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Diana found she needed

An earlier version was proofread by Janey, but she is not responsible for remaining errors. Despite her prerogatives — feminine and divine — of doing exactly what she wanted when she wanted to do it, Aphrodite grudgingly forced herself awake. Why in Hades’ name was the computer system blaring the emergency alert? Especially at this […]

Robert pumping his seed into Virginia’s cunt hole

When Virginia Saxton was contacted to tutor Robert Vanderfield in Geography, she was both ecstatic and intimidated. Robert was very popular at her high school and was a member of both the varsity football team and auto club. His reputation as a sexual hunk was the topic of many a rumor shared by the girls […]

I want her to be your lover

Barbara and I planned a Valentine’s Day outing with Veronica and Charlie Malloy. We bought a package offered by a major hotel that included a suite, which had a living room between two bedrooms, dining and dancing at their roof top club, and flowers, chocolates and champagne as romantic accouterments. Barbara and I’d been married […]