Two Wild Mothers

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced, middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of mate swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun. But where does the fun stop and degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When children set as the pattern of their own lifestyle what is already the norm at home?

This is the story of two American families. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets.

TWO WILD MOTHERS — a story of two families whose goal is pleasure and whose lifestyle reflects that goal. A story with a message for our changing world.


Debra Jo shook her ass, taking her son’s gigantic fuckpole completely into the hot, wet, tight recesses of her cunt. She groaned with ecstasy as his long, steelish column of cockmeat spread her cuntlips, driving with awesome force deep into her pussy.

“Ummmmmmm!” she purred, stabbing her tongue full-length into her friend’s cunt. Debra Jo curled her tongue, scooping out the slick pussy juice that oozed in hot waves from Candace’s cunt.

“Tight! Fucking damn! You’ve got a tight cunt,” Blaine hissed as he pulled back, then stabbed his mother’s pussy with his prick again. When his hips struck the extraordinary curves of Debra Jo’s asscheeks, he watched her lightly tanned skin ripple from the impact.

Debra Jo’s full, firm tits jiggled, the nipples just grazing the carpeted floor, sending shock waves of excitement tingling through her veins. Her tiny, red clit was dripping with the slick, lubricating grease. With each massive invasion of cockmeat into her cunt, Debra Jo’s clit got hotter, and more of the oily pussy juice trickled from her gaping cuntlips.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Candace sighed as Debra Jo caught her clit between her lips and sucked tenderly. Candace was about to ask her friend to shove a finger into her cunt, too, but all words were stopped when her mouth was suddenly filled with a hard, throbbing prick.

“Suck it! Yeah! Suck my prick,” James said, kneeling beside Candace’s face. He shoved three or four inches of his iron-hard cock into his mother’s mouth, then watched her pink lips nibble tenderly on his broad, oval-shaped shaft.

Candace shivered with delight. Her tongue danced against the pulsating head of James’ prick, caressing it, making his hard fuckpole even longer. When a salty drop of precum slipped onto Candace’s frisking tongue, she crooned lustfully, thirsty for her son’s heavy wad of jism to gush in her mouth.

“Eat my cock,” James sighed, feeling his balls begin to itch, a sure sign that it wouldn’t be long before his fuck-cream exploded out from the head of his prick, splattering against her ever-moving tongue.

“I’m going to give you a load like you wouldn’t believe,” Blaine said, punching his enormous cock completely into Debra Jo’s cunt. He loved fucking his mother doggie style. From behind, he had more mobility, and he could use the unusual length of his massive prick to its best advantage. Grabbing handfuls of her asscheeks, Blaine jerked Debra Jo to and fro, forcing her to come back to meet his impaling thrusts.

“Mmmmmm! Um! Um! Um!” Debra Jo whispered, using a hand to smooth her long, blonde hair away from her mouth. She wiggled her tongue between her friend’s velvety smooth cuntlips, savoring the succulent flavor of Candace’s pussy juice.

The four people — two mothers with their sons — were lost in the erotic feelings that slipped throughout their bodies. Each one was savoring his or her own private, special fantasy.

“Your cock… is so… big!” Debra Jo said, hungrily accepting her son’s gigantic fuckpole all the way into, her juicy cunthole. She adored the way his thick, long cock shoved so deeply into her cunt. Although she certainly enjoyed fucking James, it was Blaine who really made her pussy juice pump from her cunt in a flood tide.

“Can’t hold back much longer,” Blaine hissed through clenched teeth as he skewered his mother with his reddish, sizzling prick. He stabbed his cock into her until the big, cum laden balls that swung between his legs slapped against Debra Jo’s tensed thighs.

“Give it to her,” James urged his friend, tearing his gaze away from his mother’s cock filled face. “Fuck your mother and make her cum! That’s what you’ve got to do! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!”

The sights, the sounds, the smells… they all added to Blaine’s excitement. He grabbed his mother’s long, silky blonde hair, caressing the perfumed tresses between his fingers as his hips pistoned back and forth, rocketing his overheated prick deep into her hot, wet cunt. He glanced at Candace and saw the look of sheer ecstasy on her face as she sucked James’ cock. Leaning forward, Blaine used his other hand to reach around Debra Jo’s body and squeeze one warm, smoothly firm tit. The nipple was hard in his palm.

“Ieeeaaahhhhh!” Blaine screamed, tossing his head back on his shoulders as molten cum erupted from his balls, racing through the length of his prickshaft, jetting from the mushroomed cockhead. Hot, creamy jism splattered against the walls of Debra Jo’s cunt, warming her from the inside Blaine pounded her ass relentlessly with his hips, throwing himself at her to bury his fiery cock in her clutching pussy.

“Fuck me harder!” Debra Jo hissed, her lips still pressed against Candace’s cunt. As she felt the hot, slick jets of manly fuck-cream splashing in her pussy, Debra Jo’s cunt muscles tightened around his driving fuckpole, milking every last drop of jism from her son’s balls.

The beautiful blonde’s face twisted into a mask of lusty pleasure, so intense that it was painful. Then, with the slurping sounds of her cunt working on the pistoning cock filtering to her ears, Debra Jo released her full load of pussyjuice.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned as the slick, clear oil dribbled from her cock-filled pussy, trickling down the insides of her thighs. She shivered, her big tits swinging beneath her, the nipples sending tingles throughout her trembling body.

Long, scented, blonde hair flowed over Candace’s thighs and stomach as Debra Jo brought her mouth back down to her friend’s heated cunt. Still quivering from the bone-jarring climax, she stuck her tongue between the rosy petals of Candace’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh! Damn, that was good,” Blaine said, keeping his shrinking prick in his mother’s cunt. He smiled impishly as he placed his hands on her curvaceous asscheeks and listened to his mother tonguing Candace’s pussy. “You’re something else! Something else, indeed!”

Candace took her son’s prick into her mouth until the throbbing crown of his cock was at the back of her throat. Her slithering, pink tongue caressed his rock-solid fuckpole, sliding along the pulsating shaft. Her lips, the lipstick long since worn off on James’ prick, chewed on the oval shaft, applying pressure and excitement.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, waiting for the moment when her son’s heavy wad of fuck-cream would gush down her throat.

Candace squirmed on the floor, her clit getting hotter with each expert swipe of Debra Jo’s tongue. She groaned, her mouth stiff stuffed with her son’s cock, and pushed her fingers through Debra Jo’s hair, forcing the blonde to press her lips harder against Candace’s cuntlips.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo slurped, stabbing her tongue deeper into the woman’s wet, juicing pussy. She was trembling all over, still savoring the afterglow of her bone-jarring climax. Looking up Candace’s body, Debra Jo watched her friend through the valley of her tits. She whimpered lustfully as James’ cock shoved deep into Candace’s mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh! It won’t be long now,” James purred, leaning over his mother’s face. He pumped his hips, concentrating on what he was doing, trying hard to stay slow and steady. James knew that if he lost his self-control even for a second… he wouldn’t be able to prolong the hot, sensual blowjob for very long. Forcing his hips down, he watched Candace’s ripe, glistening lips crawl over his heated fuckpole until his cockhead was at her throat.

Candace was torn apart by emotions. One part of her wanted nothing more than to suck James prick until she had a mouthful of his cum. Mother part of her wanted to lay back and enjoy the fantastic lips and tongue that were working on her cunt and clit. Her legs, spread wide on the floor, twitched involuntarily as her excitement rose higher and higher.

Debra Jo, still on her knees and elbows, used her fingertips to pull apart Candace’s cuntlips. The juicy, pink opening looked delicious, and Debra Jo fucked the brunette’s pussy cunt with her tongue. When Candace squirmed harder on the floor, Debra Jo could feel the woman’s excitement rising. She sucked on her friend’s throbbing clit like it was a tiny prick, her stunningly beautiful face bobbing quickly back and forth between Candace’s thighs.

“Ummmm! Ummmmm! Mfffft!” Candace whimpered, sucking harder on James’ prick as it fucked her face. Suddenly, her heels slammed down hard on the floor, and she arched her back. Forcing Debra Jo’s face to remain against her cunt by pulling her hair, Candace let her pussyjuice go.

She arched her back, raising her slender ass to press it firmly against Debra Jo’s lips. Every nerve in Candace’s body tingled. She twitched and shook from head to foot. Her pink lips remained wrapped around James’ prick, and though Candace’s cheeks were hollowed with the suction she put on his fuckpole, she was hardly aware that it was in her mouth.

The last of her pussyjuice was just flooding out of Candace’s cunt when she suddenly started gagging. She wasn’t sure what the problem was at first, then the second blast of manly fuck-cream splashed against the back of her throat. The hot-blooded brunette swallowed instinctively and drew an even harder suction on the jerking prick that stretched her lips.

“Suck meeeee!” James hissed, reaming his mother’s lips with his cock as his balls pulled up tight to his body, letting the cum fly through his tube before spitting from his pulsating cockhead.

Candace sucked and swallowed several times until she was certain that her son had no more cum to give her. Then, exhausted and satisfied, she turned her face aside, letting his prick slip from between her lips.

“Ohhhhhhh! That was good,” Candace whispered to no one in particular. “Absolutely fantastic.”

Debra Jo got unsteadily to her feet, and she walked to the coffee table. The blonde picked out a cigarette from the small box on the table, lighting it with a fancy gold lighter. Inhaling the smoke deep into her lungs caused her large, hard-nippled tits to swell out from her body.

It all seemed rather strange to the beautiful blonde as she looked at her son’s limp, shining prick as he sat on the floor. Only a few weeks earlier she had struggled to gain custody of him to get him away from her foul ex-husband. And now Blaine, her adoring son, was also her lover.

Debra Jo thought about what she had had to do to get her lawyers to work for her. The memory brought a smile to her lips. It wasn’t so bad, she thought. Not so bad at all. Debra Jo was certain that she wouldn’t want to touch the lawyers again, but as long as they got her son back to her, she would be forever thankful to them.

“And to think that, not so long ago, I walked into that office…” Debra Jo purred, closing her eyes and thinking of the day she went to see her lawyers.

Debra Jo Larson, in all her spectacular beauty, stepped out of the cab, paying the driver and flashing him a dazzling smile. She pulled her coat tighter around her body against the unusually cool spring wind and stepped into the law office of Simmons and Rogers, attorneys at law.

The secretary looked at Debra Jo with undisguised contempt. She didn’t like women more beautiful than herself, and Debra Jo easily out-classed her in looks and sophistication. It was no contest at all.

“One moment, Ma’am, and I’ll check if they’ll see you now,” the secretary said.

Debra Jo did not bother sitting down. She knew Simmons and Rogers would see her immediately. Men always jumped at the opportunity to see her. It wasn’t that Debra Jo was vain about her extraordinary good looks, it was just a simple understanding that she was beautiful beyond words. Her looks were perfection beyond beauty, and she had learned to accept as much.

Debra Jo Larson turned away from the secretary, hiding her smile. Standing four inches under six feet, she had a statuesque body that was nearly flawless. Even after having a child at a very young age, and reaching thirty-two years old, she was magnificently built. Her tits were full and round, riding high on her rib cage without any sag in them at all. The areolas, perfectly round and the color of caramel, were capped with rosy nipples that protruded whenever she became aroused which was almost constantly. A narrow waist curved delicately into full, womanly hips. Tapered thighs led to smoothly curved calves.

But though her body was extraordinary by any measure, it was not her body that had caused her so much pain, or had made her so well-known. It was her face and her hair. Those two features had changed her life when she was still in her early teens, and made her a great deal of money. But she never got a chance to see that money.

Crystal-blue eyes shone like sapphires, wide and clear. High cheekbones emphasized the fullness of her wide mouth and utterly kissable lips. It was a face, her ex-husband had told her, of striking Nordic beauty… a face that should be stuffed with his cock.

She was young and impressionable then. He was older and established as an up-and-coming fashion photographer. With Debra Jo’s golden hair that reached to the small of her back, she was ideal as a model. Her husband emphasized her hair and her face, and he made a fortune with her. He also kept her money. When Debra Jo got pregnant, she had already been on the covers of more national magazines than she could count.

And that was when her husband got weird on her. First he just wanted some explicit photos for himself, to think of her during his photography sessions with other pretty women. So Debra Jo, young and naive, sucked his cock while he took photos. Then, before she really knew what was happening, she was sucking and fucking big-shots so that her husband could get a chance to further his career. And after that, the rest became clouded, just a continuing series of casting couch routines. She sucked cocks daily, fucking complete strangers in their offices, cars and homes. And all the while she was doing this, her darling husband was snapping photo after photo.

When she found out he was fucking another young model, Debra Jo became angry. After all, she told him, when she sucked cock, it was only because he asked her to. It was to help his career, not her own.

Debra Jo threatened divorce unless he came up with the money that she had earned, and gave her the photographs. He refused. Then the cruel bastard kicked her and her child out of the house. With him in possession of nearly five-hundred photographs of her doing everything imaginable in the sexual arena, she couldn’t fight him.

“They’ll see you now,” the secretary said.

“What?” Debra Jo spun around, coming out of her dream world. “Oh, okay. Thank you.”

Entering the office, Debra Jo smelled a setup right away. Mr. Simmons and Mr. Rogers, both in their late fifties and sporting paunches around their middles, had the type of smile she had seen before. The years had taught the blonde many things, though, and she wasn’t frightened or shaken by what she saw.

“Please sit down, Mrs. Larson,” Simmons said, making a gesture with his pudgy hand.

Debra Jo sat in a chair facing the large, commanding desk. She crossed her legs at the knee, enjoying her control over the men when they both stared brazenly at the daring display of thigh that was revealed from her high-slitted skirt.

“So what’s the verdict, gentlemen?” she asked calmly, her icy blue eyes taking them in with a glance.

Rogers, half-sitting on the desk, was closest to Debra Jo. His gaze raked slowly up from her naked thigh to her tits before gazing into her eyes. In a clash of wills to see who would break the connection first, Rogers lost.

“Mrs. Larson, we’ll negotiated with your husband for the photographs, for custody of Blaine, your son, and for monetary measures you feel are due you.”

“Listen, all that’s really important is that I get my son back… and that I get those photographs. If I don’t get the photographs and the negatives, he’ll be blackmailing me for the rest of my life.” Debra Jo, her anger rising, reached into her purse and fished out a cigarette. When she got it burning, she continued. “I don’t give a damn about the money. He can keep it, for all I care. I’ve got a job. A job that makes me a nice, honest living.”

“Yes, you teach at a high school, don’t you?”

“You know I do.”

“But you don’t make nearly the income you once did.”

“So what?” Debra Jo dragged deeply on her cigarette. The action made her tits swell out even more, causing the buttons of her blouse to strain mightily to hold in her creamy mounds of feminine titflesh. “What’s the game here, boys? I haven’t time to fuck around playing games.”

Simmons, sitting behind his desk, cleared his throat nervously. “Mrs. Larson, we think we can get the negatives, the photo album and Blaine for you. But it’ll take money up front for us to do that. If you can accommodate us, you’ll have everything you want within two weeks. If not… well, there’s no telling what might happen.”

“He wants to divorce me to marry that sleazy young model he’s been photographing, right?”


“And you know I can’t afford to give you any more money, right?” Debra Jo rose slowly from her chair, crushing out her cigarette in the ashtray. “So we’ve got to make a deal, and I know what kind of deal you boys have in mind.”

“Deal?” Rogers asked, feigning ignorance.

“Let’s see… I’ll bet you’re the type that digs blowjobs, right?” Debra Jo eyed Rogers coolly. She stepped up to him and, with her knee-high leather boots having three-inch heels, she had to look down into his face.

“Sure, I can handle anything you boys want to throw at me. Shall we get started?”

“Whatever you say,” Rogers said, his voice high-pitched and squeaky with tension.

Debra Jo sank slowly to her knees before Rogers, a sultry smile playing over her glistening pink lips. She tugged his belt loose and slowly pulled down the zipper of his pants. His underwear was tented with a stubby, thick cock which was getting harder by the second. Tugging Rogers’ underwear down to his thighs, Debra Jo caught her first sight of the old man’s prick. It wasn’t more than five inches long, but quite thick. A heavy, blue vein ran along the broad, flat upper surface of his fuckpole.

“This is what you’ve really been waiting for all along, isn’t it?” Debra Jo asked, curling her fingers around his hot column of cockmeat. She looked up at Rogers, her smile devilishly charming. “You want to see your prick in the mouth of the face that’s graced the covers of so many magazines. I can understand that. Sure I can.”

As she squatted, her knees up and pressing her tits, Debra Jo’s hair touched the floor. When she had been a model, her hair reached the small of her back. Since then, she had let it grow even more, knowing that it was her trump card in the looks department, and now it reached to mid-thigh. She fucked the tresses over her shoulders and licked her lips, making them glisten even more.

“I’ve got the best technique around,” Debra Jo purred, her warm breath cascading over his aroused, iron-hard cock. “You’re really going to shoot your balls off with me, ol’ boy.”

Despite her obvious contempt for him, Rogers couldn’t remember a time when he had been more turned-on. To see such a famous and gorgeous face moving closer and closer to his reddish cockhead was more exciting than anything his legalistic mind could comprehend.

“I’m the blowjob queen,” Debra Jo whispered, closing her eyes. When her lips made contact with the spongy tip of Rogers prick, the blonde let her pink tongue slither out.

“Ohhhhhh! Goddamn that feels good,” Rogers hissed, grabbing onto the desk to support his trembling knees. He looked at his friend, Simmons, and smiled weakly. They had planned for this to happen, and now it was working out exactly as they had hoped even better.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred, tasting her lawyer’s prick for the first time. She found it meaty, but somewhat bland.

Tonguing with increasing speed, the blonde lapped at the rubbery head of Rogers’ prick until it was shining with her spit. Then, slowly, she parted her lips wider. Sipping on the very tip of his fuckpole, Debra Jo bobbed slowly to and fro. Deeper and deeper, his cock moved into her hot, moist mouth until her lips rolled over the throbbing, responsive ridge of Rogers’ prickhead.

“Ohhhhhhh! Oh, Goddddd!” the old man groaned, gripping the desk so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

“Mmmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred, louder than before so that Rogers would know exactly how much she loved sucking his cock.

With her tongue roving smoothly along the veined underside of Rogers’ prick, Debra Jo swallowed more of his fuckpole into her mouth. She felt supremely confident as his meaty cock rubbed against the roof of her mouth. The old men may be thinking they had set her up, but this was really her game.

As she sucked on his prick, Debra Jo’s cheeks sunk inward. She gobbled his meaty cockflesh into her mouth, her lips wrapping tightly around the shaft almost at the root. Opening her eyes, she saw the blurred image of Rogers’ curly cockhair barely two inches away.

“Mmmmmmmft!” she slurped, pulling back slowly, chewing on his prickshaft with her lips. She chomped on the ridge of his pricktip, moving her lips to bring his cock into even greater hardness.

“Look at her suck,” Rogers said quietly, unable to believe that it was really his cock in the former model’s mouth. He was already in possession of the photo album and had jerked off countless times to the pictures of Debra Jo sucking and fucking. But now… now that the real person was mouthing his prick… he shivered in total, complete ecstasy.

When Debra Jo tasted a pungent drop of precum, she crooned lustfully and rotated her face in a semi-circle around his cockhead. Her pink tongue lashed at his tiny piss slit, urging another delicious drop of ooze out.

Taking his fuckpole completely out of her mouth, Debra Jo wrapped her hand around it again, stroking the spitty length slowly from stem to head. She looked up into Rogers’ face and licked her wide mouth in a lurid, suggestive way.

“You want to cum in my mouth… or maybe you’re the kinky type?” Debra Jo’s smile was pure pornography. She could read the lawyer’s mind like an open book. “Yeah, I know what you really want. You may not ask for it, but I know what’ll pop your cork. You’re not the first guy who gets off on shooting his load onto my face. Hell, you’ve probably seen the photographs my dear husband took. You know what kind of cocksucker I am.”

Rogers’ mouth moved, but no words came out. He ran a dry tongue around his lips and tried to speak again, but still found himself mute. Finally, embarrassed by his own incredible excitement, he simply nodded his head.

Cooing with contentment at her own ability to judge the situation accurately, Debra Jo resumed her succulent blowjob. With her lips bobbing relentlessly over his cockhead, she twisted and stroked the short shaft of Rogers’ prick. The added stimulation of having a hand frisking firmly on his cockshaft while the beautiful woman’s lips worked their miracles on his cockhead made the jism boil hotly in his balls.

“Mmmmmmm!” the blonde purred, tasting the new precum that trickled from the slitted head of Rogers’ prick. She could sense that he wasn’t very far from shooting his balls off, and Debra Jo mentally prepared herself for the event.

Her large, firm tits rolled up and down, straining to be freed from the confining bra and blouse as Debra Jo’s head pistoned faster and faster on his broad cockhead. Her lipstick had been rubbed off on the rubbery surface of his fat prick, which now ovaled her tingling lips.

Debra Jo inhaled deeply, holding just the cockhead in her mouth. Although Rogers’ prick wasn’t particularly long, it was thick enough to satisfy her desires. She placed her hands on his thighs, scratching his flesh lightly as she bobbed slowly, her tongue dancing hungrily on his flexing prick.

Mr. Simmons, his cock jutting out the fly of his pants, moved from his chair. He stepped behind Debra Jo, watching her head and shoulders moving as she sucked his friend’s fuckpole. Her shining, golden hair was splayed over her shoulders, curling as it reached the plushly carpeted floor of his office.

“Mmmmmmmm! Ummmmmm!” Debra Jo mewled hungrily, bringing her tingling lips over the ridge of Rogers’ cockhead. Her pussy was getting hot, and she hoped that Simmons had fucking in mind. Whenever she sucked a prick, her pussyjuice moistened the rosy petals of her cunt, preparing it for an invasion of cockmeat that would tantalize her clit into a bone-jarring orgasm.

Pushing her face over his prick, Debra Jo felt his cockhead sliding over her tongue and against the roof of her mouth. As her lips approached the root of Rogers prick and she leaned farther forward, her melon like tits were mashed against her raised knees. Debra Jo felt the hot flushes of electricity that came from her lust-hardened nipples, seeping through her veins, making her cunt even more wet and juicy. She shook her shoulders, rubbing her tits against her knees to increase the pleasure as her lips kneaded and gnawed on the base of Rogers’ fiery fuckstick.

“Ohhhhhhh! Goddamn it, Debra Jo, I can’t take much more of this,” Rogers said through clenched teeth as she watched her fabulous, famous face moving expertly back and forth on his cock.

Simmons, in a hurry to sink his prick into the big-titted blonde, reached down to unbutton her blouse as she mouthed his friend’s cock. He pulled her hands away from Rogers thighs, then jerked the blouse off her shoulders, tossing it carelessly across the room. After unhooking the clasp of Debra Jo’s bra, he whipped that off, too.

“Mmmmmmmm!” the blonde purred as she felt a pair of hands snaking around her body to cup her tingling, itching tits. When fingers pinched and pulled her long, fiery nipples, a wave of pussyjuice made Debra Jo’s panties cling to her cock-hungry cunt.

“Go, bitch, go!” Rogers hissed as his cum bubbled in his balls, almost ready to spew out.

Debra Jo’s skirt was bunched at her waist.

With her knees up, her panties were tight against the moist, inflamed lips of her cunt. When Simmons pulled down the skirt’s zipper, she brought her knees down to the floor, rocking back and forth so he could take the skirt off entirely. That left her in just her bikini panties and the knee-length leather boots.

When the gorgeous young woman raised her knees again, she spread them wide, stretching her panties tighter against her wanton cunt. With a flick of her wrists she pushed her golden tresses over her shoulders, wanting to keep her hair away from any of the cum that would soon be spitting from Rogers’ overheated prick.

“Suck meeeee!” Rogers screamed, his eyes bugging out of his head as he looked down at the blonde.

Grabbing his balls in her palm, Debra Jo gave them a fond squeeze as she lapped at the clefted underside of his cockhead. When his prick jumped, she closed her eyes as a spurt of thick, creamy jism spit from the knob. The yellowish cum struck her forehead, making a slick line down between her eyes, over the bridge of her nose to her lips. She tongued the cleft faster as his fuckpole bucked again, jetting a second stream of cum onto her face. Again and again, his prick leaped, each time spewing out a hot river of jism with less force.

“Give it to me,” Debra Jo purred as the hot cum landed on her face, trickling down from her prominent cheekbones. “Shoot all your cum on me, baby!”

Rogers looked down at the face he had seen on so many magazine covers. Now the face, so chiseled in its features, was streaked and smeared with his cum. A low, quivering groan of pleasure rumbled from his chest as he watched Debra Jo’s slick tongue curl out to lick off a drop of jism that dangled from the slitted head of his prick.

“Delicious,” she purred, swirling the drop of salty cum around in her mouth, savoring the taste. Rolling her tongue around her lips, Debra Jo scooped off as much of the sticky jism as she could, swallowing it down happily.

She was tonguing his cockhead like a lollypop as the jism trickled down the sides of her face, when hands gripped her shoulders. She was pulled backward and landed heavily on her ass, then pushed sideways as the same hands grabbed her by the hips; raising and exposing her ass.

“I’ve got to fuck you,” Simmons said feverishly, dropping to his knees behind Debra Jo. He grabbed her skimpy panties and, with a savage jerk, ripped them from her ass.

“Give it to me,” Debra Jo hissed furiously, shaking her ass at Simmons. “Come on, fuck me as hard as you can, you rotten son of a bitch!”

Guiding the knob of his prick to her furry, inflamed cuntlips, he then thrust his hips forward with all the force in his body. Her pink cuntlips separated, sucking his plump column of cockmeat between them.

“Ieeeaaahhhhh!” the blonde gasped. The sudden invasion of cockmeat into her cunt gripped her senses like a vise. She trembled, resting on her elbows as her blonde hair spilled out on the floor around her. Several strands of hair touched the cum that stuck like glue to Debra Jo’s face. The hair matted with the jism to her cheeks.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Simmons grunted as he reamed her clutching cunt full-length with his sizzling hot fuckpole. He grabbed the woman’s taut hips.

“Yessssss!” Debra Jo purred, feeling his fat fuckpole rolling against her dripping, hard clit. She shivered as a bolt of passion ripped up her spine. Despite Simmons’ weight problem, he knew what to do with his cock. And it was that prick which was pushing Debra Jo ever closer to orgasm.

Grabbing two handfuls of blonde hair, Simmons jerked Debra Jo’s head up as he fucked her doggie-style. He rammed his mighty prick into her pussy until his hips slammed against her taut ass. As he fucked her, he shook her hair like reins.

“Go, cocksucker, go!” Simmons said, whipping Debra Jo’s back with her hair. “Shake that ass, bitch! Shake it!”

Debra Jo hardly heard the man’s coarse words. She was lost in a sensual world of her own. She tightened her cunt muscles, milking his driving prick as it sliced deep into her fiery fuckhole. Her cunt was drooling out pussyjuice, which trickled down the insides of her thighs. Every time Simmons’ hips smashed against her asscheeks, her huge, swinging tits sloshed about crazily on her chest, slapping against her chin and jouncing like overfilled water balloons.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Debra Jo chanted, as the inferno in her pussy burned hotter and hotter.

“Fucking bitch! Fucking bitch!” Simmons said, the words coming out choked and hoarse.

The tension and excitement rose with each impassioned thrust of Simmons’ hips. He reamed Debra Jo’s fuckhole hard, his cum filled balls slapping against her tensed thighs each time he sunk his prick into her pussy to the hilt.

“Do it!” the blonde croaked, raising her head back even more as Simmons pulled her hair. With her mouth gaping obscenely open, she shivered as pussyjuice gushed from her quaking cunt. The flood tide of clear, oily girl cum made Simmons’ hairy ball-sac wet. As she came, Debra Jo’s cunt tightened and relaxed around his jackhammering fuckpole.

“Sweet bitch!” Simmons groaned. He plowed his throbbing fuckstick to the hilt in her pussy as the first bolt of jism jetted out of his cockhead. The cream splashed against the walls of her cunt. He flooded her pussy with every drop of cum from his balls, then flopped down, heaving for air, on top of the woman.

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” Debra Jo purred weakly. With Simmons resting on her, she felt too weak to support him. She slipped forward, Simmons following her all the way, until she was laying flat on the carpeted floor. Her tits pressed hard against the floor, mashing against the rough surface, sending tingles throughout her body as they billowed out.

When Simmons’ prick became soft and slipped from her cunt, Debra Jo sighed, continuing to breathe heavily as she recovered from the impassioned fucking. She closed her sapphire-blue eyes, tuning out every sound and sensation except the afterglow of her own climax.

“So when do I get my kid and the album?” Debra Jo later asked, zipping up her skirt. She looked at her torn panties on the floor and bent down to pick them up. “I want an answer now.”

Rogers exhaled a blue stream of cigar smoke toward the ceiling and said: “Come back in two weeks. You’ll be legally divorced, in custody of Blaine and the photo album and you might just have some money to kick around with.”

Taking a brush from her purse, Debra Jo pulled it through her thigh-length blonde tresses. She took her time, knowing the men were watching the way her big tits shook as she brushed her hair. When she was finished, she dropped her ruined panties on the desk.

“Here,” she said, a sardonic smile playing on her lips as she savored the aftertaste of Rogers’ cum. “Keep these as a reminder of this afternoon. I’ll see you in two weeks. If you want the same kind of action, you’ll have to get me one hell of a settlement.”

“Right,” Rogers said, watching the blonde’s shapely ass swish as she walked out of the office.


Debra Jo got out of the cab and turned her face up to the sun. It was late spring, and she was in a good mood. Today was the day she was scheduled to pick up Blaine, her son. It had been weeks since she fucked and sucked her lawyers, and now they were finally coming up with the bill of goods for which she so want only behaved.

Her knee-length blonde hair fluttered in the warm breeze as she dug in her purse to find a tube of lipstick and a small mirror.

“Might as well make, it good for them a second time around,” she murmured to herself, putting extra color on her lips. She fully expected to give a blowjob and get fucked again as soon as she walked into their private office. Debra Jo wasn’t disheartened to think about sucking cock or getting fucked. In fact, she was rather horny and wondered if the old men would make her cum again.

When she reached the reception room, Debra Jo was surprised to find it empty. The snippy secretary who had been so nasty to her before wasn’t there. Nobody was.

“What the hell’s going on here?” the blonde beauty wondered aloud as she stood. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other nervously, eager to take on her attorneys so she could finally see her son. She also wanted to get her hands on all the photographs her rotten husband had taken of her eating cock and pussy, and getting fucked.

Never an overly patient person, Debra Jo decided to find Simmons and Rogers herself. She was certain they had to be somewhere close. The secretary probably stepped out for a cup of coffee or something, she figured.

Just as she was about to knock softly on Rogers’ door, Debra Jo heard something indistinct, but familiar from inside. She waited breathlessly, concentrating hard to hear whatever it was again. After a pause, she heard the sound again and, this time, she recognized what it was. Roger was moaning softly and saying something about sucking. “So that explains where the secretary is,” Debra Jo said, smiling devilishly at the thought of catching the secretary sucking Rogers’ prick. The secretary had been so rude to Debra Jo that the blonde simply couldn’t resist the temptation to embarrass the woman.

Grabbing the knob of Rogers’ door the former model turned it slowly, silently. She opened the door just a few inches to peer through, looking with one eye.

To her surprise, it was not the secretary that Debra Jo found sucking her attorney’s prick. Instead, Debra Jo saw a woman perhaps one or two years older than herself, kneeling between the old man’s legs as he sat in his chair. She was a good-looking, with a youthful body and fine feature.

“Holy shit,” Debra Jo mumbled, watching closely as she felt the pussyjuices begin to make her cunt moist. It never failed to excite her to watch other people fucking and sucking.

The woman had a compact body, with pleasantly rounded tits, a flat stomach and slender hips. Her brown hair was cropped short enough so that her diamond earrings showed. She looked, Debra Jo decided, damned she’s in her teens.

“Eat my cock, damn you!” Rogers hissed, slapping the woman’s head lightly as she brought her month up and down on his prick. From the expression on the woman’s face, Debra Jo knew she wasn’t enjoying giving the blowjob. The woman was fully dressed, but her rather conservatively-cut shirt was bunched at her waist. She was gragging her pink lips up and down on Rogers’ fleshy hard cock. The soft, soulful moans she emitted weren’t moans of passion, but moans of distress.

“Eat it, Candace!” Rogers hissed, slapping the brunette on the head again, a little harder than the first time. “If you ever want to see your son again, you’ll eat my cock! That’s the deal we made.”

Candace felt the slap and bobbed her head, taking the ugly prick deep into her mouth. She attempted to rub the under side of his smelly prick with her tongue, but didn’t do it very well.

“Ummmmmm,” she groaned, blinking away the tears of shame and horror that burned in her eyes.

Just get done with it, she told herself as she pulled her lips up the shaft of Rogers’ prick. With his cockhead in her mouth, Candace lashed at the tip with her tongue and tasted precum. It wasn’t as bad as she had thought it would be, but that didn’t make her humiliation any less devastating.

Candace felt his cock throbbing mightily between her lips, and she pistoned her face down, gulping his prick into her once-virgin mouth. She swallowed his prickmeat until his spongy cockhead struck the back of her mouth, nearly entering her throat. Squirming on the floor, Candace tossed her face faster up and down along the quivering length of her attorney’s prick, waiting for the moment when she could swallow his jism, grab her son and get the hell away from him forever.

While her head moved in quick, measured strokes, Candace smoothed her skirt over her thighs again, hiding her pussy. She tried to ignore the warmth in her cunt she felt from the jism Simmons had left there. Having him fuck her pussy was almost worse than having to give a blowjob, Candace thought.

“Ohhhhhhh! Get ready, cocksucker, ’cause you’re going to get one hell of a load,” Rogers hissed as his fingers squeezed the leather covered arms of his, chair.

Candace wrapped her tiny hand around the root of Rogers’ prick, and she staffed stroking it hard, jerking her hand up and down as she drew a tight suction on his cockhead. She had promised to suck him off and drink his cum. And that much she would do. Her husband had left her with absolutely no money, and if she was to get James, her son, back again, she needed the best attorney that she could find.

“Mmmmmmm!” Candace groaned again, lapping at the fiery tip of Rogers’ prick as she jerked her fist along the throbbing shaft.

Candace’s mind was spinning as she lashed at his cockhead with her tongue, sucking hard on his pricktip. Was she really kneeling before a man she hardly knew, sucking his prick and stroking him at the same time? The strange tingles coming from her cunt confused the brunette. She dismissed the feelings, telling herself that it was just the hot cum in her pussy which made her feel that way. She really wasn’t getting hot and horny from giving a blowjob, she told herself desperately.

“Awwwwww!” Rogers groaned, throwing his head back on his chair as his balls began squirming in their sag.

Her lips were ovaled around his prickshaft, just behind the rim of Rogers’ cockhead. She pounded on his hard cock and felt it flex in her fist. A moment later, a jet of creamy, salty jism splattered over her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

“Ummmm!” she squealed, her face twisting in an expression of absolute contempt as she continued to pound and suck on his meaty fuckpole.

Candace swallowed convulsively, writhing in agony on the floor as more cum flooded her mouth. She tongued his spewing cockhead, hating the taste of his pungent fuck-cream as it flowed in spurts against her tongue.

“Take it all! Swallow that cum, you cocksucker!”

“Mmmmmm!” she groaned as his prick gave one final jerk between her lips and a drop of jism slipped out of his piss slit. Candace swallowed the drop, then pulled her mouth off Rogers’ prick.

“Very… good… my dear,” Rogers said weakly, looking through slitted eyes at the beautiful woman kneeling at his feet.

“Can you get me my son now?” Candace asked, rising unsteadily to her feet. She hated the slimy feeling her attorney’s cum had left in her mouth. She could still taste his acrid, salty fuck-cream, and she promised herself a stiff drink as soon as possible.

Debra Jo had nearly been in a trance as she watched the blowjob. It excited her tremendously to see this unknown brunette with the compact body bringing her face to and fro along Rogers’ prick. But it also disgusted her that he would force such an obviously unwilling woman to suck his cock. Her sense of justice boiled up inside, her, and. Debra Jo opened the door wide, her shimmering blue eyes throwing daggers at Rogers and Simmons.

“You fucking bastards,” she hissed venomously. “How dare you abuse that woman! Forcing me into fucking and sucking is one thing, but forcing her is quite another thing!”

Candace buried her face in her hands, not wanting to look at the stunningly beautiful woman with the long blonde hair. It was clear to Candace that the woman had watched her putting Rogers’ vile prick into her mouth. Candace couldn’t stand the thought of anyone knowing she had swallowed a man’s cum.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Rogers asked his prick still hanging out from the fly of his pants. From the look of total rage on Debra Jo Larson’s face, Rogers knew that he had better do some fast talking, or his career as an attorney would soon be over.


Debra Jo helped Candace out of the bar, slipping her arm around the brunette’s to steady her. Since taking the embarrassed woman out of the law offices, Debra Jo had kept a steady stream of gin-and-tonics going down the woman’s throat.

“Where did you say your car was?” Debra Jo asked, her long hair flowing in the warm evening breeze.

“Over there some… somewhere,” Candace replied, each word slurred badly. “But I don’t think I can drive.”

“Don’t you worry. I’ll drive you home and take a cab from there.”

Debra Jo wasn’t surprised to find that Candace’s car was a conservative station wagon. It fit everything Candace had told Debra Jo about her husband, and her former life as the middle-class suburban housewife and mother. But that had all been swept out from under her now. She had to wait until tomorrow to take custody of her son, James. Debra Jo, too, had to wait until the following day before she could finally have custody of her son, whom she hadn’t seen in several years.

“You know,” Candace said, slipping into the front seat on the passenger side, “you’re probably the only friend I have now. All my friends were really just friends of… that bastard. That bastard husband of mine.”

“You must be getting better,” Debra Jo replied, her blue eyes flashing as she started the engine. “You’re at last using a curse word now and then. A couple of hours ago he was that man; now he’s that bastard. Quite an improvement, if you really stop to think about it.”

Candace steadied herself, trying to focus her eyes. “Oh, God! God, I’m drunk! And men! Men did this to me! I felt so hideous being on my knees… first so that one bastard could shove his cock into me like a dog, then so the other bastard could push his prick into my mouth. They’re animals, you know. All men are animals.”

“Yes, honey, all men are animals,” Debra Jo replied, putting the car in gear. “Now let me take you home so you can get some rest.”

They drove to a nice house in a nice suburb, and Debra Jo could understand why Candace suddenly felt as though everything she believed in had come crashing down around her shoulders.

Debra Jo felt the uncomfortable itching in her crotch, the tingling which signified that she was horny and had better do something about it quick before she went crazy. Since seeing her new friend on her knees, giving a hot — if not unwilling — blowjob to her attorney, Debra Jo had been unable to shake the image from her mind.

She helped Candace sit lightly on the edge of the king-size bed and looked at her friend. She was, without question, a beautiful woman. Not beautiful in the same way that Debra Jo was beautiful, but beautiful nevertheless. Soft lines flowed smoothly, one into the other, not like the striking, chiseled features that Debra Jo had turned into a fortune.

“Let me help you,” Debra Jo said, the words sounding in her ears as though someone else had said them.

“T-thank YOU… I don’t think I’m going to last much longer,” Candace slurred. “I’ve had too much to drink. Men! Ug! Damn men! All they do is screw up my life!”

Debra Jo was annoyed with herself when she noticed her longs slender fingers were trembling slightly. She began unbuttoning Candace’s dress, starting at the neckline. When the woman didn’t protest, Debra Jo felt her heart leap in her chest.

“We can do without men, you know,” Debra Jo said softly, unbuttoning the dress down past the brunette’s pleasantly swollen tits. “There are ways of getting around what we need them for.”

“Men! All they do is take your body and your heart, then cast you aside when they’re done!”

The blonde pushed the dress from Candace’s shoulders, then helped her take it completely off. Debra Jo’s heart was thudding in her chest now, the blood pounding a drum beat in her ears. She knew what she was going to do — or, at least, try to do — and the prospect frightened her as much as it excited her.

“Let me take your bra off,” Debra Jo said. But instead of sitting on the edge of the bed to get to the bra’s clasp, Debra Jo reached around Candace’s body. For a moment, their faces were dangerously close, clear blue eyes gazing hungrily into pale green eyes. “We can do without men, you and I.”

“Can we really?”

Licking her lips to moisten them, Debra Jo kissed Candace lightly. It was a friendly kiss. Nothing threatening. Just a kiss between two women who had become good friends in a very short time because of circumstances beyond their control. But the second kiss that followed quickly had nothing to do with friendship. It was tinged with raw, hungry passion.

Debra Jo pressed her mouth harder against Candace’s, parting her lips slightly and slithering her tongue out to run in over the soft, supple lips of her friend. She raised her hands, cupping the softly contoured mounds of Candace’s tits. With her thumbs, Debra Jo felt both nipples harden inside the woman’s bra.

“Mmmmmm! So nice, so sweet,” Debra Jo purred, pushing Candace backward onto the bed. “We don’t need men, honey. We don’t need them at all.”

As Candace mumbled something incoherent, Debra Jo’s hand stole quickly around her body, unclasping the hook that kept her bra on. In seconds, she had the brunette’s firm, rounded mounds of titflesh exposed and was devouring one hard nipple with her lips and tongue.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo moaned, squirming as she kneeled on the floor, leaning over the bed. She sucked as much of Candace’s feminine titflesh into her mouth as she could. Her fingertips were sliding lightly up Candace’s thigh from her knees, inching ever closer to the hot, juicy cunt that the blonde knew would be waiting for her.

Debra Jo had eaten pussy before. Plenty of times. Her ex-husband had forced her into doing it, and she had never liked it at all. But Candace was different. She wasn’t one of those star-struck bitches who only wanted to see a famous face between their thighs. She was someone soft and special, and Debra Jo wanted desperately to taste the woman’s hot juices, feel her writhing in absolute ecstasy from the pleasure Debra Jo knew her lips and tongue could provide. After all, she thought, if she was the uncrowned “Queen of the Blowjob”, didn’t it follow that she should also be the “Cunt-licker’s Champion”?

“Oh, God! What is happening? What is happening?” Candace moaned.

Debra Jo ignored the feeble protests, continuing undaunted in her quest for total conquest. She released her friend’s throbbing nipple from her mouth and moved over, flattening much of her body onto Candace’s as she captured the brunette’s other pink nipple. Her fingertips slipped over conservative cotton panties until they reached the elastic waistband. She hesitated at first, knowing that if the brunette would deny her, it would be now.

“It’s okay,” Debra Jo whispered reassuringly in Candace’s ear. “It’s okay! We don’t need men, you and I. We don’t need men!”

Boldly, with determination, Debra Jo thrust her fingers under the waistband. She pushed them through her thatch of cunthair and found a moist, slightly puffy crease waiting for her. Stretching the panties out, Debra Jo’s middle finger sought and found Candace’s clit. She rubbed the wet bud, and her friend squirmed on the bed.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Candace sighed as bolts of sheer electrical shivers sizzled in her veins. She closed her eyes, lost in the gin and the fingers and the mouth that were moving all over her tingling body.

Trembling with excitement, Debra Jo slipped off the bed, then knelt on the floor between Candace’s knees. Her friend’s legs were dangling over the edge of the bed, her toes not quite reaching the floor. With tenderness, but determination, she pulled the cotton panties down Candace’s legs, exposing the dark, lightly furred pussy that had been her goal. Debra Jo inhaled deeply and stared hungrily at the pink cuntlips that seemed to beckon to her.

“Just relax and everything will be okay, honey,” Debra Jo said, using her hands to spread Candace’s thighs. “We don’t need men. Just keep thinking about that, and you’ll be just fine. I promise you. Honestly, I promise you.”

Still fully clothed, Debra Jo used her thumbs to spread the dewy petals of Candace’s cunt. She could see her aroused, erect clit and the soft contractions on Candace’s pussy. The blonde felt her mouth water, and she was surprised at how eager she was to eat pussy. Somehow, pressing her mouth against Candace’s cunt seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. Though she had always despised doing it before, Debra Jo now wanted to thrust her tongue deep into a pussy and lick up all the juices that seeped forth. She more than just wanted to tongue Candace’s clit until she came on her mouth… she had to!

“Don’t tease me,” Candace said, trying to focus her eyes. She stared at the ceiling, her tits jiggled tautly as she gulped in air. Then her body was rocked by the feeling of a slithering tongue probing her fuckhole and lashing at her sensitive clit. Her former husband had never asked her to suck his cock, and she had never asked him to lick her pussy. The new feeling of having a mouth working hungrily on her cuntlips and sucking on her fiery clit was more exciting than she had imagined possible.

“Mmmmmmmmft!” Debra Jo slurped, stabbing her tongue deep into the humid cavern of Candace’s cunt. She curled her tongue, scooping out the pussyjuice that she craved. Her golden hair spilled over her back and shoulders, flowing down until it splayed out on the bedroom floor.

Debra Jo was ravenous as she tongued Candace’s cunt. She whipped her clit and was pleased when more pussyjuice drooled out. Sucking the tingling bud between her lips, Debra Jo nibbled on it like it was a tiny cock. As she worked over Candace’s clit with her lips, Debra Jo reamed her friend’s clutching fuckhole with her middle finger, sliding her finger all the way into the brunette’s tight pussy until her knuckles were mashed against Candace’s pussylips.

“Lick meeeeee!” Candace wailed, her mind spinning uncontrollably. She was beyond rational thought, beyond anything that she had previously considered human. Her legs twitched with the spasms of rampant desire that ripped through her supple, lithe body.

The words of approval were all Debra Jo needed to become the most ravenous cunt licker she had ever known. She licked Candace’s pussylips and lapped at her clit, never letting a single drop of the clear, oily cuntjuice miss her tongue. The taste of Candace’s cunt was sweeter than Debra Jo had imagined. She waited only for her friend’s full load of pussyjuice to come gushing out.

“Ummmmmmm! Oh, so good!” Debra Jo hissed, taking just enough time to breathe deeply several times before resuming her fierce, loving attack on Candace’s cunt. She pumped her finger between her friend’s velvety smooth cuntlips with ever increasing speed, delighted at the passionate moans and writhings her mouth and hand drew from Candace.

Reaching up with her free hand, Debra Jo was just able to cup Candace’s tit. The blonde squeezed her firm, pliable tit and felt her hard, throbbing nipple pressing into her palm.

“Oh, no! Oh, no!” Candace whimpered as the inferno in her cunt began spreading like wildfire throughout her body, making even her fingertips tingle.

Debra Jo tongued faster and harder on the woman’s throbbing clit, pounding her fist into Candace’s cuntlips as she reamed the sloppy hole with her finger. The cunt-hungry blonde followed Candace, never taking her mouth away from her pussylips, even when the woman twitched or squirmed unexpectedly.

“Eeeaaaaahhhhh!” Candace wailed, her eyes open wide and unseeing. Her legs shot out, kicking at nothing but air.

“Mmmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred, lashing at the brunette’s cuntlips as pussyjuice streamed in waves from Candace’s pussy. Although the blonde had licked cunts before, she was surprised at how much girl-cum Candace had inside her. Debra Jo dismissed this as a good side effect of not having climaxed in a long time.

The greasy tide of feminine cum flowed over Debra Jo’s face, despite how desperately she tried to lick up every precious droplet. The blonde’s face glistened in the dim light that trickled through the bedroom window, her prominent cheekbones almost glowing as she stabbed her tongue several inches into Candace’s spewing cunt.

“Mmmmmmm!” Debra Jo moaned soulfully as the waves of girl-cum slowed, then stopped.

She tongued Candace’s pussy for a while longer until she was certain that she had taken everything her friend had to offer. Then Debra Jo stood, looking down at the softly breathing naked woman who rested on the bed.

“Why don’t you slide over, get more comfortable, and I’ll get in there with you?” Debra Jo asked, unbuttoning her blouse. She grabbed Candace’s ankle, intending on helping her friend kick her legs over to the center of the bed. But there was no resistance in the foot. Candace was sound asleep. “Well I’ll be damned! I knew I was good, but I never thought I was that good. You’re out to the world! And I guess that leaves me high and dry, doesn’t it?”

Debra Jo started to laugh. She wasn’t angry with Candace for falling asleep. It was something of a compliment to the long-haired blonde with the gorgeous body. Still, Debra Jo knew that the following morning she was going to be horny beyond words.


The two tents were up and the sun was setting. Debra Jo eyed Candace cautiously, aware that her new friend had kept her distance throughout the day. Since picking up their boys, Candace had spoken freely to Debra Jo, but kept out of arm’s reach every step of the way.

The women had decided — though it was certainly Debra Jo’s idea — to take a short vacation with their sons. Debra Jo hadn’t seen her son in a long time, and she wanted to get to know him again. She especially wanted to know what kind of hideous lies her former husband had told about her.

So the four of them had packed quickly, got a couple of two-man tents, and jumped into Candace’s station wagon, then headed for destinations unknown.

“Well, what are the sleeping arrangements going to be?” Debra Jo asked, directing the question to no one in particular. “Shall the boys and girls sleep separately?”

“No!” Candace snapped. She was still nervous about the previous evening, though she couldn’t remember much of what had happened. She remembered that Debra Jo had taken off her clothes, and remembered the wild thrill of having a tongue probing hungrily in her cunt. But to think that it was really her stunning friend who had eaten her pussy was hard to believe. Candace wished she hadn’t drunk so much. If she had been sober, she never would have let Debra Jo get anywhere near her.

At least, that’s what she tried, to tell herself. “Well, then, I guess the Larsons sleep in one tent and the Williams sleep in the other,” Debra Jo said.

Turning her crystal-blue eyes to her son, Debra Jo smiled. Blaine, in the years that he had been gone, had changed a great deal. He was tall now, like his father, with a broad chest and wide shoulders. His close-cropped blond hair and sharp features followed Debra Jo’s genes, but the rest of him was definitely from his father. Blaine, despite his youth, was a handsome young man with an athlete’s body. Dressed in a jogging suit, he was the picture of youthful virility. Blaine was a lady killer, a handsome young man who would get even more handsome as the years went by… and he damn well knew it.

“You get ready for bed,” Debra Jo said, feeling perfectly natural in her role as mother once more. “Just give me a call when you’re ready, and I’ll come in.”

It got dark quickly in the almost deserted campground. Debra Jo was happy that there weren’t any other campers nearby. She wanted to get away from everything and just enjoy the company of her son and her new friends. She wanted that and nothing more… except, maybe, a cock to satisfy the ravenous hunger in her cunt.

In the tent, Blaine stripped quickly out of his clothes. He always slept in the nude, and being with his mother wasn’t going to change him. If his father had taught him anything, it was to be whatever you were and never change. So, like his father, Blaine was rugged, ruthless, handsome and totally dedicated to gratifying his own intense needs.

Blaine slipped into the light sleeping bag and was just about to call his mother when he noticed a thick, bound folder beneath Debra Jo’s suitcase. He leaned out of his sleeping bag and pulled the book out from under the suitcase. Upon opening the cover, Blaine felt his prick begin to harden.

“Well, I’ll be Goddamned,” Blaine mumbled as he turned page after page.

The book was the photo album that Blaine’s father had used to blackmail Debra Jo. Each photo had been placed in a plastic sleeve and put in the three-ring folder. As Blaine turned the pages, he grabbed his prick and began stroking it.

“She must be one horny bitch to do all this,” Blaine whispered.

He saw the photographs, and his prick got longer and harder: Debra Jo was on her hands and knees, sucking one cock while another was half inserted into her pussy from behind; Debra Jo lying on her back with four guys kneeling by her head, cum crisscrossing her face and clinging in her hair; Debra Jo holding her tits together so a guy could shove his cock between them; Debra Jo jerking off two guys while sucking a third; Debra Jo licking a woman’s cunt while a prick slid into the strange woman’s asshole; Debra Jo shoving a pool cue into her cunt.

“Are you ready yet?” Blaine heard his mother ask.

“Not quite! Just give me a minute, and you can come in.”

Blaine closed the folder, then shoved it under the suitcase again. He couldn’t believe all that he had seen his mother do. But the photographs didn’t lie. Debra Jo Larson, former model turned physical education teacher, was indeed the horny bitch that everyone said she was.

“I’m coming in now,” Debra Jo said, taking a final drag off her cigarette before crushing it out. “I hope you decent.”

The blonde opened the flap of the tent, and she stepped in. The tent was easily large enough for the two of them, and Debra Jo was happy that she could stand straight up in it. If there was anything that wealth had taken away from her, it was the enjoyment in roughing it outdoors.

“Turn your back now so I can get ready for bed.”

She smiled becomingly at her son, studying his ruggedly handsome face that peeked out from the sleeping bag. When Blaine rolled over, facing the wall of the tent instead of toward her, Debra Jo unzipped her tight designer jeans.

“It was a good day today, wasn’t it?” Debra Jo asked, wiggling out of the jeans. She peeled them down her legs, dragging her panties down with them. For some reason, Debra Jo hoped that maybe her son was secretly looking at her body. She turned her back so that if he was looking, he wouldn’t have to hide his gaze so much. Slowly, taking her time, she unbuttoned her blouse, then let it fall to the floor of the tent.

“Yes, a very good day,” Blaine said, sneaking a glance at his mother as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Her long, golden hair flowed down her back, reaching her knees, and he wondered how his hard-on would go down unless he jerked off. She was, without any doubt whatsoever, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

Wiggling her shoulders, Debra Jo let the straps of her bra slide down her arms, freeing her tits. She noticed that her nipples were long, erect with a passionate hunger that glowed like an ember in her cunt.

Debra Jo was about to reach for her suitcase to take out the sexy nightie she had brought along when she noticed that something was different. At first, she wasn’t sure what it was. She couldn’t put her finger on it. Then the realization of what had happened sent cold shivers of fear ripping up her spine.

The photo album was turned differently than the way she had put it! Blaine had taken it and looked at it!

Without thinking, Debra Jo wheeled around, her big tits jiggling, the nipples hard in the center of chocolate-brown areolas. Her hair spread out, some fucking over her left shoulder to hang down the front of her body, obscuring the naked splendor of her tit. She looked down at her teenage son, staring into his eyes, trying to know how much he had seen.

“Blaine, did you look at that photo album? Answer me, did you?” Debra Jo demanded in a hushed whisper, pointing at the album. She was unaware of her own nakedness until she saw Blaine’s gaze drifting up and down her body. Suddenly, her cheeks turned crimson. She covered one tit with a hand and covered her pussy with the other.

“Don’t get so upset,” Blaine said, getting up on one elbow to look at his mother as she scrambled into the sleeping bag that was across the tent from his. “It’s no big deal. So what if I’ve seen them?”

Debra Jo pulled the sleeping bag up to her neck, tucking her arms inside so that only her head was out. She didn’t want Blaine to see any more of her body than necessary. Blaine — her son — had seen those lurid photographs! Debra Jo wanted to scream out, but realized at the same time that to draw attention to herself would only bring Candace and James running, and she sure as hell didn’t want them involved in what was already a very messy situation.

“Listen to me, Blaine,” Debra Jo said, trying to sound calm. She kept her eyes closed, her head on the pillow. “You mustn’t tell anyone about those photographs. They were taken by your… father… so that he could receive favors, receive photographic assignments. I didn’t want to do what I did, but I was young and in love, and he said I had to.”

The beautiful blonde hoped she sounded convincing. As Debra Jo spoke, she calmed down. The sound of her own voice was comforting in a strange and simple way. Her son was a stranger to her. He had changed, physically and mentally, since the last time she had seen him. Debra Jo wanted nothing more than to gain his respect.

The sound of Blaine’s sleeping bag zipper being pulled down didn’t frighten Debra Jo at first. It was a warm night, and there was really no need to be inside the sleeping bags. She figured he was probably opening it up enough to let some air in. After the shocking experience of seeing the photographs, then seeing his mother in the nude, she could understand if his body was a little overheated.

“Just close your eyes and try to get some sleep,” Debra Jo said, her voice a whisper now. “Don’t think about a thing, and you’ll forget everything in no time. I assure you, you’ll forget, honey.”

“Like hell I will,” Blaine hissed.

“I don’t like to hear you talk like that,” Debra Jo scolded mildly.

The blonde was just about to tell him to be quiet and get to sleep when she felt a heavy weight upon her. Debra Jo’s eyes shot open. She found herself looking up at Blaine’s naked body. He had crawled across the tent and straddled her, pinning her to the floor, her arms trapped at her sides in the sleeping bag.

“Blaine, what are you… oh, my God!” Debra Jo gasped, at first angry with her son, then astounded by what she saw. Blaine not only had his father’s physique, he had his cock. He had the one thing that had drawn Debra Jo to him like a moth to a flame. Blaine’s prick, fully hard, stretched out from his body, dropping slightly downward from its own weight. Debra Jo did a quick mental calculation, guessing her son’s prick would measure nearly a foot long.

“Big, isn’t it?” Blaine said, grabbing his awesome fuckpole by the shaft. “All the women tell me that it’s bigger than any they’ve ever seen. Dad thinks he is bigger, but I doubt it. I think mine is bigger than his.”

“Are you insane?” Debra Jo demanded.

She couldn’t take her eyes off Blaine’s magnificent prick. It was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. It was enormous in length with a slight curve to the left and a cockhead that seemed to be the size of an apple. She saw the tiny piss slit at the head of his pricktip and wondered if her son’s jism tasted just as salty and delicious as his father’s had.

Her eyes moved down to the hairy ball-sac that swung freely between Blaine’s tensed thighs. From the size of it, Debra Jo knew that her son had a load and a half to give any woman. If he was like his father, she thought, getting his load shot once was just the preliminary. Blaine would want to shoot his heavy wad of fuck-cream at least twice, and maybe three or four times.

“No, I’m not insane, just horny,” Blaine said, stroking his prick slowly. The head of his fuckpole was above Debra Jo’s mouth. He didn’t want to give it to her just yet… not until he figured out what her mood was. “It must be in the blood. That’s the way I figure it. You’re a horny woman, Dad’s a horny guy, I’m a horny guy. It’s all in the blood, so why fight it? We need each other right now.”

“Blaine, this is foolish… wrong,” Debra Jo whispered, hoping her tone held more conviction that her heart felt. She couldn’t take her eyes off the reddish head of her son’s enormous shaft of blood and muscle. “Don’t you see how wrong it is?”

“Listen, if my old man taught me anything, it was to set goals and do everything necessary to achieve them.” Blaine was smiling down at his mother as he stroked his prick faster, harder, dragging his fist from the rim of the cockhead to the root. “My immediate goal is to shove my cock into your mouth and have you suck it until I cum. After that? Well, I’m sure two intelligent people such as ourselves can think of lots of great things to do with our bodies, don’t you?”

Debra Jo wished the fire in her cunt wasn’t burning so hot, wished her nipples weren’t tingling with the intense excitement she felt. Even her eyes, the beautiful captive knew, were giving her away. They were sparkling with the electricity that all but crackled through her veins.

When Blaine touched his spongy cockhead to Debra Jo’s face, she gasped in shock. She could smell the musky aroma of his cock. Debra Jo’s breathing quickened. As she breathed faster, her jugs billowed out, getting more flattened by her son’s weight. Her hard nipples were sending tingles straight to her cunt, making it throb and drool out the pussy juice.

“Tell me you want to suck my cock,” Blaine demanded. “Go on, tell me or you’re never going to get my big prick — and you know you’ll never find a bigger one in your pussy.”

Debra Jo squeezed her lips together as her son tried to force his massive cockhead into her mouth. She knew he spoke the truth. The fire in her cunt told her as much.

“Yes,” Debra Jo said. She was going to add more, tell Blaine that she thought his cock was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her entire life. But she never had the chance. As soon as she parted her lips to speak, he shoved his pricktip into her mouth, prying apart her lips.

“Ohhhhh! Suck it good flow,” Blaine hissed, feeling the warm moisture of his mother’s mouth surround the head of his cock.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” the blonde moaned lustfully, opening her jaws wider to accept more of his hot, meaty prick into her mouth. She swirled her slick tongue against the clefted underside of his cockhead, knowing the effect it would have on her son.

Debra Jo’s moist lips were stretched around the thick, oval shaft of Blaine’s cock. Her tongue was wedged to the bottom of her mouth as he forced more of his fuckpole into the hot, wet recesses. She squirmed in her sleeping bag, not trying to get away, but trying to get a hand to her cunt. She wanted to shove a finger between the silky lips of her pussy to relieve the fire that burned so agonizingly hot there.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, feeling his cockhead striking the back of her mouth. If he forced any more of his big prick into her mouth, Blaine’s cockhead would be jammed down her throat. Debra Jo hadn’t tried to swallow such a huge prick since her husband, to amuse his drunken friends at a poker game, forced a teenage Debra Jo to deep-throat his cock in front of them.

“Use your tongue on it,” Blaine sighed, stroking his fuckpole while he inserted the bulbous head into the blonde’s mouth. Her blue eyes sparkled with the excitement she felt, and that was not lost on Blaine. He had no intention of raping his mother. There was never any need to rape anyone, the boy had learned long ago. Merely showing his prick was usually enough to make any woman fall into his arms… or onto her knees.

As Blaine pulled his prick out of her mouth, Debra Jo worked to curl her tongue around his delicious, rubbery pricktip. Even with her mouth open as far as she could get it, the hot blooded blonde couldn’t fit much more than his cockhead and two inches of the shaft into her mouth. And since the angle Blaine was shoving his prick into her mouth didn’t make it easy to take his cock down her throat, she had to be content to suck on that part of his fuckpole that he fed her.

Finally squirming enough to get her hand between her thighs, Debra Jo shoved her middle finger between her rosy, dewy cuntlips. Her pussy seemed to suck her finger into it, just as her mouth sucked his cock in. She crooned lustfully, salivating freely around his inward plunging prick as it flattened her tongue in her mouth. Her clit sizzled, burning red-hot, the flame ignited and burning out of control. The blonde knew that the only thing to douse that fire would be pussyjuice.

“I… I used to dream about you,” Blaine whispered, shoving his cockhead into Debra Jo’s mouth until he felt the knob nudge the opening of her throat. When she drew a firm suction on his prickhead, her cheeks sucked inward. “I would look at all the magazine covers you did and jerk off. Dad never really told me much about you, but I would hear him bragging to his friends how he could make you do anything.”

Debra Jo, her eyes glassy with the raw, burning lust she felt, moved her head slightly. She rolled it around on the pillow, allowing his mushroomed cockhead to slide against her cheeks, billowing out her face, and against the roof of her mouth. While she did this, her tongue was in constant motion, flicking and probing, rubbing and scraping his cockhead and shaft to make her son’s prick even longer and harder. She wanted… needed his hot, spewing cum to splatter against her tongue and come gushing down her throat. She wanted to taste his creamy wad and let him know that, despite everything he had ever heard about her, she still loved him very much… and in ways she herself never dreamed possible.

“Mmmmrnm!” Debra Jo purred, her lips chewing tenderly on the ridge of Blaine’s cockhead. She bared her teeth, biting slowly on the knob until she felt the inner core of bone-hard, steelish prickmeat.

“Yesssssss! You’re fantastic!” Blaine said. He pulled back the skin on his prick, stretching the flesh around his knob even more tautly. He felt every move his mother’s tongue made. Her mouth felt as hot as an oven, languidly massaging the tip of his rod.

Pulling his pricktip from the tight, sucking cavern of Debra Jo’s mouth, Blaine moved his cock around, rubbing her cheeks with his cockhead. The blonde instinctively began chewing on the side of his prickshaft with her lips, and dragging her slick tongue over the tingling flesh.

“Yes, honey, do whatever you want,” Debra Jo whispered, shoving her finger full length into her cunt. “I’ll love anything you do to me. Fuck my face, Blaine! I love it when you fuck my face!”

The heat of her son’s cockhead rubbing against her face sent excitement twitching throughout Debra Jo’s curvaceous body. Her legs quivered in the sleeping bag, her thighs clamping around her beating hand as she finger-fucked herself. His apple-sized cockhead rolled over her cheekbone, and Debra Jo closed one eye, feeling the heat of his cock against her eyelid. When his prick moved higher still, pressing against her forehead, she felt his hot, hairy balls nudging her chin.

“Let me lick your balls, honey! Let me lick them so they’ll give me what I need!”

“Yesssss!” Blaine hissed, continuing to stroke his massive prick. He leaned forward and watched as his beautiful, lusty mother worked his itching balls over with her tongue. She took turns sucking one ball into her mouth, then the other. When she was finished, his ball-sac was wet with her spit and cum was boiling inside her.

Leaning farther forward, Blaine put his hands on the floor of the tent, remaining in a push-up position as his jaw-stretching prick hung down toward Debra Jo’s face. He waited until she had her mouth wantonly open, then punched his cockhead between her lips.

“Now I’m going to fuck your face,” he said through gritted teeth, struggling to hold the cum in his balls as long as possible.

Debra Jo had both hands between her thighs now. She used the fingers of one hand to spread her cuntlips. Her other hand was bobbing furiously, reaming her fuckhole with two fingers. Capturing the head of Blaine’s prick between her lips once more, she prepared herself for what she feared would be a less than tender face-fucking.

“Mmmm! Ummmmm! Ummmm!” she crooned, nipping at his throbbing cockhead as it jerked back and forth between her lips.

The gorgeous blonde was surprised at her son. His skill and control were beyond his years, and it was obvious that he had used his gigantic prick on many women in the past. Debra Jo tightened her lips around his cockhead. She salivated freely and whipped his prickhead with her tongue as the ridge slipped back and forth between her lips.

“Mmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred, oblivious to anything but her son’s cock and her fiery clit. She was finger-fucking her cunt now like a demon, ramming two fingers hard and fast into her pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb.

“Uhhhh! Suck it!” Blaine said in a choked whisper, pistoning his hips up and down. The hot, passionate sounds of his mother’s mouth sucking hungrily on his cock added fuel to the fire in his balls that was already burning out of control. Thick drops of precum oozed out of Blaine’s cockhead onto Debra Jo’s pink, slithering tongue. She moaned, louder than before, sucking with feverish intensity. She knew his full wad wasn’t far behind, and the horny blonde was determined to give her son the best blowjob he had ever had.

“I’m… going… to…” Blaine hissed. He leaned back, mashing Debra Jo’s tits with his thighs again. Grabbing the pulsating shaft of his cock, he jacked his prick rapidly.

“Ummmmm! Mmmmmm!” Debra Jo mewled softly, tonguing his drooling pisshole. Her lips were pulled outward, wrapped around the shaft just behind his cockhead. She sucked hard on his engorged cock, tastihg the precum that dripped onto her tongue, but knowing that more jism would soon follow.

Blaine had stopped fucking his mother’s face. His whole body trembled as he jacked his prick, holding his cockhead motionless in Debra Jo’s mouth for her to chew and suck on.

“Awwwww! Suck me, suck me, suck me!”

The molten streams of jism seemed endless. Debra Jo was tonguing the slitted tip of Blaine’s prick when the first jet splattered her tongue and back of her mouth. She crooned and swallowed the salty jism as more gushed into her mouth. Again, Debra Jo swallowed. But, to her extreme surprise, what followed was like one long stream of endless cum. Pungent, sticky cum pumped in torrents against her tongue, spraying over her pearly teeth and against her throat.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, swallowing her fifth blast of fuck-cream.

Debra Jo had stopped finger-fucking herself. Her pleasure came from giving maximum pleasure to her son. If she could please him, give him more pleasure than he had ever known, then she would be pleased beyond words.

“Ug! Ug! Ug!” Blaine grunted, jerking more softly on his cock as the cum subsided. He worked a last drop of cream through his prick’s long, rubbery tube, then withdrew his cockhead from Debra Jo’s mouth.

His pricktip hovered over her mouth, a yellowish, sticky drop of jism forming at the tip, then dangling from it.

“Let me have it,” Debra Jo whispered hungrily, opening her luscious mouth wide and sticking her tongue out, prepared to catch the cum. “Please, I want to drink all of you!”

Debra Jo waited, her eyes locked on the drop of jizz as it slowly pulled away from the head of Blaine’s prick, dangling from a thin string of jism. When it finally separated from his cockhead, the delicious fuck-cream landed on her tongue, and she swallowed it with obvious joy.

“Mmmmmm!” she cooed, licking her lips. “You really had a load! I thought you were going to drown me for a second.”

Blaine punched his cockhead back into the hot, creamy cavern of Debra Jo’s mouth and watched the way her lips massaged his cockhead and shaft. When she had sucked his fuckpole clean, he rolled off her, falling onto his back and breathing heavily.

Debra Jo closed her eyes, enjoying the aftertaste of her son’s jism in her mouth. Her tongue felt coated with cum, and her lips tingled from having been violated for so long, spread wide by such a magnificent, massive prick. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Blaine lying naked on his sleeping bag.

Crawling quietly out of her sleeping bag, Debra Jo moved over to her son. She knelt, sitting on the backs of her heels. Her long hair flowed down her back, spreading out on the tent’s floor. Her firm tits rose and fell with the rising excitement in her cunt. Her cherry nipples were nubs of tingling desire.

“You’re not done yet, Blaine,” Debra Jo whispered, looking hungrily at his limp prick. “As soon as I gel that bastard hard again, you’re going to fuck me.”

“Fine, just give me some time to catch my breath,” Blaine replied. Then, without warning, his mother was all over him, lowering her juicy pussy onto his face as she gulped his cockmeat into her mouth and throat.

She’s insatiable, thought Blaine happily as he shoved his tongue deep into her tight cunt.


Candace excused herself from the others after supper, saying she needed to go for a walk. In truth, she needed to excuse herself before she did something both drastic and uncharacteristic.

Ever since Debra Jo had stripped the brunette and eaten her pussy, Candace hadn’t been able to tear her mind off cumming. Her husband, the bastard, hardly ever managed to make her cum when he fucked her. And now, horny and without a cock to fuck, she found herself staring hungrily at Blaine’s crotch. It was obvious from the bulge in his tight cut-offs that he was hung like a horse. But what Candace found particularly surprising was the hefty bulge in her son’s cut-offs. James wasn’t built as powerfully as Blaine, but he clearly had been gifted with a cock that was out of proportion with the rest of his body. Candace, though not an expert by any means, suspected that his cock wasn’t overly long, but that it was quite thick. When she found herself wondering what it would be like to have his cock shoving hard and deep into her pussy, Candace knew she had to do something to take her mind off fucking.

She walked quickly down the narrow pathway that led through the trees. As soon as she was out of sight of the others and certain that no one had followed her, Candace breathed a sigh of relief and unsnapped her jeans.

“I’ve never done, this before,” she whispered to herself, “but I can’t stand it anymore. I just can’t stand the tension anymore.”

Pushing her jeans down to her knees, Candace rubbed her cunt lightly through her panties. She couldn’t believe the electric shocks of excitement that her finger provided. Candace’s slight, slender body trembled, her pert globes of titflesh rising and falling quickly with her rapid breathing.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” she sighed, slipping her fingers under the elastic band of her panties. Her fingers pushed through the sparsely furred hair of her cunt, the middle finger grazing lightly over her throbbing clit.

Her cunt sucked her finger inward. Candace closed her eyes and shoved her finger deeper into the juicy fuckhole that so desperately needed to be filled with a thick hard prick. She reamed her pussy, finger-fucking herself until the heel of her palm rubbed against her clit. Rolling her head back on her shoulders, Candace pressed her palm harder against her clit and gave herself totally to the warm, sensual thrills.

“Need to cum,” Candace purred, invading her cock-hungry pussy with two fingers. She finger-fucked herself in long, slow undulations. With her left hand, she pushed her panties down just past the ripely curved cheeks of her ass.

As Candace shoved two fingers deep into her juicy cunt, her mind drifted aimlessly. At first she didn’t see any images, but then she was shocked to find herself envisioning James. She could see his face clearly in her mind’s eye, see him looming before her. Candace even imagined what his cock looked like, though she hadn’t seen it in many years. James, like her mother, was a private person and a modest one. Candace had made him that way, taught him to be like herself.

“Damn me,” she whispered, trying unsuccessfully to shake the image of James out of her mind. She was finger-fucking herself faster now, prying apart her moist, pink cuntlips. She dreamed of James, seeing his eyes blazing with raw lust for her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she crooned, grabbing one tit and feeling her hard nipple through her shirt as she continued finger-fucking herself.

Debra Jo stopped when she heard the soft moan. Crouching, carefully to remain hidden behind a tree, Debra Jo looked at her new friend standing not ten feet away. Candace, her head lolling about loosely on her shoulders, was finger-fucking herself.

Well I’ll be damned, thought Debra Jo. It was exciting to watch Candace, and Debra Jo didn’t try to keep from pressing her palm against her own quickly heating cunt. She rubbed her pussy through her slacks as she stared hungrily at the finger-filled cunt of her friend.

“James… ohhhhhhhh! Fuck me, James,” Debra Jo’s friend whispered.

James? Debra Jo was stunned. The blonde never dreamed that her friend thought of fucking her own son. Debra Jo had long since realized that she was a horny cock-sucker who would take on anyone — man or woman, son or stranger — and allow herself to enjoy the pleasure her responsive, finely tuned body could give. But Candace? Not in a thousand years, thought Debra Jo.

As she watched Candace fingering her juicy cunt faster and harder, Debra Jo promised herself to figure out some way of making Candace’s fantasy a reality. The main problem, Debra Jo decided, was that James seemed so damned virginal, so prudish and shy.

“Fuck me, James!” Candace said in a squeaky voice as she shoved two fingers full length into her cunt. Pussyjuice was trickling down the insides of her thighs, making her panties moist, but she didn’t care. Candace was unaware of everything except the wanton, burning inferno that seared her senses.

In her mind, Candace wasn’t really fingerfucking herself. James was fucking her, slamming his body down on hers as his steelish cockmeat jabbed between her tightly clutching cuntlips.

“Fuck me, son! Fuck me!” she chanted, unaware that she was actually speaking aloud.

Fantasy and reality became mixed, and the horny brunette was unaware of where one ended and the other began… and uncaring. She didn’t care about anything but feeling the ecstasy of cumming.

Her tiny hand pumped furiously, powering two fingers deep into her flexing, squeezing fuckhole. Her red, hard clit throbbed lustfully, becoming more excited each time Candace’s finger rubbed against it.

“James… harder!” Candace hissed, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She finger-fucked herself faster as the muscles in her stomach tightened involuntarily. A moment later, pussyjuice gushed from her cunt, trickling down her thighs and making her hand slick and greasy. Her knees trembled, and she nearly fell over, but Candace never stopped reaming her pussy. She jerked her fingers over her clit, her pink lips pursed in an O as a silent scream of pleasure was stopped in her chest.

When it was over, Candace fell to the ground, landing heavily on her knees. She breathed deeply, pulling the fresh air into her lungs as she tried to comprehend what it was she had just done.

“Something has got to change,” she whispered. “Something has got to change so that I don’t have to keep doing this!”

Candace thought of James and shivered, feeling guilty over thinking about her sons prick. How would it taste? Could she, after finally giving a blowjob, wrap her hot lips around his cock and take it deep into her mouth? Could she seduce her own son?

“Don’t think about it,” Candace told herself aloud. “Just don’t think about James, and you’ll be okay. Try to think of other things! Don’t think about his cock!”

Candace pulled her panties and jeans up, fastening them properly. As she headed back to where the two tents were located, she wondered if thinking about James was worse than having Debra Jo lick her pussy.

Why had she suddenly gotten, so damned horny? The question burned in Candace’s brain as she walked slowly down the winding trail.


“The way I figure it, James isn’t going to make the first move and neither is Candace,” Debra Jo said to Blaine as they sat in their tent. “So we’ve got to force the issue somehow. If we don’t, they’ll never get together. And if they don’t get together, they’re both going to miss out on one hell of a lot of good fucking.”

Blaine leaned back, resting on his elbows. His long legs were stretched out in front of him on either side of Debra Jo.

“I think James is a virgin,” Blaine said, smiling broadly and shaking his head with amusement. “I know he doesn’t have much experience. We were joking around, and I was telling him about this wild blonde chick I know who gives the best head in the world.”

“Let me guess,” Debra Jo interrupted, licking her lips in a lewd, suggestive manner. “Does she have extremely long hair and blue eyes?”

“Right. Exactly. So I told him about getting this blowjob that was out of this world, and he was real curious,” Blaine said, eyeing his mother’s fantastic body. “He wanted to know everything about it. How it felt and all that type of thing. I’ll bet the only time he’s ever cum is when he jerks off. I really don’t think he’s ever fucked a chick in his life.”

“That’s sad in a way, isn’t it?” Debra Jo said, folding her legs beneath her. It was getting hot in the tent, and she was torn between wanting to fuck her son and wanting to get into the shade so a cool breeze could make her more comfortable. “Tonight, let’s really fuck each other’s brains out. I really want to have your cock tonight. I want that big bastard stabbing in me everywhere.”

Blaine raised an eyebrow. “Even in your ass? I’ve never cornholed you, have I?”

“I don’t think I could take your cock up my ass. I’ve been cornholed before, but you’re just too fucking big for me.” Debra Jo stood and stepped into a pair of high-heeled sandals. “Come on, let’s go see how Candace and James are doing.”

Debra Jo stepped up to Candace and put her hand lightly on the brunette’s shoulder.

“Hey, I’m almost out of cigarettes, and we need milk and some food,” Debra Jo said casually. “Do you want to drive to town to get it, or should I? I’ll clue you in, though, I don’t know how well I can drive that big station wagon of yours. I’m used to sports cars.”

Candace nodded her head. “No problem. I’ll go to town. Is there anything other than cigarettes you need?”

“No, nothing. Cigarettes are all I need.”

“Okay. I’ll be back in an hour, or so. Keep the boys amused.”

Debra Jo watched Candace drive away from the campsite. Standing motionless, she closed her eyes and felt the breeze playing with her long, blonde tresses. Dressed in jogging shorts that squeezed her ass so that every curve showed prominently, a sleeveless T-shirt and sandals, she was ready for action.

Looking at Blaine, Debra Jo nodded her head. It was a slow, slight move, but the look in Blaine’s eyes told her that he silently understood. Debra Jo wondered if anyone was nearby. James might scream, and she sure didn’t want anyone coming to investigate the noise.

Blaine started wrestling with James, nothing serious, just the simple rough-and-tumble clowning around of two boys. Since he was much taller, heavier and stronger than James, he had little trouble. Calculating his moves, Blaine soon had a viselike hold on James. He had the boy’s arms trapped and useless, holding James in a full-nelson wrestling move. By pushing James against a downed tree, Blaine kept the boy from kicking forward. The tree was horizontal, the bark digging into the skin of James’ knees.

“Hey, knock it of f, Blaine!” James complained, trying to free his arms. He could feel Blaine’s fingers at the back of his neck. It was clear to him that he wouldn’t get away unless Blaine let him. “Come on, this is getting embarrassing.”

Debra Jo stepped up to James, the downed tree between herself and the boy. She was smiling lustfully. Her son had James trapped. There wasn’t a damned thing he could do to stop her.

“James, I want to talk with you. It’s something very important, so you’ve got to listen carefully.”

“I haven’t much choice, have I?” James replied sarcastically. He tried to lift his chin off his chest, but couldn’t. Blaine was just too strong for him.

“No, I guess you don’t. But please, you needn’t be nervous. I’m sure you’ll find this conversation very… stimulating.”

Debra Jo knelt beside the tree so that she could look up into James’ face. She shifted her weight until she was sitting comfortably on the backs of her heels. “Your mother has just gone through a very difficult period of her life. Her husband divorced her, and now she hasn’t a lover. Well, James, she wants you as a lover as well as a son.”

“No! You’re lying!” James struggled against Blaine and became more frustrated. He couldn’t kick at Debra Jo because the tree was in the way, arid he couldn’t break Blaine’s hold. “My mother isn’t like that!”

“Yes, she is, James. She wants you very much.” Debra Jo put her hands on her bare thighs, her fingernails scratching lightly on her tanned flesh. “Now, Blaine and I have decided it’s time you learned a thing or two about the ways of the flesh. We know you’re scared, nervous about the whole thing. That’s okay. We’re going to teach you and show you. But first, we’ve got to show you how great it feels to cum, so that’s why Blaine’s holding you the way he is. We’re both convinced that once you get your feet wet, as it were, there would be no stopping you.”

“You’re insane!”

“No, James. Not insane, just horny. Please try and relax. You’ll enjoy this much more if you do.”

Debra Jo thought of taking off her clothes, then dismissed the idea. She didn’t want to give the boy too much excitement at once.

Debra Jo pulled James’ T-shirt out of his cut-offs, then tugged the trunks down to his knees. She was surprised to see that the boy wasn’t wearing anything underneath the trunks. James’ prick wasn’t nearly as long as her son’s, but it was pleasantly thick and of average size. Certainly enough for Debra Jo to please herself with. Besides, the blonde thought, he’s young and he’ll cum a gallon!

“What’s he hung like?” Blaine asked, knowing full well that James’ prick wasn’t anything like his own awesome fuckpole.

“Don’t be smug, honey,” Debra Jo said somewhat sternly. “Not everyone can be hung like you, you know.”

“Get away from me,” James hissed, trying once again to get his chin off his chest. As it was, he was forced to watch Debra Jo fondling his prick and balls.

“Please, just try and enjoy yourself.”

Debra Jo had sucked off enough virgin boys to understand his nervousness. Undaunted, she grabbed his limp prick, then began stroking it, whispering endearments to his rubbery cock meat as her ups got closer and closer. At first, his cock didn’t respond to the blonde’s caresses, remaining limp and lifeless. But as soon as her moist, pink lips came in contact with the bullet-shaped tip of James’ prick, the shaft began to throb, filling with blood, becoming longer and thicker. His cockhead expanded to a hefty size as Debra Jo kissed it tenderly, her lips smacking with obvious pleasure on the tip.

“Mmmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred happily, flicking her tongue out over the tiny slit in the point of James’ fleshy prick.

James stared bug-eyed as the beautiful blonde whispered words of love and kissed his fuckpole. Then, when her luscious mouth opened and Debra Jo rolled her tongue around her lips, James shivered with anticipation. His cock was so hard that it almost hurt.

“Ohhhhh! I do love being the first,” the blonde whispered with a husky voice. “Being the first to suck a boy off makes me feel special!”

Debra Jo captured the flaring crown of James’ prick between her lips, her tongue roving expertly along the veined underside. She squeezed her lips tightly around his broad, oval cock shaft, pushing her face forward just one more inch to take more of his pulsating fuckpole into the hot, moist cavern of her mouth.

“Ohhhhhh! So warm!” James whispered, gritting his teeth. He didn’t want to admit that what Debra Jo was doing to him felt good, but his cock was harder than it had ever been.

When the head of James’ cock was at the back of Debra Jo’s mouth, she crooned lustily, bathing the fuckpole with her saliva. Her tongue probed restlessly, flicking and rubbing the underside, curling around his prick shaft. Her pink lips worked in a tender chewing motion, alternately squeezing and relaxing around the huge girth of James’ cock.

Putting her hands on James’ crotch, Debra Jo trapped his outstretched prick between her thumbs. She inhaled deeply, and her firm, round tits swelled out, pressing against the tight T-shirt. Relaxing the muscles in her throat, Debra Jo pushed her face forward. Her throat expanded as his fat cockhead shoved slowly, inch by inch, downward. When her lips were encircling the root of James’ fuckpole, Debra Jo could feel his hairy balls warming her chin.

“Mmmmmm!” the blonde purred, feeling his cock flex and throb in her throat.

Debra Jo paused, holding his steelish pole of muscle deep in her throat, then, with agonizing slowness, she pulled back. Her lips fuckered outward, conforming perfectly to the veined shank of James’ prick as she withdrew. The rim of his cocktip slipped from between her massaging lips, and Debra Jo tasted a pungent drop of precum. She groaned wantonly, flicking her tongue against his pisshole to lick off more of the gooey fuckcream.

“Ohhhhh!” James sighed, seeing his prick sink deeper into Debra Jo’s face. Her cheeks conformed perfectly to the oval-shaft.

From the quickness of James’ breathing, and judging by the hardness of his prick and how it pulsated between her lips, Debra Jo could tell that the teenage boy wasn’t far from cumming.

“C… can I… cum… in your mouth?” James asked as he watched her bobbing mass of golden blonde hair swirling at his waist.

Uncorking his throbbing, thick column of reddish prick meat from the moist recesses of her mouth, Debra Jo stroked his cock and tilted her face back to look up into James’ eyes.

“Honey,” she whispered, rubbing his spitty cock head against her cheeks as she spoke.

“You can cum wherever you like. Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

James tried to speak, but his mouth was dry. His lips moved, but his throat refused to work. Finally frustrated beyond words, he nodded his head, wanting… needing to feel Debra Jo Larson’s fantastic lips working hungrily on his cock.

The blonde lapped at the drooling head of James’ prick. Precum was oozing out onto her tongue, and she slapped the cockhead with her pink tongue as though James’ pricktip was a lollypop.

“I’m going to cum!” James gasped.

Opening her lips wide, Debra Jo deepthroated all of James’ fuckpole. She swallowed his prick, letting it stretch her throat as it jerked and bucked from his waist. Debra Jo let her tongue, lips and throat work on his overheated prick. A moment later, she felt it jumping and flexing in her mouth. Thick cum gushed down her throat, and she swallowed feverishly. Pulling back so that his pricktip was resting on her tongue, Debra Jo let the boy’s fuck-cream splash into her mouth. Eventually, her cheeks bulged outward to contain the vast amount of jism that spewed from James’ exploding balls.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo moaned as she tongued his gushing cockhead, enjoying the flood of salty jism that gushed in jets against her tongue. When she was satisfied that the boy had given her every last drop of his wad, she swallowed several times and let his shrinking prick slip from between her glistening lips.

“You can let go of him now,” Debra Jo said a little breathlessly. “He won’t give us any trouble. Damn, I thought he was going to drown!”

Blaine released his hold on James’ arms and stepped over the downed tree. He stood beside his kneeling mother. His gigantic prick was straining to get out of his cut-offs.

“Just give me a second to catch my breath,” Debra Jo told her son. “Then we’ll teach James how to fuck. You and I will fuck, and he can watch. He’ll see how it’s done so he can put the cock meat to Candace, and help the poor woman out.”


Debra Jo spread her thighs wider on the blanket, placing her forearm over her eyes to shield them from the sun. Blaine’s tongue was working between lust-inflamed cuntlips, scooping out the slick pussyjuice that lubricated her hungry fuckhole.

“That’s right, honey,” Debra Jo purred as she squirmed on the blanket. “Lick my clit! Ohhhhh! Goddamn, you know how to lick a woman’s pussy!”

James stood motionless as he watched his friend licking the blonde’s cunt. He was determined that, at the first opportunity, he was going to fuck his mother. Lust had convinced him that Debra Jo told the truth when she stated that Candace really needed a good fucking to have a better outlook on life. Besides, if it meant getting more action for his cock, James was all in favor of almost anything!

“Mmmmmm!” Blaine moaned, shoving his tongue deep into his mother’s pussy. His hand was pistoning back and forth, pumping a single finger in Debra Jo’s tight asshole.

“E… enough, honey,” Debra Jo gasped, her quivering tits jiggling on her chest, “fuck me now! I need to get your big cock in my pussy right now!”

Debra Jo pulled her son atop herself, trapping him in the valley of her thighs. She slipped her arms under his, scratching his naked back lightly with her long fingernails as he guided his throbbing prick to her wet cunt. Her blonde hair spilled out around her head on the blanket.

“I love the way you fuck,” she whispered, turning her face toward James. “You’ve really got to give it to Candace, James. Even if she says no at first, she really means yes.”

James didn’t answer as he watched Debra Jo’s tits squishing against Blaine’s broad chest. She had big tits, and Blaine had a massive cock. He thought of his own cock, and though it was small by comparison, he was confident that it was still large enough and thick enough to give his mother real pleasure.

“Shove!” Debra Jo gasped as she felt the gigantic head of her son’s cock nudging her cuntmouth. The first invasion of cockmeat into her pussy was, for Debra Jo, the second best time of the fuck. The only thing better than that was when she felt a cock pumping out sticky jets of cum into her cunt.

His mushroom-shaped cockhead pried apart Debra Jo’s pink cuntlips, then drove deep into her pussy. The feeling of being totally filled with his hard cock swept over the blonde like a wave and she gulped in air, enjoying the itching sensation that came from her hard nipples being crushed against Blaine’s chest.

“Ug!” Blaine grunted as he shoved the last couple inches of his prick into his mother’s cunt. As he kissed the silky skin of her neck, he smelled the light, pleasant fragrance of her perfume mingling with the arousing scent of womanly flesh.

“So deep! So deep!” Debra Jo gasped. Grabbing two handfuls of Blaine’s asscheeks, holding his hips so he couldn’t pull his fuckpole from her cunt. The hot-blooded blonde could feel his heavy, hairy, cum-laden balls against her ass as she cooed lustfully, waiting for her cunt to become accustomed to the enormous intrusion of cockmeat.

When Debra Jo released the pressure on Blaine’s ass, he began pounding her with his cock. To and fro, his muscular hips pumped, powering his awesome prick deep into Debra Jo’s tight, wet pussy. She swished her ripe ass on the blanket, accepting his prick from different angles as it plowed deep into her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh! Fuck me, honey! Fuck me hard!” the blonde gasped, clawing at Blaine’s back and shoulders as he reamed her wanton fuckhole.

Her body felt electrified as his long, heavily veined column of cock meat sliced deep and hard into Debra Jo’s cunt. Even her fingertips tingled as the upper surface of Blaine’s prick slipped back and forth, rubbing her hot, fiery clit, making her pussy wetter. When Blaine stuck his tongue in Debra Jo’s ear, she arched her back, forcing his prick full-length into her cunt.

Blaine reached between their bodies, and he cupped his hand over her tit. Debra Jo’s nipple was hard in his palm. His tongue slithered around her ear, probing and searching, driving his mother crazy with lusty passion.

“Ohhhhh! You’ve got such a hot pussy!” Blaine sighed, reaming his mother’s cunt eagerly with every inch of his mighty prick. He plowed his cock into her pussy until his tingling balls flopped against her upturned asscheeks.

Debra Jo pulled Blaine’s face to her own, clamping her lips against his. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, and it danced against him as she tasted her son’s juices. His mauling, groping hand sent flushes of raw excitement ripping through her veins as he kneaded her throbbing tit and nipple.

“Mmmmmmm!” the blonde sighed, kissing her son with even greater hunger. She locked her ankles together behind his pumping ass, kicking him with her heels to force his pulsating fuckstick deep into her sloppy, hot cunt.

James absently stroked his semi-hard prick as he watched the two fucking. He knelt on the blanket beside them, watching Blaine’s prick slicing into Debra Jo’s cunt, studying how they kissed and fondled each other. He promised himself that his mother would not go another night without a cock in her pussy. Judging from the expression on Debra Jo’s face, James was absolutely, positively certain that fucking must be the greatest thing in the world.

“Yessssss! Fuck me hard, Son! Give me everything you’ve got!” Debra Jo was feverish with lust, her climax not far off. She clawed at Blaine’s ass, her fingernails leaving red marks on his muscular, rounded cheeks. “I want your cum in meeeeee!”

Blaine pushed himself up so that he could look down into his mother’s lust-contorted face. Sliding back slightly, he grabbed her legs and hoisted them onto his shoulders, doubling Debra Jo forward so that her knees crushed her firm, golden tits.

“Yeah! You’re going to get it now!” he hissed, rocketing his prick hard and fast into Debra Jo’s cunt. He fucked her mercilessly, knowing that she was as close to cumming as he was.

Debra Jo was beyond all reasonable, clear thought as the pussyjuice welled in her body. Her stomach tightened into a fierce knot. And when that knot loosened, her clear, slick, oily girl-cum spewed from her cunt in gushing waves. The juices trickled out from between her cuntlips and around Blaine’s pounding fuckpole, flowing in a river down her ass.

“Ieeeeaaahhhhhh!” she howled as her spasming pussy milked Blaine’s throbbing prick. Debra Jo squirmed, her knees flattening her huge tits as she quivered and trembled through her orgasm.

“Ug! Ug! Ug!” Blaine grunted, slamming his prick meat full-length into his mother’s cunt a last few times before his thick, gooey jism splashed against her pussy walls. He flooded her cunt with fuck-cream, the powerful jets splashing against the walls of her pussy each time he powered his cock completely in.

“Fuck meeeeeee!” Debra Jo hissed, her ass shaking from side to side as Blaine’s enormous cock spread her cuntlips wide.


Candace watched James move toward her. She sat motionless on her sleeping bag. She was dressed in conservative pajamas. His prick wagged from his crotch, his hairy balls swinging with each step he took.

“James… please don’t do this,” she whispered, her mouth watering for a taste of his cock.

“You say no.” James grabbed his prick, and he stroked it lightly. A drop of precum formed at the slitted head. “I know you want it, though. You need to get fucked. You need it bad. Real bad.”

Candace, her short brown hair still perfectly combed, her lipstick still glistening, appeared totally composed on the outside. But on the inside, Candace was tossed to and fro with the different emotions that were going through her head. She was horny, there was no denying that. And she wanted to try sucking a cock again. Giving her lawyer a blowjob had been totally unpleasant. She wanted to suck a cock but, this time, by her own choice.

As James moved closer to his mother, taking a step, then pausing before taking the next, Candace could not tear her eyes away from his fat prick. Although her son’s fuckpole wasn’t overly long, it was extremely thick. Candace wondered if she would even be able to fit his cockhead in her mouth. The idea of what that broad prick could do in her cunt made Candace shiver with anticipation.

“James… this is wrong… but you’re right,” Candace whispered. She gazed upon her son’s club like prick, eyes intent on the glimmering drop of precum. “I do need to… fuck. I’m not very good at giving blowjobs. I’ve only done it once in my life. But I’ll try, if you want.”

James wished his hand wasn’t shaking as he hooked it behind Candace’s head. Her short, silky hair tickled his palm. Before pulling Candace’s face to his fuckstick, James let her pull her knees beneath herself so she rested on the backs of her heels.

“It’s beautiful,” Candace purred, his cock just inches from her glossy lips.

“Suck it.” James’ words sounded strange in his own ears. Earlier in the day, he had struggled to prevent a beautiful woman he hardly knew from giving him a blowjob. Now he was all but demanding it from his mother.

“Yes,” Candace whispered, her hands on her thighs. “Of course, I will.”

When his pricktip touched Candace’s lips, she parted them. His engorged, throbbing fuckpole moved forward, prying apart her lips, entering the hot, wet recesses of her mouth. Candace was instantly aware of the flavor of her son’s prick. When she had sucked her lawyer’s ugly cock, she had been disgusted at having a prick against her tongue. Now she adored the taste of cockmeat, rubbing her tongue lightly, tenderly against the clefted underside of James’ plump, reddish cockhead.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Candace moaned, twisting her head slightly to let his prickhead rub against the inside of her cheek.

“Ohhhhh! Take it deep! As deep as you can!” James said, pushing his hips forward.

He buried almost half of his prick in Candace’s mouth before the pointed tip of his cockhead was at the opening of her throat. Not wanting to cause his mother any discomfort, James paused to let her savor his iron hard fuckpole.

With James’ prick resting in her mouth, flattening her tongue, Candace began a slow, methodical bobbing. Her cheeks hollowed to the uneven thickness of James’ fuckpole. Candace’s pink tongue slithered here and there, always probing, searching, exciting his prick until it reached its full length and hardness.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Candace sighed, keeping his cock in her mouth as she tilted her head back to look up into James’ face. Her ruby lips were stretched, ovaled around the broad shaft of his prick. She knew the vision of herself must be totally obscene, but that’s precisely what Candace wanted. She was tired of her doting, prudish image.

“That’s right, make love to my prick.”

Candace did exactly as her son requested. Turning her full attention to his prick, she grabbed his fuckpole in her hand and began sucking hard. She stroked his prick as she mouthed it with wild, wanton abandon. Salivating freely around his big, throbbing fuckpole, Candace’s fist was soon slick with her own spit as she jerked on her son’s prick.

“Eat my cock! Ohhhhhhh! Chew on that fucker!”

Candace tightened her lips around his prick, meeting his thrusts with lunges of her own. His plump, bulbous cockhead slammed hard against the back of her mouth, but did not enter her throat.

When Candace first tasted her sons precum, she wasn’t certain what it was. Swirling the tiny drop around in her mouth, Candace delighted in its flavor. But as soon as she realized her son wasn’t far from shooting his load off, she pulled away from him, releasing his cock from her mouth with a popping sound.

“Don’t cum in my mouth,” she hissed rather breathlessly. “I want you to… fuck me!”

The linen pajamas had numerous buttons and hooks that held it together and kept everything concealed. With fumbling, trembling hands, neither Candace nor James could get the garment off him. Finally frustrated beyond words and eager to get her son’s cock in her cunt, Candace slipped her fingers into the pajama top’s neckline, and she ripped downward. The buttons popped off with little resistance. James, eager to shove his rock-solid prick in Candace’s cunt, pushed her backward. When her legs kicked out from beneath her, he grabbed the bottoms of her pajamas, shredding them in his hands.

“What a body!” James exclaimed as Candace pulled the last tattered remains of her pajamas off. Her tits weren’t as large as Debra Jo’s, but they were high and round, capped with cherry nipples that were long, hard cylinders of excitable flesh. Her sparsely haired pussy was banked by her pink cuntlips that glistened with moisture.

“Fuck me, James!” Candace gasped, grabbing her son’s spitty prick as she lay back on the sleeping bag, spreading her tapered thighs wide for him. “I need your cock in me soooo bad!”

James positioned himself above his mother, letting her guide his fiery fuckpole to the opening of her cunt. Every muscle in his body was tensed; every nerve was alive and tingling with excitement. Staring down at her, James was amazed at how youthful and exuberant she looked. The tiny lines at the corners of her eyes only added to her charm, gave her a look of experience and ability… not age.

“I’m going to fuck you,” James said, trying to sound older than he really was.

“Then do it! Fuck me now!”

Candace’s scream was answered by a hard, harsh, unyielding lunge from James. Her cuntlips fuckered inward, protesting the sudden, unexpected intrusion. Then her son’s cockhead divided her pussylips. Once that was accomplished, his pricktip was powered full length into her cunt. James buried every inch of his broad, steelish cock in Candace’s pussy, skewering her deeply on the first lunge.

“Uhh! Easy! Not too hard!” Candace gasped, her cunt never having been stretched so wide before. The fire in her pussy burned hotter, reaching new levels of intensity as James began pistoning his hips. He jammed his cock deep in to Candace’s cunt, reaming her fuckhole with long strokes of his prick. Pushing his fingers through her hair, James raised his mother’s head slightly bringing his lips down to hers. When their lips touched, he stabbed his tongue into her mouth as he had seen Debra Jo and Blaine do.

With his tongue deep in Candace’s mouth, she nibbled on it and squirmed to press every inch of her body against him. Everything was fantastic for Candace as she raised her hips to met James impaling thrusts of cockmeat. Her red, hard clit was sizzling, making her fuckhole wet and juicy for James’ prick.

“Ream me, James!” Candace gasped when the kiss finally broke. With trembling hands, she cupped his face and looked into his lust glazed eyes. “Suck meeeeeee!”

James worked his prick around inside Candace’s cunt, enjoying every move her pussy made as it squeezed and kneaded his driving fuckpole. He dismissed all thoughts from his head except those concerning his mother and how fantastic it was having her thighs clamped around his middle as he fucked her.

Candace was gasping, her body burning up with the passion that coursed through her veins. James’ prick, slicing with incredible speed in and out of her fiery cunt, felt better than anything she had ever known. Although she had always considered her ex-husband an excellent lover, she had never fucked a man other than him. Now, with the inexperienced young boy who pounded her hips with his urgency, Candace knew that she’d be able to teach James to fuck exactly the way a woman wanted to be fucked.

“Yesssssss! Take me, James! Take me any way you like,” Candace growled, giving herself totally to her son.

As his fat, club like prick jammed deep into her cunt, Candace raised her slender ass, meeting James’ charge. Her cunt drooled out slick, oily pussyjuice. The sloppy sounds of his hard prick being rammed into her tight, wet cunt filled the small tent.

“Ohhhh! Grrrrrrr!” James growled in his inexperience. He had never fucked a woman before, and having his cock deep in Candace cunt felt even better than in Debra Jo’s mouth, Candace’s firm, quivering tits were mashed against James’ chest. Her nipples were itching with desire, sending tingles through her lithe, excited body. Squirming beneath her son, raising her ass to meet his rampaging, impaling prick, Candace clung desperately to James.

“Take me,” she whimpered ecstatically as the inferno in her pussy burned brighter.

“I’m… going… to… cum,” James whispered, one word coming out with each insertion of his cock into the hot, milking recesses of his mother’s cunt.

“Goooo! Give me your cum, my precious darling,” Candace replied. Whatever inhibition she had initially felt in fucking her son was completely gone now. She wanted his cock in her cunt. She wanted to feel his hot cum spewing in her pussy. To Candace’s surprise, she even hungered for the taste of his prick again, and wondered what it would be like to gulp down his sticky jism.

“Ieeeeeaaahhhhhh!” James howled, tossing his head up as he sank his pulsating prick full length into Candace’s hot pussy. As his hairy balls slapped against her ass cheeks, his ballsack pulled up tight to his body, then pumped out the first sticky jet of fuck-cream into Candace’s pussy.

Rearing back so that just his plump cockhead still spread Candace’s cuntlips, James once again reamed her pussy thickly, punctuating the thrust with another explosion of jism.

“Fuck meeeeeee!” the hot-blooded brunette screamed as she writhed in ecstasy on the floor of the tent. She arched her back, lifting James, as her pussyjuice gushed from her cunt. The feminine oil mixed with the manly fuck-cream James spewed in her pussy.

“Ug! Ug! Ug!” James gasped as the last weak dregs of his jism trickled from the huge, round head of his prick.

Candace was breathing heavily, her arms outstretched as she stared with glassy eyes at the far side of the tent. Her son’s weight was upon her, crushing her round tits, making her breathing difficult. But she didn’t care. It was wonderful to have him pressing down upon her, his cock shrinking in her cunt. She licked her dry lips and let her fingertips trail over his shoulders.

“You were wonderful, my precious darling,” Candace whispered reassuringly. “And it’ll keep getting better each time we fuck.”

James smiled weakly, rolled off his mother, and quickly fell asleep in her arms.


The following morning, Debra Jo awoke before the rest. She slipped out of Blaine’s arms, then put on one of his shirts. Inhaling, she could still smell the faint aroma of his body. Not wanting to destroy or mask that scent, she chose not to wear anything else as she got out of the tent.

After making a small campfire, Debra Jo put on a kettle of coffee, and she sat down on the blanket that bordered the fire. Folding her legs beneath her, she didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable dressed as she was. The shirttails covered her pussy and ass, but just barely. Whenever she moved, or raised her arms above her head, her cuntbush came into view.

As Debra Jo was refilling her cup with steaming coffee, James stepped out of his tent, looking tired and content. He had on a pair of ragged cut-offs and nothing else.

“Good morning,” Debra Jo said brightly. “Did you sleep well?”

James smiled at his new friend. “Yes, I did. I didn’t sleep much, but I did sleep well.”

“I heard you and Candace going at it. From the sounds of things, you’re a very quick study. How many times did you fuck her? How many times did Candace cum?”

James grabbed a coffee cup, and he filled it. He sat down next to Debra Jo on the blanket before answering. “I think I fucked her four times. No… five times. I have no idea how many times she came.” He chuckled at the memory. “After fucking her the first time, I fell asleep. She woke me up by giving me a blowjob. As soon as I had a hard-on, she climbed on and started fucking again. I’ve got to hand it to you, my mother was exactly the way you said she’d be.”

“Didn’t she suck you off?”

“Naw. Somehow we never quite got around to doing that.”

James tested his coffee. Looking down, he saw a slender patch of skin at Debra Jo’s hip just under the hem of the shirt. For the first time, he noticed that the shirt was all Debra Jo had on. His prick, trapped in the tight cut-offs, twitched and began to grow.

“Holy shit, you’re running around in just that shin?”

Debra Jo gave James her most becoming, devilish smile. “Have you got something against it?”

“No! Hell no! Of course not. It’s just that Candace might throw a fit if she sees you.”

“But you don’t mind. And from that growing bulge in your pants, you’re getting turned on.” Debra Jo set her cup dawn, then placed James’ cup next to it. With her hands on his chest, she pressed firmly until he was lying on the blanket. His head and shoulders were propped up by digging his elbows into the ground behind him. Unsnapping his cut-offs, Debra Jo dragged them down his legs, then off entirely. A soft, happy sigh came from deep in her chest as she looked at his half-hard cock.

“Are you going to suck me off again?” James asked, trying to sound calm.

“I thought I might,” Debra Jo replied with equal calm.

Stretching out on the blanket between James’ thighs, Debra Jo felt the cool morning dew from the grass dampening her toes. Her pale, round asscheeks were exposed as she blew lightly on James’ cock and tails.

The blonde shifted a little on the blanket until she was comfortable, lying on her stomach with her cunt rubbing against the coarse fabric of the blanket. Debra Jo placed her hands on James’ crotch, and she held his prick in the croak of her thumb.

“This is what I really want in the morning, not coffee. Nothing like a mouthful of cock, followed by a big load of cum to start the morning off right.”

“What if my mother comes out?”

“Then she can join in, if she likes. I don’t care what she does, just so long as she doesn’t take your cock away from me. Hell, I’m not selfish. I’ll share… but I refuse to go without a good, big, hard cock right now.”

As James looked down his body at Debra Jo’s face bobbing slowly on his growing prick, he was astonished once again at her extraordinary beauty. With her big prominent cheekbones, sapphire-blue eyes and golden hair, she was more perfect than any woman had a right to be.

“Mmmmmmm?” Debra Jo moaned softly, taking his thick pole of cockmeat deep into her mouth. Though his cock wasn’t the awesome length of her son’s, James’ prick was thicker, and his cockhead was a mouthful in itself.

Pulling up so that the ridge of James’ pricktip slipped out from between her lips, Debra Jo tongued his tiny piss slit. Debra Jo hungered for the cum that would spew, filling her mouth with gamy fuck-cream. She rotated her face around James’ cockhead, then dropped down on it once more, letting his prick stuff her mouth.

“Ohhhhhh! You really know how to suck cock,” James whispered, watching Debra Jo’s sunken cheeks conforming to the thickness of his throbbing fuckstick.

When his cockhead was at the opening of throat, Debra Jo tried to take more of his prick meat into her mouth. But the hardness of James’ cock, combined with its incredible thickness, made it impossible for her to deep throat him. Even though she could wantonly take Blaine’s enormous fuckpole down her throat, she couldn’t fit James’ cock past her tonsils. Deciding to remain content with just his cockhead and several inches of the broad stem, Debra Jo began pistoning her face faster over his prick.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred, dragging her slick tongue along the underside of James’ prick. She could feel his cock pulsating between her lips, quivering with passion as she sucked and nibbled on its surface. The taste of James’ prick delighted Debra Jo, and she held it hungrily in her mouth, both wanting to drink down the boy’s jism immediately and wanting to prolong the blowjob for as long as possible.

With her honey-colored hair flowing down her back and spreading out on the blanket, Debra Jo used every bit of experience and expertise she had gained in her years of sucking cocks. Her tongue danced and frisked, testing, probing, rubbing James’ fuckpole until his cock was a fiery thing that had a life of its own.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned again, her pink lips fuckered outward as she withdrew much of his club like prick from her mouth.

“Ohhhhhh! Eat my meat,” James whispered, his teeth gritted as he struggled to hold the cum in his balls. “Lick my balls, Debra Jo. I’m getting too hot, and I don’t want to cum yet.”

“Of course, honey,” Debra Jo replied, rubbing her chin against the spitty head of his prick. “I’ll do anything you ask me to do. Anything at all. I’m here to please you, and nothing more.”

Taking her hands away from the base of James’ fuckpole, Debra Jo gently raised his balls. She licked her lips, rolling her tongue around her mouth in an obscene gesture of enjoyment.

“Go ahead, lick my balls! Ohhhhh! Eat those balls!”

Debra Jo was smiling as she licked James’ hairy ball-sac. She dragged her tongue over his sac, pushing his balls around with the tip of her pink tongue. Opening her mouth wide, the horny blonde carefully pulled in one ball between her lips. Careful not to let her sharp teeth graze against the sensitive surface of James’ balls, Debra Jo drew a firm, but tender suction. Her cheeks once again sank inward, more now than when she had his hefty fuckpole stuffing her mouth.

“Awwwww! Damn, that feels weird when you suck my balls!”

Debra Jo snickered, the sound muffled from his ball stretching her lips. She squirmed on the blanket, pressing her big tits harder against the earth, enjoying the tingles that came from her lust-hardened nipples. Her cunt was glistening in the morning sunlight.

When she had tongued and sucked both balls until James was thrashing in ecstasy on the blanket, Debra Jo began nibbling on the side of his cock. She started at the root of his prick, working her way slowly back up to the mushroomed cockhead. Baring her teeth, Debra Jo playfully bit James’ cock.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” he asked, a sly grin playing over his lips.

“That’s exactly what I was going to ask!” Candace said, standing at the door of her tent. She stood with her hands on her hips, her expression a mixture of anger, jealousy and pain.

Debra Jo looked at Candace without the slightest trace of embarrassment. She smiled becomingly, the tip of her tongue peeking out between her lips.

“Don’t be selfish, Candace,” Debra Jo said quietly. “Your son’s got a beautiful cock, and I want to suck it. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”

“There certainly is something wrong with that! He’s my son! Mine, do you hear me? He’s the best thing to happen in my life since I can’t remember when!”

“Look, I’m not trying to take him away from you, just borrowing him for a little while.” Debra Jo planted a smacking kiss on the rubbery head of James’ fuckpole. “Don’t worry, he’ll be hot and horny for you just as soon as I’m finished.”

Candace didn’t turn her eyes away. She watched Debra Jo’s moist, glistening, pink lips part and surround the head of her son’s prick. The blonde’s lips tightened just behind his cockhead, wrapping around the solid, veined shaft. From the way Debra Jo’s eyes glazed over and her cheeks hollowed, Candace could tell that her friend was really enjoying the cock in her mouth.

It seemed so strange to Candace to watch her son’s cock sinking deep into Debra Jo’s mouth. Candace had fucked her son countless times the night before, and now he was stretched out on the blanket, his gaze going from her to the gorgeous blonde who hungrily mouthed his prick.

“Don’t be a spoilsport,” James said quietly, letting his head roll back on his shoulders. “Join the action.”

Candace hesitated at first, then moved to the blanket. She looked at the golden halfmoons of Debra Jo’s ass, partially obscured with strands of blonde hair. Instantly, she recalled the night Debra Jo had tongued her cunt. Candace thought about how much she had enjoyed that night, and how she had never really done anything in return for Debra Jo.

“It’s time to return the favor… in spades,” Candace whispered, as much to herself as anyone else.

Kneeling slowly beside Debra Jo as the blonde continued to raise and lower her face on James’ prick, Candace kissed her friend lightly on top of the head. Then, doubling her knees beneath herself, she pushed Debra Jo’s shirt up and brushed aside the golden tresses to expose two firm, perfectly rounded asscheeks. “I’m going to lick your ass,” she whispered, her fingers kneading Debra Jo’s asscheeks. “I’m going to drive you right out of your tree!”

Prying apart her asscheeks, Candace exposed the tight, pink shitter that was her target. A soft purr came from her throat, like a young female cat in heat, needing to find a tomcat to get what she needed. She kissed Debra Jo’s cheek, letting her tongue trail over the firm flesh.

Debra Jo pushed her face down, gulping James’ fuckpole into her, mouth until his pricktip was shoving hard against the opening of her throat. She could feel every subtle move of Candace’s lips on her asscheeks as they moved around her ass without actually tonguing her shitter. As her excitement rose, she brought her tingling lips up and clown faster on James’ cock, sucking harder, using her tongue to lash and caress his fuckpole.

“Mmmmmm!” Debra Jo sighed wantonly, tasting a thick, sticky drop of precum ooze from his cockhead.

Candace’s fingers were spreading the blonde’s asscheeks farther apart to give her free access to her tight shitter. Squirming on the blanket, pressing her cunt harder against the ground Debra Jo gave James’ balls a loving squeeze as she chewed on his throbbing prick shaft with her lips.

When Candace had both of Debra Jo’s asscheeks gleaming with her spit, she let the tip of her tongue trail to the blonde’s shitter. She waited, enjoying her friend’s painful, eager ecstasy. Candace teased the blonde for a moment longer, then shoved her stiffened tongue at her asshole.

“Uh!” Debra Jo gasped as she felt Candace’s tongue shove forcefully into her asshole. She writhed on the blanket, shaking her shoulders to mash her large, tingling tits harder against the blanket. Her legs spread wide, now surrounding Candace as she knelt behind her, out of view.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” Candace moaned, tonguing happily at her friend’s asshole. To feel Debra Jo squirm in ecstasy was all that the hot-blooded brunette wanted. Knowing that she could please a woman as well as a man made Candace feel that she wasn’t any of the hideous things which her ex-husband had said she was.

As she licked the blonde’s tight asshole, Candace began sliding her middle finger in and out of Debra Jo’s cunt. She finger-fucked her friend slowly, letting the fire burn hotter and hotter, bringing her slowly to the edge of ecstasy without pushing her over that edge.

“Ohhhhhhh! Suck it! Suck my cock!” James hissed as he watched Debra Jo’s face bobbing on his fiery fuckstick. He shifted his gaze over her shoulder to watch his mother lustfully tonguing Debra Jo’s ass. That was an even stranger sight for the teenager.

Her whole body electrified and quivering, Debra Jo bobbed down on James’ prick. His rubbery cockhead slammed against the back of her mouth, the shaft bending slightly as his pricktip stuffed her throat.

Candace withdrew her frisking, stabbing tongue from Debra Jo’s asshole and looked at James. His face was twisted into a mask of uninhibited, sheer ectasy. She had seen the same expression on his face the night before moments before he flooded her cunt with his jism.

“Stop it, Debra Jo!” Candace shrieked, sliding up on the blanket to be closer to James’ prick. “I haven’t sucked him off yet! Let me! Let me!”

Debra Jo was too excited to listen to her friend or be willing to share the rock-solid fuckpole that stretched and ovaled her hot lips as James’ cockhead reamed her clutching throat. She had worked hard for the boy’s cum, and she was determined not to be denied her just reward. But then, as she felt his prick flex and jerk between her lips, James uncorked his cock from her mouth and leaned over her. “No! It’s mine!” the blonde shouted. She tried to get his spiny prick back into her mouth, but James was leaning over her shoulder. Since Debra Jo was still lying on her stomach, she couldn’t bend backward far enough to recapture his throbbing, reddish cockhead.

Candace opened her mouth wide as she lunged for the steelish, blunt prick that lanced toward her. She was half resting on Debra Jo’s body, her pert, round tits pressing against the blonde’s shoulder. As his thick cock jabbed at Candace’s gaping mouth, she saw his cockhead expand. When it was inches from her mouth, a long, yellowish stream of cum erupted from his pricktip. Jism sailed through the air, splashing into Candace’s mouth, with some sticky jism splattering against her cheek.

“Ummmmmm!” she moaned hungrily, tasting cum for the first time. Candace pushed her face forward as his prick reamed her lips, his cockhead striking the back of her mouth. A second powerful jet of fuck-cream shot from his cockhead, shooting against the back of her mouth, running straight down her throat.

“Suck!” James gasped as his balls continued to release their load of jism.

Candace gagged slightly when the sticky, syrupy cum spewed down her throat. She pulled back as globs of white jism rolled from the corners of her mouth. As she held just his cockhead between her lips, her son gushed another mighty stream of fuck-cream into her mouth. This time, Candace was prepared for it, and she swirled the salty, creamy jism around with her tongue before greedily swallowing it with a heady gulp.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Candace crooned lustfully as she continued to milk her son’s prick and squirmed on Debra Jo’s prone body. His cock lanced to and fro between her lips, fucking her face.

Candace’s head snapped back each time James’ cockhead smashed against the back of her mouth. Unlike Debra Jo, the brunette couldn’t take a cock down her, throat without choking. But she chewed and sucked on her son’s fuckpole until every last drop of his jism was warming her stomach. Finally satisfied that she had drunk everything that he had to offer her, Candace rolled off Debra Jo.

“Well, I’ve finally sucked off someone by choice, not necessity,” she said softly.

Debra Jo snuggled up next to Candace, placing her hand over the blonde’s tit. She saw jism sticking to Candace’s cheek and chin, and she went about slowly licking the gooey mess off.

“Mmmmmmm! Your son has delicious cum,” Debra Jo said. “Too bad I didn’t get to taste more of it.”

“There’ll be another time,” Candace replied, pushing her fingers through Debra Jo’s long, golden hair. “But for now, why don’t you start licking my pussy, and I’ll lick yours. That should give James a chance to rest a little before we really start making demands on his body.”

Debra Jo chuckled happily as she started taking Candace’s panties off.


“Well I don’t know about all of you,” Debra Jo said, pushing her plate away. “But I’m going to be damn glad tote sleeping in a big bed rather than on the floor of that tent.”

“A true camper, you’re not,” Blaine said, placing his hand on her thigh beneath the table.

The restaurant and bar in the hotel were dimly lit, with waiters keeping respectful distances from the customers. Debra Jo, Blaine, Candace and James sat in a corner booth, in the darkest part of the bar.

“There’s nothing wrong with camping,” Debra Jo continued, “but I just don’t like doing it for very long. I like taking long, hot baths, and things like that. You just can’t do that when you’re camping.”

Candace started saying something, but Debra Jo wasn’t listening. Blaine’s fingers were kneading the muscular flesh of her thigh, igniting a glowing ember of passion in her cunt. She squirmed a little on the bench seat, and she spread her legs slightly to give Blaine’s hand more room.

Closing her eyes, Debra Jo shut off Candace’s voice, thinking of nothing but her son’s hand. Attired in a clingy knit dress that showed off her sweeping curves, with a V-neck deep enough which exposed the fullness of her tits, and leather boots that came to just below her knee, the horny blonde was finally feeling comfortable.

“What are you two doing?” Candace asked, noticing the look of aroused happiness on her friend’s face. “Blaine, are you feeling her up?”

“Why not?” he replied. Beneath the table, Blaine caught the hem of his mother’s dress, and he raised it, placing his hand on her naked knee. “I’m horny… and she’s always horny. So what if we’re in public?”

“What if somebody sees you?” Candace, thought she had finally gotten used to the notion of fucking her own son, wasn’t as liberal as her blonde friend. Candace’s cheeks turned pink with embarrassment. “What the hell is wrong with you, Debra Jo Larson? Are you trying to get us all arrested? Can’t you wait until you get back into your room?”

“Candace, don’t be such, a spoilsport,” Debra Jo whispered, her blue eyes fluttering open and closed. “My son really knows how to get me warmed up. Warmed up? Hell, he makes me hot as can be!”

Blaine chuckled softly, his ego stroked. He brought his hand higher on her thigh, bunching her dress at the tops of her legs. His fingertips were nearly at her panties as he fondled and caressed her warm, silky skin.

A soft, weak, trembling sigh came from Debra Jo as her son’s fingers began rubbing her fiery clit through the sheer, lacy panties that hugged her ass and covered her pussy. She wished she hadn’t put them on, but it was too late to worry about things like that. What she needed, right then and there, was a cock to stretch her lips and stuff her mouth.

“The only after dinner drink I need is your cum,” Debra Jo whispered, opening her eyes finally. She smiled at Candace, hoping her friend wouldn’t be too angry with her. The expression on James’ face told Debra Jo that he wished his mother would let him have the same liberties as Blaine.

“Well, don’t let me stop you, if that’s the case,” Blaine said. He took his hand off her thigh and unzipped his pants. After pulling his rubbery, huge prick through the fly, he placed her hand on his flaccid prick. “Put those lips around my cock, lady, and you’ll have more cum than you can drink.”

Licking her lips in a lewd fashion, Debra Jo began stroking her son’s prick. Instantly, his hot, flexible fuckpole started growing, stretching, becoming hard and rigid in her hand. Debra Jo purred softly and licked her lips.

“I’m sorry, Candace. I’m sure you’re disappointed with me, but I’ve just got to suck his cock!” Debra Jo said, struggling to keep her voice low. “Please don’t be too angry with me.”

Her hand was beating faster on Blaine’s cock. His prick seemed to send electrical shocks through her palm, straight to her nipples and clit. Debra Jo’s mouth watered as though she were anticipating some delicious meal.

Debra Jo checked the bar quickly, making sure that nobody was watching her. She leaned over to kiss Blaine lightly on the lips, letting her tongue fuck out to moisten his mouth. Scanning the bar once more, Debra Jo was happy that the place was almost entirely deserted.

She slipped soundlessly under the table, hoping the white table cloth kept her completely hidden from view. Folding her legs beneath her, Debra Jo felt the heels of her boots pressing against her asscheeks. She crooned softly, getting in position between Blaine’s thighs. His cock, a mouthful of meat and more, looked as delicious as anything the blonde had ever seen.

“Damn, I’m a crazy cocksucker,” Debra Jo whispered, amazed at herself for actually wanting to give a blowjob in public.

Placing her elbows on Blaine’s thighs, Debra Jo leaned forward, and she planted a warm, moist kiss on the spongy knob of her son’s prick. His cock jerked slightly in her fist, and Debra Jo smiled lustfully.

Opening her mouth wide, Debra Jo stuck her wet, pink tongue out, letting it graze against the clefted underside of Blaine’s pricktip. Blaine’s fuckpole tasted bland, meaty, sending tingles through Debra Jo’s curvaceous body. Her long, lust-hardened nipples poked proudly through her dress, making sharp points in the sheer material.

Slowly, expertly, Debra Jo nibbled on Blaine’s prick, chewing and tonguing his jaw-stretching fuckpole until it danced at his crotch. When she had licked down to his zipper, Debra Jo pressed her face hard against Blaine’s crotch, feeling his spitty cock shaft against her cheek as she jabbed her tongue through the opening to fuck the tip of her tongue against his hairy ball-sac. She wished his pants were off so that she could suck on his balls like she wanted to.

After nibbling her way slowly back up to the massive, flared head of his prick, Debra Jo began tonguing his pisshole. She stroked his giant cock shaft with both hands, moving them up and down arid twisting in opposite directions. Then, with her tits jiggling in her dress from her ragged breathing, Debra Jo opened her mouth wide, and she pushed her face down. Her pink lips crawled over his smooth cockhead, rolling over the ridge that separated the knob from the shaft. Once Debra Jo had his entire cockhead in her mouth, she tightened her lips around his prickshaft and put her tongue in motion.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she mewled, holding the pricktip in her mouth while her lips and tongue worked their magic on Blaine’s feverish flesh.

With her golden hair spilling down her back, trailing over her boots and onto the floor, Debra Jo began bobbing her face slowly. She took his cockhead in and out of her mouth, her lips never losing contact with Blaine’s prick meat as she chewed and kneaded it hungrily. Her pink tongue lashed at the bulbous, fleshy knob, thirsty for the moment when cum would gush in powerful, salty streams from his pisshole.

Above the table, Blaine was smiling that boyish, spoiled, lusty smile of his that so infuriated Candace. The hot, slurping sounds of Debra Jo’s wanton blowjob were just loud enough for Candace, James and Blaine to hear. The sound was enough to give James a hard-on, which bulged angrily in his pants.

“Don’t just sit there like a dummy,” Blaine said, his words dripping with sarcasm. “Get under the table and give James a blowjob. I’m sure he needs one, too. And let me tell you something, Candace, sucking his cock wouldn’t hurt you, either. Hell, it would do you a world of good.”

“Why don’t you mind your own business?” Candace snapped. She had seen Blaine’s prick, and though she didn’t particularly like the boy, she admitted quietly to herself that he had the most incredible prick, any woman could dream of. Although Debra Jo had fucked and sucked James several times in the past few days, Candace had always kept her distance from Blaine, wanting nothing to do with him even if he did have an amazingly large, powerful prick.

“Suit yourself, Candace. No skin off my ass if you don’t know how to have fun.” Blaine leaned back in the booth, folding his hands on the table as he concentrated on the thrilling sensations his mother’s mouth was providing for his prick.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred again, his cockhead pressing hard against the back of her mouth. She had to bend his thick fuckpole down so that she could suck on it, but Blaine didn’t seem to mind.

Releasing his prick from her mouth, Debra Jo looked around as she remained kneeling under the table. It was strange to see nothing but the crotches of three people. Since Candace was also wearing a dress, Debra Jo could see her friend’s pink panties. When an idea came to Debra Jo, she giggled impishly and hoped that none of the waiters would come to the table for a while.

“Everybody up there,” she hissed quietly, “try to be cool, will you? I’ll take care of all of you, so quit arguing.”

“What are you talking about?” she heard Candace ask.

“Quiet! Just spread your legs and relax. You’ll figure it out in no time.”

It took some doing, but Debra Jo finally had Candace sitting between Blaine and James in the U-shaped padded booth Candace’s dress was pushed up to her waist, and her panties were wrapped around one ankle. Blaine and James each had a rock-solid prick jutting through the flies of their pants.

With a cock in each hand, Debra Jo looked at her work. She had two pricks and a cunt to satisfy her rampaging oral, needs. And, to make the situation even more erotic for the horny blonde, she could hear the sounds of waiters nearby. The possibility of getting caught giving head to two guys and a girl made Debra Jo’s senses tingle. Every nerve in her body was crackling with excitement as she brought her face over Blaine’s prick, then sucked in his fiery fuckstick.

Relaxing the muscles in her throat, Debra Jo inhaled deeply and wedged her face between Blaine’s thighs. His cockhead, apple-sized and bullet-shaped, pressed against the back of her mouth, then shoved down her throat. His big, round cockhead shoved farther and farther into Debra Jo’s stretching throat until her lips were wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft.

“Ohhhhhhh! She’s deep-throating me right now,” Debra Jo heard her son say.

She bobbed her face several inches back and forth, letting her lips massage the root of Blaine’s cock shaft while his pricktip bulged in her throat.

When the need for oxygen presented itself, Debra Jo sadly pulled her gorgeous face away from Blaine’s prick. She bared her teeth and chewed lightly on his shaft, then let his pulsating column of cock meat slip from her mouth.

Moving over a little beneath the table, Debra Jo positioned herself between Candace’s slender thighs. She had Blaine’s prick in one hand and James’ cock in the other as she stroked the two hard pricks, she kissed Candace’s knee. Her tongue left a shiny trail of spittle on the inside on Candace’s thigh as Debra Jo worked her way slowly toward the furry cunt that was her goal.

“This is insane,” she heard Candace say. But in Candace’s voice, Debra Jo could hear lust-filled tension and excitement.

Debra Jo’s tits pressed against the edge of the bench seat as she brought her lips to the brunette’s puffy, dewy cuntlips. Stabbing her tongue out, the blonde tasted her friend’s sweet pussyjuice and shivered happily. Her own cunt was hot, the panties clinging wetly to her pussy.

“Mmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred, lapping at Candace’s hard, erect clit. She sliced her tongue through her friend’s pussylips, spreading them wider as she fucked Candace’s cunt with her tongue. Debra Jo’s cheeks soon became wet with the slick oil that seeped from Candace’s pussy.

Above the table, Candace found it difficult to pretend that nothing was happening. Nobody licked her pussy better than Debra Jo, and Candace couldn’t keep a straight face whenever her slick clit was being worked over by her friend’s hot, slithering tongue. A soft, impassioned sight came from deep within her chest when Debra Jo sucked her clit harder.

“I love your pussy,” Debra Jo whispered, not taking her mouth away from the moist, hairy petals of Candace’s cunt. As she sucked on the brunette’s throbbing clit, Debra Jo continued to stroke the two pricks that filled her hands.

Debra Jo’s hair tickled the insides of Candace’s thighs as she stabbed her tongue as far as it would go into her cunt. The hot-blooded blonde lapped at her friend’s pussy, sucking and nibbling and tonguing feverishly at it to work Candace into an oblivion of ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo crooned, licking faster as more oily pussy juice seeped from Candace’s cunt. She could tell that it wouldn’t be long before she would be drinking down the feminine girl-cum her friend had to offer.

Sensing her victory near at hand, Debra Jo released the two cocks, and she concentrated all her energy on Candace’s cunt. She shoved two fingers deep into her seething, steamy pussy while licking and sucking on her vibrating, pulsating clit. After stabbing Candace’s cunt with her two stiffened fingers, Debra Jo felt Candace’s thighs flex into knotted cords of muscle.

“Mmmmmm! Give me your cum,” Debra Jo urged quietly, thirsty for the taste of her friend’s slick juices. She sucked the brunette’s tiny clit into her mouth and chewed on it.

Candace caught her bottom lip between her teeth, biting softly to silence the scream of ecstasy that seemed trapped in her throat. Debra Jo’s lips were driving her crazy, exciting and enticing her clit to release the hot, slippery pussyjuice that churned in her body.

A moment later, as Debra Jo reamed her tight, juicy cunt with her tongue, cream started gushing out. The horny blonde tongued feverishly as Candace’s thighs slapped the sides of her face. Heady waves of pussyjuice spewed out, only to be feverishly lapped up by Debra Jo as she tongued and swallowed the girl-cum.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo purred, continuing to finger-fuck Candace while sucking on her clit. She felt strands of hair sticking to her cheeks, which were wet with pussyjuice. The pungent flavor of Candace’s girl-cum delighted her as she licked and swallowed greedily.

Candace’s hands were balled into tiny, tight fists. Her shoulders jerked up and down as her spasming cunt was licked and sucked. Even through her bra and dress, her hard, erect nipples were clearly visible.

The moment seemed to hang in space, with Candace suspended in the middle of ecstasy. When she finally drifted down to the real world, when reality began to slip back into her senses, she felt thoroughly satisfied and a little embarrassed at what she had done in public.

When Candace’s gaze finally cleared, her heart sank in her chest. A waiter was coming toward her, with a look of absolute anger creasing the lines of his face. Beneath the table, nobody but the waiter had noticed that Debra Jo’s booted foot had slipped out and was not covered by the tablecloth.

“Debra Jo, you’d better get up here quick,” Candace whispered urgently, smoothing her dress over her thighs once more while she wondered what the hell she would do about her panties, which were still wrapped around one ankle.

Blaine braced himself. If push got to shove, he was ready to punch the waiter and try to make an escape.


They were all laughing… with the exclusion of Candace… by the time they got back to the hotel room. The waiter had been furious, but a quick handjob by Debra Jo had milked away his anger.

“His attitude sure changed in a hurry!” Debra Jo said as she flopped down on one of the king-size beds in the room. “As soon as I started whacking on his cock, he didn’t have a fucking thing to say!”

“I don’t think it’s that funny,” Candace said, not quite as loud as Debra Jo. “We really could have gotten in trouble.”

Blaine stepped behind Candace, placing his hands on her shoulders. “Why should you complain? You’re the only one who came.”

“It’s just that we could have gotten into big trouble. Hell, they actually caught us!”

Debra Jo propped herself up with an elbow as she wriggled to the middle of the bed. “Yes, that’s true. But what you’ve got to remember is that the threat of getting caught was at least half the fun. Hell, I was really going wild licking your pussy under that table. It was the atmosphere of danger that made it so much better than normal.”

Candace was at the window, looking out at the traffic creeping by several stories below. She did not notice when Blaine’s hands moved from her shoulders, down her back, and slid around to her stomach, just beneath her firm, high tits. Her mind was still trying to sort out the different emotions — fear, confusion, excitement — caused by what had just happened.

“Just relax and you’ll find that everything is okay,” Blaine said softly into Candace’s ear. He could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume. His half-hard prick made a thick, long bulge in the front of his pants. “Come on, get with the program! Everybody’s here to have fun.”

“Yeah, and I know exactly what kind of fun you have in mind for me and that monster cock of yours.”

When Blaine’s hands moved slowly up her body, cupping both tits, Candace tried to push away from him. The move caused her ripe ass to press against Blaine’s straining prick, sending electrical shocks all through her body. She still hadn’t taken his massive fuckpole in her mouth or pussy.

“Blaine, stop it!” Candace scolded. “I’m not in the mood for any of your silly little games.”

“The games aren’t silly, and you know damn well I’m not little.” Blaine gave Candace’s tits a firm squeeze, noticing that her nipples were hard. “You want me, and you know it.”

Candace closed her eyes and let the tingles of excitement flow through her body. Blaine’s hands were working magic on her tits, rubbing and caressing her fiery little nipples. She leaned back slightly, swishing her hips to rub her asscheeks against his trapped prick. Rolling her head back, she touched his chest and noticed that his breathing was quick and shallow.

“Why is this happening to me?” Candace asked herself aloud. “Why can’t I control my body’s needs?”

“Go with it! Don’t fight the feelings!” Blaine urged, pressing his fingers deeper into her tits. After his mother had sucked his cock and gotten it hard, he hadn’t shot his load off. Now he ached to release his pent-up load of fuck-cream.

When Candace turned slightly and looked to the bed, she found Debra Jo stretched out with her legs up on James’ shoulders. She had his glistening prick in her hand and was guiding it to her wet pussy. Candace watched as her son’s thick, throbbing prick spread the lips of Debra Jo’s cunt, then sank deep into her body.

“Yes… I’ll do anything you want,” Candace heard herself say softly. “I’ll be everything you want and more.”

Blaine chuckled and unbuckled his belt. Those were exactly the words he wanted to hear from Candace. He had waited a long time to shove his big prick into her, and now he was finally going to do it.

“Get down on your knees,” he hissed urgently. He pushed his pants down to his knees, and his long tube of cockmeat flopped out from his body, drooping slightly downward.

Candace looked at Blaine’s prick. It was the biggest prick she could ever imagine, long, thick, with a mushroomed cockhead that was sure to fill her mouth entirely. Her hands trembling, she touched his prickshaft with her fingertips.

“I can’t… take you down my throat like Debra Jo can,” she whispered. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t do that.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’ll know what, to do. I’ve watched you sucking James’ prick. He sure seems to enjoy it, so there’s no reason to believe I won’t.”

Candace unzipped her dress, and she let it fall around her ankles. She stepped out of the garment, then reached behind her back to unhook her bra. It slithered down her arms and fell to the floor. Candace’s pert, perfectly shaped tits jiggled slightly once they were freed. Her pink areolas and lust-hardened nipples were tiny buds of pleasure that sent tingles straight to her erect clit.

“I’m going to suck your cock,” she said, mustering up confidence. “And I’m going to suck it good. Better than any blowjob you’ve ever had.”

“That’s the attitude!” Blaine said happily. He grabbed his cock and raised the pricktip, pointing it toward Candace’s mouth.

Dropping slowly to her knees, Candace pushed Blaine’s hand away from his prick. She was amazed that she could hold it with both hands. Leaning forward, her high-riding tits wiggling slightly, she kissed his cockhead.

“Mmmmmmm!” she purred, flicking her tongue out to graze it over the pisshole. “You’re delicious, Blaine, absolutely delicious.”

Opening her mouth wide, Candace sucked his spongy prickhead into her mouth. Her lips wrapped tightly around his broad, oval cockshaft. She had to open her jaws as far as possible to keep from scraping his sensitive fuckpole with her teeth.

Blaine put his hands on both sides of Candace’s face. He started pumping his hips slowly, fucking his cockhead back and forth between Candace’s moist, stretching, chewing lips.

“Ohhhhh!” he sighed, holding Candace’s face motionless while he filled her mouth with his prick. “This feels so damn good to fuck your face.”

Whatever reservation Candace had originally about getting it on with Blaine was gone now. His arrogant attitude and sneering mannerisms didn’t bother her because she had his mighty, massive, rock-solid prick in her mouth. Candace put her hands on her thighs, and she nibbled and tongued his pricktip as it slid deep into her mouth. Her concave cheeks conformed to the ridge of Blaine’s cockhead as his bulbous knob pressed against the back of her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm! Ummmmmm!” Candace crooned, sucking hard on his driving; throbbing fuckpole. She slipped her fingers under the elastic band of her panties and raised her ass just enough to slide the clingy garment down her legs. Rocking on her knees, she soon had her panties down to her ankles without ever having had to release Blaine’s fuckpole from the hot, wet recesses of her mouth.

“Finger-fuck yourself,” Blaine instructed, pumping his hips faster, powering his cockhead back and forth in Candace’s mouth. Every time the ridge of his cockhead slipped between her lips, exciting tingles zipped through his prick. His balls felt like they were on fire, and cum was simmering hotly in them. Blaine knew it wouldn’t be long before he gave the brunette a mouthful of his salty jism.

Spreading her cuntlips with her fingers, Candace shoved the middle finger of her other hand deep into her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Candace sighed again, hungrily accepting the invading prick that stuffed her face. She finger-fucked herself deeply, using her thumb to rub her clit while her finger stabbed far into the velvety recesses of her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh! Candace, you’re going to get it,” Blaine whispered, his body hunched forward. He released Candace’s face, then grabbed her shoulders to support himself. Blaine’s knees were trembling, and he wasn’t altogether sure he would be able to remain standing when his balls finally did explode.

As Candace jerked her finger into her cunt and thumbed her clit, she was aware of how quickly the excitement was rising in her body. Having her hot lips wrapped around a prick the size of Blaine’s was something more special than she had originally thought. Tonguing on the clefted underside of his fuckpole, she drew an even harder suction on his cock.

Candace was breathing heavily as she wantonly chewed on Blaine’s throbbing prick. As her slithering, pink tongue worked around his spongy cockhead, frisking here and there to excite him even more, she felt his pricktip suddenly expand massively in her mouth. Shoving three fingers into her cunt, Candace lunged at Blaine, and his cockhead was forced partically down her throat. She choked and pulled back, riding the bucking teenager with her mouth as his prick slammed against the back of her mouth once more.

“Ieeeeaahaaahh!” Blaine howled, hunched over as his balls tensed between his tensed legs.

Molten, flowing jism splattered against the back and roof of Candace’s mouth. She swallowed instantly, her mouth having little room to hold cum because it was already filled with Blaine’s prick. When his pricktip was almost completely out of her mouth, a second blast of slick, salty jism gushed from the slitted tip. Creamy jism split against her tongue, filling her mouth and senses with its salty essence.

“Mmmmmm! Ummmmmmm! Mmmmmmfffff!” she slurped lewdly, sucking and swallowing the boy’s cum as quickly as it shot from his big prick.

Candace was just swallowing the last of Blaine’s fuck-cream when her pussyjuice began flowing. The oily blasts of girl-cum trickled between her fingers, down her thighs. Even though her bone-jarring climax, Candace continued to suck hungrily on Blaine’s cockhead, working one final drop of his tangy cum from the pisshole.

On the bed, Debra Jo arched her back, raising James completely off the bed as her pussyjuice flowed from her cunt. He impaled her deeply with his fuckstick and began flooding Debra Jo’s pussy with his cum.

“Fuck meeeeeee!” the blonde screamed as she thrashed on the bed, squirming beneath James’ naked, pounding body.


Debra Jo was on her back, looking up at Candace’s tight, dark-haired pussy. Her cuntlips were still wet with a mixture of pussyjuice and spit. Candace, on her knees and elbows, was looking down at Debra Jo’s tight, wet cunt. They had just sixty-nined each other into a fierce orgasm, and each was breathing softly as they recovered.

“You two have got to be the most amazing women in the whole fucking world.” Blaine was sitting on the edge of the bed watching his mother gently, slowly licking Candace’s pussy.

“I’ve never seen any women who devour each other like you two.”

“So what do you say?” Debra Jo asked, planting a light kiss on Candace’s thigh. “Me you up for it again?”

“Me you talking to me?” Candace asked.

“Who else?”

“I’ll show you what I think of that idea,” Candace said, her voice tinkling with humor.

The horny brunette brought her mouth down to Debra Jo’s cunt again, and she sucked her soft clit between her lips. As soon as she had her friend’s nubbin of feminine flesh between her lips, she began flicking her tongue over it softly. Almost instantly, Candace could taste the pussyjuice that began seeping from Debra Jo’s hot, seething fuckhole.

Debra Jo’s blonde hair was spread out around her head, flowing like silky gold in all directions. She motioned for Blaine to move closer, and he did, sitting near her head behind Candace’s upraised, exposed ass.

“Give me your cock,” Debra Jo purred as the fire in her cunt began burning hotter under Candace’s expert tongue. “I want to suck your cock, then you can fuck her.”

Opening her mouth wide, Debra Jo took the rubbery head of her son’s prick deep into her mouth. Her chistled, sharply defined features were distorted by the thickness of his fuckpole.

But to Blaine, she only looked that much more attractive with his prick in her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Debra Jo moaned, using her tongue on the broad, almost flat upper surface of his cockhead. She tilted her head back more, opening her throat to allow her son to ream her throat with his growing rod of cockmeat.

“Suck me,” Blaine said calmly, plowing several inches of his prickshaft down his mother’s throat.

Candace was busy licking the blonde’s cunt when she felt Blaine’s massive pricktip pressing firmly against the opening of her own pussy. At first, the pressure wasn’t uncomfortable, but then she felt his cockhead stabbing into her cunt. Her cunt had never taken anything so long and blunt into it before, and she raised her face from Debra Jo’s cunt as a low, groaning noise came from her throat.

“Ugggggg! You’re so Goddamn big!” Candace said. It wasn’t a complaint. As she felt his apple-sized cockhead shoving deeper into her cunt, Candace shivered. Her clit was getting licked by Debra Jo and rubbed by his long shaft of fuckmeat that kept shoving inward.

“Tight,” Blaine said softly, lurching his hips to plow the last couple inches of his cockmeat into Candace’s cunt.

Candace was unaware of her own son kneeling beside her as he jacked on his throbbing, reddish prick. James, staring at Candace’s face, was fisting his cock hard and fast as cum bubbled in his balls.

Debra Jo licked Candace’s pulsating clit, then used the tip of her tongue to lash at the underside of Blaine’s thickly veined prick.

“Uh! Ub! Ub!” Blaine grunted and grabbed Candace’s asscheeks for support as he pistoned his hips, jabbing his huge column of cockmeat deep into her cunt. With his mother licking his cock and balls as he fucked Candace doggie-style, Blaine could feel the jism boiling in his balls. There was just too much excitement to hold his cum back very long.

“Fuck her, Blaine! Fuck her harder!” Debra Jo urged, her nose pressed against Candace’s cuntbush as she spoke. She could taste the combination of pussyjuice and cockmeat, and it was better than anything she had ever known. To see her son’s prick jerking to and fro between Candace’s clutching cuntlips was almost as exciting as actually licking the woman’s pussy or sucking on her son’s cock.

Candace brought her mouth back down to Debra Jo’s cunt, shoving her tongue into the woman’s humid, steamy fuckhole. She scooped out the rich, tasty girl-cum with her tongue, lapping feverishly at the blonde’s dewy cuntlips. As she ate her friend’s pussy, Candace wriggled her ass, increasing the friction on her clit from Blaine’s pounding, hard driving fuckpole.

“Ug! Ug! Fucking bitch!” Blaine hissed as the creamy jism bubbled in his balls. He reamed Candace’s pussy with long, harsh strokes of his fiery prick, slamming his cockshaft into Candace’s cunt until his balls slapped against Debra Jo’s face.

“Fuck… me!” Candace gasped between licks of Debra Jo’s cunt. The brunette’s nipples were pebble like, digging into her friend’s stomach. Candace stiffened her finger, then shoved it boldly into Debra Jo’s fuckered asshole, reaming her ass three-knuckles deep.

Blaine thrashed his hips, pistoning his pulsating, giant cock deep into the velvety, smooth fuckhole that was obscenely open to him. With a deep, rumbling groan he reamed Candace’s cunt one final time and gushed a mighty stream of jism into her pussy.

“Ieeeeaaahhh!” the teenager howled, his mouth gaping open as he reared back, then pummeled Candace with his fuckstick until she lurched forward from the impact of his body against her rounded asscheeks. His bullet shaped, flexing cockhead rammed deep into Candace’s pussy and spit out a second explosion of fuck-cream, warming the brunette’s cunt.

“Fuck her! Fuck her!” Debra Jo screamed, tonguing her son’s balls whenever they were near her face. She could see his balls swinging about and pulling up tight to Blaine’s body. The anticipation of tasting his cum-coated prick was more than she could stand. When Blaine pulled back so that only the tip of his cock was still splitting Candace’s pussylips, Debra Jo grabbed his fuckpole by the thick shaft and jerked from her friend’s cunt. She angled his prick down toward her mouth as Blaine, still thrashing in the throes of his climax, plowed his hips forward.

“Ummmmm!” Debra Jo crooned and gasped as his huge fuckpole shoved into her mouth, then forced its way down her throat. She had most of her son’s prick in her mouth, with the cockhead stretching her throat, when the last of Blaine’s cum trickled from his pisshole. Debra Jo stroked his slick cock, tonguing and chewing on the head and shaft to work the last of the jism from his meaty prick.

“Suck it,” Blaine instructed, his tone commanding as he let his mother nurse on the tip of his cock. Grabbing his awesome cockshaft, Blaine stroked the meat and worked more jism out, letting his mother swirl the creamy cum around in her mouth before swallowing it.

As he continued to kneel near his mother’s face, James jacked harder on his steelish fuckpole. His free-swinging balls slapped against the side of his fist as he worked over his cockmeat.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Candace sighed, still oblivious to James as she rested her head on Debra Jo’s quivering, warm thigh. She heard a growling sound and opened her eyes just in time to see her son lean over her head. Candace closed her eyes just as the first eruption of cum blasted from the angry-looking head of her son’s fuckpole. The yellowish explosions of cum seemed endless to Candace as she felt her son’s jism splash on her face, neck, tits and hair. She opened her mouth wide, successful in her attempt to catch at least some of her son’s salty jism on her tongue to savor its taste.

“Ohhhhhhh!” James groaned, the sound dying out as the last of his cum was shaken off the tip of his prick to land in Candace’s hair, white against the dark tresses.

Debra Jo snuggled closer against Candace’s body, enjoying the feeling of her tits mashing against her friend’s. Their sons were now both sleeping soundly in the nearby bed.

“Candace, I want to tell you that I haven’t had so much enjoyment and satisfaction in my entire life,” Debra Jo whispered, touching her friend’s cheek lightly with her fingertips. “I really mean that. You and James have been fantastic for me.”

I’ve changed so much since meeting you, Candace replied, looking first at her friend, then over at James’ prone figure as he slept. “Who would have thought that I’d ever fall in love with my own son’s prick?”

“Does it have to end?” Debra Jo asked fearfully.

“Of course not. In fact, with a little luck, I’ll be able to start it all over again.” Candace winked at Debra Jo and slipped out of her arms. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, Candace grabbed James’ limp prick as he slept, and she raised his rubbery cockhead. She licked her lips, then wrapped them tenderly around his cockshaft. Instantly, even in sleep, James started responding to his mother’s oral demands. His cock grew slowly and steadily until it was ovaling her mouth, stretching her pink lips.

“I can get the picture,” Debra Jo giggled, kneeling beside Candace. She grabbed Blaine’s cock and kissed it loudly. “Tell me, are we ever going to stop this orgy?”

Candace pulled her mouth off James’ throbbing prick just long enough to say: “Of course not!” Then she resumed hungrily sucking his fuckpole.

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