Valentine Delight

Val was on his way to visit his grandmother when the tire on his truck went
flat. He cursed himself for not getting his spare refilled. Now what was he
going to do. He reached into the glove compartment and took out his wallet.
He had been living in his truck for about a month now and his glove
compartment was the only place to put things where they wouldn’t get lost.
He had been living with his sister but she had just been married and they
decided that he was going to move in with her instead of her moving out so
Val had gotten stuck with the short end again. He still had his job at the
mill but had been so far unable to find a place to live close enough to make
it worth it.
Val locked his truck up and started walking. Hopefully one of the farmers
near by would have a spare he could buy or be willing to take him to a town
close by where he could have his tire fixed. Not to far down the road he
came to a road going off from the one he was on. It was fenced so he thought
he would take his chances that it would lead to a farm and started down it.
After passing another fenced area he was sure this road lead to a farm
because that part had held several horses. Soon he came around a corner and
there through the trees was a nice large looking farm house. It looked like
it had been freshly painted.
“Hello stranger, is there something I can do for you?” a good looking
middle aged man said. He was standing leaning against a post and from the
looks of it was just finishing tying off some fresh barbed wire.
“Hello Sir. My truck got a flat tire and I was hopping someone here could
lend me a spare till I get to a town to get it fixed or take me to a near by
town to get my tire fixed. Would either one of those be possible?
“Sure but I’m afraid we don’t have any spares and Pa’s out in the field
with the tractor and I have to finish getting this field fenced so we can
let the milk cows have some fresh grass this spring. It helps the taste of
the milk and cream. So if you want our help you are going to have to wait
until tomorrow. ”
“Well is there another farm near by?”
“Well Mrs. Nixies is about 5 miles down the road and but she wouldn’t help
anyone even if they where bleeding to death. The Parkers are about 10 miles
down past her. They might be willing to help. But that is a 15 mile walk.
Actually it’s a 20 mile walk adding the 5 miles you’ll have to walk back up
our drive. Hope you are fit for the trip.” He said getting back to work on
the wire.
“Well I guess I’ll come back tomorrow then. Thanks. ” Val said and started
to head back down the drive.
“Where are you going to stay the night? I hope not on the side of the road
the coyotes have been out in force it seems. And not meaning to be nosy but
do you have anything to eat. If not you can stay for dinner and talk to my
pa about staying in the spare room in the barn. It might not be glamorous
but its comfortable. You might have to share the room with Symp our hand due
to the fact that one of the mares will be birthing a colt here pretty soon.
But I’m sure you too will get along. If your interested go on up to the
house and talk to ma about supper. She might have something you can help her
with. Pa and I will be in just before dark.” The man went right back to
work. Val thought about it for a few minutes. A home cooked meal verses
going to sleep hungry, and a warm dry place to sleep versus the back of his
truck which was always cold and left him rather venerable to the coyotes. It
didn’t take Val long to make the choice and he headed up toward the house.
“Hello stranger, what can I do for you?” asked a voice coming from a nice
looking older woman bending over a small flower garden.
“A man down the road suggested I come talk to his mother about a bite to
eat tonight. I’m sorry but he didn’t mention her name or his for that
matter.” Val said feeling very embarrassed for not having the sense to ask
“Kurt would forget his head if it wasn’t attached to his shoulders by his
neck. My name is Mrs. Paxton. If you help me weed out my flower garden and
then fetch some eggs from the chicken coupe and some milk from the pantry so
I can make biscuits to go with dinner then I’ll let you join us. Deal?” The
woman asked.
“Deal” Val said rolling up his sleeves he got down on his knees beside the
woman and started to pull the small grass weeds out of the pretty flower
garden. After a while Mrs. Paxton said that they had done a sufficient job
and pointed out the chicken coupe and pantry to Val and told him she would
be in the kitchen starting dinner. She headed into the house and he headed
toward the coupe. He found about five fresh eggs in the little nests and
carefully put them into the basket Mrs. Paxton had handed him. He went
around the house and found the back door into the kitchen. After fetching
the milk he helped Mrs. Paxton with mixing and other odd jobs.

During dinner Kurt asked his dad if it was OK with him if Val stayed in the
spare room above the barn for the night. Kurt’s dad said that as long as
their hand didn’t mind it would be fine. Kurt said it shouldn’t be a
problem sense Symp was probably going to out all night again trying to track
down that stray heifer that ran off to give birth to her calf before they
could herd her into the barn with the rest of the birthing animals.

After dinner Kurt showed Val up into the spare room. It was nicely
furnished and the bed was comfortable. Val was beat and fell asleep as soon
as his head hit the pillow. At about midnight he was awakened by a sound.
There was some low voices under him in the main part of the barn.
“I found them out by the north edge. She had him hidden under a bush.” The
voice sounded like it was coming from a young man. He couldn’t have been
much older than 17 or 18 and his voice sounded like it was just starting to
change. “He’s already asleep up there. I hope you don’t mind but I couldn’t
help it. I knew he wasn’t fit to go walking all the way over there and I
figured you’d just sleep down here with the birthing females anyhow.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it. You get to sleep Kurt. Thanks for
watching them for me while I was gone. See you tomorrow night.” Symp said
and a sound drifted up that sounded almost like a kiss? No it must have come
from one of the animals. Val turned over to face the wall and started to
fall back to sleep. He was woken again when he felt a body slide under and
onto the bed beside him. He relaxed and drifted back off to sleep thinking
it was just a young man beside him.

Val woke when he felt something holding him. He saw that the guy had thrown
his arm over Val’s waste and was caressing his thigh. Val turned on to his
back and looked over. To his shock he found it wasn’t a guy at all but a
young woman. Her hair was light brown and long. Her lips were in a beautiful
pout. She was dressed in a mans set of long-johns. Her hand remained on his
thigh and now knowing it was a woman’s hand Val started to get an erection.
I need to wake her before she wakes up herself and becomes embarrassed at
what she is obviously sub conscienceley doing. He shook her gently and
called her name. “Symp wake up please” Val said half heartedly. Symp did
stir a little but instead of moving off of him or wakening she shifted more
of her body against him and her hand moved further in to where she was half
caressing his thigh and half caressing his groin. This caused an immediate
reaction and his cock soon stood fully erect as a gasp then low moan escaped
Val’s lips.
Sympathy liked the way he moaned. She had seen how sexy he looked in the
moon light shining in the window the night before. She had decided to get
some sleep before she took advantage of the young man sleeping in her bed.
Now she was fully rested and full of the energy she would need to make it
good. She shifted her head over till it lay next to Val’s chest, his nipple
at mouthing level. She smiled when she felt him go hard.
Val looked at her face now inches away from his naked chest. He had gone to
sleep in nothing but his boxers thinking that if anyone would be joining him
it would be a man. He never thought that a farmer would hire a female farm
hand. He suddenly noticed something, she was smiling! He knew then that she
wasn’t asleep after all. Then he noticed something else that sent shocks
through his body. Her hand had shifted again. Now it was directly over his
hard cock and was stroking it.
Sympathy stuck her tongue out and licked around Val’s nipple before taking
it into her mouth and sucking and nibbling on it. This sent more shock waves
through Val’s body. He moaned again. Sympathy knew exactly what she was
doing and what she wanted. With two swift moves she had brought Val’s hard
cock out of his pants and had straddled his hips before he could react. And
in another quick move she had impaled herself on his hard cock and slowly
started to move up and down on it.
Val didn’t know how to react. In less that two minutes this young beauty
had exposed and mounted his hardon and now was riding it gently. What he had
thought to be a full set of long-johns had turned out to be the normal top
of a men’s long-john, but the bottom had the crotch removed. He knew one
thing. He didn’t want to stop her from doing what she was doing. Her tight
hole felt wonderfully soft and hot around his aching cock and it had been a
long time sense he had been with a woman. He thrust slowly up into her
meeting her downward motions. She felt so good.
Sympathy moaned loudly when Val thrust into her and started to pick up the
pace. She moved up and down feeling him inside her. She grabbed his hands
and placed them on her breasts. He instinctively started to caress and teas
her nipples. She sped up her movements. She was bouncing up and down on his
hard shaft and was now riding him hard and fast. Soon she drove herself
over the edge and went still and let the orgasm over take her.
Val felt her go rigid and then her body shook as her cunny spasm around his
cock. He loved the feeling but was far from being satisfied so he rolled but
instead of taking her on her back he rolled her to her stomach and pulled
her back end up off the bead till he had her on her hands and knees. He
drove in swiftly from behind. She moaned loudly. He thrust in quickly giving
in to his own needs. He drove in deep and hard. He held her by the hips
pulling her back against him. He was now slamming into her very fast and as
she went over the edge again he pulled out and jacked himself off over her
ass. He sat back to catch his breadth as she slipped from the bed.
By the time he had recovered enough to think clearly she had already dressed
and was gone. He followed suite. Kurt met him at the door of the barn with a
bag. Of hot biscuits and a cup of coffee. They left the farm just as the sun
was coming up over the hills.