Ashley and her Boss

Life was wonderful for Ashley. The jovial, happy-go-lucky
secretary was locked and secure in her job, and her sex life was
as good as it ever had been. If she wasn’t on her back getting
fucked by her boyfriend, the 24 year old blonde could probably be
found performing her boss’ favorite type of dictation with him in
the small office building.

Ashley’s slutty ways began when she was a teen-ager, and they
just carried over into her adult life. The woman simply loved to
have sex. If it was up to her, the common greeting between two
people would not be a handshake or a friendly “hello”. With her,
it would be a fast, hard fuck. That would make her very happy.

Work was easy. Though her job title was `secretary’, she was
actually a sex toy for her boss. Ashley had very little skills
when it came to being a secretary. But on the other hand, she
was extremely skilled when it came to sex. She would go to work
every Monday through Friday and do a few secretarial tasks, but
was always ready for her lustful, much older boss. Over the past
year, the young lady had learned that Stan, her 59 year old boss,
could call on her at any given time for another round of sex.

On this particular afternoon, Ashley was comfortably seated
at her desk in the office, busy writing a letter to one of her
out-of-state friends. It was her best way to pass the time,
since she had not heard a word out of Stan all afternoon long.
Not concerned with the operation of the company, Ashley was just
waiting for 5:00pm to come. That was when her shift ended. She
figured that by writing a letter, time would go by a bit faster.

Ashley, as usual, looked beautiful. She wore a snug-fitting
black blouse which had long sleeves, and a black-and-white plaid
miniskirt made of cotton and stretchy lycra. She also had on a
pair of black high-heels. Her long, natural blonde hair was
braided very nicely, and her mascara was absolutely perfect.

“Ashley?” came Stan’s voice through the intercom system.

The young woman recognized that devious tone in his voice.
She smiled because of it, while pressing the intercom button
before saying, “Yes sir?”

“I need you to take some DICKtation for me.”

The smile on Ashley’s lovely face got even wider. Her day at
work had suddenly taken a turn for the better! “Sir, give me a
second, and I’ll be right in.”

In the adjoining office, Stan turned the intercom system off
and then reached for the bulge in his slacks. His erection was
already at full strength, and it hurt because it strained against
his slacks. He gave his cock a single pump, adjusting it. Now,
he felt a bit more comfortable.

“What the hell…” he said outloud, smiling, deciding to
unbutton his slacks. He pushed his boxers down a bit, and then
his hard cock popped out into view. It stuck straight up in the
air, like a flagpole. No longer confined, the hurt was gone.

Stan gripped his cock as the door to his office opened, then
Ashley brought herself and that hot body of hers inside. Stan
pumped himself at the sight of his secretary in her sexy outfit.
“Afternoon, sweetheart,” he grinned.

“And a good afternoon to you too, sir,” she said, closing the
door behind her. “Don’t worry! No one is going to bother us. I
put the `out to lunch’ sign on the front door and locked it. I
also turned on the answering machine for anyone who calls.”

Stan smiled again, and motioned for his secretary to come
closer. She did, sashaying sexily over to him, and then took a
seat in his lap. “Oooooh,” the slut cooed, looking down and
noticing his huge erection. “Is that for me, sir?” She reached
down and gave it a gentle pump of her own.

“It sure is,” he replied, placing a hand on her hip. “Did I
ever tell you that you’re my favorite secretary of all time?”

Ashley smiled at him. “No, but I already knew that. And I
also know it’s not because of my typing or filing skills.” Her
smile became wider. “It’s because you’re a dirty old man, and I
let you do anything you want to me.”

“Dirty old man?” he laughed, liking that. “What? I’m 59 and
you are 24. But age is just a number. I feel much younger.”

She gave his cock another squeeze. “I’m glad you do, sir.”
Then, the blonde reclined back just a bit, and starting tugging
at the lower half of her blouse. “But you’re still a dirty old
man. A dirty old man who cheats on his wife of 30-plus years.”

Stan shrugged his shoulders. “If my wife was as hot as you,
and as sexually driven as you, maybe I wouldn’t cheat on her.
But she is almost as old as me, and has no interest in sex any
longer. Where do I get my satisfaction, if not from her?”

“From ME,” Ashley grinned, pumping his hard shaft again. “I
am your little plaything; your personal fuck toy.” She kissed
the tip of his nose, and giggled. “I’m definitely not worried or
upset that you cheat on your wife with me.” She shrugged her
shoulders and suppressed a laugh. “After all, you’re not the
only married man I have fucked in my lifetime.”

Stan grinned. “And I likely won’t be the last one, either.”

Ashley pulled her form-fitting blouse over her head and off,
exposing her large pair of breasts, and the tiny white bra which
concealed them. Stan reached out and cupped each jug-like globe,
enjoying their vast firmness. Ashley looked down and watched him
massage her breasts for a bit, before finding his mouth for a
deep and passionate kiss.

The boss and secretary duo wrapped their arms tightly around
each other as the kiss became even more extreme and heated. Both
tongues played with each other, going from mouth to mouth, as all
four hands were in constant motion along shoulders and backs.

Ashley broke off the kiss so she could began unbuttoning her
boss’ shirt. Meanwhile, Stan unhooked her bra behind her back,
and whisked it off. He again cupped her breasts, thumbing each
thick nipple. Once unbuttoned, Ashley pushed his shirt down and
let it fall to the floor.

Stan embraced his secretary again, this time roughly, then
leaned over and kissed each of her nipples. Ashley, meanwhile,
maneuvered his slacks and boxers lower. Stan responded by
pushing Ashley out of his lap and then standing up, letting his
his slacks and boxers fall to the floor as well.

As he stepped out of each, Ashley dropped to her knees in
front of him and grasped his cock. Stan moaned and smiled in
utter pleasure as he felt her moist lips wrap themseleves hotly
around his hard erection. “No one can suck cock better than you,
sweetheart,” he gently told her. “Absolutely no one.”

Stan leaned over and placed his hands upon Ashley’s back as
she stood in her knees in front of him. He caressed her back and
then reached lower, all the way to her skirt-clad ass. Bent over
now, Stan tightly gripped and squeezed Ashley’s sweet ass as her
arms were wrapped around his waist, her mouth sucking his cock.

The blonde squealed as her boss continued groping and mauling
her ass. She rocked back slightly, jutting her backside out, so
Stan could have better access to it. He moaned as she continued
blowing him, while unbuttoning the back of her black-and-white
miniskirt. He undid all three tiny buttons and then peeled the
ultra-tight skirt open, and down slightly.

Stan then reached inside the back of her skirt, and rubbed
her firm ass and the frilly white panties underneath, just before
pushing the skirt off, down to her knees. The woman gyrated her
hips in erotic circles as Stan’s hands continued groping away.

All the while, Ashley had been working on his hard cock, busy
sucking and slurping away at it, her head bobbing back-and-forth
in front of him. She loved to give head. It was one of her most
favorite activities to take part in. If Ashley could suck off
every single man in the entire world, she would be very happy.

Stan decided to take a seat in his office chair, and Ashley
followed him, her mouth never leaving his erection. Stan looked
down and admired the sight of Ashley. Her lips formed a big ‘O’
around his cock, as her brown eyes shined in delight up at him.
She simply had a lovely face; a gorgeous face, and her long,
stylish blonde hair framed it perfectly. And the rest of her
shapely, taut body was absolutely divine to Stan. It looked even
better now, since she was nearly nude. All that remained on her
were the high-heels and panties.

Ashley’s head continued bobbing, now over his cock, as her
right hand started to pump its base.

“I love your cock, sir,” she said, taking it out and offering
a long lick in the open air. “I just love it!”

“I love you,” Stan groaned lowly, not loud enough for her to
hear him. He smiled down at her, giving her a reply. He did
love her. If not for his wife, Stan wouldn’t mind taking Ashley
home and using her as his full-time fuck doll. She was every
single thing which he had ever fantasized about in a woman.

Ashley took his cock back into her mouth and resumed her
sucking action. Stan countered by rubbing her shoulders and
neck, his fingers digging erotically into her skin. He also
started thrusting his hips upward each time Ashley’s mouth went
on a downstroke.

“Come here, honey,” he said, grabbing her shoulders and
pulling her up, her mouth leaving his cock. He reached out and
quickly slid her panties down and off, then spread his legs in
the chair and grasped his erection, so it pointed straight up.

Ashley stepped astride his outstretched legs and then took a
seat herself, his hard cock sliding right up into her wet pussy.

“Oh, sir!” the slut moaned loudly, as she started to bounce
up-and-down upon his thick shaft. She used his shoulders for
support as he reached out and again mauled her breasts with both
hands. Stan slumped lower in the chair, almost to the point when
he was laying on it, his knees bent and feet on the carpet.

“You’re incredible, sweetheart,” the boss moaned up at his
secretary, watching her large breasts flop about as she bounced
upon his erection. He had a perfect view, able to watch his cock
disappear and then re-appear between her thighs, in a continual
pattern. His hardness filled the slut’s tight pussy, bringing
her wonderful and erotic sensations of passion.

“You’re incredible too, sir!” Ashley squealed, full of lust.

Stan smiled and grasped her hips, hoping to make her bouncing
motion faster and harder. He was successful, and it only brought
more pleasure to each person. Stan then gripped and squeezed her
ass, mauling it, and continued the assistance with her bouncing.

“FUCK SIR!” Ashley screamed, as she felt one of his fingers
pressing hard against her puckered anus.

Stan gasped and smiled up at her. “You like that, baby?”

“FUCK YES!” she boomed, quickly losing her modesty (not that
this slut had much to begin with). “OHHHHH! Keep fucking me!”

“You nasty, foul-mouthed little bitch,” Stan smiled, slapping
her hip with his hand. “Someone needs to wash your mouth out!”

“Yeah,” she exclaimed, “with cum!” Ashley moaned very loudly
and then added, “Will you do that for me, sir? Cum in my mouth?”

“Anything you want,” he said, laboring to keep up with the
fast-paced sex action. “I’ll let you know when I’m ready, baby.”

“SIRRRRR!” the slut cooed, his cock pounding her insides.

“You’re nothing but a bimbo!” Stan exclaimed, enjoying the
leniency to degrade her. Ashley liked being talked down to.
“You’re so much a bimbo, your only worry is who you fuck next!”

“I’m thinking about that right now!” Ashley laughed, still
bouncing up-and-down wildly. The action between them was so
serious and extreme that each time Ashley went on a downstroke,
her ass made a hard SLAPping noise as it pounded his hips.

“Up against the wall!” Stan exclaimed, hoping a change of
sexual position would let him last a bit longer before orgasm.

Ashley complied, quickly slipping off his hips and going
over to the wall. Still in the pair of high-heels, she placed
both hands against the wall and leaned over, jutting her ass
outward. Stan quickly moved up behind her and grasped her hips,
and started thrusting his cock into her pussy, once again.

“FUCKING SLUT!” he screamed, losing himself in the heat of
the moment. The sight of Ashley bent at the waist and grabbing
the wall as he fucked her pussy from behind made him feel even
more excited than before.

Stan loved this position, having the ability to grab her ass
and pound his pelvis against it, while his cock infiltrated her
insides. This was also a good position for anal sex, he thought.

Stan wanted the mutual fucking action to continue, but just
couldn’t hold himself in much longer. Orgasm was imminent, and
he could already tell that it was going to be a powerful one.

“I’m gonna CUM!” he screamed, still thrusting his cock in and
out of her soaked pussy.

Ashley immediately turned around and dropped to her knees,
and fastenened her lips around his trembling cock. Her fingers
kneaded his balls as her mouth and tongue worked on his shaft,
causing it to suddenly erupt, quicker than expected.

Ashley gagged and then smiled as his thick, gooey sperm shot
into her awaiting, thirsty mouth. Stan closed his eyes tight and
moaned in pure lust as the blonde slut beneath him busily slurped
and swallowed his rich load down her throat. He looked down and
noticed her piercing brown eyes staring right back up at him. He
smiled at the sight, completely lost in lust with his very own
“Tickle-Me-Ashley Doll”.

“Oh, sir…” Ashley moaned as Stan took a seat on the floor
beside her. He brought his lips to hers and kissed her, not at
all concerned that her mouth was coated with his own cum. Stan
then reached out and embraced his secretary, holding her close.

“I got this private beach house down the coast,” he told her.
“How would you like it if we went down there for a weekend?”

“A weekend?” she asked softly, thinking. “I’ll have to ask
Robert, my boyfriend, but I’m sure he won’t mind since I’ll be
with you. He knows what goes on between the two of us here, you
know. But could you last for the weekend, sir?” She smiled
sweetly at him. “I may wear you out the first night.”

Stan grinned as well. “Don’t worry, I won’t wear out that
easily. I’ll be prepared for an entire weekend with you.”

Ashley kissed his shoulder and said, “Instead of calling it a
beach house, we’ll be able to call it a fuck house!”

And after what happened at the beach house, the statement
Ashley made was very accurate.