The new horny neighbor

Gloria Benson had two itches she couldn’t satisfy. One of those itches was all too familiar, a hot melting sensation in her pussy that told her she needed a man. The other itch was more vague, a longing to be Somebody, to belong to the rich and glamorous clique of young couples in her new neighborhood.

Gloria was sunning herself on that warm October day in Los Angeles or pretending to sun herself. She kept glancing into the next yard where a cocktail party and barbecue was going on. She wished desperately that she’d been invited. She wanted to be part of that glamorous crowd of laughing couples. And besides, there were hordes of handsome and sexy men over there.

“Dammit,” Gloria muttered to herself, “why won’t they even say hello to me?”

Since her divorce six months ago, Gloria had been looking for a posh neighborhood to move into, and at last she’d found it. Her former husband, Eddie, was a millworker and a very nice guy, but he’d never been able to give Gloria anything but cheap apartments and little crackerbox houses. They’d been nobodies. When they divorced, Gloria had been determined to make her way to the top of the social scene.

So here she was in one of the most swinging young neighborhoods in L.A., and the neighbors wouldn’t even acknowledge her existence. If she said hello or smiled, they’d snub her. Obviously they thought she wasn’t good enough for them. Gloria was getting desperate. She was lonely — lonely for people to hang out with, lonely for the exciting touch of a man’s body in bed.

She didn’t think she could hold out much longer, but what was she going to do? She’d tried everything she could think of to break the neighborhood clique. It wasn’t as if she were stupid or elderly or ugly. Not in any sense of the word was she ugly. So what was bugging those people? Why wouldn’t they admit her into the group?

“Shit,” Gloria muttered.

She walked from her patio into her small but expensive Spanish-style house and made her way down the hall to her bedroom. There was a full-length mirror there, and she studied herself in it, trying to figure out what it was that turned her new neighbors off. She was wearing a skimpy bikini swimsuit, just like the rest of the women.

In the mirror Gloria saw a beautiful twenty-eight-year-old woman of average height with a spectacular figure. From her long thick auburn hair down to her long shapely legs, everything was nice to look at. She turned slowly, studying her pert little ass and her thrusting large breasts. Her skin was tan and silky and flawless. She had big green eyes with heavy natural lashes, a turned-up nose, and a naturally red sensual mouth.

“Hell,” she said, “I look damned good.”

It was true. There was nothing about her to turn anyone off. Rut maybe that was just the problem. Finally it dawned on Gloria that the young wives of the neighborhood might be afraid of her. They knew she was a divorcee and available. Maybe they were afraid she’d take their men.

“And why not?” Gloria asked herself with an impish grin.

So far she’d tried to make friends only with the women on the block. What if she started being friendly with the men? She might kill two birds with one stone. She might get invited to neighborhood parties, and she might get laid. And she sure as hell needed to get laid. It had been six months since she’d had a man.

But it would be a wicked and brazen thing to do, seducing married men in order to break into that snobbish little group. Would she have the nerve? She’d been a faithful wife to Eddie during the seven years of their marriage. She didn’t even approve of playing around. Now things were different, though, and she was willing to do damned near anything to be accepted by her new neighbors.

“It’s worth a try,” Gloria said grimly. “Nothing else has worked.”

She took one final glance at her superb supple figure and marched out onto the patio again. The party was just breaking up next door, and she noticed that everyone glanced at her as she appeared on the patio again. The women’s looks were freezingly hostile, but the men’s glances showed obvious interest.

Okay, Gloria thought, no more Mrs. Nice Guy.

She studied the party guests as they started to drift off. One man was clearly trying to get his wife to go home, but the woman was engaged in some hot gossip with another wife. The man shrugged and started to walk off by himself. Gloria gathered her courage and strolled over to him, first making sure that no one else was looking.

“Hello there,” she said, flashing the man a big smile.

He blushed clear to his toes. “Oh, uh, hello,” he said.

He was hardly the sexiest guy at the party.

Rather short and skinny, his sandy hair starting to thin on top, he wore horned-rimmed glasses and looked meek and bashful. Gloria had singled him out on purpose. If she were going to break into the group, she’d have to start with the weakest link in the chain.

“I’m Gloria Benson,” she said. “I suppose I’m being awfully nervy, but I wonder if you could look at a leaky faucet in my kitchen? I just moved in, and I don’t know anybody who can help.”

“Oh, uh, sure,” the man said, blushing even hotter. “By the way, my name is Howard Ross.”

“This way, please, Howard,” Gloria purred.

She led him into her kitchen, walking slowly and swinging her delectable little butt, giving him plenty of time to admire her ripe but trim figure in the tight black bikini. She really did have a leaky faucet, and Howard Ross went right to it, giving it serious attention. He seemed terribly embarrassed to be alone with her.

“What do you do for a living, Howard?” Gloria asked.

“I’m an accountant,” he mumbled.

“That must have been your wife you were talking to?” Gloria said.

“Yes, Peg and I have four kids,” Howard said hastily.

If he thought that was going to turn her off, he was wrong. Gloria moved up close beside him at the kitchen sink and watched him work. At least he knew what he was doing. He had the dripping faucet fixed in no time. But Gloria noticed that his hands were sweating and that he couldn’t stop blushing.

“That should do it,” Howard said, stepping back.

“You’re marvelous,” Gloria cooed. “It’s so good of you to help a total stranger. Please, let me fix you a drink before you leave.”

She expected him to say no, he was acting so shy of her, but he managed a smile and said, “Well, gee, thanks. I don’t mind if I do, uh, Gloria.”

Gloria made him a gin and tonic strong enough to fell a horse, and they went to sit in the living room. She sat close to him on the couch, so close that their legs almost touched. Howard was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, and his legs were hardly Mr. America material, but just being close to a man again made Gloria hotly excited. Then she noticed that Howard was frowning.

“You seem a little upset, Howard,” she said. “Anything I can do?”

“Oh, it’s just my wife,” Howard pouted. “She’d rather be out gossiping than home making dinner. She treats me like I don’t exist.”

“Poor baby,” Gloria said, moving her thigh to touch his. “She doesn’t know what a nice man she’s got.”

“You really think so?” Howard said, eyeing her a little glassily through his horn-rimmed spectacles. Obviously the drink was getting to him, or he’d had too many at the party.

“I know so,” Gloria cooed, running her fingers through his thinning hair. “I mean, it was just wonderful of you to help me out, Howard. I think you’re a fantastic guy.”

“Oh, wow,” Howard sighed. “I’m really flattered. I mean, you are a really beautiful woman, Gloria. Everybody’s noticed it.”

“Why, thank you, Howard,” Gloria said, leaning in to kiss him.

It was all so much easier than she’d imagined. Howard Ross was ripe for seduction. He seemed to melt when her mouth touched his, and went back limp against the couch, sighing. She kissed him hard, hungrily, and worked her slick little tongue deep into his mouth. Howard gave a lusty snort, then timidly tongued her back.

“Oh, my gosh,” he sighed, “I wish Peg would do that.”

“Do what?” Gloria said. “Kiss you?”

“Yes,” he said wistfully. “She just doesn’t seem very interested in, uh, romance any more.”

Gloria could barely contain her wicked glee. Not only was Howard obviously turned on to her, but he clearly wasn’t getting enough sex at home. Gloria pressed her advantage, leaning against him so that her full firm breast touched his bare arm. He blushed but didn’t draw away. In fact he stared hungrily at her big ripe tits which seemed about to pop from the tight confinement of her bikini bra.

“It’s so unfair,” Gloria purred, stroking his leg. “You work hard all day to support her and your children, and then she neglects you.”

“Damned right,” Howard sighed.

“You deserve a little more fun in your life,” Gloria said.

“Sure, but where am I going to find it?” Howard said.

“Right here,” said Gloria.

She quickly unhooked her bikini top and flung it away.

Howard gawked. For a moment she thought his pale blue eyes would pop. Her luscious big round breasts tumbled out of the bikini bra and settled into their natural firm thrust, gorgeous creamy-pale globes capped with dainty light pink nipples. Gloria just smiled.

“You’re b-b-beautiful,” Howard stammered.

Gloria just went on smiling. She really didn’t know what to say. She’d never done such a brazen thing in her life, and she was a little surprised at her own boldness. Not only that, but Eddie was the only man she’d ever balled — and here she was, throwing herself at a complete stranger. Nevertheless, she wasn’t going to stop now. She could USE Howard Ross.

“Would you like to touch them?” she purred.

Howard glanced nervously at her, obviously wondering if she was just teasing him. But when he saw her inviting smile he said shyly, “Oh, wow, would I.”

“I’d like you to, Howard,” Gloria said in a low husky voice. “I’d enjoy it. It’s been such a long time since I was with a man.”

That was too much for Howard. Eagerly he slipped his hot sweaty hands under her smooth heavy tits and began to caress and mold the throbbing pale jugs. It was Gloria’s turn to slump back against the couch, limp and sighing. She hadn’t been kidding — she really did crave a man’s touch. It felt marvelous to have her sensitive fits squeezed and petted.

“Oooooo, Howard,” she moaned, “that feels so nice. Please keep doing it.”

Howard was so excited he couldn’t talk. His blue eyes glistened lustily behind his glasses, and his hands sweated with horny eagerness as he played more and more boldly with her big ripe breasts. He began to rub his thumbs over her pretty little rosy-pink nipples, stimulating the soft cones into stiff erection.

Though Howard was hardly the sexiest guy she’d ever met, Gloria felt herself becoming unbearably aroused. It had been far too long since she’d been with a man. Her husband Eddie had been a lousy lover — that was the main reason she’d left him — and she’d been promising herself that as a divorcee she’d find some decent sex. But she hadn’t realized how long it would take to attract a lover.

Now it was about to happen. Now she was about to be fucked for the first time in six months, and perhaps she’d even found a man who’d be more exciting in bed than Eddie. Her pussy began to swell and moisten, and her starved little cunt got hot as a blast furnace. She could hardly wait to feel Howard’s stiff cock.

“Ummmmm, yes, yes,” Gloria murmured.

Eddie had rarely played with her tits. He was always in too big a hurry to fuck. In fact he’d made love to her so fast that she usually didn’t get off. She loved the way Howard Ross took his time, playing deliciously with her big sensitive breasts, letting her get thoroughly aroused. It was the kind of slow, drawn-out love-making she’d been craving for seven years.

Howard was still speechless with excitement as he cupped and squeezed and caressed her hot throbbing boobs. Glancing down at the crotch of his shorts, Gloria saw a huge hard lump. Her hungry pussy gushed a steamy burst of hot juice as she wondered just how big Howard’s cock would be. She’d seen only one prick in her twenty-eight years, Eddie’s, and she felt a burning wicked curiosity.

She wanted to ask him to take off his clothes, but then she remembered that she had more than one mission to accomplish. She wanted desperately to get laid, yes, but she also wanted to be part of the neighborhood clique. She couldn’t give in too easily. In exchange for her body, she had to get some favors from Howard Ross.

“Oh, wow, Gloria,” he sighed, finally finding his voice again, “you’ve got me so damned excited. I just can’t keep my hands off you.”

“You naughty thing,” Gloria teased. “We’d better be careful not to go too far. But we can have a little more fun before you go home.”

Howard’s idea of a little more fun was to tug down the skimpy black panties of her bikini. Gloria put up a little struggle, squealing and gently pushing at his hands, but she didn’t make it too difficult for him. After a short tussle she was totally naked.

“Oh, Howard, you devil,” she giggled.

Again Howard gawked. He had plenty to gawk at. Gloria’s creamy-skinned body tapered in from her big thrusting tits to a tiny firm waist, then flowed out again into slim but curvy hips. He studied her firm flat belly, then focused hungrily on her small triangular bush, which was the same reddish-brown color as her hair.

“Just let me touch you,” he said hoarsely.

“All right,” Gloria said primly, “but only touching. After all, Howard, you’re a married man.”

Howard’s deep sigh told her what he thought of THAT. But he didn’t waste any time placing his hot sweaty hand on the springy clean curls of her little muff. Gloria felt immediate hot excitement when he touched her there. Eddie had never bothered to play with her pussy, and for years she’d fantasized about having a man touch her like that.

“Ummmmm, nice,” she sighed.

Encouraged, Howard slipped his hand into her crotch. For the first time Gloria blushed, because nobody had ever touched her there before. But she let her thighs part a little, eager to feel his hand, and Howard began stroking her pussy, trailing his fingers gently from her little red clit clear back to the tight wrinkled mouth of her asshole.

“Oh, God,” Gloria gasped.

She’d had no idea how great it would feel to have a man’s fingers stroking and caressing her naked pussy. Her ripe scarlet snatch was already warm and moist, and as Howard petted and rubbed her ultra sensitive slit, she quickly, got hot and wet, her starved little box gushing a big stream of sticky juice.

“Howard, that feels so GOOD!” she panted.

He was too excited to talk. His eyes took on a glassy horny look as he petted her gash, and soon he was pushing her thighs wider open for a better look at her pussy. Gloria reddened but didn’t resist, and Howard gawked at the lush rosy flesh and its delicate fringe of auburn curls. Gloria found it both embarrassing and exciting to have a man staring at her pussy.

“Beautiful,” Howard sighed, “you’re beautiful lover.”

This time it was Gloria who got too excited to talk. She just lay there limp and panting, thighs wantonly parted, while Howard stroked and stimulated her eager wet pussy. Secretly she cursed her ex-husband for never having done this to her. Eddie had cheated her of years of fantastic pleasure.

Then Howard narrowed his attention to the ripe red lump of her clit. He pressed a fingertip against the moist slick button and began to rub it gently but steadily. Gloria moaned hoarsely and gushed steamy-hot cunt-cream all over his hand. She’d never felt anything so delicious in her life.

“Oh, my God, Howard, I love that,” she whined. “Please, please don’t stop.”

“I won’t,” he panted. “I get off on it, too. Peg won’t even let me touch her there.”

Idiot, Gloria thought. She simply couldn’t imagine being frigid. She’d always been a horny hot-blooded girl, and when her husband had failed to satisfy her needs, she’d left him and gone looking for a more exciting lover. Howard wasn’t exactly what she’d had in mind, but he was doing damned well. Her long-denied cunt was boiling with need.

“Ummmmmmm,” Gloria moaned, “yes, play with meeee.”

She knew she was acting like a whore, but she couldn’t help herself. It felt so great to have her sensitive little joy button stroked and rubbed. Dizzying waves of pleasure rippled though her belly, and she couldn’t control the hot heavy juicing of her aroused twat. In fact she hadn’t felt so desperately horny in years.

Howard went, on stroking her red-hot love-bud with his cream-soaked fingers, making her moan and writhe, and with his free hand he managed to fumble out of his shorts and underpants. Gloria couldn’t contain her wicked curiosity. She gawked at his naked crotch. For years she’d secretly wondered how other men’s cocks would look.

Howard’s erect dick was about four inches long and kind of skinny, not nearly as big as Eddie’s. But it was plenty stiff enough. Springing from a sparse nest of sandy hairs, it hugged his belly rigidly, the stalk milky-pale and blue-veined, the head bulb-shaped and purple. His small rosy balls were stiff and swollen, too.

“Oh, God,” Gloria whined.

She’d been alone and horny for so long that she could barely restrain herself from just jumping onto his lap and forcing his stiff swollen cock up her seething little cunt. But getting laid wasn’t the only thing she wanted from him. She forced herself to sit still, panting softly as he rubbed and stroked her throbbing hot joy button.

But Howard wasn’t as patient as Gloria. Suddenly he was pushing her down on the couch and climbing onto her, trying to force her legs open. His rigid hot prick poked sharply against her belly as he struggled to stick it between her clenched thighs. Gloria gave a little squeal of alarm and pushed against his skinny shoulders.

“Howard, NO,” she cried.

“Oh, please, Gloria,” he whined, “you’ve got me so damned excited, I just have to fuck you.”

This was her chance to make a deal. “Listen,” she panted, “I want you, too, Howard, and I’ll fuck you if you’ll just do one thing for me.”

“Anything,” he moaned.

“Get me an invitation to the next neighborhood party,” Gloria said.

Howard stared at her for a moment, and she could almost see the wheels turning in his head. “Okay,” he said, “I can do that.”

“Marvelous,” Gloria purred, opening her legs for him.

Instantly Howard thrust his stiff creaming cock up her boiling-hot little cunt, and for the next five minutes Gloria forgot everything but the fantastic pleasure of balling. Unlike Eddie, Howard didn’t come too fast he fucked her deeply and steadily and tirelessly, and Gloria adored every second of it. In less than a minute she had her first climax.

“Oh, God, YES,” she wailed, “I’m coming. Keep fucking me, Howard, keep fucking meeeeee.”

Howard was more than happy to oblige. Gloria was astonished to learn that she could come again and again if her lover was patient enough. Eddie had never given her that chance. She got off four times with Howard, her excitement mounting until she couldn’t control her writhing horny body or her hoarse wanton words.

“I love it, I love it,” she babbled. “Oh, God, Howard, I love your cock. Please keep balling me, PLEASE.”

But even Howard had to run out of steam sometime, and at last he groaned and shot his steamy come into her gripping red-hot box. The moment his lust was satisfied, he became shy and meek again, hastily jumping off her and stumbling into his clothes.

“I’ll keep my promise,” he told her, “but I don’t think we ought to do this again, Gloria. I mean it could ruin my marriage and my career. I must have been out of my mind.”

Gloria just smiled. She didn’t need Howard Ross any more. He’d given her what she wanted — a ticket into that tight snobbish little group of people — and she could take it by herself from there. Or so she hoped.


A week later Gloria got the invitation Howard Ross had promised. It was to be a barbecue given by him and his wife Peg. Gloria had no idea how Howard had persuaded Peg to invite her, and she didn’t care. She was IN, and that was all that mattered.

Gloria dressed carefully for the party in a clinging blue jumpsuit, which showed, off her spectacular figure. She brushed her long thick auburn hair till it gleamed, and she was careful not to overdo her makeup. She wanted to look attractive but not to stand out — she’d made the neighborhood women uptight enough already.

But when she arrived at the party, she realized that it didn’t matter what she wore. Not a singe woman greeted her, and no man dared to speak to her. She was snubbed just like always. The only word she got was from Howard’s wife Peg, who approached her with a look of freezing dislike.

“I don’t know why Howard wanted YOU here,” Peg hissed, “but he insisted. I just want you to know that it wasn’t my idea, and you’d better not expect to make any friends.”

“But why not?” Gloria said, struggling not to burst into tears. “Why can’t I be part of the group?”

“Because you’re not married,” Peg said frankly. “We don’t want any singles around. It just makes trouble. So I suggest you have a few drinks and leave, lady. Nobody’s going to be talking to you.”

Bitch, Gloria thought as Peg turned and marched away, leaving her isolated at the edge of the group. She was tempted to run home and cry, but her pride held her back. Dammit, they had no right to treat her like that just because she didn’t have a man of her own. She was determined to break into the group, no matter what it took.

And since fucking Howard Ross had gotten her this invitation, maybe balling, some other guy would get her even farther.

Gloria stood her ground, looking as calm as she could, and started studying the other men at the party. A lot of them were too old or not very attractive, but she noticed three men who were not only handsome but who seemed quite popular. She concentrated on them, wondering if they might be her tickets to social acceptance.

One man was Dr. John Taylor, a tall lean man with a deep tan and thick black hair who seemed to be the natural leader of the group. Another was Jim Dale, a well-known attorney, and a bubbly blond fellow who kept the group laughing. But the man who really caught Gloria’s attention was Stan Wells, a tennis pro, easily the sexiest guy at the party.

Stan Wells was just six feet tall and had white hair, but the white was premature. Wells couldn’t have been more than thirty-five. Powerfully built, graceful, and deeply tanned, he attracted the notice of every woman at the party. Gloria was getting urgently horny just from looking at him. She definitely wanted Stan Wells to be her next conquest, but how was she going to get close to him?

Then she noticed Howard Ross flitting by her with a tray of snacks. Though he was the host of the party, he’d kept out of sight for most of the afternoon, and every time he saw Gloria he’d blush furiously. Clearly he was trying to avoid her. Gloria didn’t care. She didn’t give a shit how embarrassed he was. She needed him.

She stepped forward, touched his arm, and said, “Oh, Howard.”

Howard Ross blushed right down to his socks.

After looking around nervously to make, sure his wife wasn’t watching, he whispered, “Gloria, please, don’t talk to me. Peg is furious that I invited you, and she’ll have a fit if she sees us together.”

“I understand, Howard,” Gloria said sweetly, “so if you want to make sure Peg never knows about what we did, you’d better do me just one more favor.”

Howard gritted his teeth and said, “All fight, dammit. What is it?”

“Introduce me to Stan Wells,” Gloria said.

“And then you’ll leave me alone? For good?” Howard said.

“It’s a promise,” Gloria said, giving him a dazzling smile.

“All right, come on,” Howard sighed.

The woman glared and the men tried not to gawk as Howard led Gloria over to the handsome tennis pro. The only one not to lose his cool was Stan Wells. He just smiled calmly when he saw Gloria coming his way. Howard quickly introduces them and fled, and Stan shook Gloria’s hand.

“I’ve been interested in meeting you,” he said, “but my wife threatened to kill me if I talked to you. What’s the deal? You have leprosy or something?”

“I wish it was that simple,” Gloria sighed. “No, it’s just that your wives don’t want any unattached women around.”

“Good thing mine’s in the bathroom, then,” Stan chuckled. “What can I do for you?”

Gloria held his eye in a meaningful glance, then said, “I’d like to know you better, Stan, but I don’t want to make trouble for you here. Why don’t you come over to my place later tonight?”

His eyes widened, but she didn’t give him a chance to reply. She just smiled, turned, and walked home, hoping her gamble would pay off. No one else had heard what she said to Stan, so it was up to him. But her invitation couldn’t have been clearer. If Stan wanted to step out on his wife that evening, he knew where to go.

Gloria changed into a low-cut black lounging dress, made herself a drink, and waited. It was just about two hours before the doorbell rang. She hurried to answer it, preparing a big welcoming smile. Stan Wells stood on her doorstep, and he was smiling, too.

“Well, hello there,” he said, “you’re looking fantastic.”

“Thank you,” Gloria said. “Won’t you come in?”

She made him a drink, and they sat on the couch — the same couch where she’d fucked Howard just a week ago. Stan was wearing his tennis clothes, white shorts and short-sleeved white jersey, and she admired his tan tautly-muscled arms. He excited hell out of her. Unlike poor meek Howard, Stan looked just like a man should look.

“Let’s not beat around the bush,” Stan said. “I’m a busy guy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you want me to get you into the scene here, yes?”

“That’s right,” Gloria said.

“And in return you’ll do a few nice things for me?” Stan said, reaching out to caress her leg through the silky black material of her gown.

“Uh, yes, that’s the idea,” Gloria said, reddening slightly.

“No need to be bashful about it,” Stan chuckled. “I can dig it. Those bitches won’t let you in, so you’re going to do it with the men instead. Yeah, I dig it and I admire it. So let’s get down to business.”

He slipped his hand inside the front of her gown and touched one big hot bare tit. Gloria gasped and flinched, then settled back against the couch. She hadn’t expected such a sudden move, but she was glad of it. Like Stan, she didn’t want to waste time. She smiled lazily at him as he caressed her naked silky breast.

“Nice,” Stan said. “Mind if I take a look?”

“Be my guest,” Gloria said.

He untied the sash of her gown and slipped the silky garment off her shoulders, leaving her naked from the waist up. He was obviously impressed with her perfectly firm grapefruit-size boobs and her lovely little pink nipples. He put his hands under her heavy hot jugs and playfully hoisted them, feeling their warmth and weight.

“Great boobs,” he said. “My wife would eat her heart out. In fact all the wives are jealous of you. That’s why they’re scared. You’re just too damned attractive, Gloria.”

When in doubt, just smile — that was Gloria’s policy. She’d never been in high society before, and often she didn’t know what to say. So she smiled invitingly while Stan Wells squeezed and caressed her big creamy-pale jugs. His touch was expert and exciting, and she felt her starved little cunt starting to moisten and cream.

“You make it with Howard?” Stan asked.

Gloria blushed hotly. “If I did, I wouldn’t talk about it,” she said.

Stan laughed and said, “Oh, I figured you did. How else would you have been invited to the party today? And poor old Howard gave it away. He looked like he was going to crap himself, he was so uptight.”

Gloria had to agree, Howard just hadn’t been able to keep his cool. But Stan Wells would be different. He was a man of the world, clearly experienced with women. She got more and more relaxed as he played with her big sensitive tits. Soon her aroused box was leaking a steady stream of hot cunt-juice that moistened the crotch of her panties.

Then Stan bent down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. Gloria gasped with surprise and pleasure. That was another thing her husband Eddie had never done to her, and she was delighted to discover how nice it felt to have a man suck her tit into the heat and wetness of his mouth.

“Ummmmmmmm,” Gloria murmured.

Stan took the whole soft pink nipple between his lips and sucked gently but steadily. He lashed the delicate little bud with his slick hot tongue and massaged it with his lips. Gloria felt little shivers of pleasure streaking down her body, arousing her hungry pussy into swollen wetness. Slowly her nipple went erect and throbbing in Stan’s mouth.

He released the taut pink bud and chuckled, “Look, now they don’t match.”

Gloria looked down and saw that the spit-soaked nipple was stiff and pointed, while her other nipple was still soft and rounded. “Then you’ll have to do the other one, too,” she said with a grin.

“Just what I had in mind,” Stan laughed.

He bent down again and swiftly sucked her right nipple into his mouth. Gloria moaned softly as she felt his lips and tongue doing their work, and it wasn’t long before the second nipple was going stiff in his mouth. Her pussy was red-hot with eagerness, her hungry little cunt leaking more and more steamy sticky juice. Stan’s expert unhurried foreplay was driving her wild.

“Ohhhh, that’s so nice,” she sighed.

Stan released the pink pointed nipple and grinned at her. “I can think of something a lot nicer,” he said. “But making it on the couch is kid stuff. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Gloria blushed but got right to her feet. She’d made her bargain clear to Stan, and it was time to carry out her part of the deal. If she fucked him tonight, she’d start making friends tomorrow — or so she hoped. She led the way down the carpeted hall to her bedroom.

Stan eyed the king-size bed and said, “I guess you weren’t planning to sleep alone when you bought that.”

“Not if I can help it,” Gloria said.

He turned to her and slipped her gown oft leaving her in just her black lace bikini panties. He ogled her curvy sleek body, and as he did so Gloria noticed the crotch of his shorts starting to bulge. Soon it was lewdly tented with a fierce hard-on. She could hardly wait to see his naked cock. She reached for his fly, but he gently moved her hand away.

“Uh-uh,” he said, “I’m a big boy, I can undress all by myself. Why don’t you lie on the bed and look sexy for me?”

Gloria dutifully trotted over to the bed and lay down on her back. She parted her long lovely legs just a little, giving Stan a tantalizing peek at the ripe red flesh of her pussy while she pulled off her skimpy panties. Then she closed her legs, too shy to show him more. After all, she’d never done anything like this with Eddie. She really didn’t know how to be sexy because Eddie had never demanded it.

Stan stood at the foot of the bed and ogled her naked body as he removed his clothes. “Open your legs, baby,” he said with a grin. “Show me your pussy.”

Gloria really didn’t consider herself a shy person, but she blushed hotly at his words. Still she had to please him to get what she wanted, so she slowly spread her legs wide, drawing them back at the knees, lewdly exposing every bit of her moist red gash with its delicate fringe of auburn curls. Stan’s grin broadened.

“Nice,” he said, “real nice. You got a fantastic body, Gloria. I’m sure glad you picked me to make your little bargain with.”

“I figured you could do the job best,” Gloria said pointedly.

“Well, you’re right — in more ways than one,” Stan laughed.

He pulled off his shirt, revealing his broad tan chest, which was thickly matted with white hairs. Gloria felt a sizzling spurt of juice from her aroused cunt. She could hardly wait to get it on with this man. Howard Ross hadn’t been much of a turn-on, but Stan Wells was one of the sexiest dudes she’d ever seen.

Stan slipped out of his tennis shorts and stood in just his jockey shorts, crotch bulging lewdly. He kept his eyes hotly glued to Gloria’s gleaming red slit as he slowly lowered his last garment. Gloria watched in lusty fascination as his cock popped into view. She saw six inches of thick swollen pale meat, and her starved little twat gushed another flood of steamy cream.

Stan’s prick hugged his belly stiffly, the shaft milky-white and laced with little blue veins, the head hugely swollen and purple. The small slit mouth of his cock-head was leaking bright little bubbles of juice. Below the thick white hairs of his bush, his rosy balls were hanging round and taut and full. Gloria quivered with lusty impatience.

“Now we’ll have a little fun,” Stan said.

He climbed onto the bed beside her and used one hand to paw her big swollen tits. The other hand crept softly down her body till it rested on her fluffy auburn muff. He pressed gently, and Gloria felt ripples of excitement going though her belly. She hoped he’d play with her pussy the way Howard had done.

She wasn’t disappointed. Stan slid one stiff finger through the soft reddish-brown curls of her bush and touched the moist pulsating lump of her clit. Gloria gave a little squeal of excitement, which turned into a husky moan when he began rubbing her clit with his fingertip. Ripples of hot pleasure melted her famished pussy.

“Oooooooo, I like that,” she squealed.

She didn’t have to tell him. Her body was already letting him know how much she liked having her clit frigged. Her slim but curvy hips moved helplessly in time with his stroking finger, and her horny little cunt gushed hot sticky juice all over his hand. Her large round breasts swelled up taut and pointed.

“You really do dig this,” Stan chuckled as he felt his finger drenched with her cunt-juice. “You act like nobody ever did it to you before.”

“Nobody did,” Gloria sighed. “My husband — I was married to him for seven years — just didn’t believe in foreplay.”

“Then he was probably balling a dry box,” Stan said, “and that’s just what he deserved.”

It was all too true. Eddie used to call her frigid because her cunt was dry, but it was only because he hadn’t warmed her up before fucking her. Poor Eddie. Too bad he couldn’t have taken some lessons from Stan. Stan’s expertly stroking finger was making her pussy soaking wet with steamy cunt-cream.

“I bet you’ll dig this, too,” Stan chuckled.

He slid his cream-slick finger off her hot little clit and stroked farther down in her swollen red gash, tickling into the hot folds of her pussylips, then rimming the very mouth of her small drooling box. Gloria shivered and moaned with pleasure. Not even Howard had played with her pussy so well.

“Ummmmmmm,” Gloria sighed, “yesssss.”

Stan grinned down at her as he stroked and explored her gash. He was clearly proud of his work, and he had every reason to be. Gloria’s whole body hummed with excitement, and each little stroke and probe and tickle of his finger made her moan with pleasure. Then she felt him slowly inserting his stiff middle finger right up her cunt.

“Oh, God, YES,” Gloria gasped.

Stan eased his finger gradually, teasingly, up her red-hot creaming box, slowly filling the tight clinging passage. It was like a miniature cock, and Gloria felt dizzy with pleasure as she took it. Her powerful cunt muscles closed around his finger and gripped it hungrily. She felt like she could come any second.

“Feel good?” Stan chuckled. “Oh, yesssss,” Gloria cried.

“I bet this will feel even better,” Stan laughed.

He began to jerk his finger up and down in her steamy wet twat, moving it just like a cock. Gloria moaned loudly and soaked his probing finger with hot fragrant cunt-cream. She arched her body up stiffly, seeking all the sweet friction she could get. Stan frigged her steadily till she was just on the brink of coming — then popped his finger out of her box.

“I don’t want to spoil you,” he laughed. “Why don’t you do something for me now?”

“Of course,” Gloria said eagerly. “What do you want me to do, Stan?”

He flopped onto his back and said with a wicked grin, “Play with my cock.”

Gloria reddened. Needless to say, Eddie had never asked her to touch his cock or get him hard. He was always in too big a hurry to ball. She had no idea how to touch a man there, how to please him. But she wanted very much to please Stan. She’d just have to trust to her instincts.

She knelt beside him and timidly reached out to touch his prick. Stan’s six-inch dick was pointing right at the ceiling, thick and stiff and oozing big steamy bubbles of cock-juice. Gloria gently curled her fingers around the fat pale stalk. She felt instant excitement. It was fun to hold that satin-skinned throbbing pole. Gently she started to pump his meat.

“Don’t be bashful,” Stan chuckled. “Do it harder, faster. It sure as hell won’t break.”

Gloria did as he asked, running her little fist swiftly up and down the silky hot shaft of his cock, adding more and more pressure. As she did so, his prick-juice started to boil out, running down from the purple knobby cock-head to moisten her fingers. Her pumping got faster, slicker. Stan’s grin broadened into a horny twisted leer.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby,” he panted, “frig my dick. Yeah, yeah, that’s real good.”

Just playing with his cock, turning him on like that, made Gloria almost unbearably excited. For years she’d secretly yearned to play with Eddie’s cock, but she knew he wouldn’t go for it. Now at last she had a chance to touch and explore a cock to her heart’s content. And with, her free hand she boldly reached out and began to tickle Stan’s swollen rosy nut sacs.

“Yeah, go, honey, go,” Stan panted.

Gloria was so excited that her steamy cunt-cream was overflowing her box and running down her thighs. Eddie had never gotten her so aroused. She pumped Stan’s hat silky prick faster and faster, until finally he jerked her hand away and swiftly knelt behind her.

“W-What are you doing?” Gloria gasped.

“Balling you, baby,” Stan chuckled.

She felt him seizing her hips from behind, poking the rock-hard swollen head of his dick into the moist little mouth of her cunt. She moaned as he went into her, both pleased and surprised. Eddie fucked in only one position, on top of her, and she’d never done it dog-style before. She wailed with pleasure as Stan’s thick cock butted her womb.

“Oh, God, YES,” Gloria yelped, “FUCK ME.” Stan just chuckled, then began slamming his swollen meat furiously up and down in her tight soaked twat. It was a rough, almost savage fucking, but Gloria wailed with delight. She needed a thorough hard balling to make up for all those months without a man. In less than a minute she felt herself rising to the verge of climax.

“Oooooooo, yes, yes,” she whined, “make me come, Stan. Just a little more. Ohhhhh, yes, OHHHHHHHH.”

Gloria’s ripe curvy body writhed and bucked as she came in an explosive climax, and Stan had to grip her hips hard to stay in the saddle. But he sawed away steadily, fucking her fast and hard and deep, making her orgasm doubly intense. She almost fainted with pleasure, and when her spasms had finally died down, he was still balling her, his thick stiff meat reaming the gushing juice right out of her clinging box.

“Do it to me again,” Gloria whined. “Make me come again, Stan, I just love it.”

“Greedy little bitch,” he laughed.

But he did as she asked, and it was only four orgasms later that he finally yelped and shot his steamy come into her. Gloria collapsed, panting. She’d never been so thoroughly fucked in her life.

“You’re a great piece of ass, baby,” Stan said as he got dressed. “I’ll see what I can do for you.”

“Stan,” Gloria said, “I want to be accepted in this neighborhood more than anything. If only the women would give me a chance.”

“I’ll be back in a few days,” Stan promised. “If anybody can get you in, I will. But of course you’re going to go on being nice to me, aren’t you, Gloria?”


Gloria waited for more than a week, but Stan Wells didn’t return. She had to admit that she’d been cheated, that he’d used her body but given her nothing in exchange. But she didn’t intend to put up with that. Angrily Gloria drove to the nearby country club where Stan worked as a tennis pro.

The moment she saw the country club, Gloria wanted to belong to it. The same snobbish little group was there, all her neighbors, and they were playing tennis, sunning themselves, swimming, or enjoying cocktails in the plush dimly-lit bar. It was just the kind of glamorous and leisurely life Gloria had always wanted.

She found Stan giving a lesson out on the courts. It didn’t take much to attract his attention. The moment he saw Gloria, he hurried over to her, a worried look on his face. Gloria’s heart was pounding, but she managed to appear calm and determined.

“Gloria,” Stan said in a low voice, “I’m so sorry I didn’t get in touch with you, but I’ve been really busy.”

“It’s been over a week, Stan,” Gloria said coldly. “You owe me a favor, remember?”

“Sure, sure,” Stan said, shifting uneasily, “I’ll get to it as soon as I can. Now I wish you’d split before somebody sees us together. My wife would have a fit if she knew I’d been talking with you.”

“Just a moment,” Gloria said grimly. “There’s one more thing, Stan — my price has gone up.”

Stan looked alarmed. “What do you mean?” he said.

“If you don’t want anyone to know about us, especially your wife,” Gloria said, “then get me into the country club.”

“Oh, honey, don’t be ridiculous,” Stan moaned. “I could do that, sure, but they’d all treat you like shit. You know damned well how it would be. What would be the point?”

“I don’t care if they talk to me or not,” Gloria insisted. “Just get me in. I’ll give you till tonight, and if you don’t come through, I’ll call your wife.”

She turned and marched off before Stan could say a word. As she hurried past the tennis players and sunbathers, she heard one woman say, “Who let HER in here?” Gloria simply didn’t care. She was going to be a member of the country club whether they liked it or not. By hook or by crook she was going to be part of the group.

Mound nine o’clock that evening Stan Wells showed up at her house. He didn’t look particularly pleased to see her, though his eyes swept hungrily up and down her lovely figure when she greeted him in a low-cut lounging dress. Gloria ushered him into the living room and made him a drink.

“Well?” she said. “Did you do what I wanted?”

“Yeah, for all the good it’s going to do you,” Stan said.

He tossed a small card on the coffee table. Gloria snatched it up. It was an official membership card for the country club, in her name. She gave a squeal of delight. “Oh, Stan,” she cried, “this is just what I wanted.”

Stan gave a deep sigh. “Gloria, why don’t you give it up?” he said. “You know you’ll never be accepted in this neighborhood. The wives all hate your guts. Nobody at the club will talk to you. No matter what you do, you’ll never be part of our scene.”

“Oh, yes, I will,” Gloria said determinedly. “And this card will get me started. You just watch, Stan. I’ll make them accept me.”

He shrugged. “Whatever you say. But let’s get down to business.”

“Business?” Gloria said.

“I got you into the club, didn’t I?” Stan said. “Now you owe me something. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

“But I, uh, paid you last week,” Gloria said.

“That’s not enough, baby,” Stan replied. “Last week you just wanted to get invited to a few parties. Now you want into the country club. It took a lot of doing to get you that card. I think you better pay off. I can always have your membership canceled, you know.”

Gloria got the message. Grimly she got up and led the way to the bedroom. She really hadn’t expected to go toted with Stan that night, and she wasn’t prepared. She could think only of the country club and the entrance she was going to make the next day. But clearly there was no way to get out of fucking Stan.

“Undress nice and slow for me, okay?” he said, lounging on the king-size bed.

“Whatever you say, Stan,” Gloria muttered. “I don’t believe I have a choice.”

“That’s right, honey, you don’t,” Stan chuckled, “not if you want that membership card.” Gloria kicked off her high-keeled shoes and very slowly drew down the long zipper at the front of her gown. Stan watched her with bright lusty eyes. It wouldn’t be so bad balling him, of course. God knows she was horny enough. But she didn’t like the way he pressured her and ordered her around. After tonight she’d be perfectly happy if she never had to see him again.

When she got the long zipper open, Gloria let her gown slip off her shoulders and float to the floor. She stepped out of the discarded dress wearing only a skimpy pair of blue lace bikini panties and bra. Stan licked his lips as he ogled her magnificent body.

“You know, you ought to get married,” he said. “Then the group would accept you. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind having you around.”

“You mean I should get married so I can cheat on my husband with you?” Gloria said sarcastically.

“Oh, shit, why not?” Stan replied. “Everybody does it.”

Nobody in Gloria’s crowd had ever done it. She and Eddie had been faithful to each other for seven years. But now she was moving into a new crowd where, apparently, adultery was taken for granted, where playing around was no big deal. Gloria hoped she could handle the action.

She reached around and unhooked her bra. The flimsy garment snapped away from her and flew to the floor, while her large round breasts tumbled out of their tight confinement. Stan’s eyes widened as he studied the milky-white globes and little light-pink nipples. Again he licked his lips.

“Now the panties,” he said, his voice slightly husky with lust.

Reddening a little, Gloria hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her blue bikini panties and very slowly drew the little garment down. She didn’t like the brazen way Stan ogled her, as if she were some rare animal on display at a zoo. But she had to carry out her bargain with him. She tugged the panties down over the lovely little rounds of her ass.

“Hurry,” Stan said hoarsely. “I want to see your pussy.”

Gloria’s blush deepened. She wasn’t used to the frank language used by Stan and his crowd. Reluctantly she slipped her panties down over the soft auburn curls of her bush. The panties slithered down her legs, and she stepped out of them completely naked.

“Now come here,” Stan said.

Gloria walked over to the bed, her big heavy tits swaying. Stan’s hungry eyes darted back and forth between the swollen globes of her boobs and the reddish-brown curls of her little triangular fur-patch. Something about his horny stare made her unable to stop blushing.

“Undress me,” he said.

He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat there waiting for her to obey his command. “I thought you didn’t like having a woman undress you,” Gloria said somewhat coldly.

“That was last time,” Stan said. “I was feeling you out then. Now I know you’re a fantastic lay, baby, and we can do a lot of different stuff together. Go ahead, get my clothes off.”

Gloria dropped to her knees in front of him, suppressing an angry remark. He was treating her like a plaything, and she didn’t care for it. She quickly removed his shoes and socks, then stood to pull off his sweatshirt. She couldn’t help admiring his broad tan chest with its thick mat of white hair. She didn’t much like the man, but he was damned attractive.

Her hands trembled a little as she reached for his fly. She’d never undressed Eddie in all the years of their marriage. Eddie would have considered it kinky. Gloria seized the zipper of Stan’s pants and quickly tugged it open. Stan obligingly lifted his ass to help her as she pulled his pants off. Then only his jockey shorts were left.

“Come on, come on,” Stan said impatiently. “Quit stalling, Gloria. I gotta get home to my wife.”

“Wow, Stan,” Gloria sighed, “you really know how to make a girl feel wanted.”

“Well, what do you expect?” Stan snapped. “It was your idea to fuck your way into society, Gloria. Don’t blame me for the consequences.”

Gloria shut up. He was perfectly right, she’d brought this whole scene on herself. She’d made it clear that he could use her body in any way he wanted to, just as long as he helped her get into the neighborhood clique. Gloria seized the waistband of his shorts and pulled the garment off.

Stan’s six-inch cock was just as thick and stiff and swollen as last time. It stuck out lewdly from its nest of white hairs, and below hung his rosy-red balls, so full and swollen that they seemed to crowd the space between his thighs. For the first time that evening Gloria felt a little twinge of lust. These last six months had been damned lonely, after all.

“Okay, on the bed,” Stan ordered.

Gloria lay down on her back, feeling her pussy begins to glow and moisten. Just the sight of his rigid thick prick had taken her thoughts away from the country club. There was no getting away from it — she was a normal healthy young woman, and she needed sex. She needed plenty of sex, as a matter of fact. She still felt resentful towards Stan, but she knew she’d welcome his cock.

Stan set his hand on the soft springy curls of her bush and pressed gently but firmly. Gloria felt an instant burst of hot lust, and her starved little cunt gushed a big flood of hot sticky juice. Then Stan parted the auburn-furred lips of her muff and exposed the bright red dot of her out. He placed a fingertip on the moist little button and began to rub.

“Ooooooo,” Gloria squealed.

“You really dig me to touch you there, don’t you?” Stan chuckled. “Your husband never did that to you?”

“No,” Gloria confessed.

“Never touched your pussy at all?” Stan asked.

“Never,” Gloria said sadly.

“Then prepare yourself for a treat, baby,” Stan said with a wicked chuckle.

Gloria wished she could show more dignity and self-control, but she simply couldn’t resist the searing pleasure that melted her belly when Stan rubbed her clit. It was all brand-new to her, because Eddie hadn’t believed in that kind of sex-play. She wasn’t prepared to resist the delicious sensation of having her clit frigged, and she moaned and writhed and creamed helplessly as Stan played with her.

“Ohhhhhh, it’s so GOOD,” Gloria gasped.

“It’s gonna get even better,” Stan said with a leer.

He took her tiny moist red clit between his thumb and forefinger and began to knead the little bud briskly. Gloria almost rose off the bed; the pleasure was so sudden and so devastating. Her cunt-cream gushed out to soak Stan’s busy hand, and she lets her legs fall open lewdly wide, giving him room to work.

“Oh, God, I love tat,” she moaned.

Stan gripped her tiny hot love-bud tighter and kneaded it faster and faster. Gloria had never felt such breathtaking pleasure in her life. Her whole beautiful body flushed pink with arousal, and her big green eyes rolled wildly. She moaned, writhed, and licked her lips, completely out of control.

“Yes, yes, play with meeeee,” she whined.

Stan chuckled softly as he watched her, obviously proud of his power over her. All he had to do was knead one tiny lump of flesh, and he could drive her crazy with need. Gloria lay there with her long legs completely open and bent back at the knees, exposing the rich red flesh of her gash. She couldn’t hide anything from him.

“Up, up, and away,” Stan laughed.

He gave her red-hot joy-button a sudden squeeze, and Gloria felt her whole body exploding in a violent orgasm. She didn’t know how he’d done it, didn’t we. All that, mattered was the body-wracking pleasure that shook her for long delicious moments. Her convulsing cunt spewed steamy thick cream all over his hand.

“AHHHHHHH,” Gloria wailed.

When she finally came down from her orgasm high, she felt a little ashamed of herself. She’d never behaved so wantonly with Eddie, but Stan didn’t seem to see anything unusual about her behavior. He just gave her soaked little clit a final squeeze, then trailed his fingers lower in her fiery-hot pussy.

“I bet you’ll really get off on this,” he said with a knowing grin.

Gloria didn’t know what he had in mind, but she was sure she would get off on it. Stan was an expert when he used his fingers in her pussy. Even his most delicate touch sent hot waves of pleasure through her belly. She kept her lets wide open as he tickled through the hot steamy folds of her plump red pussylips.

Then for a moment she was almost sure he was fucking her. She felt something long and hard and thick easing slowly up her soaked little cunt. Yet Stan was sitting beside her, his rigid cock hugging his belly. Glancing down in surprise, Gloria saw that he was pushing three fingers up her box. It was uncanny how much it felt like a real cock.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered, “yes, yes. Ooooooo, yes, that feels marvelous.”

“I thought you’d like it,” Stan chuckled.

“Like” wasn’t quite the word for it. She LOVED it. Maybe it was wicked and kinky to get off on a man’s fingers sliding up her twat, but Gloria couldn’t control her horny writhing and moaning as Stan very slowly and tantalizingly eased three stiff fingers toward her womb. Finally she was completely stuffed with his thick rigid fingers.

“Here we go,” he laughed.

He began finger-fucking her, jerking his fingers stiffly up and down in her snug juicy cunt. Gloria wailed with pleasure and arched her body up to get all the delicious friction she could. Stan’s fingers plunged faster and faster in her gripping little box, bringing her swiftly to the brink of orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Gloria squealed, “keep doing it to me. Just a little more. Ohhhhhh, OHHHHHHH.”

She was coming again, just as violently and deliciously as the first time. Stan watched with a lusty leer as she writhed around his jerking fingers. Her powerful cunt muscles gripped and squeezed his fingers and soaked them with hot sizzling cream. He kept grinning and frigging her till her last spasms had died away.

“You sure needed that,” Stan said with a leer. “Must have been quite awhile since you had a man.”

“That’s none of your business,” Gloria snapped.

Stan just laughed. “You don’t have to say it, baby,” he chuckled. “I can tell. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Let’s see how you like THIS.”

He popped his juice-soaked fingers out of her flooded little box and tickled even lower in her swollen red pussy. Gloria felt his fingertip swiftly rimming the tiny clenched mouth of her asshole, and she blushed scarlet. It was wicked of him to touch her there, and yet terribly exciting, too. She didn’t quite know how to react.

“Stan,” she whined, “you shouldn’t do that. Not THERE.”

“Why not?” he laughed. “Feels as good as any other place, doesn’t it? A lot of chicks really get off on this. I bet you will, too.”

Gloria was, about to tell him that NO WAY would she want her brownie played with — when suddenly he popped his little finger right up her asshole, pushing in clear to the last knuckle.

“Eeeeeee,” Gloria screeched.

She expected pain, but all she felt was dizzying pleasure. With his little finger deep and rigid in her tight hot asshole, Stan began to frig her, jerking his finger up and down like a tiny cock. Gloria completely lost control of herself, writhing and squealing, pumping her hips in time to his strokes. She knew it was wicked to enjoy a finger up her ass, but, dammit, it felt terrific.

“You like it, don’t you?” Stan leered.

“Yessssss,” Gloria whined.

Just a few moments of pumping, and she was coming again, just as explosively as before. She’d had no idea that her bumhole could give her such an incredible pleasure, but there did no doubt it when the breath-taking orgasm shook her body. Stan kept pumping his finger rapidly in her tiny hot brownie till she finished coming.

“Get enough?” he said with a grin.

“My God, yes,” Gloria sighed. “But we can still ball, Stan. We have to take care of you, too.”

“Uh-uh,” Stan chuckled, “we’re not gonna ball tonight, baby. I got something else in mind. See, you owe me a pretty big favor for getting you into the club, and I intend to collect right now.”

“W-What do you want me to do, Stan?” Gloria asked nervously.

“Blow me,” he said.

“Do WHAT?” Gloria gasped.

Of course she knew what he meant. She read about it and heard about it — but she’d never done it. Eddie wouldn’t have dreamed of asking her to take his cock in her mouth. But now she knew she had to do it, whether she liked it or not. She stared wide-eyed at Stan’s thick stiff dick.

“Come on, come on,” Stan said impatiently, “get with it, Gloria. My wife will be wondering where I am.”

Dizzily Gloria knelt beside him and bent low over his pale stiff-standing cock. She didn’t have the foggiest idea of how to give head, so she just plunged in, opening her mouth and taking in his cock as deep as she could. The fat purple head of his prick butted her throat and made her gag a little, but she managed to get it all in her mouth, sucking it in till his white-furred nut sacs rubbed her chin.

“Good,” Stan panted. “Now start sucking, baby, and get me off. Suck me good and hard.”

Gloria was glad for the instructions, since she didn’t have any idea how to proceed. She just did as Stan said, sucking hard and fast on his swollen cock-meat, her lips widely stretched, her tongue weighted down with his heavy hard dick. Stan moaned hoarsely and flopped back on the bed with a horny leer. He watched, grinning, as Gloria’s thick auburn hair flew over his lap.

Gloria was surprised and pleased to discover that she enjoyed cock sucking. She liked working her lips and jaws around the slick hot cock, and she liked the light salty taste of his dribbling prick-juice. Most of all she liked driving Stan wild with pleasure. When he played with her pussy, he had the power, but now she was in control. With her hard-sucking mouth, she made him moan and yelp and jerk his hips helplessly.

“That’s it, baby,” Stan gasped, “suck that meat. Yeah, suck it HARD. Bring me off. Ohhhhhhhh, man.”

His cock-juice dribbled faster and heavier onto her tongue, and Gloria responded by sucking even harder on his thick tasty meat. For a brief moment she wished she could have done this to Eddie if only he could have overcome his modesty, he would have loved it. Then she forgot her ex-husband, forgot everything except the delicious taste of Stan’s jerking prick.

“Awwwwww, Christ,” Stan moaned, “you really know how to give head, baby. That feels terrific. Just a little more, and I’m gonna come.”

Gloria was glad he couldn’t tell that she’d never gone down on a man before. She just kept up the swift furious sucking he seemed to like so much, and Stan began to moan steadily, hoarsely. His eyes rolled up in his head, and then he was fucking her mouth, jabbing his cock savagely back and forth over her tongue. Suddenly she felt her mouth flooded with sizzling salty come.

“AWWWWWWWW,” Stan bellowed.

Gloria managed to keep his jerking dick in her mouth till he’d shot his whole load. Then his limp wet prick slipped out, and she quickly swallowed her huge mouthful of tasty jism. She’d hardly finished before Stan was off the bed and hurrying to get dressed.

“That was great, baby,” he said. “I hope we’ll get together sometime again, but for right now we better cool it. I wouldn’t want anybody to get suspicious.”

That was fine with Gloria. She didn’t need Stan any more. He’d gotten her into the country club, and tomorrow she’d make her grand entrance. The neighborhood was going to have to accept her, because she wasn’t about to give up.


When Gloria walked into the country club the next day, she knew she looked beautiful. She’d already checked herself in the mirror at home. She was wearing a clinging white jersey and white shorts, which showed, off her tan and her fantastic figure. As she’d expected, every man in the place stared at her longingly.

But with the women it was a different story. All she got from them was scowls and freezing looks. Stan Wells’ wife, a tall slender blonde, strode angrily up to Gloria and looked her in the eye.

“What in hell do you think you’re doing here?”

She asked.

“I’m a member,” Gloria said. “Want to see my card?”

She flashed her membership card, and Mrs. Wells turned red with fury. “There must be some mistake,” she said. “I’m going to check on it.”

“Check all you want,” Gloria said. “I’ll be playing tennis.”

But when she went out on the courts, Gloria couldn’t find anyone who’d play tennis with her. The women ignored her requests for a partner, and the men reddened and shook theft heads. Gloria had to content herself with sitting on the sidelines and watching the others play. Stan Wells was there, giving lessons, and when he happened to get close enough to Gloria, he whispered to her out of the side of his mouth.

“Like I told you, baby, give it up,” he said. “I know it isn’t fair, but they’re just not gonna let you into the group. You ought to move to another neighborhood where you’ll fit in.”

Gloria just glared at him. She wasn’t about to give up. Presently she went into the bar and ordered a double scotch on the rocks to calm her anger. She noticed that the popular young attorney, Jim Dale, was sitting alone at the next table. Naturally that gave her some ideas. Stan Wells hadn’t been much help to her, but perhaps Jim Dale could ease her into the social scene.

Dale was perhaps thirty, a well-built blond, man with a deep tan who always seemed to be smiling.

He told most of the jokes at parties and kept people laughing with imitations of celebrities. Above all, he seemed friendly, which gave Gloria the courage to speak to him.

“Hello,” she called from her table, “I see you’re alone, too.”

Jim Dale grinned at her. “Yeah, my wife couldn’t make it today. Had to take the kids to the dentist. You’re Gloria Benson, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she said, “and you’re Jim Dale.”

His grin broadened. “Right,” he said, “and since we already seem to know each other, how about coming over to my table and having a drink?”

“I’d love to,” Gloria said, casting him a devastating smile.

As they sipped their drinks and chatted, it was obvious that Jim was hotly attracted to Gloria. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the firm thrust of her big breasts under the tight white jersey. He kept inching closer to her, till their knees were rubbing. Gloria felt confident when she issued her invitation.

“I don’t want to make trouble for you by talking to you here, Jim,” she said, “but why don’t you come over to my place later tonight?”

For the first time Jim frowned. “Gloria, I just couldn’t do that,” he said. “My wife watches me like a hawk, and I think every woman in the neighborhood has an eye on your house. I’d love to come over, but I’d be spotted.”

Gloria fumed. Not only would those bitches not even speak to her, but now they were spying on her, keeping track of who came to her house. It just wasn’t fair! And, by God, she was going to get even. She was going to ball Jim Dale if it was the last thing she ever did. “Jim, I understand,” she cooed. “It’s really too bad we can’t get to know each other better, but I guess that’s out of the question. I’ve got to get home now. Would you walk me to my car?”

“Sure,” Jim said with a big grin.

Gloria had excellent reasons for asking him to escort her to the parking lot. It was a long way, a winding trail that led through a small woods where no one could possibly see them. When they came to the thickest part of the woods, Gloria stumbled on purpose and pretended to twist her ankle.

“OUCH,” she cried.

“Hey, are you hurt?” Jim said, hurrying to help her up.

Gloria leaned heavily against him and moaned, “I think I hurt my ankle, Jim. If I could just sit down for awhile, I think I’d be all right.”

“Sure,” Jim said, “just let me help you.”

As Gloria had hoped, he led her into the woods where no one could see them from the trail. The grass was warm and soft, and they both stretched out on it. Jim moved as close to her as he could without seeming rude. Gloria could barely contain an impish grin. She had Jim Dale right where she wanted him.

“How’s the ankle?” Jim said, reaching put to touch it.

“A little sore,” Gloria said, “but I’ll be okay in a few minutes. Thank you so much for helping me, Jim. I think you’re a wonderful guy.”

Jim reddened a little — then blushed scarlet as Gloria leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. He gave a snort of surprise, and she half expected him to draw away. But as she wriggled her hot little tongue into his mouth, he sighed and relaxed. Soon his tongue was tickling over hers.

Gloria began to feel that familiar glowing and melting sensation in her pussy. At first she’d thought only of the favors she could get out of Jim Dale, but now that she was in his arms kissing him, she realized just how urgently horny she was. Jim was a very sexy guy, too. It would be a lot of fun to ball him — IF she could get him to cooperate.

He liked kissing her well enough, but would he go any farther? Gloria snuggled closer to the young lawyer, rubbing her crotch against his. He didn’t have a hard-on. She ran her hands up and down his hard muscular body, and Jim began to caress her, too. Gloria felt the first hot spurt of juice from her aroused cunt.

“Oh, wow, Gloria,” Jim sighed as they broke the kiss, “you really turn me on. In fact you turn on every guy in the neighborhood.”

“Never mind the others,” Gloria purred. “I just want to concentrate on you, Jim. I’ve had my eye on you for a long time?”

“You have?” he said, obviously flattered.

And Gloria knew that flattery would get her a long way. Most of the men in the neighborhood had been married for a long time, and their wives didn’t compliment them any more. She was willing to bet that the excitement had, gone out of Jim’s marriage and that he was secretly dying to have an affair. She’d soon find out.

“Yes, Jim,” she cooed, running her hands over his body, “the minute I saw you, I was so turned on. I’ve just been dying to meet you.”

She took one of his hands and slipped it under her jersey. His palm came to rest on one firm cone of her bra. Jim reddened with lusty interest. He still seemed hesitant, but slowly his hand began to move, pressing and caressing her big hot tit. Gloria smiled enticingly at him.

“That feels so nice, Jim,” she sighed. “Please keep touching my breasts. Only wouldn’t it be nicer if I took my bra off?”

“It sure would,” Jim sighed. “But shouldn’t we be more careful, Gloria? Somebody might come along and see us.”

“No problem,” Gloria grinned. “No one can see us from the path. Go ahead, take my bra off.”

Jim just couldn’t resist. He pushed Gloria’s jersey up over her bra and quickly unsnapped the skimpy lace garment. He pushed it up, too, and stared wide-eyed at Gloria’s gorgeous boobs. Even when she lay on her back, her firm ripe jugs stood up firm and thrusting, the dainty pink nipples going stiff and pointed from contact with the cool air.

“Oh, Christ,” Jim moaned, “you’ve got the most beautiful tits I ever saw. And I — well, I have a thing about boobs.”

“Then go for it, silly,” Gloria giggled.

Jim grinned, then suddenly dipped his head down over her pale swollen jugs. Gloria gasped with pleasure as she felt her left nipple being sucked into the fierce heat and wetness of his mouth. He sucked on her little pink nipple loudly, wetly, as if he were starved for its taste.

“Ummmmmmm, Jim, that feels so NICE,” Gloria sighed.

She wasn’t kidding. She loved the sweet sensation of having her tits sucked. Her big thrusting breasts were so sensitive that each caress of his lips sent streaks of hot pleasure right down to her pussy. Her hungry little snatch began to leak a steady stream of sticky warm juice.

Jim sucked in not only her nipple but part of her tit, too. He sucked loudly and hungrily on the big mouthful of boob, while Gloria lay back limp in the warm grass, happy and excited. The favors Jim might do her were in the back of her mind now. She was far more interested in getting it on with him.

He finally released her stiff spit-soaked nipple and dived for the other one, sucking it far into his mouth and working on it with a lewd wet slurping noise. Again Gloria felt the jolts of pleasure streaking right down to her swollen wet pussy, and she moaned blissfully. Soon the crotch of her panties was wet and steamy with her gushing cunt-cream.

“Ohhhhh, Jim, yessss,” she sighed, “I love that. I love you to suck my tits.”

Vaguely Gloria realized that some heavy changes had come over her since her divorce. She’d become wild, wanton, and aggressive in bed, not at all the way she’d been with her husband Eddie. With Eddie she’d been meek, silent and unmoving because he wanted it that way. Now she was acting like a whore. Was this her real nature coming out? Or had she simply been starved for sex too long?

Whatever the reason, she wasn’t content just to lie still. She wanted to take the initiative. Presently she pushed Jim away from her spit-soaked nipple and playfully rolled him onto his back. She tugged off his sweatshirt and uncovered his broad tan chest. Then she reached for his tennis shorts. He seemed blushing but willing.

Gloria quickly got his pants off, leaving him in just his jockey shoris. Still no sign of a hard-on — the crotch of his shorts was flat. Gloria seized the waistband and tugged the garment down. Sure enough, Jim’s cock was just a pale little wrinkle of flesh, his rosy balls empty and flaccid beneath his golden bush.

Jim glanced ruefully down at his limp dick and said, “I guess I’m a little nervous.”

“I’ll take care of that,” Gloria purred.

Quickly she drew off her own clothing, first her rumpled jersey and bra, then her tight white tennis shorts. She started to shuck her white lace panties, and she thought Jim’s eyes would pop out of his head. They got wider and wider as she drew her panties don and revealed the lovely auburn triangle of her muff.

“Oh, wow,” Jim sighed, “you’ve got a fantastic body, Gloria.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Gloria said with an unabashed leer.

When they were both naked, Gloria cuddled up to him again, rubbing her fluffy little fur-patch against his limp prick, rubbing her stiff pink nipples against his smooth tan chest. Jim panted and trembled and pawed her gorgeous sleek body, but still he didn’t get a cock-stand. Gloria guessed that he was too anxious about the illicit scene.

“I-I’ve never done this before,” Jim confessed. “I mean, I’ve never stepped out on my wife.”

“Well, you haven’t done anything wrong yet,” Gloria said soothingly. “We’re just touching each other, for heaven’s sake. There’s nothing bad about that.”

“Right,” Jim said, sounding a little more relaxed, “nothing wrong with that at all. And, boy, do I love touching you.”

He ran his hands all up and down her silky-smooth body, over her back and tits and belly and the soft warm curls of her muff. It was pleasant, but Gloria was getting impatient. Her ever-hungry pussy was boiling with need, and she wanted a stiff cock urgently. She started to think of ways to get Jim hard, and then she remembered her last session with Stan Wells and the new trick she’d learned.

“Jim,” she panted, “lie on your back and I’ll do something nice for you.”

Again he reddened, but it didn’t take him long to obey. He rolled onto his back in the soft grass, his pale cock lying limp and empty on his thigh. Gloria knelt beside him and dipped her face into his crotch. As her lips touched his warm soft meat, she felt hot saliva rushing to her mouth. She’d learned with Stan Wells how much fun it was to suck cock.

“You just relax, Jim,” she said softly, “and I’ll get you hard.”

“Oh, wow, Gloria, I don’t know if you should do that,” Jim said worriedly. “I mean we’ve gone too far already, and — AHHHHHHH.”

Jim forgot his words of caution as he felt Gloria sucking his limp meat into the fierce heat and wetness of her mouth. It was easy for her to take in the whole wrinkled little sausage, drawing it into her juicy hot mouth till his flopping red nut sacs brushed her chin. She started to suck fast and hard on his flaccid dick, and Jim gasped bud moaned.

“Oh, Jesus,” he panted, “that feels fantastic. Nobody ever did that to me before. Christ, yes, Gloria, suck my cock. YES.”

Gloria would have grinned if her lips hadn’t already been stretched by his meat. At last she’d gotten his mind off his anxieties. All he could think of now was his cock in her mouth, the delicious heat and wetness of her saliva boiling around his dick, and the way she sucked his limp meat out like elastic, then let it snap back.

Gloria really got into sucking his limp cock, too. It didn’t butt her throat or stretch her lips painfully like Stan’s big cock-stand. It was fun to suck his soft tasty meat, and she made a lewd wet slurping noise as she worked on him. She knew how much it would excite him to think she was starved for his prick.

“Oh, man, that’s fantastic,” Jim moaned. “Keep sucking me, honey. I’m gonna get hard real quick this way.”

Gloria certainly hoped so. Her hungry little twat ached for a good hard stuffing, and her cunt juice trickled steadily down her inner thighs. She wanted to get laid so badly, she could have screamed. True, she’d made love with Stan just last night, but lately her sex drive seemed to get stronger and stronger. She felt like she needed to fuck every single night.

So she worked hard and fast on Jim’s tasty little limp cock, sucking it deep into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue, drawing in her cheeks to make a tight hot nest for his meat. Still he didn’t seem to be getting hard, so she reached out and cupped his flaccid red balls, fisting them and giving them a gentle but steady massage.

“Oh, Christ, yes,” Jim sighed, “play with my balls, too. That feels great, baby.”

Obviously Jim was hotly excited, so why didn’t he get a cock-stand? Gloria was doing everything she possibly could to make him hard. Or was he? She recalled another wicked bit exciting thing Stan had done to her. Maybe it would work on Jim.

Still sucking loudly and swiftly on his cock, still pumping his slack rosy balls, Gloria eased her free hand into his crotch and felt around till she was touching the small tight wrinkled mouth of his asshole. She began to rim the little hole, and Jim panted and moaned with excitement.

“Yeah, yeah,” he whined, “stick your finger up my ass.”

Gloria was surprised to hear that from the normally modest and discreet young lawyer, but she quickly did as he asked, popping the tip of her little finger into the tight humid mouth of his bumhole. Slowly she eased her stiff little finger up the searing clinging passage till she was lodged to the last knuckle in his fiery-hot asshole.

“Oh, my GOD,” Jim moaned.

She could tell how wildly it excited him to be speared on her stiff finger, so she began to frig him with it, jerking her finger up and down in his gripping slick brownie. Jim moaned hoarsely, steadily, as she finger-fucked him, and finally it began to happen — she felt his soft little prick starting to grow on her tongue.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it, honey,” Jim whined. “Just keep doing all that good stuff. I’m getting hard now.”

Gloria didn’t need to be told. She was still sucking his cock, massaging his balls, and jerking her stiff little finger rapidly up and down in his steamy little bumhole. As she worked she could feel his cock lurching, then stiffening. It blossomed into six thick inches of stiff cock-meat, stretching her jaws almost painfully and poking right into her throat.

“That did it,” Jim sighed.

Gloria drew back and let his stiff-standing cock pop from her mouth. It stood straight up from his belly, gleaming with her saliva and oozing its own hot sticky juice. It wasn’t quite as long and thick as Stan’s cock, but it was plenty big enough for her needs. She wanted to jump right on it — but first she had some business to take care of.

Jim was reaching for her, trying to draw her down on the grass beside him. “Gloria, I’ve got to have you,” he whined. “My cock’s so stiff, it’s killing me. Come on, baby, let’s ball, PLEASE.”

“I’d love to fuck you, Jim,” Gloria said coolly, “but you have to do me a favor in return.”

“Anything,” Jim panted, “you name it.”

“Invite me to your next cocktail party,” Gloria said.

“But I couldn’t do that!” Jim moaned. “My wife wouldn’t stand for it.”

“Too bad,” Gloria said, reaching for her clothes. “I guess you’ll just have to jack off, then.”

“Oh, God,” Jim moaned. “All right, all right, Gloria, you win. I’ll think of some excuse to get you into the party. Now for God’s sake let’s fuck.”

Grinning broadly, Gloria chopped her clothes and leaped over to straddle Jim’s belly. She brought her soaked little cunt down around the stiff pole of his cock, pushing till his hard purple prick-head touched her womb. Jim’s eyes rolled back in his head, and almost instantly he began fucking her in hard deep urgent strokes.

“Ooooooo,” Gloria squealed, “yes, YES. Fuck me, Jim. Oh, God, that feels good.”

“It sure as hell does,” Jim sighed. “Christ, your box is so friggin’ hot and tight. Ohhhhh, man.”

They didn’t talk after that, just humped furiously, Gloria’s big heavy fits bouncing crazily as she sat on him, Jim pumping away steadily, his thick cock-meat stuffing and reaming her boiling hot little twat. Gloria forgot everything but the fantastic pleasure of being balled. She needed a long hard fucking — and she got it.

“Ohhhhhh, Jim, you’re making me COME,” she yelped.

Her urgently gripping cunt muscles squeezed his cock hard as she came, and Jim watched in horny fascination as Gloria writhed and bucked and wailed over him, her steamy twat-juice pouring out to wet his balls and belly. He almost came himself, but managed to hold out awhile longer, bringing Gloria off again and again.

“Oh, God, it’s to GOOD,” Gloria babbled. “Keep doing it to me, Jim, keep fucking me.”

“I’ll try,” Jim moaned, “but it isn’t gonna be long now. Christ, you’re HOT.”

Jim gritted his teeth and pumped away, red-faced with lust and effort, but they’d been balling steadily for over five minutes and he just couldn’t hoist out any longer. He gave a hoarse yelp and began to shoot his load, filling and overflowing Gloria’s red-hot nipping box. The steamy bath brought her off one last time.

“AHHHHH,” Jim bellowed.

“OHHHHHHH,” Gloria wailed.

Then they rolled apart and rather sheepishly put on their clothes. They’d been recklessly loud, and it was a miracle no one had heard them. Jim looked around nervously as if he expected his wife to rush out of the bushes and shoot both of them.

“I better get going,” he said, heading for the trail. “I know you’ll understand if I don’t walk all the way to the parking lot with you, Gloria.”

“I understand, Jim,” she purred. “See you at the party.”


Two weeks passed but Gloria finally received the promised invitation. Jim Dale and his wife Helen were giving a cocktail party, and Helen herself called Gloria about it. Her invitation was hardly cordial, however.

“Jim tells me that you steered a few clients his way and that he owes you,” Helen said coldly over the phone. “That’s the only reason I’m inviting you, and you certainly won’t get another invitation from me.”

“You’re all heart, Mrs. Dale,” Gloria purred.

She didn’t give a damn what Helen Dale thought of her. All that mattered was to be at that party and mingle with the smart young set of people in her neighborhood. Gloria was convinced that sooner or later she’d wear them down and they’d accept her into the group. All she had to do was be persistent and patient.

For the party Gloria chose a relatively demure floor-length dress of gold. It was sleeveless and clit rather low in front so as to show off her large thrusting breasts, but it was by no means outrageous. She brushed her thick auburn hair up on top of her head. She was satisfied that she looked just as presentable as any other woman in the crowd.

Jim Dale greeted her at the door of his rambling Spanish-style house, and he got her a drink, but from that moment on. Gloria was on her own. It was the same old story. The women gave her only scowls and silence, and the men were afraid to approach her, even though they cast her very interested looks. Gloria’s heart sank.

What in God’s name was she going to have to do to break into this snobbish little world? She’d been friendly and patient, and she was sure that none of the women and few of the men knew that she’d slept with Howard, Stan and Jim. Maybe Stan Wells wife was right — she’d have to get married to gain entrance into the group. But every man there was already married. It just wasn’t fair.

“Having a lousy time, I assume?” The voice came suddenly from behind Gloria, and she whirled around to see Stan Wells grinning at her.

“I’m surprised you have the nerve to speak to me,” Gloria said coldly. “Aren’t you afraid your wife will get mad?”

“She’s in the john,” Stan said, “otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to you. I just wanted to say that I might drop over some evening. I sure as hell wouldn’t mind getting it on with you again, baby.”

“Then you can wait till I invite you,” Gloria snapped. “As I recall, you haven’t done much for me, Stan. I’m looking for someone who can really help [missing text].”

“Like Jim Dale?” he said with a wicked leer.

“That’s none of your business,” Gloria said.

“Oh come on, baby,” Stan laughed. “You wouldn’t have been invited to this party unless you were balling Dale. So come off your high horse. Tell me when I can drop over and see you.”

“Here comes your wife,” Gloria said.

Stan jumped as if he’d been goosed. He whirled to see his wife coming out of the bathroom, and he hurried over to her with a sheepish look on his face. Good riddance, as far as Gloria was concerned. He’d used her body, but he hadn’t been any help at all in getting her into the group.

Her big hope now was Jim Dale, but he avoided her all evening, hovering around his wife and the other women. Gloria stood in a corner by herself, totally ignored. To pass the time she kept taking drink after drink from the waiter who was circulating with a fray of martinis, and towards midnight she was drunk.

The more she drank, the more her inhibitions melted and the more angry she got at all those snobbish people. She began to plot revenge, and soon she had a deliciously wicked idea. What if she were to seduce Jim Dale right in his own house, at his very own party? All she had to do was catch him alone. And before long she had her opportunity.

Jim disappeared down the hall on some errand, and Gloria marched right after him. Fortunately no one noticed her, since they were all snubbing her anyhow. It would be assumed that she’d given up and gone home. She found Jim giving orders in the kitchen, and when he came out, she approached him.

“Oh, Gloria,” he said apologetically, “I know you’ve been having a miserable time, and I’m sorry. But I really didn’t expect anything else.”

“Oh, Jim,” Gloria said, faking a big sob and falling into his arms, “I’m so unhappy. What have I done? Why won’t anyone talk to me?”

“Hey, take it easy,” Jim said, patting her back. “I better take you upstairs and let you calm down.”

That was exactly what Gloria had in mind. She allowed Jim to lead her upstairs to a spare bedroom. She lay down on the bed, still pretending to cry, and Jim sat on the edge of the bed and held her hand. He looked genuinely upset. Unlike Stan Wells, he did have a conscience.

“I’m terribly sorry, honey,” he said. “I know they’re all treating you like shit. But I just don’t know what to do about it.”

“Just do what you’re doing, Jim,” Gloria said, snuggling closer to him. “Make me feel better. I’ve missed you so much, Jim. It’s keen all I could do this evening to keep my hands off you.”

She tilted her head up, and Jim kissed her. He was both flattered and turned on by her words — just as she’d hoped. Gloria slipped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss hard and hungrily, slipping her hot little tongue into his mouth. She felt him give a big horny shiver. She knew it wouldn’t take much to seduce this man.

“Let me close the door,” Jim said hoarsely.

Gloria grinned wickedly while his back was turned. It was going to be very sweet revenge to fuck him with his snooty wife only a few rooms away. And besides that, Gloria was feeling more than a little lusty. All, those martinis had blotted out her inhibitions, and she frankly wanted a good long fuck.

“Oh, Jim,” she cooed, “you’re so good to me.”

“It’s the least I can do,” he said as he slipped onto the bed and took her in his arms, “That damned bitch.”

“Who, darling?” Gloria said, running her hands all over his hard muscular body.

“Helen, my wife,” Jim grumbled. “She promised me she’d make you feel welcome, and she hasn’t said a word to you all night.”

Gloria wriggled her tongue into his ear, then said, “Well, then, maybe we should play a little trick on her.”

Jim grinned and said, “If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, honey, then I agree one hundred per cent.”

After that he didn’t waste any time. He was obviously turned on by the idea of balling another woman while his wife was in the house, especially right in the middle of a cocktail party. He found the long zipper at the back of Gloria’s dress and tugged it fully open. Gloria cooperated by wriggling quickly out of the long gown, and then she was wearing just skimpy white lace panties and bra.

“Take off your clothes, too, Jim,” she said. “You don’t want to get them wrinkled.”

“No, I sure as hell don’t,” Jim said with a grin. Gloria watched him as he quickly shucked his clothes, admiring his tan muscular body and getting lustier by the second. Thanks to all that alcohol, she didn’t even think about the outrageousness of the situation. She thought about getting her greedy little box stuffed with his nice thick hard cock. Nothing else mattered for her at that moment.

This time she didn’t have to worry about getting him up, either. Jim must have had quite a bit to drink himself, because he wasn’t nervous or hesitant like last time. His pale blue-veined cock was swollen and stiff, the head purple and oozing big bright droplets of prick-juice. Gloria’s eager little cunt creamed heavily at the very sight of his thick stiff dick.

“Oh, hurry, Jim,” she sighed. “I want you so much.”

“The feeling is mutual, baby,” Jim said huskily.

He grabbed for her bra and soon had the delicate lacy garment unhooked. Carelessly he tossed it onto the floor and ogled Gloria’s big ripe quivering tits. Briefly he fondled the heavy pale globes, running his thumbs back and forth over her pretty pink nipples to make them stiff but tonight he didn’t have much patience for foreplay. Soon he was tugging down her panties.

For once Gloria didn’t care about the preliminaries, either. All her frustration and anger over the group’s snobbish treatment had somehow made her wildly lusty. She raised her pert little ass as. Jim tugged at her panties, and he slipped the lacy little garment off and tossed it to the floor. His eyes widened lustily as he studied the sweet little reddish-brown triangle of her muff.

“Christ, I can hardly wait to get into you,” he sighed.

“Then do it, darling, do it,” Gloria said with an impish grin.

Lying on her back, she wantonly spread her legs as wide as she could, bending them back at the knees, showing Jim every inch of her moist scarlet pussy with its dainty fringe of auburn curls. Hungrily he eyed the bright red lump of her clit, the little shadowed mouth of her cunt, and the dainty wrinkle of her brownie.

Then he was moaning and climbing onto her, clumsily jabbing the big hard head of his cock against the tender red flesh of her slit. He was too eager to take proper aim, so Gloria reached down, grabbed his hard throbbing dick, and jammed the fat drooling prick-head into the snug moist mouth of her cunt.

“Fuck me, Jim, fuck me,” she panted.

“Oh, Christ, will I ever,” he sighed.

Slowly he pushed his thick hard meat into her, and Gloria squealed with pleasure as she felt the throbbing cock stuffing her eager little twat. She arched her body to take him in, pushing and sighing till his big knobby cock-head butted her womb. She creamed heavily around his meat and dug her nails into his bare shoulders.

“Ooooooo, it feels so GOOD,” Gloria whined.

“I’ll go along with that,” Jim moaned. “You’re the best damned lay I ever had, baby.”

He began to ball her in hard deep lunges, and Gloria wailed blissfully. It was just the kind of near-savage fucking she needed right now, a prolonged brutal balling that made her forget all her anger and frustration. She forgot everything but the blinding pleasure of having her horny little cunt stuffed again and again with his thick hard meat.

“Ohhhhhhhh, I love it, I love it,” Gloria whined. “Fuck me hard, Jim, HARD.”

In her hot excitement she threw her legs up around his waist and locked them there, taking his pounding cock as deep as possible into her boiling little twat. Gloria and Jim closed their eyes and humped away furiously, oblivious to everything around them. Theft moans and sighs and yelps drowned out every other sound in the house.

“Oh, God, I’m going to come,” Gloria squealed after a few minutes of frantic balling. “Yes, yes, darling, just a little more. AHHHHHH, YES.”

“MMMMe, too,” Jim gasped. “AWWWWWWW.”

Gloria gasped.

As the body-wracking climax shook her, Gloria felt Jim fucking her harder than ever — and then the delicious sizzling bath of his come flooding and overflowing her nipping cunt. They writhed together a few more moments, moaning and sighing, till his cock finally went limp and slipped out of her drenched little box.

“Oh, Jesus, that was good,” Jim sighed.

“It was marvelous,” Gloria agreed, “fantastic.”

“Looked pretty good to me, too,” said a third voice.

Gloria and Jim gasped and jerked their heads around toward the door. There stood Stan Wells grinning like a fiend. It was pretty clear that he’d been standing there for some time watching them, and that they’d been too carried away to notice him. Jim quickly slipped off Gloria’s body and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

“Jesus, Stan,” he said, pale with shock, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“The johns downstairs were full,” Stan said lazily, “so I came up here. I couldn’t help hearing you. You two were really fucking up a storm. Good thing nobody else came upstairs.”

“Oh, Christ,” Jim moaned, clapping a hand to his forehead. “I don’t have to tell you how important it is that Helen doesn’t find out. I mean it would wreck my career.”

“Oh, I understand,” Stan said, starting to grin, “and I can guarantee no one will hear a thing about it, if you do me just one little favor.”

“Sure,” Jim said quickly, “what is it?”

Stan gazed hungrily at Gloria’s flushed naked body and said, “I want a turn with her. Right now.”

Jim turned pale, but Gloria blushed red all over. She knew this was the price she had to pay for turning Stan down earlier that evening, but it seemed wicked and perverse to her. She’d never dreamed of balling two men, one right after the other. She gave Jim a pleading look, hoping he could somehow get her out of it.

But Jim said, “Gloria, I’m sorry, but you know I have to do what he wants. My whole future is on the line.”

“Of course, Jim,” Gloria said dully.

Stan grinned and began to unknot his tie. “You better run along before your wife misses you,” he told Jim with a wicked smile.

Jim dressed as fast as he could and got out of the room, too ashamed even to look at Gloria. She lay there humbly, wondering how she’d gotten herself into such a predicament. All she’d wanted to do was make friends, and now she was going to have to service Stan like some kind of whore. She didn’t bother trying to cover her nakedness. She knew there was no way out of the situation.

“You’re really hot tonight, aren’t you?” Stan said as he undressed. “Or were you just faking it with Jim?”

“That’s none of your damned business,” Gloria snapped. “How much did you see, anyhow?”

“The whole thing,” Stan chuckled. “I didn’t just happen along by accident like I told Jim. When I saw both of you were missing from the party, I put two and two together. I got up here just when you started balling.”

“You mean you did it on purpose, to get to me?” Gloria gasped.

“You got it, baby,” Stan said. “I don’t like to be turned down.”

He stripped off his clothes and started for the bed. Gloria felt contempt and anger for him, even though she still admired his body. He was tan and hard and heavily muscled from years of tennis playing, and his cock was fully ready, stiff and fat and hugging his belly in a fierce hard-on. She might have been turned on if she hadn’t been so furious at him.

Stan slipped onto the bed and pulled her into his arms. He pawed her lovely silky-skinned body, but Gloria stayed stiff and still. “Jesus, woman,” he said, “loosen up. We’ve balled before, and you liked it. Hell, you loved it.”

Gloria reddened and said, “That was when I wanted it, Stan, not when I was forced into it.”

“In other words you don’t want me?” he said with a snarl. “Well, I’ll fix that, baby. I’ll make you want it.”

He shoved her roughly onto her back, knocking the breath out of her, and before Gloria could recover, he was forcing her legs wide open, bending them back at the knees, fully exposing the red flesh of her gash. She braced herself, expecting the brutal hard thrust of his cock into her unprepared cunt. Closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, she waited.

But it didn’t happen. Instead she felt something new and strange, a light feathery tickling sensation along her inner thighs, and then something hot and moist fanning her sensitive pussy. Puzzled, she opened her eyes and looked down, Stan’s silver head was between her thighs.

“W-What?” she gasped.

It didn’t take long to discover what he was up to. Gloria saw him stick out his wet red tongue and apply the very tip to the moist red button of her clit. He began to lick her little joy-bud, and instantly she felt the most stunning and delicious pleasure of her life. She flopped back onto the pillows, gasping and quivering, not knowing how to react.

She’d read about oral sex but had never experienced it. Often after Eddie’s quick and unsatsifying love-making, she’d lain beside her snoring husband and wondered how it would be if he went down on her. She’d imagined it would feel rather nice, but not till this moment, with Stan, had she realized how really fantastic it was to have her pussy eaten.

Stan pressed his hot slick tongue-tip more firmly against the supersensitive button of her clit and tongued it faster and harder. Hot blinding pleasure ripped through her belly, and Gloria simply couldn’t control herself. She moaned loudly, and her aroused cunt gushed a big flood of sticky juice all over Stan’s chin.

“Ahhhhhh, God,” she wailed.

She forgot her anger toward him, forgot everything but the incredible pleasure of having her clit tongued. As far as she was concerned, he could do anything with her now. She whimpered and writhed and moaned steadily as his expert tongue lashed and tickled and massaged her horny little love-bud. Her cunt-cream rushed out to soak his whole face.

“Ummmmmm, yes, yessssss,” Gloria whined.

Stan gave a muffled chuckle but didn’t stop what he was doing. He tongued her clit faster and faster, and Gloria arched her pussy up target more delicious friction from his lashing tongue. She had no more shame, no more pride. She just wanted to get off. She was moaning and quivering on the very verge of orgasm when he suddenly stopped licking her.

“PJ God, don’t stop,” she wept.

“I’m not gonna bring you off this way, baby,” Stan laughed. “I just want to get you real horny for me.”

He’d already done THAT, but before she could tell him so, he was tonguing lower in her steamy little gash, rimming the soaked tight mouth of her cunt. Gloria moaned as she felt him slowly inserting his thick wet tongue-meat into her greedy little cunt. The pleasure was devastating.

“Oh, my God, yessss,” she whined, “put your tongue in meeeee. My God, Stan, that’s so good.”

Stan moved his tongue up her seething little box slowly, teasingly, while Gloria wiggled and writhed around the delicious implement. Her cream gushed all around his probing tongue, and when he finally thrust it in clear to the root, she was once again hovering on the very brink of climax. Her soft whimpering must have given her away, though, because he suddenly withdrew his tongue from her gripping cunt.

“I think you’re ready now,” he chuckled.

Gloria wasn’t about to say no. What she really wanted was for Stan to go on eating her pussy all night. But the most important thing was to get off, no matter how it happened. So when Stan flipped her over onto her hands and knees, she didn’t resist. She just crouched there with her pert little ass up in the air, trembling and waiting for his cock.

Panting with lust, Stan knelt behind her. His hands were searing hot and sweaty as he gripped her slim hips and steadied himself. Then he rammed the big hard head of his dick up her molten-hot little box, pushing clear to her womb in one greedy thrust. Gloria didn’t mind the roughness. In face she craved it.

“Oooooooo,” she squealed, “OHHHHHHHH.”

Stan began balling her hard and fast and deep. “You like it, baby?” he panted. “It is as good as it was with Jim?”

“Yes,” Gloria babbled, “oh, God, yes. Do it to me, Stan, do it to me.”

He gave a satisfied laugh and then fell silent, humping her furiously. Gloria correctly guessed that he wasn’t out to please her, that he just wanted to get his rocks, so she didn’t waste any time coming. She squeezed her greedy little cunt tight around his jerking meat, getting all the friction she could, and in another moment she was coming like a bomb.

“OHHHHHHHH,” Gloria wailed.

She hadn’t come a moment too soon, either. While she was still writhing and howling, Stan bellowed with pleasure and began to shoot his thick steamy load into her. They jerked and rocked and moaned together for a few moments till his cock was limp and empty, and then he rolled off her with a satisfied sigh.

Gloria hardly had time to move before the door swung open and Jim Dale was standing in the room. For just a fleeting moment he eyed her naked body with a longing. Then a tense anxious look came over his face.

“The party’s breaking up,” he said quickly. “Everyone thinks you’ve gone home already, Gloria, so you’re going to have to go out the window. There’s a drain pipe you can hang onto.”

“Like hell,” Gloria snapped. “I intend to go out the way I came in. I’m not going to sneak off like some criminal.”

“Please, Gloria,” Jim begged. “My wife would guess what we did. PLEASE.”

Gloria relented. As Jim and Stan helped her out the window she said angrily, “I’m not going to forget this. I don’t like being treated this way.”

Jim just looked sheepish, but Stan grinned and said, “Well, baby, that’s the way it goes sometimes. See you around.”

“You better believe you’ll see me around,” Gloria said grimly.


Thinking over the cocktail party incident, Gloria decided that while Jim Dale was merely a coward, Stan Wells was a sonofabitch. Neither of them had done enough to get her into the neighborhood social scene. She decided to look for a new man to help her.

The man she had in mind was Dr. John Taylor, easily the most popular man in the neighborhood. She’d already heard that Dr. Taylor and his wife gave the annual New Year’s Eve party for the block, and she was determined to be invited. It was the social event of the year, and Gloria just couldn’t bear to be left out. So it seemed an obvious move to seduce the doctor.

She couldn’t just walk up to his house and introduce herself, so she made an appointment with him instead. Dr. Taylor was a general practitioner, so she simply asked for a check-up. She went to his offices in a large modem building, and it was only when she was lying on the examining table, naked under a skimpy sheet, that she wondered at her own boldness.

Presently Dr. Taylor arrived, a tall lean man with thick black hair and a very serious manner. Gloria reflected that she’d rarely seen him smile at parties. He looked at her as he came into the room, frowned, then looked again. He couldn’t seem to make up his mind whether he knew her or not.

“Mrs. Benson,” he said, consulting a chart, “I see that you live in my neighborhood. Have we met before?”

“Not formerly, doctor,” Gloria said. “I’ve seen you at parties. I just recently moved onto the block.”

Taylor reddened a little and said, “Oh, yes, now I remember. You were at the Dales’ party a few weeks ago. Well, let’s get down to business. You’re here for your annual check-up, you say?”

“Yes, doctor,” Gloria said as politely as she could.

She didn’t like his manner very much. Obviously he remembered who she was — the outcast, the one everybody snubbed — and he wasn’t concealing his disapproval of her. Well, to hell with him and his pompous attitude. She’d soon have him where she wanted him — that is, if her naughty little plan worked out.

“Sit up, please,” Dr. Taylor said.

Gloria dutifully sat up, and the little sheet slipped down to her waist, uncovering her big beautiful breasts, the firm globes quivered enticingly for a moment, then went still. Her little pink nipples had… been soft, but when they contacted the cool air of the room, they slowly went stiff and pointed.

And all the while Taylor was gawking at her tits. Gloria was well aware of his helpless interest, but she just gave him an innocent smile. His cool blue eyes focused on her magnificent grapefruit-size boobs and locked there until he realized what he was doing. Then he reddened.

“It’s not necessary to lower the sheet, Mrs. Benson,” he said quickly. “Oh, sorry,” Gloria chirped, “but it doesn’t really matter, does it, doctor? I mean you’ll want me to lower it pretty soon anyway, won’t you?”

“Uh, yes,” Taylor said uneasily. He was having a helluva time keeping his eyes off her gorgeous big jugs. “Well, I’ll get on with the examination.”

He tapped her back and listened to her breathing, then moved around to examine her chest. When he pressed the cold stethoscope against her skin, Gloria gave a shrill squeal that was only half faked. This time Taylor definitely blushed.

“Sorry,” he muttered, “didn’t realize the damned thing was so cold.”

“That’s all right, doctor,” Gloria said sweetly. “Please continue.”

Taylor did his best to check her lungs, but her huge breasts were in his way. He finally solved the problem by working the stethoscope into her deep plump cleavage, but by then his hands were quivering. Gloria could barely stifle a wicked grin. The man was obviously turned onto her, and he was having a hard time keeping his professional dignity.

“Take a deep breath,” he sighed, “then let it out.”

Gloria did as he asked, knowing the movements would thrust her magnificent big tits forward and make them seem even larger. Taylor didn’t even try to look away this time. He ogled the big creamy globes and delicate erect nipples. Gloria wondered if he was even listening through his stethoscope.

“That will do,” Taylor said. “Now lie down and I’ll examine your breasts.”

“Yes, doctor,” Gloria purred.

It always excited her to have her breasts examined, but Taylor’s touch somehow aroused her more than any other doctor’s. His long strong fingers pressed and probed all over her big silky-soft tits, and she felt a sudden glowing and melting sensation in her pussy. She’d heard somewhere that tall lean men were very well hung.

She wondered if that was true of Dr. John Taylor. He took such a long time touching her tits that Gloria finally said, “Goodness, I hope you’re not finding anything wrong.”

“Uh, no, but we can’t be too careful,” Taylor said, dropping her left tit like a hot potato. His face was red. Gloria almost laughed aloud. He hadn’t been examining her boobs at all. He’d just been feeling her up, unable to resist the chance to play with those lovely large jugs. He quickly pulled the sheet up to cover her tits, trying to pretend that nothing unusual had happened.

“Now I’ll do the pelvic examination,” he said hoarsely.

Gloria beamed. This was the part she was really looking forward to. Ordinarily she hated putting her feet up in the stirrups of the examination table. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing. But she had a feeling it would be good for a lot of mileage with Dr. Taylor. She scooted down the table and put her feet in the stirrups, fully exposing her lush red slit.

Taylor couldn’t help blushing as he gave her exposed pussy a quick glance. He took in the bright red button of her clit, the tiny shadowed mouth of her cunt, and the lovely fringe of auburn curls all around her plump scarlet pussylips. Gloria knew he wasn’t looking at her gash in a professional way. He was thinking of her as that sexy divorcee who’d just moved onto the block, the woman every man secretly wanted to ball.

Well, that was just what she wanted him to think. She smiled seductively at the blushing doctor as he fumbled into a pair of rubber gloves Taylor was still red-faced when he began pressing and probing her flat sleek belly. He prolonged the examination as much as he could, then slipped his gloved hand into her crotch.

“This may be slightly uncomfortable,” he said uneasily.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, doctor,” Gloria purred. “I’m sure it won’t hurt.”

Taylor swallowed hard, then eased a rubber-slick finger up her cunt. Although it was a routine part of any woman’s annual check-up, it somehow seemed sexy as hell to both Gloria and Taylor. Gloria felt little shivers of pleasure radiating all over her pussy as he slowly eased his stiff finger up her snug eager box. Taylor was trembling slightly.

“You’re sure it doesn’t hurt?” he said.

“Ummmmm, no,” Gloria said with a sexy little smile. “In fact it feels kind of nice, doctor.”

For a moment she thought he was going to faint with embarrassment. He’d probably never had that experience before, standing there with his finger up a woman’s snatch and haying her tell him that it felt nice. He sighed deeply and began to move his finger around in her red-hot juicy twat. He pretended to be probing for something, but Gloria knew damned well that THAT wasn’t part of a routine exam.

“Ummmmm,” she sighed, closing her eyes.

She had a hunch he’d go farther if she wasn’t looking at him, and she was right. Taylor didn’t seem to want to take his finger out of her box. He kept moving the stiff-gloved finger up and down like a little cock, giving her steady and delicious sensations. She couldn’t control her response, and soon she was creaming hot sticky juice all around his finger.

“Ohhhhh, doctor, that feels so good,” she sighed, still keeping her eyes closed.

Taylor hesitated a moment, no doubt knowing he’d already gone too far with her. Then his lust got the better of him. He kept working his finger deliciously in her tight little cunt, and with his thumb he pressed down on the bright red dot of her clit and began to rub the tender little button. For a moment Gloria held her breath, the pleasure was so sudden and stunning. Then she gave a low moan and creamed all over his gloved hand. There was no way he could have avoided seeing that gush of hot fragrant juice.

Taylor frigged her clit and cunt as if he were hypnotized, keeping up a steady delicious rhythm, sighing now and then Gloria couldn’t control herself, either. She arched her body up to get more sweet friction from his fingers, and the little sheet covering her body fell to the floor, leaving her completely naked.

Taylor hesitated for a split second, as if about to retrieve the modesty sheet, then sighed and went on playing with her pussy. Gloria could imagine the sight before his eyes — that sexy neighborhood divorcee, stark naked, writhing with pleasure, legs lewdly spread, while Taylor worked his fingers busily in her cunt and on her clit. She had no doubt that the good doctor was hotly aroused.

“Ummmmm,” Gloria moaned, “UMMMMM.”

She could easily have come like that, but she wanted to carry things farther, much farther. So she just dug the pleasant sensations and let the doctor get off on watching her lovely writhing naked body. She could almost feel his lusty eyes burning on her little auburn muff and the moist red flesh of her gash. And if he was feeling as horny as she was, he was in big trouble.

“I’ll, uh, do the rectal exam, too, while I’m at it,” Taylor stammered.

Gloria could barely contain her glee. Taylor was going at it all wrong, at least from a professional point of view. From Gloria’s point of view it was great. He didn’t stop frigging her hot red clit, didn’t remove his deliciously probing finger from her cunt. He kept right on playing with her pussy while he eased another finger slowly up her asshole.

“Oooooo,” Gloria squealed.

“Am I hurting you?” Taylor said in alarm, stopping with his slick gloved finger halfway up her snug little brownie.

“Nooooo,” Gloria whined, “no, doctor, it feels GOOD.”

He sighed again and kept pushing, slipping his stiff finger all the way into her tight pungent asshole. Gloria could barely contain herself, she felt so wildly lusty. With his fingers sliding deliciously up and down in her cunt and bumhole, she could have come in a second. Her molten cunt-cream gushed out to pool on the table.

Taylor began to pant. Just watching her hovering on the verge of orgasm was making him hotly aroused. Gloria knew it was time for action, time to make him really commit himself. If his nurse should happen to walk in now, he could still claim that he was just examining Gloria. She wanted to make him do something obviously unprofessional.

She waited tilt he got up a steady rhythm, jerking his fingers eagerly up and down in her cunt and asshole, making a lewd wet slurping and sucking noise. His finger rubbed her clit in the same eager rhythm, and his breathing was loud and heavy. Gloria knew it was time to make her move.

She hunched down as far as she could on the examining table, opening her pussy fully, obscenely. The idea was not only to give Taylor a better look but also to get into position for touching his cock. Finally she managed to stretch her arm out and locate the crotch of his pants. As she’d suspected, there was a big hard bulge there.

As she touched his fly, Taylor gasped and flinched, but after a moment’s hesitation he stayed right where he was. Grinning, Gloria fumbled around and found the tab of his zipper. She got his pants open quickly and wriggled her hand inside.

He was wearing shorts, but she easily worked her fingers inside the fly.

“Oh, Christ,” Taylor muttered.

Gloria was touching his naked cock. It was hard as a rock, about seven inches long and very thick. She curled her fingers around the silky hot throbbing meat, and just holding it made her cream like mad. She started to caress and pump his stiff dick, and Taylor moaned and worked his fingers even faster on her clit and in her molten cunt and tight little asshole.

Gloria ran her fist right up to the head of his prick and felt the big hard knob oozing hot sticky juice into her palm. No question about it, the doctor was dying to get laid. She just wondered if she could seduce him into doing it right there in the examining room. There was always a chance that his nurse might walk in.

Slowly, while Taylor went on frigging her, Gloria drew his stiff throbbing cock out of his shorts and pants. She wanted it free of confinement, out there where she could play with it better. Taylor must have guessed what she was up to, but he didn’t try to stop her, didn’t say a word. He just went on playing with her clit and cunt and bumhole.

When Gloria had his cock out of his pants, she finally opened her eyes. She just couldn’t resist seeing what his prick looked like. It was a beauty, about seven and a half inches of very thick meat.

The stalk was milky-pale and feathered with tiny blue veins. The head was huge and swollen and purple, leaking big hot bubbles of juice. Below a thick black bush his rosy balls hung fat and taut.

Gloria tickled her fingertips up and down the sensitive underside of his dick, and Taylor moaned and shivered with horny pleasure. She snuck a glance at him and saw that he was flushed with arousal, his eyes glassy with horny need. He was staring hungrily at her writhing naked body, his glance darting from her big heaving tits to the delicate auburn curls of her bush.

Gloria figured he’d never be more ready, so she made her move. “Doctor,” she said huskily, “I’d rather have your cock than your fingers.”

Taylor blushed scarlet, as if caught in some naughty act. He whipped his gloved fingers away from her asshole and pussy. Gloria half expected him to bolt from the room, so she grabbed the hem of his white jacket and pulled him forward, making the big purple head of his prick press against the flaming-hot flesh of her gash.

Gloria gasped.

It was too much for Taylor. With his cock achingly hard and rubbing just an inch away from her inviting little juicy cunt, he couldn’t control himself. Panting, glassy-eyed with lust, he moved his drooling cock-head down and wedged it into the snug hot mouth of her cunt. As he pushed into her, he groaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh,” Gloria whined. “Yes, yes, fuck meeee.”

His thick hard meat deliciously stuffed and reamed her clinging slick cunt, making her moan and cream all around him. His huge hard cock-head was just touching her womb when they heard footsteps in the hail outside.

“Oh, Jesus,” Taylor gasped.

He moved with lightning speed, whipping his stiff cock out of her creamy little hole, throwing the sheet over her, frantically stuffing his swollen dick back into his pants. He’d barely got his zipper up before the door opened and his nurse stepped in.

“Doctor,” the woman said, “have you forgotten that Mrs. Dudley is waiting to see you?”

“Oh, uh, no,” Taylor said, whisking off his rubber gloves. “This examination took longer than I thought. I’ll be right there. Please take Mrs. Benson into my private office, and I’ll get back to her as soon as I can.”

He hurried out of the room, and Gloria tried not to grin as she put on her clothes. The nurse escorted her to Taylor’s plush book-lined office. Gloria noticed that there was a big leather couch along one wall. As soon as the nurse had left, she slipped off her panties, stuffed them in her purse, and stretched out on the couch.

There she waited impatiently for Dr. Taylor to finish with his other patient. She’d never felt so horny in her life. It was hell to be interrupted in mid-fuck, and her juicy little cunt ached to be stuffed with thick hard cock-meat. A steady stream of hot sticky juice leaked from her greedy little box, soaking her silky inner thighs.

Finally, after what seemed agonizing ages, Taylor hurried into the office and shut the door behind him. Gloria grinned and pulled her skirt up to her waist, showing her wide-spread legs and lush red pussy.

“Hello again, doctor,” she purred.

Luckily for Taylor his long white examining jacket had hidden his hard-on — for when he hastily removed the jacket, Gloria saw that the crotch of his pants was hugely tented. He hurried over to the couch and crawled between her wide-open legs. He started to unzip his fly, but Gloria gently pushed his hands away and did it for him, knowing it would be more exciting that way.

Gently she drew out his rock-hard throbbing dick. It seemed even more handsome now that she needed it so much. She was tempted to stuff that thick seven-incher right up her boiling little box, but he had more in mind than just getting laid. She wanted this to be an experience the doctor would never forget.

She held his pulsing hot meat in her little fist, letting the swollen purple head stick out. The shadowed slit-mouth of his cock was dribbling a steady stream of thick cock-juice. The sticky stuff bubbled out and ran down the pale stalk of his prick. Gloria bent forward, stuck out her little pink tongue, and began to lap up all the tasty juice that oozed from his cock-head.

“Oh, Jesus,” Taylor moaned.

He quivered with pleasure and breathed loudly and heavily as Gloria licked up all his dribbling cock-cream and swallowed it with a greedy gurgling noise. Glancing up briefly, she saw that he had that glassy-eyed look again, as if he’d died and gone to heaven. No doubt about it, the doctor loved having his cock licked.

Gloria decided to give him more of the same.

She cleaned the rubbery purple head of his prick, then lapped and lashed lower, covering the whole thick pale stalk of his cock with her gleaming saliva. Taylor moaned, a low steady noise, as she worked clear down to his thick black bush. She tickled her tongue through the coarse hairs and onto his fat red balls.

“Oh, my God, yes,” Taylor moaned. “Lick my nuts. YES.”

Gloria lashed and tickled his hot red nut sacs with her slick little tongue, till Taylor was whining with horny impatience. Then she worked her way upward again, tonguing and gently nibbling his throbbing fat cock, licking all the way back to his huge knobby prick-head. She popped the swollen head into her mouth and gave a strong deep suck.

“CHRIST,” Taylor yelped.

Gloria sucked loud and hard on his drooling cock-head, but not for long. She didn’t want to use all her talents their first time together. She wanted him to come looking for more. So she released his spit-soaked cock-head and lay back on the couch, spreading her legs lewdly wide. Taylor gawked hungrily at her lush red pussy.

“Fuck me, doctor,” Gloria said. “Fuck me now.”

Taylor was a man of few words, and he didn’t say anything now. He just moaned and threw himself onto her, digging his achingly swollen meat deep into her seething little twat. Gloria took the long hard cock with a hoarse moan of delight. They began to hump furiously, making the springs of the couch squeak and groan.

“Oh, Jesus, that’s good,” Taylor gasped.

“Ummmmm, YES,” Gloria eagerly agreed, “I love it. Fuck me hard, John, really HARD.”

It wasn’t difficult for him to obey. He was so achingly horny for her that he couldn’t restrain himself. He worked his big steel-hard dick furiously in her hot clinging hole, balling her hard and deep and fast. Gloria was coming in less than a minute, and she went on coming like a string of firecrackers all the time he fucked her.

“Oooooo, yes, yes, YES,” she wailed. “I love it, John, keep doing it to me. YESSSS.”

But the doctor was too horny to last very long, and in a few minutes he was yelping and coming. His sizzling load filled and overflowed her gripping little cunt. He whined and pumped a moment longer, then sighed and rolled off her. He sat up and stared at her wonderingly.

“I haven’t been balled like that in ages,” he said. “I’d almost forgotten how much fun it is. I have to see you again, Gloria. I don’t care about the risks. Just let me see you again — soon.”

Gloria headed for the door, then turned and smiled. “I’ll make a deal with you, doctor,” she said. “You can see me again as soon as you want, IF you’ll invite me to your New Year’s Eve party.”

“That’s a pretty tall order,” Taylor sighed, “but it’s a deal. I’ll phone you soon.”

“Oh, and by the way, doctor,” Gloria said with a wicked grin, “how did my examination turn out?”

“What examination?” Taylor sighed.


That week Gloria didn’t mind the frosty stares of her neighbors. They could glare and whisper about her all they wanted. They didn’t know that she was going to be at the biggest party of the year. She could hardly wait to see their faces on New Year’s Eve.

Late that week Dr. John Taylor phoned her as he’d promised. “It’s all set for the party,” he said. “My wife wasn’t too thrilled, but I convinced her we ought to be more neighborly. So now, Gloria, I’d like to collect my payment, so to speak.”

Gloria knew well enough what that meant. He’d gotten her an invitation to his party, and he wanted her body in return. She didn’t mind in the least. She found the doctor very attractive, and she couldn’t help thinking quite often about his thick seven-inch cock. She smiled as she spoke into the phone.

“Of course, John,” she said. “Just come over to my house any time.”

“I’d rather not do that, Gloria,” he said. “The women in the neighborhood know who goes in and out of your house, and I can’t risk being seen. Could you meet me at a motel instead? I’d like you to be there around nine o’clock tonight, if that isn’t inconvenient.”

“Of course not, John,” Gloria replied. “Whatever you say.”

She was a little miffed that the neighborhood bitches were still spying on her, but in the long run it really didn’t matter. She was still going to get it on with the doctor, and she’d still be at the New Year’s Eve party. She took the name of the motel from Dr. Taylor and started to get ready for their “date”.

Figuring she wouldn’t be wearing her clothes very long, she didn’t dress fancily. She just put on a pair of jeans and a tight pink jersey, and at eight-thirty she grabbed a jacket, got in her car, and headed for the motel. She allowed herself to get just as horny as she wanted during the drive. She certainly didn’t have any doubts about getting laid that night.

Gloria found the unit Dr. Taylor had mentioned and knocked at the door. John Taylor quickly answered, a big smile on his face. It was unusual for him to smile. In fact he looked like a cat who’d just eaten a canary. Gloria stepped into the room — and saw, that they were not alone.

“Gloria,” John said, “I’d like you to meet my friend and colleague, Dr. Tom Anderson.”

Gloria was too surprised to answer. She just gawked at the other man, a burly blond fellow in his mid-thirties who sat on the edge of the king-size bed grinning at her. What in hell had made John bring a buddy along? How were they going to get it on with another guy present? Gloria felt confused and impatient.

“How do you do, Ms. Benson?” Dr. Anderson said. “Or may I call you Gloria?”

“What ever,” Gloria said dazedly. “Uh, how do you do, doctor?”

She turned to John with a puzzled look. He was busying himself making a round of drinks from a silver hip flask. He gave Gloria a drink, then Tom and himself.

“Here’s to a very interesting evening,” he said with a grin.

Tom Anderson just laughed.

Now Gloria was feeling definitely uneasy. There was something strange going on here, something not right at all. At his office Taylor had barely been able to keep his hands off her, but now he was acting nonchalant, as if there were no big hurry. And WHY was Anderson there? Surely they didn’t intend to just sit around and chat.

“John,” Gloria said nervously, “I’m afraid I have to ask you — what in God’s name is going on? I thought it was just going to be the two of us. I mean, I thought you and I — well, you know.”

“Of course I know, honey,” John said, giving her a playful pat on the ass. “You and I are going to get it on, like we agreed. Only I thought it would be even more fun if Tom joined us. The more the merrier, you know.”

Gloria slowly turned lobster red. “I don’t think I heard you right,” she said. “Surely you can’t mean that he’s going to be here while we make love?”

“Not only is he going to be here,” John chuckled, “but he’s going to make love to you, too.”

Gloria backed toward the door. “Oh, now, wait a minute,” she said angrily. “I don’t do things like that. It wasn’t part of our agreement. You can just count me out, doctor.”

Suddenly John Taylor was his old stern self. “Look, baby,” he snapped, “you don’t understand how hard it was to get you invited to that New Year’s Eve party. My wife isn’t even talking to me this week. I went to a lot of trouble, and I took a big risk. So I expect a big reward in return.”

“But, John, TWO of you?” Gloria said.

“Either that or forget the party,” Taylor said grimly.

Gloria burst into tears of frustration. She could tell he really meant what he said. Either fuck him and his buddy or forget about the best party of the year. She couldn’t bear the thought of sitting home alone on New Year’s Eve, but all her principles were against the kinky notion of taking on two men at once.

“Make up your mind, baby,” John said impatiently. “We don’t have all night.”

Gloria gave a big sigh and said, “All right, dammit, you win. I don’t like this, John, but I’ll do it.”

John and Tom exchanged grins. “Well, all right,” Tom said, speaking up at last. “Let’s start having some fun.”

“I’ll go along with that,” John said, his grin returning. “Take off your clothes, Gloria. Show my friend that fantastic body of yours.”

Gloria felt hideously embarrassed. She really didn’t want to go through with this little orgy, but even that was better than missing the party of the year. Miserably she pulled off her tight pink jersey. The men gawked at her huge pale tits which strained at her flimsy little white lace bra.

“Nice,” Tom commented, “damned nice.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” John chuckled. “Go ahead, honey, take off the rest of your clothes.”

Gloria wanted to sink right through the floor. She unzipped her jeans and stepped out of them, wearing just the bra and a matching pair of white lace bikini panties. The men sipped their drinks and watched her hungrily. She shuddered at the thought that she was going to be their plaything all night.

“Hurry up, Gloria,” John said. “Quit stalling.”

“Yeah, show us your tits and pussy, baby,” Tom laughed. He’d clearly had a few drinks before Gloria arrived, and she suspected John had, too.

But there was no way out, not unless she wanted to miss the party, so she reached around and unhooked her tightly packed little bra. She drew the little garment off and dropped it on the floor, and her big ripe tits wobbled out to stand firm and pointed. The men ogled the creamy-pale globes and dainty pink nipples.

“Fantastic pair of knockers,” torn said with a leer. “You lucky devil, John, you get to play with tits all the time.”

“Tom’s in surgery,” John explained. “He doesn’t get the chances I do. But honestly, Tom, it isn’t very often that I get a patient as attractive as Gloria. Usually it’s wrinkled old bags.”

Gloria couldn’t join in their laughter. It was all she could do not to burst into tears of mortification as she began inching down her panties. She wished she could have been alone with the doctor, not put on display far his buddy as well. She eased her panties down as slowly as she could, wanting to postpone the final embarrassment of standing before them naked.

But she could only delay so long. Soon they could see the adorable little globes of her ass, then the dainty auburn curls of her bush. At last the white lace panties slithered down her legs and she stepped out of them, blushing hotly. Both men leered at her.

“Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous,” Tom sighed. “I can hardly wait to ball her.”

“Then go right ahead,” John laughed. “You’re my guest, so you can be first.”

“I suppose I don’t have any say in this?” Gloria said grimly.

“Afraid not,” John replied. “We made a deal, and you’ll have to do whatever I want — IF you want to be at that party.”

Gloria cursed him silently. She hated being used like this, but what could she do? Dr. John Taylor had the thing she wanted most, her ticket to social acceptance. All she could do was endure whatever indignities they laid on her that evening. After all, she’d sold her body, and the buyer intended to take full advantage of it.

Tom Anderson stood up and started to undress, his eyes glued hungrily to Gloria’s superb naked body. He ogled her big heavy tits and pretty little reddish-brown muff as he removed his slacks and sport shirt and shoes. He pulled off his T-shirt, and Gloria felt a first faint glimmer of interest in the man. He had a fine broad chest matted with thick blond hairs, and his arms were heavily muscled.

Tom quickly slipped out of his shorts, and Gloria gawked at his crotch. His cock was perhaps six inches long, not as long as John’s, but it was enormously thick. To her frightened eyes it looked as thick as her wrist. His prick stood up stiff and swollen, springing from a thick patch of blond curls. The fat purple head of his cock was leaking big drops of juice.

“Let’s go, honey,” Tom said hoarsely.

“Go on over to the bed, Gloria,” John said commandingly. “Please stop stalling.”

Gloria moved, though very much against her will. She didn’t want to fuck that total stranger, especially not in front of an audience. She just kept reminding herself that this was her ticket to the New Year’s Eve party, and in that way she managed to get to the bed and climb onto it. Tom quickly lay down beside her and cupped her big hot heavy boobs. His hot moist hands eagerly squeezed and molded the ripe silky globes.

John Taylor stood beside the bed watching them with a big grin. The crotch of his pants was sharply tented. As Tom played with Gloria’s satin-skinned jugs, John began to undress, too. When he was naked, his thick seven-inch cock hugging his belly in a fierce hard-on, he sat on the edge of the bed and went on watching the action.

Gloria felt totally mortified. It was bad enough to have to ball a man not of her own choosing, but it was even worse to have a second man sitting just a foot away and gawking at her. She promised herself that she’d never get together with Dr. Taylor again. She didn’t like his creepy ideas of having fun.

“Gloria, you’re tense,” John said. “Why don’t you try to relax?”

“Relax?” Gloria said. “Are you kidding? I’ve never done anything like this before, and I don’t like it.”

John scowled. “Excuse me,” he said, “but I don’t feel much sympathy. Every man on our block has guessed how you get invited to parties, how you got into the country club. Are you going to tell me you haven’t balled Howard and Stan and Jim? No, I don’t think you are. So what’s one more man, Gloria? Try to explain that to me.”

Gloria blushed hotly and blinked back tears of shame. John was right, she’d turned into some kind of whore in her frantic search for social acceptance. She really couldn’t blame him for thinking that she’d do anything — literally anything — to get ahead. No wonder he’d thought she’d go for this kinky perverse scene.

Meanwhile Tom was enjoying himself with her big swollen tits, kissing and caressing the hot silky flesh, rubbing her pretty little pink nipples with his thumbs until the soft buds went erect and stiff Gloria didn’t feel a bit of lust. She was too upset about being watched, too angry about being forced into this mini-orgy.

“I can’t wait any longer,” Tom sighed. “I gotta have you, baby. Roll over for me. On your hands and knees.”

Wearily Gloria obeyed, knowing she might as well just get it over with. She got onto her hands and knees and poked her pert little ass up in the air. She could hear John chuckling softly as his buddy knelt behind her and seized her slim hips to steady himself. It killed her to know that John would be watching her every second while Tom fucked her.

Then Tom was pressing the huge rock-hard head of his cock against the dry unprepared mouth of her little box. Gloria gritted her teeth and prepared to take the thick meat. Tom grunted and pushed, his enormously swollen cock-head stretching the tight mouth of her cunt painfully. Gloria moaned in fright.

“Dammit, she’s dry,” Tom snapped. “I don’t think I can even get in.”

John laughed and said, “Well, fortunately, there’s a doctor in the house. I think I can take care of your problem.”

He’d brought his medical bag with him, and he reached into it for a tube of lubricating jelly. He squeezed a big glob of the stuff onto his fingers. Tom got back out of the way while John took his place, kneeling behind Gloria’s adorable upturned ass.

“Oooooo,” Gloria squealed.

She felt a sudden icy sensation as John thrust three stiff jelly-coated fingers up her twat. It was shocking and exciting at the same time. She gasped as she felt his long thick fingers probing around in her tight little box, spreading the lubricating jelly. She could easily have grooved on it — but then he was withdrawing his fingers, leaving her cunt slick and juicy.

“Now give it a try,” John chuckled.

“You better believe I will,” Tom panted.

Again Tom got behind Gloria and pressed the huge hard head of his dick against her snug little cunt-mouth. This time he had no trouble getting into her. She gasped and moaned as she felt her tight little box slowly stuffed full of his thick rock-hard prick. He glided in slowly but easily till his knobby cock-head butted her womb.

“Ahhhhhh, Jesus, that’s better,” he sighed.

“Nice box, huh?” John laughed.

“Christ, yes,” Tom agreed. “Really tight.”

Gloria wished they’d shut up. She didn’t like being talked about as if she had no feelings. And besides, she wanted to feel the thrusts of Tom’s big thick cock. She didn’t care much for the man, but as usual she was in urgent need of a good hard fuck. Her nervousness was vanishing quickly as she felt his stiff throbbing cock inside her.

She soon got her wish. Tom took a deep breath and began balling her, working his enormously thick rod slow and deep and hard in her jelly-filled twat. Gloria gasped and clawed the bedspread as the first dizzying waves of pleasure washed over her body. No matter how angry she felt towards the two men, she couldn’t deny the joy of being well fucked.

“Oh, Jesus,” Tom moaned, “it’s good. Damn, it’s good.”

Gloria agreed, but she didn’t want to give Tom and John the satisfaction of knowing that she liked it. She gritted her teeth and stifled all her cries of pleasure. She tried to remain stiff and unresponsive as she took thrust after delicious thrust from Tom’s thick throbbing dick. But it was hard to conceal every sign of arousal because she was getting hornier by the second.

At last her cunt betrayed her by starting to cream heavily, helplessly, around Tom’s stiff probing cock. Soon his thick meat was making a lewd slurping and squishing noise as it reamed her tight little box again and again, forcing out her gushing cream. The obscene wet noise got louder and louder, till John heard it and began to chuckle.

“That jelly really works, doesn’t it?” he laughed.

Gloria breathed a sigh of relief. The man didn’t know how wildly turned on she was, didn’t realize that it was her own gushing cunt-cream, not the jelly, that was making that lewd sound. She dug her nails into the bed and tried not to make a single cry as Tom began to ball her ever harder and faster.

“Hey, Gloria,” John said, leaning forward and leering fight into her face, “how does it feel? Is my buddy fucking you pretty good?”

“Go to hell,” Gloria hissed.

John just laughed. “I bet she digs it,” he said, “but she’s just not admitting it. I KNOW she loves to fuck. You should have seen her in my office last week.”

“I’ll get to her,” Tom panted. “I’ll get her off. If there’s anything I can’t take, it’s a frigid woman.”

Frigid? Gloria didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If only they’d known it, she was so horny she could have screamed. She wanted to come desperately, but she just didn’t want to give them the victory. Her whole belly seemed to melt with ecstasy each time Tom reamed her red-hot cunt with his thick hard meat, but Gloria fought against corning.

Gloria moaned.

Tom fucked her faster and faster, his belly smacking loud against her upturned little ass, his bloated balls slapping rhythmically against her soaked little pussy. Gloria’s curvy body began to flush all over with arousal, and she couldn’t control the heavy flooding of her cunt as her twat-juice boiled around his plunging meat.

She fought land fought the pleasure — and lost. Suddenly Tom reached around her and seized her red-hot swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger. Still fucking her hard and fast, he began to knead her little joy-button, doubling her pleasure. It was more than Gloria could resist.

“Oooooo,” she squealed.

Both men laughed, and Tom kneaded her red-hot soaked clit faster and harder. With her sensitive little love-bud being massaged by his expert fingers and her horny little twat steadily reamed with his thick hard cock, she finally lost her self-control. The wicked pleasure overwhelmed her, and her body exploded in a powerful orgasm. “AHHHHH,” Gloria wailed.

This time Tom could see her hot sticky cream gushing out to soak his balls. If that wasn’t evidence enough that she was coming, he could watch her lovely body writhing and bucking in front of him and hear her hoarse cries of pleasure. He and John watched, grinning, as Gloria clawed the bed and rocked in the violent spasms of climax.

“Congratulations, my friend,” John chuckled, “you finally got her off.”

“Yeah, and now I’M getting off,” Tom moaned. The burly blond doctor was dripping with sweat and red-faced with effort after his prolonged effort to make Gloria come. He gave a few more deep hard thrusts of his cock in her fiery-hot nipping cunt, and then he bellowed and shot his load, filling and overflowing her tight little box with his steamy come.

“Awwwww, Christ, YEAH,” Tom yelped.

He’d hardly finished coming before he pulled out of her, and Gloria sank down on her belly, red-faced with shame. She wished she hadn’t lost control of herself like that, for now the two men were giving her knowing grins. Their opinion of her was confirmed — that she was a natural whore.

“My turn,” John said eagerly.

Gloria moaned, but she knew there was no way out of balling both men. John flooped onto his back beside her, his seven-inch dick pointing at the ceiling and drooling a steady stream of bright bubbling juice. Tom sat on the edge of the bed to watch, grinning wickedly.

“Sit on me, Gloria,” John ordered.

Gloria blushed hotly. It was the most exposed position he could possibly have chosen. With her sitting on his cock, both men, could see everything, from her big bouncing boobs to the wet red flesh of her pussy. But there was nothing she could do about it. Miserably Gloria got up and squatted over the dark-haired doctor.

“Okay, get it in,” John panted.

He didn’t make a move to help her, just lay there with his big stiff prick sticking up. Gloria, still blushing furiously, brought her soaked little cunt mouth down onto the huge hard purple head of his cock. Her cunt was so juicy with jelly and twat-juice and come that she had no trouble at all taking his big long dick. It slid swiftly and easily up her creamy little hole, butting her womb.

“Ahhhhhh,” John sighed. “Nice and hot. And WET. You are one super piece of ass, baby.”

His words were merely humiliating to Gloria. She not only had to endure his crude remarks, but there was Tom sitting just a foot away, ogling her wobbling boobs and watching John’s thick pale meat slice deep between her plump pink pussylips. She’d never felt so embarrassed in her life.

“Don’t just sit there, Gloria,” John said with a leer. “Fuck me.”

“Fuck yourself,” Gloria snapped.

“Now, now,” John clucked, “you do want to go to that party, don’t you? So put on a good show for us, honey. You do the work. Ball me.”

For a fleeting moment Gloria wondered if that New Year’s Eve invitation was really worth the price she was paying. Then she imagined herself accepted into the group at last, being friends with all those rich and glamorous young people. Yes, it was worth anything, even this humiliation.

She began to move. She worked her slim hips up and down, sliding her drenched hot cunt up and down the thick hard pole of John’s cock. Her big full breasts wobbled steadily, and there was that lewd slurping noise again as John’s big dick reamed the juice out of her tight little box. Both men were chuckling softly.

“Good girl,” John laughed. “Just fuck me nice and hard. I’m sure you know how, Gloria.”

Gloria tried to shut out his mocking remarks and Tom’s wicked grin. She just concentrated on her job, which was to bring John off as quickly as she could. She jerked her pussy up and down faster and faster, her hot cream gushing out to soak his belly and balls. The faster she moved, the better it felt.

“Now that’s service,” Tom laughed.

“Too bad you didn’t think of it,” John grinned. He just lay there with his arms folded behind his head, watching the lovely auburn-haired divorcee as she fucked him. He seemed especially turned on by watching his own pale thick cock slicing in and out between her drenched plump cunt-lips. Soon his eyes took on that glassy, horny look, and he was moaning softly.

“Yeah, fuck me, Gloria,” he sighed. “Use that nice hot box of yours. Christ, that’s good.”

Gloria was beginning to agree. At first she’d just felt humiliated at having to sit in that exposed position and do all the work. But gradually she came to dig the thick thrusts of his long hard prick, and she knew she wouldn’t have any problem coming again. She might despise the two men, but her horny little cunt wasn’t that particular?

“Jesus,” Tom sighed, “I’m getting horny again just watching this.”

“That’s what it’s all about,” John laughed. “We can keep going all night this way.”

Gloria moaned. It was fun fucking him, yes, but she didn’t enjoy the idea of doing it all night. She tried even harder to bring him off, hoping he wouldn’t be able to get another cock-stand. But then there was the problem of Tom. Glancing over at him, she saw that his thick pale prick was hard again, standing right up and hugging her belly.

Come on, doctor, get off! Gloria thought urgently.

She was working her red-hot juicy cunt as fast and hard as she could around his swollen meat, and though he was obviously enjoying it, he didn’t seem anywhere near coming. Gloria tightened her powerful young cunt muscles, hoping to squeeze him into a climax. His eyes rolled, he moaned hoarsely — but he didn’t come.

There was only one more trick she could think of to bring him off. She reached down between her own thighs and cupped his hot swollen balls. She massaged the throbbing bags in her hot little fist, still working her drenched little box furiously up and down the steel-hard pole of his cock.

“Oh, Christ,” John yelped. “I’m coming — but you’re coming with me, baby?”

He reached out and seized her clit. Just as Tom had done, he kneaded the slick little bud furiously. The trick worked. Just as Gloria felt his come sizzling up her cunt, she exploded into orgasm, rocking violently over him, moaning and wailing.

“EEEEE,” Gloria shrieked.

She lost her balance and tumbled off his belly, writhing and sighing on the bed. The last of his hot sticky come jetted into the air. But she’d hardly begun catching her breath before Tom was grabbing her and pulling her to him. Gloria saw no point in resisting now. She rolled onto her back, opened her legs, and let him crawl on top of her. Tom rammed his new hard-on into her savagely and began to ball her hard and fast.

Then out of the corner of her eye Gloria saw John frantically pumping his limp cock.

She moaned. Damn John, he was trying to get it up again. Maybe he wasn’t kidding when he mentioned fucking her all night. As she gasped under the brutal deep plunges of Tom’s thick meat, she watched John busily frigging himself. To her amazement and disappointment, he had his cock stiff again in less than a minute.

“Hey, Tom,” he panted, “I’ve got an idea. Roll her onto her side.”

Tom obeyed, rolling so that he and Gloria were on their sides and face to face. The next thing Gloria knew, John was snuggling up to her back and easing his rock-hard prick between the taut crease of her ass. She gasped in shock. The damned fool was trying to push his dick up her cunt, right along with Tom’s cock.

“Nooooo,” Gloria wailed.

But there was no stopping the two hotly aroused men. Tom thought his friend’s idea was amusing, and he pushed right along with John as the dark-haired doctor wedged the big swollen head of his cock into Gloria’s snug but slick cunt-mouth. Then she felt her searing-hot little box being slowly stuffed with two swollen pricks. She was, too stunned to resist.

“Some fit, huh?” John sighed.

“Tight as hell,” Tom moaned.

To Gloria’s amazement, they actually did it, both thrusting their stiff cocks all the way to her womb. She waited to be torn, stretched, hurt — but all she felt was a dizzying wicked excitement. She couldn’t help it, it was a powerful turn-on to take two cocks at once. And to her surprise, it felt GREAT.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered, “YES. Yes, do it to me.”

“You like it, baby?” John panted.

“You dig taking two cocks?” Tom sighed.

“Oh, my God, yes,” Gloria whined, “it feels fantastic.”

That was all the encouragement the two men needed to start balling her like mad, thrusting their thick cocks in unison, reaming and stuffing her blazing-hot little cunt. With all that delicious friction, Gloria started to come right away, and she didn’t stop coming for the few furious minutes they were fucking her.

“AHHHH,” she moaned, “do it again. More. Oh, yes, yes, YES.”

But the two men were too excited to last very long. As Gloria’s convulsing cunt squeezed and milked their deep-thrust pricks, they bellowed and shot their loads. The sizzling come overflowed her tight little twat and gushed out to make a huge puddle on the bed. Then John and Tom rolled away from her to gasp for breath. Gloria felt deeply ashamed — she’d lost control of herself again, even gotten off on taking two pricks at once.

“Well, that does it for me,” Tom sighed.

“Yeah, I’m fucked out, too,” John panted.

They got up and dressed, while Gloria still lay naked on the bed, catching her breath and trying to overcome her deep humiliation. She knew she was turning into a tramp, an utter slut, yet she seemed helpless to control her lusty impulses.

“Well, thanks for the fuck, baby,” John said coolly as he and his friend headed for the door. “And in case I don’t get a chance to talk to you at the party, Happy New Year.”

“Thanks,” Gloria said dully, “thanks a lot.”


When it came time to dress for the New Year’s Eve party, Gloria decided not to be demure. At other parties she’d dressed modestly, in a vain attempt to please the other women. Tonight she’d wear exactly what she pleased, which meant something that would make the men’s eyes pop.

She chose a skin-tight silver jumpsuit, backless and cut so low in front that her belly button was visible. The outfit did the most to show off her deep ripe cleavage and big thrusting tits and pert little ass. She wore matching silver shoes with four-inch heels. If the other women at the party didn’t like it, to hell with them.

Gloria studied herself in the mirror before leaving and was satisfied that she looked spectacular. When she arrived at the Taylors’ house, the party was already in full swing. John Taylor took her coat and managed to give her a weak smile. He was just about to slip off into the crowd when his wife Nancy, slender brunette, walked up and looked Gloria in the eye.

“Uh, excuse me, dear,” John said hastily to his wife, “I’d better get back to our guests.”

Nancy Taylor didn’t reply, just kept staring at Gloria. Gloria waited tensely for the woman to speak. She expected the same nasty remarks she’d gotten at other parties. It didn’t matter, of course. She’d just keep on trying to be accepted. But she wanted to get it over with.

“I want to apologize,” Nancy Taylor said at last.

“WHAT?” Gloria said, gawking.

“I’m afraid we’ve all been terribly unfriendly to you since you moved onto the block,” Nancy went on. “Of course it’s because you’re single and attractive. But now I realize you can’t help that. Have a good time, and when I’m not busy I’ll try to introduce you to some of the other women.”

Nancy marched off, and Gloria stood there stunned. She could have cried with relief. Looking around, she noticed that the other women were giving her the usual freezing looks. But at least she had a foot in the door, at least she had one potential friend. Maybe with Nancy Taylor’s help she could finally be part of the group.

The next person to approach her was Howard Ross, the shy little accountant who’d been her first conquest in the neighborhood. He still wasn’t much to look at — skinny, sandy hair thinning, horn-rimmed glasses a little askew — but at least he wasn’t treating her like an outcast. He gave her a timid smile as he walked up.

“You look awfully happy,” he said.

“I am,” Gloria said. “Mrs. Taylor just apologized for the way everyone’s been snubbing me, and she said she’d try to help me make friends. It’s just what I wanted, what I’ve been working for.” Gloria ended enthusiastically, but she saw a strange look coming over Howard’s face, a look of cold cunning.

“We need to talk, Gloria,” he said. “Let’s go where no one can hear us.”

Gloria followed him, puzzled, as he led the way upstairs and into a spare bedroom. She wasn’t surprised that he kept glancing at her gorgeous figure in the tight silver jumpsuit. She knew he was powerfully turned on to her. But why did he want a secret conference? What could the shy little accountant have to say that was of any importance?

Howard shut the bedroom door and faced Gloria, flushed but determined. “I’ve tried to forget about you,” he said, “but I just can’t. I have to have you again, Gloria. It’s driving me crazy. Please, let’s make love now. No one will miss us from the party.”

“Howard, I wouldn’t dream of doing that,” Gloria said. “This is my big chance to make friends. I wouldn’t risk making it with another woman’s husband right here at the party.”

“But that’s just my point, Gloria,” Howard said. “If the other women find out you’ve been balling their husbands, they’ll never make friends with you. In other words, if you don’t want me to start telling people that we’ve fucked, you’d better go to bed with me right now.”

For the second time that evening Gloria gawked. She couldn’t believe that the meek balding accountant had summoned up so much nerve.

There was only one possible explanation — Howard Ross wanted her so badly that he couldn’t control himself. And, damn him, his plan was a good one. She couldn’t risk him telling anyone that they’d been to bed. It would spoil forever her chances of making it into the group.

“Howard, how can you?” she said, breaking into tears of frustration. “This is my big chance. I can’t risk being caught up here with you.”

“It would be an even bigger risk if I talked,” Howard said grimly.

“Well, come over to my house later,” Gloria said. “I’ll make love with you again, but not now.”

“No, Gloria,” the skinny little man said determinedly, “NOW. Fuck me right now, or I’ll go start telling people about us.”

It was no use, she couldn’t talk him out of it. Brushing back her angry team, Gloria unzipped her silver jumpsuit and stepped out of it. Howard ogled her in her black lace bra and panties. Gloria just wanted to get the whole thing over with, so she quickly removed her bra, exposing her big pale tits, and then skinned out of her skimpy panties, showing him the delicate auburn curls of her muff.

“All right, Howard,” she said coldly, “go ahead and get what you want. But make it quick, please. I want to get back to the party.”

Howard didn’t reply, he just beamed. Obviously he’d been thinking about her for weeks, aching to go to bed with her again. Gloria could imagine some of the horny fantasies he’d cooked up. Sighing, she walked over to the bed and lay down. Howard began undressing as fast as he could.

He was just as unattractive as she remembered, bony and pale and practically hairless. His skinny four-inch cock was fiercely erect, though, hugging his belly and drooling a steady stream of juice from its swollen purple head. His little red balls were swollen up, too, taut and full. When he was naked he came trotting eagerly over to the bed.

Gloria wished she felt even a spark of interest in balling him. She didn’t like taking a stiff cock when her cunt was dry and unprepared. But she was pissed off at him and had never been attracted to him in the first place. All she could think of was getting it over with and getting back to the party where Nancy would introduce her to people.

“Would you do something special for me, Gloria?” Howard said, practically panting. “It’s something my wife won’t do. I’d like to try it so much.”

“As long as it doesn’t take much time,” Gloria sighed. “Let’s just get on with it, Howard.”

“Fine, fine,” he purred, “this shouldn’t take long at all, not the way I feel. I just wanted you to be on your hands and knees, Gloria. You know, uh, dog style.”

Gloria breathed a sigh of relief. She’d thought he meant something really outlandish like hanging from the chandelier. She quickly crouched, sticking her pert little butt up in the air, and Howard jumped into the bed and knelt behind her. To her relief, he didn’t waste any time. He fitted the small hard head of his cock to her small cunt-mouth and eagerly pushed into her.

“Ahhhhh,” Howard sighed, “wonderful.”

Gloria couldn’t quite agree. She found the whole thing rather boring. But at least his skinny little dick didn’t hurt her as it eased into her tight dry box. Howard pushed till his drooling cock-head touched her womb, then started to fuck her in quick rough strokes. As before, he reminded her of a horny rabbit.

“Eeeeee,” he squealed.

Gloria was glad he was so excited. That meant it wouldn’t take him long to come. Presently the steady rough jabs of his cock began to feel mildly pleasant. She was always more or less horny these days, and she certainly didn’t mind a good fuck. As long as she had to ball him, she decided to treat herself to an orgasm.

“Harder, Howard,” she sighed. “Do it to me a little faster, please.”

“Anything you say, Gloria,” he panted, clearly pleased that she was starting to enjoy his cock.

He dutifully fucked her faster and harder, and Gloria really started to get off on it. Why not take advantage of this fuck, even if she didn’t like the guy? One or two good comes would keep her mind off sex for the rest of the evening, and that would be an advantage when she started to mingle with the guests. She tightened her moistening cunt, seeking more delicious friction from his jerking cock.

“Ummmmm, yes, that’s better,” she sighed.

“Good for me, too,” Howard moaned.

He sounded like he was going to shoot his load any second, so Gloria tightened her red-hot box even more, till his slender four-inch dick was stuffing and reaming her almost painfully. It was just the push she needed. She felt a violent orgasm exploding in her belly, rocking her with dizzying waves of pleasure.

“Oooooo, YES,” she wailed.

Howard felt her cunt gripping his meat and gushing hot boiling cream all around him. As her lush body shook before him, he lost his last shred of self-control, yelped shrilly, and began to shoot his load. They came together, squealing and moaning and writhing.

It was only as their spasms died away that they realized they were not alone in the room. “Oh, my GOSH,” Howard gasped.

Gloria just stared. Not five feet away, grinning, standing with his back against the door, was Jim Dale. Judging from his expression of wicked glee, he must have been standing there and watching almost from the beginning. Howard quickly slipped his limp wet cock out of Gloria’s flooded twat and started grabbing up his clothes.

“Jim, old buddy,” he said nervously, “I can explain. I mean, there’s no need to tell anybody about this.”

“Oh, relax, Howard,” Jim said, cutting him short. “Everybody gets a little piece on the side now and then. I wouldn’t dream of telling. You just run along now and enjoy the party. I have to talk to Gloria.”

“Sure, sure,” Howard mumbled, hurrying into his clothes and racing from the room.

Gloria had rolled onto her side and was just looking at Jim Dale. She had a feeling there was no point in putting on her clothes. When Howard left, Jim closed the door again and indulged himself for a moment in admiring Gloria’s lush naked body. He still had that expression of wicked glee.

“Well, you got an early start this evening, didn’t you?” he said at last.

“It wasn’t my idea,” Gloria grumbled. “That little creep blackmailed me into it.”

“Oh? How?” Jim said.

Gloria told him the whole story of how Howard had threatened to broadcast her secret affairs unless she balled him right then and there. “Tonight of all nights,” she concluded angrily, “he has to pull something like that.”

“Actually,” Jim said with a leer, “I think it’s a pretty good idea.”

“WHAT?” Gloria squawked.

“I think I’ll do the same thing,” Jim said cheerfully, starting to take off his clothes. “I’m pretty horny tonight, and I could use a quickie. Besides, you’re all ready to go. So I’m making the same deal Howard did.”

Gloria moaned. She wanted urgently to get back to the party and start meeting people, but first she’d have to fuck Jim Dale. There was no way out of it unless she wanted him to go around telling people that they’d fucked — and that would forever spoil her chances of making friends with the neighborhood women.

“All right, dammit, let’s get it over with,” she said angrily. “But make it quick, Jim. I want to get downstairs.”

“You got it, baby,” he laughed. “I have a feeling it’s gonna be mighty quick.”

He tugged down his shorts, and Gloria saw that he had a huge hard-on. No doubt he’d gotten it while watching her and Howard fucking. He walked over to the bed, his swollen cock weaving heavily before him, and grabbed Gloria by the ankles. Standing at the side of the bed, he drew her legs up over his broad shoulders.

“Just a little variety,” he laughed.

Gloria didn’t care how they did it, just so long as it was quick. She lay with her back on the bed and her legs draped over his shoulders, her tight red slit lewdly exposed. Jim plunged his thick hard meat into her come-soaked little cunt, not bothering to be gentle. He quickly pushed all the way in, then began balling her in hard deep strokes.

“Tight and hot like always,” he sighed. “You really are a great little fuck, baby.”

“Never mind the compliments,” Gloria sighed. “Just do it and let me go.”

“Oh, Gloria, you’re so romantic,” he mocked.

Jim chuckled.

After that they didn’t talk. Jim was too intent on getting his rocks off. He fucked her hard, steadily, almost brutally. Gloria was enjoying it more and more as the seconds passed. She loved the way his thick rock-hard cock fully stuffed her greedy little box with each deep plunge, loved the way his steel-stiff pole rubbed her sensitive little clit.

“Ummmmm,” she sighed.

“Finally digging it, are you?” Jim grinned. “Well, hang on, baby, it’s gonna get even better.”

Sweat began to bead on his forehead as he humped her harder and harder, his big cock slamming into her juicy little twat with a lewd wet sucking sound. Even the naughty noise aroused Gloria, who was never immune to the pleasures of a stiff steady fucking. Soon she was hovering on the delicious wave of orgasm.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck meee,” she whined. “Just a little more, Jim, please. Just a little more.”

“It won’t be much more,” he gasped. “I’m just about to shoot. Dammit, Gloria, your cunt’s so frigging HOT.”

Luckily for Gloria she started coming just then. It wasn’t a moment too soon. As her body rocked in the delicious convulsions of climax, Jim’s eyes rolled upward and he yelped and began to fill her gripping twat with sizzling-hot come. They bucked and moaned together for a few moments, and then he staggered back, his limp dripping prick popping from her flooded box. Gloria curled up on the bed with a satisfied sigh, catching her breath.

“Well, thanks, baby,” Jim said casually as he got into his clothes. “See you downstairs.”

“Umm-hmm,” Gloria sighed.

Jim opened the door and John Taylor tumbled into the room.

“What the hell?” Jim laughed.

Dr. Taylor blushed. “I’m afraid you caught me peeping,” he said.

“You mean you were looking though the keyhole?” Jim said, barely able to contain his glee.

“That’s about the size of it,” John said, getting to his feet and brushing some dust off his suit. “I heard strange noises coming from the room, so I took a peek. Then, needless to say, I found it hard to stop looking. Sorry about that.”

“No biggie,” Jim laughed, “just as long as you don’t tell anybody what you saw.”

“My dear fellow, of course not,” John said.

“Well, I gotta run,” Jim said. “See you both later. And have fun.” He went out, closing the door behind him.

“And just what did he mean by that?” Gloria snapped.

“What do you think?” John said, starting to take off his clothes.

“Oh, NO,” Gloria wailed, “not you, too?”

“That’s the price you pay, my dear,” John said as he continued undressing. “You want to get to the top of the heap, but it isn’t a free ride. You have to pay your dues. So if you don’t want any of your new friends to know what you’ve been up to, you’d better take care of me, now.”

Gloria pounded the bed with her little fists, totally frustrated. She wanted so much to be downstairs at the party, with Nancy Taylor introducing her to people and instead she was going to be upstairs balling Nancy’s husband. There was no way out of it. Sighing, she resigned herself to losing a few more minutes before she could return to the party.

John Taylor approached the bed naked. By now his huge seven-inch dick was familiar to her, and Gloria wasn’t especially aroused by the sight of the heavy weaving pole of pale flesh. She’d already had two powerful orgasms that night, and she wasn’t very horny any more. But she dutifully rolled onto her back and opened her legs.

“Uh-uh,” John said, “not that way. I want something different tonight. Remember what you started doing in my office?”

“I’m afraid I don’t,” Gloria said wearily.

“Then I’ll remind you,” he said with a wicked leer. He got onto the bed and lay down on his back, his rigid cock sticking straight up from its thick nest of black hairs. The head of his prick seemed as big as a doorknob to Gloria’s dizzy gaze. It was leaking huge bubbles of hot cock-juice.

“Suck me off,” he said.

Gloria moaned. If she had to blow anybody, why couldn’t it have been Howard Ross with his skinny little prick? Why did it have to be John and his monster cock? Her lips ached just thinking about it. But there was nothing to do but get it over with.

“All right, John,” she sighed, “but please try to come fast. I want to get back to the party.”

“I’ll do my best,” he grinned.

Gloria knelt beside him, her big tits almost brushing his belly, and opened her mouth wide. She fitted it around the massive purple head of his cock, then slowly sucked inward, taking his oozing prick-head fight into her throat. His furry balls came to rest against her chin. Her mouth was almost achingly stuffed. Grimly she started to work, sucking hard and fast on his stiff thick meat.

“Ahhhhhh, yes,” John sighed, “that’s it. Suck me hard. It shouldn’t take long.”

Gloria sincerely hoped not. Her jaws were already sore from the vigorous sucking and wide stretching. She kept at it, her auburn hair flying, and John sighed with pleasure, his eyes rolling wildly, his red tongue darting out to lick his lips. His tasty cock-juice gushed out to pool on her tongue.

“Yes, my God, yes,” he moaned. “Suck that dick, baby. SUCK IT.”

Gloria put all her remaining energy into her blowjob, sucking even faster and harder on his steadily drooling dick. Glancing up, she saw that his face was flushing with lust, and she figured it wouldn’t be long before he came. But just then the bedroom door opened.

“Hi there,” said Stan Wells.

Gloria froze just as she was, John’s cock lodged deep in her mouth, and John growled, “Stan, what the hell do you want?”

“I just want to join the fun,” Stan said, walking over to the bed. “You two just go on with what you’re doing. I won’t be in the way.”

John was too horny to wait. “All right,” he groaned. “Go ahead, Gloria.”

Gloria was hunched over him, her adorable little ass sticking up in the air, as she wearily went on with her blowjob. Then she felt something hot and hard and sticky pressing against the tiny mouth of her asshole. Stan Wells was kneeling behind her, grunting and pushing, trying to stick his swollen prick up her ass.

“UMPH!” Gloria exclaimed.

Before she could do anything else, Stan succeeded in popping his thick throbbing dick up her tiny tight bumhole. John saw what he was doing and held Gloria’s head in place so she couldn’t escape. What followed was a simultaneous rape of her mouth and asshole, two cocks pounding mercilessly at both ends of her body.

At first Gloria panicked, feeling sure that Stan’s thick meat would rip her little brownie and that John’s jerking cock would thrust right down her throat. But she forced herself to relax and take it, and soon she discovered that it didn’t hurt. In fact there was a kind of wicked excitement in taking two pricks at once, one pounding frantically over her tongue, the other eagerly reaming her gripping bumhole.

With all that kinky action, it didn’t take the two men long to come. Gloria herself was just getting off, having the strange sensations of an orgasm radiating from deep in her asshole, when John groaned hoarsely and filled her mouth with thick salty come. Stan was right with them, bellowing with pleasure and shooting his load up her deliciously snug asshole.

Moment’s later Gloria found herself alone on the bed as the men hurried into their clothes. “I think you ought to keep something in mind, Gloria,” John said. “If you do get into our social set, you’ll always be paying the price. Don’t think that Stan and I and the others will give you up. You’ll have to keep paying your dues — and I know you understand what I mean.” Gloria understood all too well.


After Stan and John left the room, Gloria got slowly into her clothes. Her body was bruised and sore from all that fucking, but her state of mind was even worse. She knew that John was right. If she ever did break into the group, she’d have to pay a very high price — being the unpaid whore of any man who wanted her.

After dressing and fixing her hair and make-up, Gloria went downstairs and looked for Nancy Taylor. When she found her, Nancy hurried over and said, “Gloria, where have you been? I’ve been wanting to introduce you to some people.”

Gloria sighed deeply and said, “Nancy, I want to thank you for trying to be my friend, but I’ve finally realized that all of you were right in the first place. I don’t really belong here. I’ll be moving soon. Right now I don’t feel very well, so I’ll be going. Thanks for the party.”

Nancy’s face was a mixture of regret and relief, but Gloria knew the relief would win out. Nancy was simply nicer than the others, but she’d be gad to see the problem of Gloria disappear. And at this point Gloria was glad to go. She finally saw the group for what it really was — a bunch of selfish, cruel, boring snobs. No way did she want to be part of it, not any more.

But what DID she want out of life? Gloria pondered that question as she went home, changed into a comfortable old terry-cloth bathrobe, and made herself a double whiskey on the rocks. She thought of all the possible things she could do, all the ways she could live and always she kept coming back to the same answer — Eddie.

She remembered how peaceful and pleasant it had been when she and Eddie were married. He wasn’t rich or well-educated, he wasn’t anybody important, but he was gentle and honest and caring. She knew now she’d been a fool not to stay with him. Her silly snobbishness had driven her away from the marriage, but now she saw how hollow her ambitions had been.

Of course it wasn’t just her striving for social importance that had led to the divorce. An even bigger factor was the dull and routine sex life she had with Eddie. But perhaps that could be changed. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to see her ex-husband again. But it was New Year’s Eve, and no doubt he was out celebrating. Maybe he even had another girl by now. Gloria didn’t know. She hadn’t seen him in six months.

“Oh, hell, why not take a chance?” she asked herself.

She picked up the phone and dialed Eddie’s number. He answered on the second ring.

“Gloria, honey,” he said, sounding surprised and happy, “great to hear from you. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, Eddie,” she said. “I just wondered how you were doing. I’m surprised I found you home. I thought you’d be at some party.”

“Naw, I didn’t feel like it,” he said. “But what about you? How come you’re not out?”

“I was, for awhile,” Gloria said, “but I didn’t feel like it, either.”

“I imagine you’ve got a steady boyfriend by now,” Eddie said wistfully.

“No,” Gloria answered, “nobody serious. And you?”

“I’ve dated a few girls since you left,” Eddie said, “but nobody serious.”

Gloria took a deep breath and said, “Well, look, Eddie, if you’re really not doing anything tonight, it’s still early. You could come over here and keep me company. I know that doesn’t sound too exciting, but…”

“I’m on my way,” Eddie said, cutting her off.

Gloria hung up with a big smile. She was very relieved to know that Eddie hadn’t found anyone else. The only question was, could their relationship be patched up? That would involve a lot of heavy changes for Eddie. Gloria still loved him, but she couldn’t go back to him unless he learned to be a decent lover.

He arrived soon after, carrying a chilled bottle of champagne. Gloria had already laid out snacks, and they sat on the couch and ate and drank the champagne and chatted. Gloria’s heart pounded. Eddie looked just as good as ever. In fact to her lonely eyes he seemed sexier than when they’d first met. He didn’t seem to mind her looks, either, even though she was still in her old bathrobe.

Eddie Benson was just six feet tall, heavily muscled from years of mill work, his face tan and ruggedly handsome. He had thick brown hair with just a trace of silver around the sideburns. He was wearing jeans and a blue denim work shirt and heavy boots, the same clothes he always wore. He’d never owned a suit.

That outfit used to bug Gloria, but now she didn’t mind it at all. She realized that she’d been the phony one in their marriage. She just hoped Eddie could forgive her and take her back, but she felt too shy to approach the subject. She kept on chatting about unimportant things — until at last Eddie interrupted her.

“Honey,” he sighed, “what happened to us? Why did we ever split up?”

“It was my stupid ambitions,” Gloria said. “That and another thing. But it’s so hard to talk about, Eddie.”

“I know what it was,” he said grimly. “I’ve done a lot of thinking since you left. It was the way I made love. I was a Goddam bore in bed, and I know it.”

He took a deep breath and went on, “I always came too fast. I always did it the same old way. I didn’t pay any attention to how you felt. I don’t blame you for leaving me, Gloria.”

“Well, darling,” Gloria said eagerly, “things don’t have to be that way any more. You can change.”

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” Eddie sighed. “I don’t know any other way to make love, Gloria. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Well, I would,” Gloria purred.

She took Eddie’s hand and slipped it inside her robe. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and his palm came to rest on one of her big round warm tits. They both blushed. Eddie had rarely touched her boobs during their marriage. But now, taking his cue from Gloria, he let his hand rest on her silky-smooth tit. She became instantly excited.

“This is a start, Eddie,” she said huskily. “It’s important to take your time when you make love, get the woman warmed up. There are lots of little things you can do to get a woman excited.”

“I know I was always too quick,” Eddie said, still blushing slightly. “But I didn’t know what else to do besides just ball. Go on showing me, honey. Show me all that stuff you were talking about — the ways to turn a woman on.”

Gloria’s heart knocked. This was just the opportunity she’d hoped for — that Eddie would be ready and willing to learn about foreplay. It had taken seven years of marriage and a divorce to shock him into a change, but perhaps the lost time was worth it. Gloria was certainly willing to try changing him.

“Just play with my tits, Eddie,” she said softly. “Just do whatever feels good.”

“I always wanted to,” he confessed, “but I thought you wouldn’t like it. I thought you’d think I was being kinky or something.”

“Wrong,” Gloria sighed. “Oh, Eddie, I wanted you to touch me so badly.”

Eddie couldn’t doubt the sincerity in her voice. He slipped her robe down off, her shoulders and left her naked to the waist. He admired her big swollen tits with their pretty little strawberry-pink nipples. He began to squeeze and caress the satiny pale flesh, and Gloria slumped back against the couch, sighing and submissive.

“Yeah,” Eddie said hoarsely, “I always wanted to do this.”

Gloria couldn’t talk for the moment. She was too excited. It was like a dream come true to have her own handsome husband playing with her naked tits. Eddie might not have much experience, but his touch was just right, hungry and possessive without being rough. Her big creamy-white jugs were so sensitive, too, responding even to his lightest touch.

“I’ll show you what else I wanted to do, too,” Eddie said shyly, “but you let me know if you don’t like it.”

“Eddie,” Gloria chuckled, “I have a hunch I’m going to like everything you do tonight.”

He grinned and lowered his head till his hot moist breath was tickling her big sensitive boobs. Gloria saw his wet red tongue dart out, and then he was licking her soft pink nipples, his hot tongue tip darting from one pink bud to the other. The light teasing touch drove her wild. She felt her pussy starting to get hot and moist and swollen.

“Ohhhhh, Eddie, I like that,” she sighed.

“Good,” he muttered, “I was afraid you’d be turned off. But let’s see how you like this.”

He captured one soft pink nipple between his lips and slowly sucked the tender little bud fully into his mouth. Gloria held her breath as she felt her supersensitive nipple entering the searing heat and wetness of his mouth. Then she sighed deeply and reached out to run her fingers through his hair. He started sucking on her nipple, gently but steadily.

“That’s lovely, darling,” Gloria sighed. “I like it very much. You could even do it harder if you want.”

Apparently he did want to, for right away he was sucking loudly and wetly on her dainty pink nipple. The extra suction and pressure made Gloria hotly excited, and she felt the response in her pussy, a sudden creaming, and a fierce burst of heat.

“Ummmmm, yesss,” she sighed.

She and Eddie could feel her soft little nipple going slowly stiff and hard on his tongue. He released it and dived for the other nipple, giving it the same loud greedy sucking. Gloria panted and sighed as she felt the second nipple hardening into erection in his hot wet mouth. But when Eddie released the rigid spit-soaked bud, he was blushing again.

“Guess I got a little carded away,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Gloria said. “There was nothing wrong with what you did, Eddie. I love it.”

“Well, it isn’t very masculine, sucking on a tit,” Eddie said. “I mean, I don’t suppose a real man would go for something like that.”

“Eddie Benson,” Gloria said firmly, “you listen to me. A real man does whatever makes his woman feel good. I think a real man is concerned with somebody beside himself. There are men who just want to get their rocks, but they’re not real men. They’re selfish bastards.”

“Well, I guess I’ve been told,” Eddie laughed. “Okay, baby, if that’s how you feel, why don’t you show me some other ways to turn you on?”

“I’d love to, Eddie,” Gloria said gleefully. “Why don’t you take my robe off?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Eddie laughed.

He untied the belt of her robe and quickly slipped it off and dumped the garment on the floor. Gloria was wearing just her skimpy black lace bikini panties. Eddie’s blue eyes widened lustily as he studied her beautiful nearly-naked body. Gloria was delighted to see that he still obviously wanted her.

“You’re even more gorgeous than I remembered,” he said. “But tell me, teacher, what do I do next?”

Gloria grinned, grabbed his hand, and slipped it under her panties so that he was touching the warm soft fur of her muff. She pressed his palm down, then released it, showing him what she wanted. Then she took away her own hand, and Eddie kept up the gentle pressing and releasing. That delicate massage of her bush sent little shivers of pleasure all through her pussy.

“You never used to touch me down there, Eddie,” she sighed. “Why? Did you think it was wrong? Didn’t you want to do it?”

He massaged more firmly on her little auburn curl patch and said, “Oh, I wanted to. But like I said, I didn’t think it was manly to play with a woman. Now I know better. But I’m still not sure what to do.”

Gloria gave him a mischievous grin. “Why don’t you do whatever you want to?” she said. “I’m sure you’ll find something that I like, too.”

“Okay, here goes,” Eddie said.

He slipped his hand lower into the crotch of her panties till he was touching the moist searing-hot flesh of hot naked pussy. Gloria was instantly excited, and her horny little cunt leaked a little trickle of cream into Eddie’s palm. He felt it and looked up at her in surprise. Gloria nodded, telling him, YES, it did feel nice.

Encouraged, Eddie began exploring her whole hot pussy with his fingers. He touched, the firm little bud of her clit, the swollen red lips of her pussy, and the creaming tight mouth of her cunt. He even fingered the small clenched mouth of her asshole. Gloria sighed deeply, enjoying every second of his touching.

“This really feels good to you?” Eddie said.

“Ummmmm, yes, I love it,” Gloria sighed.

He reddened but said determinedly, “Well, honey, there’s something I always wanted to do, but I was afraid you’d be shocked. I — well, I wanted to look at your pussy.”

“Why, Eddie, that’s no problem,” Gloria said eagerly.

She started tugging down her panties, and Eddie helped her. When they’d shucked the little garment, Gloria lay down on the couch and opened her legs wide, bending them back at the knee, fully exposing her moist red gash with its dainty fringe of auburn curls. Eddie looked between her legs and gawked.

“You look just as much as you want, darling,” Gloria purred.

He stared and stared. He’d never had the chance to study a pussy before, and was making up for lost time. Finally he reached out and placed a fingertip against the slick hot button of her clit. He began to rub the little fleshy lump, and Gloria sighed blissfully, letting him know he’d chosen a good spot.

“You dig that, huh?” Eddie said with a grin.

“UMMMMM,” Gloria replied. “You could bring me off doing that, Eddie. My clit is very sensitive.”

Her words encouraged Eddie to go on gently and steadily rubbing her hot little love-bud with the tip of his finger. But the rest of his fingers were busy, too. He tickled and explored the swollen red lips of her pussy. He rimmed and probed the tight wet mouth of her cunt. He rubbed and reamed the small wrinkled mouth of her asshole. He was touching her in all the right places, and Gloria responded with blissful sighs and the steady creaming of her cunt.

“You learn fast, Eddie,” she sighed. “You’re getting me really hot.”

“Well, I wanta learn more,” he said with a grin. “What else can I do to get you ready? What’s all this stuff I hear about giving head?”

It was Gloria’s turn to gawk. Eddie was so old-fashioned and uptight in his attitudes about sex, she’d never dreamed he’d want to go down on her. But it would improve their love-making enormously if she could teach him to do it. There was nothing she liked better than to have her pussy eaten.

“Well, darling,” she said, “you just use your tongue instead of your fingers.”

“That simple, huh?” Eddie said. “I guess I’ll give it a try.”

With amazing speed he was kneeling between her wide-open thighs and dipping his face into her steamy little crotch. Gloria waited tensely, fearing he wouldn’t like the experience — and then she gasped with dizzying pleasure as she felt his slick hot tongue tickling over the creamy sensitive flesh of her slit.

“Oh, God, yes, Eddie,” she whined, “YES. Lick me, darling. I LOVE that.”

Encouraged, Eddie zeroed in on the moist little lump of her clit and began tickling and lashing the juicy little bud with the stiff tip, of his tongue. Gloria moaned in ecstasy. This was the way she’d always wanted Eddie to make love to her, with prolonged and delicious foreplay that would make her really eager for his fucking.

Eddie quickly discovered the places where she was most sensitive. He found that he could make her squeal with delight when he tongued her clit. He found that he could make her moan hoarsely and cream like mad when he tongued into the steamy folds of her pussylips. He discovered that she went wild with pleasure when he probed her tight hot cunt with his thick tongue-meat.

Then to Gloria’s wonder and delight, she felt his stiff hot tongue tip easing right up her tight pungent asshole. She couldn’t believe this was HER Eddie, boldly and eagerly reaming her snug little brownie with his tongue. But she had the evidence right there in the violent pleasure she felt as his slick tongue-meat filled her eager bumhole.

“Eeeeee,” Gloria squealed: “Yes, yes, darling, put your tongue up my ass.”

Eddie responded by thrusting his tongue clear to the root in her red-hot brownie. Gloria gushed a huge load of steamy cunt-cream into his face, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. He worked his tongue furiously in her gripping asshole, fucking her with it, driving her wild with pleasure. It was all she could do to keep from coming — but she wanted to save that for later.

“Darling,” she panted, “that’s enough. I don’t want to come yet. Stop and let me do something for you.”

Eddie raised his drenched face from her cream-soaked pussy and grinned lustily at her. “Do something for me?” he said. “I thought I was supposed to be getting you ready.”

“It works both ways,” Gloria said, starting to unbutton his shirt. “I can do nice things for you, too.”

Eddie certainly didn’t fight her off as she removed his clothes. He just relaxed and grinned, obviously anticipating some fun. Gloria didn’t intend to disappoint him. She got his clothes off and stared hungrily at his powerful body, hair-matted chest, and stiff-standing eight-inch cock. But she only allowed herself a brief glance before swinging into action.

She pushed Eddie onto his back and quickly dipped her head down, taking his monstrous thick cock all the way into her steamy-hot mouth.

“Awwwww, Jesus,” Eddie moaned.

Gloria sucked his big handsome dick as fast and hard as she could. She was making up for all those frustrating years when she’d yearned to go down on him but had been afraid to ask. She could tell Eddie was enjoying hell out of it. He whined and bucked and moaned, and his tasty cock-juice bubbled out onto her tongue.

Gloria added to his pleasure by reaching down and cupping his big swollen red nut sacs. She gave them a gentle but steady massage, and Eddie’s prick leaked even more hot thick cream. Gloria’s fiery-hot saliva boiled around his drooling dick, and she couldn’t seem to get enough of his delicious cock-juice. She swallowed it as fast as it poured from his swollen prick.

But then Eddie was gently pushing her away. “I love that, baby,” he said hoarsely, “but I don’t want to come that way. Not this time. All that foreplay is real nice, Gloria, but right now I wanta fuck.”

“I’ll go along with that,” Gloria said with a wicked grin, “but not in the same old way. Let’s try this.”

She leaped up to straddle his belly, bringing her eager soaked cunt down on the big hard pole of his cock. She slid all the way down the thick implement in one delicious thrust, taking his huge hard cock-head clear to her womb. Of all the men she’d had, Eddie was the best hung. His fat eight-inch prick felt marvelous in her hungry little twat.

“Fuck me, Eddie,” she whined.

He grinned and reached up to cup and mold her big bouncing breasts. His cock started to move in her, slowly and teasingly at first, then with increasing speed and force. Gloria moaned ecstatically as she rode his big jerking prick. Her powerful young cunt muscles gripped his meat, and her red-hot cream boiled around him.

She had just one last worry. What if Eddie came too soon, like he’d always done in the past? It was so damned frustrating to get all hot for him, feel his marvelous big cock inside her, and then have him shoot his load before she could get off. All the foreplay in the world couldn’t make up for a disappointment like that.

Four orgasms later Gloria realized she had nothing to worry about. “Eddie, you devil,” she gasped, “you’re going to fuck me till I can’t walk.”

“That’s pretty much what I had in mind,” he grinned.

It was a slight exaggeration. As Gloria was rocking and wailing with her fifth climax, Eddie yelped and shot his steamy load into her. They writhed and moaned together a few more moments, then snuggled in each other’s arms. They didn’t have to talk about the future. It was understood that they’d be together from now on.

“By the way, darling, Happy New Year,” Gloria said. “But what are we going to do now? It’s only midnight, and we’ve already balled.”

“Well, I thought we might have a nice game of checkers,” Eddie said. “But I’d really rather do it again.”

“Do what again?” Gloria said. But then, looking down at his hardening cock, she didn’t need an answer.

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