Family Turned On

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is perhaps the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of alcoholism, the use of drugs and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

FAMILY TURNED ON is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

FAMILY TURNED ON — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


“Fuck that prick up my pussy, Harry!” Diane Sanders screamed. “My cunt’s so hot! Aww, God, ream out my pussy with your big, fat cock!”

Panting and groaning, the thirty-seven-year old woman pounded her ripe ass off the mattress, making her enormous tits jiggle as she fed her pussy full of her husband’s prick. Harry’s cock was huge. His prick felt like steel inside her. Diane was sure she was going to cum as his swollen cock shaft chafed her elk with every stroke.

Rut still she wanted more. “Harder, Harry!” Locking her long, sleek legs around his midsection, she humped so furiously that the bed skittered on the bedroom floor. “My pussy’s so wet, it’s dripping on your prick! Harder, harder, fuck the shit out of me! I’ve gotta cum!”

Her handsome husband’s muscular body was coated with a gleaming sheen of sweat. He panted too as he fucked between his horny wife’s thighs, rhythmically emptying and filling her clinging cunt with his oversized prick.

As he fucked her, he stared into her gorgeous face, seeing the way her shameless, driven lust had contorted her expression. Her short, thick, brown hair was matted to her cheeks and forehead. Her huge D-cup tits quivered with every pounding thrust into her fuck hole. Her fat, rosy nipples were as stiff as little rocks. The sight made Harry horny. He dug his fingers into her succulent ass cheeks and fucked his beautiful wife as hard as he could.

“Yes, Harry, ye-ye-yessss!” Her words were like little mewled whimpers, desperate and girlish as her dark-haired pussy slit throbbed and sucked Harry’s fat cock. “Your dick’s going up my cunt, Harry! Oh God, it feels like it’s in my throat! Keep fucking me, my cunt’s burning! I’m just about to cum!”

She slung her creamy white legs up his writhing torso, lifting them until her knees nearly touched his shoulders, opening up her pussy passage completely for the fucking thrusts of his massive prick.

Now she felt like a fire had been lit in her cunt, burning through her loins, making her skin tingle, making her asshole pulse madly as the heat built inside her. Digging her long nails into her husband’s shoulders, Diane clawed hard as the fuck lust built to a climax deep inside her buttery pussy.

“I’m cumming now!” she cried. She moved her humping ass in a blur, tirelessly slamming her horny cunt onto his cock. “Fuck meeee, lover! My pussy’s creaming! It’s cumming on your cock! Fuck me, Kenny! Kenny, Kenny, fuck my cunt! I’m cuuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy spasmed violently, milking hard on the aching stiffness of her husband’s huge prick. Harry couldn’t hold his wad. He fucked his cock meat relentlessly into his wife’s cumming cunt, wincing as his jism-laden balls bounced on the crack of her ass.

Diane moaned in shameless pleasure as a heavy stream of cock juice flooded out of Harry’s throbbing prick, spurting torrentially into her pussy. It kept on gushing into her, soothing the burning walls of her cunt, filling her pussy tunnel with hot, sticky cum.

Diane whimpered and let her legs fall as her husband’s cock slowly softened in her pussy. The load of cock cream rushed out of her belly, dripping out of her hairy cunt slit and forming a puddle on the bed.

But when she opened her eyes, Harry’s face wasn’t as happy as it usually was after he savored the sucking pleasure of his wife’s pussy. Instead he was looking at her suspiciously.

“Why did you say that?” he asked softly.

“Say, that?” Diane shook her head and looked at him curiously. “Say what, honey? I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Kenny. You said ‘Fuck me, Kenny,’ Diane. You said it when you were cumming.”

For a split-second, Diane looked up at her husband in open shame, feeling a hot blush spread through her cheeks. Kenny was the name of their youngest son.

“I… I don’t know, Harry,” she stammered. “I really don’t I have to talk to him about his schoolwork. Maybe I was…”

“You mean you think about Kenny’s schoolwork when you’re having an orgasm?”

“Harry, don’t look at me like that!” Diane said defensively. “It was just a slip of the tongue! Slips of the tongue don’t mean anything! Now let me alone! God, what a mind you have!”

Harry studied her face a moment longer, then lowered his head and kissed her deep, milk-white cleavage in apology. “Okay. Sorry, honey.”

“I hope so! Now if you’ll just move over, Mr. Suspicious, I’m going to go to the bathroom and clean up. You really shot off that time, Harry.”

Harry chuckled and made room for his wife as she crawled out of bed. He was tired after such a good fuck, too tired to notice the significance of her closing the bathroom door, which she almost never did after they fucked.

Inside the typically suburban bathroom, Diane was quivering as she looked at her voluptuous body in the full-length mirror. Kenny. She’d said it, her son’s name. She had to watch herself, Diane told herself, absolutely had to! She could never slip up like that again.

Her crimson silver-dollar-sized nipples were stiff and crinkled from her husband’s sucking. Diane put her hand between her legs and felt the hot cum bubbling in her red, ravaged pussy. How much she wished it was her son’s jism, her sweet youngest boy’s huge prick that had invaded her wet, horny cunt.

Diane did want to fuck him. It was a desire that she’d told herself she could never confess to her husband, and certainly one that she could never bring to life. Some fantasies just weren’t meant to come true.

Kenny was her middle child, a tall, slender, shy youth with a boyish face and longish, sandy-blonde hair. Diane had wanted to fuck him ever since she’d seen the lump of his cock growing in his pants.

She had two other children, Penny and Mike. Diane didn’t know why, but Mike had never appealed to her as much, and she had to admit that she hadn’t given him as much love while he was growing up. A star football player in college, he was so big and muscular that he sometimes frightened her, his own mother. Mike was as bold and arrogant as he looked, too. Kenny was much gentler, much more lovable.

And much more fuckable. Sitting on the toilet seat, Diane slid her hand up her luscious thighs; she whimpered under her breath as she stabbed two fingers into her curly haired pussy. Then she started to jack off, humping her ass lightly off the toilet seat, massaging her hard clit with her thumb.

Sometimes she spent whole days thinking about Kenny’s lean, slender body, his golden haired thighs and his sinewy ass cheeks. She wanted to squeeze that hard young ass while she dropped her head into his crotch opening her mouth wide… filling her mouth with his beautiful, big prick.

The desire to fuck him had worsened as he grew older. Now she’d even called out his name while fucking Harry. Diane was afraid of what her desires might make her do next.

Why did she have to be this way, she thought miserably. Her husband made a fantastic living, even in a recession. Their sprawling two-story home was everything she’d ever dreamed of, with separate bedrooms for each of her children. At thirty-nine, she still had the beautiful face and voluptuous, big-titted body that had won her homecoming queen honors in high school.

Men were always whistling at her, always getting big hard-ons when she wore a sexy dress. If she wanted to cheat on Harry, she could have had her choice of any frustrated husband in the suburbs.

But she wanted Kenny. She wanted her own child.

Fuck me, Kenny, Diane thought. She couldn’t say the words aloud, but there was no harm in hearing them in her mind. Her enormous tits jiggled lightly as she started to hump her ass off the toilet, grinding her wet, hairy pussy onto her fingers.

Oh, Kenny, I want it bad. Your mother wants your big, fat prick. Fuck me, Kenny. Fuck me. Fuck your mother’s sweet, burning cunt.


Diane awakened early the next morning to do some housework and fix breakfast for her family. At six that morning, with only a pale gray light filtering through the blinds, she climbed out of bed and covered her nakedness with a robe, knotting it around her slender waist with the sash. Then she went into the kitchen.

She put on the coffee and opened the refrigerator for some cream, but she hadn’t slept well, and she was sleepy enough to knock the carton of half-and-half onto the floor.

“Shit,” Diane murmured. She looked around the kitchen for the mop, but realized that she’d left it in the kids’ bathroom the other day when cleaning upstairs. Frowning, Diane padded barefoot through the living room and walked up the stairs.

But as she turned down the hallway towards the bathroom, Diane noticed something. Her son Kenny’s bedroom door was open. Only partly open, but enough so that she could see him lying on the bed.

On his back. He was naked. His cock was sticking up. He had an enormous hard-on.

Passing his door, Diane stopped dead in her tracks. For several seconds she stared in shock through the open door, unable to believe what she was looking at. Kenny was fast asleep, his eyes closed and his lips curled in a dreamy smile. He had apparently kicked the covers to the foot of the bed while dreaming.

It was apparently a very sexy dream, because his cock was as hard as a rock. His prick stood out from his balls and cock fur, rising over his stomach, the prick knob pulsing lightly over his navel.

“Oh, shit,” Diane whispered. “Oh fucking God, oh fuck…”

Her son’s naked body was as lean and desirable as she’d ever hoped; Diane wanted to suck and lick every inch of him. And his prick was huge. His cock wasn’t quite as fat as his father’s, but his prick was every bit as long, and Diane almost came as she imagined that long, throbbing cock shaft fucking her buttery cunt.

For so long she’d hoped secretively for glimpses of Kenny, desperate to see his prick in the raw. And here it was, right in front of her. She couldn’t believe her good fortune. Diane couldn’t have asked for a better view of her son’s prick.

Stop, Diane, her conscience told her. This is wrong. Stop now. Turn away.

But she didn’t. Her pussy was beating like a heart, flooding her cunt slit with so much fuck juice that she could feel the slick stuff on her inner thighs. Diane’s fingers trembled as she lightly pushed open the door. She tiptoed across Kenny’s bedroom and stood at the side of the bed, her huge tits heaving under her robe as she stared at his huge hard prick.

Up close she could see the thick vein on the swollen underside of his prick. The cock knob was wonderfully fat, spongy and a deeper pink than the shaft of his cock. His balls were huge and hairy; Diane moaned as she thought of how much cum they contained.

A drop of pre-cum glistening on his piss hole, pearly and thick, was ready to drip down the stone-hard cock shaft of his cock. Then, before her eyes, Kenny’s prick started to twitch and throb in his sleep.

“Oh, fuck,” Diane whispered again. “Oh, Kenny, oh fuck…”

His eyes were tightly shut. Diane’s hand trembled as she dropped it until her fingers touched the throbbing shaft of his cock. Diane felt as if she’d fallen into a trance. She watched herself as if from a distance as she closed her fingers tightly and gently around the swollen shaft of her son’s prick.

His cock felt big and hot and good. Shuddering, the horny mother closed her fingers in a fist around the throbbing center of his prick. Kenny stirred, but he gave no sign of awakening. Blushing with shame and fear, Diane hornily began to beat his meat, stroking and milking the quivering stiffness of his cock.

“Cum, Kenny,” she whispered. “Cum for me. Cum for your mother…”

Kenny’s big cock throbbed violently in her fist, growing even longer and fatter. Then a huge geyser of thick white spunk sprayed from the tip of his prick, shooting over his stomach.

It splattered on his tawny, muscular chest in a torrent. Diane whimpered and beat his meat fast and hard. A lewd smile curled her son’s mouth as he came in his sleep. The white jism jerked out of his cock again and again, until only viscous droplets of cum oozed from the tip of his prick.

“Mmm,” Kenny murmured. His eyelids started to flutter.

Diane hurried out of the room, pausing in the hallway to shut her son’s door carefully and quietly behind her. Kenny hadn’t awakened. She’d gotten away with giving him a hand job.

But her pussy was juicing and burning so hard that she could barely stand it. Diane stuck her fingers in her mouth, tasting the musky flavor of her son’s cum drippings. Her cunt throbbed violently, wetting her inner thighs with the sticky flow of her fuck juices. She needed a big stiff prick in her mouth immediately.

The breakfast and morning coffee were forgotten. Diane hurried down the stairs, already tearing, open her robe to reveal her dripping cunt and huge jiggling tits. She entered her bedroom and rushed to her sleeping husband.

Harry was on his back, with his over-endowed prick forming a sumptuous lump under the sheets. He always got a nice boner when he was asleep, Diane thought. He called it a piss hard-on, relieved by his first trip to the bathroom upon awakening.

But he wasn’t going to have a chance to relieve it that way now. Diane shrugged off the robe, leaving herself naked. She pulled the sheets from her husband’s body, exposing his iron-hard prick.

His cock was even bigger than Kenny’s, but she knew that now it was only a substitute for the cock she craved. Diane crouched on the bed at her husband’s side and wrapped her fist tightly around the center of his huge, steely prick. Then she furiously started jacking his cock, whimpering as she pumped her hand up and down the swollen thickness of his cock.

“Umph…” Harry frowned in his sleep, then opened his eyes and looked at his wife in sleepy befuddlement. “Diane…”

“Wake up, Harry,” Diane hissed. She beat his meat as hard as she could, rhythmically hammering her fist up and down his throbbing prick. “I’m horny. I need to give you a blow job. Wake up so I can suck your big fat cock!”

Then she lowered her head, pressing her lips to the crimson knob of his hard-on. Harry slowly awakened completely as he watched his gorgeous wife open her mouth wide, stuffing her lips with the twitching length of his cock.

“Diane, you’re so horny this morning,” he murmured. “I can’t remember the last time I saw you like this.”

“Shut up,” Diane whispered harshly.

She returned her mouth to his hard-on and gurgled shamelessly as she sucked even more of his prick down her buttery throat. Her lips closed in a tight suctioning circle around his prick. Furiously she started sucking, caving in her cheeks to increase the pressure around his cock meat.

“Unh!” Harry was wide awake now, wincing as his massive cock pulsed in his wife’s mouth. “Oh shit, honey!” Eagerly he started humping his ass, thrusting his cock into her mouth. “You’re turning me on! Suck it, baby! Suck the cum out of my rod!”

Diane sucked his prick like a woman possessed, shutting her eyes and thinking of nothing but the fat, hot pulsing prick clogging her lips. She fantasized about Kenny’s magnificent cock as she gave her husband a blow job, imagining him writhing beneath her, his huge prick trembling as he shot off thick spurts of jism down her throat.

Slurping and sucking noisily, Diane wrapped her hand tightly around the root of Harry’s hard-on. She started to jack his prick as she sucked on the cock knob, steadily pumping the loose flesh of his prick. Her tongue pushed into his piss hole, lapping up the cum drops that were starting to ooze up from his balls. Then she rolled it all over the glistening crown of his cock, tantalizing the tip of his prick.

“Gonna cum,” Harry gasped. He thrust his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her thick brown hair. “Suck harder, honey!” He rocked his ass off the mattress, fucking his prick in and out of her pursed lips. “Jesus, you’ve never given me a blow job like this before! You’re sucking the cum right out of me!”

Diane’s cunt ached as she anticipated the salty spray of jism, squirting down her throat as she wished she’d been able to swallow Kenny’s load. Puckering her cheeks sharply, she sucked Harry’s cock harder than ever, thinking of nothing but the impending explosion of fuck juice.

“Aw, baby!” Harry grimaced and arched his hips off the bed, stuffing his wife’s mouth with his cock… “Cumming, baby, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The white stream opened his piss slit, spurting hard from the tip of his prick. Diane tasted the muskiness of his cum and nearly came as her husband did. Repeatedly the white jism exploded from his spongy cock head. She swallowed it all down, gurgling as she lapped and sucked up every drop of his thick cum.

Cum, Kenny, she thought. Cum for me, cum for your mother. Fill my belly with cum…

Harry grimaced and writhed helplessly on the mattress, almost pained by the violent intensity of his wife’s cock sucking. Diane didn’t release his prick until she’d drained his balls of fuck juice. Then, while his prick was still hard, she grabbed his cock in her fist and again began furiously pumping his slimy cock.

“Keep it stiff, Harry,” she whispered, almost threateningly. “Keep it stiff so you can fuck the shit out of me!”

“But Jesus, Diane! You just sucked me dry! I just woke up!” Harry protested. “Christ, you’re horny this morning! I haven’t seen you this horny in years! What in the world has gotten into you?”

Ignoring him, Diane released his cock and climbed quickly on top, straddling him with her knees planted on the bed to either side of his hips. She reached between her creamy thighs and grasped his cock, whimpering as she realized his prick was still long and stiff.

Then she lifted his cock and directed the puffy prick knob to her dripping pussy.

Her cunt was so wet that his prick went in like a knife cleaving through butter. Diane shuddered and closed, her eyes, pretending it was Kenny’s hard-on fucking into her cunt. Her enormous tits jiggled and swayed as she started humping her ass, stuffing her husband’s cock slowly into the clinging tightness of her cunt.

“Unh!” Harry felt his wife’s pussy muscles clasping around his prick, keeping it hard and horny for another cum. Forgetting his exhaustion, he started humping beneath her, driving his cock into the slippery sheath of her pussy. “Oh, Diane, your cunt’s so fucking wet! It’s sucking my cock! Work out, baby! Work out on my prick!”

“Fuck me, Harry,” Diane whimpered. “I’m so hot, I’m going to explode. Fuck me hard!”

She leaned forward, letting her enormous tits drag up his hairy chest. Her hips convulsively wiggled and bucked until she had every inch of his steely cock embedded in her churning pussy. Then her asscheeks jiggled as she feverishly started humping, fucking her burning cunt up and down his cock.

“Fuck me, Harry!” The bed shook as she bounced her ass, hammering her hairy pussy up and down on his prick. “Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! Fuck my cunt with your huge cock!”

Harry slid his hands up her sweating torso, then cupped the bucking cheeks of her ass. Grimacing, he hammered his ass off the bed to meet her strokes, fucking his swollen, blood engorged cock in and out of her throbbing cunt.

“Harder, Harry, fuck me hard!” Diane’s hips moved in a blur as she fucked her pussy on her husband’s cock. “I can’t stand it! Suck my tithes, Harry! The nipples are so stiff! I’ve got to cum!”

Harry opened his mouth, letting his lust craved wife move her melon-shaped right tit over his chin. He closed his lips around the huge, dusky pink cap and sucked hard, fucking his lips. Diane squealed as his tongue wriggled on the hardened, rubbery nipple, drawing it out, sucking it passionately.

“Cumming, Harry!” She clawed his shoulders and worked her pussy tirelessly on his prick, feeling the cum heat starting to churn deep inside her belly. “My cunt’s so wet! It’s cumming now! Can’t stand it, awww, Harry, fuck meeeee I’m cuummiinngg!”

The cum exploded through her pussy, making the walls of her cunt clasp tightly around Harry’s prick, flooding her pussy with fuck juice. Diane whimpered and slammed her cumming pussy onto her husband’s huge cock, wanting her cunt completely filled with dick meat as the spasms flooded her body.

It was one of the hardest cums she’d ever experienced, and she knew even as she was having it that it was because of her son. She was desperate to fuck him now, Diane realized. It was a desire she knew she would have to suppress, but she didn’t see how she possibly could.

“I’m making it, baby!” Harry cried. He released her huge tit from his lips and cried out as his cock grew to total stiffness in her cunt. “Oh shit, baby, take it, take my cum.”

The second load squirted out of his swollen cock head, spraying deep inside Diane’s burning cunt. Diane worked her pussy muscles, helping her husband drain off all of his load. But, as he came, she was dreaming of Kenny’s cum, wishing that she could feel his teenage load spurting in her pussy or gushing down her throat.


Diane’s youngest child Penny was slim and very pretty, with a lithe body and wide blue eyes and long blonde hair that fell halfway down her back. She looked very innocent and even younger than her years, which led her parents to think of her as just a little girl.

But Penny was growing fast. Her tits weren’t large, but they were full and shapely, and the large pink nipples showed through her bra when they were stiff. Her pussy mound was coveted with fleecy light brown hair, and the lips of her cunt were fleshy and fully developed.

Moreover, Penny was very horny, even hornier than most teenaged girls. Boys in her high school frequently asked her out on dates, and though she refused out of shyness, she fantasized about fucking them, about feeling their stiff cocks fucking her virgin cunt.

In the past year, she felt, she had become obsessed by stiff cocks. Secreted in her closet were several magazines featuring male nudes, and she looked at them when she fingerfucked her eager young cunt.

She thought men were fantastic looking all over, from their faces to their chests to their thighs. But, more than anything else, she wanted to see a stiff, long hard-on, to feel a cock throbbing in her hand and pussy, to taste a prick in her mouth.

It was a weekday afternoon, warm and sunny, the perfect day to be outdoors. Her father was at work, and both her brothers were out playing ball. The day was so nice that even, her mother had skipped the rest of the day’s housework.

Penny was all alone in her bedroom, and she was very horny. As she lay on her belly, she thought about sex, and again her mind wandered to stiff, throbbing pricks. Penny hornily started to hump and grind her ass, rubbing her pussy on the bed through her skin tight jeans.

Her history teacher looked like he was well hung. Sometimes he didn’t wear underwear, and sometimes Penny could see his cock swelling in his pants when he looked at her or another pretty girl. The tube of cock flesh seemed to stretch down his thighs… Penny whimpered and ground her hips harder on the bed.

Then she started thinking about her daddy’s cock.

Penny blushed shamefully as she thought of her father, but she got much hornier at the same time. She knew her daddy had a simply enormous prick. She’d never seen his cock naked, but she’d seen the shape of his cock through his pants, and his prick was obviously very long and fat. Penny’s pussy burned as she thought of taking her daddy’s cock out of his pants and rubbing his prick, making his cock grow stiff and hot in her little hand.

“Oh, Daddy,” Penny whispered. “I want you, Daddy. I want to suck your dick…”

Uncontrollably horny now, the teenage blonde grabbed the pillow and thrust it between her legs. Then she started dry humping it hard and fast, panting and groaning as the heat built steadily in her hairy virgin cunt.

“Well, well, well,” a soft voice said behind her. “Is this your idea of doing your homework, Penny?”

Penny gasped and rolled over. Standing before the bed was Mike, her tall, handsome older brother. His mouth was stretched in a knowing grin. That was a typical expression for him, Penny knew. Mike was a cruel, arrogant boy, and he always seemed to be leering wickedly at some girl.

“What are you doing here?” Penny murmured, blushing fiercely. “I thought you were with Kenny.”

“Well, I’m not, am I?” Grinning, Mike sat on the edge of the bed and looked at his sister teasingly. “Of course, you obviously thought I was with him. Or I wouldn’t have just caught you rubbing off your pussy.”

Penny started to deny the charge, but she stopped when she realized how obvious it would be to both of them that she was lying. All she could do was blush and lower her head in embarrassment. Then she felt Mike’s hand sliding up her leg, caressing her slender, shapely thigh through her tight faded jeans.

“You’re a horny little girl, aren’t you, Penny?” Mike whispered. “What were you thinking about?”

“Get away from me, Michael,” Penny protested shyly. “You can’t touch me like that.”

“Who says I can’t, Penny? What’s wrong with touching you? I don’t give a shit if you’re my sister.”

Then he thrust his hand between her legs. Penny tried to shut her thighs, but she was too late. Her brother cupped her steaming pussy through her jeans and rubbed her cunt lasciviously. Penny groaned as an uncontrollable heat spread through her wet cunt. “Ungghh… stop that, Michael…”

“You don’t want me to stop,” Mike said self-assuredly. “You like it. You’re a very horny girl. Tell me, Penny, have you ever fucked a guy before?”

Penny whimpered.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you? I’ll bet none of your little boyfriends has even seen you naked. Have they?”

Penny gulped and shook her head. Then her brother calmly undid her belt buckle and fumbled with the zipper of her jeans.

“Stop that!” Penny cried girlishly, trying to bat his hand away. “I’m not going to let you see my body!”

“Do you want me to tell Mom and Dad what I just caught you doing, Penny?”

The threat made Penny hesitate, and that gave Mike enough time to undo her jeans. The next thing the young virgin knew, her big brother was skinning them over her plump little ass cheeks, wriggling them down her long tapering legs.

Penny squealed and started to struggle, but Mike was much stronger than her. He literally ripped off her panties, gasping in surprise as he saw how much light-brown fur covered her teenage pussy.

“God, Penny, you’ve got a hairy little cunt, don’t you? And it’s all wet! You’re awfully horny today!”

“No, Michael, stop!”

Mike crouched between her legs, keeping her thighs spread. Calmly he pulled her jeans over her small feet, leaving her naked except for her jersey top. Then he slid his fingers up and down her pussy slit, feeling the wet fuck juices that clung to the pouting folds of her cunt.

“Ungghhh!” Penny blushed hotly as she felt lust flooding through her pussy. “No, Michael, no…”

“Doesn’t it feel good, Penny?” Grinning arrogantly, her older brother dipped a finger into her succulent young pussy and gently started to pump and wriggle it in the clasping folds. “Don’t you like feeling my finger up your cunt?”

“Ungghhh… oh, Michael.”

She did like it, better than anything she’d ever felt. Penny stopped struggling beneath him. Her legs spread, her ass wiggled hornily on the bed. Then she felt herself grinding and humping her ass cheeks, thrusting her pussy onto her big brother’s hand.

“Unhhh, Michael!”

“Yes, you’re just a horny little slut,” Mike crooned knowingly. “You like it when I play with your pussy. But I’ve got news for you, Penny. It feels even better when a man licks your sweet little cunt!”

He slid to his stomach between her creamy white thighs, holding her legs wide apart with his hands. Penny gasped as he dropped his head between her legs, gluing his lips to the fragrant juicing folds of her pussy. Then he started sucking her cunt, slipping his tongue between the curly haired lips of her pussy.

“Unngghhh!” A throbbing wave of pleasure seemed to gush through Penny’s body, making her sleek nakedness tingle from head to toe. “Michael, Michael…” She tried to fight the lust, but it was impossible. Soon she was humping her ass harder than ever, fucking her cunt all over his face.

“Do you want me to suck your pussy now, Penny?” Mike murmured huskily. “Say you want it, baby sister. Tell me how much you want my tongue in your cunt.”

“Suck meeee!” Penny gasped. Grimacing with shame and desire, she thrust her hands behind Mike’s head and pulled his face onto her throbbing cunt. “Eat meee! My pussy’s so wet! I want to cum!”

Mike took his hands from her inner thighs, realizing that it was no longer necessary to hold them apart. Brutally he thrust them under her hips, cupping the peach-shaped cheeks of her little ass. Then he started to eat out her teenage pussy like a wild man, fucking his tongue deep between the pulsing, pouting lips of her virgin cunt.

“Ungghhh!” Penny felt more and more fuck cream oozing from the depths of her fuck tunnel, making her cunt feel wetter, hotter and stickier than ever before in her life. “More, suck me more!” Mindlessly she clawed his neck, grunting and panting as she pumped and fucked her cunt onto his mouth.

Now it was Mike’s turn to grind his aching hard-on on the bed, as he reveled in the pungent aroma of his sister’s horny pussy. His tongue moved in a blur as he pushed it into her fuck hole, lapping up the cunt cream oozing from her throbbing pussy slit.

Her clit was protruding, rising from the protection of its fleshy hood. Mike slid his tongue farther up her pussy crack, teasing her by licking and kissing the underside of the sensitive little bud.

“Awwwww!” Penny’s expression contorted obscenely with lust as her big brother tongued the small button she always rubbed when jacking off. “Lick rue, Michael! My cunt’s so hot! I’ve gotta cum!”

Sighing with pleasure, Mike wrapped his ups tightly around her swollen clit. He sucked it gently but forcefully, sending waves of pleasure shooting through his sister’s writhing body.

He knew that he was going to give her a good fucking as soon as she came, and he wanted to loosen up her cherry pussy for his enormous cock. Pulling one hand from her bucking ass cheeks, Mike extended his fingers and dipped two into the flowering folds of her cunt slit.

Gently he pushed them inward, making his sister whine as her pussy hole stretched to accommodate his fingers. Then he had them all the way in, buried to the knuckles in her burning cunt.

Immediately he felt her pussy muscles clasping around them, clinging tightly, as if drawing them into her belly. Mike continued to suck her burning clit and pulled out his fingers until they barely separated her throbbing cunt.

Then he fucked them back in again and started to jack her off fast and hard, pushing them deeper inward with every thrust of his hand.

“Cumming, I’m cumming!” Penny’s ass danced madly off the bed as the exquisite heat built in her belly, making her cunt gush and her asshole throb as she prepared to cream in her brother’s mouth. “Keep sucking me, Mike! Unh, unh, my cunt’s so hot, it’s burning! I can’t stand it, I’m cummmmiiinnng!”

Her cum pumped through her pussy with earthshaking intensity. For a full minute, Penny writhed and bucked in horny ecstasy, pulling her brother’s hair, humping her cunt relentlessly onto his mouth. Her pussy petals throbbed and plumped out, and Mike’s lips were deluged with a thick flow of cunt cream, oozing from the depths of her cumming pussy.

He continued to eat out his sister until her cum had completely subsided. Then, licking stray pussy curls from his lips, he lifted his head and grinned at her wickedly.

“Now, try to tell me you didn’t like that, Penny.”

Penny was still very ashamed of herself, but she had to nod her head. Mike rose to his knees between her spread-eagled legs. Then she gasped as he pulled down his pants, showing her his stiff cock through his underwear.

“Sucking your pussy made me very, very horny, Penny,” he said. “My cock feels like it’s going to explode. I really want to fuck you now, but I’m not going to do it unless you want me to. Do you?”

Penny knew this was her chance to save her virginity, but she also suspected that Mike had known the effect his cock would have on her. Penny couldn’t take her eyes off his prick, the meaty cockshaft stretching the cotton of his shorts. It was the best look she’d yet had of a hard-on, and she was dying to see the rest of his cock, dying to feel his prick pushing into her wet little cunt.

“Yes,” she whispered shyly. “I want you to. Take off your underwear!”

Grinning, Mike rose from the bed. Unhurriedly he pulled off his t-shirt, showing his baby sister his hairy, muscular chest. He kicked off his tennis shoes and stepped out of his jeans, leaving himself naked except for his shorts, denying Penny the sight of what she wanted to see most.

Penny felt so helpless that she could only rest on the bed and tremble as she watched. Mike leaned across her and gently pulled up her jersey top, waiting until she lifted her head so he could pull it over her shoulders. Then he unfastened her bra, exposing her small, stiff-nippled tits.

“You’ve got nice breasts, Penny,” he said, then lowered his head to suck a stiff, rubbery nipple into his mouth.

“Unnggghhh!” Desperately horny, he lifted her hand and pawed his hard-on through his shorts. “Take off your underwear. I want to see your dick!”

Mike chuckled and stood beside the bed. “Take them off yourself, Penny.”

Penny rolled onto her side and grabbed her brother’s shorts. Her hands shook as she skinned them overt his hard-on. Then she gasped as his cock bobbed out free of confinement, standing straight before him like a length of iron pipe.

His prick was enormous, even bigger than the pricks pictured in her collection of dirty magazines. The cockshaft was long and fat and swollen, and the prick-knob was the size of a huge plum. The piss hole was open, and milky pre-cum dripped from it, failing luridly to the floor.

“Oh, fuck,” Penny whispered. All thoughts of conscience were forgotten as she stared hungrily at her big brother’s huge prick. “Let me suck it, Michael.” Wrapping her little hand around the shaft of his cock, she tried to draw the puffy, bloated prick-knob to her lips… “I want to put it in my mouth.”

“No, Penny.” Mike chuckled and pushed her hand away. Then he stripped his underwear the rest of the way down and climbed onto the bed between her legs. “You can do that some other time. Right now I want to put my cock in your cunt!”

He crawled into position between her spread eagled thighs, holding his throbbing prick in his fist. Penny stiffened as she felt the fat, shiny-skinned cock-knob press onto the buttery folds of her cunt. Already his prick felt enormous, and, as she looked at the rock-hard cockshaft looming between her legs, she couldn’t imaging taking all of his prick into her little cunt.

“Take it easy, Michael,” she pleaded. “I’ve never done this before.”

Mike smiled and rotated his hips, fitting his spongy cockhead securely between the pouting lips of Penny’s wet cunt. Then he contracted his asscheeks, slowly pushing his rigid hard-on into the clinging sheath of her pussy.

“Ungghh!” Penny bit her lip and winced as she felt her pussy petals stretching, tearing as they tried to accommodate the massive thickness of his cock. “Oh, Michael, it’s hurting me! Your cock is too big for my little pussy!”

“No it’s not, baby,” Mike murmured. He was having trouble controlling himself as his sister’s cunt muscles reflexively nipped and sucked the tip of his prick. “It’s just going to take a little while to get it all the way in.”

He pushed down hard, invading his teenage sister’s pussy with another half-inch of his cock. Penny shuddered and spread her legs wider. Then her big brother was fucking into her, stuffing inch after inch of his huge cock into the virgin sheath of her pussy.

“Unh! Unh, Michael! It’s so big!” Penny lifted her head and watched the veined cockshaft going into her cunt, whimpering continually as her pussy walls stretched and tore. “You’re hurting me! Your dick’s too big!”

“Just give it a minute, Penny,” Mike panted.

He kept on working his ass, and Penny watched as the length of cockshaft protruding from her pussy grew smaller and smaller. Then his prick was in to the hilt, embedded in the churning tightness of her fuck hole.

Penny moaned and let her head fall back to the bed. The only part of her body that seemed to have any sensation was her cunt; she felt her pussy throbbing like a heart, pulsing around the giant prickshaft fucking into her belly. Mike paused and groaned too. He’d never fucked a tighter pussy than his sister’s.

“Are you okay, Penny?”

“Yes,” Penny mewled.

“Does it still hurt? Do you want me to go on?”

Penny could feel a strange wetness in her cock-stuffed pussy, and she knew that it was blood seeping from her virgin cunt. But there was no more pain, and the pleasure replacing it was almost unbearably intense.

“No, it doesn’t hurt,” she said. “Fuck me!”

Penny wiggled her ass on the bed, gasping as her big brothers cock seemed to shift deep inside her hairy pussy. She lifted her legs as high as she could, completely opening up her cunt for the invasion, of his cock.

Then she started humping. Her bucking motions were awkward at first, making it obvious that, this was the teen’s very first fuck. But soon she was gyrating beneath him like a pro, hornily thrusting up her pussy for more cock meat.

“Fuck me, Michael!” She wrapped her arms around his brawny shoulders, pulling him close. “My pussy’s so horny! I want your dick!”

Mike laughed and lifted his ass, withdrawing his hard-on until only the cock-knob parted his sister’s bloody pussy lips. Penny whimpered and humped up her cunt for more prick. Slowly Mike fucked back into her, again filling her ravished cunt with every inch of his cock.

“Aww, yes, yes, yesssss!” Penny clawed his shoulders and whipped up her ass like a bitch in heat. “Gonna cum again, Mike! Fuck my pussy, fuck it as hard as you can!”

Mike pulled out his cock, then fucked it back in again. Then he started fucking her rhythmically, reaming out her curly haired pussy with long, driving strokes of his cum swollen cock.

“Unh, shit unh fuck haaarder, fuck me haaaard!” Penny’s frenzied whimpers and groans filled the bedroom as her brother fucked her cunt with his prick. “I love it, Michael! I’ve never felt anything this good before! Harder! It doesn’t hurt anymore at all! Aww yes, fuck the shit out of me!”

Mike slid his hands up her scissoring thighs, clutching the ball-bearing cheeks of her little ass. Then he started to fuck his aching cook into her pussy as hard as he could, filling her cunt to the hilt before withdrawing for the next thrust.

“Gonna cum now!” Penny shivered and grimaced as the lust flowered in her burning cunt slit. “Fuck me harder, big brother. Fuck me as hard you can! Unghh! Oh oh fuck yes! I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnnnggggggg!”

The spasms swept through her cock-filled cunt, making her pussy throb and burn with the ecstasy of cumming. Penny squealed and humped up her ass like a fuck machine, pounding her pussy furiously onto her brother’s prick. Even as she came she felt his cock growing longer and stiffer into her churning cunt.

“Oh shit, Penny,” he moaned. “I’m comming too! Ahh!”

He collapsed between her thighs, fucking his cock all the way in her sucking, gurgling pussy. Penny screamed as she felt the hot cum flooding out of his balls, spurting deep into her cunt, tilling her pussy with fuck cream. It was the first fuck she’d had and the first time a man had cum inside her, but she knew instinctively what to do. Twining her thighs around her brother’s back, she flexed her cunt tunnel, helping him drain all of his wad into her clasping, buttery pussy slit.


It was two in the morning, and Penny had an important exam in school the next day, but she couldn’t sleep. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d fingerfucked since Mike had popped her cherry that afternoon, but jacking off didn’t help.

The image of his enormous hard-on filled her brain, throbbing and stiff, swollen with blood and cum. Penny’s pussy was very sore from her first fuck, but her mouth watered for her brother’s prick. She was dying to suck him. It frustrated her that he hadn’t let her give him a blow job that afternoon. She was dying to wrap her lips around his steely cock, to feel his prick throbbing as he pumped hot jism down her throat.

Finally Penny couldn’t stand it anymore. It was so late that everyone else in the house was asleep. If Mike yelled when she woke him up, she’d just stick her hand over his mouth. She just had to suck his prick.

Naked, the horny teenage blonde left her room and padded barefoot down the hall to her brother’s, door. For a moment she was afraid he’d locked it, but she breathed a sigh of relief when the knob turned in her hand.

His bedroom was pitch black, but she could still see his bed across the room and his sleeping form under the covers. Penny shut the door behind her and tiptoed across his bedroom. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and flicked on the lamp on the nightstand.

Mike grumbled in his sleep as the soft light filled his bedroom. Then he awakened as his little sister pushed her hand under the covers, groping for his big, prick.

“Goddamn it, Sis,” he growled. “What do you think you’re doing in here?”

Mike was still too sleepy to resist as she rolled him onto his back and pushed the covers to the foot of the bed. His oversized cock lay on his thigh, still soft. Penny lifted and squeezed his prick luridly. Immediately his cock began to swell and twitch in her hand. Mike squinted at the alarm clock. “Goddamn it, Penny! It’s two in the morning!”

“I don’t care!” Penny said girlishly. “Please let me give you a blow job, Michael! I’m so horny! I couldn’t sleep just from thinking about your cock!”

Mike smiled at his sister’s eagerness and folded his arms behind his head. “Okay, Penny. If you want it that bad, my cock’s all yours!”

Sitting beside him on the bed, Penny tightened her fingers around her brother’s cockshaft and eagerly began to beat his meat. She whimpered as she felt his prick swelling in her fist, growing long and fat with blood. Soon it was as hard as stone. Penny released his prick and stared admiringly as the stalk of prick flesh throbbed and pulsed over his stomach.

“Oh, Michael, your cock is so beautiful,” she gushed. “I want to suck it so much!”

“Well, what’s stopping you, then?”

“I… I don’t know how. I’ve never done it.”

Mike chuckled and put his hand behind her head, guiding her down to the crimson knob of his prick. “Don’t worry, baby! I’ll teach you everything you need to know!”

The shiny-skinned cockhead was before her now, a half inch from her lips. Penny extended her tongue and experimentally touched it to his piss hole. A drop of pre-cum glistened there, and she lapped it up, moaning as she savored the taste of her brothers cock juices.

“You’re making me horny, Penny.” Mike’s voice was huskier, more insistent. “Start sucking.”

Penny pressed her lips firmly to the tip of his cock. His prickmeat tasted musky and salty, and her pussy creamed as she savored the feel of her very first cock on her lips. Penny held his throbbing boner in her hand and kissed his prick lovingly all over, sliding her tongue from the root to the tip of his prick.

“Start sucking, Penny!” Mike demanded, and he curled his fingers tightly in her long blonde hair. “Suck off my dick!”

Eagerly Penny opened her mouth wide and stuffed her lips with as much of her brother’s prick as she could take. She nearly gagged as the fat cock-knob pushed down her throat, but she quickly flared her nostrils so she could breathe around the thickness of his cock.

Hungrily her lips clasped the steely center of his rod. A deep-rooted feeling of contentment and security washed over the horny young girl as she filled her mouth with her brother’s cock. It was like being a small child again and sucking her thumb. But Mike’s fat prick tasted much better than her thumb ever had, and she knew that soon his cock would reward her with a torrent of hot, delicious cum.

“Don’t bite it now,” Mike said, wriggling on the bed. “Fold your lips over your teeth, honey. Just suck and suck hard!”

Obediently, Penny wrapped her lips over her teeth, preventing them from nipping the sensitive surface of her brother’s hard-on. Then she puckered her cheeks and furiously started sucking, sliding her tongue all over the heartshaped crown of his cock.

“Ungghhh!” Mike’s handsome, cruel face contorted with desire. Rapidly he realized what a natural cocksucker his baby sister was.

“That’s fantastic, Penny!” He pulled her hair and eagerly rocked his ass off the bed, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. “Suck harder now! Ungghh, shit, my balls are so full of juice! Suck the cum out of my cock!”

Penny sucked her brother’s cock wetly and loudly, shamelessly delighted as the slurping, smacking sounds of her own sucking filled the bedroom. Instinctively, she began to bob her head, fucking her face with his delicious prick.

His cock began to throb and grow stiffer in her buttery mouth, and fresh pre-cum oozed from the slit in the tip. Penny thrust her tongue in his piss hole to lap it up, making Mike’s prick twitch and throb violently between her lips.

“Jack me off, Penny!” Mike instructed excitedly. “Beat my meat while you suck on it!”

Sliding her hand up her brother’s hairy thighs, Penny again wrapped her fingers around the root of her brother’s prick. She started to jack on his cock wildly, pumping her wrist in a blur as she milked and tugged the length of his cock into her lips.

“Gonna cum, Penny!” Mike cried. He grabbed her head and forced her to suck up and down even faster. “Suck, suck hard! Play with my balls! Squeeze ’em! I got to shoot!”

As her tight hand violently jerked on his throbbing prick, Penny dropped her left hand between his thighs and cupped his hairy balls. The wrinkled sac was stretched by the two fat globes it contained, and they were so tight and swollen that Penny knew he was going to shoot a whole pint of cum down her throat.

“It’s burning, Penny!” Mike cried, as his prick swelled to total painful stiffness between her sucking lips. “Harder, suck as hard as you can!”

Penny did as he asked, clasping her lips madly around his burning hard-on, sucking so hard that her cheeks were flushed red with the energy of the cock sucking. Mike gasped, held her head and fucked his prick as far down her throat as he could.

Then he was cumming. A stream of thick, gooey jism shot from his piss hole and gushed down Penny’s throat. The first blast was followed by spurt after spurt of his salty, milky cum.

“Umph!” Penny gurgled delightedly as she tasted his jizz. Cum tasted even better than she’d dreamed. Her cheeks puffed out as she struggled to take all of his gushing load. Then she lewdly started slurping and swallowing, sucking and jacking his cock as she eagerly drank down all of her brother’s cum.

Finally his cock stopped spurting, but Penny didn’t release his cock until she’d cleaned every drop of jism from the surface of his prick. Then, to her surprise, she saw that his cock was still rock-hard, throbbing as stiffly as if he hadn’t cum at all.

“Oh, Mike, your cock is so wonderful,” she said breathlessly. “You’ve still got a big boner!” Penny brushed the hair out of her eyes and prepared to sink his fat prick back down her throat. “Let me give you another blow job.”

“No,” Mike said, pushing her head away. “Let’s try something a little bit different this time. Turn over, Penny. Lie on your stomach next to me.”

Penny was so horny that she did as her brother asked without questioning the request, wiggling her shapely little ass as she stretched out on her belly beside him. Grinning wickedly Mike crawled across the bed and opened the drawer in the nightstand. Penny pursed her lips curiously as she watched him withdraw a jar of Vaseline.

“My pussy’s not that sore, Michael,” she said softly. “You don’t need that stuff to fuck me.”

Mike unscrewed the led and looked at her teasingly as he tossed it to the floor. “Who said I’m going to fuck your pussy, baby sister?”

He separated her ass cheeks with his hands, exposing the tightly muscled ring of her asshole. Sticking his fingers into the jar, he withdrew a thick glob of the petroleum jelly. Penny realized what he planned to do to her as he smeared it all over her puckered asshole.

“No, Mike!” She struggled away from him. “Your cock’s too big to fuck me there! It’ll really hurt!”

“Not it’s not, and I really want to do it to you,” Mike said. “Now put those pillows under your pussy. That’ll lift your ass so I can slide in my cock. Come on, Sis. Do it!”

Penny was afraid of taking her brother’s prick up her asshole, but she was so much in love with his cock that she felt she had to do anything he asked. Fearfully she grabbed the two pillows and wiggled them under her pussy, lifting her rounded asscheeks for the invasion of his cock.

“That’s right. That’s a good girl.” Mike extended his Vaseline-slicked finger and pushed it into his sister’s asshole, making Penny grunt as he coated the inside of her ass tunnel with the jelly. “You’re going to like it, baby sister! You’re going to like it a lot.”

Then he coated his massive, stiff cock with the Vaseline, and then he tossed the container onto the floor…

“Hold your asscheeks apart,” he commanded. “I want to get in my prick.”

Fearfully, submissively, Penny grasped her asscheeks and spread them wide. A second later she felt the spongy knob of her brother’s cock pushing onto her asshole. His prick separated her tightly muscled ass ring, making her wince as she felt the first stab of pain. Then his cock was boring into her bowels, filling her rubbery asshole with inch after inch of his fucking cock.

“It hurts, Michael!” Penny gasped. She tried to wiggle away from him, but only wound up thrusting her asscheeks up to his cock. “Awww, it’s too big for my ass! You’re killing me!”

“Just give it a second, Penny,” Mike panted. “Just a second more.”

Half of his cock was embedded in her asshole now, and he winced as her exquisitely tight shiner sucked and dung to his cum swollen cock. Mike slid his hands under her slim rib cage, firmly clasping her small, firm tits. Then he started to fuck into her asshole much harder, stuffing the narrow fuck tunnel with the meaty thickness of his cock.

“Ungghhh!” Penny’s cheeks were flushed, and her face contorted in pain as her asshole was fucked by her brother’s burning prick. “Awww, Michael, stop it! It’s too big, you’re hurting me!”

“You’re going to like it,” Mike whispered harshly. Harder and harder he fucked into her, until his cock was buried to the balls in the forbidden heat of her asshole. “There! Now wait’ll I start to fuck!”

Pulling on her stiff nipples, he lifted his ass and made Penny sigh as his fat cock pulled out of her asshole. Then he fucked back in again, stuffing even more of his prick into her shit tunnel.

Then he started fucking her. In and out his huge cock fucked, seeming to fill her ass with every stroke. Helplessly Penny grunted and bit her lip, struggling to withstand the pain shooting through her ass. She felt submissive, like a slave girl. She had no choice but to submit to the cruel asshole fucking.

“Does it feel good now, Penny?” Mike panted. His hips contracted steadily, fucking her asshole in a steady brutal rhythm. “Don’t you like the way my cock feels rooting in your sweet little ass?”

Then Penny realized that it was true, that she did enjoy it. The pain had all but vanished, and in its place was an intense, throbbing pleasure. Her asshole seemed to have a will of its own now, throbbing and clutching, milking the steely hardness of her brother’s prick.

“Ahh, Penny!” Mike squeezed her tits and fucked her ass faster, rhythmically packing her bowels with his cock. “Your asshole feels so good…”

“Fuck me,” Penny squealed suddenly. She clawed, the sheets and started humping her pussy off the pillows, eagerly lifting her jiggling asscheeks for more of her brother’s cock meat. “You’re right, it feels good now, Michael! Ummm, I can feel my asshole sucking your dick. Fuck me Michael, fuck my asshole as hard as you can!”

Chuckling at his baby sister’s sudden eagerness, Mike quickened the speed of his fucking. In and out his bloated cock fucked. He looked down and watched the veined shaft of his prick fucking in and out of her tightly puckered ass ring.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” Shamelessly horny, Penny thrust her hand under her belly and groped through her pussy curls, squealing as she sank two fingers into her mushy cunt. “Unh, it feels so good! I’m gonna cum, Michael! Fuck my asshole as hard as you can!”

Mike panted and fucked his stone-hard prick furiously into his sister’s ass, wincing as her rubbery shit hole sucked convulsively around his cock. Feverishly Penny fingerfucked her pussy, fucking her fingers in and out of her gurgling cunt, rubbing her clit hard under her thumb.

“Cumming now!” she gasped. “Unhh, Michael, you fuck my ass so good! It’s burning, it’s burning on your fat dick! Fuck meeee, I’m cummiiiinnnngggg!”

It was an even harder cum that the one produced by her first fuck. Again and again the spasms swept through her naked body, pleasuring her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Her asshole throbbed insanely, clutching and sucking and milking her brother’s fucking cock. Her pussy juiced all over her fingers. Penny was barely conscious as her brother colapsed on top of her, ramming his big prick to the hilt in her rubbery little asshole.

“I’m cumming too, Penny!” he sighed. “Oh Christ, here it cummmmsssss.”

The white cum spurted out of his prick head, gushing deep into his baby sister’s ravaged asshole. Penny mewled as she felt her burning ass tunnel soothed by the salty stream of Mike’s cum. Hornily she contracted her ass muscles, helping him shoot out every drop of his spunk.

Neither of them noticed that the bedroom door was now slightly open, nor suspected that they were being watched.


They were watched by Diane, their mother. Ten minutes earlier she’d gotten up to use the bathroom when she’d noticed strange sounds coming from upstairs. Even as she’d tiptoed up the stairs, and the sounds grew louder, she never suspected that her children were fucking.

But they were. The horny housewife stood in the hallway and looked through the cracked door, watching Mike fuck his cock into Penny’s tender asshole. She stood transfixed even as he collapsed on top of her and his thick cum spurted into Penny’s ass guts.

Then Diane quietly shut the door and turned away. She felt as if she were in a trance as she hurried back downstairs to her bathroom. Her cunt was burning as hard as ever. She had to fingerfuck. She desperately needed to cum.

Mike’s body was lean and hard, and the cock he’d been fucking into Penny’s asshole was obviously a very large one. But Diane still didn’t feel aroused by him, or she had suppressed the arousal so well that she wasn’t aware of it.

What the act meant to her was that if Mike and Penny were fucking it wouldn’t be so extraordinary for her to fuck Kenny too.

Her boy. Her sweet, darling son.

Diane locked the bathroom door behind her and sat on the toilet. Throwing the halves of her robe apart, she rubbed her hands on her enormous, stiff-nippled tits, feeling their weight, imagining Kenny’s lips sucking them hungrily.

Then she thrust her hand between her legs. Diane dipped two fingers into her steaming pussy and started to jack off. But she realized shortly that her fingers wouldn’t be enough tonight. She needed the dildo.

It was under a bunch of towels in the cabinet over the sink, where her husband would be least likely to find it. Diane withdrew it from its hiding place and stretched out on the floor this time. She spread her legs and whimpered with pleasure as she slid the dildo slowly up her gooey, churning cunt.

Fuck me, Kenny, she thought. Fuck me, fuck your mother.

The dildo was long and thick, and it felt incredibly good as she fucked it into her hungry pussy. Diane was surprised as remembered images of Mike’s huge cock flooded through her mind. Mike was too big for her, too cruel. She didn’t want to fuck him. She wanted Kenny.

Or did she? Grunting, Diane bounced her ass off the cool tiled floor, feeling her pussy muscles suck needfully on the dildo’s plastic shaft. She didn’t know what she wanted anymore. She felt she was losing control of herself, that she was no longer responsible for her actions. Her darling son Kenny… Mike’s huge cock, pushing into Penny’s eager asshole all seemed to merge into one.

Fuck me, Kenny, Diane thought deliriously. I need you, Son. Fuck your mother hard.


That weekend, Kenny came down with a mild case of the flu. As Saturday and Sunday passed, Diane both feared and hoped that he would be too sick to go to school on Monday. Her fears and hopes came true; Kenny still had a mild fever, and Monday morning found Diane all alone in the house with her son.

She’d been doing everything she could to fight her incestuous urges for him ever since seeing Mike fucking Penny up the ass. Now the temptation was difficult to resist. Kenny was upstairs, naked under the covers. She had to fix him lunch and bring it to him. He didn’t have anyone to talk to except her. What if…

Diane suppressed the thought and put the finishing touches on a tuna fish sandwich. Then, carrying a small tray, she walked upstairs to Kenny’s room. Deliberately she had avoided dressing so she could continue wearing the bathrobe, knowing how easy it was to shrug her shoulders and make the halves gap open to expose her cleavage. She didn’t like to admit to herself how close she was to giving in to her forbidden lust.

“It’s me, darling. Lunch time,” she said, rapping lightly on his door. “Are you decent?”

“I’m just in bed,” Kenny replied. “Come on in.”

Diane entered her son’s room. Kenny was sitting up in bed, with the covers up to his waist. He was naked, and Diane had to force herself to take her eyes from his slim, leanly muscled chest. Already she could feel her nipples stiffening, could feel the anxious heat penetrating her hairy cunt.

“Tuna on wheat,” she said, putting the tray on the little stand next to the bed. Diane sat on the edge of the mattress and looked at him lovingly. “Lots of protein for you to get strong on. Did you have a nice sleep.”

“Aw, I slept for a little while,” Kenny murmured. “I really don’t feel that sick. It’s just that my nose is all stopped up.”

“Well, better safe than sorry. You could have taken the chance of going back today, but I think you were right to stay home. Nothing wrong with taking a few precautions…”

Diane abruptly stopped speaking. Something was different in her son’s face; he was looking at her a little strangely, almost nervously.

Then she realized that his gaze, wasn’t focused on her face. It was riveted to her enormous tits.

“Do you want me to get you a glass of milk to go with the sandwich, Kenny?” she asked nervously.

“Naw, I’m okay. I’ll eat it later.”

Eat it later. Eat her cunt… Diane was so horny that everything said seemed to have an obscene connotation. Her conscience told her to leave immediately, to go downstairs and fingerfuck some more if that would do any good. Kenny’s quick glance at her tits had turned her on more than anything, even seeing Mike fucking Penny up the ass. It meant that he was aroused by her. She was close to losing control.

A second later she knew that she’d already lost it, that she’d reached the decision to seduce her teenage son.

“How do you think you got your cold, Kenny?” she asked, deliberately moving her shoulders. The robe loosened; several more inches of deep, milk-white cleavage were exposed in the gap.

And Kenny looked at it, looked at it hard. “I dunno,” he said softly. “Maybe I wasn’t getting enough sleep.”

Sleep. Sleep with me… fucking me… “Well, you’ve never needed very much, have you, Kenny? Not like your brother.”

She shrugged her shoulders again, and the robe fell halfway open. Her huge D-cup tits were almost completely exposed, so much so that the sides of her dark-pink nipples peeked out.

Kenny was too busy staring at her tits to reply right away. Something was moving under the blankets, Diane saw. She almost gasped aloud when she realized it was his stiffening cock.

“I need about six hours.”

“You do, do you? Six hours?”

Diane didn’t dare move her shoulders again, but it was soon apparent that she didn’t have to. Kenny blushed as the bulge under the blankets grew and grew and grew. Soon it had formed a tent under the covers, pulsing too obscenely to be ignored.

“Why, Kenny,” Diane gasped. “Have I done something to excite you? You seem to have quite an… erection there.”

Looking embarrassed, Kenny lowered his head. “Sorry.”

“Well, there’s nothing to be sorry about.”

Diane was so torn with lust that her expression was cracking. She felt like she had no control. “It’s natural for boys your age to get such enormous, I mean, frequent hard-ons. Do you often get a stiff cock like that, Kenny?”

Her lust should have been obvious, but Kenny was too wrapped up in his own embarrassment to notice. “Yeah,” he whispered. “All the time.”

“It’s not healthy for you to go without a sexual release, Son. Don’t you ever masturbate?”

Kenny smiled shyly. “I do that all the time too. I don’t know. I just can’t stop being horny.”

Can’t stop being horny. Can’t stop being horny…

“Well, why do you have a stiff cock now, Kenny?” she said, her voice breaking. “Is it from looking at me? Your own mother?”

Kenny blushed fiercely and started to speak. Then he gasped as Diane thrust her hand under the covers and wrapped her, hand hungrily around the bloated thickness of his cock.

“Jesus, Mom!”

“Don’t lie to me, darling. I can feel for myself how stiff your dick is. You don’t have to feel ashamed of being horny for me. I am your mother. The least I can do is give you relief.”

The she pulled the covers down his thighs, exposing his huge throbbing cock. Kenny gasped as his mother furiously began to beat his meat, stroking and tugging the pink, veined flesh of his cock.

“Does that feel good, Son?” Diane asked, shaking all over. “Is that making your big beautiful prick feel better? You like my hand on your big, fat hard-on, don’t you, Son?”

Kenny groaned and let his head fall back to the pillow, giving in to the rhythm of his mother’s hand job. Diane stared at her fist pumping on his swollen cock. She could hardly believe that she was doing this, and all at once she felt incredibly ashamed. But she was much too horny to stop.

“What did I do to give you such a big, stiff boner, Kenny? Were you looking at my tits? Is that it?”

Kenny gulped and nodded his head. With her free hand, Diane pulled the halves of her robe apart completely. Her tits were enormous, pendulous globes hanging on her chest like melons, capped by silver-dollar-sized nipples crinkled stiff with arousal. The horny mother shook her shoulders, making her huge tits jiggle and dance. Kenny’s cock grew as hard as stone in her hand.

“Oh fuck, Mom! Oh, fuck!”

“Why don’t you touch them, Kenny?” Diane whispered. “You can even suck them if you want to. You can do anything to me that you want. I love you so much.”

Bending forward, Kenny opened his mouth and stuffed one stiff nipple into his mouth. Diane squealed as he sucked insistently, puckering his lips on the fat nipple as if he expected to draw milk. It only took a few seconds of his tit sucking to make her unbearably horny. Diane pushed his shoulders forcibly back to the bed and groped hungrily for his prick.

“That’s enough, Kenny.” Her voice was an obscene whisper as she pumped his raging hard-on faster than ever. “I’m going to suck your fucking cock!”

Dropping her head to his groin, Diane lavished his prick flesh with kisses as his cock pulsed warmly in her hand. Pressing her lips to the tip of his prick, she sucked in the hot cum juices dribbling from the glistening slit. Then she opened her mouth wide and gurgled with forbidden incestuous pleasure as she stuffed her buttery throat full of her son’s magnificent prick.

His cock meat tasted musky and hot, and Diane’s pussy creamed as she inhaled the aroma of his prick. Her cheeks contracted, sharply increasing the suction around his prick. She clasped her lips tightly around the center of his cock. Then he started sucking her boy’s prick as hard as she could.

“Ahh, God!” Kenny’s face contorted as he watched his mother give him head, feeling the wet pressure around his prick. “Suck it, Mom!” He thrust his hand behind her head and bucked his ass feverishly off the mattress, fucking his aching prick between her lips. “My cock’s so hard! Suck out my cum!”

Diane was in seventh heaven, gurgling and slurping noisily as she relished the taste and feel of her boy’s fat prick. For so long she’d dreamed of seeing and sucking his giant cock, and now her most lurid fantasies were coming true.

Deep down inside she knew that what she was doing was terribly wrong and that she would be horribly ashamed once the heat of the act was behind them, but that didn’t matter now. She’d given in, and all she wanted to think of was her son’s enormous cock, how his prick throbbed in her mouth and how good it would feel to gulp down his hot, sticky cum.

Diane began to bob her head up and down, making her huge tits jiggle and shake as she fucked her face with his boner. Kenny’s cock quickly grew longer and stiffer in her buttery mouth. Wrapping her hand tightly around the base of his cock, Diane feverishly began to jack as she sucked.

“Harder, Mom, gonna cum!” Kenny held her head with one hand and pawed at her pendulous tits with the other, pinching the stiff, rubbery nipples. “You look so fantastic sucking my dick! Unh! Suck harder, Mommy! I want to shoot!”

Diane took a deep breath through her nose and forced her head downwards, engulfing nearly two thirds of her son’s massive prick in the syrupy grip of her ripe lips. Her cunt was burning, itching and rhythmically pulsing as she savored the pleasure of giving her boy a blow job. She almost felt as if she could cum with his prick in her mouth.

Kenny’s face contorted, and his cheeks flushed brightly. He pulled his mother’s hair and started to writhe convulsively on the bed, unable to bear the violent pleasure of her cock sucking. Then his prick began to jerk and twitch madly in her mouth, and Diane knew she was about to swallow a hot load of rich cum.

“Suck me, Mommy!” His voice was an agonized, whining cry. “My cock’s so hard! Suck it, suck it, oh, Momma… ahhhhhh!”

Diane curled her tongue like a snake around the puffy, drooling knob of his hard-on. A jet of hot, sticky cum blasted out of his piss hole, spurting down her throat. She tasted the nectar of Kenny’s cum and hornily started gulping, determined to fill her belly with his fuck cream.

Diane’s husband had always been a heavy cummer, but the horny mother had never had to swallow a load like this. The violence of her son’s orgasm was incredible. Endlessly the salty, milky cum cream gushed out of his balls, rushing up his cock shaft and splattering her mouth.

Diane gurgled and whimpered as she swallowed, but there was more of his seed than she could ever take. Obscenely his cum bubbled out of her sucking lips, running down her chin onto her huge stiff-nippled tits.

“Oh, Son!” When the spurts finally subsided, Diane took his fat cock out of her mouth and milked his prick as she stared tenderly into his eyes. “You came buckets for me! Thank you so much!”

“Fuck me, Mommy,” Kenny moaned. His face was tortured with incestuous lust. “I really want you on top of me. I want to feel my cock in your cunt.”

Holding the base, Diane stared down at his prick. His cock was still rock-hard, as if he hadn’t cum at all. The sight and feel of his raging hard-on reminded her of how horny she was. Her pussy was dripping for her son’s cock meat.

Rising from the bed, Diane silently stripped off the bathrobe. Kenny gasped at the sight of his mother’s voluptuous body, running his eyes up her long, creamy legs, fixing his gaze on the profusely haired triangle of her cunt.

Diane’s pussy was so creamy that the smell of her musky fuck juices filled her teen’s bedroom. Her tits heaved as she mounted her son as he lay on his back. Digging her knees into the mattress to either side of his hips, she reached between her thighs and grasped the beating shaft of his prick.

“Put it in me,” she hissed. “Fuck your mother.”

Wincing, Kenny held his cock and fit the mushroom-shaped knob onto the pouting slit of her fuck hole. Diane shuddered and shut her eyes as she felt its stiffness pushing into her, separating the flowering lips of her pussy, stretching her cunt. Immediately she began to hump her ass, thrusting her fuck slit down onto her boy’s big prick.

“Fuck me, Kenny! Aww shit, feel your big cock going into me! I want you to stuff my pussy with it, Kenny! Fuck my fucking cunt!”

Diane corkscrewed her peach-shaped ass, helping her son fuck the long shaft of his cock into her pussy. Inch after inch of his hard-on bored into her cunt. She lowered her head and stared between her enormous tits, watching the veined cock shaft disappear into her greasy, fur-fringed cunt.

Now his prick was throbbing inside her, piercing her womb. The horny mother grunted as she ground her ass on Kenny’s upper thighs, feeling his prick buried all the way inside her. Then she lifted her ass and started fucking him, pounding her pussy onto his cock.

“Fuck me, Kenny!” She leaned forward, letting her fat rubbery nipples brush his chest as she held his shoulders for support. “My cunt’s so wet! It’s dripping on your cock! Fuck me haaaaard!”

Kenny groaned as he started humping, fucking his blood-swollen prick in and out of his mother’s cunt. Sliding his hands all over her body, he patted her thighs and squeezed her quivering ass cheeks, delighting in the silky smoothness of her nakedness.

“Harder, Kenny!” The oversized globes of her spongy tits bounced as she humped feverishly up and down, pleasuring her cunt on his cock. “I’m so horny! Fuck me, Kenny! I need your prick inside me! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Kenny was overwhelmed by his mother’s stacked body and the clinging tightness of her pussy as the narrow, velvety fuck tunnel sucked spasmodically on his cock. He almost felt as if he wanted to stay there and just let his mother fuck him, feeling her pussy open and close around his cock again and again.

But he was too horny to lie still. Grasping one huge tit, Kenny brought it to his mouth and sucked the taut nipple between his lips. As he sucked her tit, he furiously started fucking her, ramming his ass off the bed, fucking his bloated cock into the syrupy slit of her cunt.

“That’s right, Kenny! You’re doing so good!” The bed creaked obscenely, and her wanton moans were loud enough to be heard in the street. Diane didn’t care as she fucked her pussy on Kenny’s cock again and again.

Her cunt was very wet and tingly now, burning all over his huge cock. The clit protruded from its fleshy hood, chafed raw by the upper side of his prick with every thrust. Diane knew she was about to cum, and she didn’t want to hold back. She wanted her pussy to explode on Kenny’s thick cock.

“I’m cumming, Kenny!” she shouted. Her wet, hairy pussy made squishing sounds as her cunt sucked his steely prick. “Fuck me, Kenny! I’m getting off! Unnghhh! Oh fuck, Kenny, oh shit, I’m… I’m… I’m cuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg!”

The spasms quivered exquisitely through her throbbing cunt, making her nipples throb and her asshole pucker as she came all over her son’s dick. Kenny felt the contractions of her pussy muscles around his fucking cock, and he fucked her harder than ever, helping her through the apex of her cum. Diane was delirious with pleasure as she fucked back on him. She felt as if the spasms would never stop.

“I’m cumming too, Mommy!” Kenny cried. He grimaced as his cock again began to swell and stiffen inside her buttery pussy, growing even stiffer than before. “Fuck me, Mom! Unh… oh shit, tight fucking pussy ahhhhhh!”

Again it was as if he’d never cum at all. A white torrent of cum opened his piss hole, squirting heavily up his mother’s cunt. Diane squealed as she felt the milky jism gushing into her. It filled her pussy completely, dribbling out of her hairy fuck hole around his cock, forming a puddle on the bed.

Then his prick began to soften inside her, and Diane finally realized what she’d done. Incest! She’d fucked her own son.

Kenny reached up to embrace her lovingly, but Diane pulled away. For a moment she just stared down at him with a wild, confused expression on her face. Then she got off the bed and started to back out of the room.

“Don’t talk to me!” Diane shouted. “Not now! I was… so wrong, Kenny! We can’t ever do that again!”

“But, Mom!”

Diane didn’t hear him. Already crying, she slammed the door behind her and ran down the hall.


The rest of the day was one of the most miserable periods of Diane’s life. She avoided Kenny completely; when he came downstairs to try to talk to her, she locked herself in her room and refused to respond to his calls. She felt horribly ashamed of herself for succumbing to her incest urges. She wondered how she would ever look him in the eye again.

Dinner was terrible, with Diane and Kenny conspicuously silent at opposite ends of the table. Penny, Mike and Harry obviously noticed, but Diane was grateful that none of them asked her about it. After supper she hurriedly cleared the table and went to her room, claiming a splitting headache.

She fingerfucked herself, madly and uncontrollably until the wee hours of the morning. She tried to will the desire out of her mind, but the mental image of Kenny’s big cock kept returning to torture her. She wanted to suck his prick again. She wanted to feel him fucking her horny, aching cunt.

She wouldn’t let her husband touch her when he came to bed, but at five in the morning Diane found herself wide awake and on top of him, his cock embedded deep inside her juicing cunt. Apparently a sex dream had prompted her to mount him in her sleep.

Harry awakened briefly when he felt his wife’s pussy around his cock, and they fucked to a quick, torrid climax. But afterwards he rolled over and went back to sleep, and Diane felt more ashamed of herself than ever. Was she turning into a nympho?

She prayed that Kenny would go to school the next day so she could avoid a confrontation with him. But he didn’t. At nine-thirty, after her husband had gone to work and her children had left for school, Diane felt incredibly horny and miserable to know that she was all alone with Kenny again in the house.

The minutes seemed to pass with agonizing slowness, and her horniness worsened. Diane stripped naked, went to bed and buried her fingers in her hairy cunt. She jacked off again and again, but no amount of cumming could satisfy her.

Kenny was alone upstairs. She could go up to him. He was completely willing. They could fuck all day long.

Then she heard the water running and knew he’d arisen from bed to take a shower.

Something in the sound of the running water set off a vision in Diane’s brain. As clearly as if he were standing before her, she could see Kenny soaping himself under the water, his lean naked musculature, his fat cock hanging between his legs. The throbbing in her pussy became uncontrollable. Diane left the bedroom and walked upstairs to the bathroom.

The bathroom door was wide open. Diane stood in the open doorway and looked inside. The sliding shower door was translucent, and she could see Kenny’s form through it. He wasn’t just bathing. His silhouette showed a long thick pole rising from his groin. Kenny’s hand was clutched around his prick, moving rapidly. Her son was jacking off.

Oh, fuck, Diane thought. I can’t stand it… I just can’t…

Her pussy was so creamy that she could feel the wetness of her fuck juices squishing between her bare legs as she crossed the tiled bathroom floor. She took a deep breath and pulled open the shower door. Kenny’s face registered shock as his mother caught him with his hand stroking his big, stiff dick. “Kenny.”

“Oh, Mom…”

They didn’t have to speak. Diane’s enormous tits jiggled as she stepped into the shower and slid the door shut behind her. She faced her teenage son for only a moment, looking intently into his eyes. Then she fell to her knees and regarded the wildly pulsing shaft of his prick.

“I… I want to suck it again, Kenny,” she whispered lustfully. “Your cock is so beautiful. I want to put my mouth on it.”

“Oh, Mom.”

Kenny took his hand from his burning prick and placed it gently behind his mother’s head. Leaning forward, Diane pressed her lips to the tip of his cock. The shower spray beat against her back as she kissed and licked the tip of his prick, thrusting her tongue into his cum hole, lapping up the juices that bubbled up from his balls.

“Suck it, Mom!”

Diane opened her mouth as wide as she could and lowered her head, cramming as much of her son’s cock as she could take down her throat. Her lips closed in a tight circle around the center of his cock meat. She puckered her cheeks sharply, and started sucking her teenager’s big, delicious prick.

Harry’s cock was bigger, but the horny housewife felt as if her lips had to stretch even wider around Kenny’s huge prick. Hornily she bobbed her head, fucking her face with his massive prick. His cock swelled and pulsed rhythmically in her mouth, becoming as stiff as a block of wood. Lovingly Diane rolled her tongue over and around the veined length of his prick, savoring the taste of her son’s hard-on.

“That’s good, Mommy!” Kenny’s face contorted with pleasure as his prick responded to his mother’s adoring lips. “You’re gonna make me cum soon. Unh! Suck my dick hard, Mommy! Suck it as hard as you can!”

Even over the sound of the rushing shower water, lewd gurgling, smacking, slurping sounds came from Diane’s wide-stretched lips as she worked on Kenny’s prick. Faster and faster she bobbed her head, feeling the spongy puffiness of the cock knob punch the back of her throat with every thrust. Her pussy was dripping, warm and wet with lust. She was so happy that she had yielded to the temptation to join her son in the shower.

“Harder, Mom!” Kenny pulled her hair and rocked his ass, fucking more of his cock down her buttery throat. “I… I can’t hold it back anymore! I’m cumming, Mommy! Oh fuck, I’m cuummiiinnnggg.”

Diane felt his big prick lurch convulsively in her mouth, nearly wrenching her lips apart. Greedily she wrapped her fist around his throbbing cock and started to beat and suck his prick meat as hard as she could.

His piss slit opened; a thick ribbon of spunk gushed out of it, shooting down her throat. Diane missed the taste of the first delicious gusher of cum, but she quickly flattened her tongue just under the knob of his prick. Every other spurt of, jism gushed across it, and she whimpered contentedly as she relished the saltiness of Kenny’s creamy cum.

His load was very heavy. For what seemed like whole minutes his cock kept pumping into her mouth, spraying her throat with hot cum. But Diane swallowed it all down, gurgling and gulping contentedly until she’d nursed the last drops of jism from the hairy sac of his balls.

When it was over, she wiped his spongy cock head off on her cheek and looked up at him with lust-glistening eyes.

“I can’t stay away from you, Kenny. I’m sorry, but I just can’t. I feel like I could go on sucking your dick forever.”

“I don’t want you to stop, Mom,” Kenny said hoarsely. “Now let’s get out of here. I want to suck you too.”

Kenny turned off the shower spray. Obediently Diane rose to her feet and slid open the shower stall door. Then she giggled delightedly as her son chased her out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. Her mammoth tits jiggled as she ran.

His bed was half the size of her double bed downstairs, but neither considered going into Diane’s bedroom. Kenny’s bed was closer, and they were just too horny to wait.

Diane sprawled on her back on the mattress sighing as she bet enormous cherry nippled tits flatten and roll on her rib cage. She spread her long legs wide apart, opening up her hairy pussy mound to her son’s gaze.

“Oh, Mom!” Kenny’s cock swelled with fresh blood as he admired the pouting dark pink cunt lips, the soft fleecy curls forming a thick triangle of fur on her lower belly. “Your pussy is so beautiful.”

“Suck it, darling!” Diane mewled. Impatiently she wiggled her ass on the bed, looking anxiously at her son, “My cunt’s so wet. It needs to feel your tongue. Suck it for me, darling. Suck your mother’s cunt.”

Kenny climbed onto the bed and crawled between her spread-eagled thighs, stretching out on his stomach. His hands roamed over her voluptuous naked body as he planted small, teasing kisses on the insides of her thighs, making Diane writhe and whimper with pleasure.

“Don’t tease me, Kenny! Unnggghhh! My pussy’s throbbing! I need you to suck meeeee!”

Kenny’s broad tongue licked higher, and higher up her thighs, until it touched the folds of her pussy. Diane gasped as he fucked his tongue into her buttery cunt, tasting the muskiness of her fuck cream. Then he began to pump his tongue rhythmically up and down her gushing slit, eating his mother out.

“Suck, Kenny, suck!” Compulsively Diane grabbed his head and pulled down hard, pulling his mouth onto her pussy. “Oh God, it feels good!” Hotly she humped her rounded ass, fucking her cunt all over his face. “Suck harder, Kenny! Aww Christ, got to make me cum!”

Kenny thrust his tongue deep into her dripping pussy, exploring the inner pinkness of her fuck hole. Her clit protruded at the top of the cunt slit, and he wrapped his lips around it, making Diane’s ass dance in ecstasy as he sucked the sensitive bud.

“Play with me!” Her enormous tits jiggled and shook as she grabbed his hand and tried to force it between her legs. “Fingerfuck me! Waaaa, gotta cum!”

Kenny pressed his fingers on her aching pussy, then slipped two fingers deep inside her buttery fuck hole. Diane bit her lip and winced as she felt his fingers pushing inside her, stretching the walls of her pussy. Hornily she flexed her cunt, sucking his fingers into her pussy.

“Keep sucking me, Kenny! Lick my clit!” Uncontrollably her ass worked off the bed, making the mattress creak. “I’m getting off now! My pussy’s burning! Suck harder, Kenny! Make me cum!”

Kenny pursed his lips, sucking her clit insistently. Her cunt throbbed and juiced and burned as he fucked his fingers rapidly in and out. Then a violent tremor seemed to pass through her, and he knew he’d made his mother cum.

“I’m doing it!” Diane shrieked. “Suck harder, Kenny, suck as hard as you can! Oh… oh, fuck… ungghh! Unngghhhh! Cuuummmiiinnnggggg!”

The spasms swept through her pussy with incredible intensity, making her clit and cunt throb so hard that the pleasure verged on the border of pain. Diane grimaced and bucked her ass in a violent fury, pounding her fuck hole relentlessly onto her son’s mouth. When the spasms finally subsided, she let out a long, satisfied moan and let her sweating ass cheeks fall back to the bed.

“That was so good, Kenny,” she moaned. “That was so fucking good.”

But Kenny didn’t seem to hear her, and when Diane looked at his crotch she knew the reason why. Again his prick had grown as hard as bone, rising like a steely arrow from the thick hairs matted around his balls. Before her eyes, the massive shaft of cock meat throbbed and jerked. The prick knob was swollen and puffy and drooling cum. He was ready to fuck his cock deep inside her pussy.

“Okay, Kenny!” Shamelessly enjoying herself now, Diane rolled onto her hands and knees. Her D-cup tits hung pendulously on the mattress as she lifted her ass and spread her knees, opening her pussy for the invasion of her son’s cock.

“Fuck me this way, darling,” she whispered huskily. “Fuck your mother like a dog!”

Kenny swiftly mounted her, sliding his hands up her torso to grip her huge tits as he crouched behind her thighs. Diane bit her lip and shuddered as she felt the spongy dripping tip of his cock probing for her pussy. Then his big prick shaft was going inside her, fucking greasily up her buttery cunt.

“Unnggghhh!” Diane purred and wiggled her ass, helping her son work his fat cock all the way inside her. “It feels good, Kenny!” With half of his prick lodged in her pussy, she started humping, making her ass cheeks jiggle as they slapped his hips. “Fuck me now! All the way in, work it in and out! Fuck your mother.”

Kenny sighed as he heaved forward, fucking his swollen cock to the hilt in her pussy. For a long time he simply crouched over her without moving, savoring the exquisite tightness of her clasping pussy, as the pouting lips of her cunt clung needfully to his throbbing prick.

Then he started to fuck her, fucking his bloated hard-on relentlessly in and out. Diane’s face contorted in lewd pleasure as she felt the thrusting motions of his hard-on, stretching her pussy, fucking into her cunt.

“Yes, darling, yessss!” She clawed the bed and worked her ass faster, fucking her cunt onto his cock. “I can feel another one already, darling! Oh shit, I’m gonna cum again! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”

Panting behind her, Kenny started fucking his mother’s cunt as hard as he could. An obscene flush spread through Diane’s cheeks.

She dropped her head to her folded arms, lifting her pussy for more of his cock. Then she stopped humping and just took his frenzied thrusts, letting her body do all the work as he fucked his drooling rock-hard cock into her cunt.

“Cumming, Kenny!” The spasms started deep inside her belly, quivering down through her clasping, clinging pussy. “Fuck me, fuck haaaaaaaaard! Awnnghh God, oh shit! I’m cuuummmiiinnnnnnngggggggg!”

Endlessly the satisfying spasms seemed to pump through her, satisfying her ravished cunt again and again. Diane started humping harder than ever as the cum gushed through her, squealing and whimpering as she pounded her hairy pussy slit onto her son’s big prick.

Then the cum diminished inside her. When she came back to reality, Diane realized that Kenny’s dock was still stiff and pulsing inside her cunt. He hadn’t cum yet, and he was fucking her faster than ever, intent upon squirting a big load into her pussy.

And then Diane knew that she wanted to feel his jism in her asshole instead.

“Stop fucking me, Kenny,” she said abruptly.

Obediently Kenny pulled his cock out of her steaming pussy. Diane hesitated a moment before dropping her hips, stretching out flat on her belly on the bed. Then she reached behind her, grasped her jiggling ass cheeks, and spread them wide apart, exposing the pink, hairless ring of her asshole.

“Put it up my asshole, Kenny,” she said shamelessly. “That’s where I want your big beautiful cock to shoot its wad.”

Kenny’s jaw sagged open as he watched her puckered asshole ring throb and contort obscenely before his eyes. Quickly he mounted her, clutching his boner in his fist to fit the heart-shaped cock crown onto her asshole.

“Yes, Kenny!” Diane winced as she felt his big prick head pushing inside her, stretching her tightly muscled asshole around the invading thickness of his cock. “Oh Christ, so fucking good! Don’t worry about hurting me, darling! Your cock’s nice and wet from my cunt! Just fuck me! Fuck the shit out of my Goddamn ass!”

Kenny shifted on top of her, changing his position so that his swollen prick would fuck directly into the forbidden tunnel of her ass. Then he groaned as he started humping, bucking harder than when he’d fucked her cunt, fucking inch after inch of his aching cock into the rubbery grip of his mother’s asshole.

“Yes, Kenny, oh yessss!” Diane wiggled and humped excitedly beneath him, gasping with pleasure as her tight asshole stretched to admit his cock. There was no pain as he stuffed his cock into her ass. Instead there was only pleasure… hot, burning pleasure as her asshole muscles milked his throbbing prick.

“It’s so tight, Mom,” Kenny groaned. “I don’t know if I can get it all the way in!”

“Yes you can!” Clawing the sheets, Diane humped her ass like a bitch in heat. “Fuck me, Kenny! Fuck that whopper all the way up my ass!”

Kenny gritted his teeth and pushed down harder. Finally his balls rested against her ass cheeks, and every inch of his hard-on was in the exquisite tightness of his mother’s shitter.

Kenny pulled out of her throbbing tunnel, making Diane squeal as his cock meat dragged up her asshole walls. When only the knob parted her ass lips, he bored his prick back home. Then he started to fuck her asshole with a slow, brutal rhythm, fucking his spongy cock head deeper into her ass with every stroke.

“Fuck me faster, Kenny!” Eagerly Diane worked and wiggled her rounded ass cheeks, continually flexing her asshole muscles to suck and milk the steely shaft of her boy’s prick. “Your cock is so long and fat! It feels so good in my asshole! Gonna cum again, Kenny! Aw Christ, fuck the shit out of my ass!”

Kenny fucked his mother’s asshole harder and harder, fucking his cock wildly between her cheeks with every stroke. Diane’s asshole began to burn and pulse. Hornily she thrust her hand under her belly, groping through her pussy curls. She buried two fingers in her gurgling cunt and started to jack off as her asshole was fucked.

“Fuck me faster, Kenny!” she pleaded. “Faster, faster, fuck my ass as hard as you can! Ungghhh! Oh fuck, it’s so gooooood! Awwnnngghh! Gonna cream, Kenny! I’m cumming, I’m cuuuunimmiiiinnnngggggg!”

Her asshole exploded, pulsing violently around Kenny’s cock as the spasms gushed through her naked body. Again, and again Diane’s asshole convulsed, contracting around the aching hardness of her boy’s thick prick meat.

Kenny fucked his prick furiously into the depths of her shifter. Diane’s pussy gushed cunt oil as the cum overwhelmed her body. Then she felt Kenny’s hard-on growing longer deep inside her, and knew he was cumming too.

“Making it, Mom!” Kenny cried. “Ahhhhhhh…”

He came, shooting streams of hot, milky jism into the rubbery depths of his mother’s asshole. Diane whimpered as he came, feeling her burning ass walls anointed by the liquid spray of cum. She flexed her shitter muscles, helping her darling Kenny squirt every drop of jism into her hungry ass.

And she didn’t feel guilty at all.


It was just after two, and as she stood in the kitchen Diane could barely restrain herself from watching the second hand make its trip around the clock. Her son would be home any minute. She couldn’t wait to feel his big cock fucking deep inside her.

Two days had passed, and Diane felt more sexually satisfied than at any time in her life. Kenny and she were fucking constantly, even with two other children and a husband in the house. Somehow they always found a place where Diane was sure no one would catch them.

There was no more shame. She’d given in completely and happily to her need to suck and fuck her son’s magnificent prick.

Now she wore a light summer dress with a deep cleavage and a hem that barely covered her ass cheeks. Under the dress Diane wore no underwear. Her huge tits jiggled as she moved, and the stiff nipples protruded through the dark-blue fabric. Diane hoped that Kenny would be turned on by her luscious, bare thighs, and if that didn’t work, she could always bend over to let him see her ass cheeks and hairy cunt. She wanted Kenny to be so horny that he would fuck his cock up her pussy as soon as he came home.

Any moment, Diane thought, watching the clock.

Kenny was already in the habit of skipping his last class so he could give his horny mother a good fucking before Mike or Penny got home. Diane smiled as she remembered how she had once insisted on a perfect attendance record. Now she would have begged Kenny to skip his last class if he hadn’t thought of it first.

The front door opened and slammed shut. Diane’s heart skipped a beat, and her pussy juice warmly as she heard footsteps in the hall, moving toward the kitchen. But when she turned, she didn’t see the face of her second born.

Instead it was her first child, the tall, muscular, wickedly grinning Mike.

“Mi-Mi-Michael,” Diane stammered. “What are you doing here so early?”

Mike wore a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off his muscular physique. He leaned against the refrigerator, effectively blocking his mother’s exit, and lifted his hand to pick his teeth.

Even before he spoke, Diane felt her lust replaced by fear. There was something in Mike’s expression that told her that he was up to no good, and that the no good would be done to her.

“Oh, I just thought I’d skip my last class,” Mike said breezily. “It being such a nice day and all. You don’t mind, do you, Mom?”

“Well… yes, I think I do mind, Mike,” Diane said defensively. “Once in awhile is all right, but your grades haven’t been the best lately. I think that as long as you live in this house you should…”

“But, Mom, you don’t mind if Kenny comes home from school early, do you?”

There was a long pause. Diane felt an embarrassed flush spread through her cheeks as Mike smiled at her lightly. His gaze lowered, and for the first time she became conscious of how unusual it was for her to be doing her housework without a bra on.

“Kenny… Kenny has been helping me with a little housework,” Diane lied stiffly.

“He was just trying to be considerate, unlike some children I could name.”

“Aw, bullshit, Mom! You are such a fucking liar!”

His rage was sudden and frightening. Diane felt herself cowering against the counter as Mike walked menacingly toward her, his expression frozen with rage. When he stopped, he was so close that their bodies almost touched.

“The only housework Kenny’s helping you with around here is with your pussy! Don’t try to lie to me, Mom! He’s been fucking the shit out of you!”

“Mike, how… how dare you say such things to me,” Diane stammered weakly. “You leave me alone. You were always such a horrible…”

“I know because I heard you, Mom! The two of you were humping so loud yesterday afternoon that I guess you didn’t even hear me open the Goddamn door.”

Mike stepped still closer. “And if you’re wondering where he is now, you might as well forget about it until dinnertime. He’s not coming anywhere near here till then. I told him if he did I’d beat the shit out of him. And you know fucking well that Kenny’s so scared of me that he’ll do anything I say!”

“Everybody’s scared of you!” Diane retorted tearfully. “You’re so mean that nobody can like you! The things you’re saying to me now! I can hardly believe you’re my son.”

Mike seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then his smile became even thinner and crueler. “You never did give a shit about me, Mom. You always waited on Kenny hand and foot, and now you even started fucking him. Well, I think I’m going to take some of that for myself too.”

Then he was all over her, pressing his body to hers and wrapping his arms tightly around her. Diane struggled to escape, but it soon became obvious that Mike was much stronger than her. Insistently he covered her with kisses, biting her neck and hungrily squeezing her ass cheeks through the dress.

“No, Michael!” Helplessly the horny mother flailed her fists on his shoulders. “You’re raping me! Stop!”

“You want me to tell Dad?” Mike shot back threateningly. “Forget it, Mom! This time you’re giving me what I want!”

He continued to embrace her lustfully, dropping his head to her deep, jiggling cleavage to plant wet kisses in the valley of her huge tits. His hands slid under the skimpy dress and massaged his mother’s lush ass cheeks, rolling the ball-bearing ass globes with his fingers.

Diane shuddered and stopped protesting. There was no denying the wanton shiver of lust coursing through her now, making her nipples stiff and making her pussy creamy with fuck oil. Mike was going to blackmail her if she resisted. Why not just give him what he wanted? Her deep-rooted shame for fucking Kenny made her want to do just that.

“God, Mom, you’ve got such a beautiful body…”

Mike tore open the top of her dress, releasing her enormous tits from confinement. As Diane struggled weakly, he lowered his head and caught one fat, stiff, rubbery nipple between his lips. Furiously he sucked it, showing his hunger as he tugged on her dusky-pink nipple like a nursing child.

“Ungghh!” Diane grimaced as she felt the lust building to uncontrollable proportions deep inside her cunt. “Stop it…” But her words were now meaningless to both of them, showing little true resistance. “Stop, Michael… have to stop… not with your mother.”

Mike’s strong hands ripped her dress completely open, leaving tattered blue threads hanging from her shoulders, exposing all of her naked body. Lewdly his hands roamed all over her luscious body. He parted her thighs and slipped a long finger into her hairy moistened cunt.

“Shit, Momma,” he breathed hoarsely. “You’re all wet down there…”

Hungrily his finger burrowed into her pussy, buried to the knuckle between the pouting, fur-fringed cunt folds. Diane whimpered as she felt her cunt muscles sucking tightly around it. Mike withdrew his lips from her stiff nipple and began to fall to his knees, planting wet kisses on her ribs and navel, chewing on her pussy curls.

“Stop, stop.”

Then he was kneeling before her, with his face buried between her legs. Diane tried to shut her thighs, but her son’s strong hands held them apart. He glued his mouth to her aching pussy and sucked it hard, flicking his tongue hungrily into her fuck slit.

“Ungghh!” Dazedly Diane stared down at her son’s head, rooting in her pussy. Waves of horny sensation seemed to wash over her, making it impossible for her to protest at all.

Mike slid his hands up her long tapering legs, digging his fingers hornily into the peach shaped cheeks of her ass. Unconsciously, Diane spread her feet on the floor. Avidly Mike pumped his long tongue up and down her pussy slit, wiggling it against her protruding clit.

“Your pussy tastes good, Mom,” he panted. “Why don’t you let yourself cum?”

Diane whimpered as his, tongue fucked between her swollen cunt lips, spearing deeply into her pink fuck tunnel. Then she was humping her ass away from the counter, gasping and moaning as she helplessly pounded her pussy onto his lips.

“Like it, Mom? Like the way I suck you?”

“Yes, oh God, yes!” Blushing with shame and incestuous lust, Diane thrust her hand behind Mike’s head. Then she worked her ass in earnest, grinding and thrusting her burning pussy onto his mouth. “Suck it! It’s making me so hot!”

Mike licked her pussy noisily, lapping down the musky fuck juices that oozed from the depths of her cunt. His big hands lewdly massaged her ass cheeks, making her hot asshole pucker lewdly.

Withdrawing one hand from her humping ass, he pushed it between his mother’s thighs and again slipped a finger into her throbbing cunt. Then he pushed in a second finger and jacked her off as he sucked her, fucking his fingers quickly in and out of her burning cunt.

“Aww!” Grimacing and panting, Diane pulled his hair and frantically pumped her pussy all over his face. “My cunt’s getting so hot, Son! Oh darling, darling, suck it for me! I need to cream!”

Her clit was swollen and pulsing obscenely. Mike found her clit with his tongue and wrapped his lips around it. With surprising tenderness, he sucked the little bud, tugging it with his lips.

“Cumming, gonna cummmm!”

Mike sucked her clit harder, washing the tip with his sliding tongue. He buried his fingers to the knuckles in his mother’s gushing cunt and twisted them hard. At the same time, his free hand moved between her ass cheeks. He found her puckered asshole with his index finger and buried it in the rubbery tunnel of his mother’s asshole. Then he jacked off both her fuck holes at the same time.

“Cumming!” A hot flash of intense pleasure coursed through Diane’s naked body. She clawed the back of Mike’s head. Then she bucked convulsively as her pussy overflowed with cunt cream and her asshole spasmed around his finger.

“Suck me, Michael! Suck me good! I’m burning up, oh Christ I can’t hold back! Ungghh! Oh fuck, oh shit! Love you, darling, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggggg!”

It was as intense a cum as she’d ever had with Kenny. Again and again the contractions ravished her naked body, making her cunt and asshole throb with delicious incestuous lust. Mike kept sucking and fingerfucking her until the spasms had completely faded away. Then he rose slowly to his feet.

“Now it’s my turn, Mom,” whispered meaningfully. “Get on the floor. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

Diane looked at him almost fearfully for a moment, realizing that he was so mad with lust that he might rape her if she didn’t comply. But she wanted to fuck him. Her pussy was still burning for a big fat cock.

Blushing with shame, the horny mother got on the floor on her back. She wiggled her ripe ass on the cool floor. She spread her long legs wide, revealing the hairy creamy slit of her pussy, and looked up at Mike expectantly.

Mike panted as he stared down at his willing, stacked mother. For the first time, Diane became conscious of the enormous bulge in his crotch, and the sight made her clit tingle with lust.

Mike pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular chest. He kicked off his tennis shoes and slowly unbuckled and unzipped his jeans. Then he pulled them off with his shorts, showing his mother all of his nakedness.

Diane gasped at the sight of his enormous cock. His prick was every bit as big as Harry’s, perhaps even a little larger. The blood-swollen, stiffened prick rose straight out of his matted cock fur like a billy club, capped by a fat rosy prick knob that was already leaking cum.

Mike’s massive hard-on throbbed and quivered as he fell to his knees, crouching between his mother’s milk-white legs. Diane whimpered submissively as she watched his cock looming stiffly over her hairy pussy mound, as he prepared to fuck his stiff cock deep inside her buttery cunt.

“Shit, Momma. I’ve wanted to do this to you for so fucking long…”

He held his pulsing prick in his fist. Diane shuddered as she felt the heart-shaped cock knob lodge between the clinging folds of her pussy, pushing into her cunt. With the tip of his prick securely embedded in her pussy slit, Mike withdrew his hand. Then he started humping, fucking inch after inch of his rock-hard prick into her throbbing fuck tunnel.

“Ungghhh!” A deep flush spread over Diane’s face as she felt her pussy invaded by her son’s big prick. “Oh, Mike…” Her cunt walls were spreading wide, almost paining her as they accepted the meaty thickness of Mike’s cock. “It’s so big, Mike! You’ve got such a big prick!”

“Do you like it, Mom?” Mike winced as he felt her pussy muscles contracting, sucking the hardened trunk of his cock. “Don’t you love getting fucked by my big dick?”

“Yes, darling!” Shamelessly Diane lifted her legs high, opening up her cunt passage completely for the invasion of her boy’s big cock. “Fuck me, Michael!” Feverishly she started humping, bouncing her ass cheeks off the floor, fucking her pussy onto his cock. “It feels so big and stiff! I want it, darling! Ungghh, please, fuck the shit out of me!”

As wet as her pussy was, it was difficult to get his cock all the way inside her. Mike winced and rotated his ass, fucking the meaty thickness of his hard-on all the way into her clasping cunt. For a second he rested on top of her naked body, crushing her tits beneath his chest as he felt her cunt tunnel clinging to every inch of his huge cock.

“Fuuuuuuuuck meee,” Diane gurgled. Convulsively she scissored her long legs around his waist, drawing more of his big prick inside her. Then she whimpered as she feverishly humped her ass, driving her pussy relentlessly onto his prick. “My cunt’s so horny! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck the shit out of me!”

Mike lifted his as, withdrawing his throbbing cock until only the puffy, swollen prick knob parted her pussy slit. He sighed with pleasure as he fucked back in again, and his prick was again enveloped by her syrupy pussy.

Slowly he started fucking her, fucking his cum-swollen cock steadily in and out. Diane squealed and whipped her ass off the floor in a wanton attempt to make him increase his speed. Mike started fucking his mother faster and harder, fucking his long cock in and out of her hairy cunt.

“Yes, yes, it feels so gooooood!” Diane threw her arms around his shoulders, groaning and crying as her cunt throbbed to each fucking thrust of his cock. “You’re fucking me, darling! Fucking my cunt so gooooood!”

Mike’s cock was getting bigger and stiffer, bathing in the oozing fuck juices of his mother’s gurgling pussy. He slid his hands down her slim waist, digging his fingers into her bouncing ass cheeks. His hips worked faster as he fucked her as hard as he could, reaming out her dripping cunt with the steely length of his cock.

“Gonna cum!” Diane’s stiff nipples pushed into his chest as her cum spasms started to burn through her belly. “My cunt’s so wet! Michael, it’s throbbing on your fucking dick! Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me! I’m cumming, Son! Cuuummmiiinnnggggg!”

Her second cum swept through her with almost unbearable intensity, gushing relentlessly through the mother’s prick-stuffed cunt. Diane felt, every inch of her pussy passage throbbing and quivering, milking the burning length of Mike’s cock.

“Aw, Mom, I’m cumming too!” Mike gasped. “Here it is… ahhhh!”

He fucked his cock into her, burying his cock to the hilt in her cumming pussy. His balls erupted. Diane screamed in ecstasy as thick streams of jism gushed into her gurgling pussy.

Rhythmically the hot, salty spunk squirted out of his prick head, flooding into his mother’s cunt. Like Kenny, Mike’s load was very big. It filled her pussy, dripping out of her cunt slit around his fucking cock.

Diane mewled as her cunt muscles contracted, milking out all of her son’s spurting cum. She didn’t feel angry or guilty or ashamed or even very worried about what would happen next. Fucking Mike made her love him more than at any other point in their lives together.


“Yes, Kenny, that’s right,” Diane hissed. “Do it to me, darling. Fuck my pussy, fuck your mother…”

It was past two in the morning. Harry might awaken to discover that his wife was no longer beside him, but he was a heavy sleeper and the chances of that occurring were doubtful. So Diane forgot her worries as she humped madly on the bed in Kenny’s room.

Kenny lay on his back beneath her, smiling happily at his mother as he watched her hairy pussy slit slide up and down on his cock. Diane squealed softly as his hands closed around her enormous jiggling tits, pinching the stiff nipples.

Her cunt was sore from fucking Mike earlier that afternoon, but she was still horny, and she still wanted to keep her younger son satisfied. Now she could already feel the contractions building in her stomach as her pussy prepared to cum all over Kenny’s fucking cock.

“Harder, Kenny, fuck me faster!” Diane moaned. She held onto his shoulders and madly whipped her pussy up and down on his cock. “My cunt’s burning! It’s gonna cum, Kenny! All over your dick!”

“I’m gonna cum too, Mom!” Kenny gasped.

The bed creaked as he worked his ass harder, fucking his throbbing, oozing cock into the churning depths of his mother’s pussy. Diane dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Then her cunt started spasming, and her fuck hole gushed cunt cream all over his prick.

“Cumming, Kenny!” she cried. “Unh unh unh, my pussy loves your cock! Fuck me with it, darling! Harder, harder, I’m cuuuummmmiiiinnngggg!”

Kenny fucked his throbbing prick into his mother’s cumming cunt, filling her pussy with every inch of his hard-on. Then the white jism gushed out of his piss slit, shooting profusely into her clinging pussy.

“Yessss,” Diane hissed. She lifted her head and flexed her pussy muscles, grunting as the white torrent of her son’s spunk splashed the inner walls of her pussy. “You’re cumming in me… I can feel it! I love you, Kenny. I love your thick, juicy cum.”

Their humping rhythm slowed, and gradually Kenny’s fuck-wilted cock softened inside her. Diane lifted her leg, letting his thick prick slide greasily out of her hairy pussy. Then she climbed off the bed and leaned over it to kiss her son affectionately.

“Sleep well, lover,” she said. “I’ll see you to morrow night.”

They shared a long, passionate, tongue thrusting kiss. Then Kenny rolled over and prepared to go to sleep. Diane smiled at him a moment longer, then padded naked out of the bedroom into the darkened hall. She would make a quick stop in the bathroom to clean herself up, then return to her bed.

But then she saw a shadowy figure standing before her in the hallway.

“Hi, Mom,” Mike whispered savagely. “Have a good time with Kenny?”

Diane just stood there, too overwhelmed to move or speak. Mike approached her in the darkness and wrapped his left hand securely around her hip, pawing her naked ass. His right moved between her legs. He dipped his finger into her hairy, gurgling pussy slit.

“Shit, Mom, you still got all of Kenny’s cum,” he said. “You’re all gooey down there. Were you gonna go downstairs and fuck Dad with your pussy all creamy?”

“I’m… I’m going to bed,” Diane whispered nervously. “Please, Mike. Not here.”

“You’re not going to bed yet, Mom. First you’re going to fuck me.”

He embraced her boldly, kissing her neck as he stabbed a second finger into her jism-filled pussy. Diane shuddered and winced as he fucked his fingers in and out. Soon she felt herself humping in spite of herself, gasping as she pumped her hairy cunt mound onto his hand.

“Oh, Mike, please stop it,” she pleaded desperately. “You’re making me horny. We can’t fuck now. I don’t want you to make me so hot.”

“I want it, Mom,” Mike said tersely. “Come on down to the laundry room with me unless you want me to feed you some dick right here in the hall.”

All he had on was his underwear, and Diane could feel his brawny, muscular flesh pressing upon hers, the protruding shaft of his stiff prick through the sheer cotton. Mike finger fucked her faster, rubbing her clit. Diane whimpered as fuck cream oozed uncontrollably from the depths of her pussy.

“I mean it, Mom.”

“All… all right,” Diane stammered submissively.

Mike turned and headed for the staire pulling his naked mother behind him.

Together they entered the hall, turned through the kitchen, and entered the laundry room.

It was a small cement-walled cubicle between the kitchen and the garage, with a narrow walkway between the wall and the big washer and dryer. Diane looked around guiltily as Mike switched on the light and kicked the door shut behind them. It was the most private room in the house, and she’d already come here to fuck Kenny several times.

In the light, Mike paused to admire his mother’s voluptuous body, greedily shifting his eyes from her huge, stiff-nippled tits down her slender waist, gazing at her hairy pussy and long tapering legs.

At the same time, Diane studied her son with equal lust. His chest was hairy and muscular, and every inch of his body had the leanness and hardness that could only be acquired by an athlete. But the best thing of all was his stiff prick.

Luridly his cock stood out of the crotch of his shorts, straining for release from confinement. The fabric of the shorts was so badly stretched that Diane could see the heart shape of his cock head, spongy and already leaking cum. Her mouth watered, and her pussy burned. She desperately craved to have Mike’s hard-on in her mouth so she could suck all the cum out of his balls.

Mike seemed to read his mother’s mind. Smiling, he jumped up to take a seat on the edge of the washing machine. Then he leaned back, resting his hands on the white cover, and looked at her encouragingly.

“You’ve really given me a stiff cock, Mom. Can’t you see what a boner I’ve got? Why don’t you take it out of my shorts for me?”

Diane thought of saying no, but then remembered that there was no longer anything stopping her from succumbing to her incestuous passions. Her whole body shook as she stepped over and stood before the machine, between her son’s legs.

Her hands came up, gripping the hem of his shorts. They trembled lightly as she slowly skinned them over his muscular ass cheeks, releasing his enormous prick.

“Like it, Mom?” Mike grinned.

“Oh, Michael! Your cock is huge!”

Hurriedly she pulled the shorts over his feet and dropped them into the laundry hamper, leaving him as naked as she was. Mike squirmed on the edge of the washer and parted his legs. To Diane, his upthrust cock looked like a magic wand, throbbing and jerking straight out of his prick fur laden with the sweet cum juice she craved so badly.

As Mike watched her, the horny mother slid her hands up his hairy thighs and cupped his wrinkled balls. Gently she fondled them, as if trying to feel the load of jism. Then, keeping one hand on the sac, she slid her right hand up his veined cock shaft and wrapped it tightly around the center of his throbbing prick.

“Oh shit, Mom that feel really good,” Mike groaned. “Beat my meat.”

Diane pumped his cock once hard, making hot pre-cum ooze from the piss hole. She rubbed her palm on the crown of his cock, anointing it with his fuck juices. Then she smeared his own dripping jism all over his prick, making its shaft and knob slippery and glistening.

Then she tightened her grip around his cock shaft and feverishly started to beat him off. Up and down her hand pumped, faster and faster, until her wrist was a blur as it stroked the length of his cock.

“Unggghhh!” Mike’s face contorted as his prick swelled longer and stiffer and fatter, and more pre-cum spat and oozed from the slit. “Suck on it, Mom!” He thrust one hand behind her head, encouraging her to take his prick between her lips. “My dick’s so stiff! Put it in your mouth and suck on it!”

Sliding her fist to the root of his thick cock, Diane eagerly dropped her head to the puffy crown of his prick. Extending her tongue, she licked all around the swollen cock head, darting her tongue into his piss slit. Mike whined and writhed on the washing machine.

“Suck it, Mom!” he gasped and his big prick twitched and jerked and danced. “Suck it, you’re killing me! Suck the cum out of my balls!”

Diane continued to lick his prick a moment longer, wanting to make him as horny as possible. Then she opened her mouth wide and made a wet, gurgling sound as her lips engulfed the steely stiffness of his prick.

His cock was hot, musky and fleshy tasting, and fresh fuck cream juiced her pussy as she inhaled the aroma of her son’s boner. Diane contracted her cheeks sharply, puckering her lips. Lewdly and wetly she started to suck, forming her lips in a tight circle around the center of his aching cock.

“That’s right,” Mike crooned. He stared at his mother, turned on by the spectacle of her pretty face being fucked by his raging stiff prick. “You’re a good cock sucker, Mom! You can suck my dick as much as you want.”

Slurping, smacking, gurgling sounds filled the laundry room as Diane lovingly went to work on her son’s delicious prick. She flared her nostrils for air and forced her head downward, taking another inch of his cock between her lips.

The rosy, shiny-skinned prick knob pushed down her buttery throat, nearly making her choke. But her cock sucking hunger enabled Diane not to gag. Wrapping her fingers securely around the base of his cock, she jacked him off as she sucked, pumping and massaging the burning thickness of his long fat prick.

“Ah, God!” Mike bit his lip and started to rock his ass off the washing machine, fucking his horny mother’s face with his cock. “Suck harder!” He could feel her teeth ever so lightly nipping his cock meat as she sucked, and that seemed to make him even hornier. “Oh God, you suck my dick so good!”

Diane wanted to drop her left hand between her thighs to fingerfuck her pussy, but she knew she had to play with Mike’s balls and help him cum. Digging her fingers gently into the hairy sac, she massaged the twin, jism clotted globes, doing everything she could to make him ready to shoot.

“It’s cumming up, Mom!” Mike cried excitedly. He pulled her thick, dark hair, heaving and jerking his hips eagerly off the machine. “I can feel it in my balls! Oh fuck, I’m gonna blow my wad any second!”

Blow your wad, Son, Diane thought hornily. I want to taste it. I want to suck down all of your hot cum. Shoot your cum for me, Michael. I want you to pop your rocks right in my mouth.

With her face contorted and her cheeks brightly flushed, the wanton mother sucked her son’s prick as hard as she could. Feverishly she rolled her tongue around his cock head and prick shaft, pausing occasionally to lap fresh goo from his drooling piss slit. Mike’s cock seemed to be growing stiffer by the second. Any moment, she thought. Any moment.

“Ahh, Mommy!” Mike grabbed her head and lurched off the machine, fucking nearly all of his boner between her wide-stretched lips. “Here I cummmm.”

His cock exploded, spraying her throat with thick, milky cum. Again and again the while jism gushed out of his cockhead, shooting down his mother’s throat. It was as if he hadn’t cum in three months. There seemed to be no end to the reservoir of jism rushing out of his prick.

“Mmmpphhh,” Diane gurgled. She whimpered around Mike’s throbbing, squirting prick as the hot cock sap rushed down her throat. Clinging to his cock with her fist and lips, she furiously gulped it all down, swallowing until she’d drained every drop of her son’s delicious spurting cum.

Then she took his prick out of her mouth and licked his cock shaft adoringly, cleaning her saliva off of the glistening shaft of his prick. But it soon became obvious that his prick wasn’t going to soften. His cock remained rock-hard and throbbing, and Diane realized how eager Mike was to fuck his hard-on into her pussy.

Diane lifted her head, licked her lips and looked at her son with shamelessly horny eyes. “Do you want to fuck me now, Michael?”

“Yeah!” Mike shot back, an evil gleam in his eye. “Take some of those clothes out of the hamper and spread them on the floor. I’m going to fuck the shit out of your sweet, juicy cunt.”

Diane wasn’t used to taking orders from her own child, but it seemed only natural now that they were fucking. And she had to admit that the idea of being so submissive to him turned her on.

Eagerly, she turned from the machine and pulled a big pile of dirty clothes out of the hamper. Then she spread them on the space between the machines and the wall, forming a makeshift bed.

With his big stiff prick bobbing before him, Mike climbed off the machine and watched her impatiently. He stopped her when she started to rest on her back on the pile of clothes.

“Not that way. Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded tersely. “I’m going to fuck you like a Goddamn dog.”

Like a dog, Diane thought. That’s what I deserve…

Her pussy was unbearably wet and hot as she gave in to Mike’s wishes, getting on her hands and knees on the floor. The nipples of her enormous hanging tits were painfully stiff, and her pussy was throbbing with lust. She thought of asking Mike to eat her out first — he was such a wonderfully talented pussy-sucker for his age — but dismissed the idea as unnecessary. Her cunt was already as wet as a swamp.

“Lift your ass, Mom,” Mike said lightly slapping her ass cheeks. “You know better than that.”

Whimpering, Diane dropped her cheek to her folded arms. She lifted her rounded ass high and spread her knees on the floor, putting her cunt in the perfect position to be fucked by his enormous cock.

Mike mounted her, holding his raging hard-on in his fist. Diane grimaced as he teased her by rubbing his drooling cock head up and down her hairy pussy. Then he pressed the bloated prick knob between the pouting lips of her cunt.

“Ahhhh, shit!” Diane hissed. Immediately she started humping her ass, grinding her pussy onto his cock. “That’s gooood, so fucking goooood!”

“Do you want it, Mom!” He paused with only his cock head inside her, feeling her clinging pussy muscles suck tightly around the crown of his prick meat. “Do you want me to fuck you? Why don’t you beg for my big prick?”

“Fuuuuck meeee!” Diane cried, grateful that the laundry room walls were so thick. Hornily she humped her ass, gasping and panting with her need. “Fuck the shit out of me, Michael! Aw God, want your cock so fucking much!”

Grinning, Mike slid his hands up her torso and gripped the huge hanging orbs of her milk white tits. Then he started to contract and hump his ass cheeks, fucking the meaty inches of his cock into his mother’s gurgling cunt.

“Yes, oh yes!” Diane lifted her head and brayed like an animal as she felt her pussy tunnel stretching, greasily admitting the swollen length of her boy’s big prick. “It’s going into me, Michael! Oh fuck, I can feel it! Your cock’s stretching my cunt!”

Mike corkscrewed his ass, fucking his hard-on all the way into her pussy. Then he squeezed bet big tits and furiously started fucking her, crouching over her beautiful back, rhythmically fucking his burning cock in and out of her cunt.

“Faster, Michael!” Diane dug her fingernails into the laundry and grunted as she whipped up her hips to meet his thrusts, steadily driving her hairy pussy slit onto his magnificent cock. “My cunt’s throbbing! Michael, fuck the shit out of me! I want to cum all over your big fat prick!”

Mike sighed with every thrust, feeling his mother’s slippery pussy tunnel cling needfully to the bloated shaft of his cock meat. His hands continually mauled her enormous tits, squeezing them as if they were udders, as if he expected warm milk to spurt out of the distended pink tips.

Faster and harder he fucked into her cunt, fucking his hard-on relentlessly to the hilt with every thrust. Diane felt as if her boy’s cock were a battering ram.

Her cunt was juicing and burning, madly clasping around the satisfying stiffness of his cock. Already Diane could feel the deep rooted throbbing in her belly that told her she was going to cum. Dropping her head, she tried to lift her ass even harder, desperate for even another half-inch of Mike’s cock to ram up her buttery cunt.

“You’re tight, Mom,” Mike gasped. “You’re so fucking tight. Your sweet little pussy’s gonna suck the cum right out of me.”

“Unh, fuck me!” Diane’s moans were almost loud enough to penetrate the laundry room walls and awaken her husband, but the thought of Harry catching her with her son’s cock inside her pussy wade her even hornier.

Then she felt the sharp contractions in the depths of her velvety, prick-filled pussy, and Diane knew she was about to cream.

“Fuck me harder, Mike! My cunt’s throbbing, it’s going to explode! Unngghhh! Shit, oh fucking shit! Fuck me harder, Mike, as hard as you can! Awww fuck, I’m cuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnggg!”

The spasms burst exquisitely through her aching pussy, making the curly haired pussy slit clamp spasmodically around her son’s fucking prick. Mike pulled her jiggling tits and fucked his mother as hard as he could through the duration of her cum, pleasuring her pussy again and again.

Then the spasms subsided. Diane, who had nearly blacked out while cuming so hard, fell flat onto her belly, crushing her huge tits against the clothes. She lay there panting for nearly a minute with simple satisfaction, before feeling her son’s fingers spreading the sweating lusciously rounded cheeks of her ass.

“Mmm, Michael,” she murmured lazily. “What do you think you’re doing back there?”

“I haven’t cum yet, Mom,” Mike replied evenly. “I think I’m going to fuck you up the ass!”

With that he spread her ass cheeks wide, revealing the pink, hairless ring of her asshole. Diane opened her eyes wide with surprise. Mike laughed softly as her tightly muscled asshole puckered before his eyes.

“Shit, Momma! You really got a nice one!” His cock was as hard as iron, throbbing rhythmically. Mike mounted his mother’s voluptuous nakedness and twisted until he had the knob of his hard-on centered on her small sucking asshole. Then he began to push his cock into her, embedding the prick nob securely in the forbidden heat of her asshole ring.

“I… I don’t know if I want you to fuck me there, Michael,” Diane said worriedly. “Your cock is so big!”

“Shit, Momma,” Mike said cruelly. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had your asshole fucked before?”

He started fucking savagely, cramming the meaty stalk of his cock into her rubbery asshole. Diane winced as she felt her asshole walls tearing around his invading prick. Helplessly she started struggling, trying to get away from the pain shooting through her bowels.

“Stop it, Michael!” she cried, her face contorted in pain. “You’re hurting me! Don’t push so hard! Unhh! Aww, Michael, you’re hurting my ass! Stop!”

Mike ignored her, only grunting louder as he pistoned his hips over her helpless body. In spite of his mother’s protests he fucked inch after inch of his burning hard-on into her asshole, until the little ass ring was stretched around the very root of his stiffened prick.

He paused then, resting on top of her and savoring the tightness of her asshole clutching his aching cock. Diane whimpered submissively under her breath. The sharp pain had vanished, but she felt hurt that her son would want to fuck her ass without permission.

Then Mike pulled out, withdrawing his steaming cock until only the puffy prick knob parted her asshole lips. Diane was surprised to feel herself lifting her hips up to him, as if reluctant to let his magnificent cock out of her ravaged ass.

Then he fucked his prick back in again, and she realized that it did feel good. Ass fucking wasn’t a mere secondary pleasure to her, something to be done only when her pussy was too sore, and slowly and carefully at that.

As her son started fucking into her stretched asshole, fucking his cock steadily in and out, Diane quickly realized how much she loved getting fucked up the ass. She could feel her ass tunnel pulsing now, clinging tightly to the fucking stiffness of her son’s prick. She wanted it… she wanted more cock!

“Unngghhh,” Diane groaned. She shut her eyes and started humping beneath her horny son, thrusting up her rounded, jiggling ass cheeks for more of his cock. “Unh, Michael.”

“Do you dig it now, Mom?” Mike panted.

He thrust his hands under her ribs, again gripping her mammoth tits. Faster and faster he fucked her throbbing asshole, wincing as the rubbery ass sheath clutched his veined cock with every thrust. “Huh? Do you? Do you like the way I fuck your sweet little ass?”

“Yes, darling.” Diane started humping much harder, shamelessly giving in to the cravings. “You’re right, Son, it feels lovely now! Unhhh! My asshole’s really juicing, lover! Fuck me good and hard! Fuck your mother!”

Mike fucked his mother’s tender asshole as hard as he could, fucking his drooling prick head to the depths of his mother’s churning ass tunnel. Diane felt herself growing incredibly horny, even after creaming so much fuck oil in her son’s prick when his cock had been fucking in her pussy.

Every inch of her asshole sheath was pulsing violently and rhythmically, so hard that Diane wondered how her boy could withstand the pressure around his fucking cock. Grunting lewdly, the naked mother thrust her hand between her legs, groping through her pussy curls for her gooey slit.

Her cunt was red and hot, and the pouting pussy lips were nearly overflowing with her musky fuck juice. Diane shuddered as she fucked two fingers into her mushy pussy. She started to rub off her cunt as her son furiously fucked his big prick between her ass cheeks.

“I’m gonna cum, Michael!” she cried.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder, as hard as you can! My asshole loves your big fat cock! Fuck me with it, lover! Kill my asshole with your big, beautiful dick! Cumming now! Fuck my asshole, fuck it… fuck it… ahh… cuuummmiiinnngg!”

Her asshole spasmed violently, sucking Mike’s cock from the knob to the root. Mike couldn’t stand the intense pressure of her rubbery ass tunnel. Burying his cock between her ass cheeks, he let out a small cry as he came, squirting streams of thick, sappy cum into the clutching heat of his mother’s asshole.

“Yes, Son!” Diane squealed and flexed her ass spincter, milking the jism out of her boy’s hairy balls. “I love you, Mike! I love your dick so much!”


It was a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon. Mike and Kenny were out playing ball, and Diane had gone on a long-overdue shopping expedition to the city. Penny’s father was sunbathing by the pool, dressed in a pair of racing briefs that looked surprisingly good on him.

Penny was upstairs in her bedroom. She was naked. Her bedroom window overlooked the patio and the pool. Crouching before it, she stared at her father’s hairy, muscular body and rhythmically fucked fingers into her hairy teenage cunt.

Mike wasn’t fucking her much anymore, and Penny was very, very horny. He’d told her that he was getting it on with a mystery woman and had to save some cock juice for her, but suspicious little things around the house had led the precocious blonde to suspect that he was busily fucking their mother.

That didn’t bother Penny at all. As far as she was concerned, it only gave her permission to fuck her father.

And did she want to, did she ever! He was so handsome, Penny thought, and the bulge in the crotch of his swim trunks was so fucking huge! Penny jacked off faster as she thought of pulling down the trunks and seeing his gigantic prick grow thick and fat in the sun. She would give her daddy a fantastic blow job if he would let her. She’d suck his prick until she saw stars.

Suddenly Penny decided that it was time to turn fantasy into reality.

Turning from the window, the horny young blonde went to her bureau and fished out the skimpiest bikini she had. Donning it swiftly, she turned to admire herself in the mirror. In spite of her lust, a light blush coursed through her cheeks. Wait until her daddy saw her in this!

The bikini was more like a couple of fabric strips than a swimsuit. It barely covered her protruding nipples and hairy pussy mound, and when she turned she saw how enticingly it clung to the succulent cheeks of her ass. If this didn’t make her father want to fuck her, nothing would.

Penny studied her reflection a moment longer and giggled vixenishly. Then she left her room and pranced downstairs. She opened the sliding glass doors without a second’s hesitation and stepped into the bright sun of the patio.

Her father was resting peacefully when she came out. He looked suddenly nervous when he lifted his head and saw his smiling daughter approaching in the bikini.

“Hi, Daddy! Mind if I get some sun too?” Penny said brightly. “Can I lie on the towel next to you?”

Without giving her father a chance to respond, Penny spread out a beach towel on the patio next to her father’s towel and stretched out comfortably at his side on her stomach. Her arm nearly touched his, and Harry looked very uncomfortable.

“Where did you get that swimsuit, Penny?” he asked nervously.

“Oh, I just had it around,” Penny sighed. “God, that sun feels good. Daddy, would you mind putting some lotion on me?”

Harry hesitated a moment, then sat up on his knees beside his prone daughter and reached for the tube of tanning butter. He squeezed some out on his fingers and rubbed it gently into her shoulders. Penny sighed and wiggled her ass delightedly.

“It’s a very… revealing swimsuit, Penny,” he said softly. “It doesn’t leave very much to the imagination.”

Penny giggled. “What’s wrong with that, Daddy?”

“Well, I guess I never knew you were such a growing girl.”

Her father’s fingers felt good as he spread on the tanning butter. Penny whimpered openly as he gingerly applied the lotion wound the edge of her ass, digging his hand into the succulent globes of her ass cheeks. When he was done with her back, she rolled over and looked up at her father expectantly.

“Get my front too, Daddy.”

Harry looked even more nervous as he stared guiltily at his daughter’s swelling, rounded tits and the shape of her hard nipples protruding through the bikini top. His gaze dropped to her slim belly, lithe hips, and long tapering legs. Penny saw a bulge growing in the crotch of his trunks as he saw stray pussy curls peeking from her bikini crotch.

He applied the lotion in silence, and the bulge in his trunks grew fatter and thicker by the second. When he was finally done, it was obvious that her father was very embarrassed and that his cock was as hard as a rock.

“Now it’s my turn, Daddy,” Penny said, taking the lotion quickly from him. “Which side do you want me to get first?”

Harry glanced nervously at his aching prick and shook his head. “I… I don’t think I need any more lotion, Penny.”

“Now, Daddy!” Gently but firmly, Penny pushed his shoulders down so that he lay on his back on the towel. Then she straddled him before he had another chance to protest. “You don’t want to get all burned, do you?”

She was sitting on his upper thighs, with her pussy mere inches from the swollen bulge of her father’s cock. Penny put the lotion on both hands and slid her fingers sensuously through her father’s thick chest hair. Lovingly she slid her hands all over his upper body, not so much applying the lotion as massaging him and making him hot.

“I… I think you’d better stop, Penny!”

“Now, Daddy, don’t be silly…”

She applied more lotion and slid her hands breezily over his hard, slim stomach, going lower and lower. Harry moaned in embarrassment and shut his eyes. His cock started to throb violently, jerking obscenely under the sheer fabric of the trunks. Penny decided to play her hand.

“Why, Daddy, your penis is very stiff today,” she said innocently. “Am I turning you on?”

“I… I can’t really help it, Penny,” Harry replied, his cheeks bright with humiliation. “Sometimes a man’s organ just goes up by itself.”

“And what an organ it is. God, Daddy, you’ve really got a huge dick!”

Harry gasped at his daughter’s unexpected use of obscenity. Penny slid a few inches down his thighs and grabbed his trunks. She shocked her father by pulling them down to his knees, revealing the nakedness of his rock-hard prick.

“God, Daddy! Your cock is enormous!” Penny gushed. “Oh Jesus, you’ve got the biggest prick I’ve ever seen!”

His cock rose out of his loins like a club, long and fat and swollen to steely stiffness with cum and blood. The underside was turned to her, and Penny gaped at the thick blue vein running along the center of his cock.

Her father’s balls were hairy and as big as his prick shaft. The cock knob was enormous too, swollen and heart shaped. The piss hole was leaking cum, and every inch of her father’s prick was throbbing and twitching painfully up and down. He had the biggest, stiffest prick Penny had ever seen.

“Penny, oh my God!” Harry gasped. “You’ve got to stop!”

“I’m not stopping for nothing, Daddy!” Hurriedly the horny teenager pushed out some more tanning butter onto her palm. Then she wrapped her hand around the center of his hotly pulsing cock. “Your dick needs some lotion too!”

Harry groaned involuntarily as his young daughter squeezed his throbbing prick. Then he gasped as his little girl furiously started beating his meat, pumping her hand in a blur up and down his enormous cock.

“It’s so big and fat!” Penny cooed. “Do you dig it, Daddy? Do you like my hand on your cock?”

Harry’s eyes were wide and disbelieving. For several seconds he just gaped at his daughter, unable to believe that the innocent-looking blonde could be giving him a hand job.

Then the pleasure of her fist stroking his prick started to get to him. Diane hadn’t been very generous with her mouth or pussy lately, for reasons that he didn’t understand. Harry’s cock felt incredibly good as his daughter jacked on it, pulsing rhythmically with its load of cum and blood.

“Unggghh!” Harry winced and started rocking his ass on the towel, fucking his boner through the grip of her hand. “Yes, Penny… oh Christ…”

“I want to fuck my pussy on it, Daddy!” Penny hornily thrust her free hand between her legs. Violently she rubbed her juicing cunt through her bikini crotch. “Please, Daddy, please! Can’t I fuck your big fat dick?”

Harry gulped and nodded his head. Penny released his prick and groaned as the massive cock quivered hotly over his stomach. She tore off her bikini in one quick movement, showing her father her luscious teenage nakedness.

Hurriedly she mounted him, planting her knees on the towel to either side of his hips. Harry started to wonder who had taught his little girl how to fuck, but he never had a chance. Grasping his aching cock, Penny directed the juicing prick knob to the fleecy haired folds of her cunt.

“Put it in, Daddy!” she cried. “Fuck the shit out of me!”

Harry directed his cock head to her pussy, watching the prick tip fierce the pouting, furfringed lips. Immediately he felt her cunt slit clinging hungrily around his fucking cock, sucking his prick juicily into her pussy.

“Oh, Christ,” Harry gasped. Hornily he started rocking his ass, fucking his hard-on into her. Penny moaned and bucked back to meet his strokes. Lifting his head, Harry watched his huge cock shaft disappear into the gurgling hole of his daughter’s cunt.

“You’re fucking me, Daddy!” Penny cried. She whimpered and mewled as his huge prick penetrated her body. She could feel her pussy tunnel spreading even farther than when Mike fucked her, throbbing and pulsing around her daddy’s enormous cock. “Oh fuck, Daddy, it’s really stretching me! Your boner feels so good!”

She leaned forward, clawing his shoulders as her ass quivered over the impaling shaft of his prick meat. Then she started fucking herself on his cock hard and fast, contracting her ass cheeks, fording all of her father’s cock up her little cunt.

“Yesss,” Harry sighed. He lifted his hips off the towel, fucking his aching cock into his daughter’s pussy. Then he just stared at the junction, seeing the way her swollen cunt lips clung to the thick base of his cock.

“Fuck meeeee!” Penny clawed his shoulders and wildly humped him, making her rounded tits jiggle provocatively with her thrusts. “My cunt’s so wet! Daddy, Daddy, I wanna cum!”

Faster and faster she fucked herself, whipping her hairy pussy slit up and down on his throbbing prick. She was like a bitch in heat, Harry thought, driven mad by the stiffness of the prick inside her.

He pushed his hands up her belly, squeezing her full, stiff-nippled tits. Hornily he bucked to meet her strokes, fucking his cock all the way into her cunt, then withdrawing his prick to the knob.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” Penny fucked herself faster and faster on his huge cock, pumping her ass cheeks in a frenzied blur. Her whimpers and groans were loud enough to be heard by the neighbors, but both of them were much too horny to care that they were fucking in the open. “My cunt’s burning so hard! Daddy, I’m gonna cream all over your dick!”

Harry dug his fingers into her ass cheeks, massaging them lewdly. His cock was growing deep inside his daughter’s tight pussy, continually massaged by the velvety sheath of her clinging cunt. He knew he was about to shoot too.

“Cumming, Daddy!” Penny raked her fingernails up his hairy chest and shuddered convulsively as the delicious heat burned through her body. “Your cock is so goooood! It’s fucking me, Daddy! Harder, do it harder! Unh fuck, oh fucking shit, I’m cuuummmmiiinnnggg!”

The heat of cumming pumped exquisitely through her naked body, making her nipples tingle and her asshole pulse and her pussy muscles clamp needfully around her father’s cock. Harry lifted his ass, fucking his prick to the hilt in his daughter’s pussy.

The white cum gushed out of his piss slit, shooting deep inside his daughter’s cumming cunt. Penny squealed in ecstasy and fucked her father faster than ever. Her pussy milked and sucked his cock, draining every drop of jism from his bloated balls.

Then they both heard Diane’s car pull into the driveway. “Oh, Christ!” Harry gasped. He pulled his cock out of Penny’s pussy and reached for his trunks.

“No, Daddy, that’s okay! We won’t get caught!” Penny leaned over and kissed him passionately before reaching for her bikini.

“Tonight, Daddy! Meet me at midnight in the garage!”


For the rest of the day, Harry had a hard time thinking about anything except his teenage daughter’s juicy cunt. With Diane home, it was impossible to talk to Penny about what they’d done, or to fuck her before their scheduled meeting in the garage.

Mike and Kenny returned from their ball game, and the family sat down to dinner at six. Once, Penny and Harry shared a long, loving look across the table, but they both broke it quickly.

After dinner Harry pleaded a headache and went to bed early. Diane didn’t mind, and he was again curious as to why she never seemed to crave his cock anymore. But Harry put the question out of his mind and dozed fitfully until he awakened abruptly at a quarter to twelve.

Thank God he’d always been able to wake up without an alarm, he thought, and looked around the bedroom. It was pitch black, and he was surprised to see that Diane wasn’t in bed beside him. But the bathroom light was on, and Harry guessed she had to be in there.

As quietly as possible, he slid away from the covers and left the bedroom, wearing his pajamas. The whole house was dark. Everyone was asleep. Harry wondered briefly what Diane would think when she left the bathroom and found the bed empty. He could tell her he’d gone for a walk or something; it didn’t matter. One way or the other, she wasn’t going to look for him in the garage.

On his way past the stairs, Harry thought he heard a strange sound from one of the upstairs bedrooms. But he put that thought out of his mind too. His enormous cock was swollen and throbbing, so stiff that his prick had turned the crotch of his pajamas into a tent. He couldn’t wait to fuck his daughter’s wet cunt.

He went through the kitchen, opened the garage door and shut it firmly behind him. The light was already on, showing two big cars and stacks of discarded household items piled against the walls.

Harry hardly noticed them. All he had eyes for was his daughter. Penny was standing in front of one of the cars, smiling at him, dressed in a tiny nightie. It barely reached her pussy, and his cock swelled painfully at the sight of her long slender legs gleaming in the light of the garage. He could see her tits through the negligee, and her cunt triangle. He couldn’t wait to see his dick inside her.

“Have you been waiting long?” Harry asked.

“No.” Penny smiled mischievously. “Daddy, I’ve got something really important to tell you!”

“What’s that?”

“Mommy and Kenny are fucking!”

For a moment Harry looked at his daughter in utter shock. Then he remembered the empty bed he’d awakened in and the suspicious sounds upstairs, and then his lips curled into a broad smile.

“So that’s what it was!” he said triumphantly. Crossing the garage, he embraced his daughter hornily, wrapping his hands around the small firm cheeks of her ass. “How did you know, honey?”

“I heard them, Daddy!” Penny replied brightly. “Just before I came down to meet you!”

Harry felt a stab of anger as he thought of his wife fucking his son, but he put it quickly out of his mind. It was stupid to be irritated by such fantastic news. If Diane was getting it on with one or both of their sons, Harry had no fears of reprisal from her. He could fuck Penny’s tender pussy as much as he liked.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so horny,” Penny pouted. She pressed her rounded tits hotly on his chest and dry-humped her pussy mound onto his crotch. “I could hardly stand waiting this long to fuck you again. My pussy’s been dripping all night.”

“I know, baby. I’m horny too. But this time I want to taste your sweet little pussy before I give it another fucking.”

“Oh, Daddy, I’d love that!” Penny gushed. “Suck my pussy in the car.”

Breaking the embrace, the horny teenager scampered across the garage and opened the door of the immaculate blue Cadillac Harry drove when he needed to impress business clients downtown. Harry followed her with his huge prick throbbing in his pajamas.

The interior of the Cadillac was spacious and lush, with plenty of room between the front and back seats. For once Harry was glad that he owned an American car. As Penny wiggled her ass hornily on the back seat, chin juice started dripping from his cock. He crawled over the transmission hump and knelt on the floorboards before his daughter.

“I’m horny, Daddy!” Penny pulled the negligee up to her waist, exposing her naked body from the waist down. She spread her long, silky legs wide, exposing her pussy to her father. “Lick my pussy, Daddy! Lick it good!”

Harry slid his hands up his daughter’s sleek thighs and thrust them under her hips, molding her ripened ass cheeks with his hands. He lowered his head and planted wet, loving kisses all over her inner legs, drawing progressively closer to the pouting, hairy lips of her cunt.

“Suck it, Daddy!” Penny flexed her ass cheeks in his hands, unable to control herself from humping. “My cunt’s all juicy!” She spread her pussy folds with her fingers, showing her father the red, glistening interior of her fuck slit. “Lick up my cream!”

Harry sighed and glued his lips to the musky folds of his daughters cunt. Fucking his tongue deep inside her cunt hole, he lapped up the hot fuck juices oozing from her pussy.

Her pussy tasted delicious, and his massive cock throbbed painfully. Harry swiped his tongue up and down her steaming pussy, pausing to tantalize her clit, it protruded like a little pebble at the top of her cunt, swollen and stiff. Harry wrapped his lips around it and sucked it hard, remembering how much clit sucking turned his wife on.

“Yes, Daddy!” Penny’s pretty young face contorted obscenely with sudden passion. Impulsively she grabbed her father’s head, bucking her ass furiously in his hands, humping her cunt all over his face. “That makes me so horny! Unh good, oh fuck, Daddy! Suck my clitty!”

Breathing through his nose, Harry sucked tenderly but forcefully on his daughter’s stiffened clit. Rhythmically he slid his tongue over and around her clit, enjoying the spasms of pleasure that shot continually through her loins. He alternated between licking and sucking it, doing everything he could to make her hot.

Penny squealed and rolled her head deliriously back and forth, almost unable to bear the intense pleasure of her father’s clit sucking. Her long fingernails dug needfully into his neck, but Harry was too horny to notice the pain. He was dying to taste his daughter’s cumming cunt.

“Fingerfuck me!” Penny gurgled. As the need built in her, she whipped up her ass much faster, desperate to feel his fingers exploring her cunt. “I want them inside my pussy! Oh, Daddy, I can feel myself getting ready to cum!”

Harry pulled one hand from her humping ass and dropped it between her legs. He separated her glistening pussy lips and pushed two fingers into the pink tunnel of her cunt.

Immediately he felt her pussy sheath clasping around his fingers, drawing them deep inside her belly. Harry held his fingers all the way up her pussy for a long time before drawing them out again. Then he started to fingerfuck her throbbing cunt hard and fast, moving his hand in a blurred, driving rhythm between her quivering legs.

“Suck harder Daddy!” Penny was in a frenzy as she thrust her aching cunt onto his hand. “Yes, that’s what I need! Please, I’m…”

Harry sucked hot clit much harder with his tongue firmly onto the sensitive button. A convulsive shiver coursed through Penny’s body. Then she was cumming, bouncing her ass and squealing wantonly.

“Suck, Daddy! Suck meeeeee! Aww fuck, I can’t stand it! Unngghhh! Cummiinngg!”

Her cum was sudden and explosive. The contractions coursed exquisitely through her dripping, velvety pussy, making the outer cunt lips swell and making her hardened clit dance between her father’s lips.

Tightening his left hand on her ass to hold her in position, Harry sucked tirelessly on her clit, lightening up just enough so that the excess of pleasure wouldn’t be painful. At the same time he buried his fingers to the hilt in her cunt and turned them hard, making his daughter jerk her ass as pussy cream flowed into his lips.

When her cum finally subsided, Penny was panting and glistening with sweat. “Oh God, Daddy, that was so fantastic,” she mewled breathlessly. “That was one of the best cums I’ve ever had!”

Harry struggled to a standing position in the car, stooping low so that his head wouldn’t hit the ceiling. Silently he dropped his pajama bottoms, showing his daughter his hairy legs and his enormous, stiff cock.

Penny groaned at the sight of his cock. The enormous prick shaft stood straight out of his cock fur and ball bag, throbbing wildly. Even when her father had fucked her, his cock hadn’t looked this stiff. Cum was leaking heavily from the piss hole, dripping luridly onto the floor boards. He was obviously very horny from sucking her buttery teenage cunt.

“Spread your legs farther, Penny,” he said hoarsely. “Daddy wants to put his dick in your juicy pussy.”

“Oh, Daddy!” Sitting up, Penny wrapped her hand tightly around the meaty thickness of his prick. “Let me give you a blow job first, okay?” She started jacking on his cock, staring intently at the swollen, shiny-skinned prick knob. “Your dick is so big and fat! I want to put it in my mouth, Daddy! Sit down so I can really suck off your big prick!”

Harry did as his daughter asked, sitting beside her on the broad back seat of the Cadillac. He slid to one end of the cushioned seat and spread his legs, letting his pulsing cock rise straight up to quiver over his stomach.

“Oh, Daddy, my mouth’s actually watering for it!”

Penny stretched out on her side with her head over her father’s lap. Pushing her hand between his hairy legs, she wrapped her fist comfortably around the bloated root of his prick. Then she dropped her head and pushed out her tongue. Teasingly she licked all around her father’s massive prick.

His fat cock head tasted delicious to the blonde nymph, musky and salty, like the best lollipop in the world. Milking his hard-on, she watched fresh, milky pre-cum dribble out of the tip. Penny swiped her tongue up his aching cock shaft, catching his dripping jism and lapping it up feverishly.

“Put it in your mouth now, honey,” Harry panted, as his big prick twitched and danced. “I can’t take much more of your teasing.”

Penny pressed her lips to the tip of his boner and sucked in her breath. Then she opened her mouth wide and let the swollen stiffness of his cock bore down her buttery throat.

She paused when she had nearly half of his prick between her full lips, and the crown of his cock was pushed against the back of her throat. Noisily Penny puckered her lips, increasing the pressure around her father’s cock meat. Then she started sucking her daddy’s cock as hard as she could.

“Oh yes, oh shit yes!” Harry grimaced as his cock swelled and drooled cum deep inside his daughter’s mouth. “That’s good, Penny! You’re a good little cocksucker! Oh Christ, where the fuck did you learn to give head like that?”

Ignoring her father’s question, Penny opened her throat to accept another inch of his big fat cock. She sucked his prick loudly and hungrily, shamelessly aware of the smacking sounds of a good blow job filling the car’s interior. As more cum juice oozed from his prick head, Penny became even, hornier. Wildly she bobbed her head, fucking her face with her father’s bone-hard cock.

“God, Penny, do it!” Harry was in awe as he watched his daughter fucking her face with his prick. She was only a kid, but she already sucked his cock as well as his wife did, and Diane had had countless sessions of practice giving him blow jobs. Penny either had prior experience or she was the most natural cocksucker Harry had ever seen.

Penny’s cheeks were flushed, and her whole face seemed to have caved in as she sucked on the steely stiffness of Harry’s prick. It was as if she were starving, as if she needed the cum his balls contained to stay alive. Harry had never seen a woman made more horny by the taste of his prick.

“You better stop soon, baby,” he said anxiously. “Or I’m going to cum right in your mouth.”

Quickly Penny took his saliva-slicked cock from her mouth and looked up at him lovingly. “No, Daddy, I don’t want to stop! Please cum while I suck you, please! I want to taste your jism!”

Penny opened her mouth wide and stuffed her father’s cock back between her lips. She was afraid he would take his prick away from her without rewarding her with his jism, so she managed to suck his cock even harder than before.

“Unh!” Harry thrust his hand behind her head and started to rock his ass furiously off the Cadillac’s rear seat. “Okay, Penny! Oh Christ, you suck hard! If that’s what you want, that’s what I’m going to give you!”

Penny tightened her fist around the pulsing root of his cock. She jacked his prick furiously as she sucked on the knob, making her little hand race up and down the shaft of his prick. Again and again she pumped his cock meat, doing everything she could to coax up the load of spurting cum.

“Here I cum, darling!” Harry announced. “Oh Jesus, keep sucking, Penny! Ahhhh!”

He bucked his ass high off the seat, fucking his cock deep down her throat. Penny gurgled as the white cum flooded out of his balls, rushing out of his prick head in spurt after spurt.

To the young girl, her father’s jism was incredibly delicious. She thrust her left hand between her legs and started fingering her pussy as he came, rubbing off her cunt as her throat muscles worked to gulp down his gushing jism.

Endlessly the milky sap shot out of his puffy cock head, filling her belly with prick cream. Penny felt the cum spraying her throat, and she nearly came on her hand. Finally she took his cumming cock out of her mouth and simply jacked him off fast and hard, stroking the last drops of jism up from his balls.

“Oh Daddy that was so good!” Excitedly Penny continued to jack on his still-throbbing prick. “Can you keep your cock stiff for me? I really want you to fuck my cunt!”

“Penny, where did you learn to give head like that?” Harry asked seriously.

Penny blushed and turned her head away embarrassedly. “Mike taught me,” she whispered after a pause. “He was the first one who ever fucked me.”

“Mike?” Harry said disbelievingly. “Your older brother Mike?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Penny expected her father to be furious, but it soon became apparent that he wasn’t. His huge cock started swelling again in her fist. Soon his prick was as hard as iron, throbbing in eagerness for another fuck.

“Oh, Daddy!” Penny gushed. “You’re getting another boner! You’re not mad at me?”

“Of course not,” Harry said paternally. He pulled his daughter onto his lap, so that her knees rested on the cushions to either side of his hips. “Not as long as you share the wealth. Now why don’t you put my dick into your sweet little cunt!”

Penny squealed and kissed her father passionately, grateful that he wasn’t upset. Then she reached between her thighs and grasped the meaty trunk of his cock.

The bloated prick knob went into her pussy easily now that the pouting cunt lips were wet from his sucking. Penny shuddered as he felt inch after inch of his hard-on fucking into her clinging cunt. She held onto his shoulders as she started fucking him, pumping her hot ass rhythmically up and down.

“I love you, Daddy!” she cried. “Fuck my pussy for me! Fuck it as hard as you can!”


She’d already let her son fuck her once, screaming much too loudly as she came and making the bed creak so heavily it was a wonder the whole household hadn’t come upstairs to see what the commotion was.

Diane felt that she’d risked too much tonight already, and that it was time to go back downstairs before her husband realized he was sleeping in an empty bed. But Kenny wouldn’t let her alone.

“No, Kenny, you’ve got to stop now,” Diane protested. “Once a night and that’s it. You don’t want to wake up Mike and Penny, do you?”

It never occurred to her that her daughter was fucking her husband in the garage at that moment, just as Kenny never thought of leaving his mother alone. Instead he kissed her even more passionately, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

“Please, Mom, I’m still so fucking horny. Can’t we just do it once more? I’ll just have to jack off if you leave now. You don’t want me to waste this hard-on in my hand, do you?”

Lovingly, Diane looked down at her boy’s big cock. He had cum buckets in her pussy, but his prick was still as hard as stone, glistening with her pussy cream as it luridly twitched and throbbed.

The thought of him shooting his wonderful jizz all over his hand without her there to appreciate it almost made Diane sick. Her pussy ached as she looked at his long fat cock. She had to get another load of his cum.

“No, Kenny, I don’t want that,” she said. Wrapping her hand around the beating stalk of his prick, she moved quickly down the bed. “Here, darling, let me take care of that whopper for you.”

Kenny sighed and folded his arms behind his head, resting comfortably on his back. Opening her mouth wide as she leaned over him, Diane stuffed her mouth with the swollen thickness of his cock.

Her lips clasped in a tight circle around the center of his cock shaft. Diane made a lewd slurping sound as she smacked her tongue on the heart-shaped knob of his prick. Then she started sucking his prick, pressing her mouth around his cock in long, exquisite contractions of her lips.

“Yes, Mommy!” Kenny pulled her hair and eagerly rocked his ass off the mattress. “That feels so good! You’re such a fantastic cock sucker! Jack me off at the same time!”

Obediently Diane wrapped her hand around the upthrust trunk, of his cock. Her fist pumped rhythmically up and down his prick, milking and massaging his cock as she sucked.

Soon the gurgling, sucking sounds of the blow job filled the bedroom. Kenny’s cock seemed to balloon to an incredible circumference, until Diane could hardly get her mouth around his prick. The stiffening of his big prick made her pussy juice. Suddenly she realized that she had to take his cock into her cunt.

“Okay, Kenny,” she said softly, withdrawing her lips from his prick. “You win.”

Kenny remained still as she mounted him, digging her knees into the bed to either side of his waist. Reaching between her creamy thighs, Diane held up the throbbing length of her boy’s prick. Her enormous tits jiggled as she directed the spongy crown to her fleecy haired cunt.

“Yes, Kenny, oh fuck!”

His prick fucked into her tight pussy, stretching the walls of her cunt around the invading cock shaft. Diane wiggled her ass and made soft whimpering sounds as his cock fucked to the balls in her slippery, clinging cunt. Quickly she started fucking herself, pounding her ass up and down as she reamed out her pussy with his big stiff cock.

“Fuck me, Kenny!” she cried, her voice rising. “Yes, it feels so good! Fuck your mother!”

Kenny raised his hands to her big tits, rolling them under his palms. His ass humped. He thrust up his blue-veined cock to meet every stroke of her clasping cunt.

Suddenly a long line of wan light stabbed through the darkness of the bedroom. Diane had a horrible sinking feeling as she realized it was from the opening door. Slowly, fearfully, she turned her head to see who had caught them. She didn’t know if she felt relieved or terrified to see that it was her older son Mike.

Mike shut the door quietly and flicked on the lamp, illuminating his mother and younger brother entwined on the bed. He wore only his shorts, and it was obvious that he had an enormous boner underneath the sheer cotton.

Diane and Kenny were too startled to speak, and Mike seemed content to say nothing. For several seconds they, all stared at each other. Then he crossed the bedroom and grinned as he stopped beside the bed.

“I thought I heard something in here,” he said lightly. “Congratulations, Mom. You woke me up. Are you two having fun?”

“Get the fuck out of here, Mike,” Kenny said brazenly. “Nobody asked you to come in here. If you say a word about this to Dad.”

“You’ll what?” Mike casually reached over and twisted his brother’s ear, as confidently and cruelly as if he were subduing a small child. “Don’t give me any of your shit, Kenny. You know I can whip your ass any time I want to, and still get everything I wanted in the first place.”

Kenny was about to muster up a frightened reply when Mike silenced him with another grin. “Besides,” he added lightly, “why are you so sure Mom hasn’t been fucking me too?”

Kenny turned his head and looked up at Diane in shock. Diane looked away in humiliation. But before she had time to learn what Kenny’s real reaction was, Mike slipped off his shorts and joined them on the bed.

“Well, now we’re both going to fuck you, Mom,” he said. “Aren’t we, Kenny?”

Kenny said nothing, but his prick remained as hard as a rock inside her wet pussy. “No, Mike!” Diane said. She started to pull away, but by that time her oldest son had spread her ass cheeks and was already pushing the knob of his cock onto the puckered ring of her asshole. “I don’t want you to fuck me up the ass!”

“But I want to, Mom,” Mike said evenly. “Don’t you understand?”

He pushed down hard, and the knob of his big prick pierced the rubbery grip of her asshole. Diane looked down at Kenny, but he was too bewildered to do anything but remain there. She was helpless, completely submissive as Mike filled her asshole with his cock.

She remained still between them and whimpered as Mike humped relentlessly on top of her, pushing inch after inch of his cock into her asshole. His prick felt enormous, and again her ass walls tore as they accommodated the thickness of his cock. But as soon as his prick was all the way inside her ass, Diane felt hot waves of ecstasy filling her body.

“Like it now, Momma?” Mike asked, and he made his huge prick throb deep between her ass cheeks.

“Fuck me,” Diane gurgled. Giving herself up to the cravings of her lust, she started rocking between them, pumping her asshole onto Mike’s cock. “Oh God, I’ve never been fucked by two guys before! That’s fantastic! Fuck me too, Kenny! I want to feel your prick pushing in my pussy!”

Kenny could feel his brother’s cock thrusts through the thin membrane separating his mother’s asshole and pussy. His prick felt stiffer than ever. Holding, onto her hips he again began to fuck his throbbing cock in and out of her clinging, velvety cunt. Soon he was fucking his mother as hard as he could, reaming out her pussy as his big brother fucked her ass.

“Yes, Kenny, that’s so fantastic!” Diane grunted as she slammed her mushy pussy onto his cock, then lifted her cock-filled asshole up for Mike’s thrusts. “Do it to me, Michael! Fuck me as hard as Kenny is!”

Mike pulled his swollen prick out of his mother’s ravaged asshole until only the cock knob parted her tightly muscled ass ring. Quickly he fucked his prick back into her churning, pulsing shitter.

It was hard to fuck her asshole the way Kenny was fucking her pussy because her ass was much tighter. But Mike did his best. Rhythmically he fucked his enormous cock through the churning, clutching heat of her bowels, feeling his balls swell with their load of cum.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” Diane was like a bitch in heat as she rocked between them, desperate to get all of their cocks in both her fuck holes at once. Her pussy was juicing profusely, and with every thrust of Mike’s cock her asshole clung convulsively to his prick. “I’m so horny, so filled! Oh Jesus, I want you to cum in me! I want to feel your prick spurting inside my body!”

The boys sandwiched their mother a little awkwardly at first, growing accustomed to the unfamiliar rhythm. But they were fast learners when it came to sex. Soon they were fucking in rhythmic unison. Kenny buried his cock in his mother’s pussy just as Mike slammed his prick to the balls in her rubbery ass tunnel.

“Harder, fuck harder!” Diane bit her lip and grimaced as she felt cum spasms starting to churn deep inside her body. “I’m cumming, Kenny! Cumming, Mike! Keep fucking me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck the slit out of my horny ass!”

The boys responded by fucking her as hard as they could, making the mattress creak as if the bed were about to break. Diane screamed out her pleasure, madly humping on their fucking pricks. Her nipples were painfully, tingling stiff as they pushed on Kenny’s hairless chest. Any second, she thought, any fucking second.

“Gonna cum, Mom!” Kenny moaned excitedly. He dug his fingernails into her hips and fucked her faster than ever, moaning as her tight, clasping pussy sucked his wildly fucking cock. “Your cunt’s so wet! Aww fuck, Mom, it’s sucking me! I’m cumming, I can’t hold my wad! Ahhhhhh!”

His cock twitched and jerked in her hot, buttery cunt, then sprayed her pussy with cream. Torrentially the gooey jism gushed out of his cock head, shooting deep inside his mother’s pussy.

It was one of the biggest loads Kenny had given her. Diane could feel every long spurt as the spunk filled her cunt dripping out of her hairy pussy slit onto his thighs. The force of her son’s cum shots put her over the brink. Diane humped as hard as she could as she started to cum too.

“Keep fucking me, Kenny!” she gasped. “My pussy’s cumming, it’s cumming on your big prick! Fuck me harder, Mike! Aww shit, I’m creaming! Ungghhh! I can’t stop, I can’t stop, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The cum heat coursed exquisitely through her naked body, making her pussy cream on Kenny’s wilting prick and making her asshole suck the stiffness of Mike’s cock. Mike groaned and fucked his prick to the balls in his mother’s churning asshole. Then he came too shooting long ribbons of jism up his mother’s ravaged asshole.

Diane’s moan was a long, drawn out hiss as she felt the milky jism clogging her asshole, burbling out of her slitter around her boy’s fucking prick. “I love you, Mike! I love you, Kenny! I love you both so much!”


Down in the garage, Harry had remembered an old mattress he’d stored on top of a three legged couch. After taking it down, he spread it out on the garage floor between the two cars. Now Penny was on her hands and knees on it, and Harry was prepared to fuck his throbbing cock into her asshole.

He had cum in her pussy while fucking in the Cadillac, but that had hardly made his cock go down at all, and now his prick was as hard as a board again. With Penny’s rounded ass tilted up to his gaze, Harry could see his cum running out of her wet, swollen pussy lips, matting the soft curls fringing her cunt crack.

The sight made him uncontrollably horny. He held his cock in his fist and again dipped his prick into his daughter’s pussy, making her squeal as she felt her father’s huge cock fucking into her cunt.

“Unh, Daddy!” Penny squealed and hornily wiggled her ass. “I thought you were going to fuck my asshole this time!”

“Just lubing up my cock a little, honey.”

Harry delivered a few gentle thrusts into his daughter’s clinging pussy until his cock was coated with her sticky cunt cream. Then he withdrew and, spreading her ass cheeks with his hands, pushed his spongy cock head onto the hairless ring of her asshole.

“Yes, Daddy, yes!” Penny clawed the mattress and furiously started humping, thrusting her horny asshole onto her father’s cock. “Do it, Daddy! It feels good! Fuck me with your big prick, fuck me up the ass!”

Her asshole was hot and incredibly tight, sucking convulsively on the burning hardness of his prick. Sliding his hands up her slender waist, Harry cupped the hanging globes of his daughter’s tits. Then he started to fuck into her asshole much harder, sinking more of his cock up her shitter with every stroke.

“It’s going into me, Daddy!” Overwhelmed with pleasure. Penny fell flat on her belly wit the old mattress. She whimpered submissively a she lay there humping, eagerly lifting her ass for the impalement of his prick. “Fuck me deeper, Daddy! Awww shit, I want all of your cock inside me!”

With a last driving lunge, Harry fucked every inch of his cock into the furnace-like heat of his daughter’s asshole. For several seconds father and daughter just remained there and quivered together as Penny’s ass tunnel clung needfully to her daddy’s prick.

Urged on by his little girl’s humping, Harry pulled out until he had only the crown of his prick inside her ass. Then he fucked his cock back into her asshole, making his daughter grunt shamelessly as her ass was completely stuffed with prick meat.

Then he started fucking her ass hard and fast, fucking his prick deeper into her churning ass with every furious thrust.

“Feels so good, Daddy!” Penny turned her cheek to the mattress and humped energetically, panting as she pumped her jiggling ass cheeks up to meet her father’s thrusts. “Daddy, Daddy, love the way you fuck my asshole! You’re making it feel so good!”

Harry’s big hairy balls slapped her pussy crack, and he could feel his cock meat growing longer and fatter with every thrust. His daughter’s teenage asshole was much tighter than his wife’s. He knew he was about to cum.

“Fuck me, Daddy, I’m creaming!” Penny cied. Hornily she thrust her hand under her belly and buried two fingers in her sopping pussy. Her fingers fucked in and out of the hairy cunt sift as her father fucked her asshole. “Cumming now, Daddy! Harder, harder, fuck my Goddamn asshole! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The force of her cum made the slender blonde shake all over, made her rubbery ass muscles suck needfully around her father’s fucking cock. Harry moaned and fell on top of her, fucking his prick to the balls in her burning ass. The thick cum spurted out of his cock head, shooting into his daughter’s shitter, soothing the ravaged walls of her asshole.

“I love you, Daddy!” Penny squealed. “Please keep fucking me! Don’t ever stop fucking me again!”

“Don’t worry, honey.” Harry slowly withdrew his fuck-wilted cock from Penny’s stretched asshole ring. “I’ll keep fucking you as long as you want my dick!”

“Daddy, that means forever!”

Kenny’s cock was bone-hard and throbbing, and the fat rosy prick knob was leaking lots of cum. Withdrawing her boy’s magnificent prick from her lips, Diane flattened her tongue on his cock shaft and lapped up the jism running out of his piss slit.

Kenny gasped and writhed on the bed. Lying beside them, Mike grinned and stroked his own huge stiff cock.

“Hurry up and make him cum, Mom,” he said softly. “Then I’ll let you suck me!”

Diane whimpered and stuffed Kenny’s huge cock back into her mouth. It was long after she’d told herself to leave Kenny’s bedroom, but she wasn’t going to think about that anymore. She didn’t care if Harry caught her. She felt like a bitch in a state of perpetual heat; she just couldn’t get enough of her ons magnificent cocks.

Lovingly she clasped her lips around Kenny’s aching hard-on, sucking in her cheeks sharply to intensify the suction around his cock. Then she began to bob her head, fucking her face as she sucked his prick.

His cock still tasted of her pussy, and the mingled flavors made Diane’s pussy very wet. Harder and harder she sucked, flushing brightly with the energy of the blow job, intent upon being rewarded with the white fuck cream that would gush up from Kenny’s hairy balls.

“Can’t stand it, Mommy!” Kenny cried. “I’m about to shoot!”

Breathing through her nose, Diane sucked another inch of his steely cock between her lips. She jacked him off as she sucked his prick, milking and tugging its swollen length. Her tongue swirled all over his cock head, teasing his piss slit.

“Ah, ah, Mommy! Cumming!”

Kenny’s big prick danced in her mouth, and then the sticky white cock juice started to pump out of his balls. The milky fuck sap tore up out of his cock shaft, spurting rhythmically between his mother’s lips. Diane tasted his jism and noisily started swallowing, working her throat muscles until she’d gulped down all of Kenny’s cum.

Diane continued to suck is prick until his balls were completely empty. Then she took his cock out of her mouth and licked her lips. When she looked at her other boy, Mike was already smiling in anticipation.

“Okay, Mom,” he said softly. “Now it’s your turn to do me!”

Lying on the other side of the bed, he stretched out on his back and, rested his head comfortably on the pillow. Diane crawled eagerly between her two sons. Crouching at Mike’s hips, she lowered her head and took his cock head between her lips.

The knob of his prick meat was swollen and spongy, and as Diane closed her lips around his cock she was reminded that Mike had just finished fucking her asshole. For a moment, the thought revolted her, but then she felt herself becoming hornier than ever, anxious to suck the prick that had just fucked so wildly between her ass cheeks.

Her lips pursed wetly around the veined stiffness of his prick. Diane inhaled, caving in her cheeks. Hornily she started smacking and licking and sucking, nursing on her oldest boy’s delicious cock.

“That’s good, Mom!” Mike put his hands on her head up and down. “Suck my cock and make it cum!”

Eagerly Diane bobbed her head, fucking her face with Mike’s rock-hard prick. She grasped the thick base of his hard-on and started jacking as she sucked, milking and tugging more of his rod into her mouth.

Mike sighed as his cock pulsed with the sensation, and drops of pre-cum oozed out of the tip of his prick. Diane swirled her tongue around the crown of his cock, lapping up the drooling jism. She sucked his prick harder and harder, anxious for the salty jism that would fill her belly completely.

“I’m gonna make it!” Mike grabbed his mother’s free hand and pulled it between his legs. “Play with my balls!”

Tenderly, Diane cupped the hairy, wrinkled sac. She rolled the twin globes between her fingers, sucking and beating his meat at the same time. Mike groaned and lifted his ass off the bed, fucking his cock down his mother’s throat.

Then jism gushed out of his piss slit, draining his balls in one long spurt after another. Diane tasted the initial blast of her son’s delicious cum and hungrily started swallowing. The creamy cum continued to spurt out of the tip of his cock, and Diane sucked it all down until only a few drops of jism oozed from the spongy crown of his prick.

“Oh, Mom, I love you!” Mike sighed gratefully.

Diane threw herself into his arms and kissed him hotly, sharing a love they’d never known before they had started fucking. Then she turned on the bed and started playing with Kenny’s cock all over again.

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