Sissy Submissive Husband Gets What He Wants

For the last 6 months I’ve been trying to get my wife to dominate me in
bed. We have both always done our best to help live out the others
fantasies. But it seamed that she was having trouble getting into this
dominate roll for me. Maybe it was just inexperience I really don’t know
but it seamed that I had to work hard at getting her to open up to me. I
started asking her about her previous lovers, and she could tell right away
that when she talked about them it got me more excited then she had ever
seen me. So I got a little bolder and asked her if any of her lovers where
better hung then myself. My wife giggled at that question and when I asked
her why she was laughing she wouldn’t answer me. So I break out with the
old “If you want to help fulfil my fantasy then we have to communicate”.
Well I guess I did say it in a insistent tone that seamed to piss her off a
little bit so she got an attitude right back at me. “You want to know why I
laughed, fine I’ll tell you. Because compared to my ex, Your little 5 inch
cock looks like it belongs on a child”. Well this reply shut me up and
fast, I felt humiliated that she would refer to my cock as being little.
But humiliated or not my cock got rock hard when she said this and she
noticed it, And for the first time ran with it.

His name was Moe and he was a 36 year old black man. This shocked the hell
out of me as she had never mentioned him before. She said that the reason
she had never mentioned him is because she knows that my whole family was
raciest and she has heard me make a few raciest comments myself. She also
went on to tell me that the reason she had such a hard time being dominate
in bed is that Moe was very dominate and she enjoyed being submissive to
him. My body rushing with excitement I asked her why she never asked me to
dominate her. She said that she could never be dominated by anyone with a
cock as small as mine.

Well that was the beginning of a new relationship for me and my wife. She
became more and more aggressive and I could tell she really got off on
pointing out my short comings in the cock department. While we where
fucking she would reach back and grab my balls and tell me how tiny they
where. And tell me how she missed having Moe’s big black cock fucking her.
And every time she would refer to my penis she would refer to it as “my
little cock”. Let me take a minute to tell you about my wife. Her name is
Kym and she is 5′ 7″ with a perfectly flawless body. Her breasts are 38C
with quarter size areolas and eraser tip nipples. Kym is not the type to
lay out and work on her tan, so as you can imagine she is baby white. We
are both 26 years young and it surprised me that she had been going out
with a black man that was 10 years our senior. She was riding my cock when
I asked her about this and she just replied that with a cock as beautiful
as his he could have been 50 and she would rather of been with him then
with me and my micro cock. Well that was all it took, my eyes rolled into
the back of my head and I shoot what had to be the biggest load of my life
into her. She just laughed as she climbed up my body and grabbed a fistful
of my hair and pulled my face into her cum filled pussy and told me if I
missed a drop I would be sorry. Well I went to work on eating my cum out of
her pussy and she was loving it. She ground her pussy on my face and said
that eating the cum out of her pussy was about all I was good for. After
she had cum on my face and dismounted me, My face was covered with my own
cum. Seeing this she just started laughing and said that I looked natural
with a guys cum all over my face. I had been humbled and humiliated by my
wife but here I was hard as a rock again. When I tried to remount her she
just closed her legs and asked me what I thought I was doing.

I begged her to please get me off and she just smirked and said that I was
starting to sound like a pansy. And that sense I sounded like one she
thought I should dress like one too. Confused I asked her what she was
talking about. She just stood up and walked over to the dresser and pulled
out a pair of her panties, matching bra and nylons and told me to put them
on. Now this was going a little to far and I told her so. Big mistake on my
part, She looked my square in the eye and said “Get your sissy ass dressed
or you will be to old to get it up by the time you ever fuck me again.” I
could tell she was defiantly serious and reluctantly picked up the panties
and bra and put them on followed by the nylons. There I stood crimson red
with embarrassment in her bra and panties and nylons for my wives
inspection. She told me that I looked more like a girl then a guy any ways
with my tiny cock. She then handed me a blindfold and told me to put it on
and climb on the bed which I did without hesitation. She pulled the straps
from under the corners of the bed and put them on my hands and feet and
pulled them tight. And said, Now don’t you go anywhere and giggled as she
walked out of the room. It must have been at least an hour that went by
before I finally dozed off.

When I awoke it was to my wife mounting my chest. She told me to open my
mouth and stick out my tongue and I did without hesitation, I couldn’t wait
to taste her delicious pussy again. She started teasing me, she started to
slid up and then she would stop and tell me if I wanted it then I should
show her by begging for it. So I did, I begged her to please let me taste
her, telling her I have to have it. She said “Good Girl, and have it you
shall!” She then grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head up. I stuck out
my tongue in anticipation of tasting her pussy. To be rewarded with
something being shoved into my mouth that had the same shape as a penis. I
tried to pull away but it was useless she just shoved this rubber cock
further down my throat and called me a “sissy cocksucker” she said she
figured that I would beg for cock. I tried to tell her that she had tricked
me but it was useless with her shoving this dildo down my throat. Well I
wanted to be dominated and this had passed my wildest expectation and I
started to get into it. She told me that she wanted me to beg for her cock
and pulled it out of my mouth. More horny then I have ever been I begged
her to put her cock back inside my mouth. To shove that cock down my
throat. She said that she knew I was nothing but a little faggot and she
bet that I was imagining that it was Moe’s cock being shoved down my throat
after he had just fucked her. And the truth was that she was right. I just
couldn’t get the thought out of my mind, I kept picturing my wife fucking
some huge black guy. She told me to pretend that she was Moe and beg for
his huge black cock. She had me so turned on that I did just that. She
pulled it out of my mouth and I found myself saying things like, “Oh god
Moe, Please put your beautiful big black cock back in my mouth, Shove it
down my throat.” And with that she shoved the entire length of her cock
down my throat causing me to start gagging which she ignored and just kept
pushing until I had the entire length in. And once her tummy hit my nose
that was it, I lost it and shoot cum all over myself without anyone
touching my cock at all.

She was laughing hard as she removed the blindfold from my eyes and watched
the look of horror come over my face as she removed the video tape from the
camcorder she had setup. With an evil grin on her face she got dressed and
said, “You be a good Girl while I run to the post office.” And I was left
alone with the last sound I heard being her laughing all the way out the
front door.

Hope you enjoyed the story, there is more to come.

Part 2

I lay there tied to the bed in my wife’s lingerie wondering who she was
planing on mailing that tape to or if she was just saying that to help in
my humiliation. After 30 mins. I convinced myself that it was all part of
the “game” and began to relax. Sometime later Kym entered the room and
untied me and gave me a deep sensual kiss which I responded too eagerly.
When we finished kissing I started to remove the nylons, feeling a little
uncomfortable in them now that the heat of the moment had passed. My wife
stopped me and asked me what I thought I was doing. I told her that I
figured that it was over and was going to get cleaned up. She chuckled and
said that it was far from over, She told me she had no idea how wonderful
it could be having full control over me. She said that I would from now on
ask before doing ANYTHING and that I would remain dressed like that until
she told me I could change. I must admit the look in her eyes as she said
it did scare me a little, She definitely was not playing around. She then
said that sense I was in such a hurry to get cleaned up I was to Strip,
Draw a bath and get in and wait for her to come in. No sooner had I sat
down in the tub when she came in the bathroom. She knelt down beside the
tub and said that I had way to much hair on my body for a sissy ass little
girl, Then proceeded to shave every bit of hair off my body from my neck
down. Well almost all of it, she was ?kind? enough to leave a little patch
of hair above my cock the same kind of patch that is left on a woman after
a bikini shave. She then grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them down
between my legs so that they where out of site and told me to hold my legs
together so she didn’t have to look at my disgustingly small cock. She then
stood up and looked down at me and broke out in a fit of laughter. “My god
with your cock like that you really do look like a girl down there.” I
could feel my face turn what had to be 8 shades of red from the
embarrassment. She then told me to play with my pussy and tits and not to
stop until she said it was ok. So I began rubbing my finger between my legs
as I had so often watched her do, while at the same time pinching my nipple
with my other hand when “FLASH”.

Damn I was digging my own grave first the video and now pictures?! She told
me to get out dry off and put on the clothes she laid out on the bed for me
and meet her downstairs. As she was walking out of the room she stopped
didn’t even turn around and said “Oh and sissy-boy, That worthless cock of
yours better be out of sight when you get down here”. I toweled off and
walked over to the bed to see what she had picked out for me. There laying
on the bed was the lingerie I bought her for Valentines Day. It consisted
of bright red nylons, garter belt, panties, bra, and high heels. I shook my
head in disbelief but knowing I had no other choose began to get dressed.
As I pulled the nylons up my legs my cock became instantly hard, for the
first time I was feeling the sensation of nylons over shaved legs and I
must admit it felt GREAT! As I finished dressing I was relieved to find
that the high heels didn’t fit. I steeped in front of the mirror to see how
I looked and I think I became as red as the outfit I had on. I looked
ridiculous wearing this outfit especially with my cock making the panties
bulge out, And then I remembered what she said and proceeded to push my
cock and balls back between my legs. Let me tell you that this is NOT an
easy task when you are erect. It was a very painful walk downstairs. Before
I made the turn at the bottom of the stairs it occurred to me that the
light in the living room was coming from the sliding glass door of our
apartment, Which I might add is fully visible to a well traveled walk way
leading to the units behind us. Figuring she had forgotten to close the
blinds I yell out, “Honey will you get the blinds I cant be sitting down
here dressed like this with them open.” She said with a chuckle, “No but if
it made me that uncomfortable I was welcome to close them.” When I saw the
coast was clear I ran to the blinds and pulled them shut. I breathed a sigh
of relief as I took my seat on the couch and explained to her that the
heels didn’t fit me that’s why I didn’t have them on. She sat down next to
me and said “Sense I now have total control over my sissy husband I have
something I want to confess to him”. I looked at her with a puzzled look on
my face. She tells me that for the last 4 months she has been fucking my
best friend Dan. I felt my stomach turn to knots with jealousy and betrayal
the problem was that my cock didn’t feel the same way and started to grow
very hard and tucked down between my legs like it was I started to shift
back and forth trying to provide it with a little slack to ease the pain.
Well this was NOT a good thing because she noticed it right away and
reached over shoved her hand between my legs and grabbed it and squeezed it
as hard as she could, Saying “My god you really are a sissy-assed-wimp, I
just confess that I’ve been cheating on you and with your best friend no
less and your little cock gets hard as a rock.”

Well sense its obvious that it turns you on to imagine me fucking another
guy, I’m sure you wont mind calling up Dan and asking him to come over and
show you how a real man fucks your wife. Ohhh no that was it, this had
definitely gone far enough. There was no way I was gonna call up Dan and
ask him to come fuck my wife and that’s exactly what I told her. She looked
at me and said, are you sure about that? Remember that tape I left here
with, Well as you probably guessed I didn’t take it to the post office. But
I did take it over to Dan’s house and asked him to make a few copies of it.
And sense I knew I wouldn’t have the heart to mail copies of it to your
office and to your family I told him to do it if he didn’t get a phone call
from you by 4pm. Oh and would you look at the time looks like you got about
5 mins. to make that call.

Oh my god. I couldn’t believe that Dan of all people had the tape. You see
while its true that Dan is my best friend and we have known each other
sense we where 10 years old I had no doubt in my mind that he would do
exactly as he was instructed to do with it. You see when we where 18 his
Girlfriend Sharon came over to my place to talk to me to see if I could
help her understand why Dan hadn’t been treating her so great lately. Well
anyway after 3 hours of talking and drinking some how I let her talk me
into getting back at him by sleeping with her. (Not that I hadn’t wanted to
sense the day he introduced us.) Well needless to say her plan didn’t work
out and Dan broke up with her for good. He was pissed at me for a few
months but like I said we where best friends and worked things out. (Though
he did say, One day someone was gonna show me how it felt to be humiliated
by someone you care about.) So I think you can see why I was so concerned
about Dan having the tapes. But anyway back to the story. Kym said If I
where you I would get my ass on that phone or things where really gonna
change in my life once that tape got around. I’ve never moved so fast in my
life as I dialed the phone she reminded me what I was supposed to say. I’ve
never been so humiliated as when he answered the phone. “Hi Dan, I was
wondering if you could come over and show me how a real man fucks my wife.”
Beat red with embarrassment I waited for his reply but all I heard was
laughing and then <CLICK> God I hope that meant that he was coming over
and the tape was safe (for now). When I hung up the phone and turned around
Kym was sitting in the same spot the only difference was she had removed
her clothes and her legs where spread wide as she lightly rubbed her clit.
She told me to come over to her and she cuffed my hands behind my back.
Then told me to turn around and get on my knees. The next thing I know she
grabs two fists full of my hair and pulls my face into her pussy as she
continued to verbally humiliate me. Telling me a real man wouldn’t beg
another person to fuck there wife. But she was so glad that I had because
she couldn’t wait to get her hands on his big fat cock again. She told me
that after the first time he fucked her, he told her I must have a pencil
dick because she felt like a virgin. To which she said she replied, “I
think a pencil is giving him a little too much credit” and she said they
both laughed hysterically She said she couldn’t wait for me to see his
cock, to see how thick and long it was. Well no sooner had she finished
saying that when the front door opened and in walked my friend sense
childhood. With the most arrogant look on his face he took a seat next to
my wife and they kissed passionately. When the kiss broke my wife asked him
how he liked the outfit she picked out for me. He told me to stand up so he
could get a better look at it. The humiliation almost to much to bare now,
I stood before them and turned around as he instructed to show him what I
was wearing. It was then that he got a confused look on his face and turned
to Kym and said, “Does this little sissy husband of yours shave his legs?”
Kym smiled and said yep and she shaves -oops- I mean he shaves his armpits
too. They both got a laugh out of her comment when Dan said, I think you
had it right the first time. I started to defend myself by saying “Come
on<SLAP>” when I landed on the floor from my knees from a slap delivered to
my face by Kym, followed with “IF YOU EVER OPEN YOUR MOUTH WITHOUT
UNDERSTAND ME?” Scared to say another word I just nodded my head in
submission. That grin never left Dan’s face and I could see a look of “how
sweet is revenge”

They continued there making out and petting of each other while I remained
silent on my knees at there feet. I watched my wife’s hand caressing a huge
bulge running down Dan’s right leg. My wife looked my directly in my eyes
with her head laying on Dan’s chest and told Dan that after she had told me
how big and beautiful his cock was that I had begged her to let me suck it.
My jaw hit the floor and I almost said something when I realized that was
exactly what she was trying to make me do. Mustering every bit of self
control I could find I bowed my head and swallowed my dignity. She then
told me she wanted me to show Dan how much I wanted to see his cock by
taking it out using nothing but my mouth. What could I do, the answer, not
a fucking thing so when Dan said “Yea sissy boy, come over here and take a
look at a real cock. I know your dyeing to see the cock that has been
fucking your wife to orgasms almost every day for the last few months.” My
wife grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my face down into Dan’s lap.
The using my hair she rubbed my face across his unbelievably HUGE cock. She
egged me on as I tried my best to get his jeans open and put an end to this
humiliation I was being forced to endure. It was useless his jeans where so
tight that finally after 20 mins. Dan said, This bitch cant do anything
right. He then reached down and opened his button and zipper and pulled out
what must have been 10″ of the fattest cock you could imagine. I mean the
head alone looked to be the size of a pool ball. I just stared at it amazed
as he grabbed at the base near his balls and squeezed hard and slid his
hand up to the top forcing out a big glob of pre-cum he then slid his hand
down back down his cock and when he reached the bottom and I thought he was
gonna stroke it again but instead he just flicked his wrist, next thing I
know I’m slapped in the face with his huge cock. I can feel the wetness
from his cum hitting my lips and they both started laughing hysterically
when he pulled it back and there was a string of cum from my lips to the
tip of his cock. My wife then said, “He looks good with your cum on his
lips honey!” Again they both had a laugh at my expense. Dan then asked me
what it was I had said to him on the phone he couldn’t quit remember. Yea
sure he couldn’t. I bowed my head and said, I asked if you could come over
and show me how a real man fucks my wife. He said, Oh yea yea that’s right
I remember now. And with that he turned to my wife and said, Ok bitch take
my clothes off so I can show your sissy fuck of a husband how a real man
would fuck his wife. Kym got all excited and planted a foot in my chest and
pushed me off balance and I landed on the floor, Hands still cuffed behind
my back I was stuck. I watched her strip his clothes from his body and then
her own. I have never seen the look she had in her eyes before as she
straddled my best friend and guided his massive cock into her pussy. Once
the giant head was inside her she leaned her head back and just about
yelled “OH FUCK… YES” I was forced to watch her ride that huge cock for at
least 30 mins, I couldn’t even keep count of the number of orgasms she had.
The only time she ever had orgasms with me was when I ate her pussy. After
watching him work that rod into my wife for the last half hour I couldn’t
take anymore and came again with out anything other then visual
stimulation. I heard him start to groan and I swear I could see his balls
swell as they climbed closer to the base of his cock then with one loud
grunt I could see his balls contracting over and over as he pumped my wife
full of his cum. That was all it took to set my wife off again as she
yelled for him to keep pumping her full of his cum. After they both settled
down my wife stood up and walked over to me laying on my side and used her
foot to tip me onto my back. She then stood over my head and said I hope
your hungry sissy boy because he flooded my pussy with his cum. It was true
no sooner had she stood over my head that a thick drop of cum landed right
up my noise. The both laughed at this while she lowed herself onto my face
and made me eat my best friends cum out of her hugely stretched pussy. When
she contracted her muscles she squeezed more cum out of her pussy then I
could hold in my mouth and I started to gag, she just grabbed me by the
hair as hard as she could then looking me right in the eyes said,
“Swallow…. Swallow it bitch our I’ll let you choke to death on it.” And
swallow I did, what seamed to be a cup of thick hot sperm that belonged to
my childhood buddy.

When she finally tired of riding my face she got up and helped me to my
knees and walked me back to my position between Dan’s legs where she made
me beg to be allowed to clean his cum coated cock for him. “Why not, Its
about all your good for to us.” With that my wife shoved my face into his
sticky cock and told me to suck that cock into my mouth and clean it. I did
just that doing my best to clean this monster cock when to my terror it
started getting hard and he said “Damn he is really good at this, he almost
has my rock hard again.” My wife sat on my back and cheered me on with
things like, “Come on show us what a good cock sucker your going to make
for us.” And “I think he liked your cum so much he is trying to get it
right from the source.” He said well he is about to get just that. Kym went
wild hearing that and put both hands on the back of my head and pushed as
hard as she could forcing his cock into my throat and me to gag well that
must have set Dan off because next thing I know I can feel his hot cum
running down my throat and into my stomach. When he was spent she finally
allowed me to pull his cock from my throat. I could breath once again. They
then unlocked my hands and they got up and headed up to stairs she just
said I want this place cleaned up by the time we come down, and they locked
themselves in our bedroom. The only thought that popped into my head was,
“Be careful what you ask for you just might get it!”