Raven’s Journey

I sat back on my bunk and sighed as the metal door closed in front of
me, sealing me in my small cell. My name is Raven and I’m an
assassin. My sharp daggers have put an end to many lives over the
past few years, and my purse has always stayed full. I had gotten
careless and wound up in this stinking cell, waiting for whatever fate
the local authorities cared to bestow on me. Nothing I’d prefer,
that’s certain. I sat back and waited, knowing that my chance would
come. There was little I could do until then.

After a few hours, a guard came in to bring some food and I made my
move, grabbing his dagger and giving him a new ear to ear grin before
he could properly react. I quickly stripped him and donned his bulky
uniform, hoping I could pass as a 5’2″ soldier. My short, petite
frame had its advantages in this business though, so I didn’t complain
too much. I grabbed the stale hunk of bread the guard had been
bringing me and chewed on it ravenously as I stomped down the
corridor, doing my best ‘stupid soldier’ impression.

It worked, just like it had in the past, and I got to the armory
without too much fuss. I could get new clothes rather easily, but I
wanted my ebony daggers back, damn it! They had been hand crafted,
and I wasn’t going to give them up for any petty soldier to come

I went inside and quickly took care of the two guards inside and
quickly searched around for my daggers, finding them and dropping the
pig sticker I had gotten from the guard. The ebony blades seemed to
vibrate slightly in my grasp, almost as if they were happy to see me.
They were magical of nature and the gods know what they had locked
inside them, but they served me very well, so it was worth the risk to
get them back.

Retracing my steps, I briskly walked right out of the keep, humming
happily as I did so. It still amuses me to no end, walking out of
prisons like I owned the place. I quietly made my way to the stables
and went inside.

Midnight, my horse, was still there! This was a lucky day. It seemed
that someone else must have decided to claim him, for he now had a
larger saddle on him and a large saddle bag containing rations and

Oh ho ho! And they were feeding me to boot! I giggled mischievously
as I rode out of the stables and onto the open road, heading west. I
planned on going as far as the large dwarven city of Hillok, where I
could find more work, I’ve been told, then I’ll be able to handle.
Sounds good to me.

I rode until nightfall, and took up shelter in a small temple that
seemed abandoned. It was pretty beat up, looking like it had seen
better days, but it got me out of the rain. I made a small fire and
sat in front of it, wrapping myself in a blanket, shivering with the
sudden cold night air. It was then that I noticed that I wasn’t
alone. A single priest stood in the darkness and shivered in the cool
night air.

“Come here and share my fire, I won’t bite, much.” I grinned at him
and made a biting motion with my teeth clacking, giggling as he
nervously made his way towards the fire and sat down, enjoying the
heat from the fire.

Once he had sat down, I looked him over. His short blonde hair was
half hidden by his brown cloak, and his blue eyes gazed at me
fearfully. Gods he was gorgeous. A burning in my loins reminded me
that it had been far too long since I’d had a man between my legs, and
I meant to do something about that. Just thinking about fucking a
priest, knowing it would most certainly be his first time with a
woman, made me even hotter for him, if that was possible.

I went over to him and sat beside him, playing the innocent so he’d
let me near him.

“My name is Raven, what’s yours?”

“Tom, young miss.” He seemed very reserved, quiet. Almost as if he
was trying to hold something back.

“Well, Tom. Do you attend to this temple, or are you just passing
through like me?”

“I live here and take care of the shrine, or temple as you call it.
Where are you headed if I may ask?”

“Hillok, I have it on good authority that there are good jobs to be
had there.” I offered him my wine flask and he took it reluctantly,
perhaps weighing his thirst against the sin that I offered.
Nevertheless, he took it and eagerly took a few sips, feeling the
drink warm his blood.

“Never been there myself. I’ve never moved around much at all,

“Have you always been a priest?” I was still interested to find out
if he was a virgin.

“Yup, pretty much my whole life. My step father was the head priest
here before the shrine was abandoned some years back. I stayed
because my step father would have, if he’d been able.” He looked
gloomy after saying that, and I took it that it was a sore subject
with him, but I had my answer! I grinned wickedly and leaned over,
kissing him lightly on the lips.

He looked as frightened as a cornered deer, but he hesitantly returned
the kiss, as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer
to me. I was in the mood for some entertainment, so I took him in my
arms and pushed him onto his back. I took my dagger from my belt and
made quick work of his trousers, leaving him bare below the waist.

His heart may have belonged to his god, but his body spoke otherwise.
His manhood stood rigid, pointing to the night sky as I gazed hungrily
down at it. I removed my boots and pants in a flash and before he
could protest, I had impaled myself on his shaft, luxuriating in the
feeling of being joined with a man, having him inside me.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him, wondering what his reaction
would be. I was right. The look in his eyes, the utter shock out of
feeling such wonderful sensations for the first time were
unmistakable. I know, because I can remember feeling the same way my
first time. Yes indeed, I chuckled to myself as I began riding up and
down his hard cock, I was right!

I completely lost myself in the pleasures I’d denied myself for far
too long. For his part, the young priest looked like he’d discovered
a whole new religion, that of sex. Alas though, he decided to be
stupid. Just as my orgasm was building, he made a grab for my dagger,
which was still in my belt, beside me. As soon as he got hold of my
dagger, he tried to stab me with it.

He didn’t get the chance, however. I took my other dagger and plunged
it into his chest before he could react, and his seed burst into my
greedy cunt as his life blood pored out of him. As my orgasmic high
left me, as I returned to reality, I realized what I’d done. Damn,
I’d left my dagger in him. I quickly took it out and wiped it on his
cloak as I got up and got dressed. I had meant to stay the night
here, but after tonight’s fun, I didn’t think it would be wise.

I quickly dowsed the fire and got on my horse and rode all the way to
Hillok in one long trek. It only took me a day and a half of hard
riding to get there. I rode into the great walled city at the break
of dawn and made my way to the local inn where I paid for a room for
the next month and sat down to my first hot meal in over a week.
My lust and hunger satisfied, for the moment, I made my way up to my
room and sank into the soft, warm bed and slept for, it felt, a year.

When I awoke, I felt refreshed and truly alive once again. I was a
free woman, and the world was ripe and ready to be plucked. I got
dressed and made my way downstairs where I had a quick breakfast and
then made my way out onto the busy streets where merchants
were, on every street corner, trying to sell their wares to anyone
passing their booths. I picked up a few items, all without the
merchants’ knowledge of course, and by the time I had reached my
destination, a seedy little general store in the center of town, I had
quite a few choice items that I could sell to the owner.

My business there, selling the stolen items, was only for show. My
real business there was to make my presence known to the party that
wanted to hire me. My services aren’t cheap and I don’t come halfway
across the great forest for just anybody. I made my way into the shop
and sold the items to the fat, balding owner while showing him the
sign I had told him I would show when I arrived, a black dagger which
I carried around for just such a purpose. Its hilt was made out of
some kind of black crystal, and the blade was painted black, with the
indention of a feather etched into it. It looked terribly impressive,
but was useless as a weapon.

I showed him the dagger and told him the inn I was staying at. I made
it clear that my employer was to meet me there, that evening. He
nervously agreed and I left the place, feeling great. I was almost
positive he was the ’employer’ himself, but he might be working
as a contact for someone else. It didn’t matter.

I lost myself in the marketplace for a few hours and simply enjoyed
the day, shopping and getting myself familiar with the city streets.
By the time evening rolled around, I was back in my room at the inn,
enjoying the hot meal that the serving boy had brought up to me. I
was contemplating the ups and downs of tumbling the fellow when there
came a nervous knock on the door and I knew my employer had arrived.
I hurriedly sent the boy away with a few gold pieces in his pocket and
laid back on the bed as the bulky man came into my room.

Sure enough, it was the balding, fat man who ran the pawn shop. He
entered the room and nervously came over when I beckoned him. He sat
down in the chair next to the bed and started staring at my body. I
wasn’t wearing my usual black leather, I had traded all the
leather for a simple red silk robe that was so thin that, while it
covered everything, showed everything to the maximum effect. In plain
words, the guy was practically drooling.

Just the effect I like to have on a man who I’m doing business with.
Of course, if he’d been half decent to look at, it might have landed
him a night of passion in the bargain, but not this night. I wasn’t
about to tumble THAT. I chuckled at the thought and produced from
my person the standard contract.

“Read this and then sign it. I expect half my money now, the other
half after the job’s done. Any questions so far?” I looked over at
him. He was busy reading the entire contract. Smart man.
Disgusting, but smart. When he’d finished, he used the quill pen on
the end table and signed on the bottom. He handed the contract to me
and did a double take when he saw me laying on the bed wearing my
usual black leather. I toyed with my black dagger and took the
contract when he handed it to me. He produced a small leather pouch
from his belt and handed it to me, giving me the required money.

I was impressed, he had followed all of my instructions to the letter.

“Okay, now give me the rest of the information about my target. You
were supposed to…” he cut me off by producing a rolled up scroll
from his sleeve and handed it to me. I unrolled it and glanced over
it. It was detailed information about the guy I was going to hit.

“Um, so how soon can you have the job done?” He nervously picked at
his shirt, not looking me in the eye.

“In a few days, a week at most. Any sooner depends on how much extra
your willing to pay.”

He looked me in the eyes then. “I’ll add 5000 gold pieces to your fee
if you’ll do it by tomorrow night. I have a personal stake in this.”

I agreed and showed him out. I had, of course, tracked the guy
earlier today. He was a human warrior, one of the few humans in the
mostly dwarven city guard. He was, according to my employer, a rash
bullying sort who had charmed his wife away from him. When he’d
challenged the big lug, the warrior had threatened the fat man with
his and his ex-wife’s lives. That’s when he heard of my services

It was a good enough mark, the gold was good, and the target seemed
like a challenge. A true warrior. It had been a few years since I’d
had a contact against a real warrior like this. A plan formed in my
mind that made me grin mischievously as I scanned the scroll in front
of me. Bralok was the guy’s name. He would be at a certain seedy pub
at this time of night, according to this scroll. I let the illusion
drop and took off the red robe that I’d worn all evening. I knew a
few simple illusions, something I’d picked up from a former lover
who’d been a traveling mage. He was dead now, of course but the
things he taught me before I killed him helped me from time to time.

I quickly put on the low cut black dress and high heels and looked at
myself in the mirror. This dress would make just about anyone look
slutty, but to my great satisfaction, I pulled it off nicely and made
it look sexy! The top was strapless and showed an expanse of
cleavage, and the bottom tails of the dress flowed around my upper
thighs, showing off my legs to great effect. I walked out into the
night and quickly made my way to the dragontail pub and entered
the place, getting quite a few stares from the soldiers within.

The place was almost exclusively packed with soldiers and I quickly
found my target. Bralok was in one corner of the place drinking when
he noticed me. I sat down at an empty table and presented my charms
at him. He grinned wickedly and walked over, introducing himself.

“Why, hello doll. What’s a classy lady like you doing in a place like

“Trying to find Bralok the mighty. Know where I can find him?” This
was going to be SO easy.

“Why, that’s me! My <hick> fame proceeds me. Would you like to have
a few drinks with me?”

“Sure, but wouldn’t you like to go somewhere more private?” I let it
hang in the air like that for him to grab, and he did, like I knew he
would. I grinned to myself as he escorted me out of the place and
onto his horse, where we rode back to the barracks. It appeared that
he had his own quarters. That was good. As soon as we got into his
private chambers, a short woman came out of his bed chambers wearing
nothing but a grin, and I recognized her as the pawn broker’s wife, or
ex-wife as the case may be. As soon as she saw me, she frowned and
left to some side room where she stayed for the remainder of the
evening. He led me straight to his bed chamber and stripped out of
his armor while I stripped quickly and laid down on the bed.

I got on my back and spread my legs wide, indicating to him my desire.
I was beginning to see why the lady had left that fat bastard for this
guy. Once he was as naked as I was, he hopped onto the bed and got on
top of me, pushing his humungous cock into me almost as soon as he
got on the bed. Once he pushed his huge shaft into me however, all
coherent thought left me and I wrapped my legs around his back and
hung on for the ride! Gods, could he ever fuck! He rutted in and out
of me like a crazed animal, and the fire he ignited in my loins was
fed by the lust we both felt as he continued fucking me. I rose my
hips up to meet his thrusts and lost myself completely in the fucklust
which consumed both of us.

“Harder… fuck me harder!”

His slow even strokes suddenly became bone-jarring thrusts as he
slammed his cock into me faster and faster. The pleasure I was
experiencing suddenly burst like a giant bubble and I arched my back
then collapsed underneath him as my orgasm hit me. My cunt spasming
around him must have set him off as well, because he went rigid and
pumped his seed into me and then collapsed onto me.

Damn, he was good. I almost considered breaking my contract, as
greedy as my cunt was for this guy. I could get used to being fucked
like that on a nightly basis. Ah well, there’s lots of guys out
there. One less won’t matter much.

Down to business. Once he rolled to my side, I got up and made a
spectacle of myself as I sexily slithered back into my clothes,
teasing him all the while. Once I had my boots relaced, I went
over to the bed and hopped onto him and gave him a deep kiss while I
plunged my dagger into his heart. He gurgled a tad, then died right
before my eyes. I wiped the blade clean, fixed my hair, then went to
the side room where the pawn broker’s wife was.

As soon as I entered the room she awoke, and I, with the dagger still
in my right hand, went down to her on the bed and pointed the blade at

“You’d best leave this place now if you don’t want to get blamed for
my handiwork.” I made a quick stabbing motion in the air and she
tried to scream, but I stopped her.

“You have a husband to go home to, do it. I don’t know what made you
pick that sleaze bag in there over your lawfully wedded husband, but I
expect you to go back to being a nice happy house wife. If you don’t,
I’ll come find you, and you’ll get something twice as bad as poor
Bralok in there.” There, good deed for the century out of the way.

I returned to the bedroom. grabbed Bralok’s sword and left the place,
making sure the woman had left before me. I made my way to the
rooftops and got to the pawn broker’s shop in record time.
He was there waiting for me, as I’d arranged, and I handed him
Bralok’s sword and he handed me the money and I told him to go home,
that his wife would be there waiting for him. His eyes lit up and he
ran down the street, happier than he’d been in a long time.

How touching.

I made my way back to the inn, packed up my things and left town
before dawn. On to another city and another contract. That’s the way
I like it. The life of an assassin is never dull.