Fantasies of My Lover

I unlock the front door, stepping in out of the pouring rain on a grey October morning. Soaked through to my bra and knickers, I take off my jacket and shoes and head upstairs for the shower, discarding my wet clothes. I let the warm water massage me as I wash myself all over, lingering […]

The cyber wife

As with many of the things Cindi and I try, the phone sex thing was a one-time event (so far, I still have never figured out what she meant by the other “position”). I still love watching her have her online fun at least three times a week. She says it helps her unwind from […]

Grace Summer

A book, perhaps the collected works of Shakespeare, propped open the window. It was after midnight, the moon rising high into the perpetually cloudless night sky, its luminance overpowering most of the stars. A nearly imperceptible breeze ebbed and flowed through the open panes, caressing my skin as I lay on top of the sheets. […]

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