Stepmom’s asshole 2.

Two weeks went by, and Sherri failed to talk to Frank.
Tommy, too, was wondering. Not about Frank but about Cindy. It was unlike her to stay away so long.
He didn’t like to see his mother so depressed. No matter how often they fucked, her happiness was only momentary. Once the glow of orgasm was over, she returned to her depression, pacing and wringing her hands. She had given up trying to contact Frank on the phone, and never called his cutting room again. She had already left a stack of messages for him the size of a small book.
“Mom, we have to face it,” Tommy said late that evening as they sat on the couch side by side, his arm around her. “Frank and Cindy don’t want anything to do with us.”
“Us?” she asked.
“Well, look what we did with Cindy,” he reminded her. “Maybe Cindy feels she’s not ready for us. I don’t know. I thought she enjoyed it, but maybe I was wrong.”
“She enjoyed it,” Sherry said softly. “I know girls, and she enjoyed it.”
“Then maybe she’s afraid her father will find out, or she’s ashamed of herself. Maybe she’s too embarrassed to come back.”
That could be why Cindy didn’t visit, Sherri agreed, but she felt it unlikely. Cindy had loved what they had done with each other. Of that she was sure.
“Maybe her father found out some way,” Tommy said, sliding his hand to his mother’s naked tit, cupping it. “Maybe she’s afraid he will, and of the trouble he will give her.”
“Tommy,” Sherri said, cradling his cock and balls in her palm. “Do you think she really might have tried to seduce Frank and…”
“Maybe she didn’t have the nerve to try, Mom.”
“But suppose she did, and he found out why? Maybe he got it out of her what we did that day, the three” of us. Maybe he won’t let her visit us anymore because of that, and he wants nothing to do with a nasty woman like me.”
There were so many questions without answers.
As they talked and tried to understand, Sherri stroked her son’s cock, her cheek resting on his chest. She watched his cock swell in her hand. She cupped his balls and jiggled them, her body beginning to respond to him as it always did. She lowered her face to his lap, kissing at his cock tenderly, sliding her hot lips up and down the shaft, holding his balls. She enjoyed being with her son this way, touching him, feeling him, kissing him. It always led them into a frenzied fuck, but that was what they both wanted. Sometimes they would feel and lick and kiss each other for an hour or so, then grab each other and fuck wildly. Sherri never cared where her son pushed his cock; she took it gleefully anyplace he put it, and always came deliciously.
Sliding her mouth onto his cock, she began to suck him slowly and without the intensity of urgent passion. She sucked him because she wanted to taste his cock in her mouth. It was simple play, something they both enjoyed doing.
Tommy moved his hand down his mother’s creamy back to her ass, fondling her ass-cheeks while she sucked on his cock slowly. He dragged his fingers up and down the split of her silky ass, brushing the crinkle of her asshole. Sherri mewled about his cock, shoving her ass back at him. Tommy worked a finger into his mother’s asshole, another into her cunt. Sherri breathed deeply, pushing and pulling her ass on his fingers, sucking at his cock with a little more speed.
“Ohhhh, Tommy!” she moaned softly, lifting her mouth and nuzzling into his cock and balls. “Fuck me, darling. I get hot so fast when you touch me. Please fuck mother.”
She lifted and lay back on the couch, one leg over the cushions with her foot on the floor, the other bent at the knee and resting against the back of the couch. Her cunt glistened with pink wetness, the lush pussy-hair soft looking.
Tommy climbed between his mother’s thighs, and pushed his cock into her cunt.
Sherri purred and wrapped her arms about him, arching her cunt to clasp his throbbing cock. She moved her hands down to cup the cheeks of his young ass, and began to pump with him, slowly, enjoying his cock before the frenzy came over them. It felt wonderful when he pushed his cock deep, his balls crushing against her crinkling asshole. She wished she could get his balls into her asshole the way Cindy had shoved them into her cunt that day, but that was impossible.
Tommy slipped his hands to his mother’s ass, holding the cheeks as she held his ass, fucking in and out as his lips found one stiff nipple. Sherri twisted and revolved her ass for him, mewling softly against the top of his head.
Taking his mouth off his mother’s tit, Tommy lifted his mouth to hers, kissing her softly. Sherri mewled and ran the tip of her tongue about his mouth, her fingers starting to dig into his ass. Her cunt flexed about his cock and the sweetness started increasing. Tommy pulled his mother’s tongue into his mouth, sucking at it as her hips began to speed up. He met her upward lunges with deep, penetrating ones with his cock.
And, as always happened, they became frantic.
Feverishly running her hands up and down his back, clutching his ass, spreading the cheeks, Sherri lifted her legs into the air, humping onto his cock with exciting gyrations. Tommy, his arms wrapped about his mother’s shoulders now, face buried into her tits, began to pound into her crotch, making juicy sounds.
“Ahhhh, so good! H she purred hotly. “I love it, Tommy! God, mother loves your hard cock! I want it all the time, fucking me. I want it in my mouth, in my cunt, in my asshole! Ooooh, baby, it’s so hard and hot and I love to have it in me!”
Tommy drew his body up, sliding his hands to her ass, lifting it to stab deeply, watching the hairy lips squeeze his cock hard. Sherri squealed and shot her long legs ‘straight up into the air, her hands on her knees, spread very wide.
“Ahhhh, beat my cunt!” she gasped. “Beat mother’s cunt hard with your cock! Fuck my cunt and smash it and crush it and beat it!”
Tommy strained into her cunt, watching her clit rub the shaft of his cock. She was very wet, juices gleaming on his prick, his balls. He spread her ass wide, so his balls could bounce off her puckering asshole, knowing how much she loved that.
“You’re going to make me come!” Sherri screeched. “Ooooh, my cunt, baby! You’ll make mother come!”
“I want you to come, Mom!” he panted. “I want to feel your cunt squeeze my cock hard!”
“It will! Ohhh, God, my cunt is going to eat your cock up!”
Her stomach rippled with bunching muscles as she thrashed her cunt up and down. Tommy’s cock jerked about inside the satiny tightness and his face began to screw up.
“Come in me!” Sherri urged in hoarse voice. Come m mother’s cunt! Come and come until my pussy drips your juice for days!”
“Ahhhh, Mom!”
“Now, baby”-now!”
She lunged her cunt up hard and tight on his cock, a low shriek corning from her throat. The spasms of her cunt sucked powerfully on her son’s cock, and caused it to spurt his boiling juices into it. Over and over, they both came, together and with shaking force.
Tommy lay on top of her trembling body while Sherri caressed his back and ass, her long legs splayed outward now. His cock softened inside her cunt, and the twitching of it slowly pushed it out. She sighed as she felt his prick rest against the crack of her ass, his weight comfortable on her…
At first they didn’t hear the soft knocking on the door. Then it grew louder.
“Oh, shit” Sherri groaned. “Not now. It’s too late for someone to come visiting. Where did I put my robe?”
“I’ll get it, Mom,” Tommy said, picking up her robe and wrapping it around him self.
“Get rid of whoever it is,” she said.
Tommy opened the door a crack, and then wider.
Cindy entered, looking at Tommy in his mother’s robe and giggling.
“Cindy!” Sherri gasped in surprise. “Is anything wrong? Why are you here so late? Is it Frank? Has something happened to your father?”
Cindy’s young eyes took in Sherri’s naked body. Sherri had sat up in surprise to see the exquisite little girl.
“Nothing is wrong with Daddy, I, she said, coming in and sitting down as if the past few weeks had not existed. She was dressed in a little dress with lace, her usual knee socks, with sneakers on her feet. Her hair hung about her shoulders. “He’s working late again, that’s all.”
“Late?” Sherri asked.
“Something about a rush job on a film,”
Cindy said, eyeing Sherri’s naked titties. “It has to be done tonight, so I don’t know when he’ll be home.”
“Where have you been, darling?” Sherri asked, hugging the girl. “We haven’t seen you, and when we call there’s no answer.”
Cindy gave a shy, but bright-eyed, smile.
“Busy,” she said softly. “I’ve been.very busy.”
“Oh, yeah?” Tommy asked, still in his mother’s robe. “Doing what?”
“Fucking Daddy,” Cindy said, a soft lewd giggle coming from her.
“You mean you went through with it?” Tommy asked. “We made a bargain, remember,” Cindy said.
Sherri’s heart sank. She couldn’t help but ask, “Was that hard to do, honey?”
“Oh, no!” Cindy giggled. “It was real easy. I just kissed him one evening and grabbed his cock.”
“I bet he almost shit,” Tommy laughed.
“Almost,” Cindy laughed.” He tried to move my hand, but I had a real tight hold on his cock and it started getting hard, and then he didn’t seem to mind so much.”
“Frank fucked you?” Sherri asked, feeling despair. Tommy and Cindy had done it after all.
“He sure did!” Cindy laughed. “His big old cock was almost too much for me, but we got it in once I got on top of him. We had to do it slow that first time, but now he can put his cock in my cunt real easy.”
Sherri was pleased for Cindy, but she knew she had lost Frank now for sure. She looked at Tommy, her eyes wet. Tommy saw his mother’s sorrow, and felt bad about what he and Cindy had done to her. He stood shifting from foot to foot, not knowing what to do.
Cindy did not notice Sherri’s sadness. She was eyeing Tommy, who had allowed his mother’s robe to open. She was looking at his cock and balls, her young eyes showing heat. Without saying anything, she spread her knees open and pulled her dress up. She had on tight, white panties. Tommy was close enough to her, and her small hand cupped his balls.
“Wanna fuck me, Tommy?” she asked in a little voice. “I sure missed coming over here,”
“That’s not our fault/’ Tommy said.
“I know, but Daddy… he stays so hard all the time,” Cindy said. “At first, my cunt was sore, but then Daddy has been fucking me so much. I had to be there when he came home, because he came in with a hard-on and ready. I know I should have come over when he was at work, but I never knew when he would come home. You know he comes in any time of the day.”
That was true. Frank came and went at odd hours, depending on the films he had to cut and splice.
“Remember I said I wanted to feel it in my ass?” Cindy said. “Well, Daddy tried, but his cock is so big, it didn’t work. I wanna get fucked there, and I just know your cock will go in.”
Sherri, fighting “back tears, sucked in a deep breath. She couldn’t be angry at Tommy or Cindy. They had ruined her relations with Frank, but they really didn’t understand what they had done. She fought to perk up, smiling slightly as she watched Cindy fondling her son’s balls.
Tommy dropped his mother’s robe, responding to Cindy’s hot little hands on his cock and balls. “I guess we can do it now, Cindy,” he said.
With excitement glowing on her pretty face, Cindy stood up and began undressing. When she rolled her white panties down, Sherri’s mouth became hot and watery as she stared at that exquisite, hairless slit of a young cunt. Cindy stood with her slender legs open, rubbing at her pussy like the little wanton she was. Sherri couldn’t help herself. She slipped off the couch and to the floor, wrapping her arms around Cindy’s slim hips, burying her mouth into that steamy, sweet pussy. Tommy, moving behind Cindy, rubbed his cock up and down the split of her lovable ass.
“Ooooh, I’ve missed this so much!” Cindy gurgled, holding the back of Sherri’s head.
Sherri leaned back on the floor, pulling Cindy with her. She turned the eager little girl around until she had those hot, satiny thighs spread over her face. Cindy used her hands to part Sherri’s legs, and dipped her face down, lapping at the hairy cunt.
“Oooh, you’ve been fucking!” she squealed. “I taste come-juice in your cunt, Sherri.”
“Mmmm, Tommy filled it up,” Sherri purred into the succulent sweetness of the fiery little cunt. “He came in me just before you knocked on the door.”
“I wanna suck it up!” Cindy squealed, and began to lap hungrily at Sherri’s juicy slit, sucking come-juice from it.
Tommy, standing above Cindy’s little ass, watched his mother probe her tongue deeply. His cock was up hard again. He dropped to his knees at his mother’s head and Cindy’s ass. Sherri spread the little ass wide with her hands, tilting her face to give her son’s cock a lick as he pushed the head to the hot crinkle of Cindy’s asshole. She squeezed Cindy’s face between her hot thighs.
Cindy, feeling Tommy’s cock pressure against her pink asshole, began to gasp and push back on it. Sherri stared at it, hoping her son wouldn’t hurt Cindy. But Cindy was pushing her little ass back at him, wanting his cock up that tight little asshole. Tommy held Cindy’s hips, gritting his teeth with the delicious, hot tightness.
“Push it in!” Cindy groaned into Sherri’s cunt.
Tommy moved his cock slowly, and Cindy cried out as her asshole spread around it. Once the head penetrated the scalding ring, the rest was easy, and Tommy pushed his cock all the way up her asshole. Sherri, seeing it inches from her face, sobbed and lapped at her son’s balls, then plunged her tongue into the gripping little cunt, fucking it in and out. Cindy, feeling Tommy’s cock starting to push and pull, smashed her little mouth hungrily into Sherri’s hairy cunt, sucking and licking wildly, shaking her uplifted ass.
With a squeal, she lifted her face. “Ohhh, Tommy, it’s good! I can feel your cock so deep in my asshole! Fuck my asshole the way you fuck my cunt! Oooohhhh, I just gotta get daddy’s cock in my asshole!”
She buried her face back into Sherri’s cunt.
Sherri, with her son’s balls rubbing back and forth in her face, tongued Cindy’s sugary cunt wildly, her hands holding the small ass-cheeks wide open for him. She arched her crotch up and twisted as Cindy’s hot little tongue plunged in and out, licking at the hairy lips, sucking on her cUt. She moaned in rapture when Cindy squeezed her ass, a small finger sliding up her asshole. She clung to Cindy, as Cindy was clinging to her, and Tommy pounded his cock in and out the tight asshole faster and faster. His cock moved easily now, but it was still very tight. “Tight ass!” Tommy groaned, “Your ass is almost too fucking tight, Cindy!”
Cindy waggled as best she could, sucking the lips of Sherri’s cunt into her mouth hard. She was sobbing with ecstasy, her asshole gripping and flexing on Tommy’s cock. Sherri lapped from Cindy’s cunt to her son’s balls, the tip of her tongue tasting the stretching ring of Cindy’s asshole and the shaft of his prick. She churned and whipped her ass about while Cindy sucked very hard at her clit. Although she had just come with her son fucking her cunt, Shem was swiftly building to another enormous orgasm.
Cindy, urging Sherri to smash her cunt against her mouth, drove her little finger in and out of her asshole swiftly. Her little tongue worked like a cock, dipping into the juicy pussy hungrily. She arched her sweet ass to Tommy’s cock, feeling herself penetrated in her asshole and cunt together. Feverishly, she moaned into Sherri’s pussy. Then she yanked her head up, crying out.
“I’m gonna come!”
Sherri strained her pussy into Cindy’s mouth, gasping as her orgasm exploded about the darting tongue and sucking lips. Her own tongue raced in and out of the sugary cunt of Cindy, and her son’s balls rubbed swiftly across her face.
“I’m going to come, too!” Tommy yelled.
Cindy, shaking hard, screamed into Sherri’s cunt, her orgasms shaking her from head to toe. Tommy spurted, his cock jerking inside the squeezing tightness of Cindy’s little asshole.
In his frenzy, Tommy’s cock pulled out of Cindy’s asshole, and Sherri caught a spurt on her face. Quickly, as her son tried to push his cock back into Cindy’s asshole, she closed her mouth around it, gulping wetly as he finished coming. She gurgled and swallowed his burning come-juice. Sherri pressed her open mouth around the puckering little asshole and sucked hard, working her tongue into the ring, tasting her son’s come-juice as it seeped from the lovely little ass.
Slowly, sobbing with pleasure, Cindy rolled off Sherri, sprawling on her back, arms and legs flaring wide apart. Her tight, saucy tits with those candied, pink nipples rose and fell as she breathed deeply, her cunt working like the mouth of a fish, opening and closing.
The telephone jarred their relaxed mood.
“Shit, shit, shit!” Sherri shouted. “Who would be calling so late at night’?”
She jerked the 1’hone to her ear and mouth.
“What is it’?” she asked, angrily. “Do you know what time it is?”
“Sherri,” came Frank’s voice.
Sherri’s anger fled. “Frank’? Dh, Frank.”
“Is Cindy there’?”
“Yes,” Sherri said. “Ohhh, Frank! Darling!”