Miss Hot Pants Schoolgirl

How far will some people go to achieve those things that are important to them? A question as old as man. And as long as people have goals they feel are important, other people will feel as if they have been exploited for the sake of an individual’s goals.

Examples can be found everywhere that the end justifies the means for people whose personal achievement, or success, or personal desires, is the only thing that really matters.

MISS HOT PANTS SCHOOLGIRL is a story about a young woman who will do anything to attain the goals she has set for herself. She will even resort to what some would call perverted acts in order to get what she wants. But the fact remains that despite the means she uses to reach her goal, she does find happiness, and no one is harmed.

A startling story that provides insight into the happiness that can be attained by some from actions that much of our society considers perverted.


Missy Martin sat in her English class at Marlboro High School. She cuddled into her desk, looking stunningly beautiful in a short, dark-blue jeans skirt. Her legs were smooth, still deeply tanned from a summer at the pool. She wore a pair of low-heel white pumps. Her legs were crossed and the little skirt skipped high on her lovely thighs.

Missy had on a tight, white tank top. The thin jersey material pulled snugly against her tits.

She was a sexy little package. Her hips and ass spread sexily on the seat of the desk. Missy had a sweet, round face, thick, juicy young lips that had been glossed to a glistening cherry red. Her brown hair was long, pulled into two slick ponytails that hooked up from the side of her head. They were tied with white ribbons. The bangs across the front of her forehead enhanced her pretty face.

She had her notebook open and was taking down parts of the lecture by her teacher, Mr. Maxwell. He was talking about the Romantic movement in American fiction.

Missy crossed and uncrossed her legs, then she blew a hot, pink bubble with the huge wad of bubble gum in her mouth. It was a perfect bubble, and when it reached the size of a lemon, she sucked it back into her mouth.

After class, Mr. Maxwell caught her as she prepared to leave.

“Stay right here,” he said.

The darling young girl wondered what he might want. It didn’t take long to find out. “You are not to chew gum in my class. I suppose I wouldn’t mind if you just chewed gum, but you were blowing big bubbles. That’s simply out of line, Melissa.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” she said, blushing. “I didn’t know that rule.”

“Yes you did.”

“I guess I forgot.”

“Well, just so you don’t forget again, you’ll have to be punished,” Mr. Maxwell said.

“Punished?” she said, startled.

“Indeed. The new state law says a teacher can spank a student and that’s what I intend to do.”

“A spanking?”

“Yes,” he said.

She was standing at the side of his desk. He got up came around, and stood near her. He was a tall, handsome man of forty. He had sandy hair, a rugged manly look, and a muscular body, even though he was lean.

“Just put your hands on the edge of the desk, Melissa,” he instructed.

She bent over and put her palms flat on the desk. Her sweet, darling ass arched out against the tight jeans skirt, and Mr. Maxwell could see the outline of her panties against the tight blue denim.

He slapped her ass with the palm of his hand. He whacked her again. Then he slid her skirt up, pushing it with both hands along her thighs until it was on her waist, fluffed up in blue ripples.

Missy wore a pair of thin pink panties. She had a marvelous ass. Mr. Maxwell ogled it.

“What are you doing, sir?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder.

“I’m giving you the spanking you deserve, young lady.”

“But, my skirt.”

He clapped his open hand to her rump, and smacked her lightly on the pretty pink panties. He paddled her for a moment, then he yanked her panties down to her thighs.

“Sir!” Missy gasped. “You can’t… you can’t do that.”

“Indeed I can. A spanking must be administered, and it must be a good one.”

His prick thumped in his blue slacks. He was hard as rock. He paddled her fine ass with his open hand, sucking the smooth cheeks of her lovely ass.

“But you shouldn’t have my panties down!” Missy protested.

“But I do, and I’m spanking you,” he said, his hand now rolling in caressing circles on Missy’s ass.

He slapped her fine cheeks. Then suddenly she felt a finger feather up and down the crack of her ass. She had never felt anything like the tickle that rippled through her.


He fingered up and down the hot, furry asscrack, and then he was between her legs. His hand diddled in the hairy softness of her pussy.

“Oh, oh, stop!”

“I am punishing you, Melissa.” His finger slicked into her cunt. “Ah!” she gasped.

She was about to pull away, flee from the panting teacher, but that finger, the first male finger in her pussy, felt good. Real good.

“Oh, don’t… ohhhhh,” she sighed, her ass arched up hot and beautiful. Her tits were like hunks of ice cream as they sagged against the tank top while she bent over.

“Mmmmm, how does that feel, Melissa?” he asked.

“You shouldn’t do that to me, sir.” But she couldn’t stop him. His finger was like magic. She had never been so hot, so full of trembles. She felt wonderful. A sweet satisfaction simmered through her.

Her pussy jizzed and got all juicy wet. He slushed his finger in and out, faster, faster, fucking the darling girl’s pussy.

A sweet throb filled Missy. She was lightheaded. Mr. Maxwell spun her around, and pulled her to him. He kissed her hotly. His lips were warm and wet. His tongue licked the delicious nectar of her bubble gum lips.

His hand slid between them, and he shoved his finger back into her cunt. His free hand slid behind her. He caressed the magnificent curve of her ass.

Missy was shaking all over. She felt the thumping hardness of his cock as he held her and pulled her closer so that his big erection was curled against her belly. His finger continued to pleasure her pussy. He broke their kiss.

“Oh, Missy,” he whispered. “I’ve been crazy for you since the first week of school.”

“But… oh, sir. You shouldn’t have your hand down there like that. It’s not right.”

“Yes it is. Don’t you like it? Doesn’t it feel good?”

“But, sir.”

His finger fucked faster now, and she came.

The tingle of a climax ripped through her fast. She stiffened, then she was jerked forward at the waist. She had never been finger-fucked before, and Mr. Maxwell was doing it real good to her. He fucked his finger in and out of her cunt faster and faster as she came.

The sweet slurp of her juices and the mingling of his finger made a sound like perhaps she was chewing cum… a slushy click, click, click.

“Ah!” she gasped. “Oh!”

Missy simply couldn’t believe how wonderful she felt. The orgasmic tickle completely consumed her, convulsed her, and she shook all over as she came.

Mr. Maxwell looked into her pretty face which was now wrinkled with passion. Her juicy mouth was open in a big O. She sucked in a gasp of air.

Then she held her breath. She continued shuddering.

Mr. Maxwell slugged his hot finger in her juicing, creaming cunt.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Missy said, exhaling a long, low sigh of pleasure.

“Get it, honey,” Mr. Maxwell whispered.

“Get it good! Feel real good, darling!”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!” Missy mumbled, unable to control the ecstasy flooding her beautiful body.

Finally, Mr. Maxwell withdrew his dripping finger. Missy relaxed, fell back against the desk. Her jeans skirt was still fluffed up on her waist. Her pink panties were tight and stretched between her thighs.

She saw the huge bulge in Mr. Maxwell’s slacks. She saw his hand unzip his fly. He unbuckled his slacks, they fell to his ankles. His cock spiked out a pair of white jockey shorts.

The sight of his bulging hard prick in the tight shorts excited Missy. She’d never seen anything like it, and she eyed the bulge intently.

Mr. Maxwell stripped his soiled shorts down and his cock snapped back and slapped his hairy belly, then it wobbled wildly.

“Ah!” Missy gulped, looking hotly at the thick, long prick that bubbled cream on the huge red tip. His cock was hard and smooth like marble, a full eight inches of throbbing hardness.

“I want you to make me feel good now,” Mr. Maxwell said. “Take, hold of it.”

“You shouldn’t have your prick out like that, sir.”

“Take hold of it.”



“No!” Missy snapped.

But she couldn’t take her eyes off the huge, pulsing prick. His cock excited her. This was the first time she’d ever seen a prick — a big hard one. She trembled. Her heart raced.

“Hold it for me.”

“No, that’s not right, sir.”

“I’ll do anything for you if you will,” he said. “I’ll give you an A in English… and for the whole term, if you’ll play with my prick.”

“An A?”


“Well,” she hesitated. “What do I have to do?”

“Here, let me show you,” he said, taking her hand, placing it on the thick stalk of his prick. “Just squeeze your fingers around there.”

“Like this, sir?”

“Oh, oh yes, darling,” Mr. Maxwell sighed. “Now pump on it.”

Missy had the bottom of the cockstalk in her palm, an underhanded grip. Her fingers curled around the side and up to the big, flat top of his prick. She shoved her hand in and out in a slow jerk.

“That’s it, baby, jerk on my cock!”

“Oooooh, sir. It’s all sticky and wet. It’s all gooey on the end.”

“Hot cream for you, dear.”

She pushed and pulled. Mr. Maxwell was hot. He trembled. Missy looked into his handsome face. She saw there an exciting passion. He was hers. She felt powerful. It was as if she owned her teacher. She liked the pleasure wrinkles that crinkled his forehead. She pushed and pulled faster.

“Yeah, that’s the way, Melissa. That’s good!” he whimpered.

“Ooooh, look!” she gasped, looking back down to his hard cock. “It’s squirtin’ stuff, sir.”

“Yes, yes, shooting cum for you, Melissa!”

He came.

“Oooooh! Sir!” Missy yelped, seeing the thick stream of cream jet from his cock.

The hot cum splashed at her belly, dripped down into the brown triangle of pussy hair between her legs. A big splat of cream hit her on the thighs. Another splash gooshed at her belly button. He shot off a huge load. Missy pumped faster, milking his load out.

She was fascinated with the volcanic eruption, the hot squirting of his prick. The thick, juicy gobs of cream that shot hot out of his pricktip, splashed high, then spilled onto her belly, her legs, and her pink panties.

“Oh, baby… honey… sweetheart!” Mr. Maxwell moaned. “That’s so good. That feels so fuckin’ good, honey.”

“Oh, sir. It’s all over me! This stuff. Jeez!” she gasped.

“Baby!” he yipped.

Her hand dripped of hot, thick cream. She took it away, and watched as more cum dribbled from the tip of his cock and spilled to the floor.

“And I get an A for that?” she purred.

“Indeed you do, darling.”


That evening Missy walked home from school. Her mind was filled with thoughts about her experience with Mr. Maxwell. He had made her feel so good with his finger. A swoosh thrilled her tummy when she thought about his hard cock, the way it bulged out his little jockey shorts. She shuddered when she thought about how he shot-off.

She never believed an A could be so easy to get. This excited her, too. She walked nine blocks to the house where she lived with her old grandma. Missy’s parents had divorced when she was nine and neither of them wanted to bother with her, so she was taken in by her grandma. She was a senile old woman hung up on religion. Missy tried to stay away from her as much as possible.

At home she snuck to her room. She lay down and hiked up her skirt. She stuck her hand in her pink panties and put a finger into her cunt. She spread her legs and fucked herself as she thought about the handsome cock Mr. Maxwell had offered her. She came quickly.

The next morning, Missy selected a pink denim skirt and a tight dark blue sweater with white pumps to wear.

She walked to the kitchen, took a bottle of orange juice out of the fridge, took a long gulp, and went out the back door so she didn’t have to talk to her grandmother.

The skirt was so tight that it hugged her ass shamefully. Her cute swing and sway was super sexy. She walked the hall at Marlboro High.

Mr. Maxwell caught up with her. He walked beside her.

“Hello,” he said.

“Say, do I have to come to class now that I have an A?” Missy asked.

“Yes, you better, but you don’t have to do any assignments or homework. You best be there for the tests too, so no one gets suspicious. Okay?”

“Sure,” she said.

“Look, there’s fifteen minutes before class. Why don’t you come to my office for a while?”


“I’ll show you something,” he said.

“You’ll like it.”

“Okay, then,” she said.

She waited near the water fountain for a minute, then walked to his office and went in. Mr. Maxwell was standing beside his desk. He took her in his arms and kissed her.

“No, don’t,” she whispered.

His hands caressed her incredible curvy ass. He cupped the asscheeks and squeezed. His cock leaped to a thick, throbbing hard-on. Missy felt the bulge against her.

“No,” she whispered.

“I have this for you,” he said, pulling away from her. “I wanna do what we did before, okay.”

He handed her a crisp, fifty-dollar bill.

“Huh… what?” Missy said, surprised, staring at the green cash.

“Take it. It’s yours. It’s for you, Missy,” he said.

“Well, I mean… well really, sir. This is for me?”


“What do you want me to do for it?”

“You know,” he smiled.

“Masturbate your cock again, like yesterday?”


“Oh, darling,” he gasped, his hands roaming on her hips.

He slid her skirt up, higher. Higher the pink denim went until it was on her waist again, revealing her pussy-packed white panties.

“Oh, baby,” he whispered. “That looks good!”

He dipped quickly to his knees. His tongue lapped on her beautiful sweet thighs. He licked up into the crotch of her panties.

“Mr. Maxwell!” she blurted. “You’re lickin’ my panties.”

“Mmmm, mmmmm!”

“I don’t think you oughta be doin’ that, sir.”

But he was. His huge tongue flapped at the nylon panties, lapping at her pussy through the crotch. He opened his mouth wide and sucked on her panties, got some of her crunchy cunt and nibbled.

“Oooooooh, wow! Ssshhhh!” Missy huffed hotly.

Her passionate moans and groans excited Mr. Maxwell. He reached behind her and clutched the cheeks of her ass.

“Mmmmmmm,” he mumbled.

He chewed on her cunt through the white undies, sucking, licking, and nibbling. She was hot as fire. She leaned against his desk. Planting her feet solidly on the floor, she pushed her hips out at his obscene tongue.

Mr. Maxwell tugged at her panties, got them down on her thighs, then lapped his tongue into the spritzing cunt, licked the thick fuzz, and slicked his long tongue up and down her delicious cunt slit.

“Ah! No! Oh! Ah!” Missy whimpered, her chin tucked in as she looked down, watched her handsome teacher applying a wild tongue to her pussy.

“Jeeeeeezzzz! Ah! Mmmmmmmffff!”

His fingers pinched the globes of her eggshell slick ass. He sucked her cunt into his mouth and chewed.

“Oooooooh, ahhhhhh, mmmm!” she moaned excitedly.

He licked, chewed, nibbled until she shuddered violently. She was jerked forward at the waist. She stiffened. She came. The rolling waves of climax vibrated her whole body in a shimmering shudder.

“Ahhhh!” she yelped. “Oh! Ooooooh!” She had never felt this good.

She didn’t think it possible to feel this good.

But she was feeling this good. She loved cumming. She shook and trembled as the climax rippled through her, and made her float high on a plush ride of pleasure.

Mr. Maxwell got up. He took his pants down. His cock was huge in his jockey shorts. Missy again became excited by the sight of his shorts all spiked out like that.

He stripped them down and his cock wobbled out.

“Jerk me,” he said.

“Okay,” she whispered, and grabbed his prick.

“Yeah, honey.”

“Should I do it like I did it before, sir?”


“But, I… are you gonna squirt all over me again?”


“Ooooooh. Jeez!” she whispered, her hand gripping his cock in a velvet vise. His prick throbbed in her tiny hand. She underhanded him. She slid her hand in and out. She pumped fast.

“Yes, yes!” he said, looking down, watching her action. He reached out and plugged a finger into her cunt. “We’ll masturbate each other, okay?”


She pumped. He fingered. They were hot. “Sir, your finger… it’s… it’s…”

“Good, huh?”

“Ooooh, sir, we’re masturbatin’ each other. Golly!”

“Feels wonderful, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” she huffed.

“I love you, Missy.”

“Oh, sir! What?”

“I said I love you.”

She pumped harder. Faster. He came.

“Sir! Here it comes!” Missy yipped. “Oh, look! It’s squirtin’, sir.”

“Ahhhhhhhh, honey!” he choked, cumming, feeling the vibration that he liked so much.

He fingered her hotly. He could hear the slurping sound of their hand action.

“Oh, sir. Here I come! I’m feelin’ that feeling again! Oh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She shook. He shuddered. His cock spit wild gobs of cum at her belly. She worked hard, underhanding his cock. Her elbow was extended. Her thumb stuck out. She jerked him. It was almost as if she was shaking a pair of dice in front of her. He slugged her pussy with his finger.

They came off together. His load was hot, creamy, and he let it roll. The grabbing cream spit at her. She watched the eruption, fascinated at how she could make him shoot like she was doing.

Finally their passion subsided. They were breathless. Mr. Maxwell took his hand out.

“Guess you better wipe that goo off,” he said.

Missy took the fresh, crisp hankie and worked it over her belly, thighs, her pussy, and cleaned off the thick scabs of drooping cream.

“I guess we better go to class,” he said.

“Okay,” she answered, pulling her panties up.

“Wait,” he said. “Lemme have your panties, Missy.”


“I want those panties.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I can have ’em in my pocket while I lecture, and you can sit there in the front row knowing I’m playing with your panties while I’m up there in front of the class. I’ll get all hot and cream my shorts.”

This suggestion thrilled Missy. “Yeah, but sir. I’ll have to go around without any panties on.”

“Yeah, I know. Don’t you love it?”

“Oooooooh, you want my panties?”

“I better not, sir.”

“Here, I’ll give you twenty dollars, okay?”

“Well. I guess it’s okay,” she said, taking the money.

She wiggled out of her panties, then handed them to Mr. Maxwell. He took the white undies and put them in his sports coat pocket.

“Sir, should we be doin’ all this stuff. I mean…”

“You like it, don’t you?”

“I love you. Don’t you understand that? If a man loves a woman, like I love you, anything is permissible. Men and women should always have excitement in their life, Missy. That’s what’s wrong with most relationships, most marriages. They deteriorate into mindless, boring exercise.”


“See, I love you, Missy. I really love you. I’d like to marry you, take you away, be with you forever.”

This statement overwhelmed the darling schoolgirl.

“Jeez!” she mumbled.


In class, Mr. Maxwell paced in front of the room, his hand in the pocket of his sports coat, jiggling, playing with Missy’s panties. She sat in the front row, her pink skirt riding high, all hot and gooey thinking about it, watching her teacher fondle her panties.

Midway in the class, he instructed the students to take out their texts and read silently. He went to his desk and sat down behind it.

“If anyone has a question, just raise your hand and come up here,” he said. “Yes, Missy, come up here.”

Missy hadn’t even raised her hand, but she got up and went behind the desk with her text and stood next to Mr. Maxwell. He had his fly open and his big cock stuck out hard and wet.

He scribbled a note. It said, “Grab it.”

Missy bent over at the waist, put her hands on her knees as Mr. Maxwell pretended to outline something in her text. She lightly slipped a hand off her knee and slid it over to his cock. No one could see since they were behind the desk. She fisted his prick.

He slipped her panties out of his pocket and draped them over the tip of his cock. Missy pumped the cock stalk quickly. He came. His cock bulged in her hand and he squirted a hot, thick load into her panties.

She let go quickly and walked back to her seat.

After class, Missy walked down the hall with Janet Sexton, a ravishing little student at Marlboro. Janet was a honey-blonde, a bit taller than Missy. She had a pretty face, a square chin, thin waist, plump hips, a juicy ass, and a pair of tits that bobbled under her T-shirt like two grapefruits.

They went to the girls’ room to fix their faces. “God, that Mr. Maxwell is handsome, isn’t he?” Janet said.

“Yes,” Missy answered.

“Boy, I’d let him get in my pants anytime,” Janet whispered, applying a pink lip gloss to her lips.

“You would?” Missy said. “Uh-huh?”

“Do you do that with any other teachers?”

“I’ve fucked the coach,” Janet replied. “Really?”

“Sure, down in the locker room one day.”

“Wow!” Missy said.

“You can get good grades here in this school if you know how to play it,” Janet remarked.

“I’ll bet.”

“Let’s go to class,” Janet suggested. The two pretty girls walked out of the toilet, up the stairs.

Janet asked, “Are you going to the school dance tonight?”

“I think so,” Missy said. “Are you?”

“Yeah, but I hate it. My dad is president of the PTA and he’s always a chaperone. Jeez, I hate it. And then he always insists that he dance with me once or twice. It’s so damn embarrassing.”

“I guess that would be kind of a bummer,” Missy said.

“Wanna go with me?” Janet asked.

“Okay, why don’t I meet you here at the school at nine?”

“Sure,” Missy said.

After school, Missy returned to her home with her grandma. She went upstairs and turned on her little TV and watched MTV. She watched the new Rod Stewart video, then took a nap.

She awakened and dressed for the dance. She selected a black denim, to which she added a pink sweater and a pair of pink heels. She fixed her hair in one long ponytail, banged it out on her forehead, applied thick red lipstick, some red rouge, and walked to school.

Janet was waiting for her.

A DJ from a local radio station, the DJ who had the evening show and was popular with the teens, had a mixer and turntables set up. He was playing all the latest hits. Students milled about a punch table. Several were dancing. Janet looked good too. She wore a red cotton dress and white pumps. It really made her blondeness stand out. They got a cup of punch and stood together. Janet’s father came over. He was a handsome man of forty-four. He had wavy black hair. He stood over six feet. He was thin, wiry.

“Hi, honey,” he said to Janet. “Should we dance?”

“Oh, Daddy. Please! Why don’t you dance with my friend, Missy?”


“Oh, go ahead. I promised a football player a dance.”

“Okay,” he said.

Missy went with the handsome Mr. Sexton to the floor. The lights were dim. He took her into his arms. She pressed in close. His hand was firm on her back.

“You’re very pretty,” he whispered.

“Thanks, sir,” Missy replied.

He pulled her closer. Her tits pressed into him. Her hips and thighs were glued to him. He got a hard-on. Missy felt the huge bulge against her. She didn’t know what to do, how to react.

“Ah, mmmm,” he whispered. “I guess we’re dancing too close.”

“I guess so,” Missy said.

He was trembling. His cock throbbed against Missy. It was big, hard, and thumping.

Mr. Sexton couldn’t help it. Missy was so beautiful, she had such a fine, compact little body, and her tits were so round. It was all too much for the man. His cock wouldn’t lay down. It thumped, jumped, and beat like the tail of a wild fish. Missy pulled back.

She looked down and saw the bending curl in his slacks.

“Ah, perhaps you should move back in closer,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.”

She pressed in close to hide his hard erection. “Well, I’m very sorry,” he whispered. “That’s okay, sir,” Missy said. She didn’t know why, but she rolled her hips against the big hard-on. Instinct, she guessed.

“Oh, oh!” he panted.

His cock throbbed against her. His hand pressed tighter on her back.

“You are so beautiful,” he gulped.

She looked up, saw his intense look, and felt his cock beat against her. She smiled.

She undulated again against him. His cock rolled against her hips and belly. It was big. She knew that. He was trembling all over. So was she. He danced her to the side of the floor. Off in a dark corner.

“Could I see you alone?” he whispered.

“Gee, alone? You and me?” Missy asked.


“I don’t think we oughta do that, sir.”

“I could be very helpful to you at this school,” he whispered.

“You could?”

“Of course. I’m president of the PTA.”

“I dunno. What’dya wanna do?”

“Just be alone with you.”

“I could meetcha in that classroom down around the corner; the one on the left.”

“I’ll go and wait,” he said, then walked briskly down the hall.

Missy went back into the gym area where the dance was going full blast. She looked around for Janet. She was dancing with Harley Faultmeyer, the fullback on the football team. She smiled and winked at Missy as if to say: Can you believe I’m with this hunk!

Missy waited a little, then she slipped away to meet Janet’s daddy. She walked down the hall, around the corner and walked into the empty classroom. Mr. Sexton was waiting for her.

“I’m so glad you came,” he whispered, taking her hand.

“What can you do for me at this school?” Missy asked.

“You just wait and see, okay? It’ll be something you will like. Trust me, will you?”

“What do I have to do, sir?” she asked.

He yanked her into his arms. He pressed close to her. His huge cock thumped at her belly. Her big tits bashed into his lower chest. He flung his arms around behind her, dropped his hands and curled them around the scrumptious cheeks of her ass.

He kissed her. His lips were eager, impatient. A he-man kiss. He squeezed her ass. His cock thumped at her like a wild fish.

She got hot.

His lips sucked hers. He slid one hand up under her tiny black skirt, caressed her pantied ass, then brought his trembling fingers around front, and lifted the hem of the skirt, polling it up over her darling pink panties.

He dipped his hand between her legs, and rubbed her soft but firm pussy through the thin nylon. Her cunt was very wet. Mr. Sexton could feel the creamy dampness on his fingertips.

“Oh, you sweet doll,” he whispered, his voice husky, low, passionate.

“Do you think you oughta be playin’ down there like that, sir?” Missy whispered.

“Uh-huh,” he gulped.

He continued flutter-stroking her ass with one hand, and the other hand slipped and slid against her pantied cunt.

“You’ve really got a big boner on, sir,” she whispered.

“I know,” he gulped.

“Did you want me to feel it?”


Missy reached out and rolled her palm against the bending, throbbing cock stalk.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Oh, sweetie!” he chirped hotly. Missy was amazed at the length of Mr.

Sexton’s prick. She slid her hand along the hard cock stalk that curled out like a ring of bologna against his slacks. Her heart thumped, and a swooping feeling of giddiness gripped her.

“We shouldn’t be doin’ this, sir. You’re Janet’s daddy, and she’s my friend.”

He answered her by rubbing faster and harder on her wet panties, feeling her cunt through the pink nylon.

She gripped his cock.

“Oh, oh,” he mumbled.

“I don’t know what you’re gonna do for me, sir, but I can tell you what I need.”

“What?” he gasped.

“I need some money to go shopping at the mall tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes of course. You shall have it. Is a hundred dollars all right?”

“I guess so,” Missy said, unzipping his fly. He used his free hand to produce his wallet, and handed the money to her.

“Take what you need,” he whispered.

She left his fly open and took a stack of big bills out of his billfold. She put it on a desk, then reached into his fly. She got hold of his cock, but the stalk was too big to pullout. She unbuttoned his slacks and opened them. He had on a pair of tight jockey shorts. His cock stuck up over the waist band, and throbbed like a steam pipe against his belly.

“Whew, jeez!” She whistled.

He stripped his shorts down. His huge prick popped out.

“Whooooo!” Missy sucked in her breath in amazement at the immense prick.

He reached out again and lifted up the hem of her black miniskirt, ruffled it up on her hips. He stuck his hand between her legs and rubbed her cunt through the pink panties.

Missy clutched his cock. The cock stalk was thick, hard, and big in her hand. She squeezed.

“This is really a big boner, sir,” she commented.

“Oh, honey doll!” he gasped.

His cock squirted.

He rubbed hotly on her crotch.

“Jeez, Mr. Sexton… you think we should be doin’ this while the dance is on and stuff?”

His answer was a hot hand that dipped into her wet panties. He sliced his fingers into the fuzzy hair of her cunt. He slicked up and down her cunt slit, then rammed a finger in her pussy.

“Ooof!” she gulped.

Missy pushed in and out on his cock with an overhand grip. She had never been so excited.

The feel of his burning cock rod in her tight, curling, ginger-tipped fingers thrilled her.

“It’s soooo big!” she whispered. “Should I beat it off for you?”

“Oh, yes?” he panted. “Yes, yes, yes!”

He fingerfucked her pussy wildly, jiggling his hand in the crotch of her pretty panties.

Missy liked that finger. She liked the way he hooked it in, the way he rubbed her little clit, and the way he made it quiver.

“Look, I better get out of the way. You can’t squirt all over me, sir,” Missy said, changing the grip she had on his cock.

He withdrew his dripping finger from her panties. He leaned back on the desk at the front of the room. His pants and shorts were at his ankles. Missy stood at his side. She underhanded his prick, got the bottom of the cock stalk sliding on her palm.

“How big is it?” she asked.

“Ten inches,” he whispered.

“Wow!” Missy gasped, hiking her hand in and out on the thick prick.

“You clever little doll,” he murmured, sliding a hand behind her, dipping into her panties, waving his fingers all over her smooth, slick ass.

His finger feathered up and down the ass crack. He moved the fingertip up her asshole.

“Owww, oooooh,” she huffed. “Sir, my ass!”

“Jerk me!” he panted. “Jerk on my cock, you little fuck!”

“That’s bad language, sir, for a PTA guy.” He smiled. He tingled all over. Her hand was a magic machine on his cock. Missy tightened her grip and jerked him with savage little pumps.

“Oh, honey! That, makes me feel so damn good!” he sighed.

Missy looked good with her little black skirt up over her pink panties. Her pink sweater bobbled with the thrust of her big tits. She stroked his massive prick, pumped him good.

“Fuck me with your fist,” he whispered.

“I’m doin’ it,” she answered, pumping her hot little hand faster now, getting a good beat going until she felt the bulging cock hard-on, and then it spewed out a hot load of thick cream.

“Ah! Ohhhhhh, honey!” he barked.

Missy pumped furiously and watched the exciting eruption of jizz.

“Gee, looka the way you’re shootin’, sir!” she whispered.

“Oh, oh, ahhh, mmmmmmmm! Oh!” he groaned joyfully.

She pumped him dry, then suddenly he was on his knees, tugging her panties down. He muffed his face into her pussy and licked his long tongue up and down her wet cunt slit.

“Mmmm, sir,” she mumbled, looking down at his eager action. “You’re gonna lick my cunt, huh?”

“Uh-huh,” he mumbled.

“Okay then, lick!” she whispered. “Lick my pussy, Mr. Sexton!”

It didn’t take long before she felt the awesome, faint-hearted fuck-feeling flip through her. Oh, how she loved to cum. She shook and shuddered, tickled all over with the sweet satisfaction of climax.

He gripped her fine ass in his hands and munched on her cunt like a wild dog. His gooshy tongue lapped and flapped, then he sucked her pussy into his mouth and nibbled the clit, and brought her to the fine edge of stunning orgasm.

“Afffff!” she hissed.

His licking and sucking filled the room with a spunky slurping sound, and Missy put her hands on her fabulous, young hips, and thrust her cunt out at his face and rolled her ass.

“You’re suckin’ me!” she babbled. He gobbled her sweet pussy like it was honey cake, munching wildly. Missy undulated her hips into his face, then felt the divine tickle of climax.

“Oh! Uhhhh, oooofff!” she huffed, her hips slowing, but still grinding on Mr. Sexton’s mouth. “Ah, ohhhhh!”

He ate her cunt and she loved it. “Oh, that makes me feel good, sir.”


Missy stumbled back against the desk, breathing heavily, still tingling all over from her super cum. Her big tits bobbled in her sweater. Mr. Sexton was still on his knees, licking his greedy lips with his giant tongue.

He spun her around.

He clutched the cheeks of her ass. He pushed them apart. Then he slithered his big, bad tongue up and down Missy’s ass crack.

“Ah! Sir! Oooooh!” she gasped loudly.

“My ass, sir. You’re…”

His tongue feathered beautifully up and down the fuzzy cunt slit, licking, flat-lapping, slurping. Then he buttoned her asshole, wiggled his tongue like a bird’s wing at the tight ass bud.

“Oh, shit!” Missy cried.

She’d never had this done and it was a thrilling sensation. She was still glowing from her climax, and now she was goose-bumped all over as Mr. Sexton tickled her asshole, and rimmed her shitter with a passionate yearning.

His wild tongue billowed up and down, then swirled on the ass rim. He gathered big gobs of spit on the tip of his tongue and juiced it all over her asshole. He was fucking her ass with suds of spit.

His tongue and mouth made loud smacking, slurping sounds. Missy was teary-eyed with joy. She clutched the edge of the desk with her, hands and bent over, giving him a standing A pose. Her big tits heaved and thrust out in her tight sweater.

He stopped long enough to say, “Beautiful ass. Beautiful, fine ass… Mmmmmmmm!”

His swollen tongue flipped a glob of spit on her asshole. He tickled her asshole.

“Ahhh, jeeeezzzz!” Missy howled.

His face was pinched between the cheeks of her ass. He reached around with one hand and plugged a finger into her pussy.

“The darling cunt,” he mumbled.

Missy looked good in her passionate pose, humped over the desk, her black mini high on her waist, her pink panties a pool of nylon on her ankles, her smooth, round gorgeous, young ass exposed. A tantalizing target for his titillating tongue.

He finger-fucked her and tongued her ass hole at the same time.

“My ass. Oh, my shitter!” she sobbed. “You’re lickin’ my ass, Mr. Sexton. Oh, sir!”

“Uhhhh, mmmm!”

Missy kicked off her panties, really spread her legs, with her feet flat on the floor, and her legs in a wide A. He juiced his hot tongue up and down and all around her ass.

Then he stood up. His huge cock frothed with bubbles of jizz. He slammed the stiff cock stalk at her ass. He slid the pumpkin head against her ass-bud.

“Ah, no!” she whined. “You can’t!”

She spun around to face him. He was humped down, his legs bent at the knees. His cock slapped at her pussy. He gripped the cock stalk and thrust the tip into her pussy.

“Oh, jeez!” Missy stammered. “You’re not gonna do that, are you sir?”

“Uh, uh… let’s fuck,” he whispered. “Oh, no!” she babbled, looking down, her chin tucked in, seeing the long, stiff, shining stalk of his cock sticking into her pussy.

He pushed it in three inches.

“Ahhh!” she sighed.

“Wanna fuck, Missy?”

“I never fucked before, Mr. Sexton. I best not.”

He was already fucking her. He humped slow, just giving her the tip and a couple inches. The big cock stalk jammed into her young, sucking cunt.

“Oh, honey!” he puffed, and slid his hands up under her sweater.

He cupped her big tits, caressed, squeezed and pulled them out of the overflowing pink bra. He lifted her sweater up over her tits.

Missy leaned back, her ass on the edge of the desk. Mr. Sexton humped down farther, sticking his cock up and into her pussy. It looked like a big bending banana. He leaned in and kissed her tits as he humped his ass in and out.

“Ah… ooof!” Missy stammered, her whole body radiating, trembling with an ecstatic feeling.

Mr. Sexton fish locked his lips on one tit, then the other, and sucked. His cock slurped in and out of her tight cunt. Missy put her little hands behind his neck and held on. He gave up her tits and concentrated on fucking some good prick to her pussy.

“We’re fuckin’, honey,” he said. “I know.”

“Do you like it?”


“Feel good?”

“Yes… but your boner’s so big.”

“I’ll just give you a little, okay?”


“Fuck back to me, Missy.”

“How, sir?”

“Move your hips in and out… yes, like that, darling. That’s the way!”

“Bump ’em like this?” she asked undulating her fine hips, her sweet ass smacking back at the table with loud slaps.

“You’ve never fucked before?” he asked. “No, sir.”

“Now you.”

“Yeah, I’m fuckin’. I’m fuckin’!” she cried. “I’m pumpin’ my prick in your pussy, baby.”

“I know. I can see it go in and out like that… and it’s all sticky, gooey… like it’s all lathered up.”

“Nice huh, slides easy.”

“Oh, Mr. Sexton! We shouldn’t be fuckin’ though!”

“Yes, we should.”

“Ahhhh, jeezzzz, oooooooh, sir… that’s, oh that’s so good, it feels good!”

“I know.”

“I… I’m fuckin’!” she babbled. His cock enlarged and hardened in her cunt.

He humped faster. “I’m gonna cum, Missy… come with me!”

“Oh, sir… I’m gonna feel it!”

“Now!” he yelped.

“Fuck me!” she wailed. “Fuck me, sir!” He came. His cock gushed, heaved and shot a milkshake load into her quivering cunt. She fucked back to him and her body tingled with pleasure. His prick fizzed and spit juice.

“Missy! Missy!”

“Oh, gawd, Mr. Sexton!” she sobbed. Hot cream filled her cunt. His load overflowed, seeped out, and drooled down her tan thighs. Missy kept on pumping her ass in and out, feeling her climax, and shaking all over.

Mr. Sexton kept fucking, kept cumming, his cock erupting in Missy’s young pussy.

“Oh, we’re fuckin’ good,” he huffed. “I know,” she breathed hotly, her voice a whisper. “We’re really doin’ it. You’re really fuckin’ that big boner in me, sir. I… I… ohhhhh, oh! Ahhhhh!”

They finally drew long, deep breaths. Mr. Sexton pulled out. Missy trembled, leaning against the desk.

“I better get back to the dance,” she said.

“Both of us, before they miss us. I wanna see you again soon, Missy. Okay?”

“Sure!” She smiled and reached over, picked up her pink panties, and wiggled cutely into them.


Missy went back to the school dance, and Mr. Sexton followed about ten minutes later. She went to the punch bowl and stood for a minute.

Billy Rolfe came up. He was a tight end on the football team. He was very good-looking. He had blonde hair cut in an All-American crewcut. He was lean, well-built and sexy. He towered over her.

“Hi, wanna dance?” he asked.

“Sure,” Missy said.

He took her hand and they went out and boogied down to a hot Huey Lewis record. Missy looked good, shaking, bumping, moving about the floor in her tight black skirt, her tit filled pink sweater, and her little pink high heels. The next record was a slow song, and Billy took her in his arms and pulled her close.

She let him hold her against him, and as he did, she felt his cock harden, throb to an erection, and thump at her belly.

Gee, she thought, do guys always get so turned on when they dance with a girl?

She moved daringly against his erection. Billy’s grip tightened on her. His prick was so hard.

“Can we go for a walk outside?” he asked.

“I guess,” she said.

They managed to sneak away from the dance and walked behind the school house into a shelter of trees. Billy grabbed her and kissed her.

“Ooooooh,” Missy said.

“I’ve been wantin’ to do that since I first saw you this fall at school.”

“Huh well…”

His hands lightly feathered on the curve of her ass. Again she felt the wild thump of his cock. She put her arms around him and kissed him back.

He managed to slide her skirt up. “Don’t, Billy!” she protested. “Oh, please!”

“No, not here in the trees.”

“Where then?” he asked.

Now he had her skirt up on her waist. He slid his hand down and rubbed her wet panties.

“No, don’t,” she whispered, not wanting to get a bad reputation with the young boys at school.

“Please let me play with it,” he said. His itchy fingers pressed into that sweet, soft natural pussy. Missy melted. She loved his hand down there rubbing her cunt. Oh, she loved the way his fingers tickled the crotch of her panties.

“Jeez, Missy!” he croaked. “I’ve had the hots for you ever since I saw you.”

“Oh, Billy,” she whispered. “But we shouldn’t…”

“I can’t stop though,” he shivered, his hand creeping up to the elastic band of her panties.

He plunged deep into her hot cunt. His fingers slid through the soft, mossy patch of cunt hair.

“Mmmmmmm,” he mumbled. “Oh, Missy.”

“Okay, then. All right. You’re in there. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“I won’t let you unless you promise not to tell anyone,” she said.

“I promise!” he huffed eagerly, sliding his middle finger into her cunt.

“Ahff!” She puffed. “Oh, gawd, Billy. You shouldn’t do that.”

“But I am.”

She grabbed his cock and squeezed hard. “Ohhhhhh!” he moaned.

She rubbed his swelling hard prick. He fingered her fucking hot pussy. They were passionate, hot, and steaming there in the street.

“Take my cock out,” he said.



“Okay, then. If you really want me to,” Missy said.

She unzipped his fly, reached in, and withdrew his hard cock. She had a good iron-tense prick of six inches in her hand.

“I wanna fuck!” he gasped.

“Oh, no. We can’t,” Missy mumbled.

He took her down in the weeds. He jerked her panties off. He mounted her. His cock drilled into her pussy.

“No, Billy. No!” Missy cried.

“Yes,” he said, guiding his cock into her pussy.

“Ah, aaaahhh! Ooof!” Missy blurted.

“Oh, jeez, Missy. I’m in there.”

“I know,” she said. He humped. His ass banged up and down.

His hard six-incher slicked in and out. His balls whacked her ass. Missy felt the cool, dewy weeds on her asscheeks.

“No, not in the weeds!” she protested.

He humped harder. Faster. His prick exploded in her cunt. “I’m cumin’, Missy,” he panted.

The squirting fizz flowed like a river into her pussy.

“Oh jeez, Billy!” she gulped, and banged her hot hips up to his fucking thrust.

His hard cock rammed like a piston into Missy’s hot pussy. He poured out a load that spilled out of her cunt, and dripped down her young thighs. He kept up his hot humping. His cock stayed hard.

“Oh, Missy!” he whimpered. His prick got bigger.

He fucked harder.

Her cunt was sloppy, wet, and slushy. “No, no more!” she panted, but the beautiful rip of climax zinged her. “Ah! Oooff!” He fucked faster.

“Ahhhh, ahhh! Uhhh!” she gulped, stiffening under him, holding her hips high in the air, receiving the hot thumping of his stiff cock.

He came again.

The hot juice squirted into her pussy. It spilled out. The thick goo drooled down her legs into the grass. She tingled all over.

“Oh, hove it!” she gasped. “Ohhhh, shit!”

“Missy! Missy!” he huffed. “I love you!” She fell back in the grass, breathing heavily.

He stopped his fuck-pounding, rolled off her onto the grass, and into the weeds next to her. They both lay staring up into the clusters of sparkling stars.

“I wanna go steady with you,” he whispered. “Ooooooh, I dunno,” she answered. “Please!” he begged.

Missy liked him. He’d be a proud catch. Lots of girls at Marlboro High would kill to go steady with Billy. But Missy also thought about the other men who had tendered their affection to her.

“I can’t,” she said.

“Please, I’ll do anything. I want you to be my steady girl. I don’t want to see you with anybody else,” he said.

“I’ll think about it, okay?” she said.

He agreed.

She took his hankie and wiped the gush of cum from her legs. They got up and went back to the gym.

“I better go in first,” Missy said.

She went in, and Billy followed a few minutes later. She went to the punch bowl.

Janet came up. “Jeez, I saw you leave with Billy. You guys go neck?”

“Yeah,” Missy answered.

“Golly, whew! I’d give anything to be with him,” Janet whistled.

A nerdy guy came over and asked Janet to dance. She winked at Missy and left with him. Missy poured some punch and turned to be confronted by her history teacher, Miss Banfield. Miss Banfield was thirty-eight. She had tits like Dolly Parton. She was a luscious woman, supple hips, a tiny waist, long, trim legs, a plush ass… and many of the students thought she looked a lot like Vanya White, the beautiful game show star.

“Hello, Melissa,” she said. “Oh, hi, Miss Banfield.”

“I saw you with Billy Rolfe. I followed you out to the streets. I know what went on out there.”


“Don’t play dumb, Melissa.”

“Gee, I…”

“I could get you in deep water. You could be expelled from school.”


“However, there is a way we could both be happy.”

“Huh? What’s that, Miss Banfield?”

“I want Billy Rolfe, Missy.”

“You what?”

“I want him. And you’re gonna fix it up so I get him alone, so I can do what you did tonight out there in the weeds with him.”


“So, you set that up, Missy. You work something out so that I can make it with Billy Rolfe, okay?”

“Can’t you just go ahead and do it?” Missy asked.

“Of course not!” Miss Banfield snapped. “You set it up for me.”

“Well, gee… I’ll try.”

“You do it. And, if you do, you’ll get an A in history. You’ll get a lot more, too.”

“Well, jeez… all right then. I’ll see what I can do,” Missy said.


Miss Banfield turned and walked away just as Mr. Maxwell stepped up.

“You look gorgeous, Missy,” he whispered.

“Thank you sir,” she smiled.

Her double ponytails bobbed as she twisted her head to greet him. Her lips had been redone. She glossed them a glistening pink just before she had come in from fucking Billy Rolfe in the weeds.

Her big tits pushed out the tight pink sweater. Mr. Maxwell eyed how her skirt rippled around her thighs, tight and supple. “Why don’t we sneak off and play with each other?” he whispered.

“We shouldn’t,” Missy whispered back. “But I’m so hot just lookin’ at you, darling,” Mr. Maxwell said.

Missy saw the stirring in the crotch of his slacks. She felt a swoop of excitement seeing his prick rise so quickly. Mr. Maxwell quickly but used his blue blazer so his stiff erection wasn’t visible.

“Come on, let’s sneak off,” he urged. “But where? You know all the rooms are open, and people are in the halls and, stuff,” Missy reasoned.

“Meet me in the faculty men’s room. No one will come in there,” he said.

“I better not,” Missy protested. “You know it’ll be fun, and I’ll give you some money,” he offered.


“I’ll leave, and you come in a few minutes. Just walk in. I’ll be waiting,” Mr. Maxwell instructed.

He turned and strode off.

Missy sipped her punch. She waited until everyone was dancing to the new Cindy Lauper record, then she slipped out of the gym. She went to the girls’ room first, applied some lovely red rouge to her cheeks, straightened her sweet bangs across her forehead, and applied a new bubble-gum coating of pink lipstick. She tightened the pink ribbon on her pony-tail and walked back out in the hall.

She turned a corner and came to the men’s faculty toilet. She quickly entered. Mr. Maxwell was waiting. He took her hand and led her into a toilet stall, closed the swinging door, and locked it.

The place smelled of sweet pine, almost a winter-green liniment odor. Mr. Maxwell took Missy in his arms and kissed her hot pink lips, tasting the delicious lushness of her candy soft mouth.

His hands roamed down the back of her sweater and he plunged his fingers into the plumpness of her gorgeous, dumpling ass.

His cock ignited.

Missy felt a shimmer of eruptive fury, a heat, buzz through her. His cock curled against her. His fingers caressed her butter-slick ass. He wiggled his hips, and dry-fucked into her. Missy glued her cunt to his thigh and pressed hard, undulated against him.

Their tongues slapped.

He broke the kiss.

“Oh, baby!” he panted. “You’re so damn fine, so beautiful!”

His hand slid between them, onto his thigh, prying into the press of flesh until he had his palm pressed to her pussy.

He gave her a good rub.

He took her hand and placed it on his hard cock.

She squeezed, and felt the thick, portly prick. Her fingers tightened. She felt the throb of his passion.

“This is wonderful, isn’t it?” he hugged. “Does this make you feel as good as it does me?”

“Yes,” Missy murmured, “it makes me feel good.”

“Oh, honey!” he puffed, slipping her black skirt up into ruffles on her generous, young hips.

He slid his hand into the nylon gooeyness of her panties, his fingers pressing, tapping at her wet cunt.

“Baby!” he gasped, then sent his hand deep into her, pink panties, his fingertips gliding through the fuzzy forest of cunt hairs between her legs. He fucked a finger into her pussy.

“Oooooh, shit,” Missy hissed.

She unzipped his fly and yanked out his big, eight-inch prick. The tip bullied her hand, and spit out a good of cum. She slicked the thick jizz down onto the cockstalk, trailing her fingers along the sides, slicking down, into his balls. She grabbed his balls and brought her other hand down and clutched his cock.

“Ah, baby!” he sighed.

She tickled his balls and squeezed them. Her other hand pushed in and out with an overhand grip on his monster prick.

He managed to pull her panties down. Then he pushed her back to the toilet. She stood in front of it.

“I wanna take your panties down,” he whispered.

“Okay, take ’em down,” she gulped.

He slid the pink undies down her tanned, smooth legs, over her pink heels, and took them off.

“Me you gonna let me keep them?” he asked.

“No, not unless you pay me for ’em,” Missy said, standing beautifully over him, her black skirt up, her brown pussy looking scrumptious.

“I’m gonna pay for ’em. I’m gonna pay you, too,” he said, pushing Missy to the shiny, black toilet seat.

She sat down on the cool stool. He spread her legs. He crawled between them, pushing her knees out. He licked his tongue along her thighs.

“Mmmmmmm,” he mumbled. His tongue flicked up into her cunt. He licked the fuzzy, brown softness. Missy slid down on the toilet seat, her hips on the edge. Her legs were wide. She lifted her ass off the stool and swirled her hips, pushing her pussy up against Mr. Maxwell’s gaping tongue.

“Shit, sir!” Missy throbbed.

He slipped his hands under her tubby little ass, pinched his fingers into the chunky asscheeks and sucked on her pussy.

“Mmmm,” he mumbled. “I love suckin’ your cunt.”

“I guess you do,” she blurted. “Suck it then. Go ahead.”

He licked fast as a turkey tongue. She felt the grand explosion, the rippling tide of her climax. She pushed her cunt harder to Mr. Maxwell’s face. He slurped her pussy with loud smacking noises, his tongue walloping at her lollipop pussy.

“Aw, shit! Aw, shit!” Missy cried. “Uh, uh, uhhhh.”

She fell back on the toilet stool, catching her breath. Mr. Maxwell stood up. His cock was fat as a pork hog, hard as rock. He grabbed the cockstalk. He looked down and began stroking.

“You look so good,” he whispered.

Missy leaned back, her body splayed out on the toilet. Her head rested on the wall behind the toilet. Her legs were spread.

She smiled and looked up into Mr. Maxwell’s face, then down at his cock.

“You gonna jerk on it, sir?” she whispered. “Damn right. Jerk to you, Missy.”

“Jeez, sir,” she purred.

“Talk to me, honey,” he said.

“What? What should I say?”

“Make me hot. Talk dirty to me and I’ll give you a big surprise.”

“Well… I don’t know, like saying fuck, shit, cock, stuff like that?”

“Yeah,” he panted. “Just talk to me.” He jerked real slow on his cock. The big red head bulged with each pull backward on the bristling cockstalk.

“You’re gonna pay me a lot more if I do, huh? That’s the big surprise?”

“Yes… yes!” he exclaimed loudly. “Okay then… fuck… shit… pussy!” Missy huffed hotly, rolling her hips off the toilet seat. “Wanta see my titties too?”

She pulled her pink sweater up over a white bra. She lifted her big, round tits out of the bra and sat them up over the top so they looked colossal.

“Ooooh, honey?” he panted. “Titties, titties,” Missy whispered. “Yes, yes, yes,” he answered. “You’re jerkin’ off, sir. You’re givin’ yourself a handjob.”

“I know. Yes!”

“You’re makin’ yourself feel good. You’re fuckin’ your fist.”


“Masturbatin’ your prick.”

“Lookin’ at my titties and my pussy.”


“Do it faster, sir. Ooooooooh, yeah, like that. Wow!”

“Gawd, you’re goin’ fast, sir.”

“Yeah, fast!”

“Beat it, beat off to me like that sir, you are really whopping that big hunk of bacon, aren’t you? You’re rally pumpin’ that big ol cock.”

“Uh-huh, yeah.”

“Am I talkin’ good, sir?”

“Yeah, don’t stop. Don’t stop, damnit! Keep talkin’ to me, Missy!”

“You like my big titties, don’tcha?”

“Oh, yes.”

“You like my young body too?”

“I love it!”

“Oooooh, yeah, Missy!” he panted, his hand jerking furiously on his immense prick.

“That looks good, sir… the way you’re beatin’ off like that.”

He hammered his prick. Passion clutched his face. His mouth hung open. His hand blurred on his cock.

“Yeah, fuck it! Beat it! Jerk it. Ooooooh, shit! Come on! Come on, damnit, look at my pussy and jerk your big ol cock.”

“Ah, ah.”

“Am I doin’ good, sir?”

“Don’t stop!” he gasped, moving closer to her. He stood between her legs. His prick was inches from her face. His hand was hot on the cockstalk.

She swirled her tongue over her pink lips. She brought her hands up to her tits and squeezed them together. Her tongue was pink on her pink lips. She was beautiful.

“Ah, oh, baby!” he gulped.

“Fuck, shit, cunt, pussy, jerk-off, tits, hot balls, asshole, shit, shit, shit, shit!” Missy babbled, sending Mr. Maxwell into a raging passion and a throbbing ecstasy.

He moved closer, pushed the tip of his prick onto her twirling tongue, against her luscious pink lips. He beat his meat wildly; the cockhead slapped at Missy’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmm, whewff!” she mumbled, swirling her tongue at the gooey cock head, licking off the hot bubbles of cum that clung to the top of his lovesick prick.

“Baby,” he huffed.

“I’m lickin’ your cock,” she burbied, her tongue out, her words clipped, muffled.

He fucked his fist faster. His bulging cock head smacked at Missy’s mouth, her nose, her cheeks, and her forehead. He jerked into her bangs.

“Jeez!” Missy gasped.

“I want you to call me Big Daddy,” he said, gasping.


“I wanna hear you tell me to fuck your face. I wanna hear you tell me to cum. I wanna cum. Oh, I wanna cum.”

“Jeez.” Missy gasped. “Okay, go ahead. Fuck my face, Mr. Maxwell! Just fuck it! Fuck my face, Big Daddy! Come on! Fuck my face! I want you to cum, Big Daddy! I wanna see you cum on my face.”

“Au, ohhhh, honey!” he cried, slapping the top half of his squirting cock all over her beautiful facet slicking it along her red-rouged clit. Snaking the cock head at her lovely lips.

“Come on. Come on, Big Daddy! Fuck my face! That’s what you wanna do. You wanna fuck my face! You get all hot about fuckin’ my face… so do it! Fuck my face!” Missy babbled.

He blasted a cummy load.

Big slushes of gooey cream spilled onto her gorgeous sculptured face.

“Ah, whoooooo!” he panted, jerking wildly. He was humped in front of her, his hips thrust forward, his ass pumped inward. His cock was a piston in his slick hand. The slippery slide.

Cream splashed onto Missy’s pretty face. She opened her mouth and tried to catch a huge web of flying jizz. It splattered all over her lips and dribbled down onto her chin.

“Ahhhppp, Big Daddy… face fucker!” Missy mumbled, her tongue sticking out, her words garbled, insane.

“Darling, darling, darling!” he moaned, his cock gushing, the stream of cream matting Missy’s bangs against her forehead, all wet, stringy-soaked with thick juicy cum.

“Come on, Daddy…!” Missy yelped.

“Fuck it all on my face!”

“Baby!” he groaned.

“Go on, keep shootin! Keep shootin’ like that!”

“I’m drowning you.”

“I know. I’m goin’ under here, Big Daddy.”

“I love you,” Mr. Maxwell sobbed. “I love you, I love you, darling!”

“I’m drowning. I’m drowning in your love, sir,” Missy whispered, falling back on the toilet away from him.

Big slurpy chunks of cum slithered down her cheeks and her chin. A gap of cream clung like a spider to her bangs. Her mouth was all creamy. Her pink lips drooled with jizz.

“Boy, you did. You shot off all over my face, sir,” Missy whispered.

Mr. Maxwell stumbled backward, a victim of his wonderful climax. He leaned against the toilet door.

“Oh, Missy,” he gasped. “Do you know how much I love you?”

Missy stuck her finger in her pussy. “How about this, sir?”

“Oh, oh,” he gulped.

“Wanna see me fuck my pussy with my finger?”


“I’ll bet you’d pay me even more to see me do what you just did, huh?”

“Yeah, do it?”

“Like this, huh?” Missy cooed, her finger sloshing in and out of her pussy.

Mr. Maxwell grabbed his sticky, cum-soaked prick. He stroked slowly. “Yes, just like that.”

“Jerk some more, for me, Mr. Maxwell. I really like to see a guy jerk off and stuff,” Missy whispered, her finger delighting her young cunt, her ass slick to the toilet seat, her legs apart, her pink high heels flat to the, floor.

“Let’s fuck,” he said. “Okay.”

He pulled her from the toilet seat and sat down himself.

She straddled him. Her pussy came down on his slushy prick.

He spiked up to her and shoved in. “Ooooooooh,” he sighed. “Oh, wow!” Missy clipped. “Okay,” he said.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Big Daddy!” she whispered, starting a slow, incessant hump pump movement with her hips, fucking down on his eight-inch prick.

“Yeah, talk to me like that!” he gasped.

Missy pushed down on his huge, slick prickstick which was lathered thickly with slushy cum. She took another inch into her pussy.

“Oh, Missy!” he chirped, reaching behind her, slapping his hands to her pudgy little ass.

Missy stood over him, bent at the knees, her fine legs horseshoed down, her pink high heels rocking as she humped up and down, slithering slow as a smoke ring, then bobbing back up as his cock withdrew. She tucked in her chin and looked down at the creamy slide of his heroic prick.

Mr. Maxwell looked up into her dripping face. Hot thick splashes of cum clung to her cheeks, her mouth, her chin. Her darling bangs were slicked to her forehead.

She leaned over him a little so her big tits dropped down. He fish sucked his lips, craned upward, and plunged his mouth into them.

Missy pumped down, back up, sliding on his stupendous cock. The hard cockstalk felt good, hot, and thrilling in the vise of her cunt.

“Talk to me,” he said, leaning back, laying his head against the wall, and playing out on the toilet seat.

Missy humped up and down over him. She reached down with one hand and fingered into the slick drive of his cock into her cunt.

“Talk dirty again?”

“Yeah, please.”

“You gonna give me another surprise if I do?”

“You know I will, Missy.”

“Okay, then. Fuck, shit… fuck me! You dirty old man. You’re fuckin’ me in the toilet here.”

“Yes, yes,” he huffed.

“Like that?” Missy said. “Talk like that?”


“You’re fuckin’ with me, sir. You’re a dirty guy. And we’re fuckin’ here in the toilet. Boy, this is bad, sir.”

He humped his hips off the toilet, and speared his cock into her cunt.

“Okay, shit then! Fuck mere of your big boner into my little pussy, sir. That big ol whopping cock. I’m fuckin’ all around on it, huh?”

“Yes, yes you are, Missy.”

“Shit, fuck, pussy, cock… I’m talkin’ to you, sir. I’m talkin’ dirty and fuckin’ you… that’s what you like, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yeahhhhh!” he sighed.

“You like getting in my panties and feelin’ pussy, too. And you love my little ass, don’t you?” Missy huffed hotly.


“You love my fine ass. You like to fuck me, too. We’re fuckin’ right now, Mr. Maxwell, and your big boner is really hard about it.”

“Oh, darling!” he whimpered.

“You’re a naughty guy, Mr. Maxwell, gettin’ me in this toilet and fuckin’ me.”

“I’m gonna cum!” he yelped.

Missy fucked faster, then she pulled up, got off, grabbed his cock with her hand and jerked, hammered, pounded the fat prickstalk.

“Ah, ahhhh!” he moaned.

She slugged wildly on his prick, and he shot off. A spray of jizz jetted high in the air. Missy jerked hotly. She smiled as she watched the pumpkin-head of his cock squirting gobs of steaming juice.

“You naughty, naughty guy!” Missy whispered.


The three fuckings she had enjoyed at the dance, the money Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Sexton had given her excited Missy, and she realized she had something men wanted, both young and old men wanted it… her delicious young body, her beauty, her gorgeous butter ass, her jumbo tits, her sweet cunt.

She sat in her room counting all the money she had been making. She locked the stacks of bills into a jewelry box and hid it away in the bottom drawer of her dresser. She knew if she kept saving she could get out of town, get away from her grandmother, and go to Los Angeles.

The next day at school Billy Rolfe came up to her as Missy walked down the hall, looking sharp in a short, blue jeans skirt, a tight red sweater, and little red flats on her feet.

“Did you think anymore about going steady with me?” he asked.

She thought about what Miss Banfield had said, about how she wanted to screw Billy.

“Say, you know Miss Banfield don’t you?” she asked.

“What does she have to do with anything?” Billy asked.

“Just that she likes you,” Missy said. “Oh, come on.”

“She does.”

“How do you know?”

“I know, that’s all.”

“Well, so she likes me… what about it?”

“Lots. She wants to see you.”

“Oh, stop kiddin’ me.”

Missy waked with him to Miss Banfield’s office. She knocked and went in. Miss Banfield wore a tight black skirt that hugged her mature, lush curves sexily. Her yellow sweater was obscenely bulged by her big Dolly Parton tits, so huge, so big and round. Her long blonde hair was perfectly coifed, falling to her shoulders, barretted at the sides with red pins.

“I have Billy Rolfe out in the hall, waiting to see you, ma’am,” Missy said, “like you asked.”

“Ah, very good, Missy,” she smiled. “Go get him.”

Missy opened the door and beckoned Billy in. He walked through the doorway sheepishly. Miss Banfield closed the door.

“Now then,” she said, “you two were out of line the other night in the trees, out there in the weeds, weren’t you?”

Missy nodded. Billy looked puzzled. “Well, as I told Melissa, Billy, you both could be expelled from school if I went to the principal with the story of what you were doing.”

“But you won’t, will you?” Missy asked quickly. She didn’t want to be kicked out of school. Too many good things were happening to her.

“No, not if you do as I say.”

“Sure,” Missy replied. “Okay, Billy, I want you to kiss Melissa.”


“I said kiss her. Right now.” Billy put his arms around Missy and kissed her. Miss Banfield smiled. “Feel her up a little, Billy.”

He slid his hands down into her jeans skirt, and cupped the cheeks of her girlish ass. Missy felt the rise of his cock against her.

“Take his prick out, Missy,” Miss Banfield said.

Missy backed away from the kiss, reached down and unzipped Billy’s fly. She wiggled her hand inside, into the shorts and found his cock. She pulled the bristling, hard cockstalk out.

“Mmmm, yes,” Miss Banfield whispered. “Like this?” Missy said, holding Billy’s prick. “Yes. Now, Billy, you pull Melissa’s skirt up.”

Billy lifted her jeans skirt up over a pretty pair of ice-blue panties. He trembled all over. He slid his hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the thin nylon.

Missy now realized what Miss Banfield was up to, why she wanted her involved in this… she wanted to watch them.

“Take all your clothes off, Billy,” she instructed.

Billy stripped down until he was nude, his hard, lean body rippling with new muscles. His six-inch prick stuck out hard and hot.

“Ah, yes,” Miss Banfield sighed.

She lifted her little black skirt, pulled it up around her waist. She had on a pair of pussy packed yellow panties that were shaded light brown at the crotch by a thick patch of hair.

“Suck his prick, Missy,” Miss Banfield said.

Missy bent over at the waist, clutched Billy’s cock in her hand, and licked her tongue over the beet-red head.

“Oooooh,” Miss Banfield sighed, rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Oh, ahhhhh!” Billy chirped joyfully.

Missy sealed her pretty candy-red lips around the head of his cock, then fucked it into her mouth. She dipped to one knee and bobbed in and out, sucking slowly. Her lips were all puckered on the cockstalk. Her cheeks were dimpled and caved in.

“Yes, suck that prick, Melissa!” Miss Banfield huffed.

She dipped her hand into her panties and stuck a finger in her big cunt.

Missy bobbed in and out, sucking, slurping his prick until he stiffened and groaned. She felt his hard-on expand and swell in her mouth. She pulled off. She grabbed the cockstalk with her hand and pumped furiously, moving to the side as Billy shot off a squirting load of cum.

“Ah! Ooooooh!” he chortled.

“Oh, yes… jerk him off like that, Missy!” Miss Banfield yelped.

Miss Banfield’s yellow panties were bulged out at the crotch where her hand jiggled as she finger-fucked herself and watched her two students in their amorous pursuit. Billy’s cock spurted a gusher of cum. Missy pumped the goo out, bent down on one knee, her hand jerking hotly an his hard prickstick.

“Mmmmmm, ooooh,” Miss Banfield sighed.

Missy looked over at her, and she could tell Miss Banfield was cuming too. She hummed her hand faster on Billy’s prick, gave him a hotshot hand-job.

When she milked him dry, she got up.

“Very good,” Banfield said. “Now, Billy. Can you get all hard again?”

She pulled off her yellow sweater to reveal a big black bra that bubbled with her immense tits. She took the bra off and the huge tit orbs splashed out.

“Now, Missy, you show him your tits too.” Missy pulled her red sweater off, undid her blue bra, and let her tits swing free.

“How ’bout this Billy? Big tits, huh?”

“Oh, wow!” he huffed.

His cock leaped to a gooey hard-on.

“Come here and take my panties down, Billy,” Miss Banfield ordered.

He got down on his knees and tugged her yellow panties down. She stepped out of them. Her honey-blonde pussy was big, hairy, and she pulled Billy’s head to her, mashing his face into her cunt.

Billy gobbled at her cunt. Missy got up, her skirt still on her hips. She unbuttoned it, and let it fall to the floor. She stuck a finger in her pussy and watched Billy eat Miss Banfield.

The beautiful teacher swirled her hips at Billy’s lapping tongue. She pulled him up, and pushed him into her chair, he sat down. She straddled him, grabbed his cock and inserted it in her pussy.

“Ah, now we’ll fuck,” she said. She began bouncing on top of him, her ass slapping on his thighs as she smacked up and down, taking all his cock with her downward thrusts.

Missy had never watched two people fucking. She was super excited by the scene, and she diddled her cunt faster, pinned her clit and rubbed herself to the edge of a cum.

“Oh, yeah!” Miss Banfield sighed, bumping up and down, her monster tits swinging.

Billy reached up and grabbed them. He couldn’t hold them because they were so big. She fucked faster, humping him, riding high on his little prick.

“Oooooh, this is good, Billy!” she whispered.

“Fuck him, ma’am!” Missy blurted, fingering her pussy.

“I am. He likes it too.”

Indeed the boy did. He let his pretty teacher bounce up and down on him, fucking him rapidly until she stiffened, then undulated her hips slowly in an orgasm.

“Oh, oh! Yeahhh!” Miss Banfield moaned, her fuck stroke softening, her big ass splashing on the young lad’s thighs. She undulated up and down in short jabbing strokes as she enjoyed her climax.

“Yes, yes, yes… shoot in me!” she cried. “Oh, Miss Banfield!” Billy gulped, his cock gushing off another load in her pussy.

“Sticky stuff,” she mumbled. “Fill me up!” Missy vibrated her clit with her finger and came with them.

Billy had Miss Banfield’s tits clutched in his hands. He humped off the chair and thrust his cock up her cunt. He shot her his wad. Missy watched, excited by this passionate display. She tingled with her cum, her thrilling climax.

Miss Banfield came to a rest on top of Billy. “Mmmmm,” she whispered. “A good fuck, Billy. That was a good fuck.”

“Ah, ah ah!” the boy panted.

“Now, I wanna see you tick Missy,” she said.

She got off and stood up. Missy was still cumming. She stumbled toward Billy. She jumped on top of him, together they got his slushing cock in her cunt. She took a cue from Miss Banfield’s wild fucking, and she started humping up and down hotly.

“That’s right, students! That’s the way to fuck!” Miss Banfield cooed. “Looks good, Missy! Fuck him good, darling!”

“I am,” Missy replied.

“Don’t stop till you make him cum again,” Banfield said.

“I won’t, ma’am!”

Missy humped the young boy. She screwed her hips up and down, in and out, his cock feathering her pussy. She looked down into Billy’s face. He stared up to her.

“You’re so pretty,” he sighed.

“I know,” Missy said, riding him good, banging up and down, her fine cute ass slashing loud smacks on Billy’s legs.

“Yes, that’s the way,” Miss Banfield said. Missy craned down and gave Billy a good hot kiss. Her tongue snaked into his mouth. Billy grabbed her ass and pinched into her asscheeks.

“Oh, oh,” he said, “you’re so good, you’re so pretty.”

“Shut up and fuck,” Missy huffed.


The next day at school Missy wore a tight skirt, now the rage among the girl students. The blue denim clutched at her fine ass. She had on a pair of little white high heels and a white sweater.

Mr. Maxwell caught up with her. “Hi, let’s go meet in the faculty men’s room.”

“Gee, sir. I gotta go to class.”

“Forget it. I’ll write you a slip.”

“Well… I guess it’s okay.”

He strode away.

Missy went first to the girls’ room. She checked her hair and tied it tightly with the white yarn, put some new pink lip gloss on her lips and added a splash of burnt orange rouge to her cheeks.

She went to the men’s faculty toilet. Mr. Maxwell took her into a toilet stall, the end one, and locked the door.

“Know what I wanna do this morning?” he whispered.

“Fuck my face again?”

“No, I wanna dog fuck.”

“Dog fuck, sir?”

“Yes, let me show you,” he said, “get down on the floor.”

Missy got down.

“On your hands and knees.”

She got situated, on the cement floor that smelled pungently of wintergreen. She put her palms flat on the floor, on her knees, her ass looking magnificent and sexy pushing back against the little denim skirt.

Mr. Maxwell got down behind her. He pushed the jeans skirt up over her ass. He stripped her pink panties down on her thighs and bent in and kissed her puffy asscheeks.

“Sir, you’re kissin’ my ass again,” Missy said.

“Uh-huh, let me take your pretty panties off, darling,” he mumbled, raining kisses all over her ass.

He yanked her panties down to her knees, slid them along her calves, and pulled them off. “Now, we’re gonna dog fuck,” he said.

He pulled his slacks and shorts down. His big cock splattered up against Missy’s ass. He rubbed it all around, slid it up and down her ass crack, the dribbles of cum slushing and creaming his action.

He pounded the cock head at her taut asscheeks. He slugged his hand around the cockstalk tightly and flapped the big cock head at her rump.

“I have to give you a little spanking with my prick,” he whispered.

“Why? What’d I do?” Missy said, looking back over her shoulder.

She looked so sweet there on her hands and knees in the toilet stall, her blue denim skirt up on her belly, her white sweater drooling with her jumbo tits.

“Well, you just need a good cock-whollop,” Mr. Maxwell said. “You need to feel my hard cock… and it’s hard, isn’t it?”


“You need to be paddled with my prick because you drive me so crazy… because I’m so damn hot for you.”

“Whew, boy, you’re paddlin’ it at me, huh?”

“Yeah, I’m spanking you with my prick.”

“That’s bad, sir.”

“You’re the one who’s bad.”

“No, you are.” His prick slipped between her slick thighs. “Plug me in,” Mr. Maxwell said. Missy got a hold of the cockstalk as it slicked between her legs. She underhanded the throbbing hard-on. “Plug it in? You mean put it in my pussy, sir?”

“Yes. Come on. Come on, damn it! Get it in there!” Mr. Maxwell barked.

Missy rolled her ass back at him. She lifted his cock. She slid her knees farther apart. She put him in.

“Ohhhh, oh!” he gasped.

“Oooooh, it’s hot in there.”

“I know. Oh that feels good,” he fumbled, putting his hands down on her ass, clutching her asscheeks, fucking in and out slowly, his ass humping, his big long cock sliding gloriously in and out of her pussy.

“Whooo, you’re gonna fuck me again, huh?”

“Dog fuck you. I’m dog fuckin’ you. You’re on your hands and knees. I’m all dog humped over behind you and I’m fuckin’ my prick in and out of your pussy.”

“Oh, boy! Shit! You are such a bad guy, sir.”

“Yeah, talk to me, Missy. Please talk to me.”

“I don’t think I should,” Missy huffed, wiggling her dumpling ass back at him, swirling the round ass in sweet semi-circles.

“Oh, you have to. Please! Talk to me.”

“You wanna hear me talk dirty, huh?” Missy cooed.

“Yes. Yes, damnit!” he yelped, humping harder at her ass.

“Well, you gonna give me a surprise?” Missy asked.

“Yes, yes, yes. You know I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“Okay then. Go, go ahead you dog fucker.”

He rocked in and out, sawing his prick back and forth into her sucking pussy. He leaned over her and humped her like a wild dog.

“Yeah. I am. I’m a dog fucker.”

“I know you are. You’re a big, bad dog fucker and you shouldn’t be doing this, you shouldn’t be dog fuckin’ me here in the toilet like this. And you know it,” Missy huffed.

“I know… but you want me to. You want me to… don’t you?”

“I dunno. You’re big ol’ cock is in my pussy. That’s what I know. You’re behind me. You’re slamin’ up against my ass!”

“I love you, Missy. I’ve never met or known a woman like you.”

Missy loved being called a woman. “That’s ’cause I’m so pretty, huh?”

“Yes, and because you’re so good. You fuck so good. You’re dog fuckin’ me real good.”

“And you’re such a big bad hound, Mr. Maxwell.”

“I know. I know.”

“Well, I’m not gonna dog fuck you anymore unless you tell me you’re gonna give me a couple hundred dollars,” Missy said sternly.

“You’ll get two hundred, and I’d give you the moon if I could,” Mr. Maxwell whimpered. “Just keep talkin’ to me.”

His cock was so hard it was like a pipe full of hot water. His cock stalk sloshed in and out of Missy’s pussy. She rolled her ass… and she meant it when she rolled it… back to the hump and pump of her teacher’s hot thrust.

He fucked forward, over her, his arms now extended to the floor, his hands pressed flat. He was all dogged over his beautiful student. His cock had never been harder.

Missy liked the slushy pull and push. She liked the way his prick filled her cunt. She loved the heated slide. She worked hard, swirling and screwing her ass back, at him.

“Talk to you?”

“Like say you’re dog fuckin’ me. Like say you are really punchin’ me with your big dog cock.”

“Oh, ohhhhh!” Mr. Maxwell howled.

“Want me to bark for you? You’re dog fuckin’ me, and you make me wanna bark.”

“Bark then!” he yelped. “No, I’m not gonna.”


“Well, okay… then… wanna hear me bark?”

“Bark damnit!”

His cock was like a mechanical piston that slicked with precision fluidity in and out of her young pussy.

“No, I better not. You just go on and dog fuck me, Mr. Maxwell.”


“Okay then. Shit. Fuck! You bad dog fucker. Woooof! Bow wow! Wooof, woooof!” Missy huffed, loving the new role she had taken on as the dog.

“Oh, oh you darling dog bitch!”

There was a clang and a bang against the side of the toilet stall. Mr. Hope grabbed the top of the stall, his fingers clinging. He pulled himself up and looked in.

“Oh my!” he gasped.

Both Missy and Mr. Maxwell looked up. “The principal!” Missy huffed. “Oh, jeez. I… I… oh, Mr. Hope. This is…” Mr. Maxwell stuttered.

“My, my, my. Open the door,” Mr. Hope said.

Mr. Maxwell reached back and unlatched the door.

Mr. Hope came in and locked the door again. “Now, this is absolutely the worst display of student-teacher relationship I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“Well… I…” Mr. Maxwell stuttered.

Mr. Hope’s eyes were big and round, glazed with admiration for lovely Missy. She looked back over her shoulder at him, her darling bangs on her forehead, her pink glistening lips, her orange-rouged cheeks.

Mr. Maxwell said, “Oh, hell, I’m gonna lose my job anyway, let’s keep fuckin’ Melissa.”

“But… but he’ll kick me out of school.”

“Now, now,” Mr. Hope said, “perhaps you are both jumping to conclusions here.”

He was a portly man of fifty-one. He had wavy gray hair and wore a three-piece gray suit with shining black shoes. He moved around the fucking duo and dropped his pants. His jockey shorts bulged with a hard cock.

He stripped down his shorts and sat down on the toilet. He spread his legs. Missy was between them. His thick, fat horrendously long cock pistoned out.

“Oooooh, jeez!” Missy gasped.

“Perhaps I could join in the fun,” Mr. Hope said.

“Yes, yes,” Mr. Maxwell huffed, starting his fuck stroke again, hammering his deadly prick into Missy’s pussy. He was up straight, on his knees behind her.

“Mr. Maxwell was dog fuckin’ me,” Missy said.

“I see that,” Mr. Hope said. “Why don’t you dog-lick my prick, young lady… er, what was your name?”


“Yes, Missy. You could…”

Missy grabbed his huge thirteen-inch prick. “This is too big. It’d take me all day to lick it, sir,” Missy whispered.

She pulled down on the long cock stalk. She backed her ass at Mr. Maxwell and licked her tongue over Mr. Hope’s prick. Her tingling titillation, the twirl of her tongue made the principal shiver with delight.

Mr. Maxwell humped harder.

“Oh, you guys,” Missy moaned. “Oh, jeez!” She sucked Mr. Hope’s prick into her mouth.

“Ahhhhhaaaa!” Mr. Hope wailed.

“Ooooooh, yeah,” Mr. Maxwell said.

Missy rolled her hips, bucked her ass at Mr. Maxwell and sucked fuckingly on Mr. Hope’s horse prick.

She didn’t remember much of what happened, only that she began to cum, and it seemed that her climax lasted gloriously forever. Mr. Hope squirted a load of cum into her mouth, and at the same time Mr. Maxwell unleashed a hot shot fuck-cum into her cunt.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she whimpered, taking Mr. Hope’s cock out of her mouth, pumping hard on the long cockstalk, letting him shoot his lard-load at her face.


Missy left school that day wondering about Mr. Hope, the principal. Surely he wouldn’t cause her any trouble at school. Would he?

She walked down the hall and Janet caught up with her. “Hey it’s Friday. Don’t-cha love it. No school tomorrow, and I’m havin’ a slumber party at my house. You gonna come?”

“Sure,” Missy said, “well, if my grandmother will let me.”

“Oh, sure she will.”

“I’ll call you when I get home and let you know.”

Missy walked home. Her grandmother was sitting in her rocking chair knitting.

“I’d like to go to a slumber party tonight at one of my girl friend’s.”

Her grandmother looked up. Her glasses were low on her nose. “Oh?” she said.

“Yes, Janet Sexton.”

“I don’t think so. You don’t need to do that.”

“Oh, but I want to, Grandma, besides her daddy is president of the PTA.”

“Oh, well… I guess it’s okay then, but you be well-mannered. You be a good girl.”

“Of course I will,” Missy said.

That night Missy put on a pair of tight, faded jeans, a dark blue sweater, her blue and white school jacket, and walked to Janet’s house six blocks away.

She took her overnight bag with her, her nightie, her fixings.

Janet met her at the door and took her through the house up to the bedroom. “Oh, there’s Daddy. He’s in the den watching a football game. Daddy, you remember Missy Martin. You met her at the dance.”

“Indeed,” Mr. Sexton said, standing up.

Missy smiled, thinking about how Mr. Sexton had been the first man to ever fuck her. “Hi, sir!”

“Hello, Missy. You girls have a good time,” Mr. Sexton said, and sat back down.

They went upstairs and Janet introduced Missy to Laurie Dufault, Julie Twining, and Jackie Jorgenson, who were also invited to the slumber party — all students at Marlboro High.

The girls changed into nighties and lingerie, all of them showing off in front of the mirror, vamping for each other.

“I got you guys to bring sexy stuff, huh?” Janet said.

Missy slipped into a sexy, stretch-lace camisole with such soft lace that it caressed her curves beautifully, and pulled in around her big tits and her tight, fiat belly. Romantic touches of applique and lace accent enhanced the garment which was thin, white, and stretchy on her fine body. She added a matching cotton-lined G-string through which her brown pussy was plainly visible.

She slipped a pink nightgown over this combination. She looked delightful. She combed her hair out, let it fail on her shoulders, then tied a white ribbon under the fall, around the top of her head so her hair banged out in a wave on her forehead.

“Here, I’ve got a pair of white high heels that will go with that,” Janet said.

Missy slipped them on.

All the girls dressed sexy and lounged around on the bed. They watched Friday Night Videos, then tuned to Janet’s cable TV and caught a horror movie on HBO.

“My dad said we had to cool it by three a.m.,” Janet said.

“No noise, or do we have to go to bed?” Laurie asked.

“No noise,” Janet said.

The girls cooled it, and continued to talk, giggle, and carry on.

Finally, around four a.m., the girls became sleepy. Laurie fell asleep, then Jackie. Janet and Missy talked awhile.

“I’m goin’ to bed,” Janet said.

“Me, too,” Missy said.

All four girls were crumpled together on Janet’s big bed. Missy couldn’t sleep. She knew Mr. Sexton was awake somewhere in the house, waiting to see her. She just knew it. She also knew he probably would give her a lot of money to play with his big prick. She lifted the covers and slipped out of bed.

She walked down the stairs in her white stretch-top camisole that looked like a merry widow without all the buttons, straps, etc. Her white G-string clutched at her cunt, cut high on the cheeks of her darling ass.

Her footsteps were light and silent as she went to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

Mr. Sexton was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for her.

“Oh, I was hoping you’d come down,” he whispered.

“Well, I thought maybe you might wanna see me, sir, but I don’t have much time, you know. I mean the girls are all upstairs and stuff.”

“Come here,” he said.

She walked over to him, and he pulled her glorious young body to him. He was nude under a satin-like red robe.

He kissed her hotly, hard on the lips. Then he backed off and admired her young loveliness, in her white lace.

“Oh, Missy,” he gulped. “I’ve been thinking about you since that night at the dance.”

“Yeah, when you took me in that room and did it to me, sir.”

“Oh, yes,” he said, sliding his hand down into the soft lace of her G-string panties, rubbing his fingers on her cunt.

His cock leaped to a huge hard-on. His full ten hot inches throbbed against Missy. He took her hand and placed it on his erection.

“It’s real big again, sir,” she whispered. “Oh, darling,” he mumbled, slipping his hand into, her G-string, fingering her pussy.

“No, sit,” Missy sighed. “We can’t. Not with all the girls upstairs and stuff.”

“You want to, you know you do,” he said.

“But you’re the PTA guy.”

“I’ll pay you. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“Well, I’d have to have a hundred dollars, sir. I could beat you off if you wanted me to.”

“Yes, yes!” he gulped.

Mr. Sexton took his robe, off and stood against the kitchen table nude, his ten-inch cock sticking out like an iron bar. Missy rolled her fingers along the thick, hard cockstalk. Mr.

Sexton lifted up and sat on the edge of the table. This made his prick stick up even farther.

“And you want me to beat it for you, sir?” Missy asked.


“It’s really a big boner.”

“For you.”

Missy clutched his cock in her little hand. “Oooooh, it’s big and hard!” she whispered. She sat down on the chair at the table. It was as if she were sliding into a big dinner. She saw a butter dish sitting off to the end of the table.

“Maybe I oughta slick your prick so I can really give you a good handjob, sir,” Missy said, reaching for the dish.

She took the lid off and glubbed a big gob of butter onto her hand — a big thick slush of goo. She lathered it all over Mr. Sexton’s cock.

“Ooooooh, darling,” he mumbled, staring down, watching her sweet fingers slide as she filmed his prick with slick, hot butter. “Ah, baby!”

Missy got his whole prickstalk gooped with butter, good thick butter, then she clutched the hard cock and jerked up and down, her hand sliding effortlessly on the long, hard prick.

“Oh, Missy, you doll, you’re wonderful,” Mr. Sexton muttered, staring down at the young girl’s hot hand.

“Like this? Should I just pump on your cock like this Mr. Sexton?”

“Maybe I should slick some more butter on it,” she whispered.

“Oh, please!” he whimpered.

Missy reached out and cupped another glob of butter in her hand, then sloshed the gooey softness up and down the long, massive expanse of his throbbing cock.

“Oh, baby!” he panted.

Mr. Sexton’s prickstalk was thick and slick with the soft butter. Missy slushed her hand up and down. She didn’t have to hold his cock in one place, because the butter made it like an iced piston. Her hands sloshed up to the top, then down to the base of his huge prick.

“This is really a big boner, sir. You said it was ten inches, but I think it’s bigger,” Missy said.

“Do you?” he gasped.

“Yes, I think it’s more like a foot long like a big, long weenie.”

“Oh, I love you!” he exclaimed. He arched his legs up, put them over her shoulders, then lay back on his elbows, still staring down, watching Missy’s fabulous hand action.

“Pump it!” he huffed.

“I am, sir. I’m pumpin’ up and down!”

“Oh, darling!”

“Does this feel good, sir?”

“Oh, fabulous!”

“Want me to go faster?”

“Please! Go faster! Go as fast as you can, Missy!”

“Like this, Mr. Sexton?” she whispered, her hand a blur on his fantastic cock.

“Ah, uh, uh uh, honey!” he cried. “I’m jerkin’ real fast, huh?”

“You’re beautiful. Your hand is beautiful. You are so beautiful…”

His words trailed off into a hot gulp, and Missy leaned forward and licked her tongue off the butter-slick prick, swirling her pink lapper all over the cocktip as she pumped.

“Au, whooooo, shit!” he huffed.

“You are a bad PTA guy, huh?” she teased.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Your cock is so damn hard Mr. Sexton. It’s like I got a brick in my hand.” Missy whispered.

“Jerk me, damnit!”

“That’s what I’m doin,” she answered, and her hand worked harder.

She beat his prick with a passionate frenzy, and she felt the bulge, the pulse, the expansion as his cockstalk surged in her little fingers.

Missy loved having the big cock in her hand. She sloshed up and down on the stiff cockstalk. She thrilled to the way his prick fizzed, how the jizz creamed out, fizzled down the sides in liquid lather, and seeped onto her fingers like a thick vanilla milkshake. Her hand greased faster, harder on the ballooning, bloating prick.

“Oh, you sweet little prick teaser,” Mr. Sexton sighed.

“Me? I’m a prick teaser?” Missy whispered. “Yes, yes… pricks get hard just lookin’ at someone like you, Missy?”

“They do?”

“Yeahhhh, they do… oh, you darling doll face!”

Missy smiled and gushed her hand up and down on his big, flopping prick. “Boy, this boner is gettin’ bigger, sir… it’s really a hard one.”

His cock sprinkled more cum… spit little jizzy gobs. She clapped both hands on his cockstalk and patty-caked the thick erection, sliding them up and down on his lulu of a cock.

“Ahhhh, beat it, baby!” he cried.

She grabbed around the prickstalk with both hands and ravenously slurped her hands in a lightning jerk on the butter-cum prick, pulling, pushing, pumping, jerking… jacking!

“Darling,” he muttered. “Sweet, beautiful doll!”

“Boy, it’s really hard. It’s sure slick, sir.”

“I know.”

She thumped wildly on his prick now, both hands sliding up and down the humping cockstalk in precision perfection.

“I’m gonna cum, Missy,” Mr. Sexton cried.

“Now, sir?”

“Tell me to cum.”

“Okay, cum, sir. Go ahead and squirt your stuff!”

“Ah, uh, babeeeeeee!” he sobbed, leaning forward, his masculine body tightening.

Missy pumped harder and felt the swelling, the pulsing of his cockstalk just before he came.

It happened.

She stabbed harder, faster.

A massive wave of cum surged, heaved up and out of the pricktip, and spiraled high in the air. Another spurt. A quick goop. A heavy gush. Cream jetted wildly from his cock. He stiffened like a board.

“Missy!” he cried. “Oh, darling, beautiful Missy!”

The suds spilled off the top of his prick and slid like foam down the cockstalk into her hands. She caught the big hot bubbles and slicked them hotly up and down as she suds his prick and made him cum better than he had ever cum before in his entire life.

“Ah, ooooooh, ahhhhhhh! Fuuuuuck!” he stammered, shivering, shaking, and shuddering violently.

Missy’s eyes were wide with fascination.

“I love it when your boner shoots off like this, sir,” she mumbled, watching the gusher of cum intently.

She whacked recklessly on Mr. Sexton’s whopper cock, giving him a jam-up, bang-down handjob. The cum spit, spewed, spilled and bubbled from his cock.

Suddenly he was up, his cock slipping upward out of her eager hands. He stood to the floor, his prick spurting. He pulled Missy from the chair, lifted her, and turned her around. He sat her up on the table, spread her legs, and moved between them. He pulled off her panties, threw them to the floor. Then he lifted her legs, flopped them over his shoulders, and he moved in on her. He dunked his cock in her cunt.

“You sweet little fucker! You darling little bitch! I’m gonna fuck you!” Mr. Sexton growled.

“Jeez, you talk bad for a PTA guy,” Missy said, looking down, seeing the slick glide of his cock in her furnace-hot pussy.

He pumped in and out, sucking his butter dripping, cum-soaked prick into her pussy.

“Not all of it, sir! I can’t handle all of that big boner!” Missy protested.

“I know. I’ll give you just enough to make you feel good, doll baby.”

“Oooooh, sir! Ooooh, wow! You’re doin’ it to me again, right here in your kitchen. Jeez, where’s your wife?”

“Upstairs asleep.”

“What if she comes down and catches us fuckin’ like this, sir?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he huffed, his ass humming, humping slowly, his big prick sliding like a greased piston into Missy’s precious pussy.

Her legs were high in the air in a sensational V. Mr. Sexton held them by the calf, pushing them back, holding them wide. His cock slurped in and out of her cunt.

Missy watched the slick push and pull, heard the sweet, slurping click of cock and cunt. She felt wonderful, thrilled, and she trembled with passionate fervor. She lay on her back, her neck craned so her head was up, so she could see his cock punching into her.

“Whew, jeez,” she whispered.

“We’re fuckin’ good, Missy,” Mr. Sexton said. “You like to fuck, don’t you?”

“You’re a bad guy talkin’ like that to me, aren’t you?”

“You dirty little fucker!” he panted. “You hot prick fucker!”

“Ooooooh, sir!”

“You sweet, pretty darling. I love you!” he gulped.

His prick was so big, and so hard in her cunt. He pulled the cockstalk out in a backward slide, grabbed the huge cock and jerked wildly.

“Oooooh, wow. Golly!” Missy yelped. “You’re beatin’ on your boner! Wow, that gluppy stuff is hangin’ from the end too. Oooooh, that looks good, sir. Beat your cock fast for me!”

“I am.”

“You gonna shoot on me?”

He shoved back into her and made her cum. Missy twittered and trembled on the table as she shook with her climax. He pulled his prick out again and pumped out a huge load of jizz that splashed all over her belly, her cunt, and her thighs.

“Ah, shit!” he cried.

“Sir! Sir! You’re shootin’ stuff on me.”

“Ohhhaaa!” he panted.

“Oh, oh, mmmmmmm!” Missy moaned, sucking her finger between her legs, tickling her clit, making her orgasm last what seemed like an eternity. She felt so wonderful, so delightful as she shuddered with delight.

After he pumped dry, Mr. Sexton went to the fridge and took out a can of Reddy Whip and a bowl of strawberries. He turned Missy over. He shot the cool, thick, white Reddy Whip all up and down her ass crack. Then he moved the big, juicy strawberries up and down the slushy goop.

“What’cha doin’ back there with that Reddy Whip Mr. Sexton? It’s real cool in my asscrack like that… ooooh, that’s so tickly, sir.”

“I’m packin’ your ass, honey,” he whispered.

“I never heard of anything like that.”

“Get upon your hands and knees darling,” Mr. Sexton said, gulping off the strawberries, and lifting Missy up on her knees.

Missy looked back over her shoulder. “Hey, you got a bowl of big strawberries back there.”

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm!”

“Hey, you’re eatin’ ’em off my ass,” she said, as she rose slowly, arching her adorable ass to Mr. Sexton’s gulping, lapping tongue.

He spread her legs, but kept her ass low, just off the table so the goopy Reddy Whip wouldn’t drool down. Then he muffed his face into the white, thick cream. He devoured the soft slush ravenously, eating, licking, gulping, slurping.

He ate the Reddy Whip off, then he swished his randy tongue up and down the crack of Missy’s petite ass.

“Oooooh, ahhhhh,” she whimpered, loving the feel of his sloppy lapper, sucking up and down her furry asscrack. “Oh, sir!”

She remembered how Mr. Maxwell had licked her ass, how much it had excited and delighted her, and this was no different. She tingled all over as Mr. Sexton slushed his tongue into the sponge cake softness of her ass.

“Oooooffff!” she called.

He sucked into her whole. “Ahhhh.” Missy whispered. He buttoned his mouth around the asshole and sucked rapaciously.

“Oooooh! Eeeeekkk! Oh! Sir! Jeeeeezzzz!” She was up high now, up on her hands and knees, wiggling her glorious ass back at him, looking over her shoulder, trying to see.

Mr. Sexton sat in the chair, had it pulled up to the table, and he dined shamelessly on Missy’s fine ass. He dug his tongue into her whole, slurped, kissed, licked, and then he chomped, biting into her ass with his teeth.

“Oohhhhhh! Ahhh. You bad guy!” Missy moaned is sheer delight.

He reached around her thigh and slugged a finger into her cunt and fucked her wet pussy. Missy was in a tizzy of ecstasy.

He chewed her ass and fingered her pussy. She rolled her ass back at him. He gulped and lapped piggishly.

“Dirty guy!” she barked.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” he answered, his free hand finding his rigid cock. He grasped the prickstalk and banged up and down on the hard mass.

Then he stood up and brandished his corker cock at her ass. He slapped the hard prick at her asscheeks. Smack, smack, smack.

“Ah, baby,” he sighed. “You are divine!”

“Whatcha doin’ now, sir?”

“I’m gonna slide my cock through your thighs. You grab it and plug it in, okay?”

“All right.”

He slid his cock between her thighs. Missy grabbed the cockhead. She held it in her palm. She lifted the cocktip and inserted him into her slushing cunt.

Mr. Sexton pricked her. He humped in and out slowly, softly; he didn’t want to split her apart with his huge cock. He reached down and took a strawberry from the bowl. He pinched it into her whole.

Missy wiggled her ass. She fucked back to him, delighted by the hard prick that slushed in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, Missy!” he cried.

“You big, bad PTA guy,” she whimpered.

“We’re fuckin’ again.”

“I know,” she said. “You were the guy who fucked me first.”

“Oh, darling,” he whimpered, humping, pumping, slugging his cock in and out of her spritzing, young pussy.

He fucked faster.

“Sir!” she cried.

He humped her good. His cock shoved in farther. He picked up the beat, screwing faster… faster… faster.

“Ahhhhh,” Missy exclaimed.

His cock bulged. He pulled the cockstalk out from between her legs. He stuck his hand down there. He put a finger in her pussy. Missy came.

Mr. Sexton whacked his prick at her juicy ass. He sprinkled a big thick load all over her asscheeks.

Missy shuddered with a thrilling climax.

She finally slumped down on the kitchen table, huffing, puffing. Mr. Sexton’s prick still squirted. He put the long cockstalk between her asscheeks, in her crack, like a weenie in a bun.

His cum squished up on her back. She squirmed on the table.

“Sir,” she whispered. “Would you think that’s enough? The sun’s comin’ up.”

“Yeahhhh,” he mumbled.

“I better get back upstairs. Your daughter might wonder where I’ve been if she wakes up.”

“I’ll leave your money under the phone in the hall, Missy,” he said.

“You better?” she huffed.


Missy got up the next morning, dressed in a red denim skirt that cradled her fine body, the cheeks of her ass, and her plush hips. She added a tight white sweater and a pair of white tennies with red anklets.

She headed for the hall phone and found money that Mr. Sexton had left her. She smiled to herself and joined the other girls for breakfast that Janet was cooking.

They all left for home, but Missy decided, since it was Saturday, to go to the mall and spend some of her money. She loved to shop.

She took a bus to the Galleria and walked in. She liked the soft lighting, the smell of popcorn and candy. People bustled through the wide walkway. She was surprised to bump into Billy Rolfe.

He caught up with her. “Have you thought about it? Are you gonna go steady with me?”

“Yes, I’ve thought about it, but I’ve decided I can’t, Billy.”


“I just can’t,” Missy said, knowing that she liked older men much more than the impish young men.

“Aw, come on. Let’s go get a Coke and talk about it,” he pleaded.

“No, I’m shopping.”

Billy huffed off, and then she bumped into Mr. Maxwell. He had a big bag of goodies he’d purchased. He smiled widely and his eyes glazed over her little red skirt, her tight tit-filled sweater.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hello, sir.”

“What are you up to today?”

“Just shopping, sir.”

“My, you look good,” he whispered. “Thanks, Mr. Maxwell.” He wore jeans and a blue sweater. She liked his rugged, manly look. He had a day’s growth of beard.

“You know I’m crazy about you, don’t you?” he said.

“Well, you said you loved me, sir.”

“And indeed I do, Missy.” She smiled, twisted her head and flicked her hair.

“Gee, sir, love is such an esoteric thing,” she said, using a word he had taught in class.

“Not when you feel like I do,” he answered. “Let’s go somewhere and play.”


“You know?”

“You wanna fuck me, huh?” Missy whispered. “Maybe feel me up or jack-off to me?”

“Oh, yes.”

“I can’t, sir. I wanna shop.”

“Look, I brought a lot of money with me,” he said.

“No, I better not.”

“Two hundred dollars?”

“Well…” Missy said, hesitating, loving all the money that was coming her way. “Maybe we could do something, sir.”

“Let’s do.”


“We could sneak into a toilet.”

“What if someone catches us?”

“They won’t, come on.”

She followed him to a restroom at the end of the hall. He went in, then came out and beckoned her in. She followed. He took her in a toilet stall and locked the door.

“If someone comes in, we’ll be real quiet,” he said.

He clutched her to him, his hands roaming the curves of her ass. He kissed her hotly. His cock slinked up between them. Missy pressed against the curling bulge.

“Darling,” he whispered.

Missy felt a surge of power. She could tell the teacher was hot for her. She trembled slightly thinking that he was paying two hundred dollars just to be with her in the toilet stall. She kissed him back.

His fingers pinched into the lush curve of her miracle ass. His cock throbbed on her belly. She rolled her hips slowly, like hot smoke ring. Her tongue flashed into his mouth. Her head tilted upward. Mr. Maxwell slapped his tongue against Missy’s.

They were dry fucking.

She finally broke away from his sucking mouth.

“I suppose you want me to play with your cock, huh?” she whispered.

“Uh-huh, ahhhh! Yeah!”

She loved the way she had him captivated, panting, trembling — the way his cock thumped in his slacks.

Missy looked at his hard cock curled against the gray slacks, the way his erection pulsed, throbbed. She reached down. Her fingers played lightly on his prick.

“Ohhhh, Missy!” he gasped, and leaned back against the door of the toilet stall.

“Should I take it out, sir?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Unzip your pants like this?” she whispered, pulling his zipper down, unbuckling his belt, the hook in his slacks. They fell open. His jockey shorts bulged with the heat of his swelling cock.

Missy got hot seeing how his beautiful brick prick spiked out his jockey shorts as if he had a hammer handle in there. She looked up at him. His face was impassioned, his eyes were glazed with love and desire for her.

She thumbed his shorts and pulled them down on his thighs. His massive cock popped up, and wobbled threateningly. Missy watched the huge hard-on throb, pulse. She could see the long, thick marble-like cockstalk thump.

Mr. Maxwell’s slacks slipped down to his ankles. His big balls hung hot and bulbous. Missy looked up at him again end sent her hand between his legs. She scratched lovingly on his nuts. His mouth formed a big O. His forehead wrinkled with passion.

“Oooooh, honey!” he whimpered.

His prick throbbed wildly.

“It’s just really hard and big, sir.”

“Oh, yes, talk to me like that,” he gasped. Missy tickled his balls, then reached out with her other hand and stroked her fingers lightly up and down the huge prickstalk.

“Your cock’s bubblin’ with goo, sir,” she said, looking down, seeing the cock head frothing, squirting juicy jizz. She clutched his prick, and got a good grip on the thick cockstalk.

“Darling,” he mumbled.

“Should I pump your prick, sir?”

She got an underhanded grip on his prick and slid her hand in and out. The throbbing intensity of his erection thrilled her.

“Like that, Missy. Like that!” be wheezed. Missy thumped his cock slowly, giving the thrilled teacher a good hot handjob.

“Oooooooooh, sir. It’s sizzlin’ hot and it’s squirtin’ stuff out,” Missy whispered.

He reached down and patted her pussy through the red skirt, and felt the soft mound of her cunt through the thin denim.

“I love you,” he muttered.

He pulled her to him, got his hands under her skirt and lifted it up around her waist, then he dipped his hand into her tight pink pates.

“You gonna finger me?” she asked. But her question was answered as he slid a finger into her spritzing cunt. “Ahhhh sir. You’re in my panties again, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he gulped.

“And I got hold of your cock. I’m playin’ with your cock.”

“Oh, yes. It’s wonderful like this!” he moaned.

“I know. Feels good, huh?”

“Yes, Missy, yes,” he gurgled, his finger fucking in and out.

She pumped harder on his prick.

“I wanna fuck!” he gasped.

“You gonna doggie fuck me again, Mr. Maxwell?”

“No, we’ll do it different. We’ll fuck different this time.”

They stood in the heated toilet stall, his deep in her pink panties, jiggling the crotch as he fingered her sweet, little cunt. Her hand danced on his rigid cock. They looked into each other’s eyes.

“You better let go of my prick or I’m gonna cum all over you!” Mr. Maxwell said.

She let the big cock go.

He removed his hand from her panties and dipped to his knees. His long, lewd tongue licked up and down her thighs, then he lapped it into the crotch of her panties, wagging it like a mad dog.

“Ohhh, whew, sir!” she gasped, looking down.

He hooked her panties and pulled them down on her knees. He slicked his tongue into her soft pussy and lapped her delicious cunt.

Missy rippled with steaming passion. A glow beamed from her face. She quivered, then rolled her hips at his randy tongue.

Mr. Maxwell reached behind and cupped the cheeks of her ass. He nibbled, slurped, then slopped his tongue at her pussy.

“Jeez, sir. You’re a had guy. You’re down there lickin’ my ass.”

“Mmmmm,” he moaned.

His fingers pinched into the pliant curve of her splendid ass. Then he sucked her scrumptious pussy.

He pushed her back to the toilet. Missy sat down. He yanked her panties off and held them with one hand and moved in on her. He was still an his knees and his cock wobbled and slapped at her thighs.

Missy moved out on the edge of the toilet seat. She spread her legs. The tip of his prick throbbed on the lips of her cunt.

“Oh, baby!” he panted, and his hands slid under her sweater, lifting it up, pulling it over her pink bra. He got her tits out, leaned in and sucked them like delicate plums.

“Mmmm, sir,” she murmured.

She reached down and fisted his cock. “Are you gonna put that prick in me?”

“Yes,” he gulped, and shoved, humping his ass. His cock slicked into her cunt. “I’m in!”

Missy spread her legs wider, looked down, sat hot and ready on the toilet. She leaned back, kind of laid back on the toilet seat. He pushed his cock into her. There was a slushing, slurping sound as he fucked in and out.

Missy rolled her hips and fucked back to him. “You bad guy,” she whispered, a tingle of delight shuddering her as she watched his erotic stroke.

“We’re fuckin’ again, Missy. Don’t you love it?”

“Yes. Yes. I love to fuck!” she whispered. Mr. Maxwell slugged his cock into her soft pussy with slow, precision strokes, feeding her only half of his length cockstalk.

He reached out and peeled her sweater up around her shoulders, then dug into her pink bra and took out her big tits. He leaned in and sucked them as he fucked her.

“Ooooh,” Missy mumbled, curling her fingers through his blonde-brown hair.

He pulled back, then clutched her tits with his hands. He fucked his cock harder. The toilet stall filled with the sweet slurp of his hot stroke.

Missy looked wonderful sitting supine on the toilet seat, her sweater up, her big, round tits up over her bra like juicy cakes. Her red skirt was a ruffle of pleasure around her waist. Her feet, encased in her white tennies, were flat on the floor, her legs were open wide.

She lifted her lovely ass off the black toilet seat and swirled her hips at his thrusting prick.

“You sweet, little bitch,” Mr. Maxwell huffed.

“Me?” Missy smiled sexily. “You turn me on so much.”

“Do I? What turns you on, sir?”

“When you walk around in your short denim skirts, and your tight sweaters.”

“Does that turn older men on?” Missy asked.

“Yes. It makes pricks hot, makes men shudder.”

“Does it make men jerk-off to me?”

“You know it does,” he whispered, his cock all slick and white with thick cum.

“I like to see a guy jerk-off, sir,” Missy said.

“You do, huh?” he whispered.

“Yeah, looks good, makes me hot.”

“I’ll fuck you till you cum, then I’ll pull out and pump off for you; would you like that, Missy?”

“You bet.”

His diddling prick slushed in and out. Missy fucked her ass off the toilet seat. They were fucking good. Missy loved the way his cock felt in her pussy, stuffing her full.

Missy shivered, shook her head. Her hair swished at the side of her head. She knew she was going to cum. A tingle of delight began to shudder through her. She stiffened on the toilet seat, held her hips up, stiff in mid-air. Mr. Maxwell rubbed his cock on her.

“I’m gonna feel it,” she whispered.

“Are you?”

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Go on, cum, Missy!”

“Oh, sir. Here it comes… now! Ah, ooof! Jeez! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhgggggg! Oh. Jeeeeeezzzzzz!” Missy stammered as her whole body shivered with the divine feeling of beautiful climax.

Missy’s pretty face twisted with passion. Her lovely pink mouth hung open. She shook, shuddered, gasped and sucked her breath in.

She trembled violently. Mr. Maxwell fucked his cock with lightning speed, and the slush and slurp of the big prick made Missy simmer and cum again.

“Oh, sir!” she gasped. “Sir!”

She was boiling with passion. Her body burned with the flame of delicious elation. She finally slumped on the toilet seat, huffing, puffing.

Mr. Maxwell took his thick, creamy cock out of her pussy. He stood up. He started jerking the cockstalk.

“Ooooooh,” Missy whimpered, watching intently. “You gonna masturbate for me, sir?”


“That looks real good, Mr. Maxwell. I like your hand goin’ on your prick like that.”

“I do too,” he panted.

He moved in over her and fucked his hand harder I, the tip of his spurting prick on her big tits. Missy tucked her chin in and looked down.

“Sir… on my titties.”


“Ooooh, wow.”

“Feels good fuckin’ your tits, Missy.”

“You gonna shoot all over ’em, sir?”

“Want me to?”

“I wanna see you jerk fast then cum. I want you to cum anywhere you wanta shoot.”

He backed off and looked at the adorable schoolgirl on the toilet. Missy had her hand between her legs. She stuck a finger in her cunt.

“Oh, baby!” he whispered.

“Come on, big bad guy. Pump that prick for me! Go faster!”

He did.

“That’s the way. Go like sixty, sir!”

“Fuck yourself with your hand like that, Mr. Maxwell. Looks real good, you bad guy.”

“Oh, Missy!” he gasped, and his cock bulged.

The big corker cockhead swelled. He stabbed harder. Missy was excited beyond words. Her eyes were big. She diddled her cunt.

“Here I cum!” Mr. Maxwell shouted. His cock spewed a lulu of a load. Cream spurted from the big prickstick. A thick stream of jizz jetted salaciously at Missy. Big gobs of cum splashed on her fore head, and her bangs. Another goop of juice hit her on the cheek.

“You’re shootin’ on me!” she yelped. “You’re shootin stuff on my face!”

“Oh, oh, Missy!” Mr. Maxwell sobbed.

“Shoot it, sir! Keep shootin’… whew… you’re really gooshin’.”

He was. His cock spit at her. More cum hit her mouth. A hot gush slushed all over her tits. The cream dripped off the nipples and fell on her belly, then dribbled down into the top of her fuzzy cunt hair.

“Oooooh,” Missy whispered.

“I’m feelin’ so good,” Mr. Maxwell breathed hotly.

“Masturbate that prick, sir… yeah… pump, pump, pump!”

“I am!”

“More, do it faster!” Missy urged. Then she came. She was jerked forward on the toilet seat as another load of cum splashed out and splattered on her forehead. More cream gushed and hit her flush in the mouth. She licked her tongue out and got the drip, swallowed the tasty treat.

She shuddered through her orgasm and fell back on the toilet.

“You’re such a bad guy,” she whispered.


The following Monday at school, Missy was preparing to go to her first class. She wore a dark blue denim skirt and a pink sweater with little pink heels. Her hair was banged in double pony-tails. She had pink lip gloss on and a red rouge on her lovely asscheeks.

As she got to class, she was handed a note by the principal’s secretary: Mr. Hope wants to see you right away.

Missy walked with the woman to Mr. Hope’s office and went in.

“Good morning, Miss Martin,” he said, standing up.

He wore a gray suit with a vest and red tie. He was portly, and his gray hair was waved and thick. He smiled.

“Hi, sir.”

“I wanted to talk to you about that little incident in the faculty men’s room,” he said.

“You mean when I sucked on your prick, sir?” Missy smiled.

“Well, ah… yes… I guess you could say that, couldn’t you?”

“I guess.”

“Well, that was quite an experience, young lady,” he said.

“I know.”

“I was wondering if perhaps we might do something like that again, Missy,” he said sheepishly.

“I don’t know, sir. I mean that was just kinda an accident and stuff. I don’t do that sort of thing, really.”

“But… I, well I wanted to…”

“Do it again?”

“Well, yes, that and maybe some other things.”

“I could do it if you paid me like the other teachers.”

“Pay you? They pay you?”

“Mmmmm, uh,” he stammered, clearing his throat, surprised at Missy’s admission.

She could see he was real gooshy-hot, see that he wanted her, and she decided to see just how far she could push the money idea, see how much she could get.

“Yes, I’m trying to save enough to go to California, Mr. Hope.”

“Ah, mmmm, well, how much did you have in mind?”

“What did you wanna do?” Missy cooed, “like if you wanted to feel my panties…”

She hiked her little skirt up over her pink panties. They were super-tight and crunched in beautifully at her crotch.

“See, you could feel there — wanna?” Missy purred.

Mr. Hope came around from behind the desk. He scratched his eager fingers into the crotch of her pink panties. Missy saw the bulge of his giant cock. She remembered how huge it was.

“Or, you could get in my panties, Mr. Hope. Or you could jack-off to me, or you could kiss my pussy, or you could feel my ass… all kinda things you could do, sir!”

“Oh, ohhh, oh,” he panted, his breath hot in her face.

“Or I could kiss your big cock for you, and lick it a little if you wanted me to.”

“Oh, ahhhh, oh,” he mumbled, his fingers pressing harder on her pink crotch, itching at her cunt.

“Or, we could fuck, sir. We could get right down here on your carpet and fuck and fuck and fuck and stuff.”

“Oh, ohhhh, ah,” he panted. “We could fuck up a storm.”

“How much for all of that you just said?” he gulped. “How much?”

He was shaking, trembling all over. Missy reached out and unzipped his fly. She reached in. It took her forever to get his thirteen inch prick out. She finally withdrew the throbbing cockstalk. Her fingers curled around the thick prickstalk.

“A lot. It would cost a lot,” she said.

“Oh, you darling. You’re so gorgeous,” he mumbled, his fingers tapping at her cunt.

Missy gooshed, and the cream seeped through her pants. He felt the moist, damp emission on his fingertips.

“Wanna put your hand in my panties, sir?” His hand was in there before she could breathe. His fingers slid through her cunt hair, and he hooked a finger in her juicy cuntslit.

“A thousand dollars, sir. That’s what it costs.”

He gasped. “A thou… a thous… a thousand dollars?”


“Ah, ah,” he gulped, trembling, breathing hard and fast. “I don’t…”

Missy moved her hand to the tip of his long prick and tickled the creamy cockhead.

He shook. “Ohhhh! I don’t have that kind of money here… but I could get it,” he said.

“When?” she asked.

“I’d have to go to the bank.”

“Okay, go to the bank then,” Missy said. “This afternoon. Want me to come back this afternoon?”

She bent over and slipped her tongue off the tip of his cock.

“Yes, yes. Come back this afternoon. Come back after classes at three.”

“I’ll be here, sir,” Missy said, dropping her skirt, backing up.

She got to the door. Mr. Hope stood there, his prick thumping, spitting.

“I’ll come back then, sir, and I’ll make that big ol’ prick of yours feel real good.”

Missy came back at three and went in the office. Mr. Hope was waiting for her. He got up and handed her an envelope. Missy opened it. She found ten one-hundred dollar bills. She knew now that she could leave for California. With all the money she had saved from her other sexcapades, and now this thousand, she had enough to make her move.

“Thanks, sir,” she said.

He took her in his arms. He trembled with the feel of her against him. His hands played on her ass through the skirt. His big cock slapped against her.

“What do you want to do first, sir?” she asked.

“I’d like to take some pictures of you, Missy that’s first…”


“Yes,” he said, backing up, producing a Polaroid camera from his desk.

“What kind of pictures, sir? You wanta see me do sexy things?”


Missy was very excited about the thousand dollars she had in her hand. She put the envelope in her purse. “Well, sure, sir. You can take pictures of me. How come?”

“If you’re leaving for California, I don’t want to ever forget you. You are precious, my dear.”

“You mean you’re gonna look at the pictures after I’m gone?”

“Are you gonna masturbate to ’em?”

“That’s exciting, sir. I like it when men masturbate to me.”

“Well… yes, of course,” he said, pointing the camera at her.

Missy put her hands on her hips, thrusting them outward so that her denim skirt pulled in around her lush curves. Mr. Hope snapped a photo.

“Should I pull my skirt up so you can see my panties, sir?” Missy asked.

“Yes.” He trembled as she hiked it up over her pink panties. He shot a photo.

She set her legs apart, pushed her hips out so her pussy was thrust forward. He could see the brown cunt under the pink nylon.

Mr. Hope gulped and flashed a picture. “Wanna see my pussy?” Missy cooed. Missy looked gorgeous standing there swaying, her blue denim skirt ruffled up on her waist, her tan, smooth legs capped by her bright pink heels — her tight pink panties bulged with her pussy. Her pink sweater was pushed out generously by her young, round tits.

She toyed with the elastic band of her panties. A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of her lips. She peeled the panties down slowly.

Mr. Hope was snapping off pictures. Missy took her panties down to her thighs and showed him her delicious cunt. He trembled, but managed to flash several pictures. Then he reloaded.

“Should I turn around and show you my ass, sir?”

“Oh, yes,” Mr. Hope gulped.

She turned. He gasped. Her luscious ass was smooth as a baby’s. The curvy ass dumplings were high and firm. Missy bent over at the waist and put her hands on her knees. Her legs were set apart. She whirled her hips in a sexy slow-mo.

“Oh, my, my, my,” the principal huffed.

Missy turned back around. She pulled her panties up and unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall around her heels. She stood regal in her pink sweater and pink heels and her pink panties.

More pictures.

She pulled off the sweater.

Her tits bulged at the lacy pink bra. She took them out and set them up over the top.

Mr. Hope reloaded again and snapped more pictures.

Missy got up on his desk and lay down. “How ’bout this, sir… me up here an your desk. Like it?”

She spread her legs, cocked her knees, and slowly pulled her panties down until they were a stretch of pink on her thighs. Then she took them off.

Mr. Hope gasped. He put the camera in a chair and came to the desk. He leaned over and kissed her, his hands roaming freely on her thighs. He sucked at her big tits, his mouth hot, wet, slopping.

His tongue trailed down her belly and he snaked it into her cunt and licked lewdly. Then he backed off and quickly disrobed. He got naked and his hot thirteen-inch prick stuck out like a huge lead pipe.

Missy sat on the edge of the desk, her legs open. He moved in on her. She slipped down off the desk and bent over to lick his cock.

“Ah,” he gasped. “Oh, oh, so good.”

Missy swished her tongue around the pumpkin-head, then licked lasciviously along the expanse of the long cockstalk. His cock throbbed and spit a gob of jizz. The pricktip bubbled and frothed. Missy clutched the big cock with her hand and bobbed down to her knees. She sucked him.

“Oh, darling girl,” he mumbled.

Her candy-pink lips puckered on the huge cock. Her head bobbed in and out. Her pony-tails jiggled. She glanced up as she sucked to see Mr. Hope’s reaction. His face was etched with passion and love for her. His mouth hung open. His eyes were wide as he stared down at her.

He finally pulled her up, not being able to stand the excitement. His heart raved. He trembled all over. He was weak. He held her tight. His cock was throbbing between them. Missy clutched the cockstalk.

“This is really a wild boner, sir. It’s just the biggest boner in the world I’ll bet, huh?”

“Mmmmm,” he mumbled.

“What else did you wanna do, sir?” she asked.

“I’d like to kiss your ass,” he whispered.

“Ooooh, you would, huh?” she teased. “Well, okay then. I’ll bend over like this.”

She turned around, put her hands on the desk and bent over, arching her fabulous ass to him.

He dipped to his knees and rained tiny kisses over her asscheeks. He kissed and kissed, then slapped his wet tongue out and slopped it up and down her asscrack.

Missy sighed.

He cupped her asscheeks with his hands, his fingers pinching into the pliant curves. He spread them. He slushed his tongue feverishly up and down the asscrack.

“Wow! Jeeezzzz!” Missy huffed.

She did love to have her ass licked like this, and she trembled all over with the tingle of wild sensation that hit tongue gave her.

Then Mr. Hope twirled the long lapper on her asshole.

“Oooooffff! Shiiiiitttt!” Missy moaned with joy.

“Mmmm, mmmmm,” Mr. Hope mumbled. “Oh, shit, sir! You’re fuckin’ my shitter with your big ol’ tongue!” Missy cried.


“Feels good, sir.”

He toasted her asshole then got up. His cock was thumping. He turned her around. She got up on the desk, legs wide. He moved between them, his cock slapping her thighs. She grabbed the big prick and guided him to her cunt. He shoved, she opened.

“I’m in,” he whispered.

“You gonna fuck me, huh?” Missy whispered back.

“Go on then, Mister Principal, fuck me! Fuck me good!”

He humped in and out, his banana-like cock sliding easily in and out of her pussy. She took a full seven inches.

“Oh, Missy, you’re wonderful!” he puffed.

“I’ll fuck you all day if you’ll give me a diploma, sir. Give me a transcript with all A’s.”

“Yes, yes,” he whimpered, humping faster, harder.

“I’ll need a good transcript to get into a nice school in Los Angeles.”

“Yes, yes, you will.”

“And I’ll fuck you like this all day… oh, sir! You’re shootin’ in me. Sir!”

“I’m commin’, Missy! Oh, oh!”

“Go on — shoot in me.”

“Jeez, you’re fillin’ me up.”

Cum jizzed into her pussy. He shot a huge load into her sweet cunt. The overload dribbled out and down her thighs. Missy lay back on the desk and bumped up to him and fucked him off wildly.

“Darling… feels so… so good,” he whispered.

She got it. The tickle. The cum. The climax. She shuddered, thrust her hips up, rolled them and pumped to him.

“Golly, fuck, sir!” she cried.


Missy stayed with Mr. Hope until late that evening. She was fucked raw. Her little pussy was throbbing when she left and limped home with her thousand dollars.

She snuck through the house and went to her room. Her grandmother was in the den watching TV. She took a shower and counted her earnings. She had close to three thousand dollars. She went down the hall and made a reservation on the red-eye flight to L.A.

Missy was excited with the possibilities of a new life. She packed a simple bag, then put on a nice faded blue denim skirt, a dark blue sweater, and dark blue jeans. She fixed her hair in long pony-tail and tied it with white yarn. She looked lovely as she appraised herself in the mirror.

She sat down and wrote a note to her grandmother.

I’m running away, but don’t worry about me. I am a woman now, and I’ll be just fine. Don’t try to find me or anything because you won’t. Somewhere down the line I’ll get in touch with you, and I’ll send you some money if you need it. I’m going to be rich.

She waited until she heard her grandmother go to bed, then she slipped out of the house and waited for the cab she had called.

The airport was busy. Missy loved the action. She checked in and got her ticket. She waited until they called the flight and then boarded. She’d never been on an airplane before. She checked the seats and took her assignment in the back near the tail section. It was after midnight. There were few people.

She watched the sexy stewardesses, and then saw a handsome businessman walk down the aisle toward her. He checked his ticket, then checked the seat.

“Hello,” he said. “I have the seat here with you.”

“Hi, sir,” Missy said, moving her purse.

He put his coat in the overhead rack, put his briefcase under the seat, and sat down.

He was handsome and rugged. He had blond hair, and he was thin, lean, almost like a movie star. Missy smelled his cologne which was pungent and sexy.

The plane took off.

Once they had leveled off, the stewardesses served drinks and Cokes. The businessman had a Scotch and water and Missy had a Coke. Then they turned the lights off and the passengers became quiet, many preferring to sleep during the three hour flight.

“Where are you going?” the man asked.

“Los Angeles,” Missy answered.

“I’m Hal Baldwang,” he said. “I work for IBM.”

“Missy Martin,” she said.

“What do you do, Missy.”

“Nothin’ really, sir.”

“Do you live in L.A.?”

“I’m gonna.”

“What are you going to do out there?”

“Go to school, I guess.” Missy noticed how he stared at her big tits, and how his eyes glazed over her tanned legs beneath the short denim skirt.

“You’re quite pretty,” he said.

“Thank you, sir.”

“And you have no place to stay?”

“How old are you, Missy?”

“Eighteen,” she said. Missy looked again at the man. He looked like he was about forty. She saw again how his eyes stared at her tits and how the big tits pushed out her dark blue sweater. She also noticed that he did not wear a wedding ring.

“Maybe I could stay with you, sir,” she whispered, taking his hand, putting it on her tits.

“Perhaps you could,” he said, squeezing her tits, moving a hand to her thigh.

“I’ll bet I could make you real happy,” Missy whispered, stroking his hard cock which had leaped up in his suit pants.

“Oh, I know you could,” he whispered. She unzipped his fly and took his prick out. “I could beat you off all the way to L.A., sir,” she cooed.

“I have a condo in Santa Monica,” he blurted. “You could stay with me. I’m gone a lot, traveling.”

Missy got a good grip on his cock. She pumped him.

“That sounds real good, sir,” she purred.

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