Mom Needs It, Too!

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all comers, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, joins the neighborhood mate-traders.

Karen Murphy is one of those outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a depth of passion she never dreamed existed lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

MOM NEEDS IT TOO! — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


Karen Murphy leaned back, cupping the fullness of her tits. The nipples were big and swollen, aching almost the way they’d hurt years ago, when she was nursing Leanne and her tits would fill with milk to an almost unbearable degree. Karen’s eyes closed as she squeezed down on her stiff, reddish-brown nips, and she felt the most delicious sensations ripple through the flesh of her tits.

Sweet Jesus, she was so fucking horny! She brought her thighs together and rubbed them against the itchy, tingling flesh of her pussy, purring softly as the feeling down there got very very nice. The interior of her body seemed to grow moist and she squeezed more firmly at her pointed nipples, accentuating the sensations.

She stretched out her legs, keeping the thighs tight against her cunt, and she moved her body back and forth over the edge of the chair. It felt good to be naked, and it felt even better to make her body respond. Christ! Someone had to do it!

Whoever said life was a ball, anyway? Karen had had a good man, but he was dead. She could still remember the exact sensation of his hard cock thrusting into her hot wet pussy in the moment of fucking, and her ovaries throbbed at the memory. After ten years she hadn’t forgotten a Goddamned thing about Pat’s sex technique, and she knew she’d still remember the ripe heat of fucking him when she was on her deathbed. She had another man now, but she’d never really had him, and she damned sure didn’t have him today.

Maybe it was her fault. Maybe she’d compared him too much, too often, to her former husband. Or maybe Walt was just no damn good. She knew that he’d fucked other women after their marriage. Christ! Other women, and he couldn’t even keep satisfied the one he had?

Walt had moved out a month ago. He was living in a hotel downtown and, she was certain, fucking everything with legs and a cunt that he could get his cock into.

Karen let her hands slide down her stomach. At forty-two she was almost as firm as a teenaged beach girl. She tested the resilience of her flesh, approved it.

“Not bad for an old bag,” she said aloud, looking up to catch her reflection in the mirror. She tossed her head, making a swirl of her shoulder-length red-brown hair, and she studied her image. Her skin was tighter than that of her own teenaged daughter!

She opened her legs, hands moving down into the auburn thatch of pussyfur, and she watched the mirror carefully as she massaged the bun of her cunt. The lips opened, exposing the reddish slickness of her interior.

She stroked her fingertips across the open trench, gasping softly as her sensitized flesh responded vibrantly to the touch. Her clit throbbed in expectation and she rubbed it a little more briskly, knowing better than to disappoint her clit. It was the one Goddamn thing she could always rely on!

The feel of her finger, moving provocatively into the open hole of her pussy, made Karen stretch and moan. The finger moved into the wetness of her cunt. Not as tight as she used to be, but still snug enough to choke a man-sized cock and give it a fucking that was worth writing about. She moved her ass up and down in the chair, using her cunt muscles to pull the finger in and out of her pussy.

“Yeah, oh, God, yeah…” she panted, wiggling the fingertip around deep inside herself — down where all the hot horny itches were just waiting to be scratched!

She was getting wet inside now, as wet as if she’d just opened up and pissed all over the pussy-probing finger. Made the in-and-out so much easier. Karen sucked in her breath and let her pussy clench hoty, wetly, excitedly around her finger and she fucked it up into her hole, certain that she had as fine a cunt between her legs as there was on the planet.

If it just weren’t so lonely! If she just had someone to use her pussy the way it ached to be used!

Karen fucked herself harder, driving the finger up into her cunt while she kept another finger busy on the stubby button of her clit. The little pecan-bud was hard as shit now, and it brought tears to her eyes when she frigged it but frig it she did, and she whined with a growing excitement that rippled through her body.

She stood up, still working on her pussy, and she stared at herself in the mirror. Her large, freckled tits bounced as she fucked herself, and there was a misty sheen of sweat oozing from the pores of her body. Stray wisps of hair trickled across her face.

She looked good — sexy, aroused. She went backward to the bed, guiding herself with the mirror, and she fell over onto the bed, sliding herself up the mattress until her shoulders hit the headboard.

The mirror gave a full-length view of her five-eight body, the hard-nippled mounds of tit that protruded from her chest, the spread of her long sweaty legs and the exposure of pink fur-framed cunt between them, with her finger poking in and out of the yearning hole of her pussy.

That cocksucker Walt had been gone for more than a month, and they’d been quarrelling instead of fucking for a couple of months before he left. She hadn’t had a sausage injection in longer than she could remember. Jesus, that finger wasn’t gonna be enough!

She pulled it out of herself and sniffed at it, smelling the hot funky arousal of her cunt. Still watching herself in the mirror, she smiled and suck the finger into her mouth, sucking her juices off it. She’d never eaten a pussy, but she had sampled her own juices enough times to know that her cunt, at least, tasted like manna from heaven.

“If you could get your face down between your legs, you could eat it right from the fountain,” she told her mirror image. “But if you could do that, you wouldn’t need a man in the first place…”

Well, she didn’t have a man, but she had something almost as good. It was a little embarrassing to use the thing on herself, but what the fuck? A gal had to do what a gal had to do.

She opened the nightstand drawer, and reached into the back. “Hello, baby,” she said, extracting the dildo.

It was a wondrous instrument, made of stiff plastic and shaped like a real cock, even down to the modeled veins. She gave the button a flip and learned that the batteries were in good working order. “So let’s get busy.”

She teased herself first, rubbing her tits with the tip of the dildo until the nipples were stiff and tingly. Sweat was oozing from her body, and she could barely manage to keep the vibrator on its chosen targets, it slid around so much on the wet curves of her tits. She had to cup them and offer the nipples up to the buzzing dildo, but she didn’t mind. It felt good to have her hands on her throbbing tits.

Then she worked the vibrator down her body, buzzing herself crazy with it before she’d even gotten near her auburn-furred cunt. But when she did slide the sex tool into her clump of pussyfur — oh, fucking yeah!

She worked it up and down her cunt-crack, stimulating the outside of her pussy first. By the time she was ready to fit the big thick dildo into herself, her moist clit was sticking out, rubbing its tingly tip against the buzzing end of the vibrator, and she was writhing wildly on the bed, twisting this way and that, getting her cunt into position for some single lady fun.

She spread the puffy lips of her cunt and eased the tip of the dildo into herself, moaning as the buzzing object penetrated the wetness of her pussy mouth. Even if the buzz was artificial, it still sent shivers through her cunt and she pushed her pussy forward, swallowing the sex toy with a gulp of muscles. Karen exhaled, the artificial cock’s big knob wedged within the mouth of her cunt.

She held it there a long moment, just absorbing the feel of the thing inside her, but God, she needed something more than a little tickle and tease! She flexed her wrist, pushing the dildo farther into her cunt’s hot wet depths. Her pussy felt much tighter around the big thick dildo than it had around her long slender finger, and the tightness enthused her body.

Karen fucked the dildo into her pussy, making the bed shake as her passion grew more heated and intense. She gripped the thing with both hands, ramming it savagely, just the way she liked to feel a cock biting into her hot excited cunt, and she gasped and moaned as the thing hit bottom again and again in her ripe juicy cunt. Her knees pulled upward, and her cunt lifted to meet the merciless thrusts of the dildo.

“Yeah, oh fucking God,” she moaned, ramming herself harder and harder. The bed rocked beneath her, and her head swam dizzily with the eagerness of fucking.

The plastic prick pounded into her pulsating pussy. Her wrist ached from the effort of fucking herself, but her cunt drooled wet juice around the invading tool, and she knew that it was all worthwhile. She pulled back and slammed herself into the path of the oncoming dildo, and her cunt ate it with growing greediness, the sheath tightening awesomely around the bulk of the dildo. The constant vibration up and down her cunt sheath was driving her crazy, but Christ, it was that insistent ramming that was gonna blow her fucking cookies!

Karen rolled over onto her belly, trapping the dildo beneath her. She lifted herself off the mattress for a moment, and she planted the end of the dildo against the bed, so that it fucked straight up into her cunt. With her hands gripping it, holding it upright, she slam banged her pussy down onto the stiff buzzing shaft again and again, fucking herself till it hurt, but God, it hurt sooooo good!

She twisted her ass, sucking up the vibrator in eager passionate gulps. The knob felt enormous inside her, now that her cunt had tightened down in excited response, and she had to work hard to get it in deep.

Karen’s pussy was about to burst. She couldn’t endure another stab up her slick wet tunnel. Moaning, she rolled over again, pulling the dildo out of herself, rubbing the slick plastic across the stiffened tips of her tits.

She leaned down to lick the pussy-juice off her nipples, then fed the dildo into her mouth and sucked at it, just as if it were a real cock. If only the thing could squirt cum!

She throat-sucked it anyway, using all the techniques that she’d learned with her first husband, Patrick O’Neill.

She never felt so alive, so vibrant, so throbbingly whole, as when she was teetering on the verge of a glorious come, and she was about to have one right now. Her finger slipped into her pussy and she massaged the aching tube while her tongue slid the dildo in and out of her wet mouth. The buzzing on her tongue drove Karen crazy with lust.

She pulled her wet finger out of her cunt and smeared the juices across the swollen bud of her cunt. Mmmm, Jesus, that felt soooo good! She rubbed up and down her slice, feeling the puffy, prominent lips, tickling into the folds of flesh.

Inside, she was liquid, and she brought the vibrator back down to her cunt, opening herself and sticking it back inside. She gasped at the sensation of being penetrated, and she humped eagerly into the dildo’s attack, offering it the entirety of her cunt. The sex toy took her up on the offer, and fucked deep, hard, and repeatedly into Karen Murphy.

She kept it working, in and out, banging herself the way a man should have been banging her, and fingertips bruised the sensitive excited point of her clit until she could not stand another stroke. Her legs straightened out and she twitched on the bed, the vibrator buzzing away inside her while she used both hands on her clit, and she surrounded to the hot emotions of lust.

“Yes! Oh, fucking God, yessssss!”

Afterwards, the vibrator’s batteries going dead as the thing continued to buzz within her pussy, she lay moaning and panting, unable to do it again and unwilling to have it be over so soon.

I have got to straighten out my life, she told herself. I’m too old to be doing this kind of shit.

She lay back on the bed, holding the vibrator against her tits, as if the energy simmering within her could recharge the dead cells. Her tits could almost bring a dead man to life, or so she’d been told, but there was no discernable effect on the dildo.

Karen sat up. This was Leanne’s late night; the girl wouldn’t be home from work till midnight. I suppose, Karen thought, I could always go down to the 7-11 and get some fresh batteries, and I’d still have time to do it a couple more times before Leanne gets home. Am I that horny, though? Do I really need it much? She was already looking around, trying to remember where she’d taken off her shoes.


Leanne O’Neill wiggled her curvy little ass against the front door. Jerry was all over her tonight! He couldn’t keep his hands off her bod. Guess there was no question whether she damn well had it or not!

She pried his hands out of her unbuttoned uniform and said, “For Crissake, Jer, not here on the front porch! Every snoop in the neighborhood is probably watching us!” She secured a couple of buttons and unlocked the door. He followed her into the house. As soon as the door closed behind them, he was all over her again.

He lifted her up by the waist and planted her ass on the hall table. Leanne spread her legs and made room for him in between. He leaned into her, rubbing her crotch with the hardness that had been swelling inside his pants. Leanne closed her eyes and enjoyed the pressure of his hard cock touching her body.

He undid her blouse again, and his eager hands went inside, scooping the hard round titties out of her bra in one quick motion. Leanne moaned as his fingers took possession of her tits, tickling the pink perky nipples into even more throbbing erection.

His crotch rubbed more insistently, and she could feel every inch of his big hard cock down there, stroking her body, making her insides all wet and juicy with anticipation. God, she loved to fuck Jerry!

Not that she knew all that much about fucking. She was just eighteen, and she had only been with a very few boys. She was damn near a virgin by the standards in this town.

But that didn’t mean she wasn’t crazy about the feel of a big stiff cock invading the petals of her tight teen pussy. And the more Jerry Wexler rubbed her with that cock of his, the more she thought about how nice it would be to drop her pants and panties and take his cock straight up her hole to glory.

But Jesus — here? Now? In the house? What if Mom came in? Only the hall light was on, but it would be just like the old bitch to be sitting in the den watching TV, and she’d come out in a minute and catch her only daughter with her tits in some boy’s mouth…

“Knock it off!” Leanne hissed, pushing his hands away even though it killed her to do it. “I gotta check things out first!”

Leanne buttoned up quickly, wriggling out of Jerry’s horny grasp. “Will you wait, Goddamn it? Now just stay here for a sec. I’ll be right back.”

She went through the house, looking into each room. No sign of Mom. Great. She came to her mother’s bedroom door. It was closed. Okay! Carefully she turned the knob, closing her eyes to adjust them to the darkness as she stuck her head inside.

When she opened her eyes she could see pretty clearly in the deep shadows. Her mom was in bed, and she sounded as if she were asleep.

“Mom?” Leanne said in a soft voice. No answer. Just the rhythmic sounds of Karen’s breathing. “I’m home,” the girl added. “And I think I’m pregnant.”

No answer. Leanne giggled. Mom was definitely asleep! And when she slept, she might as well be on Neptune. The girl closed the door carefully and hurried back to Jerry.

“Okay,” she said, sliding her fingers through his wavy blond hair, “your wildest wishes are about to come true!”

She’d rather have taken him to her bedroom, but it was next to Mom’s, and she wasn’t brave enough. The den was at the opposite end of the house from Mom’s bedroom, and if there was anyplace she might feel reasonably safe, it was right here.

Leanne allowed Jerry to strip her, purring as his hands explored her shapely young body.

“Good stuff, huh?” she asked him, swaying while he caressed her highest, hard-pointed tits.

“Definitely the best,” he assured Leanne, bending down to take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked until she moaned, his hand working down into the crotch of her tight string panties. He got his fingers into the nest of curly hair and searched her cunt-gash until he found the perking-up little button of clit.

They sank to the floor together, Leanne bare except for her panties, and she didn’t have them on very much longer. All night at the burger joint, working with Jerry, she’d been thinking about this, about how much fun it would be to get naked with him.

She unzipped his pants and got her hand inside, filling it with the big hard meat of his cock. Her fingers molded around the rigid shape, stroking it up and down. She lowered her face toward his fly, pulling out of his cock as she did, and Jerry turned her lower body toward his own face.

He worked her astride his prone body and he stuck his head between her legs, licking up into the musky sweetness of her aroused pussy. She moaned as his tongue lapped into her, and it was all she could do to keep from gulping his cock straight down her throat in one swallow.

Leanne repaid him, lick for lick, her tongue roving excitedly up and down the stiff length of Jerry’s prick. She worked his pants down while she was sucking, and her mouth went down the shaft to capture his balls for a little cuddling. Her tongue tickled around and around the bag, her hand sliding lubriciously up and down his hard cock-rod.

He was thrusting inside her fist, as excited and ready as she was, and she cuddled his hard meat between her cheek and shoulder, loving the pulsation, the warmth of the cock she had personally erected to such thrilling lengths. Her mouth leeched onto the side of his prick and she sucked as if she were trying to draw marrow from a bone. Up and down the tool she worked, using all the hot tricks she knew to make his prick throb and quiver against her hungry lips.

Back up onto the crowning knob she went, and her mouth opened eagerly. She laid his cock on her tongue and slid her face forward, gulping him into herself. Her cheeks hollowed and she sucked like a wolf on the big knob. How great he tasted! How excited it made her to taste his manly arousal!

He was eating the fuck out of her pussy at the same time, spreading her ass-cheeks, opening her hot little hole. His tongue slam banged into her cunt, noodling down to give her clit a friendly caress or three every now and then, and she squirmed juicily, grinding her pussy into his face.

“Oh, you make me so hot…” she murmured around his cock.

Nasty boy! He was tickling her asshole with the tip of his middle finger, and she couldn’t stop squirming. He knew she didn’t really like that kind of stuff — she told him so every time he tried it — but it also made her feel just a little kinky and excited, at the same time, because it was so filthy. The tip of his finger acted as if it wanted to go inside her, and she wiggled around, teasing him with the promise, then withholding it as she slid forward, eluding the finger’s probes.

Her mouth was full of his cock. She could suck this thing all night. It was nearly as much as feeling his tongue up between the flaps of her crack, licking hot energy out of her aroused pussy. She gulped and moved her face down his shaft again, groaning loudly.

She moved her mouth wetly off his cock, finger popping the trails of saliva that stretched from her mouth to his cock, and she looked back over her shoulder at him where he worked between her legs.

“Ooooh, I think I want you to fuck me,” she giggled. “Like, I know I want you to fuck me! Okay, Jer? Okay? Can we fuck now, Jerry honey, please?”

Could they ever! She went onto her back, and he strapped her on him like a saddle on a horse, sliding into the open stretch of her legs. Her thighs folded around him and he pushed his cock down toward the pink-lipped mouth of her pussy. The knob, wet from her sucking, tickled up and down her cunt from clit to asshole, then moved into the hole’s aperture and she felt her tummy heave as she thrust herself toward him, in the same moment that he stabbed into her.

“Oh, fuck,” Leanne gasped, grabbing his hands in her own and holding tight. Her shoulders worked against the carpet and her pussy slid wetly and heatedly along the stabbing length of Jerry’s hard cock.

She was dripping wet, but the size of his prick still created a hot exciting friction within the tight walls of her pussy. Her clit throbbed with pulsating passion each time his cock sawed into her hot snug cunt, and she squeezed on his hands.

“God, I love it when you fuck me,” the young girl moaned.

He pulled her upright, blistering her lips with his own, grinding his cock into her sucking cunt-hole while her nipples tickled through the soft mat of fur on his chest. He cupped the cheeks of her ass, hoisting Leanne higher on him, and he braced himself on his knees, fucking his prick straight up into her ever-ready pussy. She bounced on his lap, gasping each time the swollen bloat of his cock-head rammed to the cap of her cunt sheath and nosed its tip into the mouth of her womb.

Leanne wasn’t sure how big Jerry’s prick was. It felt absolutely enormous shoved up her cunt, but of course, she was tight naturally and she hadn’t been around all that many cocks in her time. The maddening friction of his thick cock ramming her pussy sent shivers up and down the young girl’s spine.

She was sure this was the best fuck of her life. It was the first time she’d ever gotten fucked in her own house, and certainly the fact that Mom was asleep three or four rooms away added to the thrill of it all. Sneaking around added sooo much excitement to a hot fuck!

But there was also the hard-driving horniness of Jerry’s cock, ramming her pussy repeatedly while she bounced in wet-cunted excitement atop his prick, and the breathy eagerness of his body braced against hers. She made a mental resolution to do a lot more fucking in the future.

“Let’s do it that other way…” She made the suggestion in a husky, panting voice, for she was already breathless from the energy with which she’d been fucking Jerry.

He knew the position she meant. It was one she enjoyed when they did it in his car. Would it be as much fun in the den?

Leanne dismounted her boyfriend and went onto her knees on the carpet, her round curvaceous ass jutting up and out like an invitation. He got down behind her and gripped her ass-cheeks, feeling the quivering readiness of her haunches. His face descended, and he licked up and down her fuck-aroused cunt slice, tasting the excitement that bubbled from deep inside her.

“Don’t eat me, fuck me!” Leaned commanded. “Oh, sometimes you act the craziest, Jerry Wexler!”

His tongue in her pussy was making her even crazier to feel the hard driving bite of his cock. She reached back under herself and fingered her crotch, sliding in and out alongside his roving tongue. He touched his tongue to her clit and licked it like a cat, all sandpapery wetness, while she fucked her finger in and out of her twitching, vise-like cunt-hole.

“C’mon, tuck me,” the girl panted.

Leanne spread her lips to the max, making her clit pop out like a fresh wet pink blister at the tip of her cunt crack. She worked two fingers into the opening, fucked them in and out rapidly, the fingers emerging from her ripe hole coated with a milky sheen of pussy-juice then plunging into the steamy pink pie once again.

“Does this give you any ideas at all?” she panted throatily.

His answer was to shove his prick up her cunt-hole, right beside the fingers she had in herself. Leanne squealed and bucked forward, yanking her hand out just before his cock would have driven the fingers all the way up into her guts.

He balled into the girl from behind, fucking her hard and deep. Leanne squirmed, moaned, ate his cock with her hot wet cunt. Jerry tightened down over her, filling his hands with her tits while he filled her pussy with his swollen, lust-hardened cock-rod.

His groin slammed her ass, again and again and again, making her smooth ass-cheeks vibrate and jiggle like waves on a slightly turbulent ocean. She couldn’t believe the depth to which his cock penetrated her.

His prick filled her pussy, fucking as if it didn’t ever intend to stop. The sawing action made her cunt-lips stretch to their widest. If she hadn’t been full of juice, greasing the way for his cock to ram itself home, the frantic fucking might have split her lips. Instead, there was just a constant, heated friction, oiled by the equally constant ooze of goo from her cunt.

She was lying flat out now, and he was on her, still fucking hard and deep into the molten core of Leanne O’Neill’s body. She spread her legs wider, tightening the vise grip of her cunt on his thick hard cock. She closed her eyes, moaning and panting, her body about to explode beneath his driving fuck attack.

His hands were down her body, and he was pawing her pussy from beneath while he fucked it from above. His fingers were all over her hard hot clit, and she squirmed more wildly, her eyes shut tightly, hair fallen down into her eyes.

He pinched her clit viciously, but she loved it. “Yes, do that! I really like it…”

The rippling, wave-like contractions of her cunt around his throbbing cock showed him just how much she really liked it. She was a heartbeat away from coming.

“Yessssss!” Leanne wailed, and her pussy clamped so tight on his cock Jerry Wexler felt as if the fucker was gonna break right off at the hilt. She vibrated under him, and he lay there almost motionless, his cock thrust into her orgasmic explosion.

His hands massaged her pussy while his lengthy prick filled her sucking hole, and he held his breath, willing himself to stay hard, stay ready, just a few moments longer. He was dying to squirt his cum, but he wanted Leanne to get the full delight of his ejaculation.

God, he wanted to feel her mouth around his cock one more time tonight, to shoot his cum down her gulping throat! Even to squirt a few dribbles into her face and watch the viscous liquid ooze slowly down her perfect-skinned cheeks.

“Oh, that was so good,” she moaned under him. “Didn’t you come yet, baby? Were you saving it for me? Oh, Jesus, Jer, lemme have it!”

That was what the boy wanted to hear. Leanne was a real beast with cock in her mouth, especially on the heels of a hot randy come of her own.

“Get on me,” he told her. “I wanna fuck that pretty face of yours and splatter you with my jizz…”


Holy God! Karen Murphy thought, holding tightly to the doorknob. She could not fucking believe what she was seeing in the den.

She’d heard Leanne at her door, twenty minutes ago. And she’d known something unusual was going on. Normally Leanne just came in, on her late night, and went to bed, without any folderol. Why should the girl be checking to find out if her mother was awake?

Karen had lain in the darkness, counting to fifty, and then she’d gotten up and gone to investigate.

What she had found was a full-scale fuck scene going on in her own den. Leanne and that Jerry Wexler kid going at it like dogs in heat. Karen’s jaw had dropped.

Karen felt like shit, peeking through the door at her daughter, but the sight of Leanne getting it just reminded Karen all the more vividly that Mom was not getting it these days, and she found herself unable to look away even though she knew she should.

The more she watched, the more aroused Karen became. She couldn’t believe the hungry way Leanne ate Jerry’s cock, the way she danced and ground her own hot pussy down onto the boy’s sucking face. And then the fucking! Leanne begging to get it dog-style! Where had she learned that trick? Karen rubbed her ass reflectively, thinking how much she enjoyed getting it from the back, too. Like Mom, like daughter?

By the time Leanne climaxed, Karen had hoisted the hem of her nightie and was unabashedly rubbing her own cunt. She had no panties underneath, and her fingers were full of auburn hair and puffy cunt-lips.

She squeezed and manipulated them, rubbing till her clit was up to full erection, throbbing beneath the massaging tips of her fingers. Wetness oozed from her slice, soaking her fingers.

She puddled in the juices until her fingers dripped, and then she slid them up her cunt-hole, holding her breath to keep from crying out at the delicious sensations it evoked from within her. She braced her shoulder against the doorframe and peeked through the crack, fucking herself more and more excitedly.

Jerry came out of Leanne, his cock red and enormous. Karen’s mouth began to water at the sight of the thing. God, it looked so delicious! Karen had forgotten just how virile a young man could appear.

“Eat me now,” he told the girl. “I want you to suck my cock off.” And he lay back on the floor, holding his big hard cock upright like a flagpole.

Leanne crawled up Jerry, making straight for his prick. She grabbed it in both hands and rubbed the pussy-wet prick all over her face, licking and sucking and kissing at its slick shiny surface.

“You gonna come in my mouth?” she asked breathlessly.

“Why don’t you just suck on it and see if I come in your mouth?” Jerry countered, his hand pushing Leanne’s head down to the tip of his erect cock. Giggling, Karen’s daughter took the thing into her mouth and she began to suck it with gluttonous swallows and slurps and gulps.

Sweet God! Karen thought, frigging herself wildly. From the excitement of her pussy who would have ever guessed that she’d already diddled herself not once but four times this evening.

But her pussy ached as if it had not been satisfied in weeks, let alone hours, and she knew, fucking her fingers up into the wet hole, that the vibrator was no Goddamn substitute at all. The real thing was what she needed.

Leanne sucked excitedly, whining and moaning as she fed the boy’s cock in and out of her hot wet mouth. She was looking up at him as she ate, her eyes sparkling with lust, her mouth curled into a smile that was full of hard thick prick.

From time to time she let him slide out and she licked him all over, but that was just a tease, a little extra turn-on. She was as hungry to eat his prick as he was to feed it to her.

“I want that cum,” she told him in a husky voice, the drool running out her lips. “I really want that cum!”

“Cum,” Karen whispered. “Oh, God, I could use some, too!”

But Leanne was the one who would get it, and Karen speared her fingers savagely into her cunt. She could understand it but she fucking didn’t have to accept the fact graciously!

“Now, baby,” Jerry groaned. “Get ready — I’m gonna do it.”

Leanne pulled her head upward, lips sliding off the end of the boy’s cock, and she worked his outer shell of skin up and down with both hands, giggling as she jerked him toward climax.

“I wanna see it squirt,” she simpered. “I wanna see your cock gush its hot load into my face…”

Yes, Karen thought, still frigging her pussy, let me see it too!

“Ooohhh!” Leanne squealed as the cum began to squirt.

Jerry’s cum squirted into Leanne’s face, splashing her with its exuberant explosion. She squealed again, her face splattered with his creamy white cock-milk, and then she thrust her mouth down over the tip, swallowing him hungrily. She held the end of his cock in her mouth and she sucked with hollowed cheeks, her eyes shut tightly, while her fist milked up and down the rod, draining his juice into her throat.

Karen winced as a climax ripped through her own pussy, and she wanted to moan aloud because it felt so fucking good, but she didn’t dare. She forced her lips to remain tightly shut, and she rocked against the doorframe, twitching with the force of her orgasm. It was even more exciting than the one she had coaxed out of her cunt with the vibrator.

On the other side of the door, twelve feet away, Leanne was scooping the cum off her face, using her fingers. She stuck them in her mouth one at a time and licked them dry.

“I love to eat your cum,” the girl told Jerry.

“And I love to watch you do it,” Jerry said, pulling her down beside him. They snuggled, nude, on the den floor, their sex-satiated bodies rubbing together, but the fire had diminished for now and they were content just to lie there touching each other.

“Are we still on for the concert tomorrow night?” Jerry asked, playing idly with Leanne’s pink-pointed tits. There were stray bubbles of jizz on her tits, and he massaged the sticky liquid into her skin.

“Of course we’re still on,” Leanne said. “You’ll pick me up at seven-thirty, right?”

“I’ll pick you up at seven-thirty and dick you up by ten-thirty,” Jerry promised.

Leanne giggled. “I love the way you talk!”


Karen Murphy sat by the answering machine, staring at the piece of equipment. She looked upward and said, “Well, what should I do?” There was no answer, but she hadn’t expected one.

Karen pushed the rewind, and then the play button. She listened, for the twentieth time since coming home, to the message.

“Morn, this is me,” Leanne said. “This is very important and please don’t bollix it up, okay? I have to work a little late this evening — covering for someone who covered for me last week. What it means is, I’m not going to come home after work. I’m going to Rosie’s and I’ll go from there to the concert, with her. Call Jerry Wexler at 555-1351 and tell him that I’ll meet him at the concert, and for him to go straight to the arena. I’ll wait by the main gate. Okay?”

Karen looked at the mantel clock. It was almost seven-thirty. That was the time Jerry had said he’d come by the house to pick up Leanne. Karen had not called her daughter’s boyfriend. She wasn’t sure why.

The doorbell rang suddenly, and Karen almost jumped out of her skin. She looked up toward the ceiling and she said, “If you didn’t want me to go for it, why did you put the chance in front of me?” and then she got up and went to the door.


“Maybe she decided to go with someone else?” Karen suggested. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like another beer?”

“I can’t understand why she isn’t here,” Jerry replied. “She was crazy to see this show. I think I better go.”

Oh, God, Karen thought. He’s gonna leave!

She stood up, too, moving to block Jerry’s way. “I have to talk to you,” she said in a breathless voice, catching his arm. “There’s something you should know. I saw you and Leanne last night. I saw you fucking right over there,” and she pointed to the spot on the den floor where they had rolled around in that physical ecstasy.

Jerry’s eyebrows lifted. “So? Leanne’s a big girl. I think she’s old enough to fuck me if that’s what she wants.”

“Well, maybe she’s decided she’d rather be fucking someone else?” Karen responded. “Maybe that’s why she isn’t here.”

“No way,” Jerry said. “She knows a good thing when she sees it.” He straightened up, to his full five-ten. He wasn’t a great deal taller than Karen. “I guess you could tell that last night, couldn’t you, Karen?”

She laughed softly. “Are you a step ahead of me, kid? Okay. Leanne’s obviously stood you up. She has her flighty side. Does the night have to be a total loss? Or were you dying to see that concert, too?”

“I’m not that much into music,” Jerry replied. “There are a lot of other things that interest me more.”

Without warning, he took hold of Karen’s tits. They were full and lush, straining at the snugness of her blouse. His eyes fixed on hers, he fondled the large mounds, his fingertips scratching provocatively over the points, where her nipples were already erect with anticipation.

“These are a couple of the things that interest me,” the young man said smugly. “Christ, Mrs. Murphy, you shoulda just asked! I’ve seen you around town for years. Remember those Calvin’s you used to wear all the time, back about seven, eight years ago. They gave me my first hard-on. I still think about that sometimes…”

She moved into his arms, tilting her head back as his mouth came down upon hers. Her groin pressed against him, and she could feel the hardness of his cock inside Jerry’s pants. She squeezed in more closely, impressing the sensation of that cock upon her body. “You must be thinking about it right now.”

“Something even better,” the boy whispered into her mouth. His breath tasted of beer and lust. His hands felt like magic.


“Jesus,” Jerry sighed from the bed as Karen stripped down for him. His cock was sticking out of his bikini briefs and he was playing with it thoughtfully as he watched her. It looked even bigger than it had last night, fucking Leanne in the den.

Under her blouse and skirt, Karen was wearing a scandalous teddy — sheer and pink. Her tits jiggled lusciously, and the dark of her auburn cunt was plainly visible through the silky fabric.

Karen walked around the bed, strutting in her high heels, her ass wiggling, her tits bouncing. She was conscious of Jerry’s eyes upon her, even more conscious that he was tightly gripping his cock while he stared at her semi-nude body.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

He leaned over, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her down onto the bed with him. “You tell me,” he said throatily, reaching for the straps.

Jerry pulled down the teddy’s top, baring her tits. “I love freckles,” he said, just before he leaned down and tried to suck them off her skin.

His mouth was wild and wet. It had been soooo long! Karen wrapped an arm around the back of his neck and she fed a tit right into his mouth, peeling back the flesh to let the nipple thrust out — just as if she were nursing a baby. But, mmm, babies didn’t suck like this hot young man! She thrilled to the touch of his mouth on her tits, and she wondered if she’d enjoy sucking on him as much as he dug sucking her.

He laid her back on the bed, her teddy down to her ribs, and he looked down at her from above. His prick was sticking out of his shorts, and she took hold of it, her fist sliding up and down the sweet hard shaft.

“God, it’s so warm,” she whispered, “and so alive…”

Jerry pushed aside the crotch strip of her teddy and let his finger move into her cuntal area. She squirmed at the touch of him. She’d almost forgotten what a man’s hand felt like on her pussy. “Yes, I like that! Oh, Goddamn it, stick your fucking finger in me! I’m no coy virgin, Jerry! You don’t have to get me hot — I’ve been hot longer than you’ve been alive!”

Her eyes closed and her mouth opened into a red-lipped O as his fingers slammed up inside her. He moved easily into her pussy with his fingers, and she could tell he was thinking about how big her hole was. She wiggled her ass and her cunt muscles clenched around him, and the sheath walls rippled excitingly along the length of his inserted fingers. She smirked as his eyes lit up and he pressed deeper with his nimble digits.

“They call this a nutcracker,” she said. “It tightens up fast when it has something worth squeezing. Those fingers the best you got?”

He sucked and chewed on her tits. She’d already told him she was more than ready, but he seemed determined to spend some more time building her up. She squirmed impatiently. “Let’s do it, kid! Let’s get my pussy full of what you’ve been giving my ungrateful daughter. C’mon, Jerry, why don’t we fuck?”

“You wanna fuck?” he said, lifting his face from her tits. She nodded. “Okay, then we’ll fuck.”

He took his cock out of her fist and he pulled her knees up, then spread them with his hands. Karen reached down, sliding the crotch-piece of her teddy out of the way. He slipped his cock-tip into her open, drooling cunt-lips, and he thrust hard, and suddenly she was full of him! Her feet kicked straight up into the air, toes wiggling high above him, and then she brought them back down, wrapped them around his thighs, and she started to push her pussy in the direction of his oncoming prick.

“No wonder Leanne spends so much time with you,” she panted under him, sucking up his hard, fast, and deep strokes. “You fuck a woman just the way she likes to be fucked, baby! I haven’t had a cock like this up me since I was with Patrick!”

He silenced Karen by covering her mouth with his own. His prick didn’t let up a stroke, and he rammed it repeatedly into her open, eager cunt-hole.

She was slightly too shallow to take all of him, the first two or three strokes, but the more, and the harder he fucked her, the deeper her pussy seemed to stretch, and almost before she realized it, Karen was feeling his groin pound hard against her cuntal bun and his hairy balls were wiggling against her ass. The head of his cock was somewhere very deep inside her pussy, and it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

“Oh, fucking God…” Her voice was a raspy moan that made her throat ache almost as much as her cunt.

His tongue worked into her mouth, frisky and playful, and she trapped it, sucking on it. “Does this give you ideas?” she whispered naughtily to him. “And tongues aren’t even the best thing I suck…”

“I bet they’re not,” he muttered, pounding harder. He nibbled on her tits while they fucked, and he began to bite more fiercely at the swollen nipples. They had never felt so good as when he ground his teeth on their elongated, sensitive surfaces, then licked fresh wetness onto them with his questing tongue, only to suck and nibble it off again.

She drew her legs up, deepening the hole of her pussy, and his cock took advantage of the exposure. He was shoving hard against her now, making his prick jump around inside her cunt. She clutched at him with her well-trained muscles, and she knew he was getting as hot and juicy a ride as he was giving her.

“Jesus, I missed this,” she sighed. And she gave him a ball-wrenching pussy wriggle that almost coaxed the load out of his hot hard cock on the spot. He howled as he fucked into her, but he didn’t stop fucking, not even for a second. He just thrust his cock into her depths with a fever Karen was sure she had not seen last night, watching him fuck her daughter.

I’m still the best, she told herself, and she felt like the best!

He lifted one of her legs high, and he changed the angle of his strokes slightly. Now he was coming into her from below, lying perpendicular to her body, his big hard cock sawing into Karen from a direction that increased her pleasure unbelievably. He stroked her pussy while he fucked it, and his fingers caressed the hard button of her clit.

She was pissing moisture out of her hole, bathing his cock in the sweet funky juices. Each plunge of his cock seemed to make her cunt that much sloppier, but she maintained the tight hold of her muscles.

“Fuck me, boy,” she told him gruffly. “Fuck me with that big hard cock of yours!”

He pulled back too far, and his cock slipped out of her pussy without warning. Quick as a flash, she was leaning forward, catching his cock in her hand, bringing her mouth down to sucking range. She hadn’t tasted him yet. She’d watched her daughter eat his cock, but she was dying for a taste of it herself.

Coated with her pussy-juices, his cock was immeasurably delicious upon her lapping tongue. She licked him clean, then sucked him inside, and she nursed on this throbbing prick for what seemed an eternity. While she blew him, he was fingering her hot wet pussy, stabbing her repeatedly with his excited digits, making sure her cunt stayed wet and ready.

She gluttonized Jerry’s prick, relishing the taste, hardly noting the size or shape of it. Her tongue lavished the big bloated knob, then danced down to lick his balls too, before working back up the shaft and feeding him into her mouth once again. The taste of her pussy made the act of sucking him that much more delightful, but she kept sucking long after she’d eaten away every drop of her pussy-cum and all that was left was the natural meaty maleness of Jerry’s big hard cock.

“I wanna put it back in your pussy,” she heard the boy saying, and she looked up, her tongue swiping along her drool-glistening lips. Yeah, she wanted that, too! Did she fucking ever!

“Fuck me like you fucked my little girl last night,” she challenged. “Leanne’s not the only one who likes it dog-style.”

She got onto her hands and knees, luring him with her big round ass, and he moved into position, again pulling her teddy’s crotch out of the way.

His big cock knob kissed the wet hungry lips of her pussy. He shoved into the hole he had already explored with fingers and cock, and suddenly she was full of him again, her body jerking with excitement as his prick moved deep and fast and hard. “Yeah,” she grunted, “fuck me hard and rough… I can take it!”

He rammed her fiercely, fucking into the hungry depths of her cunt, and his hands were all over her body. He leaned down and bit her shoulder while they fucked, and she liked that, too. He bounced the big floppy tits hi his hands, then squeezed down on the quivery mounds, until it felt as if his fingers were literally sinking into the wet ooze of her sweat-covered flesh. And that cock, biting repeatedly into the hungry pussy’s slobbering mouth!

She kissed him over her shoulder, and she sucked his tongue as lubriciously as she’d sucked his cock. His prick frictioned the sensitive walls of her pussy, and she felt orgasm building to a crescendo inside her. “Fuck me,” she moaned, “oh, baby, fuck meeeeee!”

His cock slipped out of her again, and she almost screamed from disappointment. She didn’t want to miss a single stroke of this fuck!

He teased her, moving his cunt-wet rod onto the hollow of her asshole, pushing with it as if he meant to shove his prick straight up her tailpipe. She wouldn’t have minded. Patrick had been crazy about asshole fucking, and Karen had learned to enjoy it too, during her first marriage. She hadn’t done it in years, but she could get used to it fast. On the other hand, where she needed his cock was in her pussy, Goddamn it!

She reached under herself and grabbed his cock, bringing it back to the hole it belonged in. She mashed the knob against her cunt slice and sucked him into herself, and her body ate him voraciously. “You fuck me till I come,” she commanded. “Afterwards we’ll talk about kinks.”

Jerry moved back, pulling her with him, and Karen gasped to realize that she was now on top, slamming her ass down into his lap as she controlled the depth and speed of the fuck. He had to keep the teddy’s crotch out of the way of his ramming cock, and that gave him the perfect excuse to do a little pussy-tickling at the same time. His fingers rubbed endlessly across the tip of her excited clit.

“Stop it,” she said, not at all convincingly. “You’re rubbing my poor little clitty raw…” But her hand covered his, and she directed him in his caresses, showing him the spots that really made her ovaries piss out the hot cunt juices.

She wanted to face him while she fucked him. She loved to see a man’s face go wild as the excitement of orgasm came over him. Without taking her cunt off his big hard prick, Karen swiveled around until she was face to face with Jerry, her pussy still crammed full of his meat.

“Mmm, yeah,” she husked as she settled downward once again.

By twisting as she cunt-gobbled his cock, she could accentuate the pleasure her clit was already feeling. The wiriness of his cockhair was like sandpaper rubbing her clit raw, and she moaned and purred each time she felt it again. Her legs and arms were folded around him, and her pussy swallowed his prick repeatedly as she rocked hard and horny atop the boy’s cock.

“Jesus, you’re gonna do it to me,” she heard him say. “You’re gonna make me paint your guts with cum…”

“Do it! I’m gonna come too — let’s squirt together!” Her hot cunt ate his cock again and again, and she rocked closer and closer to the moment of her own release.

“Now, baby, you’re gonna get it,” the boy panted, and his arms went tight around her while his cock stretched out for what felt like a mile up her pussy sheath. The lengthening of his cock almost fucked Karen straight up into the air, but she slammed down with her cunt and she held him in a death grip, milking his big hard muscle with the rippling contractions of her pussy.

“I’m squirting!” she heard him wail, but she already knew that. She could feel his cock twitch, then start to blast, deep inside. They said a woman couldn’t really feel a cock squirting. They lied! She could count each separate explosion of his sperm, shooting into her hot tunnel, and she ate it with her pussy muscles, sucking the hot juice into her womb.

She began to come almost as his convulsions subsided, and the excited response of her pussy made his slightly soft cock go instantly hard all over again.

“Keep me stiff, baby!” Jerry panted, ramming his dry cock up into Karen’s cunt while she climaxed all over the length of his fuck-rod.


“You horny fucker,” Karen said, “you’re worse than my first husband! If I sat down on the Goddamn pot, he was on me and had his tongue up my cunt before I’d even finished pissing! Is that what you have in mind?” she went on, looking up from the toilet seat at a grinning Jerry Wexler.

The young man stood in the bathroom doorway, leaning against the frame, with his pricks sticking up and out. It was at full attention. Karen’s throat clogged with drool at the sight of that cock. She could still taste it in her mouth.

“I thought you might wanna use your tongue on this,” Jerry countered, strolling toward her. The bobbing of his cock preceded him, and when he was close enough, Karen reached out and grabbed him. She pulled Jerry to her. As the last dribbles of piss splattered into the toilet bowl, she was taking Jerry’s cock into her mouth, sucking it hard and hungrily.

He put his hands on his hips and fucked his big hard prick into Karen’s mouth, panting as the strokes grew more energetic.

She took him deeply, gulping him into the upper end of her throat. God, she couldn’t get enough of the taste of his prick! Her saliva rolled down the shaft, leaking out her mouth and into his cockhairs. Her lips wriggled down the length of the rod, lapping up the saliva she had just drooled.

Karen pulled her head upward and nursed thirstily at the swollen tip of Jerry’s cock. It had filled her pussy with cum, not fifteen minutes ago but it was as hard as any cock in human history, and the proof of that hardness filled her greedy mouth.

“Are you sorry Leanne stood you up?” she gasped, coming up for a necessary breath of air. Not even a woman as horny as Karen Murphy could live totally on cock. She had to breathe, at least a little.

“I think I lucked out,” the boy said frankly, “Leanne’s a real bitch on a hard prick. But I guess you got an idea of that last night, hmmm, Karen? If she had half the talent you do, she’d be the state champion of fucking.”

Karen took that to mean Jerry liked what she was doing to him. She was glad. She loved it. And she didn’t feel one Goddamn bit guilty about fucking up his planned date with her daughter.

She wiped her cunt with a damp towelette, still wolfing down Jerry’s prick, and she slid off the toilet, onto her knees on the floor. She was already holding the kid by the ass. Her hands worked up and down his back and hips, and she cupped his nuts from behind while she continued to eat his prick.

The big knobby cap thrust into her throat repeatedly, and she gulped and moaned each time, as if it were the first time. Her knees ached as she knelt there sucking on Jerry, but her mouth felt sooooo fucking good it didn’t matter!

“Sit on the pot again,” she heard him say. “I wanna fuck those big ripe tits of yours, Karen!”

Eagerly she moved upward, squeezing her tits together as he put his cock between them. “Patrick loved to do this to me,” she said in a moist excited voice, demonstrating her readiness by the way she moved her face forward, her lips sipping lewdly at the tip of Jerry’s prick as he rammed back and forth, fucking toward her flushed, sweat-dripping face.

“Yeah,” she went on, panting, “he liked to fuck my titties, too — and he especially liked it when I nibbled on the end of his cock while he was doing it. Do you like that too, Jerry? Does it make your cock harder and hornier?”

His answer was to thrust his cock right into her open mouth, punctuating her words with a fierce prick-stab. She gagged on him but she kept on sucking.

His cock came out of her mouth and he resumed fucking her tits. The fleshy mounds squeezed tighter and tighter around him. Karen pushed her tits inward, trapping his prick, and she kept her tongue busy too, licking all of his cock she could reach. It was dynamite!

A splatter of cum burst from his prick, squirting across her tongue. She clamped down, sucking, ready just in case he was about to spill his load. Her hands jiggled his sac of balls, and the stones knocked together inside. Karen could almost hear the cracking sound as they hit one another. She giggled on his prick and she kept sucking.

“You like to be on top,” Jerry said huskily. “Why don’t you do that again right now?”

Karen released him and stood up. He sat down on the commode, and she mounted his lap, reaching under herself to guide his cock into her cunt. The hard lance bit deep and true, and she squirmed down while an almost baritone growl burst from her fluttering lips. His hands filled with her tits, and she rocked up and down, feeling him fuck passionately into her pussy more times than she could count.

He moved his hands down her bouncing body, into the wet-haired mat of her pussy. He pushed his cock again, filling her with the male power, and as his fingers worried her hardened, lustful clit, he whispered into her ear, “You ever try it up the asshole, Karen?”

“More times than you’ve had that thing up a tight teenaged pussy,” she taunted. “Think you can bring me to my knees by cornholing me? Mmm, baby, I’d like to see you try that!”


She knelt before him on the bathroom floor once again, lubing his cock with Vaseline and saliva. Jerry’s cock was a big thick one, and it needed a little help getting into the hole he had in mind.

When his rigid prick was coated with grease, she stood up and did a flouncy turn, presenting him with her ass. “Now you do the honors to me, honey,” she invited. “And you might lick it first, if you’re man enough. My asshole gets all hot and horny when anybody licks it.”

She bent over and touched her toes, moving her big ripe ass back and forth in front of his face. He leaned in to brush her crack with his tongue. She liked the feel of him tonguing her pussy, but she was itching to feel him in her asshole, too.

Jerry spread her cheeks and his tongue nuzzled the hot tight hole. She moaned as he licked his way into her asshole, and she shoved her ass straight into his face. He kept on licking and tickling, but it wasn’t just his tongue in action now. He had a finger inside her, a finger that was greased with the Vaseline, and he coated the interior of Karen’s anal tract with the lubing jelly.

“Fuck me with your finger,” she urged.

He moved his finger in and out, shoving the jelly deep into Karen’s asshole. She squirmed and wiggled and her hot ass twitched from side to side. The muscles were working on him, sucking his finger in and out of her. She was doing all the work, but she was far too excited to wait. She wanted him up her ass, and she wanted him there right now!

He took his finger out and she squatted down over his lap, feeling the ticklish rub of his big swollen cockhead along the expectant crease of her pussycrack. He pulled it upward, and nosed the greasy knob into the splay of her asshole. She was holding her cheeks as far apart as they’d go, tempting him with the revelation of her tiny tight backdoor, inviting him to fuck her there with all he had.

“Oh, it’s so fucking big,” she said as she felt the knob sink into the jelly-greased hole. “But don’t stop — even if I scream…”

She grunted and strained against him, and then, oh, Christ, he was in her, and she was slamming herself down to suck all of his cock up her shitter!

“Aaaaaahhhhh!” she screamed, but he obeyed her command and he didn’t let up for a moment. He took hold of the insides of her thighs, next to the dark auburn fluff of her cunthairs, and he flexed his hands on her legs, squeezing, massaging, playing with her flesh while he reamed the shit out of her backdoor.

One of his hands covered her pussy bun, and she reached down to caress his hand, urge his fingers into her cunt. She took his other hand and moved it up to her tits, fitting it down over one of the jiggling, sweat-soaked mounds. Her nipple seemed to erect into his fingers’ grip, and he squeezed and milked at her teat.

“Fingerfuck my pussy, too,” she reminded him, and his fingers entered her, bunched up into a knuckly spear of pleasure that rammed in and out of her pussy in almost perfect counterpoint to the short, desperate strokes of his cock up her asshole.

She clenched down, straddling his legs as she fucked her ass toward his cock. It felt really great but weird, too, to be sitting on the john attempting to pull something into her body rather than crap it out. Karen strained and stretched and fucked, while Jerry’s hands continued to fondle her tits and fingerfuck her pussy.

“Do you believe in spirit possession?” the older woman gasped hoarsely, “I think the ghost of my first husband must have taken control of you. He liked to do this to me, too. And that cock of his was so big I thought I might die…”

“This is as big as you need,” Jerry grunted, shoving cock hard up her stretched and straining asshole. “And will you knock it the fuck off about your first husband? I’m not fucking you with his cock, I’m doing it with mine.”

Karen winced. She supposed she had been talking a bit too much about Patrick, but sometimes she did that when she was really hot and the memory of how he used to fuck her came drifting back amid the other hot notions and fantasies in her mind. “You cream my asshole and make me knock it off,” she challenged.

Jerry wasn’t a bit reluctant about taking her up on it. His fingers filled her pussy, and he was scooping honey out of her cunt-hole, rubbing the sticky juices back onto the swollen tip of her clit, keeping Karen red-hot and horny all the while his big hard cock reamed her ass. Sure, he wasn’t quite as big as Patrick, but he was big enough for two women and he sure knew how to shove that cock up a willing shithole!

Her asshole throbbed around his cock. She tilted lurchingly from side to side, making his prick bend and stretch inside her. He was deep in her bowels, fucking like a maniac, and his fingers in her pussy were about to yank Karen inside out. And besides that, she had just stolen her own daughter’s boyfriend! She was a total slut!

“Fuck me, baby,” she wailed. “Ooohh, I bet Leanne never let you stick it up her asshole did she?”

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing,” Jerry groaned back. “You’re strangling my cock in that tight shithole, mama — but, oh, Jesus, it’s gonna fucking die happy…”

She was dying already. The fingers and the cock, working in tandem, had driven her cunt and asshole to the melting point. Karen stiffened atop the already-stiff boy, and she throbbed for what seemed an eternity, and then her body simply imploded.

“Oh, make me come!” she screamed.

He fucked and fingered into her orgasm, keeping her at a fever pitch. She twisted, bucked, jerked, wriggled atop him. Her body began to melt down, unable to respond again. Inside her asshole, his cock was still as hard as ever.

“Finish me,” he told her as she began to catch her breath. “C’mon, Karen, finish me in your mouth…”

“It’s filthy,” she protested. “You’ve had that thing up my ass, for God’s sake… I couldn’t take it in my mouth now… Patrick always wanted me to…”

Even as she spoke, she was rising from the stiff pole of his cock, standing up on shaky legs, turning slowly around, dropping to her knees before his perch on the john. She took his cock in both hands, worshipped it with her lingers and eyes. Leaning forward, she pressed the bulbous purple cock-knob with her trembling lips.

One taste of him was all she needed. She opened her mouth and fed his cock inside, gulping as he entered her. If he tasted of shit, it was, at least, her shit.

Her head bobbed as she sucked on the pulsating prick. She bit into the stiffened rod, slurping it simultaneously with her tongue. He seemed to get bigger — enormously, unbelievably bigger — inside her mouth. She gulped again and took his big cock-knob into her throat. Her sucking became desperate, gluttonous.

“Now, bitch, I’m gonna do it nowwww!” Jerry blurted. He put his hands on her head and forced it down, ail the way over his cock. Her lips touched his groin, his balls. The head of his cock was halfway down her throat. She tightened her jaws and sucked hard, and his knob jerked inside her throat, then started to squirt hot sticky cum.

Karen lifted her head slightly and drank his offering. She had never been so thirsty to eat a man’s cum in her life. She sucked till he had nothing more to give her, and still she sucked, urging his cock to give her just a little more. The drained, exhausted prick began to go soft in her mouth but still she held on, until she clutched only a limp wasted noodle of gristly flesh.

“Not bad,” she told him, raising her face and licking her lips. “You know I’m kinda glad Leanne stood you up. It gave us a chance to get so much better acquainted.”

She left him sprawled on the john and she went into the shower. She soaped her body lovingly, dwelling on her crotch, tickling herself into a fresh round off arousal. Maybe he’d be ready for some more when she was done bathing. By God, he’d better be ready for more! She needed more!

Karen turned off the water and reached for a towel. Jerry was standing outside the shower stall, and he passed the towel to her. As she took it, he came into the shower with her.

“I think you missed a couple of spots,” he said.

“Huh?” Karen asked.

Jerry took hold of his cock and aimed it upward. A stream of piss shot from the tip, splashing Karen’s tits. She shrieked, slapping out at him.

“You dirty filthy son of a bitch!” she said, but the sensation of his warm piss spraying her body wasn’t all that bad. She leaned back and let him finish, then rubbed the salty fluid into her body with both hands.

“That was perverted,” she said in a soft voice. “Not even Patrick ever did that to me before. But now it’s your turn, baby boy!”

He looked up in surprise as she threw herself onto him. Karen wrestled him to the floor, and she straddled his prone body. She pushed her cunt down onto his chest and she strained until her own piss began to leak from the crack of her pussy.

“They call this a golden shower,” she told him, though she suspected he already knew it. Still pissing, she slid down his body, aiming the last of her flow at the cock that had just sprayed her. As her urine drenched his prick, she could feel the organ throbbing beneath her cunt. She pushed down, and the contact sent fresh sparks of excited life into Jerry’s prick. It began to harden beneath her pussy.

“I think you like it too,” Karen giggled. She raised her cunt slightly from his body and she reached underneath, catching hold of his prick and guiding it into her piss-wet hole. He thrust upward with a horny excited lunge, filling her cunt, and she clenched those trained, eager muscles around his cock and they began to fuck once again.


“Goddamn it to fuck!” Leanne O’Neill snarled as she walked from the curb to the house. That bastard Jerry had never showed up at the concert. And would you look at that? His fucking car was parked right in front of Leanne’s house! Oh, the shit was due to hit the fan in a very few minutes!

But it struck the girl that something was out of the ordinary. The lights in the front of the house were all turned off. No sign of life at all. So where was Jerry?

Leanne went around the side of the house and peered into the kitchen window. Dark as a tomb in there, too. God, had something happened?

She rounded the corner and saw a light, coming from her mother’s bedroom. Instead of going to the back door and letting herself in, the curious teenager went to the source of the light. The bedroom window was open, as usual on a warm summer night, and Leanne looked inside. Her jaw dropped as far as the rosebushes that grew beneath the window sill.


“C’mon, can’t you get it hard again?” Karen was panting as she rolled Jerry all over the bed. She was playing with his cock while she tongue-fucked his mouth and rubbed her big lush tits across his chest. Her legs and his were intertwined. She had one of his thighs flush against her pussy and she was sliding her eager cunt back and forth along the firmness of his leg.

“Get stiff,” she went on, “and fuck me up the ass just one more time, baby! Do that for mama!”

She bent over his lap and took his cock straight into her mouth, sucking and biting. She alternated deep swallowing gulps with lunges that brought her lips to his balls and his balls into her hungry mouth. She had her hand in the crack of his ass and she was poking a fingertip into his asshole, giving the boy a taste of his own medicine.

Karen sat up. “You must be half-faggot,” she said, cupping her tits. “You mean you can’t get it up for these babies?”

Jerry just shook his head. “Six times is my limit.”

“Well, don’t call the game warden,” Karen replied, “but I’m about to exceed my limit.”

She got off the bed and went to the night-stand. The vibrator was there, where she had left it. Not much strength left in the batteries, after the workout she’d given the thing last night and today, but she hoped there was enough for what she had in mind. “Here we go,” she told Jerry. “If this doesn’t get you up, nothing will.”

Jerry sat up, covering his asshole with his hand. “No way you’re sticking that thing in me, you nutty bitch!”

Karen just giggled. She threw herself onto the bed and grabbed hold of his cock. “I’m just gonna tickle you a little,” she promised, buzzing the end of his cock with the vibrator.

Jerry leaned back. “That doesn’t feel half bad,” he admitted.

Karen took him back into her mouth and sucked him a little longer. She was sure she could feel him starting to harden up. Her mouth tightened on his cock and she vibrated his nuts. A shiver rippled through his prick and now she was positive that he was stiffening again.

“Better,” she complimented, releasing him from her mouth. She worked the whirring vibrator up and down his lengthening prick while her mouth nuzzled and sucked at his balls. She pushed them aside and licked into the crack of his ass, tasting his shithole. While her tongue caressed his asshole, the dildo continued to tease and tantalize the ever-increasing hardness of his resilient young cock.

“You really gonna let me piss in your face again?” Jerry asked, cupping her big tits and burying his face between them.

Karen straddled his lap and guided his cock into her cunt. She sank down, eating him in her hungry cuntal gulp, and she said, “Maybe. God, you’re such a filthy kid! I didn’t learn some of those kinks till I was almost thirty.”

“You didn’t grow up on MTV,” Jerry countered, fucking up into her excited cunt. The roominess of her hole contracted, milking his cock with thirsty swallows. Karen didn’t feel, or fuck, forty-two.

“Who’s better?” she asked hoarsely. “Me or the kid?”

“No competition, baby,” Jerry replied. “She might be this good when she gets to be your age, but fuck, you’re already this good, and that’s enough for me!”

“Okay, baby, because you talk so sweet, I’m gonna let you put it in my asshole again,” Karen said, rising from his stiff bobbing prick. She bent down to suck her juices off the shaft. “Let’s get you all wet and ready first, though, okay?”


“I mean, you would fucking not believe it,” Leanne O’Neill repeated. “My own mother! And my boyfriend! God, Rosie, how could something like that happen?”

“I dunno,” Rosie sighed. “Your mom’s no old bag. I guess a guy could get excited over her.”

“But when he had me?” Leanne asked. “That’s sick!”

She’d already gone through the crying and cursing stages. After seeing what was happening in her mom’s bedroom, and realizing why Jerry hadn’t bothered showing up, she knew there was no way she could stay in the house. So she’d come to Rosie, her best friend, who always provided a shoulder for Leanne to cry on and an ear to listen to complaints.

“Like, look at me,” Leanne went on. “I’m a fucking fox! I’m tight and tanned and terrific. My mom is almost fifty years old! What could he possibly see in her? Oh, God, she let him fuck her up the ass! Maybe that was it? Maybe I should have let him…”

It was almost three in the morning, but Leanne was still too hyper to think about sleeping. She paced the floor, staring at herself in the full-length mirror in Rosie’s room, shaking her head. Suddenly she stopped and began to peel off her clothes.

She stripped down to her bra and panties. She tested the flatness of her tummy, the curvature of her ass, the uplift of her tits. “It’s perfect,” she said. “Why would anybody not want this?”

“Got me,” Rosie sighed. She came over to Leanne, wearing her nightshirt, and she stood behind her friend, looking over Leanne’s shoulder into the mirror. The two girls were like negative images, Leanne slim and dark-haired, Rosie a slightly pudgy dishwater blonde.

Leanne unhooked her bra and let it drop. Her tits didn’t sag a bit. The pink nipples were sticking up and out, the way they always did when she was pissed off. She cupped the tits from beneath, squeezing them. “I’m gorgeous,” she said without a trace of egotism. “A man would have to be crazy not to want me.”

“Anybody would have to be crazy,” Rosie put in. Her hands encircled Leanne’s waist. She pressed her own tits against Leanne’s back. Her face dipped into the bend of Leanne’s neck, and she let her lips touch the flesh. One hand lifted from the waist, taking hold of a Leanne-tit, while the other slid downward to cup the fluffy bulge of Leanne’s panties.

“Stop it, you queer cunt!” Leanne said. “I told you a million times, I don’t want to do that stuff anymore!”

Rosie persisted. Her hands grew tighter, her lips wetter. “You always used to like it.”

“We were just kids then,” Leanne said in a trembly voice. “I hadn’t even discovered boys.”

“Well, you discovered something nasty about boys tonight,” Rosie whispered. “They not only fuck you, they also fuck you over, every chance they get. I wouldn’t do that. C’mon, Leanne, let me help you feel better. I know it’ll make both of us feel really good…”


Leanne O’Neill stretched like a cat on the bed, while Rosie Spencer explored every inch of her tawny teenaged body with hands and lips.

“I love your legs,” Rosie said, rubbing her face on her friend’s thighs. “And you know what else I like?” She put her hand atop the puffy, dark-furred bun of Leanne’s cunt.

“You’re weird,” Leanne said, but she felt a simmering excitement that bubbled from inside her bones and radiated through her entire body. Back when they were kids, almost before they’d even gotten tits, she and Rosie used to play around in the garage and under the porch, but it was just giggly fun and games. Leanne could tell already that this was something far more serious.

Rosie kissed her way up the insides of the thighs, and her face burrowed into Leanne’s pussy. She used her hands, too, opening the cunt delicately, gently, exposing the salmon-pink interior that was already glistening with a coat of drippage. Rosie sniffed the aroma of Leanne’s cunt, and she looked up smiling. “I bet it tastes as good as it looks.”

Taste? Sure, they’d tickled each other a few times when they were young. Maybe they’d kissed a little, and touched titties. But licking cunts? “Wait a sec,” Leanne interjected, “I think maybe you better not — oh, Jeeeeeeessssuussss!”

Rosie’s tongue was a live wire brushing the tingly flesh of Leanne’s pussy. Sparks seemed to fly from the darting contact. Leanne had always thought she’d had her pussy licked in the past. She began to wonder if she had the slightest idea what licking was all about.

Rosie ate Leanne’s cunt, working her face with a growing fervor into the wet heat of the gash.

“Stop that!” Leanne moaned, but she knew she didn’t mean it. She couldn’t even convince herself. Maybe she should have kept on playing doctor with Rosie, instead of switching to boys once her tits sprouted and her legs got long and shapely. None of the boys she’d been with, prior to Jerry, had ever made her feel this good so fast. She reached down, opened her cunt a little wider, so Rosie could get that Goddamn tongue into it deeper!

Rosie slipped a finger or two into Leanne and fucked them in and out of the pussy while she sucked and nibbled like a goldfish at the swollen tip of the clit. The little slick tab of flesh pulsated against her tongue. She chased it with her lips, unwilling to give it up. Her tongue whipped it, and her lips kissed away the hurt, and then she started in again, while her fingers continued to fuck and ravish the wet hot mouth of the pussy itself.

Her other hand was up, fondling and caressing Leanne’s tits. Leanne leaned down to lick and kiss the hand that stroked her. She squeezed the fingers tight around a throbbing nipple and pushed her tit into Rosie’s hand. “I think it’s working,” she said. “I hardly even remember that my boyfriend had a cock up my mother’s asshole!”

Of course she remembered — but she was starting to feel so fucking good that she couldn’t help wondering if she cared.

Rosie crawled up Leanne and she pressed a cunt-slick mouth against her friend’s. She mounted Leanne’s body, her pussy grinding hard onto Leanne’s cunt, and she began a rhythmic motion that brought their cunts into exciting pulsating contact while their tongues worked back and forth and their hard-nippled tits kissed each other fleshily.

Leanne got Rosie by the ass and pulled the slightly pudgy body into closer contact with her own. “Feels so good,” she said. “If only you had nine inches down there to fuck me with…”

“I’ll give you eight inches, if you’ll eat me while I do it,” Rosie said excitedly. “You promise? You’ll go down on me?”

“What the fuck?” Leanne giggled. “In for a penny…”

Rosie leaned over the edge of the bed, her chubby bare ass sticking up in the air. Leanne couldn’t resist goosing it. Rosie squealed and almost fell over, Leanne caught her, though, grabbing a fistful of pussy.

Rosie’s blonde curls were sparse, hardly hiding the puffiness of her pink pussy bun. The heat of her cunt radiated into Leanne’s palm. A trickle of wet stuff oozed from the crack, turning to steam in Leanne’s fist.

“Here it is,” Rosie said, displaying a vibrator. She flipped the on switch and it buzzed into life. “You want me to fuck you with this?”

Leanne wasn’t sure. She took the buzzing joystick and tested it on her body, giggling at the tickly, tingly touch of it on her tits, her thighs, her crotch. But the image of her mom using a vibrator on Jerry came unbidden, and she said, “No, fuck it, let’s do it ourselves!”

She pulled Rosie back onto the bed and she laid the chubby blonde girl out. They’d been friends for years, but this was a special moment in their relationship.

“I’ve always been crazy about you,” Rosie whispered. “I always hoped we could do this, you and me. I never wanted to do it with any other girl but you. But I wanted you soooo much…”

First Leanne went down on Rosie’s tits. They were soft and squishy, and they tasted like sweat, but her tongue stuck to them as if it had been glued on, once she got her first feel of hard hot nipple in her mouth, Rosie’s teats were enormous, as big as chocolate drops and so pale in tint that they almost blended right into the creamy flesh of her tits.

Leanne tickled and pinched them, until they were firm and hard, and then she circled them carefully with her tongue, not licking the nips themselves, just the flesh that surrounded them. She could feel the tension in Rosie’s body as her blonde friend waited for Leanne to start sucking, and to tell the truth, Leanne kinda enjoyed tantalizing herself with the prospect.

But the nipples seemed to hum out an invitation, and her tongue slid gradually onto the nearest one. She moved her lips downward, surrounding it, and she pulled with her mouth, feeling the nipple harden even more on her tongue. There was a remarkable pleasure in the act of suckling Rosie’s tit. Leanne felt like a baby, safe and secure. She also felt, at the same time, as sexy as a bitch.

While she suckled the tits, her hand was busy again between Rosie’s legs. She massaged the bisected cunt bun, splitting the lips and letting her fingertips move into the wetness inside. She fucking loved it when a boy did this to her, and she could sense that Rosie liked it too. Her fingers went straight to the clit and she peeled back its foreskin, baring the tiny tip of the other girl’s love button. Her finger tapped lightly across the clit’s point, and each tap made a fresh squiggle of juice ooze from Rosie’s hot wet cunt.

Rosie wanted to kiss some more, and Leanne enjoyed it, but she was thinking about the pussy that was leaking its juices onto her hand. Rosie had smiled so cutely as she ate Leanne’s pussy. Did it really taste that good? Leanne had eaten her juices off a few pricks. How was pussy-juice taken straight from the source? She had to find out.

“I really don’t do this kinda stuff, normally,” she apologized, going down on Rosie. “I mean, I’m really straight, you know? But I’m so traumatized that I don’t know what I’m doing tonight…”

She licked through the sparse blonde hairs, licking everywhere but the pussy crack itself. She was almost afraid to taste it, afraid she might like it too much.

But the scent of aroused cunt called out to Leanne, and she found her mouth moving inexorably toward that smell. She peeled back the tight lips and looked down into the deep red of the pussy trench. The hole was winking at her. She could see the action of the anxious muscles inside the mouth of Rosie’s cunt tube.

She licked at the budlike clit, feeling its responsive quivers, and that excited Leanne O’Neill very much. Her fingers played in and out of Rosie’s open trench, soaking themselves in her friend’s pussy wetness, and she brought them up, sniffed at them. She had to taste it!

Leanne stuck the fingers into her mouth and sucked at them. Jesus, it tasted good! Almost as good as her own pussy-juice when it coated the hard hot flesh of a boy’s prick. She pried the labes open further and she let her tongue walk up and down the cracked exposure, tasting the sweet fluid that coated Rosie’s crimson cunt.

Her tongue took control. She just watched it go to town. All of this was coming to her strictly from instinct. All of it worked.

She fucked her tongue into Rosie’s cunt-hole, giggling as her friend’s crotch jerked and spasmed. She came up to lick the clit again, and the responses heightened. She wanted to put her finger inside the pussy, and she saw no reason not to. Leanne thrust, and her middle finger slammed into the tightness of Rosie’s cunt.

“Oh, babyyyy…”

God! Rosie was as tight as a virgin inside! Betcha she hadn’t done it very often, Leanne assured herself, working her finger bravely in and out of the gripping, constricted tunnel of, Rosie’s cunt.

She was still licking the clit, feeling it grow bigger and harder and hotter against her tongue. The tip poked above its little turtleneck covering, and each fresh swipe of Leanne’s tongue made it come up a bit higher, a bit more eager and anxious. Leanne closed her lips on the tip and gave it a hot sucking kiss of passion. Her fingers kept on fucking in and out of Rosie, but she could sense that her friend was on the verge of climax already. The interior of Rosie’s cunt felt just like Leanne’s own pussy did when it was being fucked into oblivion.

She got her finger out somehow and replaced it with her tongue. The act of eating Rosie’s cunt excited her so much that she was hardly aware Rosie was pulling her over, onto Rosie’s prone body. Leanne wiggled and moved into position, her own cunt descending onto Rosie’s face, and she squealed gleefully as she felt the caress of a hot female tongue on her crack. Fingers worked on her bun and spread her cheeks, exposing the lush wet sweetness of her cunt to a tongue and lips that were hungry for cunt, right now!

It was all Rosie could do to lie still long enough to get her hands and mouth onto Leanne’s pussy. “You’re gonna make me come,” she moaned excitedly. “Oh, you’re really gonna do it!”

Leanne already knew that. She was jabbing her finger into Rosie’s cunt, fucking deep and hard, her mouth leechlike on Rosie’s clit. The hands that pried her ass-cheeks apart were exposing her charms to an avid mouth, and she moaned a little too, feeling Rosie’s tongue on her crack, even on her asshole.

Rosie opened the cheeks and licked into the hollow of Leanne’s shithole, not caring a fuck what she was doing now, and it was both dirty and exhilarating at the same time.

Her lips moved down to the mouth of Rosie’s pussy and she started to lick in and out of the horny cunt-hole. She fucked it with her tongue, spearing as deeply as she could go. Her tongue was like a funnel, and the sizzly juices oozed down it, into her mouth. As she sucked pussy, she put her finger a little southward and found the tiny tightness of Rosie’s own rosy asshole. The least she could do was return the favor.

Her finger was sopping wet from being up Rosie’s cunt anyway, and the girl’s crack was dripping with hot sweat. Leanne found her finger entering Rosie’s asshole almost before she knew that was what she had in mind, but it felt so good being inside her that she decided not to fuck with karma. She pushed her finger deep, moving her tongue at the same time, and she double-drilled her friend’s sex openings with a growing mad hunger, a lust that both frightened and thrilled her.

“Oooohhhh!” Leanne screeched, feeling the bite of Rosie’s hot finger, stabbing into her own shitter. But Jesus, it did feel kinda nice, once she got used to the frisky, frantic in and out!

She paid her friend back in kind, fingerfucking Rosie’s hot little asshole while her tongue played in and out of the cunt, went up to kiss and slurp the clit, then back down to re-enter the yearning pussy. And the more she thought about it, the less she thought about what Mom and that asshole Jerry had done to her tonight.

Leanne heard the buzzing sound, but she thought it was just a whirring in her ears as the excitement built and blossomed. She learned differently when she felt the buzzing touch of the vibrator applied directly to the wet, raw crack of her cunt. Her eyes bugged out at the feel of the thing on her skin, but she was too far gone to say stop now. And besides, Rosie’s hot tongue soothed and comforted her — so much that she hardly even blinked when she felt the tip of the vibrator penetrating her cunt.

Nothing artificial had ever been up her before. God, what she’d missed! The dildo had a presence she’d never felt from a real cock. It started as the thing pierced her cuntmouth and as the toy moved up her wet excited tunnel, the buzzing seemed to multiply a thousand fold. Her cuntal interior throbbed with energy and the walls of her pussy sheath were squeezing so tight she was half afraid the vibrator would break in two, deep within her hole.

She repaid Rosie by doubling up the speed of her tongue and finger work. She stabbed Rosie’s asshole, she tongue-fucked Rosie’s cunt, she drank the sloshy juices that oozed from her friend’s hole, and she switched holes now and then, licking the ass while she finger-fucked the pussy, just to keep Rosie guessing what might happen next.

Meanwhile, her own cunt was full of the vibrator, and she was about to explode. Rosie was sucking her clit, fingering her asshole, and shoving the dildo as far up Leanne as it would go, then holding it in place to buzz the fuck out of her ovaries. It was almost Cum City!

Leanne exploded with a scream. Her pussy muscles contracted, and she literally fucked the vibrator out of her rippling hole, expelling it like an asshole might squirt out a fresh turd. She heard the pop, and then Rosie’s mouth covered her cunt and resumed the hot sucking that had helped Leanne get to this point. Rosie’s finger was buried up Leanne’s shitter, and the tip wiggled madly deep inside.

Leanne kept on eating — she wasn’t sure how she managed. It must have been instinct alone that drove her tongue and finger in and out of Rosie’s cunt and asshole. Leanne’s orgasm raged and she moaned and licked and licked and moaned, and she squirmed like a beached fish atop her hot-bodied friend.

Rosie’s climax wasn’t as explosive as Leanne’s, but there was no question that she had one. The juicy proof of it filled Leanne’s sucking mouth, and the contraction of asshole around the girl’s finger told her all she needed to know. Rosie’s body throbbed beneath Leanne’s, and the two girls moaned and humped until the bed shook, threatening to break under the weight of their orgasmic fuck-heaves.

They snuggled afterwards, a sheet covering their nestled, sweat-soaked bodies, their tits and thighs rubbing deliciously as they shared kisses and confidences in the dark.

Rosie nuzzled closer, pushing her chubby tits against Leanne’s ribcage. Under the sheet she had her hand in Leanne’s crotch, stroking and petting the moist, tingly labes of the pussy. “I love you so much,” she sighed. “I’d eat shit for you, Leanne…”

“I’m sure I’d never ask you to,” Leanne giggled. “God, that sounds like the stuff my mom and Jerry were talking about! Gross!”

“Wasn’t that better than you ever had it with a guy?” Rosie demanded. “Wasn’t it the fucking ultimate?”

“It was good,” Leanne admitted, “but I don’t think I’d say it was the best. Oh, Rosie, you should feel it when Jerry slides that big hard cock into your pussy! You’d throw your vibrator in the garbage. I swear it! But he’s such a bastard…”

“He’s a guy,” Rosie said, “You’re being redundant.” She held Leanne closer. “Do we have to talk about him? Let’s talk about us! All those years I wanted to do that to you, and now I get the chance, but the only thing you can do is piss and moan about that shithead Jerry!”

Leanne didn’t answer. I want him back, she was thinking. The only problem is, how do I get him away from my own fucking mother?


“Jesus, honey, that’s a pretty hard story to believe,” Walt Murphy said. “I mean, it doesn’t sound like anything your mom would do.”

But, he told himself, it really did sound like Karen. The woman was a sex animal. She could wear a man out. Walt had been wondering who was pounding Karen now that he was out of the house. He couldn’t imagine her going without it altogether, but he kinda had her pictured as doing a lot of dildo-riding, that cock-shaped tool she kept in her nightstand.

“You shoulda seen it, Walt,” Leanne insisted. “It was horrible. Like all your worst nightmares come to life. Mom and my Jerry, rolling around naked, doing horrible disgusting things to each other…”

Walt looked at his stepdaughter. He wondered if the things she’d seen were disgusting because they nauseated her, or disgusting because it was her mom doing them and not Leanne herself. There was no way the kid could still be a virgin, Walt decided. Not with a face and body like hers.

“What hurt the most,” Leanne went on, “was that he was cheating on me. Like, can you imagine anyone cheating on me?” She leaned back, taking a deep breath that made her tits lift invitingly under the thin tight top she wore. It was Spandex, and it molded to every curve and ripple of her tits, advertising the perpetual stiffness of her perky nipples, the perfect roundness of her firm highset tits. She knew he was looking. How could he not look?

“I can’t imagine it,” Walt agreed. Jesus, the kid was something else! He’d never looked at her as anything but a stepdaughter during the three years he’d been married to her mother. He was no kid-molester. Besides, anyone married to Karen was too busy to do much thinking about other women. But now, with Karen nowhere in sight and Leanne literally looking good enough too eat, Walt Murphy found his thoughts straying to forbidden realms.

Leanne stretched out her long legs. She wore a very short skirt, with no stockings. Her legs were long and bare and inviting, and if she moved her knees one more time, he would certainly get a look at the crotch of her panties. Walt found himself wondering just what might be lurking inside those teenaged panties.

“Like, I thought he was happy with me,” Leanne went on. “We had sex — not all the time, but often enough to keep us both satisfied, and I thought it was like, really good sex, too, you know? Jerry never had any complaints. Oh, Walt, am I shocking you? Do you still think of me as a little girl in pigtails or something?” She giggled. “I have grown up, you know!”

He gulped. He’d noticed. Leanne dazzled him with a smile and she leaned forward slightly, so that he had a clear shot down the low cut vee of her top. Sweat gleamed on the inner curves of her perfect tits.

“I can’t go back home,” Leanne went on. “Not with Mom and Jerry doing it to each other. I don’t think I ever want to see either of them again. I spent last night with my friend Rosie, but I can’t stay there either. She lives at home, and she doesn’t have room for two. I don’t have enough money to get an apartment. What I was thinking was — you being my stepfather and all, you know? — was maybe I could stay with you for a day or two while I’m trying to figure out what to do.” And her eyebrows lifted hopefully. Was he going to take the bait?

“Uh, I don’t have that much room either,” Walt said. “This hotel room is home sweet home. I make sandwiches in what they call the kitchenette. I sleep on the bed, right over there. Except for the bathroom what you see is all there is. It would be kinda cramped, wouldn’t it? Not that I wouldn’t be glad to have you stay.”

Leanne stood up. “I don’t take up much space,” she said, taking a step toward him, “and if you let me stay, we could get along much better than the average stepfather and stepdaughter, Walt.”

He gasped as she sat down on his lap, her legs and arms enfolding him. She began to kiss his face and neck, her hands pulling open the front of his shirt and going inside to rub the hair-matted surface of his chest.

“I’ve always had kind of a crush on you, Walt,” she said. It wasn’t really true, but that didn’t matter.

“You better get off me,” Walt warned. “I won’t be responsible for what might happen…”

Leanne squirmed down, rubbing her ass over the bulge in the front of his pants. He was getting stiff already. Hot damn! Who said she didn’t have what it took to turn a guy on? Even if her own guy did find her Goddamn mother more attractive for some reason?

She took one of Walt’s hands and placed it on the front of her top. “Feel my tits,” she whispered, “How firm, how ripe, how hot… my nipples are hard and my heart is beating a mile a minute. Oh, Walt, I feel so betrayed by what Mom and Jerry did. Can’t you try and help me feel better? Show me that I still have some worth as a person?”

Her head angled back, and his mouth dominated hers. His hand went under the clinging tightness of the top and moved upward to cup a round hard tit. Leanne moaned into her stepfather’s mouth as his fingers pinched excitedly on the pointed tip of her nipple. Under her ass she could feel his cock, growing harder with each beat of his heart.

He peeled the top upward, over her head, and the young girl relaxed bare-titted on her stepfather’s lap. “Suck them, lick them,” she invited. “That’s what they’re here for.”

Hers weren’t the first tits he’d ever sucked, she thought delightedly as he began to feast on them. Mmmm, he knew some lip-to-nipple tricks she hadn’t experienced before, not even from Rosie last night. Her flesh was like plastic under his hands and mouth, and she moaned and sighed and shivered, feeding her tits into Walt’s mouth.

“I shouldn’t do this,” he said huskily… “I’m not even divorced from your mother yet.”

“Does that make it incest?” she asked with a twinkle. “I know it makes it exciting…”

Leanne slid off her stepfather’s lap, onto her knees. She looked up at him with a smile and put his hands atop her pointed tits. “Let me show you a couple of things I know, Daddy Walt,” she giggled, reaching for his fly.

His cock came out of his pants, big and hard and thick and long. She eyed it with pleasure, licking her lips. He was bigger than Jerry, she was sure. And he was rigid with lust. For her!

Her tongue worshiped his hard prick. Walt strained and gasped and wriggled in the chair while Leanne went to work on him with her hands and her mouth. She sucked him in, taking him deep with breathy swallows. She washed him in her saliva. She sucked his cock-knob into her throat and moved her cheeks around his shaft in goldfish gulps. Smiling, she fucked Walt’s cock in and out of her mouth, now sucking at just the tip, now gobbling him down to the nuts but always holding him in the warm wet grip of her hot lips, loving him with her frisky tongue.

“You little slut,” Walt said, “are you doing this because you want to, or just to get back at your mother?”

Leanne looked up, her dark eyes big and serious. “Honestly, I started it because I wanted to get back at Mom. But the moment I tasted your juicy cock I knew I was doing it for me.” She kissed the crown of his prick. “Okay?”

Walt stood up and he pulled Leanne to her feet. He crushed the young girl in his arms, bending her over backward while his hands explored the bared curves of her tits. He kissed her mouth, then dipped lower to take her nipples in his lips again. He bit and chewed into the firm young flesh, his drool flowing across Leanne’s tits. She had a fistful of his cock and it thrilled her nearly as much as having him in her mouth.

He carried her over to the bed, stripping off her miniskirt before he laid her down. Under it, she wore only a pair of sheer skimpy bikini panties. Walt knelt before the teenager and kissed her pussy through the nylon of the filmy underpants. His tongue explored the line of her cunt-gash, pushing the panty material into the twitchy cuntal trench. Then he pulled the panties down and applied his mouth to her bare pussy.

Leanne sank back onto the bed, her legs handing over the side. They were open, her cunt visible, displayed. Walt climbed up into her crotch, eating furiously, his tongue and fingers combining to arouse the hot pussy of his excited stepdaughter.

“Do I taste better than Mom?” she asked in a cute but definitely bitchy tone. “Am I a hot babe, or what?”

“You’re a hot babe, all right,” Walt agreed, standing up. He took off his shirt. His body was hairier than Leanne remembered. Fucking him would be like fucking a bear. She cupped her tits, aching to feel the nipples rubbing his hairy chest.

Walt slid down his pants, and his big hard cock lifted up and out. Leanne looked up at it, remembering how it had tasted.

Walt came onto the bed with Leanne. He stretched out beside her and kissed her hotly while his hands strayed up and down her body. She pressed her tits into his grip, burning his palms with the heat of her hardened pink nipples. Her thigh rubbed excitedly against the stiff lance of his cock.

She threw her leg over his thigh, and the head of his prick snuggled up against her fluffy young cunt. With his tongue in her mouth, Leanne reached down to trap his prick in her hand. She rubbed the big swollen crown up and down her cunt-gash, soaking it in the oozing pussyjuices.

“Feel how wet I am?” she giggled. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet and excited for a fucking, Walt! C’mon, give me some of what you used to give to Mom!”

She spread her cunt-lips and the head of his prick edged inside. Leanna felt the usual thrill at the moment of penetration, and she scooted her cunt down, gloving his cock inside her in one quick pussygulp. “Oh, it’s so fucking big, Walt! I think I love you!”

Walt pulled the overheated young girl onto him, and he lay on his back fucking up into her tight wet pussy. He could tell she hadn’t had a lot of experience, from the tightness of her cunt, but there was a freewheeling enthusiasm in the way she pistoned her cunt up and down on his prick. With a little more screwing under her garter belt, she could be one hell of a fuck. Christ, she was already one hell of a fuck!

Her tits were so hard and tight they hardly bounced as she rode him. He filled his hands with the ripe little fistfuls and squeezed eagerly, feeling the hot stiff nips against his palms. Leanne’s head was back, tossing from side to side, while her pussy galloped up and down his thrusting hard prick.

“God, you’re so tight,” Walt sighed. “Your pussy feels like a nutcracker on my cock…”

“Told you I was a hot babe,” she giggled.

The effort of fucking her tight cunt was more than the older man could take. Suddenly his cock swelled inside Leanne and he banged up into her cunt four or five times in rapid succession, and she moaned to feel the much too early squirting of his cum.

“No, no, not yet!” she squealed, riding him hard, clutching him with the muscles of her ultra-tight young pussy. “I wanna come too!”

She slipped off his cock, with the sperm oozing out of her fresh-fucked cunt, and she grabbed him in her mouth, sucking savagely.

Her teeth gnawed at the flesh of his gristly, cum-coated cock. She nursed him, wolfed him, sucked him had. Looking up at his face, her eyes gave him the same message as her mouth. She wanted some more fucking out of this cock and she’d have it — or else!

Leanne’s head lifted from the upright lance of Walt’s still-hard cock. “That’s a lot better,” she said, gurgling from the saliva that had filled her mouth while she sucked on him. “Now you fuck me with that thing, and you fuck me good, mister! Or I’ll tell my mommy on you!”

This time she went onto her knees, wiggling her ass invitingly. “Fuck me like a dog. I really dig it that way. That big hard cock shoved up my pussy from behind. Mmmm, Walt, I betcha you make me come, too!”

He moved in behind her, his hard prick sticking straight out. Leanne spread her cunt-flaps, testing the wetness with a fingertip. His cum was still leaking out of her pussy. Bet there’d be more of it in a few minutes!

“Stick it in,” she moaned. “God, I need your cock!”

He rammed into her cunt, pronging the hot young teen in one quick stroke. She screamed at the force of his penetration, and she lurched forward on her knees, but Walt fucked right after her, keeping his prick buried inside her wet tight pussy.

“Hold still, baby — I thought this was what you wanted…”

“Shut up and fuck me!”

Walt fucked in and out of his stepdaughter in passionate horny thrusts. The head of his cock rammed deep into her cunt-hole, time after time, and she screamed with each thrust. The big knob was like an apple stuffed that much closer to the grandmother of all orgasms.

He fondled her ass-cheeks while he fucked her. She kept on moaning, urging him to do still more. The pink pore of her asshole winked open as he manipulated her buttocks, and he tickled it with the tip of his thumb.

“Oh, that’s filthy,” Leanne giggled, but she didn’t mind. It wasn’t the first time a finger had played with her asshole.

“How about this?” Walt asked, screwing the tip of his thumb into her asshole. She gulped but she didn’t fight him. Her pussy was to busy swallowing the hot horny thrusts of his renewed erection.

He wedged his thumb inside her, reaming the tightness of her rectum. Leanne strained and fought, but she wasn’t trying to fight him off. “Do that,” she commanded. “I think I like it…”

His thumb went deeper. She found herself wondering what it would be like to take a cock up her asshole.

“I got an idea…” Leanne panted, her pussy a ripple of activity around Walt’s stabbing cock.


“I don’t know if I oughta do this,” Walt said reluctantly. “Fucking my stepdaughter is one thing. Sticking my cock up her ass — that seems a little kinky.”

“Pleeeeeeeez?” Leanne trilled. “I’m just dying to find out what it’s like.” She giggled. “Seems like everybody wants to stick something up my butt, lately. You weren’t too proud to stick your thumb in it, were you, stepfather? So why not ream me with that cock?”

She was greasing her asshole with a stick of margarine, the only thing in the apartment that promised to do the trick.

She coated her hands with the half-melted stuff and smeared it all over Walt’s cock. “I think you’re ready,” she said. “I fucking know I am!” Leaning down, she kissed the tip of his prick, tasting the margarine on her tongue, and then she went onto her knees again.

Leanne pulled her buttocks open, baring the greasy shithole. “Right there, Daddy Walt,” she giggled. “Same place you had your big hard thumb — only now I want your big hard cock!”

The burning sensation of his cock fighting with her anal tightness almost changed Leanne’s mind on the spot. She hadn’t expected it to be quite such a shock as he attempted to get his cock into her backdoor. His thumb had entered her so easily, after all. But his prick was a different story. Jesus fucking Christ, he was biiiiiig!

He pressed, and the knob slipped into her oiled hole. Leanne yelped, and she thought for a moment she was gonna die, but then her muscles relaxed and suddenly it didn’t feel anywhere near so bad. “That’s a weird sensation,” she mused. “I feel like I’m taking a shit and I stopped halfway. Can you get any more of it in me?”

He didn’t answer verbally. He just shoved his cock into the snug haven of her asshole, pushing a little deeper.

Leanne gasped, but the girl was game. “Okay,” she said. “Now fuck me, stepdaddy!”

He fucked her. Jesus, he fucked her!

Leanne clutched at the bedsheets, ripping them into shreds as her body rocked under the shuddering impact of Walt’s thrusting cock. Even with a half stick of margarine melted into her asshole and around his prick, the fit was tight and her anal muscles resisted as much as they could, reluctant to endure the presence of a strange object.

But oh, fucking God, the longer and harder he fucked into her hot tight shithole, the wilder the sensations became and the more she thought she could get addicted to this! The tightness of the fit accentuated the feel of being stuffed totally full, and the ram of the cock made Leanne’s entire body shudder in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

With his attack continuing unabated, the pleasure began to take precedence over the pain. It was like the feel of Rosie’s mouth on her tits, on her pussy — there was a sense of comfort that came to Leanne from the presence of her stepfather’s hard fat cock thrust up her asshole. She found herself purring as the fierce assfuck continued, and one of her hands crept onto her pussy, tickling the clit and the labes, puddling in the ooze of juices that leaked from her hole.

She stuck fingers into her cunt and masturbated herself. God! She could feel the action of that cock, as if it was fucking alongside her fingers! She pressed against the back of her cuntal tube and she could even read Walt’s rapid pulse, beating through the stiffened shaft of his prick as it fucked the young girl’s eager asshole.

Her cunt was till sticky inside from the river of jizz he’d poured into her during their first fuck. She moistened her fingers in it, wiped them dry on her throbbing clit, sent fresh hot spurts of excitement through herself at the same time.

“Fuck me, oh, God, yes, fuck meeee!” Leanne moaned. “I want your cock all the way up my ass and in my fucking throat!”

He was almost there anyway! The end of his long prick was unbelievably deep in Leanne’s body. This fuck might ruin her for life, but it felt so Goddamn good she didn’t really care. She was about to come, and she ached to feel the explosion of his cock deep within her.

Her asshole hurt like blazes, but it was a sweet hot horny kind of hurt. Walt was fucking like a beast right now, ramming her full of his big thick cock stroke after Goddamn stroke, and her tight little shit ring was stretched wide. He crammed her, he reamed her, he fucked her crazy!

Her fingers were deep in her cunt, stroking herself toward the point of ecstasy. “I’m gonna come, oh, Jesus, God, Walt, I’m gonna fucking commmmme!”

She wasn’t sure whether the orgasm was centered in her pussy or her asshole. As it burst through her body, she found she didn’t really care all that much. It was a come, and it was a monster!

“Yesssss!” she screamed, loud enough to rattle the plaster on the ceiling of Walt’s hotel room.

And as she exploded, that cock of his kept right on fucking her!

Jesus, he was all man! Why had Mom not been able to hang onto him? With a prick like this at her beck and call, why in the fuck would Mom even want to think about stealing her daughter’s boyfriends, for Chrissakes? Leanne marveled at the weirdness of the world as she soared into a come that didn’t know when or where to quit.

“Stop, I gotta stop,” she panted, flopping onto her belly. “Take that fucking cock outta me before you rip me apart…”

“You wanted it, baby, and you’re gonna get it,” Walt husked, coming down upon her from the back, his cock still jabbing into the well-fucked opening of her ass. She screamed again, too raw to take another stroke, and the scream must have told him something. His strokes slowed, and he eased his prick out of her asshole, sliding off his stepdaughter’s prone and exhausted body.

Leanne turned over slowly, her eyes watery. “Oh, Jesus,” she said, “your cock is still hard!”

She was her mother’s daughter. She crawled to her stepfather and took his long cock in hand, feeding the shit-stained tool into her mouth. She was beyond caring at this point. Her mouth closed around his stiffness and she sucked wildly up and down the throbbing length of his stiff prick, while Walt groaned and moaned and guided her head with his trembling hands.

“Suck it, baby,” she heard him say, his voice a million miles away from her ears. “Let me come in your sweet hot mouth…”

Oh, yes, she wanted that too! She fucking wanted it all!

Leanne wolfed his cock, biting, sucking, licking. She gobbled his nuts while both her hands jerked madly on his cock, and then she took him back into her mouth to suck him again.

Her mouth thirsted for the hot squirt of his cum. Her belly ached with lust, and her cunt had begun to itch with a renewed fuck fever. She drew up her legs and pressed the fullness of her thighs against the tingling slice of her pussy, massaging herself while she continued to suck her stepfather’s assfucking prick.

She held the knob in her mouth, trapped behind her front teeth, and she lapped it with her frantic tongue while both her hands jerked up and down on his stiff prick. She could already taste the cum oozing from his cock, but there was more. These were just escaping dribbles. He had a load ready to squirt, and the samples only whetted her desire to feel the juice coating her tongue.

“Yes!” he snapped, and his hands were tight on her head. Leanne flipped him once more with her tongue, and then it came, gushing into her mouth, a river of white, hot sperm! She drank him, greedily, thirstily, sluttishly, sucking his cock for more until the cock went limp in her mouth and he moaned and whimpered like a dog.


“So can I stay with you?” Leanne repeated. “I don’t take up much space, and I think I can be very efficient in the space I do take up. Or would you like another demonstration?”

“Christ, I need my head examined for this!” Walt sighed. “But how can I throw you out, baby? This is gonna give your mother a shitload of ammunition for the divorce case. I’m just happy you’re over eighteen. And that we’re not blood kin. Sure, you can stay.”

“Oh, goodie!” Leanne chirped. She threw her arms around Walt and hugged him lovingly. He stirred uncomfortably in her embrace, and she realized why. There was a distinct stirring in his pants. His cock!

“No, no, no,” the girl giggled, “you can’t fuck me again — not right now, stepdaddy Walt! You’ll have to wait till later. We have a few things to take care of, first.”

“Such as?”

“Well, we have to get my clothes, and my stereo, and of course my tapes and records, and I couldn’t dream of leaving my stuffed animals at home either — Mom might burn them up or something. I know! Let’s get Rosie, and we’ll go over to the house and get all my stuff and bring it here, and then Mom and Jerry can just go fuck themselves to hell and back. Okay? Okay?”

Walt shook his head. Where were they ever gonna put all Leanne’s shit in an apartment as small as this? There’d be hardly enough room left to fuck. But he looked down at his stepdaughter’s naked, alluring body, and he thought, we’ll find someplace to do it…


“I’m serious,” Karen Murphy said, raising her mouth from Jerry Wexler’s throbbing hard cock. “Why don’t you move in with me?”

“What about Leanne?” the boy said, hardly believing his ears. “I mean, sure, it’s great fucking you, Karen, but don’t you think Leanne would have a shit-fit?”

“She’ll just have to accept it,” Karen said, slurping at Jerry’s cock with her hot wet tongue. “And why the fuck that girl didn’t come home last night, I have no idea. I suppose I should call and find out. But what the hell — she’s old enough to take care of herself. If I don’t check up on her, I’m a heartless bitch, and if I do check up, then I’m a snooping bitch. Mothers can’t win. Unless they luck onto something like this sweet juicy hard cock of yours, Jerry, my boy!”

And with that she sucked him into her mouth, inhaling his cock in desperately hungry swallows. Anyone who didn’t know she’d been sucking and fucking the kid since seven-thirty yesterday evening would have sworn that Karen had just come back from ten years in a convent — or on a desert island.

She wrapped her legs around Jerry’s neck and washed his face with her cunt. He seemed tired, but his cock was still hard and active, and the moment his tongue brushed the crack of her pussy she could tell that her young lover’s libido was flaring up hot and heavy again. He opened her cunt gash and flicked his tongue straight into her pussy-hole, licking her cunt inside out with slurps that were growing more and more experienced each time he practiced them.

She gorged her mouth on his fat, risen cock, sucking the marrow out of his pecker bone. There was nothing Karen enjoyed more waking up with her mouth full of cock.

“This reminds me so much of my Patrick,” she sighed, between gobbles at Jerry’s cock.

“Will you shut the fuck up with Patrick, already?” Jerry growled, his head busy between Karen’s legs. “It’s tough to keep a hard-on when all you wanna do is talk about your dead husband. Let the man rest in peace and concentrate on the cock that’s in your mouth right now!”

Touchy son of a bitch! Karen thought, but she supposed he was right. She probably did talk too, much about Patrick. But how better to remind Walt that he wasn’t quite the man her first husband had been? And now it just came so automatically to her.

“I want to fuck you,” she told Jerry. “I like to wake up and fuck. I used to do that all the time with the guy you’re tired of hearing about. Do you think you can throw me a nice hard fuck, or have I already banged your balls off?”

Jerry tossed her off him and crawled aboard the older woman. Her legs rose to her tits as he slid in between them, and the blunt snout of his fat hard cock made straight for the dripping gash of her cunt.

“Christ,” he said, sinking into her wet hot hole, “you’re soaking wet! This early in the morning? That’s fucking obscene!”

“Then fuck me obscenely,” she hissed from beneath him. “Fuck me hard and make me come all over that big fat prick! See if you can dry my cunt up, boy! See if you can fuck me to death!”

He pounded his cock into her pussy. She soaked him into her big hungry cunt-hole, teasing him with the slackness of her forty-year-old cunt, and then she started to tighten up on his prick, squeezing at him in irregular rhythmic fashion. He groaned as her cunt ate his cock, and he moaned, fucking deeper and harder into Karen’s pussy.

She flipped him onto his side and mounted him, not missing a stroke of that big hard cock up her cunt. She panted, slamming her cunt down onto his, cock. She ground her loins against his and absorbed the heat of his erect prick, loving the feel of him big and stiff inside her, totally engulfed in the wetness of her cunt, and then she began to pound herself up and down. Braced on the balls of her feet, holding his hands tightly. Karen Murphy rode her daughter’s lover deliriously, gloriously.

An orgasm blistered the lining of her cunt. She moaned and rolled and almost fell backwards off him, surrendering herself to the delicious sensations that roiled through her body. His cock fucked up into her orgasmic cunt, and his prick-hairs tickled the hell out of her throbbing clit. Her cunt tightened on his cock and the juices gushed down her tunnel, almost drowning the boy’s prick in sticky sweetness.

She leaned toward him, slapping his face with her tits. He fought back, biting at the big hooters, trapping the nipples in his mouth and sucking them hard, almost viciously. Just the way she liked it! Patrick had been a gobbler on her tits, too, and it was almost like having his mouth come back from the grave to suck her tits again. She fed her tits into Jerry’s mouth, squeezed them together around his face, smeared the sweat of her chest into his mouth.

Her cunt ached from orgasm, but the kid hadn’t squirted yet, quick as a thought, she dismounted, lying beside him.

“Fuck my tits,” she told him, jiggling her big mounds. The nipples were an inch long and blood red from arousal. Her fingertips brushed back and forth over them, each touch like the scrape of sandpaper on an open wound. She closed her eyes and whimpered. “Fuck my Goddamn tits!”

He straddled her, and she made her tits a passageway for his cock. He laid his prick between them, on her breastbone, and she mashed the big mounds together around his meat. Her tongue thrust forward to lick the tip of Jerry’s cock, and he began to move back and forth.

The sawing action of his prick on her tits was fantastic. So was the sight of his big purple knob spearing toward her face again and again. She licked at it, tasting the hunger, the arousal, that bubbled through, oozed from, the head of the boy’s cock.

Her mouth captured his cock as it moved, and she held him in a grip of iron, sucking like a demon at the big fattened knob. The taste of his cum was unmistakable, the stuff oozing out of his slit even as he tried to hold it back.

Karen let her tits fall aside and she grabbed that sweet hard cock in both hands, bringing it straight into her mouth. The flavor of her hot cunt coated the shaft, and she sucked it down her throat, gobbling it like a slut. She got him by the base and she worked her fist up and down the shaft, all the while she sucked, bringing him closer and closer to the moment he’d fill her mouth with his squirting cum.

His cock was wet with her suck juices. It slipped easily in and out. She nuzzled it, licked up and down the hard shaft, adding more saliva to the coating that already covered his meat. She licked the big knob, tracing the ridges, sliding her tongue through the wet piss slit, and she knew she was bringing him to the point of no return but she didn’t care. She was here to suck cock, and she was here to eat cum!

She straightened his cock up and worked her mouth down the big bulging vein that ran down the length of his underwide. It hummed and throbbed with the life that flowed through his prick, and she pressed her lips to it, taking his pulse orally. She sucked him like an ear of corn fresh from the coals, and her mouth was as wet as if she’d burrowed in melted butter.

Back up to the big purple cock-knob. God, it looked like someone had smacked his crown with a hammer! He was the color of fresh-made wine, glistening from her mouth. She licked him, made him wetter still. His hands were on her head, guiding her. “Yeah, baby,” she heard him sigh, “oh, that’s it, you’re gonna do it to me, aren’t you…”

Was she ever! She rubbed his cock all over her face, heating it with the warmth of her skin. She seemed to be enfolded in moist hot steam. Her eyes were glazing over. She was gonna come again as soon he squirted just from the excitement of getting him off.

She jerked her fist up and down the shaft while she kissed his rigid pole, and then she put her mouth to the tip and breathed and murmured across it while her hand continued to work on him, faster and faster and faster.

“Come in my face! Squirt where I can see it shooting!”

“You fucking got it!” he snapped, and he tilted her head back a little, just as his hand reached down and took over the job of masturbating his stiff prick. Karen licked at the tip while his fist stroked, and she made cooing sounds that were guaranteed to get a man’s balls into production of the juice she craved.

“Now!” Jerry gasped. “Gonna — do it — nowwww!”

His cum erupted from the tip of his cock, squirting everywhere. Karen watched in awe as he shot forth an ocean of the white spray. Her face was thick with the cream of his ejaculation. He pushed his cock into her mouth and finished the job there. When he was done, she scooped the rest from her face and ate it from her fingers, smiling angelically at him as she licked the fingers clean and dry.


“So,” she said, as they double-teamed the shower, “what about that offer? Why don’t you move in with me? My God, boy,” and she grabbed his soapy cock for emphasis, “I’ve gotta have you around fulltime! I can’t go back to sneaking a quick fuck with you when we get the chance! Well, answer me.”

“It’s gonna be sticky,” Jerry said. “I’ve been wanting to move out of my folks’ house for a while. And living with you would be fan-fucking-tastic. But I’m still worried about Leanne. When she finds out, it’s gonna hurt her.”

“Young girls need to be hurt once in a while,” Karen said philosophically. “It teaches them an important lesson — that just because they’re young and pretty and have tight pussies and high firm tits, that’s no guarantee life will always smile at them. Anyway, she’s not in love with you, is she? She fucked other guys before you came along, and she’ll fuck other guys after you’re gone. I didn’t sew my pussy shut when I lost Patr… sorry. I promised not to talk about him again, and I mean to keep the promise. But does this mean that you are gonna move in?”

“I guess so,” Jerry said. “We’ll have to go over to my house and get my stuff, though. Maybe we should do it now. Jesus, my folks are gonna shit when they find out who I’m living with!”


Walt got the delivery van from the hardware store that he managed during the week. He and Leanne picked up Rosie on their way over to the house. Leanne was more than slightly disappointed to find the house locked and empty when they arrived. Shit! She wanted to see Mom’s face, wanted to confront her eyeball to eyeball!

“Well, at least let’s get my stuff,” she said, unlocking the door with her key.

“Let’s hurry,” Walt suggested. “Maybe we can be gone by the time Karen gets back.”

Leanne found the note on the fridge door, tacked with the magnet. It read: “Had a couple of errands to run, will be back soon. Did you have a good time last night? Don’t run off. We have to talk. Mom.” The girl read it scowling. She took a black marker pen from the top of the refrigerator and scrawled FUCK YOU, MOM!!! all over the front of the note and repinned it to the door.

“Let’s pack me up,” she said.

She had to pass the door to her mother’s room enroute to her own, and she stopped, peeking inside as if maybe Mom and Jerry were still in there going at it like warthogs. She could see the whole thing, all over again, and it made her blood boil. Walt was already down the hall, opening the door to Leanne’s room. Leanne just grabbed Rosie’s hand and pulled her friend into Karen’s bedroom.

“Right here is where they did it,” Leanne said, pointing to the bed. “It was soooo awful. But you helped me get over it, Rosie, and I’m so grateful to you for that…”

And with that she put her arms around her friend and started to kiss Rosie’s face and neck. Her other hand pulled down on the neckline of Rosie’s shirt, exposing the inner curves of the pudgy blonde’s tits, and Leanne’s mouth moved down into the vee, her lips still glued to the flesh.

“Ooohh,” Rosie said, “You better not do that… Walt is just down the hall! God, I’d be so embarrassed if he saw you doing that!”

But she was holding Leanne, excitedly, and her body was heating up fast. Part of her was nervous and part of her was hot for action. Leanne touched Rosie’s tits. They were definitely hot for action. The nipples were hard inside Rosie’s bra, and the fingers that stroked the outlines of the tits could feel the hard, excited nipples. Leanne purred.

She unbuttoned the shirt. “We’ll hurry,” she promised. “Come over here and sit down on Mom’s bed. Yes. Now just let me touch you, mmmm, right where you showed me it feels best to be touched…”

Leanne had the shirt unbuttoned all the way now. Rosie sat nibbling her lips, looking around nervously, but the moment Leanne scooped the tits out of her pink bra and began to tickle the nips with her fingers, the blonde girl started to beam and giggle. The pleasure outweighed the nervousness. Rosie covered the hands with her own, pressing them down upon her tits, and she offered her mouth for kissing.

“Where are you girls?” Walt called from outside. “I need some help. Come on, let’s get this show on — the…” and the words died abruptly as he stepped into the doorway to Karen’s bedroom and saw what his stepdaughter and her friend were up to.

“Ohhh!” Rosie blushed a vivid scarlet and tried to cover herself, but Leanne wouldn’t let go of the tits. She leaned down to let her tongue walk back and forth over the hardened, fat-puff tips, and she winked up at Walt. Her stepfather’s face reddened too, but she could see by his eyes that he was starting to understand.

“Stop it,” Rosie protested, but she didn’t sound convincing. She kept looking up at Walt, then looking away as soon as he’d noticed her eyes on him. “This isn’t what it looks like. Honest, Mr. Murphy!”

“Oh, get real, the two of you!” Leanne trilled. “I fucked Rosie last night, and I fucked Walt this morning. You know what I’d like to do now? I’d like to fuck both of you at the same time. Right here on my mom’s bed! Any takers?”

And without waiting for an answer, Leanne stood up and pulled her top over her head. She was braless underneath, and her tits jiggled prettily as they came into sight. Leanne cupped them. And she turned first to Walt, then to Rosie.

“Aw,” she said. “Come on!”

Rosie wasn’t a virgin, but she was Goddamn close to it. She’d never been fully naked in front of a male before. All her experience had been quickies in the back seats of cars — drop the panties and slide it in. Even when she was down to her panties now, she kept an arm folded across her tits and she cupped the plump crotch of her bikini panties in self-defense.

“I don’t like this,” she said.

Leanne was already stripped, pulling her stepfather’s pants down his legs. His cock was bulging inside his shorts, but it wasn’t inside them for long. As soon as the girl saw the shape and outline of that rampant prick, she let the pants drop and grabbed for Walt’s shorts. She yanked them down, and his cock jumped out, and he fell onto the bed with her at the same moment, kicking the fallen pants off his feet.

Leanne went down on him immediately, sucking his big hard cock deep into her throat. She delighted in the act of showing off in front of Rosie, who stood gaping by the bed as she watched Leanne suck on Walt.

The bed creaked as Rosie climbed aboard. Her tentative hand slid down to fondle the bulge of Walt’s crammed ball-sac, then moved onto the base of the cock, squeezing curiously at it while Leanne sucked away. It wasn’t the first cock Rosie had ever touched, of course, but it was the first one she had ever seen in the clear light of day.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” Rosie whispered, stroking the portion of cock that wasn’t buried in Leanne’s hot mouth.

“You want some, too?” Leanne asked. Rosie shook her head. She really was into girls, not cocks. “Try it, you’ll like it!” Leanne giggled. She put her hand on Rosie’s shoulder and gently but firmly pulled her friend’s face cockward. “Besides,” Leanne whispered, “if you don’t do it, I’ll never let you put your tongue in my pussy again.”

That was all Rosie had to hear. Her eyes got big and she grabbed Walt’s prick with both hands. She gulped and put the end of his cock in her mouth. As her eyes closed, she began to suck on the big knob. Little purry moaning sounds echoed from behind her front teeth, vibrating around the head of Walt’s cock.

Leanne smirked in satisfaction. “Not bad,” she told her friend. “Now I’m going to give Daddy Walt a real treat!” And with that, she straddled his head, pushing her cunt straight down onto his face. She held his ears and forced him to eat her pussy.

Jesus! Walt Murphy thought. This is fucking unreal! Here he was, on the same Goddamn bed he and Karen had shared for the five years of their marriage, and he had his stepdaughter’s pussy in his face and his cock in the mouth of Leanne’s best friend! And his prick was rock hard along Rosie’s wet tongue, and his mouth was going crazy lapping the juices that oozed from Leanne’s cunt!

But it was also the same Goddamn bed where Karen had fucked a boy more than young enough to be her own son, last night. She was always accusing him of lusting after this or that woman, of sticking his cock into this or that strange cunt. He really hadn’t fucked all that many women on the sly since marrying her — no more than five or six, tops. The total was about to hit seven or eight, though. Rosie’s mouth on his cock made him wonder eagerly whether her pussy would feel anywhere near as good, wrapped around his prick, and he knew he was going to have his cock up Leanne again, stepdaughter or no stepdaughter!

Leanne turned around, pressing her cunt back down into his face, and now she was aimed down Walt’s belly. Rosie, down between his legs, looked up from the cock she was sucking.

“Give me some more,” Leanne commanded, and obedient Rosie released the cock. Leanne fet it into her own mouth, showing off to Rosie some of the little knacks she’d picked up here and there.

Her tongue laved the entire cock, around and around, balls included, even licking back into the crack of Walt’s ass. While Leanne was all the way down on his ass, Rosie took the cock back into her mouth for a bit more hot wet sucking. No one had asked her; she took the initiative on her own. Leanne smiled. Rosie was getting the idea!

As Rosie continued to suck, taking Walt’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, Leanne abandoned her ball-teasing and moved across the bed, making for the tufts of sparse hair that dotted Rosie’s puffy cuntal bun. She touched the thighs, and they opened for her, as she’d known they would. Without missing a slurp on Walt’s cock, Rosie opened herself pussywise for Leanne’s tongue.

The pussy was as delicious this morning as it had been last night. Leanne toyed with the tight, delicate flaps, opening them until they almost squeaked under her fingers, and then she slid her tongue up and down the revealed groove of pussy flesh. Rosie’s clit was up, nice and stiff, and Leanne tongued it eagerly, reminding it how well Walt’s stepdaughter had learned her tasks.

Rosie was moaning around the cock that filled her mouth. Or was it the licking of Leanne’s tongue that made her whine and whimper so cutely? God, Leanne thought, three is definitely the way to go!

She became convinced of this when Walt got his hand between her legs and started to finger-fuck her itching tight cunt, his middle finger reaming in and out of the horny young cunt-hole. She doubled up her efforts on Rosie’s pussy and felt the unmistakable tremors of an orgasm fluttering through her friend’s cunt.

Rosie rolled over onto her back, releasing Walt’s cock. She grabbed Leanne’s head with both hands and pulled it into her crotch, moaning, “Eat me, ohhh, eat meeee!”

It was such a kick doing it on Mom’s bed! Leanne thought, her tongue deep in Rosie’s cunt, her hands full of the blonde girl’s squishy hot tits. She dug her fingers into the ripe fleshy mounds, feeling the nips hard and hot in her palms, and she wiggled her tongue in and out of Rosie’s juicy pussy, siphoning out the nectar-like cum.

“Jesus, I wanna fuck something,” Leanne panted at last, raising her face and staring at Walt’s hard fat prick. She moved onto him, straddling his body and slipping his cock up her cunt in one deft, fluid motion. She sank down upon his crotch, eating him whole with her hungry pussy, and he clutched at her tits as they began to fuck ravenously.

Rosie lay back watching, her pussy full of fingers, her other hand playing excitedly with her tits. “Ooooh, fuck her, Mr. Murphy!” she said.

She thrust her hand deeper into her cunt and she leaned toward Leanne, rubbing the side of her face against the slim girl’s shoulder. Leanne turned her head and pressed her mouth onto Rosie’s, their tongues meeting in a swirl of drool and heat.

Rosie’s hand caressed Leanne’s cunt while the girl rode Walt’s hard cock-rod. She squeezed the lips tightly around the thrusting cock, she tickled the risen bud of Leanne’s clit. She brought her face to Leanne’s tits and took each nipple, in turn, into her mouth for some luscious, appreciative sucking.

“This is so dirty,” she enthused. “And so much fun, too!”

Leanne was bouncing energetically. Walt’s prick slipped completely out of her cunt on one lift, and she came down empty-cunted. Before she could get the cock back into her pussy, though, Rosie had seized it and fed it into her mouth.

“God, it tastes just like your cunt!” the pudgy blonde giggled between deep, hungry sticks at the hard meaty prick.

“When did you get so nasty, Leanne?” Walt panted. “I always thought you were essentially a nice girl.”

“You think this isn’t nice?” Leanne replied, leaning back and exposing the hot pink of her pussy to her stepfather’s eyes. She looked down at Rosie, who was wolfing Walt’s cock. “Hey, Daddy Walt,” she went on, “why don’t you fuck Rosie, too? She thinks she only likes it with girls, but I think she might change her mind if we persuade her…”


“Oh, I don’t know about this!” sighed Rosie, her voice all tense and nervous. “I mean, I really don’t like it that much with guys, you know? Sucking is okay, but I’d rather fuck a girl…”

“Shut up and spread your legs,” Leanne giggled, nibbling her friend’s tits. “You get a taste of my Daddy Walt’s big cock, and you won’t wanna stop!”

Walt was sliding the tip of his rigid prick up and down the young girl’s moist, tight cunt-slice. She squirmed uncomfortably.

“God, it’s so big,” she whispered, gasping as the cock-knob inserted itself between her pussy-labes and started to make penetration. “Oh, fucking God, it’s too biiiiggg!”

Leanne clutched her friend’s tits and squeezed them reassuringly, her mouth busy on Rosie’s lips. Under the fondling and kissing, Rosie relaxed slightly, and just in time. Walt’s cock pushed into her tight, nearly virgin cunt, and the teenager wailed in a mixture of heat and agony.

There was a moment of resistance, but Rosie couldn’t be very unwilling with her girlfriend touching and kissing her all over, “It’s not so bad,” she said, panting, her cunt full of Walt’s prick.

“This will make it even better,” Leanne promised, and she mounted Rosie’s face while the young girl began to respond to the hard horny thrusts of the stepfather’s big cock-rod.

Of course, Leanne was right. The moment her pussy touched Rosie’s mouth, the young girl went wild. She spread the flaps and thrust her tongue inside, her body vibrating ecstatically beneath Leanne.

Walt rammed his cock into Rosie. He knew he was being rougher than necessary. She felt as if she’d never had a prick up her cunt before, though he hadn’t felt a cherry ripping under his attack and knew someone must have been inside her before him. The more he fucked her, the wilder she became, and the wilder his own desires.

Up front, Leanne was sitting on the young girl’s face. Her delicious little ass was sticking up, and Walt couldn’t resist the urge to do some fingering on his stepdaughter. He opened her ass-crack and tickled the tiny pink crack of her ass, remembering how sweet it had been to feel his cock trapped in that tight little hole.

His finger got more aggressive on her shit-hole, and Leanne squirmed deliriously, giving herself in one thrust to Rosie’s tongue and in the next to her stepfather’s finger. So what, if she’d lost her boyfriend to her own Goddamn mother? She was making out okay!

Walt’s finger entered her asshole. Leanne yelped, but her hard hot clit was flush against Rosie’s lapping tongue, and the sensations were unimaginable. She pushed down to wash Rosie’s face with her wet hot pussy, and then she squirmed back to suck Walt’s finger up her asshole, moving back and forth from one arousal source to the other.

Rosie was coming again. Her whimpers and shrieks of joy were drowned by the hairy cunt that covered her face. The vibration of the sounds rippled through Leanne’s cunt and brought her to higher and higher planes of I arousal.

Walt fucked savagely into the orgasmic mesh of Rosie’s pussy. I’m only doing this so I can get my hands and lips on Leanne, the girl told herself over and over while the orgasm raced through her body. It’s a sacrifice to be with the woman I’m crazy about. Oh, it’s a fucking lie! I love it!

Her cunt clenched and almost spat Walt’s cock out. She was so raw she couldn’t stand another fuck-stroke. As the cock emerged, she squeezed her thighs together, massaging the orgasm-bruised bun of her young wet pussy while she used her tongue thirstily in Leanne’s cunt.

Leanne fucked her friend’s face, pounding her pussy onto Rosie’s wet mouth. The tongue was a mile up her cunt, licking her guts inside out. She came one, twice, moaning low. Walt’s finger kept on fucking her asshole.

“Oh, is that finger all you’ve got, Daddy Walt?” she asked with a leer over her shoulder. “Is your cock hard enough to fuck me?”

“How’s this?” Walt panted, showing her his rigid prick.

Leanne scooted forward just a little. Her pussy remained flush upon Rosie’s face, but her ass was exposed and open. Did that give her stepfather the right idea? She made her ass muscles do a little dance around his inserted finger, and she raised her eyebrows inquisitively as she looked back at him.

“C’mon,” she said. “Fuck my ass while Rosie eats my pussy! Let’s do it all, right here in my mom’s bed!”


“Shit,” Karen Murphy said, pulling into the carport.

The van from Walt’s store was parked there. What the fuck was her soon-to-be ex doing over here, Goddamn it? But she looked at the glorious, gorgeous Jerry, sitting beside her, and she couldn’t keep from grinning smugly. Why not show off her new stud to her estranged husband? Let him know that even if he no longer wanted her pussy, someone else did.

“C’mon inside,” she told Jerry. “Let’s introduce you to the former co-tenant of my bed. I wanna see the look on his face when he finds out what I’m fucking these days.”


Leanne squealed as her stepfather’s cock fucked implacably into her asshole. The constant soothing effect of Rosie’s tongue made the penetration easier but Walt was so hard and thick, thanks to the sucking and fucking he’d gotten from the two teenaged girls, that his prick would have felt enormous even she’d just finished fucking the Second Marines.

He held the girl’s ass while he worked his cock into her, burning down the natural resistance of her shitter.

“Oh, fucking God!” Leanne gasped. “I think I bit off more than I can chew…”

But he flexed his prick, and there was a tumultuous response from her asshole, and suddenly the girl knew she could take it all — she could take anything!

“Oh, yes, Daddy Walt,” she sighed. “I want you to fuck my ass!”

Rosie hadn’t stopped licking and sucking, from the moment Leanne’s pussy took control of her face. The constant friction of tongue upon clit, the occasional spearing of tongue up cuntal tube, was turning Leanne’s entire body to pussy-juice jelly. She could feel herself melting.

Straddling Rosie, his cock inserted up his stepdaughter’s asshole, Walt began to fuck in earnest. The hole was ready for his cock — as ready as it would ever be. He squeezed Leanne’s ass-cheeks and he started to fuck her with his prick.

The long rigid prick-shaft pounded into the trembling young girl’s asshole. If he rammed her one more time, her asshole would rip! If he didn’t ram her one more time, she’d fucking kill the son of a bitch!

She pressed her pussy down into Rosie’s hungry mouth, moaning as the tongue got really aggressive on her cunt-gash. Her clit was as big as her nipples by now, and Rosie couldn’t stop sucking on the thing. Each pull of the lips made fresh spasms race through Leanne’s body, made her ram backward that more excitedly to meet the stabbing shit-hole probe of Walt’s prick. God, she was so excited! And doing it all on her own mother’s bed!

Oh, God! The hard fucking of Walt’s cock reminded Leanne, all too vividly, that she had intended to go to the john but had never quite made it. Her bladder was almost full, and the furious thrusts of the cock reaming her ass accentuated the feeling. She thought of Mom and Jerry, of what she had heard them talking about last night, and her mind surrendered to the nastiest idea she’d had yet.

“Remember what you told me…” Leanne whispered, looking down at Rosie. “You said you’d eat my shit if I asked you?” The eyes responded, rolling in their sockets. “Well,” Leanne giggled, “this is the next best thing…”

And almost as she spoke, she felt her bladder releasing. A golden shower rained onto Rosie’s face. As she pissed on her girlfriend, Leanne recalled Jerry and Mom talking about this very same, very filthy act, and it thrilled her to be doing it, too.

It didn’t seem to bother Rosie much, either. She gurgled as the piss gushed into her face, but she didn’t stop licking for a moment. In fact, the spread the flaps of Leanne’s cunt and thrust her tongue up, straight into the oncoming flow. Some of the piss went into her mouth, some of it leaked down the sides of her face. She lay in a puddle of Leanne’s piss and she kept eating cunt as if tomorrow had been canceled forever.

Each stab of Walt’s cock seemed to coax a fresh squirt of piss from Leanne.

“You dirty bitch!” Rosie giggled, not sounding at all displeased. “Oh, Leanne, can I do this to you sometime, too?”

Why not? Leanne wondered. She owed it to herself to try everything, didn’t she? And maybe it was as much fun to get as give.

But there was little time to think now, not with Walt’s big fierce prick ravishing the tightness of her asshole. She’d already had his cock up her ass, back at his apartment, and she knew she liked it. What she hadn’t known was that getting assfucked while her girlfriend ate her pussy made the act even more exciting.

And the act of pissing on Rosie was just the icing to the cake.

Leanne felt the great-grandfather of orgasms building inside her, and she fucked her ass passionately against her stepfather’s prick, drooling to feel the blistery rush of that climax.

“Make me come with your cock in my ass,” she told Walt. “Oh, do it all to me, Daddy Walt!”

And almost as she spoke, it hit her. It was like a kick in the guts from a nasty mule. A mixture of piss and cum oozed down her cunt and into Rosie’s feasting mouth. Her belly heaved under the constant pressure of Walt’s ramming cock, and she felt like a sandwich caught in a vise.

The big cock probed the interior of her shit-chute. The cock-knob was the size of an apple, buried in her ass-guts, stirring her shit, and she writhed upon the impaling fucker like an insect pinned to a board.

“Sweet fucking Jesus! I’m coming out the ass, too!” Leanne shrieked.

She lunged forward. She couldn’t take another stroke of that furious prick, not another lick of Rosie’s kinky tongue. She rolled into a ball, clutching her crotch with both hands, and she howled and moaned and whined and came.

Rosie grabbed the brown-stained lance of Walt’s cock. She looked up at Leanne’s stepfather, and she gulped. Turning to Leanne, she said: “I told you I’d eat your shit…”

And, with that, she fed Walt’s shitty cock into her mouth and began to suck it avidly.


Karen closed the kitchen door behind her. She saw the note pinned to the refrigerator: “FUCK YOU, MOM!!!”

“Oh, Christ! I think the kid must have found out about us, Jer. But what the hell is that noise?”

With Jerry at her heels, she went through the door and down the hallway. The bedroom door was standing open, and she stopped dead when she saw what was happening on her bed.

Jerry came up behind her, his eyes wide, his jaw dropping. “Holy shit!”


“What the hell, indeed!” Karen echoed, storming into the bedroom. “You animals! You fucking animals!”

Walt looked around, but he didn’t say anything. His cock was deep in Rosie’s horny young mouth and he was fucking furiously into her face, burying his cock in her throat stroke after stroke. It was obvious that he was on me verge of blowing his nuts.

Leanne sat up, still holding her pussy. She made no effort to cover herself; she was simply holding her cunt because it felt so fucking good to touch herself down there.

“Hi, Mom,” she said in a breathless giggle. “I guess we’re the day shift, huh?” And she began to cackle hysterically.

Walt jerked his cock half out of Rosie’s mouth, thrust again, and just as he pulled back for another stroke, his prick exploded hot white jizz into the young girl’s hungry mouth.

She moaned at the feel of his cum squirting across her tongue. Her small fists worked furiously on his prick, milking the jism out of him and into her mouth.

There was too much cum for her to swallow. She just let it ooze from her lips as another and yet another squirt of the white stuff gushed into her. Her breathing made the cum froth and bubble on her lips. Her eyes were glazed, as if they too had been splashed and splattered with the thick hot flow of Walt’s jizz.

“What the fuck have you people been doing in here, anyway?” Karen demanded angrily. “The room smells like a Goddamned toilet! Oh, Walt Murphy, I shouldn’t be surprised at this! I wish my Patrick were here to see this. He’d kick your ass black and blue. He knew how to satisfy a woman; he didn’t have to chase babies!”

Walt turned, his cock jerking out of Rosie’s mouth. His cock was till rigid, despite the thick hot cum-load he’d just fired into the chubby blonde bimbo’s mouth, and he came toward Karen with his cock preceding him by a good nine or ten inches.

“Patrick, my ass!” Walt exploded. “Don’t you have any other fucking subjects of conversation, woman?”

Karen shrieked as Walt grabbed her wrists. He twisted them, and the woman doubled up, then slowly sank to her knees.

“Hey, buddy,” Jerry put in menacingly, his fists clenching. “Don’t manhandle the lady.”

Walt glared back at him. “This lady is still my wife, kid, and just because you’ve had your cock in her, it doesn’t mean you can tell us how to act or talk. During the five years I’ve been married to this woman, I have heard nothing but ‘Patrick, Patrick, Patrick,’ day in, day fucking out. That’s the reason I finally left her. I was sick of hearing that man’s name, of being compared to him twenty-four hours a day. For once, Karen, I’m going to shut you off. Open your mouth. Wide!”

Her eyes bulged as he shoved his cock straight into her mouth, fucking it all the way into her throat the first stab. She made a gagging sound, and the noise resembled muffled words, as if she were still trying to bring up the subject of her first husband.

Walt paid no attention. He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth until the whimpering sounds ceased and she was doing nothing but sucking on his prick.

“That’s a lot better,” he announced, “Now, boy, do you have anything else to say to me?” Walt added, fucking his prick in and out of his estranged wife’s lips.

Jerry stared for a long moment, and then he laughed. “Goddamn, you’re right, man! She isn’t talking about her first husband now, is she? It’s just like music to my ears, too!”

Karen’s face was scarlet. Did she really bring up Patrick that frequently? Had her constant references to him been the true cause for hers and Walt’s break-up? Even Jerry had asked her to change the subject, hadn’t he? But that wasn’t the only thing she noticed.

She fought her mouth free of Walt’s cock and said: “God, what’s all over your cock? It tastes like shit…”

Leanne began to giggle hysterically from the bed. “You’re not the only lady in this family who likes it up the ass, Mom!” she called. “And I think it’s appropriate that you eat some of my shit, after what you did to me last night, you and Jerry! Oh, I saw you! It was filthy and disgusting! Jerry Wexler, you get over here, right now! I’ve got a bone to pick you with, especially!”

He didn’t move — he was still staring at Karen with her mouth full of Walt’s shitty cock. Leanne scrambled off the bed, went to her ex-boyfriend, and grabbed his hand.

“I said to get over here!” she repeated, and she pulled him toward the bed with a strength that belied her thin frame. Another pull, and Jerry went sprawling onto the bed, alongside Rosie and Leanne.

The two girls attacked him at once, ripping the clothes off his body.

“We’ll get this bastard,” Leanne told her friend. “We’ll show him he can’t fuck around with my affections! Oh, you rotten prick, Jerry — how could you ever stick your cock in my mom, of all people? When you had me…”

Karen was still gagging as Walt’s prick rammed again and again into her mouth.

“No! Christ, please!” she panted between strokes.

But the cock-knob muffled her tongue and the words were indistinct. Walt had her by the head, forcing her to endure the strokes of cock.

“I not only molest teenagers — I don’t do bad on old ladies like you!” Walt shouted, fucking his wife’s mouth.

He pulled Karen to her feet. She stood trembling, gasping, her face alternately flushed and ashen. She wiped her dripping mouth with the back of an arm. “You son of a bitch,” she told her husband. “I’m gonna have you arrested for this!”

“You’re gonna shit, too,” Walt said sternly. He ripped open the front of her blouse, baring her braless tits. Karen screamed, and she swatted at him with his fists. He avoided her blows and spun her around, pushing her up against the vanity table. “Watch the mirror,” Walt said. “You’re about to see a woman get fucked.”

He yanked her skirt up, ripped open the crotch of her panties, and moved in behind her, his cock jutting before him. With his knee, he wedged Karen’s thighs open, and he leaned in, bringing the tip of his prick to the auburn-fleeced gash of her pussy.

The cock-knob entered her, fucking through the hole he had torn in her underpants, and he thrust, burying his prick in her pussy in one quick deep stroke. Karen howled in shock. Walt kept on fucking his cock into her cunt, showing the cunt no mercy whatever.

“Isn’t this the way Patrick always fucked you?” Walt sneered. His cock banged deeper, harder into the depths of her cunt. “Come on, baby, crack my nuts with those trained muscles of yours, I bet you showed that little trick to the kid over there, didn’t you? Remind me how good it feels when your cunt starts milking my cock!”

She gasped, grunted, strained, and then it happened! Her cunt tightened on his cock, the pussy-walls throbbing and pulsating with life, and the vibration passed up and down the shaft of Walt’s prick. He moaned from low in his belly and thrust up, hard, into her, filling her cunt totally with the long barrel of his cock.

She’d told him a million times that Patrick O’Neill’s cock was both longer and thicker than his, and that he should do this, that, and the other to make his fucking more like Patrick’s. But Walt felt a smug certainty that the fuck he was giving his estranged wife right now was as good, hard, and deep as any she had ever gotten or ever would get, this side of heaven.

“Oh, Jesus!” She began to whimpers staring in disbelief at the mirror image of herself as Walt banged her hot cunt. “Fuck me, oh, God, yes, fuck meeee!” The cry burst from her lips unbidden. She watched her face contort as she screamed it out.

He fucked even harder, now that he had made her beg for it. “I’ll fuck you, Karen,” he assured her. “Bet your sweet hot ass, I’ll fucking fuck you!”

His cock seemed to be enlarging inside her. She was still clenching and unclenching her cunt around his cock as he fucked her, making the ride delicious for him as well as for herself. The big cock-knob was deep inside her pussy. She wanted to gulp, but it felt as if her throat was full of his cock, ramming up from beneath.

“Jesus,” she whispered, looking back at him, “why didn’t you ever ball me like this when we were together?”

“Why didn’t you stop comparing me to your first husband and notice what I was giving you?” he countered, ramming her cunt hard.

He took his cock out of her and turned her around so that they were face to face. Karen hoisted her ass up onto the edge of the vanity, and she reached down, opening her pussy with both hands. The clit was big and ripe-looking, covered with a glistening film of pussyjuices.

Walt rubbed his prick-knob over the tip of her clit, stroking her until she shivered and moaned, her head falling back, the eyes shut, the auburn hair falling across her face. He stroked his cock up and down her hot wet cunt-gash, teasing her with the promise of insertion but holding back at the last second.

“Goddamn you, fuck me!” she snapped, her head jerking upright. She grabbed his cock and pulled it to her cunt-mouth. “Right here, baby! Stick it in!” And she pushed herself forward, cunt-gulping his cock with hungry, horny muscles that ached for his prick.

Walt fucked into her, his hands simultaneously filling with her big fleshy tits. He lifted the nipples to his face, biting them, sucking them, kissing them. She fed her tits into his mouth.

“Suck me, honey! Oh, yes, suck me…”

His prick slid in and out of her pussy. She was as greasy as if she’d douched with Valvoline.

His cock fucked unimaginably deep into Karen, and she milked him with her cunt every fucking inch of the way. Her legs were twined around his calves, heels sliding up and down the backs of Walt’s legs. Her hands were low down on his body, clutching his ass-cheeks, urging him to go deeper, to fuck harder!

On the bed, Rosie and Leanne were teaming up on a startled but not displeased Jerry Wexler. Rosie giggled insanely. She’d only done it with two guys in her entire life, before today, and this morning she was already on her second cock of the day!

Her mouth was full of Jerry’s prick and she was sucking him like a pro. Her drool bathed his cock-hair, his balls, in bubbly saliva as it ran out of her mouth and down his long hard cock-shaft. Jesus, she thought, tasting the hot young meatiness of his prick, no fucking wonder Leanne was so pissed off about losing this dude!

But the sweetness of sucking on Jerry was enhanced by the fact that Leanne was at the same time burrowing between Rosie’s legs, shoving her face into her girlfriend’s dripping cunt.

Not only her face. Leanne also had three fingers jammed up Rosie’s pussy and she was fucking them in and out as hard, as mean, as horny as any cock on earth. And Leanne’s legs were folded around Jerry’s head, with her own pussy hot and funky-wet in the boy’s face.

Rosie had to come up for air. Maybe these other women were used to going nonstop on a hard cock, but she was still pretty new at the game. She’d given a few back-seat blowjobs in the past, but only a few, and her throat ached from the constant fucking it was receiving from Jerry’s aroused prick.

“Oh, Christ!” she moaned, sliding her mouth off the cock-shaft and sucking air into her lungs. The fingers still moved in and out of her pussy, and Leanne’s tongue was wild and crazy all over Rosie’s clit.

Leanne was in seventh heaven. God, she hadn’t counted on anything like this! She stole a peek at Walt, who was fucking the living shit out of Mom, over at the vanity. She wondered if maybe she had been the catalyst to get her mother and stepfather back together again.

Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Murphy certainly didn’t fuck as if they were an estranged couple! Mom was screaming each time the big hard cock rammed her pussy, and Leanne sighed deliciously. She knew just how good Daddy Walt’s big prick could feel, fucking its way into an aroused wet cunt.

“Oh, God,” she whispered, “I need some fucking, myself!”

She left off eating Rosie’s pussy and she forced her own cunt off Jerry’s possessive mouth. Reversing herself, she crawled up Jerry’s hard body, straight toward the cock Rosie monopolized.

“Gimme some of that!” she told her friend. “Don’t hog all the cock for yourself, bitch!”

Rosie giggled and flipped the boy’s cock straight into Leanne’s face, as if it were on a spring. It bopped Leanne’s nose and lips, then bounced away.

She chased his cock with her mouth, caught it, sucked it inside, all the way down her throat. She hummed as she gobbled, and the cock throbbed responsively inside her mouth. It was already leaking dribbles of cum. She could taste them on her tongue, and they made her thirst for more.

She looked up at Jerry, with her mouth full of his cock, and she flashed him a smug expression with her eyes alone.

Her mouth moved back up his prick and she released him, but not until she had nursed and nibbled his big swollen cock-crown for what seemed an eternity to her as well as to him.

Licking her lips of the moisture that drooled from her mouth, she said: “Well, Jerry, do you have anything you want to say to me? Like, maybe, ‘I’m sooo sorry, baby’?”

“I’m sooo sorry, baby,” he said, grinning. “Now put your hot little cunt on the end of my cock and fuck me dry!”

As she mounted him, sliding her cunt down over the tip of his prick and fitting it into her snug tight teenaged pussy, she took another look at Mom and Walt. Holy shit!

Daddy Walt had Mom bent over again, and he was fucking her from the back. Two or three strokes up her pussy, followed by two or three more straight into her shitter! Leanne shivered in delight, watching, and she thought: Jesus, I’ve gotta try that sometime, too! It looks like fun!

But she was having plenty of fun herself, slamming her cunt up and down on Jerry’s hard, upright cock. The bed rocked volcanically under them, and she was half afraid she’d lose her balance and find herself thrown to the floor. But the way her pussy tugged at Jerry’s cock, she’d take him with her if she went. There was no way that cock was leaving her cunt till she was ready to spit it out!

“Can I do it, too?” Rosie was whining, her voice a little pouty, as if she resented being left out. The fingers fucked in and out of her cunt and she moaned each time they went deep inside her.

“Okay,” Leanne said, “but only because you’re my friend. I don’t share my boyfriends with just anybody.”

“Just me and your mom,” Rosie smirked, replacing Leanne’s pussy with her own, atop Jerry’s hard cock. Her eyes got enormous as the big cock-rod entered her. It was a thicker prick than Leanne’s stepfather’s, and Walt had seemed humongous inside Rosie’s tight pussy. She strained to take Jerry’s cock, afraid that it was beyond her capacity.

“Stop that!” she giggled.

Leanne could sense Rosie’s uncertainty, and she was helping her out in her own way. She stuck her finger up Rosie’s asshole and tickled her friend mercilessly until Rosie just gave up the struggle and slid her cunt down over the full length of Jerry’s long hard cock. Leanne fucked her finger up Rosie’s asshole and prodded with it, accentuating the strokes of the cock that filled the blonde girl’s stretched-out pussy.

“See that?” Walt told Karen. “The kids are fucking each other, and that’s the way it oughta be. Why should they fool around with old farts like us? They should leave us to each other and get it on for themselves.”

“Shit, too!” Karen panted, feeling the red-hot thrust of his big hard cock up her asshole again. “If you think I’m gonna give up Jerry, just because you finally decided to fuck me like a man, to fuck me the way Patrick always used to fuck me…”

“I told you about that stuff,” Walt said grimly, yanking his prick out of his wife’s asshole. “Time for another lesson, baby!”

He turned Karen around, pushed her to her knees on the floor once again, and his cock lunged into her mouth. She screamed as the shit-smeared prick rammed her, but she would have sucked it no matter what, at that point, and suck it she did. Her mouth slid wetly up and down his prick, and as she gobbled him, she had both hands busy in her crotch, keeping her pussy pie at a bubbling simmery point.

On the bed, Rosie was screeching into an orgasm. The chubby blonde bimbette shrieked, jerking her cunt spastically along the whole length of Jerry’s thrusting cock. Her pudgy tits bounced up and down, a blur of sweat-soaked flesh.

Leanne shoved her finger all the way up Rosie’s asshole, wiggling the tip madly deep inside. Her mouth was glued to Rosie’s neck, licking, kissing, tickling the sensitive flesh behind her friend’s ear.

“Blow your cookies, baby,” she told Rosie. “Come all over that big sweet cock!”

Rosie didn’t need an instructions. “Fuck meeee!” she was wailing. “Ooohhh, fuuuuck meeee!” She didn’t even need the added stimulus of Leanne’s finger up her asshole. She was fucking there, man!

Walt pulled Karen to her feet again. “You finished talking about Patrick?” he asked menacingly. She nodded quickly. “Okay, then let’s do some real fucking, baby. Move over, kids. Make some room for the adults here!”

Karen went onto her back eagerly, her knees up, her thighs spread wide. Walt mounted her, and she guided his cock into the crack of her pussy. He’d had it in every hole she had, barring her ears, and she figured he’d fuck her there, too, before he was done.

Jesus! Sex with her almost-ex had turned into something totally magical, totally dynamite! She was starting to wonder just what in the hell she had ever seen in Jerry Wexler in the first place.

Right beside her, Leanne stretched out, in a position just like that of her mother.

“Fuck me, too,” she purred up at Jerry as he perched above her, his cock still wet from Rosie’s cunt, still erect and ready for another plunge into another ripe tight pussy. The big cock-knob bruised the delicate lips of Leanne’s pussy and she sighed, feeling it bite hard into her aroused fuck-tunnel.

“This is so crazy,” Karen sighed to her daughter as they lay side by side, each of them with her pussy full of hot lusting cock.

“Nothing crazy, Mom — it’s just good old fucking,” Leanne giggled. “I guess even a lady your age can still appreciate a fine fuck now and then, huh?”

“What are we ever going to do?” Karen asked.

“It’s simple,” Leanne replied, moaning as Jerry’s fuck-strokes became faster and more passionate — if that was possible. “Daddy Walt has to come back home. I was going to move in with him. We were here to get my stuff, but we decided to fuck a little, first. On your bed.”

“And I had just talked Jerry into moving in with me,” Karen confessed. “Oh, God, I can’t believe I tried to steal your boyfriend!”

“And I can’t believe I fucked the nuts off your husband,” Leanne said smugly. “Oh, I did, Mom! And wasn’t I a good fuck, Daddy Walt?”

“Well,” Jerry panted, ramming harder and harder into Leanne, “I’d like to know what I’m supposed to do. My folks are already pissed off because I moved out of the house, and I don’t think I can go back home, at least not for a few days. Christ, I don’t know if I even wanna go back!”

“Why don’t we all just live here together, then?” Leanne suggested. “Just a regular coed dorm, you know?”

Walt, by now, had reached the end of his rope. The hot revenge fuck he’d thrown into Karen was taking its toll. He was still prodding his wife’s pussy, but his fuck-strokes grew desperate and it was obvious to everyone that he was struggling to hold back his squirting cum.

“Do it, Walt,” Leanne purred, sliding a little closer to her mother. “I wanna see you fill my mom’s pussy with your white milk! C’mon, squirt her! I betcha she comes too, when you squirt your cum!”

But even as she spoke she realized that Jerry too was almost there.

“Oh, hang on,” she told him teasingly. “I want you to fuck me for at least another half-hour. I’m just getting my stride!”

Walt strained and fought atop Karen, but each stroke took a little more of his resistance away. “Okay, baby!” he gasped. “You’re gonna get it now!”

He yanked his cock out of her pussy and aimed the tip straight at her face. Leanne squealed in delight as she watched her stepfather unload his ocean of cum all over her mother’s face and tits.

Karen was drenched in the man’s sticky hot cum. She closed her eyes and moaned as cum sprayed onto her, and when Walt shoved his cock into her mouth to complete the act, she sucked hungrily, siphoning the last drops of cream from his prick. He wiped his cock in the sticky cock-cream that coated her skin, and offered it to her for some more licking.

Leanne stretched and forced her way into it, her tongue sliding along the cum-coated barrel of her stepfather’s prick. “Tastes as good as ever. Right, Mom?”

She was almost eyeball to eyeball with her mother. There was a sparkle and a gleam in her eyes, and she said: “I bet I know a couple of things you never even guessed, Mom!”

And with that, she pressed her lips against Karen’s, sliding her tongue into her mother’s mouth. Her hand cupped one of the tits she’d nursed at as a baby, and the nipple was red hot against her probing, exploring fingers.

Jerry came out of Leanne and the girl rolled over. She knew what he had in mind, and it went perfectly with what she had in mind! She went into dog-style position, her cute little ass sticking up, the legs spread to expose the slick wet pink of her pussy-gash, and he fucked his cock into her from the rear — just the way she liked it best!

“This is something we could maybe try out when the guys are too worn out to fuck us, Mom,” Leanne whispered between kisses. She was licking the cum off her mom’s face, then dribbling it onto her mother’s tongue, sharing Walt’s juices from mouth to mouth. “Rosie taught me how to do it, and I could teach you if you’re interested, mmm?”

Karen guided Leanne’s face down to a hard straining nipple, and she fed her tit into her daughter’s tantalizing mouth. It had been years since Leanne had had her mother’s tit in her mouth, and some things had changed a lot since then.

Leanne’s hand slid down her mother’s belly into the patch of auburn pussy-fur. She stroked the fucked-out labes of the cunt that had given birth to her, and she slipped a finger into it. She felt as if she were going home again, sliding her finger up her mother’s pussy-tube. The cunt-muscles began their patented squeezing and clenching, and Leanne’s eyes enlarged in appreciative awe.

“Wow, Mom!” she said. “That’s fantastic!”

Just as fantastic was the cock that rammed her from the back. God, Jerry must be some superstud! Not only had he spent all of last night — and probably this morning, too — fucking Mom raw, he had also fucked Rosie into oblivion and he was about to do the same to Leanne.

Walt lay on his side, watching. His cock was soft, but Rosie had her eyes on him, and if the little blonde bitch had her way, he wouldn’t be soft for long. She was sliding toward him on her belly, so exhausted from the orgasms with Jerry’s cock that she couldn’t even sit up, but still starving for just one more moment of delicious ecstasy.

Leanne fucked her finger in and out of her mother’s cunt, matching stroke for stroke what Jerry was doing to her own pussy. To think that last night everything had looked so bleak and shitty! And today all their problems seemed to have resolved themselves in one fell swoop!

She feasted on the fleshy, sweaty fullness of her mother’s tit, and she found even more excitement bubbling inside her. They’d done everything else. Why not this, too?

“I love happy endings,” Karen confessed.

“Not an ending.” Leanne moved her face upward, her mouth seeking Karen’s. She kissed her mother with a hungry tongue, and it was as if she were no longer Karen’s daughter but something different, something better, something so much more exciting and fulfilling…

“You know, Mom,” she whispered, shivering as she felt Jerry’s cock beginning to tremble and unload, at the mouth of her cunt, “I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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