Rape Me!

The onset of puberty inevitably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child’s inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective with internalized standards and parentally prescribed teachings.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others, the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is not shaping up as expected.

For Lorrie Baxter, the initiation into the world of sexuality brings with it a swirling confusion of conflicting emotions. Impeded by the strict moral teachings of her religious mother, Lorrie cannot admit to herself that she has sexual desires, desires that are a natural part of being human. It is only after she is forced to participate in sexual acts of every description, after she becomes involved in a web of passion and lust and carnality that she at last must come face to face with her own nature and accept her basic sensuality.

Lorrie’s is the story of an average teen-aged girl’s struggle to make the transition into adulthood, a struggle evolving behind the facade of her day-to-day existence, yet inexorably leading her onward into maturity. Lorrie’s is an intimate reminder of the pitfalls standing in the way of those growing up. It is a lesson to society. A reflection of our times.


I’d found it under the front seat of Dad’s pickup, the company truck he used on construction jobs. A magazine. I guess it could have been left there by anyone. It wasn’t the usual magazine. It had pictures, lots of them and all in color. Even the cover was far-out. I had to get the nerve to just turn to the first page. All those naked… So I hid it under my mattress and didn’t dare touch it again until this morning when I woke up and for some reason slipped it out of its hiding place and under my pillow.

In the next room they were fighting again. Always in the morning like a couple of clocks. Trailer walls were so thin. It was hard to keep from hearing certain things.

“…how long do you think a man can wait?” Al, my father, said!

“You just don’t think of how inconvenient it can be for me in the morning…” That from Elaine. My mom.


“Al, please don’t raise your voice. Lorrie will wake up…”

I turned over on my stomach and touched the magazine. The glossy pages stuck to my fingers. From the next room the voices were muted now, coming to me in blurred spurts of sound. I pulled the magazine out from under the pillow. Oh, Lord Jesus! That girl with her legs spread, her smile, her tits offered up like that! I swallowed, wet my lips, swallowed again. Flip the page. My heart thudded, breath grew ragged like it always did when I studied the veins in the dark-haired man’s cock. It was huge! Or at least it looked huge there in color on that glossy page. White along the shaft with a ridged, swollen head… if that was what you called it. Something like a mushroom but dark-blue and shiny. Shiny from the girl’s mouth. The girl was looking at the cock lovingly, her tongue lolling out. It looked big enough to choke her if she let the man do what he seemed about to do. I flipped another page. God, God, God! A whole series of pictures, a sequence of a couple actually screwing! I found I was holding my breath and let it out with a whoosh. My nipples tingled. I slipped a palm down to brush one turgid stalk. The tingling got worse… or better. I wished I knew how to accept the things that had happened to my body the past few years. Like my tits especially. They’d gotten so big! At first I’d kind of liked the shape they took, but when they didn’t stop growing, when they bulged out of last year’s dresses and made all the boys start calling me big tits behind my back… In a way I was glad we’d moved to a new town.

I peered closely at the pictures showing the man’s cock tip pushing against the squishy red membranes of the woman’s open slit. Her legs were thrown back and she even held one ankle with her hand. The man had a boob in his mouth and in the next picture his bluish knob wasn’t visible any more. It was inside the woman’s body. My cunt throbbed and I felt a flood of juices seeping between the closed lips, drenching my hot, tingly petals. I wondered how it must feel to the woman to have herself split like that! And how it must feel to the man. Surrounded by all that buttery, hot… pussy.

I slid my own hand down under my belly, curled fingers under the furred curve of my body. I was eighteen now. Was that supposed to be a special time? My finger trembled along the furry divide of my slit. I flipped another page, sucked a short breath. The woman lay on her back with her elbows hooked under her knees. Her cunt petals were peeled wide. Her cunt glistened with wetness and the man who bent his face close to her gash was glossy around his lips and chin. His tongue was just touching the little ridge of flesh above her hole. I found that I was crinkling the pages of the magazine, I was holding it so hard. I moved the finger that lay against my warm pussy mound, moved it again and felt the wetness, the slickness. I pressed up and in until the outer cuntlips surrounded one knuckle completely. My breath was a hot ball in my throat. A silent bird beat against my insides. Each time I stroked the finger through the clinging membranes, I felt I was stepping into some forbidden territory, breaking unspoken taboos, taboos so frightening that none of my friends had ever spoken to me about them. A vague cloud of wickedness seemed to hover above my bed. I felt almost as if I were another person, separate from myself, watching the naughty girl on the bed with her dirty magazine and her finger in her… pussy. That word again. Why did it make me shiver just thinking it? I rubbed my slit faster, fanned a fingertip over the hot nubbin of flesh that seemed half-hidden under a hood. I explored farther down the buttery gash with a thumb, but like always I could find no spot that even hinted of a deeper place. That well into the depths of my body, the hot, slick tunnel that the woman in the magazine had. How deep could the man’s cock go before the woman could cry out in pain? How fast did he… fuck her!

I moaned in my throat, more a growl really. The feeling of my hand on my swollen gash was too good not to moan! I rubbed my tits against the sheet. The nipples slipped out of the surrounding softness, poked their tenderness against the roughness of the bed. I widened my thighs and began to move my ass slowly up and down. The movement and the tightening of the large muscles in my butt added to the tension. I pushed the magazine to the side and put both hands against my cunt mound, spread my slit wider, gouged the sloppy pink tissues until I moaned again in rhythm to the touch. But what would it feel like if I took off all my clothes?

I jumped up and peeled the flannel bottoms, almost popped a button getting the top off. I knew it wasn’t right, doing it like this, planning it even. But my chest was fluttery and full of some delightful, exciting breathlessness I couldn’t identify. The door to my room was locked from the inside. I closed my eyes for a moment, thought of the prayers my mother always said with me on Sunday and then whipped my head to fling them away. As I turned to the bed again, I glimpsed my image in the mirror. That, too, was taboo. I hardly ever spent time being totally naked. The sensation of only air brushing against my skin was somehow uncomfortable. But this morning it felt strangely good. I fell across the mattress on my back, panting harder than ever. Both my palms felt warm on my belly and I pushed them lower again until I found the aching, puffed, lips of my cunt and separated them gently. Like the woman in the magazine, I bent my knees and raised them up, up… then wide apart. My heels bobbed in the air as I petted the petals and listened to the wet, squishy sound the petting made. It was lovely! Could something so lovely be bad? Yes, maybe… I didn’t know! Mother said it was… but, no, she had never really said the exact words. It was in her attitude, the comments she made on certain TV programs or her opinion of someone who was gossiped about. But I wasn’t… I wasn’t with a man… Oh, it felt so wonderful! My crack was a running flood of slick butter now and the stretch of the tendons in my thighs brought on jabs of pleasure. I worked my ass up and down on the bed, arching and humping my back as I fingered my gash. My belly heaved. My tits had flattened back against my chest some but the nipples stood up straight and hard. They were dark, lots darker than my light skin and the circles of softness around them were dark, too. I took one hand away from my cunt and pinched a nipple, wetting it with slick juice. The juice began to cool there on my skin. It felt good, too. Everything did!

I don’t remember why I thought of the hairbrush on the table by my bed, why I reached over and took it. But the shape of the handle was smooth and curved sexy-looking somehow.

Especially after looking at the pictures of that man’s cock in the magazine. Careful at first, I guided it down between my swollen cuntlips and rubbed it up and down. The plastic was immediately drenched with my pussy juice. It made a sucking sound as my folds clasped around the smoothness, heated it. The brush handle didn’t make as much friction as my fingers, and I could push it harder, move it faster than I’d stroked myself before. Now I dropped my legs, clenched my thighs tight together around the probing hardness of the brush. The end of the handle was a gentle point, rounded enough not to be dangerous… I dared to probe along the deepest part of my slit, pressing hardest at my cit.

“Ohhhh!” My gasp made a froth of spit at the corners of my mouth. I tossed my head back and forth on the pillow. There was a cramp in my calves and I found I was pointing my toes as hard as I could as I fucked the brush handle up and down the steamy divide of my cunt.

My breath was wheezy and wild. Without thinking I bundled my pillow, scratched frantically for the other one and pushed them both down between my thighs. My ass thumped feverishly against the mattress as I tightened my scissor-hold on the pillows, imagining a man between my legs, covering my belly, covering my whole body. Pressing me down against the bed, crushing me, kissing me! How helpless I felt, how wicked. But the frenzied sensations that spread over my belly and throbbed in the pit of my convulsing pussy caused me not to care about anything but making the feeling even better. After all I wasn’t really screwing a guy. When the odd tingly itch began to come in steady waves of pleasure, I knew I was going to have one — have a climax. Before it had just been a word, a mysterious word that some people talked coolly about and others whispered. Now it was happening to me! I rolled half on one side, pumping wildly with my ass. I was rubbing with the brush handle, my fingers, the bunched pillows — anything I could reach. And something, maybe that hidden tube of my cunt was clasping inside me — as if it was around a man’s cock. I couldn’t create enough friction, couldn’t scratch the lovely itch enough. It poured over me, burned my skin. I choked off a loud cry and moaned instead I flopped onto my stomach and tossed my hips around in wild circles. Then I knew I was rubbing too hard. The ecstasy built in half a second to an excruciating edge and burst. I gave a gasping cry and shivered into the throes of the spasm. The muscles in my thighs ridged out as I tried to keep from crying out. I wanted to touch every inch of my body all at the same time. Even as I collapsed and the spasms deep in my cunt began to die away I still tingled. The places between my toes itched, the backs of my knees where the flesh was so soft — all of me felt lavished, drenched with pleasure.

“Lorrie?” My mother just outside my door! I stiffened, tried to make my breathing slow down some.

“What is it, Mom?”

“I just wanted to make sure you were getting up. I’ve got to run out for a second and pick up something at the Seven-Eleven. Don’t dawdle, because we’re going to the church at ten. I think I’ve found you a new friend. Mrs. Caruthers has a daughter your age, and I’m sure she’ll be happy to show you around town so you can meet some people your own age.”

“Yes, Mom, I’m getting up.” I swung my legs out of bed. Between my thighs the swelled outer lips were shiny slick, dewdrops of sex butter dangling in the brown fur of my cunt hair. I tried to think of some prayer I might say to make everything all right. Nothing came to mind. I wasn’t so good at praying as Elaine was. I knew I’d done something wrong by fingering my cunt. Finger-fucking was what my girlfriends back in Billings called it. But it was the first time I’d ever come.

“Come,” I said, surprised at the huskiness of my voice. The word felt strange on my tongue. Such an ordinary word until you thought of it like this, like what had happened to me. The sex magazine lay open on the bed. Now with my excitement passed, the pleasure behind me, the pictures seemed wrong. The idea of a man’s cock inside my cunt was scary and the thought of him pumping in and out of me with that huge, hard thing seemed gross, carnal. Things that animals did in the darkness of the forest, or dogs in the shameless season of their rutting.

“I’m just not going to think about it,” I said aloud and yanked a pair of nylon panties up my thighs. I bit my lip and tried to ignore the tiny jolt of pleasure when the silky crotchband rubbed against my swollen cuntlips. I opened my door and started down the short hall towards the bathroom. I could get my face washed and teeth brushed before Mom got back and… “Lorrie baby, let me look at you.” My dad had caught my wrist as he came out of the bathroom. There was a towel draped around his neck. His muscled chest moved as he held me at arm’s length.

I was coming apart with embarrassment. I never had my clothes off around my father. I’d thought he’d already gone to work. I wanted to break and run back down the hall.

“I thought… I mean… that no one was in the bath…”

“I’m through.” He smiled, looked at my bare shoulders, my tits. “I forget what a big girl you’re getting to be.” He made me turn so he could see the profile of my body. “You got breasts just like your mother did when she was young, honey. Maybe even better…” My eyes were cast down. I felt the red flush on my cheeks.

“I guess I better hurry and get washed…”

“Hold your horses. Your old daddy doesn’t hardly get a chance to see his only daughter in her birthday suit.” He patted my ass. The gentle spank of his hand through the nylon made me gasp. He was my father, after all. Why had my body tingled? I felt awful and naughty and more confused than ever. My nipples were standing straight out from the dark soft circles of titty flesh that surrounded them. I felt like sinking through the floor.

“You got legs, too, honey. Some of the finest legs I’ve ever seen.” He shook his head. “Gonna have to be some hell of a man come along before I’ll be giving you away to get married.”

“Oh, Daddy.” He was turning me more, stopped me when I faced away from him. I could almost feel his eyes on the sharp inward curve of my waist, the sudden, smooth flare of my hips. And he had to be looking at the way my ass stuckout in back. I was thankful that I had at least put on a pair of panties. But what was wrong with me? He was my own flesh and blood. He’d never done anything… wrong.

“You’re so slender, just like a young tree blowing in the breeze.” He was talking like he did when he drank. I was afraid of Daddy when he drank. I was a little afraid of him even when he wasn’t. He stepped close again and petted his hands down over my hair. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to be over, wondering why my heart seemed about to jump from my chest.

“Such pretty, fine hair. It’s past your shoulders now… damned if it ain’t.” He let his fingers brush my neck. “Why I remember when I used to give you rides on my shoulders. You’ve grown a hunk since then.”

I stared down at my feet. I was trembling. If he knew what I’d just been doing in my room, if he knew about the book I’d found under the seat of his truck… I was ashamed of my lack of will power. And it was as if his eyes on my body shamed me even more. I longed to cover my nakedness, to hide away the carnal sight of my tits and belly and thighs.

“You go get ready for breakfast now,” Dad said. He slapped me on the ass just before I got into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I leaned against it panting. It was crazy how I’d just fingered my cunt and made myself come and now my body seemed to yearn for more! It wasn’t possible. It wasn’t right. Had I opened some awful Pandora’s box? Had I started some force to working inside me that would control me from now on? No, it was preposterous to believe that.

I went to the sink and squeezed toothpaste on my brush. But as I scrubbed my teeth, my cunt mound bumped against the edge of the sink. Even that slight pressure made me have to breathe harder through my nose. I rinsed my mouth, washed my face and tiptoed back down the hall towards my room.

I don’t know why I stopped. When I saw Dad through the partly opened door to his and Mom’s bedroom, I should have just kept going. But my legs froze, my breathing, too. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, half turned away from me. But I could see the brutish jut of his cock, the bruised-looking crown, the steady jacking movement of his fingers. He held a magazine open, a magazine with pictures like the one I’d found in his truck. His face had a slack, dazed look to it. Finally I drew a tiny breath, steadied myself against the wall. My very own father! Somehow I hadn’t thought of my parents in a sexual way. They were just… my parents. But there was always a vague tension between them. Lots of times my mom slept on the sofa in the front roam.

Dad’s fingers clasped the heavy shaft of his cock and moved the skin up and back. The skin slapped when it wrinkled around the flare of his knob. His naked thighs were ridged with muscles and I could see the gentle swing of his balls as he jacked himself. Jacked off. That’s what boys called it. Beat their meat. I swallowed hard, felt a tingling rush at my crotch. When I put a finger down under my cunt mound, it came away wet. I’d already soaked the crotch of my panties with butter. I was hot again, struggling against those forces inside me that had burst to the surface that very morning. The confused guilt I felt from watching my father do something so private to himself gave way to curiosity. The way his cockhead swelled when he started moving his hand faster. The rigid, dangerous look of his shaft. I knew enough about biology to realize that the reservoir of sperm in a male’s balls was pumped up at the moment of orgasm and pushed with force down the canal in his cock. When a man came inside a woman, the sperm carried the tiny swimming tadpoles, spurted them out into her cunt and they swam into the mouth of her womb and made a baby. Just thinking about all this had me touching my pussy again. The thoughts weren’t very comfortable. I couldn’t imagine the time when I would want a man’s cock penetrating my cherry, stabbing my cunt and jetting some awful, scary fluid inside. But at the same time these images were exciting me. The nylon of my panties had worked up between my cuntlips. I pushed my finger against the wet material, worked a tiny friction over my clit.

My father had slumped over his cock and was jacking his hand so fast that it made a sharp rapid slapping sound. Something glistened at the tiny hole that cut the taut dome of the knob. I closed my eyes, yanked my hand away from my aching cunt. He was going to come! I couldn’t stay and watch. I couldn’t do something so outright wicked. But my feet wouldn’t move. I held to the doorframe and trembled as something white collected at his cock tip. Suddenly the frothing droplet jumped and made a white streak across the pages of the sex book Dad was holding. He slowed his movements now, working his hand slow and steady as a new glop of cream bubbled thickly out. I watched it ooze down in slick strings over his fingers. So that was what it looked like! My shoulders shook at the thought of having anything so slimy inside my body. How could people screw?

The spurts were coming fast now. They flicked the cummy strings over Dad’s thighs and legs and I heard the stuff dripping onto the floor between his legs. His balls looked heavy and huge and I wondered how much seed they held. Did the sperm come from both of them at the same time? Was it hot? I gasped for air, pushed myself away from the door. When I was safe inside my own room with the door shut and locked, my hands flew to the elastic waistband of my panties.

“Nooo!” I said to my naughty thoughts. I wanted more than anything to strip my underwear off and rub my cunt like crazy again. The desire was so strong that I stood there with my feet planted apart and fought against my stormy emotions.

But someone had come in the front door of the trailer. Mom, back from shopping. I took my hands away from my crotch and dug through my drawer for something to wear. I heard her banging pots in the kitchen.

“You’d better come on pretty soon, Lorrie!” she called.

I pulled a bra under my heavy tits, got it fastened. Lots of girls didn’t bother wearing them but I knew I’d be embarrassed to death if a boy accidentally brushed one with his arm and felt my naked tit.


“Coming!” I shoved the magazine back under the mattress and pulled on a pair of faded denims and buttoned them up. My sandals made the spots between my toes tingle again, but I ignored that, too. One last glimpse at my reflection in the mirror above my dresser. The jersey bulged out with my high, firm tits. Oh damn, why were they so big!


“I said I was coming…”


Mom guided the Plymouth around a car trying to park and turned left up a hill. She drove with both hands on the top of the steering wheel, chin poked out to see every last inch of road in front of the car. I noticed a strand of hair that had come loose from her bun, wanted to push it back but didn’t. She would have been irritated at my touch.

“You know I think it’s just grand that your father got this contract here in Olema. Such a nice change from Billings, such an improvement.” She smiled vaguely at me. “Don’t you think so?”

“Oh sure… sure.”

“And the trailer park isn’t so bad, is it?”

“It’s a nice trailer park.” I looked at the passing people, watched the trees slide by. I had learned the easiest way to talk with my mother was to agree with everything and not ask questions about anything difficult.

“Well, you have your own room now,” she went on, “and a girl sixteen is entitled to a little privacy. Your father and I agree on that.”

“Who’s this Mrs. Caruthers anyway?”

“The lady who invited me to join the church. I met her our first night in town when I was over seeing Reverend Dixon about changing our membership from the First Christian in Billings.”

“And she has a daughter?”

Mother found the loose strand of hair, poked at it with her fingers. “Yes, and she’s in the same grade you are next September.” She turned down a tree-lined street and slowed. “They should be at the church this morning. I’ll be helping Mrs. Caruthers on getting ready for the coming social.”

The town of Olema seemed greener, denser than Billings. Maybe because the summers would be longer, the warm days warmer. I smelled honeysuckle and some other flower I couldn’t identify. Mother glanced my way.

“Mrs. Caruthers has even arranged a date for you. Her and her daughter arranged it, I guess.”

“Mom! I don’t know if I want… I haven’t even met this…”

“Her name’s Janey and I’ve met her. Very polite, very sweet girl. Usually I’m very careful about the boys you date, you know that. But Mrs. Caruthers assured me that the MacInnes brothers were fine young men. Active in the church. She’s known their family since she was a child herself.”

“But, Mom…” I shut up. I didn’t want to go on a date, not just like that. I felt like getting to know people on my own time. Maybe I really felt like hiding out in our trailer until the summer drifted by and worrying about the new school, the new kids when I absolutely had to.

“Look, there they are now!” Mom pulled to the curb so fast a tire scraped and jolted us to a stop. When the introductions were over, Janey Caruthers commented my mother’s dress which I thought was pretty plain. Mother beamed. Mrs. Caruthers was a blandish woman with small breasts. And I couldn’t help notice the way she eyed mine. I tried not to show a profile, felt nervous and sweaty there under everyone’s eyes. Janey had small tits, too.

“Come on, I’ll show you the recreation room,” she said and I followed her down a flight of steps. When we were out of earshot, she studied me, pushed blonde hair out of her eyes. “So your old lady’s a church nut, too, huh?”

I was too surprised to do anything but nod. “Have you really fixed me up with a date for tonight?”

“Don’t thank me yet.” Her long hair flopped lank and pretty around her shoulders. “You’ll meet him in a second.”

“What do you mean?”

“The MacInnes boys aren’t really my idea of a good time,” she shrugged. “But it’s a ride to the drive-in anyway.” Janey made the bottom of the steps before I did, and I noticed that she had a way of walking with her hips that she hadn’t done in front of our mothers. It was the little pause, a hitch in her stride which made each half of her ass sway out farther than it had to go. For fun I tried to mimic her. It wasn’t as easy as it looked.

Two boys were playing ping-pong when we came into the big game room. I knew without Janey telling me that they were our dates. Jimmy and Ron MacInnes. Through the hellos and shy smiles I saw Janey put her hand on Ron’s shoulder, knew that my date would be Jim. Jim wore glasses that kept sliding off his short nose and when he laughed, it sounded more like a cough. His brother was taller, maybe a little older. We would go in Ron’s car. Ron was the best-looking of the two except when he opened his mouth, and then he looked a little like Bugs Bunny.

We sat on the sofa and talked. Jim was eager and polite, and I liked him all right — what little I knew about boys wasn’t much to go on. He asked the usual questions. Yes, my father was a supervisor working for the company putting up the new bridge west of Olema. Yes, I was living at the Happy Glen trailer park. Yes, I’d be a senior next year. No, I didn’t like to play ping-pong or ride horses and I didn’t think Raquel Welch was all that hot. While we talked, I kept noticing the way Janey touched Ron on the arm, on the leg, even poking him in the stomach once. She smiled and blinked her long lashes. Maybe she liked to show off her green eye-shadow. The boys decided finally to square off for another ping-pong battle as Janey and I watched from the sidelines. She leaned close.

“You’ll have to show Jimmy where to put his hand tonight,” she whispered.

“Oh.” I swallowed. If Jimmy didn’t know, I sure wasn’t going to show him. I wondered how my mother got the idea that Janey was the type of friend she wanted me to associate with. There was something about her I liked though. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it.

“He doesn’t kiss worth a shit, either,” Janey laughed, “but then neither does Ron.” She puckered like a fish, laughed again. The bays smiled our way, batted the ball across the net like a couple of wild men.

“Your hair sure is pretty,” I said, trying to change the subject.

“So’s yours.” Smiles. She was looking at my tits. Darn big tits!

“I guess they look pretty funny, huh?” I felt myself reddening. “I mean, me being so tall and kind of skinny…”

Janey looked amazed. “You’re not skinny! Jesus, I wish I was…” She touched palms under her small boobs, tossed her head. “But I got a nice ass, anyway.” We laughed together. Yes, I did like her. And was a little scared of her, too. I looked at Jimmy. At least he didn’t scare me, not in the least.

Ron parked in the wrong spot twice and Janey complained so much about not being able to see the screen that he moved to the front row. It didn’t matter to me. I’d seen the movie once before in Billings. When the boys got out to go to the snack bar, Janey could hardly wait to lean over the back of her seat and start talking about them.

“Did you see Jimmy shaking hands with your dad?”

I had to laugh. “Yeah.”

“I thought he was going to pee his pants.”

“My dad’s pretty big.”

“Kind of mean-looking, too.” Janey lifted her eyebrows.

“He’s not really mean.” I frowned. “Except when he gets to drinking too much.” I was embarrassed for having said so much. Janey seemed not to mind. She turned the rear-view mirror down to look at herself. With the low-cut peasant blouse and blue corduroy hip-huggers she looked adorable. And Ron obviously thought so, too. I was wishing I hadn’t worn a dress. Jim couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off my bare knees. If he so much as laid a hand on me, I knew I’d freeze up like a block of ice.

“Hey, beeyootiful!” A long-haired boy in a black T-shirt leaned his head in Janey’s window. She bounced ecstatically, put her arms around his neck.

“This is Farley,” Janey announced, telling me like he was somebody very important. Another boy stood behind Farley; blonde; ranger. There was a blond stubble on his chin and a folding knife in a leather sheath at his belt. Farley looked my way, took in my tits and the way my jersey was pushed out.

“So you all are cuttin ’round town with the MacInnes twins, are ya?” I squirmed under his gaze.

“This is my friend Lorrie.” Janey tossed her hair around like a mare in heat. “She’s new in town.”

Farley laughed like hell. “And you fix her up with one of the MacInnes jerks?”

“You know my old lady won’t let me date you, Farley.” Janey bit her bottom lip, winked. “You’re just too baaaad a dude.” She pushed his thick, curly hair back from his forehead. Then she looked at me, eyes slitted in thought. “I just had the most terrific idea! A really wild idea!” Farley’s lanky friend edged closer, leaned his elbows on the edge of my window.

“I bet it’s the same damn idea I got.” When he grinned, I saw there was a tooth missing at one side of his mouth. But he was still better-looking than either of the MacInnes boys.

“Come on!” Janey was already opening the car door. “No, wait. I’d better leave them a note.”

I leaned up. “Janey, we can’t. I mean, we came with Jim and Ron and…”

“Shhhhh, I gotta think what to write.”

“I know my mother wouldn’t like…” Farley’s laughter cut me off. He was looking at my tits again. So was his friend.

“My name’s Phil,” the friend said. He shoved a callused hand through the window and I took it and quickly let it go. There was something about his eyes that scared me. Like he’d seen more of life than he was old enough to use. Janey was scribbling something with an eyebrow pencil.

“Ron worships me too much to make trouble. Come to think of it, I did this once before — the night of the junior prom.” She giggled, stuck the note on his speedometer with a piece of chewed gum.

“I don’t think I’d better go,” I said.

“Did you forget your mother said it was okay for you to spend the night with me?” Janey tilted her head, tongue at the corner of her mouth.

“I could just say I decided I didn’t want to and Jimmy could drive me…”

She made a face. “You’d mess up the whole thing. Come on!”

Farley’s car was parked back by the snack bar. It was big and black and long, and when I got into the back seat, I smelled something funny. Like weeds had been burned there. Phil shoved over beside me and curved a long arm around my shoulders. I closed my eyes. What had I gotten myself into? I was scared, knew there’d be trouble from Mom when she found out. And she would find out. She had a way about her, a special talent for smelling out lies.

“We just gonna get us some more beer,” Farley drawled, “and head out for the old Sutton Place.”

“Oh, yeah,” Janey bubbled, “that creepy old house out on Paxton Road.” She turned, took my hand. “It’ll be cool, Lorrie. Nobody’ll know the dif.”

“You sure?”

She nodded, licked her lips. “Anyway, it’s my idea.”

“Mine, too!” Phil said. He squeezed my shoulder a little tighter. I clenched my fists and tried not to press against him as Farley spun gravel and roared out of the slot and towards the exit.


“You got about the nicest breasts of any girl I ever saw,” Phil said. “I don’t mean that to be rude or anything, it’s just a fact.”

“Thank you.” I tried to keep him from knowing how scared I was. Farley and Janey had wandered off as soon as we’d climbed the hill to the deserted, ruined mansion. I’d followed Phil inside, afraid to be alone in the spooky shadows. The moon was just coming up over the trees on a far hill, and some of its light made the room we were in a little brighter. I could see reflections off the brown beer bottle in Phil’s hand. I was awful thirsty but hadn’t ever had any beer before. Mother would’ve flipped if she’d known I was even with some guy who drank. Oh, God, had he actually said all that about my breasts?

“You know, you shouldn’t bother wearing no bra.” He gestured with his bottle. I smelled the beer on his breath. “Janey don’t wear no bra.”

I decided not to answer him. He took my hand and led me towards the window. There was a broken-down couch near the wall there, but I couldn’t steer him away from it.

“Who owns this place?” I tried.

“You know, I don’t really care.” He laughed, swigged brew. “I just been coming up here since I got booted out of high school my sophomore year. Like to sit around and get wasted, watch the moon come up.” He pulled something small and white from his pocket. I was terribly thirsty.

“Could I have a sip of your beer?”

“Sure.” He held it out. “I’ll get you a fresh one if you want, but you said you didn’t…”

“Maybe I would like a whole one. I feel a little funny in the stomach.”


“No. Just…” I shrugged. The beer was cold and sweaty, and I tipped it up and swallowed. It tasted surprisingly good. Phil put his arm around me and leaned us both back in the dusty old sofa. He put the small, white thing in his mouth — a hand-rolled cigarette and not a very good one it seemed. The beer had made me feel a little better. At least I wasn’t worrying about the MacInnes boys any more. I sipped more. Phil lit his cigarette. It smelled funny, like the inside of Farley’s car. He offered it to me.

“No thanks, I don’t smoke.” He gave me a funny smile, blew out a held lungful of smoke.

“No, I guess you don’t.” He twisted the cap on a fresh beer and guzzled hall of it down before stopping. I sat there watching his Adam’s apple pump, wondering how anybody could drop out of high school, just like that. He dragged on the cigarette again, then put it out carefully and dropped it into his shirt pocket. The smell was so strange. Heavy, pungent. When he put his hand on my bare knee I almost came unglued.


“You got fine legs, too, I bet.” His hand was like iron. I couldn’t budge it. He leaned close, and I felt his lips hot against my neck. The sensation was tingly strange, but scary, too. I squirmed, tried to free myself from his grasp. He kissed me again, just under the chin. My heart pounded and tiny shoots of excitement radiated out from the kiss, tickling over the surface of my skin like a light breeze. Phil’s right hand clutched my thigh higher and he fanned his fingers, digging into my flesh.

“Nooooo!” I gasped, twisting in his arms. My head was back and he took advantage of the moment to kiss me again on the neck. It felt more exciting than before but I couldn’t let myself admit it, couldn’t let him think I liked what he was doing.

“You smell good…” He found my earlobe and sucked it between his teeth. I groaned, tried to disguise it as pain. “I’m not biting you that hard, baby.”

“Can’t we just talk, Phil? Please?”

He pushed up my jersey and kissed me wetly on the belly. I twisted my fingers in his hair and tried to pull his face away but he only laughed and deepened the kiss until my navel was speared by his sharp tongue. I choked off the strange sound which came from deep in my throat. Phil laughed and searched the bottom of my navel again.

“God, what a body,” he hissed. “You know I kinda like girls that fight me a little.”

I thought I was fighting him a lot, tried to fight harder. Phil moved his other hand higher on my thigh. My skirt was bunched around my hips now, and I was flushed with color, knowing that he could see my panties. The hand pressed suddenly against the silk that covered my lower stomach. He lowered his face.

“Damn it, Phil, no!”

“Yeah,” he answered, laughing again.

Oh, God, he couldn’t be doing that! Not… but he was! His lips brushed over the swollen bulge of my cuntlips under the sheer material and kissed the inside of one thigh. I fought with all my might to close my legs, but Phil had wedged his body between my knees, pushed me down on the sofa. He was pulling my hair now, holding me down with it, his hand under my back. I shut my mind against the kisses, the rough sensation of his lips and the softer, slicker heat of his tongue as it dug circles in the white flesh. But as he licked higher, I couldn’t keep the sensations from leaking through to my consciousness. He wet the ridge where a large tendon snaked up into my groin, dangerously close to the lace edge of one leg of my panties. I squirmed my ass against the old sofa, but that only made his licking tongue tickle me more. I gasped for air, tired… so tired of fighting someone I couldn’t match. Phil was strong, lots stronger than he looked.

“You’re hurting me…”

“What a fine little ass…” He rubbed it with his free hand, dug at the skimpy panty-silk that hid my butt from sight. His lips opened and he kissed my thigh again, then kissed the bulge of damp satin over my pubes. Yes, my crotch was wet, wet from all the messing around he’d been doing. I didn’t want to be, but I couldn’t stop my body from working, like the way it had worked that very morning when I was in bed with that magazine.

“Don’t do that… please, Phil, don’t!” But he pressed his mouth against my crotch again. I could feel the heat of his breath, then something else. Wet and warm… wetting my wet panties. He was licking at the skimpy band of nylon that stretched over my cunt. He was kissing it. I didn’t think I could stand it any longer!

“I’m crazy about chicks with a nice smell to them.” His tongue pushed the nylon between my pussylips, pushed it deeper.

“Uuuuhhh!” I wiggled upwards on the sofa, but Phil clenched my hair and held me from escaping. I could hit him, hit him in the face with my fists. But I was too afraid. Afraid of that look to his eyes when I’d first met him. I had no idea of his background, where he was from, what he might do to a girl who really hurt him.

“You like that, don’t you?” He sucked at the puffy lips of my cunt. They were plastered wetly against the silk. It was almost like being stripped. A rush of excitement made me tremble. The licking, the rubbing was getting to me. I recognized the feeling inside my chest like birds were flapping their wings… the same feeling I’d had while finger-fucking myself. And now a sense of helplessness only seemed to heighten the dazzling sensations. The flick of something metallic made me jump. I felt cold steel against my thigh.

“Don’t move now or I’m liable to hurt you.”

“What…?” The cold steel slipped under the crotchband of my panties. A knife! I could feel it warming as my soaked cunt touched it. There was a keen slitting sound and my panties felt looser… I writhed my hips, not believing until the flap of sheer material fell away from my soppy petals. “You… didn’t cut my…”

Phil’s mouth was pressed against my cunt. I felt his tongue gouge deep into the long gash, licking around the steamy folds. I wiggled wildly, hit the side of his face with my fist.

“Hold on with that shit!” Phil slapped me hard, not too hard, across the face. I was too shocked to cry, held my face with both hands until the sting wasn’t quite so sharp. I thought of screaming, but the thought lasted only a second. Phil’s tongue was licking at the hooded nubbin of my clit, lapping it, sucking it until I squealed with the acute tickle. My panty crotch dangled against my thigh, severed by Phil’s knife and now I knew that what was left of my underwear had slipped up around my waist. He stroked my belly with one hand and worked the fingers of the other between the cheeks of my ass. I cried, a short, choked off a cry and tried hard to get my thighs closed. I only hugged Phil’s body with them and he stroked my clitoris with his tongue like he might try to eat it.

Now the writhing struggle to get away turned into something even wilder, but different, too. Different because I wasn’t sure why I was moving so wildly… except maybe that when I moved like that, Phil’s tongue made me babble with pleasure. Yes, pleasure! I couldn’t help myself. It felt good! My fingers lay limp against his matted, long hair, then curled into it. I even started petting him as he turned and bobbed. My thighs loosened, parted slightly. When Phil forced them even wider, I didn’t resist. My cunt was peeled open just like that woman in the picture. I ground it up and down against his chin and tongue and teeth, moaning with want. But what did I want? I wanted more of Phil’s tongue in my aching pussy… Oh, God, it felt lovely! He was running the point of his tongue up and down the length of my mushy gash. Once he almost touched my asshole, and I jerked on the sofa and pulled him away with my hands. I was not just petting him now as he licked my cunt, but guiding his movements, concentrating them where I wanted more sucking and making him go faster sometimes when I knew I couldn’t stand the teasing slowness of his touch against my clit.

“Ohhh, nooo! Ohhh, God!”

“You’re a virgin… you sure as hell are!” Phil took his mouth away from my cunt. I could see the glossy cunt juice smeared on his lips and chin. He pulled himself up over my body and I heard the sound of his buckle coming loose. The flash of knowing that he was about to fuck me made me go sick in the stomach. I pushed against his chest, twisted my knees to one side and cried when he shoved them back again, shoved them apart. Frantic, I grabbed under his belly, circled my fingers around his cock as it flopped loose from his shorts. I’d never in my life touched a man’s prick and the sensation made me go dizzy for an instant.

“Hey…” He growled, twisted to free himself as I rubbed his cock the best way I knew how. What made a man feel good? I didn’t know but tried to think of how it might be when a cock was inside a girl’s cunt. I pumped my hand up and down, moving the skin that clung to his shaft, bumping the swollen head with my fingers. Phil was trying to shove it in my hole, lunging forceful with his hips. The taut bluish knob brushed into the wet folds of my cunt. I held him back with all my strength, working my hot hand as fast as I could, rubbing his balls with the other. It felt so weird! So strange… the way a man had that thing growing out of his body like that. And it was for one thing only. To spear up into a girl’s softness, enter her cunt, fill her with sperm. Just thinking that word scared me. It was slimy stuff, I knew that from seeing my father and listening to a couple of friends talk back in Billings. One girl jacked her boy friend off every time they went on a date and she always got his cum all over her hands.

“Lorrie baby, I won’t hurt you…” But he was already hurting me. His hands were rough on my shoulders, digging at my bare ass. I cupped and squeezed his balls. They slipped around in the slick sac in a way that made my breath husky in my throat. That’s where the seed was, that’s where it came from when he reached a climax. I bit my lip and worked the skin up and down on his shaft. It was hard, very, very hard. But now I had learned something, that the tip was not as hard as the rest. It was spongy and even hotter to the touch than his balls. Probably because it was so full of blood! The idea of that blood-filled tip inside my cunt brought a shuddering cry from my lips.

Phil’s body was over mine now and he kissed my throat, kissed my ear when I turned my face away. His cock raked my gash and the sound was a slick, wet sound. I could feel that heat, too, the heat my fingers felt when I jerked his cock. His breathing had gotten labored and animal-like. He found my mouth and forced his tongue between my teeth. I thought of biting him, but the savage movements of his hips, his hands, the memory of the knife steel against the dripping softness of my petals was too real, too threatening to play games with.

“Damn you, Lorrie, let go of my dick…” He took my wrist. His fingers hurt! But I held on, held on to his cock like crazy! “I gotta get inside your cunt…” His voice had become heavy, the words slurred with passion. When he kissed me again, his mouth was open and our teeth raked together. I guessed that he was about to come…

“If I can’t fuck you, then you’re gonna suck my prick!” Phil was on his knees, pulling my hair, forcing my body forward. I pushed his cock up against his belly as he brought my face down. Now I could see in the reflected moonlight what my hands had been telling me. The blood-filled tip, the heavy, hanging balls in their sac.

“No! Oh, please, no!” I quit jacking him and taking advantage of my new panic, Phil twisted my wrist away. His cock bobbed out from his groin. There was a droplet of something glistening at the tip, making the taut, bruised-looking meat shine. His fingers tightened in my long hair. I shut my eyes, cried out.

“Suck my cock, damn you!” He forced me against his prick. The droplet smeared against my lips as I clamped them against the long, rigid shaft he wanted to spear down my throat. But Phil dug his fingers into my neck, half strangling me. I whimpered, let my jaws fall open. His hot knob forced between my lips, grazed my teeth.

“Uhhh, yeah, now suck!”

He was pushing his cock deeper. I gagged, tried to force his rod back out with my tongue but only drove it along the underside of the hot, huge thing. His balls swung against my chin and I convulsed with a dry retch. He slapped me. Not hard, but sharply enough to bring tears to my eyes. I was going crazy! I thought it would drive me completely mad if that cock, that awful, huge cock spurted its cum.

But the passion had weakened Phil, taken his attention. I sensed a moment when he loosened his grasp on my hair and twisted my head to one side. His cockhead came free from my lips with a sucking sound and at that very instant I felt a hot streak of jizz wet my cheek.

“Son of a bitch!” Phil had fallen half off the old sofa, was struggling to force me to open my mouth again. Another flick of sperm bolted onto my neck and I felt the stringy, slick stuff dribbling under my jersey. It was awful. The smell was sharp, sourish. Thank God none of it had gotten in my mouth!

Phil was jacking himself off, eyes rolled back in his head. As the throes overtook him completely, he let me go. By now my cheeks, my neck were dripping with the hot seed. I slipped backwards, fell on the floor on my ass.

“You’re awful… I never want to see you…” Sobs racked me and I covered my face with my hands so I wouldn’t have to watch him milk his cock. I somehow pushed myself up, staggered away crying towards the moonlit door.


The hall was littered with fallen plaster and I tripped, falling against the wall as I ran. The old house was so big I couldn’t remember the way we’d come upstairs. I turned into two empty rooms before I found a junk-strewn stairway and started down. It was darker away from the windows and I had to go slow, wiping the drying cum from my face as I tried to pick my way between broken boards and litter. I came out into a large room. Only the tiniest sliver of light filtered down from the windows on the second-floor landing. I could hear my breath in my throat. I was too spaced to start crying again. I tried to comb my tangled hair down with my fingers, shivered when I felt the cummy dampness where my jersey had gotten wet. My cunt felt swollen and tingly. When I walked, the silken crotchband tickled against my thighs. I felt naked and awful and something else, too. What was that something else? Did it have something to do with the way my drenched cuntlips rubbed together as I walked? Yes, it did and it was the way my clit felt, too. It was swollen out from its tiny hood and the slight friction of my juicy petals against it reminded me of other things. Of Phil’s cock in my hand, pulsing like a stick of dynamite. No, that was silly! Dynamite didn’t pulse, and I hadn’t liked his cock in my hand anyway. But thinking about it had already made me start breathing funny. Like I’d panted when he was kissing my cunt with his tongue. Like the way I’d gasped when he dug his fingers into the white plumpness of my ass.

I leaned against a door that hung half off its hinges. There was a sound… another. It had come from another hallway, a hallway that ended at a door. I let my fingers drag the wall as I moved. When I was within a few steps of the door, I saw it was open slightly. Janey’s voice!

“Oohhh, yeah, honey.”

Janey lay on a bed, undressed from the waist down. The shock of seeing her tan legs in the moonlight brought my hand to my mouth. I leaned weakly against the door frame, peeked closer. Farley lifted his head from between Janey’s thighs. His lips were wet… I knew what from. Janey held her arms out, smiled.

“I don’t think I can take your tongue another minute, baby!”

“You want something bigger?” Farley’s thumbs made dents in the meat of her thighs. He was sitting back on his haunches so I couldn’t see his cock, didn’t want to.

“Give…” Janey took a lungful of air, let it out with a shudder. She sat up on the broken bed. I could see the pink tips of her nipples.

“You want me to?”

“Give,” Janey sighed, opening her mouth. “Let me wet your dick real good first.”

I clamped my eyes shut, gritted my teeth together. I might escape back down the hall. I might find my way out of the old house and find the car and lock myself in. But I might run into Phil again, too. I didn’t know what he might do or say. I didn’t feel safe running around in the wrecked old mansion. I dared to look again. Farley was on his knees on the bed, one resting on Janey’s head as she reached out with slender fingers to caress the undershaft, to heft the eggs that hung in their wrinkled sac. Farley groaned some half-word, framed her face in his palms and pulled her forward. Could she actually want to suck his cock? The image of Phil’s cock rushed back to haunt me. I could taste the musky, odd taint of his knob shoving into my mouth, cramming my tongue back until I had been forced to suck against the bottom of his swollen tip. Awful… and yet the memory had made my cunt go squishy again. I put my hand on the wall outside the room where Janey and Farley lay, pressed my tits against the doorjamb. My nipples were like rubbery little fingers and even through my bra, they tinged as I rubbed them against the hardness.

“Your tongue’s so damn hot… Uhhhh!” It was Farley, his head thrown back, hands curled over the tops of Janey’s thin shoulders. I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked, her fine, blonde hair cascading over her chest, over Farley’s fingers. And even when she pushed out her tongue to touch the tip of his cock, I was trembly with the gracefulness of her movements, and maybe for a split second saw myself doing that… I shook my head, held my breath. No, it was wrong what Janey was doing. She had made her tongue into a spit-wet trough now and was cradling the heavy cock that sprouted up out of Farley’s groin. She had flattened her palms so that his balls just rested against them and as she moved her tongue slowly in and out, she curled her fingers again and tugged the heavy eggs slightly. Farley licked his lips. He was panting heavily, touching the soft hollows of Janey’s neck, brushing with a fingertip where her lips inched close to his prick. And Janey brought herself even closer. Her upper lip curled back glistening and wet. She rested it against the top of his knob as her tongue slid in and out, in and out, lapping noisily against his cock’s underside.

I shook my head again, wondering if I was seeing right. But I was. With a soft, wet pop Janey let the swollen crown of Farley’s cock slip into her mouth. He grunted, the muscles in his ass going hard with tension.

Janey’s breath hissed from her nose as she began to bob her head forward and back on the huge prick. I saw her cheek bulge on the side. Her eyes closed, opened again very slowly. Then Farley tucked his ass under and drove forcefully up and in. Janey’s throat pumped as she tried to make room for all of his cock. I couldn’t believe she could. And just as I knew she would have to choke and gag, Farley pulled back, back far enough for his knob to ride out against her teeth and then all the way out until the little lobes on the bottom meted on Janey’s pouty bottom lip. She fluttered her eyelashes and smiled at him. The moon highlighted her blondeness, the tiny hairs on her cheeks. She liked it! She actually liked sucking his cock! My cuntlips flooded with another wash of slickness. I felt the moisture spreading in my curly thatch, wetting the inside of one thigh. The panty crotch dangled there to remind me what Phil had done with his knife. My throat was dry again. I would… yes, even a beer. I wanted to leave, too, but wanted to stay even more. I didn’t ask myself why.

“That’s wet enough, baby,” Farley whispered, kissing Janey’s mouth where only a second before his cock had warmed. They kissed for a long time, Janey twisting her face around and moaning through her nose. I could see Farley’s tongue jabbing out the sides of her cheeks and the spit popped at the corner of her mouth. Her pink nipples weren’t so tiny now. I hadn’t seen them change but when I looked, when she turned to catch the moonlight from the window, I saw their silhouettes. They looked strange, so big in comparison to the gentle swells of her tits.

Janey slumped back down on the old bed as Farley lowered himself between her parted knees. Without thinking about right and wrong, I pushed my hand down under my dress and pressed against the naked lips of my cunt. I could feel the place the silk had been cut and the hot dampness of my excitement. I smoothed a finger through my tumid petals. My knees trembled. I leaned harder against the doorjamb, breath hot and dry in my throat. Janey whimpered.

“God, I’m glad I met you tonight, Farley. I’ve been thinking about you all weekend… Ohhhhh!” Farley had shoved the head of his cock into her slit. I saw the cuntlip swell beck to make room and as he guided his knob up and down her seeping gash with his hand, Janey began to writhe her hips on the bed.

“Oh, damn! Oh, fuck!”

“You’re wet, baby. Really wet!”

“I want to make you wet, too… Uhhhhh, your cock’s so big.”

Farley pushed his hips, leaned forward. A funny little gurgle came from Janey’s throat. “It has… but go on. Stick your prick in!”

Farley covered one of her boobs with his mouth, sucking all of its quivery plumpness between his lips. She twitched under him, arched her back up from the bed. I saw his cock slide forward and bury another inch of hot meat inside her cunt. I stroked my fingers roughly against my clit, tickling the same spot where Phil’s prick had touched for a moment. Janey pressed the side of her face against the bed. I saw a line of drool trickle from her mouth and wet the blanket Farley had thrown down to fuck her on. He pumped his ass in sharp jerks and each time, Janey’s body jerked, too. She bit her bottom lip, moaned loudly. Her cuntlips were spread apart and Farley was pushing her knees wider to open up her hole for his shaft to enter. I tried to lick my lips, but my tongue wasn’t wet enough to do any good. I could smell my own heat, the heat between my legs wafting up from the ruined tangle of my panties.

I could see how strong Farley was now. His back rippled with belts of muscle as he forced his cock deeper in the hot juice of Janey’s open pussy. He was broad in the shoulders, powerful in the hips. He looked strong enough to do anything he wanted to the willowy girl under him, and I trembled at the thought of having him after me. I’d been lucky with Phil… lucky to get away.

“Oh, honey,” Janey gasped, “you’re killing me so… good!” She bucked her hips against his spear and then squealed with pain as more of the shaft disappeared between her slick cuntlips. It looked like an inch or two of his cock was left, and when Farley pressed deep again, Janey yelped with pain and her hands flew to his hips where she dug her nails deep.

“No more… remember last time it was the same.”

“I wish I could stretch your snatch more…”

“Oh, God, you’ll tear me apart! Honey, don’t… noooo!”

I almost ran into the room, almost wanted to hit Farley over the head with something. But he laughed in his throat and kissed Janey on her short nose.

“I won’t… I won’t hurt you.”

His hips ground slowly, pushed out and in. The juice, that seeped from Janey’s cunt made a snicking, clicking noise as the suction of her clinging petals was broken. The pain on her face softened, melded into a hungrier look. Her hands weren’t trying to stop Farley from fucking her now, but guiding him as he plunged his cock in and out of her cunt. I saw her thin fingers reach between them and feel the place where her cunt was pressed in as Farley stabbed his prick deep. He always stopped before his balls bumped against Janey’s ass. There was at least two inches of cock that she just couldn’t take. I knew then how huge his prick must be.

Janey’s movements became more frenzied, more hurried. She tossed her ass up and down when Farley held his rod deep and when he pulled almost out of her hole, she wiggled downwards on the mattress as if she couldn’t stand to have him teasing her with just the tip. When Farley’s cock was back out of her cunt like that, I could see her hot pussy juice shining along his veined shaft. I could tell how deep his cock was going because the slickness, the glossiness ended two inches from his balls. Those balls! They looked bigger than Phil’s, heavier. Farley’s sac bulged with them and when he humped his hips forward, they swung like potent bombs of seed.

He was fucking her fast now, his hands against the outward swell of her hips. Janey’s eyes were clamped shut and there was an odd look of pain on her lips though I knew she wasn’t hurting. She was making too many sounds of pleasure to be huffing.

“Oh, Farley! Yes! Faster, honey! Fuck me faster! I’m coming! I’M COOMMIINNGG!”

“Baby!” he growled. “Baby doll!”

A hot trickle leaked down my leg. I was so excited from watching Janey get fucked that I’d peed a little as I rubbed my burning nubbin to a frothy peak of excitement. The sensations had crept up on me, I hadn’t been aware of what was happening to my body. But now I could hardly make myself stop. My feet were planted apart, my cunt stretched partly open as I drove my fingers wildly into the sucking petals. My clit ached for release. And inside the room, I heard Janey cry out as she came.

Her heels dug at the back of Farley’s strong thighs. She clawed at his back and I saw streaks appear in the dim light that was reflected off the white-washed wall.

“Fuck me, honey! FUCK ME TO DEATH!” As the throes smashed through her slender body, she drove her legs straight down and hooked them like makes over the backs of Farley’s muscled calves.

Her back arched and humped and the breath whistled from her mouth. Farley’s mouth was buried in her neck and I could see his spit shining on her breastbone, her tits, her shoulders. Farley moaned.

“It’s getting good for me, too.”

“Not inside! Don’t come inside my cunt!” She grasped his shoulders, tried to push him up from her.

“I… can’t help it!”

“Noooo! Please, Farley, you know what’ll happen, honey!”

The sound of his cock sucking free of her cunt made my breath catch in my throat. He weaved there above her on his knees, panting. Janey grasped the slick-drenched skin of his prickshaft and pumped it. She was about to pump it for the second time then a jolt of heavy cream spilled from the tiny slit and bathed her tits. Farley almost buckled, almost fell. Janey was jacking his cock frantically now and the thick glops of jizz rolled out in wave after wave, dribbling down her wrists, hanging in stringy drops from her elbows.

“You gotta remember to put on a rubber next time, honey,” Janey cooed, working the hot curds out of his balls until at last the long shaft sagged in her hands and no more seed was left for him to shoot.

I slumped back against the wall, breathing hard. They might hear me now that their fuck was through. I’d be embarrassed to death if Janey knew, and I didn’t want her to know about me, either, about Phil and his knife. The way he’d tried to make me suck his cock.

I buried my face in my hands. I couldn’t stay here any longer now. I had to get back to the car, or hide from Phil. My cunt was throbbing for more finger-fucking but I stopped, dragged my juice-slick fingers across my jersey. I was a mess. My hair had dried strings of cum in it, my panties were ruined and when I’d squirted pee, my sandals had gotten wet. I felt miserable, like I wanted to get back to my parents’ trailer and never poke my bead but again. But I had to spend the night with Janey. Mom had approved. It was set and it would look funny for me to do anything else, especially since we’d run off from our original dates.

I got back down the hallway as quietly as I could. The big room was no more familiar to me now than it had been before, but I passed through it and out a door that led down outside stone stairs. I saw the hood ornament of Farley’s car reflecting moonlight and hurried on down. Phil was asleep in the back seat when I came up to peek in. I went back and sat on the stone steps and waited. In a half-hour or so, Farley and Janey came down from the old house. Farley had his arm around her and they were talking and laughing.

“Phil pass out on you, did he?” Farley seemed amused.

“That’s okay,” I blurted, trying to cover up the mess I was in. “We didn’t get along all that well…” Janey’s eyes flashed my way. There was a little dried cum in her hair, too.

“You didn’t wear him out, did you?” Her smile was sly, teasing. I shook my head, glad they couldn’t tell I was blushing. Farley started up the car and we got in. I sat against the door in the back seat, thankful that Phil didn’t seem to be coming around. As we headed far Janey’s place, I held the flap of my ruined panties up against my swollen cunt until my hand got tired and I just let the darn thing flap.


“Well, why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” Janey got up from her bed, paced the room. “I mean, I wouldn’t have stuck you with Phil anyway. He can really be an animal and I just figured you knew how to handle guys.”

“It’s okay. Nothing that awful happened, I guess.” I was idly flipping through a movie magazine I’d found on Janey’s desk. Janey was walking around naked and it made me uncomfortable to look at her. I hadn’t taken off any of my clothes. The rest of the house was quiet. My watch said eleven.

“He tried, though, didn’t he?” Janey’s eyes were bright with curiosity.

“Oh, sure he tried.” I wasn’t about to tell her any details. I wasn’t going to let her know either that I’d watched Farley… My shoulders trembled with the thought of his cock opening Janey’s cunt like a helpless, soft creature and then fucking her to ecstasy.

“Well, the next time I’ll watch out for you.” She sat next to me, laid a hand on my shoulder. “You never done it, huh?” There was obvious disbelief in her eyes.

“Well, everybody in the world doesn’t go around fucking!” I was ashamed of the way my words had come out, looked down at the magazine again and then flung it aside.

“It’s okay.” Janey hugged my shoulders. “I was funny about sex until I got my first lay.” Her eyes looked dreamy. “It was Farley. Guess you can just about figure that, right?” As though I wasn’t even in the room, Janey rubbed a hand over her boobs, sighed. “And he got me good tonight, too… Oh, did he ever!”

Something inside me wanted to ask her things, ask her how it felt when his cock slid deep inside her cunt. I stood and straightened my skirt instead. The ripped-out crotch of my panties irritated me. I never wanted to see Phil again as long as I lived.

“I think I want to go home.”

“But you’re spending the night.”

“I don’t feel like it, that’s all. I just want to be in my bed tonight and…”

Janey looked irked at me. “But it’s after eleven. You can’t…”

“Just three blocks to my place.” I tried to remember what street the trailer court was on. “Isn’t it?”

“Four blocks.” Janey took my hand. “Look, my mom will think I hurt your feelings or something.”

I turned towards the door. “Just tell her I felt sick. Tell her anything you want.” I did feel a little sick. I felt like crying, too, felt all mixed up inside.

“I’ll try and come over tomorrow,” Janey said. Her expression was apologetic. She hugged me, and again I was painfully aware of her nakedness. She seemed so unashamed of her body. I watched her slip a hand down to the curls of her cunt. They were blonde, those curls and barely covered the redness of her pussylips. Farley had rubbed them red with his big cock.

“Night, Janey.” I managed a thin smile. There was probably no reason for me to be angry with her, but I was.

“Hey, go down Maple Street, will ya? There’s plenty of streetlights.”

It wasn’t half so scary as Janey had made it out to be. Olema was a sleepy little place, at least it seemed that way to me as I cut down Maple like my new friend had told me and turned on the street that the trailer court was on. An old man passed me. A carload of kids on their way home from the movie downtown. I took big lungfuls of air and tried to cleanse my mind of the evening’s events. A night breeze sprang up and swished the trees above my head, made my skirt dance. I held it down, feeling naked because of the mined panties. The panties were one reason I hadn’t wanted to stay at Janey’s. I always slept in my panties at least, and it would’ve been embarrassing to borrow some of Janey’s. I could see her start a whole new batch of questions about what Phil had done.

There was a strange car in front of our trailer, next to my dad’s pickup. A red and white blazer, the four-wheel-drive kind. It was dented and muddy and a crack ran across the windshield on the driver’s side. I shrugged and went up the steps to the trailer.

“Hey, my girl’s home!” Dad reeled against the wall as he tried to get up, slumped back down again. There was a bottle of whiskey on its side on the floor… empty. The stranger squinted up at me from where he sat on the floor. He didn’t look quite as drunk as Daddy, but drunk just the same. When he pushed himself up, I saw how big he was. Even bigger than my dad, who was darn big himself.

“This here’s Tony,” Dad said, waving the empty bottle. “Hey, Tony, I’m gonna have to go get us some more booze. Looka here!”

Tony gave me a half-shy smile, nodded. The other half of his smile did something that I wasn’t in the mood to put up with. I looked back to my father.

“Where’s Mom?”

He laughed, nodded his head towards the back of the trailer. “Went to bed. Didn’t want to join the Goddamn party.” Dad yawned, leaned his head back. “Gotta get some more booze…”

I glanced over at Tony. He was rubbing his blond mustache. His hair was blondish, too, and his blue eyes took in my body with blatant frankness. But that shy smile on his lips made him seem kind of sweet at the same time.

“I think I’ll get to bed,” I told him. My dad gave a rattling snore.

“Yeah, sure.” Tony stood up. He had to be over six-four. There was dirt on his Levi’s and I noticed the folding knife in its leather scabbard at his belt — like the one Phil had worn. But Tony didn’t seem at all like Phil. I had a silly flash of imagining, imagining that Tony had pulled Phil off of me and beat the hell out of him. Why was I still standing there? Why wasn’t I going on to bed like I’d said?

“You working on the construction of the bridge?”

Tony put hands in his hip pockets. “Nope. I met your dad at that bar down the block.” He grinned. “The Tip On Inn. Crazy place, you know.” My dad was snoring loudly now and Tony squinted over at him, amused. “He can drink some, your old man.”

“Was my mother… mad?” I didn’t want to get into personal troubles, but I’d seen Dad get rough with her before and wondered if it had happened tonight.

“Yeah.” Tony turned towards the door, paused long enough to get a cigarette lit. “I thought maybe Al was gonna slap her or something, but she cooled out.”

He took a long drag on his cigarette, looked down at me. He was so damn big! I shrugged, smiled. The wind was up again outside. I could hear it in the trees that lined the court.

“Hey, you want to step outside for a little bit?”

“Oh no, thank you very much anyway. I… I think I want to go to bed…”

“It’s nice out.” He cocked his head. “Wind’s cooling things off.” He opened the door, gestured with a big hand. “Come on, I’m just gonna finish this smoke and push on.”

Sometimes I do things I don’t really understand. That’s why I followed Tony outside I guess. It was nice out. And talking to someone who didn’t know anything about my awful night made things better somehow. Like a completely fresh conversation, a new moment. Tony was good-looking, too, and obviously more mature than those creeps Janey knew. I liked the way his blond hair curled thickly over his shirt collar. Not freaky, just long enough to be sort of cool. And he did kind of like me. I knew he did.

“Your car sure is beat up…” I laughed as the wind beat around us.

“Well-used is the word.” Tony’s cigarette glowed orange as he sucked on it. “I got it in Alaska.”


“I was logging up there.” His smile was far off, hinting something wild. “And doing other things.”

I closed my thighs so I wouldn’t be reminded of my naked cunt. I wished I’d borrowed a pair of panties from Janey now. I pulled the hem of my jersey down, turned to face Tony so he wouldn’t notice the size of my tits so much.

“What do you do now?” I asked.

“Nothing much. Just cruising through town, heading west again.” He flipped his cigarette in a long arc and I watched the sparks scatter in the wind. “Well, I guess I’ll be moseying on.”

It was so weird how I didn’t want him to go quite yet. He was nice, Tony was. He hadn’t tried to put his hands all over me like Phil. We’d just talked. I felt like a human being again after spending just a few short minutes with him. But he was leaving. I watched him climb behind the wheel of his blazer. I waved.

“Good night!”

“Yeah, see ya.” His smile was lit by a streetlight. That same smile I’d seen inside the trailer when we’d first met. Half-shy… I waved again. He was a funny guy, just drifting around. I wondered how old he was, twenty-three, twenty-four? When his brake lights blinked and he swung out of the court I felt a funny kind of emptiness in my stomach. I went inside. Daddy was snoring drunkenly in his chair. My depression came back strong and heavy; I felt like I was trying to breathe underwater. In the bathroom I brushed my teeth, brushed away the taste of Phil’s mouth, the taste of his cock. Then I went to bed.

When I first began to wake up, I wanted to sleep some more. All the morning had to offer was the memories of the night before. Everything was just going to pick up where I’d left it. Janey would be over sometime during the day to remind me of things I didn’t want to be reminded of. Sympathy for a virgin. What was wrong with being a virgin? It didn’t make me look any different, walk any different… Or did it? I remembered Janey’s swaying, sexy gait and wondered if getting fucked really did change the way you walked. I squeezed my eyes tight, pretending that I was still drowsy. Birds twittered loudly outside my window. What was missing? My mom and dad arguing like always… this morning they weren’t. There were no voices at all, no sounds from the front part of the trailer. I turned over, looked at the sun on the wall. It was late. I wasn’t sure just how late, but late enough for Mom to be bugging me. She didn’t like me staying in bed past seven. Then I saw the note behind my clock. Mom’s handwriting. I reached it down, looked at the hurriedly scratched words. She hadn’t wanted to wake my dad, had gotten out early so she could help Mrs. Caruthers with something at the church. She’d see me at noon. I smiled, shook my head.

I looked at the wrinkled mess of my clothes on the floor, glad I’d stuffed my ruined underwear in the bottom of a drawer so no one would find them. The clock said ten. I was hungry.

The mess on the stove told me dad had fixed his own breakfast. Fixed it while he was hung over, too. I scrambled me some eggs, mixed fresh orange juice. Dad would be working at the bridge site until late in the afternoon, Mom wouldn’t be back till noon. I was rested, but lazy. At loose ends. I ran a tubful of water and stayed in it for a long time. After I dried, I powdered myself with some talc my aunt had given me for my birthday, wondering idly if sixteen was the legal age for such luxury. It was funny but when I went back in my room to dress, I didn’t really want to. I looked at the pale-blue panties in my hand and then put them back in the drawer. I did a twirl before my mirror, noticing the way my tits quivered when I put my heel down hard. There were splotches of powder on my belly, on one leg. A tinge of white hung in the dark brown of my pussy curls. I made a coy, silly face and lifted my hair above the nape of my neck. What had Phil said about my body? A fine little ass… yes, that was it. I tried to forget Phil, tried to guess what he’d meant. Little like narrow? I wasn’t really big in the rear like some girls. My waist was small enough tough to give me nice curves where they were supposed to be. I ran my palms down, tracing the outward flare of my hips, the bulge of my pelvic bones. I licked my lips like I’d seen Janey do once. It looked silly. It didn’t feel comfortable to see myself like that. Maybe I was the shy type, shy like my friends back in Billings had always said. One thing I knew for sure, I didn’t want any more dates for a while. Not the kind of dates Janey seemed to like. I danced before my mirror, fucked my ass out and then laughed again at how silly I felt. But movement did something to me, made me shiver. I touched a hand to my cunt mound. It was silky with the perfumed powder, and I brushed the kinky mat of hair until I felt more shivers.

It happened so fast. The rushing flood of sensations seemed to have been waiting since the night before when Phil had gotten me excited and when I’d diddled myself outside the room where Farley and Janey had fucked. Now those tickles and breathless thrills swamped my senses. Even when I pulled my hand away from my cunt, the need to put it back again won out. I was ashamed that I actually wanted to finger-fuck myself again when only the morning before I’d had an orgasm. I didn’t think anyone did it that often, did they? I couldn’t stop to think, couldn’t stop putting my fingers a little deeper into my slit. When finally I felt the hot wetness of my pussy juice, I jerked my hand back and ran from my room.

The empty whiskey bottle on its side in the front room, but not quite empty. I picked it up, hands trembling. Why did Dad drink this stuff, to make him better? To make him feel good? I put the bottle on the table and turned back towards my bedroom. The house was so empty; I was so alone. My hands brushed down my belly again and I pressed the puffy gash, ached to wet my knuckles again. I knew that being by myself in the house all morning was no good. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my fingers out of my cunt. I’d either have to leave and take a long walk or finger-fuck myself to a climax. I looked at the amber liquor in the bottom of the bottle. Would a drink ease my tension, maybe make me think of something else? I picked the bottle up. Yes, I’d take a little drink and then get dressed. The hot booze almost made me spit it back out, but I choked it down and put the cap back on. I felt like I was fighting against myself. My Lorrie self wanted to do what was right, what my mother always told me was the proper way to behave. But another self, a self without a name pulled me in another direction. That was the part of me that was enjoying being naked, enjoying the powder on my body, the touch of my fingers inside my sappy, hot gash. I picked up the bottle again, determined to chase one of the Lorries away. Which one would I chase away?

“I’m acting so dumb!” I said to the walls. “There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m not going crazy. I’m going to put on my clothes right now and then go outside and sit under a tree and read a book.” The sound of my voice was reassuring. I felt that my two selves were coming back together again. Now to get dressed. I was halfway down the hall to my room when the knock came. I looked around for something to throw over my shoulders. My robe. I clenched it under my neck and hurried back to the front room. It was probably Janey. She’d said she’d drop over…


The door on our trailer opened outward, and when I turned the knob, someone pulled it out of my hand. The door swept back and Tony stepped inside. I was just surprised at first, confused. My hand swept a glass from the table by the divan and it crashed with a tinkling splash of brittle shards.

“I’m leaving so I thought I’d drop by to say so long.” Tony closed the door behind him. He loomed closer, eyes on my legs, my bare feet. “Watch out, you’re going to step in the glass…” His hand hooked behind me, pulled me forward against his chest. The robe fell open slightly. Tony’s smile lost some of its shyness. His blue eyes danced over the naked tops of my tits.

“I was getting dressed. I…” My face burned red. His hand tightened around my waist, and when I tried to twist away, I knew that he was every bit as strong as I’d first imagined. “Tony… would you let me go?”

“Where’s your mother?”

I glanced towards the bedrooms. “She’s taking a nap.”

“You’re lying.” He licked his blond mustache. “You’re alone.”

“Please let me…” The roughness of his mouth against my neck made me gasp, twist my head away. Both of his big arms circled me now and when I tried to get my arms free, my robe parted, slipped back over my shoulders. Tony jerked it down until it hung from around my hips. He kissed me wetly on my face. Twice I kept my mouth away, but finally he held my head and pushed his tongue between my lips. Now I knew what he was — a drifter, a guy who’d met my dad one night and come back to screw the daughter the very next day. His hand went to my cunt. I tucked it back under, pushing my ass as far out as I could. But Tony wedged me against the wall and forced his fingers into my pussy curls.

“You were waiting for me… your cunt’s wet.”

“No… no I wasn’t waiting for anybody. I…”

He rubbed over my clit, rubbed it again. The fleshy nubbin collapsed in its slick hood and then began to swell with blood. I writhed wildly to free myself, but Tony was as big as a gorilla. I smelled his musky odor, felt the roughness of his callused hand curled under my ass.

“You smell like a princess…”

Somehow I got a hand free, somehow I found the courage to bring it down hard across his face. Tony let his head spin with the blow, laughed back at me.

“Okay, baby, if that’s how you want it…”

I was on my back on the sofa almost before I knew what had happened, Tony’s knee in my belly. He yanked the belt from my robe and made a couple of quick turns, binding my wrists together. Then he picked me up, one arm around my waist, the other circling my thighs.

“Don’t scream.” His eyes had lost any shyness, any mercy. Just those wards, flat and sharp. I looked with scared eyes at his huge shoulders, his powerful arms and hands. He could kill me in ten seconds if he wanted, just a crazy drifter. Maybe he’d killed women before. I closed my eyes tight. I was so scared I couldn’t even cry as he carried me down the hall and into the last bedroom, my bedroom.

“Hey, I lucked out.” He tossed me down on the bed. “This is your room, ain’t it?”

“Please, won’t you just let me go and leave?”

He laughed again, picked up the flopping end of the belt that bound my hands and pulled them above my head. He was tying it to the head of my bed, knotting it. I tucked my knees up against my tits. Tony grabbed my ankles and stretched them down again. What was he pulling from his pocket? Something like a cord. Rawhide. It cut into my ankle when he cinched it and pulled it down over the end of the bed.

“My mother’s coming back in a few minutes.” I was trying to make my voice sound as confident as I could. “What will you do then?”

“I’ll invite her in, I guess.” He had both ankles tied now, my legs apart. I tried to twist over on the bed, only hurt myself when the rawhide tightened. I whimpered when Tony’s big silver belt buckle hit the floor. I gave a muffled cry when he dropped his shirt and skinned down his shorts. I looked quickly away from the swinging, white cock that pointed towards me as he came across the room. The bed gave. I couldn’t have seen what I had seen. A man’s cock just didn’t grow that big! I peeked through my pinched lids, sucked in a breath. Tony’s cock was that big! So white along the shaft, so purple at the head. I had seen Phil’s dick only in the moonlight. Now, the jolting reality of mid day made me weak from fear.

“God, your tits are something far-out, baby.”

He straddled me, pressed his big balls down on my belly. Then he bent down and started kissing my face again. I struggled to keep my mouth closed, but Tony wormed his tongue inside, forced deep into my throat. I gagged, gasped for air. His hands piled my body, rubbed the sensitive flesh under my arms and on the insides of my thighs. When I felt a finger searching for my hole, new fear, horrible fear made me want to retch. The surprise came quickly to his face.

“You’re the first virgin I ever found, you know that?” He laughed, a crazed laugh that had some of his shyness in it, too. If it was really shyness. If he wasn’t an escaped mental patient who’d rape me and then strangle me slowly with my own bathrobe belt or worse…

He wallowed down on my body, kissed my belly wetly and my pussy fur. Then he was licking hot spit up into my cunt. I felt it dribbling down both thighs, down onto my ass. He was ravishing the seeping tenderness of my parted gash and as the rubbed surfaces swelled out to meet his tongue, I gave another helpless cry that turned to a breathy whimper without me being able to stop it.

“Always wanted to eat a real virgin, eat her and then fuck her.” When I gave a sob, he smoothed both hands up over my heaving tits. “Hey, you ain’t got no use for this little cherry anyway. Just relax. You’ll dig it.”

“Oh, no… you can’t do this… I, I won’t let you do… Ohhhhh!”

It was his tongue. That damned licking friction on my oozing slit wouldn’t give me a second of peace. I tried to pull my knees up. The rawhide thongs cut deep, and that cutting sensation only made me feel his pussy-licking worse. As he sanded against the deepest petals of my cunt, I jerked again. What was it? The tension in my calves and thighs maybe as I bucked to free myself. Shivers of want spread over my body, the same sensations I’d felt when I’d rubbed deep into my cunt with my own fingers.

“Please don’t do that any more… Oh, please!” His tongue had sucked my clitout of its fleshy hood and was stroking it mercilessly. I felt him dive back down the length of my gash, rub the squiggly bunched membrane where I knew my cunt must be. It was hidden under a thin layer of skin, a membrane I’d been afraid to touch since I was small. Mother had told me always to keep my hands away from my body, away from that seepy crack that split me down below. Tony’s tongue pressed in against the spot, pressed even harder. Something stretched in my cunt.

I bucked hard on the bed, fought my way upwards. The rawhide stretched, cut deeper into my ankles. I pointed my toes and strained to pull free. Tony speared his tongue into a point and pressed up my cunt and in… in… in!

“Oh, NOOOOOO!” I squirmed in fear, tried to clench my knees closed, whined from the strange, scary feeling of something so hot and pointed trying to enter my virgin hole. My heavy tits quivered, flattened back on my chest. The nipples had risen, brown fingers of tingling nerves that seemed to beg for a hand to touch them. No! I didn’t want any hand to touch them. I wanted to be free, to be rid of Tony and… Something stung me. I didn’t want to believe what it was.

“Ohhhh!” I gasped, making the thongs pop against the end of the bed as I jerked. Tony moved his head from side to side, and I felt the point of his tongue pierce my cunt. The stinging hurt grew as my cherry parted. Oh, God in heaven, he was raping me… but with his mouth. The strangeness, the perversity of the moment broke over me. My throat hurt with dryness as I sucked breath. But I was soaking wet around my cunt, soaked with my own hot pussy butter and Tony’s spit. He gouged his tongue into my cunt mouth again and the pain got worse.

“No! Nooooo… Toneeeee!”

Then he was suddenly kissing my belly, my tits. I tasted blood on his lips, my own blood. I was too weak to close my mouth against him. He sucked my lips between his teeth and bit them. I could hear the echo of my breath, the heat of our tongues made more heat. It was awful. And with his huge body over me, lying between my tied legs, I was aware of a new menace. His fingers, callused fingers, gouged my cuntlips apart. Something hot and huge pressed against the still stinging knot of my cherry. It was that bluish, barbed cock tip I’d been afraid to really look at. I knew that and cried from the stark, cold fear. He was going to fuck me! Come in me! He was raping me!

I opened my mouth to whine but Tony’s tongue filled it again, searching the ravaged softness under my tongue. His powerful hips eased forward, straining the rawhide cards that held my ankles wide apart. The feeling was of something parting, something breaking up in the pit of my cunt. The pain wasn’t any worse than before, but I knew I was no longer a virgin. My belly shivered as I tried to rock my hips away, tried to make the angle wrong for his cock to go inside. But his swollen knob was drenched with my slick pussy juice and when he punched forward with short jabs, my inner petals were stretched apart, stretched out around that huge, hot ridge and then sucked in against his shaft. He pulled back slightly, and I felt my insides pulled outwards behind his retreating cock.

“You’re killing me! Oh, God!”

“Easy baby, easy…” His kiss smothered me, smothered my cries. When he sucked my tongue into his mouth, I let him, whimpering like a caught rabbit. I felt his fingers dig into the meat of my ass as he held me still to fuck deeper. The slick friction of his cock tip as it stretched my virgin cunt felt so… strange. I couldn’t seem to control my breathing at all. I was panting, short of air. Saliva ran in streaks from the corner of my mouth. Tony tucked his ass in, his whole body trembling with the excitement of fucking me. I knew he must be excited by the way his kissing had changed, grown deep and hungry. I felt like I was being eaten whenever his open mouth searched my shoulders, my tits. Once I tried to push his face away and he caught my little finger in his mouth and sucked it until the bottoms of my feet burned.

“Please let me go… don’t make a baby in me, Tony, please don’t…”

He laughed and rocked his cock deeper into the flooding, hot folds of my cunt. He was touching places inside me that had never been touched by anyone, anything ever before.

“You got the finest little body… and these tits…” He mouthed one boob like he might devour it, mouthed it again with his teeth and tongue. I arched my back when he bit the nipple. The thing I felt I didn’t want to feel. I was so ashamed of what was happening to me, tied to my own bed, raped by some drifter who might murder me when he was through fucking me. He pulled the nipple deeper. I felt the softness of my tit flesh sucked deep between his lips. Then he danced the tip of his tongue hard against the brown, stiff nipple. It bent against the wet pressure and the streaking thrills of his ravenous tickle made my hips snap down, toss on the mattress. I tried to control myself, tried to keep from moving at all but Tony was sucking my other boob now and pumping his cock deeper in my cunt as he tongued fever into my nipple. His cock still wasn’t very deep. I could tell that the inner depths of my cunt had not been touched by his steamy prick, at least not yet. Then Tony was doing something that brought a crazed moan to my throat. He cupped my cheeks up from the bed and held me there as he fucked deeper. My ass wiggled helplessly in his big hands as he speared deeper in my snatch. My juice washed back along his cockshaft and I heard it popping where my petals were parted around his rod. The tightness of his prick pulled the flesh around my clit each time he fucked. I counted three, four, five… felt the tingling buzz of my come beginning. No… I couldn’t let it happen. I just couldn’t!

“Tony… stop, stop!”

“You like it, don’t ya?”

“I hate it! I hate you! Ohhhh… noooooo, stop, please!” But my words blurred and turned to frenzied little growls of pleasure. I wouldn’t let myself think of pleasure, but it was. Shameful, helpless pleasure as Tony dug his fingers against the crack of my ass, plowed his tongue between my lips, fucked me as my cunt butter and blood mingled and wet us both. My ears buzzed with senseless sounds; my eyes wouldn’t focus. I tried to grab his muscled back but the belt from my robe tightened around my wrists, reminded me that I was a captive — a victim of rape. How could I touch anyone who’d done that to me?

“Baby… God damn!” Tony pulled back. I felt my raped pussy sucked with him, clasping to the huge and throbbing tip of his cock. But he pulled more of his cock out of my cunt, more until his prick was free from my hole. Then he fell forward, his cock slick and bloody against my belly. A streak of something hot went up my skin, another even hotter. I was too woozy with my come to think of what was happening. Tony pumped the huge welt of his cock up and down against my stomach as more jizz frothed out. I felt my navel fill, overflow. A dribble coursed down my side and wet the sheet.

“Lorrie… Christ!”

He was so big, so heavy. A door slammed. Had I imagined it? Tony, getting up. My eyes so heavy… I tried to look at him. He was putting on his pants, now his shirt. He was hurrying. Why was he hurrying?

“Ohhh, what did you do to me?” My cunt still pulsed with the convulsions Tony’s fucking had created. He had worse than raped me, he’d made me come with him. His sperm was cooling on my belly now, and I strained my legs against the rawhide. Tony’s knife flicked out from the scabbard on his belt, the blade unfolded with a snick. This was the end. He was going to… The blade slashed each thong, cut quickly through the belt of my robe. Then, almost before I could move, he slashed downward at the screen covering my window. It parted and he pushed a foot through, sat for a second on the sill. Someone was in the trailer now, I could hear footsteps. Mother… my mother!

Tony looked at me, smiled his half and half smile. I thought he was going to say something, but he turned instead and pushed on out of my room. Weakly I rubbed the red cuts around my ankles where the tongs had been. Footsteps in the ball now.


“Yes, Mom?”

“You feeling all right?”

“I was tired, I decided to take a nap.”

“Maybe I should take your temperature.”

“Oh, no, I’m okay. I’ll be up in a little bit.”

“I thought we’d have soup for lunch. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“That would be fine.” I fell back on my bed. Thank God the door was locked. But why did that matter? Hadn’t I been raped? Shouldn’t I tell my mother, tell the police? No. Wit that cum drying on my belly, my cunt swollen out and smeared with blood, I felt like a leper. It had all happened so fast… how… why? Tony couldn’t have planned it. I tried to remember the morning, my bath, the white powder on my body. I brushed hair from my eyes, choked back a sob. All my life I’d heard of women who’d been raped. And now…

I cleaned the mess from my body. My cunt looked as if it had been whipped. I could see the angry place where Tony had pushed his cock into me. Now there was a hole for other cocks.

No, no! What had I been as a virgin that I wasn’t any more? For one thing I could still remember how his heavy meat had felt stretching my cunt wide. I remembered it all too well.

When my mother was puttering at the stove, I slipped into the bathroom and got the shower going. I scrubbed every inch of my skin, scrubbed away Tony’s touch, his spit, his sperm that by now had caked along my stomach and in the shallow well of my navel. Only then did I realize that he had pulled his cock out of my cunt for a reason. He had waited until the last minute and taken his prick from my raped pussy and pumped it against my belly while the hot seed boiled out. But no, he couldn’t have cared. He was a drifter and I’d never see him again. And I couldn’t ever tell anyone in the world what had happened either. If I had screamed when he was getting out the window, if I’d called for my mother and yelled rape, then… But not now. And I didn’t know why I had let him go. Except for the shame I felt, the awful hurt of losing my virginity to a no-good stranger who would be out of the state before the day was over.

I lathered the soap and washed every crevice of my body for the third time. My cunt was so tender that I had to dab at it gently, but I made sure it was clean from the musky touch of Tony’s cock. Mom had lunch on the table when I came out.

“I want to go to church with you this Sunday… to the eleven-o’clock service.” I bit a cracker, didn’t look up at my mother’s face.

“Well, I think that’s wonderful, Lorrie. But I guess I’m a little surprised that you’ve asked.”

“I just think I’m old enough to… to understand maybe about that kind of thing.” I looked at my soup. I wasn’t very hungry.

“We’ll unpack your white dress, the one I bought for you last month. I always thought you’d look wonderful in it. And we’ll buy some white gloves and…” She gave me a motherly look. “Lottie, are you sure nothing is wrong?”

I shook my head hard. “No, nothing at all.”

“I’ll admit I’ve always been a little afraid that you’d take after your father when it came to religion. But I was careful not to press too hard, I knew you’d refuse to even go to Sunday school if I started harping…” She took a spoonful of soup, dabbed her mouth with a paper napkin. “I’m thrilled that you came out and asked me like this. I’ve met the young preacher at the church, and he’s a very interesting person. I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing his sermon this coming Sunday and maybe I’ll mention your interest and we can think about baptism.”

“I just said I wanted to go to church with you, Mom.”

She patted my hand. “Of course. There I go getting pushy.”

We finished eating in silence. I went back to my room and closed the door. The curtains on the window would hide the screen until I could think of what to do about it. I could just say I’d lost the tie to my robe and throw it away with the leather thongs. Mother would never understand how it had gotten cut like that, no matter how big a lie I told. I slumped on my bed. Yes, I was telling lies, hiding things as if I’d committed a crime. At least no one could tell what had happened to me. They couldn’t just look at my eyes and tell I’d been fucked, could they? I lay staring at the ceiling. I stared for a long, long time.


A week passed. I went to church with my mother and sat in a hardwood pew while Reverend Dixon talked and talked and talked. About sin? Yes, I guess that was what he was saying but it wasn’t easy to concentrate. I tried. Oh, God how I tried! But even not understanding or caring about his sermon, I felt better for having sat there and endured it. We were standing in front of the church, Mom, Mrs. Caruthers, Janey and me when I saw the red blazer drive by. The windshield was cracked, fenders dented… it was Tony driving all right. My mother was staring at me when I glanced back.

“Is something wrong, honey?”


“You look pale. I was wondering if the sun…”

“No, I’m fine.” I swallowed, saw the blazer turn the corner on Amherst Street and disappear. The feeling inside me was so unfamiliar I didn’t know what to call it. Panic was part of it… and something else. Janey smiled, pushed blonde hair out of her eyes, too caught up in her own world to worry about anyone else.

“Hey, Lorrie, you gonna help at the church picnic this afternoon?”

“I guess so.”

“Jimmy’s been asking about you.” She winked to let me know that everything was cool as far as that night at the drive-in was concerned.

Mom glanced my way. “Jimmy is one of those nice MacInnes boys, isn’t he? The boy you dated.”

“Yes, Mom.” I was afraid Tony’s red blazer might appear again. I wanted to get away. Janey wrinkled her nose and bounced excitedly.

“I’m gonna be working at the pop stand,” she said. “You can help me there if you want.”

“Sure.” I was lukewarm about the whole thing, but since the picnic was being sponsored by the church and I was going regularly, I knew I’d be expected to help. It was supposed to happen at the old Elks’ hall out by the lake. I’d never been there of course, but Janey told me it was neat.

“Be sure and bring your swim suit,” she called as I was getting in the car, “and your sunglasses and…”

“Oh, come on, Janey,” Mrs. Caruthers said, pulling her along the sidewalk.

Not many people were there yet when we arrived. I helped Janey put a couple of cases of pop into the big cooler and stack the cartons of paper cups. It was sunny and warm and I was in a little better mood. At least I hadn’t seen Tony or his blazer again. He didn’t seem like the type to come to a church picnic either.

“Love your outfit,” Janey told me. I’d worn a pair of cut-off jeans and a little halter top I’d made out of the legs when I cut them off to make the shorts. Underneath was my bikini. A yellow bikini that was really too skimpy for me to feel comfortable in. But I didn’t plan to swim much anyway. I hadn’t had much sun yet this summer, and knew I’d get burned if I hung out near the water very long. Janey had a pair of shorts over her bikini but wore her top by itself, a skimpy little thing made out of bandanna material. She didn’t have all that much to hide.

“You sure Jimmy wasn’t mad? I mean, we did just leave them.”

Janey was admiring one of her long legs. “Aw, those guys are thankful just to get a little on their fingers.” She popped open a mirror and smoothed her green eye-shadow with a pinky. Though I’d been trying not to think of sex, though I hadn’t touched my cunt all week, talking to Janey had me curious. She was so matter-of-fact about things.

“Janey, have you and Ron… what I mean is, have you…”

“Gone all the way?” She said it in a way that made fun of my shyness. “He can’t even get a rubber on without coming. I had a date with him a month ago and we were grabbing and kissing, you know, and he creamed his jeans.” She stuck the mirror away and started laughing.

“How long have you known Farley?”

“A year I guess.” She tilted her head at me. “He’s really baaad, huh? I mean he’ll do anything.” She sucked a lip. “He was even asking about you.”

“Me?” That funny wing-flapping sensation in my guts. “Why me?” I figured that Phil would have told him I wasn’t such a hot date, that I wouldn’t put out. Thank God no one knew what that drifter had done.

“I think Farley wouldn’t mind shagging you.” Janey broke a roll of pennies into our change box. “If I wasn’t around.”

I felt my face redden. I pretended to be busy with some more paper cups. Some people drifted up and bought Cokes. I could see the grounds filling with folks from town with their kids. Some men from the church were marking off the ground for a sack race. Some women in a booth across from us were setting up pies for sale.

As the crowd grew, Janey and I were busy pouring pop and making change. The MacInnes boys were hanging around and when I had a chance, I went over to talk to Jim.

“I’m sorry about the other night. It was a mean thing to do.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” He stuck his hands in his pocket. “Janey’s always messing over Ron and I wouldn’t’ve expected you to hang around on my account.” He pushed a lock of hair from his forehead. “Where did ya go anyhow?”

“Oh… with a girl friend of hers.” I didn’t want anyone to know about that night up at the old house. And I knew that what had happened with Tony was a secret I’d never divulge. Tony… I didn’t even know his last name. Why was he hanging around Olema? Had he gone by the church looking for me or…

“What you thinking about?”

“Nothing, nothing at all.”

Ron brushed at the dangling lock again. “Say, Jimmy has this boat and we were wondering if you girls might want to take a ride on the lake when you get time.”

“I don’t know. I’ll probably be working.”

“My mom’s getting some girls to relieve us,” Janey said. Ron was eyeing the swell of her ass like she was a Goddess reborn.

“I really don’t know whether I want to.”

“Aw, come on.” Janey winked. “You got your bikini on, don’t you?”

I gave in. When Mrs. Caruthers brought some more girls over to mind the concession, we took some pop and hot dogs and followed the MacInnes boys down to the lake. The boat wasn’t very big. Janey and I sat in the middle while the boys rowed and steered.

“Hey, let’s go to that little cove where the island is!” Janey said, peeling her shorts off. Her bandanna bikini was tied low on her narrow hips. I didn’t see how she could keep it up. “Aren’t you gonna swim, Lorrie?”

I got out of my jean shorts and top and leaned back against the side of the boat, pretending I wasn’t aware of Ron and Jim’s stares. My top wasn’t quite deep enough to hold my tits; there was too much of them pushing out over the edge. But I’d made the skimpy halter when they hadn’t been so big. I kept pulling at the top, trying to keep from feeling so naked. Jim scratched his sunburned shoulders and sneaked looks. Ron was too entranced by the inch or two of Janey’s asscrack that showed above the rear of her bikini bottom. She kept bending over so he’d get a good look.

The sun was hot. We rounded the far end of the lake and were soon out of sight of the picnic. I trailed a hand in the water and let the warmth bake me. I felt as safe with the MacInnes boys as I did with my mother, and that was the way I wanted it. I didn’t want any more hassles with sex.

Sometimes I could almost pretend that I was still a virgin, that the drifter named Tony hadn’t really happened. It was a bad dream, too unreal to believe. But the screen was still there behind my bedroom curtains to remind me, and there was a tear in my cunt, too, that had never been there before. I shook my head, tried to think of something less depressing.

“Let’s swim at the tip of the island. We can tie the boat up there, too.” Janey stood, put a foot up on the bow of the boat and jumped feet first into the lake. Ron rowed and watched her swimming alongside. We scraped bottom near the end of the small island and he tied the boat to a half-sunken tree. I waded into hip-deep water and sank down. It was kind of nice. I was glad I’d decided to come. Farther from shore I saw Janey splashing around like an otter.

“Hey, Ron!” Her voice was teasing, a promise of something… Ron started after her, churning awkwardly with his feet as he swam. Janey dove and as her tan back arched and went under, her white ass flashed… naked, the water shiny on her skin. Ron dog-paddled, eyes big as he watched her feet disappear.

“Jeez!” The water boiled as he started after her again. Jimmy came up close to me, tiptoeing on the sandy bottom.

“There she goes again,” he said. I thought I saw something wistful in his look. He drifted closer. Our shoulders brushed. “You want to sit on my shoulders?”

“Huh?” I looked at him like he was crazy.

“It’s a trick some girls like to do, you know and then fall off backwards.”

“No, I don’t think I want to.” His ploy was pretty transparent.

“Want me to get you another pop? They’re in the water over there and nice and cool.”

“No thanks.” I closed my eyes and floated. The water lapped around the tops of my tits. It felt odd, even exciting. The material of my bikini clung to the flesh of my cunt mound. That felt exciting, too. Sex. Rearing its head. Through my closed lids I saw the muddy shape of a cock form in my imagination. The head, blue and broad and taut with blood. Like Tony’s cock. My cunt tingled. I remembered the way the outer pussylips had curved back to let his prick in, then the smaller, more tender petals and finally…

I let my feet find the bottom again, splashed cold water over my face. Jim wasn’t any taller than I was and when he moved close, he seemed even younger. His hand touched my waist underwater.

“Jimmy, you’re a nice guy and all but…” I pushed his hand away. “I’m just not in the mood.”

“Just to hug?”

I gave him a look. “You want to do more than hug.” Jim looked out over the water where his brother was splashing closer to Janey. She squealed. Her voice echoed to us, broken by the breeze that had come up. Jim rubbed his sunburned nose.

“I think I’ll swim back to where the picnic is,” he said finally.

“It’s a long ways.”

“I’ll keep to the shore.” He smiled. “I’m a pretty good swimmer.” Long pause. I felt my tits buoyed by the lake. “You want to swim with me?”

“I think I’ll just stay here, Jimmy. Thanks anyway.”

“Yeah. Well, I’ll see.”

As he swam off, I had a sense of relief. Alone at last, drifting with the water, relaxing. I hadn’t wanted to start keeping him off of me, fighting, arguing. I didn’t want to be turned on, didn’t want to be faced with decisions about my behavior. My moral behavior. Men made everything too complicated. Though Janey seemed to be enjoying her complications. More splashes, more laughs drifted across the curled waves. She had taken off her top now. I saw her running through knee-deep water with Ron in pursuit. He was trying to take off his trunks as he ran, but they tangled around his ankles and he went down face first in the mud. Janey laughed and plunged back in my direction.

As she swain close, I saw her bikini clenched in one hand. Ron was panting, paddling hard. He didn’t seem to be the swimmer his brother was. Janey tiptoed the bottom near me, grinned tiredly. Ron swirled up and put his arms around her.

“Now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?” Her pink nipples glistened with droplets. Her blonde hair hung in wet strands against her shoulders and back. Ron looked at me, blushed and bit his lip. Janey was enjoying herself immensely. I pretended I was thinking hard of something else.

“Well?” Janey teased. Her hands were under the water touching Ron somewhere. His eyes went dreamy. “Oh, wow, you are ready!” She licked her lips. In the murky water of the lake I could see the white flash of something between Ron’s legs. I looked away, looked at the trees, pretended to scratch at something biting me. What did I care if Janey wanted to jack him off right there in front of me? But a snort from Ron broke through my facade. I peeked around again to see Janey frowning with concentration as she worked her hands at Ron’s crotch, pumping his hidden cock furiously.

“Hey, let’s go up in the trees!” he gasped, looking at me again like he wished I’d turn into a frog. “Come on, Janey, quit…”

“Oohhh, you’re going to make the water boil!” Her laugh made him redden again but the blush faded quickly and his eyes glazed like before. I toe-bounced on the bottom, drifting away a few steps. But something drew my attention, a funny sound from Ron maybe or Janey’s intense hand-job beneath the surface.

“Janey, cut it out! Damn… ohh, God!”

From where I’d moved to, the sun made a new angle in the water. I could see clearly, too clearly where Janey’s hands flickered on Ron’s hard prick under the mottled waves. Then a string of white jetted upwards; another quickly followed. I held my breath as a frothy curd bobbed to the surface, then slowly sunk again into the dark-green water.

“Whoops!” chortled Janey. She was watching Ron’s slack face with interest, watching him go limp as her fingers milked the jizz from his balls. She giggled again. “Just a little accident, I guess.”

“Darlin,” coughed Ron, “Goddamn…”

I was mad at Janey, mad at myself for hanging around so long. I waded up the shore to the boat and got on my tennis shoes. Janey was still teasing Ron in the water. It was sickening. I turned into the woods, found a path that led away from the lake and into the middle of the island. I wanted to be alone, away from Janey’s silly antics. She was some kind of nympho or something. I liked her, I really did, but she could get on my nerves when she started all that sex stuff. Fucking was all she ever thought about.


The trees darkened everything. The deeper I got into the underbrush, the less light got through from above. It was misty and cool and I lost myself in the feeling of aloneness, the small sounds of insects along the path. I couldn’t see the water any more now, or hear Janey’s high voice. The path turned and after a few more minutes of walking, I came to the far tip of the island. It was close to shore here and an old tree had fallen across the water. The path led up to it. On the shore the trees were thicker than ever and I could see the trail winding deep. What the heck, it was better than going back and having to put up with Janey as she made a fool of poor Ron. I balanced my way across the log, jumped down and followed the matted footpath into the trees.

I must have walked five minutes, maybe ten. I’d forgotten everything but the trees, the peace around me. It was the sound of a motorcycle that made me stop. Laughter in the trees? Or was I imagining things. I walked slower now, keeping my eyes on the furthest line of trees ahead. The trail climbed between two huge boulders and dropped off suddenly into a clearing. I leaned on one of the big rocks and peered over.

A boy on a motorcycle did circles in the dust. There were lots more motorcycles, too, perked around in a circle and some girls lounged on the saddles. One girl had taken off her shirt. She was red-headed and her tits were freckled. A group of boys stood around a fire. There was lots of beer. I saw a big man with black hair pop a can and laugh when the suds jetted high above his head. Another boy ran across the clearing and tackled a girl who was talking to the redhead. The two of them rolled on the dusty ground and I could see he was trying to kiss her. The tackled girl hit him twice in the face and then let him kiss her.

When I stood up from the rock, my legs were trembling. I turned, started quickly back down the path. That’s when Farley stepped out from the trees, a can of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He put the cigarette to his lips and sucked on it in a funny kind of way. He was grinning. I curled my fingers around the branches of a tree nearby. I was afraid my legs would cave in any second.

“You know, I been thinking about you.” He sucked on the little cigarette again. I noticed that it was lumpy and hand-rolled. “And here you just pop right into sight.” He gestured with the beer in the direction from where I’d come. “You just followed the yellow brick road, right?”

I gave a short nod. “Just walking really. I…”

“Look, you’re my guest, okay?” He stepped close, took my hand. My heart thumped. All I could think of was the awful muscled power of his ass as it tucked under and stabbed his cock deep into Janey’s cunt. Farley looked strange. His eyes…

“I better be getting back.”

“Bullshit.” His fingers dug into my palm. He pulled me along. Weakly I followed. We came down the path and Farley steered me over to the bare-titted redhead. She was sitting on the motorcycle now, bouncing on the seat.

“Hi, honey, where’d you come from?”

“I was at the church picnic,” I said, “over by the old Elks’ hall.”

“The church picnic!” the redhead squealed. “The Goddamn church picnic!”

Farley poked the redhead in the gut with his finger. “So she decided to find a little action. Can’t blame her for that, can you?”

The redhead frowned, rubbed her stomach. “No. Course not, Farley.”

“Her tits are better than yours, too,” he said, a crooked smile spreading over his face. The redhead glared at the tops of my boobs, poked out her lip.

“How can you tell. She keeps them hid.”

Farley’s fingers touched the tie of my bikini top. “Show her, baby.”

“Nooo! Please, don’t do…” The top flopped loose. I held it with both hands, pressing the cups against my nipples, but Farley jerked and stripped me. I crossed my hands over my bare tits, turned to flee.

“Show her!” he commanded, wrenching me back around by the shoulder. Something in his voice went through me like cold steel. I dropped my eyes, my head. His hands forced my arms down to my sides. I couldn’t look at any of the people who’d started gathering around us. I was scared stiff. Farley brushed a finger under each tit, grazed at a nipple. I bit my lip, afraid to look up or protest. “I told you her jugs were better,” Farley said to the redhead. Her eyes were flat, hateful. “Yeah, Farley, they’re better.”

I hadn’t done a thing to her but felt that she would gladly kill me if she got the chance. I felt like crying but the fear in my belly wouldn’t let the tears through.

“Take the rest of it off, Farley,” a short, acne-faced boy called.

“Yeah, let’s see her pussy,” laughed another. I saw Phil’s face bobbing up to see. Farley gave them all hard looks.

“This girl come all the way from the church picnic to see me. Now do you think I’m gonna let you guys stand around and gawk at her for free?”

“I’ll pay a dollar,” the acne-faced boy said.

“Shit, I’ll give you a fin,” from someone else. Wallets came out. Somebody sprayed beer high into the air, and I felt it wetting my arms. A tear grew at the corner of my eye. Another joined it and together they streaked my cheeks. The redheaded girl was smiling with evil glee. Farley took the bills that were waved in front of his face and folded them into his dirty jeans. He took my arm in his callused, hard hand.

“Okay, baby, let’s show these jerks what a real pussy looks like.”

“Please let me go back… let me leave…”

Farley laughed, pressed me down until my knees were on the ground. I was lowered onto my back in the dust. There were big boots all around me, curses, crude laughter. My bikini bottoms were quickly stripped away and I felt someone take an ankle, another boy grabbed my other ankle.

“Oh, God no!” I sobbed. I covered my face but someone took my wrists, too, and held them above my head.

“Wow, look at that pussy!” It was the boy with acne. Another man shoved through the circle, fell on his knees between my knees.

“Eating stuff, boy!” He pressed wet lips against my thigh. A tongue snaked towards the matted thatch of my cunt hair. Then Farley’s boot swung through the air and clunked solidly against the man’s shoulder.

“Hey, Farley, what the fuck?” He rubbed the bruised shoulder.

“You paid to look. That’s all.” Farley jerked me up by the hand. The boys who held my ankles let go and stepped back, watching Farley like he might spring on them. I could taste my salty tears, the dust, the fear inside me like sour vomit. But my cunt glowed warmly, that tender place where everyone’s eyes had burned so hotly a few seconds before — it glowed. I felt so naked, so vulnerable. When Farley put his arm around my waist, I leaned weakly against him. The gang made way for us and Farley took me up out of the clearing and into the woods. Behind us I could hear the whoops start up again, the sharp pop of beer cans opening. I was really crying now, with fear and relief, too. Farley’s hand fell against my ass. He cupped fingers under the curve of one cheek, caressing it. I was still too scared to say a thing.

We came though a thicket that scratched the skin of my thighs. A boy and a girl lay on a blanket. The girl was naked. The boy wore only a pair of motorcycle boots. Farley laughed and strode towards them.

“Okay, Clyde, get the hell out.”

The boy looked at me, looked at Farley. “Sure, Farley.” The girl was already putting on her jeans. As I stood there looking at that blanket, another sob caught me, then another. Farley undid his belt. His jeans fell around his ankles. The boy and the girl grinned, picked up their beers and disappeared through the brush.

“You want these back, don’t ya?” Farley held up the two parts of my bikini.

I choked on a sob. “Y-Y-Yes…”

He skinned the rest of his clothes. The muscles in his thighs, his belly, his chest — they looked massive, invulnerable. I might run, but to where? And how long would it take him to catch me? I looked away when his cock bobbed up from his shorts. He was completely naked now. His long, matted hair framed his face, made it seem harder than his years. He couldn’t be too old. In his twenties. I swallowed hard. My throat was dry and I felt like crying again.

“See, I know something about you that you don’t think I do.”

“What’s that?” I didn’t care, I only wanted to keep him talking.

“That night up at the old mansion when I was plowing Janey in the bedroom. I knew you were outside the door watching us. I saw you but didn’t say anything.” His smile, his eyes. They did things to my nakedness, made me feel it all the more. “I just let you watch me fuck the hell out of little Janey, see? I figured you were enjoying it enough to hang around, so what the hell.” He came towards me. I felt like a bird with a broken wing. His hands rested on my shoulders and pressed me down onto my knees. His cock beat hotly against my cheek and I gave a little cry. Then Farley sank to his knees, too, and with his fingers twisted in my hair, he brought my face down towards his groin. His cock bumped me again, the knob against my lips. I twisted my head to the side but Farley made me face him.

“I don’t really get too much of a kick out of slappin’ pretty girls up side the head.” His eyes were brown pools of ice. “But if you dig that kind of thing, well I’ll oblige.”

“Oh, Farley, won’t you just give me my clothes and let me…”

“Open your mouth, bitch!”

Tears flooded over my dusty cheeks. I opened my mouth and felt the swollen tip of his cock brush the underside of my chin. Farley grasped the skin along the shaft and pulled it back. His prick was uncircumcised and the foreskin lightened around the ridged crown and then slipped behind it. The knob was glossy slick with his juice, pulsing with every beat of his heart. I could smell it, a musky, pungent smell.

“Just lick my knob with the tip of your tongue now.” Farley’s voice was tense. I sobbed, pushed my tongue out. The heat of his cock surprised me. I wet the bulging lobes at the bottom of his cockhead and pulled my tongue away. “More!”

“Ohhhh, nooooo!”

“Oh, yes!” Farley pulled me forward, embedding his cocktip between my lips. My first thought was to jerk away, but he held his hand up, poised. I let him pull me forward, down over the prickshaft. My lips curled around the broad, heavy knob. I licked slowly along the bottom of his rod, feeling the veins and bumps and the welt where his cock tube stretched back into his balls. I gagged but choked down the bile taste. He began to move his hips, rocking his cock deeper into my mouth.

“Suck my prick, damn it!”

I tried. I didn’t know what he meant, but I tried. The honor of having a man’s cock in my mouth had made me weak. I curved my tongue into a deep trough and drove it out along the underside of his prickshaft, then drew it slowly back. Farley groaned. He put his hands palm down on my back and held his tool deep inside. I could feel the knob only an inch away from the beginnings of my throat. If he moved his dick any deeper, I’d puke. He moved. The bulged, bluish knob touched my throat. My stomach bucked three times before he moaned again and pulled his cock back. I knew what he liked now. When I’d convulsed from the choking feeling, my throat had spasmed tighter, clenching his prick at the end.

“You’re gonna learn to suck cock good before I let you go.” He forced me down on his prick again and again. The throes of strangling made my body lurch. I felt my throat closing down around his knob again, felt his hot, heavy balls bump my chin. I whined through my nose, begging him to release me.

“Damn that’s good… real good.” He took his cock clear out of my mouth and made me look up at him. “Yeah, your lips are nice and wet and you look a little sad.” He picked up a tear on his finger and licked it. “It’ll be better for you in a while.”

I opened my mouth to beg again, but shut it finally, dropped my eyes away. His cock touched me, divided my jaws. Once again I surrendered to his lust, let him fuck my mouth. But now his cock didn’t go as deep. I began to lick his shaft again, hoping he might take pity on me and turn me loose before… I could hardly bear to think of it — his cum inside my mouth!

“Suck with your tongue… at the tip, baby!” His hands shook where they touched my back. I drove my tongue tip in circles around the pulsing crown. Farley gasped something and tightened the muscles in his ass and thighs. My spit leaked from the corners of my mouth and dripped from my chin. His shaft was wet back to his balls and the more I sucked, the more hot saliva bathed his rod. My mouth was running over with it. The friction, the slippery, spongy fullness made me moan, too. It was such a strange feeling. A man’s cock wasn’t made to go in mouths, was it? It wasn’t right for it to be there.

Farley touched my tits. He pinched my nipples between his fingers, rolled the hot little nubbins until my cunt tingled. I felt a flood of butter between the closed pussylips, moved my hips to shut it off and only made it worse.

More tears welled into my eyes. Farley had me by the head again and was forcing me to bob up and down on his dick. The bumps and hollows of his swollen cock made wet sucking noises as they slid through the drenched softness of my lips.

“Christ, your tits are fine!” He smoothed my back and shoulders as I sucked his bloated tool. I wanted to be away from him, from the bikers in the clearing. I wished I was in my room with the door locked. After the blow job Farley was forcing me to give, I’d never be able to look another boy in the eyes, or even face myself in the mirror.

His cock went deep into my throat and I writhed in choking agony as he groaned and rocked his prick in even farther. For a moment his hands loosened on my neck and I jerked sideways and jumped up. Farley grabbed one of my ankles and pulled me down roughly.

“You dumb bitch, I oughta…” But his hand stopped before he brought it down on my face. He rolled me over, jerked my hips up so that I was on my hands and knees.

“Ohh, God, please don’t… Ohhhhh!” His cock had pressed between my peeled cuntlips and forced them out around the knob. My cunt folds slurped around the spit-soaked meat when I squirmed to get away, but Farley’s fingers hooked over the bones of my pelvis and jerked me back. The sensation of his streamlined cock penetrating my hole from the back made me hang my head between my arms and whimper. With his knees just inside mine, he fucked roughly into my seeping gash. I couldn’t let him come in my cunt. Just his cock there was awful enough, but if he pumped my pussy full of seed, too… at this time of the month. From the sounds in his throat, I knew he must be close to shooting. I felt his belly quiver against my ass, felt him bite the flesh of my back. I counted tree. Then with every bit of strength I could muster, I bucked his cock loose from my cunt.

“You… God… damn… Uhhh!” A hot lick of cum sprayed my thigh and ass but I was up, running now. Farley fell across the blanket as he tried to catch my ankle again but I was gone, crashing through the sharp leaves of a bush and down a stream bed. I was trying to think of what to do. I was naked, my bikini stuffed into a pocket of Farley’s jeans. I might get back to the island, to Ron and Janey and my other clothes. The sand of the stream bed was softer. I began to follow it in the direction I thought I’d come from earlier.

Looking over my shoulder I stumbled on, passed by a large tree that stretched its limbs over the trickling water.


“I got her, Tug!” Hands circled my wrists. It was the boy with acne. Behind him was the other man I’d seen talking to the red-headed girl and some more men I hadn’t seen before. I was forced to my knees in the sand.

“Would you dig this!” one of the men said, wiping a glop of jizz from my leg. “Looks like she got away before old Farley did any good.” They all laughed. Someone forced my head back. I glimpsed a belt buckle flash as it came undone. I thought I might faint. Through the daze of my senses I recognized Phil’s voice. There were five of them now; I was looking at five pairs of legs. Hands touched me, lots of hands. I shivered with disgust. A cock, two cocks were poked at me as more of my captors unzipped and dropped their jeans.

“Come on, slut,” the acne-faced boy said, jerking my head back again and pushing his prick against my lips. Phil was there, too. I felt him take my hand and put it on his balls.

“Hey, she’s got another hand… gimmee!” I grasped two cocks, fearing for my life if I didn’t.

Someone was tickling the sharp point of a hunting knife up and down my tits. I began to jack the hard cocks. My lips were pushed back until I had to mouth the acne-faced boy’s prick. I cried out when he grabbed my head and forced the knob deep, but his rod was not as long as Farley’s, thank God. The other two in the circle pushed closer.

“I want a little of that mouth, too, Leroy!” The acne-faced boy was pushed away and another larger cock bumped my chin. When I opened my eyes, I saw the prick was chocolate-brown. A big black man in a leather vest grinned down at me. “Bet you ain’t seen a dong that big, hey?”

“Please… don’t…” My words were smothered by the taut brown knob. It swelled bigger inside my mouth. The black widened his stance and held my head firmly against him while I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his hard shaft.

“Let’s give this bitch a bellyful of jizz!”

“You better jack me better than that, cunt.”

Another man was jacking his dick, grunting loudly as he held his cock towards my tits. I worked the skin of the two cocks as best I could. One swelled suddenly in my fingers and dribbled slick strings of seed. Another man behind rue spit on my back and began to rub the tip of his prick against the wetness. I thought I’d died and gone to hell. I couldn’t bring myself to feel the soppy heat inside my cunt, couldn’t let anyone know that for some reason my body was sexually excited. I felt like a tortured animal. The black man’s cock tasted strange. It was sponger than Farley’s cock had been but longer and broader across the tip.

The man whose cock had spurted went away and another cock was pushed into my palm. I jacked it hard, watching the foreskin tighten over the knob and finally pull back around it in a tight, slick collar.

The black man was making funny sounds as he fucked my mouth. His cock jumped against the roof of my mouth and a powerful fountain of jizz flooded my mouth, choking me.

“Suck, you dumbass pussy!” he groaned, hooking fingers behind my head. I twisted frantically to free myself from the jetting prick but my gags didn’t bother him. The sticky, hot seed pushed up into my nose, spurted from the corners of my mouth. I felt the droplets wet my nipples and begin to cool there.

“This cunt’s gonna get her a cum bath!” said the acne-faced boy. “Rub it in, cunt!”

“Fuck you, Leroy,” another said, “she’s busy with me.”

Phil pushed close. His hand began to smooth the warm jizz over my tits and belly. There was laughter and someone pressed the toe of a boot between my asscheeks. I felt warm drips on my shoulder and saw that one of the men who’d been jacking his dick was coming. The second convulsion of his body brought a hot streak of jizz against my cheek. The black cock inside my mouth gouged deeply as the last few frothing jets of cum leaked down my throat. My stomach bucked but held.

The black man staggered back and his cock popped wetly loose from my lips. Another man forced his way through the circle. His cock was very short and thick. I shook my head but he took my jaw roughly and forced it open. I tasted the salty grime of his fingers and then he filled my mouth with prick. I cried out again but my words were not words at all.

“Not polite to talk with your mouth full of dick, baby!” someone said. A man was touching my ass, playing in the damp crack between my clenched buns. I couldn’t keep him out. He tickled my asshole, fingered it roughly and finally forced up into my bowels.

“Hey, I want to fuck her in the ass!” Acne-face again. I cringed, sobbed through the cummy flared holes of my nostrils. Another cock, this time behind me, went off. The man who’d spit on my back and was dry-fucking there… I felt the dribbling hot jizz spread down my skin.

“Yeah, I always wanted to fuck a cheerleader in the ass.”

“Who says she’s a cheerleader?”

“Looka them tits!”

“Hell, I’m lookin’ at her ass.”

Hands pulled at my thighs, my ankles. Someone cursed and was shoved against me and away. I felt a cock tip wedged dryly between the cheeks of my ass and then forced deeper. My hung closed into a tiny knot against the pressure.

“She’s got a helluva tight asshole.”

Someone poured beer over my shoulders and rubbed it in with the cum. I knew how drunk they all were, how doped up. Even Phil didn’t seem to care what happened. But then how could I expect him to? He was an animal like the rest. My face and neck tickled with drying cum and the throbbing prick in my mouth seemed about to explode.

Now I knew what cum really tasted like. It had a salty, flat taste and though I was sure it would make me sick, that hadn’t happened yet. The man with the short cock jammed in my mouth sat down and pulled me down, too, down between his thighs as I sucked his prick and the spit dribbled from around my lips. I was half sobbing through it all and my tears seemed to excite the men around me. I was on my belly now and rocks cut my flesh. The man behind me was pulling my ankles apart. I felt him rub something between the cheeks of my ass, something wet with spit and rigid.

“Hold her, Leroy. Goddamn!”

“God, she’s a piece of ass, ain’t she?”

I wrenched my mouth loose from the short, broad cock. “Nooo! I can’t do this any more… I…” The man behind me grabbed my hips and rammed his cockhead through the tight whorl of my asshole. The pain was excruciating… I thought I’d been stabbed with a knife. I gasped and fell forward on the other man’s stomach. He was trying frantically to push his cock back between my lips, but before he could, I grasped the sliding cock skin and pumped hot froth out of the knob. It was better to do it like that than have his prick in my mouth.

“Open your Goddamn… Uhhhhh!” Hot jets of cum spit against my chin and neck. The others around laughed and grimy hands wiped the stringy jizz over me. The smeared stuff was drying already, cracking on my skin. I writhed onto my side and immediately another from the circle dropped down and clamped his crotch against mine. Behind, my ass was torturously skewered with a prick, the black man’s prick. How could he get his cock hard again so soon? Or was it another black man? Black arms, black hands circled in front of me and rubbed my engorged nipples. Oh, what did it matter any more? I doubted that I’d be alive when the sun went down on the day. They’d have to kill me when it was over… they’d have to. “Christ, has she got a sweet ass!”

“I’m gonna fuck her from the front, man. Watch out now…” A spit-slick prick gouged down the swollen depth of my slit, searching for my cunt hole. Why was my body acting like it was, why were my pussy juices flooding out over my inner thighs? The man bucked his hips. I could smell the sourness of his underarms, the beery stink of his breath. The tip of his cock popped easily past the clenched ring of my cunt mouth. I tried to jerk my ass back from him but that only made the black man’s cock go deeper in my butt. He groaned and thrust into my ass with short, hard jabs. I felt my soft guts give around his swollen knob. And at the same instant the man in front shoved his cock into my cunt to the balls.

“Grab my nuts, you bitch!”

I touched his balls like he wanted. They were big and furry and hot, and when I rubbed the heavy eggs in the sac, they moved slickly around each other. I could feel the tubes which led up into the man’s body and then out… out to his pisshole where the hot cum would boil from. I began to cry harder. I was crying for the shame of my body, for the way it felt with so many cocks in it. And then another man knelt by my face and held his prick out to me like some awful gift. It was the biggest prick I’d ever seen. It looked like a donkey’s cock. No woman could take anything like that inside her cunt. It even looked too big for my mouth.

“Eat,” the man grunted. His face was pocked and mean-looking. “You eat my dick now, okay?”

“Noooo! Oh, God no!”

But he had my head, held it tight as my body squirmed from the cocks that were plunging in and out of my cunt and asshole. I felt like I was being torn apart. The black man was fucking hard into my ass and when the other biker had his prick deep in my cunt at the same time, I just quivered, my pussy flooding butter to ease the awful friction.

The big Neanderthal-looking guy at my face pushed his knob against my lips. The milky droplet at its slit smeared hotly over my chin, my cheek as he tried to force his huge rod inside. Finally I opened my mouth and bared my teeth.

“I’ll bite you! Don’t do this to me any more!” A storm of sobs broke over me. As much as anything I was frantic from the steady pulses of tingles that surged through my thighs and belly. I was frying hard to keep still but my ass seemed to be moving by itself, trying to escape and in that feeble attempt was rubbing even harder against the pricks that fucked me.

“I won’t come,” I gasped quietly to myself. The big brutal-looking man held my chin and rubbed his swollen knob across my teeth. “I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!”

“What she won’t do?” the black said.

“She’s starting to like it,” said another.

“Look at her move, man. She’s gotta be liking it!”

“Noooo! I hate all of you!” I was screeching, my fists clenched like I might strike. The man with his cock in my face was jacking the skin slowly. Another big droplet of something poised at the tip, fell into the hollow of my neck. My breath hissed through my nostrils when I closed my mouth. I had to have more air than that. My mouth fell open slackly and I panted like a driven animal.

“Yeah, she likes it. Suck her tit, Bull!”

Bull, the man who was fucking me in the cunt, clamped his grizzled mouth over one of my boobs. I felt the nipple raked by his teeth, sucked roughly over his tongue. I twitched as the intense sensation burned through a thousand nerves. My cunt ached with the savage friction of his fucking. I twisted my hips, twisted my body to get away. Hands were on me everywhere, in my armpits, on my belly and back. Someone had begun to chew at the soft place behind one knee and another had his tongue in my ear.

“I won’t!” I screamed, pushing the brutal man’s cock away from my lips again. “I won’t come!” They laughed. The laughter sickened me but in an instant that, too, was washed away by the mounting madness of the fever that I was drowning in. Deep inside I felt my cunt convulsing, tightening its velvet folds around the plunging cockhead. And my hung tingled with a different, stranger fire. The man who fucked my ass was coming. I could hear him, feel the hot slime spurting back out of my asshole, wetting the plump halves of my butt. I tried not to wiggle around so much, but now I was making terrible, panting noises that sounded like they came from a stranger. And when the cock in my pussy began to explode with seed, too, I clenched the muscles of my ass and felt my hung tighten around the black man’s cock.

“Damn, her white ass is good, baby!”

My willowy body was flopping around on the hard ground like I was a beached fish. I felt the hot, male bodies pressed against me front and back, saw the cock before my face swell suddenly larger. The knob bulged, grew taut. I could see through the membrane which covered the spongy cockhead, see the blood so purple and hot.

I knew the man wanted me to take his load but tried to twist my mouth away again. He pulled me back. The biker who fucked me in the cunt ran his tongue deep into my ear. His spit blocked my hearing and he bit down against my earlobe and held me there while the man with the brutal face again tried to shove his cock tip between my lips. I clenched my teeth. A hot fountain of seed squirted against them, coated the insides of my lips with a film of slick.

“Suck my prick, Goddamn you!”

I managed to turn away somehow. The glossy tip of his cock slid down my cheek as another creamy flood frothed out. Flecks of hot cum spattered over the bridge of my nose, my forehead, hung in my hair. My pussy began to convulse in aching, cunt-wrenching spasms.

“Look at her, man!”

“Oh, nooo! Oh, Jesus in heaven… Ohhhh!” I wanted to die as hot cum sprayed my face, as a tongue flicked wetly in the spit-slick whorls of my ear. I felt my cunt and ass pumped full of seed and closed my eyes against the sliding hand that milked gloppy curds of jizz onto my closed lips. My ass plunged wildly. The tickle built in a hot core somewhere inside… The heat of the cummy mess inside my body added to my own heat and a maddening tickle in my cunt ravaged my senses. I clutched at the man’s ass who fucked me in the cunt, tore my hands away with a groan.

“Leave me alone! Can’t you just kill me and stop this… Ohhhhhh!” I bucked and trashed, smearing my cummy cheeks against the belly of the man close to my face. His huge, sagging cock drooped from his grasp and flopped slicky into the hollow beneath my chin. He pumped it there as the last few eruptions of thick jizz were forced out and down my shoulder. I grunted low in my throat as the turbulent forces swept over my emotions. With trembly, vicious movements of my crotch, I ground out the savage tickle in my cunt. The juicy mess crackled and popped as I rubbed my cummy inner petals against the wilting cockshaft of the biker. I could feel my cunt muscles milking his tender knob, making him wince with the excruciating friction. It was terrible… it was the end of the world, of everything I thought was right. The burst of white-hot joy swept it all away though. The bikers, the hard, hurting ground at my side, the mess I was in — all became the fiery, shivering seizure of my come. I was dimly aware of kicking someone, of striking another with my fist. I was biting something, too — something fleshy and soft and… bloody.

“She bit me, Goddamn it! She bit a fuckin’ hole in my arm!” It was the black man who’d been hugging me from behind. I rubbed my cheek against the sand. Maybe someone had stabbed me, maybe they were bleeding me and would drink from my veins. I didn’t know. I didn’t care. A misty, translucent haze came before my vision. I was dimly aware of voices, shoves of arms and bodies as the slimy cocks were pulled from my twitching cunt and asshole. Then nothing.

“You better get your ass out of here.”

“Huh? I… I…” A face swam before my eyes. Farley. He had my bikini in his hands. “What… where did…” It was coming back to me. My body hurt in a dozen different places. I felt as if I’d been torn apart by a pack of wolves.

Farley smiled, shook his head. “Mama Red’s hunting for your ass. She don’t take kindly to some chick drifting in and letting the boys gang-bang her.”

“I didn’t let anybody do… Oh, God, I feel sick.”

“Watch out…” Farley held my head while I puked. Then he made me stand up and thrust the two parts of my bikini into my hand. “Go down through there and you’ll find the path to the lake.”

I staggered forward a few steps, collapsed on my knees. Farley helped me up again. Everything was spinning. Dimly I could remember the church picnic, Janey and Ron and the boat.

“You shouldn’t’ve took off from me like that,” Farley said. “I ain’t half as bad as them bikers.”

“They’re your friends, aren’t they?” A sob convulsed me but no tears came. He let go of my waist.

“You’re lucky they let you keep your shoes…” he laughed, “…and your hair.”

I put a hand to my matted, cummy hair. Then turned from him and lurched away through the trees. I heard him still laughing behind me. I fell twice but forced myself on. When I found the path, I wanted to run, to flee the ugly hell behind me. But I was too weak. I clenched my bikini, too afraid someone would catch up to me to stop and put it on. At last I saw the glitter of wind-tossed water between the thick branches ahead. I plunged down the shore and threw myself into the lake, rubbing the dried sperm from my face and neck and tits. Then I washed my crotch. I forced down with the muscles deep inside my cunt, forced out the jizz that had been planted there. Stringy white tendrils clouded the water around me. I splashed and rubbed my body clean, drenched my hair and cleaned it, too. Then I put on my bikini. The touch of it against my cunt mound was.

Voices from the other side of the island! I recognized Janey’s high-pitched laugh. I waded back out to the log bridge and crossed, walking fast, my feet squishing in my soaked sneakers. When the trees thinned and I saw the boat and Janey’s water-plastered hair, I felt like I had been reborn again. I’d fallen into some mad hell and emerged alive. Miraculously alive! Now my shame and hatred and frantic need for revenge overcame me. I’d go to the police! I’d tell them how I’d been raped and degraded like an animal. I’d tell them… “Hey, Lorrie!” Janey splashed up out of the water, waved at me. “We were wondering where the heck you went.” Her face darkened as I came closer. “Is anything wrong? Oh, wow!”

I ran up, tears streaming suddenly down my cheeks. “They raped me! Farley and a bunch of bikers. Phil was there, too. There was a black guy who fucked…” I wasn’t used to saying that word out loud. I clamped my hand over my mouth, fell against Janey’s shoulder.

“They raped you?”

“God, it was awful! There were two of them doing it to me, and [missing text].”

“Two at the same time?”

“You should have seen them. Like animals! They were all over me, touching me, licking me…” I didn’t like the funny look on Janey’s face. Maybe it was her lips hanging open. They seemed so full all of a sudden and her eyes had a glazed, wild look. She ran her tongue between her teeth.

“What else happened, Lorrie. Tell me, huh?”

I controlled my sobs enough to get out a few more words. “They came inside. In my…” I touched my ass, “…back there, too. I had it all over me. One made me take his thing in the mouth.” I started crying again. Janey licked her full lips, nodded in sympathy. One of her slender hands brushed against her belly, lightly touched the crotch of her bikini bottom.

“Sounds awful all right.”

“I want to find a policeman!” I made fists again, bit my tongue in anger. “I’m going to tell them what [missing text].”

“Are you sure you want to do that, Lorrie?”

I looked at her in disbelief. “They raped me! Can’t you understand?”

“Yeah, sure. I understand. But it’s not so simple as all that. The police around Olema are kind of old-fashioned. They have funny ideas about women getting raped.”

“What do you mean, funny?” I dug a knuckle at one teary eye.

“They don’t always think of it as rape, that’s [missing text].”

“What if I’m pregnant? Oh, God, I’ll just die if…”

“When’s your period?” Janey asked. She made me sit down. Across a sandy spit I saw Ron sailing flat rocks off the waves. He looked our way, waved.

“I don’t know, tomorrow or the next day I guess.”

She hugged my shoulders. “You’ll be okay I think.”

“You’re telling me I shouldn’t say a word about this? To the police or anybody?”

Janey looked apologetic. “I know it must have been awful. But you’re okay now. They didn’t hurt you. And if you go tell the cops, with you being new in town and all…” She threw her hands out. “I know these guys. I’ve seen them cruising the high school in their squad car. I mean, they look like they’d rape a chick, too, if they could get away with it. You can just dig how they’re gonna act when you come in and tell them you accidentally stumbled onto a gang of bikers having a party and…”

“Yeah, I know.” I put my face in my hands. I was feeling a little sick again and very weak. Maybe Janey was right. And I hadn’t thought of my dad, either. What would happen if he found the cut screen where Tony had escaped and then questioned my claim of rape by the bikers? Two times I’d been forcibly fucked by men and I was too scared to say anything. I felt dirty and ashamed. I hated men, hated all of them, even my father.

“I think I want to go home.”

Janey jumped up. “Sure. I’ll go with you.”

“You will?” I felt grateful somehow. Janey was the only person I had confided in, or could trust.

“I think you’d better talk it all out, get it out of your system.” She licked her lips again. She seemed to be breathing faster than usual, but I couldn’t be sure.

“Maybe you’re right…” I let her lead me towards the boat. Ron was walking towards us, still flipping stones sidearm into the lake. He wouldn’t know, no one would know. No one but Janey and me. But when he glanced my way, the tender ruin of my cunt seemed to glow with guilt. It was as if my skimpy bikini couldn’t possibly hide the shame of what I’d been through. I was sure he would be able to see the dents of the bikers’ fingers, the cummy streaks across my skin.

“We want to go back to the picnic,” Janey told him.

Ron pulled at the boat, slid it down off the sandy beach. “Yeah, I’m gettin’ hungry again myself.” He looked at me as Janey helped me step over the side. “Where’d ya go, Lorrie?”

“Just for a walk.” I looked down at my thighs. A bruise on the inside of one was beginning to darken.

“Have a good time?”

“Wonderful,” I choked out. “Just wonderful.” I wanted to be sick again but kept my stomach from bucking as Ron rowed us back towards the distant babble of the church picnic.


Mom was too busy socializing with folks to pay attention to me. She was sorry I didn’t feel well. No, she didn’t mind if Janey drove me home in the car, and after she’d found her keys, we headed for the parking lot. Ron dragged along behind.

“I woulda taken you home, Lorrie.”

Janey seemed anxious to get rid of him. “I’ll see you next week sometime, Ron… okay?” He took the hint and went back through the lot brooding. Janey backed out and after some hassling was steering us towards the highway. I let the wind blow through the vent, cooling my face and thoughts. Janey drove with her bare foot stretched down to reach the accelerator. For a while neither of us said a thing, but I knew Janey was itching to hear more details. I only wished I could pretend that the whole awful thing hadn’t happened.

“Don’t you want to talk about it?” Janey asked.

“I… I just don’t know. I still have a hard time believing that anyone could be so mean. All those guys…” I bit my lip. My shoulders trembled.

“We’ll be home pretty soon, Lorrie, don’t worry. Your mom said she’d get a ride home with my old lady. I’ll just stay with you till you feel better.”

When we swung around the corner of Maple and Main, I saw the red blazer parked in front of the Tip On Inn. My dad’s car was there, too. Would it be possible that that drifter had the nerve to drink with my dad again after what he’d done to me m, my very own bedroom? I’d been raped twice in the past ten days. Twice! No, even more than that counting all those animals touching me, fucking me in the…

Janey parked by the trailer and we went in. At least my old man hadn’t forgot to leave the air conditioner on. He was probably drunk out of his mind by now, palling around with Tony. After what Janey had said, I even doubted my dad now. What might he think if he knew Tony had fucked me? Would he go after Tony or blame me? I threw myself across my bed. I was starting to shake all over. Janey hovered near, a worried look on her face.

“Hey, you look like you’re coming apart. You want me to get you a beer or something?”

“If there’s a beer in the place, my dad’s…”

“I’ll look.” Janey went in the kitchen, called back. “Nothing in the refrigerator but there’s same booze left in this bottle on the table.” I tried to calm my shaking hands by pressing them against my thighs. It didn’t help much.

“Yeah, better bring me some.”

Janey handed me a water glass full of bourbon and ice cubes. She watched me drink a couple of swallows and smiled when I coughed. I tried more. The warmth that spread from my belly made me feel better immediately. I was guzzling too fast, but couldn’t seem to stop myself. I had to relieve the tension, the uncertainty inside.

“What did Farley do?” Janey began. “I mean when he first saw you.”

I told her about talking to the bikers, the girl with red hair. Then I told her about getting away from Farley and blundering into trouble. Janey tried to look sympathetic, but I could see that she was sexually excited by my words. I was too tired to be angry and the booze had softened the sharp edges of the afternoon. Janey stretched out beside me on the bed. She’d taken off her bikini so it wouldn’t get my covers wet. She glanced over at me.

“I know you’ve had a terrible thing happen to you and all but… well, you remember that night up at the old mansion?” I nodded. Janey swallowed, brushed fingers over her almost flat boobs. “Farley fucked me that night. In some old bedroom we found.” She lowered her eyelids. “I wasn’t a virgin, but it was only my second lay.”

I laughed for the first time all day. “You mean the way you walk, the way you were always talking about — well, about boys and sex and everything?”

“It was all a front, I guess.” She looked somewhat chastened. “I thought you’d know a whole lot more than me. I just took a look at your tits and figured I’d have to try like hell to show you up.”

I took another drink of booze, set the glass back on, the table. It felt good to have that magic stuff me. It was stronger than the beer had been had been that night Phil had given me some. It was stronger than anything, stronger than the hurt inside. I saw Janey touching herself where her kinky, blonde pussy curls began, pretended not to notice.

“This must sound dirty to you,” she said, “but hearing what happened when you ran into those bikers…” she took a deep, trembly breath, “…it really turns me on. I guess I think about sex about every minute of the day. I just can’t help it. Lots of times in class last year I’d have to excuse myself and go to the girls’ bathroom and, you know, rub myself.”

“Right during the day?”

“Oh, sure. I even got where I could think of things, think of them real hard, see. Like cocks on boys. Cocks all slick-looking and hard and everything and think of them slipping in between the lips of my cunt…” Janey was breathing different now. She had to stop talking to catch up on air. “Wow, I’m kinda hot just remembering.” Her fingers had curled under her pussy mound and I saw that she was sneaking her legs farther apart. I didn’t know the emotions that swept me, couldn’t be comfortable with them and yet… curious? I took another sip of the whiskey. I was starting to feel what I guessed was drunk. But I’d never be drunk enough to tell Janey I had watched Farley fuck her that night up at the deserted house. And I’d never admit that sometimes I finger-fucked myself, too. That was my own secret, and I wasn’t especially proud of it, either. Janey’s finger was worming deeper into her gash. I heard one slick cuntlip being pried open, the squish of velvet-soft petals pulled apart. Janey pointed her toes and her mouth fell open.

“I’m crazy to get fucked again,” she said. “I won’t let Ron screw me, though. He’s the biggest blabbermouth in school and, besides, he really doesn’t turn me on all that much. My mother approves of them as dates, though, so it’s a way to get out of the house.” She ran her finger along her swollen slit. “I wish like hell I had a car.”

I was tired, boozy and loose and tired. And yet even after what had happened in the woods, Janey’s words had an effect on me. Maybe I was losing my mind. Maybe…

“Lorrie?” I pretended to be asleep. Maybe Janey would shut up and let me rest, let me get my head back together. “You asleep?” I lay quiet, feeling the liquor warm in my veins. Janey got quietly up from the bed. I peeked trough my lids at her lithe and naked body as she crossed the room. She fumbled among the bottles atop my dresser until she found what she was looking for. A big bottle of baby oil. Then she was looking again, rummaging in my drawer. She came back to the bed with the baby oil and… I tried not to give myself away, tried to control my breathing. Janey had the very same brush I had used once against my heated gash. But I had only rubbed it on the outside of my unbroken cherry… Janey meant to fuck herself with it. I was certain of that.

Lying on her back, she bent her knees up and poured baby oil onto her fingers, rubbing the handle of the brush slick. Then she poured more into the palm of her hand and smeared it against the underside of her cunt mound, tilting her crotch up as she plunged her middle finger deep inside her hole.

“Oooohhhh…” It was a soft, whispery moan and she poured out more oil and dabbed it thoroughly along her parted twat lips. Then she held the brush with both hands and eased the thick, rounded handle against her cunt mouth. Her lower lip pouted with passion. Her petite toes were spread flat against the bedspread. The brush handle went inside her hole with a tiny, slick sound. I watched not wanting to watch, heard not wanting to hear. Maybe I would make sounds of awakening…

But what Janey did next caught my attention, hypnotized me. As she flicked the brush handle in and out of her cunt, she sucked the little finger of her other hand, chewed it, pursed her curvy lips around it like it might be a tiny cock. Her belly heaved. Her trim ass danced on the hard mattress. Sometimes she held the handle deep inside her cunt as she ground her crotch around in huge circles. Then she would stop and with the tip of the rounded plastic, tickled where I guessed her clit must be.

“Ohhh, it’s not big enough!” It was gasped more than spoken. Janey flung the brush down on the bed and walked staggering across my room again. She looked in another drawer, shut it a little too hard and whirled to see if she’d awakened me. She went down the hall, into the kitchen. I heard her panting, bumping against things. I guess she was looking for something bigger, longer… something to stuff the aching void of her cunt. My dad caught her as he came through the front door. He was reeling drunk.

“Looka what I caught… a sweet little gal tryin’ to rob the house.”

“Mr. Baxter, it’s me… Janey Caruthers!”

“I know who you are, you little twat…” There was a crash. I was up, sitting on the edge of the bed. The whiskey had made me woozy. Janey struggled to get loose from my dad’s hands, but he circled a hefty arm around her naked middle and pulled her into the other bedroom.

“Mr. Baxter… Lorrie is…” Her words were smothered by something. I pushed myself up, tried to get to the door. It was one bad dream turning into another. I couldn’t believe it. But then Al was as unpredictable as a bear when he’d been drinking.

“Nooo, Mr. Baxter! I just brought Lorrie home and…”

“What you doing running around naked, huh?” I could tell he was smothering her answer with his mouth. There were bumps as Janey’s feet drummed the wall by the bed. I managed to get to the doorway and down the hall. Halfway down it a spasm of nausea crumpled me to my knees. I’d been upset and then drunk too much on an empty stomach. But I had to stop it, stop my father from trying to rape her. Janey was so thin, so weak in comparison to his work-hardened body. She was only sixteen! She was my friend, too. I thought I might pass out from the stark reality that was unwinding around me, but gagged down the bile that threatened to fill my mouth and crawled on my hands and knees.

“No! Oh, God, nooooo, Mr. Baxter! You can’t, you just can’t fuck me! Don’t put your cock inside me! Oh, don’t! Don’t!”

I was only a few feet from the door to my parents’ bedroom when another sharp pain went through my guts and I had to stop and lean against the wall. I could hear only the bed squeaking and the muted protests from Janey as my father tried to smother them somehow. She gave a squeal — was it of pain? I tried to get up again, couldn’t, so kept crawling towards that door. I made it, leaned drunk and sick against the door frame frying to see what was happening. The shock came close to passing me out. My father, my dad… he had poor Janey under him, her slender legs spread and as I grasped the wall to keep from collapsing again, he drove forward, drove deep with his cock inside the willowy teenager’s cunt.

“You, Janey… Goddamn…”

“Mr. Baxter… Ohhhhh, don’t… pleeeease… Uhhhhh!” Her tan arms curved up, folded over Al’s broad and hairy back. I felt like I was in the evil whirl of some sick dream. It was my own damned father fucking my new friend, the only friend I knew in Olema! Janey’s legs spread, her toes pointed as my dad shoved his prick into her cunt again. It was the way she’d acted when she’d been fingering her pussy on my bed. I wiped a hand over my eyes, looked again.

“It’s good, ain’t it?”

“We shouldn’t, Mr. Baxter… Lorrie might…”

“To hell with Lorrie. She’s at the picnic with her mother.” His mouth surrounded Janey’s lips and they kissed. Passionately! She was kissing back! Her fingers tightened against his ribs! I shuddered, felt sick again. I could force myself into the room, I could scream. But the whiskey and the frantic fuck scene unfolding before my eyes had shocked me into a coma. I couldn’t bear to see them rutting like animals. I somehow crawled a few steps back down the hall towards my room and crumpled on the rug. My eyes were shut tight, but I couldn’t stop the sounds. Not even with my hands over my ears.

“You like my big cock, don’t you?” Al… he was so drunk. My father!

“Mr. Baxter… I… I feel like it’s so wrong. Ohhhhhh, God, we’d better not…” Janey’s words came between pants, broken, gasped words.

“Like this, nice ‘n’ deep. You gotta like that kind of fuckin’, you sweet li’l piece of ass… Christ you got a tight cunt!”

“We shouldn’t…”

“How ’bout if I fuck a little faster? Yeah, yeah, like that, do ya?”

“Goddd… Goddamn! Oh, no, I don’t believe this! Ohhhhhhh!”

“Tell me you like getting fucked. Your cunt’s dripping like a Goddamn faucet. Tell me you like the way I’m fucking you!”

“Yeess… NO! I can’t let you! Please stop!”

I clenched my eyelids tighter as Janey’s words came to me but my tears started anyway. I was sobbing in the hall on my stomach as my very own father fucked my best friend. I had to do something. I tried to get up, somehow did it. But my legs wouldn’t hold and I sank slowly towards the floor once again. Janey’s voice was breathy with passion. She was having trouble making words now and there were only heavy grunts of pleasure from Al as he fucked her with a fury. Then Janey gave a squeal of excitement.

“I… I feel so… Ohhhh, stop or I might… I might… Uuuhhh, unhh!”

I made it to the door again, how I wasn’t sure. I felt the words in my throat, heard them rasp weakly over my tongue.

“Stop… you two… it’s awful!”

But the room was echoing with the groans of their passion. Al had Janey’s trim little ass in both hands. It looked so strange, his strong, callused fingers thick with hair digging into her soft, white flesh. And even as he held her ass, Janey was moving. Time seemed to slow down until each second stretched agonizingly before my eyes. Al had one of her tiny boobs completely inside his mouth and as he sucked, she wallowed her shoulders, rubbed herself up to him, against him. His rough hands clutched her ass tighter than before but she danced her butt, clenching and unclenching the muscles in each cheek. I saw her belly heave against his and part, damp with their mingled sweat. Her legs were high scissored above the small of his back. And the look on her free as be fucked his cock deep in her cunt was one of pain so good it changed to the most excruciating pleasure. It was still hard to believe what I saw. Even through my boozy sickness, though, I couldn’t mistake it for a nightmare. She was so little. How could she even take my dad’s huge cock? My mind went swimmy as I watched him drag his prick slowly from between the juicy clasp of her petals. His rod was drenched with Janey’s cunt butter and she began to squirm when he took the dark knob away from her gash, too.

“Oh! Ohhh, it feels sooooo good!”

Al laughed, thrust his cock slowly into her cunt again. I saw her thighs flatten as she scissored her legs around his middle and humped her cunt up to gulp in more meat. The hunger in her eyes, on her full pouting mouth scared me. What kind of spell was it that could make someone my age move her body like Janey was? It was as if she’d forgotten me completely.

Then they were fucking with mad, wild motions. Al hunched his hips forward and back viciously. His heavily muscled thighs and back corded with tension as Janey’s blonde hair splashed in tangles across the pillow. She tossed her head, bit her bottom lip and held onto him, tucked her cunt mound up and under to keep his prick inside her snatch. I couldn’t stay quiet, just couldn’t.

“Ohhh, stop it… both of you…” But my voice seemed weaker than before. It was exactly like the dreams I’d had when my voice failed at the brink of danger, when no one could hear you to come and give help. Janey was coming. I knew that better than I knew anything. Her face had a lust-swollen, dazed look. Once she even looked almost towards me and I knew she hadn’t seen me at all. Her feet pawed the air above Al’s back.

“Yessss! Oh, fuck, I’m coming! Coommiinngg!” She pounded her frantic delirium against my father’s big body. When I saw white flecks of cum collecting in the downy fur that fringed her cunt, I crawled back down the hall, dragged myself onto my bed. I sobbed for a while, dry convulsive sobs that only made the hollowness inside me hollower. Then I slept. I was only dimly aware of movements in the room. Janey putting her damp bikini back on, bending over me. I slept again, the long, exhausted sleep of confusion. My dreams were flitting images of strange beasts and even stranger women. And finally I slept like the dead. There was only blackness… nothingness.

“Are you all right, dear?” Mother’s voice, her touch.

“Mom? What time is it?”

“You slept all afternoon, so I didn’t wake you for supper. Then you just slept all night, too. You must have been exhausted.”

I looked up into her pale eyes, her vague, familiar smile. “Janey…?”

“She went home, dear, yesterday afternoon I suppose.” Mom frowned, glanced behind her. “Your father was sleeping off his liquor when I got home from the picnic. He looked terrible when he left for work this morning. You know how he hates Mondays.”

I wanted to scream. To scream into her calm, accepting face the truth of what had happened. I wanted to smash her shallow believing nature. She had lived like this for years, ignoring my father’s drinking spells, pretending it was the typical behavior of a male and letting it go at that. If only she knew what I knew now! The remembering, the shock came back over me like scalding rain on my skin.

“Mother! I… I…”

She passed a hand over my forehead. “What is it, baby? You look flushed. You aren’t sick, are you?”

“No… no, I’m not sick. I…” But I couldn’t tell her. Something stopped me. Was I afraid of seeing her bland, superficial facade crumble? Maybe. Her petty little games, her social life centered around the church in every town we moved to — all destroyed in a second. I knew that was what would happen if I told her I’d seen Al and Janey Caruthers fucking in Mama’s bed. It was entirely possible that the truth would drive her mad. She didn’t have the depth to handle something so completely perverse, so wrong. I didn’t even know if I did. Especially when it’d come so close behind my rape by the bikers, my rape by the drifter… Tony. I hadn’t forgotten his name. The dirty bastard.

“You do look a little pale. I’ll fix you something to eat.” Mother left me alone. I got up and pulled on a pair of jeans, a jersey. I couldn’t stay in that trailer any longer. I just couldn’t. To see my father, to have to look him in the eyes, knowing.

Where? I wasn’t so angry that I couldn’t think about practical things. I had only one relative who wouldn’t mind if I appeared suddenly. My aunt on my mother’s side. Aunt Betty. There’d have to be money for the bus ticket, some extra for expenses. Betty lived in Oklahoma, an all-day, all-night trip from Olema. I was shaking with anticipation. I knew what I was doing and it scared me. But I couldn’t stay at home now, I just couldn’t.

I got part of the money from Mom’s purse, some more from what I’d been saving to buy a pair of sandals with. It still wasn’t enough to get all the way to Aunt Betty’s, but far enough. I could call her then, and she would come and pick me up, I just knew she would. While Mother was talking to Mrs. Caruthers on the phone, I sneaked out with a cardboard box full of my things. I knew I’d have to hurry before she started to the market and found I’d taken every last dollar from her purse. People glanced at me as I went down the sidewalk towards the center of town. Stranger… I hadn’t been in Olema long enough to become a part of it and I didn’t want to either. I didn’t want to see Janey ever again, or Farley or Phil or any of those horrible bikers. The bus stop was in a drugstore on Main Street. I hurried along, my cardboard box banging against my knee, the money for a ticket clenched in my sweaty hand.

“Hey, where ya going in such a hurry?” The red Chevy blazer had pulled in front of me as I was about to cross the sheet. I began to tremble as I looked into Tony’s blue eyes. He had on a plaid, wool shirt and his big arm bulged inside. He smiled his half-shy, half-crazy smile and rubbed his blond mustache. I found my courage again and stepped around the front of his car.

I heard him turn around and drive down the street beside me. I thought of running, of ducking into a store and then out the back into an alley. But I didn’t really think all this would matter after a few more moments. I would be on a bus and heading out of town.

When I went in the drugstore, Tony parked his blazer and sauntered in, too. I ordered a Coke and sat at the fountain. The bus was due any minute.

“So you’re blowin’ town, huh?”

I looked at him, considered not answering, shrugged. “So what?”

“You look like an Okie with that damned cardboard box.” He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, lit it as he watched me. I felt shaky. When would that damned bus get in? Tony flicked his ashes, ordered a cup of coffee from the waitress. He was sitting two stools down. I had my box on the stool between us.

“Why don’t you leave me alone,” I said.

“Why don’t you let me save you some bread? I’m leaving this burg, too, and I’ll give you a lift.”

I sipped my Coke. “I’m not going in your direction, okay?” He rubbed his mustache like he always did when he was thinking of something. He was probably thinking of a way to fuck me again… The sound of air brakes outside made me whirl on my stool. Thank God! Tony got up, came around behind me. I felt his hand on my arm.

“Don’t touch me!” I hissed. The waitress glanced our way, went on wiping the counter. “I could have had you in jail! Do you know that?”

“You liked it too much to call the cops.”

I stared hate at him. “I didn’t. It was rape!” The waitress glanced up again. I twisted my wrist free of Tony’s thick fingers. “Just find some other girl to take advantage of. I never want to see you again in my whole life!”

The bus driver came in and I bought my ticket from him and followed him out to the Greyhound. Tony leaned out the door of the drugstore smiling as I shoved my cardboard box in the rack and slid into a seat. When I looked again, he was waving. The bus snorted like some giant animal and swooshed out into traffic. I took a deep breath and leaned back in the seat. I wasn’t going to start thinking of Mom and Dad and get myself to crying. I was just thinking of surviving now. Of getting to Oklahoma City and calling my aunt to come pick me up. I closed my eyes and let the droning engine of the bus calm my head.


I didn’t remember when the sailors got on the bus. I’d been daydreaming, watching the scenery pass. It was almost dark when we pulled out of our dinner stop and headed up to the main highway again. Then I looked around, and there was a sailor in the seat beside me.

“Hi, sweetheart.” There was liquor on his breath. He clasped something in a paper bag. A bottle. I bit my bottom lip, too scared to say anything back to him.

“You gain’ far?” He smiled. He had a red beard, red mustache and the most insane eyes I’d ever seen in my life. Not mean, just crazy. He was built powerfully across the shoulders, slim in the hips. I saw his buddy in the seat across the aisle. His white hat was pushed down almost to the bridge of his nose and he gave me a wink when I looked over.

“Ask her to join us, Wayne,” the sailor across the aisle said. “Tell her how fuckin’ brave we are. Tell her…”

Wayne’s red beard bristled. “Watch your mouth, mister! This here’s a lady.” I smiled at last. “I would be most honored, fair Miss, if you would share a sip with two lost souls of the sea.” His eyes looked grey and green and blue. But mostly crazy.

“I… I really think I’d rather not.”

Wayne pushed the bottle up towards me. “But you must. It’s a maritime law.” He smoothed his beard.

“We’re not on the ocean,” I said.

“Ah, my sweety, we are on the ocean of the great American road, adrift in a lost hound, bound for God-knows-where.”

The other sailor laughed. “You tell her, Wayne!” Someone in a seat up the aisle glanced back, turned to continue reading.

“I really don’t want to,” I said. Wayne’s mad eyes glittered.

“Then we’ll be forced to turn you over to the authorities.”


“I happen to know you are a runaway.” He took my wrist. “You couldn’t be more than sixteen, lassie. Your parents must have notified the police already. They have your description, they’ll be looking in every depot.” He was reading my reaction to his words. I tried to keep up a front, but the truth was that what he was saying had me scared. I hadn’t thought that something like this might happen. My dad… yes, he was capable of it.

“I’m on my way to see a relative,” I told the sailor, nodding to make it look more convincing. “My parents know perfectly well where I…”

“You’re lying.” His eyes bored into me. I knew I was losing ground. “Come with us, lassie.” His grip tightened on my wrist, then let go. My senses reeled. I might tell the driver that the sailors were bothering me, but what if Wayne held true to his bluff? What if he told them, made them check? I knew it could happen. Slowly I got up and followed Wayne and the other sailor back to their seat, the long seat which stretched across the back of the bus. They got me between them and Wayne handed the bottle over.

“I really don’t want more than a sip.”

“Drink deep.” It was an order. There was an urgency in Wayne’s voice, the same mad heat I’d noticed in his eyes. He licked the ends of his mustache. He wasn’t bad-looking but he scared me. The other sailor put his hand on my jeaned thigh. I looked down, looked up at Wayne with frightened eyes.

“Herm only recognizes your beauty, as do I.” He put his hand on my other thigh. Wayne’s hand was warmer, stronger. I felt him squeeze his fingertips against my flesh.

“I think I’d better go back to my seat.”

“You haven’t had a drink yet,” the other sailor said, the one named Herm. I started to get up, but Wayne shoved me back down. I heard the knife blade flick before I saw it shining. Herm had it. He waved it slowly back and forth. Wayne smiled, reached his fingers out to touch my face.

“Herm here has never used his blade on a lassie before, have you, Herm?”

“I don’t remember,” Herm said. His smile was only half in fun. I didn’t know how to take either one of them. The blade traced a line up my belly. I felt it tickle over the place where one of my nipples was crushed down under my bra and jersey. The first button of my jeans came undone. Wayne was already working on the second one when I grabbed his hand. The knife blade touched my wrist, dug in a little. Wayne went on unbuttoning me.

“We wouldn’t hurt a lassie,” he said through his smile. I opened my mouth, closed it again, finally found my nerve.

“You’d better let me go back.”

Wayne took my face roughly. “We’re AWOL, my sweet young thing. We’ve robbed three liquor stores and left a trail of ruin behind us. Do you think we’re afraid of bending you to our will?” I was trembling openly. I closed my eyes and was surprised when Wayne kissed me. I felt his mustache tickling over my upper lip, felt his beard. He tongued my teeth apart and speared deep into my mouth. I was afraid to resist and with him kissing me like that, the beat of the bird’s wings inside my chest made me feel weak and gaspy. Wayne started pulling my jeans down off my ass.

“Don’t…” The knife touched my cheek. I could feel the point.

“We’re pirates, lassie,” Wayne said. “Don’t forget it.” I raised up and let him slide them down my thighs. The coolness on my skin made me shiver again. Herm was staring at my white skin, the stretched silk V my panties made. A car passed the bus and both the sailors watched when the reflected wash of the lights lit our back corner, lit my naked belly and the skimpy pale-blue nylon that covered my pubes.

“Take them the rest of the way off,” Wayne told Herm. Herm started wrestling the pants legs off over my shoes. I closed my eyes and felt a hot tear wet my cheek.

“Ah, she’s crying.” Wayne licked the tear away. “That excites me.” I tried to stop, choked back my sobs. Herm folded my pants and put them behind him.

“What are you going to…” I stopped, scared into silence. Herm was tickling my inner thigh with his knife.

“Take those off, too,” Wayne told me. His voice had no playfulness left in it, nor did his eyes.

“My panties?”


I couldn’t look at either one of them as I hooked my thumbs in the elastic and slid the nylon down off my hips. The crotch piece came away from my cuntlips wetly, peeled away with a sticky sound. I knew my pussy was wet, but didn’t feel anything but scared. Wayne took the silken underwear from my hand and wadded it against his face.

“These are mine now.” He breathed in the scent of my cunt, then stuffed the panties into his pocket. “Now put your hand in your pussy.”

“What did you buy?”

“Here…” Wayne shoved my fingers down between my thighs while Herm held my knee. Wayne took the other knee and forced my legs apart. I squirmed, tried to look towards the front of the bus but found that the small restroom was in the way. The driver couldn’t see what was happening, couldn’t tell that they had me…

“Come on, you can do better than that.” Wayne watched as I touched the outer cuntlips, pretending to rub my gash. The knife tip pricked the back of my finger, pricked another. I pushed harder against my warm cunt mound and felt the outer twat lips spread slightly. A hot bath of sex honey wet me. I gritted my teeth.

“You damn well better, you bitch!” Herm said.

“Now, now, Herman. We must be patient.” Wayne put his lips against my cheek, kissed me with his tongue there. I closed my eyes. The knife raked a little harder against my knuckles. Part of the blade touched my thigh. I pushed the finger even deeper, felt the velvet edges of my inner pussy petals. They clung to my fingertip and when I rubbed upwards, the butter squished loud enough for Wayne to hear. He smiled slowly, a smile of knowing things about me, secret things.

“Deeper,” he told me.



My face was flushed with anger and shame. The shame of having these two strangers seeing my nakedness and worse, watching me finger-fuck myself! It was ugly and wrong.

“Perhaps the blade would better serve.”

“No, don’t do that…” I pushed my finger down along my gash, felt the very bottom of its slickness. I felt the tiny clump of flesh that was my ruined hymen, jerked away. Wayne caught my wrist, forced me back to touch my wet slit again.

“Let’s see how deep in your snatch you can go.”

“Please…” But my finger was already just inside the ring of muscles that circled the mouth of my cunt. I let out a held breath, filled my lungs again. It was hard to get air normally. My breathing came in shallow, hot pants and as I touched deeper inside my hole, a tingling buzz built along the insides of my thighs, between my toes, in a dozen special places on my body. The slick pussy juice spread back over all my fingers now. I wanted to weep. The thrill I didn’t want to feel was taking over my senses anyway. I tried to lose my thoughts in the drone of the big engine under the seat and in the bouncy rhythm of the bus along the highway. But the friction of my fingers in my sappy, spread cunt had control of my every nerve. Wayne forced my head back on the seat. I was panting hard flaw, and there wasn’t any way to hide it.

“Fuck your finger in and out,” he demanded. “Make it go deep.”

With trembling fingers I forced deep into my hole, felt the soft wraps of cunt flesh roll around my knuckles. The force of my movements stretched the skin tight around my clitoris. I knew that it was swelling with hot blood, pushing up out of its protective hood. Herm pulled my knee farther apart and Wayne did the same to the other. I was spread wide now, wide enough to make the muscles in my hips ache. My pussy was peeled open, exposing all the glistening pink meat inside. I felt my flooding juices drip from my soaked cunt curls onto the plastic seat. The cheeks of my ass clung sweatily to the rippled surface.

“Get her arms,” Wayne told Herman. “Pull her down on the seat.”

“Oh, no, you…”

“Quiet, lass.” Wayne pulled my ankles up, looped one of my legs over his shoulder. He kissed the flesh of my calf and began to inch his tongue along that most sensitive part of my leg. When he sucked the white, soft meat behind my knee, I writhed whimpering on my back. Herm had pinned my shoulders down and was grinning at me upside-down. I tried to thrust myself up again, but he held me firm. The knife blade still glittered from his hand. Once when I turned my face, the tip grazed my chin. Wayne was doing awful, terrible thing to me with his mouth. All the stories I’d heard, the brags some of my old girlfriends had made in Billings came back to haunt me. I remembered the pictures in the dirty magazine I’d left under my mattress at home, too, of a man eating a woman’s cunt. That’s what they called it. Eating a girl out. Wayne’s lips were on the inner surface of my thigh now and he was coming dangerously close to my open pussy. I remembered how Phil had made me feel when he had tongued my clit for only a second or two. But with two sailors working on me, I didn’t have a chance. And I wasn’t a virgin any more either. What would happen if Wayne tried to push his tongue inside my cunt?

“Nooo… I don’t want you to touch me any more…”

His chin brushed my pussy curls. I knew his beard must be wet with my slick cunt juice now because I could feel it trickling down the halves of my ass, wetting the seat again. He shoved my knees wider. I tried to get my left leg untangled from over his shoulder, but he held it there as he bent down and the position lifted my thigh more, forced it back until I heard my petals peel open with a wet snick. I smelled my own musky heat, writhed my shoulders to escape knowing even then that it was beyond my power to stop it.

“She smells like she wants some cock,” Herm said, laughing low under his breath. “Let’s fuck her!”

“I’ve fucked a hundred women,” Wayne hissed back. “I want to see something else happen this time…” His lips pressed against my pulsing, swollen gash. I sucked a sharp breath, tossed my head. Hair tangled in my mouth and choked me, my own hair. Herm licked his lips.

“Ain’t she a hot cunt though?”

“I’m not hot!”

“Oh, she says she’s not hot.” Herm leaned down, kind the side of my neck. I toned my head to make him quit but he caught the tip of the knife blade on my jersey and pressed until I felt the sharp point digging into the quivering whiteness of my tit.

“Let’s take off the rest of her clothes, man.”

Wayne couldn’t answer. His mouth was searching out the slick folds of my cunt. I felt his tongue dig along the ridge at the deepest part of my gash. I tucked my ass back when he touched the sensitive edge of my hole.

“No! You can’t do that!”

Wayne’s tongue teased my cunt mouth until I felt another flood of sex butter wash over the tender, red-swollen membranes. Then he shoved through the circle of clenched twat muscles and probed in and out of my hole in a slow, steady rhythm. Herman was pulling my jersey up under my arms, sawing at the bra strap with his knife.

“God,” I whined, “somebody help me…”

“You shut that up or we’ll slit your skinny neck!” Herm let the knife edge rest against my lips for a moment, then cut my bra the rest of the way off. The big cups fell away from my tits. I felt the weight of them droop on my chest and the sensation made the tickle inside my cunt grow more intense. The stiff curls of Wayne’s beard tangled in my own, made excruciating friction against my tender gash. His mustache raked my tilt out of its hiding place and his tongue searched like a hot eel in the dark heat of my pussy. He was fucking me with his tongue. My asscheeks tightened together until they were rock-hard and quivering with the radiant storms of itchy goodness Wayne’s mouth was petting from my body. I tried to be still, but when I moved, the scratchy madness built. It was beyond my power to stop now. I was ashamed of every moan, every gasp for breath. But I gasped and rubbed my cunt up and down against Wayne’s teeth and tongue. I was no better than Janey, really. My good intentions were no more good than what these animals were making me do now. Awful, awful men. Were all women as weak as I was? Was I to blame for the surges of hot pleasure that brought whispery slurred words to my lips now? I didn’t want them to be mine, but they were.

“Stop… ohhhhhh… I’m burning up… I can’t take it… please stop or, or kill me… Yes! Kill me! Ohhhhh, your tongue is sooooo hot…” Herman laughed and covered one of my boobs with his mouth. The nipple rose instantly between his teeth and he tongued the hot, brown nub. Wayne had encircled my slender waist with both hands as he moved his whole face up and down my peeled-back pussy. I moaned and bucked on the seat. Wayne looked up at me.

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Yesss… No! Of course I don’t…” I humped my back, pushed my oozing cunt up at his mouth. I was shameless, wicked… but I only wanted the lovely touching to go on. It was like being in a trance, like another power had me in its grasp. If Herm with his knife had told me to stop moving now, I knew he would have to stab me before I could. But Wayne wasn’t licking my cunt any more. He was laughing! He was on his knees on the seat. His pants fell and I saw the savage bruised-looking tip of his cock swing heavily up…


“Please try again, operator.” I heard the numbers being punched in, the buzzing click of my aunt’s phone ringing. No one picked it up. When the operator stopped trying, I thought I would start bawling like a baby. “No, thank you… I guess I’ll try again later…”

I looked down at the change in my hand, looked at the cardboard box tied with string that I’d managed to squeeze into the booth with me. It was ten o’clock at night in the Greyhound bus terminal in Oklahoma City and my Aunt Betty wasn’t home. Someone knocked against the glass. Not looking, I struggled the door open and dragged my box behind me. A hand took my wrist and I stared up in shock.


“I been waiting for you.”


He pushed fingers through the thick curls of his hair. “Followed the bus for a while, but I got tired of that and just drove on ahead. I saw you get off.” I realized that he’d heard me buy my ticket back in Olema, he’d known where I was heading.

My emotions boiled. I was more afraid of Tony than ever, but a familiar face in the cold, strange bustle of the bus station did something inside me. I tugged the string of my box and started towards the snack bar.

“Where ya going now?” he asked.

“My aunt is coming to pick me up.” A policeman sauntered by a row of pinball machines and I turned my face away, remembering what that sailor had hinted of on the bus down. I threw my shoulders back so my tits would show. Not many sixteen-year-old runaways had tits as big as mine.

“You were talking to your aunt, were ya?”

“Of course I was.”

“Then how come you got your dime back?”

I looked at him, looked away. “I think you’ve wasted a lot of time and money following me down here. I’m just not interested in seeing you any more.” Tony’s fingers hooked through the string of my box, pulled it from my grasp. He was steering me towards the exit.

“Let me have that back or I’m going to…”

He grinned from one side of his face. “Yeah, what you gonna do? Tell that cop over there? He’ll ask how old you are right off.”

“It’s not against the law to be sixteen.”

“It is if your parents have notified the cops that you turned up missing.”

“Tony, let me have that back. I…” He pinched my arm and smiled as we walked around another policeman lounging by the door. The man nodded as we went out. Tony pulled me along, his fingers too strong for me to twist free of.

“Damn you,” I spit, “Goddamn you, let me go!”

“Shut up and come on.” His arm was around my waist now. The warmth of him hugging me close against him was doing things to my knees. I felt our hips brush, felt my boob flatten for an instant against his ribcage. He was so damned big, so strong. And his strength seemed to drain mine away. I knew that if I didn’t get loose from him soon, he’d have me in his blazer and be driving me somewhere in a city I knew nothing about.

When Tony opened the door and tossed my box inside, I cringed back. He grabbed me roughly and dragged me over.

“Get in!”

“I don’t want to… I…”

He pushed me in anyway and went around the car. I thought of jumping out again, of running. But to where? My clothes were in the box. I had three dollars and couldn’t get a hold of my aunt on the phone. And the streets were full of policemen. I was really beginning to believe that by now my parents would have notified the authorities. I’d left no note. As far as they knew, some nut had abducted me. Like Tony…

“Where are we going?” Tony looked over but didn’t say a word. I saw that the back of his blazer was pretty big. He’d been sleeping in it probably. Them were rumpled blankets everywhere. “You can’t just take me away like this! What if the police ask you what’s going on?”

“I’ve taken a lot of chances in my life,” he said. “This is only another one of ’em.”

We bumped along the street in silence. Tony seemed so sure of himself, and me. I knew that he wanted to get in my pants again. Now that he’d fucked me, forced me to open my cunt to him, tied me up and raped me… now that he’d done that, he thought I’d give in easy. But I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t!

“You’re even prettier than you were the last time I saw you.”

I stared straight ahead, trying to stop my ears mentally against his voice. He reached out his hand but I moved away. Tony laughed. We were heading into a part of town where cheap motels lined the avenue on both sides. I was watching Tony out of the corner of my eye. My breathing came in scared gasp. I felt weaker than ever, felt strangely excited, too. But more than anything I wanted to be safe from any male. Safe from their hot, hard cocks and sexy looks, their hands doing awful things to my body. Tony swung the blazer into the driveway of a motel. I stiffened, grasped the door handle until my fingers began to ache.

“If you think I’m going into a motel room with you, you’re crazy.” Tony pulled me suddenly against his chest. I felt his fingers slipping up my belly, under my jersey to cup a tit. I wished I still had my bra, wished the sailor on the bus hadn’t cut it to pieces. The cupped feel of his spread fingers made me dizzy. I couldn’t let it happen again. I didn’t want to weaken to that exhilarating fire that Tony’s lips were bringing to my neck. I squirmed, tried to free myself but couldn’t. He was unbuttoning my jeans. I went red as he pushed down low enough to know that my panties were gone.

“You’re shaking all over, Lorrie. You keep trying to pretend you’re above sex, or afraid of it or something I don’t quite figure…”

“I am afraid…” I tried to keep his hands from delving any deeper in the damp tangle of my cunt hair, “…of you.”

“No you’re not. You’re afraid of yourself.”

“Please let me go. Take me to my Aunt Betty’s house.” I writhed my ass on the seat, tried to keep his tickling fingers from parting the lips of my pussy. Oh, why did they all want to do that first? I couldn’t stand the sensation very long without getting giddy and weaker than I already was. But Tony was stronger than I was. His fingertip petted droplets of slick juice from my cunt.

“Why are you breathing so fast?”

“I… I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what you want to do. You raped me once.”

“I never raped you.” He laughed through his nose. “You sure weren’t fighting very hard when I tied you up.”

“I did fight you. You were too strong.” Tony crushed my lips with his. I tried to keep my mouth closed but his tongue tickled me until I had to gasp for air. “Why… why are you…” Tony kissed me wordless. His finger worked steadily in the slippery heat between my cuntlips. I couldn’t keep still. As ashamed as I was of what had happened on the bus that very evening, this new friction was too tantalizing to resist. My ass worked back and forth against Tony’s rubbing as he kissed my neck wet.

“Stop it… I don’t want to do this with you. I hate you!”

Tony took his keys and got out. I fell weakly against the steering wheel as he walked to the small office and rang the bell. A splat of rain hit the windshield and then I heard more on the metal roof. Tony went inside. He was getting a room, a room he could take me to and fuck me…

I pushed open the door and dragged my cardboard box out after me. Maybe even the police would be better than letting Tony screw me again, make me more ashamed than I already was. I started across the lot of the motel as the rain pattered on the asphalt. As I walked, the slickened lips of my cunt rubbed together, rubbed my clit and reminded me that I was wearing no panties. I hadn’t had time to get all my buttons fastened and my jeans were slipping lower on my hips. I held them up with one hand, clung to the string of my box with the other. Behind me Tony came out of the office.

“Lorrie!” His voice was sharp, commanding. I stopped. I was trembling all over. The rain was not hard, but I could feel it tickling against my head and shoulders. “Lorrie, come here!” I wanted to cry. I dropped my head and whimpered from the warring emotions that spun through my brain. What was wrong with me? Was I turning into somebody else, a stranger to everything I’d learned and knew was right?

“Lorrie, come here to me. Now!”

“Help me, Jesus,” I breathed, turning my face up to the sky. Raindrops cooled my cheeks, skittered down my neck. My nipples burned against the inside of my jersey. I could almost feel Tony’s strong fingers supporting the quivery firm weight of each tit. A wave of helplessness swept through me. My loose jeans slipped a little lower on my hips. I turned, started slowly back across the lot. When Tony’s fingers circled my neck, I couldn’t look up. He led me like a lamb to cabin three, opened the door.

I sat trembling on the edge of the bed while he drove the blazer up and began to bring in some things. He set a bottle of whiskey on the dresser, then closed and locked the door. That sound, the sound of being trapped sent a bolt of panic through me. I lunged towards the door, beat my fists against it as I screamed for help. Tony spun me around by the shoulder, slapped me sprawling across the bed. Then he was all over me. I felt his hands jerking my jeans down. He was turning me over his knee. Maybe it was all my childhood memories welling up at once, old habits, old fears… but when Tony began to spank me, I bawled like a kid. He was spanking me hard!

“That hurts! Ohh, Tony, don’t!” I writhed my hips against his thighs, trying to protect myself, but Tony pinned my hands back and kept spanking. My cheeks were wet with tears and my ass was glowing hotly. I knew it must be red with the marks from his hard hand.

“You gonna learn right now who’s boss now,” Tony said as he spanked. “From now on, I’m the daddy and you’re the daughter.”

“You think you’re so much older than I am?” I choked back, but my heart wasn’t in it. I knew I couldn’t fight him. I didn’t want to any more. The spanking stopped. He shoved me to my feet and held my chin until I looked at him.

“Strip your jeans.”


“Strip them!” I felt my cheeks flush, turned my eyes down. I stripped. The feel of the Levi’s coming down over my hipbones made me shiver but I tried not to let Tony see. The pants puddled around my ankles and I stepped out.

“Now your jersey.” Tony’s voice was firm, no nonsense. I skinned the jersey off over my head. My naked tits bounced heavy on my chest. Tony was smiling at my nakedness. “Undress me now.”

By now my hands were shaking so hard that I could hardly get his belt buckle undone. When I pushed his jeans down along with his shorts, his cock bobbed up close to my cheek. When I unbuttoned his shirt, he kept touching my hair, my ears, my neck.

“I can’t believe your body.” He licked the blond tips of his mustache, pulled my face close. His lips curved wetly over mine. When he held me back again to look at my boobs, even my chin was shiny with his spit. “Now go start the shower,” he ordered.

Covering my tits with my palms, I went to do what he said. As the steamy spray beat into the bottom of the tub, Tony stood behind me, touching me. His fingers lightly followed the full, outward swell of each cheek of my ass, then explored the crack between them. His other hand caressed my belly, tickled into the sensitive bottom of my navel. He lifted me against him, into the shower. The water poured off our shoulders, drenched our skins. My hair was plastered back as he kissed my forehead, the bridge of my nose. I closed my eyes, too weak to do anything but lean against his strength. I couldn’t look at him. When he tried to make me, I kept my eyes down.

“Wash my cock,” he whispered, squeezing a bar of soap against my belly. His hands were soap-slick, too, and he smeared them up my ribcage and began to massage the undersides of my tits. When he rolled the frothy bubbles over my nipples, I moaned. I still hadn’t touched his cock. Tony took my wrist and made me. He was smearing soap between my asscheeks, soothing the red places he’d made there when he’d spanked me. The slick brush of his fingers over my asshole was excruciating. I didn’t know why the feeling made me feel so excited. I just knew that it was wrong somehow. Even though my skin was thrilling with excitement.

Tony’s cock was hard as I lathered soap around the bluish head and worked it back along the shaft. His balls hung hot and loose in my soapy palm as I worked the heavy eggs with my fingers. Tony tongued my lips.

“It feels good to touch me, doesn’t it?” I didn’t answer. Tony squeezed my wrist until it ached. “Doesn’t it?” I nodded against his chest. He pressed the back of my head, made my lips and teeth gouge one of his taut male nipples. It felt so strange! I didn’t want to excite him, didn’t want to start something I was so afraid of but my tongue licked out over the hard, pinched flesh. I felt the muscles of his chest ridge with tension. “Yeah, baby, yeah,” Tony breathed.

We rinsed off and he helped me out of the shower. My hair was still damp but he took my hand and dragged me back into the bedroom. He got something out of a paper sack and handed it to me. A new box of bath powder still in its cellophane wrapper.

“Go ahead,” he said, “I want to watch you put it on.” My face was as red as my butt. I still wasn’t comfortable standing there in the amber glow from the bedlamp. I broke the wrapper, opened the box. The fluffy pad against my tits made me have to swallow. I stopped and flicked my eyes up.

“Isn’t that enough? Why don’t you just push me on the bed and fuck me now and get it over with. Isn’t that what you want?” A sob racked my chest.

“Powder your belly, too. Everywhere.” He said it like there was an understanding between us. Like if I didn’t play my part, he’d spank me again, hurt me. I patted powder over my belly, my hips, looked at Tony. His eyes told me he wanted me to touch my cunt, too, so I did, watching the white powder cling in my damp thatch of pussy curls.

“Get on the bed.”

Like a scolded puppy I slunk over and lay back. Now it would be over with. He would stick his cock in my cunt and I could bite my lips and think of something else until the fuck was over. I spread my knees slightly, turned my tear-damp cheek sideways against the pillow.

“Take this,” Tony said. I looked, held out my hand. It was long, bullet-shaped. Made of shiny smooth plastic. I stared up at him with a puzzled look. “The switch is on the bottom.” Tony poured himself a glass of whiskey. “You can put it in your mouth to get it wet.”

The thing buzzed in my hand when I turned it on. A vibrator. I’d only heard of them before and now he expected me to… to fuck myself with it while he got drunk and watched! I wanted to throw the awful thing across the room at him. Tony saw the anger in my eyes.

“Don’t push me. Sometimes I have a short fuse.” His voice was hard-edged. “Wet it with your mouth.” My hands trembled more than they had before as I lifted the streamlined tip of the plastic cock to my lips. It gave off a low buzz and made my palms tinge. I licked it a little with my tongue, drew back quickly from the almost unbearable tickle. Tony’s look told me I had to go on. I pushed it between my lips. It was like a shivering cock and the similarity made me ashamed and wicked-feeling. I licked the plastic quickly, wet it with saliva as best I could and looked at Tony again.

“Put it inside your cunt.”

“You’re not going to make me do this, are you?” I was whining for mercy, ashamed of my nakedness, afraid of his eyes.

“Do it!”

I dropped my hand, let the cocklike thing brush apart my powdered pussy curls. It was some kind of hell Tony was putting me through. My mind was weak from frying to resist him, my thoughts tumbled together in meaningless patterns leaving only fear and shame. At the first touch of the buzzing plastic tip, my snatch surged with juice. I tried not to touch anyplace that was too sensitive, but my cunt tingled everywhere, the vibrator was sending out its tendrils, torturing my nerves.

“Move it… make it go deep in your cunt.”

“Nooo, I…” Tony had stood up, come over to the bed. He sat on the mattress with his whiskey to watch. I sucked my bottom lip and bit it hard as I moved the white plastic cock up and down my gash. More hot butter washed over the vibrating tip. It settled into the soft center of my hole and seemed to slide inside my cunt almost as if something was sucking it deep. I gasped, fingers slippery on the juicy plastic.

“I… I can’t stand this! Ohhhh, God…” It was bringing a ravishing tickle to the deep, tender walls of my cunt. When I tried to pull it out of my hole, Tony reached over and held it in, pushed it even farther. My fingers slipped from the base. It was almost too far for me to find it again! The rapidly moving tip forced hard against the end of my cunt and my back arched up from the bed. I whimpered for breath, writhing my hips from the unbelievable sensation.

“I like my women deep,” Tony said. He petted the lips of my cunt where they had closed around the base of the vibrator. It was going wild up inside of my twat! I tossed sideways on the bed, contracted the muscles of my cunt to try and push it out.

“Tony… it’ll hurt me… it’ll…”

“It can’t hurt you, baby.” He dug his fingers in the white meat of my tit, tongued the nipple up with long, hot licks. My ass jumped as shoots of hot pleasure raped my senses. Frantically I dug between my cuntlips with shaking fingers, trying to grasp the butter-slick base of the vibrator and pull it free. Tony pulled my hands away, pressed his tongue hard against the palm of one. I felt swirls of lust scald me. He sucked on my middle finger, tongued the tender spots between them. I threw my head back hard, felt his mouth suddenly against my throat, sucking. Then he was kissing down my body, kissing my belly and crotch and inner thigh. I was weak, breathless. He pulled the vibrator very slowly from my pussy. The sound of it coming loose from my hole made me close my eyes and then open them wide again when Tony touched the vibrating end against my clit.

I pawed the air with my heels, trying to kick him, trying to wiggle out of his grasp, but Tony grabbed my ankle and forced it up. I felt my little toe suddenly surrounded with wet heat. He was sucking two toes, then three. I licked my lips and thrashed my shoulders against the mattress. Tony worked the vibrator around in circles where my clitoris budded from my slit. I knew it had swollen but from its hood. I could feel the keen shiver of the instrument Tony was inflaming me with. I panted hoarsely. And then for a moment he was shifting himself to another position, had let go my ankle. I rolled to one side, kept rolling until I tumbled off the edge of the bed and fell with a thump on the carpeted floor. I crawled on my knees towards the corner of the room. Tony was coming after me fast. I didn’t know how I thought I could escape. My sex honey poured from my cuntlips. My head banged against the wall and I pushed myself to my feet, turned. Tony came at me smiling. His cock was pumped full of blood at the end and swung heavily from his groin. I could see the hefty fullness of his balls, too. I giggled with maniac fear, giggled again. I knew I was losing my mind. I pressed my back into the corner, dug my heels at the floor. Tony stopped with his cock just touching my muff. His fingers dug into my shoulders, forcing me down, down. With my head cradled by the corner I was helpless. He forced my jaws wide and fucked his cock between my lips, deeper until I gagged violently. But he fucked deeper still. Tony petted the side of my face.

“Stop… it’s all in your mind.”

My own insane laughter snuffled through my nose. He gouged the start of my throat with his knob, and I fought to keep from gagging again. Somehow it worked. My stomach bucked wildly but I concentrated and calmed it. His cock glided back, then squished deep. Once more I convulsed and my tongue spasmed frantically against the underside of his shaft. My head banged against the walls on either side of me. I was on my knees, bent helplessly back. Tony took his prick from my mouth and I cast my eyes up. The smile on my lips didn’t feel right, didn’t feel like part of me.

“You like to suck my cock, don’t you?”

I looked at the glistening, thick knob that hung there before me. Spit dripped from the two lobes at the bottom, wet my tits. My lips leaked drool onto my chin. I felt my shoulders shake… I was laughing. Where was my laughter coming from?

“Nice cock… pretty cock.” I petted his balls, tenderly squeezed each one. My head spun. That brutal, lovely cock… so taut and hot with blood. I jacked the skin back and then brought it forward again. My tongue speared out and flicked the slit at the very tip. Tony grunted his pleasure, curled a finger around my ear.

“Tell me you love my cock.”

“Love it… yes, I love it! Love, love, love it! So big… sooooo hot!” I speared my tongue again, bathing the velvet-slick knob with my saliva. Then using my lips, I carefully spread my spit. I mouthed the throbbing lobes at the bottom, let my teeth lightly cut the ridge at the top. Tony’s powerful hips rode forward and I opened my jaws as wide as I could. He fucked along the trough of my tongue, fucked to my throat and entered it. I didn’t gag! I just held my mouth wide and let him fuck so deep that his balls bumped my chin. I fingered them, felt them part in their slick sac, felt the tubes that connected them to his cum-slit.

“Swallow…” Tony’s voice was shaking now. I swallowed. My throat closed around his knob, swathed it with whisper-soft membranes. Very slowly he dragged his shaft back. Back along my lips and teeth. I licked at his prick as he withdrew and began to jerk his cock with both hands.

Tony shivered. His fingers tightened in the long brown locks of my hair. He was breathing harder than ever and the swollen red crown throbbed between my lips. He held his knob poised there, not quite inside my mouth. I knew what was happening and yet the old fear did not jolt through my body like it had before.

“What are you gonna do when I come?”

I giggled a crazy, lilting giggle. “I want you to come… I wanna eat your jizz…” A droplet appeared at the tip of his cock, grew milky and then spurted with force down the length of my tongue. I lapped it hungrily into my throat and gulped it down, licking wildly for another one. As I washed Tony’s knob with the flat of my tongue, another glop frothed thickly and bubbled against my lips. They smacked stickily with the hot stuff. I licked white flecks from the corners of my mouth, jacked his cock with feverish energy. My nipples burned to be touched. I ground them against his knees, moaned with animal pleasure. The balls in my hand pulled up against the base of his cock. I could almost feel the sperm being pumped from them and forced down the tube towards his knob. Another flood of seed splashed out. He was humping wildly and his prick slipped away from my lips for a second. When I tried to get it back, his cockhead was shoved tightly against my chin and sprayed down over the tops of my boobs. Frantic, Tony jabbed his dick deep, deep into my throat again. Hot jizz erupted. I heard it gurgling thickly in my nostrils as I laughed again. I jammed my fingers into my own slit, gauged the slick, hot folds apart. Then I was trying to stand up, wiggling my back up the wall as Tony’s cock came loose from my mouth and hung heavily down, a last drop of cum hanging in a string from the tip.

“Fuck me, please… Ohhhhh, God, I’m going crazy…” I laughed shrilly, pressed Tony’s wilting prick up against my gash. But he staggered back, fell with a crash across the bed on his back. Weaving I crossed the room and fell with a crash across the bed on his back. Weaving I crossed the room and fell beside him. He was so beautiful, so damned big! His chest heaved as he breathed in needed air. His thighs looked like they could lift a horse off the ground. I gingerly touched him on the shoulder, bent to kiss a spot near his musky armpit. My thoughts would not congeal. They thundered through my brain like hailstones. I put my cheek against his strong belly and closed my eyes. What was happening to me? What had Tony done to my mind? I shivered with pent-up lust. Yes, I wanted more. The aftertaste of his cumin my mouth was like ambrosia. I found a drying spot of it on my tit and lifted it so I could devour every last drip of the lovely, flat-tasting slime. Minutes passed, I couldn’t tell how many. I was ecstatic with my new madness, insane to have my own come. I kissed his stomach and crotch and held his balls lovingly against my cheek. Lightly, very lightly I licked his cock and cried a tear of joy when I saw his rod stiffen and rise from his thigh. I slobbered eagerly over the tumid, swelling knob, rubbed it with my puffed lips. Tony sat up.

“So you want it, do you?”

“Yes!” I blinked back tears.

“Then get down on the floor.”


“On the floor on your knees.” I was afraid again, going crazy with want and confusion. I got down on my knees on the floor, looked up at him in complete surrender. He came over and walked around me, touching my hair, punching my thighs with a foot. “From now on you’re mine.”

“Yes,” I babbled. “Ohhhhh, yes!”

“You’ll do what I tell you.”

I nodded, wiped another tear away. “Anything…”

“Get on your back,” Tony said. He still wasn’t smiling but his face had softened. I longed to dig my fingers in his blond hair, to hold him. I parted my knees and thrust my cunt up to him. I rubbed my ass against the rug, squirmed my shoulders. And then quickly he dropped to his knees and fell between my thighs. His cock slapped down on my belly. I was crying with the fever to have it inside my cunt. Both of us clutched at its heaviness and finally I wedged the knob between my flooding slick twat lips. Tony was wild, crushing me down against the hard floor. My asscheeks flattened under the power of his fucking as he stretched my pussy with his prick. He speared his barbed tip deep into my cunt, raked it back and speared again. I bucked my hips, bit his shoulder until salty blood was on my tongue.

He held my face. He was smiling. I opened my mouth against his and our teeth grated as he rolled his hips in circles against my heated crotch. My cunt was peeled back, the petals rubbing their drenched slick surfaces against Tony’s shaft and body.

“Gooooood,” I babbled, “soooo good.”

“You’re going with me from now on.”


“I don’t know where we’ll be half the time. We’ll be living out of the back of my blazer when the money gets scarce.” He held his cock deep in my hole and let me wiggle against his stiff rod. “But whenever I look at you, you can start undressing.”


“We won’t have to worry about buying you panties. From now on, you won’t wear any.”

“I don’t want to wear them any more…” I bit his lip hard, sucked ravenously at his tongue. His hips ground against mine. I plunged my twat up and down to get him deeper, to get the tip of his cock against the end of my cunt. I was dying from the ecstatic itchy lust that screamed through my body.

“Every morning that I need it, you’ll suck my cock and drink my cum.”

“I promise, I promise!”

“And whenever, wherever we are, and I want to eat your pussy, you’ll strip your clothes and [missing text].”

“God yes!” I clutched his broad back. “Oh, fuck me, Tony! Fuck me!”

“How deep does my cock feel?”

“Sooooo deep… make it deeper!”

His knob pushed against the knotted end of my cunt and stretched it back into my belly. I clawed feverishly at my stomach with a hand, felt the thick hardness of his dick pushing my guts out of the way. Tony moaned as I rubbed his cock through the wall of my belly. My heels dug against the carpet. I hooked a leg over his, clamped his body even harder against my own.

“I thought you didn’t care anything about me,” I gasped, feeling my pussy begin to convulse.

“I drove a long ways for somebody that doesn’t care…”

“I love you, I’m crazy about you!” I licked his mouth wildly.

“Yeah, baby, I love you, too.” He dug his hands into my soft ass and held me like a stuck rabbit while his cock gouged and plunged and fucked my cunt. Hot floods of pussy juice wet the rug under us. I heard the sucking, slurping rub of our steamy parts as they spasmed closer to the consuming throes of our climax. Tony’s cockhead swollen so big that my cunt was being stretched out around it. It hurt with glorious tickling pain. I thrashed my ass more feverishly to make it hurt better.

Tony rolled to one side, pulling me with him. We were fucking wildly, crazily on our sides and then he was pulling me on top of him. My come started as I felt his hard body supporting me, his arms tight around my waist. I took great shuddering lungfuls of air and writhed my ass. I was skewered on his rigid, throbbing cockshaft, felt it holding me there over his crotch as I moved so that the feather-soft folds of slick velvet inside my cunt swathed his hard tool. Then Tony rolled again and I was under him, crushed against the rug, coming hard!

“Ohhhhhhh, help!” I kicked my foot out, smacked the end of the bed hard enough to move it. With my other heel, I gouged between Tony’s asscheeks. I dug my nails into the meat of his back. I bit and cried and flopped like a dying rabbit that had suddenly found life at the last moment. Hot cum burst from Tony’s cock and bathed my convulsing snatch. It sucked back along my cunt and dribbled out in slick puddles beneath my twitching ass. Maybe I was crazy now, maybe so… but the confusion and fear were gone now. Oh yes, my pussy belonged to Tony now and just thinking of it made my clit thrill. I fucked my hips crooked to make my cunt even tighter on his bulging knob. Yes, Tony owned my pussy but his lovely long cock belonged to me!

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