Toys For Mom and Daughter

Anna Maria Palmer was relaxed as she walked up to the dorm hall entrance on the campus of Syracuse University. It was Friday, late in September of 1979. Her only child, Beth, should be out of her last class any time now, so they can go to dinner. Her long, brown hair hung down to her fanny, as her four-foot ten inch frame made it’s way up the steps and inside. She got some looks from some of the male students, as she walked to the dorm office. She smiled, as she knew she looked young, but she was old enough to be their mothers. Of course, being so short, and a figure she has, 34-20-26,with c-cup breasts, she was bound to get checked out.

Entering the office, she seen a young lady at the desk, who looked up and smiled, and asked “May I help you?”

“Yes, I’m here to pick up my daughter, room 425 I believe, Beth Palmer?” She responded.

The young girl brightened, “Oh, Mrs. Palmer, yes, I live in the room next to Beth, knew I should have recognized you.” She stood up and offered her hand to shake, which Anna took and greeted her. ďż˝I haven’t seen Beth come in yet, but I’m off in a few minutes. If you would like, I can take you upstairs to her floor.”

Anna smiled, “That would be nice. And you are?”

“Oh, forgive me, my name is Sally, Sally Miller.” She blushed, forgetting to introduce herself.

“Okay Sally, as soon as you’re ready, we can go up, I’ll step outside into the lounge here.”

“Very well, Mrs. Palmer.”

Anna smiled, “And Sally, it’s Ms. Palmer.”

Sally blushed again, the tall redhead was as red as her hair. Anna went off into the lounge and took a seat. She sat for about two minutes, before Sally came out, saying “I’m ready Ms Palmer.” Anna smiled and stood up, as she followed Sally to the elevators. Sally tried her hand at making small talk, as they entered the lift, “So, you guys are from Westchester County?”

“Yes, we are, her paternal grandparents are from there, we lived with them since Beth was five.” She replied. She wasn’t too sure what all Beth had told her friends, and wasn’t too sure if this was a friend, anyway.

“Wow, you lived with your in-laws? With your husband?” she asked. The doors opened, as they walked out and down the hall.

She didn’t want to talk about it. Her husband, Beth’s father, ran off when Beth was five. Anna came from a poor Puerto Rican family, and Beth’s father, James Palmer, took advantage of Anna when she was just seventeen, he being five years older than her. God, that was so many years ago. Her family disowned her when she got pregnant, but James parents made him do what they thought was the right thing, marrying her. It didn’t work from the start. As Sally went on talking, she just gave yes and no answers, as she dwelled on the past.

By the time Beth was two, James was screwing other women. His father, William, a lawyer, was fed up with his only child by this time. He and Betty, his wife, saw potential in Anna, which they didn’t admit until years later. Then, one night, right after Beth’s fifth birthday, James never came back home. Anna stayed up for nights, waiting for him. He was the only man she knew, and the only one she had slept with, even up to now. He was a lousy lover, a drunk, and a two-timer. Thatďż˝s when Betty had William move Anna and Beth in with them. They had been living in a small bungalow on Staten Island. And then, they were in a twenty-room mansion, with plenty of room to roam.

Betty tried to get Anna to see other men, but Anna vowed she would never have another man, not while Beth was still at home. Now, fifteen years later, Beth is a junior at Syracuse, a law student. William and Betty are gone, he in ’75,and she this past summer. William made a lot of shrewd investments, leaving Anna and Beth an estate of close to one-hundred million. Anna did go back to school herself, ending up a degree in business, which she has used to manage the estate, and she owns a few franchises of a fast food chain. She tries her best to keep a low-profile, for obvious reasons, no use anyone to know how much she, and Beth, are worth.

Sally just kept on talking, and Anna just smiled. What did she say her major was? Phys ed? Doesn’t matter. She heard the door next door being unlocked, and she yelled out, “Beth?”

“Mom?” a response, as the person came down and looked in, “Oh, you’re here already.” She had a nervous look, as her mother looked her over. Spitting image of her, younger, a bit taller, and shorter hair. Now, why was she so nervous. Anna stood up and walked over, and gave her daughter a hug, when she noticed a guy standing in the hall.

They broke, and Beth noticed her mother looking at the guy. He was sort of cute, tall, almost six-foot, had some weight on him. ďż˝Um, mom, this is Doug, Doug Snelling.” She stammered, “He’s a friend of mine.”

Anna smiled, thinking, yeah, right. She went up to Doug and shook his hand, saying “Hello Doug, pleased to meet you.”

Beth snuck on past, and into her room, saying “Um, Doug, I’ll see you later, Okay?”

He had a hurt look on his face, and said “Oh, um, okay.” as he turned away, saying “Bye!” over his shoulder. Anna went inside her daughters room, and closed her door behind her.

“Gee Beth, Doug seems kind of sweet.” She looked at her daughter for a response.

Beth rolled her eyes, saying “He could be sweeter, he’s a klutz.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

A resounding “NO!”

“Then why could he be sweeter?” She got her, and Beth knew it.

Beth started to say something, but the door opened up, as her roommate Tammy came in, saying “Hey Beth, whatďż˝s with Doug? You hurt that poor boy’s feel…Oh, hello Ms Palmer.”

“Hello Tammy,” Anna smiled, “And yes, she probably did hurt his feelings.”


Tammy smiled, saying “Yeah, that poor boy, he keeps on trying to make her loosen up, but she is cold as ice.” She giggled, as Beth stared at her. Tammy peeled her sweater off, revealing a small chested figure, her blonde curls draped across her shoulders. “Come on Beth, you haven’t given any guy here the time of day, this is the first one that has even gotten you to talk to.”

Ann smiled, her daughter was red, embarrassed. ďż˝Well, I think he’s a nice kid. Of course, this is the first time I met him.”

“Oh, she’s just upset because he’s probably a virgin like herself.”

“Damn it Tammy, my mother’s here!”

Anna was shocked at first, but then she laughed, good to hear her daughter was still a virgin. ďż˝Do you like him, Beth?”

“Oh mom…” She started undressing as well, getting ready for dinner.

“Yeah, she likes him,” Tammy blurted, smiling broadly, as she peeled her jeans and panties off, and grabbed her robe, ready to go take a shower. “She just isn’t sure about training him. I keep telling her I’ll do it for her”

“You bitch,” Beth threw a pillow at her, which she blocked, as she laughed and got out of the room. Beth sat on her bed, still quite red in the face, and upper body, her bare breasts stood out proud from her body.

Anna was smiling, as Beth said “What?”

“Oh, nothing.” she came over and sat on the bed next to her daughter, and wrapped her arms around her, saying “Don’t worry, you’re still young.” She kissed her on the cheek. “Do you like this boy?”

Beth made a face, “Well, sort of, but he’s, well….”

“Well what?”

“He’s awkward.” Her mother looked at her, puzzled. “He seems to make all the wrong moves.”

Anna smiled, saying “Maybe Tammy was right, you ought to let her train him.”

“That bitch would probably keep him.” she stated, “Besides, she gets laid about once a week as it is.”

Anna was taken aback, she didn’t expect to hear that. At least her daughter wasn’t like that. “Well, she seems to have lots of fun. But, does she know love.”

“She knows how to feel good, thatďż˝s for sure. Shoot, you should hear her scream.”

Anna was pretty sure she didn’t want to go there. Instead, she said “Well, maybe I should talk to this boy. Explain to him how to take care of you.”

Beth looked at her a bit strange. “Um, mother? You’re going to tell him how to take care of me? Take care of me how?”

Anna blushed, “Well, to treat you right, to not to rush it.” She looked at Beth, and giggled, “Why? You think I should teach him other things?”

“No! Well, wait, what other things?”

“Now Beth, we’re talking about sex, now. I’m a bit older than him to teach him a thing or two.” Although the idea…

“Yeah, but I don’t even know about those things, didn’t daddy teach you?”

“You’re father didn’t teach me shit. The asshole just used me to dump his load in. No love, no affection, just slam, bam, and no thank you ma’am.” Anna was mad, even thinking about it. All she learned about sex, she learned on her own, with her own fingers, to be precise. “I’m sorry dear,” she hugged her daughter, “There are some things that people have to learn on their own.”

“But how if you don’t know what you’re suppose to learn?”

Good point. She thought for a second, “Does he treat you okay? Is he a gentleman around you?”

She nodded her head yes. “He’s over me like a blanket.”

“How’s he like on dates, does he force himself on you?”

“Well, he tried to grab my ass the other night, and I slapped him.”

“Ohhh, and what brought this on?”

“We were joking around, and I had pinched his butt.”

She laughed, “Honey, if I was him, and you pinched my butt, I would have thought that was an invitation.” She squeezed her bare shoulder, “Has he tried kissing you?”

“Oh yeah, and I just let him kiss my cheek.” She noticed her mother giving her a rather strange look. “Well, I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Beth darling, you can not get pregnant by kissing!”

“I know that, but it might lead to something.”

Anna was exasperated. Tammy was right, her daughter is a bit frigid. Probably scared more than anything else. “Do you even know what sex feels like?”

“Mother!” she had a shocked look on her face, “I’m still a virgin!”

“There are other ways, my dear.”

“You mean? Shoot mom, only bad girls do those things!” Her mother smiled and giggled, and Beth studied her face, “Oh shit, I didn’t mean…”

“Thatďż˝s okay dear, but I’ve been without a man since you were five, what you think I’ve done these last fifteen years? I had to do something to keep from going crazy when the urges hit.”

“You have urges? At your age?”

Anna looked at her, a bit miffed, “I’m thirty-nine, dear, I hope I have urges for another thirty-nine! I ain’t dead yet.”

“Sorry,” Beth replied, looking a bit sheepishly.

“You mind if I try him?”

“What you mean?….Oh shit…you mean….”

“Sure, why not, it’s been fifteen years. Maybe I can teach him something to make you feel better, when you feel it’s time.”

She looked at her mother, “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Dead serious, I want to make sure my baby is getting some good loving.”

“But what if he…”

“If he acts like an asshole afterwards, then he wasn’t for you then, right?”

“Well, I’m not sure…what if he blabs?”

“I’ll talk to him first, don’t worry. He will be warned to be discreet.” She stood up, “But, lets not tell him that you know about it, this way he has a tougher test.”

She thought a bit more, “As a matter of fact, why don’t you call him, tell him I would like for him to accompany us to dinner this evening. I’ll figure out someway to get him back to the Hilton.”

The door opened, and Tammy came in, her hair wrapped in a towel. “Shit Beth, you goin a shower? We got to get to the dining hall in twenty minutes.”

“Um, I’m going out with mom, Tammy.” She responded as she picked up the phone. She dialed a number, then waited, “Hello? Doug?…yeah, it’s me, listen, would you like to go to dinner with my mother and I?…Oh, in about thirty minutes….okay, we’ll be around to pick you up, bye.” She hung up the phone. She looked at Tammy, who was wide eyed and in shock.

“Damn, I can’t believe you finally asked him on a date.”

“It’s not a date, my mother is going with us.”

Tammy smiled, and said “What she going to do, coach ya?”

“Yes, and him too.” was her reply. Tammy thought she was joking, and laughed, causing Beth and Anna to giggle as well. Anna thought, oh, if she only knew. Beth got dressed, and soon they were out the door. They walked over to Doug’s dorm, and met him. He was nervous as hell. He was shocked when Beth took him by the hand as they walked to the parking lot.

The drive to the restaurant in Anna’s Cadillac was pleasant, with Anna asking Doug lots of questions. She found out he was from Rochester, that he went to a boys school, which was similar to Beth, as she went to a girls prep school. So like Beth, college is the first time they’ve really been around the opposite sex, other than kin. He was studying to be an architectural engineer, and was doing well, this was also his junior year.

Dinner went real well. Anna found that his dad worked construction, and that he had three younger brothers. He works for his dad, which is how he helps pay for tuition. He asked about the car she drove in, and she told him it was her favorite, better than the bmw or the Mercedes. His mouth dropped. She asked him what he drove, and he said a 1968 Chevy truck. A bit rusted. Beth chuckled, adding that more than just a bit. They loosened up, Anna bought them drinks, as well, this helped.

After dinner, she asked “Where too?”

Doug asked “Huh?”

“Well” she said “Where you guys go to have some fun around here?”

Beth smiled, and said “There’s a nightclub close to campus, mom. We can go there, but it is a bit loud.”

“You wanna go?” she asked her.

“Sure, why not.”

They left the restaurant and headed to the car. Anna handed Doug the keys, and said “Why don’t you drive, Doug. You know the way.”

He about shit, as he fumbled with the keys, as he unlocked it and opened the doors for the ladies. She thought that was a nice touch, as she climbed into the back. He drove like he was on ice, causing Anna to giggle to herself. This boy was nervous as hell, and it showed. Once at the nightclub, he parked and helped the ladies out, and was surprised as each took an arm, Beth on his right, and Anna on his left.

Once inside, they found it very crowded, and it took awhile to find a table. Once seated, Anna had a waitress bring over a pitcher of beer. She was surprised how fast Beth drank it down. Later she found out that it was her first beer. She looked at her daughter, and said “Why don’t you take Doug out there and dance for awhile, I’ll be okay here?”

Beth smiled, and stood up, and pulled Doug, a bit hesitant Doug, onto the dance floor. She pulled him close, burying her face in his chest, as the first song was slow. She felt his pecker expand, as it was pressed into her midsection, as her breasts were thrusted into his belly. She didn’t know whether to stop or keep going. Poor Doug was embarrassed, as he felt his manhood grow. Luckily, the song didn’t last long, as they were soon dancing a fast one.

After two more, they returned to the table, a bit overheated and thirsty. Beth drained another glass, as Doug sipped his slowly. Anna just watched and smiled. They tried talking, but the music was just too loud. Beth and Doug danced a few more times, and Anna even got up once with him. Both were asked by other guys to dance, and even though she was tempted, Anna didn’t take any up on it.

Two hours later, Anna took her daughter to the restroom, and told her, “In awhile, act a bit drunk, we’ll take him back to the Hilton, you can sleep there.”

Beth said in a slurred speech, “Shiiith mom, I thinked I’s alwedy thair.”

Anna thought, yeah, I guess you are. She’ll have to watch her daughter more carefully from now on when alcohol is involved.

When they returned to the table, there were two other guys there. Anna didn’t like them from just looking at them. She bent over to Doug’s ear, and whispered, “Beth’s a bit drunk, lets take her back to the Hilton, and put her to bed.”

Doug staggered to his feet, feeling not much pain, but Anna was relieved he wasn’t plastered. One of the guys said “Hey, where you all going, Doug? You ain’t taking these fine foxes for yourselves are you?”

She hollered back, ďż˝Sorry boys, but this one is under the weather.” she gestured to Beth, as Doug helped steady her on her feet. They struggled out to the parking lot, and Anna got the back door open, and had Doug get Beth inside.

He asked “You want me to drive, Ms Palmer?”

“Hell no, boy! You’ve been drinkin’, better if this car got pulled over, that I was driving!”

She pushed him into the backseat, with her daughter, hoping maybe something will happen. On the way to the hotel, she glanced in the rear-view mirror every chance she had. Beth was kissing Doug on a few occasions, and he was kissing her back. What she didn’t see, was her daughter reaching out and grabbing his meat through his jeans. She wondered what made him moan. Once at the hotel, and safely parked, Anna got out, and helped the two out of the backseat. Beth’s top was pushed up, showing her bra, and Dougďż˝s fly was undone. She just smiled, as she helped her daughter, and Doug, into the hotel. The lobby was empty, and they didn’t get much as a look from the front desk, as they headed to the elevator.

Her room was on the top floor, and soon they were there, not a word was spoken, as they disembarked and walked down the hall. Once at the room, Anna leaned Beth up against Doug, saying “Here, hold her while I dig out the key.” Doug’s hand slid up under Beth’s blouse, and he tried to pull it back down. Anna smiled at him, and chuckled, saying “Feel’s good, doesn’t it?” The poor boy stammered, trying to say something, but nothing came out. She got the door open, and she said “Well, pick her up, and carry her to the bed.” He smiled, and did as he was told, easily picking up Beth, and carrying her over to one of the two queen size beds. He started to place her down on it, but Anna stopped him, “No, don’t lay her down,” She rushed over and pulled the covers back. Once she did that, he tried to lower her, and she stopped him again, “Hold her up, we got to get her undressed.”

Beth heard this, and muttered “Huh? Undress?”

Doug couldn’t believe he heard this. Anna had him turn her around, and said “You undo her blouse, while I work on her pants.” He hesitated, “Go on, she ain’t goina bite.” She smiled as she reached down and unsnapped Beth’s jeans. Doug worked on her blouse, being very careful in not ripping a button off. Anna had her pants pulled down and was helping Beth step out of them, when he finally got her blouse unbuttoned.

“Wrap your arm around her as you take it off, I’ll take off her panties. Then you can do the bra.” Beth wasn’t too sure about this, she was drunk, but not entirely out of it, what was her mother up too, anyway? She felt her panties pulled down, the cool air hitting her moist crotch. Doug did as he was told, and soon she had her blouse on the floor, and he was fumbling with the clasp in back.

Anna smiled, and stood, reached behind Beth, pushed his hands away, and said “Now watch, it’s like this.” She undid the clasp one-handed, as he watched, while still holding Beth up with his free arm. She pulled the bra off, letting Bethďż˝s firm, young breasts to fall free. ďż˝Now lay her down, Doug.” Doug did, getting a good look of Beth’s nude form. He was transfixed, looking at her ripe breasts and dark-haired covered twat.

“The poor girl is goina catch a cold if you don’t get some covers on her, big boy.” Anna said as she gently pushed Doug out of the way.

Doug moved out of the way, and watched as Anna tucked her daughter in, giving her a light kiss on the cheek. Anna stood, and looked at Doug, who stuttered as he talked, “I…um…I guess I had better be going…if thatďż˝s okay Ms Palmer….”

She smiled as she approached him. “No Doug, wait.” She took his hands, and pulled him to the other bed, adding “We need to talk.” They sat on the bed, Beth murmured something, Anna knew she was acting now, and was thinking, good girl, maybe she’ll learn something. Still holding his hands, Anna said “Tell me Doug, you haven’t had much experience with the girls, haven’t you?”

He looked at his feet, “Um, no ma’am…I..uh…”

She smiled, “Thatďż˝s okay, dear.” She placed a hand on his thigh, gently squeezing it. “Everyone has to learn sometime.” She hesitated, and said “Tell me, was that the first time you’ve seen a woman naked?” He started to say something, but quickly added, “Other than in magazines?” He looked to the floor, again, turning red in the face. She smiled, and stood up, moving in front of him. She started unbuttoning her blouse.

He looked up, and said “Wha…what are you doing?”

“I’m going to show you some things, big boy.”

He pointed to Beth, on the other bed, “Yeah, but…”

She turned and looked, and turned back, leaned forward, and kissed Doug on the forehead. “Listen,” she said, “I want my little girl to be happy, and to be made to feel good. And I’m going to make sure you know how to do it.” Her blouse was unbuttoned, and she continued, as she reached down and grabbed his hands, “Now, take my blouse off.”

He gulped, and reached up, pushing it off her shoulders, and down off her arms, revealing her heaving chest, inches from his face. “You like my breasts, Doug?” He nodded his head in the affirmative. She lifted them with her hands, saying “They’re not as firm as Beth’s, they have gotten some age on them, would you like to see them?….if you can take off my bra, you can see ’em.”

He reached around, fumbled with the clasp. “Come on, big boy, you can do it!” She smiled as she felt the slack in her bra, he had gotten the job done. “Pull it off….there you go…my, looking at your face, you do enjoy the view!” Doug blushed. “You want to feel them? Go ahead, use both hands….oh yeah…thatďż˝s it, squeeze them good, ohhh yes, that feels good, just the right pressure…Now…” she leaned forward, “try sucking on a nipple…oh god yeah, massage those pups, baby….” She had her hands on the back of his head, as he attacked her breasts, sucking on first her left nipple, then her right.

She finally pushed him away, saying “Now…we can do more of that later. But next..” she reached down to his pants, “Lets see what you got down here. I’m sure there is something that wants to be out in the open.” She unzipped his fly, as he continued massaging her left breast with his hand. She fished his hard cock out, saying “Oh my, nice size, must be almost seven…..ooops….” Doug groaned, as his cock pumped load after load of cum onto Anna’s breasts. She giggled, wiped some of it up with her fingers, and licked them clean. She noticed his face having an embarrassed look on it, “Thatďż˝s okay Doug, this is nothing unusual for the first time. Now…” She bent down, grabbed his meat, ready to inhale his cock…”Lets see if we can make sure you keep it hard.” She knew this wouldn’t be a problem, as she sucked his meat, getting a taste of a cock, something that she hadn’t had in years. His taste was salty, but it was a good taste.

He moaned as she worked her head up and down his shaft. She was happy to see he was staying hard, as she pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Come on boy, you got to get those clothes off, if you want to go any further.”

Doug stood up and stripped down, totally naked in seconds. Anna dropped her slacks, along with her panties, and said “Here, let me lay down on the bed, you lay down next to me.”

She laid down, with her head propped up against the headboard, he came and laid down on her right side. “Now Doug, I want you to look over my body, do things that you think might make me feel good.” he smiled, as he grabbed her right tit, and started sucking her stiff nipple. “Oh Doug, yes, that you can do already, try other parts of my body.” He moved down, and ran his hand through her pubic mound. She raised her hips at his touch, as he worked a finger into her damp slit. Her legs spread apart even farther, as he worked a finger into her vagina.

“Okay Doug, you found my pussy, very good. But what you really need to pay attention to is my clit.” She pulled his hand up, placing one of his fingers on her clit, rubbing herself with his finger. ďż˝See it there?” He shook his head yes. “Yeah Doug, work on that, that will make me happy.” He started rubbing her nub, gently at first, and with her encouragement, a bit harder as time went by. She said to him, as she felt her body getting hotter, “Okay, now try licking it, have you ever heard of eating pussy?…good, now flick your tongue across my clit….oh god yeah…you’re a fast learner, Doug….now work your finger back into my pussy…yeah, like that, wiggle it, sort of vibrating…no, a bit harder, but not too deep….oh god yeah….shoot Doug, I think you’ve got the hang of it….” Her hands were on the back of his head, pushing his face into her wet cunt. Doug was eating his first cunt, and enjoying it tremendously. “…Oh god…I..I think…oh fuck DOUG YES….EAT MY FUCKING HOT PUSSY….OH FUCK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS….” Anna felt one of the biggest orgasms in her life sweep through her body, her cunt thrusting into Dougďż˝s now drenched face, as her vagina slammed down on his finger….”OH GOD DAMN DOUG….KEEEP GOOOING BBAAAAABY….I’MMMMMMM CUUUUUUMMMIINNNNG AGAAAAIIINNNN….” She couldn’t believe it, this was the first time she ever had multiple orgasms, even when she had done herself, which was quite often.

She grabbed him by his ears, looked into his face, and said “Fuck me damn it!” As she pulled his body up on top of hers. His meat honed in on her cunt, and slipped in easily, it being so hard, and she so slippery wet. The feeling was indescribable to him. Better than using his own hand, this was for sure, as he sank in all the way to his balls, and just stayed there for a second, as he enjoyed the feeling of her cunt muscles spasming around his rod.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, and spurred his ass, letting him know she was ready for a pussy pounding. He pulled out, and shoved back in, making her grunt in appreciation. “Come on Doug, give it to me, fuck me damn you!” She hissed, as she leaned her head up, locking her lips onto his. He started pistoning his cock into her tight cunt, and she could feel another orgasm building. She never had an orgasm while fucking, so this was going to be an experience. He sat up more, bringing his knees forward, giving his hands the chance to knead her well-rounded breasts. She suddenly felt him stiffen up, and groaned, sending blast after blast of cum into her twat, triggering another orgasm to race through her body.

She couldn’t believe this was happening, she never would have thought that she would get so turned on by sex again. Too bad he’s her daughters boyfriend. Oh shit, she forgot about Beth. She looked over with the corner of her eye. Beth had one eye looking, and Anna smiled, giving her a wink. Beth smiled back too, giving her a wink back. She closed her eye when she saw Doug turn her way. Doug stopped what he was doing, and looked at Beth, then down at Anna.

“Whatďż˝s the matter?”

“Um well….” He pulled out, and laid down next to the panting Anna.

Anna propped herself up on her elbow, saying “Don’t worry about Beth, she’s out like a light. If my screaming didn’t wake her, nothing will.” She kissed him on the lips, and he smiled. “Now, we have to talk.” She sat up, and crossed her legs, facing him. He looked at her crotch, seeing his come dripping from her freshly fucked cunt. “You did pretty good Doug, for the first time for yourself, but…” She reached down and grabbed his wilting pecker, “You will have to remember a few things. For starters, women don’t like show and tell,” he looked confused, “in other words, don’t go blabbing to your buddies about scoring with your girlfriend….or her mother.” She leaned forward and kissed him. He blushed. “Remember that the easiest way to get pussy is to treat it with respect, I want you to respect my daughter. If she wants something, you are to provide it, within reason of course.” She noticed a twitching in his cock, and smiled, as she tugged on his member.

“So, besides being discreet and respect, there is providing with physical and mental pleasure. Be nice, don’t forget to always compliment. You can be playful, but don’t get carried away, let her show you how far you can go, and stop when she says so.”

She got her face in his crotch, and licked his meat for a few seconds. “Now, when you get my daughter alone, you will probably have to find what really turns her on, just start by caressing her body, kissing lightly, maybe snuggling…snuggling is good….remember, foreplay isn’t just alcohol.”

He chuckled, saying “Yes Ms Palmer.”

“And don’t call me Ms Palmer, you can call me Anna. I think we don’t have to be so formal anymore. Now…” She swung a leg over, “My pussy needs licked again, and I’ll work on getting you hard for another go.” She lowered her face to his waiting mouth, and swallowed his meat, sucking his limp rod to hardness. She was rubbing her cunt into his face, as he lapped her clit, driving her into another orgasm in short order, her cries of passion muffled by his cock in her mouth. As she enjoyed the after glow of her latest climax, she sat up, and climbed around, getting his rod lined up for entry into her cunt.

She sank down, taking it all at once, making Doug groan with pleasure. She saw that Beth was watching, as she said “Um Doug, you might want Beth on top the first time, she’ll find that it will be easier to reach orgasm this way, she can control the feeling of your prick pumping into her tight cunt.” She started rising and falling on his meat. He reached up, grabbing her breasts, and she smiled down at him, a lustfulness in her eyes. His hands were cupping her full breasts, gently massaging them, his thumbs on her nipples. He was learning well, very well, she thought. She was also thinking that it was about time she sent him on his way, as she looked at the clock, it was already one in the morning.

She smiled, thinking that one more come would be nice. After all, it had been so long since she rode one, and then she never got off with one in her cunt. She felt the heat grow in her cunt, as she picked up the pace, her hips were a blur as she went into a frenzy, feeling the lust burning in her loins, as she finally cried out softly, as her cunt gripped his shank, trying to milk another load out.

She collapsed forward, kissing him all over his face, he doing the same to her. “God damn Doug,” she whispered, as she regained her senses, “If you do this to my daughter, she’ll be the luckiest girl alive.”

He chuckled, saying “Thanks Anna, I hope I get the chance.”

She pulled her hips up, releasing his cock, still hard, from her tight hole. She seen globs of his come drop out, as she swung her legs over and off of him. She reached down, and grabbed his hand, saying “Come on, lets get cleaned up and get you on your way.” She pulled him into the bathroom, where she got the shower going, then they entered it, washing the sweat and sex off of each others bodies. He got hard again, as she spread her legs and squeezed her vaginal muscles, forcing his sperm out on globs, hitting the floor of the tub. “Damn boy, you must have filled me with a couple of gallons of your sperm.”

He laughed, saying as he pulled on his stiff cock, “Yeah, and I think I got another gallon waiting.”

She smiled, and turned around, bent over, and placed her hands on the wall at the rear of the tub, and said “Well then, why don’t you get rid of it.”

He smiled, and grabbed her left hip, and with his right hand, guided his missile into her crater. Once in, he grabbed her right hip, and soon was sawing his chunk of meat in and out of her tired snatch. She was moaning, feeling the pleasure his rod was giving her cunt. Just as soon she was about there, he grunted, as he filled her cunt with his last load of the night, triggering another, but milder, orgasm to ripple through her body. She thought that was a good way to end it, as she disengaged from his cock, and washed it off with her tongue and the water from the shower.

Soon they were clean, and they stopped the water, and got out and dried off. Exiting the bath, she saw Beth was still in the same position, feigning sleep, she supposed, on the bed. Doug slowly got dresses, a bit worn out from it all. Anna went and grabbed a robe from the chair, and put it on, tying it around her waist. She went to her purse, and pulled out a ten. Turning, she saw he was just pulling on his shoes, and as she walked over to him, she said as she handed him the money, “Here, I’ll call down stairs and tell them to hail you a cab. This is for the ride back to your dorm.”

“I can walk.”

“After all you’ve done tonight, that would be surprising. No, you ride, I want you safely home.” She kissed him, as he stood up. “Now remember, no word gets out about this, or your ass is grass, understand?”

“Ma’am, no one would believe me anyway!” he said with a chuckle, “But yes, I’ll be quiet.”

“Now, I expect you to treat my daughter very well, shower her with praise, maybe a small token of love or two, that’ll open her heart, and her legs.”

She smiled and picked up the phone, calling the front desk, telling them to hail a cab. She then escorted him to the door, and showed him out. Closing it, she sighed a breath of relief. Damn, that was good, she could definitely get use to that.

As she approached the bed, her daughter turned over, and said “Wow mom, you were unbelievable, at your age being able to do all that.”

Anna dropped her robe, and climbed under the covers with her daughter. “At my age, huh? You little shit, I ought to blister your ass for that.” She playfully swatted her on the shoulder.

“Do you think he’ll love me?” asked Beth, curling up against her mother for support.

“Oh yes, if I know men, he’ll love you.”

She lifted her head, “Do you think he’ll want me to put out right away?”

She thought for a second, “No, I think he might wait,” pausing, she added, “Maybe if you perform some for him, without intercourse, he might respond well. Oh…and Beth honey, you should go get on the pill, as soon as possible. I’m sure if you ask Tammy, she can point you in the right direction. Now go to sleep, mommy’s exhausted.”

Beth giggled, saying “I’m sure you are, mom…and thank you.”

They didn’t wake up until late morning, Beth the first to rise. She went potty and showered as she let her mother sleep. Exiting the bathroom, her mother stirred a bit under the covers. She went over, and gave her a peck on the cheek. Anna opened her eyes, seeing her daughter dressed. “Good morning honey,” she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, “You going to your dorm?”

“Yeah mom, I need a change of clothes and all.”

“Well, why don’t you grab the keys, you can take the caddy, call me later to pick me up for dinner, I think I’ll sleep in this morning.”

Beth looked at the clock ,seeing it was already twelve-thirty. She didn’t say anything, just said good-bye and grabbed the keys, as she left the room, heading back to campus. Once there, she went on up to her room. Entering, she found Tammy on the phone. She said into the receiver, “Never mind, she’s here.” and hung it up. “Where you been, I’ve been searching all over for you?” She said with a bit of concern.

“Oh, I stayed with mom in her hotel room, why?” she sat down, looking puzzled.

“Well, someone seen you with Doug dancing and drinking last night, and when I called his room, his roomie said he didn’t get in until almost two this morning, and a bit ragged at that.” She looked at her with a grin, asking, “Did you go all the way?”

She tossed her hair back, “We were with my mother, Tammy, shit, we just drank a bit too much, thatďż˝s why I slept in so late. I’m sure he’s feeling a bit bad, he was tanked when we got him the cab last night.” She paused, “Did you talk to Doug?”

“Well, no, just that his roommate said he was very happy.”

“No wonder, I did give him a good-night kiss, first time for him, I’m sure.” she smiled, and Tammy chuckled. “Is he awake yet?”

“Don’t think so, John said he was pretty much shot.”

Not surprising, since my mother fucked his brains out, Beth thought, giggling to herself. “Well, maybe I ought to go over there, and see how he’s doing, he did overdo it a bit last night.” She peeled off her clothes, and rummaged around in her closet, getting out some clean ones. As she was pulling up a clean pair of jeans, she asked Tammy, “Oh, can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure, what is it?”

She hesitated, stopping what she was doing, “Well, I need some advice. Actually, my mother suggested I do something, and I’m not really knowledgeable like you are.”

Tammy was a bit puzzled, “Okay, what?”

“I need to get on the pill.” She blurted out. Tammy’s mouth hit the floor. ďż˝Well, come on, you’re mouth is attracting flies.”

“You serious?” Beth smiled, “God damn, you are….well….yeah….we can go this afternoon, the clinic is open today…and what you mean more knowledgeable?”

“Come on Tammy, you’ve more experience than I. Hell, I hadn’t even felt a hard prick until last night. And I do like this boy.”

“Wait a minute, back up, felt a what?”

She smiled, “We were dancing, he was rather aroused, I got to feel it through his jeans.”

Tammy laughed, “Alright, Beth is finally coming out of her shell.” Then she got serious, “You know, there are other guys available, he is a bit geekish.”

“I’ve seen other guys, this one treats me right, and it took my mother to point it out.”

“Okay, but I’m sure I could find you one better.”

Beth pulled her shirt over her head, and said “No, I think he’ll do just find, for now at least.” She giggled, “Lets try him and see how it works, okay?”

“Whatever,” she looked at her watch, “Come on, lets go.” She grabbed her windbreaker, “The clinic closes at four.”

The two left the dorm, heading to the clinic. It was a pleasant affair, Beth got what she needed, after a consultation with a nurse and doctor. Tammy sat in on the whole thing, being a good friend. They got back on campus, and got out of her moms caddy, with Beth saying, “Um, I want to go check on Doug, you go on, and I’m having dinner with mom again tonight, okay?”

“Sure, I’ll catch you later, if not, tomorrow.”

They hugged and parted, with Beth heading for Doug’s dorm room. She got to the door, and it was opened. Inside, she heard a group of guys talking. She started to enter, but decided she wanted to hear what they were saying.

“Come on Doug, what happened? You just didn’t drink too much!” “Yeah Doug, we bet you nailed that little Puerto Rican chick, how was it? Did it taste fine?” “Come on Doug, why don’t you give us a blow-by-blow description.” “Will you guys leave him alone, shit, he’s hung over as it is, and you fuckin’ sorry ass bastards are pestering the hell out of him.” “Ah shit John, you on his side?” “Yeah, John, what gives? We just want to know if those tits of hers are real or not.”

That did it, Beth stormed into the room, “They’re real alright, you dumbass, more real than those girlie magazine you jerk off too at night.” There were five guys in the room. Doug was on his belly, wearing only his underwear. John was sitting at his desk, and three guys were on the bed on the other side of the small room. The three on the bed went white, as Beth started in on them, “You sorry ass bastards got anything else to say? Or do you three have some place to go?”

They got up and stampeded out of the room, she closed the door after the last one tumbled out of it. She looked at John, and said “Thanks John, I appreciate you helping Doug up…” she went over to Doug, who was propped up on his elbows. She sat down next to him, he was wondering what she was going to do. She rubbed his back, asking “Feeling okay this morning? You really got sauced last night.”

John smiled, thinking that what he told him was true, he just got a bit blitzed was all. He sure wished he could get a girl, like Beth. Of course, he was tall and thin, not much of looks in the face, either. He has had problems getting a date. Doug mumbled, “Yeah, a bit hung over this morning…and those morons weren’t helping my mood any.”

“Well, it’s almost five, time you get up anyway, we’re having dinner with mom, okay?”

“Um, yeah, sure, thatďż˝s okay.”

She bent down, kissing his cheek, saying “Good, I’ll use your phone to tell her we’ll pick her up at seven, okay?”

He felt his pecker throb, as she jumped up, grabbed the phone book, and called the hotel. She got a hold of her mom, and told her they would be over at seven. She hung up, and looked at Doug, ďż˝Well, you goina get up? You need to get dressed, which closet is yours, anyway?”

John answered, “The one on the left.” She went to it, puling out a pair of good pants, and tossing them at Doug. He was dumfounded, as was John, as he rolled over and sat up, his erect penis making a tent. John snickered, and Doug shot him a glance, Beth turned around, and seen what the snickering was about. She thought, well, now is a good time as any. She went over and dropped to her knees, pulling his pecker out of its confines. She swallowed it whole, the first cock to part her luscious lips. His hands went to the back of her head, as she bobbed up and down. She wasn’t too sure how to do it, but from the moans of Doug, she knew she was doing fine, with her tongue swirling around and up and down his rod. He finally grunted, and blasted off three shots into her hot mouth. She was startled at first, at the quantity, but managed to get most of it down her throat, with only a bit escaping out of the corner of her mouth.

This had only taken five minutes, but John was thinking it took an hour. He had one hell of an erection, as he watched his roomie get what he thought was his first blowjob. And then, once she was done, she wiped her chin with her fingers, and licked them clean. She was surprised that the taste wasn’t all that bad, as she turned and looked at John, sitting there, all shell-shocked.

John watched as she stood up, leaned over and whispered something in Dougďż˝s ear. Doug looked at John, and smiled, saying “No, if you think so, go ahead.”

Beth smiled, and turned and faced John, then walked over to him, and got on her knees, saying “You were a good boy. Now, for your reward.” With that, she opened up his robe, finding him wearing a pair of boxers. She fished his rock hard cock out, discovering it was about the same size as Dougďż˝s. She swallowed it, and was rewarded almost immediately with a torrent of come, as John shot wad after wad into her mouth, grunting happily, as he watched her suck him dry.

This time, she swallowed it all, not missing a drop. She pushed his spent cock back into his boxers, and patted his head, before leaning over, and giving him a big kiss.

She got up and went to the door, saying, “Okay you two, I trust you both can keep quiet about this, right? Now get those pants on Doug, we got to get going.”

Doug pulled his pants up, and got the shirt on, as John still sat there, in disbelief that what had happened. Soon they were out the door, heading for the hotel in Anna’s caddy. On the way over, Doug commented how good Beth looked, winning points, no doubt, she thought. Once there, they went up to the room, and knocked. Anna opened it, smiling, letting them both in. They didn’t talk much, Anna got dressed in the bathroom, and while she was in there, Doug and Beth necked on the bed. When Anna came out, she found her daughter had her hands in his pants, and his were up under her blouse. She said “Okay kids, none of that, you can do that after you get rid of me later.”

Doug smiled, and he and Beth got up, following Anna out the door. Dinner was good, and lively. Doug suspected by now that Beth wasn’t sleeping last night, but was too damn scared to say anything. Why push a good thing? They went dancing again, with both mother and daughter taking turns on the dance floor with Doug. While Doug was in the rest room, draining his lizard, Beth told her mother about getting on the pill, about the guys in Dougďż˝s room, and also about the double blow job she performed on Doug and his roomie. Anna laughed, and then told her she had better be careful, cock can be addictive. She also warned her to be discreet as well.

After some more dancing, and more drinking, Anna suggested they leave, heading back to her hotel. Once there, Anna said she was tired, and stripped down in front of Doug, before crawling under the covers of the bed. Beth had to forcibly turn him around, saying “I’m over here, big boy.” With that, she peeled her top off, and dropped her pants, saying “Come on, lets get to bed, we’re a bit tipsy, anyway.”

He was naked in seconds, and so was she, as they crawled into the sack. She wondered what he was going to do first, as she felt his hands move over her body, feeling her tits, and moving down to her crotch. She grabbed his hands, saying “Uh-uh, not tonight.” Giving him a kiss. She reached down, grabbing his hard cock, jerking it lightly. He moaned slightly at the feeling, as she played with his dick. He was wondering what was in store, until she sat up, and rolled over, getting his meat into her mouth.

It didn’t take long for him to blast another load into her mouth. He was starting to get worried, all this coming, he was wondering how much more he had in him. After she swallowed, she laid back down, took his right hand, and placed it in her snatch, telling him in a whisper, “Okay, rub my clitty for me, make me come, Doug.”

He gently rubbed her nub at first, the feeling of pleasure welling up inside if her almost immediately. His tempo was smooth and constant, driving her to the point of ecstasy in minutes. Soon her breathing was heavy, and nipples erect, as he leaned over and took one in his mouth. She gasped at the newest pleasure, enjoying his tongue on her nipple. She finally cried out in joy, as his finger did the trick, exploding into a nice come, the first with a partner in her life.

In the after glow of it all, she pulled his head to hers, kissing him lovingly, saying “Thank you, dear, that was good.” Rolling over, she said “Now, hold me, please?”

He did her bidding, cuddling up spoon fashion, his now erect cock pressed up against her butt, as she drifted off to sleep. He wanted to plow her cunt, but since she didn’t want him too, he held back, falling to sleep himself, eventually.

In the morning, he woke with a raging hardon, pressed firmly up against Baths slit, Beth had turned around, laid on top of him. She mewed softly, bucking her hips in her sleep. Doug kissed her forehead, waking her. She woke with a start, before remembering where she was. Looking at Doug�s face, she smiled, as she humped his cock, as it was pressed up against her crotch. She kissed his nipples, as his hands moved to her nice ass.

They were brought back to reality, when Anna said “Good morning you two, sleep well?”

Beth moaned, she was almost there. Now she lost it. She wanted to scream. Doug wanted to fuck, but he stopped, his hard cock throbbing. Beth sighed, and rolled off her lover, and got out of bed. Anna smiled, and winked at her, saying, “Why don’t you shower up, you look like you need one.”

Beth smiled, and trotted off to the bathroom, saying over her shoulder, “Okay, keep Doug occupied, will ya?”

Doug wondered what she meant by that. But was soon surprised as Anna came over, lifted the covers, and said “Well, looks like I’ve some work to do.”

She straddled his body, and shoved his cock into her hot pussy. Doug groaned in appreciation, as her warm tight cunt settled down on his shaft. “Lets make this fast, okay?” Anna kissed him heatedly, as she started riding with abandon. The passion of it didn’t take long for Doug to clench his teeth, as he filled her cunt with his sperm, sending her crashing into orgasm herself. She relaxed, and climbed off, as she heard the shower in the bathroom. “Okay stud, get in there and get cleaned up. I’ll shower once you two are gone.”

Doug got out of bed, and entered the bathroom. Anna heard Beth shortly later saying “Oh, you want to wash up, too?”

She heard some giggling, as she went to the other sink, wiping her cunt and thighs clean of his spunk. She then crawled back into bed, waiting for them to come out. In the shower, the two of them played around a bit, before finally calling it quits, getting out of the shower and drying off. It was already ten, and check out was in an hour. They got dressed, and as they did, Anna watched, in silence. Once ready, Beth came over, and gave her mother a kiss. “Bye mom, have a safe drive back.”

“How you guys going to get back to campus?”

“Oh, it’s only a mile, we can walk, don’t worry about us. Okay?”

“Okay dear.” She hugged her daughter, whispering in her ear, “Why don’t you two come on down in a few weeks?”

Beth straightened up, saying “Why sure, we can do that, I’ll call ya to let you know when.”

Doug said “Bye Anna.”

“Bye Doug, hope you enjoyed staying occupied.”

As the closed the door, Beth said “What she meant by that?” Knowing full well that he got fucked this morning by her mother.

He cleared his throat, saying “Oh, we just talked a bit, thatďż˝s all.” He was scared shitless, as she smiled to herself.

The walk back was closer to three miles, but the two were holding hands and talking the whole way, it seemed only a few hundred feet to the two of them. Back on campus, they parted, kissing with deep, passionate kisses. Doug told her he would come over later, if that was okay. She said yeah, and she went on to her room.

In her room, she found Tammy and Sally, along with Sally’s roommate Heather, talking. Beth smiled as she entered, and said “You all talking about me?”

Tammy smiled, as Heather said “Trying to, where you been?”

Heather, another blonde like Tammy, was a bit overweight, but had bigger breasts, probably a double-d. She was the same height as Tammy, both a few inches smaller than Sally, the red-head that Anna ran into earlier on Friday. Tammy was small chested, with Sally being maybe a cup size bigger.

“Oh, I spent the night at the hotel with my mother.” she replied.

“Uh-huh, and with Doug, I seen one of the guys on his floor this morning, saying that Doug never came home last night.” stated Heather.

Beth sighed, saying “Probably one of those little bastards that I chased out of Doug & Johns room yesterday afternoon.” The three girls looked at her, in disbelief. “I don’t know their names, nor do I want to. You know Heather, you really shouldn’t hang around with scum like them.”

“Oh really, and you have been fine in finding a man of your own?”

“Um, girls, lets not go there, shall we.” Interjected Sally.

“Yeah, settle down, you two.” Tammy said, as she got up, and continued “Why don’t you two go, I told you I didn’t know anything anyway, my roomie is rather quiet about these things.” She wrapped a arm around Beth, adding “She is a bit shy, you know, so leave her be.”

Heather turned to Sally, saying “Lets go.” as she stormed out of the room, Sally smiling as she left right behind her. Tammy closed the door, and asked “So, how was he, did he behave himself?”

“Oh yeah, he was real good.” she responded, with extra emphasis on the word real.

“So what happened in his room?”

She giggled, “Well, I got there and heard talking, so I stood outside the door, and listened. There were three guys in there, besides Doug and John, and I listened as the three of them kept asking Doug rather personal questions about me.”

“The bastards,” she giggled, “Guess they’re like Heather and Sally, huh?”

“Yeah, right,” she laughed. “Anyway, John was sticking up for Doug, which I was happy to hear, before I stormed in, cussing the bastards out. The three of them left, leaving me with John and Doug.”

“Then what?”

She smiled, “Well, since he kept quiet, I rewarded him with a blowjob.”

Tammy’s mouth flew open, as she said “Ohmygod, you’re kidding.” She let it sink in, then her eyes flew open, “Wait a minute, what about John?”

She got a big grin on her face, saying “Well, since he did such a good job of keeping quiet, and defending John, I blew him too.”

Tammy got red in the face, saying “That bastard!”


I ran into John late last night, he was walking alone back to his dorm room. I stopped him, and asked about you and Doug. He didn’t say a thing, even after we spent the night….ooops.”

Bethďż˝s turn to be surprised, “You spent the night with John?” Tammy shook her head yes, “Oh my god…how was he? and how did this happen?”

“He’s inexperienced…but not as much as I had thought…” she glared at her roomie, who blushed, “Anyway, we went to his room, most everyone had gone out, since the football team had a game last night, most of the guys were gone. Well, to make a long story short, I fucked him ragged until about four this morning.” She looked at Beth, her mouth wide open, “So, did you two do it?”

“I sucked him again, and jerked him off, he got me off with his hand.”

“Wait a minute, what about your mother?”

“Oh, she slept right through it…so, you didn’t really say, was he worth it?”

She smiled, and thought about it, “Yes, I do believe he was. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll see if he’s available next weekend.”

“Well shit, maybe we should go on a double-date then.”

“Sure, why not, that could be fun.” Tammy replied, the thought of doing it with an audience did sound appealing.

The girls spent the rest of the day talking about it, with Beth not divulging about Doug and her mother. Over in Dougďż˝s room, John was pretty much quiet, and so was Doug, neither one talking about the previous night. As a matter of fact, both knew something was up with the other, but neither wanted to say anything. Doug because he promised not to, and John because he didn’t think Doug would believe him.

About five, the phone rang, and Doug answered it, “Hello?…oh, high there,” his face brightened into a smile, and John knew immediate who was calling, ” Uh’huh…yeah sure…what?” he looked up at John, with a look of laughter, “Okay, hold on…” He handed the phone towards John, “Here, Tammy wants to talk to you.”

John nearly fell over his feet rushing the phone. He grabbed it out of Dougďż˝s hand, as Doug smirked, sitting down on his bed. “Hello, Tammy?….Uh-huh…sure, we can do that….okay, see ya in an hour.” He hung up the phone, and started stripping down. Doug started laughing, and John got indignant, “Whatďż˝s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing, just that, well, you and Tammy…must have been a good night last night.”

He started pulling on a clean pair of jeans, saying “Well, you surely didn’t go without last night.”

Doug smiled, saying “Yeah, well, I guess everyone gets lucky once in their life.”

Both started laughing, as Doug changed clothes too. He asked “Okay, we’re going for pizza, did they say where?”

“Um no, just that they would be over in an hour, god I’m hungry.”

Doug laughed at him. “A girl is coming over, and you’re hungry, don’t you mean horny?”

“Yeah, that too,” he snorted, and added, “Can’t I do both at once?”

“Sure, why not?!” Doug responded, both of them slapping each other on the back. Once dressed, they waited, when finally the girls showed up, entering their room door, which they had left open. Once inside, Tammy asked “You guys ready, we thought we would try that new place over on the south end of campus.”

“Sounds good to me, lets go, Johns famished.” stated Doug.

“I’m sure he is,” added Beth.

They all laughed, and headed out the door. Two of the guys that were in the room the day before were sitting in the lounge, and their mouths dropped when they seen the two couples walk through. One started to say something, but Beth shot him a look to kill, shutting him up.

Pizza was good, as was the company, all four were laughing and joking, as the ate and drank. They made their way back to their dorm, each couple holding the hands of their partner. Once by the dorms, they couldn’t decide whose room to go to, finally deciding that the girls room would be best.

They went to the girls dorm, and entered. There is a rule about guys having to sign in on evening visits other than weekends, so the guys had to do this in the office, much to the curiosity of the student taking the information. Once up in the girls room, Doug joined Beth on her bed, and John with Tammy on hers. Tammy had shut off the overhead light, and just a light on the desk was on, barley illuminating the room. Beth turned on her stereo, and they settled down to some heated necking, as the Eagles played. Beth felt Doug�s hands work their way up underneath her blouse, and undoing her bra clasp. The boy has learned quickly, as she smiled down at him, lifting her body to pull her shirt off, and take off her bra. She looked over to see Tammy having pulled Johns tool out, slurping loudly on it, giving him a very wet blowjob. He was laying down, his hands up her shirt, playing with her small tits.

Doug leaned up, and started sucking on her right nipple, getting it to harden immediately. She reached down, and undid his trousers, and released his pecker from it’s confines. She tugged it gently, wanting desperately to have it inside of her. She pushed Doug onto his back, stood and removed her pants and panties, and got into a sixty-nine that was instantly hot, with him eating her box and her sucking his tool.

Soon, she was in the throws of orgasm, her cunt flooding Dougďż˝s face with her sweet nectar. He tensed, as he flooded her mouth with his spunk, she swallowing all of it, as she savored the taste. She rolled off, and into his arms, as she watched John sawing his cock into Tammy’s twat, she moaning as she came hard, as he grunted, his cock spewing it’s load deep inside the thin blonde. They too collapsed in a heap. When Tammy opened her eyes, she saw Beth smiling at her, as she tugged on Dougďż˝s shaft.

She asked her roomie, “You goina ride it?”

She sighed, and said “I can’t, they said no unprotected sex for at least the first two weeks.”

Doug ran his fingers through her hair, saying, “It’s okay, I can wait.”

“Why wait,” blurted Tammy, as she got up and went to her dresser, a trail of Johns come running down her thigh. She pulled open a drawer, and grabbed a small foiled packet out of a box. She then came over to the two of them, opening the packet on the way. ďż˝Thatďż˝s what condoms are for, silly.” She smiled, as she grabbed Dougďż˝s hard dong, and rolled the Trojan down over it. She leaned over and kissed her roomie on the cheek, and said “Enjoy!” Before getting up and getting back with John, who was sporting another woody. “Damn boy, you still hard? Well, lets see if I can take care of that!” She said, as she climbed on top of his lap, impaling herself on his meat.

Beth smiled at Doug, and Doug asked “You okay with it?”

She nodded her head, and swung a leg over his body, his sheathed manhood sticking straight up, embedded in her slit. She took it in her right hand, her left balancing by pushing down on his chest. He grabbed her hips, as she got ready, saying “Now go slo-ohhhhh shiiiitttttt!”

She cried out in pain, as she slammed her cunt down, bursting his rod through her cherry, biting down on her lip. “Ohhh damnnnn, that feels different.” She said.

He chuckled, her mother was tight, that was for sure. But Beth, she was even tighter. It felt like his cock was being skinned, as she started moving on his meat. He helped with the motion, as the sound of Tammy reaching another orgasm filled the room. Beth could feel her tummy getting a strange feeling, just like last night, when he was rubbing her clit, and when he was eating her earlier, but this was even better, as she felt full, with his cock throbbing deep inside of her. The air was filled with the sounds and smell of sex, not to mention the sound of the stereo, as another song played softly. Both guys were being ridden hard, and both were getting a good feel of the breasts of their partners, as they were thrusting up, as the girls came down, making both grunt. They soon were doing it so that the girls were grunting in unison, as the four of them fucked for ten minutes, before John moaned loudly, reaching his orgasm, followed by Tammy, then John, and finally Beth, who screamed so loud that Doug had to pull her head down, and covered her mouth with his.

She was too loud, as Tammy and John started giggling, and there was shortly a knock on the door. Tammy hollered out “Who is it?”

An answer from the other side, “It’s me, Sally, you guys okay?”

Beth hollered out “Oh fuck yeah, god damn…”

“Will you let me in?”

“Not in this lifetime!” Shouted Tammy.

“Yeah, go get your own!” Added Beth, causing both guys to start laughing.

“Beth!” Tammy said, correcting her, “I’ll be out in a second.” Tammy hollered, disengaging from John, she stood up, grabbed a towel, and wiped her face and thighs. Then grabbed a robe, and her keys. She turned off the desk light, and opened the door a crack, and saw Heather and Sally, as well as three other girls, outside the door. She smiled at them, and stepped out, and closed the door a bit behind her, “You guys having a convention?”

Heather smirked, saying “It’s nine o’clock girl, just reminding you dorm rules don’t allow guys after eleven on the girls floors.”

“Don’t worry,” Smiled Tammy, “They’ll be worn out by then anyway. Now, why don’t you all skiddadle.”

The group dispersed, and Tammy went back inside the room, greeted by the sound of giggling inside. She flipped the desk light back on, and when her eyes got use to it, she found Doug and Beth on her bed, with Beth sucking John, as Doug sucked on Beth�s tits and frigged her clit.

Well shit, she thought, a prude turned slut. She smiled, as she joined them, grabbing Dougďż˝s cock, now free of a condom, and started sucking on it. He was hard in no time, as was John. Tammy stood, and went back to the dresser, pulled another condom out, and tossed it to John, saying “Guess we’re trading, guys.” She smiled, as Doug leaned back, as she crawled on top, taking his meat to the hilt.

Beth got the condom on John, and facing his feet, lowered her cunt on his tool, her second cock in an hour. Both girls were inches from each other, each riding their mounts gently. They turned their heads towards each other, and leaned over and started kissing. John turned to Doug, and said softly “If you think I’m goina kiss you, you’re sadly mistaken.”

Doug snorted, and Beth looked back down at him, with a scowl on her face. He said “Sorry,” with a big grin. The girls looked at each other, and resumed kissing. Their hands were soon exploring each others bodies, rubbing tits and clits.

Both guys were enjoying the show, and were getting rather worked up over it. Their thrusts up were getting harder and harder, and the breasts of both girls were bouncing to show for it. With Tammy’s fingers on her clit, and Johns cock pounding up into her, Beth was the first to cry out, her screams of joy muffled by Tammy’s mouth. Tammy came next, followed by both guys at once, their bodies stiffening, as they blew their wad.

As they relaxed, Tammy looked at Beth, and asked “I thought we were going to do this next weekend.”

Beth giggled, and said “We still can, silly.”

They both giggled, the guys would have, but they were exhausted. The girls climbed off the guys, and each went back to their own stud. “Come on, boys! As much as we would like for you both to stay, we got to get you out of here.” stated Tammy.

“Yeah, we’ll plan something for next weekend, won’t we.” They pulled the two guys to their feet, where they had a group hug. The guys got dressed, and left, sore and tired. They didn’t say a word on the way back to their dorm, still not believing this had happened.

As they got to their floor, they were met by a few of the other residents. One of them hollered out, “Hey, I hear you two got a bit loud over in one of the girls dorms tonight.”

Doug, being cocky, replied, “Maybe whoever told you should have been doing it with you, instead of telling you about it, George.” They opened the door to their room, and stripped down, and headed to the shower room. Both didn’t bother with towels, and both had dried cum noticeable on their bodies. They got some stares, but no comments, as they went and showered.

Heading back after cleaning up, they ran into Paul, one of the quiet ones on the floor, who just smiled and shook his head, saying “You guys sure are lucky.”

Doug liked Paul, and said “Yeah, I guess we are.” as he closed the door behind him.

On Tammy and Beth�s floor, the whole floor, if not the dorm, already knew about the racket that came from their room. Most of the girls were in the floor lounge, as Doug and John walked out of the room, and onto the elevators. John, being a smartass, waved good-bye to them. Both girls were in dire need of showers, as they donned bathrobes, grab towels, and headed to the shower room. The shower room had four toilets in stalls, and about a dozen sinks. There was a tiled room that had two floor-to-ceiling poles, with six shower heads on each.

Both girls placed their robes on hooks provided, along with their towels, as they took their soap, shampoo and conditioner to a pole, and turned on the water. As the got wet, Sally came in, and stood at the entrance. “Well, you two sure had a grand time of it!”

Tammy, while lathering up her hair, replied “You ain’t our mother, whatďż˝s it to you?”

“Yeah, you need to get out and get fucked sometime, homey, it’ll do you some good.”

Sally turned red, and stormed out of the room, by a laughing Heather and Pam. “I think you hurt her feelings, dear.” said Tammy.

“Oh well, I’ll get over it.” was Beth’s reply as she rinsed the shampoo out, before she started with the conditioner.

Sally came back in, as Heather asked “What was it like, were they any good?”

“They ain’t bad.” said Tammy.

“Sounded like they were pretty damn good.” stated Pam. “Shit, I heard Beth in my room at the other end of the hall, on the opposite side. Thought a cat was being skinned.”

As the soap stung her crotch, Beth wanted to say more like a pussy being skinned, but kept it to herself. “You know, you girls are going to get a reputation, screwing around like this.” Stated Sally, still a bit miffed.

Tammy replied “I already have one, and Beth, since this is her first time, and only one guy, I don’t really say she has been working on getting a reputation.” She was lathering up her blonde twat, “And besides, these guys are different, they’re nice, and fun to be around.”

“Not to mention great lays!” laughed Beth, as she started using a washcloth, washing her breasts and upper body. She looked at the audience, now up to six, with the addition of Joy, Sue and Kate. “Damn, we got an audience, Tammy. What is this, show and tell? You all like looking at girls showering? That explains why you guys don’t go on dates.”

Heather laughed, the only one to do so, as she does go out on occasion. The others were embarrassed, as they quickly made a retreat out of the shower room, except for Sally, who was still a bit pissed about Beth’s earlier comment.

The girls were clean and refreshed, as they shut off the water, and grabbed their towels. As they dried, Heather asked “How was it, did it feel good?”

Beth looked up, noticing the curiosity in her voice. She smiled, and said “Yeah, it felt wonderful, he is a fast learner.”

She looked puzzled, and Beth realized she might have made a mistake. Tammy jumped in, saying, “Yeah, for being a virgin also, he sure learned fast how to get Beth off, as you could hear earlier.”

Heather went “Ohhh, he was a virgin too?” the girls shook their heads, and she asked “What about the other guy?”

Tammy snorted, as Beth said “He was up until last night, before Tammy fucked his brains out in his dorm room.” Beth giggled, and broke out laughing.

“But, he’s so plain looking!” said Sally.

“Sometimes the wrapping hides surprises, girl.” replied Tammy, as she wrapped her hair in her towel, and grabbed her robe, putting it on.

“Do they have any friends?” asked Heather, causing her roomie to glare at her.

“A few, but I don’t know what they’re like.” responded Beth, trying to be of some help.

“They’re probably big mouth assholes!” Sally blurted.

“Yeah, like who ever was blabbing here to the guys in their dorm about us, right?” Tammy said, while looking at Sally, who turned red from both embarrassment and anger.

She again stormed out, as Heather smiled, and said “Looks like you got her goat, Tammy.”

Tammy smiled, as Beth and her grabbed their things. “Yeah, we need to get her laid, instead though.” Laughed Beth.

“And me too?” asked Heather.

Beth and Tammy stopped and looked at her, and smiled, saying “Whatever.” They left and went to their room, where they crashed, exhausted.

The following week was fast, and Beth went through Tammyďż˝s’ box of condoms by Thursday, making Tammy to insist she goes buy another box, with her own money. Beth and Doug did it any chance they had, while Tammy and John kept a low profile, not that they didn’t do it. Beth had Doug worn out by Thursday, as he passed out on his bed after a hour session of packing her tight cunt with his tool.

Tammy wasn’t surprised, as the box of condoms had thirty-six in it. She had used only about four, on a couple of dates a few weeks back, and Beth had used two Sunday evening. Thatďż˝s six, the box of thirty-six is empty. That comes out to five times a day. Not including blowjobs, which Beth loved to give. Of course, John may have used a few on Beth too, as she correctly guessed. But still, thatďż˝s thirty condoms Beth went through. The girl is making up for lost time, she thought with a smile. It did catch up to her, though. On Friday morning, she was in agony, and had blood in her urine. Tammy dragged her to the clinic, where she was diagnosed with a cystitis, bladder infection. The doctor, a female, suggested no sex for a week, much to Baths displeasure. Tammy said she’ll make sure of it, as once back to the dorm, she called Doug, saying that he will be given a rest. He was relieved, as his cock was feeling like it was going to fall off.

They did set up Heather with a friend of Doug’s, the kid from their dorm floor, named Paul. They hit it off well, as the two of them had dinner, then a movie, before calling it a night. Heather was in love, and Tammy and Beth in hysterics. Beth told her she would have to share, if she wants to remain friends. Heather thought she was joking, at first, and laughed. When she seen Tammy smiling, and Beth not, she knew she wasn’t joking.

Since she couldn’t have sex, Beth spent the weekend in her room, as Tammy went to the guys dorm. Doug spent awhile there, helping John satisfy Tammy, before feeling guilty, and calling Beth, asking if it was alright to come over there. She agreed, and he spent the night, the whole weekend, actually. As they slept together. They did enjoy oral sex, as they went down on each other, getting them both off a few times each night.

On Sunday evening, with Tammy back in her own room, and Doug at his, Beth answered the phone. ďż˝Hello?”

“Hello Beth, this is mom.”

“Oh, hi mom, how you doing?”

“Just fine, how are you doing.”


“Hmmm, I see, sounds like Doug has worked out well.”

“Yes he has, a bit too well.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, we sort of over did it, I got a bladder infection.”

“He-he, is that so? Well, you should abstain for a week, then.”

“Oh, I have, sort of.” Tammy was smirking.

“I was wondering, maybe I can visit this weekend?”

“Sure mom, that would be fine. I’m sure Doug would love to see you again.”

“I bet, and I was wondering, what is his roomie like?”

“Well, Tammy says great, and I have to agree.”

There was silence, “Oh, I see! Oh well, maybe I can find something else to do.” Tammy looked at her, a bit strangely.

“I’ll tell you what mom, I’ll see what we can work out, okay?”

“Okay darling, I’ll be at the Hilton Thursday evening. Bye, love ya.”

“Love you too, mom.”

Tammy looked at her, and asked “What is so great?”

“Your stud, John, she asked about him.”

“Why should she want to know?”

“Because, she already screwed Doug, and since he’s sort of mine, she was thinking of John.” Tammy’s mouth was letting in flies again. “Oh, and be a dear, and don’t tell Doug that I know, he thinks she seduced him, when actually, I had her train him for me.”

“Oh my gohhhhhd…you mean, she did it with Doug last weekend? While you slept?”

“I pretended to sleep, and yes, she did. You would have been proud of her, she kept him going for four hours.”

“And now she wants John?

“Well, did. Now that she knows you’re doing her, she’s not interested. But, she can do Doug, if she wants.ďż˝

“I don’t believe you.”

Beth sighed, and gave a look, that Tammy saw as the truth, “Shit, you’re telling the truth, aren’t you?…damn, you mean your mother had sex with Doug!?” Beth shook her head, a sly smile on her face.

“Oh damn!” said Beth, “My period starts Wednesday.”

“Well, that means mine starts Friday, so what?”

“That means we get none this weekend.”

“Darn, and I was getting use to John.”

“I guess that means we could loan them both to mom for the weekend.” she said with a sly smile.

“Are you crazy? They would fuck her to death!”

“You haven’t seen mom in action, honey.”

Tammy thought about it, and gave a face, “You know, that would keep the boys occupied, wouldn’t it, while we were out of action.” Beth picked the phone up, “What you doing?”

“Calling Doug, telling him mom’s coming to town,” she finished dialing, “And to tell him she wants to see him and John Friday night.” Tammy started to protest, but Beth held up her hand to stop her, as someone answered on the other end.

“Hi John, is Doug there?…sure, go get him,” she turned to Tammy, “He’s studying in Paul’s room.”

“Probably giving him advice on how to nail Heather’s ass!” laughed Tammy.

Beth chuckled, and said “Yeah, you’re pro…oh, hi there….miss you…can’t love, it’s almost curfew time….hey, I’ve got some good news and some bad news….well, the bad news is that my period starts Wednesday, so I thought I would spend the evening with you, Tammy starts Friday, so she’ll be coming over to satisfy your needs before we’re both out of action for a few days….well, your needs will be taken care of by the good news….mom is coming up Thursday evening for the weekend….hello? You still there?…he-he, of course, silly, you really didn’t think I was sleeping did you?” Tammy smiled, shit, she was telling the truth. “The whole weekend, you think you and John can handle it?….yes, him too….tell him the truth…of course, you will tell him that discretion is utmost importance….okay baby, I’ll see ya tomorrow night and Tuesday night both….later.” She hung up the phone, and breathed a sigh of relief.

“I don’t believe this, I find a good guy, and I’m letting him and my roomies boyfriend fuck my roomies mother.” stated Tammy.

“You want to watch?” Beth said with a mischievous smile.

“Why bother, when we can’t join in?”

“We still have our fingers, right?”

“You’re awful!” she threw a pillow at her.

Beth threw it back, and soon the two were joking and playing, making jokes about the next weekend. Both Monday and Tuesday nights, the guys had the girls over for a few hours, time spent fucking and sucking. Doug told John about the coming weekend, he was skeptical at first, but when Beth told him it was true what he said, he about shit. He wasn’t sure about this, but with some good sex provided by the two girls, they were soon convinced.

Anna arrived at the Hilton at eight, Thursday evening. After checking in, she called Beth, who said that her and the other three would meet her at the hotel tomorrow evening at six for dinner there. Anna sensed something was up, but didn’t question her anymore. What she was thinking about was, was where she could get a guy for the weekend, since her daughters boyfriends roommate was now attached.

The guys were in anticipation Friday afternoon when they arrived at the girls dorm room. The girls noticed both had tents in their pants, and couldn’t resist getting a taste of what Anna was going to get, as they pulled them both in, shut the door, and sucked each dry. The guys were grateful, and kissed them lovingly afterwards. Tammy drove them over in her mustang, and parked in the lot. The guys followed the girls in and up to Anna’s room. After Beth knocked, the door opened, and Anna appeared, saying, ďż˝Come on in guys..hello Tammy, Doug…and you must be John?”

“Please to meet you, Ms Palmer.”

Anna smiled, he wasn’t great looking, but he was polite. “Well, I thought we would have dinner in the hotel restaurant, and then, you guys can decide what we do after that.” She said with a smile.

“Oh, we really haven’t decided, we’ll play it by ear, mom.” Beth responded, as her mother escorted them out the door, and shut it. Dinner was interesting, and very conversational. Anna asked Doug and John all sort of questions. She asked Doug if she was treating her daughter right, and John responded that Beth hasn’t complained so far.

They laughed and all had a good time. Once they were done, they exited the restaurant, and entered the lobby. Anna asked “Well, what you guys want to do?”

Tammy said “Why don’t we send the guys out for some beer, and have them come back to your room, Ms Palmer?”

“Yeah mom, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a party.”

“Oh, okay, but we better keep it down, don’t want no problem with hotel security.” She dug into her purse, and pulled out a twenty and her keys, handing it to Doug, saying “You know where you can get beer, go take my caddy and get some, we’ll be up in my room, okay?”

“Sure Anna, John and I will get a case, that ought to do it.” Responded Doug.

“Get some rum and coke too.” stated Beth, who kissed him good-bye. He smiled, and him and John left, as the three women made their way up to the hotel room.

Once inside the room, Anna turned to her daughter, and asked “Okay, what gives?”

Beth smiled, as did Tammy, as Beth said “Well, both Tammy and I started our periods this week, so we thought maybe you could keep the boys busy for the weekend.”

Anna smiled, ďż˝Thatďż˝s very thoughtful of you, are you two sure you want to let me have them?” They both eagerly shook their heads yes. Her face beamed, “Damn, two guys, all mine for a whole weekend. Hope they can last that long.”

“Oh, I’m sure they can, Anna. Theyďż˝ve done well so far.” replied Tammy.

Beth and Tammy filled Anna in on all the details about Doug and John. By the time that the two guys knocked on the door, Anna was wet with anticipation. They decided that they would tease the guys first, after a few drinks.

Beth let them in, and Anna showed Doug the fridge, where he put the beer and coke. Beth made herself and Tammy a couple of rum-&-cokes, as the boys and Anna each popped open a beer. The TV was turned on, as they talked about nothing in general. The second round of drinks began in a short while, then a third. By then, Doug was sitting up on the bed, back against the wall, with Beth on his lap. John and Tammy were on the other bed, same position, and Anna was in a chair.

About mid-way through the next round, Beth got up, saying, ďż˝Iďż˝m feeling a bit out of it, being on the rag, and all this booze, think I’ll get some sleep.” She pulled her sweater off, and tossed it on the floor, then started to undo her skirt.

Tammy stood up as well, and started removing her blouse as well, saying, “Yeah, we hate to be party-poopers, but…” as she opened her blouse, and unclasped the front of her bra, letting her snuggle-pups free.

“Well, I’m going to drink some more, and watch some television.” Said Doug, as he watched the girls strip.

John stood up, as the girls stepped out of their skirts, and moved to the bed that Doug was sitting on, “Might as well join ya, since we got all this beer yet to drink.”

He plopped down, as the two girls climbed into the other bed, wearing panties only. Beth looked to her mom, saying “Gee mom, you can sit with the guys and watch the show, they won’t bite.”

“But I don’t know about anything else!” giggled Tammy.

Anna smiled, and got up out of her chair, and made her way to the bed occupied by the two young men, saying “How about I get between you two, sort of make me a sandwich.” She giggled, as Doug knew they eventually would. They scooted over, each to a side of the bed, but she stopped them, saying “Wouldn’t it be more convenient if we get these clothes off and underneath he covers?” as she smiled, taking her dress off her shoulders, revealing she wasn’t wearing any bra, and soon showing she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

Both guys smiled, taking in her small frame and rather ample breasts. They tore their shirts off, and kicked off their slacks, as she climbed in between them, under the covers. Both guys started getting to get aroused, as both Beth and Tammy said “Sweet dreams, guys.” They blew their studs a kiss, which caused them to chuckle. Both guys knew they were going to have sex tonight, just not with their women.

Doug and John pulled the covers up to their chest, and up to Anna’s neck, as Doug used the remote to flip through the channels. He was surprised when he found a channel marked for adult content, which instructed him to order by calling a certain number, which would give them access to the adult movies. He looked at Anna with a devilish smile, and she just smiled and shook her head, saying “Okay boys, if you really want too.”

Doug leaned over and picked up the phone and dialed the number, and after pressing a few buttons, soon the television was alive with the scenes and sounds of sex. It had a blonde taking a big cock in her cunt, while another guy was feeding his salami to her mouth. “Hey, that looks like fun.” stated Beth, form the other bed.

“Shit, wish the hell we weren’t out of action.” added Tammy.

Anna had by this time reached down and grabbed both dicks, tugging gently at first, before really pulling hard, as the boys were rather stiff. As the guys watched the porno, she crawled under the covers and started giving each a blowjob, switching from one cock to another. She could tell both guys were close to blowing their wads, and she was having trouble deciding which one was closest. So she pulled both cocks towards each other, making the guys get on their sides, as she took both cockhead�s between her lips, sucking and licking each.

The guys, feeling her sucking them both at once, both came about the same time, causing a rush of cum to overflow her mouth and drip onto the sheets. After the guys were done spurting, she leaned her face to the sheets and licked up what she had missed. She smiled as she crawled back up, and sat between the guys, with fresh cum on her lips. Both guys started to kiss and massage her body, working their hands over her tits and cunt. Doug beat John to her cunt, shoving two fingers up her wet hole. As John frigged her clit, Doug finger fucked her, and both took a nipple between their lips and sucked. She found both their cocks with her hands, and was happy to see they were both hard.

Their fingers did the trick, as soon she was bucking uncontrollably, and moaning that she was coming. As her pleasure subsided, she knew she wanted a hard cock in her cunt, so she said, “Okay boys, who wants to fill this old lady with their pecker.”

Doug smiled, and said “Go ahead John, she’s good for the whole night, plenty to share.”

John smiled, and lifted her leg, and entered her sideways. She loved the feeling of his meat, as he started pumping her hard and slow. She could feel another orgasm coming along, as he fucked her for ten minutes, before filling her with his seed. He pulled out, and Doug pulled her on top of him. She grabbed his meat, and slid down his pole, making squishy noises as his cock pushed Johns sperm out. She was almost there, and she started fucking down onto Doug’s staff hard. He was kneading her breasts, and pulling on her nipples, as she cried out in orgasm, her tight cunt spasming around his meat.

Doug hadn’t come yet, as she collapsed on top of him, he pushed the covers off, and rolled over, grabbed her ankles, pulled them to his shoulders, and while on his knees, started pounding her pussy with fast strokes. John straddled her chest, and placed his spent cock to her lips, she sucked it in, getting a taste of her and his juices. This triggered another minor eruption through her body, as she convulsed in pleasure. The feeling of her gripping cunt sent Doug over the edge, as he painted her sloppy pussy with his seed.

Doug pulled out, and sat up against the headboard, playing with her clit, as John fed her his meat. It took about twenty minutes of sucking for him to get hard enough again, and this time, he rolled her over onto her knees, and entered her from behind. He grabbed her hips and started fucking at a good clip, as Doug got to her head, and let her bury her face in his crotch. John was good for another thirty minutes, sending Anna from one orgasm to another, before he finally grunted, and spewed his load into her hot slippery box.

Doug was hard again, so she just climbed up his lap, and sat on his pole, ready for another ride. She bounced up and down on his meat, as he sucked and played with her boobs. She was again having sexual tremors, as her mind was on cloud nine, feeling his cock fuck her gently as she rocked. John was watching the porno on TV, when he saw two guys doing a double penetration. He looked at Doug, and motioned to the screen. Doug smiled, and nodded yes. John got up off the bed, and noticed the eyes of both Tammy and Beth watching him, as he went to the bathroom. Neither girl had gone to sleep yet, but that wasn’t surprising, since Anna was making a lot of noise. In the bathroom, he got a wet washcloth and a bar of soap. Coming out, he got on his hands and knees behind Anna, and started licking her butt hole, making her quiver to the new sensation. He soaped up his cock as he licked, getting it good and slick.

When he was ready, he got up on his knees, and embraced her from behind, his hard dick pressed up against her tight backdoor. She was moaning, a bit upset that his warm tongue had left her anus. Doug reached around and spread her ass cheeks apart, and John leaned back and put his cock to her anal opening. Her eyes flew open, but before she could protest, John sank two inches in. She cried out to the sudden pain, as she relaxed her sphincter.

“Shit boys, I’ve never had my ass done before.” she hissed.

Doug chuckled, saying “Well, a first for everything, Anna.” as he locked his lips to hers, exploring her mouth with his tongue, as his hands moved back to her heaving breasts. She stopped moving on his meat, as John started feeding more of his rod into her poop-shoot. She was starting to get use to it, the initial pain was gone, as John finally got all seven inches in, as both guys felt the others meat rubbing each other through the thin membranes separating the vaginal and anal canals. John Then started thrusting, and the feeling caused her to cry out, as a sudden orgasm overtook her. Both boys had their hands on her tits, as they started to work on her cunt and ass, John thrusting in as Doug pulled out, and then Doug pounding it home as John slid his meat from her brown hole. The two of them fucked for thirty minutes, before finally John, then Doug, emptied in her abused holes. Her number of orgasms were countless, as she was fucked hard almost to unconsciousness.

They collapsed in a heap, all sweaty and grimy. The girls had enjoyed the show as well, as both fingered themselves to mutual orgasms. Soon, all five were asleep, as the television played on. All during the night, one boy or another would wake up with a stiff penis, and fuck Anna hard for thirty minutes or more. Usually, the action of one would wake up the other. And twice, each one was woken with a warm mouth sucking their cock to erection, to take care of her needs.

As the morning sun started to shine through the room’s window, Beth and Tammy awoke to the sight of Doug and John double-fucking Anna again. This time, with Doug in her ass, while she was on top of John, taking his rod in her cunt. They got up out of bed, and went and showered. Coming out, they found the three had again finished in a heap, and were sound asleep on the bed. They got dressed and left, going to get something to eat.

After a good breakfast, they returned to the room, and found John in the shower, and Doug with his head between Anna’s spread thighs, licking away. She looked up, and said “Doug wanted something to eat.”

“Well, if he thinks that’ll last him the day.” responded her daughter, with a smile. ďż˝Tammy & I are going, you think you three can keep each other company until tomorrow?”

“Oh most certainly, after he’s done.” she pointed to Doug “Him and I are going to shower, before going down to have breakfast. Looks like I’ll need my energy.” She said with a smile.

Beth went over to her mother, and gave her a kiss good-bye. Then one to Doug. Tammy went into the bathroom, where John was drying off, and sucked his meat to hardness, before leaving the bathroom, saying to Anna, “He’s ready for another go, Anna.”

John came out of the bathroom with a smile and a hard-on, and Anna smiled a devilish look, eyeing his cock like a woman possessed. Beth and Tammy left the room, taking time to place the ‘do-not-disturb’ sign on the handle on the outside of the door. Giggling, they made their way back to campus. They caught up on their homework and studied the rest of the weekend. By Sunday late morning came around, they were ready to go get the boys.

Once they got to the hotel, they called up to the room, and Anna answered, saying “Come on up!”

Getting there, they knocked, and Doug opened the door, wearing nothing but a smile. He hugged Beth hello, dragging her into the room. John was sitting on the edge of the bed, with Anna facing away from him, her ass impaled on his cock. Beth was wondering how that felt, and since her mother seemed to be enjoying it, maybe she’ll try it as well sometime in the near future. John grunted, and came, filling her bowels again. Anna stood up and walked to Beth, a river of come draining from both her cunt and ass down her inner thighs.

“Hello dear.” she kissed Beth, then Tammy, “I want to thank you both for letting me use and abuse your men this weekend.” She walked back to the guys, and Beth was amazed as she bent down, and sucked Johns meat clean. She then did the same to Doug, as he was just in her cunt before they arrived.

“No problem, mom. I knew you would enjoy it.”

“Yeah Anna, looks like they kept up pretty good.” added Tammy.

“Oh, they did okay, they sort of slowed down after Friday night.” said Anna, with a grin.

“Gee Ms Palmer, looks like you could go for more!” stated Tammy.

Anna smiled, “You know, two was nice, but maybe three? or four? or more?!”

Doug chuckled, “Like a child in a candy store.” He stood and grabbed his pants, pulling them up, wincing as he tucked his spent meat in.

Beth smiled, and made her way to him, hugging him, and asking “Did you have enough?”

“No,” he replied, “Never enough!”

She smacked him on the ass, and said “Okay guys, mom needs to get rested, she has to drive home this evening.” She hugged and kissed her mother, as she went by, noticing a tired look in her face. ďż˝You get some rest, mom, you probably over did it.” She broke the hug, “And I’ll see about getting more toys for you to play with.ďż˝

Anna smiled, “Gee, what a daughter.”

They all laughed, as Anna climbed under the covers, to get some sleep. The two couples left the room and headed back to campus, as the wheels in Beth’s head, started to grind.

The first week of Beth’s new-found freedom was one of constant sex with Doug, and on occasion with John as well. This led to Beth getting a bad bladder infection from getting her twat pounded so damn often, causing her to miss out a weekend of fun. Tammy however, kept the guys satisfied.
When the two coeds started their periods, and with the arrival of Anna Marie for the weekend, they had their boyfriends take care of Anna for the whole weekend. Anna was insatiable, taking the guys repeatedly, and on numerous occasions both at once, getting her ass drilled as well as her cunt.
Now, for the next chapter. During the first two weeks, Beth And Tammy set up a date for one of the girls from their dorm floor, Heather, with a guy from the dorm of Doug and John, named Paul. The first date went well, Heather came back all starry-eyed, thinking she was in love, much to the amusement of Beth & Tammy, and the displeasure of Sally, her roommate.
The Sunday evening that the boys finished with Anna, Heather visited the girls, knocking on their door, asking “Guys? Can I come in?”
Both girls were at their respective desks, and they looked at each other, smiling, as Beth said “Sure, what ya doing?”
Heather stepped in, and nervously closed the door behind her. This got both Beth’s and Tammy’s attention, as usually they all kept the doors open, except if there was going to be a serious conversation. “I…um…need to talk to someone.” she stammered.
Tammy stood and went to her, took her by her hand and guided her to her bed, saying “Sure Heather, we can talk, what seems to be on your mind?”
She sat nervously, and said “Well, it’s about Paul, um, well….”
Both girls sensed it had to do about sex, and Beth asked “He didn’t force himself on you, did he?”
Heather blushed, “No, not at all.”
“Is that the problem? asked Tammy.
“Yes,” her mouth dropped, in astonishment at what she just said, “I mean, well, I don’t know….” She started to sniffle.
Beth joined the other two on the bed, and both her and Tammy wrapped an arm across the back of her shoulders. Beth gave her a peck on her cheek, saying “Don’t worry, he’s probably waiting for a signal from you to start something.”
“Yeah,” added Tammy, “He’s probably scared that you’ll get mad at him if he tries anything.”
Heather stopped her sniffling, saying “You think so?”
Tammy chuckled, “Yeah, I’ve seen this before, poor boy is scared shitless to try anything.”
Heather sighed, and asked, “Well, what an I going to do? I mean, I don’t even know how to please a man?”
The light-bulbs went off in both girls heads at once, as they looked at each other and smiled a pair of sly smiles. Tammy winked to Beth, as she said “Heather honey, would you like to learn? And for him to learn as well?”
“Wha…what do you mean?” she asked.
Beth had a hard time keeping from snickering, as Tammy shot her a look. “I’ve an idea, how about our boyfriends teach you, and Beth and I teach Paul.”
“But…but thatďż˝s not right?”
“And why not?” asked Beth, “You’ll get to learn from experienced lovers, and Paul will do likewise.”
Heather was confused, as Tammy and Beth hugged her tightly, each giving her a kiss on the cheek. Tammy spoke, saying “Tell you what, think about it for a couple of days, okay? Oh, and are you on the pill?” Heather shook her head yes, surprising both girls, “Good, that takes care of that problem.” Tammy stood up, pulling Heather up with her. “Now, why don’t you go think about it for a bit, and let us know you’re decision. If you decide to do this, we’ll plan everything, okay?”
Heather smiled, and embraced Tammy, saying “Thank you, I um…I’ll give it some thought.” She went to the door, and turned, saying “Thanks guys, I appreciate this talk, really I do.”
The roomies waved bye, as Heather left the room. Beth looked at her roomie, “Well, you think she’ll go for it?”
Tammy sighed, “Not sure, she might. Think the guys will mind?”
Beth snorted, “Fresh pussy? What do you think?”
Tammy laughed, “Yeah, you’re probably right.”
The girls went to bed, not talking about it anymore. Monday they didn’t see Heather, nor Tuesday either. Wednesday came, and both girls figured that Heather’s answer was going to be no. They were surprised when Heather came knocking at their door late Wednesday evening. Tammy opened their door, and Heather smiled, as she came inside. Tammy closed the door, and looked at her, and asked “I take it you’ve made a decision.”
Heather looked at her feet, and said, “Yeah, I guess I have.” She lifted her head, and smiled, as she asked “If we do this, where and when?”
The girls sat on Tammy’s bed, and Tammy said “Good question, we don’t want to arouse any suspicion, do we.”
“Yeah, that would take out our rooms, people would sort of talk…not that they aren’t already.” chuckled Beth.
The girls talked for awhile about it, not coming up with anything solid. The idea of a motel was okay, but they would need a suite. They decided to sleep on it, as they couldn’t come up with a good idea.
Although they spent Monday & Tuesday evenings with their men, they neither one told the boys about Heather or Paul. Wednsday, Tammy took a break from studying while at the library and started to read the local paper. She was breezing through it, until she saw the perfect set-up. Smiling, she took the paper and made a Xerox of an ad, and made her way to her dorm room, happy as a lark.
Entering her room, she found Beth getting ready to go meet Doug for dinner. Beth looked up, and seen the smile, and knew something was up. “Okay Tammy, what’s up?”
Smiling brightly, Tammy pulled out the photo-copy and handed it to Beth, who started reading out loud, “Quiet cabin retreat for rent, week or weekend…” She looked up at Tammy, smiling, “Wow, think ya found our answer,” she went back to reading “Cabins available, for two on up to twelve people, each in a secluded setting in the heart of the Catskills…Oh Tammy, this is great! But how much?”
Tammy grabbed it and said “It doesn’t say, looks like we’ll have to call, won’t we?”
She picked up the phone, and dialed the number that was listed, “Hello?…Yes, I found your ad in the Syracuse news about cabins for rent….well yes, we would need one for three couples…a two-bedroom with a fold-out couch?” She looked at Beth, who nodded her head yes, “Sure, that would do, we were wondering on costs and when is it available….really? This weekend? Sure, we’ll take it! A credit card?” She looked at Beth, who smiled as she grabbed her purse, and pulled out her Visa Card. She handed it to Tammy, who then gave the number and pertinent info needed, and then wrote down directions.
The person on the other end told her it was about a four hour drive from Syracuse. After hanging up, Tammy told Beth this, and Beth said “Shoot, we’ll have to cut out of our afternoon classes if we want to get down there in time to eat.”
Tammy said “Go get Heather, we’ll tell her now.”
Beth opened the door and went down the hall, dragging Heather back with her, and into the room. They told her their plan, and she was all for it. Tammy went to dinner with Doug and John, and told them what was going on as well, except for the part about they taking Heather’s cherry, and the girls Paul’s. Heather was to tell Paul at dinner as well, and later that evening, Heather came over to the girls room to say it was all set. She was told not to tell Paul what the plans were, and their guys were told the same.
The week dragged on, and all but Paul, who was oblivious to what was going to happen, were on the highest arousal for what was going to happen. They all met at the girls dorm, and crammed all six into Paul’s Chevy, as they pulled out towards the cabin. Beth did call her mom before she left, and she told her of their plans, getting a good luck and have fun from her under sexed mother.
Once at the office for the cabin, Tammy and Beth went inside, paid for the weekend, and got the key and directions. They stopped at a grocery, the girls piling out to get what they needed, and then drove on to the cabin. Once there, they entered and were in awe. It was gorgeous, more than what Tammy and Beth were hoping for. There was a great room, with two large couches, and a big fireplace. Doug went to that first, and started getting a fire ready, as it was rather cool in the mountain terrain. John lent a hand, as Paul helped the girls get the stuff from the car. It was an a-frame in style, and the loft above was open, a end of a massive bed could be seen from below. Entering the bedroom, they found another, and even bigger, bed. Big enough for all six, as Tammy and Beth were thinking the same thing.
The girls made dinner, as the guys sat down and talked and drank some beer which was brought along. In the kitchen, Tammy came up with an idea, saying “Hey Beth, it’s getting warm in here, don’t you think?” As she peeled off her top, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Beth chuckled, and did the same, taking her bra off as well, which she had on underneath her bulky sweater. They both looked at Heather, who sighed, and started unbuttoning her blouse. She wasn’t doing it fast enough to suite Beth, who started to help her, undoing the lower buttons and working on up. The girls were giggling, the wine they were drinking was taking it’s effect. The spaghetti was cooking well, as was the sauce, so they need not worry about the dinner. Tammy started lowering her jeans, getting a “NO Way!” from Heather.
Beth giggled, as she grabbed Heather’s skirt, and unhooked it, letting it fall to the floor, as she pushed her own slacks down to her knees, and stepped out of them.
“Come on, Heather,” said Beth, “Lets tease them first.”
Heather smiled, and pushed down her panties, as by now the other two were stark naked. Just as she was taking them off her feet, Doug walked into the kitchen to get another round of beers. He whistled, causing Heather to blush, and the other two to giggle. He came over to Heather, grabbed a tit, and bent down and kissed the nipple, saying “It’ll be nice to feast on those later.”
Beth slapped him, saying “Get on back in the living room, dinner will be ready shortly.”
He jokingly asked “Whatďż˝s for dessert?”
“You’ve already grabbed it once, now get going!” said Tammy as she pushed him out of the kitchen.
Bringing back the beer, John asked “Whenďż˝s dinner?”
“Shortly, the girls have cooked up something good, it all looks delicious.” He replied, chuckling to himself about his pun.
The girls decided to bring dinner out on plates to the guys, and the look on Paulďż˝s face when three very naked girls brought out the food to them where they sat. As Doug and John dug in, Paul’s mouth was still hanging open from the site, as the three nude cooks returned to the kitchen to get their own plates.
“Eat up Paul, you’ll need the nourishment.” stated John, with a laugh.
“Yeah, I don’t think dessert is going to be as filling.” laughed Doug.
Paul slowly started to eat, as the three coeds came back into the room, with their own plates of food, and started eating. They started talking as if nothing strange was occurring, talking about classes and different instructors. By now Heather was comfortable being nude around the others, and she was smiling and joking along.
Once they were done, the girls picked up the plates, and Beth said “Okay guys, why don’t you three get going on the dish’s. This isn’t all play and no work, you know!”
Doug and the boys chuckled, as they got up and followed them into the kitchen, and started working on the dish’s. Once the girls went back to living room, Paul looked over his shoulder, and said softly, “Man, I canďż˝t believe this. I may actually get some tonight!”
John & Doug broke out laughing, with John slapping him on the back, saying “Yeah, I think you just might at that.”
He looked at them a bit funny, then he said “Is there something going on?”
Doug said, “You’ll find out soon enough, unless you keep draggin ass in drying those plates.”
Paul started drying as fast as Doug was washing them, and John putting them away. Soon they were done, and they started for the living room, only to find it empty. Paul asked “Where they at?”
Beth’s voice, from the master bedroom, rang out, “We’re in here, boys.” They went to the bedroom, and walked in, all three stripping in their tracks, as there was Heather, flat on her back, and Tammy’s head buried between her legs. Heather was writhing on the bed, as Beth, who was laying on her right side next to her, was massaging her big boobs. She smiled and got up off the big bed, and said “You boys want to get a bit more comfortable, I’m sure those peckers would like to be free.”
They were ripping their clothes off, to see who could get naked the fastest. Paul took his pants and boxers off first, and was pulling his shirt off over his head, when he felt feminine hands grab his meat, and a warm wet mouth engulf it. Once his shirt was off, he looked down, and saw the top of Bethďż˝s head, bobbing back and forth, as her tongue worked magic on his cock. He didn’t last twenty seconds, as he moaned and filled her talented mouth with his load.
He had closed his eyes, as he came, enjoying the feeling of his first blow job. He felt a pair of lips on his chest, and hands roaming his body, when he opened his eyes again, and saw it was Tammy. John now was doing some muff diving on Heather, and from her moans, she was almost there. Doug was at her head, his cock just now slipping into her hungry mouth. Beth stood, and her and Tammy guided him to the bed, and pushed him on his back.
Both girls worked on his cock, sucking the head, rubbing his balls. Tammy swung around, and lowered her muff to his lips. He was a bit awkward at first, but soon with her grinding her snatch on his mouth, he knew where to flick his tongue. Heather exploded to a loud orgasm, as John got her off with tongue and fingers. Paul could feel his cock expanding back to it’s full rigidity once more, hearing his girlfriend cum was a turn on for him.
He soon was rock hard, but Tammy wasn’t about to let him up until he got her off, and she told him so. He worked his tongue all over her tasty clitty, as he suddenly realized the motion next to him and the soon to follow scream of anguish was Heather losing her cherry, followed by a gentle movement of either John or Doug drilling her tight cunt. Soon, he could hear Heather moaning again, only louder, and they were not moans of pain, but ones of pleasure. And Tammy was arching her back, grinding her cunt on his lips, as she came hard, glazing his face with her cream.
Tammy rolled off, and he looked to his left, seeing Heather’s heavy legs lifted, and Doug in between them, pounding her snatch at a good clip. He looked down at his prick, as Beth crawled up, and mounted his meat. He smiled up at her, as he reached up and grabbed her firm breasts, as she started to ride his cock to her own gait.

He watched the other couple, as Beth rode him, as Heather had one orgasm after another, her big, juicy breasts jiggling about. Doug groaned and stiffened, obviously filling her cunt with his spunk, before puling out, and getting out of the way for John, who rolled her onto all fours, shoved his meat in hard, making her grunt, and grabbed the cheeks of her ass, and started fucking away. Beth lowered her body, so that Paul could snatch a hardened nipple between his lips, and started sucking away on it, making Beth even hotter. Tammy had gotten behind her, and was reaming her asshole while she bucked her hips on Paul’s meat. She was in seventh heaven, as one orgasm came right after another. This was all too much for Paul, as he finally groaned and stiffened, sending a torrent of cum into Beth’s hungry cunt.
Paul opened his eyes, as Beth climbed off, leaving a trail of cum dripping from her twat. He looked over and saw a rejuvenated John, behind Heather, who was now on all fours, as John fucked her with long, powerful strokes. Her big tits were swaying underneath, and Paul smiled, as he scooted over and grabbed one, pulling it to his mouth so he could give it a suck. He felt his shrinking cock twitch, and Tammy say, ďż˝Oh yeah, he’s responding nicely.” As he felt her hands fall onto he cock and balls, followed soon by a pair of warm, moist lips engulfing his head.
Paul let his head fall back against the pillow, as Tammy slurped away on his meat. Heather was still getting fucked from behind, her teeth were clenched, and she was almost there to another ear-splitting orgasm. Paul smiled, and reached out, grabbing a handful of tit, squeezing hard. Beth came over, and crawled underneath Heather, her mouth under her cunt, and started licking her clit. Heather exploded, her loud wails signaling her hard cum. Paul moved so that he could suck on Heather’s hanging breast, as Beth continued her tongue work, and John continued pumping her cunt with his hard cock.
Doug came over, and slipped his pecker between Heathers open lips, she gobbling it down hungrily. It wasn’t long before the room was a din of six people all coming at once, with Paul filling Tammy’s horny cunt, triggering her eruption, followed by Beth’s own fingers getting herself off, as her tongue and John’s cock got Heather once again, as John filled her womb with his load, and on the other end, Doug filled her mouth, with Heather swallowing it like it was the nectar of the gods.
All six collapsed in a mass of tangled bodies. Well fucked for now, but all knowing more was in store. There was silence for awhile, just the sound of their breathing and it seemed they could feel six sets of beating hearts. Heather eventually got things rolling, as she kissed Paul on the lips, and grabbed his meat, gently jerking it to hardness. He smiled at her, both on their sides, facing each other, with their bodies going in opposite directions. They slowly crawled along, kissing each others bodies as they worked down into a sideways sixty-nine. The other two couples paired off, Doug with Tammy, and John with Beth, and they sat and watched the two fellow lovers go at it together for the first time.
Paul had his face buried in her cunt, licking up her juices, as well as the remnants of the cum from the other guys. She was getting a taste of his long cock, savoring the taste of his cum, as well as that of Beth and Tammy. Ten minutes of sucking got her off twice, and him finally hard once more, as she rolled him onto his back, and crawled towards his feet, facing them. She raised her hips, and grabbed his meat, guiding it to her hole. He watched from behind, as it sank into her cunt, she moaning as it went in. Putting her hands on his knees, and getting into a squatting position, she started rising and falling on his cock. She rode him like this for ten minutes, before swiveling her young body around, and lowering herself down to kiss his lips.
The other two couples were now joined at the hips as well, the sounds of sex filling the room. Paul just closed his eyes, and smiled, enjoying the feeling of Heather’s tight, young hot cunt gripping his cock. She fucked him for thirty minutes, having one good orgasm after another, before he finally painted her vaginal walls with his load. The others were finished with the round as well, as they all six snuggled together on the bed. The rest of the night was pure sex. They would pair off, and at times triple up. The three guys even did each woman one at a time, making each one airtight. They didn’t stop their lustful escapades until almost sunrise, before crashing in a heap of torsos, arms and legs.

No one stirred until after noon. Then, it started all over again. The guys went to filling all of Heather’s holes, as Tammy and Beth made a meal for all. After it was eaten, Tammy and Beth feasted on Heather, getting the guys hard as they watched the girl-girl action. They soon joined in, and the rest of the day and evening was non-stop sex, with short breaks for food and drink.
At midnight, when everybody was finally satisfied sexually, it was agreed that they would pair off with their respective mates, and get a good night sleep. Paul and Heather went to their own room, where they pleased each other before finally tiring after two more hours of love making, with Paul falling asleep with his cock lodged in Heather’s ass.
In the morning, a quick breakfast, followed by the girls sitting on the table, and getting their cunts ate by the guys. The guys then fucked them there on the table, before they finally came one last time. They took turns showering, before getting dressed and heading back to college. All were well fucked, and happy, looking forward to another adventure. Part 2 is here.