Niece In Torment

Faye Madden looked out the rain-streaked window of the droning 747 at the blurred city lights below. She clasped her trembling fingers together, folding them in her lap and trying to fight down the panic that made her heart pound like a trip-hammer.

“Weather making you a little nervous?” a ruggedly handsome dark-haired man who was sitting next to her asked.

Faye turned her head slightly to the right and shook it back and forth, afraid that she might choke if she said anything. Flying terrified her, and this storm was driving her wild with fear.

“Come on. Holding hands at times like these makes it easier,” the broad-shouldered stud said, reaching over and gently covering Faye’s folded hands with his big right paw.

“Th-thanks,” Faye stammered, feeling her terror subside a little. At the same time, she felt her nipples press against the thin fabric of her white cotton blouse.

There goes that damned feeling again! Faye said to herself, closing her eyes and trying to ignore the fact that her cunt was slowly erecting itself, that her cuntal membranes were starting to stretch and swell, and that her pussy-lips were moving apart slowly, exposing her hot, trembling hole. All through the flight the dark-haired man had tried to make polite conversation with her. And she knew why. Faye knew that he wanted to sneak into her panties and slip his big fat dick in her snatch. That’s the way all men were. All they cared about was climbing on top of a woman and crushing her titties with their big paws while they hunched their drooling cocks in further and harder until they got their rocks off. Her Uncle Fred taught her that ten years ago on her father’s farm when she was fifteen and when he…

No! She wouldn’t think about that anymore. That was a long time ago, and Faye was always telling herself that she’d recovered from that…

That… experience.

“Sure you’re okay?” the big man asked.

Faye smiled weakly, then turned her head and looked out the window again.

Men and their cocks! Faye thought bitterly, fighting down the nagging suspicion that she desperately needed dick-meat now. She needed it, yet hated it at the same time. Faye kept telling herself she’d recovered from that humiliating rape in the barn years ago. But she secretly knew that it wasn’t true. Since that hot July night, Faye had declared a silent war on men and on the hot, tight feeling that occasionally swept across her near-virgin pussy with the ferocity of a California brush fire. She loved wearing revealing clothing, knowing that her big tits and her full, creamy thighs and well-rounded ass-cheeks made men’s cocks stretch and thicken with hot blood. Then she put them down. God, how good that made her feel, telling a man panting after her ass to go stick it!

Her routine did everything Faye had hoped it would. It frustrated men, and it kept her pussy free of any invading cock. And that was the problem. Even with the extreme fear and hatred Faye had of men, she couldn’t ignore her own sexual drives that were growing stronger with each passing year. She felt them welling up inside her somewhere deep in her gut like a swollen river pressing up against a weakened dam. There were occasional moments when Faye thought of going to a singles bar and really letting a man pick her up and — but no! She couldn’t even think of the possibility of what would happen. Fucking! The ward made her skin crawl with horror.

But now, flying in a plane trapped in a violent thunderstorm somewhere over northern California, Faye forgot about her war on men and mentally, as well as physically, started to lean on the big man’s shoulders.

“First flight?” he asked in a deep bass voice, squeezing her small trapped hand slightly with his powerful fingers.

“N… no. Flying always does this to me especially in this kind of weather,” Faye stammered, smiling as she turned her head and looked at him. He winked, gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, then turned his head and raised his right hand to signal a passing stewardess. While he was busy placing an order for a drink, Faye had a chance to examine him better. He was about thirty, dressed impeccably in a dark brown three-piece business suit, and wearing no wedding ring. His skin was darkly tanned, something that seemed to make his black curly hair even darker as she looked at it.

“I’ve ordered us a drink,” he said, turning back to her and squeezing her fingers again.

“I’m fine now, thank you,” Faye said, pulling her hand out of his with a little trouble.

“My name’s Jack Moore,” he said, flashing a broad smile and revealing a straight row of brightly white front teeth.

“Faye Madden. I’m sorry I caused you so much trouble. I’m really not such a baby. It’s just that this rain and wind… well, enough of that,” Faye said, laughing nervously as Jack continued to stare at her. Jesus, does he have to drill those eyes into me? Faye wondered as she felt her pulse quicken. There was that disgusting itch in her cunt again. But there wasn’t anywhere she could go run off to now and finger that rising clit. She had to stay there, cringing under Jack’s hungry, sparkling brown eyes while her pussy-lips swelled thicker and thicker with each passing minute.

“Glad to meet you. Here’s our drinks,” Jack said, taking his eyes off Faye for a second to pay the stew. The blonde sighed with relief, settling back in her seat and breathing a little more easily. When a man started to stare at her like that lately, Faye began to weaken in her resolve not to fuck another man again.

“Have a good flight, sir,” the stew said, smiling as she handed Jack the two drinks. Faye turned to take one of the drinks, then dropped her eyes for some reason down to Jack’s crotch. There was a bulge in his trousers! An erection — a hard-on, right there on the plane! The effect on Faye was electrifying. Her nipples were getting stiff and rigid, poking at her blouse like two steel spikes. That itch in her pussy was slowly turning into a dull ache. Her cunt began to ooze out rivulets of foamy juice, matting down the kinky curls surrounding her hot, puffy snatch-lips. God, how she wanted to reject him! How she wanted to cut him down the way she’d cut down so many other men! But what could she do? She was in a plane with no place to go. How could she risk creating a scene, embarrassing herself as well as him? Besides, Faye was so horny that she almost wished he’d ask her for a fast fuck.

“This’ll settle you down,” Jack said, handing her the vodka and tonic. They clinked glasses in a silent toast and drank down the burning booze. As Faye continued to small-talk with Jack Moore, the blonde felt the liquor firing up her pussy like gasoline on a bonfire. Taking that drink was the worst thing she could have done.

“Come on, let’s go up to the lounge,” Jack finally said, unfastening his seatbelt and starting to stand up.

“If you don’t mind, I’d rather stay here,” Faye said, wondering why he was so anxious to go upstairs.

“You’re paying for a first-class seat and ignoring the goods that go along with it. Come on, it’ll do you some good. There’s more room up there to breathe,” Jack said brightly.

And to fuck, Faye thought, looking cynically at him. Then she shook her head. What was this with her? She was thinking fuck, fuck, fuck all the time. Maybe all he wanted to do was help her out. Maybe — but then there was that hard dick. Standing up, the big man didn’t show his hard-on trough the fairly loose-fitting trousers. But it was there. Faye knew it was there, just waiting to fly out and slip into some hot pussy.

“Well, I don’t know,” Faye said as her forehead broke out into a sweat. Her fingers shook so hard that the ice in her glass clanked together. Fight it! Fight it! Faye screamed to herself.

“Come on. You don’t have to be nervous. I’ll be there,” Jack said in a low, husky voice.

Faye sucked in a deep breath. She could smell her cunt juice. She couldn’t go up in that cabin with him now. She wasn’t in any condition to be with a man. No! No!

“Alright, but you’ll have to hold me. I’m a little unsteady,” she said, unfastening her seatbelt and crawling out to the aisle. Faye balanced her drink carefully in her right hand as the two of them walked carefully to the spiral stairway that led up to the first-class lounge. What’s happening to me?

Faye wondered to herself as she climbed up to the lounge. Each step was deliciously agonizing. The friction of her slick cuntal walls rubbing against her erect clit with each step she took sent hot/cold flashes through her body. That steady, pulsing, itchy ache in her cunt seemed to be robbing her of any strength. Faye at least tried to control herself outwardly. She didn’t want everyone to know she was this worked up sexually. But as the blonde passed two old men sitting together in the first row of seats in the lounge, she saw them stop their conversation and look up strangely at her. They could see it! Her face was flushed red with excitement and beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. They could smell it! Her vaporized cunt juice trailed after her like a shadow wherever she went.

“Let’s sit back here,” Jack suggested as he took her left hand and pulled her along.

Faye took another gulp of her drink and followed him. It didn’t occur to her that the only other people in the lounge were those two old men, and they were getting ready to leave. The stewardess had turned the lights down very low, leaving the cabin in semi-darkness. Occasionally, a bright flash of lightning lit up the black sky around the plane and brightly illuminated the lounge. But by and large, the two of them were alone in the darkened cabin.

“This is a lot better,” Jack said in a husky voice, sitting next to Faye in a large swivel seat.

“These airlines think of everything,” Faye giggled, twirling around in her swivel chair and finishing her drink with one big gulp. The cabin was beginning to swirl around in her head. A loud buzzing filled her ears as the jet gently pitched and rolled in the turbulent weather. That aching hotness between her legs! It was driving her crazy! If only she could get to it somehow. If only she could sneak off to one of the bathrooms for a few minutes and let her fingers…

“Why did you take off your jacket and vest?” Faye asked in a panic, suddenly realizing that Jack was stripping down.

“Just to get more comfortable,” he said, loosening his tie, then taking it off. The big man started to unbutton his shirt as Faye sank back into the well-padded chair in honor. Was he going to rape her right there on the plane?

“Does comfortable mean turning the lounge into a nudist colony?” Faye asked in a broken, excited voice. She was horrified at Jack’s actions. But at the same time those thick clumps of black body hair poking over his shirt as he unbuttoned it excited her. She wanted to see more of his body just as much as she wanted him to stop undressing and leave her alone.

“It might. Depends on what you want,” Jack said, continuing to strip down in front of her.

Faye’s breathing had grown shallow. The sharp tickling sensations in her cunt were making her nipples scratch the cool, silky material of her blouse. The lush, buttery heat spread in her cunt until the blonde’s entire body ignited with sexual fire. Faye licked her dry lips and tried to turn her head away.

“Stop that. Please,” Faye said hesitatingly in a soft husky voice.

“You don’t really want me to stop anything, do you? You want more, right, Faye? I could smell it down there. I know what you want, baby,” Jack said, bending down and slipping off his shoes and socks. Faye couldn’t say anything. She felt as if her blood had been turned into concrete and frozen her motionless. She sat in her chair, holding the empty drink glass while Jack pulled off his shirt and laid it carefully on top of his jacket and vest. The blonde inhaled sharply. The muscles in his chest rippled with each movement he made, radiating an excitement, lust and power that tore down the last shreds of resistance Faye had. The blonde dropped her glass, sending the ice cubes scudding across the thickly carpeted floor while she reached up and cupped her titties with both hands. It felt so good to hold them now. She squeezed her long, slender fingers into the spongy tit-flesh and sighed. When she pressed her steely nipples in with her thumbs, her cunt contracted at the same time, giving her some relief from the almost unbearable itchy feeling that gripped her entire body.

“Wh-what are you doing to me?” Faye suddenly wondered out loud as she dropped her hands to her lap. She felt horribly shamed and guilty that a man was making her feel herself off like that in public!

“You’re doing it to yourself, honey. I can tell that you’ve been needing and wanting cock-meat for a long time. Well, I’m just the guy to feed it to you, inch by inch,” Jack said, leering hotly at her as he started to climb off his seat.

“You stay where you are,” Faye said in a terrified voice as Jack slid off the seat and stood up in front of her. She shifted her glance from his sparkling eyes down to the crotch that was only inches in front of her. The big bulge was noticeable now, twitching nervously.

“Go on. Touch it!” Jack said.

“What? Are you crazy?” Faye cried out, wondering why she just didn’t stand up and run away. That’s what she should have done. But her knees were so weak. And that pulsating itch in her pussy was sapping her of all strength and resistance.

“Come on. Don’t play the reluctant vestal virgin with me,” Jack said, bending down and grabbing both her hands with his. With one quick move the big man pulled her fingers up and forward, pressing them against that hot, big bulge. A flush of shame shot across her cheeks as Faye felt the tempting heat of Jack’s big, thick cock through his trousers.

“Go on and tell me that you don’t want to get fucked,” Jack said huskily, rubbing the blonde’s fingers slowly up and down that cloth-imprisoned dick. “You want that prick, and I want to slip it in between those fat, hot pussy-lips of yours,” Jack growled.

“But here, in the plane?” Faye stammered out, racking her brain for excuses.

“We’re in the back of the lounge. We’ve got at least an hour before we land in San Francisco, and it’s late at night. There won’t be too many people up here. Besides, you want it so bad you’d do it in a public park in broad daylight,” Jack said, letting go of her hands while he slid his up to the top button.

“Oh God, no,” Faye groaned as she watched him unfastening his trousers. Her eyes glued themselves to the big man’s fly as he slowly unzipped it. Before she knew it, the zipper was all the way down. Jack pulled his slacks open, letting loose the ten-inch monster Faye had felt through the material seconds earlier.

“Like it? Most women do,” Jack said, pushing his slacks down to his ankles and stepping out of them. While he folded them neatly over his other clothes, Faye almost broke out laughing. The whole thing was crazy, absurd! Stripping down in the middle of a crowded airliner — the idea of it was beyond belief! Yet there he was, standing completely naked only a few feet in front of her, fingering that thickly-veined, long, drooling dick with both hands. The whole thing was crazy.

Yet Faye felt a strange excitement that was taking over her mind and body. She didn’t care about the rest of the passengers. She didn’t think they would come up to the lounge any more. But fuck them if they did! She was too hot and willing to care. All her former resolutions not to fuck men dissolved with the booze and lust that ran through her body now. As Jack continued fingering his dick, Faye pushed herself up off the seat and slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

“That’s a good girl. Shit, I knew you had beautiful tits!” Jack said appreciatively as Faye shrugged her opened blouse off her shoulders and sent it floating down to the floor. Faye shuddered as Jack walked up to her and put his big arms around her waist, drawing her tightly to him. The stiff hairs that covered his chest tickled her stiffened nipples. She dropped her head back and opened her mouth in delight as Jack reached up with his right hand and started squeezing her right boob. His big, powerful hand felt so good doing that! He stroked her hot spongy flesh, finally flicking his thumb over and over her fiery tit-tip until Faye thought it was going to ignite. At the same time Jack rolled his hips a little and his swollen dong rubbed against Faye’s silky belly. She gasped at the feel of that hot roll of cock-flesh.

“Oh, Jack, Jack,” Faye moaned, rolling her head back and forth as the big man squeezed her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled it around like a pea, sending strange bolts of pleasure/pain ripping through her swaying titties down to her oozing cunt.

“Take off your skirt and panties, babe. I’m gonna fuck you,” Jack growled as he let go of her boobs and stepped back to give her enough room.

Fuck! There was that word again. Suddenly the old panic gripped her again. Her clit burned like a hot coal between her fat cunt-lips. But still there was that word again! She couldn’t go through with it! No! No man would have her again!

“Get away from me!” Faye cried out, covering her tits with both hands as she started to back away from him.

“Quit the act, baby. You’re hot for my dick. Any asshole can see that. So drop the crap and strip down!” Jack said angrily. If she wasn’t going to cooperate, he’d rip the clothes right off her.

“No, I’m not! Just get away from me or I’ll scream!” Faye threatened.

“Scream, eh? I’ll give you something to scream about!” Jack said angrily, leaping forward and grabbing the retreating Faye tightly around the right wrist.

“HELP!” she cried out.

“Little bitch!” Jack said, taking a quick look around his shoulder to make sure no one was coming up. Then he yanked down on the woman’s arms, pulling her down to the floor. Jack kneeled down in front of her and pushed her back before she could regain her balance.

“Stop it! Stop it!” Faye cried out as she felt him roll on top of her. His weight was crushing her down into the carpeting while his big dick rolled and slid up and down her panting belly. Her tits were pressed down into two flat puddles of flesh as Jack’s wiry chest hairs scratched and tickled her sweaty flesh.

“Come on, baby. A little cooperation,” Jack grunted as he pushed her skirt up, hooking his big fingers over the elastic band of her panties. Faye gasped as the sheer nylon was skinned over her plump ass-cheeks. This was no game! The big man had every intention of raping her right here and now!

“Rape! Rape!” Faye cried out in a panic as she made a quick lunge, trying to catch Jack’s wrists. But the panties were pulled down too quickly. She groaned as she felt them slide over her thighs, over her knees then slip off her toes.

“Get this fuckin’ thing off,” Jack growled unzipping her skirt and tearing it off. Faye rolled on the floor, sobbing and begging Jack not to fuck her. But it was useless. Soon she was stripped completely naked and the big man was on top of her, digging the full length of his big cock into the juicy, dark gash that ran between her puffy labes.

“OHHHHHH!” Faye cried out as that blood-engorged dick crushed into her clit.

“Gonna do a little eating before the main course,” Jack said as he started to slide down Faye’s twisting, hunching body.

“God help me! OHHH, NOOO!” Faye groaned guiltily as she felt Jack’s thick lips slide over her hot belly and down, down into the blonde, burning bush surrounding her gnawing pussy-lips.


“Oh, no! Don’t! Don’t!” Faye moaned as she rolled her head from side to side. Long strands of sweat-soaked blonde hair clung to her flushed cheeks and opened mouth while beads of perspiration trickled down her forehead into her eyes and ears. She dug her fingers into the thick carpeting, squeezing her plump ass-cheeks together and hunching slightly up into the air.

“MMMMMMMM!” Jack hummed happily as he moved his head from side to side, burrowing deeper into the blonde’s hot mushy box. His fingers dug into Faye’s inner thighs as his tongue licked the furry surfaces of her fully stretched pussy-lips.

The big man lapped like a hungry dog at Faye’s pussy-lips, trailing the tip of his tongue along the inner ridge of her outer labes. No one had ever done that to her! Faye thrashed wildly on the carpeting as the strange, new feeling took over her mind.

“Want cock now, baby?” Jack said softly, puffing his head out of Faye’s bucking pussy for a second.

“Yes! Yes! Cock! Cock!” the blonde cried out deliriously as the fire in her pussy burned out of control.

“That’s what I like to hear,” Jack said, diving his head back into her hot pussy. This time he started licking and digging into her snatch like a madman. He licked deep into her cunt, searching for hotter and hotter places. Then he backed away, rimming the top of her cuntal mouth with the tip of his tongue. Faye stiffened with delight as his fingers slid down from her thighs and into her box. He was holding her cunt-lips apart now with his fingers as he scoured every tiny nook and cranny with his tongue. His strong fingers cut into her swampy box while he lapped up the torrent of pungent pussy juice continually flowing from out of her hot hole. The blonde whimpered and sobbed loudly now, banging her fists wildly against the carpet.

“It’s been soooo long,” Faye wailed as Jack’s teasing pushed her beyond endurance. “Oh God, sooo long!”

“Can tell that, baby. You’re tight. But old Jack can take care of that real nice,” the big man whispered, moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. They made wet, sloppy sounds as they explored Faye’s rolling, jerking cunt. The blonde moaned in shame and excitement, but the words begging Jack to fuck her still bubbled out of her mouth.

“Woooo, I don’t want you jerking off in my mouth, baby. I’ve got a lot of jizz saved up for a cunt like yours, and I want you hopping hot when I shoot it off,” Jack said, backing off Faye’s pussy.

The blonde cried out with frustration when she felt that chewing mouth suddenly drop off her pussy. She’d never felt anything like that before. But it didn’t take her long to love it. That rough, wet sensation of a hot male tongue scraping along her juicy snatch blew her mind. That sexual drive that had been dammed up inside her for ten years suddenly broke out with Jack’s insistent tonguing. Faye felt her entire body swept with powerful waves of sexual lust. She was completely out of control now. Ten years of frustration suddenly shattered to pieces, releasing drives that should have been satisfied years ago. Now, her pussy jerked, contracted and spasmed wildly and almost painfully as it begged silently for Jack’s big dick.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Faye whimpered desperately as she pulled her hands up and ran her fingers through the swampy bush of her pussy.

“I said I don’t want you jerking off,” Jack growled, pulling her fingers off her hot, fiery, furry mound before she had a chance to finger her clit.

“I can’t take this,” Faye cried out.

“Can you take this?” Jack asked, crouching forward until his cock dangled over her lips.

“Suck? Oh, please. It’s so big!” Faye said in a small, whimpering voice. But she was so hot that she’d agree to anything now.

“Just relax and open wide, baby,” the big man said, dropping his hands to either side of the blonde’s face while he knelt down on either side of her shoulders. Faye looked up pleadingly at Jack, then dropped her lower jaw as she got ready to swallow that knobby, purple cock-head. Drops of pre-cum oozed out of the long piss-slit, dripping off the swollen dick-head and splashing down on her chin. Closing her eyes, Faye raised her head and opened her mouth as far as she could.

“MGGGFFFFF!” the blonde groaned as she felt the silky, hot bulb slide over her lips and past her front teeth. Jack hunched forward, grunting as he fed her inch after throbbing inch of his dick-meat. Faye was desperately trying to keep from gagging as Jack kept thrusting his hips forward, forcing more and more of his thick dick-shaft down her throat.

“Don’t back off, baby… not when I’m this hot!” Jack said as Faye tried to pull her head away. The big man grabbed the back of her head and shoved it back against his hairy, sweaty groin.

Slowly, Faye started to get used to that hot meat jerking between her milking lips. This was the first time she’d ever sucked dick. But something told her that the more friction she applied with her tongue and lips, the more excited Jack would get. And the more excited he got, the hotter her pussy fired up. It was a deliciously vicious circle, and one that Faye had every intention of staying in as long as she possibly could.

“UHHHHHH!” the blonde groaned as she felt her clit tingling unbearably. She reached down to stroke it; grabbing the pea-like organ between her fingers and rolling it like a marble until she thought she’d piss from the excitement. At the same time the woman ran her tongue in circles around the skin just under Jack’s pulsing cock-head, dipping into the tight cock-slit. She was amazed! Jack’s prick seemed to still grow and thicken with each passing second. She could feel those hard, rope-like blue veins that wrapped themselves around his dick-stalk throb against her tongue and the insides of her cheeks as the big man kept on filling up her mouth more and more with his prick.

“Ohhh, baby, faster. Faster!” Jack moaned, carried away by Faye’s increasingly frenzied tonguing. “Feel those balls, baby. Come on, feel ’em,” he grunted.

While she kept fingering her throbbing clit with her right hand, Faye raised her left up to Jack’s crotch and started to play with his heavy, swinging balls. She brushed the fiery black hair that surrounded the thick root of his cock. Then she ran her fingers up the thick, pulsating vein that ran down the entire length of his big prick. She felt Jack’s dong wiggle wildly in her mouth, threatening to shoot off if she didn’t let up.

“Easy, babe. I’m hotter than I thought,” Jack grunted out.

Faye did as she was told, holding his hot dick in her mouth without doing a thing. She even stopped fingering her clit. Now she just trailed her juice-slicked fingertips along the rim of her outer labes, playing with her plastered-down cuntal curls as Jack was trying to get himself back together.

“Okay, now,” he said in a thick voice as Faye felt his hands clamp back on her head. He shoved it further onto his cock until she felt the hot tip of his prick ramming against the back of her sucking mouth. Faye started to finger her aching clit again, growing more excited with each passing second as she heard Jack moan for more. Faye slowly slid her hand from the big man’s cock and started pushing it up his belly, shoving through the thick bush of hair until her fingers found his navel. She dug them into it, feeling the result in Jack’s twitching prick.

“Bitch! Little bitch!” he cried out, almost crashing forward on his face from the sudden attack. She was almost choking from the spittle and cum that laved her tongue. That strange, hot salty taste that seemed to be seeping from his prick let her know that he was close to shooting.

“No good. I’m not gonna blow my load this way,” Jack said, yanking his twitching dick out of Faye’s sucking mouth with a loud, squishy pop. He bent down and kissed her lightly on the forehead, then slid down until his cock was pressing against her hot, fuzzy mound again. This time Faye knew that there wasn’t going to be any more foreplay. The time for fooling around was over. Jack had every intention of fucking her. A real fuck — the first one in ten years. And this time, she was asking for it — begging for it!

Faye couldn’t keep her mind straight any more. She felt Jack’s hairy, muscular ass hunch up as he dragged his dick across her lower belly and through the wet curls of her cunt hairs. He was positioning himself for the initial downward thrust. She could feel his bulbous, hot, drooling cock-head slide gently over her erect clit, sending tiny shivers of sexual delight through her snatch. Then it was pressing against the long gash between her puffy, reddened, slicked-down labes.

“It’s so big!” Faye cried out in real fear as she felt her ups gradually stretching and peeling back to make way for the invading prick.

“It’ll fit,” Jack grunted as he slowly lowered his body onto Faye’s. He wanted it to be a long, slow, hard fuck for her. He could sense just what kind of woman she was — wanting that fucking, but terrified of it. He had to go slow, or she’d go bad on him.

“OHHHH, GOD!” Faye groaned as the tip of his dick-head finally pushed past her outer labes and slipped into the throat of her cunt. Jack gave a quick downward hunch and buried the rest of his cock-head in her pussy. Both of them groaned as the blonde’s tightly-clenching pussy-lips sucked in the dick-meat, then squeezed down on the invading cock.

“Jack, I’m afraid! I’m really afraid!” Faye groaned as she reached up and clung to his neck. She felt her nipples scrape against his curly chest hairs as he slipped one of his big hands under her neck. She suddenly felt so small and fragile under him. There was a power that radiated out of his body now that seemed to melt her into a puddle of nothing.

“You won’t get hurt or knocked up, baby. I promise,” Jack groaned.

“Ohhh, it feels like I’m going to break apart,” Faye cried out in a low voice as she felt another inch of cock-meat slide into her. His cock was forcing her cuntal membranes into a tight tunnel as it screwed and churned its way into her box.

“Just relax,” Jack ordered.

Faye tried, closing her eyes and willing her snatch to slacken up. She moved her right hand over to the mess that was her pussy until she could feel the hot dick-stalk with her fingers. It was so hard and hot that it nearly scalded her fingertips. Yet just the sensation of touching that thing, and the knowledge that the big, flanged head was buried in her pussy thrilled her. She felt his cock slipping further into her cunt and felt her fingers being pressed back by the sinking rod. Faye circled his spearing dick with her fingers, feeling chills run up and down her spine as the throbbing veins tickled her slender fingers.

“Ohhh! OHHHHH!” Faye cried out as Jack’s thick dick burned down into her hole like a red-hot poker. She started to move her hips involuntarily, changing the angle her cunt made with Jack’s monstrous dick. He was halfway inside when her cuntal muscles spasmed and tightened down on him. He inhaled sharply and moaned deep in his throat.

“Shit, you’re really something else. I don’t know too many women who can do that!”

Faye smiled weakly, then pinched her face again in delicious agony as another spasm ripped through her stuffed cunt.

“UGHHHH!” Jack cried out, concentrating on his sinking dick and trying to keep from shooting. “Shit, baby. I’m almost ready to fire now.”

“NOOO! NOOOO!” Faye cried out. This was the first fucking she’d gotten in ten years. She didn’t want it to be a bust.

Jack stopped breathing for a second, closing his eyes and groaning. Faye prayed that he’d manage to control his dick. Looking at his face and watching it slowly relax into a smile, the blonde knew that he’d been successful in keeping his jizz packed down in his balls for a few more minutes.

“Down we go,” Jack said, hunching his hips down again and pushing his dick into Faye’s rumbling box.

“Ohhh!” the blonde hummed, digging the back of her head into the carpeting as she felt her insides stretching out around the huge, sinking shaft. She tensed up, waiting for that bulging cock-head to reach the bottom of her cunt. The blonde couldn’t believe that she was taking something that big and thick down her snatch, especially after ten years of nothing else but finger-fucking. His big, hot rod was scraping against her clit, making her babble meaningless obscenities as his cock speared deeper and deeper.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jack grunted as he kept sinking further down into her pussy. Faye could hardly believe it when she felt his hot, leathery balls swinging closer. She felt them bumping against her fingers. He was so deep. She could feel the added heat inside her belly firing up her pussy and tits. She could hear the slick, sloppy noises of his cock-shaft sliding on a layer of cum and pussy juice as it drove past her stretched snatch-lips.

“God, I can’t take much more!” Faye cried out as she hunched up slightly with her hips.

“Shit, you’re tight!” was Jack’s only answer. “You’re tighter than most teenagers,” he grunted, ignoring the blonde’s warning.

Faye gasped again as she felt his heavy balls swing against her ass-cheeks. Her body felt like a stuffed turkey’s. Jack’s dick was making her dizzy thinking about it and feeling it pressing against the sides of her cunt. When Jack started to drag his cock back, it felt like the insides of her pussy were being sucked out with it.

“UHHHH! OHHH, GOD!” Faye cried out between her tightly clenched teeth. She felt every square inch of her body on fire. Her toes curled up with excitement and her legs kicked and jerked as Jack pulled his long, thick rod halfway out.

“It doesn’t hurt now, does it?” Jack gasped.

“No. Oh God, no. It feels sooo good!” Faye groaned softly.

Jack shoved down again, pressing deep one more time. One big ball nestled against her ass-cheeks. God, it felt so good to feel him all the way inside her. Her hand was crushed between their bellies. Just for curiosity’s sake, Faye searched around her stretched hole, feeling down inside a little where the thick, pulsing cock-shaft had pushed her snatch-lips apart. He had buried the full length of his cock inside her. She never thought that he’d be able to do it. But there it was, completely stuck inside her.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Faye cried out, throwing up her thighs in incredibly fast, short hunches. Jack didn’t get a chance to start humping her. She was fucking her own cunt up and down his rigid pole, rubbing her waxy, stiff clit up to a hot, blasting climax.

“Jesus, don’t move!” Jack cried out suddenly.

“Oh, I can’t…”

“Just don’t move!” Jack instructed her, reaching up and pressing her thighs down on the floor.

Faye held her breath as she fought the desire to fuck her pussy on his dick again. Their hearts pounded close together. The blonde moaned softly to herself, drinking the hard, hot feeling of Jack’s crushing, hot, hairy body. She loved the feeling of his heavy legs against hers. His chest and muscular arms almost crushed her, while his fingers were sliding around her hips toward her ass-cheeks, digging into the soft, downy flesh. It was all so good. It made Faye wonder for an instant why she’d fought something like this for so long.

Finally Faye couldn’t take this waiting much longer. She had to do something. Her clit was vibrating like a tuning fork, begging for some kind of friction. This teetering in limbo was too much for her.

“Fuck me, damn it! FUCK ME!” Faye groaned as she started humping her hips up and down. Her hips started to grind. She lifted up her hips, swallowing up the full length of Jack’s cock before hunching back until his bulging cock-head was just inside the powerful ring of muscles that controlled her pussy. Faye tightened up those muscles again, making milking-like movements with her pussy as Jack closed his eyes and groaned.

“More?” Faye asked teasingly, glad that she was able to make a stud like Jack whimper and moan. She was new to fucking. But Faye could see that she was doing all the right things and more.

“Oh, baby. I want to fuck your fuckin’ brains out!” Jack growled, unable to hold himself back anymore. Faye felt the breath crushed out of her as the big man flopped down hard and started burrowing his dick into her pussy. She was tossing her ass around in wild, feverish movements while he drove his squishing dick into her, throwing his cock-meat down into the blonde’s cunt like an oil drill. His hands reached down and cupped her ass-cheeks. Faye gasped out as she felt Jack’s fingers pressing hard against her sweaty butt-flesh. He was searching for her shitter, making his fingers crawl over the tender flesh until they found that wrinkled, puckered skin.

“OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHH!” Faye screamed as she felt him rape her shitter with his right forefinger. She didn’t care what he did to her any more. Those hot, painful flashes from her shit-chute added to the spasms that were already tearing apart her pussy. She felt completely divided, split-fucked!

“Stop, baby, stop!” Jack warned.

“Can’t! Can’t!” Faye cried out. It was true. She was completely awash with lust. The convulsions in her cunt were coming regularly now. The mouth of her pussy tightened, released, then tightened up again. Jack gave up trying to drag out his fucking much longer and went into his final lunges. Faye felt the heat of his cock gouging against her cunt-lips and rubbing her clit. Jack was fucking his cock wildly in and out of her pussy now. Faye could actually feel it swelling up and throbbing more desperately as a strange, hot, wet feeling flashed through her cunt and around her stiffened nipples.

“Think I’m going to cum!” Faye moaned out suddenly, throwing her hands up in the air. “CUMMMMINNNNNNNNG!” the blonde cried out now, bringing down her hands and digging her fingernails into Jack’s hunching back.

“Blow it away, baby! Shoot off!” Jack growled, bending down and clamping his thick, sensuous lips on her mouth. Faye cried out into his throat, raking his back with her nails as the first orgasmic spasms rolled throughout her pussy. It was a long, itchy, achy contraction that was as painful as it was agonizingly delicious. It shot through her box, then radiated up to her sputtering nipples. At the same time, Faye could feel something hot and wet suddenly spraying into her pussy. It was Jack’s hot cum, wadding up into thick balls of spunk and dumping down into her sucking, cumming snatch!

“Cum! Cummmmmm,” Faye cried out, tearing her mouth away from Jack’s and crying out those words as she felt herself drifting away from the jet. She was flying higher than the 747, contracting and whimpering and begging and fucking as Jack dumped the final loads of his hot cum into her welcoming, stretched pussy.


“Ohhhh,” Faye moaned, feeling a delicious warm glow spreading over her box and titties. Jack was still kissing her neck and face, tickling her titties with his fingers while he hunched down with his powerful thighs and churned his softening dick around in Faye’s squishy, cum-filled twat.

“Told you you’d like it,” Jack said, raising his head and gazing softly down into Faye’s eyes. The blonde sighed happily and smiled weakly. It had felt so good to be fucked like that! Why hadn’t she? Then the reason flashed suddenly across her mind. Her uncle! That filthy, foul-mouthed man who’d raped her in the barn ten years ago. It was a horrible, humiliating experience that nearly taken her life. And now she was flying from New York to the West Coast to see him again!

“Something wrong, babe?” Jack asked, noticing her smile slowly fading into a frown.

“Uh? No, just thinking,” Faye said, forcing the unpleasant thoughts out of her mind.

“Hope it wasn’t about me,” Jack said, kissing her lightly on the lips, then hunching back and dragging his long, flaccid dick out of her slackening pussy.

“Ohhhh!” Faye cried out as she felt his big cock-head slip out from between her snatch-lips. It had felt so good to have a man’s dick stuffed in her. She suddenly felt so empty now.

“We’d better get dressed,” Jack said, glancing down at his wristwatch as he scrambled to his feet and pulled his trousers off the seat. “We’ll be landing in a half hour. The stews usually come around to check to make sure everybody’s belted in.”

“Will we have a chance to get together again?” Faye suddenly blurted out as she staggered to her feet and looked around for her panties.

“Can’t get enough of me, huh?” Jack asked, laughing as he playfully slapped her on the ass. “Sure. I’ll give you a business card. Say, where are you gonna be staying?” he asked, pulling on his shirt.

“Out at my aunt and uncle’s ranch in Mann County. It used to be a farm. But now they raise horses and sell them to riding schools. In fact, that’s why I’m out here,” Faye admitted a little sullenly as she stepped into her panties and pulled them up over her creamy thighs.

“To learn how to ride? I thought you did pretty well myself,” Jack said as he buttoned up his shirt and reached down for his tie.

“No. My aunt’s terribly ill, and she wanted to see me right away. I think she’s going to will the place to me instead of to my uncle. You see, it’s really hers,” Faye said as she zipped up her skirt and started to pull on her blouse.

“But if they’re married, you might have a hell of a lot of trouble in court. I might be able to help you there, baby. You see, I’m a lawyer. We work on divorce and probate all the time,” Jack said, pulling on his vest, then reaching back for his wallet.

“I might need that help. My uncle’s really not my uncle. I mean, he’s my aunt’s second husband, and it’s a marriage that didn’t turn out to be made in heaven, if you know what I mean,” Faye said sourly, surprised that she was talking so openly about all this to an almost perfect stranger.

“Here it is,” Jack said, puffing out a rectangular white card from his billfold and handing it to Faye.

“Hmmmm, you’ve got an office on New Montgomery Street. Business must be good, counselor,” Faye said, smiling at him as she read the gold embossed business card.

“Not bad. People always dying and getting divorced in California,” Jack said as he finished dressing. Faye reached up and smoothed down her long, silky blonde hair, then stepped in front of him as she was about to climb down the spiral stairway to the first-class cabin.

“Hey, wait a second,” Jack said, putting his arms tightly around her waist and drawing her back into him. Faye felt her pussy flutter teasingly as the big man’s crotch bumped against her rounded ass-cheeks. “Don’t I get a goodbye kiss?”

“After all that, you want a kiss too?” Faye asked, laughing lightly as she turned around and slipped her hands around Jack’s back. Her lips parted as she saw him bending down. The blonde moaned with ecstasy as she felt his thick tongue drive between her teeth and push down over her tongue toward the opening of her throat. Spittle sloshed back and forth as the two of them rubbed their heating bodies together.

“Uh, excuse me, but the captain’s turned on the safety-belt and no-smoking signs. We’re about to land at San Francisco International,” a stewardess said a little embarrassedly from the top of the stairway.

Faye broke away from Jack immediately and spun around, feeling a hot flush of shame redden her cheeks. She thanked the girl and started to walk down the stairs, ignoring the curious stare of the stew as she sniffed the air and picked up the distinct odor of stale cum and cunt juice.

“That was humiliating!” Faye said under her breath as the two of them took their seats and buckled in.

“What? What the girl said?” Jack said, smiling broadly at the stew as she passed by and winked at him.

“It’s not so much what she said. I know she knows,” Faye grumbled as she saw the runway suddenly appear under the 747.

“We’re all adults around here. Don’t be so uptight, baby,” Jack said, reaching over and patting her right knee lightly with his hand as they touched down.

Faye didn’t say anything during the landing and taxiing to the terminal. Her mind was growing more occupied with her uncle. She’d phoned her Aunt Helen and told her not to tell the man she was coming. Faye didn’t want him knowing anything about her arrival until the last possible minute.

“We’re here,” Jack finally said, getting up and helping Faye out of her seat as the crew announced tat they could leave the craft.

“I’ll call you if I have any trouble,” Faye said almost mechanically as she walked toward the exit of the cabin.

“Call me for any kind of trouble,” Jack said, reaching forward and giving her butt-cheeks a little squeeze before they moved down toward the door.

Faye ignored the mocking stare of the stewardess and walked briskly to the baggage claim area. Jack kept talking to her, trying to get a definite date when he could see her again. But this was the wrong time to be asking that kind of question. Right now her mind was on Aunt Helen and Uncle Al — Uncle Al, that animal who had raped her three times that one July night and dammed up her sex life for ten years after that!

“There it is,” Faye said, pointing to a large blue suitcase that just slid onto the carousel.

“Got it,” Jack said, pulling it off. “Now, where to?”

“What about your bags?” Faye asked.

“Don’t have any. I keep a place in New York as well as San Francisco. I do a lot of business in both cities. Too much trouble carrying bags back and forth,” Jack said, as Faye walked toward a rent-a-car counter.

“Of course,” Faye said, impressed with Jack’s obvious success in life. Well, maybe she’d have similar success. Up to now, she hadn’t done all that well. Graduating from Cornell University with a teaching credential, Faye had floated from one part-time teaching job to another. When her aunt phoned and told her that she was going to leave her the ranch in a will and in fact wanted Faye to come out now and start taking it over bit by bit, the woman was ecstatic. She didn’t much like thinking about Aunt Helen dying. But the possibility of taking over a business like that — and of giving Uncle Al the shaft she’d been dying to slip him for all these years thrilled her beyond belief.

“How about next Monday?” Jack asked as Faye picked up the keys to her car and started walking toward the terminal exit doors.

“I don’t know, Jack. I really don’t. But I do want to see you again,” Faye said, smiling gently as she reached out and took her suitcase from Jack’s hand. “It’s alright. It’s not that heavy, and I can walk myself to the car. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now. Once I get that straightened out, I’ll give you a call.”

“Have to wait, eh?” Jack said, holding the door open for her.

“Sorry, but them’s the rules,” Faye said, turning back and waving as she headed for the brightly lit parking lot. Tossing her suitcase in the rear seat, Faye climbed into the car and started it up.

As she pulled out of the lot and onto the freeway that would take her across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Mann County, the blonde started thinking about that horrible night ten years ago. It had started innocently enough. She was staying with her uncle and aunt for the summer while her parents were off on a vacation in Mexico. And while Uncle Al seemed to look at her with other than fatherly eyes, he seemed kind and considerate enough, even if he wasn’t her real uncle.

Then one night it all changed horribly in a few seconds. Aunt Helen was sick and couldn’t cook. Faye had offered to prepare a meal for her uncle, who’d just gotten back from the railroad yards. They were then in the process of converting their farm into the stud horse ranch. After dinner, Uncle Al had invited Faye to accompany him to the barn. He wanted to show her the new stables he’d constructed for the horses and some other equipment he had. Faye couldn’t see anything wrong with the suggestion, and hurriedly finished washing the dishes.

Wiping her wet hands on her jeans, the young girl practically skipped out to the barn. It was late at night — about eleven o’clock — when the two of them entered the dark, musky-smelling building.

Faye thought it was strange that Uncle Al didn’t flick on the lights as soon as she stepped in. It didn’t take her long to figure out the reason why. That slamming barn door still echoed in Faye’s ears. She remembered how she wheeled around when she realized that she was trapped in that barn. The young girl just was barely able to make out her uncle’s silhouette as he started coming for her. Faye pleaded with him not to hurt her. But he just laughed, gripping both of her arms tightly and forcing her into a pile of hay next to a newly constructed stall.

The smell of fresh cut wood, stale hay and horse piss and shit filled her nose as her uncle crawled on top of her struggling body. She fought him with every ounce of strength she had. But he was too powerful. With quick, jerking movements he ripped open her blouse and tore off her bra, clamping his lips on her titties and sucking that spongy flesh. She screamed, and was rewarded for that with a loud slap across her face. That open-handed punch dazed her. For a while, all she could feel was something hot and wet lapping at her titties. Then there was that horrible, ripping-like sound of her zipper being forced down. Faye remembered hunching down her ass, trying to keep her jeans on as Al pulled down on the opened Levi’s. It was hopeless. He peeled off the pants and threw them into the corner. Before she knew it she had her legs in the air, resting on her uncle’s shoulders as he reached down and unzipped her fly.

“Oh God!” Faye cried out in the car, almost driving off the road as she approached the Golden Gate and remembered her uncle’s cock. It was long and skinny, looking like a knife of some kind sticking out of his pants. She pleaded with him not to fuck her. She was still a virgin!

But her uncle just laughed and pinned her down tightly with his big body. His rancid breath filled her nostrils as he hunched forward, digging his dick-head into the virgin folds of her pussy. The pain was agonizing. Her snatch membranes were pulled open for the first time by a dick, stretching wide into a tunnel as Uncle Al hunched and hunched.

The rest of the incident was still a blur for the blonde. She remembered the awful pain of her cherry bursting; the feeling of blood trickling out of her pussy as her uncle ignored her cries and pleas and fucked himself into a hot cum. Then, when she tried to crawl away from the exhausted man, he grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over on her belly. Faye remembered sobbing and begging with him to stop as he crawled on top of her and dug his fingers in her shitter. It took her uncle a while to get his dick stiff. But once he did, the man was plowing it into her virgin shitter, making Faye shriek that he was ripping her body apart. While he grunted, sweated, and thrust his stiff cock into her ass, the girl groaned with pain as pieces of stiff hay crunched into her stretched, bloody pussy. Then there were those terrible grunts of satisfaction as he fired another load into her stretched shitter.

When Faye tried to crawl away a second time, Uncle Al rolled her over again, finishing her off with a second fuck to her bloodied cunt. After it was over, he climbed off the sobbing, violated girl and fell asleep at the bottom of the pile of hay. Faye remembered lying there for what seemed like hours, trying to decide if she should tell her aunt or her parents. They’d never believe her. They’d figure, if anything, that she tried to seduce her own uncle and he’d merely given in. Ever since her folks caught her petting heavily with the student body vice-president, they were suspicious of every move she made.

Finally Faye decided not to say a word. She stifled her sobs and crawled off the pile of hay quietly, careful not to wake up her snoring uncle. She found her bra, shirt and jeans and gathered them up in her trembling arms. She wanted to get out of the barn as fast as she could.

“Oh God!” Faye said out loud as she felt her skin crawling with revulsion and disgust. She remembered staggering across the moonlit barn yard with her tattered clothes in her hands. Her cunt ached; her tits were sore from all that pulling and scraping; her legs were streaked with cum and dried blood. She walked into the darkened house and felt like screaming. Nothing seemed different from the time when she walked out of the kitchen with her Uncle Al. But in reality everything had changed. That night Faye Madden had lost her innocence. She’d been brutally fucked three times by her own uncle, right under his wife’s nose. The horror of what happened finally crushed the young girl to the floor. Everything spun wildly inside her head. She didn’t know how long she’d knelt in the middle of the living room with her clothes still clutched in her trembling hands. Suddenly she heard dragging sounds outside and knew that her uncle had woken up and was coming into the house. The girl shot up and ran through the living room, feeling her heart beat wildly against her ribs as she heard the front door squeak open.

“Faye,” he called out sleepily.

The young girl crouched on the first step of the long stairway in terror. Would he fuck her again if he found her? Even though she was in her aunt’s house and her aunt was sleeping just above her, Faye didn’t put anything past that animal.

“Faye?” he called out again, stumbling past the cringing girl and staggering blindly into the kitchen.

When she was sure that he couldn’t see her, Faye shot up the stairs and ran into her room, shutting the door as quietly as she could and bolting it tight. She leaned against the closed door and shut her eyes, panting heavily as her hands dropped limply to her sides.

“Ohhhh,” the girl moaned, feeling safe for the first time. The aching in her pussy was nothing compared to her sense of disgust and horror that filled her head. Her fingers curled into two tight little fists as she swore from that moment on that no man would touch her. No man!

“No man,” Faye said to herself, laughing lightly as she cruised over the Golden Gate Bridge and drove into Mann County. Well, she hadn’t ever planned on meeting a stud like Jack Moore. Wasn’t it Robert Burns who said something about the best-laid plans? Well, it didn’t matter. For ten years she’d fought men and now she found out she’d actually been fighting herself. Jack had showed her that. Now, all she had to do was get through the next few days at her aunt’s ranch. Then she could leave all that hate and ugliness behind her and start remaking her life with Jack.

Mill Valley, Faye read as she turned off the freeway and drove down the dark, winding road toward her aunt’s ranch. She felt her pulse quicken as the car shot past familiar old landmarks. At night, under the glare of the headlights, those landmarks took on a grotesque flavor. There it is. Get yourself together, girl, Faye said to herself as she spotted the big sign spanning the entrance road to her aunt’s ranch. Bar-G Ranch the sign stated. Faye inhaled sharply as she turned the wheel and pulled into the entrance of the horse ranch. It was a good mile drive up the pitch-black road to the cluster of buildings that made up the main ranch area. The eucalyptus trees hung threateningly over the road, swaying in the light breeze as he car sped on through the night. There was something wrong. Faye could feel it as she headed down the road. As soon as she turned in, she felt a kind of heavy sickness crushing down on her.

“Thank God!” Faye said out loud in relief as she rounded a curve and saw the bright lights of the main ranch house. She could never understand why her Aunt Helen had bought this place right after her first husband died. She’d always been a horsewoman. Born and raised in Montana, Helen Pohl knew horses better than she knew people.

But she never was a businesswoman. She knew how to raise and breed homes. But when it came down to the dollars and cents of the operations, Helen was adrift; it didn’t take her too long to run through the money from her first husband’s insurance policy. Faye remembered her mother and father talking about “poor Helen” and how she’d have to sell the business. Then came Al, the marriage, and business success.

Some success, Faye thought wryly as she drove into the courtyard of the ranch and stopped the car. Turning off the lights, the blonde inhaled sharply and mustered up all the courage she could as she stepped out of the car and got ready to meet the man who’d raped her three times ten years ago.


“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out in a nervous voice as she slammed the car door behind her and started walking toward the two-story wood-frame ranch house. The blond could see that the lights were on in the living room, kitchen, and one upstairs bedroom. But there wasn’t a sound coming from the house, or from any other part of the ranch for that matter. It sounded incredibly quiet to Faye.

“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out again.

“She ain’t here right now,” a voice thundered out from behind her.

“Oh!” Faye cried out, feeling her skin crawl with terror as she wheeled around to see who was behind her. It was Uncle Al!

“Wh-where is she?” Faye stammered, trying to keep herself under control as her uncle slowly walked out of the shadows into the soft glow of light that flooded out from the house into the courtyard.

“Off to Oakland for a spell. Said she had something to do for the church social tomorrow night. Your aunt’s always got something to do for the church social,” Al said mockingly as he stopped about eight feet in front of Faye.

“Well, I’ll just take my bags in and wait for her,” the blonde said, turning around and walking back to her car. She tried to keep from running as it dawned on her that Al and she were alone one more time. Of course she was older, and the man might have changed. But from the sneer he had on his face while he talked to her and the way he seemed to be mentally undressing her, Faye doubted if that was true.

“She just told me you were coming this morning,” Al said as Faye walked past him and started up the tiny wooden stairway to the porch. “You’ve got your old bedroom,” Al called out as the blonde opened the screen door and stepped into the living room.

“Thanks,” Faye said as she sighed in relief. At least she felt safer in the house.

“And when you’re ready, you can come in the barn. I’ve got some things I can show you,” Al blurted out, laughing loudly as he swaggered away from the house.

“Oh!” Faye cried out loud. She felt her heart skip a beat when her uncle said those words. It was almost the same phrase he used ten years ago! The blonde wanted to slam the door shut and lock it until her aunt came. But this was Al’s home too. All she could do was barricade herself in the bedroom and wait.

Faye ran upstairs and down the hall toward the bedroom. Her uncle’s sarcastic laughter still rang in her ears as she flipped on the lights of her bedroom and dropped her suitcase to the floor. A flood of unpleasant memories swept over her as she looked at the bed and dresser. Nothing had changed. The furniture all looked as it did ten years ago. And Al hadn’t changed either.

“Like it? I cleaned it up this morning,” Al said behind her.

“OHH!” Faye cried out again. She thought he’d walked back to the barn. He must have followed her silently into the house after she started up the stairway to the second floor. That only meant that Al was up to no good. “Thank you,” she said, fighting down the urge to scream down the walls.

“You’ve sure grown up since the last time I saw you,” he said, standing with his fat legs spread widely apart and his big, hairy arms crossed over his chest.

“Well, if you don’t mind, Al, I’ve got to change,” Faye said as she started to close the door on her uncle.

“You don’t have to be so formal with me, Faye. You forget we shared a lot one night a long time ago,” Al said leering at her.

“You filthy pig!” Faye blurted out as she flushed a deep shade of red. She suddenly felt dirty and shamed in front of this grinning, sneering man. Al had gained about twenty pounds in the past ten years and lost a good deal of his curly black hair. But otherwise he was the same — the same ugly, scarred round face, the same beady brown eyes, and the same crooked smile that made her want to take a bath every time he flashed it at her.

“Oh baby, you wanted that fucking as bad as I needed it,” Al said, dropping his hands to his sides and starting to walk into the bedroom. Faye felt a hot flash of panic rip through her body as she stepped back. Was he going to try the same thing tonight he did ten years ago? And this time, it was going to be right in her aunt’s own home!

“Leave me alone, Al. I don’t want you. Leave me alone!” Faye said, her eyes widening in terror as she watched him reach down to his crotch and start squeezing a noticeable bulge between his legs.

“That’s what all you broads say: ‘Leave me alone’,” Al said in a mocking, high-pitched voice. “But you all want that cock-meat bad.”

“My God! You’re disgusting!” Faye cried out as she looked around for anything near her she could use to defend herself against the approaching man.

Al just grinned and ran his fingers through the balding mop of his hair. Then suddenly he lurched forward with the speed of a striking rattlesnake. Before she knew it, Faye was pinned against the wall and fighting the urge to vomit as Al slid his greasy lips up and down her neck.

“OHHH. NOOO, NOOOOO!” Faye shrieked out, suddenly racked by a series of dry heaves that churned her stomach. It was happening again! That filthy old man was going to pounce on her like he did that July night!

“UHHHH! Gonna fuck the shit out of you,” Al grunted, raising his hands until they were milking her big spongy tits. He fumbled with her blouse, trying to rip it open while Faye fought to get control of herself. Just as Al ripped the front of her blouse open, Faye reached up and dug her fingernails hard into the fat man’s forehead.

“ARRRGH!” he cried out as the blonde raked them hard down his cheeks to his chin.

“That’s what you get, you filthy bastard!” Faye cried as she backed away from the howling man.

He was covering his face and screaming while he staggered around the tiny bedroom. Faye took a chance and made a break for it, squeezing around Al and heading for the doorway.

“You bitch!” Al cried out, reaching out with his right hand and curling his fingers around her streaming blonde hair. He yanked it back and forced the screaming woman to her knees. “Think you can do something like that and get away with it?” Al growled as he looked hellishly at her. Blood streamed down his chin and dripped to the floor as fire flamed in his eyes.

“God only knows you asked for it,” Faye said, too angry to be frightened now.

“Bitch!” Al growled again, raising his right hand and bringing it down hard across the right side of her face before Faye could duck.

“Ugh!” she cried out as the force of the blow knocked her semiconscious to the floor. Faye tried to force herself to full consciousness as she felt her uncle pick her up under the arms and drag her out of the bedroom.

“You’re gonna pay. You’re gonna pay real hard,” Al kept grunting as he pulled her down the stairway, through the living room and out into the cool night air.

“Where… where?” Faye asked dazedly as she felt her feet scraping across the loose gravel.

“Back in the old barn. But this time I’ve got some new surprises for you,” Al said, chuckling evilly to himself.

Faye didn’t have to wait too long to see what these surprises were. When Al kicked open the barn door, a flood of light nearly blinded her. He twisted his body to the left, then spun to the right and let her go, sending the blonde spinning into the brightly lit barn.

“Ohhhhh!” Faye cried out as she stumbled forward, then lost her footing and crashed into the foul-smelling dirt floor.

“Juan! Mike! Get out here!” Al shouted as he stepped into the big room and closed the door behind him.

Faye pulled her legs under her ass and folded her arms tightly across her tits as she saw two tall, muscular ranch hands walk out from somewhere in the barn into the main room.

“We were in the back with that new mare. She’s having problems with…” Juan started to say. He was big, broad-shouldered, and ruggedly handsome, with a bushy black mustache that seemed to cover half his face.

“Never mind about that! I brought us a little entertainment,” Al said, grinning at Faye.

“What does she do?” Mike asked as he noticed Faye crouching on the floor.

“Get out Spike and I’ll show you what she’s gonna do,” Al said, winking slyly at Juan.

Faye watched curiously as the two hands grinned sheepishly at each other, then broke out laughing as Juan turned around and ran back into the barn.

“You gonna strip, or are we gonna have to rip those clothes off you one piece at a time?” Al said slowly.

“You filthy bastards! You… you animals!” Faye hissed out at them.

“She’s lively!” Mike said, laughing loudly as he stepped up to her and reached down to rip off her blouse.

“Get away!” Faye cried out, slashing at his face with her razor-sharp nails.

“Whew! A fighter too!” Mike cried, backing off and just missing being cut. He grabbed her wrists tightly with his fingers and twisted them down, making the blonde groan, then cry out with pain.

“AHHHH!” Faye groaned, her face turning red as tears sprang to her eyes.

“I think she’s gonna behave now,” Mike said, still twisting her wrists as he kneeled down and forced her down onto the ground. Faye felt all the fighting spirit drain out of her with that painful attack. The big blond ranch hand pinned her to the dirt, still gripping her wrists tightly with his fingers as his legs pressed hers down. She couldn’t move one inch as Mike started kissing her neck.

“She likes it in the ass!” Al grunted as Mike let go of one hand and slipped his fingers under Faye’s back. He unfastened the blonde’s bra, pulling if off and throwing it to Al.

“Please, don’t do this to me!” Faye cried out as she felt the big man’s hands crawl up to her bare titties and start milking them. He pulled and yanked at the sensitive flesh, sending bolts of pain trough her body while he ground his crotch against Faye’s groin. She tried to keep from crying out. The blonde suspected that showing pain was something that these men really enjoyed. But when Mike took her nipples and pinched them hard between his forefingers and thumbs, Faye couldn’t keep quiet.

“AHHHHH! NOOOOO!” she cried out in a high-pitched wail, thrashing as best she could under Mike’s heavy, muscular weight.

“That’s what I like,” Mike growled as he let go of her titties. He started to crawl back and get up, making Faye think that he was through with her. Just as the blonde was about to sigh in relief, she felt his hands clamp down hard on her thighs. He flipped her around like a pancake, pressing down on the small of her back with his right knee while he curled his fingers around the hem of her skirt and yanked it up.

“Oh no! NOOOO!” Faye cried out as she felt his big hands roam freely over her plump, rounded ass-cheeks. He was slowly pulling down her sheer pink silk panties, tugging at the tight elastic waistband as Faye kept on begging him to leave her alone.

“Likes ass-fucking, eh? Not too many broads like it that way. Say it makes ’em feel like shit!” Mike said, laughing as he finally tugged Faye’s panties down to a position just below her ass. Mike moved quickly, crawling between her legs and spreading them far apart while he reached down and unzipped his fly.

“NOOO! NOO!” Faye screamed when she felt something big, fat and hot press against her right butt. Suddenly, all the horror of that night ten years ago came back to mingle with the terror of this night, almost driving the moaning blonde insane with fear.

“Feel that, babe? It’s gonna ram your shitter,” Mike said as he lubed up his seven-inch, thick rod with the cum that oozed freely from his cock-slit.

“Hey, you talk too much. Get goin’ with her before Juan comes back with Spike,” Al growled.

Mike grunted, reaching down and cupping his palms over Faye’s full, rounded butt-cheeks. He felt her skin immediately pucker up into gooseflesh as he stroked her soft, downy ass-skin. Faye had given up struggling, and she waited for that first, ripping plunge of cock into her bowels.

“Ummm, good and tight,” Mike said, digging his big fingers into the tight, hot crevice that ran between Faye’s smooth butt-cheeks. The blonde dragged her right hand across the floor and shoved her fingers into her mouth. She bit down hard, trying to keep from whimpering with disgust as the big blond ranch hand trailed his fingers up and down the narrow valley. Faye groaned loudly, biting down on her fingers as she felt Mike circling closer and closer to the wrinkled brown skin surrounding her shitter. Chills of revulsion and fear rippled up and down her spine when the big man dragged his fingertip across the wrinkled shit-hole skin, stopping when it slid across the tiny hole. Faye held her breath. She knew what was coming. He was going to dig that digit into her.

“AHHHHH, OHHHHH!” she cried out as she felt Mike’s finger slide into her shit chute. It dug down past the second joint, wriggling around inside her bowels and scraping the delicate, slick walls of her ass. Then there came a second finger, stretching the tiny hole even further. When the third jammed into the slick shit tunnel, Faye couldn’t keep quiet any more.

“AHHHH! STOP! STOP IT!” she cried, pulling her hand out of her mouth and beating the dirt floor with her tightly clenched fists.

“Sure. I’ll take ’em out,” Mike said, yanking his fingers out with a loud, squishy pop.

“OHHHHH!” Faye cried, relieved that that painful stretching sensation was finally gone. But the blonde had barely enough time to catch her breath before Mike was in her again. This time he was hunched over her prone body, towering over her while his dong jerked teasingly against her puckered asshole.

“Get ready, babe, I’m gonna dry-fuck your ass,” Mike growled. He couldn’t wait any longer. The big man aimed his throbbing dick-shaft carefully above Faye’s twitching asshole, then rammed it down with all the power he could muster in his muscular thighs.

At first Faye felt only the pressure of his fat, drooling cock-head pressing hard against her shit-hole. Then there was a bolt of jagged pain as Mike’s bulbous knob pushed steadily into her shitter. Her eyes opened wide in terrified pain as her jaw slackened. The blonde wanted to scream, but all the breath seemed to have been pressed and squeezed out of her. She gasped out, then fought to get back her breath as the flanged tip of Mike’s prick-head finally slid past her tightly clenching ass-ring and sank further and further into her bowels.

“FUCK! She’s like fuckin’ a keyhole!” Mike grunted as he drew back slightly, then hunched forward again.

Faye felt herself being ripped apart. Her belly ached along with her ass. Finally she was able to scream out the agony that was tearing her body to pieces.

“AHHHHH! NOOO! ARRRGHHHHH! WAWWWWWHHHHHH!” the blonde cried out. She rolled her face in the dirt, digging her fingertips into the loose soil and clawing the ground as the pain increased with each inch of hot dick-meat Mike slipped and pushed into her tight ass. This was worse than the night with Al. At least her uncle didn’t have that big a cock to fuck her with. Mike seemed to have a barber pole dangling between his legs!

“Uhhh,” Mike groaned as more and more of his throbbing, thick-veined dick sank into Faye’s asshole. The blonde moaned and whimpered. She swore she could feel every rope-like vein in his dick-shaft as it slid past her shitter-ring. Gradually, her sphincter muscle relaxed and Faye could take more of the big man’s cock up her ass with less pain. But she never felt any pleasure. She was too terrified and too humiliated to enjoy it. At best, Faye endured the screwing. She tried not to think of Mike grunting, sweating and hunching behind her while her uncle stood only a few feet away and grinned at the scene.

Think of anything — Jack, anything, Faye said to herself as she finally felt the thick root of Mike’s dick press hard against her ass-hole. One ball, and then the other slipped down and pressed against her butt-cheeks. He was all the way in! Faye gasped out in horrified surprise when she realized that his big dick was speared completely into her bowels, throbbing and jerking against the slick, sensitive walls of her shitter. It was like being impaled with a soldier’s spear! The blonde was afraid to move, fearing that any motion would break her body in two.

“Whew! Can lose my rocks right now!” Mike grunted as he rested for a few seconds. Sweat rolled off his face and splashed down onto Faye’s neck as he hunched down slightly, then rotated his big ass around in tiny circles, churning his dick around and around in her gut.

“OHHH!” Faye cried out in anger, fear and pain.

“Let’s get it over with!” Al said impatiently, getting a little tired of this act.

“Shit! I just got started!” Mike growled as he pressed his hands down on either side of Faye’s shaking shoulders and hunched his big hips up. The blonde shook from the hot shivers her asshole gave off as Mike’s dick slowly slid out of her shitter.

“MMMMMM!” Faye groaned, clawing at the dirt floor as she felt the big man’s fat dick-meat about to slip out of her shit-chute.

“Yeah!” Mike hissed between his clenched teeth as he hunched down, forcing his cock-shaft back into her gut with a sloppy, squishy sound. Then he repeated it — in and out, up and down until he was pounding her violated ass like a drill.

“OHH! OHHH! OHHH! OHHHHHH!” Faye cried out with each down-stroke. She could hear Mike’s big, fat balls slapping noisily against her upturned ass-cheeks as his groans and grunts filled the room. From the increasing frenzy of his ass-fucking and his, shallow breathing, Faye knew that he was about to unload his hot spunk into her bowels. She closed her eyes tightly and clenched her teeth as that realization almost made her retch.

“NOW! AHHHH, SHITTTT!” Mike cried out as he arched his body and dug down with his trembling dick. Then he fell on top of the groaning blonde, digging his big hands into her sides while wad after wad of sticky, white-hot jizz sprayed out of his fat prick-head and splashed down into Faye’s churning bowels.

“OHHH! OHHHH!” the woman cried, feeling the thick cum scalding the slick sides of her shitter.

Faye sucked in a ragged breath as the man on top of her crushed her into the dirt floor. His legs jerked on top of hers; his knees dug down into her tender flesh; his fingers pressed against her ribs until she thought he was going to break them, while his chest pounded against her back, forcing her bare titties to rub agonizingly across the floor of the barn. Mike jerked and twitched for what seemed like hours, crying and groaning into Faye’s ears as his cock dumped what must have been quarts of his hot jizz into her gut.

Finally, the man sighed and collapsed on top of her.

“Ohhh,” Faye groaned, feeling filthy and contaminated. She wondered what her uncle had in store for her next. Knowing Al, he was working up to one hell of a climax.


“You got ‘im?” Al called out as Juan walked back into the main area of the barn.

Faye didn’t notice anything at first. Mike had yanked his flaccid rod out of her aching shutter just a few seconds ago. The blonde just wanted to lay on the ground quietly and catch her breath. The hot, rubbing sensation from the ranch-hand’s dick still burned her shit-hole, and her gut was still churning and rumbling from the violent assault it had just endured.

“You bet. Here, boy,” Juan said, turning around and hunching down while he clapped both his hands between his knees.

“Good ol’ Spike’ll give us a hot show. Remember those two Chicana girls he fucked last week? Shit, they wouldn’t let him go,” Al said, putting his fists on his hips and laughing at the memory.

“Those girls work with fuckin’ dogs all day down in Tijuana. This one, I’m not sure about,” Juan said as he looked at Faye.

The blonde slowly began to realize that the men were talking about and looking at her. She raised her head and brushed some strands of blonde hair away from her eyes. What she saw terrified her. Juan was kneeling some ten feet in front of her, stroking the thick, muscular, furry neck of a big gray and white German shepherd! The girls! Dog show in Tijuana! It all added up to one thing. They were going to force her to have sex with that animal!

“No you don’t!” Faye grunted as she scrambled to her feet and ran toward the closed barn door. She was staggering, losing her footing on the uneven ground as she heard the big dog barking excitedly. Her brain buzzed and spun crazily around in her head as she felt the cold, iron handle on the door with her fingers. Just a few more seconds and she’d be free!

“Not yet!” Al growled, grabbing her right arm and pulling her back as she tugged and yanked wildly at the big, locked door.

“Noooo!” Faye groaned as Al spun her to the ground. Her panties were still wrapped around her knees as she crashed to the floor. Both Al and Mike were on top of her in a flash, holding her still as best they could while they tried to unzip her skirt.

“Keep it quiet, bitch, or you’ll really have something to scream about,” Al said as he reached down and tore open her zipper. Faye shrieked as she felt the loose-fitting material slip down to the floor. Al peeled off her panties, then helped Mike drag her over to the panting shepherd.

“No! No!” the blonde moaned, twisting her shaking body around as she tried to break free of Mike’s and Al’s fierce grips. Her skin crawled with terror as she watched the big dog pant heavily. He was staring hotly as her bushy snatch, growling with excitement. A long string of drool started oozing out from his black, fleshy lips.

“Old Spike’s really turned on to you, babe,” Al said, as Juan continued to stroke the German shepherd’s neck. Faye felt her cuntal muscles contract as she saw the hair on Spike’s back bristle with lust. His powerful legs trembled with excitement as the growl deep in his throat got louder and louder. Her ears rang with the men’s laughter and the animal’s sounds.

“Think she can work him up?” Juan asked.

“Work him…?” Al started to ask.

“You know. Blow him,” the Mexican said, grinning foolishly at the blonde while his hands traveled down from Spike’s neck to his underbelly. Faye watched in fascinated honor as Juan scratched the big dog’s furry belly, moving back slowly to his sheathed dick. The dog’s growl turned into a high-pitched whine when the Mexican bumped his wrist against Spike’s dick.

“Wooo! Old Spike’s ready to go,” Juan said, moving his hand away from the throbbing dick. Faye’s eyes widened as she saw something red and pointed slowly sliding out of the furry sheath. It was Spike’s pointed cock-head, poking its way out into the air as the German shepherd got more excited.

“Come on, baby. Get down and start suckin’ that dick,” Al grunted, pulling Faye down to the floor. As she sank reluctantly to her knees, the struggling blonde kept protesting and begging them to let her go. She couldn’t imagine sucking a dog’s dick! It was too revolting! She couldn’t put her lips around that German shepherd’s knobby prong and suck him off!

“P-please. Don’t,” Faye moaned as Mike pinned her arms behind her back. She was kneeling in front of the big dog now, crouched slightly forward as Al signaled Juan to move the shepherd forward. She could feel the weight of her big boobs pulling at her chest as they hung out from her angled body. Suddenly Spike leaned forward and opened his mouth, sticking out his long, pink tongue and lapping at her tit-tips. Faye felt a shudder of revulsion shoot through her body as the shepherd slathered down her nipples with a thick layer of doggie spit.

“Hey, maybe he wants some milk. Think you can nurse him?” Al said, making the other two men howl with laughter. Faye ignored the big man’s taunts as she tried to pull back away from Spike. But Al and Mike held her tightly. The big dog’s tongue sloshed up and down her hanging boobs until those tits glistened with dog spit. Spike lapped hungrily at her dangling titties, growling louder and deeper with lust as Juan kept scratching his soft belly.

“Hey, come on and get her down on the floor,” Juan said impatiently.

Al pushed Faye forward, forcing her flat on the ground as Juan backed the dog up a few feet. Faye tried to kick her uncle in the face. But Mike held down her flailing legs. The two men rolled her over on her back and quickly slid her under the big animal’s legs. Faye looked up and saw Spike’s fully unsheathed cock dancing just inches above her nose. It was long and red. Its tightly stretched, smooth skin revealed a series of bumps and knobs that protruded up and down the full length of the animal’s dick. A tiny, opaque drop of cum hung at the pointed tip of that dick, threatening to let go and splash down on Faye’s cheeks as both Al and Mike urged her to start sucking.

“Come on, honey. You get sucking and swingin’ on that dick, or we’ll be here all night. Your aunt’ll never know what happened to you if you don’t play along,” Al said threateningly.

Faye didn’t know exactly what he meant by that. But she had an idea that he wouldn’t hesitate in doing anything to either of them. Maybe he’d found out about her aunt’s decision to leave everything to her and cut him out of the will. If that was true, this might just be a preliminary action to what he really had in mind for both of them. The will hadn’t been changed yet. If he wanted to, Al could collect on the property now. Of course, that meant doing away with both Helen and Faye. If that was so, what he was doing now was what a big cat does with its prey when it’s not too hungry — play with the food first!

“Suck it!” Juan said, letting go of the dog and sliding his hands under Faye’s head. He was pushing her face up, shoving her lips against the hot, slick sides of Spike’s dick.

“Ughhhh!” Faye cried out in disgust as the knobby surface of the shepherd’s dick pressed hard against her lips. She realized that she couldn’t fight them. All the blonde could do was play along and hope they’d eventually let her go.

“That’s it, baby. Suck that dick!” Al said as Faye moved her head down a little and opened her mouth. She licked the hanging drop of doggie jizz, thinking that it tasted about the same as a man’s cum.

“Eat that doggie meat,” Al taunted, running his fingers slowly up and down her inner thighs. He dug his fingers into her tender flesh, growing more and more excited as Faye opened her mouth and slowly clamped her full, red lips around Spike’s jerking dong.

“Hey, hold that fuckin’ dog still!” Al growled as the shepherd howled with surprise and delight. Faye slid her mouth back, swallowing the entire knobby length of Spike’s prick until her lips brushed against his tiny fuck sacs.

“Keep goin’, baby,” Mike said, joining Al in fingering her thighs. Then they slid their hands up until they were pulling and dipping into her snatch.

Faye slid her head back until her lips were wrapped around the dog’s slender, pointed dick-head. Spike whimpered and howled as Faye rode back on his cock, feeling her lips move up and down over the lumps while Mike and Al kept on digging into her pussy. She moved her head back and forth faster and faster as Spike started hunching down his hind legs, jabbing his dick into her sucking mouth. Faye groaned, feeling Spike’s smooth cock start to vibrate and swell between her puffed-out cheeks. She could tell that he was close to coming. Faye steeled herself, getting ready for the onrush of dog-cum that would soon be spraying down her throat!

“Pull her away. I wanna see a fuck,” Al grunted. Juan and Mike pushed Faye away from the growling dog. Al moved around and forced her knees under his hips while Juan pulled her arms up, then down. She was in a crouching position, her ass facing the whimpering, growling German shepherd. It was a position she’d seen hundreds of bitches take just before another dog mounted them. But she was a human being! It was wrong and sick to force her to do this horrible thing!

“Up boy, boy!” Juan yelled out behind her.

Faye closed her eyes and clenched her trembling, icy-cold fingers into two tight fists. A hot wave of humiliation washed over her as she prepared herself for her first doggie-fuck.

“Come on!” Juan encouraged the hesitating dog.

Spike looked up at the Mexican, then turned and raised his pointed snout, sniffing the air surrounding Faye’s exposed, bushy box. His ears pricked up when he caught the scent of female juices and he moved forward, pushing his cold nose against Faye’s fat labes.

“UGH!” the blonde groaned as she felt her belly contract sickeningly.

The big dog growled deep in his throat, then pulled back for a second. Slowly he opened his jaws, revealing a long, white row of sharp teeth. His tongue hung out, then slurped up as he started licking Faye’s furry pussy-lips.

“OH! OHHH! OHHHH!” the woman cried out each time she felt his rough tongue sanding across her snatch. Soon she could feel the hot spittle pouring into her fuck hole, mixing with her juices as Spike kept on lapping and licking her pussy.

“Think of it, baby,” Al said, bending down and whispering in her right ear. “Think of it. You’re down here, stripped naked in front of us and gettin’ your fuckin’ pussy licked off by a dog! Think of it!”

The words burned into Faye’s mind like a branding iron. Her uncle was enjoying this immensely. Not only was the sight of a dog lapping up a woman’s cunt turning him on, but the idea that he was publicly degrading his niece was exciting him, too. And there was something happening inside of Faye that she couldn’t explain to herself. She still felt horror at the idea of being lapped up by an animal. Yet the idea that this was being forced on her and that she couldn’t escape from it was easing the disgust that at first tore through her mind. In fact, not only was she enduring the licking, bit by bit she was actually beginning to enjoy it. Faye hated to admit it to herself, but that rough licking was slowly beginning to excite her.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Faye moaned again. But this time the moan had a different tone to it. No longer was she groaning in disgust, in horror, but in reluctant delight. The blonde hung down her head and looked back between her hanging boobs. She watched the muscular shepherd nosing his snout in between her trembling legs, lapping at her thighs before moving back up to her pussy and sticking his tongue into her swampy box. Faye watched his furry balls twitch and jounce nervously between his powerful hindquarters while his long, red, spit-slicked cock-shaft pointed at her exposed cunt-lips.

“Hey, she’s really gettin’ it on!” Mike commented.

“Yeah, just like those two Chicanas we had up here last week,” Al said, leering at Faye as she started hunching involuntarily against Spike’s probing nose. The dog licked her snatch hairs until they were matted and plastered together. Spittle dripped down her thighs and dribbled to the floor as the blonde swayed back and forth and started moaning for more.

“Oh, there, there!” Faye babbled involuntarily as she felt Spike’s tongue shoot across her sputtering, sparking clit. The animal seemed to understand her and concentrated his lapping on that sensitive tiny organ. Faye moaned and hunched, feeling the breath slip out of her lungs as bolts of unspeakable ecstasy rocketed through her sweating, swaying body.

“Christ! She’s gonna shoot off if we don’t get him off her now,” Al said, motioning Juan to pull Spike away.

“Christ! That bastard almost bit me!” the Mexican cried out as Spike turned his head and snapped at him.

“Never fool around with a hot dog,” Mike said, laughing at his pun as Juan slapped the growling dog across the head.

“Jesus! Cut it out and let him fuck her!” Al said impatiently.

At a signal from Juan, Spike barked, then jumped up, wrapping his big paws tightly around Faye’s panting sides.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out, feeling his hot, pointed dick pressing against her sweaty ass-cheeks. The claws of Spike’s front paws scratched her belly and chest while his weight nearly crushed her to the ground. Faye grunted and stiffened her arms as she felt the big dog hunching automatically. His pointed dick-head jabbed without direction for a few minutes. Then he found her exposed pussy.

“You got it boy,” Al said as the big dog lowered his muscular ass and humped forward. He buried the first two inches of his knotty prick with one hard thrust. Faye cried out in surprise, horror and delight. The three feelings swept over her, mingling into some strange new sensation that she couldn’t explain. Part of her wanted to throw up in horror and disgust. Another part of her wanted to cut all restraints and fuck back, sucking as much doggie jizz into her cunt as possible. The two halves battled back and forth in the bucking blonde as Spike continued to drive his spearing dick further into her cunt.

“OHHH!” Faye groaned again, feeling her cunt-juice beginning to ooze from between her snatch-lips. She felt his furry underbelly pressing down on her back and rubbing against her upturned ass. The fur on his sheath tickled the swelling lips of her cunt. And as he kept on humping and hunching his cock-meat into her, Faye came to realize that getting fucked by Spike wasn’t that bad at all.

“Tell him to fuck you, baby. Say it out loud. Say how bad you want him to fuck you,” Al whispered into her ear.

“Yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Faye moaned. Her moans joined with Spike’s growls as she felt his cock pistoning in and out of her musky box. “Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Shit! You really started somethin’,” Juan said, shaking his head back and forth in disbelief as he watched the blonde shaking, bucking and writhing under the big German shepherd’s sexual attack. The barn was filled with the sounds of fucking as both Spike and Faye shot higher and higher toward climax.

“OHH! OHHH! OHHH!” Faye moaned as she squeezed her cuntal muscles together, trapping the dog’s dick inside her hot, fiery pussy for several seconds. Spike whimpered and tried to back out as the pulling sensation sent twitchy thrills rumbling through her pussy. She let go, and the dog resumed his fast fucking. His furry balls bobbed and swung back and forth each time he humped his hindquarters forward and drove his dick into her snatch. Faye could feel that pointed, drooling dick-tip sinking further and further until she thought it was going to spear into her womb.

“CUMM! CUMMMMM!” Faye babbled mindlessly. Her hot pussy suddenly flashed like an exploding star, sending blinding bolts of sexual energy ripping through her belly, tits and brain. At the same time Spike’s dick vibrated furiously inside the blonde’s clutching cunt, threatening to blow its first wad of jizz into the throat of her drooling pussy.

“Shoot, damn you!” Al said to himself as he bent down and waited for the first contraction to ripple through Spike’s cunt-embedded prick.

“AHHHHHWWWWAH!” The sound tore through Faye’s strained throat as her box spasmed suddenly. Her cum was agonizingly slow. A dog’s dick isn’t as thick as a man’s, and couldn’t give her the friction her clit needed for a fast, hard orgasm. Faye hunched down, wriggling her ass back and forth as she tried to rub her stiff clit against the shooting, spraying doggie-cock.

“Wow! Ol’ Spike mustn’t have shot off since those two Mexican girls!” Juan said, watching the thick river of dog jizz flow out from between Faye’s swollen pussy-lips.

The blonde ignored all of them, backing against the dog as she squeezed, then released her cuntal muscles. Her belly rolled with excitement as she squeezed, stroked and massaged Spike’s spraying dick with her slick pussy walls. She held his cock with her cuntal vise while her head bobbed up and down and from side to side in sexual excitement.

Slowly, the spasms weakened. Faye felt herself floating back down to reality.

“Get him off her. The old lady’s gonna be back soon. I don’t want her to know about this… yet,” Al said, glancing down at his watch.

Faye almost collapsed to the floor in exhaustion as Juan pulled the still-growling Spike off her back. Cum leaked out of her sore pussy and trickled down her plump ass-cheeks to her thighs.

“Get up and get out,” Al growled to her as Juan took Spike back outside.

Faye didn’t even want to look at him. She could hear the contempt in his voice. She knew what they were all thinking about her! It was unfair! They were the ones who forced her to do this horrible thing! Yes, she had finally started enjoying it.

But that wasn’t her fault. At least, she didn’t think it was. Or was it? Was there something sick and dark hiding in some corner of her mind that was just waiting for an opportunity like this to leap out and take over her life? She’d never be able to forgive them or herself if this was true!

The blonde staggered to her feet and started for the door. Al ran in front of her, unlocking it and kicking it open. He handed her the torn pile of material that used to be her panties, bra, blouse and skirt.

“You’ll find your shoes out there somewhere,” he growled as Faye shrank past him. “And if you tell your aunt about this…” Al said, not completing the sentence. He didn’t have to. Faye knew that after tonight, her uncle was capable of anything. Anything!


As Faye staggered naked and sobbing into the living room of the house, she realized that this was a replay of what had happened long ago. It was as if her past had come to haunt her. But this time it was worse! Now she could feel dog-jizz leaking out from between her violated pussy-lips and trickling through her spit-slicked cunt-hairs. She had been humiliated, degraded in front of those men by that pig of a human being called her uncle.

Fucked by a dog! Faye thought to herself as she slowly climbed up the stairs. Those words rang like jangling bells in her head. How could she ever face anyone after an experience like that? She could never tell her aunt what had happened. And Jack?

As Faye stumbled into the bathroom and locked the door behind her, she pictured the look of disbelief and honor on the lawyer’s face once he found out what she’d done. No! This was a problem that she’d have to try to solve herself. No one would believe her if she told them what happened. And if they did, she could just picture the smirks and sniggers and…

No! Faye thought to herself as she dropped her tattered clothes to the floor and turned on the shower. As she felt the relaxing warm water splash against her arms, Faye thought she could hear someone on the other side of the bathroom door knocking lightly. If it was her uncle again, coming for a second conquest…

“Faye? Is that you, honey? It’s Aunt Helen. I just got home and saw a strange car in the yard. I thought it might be yours,” a female voice said.

Faye almost felt like sobbing and shrieking at the same time. Her aunt sounded so relaxed and loving. For a second, the blonde almost forgot what happened to her only a few minutes before.

“I’m taking a shower, Aunt Helen. I’m… a little dirty from the trip,” Faye said, shuddering as she looked down and saw the tiny rivulet of dog cum trickling out of her bush of matted, tangled pussy-hairs and trailing down her scratched and clawed thighs.

“Good idea, Faye. I’ll be in my bedroom when you get out,” the woman said, then turned and walked down the hall.

“Oh God!” Faye cried out loud as she stepped into the shower stall and let the hot water cascade over her firm, scratched body. The blonde soaped down her body three times, scrubbing her pussy-lips so hard that they ached under her attack. She had to cleanse herself of that filthy act she’d been forced to commit minutes ago. Her mind reeled as she scrubbed and scrubbed the violated portions of her body with the washcloth, rinsing down, then soaping one more time.

Finally Faye turned off the shower, stepping out of the stall and reaching for a bath towel. As she dried herself, Faye managed to calm herself down and started thinking more about her aunt and why she wanted to see her. What must their marriage be like lately? Al didn’t seem better — he was worse! Had he forced her aunt to do anything… like that? Helen was a strong woman. But she wouldn’t have a chance if Al got his men to help him. And if he knew that she was cutting him off without a cent!

Faye shuddered as she put the towel back on the rack and opened the door cautiously. She didn’t want to step out into the hall naked and run into Al. He’d fuck her right there.

Good! The blonde said to herself as she saw the long hallway was empty. There was a stream of bright light coming from under her aunt’s bedroom door, but the rest of the hall was dark. Faye tip-toed to her bedroom, carrying her torn and filthy clothing in her hands. When she entered her room, she stuffed the material under her bed, then opened her suitcase and pulled out her bathrobe. Aunt Helen can’t ever learn about this! Faye said to herself as she tied the robe tightly around her slender waist, then brushed her hair back. Flicking off the light, Faye walked back out into the hall and up to her aunt’s bedroom door.

“Aunt Helen?” she called out softly, knocking on the door.

“Come in, honey,” the woman said softly.

Faye opened the door and stepped in. She smiled at her aunt, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. In front of her was a small, portable card table with stacks of deeds, titles, and other official-looking papers.

“Looks like a real estate office,” Faye commented as she closed and locked the door behind her. She had an idea that Helen didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone from now on.

“That’s just what we’re going to discuss,” Helen said, as she looked up from the papers for a second and smiled at her niece. Faye had to admit that although Helen was forty-five, she looked incredibly attractive and young for her age. Her black hair still gleamed with the richness that young woman had. Her long legs seemed to be free of any flab and her hips, in tight-fitting jeans, were still narrow and tight. And those big tits! Faye could see what side of the family she took after. As Helen went back to shuffling through the pile of papers, Faye realized that Helen appeared to be more of a friend or sister than an aunt.

“I take it you saw Al,” Helen said dryly as she separated what looked like a deed from the rest of the papers.

“Yes… yes I saw him earlier. When I first pulled in, he was here,” Faye said, trying to keep the low tremble out of her voice. But Helen noticed it and looked up at the shuddering blonde.

“Is something wrong?” Helen asked curiously. She put the papers down and folded her hands together while she stared at her niece.

“No, it’s just that…” Faye started to say. But the words didn’t come. Her aunt shouldn’t have asked anything like that. If they’d just gotten down to business, everything would have been fine. She’d have managed to push that horror show to one corner of her mind for a while and talk freely as if nothing had happened. But that sympathetic, loving look her aunt was giving her completely unraveled her.

“Faye, listen. If that man did anything to you… if he so much as touched you…” Helen started to say, clenching her fingers into two tight fists as her eyes sparkled with hatred.

“Oh God!” Faye finally cried out, closing her eyes and grabbing hold of her stomach as she staggered toward her surprised aunt.

“What’s wrong?” Helen asked as her eyes widened with fear and suspicion.

Faye couldn’t talk for a few seconds. Her mind exploded with horror and disgust as she looked at her aunt. Finally she managed to find the power to speak.

“Oh, Aunt Helen. You’re not going to believe me,” she started to say.

“Try me,” Helen said as she stretched out her arms and motioned her niece to come to her.

“Oh God! You won’t want to hug me when I tell you that… that… that he forced me to… to get fucked by a dog!” Faye confessed. The last words came out in a flood. She couldn’t look at her aunt now. The blonde hung her head down, then felt her knees folding under her. Faye sank down to the floor and broke out into a series of convulsive sobs. She rocked back and forth while she cried and moaned. That motion somehow seemed to soothe her frazzled nerves.

“Ohhhh, noooo,” Helen finally managed to say as she looked at her sobbing, choking niece in horror. “He finally hit the bottom!”

Faye almost blurted out that Al had fucked her ten years ago. But she sensed that this wasn’t the time to tell her aunt. She’d already confessed enough to her.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” Faye stammered.

“Oh Faye, honey. I should be the one who’s apologizing,” Helen said, pushing the table away and sliding off the edge of the bed. Faye felt her aunt wrap her arms around her. “I asked you to come up here, and look at the result!” she said bitterly. “It just goes along with my reasons for cutting that son-of-a-bitch out of everything!”

“The will?” Faye asked, controlling her sobs. Helen’s gentle hugging was reassuring and enabled the blonde to calm herself down.

“Everything! I’m going to divorce that slob before he can do anything else to me or my family,” Helen said determinedly.

“Oh, Aunt Helen. He didn’t… not to you?” Faye asked in horror.

“Oh no. But this isn’t the first time he’s pulled that doggie act. He and his cronies have gotten girls back there before. And a few of them weren’t willing — just like you,” Helen said. “Oh, I managed to cover up the scandal. But I warned him. I’m pretty liberal, and I know that our marriage just hasn’t worked out. I know a man’s gotta be a man, and I’m willing to overlook a lot. But when it comes to something like this, it’s just too much,” Helen said, patting Faye once more on the shoulders before she slid her arms away and went back to the bed.

“But what if he finds out?” Faye almost wailed. “God knows what he’ll do!”

“He’s not going to find out until we’re out of here. As far as Al’s concerned, you’re just up here getting away from the city,” Helen said as she took the deed off the table and handed it to Faye. “Here, half of this is yours now.”

“Oh, Aunt Helen!” Faye cried out, noticing that it was the deed to the ranch. “But I think Al knows a lot more than you give him credit for. I think he knows that you’re trying to cut him off.”

Helen wrinkled her forehead and rolled up her eyes for a second.

“He just might. I’ve been so busy with arranging things, he might have found out. We’ve got to be careful, then. He’s capable of anything, that animal!”

Faye felt her heart beat quickly. She silently agreed with her aunt.

“You’re going to sleep with me tonight. I’m not going to have you sleeping alone when that big gorilla can pounce on you any second,” Helen said, smiling at her niece and patting her on the knee.

“But where does Al sleep?” Faye asked as she got up from the floor and helped her aunt turn down the bed.

“He hasn’t slept with me in over five years. After I found out about his little ways, I couldn’t stand to have him touch me,” Helen said, fluffing up the pillows on the king-sized bed. “Now you just make yourself comfortable while I get ready for bed. We’ll talk about all the legal business tomorrow,” Helen said as she kissed her niece lightly on the forehead and started out the bedroom.

“Thanks, Aunt Helen,” Faye said, feeling secure and safe. As she unfastened her robe and let it float down to the thickly carpeted floor, Faye felt a strange kind of happiness begin to drift over her. She was going to be rich! She was actually going to have money, position and power. It was amazing the way things seemed to be working out. One day she had next to nothing. The next day she was half-owner of one of the finest stud stables in California!

The blonde crawled between the sheets, sliding her long, tapered legs back and forth over the cool material. All she had to worry about was getting off the ranch alive and in one piece. But then there was her aunt to protect her. Helen was a strong woman, and Al seemed to respect her. If only they could survive a few more days, it would be all over. Then she could go back to San Francisco and tell Jack and then — well, Faye didn’t know what would happen. That was for the future.

Slowly she drifted off to sleep, pushing out of her mind what had happened to her in the barn. All she wanted to think of were happy thoughts.

Faye didn’t know how long she’d been asleep when she awoke suddenly. There was a tight, wet feeling gripping her pussy. At first the young blonde thought that she’d been having another one of her “hot” dreams. How could she finger herself off with her aunt right next to her? Then, as her mind cleared and her eyes focused, Faye realized that her Aunt Helen was the one causing that tight wetness! It took Faye several minutes to react to the new situation.

“Having nice dreams, honey?” Helen asked as she kept running the fingers of both hands lightly along the furry ridges of Faye’s cunt-lips.

“Oh Aunt Helen! How could you?” Faye cried out, jerking up and trying to pull the older woman’s hands away from her drooling pussy. This was just too much. First forced by her uncle to be fucked by a dog, then seduced in bed by her aunt! “Very easy. Just like this,” Helen said, moving her right hand up until the fingertips just barely brushed the red tip of Faye’s rock-hard clit.

“Ohhhh!” the blonde cried out involuntarily. She wasn’t a dyke! Faye kept telling herself this as Helen plowed her fingers through her swampy, bushy mound. She’d done a lot of things lately, but this seemed to be some kind of new low.

“Your uncle turned me on to this, really. After throwing him out of bed, I was pretty fed up with men. But a strong sex drive seems to be something inherited in our family. So, what was more natural than…” Helen said, trailing off as she moved her thumb just under Faye’s outer labe and gave it a gentle pinch.

“All those church socials your uncle thinks I’m at,” Helen said, laughing lightly as she stared hotly at Faye. “There’s a group of us out in Oakland who, well, do what I’m doing to you now.”

“But, but…” Faye stuttered as Helen started to lean toward her. “No, I’m not into something like… like this.”

“First time for everyone. Why don’t you just lay back and enjoy this, honey. I want to take care of that sore little pussy that those nasty men hurt tonight. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” Helen said, reaching forward with her right hand and gently pushing Faye back down to the bed.

The blonde sighed and did as she was told. She didn’t have much of a choice. In any case, getting screwed by her Aunt Helen was a lot better than being humiliated and brutally fucked by Al’s troops.

Faye sucked in a ragged breath as she felt her aunt pushing her firm thighs apart. Those fingers knew exactly what places to touch and rub. Her snatch shivered with unspeakable delight as Helen peeled back Faye’s fat outer cunt-lips and bent down. Seconds later, the young blonde felt something hot and wet pushing its way into her cunt. My God, it’s her tongue! Faye screamed to herself as she shuddered half in revulsion, half with pleasure. This was a whole new experience for her. And as she found out with the dog, it wasn’t as horrible as she might have thought it was.

“See, baby? Not bad at all,” Helen cooed as she pulled the woman’s cunt-lips further apart so that her tongue could twist its way into Faye’s wet, hot hole.

“Ohhh, Goddd!” Faye cried out, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth together as she felt a ripple of pleasure shudder through her mushy box. This couldn’t be happening to her! All in one night! And yet here she was, naked on her aunt’s bed with her legs spread wide apart and Helen’s face between them. Her tongue lashed around the young blonde’s drooling snatch, lapping up her flowing cuntal juices as Faye rolled her head slowly from side to side and moaned with delight.

“That’s it, baby. Let that feeling take you over,” Helen encouraged the girl.

But Faye didn’t need any encouragement. There was a fire raging in her snatch, burning its way up he rumbling pussy walls as the older woman licked her frazzled snatch. Faye gritted her teeth as she felt her aunt’s tongue snake up toward her clit.

“Oh, don’t tease me, please,” Faye begged the older woman.

“That’s half the fun,” Helen said as she flicked the tip of her tongue at the ends of the blonde’s wiry pussy hairs. Droplets of hot cunt juice hung on those hairs. Faye reached up and grabbed her boobs, mashing in those stiff, twitching nipples with her fingers as Helen lapped and slurped between her quivering legs.

“Oh God, I can’t take it,” Faye cried out, digging her head into the pillow and arching up her thighs. She pushed her swampy box into Helen’s face, nuzzling her fat labes against the older woman’s nose, lips and chin. Faye’s aunt fought back, slipping her hands under the blonde’s plump ass-cheeks and squeezing the goose-flesh skin while her tongue fucked in and out of the hot hole like a tiny cock.

“Eat me! Eat me!” Faye moaned as she slammed her crotch harder into Helen’s face.

“Let’s try something else for a while,” Helen said as she pulled her lips off Faye’s snatch and wiped her mouth. The young blonde moaned with frustration. Helen’s mouth felt so warm, wet and good. Why did she have to pull it away like that? She needed something now on her box. She could feel those hard, stiff contractions rippling through her snatch. Her cuntal walls were swelling with excitement, rubbing against each other, while her pussy-lips slowly parted and exposed her swampy hole. Sweat trickled from under her arms and gathered in tiny, glistening pools on her flat belly while Helen slid off the bed and walked quickly to the bureau next to the bed.

“What are you looking for?” Faye asked as Helen rummaged through the contents of the top drawer.

“You know, sometimes I just couldn’t get to those women over in Oakland. So I had to do a little satisfying on my own,” Helen said, pulling something out of the drawer.

“What’s that in your hands?” Faye asked nervously as Helen slid back onto the bed.

“Commonly called a dildo, honey,” Helen said, twisting the bottom of the plastic cock and turning it on. The older woman leaned forward, bringing the gleaming knob forward until it lightly touched Faye’s trembling pussy-lips.

“Ohhhh, it feels good!” Faye stammered out as the vibrations poured out from the dildo into her box. Every square inch of her body seemed to vibrate in sympathy with that plastic dick. If Faye thought about fighting, that idea was driven out of her mind when she felt that latex cock-head disappear into the folds of her juicy cunt. Helen churned it around like a pole, moving its vibrating, smooth sides around her cunt and finally touching Faye’s clt.

“Just like being sucked, but better, right?” Helen asked as she pulled the dildo almost all the way out, then pushed it in with a loud, squishy sound.

“UMMMMMMM!” Faye groaned, unable to answer her aunt as the vibrations poured through her cunt. It wasn’t at all like being fucked by Jack. But it was probably the next best thing. She shuddered as the powerful sensations gripping her pussy spread outward from her cunt and took over her belly and tits.

“Take it, baby. Take all that cock,” Helen groaned, as fucking her niece with the dildo excited her more and more. She increased the fucking speed, making Faye twist and thrash on the groaning bed. The young blonde curled her fingers and toes in excitement as she pulled up her legs until her knees flattened her titties into two flat fleshy puddles. When Helen rotated that vibrating dick around one more time, this time concentrating on Faye’s stiff clit, Faye’s right leg kicked up in the air involuntarily. She felt her shitter pucker up as thrills of electric sexuality sparked and sputtered through her body. Faye squeezed her own titties harder and harder, flicking her thumbs over the half-inch long nipples as Helen fucked and fucked her pussy with that artificial dong.

“AWWWWW, FUCK MY PUSSY! OHHH, DO IT! IN! IN! IN!” Faye cried out mindlessly as her mind exploded with images of thick, fat, long, drooling dicks slamming and spearing into her pussy. She thought of Jack lying on top of her, crushing down her titties with his massive, hairy chest while he threw more and more of his hot dick-meat into her snatch. Then her mind focused on the big ranch hand who’d fucked her ass. Even that turned her on now. She wanted to be filled with dick-meat. Faye craved cock now like she never did before. That dildo was turning her into a nympho!

“Helen needs a little relief too,” the older woman finally groaned out as she shoved the plastic cock into Faye’s squishy cunt, then let go.

“UHHHHH!” Faye groaned as the dildo buzzed and droned unattended in her snatch. The young blonde opened her eyes and saw something dark over her head. When she focused her vision, Faye saw that it was her Aunt Helen’s dripping pussy slowly lowering itself toward her mouth!


“Eat my snatch, baby. Lick up that hot juice and shove your tongue into my pussy,” Helen groaned as her thighs quivered in the air.

“Oh, I can’t do that,” Faye groaned as the smell of Helen’s pungent, steaming snatch juice filled her nostrils. Her aunt’s pussy hairs bristled with sexual excitement. Even in the dim moonlight, Faye could see Helen’s labes actually twitching slightly as she kept on lowering her twat toward the blonde’s face.

“It’s easy,” Helen said breathlessly as she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the sides of the protruding dildo. Slowly, Helen twisted it around and around, making Faye gasp for air as she arched her back and squeezed plump ass-cheeks tightly together. Her mind flashed white with ecstasy as she felt something tickle the tip of her nose. My God! Faye thought to herself as she blinked her eyes opened and saw that Helen’s drooling pussy was almost touching her lips!

“Eat it!” Helen cried desperately as a spasm tippled through her cunt.

Faye didn’t have time to think. Her aunt’s wet cunt was suddenly pressed tightly against her mouth. She couldn’t help but taste the sharp, salty flavor of cunt juice. When she opened her mouth to suck in a breath, Helen moaned with pleasure. Even that slight movement sent ripples of pleasure through her box and tits.

“Oh, you feel soooo good, baby. Your mouth feels so hot and wet and good!” Helen crooned as she wriggled her squatting ass back and forth in tiny, jerking motions. Faye sighed, then opened her mouth more, sticking out her tongue tentatively and licking the slick inner folds of Helen’s labes with tiny back-and-forth motions. Helen kept on moaning, jerking her body up and down and crying and babbling meaningless phrases of delight. Her big boobs jounced up and down on her chest as the older woman felt her body heating up toward orgasm.

“MMMMMMM!” Faye cried out as Helen got carried away with the dildo. She was hammering it in and out now, slicing into Faye’s cunt recklessly.

“My clit. Get that clit!” Helen cried out.

Faye obeyed quickly. She’d forgotten her earlier feelings about screwing with her aunt. Suddenly it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world. That buzzing dildo in her pussy excited her so much that she could think of nothing else except satisfying the aching itch tightening up in her pussy and that hairy box squishing and leaking all over her face.

“AHHHHHH!” Helen sighed out as Faye moved the sharp tip of her tongue against the swollen, pea-like sex organ. Helen gasped, then cried out again as Faye attacked her clit one more time. The young blonde then moved her lips up, opening them a little more, then closing them down on the hard little rod. Helen growled deep in her throat as Faye attacked her clit with pursed lips and sucked gently on the tiny mound of sparking sex-flesh. The older woman’s growling turned into helpless whimpers as Faye gave herself completely up to the dildo. She could feel its slick plastic skin heated up by her churning pussy. Its sides were slicked down by the torrents of pussy juice that seeped out of her cuntal walls and lubed the artificial dick.

“AHHH! AHHHH! AHHHHH!” Helen cried out suddenly, losing control of herself. Helen’s excitement was contagious. It made Faye gasp, buck and twist faster, pushing up against her aunt’s heaving belly. Those big tits slapped against her thrashing thighs. Helen rammed and churned the vibrating cock in and out of Faye’s snatch as she started to lick the stretched rim of the younger woman’s outer labes. She lapped her tongue at the tight membranes while she gave her ass a few quick, short jerks and left splotches of cunt juice over Faye’s cheeks.

“Faster!” Helen cried, bringing her cunt down hard onto Faye’s sucking mouth. The blonde could hardly breathe. Her aunt’s snatch was bouncing all over her upturned face. Sometimes it impaled itself on her nose. Other times it completely covered her mouth, grinding down until it peeled back Faye’s lips and rubbed back and forth across her front teeth.

“MMMMM!” Faye hummed again, sticking her tongue deeper into Helen’s bouncing pussy when it came down on her mouth again. At the same time Faye reached up and down, wrapping her hands around the groaning brunette’s ass and digging her fingernails into the sweaty skin. Helen groaned happily, swirling her ass in mid-air as Faye dug deeper and deeper into the flesh. Slowly she let her fingers crawl over the sweaty skin until they reached the long, hot crevice that ran between Helen’s ass-cheeks which were amazingly firm. Faye knew what an ass massage did to her, so she wasn’t surprised that Helen screamed when she pushed her right forefinger into the woman’s tight, musky hole.

“Bitch!” Helen cried out as Faye felt the puckered skin relax for a second, letting in the first joint of her finger. Then it clamped tightly shut again, trapping her finger inside that shit-chute.

Faye’s thighs were bouncing on the bed now, slamming down, then heaving up into Helen’s face as the vibrator was pushing her quickly toward climax. Her nipples were tightening up, sputtering with tension as she felt a strange light feeling suddenly take over her cunt and belly. Then a loud rumbling blew through her mushy pussy. This was it! She was actually cumming with another woman!

“Let it cum, baby. Let it cum,” Helen said as she increased the fucking speed of the dildo. She shoved the dildo deeper and deeper into Faye’s cunt, churning it like the stick of a butter chum. Faye felt her insides being mixed together into an excited, electric mess. All she could think of was that juicy, hot, hairy cunt battering her face like a hammer while the buzzing cock was pushing her over the edge into orgasm. Faye gasped as she felt the spit and cunt juice trickling down her cheeks. Then there was a spasm in her crotch, followed by another one. A few seconds passed as she felt her pussy tightening up for a big contraction. Then it came, sending the girl’s ass high off the bed and into Helen’s face.

“CUMMMMMM!” Faye shouted into Helen’s pussy as a twitching series of contractions roared through her cumming pussy. “Yes! Yessssss,” Helen cried back as the vibrations from Faye’s strained voice bounced off the trembling walls of her snatch. Then Faye felt Helen’s cunt jerk once, then again. Helen’s asshole tightened around her finger while the blonde could feel her aunt’s back stiffen up. She tasted a new trickle of hot juice and knew that Helen was cunnmng now.

“AHHHHHH!” the older woman sighed, grinding her spasming pussy down against Faye’s face and sliding from side to side as her cunt was racked with violent contractions.

The two women shuddered and thrashed, grinding their sweaty skins together as orgasms took over their bodies. It seemed like hours before the last contractions rippled over their pussies. Helen reached down and pulled out the dildo with an audible squish. She turned it off and tossed it down onto the floor.

“Now you see how a woman can entertain herself without a man,” she said, laughing a little tiredly as she crawled off the exhausted Faye and turned around until she was resting her head on the pillow next to her niece.

“Oh, Aunt Helen. I don’t know what to say,” Faye said, feeling embarrassed for the first time. She’d been fucked by her aunt! The blonde felt a hot blush rush over her cheeks. She couldn’t turn her face to look at the older woman.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, Faye. Chances are that you’re just a normal woman who’s curious about different ways of fucking. That’s one thing Al taught me, if nothing else,” Helen said wryly. “There’s all kinds of ways and positions.”

“But…” Faye started to say.

“Nothing wrong with being curious. Doesn’t mean you have to make a habit out of it. Now don’t worry and just go to sleep,” Helen said, pulling the covers over them and curling up next to her niece.

Faye couldn’t help but feel a little strange as she heard her aunt’s breathing become heavy and regular. She was relatively new to the game of fucking. And already she’d been screwed in a jetliner, fucked in the ass, fucked by a dog, then seduced by her own aunt! It was too much for her to think about now. And on top of all that, she was going to have half of the ranch in a few days. Everything was happening so quickly. Faye’s head spun around and around with all these thoughts as the blonde slowly lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up the next morning, Faye reached over and felt nothing. She opened her eyes and saw that her Aunt Helen had already gotten up. The blonde threw back the covers and slid over to the other side of the bed. Carefully, Faye pulled back the shade and peeked out into the courtyard. There were Juan and Mike, leaning against the old well pump and talking quietly. Faye moved her eyes across the space and saw that the barn door was still open. There was no sign of Helen or of Al.

Faye pulled her head back and let go of the shade when she saw Juan turn his head and start to look up at her window. Her skin crawled with horror when she thought of meeting those men again.

“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out nervously as she slid off the bed and bent down, picking up her robe.

There was no answer. As Faye pulled on her robe and tied it tightly around her waist, she silently hoped that her aunt hadn’t confronted Al with what had happened last night. Faye didn’t know what would happen then.

“Aunt Helen?” she called out again, opening the door and peeking down the hallway. There were no sounds coming from anywhere in the house, and there was no sign of her aunt.

Faye crept down the hall to her bedroom. She peeled off her robe and dressed quickly in a simple plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. She wanted to find her aunt quickly so they could talk about the transfer of property to her name. Then she’d take care of the legal matters as quickly as possible and get off the ranch. The longer she stayed in the house, the more depressed she became.

As Faye started climbing down the stairs, she noticed that the pictures on the wall had since fallen off and were lying scattered on the stairway and bottom floor. One of the frames was broken. Faye’s heart began to pound more wildly as she stepped down further and further on the stairway. As the living room came completely into her view, she realized that some kind of violent struggle had taken place. The cocktail table in front of the couch was overturned. Some of the cushions from the chairs and couch were scattered on the floor, and two vases lay broken on the floor near the kitchen.

“Aunt Helen?” Faye called out in a shaky voice. It was too quiet for comfort. Slowly, she began to suspect that Helen had met with the same violence she’d experienced the night before.

Faye tip-toed across the littered floor to the kitchen. From the back window she could see the courtyard. Both Mike and Juan were gone now and the barn door was closed.

I should call the police, Faye thought to herself as she walked over to the kitchen table and lifted the receiver off the phone.

The line’s been cut! Faye said to herself as she clicked the button of the phone. Her pulse was pounding in her head wildly as she replaced the receiver and stared helplessly out the window. What could she do? She was trapped here and — but then, maybe there was nothing wrong. Maybe her aunt had just gone to town. But the phone! It was dead. Probably he wires had been cut by Al or one of his cronies!

Get it together, girl, Faye told herself. She was probably overreacting. Her aunt might have driven off to Oakland for another one of her “sessions”. And the lines might be down somewhere else than on the ranch. Faye laughed at herself as she opened the back door and decided to drive off the ranch for a while. Nothing might be wrong, but she still felt uncomfortable staying there with… “OHH GOD!” Faye cried out loud. The wires were cut! They were dangling in front of her!

Faye stopped dead in her tracks and looked quickly around her shoulders. There still wasn’t anyone around. Stealthily, Faye walked to her car and opened the door. Thank God I took the keys! Faye said to herself as she reached down in her right pocket and pulled them out.

“Ohh, it won’t start!” Faye said out loud as she turned the key and heard the engine churning. The sound echoed through the courtyard. The blonde knew that it wouldn’t be long before someone ran out of that barn or wherever they were hiding to stop her. “Start, damn you, START!” she screamed.

But the engine just kept turning and turning, refusing to completely turn over. As Faye glanced into the rear-view mirror, she saw the barn door shoot open and Al, Juan and Mike run out toward her. Behind them was Helen, staggering, her body scratched and bleeding and all her clothes stripped off! Faye’s heart skipped a beat as she gave the engine a final try. No luck!

“Okay sweet tits, out!” Al said, ripping open the door and pulling the screaming Faye out. The blonde fought with all her might, slashing at the grinning animal’s face while Mike sneaked behind her and wrapped his big arms around her waist.

“UGHHH!” Faye cried out when Mike squeezed her tight, forcing all the breath and fight out of her. The blonde felt her head grow fuzzy and light as Al told Mike to take her into the barn.

“Where the fuck you think you’re goin’?” Al cried out to Helen, who’d stumbled across the courtyard and was trying to sneak into the house.

“Leave me, ohhhh,” she cried out as Al ran up to her and slugged her across her puffy face. Faye watched in horror as Al kept hitting the semi-conscious woman until Mike shouted out to quit it.

“Bitch!” Al said, as he reached down and yanked her up to her feet. “Get back in there,” Al ordered, pointing to the barn. “That’s what a wife should always be — obedient.”

Faye kept struggling in Mike’s grip, even though it was hopeless. She was dragged into the big building where Spike had fucked her the night before. She sighed in relief when she was that at least there weren’t any dogs in sight.

“Strip ‘er,” Al ordered as he closed and locked the barn doors.

Juan and Mike grinned, quickly getting to work. Faye gave up fighting. She gave up completely. It was useless. Whatever they wanted to do, they were going to do it no matter how hard she fought or how loud she screamed.

“Mmmmm, forgot about those big titties. Almost like your aunt’s,” Juan said as he ripped Faye’s blouse open. The blonde tried to keep from reacting as the Mexican lowered his face and cupped his big lips on her right nipple. But she finally cried out in pain when she felt him sink his sharp front teeth into the hard flesh.

“OOHHHHHH!” Faye groaned, twisting away from Juan’s face.

“Knew she’d do something if we tried hard enough,” Juan said as Mike still held onto her. While he pinned her arms tightly to her back, the Mexican quickly unzipped her jeans and peeled them down over her creamy thighs. Before he’d pulled them off her ankles, Juan shot his head up and forward, burying his thick, greasy tongue into her bush. The sudden oral attack startled the blonde and she cried out in horror and surprise.

“Hey, you two. I didn’t get her in here for that. I told you that these two bitches are gonna take over the ranch and probably toss us all out,” Al growled.

“You know,” Faye gasped out.

“How dumb do you think I am? While you and Helen were hiding upstairs, I nosed around the house. I suspected something was going on. Then I found this,” Al said, reaching into his rear pocket and pulling out a wrinkled piece of white paper. “It’s a letter from her lawyers in San Francisco,” he said angrily, shoving the paper in front of Faye’s face. The first thing she noticed was the name and address of the legal firm. It was the same one that Jack worked for! He might not be on this particular case, but his associates were. If she’d only known this before! “It’s about a transfer of title and a pending divorce. It didn’t take me too long to put two and two together. I know why the fuck you came up here. And believe me, baby, you’re gonna be one fuckin’ sorry chick for doin’ it.”

With that Al grabbed Faye away from Mike and spun her around. She tried to break free, but his grip was too strong. Everything turned into one big blur. She saw Mike’s and Juan’s grinning faces, her aunt’s black-and-blue face twisted into an expression of horror, and Al’s leering eyes as her feet stumbled across the sharp hay stubble on the barn floor. Suddenly Al let her go, sending the blonde whirling across the floor into a small stall to the right.

“Ohhhhhh!” Faye cried out, landing on her back on a pile of hay. She shook her head and looked up. A large, shiny, muscular stallion towered above her, snorting with surprise and rage at the blonde’s sudden invasion of his private territory. She was about to get up when Al stopped her from rising with a violent gesture of his hands.

“Meet your new lover,” he said, pointing at the stomping horse.


Faye kept screaming for help while Mike and Juan grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her out of the stable. Al led the black, muscular stallion from that tiny wooden bin, pulling him to a position about ten feet away from the struggling blonde. Faye clawed at the loose dirt of the barn floor, trying to stop herself from going any further as the two men dragged her closer to the big animal.

“If you think dogs are great, wail ’till you get onto this dick,” Al said, sneering at the cringing woman while he rubbed his right hand soothingly up and down the big animal’s long head.

Faye couldn’t say anything. Fear and tenor gripped her like a powerful vise, choking out any response to the man’s taunts. She crossed her arms over her bare tits and stared wide-eyed at the black stallion. His big black eyes rolled around with excitement while he stomped on the floor, creating little puffs of dust wherever his powerful hoofs crashed down. His black, sleek sides glistened with a thin coating of sweat under the bright lights.

“A good breeder,” Al commented wryly as he looked first at the home, then down at Faye’s exposed, hairy blonde pussy.

“Oh, no. You couldn’t want me…” Faye started to say. Then her eyes shifted down to the animal’s powerful hindquarters. She saw his dick, long, tubular and black, handing down like an elephant’s trunk. Slowly, its wrinkled skin began to stretch out, and the blonde could see the stallion’s thick, meaty, bulbous cock-head pushing out of the prick-shaft.

“But in case you don’t know how to do it, your aunt can teach you,” Al said, laughing cruelly as he motioned to Juan and Mike to get Helen.

“You lie!” Helen cried out as the two men grabbed her by the wrists and hauled her up to the home.

“Like hell I do. She doesn’t like to admit it, but your aunt turns on to animals the way I turn on to cunts. If you don’t believe me, just ask her about the time I caught her in here about five years ago with this one’s sire,” Al said, smirking as he nodded his head toward the stallion.

“Don’t listen to him!” Helen cried out, flushing red with shame.

“Oh, she didn’t have his dick in her. I stopped that before she had a chance. But there was this old lady, her bra and blouse off, kneeling under that fuckin’ horse’s legs. She had his big, stiff cock in her hands and she was rubbing it between her titties. You should have heard her, talkin’ to that animal like her was her lover or somethin’,” Al said, breaking out into laughter after he finished telling his story.

“Aunt Helen!” Faye cried out, looking at her aunt in amazement.

“I’m sorry, Faye. But he made me do it,” Helen said, hanging her head down in shame.

“Like hell I did,” Al retorted.

“Not physically. But after being married to you…” Helen started to say.

“We’re gonna take care of that pretty soon,” Al said, turning around and winking at both Mike and Juan. They laughed with him, and their combined joking made Faye’s blood curdle. “Get that bitch swingin’ on him,” Al said suddenly, pointing at his wife.

“Get away from me,” Helen cried out in a choked voice as both men carried her struggling to the horse. They stopped when she was only a foot away from the animal’s pointed snout. Standing on either side of the horse’s head, they pushed her forward, brushing her big titties against the startled stallion’s snout. He snorted loudly, whinnying in his throat while Juan and Mike kept on pushing the moaning woman against that cold nose. Finally he calmed down and peeled back his black, fleshy lips, revealing an incredibly long row of straight, white teeth. Faye felt her skin crawl with disgust and honor as the stallion started licking her aunt’s big titties. Helen cried out over and over, twisting and hunching as Juan and Mike held tightly onto her arms. Soon her entire chest, belly and boobs were covered with a sloppy, glistening layer of thick horse spit. Faye reached down and grabbed her belly in an effort not to throw up. It was too revolting to even think about. She was watching her aunt getting it on with a horse!

“Get her in back,” Al said in a loud voice.

Juan and Mike nodded and pulled her away, dragging the groaning woman behind the stallion. They forced her to her knees, then quickly let go of her wrists. Before she had a chance to scramble to her feet and try to make a break for the door, Juan had his powerful fingers clamped hard against her skull and was forcing her face against the long, dangling, black dick-shaft.

“Oh my God!” Faye groaned, turning her face away from the sight. Helen was licking that stiffening cock-shaft, sliding her tongue along that leathery, fourteen-inch prong while Mike grabbed her hands and forced her to feel the grunting, snorting, whinnying animal’s balls.

“See how she likes it? Your fuckin’ aunt thinks she’s so fuckin’ holy she won’t keep me around any more. Shit, she’s no better than any of us here,” Al said as he still held the big animal tightly by the reins. Helen’s licking increased in speed as the horse’s dick throbbed and jerked more rhythmically. Her slender fingers trailed along the bristled bottom surfaces of the animal’s fuck sacs. “Okay, baby, let’s see how good you can swing on that fuckin’ dick,” Al finally said.

Juan and Mike knew exactly what to do. The Mexican tilted the woman’s head up and pushed forward. Even if Helen didn’t want to suck that cock, she wouldn’t have had much of a choice. The pressure on her lower jaw forced it open, and the way the Mexican held her head made it impossible for her to avoid that cock.

“MMMMMFFFFF!” Helen cried as the knob at the head of the horse’s cock-shaft dropped into her opened mouth like a cue ball into a side pocket. Faye watched in disbelief and horror as her aunt started sucking. The stallion started to go wild, grunting, panting, and snorting as Helen’s head bobbed up and down. Faye watched as her aunt’s lips stretched around that big dick like a glove. Spittle foamed out around her mouth as she slid her head at least seven inches up the big animal’s prick. Her titties swung back and forth as her up-and-down sucking motions increased in speed. Faye hated to admit it, but her uncle seemed to be right about her aunt. Helen really turned onto this.

“Okay, get her fucked!” Al said quietly.

Helen didn’t hear his last order and kept drawing more and more of that hot horsemeat into her mouth. Juan and Mike pulled her away, then flipped her over like a pancake. Slowly, it began to dawn on Helen what they were going to do.

“No, I’ve never done this!” she cried out, kicking her legs in terror as Juan and Mike tried to get hold of them.

“First time for everything, Senora,” Juan said, grabbing hold of her left ankle while Mike took the right. In a second they had yanked her pussy up to fucking range of the stallion’s dick-head. Helen threw back her head and let out a long, thin wail of terror when her pussy pressed hard against the big horse’s hot dick-shaft. Juan and Mike laughed, moving quickly under the horse to get Helen’s pussy speared onto the fleshy hot pole.

“No, please, nooooo,” Helen wailed as Mike grabbed her tightly around the waist and pushed up. At the same time Juan took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wrapped it around the stallion’s dick. Then he grabbed onto that hot pecker, pushing it down until it was aimed directly at Helen’s puckered pussy-hole.

“AHHHHHH! AIYEEEEEEEEE! AIYEEEE EEEE!” Helen cried out as the big knob pushed in her pussy-lips. It wouldn’t go in at first. But Mike and Juan were persistent, pushing and shoving until that fleshy, bulbous cock-head speared into the woman’s violated snatch.


Faye covered her eyes as more inches of the horse-cock shoved into Helen’s cunt. She couldn’t stand to see her aunt like that. Her legs were wrapped around the snorting stallion’s sweaty back, her head was dangling in mid-air while Mike elevated her trembling ass with both his powerful hands. And in between it all was that throbbing, big black cock-shaft, pointed down at a forty-five degree angle from its root just in front of the stallion’s hindquarter and buried in her aunt’s up-tilted cunt.

“Hey, watch it!” Juan suddenly cried out.

Faye uncovered her eyes to see what was wrong. The horse was getting excited, stomping his hind hooves around the floor and whinnying nervously. Al tried to calm down the animal. But soon he lunged forward, breaking away from the big man. Helen screamed as the cock speared almost all the way into her cunt. Mike and Juan jumped back to avoid getting trampled by the big horse. Helen wasn’t so lucky. Faye shot to her feet and screamed in horror as she watched her aunt dragged several feet by that stiff dong. Then she slipped off, only to be kicked on the right side of the head by the stallion’s left leg.

“My God!” Faye cried out, running toward her prostrate aunt.

“Leave her alone,” Al said, reaching out and grabbing Faye tightly by the right wrist. He twisted her arm up, forcing the blonde to her knees. “What she couldn’t finish, you will.”

“Oh my God, no!” Faye cried out as she watched Juan and Mike walk up to her. She felt her head buzz with terror as the two men took her by the arms and dragged her behind the horse. Faye decided it wouldn’t be too wise to fight. She didn’t want that animal to stomp her as he did her aunt.

“Get her up,” Al said, holding onto the reins again as Mike and Juan started to flip her over. “No. Let’s try another position. The last one didn’t work out too good,” Al said, chuckling as he nodded his head over at Helen’s still body. Faye sighed in relief, grateful for this minor reprieve. She looked at her aunt. Thank God! She’s still breathing! Faye said to herself as Al led the horse back to his stall, then walked quickly over to a large wooden table about five feet from the stallion. He dragged it across the floor until it was in front of the blonde. Faye guessed that it was about two feet high, maybe a little less. “Get her crouchin’ on this,” Al said gruffly.

Juan and Mike pushed her forward, sending her crashing down onto the low table.

“Tie her down,” Al ordered as he walked back to the stall.

Faye begged and pleaded with the two men, who ignored her completely. Juan pulled out a piece of half-inch rope from his back pocket and tied it tightly around the blonde’s left wrist. Mike had a similar piece of rope on him and did the same to her right wrist. Both of them then looped the strong rope through two of many metal hooks that protruded from the front edge of the table. They knotted them tightly down until Faye couldn’t move her wrists or hands at all.

As she still moaned and begged, Faye noticed that the men had centered her on the table. There was still about a foot and a half of space on either side of her. She didn’t have to guess what it was for.

“Okay, bring him on,” Juan said, checking the ropes and wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Al smirked, then walked up to the crouching blonde with the black stallion in tow. The horse reeled back for a second, surprised by this strange, new pussy.

“What’s the matter? Scared by this?” Mike asked, reaching over and sticking his right forefinger all the way into Faye’s upturned snatch.

“OHHHH!” the blonde cried out in pain and shame as she felt that painful, spearing digit dig into her pussy.

“Hey, watch it!” Al cried, pulling in the reins as the big stallion whinnied and nearly bolted away. His eyes were rolling excitedly around his head once more. “Get her ass up a little more,” Al said.

Juan and Mike looked around the barn, then spotted a pile of canvas tarpaulins lying in the far corner of the building. Both men ran over and pulled several from the pile, hauling them over to the table and sliding, them under Faye’s knees. They made a tiny mountain of material there, forcing her ass to point higher in the air at a steeper angle then before.

“Perfect!” Al commented, pulling the horse forward.

Faye shuddered and cringed as she heard the front hoofs of the animal paw the ground anxiously just behind her. Then the sound of his hoofs on the wooden table nearly made her faint from fear. She wished she could lose consciousness.

“See? All we have to do is watch,” Al said, as the big stallion stomped forward until his jerking dick-head bumped up against Faye’s upturned ass-cheeks. The blonde moaned in horror as she felt that big, hard hot knob sliding up and down her outer labes. She could feel something hot, greasy and bubbly coating her pussy-lips, and guessed that it was the stallion’s cum leaking out of his big cock-slit. Faye drew her elbows into her sides and shuddered as she felt the animal hunch his dick harder against her twat. At the same time his front legs stomped nervously around her tied-down hands. He snorted loudly now, blowing his hot, heavy breath through the blonde’s hanging hair.

“Oh God!” Faye shuddered as she felt Juan and Mike grab her thighs and spread them widely apart. They were making sure that the stallion wouldn’t have any trouble in burying his big dick inside her pussy. As each man pulled in opposite directions, Faye’s fuck hole widened and started to let in the animal’s cock-head.

“OH, NOOOO!” Faye cried out, closing her eyes and tossing her head wildly from side to side. Her long blonde hair whipped across her whitened knuckles as a hot, aching, splitting sensation rocketed out from her violated pussy. The animal’s dick-head was slowly sinking into her twat, burying itself in the hot folds of her cunt. Faye lost her breath and fought to get it back as she felt her pussy-lips spring open, then clamp shut on the stallion’s plunging prick-head. Her butt trembled with pain as Al urged the big horse on further.

“Come on, buddy. Come on. Ol’ Faye wants more of that dick,” Al said mockingly.

“Come on, come on,” Juan and Mike echoed their boss as Faye groaned and jerked under the painful pressure on her pussy.

“Oh, I’m breakin’ apart!” Faye moaned, knowing that nobody really cared. She swore she could feel every vein in the animal’s thick, long leathery dick as it pushed past her stretched outer labes. The stallion’s throbbing dick made Faye’s pussy throb in sympathy. But the sensation she felt wasn’t pleasurable. At best, Faye could say that she was incredibly stuffed. But in reality, the blonde suffered terribly from the pain and pressure on her snatch. Then there were the mocking comments of Al, Juan and Mike that cut into her pride like knives. As the hot, splitting sensation ripped through her tortured body, the men laughed at her and told her how much she was turning on to the big horse!

“He’s really fuckin’ her now,” Al commented.

Juan and Mike agreed as the big stallion hunched back, then slid his dick further into Faye’s cunt. He seemed to realize that he couldn’t get all of his prick buried in her violated cunt. He’d have to settle for half. While Faye kept crying out in pain and fear, the big black stallion hunched back and forth, rocking his body and snorting excitedly as his prick dug in and out of the blonde’s incredibly stretched cunt. As the home’s fucking speed increased, Faye’s cries turned into high-pitched, shrill shrieks of agony. His dick seemed to be sinking in toward her uterus. She thought the animal would literally split her body in two before he dumped his load of spunk.

“Go, baby, go!” Al encouraged the animal, still holding tightly onto his reins.

“UHHH! UHHH! UHHH!” Faye screamed with each downward thrust. She felt his big, coconut like balls slapping against her ass-cheeks. The force of them hitting her butt nearly sent her knees flying off the tarp. She could hear the squishy sound of the big animal’s cock pile driving into her upturned pussy. He whinnied and snorted more now as his front hooves pounded dangerously close to her trembling hands. He was going to shoot! Oh God in heaven, he’s going to shoot! Faye thought to herself as she braced herself for the flood of horse-jizz.


“Look at ‘im. Shit, he’s gonna dump his load into her now!” Juan said, bending down and watching the big horse’s dick jerk wildly.

“AHH! ARRGHHHH!” Faye cried out as she felt the first scalding load of cum blast into her waiting pussy. She wanted to retch! It felt as if she were being given a long, hot douche of something hot and sticky as the stallion kept on firing his jizz. She cried over and over again, screaming for help as the big animal snorted, whinnied and stomped around her. “NOO! NOOOO!” Faye moaned as jizz leaked out from between her badly stretched outer labes and trickled down her thighs. She prayed God that the stallion would stop his cummmg. But the big animal seemed to have an unlimited supply of the sticky spunk.

“I think he’s finishing up now,” Juan said as the animal’s cock jerking stopped.

“Ohhh, ohhhhhh,” Faye groaned, hanging her head and swinging it slowly back and forth. She felt utterly degraded. Her pussy ached, her wrists were bruised by the tight ropes, and her pride lay in tatters around her as the three men laughed and pointed at her.

“I guess we can untie her,” Al said, pulling back on the reins.

“Hey, looks like he doesn’t want to let go,” Juan said, nudging Mike and laughing as the stallion whinnied in protest at Al’s pulling. His cock still lay imbedded in Faye’s pussy, trembling slightly.

“Can’t leave them here all day,” Al said, pulling back again. This time the stallion gave way, whinnying loudly as he pulled back and yanked his big, flaccid black dick out of her snatch with a loud squishing pop.

“Aiihhhhhh!” Faye cried out, feeling her knees fly out from under her. She lay prone on the pile of canvas, groaning in pain and shame as Juan and Mike walked over and untied her wrists.

“Okay, baby. I don’t know what he’s got in store for you, but it’s gonna be hard to top this one,” Juan said as Faye rubbed her bruised wrists with her fingers and looked hatefully up at them. She never despised two people more than she did right now. And then there was Al! If she could only get her hands on a gun or knife — anything that she could kill them with.

“Take her and that old bitch down to the cellar. I’ll think of some way we can get rid of them,” Al said, chuckling softly to himself as he led the horse back to the stall.

Faye shrugged off Juan’s hand, struggling to her feet and walking to the door by herself. She didn’t want any help from them. If they were going to kill her, all right! But she wasn’t going to have them help her along the path to — what am I saying? Kill me? Faye thought to herself as her flesh crawled with fear. Something inside her told her that that was what Al was going to do with both her and her aunt. They couldn’t be left around to talk. People might not believe them if all they had to say was that Al forced them to get fucked by horses. But with the knowledge that Helen was going to cut Al off without a cent by divorcing him, people might start thinking twice.

“Hey, I think she’s still kickin’,” Juan said, bending down and examining Helen.

“Thank God!” Faye said as she bent down and helped the Mexican lift the older woman to her feet.

“Ohhh, what happened?” Helen moaned, shaking her head slowly as Faye brushed the hair out of her eyes.

“Faye managed to finish the job you didn’t,” Al said sneeringly.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry,” Helen said as Juan and Mike led them out of the barn and into the bright courtyard.

Faye shook her head and squeezed her aunt’s hand. Her pussy still shuddered from the violent and brutal attack she’d received from the big animal. Horse jizz dripped from her slackened cunt, oozing down her thighs. Juan and Mike led the two women up to a set of weather-beaten wooden doors that were level with the ground.

“Okay, in here with the two of you,” Mike said, bending down and raising the doors.

“Careful,” Faye said to her aunt as she turned around and stepped down the ladder. She felt so vulnerable, walking around in the nude like this in broad daylight. But what choice did she or her aunt have? They were at the mercy of her uncle and his helpers.

“Get down there,” Mike said, pushing Helen toughly forward by the shoulders. If Faye hadn’t caught her in time, Helen would have catapulted down the stairs and crashed down onto the concrete cellar floor. As it was, the blonde grabbed her aunt by the waist, then gently turned her around and supported her as she stepped shakily down the steps.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Juan said, breaking out into loud laughter as he slammed the door shut.

“What’ll we do?” Faye finally moaned. They were in pitch blackness.

“Don’t give up yet, baby,” Helen said in a strangely confident voice.

“What do you mean?” Faye asked, feeling a ray of hope shoot through her. Her aunt knew something that Al and his buddies didn’t. Maybe there was a way out of here after all!

“Before your uncle dragged me out to the barn, I was on the phone with my lawyers. They’re supposed to be out here this morning sometime. If we can only stay alive until then,” Helen said, reaching out and taking her niece’s hand in hers.

“But how are they going to know we’re down here?” Faye asked, feeling hope and frustration at the same time. There was a chance that the two of them could be rescued. But at the same time, they’d have to signal the men somehow. How could they do anything, locked up in the cellar like they were?

“I don’t know,” Helen said thoughtfully. “We’ll just have to climb back up that ladder and listen for voices.”

Faye agreed, then climbed back up the steep vertical steps to the locked wooden doors.

“By the way, do you know a lawyer by the name of Jack Moore?” Helen asked suddenly.

“Why?” Faye asked a little guilty. Somehow, dragging Jack’s name into the present situation seemed a little obscene.

“Nothing. Except I wound up talking to him. He’s not on my case. But I started going on about you and how you just flew in from New York and all. Seems the two of you met on the plane,” Helen went on. “He’s supposed to be here with my lawyer,” the woman added.

“Oh no, not Jack!” Faye cried out. “Oh God, if he sees me like this… If Al or those others say anything about what happened… Oh God!” Faye cried out, laying against the ladder and breaking into sobs. Her humiliation and degradation were complete. She could just imagine Jack’s face when he walked in and found the two of them crouching in that small, dark cellar like two rats in a sewer. And when he found out what happened in the barn, wouldn’t that really please him? Faye thought her trip to California was going to solve all her problems. Well, it might, if Al had his way.

“Shh, I think I hear a car,” Helen whispered.

Faye choked down her sobs and pricked up her ears. The older woman was right. There was an automobile coming down the drive and turning into the courtyard. She could hear the sound of the crunching gravel.

“Wait ’til they get out. Then bang like hell,” Helen said.

“I hear somebody talking now,” Faye whispered down to her aunt. She could hear the sound of three male voices. As they got closer, she could make out the words. Jack and a man she’d never heard before were asking Al about Helen and her. Al was playing dumb, saying that he hadn’t seen them since last night.

“Now!” Helen cried out.

Faye curled her fingers into two tight fists and banged like hell on the wooden doors. At the same time both women shrieked at the top of their lungs, screaming out for someone to help them.

“They’re fighting!” Faye cried out. “I think those other two are going to help Al.”

“They won’t have a chance,” Helen said, referring to the lawyers. She scrambled up the ladder and edged over to one side. “Come on, push up. Maybe we can break the lock on this damned thing. It’s so rusty, it might give way.”

Faye pushed as hard as she could, grunting as the sounds of the scuffle rang in her ears. With one last burst of strength, the two women pushed up and broke the lock.

“We’re free!” Faye cried as she pushed the doors open. Faye crawled out first, turning around and helping Helen up.

“Look!” Helen cried. The blonde turned around and saw Jack and another man being held by Juan and Mike while Al threatened them with a long hunting knife. Neither of the five men saw the two women, nor did they hear the doors fly open.

“Come on,” Helen said as she crawled behind Juan and reached for a pair of shears that were lying against the side of the house. Al finally spotted her. His eyes widened with surprise as he watched her grab the shears and spring to her feet.

“What the?” Juan started to say as he saw Al start to run forward. But it was too late. Helen held the shears with both hands and drove the point deep into the Mexican’s back.

“AAAARRGHHHHH!” he cried, pitching forward as he released Jack. Mike loosened his grip on the other lawyer in surprise. That was all either lawyer needed. Jack sprang free and lurched forward, knocking the knife out of Al’s hand, then cutting up with his right hand and sending the big man reeling across the courtyard. Juan groveled in the dirt, bleeding from the gaping wound in his back as Mike stood still with his hands in the air. Faye watched the scene, then breathed more easily. At least she and her aunt were free from the threat of Al and his cronies.

Then she turned and saw Jack staring strangely at her.

“I… I…” Faye started to say, feeling her courage fail her. How could she tell him what had happened to her?

“Better call the cops and get an ambulance,” Jack said to his partner. Faye lowered her head in shame and sank to her knees. How could she tell him? How could she?

“Well, the old man’s locked up. And from what I know, they’ll be cooling their heels for years,” Jack whispered softly in Faye’s ear as he reached over and stroked her right tit.

Faye closed her eyes and sighed happily. It all turned out better than she’d hoped. Fortunately, Helen’s lawyer managed to find out exactly what had happened in that barn before Jack did. He convinced Al and the others not to say anything about the horse and dog-rapes. It would only hurt their cases. The men grudgingly agreed, and the sick rape was ignored, if not completely forgotten. Helen was questioned by the district attorney and released. It was one of the clearest cases of self-defense he’d ever seen.

As for the ranch, Faye’s claim to it was clearer than before. There’d be no problem in getting a quick divorce for Helen and Al. With that out of the way and Faye half owner of the ranch, the blonde’s future seemed pretty well secure.

“I don’t care about them right now. All I know is that you didn’t invite me up here to your apartment to talk shop,” Faye said a little breathlessly as Jack slid his hand lower toward her crotch. After Al, Juan and Mike had been arrested and Helen cleared, Faye drove back to San Francisco with Jack. They’d had dinner, attended the theater, and were now about to celebrate Faye’s good fortune.

“Nope. You’re right about that,” Jack said, chuckling as he rolled on top of her. He stuck out his long, pink tongue and started licking her hot skin, lapping at the quivering flesh and sliding down lower until his tongue touched the first hairs surrounding her juicing snatch.

“Ohhhh, ohhhhh,” Faye groaned, digging her head into the pillow and squeezing her ass-cheeks together. It felt so good to have someone as big and powerful as Jack straddling her bucking body. She felt a sexual shock sear through her snatch as he dipped his tongue deeply into her sunken navel.

“AHHHHHHH!” Faye cried out, lifting her ass high off the bed in a silent plea for more licking. Jack ran his tongue teasingly up the insides of her thighs, darting back and forth from one to the other. He lifted his face for a second and smiled sheepishly at her, then dove back between her trembling thighs.

“AHHHHHH!” Faye gasped loudly, reaching down and grabbing his hair and yanking his head into her pussy. She started to push her pussy against his face. “Ohhh, do that to me again! Oh gooooood!” she sighed.

Jack parted the swollen lips of her pussy and shot his tongue straight in like an arrow. He lapped up the salty juices, pushing further and further inside her sucking hole until his jaws ached. Her pussy grabbed at his tongue while she fucked his face harder and harder. Fresh hot pussy juice ran onto his tongue, almost drowning him in the thick, foamy fluid that bubbled out from between her puffy hot labes.

“Ahhhhhhh! MMMMMMMM!” Faye groaned, lifting her ass higher and higher off the groaning bed. “Do it, do it!” she sighed desperately.

Jack didn’t say a word. He licked out and up until he soaked her clit with his hot spit. That tiny piece of sex-flesh felt like a stiff piece of wax as he lapped teasingly at it. Then he grabbed that wet flesh between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it back and forth while he shot his tongue into her hole once more. His chin and nose were soaked with the mixture of her hot juices and his spit. Jack was having trouble staying inside her. Faye kept hunching and twisting, moaning louder and louder as Jack squeezed her trembling clit harder.

“NOOO! NOOOO!” Faye cried out, feeling as if she were going to piss on the bed from the excitement that gripped her pussy.

Jack let go of her clit and grabbed her ass-cheeks, forcing her to move around the bed the way he wanted her to. Every time he jabbed his tongue inside, the blonde groaned and hunched back.

“FUCK! FUCK M-M-MEEEEEE!” Faye cried out, bucking straight up at him. She held tightly onto his hair and yanked so hard that it nearly pulled out by the roots.

“OHHHH, HURRY! HURRY!” Faye cried out urgently. Her head rolled from side to side and her lungs screamed for air. She reached up and grabbed her stiff nipples, pulling and pinching them until it was almost painful.

“Right on, baby,” Jack moaned, pulling back and letting Faye calm down a bit. Finally her ass sank down on the bed. Jack stayed between her legs for a second or two, then slid up suddenly and tossed her legs high in the air. Faye cried out in surprise as the balls of her feet slid up on his broad shoulders. In a flash his big dick was squishing into her pussy, pushing the fat lips wide apart and forcing her cuntal flesh into a round tunnel.

“OHHHH! YESS! YESSSS!” Faye cried out as Jack’s big dick crushed her clit. He started rocking back and forth, fucking his throbbing rod in and out of her hot hole. The friction of his thickly-veined pole rubbing against her stiff clit was too much for her. She started screaming louder and louder. Her head dug deeper into the pillow, and the veins stood out in her throat. Her belly heaved wildly for several seconds. Then her body froze.


Faye shrieked wildly as her cunt clamped down tightly on his sliding dick. First one spasm, then another shook her mushy snatch. Then the blonde felt something hot and wet spray into her gut. He was cumming, dumping his hot load of rich male cum into her rumbling cunt.

Jack clenched his teeth tightly together as spray after spray of jizz shot into Faye’s bucking pussy. She couldn’t seem to get enough of his cum. She kept begging to be fucked harder. Faye wanted to be crushed by him, completely swallowed up under his muscular, hunching body. She spread her legs out as far as she could, flattening her plump ass-cheeks on the mattress as he fucked and fucked her stretched pussy.

“Ohhh, that was good,” the blonde finally said as the final spasms rumbled through her jizz-filled snatch.

“Baby, as far as I’m concerned, there’s gonna be a lot more times when this happens,” Jack said in a husky voice, kissing her lightly on the neck.

Faye sighed happily and closed her eyes. She wondered just how loving he’d be if he knew the truth about what happened to her on her aunt’s ranch. No man could be that understanding! She felt a bolt of shame and humiliation run through her body when she thought of that big dog and the black stallion towering over her. Faye still had nightmares about what happened, and she knew that she’d probably have them for a long time. No woman could endure something like that without a lasting impression being made.

“Something wrong, babe?” Jack asked, sensing a change in her attitude.

Faye looked back into Jack’s eyes. She felt her body melt under his, and knew that whatever happened in the past, it was dead and buried.

“Nothing wrong at all,” Faye said, smiling happily as she drew him closer to her and pressed her lips to his.