Older sister left in charge of brother

This was the start of a long holiday weekend, and for the
first time in years Mom and Dad were going away. Pat and
Mike were left at home. Pat attended the local community
college. She was three years older then Mike, who was a
twelfth grader, so she was left in charge. Mike wasn’t
happy with the arrangements. He had to do things her way
or she told on him.

Pat saw herself as a very intelligent and sophisticated
woman. She was able to skillfully control any situation
at home, school or on a date. Pat was so far above sexual
activity that she never allowed any guy any intimate
contact. She knew girls who gave head to save their
virginity. The very thought was disgusting to her. No
man’s dick would ever touch her lips. “Oh…No! Not in
her mouth.”

Mike had a soccer game Friday after school. He asked his
teammates to come over to his house after the game to
chill out and play some video games. He told them his
parents were away, and Pat and he were the only ones home
all weekend. The boys didn’t like his sister, they
thought, and rightly so, that she was a real Bitch. They
had discussed Pat amongst themselves; she had the best
body in school. They had debated feeling her up on
several occasions. But out of respect for Mike they never
touched her. The boy’s looked at one another; they were
all thinking the same thing.

“Yeah! Pat’s alone.”

Dan broke the silence, he said, “O.K. we’ll come, but if
Pat gives us any shit we’re going to fuck her up the

They all laughed including Mike. While they agreed with
Dan they didn’t want to be disrespectful in front of
Mike. When Dan’s remarks didn’t upset Mike they felt free
to become more aggressive. They had discussed Pat’s
vulnerability amongst themselves, and about how sweet it
would be to rape the fuck out of Mike’s sister. They all
wanted to do the smart-ass bitch, and today might be her
lucky day. She didn’t like them, and they didn’t like
her. By her standards they were little Brats.

The boys were in Mike’s room playing a racecar video
game. They were noisy knowing the noise would make Pat
come into Mike’s room. They were more aware of Pat then
she was of them. She was alone with nine horny twelfth
graders, and unaware they were focused on her pussy. They
wanted her to give them some shit, and then they would
have an excuse to grab her ass.

Pat didn’t let them down. She came into Mike’s chill
room, acting bigger then life, and looking real good. She
was wearing tan shorts and a white shirt tied above her
midriff. It left little for their imagination. The boy’s
looked at each other, and with a knowing smirk Dan said,
“Nice ass huh guys?”

She glared at him, and angrily told them to watch their
mouths, or be sent the hell home. She was not putting up
with a bunch of little brats who didn’t know how to
behave, and she left slamming the door behind her.

Mike was embarrassed he didn’t want his friends to think
he was afraid of his sister. His friends tried to make
him feel better. Wayne said Mike; she’s just a bitch who
needs some Dick, but she’s too much of a snob to let
anyone get into her pants.

I agree Mike replied she needs it bad, but she can get us
in trouble. Now that Mike said it, Dan jumped at the
opportunity. He said, I think we can rape her without any
risk; she’ll be too ashamed to tell anyone she was gang
raped. The guys often talked about raping Pat. The
possibility of gang raping Pat was new and exciting. Now
that Mike was OK with it, and they had Pat all alone it
was time to act out their hostile feelings. Gang rape her
and teach her a lesson, and experienced the excitement of
perverse sexual pleasure by forcing her to give up some

Just thinking about grabbing her cunt gave them a hard
on. Jason said, “Save the talk, let’s do it and stop the
bullshit. Just pull her panties down and fuck her brains

Charlie was the smartest in the group. He said, “We need
to show her she can’t fuck with us. I agree with Dan,
she’ll keep her mouth shut.”

Dan said, “We’ve talked about it; we’d all like to pound
her pussy, so let’s do it. We need to get her to come
back here again, and when she gets here we grab a good
handful of pussy, and maybe get our dicks wet. We’ll see
what happens.”

Mike didn’t want any trouble, but it would sure be nice
to get a handful of her pussy. Why shouldn’t he do it? He
often thought of grabbing her cunt, and Mom and Dad
weren’t here to protect her. Now was the time to get a
handful. Charlie said if Wayne grabs her in a chokehold
when she gets in here, then we could all take a turn at
getting a handful of her crotch and tits.

“OK,” Mike said, “I’ll go along, if we don’t get her,
someone else’ll come along and get her cherry. So let’s
get the first handful.”

Charlie and Tim started to shout to get Pats attention,
and it worked! Pat stormed into the room saying I warned
you. Totally unaware the boys were going to take her
down, down, down.

Wayne grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand and
wrapped his other arm around her neck, “they had her!”
Mike quickly grabbed her crotch in a firm grip with his
right hand and her right tit with his left. It’s a good
thing Wayne was holding her.

She glared at Mike, and openly displayed her rage. She
was ready to tear Mike apart. She gasped, when Mike gave
her crotch a good squeeze. If she didn’t enjoy it Mike
sure did. Dan was next, and then the rest took turns
grabbing a handful. Pat glared at each of them she was
angry as hell. Dan asked if they would like to see her
naked. “Hell yeah,” they all shouted.

Pat was astounded; they wouldn’t dare, would they? “Stop
it now and I won’t tell,” she pleaded.

Suddenly it was as if some unseen force entered the room.
The boys became very intense they could feel their hearts
beating. They started breathing rapidly, and their eyes
became glassy. Pat’s eyes opened wide in terror when Mike
slid his hand inside her shorts and panties. His fingers
touched the hairy triangle above her cunt. He had a
thrill he would never forget.

Her eyes opened wider as his hand covered her pussy lips.
His fingers explored the wetness of her slit while
groping for her hole. Pat was frantic. Charlie suddenly
said, “Fuck this strip the bitch,” then he ripped her
shirt open, and pushed aside her bra. He grabbed her tits
in both hands. Dan pulled her shorts down, and Jason
yanked her white cotton Hanes bikini panties down to her

Pat was appalled; her expression quickly changed to
disbelief and fear. The boy’s intent became clear to her.
Then for about twenty seconds no one moved. Finally the
boys realized what they had done. They had actually
stripped her; they couldn’t believe it had gone from
grabbing her ass to striping off her clothes.

Their eyes were seeing for the first time, a naked, well-
developed female, with the best body in high school.
“Mike’s Sister”, and boy did she look great naked. Their
gaze was glued to her bushy triangle and firm round 36D
tits. They had gone beyond grabbing a handful of her
pussy. The force that took them this far was now
throbbing in their pants. No stopping it now they were
going to enjoy fucking this cunt.

Jason said, “I get to keep her panties.” He slid them
over her feet and off. Dan pulled her shirt and bra off.

She was naked All eyes were on her exposed body. She
pleaded with them, “Let me go!” They were beyond hearing.
They ignored her.

Wayne pulled her down over the arm of the sofa. Pat was
on her back across the arm of the sofa. Her feet were on
the floor, and her ass was on the arm. Her pussy was
pushed forward, and readily visible and accessible. Pats
shoulders and head were on the sofa seat. She was
horrified. Their hands were all over her, and her legs
were pulled wide apart.

Mikes mental images hadn’t prepared him, or any of them
for the awesome view her bushy mound presented them. Her
cunt was more pronounced then their minds could have
conjured up. The fleshy lips surrounding her glistening
pink slit held their attention. The boys were motionless
and speechless. The excitement accelerated. After years
of talking about Pats pussy it was spread out before
their eyes. The built up hostilities and bitterness made
taking her forcefully more exciting then they ever
imagined. Mikes sister was down. Yeah! Mike’s sister was
down. “Let’s fuck her,” Jason shouted.

Mike was between her wide spread legs looking at her
glistening slit. He wondered if he should do it. This
would be his first piece of ass. Why not? Now was the
time, and even if she was his sister she had a cunt, and
her cunt was available. All the guys were watching, and
waiting for Mike to make a move. The moment they all
wanted was here.

Mike couldn’t resist showing off. He pushed his finger
into her tight quivering cunt. She squealed and struggled
like a stuck pig. He worked his finger in and out a few
times finger fucking her. Pat looked at Mike defiantly,
with anger and hatred showing in her eyes. She moaned in
shame and fear. She couldn’t believe he’d put his finger
in her cunt.

“We’re going to fuck you Pat,” he said.

He started to undo his belt. Pat’s struggles intensified.
She looked and acted like she had just seen a ghost. She
watched in disbelief as he unfastened his pants and let
them drop to his feet. Pat started protesting and trying
to get up saying, “Your not! No! You’re not going to fuck
me. You aren’t putting your dicks in me, I’m a virgin!”

Mikes rigid cock sprang free as his pants fell to his
feet. He was consumed with excitement. Looking her in the
eyes, he said, “You’ll love it, Pat.”

“All right, he shouted spread her, let’s get our dicks

Jason and Dan spread her like a wishbone.

Still looking her in the eyes Mike asked if she wanted a
quick plunge to the hilt, or the slow slide? His rigid
cock touched her slit. Pat screamed, “NO!” and turned her
head away. She tried twisting and turning but Mike
prevailed, and he slowly eased his cock into her
convulsing cunt.

The guys crowded around saying, “Hey! He’s doing it to
her he’s putting his dick in his sister’s cunt. It’s
going in! He’s fucking her.” They could hardly believe it
was finally happening.

Pat was screaming and struggling frantically fighting
against his invading cock. She screamed NOOooooo! His
cock pushed into her fist tight virgin cunt. Mikes cock
hit her hymen. “Look at me,” he said, “I want to see your
face when I bust your cherry.” He pushed harder, and her
hymen tore.

Her eyes showed shock and disbelief. His rigid cock was
free to slide all the way into the clutching confines of
her warm cunt. Where no cock had gone before. Waves of
pleasure seized him, and thrills culminated into
incredible sensations. He was raping Pat! He just took
her cherry. Because of the bitter hostilities he savored
the thrills as his cock slid deep into her cunt. His hips
slammed against her ass he was hilted. His cock was all
the way in. Mike thought nothing could be sweeter then

The guys cheered “YEAH! Fuck her Mike! Fuck her!” Pat
pleaded and begged to be let go. Pat was crying, and
struggling against the invasion of Mike’s cock. Her
struggles weren’t successful. Mike held her tight, and
gripped her hips tightly with both hands as he slammed
his cock in and out of her virgin cunt.

The boys were carried away. The incredible excitement
made all of them squeeze their Dicks in their hands
waiting for a turn to bury their cocks in her. Charlie
said, we don’t have to hurry we have three days to fuck
the Bitch, and we can fuck her anyway we want. Wayne
asked, “Why don’t we spend the night?” “Yeah!” They all
shouted. “That way we can keep the party going.”

Mike was now banging away at her snug fitting cunt. He
pounded his cock in and out rapidly. He fucked her hard
now enjoying the thrill and excitement of rape. Her
struggles were exciting, and they made him want to pound
into her with brutal thrusts. His balls violently
exploded letting loose a load that flooded her cunt. For
the first time she felt spurting cum hitting her uterus.
Mike was smiling and laughing with joy. He was proud as
hell it felt so good fucking her, and all the guys knew
now that just because she was his sister, didn’t mean he
wouldn’t fuck her.

Pat was angry to the point of tears. Her face was flush,
and she was breathing rapidly. She was crying and
thrashing about.

Mike said, “Damn she’s good.”

“You guys have to try her.”

“OK Dan, go for it.”

“Noo! Oh God! NO!” She screamed, as they changed places.

Dan mounted her, and wasted no time. He had wanted to
mount her for a long time. He was wild with lust. He
violently drove his throbbing cock into her hot wet cunt.
Fucking Pat had been his dream for a long time.

Pat was uttering a stream of obscenities at them. She was
so ashamed; all these boys knew everything about the
intimate areas of her body. She just lost her virginity
to her brother. Now his friends were taking turns burying
their cocks in her cunt, while getting their first piece
of ass. They could see the hatred and anger in her eyes.
Every time she defiantly called them little turds or
brats they banged her harder. Their Dicks stayed hard
ready to fuck her again. Pat was unable to accept the
fact that they were in charge, and would continue fucking
her harder and harder.

Dan was banging his groin against her open cunt. He was
into some serious fucking while thinking of all the times
that she was mean or nasty to him. He owed her big time,
and what a great way to pay a debt. He continued to pound
her tight vaginal channel enjoying his new non-virgin
status. His balls shot a load so hard it made his legs
give out.

Dan was satisfied beyond description. Like all the boys
he had hostile feelings towards Pat dating back to the
time they first started to play with Mike. The boys
continued taking turns sticking their Dicks in her wet
cunt. While one was between her legs two were holding her
legs apart.

For most of them it was their first piece of ass. Only
two of the nine boys had other brief experiences. Dan was
so pleased with his fuck that he called his cousin to
come over and get some super pussy. Charlie was pounding
her now. He didn’t care how sloppy her cunt was he wanted
pussy, and she had the necessary equipment. Jason wore
her panties like a hat. He was ready to jump on her ass
after Charlie.

Charlie finished with a roar after giving her cunt a
solid pounding. He proclaimed this day to be the day he
got his first piece of ass.

Jason asked them to pull her legs towards her head. With
her feet held on each side of her head his motive became
clear. Semen was running out of her cunt, and down to her
anus. Jason pushed two fingers into her soaked cunt. He
withdrew his fingers from her cunt, and rubbed the ring
around her anal cavity, and one at a time shoved his two
fingers into her rectum.

Pat screamed, “OoooOOOHHH! AH! OOOHHH!”

He said, “I’m going to get me some brown eye.” He rubbed
his stiff cock around the puckered opening of her highly
exposed anus, and with one hard push he buried half of
his cock in her anal cavity. Pat never felt so much pain.
She let out one big aaaaAAAAHHHHH, take it out! She
shrieked, “Ooh god it hurts! Please take it out! Take it

He continued to bury his rigid cock into her ass. The
full length of his cock was buried deep into her bowls.
He gave her a few seconds to adjust, and then he started
pumping his cock in and out of her tight virgin anus. Pat
screamed and screamed. Her screams didn’t stop Jason. He
was pumping her ass so hard at times it looked like her
ass was being turned inside out.

Finally he shot his load deep into her bowls, and it was
great! His Dick spurted and spurted and spurted. It felt
so good. Jason pulled his deflated cock from her upturned

Tim was next to fill the space between her legs. He
shoved his Dick into her wet cunt, and was amazed at the
wonderful sensations her quivering cunt was giving him.
Tim started to pick up his rhythmic pounding. He gripped
her hips thrusting his cock deep into her cunt.

Tim started to bang her hard when they heard the phone
ring. Mike answered, he said, “Pats not available right

Then answering the query from the other end he said, “OK,
I’ll tell her your coming over.” Then he hung up and
shouted, “Yeah, we’re going to get some kosher pussy.
Pat’s friend Sharon is coming over, and she’s on my must
fuck list.”

Sharon was Pat’s best friend; they thought and acted
alike. The only difference was their appearance Sharon
was attractive, dark hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. She
was taller them Pat by several inches. Her height made
her look slender.

Pat was an attractive, light hair, gray blue eye, shorter
and full-bodied. Her legs were shorter and heavier then
Sharon’s long slender legs. Both bodies would give any
man a hard on just thinking about the possibilities. The
guy’s were so high on pussy Sharon didn’t stand a chance.
When she arrived at the house Sharon would be stripped
and fucked before she had any chance to escape.

Pat saw two new boys enter the room. It was Dan’s cousin
Jon and his buddy Jay. They were in Mike’s class. Dan was
telling both of them this was an all night fuck party.

Tim continued to ream her cunt. He increased in speed and
forcefulness until he was jack hammering her, and in one
final thrust he came shooting cum deep inside her.

Jon said; look at her awesome tits shake. “I have never
seen any tits that could come close to Pat’s. All the
girls I know couldn’t come near Pat’s size. Reaching down
he touched one nipple. Her nipple hardened. Jon grasped
her big tits with both hands and started rubbing her
nipples. Leaning down he began to suck first one then the

He said, “They taste as good as they look. We’re lucky,”
he said, “all the guy’s in town would like to fuck her,
and she’s one hot piece. We need to double-team her, that
way we don’t have to wait so long to get some pussy,” he
continued. Everybody agreed, they asked him to show them

OK let’s get her on her knees Jon shouted. She was lifted
off the couch and onto her knees on the floor. For the
first time since it started Pat was unrestrained. Jon
positioned himself behind her. Pats smooth heart shaped
ass was awesome. Grabbing her around the waist he pulled
her sweet ass up to his groin. Reaching down he placed
his stiff cock against her wet slit and in one thrust
entered her cunt.

Pat wiggled a little, but before she had time to think
about it Jon yanked her head up by pulling her hair. Pat
opened her mouth to scream. Her scream was cut off when
Jay shoved his hard cock into her mouth. Pat gagged and
gasped for air as Jay’s cock pushed into her throat. She
couldn’t breathe; she was learning first hand how it felt
to be throat fucked.

Jon and Jay found a tempo. When one pushed in the other
would pull out. Pat gasped for air every time Jay pulled
out. Pat gagged and choked. She tried to dislodge Jay’s
cock, but Jon banged her harder pushing Jay’s cock deeper
into her throat. Pat fought the intrusion into her
throat. She thought she would die. Jay started pumping
his cock in and out of her throat, and giving her time to
swallow, he would plunge his cock down her throat again.

While Jay was throat-fucking her Jon was ramming his big
cock in and out of her cunt. Jon and Jay came at the same
time. Jay held her head tight against his groin, while
shooting load after load into her throat. Her jaws bulged
out, and saliva bubbles formed at the corners of her
mouth. Pat’s body was jerking. She was choking on Jay’s
semen giving Jon’s cock a great milking.

She was forced to swallow the cum squirting into her
mouth. She tried to swallow the vile liquid, but some ran
from the corners of her mouth. She was humiliated she
just performed the most repulsive sexual act she could
think of. Pat had a taste in her mouth she would never

Pat looked as Wayne lie down on the floor. Then two of
the boys picked her up. Holding her in the air they
carried her over to Wayne, and lowered her onto his
protruding shaft. Pat struggled, but others guided her
directly onto his cock. She felt his Hugh cock slip past
her pussy lips, and into her tight wet cunt. Deeper and
deeper it went until her pussy lips felt the tickle of
his crotch hair. She gasped as she felt him bottom out.

She was pushed forward until she was lying flat on his
chest. Her breast was crushed against his chest. Pat felt
someone playing with her ass hole. She began to panic,
when she felt the head of a cock trying to enter. After a
hard push the cock broke through and slid into her
bowels. Pat’s breathing was labored as both cocks filled
her in a painful double penetration. Tears of pain
blinded her from noticing a third cock near her lips.

She looked up and saw the cock near her lips. She didn’t
want another Dick in her mouth, so she tried to keep her
mouth closed. Somebody pinched her nose shut. When she
gasped for air that was the opportunity to push a stiff
cock into her mouth. Charlie put his hands on her head.
Holding her head still he began to rapidly face fuck her.
They soundly pound her ass and pussy. Pat was getting her
first three ways. Three cocks in three different holes.

Pat was starting to get a grasp of what was happening.
This was no bad dream. The faces and voices around her
were real, and the pain and discomfort were real. Pat
tried to sort things out. It happened so fast and
unexpectedly that her mind had to put the pieces
together. Pat knew these boys well, and never did she
feel threatened by anyone of them. She remembered times
when she sent one home, or made one of them put back some
cookies they had taken without asking permission. Pat
always felt stronger. She never thought about their
overpowering strength in numbers.