The Black Stud Landlord

By God! I thought. She did it! Bless her old wormy prune-pit of a heart! She left me the whole wad — the apartments, the stocks, bonds, and bank account! She was a revolting old bitch all her life, but she came through in the end!

“When can I get it?” I asked the lawyer.

He sniffed in distaste. He obviously did not approve of Aunt Hazel’s generosity. Well, fuck him! “A certain portion of the liquid assets of the estate will have to be reserved to meet any other debts which may come in before we can close the administration. However, you should have plenty to support yourself on, young man. The apartments will be turned over to you immediately. They bring in a considerable income.”

“And they’re all paid off? No debts or mortgages?”

“Just the property taxes… sir.” Took him a hell of a lot to squeeze out the last word, but he probably wanted my legal business. Shit, if he got the estate through probate without any hitches, I might give it to him!

“The leases on all of the apartments expire at the end of this month. That’s just a week away, sir. I did not feel that it would be proper for me as executor to renew them for another year. You’ll have no difficulty renting them. The property is highly attractive, and I believe that all of the tenants would be pleased to sign new leases with you, sir.”

“Nope!” I said.

“I beg your pardon, sir?”

“I said, ‘no’. I don’t want ’em. Send ’em all eviction notices or whatever.”

“But they’re very desirable tenants, sir. Mostly young couples with no children. Young professionals. Always on time with the rent.”

“I don’t care. I don’t want ’em. I can have who I want, and I don’t want any of them. I don’t have to bring in any money except to pay the taxes, so I’m going to stock the place the way I want it.”

“Indeed!” He looked kind of shocked. He musta got my drift right off! Wasn’t too hard to guess!

“Think I’ll start lookin’ right now,” sez I. So, I left. Left his stuffy ol’ office, out into the beautiful May sunshine and started walkin’ down Kirkwood. Hell, I wouldn’t have to do that any more if I didn’t want to. I could afford to buy one of those stupendous cars — stretch all the way from the courthouse down to Howard’s! Landlord of The Fountains! That was me now! Buddy Harrelson! Rich! Twenty-fucking years old and rich enough to last me the rest of a long, long life! No more sleeping in basement rooms and working in the cafeteria at the school! No more takin’ orders from anybody or kissin’ less it was a nice hunky guy’s butt! The Fountains! Not the Fountain Apartments — shit, no! That place was real class! Just, The Fountains! Goddamn swimming pool as big as a fuckin’ parking lot with a fountain at one end shooting water up like a whale cummin’ off!

Yeah! That was where I first got my butt fucked! Down in the pump room of the pool. What’s his name, Frank! Yeah, Frank was the handyman who took me down there. Said he had some hot pictures to show me! Hell, I wasn’t but eleven, but I had a pretty good idea what those pictures were all about.

“Come on, Buddy!” he said. “I keep them down here where nobody will find them, especially your aunt. Man, if she ever saw these pictures, she’d fire my ass quick as a wink! Really hot stuff, kiddo!”

He wasn’t all that old — late twenties, I would guess, but already a confirmed chicken hawk. I’d been watching Frank all that summer. Aunt Hazel used to let me come over and swim in the pool. And Frank was always around, cleaning up or something. Used to wear jeans and no shirt. Great big, broad shoulders, tanned as brown as leather, big wads of hair under his arms, but none on his chest. Brown nipples stickin’ out on top of those hard pecs of his. And a really narrow waist with big, hard buns. Damn jeans used to work down off his hips, down and down as I watched. Never wore a fuckin’ belt — he knew what he was doin’! Down and down until the line of dark brown hair that grew below his belly button would spread out and his cock hair would start to show over the front, of the pants! And in the back — Christ! In the back the crack of his ass would be hangin’ out, all tan and round and meaty — fine beads of sweat on it in the sunshine and tiny, tiny brown hairs! Used to lie on one of the deck chairs on my belly so my little prong wouldn’t show stickin’ out the front of my bathing suit — lie there and wait for ’em to drop off his hips! Prayed for it! I wanted to see the rest of his ass — and whatever it was that made the front of his pants so fuckin’ full! Shit, I knew what a cock was, but he just couldn’t be that big! Or could he!

“Hey, Buddy, how you doin’?”

“Okay, Frank. How ’bout you?”

“Fine, fine. You’re going to have to move. I’ve got to mop under that deck chair.”

“Aw, uh, leave it to later, huh, Frank?” I was blushing! Hell, I couldn’t get up off my belly! Not in the state I was in! My pronger wasn’t all that big, but it sure as shit was hard and sticking right straight out under my bathing suit, no jock or nothin’ to hold it down!

“Can’t, Buddy. Your aunt said I had to mop the whole deck before I leave. Just hop up and move it over so I can get under it.”

I tried. I tried to get up, shove the Goddamn chair and get back down on my belly before he could see. But it didn’t work. ‘Course not! He wasn’t any dumb bunny! He caught me with a boner on in my tank suit.

Played it cool, too. Didn’t say anything at first. Mopped up the fuckin’ deck where the chair had been, lookin’ at me out of the corner of his eyes. “How old are you anyway, Buddy?”

“Eleven, nearly twelve.”

“But you don’t have any hair an your balls yet, then,” he commented.

I just blushed a little darker red and didn’t say anything, but I’ll bet that my hot little eyes were shining. Slit, no! I didn’t have any hair on my nuts, yet, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to say so.

“Got a pretty good sized cock on you, though, for a kid your age,” he continued. He was moppin’ the same fuckin’ spot of the deck over and over.

“Yeah?” I said. Easiest way to a young boy’s heart is to tell him how big hung he is! I ought to know — worked like a charm on me, and I’ve used it a couple two three hundred times myself!

“That’s what it looks like from where I’m standing,” he said. “Of course, I could be wrong. Could be just your bathing suit bunched up in the front making it look that big.”

“All I got on is a tank suit!” I objected heatedly. “Nothing to get bunched up!”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. What you got? Six inches already?”

“‘Bout,” I allowed. Five-and-a-half was more half inch in my favor!

“Yeah, I’d say that was a pretty good hang for a kid your age.” He mopped and mopped.

My pecker was about to bust off at the fuckin’ roots! I squirmed to try to get more comfortable on the deck chair, but there’s no way that you can lie comfortably on a cock that hard!

“How much you got, Frank,” I finally worked up enough nerve to ask.

He chuckled. He musta known that I was hooked by then! “Oh, a little bit more than that!” he grinned.

“How much!” I insisted. “Why do you want to know?” he laughed. “Just curious,” I shrugged.

“You old enough to be curious about things like that?” he asked, squinting his eyes at me.

“What do you mean, old enough?” I said defensively.

“Can you shoot off yet?”

“A little.” Flat-fuckin’ lie! But he let it pass. He knew better.

“Oh, okay! Guess you are old enough then. I got about, oh, eight and a half, I’d guess. I haven’t measured it in a long time.”

“You’re shittin’ me!” “Scout’s honor! I might be wrong, though.” “Bet you are!”

“Could be. Could be bigger than that!” “Sez you!”

He shrugged as if it didn’t matter to him what I thought. “You feeling horny?”


“Just curious. Noticed you had a hard-on. Feel like playing with it?”

I was so nervous and eager that my hands were sweating like crazy! Yeah, I wanted to play with it — rub it all over his chest and belly and ass and face! But I was a little scared, too not much but a little. “What if I did?” I asked.

“Oh I got some really hot pictures,” he said. “I like to look at ’em when I beat my meat.”

“You beat off?” I asked in astonishment-a big, grown-up guy like him?

“Not very often!” he laughed. “I, uh, I usually find better things to do.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, you know. You’re a big kid. You know about stuff like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like what studs can do with each other.”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” I said. Second flat-fuckin’ lie! “Thought you did.”

“Real hot pictures, huh?”

“Hot as hell!” “What do they show?” “Guys.”

“Doin’ what?”

“That stuff that you know about.”

Oh, fuck! I didn’t have the Goddamnedest idea what that was all about! I mean, I’d heard things like “cocksucker” and “brown-nose” and stuff like that, but I only had the vaguest picture in my mind of what all that was. Let’s put it this way — I had never seen a grown up hard cock in my life and hadn’t done a damn thing with my own tool except play with it when it got hard. Never even beat off yet! That’s how dumb I was!

“You feeling horny?” he asked again. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“I could show them to you if you wanted to see them.”


“Yeah. I got them down in the pump room.” “What do I have to do?” I asked suspiciously. “Not a damn thing. You don’t have to do anything, but you can do whatever you want to. I don’t mind.”

“Really hot, huh?”

He kissed his fingertips and shook them like he had burned them on a fire.

“What about you?” “What about me?”

“You going to be down there while I look at them?”

“Sure. I like you, kid, but I don’t want you stealing any of them or messing them up.”

“You going to look at them too?” “Maybe, yeah, I guess so.” “You feeling horny?”

“Could be. I probably will be if I look at them. They’re really hot stuff!”

“You going to do it, then?” “What?”

“Beat off!” Jesus! My face was flaming at saying those words!

“If I feel like it. You don’t mind, do you? I mean you wouldn’t mind if I pulled it out and beat off, would you?”

I shook my head. No, I wouldn’t mind. I would only give my left arm to get to see him do it! “You want to see them, then?”

He moved a little too fast. Yeah, I wanted to see them, and I wanted to see his big prong even more than that. But if he was going to beat oft then I would probably have to pull mine out and keep him company like. But I couldn’t cum off yet, and I didn’t have any hair on my nuts, and I didn’t want to have him see that. “I don’t know,” I said, dubiously.

“You don’t have to jerk off if you don’t feel like it: but you don’t mind if I jerk my whang, do you? You can watch me if you want to.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Tell you what. I’ve got a measuring tape down there. Long as I’ve got up hard and out, might as well measure it again. See if it’s grown any.”

“Yeah!” God, I was squirming around like a worm on hot concrete! Practically frigging my dick on the webbing of the chair! I couldn’t get much hotter!

“Yeah. You can help me, too. It’s hard to hold the tape just right and read it accurately. You could give me a hand with it.”

Oh, GOD!

“Yeah, okay,” I said.

“Let’s go!”

So we went down to the end of the pool where the earth embankment is cut off flat and the door to the pump room is set. He pulled a bunch of keys out of his pants pocket and unlocked it. I was dancing around like my feet were on fire! I had my hands over the front of my tank suit to hide my aching hard-on until we were right next to the door where nobody could see us. Then I let my hands drop away and let my suit stick out with it! Like a little Goddamn tent, stickin’ straight out from between my legs, the suit so tight over the head of it that you could see my pisshole through the cloth! He smiled.

We went in, and he carefully locked the door behind us and flicked on the light. He reached up behind the pipes running to the filter and pulled out a brown envelope, a big one, bulging with stuff! That wasn’t all that was bulging, either! His jeans were baggy hanging down off his hips that far, but I could see a big hard shape down one leg, kind of lifting up against the fabric! Not as hard as my pecker was, but gettin’ there!

He put the envelope on top of the pump housing and gestured at it. “Help yourself,” he said and stepped back out of my way.

I pulled back the flap and slid the stuff out on top of the metal cover of the humming pump. I was humming right along with the damn machine! Wow! Picture books, pictures cut out of other magazines, and some real photographs! My eyes locked in on this one magazine, “Double Stick!” I remember it just like it’s right in front of me now. There were these two fucks sittin’ on a sofa, both of ’em buck-assed naked, and kissin’ each other — yeah! Mouths open and their tongues stickin’ out lickin’ each other’s mouths! And they had their hands on their dongs, pointin’ ’em across their legs at each other, cock head to cock head, great big ol’ things! Hell of a lot bigger than the little weiner that was juttin’ up so hard in my bathin’ suit! And one of ’em had just creamed off! Even though I had never seen the real stuff, I knew right off what that thick string of sticky white goo was that was hangin’ from the tip of his prick! Shot a big wad of it all over the other guy’s leg and the shaft of his hard cock, and one big drop was clingin’ to the light hairs on his nuts!

I practically tore the fuckin’ cover off the damn magazine to see more of what was inside! Oh, my God! My God! Look at ’em — kissin’ and strippin’ each other off and climbin’ all over each other and sticking their cocks in each other’s mouths and up their assholes! Cocks all over the place! And a huge picture toward the end of the magazine of one of the dudes lyin’ on his back on the sofa with the other one straddled over his face with that big prong in his hand and more cream shot out all over his fuckin’ face — over his lips and nose and eyes and into his hair! Long strings of fuck juice, thick and creamy! Even a drop of cock snot hanging right on the tip of his nose like he was goin’ to snuff it in!

“Pretty hot, huh?” Frank said.


“Yeah!” I said and turned around. The pictures were plenty hot all right, but not near as hot as what I saw then! Frank had his pants undone and his cock out! As I recall, it was like getting hit with a fist in the pit of my stomach — took the fuckin’ wind right out of me! My eyes bugged open, and my jaw dropped, and I musta given a gaspin’ moan! Christ, what a big thing! So fuckin’ big, I couldn’t hardly believe it, ‘cept it was right there in front of my eyes, jerkin’ with slow twitches, gleamin’ under the bright light, the head all swollen-up so big and dark with blood, the veins bulgin’ out under the skin of the shaft, a drip of clear liquid hangin’ from the tip of his pisshole!

He just stood there playin’ with it a little, slidin’ his fingers out along the shaft, bendin’ it down some from his belly and lettin’ it spring back up hard as a crowbar! His pants were hangin’ around his knees, no underwear, just those jeans clinging to his strong legs. Big nuts pulled up tight to the root of his fucker, belly hard as concrete, ripplin’ with his muscles, with snaky veins runnin’ up under the tan skin from down where his cock grew out of the pit of his belly!

“Yow like ’em?” he said, ignorin’ his big fucker in his hand.

“Yeah,” I croaked. I couldn’t have taken my eyes off that cock if Jesus walked in the pump room door right then!

“I like them, too. Make me horny as hell,” he said and stepped toward the pump housing. I kind of danced nervously out of his way, but he paid no mind to that. I took a good look at his ass then. My, MY!! What hard round hunks he had — made my mouth water to look at ’em! Great broad shoulders, tanned and muscled, taperin’ down to that narrow waist, then swellin’ out just a little at his powerful buns, then down those long, strong legs. He let the jeans drop all the way off and stepped out of ’em casually. He didn’t have a damn stitch on then, just standing there with his back to me, lookin’ at the fuck books and strokin’ his fucker, like he didn’t care if I came over and looked along with him or left.

I couldn’t resist then. I had to get so I could watch him beatin’ on his cock, and the only way to see that was to stand right next to him. I was ready to jump away again if he made a move toward me that I didn’t like — but those pictures and that cock! He was flippin’ through the pages, pausin’ every now and then at one he liked well — left hand on the book and right hand just friggin’ his dick gently. I didn’t know which was gettin’ me more excited — all the wild things the boys were doin’ in the pages of the books or the real, live cock meat that was juttin’ out there in front of my eyes!

“Take a look at this one here,” Frank said shovin’ a photograph over at me. It was a guy lyin’ on a big rock next to some water. He looked about my age, buck naked, shadin’ his eyes from the sun and lookin’ up at the camera. Had a nice, hard prick stickin’ up from his belly. No sign of hairs on his nuts or around his dong — pink meat, but big for a little kid like him.

“Sexy,” I allowed.

“Took that one out at Lake Monroe last summer.”

“You took this picture?” I gasped.

“Yeah, with my Polaroid. Came out real nice, didn’t it?”

“You know this kid?” I asked. I still couldn’t get it through my head that the guys in the pictures were real people, real flesh and blood studs that stripped off naked and showed their hard cocks to cameras and did all that stuff I had seen.

“Yeah, he’s a great guy. Name of Timmy. Loves to blow my cock for me.”

I shook real hard like an icicle just went down my back! “Blows you?”

“Yeah, likes to swing on my meat. Sucks like a vacuum cleaner! He can’t cum off yet. No hair on his balls.” He pointed to the guy’s crotch in the picture, “But that don’t hold him back. He has as much fun as I do.”

“He sucks your dick?” I repeated like the cracked-brain kid I was.

“Yeah, lemme find that other one. Took it with the timer.” He shuffled through the pile of pictures and slipped another Polaroid snapshot at me. There was Timmy all right, profile to the camera, jaws stretched open like he was a shark tryin’ to eat a whole whale boat, only it was big dick that he had in his mouth! Spit runnin’ down his chin as he tried to get it all in! Hell of a big cock, so big that he could hardly get his lips around the huge shaft.


“Same as the one I got in my hand!”

“He likes to do it for you?”

“Look at his face and judge for yourself!” True, the kid sure looked like he was havin’ fun! You couldn’t exactly say he was smilin’ not with that much dork in his mouth, but his eyes were shining with delight, lookin’ up at the guy whose dong he had in his mouth — lookin’ up at Frank, that was! Same Frank that was showin’ me the pictures! Same cock that was juttin’ up over the edge of the pump housing!

“He’s a queer, then,” I deduced.

Frank sneered. “Call it whatever you want to, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I suck his dick for him, too. You want to call me a queer, Buddy?”

I shrank back a little. “Guess not. I thought you know.”

“Don’t worry with that shit,” he said. “You’re letting other people fuck with your head then. Think the way you want to and have fun.”

I’ve always taken his good advice!

“Hell, Buddy,” Frank said. “Why don’t you quit groping your pecker through that wet bathing suit? Take it man and relax!”

Might as well. He was as naked as an egg! I felt kind of funny with my suit still on while he was showin’ me everything. I hooked my thumbs under the top and whipped it down scrapin’ it over my prong and steppin’ out of it. He was right — felt a hell of a lot better to have my dick stickin’ out into the nice, warm, dry air, ‘stead of a clammy bathin’ suit! Nice and free and naked! My five-and-a-half inch spike was swingin’ ‘out where he could see it, and I wasn’t so worried about not having any hair on my nuts! I pulled my berries away from my damp legs and frigged on my dick like he was doin’ to his.

He beat on his cock and looked right at me playin’ with my pecker and smiled at me. “Nice! Real nice fucker you got, Buddy!”

I relaxed completely then, no more nervousness. I grinned real sexy right back at him. “No hair,” I said.

“All right. I didn’t have any ’til I was thirteen, myself. My prick wasn’t even that big when I was your age.”

“Could you cum off then?” I asked him. “Not a drop!” he allowed, “I can’t either. Not yet,” I admitted. He grinned at me, didn’t make fun of me. “You can still have fun, can’t you? Still feels good to beat it, doesn’t it?”

I nodded my head happily and beat on my prick so hard my jewels were bouncin’ up and down off my legs! “Lemme measure yours, Frank,” I begged.

“Sure!” he said. He got a measuring tape and handed it to me, his giant fucker rootin’ up from his belly and waggin’ with each step he took. “You do it. Make sure you don’t make a mistake!”

I took the tape and damned near dropped it on the floor! My fingers were numb! I was going to touch it! He was going to let me touch it and hold it and feel it and run my hands over it! Oh, God, oh God oh God!

Touching it did it. Dissolved the rest of my mind. Got that big fucker in my hand, and then somethin’ else took over in my head — just like I’d known all along what to do, what I wanted to do, how to do it — only I hadn’t known that I’d known it, if you get what I mean. His big joint jerked as my fingers gripped around the shaft — near as big around as my hand could grab! The head popped up, all wet and gleaming with the pre-cum that was droolin’ out of it! I dropped the tape. It fluttered down to the concrete floor, but neither one of us paid it any mind.

“Go ahead,” Frank said. “It’s all right.”

So I did. My eyes were fixed on it, like a bird starin’ at a big snake. I was tremblin’ as I bent my head down, feelin’ the blood rushin’ to my face! I smelled his sweaty crotch, his balls, his fat fucker! My mouth came open by itself, tongue hangin’ out, licked up the pre-cum on the head of his dork. I tasted it and loved it instantly — there never was nor will be a better flavor! I took it in, feeling how hot it was, how smooth the head was against the roof of my mouth, how good it felt to have the heavy cum tube cradled in the groove of my tongue, how right it felt to have a dick in my mouth! I sucked on it!

He was running his fingertips though my hair, not yankin’ on my head, just playin’ with my hair and sighin’. Musta been doin’ a pretty good job on his joint even for a beginner! I licked my tongue around the groove behind his cock knob, felt the band of skin that connected the head to the shaft over his cum tube, felt him groan as my tongue flicked across it. He liked that, so I did it some more. My lips were as tight around his spike as, I could get then, sucking his prong as hard as I could! I was wildly thrilled by it, wanting as much of it in my mouth as I could possibly fit! I tried shoving it all in, but bending over like that, I couldn’t manage much.

“That’s good, Buddy,” he murmured. “Real good. You like it don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said simply, taking my mouth off his fucker and straightening up so I could play with his dick with one hand and beat on my own pecker with the other. I couldn’t take my eyes off it — it was the most magnificent thing I had ever, ever seen! So beautiful! So manly! So thrilling with its power!

“Let’s get more comfortable,” he said. “You can try anything you feel like doing.” He got up on top of the pump housing and stretched out with his ass at the edge and his heels pulled back so that his whole crack was open to me! His long prong was running up his belly and his nuts were hanging down between his legs. I could even see his asshole down there in the hairy crack of his as!

He was tellin’ me to do whatever I felt like, but I was way beyond answering him! I just went to town, starting at the thick root of his cock above his balls, running my tongue up and down the shaft, from balls to cock tip, back and forth, washing him down, licking up his pre-cum and making him pump more of it out as I tongued his tool! I got my fingers on his big balls, feeling them, rolling them around in his sack, feeling how heavy and full they were, how they would slip away from my fingers as I closed down on them. I moved my head further down, licking on his balls now, feeling the scratchy hairs on the surface of my tongue!

“That’s good, Buddy,” he said again. “I like that! Want to stick ’em in your mouth and suck on ’em?”

I thought that was just a fine idea, and did what he suggested without speaking. I could only get one of ’em at a time in my mouth, but I loved the feeling of trappin’ one of his big nuts in there, sucking the sweat of his balls and squeezin’ it up against the roof of my mouth with my tongue!

I was squeezin’ on his balls pretty hard, but he just seemed to groove on it! He was runnin’ his fingers through my hair again and squirmin’ around like crazy on the pump housin’ but he wasn’t pulling back from me. So I squeezed harder and harder, until he was gaspin’ and shakin’ and moanin’.

“Don’t that hurt?” I asked, poppin’ his nut outta my mouth.

He was sweatin’ like hell, his fucker drippin’ with pre-cum and throbbin’ over his belly.

“Aw, shit! Yeah! Christ, you know how to be rough! Go on, do me, Buddy! I’m getting close to shootin’ off! You want my load?”

I didn’t bother to answer again, just went back to work! God, I loved it so much! I loved makin’ him twist and squirm like that, wantin’ more and more of what I was doin’ to him! I sucked on his nuts some more, and he pulled his legs up onto his chest, stickin’ his butt right up in my face as I chewed his jewels! That gave me more ideas! I dropped his balls out of my lips and licked all over them, faster and faster, in circles that were getting bigger and bigger, up over the shaft of his prong, down over the roots behind his nuts — down into his ass! I’d seen it there, now I was going to taste it — his asshole! The smell of his butt was clean and sweaty with just the tiniest hint of asshole, plus a little kiss of perfume! I licked over his crack hair, more and more, then down into the split, tickling the wrinkled little button on his tail, tastin’ it and findin’ it just nifty!

“Eat me out!” he gasped. “Slick your tongue up my hole, Buddy! Please!”

God, that ’bout sent me out of my mind! Him beggin’ me to do it! Great big stud like him, big cock and all — beggin’ little ol’ me to do him! My head was throbbin’ with the power of it! I stuck my tongue tip up to his butt hole and drilled it in, pushin’ his little asshole open with it and fuckin’ it in and out of his bung! He was rockin’ back and forth on top of the machine, his elbows behind his knees, thrustin’ his asshole up to my tongue then wrigglin’ away from me!

“Oh, I’m cummin’! I, God, goin’ to shoot it!” he was groaning, strugglin’ to get the words out as I messed his mind with my tongue up his tail, licking and eatin’ out his asshole! I had to see that, couldn’t have my face down in his crack while he came off! I grabbed his root with both of my hands, jerkin’ him off as hard as I could, starin’ straight down into the eye of his pisshole while I beat on it, waitin’ for him to cream! I wanted to see the stuff come out the end like the guys had done in the fuck pictures! I was beatin’ his dick off so hard that his big balls was bouncin’ up and down in his crack about to shake loose!

His tool was so big, so hard in my hands! Gettin’ stiffer and harder to bend, throbbin’ now, the cum tube swellin’ and twitchin’, the piss-hole openin’ with the force of the yankin’ I was doing on it! Cumin’ now! Oh, Jesus watch him do it!

Like a fountain, the stream of sperm shot up out of his cock, just like a garden hose goin’ on full blast! The sticky stuff splattered all over my face! All over my nose and lips and down my chin! I gasped with the shock of it hittin’ me, and my mouth fell open! Next shot landed all over my tongue and teeth! I kept beatin’ on it as I felt it swell and jerk out the spewing spurts of his jism, but I had seen enough! Now I wanted more! I shoved it into my mouth, feeling a rushing wave of hot cum spurt out across the back of my tongue and my mouth! Hot sticky, ball cream! God, it was good! I locked my lips around his spouting spear so that I could feel the gushes comin’! I sucked hard as hell and felt his fucker blastin’ it to me, filling my mouth with his cum, swallowin’ it, drinkin’ his ball juice and beatin’ more of it out of his dork until the spurts dwindled and stopped!

“Oh, stop, stop,” he was moanin’. “That’s all there is, Buddy, all I got!”

My mouth was filled with it! I pulled off his prick and smiled at him, openin’ my mouth and lettin’ him see the strands of sticky fuck cream hangin’ from my lips and teeth! He grabbed my head and pulled me up on top of him, and his tongue was in my mouth, and his cock was on my belly and I was twistin’ and squirmin’ my pecker against his while he licked his fuck out of my mouth! He ate his load off my lips, sucked it out of my mouth, licked it off my tongue! His breath and mine were heavy with the high, heady stink of hot cum, cummy mouth, jism all over us! God!

His cock had wilted a tiny bit as I have sucked on it so hard after he didn’t have no more cum to shoot, but my slippery belly and little hard tool wrigglin’ all over it had it back up in no time! I got up on top of him, ruttin’ my horny pecker over his belly like I wanted, and gettin’ his big dick up behind my balls! Rubbin’ up the roots of my dickie and up between my buns! God, I loved that, loved squeezin’ my legs together on it and humpin’ my cock on his hairy belly and makin’ his dork fuck up my crack! It was so long that I could feel the head thrustin’ out between my buns and stickin’ up into the aft!

Now that just wasn’t right! Wasn’t fair to hump his cock between my legs like that and have his cockhead — the best part-stickin’ out there in the air like that! Needed to be inside! Needed to be hot and tight and squirmin’ on that big knob! And I knew just how that could be arranged! Scared the hell out of me, I have to admit that. Damn near chickened out and didn’t say nothin’ to him. He never asked me neither! He liked what I was doin’ to him well enough and wasn’t goin’ to ask for more! But I was drunk with it! I had loved every fuckin’ thing we had done so far, so why not the rest? I seen it in the books, seen boys no bigger than me takin’ big cocks, big as his, up their butt holes and grinnin’ their fool heads off at the cameras while they done it!

“Fuck me, Frank!” I gasped, gettin’ it out before I chickened out.

“You want to try it? It’ll hurt a little at first your first time, Buddy.”

“Don’t care! I can take it! I ain’t just a little kid! Stick it in!”

“Let me get some grease on it first,” he grunted in excitement. He reached down and got the can of white axle grease for the pump. I lay there on my back on top of the pump housin’ and watched him smearin’ it on his huge fucker! Yeah, I was a little scared but I pulled my legs right up and shivered all over when he stuck a big glob of grease on my asshole and started workin’ the tip of his finger up my shitter!


Hurt? Aw, shit! Goddamn! I was lyin’ on top of the machine, bitin’ my lips to keep from yellin’ and pushin’ out my asshole as he tried to get that big fucker in! My whole belly was clinched down hard and tremblin’ it hurt so fuckin’ bad! Wasn’t that he was tearin’ or draggin’ on the skin of my asshole — he had greased that up plenty! I just couldn’t relax my asshole right! Everytime he moved a bit, I clamped down tighter and hurt worser!

“Want me to pull it out?” Frank said. His face was covered with sweat, and I could see that he was really gettin’ off on the feelin’ of my tight asshole around the tip of his prick.

“No!” I grunted. Be damned if I’d chicken out now just ’cause it hurt a little!

“Can I push some more of it in?” he asked eagerly.

“No!” I gasped. I rolled my head back and forth on the top of the machine. Shit! I just couldn’t take any more! I was wild for it, but I couldn’t get myself to take any more! I was about out of my fuckin’ tree! I grabbed at my pecker and jerked on it hard, but that didn’t do no good! Damn thing had gone as soft as boiled spaghetti on me! I grabbed my balls instead and squashed the shit out of ’em! A wave of white-hot pain washed over my belly, make me ’bout choke to death on my tongue from the hurtin’ I was givin’ my nuts, but just as I squeezed on my berries, Frank shoved his dork in about another inch! Just far enough to push real hard on the back of the roots of my dinger!

Christ, what a change! Soon as he hit that sweet spot, my asshole relaxed like “Open Sesame”! I dropped my sore nuts and shaved my tail up on his spoke! The further I got it in the better it felt! The pain was disappearin’ completely! I was kickin’ my legs out and tryin’ to hump my crapper up on his cock, and tryin’ to tell him how fuckin’ good it felt!

He got the idea all right, even if I couldn’t talk! He leaned over me and buried that Goddamn cock of his right up to the nuts! Right up to the fuckin’ hilt! Speared me with it! Jammed the whole thick, fat, hard, ass-splittin’ length of it into my belly! I near screamed my Goddamn, fuckin’ head off! Only this time it wasn’t from any hurtin’ shit no! It was from the ungodly good feelin’ of havin’ that fucker in me! Oh, Christ! I mean there was just nothin’ in my young life for me to compare it to! It was the best of the best!! I grunted like a stuck pig and wrapped my arms around his neck and scratched at his back and bit at his shoulder and kicked my heels off his ass and humped my butt up at him! Just went wild like a little fuckin’ wildcat!

He’d felt the way that my asshole had loosened up on his prong when he shoved it in, and he could tell that I was lovin’ it as much as he was! He drilled enough little boy’s butts to know the symptoms! He was ready to go then, pulled my arms away from his neck so he could lift up off me far enough to get his ass in gear! Oh, Holy Shit! Could that fucker fuck! Snapped his hips back and forth driving that dong deep inside me and whippin’ it back out for a bigger, harder thrust, knockin’ the wind out of me with the force of his strokes, fuckin’ the shit out of my tail and drivin’ me out of my little fuck-headed mind with the passion of his screwing!

I could feel his prong way up inside my belly! Way up near my belly button! Aw, fucking God, did it feel good in me! I loved it, panted for him to drive it up to my heart, sockin’ his splitter into my guts and fillin’ my butt hole with it! Everytime he yanked it back out, I thought I was fuckin’ goin’ to die! Like pullin’ a tooth! I couldn’t stand it! I sucked his dick as hard as I could with the muscles of my butt tryin’ to keep him inside me! He would gasp as he pulled his prong out and then make me grunt like a pig when he shoved it back in so hard his big nuts would whap off my buns! I was a pig for his big meat all right! Couldn’t get enough of it!

He kept it up like that for a few minutes, but he couldn’t last for long! Felt him fuckin’ my butt harder and harder, cock gettin’ bigger and thicker and longer! Then startin’ to twitch and jerk!

“Oh, Buddy! Oh, Buddy!” was all he could say, screwin’ his tool to me and gaspin’ in my face! I got the message! I was going to get it! Get his thick load of cum blasted up my shit hole! I squirmed and jerked under him, wrigglin’ my ass round as he stuck it to me that last couple of strokes! Then he sank it in with such a shove that I went slidin’ across the pump housing! I clamped my tail down hard as I could and pinched off the spurts of his sperm into me, makin’ him slow down as he jismed off! Near popped his fuckin’ eyeballs out as he shoved his splitter into me and creamed off his big load!! Made him hump his nuts to get it through my tight tail, but every spurt was worth it! Cracked off his big balls and filled me with his fuck cream!

‘Course, I couldn’t join him that time. Not that summer either. But that didn’t stop me none! I was hangin’ around the apartments every mornin’ and every afternoon, layin’ in wait for poor Frank! Near fucked his teeth out! Bloody bastard was walkin’ around with a sore dick and achin’ balls for months, but he had to do like I told him for fear I would tell Aunt Hazel about him! I was just a little kid, just turned twelve that summer, but I was the master, and he was my fuckin’ slave!

Not that he objected too much! Shit, no! Wasn’t long before I learned every trick he had to teach me, and I could fuck better than any other boy he’d ever had. Trouble was that I couldn’t get my nuts oft so the only thing that would make me stop was him raisin’ up a ring of blisters on my asshole from fuckin’ me so bard! Took a lot of tailin’ to do that, too, I can tell you! Got so that he would cringe when he saw me comin’! He left in the fall. He didn’t go to the University, but to some school back East. Didn’t come back, either, but by that time, I knew what I was up to and didn’t need him to keep me happy. I’d branched out by then!

In the pump house by the swimmin’ pool! Yeah, that’s where I got my asshole fucked the first time! Now, I owned the Goddamn place! Lock, stock, and barrel! All mine! Felt mighty good to me!

Just thinkin’ about those times with Frank was gettin’ me mighty Goddamn horny as I walked down Kirkwood. Had a hard cock in my pants and showin’ pretty well, but that’s not so unusual around here! Kirkwood is a pretty damn cruisy street, and you see guys walkin’ down it with shorts on that’s so fuckin’ short their balls are hangin’ out! Nice neighborhood!

I slowed down by the flower shop across from the public library. What the hell was I in such a big fuckin’ hurry for? Man, I had all the time in the world! I didn’t have to hurry for anything if I didn’t want to! Yeah, enjoy the view a little! I went on to the hamburger trolley and turned in. Took up a chair and turned it to face the sidewalk. Sat down, leaned back and put my hands behind my head! Might as well enjoy the sight of all the college studs strollin’ past! Might find me a new tenant or two for The Fountains!

I was so busy checkin’ out the studs on the sidewalk, that I didn’t even notice this guy comin’ out of the trolley with an ice cream cone in his hand until he took a seat on the curved bench under the metal umbrella next to me. I was sittin’, rocked back on my chair, and he was sittin’ on the bench facin’ me with his side to the sidewalk. Some kind of Oriental guy! Had the blackest, straightest hair you ever saw, hanging down around his shoulders! Eyes as black and glitterin’ as polished lumps of coal! Long thick black eyelashes on his almond eyes, and he blinked ’em as I glanced over at him! His skin was the shade of heavy cream with a little coffee in it — not exactly brown, certainly not yellow, but not white or tan, neither! Smooth and soft as the ice cream he was lickin’.

His nose was just a delicate little thing, delicate as the thin little fingers that held the ice cream cone! Hell, he couldn’t have been more than five foot two and weighed maybe ninety pounds soakin’ wet! Thought he was just a little boy at first until I looked closer! Naw, he had a wispy little black mustache, thin and delicate — didn’t see it at first for the ice cream cone in front of his mouth! God, what a mouth! Soft and small, with tiny little teeth, and the Goddamnedest, longest, pinkest tongue I ever seen! Seemed like he could lick it out and lap it around the ice cream a couple two or three times before he would pull it back into his mouth! Slit! He was showin’ it off to me!

I blinked and looked again! Sure as hell! He winked one coal-black eye shut in the slowest, sexiest wink I ever saw and stuck that tongue back out! He crooked his head back on his long slender neck, tilted his little chin up, raisin’ up the ice cream cone! Then he began to lick it! I mean, Christ! He was givin’ that fuckin’ ice cream a tongue job that had my horny hob throbbin’ in my pants! He was holdin’ the cone in his right hand, and the fingers of his left hand were strokin’ on the cone and the back of his right hand like he was gently strokin’ off a dork! He lapped up the soft ice cream and let it lay on his long tongue, poppin’ it back into his little mouth and lickin’ his lips and lovin’ up that cold ice cream some more!

Had to put my fuckin’ chair back down on all fours and lean forward! My prong was so hard in my pants that my balls was about to pop! Had to stick my hand down into my crotch and move my prick over my belly to give my balls some room to breathe! He caught my movements right off, twinklin’ his black eyes at me and lettin’ some of the white ice cream drip over his lips so it looked like a load of cum droolin’ out for him to lick up with that long, long, long tongue of his!

I checked down into his crotch to see how he was doin’ down there! Hell, not showin’ much! He was wearin’ cut-off blue jeans, and his brown thin legs looked real nice in them, nearly hairless as a little boy’s. But his crotch was just a fold of worn blue denim! Couldn’t even see any shape to it. The blue jean shorts were so loose on his little body that, they were a complete disguise for whatever he had in there.

I put my foot up on the chair next to me, shiftin’ my butt over a little and turnin’ a bit toward him. I dropped my hand casually into my lap. Then I just touched my tool though the cloth, lettin’ my fingertips run along its hard length. His eyes lit up! I pushed my belly out a little, then leaned back in my chair and stretched my arms out and yawned — and showed him every fuckin’ bit of it strainin’ to get out of my tight clothes!

That got to him! He lowered the ice cream cone and leaned over it, not even lookin’ at them then! His tongue shot out and he licked around and around the head of the cone, holdin’ it in both hands like a hard dork, lickin’ around the creamy cock head! Then he raised his head back up, and his eyes said, “I’ll do that to your cock! Want to feel me lick it like that!”

Damn near went over backwards in the Goddamn chair! He had me all in a muck sweat just lookin’ at him playin’ with a fuckin’ ice cream! He polished it off by raisin’ his right leg and settin’ his heel on the bench by his butt. He was sideways to the sidewalk so nobody could see but me! His loose pants leg dropped away from his brown thigh, and there he was, by God! All there was to show! Wasn’t much, but cute as holy hell! One little brown ball hangin’ there from a soft little tush of black crotch hair and the head of his dork! Looked like he was stickin’ halfway out of his cock skin! Pert little prick head, not hard, just lyin’ there alongside his thigh, peekin’ out of his shorts at me!

‘Course you can’t tell the size of a tool when it’s soft, but he didn’t look like he was hung bigger’n an American boy of thirteen or fourteen. But I ain’t a size queen all the time! Sometimes I get a kick out of cute little fuckers like his! They turn me on, you know? Well, it was all he had, and he was showin’ it to me, so I had to be polite and return the compliment, you know.

I set my chair back down and got up! My fucker was trapped up my belly, showin’ out through my pants clear as if I was bare-assed naked! I took the couple of steps over to where he was settin’, lettin’ him look as much as he wanted at what I had in my pants, then sat down on the other end of the bench.

“Hi,” sez I. “My name’s Buddy. What’s yours?” Wasn’t too clever an opener, but it does me good enough. Besides, I didn’t even know if he could speak English.

“Lon Prang,” he said. I blinked. Musta had my head on only one subject, ’cause I could have sworn he said, “Long Prong!”

“What?” I said. Tell you, I was being super cool and sophisticated that day!

He laughed, a clear, silvery little laugh, covering his mouth with his fingers when he did it. “Lon Prang,” he repeated. “I am from Thailand. I am seventeen years of age. I go to the University as an exchange student.”

“Oh,” I said. God, was he cute! “Just seventeen?” I asked.

He nodded and took another lick off the ice cream cone, watchin’ my face as he put that yard-long tongue of his to work — wet, pink tongue on cool vanilla ice cream! Made me shiver all over!

“We begin our University studies at an earlier age in my country than you do here,” he said. “Do you go to the University also?”

I shook my head, blushin’ a little. “No,” I said. “Never did. I got a job as soon as I got out of high school. My folks were dead, then, and I didn’t have the money for it. Had to support myself. Besides, I ain’t the type.”

“You are a very nice type!” he smiled and winked again. “Big American man!”

I had to grin back at him! I was all sweaty with the way he was flirtin’ at me! No mistakin’ the way he was battin’ those black eyelashes and smilin’! “You’re cute as a bug, yourself!” I blurted.

He smiled happily and cocked his head back, twitchin’ the hair off his shoulder. He licked at the cone. “I love American men,” he said. “You are all so… big!”

“As much as you like that ice cream cone?” I said, flickin’ my finger out at it in his little hands.

“I love them the same way!” And he put the cone into his mouth, his lips around the soft ice cream, suckin’ it in, liftin’ his face up with the ice cream drippin’ from his lips, his eyes flashin’, lickin’ his long tongue around his mouth!

“Jesus God!” I whistled.

“You like… ice cream?” he asked, draggin’ the question out so I’d be sure to understand that he wasn’t talkin’ at all about ice cream!

“I love what you’re doin’ to that cone!” I said. “Makes it look mighty delicious!”

“You wish to share it with me?” he offered, holding out the cone to me across the table.

I took his hands in mine to hold them steady. I fixed my eyes on his and stuck my tongue out and took a lap at the soft ice cream. There wasn’t much of the stuff left, so I stuck my tongue down into the cane and lifted out a melting lump of it on the tip! I lapped it into my mouth and stuck my tongue back into the cone, lickin’ around the inside of it! His fuckin’ bands were shakin’ in mine!

I let go of it, and the little stud glanced over to the trash can and tossed the remains of the cone into it. He looked back at me, breathin’ a little faster now. “I think I like you more than ice cream!” he said in a hushed, hot little voice.

Christ! ‘Bout made me pop off my rocks in my pants! This was one hot number I had to have! If he was anywhere near as good in bed as he was across a fuckin’ table out by the sidewalk, then I wanted him as one of my first tenants at The Fountains!

“Where are you livin’?” I panted.

“Wilkie Quad,” he said.

“Single room?”

He nodded. “Want to go there with me and see it?” he asked coyly.

I shook my head. “My place is closer. Over on Seventh. A shitty little basement apartment. Want to see it?”

“I would love to!”


Just like a cat, by God! A Siamese cat! Sure, that was the old name for Thailand, wasn’t it? Siam! One sexy little Siamese stud tom-cat! That’s what I had on my hands! God, the way he walked! Tiny little ass — no bigger’n what I could hold in my two hands — and he didn’t swish it all over the sidewalk, neither — kept a nice, tight, hot little roll to his buns as he stepped along. Cute as a gnat’s ass, and about twice as big!

I walked along with him. He hardly even came up to my shoulder, little bitty thing! Like walkin’ with a little boy until he turned his face up to you and surprised you with that little wisp of mustache! Long black hair, waist that I could put my hands around — and wanted to! But not swishy-slinky — that’s what he was! Slinky as a cat! Expected to see a long tail stickin’ up above his round buns!

“How long you been here?” I asked, “In the States?”

“Since September.”

“You, uh, been with many American guys before?”

He smiled wickedly. “Some.” “How many’s some?”

“Not as many as I would like!” he grinned.

“How would you like to live in a whole apartment building full of humpy American guys?” I asked him.

His black eyes opened wide. “You live in a place like that? Not just a dormitory? That’s not as much fun as I thought it would be!”

“Not right now, I don’t. But, well, maybe this summer I could find a place like that. Would you like to live there?”

“How do you say? The more are the merrier!” He tugged at his little prick through his shorts. “All big American guys?”

Horny little devil! I nodded my head.

Then his face fell. “How much will this place cost? I have only a small stipend to pay for my room and board.”

“You can afford it,” I said. “I’m, uh, real close to the owner.” I didn’t want to tell everything right off. Wanted to see if he would go for me without knowing that I had just inherited all that dough, you know. But then, he hadn’t known about the money when he started flirtin’ with me over the ice cream cone?

“I could work,” he said. “I have only a student visa, but I could work enough to pay off the rent. For your friend the owner.” He grinned wickedly. “I know how to do many things!”

“I’ll just bet you do!”

We turned into the backyard of the place I was living at. One of the streets full of boarding houses. Not much different from any of the others. Down the steps to my basement room. The door stuck as usual, warped from the damp. Fuckin’ landlord! Well, hell! I was goin’ to be a landlord now, myself! Better not dump on landlords too much — but fuckin’ landlord sounded like a pretty good description of what I planned to be!

He glanced around the dump while I shoved the damn door shut and locked it. Not much to look at, but then his eyes seemed more interested in me! He put his hands up on my chest as I turned to face him, tiltin’ his head up to look in my face. “You are very big, American man!” he said. Hell, I wasn’t but six one, but that was a hell of a lot taller than he was. Had this idea that he was talkin’ about more than my height though!

“I am not so big. You don’t mind?”

“Cute as a button!” I said putting my finger under his chin as he started to look down real bashful like.

“You will not be disappointed? Not ‘hung’ like you guys are.”

I shook my head. Hell, I didn’t care.

“May I take your clothes off then?” he asked smilin’.

“Help yourself,” I said, spreadin’ my arms and legs. “You can have anything you find!”

He giggled and started undoin’ the buttons on my work shirt. He pulled the tails out of my pants and pulled it open. He stuck his face up real close to my chest and rubbed his cheek on it! “You smell so nice!”

“Just hot and sweaty.” I said.

He purred and lapped his tongue out, tastin’ my skin in the center of my chest, then lickin’ over to one of my tits! Christ, when he licked his long tongue over my nipple, I thought it was goin’ to get hard and shoot off like a fuckin’ cock! Never had a dude suck on my tit like that! Made me put my hands on the back of his head and hold it there while he licked me! He teased at my nipple with the tip of his tongue, made it stand up and throb it was so hard and sensitive! Then he moved over to the other one! Oh, boy, oh, boy! What a tongue!

His slender fingers were at my belt! I sucked my breath in to give him more room. Undid the belt, flipped open the snap, pulled down the zipper! I wasn’t wearing no jockies, so when he pulled my pants open, he had me! Oh, boy, did he have me! I had to think about ol’ Frank and me back in the pumphouse, then. I had near flipped my cookies just over seein’ Frank’s eight and a half! Well, ton Prang was doin’ the same now, only he had a little more to drool over! Yessir! Little hairless Buddy had done some growin’ since then! Not just growin’ taller, but from the hips on out, too! Had me a genuine TEN solid inches of hot cock down there and the Oriental guy was freakin’ out over ’em!

“Oh, dear!” he said. Yeah, really. “Oh, dear! You are huge! A bull elephant! Americans are so magnificent! When you fuck me with this member, it will hurt me greatly!”

“We don’t have to do that if you don’t want to,” I was sayin’, but he wasn’t payin’ me no mind! He was down on his knees, pulling my dungarees down my legs, starin’ at my fucker and kind of worshippin’ it! He had his arms up my legs, his slender fingers spread out over the muscles of my thighs, his face turned up under my big dong. It was twitchin’ slowly, hard as hell out over his face. He was mumblin’ something in this language that I didn’t understand.

“What you say?” I asked.

“I was speaking to the spirit of your phallus! Such a great spirit! I told it that I honored its power and asked that it show its power to me.”

“Oh, I’ll show you what I can do all right. Don’t you worry about that!”

He just smiled and stuck his face up into my crotch. His tongue darted out of those cute lips of his! He touched the tip of it right to my piss hole, just the sharp little tip of it, then without movin’ his head, he traced his flickerin’ tongue down the length of my tool, down my cum tube from the end to the base of my nuts! Felt like a little wet feather, just barely touchin’ the hot skin! He moved in closer and licked that tongue-tip around one of my nuts, deep into the crack between my balls and my leg and around the ball, just like a fingertip! Had me shakin’ by then, he did! Did the same to the other side and made both my nuts pull up so tight in their sack that they was achin’! Not rough stuff — I like that just fine — but this tantalizin’, teasin’, ticklin’ stuff that was almost worse!

I had to make him stop! Shit, he had me ’bout ready to cream off without even gettin’ my cockhead into his mouth! “Hey,” sez I. “Let’s get those shorts off you and get more comfortable!”

I hooked my hands under his arms and picked him up. He didn’t want to come, but he was so light, that I just lifted him up off the floor and set him down on the end of my bed. His cock was stickin’ out the leg of his shorts, and to tell the truth, it wasn’t much of a prick, but cute. I pulled his T-shirt over his head, making his long hair go flippin’ over his face and over his bare shoulders! God! That really looked sexy as hell — all wild and witchy lookin’ you know, with those slant eyes of his, so cute and sexy and all. When he had his arms up to take the shirt off, I seen that he didn’t have but a little wisp of hairs under his arms, either. No more than his mustache was, and not a single hair on the rest of his chest or belly! Just as smooth and creamy gold and hairless as, as an ice cream cone!

Then I made him lie back on the bed and unhook his shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underpants, either, so when I pulled ’em down, he was bare-assed naked on the bed! What a cute little prick he had — about six inches long and no thicker than an inch — just like a little candy cane! He was uncut, but his skin was so short that you couldn’t pull it up over his cock head. The shaft was smooth and slender and a little browner than the rest of his skin. Same went for his nuts. And his cock hair was just a fringe of soft black hair right around the base of his prick and nuts — no hair on his legs and none in the crack of his cute round ass, neither!

“It is all right?” he said. “It pleases you?”

“Fits you just right, Lon,” I said.

“You should call me Prang,” he corrected with a smile.


“No,” he giggled. “Prang. My family name is Lon. It is the opposite of your American names. Call me Prang.”

I kicked off my dungarees which were still around my insides and laid down on the bed next to him. “Okay, Prang,” I said lifting up his cock off his flat belly with my thumb. “You call me Buddy and tell me what you want to do.”

“You are my buddy, aren’t you Buddy? That’s what the American G.I.s at the air bases in my country used to call their friends. It is a very nice name! I want to lick you all over, Buddy, just like the ice cream cone. Then when you feel like it, I want you to fuck me very hard!”

“Hey, you’re just a little guy. You think you can take a cock the size of mine up your behind?”

He ooed and ahhhed and played around with my prick and nodded his head eagerly. “I’m sure, Buddy! It is so big that it will stir me around inside like a great spoon! Of course there will be much pain, but I like that very much too!”

“You like rough stuff?” I asked.

He nodded his head a little bashfully. “Very rough fuck, yes, I like very, very much!”

“Okay Prang,” sez I lyin’ back on the bed, “go to it, and I’ll give your butt a screwin’ you won’t ever forget!”

He started with my face of all places, kissin’ me and lickin’ round my ears and on my neck fit to give me goose pimples! Not real wet an’ sloppy, just slithery and licky an’ kissy! Then down my neck over my chest, suckin’ on my tits like he did before until I was ’bout ready to scream with it! He stuck his tongue into my armpits an’ even licked them out, lickin’ at my hair and sweaty skin there and growlin’ with these cute animal noises while he ate me up! Then, back over my chest and down my belly, lickin’ at the rough brown hairs growin’ down the center an’ into my belly button until he tickled me so much I had to make him stop!

I figured he was goin’ to get my boot next! Damn thing was so hard and jumpin’ that it was knockin’ against his cheek while he was suckin’ off my belly button! But the fucker circled around it! Over the tops of my thighs and down to my feet! Picked up each foot at a time and sucked my fuckin’ toes! Yeah! Took each little piggie into his mouth and sucked it like it was a cock! Licked in between my toes and washed ’em off ’til there wasn’t nothin’ left to taste but his own spit! Shrimp job!

“Please turn over onto your belly, Buddy!” he says real polite after he finished washin’ my feet with his tongue! His little fucker was right smack flat up against his belly while he squatted there on the end of the bed. I rolled over and let him have a go at my backside!

He licked up the backs of my legs to my knees and washed them ’til I was kickin’ my heels around from him ticklin’ me. His tongue was just like a cat’s seemed like it was a little bit rough right at the tip! Then he spread my legs nice and wide — wide as I could get ’em! That was more like it — goin’ to get rimmed good, I thought! My ol’ fucker was kind of cramped under my belly by then, and the sheet was wet and sticky with all the pre-cum I was pumpin’ out, so I raised up some to get my ass crack opened wide and to give my prong a little breathin’ room!

He laid down on the bed between my legs, dug my asscheeks far apart with his fingers and lit into my asshole! Whew! Over the backs of my nuts and up my crack and back down and back again! Swear to God — just like a blowtorch, he was so fuckin’ hot! Up and down and up and down until my asshole was glowin’ like a stoplight just from the passes over it he was makin’!

“Eat me out, Prang!” I gasped. “God! That’s good! Get your tongue up my asshole and eat it out!”

He didn’t answer, just did what I said. Spread my butt hole open with his finger tips and shot his tongue up my shitter! An’ when I say “UP” I fuckin’ mean UP! More like gettin’ fucked up my butt than just a rim job! He wiggled the tip of his tongue around in the hole until he had me moanin’ an’ humpin’ the mattress until I Was ’bout to fuck a hole in it, then, he REALLY stuck it in! Brought a fuckin’ roar out of me! Just like a Goddamn bull in rut! I mean he sent that shit-licker a good four or five inches up my ass end, thrashin’ it around inside like a Goddamn egg beater, lickin’ and suckin’ on my bung until my face turned cherry red and my fuckin’ toes near dropped off!

He wasn’t hardly even comin’ up for aft! Felt his breath blowin’ hot over my ass through his nose as he strained to stick his tongue up me further and further, gruntin’ with the effort of gettin’ his jaws that far open and his fuckin’ tongue that far out! Christ! My belly button was blinkin’ on an’ off like a stop light! My rocks felt like cannon balls, and my dick was the cannon that was goin’ to shoot them off! Up and up and up he stuck his tongue, lickin’ all around inside and suckin’ on the sensitive skin of my butt, rimmin’ the holy hell out of my tail! Best Goddamn rim job I ever got or ever heard about!

My cock was leapin’ up against my belly, right on the point of creamin’ off all over the bed! “Stop! Stop!” I was gaspin’! “Don’t bring me off yet! Oh, aw, SHIT!!” Felt like I was goin’ to die when he pulled his tongue out! Goddamn guy had a tongue like a fuckin’ anteater! I was ready to fuck his butt then, but I woulda probably cum off just touchin’ his ass cheeks, I was so hot! Prang cooled me down a little by finishin’ off the tongue bath he was givin’ me. Licked my ass cheeks and up my spine, ’til I was shiverin’ from it, but it sure felt nice!

I rolled over then, my dong wavin’ around like a flag pole over my belly! An’ Prang was in about the same shape! He really got off on givin’ me that tongue bath! His eyes was just blazin’ hot! Wild as an animal! He was scrunched up, squattin’ on the end of the bed, his long black hair down over his face and his slender fingers just barely playin’ around with his skinny tool! His pecker was leakin’ out pre-cum like a fountain in slow motion, runnin’ down the slender shaft an’ over his fuzzy little nuts!

“You want to fuck now?” he grunted.

“You’re Goddamn right I do!” I said.

“Must be hard! Rough! Hard fucker, you know!” he said. He was pantin’ for it! I reached over to the bedside table and got my ever-ready tube of grease. His eyes was glitterin’ as he watched me smear it over my fucker, never takin’ his eyes off my tool the whole time.

“Want some on your butt?” I asked, handin’ him the tube.

He shook his head. “Come fuck me, big elephant! Fuck my asshole! Make me take it all the way! You fuck hard or I twist your balls off!” An’ by God, I was willin’ to bet he meant it too!

I grabbed him by his arm and flipped him over onto his back on the bed! His legs came right up, an’ he grabbed his toes! This kid knew what he wanted all right! I got on my knees and guided my fucker up to his hairless butt hole and pushed it down to get it in! Slit! His asshole was so Goddamn tight, I couldn’t hardly believe that he wasn’t a virgin! Tight as a fuckin’ tick! I shoved my hips forward and held my cock in place and rutted the head of it into his crapper, rough as I dared to go with a little tail like his! But that wasn’t near hard enough for him! He was snarlin’ and screwin’ his ass around on the bed an’ on the head of my prick! “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” he was growlin’!

So I did! I got my hands, on his hip bones, an’ man, I shoved that Goddamn ten inches of mine up him as fuckin’ hard as I could move it — threw the whole weight of my body behind the thrust and split him open like droppin’ a Goddamn telephone pole on a ripe watermelon! He squealed like I had just knifed him in his belly, an’ I thought, Oh, my God! I’ve done killed him!

Wrong! Wrong as wrong could be! Soon as he got his breath back from that squeal, he was babblin’, “Good! You fuck good! Fuck me, oh, fuck, fuck!” Goin’ nuts for it! Really groovin’ on the hurtin’ up his shit hole! I yanked my hips back and shoved it back in hard as I could, an’ he went slidin’ across my bed! He was just a little bit of a thing, an’ I forgot to hold onto him when I put it to him the second time! Like bouncin’ a ball off your belly! I was so hot for his tight asshole by then, that I just grabbed him and bent him back until his ass was pointed right straight up into the air and bent him over into a ball and got on top of him and fucked straight down, slammed my dong to him until I thought I was goin’ to bust his backbone with the force of my thrusts! But he just bounced on the bed and came right back up at me as I slammed back down on him! Sent my prong up his guts ’til I thought my Goddamn balls was goin’ to squeeze right in along with it! Fucked him up and down my john like a ping-pong ball between the table top and the paddle! Whole time he was yellin’ his head off for me to fuck him harder! Little bastard was takin’ all I could give him and wantin’ more!

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” he was pantin’. “Get my nuts! Squeeze my balls off! Make me shoot! Cum with me! Fuck your cum into me, Buddy!”

He was holding his legs back, so I grabbed his balls for him and mashed the shit out of ’em — mashed the cum out would be better! Sent his jism splatterin’ out of his cock all over his face! Saw it hit and hang over his mouth, and saw his long tongue come out to catch it and shot my load to him, pumped jism into his guts like a machine gun, fuckin’ cream out in burst after burst, squeezin’ off my rounds with his asshole, tradin’ shot for shot of sperm — his an’ mine!


Thought about ol’ Frank again — ’bout the time Prang was gettin’ his fifth load of jism out of my nuts! I was beginnin’ to understand just what the phase “fucked out” can mean! Oh, I didn’t knock off five fucks in an hour — I ain’t Superman! Took the rest of the afternoon and most of the evenin’! An’ it just kept gettin’ better an’ better, too! Every time I thought I just couldn’t get hard again, Prang would get me on the edge of the bed with my butt hangin’ over and my heels drawed up so he could get on the floor and get his tongue up my asshole! He would lick and lick and lick an’ eat out my ass for an hour or more — however long it took to get me so horny that I could have fucked a knothole! Then we would go at it again, and he would screw another wad of cum out of my balls!

An’ it wasn’t like me and Frank with me not bein’ able to get my rocks off! Prang was cummin’ everytime that I did! Wouldn’t let me play with his prick or suck it or stick it up my ass or nothin’ like that! Just wanted me to fuck his asshole or ram it down his throat, an’ he would get off whenever I did! An’ God, did he ever like it rough! Couldn’t get his rocks off less I was bangin’ his tail so hard that my balls hurt from hittin’ his butt so hard, or when I squeezed his berries ’til they about popped! Liked me to chew on his tits too while I fucked his asshole! An’ when I frenched him, he would ’bout eat my tongue and lips! I mean, gnaw on ’em ’til they were sore from the rough lovin’ he was givin’ ’em — regular wildcat he was!

He went in for other wild stuff, too! Found out after the second fuck, I guess it was! I peeled myself off of him and staggered up off the bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Got to take a leak,” I said gesturin’ at the bathroom.

“I am thirsty,” he said, pantin’ and pullin’ on his dork. “I would drink from your cistern.”

“You want me to get you a glass of water?” I said. Okay, so I was a little denser than usual!

“No,” he said, takin’ hold of my floppy dong. “Quench my thirst with this!”

“You want to drink my piss!” I said. I was kind of surprised. I’d heard of piss-queens before, but I’d never met one that wasn’t a sloppy ol’ drunk. I’d never done it before ’cause I’d never got off on the guys that had asked me to do it. But Prang was somethin’ else! So young and cute and good lookin’, an’ did he ever want it!

“We drink water of the snake every day in my country! Strong water! Very good for you! I wish to drink yours!” he said. He explained it all to me later. Seems that it was some kind of religious belief about health in his country. Everybody there drank at least a glass of piss everyday, usually their own stuff. I even read that the Prime Minister of India did it! Yeah! An’ even cooked with the stuff! Stewed their chickens in a pot of piss! Only sexy part was drinkin’ it right out of a cock! He really got off on that! ‘Specially my long dong!

So I let him do it, if he wanted to so bad, I stood there by the side of my bed and held my prick like I was standin’ in front of the toilet and tried not to think about him kneelin’ there in front of me — not that I was turned off by the thought and couldn’t get it goin! I closed my eyes an’ thought awhile about somethin’ unsexy like working in the cafeteria. Thought about the sloppin’ and gushin’ noises of the dish-washin’ machine and how the noise always made me want to take a leak! That got it goin’, an’ once I was pissin’ full, I looked down and watched him guzzle it! Held the tip of my pissin’ prick right to his lips and swallowed the hot piss fast as I could piss it into his mouth! Squatted there like a little monkey jerkin’ on his prick and drinkin’ it out of my prong! Didn’t take any ass-lickin’ to get me up for the third fuck! The sight of him drinkin’ my piss was all I needed!

Yeah, we spent the afternoon an’ most of the night at it, an’ fell asleep on my bed. Woke up in the mornin’ with somebody poundin’ on my door enough to knock it down! It was the landlord. He had a little message for me.

“All right, Harrelson! I want you out of here by sundown! I know what you’ve been up to down here, and I’m not going to have it in my apartments! Au that squealing and noises! Disgusting! Do you hear me? Disgusting!”

Shook me for about half a second. Then I remembered The Fountains and the fact that I owned the place now! “You,” sez I, “can take your fuckin’ basement apartment and stuff it up your dried-up asshole!” Yelled it right in his Goddamn ol’ sour face! Didn’t have to put up with anymore shit from the likes of him! I was going to be able to entertain any fuckin’ way I wanted to in my new apartment, an’ I knew it wasn’t goin’ to get no more shit from the landlord, ’cause I was goin’ to be the landlord myself!

Well, he started screechin’ about gettin’ the cops to come throw me out right then, but I just shut the door in his face. I’d be out by sundown for sure, an’ I wouldn’t have any more trouble from him. Prang had heard it all, settin’ there in my bed with the sheet pulled up to his chin an’ his eyes big as saucers!

“I have gotten you in trouble, Buddy!” he said. “I am so sorry!”

I laughed. “Don’t you worry your cute little head about him!” sez I. “But you can help me move my stuff if you’re feelin’ guilty!”

He was eager to help, so we got our clothes on and went out to eat some breakfast and to find some boxes. Then we loaded up back at the basement room. What were we goin’ to carry ’em in to get out to The Fountains? Easy enough. We took out an hour or so, an’ I went out an’ bought a fuckin’ truck! Just asked how much it was and wrote a Goddamn check for the full amount! Tickled the hell out of me, the look the guy gave me when he called up the bank to see if my check was good or not! This was goin’ to be fun!! Amazed the holy hell out of Prang, too! We took the truck back to my old place, loaded the boxes in, an’ I drove us out to The Fountains.

“This is it!” sez I with some pride.

“You are going to rent an apartment here?” he said, takin’ in the whole place with wide eyes.

“Nope!” sez I.

“Why do you stop here then?”

“Not goin’ to rent here — I own this place!”

He just gaped at me like I grew another head.

“Lemme show you around. I just inherited it from my Aunt! I’m the owner now. This is the place I was tellin’ you about yesterday afternoon. Want to live here? You can have an apartment for whatever rent you can afford to pay!”

“It is a palace!” he moaned. “And you are the Prince! For sure!”

I took him around to see it all. It’s on a fair sized piece of land. Two buildings facing each other. Six apartments in each building. More like townhouses actually, two stories, you know, with balconies on the second floor overlooking the pool in the middle. And of course, The Fountains shooting up their streams of water, so pretty! Parking was in back of the buildings. Little bit of flower garden stuff that Aunt Hazel had at the back of the place with a huge wooden fence at the back. There was a junkyard on the other side, an’ ol’ Aunt Hazel had just about died when they started dumpin’ stuff there. She couldn’t get ’em to move it, so she had this twenty-foot high fence built to block it off. The fence enclosed the whole garden part right up to the end walls of the two buildings. When I looked at it, I suddenly got a nifty idea! If I fenced in the front of the place like the back was — a nicer lookin’ fence of course, but a solid one — then we could go skinny-dippin’ in the pool or do anything else we damned well pleased in there and nobody could see us! Put that right down on my mental list for the first improvement to be made in the place!

The end apartment in the front on the east building had been Aunt Hazel’s. That one was already empty of course, ‘cept for her shit in it. I unlocked it and we started movin’ my stuff in. The tenants were all stickin’ their heads out of their windows to get a look at the new owner. Well, let ’em look, ’cause I was goin’ to have ’em all out by the end of the week! Then I could start restockin’ the place, and Prang was goin’ to be my first new tenant! He could stay with me until I had an empty place for him. That would take two apartments — left ten more for me to fill with prime, handsome hung studs! What a nice job it was goin’ to be to find ’em!

“Close to the owner, eh?” Prang said, givin’ me the eye as we unloaded the stuff out of the back of my shiny new truck.

“Yeah, well, I was savin’ the best part ’til later,” I allowed.

“So you’re really a rich American. I thought you were poor like me when I saw you yesterday afternoon.”

“Well, yesterday afternoon, I had been rich for about five, ten minutes!” I said. I tried to make a joke out of it, you know, but I was gettin’ kind of nervous about the cool way he was lookin’ at me. Hell, I figured he would be jumpin’ all over me when he found out I had that kind of bucks.

“Just what sort of arrangement do you have in mind, Buddy? Or should I say, Mr. Harrelson?”

Ow! That stung! “Hey, Prang, it’s still just Buddy, okay?”

“Perhaps. Perhaps you should explain what you have in mind.”

“A whole apartment house full of real sexy guys! The humpiest studs in town! A place where guys can do what they want to do without the landlord givin’ you all kinds of shit like that old crap-head give me this mornin. Hell, Prang, didn’t you hear what he was sayin’? He sure as slit was yellin’ loud enough!”

He softened up a little. “Yes, I can see your point there, Buddy. But what about the rent?”

“Like I said. You can afford it, ’cause the rent is whatever you can afford to pay. See, the place is all paid off an’ my Aunt Hazel that used to own it, she left me a bunch of dough, too. I exactly a Rockefeller, but I got enough to keep me in beans for the rest of my life. All I got to do with the apartments is bring in enough money to pay for the taxes and upkeep. So, I’m goin’ to be livin’ here, an’ I want to fill the place with guys I like!”

“And we fuck for you instead of paying rent?” he asked.

That took me back a step or two. Well, hell, if you were goin’ to be blunt about it, yeah, that’s just what I had in mind. But I could see that Prang wasn’t goin’ for it at all. Shit, I didn’t want him to walk out on me. He was a hell of a nice guy, super in bed, an’ well, I could talk to him. He was goin’ to college and talked better English than I did, but he didn’t make fun of my lack of education. It wasn’t just the fuckin’, it was the talkin’, too.

“You got something against the idea of screwin’ all the hunky guys you can get?” I said defensively.

“Nothing at all!” His eyes lit back up. “I would like to make love to all the handsome, big men in America!”

Yeah! That was more what I wanted to hear!

“For free.”

Oh, that’s what was botherin’ him. “Hell, I ain’t askin’ you to pay nothin’, an’ I ain’t payin’ you!” I said.

“Oh, yes, Buddy. A certain price of dignity, independence, pride.”

Well, that just depressed the shit out of me. It made me feel real little, you know what I mean?

“So what do you think I ought to do, Prang?”

“In my country, we give, many presents. All the time giving presents to people we like. It is the custom. If I give you a present, it makes me feel very happy, very good, and you, too. You feel very good and happy, too. If I were to give you a present, and you were to take out your wallet and offer to pay for it, I would be very hurt, very insulted. I could not be your friend then. Perhaps it is otherwise in America?”

God, I musta turned red as a Goddamn tomato! “Naw, that’s the way it is here, too, Prang.”

“Then you make me a present, and you let me make you presents. All the guys make presents. All be friends then!” He was grinnin’ like a fool now! “Better in bed when friends!”

I get the best advice from the damnedest places!

“But just yesterday,” I objected; “You was sayin’ that you would work off your rent. You said you could do all kinds of jobs. You can do a hell of a good rim job! Wasn’t that what you was talkin’ about?”

He drew himself up stiff as a little toy soldier. “That’s not a job!” he said. “That’s for friends. Those plants,” he pointed to the back where Aunt Hazel’s flower garden was, “Those plants would be very pretty if they were cared for properly. They need…” he struggled for the right words. “At slaughter house, they grind up bones of animals and blood to feed to plants?”

“Bone meal?” I said.

“Yes! Bone meal! The blossoms will be twice as big, leaves greener, last through all summer! I know about such things. Also can paint, scrub pool, sweep walks. I can do many jobs. Big buildings like this take much work. You get guys who can upkeep it for you.”

“You mean get guys who can keep it up.”

“Yes, that too! Keep it up big and hard! And help you upkeep the building!”

I laughed like hell, an’ so did he. It was a pretty good joke, an’ a pretty good plan. I just hoped that we could find guys who would agree with us. Yeah, a whole building full of friends would be just great, but not all guys were as nice as Prang was. Well, I was willin’ to give it a try an’ see how it worked. Most guys would understand my first plan easy enough. You get a cheap rent and peddle your ass to the landlord, simple enough arrangement. This “friends” idea might not be so easy to understand.

“What kind you think we ought to be lookin’ for, Prang?” I asked him.

“Electric’s,” he said. “I do not know about your electric’s in America, unless you do…”

I laughed again. “No, I got you about that part,” I said. “I mean, what kinds of guys turn you on? What kinds of looks an’ stuff?”

His black eyes got that witchy look that I wasn’t comin’ to get right fond of. “A Black, Buddy! I would like a Black one!”

“A Black dude?”

“Oh, yes! It is true what they say about the Black ones!”

“Yes, I have seen it, Buddy! In the locker room at the gymnasium! Not all of them, of course, but some…!” He put one hand at his crotch and reached down with the other toward his knees and rolled his eyes! Little size queen! “So big!” He rolled his eyes around and whispered to me like the neighbors was goin’ to hear. “I have never had one! Have you, Buddy?”

“Sure,” I laughed.

“You are not a racialist, are you?”

“Naw, I don’t give a shit about all that crap. I like guys whatever color they come in. If you want to try a Black one, we’ll try to find one that gets turned on by little slanty-eyed sex pots!”

He saw that I was jokin’, an’ we both laughed.

“Also a blond! One with eyes like blue ice and hair so long as mine, only white, white blond! Yes, that would be lovely! Tall, perhaps, even taller than you, Buddy! Very, very tall and slender!”

“One blond basketball player!” I pretended to write it down on my hand, an’ damn if he didn’t get me a pad and pencil off Aunt Hazel’s telephone table to make him a list! This kid was serious!

“And a red-head, Buddy! All-American boy, with freckles on his nose and red hair down here as well as on his head! And green eyes! Perhaps quite young? Is that possible? Younger than I even?” He batted those long eyelashes kind of shy and sly at the same time. “Innocent? Yes? Could we please, Buddy?”

“We’ll see what we can do!”

“And the rough stuff as you call it! Oh, dear!” He clutched his little prick through his shorts. “We must have! Big! With short beard and mustache and so big arms and shoulders! One who likes to play rough! Oh, with earring, too! Gold ring in ear! Can we find one, Buddy?”

“How ’bout one with gold rings through his tits?” I asked.

His eyelashes fluttered. “Let’s go back to the bedroom! We finish the list later, okay?”


Never did get that fuckin’ list finished. But what the hell? We were going to finish it in the flesh instead of just dreams on paper! After a recess for play period in Aunt Hazel’s big ol’ double bed, we went back to work. Finished movin’ my stuff in an’ went over to the dorm to get Prang’s. After we did that, one of the tenants comes knockin’ on my door. Young guy with a big roll of fat already hangin’ over his belt, an’ his dumpy, knock-kneed wife standin’ next to him with her hair in curlers. Gives me this shit about how they expected their lease to be renewed, they had been countin’ on it, too late for ’em to find other accommodations, that shit.

“Crap!” sez I. “You knew that there was goin’ to be a new landlord. You knew your lease was runnin’ out. You better be out of here by the end of the week, or I’ll help you move — right out into the fuckin’ swimmin’ pool! You got me, fella?”

Didn’t get any more back chat out of him! He musta told the rest of ’em about it, too, ’cause they were soon all packin’ the shit to move out. Now it was up to me and hang to fill the place! Prang knew just where he wanted to start, too Wildermuth Gymnasium! He’d been spending his afternoons and part of his evenin’s over there, checkin’ out all the handsome, hung, naked American studs. But he’d just been doin’ more droolin’ than trickin’ accordin’ to him. Just didn’t quite know how to go about it!

I told him he could leave that to me. Just pick out what he wanted, an’ I would make the moves to see if the guy might be interested in being “friends” with us or not.

Wildermuth’s a fine place for cruisin’ I must admit. When I worked at the cafeteria, I used to go over there quite a bit to swim an’ stuff. It’s a Goddamn big place — a jungle of lockers all over, three shower rooms for men, a sauna and a steamroom, and lots of little places where a couple of guys can step in and shut the door behind them, if you get my drift! Real headhunter’s heaven! Prang was scared to death of makin’ the wrong move and havin’ some guy flatten him or gettin’ busted. An’ he was probably right. Most of the studs in there are straight, of course. But if you know the right times and the right places — well, you can find plenty of gays, too! Like the bathroom off of Royer Pool after the pool is shut at night! Or the steamroom when more steam is comin’ out of hot crotches than out of the steam pipes! Or the weight room when it’s supposed to be shut only you can open it from the inside, an’ if there’s somebody inside, you know the kinds of weights they want to be liftin’! Just takes a little know-how!

So me and Prang went over there and took a lot of showers and did a good bit of swimmin’ and walked up and down the aisles with our towels around our shoulders and our dongs swingin’ nice an’ fat, but not too hard, you know! Prang was hot for some Black cock! He just couldn’t get over how big a Black dick could hang without gettin’ hard. I told him that they didn’t get much bigger’n that when they did get hard, but he didn’t care! Just the sight of one of those huge, Black dongs was enough to have him moanin’ an’ whisperin’!

There’s a fair number of Black guys who go to the University and a fair percentage of gay dudes among ’em, but it took us a couple of tries to find just what we wanted. Spotted Billy in the locker room across the hail from the weight room downstairs. He was one good-lookin’ dude all right! Had his hair in corn-rows, black as the ace of spades, real handsome! He was wearin’ one of those heavy white canvas Judo things — with a Black belt around the middle!

“At, ha!” sez I to myself. The Judo and Karate room is all the fuckin’ way across on the other side of the building! Plenty of locker space available in the summer time. So what’s he doin’ way over here dressin’ out for Judo? I thought I knew what the answer was, but it took a little more checkin’ to be sure. I flashed him a smile and continued down the aisle. Prang was grabbin’ my elbow ‘fore we had gone a dozen feet, puffin’ me down so he could whisper in my ear!

“That one, Buddy! He’s so cute!”

I whispered back. “You haven’t seen him stripped yet. How you know he’s as hung as you want?”

“I don’t care. Did you see him smile? His teeth are so white and his skin so black! He is very cute! Let’s go back!” he whispered insistently.

“Okay,” sez I. “We’ll get ourselves a drink of water.” There’s a water fountain just outside the door of the locker room right across from the weight room, so we turned around and went back. Billy was just takin’ his robe off, the top part, you know. God! Nice shoulders and chest! Gleamin’ black with his sweat and strong as a bull though he wasn’t even as tall as me! I smiled again, an’ so did Prang, an’ Billy smiles back.

We get our drinks of water and come back through again. Billy’s spotted us by now! Not too hard to do that! Prang an’ me had our towels around our shoulders, an’ nothin’ else on. Had my cock floppin’ back and forth across my thighs. Prang’s pecker wasn’t hangin’ too heavy, but it never does. His ass was lookin’ cute as the devil, though!

Billy’s standin’ there in front of his locker with just the pajama bottoms part of the judo outfit still on. He’s turned to face the aisle, and when we’re goin’ past, he pulls ’em down! First thing I notice is, he ain’t wearin’ a jock! Now if you’re really doin’ that judo stuff in those baggy pants without a jock, you’re liable to get yourself ruined for life — either that or you don’t mind havin’ your balls kicked around! Second thing was his THING! Christ! Hung like Godzilla! Musta been a good eight inches — soft! Black and soft and fat and hangin’ between his legs like a leftover hunk of firehose! Uncut and ’bout two inches thick! He hauled those pants down and give us a hell of a nice view of it!

Prang was ’bout ready to jump his joint right there in the middle of the locker room, but I grabbed him by the elbow, nodded real friendly to Billy and pulled Prang down the aisle.

“Did you see? Did you see?” he’s hissin’ at me.

“I saw! Now cool it! Anybody could walk in back there. Not safe! Come on through here!” So I hauled him though the door and on into the locker room and shower room that’s off Royer Pool. The pool was shut by then, after eight o’clock or so at night. Nobody would be usin’ the showers down there except if they were interested in the same stuff we was!

I made Prang hang up his towel next to mine, and we stepped into the showers, round behind the barricade by the door to the pool. Even if some straight sucker wandered in there, we would have plenty of time to hear him comin’. We turned on the showers and got under them. I soaped up an’ let the hot water relax me and get me feelin’ mellow. Just had to wait then.

Sure enough, here comes Billy! Hangs up his towel and joins us under the shower, across on the other side. From the look on his face, I could tell that he was expectin’ to find us there and was glad to see us. We nod to each other, then start playin’ the soap game! You know, just takin’ a shower, sir! Must be awful sweaty — need to wash my crack and balls and prong ’bout two, three dozen times! Lather up good and wash all over, boys! Wash it real careful, now! Be sure you rub those thick white suds in everywhere! Stick your fingers way up your crack and scrub it out good! Yeah, even stick your finger up your asshole and frig it with a soapy finger if you want to get it kissin’ sweet!

“Round your balls, too, boys! That’s right, ’round and ’round! Soap ’em up good! Feels good, don’t it! Nice an’ hot an’ soapy and slippery! Tug on ’em a little! Cup ’em up and flop ’em around good! Don’t worry if the other boys can see you doin’ it! You can see them, too, can’t you?”

“Now your cocks, boys! Cocks get awful sweaty when you’re workin’ out! Get stuck into the dirtiest places sometimes, too! We all want to have our pricks nice and clean, don’t we? Nice and clean! Soap ’em up good, boys! Lots of soap, make a fist with your hand and pump it in and out to make sure it gets washed clean! Yeah, that does feel kind of good, doesn’t it! So hot and slippery and tight! Just like you were fuckin’ a… Well, now! We don’t want to think about that too much, do we boys! No, no! Might get a hard-on in the shower! Whatever would the other boys think then!”

“But it does feel so very good, doesn’t it? All naked and clean under the hot, drivin’ water! So relaxin’, and, well, horny! Rubbin’ that soap over your nuts and crack and cock! Ant gettin’ to watch the other boys! It’s just like they were playin’ with themselves, isn’t it! Just like you were watchin’ them beat oft an’ all that soap was sperm that they had shot off all over their lean, hard bodies! My, my!”

“Now, you there, Billy, and you Prang! You have one extra step to take when you shower! You boys aren’t circumcised I see. Well, you must be sure to pull your cock skins back and clean under them very carefully! Yes, just like that! That’s right! Oh, that feels good, too, doesn’t it! Water drummin’ on your cock head, pullin’ your skin back like you were goin’ to beat off! Gets you hard, doesn’t it! Why, I believe you boys are playing with yourselves on purpose! Yes, I do believe you are! Why, look at you, Prang! Your cock is as hard as a rock! Stickin’ right straight up your belly! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“You aren’t? Billy is doin’ it too? Yes, he is! I should have noticed right off! He is very big, isn’t he! Can’t miss seein’ something that size! My, my! What a huge penis he has; an’ it is indeed gettin’ just as hard as yours is, Prang! See the way that it lifts up between his legs, even when he’s not touchin’ it? See how hard it’s gettin’? The cock skin is all the way back all by itself! Standin’ straight out from his hips now! An’ he’s not even turnin’ away to hide it under the shower! Why, he’s facing Buddy and Prang and spreadin’ his legs out wide and slidin’ his hand up and down on his fucker! An’ he’s grinnin’! Yes, he is!”

“I see! He’s grinnin’ so big, ’cause he likes what he’s seein’! He likes Buddy’s big cock, so dreadfully hard and quite, quite large as well! An’ he’s turned on by little Prang’s behind — such a cute little thing, I agree! And, dear, dear, just look at the way that hang is stickin’ his rump out at Billy and rubbin’ the bar of soap in an’ out of it! Why, it looks just like he’s friggin’ his asshole with the soap bar! Fuckin’ his buns with it! Why, why the way he’s doin’ that! The way he’s spreadin’ his ass cheeks and thrustin’ his soapy hand back there and grinnin’ so sexy at the other two boys — you’d think — if you didn’t know better of course — you’d think he, he wanted, wanted someone to stick…!”

“You boys! Now what do you think you’re doin’! Billy! An’ you, Buddy! Why, you’re masturbating! Yes, I can see what you’re doin’! You aren’t even tryin’ to pretend now! You’re beatin’ your big fuckers and gettin’ up roarin’ hard and horny! Oh, dear, so big, too! So shockingly large! What huge cocks you have! Now wait a minute, Billy! You stay on your own side of the room! There’s a shower over there for you to use! Yes, well I suppose you would be saving water if you all showered under the same shower. I suppose that that would be all right, but do you know what it looks like? I mean, the three of you horny boys under one shower! An’ you all have such hard erections! Well, it looks just like you…”

“Oh! Oh, you are, are you! Right here! In the shower room! Are you sure it’s quite safe? You’re really goin’ to do it!? All you need is some soap? Won’t that sting? Feel all itchy up your assholes? You like it like that?”

“Well, I suppose I do need a shower myself. Hot, isn’t it? Feel much better with a nice shower! Thank you, I will do that! You don’t mind if I share the shower with you — to save water? Yes, as a matter of fact I do have a very hard erection! Not my fault though! I mean, with you boys carrying on like this, I can hardly help it can I?”

“Oh, you will? You’ll take care of that? Thank you so much! Yes, that feels very good indeed! Your fingers are so strong and tight on my cock! So slippery and soapy! Oh, yes! I think I’m going to have to cum off! So exciting, rubbing myself all over your naked, hefty bodies, slippery, hot, and sexy!”

“Oh, Billy! You really can’t do that! It’s impossible! I mean your big Black cock is so huge! So thick and so long and so hard! Quite monstrous! You can’t possibly get it up that young boy’s asshole! He’s so small! Not just his prick, even his ass is no bigger than my hands. Yes, see? I have my hands on his hot little tail, an’ I can hold both cheeks in my palms! My, he does squirm around so much! His asshole? Feel it? Well, I… all right, if you insist, Prang! Stick my finger in? I don’t mind at all! Why, you are very large! Oh, but you can squeeze down so tightly! I believe there’s hardly any blood flowing through my finger when you do that!”

“Put it in for you? I’d be glad to, Billy! My, my!”

“So very, very big and hard! Do you mind? Just a little taste? Umph! Ummmm!!! Ungh! Oh, yes! So big and hard and delicious! Oh, I’d love to suck you off and feel you shooting your cum into my mouth! After Prang? I’ll wait then! Let me soap it back up for you! Ooooo!!! So thrilling really! I love to feel it slip through my fingers — what a big fucker you!”

“That enough? Oh, this is fun! I’ll guide the head up to Prang’s asshole for you! Bend over a little further, Prang, baby! That’s right! Such a little asshole! Not even a hair in it! So creamy tan and smooth! And Billy’s cock head is so big and hard and purple-black with all the blood that is swelling it up so! Look at the way that the pre-cum is running out of the pisshole when I squeeze on it like this! Oh, Prang, are you ever going to get fucked!”

“Yes, you hold him, Buddy, so he won’t slip on the soapy tiles, hold him in your arms while Billy fucks him! Got it in, Billy! Is your cock head right at his asshole? Oh, yes! Fuck harder, he wants it harder! Shove it up his ass, man! Give it to him! Oh, Christ! Look at that big black cock slidin’ out of sight up the kid’s shitter! Goddamn, big, fuckin’ stud! Slam it to him!”

“I feel it! I’ve got my fingers around it, feelin’ it slip through! So hard an’ huge and slippery! Slidin’ through my fingers into the kid’s butt! More and more! Heave it in! Fuck that prong up his shitter!”

“Oh, it feels good, doesn’t it, Prang! Never had one that big, have you? Big as Buddy’s? Yes, I guess they’re about the same size! It hurts, doesn’t it! Stretchin’ you so far open you feel like your hipbones are goin’ to crack in half! Like a big, black log, isn’t it? Fuckin’ up your asshole an’ into your belly! Mile long and a yard wide! God, I can’t believe you can take a dong that big and not bleed! Hold him, Buddy! Shove him back against Billy, so Billy can bury that pecker in to his roots!”

“Fuck him, man! Fuck it in! Yeah, now you’re humpin’ butt! Couple more strokes an’ you’ll have him wide open! Then you can get it all in! Right up to your nuts! You’re doin’ it? Oh, God, yes! Divine! I can feel the little ring of his asshole right around your cock shaft! You’ve got it in until your ball hair is scratchin’ in his hairless crack! Got it in to the balls, man! Now fuck the holy shit out of him!”

“Oh, do it! Do it! Do it harder! He’s goin’ wild in Buddy’s arms! Look at him gaspin’ for breath and shovin’ his butt back on the black cock! God, creamy little tan ass speared with that huge black meat! Fuckin’ him good now! Fuckin’ so hard you’re steamin’, Billy! Give it to him harder, faster! He wants it, wants it rough and hard like that!”

“Lemme hold your nuts for you! Aw! God, man! So big an’ fat an’ loaded with cum! You’re goin’ to blast him full, aren’t you! Plant that prong way up his butt and a fuck a wad of cum into him! Goin’ to shoot your shit in his butthole is runnin’ with it! Your nuts are puffin’ up tight in your sack, man! You goin’ to cum? Goin’ to cream off your jism into him? Do it! Do it! Let me feel your cum jerkin’ through your joint into his little body!”

“Oh, Christ yes! Feel it spurt! Your whole cock is swellin’ up and pumpin’ it out, Billy! Christ, I can’t believe it’s so hard and throbbin’ like that! I can feel your fuck cream jerkin’ through your cum tube — got my fingers right on it where it’s hangin’ out his squirmin’ asshole! Just that spot at the base of your dong where it goes back in and down to your nuts, Billy! Cum! Fuck him full of it! Oh, you cock!”

“Oh, God! Look at all that cum! What a fuckin’ load! Runnin’ out of his asshole in thick, white waves! Christ, can you ever fuck it out, Billy! Don’t let it run down the drain! Don’t waste all that good jism! Here, Buddy, you take care of Billy’s cock while I clean up Prang’s butt! Oh, ah! Ummmmm! Slurp, swallow, lick, so fuckin’ good! Hold it open for me like that boy! Lemme get in there and clean you out good! That’s right, lemme get my tongue in there good and lick out all that nice thick cum! Umph! Ahhhhh!!!”

“Ready now, Billy? You promised me the next load from those fat nuts of yours! Okay, Buddy, you can fuck his ass while I suck him off! God, you’re near as big as Billy is! What a hard dong! Ten inches! I believe it! And ten more ready for my mouth! Wish I could eat twenty at once! Oh, yeah, down on my knees on the tile floor, with my head in his black crotch, lickin’ up and down the shaft of that big black dork, feelin’ it gettin’ harder and harder and harder! So long and thick! Skin slidin’ back off his cock knob as my lips push at it! Tacky, icky, kissy, sucky! Big dick!”

“Love it, love it! So hard, hands on my head, drivin’ it down my throat! Don’t worry, baby, I can deep throat up to a foot! Shove it on in! Fuck my face, big stud! Black Beauty! Cram your cock down my throat and pop your balls straight into my belly! Got my hands on your nuts to milk you off when you’re ready to blast! Slip my fingers back an inch further, and I can feel Buddy drummin’ your asshole for you? How you like that Buddy? Like that tight, big black buns! God, fuckin’ like a freight train comin’ down the tracks!”

“Cummin’ oh yes! Cummin’ now! Fill me! Fuck me full! Yes, thick cum! Ropes, spurts, jets of jism, splashing down my throat an’ Buddy cummin’ off up his tail, feel his dick shootin’, an’ oh, my God! What’s that! Couldn’t be his tongue! Couldn’t beeeee! It’s up my asshole to my belly button! Crackin’ my nuts! Cummin’, too! I Oh, Christ, fuck!”


“What do you mean, it felt like there was four of us under that shower?” I asked Billy as were dryin’ off an’ gettin’ dressed.

“Had to be more than three, man,” he laughed. “Never had such a hot time in this ol’ town!”

“Oooo! You have such a big cock, Billy! So big and so black.” Prang said and reached for it again. His little fingers curled around the long dong and squeezed it gently, feelin’ the heft of it with wonder. It was quite a hunk of meat — even soft!

“Been like that all my life!” Billy said.

“What? Big or Black or both?” I asked.

“Both! Hey, better let go of it now, Prang, or I’ll be throwin’ a rod! You guys sure are a couple of hot mothers!”

“Mother?” Prang blinked in some confusion. “I am a gay, yes, but I am not a mother!”

We just laughed. That one was just too hard to try to explain!

“You like to get it on again?” I asked. “Mmm-mmm! I don’t know. Thought I was fucked out, but you might be able to change my mind real quick like. You guys got a place to go?” “Just what we wanted to talk to you about, Billy!” I said, nodding my head eagerly. “We’ve got a hell of a nice place. Want to see it?”

Billy pulled up his jeans after Prang reluctantly let go of his prong. He tucked it down the leg of his pants, and it made a hell of a substantial lump! I already had my duds on, and I booted Prang on his bare butt with my toes to get him dressed.

“Yeah, sure,” Billy said. “Guess my roommate won’t miss me.”

“Where you livin’?” I asked him. “How you like it over there?”

“It sucks! Hell, no! It ain’t even that good! I got stuck with a straight white roomie. Strictly from the sticks, man. Doesn’t know I’m gay, and if he did, he’d be beating down the R.A.’s door trying to get me moved. I’m getting a little tired of tricking in the locker room or at the Library. I think I’d better get a single room next year.”

“Have you already signed up for a room for the summer?” Prang asked him. “It’s still not too late to get out of your housing contract.”

“What? You mean to get an apartment?” Billy said. “I couldn’t afford that. My folks are busting their asses just to pay the tuition. And I can’t find a summer job.”

“How come?” I asked.

“Well, for one thing, this town is crawling with guys who’re out of school for the summer and who would rather get a job here than back in their home towns. It’s a lot nicer here than on the streets of Chicago in the summertime, man! Lots cooler! And there aren’t any jobs up there either. Second thing is, well, the nice people of this burg aren’t too eager to give jobs to Blacks, you know. Kind of hick, but that’s the way it is.”

“If you had a summer job, would you like to live in an apartment?” Prang asked.

“Sure! Hell, yes! Beat the damned dorm by a fucking mile!”

“Have you ever done any maintenance work?” I asked.

“A little. You know, just fixing up around the house. My ol’ man does a lot of that repair work himself on our place back home, and I’ve helped him with it. Why? You know of a place where I could get a job for the summer?”

“All summer and the school year, too, for that matter,” I said with a big grin.

“Show me!”

“Let’s go over to our place,” sez I.

“No wait! You guys can really help me get a job?” Billy asked.

“I can!” Prang said. “At the apartment building where we live. I’m really close to the owner!” he said givin’ me a real devilish wink! Prang and me busted out laughin’ at that, an’ it was Billy’s turn to look puzzled.

“Yeah,” I said. “The owner of the building is gay. He likes to have gay guys live there. You ought to get along with him okay. He’ll give you a break on your rent for the work you can do around the place. You know, painting and stuff like that.”

“And stuff like that, huh!?” Billy said, givin’ me a big wink, too. “I get it. You be nice to him, and he’ll be nice to you!”

Before I could say anything, hang piped up, “No, Billy. It’s really fair-and-square as you say. You don’t have to fuck the owner to pay for your rent. Just upkeep the place.”

“Upkeep it? Oh, yeah. But what if I don’t want to fuck him? He’ll give the job to another guy?”

“I don’t think so,” I said, tryin’ to keep from smilin’ too much.

“What’s this guy like?” Billy said. “You work for him, Prang?”

We had left the gym by then an’ were walkin’ down to the truck. We all three squeezed into the front seat, an’ I took off.

“Yeah, I suppose you would say Prang works for him!” I laughed.

“Doing what?” Billy asked.

“Gardening and yard work,” Prang said.

“And you don’t have to screw the dude?” Billy questioned.

“No, but I like to anyway!” Prang giggled.

“What does he look like?” Billy asked. “Real old?”

“No,” Prang said and went off in a cloud of giggles again. “He’s in his early twenties.”

“Twenty-two,” I said.

“Twenty-two! And he’s about six foot and two inches tall,” Prang continued.

“Six-foot-one,” I corrected.

“Mid very, very handsome!” Prang said.

I didn’t correct him then!

“He has a big cock — as big as yours, Billy! And hazel eyes, and brown hair.”

“That doesn’t sound bad at all!” Billy said. “What apartments does he own?”

“The Fountains,” I said, pulling the truck into the driveway at that exact moment.

“Here? Jesus God!” Billy gasped. “This is the fanciest fucking apartment building in town! When can I meet the owner?”

“He ought to be getting back to his apartment any time now!” I laughed. I took out my key and opened the door. “Come on in. This is his apartment.”

“He lets gay guys come into his apartment anytime you want to?” Billy said in amazement.

I shook my head. “He never lets me in except when he’s here, but Prang can come in anytime he wants to.”

Prang near fell over laughin’ at that one! Billy was beginnin’ to think that this apartment owner must be a really weird dude! “When do I get to see him?” he said.

“You’re lookin’ at me!” I laughed.

“Who? YOU?”

“The one and only!”

His face got a real sour look on it, “Come on, man, you’re jivin’ me! You didn’t have to feed me that story to get me to come out here with you guys!”

Took us awhile, but we finally convinced him that we weren’t bull-shittin’ him. He finally believed it when I took one of the keys off the rack and handed it to him. “Apartment Twelve,” sez I, “right across from here in the other buildin’. It’s empty. Now it’s yours!” Took him over to see it, too! Then we went back to my place an’ celebrated!

“How ’bout a beer?” I asked Billy.

“Yeah, I could use one! I’m still trying to get used to the idea of this set up! How’d you pick me, anyway?”

“I picked you,” Prang said. “I had never made love with a Black man, so Buddy took me looking for one. You are so handsome and so sexy!”

Billy laughed. “Thanks! You’re pretty cute yourself! How come you wanted to sample some dark meat? You a chocolate queen?”

“A what?”

“A gay who digs making it with Black dudes.”

“No, not particularly. I also want a blond, a red-head, a big man with rings in his tits, here,” he gestured and went on until Billy cracked up.

“That’s a long list!”

“I have a big appetite! Don’t you?”

Billy swigged on the beer I gave him. “Yeah, sure, I guess so. All kinds turn me on! What about you, Buddy?”

“Same with me hang made the list, but I like the sounds of it.”

“You get to help us choose, too, Billy,” hang said. “Yes, we must let each new friend help us find the others!”

“Huh!” Billy said. “Sounds like a lot of fun! But that’s for later. What’s for now? Didn’t you guys have something else in mind when you invited me out here?”

“Now that you mention it,” sez I. “We sure got a hell of a lot of clothes on for a bunch of friends on a warm spring night!” That was all that needed to be said! We all three stood up and started shuckin’ out of our duds. Billy looked even better in the romantic light of my apartment nicer than the harsh glare of the shower room. He was just under six feet tall, ’bout two inches shorter than me, but a good bit chunkier. His shoulders were bunches of muscle, and he had that real tight, rounded ass you see on Black guys — real hunky and tasty lookin’! His waist wasn’t much bigger’n Prang’s, though, and his belly didn’t have even a quarter ounce of fat on it anywhere — nowheres on him for that matter — all solid, heavy muscles! His long, Black dong was still hangin’ soft between his legs as he slipped his pants off. I liked the way he didn’t wear no jockies really showed a hell of a basket that way, and he was ready for the action faster! Matter of fact, none of us had on anything under our pants!

Billy’s cock hair was neat to see, too — all bunched up in curly little balls, thick, but matted down flat so the shape of the muscles of his belly and the round weights of his nuts stood out clear! Had a fat pair of balls on him, too! Up right tight to his cock, making the limber staff hang out a ways from his belly. When he was soft like that, his cock skin completely covered the head of his dong and tapered down to a little nipple at the end! Not like Prang’s. Prang’s cock skin never did completely cover his dick head, just halfway at most. Little curious things that you notice!

Prang thought it was cool, too! He was down on his knees already, playin’ with the big, soft dork, skinnin’ the head back and lickin’ at it! The tip was a sort of deep, pinkish brown, but when he got hard, it turned almost purple-brown or black — still not as black as the skin of his shaft, though! That was blacker than midnight, so black that no shadows or highlights showed up on it — just inky!

Prang was fistin’ Billy’s prong an’ lickin’ on it, but it was still soft — thick and long as hell, but still floppy. “Don’t you feel sexy?” Prang said.

“Don’t be in such a big hurry,” Billy laughed. “Getting a rod on is one of the best parts of getting horny. Take it easy and enjoy it! Yeah, I like that! Lick up the insides of my thighs! That really turns me on!”

“Wait ’til he gets that tongue of his up your asshole!” sez I. “Talk about horny! Christ, that’ll raise a hard-on on a dead man!”

“Well, I’m not dead yet,” Billy said, “but that sounds good to me. You want to rim my ass, Prang?”

“Oh, I’d love to!” hang said. “Sit back in the chair and put your legs up on the arms and make yourself comfortable!”

Billy did just that, scootin’ his butt down to the edge of the seat with his big legs spread wide over the disk mini and his meaty ass wide open for Prang. Ping got down on the carpet, sort of curled up in front of a nice whole and stuck his face into the black crack.

“Oooohhhh! That’s good!” Billy said as Prang licked over his balls and up and down in his crack! My cock sure wasn’t waitin’ around for a rim job to get hard, though! Just the sight of them two guys goin’ at it had my dick risin’ up like a semaphore arm! Click, click, click! Jerk! Jerk, jerk!! Come up in ’bout three gushes of my hot blood into the ass tube!

Billy had his hand on Prang’s had, guidin’ his lickin’ as the kid tongued his crack. “Yes! Real good! Keep it up like that for awhile,” he said. His pecker was still flopped out soft on his belly, and he looked over at me, real dreamy-eyed as Prang licked his crack. “I love to get rimmed for hours and hours,” he said.

“Slit! Don’t take that long,” set I. “I can’t wait!”

“What over turns you on! Want me to blow you while he does me? I just love to lie back and have a guy eat out my whole like that! Makes me feel so sexy! Having them eat my as and tongue the slit out of my butt! Makes my nuts ache it feels so fucking good!”

“What else turns yaw on?” I asked.

“Big cock!” He sighed as Prang centered his lickin’ in on his shitter an’ began to tease around his bung with his tongue! “Easy now! Don’t rush me! Yeah, that’s real nice! I like big dick,” he sez, turnin’ back to me after he got Prang doin’ him just the way he wanted. “Especially big white cock. Don’t see many as big as Black guys have, and when I do, get so hungry for ’em that my stomach growls! Love to eat hot cum out of tools as big as yours!”

“I’ll give you as much as you want!” sez I. “How do you like fuckin’? Prang really digs a hard rough fuck up his asshole, don’t you, Prang?”

The Oriental kid grunted a loud ‘yes’ up Billy’s asshole and kept on lickin’!

“Well, fuckin’ his asshole in the showers was a real trip,” Billy admitted. “But I really like getting fucked myself! I think what I’d like best of all is lying on top of Prang here with my dong soaking in his asshole while you really fuck the hell out of my tail!”

“You like a rough fuck, too?” I asked.

“The rougher the better!” he sighed.

“I noticed you wasn’t wearing a jock under that Judo outfit of yours. Don’t you get your nuts banged around like that?”

“Unh-huh,” he said, sucked in his breath real fast when Prang started stickin’ his tongue up his asshole! You should have seen his eyes come open then! No more dreamy-eyes! No sir! Popped them big eyes open wide, brought his fucker up to a throbbin’ hard-on up his belly, and had him pantin’ in no time! Squirmed his butt around on the edge of the chair, stickin’ it into Prang’s face and pantin’ as Prang run that tongue of his deeper and deeper up his hole!


We never did go out lookin’ for our red-headed freckle-faced-all-American teen-aged boy. No since. Instead, he found us next Monday mornin’ bright an’ early, there he was ringin’ our doorbells, standin’ on the front steps!

“Hello,” he says hello a nice smile, “I’m your paper boy. At least I’d like to be. I used to deliver the H-T to the people in this apartment buildings but they’ve all moved out now and stopped their orders. You know when you’ll be having new tenants in the building?”

“Hello, yourself,” sez I. “What’s your name?”

“Jim Sheffler. Are you the new owner?” “Yeah, Buddy Harrelson. Come on it.” “Thanks,” he said and came into the living room. I looked him over. He was about five foot six and a little on the skinny side. Hair not real red, more like strawberry blond. But he had the freckles all tight all across his cute snub nose and cheeks. Looked pretty young, maybe seventeen, not much bigger than Prang.

“Would you be interested in…” he started talkin’.

“Kid, I’d be interested in most anything you’ve got!” I said with a sexy grin at him.

He just blinked. Went right over his head completely! He sure as shit looked as innocent as you could hope for. I don’t generally mess around with kids that young because most of ’em don’t know the score at all. I was pretty hot little stuff myself, and at a lot younger age than him! They were just too much trouble usually — not worth the effort.

“Would you be interested in subscribing for all your tenants for a month? We can arrange an introductory deal for a month. Won’t cost you much. Then they can pick up on the subscription if they like the paper.” Regular little businessman already.

“I don’t have but two tenants right now, sonny. I’ll be fillin’ the building over the space of the summer. Have a seat of the sofa and jell me about this introductory offer of yours.”

He sat down next to me and went on about what a good newspaper the H-T was and how cheap the offer was and all that crap. I wasn’t really listenin’, just mainly lookin’ at him and tryin’ to figure what he might do if I put my hand on his crotch! Nice little crotch it was, too! He was wearin’ light tan jeans, snug fittin’, and his basket made a cute little lump between his legs. Not stickin’ out enough to see the shape of anything –just a nice little lump! He had a little golden peach-fuzz on his upper lip and around his sideburns, so I put that together with what he was showin’ in his jeans an’ came up with the conclusion that he was old enough if he was interested. His shoulders and chest were broad an’ a little thin. Gettin’ ready to put on some muscle, but not quite there yet. His eyes were a light hazel color, too, not quite the lettuce-green that Prang had ordered, but pretty close enough.

“Well, Jim, I own the place, so if you want to come over and swim, you’re welcome to it!”

Prang came wanderin’ in then, an’ his black eyes lit up when he took a look at the kid. “Excuse me, Buddy! I did not know that anyone was here.” That pink tongue of his darted out and licked over his lips hungrily, lookin’ at the kid.

Jim’s face turned rosey-red at that comment an’ he squirmed around on the sofa, but he didn’t deny it. Stroked his big hands out his thin thighs nervously, like he was sweatin’.

“I would be glad to give him his first kiss!” Prang said.

“Aw, gee, you guys!” Jim protested an’ turned even deeper red. “You’re puttin’ me on!”

Prang started to assure him that he wasn’t doin’ no kiddin’ around, but I stopped him with a wave of my hand behind Jim’s back. “Just joshin’ you,” I laughed. “You’re gettin’ about that age to start a little smoochin’ ain’t you?”

He smiled an’ blushed a little. “Got a girlfriend yet?”

He shook his head.

“Haven’t you found one you like?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Girls are okay, I guess.”

“More fun to hang around with the guys, huh?”

He nodded again and looked a little relieved.

“I know how it is. When I was your age, I felt the same way. Still do. Guys seem to understand things better than girls, don’t they?”

“I guess so.”

“Shit, yeah, you can be yourself around guys. Don’t have to die of embarrassment if you have to cut a fart or scratch your nuts, right?”

He blushed a little again, but he nodded yes.

“Well, it’s just guys around here. Me and Prang an’ a guy named Billy who just rented the apartment across from this one. Any time you want to come swimmin’ over here, just drop by and swim as much as you want. We’re goin’ to be busy today, pattin’ up a screen across the front of the entrance way. Come on by an’ take a dip, an if we get hot enough, maybe we’ll join you.”

“That would be great, Mr. Harrelson!” he said. “Just call me, Buddy, Jim. We’re all friends here!”

“Will you think about that introductory deal on the newspapers, Buddy?” he said, tryin’ out my first name shyly.

“Sure, I’ll take you up on it for sure, but let’s wait until I have more tenants, okay?”

“Fine! I’ll see you this afternoon!” he said an’ left.

He and I were workin’ on fixin’ this fence across the front of the buildin’. Like you see around tennis courts just a frame of iron pipes with the canvas lashed to it. Looked real fancy, too. We had the main pipes up already, an’ all we had to do to finish was put up the cross-pieces an’ lash on the canvas. That’s what we were doin’ when Jim showed up to swim in the pool.

Like I said before, it’s a hell of a big pool — real fancy and just beautiful to swim in, an’ the kid had it all to himself. He came over with his bathin’ suit under his jeans, so he just shucked out of his pants by the side of the pool an’ left his clothes in a pile there. His body looked great in that skimpy little tank suit — for one thing, it gave you a real good idea of what he was packin’ in his basket! Had a nice prick on him and good-sized nuts, too! Didn’t have a hard-on or anything like that — just showed his stuff with nothin’ left to the imagination! He got out after swimmin’ around a little and came over to where Billy and me was workin’. Stood there drippin’ water and watchin’ us. Shit, might as well have been bare-assed for all that the wet tank suit was hidin’!

“Why are you putting up that screen?” he asked. He looked like he had gotten a bit bored just swimmin’ by himself, an’ he really wanted to talk with us more than swim.

“Privacy,” I said.

“Privacy for what?” he asked. I looked at him real close to see if he was playin’ dumb or if he was really that innocent. He was either a hell of a good actor or innocent as hell.

“You won’t have any privacy from the other people who live here.”

Billy laughed to himself, and Jim looked over at him like he was wonderin’ what was so funny.

“We won’t need any privacy from each other,” sez I.

“Why not? All the guys will see the girls, and the girls will see the guys.”

“Won’t be any girls,” sez I.


“No. Kind of like a fraternity house, you might say. I’m just want guys as tenants.”

“That sounds neat!” he said.

“You like that idea, huh?”

“Yeah, like you were saying this morning Mr. Harrelson, I mean, Buddy, it’s nicer when there are just guys around. You don’t have to mind your manners so close. You can be more relaxed.”


God, what a sight! Lyin’ back on the float right under me, pantin’ with excitement and starin’ up at me! His skin was as smooth an’ clean as a baby’s, pale as milk with golden freckles all over him. His pecker was throbbin’ over his belly, long, slender like he was, an’ dark pink with the blood that was in it! Pretty pink nuts hangin’ loose in his hairless bag between his legs, water just lappin’ up onto the float an’ kissin’ at his balls!

“Cocks turn you on, huh?” I said.

He nodded his head, practically eatin’ up my hard joint with his eyes. Billy an’ Prang swam over an’ joined us now. I could see Billy’s big black dork stickin’ out from his belly even under the water. They got on each side of the float that Jim was on an’ held themselves up with it. The kid was ignorin’ ’em for now, though. Just had eyes for my ten inches like a magic wand over his head.

“Ever do anything with any of your buddies?” I said.

He licked his lips so he could talk. “No, nothin’,” he said.

“You feel like messin’ around with us?” I asked him.

“I’ll stick my tongue up your asshole and lick you out!” Prang said.

“You can fuck my butt if you want to, Jim,” Billy offered.

“Hush, guys, don’t get him too flustered. You can do whatever you want to with us, Jim. Whatever you want to do, an’ nothin’ that you don’t want to do, okay?”

“I want to suck your cock!” he gasped. “It’s so big! So big!”

“Anything you want, Jim! Come on out of the pool. It’s not so big that it’ll reach down there!”

“My cock’s as big as his,” Billy said. “And I’ve got a juicier ass! Want to fuck me, kid? You can squeeze on my balls while you fuck me! Twist ’em around? Hell, use ’em for a punchin’ bag? You like that?”

“I’ll drink your piss!” Prang was pantin’. “You can piss in my mouth, and I will drink it all for you! Yes, true!”

“Cool it, guys!” I said. “You comin’ on too strong. Jim here hasn’t done anything with studs, he says. Let’s take it nice and slow, easy an’ let him see what he likes first, okay?” Besides, he wanted to suck my prong first — showed he had good judgment!

They got out of the pool, an’ I walked back down the divin’ board an’ took a seat on one of the chaise lounges. Jim come over to where I was sittin’, his prong just a wagglin’ back and forth across his belly like a windshield wiper as he walked! He was hot as a fuckin’ firecracker an’ just bonkers over my big tool! “You want me to suck yours?” I offered.

He shook his head and sat down on the end of the chair. I spread my legs an’ let him feel up my prong and nuts. Billy an’ Prang started movin’ in on him, but I held up my hand an’ said, “One at a time, now, guys. Let Jim have his fun!” So they squatted on each side of the chair an’ watched the kid playin’ with his first big pecker!

He wasn’t even touchin’ himself — probably was too close to shootin’ his jism up his belly! He just messed with my dork, lookin’ it up and down and runnin’ his fingers over it in fascination. Then he leaned over, my belly tensed up as I felt his hot breath on my cock! His red hair was hangin’ over his forehead as he pulled my dick up to his mouth! He stuck his tongue out an’ just touched the tip of it to my fucker, testin’ to see what it was like! Licked around the tip of it, lappin’ up some of my pre-cum that I was pumpin’ out and lickin’ it back into his mouth! Then his lips were on it, just the head, suckin’ it gently into his mouth an’ runnin’ his tongue over my hot cock, head! I wanted to take his head in my hands so bad and drive my cock down his throat, but I knew I couldn’t scare him oft if I did. I laid back an’ panted, waitin’ for him to get bolder and suck me into his mouth all the way!

He had my cockhead against the roof of his mouth. I could feel every ripple up there on the sensitive knob of my dork! His lips were just around the neck of my dong, pressed firmly in a circle! His tongue was lickin’ into my pisshole, drinkin’ in the lubrication juices that was oozin’ out of it! Then he started to move his head, just a little at first, bobbin’ it up and down on my dork!

“That’s right,” I said, “just like you was jerkin’ me off, only you usin’ your mouth instead of your hand. Move it around inside and suck on it! Aaaabhbh! Use your tongue some more — right under the head! Yeah, that’s good, Jim! Move your head around on it! Get my balls, too! Hold em in your hand and play with ’em while you blow me!”

“He’s a natural born cock sucker, isn’t he?” Billy said, strokin’ on his long black cock an’ watchin’ the boy workin’ my joint.

“Yeah, he’s got to be good at it,” I sighed. “Learnin’ fast!”

Jim looked up at me with my pecker stickin’ out of his mouth! His eyes were shinin’ with the pleasure of the compliments I was payin’ him! He was gettin’ more eager now, eager to please! Movin’ his head faster an’ tryin’ to get more of my dick into his mouth! He coughed an’ gagged when he shoved it all the way against the back of his throat!

“Just take as much as you can bein’ comfortable,” sez I. “You can’t manage all ten inches your first time. Yeah, that’s real good, Jimbo! Real good! Keep that up, an’ I’ll shoot your mouth full of jism!”

He looked up at me again, pausin’. His eyes were even wider than before, an’ his hand on my shaft was tremblin’.

“That’s what you’re after, ain’t it?” I said. “You want my load, don’t you? I’m gettin’ kind of close now, so if you don’t want it, let Prang get on it and finish suckin’ me off! We don’t waste good fuck cream around this place!”

He shook all over for a second, but he didn’t take my cock out of his lovely young mouth, an’ he didn’t say nothin’ either. Just went back to work again on it, suckin’ it as deep into his mouth as he could and runnin’ his hand up and down the rest of the shaft that he couldn’t get into his mouth! I sighed and reached out and ruffled his hair while he licked and sucked me. “That’s good, Jimbo! Build up your speed a little faster now, cause I’m goin’ to shoot off in your mouth in a little while! Goin’ to fuck a big wad of cum into your mouth! You just suck as hard as you can while I’m shootin’ off an’ swallow it as fast as you can! If you can’t get it all, don’t worry. I’ll let you lick it up off my nuts afterwards! Get ready! Goin’ to shoot off now! Get it! Go for it, Jimmy!”

My legs was stickin’ straight out on each side of the chair, an’ I was tryin’ hard as I could not to fuck my prick up into his suckin’ mouth too hard! My belly was tremblin’ and my balls was churnin! He was twistin’ his head around and suckin’ like a Hoover! My joint jerked in his hands as my load started spurtin’ out! Christ! I was buckin’ around in the chair like it was electric! Jazzin’ my joint up to his suckin’ mouth and spoutin’ sperm into it like the fountain at the end of the pool! And was goin’ after every fuckin’ drop of my stuff! Snortin’ air in through his nose and swallowin’ and lappin’ and lickin’ my jism up as I splashed it into his mouth! Same of my load of cum was runnin’ out the corners of his mouth, but not much!

He sucked my fucker clean an’ then dropped dawn the shaft to lick up the spilled sperm that clung to it like pearly ropes. “That was good, Jimmy! You did a fine jab! How’d you like your first mouthful of jism?”

He sighed and licked one last stroke up my splitter! “That’s the best stuff I ever tasted in my life, Buddy! I’d like to drink your ball juice every chance I can get! Tastes really good! Like rich gravy! I’ve been wanting to do that for so long! Only I never thought that I would dare to! And I never dreamed that I would get to suck such a big cock my first time!”

“Want to try gettin’ your cock sucked now?” I asked him.

“Yeah! Jim almost creamed off when you did, Buddy! It was so exciting to feel your stuff shooting into my mouth! Such a lot of it, too! I want to get sucked now. You do me,” he said to Prang. “Let me sit in the chair.”

So I got up and gave him my place while Prang took his. Only he put Jim’s legs up over the arms of the chair so his ass was stickin’ up and spread wide.

“You really going to eat my asshole?” he asked Prang. He was shakin’ all over just at the idea! His dong was up tight on his belly, an’ his lubrication juices was smearin’ all over his belly button! Had a nice long root on him for such a young guy! Longer than Prang’s even, already!

“If you want me to,” Prang said, gettin’ down between the kid’s out-stretched legs.

“Oh, Christ, yeah! Stick your tongue up my asshole and eat my slit!” the kid panted. He was thrashin’ around on the chair ‘fore Prang even touched him, hot with the idea of the Oriental guy gettin’ his tongue up his shitter!

Prang snaked his tongue out and flicked it over the backs of Jim’s hairless nuts! Jim arched his butt right up off the chair, his fist around his cock, groanin’ and gaspin’! “Do it! Aw, God! Shove it up my butt!”

But Prang had his hands on the kid’s thighs, holding his legs apart. He was goin’ at it in his own teasin’ way, lickin’ at his nuts, an’ his cock root, and the insides of his thighs, too! Jim was about to flip out of his mind completely! He was squirmin’ his tail around on the chair like the licks of Prang’s tongue on his young flesh were like electric shocks! He was jackin’ on his pecker like mad to get that tongue up his tail!

Prang moved in then an’ got his tongue right on the kid’s bung! I was leanin’ over the chair watchin’, an’ I could see the hot pink tip meeting the hot pink asshole! The boy’s butt hole was moist and jerkin’ under the washin’ that Prang was givin’ it! Fucker-licker, lap-lap-lap! An’ Jim’s face was turnin’ into a mask of pure boy-lust! His lips were pulled back from his teeth in a grimace of passion! He was snortin’ his breath in through his nose, his nostrils flared wide! His eyes were rollin’ in his head, an’ his head was rollin’ around on the back of the chair as he went mad with delight!

Prang moved in still closer, an’ I saw the asshole spread open as he shot his tongue into it! God, what a long limber licker he had on him! Wormed it right up the boy’s asshole and blew his mind completely for him! No kiddin’! The kid was snarlin’ like an animal and kickin’ his legs out over the arm of the chair!

“Oh, you fucker!” he growled, “Eat my buff I Eat out my shit! Aw, fuckin’ Christ! Get it in there, Goddamn you!” His right hand was on his pecker, beatin’ the cream out of it! His left hand shot out an’ grabbed Prang’s long black hair! He twisted his fingers into it and yanked Prang’s head further into his crotch! Really pulled like hell on him, but Prang didn’t mind! Shit, no! His eyes were flashin’ with delight as the kid handled him rough like that! He shoved that long, long tongue of his as far up the kid’s asshole as it would go and really gave him a reamin’!

That was all Jimbo needed! He let out a screech and shot his fuck up his belly! Long, pissin’ spurts of cream jettin’ up over his pale skin and freckles in stream after stream of hot cum! Landed over his fair skin in lacey strings, clingin’ to his pink nipples and over his heavin’ gaspin’ chest! Really shot a hell ofa big load forakid his age an’ size!

“Aw God! He’s eatin’ my asshole!” Jim moaned. “Got his tongue up my shitter eating me out!”

True enough! Prang hadn’t quit yet! Jimmy had let go of his hair, but he still had that marvelous tongue of his up the kid’s bung, reamin’ out his quiverin’ hole! Billy had moved in as soon as the stud shot his jism out over his belly! His corn rows were soon between me and that cum as he lapped up the kid’s sperm off his throbbin’ body! Took long licks all the way up from the head of the kid’s peter up over his belly, up to his tiny pink tits, lickin’ up the scum and kissin’ his creamy flesh!

“Aw, shit! Aw, shit!” Jim was babblin’. “Aw, fuck, that tongue feels so good in my asshoie! Wiggle it around! Aw, crap! Yeah! Lick me out! Fuck my asshole with it! Prig me deep! Aw, you cocksucker! Eat my prick!” he snarled an’ grabbed Billy’s head. He shoved it down on his dong! Usin’ both hands and rammin’ his squirmin’ hips up and he jammed Billy’s head down! Billy’s sucked his pink dick in to the fuckin’ roots and really started cleanin’ it off for the kid! He had. One mouth on his asshole an’ the other on his prong! An’ he was usin’ both of ’em right rough! Rough stud little fucker, he was!

He was still groanin’ for more an’ more tongue up his butt, an’ I figured what he really needed was a cock up his crapper! “Hey, kid!” I said, grabbin’ his head an’ holdin’ it still in my hand. “Time for you to get your asshole fucked! You man enough to take it?”

The pupils of his hazel eyes went wide, then squeezed back down again as I stared into ’em. “Yeah! Fuck yeah!” he said, “I can take anything! Go ahead! Fuck my asshole! Shove that cock up my tail and fuck my teeth out!”

“Go to him, Billy,” I said. “You heard what the stud wants!”

Billy switched from Jim’s pecker to his butt, shovin’ Prang out of the way. His black beauty was up so hard that the pre-cum runnin’ down the ebony shaft was more than most guys shoot off when they cum! Glistenin’ with it an’ shinin’! Prang switched over to Jim’s pecker, suckin’ it deep into his mouth while Billy got ready to fuck him! Billy was squattin’ over the chair, bendin’ his dork down to the kid’s asshole! I thought he probably ought to have some gease on it, but there wasn’t any way of stoppin’ him now short of bashin’ him on the back of his head with a iron pipe! His eyes was mad with lust for the pink, hairless asshole, an’ Jim was strugglin’ to shove his tail up on it even before Billy got it down to his level! They wanted to fuck — so it was goin’ to be pretty nearly a dry one! Just spit and pre-cum! Well, if that’s what they wanted, it was okay with me! Kid was just goin’ to have one hell of a sore tail!

If I thought that the kid was goin’ to have that much trouble with that black dork, I was wrong!

Musta been that he was so all-fired nuts to have it in! Or maybe Prang’s tongue in there had loosened him up so much that he couldn’t even squeeze it back down if he wanted to. Or maybe he was just born to get his asshole fucked! I don’t know! Just saw Billy shove his hips forward, belly thrust out, long joint like a black wooden spear sinkin’ into the kid’s thrashin’ belly! Course, he moaned an’ groaned and gasped as the thing filled his guts and spread him open, but the moans was all of pleasure close as I could hear! Bucked his little butt up off the chair hard as he could shove it an’ never once pulled back! Mad to get that huge black fucker into him! Screwed his hips around, arms locked onto the arms of the chair to give him leverage, to impale his asshole on the cock!

Wasn’t good enough for either one of them, though! Billy was havin’ to squat down too far, an’ Jim couldn’t get his legs around his ass to get a grip on him! So, Billy reached down an’ got his hands under the kid’s chest and picked him right up! Prang moved out of the way, an’ I stepped back, too! Jim grabbed for his shoulders, feeling the thick chunks of muscle pickin’ him up! Hooked his legs around Billy’s butt and gasped in shock as Billy jammeed him down on his dork like he was a blow-up doll! Those strong arms an’ heavy shoulder muscles of Billy’s were comin’ in mighty useful then! Heaved him up an’ slammed him down over an’ over again, movin’ faster an’ faster as he fucked the kid’s butt!

Finally just shoved him down an’ hugged him hard an’ rocked his hips as he blasted his load up the kid’s shitter! An’ Jimmy was humpin’ his dick on Billy’s belly an’ groanin’ an’ twistin’ his tail around on the spurtin’ sperms!

Billy finally set him back down on the chair. “Good fuck, Jim,” he grunted, lettin’ Prang suck on his cummy tool. “Now you want to lose your cock cherry up my black asshole? Turnabout’s fair play!”

“Aw, God! Yeah, just lemme catch my breath a fuckin’ minute! God, goin’ to fuck me some asshole!” the kid said and stroked his pink prick!


‘Course Jimmy couldn’t come move in with us, but he might as well have! He was over every afternoon after he delivered his papers to cool off in the pool an’ get hot with us studs! He got regular attached to three things — my cock, Prang’s tongue, an’ Billy’s balls! Loved to suck my dork, get Prang’s tongue up his asshole, an’ really give Billy’s nuts a hell of a work-out while he fucked his butt! Kid was rough, I tell you! Regular little sadist when he got around guys that liked to take it! Not that he couldn’t take it himself as well as dish it out! He really got to be an expert at just how far he could go on Billy’s balls without ruinin’ him for life!

We continued to work on fixin’ the place up, too. Aunt Hazel was always such a cheap skate that she never put anything special into The Fountains. Kept it in good shape, but no fancy touches since she bought the place. We added a few — like an outdoor sauna bath next to the pool! So you could sit in there until you were cooked well done, then jump out right into the pool! An’ since we had the fence up in the front, you could do it buck-assed naked, too! ‘Long about the end of June, though, I got my half-year property tax bill, an’ I understood real quick why all those folks out in California voted for that Proposition Thirteen! Damn near knocked my teeth out when I got it! We were goin’ to have to find some more tenants to help pay that mother! ‘Course we were hot to find some more studs to play with anyways, but you might say that the bill from the government spurred us on a touch! They had to fit our list, still, but we had to get lookin’!

We found the basketball player at the Omni. That’s a disco that caters to gays here in town over on the west side off of the square. Really nice place. Good dancin’ an’ a good crowd — not so flashy an’ phony as most places like that. More relaxed an’ fun! Billy found him. I guess it was opposites attractin’ each other. This stud was about as opposite from Billy as you could get! Billy was short, chunky, black as coal, had a cock shaped like a ten-inch brick, an’ liked to get his nuts knocked around. Steve wasn’t like that at all!

He sure as shit was easy enough to spot! Spot that bastard anywhere! The Omni was so packed the Friday night we met him that half the room had to be exhalin’ while the other half got a chance to inhale! But Steve wasn’t havin’ any trouble breathin’! Wasn’t much of a crowd up where he was — six foot ten inches of him! Hell, his shoulders was up over the tops of most of the heads in the place! He was easy enough to see, but we nearly missed out on the chance of pickin’ him up. Near fooled us because he was there with a chick. They were dancin’ an’ drinkin’ an’ havin’ a, good ol’ time of it.

“Ah.” Prang sighed, “See the very tall one there, Buddy? He is so nice to look at! In my country there is not one man so tall as he is! Not one! And he is so very fair! His skin is the color of fine milk, fairer even than Jimmy’s! I love skin like that, don’t you? I find it so sexy!”

I shrugged my shoulders. Skin isn’t one of the top items on my list of sexy characteristics. Didn’t make that much difference to me, ‘long as it was clean.

“I dig his eyes,” Billy said. “Look at ’em! You ever see eyes that blue in your whole life! Look like sapphires!”

I had to admit that his eyes were incredibly blue. You could see the deep shade all the way across the room.

“I wish his hair was long,” Prang said. It wasn’t. He was wearin’ a crew cut as a matter of fact. “He would fit my ideal exactly then,” he sighed.

“One other little thing missin’, isn’t there?” sez I. “Didn’t you include on your list that the guy’s supposed to be gay?”

“I wouldn’t care,” Prang said. “As long as he would let me do the things to his body that I wanted to do!”

“You’d have a lot better chance of getting him to agree to that if he were gay!” Billy laughed. “Not many straight dudes are in the market for blow jobs from other dudes!”

“Perhaps if I shaved off my mustache and dressed appropriately, I could fool him into thinking that I was female,” Prang speculated. “I am small and slender enough to do that. I could tell him that I was having my period and could only pleasure him with my mouth!”

“An’ what if he sticks his hand between your legs?” I snorted. “Come off that crap, Prang, too much trouble. You might get your head busted anyways if you tried. I don’t go for guys who don’t go for me!”

“Yeah, me too!” Billy agreed. “But just because he’s dancing with a dame doesn’t mean he doesn’t like going to bed with a stud!”

“What? You mean he might be bi?” sez I.

“No, it doesn’t even have to be that. Shit, dancing isn’t the same thing as fucking, for chrissakes! Hell, I wouldn’t mind dancing with a chick if she could dance good and I couldn’t find a stud who could!”

“That’s sure not the reason he’s dancin’ with her!” I pointed out. “She can’t dance for a crock of crap!”

“She’s drunk, that’s what she is,” Billy observed.

“I believe that you are correct,” Prang said. “I also observe that she is very tall for a woman and has very blond hair!” He stroked his lips with the tips of his fingers and raised his eyebrows.

“Say! You might be right there, Prang, ol’ friend!” sez I. “Her skin is more tan than his, though. I wonder if her eyes are the same color.”

“Can’t tell because she’s wearin’ long false eyelashes!” Billy said. He was gettin’ real interested in just how much the girl looked like the tall guy. We were thinkin’ the same thing — if she was his sister, that would leave the chances of him bein’ gay a hell of a lot better! Whatever she was, she sure as shit had been tossin’ down the drinks faster’n she could handle the stuff. Her face was flushed, an’ she was weavin even when she was supposed to be standin’ still. When she was tryin’ to dance, she was damn near fallin’ all over the place. They quit after that dance, an’ they picked up her purse an’ stuff an’ headed for the door. She wasn’t goin’ to make it! Sure, enough, she took a tumble an’ would’ve fell flat on her face if there wasn’t so Goddamn many people around!

Billy hopped up from our table. “I’ll be back,” he said. “See if I can’t give him a hand with her.” He slipped though the crowd an’ helped the tall guy get the dame back on her feet. He was talkin’ to them, then turned an’ give Prang an’ me a hell of a big, flashin grin! Waved good-bye an’ left with ’em!

“That certainly was a happy smile!” Prang said after they were gone.

“Don’t get your hopes up too high,” sez I. “Proof of the puddin’ is in the eatin’! Same goes for cocks!”

Billy showed up again ’bout a half hour later, an’ he had the tall blond guy in tow with him! They came over to our table. As they threaded their way through the crowd of people in the disco, I could see two things — smiles — one on Billy’s face, broad, devilish happy with himself, an’ flashin’ against his black skin; the other one was on Steve’s face, kind of shy, but eager an’ just as hopeful as Billy’s was! Looked like our friend had lucked out after all!

Billy introduced Steve to us and vice versa, and they sat down at the table an’ ordered a couple of fresh drinks from Ron, the bartender. “We just took Steve’s sister home,” Billy said with a wink. “She had a little bit too much to drink. I convinced Steve that the night was too young to give up on dancing, though!”

“Sally’s a nice girl,” Steve said shyly. “She just had a couple too many on an empty stomach. Boy, I’d sure like to dance some more. I’ve got that music under my skin tonight!”

“Ever dance with a guy?” Billy asked.

Steve’s pale face colored up a little, an’ he blinked those dazzlin’ blue eyes. “Uh, no, never in a place like this,” he said slowly.

“Dare you!” Billy smiled.

He looked over at the dance floor. “There are a lot of guys dancing together here, aren’t there?” he remarked.

“Most of ’em are gay,” sez I. I got a little itchy at him pussy-footin’ around.

“Like us,” Billy said, nice and easy and matter-of-fact.

“Yeah?” Steve said. His eyes were still wide, an’ he was breathin’ a little faster than he needed to. “I mean, I wouldna guessed.”

“I don’t like guessin’,” I cracked. Billy shot a hot look across the table at me, so I shut up. “You wanna dance?” he asked Steve.

“Yeah, okay,” Steve said, stickin’ his chin out an’ flarin’ his nose at me. “I’d love to!” So they got up an’ wormed their ways through the crowd to the dance floor an’ danced.

“I think he is gay!” Prang said to me.

“I know he’s gay,” sez I. “The question is, does HE know he’s gay!”

Prang reached over an’ stroked the back of my hand. “Why were you so angry with him, Buddy? What has he done to offend you?”

I shrugged my shoulder, irritated. “I just don’t like fence-straddlers,” sez I. “Guys that can’t make up their minds or try to bide it.”

Prang nodded his head over to the dance floor. “That is not hiding very much of anything, is it?”

I turned to look. Shit! He was right enough as usual! The two of ’em was goin’ at it hot an’ heavy in the middle of the floor! They had started out with the hustle, but by then they was practically fuckin’ each other in the middle of the crowd! Steve’s long, tall body had turned into a liquid rope, swingin’ an’ swayin’ like one huge strand of white ball cream, an’ Billy was humpin’ his chunky Black body all over it! Hot stuff! Man, oh, man! They made a hell of a pair! Mutt an’ Jeff! Salt an’ pepper! Humpy an’ horny!

They only danced the one dance before they came back to our table. Billy picked up the rest of his drink an’ drained it down. “Let’s go!” he said.

“What’s the rush?” sez I.

“He’s got a jock strap on,” Billy said. Man, his eyes was hot as coals, an’ he was pantin’!

“YOU ought to know,” Steve laughed. “You sure checked it out enough!”

“He’s, uh, he’s getting really cramped!” Billy said. “Cramped and uncomfortable, and… hot! I told him about our place. Told him we could cool off and get a lot more comfortable there.”

“Or much hotter!” Prang giggled.

“We can dance by the pool,” Billy urged. “Turn on the record player and set the speakers out the door of my apartment!”

“It’s okay with me,” sez I.

“You guys smoke?” Steve asked. “We can roll a few Vs if you want. I got a bag.”

“Sure, let’s go,” sez I. I stuck out my hand to him. “Sorry if I was snappy to you, Steve,” sez I. “I was wrong. You’re okay.”

“It’s okay,” Steve smiled. “I just wasn’t too sure about the scene, you know.”

“No hard feelin’s?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that — I’m feeling mighty hard right now!”

We laughed. “We can sure take the starch outta that thing for you!” sez I. “But you ain’t showin’ much of a lump of love!”

“That’s just it!” Billy said. “He’s got this jock on! A real heavy-duty strap! Mashin’ his prong up his asshole!” He seemed super excited by it!

“You really have been checkin’ him out!” sez I.

“Oh, man! You just don’t know how much I get off on hot jocks!” Billy sighed. “Let’s get on over to The Fountains, so I can loosen up this dude!”

“You guys live at The Fountains?” Steve said as we left the Omni. He looked mighty impressed.

“Hell, yes,” Billy said. “Buddy, here, owns the fuckin’ joint!”

“It is now one fucking joint, too!” Prang laughed. “Where do you live, Steve?”

Steve named another apartment building in town. Nice place, you know, but not ours.

“How’d you like to move?” sez I. “Move in with us. Pay whatever you can afford. We’re a close bunch of guys at our place. Wander in an’ out of the apartments. Get it on with any of us any time you feel like it?”

“Oh, Christ!” Steve exclaimed. “Sounds like a fuckin’ heaven!”

“Emphasis on the fuckin’ part!” Billy said.

“But you guys hardly even know me! How do you know you’d like me to live with you?”

“You’ll do,” sez I. “You see, we’ve got this little list. An’ you fit right in on it — long as you like cock-suckin’, butt-fuckin’, rimmin’, water sports.”

“And dancing!” Billy said.

“And kissing!” Prang added.

“And jocks! Christ! And messin’ with my nuts!” Billy panted.

“Oh, an’ there’s Jim, too,” I said. “Little rough dude only fourteen years old, but wild an’ humpy as hell. He doesn’t live with us, just comes over an’ fucks us blind everyday! Sound interestin’ to you?”

“Please! Please, don’t say anymore!” Steve groaned. “This fuckin’ jock’s too damn tight to listen to stuff like that! I can pay two-hundred fifty a month plus utilities! That enough?”

“You’ll get your key tonight. Move you in tomorrow!” I laughed.

We drove up an’ went in. I doused the outside lights ‘cept for the ones in the pool, an’ fastened up the door. Prang got some beer. Billy set up his stereo. An’ Steve rolled us some joints from his stash. We was goin’ to have a hell of a party! Too bad it was too late to invite Jim over to join us!

Soon as we had everything set up, Billy an’ Prang an’ me stripped out of our clothes fast as a wink. Soon had our hard prongs out in the moonlight, tokin’ the weed an’ waitin’ to see what Steve had to offer. Kinda threw him for a loop at first! He was droolin’ over the sight of us hot studs ready for some action! He was standin’ there gapin’ at us, then he started peelin’ off too! The moonlight was turnin’ his pale body to silver! Hair shinin’ like snow, long arms takin’ his shirt off, showin’ his pale chest an’ belly! Had a nice build on lriini for all that he was so tall an’ lean! Unbuckled his belt an’ kicked his shoes off, an’ pulled his zipper down! His jock came bulgin’ out of his fly soon as his pants was opened! Even a heavy-duty belt like he was wearin’ couldn’t hold all that hot meat in without a little help from his tight pants!

Billy jumped up to help him, kneelin’ in front of him to take his pants down. The moonlight on Billy’s back was shin’ blue on his black skin — pure polished black next to pure snow white! Steve dropped his trousers, an’ they slid right down his skinny, long legs. He started to take the jock oft too, to give his prong and nuts some relief, but Billy stopped him.

“Leave it on awhile!” he panted. “You can take it a little bit longer, can’t you? I just want to see you in your jock like that!”

So Steve modeled his strap for us! The more he moved around, the more the elastic on the pouch couldn’t hold him in! He had a healthy sized dong on him all right! Not as big as Billy an’ me, but big! Hard as a hammer, too! Pokin’ out the front of his jock so hard that the straps in the back were diggin’ into his buns somethin’ cruel to see!

Billy was still kneelin’ by the side of the pool, strokin’ his long black cock in his hand as he watched Steve walk around. “Oh, God! Stud! Big, tall, white stud in his jock strap! Horny cock sticking out!” he was panting! “Sweaty jock! And he’s leaking pre-cum into it, stinkin’ it up, isn’t he! Smelly jock strap! And a hard cock! Big, mean stud! Bet he’s goin’ to make me take his strap off for him! Bet he’s going to make me pull it off with my teeth!”

Steve was listenin’ to him an’ trippin’ out right along with Billy an’ his special scene! He dropped right into the fantasy like it was part of his own trip, too! He was struttin’ his stuff, humpin’ his hard dong an’ jock into Billy’s face to let him smell the hot, male stink of it!

“I’m going to fuck you!” he said to Billy. “Fuck your Black ass with my white prick! How do you like that, jock-sniffer!”

Billy was beatin’ on his tool faster an’ faster! Prang moved over to where I was sittin’ and dropped his head into my lap, lickin’ my nuts and up my fucker while I watched Billy an’ Steve. They were both hot for each other, an’ me an’ Prang was goin’ to have to waft for ’em to play out their scene before we could get in on it! That was okay by me — one hell of a hot scene to watch!

“Lick it!” Steve ordered. “Lick my cock!”

Billy thrust his face up into Steve’s crotch an’ lapped his tongue out over the swollen pouch, tonguin’ the sweaty elastic and the hot prod an’ balls that was squeezed into it.

“Get it down! Pull it off with your fuckin’ teeth so I can get my cock out to fuck you with, man! Do it, or I’ll kick your balls to jelly!”

Billy was gaspin’ and starin’ up at the tall guy. “You got to make me!” he grunted.

Steve’s foot shot out an’ connected solid right between Billy’s legs!

“Asrgh!” Billy gurgled in painful ecstasy! His white teeth gleamed in the moonlight as he reached up with his mouth and started puffin’ the jock down Steve’s long legs!


What a scene! I was sprawled back in my chair with hang down between my legs, his head bobbin’ as he licked all over my nuts an’ jumpin’ joint while I watched Billy servicin’ Steve! That jock pulled down his legs, slowly, slowly, the elastic straps clingin’ around his waist an’ his firm white buns! Billy had the bottom of the pouch between his teeth, strainin’ his neck muscles to pull on it, an’ pullin’ his long black prong at the same time — really whippin’ the shit out of his cock an’ cuppin’ his sore nuts while he worked!

Down an’ down it came, first showin’ the bush of Steve’s blond cock hair! He was a real blond all right, cock hair pale as the moonlight! The light from the pool was shinin’ up his legs, an’ belly, showin’ the blue veins that run up his belly from out of his crotch! Then there was the base of his cock showin’ over the white jock strap! Pretty damn thick, thicker’n I thought he would have! Billy yanked the strap down harder, tuggin’ on it like a dog, you know! Finally, the waist band come down over Steve’s round ass, an’ it snapped all the way to his knees, scrapin’ over his joint an’ lettin’ it spring out of the tight jock! Sproing! Snapped out an’ smacked up against his flat belly! ‘Bout a eight-incher! Couple of inches wide at the base, but then taperin’ out thinner an’ thinner all the way up to the cock head which mushroomed out nice an fat an’ big as a plum! The damn cum-tube was so fat an’ swollen on it that it looked nearly half the size of the rest of the shaft! Real cum-spouter!

Billy dropped the strap out of his teeth an’ lunged for Steve’s prick, but Steve held him off with his hand! Pushed his hand on Billy’s corn-rows an’ forced his face back up an’ away from the long springy tool over it! “Eat my nuts first!” he commanded. “Lick the sweat off ’em! Lick ’em clean, man!”

He spread his long legs out further an’ held his prick flat up against his belly an’ dangled his jewels over Billy’s face! Nice fat little balls ’bout the size of eggs, covered thick with his blond hair! Really fuzzy pair of balls! Billy went for ’em in a hurry, but Steve held him back with that big hand, makin’ him strain to get ’em, teasin’ him with just lettin’ him lick at the sweaty globes with the tip of his tongue!

He swiveled his hips around, wipin’ his nuts across Billy’s nose and mouth, groanin’ with the feelin’ of the Black dude’s tongue lashin’ out to lick at ’em! Then he let him get in close enough to suck ’em into his mouth! Christ, he had knocked Billy’s balls like hell, an’ now he was gettin’ a little of that rough treatment back! Billy sucked his nuts into his hungry mouth an’ was really eatin’ on em! Not just a little lick, lick, suck, suck! Shit, no! That wasn’t the way our Billy liked to play! He had both of ’em in his mouth at the same time, his lips locked around’em, his tongue washin’ over ’em, an his whole head an’ neck pullin’ on ’em, tuggin’ ’em down hard and suckin’ like crazy!

Steve arched his belly out, holdin’ his dong up with the flat of his hand an’ rubbin’ his other hand over his tits! He was moanin’ softly now himself, hurtin’ a little, but lovin’ it even more! He had taken his hand off Billy’s head an’ was lettin’ him go at his balls hard, as he wanted to!

Speakin’ of which, Prang was doin a number on my jewels too! They was so up tight against the base of my prong that even he couldn’t suck ’em down into his mouth! Tighter ‘n a tick! So he was lickin’ over ’em and nippin’ at ’em with his teeth! Just sharp enough to make my cock jump on my belly! An’ he was lappin’ up an’ down on the root of my fucker down between my balls an’ my asshole! Lickin’ up an’ down that hot spot until my fucker ached with the pleasure of it! He went for my asshole next, but I slowed him down. “You can rim me,” I said, “but don’t make me cum! I want to watch it all before I get off, okay!”

“Right, Buddy!” he said grinnin’ up at me from between my legs. He tossed a look over his shoulder at Billy an’ Steve, then got me to put my legs up over the arms of the chair so he could get his long, limber licker up my shit-chute!

“Easy! Easy! Remember what I said,” I groaned as he plunged his tongue up my bung an’ turned my whole belly into a churnin’ volcano! “Don’t make me shoot until I tell you you can!”

Steve was gettin’ the same treatment from Billy! He had turned around an’ sat down on Billy’s tongue! He let go of his fucker now, an’ I could see that springy prong waggin’ straight out from his belly as he squirmed his butt around on Billy’s face an’ jerked with pleasure at the tongue up his shitter! Man, if he thought Billy was doin’ a good rimmin’ on his bung, just wait ’til he got Prang’s monster up his tail like I had! That would make his belly button turn cherry red! Billy had let go of his own prong, too! Had both of his hands on Steve’s thighs to hold him steady against his mouth as he sent his tongue lickin’ up his crapper, cleanin’ out his asshole an’ firin’ it up like a flame-thrower! His big, black fucker looked a bit lonely to me, an’ I thought about crawlin’ over to suck on it for him while he rimmed Steve, but I figured I’d let them have their fun first. My mouth sure was hungry for some cock, though! An’ a thick, tangy load of cream!

“Eat my ass!” Steve was gruntin’ an’ jammin’ his shitter back on Billy’s tongue! I knew that Billy would have his fat tongue up that asshole as far as he could shove it, eatin’ him out an’ tongue fuckin’ him! Musta been doin’ a good job, ’cause Steve couldn’t take no more of it! He pulled off Billy’s face an’ turned around, his long, pale prick in his fist!

“I’m gonna fuck you now, stud! You can wet it down! Don’t suck me off! You can’t have my cum in your mouth this time! Just gimme enough of your spit on my cock so I can fuck you up the ass with it!” He held it tight in his fist an’ let Billy lick on it, droolin’ as much spit over it as he had left in his mouth!

“Get on your back and grab your toes, man!” he said, shakin’ with lust as Billy mouthed the head of his tool for him! “Get your black ass up in the air! I’m goin’ to fuck the shit out of you!”

Billy flopped back on the concrete by the pool so hard that he knocked his head on it! Whipped those muscular legs of his right up over his head an’ spread his asshole wide open for Steve! Steve got over him, his long, long legs spread out wide on the deck, his toes lookin’ like he was tryin’ to dig em’ into the concrete! He had his dork in his fist, an’ he pointed the fat head up to Billy’s asshole! He only had spit on it for grease, but when he shoved his hips down, he popped that fat fucker right in!

Billy gave a little grunt of pleasure as the big cock head slipped through his ass ring an’ shoved his tail up for more! Steve’s breath was comin’ in whistlin’ gasps as he felt the black stud clampin’ his shitter around the neck of his hard dong! He shoved down real hard, an’ sank the taperin’ staff all the way in to his nuts at one thrust! Sent that slender tool with the big knob right up Billy’s guts like a spear into soft mud! Maybe he thought he would have to push harder’n that, but Billy took him all in, then took over!

He locked his asshole around Steve’s spoke and started whippin’ his ass around in circles, not puffin’ the cock in an’ out of him — just screwin’ it around in circles! Had Steve gaspin’ an groanin’ on the edge of cummin’ before he could even start fuckin’! Steve braced himself up on his knees with one hand on the back of Billy’s leg, starin’ down at what the black butt was doin’ to his tool!

“Faster!” he grunted. “Fuck yourself on my dick! Aw, screw it, man!” He smacked his big hand hard on Billy’s black ass, givin’ him a stingin’ flat slap, an’ spurrin’ him on to hump his butt faster and faster! Steve was takin’ long slow strokes of his fucker, but most of the action was comin’ from Billy’s talented tail! Steve whipped him on harder an’ harder, stingin’ his asscheeks with smacks from his hands. Whap! Pow! Faster an’ faster!

“I’m gonna shoot!” he gasped! He let go of Billy’s leg and braced up on the palms of his hands an’ his toes over the black stud! “Do it! Fuck the cum out of me! Get my jism, man! Do it!”

God, Billy just went mad under him, whippin’ his butt around an’ humpin’ his hips up an’ down on the long, slender fucker! Steve just held still an’ let him do all the work then, only gruntin’ at him to go faster an’ faster, harder an’ harder, ’til his voice squeezed off into a long groan as he started squirtin’ his load up Billy’s shitter!

“Oh, cumming, he’s cumming, feel him fuck it to me! Christ what a load! What a fuckin’ stud! Shootin’ his hot jism up my asshole! Still doin’ it! God, God, feel that hot fuck pumpin’ into me! Shootin’ his shit! Christ!”

Steve was shudderin’ an’ buckin’ as his hot load left his nuts an’ spouted up Billy’s bung! I had to push Prang’s head off my asshole real fast then to keep from fuckin’ my own wad up my belly at the sight of it! God, what hot fuckers!

Steve pulled his prick out of Billy’s butt, lettin’ out an oooohh! an’ aaahhh! as his dick popped free an’ this huge wave of jism rolled out with it! Shit, what an enormous load of cream! White pearls against Billy’s ass cheeks, Steve lickin’ up the split of his buns, lappin’ up his own thick load! Right to his asshole! Billy had his butt thrust up into the air same as when Steve was fuckin’ him, only now the tall dude was eatin’ his cream out of the black hole! Yeah, thrustin’ his tongue into the cummy shit hole an’ lickin’ it out!

This time it was Billy that grabbed at Steve’s head! His hair was too short for him to get a grip on, so he took the tall guy’s whole head in his hands and slammed his face down into his, horny butt! Steve was goin’ wild eatin’ his load of cum out of Billy’s butt, stickin’ his tongue deep into the wide-open hole and suckin’ his jism out to eat it all up! They just switched roles completely without a word as if they had both done it a million times before. Now Steve was the slave an’ Billy was his Black master!

“Eat your cum outta my asshole, white boy!” Billy grunted. “Get your tongue up in there and gobble up all that good stuff! Yeah, suck your cream outta me!” He moved his butt up hard into Steve’s face and shoved Steve down to it! It was all a show — he didn’t need any encouragement at all! Really went to town on that black butt hole! Would have spent the night with his tongue up Billy’s shitter, but Billy was too hot to take much of it! He wanted his turn playin’ fountain, gushin’ cum up Steve’s asshole!

He flipped the tall dude over onto his back, then made him get on his hands an’ knees! Got behind him doggy style an’ started workin’ that thick, black ten inches of hot cock up his butt! Billy had taken Steve’s joint without any trouble but Steve was havin’ a hell of a hard time doin’ the same! It was just too thick, an’ he wasn’t used to it! So I sent Prang into the house to get some grease! Prang an’ me joined them on the concrete deck, one lyin’ on each side of Steve. Prang unscrewed the top to the grease and got a gob of it on his fingers. He smeared it lovingly over Billy’s club of a cock, from the piss hole back to the balls, makin’ sure that he was thickly covered with the slippery stuff! Then he took another glob and worked his greasy fingers up Steve’s shitter!

I was lyin’ on my back under Steve, watchin’ Prang work his fingers up the tight asshole. Steve was moanin’ a little from pain an’ a little from the sexy feelin’ of havin’ hang fig his butt! Billy was still on top of him doggy fashion, his arms locked around Steve’s chest an’ his dork pokin’ at the backs of the basketball player’s nuts, awaitin’ for Prang to finish greasin’ his hole so he could stuff it in! The feelin’ of Prang’s fingers up his tail had soon given Steve a nice throbbin’ hard-on again, so I scooted a little further in an’ popped his fat cock head into my mouth!

He let out a roar of rut as I sucked his tool, an’ I watched as Prang pulled his fingers out of his tail. He took Billy’s throbbin’ cock knob in his slippery fingers an’ tried to stuff the head of his dork up the horny asshole! They were so greasy now that Billy had trouble gettin’ his prong knob to stay in place against the tight asshole as he shoved his hips forward. It kept slidin’ down across his nuts or up between the buns of his ass! I reached up an’ gave ’em a little help myself an’ felt Steve’s joint jump in my mouth as Billy’s banger slid finally up his shit-chute!

Billy had his hands clamped tight around Steve’s hips, an’ he really rooted that fucker up his butt! Slammed an’ shoved, an’ fucked it on home! Steve was gaspin’ an’ groanin’ an’ moanin’ as he got his bung hole stretched out to elephant size! I got to feel his prong jumpin’ in my mouth just with the force of the thrusts that Billy was puttin’ up his asshole with that huge Black dong of his liteally shook his whole skinny body with the plunges of his smokin’ tool in an’ out of that tight, white crapper!

Steve was makin’ so much noise in the passion of gettin’ his butt fucked by such a big banger, that I figured I’d better give him somethin’ to shut him up! Reached down an’ stood my stiff spermer up from my belly an’ waved that hot, ten-inch wand around in front of his face. Didn’t have to take his cock outta my mouth to tell him what I wanted him to do! The guy wasn’t dumb! He gasped one more time as Billy screwed his log up his tail, an’ then stuffed my fucker into his mouth! Had to stretch a bit to get even the head of it in, ’cause I was hot an’ horny that I was already ’bout to pop off my cherries! Raked his teeth down the shaft as he speared it into his mouth an’ made me jump right up off the fuckin’ concrete!

That was more like it! I could just see the huge dark shape of Billy’s prong bangin’ in an’ out of Steve’s asshole, damn near pullin’ the inside out when he hauled it back for another shove up his shitter! I had Steve’s eight inches right down my throat, gettin’ fucked in the head with the force of the thrusts Billy was givin’ to his asshole! I had my achin’ dork in Steve’s mouth, feelin’ him suckin’ my cream higher an’ higher up to the point of jazzin’ my jism down his throat! An’ Prang joined us by stickin’ his tongue up Billy’s asshole as best he could as the big Black dude drilled Steve’s bung! Mostly just gettin’ the black butt shoved back into his face everytime Billy pulled out, but at least he could lick at his ass! Didn’t forget how Billy liked to have his black balls worked, neither!

Prang grabbed them big berries an give a yank as he felt Billy’s butt hole clampin’ an’ twitchin’ on the tip of his tongue! Billy give a roar an’ creamed a gallon or two of hot, sticky ball cream up Steve’s hurtin’ asshole, fillin’ him with the good stuff so full that I could see thick strands of his cum squeezin’ back out along the root of his fucker as he pumped it into Steve’s butt! Steve felt the spurts of that heavy load shootin’ up his shitter, an’ dumped his rocks into my mouth, gush after gush!

I guzzled his hot jism an’ gave him my own load, shot for shot! Spoutin’ my sperm into his throat an’ feelin’ him suck it down! An’ Prang stuck his prick up behind Billy’s nuts an’ jerked off his squirtin’ load of cum all over my face! What a four way!


Jimmy brought us Jeffy. Found him hangin’ around the parkin’ lot of the Library, sittin’ on his big Harley an’ nosin’ around for some action! ‘Course Jim was far too young to get inside the dirty book store, but he knew that lots of gay guys hung around there, gettin’ quick blow jobs in the movie booths or makin’ arrangements for more leisurely rolls in the hay. Once we had loosened him up enough to know what he liked, he was lookin’ for it all the time, everywhere. Even Prang, Billy, Steve, an’ me couldn’t keep that horny little kid satisfied.

So he was loungin’ around the back of the Laundromat in the parking lot of the Library, watchin’ the guys come an’ go in their cars, an’ on foot. Then Jeffy wheeled up on his hog an’ started casin’ the joint, too! He didn’t even notice Jimbo — figured he was just some snotty-nosed little boy waitin’ for his momma to finish washin’ the clothes next door! He was wrong, but he didn’t know any better!

Made a fair impressive sight himself though. We don’t get much leather action around town. Have to go up to the big city fifty miles north of here if that’s what you’re lookin’ for most of the time. Jeffy was different, though. He had a reason to be in our town; tell you in a minute. First lemme tell you what he looked like cruisin’! He had on a black leather hat, a black leather vest with a iron cross hangin’ on a chain around his neck in the thick black hair that he had growin’ all over his chest, blue jeans cut off so damn short there wasn’t but a inch of material left between his legs — when he had his feet up on the cycle, you could see one fat, hairy nut stickin’ out on each side of his crotch! An’ black boots — all the way up to his knees! Polished like mirrors, black as ebony, stiff leather with high, shit-stompin’ heels on ’em! Reflectin’ mirror sun glasses even in the evenin’, black mustache an’ short, chin-strap beard! Muscles on his arms that was thicker’n Jimbo’s legs! Mean lookin’? Christ! Mean enough to make you piss your pants just seein’ him!

Looks is deceivin’ though as they always say! Oh, he was a leather stud all right. No mistakin’ that! Could spot him for a macho gay bull a fuckin’ mile down the road! What you couldn’t see right off was the fact that the leathers was only one of his uniforms! The other one was his State Trooper’s outfit! Not stolen or bought or borrowed, neither! He really was a cop! That give me the four-plus willies when Jimmy told us! I don’t go for messin’ with the fuzz an’ askin’ for trouble. Wouldn’t’ve touched him with a ten foot dork if Jimmy’s hadn’t already made sure that he was lookin’ for a fuck, not a bust! Oh, an’ the Harley was his, not the property of the State!

Jeffy come roarin’ into the parkin’ lot, spun around on the gravel, an’ checked out what kind of impression he had made on the guys around. Looked a little pissed off to Jimmy when he saw that there wasn’t anybody out there! You gotta excuse me, but sometimes I get the giggles when these super-tough guys make the big entrance an’ there’s nobody around to appreciate ’em! Like I say, he didn’t even notice Jimbo leanin’ against the wall of the Laundromat. So he hopped off his hog an’ went inside the dirty book store.

Jimmy was just pantin’ and ’bout to cum in his jeans seem a sight like that! Had his eyes bulged out a half a yard, an’ his pecker doin’ all it could to catch up! Jeffy went on into the store before Jimmy could move to catch him, so the kid hung around the Harley an’ waited. He was just worshippin’ that cycle! Huge black thing with chrome an’ black enamel an’ nothin’ else! The saddlebags were heavy-gauge metal covered with black leather an’ locked with fuckin’ padlocks! Jimmy was droolin’ to know what was in ’em! He was strokin’ his fingers lovingly over the hot leather seat when Jeffy come back out of the book store. He was in an ornery mood since he hadn’t scored in there at all.

“Get your fuckin’ hands away from that bike, kid!” he snapped, an’ ol’ Jimmy ’bout jumped three foot straight up into the air.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t hurt anything!” he yelped; “God, what a super fuckin’ bike! Can I have a ride on it?”

“Get lost, kid!” Jeffy snarled. He didn’t have no use for little dumb-ass boys like he figured Jimmy was.

“Please!” Jimmy begged. “Gimme a ride and I’ll suck your cock for you! You can fuck me too if you want!”

God, that took Jeffy back a step or two! “What the hell are you talking about, boy?” he said suspiciously.

Jimmy was standin’ there by the bike, tuggin’ on his tool though his jeans like some kind of horny little angel! Big innocent eyes an’ the sexiest Goddamn talk comin’ out of his mouth! Make your head spin! “Fucking!” he said. “And cock-sucking! I love to do it, don’t you? I’ll rim your asshole, too, if that’s your trip!”

“You? You’re too young to know what you’re talking about!” Jeffy snorted. Still he stayed where he was an’ kept talkin’ to the kid. “You’re too little to get a finger up your tail!”

“Hell you say!” Jimmy said. He got a little hot from the stud puttin’ him down like that. “I got two buddies that have ten inch dicks! That thick!” he said holding up his fingers in as big a circle as he could make with ’em. “They fuck my asshole all the time. You hung bigger’n that?”

“How old are you?” Jeffy said.



“But I know the score, man! If you’re hung bigger than ten inches, I can still take you! The bigger the better!”

“Kid, you could get arrested like that,” he snapped his fingers, “For making a proposition like that! Land your ass in jail instead of in bed!”

“Yeah? Who’s gonna arrest me?”

“I could. I’m a State Trooper, boy.” He pulled out his wallet an’ flipped open the badge.

Jimmy near swallowed his tongue and dropped his balls down his pants.

“Now, hold on! Don’t run off!” Jeffy said. “I’m not askin’ you! I just said that I could. You need to watch who you talk to, boy.”

“Yes, sir! I will! Can I go now?” Jimmy moaned.

“Just a minute! You’re not interested in the bike any more? Scared you off?”

“I don’t want to get in any trouble with the cops,” Jim said.

“It’s all right. You won’t as long as you’re with me. Want to go for that ride? Same deal?”

Jimmy was gettin’ his courage back by then. “Uh, yeah. You won’t tell on me, will you?”

Jeffy laughed. “Not if I enjoy myself!” Jimmy was gettin’ as interested in the hot cop as much as the cycle by then. “You wanna fuck me? God, I bet you’re hung big! Want to stick it up my bootie?”

“No place to go,” Jeffy said. “I can’t take you inside. Can’t fuck you out here.”

“I got a place,” Jim offered real quick.


“Apartment. Where those guys with the ten-inch prongs live. We can go there. They’ll dig trickin’ with you, too if you want to!”


“Yeah, there’s four guys not countin’ me. They all live in the same apartment building. One of ’em owns the place. Real fancy, pool, all enclosed, all the guys are gay. You can have a hot time there!”

“Let’s go for a ride!” He stomped the starter an’ hopped on an’ Jim climbed on behind him. Jimmy put his arms tight around the guy’s waist, his face against his leather vest, smellin’ the smell of the leather an’ the guy’s sweat, feelin’ the machine throb between his legs! Wasn’t all that was throbbin’ between his legs, neither! Had his little fucker plastered up against the guy’s meaty ass!

The guy wheeled out of the parkin’ lot and took off down Sixth Street toward the gym. There’s a bunch of stop signs down that road, but he musta hit thirty or forty between each one of ’em, standin’ that big hog up on the rear wheel at each stan, an’ thrillin’ the hell out of Jim with the power of the thing! Jimmy grabbed at him to hold on tight, an’ slipped his hands down into the dude’s crotch to get a grip on his prong! Made a nice, thick handle! It was runnin’ straight up his belly under the cut-off jeans — not much longer than Steve’s but even thicker than Billy’s club!

They were both gettin’ pretty hot by the time they got to The Fountains! Jimmy brought him in an’ introduced him to the rest of us guys. I won’t go into all the convincing we had to do on each other — we couldn’t believe that he was a gay cop, an’ he couldn’t believe the set-up we had there. But we managed. Jeffy just took out the time to go back to the Harley an’ get some stuff out of those saddle-bags!

Man, he had all kinds of shit — cock rings, tit rings, dildoes, vibrators, chains, you name it — a regular fuckin’ arsenal of fuck toys! He laid ’em all out an’ let us look ’em over! The rest of us guys knew what they were all for — Prang’s eyes went all smoky when he saw the tit rings — but Jimbo didn’t know anything about them. Oh, well, I gotta admit that he could figure out what the two foot-long dildo was for! But the rest was a mystery.

“Are these earrings?” he said holding up two of the tit rings.

“They could be, I guess,” Jeffy grinned. “Only I don’t have pierced ears!”

“What do you use ’em for then?” Jimmy asked.

“I’ll show you!” He unhooked the pins and held them out for Jimmy to see. Nice heavy gold rings about as big around as a quarter with sharp, thin pins connecting the ends. He then held out his left tit, pulled on it ’til it stuck out from his chest an inch or more, felt around for the hole and slipped the golden pin through an’ hooked it on the other side!

“God! Aw, cool as shit!” Jimmy gasped, as Jeffy stuck the pin through the hole in his other tit.

Jeffy stood there proud as punch with the heavy gold rings hangin’ from his nipples. “Pull on ’em,” he offered. Jimmy put out a hand an’ pulled gently on one, then the other, makin’ the nipples pull up in hard points of flesh.

“Naw, really pull ’em!” Jeffy said, sighin’ as the metal rings tugged his nipples. “Twist ’em!”

“Like you do with my nuts!” Billy instructed.

So Jimmy really pulled hard an’ twisted the rings around until the meat was all twisted up on ’em! “Christ! You get off on that, don’t you?” he gasped.

Jeffy didn’t say anything, just yanked his shorts down to let his thick dick out! That was the sign for the rest of us to strip off as fast as we could go! Man, he had a real ass-splitter of a prong — not all that long, but the thickest I have ever seen! Made my butt hole throb just lookin’ at it!

Jeffy couldn’t put a cock ring on with a hard-on like he had, so he used a strap instead! Real artistic about it, tyin’ it ’round the base of his prick an’ balls, squeezin’ his nuts up an’ out, then wrappin’ the black leather thong around the tops of his nuts until they was squeezed out to the end of his long sack an’ stuck out like another prong! Ended it off by tyin’ the leather between the two bard, shinin’ nuts an’ tyin’ the end back through the other leather loops! Had himself laced up so tight that just touchin’ his jewels made him groan! Billy was nuts about that! Had to have Jeffy get out another thong an’ tie up his balls the same way! He was in ecstasy as Jeffy whipped that leather tighter an’ tighter around his berries! Lacin’ ’em up until they was about to pop right out of his bag! Steve was gettin’ off on watchin’ em too! When Jeffy finished, he stepped up to Billy with his cock in his band! “Hold your cock out of the way!” he panted.

Billy pulled his prong up flat against his belly, an’ made his tied-up nuts stand out from under it! Then Steve took his hard, springy tool in his hand an’ started beatin’ on Billy’s nuts with the fat head of it! Used his dong to whip his balls, big knob on the end snappin’ in his fist an’ smackin’ down hard on Billy’s black balls! Billy just stood there an’ took it, an’ groaned, an’ creamed off a huge fountain of white cum right up his hard belly! Shot off without even jerkin’ on his joint!

Then Jimmy was back tuggin’ and yankin’ on Jeffy’s tit rings, really haulin’ down bard an’ beatin’ his young pink rod at the same time. “How’d you do it?” he was pantin’, “How’d you get ’em pierced?”

Jeffy was pantin’ too, an’ lovin’ the workout his tits was gettin’ from the hot young kid. “Just had ’em stuck,” he said. “Guy I used to know when I was in high school,” he gasped as Jimmy twisted the wires through his nipples. “We was over at his house, nobody around. We used to beat off together. He said he wanted to try something on me. So I let him. Took out these two hat pins that his grandma used to have. He sucked on my nipple, then stuck it right through!”

“God! Didn’t it hurt!” Jimmy sighed.

“No more’n what you’re doin’ to me now! Aw, shit, yeah, kid, twist ’em! Christ! I love it!”

“What did you do when he did it to you?”

“I looked down at that fuckin’ pin stickin’ through my tit and fucked off the biggest load of jism I ever shot in my life! Didn’t even touch myself, just creamed off my cum all over my belly!”

“What did he do?”

“Stuck my other tit, then jerked off on ’em! Jerked his load of cum all over the pins an’ nipples an’ everything!”

“You ever stick anybody else?”

“Yeah, I stuck him right after that! Made him cry, it hurt so stingin’, but he loved it too!”

“Stick me!” Jimmy demanded. “Do me now! Stick those things through my nipples and shoot your cum on me!”

“I also!” Prang was pantin’. “I also wish to be stuck!”

“Okay, guys! I got some more rings right here!” He pulled out two more pair an’ told Prang an’ Jimmy to lie down. I sat down an’ rested Prang’s head in my lap an’ let him suck my tool, an’ Jeffy did the same with Jimmy.

“Are you going to do it to me, Buddy?” Prang asked, lappin’ his tongue out around my nuts.

“Yeah, if you want me to, little friend!”

“Oh, yes, please! I would love it!”

So Jeffy handed me one pair. I unhooked the wires an’ tested ’em against my thumb. They sank right into the meat of my thumb easy as pie, nice an’ sharp, an’ hardly even stung. “Okay, Prang, you ready?”

He nodded so happy an’ peaceful like he was goin’ to sleep on me! I lifted up one nipple, pulled the little brown tit up off his chest and rolled it in my fingertips, mashin’ it nice an’ hard the way he liked! Then I slipped the wire pin through, sharp, clean, an’ quick! Hardly a tiny drop of blood squeezed out of his nipple!

“That is all?” he said a little surprised.

“You got it,” sez I. I lifted up his head off my lap so he could see the ring in his tit, an’ he sighed in satisfaction. I pierced the other one for him, an’ he fingered both of ’em, tuggin’ ’em a little bit an’ sighin’!

Jimmy had watched the whole thing from aver in Jeffy’s lap. He was squirmin’ around like a worm on a hot rock, pullin’ at his nipples an’ pinchin’ ’em while I pierced Prang’s. Then he laid back an’ looked up at Jeffy! “Do ’em! Do it quick! I’m going to cum!”

So Jeffy did the first one! Hooked the pin though the kid’s nipple an’ twisted the little burnin’ wire through his flesh! Jimmy arched his belly up into the air, quiverin’ an’ jerkin’ but I knew it wasn’t from the pain! He was joggin’ his ass straight up at the sky like he was goin’ to fuck his dork into a cloud! Jeffy leaned over quick an’ sucked the pierced tit into his mouth, suckin’ on it and tuggin’ it as Jimmy shot his wad out over his skinny belly! Spewed the sticky strands out all over the fuckin’ place! Shootin’ off his cream like the fountain at the end of the pool!

That wasn’t the end of the orgy by any means, nor the end of our list of studs to stock the apartment house with. But it’s the end of the fuckin’ book, guys! Sorry, but I done run out of room!

Need a wild an’ humpy place to live? Fuck cocks an’ asses an’ mouths all day long an’ into the night! Like to let it all hang out an’ do every Goddamn thing you ever dreamed of with the humpiest studs in the country? We’re full up right now, no more vacancies left — but we could start doublin’ up! You wouldn’t mind sleepin’ two to a bed, would you?

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