Hot Bed Niece

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in nostalgic remembrance of the time he snuck out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Mandy Martin’s story is that of a teenage girl growing up in her own way: breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, Mandy makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

In HOT BED NIECE, she grows up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. She is learning to see others around her as people. This is the story of one teenager’s coming of age in our society.


It was Mandy Martin’s first date, and she was going to make the most of it. Primping in front of the dresser mirror, the petite blonde teenager hoped her skin-tight jeans and t-shirt would do the trick. She’d been waiting a long, long time to find out what sex was all about.

Sometimes it seemed she’d been waiting half her life. She’d been interested in boys since she was twelve, but only this year had her parents finally allowed her to date. In the meantime she’d had sex education classes at school and she’d read every book about sex that she could get her hands on, but nothing told her what it was really like to make out with a boy. Now at last she was going to find out!

Mandy’s date was a handsome, dark-haired senior named Nick. He was on the basketball team, very popular, and Mandy had knocked herself out trying to get a date with him. But she wanted Nick for a good reason. She was sure, from all the gossip she’d heard, that he’d fucked girls before. She wanted an experienced guy, because she wasn’t going to waste time tonight. She wanted to lose her virginity as fast as she could.

Of course she hadn’t told Nick that. He might think she was too pushy. She’d just act normal around him, she decided, and let nature take its course. Her friend Betty, who’d been dating for a while, told her that there was never a problem with getting guys to come on to you. All you had to do was be there. Mandy sure hoped this was true, because she didn’t know how to make the first move. She didn’t know anything about boys and dates.

Nick was right on time, pulling up in front of her house and honking. “Isn’t he going to come in and introduce himself?” Mandy’s father asked.

“Boys don’t do that any more, Dad,” Mandy said.

“Well, this one will just have to,” her mother put in. “You’re not going anywhere, Mandy, till we meet this boy and make sure he’s all right.”

“Oh, Mom,” Mandy groaned.

But there was nothing she could do about it. Blushing, she went out to the car and told Nick that they couldn’t leave till he’d met her folks. Then, to make matters worse, her parents looked at him like he was a mad rapist or something. Mandy was so embarrassed, she wanted to fall through the floor. Finally her dad said they could leave, but just as they were stepping out the door, he added, “You have her home by midnight, young man, or we won’t allow her to see you again.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Martin,” Nick grinned.

When they were in the car, Mandy said, “Hey, I’m really sorry about that. How un-hip can you get?”

“Don’t worry,” Nick said. There was a gleam in his eye. “We can do everything we want to, baby, and still have you home on time. Your folks won’t know the difference.”

Mandy wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but she felt very excited. She scooted close to Nick as he drove, the way she’d seen other girls do with there dates, and she could feel the heat of his body and smell his after-shave. That made her feel very sexy. As often happened when a boy turned her on, her pussy began to swell and heat and moisten. When Nick slipped a hand onto her leg, she didn’t protest.

They went to a drive-in movie, as he’d promised, but Mandy didn’t see much of the picture. Nick slipped his arm around her right away, and when she didn’t ask him to stop, he let his hand slide down till he was touching her tit. That made Mandy really aroused, especially when he began gently squeezing and molding her tit through her clothes. Hot liquid spurted from her virgin cunt and moistened the crotch of her panties. Pretty soon Nick leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, wriggling his tongue over her tongue. Mandy creamed furiously.

Her heart pounded, and she felt dizzy with lust as she got her very first kiss from a boy.

Nick’s hot slick tongue probed around in her mouth and made her feel insanely horny.

Usually when she had these feelings she was alone in her bed, daydreaming about a certain guy at school or a movie star, and when she got so horny she couldn’t stand it, she’d masturbate. But tonight she couldn’t very well play with herself. As her arousal mounted, she sighed and squirmed and creamed.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

“I got a feeling you like this,” Nick chuckled.

“Mmmmm, I sure do,” Mandy sighed.

“How about if we skip the rest of the movie and go park somewhere?” he asked boldly.

Mandy’s heart skipped a beat. She was on the right track. Her pal Betty had told her that when a guy suggested they go “park”, he really meant, “get it on”.

“Sure, Nick,” she breathed.

Grinning, Nick replaced the theater mike, started the car, and drove out to the highway. That was when the frustration started. They couldn’t find a place to park that wasn’t already jammed with cars. Kids were leaning against their cars, talking, playing their radios, and there was just no privacy at all. A couple of times Nick parked on a dark side street, but within minutes a patrol car came by and shined a light in the window. It was hopeless. Then suddenly Mandy got an idea.

“Hey, I know what,” she said. “You take me home, then my folks will go to bed — they like to turn in early. And then I can let you in and we’ll have the living room to ourselves.”

“Hey, you’re a smart girl,” Nick leered.

“That sounds like a great idea — and a lot more comfortable than doing it in the car.”

Doing it? Mandy shivered with excitement as Nick quickly drove to her house. He went along with the game, escorting her to the front door and thanking her parents for letting him take her out. Since it was only ten-thirty, her folks were pretty impressed. They smiled cordially at Nick and said they hoped they’d be seeing him again. Then Nick got in his car and drove away to the alley where Mandy had suggested he park. As she’d predicted, her parents went upstairs to bed right away.

Mandy tiptoed to the back door and waved to Nick, who was sitting in his car. He hurried inside. She grabbed his hand and led him into the living room. A small fire was burning in the fireplace, and Mandy had turned the lights low and put some sexy music on the stereo. The scene was perfect for losing her cherry. Smiling, she sat down on the couch and patted the place beside her. Nick was there in a split second, kissing her hungrily.

As he worked his tongue around in her mouth, he eased her down into a reclining position. They lay fact to face, running their hands over each other’s bodies. It was the first time Mandy had touched a boy, and she loved the way he felt, so hard and lean and hot. Nick slid his hands under her t-shirt and touched the fully packed cups of her bra. As he squeezed her half-naked tits, she whimpered with excitement and creamed right through her panties.

Mandy’s firm, high-riding, apple-size tits were a perfect handful for him. Nick kept giving her deep hot tongue-kisses as he fondled her tits, and she melted against him, letting him do whatever he wanted. She was so glad she’d chosen an experienced guy. Nick’s touch was expert and confident. Pretty soon he reached around her and deftly unhooked her bra. She shivered with excitement as he pushed bra and shirt up out of the way.

“Nice,” he whispered.

It was an incredible turn-on for Mandy to have a boy staring at her naked tits for the very first time. The creamy-skinned globes were perfectly firm and round, and they were capped with luscious little red nipples. Nick stuck out his tongue and playfully flicked her nipples with the hot wet meat, and Mandy watched in amazement as the soft cones went erect and throbbing. Nick used the stiff tip of his tongue to tease her ultra sensitive tits, and she creamed right through her jeans.

“Ooooooo, Nick, that feels so wild!” she squealed.

“Were you kidding me about this being your first date?” he asked.

“No,” Mandy sighed, “I never went out with a boy before.”

“Jesus, that’s something else,” he exclaimed.

He seemed to be very excited about being the first boy in her life. That was good. Mandy wanted him to be so excited that he’d go all the way with her. Her virgin pussy was sizzling hot by now and achingly swollen, and her jeans and panties were soaked with hot sticky cream. Her instincts were natural and urgent — she wanted this attractive young man to go on touching her, touching her all over and making her feel good. She wasn’t going to resist anything he did to her.

But Nick didn’t know that. He’d been successful with a few girls, but he’d had to work hard to score with them, and he assumed it would be the same with Mandy. He was patient, taking his time, trying to get her so wildly aroused that she wouldn’t be able to resist him. Now he’d gotten her tits all, swollen with lust, her nipples rigid and supersensitive. His next target was her pussy, the most sensitive and sexually receptive part of her body. But he proceeded very carefully.

Kissing her and probing her mouth with his tongue to distract her, he quickly unzipped her jeans and slipped his hand inside. Through her panties he cupped the soft plump mound of her lower belly. He knew right away that he was in luck. As he pressed her mound, she whimpered and writhed with excitement, and he could feel the steam heat of her pussy through her cream-moistened panties. This little chick was horny, no question about it. If he played his cards right, he could go all the way with her.

Still he had to be careful. He’d known more than one girl to turn him down even if she was horny out of her mind. Often girls would let him masturbate them to climax but wouldn’t fuck. Nick felt like he just had to get into Mandy’s virgin cunt. He wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less. So he took his time, sliding his hand over her steaming wet panty crotch and gently but steadily squeezed. Soon Mandy was panting and creaming into his palm.

“You like this?” he asked softly.

“Mmmmm, I love it,” she moaned.

“I’ll slip my hand inside your panties and make it feel even better,” Nick said.

She didn’t protest, so he got his hand inside her panties and eased it down between her legs. To his delight, her pussy was hot as a blast furnace and dripping wet. He’d never encountered a girl more lusty than Mandy, more obviously ready to fuck. He felt around till he found the fat little lump of her clit. Taking it between his thumb and forefinger, he began to knead it, and Mandy soaked his fingers with molten juice.

“Ooooo, yessss!” she squealed.

“Keep it down, honey,” Nick warned. “We don’t wanta wake up your folks.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot,” Mandy sighed.

Why did grown-ups have to be such a drag all the time? Nick was doing such great things to her pussy, she just wanted to let herself go and scream with excitement. Instead she had to grit, her teeth and muffle her cries of pleasure. Delicious sensations radiated from her ultra sensitive joy button as he expertly kneaded it between his fingers. It was the same technique she used when she masturbated, but somehow it was a lot more exciting than playing with herself. She knew she was going to get off quickly and powerfully.

But this couldn’t be all there was to sex. She knew that when a guy fucked a girl, he put his cock inside her pussy hole — and so far she hadn’t even seen Nick’s cock. She was dying of curiosity, because she’d never seen a real-live cock before. She wondered why Nick was doing all this kid stuff, using his fingers to bring her off. Why didn’t he just get down to business? She moaned and writhed with impatience.

Still, she couldn’t complain too much because everything he did to her felt sensational. He was frigging her much better than she could have frigged herself, and she was creaming heavily and helplessly, soaking his fingers with spurts of molten juice. As her excitement grew almost unbearable, she arched her body and forced her swollen joy button even farther between his kneading fingers. Her pussy felt hot enough to scorch his hand.

“Unnnhhhh, Nick, I’m gonna come,” she whimpered.

“Great, baby, go for it,” he urged.

Mandy screwed her eyes shut and blotted out everything but the incredible blasts of pleasure shooting from her clit. She could feel the sizzling cream overflowing her aroused twat and flooding down the crack of her ass. She’d never creamed like this before, not even when she was beating off and pretending she was making it with a boy. A few more strokes from Nick’s expertly kneading fingers and she was coming.

“Unnnnnhhhhhhh!” she gasped.

She couldn’t control herself. She began to scream with pleasure in spite of the risk of waking her parents. But Nick quickly clamped his mouth down on hers and muffled her cries with a hard kiss. Her petite body rocked and bucked, her tits jiggling against his chest. It was the most intense orgasm of her young life. Nearly a full minute passed before she went limp and gasping for breath. Nick broke the kiss and grinned at her.

“Get off good?” he said.

“Mmmmmmm, did I ever,” Mandy sighed.

His eyes glowed with lust. “If you’ve never been out with a guy before, you must be a virgin, right?” he asked.

“Right,” Mandy said. It was no big deal to her, just a nuisance.

But it was a very big deal to Nick. He shivered with lust. “I wanta know what a virgin cunt feels like,” he said hoarsely.

“Sure, Nick, go ahead,” Mandy said eagerly.

She thought this was it, that he was going to fuck her, but instead he started easing his thick middle finger up her cunt. She was surprised at how exciting that felt. She’d never had anything inside her twat before, and it turned out to be just the sensation she’d been craving something long and stiff and hard in her horny little pussy hole. She gurgled with pleasure and soaked his finger with sizzling cream.

“Jesus, it’s tight,” he moaned.

Very slowly and gently he worked his finger up her untried twat, shivering with excitement as he felt the wet velvety walls gripping and squeezing. To add to his arousal, Mandy obviously loved the easy, slow penetration of his stiff finger. She squealed and creamed all over it, and when he was finally into her all the way she moaned and soaked his whole hand with a steaming rush of pussy cream. Her virgin cunt was deliciously tiny, hot and slick. He knew he had to get his cock in there or die of frustration.

But he knew better than to rush things. He didn’t want to scare off this terrific prize — a beautiful virgin. He began to finger-fuck her, plowing his rigid finger up and down in her molten little pussy hole, and as he’d hoped, she responded with little squeals of delight and hot floods of cream. If he could just get her horny enough, she wouldn’t be able to resist him when he asked to fuck her. His achingly engorged cock strained against the fly of his jeans, frantic to see some action. Just a few minutes more, he told himself, just a little more patience.

He didn’t know it, but Mandy had been ready to fuck hours ago. She writhed and whimpered with lust, wondering why Nick was taking so long to get to the main event. His thick finger felt terrific in her cunt as it made those stiff fucking motions, but she wanted the real thing — his big rock-hard cock plowing deep into her horny little box. Finally she couldn’t contain her impatience a second longest.

“Nick,” she panted, “please let me see your cock.”

Nick gawked at her. She wasn’t at all like the other girls he’d dated. “Uh, sure, baby, just a second,” he said.

Still steadily jerking his finger in her fiery hot little cunt, he used his free hand to unzip his fly and gingerly draw his achingly stiff prick out of his jeans. Mandy’s blue eyes got huge. She stared and stared at her first real-live cock. Nick’s steel-hard boner was about six inches long, very thick, and bulging with blue veins. The head of his cock was like a smooth purple knob, and it had a dark slit that was oozing glistening bubbles of juice. Down below were his big dark-furred balls. Mandy found herself completely fascinated with the sight.

“Oh, wow, it’s so big,” she breathed.

“You never saw a cock before?” Nick asked.

“Uh-uh,” she said, “can I touch it?”

This little blonde chick was blowing Nick’s mind. She was so innocent, so inexperienced, and yet so uninhibited. “Yeah, sure, go ahead,” he said hoarsely.

Eagerly Mandy reached for his cock and fisted it. She loved the sensation immediately. His prick was hard, smooth and hot, nice to touch. Instinctively she began to pump it in her hot little hand, and his piss hole spurted a big hot glob of cream that soaked her palm. She smeared the slippery stuff all over his cock, making her pumping slick and fast. Nick panted and moaned as she gave him her clumsy but eager hand job.

“Easy, baby, I don’t wanta come in your hand,” he groaned.

Mandy tried to hold herself back, but her natural urge was to pump and squeeze his dick. Meanwhile he was pumping his big hard finger in her boiling little cunt and driving her right to the brink of another powerful climax. It would be so fantastic, she thought, if he’d stick his stiff cock into her now and take her cherry. It seemed like the perfect time to do it. She waited for him to make the move, but he just went on panting and groaning and finger-fucking her while she frigged his cock. Finally she just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Nick,” she moaned, “why don’t we fuck?”

“Huh?” he gasped.

He was sure he hadn’t heard her right. It was just too good to be true.

“I wanta fuck now, Nick,” she whimpered. “Please, do it to me — I’m just dying to find out what it’s like.”

Now Nick knew his ears hadn’t deceived him. “Sure, baby, right away,” he cried eagerly.

He whipped his finger out of her cunt and quickly pulled off her jeans and panties. Tugging his own jeans down to his knees, he arranged her legs wide apart, knees bent. He allowed himself one excited glance at her luscious, pink, cream-slick pussy, and then he crawled between her legs and let himself down on her, her stiff nipples digging into his chest. He jerked his cock hard and hungrily against her slippery gash but couldn’t find the target.

“Shit,” he moaned.

“Ooooooo, hurry, Nick, stick your cock in me, fuck me,” Mandy panted. But then suddenly she gasped, “Oh, no, it’s my folks!”

Nick jerked his head around and saw Mandy’s parents racing down the stairs. He’d never know how he moved so damned fast, but before they reached the bottom of the stairs he was pulling up his jeans and stumbling out of the house. Mandy fumbled with her clothes and was just zipping her jeans when her parents converged on her. She knew she was in deep trouble. She’d never seen Mom and Dad look so shocked and angry.

“Don’t try to hide the evidence, Mandy,” her father growled. “We know what you were trying to do.”

“You’ll have to be punished for this,” her mother said grimly, “and I think I know just the thing. You’ll spend the rest of the summer with your Aunt Jane.”

“Oh, no!” Mandy wailed.


It was a fate worse than death Mandy’s aunt, Jane Martin, was an unmarried schoolteacher in her late twenties who was strict and humorless. Aunt Jane just didn’t believe in having fun. And to make matters worse, she lived in a small town where nothing exciting ever happened. Mandy didn’t think she could survive a whole long summer there.

But she didn’t have a choice. Her parents were furious about her attempt to lose her virginity, and they were going to see to it that she didn’t have another chance to experiment with boys. Aunt Jane would see to that. Aunt Jane would be like a guard in a prison camp. Mandy sulked all during the long bus ride to her aunt’s. Her summer vacation was shot to hell!

Aunt Jane was just as Mandy remembered her — tall, with auburn hair pulled back in a tight bun, unsmiling. Actually her face and figure weren’t bad, if you could ignore her personality, but that would be like ignoring an iceberg. Jane stalked up to Mandy as she got off the bus and frowned at her.

“This is very inconvenient for me, Mandy,” she snapped. “I’m teaching summer school this year, and I’ve had to take time off to meet you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mandy said apologetically.

“I’ll take you home and get you settled in, and then I’ve got to get back to work,” Aunt Jane said as they walked to the car. “I’ll expect you to have dinner started when I get home.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mandy sighed.

During the drive to her house, Aunt Jane gave Mandy a big long lecture on how evil it had been of her to make out with Nick and how boys were only after one thing and how nice girls didn’t take an interest in sex. Mandy listened in grim silence. It was just like listening to her parents, and she knew it was a crock of shit, but she wasn’t allowed to talk back. She was relieved when Aunt Jane left her at the house and drove back to work.

Mandy did a quick tour of the neat little frame house and found nothing of interest; Aunt Jane read very boring books, no magazines, and she’d ordered Mandy not to turn on the TV unless there was an educational program on. Of course Mandy could have disobeyed her and watched anyway, but TV didn’t attract her. What she wanted just then was a boy.

She and Nick had been interrupted just at the most exciting and crucial moment, and Mandy knew she wouldn’t rest until she’d picked up where she’d left off. She just had to know what fucking was like. But how was she going to find a partner? Here she was stuck in this hick town where she didn’t know anybody. Sighing, he walked to the front window and looked out. The only living soul within sight was a guy mowing his lawn, and he had to be about ninety.

Mandy turned and went out the back door. Aunt Jane’s yard was fully fenced, maybe so the neighbors wouldn’t see the flowers naked.

But from the patio you could see into the next yard, and when Mandy looked her eyes widened in delight. Right next door was a boy — a genuine, real-live boy about her own age. He was sitting on his back porch reading a book. Maudy broke into a big grin.

Eighteen, she figured, and not bad-looking except for the horn-rimmed glasses. The kid was tall, brown-haired, and tan. He was wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, and he was fully absorbed in his book, something about space. Mandy raced back into the house, dug through her suitcase, and found the little red bikini she’d sneaked into her luggage when her mom wasn’t looking. It was tiny enough to give Aunt Jane a heart attack.

But then she didn’t intend to wear it when Aunt Jane was around. Quickly she slipped into the suit and admired herself in the dresser mirror. The skimpy bra barely covered her nipples, and the tiny panties showed most of her firm little ass. The suit was guaranteed to get her all the male attention she wanted. Mandy hurried to the back yard again, smiling broadly. She crossed the patio and called out to the neighbor boy.

“Hi, there,” she grinned.

He started, almost dropped his book, and looked up. His mouth fell open as he studied Mandy’s petite curvy body in the ridiculously tiny bikini. After a very long time he said hoarsely, “Oh, uh, hi. Who are you?”

“I’m Mandy, Miss Martin’s niece,” she replied. “Who are you?”

“I’m Doug Anders,” he said, his eyes still focused hungrily on her body. “I live here,” he added unnecessarily.

“Terrific,” Mandy smiled. “I’m gonna be here the whole somber, and I’m bored already. Wanta come over and hang out with me, Doug?”

“Oh, wow, do I ever,” he croaked. Mandy opened the gate, which could only be opened from the inside. Aunt Jane sure had a thing about privacy and security. Did she think somebody was going to break in and rape her? Mandy found the idea pretty funny. Aunt Jane’s personality was enough to make even a lust-crazed rapist freeze in his tracks. She smiled to herself as she let Doug into the yard. Pie was a pretty lean guy but almost a foot taller than her, which she found a real turn-on. He kind of shuffled around, blushing, and she could tell he was pretty shy.

“Want a Coke?” she asked.

“Sure, that’d be great,” he said. He was looking at her pouting mound, the suggestive roundness at the tops of her thighs.

Mandy was pretty sure he could see a few stray pussy curls. She was getting rapidly aroused, and her nipples were going stiff, poking out under her tiny bra. She let Doug get an eyeful before she went into the kitchen and got a couple of cans of Coke out of the fridge. When she came back Doug was still shuffling around.

“Would you please spread my blanket on the grass, Doug?” she purred.

They sat together on the blanket and talked and had their Cokes, and it wasn’t long before Mandy realized that she was going to have to make all the moves. Doug was obviously turned on to her, but he was incredibly bashful and didn’t seem to have any experience with girls. She inched a little closer to him and then, as she chatted away, she removed her bikini bra. Doug gawked, his eyes getting huge. He raised his Coke to his lips and poured the stuff down his chin and didn’t even notice the spill.

Mandy just smiled calmly at him. “I like to get tan all over,” she said.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” Doug said dazedly.

It was pretty clear that he’d never seen naked tits before. He stared and stared at Mandy’s luscious apple-size tits and little lusten gorged nipples, and as he did so she noticed that the fly of his jeans was developing a big hard bulge. Her smile grew. He was reacting just the way she wanted him to, getting horny out of his mind. He was going to be putty in her hands. She grabbed the suntan lotion and handed him the tube.

“Put some on me, okay?” she said. “There’s a few spots I didn’t get to.”

“You mean on your, uh…?” he stammered. “Ummm-mmmmm,” Mandy purred, lying down on her back.

Her firm high-riding tits stood up nicely even in that position. Numbly Doug squeezed some sunscreen onto his palm and smeared the cool lotion over his hands. Then, shivering with excitement, he brought his palms down around Mandy’s lovely teenage tits. She quivered lustily at his touch, and her pussy began to cream. Doug seemed to be moaning softly to himself as he worked the lotion into her tits. Her stiff nipples dug suggestively into his palms.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels nice,” she sighed.

“You want me to keep doing it?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeah, don’t stop,” she said, letting her eyes flutter and close.

She loved having her tits massaged. She lay there enjoying the sensation and wondering what her next move should be. Doug had a hard-on, and he obviously wanted her, but it was pretty clear that they were both virgins. Neither of them quite knew how to get it on. Where was Nick when she really needed him? But Mandy wasn’t going to let anything stand in her way. She was going to learn all about sex no matter what she had to do. Somehow she’d figure out the next step in her seduction of the neighbor kid.

She recalled the things Nick had done to her, and that gave her some inspiration. While Doug still blissfully squeezed and molded her pretty little tits, and she wriggled and sighed with arousal, she reached down and slipped off her bikini bottoms. She thought poor Doug was going to faint. His hands went still on her tits, and he stared bug-eyed at her pretty little triangle of blonde pussy fur. She opened her legs a little wider, showing him the wet pink flesh of her slit and its fine fringe of golden curls.

“Put some lotion down there, please, Doug,” she purred.

“Oh, wow,” he groaned.

He probably couldn’t believe what was happening to him. From their short conversation, Mandy gathered that he’d never had a date before. He was strongly attracted to girls but didn’t have the nerve to approach them.

He probably did the same thing she’d done before she was allowed to date. He probably imagined the person he was turned on to and masturbated to his fantasies. But now his fantasies were coming true. It must have seemed unreal to him.

Dazedly he squeezed some more lotion into his hand and then slid it between Mandy’s eagerly parted thighs. As the cool lotion touched her lust-fevered cunt lips, she shivered, moaned, and got very excited. Doug began to clumsily rub the lotion into her pussy, and she gurgled with pleasure and creamed all, over his hand. He looked down and watched the hot cream spurt from her little cunt mouth.

“You’re really turning me on, Doug,” Mandy said huskily. “You’re getting me very excited.”

“Oh, shit,” he sighed, “talk about getting excited.”

He stared and stared at her pussy. It had to be the first time he’d looked between a girl’s legs. He ogled the pea-size bud of her clit, the small creaming mouth of her cunt, and the tiny puckered opening of her shitter. And, all the while that bulge at his fly was throbbing and straining against his jeans. The poor guy looked like be was ready to come in his pants — and he no doubt was.

“Show me your cock, Doug,” Mandy said softly.

“Huh?” he exclaimed, turning beet red.

“Come on, I wanta see it,” she smiled.

He seemed paralyzed with bashfulness, so she just reached out and unzipped his fly. He wasn’t wearing shorts, and his stiff cock snapped free of its prison, bulging with blue veins and pointing at the sky. Mandy licked her lips as she ogled his rigid boner. It was even bigger than Nick’s cock, a good seven inches long and very thick. It excited her hotly to think of taking that big hard slab of meat into her virgin cunt.

She reached out and curled her fingers around Doug’s cock. The boy groaned as she began to pump his meat, and thick bubbles of juice oozed from his piss hole. Mandy smeared the stuff on her palm and rubbed it up and down his violently throbbing dick, and he began to breathe harshly. All the while he was rubbing and exploring her pussy, giving her hot jolts of pleasure. Both horny teenagers were on the brink of coming.

“Doug,” Mandy panted, “stick your finger up my cunt, fuck me with it.”

Doug knew enough about sex to understand what she wanted, even though he’d never been out with a girl before. He eased his stiff middle finger into her body, and she began to squeal with excitement and soak his finger with sizzling pussy cream. Her cunt was deliciously tight, hot and slippery, much nicer than he’d even imagined a girl’s box to be. It would be the perfect place to cram his stiff cock.

“Oooooooo, yeah, Doug, that feels so good,” Mandy whined. “Keep going, give me all of it.”

Doug eased his finger right to the last knuckle in her steaming wet twat, then began to jerk it stiffly up and down. He must have been doing it right, because Mandy moaned with pleasure and began jerking her hips in a horny instinctive motion, slamming her juices lick box up and down the rigid impalement of his finger. She creamed hugely, the pearly juice overflowing her cunt and gushing down the crack of her ass.

“Unnnhhhhh, yeah, keep doing that,” she moaned, “get me off.”

Doug was practically coming as he finger-fucked her hot little box and watched her getting off. And all the while she had his prick in her fist and was pumping it, just like he did himself when he was jacking off. It was a fantastic scene for the perpetually horny teenage boy. He found it hard to believe he could be this lucky. Each pump and squeeze of her little fist gave him a hot stab of pleasure.

“Ahhhhbb, yeah, Mandy, that feels great,” he moaned.

“Let’s make each other come,” she leered. Doug couldn’t answer. He was beyond wards by now. It seemed incredible that just half an hour ago he’d been trying to read a book about astronomy while daydreaming about a girl in his class, Dotty, and imagining he was fucking her. He had fantasies like that all the time, and he always had to jack off at the end. He’d about given up on ever making it with a girl in real life. And yet here he was, getting it on with a real doll.

“Ooooooo, Doug, just a little more,” she squealed, “I’m gonna come.”

“You an’ me both,” Doug groaned.

He jerked his finger stiffly in Mandy’s steaming little box, and her fist pumped faster and faster up and down his lust-engorged prick. Suddenly he felt her cunt go vise-tight around his finger, drenching it with scalding juice. Mandy’s petite body began to buck and writhe, her pretty little tits jiggling like crazy, and she was whining and moaning. She gave his cock a prolonged squeeze, and he couldn’t wait it out a second longer.

“AWWWWWWW, fuck, I’m coming!” he bellowed.

“Ooooooo, so am I,” Mandy whimpered, “it’s so damned good! Ooooo, uuunnnhhh!”

She watched in fascination as thick wads of cream jetted from Doug’s cock and flew high in the air, then splatted on the grass. She got turned on all over again as she pumped his throbbing prick till the very last drops of come oozed out. Her own molten come-juice was flooding down her ass crack and pudding on the blanket. She’d have to remember to wash that blanket before Aunt Jane questioned her about the suspicious stain.

Of course she could just say, “Oh, I was jacking off the neighbor kid, Aunt Jane.” But somehow she didn’t think that would go over too well.

“Ahhhhhhh, man,” Doug sighed, “far out.”

“It sure was,” Mandy agreed. “Now why don’t we try fucking?”

Again Doug couldn’t believe his ears. He stared at the pretty little blonde. “Uh, Mandy,” he said hoarsely, “did I hear you right?”

She grinned and nodded. “I’m just dying to find out what it’s like,” she said. “Aren’t you?”

“Do bears shit in the woods?” Doug groaned.

He started tugging his clothes off. There was always the chance that some grown-up might come along and have a tit, but it was a risk he had to take. He sure as hell wasn’t going to turn down a chance to lose his cherry. Naked and shivering with lust, he felt his cock going rigid again, even though he’d just come likes bomb. He was a teenage, horny every minute of his waking day, ready for action any time.

Mandy remembered how Nick had arranged her when they were about to fuck. She bent her knees and opened her thighs as wide as she could. Doug knew enough to climb bn top of her and try to shove his steel-stiff cock into her cunt. The only problem was, he wasn’t quite sure where her cunt was. He poked around and kept missing, while Mandy writhed in frustration. This was exactly the point at which she and Nick had been interrupted.

But this time there wasn’t going to be any interruption, not if she had anything to say about it. She reached down, found Doug’s violently pulsating prick, and crammed the first fat inch of it into her virgin box. It was a very tight tit, almost scary, but she wasn’t going to back out now. Her curiosity and her lust were just too strong. She clamped her well-muscled cunt mouth around the engorged of Doug’s cock and held his meat securely in place.

“There,” she panted, “now push.”

“Awwwwwww, Jesus,” Doug groaned as he pushed into her.

Mandy gasped. She felt like somebody was shoving a baseball bat up her cunt. Doug’s plowing cock was spreading her cunt lips almost to bursting and raking every inch of her untried cuntal tube. Luckily her horny little box was slick with juice, so it didn’t hurt. Still, when he finally crammed his cock all the way into her, she felt stuffed breathless.

“There, I did it,” he gasped, “I’m not a virgin any more.”

“Neither am I,” Mandy whimpered. “Is this fucking?”

“I-I don’t think so,” Doug said, trying to catch his breath. “Or at least it’s just the beginning. I think it goes something like this.”

He began moving his stiff prick up and down in her cunt. As soon as she realized it wasn’t going to hurt her, she began to like it. It felt really exciting to have that big slab of throbbing meat plowing up and down inside her belly. His stiff shaft rubbed her clit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure, and she began to cream again, making his fucking slick and easy. She clung to him and started gurgling with delight. His stiff deep fucking was feeling better by the second.

“Ooooooo, yeah, I like it,” she squealed. “I’m sure glad to hear that,” Doug sighed. “Like” wasn’t exactly the word for the way he felt. He’d never experienced such fantastic pleasure before. Each time he sank his engorged dick into her molten little pussy hole, he felt a delicious rush of sensation. He sighed with ecstasy, wishing he could go on fucking her forever. As his excitement mounted, he fucked into her faster and faster, unable to control his horny urges. But Mandy didn’t mind. Her greedy little box expanded like elastic to take his swollen prick, and each deep thrust gave her a hot blast of pleasure.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, Doug, fuck me good and hard,” she whimpered.

Doug couldn’t reply. He wasn’t even capable of human speech at this point. He was grunting, snarling, moaning and yelping as he hammered his bloated cock faster and faster in his very first pussy. Mandy was responding fully now, fucking back at him, slamming her hungry little cunt up and down his drilling boner. It wasn’t long before both lusty teenagers were on the very brink of orgasm.

Mandy was the first to fly over the edge.

“Ooooo, Doug, you did it to me, I’m coming!” she shrieked. “Oooooo, fuck, it’s good!”

“Awwwwwww, shit, aaaggghhhhhhhhh!” Doug roared as he shot his sizzling load up her womb.

The two horny kids fucked furiously at each other, yelling and moaning as they came, oblivious to everything around them. They didn’t notice when an attractive middle-aged man poked his head in through the open gate, gawked, and then quickly withdrew. After a long delicious time Doug and Mandy finally rolled apart, sighing with satisfaction.

“Doug,” a voice called, “Doug, where are you?”

“Oh-oh,” Doug said, reaching for his clothes, “that’s my dad. I better get home.”


Mike Anders had gotten home from work early, and the first thing he did was open a cold beer and stroll out into his back yard to cool off. His wife wasn’t home from her job yet, and his son Doug wasn’t there, either. Mike walked around sipping his beer and enjoying the silence — until he heard the weird noises coming from his neighbor’s back yard.

Jane Martin’s yard was surrounded by a high fence, but today the gate was ajar. Mike heard all kinds of sounds coming from the yard — panting, squealing, moaning. Jane’s gate had never been left open before. Maybe there was something wrong. Mike hurried over and poked his head inside. What he saw made his mouth drop open, and he almost dropped his beer. He blinked and looked again, not believing his eyes.

There was his son, Doug, fucking a cute little teenage girl Mike had never seen before.

Doug. Fucking. Strange girl. Mike tried to take it all in. Certainly his eyes hadn’t deceived him. Both kids were buck naked, and Doug was on top, his trim ass jerking and knotting he hammered his stiff cock in the girl’s juicy little cunt. The girl, an elfin-faced blonde, was fucking right back at him, moving her hips to his rhythm and squealing with pleasure. Mike began to feel horny just from watching, and he ducked back into his own yard to collect his senses and decide what to do.

Be cool, he told himself, take it easy.

In the first place, the girl obviously wasn’t being raped. She was enjoying herself as much as Doug was. And in the second place, Doug wasn’t a little kid any more. Mike just hadn’t realized how fast his son was growing up, and he’d ignored the fact that the boy must be preoccupied with sex and girls. No wonder Doug had grabbed this chance to get laid. Mike couldn’t blame him at all. But none of these things answered the question — what should he do now?

He peered into Jane’s yard again, and the kids were still hot at it, fucking away like it was going to be outlawed. Doug was fucking the girl even harder now, their bellies smacking loudly together, and she was moaning with ecstasy, her face screwed up in a lusty grimace. Both kids were about to come. Mike helplessly fantasized himself in his son’s place, hammering his engorged cock in that juicy teenage pussy — and his prick lurched into stiffness, straining against his fly.

“Shit,” he muttered, moving away quickly.

He went to sit an his own back porch, practically gulping his beer now as he debated what to do. He could hear Doug and the girl moaning and yelping as they began to come. He wondered what to do about his hard-on. He couldn’t very well confront Doug with a stiff cock. Luckily his wife wouldn’t be home for a few hours yet, so she wouldn’t notice. Maybe it would be best just to forget the whole incident.

But there was one thing he couldn’t forget the image of that lovely little girt squealing and writhing with pleasure as she took Doug’s hard-pounding prick. There was a girl who clearly loved to fuck. Mike loved his wife, but they’d been married almost twenty years now. He’d been faithful to Lorraine, but the older he got the more he longed for a little novelty and adventure. It would be just what he needed if he fucked that little girl.

He pulled himself together, stood up, and called for Doug, knowing the kids must have gotten off by now. When Doug came trotting home, red-faced and a little sweaty, Mike sent him to the store with a long list of items, knowing it would keep him busy for an hour or so. Then, after Doug had pedaled off, Mike strolled into the back yard again with a fresh can of beer. He walked over to Jane’s gate and looked inside. The girl was there, wearing a ridiculously tiny red bikini.

“Hi, there,” he called, “your gate’s open.” Mandy looked up from her blanket and said, “Oh, thanks. Are you Doug’s dad?”

“Yes, I’m Mike Anders,” he said. “Who are you?”

“I’m Miss Martin’s niece, Mandy,” she smiled. “I’m glad to meet you, Mr. Anders. We’re going to be neighbors all summer.”

“Call me Mike,” he said, advancing into the yard. “I take it you’ve met my son.”

She didn’t bat an eyelash. “Oh, yeah, Doug’s a real nice guy,” she said.

“A little shy around girls, though,” Mike said.

“Gee, I didn’t notice,” Mandy purred.

They eyed each other at close range. Mike saw a petite curvy girl with loads of short blonde curls, her luscious body packed into a skimpy swimsuit. Mandy saw a power fully built man of about forty with abundant reddish hair and a kind of handsome face. She noticed the wiry chest hairs escaping from the top of his t-shirt, and she eyed the fat bulge at the fly of his jeans. She felt very turned on by his rugged adult male body.

“Sit down for a minute, Mike,” she invited. “I need somebody to talk to. Aunt Jane’s away all day at work.”

Mike sat on the edge of the blanket, and Mandy made a very quick decision to fuck him if she could. True, she’d just had the very first fuck of her life, but it hadn’t quite satisfied her. She was greedy for more hot orgasms, and there was a lot more she wanted to learn about fucking. Doug had been a virgin, too, so he couldn’t teach her much. She needed an experienced man like his attractive father.

They chatted, and Mandy kept inching closer to Mike. She was being cautious, not sure how to approach a grown-up, but she wouldn’t have been so careful if she’d known what was going through his mind just then. Mike was re-playing that image of her, naked on her back, taking his son’s plowing cock and squealing with pleasure as her body rocked with the impact. He kept turned away from her a little so she wouldn’t see the massive hard-on that threatened to burst right out of his jeans.

“Your wife isn’t home yet, Mike?” Mandy asked softly.

“No, she works till six,” he said.

“So does my aunt,” Mandy smiled.

That did it. Mike didn’t know just what came over him, but he couldn’t hold himself in check any longer. He bent down and kissed her on the mouth. She didn’t protest. In fact she opened her lips and darted her hot little tongue into his mouth. His prick gave a violent horny lurch and began to leak hot globs of cream. As they kissed, he started running his hands over her luscious little body, feeling her firm tits, tiny waist, and curvy thighs. Mandy whimpered lustily and rubbed her mound against his rock-hard cock.

No question about it, this little girl was hot to trot. Mike untied her bikini bra, tossed it aside, and cupped her apple-sized tits. He began to squeeze and mold them, and Mandy gave a muffled squeal of delight and rubbed her pouting mound even harder against his violently throbbing dick. He felt her small nipples going rigid and poking hard against his palms. He probed her mouth with his thick wet tongue and felt her shivering with lusty excitement.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, “mmmmn!” Mike finally came up for air and said hoarsely, “I won’t beat around the bush, Mandy. I think you want to get it on — and so do I.”

“Mmmmmmm, yes, Mike, I’m so horny,” she moaned.

He wondered how in hell she could be horny. She’d just finished fucking his son. But he wasn’t going to look the gift horse in the mouth. And he wasn’t going to stop to wonder why he was suddenly about to cheat on his wife for the first time in their twenty-year marriage. He only knew that he had to fuck this sexy little chick or go crazy with frustration. He practically ripped off her bikini panties and ogled her little blonde bush. Then, as fast as he could, he stripped off his own clothes.

Mandy was creaming like crazy as she watched him undress. She was violently aroused by the sight of his adult body, so powerful and hairy and almost menacing. She ogled his thick cock, a massive eight-inches that stood up rigidly and drooled streams of hot juice. His thickly furred balls looked enormously swollen, almost ready to burst. Naked, Mike gave a lusty growl and eased Mandy onto her back. She eagerly bent her knees and spread her thighs.

Mike ogled her tasty-looking pink slit. He’d intended just to cram his cock into her and fuck her till her teeth rattled, but he hadn’t counted on her pussy looking so delicious. As it happened, pussy-eating was one of his very favorite things to do, but his wife thought it was too kinky and rarely permitted it. Here was his chance to gobble all the pussy he wanted. He flopped belly-down between Mandy’s widely-spread thighs, his hot breath tickling her cream-beaded slit.

“Mike,” she giggled, “what are you doing?”

“Honey,” he leered, “haven’t you ever had your pussy eaten before?”

She stared at him. “What does that mean?” she said.

“Never mind,” he chuckled, “I’ll just show you. And I guarantee you’re gonna love it.”

Mandy was eager to learn everything she could about making love. She’d already guessed that there was more, to it than just plain fucking. So she didn’t move or protest as Mike dipped his face into her crotch. She watched his reddish hair meet her golden bush, and then the most delicious sensations she’d ever felt in her young life began to radiate from her pussy. The pleasure was so intense, she creamed heavily and helplessly.

“Ooooooo, Mike, I just love that!” she wailed.

It didn’t take her long to figure out what he was doing to her. It could only be his tongue that was gliding up and dawn the whole length of her crotch, from the highly sensitive bud of her clit right down to her tiny puckered asshole. The hot wet meat felt fantastically good on her lust-heated gash. She figured she’d give him about a million years to quit doing that to her. She threw her head back and gurgled in ecstasy.

“Unnnnnnhhhhhh, yeah, I love it,” she sobbed.

Mike was very turned on by hey responsiveness. He knew he was an expert pussy-eater, and it was nice to give it to a woman who appreciated it. Mandy writhed and whimpered and juiced all over his face, and he eagerly tongued up her tangy cream and ate it, drooling onto her puffed pink pussy flesh. He licked and tasted every inch of her delicious little slit, till her firm little ass was wriggling in a puddle of flooding cream.

“Oooooooo, it’s so good, I can hardly stand it,” she squealed.

“Honey, it’s gonna get even better,” Mike promised.

He zeroed in on her clit, the erect and throbbing bud of flesh that poked out of her curly blonde bush. He folded back the curls and left her joy button standing all alone, visibly pulsating and beaded with hot cream. Then he began whipping it with the stiff tip of his tongue, and Mandy screamed and almost flew off the blanket. She drenched his jerking chin with a heavy hot spurt of juice.

“Unnnnnhhhh, yeah, I love it,” she cried, “keep doing it to me, Mike, make me come!”

Mike didn’t mind that assignment at all. He whipped his big thick tongue roughly up and down over her wildly throbbing love bud and shivered with excitement at her frantic arousal. She was creaming heavily and uncontrollably, soaking his face with her molten cream. She was instinctively jerking her hips in a hungry fucking rhythm, jabbing her greedy clit against his lashing tongue. She dug her nails into the blanket and screwed her eyes shut in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck, am I gonna come,” she gasped.

Mandy hadn’t dreamed that such fantastic sensations existed. She adored having her clit tongued, and she didn’t think she could eve get tired of it. Thick floods of steaming juice overflowed her cunt and gushed down the crack of her ass to soak the blanket. She whimpered and sobbed with pleasure as Mike’s expert tongue lashed her closer and closer to a body-rocking climax. Then suddenly he damped his lips around her clit and began to suck her off.

“Oooooooo, shit, yesssss,” she hissed.

Now the sensations were even better as his sucking lips gave her blast after blast of pleasure. Fucking his son had been lots of fun, but this was a real education. The hot greedy sucking was blowing her mind. She dug her nails into the blanket and arched her body up stiffly, holding her clit between his kneading lips and feeling the pleasure build in her pussy till she was screaming with it. A few more powerful sucks and she was over the edge.

“Unnnnhhhhhhh, yeah, I’m coming! I’m coming!” she screamed. “Ahhhhhhh, fuck, it’s good!”

Mike loved having a woman come right in his face, which rarely happened with his wife Lorraine. It took several martinis to make Lorraine this lusty and loose. But Mandy didn’t require any alcohol at all. She was coming like a bomb and spraying his face with sizzling juice. Her petite body bucked so hard, he couldn’t keep her quivering, squirting clit in his mouth, and he rose to his knees and watched her coming.

“Ooooooo, shit, fuck, oooooo!” she squealed.

Mike’s cock gave a lusty lurch as he watched her. She was coming very violently, her little tits wobbling and jiggling, her tiny cunt mouth gushing a thick stream of pearly juice. It was almost a full minute before she finally sighed and went limp. She looked up at Mike with hot grateful eyes, and he grinned back at her, knowing their fun session was far from finished.

“I get the impression you like having your pussy eaten,” he said teasingly.

“Mmmmmrnm, I sure do,” Mandy sighed. “That was fantastic.”

“Want me to do it some more?” he asked. Maybe she was being greedy, but she just couldn’t resist. “Oh, yeah, Mike, I’d love that,” she said eagerly.

“So would I,” he leered.

He pushed his face between her legs again, and she squealed with delight when she felt his hot wet tongue lashing all over her cream soaked pussy. He gobbled up every bit of her come-juices before getting down to his main target the tightly-muscled opening of her cunt. Teasingly he swirled the stiff tip of his tongue around and around the sensitive ring of flesh. Mandy squealed for more, feeding him a hot burst of tangy cream.

“Oooooooo, yeah, stick your tongue in me, Mike,” she begged.

Mike very gradually eased his thick tongue up her cunt. He did it slowly and deliberately, to drive her wild, and he succeeded in making her writhe and cream and moan. She wanted every inch of his big thick tongue in her body, and she wouldn’t stop squealing and begging till she got it. At last the slippery meat was lodged to the root in her greedily gripping twat, and she was panting with ecstasy and clawing the blanket.

“Unnnhhhh, Mike, that feels so fucking good,” she moaned.

It was going to feel even better, as she quickly found out. Mike started fucking her with his tongue. There wasn’t any other way to describe it. He plowed the stiff meat in and out of her box like it was a bug slippery cock, and she responded with hoarse howls of pleasure ache deep thrust of his big tongue gave her a violent blast of sensation and made her cream all over his face. It wasn’t long before she was all ready to come again.

“Ohhhhhhh, Mike, do it to me hard,” she whimpered, “get me off.”

Mike didn’t mind that assignment, either. He loved tonguing and tasting her delicious teenage pussy, but his engorged balls were threatening to explode with their nearly bursting load of jizz. His cock was so, stiff it ached. He decided to get her off fast with his tongue and then fuck the living shit out of her. Cupping her writhing ass and holding her pelvis in place, he began to ram his tongue in and out of her juice-filled box as fast and hard as he could.

“Yeeeeeeeee, yessssss,” she squealed.

She felt her body shaking with the impact of his hungry tongue-fucking, her tits wobbling and jiggling. He was reaming the thick hot juice right out of her cunt with his deep plowing tongue. With what kind of stimulus it wasn’t long before she began to climax violently. Her cunt was vise-tight around his hammering tongue, and she unleashed a whole sizzling flood of come-cream, soaking his face. Her petite body rocked and bucked in powerful orgasmic spasms.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck, you did it,” she screamed, “I’m coming! Ohhhhhhhhh, shit, whhaaahhhhhh!”

Again Mike had the supreme thrill of having a steaming pussy explode in his fact. Mandy was coming so hard, her thick hot cream squirted up his flaring nostrils. He gulped down blast after blast of the tangy liquid, clutching her churning ass so she couldn’t buck away from him. His cock, trapped between his belly and the blanket, lurched and rippled and juiced. It was high time that he crammed it into Mandy’s boiling little fuck hole.

She’d hardly finished coming before he rolled her onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her, urgently shoving his engorged cockhead against the dripping mouth of her cunt. She gasped, then giggled as she turned to stare at him.

“Mike,” she laughed, “this is how dogs fuck.”

“Yeah, and dogs have lots of fun,” he leered. “There’s no law that says you can only fuck one way.”

He was right. Mandy was so innocent and inexperienced, she just hadn’t thought about it before. She waited eagerly as he got a good grasp on her slim hips and then wedged the swollen head of his dick inside her tiny gripping cunt mouth. It was only the second fuck of her life, and she hoped she could accommodate his wrist-thick eight-inch prick. As he started pushing into her, she knew there was going to be no problem. Her greedy cunt expanded like elastic to take his throbbing boner.

“Unnnhhhhh, yes, get into me, Mike,” she squealed, “give me every inch of your big old cock.”

“You got it, baby,” he growled.

He rested a moment, catching his breath and savoring the feeling of having his engorged prick fully lodged in her steaming teenage pussy hole. It was the tightest thing he’d ever been into, and he sensed that Mandy hadn’t fucked very much, hardly at all. Her twat gripped his meat like a velvet vise, and he could feel her cuntal walls throbbing all over his prick. He began to fuck her hard and fast, too insanely aroused to be gentle.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck, awwwwwwww,” he groaned.

Mandy gasped and clawed at the blanket to keep from being knocked over by the force of his fucking. For a second she panicked, but she soon realized that her juicy elastic twat could take even the largest cock if she was properly prepared for it. And Mike had prepared her very well. His expert pussy-eating had made her incredibly horny, and her cunt was slick with juice and extremely receptive. Soon each deep hard thrust of his prick was giving her hot blasts of pleasure.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah, fuck it to me, Mike,” she moaned, “fuck me forever.”

Mike would have been glad to oblige, but he reminded himself that this delicious fuck couldn’t go on forever or even for a few more minutes. His wife was due home from work, and Doug would be back from the store. And of course he couldn’t risk Jane Martin walking out on her patio and catching him fucking her niece. Much as he regretted it, he was going to have to get Mandy and himself off as fast as he could. He reached around her, squeezed her clit, and felt her start to come.

“Ooooooooooo, yeah, oooooooooo!” she screamed.

“Awwwwwwwww, aaaggghhhhh, fuck!” Mike bellowed.

Mandy gurgled ecstatically as she took the steaming loads of his jizz. Her summer with Aunt Jane wasn’t going to be so terrible after all, not as long as she had such cooperative neighbors. As Mike finally drew his dripping cock from her cunt, she turned to him with a grateful look.

“I sure hope we can fuck again soon, Mike,” she said.

“Believe me, honey, so do I,” he leered.


“Well, Mandy, how did you spend your day?” Aunt Jane asked when she got home from her classes. “I hope you didn’t just lie around and waste time. It would be nice if you did something constructive.”

“Oh, I did, Aunt Jane,” Mandy assured her.

As she helped Jane make dinner, she wondered how her aunt had gotten to be such a drag. The woman wasn’t even thirty yet, but she acted like an old maid. Her only interests were her job, her books and her yard. Mandy thought she’d go crazy if she had to live the way Jane did — and especially if she had to live without sex. She couldn’t understand how her aunt did it. Her curiosity was aroused, and she got up the nerve to ask a question.

“Aunt Jane,” she said, “don’t you ever go out on dates?”

Jane looked at her as if she was speaking a foreign language. She frowned, thought for a second, and then replied, “Well, yes, I guess you could say that. I have a friend, Harold Harper. Occasionally we go to a concert or a play.”

“A friend?” Mandy said with an impish grin. “Don’t you mean a boyfriend, Aunt Jane?”

Jane reddened and snapped, “Certainly not. I’m not interested in that nonsense.”

Mandy blinked and starred at her. Personally, she didn’t think she could live without that nonsense? But Jane seemed really put off by the idea of sex. Was it possible that she’d reached the age of twenty-eight without ever getting it on? The idea made Mandy’s head swim. She just couldn’t figure out her aunt at all. Jane was tall, big-titted, good-looking — if only she wouldn’t frown so much. But she didn’t seem to have any natural female urges or needs.

Mandy went to bed that night restless, and she lay in the dark reliving every exciting moment of her day — going all the way with Doug and then fucking his father. She could hardly wait till tomorrow when, hopefully, she could do it all over again. She got so horny just thinking about it that she finally had to beat off before she could sleep. She was pretty sure that her Aunt Jane didn’t have that problem.

She got up early, had breakfast with Jane, and then cleaned up the kitchen after Jane left for work. The house was hers, the whole day was hers — and she knew what she wanted to do with all that freedom. She hurried out the back door and over to Doug’s house. When she knocked, he answered right away, and his face lit up at the sight of her his eyes swept hungrily over her curvy little body, which was well revealed by her skin-tight jeans and t-shirt. She’d “forgotten” to wear a bra.

“Hi, Doug,” she purred, “can you come out and play?”

“I sure can,” he said hoarsely. “My folks won’t be home from work till this evening.”

“Your dad’s not getting off early today?” Mandy asked.

“Uh-uh,” Doug said cheerfully.

That was kind of a disappointment, because Mandy had really looked forward to getting it on with Mike again. But at least she had Doug, so her horny little pussy wouldn’t have to go without attention. She and Doug went back to her place, holding hands and rubbing against each other. Mandy had this diabolical scheme of getting it on right in Aunt Jane’s living room. She wondered if Jane would pick up the vibes.

“Come on in, Doug,” she cooed.

“This makes me kinda nervous,” he admitted as they entered the house. “I mean, your aunt isn’t exactly friendly.”

“Forget her,” Mandy said with a grin.

She started to take her clothes off, and Doug quickly forgot his nervousness. He stood there gawking and getting a hard-on as the curvy little blonde teenager kicked off her sandals and removed her jeans and t-shirt. She paraded in front of him wearing just a skimpy pair of blue bikini panties. Then she sidled up to him, snaked her arms around his neck, and rubbed her pouting mound against his fly. She felt his cock mushroom into fullness and strain against his jeans.

“Take off my panties, please, Doug,” she said huskily.

By now Doug was almost coming in his pants. It was a very close call as he inched down Mandy’s panties and ogled her little blonde bush. Yesterday had seemed like a dream when he woke up this morning, and he’d been praying there’d be a repeat. He was so horny for his pretty little neighbor, he felt like he’d come if he sneezed. Now he helped her step out of her panties, going to is knees in front of her.

“Doug,” she said eagerly, “I want to teach you something that your d… I mean, something I read in a book. Do you know anything about eating pussy?”

“Naw, what’s that?” Doug asked.

Mandy shivered with anticipation as she felt his hot breath fanning her crotch. “Take off your clothes,” she said, “and I’ll show you.”

Doug eagerly stripped, and then Mandy stretched out on the couch and arranged herself carefully. She was on her back with her legs hugely stretched, so Doug would have access to every inch of her horny little slit. She threw one leg up over the back of the couch and let the other dangle off the edge. Doug ogled her gleaming pink gash and its fringe of delicate blonde curls, and his engorged young cock lurched and dripped hot cream.

“Lie between my legs, Doug,” Mandy instructed, “and put your face right here.”

She patted her golden muff.

Doug quickly obeyed. He’d never heard of anything so kinky, but the idea of having his face right in her pussy was hotly exciting to him. Naturally he didn’t realize that he’d inherited a hunger for pussy and a talent for tonguing it. He went belly down between Mandy’s widely opened legs and brought his flushed face within half an inch of her steaming little slit. He could smell soap and baby powder and sweet natural girl-scent.

Knowing he was totally inexperienced, Mandy folded back the golden-furred lips of her bush and showed him the pea-size bud of her clit. “See that?” she said. “Girls just loved to be touched there.”

Doug placed a fingertip on the glistening lump of flesh and massaged it gently. Mandy gurgled with pleasure and soaked the tip of his finger with a scalding spurt of cream. She lay there and let him do that for a few seconds, enjoying it but also looking forward to all the things she was going to teach him. She just hoped he took after his father when it came to eating pussy. So far things looked very promising.

“Now use your tongue, Doug,” she panted. “Lick my clit, and don’t be afraid to do it hard.”

“Right,” he said hoarsely.

It sounded really weird, but exciting. He thrust out his tongue and clumsily moved it up and down over her throbbing joy button. It didn’t take him long to get a smooth rhythm going, lashing the wet meat over her clit and making her squeal and moan with pleasure. She responded hotly, soaking his bobbing chin with molten, cream. He could feel her clit pulsating and stiffening under his whipping tongue.

“Oooooooooo, yeah, Doug, you catch on fast,” she gurgled. “Please, just keep doing that to me. It feels so good.”

“You got it,” Doug panted.

He didn’t know why he should get off on something so kinky, but it was driving him out of his mind to be whipping his tongue up and down over her tangy-tasting joy button. It excited him to arouse her with his tongue — and there was no question that Mandy was aroused. She was clawing the couch, writhing, and creaming all over his chin and cheeks. She was gurgling and squealing with pleasure as his big wet tongue stimulated her greedy little clit. The more he tongued the tiny hot bud, the more heat steamed from her swollen gash.

“Unnnhhhhh, yeah, eat me,” she whimpered, “eat me till I come, Doug.”

This was a welcome change from sitting around beating his meat and wishing he wasn’t a virgin. Eagerly he lashed his greedy tongue over Mandy’s hotly pulsating clit and lapped up mouthfuls of her flooding cream. He watched the pearly juice spurt from her aroused cunt and gush down her ass crack. As inexperienced as he was with girls, he realized that her response couldn’t have been faked. No girl could fake that heavy hot creaming or that continual instinctive writhieg.

He raised his head briefly to get a glimpse of her face. Her pretty features were contorted in a lusty grimace, and she had her eyes screwed shut in ecstasy. She looked like she was going to come any second now. That really turned him on, the idea of bringing her off with his tongue. He began to whip her hot little bud faster and faster, till she was panting hard and thrusting her soaking slit urgently against his face. She seemed to want something more, an added stimulus.

“S-Suck it,” she stammered, “suck my clit, Doug, get me off.”

Doug caught her erect and juicing joy button between his lips and started sucking it hard and hungrily. Mandy let out a shrill wail and almost flew off the couch. She soaked his whole face with her helplessly gushing cream, and she whimpered and moaned as he sucked her closer and closer to an urgently-needed orgasm. She gradually arched her body higher and higher, stuffing her greedy clit farther into his mouth.

“Unnnhhhhh, you’re gonna do it!” she gasped, “I’m gonna come. Keep sucking me, Doug, suck me off.”

Doug was only too happy to oblige. Although he’d never heard of pussy eating before today, he was already hooked on it. He sucked hungrily on her tangy-tasting clit, wondering if he could ever get enough of that special flavor. Suddenly Mandy went absolutely stiff and stayed that way for a second or two. Then she screamed practically loud enough for the whole block to hear, and her body began to convulse violently.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yeah, I’m coming, aahhhh!” she wailed.

Doug raised himself on his elbows to watch her come. He couldn’t keep her clit in his mouth anyway, she was writhing and bucking so hard. He was amazed at how violently she climaxed, her whole body rocking, her pretty little tits jiggling. She had her eyes screwed tightly shut, and her even white teeth were flashing in a grimace of ecstasy. This went on and on, till nearly a full minute had passed.

“Ooooooooo, shit, it’s so good,” she moaned.

At last she began to come down from it, and Doug dived for her pussy again, this time tonguing and exploring it all over. He tickled the molten-hot lump of her clit, explored the opening of her cunt, and teased the puckered mouth of her asshole. Everything about her steaming little gash interested and aroused him. He drew back for a good long look at her dripping pink slit, while she still quivered with the delicious after-shocks of her climax.

“Mmmmmmm, Doug, you sure are a fast learner,” she sighed.

“Teach me more,” he leered.

Mandy was glad he’d asked. She wanted to teach him all the wonderful things his dad had done to her, though of educes she couldn’t tell him where she’d learned it. Now, still keeping her legs as far apart as she could, she used her index finger to show him the tiny mouth of her cunt. Doug studied the lust-engorged lips and their golden fringe of curls. He remembered how deliciously snug that little hole was.

“Stick your tongue in my cunt, Doug,” Mandy begged, “fuck me with it.”

“Far out,” he leered.

She jerked her finger out of the way just in time. Doug made a hungry lunge for her pussy, and she felt his tongue stabbing around, seeking the target. Then he was cramming his whole stiff tongue up her cunt. He didn’t go in slowly and teasingly the way his father had done — he just gave her the whole thing in one rough deep thrust. She loved it. The pleasure was sudden and extremely powerful.

“Oooooooo, yessss,” she hissed, “stick it in me, Doug, give me every fucking inch.”

Eagerly Doug drove his tongue to the root in her red-hot fuck hole. He felt the strongly muscled tube grip and tug at his tongue pulling it as deep as possible. His head bobbed up and down as he started tongue-fucking her, and Mandy responded with shrill squeals of pleasure, soaking his face with her molten cream. He was on the right track, for sure. He did it to her as hard as he could, sensing that she craved his roughness.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah, that’s super,” she moaned, “you’re gonna get me off so fast.”

It was hard to believe that just twenty-four hours ago he’d been a hopeless case. Doug had despaired of ever getting laid, and now here he was cramming his tongue up a girl’s cunt and driving her crazy with pleasure. Mandy was the sexiest chick in town, and he’d discovered her first. He had her all to himself, and she was letting him know how much she loved everything he did to her. His face dripped with her uncontrollably gushing cream.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Doug, you’re doing it to me, I’m coming!” she suddenly wailed.

Doug slammed his hands under her bucking ass and held her in place, still plowing his tongue in her convulsing box. It gave him a wicked thrill to have his tongue deep inside her as she came. Her powerfully rippling young cunt squeezed his tongue almost flat and soaked it with sizzling juice. She was creaming so hard, he thought he’d drown in the tangy flood — but he wasn’t about to pull out. At last she sighed and went still, and only then did he come up for air.

“How’d I do?” he asked.

“Fantastic,” Mandy sighed. “You’re a natural-born pussy eater, Doug.”

Doug beamed with pride. “Now what’ll we try?” he asked.

“Well,” Mandy grinned, “maybe this will sound a little old-fashioned, but why don’t we fuck?”

Doug had gotten so absorbed in his lessons in pussy eating that he’d almost forgotten his painfully engorged cock. Now he looked down at his prick and saw it weaving heavily and dripping thick globs of hot cream, and he realized how insanely horny he was. It would feel terrific to cram his bloated cock into Mandy’s velvety, steaming pussy bale. Leering, he started to dive for her, but she grinned and held him back.

“Huh?” he exclaimed.

“Wait a second,” Mandy chuckled, “I wanta try it another way.”

“I didn’t know there was another way,” Doug said.

“Neither did I, until-until I read about it,” Mandy said.

She saw no need to mention that she’d learned the new position from his dad. She quickly rolled over onto her hands and knees, then wriggled her luscious little ass impatiently. That was when Doug figured out that she wanted him to go into her from behind, the way dogs do it. But what the hell, that didn’t bother him, not as long as he got his achingly swollen dick into her tight little pussy hole. He grasped her hips, plugged the fat purple head of his cock into her slick little cunt mouth, and then pushed into her with a groan of ecstasy.

“Ooooooooo, yeah, get into me, Doug,” Mandy wailed, “give me that big old cock!”

While Mandy and Doug were having their fun, Jane Martin was on her way home, having gotten off early. Her last class of the day had been sent home to work on their term papers. As Jane drove, she looked worried. She was hoping Mandy wouldn’t start questioning her again about her personal life. Things were just getting out of hand with her friend Harold Harper, and she didn’t want to discuss it or even think about it.

She and Harold had had such a good thing going for the past three years. They went out together but didn’t get involved. There was none of that sex nonsense. But now Harold had begun to press for some changes. He was only human, he said, and he needed more from a woman than conversation. Jane didn’t want to give him up. She enjoyed his company, and she liked having an escort. But she had no intention of going to bed with him.

Jane was terrified of sex. She was afraid it would make her irrational, make her lose control of herself. Sure, she got those urges now and then, but she’d quickly satisfy them with her own fingers, not wanting to surrender her body to a man. But now Harold wanted to fuck her. It was as plain and as crude as that. Harold was a gentleman, and he didn’t use that word, but that was what he wanted. Jane was horrified to feel her pussy getting a bit hot and moist as she thought about fucking she told herself sternly.

She parked her car and walked quickly up the front walk, fishing in her purse for her keys. She’d insisted that Mandy keep the doors locked and not let anybody in the house. As she stood on the porch still fumbling in her purse, movement caught her eye. She peered in through the picture window, then almost screamed with shock, she couldn’t be seeing right. She blinked and looked again, but her eyes hadn’t deceived her.

“Oh, my God,” she said hoarsely.

She saw the neighbor kid, Doug, fucking Mandy on the couch. They were doing it like dogs, Mandy crouching on her hands and knees while Doug fucked into her from behind. Both kids were naked, and they were obviously having the time of their lives. Even through the closed door Jane could faintly hear their excited moans and yelps. She focused dizzily on Doug’s thick cream-soaked cock as it slammed in and out of Mandy’s cunt.

Jane had never fucked before, and she avoided reading about it or looking at anything that reminded her of it. But now she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the furiously fucking teenagers. She felt her neglected pussy growing red-hot with need, and then molten juice began to leak from her cunt and moisten the crotch of her panties. She felt her nipples going rigid and sensitive and tingling. She saw the look of ecstasy on Mandy’s face, and she moaned with longing.

Then she told herself to shape up. She’d decided a long time ago that she wanted nothing to do with this sex nonsense. And more important than that, she had no business standing there like a fool when her niece was misbehaving. She was supposed to be keeping Mandy out of trouble, and there was the little hellion fucking the neighbor kid. Jane told herself that she’d better put a stop to it right away.

She finally found her key, fumbled it into the lock, and got the door opened. As she hurried into the house, she realized both kids were coming. That was why they didn’t even notice her. They both had their eyes screwed shut in ecstasy, and they were both howling and moaning. Jane came to an abrupt halt and stood there shivering with helpless lust as she watched them come. Her pussy felt so hot, so needy.

“Unnnhhh, shit, I’m coming, unnnhhhh!”

Doug howled.

“Cream me, Doug, give it to me,” Mandy moaned, “whaaahhhhhh, yeah, I’m coming!”

For one fleeting moment Jane’s defenses broke down and she found herself aching to know what fucking was like. She wondered how it would feel to take a man’s big hard cock in her cunt, how it would be when he hammered the stiff meat deep in her horny fuck tunnel. She creamed heavily, then blushed. What on earth was the matter with her today? She was acting crazy. As Doug and Mandy finally rolled apart, she began to yell at them.

“Mandy, this is disgusting!” she cried. “You’re going to be punished.”


The following week seemed endless. Mandy’s aunt wouldn’t even let her stay alone in the house. Instead, Jane took the girl along to her classes, and Mandy was about to die of boredom — not to mention horniness. She knew she couldn’t make it through the whole summer that way, and she started thinking hard about a solution.

The answer came one day at school as she was strolling in the halls and waiting for Jane to finish some business with the principal. Many noticed a bulletin board where kids put up their names for jobs. She quickly signed herself up as a babysitter and put down her phone number. When Jane appeared to drive them home, Mandy got up her courage and told her aunt what she’d just done.

“I sure hope you won’t mind, Aunt Jane,” she said, “but I decided to do some baby-sitting. It seems better than just sitting around doing nothing.”

To her relief, Jane seemed pleased. “That’s a good idea, Mandy,” she smiled. “I’m glad to see you have some ambition.”

It wasn’t ambition, really. It was just the only way Mandy could think of to get out of the house and away from her aunt’s constant supervision. Naturally Jane wasn’t going to come baby-sitting with her, and so she’d have a chance to contact Doug. It had been a week since they’d been together, and Mandy was continually horny. She could always masturbate, of course, but it just didn’t seem as much fun as fucking. Somehow she had to get laid, or she’d die of frustration.

Her got results the very next day, a Friday. She was to spend the evening sitting for the Green family, who had two very young kids. When Mr. Green arrived to pick her up, Mandy knew she’d hit the jackpot. The guy was young, in his mid-twenties, and he was outrageously good-looking. Mandy could tell from the way he looked her over that he was attracted to her. Of course that didn’t mean they were going to get it on, but there was no law against wishing.

“We might be out pretty late, Mandy,” Ron Green told her as they drove to his house. “I hope that’s okay.”

“No problem, Mr. Green,” Mandy smiled.

Ron’s wife Linda was pretty and pleasant, but Mandy paid little attention to her. She couldn’t take her eyes off Ron. Mentally she was taking off his clothes, wondering what his cock looked like. The crotch of her panties was moist and hot, and there was a maddeningly hot itch in her pussy. If only there was some way she could be alone with Ron! She was sorry to see him leave. After he and Linda drove off, Mandy played with the kids, bathed them, and put them to bed. Then the long boring evening began.

She tried calling Doug, but his mother answered and said he’d gone to the movies. Terrific! Now Mandy had no company at all except two zonked-out preschoolers. She watched TV, flipped through magazines, and beat off a couple of times while pretending that she was fucking Ron. Somehow the long hours passed, and just after midnight she heard the Green’s car pulling into the driveway. By then she was almost groaning with frustration, knowing she’d have to go home without getting laid.

As the couple came in the front door, Mandy heard Ron say, “You go right to bed, honey, and I’ll take care of the sitter.”

“I think I will,” Linda yawned. “I’m so tired, I’m practically asleep already.”

Mandy’s ears pricked up. She was going to get a chance to be alone with Ron after all. Working fast, she managed to get her bra off and stuff it in her purse. Then she gently pinched her nipples to make them poke out under her tight t-shirt. When Ron came into the living room, his eyes darted right to her tits. Mandy stood up, showing off her curvy little body in skin-tight jeans. It was such a sexy sensation to have this handsome adult male ogling her body.

“Hi, Mandy,” he said a little hoarsely. “Did the kids give you any trouble?”

“Not a bit, Mr. Green,” Mandy replied. “They’re real good kids.”

“That’s nice,” he said, his eyes still focused on her stiff nipples and high-riding tits. “How much do we owe you?”

Mandy told him, and he took his time fumbling through his wallet and handing her the money. As he came close to give it to her, he smelled a little like alcohol, and she realized that he was tipsy and horny. There was a suspicious bulge at the fly of his pants. Could he possibly be thinking about making a play for his teenage baby-sitter? Mandy sure hoped so. She stayed close to him as he returned the wallet to his pocket.

“Did you have a nice time, Mr. Green?” she purred.

“So-so,” he said. “I’m not too wild about parties, but my boss was giving this one. I guess I was kinda bored.”

“I was bored, too,” Mandy said sweetly. “My boyfriend couldn’t come over, and I was sooooo horny.” As she said it, she looked Ron right in the eye.

He harden with lust. “Did I hear your right?” he said.

Mandy smiled and nodded, and the next thing she knew, Ron had picked her up and hauled her to the couch. Then they were lying down face to face and kissing. It had all happened so fast. But Mandy’s heart hammered with excitement as Ron snaked his big hot tongue into her mouth and probed around. Against her tender mound she felt his cock going stiff and straining. She creamed hugely, soaking her panties.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” he moaned.

She pressed her whole body against him, her stiff nipples poking his chest, her hot mound massaging his engorged cock. She wanted him to know how desperately she needed him. He explored her mouth with his tongue, and he ran his hands all over her curvy little body. Mandy couldn’t remain passive. She began fumbling with his shirt buttons, and soon she had his shirt open. She ran her hands under his t-shirt and felt his hair-matted chest. That thick mat of coarse hairs really turned her on.

Finally Ron broke the kiss and looked at her with lust-glazed eyes. “You’re not putting me on, are you?” he asked. “You’ve made it with boys before?”

“Sure,” Mandy said calmly, not adding that she’d been fucked only three times in her life.

“Well, I don’t know if we should go any farther,” Ron said doubtfully. “I must have had too much to drink. Eve never cheated on Linda before.” But Mandy quickly ran her hand up and down the rigid outline of his cock, and he said, “but on the other hand…”

She didn’t let him finish. She kissed him, wriggling her hot little tongue into his mouth, and she rubbed her mound urgently against his swollen prick. He gave a muffled groan, and she felt his tall body shivering with lust. She ran her hand down his hairy chest and onto his fly. Quickly she tugged the zipper open and wriggled her hand inside. Through his jockey shorts she could feel the fierce heat and hard throbbing of his cock.

“Oh, Christ,” Ron groaned, breaking the kiss. “I gotta get some relief. How about sucking me off?”

“Sure, Ron,” Mandy purred, “I could really go for that.”

In fact she didn’t have the foggiest idea what he was talking about, but she decided she could play it by ear. Ron sat up and quickly tugged off his pants and shorts. Mandy ogled his handsome seven-inch prick, which hugged his belly in an urgent hard-on. He pulled off his shirt and t-shirt, then turned to Mandy and began undressing her. She’d never been shy about her body, and she just sat there grinning while he did it.

“Christ, you’re gorgeous,” he sighed.

His wife Linda wasn’t exactly ready for the glue factory, but Mandy was nearly ten years younger, and her petite body was very girlish looking. Ron ogled her hungrily as he removed her shirt and jeans and panties. He fought down a sudden and violent urge to just throw her down on her back and fuck the living shit out of her. His tipsy reasoning was that if they didn’t fuck, he wouldn’t be guilty of adultery. If she just sucked him off, he wouldn’t have to feel guilty, he thought.

He drew the girl close to him, fisted his cock, and kind of wagged it at her. “Start out by licking it,” he said hoarsely. “I really get off on that.”

Mandy was glad of the instructions, because up to that moment she’d had no idea of what he wanted her to do. She was very turned on by the idea of tonguing his cock, too. Eagerly she bent down, her hot breath fanning his stiff naked prick, and as she approached the bulbous purple head she saw glistening bubbles of juice leaking from his piss hole. Quickly she snaked out her small pink tongue and scooped up one of the bubbles.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she exclaimed as she got her very first taste of cock cream.

She liked the strong salty flavor, and she went for more, lapping it up with the pointed tip of her tongue, then rolling it around in her mouth to savor it. After swallowing the tasty droplet, she dived for more, and each time her hot tongue stabbed at his cock cleft, Ron moaned and shivered with excitement. He watched glassy-eyed as the cute teenage girl eagerly tongued up his cock cream and ate it.

“That’s good, baby,” he sighed. “Lick my cock all over, okay?”

Mandy was reluctant to leave the source of that delicious juice, but she also wanted to explore his cock with her tongue. She began licking her way down and around, swirling her greedy little tongue in descending circles down his stiff-standing prick. The flesh was taut, smooth, and feathered with blue veins. She left it glistening with her steaming spit. As she worked her way closer and closer to his balls, he began to breathe loudly and harshly.

“Yesss, baby, yesss,” he hissed, “go for it.”

Mandy was having a marvelous time. She loved using her tongue on his dick, and it was the first time she’d really had a chance to explore and study a cock. She lashed the rigid pole of flesh with her slippery little tongue working her way right down to the thick hairy base of his prick. Her curiosity led her to go on licking right onto his halls. He groaned and shuddered with the delicious electric contact as her hot juicy tongue tickled over the coarsefurred sacs.

“Yeah, honey, lick my balls,” he rasped.

Mandy happily lashed her tongue all over his big pulsating nut sacs, leaving them soaked with her hot saliva. Ron’s body was quivering steadily now as she tongued him to a fever pitch of lust, and he was breathing harshly. Gradually she worked her way back up his stiff-standing prick, tonguing her way to the creaming tip. She started gobbling his juice, cleaning out his piss hole with the pointed tip of her eager little tongue.

“Ahhhhhh, shit, that’s good,” Ron groaned. “It’s time to suck it now, baby.”

“Suck?” Mandy said innocently.

Ron stared at her a second, then began to chuckle. “You nut,” he laughed, “you’ve never gone down on a guy before, have you?”

“No, but I’d sure like to learn how,” she grinned.

“Baby, you’re doing great so far,” he leered. “Now all you have to do is take it in your mouth and suck on it till I come.”

That sounded simple enough — and very exciting. Mandy opened her mouth wide and brought it down around his massive stiff boner. She damned near choked. “Unnnggghhhhh,” she gasped.

“Hey, silly, don’t try to take the whole thing,” Ron chuckled. “Your mouth isn’t big enough.”

No shit, Mandy thought.

She tried again, more carefully this time. She eased her lips down around his hot hard column of meat till the swollen head just grazed the back of her throat. She’d managed to take in maybe half his seven-inch dick. He showed her how to fist and pump the rest of it. She drew in her cheeks and began to suck, slowly and clumsily at first. But soon she had a nice steady rhythm going, and Ron was groaning with bliss.

“That’s it, baby, that’s perfect,” he panted.

“You sure got a natural talent for cock sucking.”

He watched the girl’s curly blonde head bobbing up and down over his lap. She wasn’t faking her enthusiasm. He could feel her literally drooling all over his prick as she sucked it, and she was going at it fast and hungrily, making a lewd wet slurping sound that added to his wicked arousal. While Mandy bobbed over his prick, he slid his hand down her back and between the plump little rounds of her ass till he touched the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter. He began to massage the little opening with a fingertip, and Mandy gave a muffled squeal of excitement.

“You like that, don’t you, baby?” he chuckled. “You like me to play with your asshole.”

He felt her give a horny shiver, and her asshole relaxed as if to invite his finger inside. He carefully eased the fat tip into the incredibly tight ring of muscles and felt the fiery heat inside her shitter. Very slowly but steadily he worked his stiff middle finger up her ass. He felt her drooling even more heavily as she sucked his cock, and he knew she was loving his finger in her shitter.

“Mmmmmmmmm, uuuummmmmm,” she moaned.

Mandy had never felt so strangely aroused and excited. She was doing things she’d never even heard of before tonight, and they were turning her on like mad. She loved sucking Ron’s big throbbing cock and eating his juice, and she felt intense pleasure as he eased his stiff finger up her shitter. She was creaming hard and heavily, the sticky juice soaking her pussy and thighs. At last Ron had his finger lodged all the way in her scorching little brownie. He began to finger-fuck her asshole in slow sensuous strokes.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, uunnnhhhhh,” she moaned.

His cock was crowding her mouth, threatening to burst. She sucked at it furiously, drawing out globs of tasty cream and gulping them down as fast as she could. Each deep thrust of his finger in her sensitive shitter gave her a hot blast of pleasure, and it wasn’t long before the excited teenager was right on the verge of coming. She sensed Ron was about to shoot his load, too. His prick was throbbing violently on her tongue, and he was groaning steadily. “Awwwwwwwww, fuck, that’s good,” he panted, “keep doing it, honey, I’m gonna come real quick.”

Mandy wondered what it would be like to get a whole steamy mouthful of his come. She wasn’t going to have to wait long to find out. As her excitement mounted she tightened her asshole around his pumping finger, getting even more red-hot delicious friction. Suddenly she felt a massive explosion of pleasure right down in the steaming depths of her ass. Her petite body began to convulse.

“Unnnhhhhhh, uuuhhhhhhh!” she moaned.

“You coming, honey?” Ron asked hoarsely. “Jesus, your asshole’s hot.”

That searing little tunnel was gripping and releasing his finger in a hot hard rhythm, and he realized the girl was coming like a bomb, sucking furiously on his prick as she convulsed and spasmed. He couldn’t control himself any longer. He gave a growl of lust and began fucking her mouth, cramming the nearly exploding head of his dick right into her throat. In her wild excitement she was able to take it without choking.

“Unnnhhhhh, fuck, get ready,” Ron groaned, “start eating it, baby, awwwwww!”

It happened so fast, Mandy was taken off guard. One second she was coming and sucking, and the next second her cheeks were bulging with Ron’s jetting jism. The steaming liquid spurted from the corners of her lips and dribbled down her chin. She gulped down the thick load, just in time to receive another. Ron groaned and fucked hard at her mouth, spilling jet after jet of sizzling come onto her lashing tongue.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” she moaned.

“Yeah, eat it, baby, eat all you want,” he panted.

Mandy wanted every last drop of his delicious come, and she almost got it. She suctioned the hot liquid out of his piss hole and licked his whole cock clean. Then, when his exhausted meat finally slipped from her mouth, she licked her lips to get the rest of his tasty jizz. Ron watched her with lust-glazed eyes. He’d never encountered a girl so hungry for cock juice before — and this was her very first blow-job. She was a natural talent, all right.

“You’re something else, Mandy,” he chuckled.

Mandy looked at him with her big innocent blue eyes, sighed, and said, “That was really fun, Ron. Now can we fuck?”

He stifled a bellow of laughter. It sure wouldn’t do to wake up Linda right now. “Look, honey,” he said gently, “I’m not gonna fuck you. I’d love to, but it wouldn’t be fair to Linda. I’ll eat you off instead, okay?”

“Terrific,” Mandy squealed.

Next to fucking, pussy eating was her favorite thing. She eagerly flopped down on her back and opened her legs wide, and Ron crawled between them. When she felt his hot moist breath tickling her naked pussy, she creamed hugely, a steaming flood that gushed down her ass crack. Ron gave a lusty growl and went for it, tonguing up all that tangy cream and gobbling it down like he was starved for it. Mandy gurgled with ecstasy.

“Ooooooooo, that’s so good,” she cried.

Ron shoved his hands under her squirming little ass and got a good grip, holding her pelvis still. Then he clamped his lips around her violently throbbing clit and began to suck. Mandy barely stifled a scream of delight. Hot stabs of pleasure ripped through her pussy, and she helplessly soaked Ron’s chin and cheeks with her gushing cream. She clawed the couch and felt herself hurtling towards a body rocking climax.

“Unnnhhhhhh, yeah, suck me,” she whimpered, “suck me and make me come.”

Ron’s head bobbed furiously up and down between her legs, and he was making an obscene slurping and snorting noise. Mandy threw her head back and gurgled and moaned. Soon her eyes fluttered shut, and her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace. She arched her body higher and higher, forcing her lusted gorged joy button between his sucking lips. Molten juice streamed from her cunt and flooded down her ass cleft, pudding on the couch.

“Ooooooooo, shit, it’s so damned good,” she moaned. “I’m gonna come real quick, Ron. Ooooooooo.”

Ron could feel her swollen erect clit throbbing like mad between his sucking lips, and he could feel her sizzling pussy cream spurting out to soak his bobbing chin. He sucked her faster and faster, knowing it would drive her wild. She fought to muffle her screams of ecstasy. Then suddenly her whole body seemed to explode with pleasure, convulsing and bucking.

“Ahhhhhhhh, shit, you did it to me!” she wailed. “Ahhh, yeah, I’m coming, ahhhhh!”

As Ron sucked her off, Mandy couldn’t help congratulating herself on the way she’d gotten around Aunt Jane. Baby-sitting was the answer to her problems, all right. Horny young husbands like Ron would be more than happy to take care of her lusts. But Mandy wasn’t quite satisfied with the situation. Her two favorite fucks — Doug and his attractive father — lived right next door, and yet they were off limits to her.

Mandy decided she just had to do something about that — whether Aunt Jane liked it or not.


Aunt Jane’s whole attitude changed when Mandy began baby-sitting. Jane trusted her again, and she proved it the very next day, a Saturday. She went off to shop and visit friends, leaving Mandy alone in the house. Of course Mandy was supposed to clean the place from top to bottom, which left her very little time for fun.

She was bustling through her chores as fast as she could, hoping she could still squeeze in some time with Doug before her aunt got home. About one o’clock the doorbell tang, and Mandy looked out the peephole to see who was there. She saw a very serious-looking man of about thirty, tall and lean and dark-haired. He was neatly dressed in a dark suit, and he wore horn-rimmed glasses. He was carrying a small bunch of flowers. He looked harmless enough, so Mandy opened the door.

“Hi, I’m Mandy,” she said. “Aunt Jane isn’t home right now.”

“Darn,” the man sighed, “when will she be back?”

“Not for a couple of hours,” Mandy said. “Can I take a message or anything?”

“Just tell her that Harold Harper called,” he said, starting to turn away.

Harold Harper? That had to be Aunt Jane’s “friend”, the one she sometimes went out with. Mandy suddenly got a very wicked idea — but an idea that might solve her problems with her aunt once and for all. It was kind of crazy, and maybe it wouldn’t work, but she just had to take a chance. She leaped forward and grabbed Harold by the sleeve. He whirled and gawked at her, his handsome but serious face reddening a little.

“Mr. Harper,” Mandy said sweetly, “could you please come in and talk to me for a few minutes? There’s something you might be able to help me with.”

He looked puzzled, but he said, “Why, yes, of course.”

Mandy got him some coffee, and she sat an the couch. “So you’re Aunt Jane’s boyfriend?” she grinned.

He reddened again. The guy was really shy. “I wish I was,” he sighed, “but she doesn’t want our relationship to go that far.”

“You’re kidding,” Mandy cried. “Don’t you even hold hands or kiss?”

“No,” Harold said, “as far as Jane is concerned, we’re just friends.”

Mandy frowned. “You know, there’s something really weird about that,” she said. “She’s normal and healthy, so what is this thing against sex? I can’t figure it out.”

“I can’t either,” Harold sighed, “but I’d give anything if I could change her attitude.”

Slowly Mandy broke into an impish grin. “I think I might just be able to help you,” she said.

“I thought I came in here to help you,” Harold said.

That had been a trick to get him into the house. “Never mind my problem,” Mandy said nobly, “it isn’t that important. I think the most important thing is to get you and my aunt together — really together. And the first thing you need to learn, Harold, is how to turn her on.”

“Turn her on?” he said, obviously puzzled. It was kind of strange for a girl to be teaching a thirty-year-old guy the facts of life, but it was clear that Harold needed help. He didn’t even know where to begin when it came to getting Aunt Jane interested in sex. Mandy decided she’d teach him everything she could. If he succeeded with Aunt Jane, Mandy could get her freedom back. Aunt Jane could hardly punish her for fucking if she was doing it herself. It was a long shot, but worth the effort.

“Okay, Harold,” Mandy said firmly, “let’s check out your kissing.”

She scooted over next to him till their thighs touched and held up her face to be kissed. Harold turned red as a beet, then awkwardly put his lips on hers. That was it. Nothing else happened. He didn’t even know how to kiss.

Mandy sighed, knowing it wasn’t going to be easy making this guy into a red-hot lover. But it would be worth all her time and energy if he could get Aunt Jane into bed.

“Like this, Harold,” she said.

She took his face in her hands and proceeded to give him a long hot tongue-kiss. She ground her mouth against his, easing his lips open, and snaked her hot little tongue inside, tickling and exploring. At the same time she rubbed her tits against him and wriggled and sighed. The kiss got very steamy and moist. Mandy felt Harold quivering. When she finally released him, his glasses were fogged over.

“Get the idea?” she said.

“Uh, er, yes, I believe do,” he said hoarsely.

“Show me,” Mandy ordered.

This time he did much better. In fact he really seemed to be getting off on it. Mandy started feeling that familiar heat and swelling in her greedy little pussy, and she looked forward to giving Harold more advanced lessons in love-making. But first she had to teach him the preliminaries. He was never going to get Aunt Jane into bed if he didn’t know how to turn her on beforehand. Mandy quickly pulled off her shirt and removed her bra, while Harold stared, red-faced and open-mouthed.

“Tits are very sensitive,” Mandy informed him calmly. “You can turn a girl on if you touch her tits right. Go ahead, give it a try.”

“I-I wouldn’t know where to begin,” Harold stammered.

This guy was something else. Patiently, Mandy smiled and took his hands and placed them over her hot little tits. She showed him how to squeeze and mold her tits, firmly but not too roughly. When she finally let go of his hands, Harold was catching on fast. The guy wasn’t going to be bad at all, if he could just get rid of his inhibitions. But Aunt Jane might be another story.

“Have you ever talked to my aunt about becoming more than friends?” Mandy asked.

“Yes,” Harold said, “but she told me to take it or leave it. She likes things just as they are.”

“Hmmmm, I wonder what her hang-up is?” Mandy pondered.

She liked the way Harold was massaging her sensitive tits, but then she would have welcomed any man’s touch just then. It had been over a week since she’d been fucked. Her little session with Ron Green had been fun and educational, but she still missed feeling a nice stiff cock in her seething little cunt. She sure hoped Harold could take care of that for her. Glancing at his fly, she thought she detected a growing bulge, but she couldn’t be sure.

Meanwhile her nipples were growing erect and stiff, poking against his palms. Harold was obviously turned on, breathing heavily as he caressed handfuls of hot tit flesh. Pretty soon he showed some initiative, leaning down and kissing the silky flesh. He let her rigid red nipples escape between his fingers, and he stabbed at them with the pointed tip of his hot wet tongue. Mandy squealed with pleasure and creamed right through her panties.

“Oooooooo, Harold, that makes me really hot,” she cried.

Harold was too bashful to reply, but she saw him flush with pride. He kept tonguing her nipples till they glistened with his hot spit. By now the rosy buds were so engorged with lust, they ached, and Mandy couldn’t take any more of that sweet torture. It was time to move on to the next lesson. As she thought of what she going to teach Harold next, she creamed hugely and shivered with anticipation.

“Harold,” she said, “just how much experience have you had with women?”

“Not much,” he said wistfully. “I’ve just been to a few hookers, that’s all.”

“Did you ever go down on them?” she asked.

Harold’s blank look told her all she needed to know. This guy was incredibly innocent when it came to sex. She recalled now that Jane had said he was a librarian. That probably didn’t give him many chances to get it on. But he was certainly well motivated and interested, and Mandy was sure she could teach him what he needed to know. Now she skinned out of her jeans and panties, and Harold gawked at her pretty little blonde bush.

Smiling, Mandy arranged herself on the couch with her moist pink slit fully exposed. She threw one leg up over the back of the couch and dangled the other off the edge. Harold swallowed hard as he studied her pretty teenage gash, and now she was sure about that big hard lump at his fly. It looked like his cock was going to tear its way out of his pants. Mandy shivered with lust as she envisioned what was going to happen next.

“You’d better take off your glasses for this, Harold,” she said huskily.

Harold obeyed, and she noted how much more attractive he was without the glasses. He was really a pretty nice-looking guy. Aunt Jane was a fool to turn him down, but maybe Mandy’s lessons would change things. Aunt Jane might have a lot of hang-ups and inhibitions when it came to sex, but she’d have to be a real weirdo not to be turned on by having her pussy eaten. If she didn’t go for that, she was hopeless.

“Come here, Harold,” Mandy leered.

She instructed him on how to lie between her legs and bring his face within licking distance of her luscious-looking pink pussy. Then she folded back the blonde-furred lips of her bush and let him examine the moist pea-size lump of her clit. She explained that it was the most sensitive organ of a woman’s body and that his fingers and tongue could work miracles with this little pink button of flesh. Then she leaned back and left him to solo.

“Go ahead, Harold, try whatever you want,” she grinned.

Harold didn’t waste any time. He looked like he was almost drooling onto her hot pink joy button. His tongue flashed out, red and glistening, and then Mandy squealed with delight as the hot meat contacted her supersensitive clit. He whipped his big tongue up and down over her throbbing love bud, giving her hot blasts of pleasure. There was definitely nothing wrong with his instincts when it came to giving head.

“Ooooooo, Harold, that’s terrific,” she squealed. “You’re going great, baby, don’t stop!”

Perhaps she should have concentrated on her teaching duties, but right now she just couldn’t resist grabbing a little relief for her lust-engorged pussy. If she could just come, then maybe she could think straight again. She arched her body up and shoved her throbbing joy button firmly against Harold’s whipping tongue, and she creamed like crazy, the molten liquid overflowing her cunt and flooding down the crack of her ass. She felt herself spinning helplessly towards a body-blasting climax.

“Unnnhhhhhh, shit, that’s so good,” she whimpered. “Keep doing it, Harold, make me come.”

Harold was like a pussy-eating machine, tirelessly whipping his big hot tongue up and down over her swollen joy button and giving her delicious stabs of sensation. Mandy closed her eyes and shut out everything but the mounting pleasure she was feeling. Soon her pretty face was twisted in a big grimace of lust and she was panting on the very verge of climax. She was just alert enough to throw in one more bit of instruction for Harold.

“Suck it,” she gasped, “suck me off.”

Harold obliged, jamming his mouth onto her swollen clit and sucking like crazy. Mandy screamed and almost went into orbit. Keeping her legs as wide apart as she could, she greedily crammed her throbbing clit between his lips. She drenched his bobbing chin with loads of helplessly spurting pussy cream, and she clawed at the couch as her pleasure built to a fever pitch. Then suddenly she was over the edge, her body blasted with ecstasy.

“Unnnnnhhhhh, I’m coming!” she wailed. “Oooooooo, Harold, ooooooo!”

Harold was talented, all right. Instead of backing off as she came, he grabbed her lustily churning ass and held her tight against his face, greedily gobbling her spasming clit and sucking up her molten come-juice. His steady sucking made her climax very intense and long. She was beginning to envy her Aunt Jane for the pleasure she was going to have if Aunt Jane was smart enough to accept t.

“Oh, wow, fantastic,” she sighed as she finally came down from her hot orgasm.

“I did okay?” Harold asked eagerly.

“Harold, you were great,” Mandy grinned. “Want to learn some more?”

“I sure do,” he said eagerly.

“Then just stick your tongue up my cunt and fuck me with it,” she leered.

Harold shook his head wonderingly. “How does a girl your age learn all this?” he asked.

“Never mind,” Mandy giggled, “just do what I tell you. I’m the teacher.”

“You sure are,” he sighed.

He thrust his face into her steaming slit again, and Mandy moaned with excitements when she felt his big thick tongue easing its way into her hotly aroused box. Short of fucking itself, what she liked best was a big slippery tongue cramming her horny little cunt. She gurgled and squealed as Harold stuffed her full of throbbing meat. He got a good grip on her little round ass and began plunging his juicy tongue-meat up and down in her snug twat.

“Unnnhhhhh, Harold, that’s it,” she shrieked, “you’re doing great, baby.”

Again she closed her eyes to blot out everything but the incredible pleasure she was feeling. Harold’s plowing tongue was making a loud obscene sucking noise as it reamed the tangy juice from her hot little box, and that noise just added to her kinky thrills. She’d never expected to spend the afternoon getting head from the town librarian, but she sure as hell wasn’t knocking it. She gurgled, moaned, and creamed all over Harold’s face. It wasn’t long before she was quivering on the very verge of orgasm.

“Unnnhhhhh, Harold, you crazy motherfucker, I’m gonna come,” she screeched.

Harold flinched, probably because of her naughty language, but he sure didn’t let up on the tongue-fucking. He kept drilling deep and hard for her tasty cunt cream, and his deep plowing tongue was giving her incredible blasts of pleasure. She dug her nails into the couch and arched her body up to take his tongue as far as she could in her seething pussy hole. Mother few hard thrusts from his tongue and she was over the edge.

“Ahhhhhhh, fuck, ahhhhhh,” she howled, “I’m coming, unnnhhhhhhh!”

Harold gripped her writhing ass and kept reaming her gushing cunt as she came. Floods of tangy cream soaked his face, and he lapped up mouthfuls of the sizzling juice and ate it. At last Mandy stopped convulsing and went limp, her pussy tingling with satisfaction. Harold came up for air, flushed and glassy-eyed, his face smeared with her sticky cream. She looked at him in wonder. Who would have guessed that this mousy-looking guy would make a terrific lover? There was just one more thing she wanted to test him at — and she got horny all over again just thinking about it.

“Take off your clothes, Harold,” she grinned. “It’s time to fuck.”

He wasn’t nearly so shy and uptight now. He stood up without hesitation and stripped. His body was lean and hard, and Mandy was very turned on by it. But as he stepped out of his shorts, she almost fainted. Bashful Harold, the town librarian, was hung like a horse. Her mouth dropped open as she ogled his wrist thick eight-inch dick. Aunt Jane just didn’t know what she was missing. Mandy creamed like crazy as she studied that massive hard-on. “I’m ready,” Harold finally reminded her. “I’ll say you are,” Mandy sighed.

His cock looked awfully big for her little tried cunt, but she was juicing so heavily she knew she could take it. Gurgling in anticipation, she again threw her legs open as wide as she could, and Harold quickly crawled between them. As he let himself down on her, his enormous rock-hard prick crammed her cunt. Mandy felt stuffed breathless with the throbbing meat. She’d never taken a cock this big before.

“Awwwww, Jesus, you’re tight,” Harold moaned.

He was shivering with excitement as he pushed into her. He sheathed his engorged fuck tool in her velvety tunnel, then lay there you for a moment savoring the sensation, the swollen head of his prick throbbing against her womb. Beneath him Mandy began to calm down and enjoy his cock. It was so big, it had scared her at first, but now she realized it wasn’t going to split her in half. Pretty soon she began to jerk her hips impatiently and drench his deeply lodged cock with molten cream.

“Come on, Harold,” she whimpered, clawing at shoulders, “fuck me. Fuck me good and hard.”

Harold give a lusty growl, gripped her hot little ass, and began fucking into her in deep, hard strokes that shook her whole body. The guy obviously hadn’t been laid for awhile, and he had a lot of lust stored up. Although her body shuddered with the impact of his pile driving cock, Mandy was thrilled. She was feeling pretty horny herself, and this rough fucking was just what she needed to satisfy her burning lusts. Soon she was fucking back at him, jerking her hips in time to his strokes.

“Unnnhhhh, you’re fucking me really good, Harold, she moaned, “I just love it.”

“This is one thing I don’t need lessons at,” he laughed. “But do you really think Jane will like it?”

“She’s crazy if she doesn’t,” Mandy moaned.

They shut up then and just fucked at each other like animals in heat, snarling and growling and panting. The more excited they got, the faster they fucked, Mandy’s lustily jerking hips keeping perfect time with Harold’s jack hammering cock. Soon Mandy began to come, and she couldn’t stop. She got one body blasting orgasm after another from Harold’s tireless fuck tool. For the first time in her life she was getting all the climaxes she wanted, gorging on them.

“Ooooooo, fuck, shit, oooooo!” she wailed.

“Mandy, your language,” Harold panted.

“I can’t help it, I’m coming so fucking good!” she moaned.

Harold just laughed and fucked her even harder. She wondered how the guy could last so long. He must be making up for lost time. But hopefully Mandy lessons would get him a permanent lover — Aunt Jane. And with Jane busy fucking Harold, Mandy would be free to have all the fun she wanted. Just thinking about it made her horny all over again, and she screamed in ecstasy as Harold’s pounding cock brought her off yet another time.

“Ahhhhhhh, yeah, so good! Ahhhhh!” she wailed.

But even Harold had his limits, and in another minute or so he suddenly stiffened and gasped. Mandy felt the first sizzling spurt of his jizz against her womb, and then he began to fuck into her with lightning speed, filling her gripping twat with molten come.

“Ahhhhhhh, Christ, I’m coming, aaaggghhhhh!” he roared.

Mandy gurgled with satisfaction as she took load after load of his hot jizz. She’d taught Harold everything she knew, and he’d been an A-plus student. If he couldn’t seduce Aunt Jane, nobody could.

After they dressed, Harold said, “Now what, teacher?”

“Aunt Jane should be home real soon,” Mandy grinned. “Just wait for her to try out what I taught you.”

“You really think it’ll work?” Harold asked.

Mandy didn’t have time to reply. There was somebody at the door.


Mandy looked through the peephole and saw Doug. That was a surprise. Aunt Jane had told him very clearly to stay away from Mandy after she’d caught them fucking. Perhaps he’d noticed that Jane’s car wasn’t in the carport and had decided to risk a visit. That was great with Mandy. She’d been dying to see him I again. She flung open the door and flashed him a big smile.

“Hi, Mandy,” he leered, “can you come out and play?”

“I’d love to, Doug,” she purred. “Why don’t you meet me in the back yard? I’ll be there in just a minute.”

After he’d gone, Mandy turned to Harold and said, “Well, good luck — and please don’t tell my aunt where I’ve gone. You could, just say I went to a movie.”

“Okay,” Harold grinned, “and thanks a lot for the lessons, Mandy.”

“My pleasure, Harold,” she smiled.

She hurried out the back door and found Doug waiting on the patio. “I just had to take a chance on seeing you again, Mandy,” he said. “I hope I didn’t cause trouble.”

“You didn’t,” she said. “And maybe we won’t have any more trouble from my aunt after today.” Quickly she explained about the plot she’d cooked up with Harold.

Doug looked doubtful. “I just can’t imagine your aunt liking sex,” he said.

“Well, stranger things have happened,” Mandy replied. “But let’s not talk about Aunt Jane. Let’s have fun.”

“Terrific,” Harold said, grabbing for her.

They stood there kissing and pawing each other, and even after her steamy session with Harold, Mandy was instantly horny again. She seemed to have an endless capacity for getting it on, and she doubted she’d ever get enough fucking. As Doug worked his tongue around in her mouth and squeezed the firm little globes of her ass, she creamed right through her panties. She rubbed her mound against the boy’s rock-hard cock, letting him know how urgently she wanted him.

“Maybe this isn’t a very good place,” she said breathlessly. “How about back in those trees?”

“Right,” Doug panted.

At the back of the lot was a small grove of trees, and inside them a little clearing. It was a good spot for making love, because nobody could possibly see in there. However Mandy and Doug didn’t know it, but they’d discovered this ideal hiding place too late… While they were still standing on the patio kissing, they were being observed.

Mike Anders, had strolled out onto his back porch, beer in hand, with nothing in particular to do. His wife had gone shopping and Doug was off somewhere. It was a sunny, lazy Saturday, and there was still an hour before Mike’s favorite sports program on TV. He stretched, yawned, took a sip of his beer, and then happened to glance across the fence to Jane Martin’s patio. He almost choked on his beer.

“That little bastard,” he grinned, “he’s still at it.”

He saw his son kissing and pawing Mandy, right there in the broad daylight. That was pretty risky. Doug had confessed last week that Miss Martin had caught him and Mandy “necking”, as he put it, and that she’d forbidden him ever to see the girl again. But obviously she wasn’t home right now, and Doug had taken advantage of her absence. Mike couldn’t blame him a bit. He’d missed Mandy himself.

Now he watched with growing envy as the two horny kids kissed and pawed each other. He’d promised himself that he wouldn’t get involved with Mandy, but right now he ached to fuck her again. He remembered all too vividly how deliciously tight her cunt was and how she squealed with pleasure as he hammered his cock into her. He could use a little of that action right now. As he recalled how it had been to fuck her, his prick went stiff as a board and strained against the fly of his jeans.

“Goddamn,” he muttered.

He should just knock it off. It would be stupid to fuck the girl again. He didn’t want to risk his marriage. But he couldn’t help watching and lusting as Mandy and Doug exchanged deep steamy tongue-kisses. Then the two kids looked around and said something, obviously deciding that they weren’t well hidden enough. They disappeared from the patio, heading for the back of the yard. Mike made a quick decision. He chugged the rest of his beer and hurried over to Jane Martin’s place.

Sneaking quietly in the gate, he padded towards the little grove of trees at the back of the lot. Reaching it, he dropped to his hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the thick shrubbery surrounding the clearing. He peered through the bushes and shivered with excitement. Not ten feet away Mandy was stripping off her clothes. His cock gave a hard lurch in his pants as he ogled her curvy young body. Doug was stripping, too, and when they were both naked they grabbed each other and rolled onto the grass.

“Jesus, did I ever miss you,” Doug moaned. “I had to jack off about ten times a day.”

“I missed you, too, Doug,” Mandy said, reaching for his handsome stiff cock.

She started running her hot little fist up and down the smooth hard pole of his prick. He moaned and grabbed for her ripe apple-sized tits, squeezing and molding the hot globes of flesh. Mandy felt molten juice spurting from her cunt and soaking her pussy. It seemed incredible that she’d just finished fucking Harold, because already she was insanely horny again. She looked down at Doug’s engorged cock and saw a thick stream of juice oozing from his piss hole. She started to drool.

“Mmmmmmm, I just have to taste that,” she moaned.

“Do what?” Doug exclaimed.

“Give you some head,” Mandy grinned. He looked puzzled, and she laughed, “Never mind, I’ll just show you what I mean.”

She knelt beside him as he lay on his back, then dipped her head low, bringing her pink glossed lips within an inch of his stiff-standing cock. Her hot breath tickled the sensitive head of his cock, and he shivered with excitement. Then he saw her small pink tongue dart out to scoop up some of his oozing cream. The brief contact of tongue and cock was electric and delicious. She kept stabbing at his dick with the pointed tip of her tongue, lapping up his juice.

“Jesus, that feels great, Mandy,” he groaned.

“Good, ’cause I wanta do a lot of it,” she giggled.

Watching them, Mike was about going out of his mind with lust. Apparently Mandy had learned some new tricks since he’d seen her last, and she obviously hadn’t learned them from his son. He could only speculate as to how she got around so much in a town this small. It didn’t matter anyway. He only knew he wanted to be in Doug’s place, having her juicy hot tongue lashing the swollen head of his prick. He wanted to watch her gobble his cream.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah, fantastic,” Doug was sighing.

Mike couldn’t blame him for looking so blissed-out. He was lying there with his arms folded behind his head, watching the cute blonde girl lapping up his cock cream. Mandy was whipping her hot little tongue up and down the granite column of his cock, catching every drop of cream that oozed and dribbled from his piss hole. She rolled the salty stuff around in her mouth, savoring the taste, and then gulped it down hungrily.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm,” she sighed.

Pretty soon his whole blue-veined dick gleamed with her hot spit. Doug was shivering with excitement, his eyes hot and glassy as he watched her work. When she’d, cleaned his whole prick of the sticky cream, she drilled her pointed tongue tip into his cock cleft and reamed out more hot liquid. Doug was ready to come right in her face, and he gritted his teeth and struggled to hold out. Mike was having similar problems as he spied on them. He fought the urge to liberate his achingly stiff cock and jack off as he watched.

Mandy was drooling all over his dick as she greedily licked up his delicious juice. She cleaned out his piss hole with her darting tongue tip but still felt hungry for more. She knew how to get it. She fisted the thick throbbing base of his cock and crammed the rest into the steam heat of her mouth. Drawing in her cheeks sharply, she began to suck like crazy, suctioning the hot cream right out of his piss hole.

It had all happened so fast that Doug just stared at her with his mouth hanging open. One minute she’d been licking his dick, and then all of a sudden she’d popped it in her mouth and started sucking on it. Doug had never heard of cock-sucking before, and he didn’t know what to think. It didn’t take him long to form an opinion, however. As he felt his swollen prick sheathed in the velvety wet folds of her cheek linings, he experienced fantastic pleasure.

“Shit, yessss,” he hissed.

Mike groaned softly and rubbed his aching hard-on which threatened to tear right out of his jeans. He could tell this was Doug’s first blow-job. The kid hadn’t expected Mandy to take his prick in her mouth, and at first he didn’t know how to react. Then he got this ecstatic expression on his face and began to groan steadily. Mike didn’t blame them a bit. Personally he would have given his left nut to be in Doug’s place right now, with Mandy’s juicy hot mouth all around his swollen meat.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm,” Mandy moaned.

She loved cock-sucking — which figured. Mike had never encountered a more naturally lusty young lady than Mandy Martin. He imagined how terrific it would feel to have her going down on him, noisily and greedily sucking the hot cream out of his dick. His cock gave a violent lurch in his pants, straining against the tight prison, and Mike couldn’t take the pressure any longer. He unzipped his jeans and let his grossly swollen prick wag free.

That was some improvement, but not much. He had to do something with that hard-on, and what he really craved to do was race into the clearing and cram his prick up Mandy’s hot little pussy hole. That wouldn’t be very polite, though. It would be breaking in on Doug’s scene, spoiling things for the kid. Mike gritted his teeth and stifled a moan of frustration.

Mandy’s curly blonde head was bobbing briskly up and down as she greedily sucked Doug’s cock. As her excitement grew, she sucked faster and faster on his spit-covered prick, making a lewd slurping noise that Mike could hear all too well. Doug’s eyes rolled aimlessly for awhile, then closed in ecstasy, and his nostrils flared. He began to pant as he approached climax. He couldn’t hold it back much longer, not with all that hot hungry sucking going on.

“Awwwwww, fuck, it’s good,” he whined, “but I’m afraid I’ll come in your mouth, Mandy.”

Mandy popped her mouth off his wet, stiff cock and said breathlessly, “That’s okay, Doug — I wanta eat your cum.”

“You do?” he exclaimed.

But Mandy couldn’t reply. She already had a mouthful of cock again. She was sucking harder than ever, like she was trying to suction the very last drops of juice right from his balls. Mike could see her throat muscles working as she anticipated the huge hot load she was going to eat. Her tiny fist was pumping like crazy on the engorged base of Doug’s cock, and her hugely spread lips pistoned up and down the granite column of his prick.

“Uuuummmm, mmmmmm,” she moaned. Doug’s face was red with lust, his eyes tightly shut, and his teeth flashing in a big grimace of bliss. It was a miracle the kid hadn’t shot his load yet, but he obviously wasn’t going to hold out another second. As Mandy applied powerful vacuum pressure to his prick, he let out a roar of ecstasy and began flooding her mouth and throat with his molten jizz.

“Awwwww, shit, I’m coming!” he howled.

Mike grabbed his own lustily jerking cock and began to pump it as he watched his son coming in the girl’s mouth. Mandy was deliberately not swallowing, letting the sizzling juice collect till her cheeks bulged with it. Only then did she take one big greedy gulp and eat it all. Doug kept moaning and fucking her mouth, feeding her jet after jet of the salty liquid. Mike just barely resisted the urge to jack off as he watched and imagined himself in the boy’s place.

“Oh, Christ, what I wouldn’t give to be him,” he moaned.

Well, that wasn’t quite true. He wouldn’t be a teenager again for anything. But he sure as hell would like to walk in there right now and get a blow-job just like the one Doug had had. And why not? The kid had gotten his rocks off, and he’d be out, of action for a few minutes. But Mandy looked like she was still hot and ready. As Doug’s prick finally slipped from her mouth, she licked her lips to get the very last drops of his come, and then she gave a wistful sigh.

“Oh, wow, Mandy, that was fantastic,” Doug breathed.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she said, squirming a little. Her pussy was on fire with need. She’d really gotten off on sucking his cock, but it hadn’t done much for her lust-inflamed cunt. Frantic with need, she reached down and started rubbing her pussy. Mike, watching from the bushes, now knew for sure that the girl was up for more action.

“You don’t have to play with yourself, honey,” he said out loud. “I’ll help you out.”

Mandy and Doug gasped as Mike crawled into the clearing. “Dad,” Doug cried hoarsely, “what are you doing here?”

“Never mind, son,” Mike said, ogling Mandy’s luscious naked body. “I won’t tell on you if you won’t tell on me. Is it a deal?”

“Sure, Dad,” Doug said, “but what do you want?”

Mike and Mandy looked at him like he was crazy. Mike had a hard-on that wouldn’t quit, a cock-stand that made his fly bulge, and this kid was asking him what he wanted? But Doug was very innocent and inexperienced, and they both knew it. It wasn’t right to make fun of him. While Mike started taking off his clothes, Mandy crawled over to Doug and tried to explain things to the bewildered boy.

“Your dad and I wanta get it on, Doug,” she said.

He gawked at her. “But he’s too old for you,” he cried.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Mandy grinned. “Just watch him. You might learn something.”

Doug didn’t look convinced, but Mandy didn’t have time to argue with him. Mike was naked and waiting for her, his big eight-inch prick drooling in anticipation. She crawled over to him, and he eased her onto her back and spread her legs wide, completely exposing her delicious-looking pink slit. He plunged his face into her steaming pussy, and she let out a wail of bliss. Doug’s attention picked up, and he crawled over for a closer look.

“Ooooooo, yeah, lick my pussy,” Mandy moaned.

Mike briefly raised his flushed face and said with a leer, “I’ll get you off, and then you get me off, okay?”

“Right on,” Mandy grinned.

Doug got there just in time to see his dad cram his whole tongue up Mandy’s cunt. He wasn’t gentle about it. He just shoved it in right to the root. Mandy let out a howl that must have been heard a block away, and she drenched Mike’s face with a thick flood of cream. Then Mike started tongue-fucking her, plowing the stiff meat roughly up and down in her sucking box, and she dug her nails into the grass and whimpered in ecstasy. She seemed to love his roughness.

“Unnnhhhhh, shit, it’s so good,” she moaned. “Keep doing it to me, Mike, don’t ever stop.”

Doug watched intently. He hadn’t dreamed his old man was an expert pussy-eater. But it was obvious that he was driving Mandy wild with his tongue, and Doug wanted to learn just how he did it. That kind of knowledge could come in real handy. The boy crouched about a foot away from the action, watching his father’s wet red tongue as it hammered in and out of the girl’s fur-fringed cunt lips. The thick meat made an obscene sucking and slurping noise as it reamed out her cream.

Mandy had her head thrown back and her eyes screwed shut in ecstasy. “Unnnnnhhhh, fuck, it’s so good,” she moaned.

Mike’s head was bobbing faster and faster as he drilled his stiff tongue deep into her molten little fuck hole. That seemed to be the secret, gradually and steadily increasing the speed and force of his tongue-fucking. Mandy was pounding her fists against the grass and moaning hoarsely, and all the while she was spreading her legs wider and wider, taking Mike’s jerking tongue as deep as she could get it. Then suddenly her body began to buck and convulse.

“Unnnhhhhh, I’m coming, unnnhhhhhh!” she howled.

Doug shivered lustily and felt his tireless young cock snapping into stiffness. It really turned him on to watch Mandy climax, she did it so violently. Her pretty little tits were wobbling like jello, and thick spurts of come were jetting from her cunt and soaking his dad’s face. Mike was still hammering his tongue in and out of her gushing box, lapping up her tangy juice and eating it. He didn’t pull out till she’d completely finished coming.

“Ohhhhhh, wow, fantastic,” Mandy sighed. “What do you want me to do to you, Mike?”

“Suck me off,” he leered, “just like you did Doug.”

“Dad, you were spying on us,” Doug said accusingly.

But his father and Mandy paid him no attention. Mike slumped down on his back, and his massive cock pointed right at the tree tops, blue veins bulging on the wrist-thick shaft. Mandy gave a horny little moan and dived for his meat, opening her mouth wide. She took in as much as she could, maybe half his eight inches, and she fisted and pumped the rest. As she caved in her cheeks, sheathing his dick in hot juicy flesh, Mike groaned in ecstasy.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, sugar, suck my cock,” he cried, “suck me off good and hard.”

Mandy hardly needed any encouragement. She was going at his dick like she was starved for it, her head bobbing up and down furiously. She’d never sucked a cock that large before, and she found it a real turn-on. Thick globs of cream were gushing from Mike’s piss hole, and she gulped them down greedily and sucked for more. His massive boner was throbbing against every inch of her mouth, stuffing her completely, and she knew Mike was very close to coming.

“Awwwwww, fuck, that’s good,” he rasped. “Keep doing it, baby, don’t stop. I’m gonna give you a big hot mouthful in just a second.”

Doug watched in total fascination as Mandy sucked off his dad. He didn’t know why exactly, but it turned him on like crazy to watch the scene. His eager young cock was hugging his belly in a fierce hard-on and leaking thick streams of juice, and his balls were taut and full of steaming jizz. He wanted to be in his dad’s place, with Mandy’s scorching wet mouth sucking the come right out of his balls.

Unfortunately he’d just have to wait his turn. “Unnnhhhhh, shit, I’m gonna come,” Mike groaned.

He wished the delicious sensations could go on forever, but he was just too wildly aroused to hold out. Mike watched the cute teenage blonde sucking ravenously on his cock, moaning with excitement as she gulped his juice, and he felt his ball’s spasm and release their searing-hot load. He bellowed and flooded Mandy’s mouth with his bursting jizz.

“Eat it, baby, eat it!” he roared. “Awwwwwww, fuck, aaaggghhhhh!”

Mandy’s cheeks bulged with the sudden flood of jism, and the creamy stuff spurted from the corners of her lips. She gulped and went on gulping as Mike loaded her mouth with successive waves of steaming come. Doug was almost coming himself as he watched, his cock lurching and drooling. He needed Mandy desperately, but would his dad be willing to share the girl?


Mike noticed Doug’s wistful expression and knew exactly what was on the boy’s mind. As if his expression wasn’t enough to give him away, he had a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. “Go ahead, son,” Mike grinned, “she’s your girl, too.”

“You don’t mind sharing her, Dad?” Doug said wonderingly.

“Well, it’s really up to Mandy, isn’t it?” Mike replied. “And I got a feeling she won’t mind at all.”

Mandy broke into a big smile. “Your dad’s right, Doug,” she said. “Now why don’t you come over here and let me do something about that nice big cock-stand?”

Doug didn’t hesitate. He crawled over to where Mandy was lying, and she reached eagerly for his stiff cock. He let her fist the engorged meat and pump it, but he felt impatient. What he really wanted was to cram his achingly swollen prick into her snug little fuck hole. Before long he just couldn’t contain himself. He writhed and panted with frustration, and his voice came out in a horny croak.

“Mandy,” he moaned “can we fuck now? I’m so horny. I could die.”

“Well,” Mike laughed, “he’s sure got manners.”

“Never mind,” Mandy said, “I know exactly how he feels. Sure we can fuck, Doug. I’ve been ready for about an hour.”

Mike realized that this was a gentle jab at him. He’d been eager enough to eat her pussy and let her suck him off, but he hadn’t fucked her. And knowing Mandy, she had to be incredibly horny by now. Mike felt a pang of envy, knowing his teenage son would be the one to take care of her. But it was his own damned fault. Next time he got his turn with her if there was a next time — he’d fuck the socks off her. For now, he’d just have tote an observer.

Mandy had rolled onto her hands and knees and was presenting Doug with her luscious little ass. She really got off on the doggy position. Her fiery-hot cunt was leaking a steady stream of molten juice, and the pearly liquid coursed down her thighs. Doug got behind her and grasped her slim hips to steady himself. Panting, he socked the fat purple head of his prick into the slick little pit of her cunt mouth.

“Ooooooo, yeah, Doug, get into me,” she squealed.

Doug almost came right then and there, he was so aroused. After watching Mandy suck off his dad, he somehow wanted her more than ever. He gave a snort of lust and plowed into her, reaching her womb in one greedy thrust. She howled with excitement and drenched his meat with a huge flood of steaming juice. The excited kids began fucking at each other, Mandy jerking her hips in time to the rough hungry strokes of Doug’s cock.

“Ahhhhhhh, shit, that’s good,” Doug groaned.

“Ooooooo, yeah, fuck it to me, Doug,” Mandy squealed.

Mike felt dizzily aroused, his cock springing into stiffness, his balls filling suddenly and painfully with another sizzling load of juice. He was sitting just a few feet away from the lustily humping teenagers, and he could watch Doug’s blue-veined cock hammering in and out of Mandy’s hot little cunt. He could even hear the obscene sucking noise the boy’s prick was making as it reamed the juice from her gripping twat. It was enough to drive a man crazy.

“Don’t take all day, son,” he muttered between clenched teeth.

The kids didn’t hear him. They were totally absorbed in their fun. Doug’s flat belly was smacking loudly against Mandy’s upturned ass, and his pile-driving cock was forcing the pearly cream out of her tight little box. The hot liquid flooded down her inner thighs and splattered against his belly and balls. Mike would have given anything to be in the boy’s place just then, hammering his lust-engorged dick in that velvety little hole. It was hell to wait his turn, especially when he had to wait for his own young son. But he didn’t see any alternative.

“Unnnhhhhh, Doug, you’re fucking me so good,” Mandy was whimpering. “Keep doing it to me, fuck it to me real hard.”

Mike shivered and groaned as he watched Doug responding to the girl’s hoarse pleas. The kid was tireless, fucking into her faster and harder by the second. Soon her petite body was shaking from the impact of his pounding cock, her pretty little tits swinging wildly from side to side. Mandy was digging her nails into the grass, and her face was contending in a lusty grimace. She was loving every second of Doug’s rough deep fucking.

“Ooooooo, shit, yessss,” she hissed, “it’s so fucking good.”

Doug obviously shared her opinion, but be was beyond words by now. He had his eyes screwed shut, blotting out everything but the hot pleasure he was feeling as he sheathed his prick again and again in her juicy little fuck tunnel. He looked as if he could go on all day enjoying himself — and that was just what Mike feared. His own prick was so engorged, it felt ready to burst, and he ached to cram it into Mandy’s deliciously hot and hungry pussy hole. But his son showed no signs of tiring. He just fucked away with that blissful expression on his face as if he had all the time in the world.

“Oh, Christ,” Mike groaned.

Again nobody paid any attention to him. Mandy and Doug were off in their own little world of hot pleasure, her hips jerking in perfect time to his strokes. Each time he plowed his steel-hard boner into her, she met it with a backward thrust of her hips, taking the thick meat as deep as she could get it. The thick streams of hot cream continued to pour from her hammered twat and gush down her thighs. She was quivering on the very verge of a wild orgasm.

“Unnnnhhhhh, Doug, fuck me as hard as you can,” she begged, “get me off.”

Doug obeyed, fucking into her like a young stallion, and at last he began to show some signs of tiring. His face got red with effort, and sweat began to bead on his forehead. But he fucked her faster and harder than ever, and she responded with shrill squeals of ecstasy. Mike watched in an agony of horniness, fantasizing himself in his son’s place and pounding his rigid cock in the girl’s molten fuck hole. Then suddenly Mandy screamed and began to buck and shudder, her whole body quaking with an overdose of hot pleasure.

“Ooooooo, fuck, I’m coming!” she howled. “Ohhhhhh, whhhhaaaaahhhhhh!”

Mike breathed a sigh of relief. Now surely Doug would get off, too. No man could resist Mandy’s powerfully squeezing cunt, which gripped and flattened a guy’s cock as she came. Mike remembered that powerful squeezing action and almost came in the air. But Doug gritted his teeth and managed to ride it out. He’d gotten his second wind, and he wasn’t about to surrender the girl’s deliciously hot and tiny twat.

“Mmmmmmmm, that was good,” Mandy said with a satisfied sigh.

“I’ll make it happen again,” Doug promised hoarsely.

Now Mike was totally out of patience. His enormously swollen cock was leaking huge globs of hot cream, and his balls were ready to explode with their steaming cargo. There had to be some way he could share the girl with Doug obviously they both couldn’t use her cunt at the same time, but there was still her mouth. Mike thought it over quickly and came up with an idea that just might work. But he was going to have to get his son’s cooperation. Once more Doug had his eyes screwed shut in bliss and was humping away like crazy, enjoying Mandy’s slippery little pussy hole. He wouldn’t appreciate being interrupted.

But Mike couldn’t take the frustration a second longer. “Hey, son,” he growled, “how about sharing Mandy?”

Doug opened his eyes and gawked at him. “What do you mean, Dad?” he said. “We’re sharing her now, aren’t we?”

“I mean at the same time,” Mike said. “Pull out for a second and let me show you what I mean.”

Doug was really pissed off. If Mike hadn’t been his father, he would have told him to go fuck himself. But he’d always obeyed and respected his dad, and he obeyed him now, very reluctantly pulling his cream-soaked prick from Mandy’s hot little cunt. Then Mike crawled over, drew Mandy’s eagerly offered ass in his direction, and socked the enormous purple head of his prick into her slick little twat mouth.

“Oooooooo, it’s so big,” Mandy squealed. She was eager to know what Mike meant by sharing her at the same time, but now it looked like just an excuse to get her for himself. She felt sorry for Doug, but she sure loved the feeling of his father’s big hard cock pushing into her hotly aroused cunt. The massive eight-incher reamed and scraped against every inch of her tight cuntal tube, and she responded by creaming all over it. She loved feeling fully crammed with hotly throbbing cock meat. At last she felt Mike’s coarse-haired balls touching her ass.

“Unnnhhhhh, fantastic,” she moaned.

“This ain’t nothing compared to what I’m gonna give you now, baby,” Mike rasped.

“Hang on, we’re going for a real hard ride.” Crouching right beside him, Doug was practically purple with rage. “Now just a damned minute, Dad,” he cried. “This isn’t fair. I was having my turn with Mandy.”

Mike turned to him with a wicked grin and said, “Oh, you won’t be left out, son. I’m sure Mandy’ll be delighted to suck you off while I fuck her.”

Mandy gasped. What a terrific idea! She wondered why she hadn’t thought of it, because it was just the sort of wild and kinky thing she enjoyed. She creamed hugely all over Mike’s cock just thinking about it. Mike began fucking her in slow, deep, sensuous strokes while he waited for Doug to join the party, but Doug just knelt there with his mouth hanging open, as if he couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.

“Come on, Doug,” Mandy cried impatiently, “get around here so I can suck your cock.”

“You really mean it?” Doug croaked.

“She means it, son,” Mike chuckled.

Doug crawled around and knelt in front of Mandy, bringing his stiff young seven-inch just on a level with her lips. She eagerly opened her mouth and allowed him to slide his engorged meat over her slippery tongue and right into the back of her throat. Then she closed her lips and sucked in her cheeks. She started to suction the hot cream out of his piss hole, and Doug groaned in ecstasy.

“Awwwwwwww, fuck, yeah,” he cried, “that feels great, Mandy!”

“See,” Mike chuckled, “I told you we could share her.”

“Mmmmmmm, uuummmmmm,” Mandy sighed.

This was better than any fantasy she’d ever had, because in her fantasies she’d been involved with only one guy. Now she was taking on two men at once, and that was a lot more exciting. While Mike worked his massive stiff boner in her greedy little cunt, she got to suck Doug’s tasty young cock and gobble up his cream. She couldn’t have asked for more. She creamed heavily and helplessly, soaking Mike’s deep-driving prick, and she drooled all over Doug’s throbbing fuck tool. She adored the sensation of being, crammed with cock at both ends of her body.

“Ahhhhhhh, shit, fantastic,” Doug sighed as she loudly sucked his cock.

“So fucking tight and hot,” Mike moaned, plowing his stiff boner into the molten depths of her cunt.

Mandy couldn’t say anything with her whole mouth stuffed with cock, but her muffled cries of pleasure told father and son how much she was getting off on their kinky three-way scene. Mike was setting the pace for the others. As his excitement mounted, he fucked Mandy faster and harder, and she in turn sucked faster and more strongly on Doug’s pulsating dick. Doug couldn’t stay passive for long. He began fucking her mouth, imitating the rhythm of his father’s pistoning cock.

“Mmmmmmm, unnnnhhhh,” Mandy moaned.

The scene was just blowing her mind, and it was even more exciting to know that she could have a whole summer of these hot and kinky experiments — if only Harold succeeded in seducing her Aunt Jane. Maybe when this round was finished, she’d better check and see how he was doing. But right now wild horses couldn’t have dragged her away. She whimpered with ecstasy as Mike’s massive cock pounded in her horny little cunt and Doug’s slick boner reamed her mouth.

Good luck, Harold, she thought.

By the time Jane Martin got home from shopping, she was embarrassingly horny. For the past week she hadn’t been able to forget what she’d seen when she caught her niece fucking the neighbor kid. It had been quite shocking to find them doing it doggy-style on her couch, Mandy crouching there and wailing with pleasure while Doug knelt behind her and hammered his cream-soaked cock in and out of her hot little cunt.

It had been shocking — and violently arousing. Jane had been obsessed with that image for days now, and she couldn’t help imaging herself in Mandy’s place, taking that sawing prick in her slick steaming twat. Every time she thought about it, she had to beat off or go crazy with lust. She wasn’t proud of these things, but she couldn’t get that image out of her mind. She’d been thinking about it all day, and she knew she was going to have to masturbate again to ease the hot nagging sensation in her pussy.

Arms loaded with grocery bags, she struggled to unlock the front door, only to have it flung open. She gawked when she saw her friend, Harold, standing therewith a big grin on his face.

“Hi, beautiful,” be said, “let me help you with those bags.”

“Harold,” Jane exclaimed, “how did you get here?”

“Mandy let me in,” he said, taking the bags and heading for the kitchen.

“But she wasn’t supposed to let anybody in,” Jane said, trotting after him. “Where is she? I want to talk to her.”

Harold turned and flashed her a fiendish grin. “I sent her to the movies so we could be alone,” he said.

Jane was speechless. She followed him into the kitchen and numbly put the groceries away, wondering what to do next. She’d thought she’d made it very clear to Harold that she was never going to be anything more than a friend to him. On the other hand, she was incredibly horny, and here was a guy who obviously wanted to fuck her. Wasn’t it time she finally lost her cherry? It was pretty weird to be twenty-eight and still a virgin.

Red-faced, she turned and saw Harold leaning lazily in the doorway. She still hadn’t made up her mind what to do. She was dizzy with lust, yet terrified of giving herself up to a man. Harold made the decision for her. He strode over to her, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her, plunging his tongue into her mouth. Jane melted against him, creaming so hard that she soaked her panties.

She’d never had these sensations before. As Harold worked his tongue around in her mouth, her uncontrollably gushing pussy juice soaked through her panties and ran down her legs. Her nipples went rigid with arousal and poked against Harold’s chest. Her knees felt rubbery, and she wanted to just rub her body against him and let him do whatever he wanted with her. She tried to fight the urge, then asked herself why she was fighting.

“Come on,” Harold said, breaking the kiss and scooping her up in his arms, “let’s go in the bedroom and be more comfortable.”

“Harold,” Jane gasped, “I didn’t say I was going to make love with you.”

“I know,” he said calmly, “but while you’re deciding, we can have some fun.”

She’d never seen Harold like this before, so cool and in charge. He marched down the hall and into her bedroom and deposited her on the bed. Before she could move he was unbuttoning her blouse and laying it open. He reached around her and unhooked her bra and pushed it up out of the way. Jane blushed furiously. No man had ever looked at her luscious big tits before. Harold gave a growl of lust and cupped the big hot globes in his hands.

“Gorgeous,” he said hoarsely.

“Harold, wait,” Jane squealed weakly.

He didn’t seem to hear her. Grinning broadly, he began to squeeze and mold her big silky-skinned tits. His palms rubbed her stiff nipples and gave her hot buzzes of pleasure. She creamed again, a big hot flood that soaked through her panties. She wanted to just lie back and enjoy what he was doing to her. Was surrendering to a man really that bad? Not so far. But it was hard to break out of so many years of repression and fear.

“P-please, Harold,” she whimpered, “you’re moving too fast for me. I haven’t made up my mind about this.”

“Oh, don’t mind me,” he leered, “I’m just having a little fun while you think.”

He bent down and started lashing her big stiff nipples with the hot wet tip of his tongue. It felt heavenly, and Jane barely stiffled a moan of excitement. He swirled his big hot tongue all around her erect nipples, and she gurgled softly, feeling wildly aroused. Then he caught her left nipple between his lips and sucked it into the steam heat of his mouth. He began to suck her tit, and she shivered with arousal. As he sucked, he reached up under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Jane blushed hotly when he raised her skirt and ogled her pretty dark bush, but she no longer had the will power to stop him.

He unzipped and removed her skirt, then began kissing and tonguing his way down her body, over her ribs and belly and into her soft fragrant bush. Jane lay there gurgling and panting, dizzy with excitement. Harold eased her legs open and stared hungrily at her moist red slit. Then he removed his glasses, set them aside, and plunged his head between her legs.

“Harold, what — ohhhhhhh!” Jane cried.

She’d never felt anything so delicious in her life. Something hot and wet was tickling all over her swollen gash, giving her powerful waves of pleasure. She soon realized it was Harold’s tongue and that he was licking and exploring her whole pussy. It was shocking, dirty, evil and she loved it. No way in the world could she bring herself to make him stop. Without his coaxing, she bent her knees and opened her legs as wide as she could.

“Ohhhhhh, my God, yesssss,” she sighed.

Harold gave a lusty shiver, knowing he’d broken through her resistance at last and that she’d do anything he wanted her to. He knew she was a virgin, and he could hardly wait to cram his cock into her untried little cunt. But he wasn’t going to rush. He was going to savor every second of her seduction because he’d waited so long for it. He caught her clit between his thumb and forefinger and began to knead it. Jane gave a little squeal of pleasure, and he raised his head to study her expression.

He caught movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see Mandy and Doug peeking into the bedroom. They were behind Jane, and she’d never notice them if they just kept quiet. Harold grinned at them, and they grinned back. No harm in the kids watching, he decided. In fact, having an audience just added to his arousal. Once more he plunged his flushed face into Jane’s soaked and steaming pussy.


Five minutes earlier Mandy had been enjoying the wildest sexual adventure of her young life. While Mike flooded her hot little cunt with steaming jizz, his son was coming in her mouth, feeding her load after load of molten liquid. After an experience like that, Mandy wondered if she could ever again be satisfied by just one man. In her opinion, two were definitely better than one.

But then Mike had to go home because he was expecting his wife, and Mandy and Doug were left at loose ends. “I’ve got an idea,” Mandy said, suddenly perking up. “Let’s go see how Harold’s making out with Aunt Jane.”

Doug looked doubtful. “Are you kidding?” he sighed. “Nobody could get to first base with that old sourpuss.”

“In the first place,” Mandy laughed, “she’s not old. And in the second place, you might just be surprised at how well Harold operates. I’m gonna go check. Are you coming or not?”

“I guess so,” Doug said. “I haven’t got anything else to do.”

The two kids crept into the house and listened. They heard faint noises from down the hall, and they traced the sounds to the master bedroom. Mandy opened the door ever so quietly, and they peeked inside. Doug could hardly believe what he saw. There was mousy looking Harold Harper, the town librarian, going down on Miss Martin, the strictest teacher at the high school. Doug and Mandy broke into grins.

Jane was lying there with her eyes shut in ecstasy, and she was breathing hard as Harold noisily lapped her hot slit. She seemed hypnotized with pleasure. Mandy had to congratulate late herself on the way she’d taught Harold.

She’d told him that no woman could resist having her pussy eaten, and she’d been right. Then Harold raised himself for a second to look at Jane’s face, and that’s when he noticed the kids peering into the room.

Harold just grinned.

Mandy and Doug interpreted that as permission to go on spying, and they got more comfortable in the doorway, knowing Jane couldn’t see them unless she turned completely around on the bed. Even if she did, they’d have plenty of time to duck out of sight. Now they watched avidly as Harold once more plunged his face between her legs and began whipping his big hot tongue up and down the glistening red line of her slit.

“Unnnhhhhhh, yesssss,” Jane gurgled.

Mandy shivered lustily, knowing exactly what her aunt was feeling. There couldn’t be a more exquisite sensation than having a man’s big hot tongue caressing your pussy, lapping and teasing the swollen flesh. No wonder Jane had suddenly lost her prejudice against sex. She was digging her nails into the bedspread and keeping her legs wide open as Harold expertly and hungrily ate her pussy. Jane’s stern but attractive face had a brand-new expression now, a grimace of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhh, my God, it feels so good,” she moaned.

Behind her, Mandy felt Doug shivering with excitement. He must be feasting his eyes on Jane’s half-naked body. Mandy envied her aunt’s big ripe tits and lush dark bush. She knew Doug was thinking about fucking the attractive older woman. To test that theory, she backed up against him and rubbed her ass against his crotch. Sure enough, he had a hard-on. His stiff cock strained against his fly and throbbed hotly through his clothing.

Mandy’s pussy began to leak hot sticky juice. She teasingly rubbed her ass back and forth over the big hard bulge at Doug’s fly, and he moaned softly, slipped his arms around her waist, and pulled her firmly against him. It excited the hell out of her to feel his engorged dick pulsating against her ass. And just as exciting was the scene on the bed, Aunt Jane moaning and writhing as Harold whipped his big wet tongue all over her lust-engorged gash.

Then suddenly Harold stood up, a wicked gleam in his eye. When Jane moaned in frustration, he said hoarsely, “I’m just gonna slip your clothes off, Jane. For three years now I’ve wanted to see you without them.”

Jane opened her mouth to object, then closed it again without saying a word. She realized that her modesty and dignity didn’t mean a damned thing compared with the raging need in her pussy. All she really wanted was to get Harold’s tongue back on her burning slit giving her hot stabs of pleasure. She lay there limp and submissive, allowing him to pull off her rumpled skirt and blouse and bra, leaving her completely naked. Then he began to undress.

Jane couldn’t help watching. She had an intense curiosity about the male body. She’d seen pictures, of course, but she’d never been around a naked man in real life. She found that Harold’s lean hard body turned her on like crazy. Then he gingerly slipped his shorts down over his hard-on, and her eyes widened hugely. She hadn’t dreamed her friend was so well hung. His massive eight-inch prick wagged stiffly before him.

She stared and stared at his huge hard cock, wondering how it would feel to take it deep in her virgin cunt. She began to cream heavily at the thought of fucking Harold. She couldn’t go on denying her natural urges, and here was a man all ready to take care of them. As Harold once mote crammed his head between her legs and began to tongue-lash her pussy, Jane moaned blissfully and soaked his face with a huge hot burst of cream. She knew now that she was going to go all the way with him.

“Unnnhhh, yes, lick me, Harold,” she moaned, “lick my pussy all over, darling.”

Harold rewarded her total surrender by taking her erect clit between his lips and sucking it. The pleasure was searing and powerful, and Jane screamed with it and blasted his face with another huge hot rush of cream. Knees bent, thighs held as far apart as possible, she clawed the bed and whimpered in ecstasy as Harold hungrily sucked her off. Her whole body shuddered with pleasure-shocks from his suctioning lips.

“Eeeeeee, yessss, so damned good,” she screeched, “you’re gonna make me come.”

Mandy and Doug could hardly believe what they were seeing and hearing. It was just a week ago that Jane had burst in on them while they were fucking and had read them the riot act. She’d told them that sex is dirty, vile, evil, sinful, disgusting, and every other bad thing she could think of. And flow here she was doing it herself. The two kids couldn’t help grinning as they watched her hurtling helplessly towards climax. Too bad she didn’t know who was watching her.

But they knew she wasn’t ready for an audience yet. It was only her first sexual experience, after all. She was totally blissed out as Harold’s head bobbed furiously between her legs. He was making an obscene sucking and slurping noise as he worked her wildly pulsating joy button between his lips. Jane had her eyes screwed shut in ecstasy, and her face was contorted in a big lusty grimace. Suddenly she began to convulse and howl.

“Unnnnhhhhh, I’m coming, oohhhhhh!” she cried.

“Good old Harold,” Mandy giggled, knowing the howling woman couldn’t hear her.

“He sure got her off, all right,” Doug said admiringly.

There’d been rumors around town for years that Mr. Harper, the librarian, was gay, but Doug realized now that the guy was one hundred percent male. He liked pussy and he knew exactly what to do with it. Now he was sucking Jane into a frenzy of pleasure, completely blowing her mind. It would take some man to arouse the cold and prim teacher, but Harold had done the job. As Jane finally finished coming, he raised his head and she looked at him with hot grateful eyes.

“Harold,” she said breathlessly, “that was wonderful. I-I’m sorry I held out on you for so long. I guess I was afraid of losing control of myself.”

“It wasn’t so bad, was it?” Harold leered. “Not bad at all, darling,” Jane said adoringly.

Harold knew he could have fucked her right then and there, but he was determined to make her first fuck an experience she’d never forget. He wanted her to be aroused to the highest pitch before he crammed his cock into her. So once again he shoved his face into her scorching pussy and started using his tongue to drive her wild. Jane whimpered and gurgled with pleasure as he rimmed the tiny tight mouth of her cunt with the pointed tip of his tongue.

“Oooooooo, Harold, you’re getting me so hot,” she cried.

Jane wasn’t the only person in the room who was getting hot. Mandy and Doug were both aroused out of their minds by now, and Mandy was frantically wriggling her little ass against Doug’s straining prick, which threatened to burst out of his jeans. They were both getting off on watching another couple make love. There was something incredibly kinky and exciting about it. Mandy felt her cunt cream overflowing, soaking through her panties and running down her legs. She was squirming with need, so horny she could have screamed. She was wondering what to do about it when Aunt Jane suddenly let out a hoarse wail of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh, my God, yes,” she cried, “stick your tongue in meeeee.”

Mandy barely stifled a moan of envy. She knew Harold was cramming his tongue up her aunt’s cunt. Just a couple of hours ago Mandy had taught Harold that exciting trick, and she remembered how thick and long his tongue was and how terrific it had felt in her seething little pussy hole. No wonder Jane was wailing and groaning as she took the slippery meat into the depths of her hungry twat.

“Unnnhhh, Harold, yes,” Jane whimpered, “I love it, darling, I just love it.”

Harold’s head was bobbing briskly up and down as he tongue-fucked her into a dizzying state of bliss. The two kids could hear the obscene sucking and slurping sound his tongue made as it reamed the hot juice from Jane’s virgin box. Jane closed her eyes and gurgled in ecstasy as she felt her seething box raked and filled with Harold’s plowing tongue. It wasn’t long before she was panting on the very verge of orgasm. Her prudery and her fears about men were completely conquered by Harold’s expert pussy eating.

“Unnhhhhh, it’s so damned good,” she groaned, “your big tongue feels so good in me, Harold.”

Harold responded by tonguing her box even harder, and she screamed with bliss. Mandy got so horny watching her that she just had to play with herself. She cupped the moist crotch of her jeans and began squeezing and rubbing, giving herself little stabs of pleasure. Behind her she felt Doug’s hand moving up and down, and she knew he was rubbing his stiff cock for relief. They both watched in lusty fascination as Harold’s spearing tongue blasted Jane into another violent orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhh, aahhhhhh, I’m coming!” she screamed.

This time Harold raised his head and watched her come, his lust-glazed eyes focusing on her big wobbling tits and her cream-spurting cunt mouth. He couldn’t wait any longer to fuck her. Three years was plenty. As she began to come down from her body-wracking climax, he eased himself up between her legs and pressed the massively swollen head of his cock against the tiny mouth of her virgin cunt.

“You told me you’d never fuck me, Jane,” he leered.

“Oh, my God, do it to me,” she begged. “I was wrong, I changed my mind — please, Harold, fuck me.”

Now he had everything he wanted from her. With a growl of triumph he pushed his wrist thick cock into her and watched her eyes grow huge. She’d never taken a cock before, and she wasn’t prepared for that fully-crammed feeling. But she bit her lips and didn’t complain. Panting, Harold stuffed his engorged dick into her deliciously tiny cunt till he felt her womb. He began to fuck her in long slow sensuous strokes.

“Awwwwww, Christ, yeah,” he sighed.

Jane didn’t say anything just then, but he could tell by her heavy breathing that she was getting off on it. Soon she was creaming all over his sawing prick, then she was clinging to him and clawing his shoulders in mounting excitement. His conquest was complete when she began jerking her hips to the rhythm of his cock. Then he began to fuck her fast and hard, knowing she was ready for it.

“Ooooooo, yes, darling, do it to me,” Jane shrieked, “fuck me forever.”

It was just too much for Mandy. Frantically she unzipped her jeans and tugged them and her panties down to her knees. She urgently thrust her naked ass at Doug, and he got the idea right away. He unzipped his pants and dropped them, then crammed his achingly swollen prick between her legs. After a few thrusts he hit the target, and his steel-hard boner glided up her cunt. Both kids shivered with pleasure.

“Yesssssss,” Mandy hissed to him, “fuck the living shit out of me, Doug.”

She clung to the door frame for support as Doug fucked into her from behind, making her whole body shake with the impact. She needed exactly that kind of rough merciless fucking to appease the wild lust she’d built up from watching Harold seduce her aunt. It was heavenly to be taking Doug’s jack-hammering cock while she watched Harold’s massive blue veined dick slamming in and out of Aunt Jane’s cream-gushing cunt. And it was great to see Aunt Jane having some human emotions for a change.

“Ohhhhhh, Harold, it’s so good,” Jane wailed, “I can’t get enough of your cock, darling.”

“We’ll see about that,” he leered.

He fucked into her harder and harder, till the bed began to creak and bounce, till Jane’s tall big-titted body was shaking with the impact. Jane threw back her head and closed her eyes in bliss. Her teeth flashed as she screamed with pleasure. A few more seconds of Harold’s hard fucking and she was coming likes bomb.

“Ahhhhhh, God, whhhaaahhh!” she howled.

“Awwwwww, shit, I’m coming, aaaggghhh!” Harold bellowed.

Mandy couldn’t keep quiet any longer. To her a silent fuck was no fuck at all. While Harold and Jane were yelling and coming, she turned and hissed at Doug, “Let’s go in the living room and fuck.”

“Isn’t that kind of risky?” he asked as they hurried down the hall.

“Believe me,” Mandy grinned, “they won’t even hear us. They’re gonna be real busy for quite a while.”

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