Tortured Bride

People sometimes react to life-threatening situations by identifying with their captors. History gives us many examples. Studies of how prisoners felt about their guards in World War II concentration camps, show that many prisoners tried to emulate their captors — because they admired them. The prisoners admired the guard’s strength, but mostly they admired their position of power-life and death power.

There is a very fine line between love and hate. Sometimes we hurt the one we love the most. Sometimes we cross the line, not knowing why — only knowing that there is a terrible fascination in it.

TORTURED BRIDE places a man and his young bride in a totally unfamiliar milieu. After crossing the threshold of pain and fear, they react by becoming the oppressors rather than the oppressed. And who among us can criticize them?


“Mmmmmmm, yes,” the woman moaned ecstatically, pulling up her close-fitting turtleneck to reveal huge ivory tits. “Eat my pussy, sweetheart! Your tongue feels so good on my cunt lips!”

The redheaded man kneeling before her on the cheap motel carpet nodded his head absentmindedly. His attention was on the wide-open pussy of the tall, shapely woman sitting on the bed. Her long legs were far apart. His tongue licked her pussy from top to bottom, so powerfully that she fidgeted constantly from sheer delight.

Her slack-lipped pussy drooled hot, fragrant oils into the pussy-fur around her delectable cunt. The man’s tongue stiffened like a miniature version of the fat, stiff cock jutting from the open fly of his pants. His tongue circled the fragile inner lips of her cunt. Then he licked the slash of the cunt, flicking at the swollen love-button of her clit.

“Ahhhh!” she gasped, clutching the man’s red head with her long slim hands. “Mike, oh, Mike, how nice you make my pussy feel!”

The man’s reply was a grunt of animal passion. He plunged his rigid tongue between her cunt flaps, straight into the wet dark cauldron of her pussy. She arched her back, her bare ass rubbing the rough-textured bedspread as she fucked her horny pussy onto his ready tongue.

Her tits pointed straight at the ceiling as she bent back. Her tits had fat nipples that quivered with the joy going through her luxurious auburn hair fell past her shoulders in shimmering waves. Her hands, sculptured and aristocratic, gathered folds of the spread into a passionate, spastic grip.

Mike raised his head, licking cunt juice from his lips. “How do you like married life, Mrs. Diana Burden?” he asked, his voice thick with lust.

She stroked his cheek. “I like it very much, Mr. Michael Burden,” she said throatily. “All seven hours of it, so far.”

His blunt thumbs pressed both sides of Diana’s pussy mouth, drawing the pink curtains of her cunt lips open. A drop of cunt sauce glittered enticingly. “That’s only the beginning, sweetheart,” said Diana’s new husband, and shoved his greedy face deeply into her waiting cunt.

Diana’s heart sang as Mike’s tongue filled her pussy with pleasure. She was young and healthy and beautiful, and horny as only a woman head-over-heels in love can be. Mike Burden was her childhood sweetheart, the heart-throb of her life for as long as she could remember. And now she was married to him!

It had been a storybook romance. There had been ups and downs. There was two years in high school when the two barely spoke. Mike had a fling with a mated biology teacher — who loved to suck her pupils off in the lab after class. Diana dated the high school football hero. She broke it off after she learned he was telling everybody at Williams High that he was fucking her regularly — though in fact she was a virgin.

They’d gone their separate ways after high school, Diana attending the local university, Mike going to an art institute in Brooklyn. Diana had lost her cherry as a freshman. She fucked a philosophy student who turned out to be no better than the football star. He reported to his friends about fucking Diana. The relationship ended when he invited Diana to a party that turned into an orgy — with Diana to be the star attraction.

Mike, meanwhile, graduated, and began traveling in Europe. He took his camera with him, taking pictures of cave paintings and cathedrals. He won numerous photography prizes for them. Despite his stocky, athletic build and his blunt boyish Irish face, Mike Burden was a photographer with a master’s skill and an artist’s touch.

He returned to his hometown. He and Diana met one day, accidentally at a local shopping center. They went to his apartment and shared a bottle of wine.

They sat on Mike’s waterbed, laughing and tickling each other like adolescents. Then Mike put his hand on Diana’s tit. Her nipple grew hard instantly. She looked at him with a strange expression in her hazel eyes. Then, slowly, she reached out and drew him to her for a long, searching kiss.

He put his hand in her blouse. Her boob was soft and achingly smooth. Her nipple was hard and hot between his eager fingers. Her tongue came into his mouth like a fire as she melted against him.

His other hand undid her blue jeans as she fumbled with his fly. She found herself gasping with the passion that suddenly filled her body. Without even realizing it, this was what she’d been wanting for more years than she could remember!

Diana’s fingers slipped inside Mike’s fly. Mike Burden’s rock-hard cock wasn’t very long — a mere six inches. But when Diana wrapped her fingers around the prick to pull it into the daylight, she found it was almost two inches thick! “Mmmmmmm!” she gasped, their tongues intertwining.

He began to stroke her cunt. Her pussy slathered oils all over his searching fingers. She pumped her fingers greedily up and down Mike’s cable-thick prick as he slipped two fingers up her cunt and began finger-fucking her enthusiastically. At the same time he rolled and kneaded her nipple.

Diana slithered serpent-like out of her jeans. Mike pulled her blouse off with one hand while the other kept finger-fucking her sopping-wet pussy. Then she was on her back and he was on top of her, thrusting hard with his cock at the portal of her pussy as his weight bore down into the water-filled mattress.

The tip of the giant prick stabbed against the thick outer lips of Diana’s pussy. Then Mike spread her cunt mouth wide with two fingers and slammed his cock home, balls against her brimming cunt with one smooth motion.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried as her pussy walls were stretched delightfully out of shape by the arm-thick cock. They began fucking with mindless abandon, their pelvises slamming together with an impact that jarred Diana’s teeth. The friction of Mike’s hard-driven cock against her clit sent pleasure tingling up her spine.

For an hour they fucked. Hard and fast and desperate, they explored each other’s bodies. Mike’s cock plumbed the innermost depths of Diana’s humid, grasping pussy. Their young, naked bodies sweated and the aromatic odor of Diana’s hungry cunt hung over them like a sweet-smelling fog. Their ecstasy was complete as their souls melted into one.

Neither ever knew which came first. But suddenly Mike’s big cock was shooting Diana’s cunt full of come, and her pussy walls were rippling violently around the cock, milking blast after blast of jism from it with ever-increasing intensity. Diana had screamed like a lost soul and clawed Mike’s broad back, her legs wrapped around his waist and gripping him hard as if to force still more of that magnificent cock into her climaxing pussy.

They fucked again and again that afternoon, and often in the days that followed. Autumn turned to winter. In their torrid session of unashamedly wanton fucking, they discovered the love that seemed to have never left.

Mike Burden was a successful photographer. His artwork hung in numerous galleries and he sold layouts to major magazines with astonishing regularity. It was inevitable that he and Diana would use his talent to add extra pleasure to their fucking. In fact it was Diana’s idea.

Snow had fallen the night before when the young beauty stepped naked into the back yard of Mike’s house. The sun was shining with typical Southwestern intensity, so that even with the snow Diana was comfortable. Even her toes, buried in the snow, seemed warmed by the light of her love — and her lust.

Mike snapped her picture. She was naked, her long auburn hair falling down to her ripe and heavy tits. Posed and unposed, coy or blatantly inviting, he captured every phase and nuance of her nudity. As the glass eye of his camera observed the gorgeous naked woman, he felt his massive cock stirring to life within his pants.

The woman had seen her lover getting horny. As he continued to take her picture, she walked toward him. She dropped to her knees in the snow, and unzipped his pants. Smiling right into his lens, she’d pulled out his cock and popped its fat purple head into her mouth.

She proceeded to give him the blowjob of his life. She lapped his prick like a dog, then suddenly swallowed every inch of it so that her eyes bulged and her jaws creaked in their hinges, while her tongue drew circles on it in succulent saliva. She’d fuck her face furiously on his prick, with her boobs swinging against his knees, then fasten her lips just behind the cockhead, at the supersensitive spot where it joined the broad shaft of his prick, and suck until the man was weak in the knees.

And still Mike snapped his shutter. Every expression on Diana’s lovely face as she consumed his cock, every little trick she performed on his prick with her skilled and loving mouth, went down on film. When his huge prick swelled with the first pulse of orgasm he caught that too. And when the first spurt of his come filled her mouth so full that white jism dribbled from her lips, the ecstatic Mike kept shooting.

It became one of theft favorite games. Sunbathing naked on Mike’s roof, out in the mountains, even in the kitchen, Diana was delighted to have Mike take pictures of her nude — and even more while fucking.

Diana started to dream up more outrageous ways of fucking in front of her lover’s camera. In the beginning he started setting the camera up with an automatic shutter release so he could join more fully in the action. But to Diana fucking was most fun when she or Mike was actually operating the camera.

They had an entire album by now, with shots of them eating each other out on top of National Forest picnic tables, and fucking in Mike’s cousin’s treehouse. Diana’s favorite was the time Mike set up mirrors so that she could take pictures while he fucked her ass with his giant-sized cock. She was inexpert with the camera, but some of the shots she’d taken — studies of their faces wrapped in ecstasy, or pictures of Mike’s enormous prick disappearing into her ass, set her heart pounding with desire every time she looked at them.

Finally, they got married. The first night of their honeymoon was their premier sexual performance as man and wife. Mike’s trusty camera was along, but it was packed away. Tonight was to be devoted to the sheer joy of fucking. No frills were necessary.

Diana Burden wasn’t missing the frills at all. The photographic games they played never thrilled her as much as Mike’s tongue working over her pussy. There was something between the two this evening that had never been there. Something that seemed to magnify their pleasure a thousand fold.

“Ohhhh, yes, that’s nice, soooo nice.” Diana ran her fingers constantly though her husband’s wiry red hair. Her body was throbbing with the pleasure his mouth was giving her cunt. It was just too much for her to contain!

Mike was enjoying himself as much as his wife of a few hours. There was no flavor in the world he loved as much as the flavor of prime young cunt. And his new wife’s pussy had a succulence no one could compare to! Her pussy seemed hotter, wetter, more delicious than ever.

He toyed with her cunt lips, teasing them apart with his tongue, sucking them in between his teeth so that Diana gasped with the intensity of the delight flooding her.

“Yes! Ah, yessssss!” Her knees went up in the air and she held her husband’s face into her pussy. “It feels so good! Eat my pussy all up! I can’t stand it — my pussy feels so good!”

Mike wrapped his hands around her firm ass. He rubbed his face around and around in her pussy, getting her shiny cunt oil all over his cheeks and mouth and snubbed Irish nose. He gloried in the smell and taste of Diana’s pussy — and the lithe, slippery feel of her cunt lips across his face.

He started licking her pussy with long, dog-like strokes. His tongue whipped her cunt juice into a froth. It smeared his chin like shaving cream as he ate furiously at her pussy.

The breeze from the motel air conditioner played across Diana’s lust-gorged nipples. They vibrated with passion, the pleasure spreading through her boobs joining the ecstasy in her well-eaten cunt. “Do it!” she cried. “Lick my pussy good!”

Mike’s cock was pulsating. He’d come soon without Diana ever having touched his greedy prick. And that wouldn’t do at all! He had to fuck his wife or waste his jism on the motel carpet.

But first he was going to make Diana come. He stuck his stubby thumb, slickened with her freely-flowing cunt honey, up her ass and jammed his forefinger into her cunt. The pleasure hit her hard. Cupping her asscheeks with one hand he fastened his lips on her swollen clit and started sucking.

As Diana’s clit throbbed from the suction of her husband’s mouth, his touch began prodding at the pearly love-button. Her pussy tunnel seemed to do a snake-dance around his deeply-probing finger, drawing the finger still farther into the depths of the greasy cunt. He stirred his thumb around in her asshole.

“I-I-I’m COMMMMMnnnggggg!” Diana howled. She grabbed his head with both hands and rocked frantically from side to side, fucking her ass and pussy on his thumb and forefinger as his tongue whipped her clit mercilessly.

It seemed Mike could feel the orgasm coursing like lightning through his young wife’s veins. His own wasn’t far off. His balls were like a pressure cooker, building up steam that had to be let off soon or explode. Still he wrung every iota of pleasure from his wife’s climaxing pussy. His mouth stayed on her clit as if glued, and his fingers kept fucking her poopchute and pussy, while her screams rang in his ears like big brass bells.

Diana was out of her mind with delight. It had never been this good before. Mike Burden was as much an artist at eating cunt as he was at taking pictures — but tonight was his masterpiece!

Orgasm after orgasm surged though Diana’s body. Her jugs got so sensitive that even the pressure of the rolled-up turtleneck on the tops of her ripe tit-fruit added a sharp tang to the delight that possessed her. “Oh! Oh! AHHHHHHHH!” she called out, coming as though there was no tomorrow.

Then suddenly it stopped. Thumb and forefinger popped out of her butthole and drooling pussy at the same minute Mike’s lips released Diana’s clit. “Oh, God, don’t stop now!” she pleaded as yet another orgasm thundered up the channel of her cunt and blasted into her belly.

Mike simply sat back on his heels. Then locking his hands around his wife’s slim waist he pulled her forward off the bed. With a surprised exclamation Diana sat down on his lap with her well-oiled cunt entered by his cock!

“Gaaah!” The cry was tipped from her lungs as her cunt was suddenly filled with Mike’s giant prick. The head of his cock was like a fist clenched inside Diana’s, pussy. “Ohhhhh-ahhhhhhh!” she moaned, and came again.

Like wiry fingers the muscles of her pussy clamped on her husband’s prick. “Jesus!” Mike yelped. Diana ground her ass down hard on his thighs, trying to urge still more of his prick into her spasming juicy pussy.

His fingers dug into her tender flesh as he buried his face in her tits. She hugged his head against her jugs as he sucked the summit of a huge boob into his mouth. He closed his teeth lightly on her nipple. She moaned with joy.

The rippling inside her pussy ran from the base of Mike’s prick to the very head. It was like having tight binding on his steely cock. Even as he began to gnaw passionately on Diana’s tits a thick wad of jism burrowed upward from his prick and was blasted far up into the eagerly-waiting pussy.

Mike put his feet flat on the floor and drove his cock into his wife’s cunt with all his strength. Her pussy milked hot come from his prick as she pushed more of her boob into his face. Diana had been coming without interruption for what seemed to be hours — and it was getting better every instant!

Mike’s spurting come filled her pussy, coating the inside and spilling out to turn their crotches into a swampy mess. Her auburn pussy fur and the coppery bristles as the base of Mike’s cock became matted with a fragrant mixture of her pussy sauces and his creamy jism.

The cock seemed as big around as a fireplug inside Diana’s pussy. Mike’s mouth on her tit was sweet torture. As happily and passionately as the two had fucked so many times before, there had never been anything to compare with this.

And to think that this was only the beginning.


Mike Burden shook back his hair and ran down the diving board. He bounced once, then went into the water so smoothly he barely made a wave. With powerful strokes he swam underwater till he reached the shallow end of the swimming pool.

He came up sputtering and sucked a deep breath into his lungs. Around him the water glittered in the morning sunlight like a hundred thousand shards of broken glass. He smoothed wet hair out of his eyes, then started back to the deep end with an easy crawl.

Despite the fact he’d gotten almost no sleep, Mike felt fantastic. What he’d had was far better than sleep! He thought of his new wife, lying on the rumpled bed with the sheet thrown off her, glorious hair in disarray, one round tit peeking out the front of her transparent, smoky-hued nightgown.

His cock gave a throb inside his trunks. As wildly and as often as they’d fucked the night before he’d lost count of the times he’d come. It all blended together into a sweet stew of memory. Diana’s mouth, hot and hungry on his lips, sliding down his trim belly to fasten on the hard stump of his cock. Her pussy, so delicious he couldn’t get enough of its rank musky flavor. Her asshole, stretched to a wide circle by his plunging cock, suddenly bubbling over with white foaming come as he cried out in a frenzy of orgasm.

It was hard to keep his mind on swimming. He missed count on his breathing, inhaled water, choked and spat it out ruefully. The water and the exercise felt good. But it was all he could do to keep from clambering out of the pool, rushing to their motel room, catching his wife in his arms, and, still dripping wet, fuck the daylights out of her delightful cunt with his reawakened prick.

He swam several laps, trying to ignore the way his cock was jutting out from his crotch, pulling his trunks taut and slowing him down he moved through the cool refreshing water. The very thought of his hot young wife gave him a hard-on that wouldn’t go away!

A splash and a spattering of water on his broad bare back told him another swimmer had entered the pool. He opened his eyes and saw a feminine shape gliding toward him beneath the surface, slender and big-boobed, with her dark hair streaming behind her. His prick pulsed with delighted anticipation.

The lithe figure came up to him. He put his feet on the floor of the pool and brought his head out of water as the woman’s head broke the surface. Her body was inches away from his, so near that the large, heavy jugs in the lacy cups of her bikini almost touched his chest.

It was too much to bear. Mike gathered her in his arms and crushed his mouth to hers. Her lips parted hungrily and her tongue seemed to draw his in with it. Her body undulated against his. Her wet flesh was warm from the sun, and gave off a faint perfume of healthy woman-smell.

Mike grasped the cheeks of her ass, which were barely covered by the blue bikini bottom. The woman moaned and he felt her nipples against his chest. He thought he could smell the scent of aroused pussy.

Mike’s cock was so big and hard he was certain his trunks would burst apart at any moment. He was in a fever of horniness to equal anything the night before.

But the impassioned woman writhing in his arms was not his wife!

The realization hit him like a blow to the head. All at once he knew that the contours of that superb body were wrong, the flavor of her mouth beneath his, the texture of the fine assflesh in his fingers, the aroma of pussy that wafted to his nostrils.

His tongue snapped back into his mouth. He pushed the woman away as gently as he could. Her pelvis stuck to him as if glued, the spongy mound of her cunt pressing firmly against his raging cock.

“My God!” he gasped. “I — oh, Lord, you don’t know how sorry I am, Miss…?” He gaped at the woman.

She stood looking at him with her head cocked to one side. She was tall and lean and her boobs were like ripe melons slung to her ribcage with a scanty blue bikini top, but there the resemblance to Diana ended. The hair plastered to her head was pure midnight black, contrasting oddly with the sparkling blue of her eyes. Her face was more oval than Diana’s, and her eyes were shaped differently — slightly almond, and almost slanted — giving her a wild and exotic look. Her mouth was full and wide, and at the moment it glistened with Mike’s saliva from their lingering kiss.

The globes of her tits rose and fell rapidly. He could clearly see her swelling nipples outlined against the blue top. And her strange blue eyes were fixed on him with seeming fascination — almost hunger.

“No apologies necessary,” she said in a contralto that seemed to stroke Mike’s spine like silken fingers. “And please call me Yvonne. We met last night, at the registration desk.”

Mike’s head was reeling, but he remembered her now. She was the one who had checked him and Diana into the Highwayside Motel on the edge of the desert. Only last night she looked nothing like this. She had looked businesslike, almost prim, in a severe black jumper with a white blouse underneath. Her clothes had concealed the lushness of her figure so well that Mike could scarcely believe the transformation. She’d looked like a repressed schoolteacher; now she looked like some kind of sex-goddess from a hard-up adolescent’s wildest wet dreams!

His mouth was hanging open and he shut it. Yvonne just stood there with a half-smile on her luscious lips as if enjoying his embarrassment. But flustered as he was, he didn’t completely forget himself.

“Pleased to, ah, meet you,” he said, sticking out his hand. “I’m Mike Burden…”

“I know.” A slender hand extended. The fingers reached for his — and passed it by to wrap around the huge bulge of his rock-hard prick!

Mike’s knees sagged. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Yvonne exerted a moment’s pressure on his cock, and it felt like an electric current flowed from her hand into his raging prick.

Then without a word she turned, made her way to the edge of the pool, and climbed out. Water dripped off her magnificent body. Without even smoothing the water from her hair she walked toward the office, the cheeks of her butt moving bewitchingly under brief panties that left the top of her asscrack exposed.

“W-wait!” Mike called after the retreating beauty. She continued her stately walk without a backward glance.

He floundered to the pool’s edge and hauled himself out. He couldn’t let her go, just like that! She’d have the wrong idea about him. He didn’t want that.

Or was that really why he felt an overpowering urge to follow the lovely desk clerk with the smoldering blue eyes?

He padded after her, the soles of his feet slapping wetly at the concrete. Yvonne disappeared into a door behind the office. Without really knowing why, he entered the building a few seconds later.

It was dark after the glare of sunlight outside. Blinking from the sudden gloom, Mike could see that it was a bedroom, with a chest of drawers beside him and a neatly-made bed across the room.

Standing by the bed, facing him, was Yvonne. Mike could just make her out, standing with her arms crossed protectively over her large jugs. Mike licked his lips.

“I-I just wanted to say I was sorry. I thought you were my wife, you see, and…” His voice trailed off. Yvonne was coming toward him slowly, blue eyes locked on his.

“I told you,” she said in a strangely husky voice, “you don’t need to apologize.” She stopped, once again so near Mike that the tips of her boobs almost touched his damp, bare chest. The smell of moist female flesh was strong in his nostrils.

“But…” He stopped when Yvonne lowered her arms to remove her bikini top. Mike’s eyes bugged out of his head as the two huge globes of tit were exposed in all their glory.

The man’s eyes were growing accustomed to the dim light. He could clearly see the translucent paleness of Yvonne’s bare boobs, and the way a fine filigree of blue veins crisscrossed the perfect milky tit-flesh. Her nipples were huge, dark purplish patches, with domed nubbins in the center, jutting forth as though in invitation to Mike.

Yvonne dropped her arms to her sides. The bikini top fell to the floor. The motion caused her boobs to jiggle slightly.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked. This time there was no mistaking the cause of the throaty quality of her words. It was sheer, unadulterated lust!

Mike’s cock sprang once more into raging hardness. He gulped. This is crazy, he told himself, it’s all wrong. He thought of Diana lying among the disordered sheets, happily tired from their night of fucking, her body sweet and waiting for the hardness of his prick.

Somehow the mental image of Diana held less impact than the overwhelming physical presence of Yvonne.

The taut nipples fascinated him. Slowly he nodded. His Adam’s apple went up and down in his throat.

Yvonne stepped forward. Her nipples touched his red-furred chest. Electricity seemed to flow from her tits into his flesh. He clutched her arms convulsively, trembling from the effort of trying to control the lust that possessed him.

He turned, unable to let go of her warm, resilient flesh. Little by little she was pressing her glorious boobs harder against him. His cock seemed about to burst fight out of his swimming trunks.

Yvonne moved forward. Her full tits squashed against Mike’s chest. In a stupor Mike retreated step by step. His panic was heightened by the lust in his veins.

He was standing next to the bed. Yvonne leaned against him, her boobs flattening against his pectoral muscles. He sat down abruptly.

She was all over him. Her mouth sought his hungrily as her weight bore him backwards on the bed. Her hands tugged at the wet swim trunks.

The sudden feel of wet female flesh pressed against his body overpowered Mike. He eagerly touched the nearly nude woman atop him, feeling the satin softness of her skin, the resilience of her tits. He raised his ass off the bedspread, lifting the squirming Yvonne into the air with him, to allow her fevered fingers to slide the swim trunks down off his hips. She pulled them past his knees and he kicked out of them as he grabbed two handfuls of tender titflesh.

The raven-haired woman gave a sobbing moan of lust. Mike’s big cock throbbed against her bare belly. Slowly she slithered down his body.

Her tits touched his throbbing cock. The nipples rubbed across his stomach, his crotch, and pressed into his thighs. “Uhhhh,” he said. His fingers twined in her wet lank hair.

She kissed his cock. The prick quivered with anticipation and pleasure. She began to push the cock toward the man’s flat belly, her lips caressing it fondly.

Mike’s prick was pressed onto his stomach like a bar of hot iron. Yvonne’s tongue snaked out of her mouth, lapping the prick like a dog.

This is wrong, this shouldn’t be — think of your wife! a small voice said inside him. Then Yvonne’s tongue found the juncture of his cockhead with the shaft of the mighty prick, and all thought was driven from his mind — except the overpowering heed to this fabulously lovely water nymph!

Mike knew almost nothing about the slim hipped, big-titted woman with the midnight hair who had checked him and new wife into the motel the night before. But he knew one thing now. She was an expert at sucking cock.

She extended her tongue, pinning Mike’s giant prick against his stomach. Then with the tip of her tongue at the sensitive point on the underside of his prick, right below the flaring of the cockhead, she began to rotate her tongue.

The tongue-tip swirled around one point of the cock — and that point was exquisitely receptive to the pleasure her tongue created in his entire prick! “Ahhhhhh!” Mike groaned, clutching at her head. “Oh, God, that feels good!”

She lifted her head. The prick snapped upright and lodged against her chin. “You have a lovely cock,” she said, smiling, her mouth shiny with her own saliva. She bent down to touch the very tip of the fast throbbing prick. She watched him, her curiously slanted blue eyes glowing with amusement and lust.

Mike began to move his hips. Lust raged in his cock like a fire out of control. The moist touch of Yvonne’s agile tongue licked the swollen head of his prick, making him hotter.

She took the prick in slender fingers and lightly jacked Mike off with her mouth still eating him. He shook his head from side to side. Despite the icy blast of the air conditioner over his damp, naked body, he was filmed with sweat. He was about to come off right in Yvonne’s mouth, despite his wild all-night fucking with Diana!

The half-naked Yvonne read him like a book. She could feel it in the vibrations of his cock beneath her tongue, the race of his pulse between her fingers, the very aroma of the sweat that covered him. He was about to start spraying jism like a Browning Automatic Rifle. Her heartbeat quickened at the prospect.

But she wasn’t through with him yet. She looked up. Mike pushed toward her, trying desperately to plunge his aching cock into the delicious mystery of her mouth.

Instead she moved upward on the bed. Her taut nipples traced hot lines along his thighs, toward his crotch. And then Yvonne’s tits were around Mike’s prick!

“Wha…?” Mike raised his head. Yvonne wrapped her hands around her jugs. She pressed her tits together, trapping Mike’s prick between them. His cock was the thick hard meat in an erotic sandwich with her own white tits as the bread!

The tit-flesh seemed to mold to his excited cock. Lust thrilled though Mike’s prick, and his body. Of all the times he’d fucked Diana, they’d done just about everything they could think of. Mike had fucked her pussy, her asshole, and had shot his come down her sucking, delightful mouth. But never had he fucked Diana’s tits!

The novelty of it drove him half-mad. So there was the knowledge that what he was doing was forbidden. He had been married less than twenty-four hours and here he was committing adultery with a perfect stranger!

Yvonne shifted her shoulders. Her flawless boobs surged like waves around the jutting peninsula of his cock. The rippling of tit-flesh around his steely prick was like the flowing motion within an agile pussy. She was squeezing her tits around his cock, it was as though the tits were fucking his mighty prick.

Once again Mike thrust his pelvis toward her. His crotch hit the underside of her tits with a slapping sound as his cock fucked upward between her boobs. Yvonne threw her head back. “Ohhhhhh!” she cried. “Oh yes, fuck my titties good!”

Mike gaped at her. Her tits must have been fantastically sensitive. She was getting as turned on from having her jugs wrapped around his prick as he was from tit fucking her!

He rammed his rump deep into the mattress. His cock slid out of the hot dry tunnel Yvonne had created from her splendid tits. Their cry of unbridled passion blended into a harmonious, orgiastic wail.

Once more Mike’s prick pistoned up through the tunnel of tit-flesh. Yvonne sighed explosively and crushed her jugs together around his cock. The warm tits surrounded Mike’s prick.

He grabbed her head with both hands. Her boobs were like fine satin on his horny prick. Her face was twisted with an ecstasy that was almost painful. The tip of her tongue peeked out of her mouth.

Mike was fucking Yvonne’s ripe jugs in earnest. Again and again his crotch slapped her resilient tit-flesh. Her hands moved restlessly over her boobs, making sure the pressure on Mike’s big cock was constant — and delightful.

Yvonne’s nipples were like huge dark cherries topping her heaving tits. Her long fingernails dug into the aureoles as she massaged her tits. Mike’s prick was like a red-hot iron fucking the passage between her jugs. The heat and rasping friction of his raging cock thrilled Yvonne till she could barely breathe.

Though her blue bikini pants were dry, a dark stain was spreading from the crotch. She could feel the fabric clinging to the crack of her pussy. The thick smell of her aroused cunt hung over the pair like a blanket.

She lowered her head, mouth open to receive the head of Mike’s prick on its next upward drive. For an instant the cockhead disappeared between her lips and her cheeks moved as she flicked her tongue across it.

“Jesus God!” Mike yelled as he yanked his prick back down between Yvonne’s boobs. Her saliva burned like acid on the swollen head of his cock. Unable to control himself he rammed his prick back up, feeling her jugs slip along his cock, clinging like silk.

This time Yvonne closed her ruby lips around Mike’s prickhead for a split second. He moaned. His cock popped out of her mouth as his balls tightened furiously and the great cock pulsated.

From between the tit-flesh a jet of come geysered like white oil. The stream of succulent come shot straight into Yvonne’s waiting mouth. “Arrrggghh!” Mike howled as a tremendous orgasm wrenched his body.

Yvonne moaned as the tangy taste of come filled her mouth. Then Mike’s cock was shooting up from between her tits like a Polaris missile. Mike’s thrust filled her mouth with throbbing cockmeat, and then slathered her tongue with another blast of hot jism. She squealed with joy and came.

Her thighs snapped together like a trap. She ground her pussy mound against a corner of the bed, feeling climaxes wash over her like tidal waves. Mike’s cock, still spurting come, retreated between her jugs again. She followed it with her greedy mouth. With her tits resting on his crotch she burrowed after the come-spraying cock!

Wad after wad of come splashed against her mouth. Her tongue scooped up drops of jism.

Mike thrashed like a wounded whale, fucking Yvonne’s incredible tits, filling her mouth with seething jism. Come spattered her boobs and smeared her lips. She kept squeezing her bountiful boobs.

At last the jism in Mike’s balls was exhausted. He lay back limp, his huge cock deflating between Yvonne’s tits. She raised her head, come dripping from her chin like toothpaste. She smiled at him, lips wet with jism and saliva. Then she sat up.

Yvonne raised her ample tits. Mike had an odd crawling feeling as she lowered her face to lick up the lingering remnants of his come that clung to the tops of her beautiful boobs. Then she stood up and walked to a wall cabinet. Her buttcheeks worked together delectably, and the crotch of her panties practically dripped with cunt juice.

She bent over and pulled back a panel to reveal a TV screen. “Look at this, lover,” she said, and turned a dial.


Sunlight filtered through the drawn curtains. Diana opened her eyes, blinked and stretched like a cat.

Looking down at herself she saw one round tit had fallen out of her nightie. She realized she’d been sleeping that way. That meant Mike had seen her. She felt a flush of embarrassment.

Then she laughed. What did it matter if Mike saw her? They were married now — not that it would have mattered even before they were married. She remembered the photo album stashed in their suitcase and felt a warm tingly feeling in her pussy.

She stretched again. Outside she heard splashing from the pool. Mike was out getting his morning exercise. He was something of an exercise-freak, but Diana didn’t complain. It kept his body hard and muscular and scrumptious, and kept him in shape for that breakneck, strenuous fucking she loved so well.

What a night! Diana sighed happily at the thought. She drifted into fantasy. She imagined her new husband’s mouth on her cunt lips, as his tongue licked her excitingly. She relived the feeling of her body exploding into orgasm as he ate her cunt. She remembered that he tugged her from the bed to impale her pussy on his rigid cock.

She relived the fucking, hot and wild, on the floor of the motel room. His fiery jism had flooded her pussy, and she’d come again, as intensely as before. Then she had rolled off and sucked his cock, licking up the succulent sauce of his come and her cunt honey combined. Diana was no lesbian, but there was something about the taste of her own pussy that augmented the delight of sampling her husband’s prick and creamy come.

Soon Mike’s prick had gotten hard again. Diana had dropped to her side and lifted a perfect thigh. Her cunt was hot, the chestnut cunt-fur matted with pussy sauce and dewed with droplets of milky come. He’d roared like a bull elk in rut and fucked her pussy, clamping her upraised leg with steely fingers and cramming his cock into her cunt so violently that the curly hair around the base of his cock left an imprint on the skin of her asscheek.

Diana almost wept with joy remembering that giant cock stretching her pussy delightfully out of shape. But Mike had already fucked his wife’s cunt once that night. He had something else in mind!

He’d yanked his prick free of her clinging cunt with a shower of pussy oils. Then he’d plunged his prick right up her butthole. She’d screamed as though in mortal agony as the broad cock forged into her asshole. But it wasn’t pain that ripped the shrill cry from her lips. It was a pleasure too concentrated to bear!

Mike had fucked her ass for what had seemed an eternity. In and out of the tiny hole came his cock with incredible speed. Diana felt his cock surge into her asshole, wedging her buttcheeks far apart and filled her belly with delight, then sliding out again with the pussy sauce oiled poopchute. His cock stretched her, and she’d started coming before he’d fucked her a dozen strokes.

Then the tremendous cock buried in her ass had swollen and spat a giant charge of come. Mike’s jism had filled Diana’s ass channel, burning like lava, melting her butt and climaxing pussy into sweet erotic peace.

A knock on the door broke the spell. Diana opened her eyes and took a deep breath. A thick musky odor filled her nostrils. A puzzled frown creased her brows, than she smiled.

Just the thought of the wild fucking of last night had gotten her horny! She reached down and touched a finger to the spongy mound of her pussy. The cunt fur was damp, saturated with the oils of her twat.

The knock sounded again. Diana rose and walked to the window. She pulled the curtain open a crack and peered out. She couldn’t see who was at the door. Then she noticed the pool was empty.

She shook her head. “Mike, you idiot,” she said softly. “You’ve gone and forgotten your keys.”

She let go of her filmy nightgown, which she’d drawn protectively over her swaying boobs. It hung open, baring the insides of her tits and the dark triangle of her pussy, now dewed between her trim thighs by little pearly drops of cunt honey. Not that the nightie concealed much; it barely came past the tops of her thighs, and was so transparent that the dark brown patches of her nipples and her cunt-fur could be seen even when the front was drawn shut and tied. But on their first morning as man and wife, Diana wanted to give her husband an eyeful.

She turned the doorknob. “You’re a dumb Irishman, Michael Burden,” she said as she opened the door, “but I love you anyway.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” came a totally unfamiliar male voice.

Diana blinked. The glare of the morning sun made it impossible for her sleep-bleary eyes to make out who stood outside the motel room. But she could see by the silhouette that whoever it was was tall and slim, not of medium height and stocky like her husband.

Diana stepped back in alarm. “I’m dreadfully sorry,” she said, starting to shut the door. “I-I thought you were my husband.”

“I could tell,” said the stranger, and Diana thought he smiled. He put his foot forward, blocking the door. “Won’t you let me in? I’m Eric Traynor, the manager of the motel. I run the Desert Winds with my sister Yvonne — she checked you in last night, tall girl with black hair?”

“Oh,” Diana said. “Yes, I remember.” She stood a moment in confusion, then retreated a step, letting go of the doorknob.

Abruptly she realized her nightie was still open. She closed it hurriedly. Her cheeks reddened.

The manager laughed. “You’re very pretty when you blush,” he said. Then, as if it was an afterthought, he added, “Mrs. Burden.”

“Thank you,” Diana said uncertainly. She was still dazzled by the morning sunlight that flooded in the door. But she felt that the man was grinning at her in amusement — or was it more than that? He kicked the door shut with his heel, and Diana began to feel uncertain about letting him in. He had a perfect right to come in — after all, he was the manager — but still.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Traynor?” she asked. Her voice betrayed only a hint of the nervousness she felt.

“Call me Eric, please,” the man said. He smoothed back his hair. “Just have to check things out.”

He looked around the room, nodded. “Everything seems to be in order,” he said. He turned his head to look at Diana. She gathered her nightie more closely about her. She thought she saw something in his curious blue eyes she most definitely did not like.

“Well, it was nice meeting you,” she said, walking purposefully toward the door. He stepped in front of her. He sniffed and bared his teeth in an openly lustful grin.

“Mr. Traynor…” Diana began shakily.

“Eric,” he corrected. His eyes flicked down. “Your nipples get hard when you’re nervous, did you know that?”

Diana stepped back. Fear waned with outrage within her. “Mr. Traynor, Eric, whatever you call yourself — I must ask you to get the hell out of my room!”

“And I must respectfully decline,” the man said.

“After all, I am the manager!”

Diana bit her knuckle. She back-pedaled, unsure of where to go, only knowing she had to get away from the man who wanted to be called Eric. There was no mistaking the look on his face — or the bulge in his pants!

“I’ll scream!”

“Go ahead. No one will hear you. The other guests are all on the other side of the court.” He came for her, reaching out hands with surprisingly dainty-looking fingers.

Diana whirled and ran for the bathroom. Eric ran after her. She dashed into the bathroom a step ahead of him and slammed the door in his face.

The man grunted as the door hit him in the nose and knee, but he got his arms inside and kept the terrified newlywed from shutting it completely. “Damn you,” he snarled. He leaned hard against the door.

Diana threw her weight against the bathroom door. It was a losing battle. Inch by inch Eric forced it open. Then with a sudden heave he pushed her back. The door flew open. Diana fell back hard, her nightie flapping up around her hips so that her bare butt flattened on the closed toilet-lid.

The plastic lid felt cool on Diana’s ass. She raised her hands to fend Eric off. He grabbed her wrists, and hauled her up and out of the bathroom. “Goddamn bitch,” he snarled, his almost-elegant manners forgotten. “You nearly broke my nose with that cute little trick.”

He threw her down on the carpet. “You’ll wish you hadn’t tried that,” Eric said. Diana tried to get up. He bent down and ripped the nightie off her cringing body. Then he slapped her.

She was on the floor, naked jugs bouncing. Before she could recover Eric had seized her hands again and was wrapping her wrists in thick black electrician’s tape. When he was finished her arms were bound before her, held more securely by the tape than they would have been by any ropes.

Diana’s cheek stung where he’d slapped her, and tears streamed down it. “What do you want?” she cried. “Why are you doing this to me?”

Some of Eric’s suaveness had returned. “What I want should be obvious,” he said dryly. He unfastened his belt and began to thread it out through the loops of his pants. “As to why I’m doing what I’m about to do — that’s so you’ll know what happens if you try to resist!”

Diana shook her head, not understanding. Eric swung his arm. His belt lashed out and flattened her boobs with a stinging blow.

“Ahhhh!” shrieked Diana. She fell over backwards, auburn hair swirling, legs flying up to expose her pussy and saucy butt to the man’s lust-maddened gaze.

Instinctively the naked woman brought up her bound arms to shield her tits. Her tits blazed with pain. The belt had landed across them, hitting the still-swollen nipples that crowned the mountainous jugs.

Her tits and especially the nipples were very sensitive, as the many screaming orgasms she’d gotten from Mike’s lips and tongue working on her tits could attest. Now she found out something else about those lovely, nerve-rich tits of hers.

They were every bit as sensitive to pain as they were to pleasure!

“Don’t hit me!” she moaned, rolling from side to side. “Please don’t hit me again!”

Eric laughed and swung the belt. It landed across the tops of her thighs — and squarely atop the dark-furred mound of her pussy. She howled and flopped onto her belly as her cunt exploded into an agony as fierce as that that ate at her tits.

In her pain-filled frenzy it never occurred to the captive that her assflesh, jutting invitingly into the air, would present a perfect target for the sadistic motel manager.

Eric brought the belt whistling down to a brutal impact on her naked ass. A wicked red line appeared crossing the crack of her tightly-clamped butt, to match the scarlet lines glowing on her tits and her crotch.

“Eeeeee-AAAIIIII!” Diana’s nude body jackknifed into the air. Eric slashed her ass with the belt again as she rose up. She fell back screaming.

“No! Nooooo — stoopppp!” Diana’s frenzied cries were in vain. Eric’s rage at having the door slammed in his face had abated, but in its place was an uncontrollable torture lust — a mad desire to watch that perfect ass turn fiery red, to see and know the impact of the belt on his victim’s ringing, naked flesh, to listen to her useless, pleading cries as he taught her who was slave and who was master!

Blow after blow landed on Diana’s vulnerable ass. She flopped around as though the carpet was a red-hot oven. She thrashed on the floor in unbearable pain. Her agonized kicking did as much good as her appeals for mercy.

Eric knew no mercy. All he knew was the matchless delight of whipping succulent young female flesh, and hearing Diana’s rich contralto breaking into hideous wailing screams, in counterpoint to the smack of leather on bare assflesh.

To Diana it felt as though a blowtorch was being taken to her ass. Each stroke of the belt, hard-driven by all the might of Eric’s wiry arms, doubled the agony in her ass. Her already-sore tits were rubbed raw on the carpet, but the pain in her whipped jugs was nothing compared to the torment as Eric’s belt licked avidly at her ass.

Sweat flew from Eric’s long face as he lashed furiously at Diana’s shapely rump. Her ass was no longer pure snowy white. Broad crimson welts covered her butt in a criss-cross pattern, making her ass look like a deranged Scotsman’s tartan. She groveled on the floor, her body writhing like a long pale eel.

He brought the whip singing down right along the crack of his captive’s ass. Diana’s asscheeks were tightly clenched against the pain, and so her asshole was protected from the cruel stroke. All the same, the strap bit deeply into the tender assflesh.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Eric tossed the belt away and began to undress, savoring the sound of his captive’s last hoarse, protracted cry of pain.

Diana’s ass pulsated with agony. As she lay, limp and exhausted on the carpet. Her whipped and abraded jugs ached in pain. She was enveloped in a terrible totality of pain. Her face was soaked in tears.

What’s happened? Diana wondered. How could something like this be? She knew some people got their kicks out of tying up and whipping naked women, but she’d never expected to meet one in real life.

Especially not on the first day of her honeymoon!

She sniffled. Her ass smoldered with pain. At least Eric was though with her now. He tired of whipping her. For a moment Diana feared her tormentor would kill her, but dismissed the idea. That would be going too far.

Hands gripped her waist and she was lifted into the air with surprising ease.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. Something stiff prodded into her buttcheeks, making her gasp with pain.

Large as she was, tall and full-bodied, Eric carried her as if she were a child. He bore her to the chest of drawers with the mirror attached. She raised her hands, uncertain as to what would come next. The edge of the chest shoved against her bare thighs.

Eric tipped his victim forward, then reached down and grabbed her thighs.

“Oh!” Diana exclaimed. Her arms and cheek were pressed against the smooth glass of the mirror. She was bent backwards like a bow. Her legs waved helplessly in space. Something hard slid between her inflamed asscheeks and jabbed at the tiny poopchute. Diana realized what Eric intended, and cried out in sudden fear.

He was going to fuck her ass with a bone-dry cock!

Her shrill, horrified cry seemed to spur him on. The conical cockhead shoved hard against her asshole. Diana fought with all the strength of her splendid body, but it was no good. Eric’s fingers dug deeply into the padding over her hipbones. With a grunt of effort he plugged his cockhead into her poopchute.

“Uhhhhhhhh-GAAAHHHH!” Pain shot up Diana’s ass channel as the cockhead scraped the asshole. It felt like a dowel wrapped in sandpaper. What would the rest of that cock feel like when it was fucking her poor ass?

Eric was determined she would find out right away. He shifted his hands to her red-glowing ass, and the thumbs came down into her asscrack to draw the cheeks of her rump apart. Diana wailed as the thumbs pained the puffy flesh where his belt had landed.

He was driving his cock into her with excruciating slowness. The stretching of her asshole didn’t bother her — Diana soon realized the tall man’s cock was as slender as he, far skinnier than her husband’s titanic prick. But the friction of the unlubricated cockmeat within the sensitive dry ass was a hideous rasping, as if a stick studded with broken glass were being jammed up her butt.

“N-nooooooo,” she sobbed desperately. “Stop! Ghaaa — please! You’re tearing me up inside!”

Eric laughed breathily. “Would I do something like that?” he asked. Sweat rolled off his nose and landed on raw flesh. He laughed again as the woman flinched at the feel of salty sweat on her ass.

“I wouldn’t want to spoil you for more games. But a little pain is good for you, don’t you think?”

The pain in Diana’s ass was too great for her to answer. It seemed Eric had been thrusting his prick up her ass for hours, and there was no sign that the agonizing cock tormenting her asshole was going to stop.

“H-how long?” she made herself choke. “How… much… more… cock?”

“Only about half of it left, sweetheart,” Eric said jovially. “You’ve got about — uhhh! — five and a half inches of good sturdy prick up your sweet asshole as of now!”

Diana groaned in disbelief and agony. If the half of Eric’s cock rammed up her ass was five and a half inches, that meant his whole prick was eleven inches long! She sobbed. She couldn’t stand having that much cock up her shredded asshole!

But she had no choice. As if reading her mind, Eric grabbed her more firmly and jammed the rest of his prick up her ass with a heave of his hips. All eleven inches of Eric’s cock was planted in her aching asshole — and it felt like forty feet of splintery timber!

“Uh! Guuuhhhhh!” Diana could do no more than issue guttural noises of anguish. The pain in her asshole was soul-searing, unbearable. She knew the tender lining of her asshole had been torn beyond repair by the entry of the dry prick. She only hoped she’d die before she was tortured any more.

Oblivion was denied her. Eric stood for a moment, his captive’s legs waving feebly to either side of him, relishing the incomparable tightness of the asshole wrapped around his lengthy stalk of cock. He panted like a dog.

Diana tried to draw a breath so she could scream. The pain in her asshole was terrible. Every beat of pulse in the cock buried in her asshole sent fresh stabs of pain up her poopchute and into her belly. The edge of the chest of drawers bit into her thighs. Her arms were pressed hard against the mirror, crushing her tender tits. Her cheek was flattened on the glass.

In the mirror she could see Eric’s face, handsome and gloating with almost unearthly malice. He would have been almost irresistible to her in other circumstances, married or not. His body was lean and covered in wiry muscles, his eyes were blue and gleamed with a strange, overpowering light. His shoulders rocked from side to side as he moved his cock within her asshole, sending fresh torment lancing up her butt.

Then he fucked his cock out of her ass. It felt worse than it had plowing into her butt. “YAAAAAHHHHHH!” she howled.

The cock shot out, of her ass as though fired from a gun. It was as though the flared head of his cock was honed to a sharp, scraping edge. It seemed to flay the skin from the inside of the screaming woman’s asshole!

Gasping with lust, Eric yanked his cock free until only the head was trapped by the tight ring of Diana’s asshole. Without pausing he plunged his prick full speed up her butt again. The shrill shriek of anguish from Diana’s throat was music to his ears.

He fucked her ass as hard and fast and furiously as Mike had ever fucked her pussy. The pain in her ass channel seemed to grow and grow. Her nude body was in an incredibly cramped, unnatural position, but Diana barely noticed. The agony in her butthole demanded her entire attention!

Eric’s face, reflected in the mirror, was like a malevolent balloon. His smile taunted her as his prick agonizingly violated her ass. His fingers were like steel claws digging into the juicy flesh of her rump.

Eric gave a series of short, explosive grunts as the thrill of torturing his beautiful prisoner blended with the sheer erotic joy of fucking a tight, hot, and inexpressibly lovely ass. God, it’ll be nice playing games with this hot bitch, he thought, in the last moment of clarity before orgasm wiped out his conscious mind. I wonder how my sister is doing with her husband.

Then he gasped and drove all eleven inches of his cock up Diana’s ass. A load of jism traveled the length of his prick and blew into her butt with shattering force.

It was as though a pipe were shooting live steam up her ass. With the lining of her ass channel raw from the friction of Eric’s pumping prick, the salty come that suddenly filled her ass burned like lye.

“Ahhhh-ah! YAAAAIIIIIII!” she heard her voice screaming as though from far away. The reflected image of her tormentor’s face smiled even wider as his come began to leak from her agonized asshole.


The screen flickered before Mike’s lust-fogged eyes. Still dizzy from fucking Yvonne’s fabulous tits, he watched snaky dark bands crawl across, the screen and resolve themselves into an image.

Mike blinked as the picture became clear. This certainly wasn’t daytime television!

He saw a tall, slim man dragging a long-haired and slender woman out of a bathroom. The woman was dressed only in a nightie, which had fallen open to expose big well-shaped jugs and a downward pointing triangle of cunt fur. The black and white image gave no clue as to what the screaming woman’s hair color was, except that it was dark.

He glanced at Yvonne. She gave him a cryptic smile. Her nipples were still huge, and drops of his come were drying on her tits. He looked back to the screen.

The tall man had ripped the nightgown off his victim and was wrapping her wrists with electrician’s tape. Her arms blocked off Mike’s view of her face. But from what he could see of her cringing, naked body, she was spectacularly lovely indeed!

Fascinated, Mike watched the man step back, pulling out his belt. Then he swung it and hit the nude woman hard across the tits.

The woman’s face contorted with agony. Mike froze. It was the first time he’d had a good look at her face, and even twisted with the pain of her whipped jugs it was one well-known to him.

It was his wife Diana!

Instantly he was off the bed. The beginnings of another raging hard-on that had stiffened his cock as he watched the odd picture-show disappeared immediately.

“What the hell is going on?” he yelled at Yvonne.

She smiled at him. Her expression was maddening — but in a different way than it had been before.

“Don’t worry…” she began calmly.

“Don’t worry? That’s my wife!” He glared at the TV set. “Who is that man? Where is Diana? What’s happening to her?”

The picture on the screen showed all too clearly what was happening. His brand-new wife was lying on her belly, writhing as if in terrible pain. And the tall man was flailing away at her ass with his belt!

Guilt rushed over Mike. Here he was — not five minutes ago he’d been fucking his cock abandonedly between Yvonne’s luscious tits without a thought for Diana! And now his wife was a prisoner, being tortured by a strange, sadistic man while her husband watched helplessly.

Or maybe not so helplessly. Mike abruptly recognized the room he shared with his bride. He rushed past Yvonne and pulled open the door.

His first impression was of a great hulking form in the doorway, blocking the light. His second was of a fist the size of a hamhock rushing toward his face. Then all was black.

After what seemed an hour of terrible pulsating pain, Diana felt the eleven-inch prick give one last hearty throb and instantly begin to soften in her asshole. The wad of come the last cock-spurt had fired up her butt sizzled anew on the raw nerve-ends lining her ass channel. She could feel sperm percolating around the limp length of cock in her rump and leak slimily out of her outraged asshole.

Slowly the burning agony in her butt diminished. “G-god,” she sobbed brokenly. “I’m hurt — God, my asshole hurts! I’m all torn up inside!”

Eric laughed. “Don’t worry,” he said in a voice that trembled with the after-effects of his thunderous orgasm. He’d just finished fucking what seemed like gallons of his come up his victim’s beautiful butt, and he was drained of more than the jism that ran so freely from Diana’s asshole. It felt as if all the strength had fled his wiry frame.

“You think I’d do any permanent damage? I don’t find new playmates often enough to dispose of them so casually.”

The implication of what her torturer said missed Diana completely. Eric’s prick was no longer a brutal, steely shaft impaling her asshole and rubbing it raw. It had shrunk in her butthole, and his come, though it stung her rectum, did serve to lubricate her asshole. Now she was becoming aware of her other pains.

There were a lot of them. Her whipped tits blazed, and her ass felt as though the skin had been flayed. Her thighs hurt where the sharp edge of the chest of drawers dug into them. The muscles of her back ached from her body being forced backward into an unnatural position. The mirror’s glass was unyielding on her cheek.

She looked back and forth from the reflected image of her attacker and the man himself. He was grinning at her, with sweat pouring down on his long face. She shuddered. The look of unholy satisfaction in his sapphire-blue eyes was like nothing she’d ever seen.

He laid his palms on her asscheeks. The once-satiny skin was rough and puffy with the welts of his belt. The buttcheeks twitched and Diana gave a small squeak of pain at his touch.

He started pulling his limber prick from her come-gorged asshole. The breath rushed in sharply over her gritted teeth. Even with the slippery jism to grease her ass channel, that long cock hurt horribly coming out of her ass.

Torrents of come ran from Diana’s asshole as the cock slid free. It popped out and fell, down between Eric’s thighs. Come stretched between the tip of the prick and the gaping, inflamed asshole. Diana’s sphincter muscle shut her poopchute and cut the rope of come. It fell to the carpet.

“Ahhhh.” With a sigh of satisfaction, Eric stepped away from his victim. Her nude body began to slip back. She relaxed. Her cheek moved squeakily down the mirror and she collapsed to the floor.

The rough nap of the carpet pained her already-anguished body. She began to sob. Her tits quaked, squeezed together between her bound forearms so that the nipples stuck out like fingers.

But Eric wasn’t through with her. The first sound she heard was the hated whine of the belt through the cool air of the motel room. The leather wrapped almost caressingly around a red-glowing asscheek. The tip stung like a scorpion at the exposed lips of her pussy.

“Gahhhhh!” Diana rolled frantically away from him. “Go away! Oh, my pussy hurts! Why can’t you leave me alone?”

“Oh, don’t be that way, Diana dear. The day’s just begun. Aren’t you eager to see what else it has in store for you?”


The belt descended. Leather struck her asscheek which was already welted from ruthless blows. Diana screamed.

“What do you want me to do?” she shrieked, when the pain had subsided enough for her to form words.

“Stand up.”

Diana obeyed. She struggled to her feet clumsily, unable to use her bound hands to help herself up. Her agonized asshole twinged with pain at every movement of her long legs, she winced at the pain she came near losing balance.

Eric lost patience. “Hurry up, slut!” he snapped. To emphasize his command he brought the belt whistling forward.

It struck the tip of a dangling boob. The nipple exploded into fiery pain. Diana screamed, but leapt to her feet.

She stood staring at him, with her tit and ass and cunt throbbing with pain. Hate glared from her hazel eyes.

Eric jerked his head toward the front door. “Move,” he said. When Diana hesitated he brought the belt forward and lightly flicked her naked hip. She moved.

She came to the door and stopped. “What are you waiting for, bitch?” Eric demanded. “Open it!”

“But I can’t go outside like this,” Diana said, glancing fearfully over her shoulder. “And my hands are tied.”

The belt licked right up the crack of her ass. She fell against the door as pain filled her butt. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned.

She fumbled at the door. She had to grasp the knob with both hands and turn her arms to open the door. Her palms were sweaty and slippery, and she couldn’t seem to keep hold of the metal knob. She heard the belt rustle impatiently on the floor, as if lusting the feel of her flesh, and she pulled the door open with a heave.

“Now out.” Anticipating his captive’s protest, Eric smacked Diana’s ass with his belt. She shrieked and hopped into the full blaze of the morning sunlight.

The hot Southwestern sun fell like molten gold on her pale, abused titflesh. Her eyes were dazzled by the glare.

“Oh, Mrs. Burden,” a female voice called out happily. “How nice of you to join us!”

Diana squinted through the bright light. Two people stood by the poolside, and another sprawled in a chair. Slowly she picked out features. There was a tall and slender woman with big tits bared to the sun’s full fury, a hulking red-haired ape of a man — and in the chair her husband!

“Mike!” she screamed. She started to run towards him. “Oh, Mike, oh, God, I’m so glad to see you. These people…”

She broke off. Mike was looking at her with naked pain on his face. He shifted in his chair, but his arms stayed behind him.

“Diana…” he croaked. He swallowed to wet his throat. “I’m sorry, Di. I let you down, sweetheart.” He dropped his eyes.

Diana whirled to face the woman who stood gloating at his side. “What have you done to him?” she demanded.

“Only handcuffed him,” the woman said. “That, and fucked him with my tits.”

Diana reeled. She looked from the woman to Mike. Her husband was stark-naked. And, spattered like white paint on the huge limp hose of his cock, were telltale droplets of drying come!

Diana turned to the woman again. The other’s hair was jet-black and fell to her full, milky tits. Yes, Diana could see jism on her heavy tits, and another droplet clung to her chin. What the black-haired bitch was saying was true!

A touch on her shoulder made her jump. She turned her had and saw that Eric had come up behind her. “Don’t blame your husband too much, my dear,” he smiled. “It would take a superman to resist my darling sister’s charms. She’s quite a woman.”

Yvonne smiled at her brother. Diana saw the resemblance between them — the lean, limber build, oval face, slightly slanted blue eyes contrasting with raven hair. With something of a shock Diana realized Yvonne was the woman who had checked them into the motel last night. She’d looked so prim and reserved then, almost plain.

Now she was haughty and lovely and terrible!

“We watched you and Eric on our closed-circuit television. It was quite a show. Of course, Mike got upset and wanted to do something about it.” Yvonne glanced over her shoulder at the broad-shouldered man who stood unspeaking behind her. “Frank had to calm him down. That reminds me, by the way. As a reward I promised Frank — you!”

Diana gaped. Then she gasped. The man called Frank took a step forward, pulling down his trousers as he walked.

“N-no!” Diana whispered. She stepped back. Abruptly her right asscheek was stung by Eric’s belt. She stopped dead, pain warring with fear of Frank. “She doesn’t want you, Frank,” Eric said dryly from behind her.

Frank pulled down his pants. His cock sprang out. Diana stared. It was neither as fat as Mike’s prick nor as long and snaky as Eric’s. But it was monstrously thick just the same, and eight inches long!

The man straightened and stood grinning with his cock aiming at her like a cannon. He was youngish, with long ape-like arms and the shoulders of a weightlifter. Bushy red sideburns framed a broad and homely face. His teeth were even and very white.

“She don’t like me?” he asked. “That’s okay, honey. You don’t got to.”

He stooped and picked up something that lay at his feet. Diana frowned curiously at it, then went pale with horror. It was a yard long piece of rope, bristling with broken fibers and almost as thick as the massive wrist of the man who held it.

And something told the captive he was going to use it on her!

“Thass right,” Frank said. “You gonna like me less when I finish whupping you with this!”

Diana looked frantically around. Eric and Yvonne stood with naked lust on their faces. Her husband struggled against his bonds, but the handcuffs bit more tightly the more he fought.

She was alone.

She tried to run. Eric caught her and pushed her roughly. She fell to the concrete, skinning her lip. Then Frank was there, looming over the captive.

“No!” Diana choked out. The rope fell.

The heavy rope crushed her vulnerable tits. She screamed and rolled over. Grunting like a pig Frank lashed at her ass, already covered with a network of broad red belt-marks.

“Ah! Ohhh! STOP!” The pain was worse than the pain Eric’s belt had caused her. Much worse. The fibers sticking from the rope bit and tore at her tender assflesh as leather never could.

And burly Frank was vastly stronger than his employer! Each blow of the rope landed harder on Diana’s tormented ass, and seemed to cut deeper into her ass.

Diana was crawling, blinded by pain and her long auburn hair which hung like a screen before her eyes. Laughter rang in her ears, Eric and Yvonne delighted by the captive’s agonized struggles. Mike was bellowing wordlessly, and Frank snorted and snuffled like a horny bull as he whipped the woman mercilessly.

The concrete scraped her knees and her elbows. But it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except escape from that awful rope and the constant, crushing, awful pain in her ass. Diana’s tits swung like overripe fruit waiting to be picked. The rush of blood into her tits brought a renewal of the pain there, but Diana didn’t notice it with the greater agony from her brutally beaten ass.

She bumped against something hard. She raised her arms painfully and drew herself up. The surface was even rougher than the pavement around the pool. Another blow landed along the furrow between her sumptuous asscheeks, and she scooted ahead two feet.

The surface gave beneath her and then rose springily, lifting her. She realized where she was. She’d crawled onto the diving board.

She was trapped!

She quivered, half afraid to tumble into the water, where she was sure she’d drown with her hands tied, and half willing herself to take the plunge and let the water surround her in cool oblivion. She waited for the next unbearable stroke of the rope.

It never came. Instead Frank grabbed her and turned her over on her back. She cried out as the diving board abraded her pussy, welted ass. Ignoring her, Frank put his big hands on her knees and pulled them apart. Then he leaped on top of her!

He grabbed the writhing woman’s shoulders. His cock jabbed rhythmically at her pussy. The spongy outer lips gave way at the onslaught of his cock. Then the wedge-shaped prickhead was driving between the delicate cunt lips, and into the sinuous tube of Diana’s pussy!

Diana screamed, as much in surprise as pain. The flexible mouth of her pussy spread wide to take the stranger’s cock in. And suddenly all, eight inches of prick were filling the captive’s reluctant cunt!

The air rushed out of Diana’s lungs. A spasm of pain wracked her cunt. The tunnel of her pussy was bone dry, as dry as her asshole had been when Eric fucked it — and Frank’s cock hurt almost as much going into her pussy!

Frank rolled his hips and ground his crotch against Diana’s. The movement rubbed her ass around on the diving board. It was like touching her tender ass to a grindstone.

“Ah, noooooooo!” she wailed.

Assflesh seemed to be sanded away as Frank moved his mighty cock in Diana’s cunt. His weight bore down on her arms, pinning them, flattening her tortured breasts. She longed to claw his eyes. But she was helpless. She could do nothing but lie there and get fucked!

Dry as Diana’s pussy was, it was hot and tight around Frank’s big prick. The pressure of pussy on his pounding cock maddened him. He wanted to fuck!

He did. His body hunched as he drew his cock out of Diana’s cunt. She cried out. The pain in her ass eased, but the withdrawal of the cock with its hooded, broad head seemed to be tearing her pussy apart.

Diana’s legs were splayed out to the side. Mike watched them flail helplessly as the cock rose from her cunt until only the head remained trapped by her pussy lips. Then the long and lovely legs clamped convulsively around Frank’s thick body as the cock plunged into her cunt once more!

“YAHHHHHHH!” Agony raged in Diana’s ass and raped pussy. The red-haired handyman’s balls slapped at the crack of her ass as his cock drove to the hilt in her unwilling pussy. Instantly the cock started pulling out of her pussy.

This time was different, though. This time the swollen cock rasped across the tiny button of Diana’s clit, nestled in its protective hood of pink flesh at the very top of her cunt slit. The effect was electric.

Uncontrollably Diana arched her back. Perhaps the pain and humiliation she was undergoing had driven all inhibitions from her tormented body. Whatever the reason, the contact of Frank’s cock with her clit had filled Diana’s pussy with a raging hurricane of lust!

Frank raised his ass into the air. Then he paused. What was the strong, succulent smell that suddenly rose to his nostrils? And why did it feel that the cunt-swallowed head of his prick was buried in a wet, clinging morass?

The tension in the naked victim’s body, the sudden tautness of her nipples gave Frank the answer.

“Hot damn!” he howled. “The bitch has gotten horny!” Then he fucked Diana’s throbbing cunt with all his force!

His cock entered her cunt with a sound like someone stepping in mud. Yvonne and Eric shared glances. There was passion in the look, and triumph. Yvonne ran her tongue around her rich red lips. Her brother’s cock, already stiff from watching Diana’s torture and degradation, gave an answering throb of excitement.

Mike shook his head. He could see Frank’s big cock pistoning in and out of his wife’s pussy. He could see how shining juices from Diana’s pussy slimed the shaft of the mighty prick and matted the curly crimson hair around its base. There was no question. Diana was enjoying herself completely, fucking Frank as eagerly as he was fucking her. As eagerly as Mike had fucked Yvonne’s bountiful tits.

At least I don’t have to feel so guilty, Mike thought. Then he was ashamed. There was no comparison between his fucking Yvonne’s tender tits of his own free will and Diana’s responding to Frank’s big prick in her pussy!

Nor was Mike mistaken. His wife had forgotten him as completely as he had forgotten her when Yvonne first curled her tongue around the head of his rock-hard prick. She’d forgotten everything.

The sunlight, the diving board scraping her whipped ass, the pain that had possessed her just moments before. Nothing existed for Diana, except Frank’s enormous cock and her pussy, hungry to be fucked!

Frank had felt a stab of disappointment when he realized what he was doing was no longer rape as far as his victim was concerned. But then her sopping pussy was around his prick like a hungry mouth, and all traces of disappointment were gone. If the bitch wanted his cock, that’s what she’d get!

The cock plunged torpedo-like into her pussy. Diana’s legs wrapped around him, trying to stuff more of that delightful prick into her needy cunt.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “I shouldn’t — but I want you to FUCK MEEE!”

Cunt juice sprayed Diana’s thighs as Frank’s massive cock slammed into her waiting cunt.

“Unh!” she cried. “Your cock is huge! I think I’m g-going to… COMMMMMMMMME!”

Her pussy gripped Frank’s buried cock like a vise. The lustful spasms seemed to suck his giant prick even deeper into her cunt. It felt like a noose had tightened behind the head of his deep-driven cock and a long spray of jism blasted from the prick’s tip.

“YESSSSSSSS!” howled Diana. “Come in me! Fill my pussy with your jism — come in my hungry cunt!”

Mike watched wearily as the cock plunging in and out of his wife’s sopping cunt became smeared with strands of white, gooey come. Jism spilled from Diana’s pussy as Frank fucked with the fury of his own orgasm. The lips of the woman’s cunt seemed to pulsate. The come that drooled from her cunt ran down around her asshole, still inflamed from the onslaught of Eric’s long cock.

Mike turned his head to see Yvonne at his side. Her tits seemed swollen. Her nipples were big and hard as marbles.

“He really is some stud,” she commented breathlessly. Then she bent down beside Mike so the tip of one luscious tit brushed his bare shoulder. “But I think you’re better, lover,” she whispered in his ear.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Diana screamed ecstatically.


Bright lights seemed to flash behind Diana’s tightly shut eyes as Frank’s plunging cock set off orgasm after violent orgasm in her pussy. Her body seemed to tingle with the sheer joy of lustful fucking. The feeling of fullness that ram rodding cock gave her cunt was simply beyond compare!

Except for the feeling in her pussy when it was her husband’s cock that was doing the fucking!

The thought came unbidden from the depths of her passion-fevered mind. It was like a bucket of cold water dashed over her. The fires of climax raging in her pussy went out instantly.

Frank didn’t notice. Diana’s pussy had already sucked every last drop of come stored in his balls out the pinprick hole in the tip of his big cock. Diana went limp beneath him, but he fucked her cunt a few more times, the big cock pulsing with the after shocks of his orgasm.

Then he lay atop her unmoving for a moment. She became aware of his dead weight, the sharp odor of his sweat, the acrid scent of the come that had overflowed her pussy. She could feel his huge cock inside her cunt, with his jism congealing all around it, and she was disgusted. At the ape-like handyman. And at herself…

“Diana?” she heard her husband’s voice, as though from a distance. “Di, honey — are you all right?”

Suddenly Diana’s heart overflowed with love for her husband. He had just watched her getting the daylights fucked out of her — and watched her visibly and vocally enjoy it! She had actually come off while having her pussy plowed by the cock of a man who not five minutes before had been whipping her agonized ass with a length of rope — and still Mike’s first thought was one of concern for her!

Perhaps he had let himself be seduced by Yvonne. Diana could understand how that could happen. Yvonne could give a hard-on to a bronze statue simply by walking by! But whatever Mike had done, he was still her husband. She felt proud.

Above her, Frank gave a long, sated sigh. His cock had become a limp, slimy worm inside Diana’s pussy. He put his hands on the diving board and raised himself. His cock slid from, her cunt with a sucking noise.

“You’re one helluva piece of ass, lady, I’ll say that for you.” For a moment he hunched over her on his hands and knees, watching a mixture of come and cunt juice stream out of her slack-lipped pussy. His dangling cock dripped jism onto her thighs as it swung slowly from side to side.

He looked back at his employers. “What do y’all want me to do with her?” he asked.

Yvonne glanced at her brother, whose lengthy cock was sticking out from his crotch like the bowsprit of a sailing ship. “Bring her on over and give her to Eric,” she said thoughtfully, “then bring her husband along to their room.”

“What have you got in mind, doll?” Eric asked, his eyes devouring his sister’s naked jugs.

“The shower game.”

Breath hissed in over Eric’s teeth. “The shower game?” he asked and smiled. “That’s my favorite. You’re very considerate, sister, dear.”

Yvonne’s smile was openly sensuous. “You know it, my loving brother!”

The exchange meant nothing to Diana. With her wrists bound she was helpless to resist as Frank stood up and gathered her in his powerful arms. If she struggled she’d probably fall in the pool and drown.

“Can’t we?” she asked. “Michael, darling, you disappoint me. Surely you don’t think this is the first time we’ve done this?”

The handcuffed young photographer looked from Eric to Yvonne. They returned his stare coolly. He shook his head dazedly.

The implications of what the raven-haired wanton with the huge tits had said were shocking. How many young couples had strayed into the Desert Winds Motel — and never left? It was early in the season, too early for there to be many tourists. Mike and Diana had chosen the Desert Winds partly because there were very few cars in the parking lot. They’d wanted a lot of privacy for their honeymoon.

If only they’d known what they were getting into!

He wondered how, many young wives had screamed as Eric whipped them, writhed in the embrace of bear-like arms as Frank fucked their captive cunts. And perhaps Yvonne had taken her pleasure with lovely female prisoners as well. The way she was looking over his bound, naked wife made it clear her appreciation of Diana’s beauty was more than academic!

But that wasn’t what truly appalled him. The question that nagged at him was, what did Eric and Yvonne do with their playmates after they tired of them? They couldn’t very well let them go, to take their stories of forced-fucking and sadistic tortures to the authorities.

There could only be one answer.

The desert was vast. Vast enough to hold any number of murdered bodies in shallow, unmarked graves.

Frank was behind him, hauling him up by the armpits. Eric put a slender hand on Diana’s arm. “This way, my dear.”

Diana looked rebellious. Eric’s belt rustled suggestively over the concrete. She paled, and did as she was told.

With the burly handyman behind him to keep him in line, Mike had no choice but to follow his wife as Eric and his sister went into Diana and Mike’s room. Mike winced at the sight of Diana’s ass. The naked, symmetrical demiglobes of her ass were puffy and red, and rumply with the imprint of the diving board. There was no permanent damage done to the exquisitely fine skin over her perfect buttcheeks, but Mike’s heart twinged at the thought of the pain his bride must be undergoing.

The motel room was cool, almost icy after the merciless desert sun. Eric, smiling, ushered Diana toward the bathroom as Frank pushed Mike down in a chair by the door.

In the bathroom doorway, Diana hung back and looked at her husband. Her concern was plain on her beautiful, tear-stained face. “Don’t do anything foolish, sweetheart,” she said urgently. “Don’t do anything to make them hurt you — no matter what they do to me!”

Mike opened his mouth to speak. Yvonne stepped boldly to his side. “Don’t worry about that, honey,” she said. She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her blue bikini bottom. Slowly she rolled the panties down over her lush hips.

Mike turned his head. His eyes widened. Beneath the bikini Yvonne’s skin was white as freshly fallen snow. The perfect pale skin was a stark contrast to the geometrically neat, midnight-black triangle of fur that covered her soft pussy mound.

Leering down at the captive, Yvonne rolled her hips and pulled her panties down around her thighs. The odor of her hot pussy hit Mike full in the face. A droplet of clear cunt juice glittered in the tufts of raven hair between her shapely thighs.

She bent to pull the panties off over her feet. Her tits swung back and forth in front, of. Mike’s face. She straightened, naked, abandoned, and unashamed. Then she pivoted and thrust her cunt right into the handcuffed man’s face!

“Don’t worry a bit,” she said over her shoulder. She rolled her hips again. Her pink pussy opened up like a flower and slathered hot cunt sauces all over Mike’s face. “I won’t hurt him!”

Tears started from Diana’s eyes. With a laugh Eric pulled her into the bathroom. The captive heard wet sucking sounds as Yvonne rubbed her soaking cunt into Mike’s face.

Holding Diana’s upper arm, Eric pulled the sliding door of the shower open. “In you go, my dear,” he said, urging her into the tiled stall. “You’re a mess. All sweaty, and with Frank’s come running down your lovely thighs. You really must get cleaned up.”

Diana looked at him uncertainly. She stood with her back to the shower head, her arms held protectively over her tits. What did Eric have in mind now? She heard the creak of metal as he adjusted the water behind her. Then he turned the water on full.

The stream of water struck her beaten buttcheeks with staggering force. And the water was boiling hot!

“AIIIIIEEEEEE!” Diana jumped forward. Her tits smashed into the wall of the stall. Eric held the shower head, laughing like a fiend, keeping the scalding jet of water trained on his captive’s agonized ass.

“Stop!” she howled, her voice ringing in the enclosed space. “Ahhhhhh! Let me goooooooo!”

As if on command the burning stream ceased.

Thankfully, she slumped to the floor of the shower stall. Her ass throbbed with a new and poignant pain.

Eric was in the stall with her, hands under her arms, raising her. “Up you came,” he said. “Now you know what the shower game is. Isn’t it fun?”

In the living room Mike managed to tear his face away from Yvonne’s dinging cunt. “Are you all right?” he shouted. Strong fingers closed behind his head and forced his face back into the midst of the scarlet pussy-blossom.

“Forget about her!” Yvonne commanded. “I’m here, and that’s all that counts. Eat my pussy!”

She thrust her hips forward. The pink petals of her cunt parted to enfold Mike’s nose and mouth. His mouth filled with the succulent sauces of her pussy. The feel of her cuntlips was silken on his lips. Hot pussy juice ran down his chin and dripped onto his chest, even ran down his belly onto his dormant cock.

Mike was half-wild with fear for his wife’s safety. But there was something about the black-haired woman with the slanted sapphire eyes. She exuded an irresistible sexual magic. Her pussy was soft paradise, and the honeys of her cunt were nectar on his tongue. Almost against his will, Mike opened his mouth and let his tongue slide out to caress the dripping, slippery lips of her cunt.

Her hands gripped his head eagerly. “Ahhhhh!” she sighed, as he began to eat her pussy with single minded passion.

Eric pushed Diana to stand between him and the shower head. She cringed away from the water outlet. Its jet of near-boiling water was like the breath of a dragon, and she didn’t want to feel it caressing her nude flesh again.

Eric’s arm snaked past her. “Noooooooo!” she screamed, as he turned the handle.

A stream of water hit her tits with a stinging force. Only this time the water leaping from the shower head was cold-ice cold. It struck her whip-marked tits and seemed to burn the way the hot water had seared her ass.

Diana shrieked and fell back against Eric. His prick fit into the furrow between the cheeks of her ass. She could feel his pulse racing in his cock, transmitted through the sensitive meat of her rump.

“Isn’t that better than the hot?” Eric asked in her ear. He rocked his hips, fucking his prick along her asscrack. “Well?”

This time he turned on the hot again. “GAAAAHHHHHHHH!” his victim howled. It felt as if her tits were being boiled!

But Eric was being careful to do nothing that would truly damage the prisoner. As he had told her, it wasn’t often he had a playmate as breathtakingly beautiful as Diana Burden. He wanted all the use possible out of her.

But he knew how far he could go in torturing women without harming them. After all, he’d had lots of practice!

Diana’s anguished shrieks assaulted Mike’s ears. But still he could not control the desire that raged within him. Yvonne’s slim fingers were crushing his face into the gaping mouth of her pussy. His tongue was flicking far up her cunt as his lips teased her frilly pussy lips.

“Diana!” he tried to cry out, as another scream echoed from the bathroom. “Oh, God, forgive me!”

His outcry was muffled by Yvonne’s hungry cunt. The vibrations his voice set up in her pussy thrilled her clit like a buzzing dildo. Her pussy lips seemed to caress his face, and then her cunt seemed to suck his tongue deep into her pussy. Frothing cunt juice ran from both sides, of his mouth as he fucked her wantonly with his tongue.

In the shower stall, Eric slipped to a sitting position behind his captive. Diana was hunched over, holding her arms to her boobs. Her tits seemed to be on fire. Why couldn’t he leave her alone!

Avid hands gripped her firm, slick thighs. Eric slid his legs between her widely-parted feet. Then he was tugging her backwards and down, toward the jutting spire of his rock-hard eleven-inch prick.

The prickhead poked into one of the doughy furred rolls of flesh that were Diana’s pussy lips. Diana bit back a cry at the pain. It was like having him jab at her cunt with a poker.

The next probing thrust of his cock planted its tip squarely between the lacy inner curtains fringing her cunt hole.

“Oooooh,” she moaned in involuntary pleasure, as the prickhead went into the mouth of her cunt. Despite the new and terrible torture Eric had inflicted on her, her pussy was still juicy and wet from fucking Frank and being pumped full of his slimy jism. And in spite of herself Diana was instantly horny again!

With a wild, lusting scream, Diana sat herself on the full tremendous length of her tormentor’s cock. “Aggghh!” Eric coughed, as her slinky cunt sucked up his cock.

The head of Eric’s cock seemed to rocket clear to Diana’s tonsils. She gasped in awe. Her own husband’s incredibly thick prick stretched the flexible walls of her cunt outwards so far that it seemed she’d burst apart with sheer joy. But Diana had never had a cock up her pussy that stretched her cunt-tunnel lengthwise the way Eric’s did!

The captive’s luscious, rounded ass fit neatly into Eric’s lap, as neatly as her pussy fit around his prick. He moaned excitedly. The silky feel of Diana’s lovely butt on his crotch and thighs was almost as much of a turn-on as the demanding snugness of her pussy on his cock!

He reached his arms forward and cupped her tits with his spidery hands. Despite the rawness of her abused tits Diana tossed her head in delight at the contact. His palms crushed her nipples back into the big cushions of her tits, and pleasure went sparkling though her tits.

He put his feet on the floor of the shower stall and drove upward mightily with his hips. A fraction of an inch more of his unbelievable prick slid up her cunt. “Wow,” the prisoner breathed. “What a cock!”

Eric tilted his hips backward to draw his prick out of his captive’s pussy. Cunt juice ran down the shaft of his cock and puddled around his dangling ball sac. In unison with his motion, Diana lifted herself, to give her pussy still more friction from that fabulous prick.

Then they were fucking hard and fast, grunting like animals. Diana pumped her hips up and down, impaling herself on the lengthy prick as though she couldn’t get enough of it. His hands furiously massaged her glorious tits, and the pain from her whipped tits now only added an edge to her enjoyment of their wet and wild fucking!

Her pussy gobbled his prick with slurping noises, slobbering cunt juice in torrents. Every time she fucked her needy cunt to the base of her captor’s cock, the shapely cheeks of her butt slapped his thighs. Her cunt bush and the hair around his prick were soaked with ripe smelling pussy oils.

Diana felt orgasm bearing down on her like a locomotive. Eric was fucking her with short sharp strokes, driving her crazy. She had thought Frank the handyman’s big cock felt good in her pussy. But it wasn’t anything next to the joy of having Eric’s almost foot-long spear of cock lancing into her cunt!

Eric was near to coming too. He could feel the tension in the woman’s lovely body, could feel it in the way the educated muscles of her cunt rippled around his prick as though trying to tease a fountain of come from his taut ball sac. Diana Burden was beautiful, and the knowledge of the pain and humiliation he’d given her was delicious as the caress of her oily pussy on his prick.

But one thing more was needed to make his ecstasy complete.

He took his hands from her boobs. She raised her arms to pin them in place atop her jugs, but she moved too late. Still pumping his cock in and out of her pussy for all he was worth, Eric reached past his captive and turned on the water with a practiced, double flick of the wrists.

It was obvious he knew exactly what he was doing. Water sprayed from the chromed nozzle. Hot water. Diana’s jugs blazed once more with flaming agony.

But this time the water wasn’t near the boiling point. Instead it was just barely beyond the point of pain.

Eric grabbed Diana’s waist with both hands and fucked the screaming, twisting woman with renewed vigor.

Diana drew a shuddering breath between shrieks of agony. Eric crammed his cock deep in her cunt. Pleasure burst like a white light in her brain.

Water-soaked auburn hair hung down Diana’s back like seaweed. The two naked bodies thrashed and splashed as the shower head pelted them with water. The prisoner thought she was about to go out of her mind.

The torment in her tits was excruciating. And yet the pleasure in her well-fucked pussy was as intense as she’d ever known. Eric was inflicting exquisite torture on her — and she was about to come!

Her captor felt passion coming to a boil within her body. He began wagging his hips with an almost vicious side tar side motion. His cock stirred inside her like a long, wooden spoon. Diana gasped as the prick pushed her pussy tunnel out of shape.

Her cunt was about to explode. Even as she felt she was about to die from the agony of the hot water streaming onto her naked boobs, Diana’s body went up in a flash of orgasm.

“EeeeeeeYAHHHHHH!” she howled. Her body shot high in the air, squirming, frenziedly. Her asscheeks slid down the pole of his cock, and sucked a blast of come right up into her pussy.

Pain and pleasure waned in Diana’s body and the outcome was ecstasy. Eric grunted and slobbered as he plunged his spewing cock up her pussy. Her cunt drank his jism and begged for more.

Even as the most earth-shattering climax of her life wracked her tormented body, Diana’s soul despaired. Eric was torturing her, but now he was making her love it!

And that was the most subtle degradation of all.


Cunt juice gushed from Yvonne’s black-bearded pussy. Mike’s open mouth took as much of it in as possible. His tongue was trapped in hot, pulsating cunt as the blue-eyed beauty came, howling with ecstasy.

The delta-shaped bush of Yvonne’s cunt filled Mike’s vision. Her palms were pressed over his ears as the woman ground her ripe pussy mound into his greedily gobbling face. But her hands didn’t entirely shut out the sounds of his wife’s piercing shrieks from the bathroom.

His cock was erect and stuck out from his crotch like a fleshy fireplug. But his heart sank within him. I’ve let her down, he thought dismally. Not only can’t I help Diana, but here I am eating this bitch’s pussy while my wife is screaming in pain!

The hearty musk of healthy, coming cunt filled his nostrils. His mouth was awash in Yvonne’s succulent pussy oils. Much as he hated the tall, black-haired woman, he could not make himself stop sating her cunt like a starving man!

In the shower, Diana felt yet another organ surge through her pussy and through her body. The burst of pleasure made her tits seem to swell almost to the point of bursting. Her nipples seemed to be reaching out toward the stinging hot water that assaulted her.

Eric’s sharp hipbones dug at her ass as he fucked her. His long prick throbbed like a firehose. Even in her pain and ecstasy Diana marveled at the amount of jism her captor was pumping into her ravenous pussy — especially after having a shot came up her violated asshole not very long ago!

The eleven inch prick gave a final twitch and seemed to die inside Diana’s cunt. “Uhhhhhh!” she cried as her pussy closed around the limber prick, squirting cunt juice and jism into Eric’s lap.

As the throes of her own orgasm died away Diana once more became aware of the hot water cascading onto her tits — painfully aware. “Ohhhhhh, ah!” she moaned, tossing her head from side to side. Her wet hair slapped Eric’s face. He laughed.

Diana hung down to the tiles. The touch of the wet ceramic stung her whipped and burned tits.

“Enjoy yourself?” he asked. She shuddered. His cock slipped out of her pussy. Cunt sauce and come slobbered after it, quickly becoming diluted in the water that swirled around his thighs.

He patted a bare asscheek that still glowed with the marks of his belt and Frank’s thick rope.

“Don’t touch me,” Diana said in a muffled voice.

Her tormentor laughed and climbed to his feet. She felt his hand on her arm, urging her up. “Come on,” he told her. She sat slumped over for a moment, tasting the pain that filled her ass and tits. Then she did as she was ordered to.

Water streamed from their naked bodies as Eric brought her into the bedroom. Diana looked over at the chair where, her husband sat to see Yvonne, stark naked and glowing with sated lust, turn away from him with her lips curved in a lewd and knowing smile. Diana’s hazel eyes flicked to the wedge of the other woman’s cunt hair. It was shiny and matted with the oils of her pussy. Pink pussy lips peeked coyly through the midnight-black pussy foliage.

Diana looked at Mike’s face. His mouth and nose and chin were smeared with a telltale sheen of cunt sauces. Now Diana knew why Yvonne had that special gleam in her eyes.

Diana stared at her bleakly.

Yvonne gestured toward the bed with a graceful hand. “Why don’t you two gentlemen stake her out on the bed? It’s my turn to play games with her!”

Diana’s blood turned to ice. The electrician’s tape wrapped around her wrists was starting to lose its stick from the shower, but she still could not free her hand. Her eyes sent a mute plea to her husband as Eric and Frank seized her and dragged her to the bed.

They made her lie on her back. Water ran from her naked body, soaked into the yellow bedspread. Her tits rose and fell heavily as she took deep breaths and fried to control the panic welling up in her.

Eric sat by her side, looking thoughtfully down at her glorious, shining-wet nakedness, as Frank looked for something to tie her with. Finding nothing, the apish handyman turned with a snort of disgust and threw open Mike’s suitcase, which was lying unfastened on the luggage stand.

He rummaged though Mike’s belongings, tossing socks, underwear, and shirts around the room. Then he stared hard at something and snatched it out of the open suitcase.

It was a photo album, bound in red leather. “Hey, y’all look at this!” he called to his naked employers. “I found it lyin’ open. It’s got photographs of this bitch in it, sucking on some guy’s dick!”

Yvonne and Eric crowded around to look, though Eric kept a watchful eye on the nude captive on the bed. “Well, I’ll be damned,” he said.

“That’s definitely Mike’s cock she’s sucking,” Yvonne announced, a little breathlessly.

Eric thumbed through the pages, whistling to himself. Prank looked at Diana. She felt herself blushing, the pink flush creeping from her toes to her tits and cheeks the color of a new dawn.

“Looks like you give good head, honey,” the handyman said. His cock was climbing up from between his thighs as blood poured excitedly into it. “Maybe I’ll just try myself a little of that!”

Yvonne looked up from the picture she was studying, of Diana standing naked with her back to the camera, framed against a turbulent and cloudy sky, giving the photographer a look of passion that promised a session of fucking that would dwarf the power of the coming storm. “You wait your turn, big boy,” she commanded. “She’s mine now!”

Frank shrugged and turned back to ransacking Mike’s case. He found an electric shaver and electric alarm clock. “This’ll do,” he said, tearing off the cords. “We can get two more cords from the lamps — I can fix ’em up later on.”

He pulled the cords off two table lamps. Yvonne stepped close to him so that an erect nipple prodded his brawny arm. She whispered in his ear. He nodded, smiled, and went out the front door, his cock bobbing before him.

Wondering what evil errand Yvonne had sent on the handyman on, Mike watched helplessly as Eric and his sister methodically tied Diana spread-eagled on the bed. From time, to time Yvonne would pause and caress his captive wife, run a finger down her flanks, squeeze the jut of a tit or tickle briefly at the shallow dome of Diana’s belly. The prisoner flinched away front her touch as though her fingers were red-hot.

When Diana was securely tied, Eric and Yvonne sat down on the bed next to her. Eric stroked his sister’s cheek with the back of his hand. He let the hand fall to cup a glorious tit. Mike could see a wine-colored nipple spring instantly erect between his fingers.

Almost casually Yvonne dropped her hand to the long limp cable of her brother’s cock. Under the caress of her skilled, teasing fingers the cock, so recently spent inside Diana’s pussy, started to harden once again.

Diana watched the pair, disgust almost overcoming her pain and fear. Brother and sister, fondling each other as fondly and intimately as lovers? The practiced way Yvonne jacked her brother off as he massaged her ripe, soft tit showed clearly the two were no strangers to incest. Even as Diana’s eyebrows rose Eric leaned forward to kiss Yvonne’s tit right on a swollen nipple.

Yvonne sighed happily, cradling her brother’s head against her tit. Her fingers made a light circle around his cock, which was now standing straight up from his crotch. He nibbled gently at her nipple.

The door opened. Frank the handyman came in with another pair of handcuffs, with which he manacled Mike’s legs to the chair. So far Mike had made no attempt to escape — how far could he get, naked and with his hands cuffed behind him? Nor could he hope to do much to save his tortured wife.

What fiendish torment did their captors have in mind for Diana now, if they took this kind of precaution?

In a moment he had his answer. Frank went out and came back immediately holding a black hibachi gingerly by the wooden handles. Its coals gave off a dull red glow, and even several feet away Mike could feel the heat.

Diana stared at him as he carried the hibachi to the side of the bed. Then he held up a pair of tongs and grinned hugely. She screamed. The coals were meant for her!

Her carefully-guarded self control shattered. Her body curved upwards into a flying buttress of naked white flesh as she fought to tear free of the electric cords that bound her wrists and ankles. Her voice was high and broken, like an animal in pain, shrieking wordlessly in hellish horror.

“No!” Mike gasped. “You can’t — you wouldn’t! You wouldn’t.”

Yvonne smiled at him. The patches of dark skin surrounding her nipple seemed to have widened, cupping the front of her boobs the way her brother’s hand and mouth had a few moments before. Then she raised one of Mike’s handkerchiefs and, with Eric’s help, tied it over Diana’s eyes.

“Help me!” the captive shrieked. “Mike — no, don’t let them! God, they’re going to brand me, they’re going to burn me alive!”

Mike started to curse them, his baritone voice a bellowing roar like an angry tiger. Yvonne stood up, strode to him in three long, hip and tit-swinging strides, and stuffed a rolled pair of his own socks into his mouth. Frank taped his mouth over, muffling him with a crude but effective gag.

“Don’t want you drowning out Diana’s screams for mercy,” Yvonne said. “They have such a sweet, musical sound.” Mike glared poisonously at her.

Frank left the room a third time. He came back at once, and Mike stared blankly at him. He had a styrofoam bucket full of ice from the machine!

Mike had no idea what was going on as Frank, smirking, passed the ice bucket to Yvonne. She went back to the bed, sat at Diana’s side, and picked up the tongs. With the tongs she took a cube from the bucket, studied it, then touched it to the captive’s quivering, bare right boob!

Diana lay in blackness. Her bound limbs shivered uncontrollably. God, this is it, the worst nightmare possible, she thought. They’re not only going to torture me — they’re going to brand me, mutilate me, mark me for life! They’ll burn every inch of skin from my boob, and when they’re finished there they’ll probably sear my pussy lips as a joke! She promised herself one thing. She would be brave. She’d cheat them of as much sadistic enjoyment as she could.

Then a red-hot coal touched the flesh of her right tit, and she went insane with agony.

Diana’s voice rose in a series of shrill yapping cries like a dog struck by a car. Her body bucked on the bed and Mike could see the thin cords biting deeply into her as she struggled. Yvonne lifted the ice and looked at him with laughter dancing in her azure eyes.

He understood now why he’d been gagged. What their captors were doing was something he’d heard of before, from the days when fraternity hazing was still common. The intended victim was allowed to see hot coals or branding irons or whatever, then was blindfolded. With a person psychologically prepared for searing heat, the stinging bite of ice on bare skin felt exactly like the touch of a white-hot iron.

Yvonne and Eric were having their cake and eating it too. They were subjecting their beautiful captive to excruciating torture that was nine-tenths mental. That way Diana’s faultless body would be unmarked for whatever other games they had in mind!

The captive was sobbing, shaking her head from side to side. The pain from her tit was actually less tearing than the knowledge that her once-perfect, snow white tit was permanently marked with a glaring red brand. “No,” Diana moaned. “NOOOOO!”

Yvonne shook melted water from the ice cube and touched it to the prisoner’s other tit. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Diana howled. The bed shook with the fury of her struggles.

Muscles stood starkly on Diana’s arms and legs as she put all her strength into a hopeless effort to tear free. She couldn’t stand the kiss of the coal on her tits again. She couldn’t!

Yvonne chose a fresh ice cube. This one she touched, ever so lightly, to one cherry-like, pain-stimulated nipple.

The effect was amazing. Diana’s body shot so high in the air it appeared, for a split-second that she’d break free of her bonds. Then she fell, back onto the woman-shaped wet mark on the bedspread.

“AIIIIEEEE!” Diana screamed.

Mike watched in anguish as Yvonne applied the ice cube to the other swollen nipple, with similar results. Even to incredibly sensitive tits, the touch of ice was normally no more than a discomfort. But Diana’s captors had prepared their victim with the skill of Inquisitors.

What Diana’s big tits were experiencing was the pain of being seared with a branding iron!

“My nipples!” Diana shrieked. “I’m ruined! Dear God, leave my titties alone!”

To her surprise she heard Yvonne murmur, “Certainly, dear.” Horror numbed her. She’d made a dreadful error.

She knew what was coming next!

A slim finger daintily stroked down the slit of her pussy. Then Diana felt Yvonne slip two fingers into the portal of her cunt. “No,” she whispered. “Not that — anything but that…”

The lips of her cunt were drawn apart. And then the most awful agony of Diana’s life exploded in her pussy mouth as Yvonne thrust her “coal” against the gaping cunt!

Diana’s ass shot off the bed, practically fucking her pussy onto the tongs and the ice cube they held. Yvonne’s fingers came out of her cunt, but the black-haired woman gamely kept the ice in place, pressed into the slot of pink flesh at the top of the cunt-slash. To Diana it felt as if her clit was being charred to a nubbin!

“Ahhhh!” Yvonne cried hoarsely. She turned and threw the tongs to Frank. “You play with her. Down on the floor, brother dear — my pussy’s so hungry for that giant cock of yours I can barely stand it!”

Obediently Eric sat down on the carpet. She scrambled into his lap, facing him, and sat down on his prick. So horny was she that she couldn’t get her pussy around the inflated head of her brother’s cock! After several false starts she grabbed Eric’s cock with both hands and frantically stuffed it into her greedy cunt!

As Yvonne’s pussy slid languidly down the hard pole of her brother’s cock, Frank picked up the ice bucket and picked up an ice cube in the tongs. He put one knee on the bed and hiked himself up beside the naked, sobbing Diana. The bed bounced under his weight.

Diana moaned. My pussy, dear God, my pussy! she thought. The pain seemed to stream from bet cunt like a firestorm.

She was aware of cloth rustling and then something hard but yielding poked into her firmly-shut lips. She could neither look nor reach up to see what it was, but the familiar taste of cock in her mouth told her what had happened. Frank had climbed onto the bed and wanted her to suck his prick!

“Open your mouth, baby,” he urged hoarsely. He held his giant cock in one hand while the other kept the ice cube ready. “You’ll just love eatin’ my nice big cock!”

Diana shook her head. Frank thrust the ice cube against her tit.

Her violent reaction raised his burly body into the air. She writhed beneath him, her abused tits pushing against his lean ass. “Better suck cock, honey, or I’ll cook your titties good!”

Sobbing, Diana opened her mouth. Frank’s cock entered it like a bus going into a garage. The head of the prick was swollen, vibrating with the red-haired handyman’s lustful heartbeat. The flavor of cock was meaty and overpowering, cutting even through Diana’s pain and horror.

The throbbing prick lay on Diana’s tongue. Frank stroked her cheek with a hairy paw. “That’s nice,” he told his captive. “I can feel your spit just a soakin’ into the bottom of my prick.”

“Uggggggh,” grunted Yvonne as she ground her ass into her brother’s thighs. With the eleven-inch spear of his cock buried in her pussy, her white, naked body scarcely had room for breath. She felt so good she could hardly stand it!

Yvonne began to raise herself, spiraling her hips so that her juicy twat corkscrewed maddeningly around her brother’s upright prick. Eric put his hands on the floor and threw his head back, moaning with delight as his sister’s pussy lips traveled up his cockshaft, leaving a trail of glistening, aromatic cunt sauces.

“All right,” the impassioned Yvonne heard Frank say, “now use your tongue, sweetheart. Make my big prick shoot come into your mouth!”

An instant later a blood-chilling scream filled the room.

“Oh, wow!” Yvonne murmured. She stroked her brother’s flanks. With only the head of his long thin cock plugged into her cunt lips she swirled her hips in a wide circle, so that Eric’s cock went around like a crank. Her pussy drooled cunt honey down the stalk of the awesome prick.

Mike Burden watched in agony as Diana wrapped her full lips around Frank’s gigantic prick and sucked on the stiff cock in a ghastly parody of enjoyment. Prom the play of his wife’s satin cheeks he could see that her agile tongue was going to work on the cock in her mouth with every bit of her skill. The thought of what the brutish handyman’s cock must be feeling like made Mike’s prick stir with involuntary interest. He knew how his wife sucked cock!

Frank moaned gutturally as hot, wet pleasure enfolded his cock. Diana’s tongue was like a moist, soft serpent twining avidly around his swollen prick. As she began to tongue the joining of prickhead and shaft he felt his balls tighten, ready to unleash another stream of come into his victim’s waiting mouth. The electrical cords cut into Diana’s wrists and ankles. Her nude, sweat-covered body was one blaze of pain. She wondered desperately how badly she had been burned by her tormentors’ hot coals.

She could feel pleasure tingling in the giant cock stuck in her tear-streaked face. She hated knowing how much pleasure she was giving Frank. But giving the handyman the blowjob of his life was a small price to pay to keep from having her abused tits caressed again with the glowing-hot coals!

With the wet paradise of Diana’s eagerly-sucking mouth enfolding the end of his cock, Frank was in a heaven of carnal delights. Not for he first time, he savored the extra edge of delight at the knowledge he was tormenting and humiliating a haughty, beautiful young woman. It was the most intense joy imaginable.

But there was one thing more that could make it perfect…

Diana was almost beginning to enjoy slurping and lapping at Frank’s cock. Her jaw muscles ached from being held wide apart by the mammoth prick that was now fucking slowly in and out of her mouth, a half-inch out, a half-inch back between her widely stretched lips. But the taste and feel of rock-hard male cock was something Diana had long since learned to love. Hell, she didn’t have to look at the homely handyman; all she had to do was suck on his tremendous prick. Her pussy began to water with unwilling excitement.

Then it flashed into unbearable agony as Frank touched an ice cube to the dripping pussy lips.

Diana’s body lurched from the bed. Frank’s cock shot down the captive’s throat. “Arrrrrgggghhhh!” she howled around the thick plug of cock sliding into her face. “RRRRmmmmmpppph!”

Diana took the outsized cock down her throat like a sword swallower. As her nose pressed into the coppery bush at the base of her tormentor’s big prick, another scream and her gag-reflex combined to grip the cock in a fierce grip.

“Holy fuck!” Frank shouted, as a boiling blast of come was sucked right down his victim’s pale arching throat.

Diana moaned as jism surged up her throat around the fat shaft of the cock in her face. She fell back, eyes streaming tears from the pain in her pussy. Frank came with her, hunching over to keep his cock thrust far into her upturned face.

The pumping prick filled her mouth with slimy come. Diana rolled her eyes behind the blindfold. The taste of Frank’s come sickened her to the depths of her soul. He was coming in her mouth — after what he had done to her!

Eric’s lust-fevered, eyes took in the sight of Diana writhing around with Frank’s cock embedded in her face. He saw come bubble past Diana’s lips around the throbbing, come-spewing prick. A white drop of jism ran down her cheek.

“Oof!” he said. His prick, half-engulfed by his sister’s greedy cunt, quivered and spat jism.


“YeeeeeeeAHHHHHHH!” Yvonne howled. Her silky buttcheeks drove downward to slap hard against her brother’s muscular thighs. The cock in her pussy jerked and spat come again. “C-c-come in my cunt! I’m COMMMMMMMinnnngggg!”

The walls of her pussy tensed about the pulsating length of her brother’s cock. Eric moaned and clawed at her white shoulders. He sat up, crushing her full jugs with his chest, driving her pebble-hard nipples deep into the succulent cushions of her tits.

Come mixed with cunt juice slobbered from the distended lips of Yvonne’s cunt. Come mixed with saliva oozed from Diana’s well-fucked face as Frank’s big cock kept spurting the gooey white jism into her mouth. The free-flowing come had filled the victim’s nose and mouth and now she was choking and gagging and coughing on Frank’s prick and the jism that jetted from it.

Her every gasp and choke made her tormentor’s prick shoot come as though an endless supply was stored in his balls. Frank’s elbows were to the wall as he stirred his cock round in her face, grunting and crying out in hoarse delight as he fucked his come down Diana’s throat. The sounds of Eric and Yvonne fucking themselves into a frenzy of incestuous orgasm reached his ears.

At last every drop of come was pumped from his nut sac into his naked victim’s mouth. His big prick gave several final pulses and went still. Diana moaned. Tears leaked from the corners of her tightly-shut eyes.

Frank raised himself. The cock slithered from between Diana’s lips. Come dripped from the limp cock onto her mouth.

She spat the cock out and shook her head. Frank laughed. “You suck cock pretty good for a married lady,” he laughed.

“You bastard!” Diana sniveled. “You filthy son of a bitch. Oh, dear God, what have you done to me?”

Frank’s response was to reach down and yank the blindfold from the captives eyes. Diana blinked, dazzled by the dim light in the motel room. “Go on,” Frank said. “Take a look at yourself, baby.”

A pink tongue, mottled with come, peeked from a corner of the naked woman’s mouth. It made a circle of her lips. Diana moaned as her tongue scooped up acrid remnants of Frank’s come.

It took all of Diana’s willpower to make herself look down at her gleaming naked body. She didn’t know if she could stand the sight of her tits. To see her once-perfect, alabaster titflesh disfigured by the glaring marks of the coals would be too much. Her eyes loved haltingly downward. And saw nothing! Her boobs were still slightly puffy and reddened from being whipped with belts and Frank’s thick rope. But not a single burn-mark glowed against the succulent flesh of her tits.

She stared at Frank in mute incomprehension. Slowly he brought up the tongs. Between them was a dripping and shameless lump of ice.

“Wha…?” Diana asked. Yvonne was coming down from her pinnacle of orgasmic ecstasy, and her glorious naked body was turned so she could watch as her comely captive discovered how she’d been taken in.

“Ice,” Yvonne said tauntingly. She tightened her pussy muscles on the still-rigid staff of her brother’s cock. He groaned and his long prick squirted a few more drops of come into his sister’s cunt. “Just ice and a little psychology. That’s all. No hot coals, no nothing. You’ve been had, beautiful.”

Yvonne’s eyes were huge and glowing like star sapphires. Eric reached up to cup the rich ripe fruit of her tits. She sighed erotically. She was monstrously turned on — still — and her pussy was relishing the feel of every inch of his wonderful magic wand of cock.

Diana goggled at her. “You mean…” she said, and her voice trailed off. She glanced again at her boobs, the dripping ice cube, the limp cock between Frank’s thighs, still moist from her saliva.

“Damn you!” she shouted. “God damn you all, you tricked me!”

Yvonne laughed. “Would you rather we used the coals on your tits for real?” she asked throatily. She stretched like a cat. Her tits rode up her ribcage like melons in slings. “It could be arranged.”

That shut Diana up. But she continued to glare at the naked, black-haired wanton. Frank’s come coated her mouth and tongue with a vile aftertaste.

Yvonne stood. Her brother’s lanky cock made lewd slurping sounds as it went loosely out of her cunt, and when only a couple of inches were still in her pussy she clenched her cunt muscles and shot the rest of the prick out of her cunt. “Ahhh,” he moaned.

Walking toward a chair near where Mike was tied, Yvonne said, “Frank, why don’t you untie the bitch and put a loop over her head. I want to play with her some more.” She sat on the chair and looked at her brother, who sat looking dazed with his hands splayed out on the floor.

“Be a darling and run get me my riding crop, Eric, dear, please?”

Eric got slowly to his feet. His prick swung between his legs like a meaty pendulum, spattering them with come and fine droplets of his sister’s sweet pussy oil. “Sure thing,” he said, and walked out into the afternoon sunlight.

Diana lay still as Frank untied her. She was exhausted. Her arms and legs were numb, and her whipped tits and rump felt a dull throbbing ache.

She was humiliated. She’d, screamed and thrashed and howled as though she were being burned alive — all because of a handful of ice cubes! Not only had she let her captors have theft cheap thrills from torturing her, she’d made a degrading spectacle of herself for them.

The cords loosened at wrists and ankles, then came off Frank fashioned a noose out of the rubber-coated wire, then fitted it loosely over the captive’s head. She sat up and began to rub her wrists.

“Bring her to me,” Yvonne commanded. She ran her hands over her own gleaming body. Her nipples stood out, so dark as to be almost purple, quivering with excited anticipation.

Frank raised Diana to her feet. She lifted her hands tentatively to the cord around her neck. Frank tugged on the other end, drawing it uncomfortably tight. “Don’t do nothin’, darlin’, ‘less you want to get choked a little,” he warned.

Led like a dog on a leash, Diana walked listlessly to stand in front of Yvonne. The raven-haired motel manager sat like a queen on a throne, regal and haughty and breathtakingly beautiful. Even Diana felt her pulse run faster as her eyes took in the barbaric spectacle of Yvonne’s splendid, naked body.

The woman’s skin was white as pure fresh milk, in stunning contrast to the raven locks that hung to her shoulders and past her heavy tits. Her face was almost sculpted in its beauty, and Diana found the same magnetic power in those almost-shaped, azure eyes that her husband had. Yvonne’s throat was alabaster. Her tits were two symmetrical globes of soft flesh tipped with big patches and marble-like centers.

Her waist narrowed to a point where the long-limbed woman almost appeared fragile. Then the curves of her body flared out into full hips and flowed smoothly into shapely thighs that framed a small, neat, and impossibly black triangle of cunt-fur. A few droplets of Eric’s jism dewed the tangled strands of pussy bush between her sleek thighs.

Even as Diana’s eyes lingered almost of their own accord on the wedge-shaped patch of pussy fur, Yvonne brought her legs slowly apart. Diana saw the pink slit of her tormentor’s pussy. Gradually, Yvonne’s, cunt unfolded, like a time-lapse sequence of a flower opening to a greet the rays of the morning sun.

As the pink petals of Yvonne’s pussy gaped, fat clear droplet of cunt sauce welled between them. Diana licked her lips. She could smell the heavy perfume of raw cunt issuing from Yvonne’s fertile slit.

Congealing come trickled from Yvonne’s pussy. “You like what you see?” she asked, her voice almost breaking with passion. She reached up to take the end of the cord from her handyman.

“I hope you do,” she went on. “I have a lovely pussy — as do you, my pretty. A lovely pussy is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Worthy of worship. That’s what you’re going to do. Get down on your knees and worship my hungry, lovely cunt with your lips and tongue!”

Her voice rang in the enclosed space like a bronze bell. For a moment Diana stood there, not understanding, acutely uncomfortable at the way Yvonne’s dark eyes seemed to devour her own nakedness. Then the impact of what her captor had said hit her. Her knees went weak.

“Mmmmmm!” growled Mike. He bucked up and down in the chair, fighting against the cuffs that held his arms and legs. Yvonne smiled lewdly.

“That’s right, darling,” she said with urgency humming in her voice. “You’re going to eat my pussy. I know you’ll do it well!”

“No,” Diana said. The calmness of her voice surprised her. “I’m not a lesbian. But even if I was, I’d die before I’d touch my mouth to that slimy, diseased cunt of yours!”

To her amazement Yvonne smiled still more lasciviously at the captive’s impassioned outburst. “Oh, you’ll eat my cunt all right, my dear,” she said. “And you’ll be glad for the opportunity!”

Before Diana could deny this Eric walked in and handed his sister a riding crop. Her eyes sparkled with delight. Then she struck.

The crop whistled and slashed across the nipples of Diana’s bare tits. The pain doubled her up. “Yiiiiiiii!” she shrieked, as she bent forward with her arms hugging her agonized tits.

With an artful snap of the wrist Yvonne brought the quid whistling around to flick at a bare asscheek. Diana straightened up again with a cry of pain and desperation. Between clutching fingers the mark of the crop was a thin red line etched on her magnificent tits.

The crop lashed out left and right, drawing crimson stripes on the tops of Diana’s thighs. Her legs jerked apart. With deceptive slowness Yvonne brought the quirt forward and upward with a backhand stroke.

A thin white cut the air, punctuated by a moist smack! as the riding crop landed right along the delicate slash of Diana’s cunt.

The braided leather whip bit into her pussy flesh like a wasp’s sting. Diana’s cunt tunnel filled with pain that was like molten steel. “Ahh!” she cried.


Mike’s chair thumped the floor as he struggled futilely to get free. His wife was tormented. He watched her collapse and curl up into a ball, crying and moaning about the awful pain in her pussy. A quirt mark stood out in scarlet on the pink of her ass.

It was his fault. That was the hell of it. If he’d managed to stay faithful to his wife for even twenty-four hours they wouldn’t be in this mess. But no. He’d let his eyes wander, and the next thing he knew he was in a strange motel room with his big cock pistoning between Yvonne’s huge, delectable tits. And in the meantime Eric was sneaking in to whip and ass rape Mike’s darling bride!

Eric and Frank stood side by side, watching Diana grovel on the floor. Her slim pale legs kicked the air, giving them flashing glimpses of her chestnut-furred pussy. Auburn hair spilled out to all sides of her wildly-shaking head.

With rapid, almost surgically precise strokes of the quirt Yvonne drew a fine network of scarlet lines on Diana’s butt. “Ohh! Gaaaaah — STOP!” Diana cried as the blows landed in a stinging rain on her bare, shrinking flesh.

Yvonne stopped. Then she hauled in hard on the leash. Diana was dragged up onto her ass gasping and clawing at the taut noose around her slender throat.

Yvonne let the cord go slightly slack. Diana sucked in great shuddering breaths that made her ample tits jiggle like jelly. “Will you eat my nice hot cunt now, darling?” Yvonne asked seductively. “It’s all juicy and ready and waiting for your mouth!”

“No!” Diana choked out.

A sudden sideways heave of the cord sent her sprawling on her back, legs flying up in the air. Yvonne bent forward, her tits swinging grandly and brought a whistling cut down on Diana’s cunt bun.

“Aaaarrrraaaaahhhhh!” Diana yelled as she lurched off the carpet.

With her victim flailing in midair, Yvonne had a perfect shot at the tender mouth of her pussy. The quirt sliced air. This time the tip snapped the tiny nerve-node of her victim’s clit.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGH?” Diana’s legs flew and she grabbed her cunt. Fiery pain raged in her cunt. Her cunt lips felt as though they’d been touched by a live wire!

Diana fell helplessly to the floor. Yvonne brought her crop down on her tits and ass and, when possible, her agonized pussy with machine-gun speed. In no time Diana’s lovely body was a mass of welts — and pain!

At last the black-haired woman tired. She was too horny to continue whipping her shrieking, beautiful captive. Diana had gotten her so turned on her pussy sauces were streaming down her legs. She let her aching arm drop to her side. “Ready to lick my pussy?” she panted.

Tearfully, Diana nodded.

With only a slight pull by Yvonne’s cord Diana got up. Her heavy breathing made her tits heave up and down, and every breath sent fresh pain stabbing through her tits. She smoothed back her hair and wiped tears from her eyes.

She looked up. The first thing she saw was Yvonne’s greedy snatch. The pussy flesh was as bright and sharp in color as one of the snaky quirt-marks on Diana’s throbbing tits. A drop of cunt honey covered the hole of her pussy, catching the light and breaking it into rainbows like a prism.

She licked her lips. Yvonne’s wet, come-filled cunt exerted an almost hypnotic fascination on her. Despite her pain and fear, despite the disgust she felt at the very idea of eating another woman’s cunt, she felt her mouth begin to water at the sight of that dripping, gaping pussy.

The stiff cold breeze from the air conditioner wafted heady pussy-smell to Diana’s nostrils. Yvonne exerted slight pressure on the leash. Diana put both hands on the floor and leaned forward.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Yvonne sighed as her prisoner’s lips met the lips of her pussy in a crushing embrace.

The unfamiliar flavor of cunt seemed to burst in Diana’s mouth like the explosion of a shell. Diana tried to pull back, stomach turning, against the pressure of the slim hand that cradled the back of her neck and sought to hold her face against her captor’s pussy.

The whine in the air warned her, but nothing could prepare Diana for the pain that ravaged her body as Yvonne slashed at the crack of her ass with the riding crop. The leather stung her asshole. She cried out hoarsely, the sound muffled by the damp mat of Yvonne’s pussy.

“Eat me!” Yvonne demanded, caressing the auburn head between her thighs. “Eat my pussy! I have to feel your lips, your tongue, sucking and teasing and lapping my pussy! Oh, hurry, eat my cunt!”

Diana had opened her mouth to cry out as Yvonne’s riding crop bit into her ass. Now her mouth was full of the woman’s pussy lips! They were squirmy and hot and rubbery, covered with hot oils.

The captive’s stomach did a flip-flop. She’d never realized the taste of a woman’s cunt was so overwhelmingly concentrated. It wasn’t the flavor of the forbidden cunt-fruit in her mouth that overpowered her. It was the intensity of the pussy taste and smell.

Yvonne gripped Diana’s head and ground her pussy into the captive’s beautiful face. “Yes!” she cried. “Ohhhhh, I love it! How I love to feel your mouth on my pussy! Suck on my cunt lips — lick my hot clitty — eat me!”

The lips of Yvonne’s greedy cunt slipped past Diana’s teeth. Pussy oils scaled her tongue. Her nose was pressed into the thick black thatch that covered the mound of her captor’s cunt. The dripping pussy almost cried out for attention.

Slowly, Diana put her tongue out and teased it between the flexible pussy flaps, and into the overflowing well of Yvonne’s cunt.

She raised her hands to Yvonne’s thighs. The flesh was smooth and silky. As she slid her hands beneath her tormentor’s lovely ass, she felt her own pussy tingle and begin to water with excitement. She cupped Yvonne’s asscheeks with fervent fingers and buried her face in the woman’s slobbering cunt.

Her tongue fucked deep into Yvonne’s cunt. A wild scream of ecstasy burst from the black-haired wanton’s lips. The prisoner’s hands felt good on her ass, the all-consuming mouth fastened like a lamprey over her pussy was almost unbearably thrilling, filling her body with delight.

With something like horror, Mike Burden watched his captive wife become visibly turned on by eating Yvonne’s cunt. Diana’s big tits, dangling down to her ribcage, seemed to swell, and the nipples hardened with desire. Her slim fingers began to mold and caress the pliable flesh of the woman’s ass. Her auburn head bobbed excitedly as she ate eagerly at the gaping cunt.

“Your wife is a very talented woman, Mr. Burden,” Eric said. “She obviously gives excellent head. I haven’t seen my sister get so excited from having her cunt lapped in a longer time than I can remember.”

His mouth still gagged, Mike could not respond with words. But the look he gave the motel manager spoke volumes. Then he turned his anguished attention back toward his cunt-eating wife.

Raven-haired Yvonne certainly was getting excited. Her head was thrown back so that her midnight-tresses streamed down her bare back. Her back was arched and her large tits jutted toward the ceiling. Her whole body was in motion at the raw erotic joy of having Diana devour her cunt.

The young bride was amazed. She was actually enjoying the feel and taste of another woman’s pussy! Yvonne’s assflesh was a delight to touch, and she could feel the excitement building in Yvonne’s naked body. It seemed to flow into her mouth through the black-furred cunt.

Her tongue made a circle within the woman’s cunt. “Unnnnn!” Yvonne moaned. Her buttcheeks tightened in Diana’s eager grasp. “T-tongue my cunt good!”

Diana lifted her head from her captor’s pussy. The cord had slipped from Yvonne’s hand and hung from Diana’s neck to the floor. Neither naked young beauty paid any attention to it. Escape was the last thing on Diana’s mind, and they both knew it.

Holding her tongue out stiff like a ragingly hard cock, Diana began to scout the pink, wide-open mouth of Yvonne’s pussy. With just the tongue-tip between the frilly fringes of Yvonne’s cunt, it felt to the azure-eyed woman like a feather was tickling her delicate pussy lips. Aromatic oils leaked from the slack-lipped twat in a steady flow to stain the chair.

“Uh-uh — I can hardly stand it,” Yvonne gritted. Her teeth were clenched as though from unbearable agony. Diana’s tongue teasing the insides of her cunt lips was filling her pussy with a pleasure so intense she could barely stand it. “Oh, Diana, honey — you do that so well! Push your face right up my cunt, sweetheart. I’m about to come!”

Pulse hammering lustfully in her ears, Diana got a good grip on her twin handfuls of succulent ass and leaned into the open cunt with a splash of pussy sauce. “Yeeeeeah!” howled Yvonne as Diana frantically gobbled at her pussy.

Instinct took over. As long-nailed fingers caressed her temples, Diana sought and found the swollen button of Yvonne’s clit, sticking out of its protective hood of pink flesh at the upper end of her pussy slit. She licked the ultrasensitive clit while cunt honey trickled down her chin.

It was as though a live wire had been touched to the pearly nerve-node of Yvonne’s clit. Surges of sheer erotic electricity stabbed into her pussy. Her cunt gushed with sweet pussy sauces as a violent orgasm wracked her magnificent nude body.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Yvonne wailed. Her feet kicked in the air. Her thighs were wide apart, opening her cunt like a pink, bearded clam to Diana’s lusting lips. Her nipples quivered and her tits bounced as climax after furious climax shook her body. Passion pulled a red curtain over her eyes.

Her powerful stomach muscles drove her, pussy against Diana’s face in a series of short, hard jerks.

Her cunt lips kissed the naked captive’s chin. Diana licked and sucked her clit until the juices ran from that climaxing cunt as though from a squeezed orange.

Diana could feel the wild energy of Yvonne’s orgasm. She was near to coming herself. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned, and began to lick the length of Yvonne’s cunt, running her tongue along the liquid-filled slit. Yvonne shrieked as the cunt-eating made her come yet again.

Then, her hands were on Diana’s shoulders, pushing the auburn-haired captive onto her back on the floor. Yvonne sat, facing Diana’s feet. Her cunt was above Diana’s face. The prisoner watched with lustful anticipation as Yvonne’s flawless asscheeks lowered toward her face and the black-furred cunt bloomed like an exotic pink flower. Yvonne’s pussy pressed down on her face, cunt flaps parting to enfold her hungry mouth. Then Diana felt the subtle, thrilling touch of her captor’s mouth on her own cunt. Sighing with delight as Yvonne kissed her needy cunt, she opened her mouth and began to eat the luscious pussy.


The sun beat down mercilessly on Diana’s naked, spread-eagled body. “Please,” she moaned, twisting in her bonds. “Let me go. My-my tits are getting sunburned.”

Standing with her hands on her lush hips, next to the oddly-shaped frame to which her captive was bound, Yvonne shook her head and clucked with mock concern. “Poor baby,” she said. “Such lovely tits you have. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to them, now, would we?”

She glanced over her shoulder, toward a corner of the motel. Traffic swished by on the highway beyond. Diana wanted to scream for help, but she knew very well no sound would carry above the sound of the fast-moving cars.

Yvonne’s nipples were hard. “In just a minute,” she said with a lascivious smile, “we’ll have some shade for you.”

A heavy smell hung in the hot, still air. Diana’s eyes moved to her captor’s crotch. Cunt juice dewed the tufted fur between her thighs, and a gleaming trail of pussy oil ran down the inside of one long leg. Yvonne and her brother had something mysterious in store for their beautiful prisoner, and the black-haired woman was obviously horny as hell at the very thought of it.

Diana had a feeling that, whatever it was, it was going to be extremely unpleasant for her.

“I’m sorry, Di, honey,” her husband said. A heavy post had been driven into the bare earth behind the motel, and Mike Burden was chained to it. He’d strained against his fetters till the muscles of his thick arms had stood out in bold relief, to no avail. “I wish to God there was something I could do.”

Diana looked at him. His blunt, square face was filled with concern and pain. He was blaming himself for all this, she knew. If he hadn’t let Yvonne seduce him into fucking her tits, his new young wife would not have been put through the terrible indignities she’d undergone — and wouldn’t be tied nude beneath the blazing desert sun, awaiting some new degradation or torture.

But Diana couldn’t blame her husband. Not after the way she’d behaved.

When Yvonne had eaten her pussy, Diana had experienced a pleasure so intense she could barely believe it. She had responded eagerly, her tongue whipping Yvonne’s cunt juice to a froth and setting off another orgasm in that moonwhite body within moments. Then she had come too from Yvonne energetically tonguefucking her pussy. Her strong thighs had locked around that ebony-haired head and she’d impaled her pussy on the woman’s tongue as though it were a cock. Her pussy walls had caressed the cunt-probing, squeezing it like soft intimate fingers as Diana drank down Yvonne’s pussy sauce.

That had been sheer delight. But then, when her own climaxes had subsided to a sweet afterglow, Yvonne had rolled off Diana and had her brother and Frank the handyman drag the naked prisoner, cunt juice drying on her face, out to the back and tie her to the wooden framework. Then they’d brought out Mike and chained him to the pole.

For the tenth time since being tied to it Diana wondered at the purpose of the frame. It had probably been built especially by the apish handyman — and not doubt expressly for whatever torment Eric and Yvonne had planned for their captive.

It was a big “X” made of boards, and then nailed to a platform so that it rested at an angle.

Diana had been tied to it by her wrists and ankles, so that her pussy was exposed, vulnerable for whatever sort of abuse was in store for it. To either side of the intersection of the arms of the “X” were little shelves like steps. There was also an extra arm to support her back, and a padded rest for her head. How considerate of them, she thought ironically.

The sunlight stung her tits and belly. She wondered why it hadn’t occurred to her captors to shave her pussy so that it could feel the full effects of the burning sun as well. She damned well wasn’t going to suggest it to them!


“Uhhhhhhhh,” Diana moaned, more in sheer fear than physical discomfort. “Stop it. Please — I can’t take this! You don’t really want to do this — oh, pleeeeeeeaaaase!”

Beneath her she thought she could hear ominous crackling sounds. There was very little heat from the coals. The metal grill she was bound to was cool beneath her butt and back.

“Don’t worry,” Yvonne said happily. “It won’t hurt — for a while. Then it will hurt quite a lot.” She smiled. The light of the kerosene lanterns on the ground all around the barbecue pit cast demonic shadows on her beautiful face.

Now he knew why Eric and Yvonne couldn’t find prostitutes to play their games with. They planned to torture Diana to death!

The gravel was hard and lumpy under his bare buttocks. He barely noticed the discomfort. All his attention was riveted on his wife, tied naked to a grill above a pit full of live coals.

Yvonne bent over and pulled a garden trowel out of the earth. Then she got down on her knees beside the pit. “Here, while we’re waiting for the coals to get good and hot, let’s play with this,” she said.

The whites of Diana’s eyes gleamed in the lamplight. “What are you going to do?” she quavered.

Yvonne ran a finger down the slit of Diana’s pussy. Then she put a finger up the captive’s cunt. Another followed it. Then she spread the fingers to open Diana’s pussy wide. “Just this,” she said, and jammed the broad blade of the trowel into the gaping cunt!

Diana screamed anti bucked on the grill. It seemed that her pussy was being sliced to ribbons. Then Yvonne yanked upwards on the handle of the implement, moving it like a lever in Diana’s cunt. The blade stretched her cunt walls in a unique way, a way she’d never imagined, and then began crushing her clit against her pubic bone.

In a flash pain turned to pleasure — edged with pain, but still pleasure, pleasure so intense that Diana groaned and began to roll her hips and fuck her pussy on the hard metal blade. It wasn’t sharp enough to damage her cunt, she knew. But its edges scraped the lining of her cunt and gave her a whole slew of sensations she’d never dreamed of!

Her cunt began to drool. Pussy oils covered the silvery blade. At the smell of cunt honey Yvonne moaned like a cat and began to turn the trowel in her captive’s cunt.

“Come on!” she groaned. “Eric — Frank. You know what I like. Give it to me! Let me feel those lovely cocks!”

The two men emerged from the darkness, naked as the others. Both their cocks were rock-hard and ready to fuck Yvonne. The sight of that exquisitely lovely body tied over glowing coals — still cool, but gradually heating up to well past the limits of bearability — would have turned them on enough without the pleading invitation!

Still working the trowel in her captive’s pussy, Yvonne lay on her side and lifted a perfect, sculptured leg. Eric lay behind her and ran his prick into her pussy. The woman’s cunt was full of sweet oil. The long cock went in easily to the hilt.

Yvonne murmured happily and cocked her hips back and forth. Eric lay for a moment, enjoying the feel of his sister’s hot pussy working around his cock. Then he pulled the cock out of her cunt with breathtaking slowness.

“Get ready,” he whispered, licking her ear. “I’m going to ram this great big cock of mine clear up your sweet ass!”

“Yes,” Yvonne almost sobbed. “Oh yessss!”

Her brother’s cock slipped free of her pussy. Instantly Frank the handyman lay down on the ground before her, took hold of her tits with huge, hairy hands, and fucked his fat cock into her cunt with brutal force. “AAAHH!” she screamed.

As Frank began fucking her, Eric took his cock in hand and guided its head to the tiny opening of his sister’s asshole. He probed at her asshole with a fingers. The circle of her asshole was loose and ready and waiting for his prick!

Even as Yvonne panted in anticipation of her brother’s mighty tool being shoved into her asshole she started fucking the trowel in and out of Diana’s pussy. Beneath the captive the coals were growing warm. As yet the heat was nothing to the fire of lust that burned in her pussy! She was about to be subjected to agony like nothing she could imagine, but still the lovely, auburn-haired Diana was horny as hell. Perhaps it was a subconscious desire to get as much pleasure as possible before the coals began to broil her naked ass, but whatever it was, she felt herself hurtling toward the brink of climax!

The tip of Eric’s prick touched his sister’s asshole. He pushed forward with his cock. Yvonne’s butthole opened easily to let the long prick in.

Frank was busily pumping his huge prick in and out of the black-haired woman’s cunt. She all but ignored him. All her being seemed to be concentrated on the eleven inches of steely prick her own brother was sliding into her asshole!

Mike watched as inch after inch of Eric’s cock disappeared into the small hole in his sister’s flawless ass. The stocky photographer began to inch slowly across the ground. He had no definite plan, but anything was better than sitting and watching his bride of one day be roasted alive.

The ground scraped skin from his ass. Then he had to bite back a cry as something stabbed at his ass. He lifted himself gingerly, shifted himself forward, groped with numb fingers.

They closed around a shard of broken glass.

Slowly, carefully, not daring to hoped he began to saw at the rope around his thick wrists.

“Wow!” Yvonne breathed. Frank was mauling her tits with his hands, thrilling to the feel of her resilient tit-flesh. Her nipples were like pebbles beneath his palms. Her pussy was indescribably snug and slippery around his prick, and he could feel Eric’s cock going deliberately into the woman’s asshole.

What a trip! Frank thought. Fucking a beautiful woman while another writhed and moaned in begrudging ecstasy above a bed of coals that would soon be searing her bare flesh — it was unbelievable. He was glad he’d come to work for Eric and Yvonne — not for the first time. Nor, he thought, the last.

Yvonne’s asshole swallowed Eric’s prick. Then the hair in his crotch tickled her ass. She sighed and tightened the muscles in her ass around his cock. He grunted and tried to shove still more delightful cock into his sister’s ass.

Yvonne wished he had still more cock to fuck up her ass. The handyman’s giant prick reaming her pussy felt nice. But it was nothing to the joy of her brother Eric incestuously fucking her ass with that fabulous eleven-inch cock!

She pulled the trowel slowly out of Diana’s cunt. She watched in fascination as the captive’s belly flattened, went hollow. The prisoner was trying to keep the implement buried in her pussy!

The charcoal was bathing Diana’s butt in heat. There were few coals beneath her back, so it was cooler there. In some strange way the heat seemed to add to the captive’s passion.

Diana’s nipples were gorged with blood. Her pussy pulsed around the unyielding blade of the trowel. Despite the horror of her situation she was turned-on so totally nothing existed for her but ecstasy.

Yvonne felt Frank getting ready to come. His hands practically clawed at her boobs. She smiled at him as her brother rammed his prick deep in her ass. Frank grinned lewdly back at her and blew his wad thunderously into her pussy.

With a sudden cry of joy she jammed the trowel far into her prisoner’s pussy. Diana gasped as it cut into her pussy walls. Then pain lanced through her pussy tunnel as climax pulled her cunt tight around the steel blade of the tool.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” she screamed. “Ngaaaaaaaaah I’m coming, I’m coming — I’M COMMMMMMMinngggg!” Her knees tried to come together as her pussy spasmed in the furious tempo of climax.

Jism pulsed into Yvonne’s pussy till it overflowed her cunt lips. “Yes, yes — yes!” she called. “Pump me full of come! Oh, Eric, darling, sweetheart — let me feel you come in my ass!”

Eric knew he was about to give her her wish. Her asshole was paradise on his prick. He alternated between gazing down at his sister’s lovely buttcheeks as he drove his cock between them and watching Diana squirm with the ecstasy of coming on the grill. She’d soon be squirming from completely different feelings!

Diana thrashed her head from side to side. Her hair was bound up to keep it from catching fire, but several strands had gotten loose and whipped her in the face. Great wrenching waves of climax seemed to pound through her body as she came and came again around the trowel in her pussy.

The cock pistoning in and out of her asshole had Yvonne half-mad with lust. She was about to come. She pumped the trowel relentlessly in and out of her captive’s cunt. Pussy sauces leaked from Diana’s climaxing cunt over Yvonne’s hands, dripping down and hissing among the coals.

The fury of delight that possessed Diana as she came slowly died away. As she came back to earth, she became aware that the heat from the coals was uncomfortable. The steel grill was too warm on her bare flesh.

“L-look!” Yvonne cried, breathless as her brother pulled his cock out of her asshole. “She’s beginning to feel it! It’s getting hot.” She smiled back over her shoulder at her brother. Eric plunged his cock full length into her asshole and she shrieked with delight.

“Let me go,” moaned Diana. “Don’t do this to me! My ass — my ass is getting hot! I’m roasting — help!”

Her words sent Yvonne over the edge. “Ahhnnnn!” she cried. Her ass clenched like a fist around her brother’s cock. Eric yelped in surprise, and then, his cock filled her ass with one mighty burst of come.

Yvonne howled with wordless joy as her brother’s jism seared her ass. Diana’s voice rose to join hers. The captive was crying out not from pain, but from fear of pain, “Let me go!” she pleaded. “Let me gooooooo!”

The black-haired woman drove her ass into her brother’s crotch and laughed wildly, as his deeply-embedded cock spat come into her asshole. “Burn!” she screamed to her bound victim. “Burn, damn you!” In her orgiastic frenzy she yanked the dripping trowel out of Diana’s cunt and flung it far away from her. The ropes binding Mike’s wrists gave way. In an instant he was on his feet. With a hoarse cry, Frank pulled his spent cock out, of Yvonne’s come drenched cunt and stood up with jism and cunt honey leaking down his legs.

“Come on,” he grinned, flexing his big hands. “C’mon here, little buddy!”

Mike bent down and scooped up the trowel. Frank lunged for him, arms spread wide. Mike drove the implement to the hilt in the handyman’s stomach.

Frank gave a surprised cough, clutched his stomach, and sat down. Eric was frantically clutching his sister’s ass, unable to stop pumping come up her asshole. Yvonne was crying out, still locked in the throes of ultimate ecstasy as her pussy and ass convulsed with orgasm.

Eric’s cock fired blast after blast of jism into Yvonne’s rectum. He looked up to see Mike looming above him with arms upraised. “No!” he screamed shrilly, throwing up an arm to protect himself. “No — don’t!”

In Mike Burden’s hands was a huge, heavy rock. He brought it down hard. “Nooooooooo!” shrieked Yvonne.

“You want our special service?” Mike Burden asked with a grin. “You’ll have to wait a little while, I’m sorry. Why don’t you go to your room and we’ll call you.”

The portly businessman looked to his blonde, teenaged companion. She looked up at him and smiled, nodding eagerly. Her nipples were erect, easily visible through the clinging thin fabric of her blouse.

As the oddly-matched pair went out the door of the motel office, Mike heard his wife’s voice from the back room, “Come on in, baby.”

“What’re you doing?” he asked.

“Watching TV.”

He nodded and went into the bedroom. Diana sat on the end of the bed, dressed in a transparent blue nightgown. Her knees were pulled up under her. Her long slim legs were brown from a week of tanning. A wisp of chestnut cunt-fur showed between the demi-globes of her ass. One heel was pressed casually against her pussy.

Mike looked at the screen. “Hey, wow,” he said. “That’s a new one.”

The little man knelt on the bed of the bridal suite, gazing down with fascination at the black-furred cunt splayed open before his very eyes. Below the gash of the cunt, his cock went between the halves of the naked woman’s ass and disappeared in her asshole. He stroked the silken thighs and stirred his cock in her asshole. The feel of her ass on his unlubricated cock was strange and exciting.

The woman moaned with the pain in her violated ass. The sound was muffled by the pussy of the small man’s wife, which was pressed over her upturned face. The plump but attractive, redheaded wife clutched her heavy boobs and squealed with delight.

“That feels so nice!” She looked down at the captive’s large jugs. The nipples were dark as fine red wine. The redhead reached down to the bed beside her and picked up a riding crop. “Do it again!”

The prisoner’s arms were tied behind her back, arching her nude body so that her tits jutted prominently. The naked redhead brought her quirt whistling down to land right across the cherry-sized nipples. This time the bound woman screamed full-throatedly into the red-furred pussy. The redhead sighed, and her cunt filled the other woman’s mouth with hot pussy oils.

“She’s got such lovely black hair, Herbert,” the redhead told her husband, running her fingers through the lustrous hair streaming out from the captive’s head. The other woman looked up at her with frightened, pain-filled eyes, her face framed by the cheeks of the redhead’s ass. “And eyes — I’ve never seen eyes like this. So deep blue, and so funny shaped. Almost slanted.”

Herbert grunted and began to pull his cock out of the captive’s rump. The long, lean body began to writhe on the bed as his cock seemed to tear the lining of the prisoner’s ass passage. He bit his lips. It was as if his cock were ultra-sensitive tonight, and every movement of the woman’s butt delighted his prick beyond comparison.

“I wonder what a beautiful girl like this is doing in a place like this?” the redhead asked. Herbert shrugged and thrust his cock back up the tied-up beauty’s ass. At the same time his wife raked blows on the big, bare jugs.

Yvonne opened her cuntjuice-filled mouth and shrieked with hopeless agony.

In the small bedroom behind the motel office, Diana Burden smiled and nodded at the screen. “Nice,” she murmured dreamily. She felt the awakening of lust in her pussy and smelled the tang of aroused cunt. “How long do you think we can keep this up, honey?”

“Hey,” Mike said, a bit breathlessly, “what do you think the little guy is going to do with that cigarette?”

Diana shook her head, toying with the cockhead with her tongue. But she rolled her eyes around to watch.

She didn’t want to miss any of this.

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