Sci-fi porn – The long run

I was 20 cycles old when I got my first ship. My father did “The Long Run” just before I was born. Ten years from Mars high orbit to various mining colonies and then on to Io and back. He missed my early childhood, but came back with 1 million credits. I always wanted to […]

The Video Gamer’s Sex Stories part 1.

Final Fantasy 4 – Phantom World Rydia stepped gingerly as she entered the throne room of the Phantom World, knowing well the day’s importance. Since she’d been selected by King Leviathan to join the underground summoners, the idea of acquiring greater control over her innate abilities had been a wonderful dream to look forward to. […]

Nerds and sex

She caught me at a bad time. With one hand I was cutting and pasting a code fix and with the other, I held a tuna salad sandwich I’d just taken a big bite out of. It wasn’t the best of times to meet a good-looking woman. I heard a rapping, as someone “knocked” on […]