Chained, whipped librarians 2.

Jim Carver’s cock swelled fucking-hard again in less time than either of them had dared hope. Letha purred and cooed. She hadn’t lost her touch in three long and lonely years of widowhood.
Ellen looked aghast. She’d never seen her husband’s great cock so long and throbbing hard. Sight of its fierce surging strength repulsed her now more than ever before.
Her mother had taught Ellen to endure sex rather then enjoy it. She’d been taught, that spreading her legs was a wife’s grim duty, not her greatest pleasure, and Ellen had lived all her life by that code. Usually she submitted to sex in stony silence, gritting her teeth and clamping her tight dry cunt against intrusion. All of Jim’s efforts at foreplay were sternly rebuffed. “Get it in and get it over with,” were the most endearing words she’d ever spoken in bed.
She was shocked by the beautiful black-clad temptress fawning and drooling over her husband’s stiff cock. Pearly bright rivulets of cum dripped from the corners of her upturned lips. Ellen simply could not believe that a woman would so happily take that slimy stuff into her mouth. But there she was the overflow dribbling down. It fell on the bitch Goddess’ tits, a silver white gloss to lubricate nipples teased and squeezed by Jim’s eager hands.
Ellen’s heart raced and her temples throbbed like two jungle drums. Her breath hissed like steam from a pressure cooker. Emotions she would not admit to were about to explode.
“Let go of my husband!” she screamed. “His cock is mine and bound to me by our marriage vows!”
Jim snarled, “Ellen, shut up! You didn’t want it until now. Just keep your mouth closed and watch what a real woman can do.”
Letha reared up with a glossy-lipped grin and pushed the tip of Jim’s cock into the buttery mouth of her black-furred pussy slit.
He gasped in pleasure, feeling the quaking pulse of a hungry cunt.
“No!” Ellen cried. “He’s mine until death do us part!”
“So die a little, you frigid bitch!” Letha shouted. “Watch me drop myself hard on your husband’s stiff cock!”
Letha, twirled her ass, thrusting the head of Jim’s cock into the moist hollow of her honeysweet cunt. Three long years she’d been waiting for that.
Her eyes winced shut and her cum-glazed lips let out a shrill squeal of delight. She held her breath and dropped all her weight on him.
“Oh, God… I’ve waited three years for a cock that would thrill me like yours!”
“And I’ve waited all my married life for a pussy as seething, hot and slick as yours. This is only the second good piece of ass I’ve had in my whole life!”
“The first was me,” Ellen said hopefully. “On our wedding night.” She remembered vaguely how hot her pussy was then. When Jim tore her stubborn cherry, her wringing tight channel filled quickly with gushing blood.
“Oh, God, no! I thought I’d killed you. There was blood all over the mattress and you fucked back with all the passion of a dead body!”
Letha was leaping and bounding up and down on his stiff cock, delighting herself with a dozen different kinds of fucking. One time she swiveled her hips around to the right, the next time she twisted like a left-hand thread. Sometimes she lunged forward, sometimes she arched back.
Her rippling cunt clenched tight. When Jim’s cock was rooted to the hilt, her pussy quivered and squirmed all around him. Then her cunt went teasingly slack as she drew back.
Letha used all of her best moves in various combinations, a lunge forward and left with a strangling tight cunt. A pull back and to the right with a feather-light touch. No time did she drop her sweet hot pussy on his spearing cock stalk in quite the same way.
Jim Carver’s eyes glazed with delight. His frigid wife had only one move and that was no move at all. He arched his body under Letha’s varied thrusts and added a few changes of his own.
One time he would bow his back and hammer his cock in while she was dropping hard upon him. The next time he would twist his ass into the mattress and deny her the pleasure of his stiff cock as long as he could. He screwed to the left while she screwed to the right, then he screwed right with her and made the slithering friction of their perfect unison a mouth watering delight.
“God damn!” they both cried as though with one voice.
“You’ve got a great cock!” Letha screamed. “You’ve got an even better pussy!” Jim shouted back. “I’d have divorced that bitch years ago, but the family fortune is all in her name.”
Ellen strained at her bonds. “Your father was a whore-fucker who died without a dime to his name!”
“Yeah,” Jim said with a blissful grin on his face. “And so was his father before him. But they both died happy in their old age, and that’s more than I thought I’d ever do!”
Letha smiled, greatly pleased with the progress they’d made already. Her wringing pussy had felt the hammering throb of a fiercely hot prick – just what she needed.
Ellen Carver was beside herself with jealousy. In the silvery glow of moonlight filtering into the room, Letha could see sweat beading on her brow. Her body was heating with rage. Once she finished with Jim, Letha planned to turn the heat of Ellen’s anger into fiery passion – and have more thrilling hot sex herself while she was at it.
Jim grunted and moaned vigorous animal sounds of lusty delight. The phantom beauty was lifting and dropping her cunt on his cock, writhing and twisting to ream her silky cunt tunnel this way and that.
“Wh-what can I call you?” he asked joyfully. “I don’t even know your name.”
“It’s best that you don’t,” Letha replied. “Just call me the Phantom.”
“Call her a slut!” Ellen snarled. “Call her a whore and a cock-thieving bitch!”
“Oh, yes!” Letha agreed. “That’s even better. I love it when a man talks dirty to me!”
“Do you?” Jim asked with a twisted grin. “Then you must be a slut just like my wife said. A wanton cock-crazy cunt!” He arched and hammered into her cunt harder with each word he spoke. Letha confessed willingly, “That’s what I am. A woman has to be a lewd bitch to dress like this and go prick-hunting in the middle of the night.”
“Yeah, and you probably like it best when the cock you find gets rough.”
“What?” He was jarring her with his reaming up-thrusts.
“You like cock best when it’s beating on your black-furred cunt like a piledriver!”
“Oooooh, yes!”
“Well, I can’t give you real stabbing thrusts while you’re on top,” Jim replied.
He grunted, arched high and pitched her off. Letha howled and fell on her back next to the wall.
“Don’t take your beautiful cock away from me!” she moaned.
“I’m gonna give it right back to you, bitch! I’m really going to give it to you now!” He tumbled her into the middle of the bed and hunched over her on his knees. “First we have to get your legs up…” He lifted her legs, encased in shiny black boots with long, dagger-thin heels. “Hook your legs over my shoulders!”
Letha cried, “God, you’re bending me double. Breaking me in two!”
Carver grinned, poking his head between her upraised knees and lunging forward. That raised her black-clad ass off the bed and slanted the mink-furred slit of her cunt perfectly for deep reaming thrusts.
His big cock bored in and plunged deeper than before.
She groaned. “Oooh please, be gentle! You’re in soooo far now!”
“And that’s just how you like it, bitch! I can see it in your beautiful blue eyes.”
Jim Carver was using his cock like a battering ram, spiking and twisting with powerful deep thrusts. His hard-muscled loins slapped on her mink-padded pussy. The hairy thick root of his cock spread and teased her pussy lips.
“Oh, Jeezus!” Letha squealed, her eyes wide. She’d forgotten how far a man’s cock could reach when her ass was lifted and hex pussy angled for deep assault.
“What you like is what you get,” Jim said. “Take it, bitch! Take it all! You hot-fucking whore! Your pussy is even better now. It’s gone screw-crazy and it’s trying to climb my cock!”
“I can’t help it! You’re killing me with your prick!”
“What better way is there for a night crawling whore to die?”
“Yes! Batter me with your cock! The more it hurts, the better I like it!” Letha’s hot pussy convulsed with thrilling spasms.
“I had a girlfriend in high school,” Jim recalled with rasping breath. “Before I met Ellen. We used to fuck under the bleachers on the footballs field and in the backseat of my dad’s car.”
Ellen cried, “Jim! You told me I was your first and only love.”
“I told you the truth. I didn’t love her, I just fucked her. She liked it hard and deep like this lewd bitch. Is that who you are? My horny high school sweetheart, back after all these years to feel my cock?”
“No,” Letha said. “We’ve never fucked before.”
“But there is something vaguely familiar about you. The curve of your lips, the shape of your chin.”
“Just fuck me!” Letha cried. “It doesn’t matter who I am.”
“It does to me. I’m going to pull off your mask and have a better look at you!”
“Nooooo! If you do that, I can never come here again!”
Jim’s hand was already on the sequin-trimmed edge of her black mask, but he let go and left it in place.
“I do want you to come back,” he said. “And I want you to cum right now!”
“Yes, ooooh, yes! Drill my pussy and make me cum! God, it’s going to be the climax I’ve waited for so long! Give me cock! Fuck me, you horny bastard! Make me cum if you want me to come back!” Letha’s long legs arched over his shoulders. She kicked on his back and spurred him with her sharp heels.
Jim roared. “Damn you!”
He fucked harder and faster, punishing her with deep reaming thrusts that pained her cunt into rapturous waves of wringing delight.
“You mysterious bitch! You luscious hot pussy! You cock-crazy cunt! I’ll never get tired of fucking you!”
Ellen Carver burst into tears. “Oh, Jim! Don’t give your love to that lewd bitch!”
“Who said anything about love? It’s my cock and my cum she wants! Isn’t that right, cunt?”
“Yyyeeeesssss!” Letha’s voice shrilled into a scream. The trembling in her pussy pitched itself to a frenzy. Rings of muscle, soft as silk and strong as steel, clenched Jim’s plunging cock. “Fuck me full! I want to feel jism! I need the heat and force of your gushing flow! Fuck me… flood me!”
“What you want is what you get,” Jim said with a grimace of delight. He was trying to hold his hot blast of cum another few seconds to enjoy the exquisite tension that made his cock quake and bum. But the wringing suction of her slithering cunt was more than any man could endure.
He arched high and rammed in with a roar. Quicksilver cum erupted almost at once. It spit from his cock slit in gushing bursts.
The fiery tip of white-hot pleasure burned deep. The simmering cream slathered the walls of her writhing pussy. It rose around his plunging prick, delighting them both, making the friction between pussy and cock more entrancing than ever before.
Ellen Carver was screaming almost as though she’d climaxed herself. She arched her back and swayed her ass around in a spiral of lonely desperation.
“Fuck me, Jim! Fill my cunt until jism dribbles from its hot lips. I want every drop!” Letha screamed.
“No!” Ellen wailed. “Save some for me!”
“I won’t let you, Jim. I want jism. I want it all!” Letha shouted.
“You greedy bitch!” Ellen screamed.
“I want it, and I’ve got it!” Letha shot back. “Your frigid cunt can just simmer in its own juices.”
Jim’s fiery fuck-thrusts began to weaken. He was running out of breath and felt that his weary balls were almost drained.
“That’s about all there is, Phantom.”
“No, I need more and I know how to get it!” Letha snaked her arms around his waist. With one hand she parted the checks of his ass. With the other she wiggled a finger into his puckered shithole.
“Ooooh!” Jim moaned.
No one had ever done that to him before. It felt like she was reaching for the root of his prick from the inside. His guts wrenched, his ass squirmed and his balls brought up another burst.
“Ooooh!” Letha moaned. “I love your liquid fire! More, big fucker! Give me more!” Letha finger-fucked his ass with frenzied strokes.
His ass was still writhing, clenching and squirming on her finger. And his cock was still spurting cum when the rest of his body neared the point of complete collapse.
At last, Letha felt his final spurt. The glorious contractions of climax were winding down. Her well-fucked pussy began to relax. As the grip of her sucking cunt lips began to weaken, jism cock-whipped to a white froth, bubbled from her black-furred pussy.
She could feel the warmth and wetness flow from a pussy satisfied for the first time in three years. Jim’s weight fell on her chest. Letha eased her legs apart and let them slip off of his shoulders.
They just stared into each other’s eyes, both too weak and breathless with satisfaction to speak. Ellen was breathing as hard as either of them, but hers was the rasp of bitter frustration.
“Do you still want your husband’s jism?” Letha called across the room when she’d caught her breath.
“Yes, you bitch! But you didn’t leave anything for me!”
“I’m sure we can find some,” Letha said consolingly. “A big load of simmering hot cream.”
Jim groaned. “Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.”
“How about it?” she asked the bound woman. “Do you want to suck jism from the cunt Jim just fucked?”
“No!” the wife fumed. “I’m not a lesbian!”
“Neither am I, but after a hard pussy pounding there’s nothing better than the pull of another woman’s soft lips. The teasing caress of a tender tongue.”
“Ugh! I wouldn’t even put my mouth on a clean pussy that was pure.”
“Mine’s clean,” Letha said. “Freshly bathed with scalding hot cream. And it’s pure, Ellen. Pure pleasure! We’ll do some sixty-nine. We’ll suck each other. I’ll show you how it’s done!”
“Don’t touch me!” the woman screamed. “I’d rather die than touch my lips to your lascivious cunt!”
Letha said coyly to Jim, “I want her to suck my cunt and swallow your cum. Are you man enough to make her do it? She won’t be reluctant to suck cock after she’s gotten a taste of hot jism.”
“Yeah, but if she doesn’t want to…”
“I want my cunt licked clean, and you said what I want is what I get.”
“Er, yeah. I did say that, didn’t I? Ellen, open your God damned mouth! It’s time it did something besides bitch!”