Sister Slave

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — all must act without past experience to guide them. All must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a positive or a negative experience.

In SISTER SLAVE, Jeanette Rogers finds herself in just such a situation. Held captive by depraved people, she not only meets her captors’ sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Jeanette is forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by her own moral code.

SISTER SLAVE — a shocking story of a young girl’s reactions under tremendous stress. Yet who are we to judge her actions?


“So what?” Jeanette Rogers asked, taking another bite of ice cream.

“So all you do is hang about here all day and eat me out of the fucking house!” Robin snapped.

“So? I’m your sister.” Jeanette flicked her honey-blonde hair over her shoulders.

“And you’re rude to Stan every time he comes here,” Robin said, her wide blue eyes flaring with anger.

“Oh, fuck, Stan,” Jeanette said. “He’s just a jerk. All men are jerks.”

She spooned another glob of ice cream into her mouth.

Robin drew her breath in hard.

“I’ve had it, Jeanette,” she said. “Either you clean this place up while I’m away and promise to go out for a job tomorrow, or there’s gonna be trouble.”

“Oh yeah, what kind of trouble?” Jeanette asked, letting her little nightie ride up over her thighs. It was two in the afternoon and she hadn’t dressed yet.

“You’ll see,” Robin said menacingly. “What happened to that job you had at the supermarket?”

“Too much work,” Jeanette said. “They were always hassling me. I don’t need that shit.”

“Jeanette, you’re twenty-two!” Robin yelled. “You have to wise up sometime!”

“Just fuck off,” Jeanette snarled, “you’re ruining the fucking program.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Robin said, and walked out.

It was getting dark when Robin came back.

She stood inside the door and stared at her sister, then at the total mess that Jeanette always left everything in.

“Okay,” Robin said, “absolutely last chance. Start cleaning this up, or else.”

“Oh, just shut the fuck up,” Jeanette said.

“Didn’t ever change, huh?” Robin asked. “Okay.”

She pressed the apartment entry bell twice and stood by the door, waiting. Jeanette ignored her.

It was the sounds of several footsteps on the stairs that made Jeanette look up. She curled her lip as Stan walked in.

“Hi, Jeanette,” he said. He was a good looking kid, with straight fair hair and a broad strong face. His was muscular too, in a way that Jeanette found disgusting.

Then another man walked in, and Jeanette jumped off the sofa. The man dropped a very large bag just inside the door. The man was tall, muscular, slimmer than Stan, and had thick dark hair. His face had a dark side to it, Jeanette thought, but that wasn’t the thing that got her to her feet.

“Hey, Jeanette, this is Galvin,” Robin said.

In the doorway there was a giggle, and Jeanette turned, her face red with rage, to see another couple standing there. The man was older, probably in his late thirties or early forties. Hanging on his arm was a tall, slim, dark haired girl who couldn’t have been more than nineteen. She was made up to accentuate her pouting, pretty face and her dark, smoldering eyes. She wore a black leather shirt that was open below her two small, thrusting tits and a black leather mini-skirt that was slit at the side well above her black stocking tops. On her feet were a pair of six-inch black heels. She had a black collar around her neck, and was fingering it shamelessly.

“This is Vince and Cora,” Robin said. “Vince is an expert at this sort of thing, but Galvin’s here to do the work. We’re just here to watch and enjoy.” She moved over to Stan and slipped her hand around his neck.

“Enjoy what?” Jeanette asked.

“Teaching you manners,” Robin answered. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“What the fuck are you on about?” Jeanette yelled.

“You little whore!” Galvin snarled, and lunged toward Jeanette.

“Patience, patience,” Vince said coolly, stopping Galvin in mid-stride. “You must learn patience. Everything is much sweeter then.”

He nodded at a chair, and Cora instantly rushed to it, brushing it off with a handkerchief. He nodded at her and sat down.

“Now, offer the lady a fair choice,” he said softly. “We have all the time in the world.”

“Can I get you anything, darling?” Cora asked, sinking to her knees on the carpet beside his chair and running her hands around his cock.

“A beer would be nice,” he said. “It’s hot outside.”

“Yes, darling,” Cora said, and sprang up, going into the kitchen. Her high heels clacked on the linoleum.

“Get them out of here,” Jeanette snarled at Robin, “or I’ll call the police.”

“No you won’t,” Robin said.

Jeanette ran for the phone, but Galvin was there at once, grabbing her hand, twisting her wrist and flinging her back at the chair. She stumbled, but managed to stand upright.

“Sit down, you stupid cunt-faced slut,” he said, and slapped her face, driving her back into the chair.

She screamed, her face ringing with pain. “You bastard! You cocksucking fucker! Get the police!”

“I thought the police were all depraved motherfuckers,” Robin said.

“Shut up and get them out of here!” Jeanette screamed. “And put that beer back, it isn’t yours.”

Cora gave Vince the beer, pouring it out for him.

“Now this is the case of a real hard-assed bitch,” Vince said, leaning over to Galvin. “I suggest you warn her once, then tie her down over the back of that chair and get to work. But nothing rushed. Take it easy, it’s so much sweeter then.”

He smiled gently and took a sip of beer.

“Right,” Galvin said, and turned on Jeanette.

“Behave, bitch, or you’ll get it.”

“Get what?” Jeanette snapped, sneering at him, her hands on her hips. The fact that she still had her little nightie on and that it almost showed her tits hadn’t occurred to her.

“You heard, I’ll tie you down over that chair and whip your ass,” Galvin said.

“Oh, right, you and who else?” Jeanette asked. But her confidence was already draining away.

“Me,” Stan said.

“And me,” Robin said. “And, of course, me,” Vince said. “You wouldn’t dare!” Jeanette screamed, backing away.

“Come on, honey, on your knees and suck my cock,” Galvin said, advancing on her.

“What? You can’t, I won’t do that, no, let me goooooo!” Jeanette screamed as he grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him in one effortless pull. She struggled, trying to bite and scratch at him with her fingernails.

“Come on, bitch, suck my cock!” Galvin snarled, hauling her around and pushing her down to her knees.

“Galvin, will you wise up?” Vince asked. “Never rape a lady. Wait until she begs for it. She will. Now take it easy, your cock will get all it wants tonight.”

“Yeah, sorry, Vince,” Galvin said, and gripped Jeanette’s arms behind her back, hustling her towards the low-backed chair.

“What are you doing? Let go of me, motherfucker, let me go!”

Galvin pushed her face down over the back of the chair, and Jeanette screamed, struggling for all she was worth.

“Gag the bitch,” Vince said softly. “She’s got a lot to learn.”

Jeanette screamed again, her head craned up as she saw Stan opening the massive bag that Galvin had brought in. She had reason to scream. In the bag were an assortment of whips, chains, dildos, and other devices that almost made her sick.

“Noooo, you can’t!” she wailed as Robin picked a set of small black balls out of the pile, along with a black leather gag.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Robin said, and stuffed the balls into Jeanette’s mouth.

Jeanette struggled, but she was helpless in Galvin’s grip as Robin pushed the three balls between her teeth. She moaned, but Robin held them in as Stan took the gag and pushed it around Jeanette’s head, pulling her lovely but dirty blonde hair out of the way.

Then Jeanette screamed helplessly, far the gag actually covered most of her face, with holes only for her nose and eyes. She heaved a great breath in through her nostrils as the gag tightened, and screamed, but hardly anything came out. The balls rolled in her mouth and it was all she could do not to swallow them.

Then they grabbed her arms and put leather bonds around them. Jeanette wailed in horror as the ropes attached to the bonds were pulled around the legs of the chair by her sister and Stan. All the time, the two of them grinned and joked with each other, while Jeanette struggled and moaned.

They took her legs and pulled them apart. Jeanette suddenly became aware that her little nightie was rising up over her flesh. She wept and screamed, but she was already helpless, and the gag stopped her from making more than a low moan.

More bonds were put around her ankles. She sobbed, breaking into helpless tears, struggling on the chair back, her ass jerking in shame and horror. They tied her ankles to the back legs of the chair, leaving her imprisoned over the back, helpless.

“Wow,” Galvin said, standing back and looking at his victim. “That’s some body your sister’s got.”

“I told you,” Vince said, watching from his chair. “Do everything easy, take your time. Now persuade her to do a little cocksucking, or whatever you want. It’s almost a pity she isn’t dressed better, then she could take it off for us. I always enjoy that.”

“She can do that next,” Galvin said. “To get us horny again.”

“There, now you’re thinking,” Vince said, and leaned back in the chair.

Instantly, Cora was there, kneeling between his legs, opening her shirt farther and sliding her thrusting tits over his legs.

“Do you want me to make you happy while you watch, darling?” she whispered.

“Yes, but don’t make me come,” Vince said. “You know what happens when you make me come without permission.”

“Mmmmnngg, yesss!” Cora purred, and slid her hand over the front of his pants. “But you have to show that bitch what a really good little slave is, don’t you, darling?”

She pulled at the zipper of his pants and it eased down with her expert fingers.

“That’s up to you,” Vince said, grinning at his sexy little slave.

Jeanette gasped.

Cora reached into Vince’s pants and pulled out his cock. It was a monster, ten inches of fuck-meat, as round as Cora’s wrist. Jeanette had no idea what the little slave was going to do, but what actually happened nearly made her pass out. Cora licked Vince’s massive round cockhead, then slipped her sexy, pouting lips over it, sucking gently on the thick meat.

“Use a rod now,” Vince said. “I think they’re better to persuade. Good little slaves get what they want.”

Cora moaned and nodded with sensual abandon as she worked her mouth slowly over his cockhead, sucking at it gently, her fingers playing with his enormous prickshaft.

“Okay, Vince,” Galvin said, “the rod it is.”

He picked up a terrible-looking thing. It was about four feet long and so thin it trembled in Galvin’s hand. It was made of some kind of black rubber.

“Get ready, whore,” Galvin said, and walked behind Jeanette.

“Galvin, think, what did I tell you?” Vince said, running his hand in Cora’s dark hair, holding her mouth gently on his thick cock.

“Oh, yeah,” Galvin said, and came back round to Jeanette’s gagged face. “You see this, whore? You know what I’m gonna train you to do? I’m gonna train you to kiss this and beg for it, whore. Yeah, beg for it.”

He laughed and stood up as Jeanette nearly wrenched her arms out of their sockets. She struggled and screamed, but the next thing she felt were Galvin’s hard hands running over her ass, moving the hem of the little nightie out of the way. She was getting more and more terrified. Her ass stuck up on the back of the chair as a perfect target, and her panties wouldn’t be any protection at all against that terrible rod.

She shuddered and screamed as the rod ran over her tight asscheeks, caressing her flesh, stroking back and forth.

“Yeahhhhh!” Galvin murmured. “This is quite an ass! Gonna enjoy this!”

“Better than mine?” Robin asked. “Come on, tell me.”

She strolled up to the chair and brazenly slid her hands down her legs, bending at the waist until her ass stuck up beside Jeanette’s. She reached up and pulled her flared skirt over her ass, revealing her white panties and the lacy suspender straps that ran down to her stocking tops.

“Well,” Galvin said, sliding his hand over Jeanette’s flesh. “I think it would be better than yours, but she’s carrying a few extra pounds.”

“All that ice cream,” Robin said, and stood up again. She went to Galvin and slid her leg up his, working her skirt out of the way. “Please, Mr. Discipline, can I fuck my boyfriend while you whip my sister?”

“Sure,” Galvin said, and slid his hand over the front of his tight jeans. “I’ll keep going until you tell me to stop, even if she’s ready, how about that?”

“Oh, that would be great, Mr. Discipline,” Robin said, and went back around to the front of her bound sister. She stood there, grinning at Jeanette as she opened the waist of her skirt and let it fall to the dirty floor. Her fingers opened her blouse just as fast, revealing her little uplift bra that only covered half her lovely tits.

“I’m gonna show you how to fuck, Jeanette,” Robin said, grinning as Stan came up behind her and put his arms around her, holding her tits, stroking the twin mounds openly. “You know what Stan’s doing now? He’s shoving his great big cock into the crack of my ass. I love the feel of a cock in my ass. Ever had one? No, probably not, you almost freaked when Jeff Nutson fucked you, remember that? Well, we’re gonna change all that.”

She gasped with lust and leaned back against Stan as he slipped the clasp of her bra open and fondled her tits.

Suddenly Jeanette heard a low, menacing whistle behind her. The most terrible agony she had ever known erupted in her ass. She leaped on the chair back, straining against the bonds, her ass throbbing with pain, her scream buried in the gag.

The rod whipped in, beating a second thin line of agony into her flesh. Her muffled scream came out of the gag, her ass trembled and twisted, and her legs shook as the pain rushed all over her.

In her daze of agony, she watched Stan slide Robin’s bra off and then reach down, sliding his fingers over the top of her panties. Robin smiled nastily at her sister as that low whistle tensed Jeanette up again and the bound girl lurched, screaming into the gag as agony burst out of her ass once more. Her panties stretched tighter as they were beaten into her flesh with each blow, and one side of them was already frayed from the force of the whipping Galvin delivered. Jeanette saw her sister’s panties slide down her legs as Stan undressed her, his eyes on Jeanette’s heaving body. At the same time, Cora was continuing her slow suck of Vince’s cock, while he watched Jeanette’s suffering, sipping his beer and enjoying it all.

“You just nod when you really wanna suck some cock,” Galvin said, lashing the rod into Jeanette’s ass with even more power. “Just nod, you bitch, and I might stop. Unless your sister wants more for you.”

He lashed the bound girl, and Jeanette jerked on the chair back, her head flinging around in her agony.

Jeanette’s screams were lost in the gag. Her whole body was burning with agony, but she knew she could never take a cock in her mouth. She would rather die. It was bad enough having to take a cock in her cunt. She’d only done it a few times, and it had always been terrible.

The rod lashed her ass and she jerked helplessly, her entire body erupting with pain. Her ass was crimson, beaten into stripes of thin agony that were slowly melting into each other.

Another blow lashed her ass and she leaped, the agony blurring her vision as she desperately sucked air in through her nose.

“Slow it down, Galvin,” Vince said, his eyes never leaving Jeanette. “But make each blow harder. Watch her head, don’t let her pass out.”

“Sure, Vince,” Galvin said. He held the rod up over Jeanette’s ass as the bound girl struggled and heaved, waiting for the lash of the rod.

When it came, it seemed twice as bad as before, whipping across her tight asscheeks with sickening force. She wept and collapsed against the chair cushion, her head down. She didn’t want to see what was going on, but Galvin gripped her hair and pulled her head up.

“Have a good look!”

Robin was bending over, spreading her thighs as she gripped the arm of the sofa. Her ass was thrust out and Stan slid his big cock into her ass crack, pushing it down against the wet gash of her pussy. Robin’s long legs stretched delightfully in her white high heels, and she moaned with lust, pushing back as he eased his enormous cockhead into her pussy entrance and high into her cunt.

“Oooohhhh, niiiice!” Robin moaned, her white stockinged legs trembling with excitement as she took the whole of Stan’s thick long prick. “Hey, Stan, you wanna fuck my sister?”

“Yeahhh!” he growled. “I wanna fuck that bitch’s throat and ass!”

He gripped Robin’s thighs just above her stocking tops and fucked his cock back in.

“Oohhhh, my poor sister, everybody wants to fuck her in the ass!” Robin yelled, grinning at the black mask of Jeanette’s gag. “You are gonna get fucked, Jeanette, really fucked!”

Jeanette screamed and jerked against Galvin’s hand as he gripped her blonde hair. He leaned back and lashed her with the rod, whipping it into her ass with amazing force. Jeanette screamed and jerked against his hand, her hair hurting, her tits heaving and falling out of the top of her short nightie. The rod lashed in again and she almost fainted, sucking in air desperately as she writhed on the chair back.

“Nod if you wanna suck cock,” Galvin said, lashing her again, beating the rod into her tight, mashed asscheeks.

Jeanette’s writhing was getting more desperate.

“Nod, bitch, if you wanna suck cock!” Galvin yelled, lashing the helplessly bound girl again. “Was that a nod?”

Frantically Jeanette nodded, pulling her hair against his grip.

“Was that a nod?” Galvin asked, lashing her again.

Jeanette’s scream burst into the gag and she nodded as hard as she could.

Galvin stopped the whipping. He leaned down close to Jeanette’s head.

“I’m gonna take your gag off, bitch,” he said. “And if you so much as whimper, I’ll put it on and give you some more. And if you scream, bitch, you’ll know what pain really is.”

Jeanette’s tears ran freely as he undid the gag and the horrible leather came off her face. He pulled it clear, and she spat the horrible rubber balls out of her mouth.

“Help! Help! Anybody!” Jeanette screamed.


“Right!” Galvin shouted, and had the gag wrapped back around Jeanette’s head in a moment.

As she struggled and screamed in terror and fury, he pulled at it until the leather was pressed tightly across her mouth. Jeanette screamed into it as she struggled for breath, but her voice was only a little louder despite the fact that the balls were out of her mouth.

“You get it now, you stupid little cunt!”

Galvin shouted.

Jeanette wished she hadn’t been so stupid, but it was too late. She screamed and pleaded into the gag, but Galvin just turned away.

“Hold on, Galvin,” Vince said lazily. “I think I’d better handle this, you’re still rushing things.”

He leaned back in the chair as his obedient little slave worked her soft mouth over his rockhard prick. Her thighs were spread and her six-inch heels pointed almost straight at Jeanette.

“Er — sure, Vince,” Galvin said, standing there, the rod in his hand. “Shit, man, what am I doing wrong?”

“Stop that, Cora, we’ve got work to do,” Vince said. “What’s the difference between rape and seduction, Galvin?”

“I dunno,” Galvin said, holding in his resentment.

“Patience,” Vince said. “Just that. You rush things — I’m teaching you to do them properly. Now get your mouth off my cock, Cora, or there’ll be trouble.”

“Mmmmnn!” Cora moaned softly, licking his cockhead. “What kind of trouble?”

“Off,” he said, and she obeyed at once, pulling her soft lips away and pouting up at him.

“It’s not fair,” she said as she tucked his cock back into his pants, holding it as long as she could.

He ignored her as he stood up. She stayed kneeling at his feet, zipping up his pants over the massive bulge of his prick. Then she got up and straightened her stockings, staring nastily at Jeanette.

“You know what to do,” Vince said. With great care he leaned down and picked up a single-tailed whip, curling it through his fingers as he turned.

Jeanette choked as she saw the whip. The tail was six feet long and made of tightly plaited leather. The handle was short, and Vince curled the tail in the hand that held it as he slowly walked behind her. Jeanette screamed into the gag, but her voice was still muffled to a dull yell. Cora leaned down over her, the leather shirt open, her small high tits close to Jeanette’s struggling body.

“You’ll pay for that, you shit!” she hissed. “He was gonna cum in my mouth, and you fucked it up! You’ll pay for that!”

She reached under Jeanette’s struggling body and gripped the lacy top of her little nightie.

Before Jeanette knew what was happening, Cora was tearing at the material, ripping the thin nightie. Jeanette struggled and wept, but nothing stopped Cora. She tore the nightie open right down the middle, ripping it until she could reach in and get hold of Jeanette’s lovely tits.

Robin was thrusting back at Stan as he kept his hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy, working it over her throbbing pussy walls. He had his hands on Robin’s tits, caressing the soft mounds as he fucked her.

“Oohh, baby, that’s wonderful!” Robin groaned, thrusting back for more of his prick. “Come on, honey, fuck me hard while I watch her get it! Come on, I wanna come while she screams — ooohhhh yeaaaahhh!”

She gasped and writhed, jerking at Stan’s cock as he fucked it in and out of her hot cunt.

Cora pushed the coffee table into the chair and lay on her back on it, grinning up at Jeanette.

“You wanna see my pussy?” she asked, sliding her tight black leather skirt up until her panties could be seen.

Jeanette shuddered in disgust, for the panties were already wet, the crotch shiny black with her pussyjuice. Cora lay there, stroking her cunt through the tight briefs.

“You like my tits?” she giggled, stroking her tight nipples with her other hand, rolling the lovely little buds in her fingers.

Jeanette wept and tried to pull her head away. “Answer my slave, bitch,” Vince said softly. Jeanette screamed into the gag, trying to pull away from the horrible sight of the depraved woman stroking her tits and pussy.

“I said answer my slave,” Vince said.

Jeanette struggled to pull at the bonds, then froze as she heard the slight hiss of the whip. The thin plaited tail curled across her ass, guided perfectly to beat the most terrible agony over her flesh. She lurched, shrieking into the gag, her whole body aching with pain.

“Now answer my slave, you bitch,” Vince said. “Nod — tell her how much you love her pussy and tits.”

Jeanette screamed as she nodded.

“Yesssss!” Cora sighed, playing with her cunt, stroking the hot wet flesh. Her soft pussylips were outlined clearly in the wet black nylon of her panties, and she ran a fingernail along them, stroking herself softly. “Tell me how much you’d love to suck my pussy!”

Jeanette screamed into the gag, trying to pull herself clear. She heard the horrible hiss again, writhed in expectation, then jerked as the agony burst in her asscheeks. The tail curled over her flesh, beating a thin line of red into her already mashed ass. The pain was unbearable, and she nodded in horror, almost throwing up at the thought of sucking a woman’s cunt.

“Yesssss!” Cora moaned, twisting her nipples hard, her long fingernails biting into her crinkled buds. “Please, darling, whip her once more for me! I love to watch it! I’ve been a good girl, please!”

She giggled and stroked her pussy.

“Noooooo!” Jeanette shrieked into the gag.

“Sure, honey,” Vince said, “you deserve it. You’ve been very good.”

Jeanette screamed, but the whip curled in and her ass erupted once again with sheer biting agony as the thin leather cut into it. She sobbed and her head fell onto the cushions of the chair, her ass burning horribly.

“Ooooohhh, thank you, darling!” Cora sighed, rubbing her pussy hard, her fingers blurring on her cunt. “Ooohhh, yesssss!”

Jeanette sobbed and looked away as the hot little nympho brought herself off, but her eyes were drawn irresistibly to her sister, straining back at Stan as he fucked her with faster, harder strokes. Both of them were moaning as their passion built up, throbbing through them as his prick throbbed and swelled in her cunt. Stan’s hands gripped Robin’s tits harder, squeezing the small soft mounds as the cum surged in his balls, getting ready to shoot out.

“Ooohhhh, yesssss!” Cora moaned as her climax shuddered to a peak and fell away. She giggled and pouted up at Jeanette. “Now look what YOU made me do! I have to be punished if I bring myself off, and you made me do it! You’ll pay, bitch, you’ll pay!”

Jeanette started to scream, but Cora reached up and gripped her hair, pulling her head up by a handful of her honey-blonde locks. Jeanette struggled, not knowing what Cora was going to do, then screamed as the little slave started to move up on her back and push her head under Jeanette’s body, moving down until she was close to Jeanette’s ear.

“I’ll make you pay!” she hissed. Then she moved farther, until her mouth was running over Jeanette’s lovely tits, kissing and licking at them.

Jeanette wailed and shuddered, her body shaking with horror at this new degradation. Her face was close to Cora’s small, beautiful tits, and she did her best to keep her face away from them as she trembled at the obscene caresses Cora was giving her tits.

She lurched harder as Vince leaned down close to her face.

“Now I’m going to teach you the first lessons of obedience,” he whispered. “It’s going to be very painful, but it should help you not to make the same mistake again.”

He pulled away, and Jeanette screamed into the gag, pleading in a muffled moan to her sister, who was getting close to an orgasm as Stan fucked her hot cunt.

Both Stan and Robin watched Vince step behind the struggling, screaming Jeanette. Jeanette’s blonde hair flew all over the place as she wept and begged, but nobody was taking any notice. While Robin and Stan fucked, Galvin sat in the chair.

The horrible hiss hit her ears a split second before the tail of the whip lashed her ass, biting into her flesh. The agony rushed from her whipped ass and all over her body as she screamed and struggled, her gagged face tossing frantically. Tears ran down her face and into the gag as she struggled and screeched in pain.

The whip curled in again, lashing her helpless flesh, sending her screaming in deeper agony. But this time, Cora bit her nipple as the whip landed, and an extra spasm of pain soared over her. Jeanette wept and struggled, but the bonds held her tight.

She jerked again, screaming into the gag as the thin tail of the whip lashed expertly across her asscheeks, beating into her flesh and tearing at her panties. The frayed part was spreading, revealing more and more of her pulped ass-flesh with each stroke. Her nipples throbbed with pain as Cora rolled her teeth over them and bit hard with each blow of the whip. Jeanette tensed, her body throbbing in helpless agony as she waited for tile next blow.

Cora’s fingers snaked down and played over her tight black panties again, stroking her hot wet cunt.

“Aaahhhhh!” Jeanette wailed in absolute terror and agony as the thin leather whipped her flesh.

Cora’s teeth bit so hard on Jeanette’s nipple she was sure it had split. The pain exploded in her tits, worse by far than the agony of the whip. She screamed and sobbed as Cora’s mouth moved across her tits, heading for her other nipple, but the bonds were so tight she could hardly move, let alone get away from the terrible teeth.

Vince knew exactly how long his slave would take. He held the whip, waiting as Jeanette sobbed and heaved, begging into the tight gag, her voice a terrified mumble.

Cora’s teeth slid gently over Jeanette’s other nipple, the dark-haired little slave waiting, sawing her sharp teeth softly over Jeanette’s shuddering flesh.

“Noooo, please, nooooo!” Jeanette screamed into the gag, her ass twitching and heaving, her arms tearing at the bonds in helpless fear. She heard the swish of the whip and nearly went out of her mind.

The whip landed, Cora’s teeth clamped and sawed on Jeanette’s nipple, and the agony burst in Jeanette’s body, sending her into a horrible scream of pain before everything went black and she slumped, her tits heaving over Cora’s face.

But Cora gripped her hair and forced her up.

“Are you ready to behave?” she asked.

Jeanette nodded dimly. Everything was black to her, black with lights floating in it. She was aware of Cora’s body beneath her, and of the pain that throbbed and beat in her ass and tits, but that was about all. She wept and gasped, the gag now wet from her saliva and tears.

“Now, little girl,” Vince said softly, leaning down and whispering in her ear, “you promise that you won’t do that again?”

“Mmmmmmmm!” Jeanette moaned, nodding as hard as she could.

“Good,” he said. “One more mistake and the pain will be doubled, I promise you. Doubled in length, that is.”

He chuckled and pulled at the leather knots on Jeanette’s gag. Her head jerked as it was pulled around, but the knots opened and the horrible gag fell away, letting her breathe and moan more freely. She hung over the back of the chair, her ass throbbing in pain.

“I think you should say thank you to Cora,” Vince said softly.

“Thank you,” Jeanette mumbled.

“You’re going to suck her pussy now, just like she wants it,” he said. “And I’m going to whip your ass until she comes. And you’re going to learn not to scream too loud. Got that?”

“Please, please, no, not that!” Jeanette moaned.

“Wrong answer, beautiful,” Vince said. “Get ready for another stroke, and don’t scream too much or the gag will be back on and we’ll do it again.”

“Ohhhh, please!” Jeanette moaned, struggling against the bonds, her arms puffing for all she was worth.

Cora slipped out from underneath her, giggling with delight, her fingers running over her hot cunt as she watched the bound girl struggle.

The whip curled in and Jeanette jerked, only the terror of the gag and the agony that would follow stopping her from screaming at the top of her lungs. A groan burst out of her lips.

“Uuurrrrhhhh!” she gasped. Her ass jerked and the remains of her little nightie flipped around her aching tits.

“Tell us how much you want to suck on Cora’s pussy,” Vince said.

Jeanette sobbed, knowing she was at the point where she would agree to anything. “Yes, yes!”

“Tell us how much,” Vince said softly. “Oh, really, I want to do it! Please, let me do it!” Jeanette gasped, twisting to see if she was going to be whipped again. “I really want you to do it!”

Robin and Stan were coming to the peak of their climax as Jeanette hung and wept on the chair back. Stan fucked his cock in and out of Robin’s shuddering pussy with faster, harder strokes as they clung together and watched the depraved show going on around the chair.

“Oooohhhh, yesss, baby, fill me up with cum!” Robin moaned, jerking at him, her pussy sucking at his bone-hard fuck-rod. “Ooohhh, come on, honey, fill me up!”

“You got it — uuuurrrhhhh.” Stan gasped, his cock slamming in and out of Robin’s hot sucking cunt and his ass jerking as he rammed his prick in with increasing fury. “Heeeeyyy, Vince, whip the bitch while we come! We wanna hear the bitch try not to scream!”

He gasped as the cum rushed out of his balls and up his throbbing cockshaft.

“Don’t scream, bitch,” Vince said, stroking the whip across Jeanette’s throbbing asscheeks.

Jeanette jerked, tears rushing out of her eyes as she was whipped for her sister’s enjoyment. The agony soared over her, but it wasn’t as bad as before. She moaned, trying not to scream as the whip curled into her ass, lashing across her flesh in long, swinging strokes.

Robin and Stan jerked and gasped as they came.

“Yeahhhhh!” Stan gasped. “Yeaaaahhh! Here it comes!”

He jerked, and Robin gave a low scream as her pussy was filled with hot creamy cum. She gasped and thrust back, her body shuddering as she came, her cunt sucking the thick wads of creamy jizz out of Stan’s balls, her blue eyes open and staring as she enjoyed the sight of the whip lashing her sister’s ass.

“You like pain?” Cora hissed at Jeanette as she stroked her pussy through the black panties. “Get to like pain, honey, you’ve got a lot coming!”

She giggled as the whip cut Jeanette’s ass, sending the bound blonde jerking, moaning and biting her lips to stop her screams from escaping.

Jeanette gasped and sobbed, her body shaking to the beat of the whip on her tight, mashed asscheeks. She saw Stan’s furious fucking crest and slow as the supply of his cum diminished and he slid down over Robin’s back, thrusting his cock deep into Jeanette’s cunt as his balls gave out and the streams of cum dribbled down to a slow ooze.

“Mmmmnnn, that was fantastic!” Robin moaned, her cunt throbbing around Stan’s slowly softening cock. “I’m gonna ask you to do that again!”

“Panties,” Vince said.

“Yes, darling!” Cora gasped, and pulled her legs together, sliding the tight panties over her ass and down her legs. She held them on one high-heeled foot, grinning at Jeanette before flicking them away. Then she spread her thighs again and moved close to Jeanette’s face. “Pussy suck, bitch, and when the pain gets bad, suck harder! Bury your face in my cunt! But don’t scream, bitch, don’t wake the neighbors!”

She giggled and moved her pussy right under Jeanette’s helpless mouth.

Jeanette stared down at Cora’s dark pussy mound. The little nympho’s cunthair was already wet and slicked down, and the soft lips of her pussy were running with juices. She shuddered, sobbing at the thought of having to suck a pussy. But she knew the price of refusal and she couldn’t take that.

Slowly her mouth went down to the soft, demanding hole of Cora’s cunt. Cora lay there, her thighs spread on either side of Jeanette’s face, her leather skirt drawn up out of the way.

Jeanette’s mouth reached the soft lips of Cora’s pussy as the whip lashed her ass. She jerked, biting off a scream, and pushed her mouth down hard on the gushing red slit. The whip landed again, lashing her with faster but less vicious strokes. Dimly Jeanette understood how perfectly Vince and Cora were playing with her. The pain of the whip drove her to suck Cora’s cunt, blocking the screams that constantly bubbled out of her throat. The slippery cuntflesh pushed at her mouth and her ass writhed as Vince lashed it, driving her harder onto his slave’s sucking pussy.

In a mist of pain and despair, Jeanette sucked Cora’s clit into her mouth and held it there, chewing the hard bud, her tongue rasping over the sensitive flesh. The whip landed again and she bit harder, getting back at Cora for the pain in her nipples.

But if she thought that Cora would scream with pain, she was mistaken. Cora gave a moan of desire and slid her hands down, gripping Jeanette’s head tightly and ramming her pussy up against Jeanette’s front teeth.

“Yesssss!” she gasped. “Uuurrhhh — yesssss! Bite me — come on, bitch, bite me for your nipple. Hurt me, you sucking bitch — oooohhh!”

She spasmed and came, her pussy pouring juices as she thrust up at Jeanette’s mouth, her cunt throbbing as she climaxed.

Jeanette screamed into the hot flesh, heaving and moaning, her teeth biting at Cora’s cunt in her pain. She tossed around, trying to get back at the demanding little slave, her head spinning with pain.

Then something so horrible happened she almost passed out.

Vince changed the direction of the whip. The whip curled in, the tip alone making contact right in the crack of Jeanette’s heaving cunt.

Even through the panties, the pain was incredible. The tip lashed her clit beating an agony worse than fire through her body and forcing her head down even harder into Cora’s cunt as she screamed helplessly. She chewed at Cora’s clit, hearing the little slave gasp and moan with lust, her cunt throbbing in Jeanette’s mouth.

The whip cut her pussy again and Jeanette screamed into Cora’s cunt, but something was different. The agony was just as intense and even sharper, but there was an awful desire with it. It throbbed in Jeanette’s cunt, burning into her pussy walls and exploding as the whip landed over her clit again. She groaned, sucking at Cora’s cunt for all she was worth, her tongue and teeth swirling over the demanding flesh.

The terrible passion was growing in her cunt as the whip landed again, beating into her panties. Her legs trembled and her ass bucked up, her thighs opening as she screamed into Cora’s cunt. She realized to her growing horror that her pussy was getting wet, her juices running down her cunt and into her panties.

The whip cut her cunt again and she bit Cora’s clit harder, sending the dark-haired little slave into spasms of gasping orgasm. But the passion grew in Jeanette. She sucked Cora’s cunt, waiting for the whip, not realizing that her thighs were straining open, her pussy jerking and thrusting up for the plaited leather.

Then it landed, and there were giggles around the room as the bound blonde screamed and sucked at Cora’s cunt. The whip lashed her again and she came, shuddering into an orgasm for the first time in her life. The pain and lust of the whip blended into one as she sucked Cora’s cunt, her ass thrust up and her pussy gushing juices into the remains of her panties.

“Ooohhhh, suck meeeee!” Cora wailed as she heaved on the coffee table, her legs spasming as she came. Her little tits rubbed against her hands as she soared higher with each sucking bite of Jeanette’s frantic mouth.

Jeanette hardly knew what she was doing as she heaved and sucked, driving Cora into higher spasms of climax as the whip lashed into her pussy and she came, sucking and writhing, her pussy erupting with depraved desire.

Vince whipped her faster, the whip curling continuously, lashing between her thighs, beating into her cunt as she climaxed, her whole body heaving with lust. The bound blonde’s bubbling screams came out of Cora’s cunt muffled and low, but it was obvious to them all that they weren’t just screams of pain.

The whip got faster, the tail lashing into Jeanette’s cunt until the last of her panties began to peel away from her wet, sucking flesh as she thrust her pussy up for the pain. Her ass jerked faster, and she sucked in frantic desire at Cora’s cunt.

With an endless wail of lust and agony, Jeanette climaxed. Then she screamed once more and passed out.


“There you are,” Vince said, stroking the tail of the whip over Jeanette’s ass. “She’s more than half trained already, and all with a little patience.”

“Yeah,” Galvin said, “I gotta hand it to you, Vince, you’re the best.”

Jeanette stirred, her blonde hair all over her face, her ass burning like hell and her tits throbbing with pain. But there was also a terrible, lingering satisfaction throbbing through her.

“Just experience,” Vince said, shrugging. “I think I’ll have a blow-job from the bitch. I bet it’s the first she’s given.”

“Sure,” Galvin said, shifting the massive bulge in his pants. “Go ahead, Vince, she’s all yours.”

But Cora didn’t like it. She pouted, getting off the coffee table and smoothing her little black skirt down over her thighs.

“That’s not fair, darling!” she moaned. “I can suck you much better than she can!” She slid her hand over the front of his pants, stroking his enormous cock. “Come on, darling, let me do it, she’s for Galvin!”

“One more word and I’ll make an example of you,” Vince said. “You go and take Galvin’s cock wherever he wants to put it.”

“Noooo, darling, you’re mine!” Cora wailed. “I’ve been good! I have!”

She gasped and pouted at him, falling to her knees and reaching for his pants.

“Stand up!” Vince shouted, and Cora rushed to obey him, her sulky mouth twisting as she undid the last button of her shirt and let her lovely small tits bounce out into view.

“Was I a bad girl?”

“You know how bad you were, and you came without permission,” Vince said, stroking the whip through his fingers.

Cora moaned and clung to him, her fingers running down into her panties in a shameless display of lust.

“Oh, please, darling, let me do it right here in front of the bitch!” she whispered. “Show her how a slave takes her punishment! Please!”

She sighed and came, her pussy throbbing as she rubbed it.

Vince looked at Galvin.

“Sure,” Galvin said. “As long as I get rid of this load of cum I’ve got. I’m fit to bust after watching the bitch come.”

Jeanette moaned, her whole body aching from the punishment she’d taken. She struggled against the bonds, but they wouldn’t move so she collapsed back against the cushions, her ass throbbing and her widespread legs shaking.

“You wanna fuck my sister, sure,” Jeanette heard Robin say, and suddenly Robin and Stan were standing over her, grinning down at her whipped and helpless body. “Fuck the bitch, why not?”

Jeanette moaned, and twisted. “Robin, please, don’t, I’ll be good! I’ll get a job, honest, just get rid of them, please!”

“Who the fuck cares?” Robin snapped, and pulled her sister up by her blonde hair. “You blew it, kid, you take what comes, and there’s a lot of coming around here.” She giggled with delight. “Hey, I like that. Now, Stan’s gonna fuck you. He’s always had the hots for you. But he wants to hurt you too, bitch. You’re such a cunt, everybody wants to hurt you!”

Jeanette broke down into sobs of horror.

“You’re gonna watch, you useless bitch!” Robin snarled. “Watch a pro take it!”

She nodded to where Cora was stroking Galvin’s cock and moaning as he slid open the belt of her little skirt and pushed the tight leather over her slim hips.

Jeanette shook from head to foot. She whispered pleadingly to Robin, but Robin ignored her. She felt the rasp of Stan’s hands on her whipped ass. It stuck up at the very top of the chair, her tattered panties hanging half off.

“Boy, she sure got it,” he said. “Look at her ass.”

Jeanette bit back a scream as he ran his hand over her ass. The very touch of his hard hand sent spasms of pain searing through her flesh. Her hair strained against Robin’s grip as her sister sat on the arm of the chair and held Jeanette’s head so the helpless blonde could see the horror developing right in front of her eyes.

“Would you like to get down on the floor and watch?” Cora asked Galvin as he slid her shirt off, leaving her in nothing but her tight panties, stockings and six-inch heels. “I can get you as deep as you like then.”

“You mean like you did it to that guy at the party last month?” he gasped.

“Yeahhhh!” she sighed. “You like that?”

“Fuck, you bet!” he gasped.

“All for you,” she whispered, sliding open the front of his pants and reaching for his cock. “Let me get these off for you. They get in the way.”

As Cora started pulling Galvin’s jeans off, Jeanette shuddered at the feel of Stan’s hand running inside the remains of her panties and over her whipped and sensitive ass. Her flesh ached as he chuckled and scraped his fingernails over it, drawing fresh red lines on her skin. She sobbed and tossed, her body shaking helplessly.

“Gotta get these off,” Stan said, gripping the sides of Jeanette’s ripped panties. He pulled and the last bits and pieces of the garment came away in his hand while Jeanette clutched the ropes, trying not to scream or beg him to stop.

“You know, Robin, this ass really would be almost as good as yours if the bitch lost a couple of pounds,” Stan said, and slapped Jeanette’s crimson asscheeks.

Jeanette reared up, shrieking in pain and biting her lip to avoid having the gag put back over her face.

Stan laughed and slid his cock over the tight entrance to Jeanette’s fuckhole.

“Jesus Christ,” he said, “she’s wet! I mean really wet!”

“She did come, honey,” Robin said, leaning back and grinning at him, her face bright.

“Yeah, but she’s sopping wet,” he said, and shoved his cock into Jeanette’s cunt, pushing nearly half his cock in on the first thrust.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Jeanette gasped, jerking on the back of the chair, her pussy walls exploding with sharp pain.

“Fuck, she’s tight too!” Stan gasped. “But I guess this hole hasn’t had much work!”

“None of the others either!” Robin laughed as she watched her boyfriend fuck his cock into her sister’s spasming cunt.

Jeanette gasped and heaved as the pain of the rock-hard cock ran through her pussy walls. Stan grunted and pulled back, his cockhead rasping in her fuck-channel as her muscles clutched at it, trying to close around it. He pushed again and Jeanette moaned, her ass spasming on the chair back as his prick fucked in almost all the way, filling her cunt with hard male cockmeat. The pain grew, surging out of her pussy walls and jerking her body around as Stan fucked her.

“Yeahhhhh!” he gasped, fucking his cock to the end of her fuckhole, puffing it back, then slamming it in again so hard that the chair bounced and rocked forward.

“Aahhhhh!” Jeanette groaned as her cunt shivered and throbbed. She clutched the bonds and gritted her teeth, trying ta endure the horrible rape as Stan started a long, hard fucking. Robin pulled her sister’s head up so Jeanette could watch as Cora spread her legs on either side of Galvin’s head and started to bend at the waist, leaning down toward his massive prick.

Behind Cora stood Vince, the whip in his hand, waiting for his slave.

But she was taking her time moving her head down, her body bent double, her ass thrusting up, the two globes of her asscheeks tight and firm. Cora’s lips came to the throbbing tip of Galvin’s cock and touched it. He moaned and thrust up, but all she did was pick up her panties from where they lay on the carpet and rub them over his cockshaft, caressing his heaving prick as she bobbed her mouth closer and closer to his cock.

“Fuuuuuck, I’ll come!” he roared. “I’m so fucking hot!”

“Then I’ll have to suck you even better, won’t I?” Cora purred, stroking his cock with her panties. “I’ve got to be whipped until I suck you off. You’ll like that, won’t you, watching my ass get whipped while my mouth is right down on your cock?”

“Oooohhhhhh!” he groaned. “Oooohhh, fuuuuuck!”

He groaned and writhed, his cock thrusting up in Cora’s little black panties, his pace getting faster and harder. He groaned, struggling on the carpet, his eyes fixed on the wet gash of Cora’s cunt.

“If I suck you now, you’ll come too soon,” Cora murmured, “and I won’t get all the punishment I deserve. I’ve been such a bad little slave. Please, Galvin, come in my panties, then let me suck you.”

“Ooohhhh!” Galvin moaned, his body jerking on the floor. “Fuuuuck, I’m coming, I’m cominnnngggg!”

“Yes, come on, darling, come on!” Cora moaned, stroking his cock with her expert hands, holding her wet black panties over his throbbing shaft. “Shoot in my panties, the bitch can clean them!”

Her stretched legs opened even more, her six-inch heels scraping on the carpet.

“Yaaaahhhh!” Galvin shouted as his cock jerked and shot thick streams of cum into Cora’s black panties.

Jeanette could see the white cum hitting the damp nylon as he yelled and shot, the wads of his spunk shooting out under tremendous pressure.

“Ohhhh, yesss, come on, darling!” Cora groaned, stroking his cock, drawing out the whole of his cum load. “Make them all wet, darling, come on!”

Her legs shook in their black stockings as she stayed bent double, her hands stroking and squeezing his cock as it shot more jizz into her panties.

“Ohhhh! Fuuuuuck, yeaaahhhh!” Galvin yelled, his cock pouring cum, the white stain spreading across the black material.

Cora purred and stroked, drawing every last drop of jizz out of his cock before she stopped.

“Was that good, darling?” she asked. “Ooohhh, yeaaahhhh!” he sighed, his cock throbbing as cum dribbled out of his piss-slit.

“You wait till I suck it!” Cora whispered. She straightened up and looked at Vince. “Can I?”

“Go ahead,” he said.

Cora walked up to Jeanette. “Free her hands,” she said to Robin.

Jeanette sobbed as her hands were released. She rubbed her wrists, moaning a little, her head down as Robin tossed the ropes to the side and sat back down on the arm of the chair.

Cora pushed the panties at Jeanette. “Take them.”

“No, please,” Jeanette whispered, wondering what horror was coming next.

Robin got up and picked up the rod. “Yes, yes!” Jeanette screamed, taking the panties, her whole body shuddering with revulsion at the feel of the sticky nylon.

“Suck them clean,” Cora said, “by the time I’ve sucked Galvin off. Real clean, bitch.”

“What? Nooooo!” Jeanette wailed, her pussy shuddering around Stan’s cock as it fucked into her cunt.

“What the fuck did you say, whore?” Cora snarled.

“Noooo, pleaseeee — aaaghghhhhh!” Jeanette screeched as the rod lashed into her ass. “Ohhhhh, nooooo, please!”

The rod lashed her ass again.

“And keep your fucking voice down or it’ll be the gag again,” Cora said as Jeanette leaped, her scream ringing around the room.

“All right, I will, all right!” Jeanette wailed, trying to bring the panties to her mouth.

It took another stroke of the rod before Jeanette could bring herself to stick her tongue out and taste the fresh salty goo of Galvin’s cum on the panties.

“Get used to it, bitch, you’re gonna get a lot more.” Galvin chuckled as he lay on the carpet.

Cora grinned and turned away, striding back to Galvin and leaning over him, her mouth moving to his cock. But this time she didn’t hesitate. She took hold of his prick and sank her soft mouth over his cockhead, sucking at the hard flesh.

“Are you ready to take your punishment now?” Vince asked, stroking the tail of the whip in his fingers.

Cora gurgled and moaned with lust, moving her mouth back up to the tip of Galvin’s cock. “Oooohhh, yesss, master, yesss, please punish me good, I’ve been soooo bad!”

“Good,” Vince said, and the whip started to circle and twist over his head.

Jeanette wept and moaned as she licked at the terrible pair of little black panties, taking up thick gobs of Galvin’s cum with her tongue. It tasted disgusting and the smell assaulted her nostrils. But it was better than the pain of the whip, so she kept on running her tongue over the slick nylon, letting the thick gobs of cockcream run down her throat. At the same time, Stan’s cock fucked in and out of her pussy, his cockhead stroking over her pussy walls as he gripped and pulled at her whipped ass.

But Jeanette couldn’t take her eyes off Cora as the little slave ran her mouth down the length of Galvin’s cock, taking the massive prick into her throat, her neck bulging as it pushed deeper. Jeanette licked up another gob of cum as Vince lashed Cora’s tight ass.

Vince lashed in circles, so that the whip beat into Cora’s ass, swung around and cut straight back in again, leaving her ass red after a very few strokes.

But Cora didn’t scream at first. Instead, a gurgle of lust rang out of her throat and she thrust her head down deeper on Galvin’s cock, taking the thick prick to the balls, her throat spasming over the hard flesh. At the same time, her ass jerked up, thrusting up at the whip as it lashed her. Then her screams of lust burst out from around his cock as her head pumped up and down, and even Jeanette could see that the little slave was coming, spasming in climax with each beat of the whip.

“Come on, bitch!” Stan yelled at Jeanette. “Get fucking me, whore, you’ll get yours soon!”

He thrust his cock into Jeanette’s shuddering pussy, gripping her sore ass and bringing a moan of pain out of the bound blonde.

“Suck it,” Robin said to Jeanette, leaning down and pushing the panties at her sister’s face. “Lick that cum out, you stuck-up whore!”

She passed the rod under Jeanette’s eyes, and the helpless girl sobbed as she took the panties back to her mouth, licking at them as she stared helplessly at the brutal whipping Cora was getting.

The little slave was screaming with lust at each blow, her ass jerking and her voice muffled by the immense rod of Galvin’s prick as it thrust deep in her throat. Her head bobbed up as her ass bucked for the whip, then slammed down as the thin leather cut across her flesh, driving another curling line of agony into her ass.

Galvin was moaning and writhing on the floor as his cock sank to the depths of Cora’s throat and he watched her ass take the beating, the tight asscheeks twitching as the pain sent the littie brunette into endless waves of orgasm.

“Suck it!” Robin shouted, and beat the rod down into Jeanette’s ass, beating the thin rubber into her sister’s flesh only an inch or so from her boyfriend’s thrusting prick.

Jeanette gasped and a low scream escaped her lips as she licked at the panties again, running her tongue over the material. But what cum was left was now matted into the nylon and her tongue couldn’t get at it.

“Suck it!” Robin yelled, lashing her sister mercilessly.

“Aaaahhh! Please, noooo!” Jeanette cried, but the rod lashed in again and she sucked at some cum on the panties. The rod landed again and she screamed.

“I’m doing it!” she moaned. “I’ll do it for you!”

“Fuck that,” Robin said. “I’ll whip you if I want to.”

Jeanette sobbed and wept, sucking at the panties while Stan’s cock fucked in and out of her pussy, stroking over her cunt walls and driving spasms of pain and passion through her. Jeanette moaned, sucking at the panties, tasting Cora’s cunt juices as well as Galvin’s cum as she tried to stop the terrible surges of depraved lust that were growing in her pussy.

“Uuuurrrhhh!” Galvin yelled as he lay on the carpet, his head right between Cora’s spread legs, watching her ass pulse to the beat of the whip as her mouth moved down his cock, taking his cockhead into her throat and sucking at it, demanding another rush of cum from him. “Uuuuhhh, fuck, she’s great, Vince, how do you do it?”

“Learn to spot them, Galvin,” Vince said, lashing his slave into another helpless spasm of orgasm. “Ready to shoot?”

“Yeahhh, yeah, fuck, her throat is unbelievable!” Galvin gasped, his cock thrusting up into Cora’s throat.

“Train that one, Galvin and she’ll be as good,” Vince said, and swung the whip down, lashing the tip right between Cora’s thighs.

As the whip cut into her pussy, Cora went out of her mind with orgasm, her pussy jerking and throbbing, her mouth ramming to the base of Galvin’s cock, sucking at it as her legs shook, her ass still bucking slowly to the demands of her throbbing orgasm.

“Yeahhh!” Galvin yelled. “She’s done it — oohh, fuuuck!”

He thrust as his balls shot out another hot stream of jizz. He ran his hands up Cora’s legs.

“Come on, bitch, suck it clean, she’s coming!” Robin yelled, and whipped her sister’s ass, the thin rod beating into Jeanette’s helpless flesh.

Jeanette screamed into the panties, using them now as a gag to block her wails of agony. But her ass was thrusting back for the pain, her pussy going wild over Stan’s cock, which jerked in her cunt. The rod cut her ass and she moaned, the deep, depraved passion running out of the pain and setting her cunt shuddering in rising lust.

“Fuck, she’s coming again, Robin!” Stan yelled. “Come on, whip the sit, she’s into it, come on!”

He thrust his cock at Jeanette’s cunt, and the throbbing length of his prick went into spasms as he started to pour cum out of his balls. “Whip her!”

Jeanette screamed into the panties as the rod cut her ass and Stan’s cock exploded deep into her pussy, pouring out streams of hot jism. She thrust back at Stan’s cock shamelessly, her ass bucking. Her gurgling moans of lust rang out as she sucked at Cora’s panties, her pussy spasming and sucking at Stan’s shooting cock.

“Ooohhhh, yeahhhhh, what a cunt, Robin, almost as good as yours!” Stan yelled as he came, his cock shooting spunk.

Galvin was yelling just as hard as his cock shot cum into Cora’s sucking mouth. The little slave’s throat spasmed around his prick as she drew the full load of his cum out, and her ass jerked up as she came, taking strokes of the whip across her pussy and asscheeks. As she moaned and sucked, the shameless little whore allowed some of Galvin’s cum to dribble down his heaving cockshaft, then flicked out her wicked little tongue to take it back in. She thrust her mouth to the base of his cock one more time as he gasped and moaned. He moaned and fell back on the carpet, gasping with satisfaction, Cora’s mouth still caressing and sucking at his cock.

“Yeaaahhh!” Stan yelled as his last shot of cum gushed into Jeanette’s cunt.

He held her tight while Robin gave the bound blonde another three strokes, making Jeanette’s pussy suck the very last of the cum out of his prick.

“Ooohh, that was nice!” Stan gasped, and pulled his cock out of Jeanette’s cunt. He dropped into a chair, leaving the bound blonde sobbing into the panties.

Dora slid her mouth up off Galvin’s cock and licked his softening cockhead. “Was that good, darling?”

“Fuck, that was great!” he moaned. “That was the best!”

“Never let a slave think she’s too good,” Vince said. “Now get over here, Cora.”

“Yes, darling, yessss!” Cora gasped, and got up at once. She almost ran over to him, her hands rubbing her sore ass. “I was good, please, darling, wasn’t I?”

“Maybe,” he said. “If you help me get the suck I want from that bitch.”

“Of course, darling!” Cora gasped. “Whatever you want!”


“Hold her back for me,” Vince said, sliding his free hand over Cora’s lovely tits and pulling at her nipples until she gave another groan of shameless lust. “I’m gonna get that nightie off her.”

“Oooh yes, darling!” Cora hissed, and moved to the still-sobbing figure of Jeanette.

Even though her hands were untied, Jeanette still hadn’t managed to straighten up. She hung over the back of the chair, her ass still bucking a little, her face buried in the cushions. She was desperately ashamed of herself.

Cora gripped Jeanette’s wrists and pulled them behind her back in one fast movement. Jeanette gasped, but Cora was already pulling her up, twisting her wrists hard and forcing Jeanette’s lovely tits out as she was forced to stand up.

Jeanette moaned, her pussy pressed into the back of the chair, her legs still spread wide and bound to the wooden legs.

“We’re gonna get that nightie off you!” Cora hissed into Jeanette’s ear as Vince stroked the whip through his fingers and gazed at the blonde.

Jeanette could see his enormous cock bulging in the front of his pants, and the sight made her sick with fear.

“Did you enjoy watching me get whipped?” Cora asked. “See how you take a whipping, you bitch? But you’ll get plenty of practice — plenty.”

She grinned and twisted Jeanette’s wrists until the helpless blonde moaned in pain.

But then Jeanette screamed when she saw what Vince was going to do. He had the whip circling ever closer to her jutting tits.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he said, “or it’ll be the gag again.”

Jeanette stared in horror as the tip of the whip licked closer and closer to her torn nightie.

On the sofa, Stan and Galvin sat naked, while Robin knelt between them, her mouth running over each of their cocks in turn, getting them hard again. The tip of the whip lashed around part of Jeanette’s torn nightie and pulled away, ripping the already torn garment and exposing one of Jeanette’s lovely tits. She jerked and sobbed, but couldn’t tear loose from Cora’s grip. The whip lashed in, biting another strip of her nightie and ripping it away, tearing the little garment to the waist.

Jeanette sobbed and moaned, her eyes glazed as the whip came in again, pulling at her nightie, ripping it away, tearing it across her shoulders. The plaited leather gripped and ripped at the little lacy thing until it was in shreds on the floor and Jeanette was utterly naked.

“Fuck,” Stan said, “you’re not bad with that thing, Vince.”

He grinned as Robin ran her mouth over his cockhead, sucking it gently and getting it hard again, her fingers working his thick prickshaft.

“How about this?” Vince asked, and the whip curled at Jeanette.

She shrieked, but she couldn’t help it. The very tip of the whip, a tiny, tight knot, had cut right into her nipple.

“Fuuuuuck, that’s good,” Galvin said, his prick stroking up and down in Robin’s skillful hand. “Do it again, Vince.”

“Sure,” Vince said, and the whip lashed through the air, bringing a scream from the helpless Jeanette. The end of the tail lashed her other nipple, the bud burning as the thin leather bit. Jeannette’s scream rang out again and she jerked, shuddering against the back of the chair.

“Keep your mouth shut, whore!” Vince snapped. “One more scream like that and you’ll be in the gag again!”

He swung the whip and Jeanette whimpered, staring at the terrible tip as it rushed at her soft tits.

It cut her nipple just as before, lashing across and sending the little bud back into her tit-flesh, throbbing and red, the agony surging right through her body.

“Yeaahhhh, Vince!” Stan yelled. “That’s incredible, do it again.”

He thrust his cock at Robin, and she sank the whole of his cockhead into her soft mouth.

Jeanette sobbed and bit her lip in rising horror as the whip lashed in, whipping her other nipple and driving the terrible agony through her again.

She sobbed and wept, trying to stop herself from screaming as the leather tail whipped in, tearing across her tits and biting into her nipple.

“Yeaaahhhh!” Galvin cried as his cock moved up and down in Robin’s hand. “That’s great, Vince, great!”

Jeanette stifled a scream as her tits throbbed and jerked under the horrible whipping. The agony was constant, bursting out of her nipples harder each time as Galvin and Stan laughed and let Robin work their cocks back to full readiness. Horror surged up with the pain in Jeanette, for the humiliation was almost as bad as the agony. She jerked and heaved as they laughed and watched her suffering. But she couldn’t escape, and her tits just went on getting redder and redder, her nipples throbbing with the worst pain she had ever known.

“Yeaahh, that’s great!” Stan yelled. “I’m ready to fuck again. Can I have your slave, Vince? I really wanna fuck that hot little cunt!”

“Only fair, I suppose,” Vince said, giving Jeanette’s tits a final lashing, “since I’m gonna have her. Sure.”

Cora pouted and let go of Jeanette’s hands, but she didn’t say anything. She walked over to Stan and dropped to her knees, taking his cock from Robin and sucking his hard cockhead. She looked up at him, her pouting lips around his pricktip, her tongue swirling around his throbbing flesh.

“How do you want me?” she whispered.

“I want your ass, whore, over the back of the sofa so I can watch!”

“Yes, yes!” Cora whispered, and sank her mouth down the length of his cock, running her saliva all over it and licking at it until it was shiny. “You won’t need cream for my ass! I get it wet enough this way!”

“Over the back, whore,” Stan said, his cock throbbing, his eyes fixed on Cora’s sensual face and perfect figure.

Obediently, she got up and went to the back of the sofa. She leaned down, thrusting her ass out, her face almost into the cushions as she waited for him.

Stan gasped and ran his hands over her whipped ass, stroking the perfect curves that trembled at his touch. Cora moaned and bit at the cushions as his hard hands sent more pulses of pain running out of her ass. But Stan was impatient, and had his cock pushing into the pit of her asscrack at once. He found her shitter entrance and thrust, and his cock fucked right in, his prickhead shoving straight past Cora’s ring of ass muscles.

“Uurrrhhh!” Cora gasped, and thrust back at him as he pulled back a little, then fucked his cock right into her ass. She shuddered and moaned, pushing her shitter onto his cock until the thick cock was buried in her guts.

“Fuuuck,” Stan said, “this is a well-used ass.”

“You better believe it,” Vince said as he ran his hands through Jeanette’s blonde hair. “Stand up, whore!”

Jeanette knew better than to disobey him. She struggled up and faced her terrible tormentor, her hands still rubbing her nipples, trying to get them to stop throbbing with pain. She saw Cora, with Stan fucking her ass, and Robin, still kneeling in front of Galvin, sucking his cock.

“Bend down and take your ankle bonds off,” Vince said.

It was very difficult for Jeanette, but she did as she was told. Her legs stretched painfully as she had to reach to the side. She worked the knots, her leg tendons pulling, her whole body jerking with pain. When she had the one off, it was easier, and she managed to get the second one free quickly. Still, she was out of breath and trying to gasp for air through her sobs as she stood back up and closed her legs.

Vince looked her over.

“You’re going to be good,” he said. “Just some more work to do. Now take my cock out.”

Jeanette sobbed and obeyed, dropping to her knees submissively and reaching for the front of his pants. The size of his cock terrified her, but she allowed her fingers to pull at the zipper, easing it down until she could reach in and grab his prick.

When she felt it, her tenor got worse, because she couldn’t even get her fingers fully around the enormous, thick cockshaft. She choked and moaned as she pulled it out, then broke into fresh tears at the sight of the fuckmeat she had to suck.

“Frightened, little whore?” Vince asked.

“It-it’s so big!” Jeanette moaned, trying to caress the thick cock in her trembling fingers.

“Well, it’s all going down your throat, you little bitch,” he said, the solid hunk of cock surging in Jeanette’s fingers.

“Oohh, no, please!” Jeanette whispered, closing her eyes and sobbing at the thought of choking on the massive prick.

“Oh, yes. You saw Cora do it, so you’ll do it,” Vince said.

“No, I can’t, I can’t!” Jeanette cried. “Please don’t make me — please!”

“Come into the bedroom with me or go back over the chair,” he said. “I don’t mind whipping you until you see the light.”

Jeanette fell to the floor, sobbing her heart out. She knew she would die if they put her back over the chair. She simply couldn’t take any more pain. But she knew she couldn’t take the cock, either. She wept bitterly, knowing there was no way out for her.

“Make your choice,” Vince said. “If you don’t get up in ten seconds, you’re going back over the chair.”

He didn’t say any more, but Jeanette could feel the count going on in his head. She panicked and struggled up, shaking all over as she stood in front of him.

“Come with me,” he said.

Jeanette shivered as she followed him.

Jeanette hid her face, but still saw the amused glance Robin shot at her as she stood up and climbed onto Galvin’s legs, taking his cock and shoving it up her sucking cunt with one jab.

“Learn fast, Jeanette!” Robin yelled. “It saves a lot of pain, you stupid fucker!”

Jeanette sobbed and waited as Vince closed the door of her bedroom and turned to face her. He smiled nastily, running the whip through his fingers.

“Undress me,” he said.

Jeanette could hear soft moans of lust from the other room as Stan worked his cock deep in Cora’s shuddering shitter and Robin bucked up and down on Galvin’s cock.

She got Vince’s jacket off, then he sat down while she pulled his shoes and socks off. She put them aside and he allowed her to unbutton his shirt, ignoring her sniffles and moans. Finally she got his pants and briefs off, and was confronted with the full enormity of his cock.

Vince stood up, still holding the whip as he looked at Jeanette. “On your back on the bed!”

Jeanette’s blonde hair fell over the edge of the bed as she lay there, staring up at him, wondering what horror be was going to inflict on her.

“Pull your legs up, open them and hold your ankles,” he said.

Jeanette obeyed, her body shaking with fear and her pulse racing as she sank under the power of the terrible man. She held her ankles above her head, her whipped pussy and ass as open as they could be for him.

Almost casually, he dropped the tail of the whip into the crack of her pussy and drew it slowly over her flesh.

“You’ve got a choice, you little cunt,” he said. “You can hold your ankles and keep your legs open, or you can let go and be tied up and gagged again. And that will be real painful. You’re going to learn to obey if I have to beat the crap out of you. Got that?”

Jeanette shivered and moaned as the plaited tail of the whip dragged up over her pussylips, rubbing against her sensitive clit.

“Yes!” she whispered.

“Yes, master,” Vince said.

“Yes, master!” she moaned.

“Suck my cock,” he said, and slid the rockhard tip of his prick over her lips.

Jeanette sobbed as she flicked her tongue out and tasted the salty pre-cum at the edge of the tiny piss-slit in his cock. She clutched her ankles, hating herself and everybody else for the horror she was in. Vince pushed a little and his enormous cockhead pushed between her lips and into her mouth. She gasped and bucked on the bed, her jaws forced wide by the thick prickhead.

“Suck it like you mean it, whore,” he said softly, still dragging the tail of the whip through her legs and letting it drop back down when the final, tiny knot had flicked past her clit. “Take it in and love it, you bitch, like all you wanna do in life is suck cock — or else!”

The whip dropped over her clit harder and Jeanette shivered, knowing the price of failure. She had no real idea of what to do, but she sucked at the cockhead. Her fingers gripped her ankles tightly, expecting another blow of the whip at any time.

“Better, better, but not good enough,” he said. “Suck it like you mean it, or your ass and cunt are going to be real sore.”

Jeanette moaned in horror and ran her tongue around the thick cockhead filling her mouth, her lips and cheeks sucking on it as if it was a gigantic piece of candy.

The whip dropped across her tits and Jeanette shuddered, shaking as she tried to do better, sucking like a fury at Vince’s prick. The curling leather tail rolled across her throbbing flesh, dragging over her nipples, sending echoes of pain running through her body.

“Now you’re getting it,” Vince said softly. “That’s good, suck it, whore, make me feel real good. You fuck up a blow-job, baby, and you’ll get it real hard, got that?”

“Mmmmnnn!” Jeanette moaned frantically, the cock jerking around in her mouth.

“Now you take it into your throat,” Vince said, thrusting his cock a little harder into her mouth. Then he drew it back and held the massive prickhead at her lips. “I’m being real nice putting you at this angle. Your throat’s a straight line, so you can get it in easy. So say thank you.”

“Thank you!” Jeanette groaned, then screamed, rolling a little on the bed as the whip spun up and circled. “Thank you, master! Please, don’t, master, thank you, master!”

“Hold your ankles,” Vince said. “It’s one stroke now for forgetting, two strokes the next time. Don’t move, or else.”

Jeanette shuddered and sobbed, gripping her ankles as she watched the horrible leather lash down between her thighs. It bit in a curling arc over her ass and pussy, sending her leaping as she moaned and tried not to scream with the pain.

“Thank you, master!” she moaned, her ass and pussy aching with pain.

“Good,” he said, and pushed his cock in, filling her mouth and pushing his prickhead at her throat.

Jeanette rolled on the bed, only just keeping the grip on her ankles, almost throwing up as she struggled with his cock.

“Take it, whore, take it!” he shouted, and the whip dropped back down between her thighs, running over her cunt.

He pushed and his cock thrust at Jeanette’s throat. She gagged again, moaning in pain as she held her ankles, keeping her legs as wide as she could.

But it was no good. She bucked and jerked, but her throat stayed closed as he worked his cock in. She had her eyes closed, but she could feel the stroke of the whip as it lashed down. It cut across her clit, beating the most terrible agony into her body. She screamed into Vince’s cock, her body jerking and her throat spasming.

“That’s better,” he said, and pushed again, lashing the helpless blonde.

Jeanette leaped and screamed, her throat spasming. It was almost a luxury to be able to scream as loud as she wanted, since her voice was muffled by Vince’s cock. But it was only at the third thrust and lash on her clit that she realized her spasming throat was taking the enormous prick. Her head spun as he pushed and lashed her, and she felt her neck bulging as his thick cockhead fucked into her throat.

Jeanette’s ass jerked up, her thighs spread wider and her hands pulled desperately at her ankles. The whip landed, lashing into her pussy, and her throat opened farther, allowing almost half of Vince’s enormous prick between her lips.

“Now that’s good,” Vince said, and whipped the terrified blonde once more, driving his cock back in, the whole of his massive cock vanishing into Jeanette’s throat. “Now suck me off, whore, take my cum!”

The whip lashed up and down, cutting into Jeanette’s ass and pussy with hard, continuous strokes. Her screams were continuous too, coming out from around the enormous prick that fucked in and out of her mouth.

Her pussy rang with agony, but the passion still surged. Lust and burning pleasure were taking over. Her throat opened, and she sucked like crazy on the massive cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Spasms of lust erupted in her cunt as the whip lashed her, her excitement growing with each lash and each thrust of Vince’s cock.

“Ooohh, you whore, take it and come, bitch! Come and show me what a bitch you are! Take all my cummmm!” His arm blurred as he whipped the screaming, spuming blonde with harder strokes.

The climax burst over Jeanette in another tidal wave she was helpless to fight. She spun out of control, sucking Vince’s cock to the depths of her throat, her cunt throbbing and bucking up for the lashes of the whip. His cock lurched in her mouth, surging and swelling, and suddenly the first jet of Vince’s cum was pouring out into her throat.

“Oohhh, that’s better, whore, you’re learning!” Vince yelled as he moved the whip in circles.

His cum burst out of his piss-silt and shot into Jeanette’s throat as she clutched her ankles and came, her throat spasming around his cockhead.

Jeanette rolled on the bed as the cum filled her mouth, her mind swirling with the most unbearable lust.

Vince pulled his shooting cock back, his prick ball filling her mouth, pouring out cum all over her tongue, filing the inside of her cheeks. In the fury of her climaxing lust, Jeanette swallowed the hot spunk, tasting it with horrible delight.

“Fuuuuck, yeaaahhh, you bitch!” Vince roared, and lashed Jeanette’s cunt.

The whip lashed in, his hot jizz filled her mouth and the final bursts of climax surged over her, sending Jeanette into a screaming fit as she hit the top of her orgasm and rushed over, her pussy held up for the whip and her thighs spread wide. There was a last beat of the whip, a last muffled scream, and it was over.

She lay there, sucking at Vince’s cockhead, his cum all over her lips as she came down, sobbing with a mixture of shame and satisfaction that had her totally confused.

Vince held his cock to her lips and made her clean it.

“You’re learning,” he said.


Vince made Jeanette dress him again, even down to his shoes. She submitted, her breath, still shaky, sobs breaking out at intervals. But he ignored them all. Then he led her back into the main room.

The sight that met Jeanette’s eyes was just horrible. Not only was Stan still fucking his prick into Cora’s shivering ass and Galvin fucking her sister, but Robin was now lying on her back on the sofa while she and Cora kissed and caressed each other, driving the men fucking them even wilder with lust.

“Ohhhh, darling, did she do good for you?” Cora asked, her lips running over Robin’s tits.

“Good enough,” Vince said, and sat down. “Ohhhhhh, please, darling, can I have her suck me when I’m coming?” Cora moaned, staring up at her master pleadingly. “You know how I like that!”

“Sure,” Vince said. “Hey, Stan, pick the whore up on your cock.”

Stan grunted as he thrust his rock-hard cock into Cora’s sucking ass, his throbbing pole buried deep in her guts. With a grin, he reached down and took hold of Cora’s thrusting tits, pulling her up and ramming her ass even harder down on his cock, so that she sat on it, impaled in the shitter with eight inches of prick.

“Ooohhh!” she groaned, spreading her legs. “Suck me, you bitch! Make me come!”

Stan linked his arms under Cora’s knees and held her on his cock, bouncing the shrieking, spasming slave around as he walked her over to where Jeanette stood, shaking with horror.

“Suck her, you bitch!” he snarled.

Jeanette moaned, but Vince nodded at her, and she knew what would happen if she refused. With another helpless sob, she sank to her knees and ran her tongue out over Cora’s clit. The brunette gasped and came, pussyjuice running out of her cunt.

“Suck her better, you whore!” Stan yelled. “I’m coming too, and I want a good one!”

He jerked Cora up on his cock, the thick pole thrusting right to the hilt in her ass, his cockhead rasping over her sensitive shitter walls.

“Ooorrghh! Darling, please, make her do it!” Cora gasped as she came on Stan’s cock, her ass throbbing and sucking at his prick. She moaned and pinched her nipples, spreading the pain and lust through her body.

Jeanette ran her mouth deeper, sucking at the red gash of Cora’s cunt, tasting her fuck juices, drawing her clit into her mouth and running her teeth over the throbbing bud.

“Hun me, hurt meeee!” Cora screamed, her ass jerking up and down as she rammed herself onto Stan’s cock, her pussy thrusting and jerking at Jeanette’s mouth.

Jeanette bit Cora’s cuntflesh, sawing her teeth over it and bringing another shriek of lust from the ass-fucked brunette.

The little brunette slave moaned and screamed at Jeanette to hurt her more, her ass sucking at Stan’s cock like a vacuum pump. Jeanette sucked and bit harder, scraping her fingernails over Cora’s thighs, her teeth sawing and biting at the wet cuntflesh.

“Ooohhh, fuck, she’s bringing me off!” Stan shouted, jerking Cora harder on his cock as the cum boiled in his balls. “Hey, bitch, rub my balls!”

On the sofa, Robin moaned with pleasure as Galvin reamed out her sucking pussy with his big cock. She tightened her legs around his waist, holding him in as he gasped and fucked her faster, his strokes getting harder and faster. He loomed over her, his eyes wide with lust and his cock throbbing.

“You wanna whip my tits when you come?” Robin asked, her pussy sucking wildly at his cock.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned, his cock swelling even harder.

“You like whipping tits?” Robin asked, and leaned back, gasping as her own lust rushed over her. “Vince, honey, get the small cat, I want some.”

Vince grinned as he stood up and went over to the pile of bondage stuff that still sat by the doorway. He picked up a small but vicious-looking cat with a great many tightly knotted tails and brought it over to Robin.

“I didn’t know you were ready for this,” he said as he gave it to her.

“Watch me!” Robin gasped as she held the cat up and gave it to Galvin. His eyes glazed as his cock fucked in and out of her fuck channel. “Whip my tits, honey! Whip me while you come.”

Galvin roared as he held up the cat and slammed his cock into Robin’s cunt with ever greater urgency. His chest heaved and his prick blurred in Robin’s sucking cunt as she gasped and moaned, her lovely young tits thrust out at him.

“Whip meeee!” she cried. “Come on, whip me, you’ll come, whip meeee!”

Galvin slashed the cat across her tits, and Robin gave a bitten-off scream of lust, spasming all over the sofa, red welts growing on her lovely tits.

“Again!” she gasped, her pussy spuming. Galvin growled as he whipped Robin’s tits with a series of vicious cross-cut slashes, the cat cuffing hard into her white flesh. Robin’s gasps and gurgles of lust rose with each stroke, her tits bouncing and heaving as they reddened.

“Yeah!” Galvin growled, slashing the cat across Robin’s tits as his hot cum burst out and filled her pussy. “Take it, you whore!”

Robin was out of her mind too, coming in spasms of lust as her pussy sucked at Galvin’s spurting cock and her tits bounced to the beat of the cat. The mixture of pain and pleasure was sending her climaxes higher and higher. Robin came and came, her pussy taking all of Galvin’s spunk.

“Fuck,” he said. “That was a trip, baby, a real trip.”

Robin moaned with delight and held his cock in her cunt as she stroked her reddened tits and came down from her climax.

But Cora was still going, screaming at Jeanette to bite her harder as Stan gripped her as tightly as he could and fucked his cock into her ass. Suddenly his cum shot out of his cock and smashed into her ass walls with incredible force.

“Suck her cunt, bitch!” he yelled, his cock throbbing as his cum shot out of it. “Make her come!”

Jeanette was doing her best, but Cora wouldn’t stop. She shrieked and demanded, her ass sucking at Stan’s cock as it began to soften. He held her up, yelling at Jeanette to finish her off.

Jeanette bit down on Cora’s clit as hard as she could and fell back, tearing at the throbbing flesh.

“Aaaghhh!” Cora screamed, and collapsed to the carpet, moaning with satisfaction and rubbing her sore pussy.

“Finally, you did something right,” Vince said to Jeanette as he looked around the room at the moaning and very satisfied group. “Now clean this shit-heap up. I want it spotless.”

“And he means spotless, Jeanette,” Robin said. “Get to it.”

The next two hours were perhaps the worst of all for Jeanette. She was forced to clear up all the junk she’d left lying around. Then she had to vacuum all the rugs.

But finally it was done, and even Robin said she was satisfied. So Jeanette stood and waited again, trembling all over at the horrors that would be coming to her now.


“So, what’s it to be, boys?” Galvin asked as they all turned their attention back to Jeanette.

“I’m going to fuck her ass,” Vince said. “And if anybody wants a blow-job, just take it.”

Jeanette moaned and wept, unable to believe that she would have to suffer such degradation, but nobody paid her any attention.

“Ohhhh, darling, can I hurt her at least?” Cora asked, running her hands over his chest.

“I’ve been so good, and you are fucking her a lot! Please, I don’t complain, give me that!”

“You always get what you want when you’re good, you little whore,” he said.

“Oh, thank you, darling!” Cora whispered.

“Come here,” Vince said.

Jeanette shivered and moaned, but she obeyed him. She stood in front of his chair, shivering and weeping.

“Take my cock out,” Vince said, and Jeanette was forced to kneel and open his pants. “Now put same cream on my cock.”

Cora grinned at Jeanette as she handed over the cream, and Jeanette moaned with rising horror. They were all looking at her again. She took the cream and spread some of it on her hands there was total silence in the room as she reached out and slid her hands over Vince’s enormous prick, stroking it and getting the cream all over it. She couldn’t imagine that the terrible cock would soon be up her ass. More than once she was on the verge of screaming and running for the door, but she knew any attempt at escape would bring the most painful punishment.

“Good,” Vince said when his cock was shiny with the cream. “Now get on the table on your back and pull your legs up.”

Jeanette got up, shaking with terror. She walked to the table and got up on the top. Her ass was so sore she moaned as it touched the hard wood. Sobbing helplessly, she leaned back on the table and drew her legs up, holding them wide over her head, her ass over the edge of the table.

“Anybody want a suck?” Vince asked, his cock sticking out of his pants. “She’s got a hole to spare.”

“You bet,” Robin said. “I’ll have one.”

“What? Noooo!” Jeanette screamed, letting go of her ankles. “You can’t, you’re my sister!”

“Yeah, so let’s keep it nice and cozy,” Robin said, sliding onto the table. “Stan’s been rubbing his cock for weeks thinking of us getting together, right, Stan?”

“Having you both,” he said, leaning over the table, watching intently.

“Well, we’ll have to make my man happy, won’t we?” Robin asked, and grabbed hold of Jeanette’s ankles.

“No, no! I won’t, I — aaahhgh!” She jerked as the whip cut into her thighs.

“Don’t get out of line, whore!” Vince snapped. “Open your legs!”

“Noooo, I — aaaghh! All right, all right!” Jeanette screamed as the whip cut her thighs and bit into her pussy mound. She collapsed onto the table, opening her legs and holding them wide.

Robin grabbed hold of her ankles and leaned on them, kneeling over her sister’s head, pushing them almost down to the table top. Jeanette gasped and moaned as her tendons stretched and her pussy was forced wide open.

“Now,” Vince said, smiling at her. “What do you call me?”

“Aaahhh, sir, master, I’m sorry, I forgot, I was…”

“And what is the punishment for forgetting?”

“Aaaahh, no, no!” Jeanette moaned as she stared at the whip curled in Vince’s hand.

“Answer me or it’s double!”

“One stroke of the whip, master!” Jeanette cried.


“Aaahhh — two strokes, master, I forgot! Sorry, I won’t forget [missing text].”

“Forgetting is double,” Vince said.

“Yes, master, yes, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again!” Jeanette moaned.

“Suck your sister,” Stan said.

Jeanette sobbed as Robin shifted over her face, pushing down on her ankles the whole time. There was cum running out of Robin’s cunt, and Jeanette began to feel sick again. But Robin’s blonde cunthair was coming down on her mouth.

“Okay, bitch, come on, they all wanna watch, so suck me good or it’ll be more than four!” Robin shouted, rolling her cunt over Jeanette’s mouth. She leaned forward, putting as much pressure as she could on Jeanette’s legs.

Jeanette sucked at he sister’s cunt, Robin’s pussyjuices running on her face, Robin’s hot clit rubbing harder on her mouth. Her ass tensed, waiting for the blows of the whip. She wanted to strike out at her sister, but she knew that she would be tied up if she did anything wrong. So she sobbed and sucked, listening to Robin’s groans of lust.

Robin leaned down harder, and Jeanette knew the whip was coming, but her shack was terrible when it landed right on the crinkled bud of her asshole.

Her ass shuddered, and she bucked, screaming into Robin’s cunt, her whole body shuddering. The pain was incredible, biting through her ass muscles.

Robin leaned harder, keeping Jeanette’s legs down as the whip bit into her ass a second time. Jeanette screamed and tossed, her ass squirming with pain, but already a strange passion was surging up with it. At the third lash of the whip on her tight asshole, Jeanette almost came, the depraved lust rushing out of the agony that filled her flesh. She sucked harder at Robin’s cunt.

Robin shrieked and pulled her pussy away. “Gently, you bitch!” she cried. “I’ll tell you when I want pain, now suck!”

She rammed her cunt down and Jeanette sucked it back into her mouth, submissively doing as she’d been told, the dark, horrible passion still surging through her.

The fourth blow of the whip nearly sent her back over the top, the lust fighting every inch of the way with the agony. She screamed and sucked at Robin’s cunt, her ass jerking with the pain and passion until she felt Vince’s enormous cockhead pushing at her tight asshole.

Jeanette wept as he thrust his cock at her shitter and the throbbing, whipped muscles gave way. His cock head pushed into her shitter and she almost passed out. His prick was so big it stretched her shitter walls until she was sure she would die. But he drew back a little and pushed again, fucking half of his cock into her guts.

“Urrrhhh!” Jeanette groaned, her body tensing as her ass was filled with the massive bulk of Vince’s cock. Her shitter walls trembled and shook, still spasming after the whipping, screaming with pain as Vince pulled his cock back again and fucked it in even harder. Jeanette screeched into Robin’s cunt, sucking at it, holding the hot wet flesh in her mouth.

Vince slammed his cock into Jeanette’s ass, but her shitter walls took it all, sucking at the enormous prick as his balls slapped into her asscheeks. He held his cock there, grinning as Jeanette’s ass walls spasmed and throbbed.

Jeanette shuddered and trembled as a climax rushed over her from the friction of Vince’s cock in her ass. Every touch of his prick sent her spasming higher, and she sucked Robin’s pussy with total abandon, running her tongue around Robin’s clit and licking into her hot cunt.

Vince started fucking her ass with long strokes, driving his cock in to the hilt, then pulling it back, reaming out her shitter with each movement. And Jeanette’s ass was going wild under the fucking, spasming and sucking at his cock, driving the captive blonde out of her mind with orgasm.

As Jeanette shrieked and heaved under her, Robin moved her pussy forward, still keeping the pressure on Jeanette’s ankles. Slowly, she moved her ass over Jeanette’s mouth, but Jeanette was too far gone and too frightened to fight. An inch at a time, Robin’s asscheeks moved over Jeanette’s face, slipping and sliding until the tight bud of her shitter was over Jeanette’s mouth.

“Suck my ass, bitch!” Robin yelled. “I wanna come!”

Jeanette’s head spun as she licked at the crinkled circle of her sister’s slitter. Her own ass shuddered under the assault of Vince’s cock, and she wept with the shame, but she couldn’t stop coming. Her body throbbed and jerked on the table, her hands gripping Robin’s thighs. Finally she surrendered totally, pulling her sister’s ass down harder on her mouth. She licked into Robin’s shithole, her mouth sucking at the tight ring of muscles, her own orgasm erupting through her as Robin came, the two of them climaxing together.

“Aaaayyeeahhh!” Robin screamed as she came, her ass throbbing on Jeanette’s face.

With a grin, Cora leaned in and rubbed Robin’s pussy, sending the blonde into even more shudders of lust. Cora kissed and nuzzled Robin’s neck, her fingers blurring on Robin’s clit, sending the hot blonde into a final series of massive spasms as her ass throbbed and heaved on Jeanette’s face.

“Oh, that’s good!” Robin screamed. “That’s what this bitch should be doing — ooohhh!”

She gasped and moaned, leaning with all her force on Jeanette’s legs, moaning as she moved her pussy back over her sister’s face, getting a final suck to bring her down to full satisfaction.

“Hey, thank you!” she whispered to Cora, kissing her.

But Jeanette wasn’t feeling soft. Her passion was still building. Her ass throbbed and, sucked at Vince’s cock as he continued to fuck slowly in and out of her shit-pit. Her body throbbed and twisted on the table, her orgasm still rolling over her. She was still moaning into Robin’s cunt when her sister climbed off her face and grinned down at her.

“I liked that, Sis,” Robin said. “We must do it again, what do you think?”

Without waiting for a reply, she twisted away.

Cora leaned over her and smiled.

“Now you get some pain, bitch,” she said.

Jeanette screamed, but her climax suddenly surged and peaked, then surged again, and she screamed as Cora’s hands ran over her tits.

But even that wasn’t everything. Galvin pushed his cock at her mouth.

“Get on with it!” he snapped.

Jeanette moaned as Galvin forced his massive prick past her soft lips and into her mouth. He leaned on her ankles, stretching her legs and making her sob, then thrust his prick at her throat.

Jeanette gagged, her throat closing against the thick cockhead that pushed at it. She knew what would happen if she couldn’t take the enormous cock. He pushed again and she tried to relax her throat, but it didn’t work. She gagged and almost threw up again, and Galvin pulled his cock back.

“Hey, let me hold her ankles,” Robin said, sliding close to Galvin, her tits rubbing into his back as she grabbed her sister’s legs. “You do what you want to her, she needs some work.”

“Great idea!” Galvin gasped, gripping Jeanette’s blonde hair and holding her head still for his cock. He pushed and worked his cockhead into her mouth.

Vince worked his prick over her shitter walls, then smiled at Cora. “You know what to do!”

“Yes, yes!” Cora hissed, leaning down over Jeanette’s tits.

Jeanette screamed and twisted as Cora’s mouth sank onto her nipple, the little slave’s hot tongue licking and caressing.

“No, please, I’ll get it in!” she cried. “Please, I will!”

“Then take it, you cunt!” Galvin snarled, and pushed his prick back into her sucking mouth, driving it to the tight entrance of Jeanette’s throat.

But once more Jeanette gagged, her throat spasming as the thick round cockhead thrust deep, making her jerk on the table. Then Cora bit Jeanette’s nipple.

Jeanette lurched and screamed, her body erupting with passion and agony as Cora’s teeth chewed her nipple. But it worked. Her throat opened, taking Galvin’s cock. He gasped and thrust deeper, Cora bit harder and Jeanette moaned into the solid shaft of cock, taking it right in, Galvin’s balls slapping against her nose.

“That’s better,” Galvin said, working his cock in Jeanette’s throat, pulling his cockhead to her sobbing lips, then fucking it back in with long strokes. He leaned back against Robin, laughing as the helpless Jeanette moaned into his fucker, her body twisting and jerking on the table.

“Oooohh, darling, does her ass go crazy too?” Cora asked, looking up at Vince as he fucked his prick deep into Jeanette’s ass. She ran her teeth over Jeanette’s nipple.

“Yeahhh!” Vince gasped, watching his cock fuck deep into Jeanette’s slippery shithole. “Come and do that to her clit, that’ll really get her going!”

“Ohhhh, darling, you’re so wicked!” Cora sighed, and slid her mouth down the underside of Jeanette’s tit. Her sharp teeth nipped and chewed at Jeanette’s already-whipped flesh, driving the blonde into more spasms of mingled pain and lust.

Jeanette wailed as Cora’s teeth nipped her flesh painfully. She knew Cora was just playing, her teeth leaving only shallow welts in her skin, but Jeanette also knew that the full force of Cora’s jaws would chew into her clit, and the thought made her tremble with horror. But all the time Vince’s cock surged over her ass walls, making hot arrows of lust spurt out of the contact and rush through her body.

And then Cora’s mouth reached her pussy mound, and Jeanette shuddered with horror, sobbing into Galvin’s cock as the thick rod played in her throat. Jeanette tensed, waiting for the pain, but Cora’s mouth just caressed her pussy mound, licking at her hot flesh. Cora’s tongue pushed down over her clit, reaching almost as far as her cunthole. Cora worked her hand over Jeanette’s thighs and then onto Vince’s balls, playing with them as her master fucked his cock in and out of Jeanette’s ass.

The tension got worse as Jeanette waited for the pain, her spasms of climax surging and falling with each caress of Cora’s mouth and each ramming thrust of Vince’s cock. Her throat was sucking like mad at Galvin’s cockhead, and she could feel him rising to orgasm fast as he gripped her blonde hair and forced his cock deeper.

“Come on, bitch, suck me off!” he shouted. “I’m gonna shoot it right down your throat, bitch, right down your throat!”

He jerked and bucked, his cock throbbing harder and swelling as his jizz surged and pulsed in his balls.

“Now, darling?” Cora whispered.

“Yes, now, now!” he shouted suddenly, his cock throbbing and swelling in Jeanette’s ass.

Cora bit down on Jeanette’s clit, chewing at the hot red flesh, rolling it viciously, pulling at Jeanette’s cunt, stretching Jeanette’s pussy flesh as hard as she could.

The agony shot through Jeanette like a red hot iron. She jerked and screamed, writhing on the table top, her ass and throat squirming around the cocks throbbing in them. In the depths of her soul, she knew they had changed her. They could make her come any way they wanted. Her head spun and she sobbed in desperation, trying to fight them. But Cora’s teeth tightened and chewed, and the two cocks throbbed. Jeanette surged over into a raging orgasm that climbed and rolled with each jerk of her body. Her scream bubbled into Galvin’s cock as she took his prick, her fingers running over his balls and her throat sucking as hard as possible.

Cum burst out of the rock-hard prick, filling her throat as Galvin bellowed with lust, gripping Jeanette’s hair as tight as he could and pumping his jizz into her.

“Ooohhh, bite the cunt, bite her!” Galvin yelled as his cock pushed, throbbing and exploding in Jeanette’s throat, spunk pouring out of his piss-slit. He gasped and thrust, hot spunk gushing from his cock and filling Jeanette’s mouth.

Cora screamed as she bit Jeanette’s clit harder. Then she pulled, screwing her teeth around on the spasming flesh and driving Jeanette into spasms of desperate passion as another surge of orgasm rushed over the blonde.

Jeanette was going out of her mind. Her legs jerked as Robin leaned down on them.

Vince’s prick poured cum into her ass, shooting hot jizz over her shitter walls.

“Yeahhhh, ohhh, fuck, she’s got a tight ass!” Vince gasped. “She’s gonna be sooo good! Come on, bitch, take it all!”

He pushed Jeanette’s as off the table with the force of his thrust, his gushing cock spurting cum and his balls shuddering as Cora worked them, sending all the spunk he had into Jeanette’s ass.

Jeanette screamed with the pain and ecstasy as she came, each throb of the cocks in her throat and ass sending her higher. Her body surged, jerking as the spasms rocked her. She tasted the hot jizz from Galvin’s cock, running her tongue over the spurting rod, sucking it as hard as she could as Galvin yelled and lurched. She screamed and twisted, orgasms exploding through her.

“Uuurrhh!” Galvin gasped, dribbling cum into Jeanette’s mouth as he slowly let go of her hair and pulled his prick back.

Vince’s cock gave out the last of his cum too, rubbing it all over her throbbing ass walls as his cock pumped more and more slowly, the stream of jizz falling away to a slow ooze. He gasped and murmured with pleasure, using Jeanette’s tight ass to bring himself to full satisfaction.

Jeanette crashed off her climax, sinking down into the wonderful satisfaction that, followed it. But the lingering pain throbbed in her, setting sharp pangs of fresh lust moving almost at once. She held onto Galvin’s cock, sobbing at the thought of the way they could break her whenever they wanted.

And still Cora held onto Jeanette’s pussy. She worked Vince’s balls until they were empty, and only then did she ease her mouth away from Jeanette’s clit, leaving the blonde to caress her flesh and try to ease the pain still lingering there. “You’re a whore, bitch,” Robin said.

“Admit it.”

“Leave me alone!” Jeanette cried, trying to turn with Vince’s cock still in her ass.

He slapped her and she moaned, turning back, waiting as he pulled his still-hard cock out of her guts. Then she rolled onto her side, rubbing her sore pussy and tits.

Vince came around the table and pulled her head to the side, shoving his cock at her mouth. “Lick it clean!”

Jeanette’s stomach surged. His massive cock was covered with cum and goo, and she was sure there was some of her shit on it. She twisted, but Cora was there, standing with the cat in her hands, and Jeanette knew how much Cora wanted to hurt her.

She closed her eyes and gave in, licking at Vince’s cock and moaning at the shifty taste of the cum and goo. But he held it there, making her lick it all up, cleaning his cock until it was shining with her saliva. Then he pulled away and walked to a chair, and Cora went to her knees at once and caressed his cock gently, her expert fingers working at the flesh.

“Stand up!” Galvin shouted, and Jeanette moved to the table, obeying as fast as she could.


Jeanette fought him, her terror making her stronger than ever before, but still she wasn’t a match for Galvin. He gripped her wrists after a short struggle and forced her face to the wall, holding her there as he turned to Stan. “Okay,” he said, “go get it.”

Stan got up and put his clothes on while. Jeanette screamed at Galvin and struggled, her arms aching horribly.

“Stop that, bitch,” he said, “or you’ll be over the chair while we wait.”

Jeanette broke into sobs as she stopped her screams, but she gasped as Galvin spun her around and forced her to her knees, holding her by one arm. Then he leaned down, pulling her head up while he leaned in on her ass, pushing his cock at her asscrack, forcing her hips out.

“Do you want anything, darling?” Cora asked Vince.

“Just give Galvin some help,” he said. “You know what comes next.”

“Oh yessss!” Cora purred, and turned to Galvin. “Can I whip her for you?”

“She’s gonna need more than that,” he said, and got up out of the chair.

Jeanette gasped as the stimulation to her pussy stopped. She jerked and shivered. Struggling against the bonds, she looked up and saw that Galvin was standing over her, a terrible grin on his face. Then she knew she was in real trouble.

“Go wash yourself, bitch, you stink,” Galvin said, and slapped her face.

Jeanette sobbed and rushed for the bathroom, holding her sore face. She closed the door and leaned against it, sobbing and weeping as she tried to get her breath back. But Cora pushed the door open and came in, shoving Jeanette to the shower.

“Don’t wait, bitch,” she said. “If you wanna get clean, get clean!”

“I’ve got to use the bathroom!” Jeanette moaned.

“Get on with it, then!” Cora snapped, and leaned against the wall, waiting.

Jeanette realized that she wasn’t going to get any privacy at all, but she needed to piss too badly to hold it in. She sat on the toilet and pissed. Then she took a shower, washing her hair until the stink was gone. Finally Cora took her out again.

Jeanette got another shock then. Standing by the wet patch on the carpet was some deodorizer, rags and a bucket of hot water.

It was just another humiliation for Jeanette, but it hurt. She cleaned the wet patch with the rags and water, then sprinkled deodorizer until Robin was satisfied.

“Yeahhh,” Galvin said, advancing on Jeanette. “Tell me you’re not gonna do it, bitch, just tell me!”

Robin and Stan were getting closer to coming as they fucked. Robin was moaning and gasping, pushing herself off the pillows and ramming her cunt back at him for more.

“Come on, bitch, suck him off fast! I wanna come and watch you swallow cum, bitch, so do it!”

Robin gasped as Stan gripped her tits, holding her tight as his cock went out of control.

“Baby — oooh baby!” Stan gasped, fucking his prick into Robin’s cunt with strong strokes. “Jeez, your cunt is good!”

She gasped, her pussy spasming over Stan’s cock as he twisted her nipples.

Jeanette moaned with horror, struggling to do better, but unable to take any more.

It was Galvin, grinning at her, the whip in his hand.

“You know what to do,” he said. “Beg for it.” He drew the whip up and ran it over Jeanette’s thighs once more. “Beg for it!”

Jeanette shuddered and sobbed, knowing she faced a terrible crisis. Without the whip, she would never suck him well enough to bring him off and satisfy Robin. But to get it, she had to sink to the ultimate degradation and beg for pain. Her head spun and she burst into tears.


Galvin stood over the sobbing, helpless blonde, sliding the tail of the whip over her thighs. Jeanette could hear the rising gasps and moans as her sister and Stan got closer and closer to orgasm.

“Well?” Galvin snarled, grinning at her.

With a moan of horrible submission, Jeanette opened her thighs, spreading her pussy out for him as she ran her mouth over the throbbing head of his cock.

“Please!” she cried. “Please whip me!”

“Now you’re learning,” Galvin said, and the whip flicked up over his head and lashed in, right across Jeanette’s pussy and inner thighs.

The pain nearly drove her out of her mind. No longer did the passion burn through the agony. It surged out with equal force as the plaited tail of the whip lashed into her flesh. Her ass bucked up off the floor and she buried [missing text].

“Yeahhh, that’s better, whore!” Galvin shouted. “He’s enjoying himself again! Now bring him off! Let’s see you swallow his cum.”

He swung the whip, lashing it right over Jeanette’s pussy and driving more of the agony she needed into her flesh.

“Ooohhh!” Robin gasped as she jerked back against Stan, sucking his cock to the depths of her cunt. “Bring him off, you bitch, bring him off!”

She spasmed and came, her cunt walls throbbing and sucking at Stan’s cock as the cum rushed out of his balls and surged up his cockshaft.

But Jeanette hardly heard any of it. Her mind was spinning helplessly as she sucked the mans cock. Her thighs were spread as wide as they would go, thrusting up for the whip, begging for the agony across her clit. With each blow, another horrible, dark surge of lust rushed over her, erupting from her cunt and sending her into spasms of climax.

But Jeanette was beyond knowing what she was doing. All she knew was that her mouth was filling with cum. Her pussy exploded as the whip landed, and her screams bubbled out from around the jerking cock. She screeched and came, rolling on the floor under the mans jerking body, swallowing his cum as it rushed out of his prick.

On the sofa back, Robin was gasping with climax and laughing as she watched her sister’s final humiliation.

“You asked for this, bitch!” she yelled, her tits pressing into Stan’s hands as he fucked her cunt full of his shooting cock. “Oohhh baby, fuck me! Fill my cunt!”

“Watch that whore suck!” Stan yelled, his eyes bugging out at the sight of Jeanette, spread on the floor, her thighs wide and her pussy throbbing and trembling, so wet with her fuckjuice that drops of it flicked away with each blow of the whip.

Stan’s cock throbbed harder as the peak of his come sent the last great gobs of his jism shooting into Robin’s cunt. He yelled, and the two of them clung together, gasping and moaning as he held his cock high in her cunt and let her pussy drain the final drops of jizz out ol his cock. Then they fell across the sofa back together, Stan’s ass still moving a little as they came down.

The whip lashed Jeanette’s clit for the last time, sending the helpless blonde into another spasm of lust. Then the pain was gone and her climax faded. She wailed and fell away, struggling with the nausea that suddenly surged up in her.

“What’s the trouble, whore?” Galvin asked, the whip curled in his hand.

“I-I — you made me…” Jeanette broke down, the terrible taste of cum in her mouth, the white goo all over her lips.

“Kneel!” Galvin snapped, and stepped back. Jeanette obeyed, rolling to her knees and waiting.

The whip curled across her tits, leaving a welt. Jeanette sobbed with pain and shuddered as the orgasm that had faded with the end of the pussy whipping started burning again.

“Lick the cum up,” Galvin said, laying another curling line of pain over Jeanette’s tits.

It was too horrible to think about, but the pain made Jeanette able to do it. The cum tasted all right as she stuck her tongue out and licked it up, swallowing it as the whip cut her tits once more, driving her into a sobbing squeal of mingled agony and lust.

“That’s what you want, right, whore?” Galvin asked, lashing the blonde’s tits. “You want discipline, right?”

“Aaahhhh!” Jeanette screamed as her lovely tits were beaten again, the soft mounds jerking as the whip cut them. “Yes, yes, you bastard! You did this to me, you bastard!”

She jerked, climaxing as the agony spread through her throbbing tit mounds.

“Not me — Vince did it,” Galvin said, lashing her again. “Now crawl over there and say thanks to him!”

Jeanette didn’t think of disobeying. She crawled over to where Vince sat in his chair with Cora running her soft lips over his cock, sucking the enormous prick gently, her fingers sliding up and down the hard flesh.

“Both of you — straight legs!” Galvin shouted. “You’re gonna say thank you for me.”

Cora gave a moan, but she didn’t protest more than that as she straightened her legs, bending at the waist until her ass was presented fully for the whip. Her hungry little mouth sank down on Vince’s cock, taking it all in.

Jeanette sobbed at the growing realization that she was truly a slave. She thrust her ass out, spreading her legs and running her mouth over Cora’s cheek as the little dark-haired nympho sucked Vince’s cock deep into her throat.

Galvin swung the whip over the two delicious asses thrust up for him. His cock throbbed in his hand as he watched the two women waiting for their punishment.

“When I whip you, you get your mouth down on his cock,” he said. “When I change, you change!”

He swung the whip, and Cora gave a groan of lust as it cut across her tight asscheeks. Her mouth slammed down even harder on Vince’s cock, her ass throbbing as she took three more strokes of the stinging whip.

Then Galvin changed, lashing the thin tail over Jeanette’s ass. She moaned, her legs trembling as she moved her mouth to Vince’s cock. Cora reluctantly moved her lips up the long cockshaft and kissed Jeanette’s face and neck as the blonde took Vince’s massive cock in her sucking mouth.

Jeanette was already coming as she moved her mouth down the stiff fuck-rod, taking his prickhead into her throat.

Cora nuzzled Jeanette, kissing her neck and running her hands over her tits. She squeezed Jeanette’s nipples as the blonde sucked Vince’s cock, her throat bulging.

The whip lashed Jeanette’s ass and she spasmed again, thrusting her mouth down.

When the whip lashed into Cora’s ass again, the two little slaves obediently changed. Jeanette kissed Cora’s neck, running her hands over her tits and railing her nipples as the little dark haired slave came and moaned, her mouth at the base of Vince’s cock.

Twice more the girls had to change position, the whip controlling them perfectly and Vince’s cock fucking in and out of their sucking mouths until even he was showing signs of his rushing lust. He gasped and gave a moan as his cock vanished into Jeanette’s sucking throat for the fourth time.

“Change them all the time, Galvin!” he yelled. “I’m coming!”

“Yeahhhhh, go to it, bitches!” Galvin shouted, laying the whip into Jeanette’s ass. “Move it!”

The two girls worked together. At the stroke of the whip, each one sank her mouth to the base of Vince’s cock, her throat urging the cum out. Just as fast, one would pull up, letting the other ram down on his hard prick as the whip cut her tight asscheeks.

“Yeahhhh, you’re doing good, Galvin!” Vince gasped, his cock throbbing. “Just like that! Ohhhh fuck, they’ve learned! Ooooh fuck they’re good!”

He gasped and shot the first of his cum into Cora’s sucking throat.

She screamed with lust and pulled her mouth up his prick, taking his cum on her tongue. Instantly Jeanette joined her, their mouths clinging together over the massive round ball of Vince’s cockhead as it poured out cum. They held his prick, stroking it with their fingers while they shared his spunk, letting it spurt between their lips and licking it from each other’s mouth. Their asses bucked back for the whip, and both girls screamed with bubbling lust as the pain drove their surging orgasms to fresh peaks.

“That’s real great!” Vince gasped, gripping their heads, holding their willing mouths to his cock as he shot more thick wads of cum over Cora’s and Jeanette’s sucking lips.

Jeanette and Cora clung together for a long time, sharing the cum that still trickled out of Vince’s cock, their asses circling even though the whip had stopped. The surging passion was still working in them, and it was a long while before they gave up cleaning Vince’s cock and dropped to the carpet, still kissing each other.

Jeanette soon found Galvin standing over her, his cock sticking out.

“Now me,” he said. He turned and went to the other chair.

Jeanette didn’t think of disobeying. Her body ached all over from the whippings, but she staggered to her knees and crawled over to Galvin, taking his cock in her skillful hands and running her mouth over the throbbing prickhead.

Robin leaned back against Stan on the sofa. “It worked!” she chuckled. “She’s out of my fuckin’ hands now!”

“Yeah,” he said dreamily, stroking her tits. “Now maybe we can have a real party!”

Robin giggled as she snuggled with, him. “You wanna watch this?”

“Sure, I’m not going anywhere,” he said softly.

So they stayed there as Cora crawled over to Vince, tucking his cock back into his pants and zipping them up.

“That was very good,” he said softly.

“Oh, thank you, darling!” Cora gasped, looking up at him, her eyes very bright with excitement. “I tried to be as good as possible. Was I?”

“Yes,” he said. “You were good. Very good indeed. The best little slave in the world.”

“Oooohh!” Cora squealed with excitement. “Oh, darling, thank you!”

“Would you like some treats when we get home?” he asked.

“Oh, darling, yes, please! Can I have my special treat?” Cora gasped, stroking his cock-bulge.

“For you, anything,” he said.

“Oh!” she gasped, and got td her feet, dressing as fast as she could. She straightened her little black skirt and posed for him. “Do I still turn you on, darling?”

He stood up, and Cora could see the massive bulge of his already-aroused cock pushing against the front of his pants. She gasped with lust and slipped her arm through his.

“I’ll suck you all the way home, darling!” she whispered. “You deserve it!”

Vince nodded to Galvin as he left. Galvin grinned and held Jeanette’s head to his cock, working her mouth over his rock-hard cocktip. He took the long whip and curled it over her head, making Jeanette shake with terror and lust.

“Deeper,” he said, and Jeanette sank her lips to the base of his cock. She spasmed and moaned, her throat sucking at his prick with hard jerks.

“Now get your ass up,” Galvin said, stroking the tail over Jeanette’s back.

Jeanette moaned, but she obeyed at once. She stood bent at the waist, waiting for whatever he wanted to do. Her mouth worked up and down his cock.

As her lips reached the back of his cock, Galvin curled the whip over her back and whipped her between the legs, cracking the tip over her asscheeks and pussy.

“I’m taking you home with me,” he said.

“Mmmnnngg!” Jeanette moaned, and nodded her head, her mouth moving up and down on his cock.

“But you gotta beg for one more thing, bitch,” he said, and whipped her again. He waited while Jeanette’s gurgling scream had died away.

Jeanette’s head spun and she gasped, but she knew she would surrender to anything he demanded, and her head bobbed on his cock again, her moans gushing out from around his fuckmeat.

Jeanette’s low scream rushed out from around his cock as she eased her mouth up the long shaft. She held his prick and licked his cockhead, her ass throbbing.

Jeanette gasped and nodded her head, her mouth full of his cock as the first jets of his hot jizz burst into her throat. She gasped and moved her head back up his spurting prickshaft, taking his cum in her mouth and letting it run over her tongue and down her throat.

But that didn’t matter any more. She took another mouthful of cum and fucked back. Her ass shuddered and the man screamed with pleasure, his cock jerking faster. She sucked at Galvin’s cock as his stream of cum diminished to a slow ooze, but she kept on running the delicious cum around in her mouth before swallowing it.

She moaned and pushed back, knowing she was pleasing her new master.

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