Force of Nature (mf, cheating wife, teen, first time)

Linda sat at the kitchen table head in hands staring at
the floor. She was depressed, what was she going to do?
Herb was becoming more and more distant, and the chil-
dren were beginning to notice that their parents were
having problems. Herb just couldn’t get it up anymore,
and their sex life was in the dumps. It was beginning
to cause a rift between them. She had always been proud of her family; in fact her
whole life revolved around her family. Carry who had
turned 15 just last week, was all any parent could ask
for in a daughter, and Dustin her irrepressible son of
17 was an over achiever who loved his parents and never
got into trouble. If things between her husband and her
weren’t so strained life would be almost perfect. Linda could hear her son and his friend Andy out front
shooting hoops and to her shame and confusion she felt
her arousal build as she imagined Andy, (for the thou-
sandth time) out there playing ball with her son. His
lean hard body, muscles rippling as the sun glinted on
his bare chest. Almost without thinking about what she was doing, Linda
got up from the kitchen table and walked into the liv-
ing room to watch the boys shooting their hoops in the
driveway. She was fascinated by the way she felt; the
sexual thoughts that kept running through her mind as
she silently watched the two boys playing with the
basketball, unaware that they were being watched. She imagined walking outside; right up to Andy as he
and her son played their game. The image in her minds-
eye was so vivid that she could almost see the shocked
expression of her son’s face as she silently walked up
to his friend and pushed him up against the garage
door. She watched Andy’s eyes grow wide as she knelt
down in front of the boy, pulling his shorts down to
his knees. She could hear Andy’s gasp as he realized what was
happening to him, and she watched as his young manhood
began to stand at attention before her gaze. Linda felt
dazed as she saw herself reaching out to grasp his
swollen shaft wanting nothing else but to feel it
thrusting manfully in and out of her. She wanted to
hear this young man grunting and groaning on top of
her; taking his pleasure in her body. The vision of herself kneeling on the driveway in front
of that handsome young man, outside in full view of her
son, and the whole neighborhood made Linda shiver in
fear, and arousal. She absentmindedly lowered her hand
down between her legs, feeling the velvety material of
her dress between her fingers and her very wet pussy. As Andy jumped up in front of the basket, dropping the
ball through the hoop, Linda could see that he wasn’t
wearing anything but his shorts. She thought that she
had glimpsed something in the shadows that were formed
at the leg-openings of his shorts. She rubbed herself
a little harder and watched the young man’s body until
she felt herself tense, and that wonderful release that
came to her so easily. What a lovely feeling she thought, ‘to come while
imagining this strong perfect boy using her’. Linda
bucked her hips, pushing her hand harder against her
pleasure center as she experienced an incredibly in-
tense orgasmic rush. Her body was out of control for
that instant, she loved that moment, it had been too
long, she really needed a man. “Momma, hello Momma where are you? Oh hi mom.” Linda stood rooted to the ground as her daughter walked
up to stand beside her. At first she was afraid that
Carry had seen what she was doing, but the teenager was
looking out at the boys herself and hadn’t noticed that
her mother was flushed and breathing more rapidly than
normal. Linda stood with her hands at her side waiting for her
body to calm down from its recent sexual high before
saying anything to her daughter. In her heightened state, Linda appraised her daughter’s
looks, and found that the 15-year-old looked more
mature than she might have only moments before. She
noticed that her daughter was almost as tall as she
was, and that her breasts had grown to match her on 34C
cup. Linda suddenly wondered if her daughter was sex-
ually active, that thought made her wonder about her
son too. Was Dustin doing it with girls yet? Was Andy? Carry started talking about their up coming trip to buy
school clothes and soon Linda was drawn away from the
window and into her young daughters world of school,
party’s and boys. Linda had promised Carry a trip to
the mall to get her ready for her new school year and
plans had to be made. + + + Andy was breathing a little faster than he would nor-
mally, and he was worried that Dustin would notice his
hard-on. Guys didn’t get hard-on’s when they were play-
ing ball with other guys. But Andy couldn’t help him-
self; he had seen Dustin’s mom through the window. He
was certain that she thought she was safe from his
view, but she wasn’t. He’d seen her staring at him,
and he’d seen her fingering herself, or at least he
was pretty sure he’d seen her doing it. Could he have been mistaken? Mrs. Hamelton had been
one of his fuck dreams ever since she had given him
that french kiss back in 7th grade on new years eve.
He and Dustin had been watching television over at
Dustin’s when his parents had gotten home from a party
just after midnight. Andy could still remember the look in Mrs. Hamelton’s
eyes as she entered the room. She may have been a lit-
tle tipsy, but she had the sexiest expression on her
face that he’d ever seen before. Mr. Hamelton seemed
upset and had said something about her kissing every-
one at the party, and he was somewhat miffed at her
slutty behavior. At that she had laughed and said that, “a kiss was only
a kiss, and it wasn’t like I was fucking anyone in the
place! Don’t you agree boys?” Both boys nodded their heads in agreement, but didn’t
say anything because Dustin’s Father looked even more
upset. Andy was shocked that she would say something like
that in front of him, but at the same time it fueled
his teenage hormones to an intense level. When Mrs.
Hamelton went over to Dustin and gave him a new years
kiss to prove her point, all Andy could do was watch
with a lump in his throat. (And his pants.) But when the sexy vision came up next to him and with-
out a word pulled him out of the lazyboy and pressed
her hot moist lips against his, he almost came in his
pants. He could still remember what happened when he
boldly slipped his tongue between those moist lips.
Mrs. Hamelton’s eyes seemed to focus on his and she
began to suck on his tongue. They stood there exchanging their kiss for what seemed
like a dangerously long time, until Dustin said, “Hey!” Startled be his friends yell, Andy pulled away from
those incredible lips and looked around the room.
Luckily Mr. Hamelton had already left the room, but
Dustin looked confused and a little hostile toward
him. + + + But today was something different; his dream woman had
masturbated while watching him. He knew that was what
she’d done, it was just too obvious, it had to be what
he thought it was. He also knew that he was going to
try to get into Mrs. Hamelton’s pants, even if it
messed up his friendship with Dustin. He had to try. The boys played ball for a while longer and then Andy
said it was time for him to go home for dinner. All
the way home he couldn’t get the image of his best
friend’s mother pleasuring herself while watching him.
He began to think about how he could get her alone. + + + That day finally came — the whole Hamelton family,
(Except Linda) had to make their monthly trip to
grandpa and grandma Wilson’s (Linda’s mother and
father) for their regular first Saturday in every
month visit. This time though Linda had to stay home
because she had obligated herself to bake 10 pies for
the high school’s Sunday bake sale and due to one
thing and another hadn’t gotten around to doing it
earlier in the week. The plan was for her to get the pies done and take the
Volkswagen up to her parents house when she was done.
That way she would only miss a few hours and she’d
have the pies done for the school. It seemed like a
perfect solution. Dustin had let slip the night before what was happening
and Andy grew more and more excited as he formulated a
plan of sorts. He didn’t really know what to do exact-
ly; he wasn’t even sure any more that he’d seen what
he thought he’d seen. But he was so “in love” with Mrs.
Hamelton that he only wanted to be close to her, to
hold her — who was he kidding he wanted to fuck her
brains out — and for the first time since that “kiss”
he though that he might have a chance with her. Standing down the block from the Hamleton’s, Andy
watched tensely as his friend Dustin and his father
and sister piled into their car. It seemed like for-
ever before they pulled out of the driveway and headed
down the street in the opposite direction. Andy stood there watching as Mrs. Hamelton waved good-
bye to her family and then turned to go back into the
house. He swallowed hard and tried to get a grip on
his warring emotions as he walked on shaky legs to the
kitchen door around the back of the Hamelton house. He felt slightly sick to his stomach, ‘what was he
doing?’ he thought. ‘What would happen if he had mis-
read her, what would happen if she was offended by him
or worse — afraid of him?’ The curtain was pulled back from the little window in
the kitchen door as Andy stealthily snuck up to it to
peer in. There she was! A picture of feminine beauty
in her light summer dress, and a frilly apron tied
loosely around her slim waist. He smiled to himself when he noticed the evidence of
white flower on her pretty nose. She must have touched
her nose while concentrating on making the dough for
the pies. Andy looked through the window watching Mrs.
Hamelton fluffing the flower onto the tabletop prepar-
ing to roll the dough out. Very quietly Andy opened the door and closing it just
as quietly he stepped up behind her. Linda stiffened and turned around as she sensed someone
in the room with her. “Andy! What are you doing here?!”
She said in a breathless voice. Dustin’s friend had
given her quite a scare sneaking up on her like that. “I… uh… I just thought I’d stop by to see if you
needed any help Mrs. Hamelton.” Andy stumbled over his
words, he was so nervous. The thoughts that had been
running through his over sexed mind all week were mak-
ing him crazy with lust. He found that he had a hard
time looking away from her breasts as they rose and
fell from her heightened breathing. “Well, Andy I’m doing just fine. I have to hurry and
finish this little project and be out of the house by
noon if possible. So if you’ll excuse me I need to get
back to work.” She turned and began to pull lumps of
pie dough from the bowl and place them to one side. Andy stood rooted to the ground looking at Mrs.
Hamelton’s back; his eyes took in her soft blonde
hair, wide yet feminine shoulders, her slim waist…
As he looked at her behind, his hands moved out to
touch it. He could feel the boner in his pants pain-
fully throbbing for some kind of release. Linda jumped and whirled around with a look of anger
in her eyes. “What was that! Young man you better
leave right now!” she said, trying to sound stern,
but really wishing that she was 17 again, and single
of course. Andy swallowed hard and without saying anything he
pushed Mrs. Hamelton back against the table so that
her bottom was resting against the edge. As she opened
her mouth to protest the teenager placed his hands
upon her breasts and squeezed them, while at the same
time Andy covered her mouth with his. Linda began to struggle as the young man forced his
tongue between her lips. ‘What was he doing? What was
he thinking? She couldn’t let this happen, everything
would be ruined if this continued.’ She tried to shove
Andy away from her, but realized for the first time
that Dustin’s friend was bigger than she was, and
stronger too. Andy was desperate now. He felt a strange heightened
sexual arousal brought on by Mrs. Hamelton’s strug-
gling. It made him feel like a dominant animal, a
powerful male to have his best friend’s mother
struggling under him like this. He could hear her
breathing and could sense her femininity. All he
wanted to do was shove himself into her, to know
what mysterious delights were hiding inside her body
for him. Linda pulled her mouth away from him and yelled,
“Andy stop it! Stop it now, what are you crazy?!” But at that point nothing was going to stop Andy — a
quiet calm had come over the boy, even Mrs. Hamelton’s
screeching voice barely registered to him. He firmly
pressed her to her back on the flower-covered table as
her arms began to flail. He watched her lovely body
struggle under his hands as he pulled her dress up to
uncover tanned thighs. That made him spurt a little
more precum from his swollen cramped cock, he could
feel it coming up from his depths as he yanked her
panties off and feasted his eyes on the true object of
his mounting lust. Linda was shocked, she couldn’t believe that quiet
respectful Andy would — or could do something like
this. But what really disturbed her more than Andy’s
violent action was her response to it. Even though she was loudly protesting, all she wanted
was for the boy to pull his pants down and fuck her
brains out. She could feel the moistness between her
legs as she watched the teenage boy staring at her
exposed pussy. She squirmed a little under that in-
tense gaze. Then the boy took one hand from her chest and began to
fumble with the fly of his pants. Linda knew that if
she wanted to she could have forced her way clear of
the boy at that moment. He wouldn’t be able to hold
her with one hand. But to her astonishment she just
lay there with her back on the kitchen table and Andy
standing between her spread legs — and watched in
fascinated horror as the boy’s cock popped into view. Linda knew that everything would change if she let
this continue. But as the boy dropped his pants and
stepped out of them, Linda stopped the pretense of
struggling and lay there looking up into Andy’s eyes,
and then down between his legs. It had been so long since she’d had really good hot
sex with another human being. Herb was lackluster at
best and over the past year had almost completely lost
interest in sex. Thoughts kept popping into her mind
unbidden; Andy’s body on top of hers humping away, the
feeling of his strong young cock thrusting away deep
inside of her. Linda began to pant as the boy stepped up between her
legs and began to fumble between them. She could no
longer help herself; no longer cared what would happen
after, all she wanted was what this boy had to offer.
She leaned on one elbow and took his hot swollen
erection and rubbing the head of it to spread his
juices around, placed it against her dripping slit. “Shove!” she whispered, “just shove Andy.” Andy looked startled at the turn of events, but fol-
lowed her instructions without even thinking about it.
A loud moan escaped from Andy’s lips at the vary
moment that Linda sighed in satisfaction. Andy groaned as he felt for the first time in his life
the wonderful sensations of a woman’s cunt closing
around his cock. The slick warm place that he’d only
dreamed about was everything he’d even imagined it
would be. Linda almost sat up as the boy stood there with his
cock plowed deeply into her holding her tightly against
his body. Linda smiled as she quickly yanked her cotton
dress off over her head and unsnapped her bra and let
it fall to the floor with the rest of her clothes. Andy gasped as he saw a woman’s body for the first
time, and he was fucking her, he was planted deep
inside her. With that though raging through his mind
the boy began to pump his young strong hips, thrusting
as deeply as he could into his new lover. It only took a few thrusts for Linda to reach that
lovely place that she had been taking herself with her
hands for the past year. Her orgasm made her pussy
throb and clasp down on the young teenager’s cock as
he thrust, and the friction was too much for Andy to
hold back for long. The boy looked at the wild woman below him, she was
riding his cock like a rodeo queen. He couldn’t believe
it, the feelings were surging through his body like
nothing he’d ever experienced before, when his vision
blurred and his knees began to tremble. He felt the freedom that coming always gave him. He
firmly held Mrs. Hamelton in place as he emptied him-
self into her. They looked deeply into each other’s
eyes as he came in her. They both knew what was
happening and they both wanted it. After a moment, Andy’s mind came back into focus and
he realized that he was holding his best friend’s
naked mother in his arms, with his cock firmly planted
inside her. The boy began to pull out, trying to for-
mulate what he could say. What to do, what had he done? Linda saw the confusion on the young man’s face and
knew exactly what to do. It was too late to turn back
now, what was done was done. She said smoothly, “climb
up on the table Andy dear and lie down.” The boy looked at her speechless, but after a moment
he pulled out of her, noticing that his come was
leaking from between the slit of her pussy. He climbed
up on the table and lay as instructed, wondering all
the time what she had in store for him. He could feel
the flower on his backside; it was weird. Mrs.
Hamleton’s back was covered in flower where he’d
pushed her down. Linda greedily took the boys cock in her hand and
climbed over him with her thighs on each side of his
strong masculine hips. Linda lowered herself onto
Andy’s hard teenaged cock and closed her eyes in
ecstasy as she felt his hard yet soft cock slip all
the way home. ‘God it felt wonderful after so long
without,’ she thought, as she rode the boy to another
orgasm. Andy had never imagined this scenario even in his
wildest dreams, here was his dream woman fucking him
with unabashed lust, shouting at him, telling him that
he was a stud, and that his cock felt so good. The boy had never heard a female talk dirty before.
He didn’t know that they did that, and this wanton
display, and the fantastic sensation that she was
causing him to experience as she rode him like a
horse, brought the teenager to the top again. Amazingly they both came at the same moment again.
Linda could feel the young man’s body tense under her.
She thought that she could even feel him spurting
inside her, and that thought made her crazy at just
the right moment. She shivered and clamped her thighs
tightly against the boy’s hips as she experienced
another long wonderful orgasm impaled on Andy’s
throbbing cock. + + + After they had their second orgasm Linda realized what
a mess they had made of themselves and the kitchen.
They were covered in flower from head to toe, so Linda
dragged Andy off to the bathroom to take a shower. Of course the shower turned into another fuck session
and Linda never did make it to her parents house that
Saturday. But her pies were the rave of the high
schools cake sale on Sunday, she received numerous
inquiries for the recipe. For several years Linda found that it became harder
and harder to get away on family outings. She would
have to tell her loving family to go without her, and
that maybe she’d be able to make it the next time. Andy kept a close friendship with Dustin, even staying
overnight at his house whenever he could wangle an
invitation. Herb had observed many times that, “Andy
had almost become a member of the family.”