The family closet 2.

Kay finalized her plans in her own mind as she prepared breakfast the
next morning. She greeted her son with a smile and a good morning kiss as
he entered the room and seated himself at the table. He was dressed only
in a pair of thin boxers. She admired the firm muscles in his arms as if
seeing them for the first time and she could feel the tiny bud of her clit
begin to swell again.

“Want to go to the cabin this weekend son?” she asked him as he took a
bite of toast. “We haven’t had a break in such a long time. It will be
good to get away – just you and I – for a while.”

Ricky smiled “Sure mom, sounds great!”

“Its a date then!” Kay replied as she winked at him. “Hurry then and
finish, we’ve got to get you off to school”

There was something different about his mother today but Ricky wasn’t
sure what it was. She seemed to be happier, more relaxed than usual. He
shrugged it off, finished his toast and headed for the shower.

As she drove her son to school, Kay hummed happily and tapped her
fingers on the steering wheel.

“What’s up mom?” Ricky asked?

“What do you mean, son?” she replied.

“Well, you just seem really happy, and you look really pretty today”
Ricky said.

“I’m just thinking about the weekend and making plans. I have a few
surprises in store, once were there” she said.

“What surprises?” Ricky asked.

“Well – they wouldn’t be surprises if I told you now would they.” She
reached across and stroked his leg lightly.

She stopped the car in front of the school and leaned over to her son.
Instead of kissing his cheek as she usually did, she planted a soft kiss
firmly on his lips, but pulled away quickly. She hadn’t wanted anyone to
see it.

“See you tonight Sweetheart,” she called as he closed the car door and
walked up the stairs to the school.

She watched his ass swung luridly in his tight jeans and momentarily ran
her hand up her dress and between her legs for a quick feel of her cunt.

“Friday will never get here,” she thought anxiously as she drove to

But Friday did arrive, finally, and the excitement Kay felt in her belly
was increasing by the minute. She packed as if she were going away on a
honeymoon and included every possible piece of lurid clothing she could
find. She was going to make this a weekend that neither her nor her son
would ever forget.

Ricky was just happy to get away with his mom for a while. He had
fantasized numerous times about his mother and although he could never get
the courage to do anything about it, he still loved to have her attentions
and spend time with her. It was only late at night, when he was in bed
alone that he could finally relieve the tension that had built in his balls
during the day.

The hour long trip to the mountains seemed an eternity to Kay and as
they turned down the dirt road that led to their secluded cabin Kay allowed
her hand to rest on her son’s thigh.

Ricky looked down at her hand as she lightly stroked up and down but
didn’t protest. His mother had such a nice soft touch and he could feel
his cock start to swell inside his jeans. He hadn’t noticed it before but
her summer skirt had seemed to slide up her legs, now revealing the crotch
of the white bikini panties she was wearing. He could see faint traces of
the dark pubic hair that peaked out from the side.

Kay smiled to herself when she saw her son finally staring between her
legs and she made no moves to cover herself.

“This is going to be better than I dreamed,” she thought as she parked
the car next to the cabin.

Ricky quickly jumped out of the car and turned his back to her. She
could tell he was trying to adjust his pants so she would not see the bulge
that had appeared there.

They unpacked the car quickly and began to set up housekeeping,
unpacking food and clothes and making the beds.

The sun had already set by the time they sat down to dinner and Kay had
lit two candles to soften the mood a bit and relax her son.

“How about a nighttime swim after dinner, son?” she asked.

“That sounds great mom”, Ricky replied and he thought of his mother
scantily clad in one of her revealing bathing suits. He didn’t think he
was going to be able to conceal the hard on that it would give him.

Kay’s pussy began to lubricate itself again as she changed into the
string style bikini she had brought with her. Her ample breasts bulged
from the edges of it and concealed very little of her tits. Her large
nipples caused perfect nubs in the material of the swimsuit. Her wide hips
stretched the bikini bottoms luridly and she allowed wisps of dark hair to
protrude from the sides.

Ricky pulled his trunks on and did the best he could to keep his prick
from showing through the white material. He couldn’t believe his mother
expected him to wear the thong swimsuit she had bought him for the trip.
As he stood in front of the mirror he could see a perfect outline of his
flaccid penis and swollen balls through the material.

“Jeez” he thought, “If my friends ever saw me like this they’d laugh me
out of town.” But his mother had bought them and if she thought he would
like it then he would wear them, if only to please her. After all there
was no one for miles but the two of them.

Ricky was stunned as he stepped onto the porch and saw his mother
dressed in a skimpy two piece bathing suit that matched his perfectly. He
stared at the sight of her delicious body barely concealed by the two tiny
pieces of material. His cock began to grow again and he noticed his mother
was staring at his crotch as well.

“I thought we’d look really cute together like this – kind of a
mother-son matching outfit,” she said innocently. “What do you think?” She
spun around quickly as if modeling the swimsuit”.

“You – you look beautiful,” Ricky stammered. His mouth hung open as he
took in the beautifully matured body standing before him.

“Come on, I’ll race you there” Kay shouted as she shot off for the lake.

Ricky ran close behind her but made no effort to pass her. He was
really enjoying the sight of her perfectly round ass and hips bouncing as
she ran. He could no longer control his erection and the tip of his
cockhead peaked through the waist of his skimpy bathing suit while he
jogged after her.

Kay didn’t stop when they reached the lake, but ran directly into the
cool, moonlit water, wading out deep enough to cover her shoulders. Ricky
soon joined her and they both bobbed up and down.

Kay took a deep breath and reached behind her back twisting the clasp on
her bikini top and releasing it. The top fell free of her and floated away
in the current allowing the tops of her tits to rise slightly above the
water. She heard a sharp intake of breath as her son’s mouth dropped open.
He stared at the bobbing mounds of tit-flesh in the water.

“Dare ya,” Kay said playfully as she hooked her thumbs into her bikini
bottoms and in one movement pushed them down her legs and pulled them free
of her. She reached high into the air and waved the bottoms at her son
then flung them far away from them both.

Ricky gasped a second time when he realized his mother was standing
before him totally naked. Though he couldn’t see her entirely nude body
below the dark water his imagination was enough to cause his prick to
become fully erect in his suit.

It seemed as if he couldn’t pull his bottoms off fast enough. When he
finally was successful at pushing them past his bulging cock and getting
them off he waived them in the air laughing with his mother.

Kay reached up and grabbed his trunks from his hand. She tossed them up
onto the shore.

“You wont be needing those again” she said laughing. She was now
bobbing up and down in the water giving her son a full view of her full
breasts and hard, pointed nipples. She felt so naughty being naked in the
water with her son and her clit began to knot up.

“Want to play shark?” she asked him.

“Shark?” Ricky questioned.

“We used to play it as kids.” she said “I turn around and count to ten,
then you move somewhere in the water. I have to close my eyes and hunt for
you underwater.”

Before he could answer Kay turned away from her son and started to

Ricky tried to move quickly but his movements were hampered by the water
and only got a few feet from his original position before his mother
shouted “Nine… Ten… Here I come, ready or not.”

He watched his mother drop down deep into the lake and then lost track
of her.

Kay took a deep breath and plunged underwater. She had heard his
movements and knew exactly where he had moved. She swam quickly with her
eyes closed, her hands outstretched in search of her young son.

She was groping in front of her for the touch of his flesh and within
seconds her hand brush the outside of his right thigh. She opened her eyes
and she could almost make out the shape of his rigid prick pointing up and
away from him. Her right hand moved up and brushed against his tight
ball-sack and she fondled it for a second before sliding her hand up the
shaft of his cock and gripping him fully in her hand. She wanted to engulf
that lovely prick in her mouth but she was becoming dizzy and need to get
some air.

She pushed up with her feet and came face to face with her son, his
throbbing pole still tight in her grasp.

Ricky had moved further toward shore and when she stood her breasts were
fully exposed to him, the delicious mounds of flesh wet and full. Her
nipples, fully extended and aroused, seemed to be pleading for attention.

“Looks like I’ve caught you with your pants down!” she laughed and she
gave his cockmeat another squeeze.

Kay felt her son’s prick twitch in her hand as he stared at her tits.
She began to jack him slowly.

“What’s the problem here?” she asked, referring to the swollen cock in
her hands.

“Gosh mom”. Rick was slightly embarrassed at his predicament. “I’m
sorry”, he said apologetically, “Its just that you look so beautiful and
well…” He was stumbling with his words and Kay saw no reason to torture
her beautiful son.

“Its okay darling”, she said, “I was kind of hoping you might react like
this. After all I did say I had some nice surprises for you didn’t I”

“Wow – yeah mom, but I never expected anything like this.” He became
bolder and reached up to touch her breast and stroke lightly across her

“Do you like your mother’s nipples?” she asked, smiling as Ricky pinched
and stroked the meaty flesh between his fingers.

“Oh yeah mom. They’re so beautiful.” He brushed his hand lightly across
each breast at first, watching, fascinated as his mother’s large brown
nipples extended them selves even further. He lightly pinched and pulled
each one in turn before saying anything. His mouth was watering and he was
dying to taste them. His mother’s eyes were close and her full lips
parted. He could tell how much she was enjoying his attentions.

“Mom?” Ricky stammered out. “Would you mind if – if I kissed your

“Mmmm – I’d like that very much, son” Kay replied.

Without hesitation Ricky’s soft tongue reached out and tentatively
circled his mother’s large areola before finally flicking across the
swollen nub of her left nipple. His lips formed a circle around it and he
sucked it gently into his mouth, savoring the taste and feel of it.

“OOooooh yes son. Suck Mother’s titty. I love the way your tongue
feels.” Kay was encouraging him with her sexy talk as she continued to
stroke his aching prick beneath the water.

Ricky sucked harder as he flicked his tongue across the tight flesh and
Kay felt her belly start to bubble with hot anticipation.

Kay squeezed tightly on her son’s penis and in response he bit gently
into her nipple meat sending a gush of pleasure down to her dampening cunt.
As Ricky worked and sucked on his mother’s wanton tit Kay stroked and
squeezed his cock. She slid her hand further down to his tight ball sack
stroking it and lightly squeezing each one of his delightfully full nuts.

Rickys breath had become more rapid and as his mother carressed his
balls he raised his head from her breasts and looked deeply into her eyes.
Kay gazed back at her young son and placed her lips fully on his mouth.
Her lips parted and her tongue snaked out to slither across his upper lip.
She pushed her wet tongue into his mouth, probing for his tongue which
responded immediately.

They stood there for many moments, lips locked together, tongues tasting
the sweetness in each others mouths. It was the first time Ricky had ever
actually been french kissed and he loved the taste and warmth of his
mother’s mouth.

Kays mouth began to water generously and she let a large goblet of
salive slide into her son’s mouth. He accepted her spit gratefully and
after adding some of his own, he passed the wad of mouth juice back to his
mother. The act was so intimate that it made Kay momentarily dizzy and her
tongue recoiled into her mouth.

Kay broke the kiss and said, “Lets get out of this lake so we can be
free to see each other more clearly.”

“What? You don’t want to play shark anymore?” Ricky said grinning with
an evil glint in his eye.

“We’ll play land shark honey and I’ll eat you alive if you’ll let me.”
was Kay’s reply.

“I’m all yours”, Ricky laughed, “If you can catch me.” and he attempted
to run ahead of his mother. She smiled as she chased after him, realizing
he wasn’t really trying to get away. She watched the moonlight graze
across his smooth young ass as he ran and when she finally caught up with
him she slapped his rump playfully and called him a bad boy.

Ricky laughed and spun around to keep his ass out of range but tumbled
to the ground butt first and lay there his arms above his head smiling up
at his mother.

He looked beautiful lying there in the moonlight and Kay’s mouth began
to water as her gaze moved from his feet up his thighs. Her eyes stopped
when they reached his crotch and her mouth opened as she beheld his fully
erect manhood. It seemed much larger now than it had the night she watched
him jack-off. She knelt at his feet and gently spread them apart making an
open path for herself.

She lifted his foot to her mouth and began to lick slowly around his
toes, tasting each toe and inhaling deeply. Her eyes remained open and she
tasted her way down his ankle, licking past his calf and knee. The closer
her face came to his crotch the wetter her cunt seemed to get.

Kay took several minutes to caress her son’s thigh with her lips and
tongue, enjoying the masculine scent wafting down from his balls.

Ricky felt like he was dreaming. He’d had these wonderful thoughts ever
since the first time he’d seen his mother dressing in her room and now here
she was sliding her tongue up his thigh towards his hard cock. He began to
shake a little and it took all of his attention to keep still.

“Oh mom! That feels so nice.” he whispered to her.

“Mmmmmmm, you taste wonderful darling and I intend to taste all of you!”
she replied.

Kay’s pussy was oozing her fuck lube and she could wait no longer. She
placed her hand on his cock and stroked up and down the underside of his
shaft while her tongue raced toward his balls. Her nose grazed across the
boys swollen ball sack and she let it linger there while she inhaled his
manly odors. She was in heaven and her tongue finally reached out and
licked at his scrotum causing a shiver to run through him.

Rick’s hands reached down and his fingers roamed throughout his mother’s
dark hair as she bathed his balls with her soft, wet tongue.

“Oh mom, the way your licking me is so good.” he gasped.

Kay only moaned in response. With her hand to help her she took each of
her son’s balls into her mouth and gently sucked and licked at them. She
saw the first bubble of precum appear on his pisshole and she wiped it free
with her hand and brought it to her tongue. She delighted in the taste of
his cum as she smeared it across her palate.

Ricky watched as his mother tasted his cum and he felt his balls
beginning to boil inside. He knew he would not last long.

Kay’s tongue washed over his balls time and time again savoring the
musky flavor there. When the second and larger glob of cum appeared on his
cockhead, Kay slid her tongue slowly up the shaft of her son’s prick. Her
hot, wet tongue swiped across his leaking pisshole to scoop up the creamy
fluid. She moaned happily as she lathered his bulging prick head with her
saliva. She place her lips over it and pushed down, taking the head into
her mouth. Her tongue worked on his pisshole while she sucked, dipping
into it and lapping at his leaking juice.

Ricky groaned more loudly now and his grip in his mother’s head
tightened. He was no longer caressing her hair, he pushed her head further
down onto his cock and she obliged happily. He looked down at her face.

“Mom, you look so sexy with my dick in your mouth!” he exclaimed.

She removed her mouth from his prick and smiled. “This is no dick son,
this is a full blown cock!”

“Who cares what it is, just keep sucking it!” her son gasped.

Without another word Kay opened her mouth and slid down onto his burning
cockshaft taking at least five inches of the fat prick into her mouth. She
was ecstatic. She felt sluttish and nasty sucking her own son’s cock and
she wanted it all. Wanted to feel that wonderful hunk of hard meat in her
throat. She wanted to feel nasty, as nasty and dirty as possible. She
forced her face further down the hard shaft pushing it down into her
throat. She stopped when she could feel his coarse pubic hair tickle her
nose. She forced back the urge to gag and tried to swallow around his

When Ricky felt the muscles in her throat contract and massage the head
of his cock he lost control. His balls spasmed against his mother’s chin
as the cum boiled in his balls.

Kay looked into her son’s eyes submissively and silently, pleading for
his fuck juice. Her throat was burning from the hot precum that was now
constantly oozing from his hole and she loved the feeling of it. She
swallowed again and it sent the young boy over the edge.

The first blast of hot jism shot down her throat and caused her to
choke. She realized she would be not be able to take his load like this and
raised her head a bit, feeling the pulsing head slide out of her throat.

The second eruption of cum seemed to fill her mouth entirely and she had
to swallow quickly to make room for his next shoot.

“Oh god mom! Eat my sperm up! Your so hot – suck my cock mom!” Ricky
exclaimed as he bucked his hips up into her face”

Kay swallowed gob after gob of her son’s hot fuck juice and she drank it
down greedily. She whimpered softly when his last blast washed against the
back of her throat, but she continued to suck until she was sure he was
completely spent. Her dripping cunt was throbbing now and she knew she had
to have relief soon or go crazy.

At last Ricky’s cock began to soften and she pulled it from her mouth
and made one final sweep of her tongue across the head.

“Hmmmm…How lovely, son. You tasted so wonderful. I want to do that
again and again.” Kay whispered dreamily.

Ricky looked deep into her eyes. “I want you to do it again and again!”
he said. “You look so sexy and slutty …er sorry mom” his voice shook a
bit as he realized what he’d said.

“Its ok darling.” she replied, “I love hearing you talk dirty to me and
I love hearing you call me a slut and other nasty things – it really gets
me going! Besides, I have every intention of being a complete slut for

“I love you mom”, he said softly.

“I love you too sweetheart” Kay replied as she raised herself up. “Want
to head up to the cabin for a cool drink?”

Ricky nodded and the both stood and walked side by side, arms around
each other, back towards the cabin.

Ricky let his hand slide down to his mother’s bottom and rest there as
they walked, feeling the soft warm flesh bounce in his hand.

Kay thought how dirty it must look – her and her son walking naked in
the moonlight while her son fondled her hot ass.

“Mom – your the best!” Ricky said with a grin as he opened the door to
the cottage.

Kay removed her arm from her son and gave him a firm swat on the ass.
“Now head into my bedroom and relax – tonight you’re my King and I’m going
to treat you like one.”

Ricky wiggled his ass for his mom and grinned over his shoulder at her.
He walked into the bedroom and plopped down onto his mother’s bed. He was
grinning to himself, thinking how damn lucky he was, when his mother
entered with two full glasses of wine.

Ricky had never had any alcohol and was shocked when she handed him the
glass and toasted him saying, “To the man I love most!” His smile spread
across his face and his heart felt as if it would burst from his chest.

They both took a sip from their glasses and then kissed. When he slid
his tongue into her mouth he could taste the wine in his mother’s mouth and
caught a taste of his own cum. His cock began to rise again as he
remembered the sight of his mother’s mouth stuffed with his cock.

Kay noticed the movements his prick was making and glanced down.

“Oh Ricky”, she said with a grin, “It looks like we haven’t satisfied
that thing yet.”

“It will never have enough of you mom.” her son replied.

They both laughed and they kissed again. Longer and harder this time.

Kay lit several candles and turned off the lights. The soft light
grazed across her son’s swelling cock and she stared at it as she walked
back to the bed. Ricky was sitting cross-legged sipping the wine and she
joined him in the same position.

With her legs open and her feet crossed Ricky had a full view of his
mother’s fur covered sex. Her swollen clit protrude from her fat cuntlips
and the fuck lube that dripped from her pussy had matted up the dark, wiry

Ricky licked his lips as he stared, unembarrassed at his mother’s cunt.
His eyes went from her crotch up her belly to her breasts. Kay could
almost feel his gaze as his eyes roamed her body. She leaned back on one
elbow to give her son a better, more open view of herself.

Her heart was full of lust for her son and she wanted to make him horny
enough to do anything. She new she would let him do anything he wanted to

She smiled at him and said, “Is there anything my master wishes?”

He grinned back at her and said, “I’d like to examine you mom – like a
doctor does”. He stammered a little and appeared a bit nervous.

“Yes my lord!” his mother answered grinning and she set her wine on the
nightstand. Without a word she laid her head against the wooden headboard,
spread her arms out and up and pulled her legs out as far as they would
stretch. She was now totally open and vulnerable to his whims and she felt
her stomach tingle and a small spasm spread across her clit.

Ricky climbed between her legs and kneeling there looked her up and

“I can’t examine your bottom like this.” he said as he grabbed both

He place them one on top of the other. Kay lifted her ass high in the
air for him and he placed the pillows under the small of her back. When
she had lowered herself completely onto the pillows she realized that her
young son also had a lurid view of her ass now. She reached beneath her
self and with her hands and stretched the globes of her smooth ass apart,
then lowered herself again. She could feel cool air blow across her tight
bunghole and new that it was now in full view.

“You may do as you please now, Sire!” she whispered softly, grinning.
The words she had spoken stirred in her belly and she felt her juices start
to flow again.

Ricky stroked inside of her thighs softly with his fingertips and he
heard a sigh of pleasure leave his mother’s lips. His hands traveled
slowly up until they reached the crease where her thighs met her mound. He
stroked up and down and across her furry cunt lips, watching his mother’s
clithead begin to push out and protrude lasciviously from its sheath. He
stroked a finger across the little nub and his mother let out a soft gasp
of delight.

Kay could feel the inside walls of her pussy begin to expand and
contract with the stroking her son was giving her. She gazed down at him.
His cock was protruding quite nicely from between his legs and the tip was
smearing his belly with precum as he bent over and examined her.

The boy pushed and kneaded the soft meaty flesh of her outer labia and
Kay felt the cunt juice seeping out of her hole. He placed a thumb and
forefinger on each lip her pulled and stretched her wide apart. The hot
scent of her horny pussy flooded his senses with lust. He could see the
fuck juice now spilling from her wide open hole and he dove face first to
save it.

Kay felt her son’s tongue land directly on her tight asshole and swipe
upwards all the way to her clit. The thought of her son lapping up the
cunt juice from her crotch sent shivers up her spine and she tried to
spread herself further to allow him even more access to her.

He slid his hot soft tongue repeatedly up and down her sopping slit.
From asshole to clit and back again he licked, drinking as much of the hot
juice he could find. His cock was swollen and throbbed against his belly.

Kay ground her hips forward as he pushed his tongue into her aching hole
and started grinding them around in an obscene fashion. He cunt was
gushing and she new she would be cumming soon.

The tiny opening of her vagina was pulling and sucking on Ricky’s hot
tongue and he began to fuck it in and out of that glorious hole with wild
abandon. Each time he pushed it into her his nose would graze against her
swollen clit causing her to shake and shudder.

“God yes Ricky, fuck your mother’s wet pussy! Fuck it deep and hard!”
she moaned. “Mother is such a horny slut for you baby! Do me with your
hot tongue”

Ricky pushed harder and faster into his mother with his tongue. He
opened his mouth wide and as his tongue plunged into her, he accidentally
bit down onto her clit with his top front teeth.

It was the absolute end for Kay. She lost control. Her hips bucked up
as her back arched and she screamed out loud as her orgasm crashed over
her. Her cunt clenched at her son’s tongue and her entire body convulsed.

“Oh God, Fuck yes baby! Mother’s cumming so fucking hard in your
mouth!” she screamed. She bucked her hips up and down and gyrated on his
face. She was like a whore gone mad. She spewed obscenities as her cunt
pulsed and writhed within her.

“God – your mommies such a fucking dirty slut whore for you Ricky. My
cunt loves your mouth!” she shouted Her pussy spewed juice and her clit
throbbed as her son’s tongue sawed in and out of her cunt.

Ricky continued tongue fucking her until he felt his mother’s cunt
settle back down and her shouting subsided. He finally pulled his tongue
from her dripping hole and rested his head on her soft mound.

Kay’s breathing was ragged and she stroked her son’s hair as her climax
settled into a soft, wet afterglow.

“That was wonderful my darling son.” she whispered to her son and Ricky
responded by letting his tongue slither across her burning clit one last

When Kay had finally begun to breath normally again, Ricky sat up.

“Its my turn now – if I’m still King”, he said with a sheepish grin.

“It is and you are my love – what is it you wish?” Kay asked.

“I want you to lie on your back and let me fuck your mouth.” he said
making it sound more like a demand than a wish.

Kay was only slightly disappointed. “Don’t you want to fuck Mother’s
cunt?” she asked.

“Of course”, he replied, “but I’m saving that for tomorrow. Right now I
want your hot slut mouth to fuck.”

He had caught on quickly. The dirty talk excited his mother and it made
him feel strong and manly to use it. Kay’s body shook with his harsh words
and her swollen clit throbbed again.

“Hmmm – yes my lord, whatever you wish.” and she slid down the bed until
her head was in the center. Ricky climbed up and over her to straddle her
face. His balls hung lewdly above her chin and his prick pointed hard and
long at the ceiling.

“Lick my balls mom.” Ricky ordered.

Kay’s tongue lashed out quickly at his scrotum and washed warm saliva
over it. Her son began to gyrate, his balls brushing across her tongue,
lips and face. Sawing his hips back and forth, he brushed his soft ball
sack up and down her face. Her tongue slurped deliciously up at him and
when he moved forward she caught the scent of his anal opening and
attempted to probe at it.

When Ricky realized what his mother was doing he reached back and spread
his cheeks, eager to give her complete access to his tight shit-hole. He
planted it directly above her mouth. She licked eagerly around the tiny
pucker, tasting the tartness of him and reached her hands up to pull him
closer to her face.

His balls draped over her nose as she fluttered her tongue around his
anus, coating it in her hot saliva. When she could no longer resist, she
pointed her tongue and placed it directly on the hole and pushed in.

Ricky groaned as he felt his mother’s hot tongue push into his tight
asshole. He could feel it worming its way deeper into him while she sucked
with her lips around his pucker. His hand went to his cock and he began
jacking himself causing his balls to bounce luridly on his mother’s nose
and cheeks.

“Oh jeez mom, lick that ass”, he groaned. “Eat my asshole. Stick your
tongue all the way in and lick my shit mom.” He was pounding his meat
faster now and rocking on her face while she devoured his asshole. His
balls slapped her face and his coarse hair scratched at her nose.

When Kay inhaled her head was filled with the heady scent of his sweaty
balls. The sheer perversion of her lying there with her tongue in her
son’s ass, while he masturbated drove her wild with lust. Her right hand
shot down to her dripping cunt and she only hesitated for a second before
pushing two fingers into her own fuck hole. She massaged the walls of her
own fuck tunnel as she ground her tongue into Ricky’s hot tight asshole.
Her orgasm was nearing and she could tell by the way her son’s balls were
beating against her face that he was close too.

She pulled her tongue out of his ass and used her free hand to guide
Ricky down a bit. Except for her gasps she said nothing. Her mouth opened
wide and she slid her tongue out and across her bottom lip. She wanted his
hard, burning cock filling her mouth when they both climaxed.

Ricky took the obvious hint easily and pointed the tip of his throbbing
prick at her mouth. He gripped it tightly and rubbed toward the head
slowly. At first a large droplet of precum oozed out of the inflamed
cock-knob, but as he stroked further the drop became a huge strand of goo
that dropped and stretched from his pisshole to his mother’s tongue. When
the ribbon of fuckjuice finally fell, it pooled up, hot and sticky on Kay’s
palate. She tilted her head back slightly and Ricky watched as his steamy
sperm slide down her tongue and puddled at the entrance to her throat.

It was too much for him. He became enraged with lust for his mother.
In one swift movement he slammed his rock hard prick into his mother’s
mouth and brutally forced the swollen rod into her throat. He held it
there for a long while, breathing heavily and shouting obscenities at her.

“Jeez, what a hot, cum eating slut you are mom.” He panted. Just as
quickly as he had violated her throat he withdrew it from her maw. Her
mouth remained a gaping fuckhole as she gasped for breath.

“You ok mom?” Ricky asked, a little worried that he may have hurt her.

Kay could only nod. She had no breath to speak with. She had never
felt so totally violated before and she loved it. Her cunt was filled with
her own fuckjuice now and she was pounding her fingers in and out
repeatedly. She held her mouth as wide as possible as an invitation for
him to use her again.

Her son did not disappoint her. Without hesitation he place his prick
on her waiting tongue and, laying on top of her he, rammed it fully into
her throat. Ricky grabbed fistfuls of her hair to hold her head steady and
began rocketing his cock back and forth into her gullet.

“God mom, your mouth is such a hot fuck hole.” he grunted through
clenched teeth.

The brutal intrusion of her son’s hard cock into her throat caused Kay
to choke a bit, but she didn’t try to stop it. Her cunt was gaping open
and she had three fingers inside trying to fill it. Her clit was swollen
and pounding and every time she pushed at it with her thumb a quick, little
orgasm ran through her body. Ricky’s precum was dripping freely into her
throat and she could actually taste it in her nostrils. She could feel his
cum vessel swell and she knew he was very near to giving her his
deliciously sticky load.

It only took several deep fucks into his mother’s throat before Ricky
began to feel the familiar tingle in his balls. He knew he would cum soon
and wanted to make it as intense as possible for both of them. He forced
his cock completely into her gullet and held it there, his balls covering
his mother’s chin while his tight belly covered her nose.

Kay couldn’t breath. Her nose and mouth were fully closed by her son’s
man-meat and stomach. She was frightened but she didn’t resist his brutal
rape of her mouth. Reason told her that if she passed out she would
probably involuntarily regain consciousness eventually. She pulled her
sopping fingers from her fuck tunnel and placed four fingers at the
entrance of her gaping hole. She slammed them in as hard as she could.
The muscles of her vaginal opening tried to resist, but she had push so
fast and hard that by the time she felt the searing pain her entire hand
was fully inside the abused pussy.

Ricky saw his mother’s eyes go wide as her cunt was set on fire by her
slamming fist. He looked back and saw her hand buried between her
cuntlips. He flexed his cock muscles and Kay felt the huge tube of meat
throb in her throat. She swallowed around it and tried to inhale but she
still could not get any air.

Keeping his cock in her throat, Ricky humped at his mother’s face. His
balls swelled as he repeatedly rubbed the bulbous head of his prick against
the walls of her gullet. His slimy cock-cum was dripping into her throat
and adding to the intense pleasure he was feeling. Within seconds the boy
sailed over the edge.

“Jeez, fuck mom! I gonna shoot in your throat!” He screamed as he
twisted and pulled on her hair. “Eat my hot fuck juice mom! Drink your
son’s sperm like a hot slut!”

Kay felt his sperm vessel pulse and she knew what was coming. A huge
spray of hot, sticky fuck-juice shot into her throat. She didn’t
swallowing it. It hadn’t even entered her mouth. It had just gone
directly to her gullet and was slithering slowly down into her belly.

“God, this is heaven!”, she thought as her son’s creamy spray of jism
entered her throat. His vein swelled again and another jet of goo shot
into her. His fuck-meat was now coated in cock cream and she could taste
and smell nothing else. Her hand was ramming uncontrollably into her
burning cunt and she could feel her cervix being bruised with the punches.

As the third blast of Ricky’s fuckjuice shot into her throat, she began
to feel faint. She twisted and fucked at her cunt as a wave of wicked
thrills ran over her. Her entire body stiffened as rush after rush of
pleasure shot through her. Hot sparks seemed to shoot into her nipples and
clit. Her ass clenched together and parted. She was on the brink of
passing out and she didn’t care. If she died right now she would die the
happiest woman ever. With each spurt of thick cream from her son’s cock,
she felt another bolt of pleasure.

Ricky loosened his grip on his mother’s dark hair as the last few gobs
of semen rushed out of him and into her. He drew back slightly to allow
the swollen knob of his prick to rest in her mouth.

Able to breath now through her nose, Kay’s breasts heaved in a rapid
rhythm. She held tight to the drooling cockhead in her mouth and savored
every drop. As her orgasm subsided she sucked gently back and forth on
Ricky’s prick, attempting to drain him thoroughly.

At last the boy pulled his shrinking cock from her mouth and Kay
whimpered lightly in protest.

“Jeez Mom, I can’t leave it in there ALL night.” he panted

“Mmmmmm, why not son? I wouldn’t mind a bit falling asleep with your
beautiful cock in my mouth.” Kay grinned.

“Well, for one thing – I have to pee and you wouldn’t want that, would
you?” He was only halfway joking with her.

Kay smiled and placed her finger on her lower lip, trying to look
demure. “Well, you just never know do you?”

They both laughed and Ricky repeated to her what a nasty, dirty slut she
was. It warmed her cunt every time she heard him say it.

When they finally fell asleep, they lay snuggled in each others arms.
Lovers. Mother and son.