The mystery did not take long to reveal itself. One night, I and Susan,

my elder sister, saw Mom steal in the bedroom of my uncle, and the bolt was

done. I did not find it suitable to witness them but Susan sceptical and

planned to peep in the room. Our house was a solid rock and we did not find

a single hole for us to inspect the interior of the room. I suggested,

‘there are ventilators in all room so let’s go on the roof and try to peek

inside.’ We hurried to the top and found the ventilator just about open,

we put our eyes to the hole but what we saw was beyond anything I had

anticipated .

Mom completely naked lay in the arms of my uncle and was playing the length

of his prick. It was a large affair, a pure white rod almost thick as a

large banana and long as our fully stretched palms. Mom, in anticipation

of something bliss, was repeatedly kissing her paramour.

I observed that though she looked senior but her physique was that of a

very young woman. Large attractive firm breasts, stretched black auras and

small erect nipples. Her youth was captivating, her hips narrow, and

buttocks wide and supple. Her cunt was very small with long and a very

thick clit peeping out its fold. Its sharp pointed head was standing at

peak through excitement. The passage of her cunny was of a bright red hue

and showed a very narrow room for the entry of an erect male organ. These

were the rare treasures that she had kept hidden from the greedy eyes of

the ardent lovers.

Her paramour seated her on his laps and adjusting his enormous prick on

the dripping hole, applied a mighty push. We saw it completely disappear

in her cunt. I was afraid that an attack by such a monstrous cock should

have caused an her immense pain and she would jump out of this strange

position. On the contrary, she gave forth a cry of delight, a long Ohhh,

of pure pleasure and begun moving thereby letting the prick run in and out

of her vulgar cunt.

She balanced herself on her legs that bent in unison of her vigorous pushes.

She quickly came down on his prick, and her cunt produced a ‘pitch-pooch’

sound on each such thrust. When she jumped down her ebony buttocks, they

hit against the large egg shaped balls that yielded to its pressure, but

quickly returned to their original positions when her buttocks rose. The

prick was plunging in and out, and a thick white froth circled around its

root. I could not understand how Big Master involved himself with her, but

by queerest coincidence I somehow enjoyed the ravaging of that woman.

It was a strange exhibition of incestous adultery, a snow-white pole

disappearing in a dark black hole.

I asked, ‘what is Mom doing?’ ‘fucking,’ she uttered with a sensation in

her voice. I said, ‘why are they doing it in seated position, is it more

delightful that way?’ She replied, ‘I shall let you know about it ones we

are in the lone of the night. Do not disturb, and let me enjoy the act,’

she rebuked me. I found it wise to stay my curiosity and enjoy the ancient

theatre being performed.

The pressure of sensation increased in the room as Mom had taken over the

situation and the man was completely possessed. She was managing all the

fucking, jumping, thumping and was, by her actions, directing her partner

what next to do. She was a Medusa mating in the Temple of Athena.

Her buttock flew over the prick, she rotated her pelvis and tightened her

grip with all her carnal strength. The man also wriggled his bottom and

pushed his prick inside as far as it could go. Their faces grew sombre

and scarlet with passion. They embraced each other, pressed their lips in

a blissful kiss, increased their movement and were lost in the ecstasy of


Conditions without the room were not very different, our hearts and body

ached for each other. Susan’s hands stole in her petticoat; she was

caressing her clitoris and fingering her vagina. I came nearer, pulled up

her blouse and drew her large snowy breasts which seemed to have somewhat

enlarged due to intense excitement. The nipples were erect and pointing

upwards, and the pink halo stretched in a tight circle. I put my lips on

her nipples, sucked it with power and squeezed her breasts; she quivered

with passion. The same sensation conquered me and I quickly brought out

my bursting prick and started masturbating zealously. We were eyeing each

lustfully with the hope and desire of the long awaited intercourse.

We were torturing our organs with all speed and force, and amid embraces,

kisses and caresses, swept through the currents a wild orgasm.

She whispered, ‘it is too exciting dear. Throw me on the floor and deny me

my natural piety.

“Sweet, benevolent, mighty young Lord; My heart longs the tyranny of your

lengthy rod.”

I, seeing her intense excitement, quickly suggested, ‘darling let’s fuck,

please don’t deny me that nearness.’ She replied, ‘yes dear, we shall do

it tonight, but please discharge for now. Seeing semen gushing out of man’s

your erect prick excites me more than any other thing else I can dream.’

I ascended the speed of my employment and sent forth a mighty discharge,

fingered her vagina savagely and fell lifeless in her bosom. She shouted,

‘look how delicious is your discharge, it has come in a series of long

streaks and has inundated a large part of the floor. Dear it is too

precious to be wasted like that. It is a woman’s treasure. I want to feel

this warm silvery liquid inside me, please let’s to your room hurry.’

A heavenly light engulfed my entire soul and there was a gentle sensation

of satisfaction in my penis. We had fucked in imagination, and both had

discharged violently at the same precious moment and lay senseless in each

other’s arms. It was a full moon night. In the icy cold weather we were

hot as infernos and drenched with perspiration.

Mom had disembarked from the laps of her partner and his soft penis

dangled, all wet and soggy. A large quantity of the silvery liquid had

dripped from her cunt and sank in the floor. A glow of rejuvenation

radiated from her face, and she looked quite younger. We, in a bewildered

state quickly descended the stairs of the roof and silently stole away.