Neighbor In Chains

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In NEIGHBOR IN CHAINS, Margo Hannenburg finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive, then degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, she nonetheless finds within herself hidden resources, a strength of character she never realized she had.

Although Margo suffers through an unspeakable horrible experience, she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more of a woman.


“Yes?” Margo said to the woman who stood on her doorstep.

“Mrs. Hannenburg?”

“Yes.” Margo crossed her arms and stared nastily at the rather lovely brunette. The woman was one of Margo’s neighbors, part of that group that had behaved so disgustingly last Saturday night.

“I’m sorry if we disturbed you. I’m Nikki, Nikki Ross, Fabian’s wife.” She extended her hand, but Margo ignored it. “Was our party really that loud?”

“Loud?” Margo smirked. “I thought there was an orgy going on, it was disgraceful. When I turned my television off, your party was so loud I could hardly sleep.”

“Oh, I am sorry,” Nikki said, “but what we thought was that we’d like to invite you to a really quiet dinner party we’re giving this Saturday, just about six or seven of us. We’d get to know you that way, and we thought it would be rather nice.”

“I don’t really think I can accept…”

“Oh, but you must come,” Nikki interjected. “We never meant to bother you.” She waved the letter Margo had written to them. “We only realized when we got your note. We would like to say how sorry we are.”

“How about six, next Saturday. Please say you will.”

“Very well,” Margo said stiffly, still keeping her arms crossed.

“Err, just one thing,” Nikki said nervously, “you signed Mrs. Hannenburg, is Mr. Hann…”

“My husband and I divorced five years ago.”

“Oh… well, see you then.” Nikki turned and left.

Margo closed the door, annoyed at herself for accepting the invitation. It would mean an evening with the neighbors, and she definitely didn’t like them. Still, Nikki had been friendly enough.

On Saturday, Margo spent a long time getting ready. She spent some time deciding what to wear. Her lovely blonde hair and strong, beautiful face needed something special to set them off. She decided on a dark-red lipstick and makeup to match. She rimmed her eyes darkly with mascara and accentuated her cheekbones to her satisfaction. After that, it was just a case of choosing the right underwear and the lovely, long blue dress to set her off to her best advantage.

She was putting the finishing touches to her image as she stared in the mirror, thinking that she wouldn’t mind having a man make a pass at her tonight. She might lead him on a bit, might even accept a date or two, after all she hadn’t been on a date in a while. She smiled at her reflection. If he was rich enough, she might even marry him. That would be another great game — to have him jerking off in the bathroom just like Jack had done. Have him pleading with her to let him stick his disgusting cock up her. She shuddered at the thought. Men were just so depraved it was incredible. All they thought about was sex.

She was deliberately late for the dinner party and all the rest of the guests were already there. Margo looked around and decided there were one or two candidates for a little game.

Fabian, Nikki’s husband was out, of course. Fabian was in his thirties, a tall, slim man with smooth manners whom Margo disliked at once. He looked at her carefully as they were introduced, making Margo feel uncomfortable.

The other men were candidates. There was Rolf, with fair hair and strong muscles rippling beneath his suit jacket. Arnold was slim and wiry, with dark, receding hair. Finally there was Kurt. He was young, probably five or more years younger than Margo, and he was quiet. He looked almost wistfully at her and Margo thought he would probably be the easiest one of all, he looked so innocent. She smiled at him and let him get her a drink.

There was another woman at the party, and Margo definitely didn’t like her. She was a slut, about the only word Margo could think of to describe her. She had hair that was originally brunette, a little darker than Nikki’s. However, it was streaked with blonde as it flowed over her shoulders, making her look very cheap indeed.

Her pretty face was made up too much, and her mouth pouted whenever she spoke. Her wide spaced, dark-brown eyes, her straight nose and full, sensual mouth were set off by the clothes she wore, a little blouse and skirt set. The skirt, flared and short, barely covered her stocking tops. The curves of her legs were accentuated by a pair of heels that were even higher than the ones Margo wore.

During the dinner, the little slut behaved disgracefully. It wasn’t clear which of the men she belonged to, for she flirted with them all.

The men seemed to lap it all up, laughing and playing with her. By the end of the meal, Margo was feeling quite left out and was getting ready to make her excuses and leave.

She had actually gotten up and was about to speak when the little slut came up to her.

“You know, I don’t think we’ve been really introduced. I’m Ginger.”

“I know,” Margo said nastily, staring down at where Ginger’s blouse had come undone enough to show the cleavage of her young tits. “We were introduced. I just didn’t find your behavior interesting enough.”

Margo turned away.

“Ooh!” Ginger giggled, leather cat tail clinging her arm. “Really, I wasn’t interesting enough? Hey, guys, I’m not interesting enough!”

“Will you let go of me?” Margo snapped, twisting her arm free of Ginger’s grip. “I have to go now.”

“Just a minute,” Ginger said, grinning and gripping Margo’s arm again. “Why wasn’t my behavior interesting? The boys find me interesting enough.”

“I’m sure they do,” Margo replied. “After the noise last week.”

She looked over the rest of the party as they sat at the table, watching with a strange laughter in their eyes.

“They look like the types that would like sluts.” Margo pulled away from Ginger again.

Fabian got up and blocked her path. “You’re talking of a friend of mine. Slut, hey?”

“I’m sure you know,” Margo said stiffly and tried to push past him.

He blocked her way, and Kurt and Arnold got up from the table also.

“Excuse me,” Margo said, “I have to go.”

“You know,” Fabian said, “you’re right, Ginger is a real slut.”

Ginger giggled. “Ooohh, Fabian! Flattery will get you everywhere and often.”

She giggled again, sliding her little skirt up over her thighs, showing the creamy whites of her thighs and the black curves of her stocking tops.

“I don’t know what you are thinking of doing,” Margo said in her most commanding tone of voice, “but it had better be quiet, or I’ll call the police this time.”

She tried to push past Fabian again, but he stood there and suddenly Kurt and Arnold had her by the arms.

“Yeah,” Fabian said, grinning. “Ginger is a real slut and you’re gonna do everything that she does. Everything.”

“Don’t be stupid. I’m certainly not that kind of woman. Now make these perverts let go of me. We won’t be talking to each other again, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, but we will,” Fabian replied with a grin. “You know we traced your husband.”

Margo groaned.

“Yes, we found him and he told us about you. He said that he’d say you were with him from this evening onwards if we wanted. Might be useful.”

“Let me go!” she snapped.

“He said you were a real tease, leading him on — lacy nightgowns and things. Then when you were married, whammo, nothing.”

“Let me go!” Margo yelled.

“So, for the rest of this weekend, you’re gonna do everything you promised and never delivered.” Fabian chuckled and Ginger grined again. “Pity Jack couldn’t be with us. He has a lovely lady now and she’s not into sharing. Oh well. Take her downstairs, boys.”

“What?” Margo was so taken aback she didn’t start screaming until the door was open and she was being hustled down a flight of steps into a basement.

The door at the top of the stairs slammed shut, then Fabian locked it.

Margo stared in rising horror. The basement was a combination orgy room and torture chamber. One side was full of rich carpets, padded chairs, sofas and a massive bed. On the other side, there were chains and bars, a diagonal cross with bindings all over it and several thick pillars with rings in them. All over the walls were whips and bindings.

Margo turned in a fury.

Rolf settled into a chair while Arnold and Kurt took each end of the long soft sofa. Ginger snuggled down between the two men, sliding her little skirt up so that her panties were showing. They were black, but they were so tight they didn’t really conceal her pussy mound at all.

“Let me out of here!” Margo screamed, fear fighting with her fury.

“Not on your lift,” Nikki said, crossing over to her husband and sliding her arms around him. “Undress me a little, darling.”

Nikki slipped her arms around his neck. Her soft lips nuzzled his neck and her lovely large fawn eyes were closed as she murmured gently.

Fabian grinned and slid his hands over the back of his wife’s gray dress. He took the top of the zipper and slid it down slowly.

“And they call me a slut,” Ginger gasped. “Ooh! Will you look at that? Hey, boys, you gotta get me ready too!”

The zipper slid down Nikki’s back, revealing the lacy top of her slip. The back of her bra showed through it as the zipper went down, sliding to the small of her back and on until it reached the top of the crack of Nikki’s ass.

“Ooohhh, naughty!” Ginger giggled as Arnold’s fingers opened the buttons of her blouse, sliding them down until the little white garment came out of the waistband of her skirt. She giggled and slapped his hand away as it slid into the cup of her bra. “Margo thinks I’m a slut. She might think that I like it, or something.”

Ginger pouted and slipped his hand back into her bra, sliding the clasp open so that he could get at her lovely young clit without any rest at all.

“Let me out of here!” Margo snapped as she watched the disgusting show.

“No, honey!” Ginger giggled. “Remember, you’re going to do everything I do, so watch.”

She arched her back so that Kurt could work her short dress over her thighs and calves, revealing her stockinged legs perfectly.

Kurt dropped the skirt over an empty chair, and Arnold eased Ginger’s blouse and bra off.

Now the little whore was dressed only in tiny black panties, stockings and spiked-heeled shoes. She spread her thighs wantonly as she lay across Kurt. She took his hand and slid it over her panties, letting him play with her as he wanted. At the same time, she gave Arnold a long, lingering kiss and thrust her large, luscious tits into his hands.

“Will you let me out of here!” Margo screamed. “I am not behaving like that!”

“Like this then?” Nikki asked, parading forward, holding her dress up over her tits. “You are rather more of a lady, aren’t you?”

Nikki laughed as she reached Rolf where he sat in the chair, enjoying the performance. She slid the dress down slowly, revealing her tits in her lacy slip and bra as she moved. They were smaller than Ginger’s, but even higher and more thrusting, heaving out of the top of the little bra. The dress slid lower and she stepped out of it, dropping it over a chair. She paraded and turned for Rolf, showing her lovely body off in her gray stockings, gray slip and matching bra and panty set. She pivoted her high heel into the carpet as she turned and went back to Fabian.

“Okay,” Fabian said, “now we can start on this bitch. Oh, fuck, Ginger, don’t you ever stop?”

Ginger was orgasming on the sofa, her thighs clutched tight around Kurt’s hand as he fingerfucked her and caressed her pussy, his hand pushing the tight material of her panties into her cunt as he rubbed the hard bud of her clit. At the same time, Arnold was working her clit, pinching her nipples hard, twisting them, making her shriek with lust as she clutched him and kissed him harder. Her body rocked on the sofa, her legs trembling with lust.

“Aaahhh, yes!” She came, her legs jerking, her pussy throbbing against Kurt’s hand, her tits throbbing. “Ooohhh, boys, I’ll have to give you a lot of thank-yous for that — ooh, yeah!”

Ginger lay back with a sigh of release and purred, keeping her pussy pressed against Kurt’s hand the whole time.

“As I said,” Fabian chuckled, “now we can get on with this bitch.”

Margo grimaced. “I just want to leave. Now!”

“No.” Fabian grinned. “You’re going to begin by taking that dress off for us, and anything else we want. Before we start fucking your ass off.”

“Don’t be filthy!” Margo snapped and slapped out at his face.

His hand gripped hers before she knew it. She gasped in his iron grip, trying to pull loose.

“Let me go!” she wailed.

He slapped her hard, shaking her head as he held her effortlessly. The hand came back, slapped her again, a full palm slap across her face.

“Aaahhh!” she screeched, her head ringing, her anger surging with the pain. She struggled to get free.

“Now,” he said, “are you listening to me?”

“Let me…”

He slapped her again, the sound ringing around the dungeon-like basement.

“Aaahhh, you beast! I’ll report you to the police!” Margo screamed.

“Sure,” Rolf said, rising to his feet. “What was it you wanted to complain about, lady?”

“What? You?” Margo gasped, tears in her eyes.

“I’ll leave you my card for when you want to complain.” Rolf flashed his badge, then took out a card and grinned, slipping it down the front of Margo’s dress.

“You, you — let me go!” Margo screamed, continuing her futile struggle against Fabian’s grip as Rolf went and sat down.

“Now, are you going to be sensible?” Fabian asked.

“Let me go!” Margo screeched, her blonde hair tossing wildly.

“Okay.” Fabian started dragging her down the steps and into the dungeon area.

“Look! Let me go!” Margo screamed as she was hauled toward one of the large stone pillars. “No, you can’t!”

Fabian grabbed a pair of handcuffs off the wall and clipped one of them onto her wrists.

“Stop that, stop!” Margo screamed as she was pushed toward the stone pillar.

Before she could say anything, Fabian clipped the handcuffs into a ring on the other side of the pillar and her right arm was helpless. He left, and Margo struggled, grabbing at the cuffs and at the ring, but they were both far too strong for her. Fabian was back, and another pair of cuffs went around her left wrist.

“You — don’t! Stop it!”

Fabian dragged her harshly and pulled her left arm around the pillar until he could slip the other handcuffs into the same ring.

Margo was helpless, her cheek pressed into the stone, her arms hugging the pillar. She gasped in horror, twisting her head to see what they were doing, then wishing she hadn’t.

They were all watching her.

Nikki had climbed onto Rolf’s lap and was caressing his cock as he played with her, sliding his hands up under her slip, caressing her thighs. Ginger still lay across the two men, but now she had freed Arnold’s cock and was running her little mouth over it. Kurt was unzipping his pants and moving around so that he could stuff his cock into her hot little cunt.

Margo stared for a moment in rising horror, watching Ginger’s hot mouth sliding over Arnold’s cockhead. It was a big cock and the round cockhead pushed at Ginger’s willing lips as she moaned and slid her mouth down over it, sucking gently. Kurt slid Ginger’s panties down her legs and spread her thighs again for his cock.

It wasn’t Kurt fucking Ginger that disgusted Margo. It was the sight of Ginger’s mouth on a cock. Margo might let a man work his cock into her cunt, but she would rather die than take one in her mouth.

Fabian came away from the wall with a thin rod in his hand. It was about the length of a riding crop, but thinner; so thin it trembled with each move he made. He came back to her and waved the rod past her eyes.

“See that?” he whispered. “I’m gonna whip your ass with this. Until you beg me to let you go so that you can take your clothes off far us.”

Margo gasped in horror. The rod smelled like rubber and it was very hard.

“You can’t!” she moaned.

“I can, and I’m going to. I’m gonna make you pay for what you did to Jack.” Fabian grinned and leaned in close. “Between you and me, he is a bit of a wimp. Ready?”

“Nooooo!” Margo sobbed. “Stop it!”

She felt his hands running over the back of her dress. She wailed as he began lifting the hem, working it up over her legs, up over her thighs and on until her blue stocking tops were showing. Even then he didn’t stop. He lifted the hem on up and began taking her slip with it.

Margo wailed and screamed as the garments moved up over her ass, exposing her expensive silk panties. He went on lifting the hem of the dress until he could fuck it into the collar of the dress.

From the waist down, Margo was revealed to their lustful eyes. She struggled, but Fabian had pushed the dress hem too far down into her dress top for her to dislodge it and make it fall back over her ass.

“Stop this — no!” she screamed, but Fabian laid the thin rubber rod across her pantied asscheeks and she nearly passed out with the horror. “Stop this, you can’t!”

“Fuuuck, look at that ass!” Kurt chuckled as he slid his cock into Ginger’s pussy.

Ginger moaned, her mouth around Arnold’s cock.

“As good as mine?” she purred, licking Arnold’s cockhead, her tongue swirling softly.

“What, jealous, my little slut?” Kurt chuckled. “She’ll never equal you, you little whore.”

“Ohhh good!” Ginger giggled and slid her mouth deeper onto Arnold’s cockhead. “Come on, boys! Watch her get it, that should get you off fast enough!”

Fabian lifted the rod. He held it over her ass, for several seconds. Margo shivered and moaned. Then the rod lashed down.

The rod cunt right across Margo’s tight swelling ass, beating a thin line into her panties.

Margo jerked, her body slamming into the pillar, her arms clutching at the solid stone. Her legs trembled, and her head was flung back as she screamed.

“Nooo! Aaabhhh — noooo! You can’t!” The rod beat into her pants again and her body gyrated against the pillar.

“Aaagghhhh! Please! No!”

The terrible rod lashed into her ass, beating another thin line into her panties with such force that they began to tear.

“Uuurrgghhh! Stop! Please!” Margo screamed, jerking against the pillar, sheer agony erupting out of her ass with each stroke of the rod. “Aaaaaaghh, ooh God!”

Her ass burned as the rod lashed her, whipping another rip into her expensive panties.

“Stop, you can’t do this!”

“Just beg me to take your clothes off,” Fabian said.

He whipped her viciously, the thin rod beatbig into her asscheeks with a sound that echoed from the walls of the dungeon.

“Nooo, please — aaaghhh!” Margo screamed, tossing against the pillar.

Pain rang through her body as the hard rod lashed her ass once more, beating an eruption of agony into her flesh.

“Beg me.” Fabian whipped her hard, cutting a line into her panties, tearing them farther so that a flap hung down, revealing her red-lined ass.

“Aaaghh! Promise you won’t touch me if I do?” Margo wept, trying to turn around to see him.

“Touch you, bitch?” Fabian laughed and whipped her. “We’re gonna fuck your brains out, whore!”

He lashed her, tearing her panties. He whipped the rod into her ass, jerking her body against the pillar as she screwed in horrible pain.

The rod whipped her with a series of hard strokes, beating utter agony through her body. Margo knew she couldn’t hold out. The pain made her weak, her legs were going to jelly and she was almost hanging from her hands. She screamed as the rod cunt her ass again and the pain burst through her like red-hot irons. She sobbed.

“Yessss — aaagghh! I’ll do it!”

“Do what?” Fabian asked, then whipped her again.

“Take my dress off!” Margo screamed.

“Beg me.” He lashed the rod into her ass, whipping another strip away from her panties.

“Aaaghhhh! You bastard! Please, let me — aaagghhh!”

“What did you call me!” Fabian snapped, lashing the rod across her ass again with a sweeping stroke.

“Nothing — aaaghhh!”

“You called me a bastard, didn’t you?” Fabian whipped the bound blonde.

“Aaaghhh! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t!” Margo screamed, going weak, her legs giving out at the terrible agony.

“Say, Fabian, darling.” Fabian lashed Margo again. “Now beg me!”

“Please — aaaghhh! Please, Fabian, darling, let me take my dress off — aaaghghhh!”

“That’s better.” Fabian came forward and unzipped the cuffs.

In a fresh surge of pain, Margo fell to the stone floor, clutching her ass, rubbing her whipped ass-flesh, and sobbing even louder.

“Head up!” Fabian commanded. Margo raised her head as a thick, studded collar was put around her neck. She was too terrified to resist.

Fabian clipped a chain to the collar. “Now, come with me.”


He jerked on the chain attached to the collar and Margo staggered, almost falling backwards. She got to her feet, pulling her dress out of the back and letting it fall over her ass. She stood there, staring at the depraved scene on the sofa, where Ginger fucked back against Kurt’s thick cock while she ran her soft lips over Arnold’s throbbing cockhead.

“Here!” Fabian snapped, hauling the still weeping Margo into the middle of the room.

Nikki looked up from where she was curled on Rolf’s lap, her hand slowly undressing him as he fondled her pussy through her little gray panties.

“That’s it,” she said, “we can all see the bitch great, now.”

Fabian unzipped the chain and left Margo standing there still wearing the collar. He stepped back. “Okay, take that dress off and make it good, we all wanna see.”

Margo trembled and almost choked. She looked over to where Kurt slammed his cock deep into Ginger’s hot wet cunt while the little slut purred and sucked at the heaving boner of Arnold’s fuck-rod. Ginger glanced at her and grinned. Slowly she slid her mouth back up Arnold’s cockshaft until she was licking at his cockhead, her fingers sliding over his rock-hard prick.

“Remember,” Ginger crooned, “you’re gonna do everything do. You’re gonna behave like a slut, you stuck-up bitch, like a real slut.”

She eased her mouth back down the length of Arnold’s cock, staring at Margo as she worked the thick round prickhead into her throat. Her neck bulged as she moved down, taking the length of his cockshaft until she licked over his balls.

Margo stifled a sob and turned, thinking of refusing to undress, but she saw the rod in Fabian’s hands and thought better of it.

Arnold had his hands in Ginger’s hair, and he was gasping with lust as he fucked her mouth.

“Go on, whore!” he yelled. “Take the fucking thing off, I’m gonna shoot soon!”

“Get on with it!” Fabian snapped. Margo’s trembling hands went to the back of her dress and felt for the zipper. She almost broke into tears as she pulled it down.

“Slowly,” Fabian said, staring at her. Margo let the dress slip down, over the top of her slip, over the hidden bra. Her wonderful, heavy tits thrust out against the front of the slip and were impossible to disguise. She looked at Fabian and let the dress drop farther, down to her waist, beginning to really reveal the delightful curves of her figure.

“Nice!” Fabian sighed, stroking the rod through his fingers, staring at her, his chest heaving with lust. “Take it slow, bitch, real slow.”

Margo found it difficult to breathe as she let the dress fall to her feet. She stepped out of it and put it over a chair with unsteady hand.

“Oooohhh, yeahhhhh!” Fabian murmured. “Not bad, eh, guys?”

Fabian strolled over. “I think you will care what we do to you.” He held her close. “Last chance. Go up to Rolf and apologize.”

“No, you horror!” Margo screamed, twisting in his grasp. “You can’t make me! No!”

He brutally pulled her arm behind her back and slammed her back to the middle of the floor. He clipped the chain back around her neck and held her down, pulling her to her knees by the chain as if she were a dog.

“Okay,” he said, “let’s make you watch this. It’ll be instructional.”

He pulled Margo around, keeping her on her knees and hauling her across to the sofa where Ginger was still being double-fucked by Kurt and Arnold.

Margo screamed, trying to stop her stockings from dragging in the carpet and getting torn. She was pushed close to the sofa.

Ginger’s pussy was getting reamed out by Kurt’s cock as he gripped her ass and slammed in and out with increasing strength.

“Fuuuck!” he gasped. “This whore’s got the hottest cunt in history.”

“Here,” Fabian said, giving him the chair. “Pull her in. She’s gonna learn a lot, and fast.”

He laughed and pulled on the chain.

“Wow!” Rolf slid his fingers inside Nikki’s panties and caressed her wide-open pussy. “That’s a class bit of ass, that really is. Come here, bitch.”

Margo ran her hand through her blonde hair, trembling and nearly falling out of her highheeled shoes as she hesitated. Finally she turned and walked over to the pair on the chair. Nikki leaned back, her brunette hair flowing over her face as she stretched, sliding her hands behind Rolf’s neck. Her tits were thrust out, her body open to anything he wanted to do to her.

“Fuuuck!” Rolf gasped, staring at Margo, one hand in Nikki’s pussy, the other rosining over her tits in the little bra. “You get better every time I look at you. Slide that slip up, lemme see your legs.”

Margo struggled with herself. She wasn’t going to take much more of this. But she eased the hem of her slip up, over her thighs until it reached her stocking tops. She held it there, her legs pressed tight together, her hands trembling.

“Higher,” Rolf urged. “And open your fucking legs!”

“No, no!” Margo screamed suddenly, breaking away. “I won’t do it! You’re a bunch of perverts! No, I don’t care what you do to me!”

She ran for the door and struggled.

Margo’s face was closer to Ginger’s ass, just above where his cock slammed in and out of her pussy.

“Ooohhh, see that, bitch?” he yelled, gripping the chain tighter as his lust rose. Kurt rammed Margo’s face into Ginger’s twisting ass, pulling the chain to the side so that Margo’s eyes were inches from his cock as it worked deep in the hot wet gash of Ginger’s cunt.

“Oooo, yeahhhh!” Ginger moaned. “Make her kiss my ass, boys, and make her lick it up afterwards!”

She gave another moan as she slid her mouth down the length of Arnold’s thick fuck-rod, her body heaving with lust as she started to come. She gurgled around the throbbing meat filling her throat, her head pumping, her fingers caressing Arnold’s balls.

“Kiss it, bitch!” Kurt yelled, slamming Margo’s face into Ginger’s hot ass.

Margo screamed and twisted away, her mouth shut tight, her body jerking with horror and anger.

“No!” she wailed. “No, you disgusting perverts, no!”

She tried to pull away, but the rod suddenly lashed her ass as she knelt there. She screamed, twisting violently, but the chain was still gripped tight in Kurt’s hand and that just pulled the collar tighter.

“Get up, bitch!” Fabian yelled. “Get your ass [missing text].”

“Look!” Margo screamed, her mouth being dragged over Ginger’s hot ass as the little whore moaned and sucked, her pussy throbbing over Kurt’s fuck meat.

The rod whipped into Margo’s ass again, then beat against her thighs.

“Get up, bitch!” he roared, lashing Margo’s ass harder. “Get your fucking ass up!”

Margo screamed in rising fury and pain. The rod lashed her ass again, and she bucked against the chain, her mind going crazy with agony and surging anger.

“Get your ass up!” Fabian yelled, lashing her again.

“Kiss her ass!” Kurt yelled as his cock blurred in and out of Ginger’s steaming pussy. “Come on, whore, kiss her ass!”

“Aaagghhh!” Margo screamed, her blonde hair tossing wildly as the blows of the rod sent surging pain all over her body.

“Kiss her ass!” Kurt yelled as his cock with out of control in Ginger’s cunt.

Ginger gave a gurgling scream and came, her mouth pumping Arnold’s cock into her throat to the balls. As the long shaft slid between her lips, the screams got louder, bursting out as her mouth came clear of the thick fucker for a moment, then lunged down, the screams of lust getting muffled again by the heaving flesh invading her throat.

“Aaaghhh, I’m coming!” Kurt yelled as he slammed his cock deep into Ginger’s sucking, trembling cunt. “Come on, bitch, kiss her ass!”

He grabbed at the chain as the cum boiled in his balls and gushed down his cockshaft.

Margo broke. She lunged at Kurt, reaching for his upper thigh. He still had his pants on, but she gripped and bit, her teeth tearing through the material, chewing at his flesh.

“Aaaghhhh!” he roared as he slammed his spurting prick into Ginger’s pussy. “Bitch!”

Twisting at the chain, Kurt pulled on Margo’s neck.

She screamed as another blow landed on her ass, beating more agony into her body. Kurt was choking her, jerking her head around as he roared with pain and hauled her up.

“You’ll pay for that, whore!” he yelled and pulled his cock out of Ginger’s cunt.

“You fucker!” Ginger screamed, her cunt throbbing in desperation as his cock slid out. She shoved her ass back for his spurting cock, but it was too late.

“Cunt!” Kurt yelled, taking his cock and jerking it as a stream of hot cum burst from his cockslit and splattered over Margo’s horrified face. “Bitch, whore!”

Holding his spurting cock, his hand blurring on it, he shot another thick wad of jism over Margo’s mouth and nose.

Margo wanted to scream, but there was cum all over her mouth and cheeks, dripping off her nose, and she couldn’t open her mouth without taking the disgusting stuff into her mouth. She moaned, trying to get away, but Kurt held the chain tight, running his spurting cock over her cheeks and closed mouth, letting the cum gush out all over her face, prodding her lips with his cockhead as more of the horrible stuff poured out.

“Aaahhhh!” Ginger screamed as she shoved her ass back, trying to get the satisfaction of a hard cock in her cunt. “I’ll get you, you cunt! Ooh, fuck, gimme a cock!”

“Here!” Kurt yelled.

He pulled his cock away from Margo’s mouth as the last of his cum dribbled out of his piss-slit. He slammed his still-hard prick back into Ginger’s cunt, and she screamed with relief, jerking on the sofa with total abandon as she brought herself off.

She gave a low moan and sank her mouth back over Arnold’s cock, her fingers caressing, stroking the cum out of his balls. Still climaxing on Kurt’s cock as he held it in her cunt, she worked her mouth up Arnold’s cock once more.

“Make her take this load too!” she screamed. “Then let me at her, I’m gonna beat the shit out of the cunt!”

“Good idea.” Fabian pulled Margo off Ginger’s ass by her cellar. He took the chain from Kurt then pushed Margo down, close to Ginger’s face, as the little minx slammed her throat over Arnold’s throbbing cock.

Margo struggled. Her ass ached, and cum still ran over her lips and cheeks.

Arnold grabbed the chain and Fabian stepped back, lashing Margo’s ass again.

Margo screamed. Some of the cum dripped over her lips and she tasted it, almost throwing up at the sticky, salty mess. The rod whipped her hard, and she screamed again, jerking violently, only inches from Ginger’s hot mouth as she moved up and down on Arnold’s throbbing fuck-rod.

“Yeeeahhhhh!” Arnold yelled, leaning back, holding Margo’s chain tight. “Ohhh yeahhhh, Ginger! Yeah! Here it comes — ooohhh!”

He gave a deep moan, his cock jerking in Ginger’s skillful mouth.

“Oooohh, God!” Margo wept as she stared at Ginger’s mouth, which was running deep on the fleshy pole, pumping the cockhead.

Ginger thrust Arnold’s cock right into her throat as Arnold yelled and gripped her hair with his free hand. Margo saw his cock grow larger as the cum rushed up it and Arnold gave a great yell of lust.

“Yaaaaahhhh!” he roared, his balls churning as the spunk surged out of his cockhead.

Ginger gasped as she eased her mouth back up his prick, her fingers gripping the throbbing flesh as he yelled with release. Suddenly a thick wad of cum shot out of Arnold’s cock and right into Ginger’s welcoming mouth.

“Mmmnnnn!” she moaned as the creamy cock juice gushed over her lips.

Margo struggled with the horrible desire to throw up as she saw the little nympho licking the thick cum off her lips, but that only lasted for a second.

“Whip her!” Ginger yelled. “Open that shitty mouth of hers!”

She pulled back and guided Arnold’s cock just as the next thick wad of cum gushed out of it.

Fabian lashed Margo’s ass as the gush of cum burst over her lips and into her mouth.

“Yeahhh! Yeah!” Ginger yelled, holding Arnold’s cock, pushing it at Margo’s face. “Come on, shitty face, take some cum, you stuck-up whore!”

“Aaaghhhh!” Margo screeched as the rod lashed her ass again.

Her mouth opened and more cum poured into it, splashing on her lips and over her cheeks. She struggled, but the rod lashed her ass harder and her mouth stayed open to scream, taking in more cum, as Arnold roared with satisfaction and Ginger milked his cock of the final jets of jism.

“Don’t stick it in her mouth!” Fabian warned as he lashed Margo. “The little bitch has to be taught not to bite.”

“Sure, baby,” Ginger crooned as she played Arnold’s cock over Margo’s mouth, letting the final gobs of cum ooze out of his cockslit. “Fuck, I wish I had a cock to use on this cunt.”

Fabian laughed. “You’ll think of something. So, boys, how was that?”

“Great!” Arnold leaned back, his cock still dribbling the last of his cum.

Greedily Ginger sank her mouth back down it, sucking up the last drops with her pouting lips.

“The bitch really bit me,” Kurt said, easing his pants down to look at the red marks on his inner thigh.

“Okay, let’s work on Mrs. Tight-Ass here.” Fabian took the chain and hauled Margo upright, twisting her around to face him. “Now for some fun, you cunt.”

“Stop this! Nooo!” Margo wailed, the tight collar choking her.

Behind Fabian, Rolf appeared with handcuffs. Margo tried to strike out, but Fabian gripped her wrists and the handcuffs were on before she knew it. She screamed, but they were all around her, forcing her down onto the stone floor. Panic overwhelmed her and she screamed again, cum dripping into her mouth and off her chin.

Nikki let a rope down from a pulley in the ceiling. Margo sobbed and wept, gasping, as Fabian took the book on the end of it and clipped it through the chain of the handcuffs.

“Please, no, please!” she wept.

Rolf helped Nikki on the rope and Margo’s arms were hauled up, over her head. She screamed as they hauled her up, and Margo was hanging from the rope, her arms stretched, her feet struggling to get a grip on the stone floor.

“Stop! Stop this!” she wailed, her body writhing in rising desperation, the pain still throbbing in her ass.

“Gonna get dressed for this bitch,” Fabian said. He reached up and unclipped the chain from Margo’s collar. “Come on, boys.”

The four men went off with him into a small room to the side, leaving Margo with the two women. She twisted slowly as the rope unwound. Through the door Margo could hear the men laughing.

Ginger and Nikki strolled up to her.

“You bitch,” Ginger said, her fingers stroking over the front of Margo’s slip, moving closer to her jutting tits. “You don’t bite, bitch, not unless you’re told to. In fact, you don’t do anything unless you’re told to, got that?”

“Why are you doing this?” Margo wept, cringing from Ginger’s fingers as they played over her bra cups and the lacy top of her slip.

“Because you’re a cunt,” Nikki replied, grinning and watching Ginger’s hands playing with Margo. “We don’t make that much noise when we party because we’re down here and this is soundproofed. You just wanted to complain, bitch, so we’re giving you something to complain about.”

“Stop her!” Margo sobbed as Ginger ran her hands down her body, sliding her fingers under the hem of her slip. “I’ll… I’ll see you all in jail for this!”

Both women laughed.

“You’ll learn,” Nikki said.

“Open your legs.” Ginger slid her hands over Margo’s thighs, trying to push into her pussy.

“No! You pervert!”

“Open your legs!” Ginger snapped.

“Leave her,” Nikki said. “The boy’s be back in a moment.”

Ginger laughed. She went up to Nikki and slid her hands around her neck. “Let’s show her something else she’s got to do.”

Nikki smiled and the two of them kissed, their mouths locked together, their hands roaming over each other’s, body. Margo watched as Ginger slid down Nikki’s body, and Nikki spread her legs, grinning the whole time at Margo.

With a moan of passion, Ginger slid Nikki’s slip up her thighs and leaned in, kissing over the front of Nikki’s panties, moving closer to the soft gash of Nikki’s pussy.

“Mmmm!” she purred. “Rolf sure got you all heated up.”

Ginger licked the crotch of Nikki’s panties, her mouth playing over the material that was wet with pussy juices.

“That’s good, coming from you,” Nikki murmured, her ass swaying as she eased her panty-clad pussy over Ginger’s mouth. “You get wet just watching a man walk down the street.”

“Lies, all lies.” Ginger giggled as she kissed Nikki’s cunt through the thin panties. “He’s got to look as if he can use his cock, I don’t get wet for wimps.”

Nikki laughed.

The door opened and the four men walked back in.

Margo gave a shriek of horror. The men were dressed in black leather boots and tight pants. The front of their pants bulged with hard cocks. Kurt and Arnold wore black leather shirts, while Fabian and Rolf had on black leather jackets, their bulging chests showing. Fabian and Rolf also wore black caps. They looked horribly menacing.

Ginger got back up and almost ran over to Fabian, her high heels clicking on the stone floor.

“Oohhh, honey!” she purred as she clung to Fabian, her hand pushing into the front of his pants and sliding through a flap that opened easily for her. She gasped, her mouth clinging to his chest as she handled his cock in the tight pants.

“Get off, whore,” he said, “or I’ll have you whipped.”

“Ohhh, will you?” Ginger moaned, her eyes closed. “Oohhh, fuck! Make them whip me while I suck you off, honey, please?”

“You whore,” Fabian said with a grin and pulled Ginger’s hands off him. “You can get it all later, whip and all.”

Ginger followed him, her fingers playing over her pussy with shameless lust.

Fabian stood in front of the moaning Margo, his eyes playing up and down her body as the other men positioned themselves around her, all taking her in as she swung on the rope.

“I’m going to train you to do as you’re told. It’s gonna be real painful, bitch, but you deserve it.”

“No, please, I won’t complain about your parties again!” Margo sobbed.

She gasped as she watched Fabian walk to the wall and take down a vicious-looking whip. It had a short handle and a long single tail of plaited leather that he curled around his hand.

He stood close to her again and Margo could feel the heat of his lust. Her throat contracted as dizziness made her shiver.

“Tie her legs open, boys,” Fabian said, stroking the whip.

“No… don’t! Please, I’ll be good!” Margo sobbed as Kurt and Arnold came in on her. “Please! Let me gall won’t complain, honestly, I won’t! Look!”

The two men pulled on her ankles, spreading them apart until the tendons on the insides of her thighs were painfully stretched. Then they lashed her feet to bolts in the stone floor, leaving her hanging, her legs pulled as wide apart as they would go, her arms hauled up high above her head, the handcuffs biting painfully into her wrists.

Margo stared at Fabian, her eyes wide with fear.

“Do you know how good I am with this?” Fabian asked, playing with the whip.

Margo’s lips were trembling, the taste of cum still in her mouth. “N-no, no!”

“I’m this good,” Fabian said, then cracked the whip through the air, the tip of the leather curling close to her face.

Margo screamed and jerked, her legs straining.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Fabian said, curling the whip again, “this is just lining you up.”

He cracked the tip close to Margo’s face again as the rest of the men stood around enjoying Margo’s suffering.

“Believe me, honey,” Fabian grinned, stroking the whip, “I’m an expert at giving pain. Now for those clothes. This is how good I am.”

The whip curled out, the tall fucking through the air and just grazing the skin between Margo’s heaving clit. She gasped and gave a low scream of terror as the tip of the whip cunt the lacy top of her slip and ripped it down an inch or so.

“No, please!”

Fabian laughed and fucked the whip out again, the tip lashing out and ripping her slip another inch. The sides of the torn garment spread, revealing the clasp of her bra.

“Ohhh, no! Please!” Margo sobbed, staring down to where the curves of her tits were being revealed.

The whip cracked out again, and this time the tip cunt into her right tit with horrifying force as it curled down and around the outer edges of her bra cup.

“Aaaghhh! Look!” she screamed, her body heaving in total agony, her wrists aching against the grip of the cuffs. The studded collar choked her as the whip jerked back and her bra clasp tore right out, the cups fucking wildly as the leather tail tore them away. “Aahhh, God!”

The wonderful curves of her tits began to show, the single dark weal on her right tit showing against the creamy white.

“Aaahh, nooo! God, no!” she screeched as the whip curled in again, the tail gripping on her bra and ripping again, tearing the cups even farther apart, showing her tit curves even more.

The whip gripped her lacy slip and ripped it farther, tearing the front down, the sides floating apart, revealing the tight curves of Margo’s body.

“Nooo, please, noooo!” she wept as Fabian continued lashing the whip, biting at her bra, ripping at the lacy straps, tearing them until the cups fell and the shoulder straps were torn away. Only once did the whip-tail leather cat tail touch her flesh, biting into her left nipple, sending her screaming in agony and surging against the rope.

“Not long now,” Fabian said as he lashed and caught the slip, ripping the shoulder strap. One side of the little garment fell away, showing all of Margo’s soft tit as the bra followed it. Another expert lash caught the other side of the slip and ripped the shoulder strap in one tug.

“Yeahhhh!” Rolf gasped as the slip and bra fell away from Margo’s shuddering body, showing the full extent of her curvaceous beauty.

The tattered remains of her clothing hit the stone floor. Apart from her stockings, shoes and the collar, all Margo now wore were her torn panties. Her long shapely legs trembled as she stared at her tormentors.

“Now,” Fabian said and the whip curled in, gabbing at Margo’s panties, ripping the material, flashing back as Margo screamed in horror.

More of her panties were ripped away, the whip tearing them apart with rapid strokes, almost never touching Margo’s body as her panties fell apart, hitting the floor in a flurry of torn silk.

Finally Margo hung there, her body bathed with sweat, glistening in the light. Her wide apart legs revealed the soft lips of her pussy, and her naked tits heaved violently as she sobbed in pain and humiliation. Around her, they gathered closer, staring at her helpless body.

“Fuuuck,” Rolf gasped, “I’m real glad we did this, look at that.”

“Yeah,” Fabian said, curling the whip in his hand. “Now I’m going to give you some real pain, you bitch, just to teach you not to bite. Then you can start to learn how to behave.”

“No, please, no!” Margo sobbed as she watched the whip curl in the air, hovering with terrible menace.


“Oh no,” Margo whispered as she stared at the whip curling in Fabian’s hand.

She strained against the ropes, but nothing worked. She was held too tightly.

The whip arced through the air, lazily curled around her hips and bit into her asscheeks, the thin tip lashing her sensitive flesh with a sound that echoed through the room.

“Aaaaghhhh!” Margo screamed, her body jerking as the agony erupted out of her ass. Her blonde hair tossed as she flung her head back and then screamed again as the whip curled around the other side of her body and lashed her ass. “Look! Please, nooo!”

The whip curled up in the air, seeming to hover until she realized that this time the tip was heading for her tits.

“Look, uuurrrghhhh!” she screeched, thrashing, as the thin leather tail cut across her luscious tits, leaving a thin weal of pain across her tit-mounds.

She stared down at the red welts on her lovely, creamy tit-flesh, sobbing as sweat broke out over her whole body.

“Please, no!” she sobbed. “Don’t, please — aaaggghhh!”

She arched as the leather bit into her ass, her arms jerking against the ropes in a futile attempt to break free of her bonds.

As the tail of the whip beat into the blonde’s tits again, Nikki slid her fingers into her panties and gave a deep moan of lust. “I can’t stand this! I gotta get fucked! Come on, somebody, ram your cock up me!”

Nikki leaned over the back of a chair and thrust her shapely ass out, spreading her legs.

“Come on, rip my panties off, somebody!” Nikki moaned.

Rolf grinned and came up behind her, slipping his thick cock easily out of his pants. He stood behind the moaning Nikki, playing his hands over her, ass. “You really want it, huh?”

“Yeah!” Nikki gasped as the whip cuntinto Margo’s ass, getting another shriek of pain from the bound blonde. “Come on, baby! Rip my panties off, I’m so fucking hot!”

Rolf chuckled and reached inside the waistband of her panties, pulling them out until the material stretched. He reached down and slid his fingers over Nikki’s clit, stroking her pussy gently as she stared at her husband whipping Margo.

“You really want it?” Rolf asked.

“Ooohhh, you fucker!” Nikki moaned. “Come on, fuck me, fuck meeee!”

Rolf gave a sudden rip and Nikki’s panties tore away from her ass, shredding into small pieces. Rolf grinned and tossed them onto the carpet, then slid his cockhead over Nikki’s cunt.

“Ram it up me!” Nikki screamed. “Ooohh yeahhhhh!”

She gasped as Rolf slammed his cock into her hot pussy, working it right to the top in one long stroke. His long thick cock filled Nikki’s cunt to the brim, pushing her cuntwalls out as they spasmed over his prickshaft. He thrust deep, jerking his throbbing cock in her pussy as she gave a low scream of passion. Then he eased back, playing his cockhead over her clit again.

“Don’t you just love watching that bitch get whipped?” he chuckled.

“Fuck me, you jerk!” Nikki screamed. “Come on! I wanna come watching her, I don’t wanna go crazy.”

Her ass jerked back at him, trying to get his cock back into her sopping wet cunt.

“Sure, baby,” Rolf grinned and slid his cock back into her cunt, working it over her throbbing cuntwalls, making her moan and scream with lust. “That better?”

“Just fuck me — don’t talk!” Nikki yelled, working her cunt back over his heaving fucker. “Oohhh, yeah!”

Margo gave another desperate heave and screamed as the whip cunt her heaving tits. Fabian whipped her with another series of vicious strokes, concentrating on Margo’s delicious clit. Margo could see his strong chest rippling with lust. Her clit bounced to the blows of the whip, marked with crimson welts. Her screams echoed off the stone walls as she struggled, her body heaving, sweat pouring down her skin.

“Aaagghhh! Please, stop!” she wailed, her whole body on fire.

“I told you, you would suffer!” Fabian snapped. “This will teach you not to bite!”

“I won’t bite again, honest, honest! Aaaghh!” The tail of the whip cunt into her tits again, bouncing her large tit-mounds around. Her tits erupted with agony at each blow, throbbing and burning, her nipples feeling as if they were being crushed. “Ohhh, help meeeee!”

“Come here, Ginger,” Fabian said, “I gotta get blown as I do this.” He whipped Margo’s ass.

“Sure, baby.” Ginger laughed and slid her way up to Margo. She leaned back as the whip cunt into Margo’s tits. “If I have to suck Fabian off, I won’t be able to see you get whipped, will I?”

She ran her fingers over Margo’s nipples as she watched the whip curling in the air.

“Please, noooo!” Margo screamed as she struggled against the ropes. The whip began its terrifying journey toward her tit-mounds, and Ginger quickly slid her fingers away. “Please, nooo!”

Instantly Ginger’s fingers were back, tightening around her nipples. “If I can’t watch you, I’m gonna whip you double when I get the chance, you got that?”

“Aaaghhh!” Margo screamed, jerking around.

Her nipples burned with the power of Ginger’s fingers until the little whore pulled away to let the whip lash her tit-mounds again. Margo screwed and moaned, burning with the most terrible pain in the world.

Ginger obediently turned toward Fabian. Grinning, she slid to her knees at his feet, sliding her hand into the flap of his leather pants and puffing his cock out.

Even in her pain, Margo gasped at the sight of his cock. Rolf, Kurt, and Arnold had big enough cocks, all of them far bigger than Margo would ever think of taking in her little cunt. But Fabian’s cock was massive, eleven inches of rigid cockmeat, and thicker than her arm. If that was ever shoved up her little pussy, she would be split in two, she knew it. She moaned, then screamed as Fabian lashed her tits once more, leaving them crimson.

“How about her pussy?” Fabian mused as he lashed Margo’s tits again, laying the thin leather into her flesh with a sickening slap.

“Mmmm, how about it?” Ginger crooned, playing with his cock, sliding her fingers up and down his shaft, licking at his throbbing round cockhead and taking up the creamy drops of pre-cum liquid. “My, my, you are hot. Just tell me when you want to shoot, baby. Can I whip the bitch while you fuck her?”

“Sure,” Fabian gasped, laying the whip around Margo’s ass, listening to the screams coming from the helpless blonde. He pulled his cap down, his muscular chest heaving under his open jacket.

Ginger slid her mouth over his cockhead, sucking gently, her soft lips forming a circle around his cockflesh. “Ooohh, it’ll be good!”

She purred as she caressed his cockhead with her lips and tongue. She reached up and her fingernails rasped over his hard chest.

Fabian laughed and changed the direction of the whip, lashing the tail down and curling it between Margo’s legs, lashing the tip against her hard clit-bud.

Margo shrieked in incredible agony as the tip of the whip lashed her pussy, beating her clit. Pain soared through her body, jerking her around.

Kurt and Arnold stood watching. They had their arms crossed, but nothing could disguise the massive bulges in their pants where there cocks were back up to full hardness again. Over the chair, Nikki moaned and hunched, her little slip tossing around as Rolf slid his cock in and out of her hot little cunt. He worked his hands inside her slip top, pushing her tiny bra out of the way and caressing her small, tits as he rammed his cock deep in her spasming pussy.

“Go on, go on, Fabian! Whip the cunt! I wanna hear her scream!” Nikki yelled as she held her hands, working them over her clit.

As for Fabian and Ginger, it almost made Margo sick to look at them, even above the agony in her body.

Ginger had Fabian’s cock out of his pants and was sucking it, keeping him red hot, but not letting him shoot just yet. Her experienced fingers jacked up and down his shaft, pausing to caress his balls as he stroked the whip across Margo’s heaving body. Ginger’s tits were pressed against his legs, and her thighs clutched at his boots in a shameless display of submissive lust.

“Aaaghhh!” Margo screamed as the whip cunt into her cunt again, beating out the most horrible pain.

She shuddered, her body throbbing and jerking in pain. She stared at Fabian as he lashed the whip between her legs, cutting into the crack of her ass.

The whip lashed her hard, beating between her legs and into her ass again. Her screams were continuous now as she jerked on the ropes, her legs trembling, pulling against the bolts in the floor as she tried to get free. The whip lashed between her thighs, cutting higher into her asscrack, beating close to the entrance of her shithole.

“Aaagghhh! Look!” Margo screamed, her ass writhing as she moved.

Fabian swung the whip, lashing it between Margo’s thighs, beating the tip even higher, right into the tight ring of muscles that protected Margo’s ass.

“Uuurrrghhh!” Margo gasped, jerking violently as the agony rushed out of her ass. She tried to clamp her asscheeks together, but the next stroke smacked right between them and they instantly gave way under the pain, allowing the whip to reach her asshole. “You pervert! You pervert!”

“Yeah!” Fabian grinned, whipping between Margo’s legs once more, lashing her sensitive asshole. “You bet I am, whore! You watch me get off in Ginger’s mouth when I’m ready. That’s perverted, whore, and you’re gonna do it all!”

With a grin he swept the whip-tail up, the tip hitting her clit this time.

Her scream rang out as the whip curled back and came in, lashing her asshole. Margo wept and screamed, tossing helplessly as Fabian directed the whip onto her clit, or deeper, right into her asshole. Her wide-stretched legs strained as the pain got worse with each stroke.

But there was something else beside the pain, and Margo becoming dimly aware of it. It was a deep dark fire, burning somewhere in her body. Each time the whip landed, the fire burned brighter. As it burned brighter, it made the pain of the whip easier to bear.

Fabian alternated his strokes, lashing her clit, then her ass and back to her pussy, before starting on her throbbing tit-mounds again. But she never knew where any one stroke would land. The tip of the whip had no sooner lashed into her clit than it would surge up and beat her tits mercilessly, until she was screaming in total agony. Then the tail of the whip would curl between her legs, beating at her ass, lashing more agony into that area of her crimson flesh. Weeping and moaning, she struggled against the ropes, her body a sea of pain.

Over the chair back, Nikki moaned. Her brunette hair tossed as she twisted her pussy back at Rolf’s cock, her asscheeks rubbing and slapping against his black leather pants.

“Ooohh, yeahhhh!” she moaned. “Come on, Rolf, shoot up me! I’m gonna come — I’m gonna cooommmmeee!”

With a scream of lust, she climaxed, pushing her hips against the chair, her hand gripping the cushions as she came, her body tossing wildly.

“Fuuck!” Rolf gasped as his cock slammed deep into Nikki’s hot wet cunt. “I’m gonna come!”

He gripped the cups of Nikki’s tiny lacy bra and pulled, tearing them apart. He held the cups as he rammed his cock in and out of Nikki’s seething cunt, lifting her almost out of her high heels with the force of his fucking.

Nikki screamed as her cunt spasmed around Rolf’s throbbing fucker. Her pussy walls constricted as she felt the cum churning out of his balls and through his long fuck-rod. She jerked against the straps of her torn bra, tearing them as she struggled, coming in endless bursts of lust.

“Aaahhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!” she screamed.

“You whore!” Rolf yelled in delight as his cock rammed right to the top of Nikki’s fuck channel and spurted thick creamy wads of cum pouring them out as he bellowed and jerked Nikki up until she crashed back over the chair, still screaming with lust, her pussy sucking at his spurting cock.

Nikki screeched as she came, her hot cunt demanding another hot stream of cum from Rolf’s cock.

“Whip her, Fabian!” she screamed. “Whip her good, I wanna hear her scream — Aaahhhh! Yes!”

She shuddered in climax as she watched the whip cunt into Margo’s clit, sending the helpless blonde screaming and jerking on the ropes again. Cum filled Nikki’s cunt, oozing out over her thighs and into her gray stocking tops as she and Rolf clung together, climaxing in great surges of passion.

Margo saw it all through a haze of pain and humiliation. She tossed wildly, her wrists aching from the pain of the handcuffs, her legs shivering as they tried to close and block out the terrible thin tip of the leather whip. But nothing stopped it, her legs were held as far open as ever and nothing could stop that terrible, thin tail from whipping her clit and ass.

The strange fire that had started in her as Fabian whipped her cunt was getting worse now. It burned most fiercely when the thin whip beat her cunt, but even when the tail landed on her ass, the fire got hotter.

She screamed, her pussy and ass jerking in a display of pain that turned Kurt and Arnold on until they were stroking their cock-bulges.

Sweat poured off Margo’s body, making it shine in the light as she struggled and screamed.

“Hey, slut, would you like me to come and stop this?” Fabian yelled, lashing Margo’s cunt.

“Aaaghhhhh! Yesss, please!” Margo screamed, her pussy jerking as if she was getting fucked.

“We will,” Fabian said, lashing Margo’s ass while Ginger worked her soft mouth over his cockhead, sucking gently, driving him wild with her fingers on his balls. “That might be arranged. You prepared to bargain?”

“Yeaaahhh, ooooh, help!” Margo screamed, her body tossing as the whip bit into her titflesh.

“How about sucking my cock hard again after I come?” Fabian asked, whipping Margo’s ass with a stroke around her body.

“Aaagghhh! Nooooo!” Margo screamed, the idea of sucking his massive cock was repulsive.

“Fine.” Fabian lashed her between the legs, beating another dose of terrible agony into her pussy. “I’ll just whip you while Ginger gets me hard again, that’s fine.”

The whip cunt her pussy.

“Aaghhhhh, noooo!” she wailed, staring at Fabian and at the little whore who still knelt at his feet, sucking his cock, holding him from coming. “Nooo! Not that — no!”

“You know,” Fabian said casually, lashing the whip across Margo’s jutting clit, “Ginger can keep me from coming for hours if she really wants to. She’s so fucking good at cock sucking.”

He lashed Margo’s ass and the bound blonde screamed in horrible agony.

“She’s so fucking good at everything,” Fabian said with a chuckle, then whipped Margo’s ass again. “So that’s fine, we’ll just work around you.”

Margo knew she had to give in. She couldn’t take this pain. And that strange fire was burning more brightly all the time. She screamed as the whip cunt her pussy with another vicious stroke.

“Yes, yes, I’ll do it!” she wailed, her stockinged legs trembling at the blow.

“Do what, bitch?” Fabian asked, lashing her tits.

“I’ll do what you want!” Margo screamed, feeling sick as she said it.

“Say it, whore!” Fabian yelled, lashing her ass and stroking his cock into Ginger’s willing mouth.

“I’ll — aaaghhh! I’ll do it to your… to your thing!” Margo screamed.

Fabian laughed and whipped her pussy. “Say it, whore!” He held Ginger’s head with his free hand, his cock speeding up as it stroked between Ginger’s hot lips.

“Aaaghhh, no! Don’t make me do that, please — aahhh!” Margo screamed as the whip cunt her tits, bouncing the crimson masses of flesh around her rib cage.

“Fine,” Fabian said and whipped her ass again, the whip tail curling between her legs and up, whipping into her pussy as well.

“Aaagghhh! Nooo! I’ll suck your… your cock!” Margo screamed. She tossed and heaved, her whole body throbbing with pain.

“Good,” Fabian said, “now Ginger can suck me off.”

He lashed Margo’s ass, driving the whip in harder and faster.

Margo screamed and jerked on the ropes, her body throbbing with the wildest agony and passion she had ever known. She saw Ginger stand up, bent at the waist, her shapely legs stretched tight as she slid her mouth down the length of Fabian’s cock. As the whip cunt her clit, pussy and ass, Margo screamed and tossed, but she stared the whole time at Ginger’s incredible mouth.

The little blonde worked her mouth down the whole length of Fabian’s fucker. Her body bounced as she rammed her mouth deeper with each stroke of Fabian’s cum as he swung the whip, her neck bulging as the cockhead reached the entrance of her throat and rammed even deeper. On and on Ginger worked, her throat bulging, sliding Fabian’s cockhead deeper until her lips were around the base of his fuck-rod, wetting the black leather of his pants. Fabian’s massive cock throbbed and heaved deeper and harder into her throat. Her ass as thrust out as she bobbed up and down, and her legs trembled as she worked the cum out of Fabian’s balls.

“Yeahhhh, here it comes?” Fabian roared as he swung the whip in circles, lashing Margo in continuous strokes, her ass, pussy and tits all getting their share of attention. “Ooohhh, fuck — your mouth, baby, your mouth!”

With a great heave, his balls emptied the first of his cum, sending it rushing out of his cockshaft and into Ginger’s waiting mouth.

Fabian came, lashing Margo’s helpless body, beating more crimson lines of pain into her ass and tits as she screamed and twisted. Her cunt was throbbing as she jerked, the whip tip lashing her mercilessly. She saw Ginger slide her mouth back up Fabian’s cock as it jerked and cum gushed out of the tip.

“Yaaahhh!” Fabian bellowed as his cock shot thick creamy wads of jism. He lashed Margo’s clit, watching as his victim screamed and twisted. “Ohhh, that’s sough good!”

He sighed as more of his hot cum emptied into Ginger’s hot mouth.

Ginger held his cockhead in her sucking mouth, letting it fill with his cum. A few gobs of the sticky goo escaped her lips, but most of it stayed in her welcoming mouth as her fingers caressed his cockshaft, working the rest of his jism out of his throbbing balls. She moaned, swishing the wonderful fuck juice in her mouth as another stream of spunk shot out of Fabian’s cock and he lashed Margo’s pussy.

“Oohhh, your fucking mouth!” he groaned as his cock emptied another stream of cum.

Ginger purred, stroking his balls and cockshaft, her soft lips still firmly clamped around his cockhead.

“Oohh, yeahhhhh!” he gasped as his stream of cock juice ebbed and he lowered the whip, stroking his cock in and out of Ginger’s mouth.

“Ooohh, that was great! That was the best.”

“Mmm,” Ginger purred as she slid her mouth off Fabian’s cock and fucked her tongue out, taking in the last drop of jism that clung to his cockslit. She stood up and walked toward the moaning Margo who hung on the ropes, her body shaking, her tits and ass crimson masses of whipped flesh.

Ginger grinned and suddenly gripped Margo’s hair, pulling her head back viciously. Margo screamed, clutching at the ropes, as Ginger clamped her mouth over hers. At first Margo thought Ginger was just going to kiss her, but she had forgotten about the cum. Great gobs of Fabian’s fuck juice ran out of Ginger’s mouth and into Margo’s.

Margo wanted to throw up. She struggled desperately, but Ginger had gripped her chin, preventing Margo closing her mouth. Ginger pushed more cum over Margo’s lips with her tongue, pushing the horrible fuck juice in until Margo was forced to swallow some of it. She gagged, but it went down.

Ginger stepped back and grinned at the sobbing Margo. “Remember, you’re gonna do everything I do, so you’ve got to share a mouthful of cum with me sometime.”

She giggled and walked off, flopping down in a chair.

Fabian came up to the sobbing, heaving Margo. He ran his hands over her swollen, crimson tits. “Now you suck my cock back hard.”

Margo stared down at his monstrous prick. It didn’t seem to have gone down at all. For some reason the sight made her dizzy, and a surge of strange desire rushed over her. For the first time in a long while, she became aware of the thick tight collar around her neck. It was hot on her skin and still made her breathing difficult.

Fabian’s fingers ran down her body, between her thighs, toward her wide-spread pussy. Margo shivered as she swallowed the last of his cum that Ginger had pushed into her mouth.

Fabian’s fingers ran over her cunt-lips.

“Well, whadaya know?” he chuckled. “The little bitch is wet.”


“So, how about that?” Fabian said softly as he worked his hand over Margo’s throbbing pussy.

He eased her cunt-lips apart and slid a finger over her hard clit bud. The bound woman gave a moan and her hips heaved. She bit her lip as the strange passion washed over her.

“You know what it means when you get wet?” Fabian asked, leaning in, his mouth close to Margo’s ear.

Margo felt her pussy suddenly running juices over his hand as he played with her, stroking her cunt.

“It means you like it,” Fabian said with a chuckle. “You like what’s being done to you.”

“No, no!” Margo wept, struggling against the bonds that held her. “I hate you! Let me go! I’ll turn you in to the police — I will! I will!”

Fabian chuckled again and slid a finger into Margo’s cunt, working it over her softly throbbing pussy walls, sliding it deeper on her freely flowing juices. She moaned, her sore ass and tits aching with the pain of the whip.

“Ali, so you have been fucked,” Fabian said as his finger worked deep into Margo’s cunt and softly teased her. He laughed again and drew his finger out. “Okay, time to prove you can suck cock.”

Margo gave a groan of horror. She stared down at his huge prick. If it had gone down at all after shooting into Ginger’s mouth, it was back up again, just as hard and thick as ever. She gagged at the very thought of having that in her mouth.

“No, please!” she wept. “Don’t make me do that!”

Fabian gripped her by her hair. “That’s fine with me, whore. I can fuck you now and then have you blow me, that’s fine.”

“No, please, not that, not that!” Margo sobbed, her body shaking with horror.

“Make your mind up.” Fabian held her head up so that she had to look right into his eyes.

Margo panicked. Somehow she thought that if she could postpone having to suck his cock, it might go away all together.

“All… all right,” she sobbed, “you can fuck me now.”

“Fine,” Fabian grinned. He held her hair and slid his cock to the tight entrance of her pussy, working his massive cockhead over her red cunthole. “Beg me to fuck you.”

“Haven’t you done enough!” Margo screamed, tossing against the ropes. “You want me to beg you to rape me? You creep, you — aaaghhh!”

She jerked violently as the cane lashed across her ass.

“Beg him,” Ginger said from behind her, “but take your time, I love whipping whores like you.”

She laid the thin cane across Margo’s ass, with a hard slap.

“Uuurrgghh! No, please, you can fuck me!” Margo wept, her ass ringing with fresh agony.

“Beg him!” Ginger demanded, lashing the helpless blonde with a hard stroke.

Margo’s ass erupted with agony. Her flesh was so pulped by the whippings that any touch set off the most terrible throbbing right through her body. She screamed, feeling Fabian’s cock working over her cunt, sliding to her pussy entrance and back, rubbing against her cunt.

“Look!” she wailed and heaved as the cane lashed her.

Fabian’s cockhead rubbed hard on her clit and almost into her cunt. Sparks of strange, terrible passion shot out because of the contact and mingled with the agony.

“Ooooh God!” she wept and screamed as the cane lashed her once more, driving her spread legs into spasms of pain as her pussy jerked around on the very tip of Fabian’s cockhead. The surging passion spread with the pain of the whip, making her gasp, her body gyrating in slow circles as Fabian’s cock ran around her tight fuck-hole entrance.

“Beg me,” Fabian said as he held her hair and kept his cock just out of her cunt. The cane lashed Margo’s tight ass once more.

“Aaaghhhh, please, fuck me!” Margo sobbed, her pussy jerking against his cock.

“Again,” Fabian said.

“Please, please, fuck meeee!” Margo screamed as the cane lashed her ass and she jerked helplessly, her arms aching, her legs trembling.

“Good,” Fabian said. He worked his cock into the entrance of her cunt. He held it there and waited. “You’d love Ginger to whip you until my cock is right up your pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“Aaaghhh!” Margo screamed as the cane cunt her ass, beating another thin line of agony across her ass-flesh.

She hunched, trying to get Fabian’s cock into her pussy, but he held back, holding his massive, throbbing cockhead just at the tight entrance to her cunt. The cane whipped her again, and she screamed, knowing she was helpless in their hands.

“Yessss, she can whip me! I’d love it!” she wailed, her cunt pushing at his cockhead.

“That’s wonderful,” Fabian said, pushing his cockhead into her cunthole.

As the enormous thick round prickhead pushed her throbbing pussy walls open, Margo gasped. It felt as if she was being impaled on a stake. Her fuck channel rippled in pain and she thrust up, trying to escape the monster.

Fabian grinned as her cunt almost slid off his cockhead, his hands holding her tight as the cane lashed her ass. Margo gave a deep, guttural scream and rammed back down on his fuckrod.

“Aaaghhh!” Margo screeched, her cunt exploding with pain once more as Fabian’s massive thick prick penetrated her soft pussy. “Ooohh, God!”

The cane lashed her ass and she screamed, jerking his cock deeper into her fuck channel. Her pussy walls stretched and she groaned as her cunt was slowly filled with his enormous cock.

“You bastard!” she gasped, staring at him as he held her hair.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he grinned. “I’m a real bastard.”

He fucked his cock deeper and it rasped over Margo’s pussy walls as it penetrated. Fully half the monster was now in her cunt, throbbing at her pussy walls, waiting to push the last inches and fill her cunthole to the limit.

“Did I ever tell you how much of a bastard I really am?” he chuckled.

“Ooohhh!” Margo groaned, her cunt throbbing with pain.

“I really get off on having my chicks whipped until I come,” Fabian grinned. “And that’s what Ginger is gonna do. Whip you until I shoot up your hot little cunt.”

“Urrrghhh!” Margo screeched, wanting to tear his eyes out. She stared at him as his enormous fucker slammed deeper into her cunt. “You’re a bastard, a real bastard!”

She gave another scream as Ginger whipped her ass.

Fabian smiled. “Hey, Nikki, show this whore how to take a whipping as you fuck somebody.”

Nikki came over, smiling nastily at Margo. She ran her hand over Margo’s tits, stroking the whipped, sore flesh. “So you want a demonstration?”

“Yes!” Margo hissed, wanting to see the horrible woman whipped. It would be some consolation at least.

“Remember, you have to do everything we do,” Nikki said. She twisted Margo’s nipple, getting a scream from the bound woman just as Ginger whipped her ass again and Fabian fucked deeper into her fuck channel. “So watch and learn how to take a whip on your ass, whore, ’cause you’re gonna be getting a lot of them.”

She walked over to Kurt and Arnold.

“Who gets fucked and who gets to whip me?” Nikki asked, sliding her hands into their pants and caressing their cocks.

“Promise me a blow when he’s come,” Kurt said, his cock throbbing in Nikki’s expert hands. “Sure, baby,” Nikki replied, caressing their fuck-rods.

“You got it,” Kurt said and went over to the wall, picking up another cane.

Margo screamed as Ginger whipped her ass, driving her pussy onto Fabian’s cock until it filled her cunt completely. The huge, round ball of his cockhead rammed into the top of her cunt, his throbbing cunt filling her pussy, reaming it out as she fucked up and down on the enormous pole. She strained, trying to pull her legs free, but it was useless. Her cunt spasmed, and she jerked to the beat of the cane and screamed as the pain gushed out of her ass.

She screamed, her tits thrusting against Fabian’s chest as he held her, his massive fuckrod churning in her cunt. Sparks of passion shot from the rasping of her sore nipples against his chest hair. He held her, grinning, knowing what she was suffering.

“Ohhh, God, no!” Margo sobbed, her ass jerking, ramming her cunt down over his hard thick cock. “Please, nooo!”

“You’re going to come, my little whore,” Fabian whispered, his cock lunging into her cunt. “You’re gonna come with the whip on your ass and a great big cock up your cunt. You might as well give in, you can’t stop it.”

“No… please — aaaahh!” Margo scream as the cane lashed her ass and her cunt spasmed around the enormous cock in her pussy.

Behind her, she heard Ginger laughing as she whipped the cane in harder. Margo felt her pussy throbbing out of control. Now her ass was jerking back for the cane as it lashed in with hard, regular strokes. She gritted her teeth and tried to stop the surging passion.

Nikki laid Arnold down on a bench behind Fabian so that Margo could see it all.

She held Arnold’s cock and tuned to the screaming, sweating Margo.

“Watch,” she said nastily, “this is to show you how it’s done.”

With a grin she slid her pussy over Arnold’s hard cock as it stuck out of his black leather pants. Her cunt swallowed his hard prick in one long slide, taking it in until her cunt-lips worked around in his cockhair. With a moan of lust, she eased her little gray slip up, revealing the soft white curves of her ass. Across her white skin the lacy suspender straps stretched delightfully. She eased her cunt over Arnold’s cock, sliding her ass around, her legs stretched out in her high heels.

Behind her, Kurt stepped up with the cane.

He held his cock and stroked it slowly as he laid the thin rod on Nikki’s asscheeks. “Ready?”

“Yeah!” Nikki sighed, fucking down on Arnold’s cock. She ran her hungry mouth over his chest, kissing him, her fingernails rasping over his chest. She pulled her cunt up on Arnold’s cock and, as it reached the top of the ramming fuck, Kurt lashed her with the cane.

The thin wood beat into Nikki’s ass-flesh, leaving a red line over the white. She gasped, moaning, as she rammed back down on Arnold’s cock, filling her cunt with his hot prick. The cane whipped in once more, lashing her tight ass. She gave a scream of lust, slamming her sopping wet cunt down on Arnold’s cock.

“Ooohhh, yeaahhhh!” she gasped. “Oohhh, that’s so nice! Come on — aaaahh, yeahhhh! Do it, Kurt, do it! And I’ll suck your cock inside out!”

Moaning and gasping with lust, Nikki fucked her cunt harder and faster on Arnold’s fucker while the cane lashed into her tight ass.

“There,” Fabian whispered to Margo, “that’s the way to do it, see that?”

“You bastard!” Margo wept, her throbbing ass churning up and down on his massive fucker, her pussy exploding with the steadily increasing lust she couldn’t control. She gasped as another blow of the cane sent her body throbbing with mingled agony and lust.

Fabian laughed and rammed his cock harder into her pulsating pussy.

“You surprised me,” he gasped, his cock expanding in Margo’s tight, sucking cunt. “Fuck, you could be great, you bitch, really great! I’ll teach you, baby, I’ll teach you!”

“Aaahh, nooo!” Margo screamed as the cane lashed her ass and a raging orgasm broke over her, taking her without warning. She gurgled helplessly, and her ass jerked back for the cane, her pussy throbbing and pulsating around Fabian’s fucker as the climax raged through her body. She began pumping her cunt on Fabian’s cock with rising fury. She screamed as the cane lashed her, driving her orgasm higher. “Look!”

“Yessss!” Fabian roared. “Come on, admit it, whore! Admit it! You’re coming!”

His cock throbbed deep in her pussy, his balls churning his cum around as it was sucked out of them by the hot spasming walls of Margo’s climaxing cunt.

“Nooo!” Margo screamed, her body cumming in the grip of passion. The blows of the cane were sending her climax higher, lashing the agony to a fever pitch. She screamed, hanging onto the ropes, her arms trembling, her legs writhing as they tried to open farther to allow Fabian’s cock to slain even deeper into her cunt.

“Admit it, bitch!” Fabian roared as he lost control and the cum began to churn out of his balls.

“Look!” Margo screeched and gyrated on the ropes, her head thrown back, her body thrashing to the demands of her orgasm.

“Look at the whore go!” Kurt yelled as he whipped Nikki’s tight ass.

“Yeahhhh!” Nikki screamed, her ass jerking as she fucked Arnold’s hard fucker. “Come on, Kurt, whip me! Come on! I wanna come too!”

Nikki moaned and rammed her cunt over Arnold’s cock, twisting her body around, fucking the hard prick for all she was worth.

Kurt whipped her harder at the peak of each lunge that the brunette made, the cane lashing into her tight asscheeks, spreading the crimson marks over the pure white of her ass flesh. Nikki’s screams rang around the room to rival Margo’s, and her ass pulsated faster as she climbed to a peak of lust.

“Yeaahhhh. Ooohh, that’s wonderful!” she moaned. “Ooohhh, do it! Do it to me!”

Her ass jerked faster and faster, her hot cunt sucking at Arnold’s cock until he was thrusting and groaning with rising lust.

“Ooh, fuck!” he gasped. “This whore keeps getting better!”

He slid his hands over Nikki’s small, thrusting tits, working them hard, and twisting her nipples as she screamed and tossed on his cock. “Yeah, come on, Kurt! Come on, I’m coming!”

Arnold lifted Nikki up on his arching body as the jism boiled in his balls.

“Aaahhh, yeah, oohhh, Kurt, Kurt!” Nikki screamed as he lashed her ass and drove her cunt harder onto Arnold’s thrusting cock. “Oohhh, one more and go, gooo!”

Tight knots of orgasm burst deep in Nikki’s cunt. She jerked wildly, her pussy sucking in a fury at Arnold’s cock as the cum burst out of his balls.

Margo felt her head spinning as the terrible demands of her orgasm drove her wild on the ropes, her arms pulling and straining, her pussy sucking at Fabian’s cock as the cum rushed up it and began to gush into her hot, spasming pussy. As the white-hot fuck juice poured out, it splattered over her cuntwalls, mashing into them. Fabian’s cock fucked deep, reaming her throbbing depths out. A great spasm of climax erupted in her pussy as hot spunk filled her hole.

“You’re coming, bitch!” Ginger yelled as she lashed Margo’s ass with the cane, beating spasms of terrible lust into the bound blonde. “Come on! Admit it, whore! Admit it!”

“Nooo, nooo!” Margo wept, her ass jerking as cum filled her cunt and ran down her thighs.

She sobbed as Fabian gripped her harder, holding her cunt on his cock as it gushed more thick creamy fuck juice deep into her cunt.

“Admit it, you bitch!” he yelled, his voice becoming hoarse as his cock jetted the final gushes of cum into her cunt.

Margo sobbed and wailed as Ginger lashed her ass and her cunt sucked at Fabian’s cum-pouring cock. Each beat of the whip sent her screaming with passion, orgasms bursting out of her jerking body. With a final series of blows, Ginger drove her to a peak where she was jerking on Fabian’s still-hard cock, screaming in endless passion, her cunt filled with cum, her ass ringing with agony and lust.

As Fabian’s fucker finally gave out, he sighed, his cock still deep in Margo’s cunt, just dribbling cum into her still-spasming pussy.

Ginger grinned at him. “Not a bad fuck, is she?”

“Yeah,” he gasped, “but she didn’t break. I’ll get the bitch yet.”

“Sure you will. And look at that wife of yours, behaving like a real whore herself.”

Nikki jerked and heaved on Arnold’s cock, her ass thrusting back for the cane as the dim burst out of his piss-slit, spewing in her throbbing cunt.

“Ooohhh, yeah!” she screamed, her cunt sucking at his cock, her pussy walls erupting with lust as the cum gushed out over them. “Oohhh, come on, Kurt! You know how I like it — go!”

“Yeah, bitch!” Kurt yelled, his hand stroking his cock as he lashed her ass with hard strokes, beating the thin rod in at the peak of each demanding, ramming fuck the little brunette made.

“Jeeeezzz!” Arnold yelled, lunging up, his cock spurting cum high in Nikki’s cur. “That’s it, Kurt! That’s it! Ooohhhhh!”

He gripped Nikki’s tits harder, twisting her nipples as he came, his hard fuck rod gushing streams of spunk into her sucking, wet pussy.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Kurt yelled as he gave Nikki a lash, beating the little brunette until she gave a great final scream and fell across Arnold’s chest, kissing and licking at him, as her throbbing cunt slowed on his cock and she came down from her climax. Cum ran over her thighs and down into Arnold’s cockhair.

“Untie her hands,” Fabian said.

As Margo hung on the ropes, sobbing, her pussy still throbbing and sucking around Fabian’s cock, Ginger went to the wall and let the rope go. Margo collapsed, her hands falling around Fabian’s neck, her body pressing close to his.

“Not yet, whore,” he growled, “you gotta confess before you get this.”

He lifted the moaning blonde off his cock and dropped her on the stone floor.

Margo fell, her legs still spread wide by the bonds. She crouched there, sobbing, her hands holding her tits, caressing them, the hard metal of the handcuffs rubbing into her tit-flesh. She reached between her legs and caressed her whipped ass. A shudder of climax rushed over her and she sobbed, weeping bitterly. A booted foot prodded her and she looked up. Standing over her were Fabian and Ginger.


“Now, my little whore,” Fabian said softly, “you have some cocksucking to do.”

“No, please!” Margo wept, her throat constricting at the thought. “I can’t, I’ll be sick… I just can’t!”

“You will,” Fabian said, and his boot slid down her whipped asscheeks, rasping over her crimson flesh as it worked into the crack of her ass.

Margo flinched and moaned. She couldn’t stop him or even more, because her legs were still lashed to the ring bolts, her muscles straining. His boot ran into her ass crack, pushing deeper, then went on, into the red gash of her pussy.

As she lay on the cold stone floor, clutching her clit, he slid his boot toe over her cunt and deep between her pussy lips, rubbing it over her sensitive flesh. Margo moaned.

Fabian pulled his boot away and thrust it under Margo’s nose. “What’s that?”

He pointed to the black tip, shiny with his cum and her pussy juices. Just to make his point more menacing, he dangled the leather tail of the whip in front of her eyes.

Margo shuddered. “It’s your… semen.”

She tried to prop herself up on her hands, but the handcuffs held them together and made it almost impossible.

Fabian laughed.

“It’s my cum, bitch!” he bellowed. “My fuck juice, jism, spunk! Say it, whore!”

The thin plaited tail of the whip jerked a little closer to Margo’s horrified face.

“It’s your cum,” Margo whispered, staring at the shiny wet patch on his boot toe.

“Fuck juice.”

“F-fuck juice,” Margo quavered.

“Better!” he snapped. “And what else is on there, whore?”

Margo moaned in despair. “I-I don’t know.”

“Your fucking pussy juices, you bitch!” he yelled. “Lots of them, pouring out. You’re a whore, you understand that, a whore. You love it, bitch, you’re worse than I ever thought.”

“No, no, please!” Margo sobbed, shame rushing over her. Site refused to admit that she had had an orgasm under such a horrible rape.

“Say, it’s your pussy juices, bitch!” Fabian snapped.

“No, no, I — aaaghh! It’s my pussy juices!” Margo screamed as the whip cunt her ass deep between her asscheeks and the tip lashed her wet, hard cunt bud.

“So, if they’re yours, you’d better lick them off, hadn’t you?” Fabian’s voice was as quiet and menacing as ever.

“Please, don’t make me — no, no! I’ll do it, I’ll — aaaghhh, help!” Margo screamed as she took another hard lash of the whip on her throbbing ass.

“Sometimes I wonder about you.” Fabian pushed his boot close to Margo’s face. “Now lick it.”

Margo was sure she would throw up. Around her, all her tormentors gathered, enjoying her humiliation. With a sob, she licked Fabian’s book, licking at the cum and pussy juices smeared all over it. She tasted the leather, the polish and the sticky salty cum. It made her gag, but Fabian held his foot there until she had licked it all off and the toe of his boot shone with her saliva.

“Good,” Fabian remarked, “now poor old Kurt here has got to shoot after all he’s been through. You can take me later.”

He reached down, and, before Margo could even react, he had clipped the chain back into the ring of her collar. At the same time, hands were undoing the ropes that held her ankles to the rings in the stone floor. As her legs came free, Margo rolled and pulled them together, rubbing her ass and thighs as they ached with pain. She stared up at the grinning people above her, the cold stone floor making her shiver.

“Up,” Fabian said, dragging on the chain. Beside him stood Rolf, his cock bulging at the front of his leather pants. In his hand he held something, Margo couldn’t see what it was. She rolled aver and struggled up. Her legs nearly collapsed, her arms aching in the cuffs, and she was gasping because of the tight collar. She managed to stand up in the middle of the grinning group.

“I’m going to give you one more chance,” Fabian said. “Get on your knees and suck Arnold off.”

Margo looked at Arnold’s stiff cock, ramming out of his loins like a small pole. She shuddered and knew there was no way she could do that, it was more than she could take.

“I can’t, I can’t!” she wept. “Please, let him… you know, fuck me; he can do that.”

“Sure he can, but he wants your mouth, baby, that wonderful mouth of yours, right, Arnold?”

“You bet,” Arnold grinned.

“No, no!” Margo sobbed. “You can whip me, do what you like, but I won’t do that!”

Fabian pulled on the chain and she stumbled against him, screaming in shock. Before she could scream again, she had been thrown over his shoulder and he was carrying her toward the table with many leather bindings on it.

“No, no, stop!” Margo slammed her handcuffed wrists into his back in her terror.

Fabian didn’t even flinch. He tossed her on her back on the table and people grabbed her wrists and ankles before she could struggle. Brutally Fabian hauled her body up until her head was hanging over the edge of the table. He unclipped the cuffs and spread her arms out. She screamed in terror, but her wrists were lashed to the bindings on the edges of the table before she knew what was happening.

Kurt flipped a thick leather strap over her waist as Margo struggled and screamed, her voice echoing off the stone walls. Then Rolf and Arnold pulled Margo’s legs up, spreading them wide, pushing her ankles down to meet her wrists where they struggled in the bonds.

Margo was being bent in two, her body straining painfully. Kurt kept the leather strap loose until her body was bent completely double, her ankles being lashed to bonds close to the ones that held her wrists. Then he tightened it, pulling Margo’s waist down as far as it would go, increasing her agony, holding her body spread eagled and helpless. She gasped and wept as she lay there, her legs spread wide over her head, her ass hauled up and held tight, her pussy open to them all.

But there was a final terror. Fabian stood over her with the thing that Margo had seen in Rolf’s hands. It was made of leather, but had a steel ring in it.

“You know what this is?” ht asked.

“No!” Margo gasped, staring up at him from her upside-down position.

“It’s a mouth clamp. It keeps your mouth open while we fuck it. You’re gonna gave blow jobs, baby, lots of them. If you wise up, we’ll take this out after a bit. If not…”

“Ohhh, God no!” Margo screeched, struggling against the bonds.

Fabian shoved the thing at her mouth and she understood at once how it worked. She screamed and struggled, but he rammed it in, the steel ring forcing her jaws open. He pushed until she was screaming in helpless agony, her mouth stretched wide, her teeth biting down on the leather that surrounded the steel ring. It didn’t give an inch.

Casually Fabian pulled the straps around her neck and tightened them, until the thing was forced hard into her mouth, holding her jaws open, a wide opening in the steel ring large enough for Arnold to slide his cock in.

Fabian unclipped the chain to her collar and slid a pillow under the back of her neck.

“Don’t want to hurt your pretty little neck,” he grinned. “You deserve this for biting, and it stays in until you beg to suck cock. Oh, and yes, you will get whipped as you suck, but you love that, don’t you?”

Margo gurgled and struggled in pain and horror. Her mouth was wide open. She bit down on the leather-covered steel, but couldn’t close the clamp. Above her stood Arnold, his cock throbbing at the ring in her mouth, his hand stroking a leather cat tail. The tails were tightly knotted and shiny with use. He dropped them over Margo’s tits as he slid his cock into her mouth. Slowly he dragged the leather tails down her body and between her widespread thighs.

Margo shuddered as Arnold’s cock slid into her mouth. She moved her head to try and push it out. But she could hardly move and his cock was pushing deeper.

“Stay still, whore!” he snapped and lashed the leather cat tail into Margo’s pussy.

Margo jerked and screamed, struggling on the hard table top. Her pussy burned with the blow, but the heat of passion came back with it. She felt the thick round ball of Arnold’s cockhead pushing at the back of her mouth, and she realized that he was going to ram it into her throat.

Panic overwhelmed her. She gagged as he pushed. With one hand, he gripped her hair and pulled her head even farther down, making her neck pull into a straight line for his cock.

“Hold it there, whore,” he gasped, pushing his cockhead to her open throat again.

Margo’s throat spasmed and she almost threw up. She heaved in helpless horror, gasping and gagging. The leather cat tail lashed her pussy, driving a scream from her, and Arnold pushed again, forcing his cock deeper into her throat. Her body jerked on the table top, her arms pulling frantically at the bonds as her throat struggled with the invading cock. The leather cat tail cunt her pussy hard, beating drops of juice away from her cunt-lips as it landed. Her muffled scream beat at the walls, and her ass jerked up. Her throat opened and Arnold’s cock pushed even farther into her mouth.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, stroking his cock in and out of Margo’s throat. “That’s a nice mouth you got there, lady. Mind if I fuck it?”

He roared with laughter, lashing the bound blonde hard with the leather cat tail, beating another red stain across her cunt. Pain lurched out of her beaten pussy. Suddenly she didn’t worry about the pain, or even the cock invading her throat. The horrible lust was seething in her cunt with each blow of the whip. If it went on, she was going to come. She spasmed at the thought of coming with a cock in her mouth.

She sobbed as the leather cat tail landed again, beating fresh lust out of her pussy. She screamed, and her throat opened even more as Arnold’s cock slid deeper, ramming almost to the hilt. Her neck ached, but her throat had stopped spasming. Now her muscles stroked Arnold’s cock to the pulses of the horrible lust throbbing out of her cunt.

“Oohhh, fuck!” He grinned, stroking his cock in and out of her throat, sliding the leather cat tail tails over her pussy. He lashed Margo’s cunt, beating the leather cat tail hard into her open pussy. “Ooohhh, yeahhhh! This whore can’t get enough! Look at her!”

He whipped Margo again, lashing the tightly knotted tails into her pussy flesh, fucking his cock into her mouth as she lurched and screamed.

Margo sobbed, almost wishing that the cock in her throat would make her vomit. If she threw up, even if it choked her, it would be better than the shame she felt.

Arnold stroked the leather cat tail tails over her spasming pussy flesh, making her groan and lurch with expectation, then lashed her, driving his cock into her throat as he did so. And her throat sucked at his cock, throbbing around it, caressing the thick fucker to the beat of her rising passion.

“Oooohhh, fuuuuck!” Arnold moaned. “This is the best, boys! This is great!”

He lashed Margo’s pussy, driving his cock into her mouth to the hilt. His cockhair rubbed against the outer leather of the ring in Margo’s mouth.

“The bitch is gonna come!” he gasped. “I bet she comes!”

“Just keep whipping the whore,” Fabian said, sliding his hand over his wife’s body as she snuggled up to him.

“I want some of that from her,” Nikki remarked, holding Fabian’s cock, “You know I put my pussy wherever your cock’s been.”

“Sue, honey,” Fabian grinned. “She’ll love it.”

But Margo was far too far gone to hear them. Her throat throbbed and sucked at Arnold’s cock as it rammed in and out, slamming to the top as he lashed the leather cat tail down on her thrust-up pussy, driving the most horrible rising lust out of the blonde.

With each blow, the passion intensified and opened her throat. There was no resistance to Arnold’s fuck rod any more; just a warm, sucking big hole that he could fuck as easily as the most welcoming cunt.

Margo’s tears ran down her face and into her hair as she realized how helpless she was. Her pussy ran juices, gushing out, as the leather cat tail lashed her cunt-lips and beat at the insides of her thighs.

Arnold lashed her hot cunt again and drove his cock back into her mouth. She felt his massive fuck-rod growing, throbbing and realized that it was going to shoot its load of cum very soon. The leather cat tail whipped her cunt harder and she rushed up a terrible, wonderful slope and crashed over into a screaming orgasm.

“Yaaahhhh!” Arnold yelled, beating her pussy faster and harder. “The bitch is coming! She’s coming! Ooohh yeahhhh! Ohhh fuck, she’s sucking me off — oohhh yeah! Right in your mouth, baby, right in your mouth!”

His hand flashed up and lashed Margo’s cunt, driving the tight knots of the leather cat tail into her flesh harder and faster as the pulse of his rising come surged. His balls churned and released his jism, spurting it out of his cockshaft.

“Here I cooomme!” he bellowed.

Margo’s screams rang out from around the stiff, throbbing fuck-rod as it fucked in her throat and grew, suddenly releasing a thick stream of fuck juice. She swallowed it as her raging cum surged, over her to the beat of the leather cat tail as it lashed her pussy. The pain surged on, throbbing through her body, sending the passion of her climax higher too. She raged on the table top, her throat sucking the cum out of Arnold’s cock as he whipped her, his cock-slit pouring hot jism into her throat. The sticky goo slid down into her stomach.

“Aaahhh, yeah!” he bellowed, lashing Margo, his arm flashing up and down as the cum pulsed out of his cock. “How about a mouthful, eh, whore! Taste it!”

He pulled his cock back out of her throat and let the hot streams gush into her mouth, filling it with white salty spunk.

Margo’s mouth bubbled with gushing cum. The leather cat tail kept her orgasm raging, beating the horrible passion into her clit as the tight knots whipped her puffy flesh. She jerked, another climax tearing through her as Arnold gave her a final series of hard blows with the leather cat tail. The last of his hot cum gushed into her mouth. She swallowed, only dimly aware of what she was doing, her orgasms sending her body rocking with a passion she couldn’t disguise.

Her mouth was trying to close on his cock now; not to bite it, but to suck it, take the last of the cum out as she crested and came down, cum dribbling from her mouth. She ran her tongue over his cock-tip licking the last of the juice away.

Arnold lowered the leather cat tail. “Fuuuuck! I don’t believe it!” He slid his cock out of Margo’s mouth and looked down at the sobbing blonde.

“Want more?”

Margo burst into hot tears of shame. She tried to speak, but her mouth was jammed open and all she could do was gurgle.

Fabian leaned forward and took hold of Margo’s tits, stroking them, caressing her sore, red flesh. He grinned and twisted her nipples a little, rubbing the hard buds between his thumbs and forefingers.

Margo shivered, painful lust shooting from her pinched nipples.

“Are you ready to suck cock without that thing?” Fabian twisted Margo’s nipples slowly, tightening his grip.

Margo gasped. Lust soared out of her nipples as Fabian tightened his fingers, twisting her hard buds, pulling them out from her tit flesh. She stared at her nipples. They were stretched painfully, throbbing in his expert hands.

“Just nod your head if you’re ready,” Fabian said gently, his cock hard and thrusting at the opening of the clamp in Margo’s mouth. His prick was so massive that it would hardly clit through the large hole in the leather.

Margo wept. She knew she had to gave in, take his horrible cock deep in her mouth and swallow all the cum that came out of it, but she still fought.

“Just nod your head,” Fabian said, pulling on her nipples, stretching them painfully from the whipped mass of Margo’s lovely tits.

Margo gave a scream as the pain rushed out of her nipples and a spasm of passion soared over her. Frantically she nodded her head. Fabian’s cock slid into her mouth.

“Good,” Fabian said. He slid his cock into her mouth once and then pulled back. He was as good as his word and unclipped the clamp, taking the horrible thing out of Margo’s mouth.

She moaned as someone took the bonds off her legs. She screamed with relief, squeezing her thighs together as her pussy throbbed and ached. Then her hands were free, and she rolled on her side on the table top, sobbing, rubbing her face until the pain of the jaw-clamp started to go away, then she rubbed her nipples and pussy.

Fabian let her roll to the side of the table, and she stood up, trembling from head to foot.

“Show me your hands,” he said and Margo extended them instantly, her face down. “Mmmnn, nice nails. And they survived all that, good.”

He caressed Margo’s long fingernails, the bright red of her polish still clinging to them.

“I’m going to teach you how to use them. And then we have a special treat for you.” He smiled, waiting until she looked at him. “You hate me, don’t you?”

“No, no, I…”

“You can tell the truth.”

It was a trap, Margo was sure to it.

“Yes!” she hissed.

He smiled. “Good, and I bet you’d like to rake those nails down our backs as we fuck you, huh?”

The idea made Margo gasp and her pussy ran juices so hard it made her tremble. “Yessss!”

“And I bet you’d love to dig these into my balls as I shoot in your mouth. Dig them deep, scratch my balls as they shoot.”

Margo’s head swam and she gasped. The collar around her throat was tighter than ever.

“Yes, yes!” she moaned. “I want to hurt you, really hurt you, you bastard!”

Fabian grinned, took her hands and led them to her tits. “Play your cards right and you will. Stop fighting it and learn, bitch!”

As he rasped her fingernails over her nipples, Margo gave a scream and burst into horrible sobs of horror and shame.


Fabian held her hand, rasping her fingernail over her aching flesh, digging in, driving pain and horrible lust from the contact. Margo’s tears doubled as she stood helpless, letting Fabian ease her finger up and down, digging her fingernail into her own tit-flesh. He pushed the long, red-polished nails to her nipples and scraped them across the swollen buds. Margo gasped and shuddered, her legs trembling.

“You understand?” Fabian said.

“N-no, no!” Margo wept, her mind spinning.

“I can make you come whenever I want,” Fabian said softly, rasping her fingernail across her nipple once more, sending horrible sparks of lust over the blonde.

“No, noooo!” Margo screamed, trying to pull away from his grasp.

He dropped her hands at once and stepped back, grinning at her. “Okay, we’ll play it your way. Get down on your knees and suck Rolf off, he’s as horny as hell watching you.”

Margo twisted and looked at where Rolf stood, hands on hips, watching her with a massive grin all over his face. His cock bulged out of the front of his pants and Margo could see it pushing the black leather out a little with each throb. She gasped and looked at Fabian. He held up the mouth clamp and she knew what to expect if she refused.

She walked slowly over, her high heels clicking on the stone. Her breath was coming hard, the collar seemed tighter again as she stood in front of him.

He reached out and ran his hands over her tits, stroking her flesh. “Behave yourself and you’ll see how our good sluts get treated.”

Margo sobbed. She looked down at his massive thick cock pushing at the front of his pants. It wasn’t as big as Fabian’s, but it was more than big enough. She trembled as his fingers played with her tit-mounds, caressing them, pulling at her nipples, twisting the hard buds.

“Down,” he said.

They were all watching Margo as she sank to her knees, her stockings tearing on the hard stone. She stared at the crotch of his pants. Her trembling hands reached up and slid over the shiny leather, feeling the thick rod of his cock beneath.

“Go on,” Rolf said, “I’m hot as hell from watching you, whore, I wanna come.”

The flap in the front of his pants opened easily, and Margo reached in, taking his thick cock in her hand. His prick throbbed, and another rush of passion surged over her as she trembled, her legs shaking. She was barely able to ease the thick monster out of his pants, but it came out at last and pushed toward her face, eight or nine inches of solid cock-meat. Her head was swimming as she leaned in and licked her tongue over the thick round cockhead. She held his cock-shaft in her hands, sliding her fingers up and down, caressing his prick. Her tongue swirled around his cockhead, her lips moving over the hot, hard flesh.

Her legs became weak as she tasted the precum juice on his cock-slit. The hot flesh that thrust at her mouth drove flashes of horrible excitement over her. Her throat gasped, her stomach turned and her pussy ran juices that wetted her thighs in excitement. She moaned as she sank her lips over the massive round cockhead. Her blonde hair fell over her face, concealing her blushing face from them. It was all she could do to stop herself from ramming her mouth right down the length of his fuckrod, taking it all in, filling her throat with rock-hard prick.

“Yeah!” Rolf sighed. “Ohhh yeah, you learn well, cunt, you learn well.”

He slid his hands into her blonde hair and held her head, guiding it over his cockhead, pushing his throbbing prick into her mouth.

“Yeah, suck my cock, baby, suck it down!” He moaned and his hips began to ram his cock into her mouth faster with his rising passion. “Fuuuuck! I got so hot watching you, cunt, I ain’t gonna last long!”

Margo felt his cock ramming harder into her mouth. She kept her hands on his cockshaft, rubbing the heaving flesh, sucking on cockhead as it plunged to the entrance of her throat. Her fingers worked faster, heading for his balls, caressing them, her long fingernails exploring the hot heavy sac.

“Aaahhhh!” Rolf gasped, his cock fucking harder at her mouth. “Oohhhh, yeahhh — take it deep, whore! Take it deep!”

He gripped her hair harder and rammed his cock at her throat, pushing into the tight channel until Margo gagged and heaved, gasping for air.

“Fuck, I know what she wants,” Fabian said. He came up behind Margo. “Get up! Get your ass up!”

Margo choked on Rolf’s prick as it rammed into her throat. Dimly she heard Fabian and knew she had to obey. She crawled up, keeping her mouth on Rolf’s cock, straightening her legs, thrusting her ass up. Her head was spinning with so many emotions that she had no idea what she was doing. Her ass burned and she felt the touch of the cane across it.

The cane lashed her tight ass-cheeks, and she lurched, her mouth ramming down on Rolf’s cock, taking it into her throat as her legs shook and the pain gushed out of her whipped ass-flesh.

“Shit!” Rolf gasped. “What the fuck did you do to her?”

He gripped Margo’s hair and plunged his cock deep into her throat, jerking as his cum boiled in his balls.

“Nothin’,” Fabian replied with a grin. “I just give her what she wants. She don’t know how to beg yet, but we’ll teach her.”

He lashed Margo again. Margo’s scream bubbled out from around Rolf’s cock as she shoved her mouth down the length of his fuckrod, taking it into her throat until her mouth closed around the base and her hungry tongue fucked out over his balls. She felt his balls tighten. He was about to shoot a load of cum into her throat. The cane whipped her ass, driving her into a screaming clit of lust. She shuddered and her throat opened, taking Rolf’s cock to the root again, swallowing his hot, hard prick.

“Ooohh, fuck! Here, it comes — oohh fuuuck!” Rolf roared as his balls went wild, pounding out a hot stream of cum. “Shit, whip her, Fabian! Whip her!”

Fabian lashed Margo’s ass, making her jerk with a surging mixture of pain and lust that rushed over her throbbing body. She rammed her mouth down, taking Rolf’s cock into her throat as his cockhead throbbed, and as the cum rushed up his cock-shaft. He yelled, growling as he came, his hands in her hair, his cock thrusting wildly.

Suddenly a stream of jism burst out of his cock deep into Margo’s throat. The cane lashed her ass and she screamed, climbing to the edge of climax, hovering on the brink. Gum filled her throat as Rolf yelled, ramming his cock deeper. Hot gushes of juice poured out of his piss-slit. Margo thrust her ass back for the cane, but it didn’t come. She screamed as she slammed her mouth down on Rolf’s cock, then jerked back, taking a stream of jism into her hot mouth, filling it, running the thick, sticky goo over her tongue. She gasped, swallowed, her ass jerking back for the blow of the cane that still didn’t come.

“Yaaahhh!” Rolf roared, his cock spurting cum into Margo’s mouth, his hands gripping her hair, holding her mouth on his throbbing cock.

Margo’s head spun. Her climax hovered on the edge and dropped away. She swallowed another wad of cum, tasting it as it slid down, but her horrible excitement that had taken her to the edge of climax was falling fast and the cum tasted horrible, disgusting.

She gagged. She dropped to her knees, her legs weak. She held Rolf’s cock, sucking on it as the cum dribbled out of her mouth. The movements of her head slowed, but still whirled to slow pulsation’s. As she knelt there, Rolf held her head and pushed his cock in and out of her mouth as it oozed its last drop of cum and began to soften. She moaned, her body aching for the climax she hadn’t had.

Rolf eased his cock out of her mouth and pushed her dawn onto the stone floor. She sprawled and stared up helplessly as Fabian stood over her body, the thin whip in his hands.

“Now,” he said, dropping the whip tail across Margo’s heaving tits, “ready for your special treat?”

Margo gasped and wept, her body throbbing and rolling on the cold floor. “Wh-what is it?”

“You see that bar?” Fabian said, pointing with the handle of the whip and flipping the tail over Margo’s body.

Margo turned and saw what he was talking about. It was a horizontal wooden bar, about six inches wide, supported on four legs that could be lengthened. What she hadn’t seen was the enormous rubber dildo that stuck up from one end of the bar. She didn’t have to be told what it was for.

“Aaahhh!” she gasped, turning back to Fabian and staring at him. “What are you going to do?”

“Guess,” he chuckled, trailing the tail of the whip over her tits.

“I’ve got to put that thing up me?” Margo moaned in horror.

“Up your cunt, baby, yeah,” Fabian said softly, curling the whip around Margo’s nipples.

“Ohhh, God!” Margo sobbed, covering her face with her hands.

“If you’re real good, I’ll whip you.” Fabian ran the whip tail over her stomach and down between her thighs.

“No, please, no!” Margo shuddered as she stared at the leather, her pussy running juices, her passion rising to take over from where it had been before her orgasm failed. She lay back on the stone, sobbing, as her thighs opened for the whip and her cunt-lips throbbed against the leather tail. “Nooo!”

The whip soared up, twirling in the air, swing big over her. She stared, choking, waiting for the blow, but the whip stayed above her, swing big around in Fabian’s expert hand.

“If you’re real good,” Fabian said, “you can have it. Beg for it, whore!”

“Nooo!” Margo screamed, jerking en the floor, her body trembling, her hands out. But her thighs were still spread wide and her pussy hairs glistened from the drops of juice clinging to them.

“If you don’t want the whip, then get on the bar!”

Margo knew she was trapped. She had to get on that horrible dildo. She gasped, her ass jerking, her thighs spread wide.

“Get on the bar,” Fabian said, swirling the whip over Margo’s legs.

Margo began to grope toward the bar, her eyes on the whip, her body shuffling along. Her stockings were torn to shreds as she inched over the stone toward the horrible bar. Fabian strode above her, keeping pace, the whip curling above her trembling body, ready to strike at any moment. She broke out into a fresh sweat, her body shining in the light as she reached the bar and crawled to one of the legs, groping her way up it until she stood against the end, staring down at the dildo.

It was enormous. She shuddered as the whip cracked behind her, close to her ass.

“Get on,” Fabian said.

With a moan, Margo crawled up onto the bar. It was just below the height of her pussy and so it was easy to work along the few inches until the dildo was pressed against her lower tummy. Her ass hung over the edge of the bar as she grasped the horrible rubber prick and pushed it down toward her cunt. It moved easily, pressing against her hand on the powerful spring that was screwed into the board.

She moved the head of the dildo to the entrance of her cunt.

Ginger was rubbing her clit but she was the only one who needed anything more than the sight of the helpless blonde to turn her on.

Margo felt a rush of new tears gathering in her eyes as the thick round dildo pushed into her pussy, easing in on her freely flowing juices. She gasped as it stretched her soft pussy walls, forcing deeper, ramming into her cunt. She shifted up, pushing the dildo more toward the vertical so that it could work into her cunt. The hard rubber rammed into her wet pussy, forcing its way in until her wet cunt-lips reached the wooden bar and rubbed over it, making her tremble with a sudden burst of excitement.

Margo gasped, ramming the dildo into her fuck-hole, feeling another rush of lust climbing up over her. With tears in her eyes, she turned to Fabian and waited for his next order.

“Lean forward,” he said, the whip curled in his hand.

Margo’s cunt throbbed around the dildo as she obeyed, leaning forward on the narrow bar, her legs stretching wide, her ass thrust up in the air. She moaned as she leaned along the bar, her luscious tits on either side, her arms hanging close to the other set of legs that supported the bar.

The whip lashed into her ass and she screamed, tossing on the bar, slamming her cunt down on the dildo, shuddering with pain. But her ass wouldn’t stop moving and her pussy sucked at the rubber cock as it moved up and down over the slick, hard surface. She lay there, gasping and sobbing with shame.

“Ready for your treat?” Fabian asked.

“Yes!” Margo sobbed.

“It’s a great one,” he said, “you get to suck me off while Arnold and Kurt fuck your ass.”

“W-what!” Margo screamed, jerking up on the bar, pulling her cunt up on the dildo, and trying to get clear.

Fabian whipped her ass again, the leather tail curling over her flesh, the sound of the blow echoing from the stone walls. She screamed and tossed, ramming her cunt back down on the dildo, the eruptions of pain and lust ringing through her.

“Nooooo!” Margo screamed, her cunt fucking up and down on the dildo.

The whip lashed her ass hard, driving her into a screaming clit of lust. She pumped up and down on the rubber cock, reaching for an orgasm that was close, burning in her squinting guts.

“Tell us how much you want to be assfucked!” Fabian snapped and lashed the whip into her tight curved asscheeks again.

Margo screeched as her pussy jerked and sucked at the dildo, trying to bring herself off.

“Look, please!” she sobbed.

“You don’t learn too fast, do you?” Fabian said with a laugh. “Okay, tie her up, we’ve got a ways to go, folks.”

“Stop, no, don’t — nooo!” Margo wailed.

All of them grabbed her and, before she knew what was happening, her wrists and ankles were securely lashed to the base of the four legs that supported the bar. She was pressed into the hard surface, her cunt impaled on the dildo, her ass waving as she screamed and wept.

Fabian whipped her ass, driving her into another screaming clit of pain and lust. The surges of climax rushed up each time the agony gushed from her crimson flesh, but Fabian was playing her expertly, never allowing her to crest and get satisfaction.

He stopped the whip, leaving her gasping and clinging to the bar as he walked around and stood at her head, his massive cock straining at the front of his pants.

“You know, you’re making this far more difficult than it needs to be.”

Margo felt her head spinning again. She clenched her fists, feeling that all she could do was hold on and survive the horror.

“You bastard!” she wept.

Fabian grinned and took his cock out of his pants. “Suck it!” He pushed his thick round cockhead at her mouth.

Margo groaned and her cunt throbbed around the massive dildo as she let the enormous ball of Fabian’s prickhead push past her lips. It filled her mouth, thrusting at her throat as he held his cock in place, pushing a little, but not attempting to thrust deeper. She sucked at the hard cock-flesh, tasting the slightly salty goo that oozed from his piss-slit every few seconds. She pulled at the bonds and her legs strained as his thick fucker filled her soft mouth.

Margo moaned and swirled her tongue around the hard cock-flesh, suddenly feeling the touch of a hand on her soft, whipped ass.

A burst of tears rushed out of her eyes as Fabian pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and slid his hands through her blonde hair.

The hand ran over her tight ass, and she felt a squirt of some kind of cream deep in her asscrack. She moaned and thrust her ass around, but all that did was ram her pussy deeper onto the dildo and increase the horrible excitement that rushed over her entire body.

“Oh, baby, you’re gonna love this,” Fabian gasped as he held Margo’s head and shoved his cock slowly up into her mouth. “All three holes filled, won’t that be great?”

Margo gurgled and wept as she felt fingers pushing into her ass-crack, searching for her tight ring of muscles. They were sore from the whipping they had received and the cream was soothing as the fingers rubbed it into them. Then the finger pushed, and Margo lurched as it ran into her shifter hole, riding in on the thick layer of cream.

Her gurgled moan burst out from around Fabian’s fuck-rod as he held her and made her suck his cockhead, his hands in her hair. Another finger ran into her shit-pit, and Margo’s body tightened, lurching on the bar, struggling against the ropes as the fingers slowly fucked her ass, pushing in and out, stroking the cream over her anal walls.

She sobbed, her cunt pushing up and down on the dildo. Her asshole tightened as another singer rammed in, making Margo scream with pain.

“She’s ready,” Arnold said.

Margo sucked in rising desperation on Fabian’s massive cock, her ass trembling in horrible expectation.

The head of Arnold’s fucker pushed into her ass-crack, moving on the cream, sliding easily to the entrance of her shitter. She screamed, her head pounding up and down on Fabian’s cock. For a few seconds Arnold’s cockhead pushed a little, easing past her tight ring of muscles, opening her asshole. Her ass throbbed with pain, matching the desperate sucking of her cunt on the dildo.

Then, with one massive heave, Arnold buried his cock in her ass. It slid in easily, pushing up her shit-channel on the cream, sliding against the thin membrane that separated his cock from the dildo. His hips slapped into her asscheeks and he thrust his cock hard, fucking Margo’s ass on his long, thick boner.

Margo screamed and almost passed out as her body erupted with pain and lust.

Margo gurgled and wept as she felt fingers pushing into her ass-crack, searching for her tight ring of muscles. They were sore from the whipping they had received and the cream was soothing as the fingers rubbed it into them. Then the finger pushed, and Margo lurched as it ran into her slitter hole, riding in on the thick layer of cream.

Her gurgled moan burst out from beneath Fabian’s fuck-rod as he held her and made her suck his cockhead, his hands in her hair. Another finger ran into her shit-pit, and Margo’s body tightened, lurching on the bar, struggling against the ropes as the fingers slowly fucked her ass, pushing in and out, stroking the cream over her anal walls.

She sobbed, her clit pushing up and down on the dildo. Her asshole tightened as another finger rammed in, making Margo scream with pain.

“She’s ready,” Arnold said.

Margo sucked in rising desperation on Fabian’s massive cock, her ass trembling in horrible expectation.

The head of Arnold’s fucker pushed into her ass-crack, moving on the cream, sliding easily to the entrance of her shitter. She screamed, her head pounding up and down on Fabian’s cock. For a few seconds Arnold’s cockhead pushed a little, easing past her tight ring of muscles, opening her asshole. Her ass throbbed with pain, matching the desperate sucking of her cunt on the dildo.

Then, with one massive heave, Arnold buried his cock in her ass. It slid in easily, pushing up her shit-channel on the cream, sliding against the thin membrane that separated his cock from the dildo. His hips slapped into her asscheeks and he thrust his cock hard, fucking Margo’s ass on his long, thick boner.

Margo screamed and almost passed out as her body erupted with pain and lust.


Fires raged in Margo’s body as she struggled on the hard wooden bar, every hole in her body filled with real or imitation cocks. Her moans of pain and passion beat out from around Fabian’s massive fucker and her ass throbbed to the beat of Arnold’s prick. He plunged deep into her ass and hauled his cock out again, only to ram it back in right to the hilt, filling her shitter with hot cock. And every movement rubbed the dildo against her cunt-walls, sending spasms of lust rushing over the pain, driving her higher. Her arms pulled at the bonds, and her legs trembled with each ramming fuck, straining against the legs of the bench.

“Nice!” Fabian murmured, sliding his cock deeper, right to the entrance of Margo’s throat. She gagged a little, but he held his cock there, pushing gently, forcing her throat open. “Take it, you bitch! I saw you take Rolf’s cock right in, now take mine!”

Margo wanted to scream that his cock was bigger than Rolf’s, but she couldn’t and she knew it was hopeless anyway. She tried to open her mouth wider, but her throat struggled to keep Fabian’s cock out. He yelled at her and pushed, his cockhead easing a little farther in, making Margo choke, her body thrashing around on the bench.

“Fuuuck!” he yelled. “I know what this bitch needs! Shit, she’s driving me crazy!”

He reached down and took hold of Margo’s nipples, twisting them hard.

Margo gave a muffled scream, her body bucking on the beam, making the legs slam around on the stone floor. Her ass jerked back as Arnold’s cock slammed deep into her shift pit and she gave a deep guttural moan. Her pussy fucked over the thick dildo and her whole body felt as if it was being invaded by endless hard cocks. Her nipples throbbed in Fabian’s hands and he twisted harder. Her throat opened, letting his cockhead in as she screamed. Then she began to gag.

“Get me some clips!” Fabian snapped, pushing his cock at Margo’s throat, one hand back in her hair, pushing her head down.

Margo shuddered, her head spinning as Arnold slammed his cock back into her ass, the long hard length rasping over her anal walls, driving her pussy harder onto the dildo. Pain raged over her, making her lust surge, but it still wasn’t enough. Climaxes rushed up, hovered, but never broke. Her body shook, and she was bathed in sweat.

Fabian was sliding something over her left nipple. She could feel little jaws biting into her flesh and she screamed. He twisted something and pain gushed out of her nipple as the tiny jaws closed on her flesh. She groaned, her head slammed down, and another inch of Fabian’s cock worked into her throat.

There was another clip being put on her other nipple. She struggled against the ropes, trying to see what was going on. Nikki knelt on one side of her, holding the clamp on one nipple, while Ginger was an the other, screwing the horrible jaws tight on her other tit.

Fabian pulled her head off his cock with brutal strength and stared into her pain-filled eyes. “Beg for it, bitch, and I’ll untie your hands and you can use your nails as you like. How about it?”

Margo screamed as the pain rushed through her body. Her ass was being reamed out faster and faster as Arnold’s cock lost control. Her pussy sucked at the dude, her cunt-walls throbbing with agony. She couldn’t beg for more pain, she simply couldn’t. She screamed at Fabian, her mouth open, her throat pulsating as her head spun helplessly.

“Okay, but you’ll break. You’ll have to. We’ve broken tougher bitches than you.” He shoved his cock back into her mouth and held her head down, pushing his cockhead hard at her throat. “Don’t let her come!”

“You got it,” Nikki replied. “As long as Ginger and me get her.”

“Whatever the fuck you wanna do,” Fabian said, slamming his cock harder into Margo’s throat.

Margo was going out of her mind. Arnold’s cock was blurring in and out of her ass, her shitter walls throbbing and squirming as she rammed down on the dildo, her cunt erupting with pain. And then the clips on her nipples tightened.

Her scream soared out from round Fabian’s fuck-rod even as her throat opened and he rammed in another inch of cock. Her throat spurred, her ass sucked in a fury at Arnold’s cock and an incredible climax rushed up over her. But, just as it was about to crash over, the pain in her nipples subsided. Another desperate scream rang out as she rammed Fabian’s cock down her throat, taking over half of the monster between her soft lips.

She felt Arnold’s cock begin to throb with the approaching release of his cum. Her pussy spurred around the dildo, but still it wasn’t enough. Her climax fell away, and she gagged on Fabian’s cock, heaving horribly, gasping for breath.

“Again,” Fabian said. “This is really getting to the cunt.”

He kept his hold on her hair, his cock easing back from her throat.

The clips on her nipples tightened with savage speed, sending pain rushing through Margo’s pussy. She screamed and her throat opened, taking Fabian’s fuck-rod deep, her throat spasming around his rack-hard cock. Her body squirmed with agony as another crashing climax rushed from her tongue, surging to a peak. And, just as before, the clips were loosened.

As the agony fell away, Margo’s scream broke out from around Fabian’s cock, but her throat spasmed around the thick meat, her head pumping in a raging fury. In her ass, Arnold’s cock was slamming and jerking as the cum boiled in his balls and he lost all control.

“Aaaghhh, yeah!” he roared. “Tighten those clamps again! It makes her ass go wild!”

He fucked her ass wildly, ramming Margo’s cunt down onto the dildo.

Spasms of orgasm burst out of Margo’s cunt and ass, but they couldn’t erupt fully — there wasn’t enough pain. Her screams were muffled by Fabian’s cock and her tits ached, but, even when Nikki and Ginger tightened the clamps, it wasn’t enough. Her throat spasmed, her ass clutched at Arnold’s cock, sucking the cum out of it like a vacuum pump, but still the climaxes she wanted stayed back, throbbing in her body, never crashing through and giving her satisfaction.

“Yaaahh!” Arnold roared, and his cock spurted hotwads of cum deep in Margo’s guts. He jerked, ramming Margo onto the dildo, the prick pulsating as the hot white jism burst out of it. “Oohhh, give her one more turn! I wanna feel her ass go wild!”

As the thick streams of cum burst into her ass, Margo gave a high-pitched scream and nearly came. The throbbing thick cock, gushing hot cum over her anal walls, made her shudder with a depraved lust that surged out of her. Her pussy sucked at the dildo, trying to make that spurt cum too, and her throat opened wider, allowing Fabian’s cock to fuck deeper.

There was a sudden, hard turn on the screws of the nipple-clamps, and she jerked, soaring so close to climax that she nearly broke the bar. The clamps were released and she dropped away from the peak, screaming in horrible frustration. She thrashed on the bar, driving it across the stone floor as she struggled, aching with the need to come.

“Beg for it!” Fabian snapped, fucking his cock into her mouth.

His thick prick filled her mouth, pushing her lips wide apart as it sank in, invading her throat, making her neck bulge with its massive cockhead and shaft. She sucked, her tongue running over his shaft, and she screamed as Arnold’s cock slammed into her ass with a last series of hard fucks.

“Ooohh, what an ass!” he gasped, his cock slowing, cum just dribbling out. He fucked it in and out a little, enjoying the feel of Margo’s throbbing ass walls. Finally, when his cock was soft and satisfied, he eased it out and grinned at Fabian. “Pretty good. We should keep her.”

Fabian grinned. He pulled his rock-hard cock out of Margo’s mouth and pulled her head up, holding her hair brutally hard.

“Beg for it, whore! You won’t come until you do, got that?”

Margo burst into fresh sobs. Her whole body ached. She felt as if she was falling. She gasped, heaved against the ropes and trembled all over.

“You bastard!” she moaned.

“Don’t you want to rip your nails over my cock?” he chuckled.

Margo choked in fury and lust, her eyes boring into his cock. She wasn’t even sure what she wanted to do to that massive hunk of meat. She wanted to tear it into shreds, rip the flesh off it, eat it, ram it down her throat, take all the cum it could shoot, lick and suck it all night. All of that.

“Stop it, please, you bastard!” she whispered.

“I’m not going to stop anything,” he said softly. “I’m going to drive you out of your mind until you beg for it.”

Margo jerked as Nikki tightened the clamp on her left nipple for a second and let it go again.

Fabian let her head drop, and the sobbing blonde fell across the bar, wailing in shame and horror.

Fabian picked up the single-tailed whip again, playing it through his fingers. “You’re gonna suck some pussy.”

“What?” Margo wept, struggling in futile horror on the bar. “No, please! What are you doing!”

Margo moaned, her pussy still ramming up and down on the dildo, trying to get some satisfaction.

Rolf and Kurt pulled a large chair close to Margo’s face and Nikki climbed onto it, sliding her tattered slip up over her ass and opening her thighs, spreading her pussylips, putting her legs over the large padded arms of the chair.

The men pushed her chair in until Margo’s face was between her thighs. Nikki smiled and picked Margo’s head up by her hair.

“Suck pussy, baby!” she crooned. “And suck it good for me, I hate a bad pussy-suck.”

The delirium that pulsed through Margo had her in such a state that she hardly knew what was real any more. In a haze she stared at Nikki’s pussylips, spread wide for her mouth, a trickle of cum still clinging to the soft puffy flesh.

The thin whip lashed her ass and she screamed, jerking down on the dildo, her pussy throbbing with pain and lust.

“Suck,” Nikki said and pushed Margo’s face down, into the dark hair of her pussy mound.

The smell of a woman in heat wafted over Margo as her mouth came close to Nikki’s cunt. For a moment, it horrified her, then the reeking odor took over and she felt her own pussy running juices to match Nikki’s. The whip lashed her ass, ringing out pain and lust all over her as she buried her mouth on Nikki’s cunt, licking her tongue out, tasting the hot cum and female juices that ran there.

Nikki moaned and thrust her pussy harder against Margo’s mouth, heaving her ass up in the chair, winding her hands in Margo’s blonde hair.

“That’s it!” she gasped. “Oooohh, keep that up and I’ll come soon, bitch! How about you?”

Margo sobbed, taking Nikki’s hard clit-bud into her mouth and running her tongue over it, sucking the flesh, feeling Nikki heave and moan in rising lust. Nikki’s pussy juices flowed faster, filling Margo’s mouth, running over her chin and back into Nikki’s pussy hair.

The whip thrashed Margo’s ass hard, driving her on the dildo, her cunt throbbing. Fabian was playing with her. He was keeping her in a state of constant arousal, but never letting her climax. She sucked Nikki’s cunt harder, taking more of the wet, throbbing flesh in her mouth. In a seething mass of desire, Margo sucked as hard as she could and slowly bit down, chewing at Nikki’s clit and pussylips, her teeth sawing back and forth.

Nikki gasped, shoving her pussy at Margo’s mouth. “You wanna try that, whore? Okay, come on, bite me, hurt me! Everything you hand out, you get back, got that?”

She fucked her clit at Margo’s mouth harder, running her pussy into her mouth to match the power of Margo’s bite.

Margo throbbed and writhed out of control on the bar. Her ass jerked up, feeling for the beat of the whip that Fabian still withheld. Her mouth sucked with more force, her teeth chewing. She felt Nikki heave in the chair and start to come, screaming in delight.

“Oooohh, yeah, this is it!” she moaned. “Hey, Ginger! She’s almost as good as you, you know that?”

Nikki climaxed, heaving up in the chair, her pussy running juices into Margo’s hot mouth.

“Give her one more, Fabian!” she yelled.

Margo screamed as the whip beat into her ass, stroking another line of deeper red into the flaming crimson of her flesh. The pulsating orgasm that beat at her body surged again, but receded, leaving her even more frustrated than before. In a raging lust and near panic, Margo sucked at Nikki’s pussy, feeling the flesh squirm and throb in her mouth. Even the clamps on her nipples couldn’t make her come.

Nikki screamed in lust as Margo chewed her clit sending sharp stabs of orgasms through her. She thrust her cunt harder at Margo’s face, ramming and twisting until she gave a great yell of satisfaction and crested, gasping with lust, her pussy pouring juice into Margo’s mouth.

“Ohhh, yeahhhh!” she purred, her raging climax fueled by Margo’s sucking, biting mouth.

Margo leaned back, but still the whip didn’t beat into her. She rammed down on the dildo, still sucking Nikki’s cunt, biting at the hard red flesh, her head spinning.

Nikki surged into another spasm of passion before she gave a final gasp and hauled Margo’s head away from her cunt.

“Okay, bitch,” she sighed, running her hand over her throbbing cunt. “Now you can do it to Ginger, and see what she’d got for you.”

As Nikki rolled out of the chair, the whip lashed Margo’s ass, and she screamed, her ass twitching and jerking, her arms and legs straining against the bonds. But again the blow didn’t come, and Margo gasped, her body aching and trembling, her climax falling away.

Ginger climbed into the chair, but turned and thrust her ass out at the shivering blonde. “Go on. Lick it.”

Margo moaned, her eyes blurred. She gasped as Ginger’s ass-crack rammed over her face and the hot little slut yelled at her again.

“Lick my ass, bitch!” she screamed.

There was Fabian, leaning in close to her. “Lick her ass.”

“Oh no, not that!” Margo sobbed.

“Lick her ass out!” he ordered and ran the tail of the whip under her nose. “If you refuse…”

“No!” she screamed. “Nooo! I won’t! I won’t!”

Fabian stepped behind her.

Margo tensed, waiting, her ass burning with pain and expectation. The thin tail of the whip cunt her flesh, and she gave a squeal of pain, jerking, her ass erupting with horrible passion. The whip landed again, burning her ass, sending her cunt ramming down on the dildo. And again, and Margo finally crested, soaring high on the most depraved wave of lust she had ever known. The whip lashed her harder, and she went crazy with lust, climaxes tearing through her as she tossed and jerked on the bar. Her pussy sucked at the dildo, slamming down on the hard rubber as she tossed in absolute abandon. The whip lashed her again, landing in sharp strokes that sent her into a seething, erupting orgasm.

Ginger’s ass caressed her face, and Margo gasped, screaming, as the whip landed on her ass. Without really knowing what she was doing, she moved toward Ginger’s ass, kissing the hot skin, moving ever closer to the deep crack of Ginger’s asscheeks. Her ass erupted with more passion as the whip lashed her flesh.

In a haze of lust, Margo slid her mouth into Ginger’s ass-crack, pushing harder, Ginger’s asscheeks sliding around her face. Her mouth moved deep in Ginger’s shit-pit, reaching the crinkled hole of her shitter. Margo licked it, pushing her tongue out over the tingling ass-flesh.

“Yeah!” Ginger moaned. “Come on, lick me out, whore! You stupid bitch, tell us, come on — aaahhhh!”

She thrust her ass back at Margo’s face.

Swirling orgasms pounded at Margo’s head as she licked Ginger’s ass, her tongue pushing at her tight asshole, her mouth pressing close, sucking at it in a shameful display of helpless lust. She was truly out of control, her body throbbing and erupting to the beat of the whip, her mind spinning helplessly. As another stroke of the whip lashed her tight, heaving ass, she rammed her tongue right into Ginger’s ass and sucked the tight entrance right into her mouth.

“Aaaaaghhh!” Ginger screamed and came, her ass ramming hard at Margo’s mouth. “Oooohh, fuck, the cunt’s eating me — uuuurrghh! Ohhh fuuck!”

She screamed, lurching in endless passion, her asshole throbbing between Margo’s teeth as the blonde bit down, chewing her flesh, then letting go and ramming her tongue right back in. Ginger gasped, her body tossing in the chair.

“Oohhh, fuck, do it! Do it, you stupid cunt! I’ll do it to you if you just tell us — ohhh, fuck!”

She came with another terrible scream as Margo sucked her ass back into her hot mouth and bit, chewing at Ginger’s ass-flesh until the little nympho was wailing and tearing at the chair back, her ass jerking in a series of crashing climaxes.

“Aaaghh, oouuugghhh, fuck!” Ginger screamed as she hit the peak. She thrust back for one last time and fell forward, her ass tearing away from Margo’s mouth as she collapsed across the back of the chair, moaning softly, her ass still writhing slowly.

The whip stopped and Margo collapsed on the bar, her body throbbing with pain and helpless passion. For she hadn’t had enough, and that was the terror. She had no idea how much she wanted, but her cunt couldn’t stop moving up and down on the dildo. Her ass burned with a fire that wouldn’t go out, but which still wasn’t hot enough. She burst into horrible floods of tears.

Fabian leaned close to her and crouched, his face close to hers.

“You’re either the dumbest, or the most stubborn, bitch I ever met.” He pulled her head up and stared into her eyes. “You can’t get enough, can you?”

“No, no, don’t say that!” Margo wept, her cunt throbbing around the dildo.

“Tell us what you want and I’ll untie your hands. Then you can do what you like as you suck my cock.”

Margo’s heart pounded. She stared at his cock, which seemed to have grown another six inches since he took it out of her mouth. She wanted it so badly, wanted to rake her nails over his cock-flesh as she fucked him, wanted other things too, things she couldn’t say.

“Nooo!” she screamed. “No, I won’t! You can whip me nil you like, I won’t!”

“But I’m not going to.” Fabian chuckled. “I’m going to get my blow job and Kurt is gonna fuck your ass. After that we’ll hang you out to dry and watch, and you won’t get anything. Nothing. Unless you beg for it, whore, unless you beg for it.”

Margo thought she would die.


“You bastard!” Margo screamed at Fabian as he eased his cock at her mouth. “You can’t do this, you bastard! You fucker!”

Fabian took hold of her blonde hair and pulled her mouth to his prick. With a moan of surrender, she slid her soft lips over that massive, throbbing cockhead. He pushed at her throat, and she gave a gurgling moan. She wanted to take his cock right into her throat, wanted to take the hot mouthfuls of cum that she knew were going to shoot out of that pisslit. But she had to beg for it and sire choked on that.

Her head spun as she worked her mouth over the hard round cockhead, sucking for all she was worth, her tongue swirling over the hot flesh. Hot waves of passionate lust burst from her body, churning her insides into butter. She moaned, gasping, her body thrashing on the beam.

Fabian chuckled and thrust his cockhead at her throat. “Beg for it. Beg for it and you can do what you want to my cock.”

He was so sure of himself that Margo almost passed out. He knew that she wanted to tear his cock off, but she also wanted to suck it far too much to try and damage him. He held his cock between her lips as her frantic mouth sucked at it, working at it, until she was crazy with passion, moaning in constantly rising arousal. But she couldn’t come, not without the pain.

Then she felt Kurt’s hands on her ass. The fury of her lust burned even brighter as she rammed her pussy onto the dildo, while sobbing ad sucking at Fabian’s cock. Kurt spanked her fine asscheeks, his hand sending the lust surge out over her like a stream of scaring-hot fire.

She gave a bubbling scream and jerked on the bar, her ass heaving in desperation.

“Careful,” Fabian said, “we don’t want the whore to get a cheap come, do we?”

He laughed as he slid his hot cock into her mouth and held her blonde hair.

Kurt laughed too, shoving his cock into the crack of Margo’s ass. “Don’t worry. She’ll need three or four really good lashes to come. I’m just reminding her.”

He spanked Margo again, and the bound blonde screamed, tossing so wildly that the bar jerked on the stone floor.

Margo gasped and sobbed when Kurt worked his cock into her asscrack and pushed, ramming his cockhead to the tight entrance of her shitpit. She screeched, her ass tightening and trembling as his cockhead pushed in, expanding her shitter muscles around it. Her body throbbed with rising passion as Kurt shoved, pushing his cock into her ass, ramming it home in a couple of hard pushes. Margo’s ass jerked and pulsated, throbbing around Kurt’s hard cock as it rammed her onto the bar, her cunt sliding over the dildo.

“Fuck!” Kurt gasped. “What an ass this whore’s got!”

He pushed his cock in until his hips slapped against Margo’s tight, sore asscheeks. Each slap sent extra passion surging over her, but it still wasn’t enough. She sobbed, her body aching with the need to come.

Fabian played with her mouth, running his cock in and out, his massive cockhead filling her cheeks, thrusting at her throat. His thick round prick got harder with each frantic fuck-thrust.

“Come on, baby,” he said. “Tell us, beg for more!”

Margo fucked faster on the bar, trying to ram her pussy over the dildo fast and hard enough to come. But the raging passion surged and hovered, never reaching the heights she wanted. Her will to resist them was weakening fast, burning up in the same passionate rage that fueled her lust. Her ass fucked back at Kurt as he slammed the full length of his fucker into her shit-pit, but even the double fuck of the two massive cocks didn’t do it for her.

“Come on, whore,” Fabian whispered, his cock throbbing and swelling in her mouth. “Tell us how much you want it.”

He eased his cock back to Margo’s lips and she moaned in horror, her tongue licking out over his hard cockhead, her mouth diving for it. But he held it back, so that she could only lick and kiss the very tip of it.

“Tell us.”

There was nothing she could do to stop the lust and rage that consumed her. She lunged at Fabian’s cock again, her mouth drooling for his hard cock-flesh.

“Oh no,” Fabian teased. “You don’t get it until you confess and come, baby, not until then.”

“Please!” she wept. “Please, don’t do this to me, please!”

Fabian laughed as he held her blonde hair. “Nothing until you confess.”

Margo shuddered, her cunt and ass throbbing under the attack of the twin cocks that reamed her body out. She was aware now that Ginger and Nikki were standing on either side of her with two short-tailed leather cat tails in their, hands. The leather cat tails swung around, close to Margo’s tits.

For the first time in a long while, Margo became aware of the clips still on her nipples, burning away with dark slow pain. She moaned in a horror that swept up over her and left her helpless.

“Oh, please, don’t make me say it!” she begged, shame biting into her until she burst into tears.

“Beg for it,” Fabian said, and the room became deadly quiet with expectation.

Even Kurt, his cock buried deep in her ass, slowed down and just held there, circling his bone-hard fucker in her shifter.

“Please!” Margo screamed. “Just do it, just do it!”

She tossed on the bar, her pussy slamming down on the dildo, her ass trying to drive Kurt’s cock deeper.

“Beg,” Fabian said, holding her frantic mouth just at the tip of his cockhead as her tongue fucked out over his hard flesh.

“Nooo!” Margo sobbed, her whole body on fire. “Please, do it, please!”

Her ass and tits were jerking helplessly for the pain she needed.

“DO what?” Fabian asked, playing his cockhead over her lips.

Margo gasped and wept, her body burning out of control. She had no will left to fight them.

“Whip me!” she sobbed. “Hurt me! Whip me, please! Whip me!”

With a horrible sob of surrender, she leaned forward, and this time Fabian let her take his cockhead into her mouth. She moaned as she sucked on it, her mouth swollen with the massive flesh of his prick.

“Yeah!” Fabian murmured. “Ready, my little whore?”

“Mnnn!” Margo gasped, moving her head up and down on his cock.

Her clit erupted with the most delicious agony in the world as Ginger and Nikki lashed the short-tailed leather cat tails upward, beating her flesh, the clips flying off her nipples with the force of the blows. Margo’s scream rang out from around Fabian’s cock as Kurt shoved his throbbing fucker into her ass.

Margo came, tossing with the most complete release she had ever known. The leather cat tail lashed upward into her tits again, and Margo went out of her mind, coming in crashing waves of release, screaming into Fabian’s massive fucker.

Fabian eased his cock back, so that her mouth was just running over the tip again, teasing her as she came. Margo gasped and tried to take his cockhead back into her mouth, but he held it at her lips.

“Not yet, whore,” he chuckled. “You’re gonna come, really come, and then give me what I want.”

Margo moaned as Kurt’s cock slammed into her ass, pushing her down on the dildo. The whip cut into her tits, beating the terrible, wonderful agony into her body that she needed.

“Ooouurgghh! Yessss!” she screamed as another explosion of lust passed over her.

“Whatever you want! Whatever you want!”

“Beg for it, tell us, whore!” Fabian yelled, pushing his cock into her mouth for a moment and then casing it out again.

“Yesss, whip me!” Margo screamed as the leather cat tail lashed her tits, bouncing them against the bar. “Come on, I love it, whip me, beat me! Fuck my ass!”

Kurt’s fucker rammed her into the bar, his cock throbbing with the swelling rush of his cum as his jizz struggled to escape from his balls.

“Uurrghh, come up my ass, Kurt. Come up my ass!” she screamed, shoving her shitter back at him as hard as she could.

He slammed in again, and her pussy erupted around the dildo as it rammed to the top of her cunt, setting off more explosions of come.

Margo struggled against the bonds, her hands trying to pull out, take Fabian’s cock and ram it right down her throat. She was out of control, screaming with total, abandoned lust.

“More!” she begged. “Whip me harder, whip me! Aaaghh, yes! Come on! Whip my than.”

She writhed on the bar, her pussy sliding over the base of the dildo on her pussy juices.

“Ohhh, you slut!” Kurt yelled as he rammed his cock into Margo’s throbbing ass, right to the hilt. He gasped, his hips jerking faster. “I’m coming, coming! Oohhh, right up your ass, whore! Right up your ass!”

“Yes!” Margo screamed, her pussy throbbing around the dildo as she felt Kurt’s cock grow deep in her shit-pit. She felt his cockhead pulsate as the cum rushed out of his shaft, felt the cum gush out of it and splatter all over her anal walls. She screamed as hot goo streamed into her shitter. Her ass throbbed to the beat of Kurt’s fucker.

“You bitch!” he roared with delight as his cock gushed another stream of hot fuck juice. He leaned on Margo, ramming her cunt onto the dildo with all his weight, his cock spewing the hot wads of jism out of it. His hips jerked, his piss-slit shooting spunk over Margo’s shitter wails as they sucked and demanded more hot cock juice from him. “What an ass! What an ass!”

Margo’s head was up, her hair in Fabian’s hand as he played his cock over her lips and watched her total degradation. Nikki and Ginger lashed Margo’s tits with hard strokes, beating her throbbing flesh.

Margo’s tits were an fire, burning with the most depraved lust she had ever known. She hung in Fabian’s grasp, begging for more, weeping, sobbing, as Kurt’s cock unloaded its final streams of jism and she crashed to the top of her climax. Kurt’s cock gave out and he fell across her as she rammed her pussy down to the dildo and screamed, the leather cat tail cutting into her soft, throbbing clit.

Nikki and Ginger increased the speed of the whips, lashing them in great circles, beating Margo’s clit.

Margo gave a final series of horrible screams, twisting on the bar, as her orgasm erupted into a last great spasm. She hung there, screaming incoherently for ten seconds as the whip cunt her clit. Then she gave a last wail of satisfaction and fell across the bar, her mouth open, her eyes closed, her pussy and ass still throbbing around the two cocks in them.


Margo came around slowly. At first she was only aware of softness all around her. Then she felt a delicious warmth coming from her tits, as if somebody was caressing them with a soothing cream. Finally she thought there was something happening to her pussy, since it throbbed very gently with the most sensual waves of passion.

She opened her eyes. She was lying on one of the soft sofas. Nikki was caressing her clit, working cream into her red-whipped flesh.

Margo looked down and there was Ginger, kneeling between her spread thighs, sucking her pussy with gentle attention. Margo gave a moon of pleasure and leaned back, spreading her legs wider for Ginger’s attentions.

Fabian swam into her view, his cock still hard and sticking out like a massive skewer. He grinned at her.

“Bust your fuses that time, whore?”

Margo gave a sob as she remembered. In one night she had gone from the perfect lady to utter whore.

“Don’t… don’t say that,” she sobbed.

Fabian leaned over her. “Don’t make me rub it in again. I’ll get real pissed. I’m not gonna shoot until you really understand who you are. I’m fuckin’ horny and getting hornier all the time. So any more fucking about and I’ll get real mad.”

Margo gasped as Ginger sucked ha pussy and licked over her cunt. Nikki’s soft hands squeezed her nipples until they slipped off on the cream. Margo came, gasping at the flood of soft sensations that flooded over her. She moaned, her pussy throbbing as her legs closed around Ginger’s shoulders and pulled the little slut closer. Her juices flowed as she lay on the sofa, moaning softly, her cunt pulsating in Ginger’s expert mouth.

“You see?” Fabian said. “Now can we stop this fucking about?!”

Margo looked up at him and knew exactly what she wanted to do. Her thighs trembled as her sore asscheeks rasped over the soft sofa.

“The men are in the hot tub, waiting for us. All you have to do is suck me off and we can join them.”

Margo’s eyes blurred with lust as she stared at his massive hot prick. Her mouth watered as she thought of the streams of cum that would rush out as she sucked it. But they had played games with her, now she would play with them.

“Why don’t you lie on the floor, honey?” she purred. “Like over there.”

Fabian looked at her, then at the platform Margo waved her hand at. He paused for a moment. “Well, okay.”

He went over and lay down on the thickly carpeted platform, his cock sticking up, throbbing and ready.

Margo got up off the sofa and examined herself in a large mirror. Her body had been through a lot. Her ass and clit were crimson and lined with welts. Her face still bore the stains of her tears and bits of cum that still clung there.

She ran her hands over her tits and ass, then gasped as the passion rushed out from the painful contact.

She turned and walked over to Fabian, standing over his face, her legs spread wide. With a moan, she slid her feet wider apart on the soft carpet. Brazenly she spread her legs, until her tendons and thigh muscles ached painfully and her pussy was only a foot or so above Fabian’s face.

Then she bent at the waist, thrusting her ass back to balance herself until her mouth came to the throbbing tip of his cock. She slipped her mouth over his cockhead for a moment. She pulled back up.

“No,” she said, “I won’t suck your cock, ever.”

Then she sank her mouth back over it, moaning as the massive cockhead filled her mouth. She raked her long fingernails over his balls, digging them in until he gave a long moan of lust.

“You won’t suck my cock?” Fabian said, his cock already thrusting at the back of Margo’s mouth.

Margo pulled backup, her tongue swirling around hard flesh, her lip pouting around his cockhead.

“Never,” she purred, rasping her nails over his thighs. “Never, no matter how much you whip me.”

She gasped and sank his cock back into her mouth. Effortlessly her throat opened and took his enormous shaft in, his thick round cockhead pulsating. Her lips closed around the base of his cock, and she licked over his balls, feeling him jerk at the touch. He was at the brink of shooting his wad.

“You’ll be whipped very hard!” he gasped, thrusting his cock up as it throbbed out of control. “Both Nikki and Ginger, you know how they whip.”

Margo gurgled and moaned around his cock, slowly pulling her mouth back up until she was at his cockhead once more, her soft mouth playing with him, sucking and licking.

“I don’t give a shit,” she purred. “I’ll never suck your cock, never.”

Her fingernails dug into the base of his cock and rasped down over his balls toward his ass.

“Well then,” he gasped, nodding at Nikki and Ginger.

At the first cut of the leather cat tail across her ass Margo came, pulsation’s of lust pouring over her. The second leather cat tail lashed into her, the hard knots beating around her asscheeks and into her pussy. Her mouth sank to the base of Fabian’s cock, her throat around the enormous fucker, sucking at it, demanding a mouth full of cum. The whips cut into her, the strokes of the leather cat tails sent her into a raging climax that soared higher with each lash. Her mouth pumped at Fabian’s cock, and size could feel the cum surging from his balls as her throat spasmed around his cockshaft.

“Aaaaahhh, ooouuggh, fuck!” Fabian yelled. “I never came this good — ooohhhh, fuuuccckkk!”

As the cum burst from his balk, Margo thrust her ass back for the lashing leather cat tails. She caressed Fabian’s heaving cock as it throbbed and swelled with the cum rushing up it.

“Aaahhh!” she screamed. “No, I won’t suck you! I won’t! You can whip me all you like — aahhh!”

A thick stream of cum shot out of Fabian’s cock and splattered Margo’s mouth. She screamed with excitement, licking it up, ramming her mouth down for a moment, then pulling back hi watch the next spout of jism gush asp and over her face. The whips cunt her ass and pussy, driving her to fresh heights of climax as thick creamy spunk filled her mouth and splashed all over her face, and even into her hair.

“Never, never!” she moaned as her mouth closed over his spurting cockhead and sucked hot wads of cum directly into her throat.

As the whips lashed her and the cum poured out, she ran Fabian’s cock right into her throat for a couple of massive spurts, his cock emptying into her hot wet mouth. She pulled back, taking the delicious cream over her lips as Fabian gasped and moaned.

His cock spurted more thick juice as he watched her tight ass jerking for the whips, just over his face.

In a delirium of lust, Margo swished Fabian’s spunk around in her mouth, tasting it, knowing that she could have as much of it as she wanted now. And as much of everything else. And she wanted it all.

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