New Years Eve Party

It was New Years eve and my 16 year old daughter Lisa and I were fixing up
the house for a big party. I had just taken down the Christmas tree and
was putting all the ornaments away. There were about 15 people who were
supposed to show up tonight. The food was prepared and the champagne was
on the counter, just waiting to be popped. I hoped I had enough stuff.

I had sent my wife to her parents house for Christmas on the plane, and she
was supposed to be back the in two days. She had been gone for 10 days,
and I was really missing her.

After climbing down from the attic, I was needing to go to the bathroom.
The door was closed, so I knocked and pleaded my case. “Come on in, it’s
OK I’m in the shower”, Lisa yelled. As I opened the door, the steam came
bellowing out. “It sure is steamy. Do you think the water is hot enough?”
I asked. “Oh, it sure feels good to get warmed up!” Lisa countered. The
toilet was right next to the glass shower door. The glass was bumpy and
you couldn’t see much through it. Just the movement of a blurred body.

As I flushed the toilet, I decided I better sit down and do some serious
business. As I was sitting there, I noticed Lisa’s panties lying on the
floor of the bathroom. They were made of silky material and were skimpy
little things. I reached out and picked them up. They were really soft.
As I held them up, I couldn’t believe she wore such sexy panties. I lifted
them up to my nose and took a deep breath of the most wonderful aroma. It
had been a long time since I smelled such a fresh pussy scent. I reached
down and stroked my cock with the silky piece of cloth. It sure felt nice.
Just then, the shower door right next to me slid open. As I quickly
dropped the panties and turned my head, Lisa, with her eyes closed, reached
out to grab the shampoo that was sitting on the back of the toilet. I
leaned forward, so she wouldn’t grab my shoulder. As she leaned out, I got
a good peek at her small but nicely shaped breasts. I gazed at her as I
never had before. Her girlish figure was gone, and she was definitely
turning into a woman. She had a small dark patch of young pubic hair that
really got my attention. It was outlined with a fading tan line. As the
shower door shut, I couldn’t help but think of what it would be like to
bury my nose into the young pussy mound.

As I finished up my business and stood up, I noticed that she had her clean
clothes laying in the corner. I picked up her clean panties and started
stroking my cock with them, while sniffing the arousing odor from the dirty
ones. I was just about to cum, when the water shut off. I quickly wiped a
big glob of pre-cum in the crotch of her clean panties, and dropped the
other pair on the floor. I made a quiet exit, so she wouldn’t know I was
in there the whole time.

As soon as I closed the door, I knocked again, and told her I needed to get
in the shower before guests started showing up. I explained that once I
got in the shower, she could finish dressing. She stepped out of the
bathroom, with her towel wrapped high around her. Once she heard the
shower door closed, she came back in to dress. I left the shower door open
just a crack, so I could take another glance at her womanly figure. As I
peeked through the crack, she dropped her towel and was wiping off the
steamy mirror. As she bent over the sink, I got a good look at her smooth
rounded ass. I could see her breasts reflecting in the mirror. She soon
picked up her clean panties and slipped them on in a sexy manor. She then
reached down and rubbed her crotch, as if she were positioning them to fit
between her pussy lips. The thought of my pre-cum oozing into her pussy
was driving me crazy.

I reached for the bar of soap and started to stroke my cock. As I looked
back through the crack, she was pulling on a pair of tight jeans. She
really had to tug to get them on. She looked so sexy, standing topless in
her jeans. She finished dressing and left me alone in the bathroom.

My cock was getting sore, so I rinsed off and grabbed a towel off the
shelf. I snuck off down the hall toward my room, with my dirty clothes in
my arms. As I closed my door, I heard the doorbell ring. I got dressed
and went to greet the guests. There was Lisa, in her tight jeans and a
cashmere sweater, playing hostess to my friends and co-workers. She sure
looked good!

As the night went on, people were loosening up and having a good time.
There were the typical jokes, teasing women and crazy people getting drunk
on booze. I saw Lisa in the kitchen drinking some booze and she looked
kind of wasted. I figured it was New Years, so why not let her have some
fun too. It was almost midnight, so I made sure everyone had a full glass
of champagne. I made a toast for success and happiness in the new year.
At the strike of twelve, everyone started whooping and hollering. Kisses
were being given, and taken, by everybody.

As Lisa stumbled by me in the kitchen, I wrapped my arm around her waist
and pulled her toward me. I planted a big kiss on her cheek. She looked a
little dazed, but I think it was from the alcohol. She grinned. I gave
her a big hug as my hand slipped down her back and instinctively rested it
on her ass. As I rubbed my hand around on her ass I could feel my cock
begin to grow. I was holding her ass firmly in the palm of my hand,
pressing my cock against her crotch. I stepped back, to regain control of
my thoughts.

As we walked back to the living room, Jim asked Lisa if she wanted to
dance. I stood back and watched as she wiggled her ass and shook her
little titties. I knew she was getting pretty toasted. As a slow song
played, I noticed she was dancing real close to Jim and their knees were
rubbing each other in all the right places. His hand was now rubbing that
nice round ass. Jim’s wife came up and asked me to dance with her. I
reluctantly agreed. I could tell that she was getting jealous of Jim, as
she kept a close eye on him. She was trying to make him jealous too, so I
thought I’d help her in her quest. I lowered my hand down and started to
slowly rub her ass. As I did, she pulled in closer to me. Soon my cock
was hard and she was pressing hard against it. I slid my hand lower and
pressed my fingers between her legs. She wiggled her ass against my hand,
urging me on. Jim was watching us too, and matched me move for move. Jim
was getting a little upset, as I moved my other hand up to cup her breast.
As the song ended, Jim came and dragged her away and said it was time to
leave. It was getting close to 2:00 AM, and everyone else started to go
home also. Everybody said they had a great time, as we bid them farewell
and cautioned them to drive safely.

As I closed the door, I realized what a mess there was to clean up. I
started picking things up, when Lisa suggested that we leave it till
morning. It looked like a 6 hour chore. There was just a little champagne
left so I split it with Lisa. She toasted for “a fulfilling year, and that
all our of our wishes come true”. As we drank down the last drop, she
asked me to dance one song with her. She put on her favorite CM CD, and
played . She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck as I held her
around the waist. As we danced, she pulled closer to me. I could feel her
breasts brushing against my chest. I let my hand slip down to her ass and
pulled her closer. As my cock got hard, I could feel it starting to press
against her. She started pressing back against me. We danced like this
for a couple songs, when she interrupted, saying that she needed to go to
the bathroom. While she was away, I started to clean up the mess that
remained from the party.

After 45 minutes, I decided to check on Lisa. She wasn’t in the bathroom,
so I checked her bedroom. There she was, passed out on the bed. She had
been sitting on the edge of the bed, getting undressed, when she ran out of
steam. The blankets were all pulled down and she was laying on the sheets
with her pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Her sweater was pulled up slightly
as her tummy was showing. Her nightshirt was lying at the foot of the bed.
I shook her shoulder, trying to wake her up, but she was out cold. She
had removed her boots, so I swung her legs up on the bed. She was real
close to the edge of the bed, but I figured she wouldn’t be moving till
morning. I turned out the light, and pulled her door halfway shut. I
locked the doors and turned out the lights, and headed for the bathroom.
As I was taking a leak, I noticed her panties were lying on the bathroom
counter. These were the same ones that I saw her put on after her shower.
I picked them up and took a deep breath. It had the same wonderful aroma
as the last pair had. The cotton crotch was very damp with her womanly
moisture. As I held it up to take another sniff, I touched it to my tongue
and savored the flavor. I reached down and stroked my cock, rubbing her
wetness over the swollen head. I left the bathroom with the panties in my
hand and headed for my room. I got undressed and put on my robe. Before I
got comfortable, I thought I should check on Lisa one last time.

I peeked in Lisa’s room and she was still lying on the edge of the bed. I
turned on the lamp that sat on her night stand. I took another deep breath
from her panties. As I stood there watching her sleep, my cock had other
ideas. I stepped closer, and touched my cock to her cashmere sweater.
It’s softness was overwhelming. I moved my cock back and forth, slowly
fucking her left breast. The sensation was driving me wild. I glanced
down to her bare tummy. Very slowly, I reached down and rested my hand on
her flat midriff. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing a bra. I gently
started to slide my hand up, under her sweater. Her skin was soft and
smooth. I cupped my hand over her right breast and gave it a firm but
gentle squeeze. I traced circles around her nipple. It stiffened as I
pinched it softly. My hand moved back down, toward her belly. It didn’t
stop until it reached the area of her unzipped pants, where there was just
a little bit of hair showing. I slid my fingers just beyond the end of the
zipper. Her pants were too tight to go any further. I thought I better
return to my room, before I lost control. I turned out the light and
headed down the hall.

As I was about to close my bedroom door, I heard a noise come from Lisa’s
room. I went back to see what it was. There was Lisa, on the floor. She
had rolled off the bed, and was now trying to get back up. I turned on the
bedroom light and helped her sit back on the edge of the bed.

“Are you OK?” I asked.
“I think so,” she said, not being real sure of herself. “Could you please
help me get these pants off?” she asked, sounding frustrated.
“Are you sure?” I queried.
“Well, I can’t get ’em off by myself,” she responded.
“OK, can you stand up? Here, hang on to my shoulders.” I tried to push
them down, put they were too tight. I got on my knees and pulled real
hard, as she squirmed to get them off. As they peeled slowly over her hips
I found myself staring right at her crotch, only inches away from my nose.
The sweet aroma was still there, as she stepped out of her jeans. As I
absorbed in the essence, she was struggling to remove her top. She started
laughing hysterically, when she fell backwards on the bed with her head
stuck in the sweater. Still on my knees, I lost my balance and fell
forward, my face landing in her lap.

“Your beard tickles!” she giggled, as she pulled her knees up and rested
her feet on the edge of the bed. Her knees were apart and her exposed
pussy was now 6 inches in front of my face, her feet were on either side of
my head. I was gazing at her pussy, when I noticed the lips looked wet and
well lubricated. She was still giggling and wrestling with her sweater, as
I inched my way closer to her mound. As she tugged the sweater over her
head, her hips raised up and smacked me in the face, leaving a wet spot on
the end of my nose. She lowered her knees and put her feet on the ground
as she slid her bottom closer to the edge of the bed. I couldn’t move fast
enough and my face got wet again. She sat up and put her knees against my
ears, holding my head in place. She pushed her crotch against me. She let
out a moan as my tongue slammed into her clit. I parted her pussy lips
with my tongue and probed as deep as I could. Her tight hole was already
running with a sweet flow of her juices. As I stabbed at her clit a few
times with my tongue, she gasped, and fell back on the bed. She appeared
to have passed out.

Feeling guilty, I slid my arms under her body and repositioned her, with
her head on the pillows. As I pulled up the covers, she opened her eyes and

“Please don’t leave me like this.” “Would you rub your dick on my tits,
like you did when I had my sweater on?” she asked timidly. “That felt real
“You were awake?” I asked, feeling ashamed. My cock was now limp.
“Why do you think my pussy got so wet?” she said with a grin. “It’s been
wet all night, ever since I put my panties on after my shower.”
“What do you mean?” I asked so innocently.
“I saw you in the bathroom playing with my panties.” “I also saw you leave
me a token of your appreciation in my panties.” she said with a smile. “As
soon as I put them on, I rubbed your cum into my pussy. That’s what kept
me wet all night.”

She reached out and took my cock in her hand and pulled on it gently. It
was coming back to life, and the head was wet with pre-cum. As I stepped
closer, she rubbed my cock on her nipple, smearing the clear liquid around.
She pressed my cock against her breast as I started to gyrate my hips. I
massaged her other breast with my free hand, and traced circles around the
nipples like I did before. My thrusting intensified as my balls slapped
against her. She maneuvered around, so she was lying on her side. She
pushed her tits together, with my cock sandwiched between them. I was
holding back, so I could enjoy this feeling as long as possible.

With one quick movement, she wrapped her mouth around my cock and was
sucking the life out of my very soul. She moved her head towards me at the
same time I lurched forward. I felt my cock hit the back of her mouth and
slide beyond the small opening at the back of her throat. Her mouth
responded with a spasm, like it was trying to swallow me whole, pulling me
in deeper. She grabbed my ass and rolled onto her back, pulling me over on
to the bed. I was now laying on top of her head, and my cock was buried to
the hilt. Her mouth continued to spasm. Her tongue was milking my shaft
for all it was worth. Her teeth were starting to clamp down on the base of
my cock. I couldn’t hold back. I erupted into a violent orgasm, spewing
torrents of cum down her throat and into her belly. Before I was done, she
pushed me off of her, and rolled me onto my back. As quick as lightning,
her mouth was back on my dick, finishing what she had started. As she
squeezed the last drop from by cock, she looked up at me and smiled.

She crawled up toward me like a lion on the prowl. “Did I get it all?” she
asked, with a wicked grin.
“I think you sucked me dry, little girl!” “I don’t think there is another
drop left in my body. I couldn’t cum again if I tried.”
“Good,” she exclaimed. “So if I let you fuck me, then you can’t make me
pregnant?” she said with a laugh. “Would you do it for me?”
“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I asked, pretending that I could, only
if she twisted my arm a little harder.
“Yes, I think I’m old enough to try it.” she said sheepishly.
“You’re still a virgin?”
“Yes!” she proudly exclaimed. “What’s wrong with that?”
“Nothing. I just thought you have…”
“Well,” she interrupted. “Let’s do it”.
“OK,” I said. “Lay down and relax, I’ll be right back.”

She rolled over, and let me up. I left the room to go freshen up, and get
a drink of water. As I came back with a glass of water for her, she was
laid out, with her eyes closed. I left the room again, and went to my
bedroom closet. I wanted to savor this night for future reference, so I
rummaged around and found my camera. Making sure there was film in it, I
headed back down the hall with a bottle of lotion in my other hand. She
was still relaxing on the bed with her eyes closed. I focused the camera
on her, turned on the flash and snapped a picture.

“Gotcha!”, I said as I laid the camera down. She never moved. I stood at
her feet, and was contemplating what was about to happen. I put a large
glob of skin lotion in the palm of my hand. Starting at the feet I worked
my way up, massaging her calf’s and thighs. As I worked my way up, her
legs parted invitingly. I kissed her knees and thighs, slowly working up
toward her pussy. By the time I reached her mound, her hips were moving
nervously. I teased her inner thighs with my tongue. I lowered my mouth
to her pussy and her clit stood up to welcome me. I licked lightly around
her clit, while I inserted a finger to her pussy opening. Her hips lifted
up to meet my prowling finger. She was well lubricated and ready for

I moved my hips and got into position between her thighs. I rubbed my cock
along her slit, lubricating my shaft. She was lifting her hips, begging me
to enter. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and started to
feed it in slowly. As I looked up at her, she was smiling and watching my
every move. I gave her about an inch, and she started to grit her teeth.
My cock pressed into her, but it wouldn’t go in any more. I backed out a
little and started moving in and out. Slowly at first, but we picked up
speed as she loosened up. She lifted her hips to meet mine, and we slipped
it in another inch. I was taking it slow, not wanting to hurt her. I
could see the anticipation and the need building up in her eyes.
“Please… please put it in” she begged. “Don’t wait any longer!”
“OK.” I assured her. “On the count of three, you push and I’ll push.”
“OK?” she agreed, nodding her head..
“One…” I said, still moving in and out.
“Two…,” She was gritting her teeth again.
“Three!…” I shouted, and I thrust my hips forward and met hers with equal
“Oh god!” she screamed, as her hips continued to thrust up at me.

Within a few strokes, I was buried deep into her pussy, with an inch left
to go.
“Relax now. Don’t move,” I said, as I bent her knees. I moved up a little
and met her face to face. Her body was trembling as I kissed her gently.
I moved down and took her breast in my mouth. I teased her nipples with my
tongue and teeth. Her pussy had a tight grip on me. It felt like a vise.
As I started to kiss her again, I could feel her relaxing more. By now, my
cock was in all the way. As we kissed, our tongues met and wrestled for
position. She was definitely a passionate kisser.

I felt her body start to quiver as her hips started to buck involuntarily.
I knew we were reaching the boiling point. I sat back up and regained
control. Her legs were still bent at the knees. It was time to loosen her
up for good. With a strong grip on her hips, I pulled out most of the way.

“Are you ready?” I asked.
“Yes!” she pleaded.
“OK, hang on!” I said, as I gave it all to her in one swift thrust. I
pulled out again, and followed it with another forceful thrust. The pace
picked up, as my balls were slapping against her ass. Her pussy was
getting looser with each downward thrust. As I rammed it in harder, her
hips came up to meet mine without missing a beat. Her eyes were now
closed, and she had her hands clamped around each breast. Every time our
thrusts met, she let out a little grunt. Her pussy was starting to tighten
up, and I knew she was about to cum. I let loose of her hips, and moved up
to kiss her again. She sucked in my tongue like a vacuum cleaner. I’m
sure she intended to swallow it.

“Wrap your legs around me!” I told her, when she finally came up for air.
She needed no prodding, as her legs wrapped tightly around me. She thrust
her hips up one more time, taking me all in. At that same moment, I
delivered a load of cum, deep into her belly. Her pussy was squeezing me
tight as her body started shaking violently.

“OH GOD!” she screamed, at the top of her lungs. “FUCK ME HARD!”.
There was nothing left in me. My body was now limp from exhaustion. She
bucked her hips a few more times, before collapsing underneath me. Our two
bodies melted into one, while I kissed her tenderly on the lips.

I had to get up to get a drink of water. When I came back, she was laying
there motionless. I grabbed the camera for one last picture. As I focused
on her pussy, I could see my cum dripping from her pussy. What a sight. I
must record this for later.

After snapping another picture, I crawled up next to her.
“Thanks, that was terrific,” she whispered. “I’m certainly fulfilled, and
my wish came true.”
As we kissed again, we drifted off to sleep, holding each other close.