Stocking tease

I have a thing about stockings. I don’t know why, it just seems to have
always been the case. It probably started when I was an adolescent and the
girls in the mens’ magazines usually wore stockings. But, here I am as a
30 year-old man, happily married, and I’ve still got a thing for stockings.
My lovely sexy wife doesn’t wear them, she doesn’t feel comfortable in
them. She will wear them if I ask her to but she doesn’t do so through
choice. Also, Maggie is only 5’ 1” tall – and stockings definitely look best
wrapped around long and curvy legs. Sheer nylon, black or white with a
nice lace top. So, we have a good sex life but I can’t shake my desire to
see a woman in stockings.

I’d like to tell you about a true event that remains one of the most erotic
encounters of my life. I’m pleased to say Maggie was involved, but so
was her best friend Claire. Now Claire can best be described as gorgeous.
She is 5’ 8” tall, but taller in heels – and she always wears heels. She is
redhead with lovely long curls, a round face with a generous mouth and
full lips, large (36C) breasts that are still firm in spite of her 32 years,
slim waist and curvy behind and a pair of legs to knock you dead. Claire’s
legs are perfect – nicely rounded calves, firm thighs and soft ankles. She
always wears nylons and always wears high heels. Many has been the
time that I’ve thought about Claire as I’ve been fucking Maggie – but only
when Maggie wears stockings in which case she usually on all-fours and
I’m kneeling behind her. I picture what Claire would look like in the same

Maggie and Claire have been best friends since college. She was a
bridesmaid at our wedding and I’m ashamed to say that when she hitched
up her long dress to climb into the carriage outside of the church I gazed
long and hard at her fabulous legs. She was wearing white stockings and
heels, with peach garters. To make matters worse, Andy (my best man)
later told me he had fucked her during the reception and she was as good
as she looked.

This fateful day, a Saturday, I was working. Maggie had called me to say
that she was meeting Claire in town and they were going to have a ‘girls’
day – a euphemism for shopping and drinking. They hadn’t seen each
other in nearly six months and so they had a lot to catch up on. Claire’s
marriage was on the rocks and she’d recently moved back into the area.
She’d called Maggie a couple of days before and they must have arranged
the shopping trip then. I told Maggie not to spend too much and she
giggled and said ‘Oh, just a few pairs of stockings’ and hung up. She
knew how to get me going, fortunately she didn’t know about my
fantasies regarding Claire.

I arrived home around five and parked behind a car I guessed to be
Claire’s. As I opened the door, the sight of shopping bags greeted me
followed by voices and laughter from the lounge. I walked in and Claire
bounded up to greet me. Her breasts jumped as she did so and she ran
over and hugged me saying “Pete, Pete. It’s good to see you again. I’m
pleased you’re taking good care of my best mate” and squeezed me
tightly. I could feel her breasts pressing against me and the smell of her
perfume drifted upwards and I responded by putting my arms around her
waist and kissing her lightly on the cheek. She pulled her head back to
face me and said “Is that the best you can do” and kissed me full on the
mouth. Her eyes closed and her tongue pushed it’s way into my mouth.
Her arms tightened around my neck and she rubbed her thigh against me.
I responded a little but eventually broke the embrace. She smiled at me
and led to the sofa. Maggie and I exchanged pleasantries but I could tell
by the empty bottles of wine that both her and Claire had been back for
some time.

I sat opposite Claire and looked at her properly now – she was as
gorgeous as always. She wore a tight-fitting skirt, with the hem ending
halfway up her thighs and a fitted blouse that accentuated her curves. Her
tawny hair cascaded down to below her shoulders and she was made-up as
tastefully but sexily as I remembered her. I looked at her legs and almost
sighed as I took in her delicious curves. She wore a pair of strappy sandals
with a 3” heel. The straps wound around her insteps and up her ankles to
end a few inches up her legs. She looked good enough to eat.

Maggie told me they’d been shopping and told me in detail what she’d
bought for herself. She kept giggling as she did so and I looked across at
Claire who was also giggling in a very girly way. I have to say, it was a
real turn-on. Claire then jumped up and said “I know, I’ll go and try on
some of the stuff – I could do with another opinion”. With that she
scampered into the hall and ran upstairs clutching an armful of bags. I
quizzed Maggie as to why they were being so giggly but she wouldn’t
say. All she said was that Claire had bought some things to spite Mark
(her soon to be ex-husband).

After a short time, Claire appeared in the doorway. She was dressed in a
red lace teddy, red silk panties, white lace-top stockings and white shoes
with a 4” heel. To complete the look she wore a red satin choker. She had
piled her hair onto her head and a few wispy strands hung down to her
neck. She stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips and her left leg
bent slightly in front of the right. I didn’t speak – I couldn’t speak !.
moment was broken by Maggie applauding. Apparently, it was this sort of
outfit that had caused a rift between Claire and Mark. she had wanted to
buy this sort of thing as standard underwear but mark had objected (!?!!?!)
and questioned her as to who she was really buying it for. An argument
had developed and he accused her of having a lover – why else should she
want such clothes ?

Maggie said she looked lovely. Claire walked into the room saying she
felt great – she felt she was in control of her life again. I still couldn’t
speak. I watched as her panties disappeared between the cheeks of her ass,
the flimsy silk sliding along the cheeks of her backside before being
swallowed by the crack of her ass. Her breasts were pushed together and
looked so warm and inviting. As I was taking in the view, I realised I now
had an erection big enough to mop the floor with. Maggie was
complimenting her on how good she looked and all that but I wasn’t
hearing anything. I was astounded and mesmerised. I kept my eyes glued
to her gorgeous legs.

Claire laughed and said “Mmmm looks like Pete’s excited”. Maggie
looked at my straining jog-pants and giggled before saying “Yep. He’s
still got a thing for your legs, Claire”. I blushed scarlet. Had Maggie told
Claire my fantasies about her ? I bent forwards a little in a vain attempt
hide my hard-on. I could have left the room but my cock would have
looked like a tent-pole. Claire just moved closer to me and stood over me,
I could hear her stockings rub together as she moved. She spoke again
“Mags, looks like Petey is being a naughty boy”. Maggie joined in, “Yes,
if he doesn’t control himself he might have to have his botty smacked”
and they both giggled. I realised the wine was kicking in as this behaviour
wasn’t really like Maggie – but I couldn’t say the same for Claire.

Claire placed a foot on the coffee table and bent forwards placing her
hands either side of her raised ankle and slowly drew them up the entire
length of the stocking, smoothing it as she did so. “Mmmm, feels smooth”
and she licked her lips. Maggie could tell where my gaze was directed and
the bulge in my pants left her in no doubt as to how agitated I was.
“PETER !” she exclaimed in mock surprise, but this only spurred Claire
on – “Oh, I think the naughty boy needs to be spanked” she purred.
Maggie took a playful swipe at my shoulder but immediately Claire said
“No, Mags, on the backside” and she leant forwards placing both of her
hands on each of my shoulders and pulled me forwards onto the floor. I
took my weight on my hands but this left me in the perfect position for
Maggie who now smacked me hard across my ass. I couldn’t feel
anything. I was now inches away from Claire gorgeous legs and feet. I
wondered if my tongue was long enough to reach forwards and lick her
ankles – but my head was over a foot away.

Claire leant further forwards and grabbed the waist-band of my joggers
and pulled at them hard enough to bring them down, and my boxer shorts,
exposing my ass cheeks. Maggie smacked me hard again. The smack was
the loudest noise in the room. The only other sound was our collective
deep breathing. Claire almost hissed the word “Again” and Maggie
complied to her friends’ wish and smacked me hard across my cheeks.
Maggie continued to spank me, but almost playfully and without any
malice. But Claire had other ideas – she brought her hands lower down my
waistband and pulled my jog-pants and boxers all the way down to my
knees, allowing my cock to slap up against my stomach. Maggie saw this
and stopped her spanking, unsure of how to continue. Claire stepped back
and put her hands back on her hips. She spoke in a deep, husky voice
“Well, it looks like you’ve gone a little too far, doesn’t it ?”. My cock
visible to all even though I was still on my hands and knees. Maggie
looked up at Claire, almost in awe of her friends composure. Claire placed
a hand under my chin and prompted me to sit up, my knees still on the
floor. My cock pointed up at her face at an alarming angle. I don’t think
I’d ever known it to be so big.

Claire smiled and looked at Maggie and said “Looks like this naughty boy
needs to be taught how to behave” and finished with a questioning look.
Maggie stood up and moved next to Claire before saying “Yes. I think
he’ll have to do something about that” pointing at my cock “before we go
any further”. I didn’t know what she was implying might happen but
almost without thinking my hands came round to grip my solid cock.
Claire spoke again “Ooohh, I think he wants to rub it for us !” and she
took a step back and took Maggie’s hand at the same time and they both
sat opposite to me on the sofa. Claire crossed her legs to ensure I had a
lovely view of her stockings, stretched tightly over her thighs. After a
while Claire raised an eyebrow and said “Well ?”. That was my cue to
start rubbing. I looked down at my swollen cock and could see a slight
drop of pre-come on the head. I smoothed it over with a finger and
continued rubbing. I let my gaze drift up towards Claire’s feet and then
her legs. I looked up at both their faces and could see their eyes were wide
with excitement. I felt my cock tensing and realised I would be coming
soon. Ilooked at Claire’s face and her eyes burned back into mine – what
was she thinking ? I started to fantasise all manner of things but that only
started me coming. A long stream of creamy spunk spurted from my
swollen cock and arched across towards the girls, landing only a few
inches from Claire’s shoes. Maggie squeaked in excitement but Claire just
sat composed, watching me intently. I spurted again, this time the spunk
jumped only a few inches from my penis and landed in the upturned palm
of my hand. My body jerked once more and the tip of my cock covered
over with white fluid and I sank back onto the floor.

Maggie sat with her mouth open with a look of wonder on her face. Claire
moved and knelt on the floor in front of me. Her breasts strained against
the silk of her teddy as she leant forwards. She placed her right hand
under mine and lifted my spunk-covered hand up towards my face. “Lick
it” she almost hissed, her red lips seeming fuller and more rounded than
ever before. She pushed my hand up further until I had no other option but
to flick my tongue out over my spunky fingers. I lapped all of the come I
could find and then lowered my hand for inspection – as a child would do
when instructed to ‘clean the plate’.

Claire smiled and sat back on the sofa. She turned to Maggie. “See,” she
began, “I told you he was a wanker that couldn’t control himself when he
saw a pair of legs”. I couldn’t reply. Maggie looked down at my softening
cock and let her eyes fall to the floor. The room fell silent for a time. My
mind still raced with the thoughts of what had happened, my mouth still
tasted salty from my own spunk.

Claire spoke. “Come on Mags, we’ve got other things to try on upstairs”.
With that she took Maggie’s hand and led her to the door and upstairs. I
heard the bedroom door close and after a short while I could tell they were
talking. I cleaned myself up and got a cloth to clean the floor. I sat on
sofa and waited. The time dragged by but I could still hear them both
talking and could hear movements. There were a lot of shopping bags in
the hall when I’d arrived so I thought they were still trying on clothes. My
mind wouldn’t settle – I cursed Claire for humiliating me in that way but at
the same time would have given a lot to have been able to fuck her –
partly in revenge but also because what she had said had been true – I
couldn’t control myself when faced with a great pair of legs.

The time ticked by and I couldn’t wait any longer. I crept upstairs and
could hear their voices talking lightly, complements being passed etc.. I
stood in the doorway of the spare room to listen closer. I could just make
out what Claire was saying but not Maggie’s responses. The one-sided
conversation went “Well, would you ?”, then “Try it ! What have got to
lose ?” followed by “Mmm, I could have some of that myself”. I was
conjuring mental images and could feel myself stiffening again. I could
hear the bed moving and was sure I heard Maggie’s dressing chair clonk
against the wall. The door handle jerked and I sprang back into the spare
room. I could hear Claire’s voice “Ready ? Should I call him ?”. I took my
chance and scampered back downstairs just in time to hear Claire call out
“Oh, Peter. Could you help us with something please…”. I moved to the
bottom of the stairs and called back “Yeh, o.k.” in the most dis-interested
voice I could muster given that my heart was pounding and my cock was
already straining.

I climbed slowly upstairs and walked to the door of the bedroom which
was slightly ajar. I pushed it open hesitantly and first saw Maggie – and
my cock jumped instantly. She was wearing the red lace teddy and white
stockings that Claire was wearing only a short time earlier. She was
kneeling at the end of the bed, facing me. A chair had been placed against
the end wall looking into the room. Claire was seated to the side of the
bed in Maggie’s dressing chair. She was wearing Maggie’s robe and I
could tell she was wearing black nylons but not which sort. I stood in the
doorway and marvelled at the scene in front of me. Maggie spoke – “Sit”
was all she said. I complied, my cock rising all the time. She looked down
at it and spoke again “I notice that your ‘friend’ has made an appearance
again. Well, Claire and I were wondering if it was at all possible for you
to refrain from wanking (she almost spat out the word) when confronted
by a woman in stockings.” She paused, then continued “So, we’re going to
put you to the test”. Her face was beautifully made-up but had a
haughtiness about it, a look that said she was in control.

“You’re to remain seated throughout the ‘performance'” Maggie continued,
“and no touching, rubbing or stroking will be allowed”. I looked across at
Claire to see she was smiling widely. “O.K. ?” Maggie concluded. I
responded “Hmm, but what if I do weaken, and end up giving myself a
quick rub ?” Sure in my own mind that I would be able to hold out but
dreaming of what I might be about to see. “Well,” Maggie replied, “If you
demonstrate yourself as being a complete wanker, you’ll have to look after
yourself for a month”. She stopped and her lips fell into a soft pout. I now
realised what she meant and started to argue but Maggie cut me short and
said that if I could hold out it would be made well worth my while – but if
I couldn’t then sex would be withdrawn for a month. Claire was still
smiling, so I smiled back falsely and said that it wouldn’t be a problem,
crossing my arms as I did so. “O.K.” said Maggie, “then I’ll begin”.

With that, she slowly closed her eyes and brought her hands to her hips.
She slowly stroked them up the soft silkiness of the teddy and let them
rest just under her swelling breasts. She licked her lips, making them
glisten and then pushed her breasts up together until they nearly broke
free of the teddy. Her hips rocked and her white suspenders tightened on
her creamy thighs, her white stockings framing her pussy wonderfully. I
was mesmerised by my wife’s performance. She was a picture of
sexuality, her hands exploring and exciting her body, for her own (and
my) pleasure. I noticed Claire squirming a little and imagined her own
pussy tingling a little as it was obvious that Maggie’s was going by the
wet patch at the front of her panties. My cock was nearly bursting and I
was desperate to jump up and push it into Maggie’s mouth but I resisted,
keen to see what would follow.

Maggie moved her left hand inside of her panties and started to rub her
pussy lips. Her moans were definitely for real. I leaned closer to get a
better view, my cock pushing into my stomach. Maggie threw her head
back and really started to rub her pussy. It was then that I notied Claire
was standing – her gown fallen open to reveal her dressed in just hold-up
stockings. Claire moved formwards and knelt on the bed behind Maggie.
She placed her hand on Maggie left arm and slid it down to cover her
hand. Two hands, ten busy fingers now active in my wife’s panties.
Maggie was too far gone to care. As Claire pushed her hand down Maggie
started to climax and her mouth fell open and she gave a low moan. I
couldn’t stand any more. I stood and pushed Maggie onto her back. In a
second I was on top of her and had pulled her panties to one side – forcing
Claire’s wet fingers from her pussy in doing so. I pushed into Maggie in
one stroke and fucked her as hard as I could for (too short !) a time. I
came with a loud grunt and as I did so Claire reached forwards and pulled
my cock out but angled it at Maggie’s pussy so that several long spurts of
come shot onto my wife’s pussy lips. I almost collapsed onto my side and
lay alongside Maggie. Her eyes were closed and her breathing deep. I
looked at her sweet face and was startled when her eyes shot open.
Claire’s fingers were busy again – this time scooping my come from
Maggie’s lips and licking her fingers noisily as she did so. We all rested
and fell asleep quickly.

When I woke, I was alone. I went downstairs and found Maggie and
Claire drinking coffee. We talked abour what had happened and they
agreed when I said how great it had been but I could tell that something
else was crossing the minds of the two women. Claire went back upstairs
and gathered her things together and left. Maggie and I were subdued for
the rest of the evening.

The next day, a Sunday, I woke to find Maggie was already up. I wne t
downstairs but she wasn’t around. I found a note on the table. It read “My
darling Pete, you’ve proved to me that stockings and frills are more
important to you than I am. So, as we agreed, I’m witholding sex from
you for a month. To ensure you comply, I’ll be at Claire’s for the rest of
the month. Love M”. I was dumb-founded, and then angry. I ‘phoned
Claire’s number straight away. It rang for a while before Claire answered
it with a simple “Mmm”. I started to speak but Claire told me to be quiet.
I was seething as she said that Maggie couldn’t talk now. She paused
before adding “because her tongue is up my pussy at the moment”. She
hung up.