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Our Mexican Honeymoon

When I married Kristi I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I’d been a bachelor for the past 2 years ever since I’d caught my first wife cheating on me. We split up right then and there and it wasn’t until I met Kristi that I had any sexual relations with a woman […]

The Gangbang Scholarship

I looked at the two applicants as they walked in. Both of them were a bit intimidated by the wealth used to furnish a simple office. The floor was a lush red carpet and the furnishings were Old English. My chair had a high back that looked vaguely like a throne. The desk in front […]

Taj’s Tasty Tush

Taj is my nephew, my older brother Jermaine’s son, so I’ve known him all his life. At the time everything happened, he had just turned seven, having just finished the first grade, while I had just turned seventeen, having just finished the eleventh grade. I was still very much in the closet about my sexuality […]