pussy lips, and then he skewered her pussy on his whole prick. He was still squeezing her tits, but now he also began crushing then against each other every time he fucked his cock into her cunt.

“Mmmm! Yes, Howard, give it to me, honey!” Melinda moaned. As she ground her own hips and shoved her pussy back at Howard’s prick, she bit lightly into Cindy’s nipple and tugged playfully from side to side.

“Mmm! Uunnhh! I’m cumming!” Cindy grunted around Wally’s fucking prick. Her pussy contracted fervently, and more fuck juice poured out inside her and rolled down her father’s prick onto his cock-hair and his balls.

“My God! I can feel my daughter’s cunt contracting!” Kent raved. “It’s great!” He flapped his tongue wildly at Susan’s straining clit and began working his hips, fucking his prick up to meet Cindy’s descending pussy. He started stretching Susan’s tits downward as he squeezed them.

Susan sucked harder on Duane’s cock as he fucked in and out of her mouth and throat. Her hot tongue slithered sensually over his prick. She whined and writhed excitedly as a fabulous orgasm swept through her. Juice gushed out inside her cunt and flowed down onto Kent’s face and into his mouth.

Howard speeded up his cock’s grinding fuck-strokes in and out of Melinda’s sultry pussy. Melinda began clamping her cunt around his prick each time he buried his cock inside her, and Howard hesitated for a second before pulling his prick backward. Melinda wiggled her wide hips vulgarly. She was completely happy. She knew she’d saved her marriage, and she was now free to fuck and suck with anyone she wanted to and not have to worry about what her husband would think. Her pleasure soared as Howard’s cock fucked her red-hot cunt and she thought about all the terrific family orgies that could occur any time of the day or night. These thoughts helped push her into a sensational orgasm, her pussy quaking powerfully, her body shuddering with wave after wave of lascivious pleasure.

As her orgasm eventually trailed off, Melinda abruptly decided that it would be fun to switch to a different prick. “Change partners and keep sucking and fucking!” Pulling her mouth off Cindy’s tit, Melinda told everybody what she wanted them to do.

“Super! Wonderful! Fantastic!” the others squealed and shouted, and a mad scramble followed.

Melinda stayed on her knees but dropped from her hands to her elbows. Her son knelt behind her and began fucking his big hard prick in and out of her slippery cunt. Kent got in front of her and spread his legs wide to get his generous stiff cock under her head. She wrapped her lips around his prick and started sucking greedily as she slowly took more into her humid mouth. It was marvelous to have two pricks in her at once again!

Cindy planted her knees about a foot from one side of her father’s head and planted her hands on the other side. Her enormous tits hung down against his face, and Kent grabbed both tits and began sucking first one, then the other. Kneeling behind Cindy, Howard launched his hefty cock into her sweet young pussy and started fucking her cunt lustily. He placed one hand on her hip but snaked his other hand around under her belly, and with the tips of his extended fingers he massaged her taut clit while he fucked her cunt with his hard prick.

Susan pointed her head toward Melinda’s side and started wriggling. Susan’s head went under one of Melinda’s tits, and Susan kissed the nipple but then kept wriggling until her head was under Melinda’s other tit, and Melinda’s first tit was dangling against Susan’s chest, between Susan’s tits. Susan stuffed a large chunk of one of Melinda’s awesome tits into her mouth, sank her teeth into the tit just enough to hold it in place, and started sucking the tit eagerly while she whipped her tongue across the distended nipple.

Meanwhile, Duane knelt between Susan’s spread thighs, slid his hands under her big ass, lifted her loins several inches, and fucked his giant prick into her searing pussy. Susan moaned with joy as he fucked her, and she clenched his cock with her cunt and wiggled her hips every time his prick was all the way inside.

“Mmm, mmm, mmmm!” Melinda whimpered rapturously. Grinding her broad hips, she shot her flaming cunt back to be speared on Wally’s fucking cock. Seeing the way Howard was rubbing Cindy’s tit, Wally moved one of his hands around under Melinda’s belly, thrust his fingers back, and began rubbing her swollen clit while he fucked his prick in and out of her slick pussy. That was all Melinda needed to plunged her into another spectacular orgasm. Her cunt convulsed violently, its walls against bouncing Wally’s stabbing cock.

“Aahh, aahh, aaaahhh! Dear God, I’m making it!” Susan howled, writhing as her seething pussy convulsed. She flailed at Melinda’s nipple with her tongue and squeezed her own mountainous tits and Melinda’s other mammoth tit fast and hard. Duane stepped up the pace of his huge prick, fucking wildly into his mother’s climaxing cunt, then grinding himself against her bursting clit before swiftly pulling back for his next pleasure-giving thrust.

“Oooo! Uunnhh!” Cindy sobbed. “I’m cumming, cumming while my next-door neighbor fucks my hot pussy and my daddy sucks my great big titties! Aaaannnhhh!” Her contractions belted through her as she hurled her torrid cunt back onto Howard’s battering-ram of a cock.

By then, Melinda was cumming again herself, and she sucked more fiercely on her husband’s prick while she slid her lips rapidly up and down and beat at his cock with her hot tongue. She moaned and whined more loudly as more orgasms rampaged through her in a steadily growing chain of twitching pleasure. And Cindy and Susan howled madly as they came again and again.

“Kent! Melinda! I’m gonna shoot off in your daughter’s pussy!” Howard raved as his cock jumped crazily. His scorching jism started blasting wildly into Cindy’s blazing cunt.

“I’m gonna unload in my mother’s slimy pussy!” Duane yelled. And his gigantic prick started leaping around inside Susan’s over heated cunt and splattering her cunt with white-hot cum.

“I’m gonna flood my mother’s pussy!” Wally roared as his bucking cock began squirting blistering jism into Melinda’s sizzling cunt.

“And I’m gonna shoot off in your mother’s mouth, kids!” Kent bellowed. So his prick heaved and his scalding cum started splashing into Melinda’s steaming mouth and throat.

Melinda loved the ecstatic feeling of having her husband and her son’s cum-loads spurting into her at the same time and knew it was something she would always crave. “Aaaggghhh!” she shrieked, and her boiling cunt exploded with another overwhelming orgasm.