Caught Her Cheating

To find another week as bad as this one I would have to
go back several years. I think in 1993 I had a week
where the house burned down and I was laid off in the
same week. But in ways this week topped that one.
First, I broke my arm going into a customer’s building.
Second, the transmission on the company car blew up in
the middle of nowhere. Third, I caught my wife cheating
on me.

It all started about 2 weeks ago when the boss came in
and let the sales force know we needed to go out on a
run through our territories and see if anyone on our
routes needed any extra supplies as we needed to reduce
inventory. We, the sales force, were empowered to
reduce selling price by 25% and if anyone wanted up to
30% we were to call in and get approval. We were all to
use company vehicles and company gas cards so the
company only had to pay cost and not any mileage.

I went home and let my wife of 20 years Julie, a 38
year old mother of two grown children, know about the
upcoming trip. Julie still looked pretty good for 38.
Since our youngest had gone off to college the previous
year she had been exercising and getting herself back
into shape. I though she looked fine but she wanted to
keep it up. I worried about her because when I came
home from one of these trips she would eat quite a bit
almost like she had not had anything to eat for a few

On Monday Julie took me to work with my suitcase as I
was going to leave from the office about 9:00 AM. My
first stop was about 100 miles from the office at the
Apex Granite Company in Friendly. I spoke with the
office manager and told her the terms we were offering
our best customers. She asked me to let her think it
over and she would call me Wednesday and let me know.
Since I had to loop back thorough town on Wednesday I
just made an appointment to see her at 1:00 and get her

I went thorough the western part of my territory over
the next couple of days and was back at Apex on Wed.
They had changing the front stairs but had failed to
put up any warning signs as they were not yet fastened
down. Just as I was reaching for the door the stairs
shifted and I fell and broke my arm. Because of
potential liability the office manager rode in the
ambulance with me.

She had grabbed her list on the way out the door and
while I was awaiting treatment at the hospital she game
me her order for supplies. After my arm was put in a
cast she took me back to the plant and then drove me to
the motel. There she tucked me in bed and I took a nap
for a couple of hours as I let the drugs wear off.

The next day I was headed out through the eastern loop
of my territory (usually this took 1 and a half weeks)
and I had gotten about 50 miles out of town when I
heard the telltale sounds of metal hitting the pavement
below me. I though the engine had gone but no it was
the transmission, I was towed back to Friendly and let
one of the places look the car over. I went back to the
same motel I had spent the night before in.

Julie did not know my exact itinerary but she knew that
by now I should be well on my way through the eastern
part of my territory. I went to dinner that night
around 7 and returned about 9. When I was leaving a
party had been starting up in a room about 3 doors
down. I figured if I let them get going for a couple of
hours I could join them for a few free drinks and then
hit the hay.

When I got back at 9 you could tell the party was still
going on but it was quieter than most such parties I
attended. When I got up to my room there were a couple
of guys out on the balcony with drinks in their hands.
Seeing that I had a broken arm one of the guys offered
me a drink.

I accepted and joined them for conversation. The door
to the room was standing open and I glanced in. There
were about 6 black guys around the bed sticking their
dicks in this white woman with blond hair. I stood
there talking to the two on the balcony and asked what
the deal was.

It seemed that for the past year this woman had been
coming into Blackie’s, the bar they and their buddies
frequented about every 6 weeks for a couple of weeks
and partied with anyone that wanted to until a day or
two before her husband was due to get home. She had
come in this time and wanted to do the same thing but
she wanted to cuckold him in his territory just because
he kept leaving her alone. She had told them that
anyone that brought her up here could do whatever they
wanted for the night it just had to be here.

Eight of them left Center City and brought her up in 2
cars; but by the time they arrived she was so blasted
that she wasn’t even a good cum dump. Two or three had
to screw her at a time just to keep her awake. By this
point my glass was empty so they invited me in for

Imagine my surprise when I looked over and saw my wife
with her eyes closed but sucking slack jawed a big dick
while two more were screwing her. At that point the guy
in her mouth said she was gone. The others all agreed.
We stood around and discussed the situation for a few

They were supposed to call her husband’s office the
next day and let him know where to pick her up at. They
were all looking pretty down so I volunteered to make
the call, since I was staying in the motel anyway, They
gave me the number as we stood around the bed and
jerked off all over her. There she lay covered in cum
from everyone and passed out.

While she was passed out I went to the local drug store
and got a throw away camera and came back and took
pictures. On the way to Julie’s room I stopped by my
room and picked up my small recorder. Julie is one of
those people that if you start quietly talking to her
in her sleep she will answer you but never remember she
had the conversation. In ways it is better than
hypnotism or any other method for finding out the

After I had taken the pictures I wanted I sat down and
had a conversation with her. It seems that about 6
months ago one of the trainers at the club she worked
out at had given her come cocaine and powdered heroin.
Since she was very straight and had never tried drugs,
up to that time, they hit her like a ton of bricks. She
was high for several hours. I was out of town at that
time visiting my customers.

When she came off of the high she was at Blackie’s
Retreat (a black’s only in the evening club) in the
back room. She was bent over a Bumper Pool table with
somebody sticking a dick in her ass and some one else
in her mouth. They realized she was coming down off a
high so they gave her some more of the drug and found
out how long she was available. I was gone for a week
on that trip. So for most of the next week they kept
her high and used her for a cum dump.

When she got straightened out and was just about ready
to call the police a big black man walked in and showed
her some pictures and told her that unless she wanted
them distributed around town she would take her white
ass out of there and get cleaned up, never mentioning
this again. In the pictures it looked like she was
having an good time.

She went home and stood in the shower for an hour
getting cleaned up and went to bed to sleep. She never
mentioned what happened to her to anyone. She kept
going to the club and exercising. She and the trainer
got pretty close and she learned how to mix the drug he
had given her. She then dumped him and waited until the
next time I was out of town and she took some more of
the drug.

It seemed that for the week she had gone back to
Blackie’s and she had eaten nothing but cum losing 20
pounds. That was when the serious weight loss began. I
had noticed at about every 6 to 12 weeks she had lost
about 20 pounds and had complemented her on it so she
decided to keep it up. She used the drug every time I
went out of town. This time though she must have mixed
it wrong since she had a bad reaction to it and had
gotten too high and had been in the back room from
about an hour after I left until tonight.

Tonight she wanted my attention so she had decided to
come up here and party and hoped to be caught by me.
She said she still loved me be she would not quit until
I caught her. Every time she took the drug and spent a
week or more at Blackie’s not only did she lose weight
but after she came down off the high she felt guilty
for about a week about the infidelity.

In being introduced to the guys last night I noted that
a couple of them were named Jim. I had noticed a car
rental place in town and I called to see if they had
anything available. They had a Chevrolet Impala so I
rented it. I went over and picked up the car as I
formulated my plan to stop this destructive behavior,
you see I still loved her. I knew now that I had enough
evidence to take everything from the marriage but even
though I wanted revenge, I still wanted to keep her.
The rooms had both been paid for so if we left in the
middle of the night it would not be any problem.

I got her into the car without waking her and headed
for home. I kept my speed down and made the ride as
smooth as possible. On the way home I worked out most
of the details of my plan. First she needed to be
really scared. Toward that end during the ride home I
decided she should wake up in the shower but not know
how she got there. I also asked if she still had some
of the pictures from the first encounter, she did and
she told me where they were.

I asked how she had mixed the drugs and what was wrong
with the mix. She said she had put to little cocaine in
the mix. She told me where I could get some more and
remix the drugs. Once home I put her clothes and all in
the shower but did not turn the water on just yet. I
got her drugs and remixed them. I gave her some and
just enough to start her on a high and I went out to
the car to get my suitcase. I set it by the door I
wanted her to think I was just coming in. Then I went
upstairs and turned the water on and left her in the
shower to wake up.

I went back downstairs and listened. I heard the shower
stop so I gave her a few minutes to start drying
herself and then I opened and closed the door real
loud. I called out to her to let her know I was home. I
heard some scurrying around upstairs as I climbed up to
our bedroom. I gave her just enough time to get rid of
the evidence and then walked in. She saw the arm and
wanted to know what happened.

She and I sat and chatted and I told her about my trip.
We went to bed that night and she was insatiable driven
as much as anything by fear of discovery. We had sex
until 3:00AM. I got up at 7:30 and called my boss
explaining what had happened to the car. I told him I
had a rental and asked what he wanted to do about the
company car. He told me he would send the company tow
truck up to Friendly.

I was to take care of myself and come in that afternoon
if I could. As horny as she had been the night before
she wanted it more when she got up at 9; we ended up
having sex all over the house with her bent over
something to accommodate my broken arm. She was bent
over the table, the couch, an overstuffed chair, etc.
also if I wasn’t in her cunt she had me in her mouth.
Her attentions had me acting like an 18 year old kid
again. My recovery rate this morning was phenomenal.

I went in that afternoon and told the boss all the
details of my trip up to the point where the car broke
down. He said that even if I did not make any more
sales that week I still had sold more than anyone else.
He indicated he had been thinking for some time he
needed someone over the outside sales force and that I
was it.

The promotion carried a nice salary increase plus I was
required to stay in the office most of the time. He
told me to take a week off and get my arm checked out
with my doctor and come back in next week ready to go.
All my doctor did was x-ray the arm and change the cast
to one of the newer light weight air casts.

During lunch hour Blackie’s tried and did attract a lot
of white people since the food was excellent. I went
there for lunch that week and got to know a couple of
the guys including the two I talked to on the balcony
at the motel.

I finally admitted to being the husband of the woman
they had been screwing for a while. This put them on
the immediate defensive but I let them know I wasn’t
upset with them just her. I wanted to break her bad
habits (drugs and extra marital sex) and put the fear
of God in her. After a couple of days they agreed to
help me out.

I asked if they were there when she had started to come
down after a week the first time. She had told me about
a big black man that had threatened her with exposure.
This man had put the fear of God in her and I wanted to
meet him. It turned out to be Blackie the owner in an
overcoat, shades and a fedora.

I enlisted his help and he agreed to join in as he did
not need any trouble with the law or disgruntled
husbands. He indicated he had nearly thrown her out the
last time but had reconsidered when he thought about
what would happen to her in her condition at some of
the other places.

I thanked him for his kindness and set my plan in
action. I told him his part; he chuckled, saying he had
never played the part of marriage counselor before. I
thanked Jim and George for agreeing to help. Thursday
night Julie got a call and said she had to leave for a
few minutes she would be back as soon as possible. When
she returned she was as white as a sheet but after
awhile her color returned. She was distracted all

The next day Blackie filled me in. She had come in and
was directed to Blackie’s office where he, Jim, and
George met her. They acted like gang bangers with
Blackie as the boss. He gave her the pictures I had
given him showing her cum covered along with some of
his private pictures from the first time. He told her
they were all taken this past week and since she wanted
to stay in his place all the time when her husband was
out of town she could come to work there as a

She was to report Saturday night dressed in the same
outfit she wore last week without any panties or bra.
He gave her 24 hours to decide if she would be there or
try to buy her way out. He told her he could make
$10,000 on her a week so he wanted 5 weeks worth for
his copies of the pictures or he would send them to her
husband. He told he would call her at 8:00 the next

The next day Julie said she had business downtown. I
went around the house disconnecting phones leaving only
the one in the living room. The bank called and wanted
to know if it was ok for her to close out our joint
savings account, I approved it. I wanted her in a
position where she would have to come to me and
confess. I knew the $50,000 would exhaust all of our
resources so I let her take it out. Especially since I
would put it back in the bank in a few days after she
had confessed her infidelity. I sat back and waited.

At 8:05 Blackie called. The phone was right by my chair
so I answered. Blackie told me who it was and said it
was time to speak to her. She said she would take it in
the kitchen. I told her that the other phones in the
house were out and I had already called the telephone
company to come out the next day and fix them. She was
crestfallen since she now would have to make
arrangements in front of me with out letting me know
what was going on. She answered the phone and had a
very brief conversation with Blackie.

After she hung up I asked who it was, she said it was
her mother and she needed to go over there right away.
She went upstairs to get dressed and I called Blackie.
He quickly filled me in on what he said and she said. I
told him to stall her for a minute or two so the “Big
Boss” could arrive to survey the goods.

When she arrived Blackie had the back room cleared out
and he sent her in there to wait. I arrived 10 minutes
later in costume to look like the big boss. I sat in
the back of Blackie’s office, in the shadows with a few
of the pictures in my hand. Blackie, Jim, and George
then called her in.

At first she was confident. Blackie transacted his
business with her and then turned to me and handed me
the bag. He had slipped out $5,000 for his trouble. I
looked in the bag and pretended there was only $20,000.
I commented that I had thought I would make at least
$10,000 per week on her based on the pictures. Her
confidence ebbed as she saw the pictures in my hand. I
said I would have to have a closer look and feel to
better evaluate the product.

She started to shake her head no. I ordered her to
strip immediately. She tried to run but saw Jim and
George blocking the door. At that point she hung her
head and started to take off her clothes. I took a
chance and walked over had started feeling her. First
her breasts, then her cunt, and finally her ass; at
this point I asked for a little lubricant. I had her
bend over Blackie’s desk and put some on her ass and my
cock. I pushed it in without trying to get her warmed
up. I wanted her to feel like a common whore.

I fucked her for a few minutes and then stuck it in her
cunt for a few minutes and then walked back over to the
shadows and had her come over and suck me clean. I told
her I thought my original appraisal was right and she
could pay me the extra $10,000 or become a whore in my

I would be more generous than Blackie I gave her a
week, because I was throwing a party downtown for some
of the boys and she should make an interesting
diversion. I gave her what I described as a costume for
the party, a dog collar. I let her know I would call in
a week and tell her where to bring the money or the
pussy. She now had no way out she had to come to me and
talk it over.

I told Blackie to make her take her time getting
dressed as I wanted to be at home when she arrived. I
reached over and picked up her bra and panties and
walked out. I kept my speed at the legal limit getting
home and put my car back in the garage with enough time
for it to cool down and the engine fan to quit running
before she pulled in.

When she came in I asked how her mother was and waited
for an answer. She looked like she wanted to say
something but couldn’t she just said fine and went
upstairs. I shut off the TV, turned off the lights and
went up to get ready for bed also. The next day she was
extremely nervous, jumping every time the phone rang or
anyone came to the door. When the mail came I handed
her a letter addressed to her on a laser printer. She
opened it and put it in her pocket. I asked her about
the letter and she said it was from her sister and she
would read it later.

Shortly thereafter she went out to run errands. A few
hours later the branch bank manger called me and asked
if I wanted to take out a second mortgage on the house.
I said no, I saw no reason to do that. He told me Julie
was there trying to arrange a second mortgage. I asked
him to put her on the speaker phone and let me talk to
her. I asked why we needed a second mortgage and she
said her mother needed an operation that was going to
cost $10,000.

I told her to take it out of savings. She had to
confess at that point she had already withdrawn all our
money from savings. At that point I curtly told her to
come home and we would discuss what was going on, I
told her I loved her and we could work through it.

When she got home I was in the living room waiting for
her. She came in and suggested we talk it over in the
dining room. She didn’t want to sit down until I
insisted. She took my hands and said she was in

I asked her what kind of trouble. She started telling
it all to me. After our daughter left home she felt
lonely and unappreciated. I started to interrupt but
she asked me to hold off until she finished. She then
went on about the exercise program and getting into
shape and me working so hard to make a comfortable
living for us. Then she went on about how she was
introduced to the Blackie’s evening crowd and the first
time she was screwed for a week.

That week she did not have anything to eat except cum.
Then how I complemented her on losing so much weight
and she felt she needed to continue until she lost
enough weight to be attractive again. She wrapped it up
by telling me how she had pulled all our savings from
the bank to pay off Blackie’s boss off and now the “Big
Boss” wanted another $10,000 or her ass, physically. At
this point she broke down and started crying. I hushed
her up and asked her what she wanted to do?

She apologized and said she wanted to pay him the
$10,000 and get her pictures back. Then she wanted to
try to put our life and marriage back together again if
I could forgive her as she still loved me. I decided to
play it cool but give her a bit of hope.

I told her I knew the big boss and I would speak with
him. A few days later I came home with the negatives
and let her have them. She checked them out and burned
them. I told her he still had a copy of the prints but
for now she was off the hook; however if she ever
strayed again he would use the prints to collect his
$10,000 or her ass.

This week I kept putting her off like I was still
thinking over whether I would forgive her. That night I
did forgive her. To show her how much I wanted our
marriage to work I outfitted our garage as a gym with
the usual equipment items. Why not I had $45,000 she
did not know about. Even after all the equipment I
still had $30,000 left.