Step-mom’s asshole

Sherri was worried.
Frank had not called her in four days. She had become used to hearing his voice at least once a day on the phone, and seeing him often. Thinking he was angry because she had broken so many dates with him recently, she tried to call the studio, but he was out. When she called later, he had a message that he was busy.
Sherri began to wonder what was wrong.
“Tommy, have you seen Cindy?” she asked her son after she had called Frank’s house and found no answer. She knew Frank was home because she could see the lights on in one bedroom and the living room. Besides, his car was parked in the drive.
“No, Mom,” Tommy answered. “I’ve been right here all the time.”
“Strange,” Sherri said, frowning.
“What is, Mom?”
“Do you realize it’s been almost a week since Cindy has been here?”
“So what?”
“But, darling, she used to be here quite often,” Sherri said. “I thought… well, after that wonderful day with her… she was so excited and eager. With her hot little cunt, I wouldn’t think she’d stay away. You don’t suppose she grabbed herself a nice boyfriend, do you?”
“Not Cindy,” her son answered. “You saw one side of her, Mom, and so did I. But I know her. She’s not the kind of girl to fuck anything, even if she does have one hot little ass on her.”
“Have you talked to Frank at all?” she asked.
“Me? Why would I talk to him, Mom?”
“I just thought… ” Sherri dropped it. Maybe Frank and Cindy were succeeding in breaking up her relationship with Frank in some way. She was certain Cindy wasn’t trying to seduce her father. There had to be something else keeping him from calling her, not answering her messages.
Tommy sat on the couch, watching his mother pace back and forth. Her naked tits swayed tightly. He had never seen his mother so agitated, and he didn’t like it. He wanted his mother happy, not sad.
“Mom,” he said softly. When she didn’t seem to hear him, he called her a little louder.
“What?” Sherri snapped.
“Mom, come on,” he replied. “I hate to see you this way.”
“Well, that’s too bad. There’s nothing you can do about it.” She whirled, facing him, hands on her hips. “You and Cindy… Tommy, do you know what you two may have done? You may have destroyed my happiness. Ohhh, why couldn’t you understand… accept the fact I can love all of you the same!”
“I do… now,” he said softly.
Sherri gazed at her son, not knowing if she could believe him or not.
“Mom, I won’t interfere with you and Frank again,” he said in a low, shamed voice. “You can marry him if that’s what you want.”
For a moment Sherri didn’t respond. Then, with a gurgle of pleasure, she skipped to her son, falling to her knees before him, her hands sliding up his thighs to his hips. She buried her face into his crotch, smearing his cock and balls with wet, hot kisses.
“Oh, baby,” she crooned. “That’s wonderful. And you don’t have to worry about me not paying attention to you. We’ll find a way to fuck when you need me, want me. There’s always some way we can do it. We’ll just have to be very careful”
She licked and kissed up his stomach to his chest, twisting her tongue about his tiny nipples. She looked into his face with moist, happy eyes, and smashed her lips onto his. Tommy wrapped his arms about his mother and shoved his tongue past her lips and teeth. Sherri moaned softly as she sucked her son’s tongue, her tits crushed against his chest. She felt his cock and balls on her stomach, and using one hand, ripped her garment away. Now she could feel the fiery heat of his cock and balls directly against her flesh, and she rubbed against them. Tommy lifted his legs and wrapped them about his mother’s naked waist, holding her tight as they kissed hotly, wetly, tongues swirling.
Pulling her mouth off his, she gazed at him with slitted, blazing eyes. “Tommy, baby…”
Sherri lapped at the base of her son’s cock, through the tuft of wiry hair, then down to his balls. She pulled his balls into her mouth, sucking them as she pressed his hard cock against her cheek. She whined with hungry pleasure.
Letting his balls fall, she looked up at him, hugging about his hips, her chin on his balls with his cock throbbing against the side of her nose.
“And Cindy,” she said in a hot voice. “You can fuck Cindy because we’ll all be living in the same house, Tommy. You see, you won’t lose me at all, but have both of us. Ohhhh, wouldn’t that be wonderful for you? My pussy and Cindy’s pussy, our mouths, my asshole?”
“I’ll be lucky,” he said. “Until Frank catches us.”
“We’ll make sure he doesn’t,” his mother said. “I don’t care for the idea of cheating on him, but with you and Cindy, it’s not really cheating, is it? I mean, we’ll be all one family, and it wouldn’t be like getting fucked bra different man.”
“I don’t want him to catch us, Mom,” Tommy said. “Especially with Cindy. If he found out I was fucking his daughter, he’d kill me.”
“Then we’ll just have to make sure he never finds out, right?”
She lifted his legs, pushing them back at his chest. His ass rose up from the edge of the couch, and she gazed into her son’s crotch. His cock throbbed in hardness, his balls full, and just below, the pucker of his young asshole. With a hot, low squeal, Sherri pushed her face into her son’s ass, kissing at the smooth insides of his ass-cheeks, then directly upon his hot asshole. She closed her open mouth around his asshole and began sucking on it.
“Ohhhh, Mom!” Tommy groaned, pulling his knees back as far as he could, looking down at her, seeing only her forehead where his balls rubbed.
“Mmmmm, nice,” Sherri purred into her son’s ass, the tip of her tongue lapping -at the pucker. “Very nice, darling! Your asshole is very, very hot!”
She pushed the tip of her tongue against his asshole, and with just a little more pressure, slithered it inside. Tommy gasped, and twisted his ass into her face. Sherri plunged her tongue in and out of her son’s asshole, whimpering in perverse pleasure. She enjoyed the way the ring closed and gripped her tongue. She moved a hand up and pressed his cock against her forehead, rubbing up and down the shaft. The heat of his prick on her face with her tongue darting in and out of his crinkling asshole sent wild and frantic pulsations to her hairy cunt, making it twitch and her own asshole crinkle.
Rubbing his cock harder against her head, Sherri wondered what it would feel like to make him come off this way. She knew, from having her finger up his asshole, that it would squeeze and pulsate, but she wondered how it would feel to have his cock gushing into her hair, over her forehead.
“Mom, I want my cock in you!” Tommy cried out.
“Mmmmm, it will go in me, darling,” she murmured, lapping about his asshole slowly. “You know this big, hard cock will go in mother.”
“I mean now!” he groaned. “I want it in your ass now, Mom!”
Sherri heard her soil’s eagerness in his tight voice. Drawing her mouth from his asshole, she licked up his hot balls, then the shaft of his cock. Reaching the swollen head, she gazed into his blazing eyes as she ran her tongue around and around the satiny smoothness, tasting the juices seeping out of his piss-hole. She couldn’t resist sucking his cock deeply into her mouth at least once more.
“Ooohh, Mom, Mom!” Tommy moaned, pushing his cock to her throat and grabbing her head. “Ohhh, Mom, your mouth… so hot and wet!”
Sherri purred around his throbbing cock, the heat burning her tight lips as her tongue swished against it. She would love to have him explode into her mouth, gush it down her throat, but he wanted her ass now. Lifting her face, she turned and sat on the couch, spreading her long legs, her cunt and ass opening up for her son.
“Ram it, darling!” she hissed. “Ram it right up mother’s asshole!”
Tommy scrambled around until he stood at her lifted ass, his cock jerking up and down, staring at her hairy cunt and puckering asshole.
“It doesn’t make any difference how many times I see your cunt, Mom, I’ll never get tired of looking at it!” he grunted, pushing the head of his cock against the fiery ring of her tight asshole. “Or your ass… or your tits!”
Sherri darted her hands down the backs of her thighs to her ass, her fingers clawing at the cheeks spreading them as wide as she could, moaning with eagerness to have his cock inside it. Tommy pushed the head of his cock to the ring of her pulsating asshole, and held his breath as he pushed it inward. Sherri, too, held her breath. It always took her breath away when the head of his cock first entered her cunt or asshole.
Tommy didn’t push more of his cock into her ass, but stopped once the swollen head was in. Sherri let her breath out in a gasp of ecstasy, feeling her asshole stretched again, feeling the head of his cock throbbing there. Her cunt – twitched, her clit straining. Tommy touched it with his finger, and caused his mother’s ass to jerk. When he rubbed her clit with his cock in her ass, Sherri sobbed and began to twist from side to side, her hips revolving.
Placing his palms on the backs of her thighs near her knees, Tommy gave a quick lunge, his cock ramming completely into his mother’s fiery asshole. “Ohhhhh, baby!” Sherri moaned hotly, her eyes half closing with the rapture. “Fuck that ass, Tommy! Ahhh, yes, fuck mother’s hot ass! Ram it up my asshole… give it to me! Fast and hard and deep, Tommy! Oooooh, so good! So fucking good in my ass!”
Tommy stabbed in and out, his balls swinging. He watched his cock dart in and out, watching the ring of his mother’s asshole cling to his prick. It squeezed his cock, her cunt vibrating wetly. Juices seeped out of Sherri’s hair-lined pussy and down onto the shaft of his cock. Still, holding the cheeks of her ass, she churned and humped with him, fucking onto his cock as he thrust..Her eyes were slitted with smoldering ecstasy, watching his face. Each stab of his hard cock into her asshole made her swollen tits sway and ripple in delightful motion. His hands moved from her thighs to grab her tits, his fingers digging painfully into them. But the pain of her tits only increased the boiling pleasure of his cock up her ass.
She pulled her hands off her ass and shoved them to her cunt, pulling at the silky hair, the lips of her cunt, agitating her vibrating clit in a frenzy as her ass whipped about. She groaned and gasped and sobbed with filling ecstasy.
“Oh, God, baby!” she yelped. “It makes my cunt so hot! Being fucked in my asshole makes mother’s cunt so fucking hot and wet!”
She stuffed four fingers into her cunt, plunging them in and out with squishy sounds, a finger of her other hand smashing and beating and rubbing at her inflamed clit. “Squeeze my tits! Squeeze mother’s tits hard, Tommy! Ahhhh, yes, baby… hurt mother’s tits! Ooooh, my asshole is so full of your beautiful cock… it goes so deep in my hot ass! It makes my pussy throb, darling! Do it faster! Fuck me as fast as you can! Hurry, fuck my ass… my asshole! ”
Smashing her tits in his hands, Tommy pounded frantically into his mother’s gripping asshole. He felt the ring clutching and pulsating around his cock, grabbing at it. It seemed much tighter than ever, and, his stomach was smeared with hot juices of her coot now. Sherri twisted and turned her. head about, squealing as the ecstasy grew, filling her body and mind until it was almost too much for her to stand.
“Ohhh, Mom, Mom!” Tommy moaned, smacking loudly against her twisting ass each time his cock stabbed into her. “Ahhh, so tight and hot! I love your ass, Mom! I love your hot asshole! Ooooh, it makes my cock so hard! I’m really going to fill your ass up, Mom!”
“God, baby, you are!” she cried out. “Your cock fills my ass! It stretches my asshole so big!”
“I’m about ready!”
“Come, baby! Ooooh, spurt that sweet come juice!”
Tommy humped with even greater frenzy, and his mother lunged her ass upward, grinding in tight circles, still plunging her fingers into her cunt and pulling on her distended clit that, at any other time, would be very painful.
“Ahhhh, my balls!” Tommy yelped. “Ohhh, my fucking balls!”
“Squirt it, darling! Hurry, squirt it up my ass!”
Tommy rammed hard and deep, smashing his mother’s fingers into her cunt until she couldn’t move them. He lifted his head, his eyes closing. Sherri felt as if she couldn’t breathe as her cunt seemed to rush toward an orgasm of such force, she wasn’t sure it was possible. She felt her son’s cock jerk inside her asshole, and the scalding spurt splashed along the satiny walls.
“My mouth!” she screamed urgently. “I want your cock in my mouth, Tommy! Hurry, baby, finish coming off in my mouth!”
With an effort, Tommy jerked his gushing cock out of his mother’s asshole, scrambling as fast as he could onto the couch, his cock spewing hot come-juice up her body. Sherri opened her mouth wide as her son straddled her knees, his hand pushing his cock downward. She felt a spatter of his searing juices land on the tip of her nose, and then she had her lips closed tightly around the head, sucking and licking with greedy sounds. The thick juices burned into her throat, and her coot contracted now, her fingers still buried deeply into it. She gulped wetly, her lips drawing the juices from his piss-hole while her tongue raced about it hotly.
Tommy was trembling with weakness, his weight resting on his mother’s knees, his cock in her mouth. Sherri lapped about his piss-hole, trying to pull more creamy sweetness from his empty balls.
Slowly, she pulled her dripping fingers out of her calming cunt and cupped her son’s ass, sliding her lips upward on his deflating cock. She purred with pleasure as she tasted him.
“Ohhhh, Mom, that was fantastic!” Tommy breathed as he moved off her.
Sherri straightened her long legs, running her hands through the juice he had spurted onto her flesh, shivering and glowing, satisfied for the moment.