Nerds and sex

She caught me at a bad time. With one hand I was cutting and
pasting a code fix and with the other, I held a tuna salad sandwich I’d just taken a big bite out of. It wasn’t the best of times to meet a good-looking woman.

I heard a rapping, as someone “knocked” on my cube. I held up
one finger behind me, as I finished pasting and chewing.
Swallowing hugely, I turned, “Yes?”

Then I saw her. She was average height, and average build.
Short, spiky black hair, and cool grey eyes. A little bit of
stomach, but wonderful breasts which strained against her
sweater. A stray part of me went “and they are just at the right
height, too.” And they were. Her standing, me in my chair.

Then I remembered the chant that got me through these awkward
moments, Mr. Miyagi going “Eye, always look eye.” So I looked
back up into those grey eyes. Luckily she didn’t or didn’t choose
to notice my staring. I repeated my query, “How can I help you?”

She looked down at my clipboard, and up at my nameplate.
“Randolph A Mitchell?” she asked.

No one had used my full name in years. “They call me RAM,” I
said. “It’s my initials.”

Her eyebrow arched. “Because you’re hardheaded, or because you
have a good memory?” she asked.

“Yes.” I replied, in true geek fashion. It’s instinctual now, I
can’t help it.

She smiled then, “I’m Jeanette. I’m here to do your Y2K

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “I got the email about that this morning.” I
quickly saved my work, and offered her my chair.

I grabbed my mug, “Jeanette, you want any coffee?”

“That’d be great. Hi-Test.”

“Sugar, Creamer?”

She snorted, so I left. She was a *real* woman.

When I got back with our coffee, she was sitting back watching NT
reboot. “First or Third time?” I asked, as I slid into my “guest

“First,” she said.

“Fun, fun.” I paused, and took a sip of my coffee. It was so
hot, you couldn’t taste it, which was a good thing. In a fit of
machismo, I’d gotten mine black and unsweetened, too. “I thought
you could automate these upgrades.”

“You can,” she said, sliding in a disk at the prompt. “Some PHB
decided that we had to check everything *manually*. Just to be

I rolled my eyes, and nodded. NT was rebooting again.

She swiveled towards me, “I saw some C code up when I rebooted.
What are you working on?”

“We’re rewriting the transport layer,” I said. “Whoever wrote
the thing 10 years ago must have had his head up his ass.”

She laughed.

“So we’re rewriting it from the ground up.”

“How did you manage *that*?” she asked, somewhat in awe. The
Bosses, pointy haired or not, hated completely redoing it.

“We told them it wasn’t Y2K compliant.”

“Was it?”

I suppressed a chuckle, but my chest still heaved. I shook my
head and put one finger over my mouth. “It’s a secret,” I said.
“The thing doesn’t use dates *at all*.”

By this time, she was *not* laughing so hard, tears were coming
out of her eyes. “It must have been *really* bad code.”

“It was.”

Just then, my computer emitted a series of 8 beeps, and a big
blue screen appeared. “Dammit,” she swore under her breath.
“Something’s wrong.”

“What?” I asked, getting up, and peering over her shoulder. I
couldn’t help but notice that she smelled really nice.

“The service pack failed, hold your breath, I’m rebooting.”

I did. She did. The computer didn’t. Black screen. No OS.

She swore like a sailor, or — more appropriately — like a
hacker who had to write VB code. “NT is hosed,” she said. She
started to get up, “I left my rescue disk downstairs. This was
supposed to be routine. Shoulda known better.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ve got one.”

I pulled out my big file drawer — there were no files in it. A
bag of chips, pizza coupons, software boxes, that sort of thing.
I found the disk and handed it to her. “Now,” she said, pointing
at one box in particular, “that is *not* company policy. ”

I looked. She was pointing at my Quake II box. I talked fast,
“Don’t worry, it’s not on my computer. I just left the box here.”

She went, “Uh huh.” I could tell she didn’t believe me. “Dammit
Ram, *I* don’t care, but I’ve got to say something — it’s my

I looked at the computer with it’s ‘No OS message’, and pointed.
“No, really,” I said, “It’s not on my computer. Well, not
any more, at least.”

She laughed. When NT is hosed, it’s *completely* hosed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon re-installing NT. Then
installing those Y2K upgrades. This time it worked.

“OK,” she said, relinquishing my chair, “give it a go.”

I sat down and started logging in. She was standing behind me
watching as the ‘first run’ login script ran.

“Wait,” she said, “get rid of that.”

I reached for the mouse, and so did she. It was instinct,
really. I’ve done it before. I was a bit quicker, and her hand
settled on mine. I felt her presence then, warm just behind my
right shoulder. Her hands, a little cold on mine. I turned and
her scent washed over me again. No perfume, just clean and crisp
and feminine.

I looked at her and smiled meekly. A spark passed between us,
and she blushed.

She removed her hand from mine and stood up. “Sorry, you can do

“No problem,” I said.

We watched as it all came up just fine.

As she left, she looked at me. “Are you going to the Christmas
party this weekend?”

“I thought about it.”

“I’m going,” she said. “Free food.”

“I’ll probably go, too.”

She blushed. “Good.”

“See you there,” I said.

“Yeah,” she said, and left.

I admired her as I left. Why hadn’t I asked her if she wanted to
go with me? She was cute, and a definite geek. Ahhh, I thought,
she’d have said no. We work together after all.

I turned back to my code fixes. The downside of telling the
bosses that it wasn’t Y2K compliant was that now it had an
unshifting deadline. I still had a lot of work to do, and I had
been pushed back because of the upgrade.


Y2K-13d 04h 07m 29s Outside of the party.

I straightened my tie, tightening it as much as I could stand.
Normally I didn’t have to wear the damn things, but the party was
semi-formal. Coat and Tie. I should be glad it wasn’t black

The truth was, I’d only decided to come the other day, when
Jeanette mentioned it. Thank goodness I kept a clean, pressed
suit in the closet, “Just in case”.

The party was just beginning. I’m always so early to these
things. I wind up sitting around, waiting for people to show up.
Or helping set up. Which is what I got drafted into doing.

Marge, the communal IT secretary, was also one of the organizers
of the whole thing. She saw me as I went in, and started putting
me to work bringing stuff out of the kitchen.

“Just set it on the table, here, Ram,” she said. “I’ll worry
about placing it.”

“Couldn’t they have had this thing catered?” I asked.

“It’s never been catered, Ram, and you’d know that if you’d ever
been to one.”

“I’m not a people person,” I said.

I helped her out anyway. It never does to offend the secretary.

Despite the fact it wasn’t catered, it was quite a spread. Lots
of good meat, snacky things, good punch. The champagne and wine
looked good, too, although I left it alone.

I waited for a couple of hours, but she never showed. In fact,
almost no one I knew did. The tech guys just didn’t care about
these things, as a rule.

Just as I was about to leave, I saw her. She was a vision
indeed, standing in the doorway, looking in, searching.
Searching for me perhaps? She had bowed to convention and was
all primped up. She wore a nice sleeveless blouse, with a
sweater wrapped over her shoulders. She finished it off with —
surprisingly — a skirt. As I stood there admiring her, she
spotted me and raced over to see me.

“Ram!” She said, “You did make it!”

“I was just about to leave,” I said. I saw the look on her face,
sad. I hastened to add, “But now that someone I know is here,
I’ll stay.”

She smiled and posed, twisting around so her skirt swished. “What
do you think? I clean up pretty good, eh? I even look like a girl

“Yes you do,” I said admiring her. She blushed again, and I
smiled at her.

“Want to dance?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, taking her arm, and walking onto the dance floor.

They were playing a waltz, so we did. I know, you may have heard
it: geeks can’t dance. But when I was in college, I had a
girlfriend who loved to dance, so we took a class together:
Rhumba, Waltz, Tango – the works. She broke up with me mid-
semester, but the class was a welcome relief from COBOL.

Evidently, Jeanette had some lessons, too. She was an incredible
dancer. We swirled and dipped across the dance floor, oblivious
to everything and everyone else. We didn’t even talk while we
danced, we just *danced*. We reached that point where it was just
us and the music.

We fit together like two well-written parts of a system:
separate, moving together, inextricably intertwined in a way
that’s not obvious from the outside. From the outside we looked
like one thing — a couple dancing. Software and hardware in
perfect concert.

I don’t know how long we danced. Several songs, at least.
Finally we were thirsty and tired, and wanted to rest. She
found a table, and I got her some punch.

When I returned, she’d taken the sweater off, and folded it over
a chair. Sweat glistened around her brow. I was sweating a bit,
too. She took the punch from me and drank it down.

“Thanks,” she said.

“No; thank you, you’re a great dancer.”

She blushed. “So are you. It’s been ages since I’ve done this.”

“Me too.”

She smiled. “Oh, Ram, there’s one other thing.”


“The reason I was so late… I had to get a ride here, my car

“So you need a ride home?”

She nodded. I arched my brow. Was she flirting, or not? I
wasn’t sure.

We finished our punch, and another waltz began. I offered her my
arm, and said, “Shall we, Jeanette?”

She took it and said, “Certainly.”

Once on the floor, she molded herself to my body for the slow

“I have a nickname, too,” she whispered in my ear.


“My friends call me Jeanie.”

“And will you make my wishes come true?”

She separated from me then, stepping back into a normal waltz
position. “Only if you rub me the right way.” Oh, she was
definitely flirting with me.

“And – and – how is that?” Damn stutter.

She signaled that she wanted to spin. I spun her out, and back
into my arms, “That’s for me to know, and you to find out, Ram.”

Y2K-13d 00h 37m 42s Outside Jeanie’s house

“Thanks for driving me home, Ram.”

“No problem, Jeanie. I had a wonderful time.”

“So did I.”

She leaned forward and kissed me. Tentatively at first, then
with more passion. We separated and looked at each other, and
then closed together then, our mouths opening, and tongues
twisting, touching. I brought my hand up to her head, and began
running it through her hair.

She pulled back then, and faced me, her eyes focused down, not
looking at me. She was flushed, and breathing quickly. One hand
moved to the door handle.

“Good night, Ram,” she said.

“Are you OK, Jeanie?” Why was she leaving so quickly? “Did I rub
you the wrong way, or something?”

She looked at me then, smiled a small smile, shook her head and
fled my car.

I sighed, and drove back home. What had gone wrong? What had I
done? I didn’t know. I spent the whole trip home thinking about
it, and the whole day Sunday. Both nights I masturbated,
thinking about her. I wanted to call her, to find out what was
going on, but I realized I didn’t even know her last name.

It wasn’t until Monday morning that I realized she’d left her
sweater on the seat of my car.

Y2K-11d 15h 02m 17s Tech Support

I walked down to tech support Monday morning, sweater in hand.
Admittedly I’d never gone down there. Called there a few times,
sure. But visited? No.

I was pretty nervous, admittedly. I didn’t know why she left my
car so quickly, without saying anything. I didn’t want to
interrupt her work. I needed to talk to her.

When I got down to the basement rooms where all the computers —
and tech support people are — I felt a sinking feeling in my
stomach. It pulled me down like a heavy weight.

I found her cube easily enough. It was the first one on the
right. She was on the phone. I rapped on the plastic support of
her cube, and she looked up and smiled. She *smiled*. I felt
the sinking feeling dissolve in a wash of warmth.

I shook my head, why did this matter so much? But it did.

Her cube was a techie’s fantasy. Little toys and sci-fi posters.
She had a little mechanical clock that looked like a car’s
odometer, only it was running backwards. Right then it read 11
14:58:27.723. I realized it was the time until Y2K. She had all
the comforts of home, too : stereo, coffeepot, even a small

She waved me in, still talking in rapid acronyms on the phone,
only half of which I actually recognized. I had to admire her:
quick, efficient and capable. And, I realized, beautiful.

She had been lovely at the party, but here — in her element– in
her own environment and choice of clothes she really shone. And
it showed. She *was* beautiful.

She finished up her call and turned to me. “I didn’t expect to
see *you* this morning.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been down here.”

She nodded. “So why did you come by? Just to say hi?”

“N-no,” I said, and felt my face get warm. “You left your
sweater in my car.” I handed it to her.

“Oh! That’s where it got to! Thanks. I thought I left it at the

“No problem. Nice place you have here,” I said, looking around
her cube, and mentally kicking myself for the bad line.

“Yeah, I spend so much time here — it might as well be home.”

I nodded. “I especially like the Y2K clock. Where’d you get

“Oh, I made it. It wasn’t too hard.” She smiled wryly.

“Cool, cool.”

“Plus it will help when I’m here next Friday.”

“You have to work, eh?”

“Yep. I pulled the short straw. And besides, I have no family —
no boyfriend — what else am I going to do?”

I nodded, understanding.

“What are you going to be doing, Ram?”

“Don’t know. At home watching the ball drop, probably.”

“That’s why I have a TV.” She winked at me, “It’s battery
powered, too — just in case.”

I had to laugh at that. “Listen … ”

“Yes … ?”

“Would you like to go out sometime? Say, Wednesday?”

“I’m going to my parents’ on Wednesday. I’m taking my vacation
early, you know.”

I nodded. I did know, I was leaving Friday morning. “Well, how
about *next* Wednesday?” She seemed hesitant. “Come on,” I
cajoled her, “It *has* to be before the end of the world.”

She eyed the clock, “And that leaves us less than 12 days. OK,”
she said. “I’m game.”

“Pick you up at your place?”

“7pm,” she said.


Y2K-1d 4h 27m 15s In my car

As I drove over to pick up Jeanie, I mused at how fast time had
flown. A couple of major problems at work had kept me in heads-
down coding mode for the last week. Interrupted, of course, by
the required annual trip home, during which I’d been
alternatively bored or sleeping. Christmas morning had been
good, but there was no net access, and nothing to do at my
parents’ house.

When I was bored, I thought about Jeanie and this night.
Hopefully, I hadn’t built it up into too much of a big deal. But
then, given my nightly erotic fantasies, I probably had.

Work continued this week, still keeping me incredibly busy. I
finally got things fixed this afternoon, and set up for a final
build. I’d only just had time to call her at work, and confirm
our date. She seemed just as slammed as I was.

I pulled the car up in front of her house. I pulled the little
vanity mirror down, and straightened my hair, then I got out, and
straightened my clothes. Then, and only then, I went to her
front door and rang the bell.

She opened it immediately. I’m sure she heard me pull up and was
waiting. She was radiant. Dressed in a form fitting top, and
long flowing skirt, she looked wonderful. “Hi, Ram,” she said.
“Ready to go?”

I shook my head to clear it, and said, “Yes, I am, Jeanie. You
look wonderful tonight.”

“Why, thank you.”

I led her out to my car, and even opened the door for her as she
got in. I don’t know why, I have these moods. After I settled in
the driver’s seat, she asked, “So what do you want to do?”

“I thought we’d start with dinner. I know a good Italian place
on Eastway. Do you like Italian food?”

“Is there another kind?” she laughed.

“It’s settled then.”

When we arrived at Portofino’s I could see the apprehension in
her face. It’s in a strip mall, for starters, and not in the
best part of town — I don’t shop in that Wal-Mart, if I can
avoid it. Then, of course when you go in, you see the counter
with all the pizza by the slice on it. I turned to her then.
“Trust me on this, this is a good place.”

She looked skeptical, but then relaxed. We were quickly
seated, and we ordered quickly. “How did you find this place?”
she asked, after the waitress brought out our drinks.

“We used to come out to the Greek place up on the corner, but it
was too busy one day, so we drove down the strip mall and found
it here.”


“Some friends I used to work with downtown. This was a couple of
years ago. I try to come here every now and then.”

She nodded.

The conversation devolved into a long discussion of various
places we’d worked, different people we’d encountered, and ways
of doing technology that were better than others. Eventually, we
got around to our jobs. “Who is working with you Friday night?”
I asked.

She shrugged, “As far as I know, just me.”

“What if something happens?”

She barked out a laugh. “It won’t. I’m just going to watch the
ball drop on my little TV, and go home.”

“That’s pretty confident.”

“I have a reason to be.” She caught my gaze evenly and looked at
me. She was confident about her work, and good at it too. I
could tell. You cold feel it coming from her in strong waves.
And that’s when I was struck again by how beautiful she was. She
saw me staring and asked, “What?”

I blushed. “Nothing.”

“No, what is it?”

“I was just thinking how beautiful you are,” I said.

“Where did *that* come from?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. It just did.”

She smiled and blushed, and looked down at her food. By this
time, it was mostly finished, and she was just picking at it. I
ate a bit more of my calzone, trying unsuccessfully to finish it.

“You won’t be the only one working,” I said, finally.


“Yes, due to the problems we’ve had with the software, my boss
asked me to herd it through the rollover.”

“Joy,” she said.

“Well, it’ll be just you and me then,” I said, smiling.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said suddenly.

“To where?” I asked.

“We’re near downtown, right?”


“Let’s go to Jillian’s”

“What’s that?” I asked. She just grinned.

She navigated me downtown, then to South Boulevard, then to a
small bar just off the road. “A bar?” I said as we approached.
When I stepped inside, it’s exactly what I saw. Pool tables to
the left, and TVs tuned to sports.

She stopped, and looked at me. “Trust me,” she said with an
impish grin.

“Ok…” I said. She had trusted me on the restaurant, after all.

She took my hand in hers, and pulled me along, drawing me further
and deeper into the bar. There was a Japanese steakhouse, and a
buffet bar. I was beginning to think it was another restaurant,
when we went through two double doors into a large game room.
Video game room. And not a teenager in sight. Cool.

I was standing there, taking it in, and she grabbed my arm again.
“Come on! They’ve got House of the Dead!”. House of the Dead
turned out to be a two person game where we work together to
clean out a house full of undead and demons. It also takes a
great deal of quarters.

We moved on to play several other games — a skiing game with
actual skis, and some classic games that I still remember from
when I was a kid. A couple of hours and 50 bucks in quarters
later, she turned to me. “It’s about 10,” she said. “Probably
time to head home.”

I didn’t want the evening to end, but I agreed. It *was* a
weeknight after all.

We got in the car, and she reached over and took my right hand in
hers. “I really enjoyed tonight,” she said to me.

“I did, too.” I said. She squeezed my hand and we sat there in
silence. It was a comfortable silence, though. Just the feeling of another person there was enough. We’d said a lot at dinner,
we’d played a lot that night. We were comfortable together,
holding hands as I drove her home.

I drove into her driveway, and stopped the car. I turned to her, took her hand in mine, and kissed it. She leaned forward to me, and kissed me. First it was just a gentle touch, lips to lips, then again, then she turned, and kissed me deeply.

I put my hand behind her head, pulling her into the kiss, pulling
us closer. She moaned, and leaned into me and thrust her tongue
into my mouth. I leaned over, closer to her, and put my free arm
around her, and pulled her close. She pulled back, and broke the
kiss. I kept holding her.

She smiled at me, “Wouldn’t you rather continue this inside?”

“So,” I thought, relaxing, “she isn’t going to run away this time.” I
nodded, and opened the door, and got out. By the time I got
around the car, she was out, and headed for her door, her purse

“Dammit,” she muttered under her breath as I caught up to her.
“I left my keys in the house.”

“Damn.” I said. “Is there a back way in?”

“Not exactly,” she said. She leaned forward and moved a brick
which was next to the door, and loose. She didn’t take it out,
she just rocked it in place a few times. I heard a window
upstairs open, and then something almost hit me in the head. She
grabbed it — it was a rope or something — and yanked on it. It
went back up into the window, and the door opened. “I’m always
forgetting my keys.”

I laughed, and shook my head. We went into her room, and put our
coats away.

“I told you I liked to build gadgets,” she said.

“Yes you did. That was pretty ingenious.”

“Electric switch on the brick. You have to know the right way to
move it.”

“Ahh. Impressive.”

She turned to me and enfolded me in her arms. “If you think that
was impressive wait until you see the automatic breakfast

“Oh?” I said.

“Yes,” she replied, looking up to me and parting her lips. I
leaned down and met them, resuming our kiss. I ran my hand
through her hair, and her lips parted, I slid my tongue inside her mouth, and we stood there just inside the doorway kissing.

Jeanie broke the kiss, and stepped back. She looked me in the
eyes and then down at the ground. “What?” I asked.

“You must think me awful forward,” she said. “Inviting you back
to my house, then for breakfast.”

Then it hit me then, the personal install, the Christmas party,
the left-behind sweater. She’d been trying to get my attention
all along, only I’d missed most of the cues. I laughed. She
looked a bit frightened. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be. I am dense, you *had* to be forward. I *like* you,
dammit. And I’m glad you let me know you wanted me, too.
Otherwise I’d have been at home tonight, alone. So I’m dense,
and you hit me with a 2×4. Now I know.”

She smiled a small smile at me, “Oh, Ram…” she stepped back
into my embrace, and slid her hands around me.

I kissed her on the forehead, and she lifted her face back up.
She kissed me tenderly on the lips, then stepped back. She took
one of my hands in hers, and led me down a dimly lit hallway.

As we walked, dim floor-level lights came on, illuminating the
hallway. She walked to the end of it, and turned left into her
room. Light from white streetlight shone through her window, which was covered with a thin gauzy material, giving the whole room a sort of soft feel. She stopped, and turned to me. The light fell on her, giving her a moderately blue cast. Her hair was loose and flowing, her eyes, looking right at me. She sighed for a moment, as I took her in, and I saw her nipples, erect, through her tight blouse.

I stepped closer, and Jeanie turned to me, and pulled me into her
arms. She kissed my mouth and neck, and ran her hands through my
hair. With one hand, she guided my right hand underneath the
bottom of her blouse. “It’s time to let the Jeanie out of the
bottle,” she whispered into my left ear.

Now, I might be clueless, but I’m not stupid. I gently slid my
hand under her blouse, then pulled it up, and over her breasts. I
cupped her breast in my hand, running my thumb over her hard
nipple. She moaned into our kiss.

I broke the kiss, and with both hands caressed her breasts for a
second, then I lifted the blouse up, and over her head as she
raised her arms to help me. Her hands came up and began quickly
unbuttoning my shirt. I helped, pulling the shirt out of my
pants, and unbuttoning it on the way up. We met in the middle,
and she spread the shirt, and stepped forward, pushing the shirt
back with her hands, and bringing her breasts close to touch my

I sighed, and my shirt fell to the floor behind me. I wrapped my
arms around her body, and pulled her close for another kiss. She
kissed me quickly, then giggled and turned, kicking off her
shoes, and heading for the bed.

She collapsed on the bed, and began pulling her skirt up,
revealing her knees and things, and finally, it was bunched up
around her waist. She was wearing lacy black underwear. She
wiggled her hips at me teasingly as she giggled.

I undid my belt, and slipped out of my pants and underwear, and
pulled off my socks with my feet. I was ready. “Oh, my!” she
said. “You’re in a hurry.”

“I’ve been thinking about this for over a week now.”

“Me too,” she said. “Come and get me.”

I walked up to the side of her bed, and got down on my knees. I
reached up, and pulled her panties down and off her legs. I
could smell the odor of her arousal. I moved closer to her
special place, and her legs widened, giving me access.

I reached out with my tongue and gently licked her labia,
separating them with my tongue. She sighed, and brought her hand
down to hold her lips open for me. I licked from the bottom to
the top, finding her clitoral hood, flicking it with my tongue.
She sighed, and said, “I knew this was a good idea. Don’t stop.”

I chuckled and kept up the work with my tongue, occasionally
licking from top to bottom, but concentrating around her clit,
tweaking and flicking it with my tongue. I could feel the heat
coming off of her, and taste her juices. I slid one of my
fingers inside her then, and I heard her gasp. “Like that?” I
asked, stopping momentarily.


I laughed, and slid in another finger, and began sliding them in
and out slowly. Then I lowered my mouth down to her clit and
began licking and sucking again. She moved her hand up, and
began tweaking her nipples, while I worked on her vagina.

I heard her panting, then backed off for a minute. Then I
started back up until she was panting again. “Ram?” she said.


“I want it. I want it inside of me!”

“What? What do you want?” I asked playfully.

“I want your ram, ramming me, Ram!”

I laughed, and climbed up on the bed with her. I smiled down at
her, as she moved, giving me room. She had a wild look in her
eyes, and sweat on her brow. But she was smiling wryly at her
pun. “People should not pun in bed, Jeanie.”

“It got you up here, didn’t it?” I felt a hand wrap around my
shaft, touching me for the first time. I felt a shock ride up my
body from that touch. I gasped. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

I smiled down at her and lowered my mouth to one of her breasts,
sucking it in, then letting go. She gasped. I said, “Yes, I
did.” The hand that held my cock took it and slid it between
the lips of her wet vagina. I looked into her eyes, and quickly
kissed her on the lips. Then I slid deep inside of her, and
sighed as her lips wrapped around me.

As I slid out, I felt her lips, pulling on me, trying to keep me
inside. She was so tight — it was amazing. I must have gasped,
because she started giggling just a little. I slid into
her, feeling myself go all the way in, so we were pressed
together. “What is so funny?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said. “I’m just happy.”

I smiled down at her, and could see that she was. Her eyes
glowed and she smiled. She gave off that beauty that I’d seen
earlier that night. “You are beautiful, Jeanie,” I said.

“And you are handsome, Ram.” I leaned down and kissed her. Her
lips parted, and I slid my tongue between them. Her tongue met
mine, and I began sliding in and out of her again, this time
picking up speed.

She moaned into me, pulling my head to her. I sped up, moving
faster. I felt her nether lips tighten around my cock, once,
then twice. I plunged even deeper inside of her.

I moved from her mouth, to her breast, and kissed and nibbled
on her nipples, first one, then the other. She sighed, as my
teeth nipped at her nipple, and I felt her tighten around my cock

I sucked in her nipple, then more of her breast, and flicked her
nipple with my tongue. She gasped, and said, “Yes, yes, do
that!” I sped up, flicking her nipple even faster, and also
began thrusting faster. I felt her contract around me again,
then again and again quickly. She shuddered and cried out. I
sucked on her nipple even harder, trying to prolong her climax.

Her shudders subsided, and I moved my head off her breast, and
looked down at her. She looked up at me and said, “Oh, Ram…”

I began sliding in and out of her then, faster and faster,
concentrating on my own orgasm. She squeezed my cock by
tightening her vagina, driving me wild. I leaned back, my fists
on either side of her, and began thrusting with abandon. I could
feel myself getting closer and closer, sliding in and out of her
wet vagina. She squeezed me tight, and cajoled me. “Come for me
Ram, come inside of me. I want your come inside my hot, wet

That was all it took, and I was coming, streams of come spurting,
and spurting again inside of her. I collapsed next to her, and
held her in my arms. We lay like that for a while, feeling the
afterglow of good first time sex.

“That was wonderful, Ram,” she said. “It’s been a while..”

“For me too. Thank you Jeanie.”

She snuggled against me, pressing her body into mine. I felt
myself start to get hard against her ass. “What is that?” she

“That’s me…” I say.

“Really?” she asked, rolling over, and directly inspecting it
with her hands.
She climbed on top of me. “At this rate,” she said, “we won’t be
waking up for breakfast.”

“It’s ok,” I said, as she lowered herself down on me. “I’ve got
to work third shift tonight, so I could use the sleep change.”

She began slowly riding me, “You know what? Me too.” The twinkle
in her eye was worth it.

Down in Tech Support

We spent the night together, on and off sleeping and making love.
We crawled out of bed around 6am, and ate a wonderful breakfast
— the mechanical breakfast maker was pretty awesome, even if all
it could do was pancakes. I suggested some changes for waffles
or omelets. We’re going to be working on them some in a few
days, I suspect.

We watched the new year come in in some small island nation, and
then crawled into bed. When we got up again, it was noon, and we
watched the various nations around the world move into the new
year 2000, as their clocks rolled over and the nines went away.
Around 8 we had to go into work to be present for the big time.

We weren’t really worried: we hadn’t been anyway, and watching
Australia, China, France, and Great Britain go through the
rollover with only minor glitches, only increased our surety. We
went in in casual clothes — mine from the night before, but then
I hadn’t worn them that much.

Jeanie had all the monitors in her office up and running little
time based scripts or watcher programs. All we had to do was
look at them, and wait. We had the TV tuned into the Times
Square celebration, and Jeanie’s little countdown clock on top of
that. Right now it read 00:00:00:27.267. “Only 27 seconds,” I said.

“Yep,” she said.

I stepped behind her, and put my arms around her. “I’m hoping
for a really good year.”

“Me too, she said.”

“10!” shouted out the people on TV.
“9!” I turned Jeanie’s head around to face mine.
“8!” She parted her lips, and tilted her head. I met her lips
“7!” She kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth.
“6!” I felt her hand running down my ass.
“5!” She squeezed, and I moved my hands up to her head.
“4!” I ran my fingers through her hair, and she pressed her body
against mine.
“3!” She broke the kiss and winked at me.
“2!” We turned and looked at the ball, on it’s way down.
“1!” I kissed her quickly, and the crowd shouted out, “0!”

“Happy New Year, Jeanie.”

“Happy New year, Ram. So are you going to stay with me
throughout the new millenium?”

“Ask me in 365 days, Jeanie.”

“366,” she said.

She was right. It *was* a leap year. Even if it *wasn’t* the new