The swing man adventures 1.

“She said no.”
“Definitely no?”
“I would have to say yes, definitely. If it’s any consolation, it
because it was you. I just think the whole idea made her
uncomfortable….I think she thinks it will hurt our marriage.”
“That’s too bad. If you ask me, it would only make it better….well,
damn…..listen the offer is still open if you want to come out. Carmen’s
definitely up for it.”
“Really?…I thought it was a package deal.”
“I would have liked that, man. You know I’ve always had a thing for
Stella, even if she is a prissy little thing. But, it doesn’t mean you
have to
sit around on your hands….it’s time to live a little. You’ve earned it.”
“You are so right…I’ll call you tomorrow after I think about my
“All right, talk to ya then.”
Jonas Elliot placed the phone back on its cradle and stared out the
window wall of his 19th story Century City office. It was a relatively
unsmoggy day in Los Angeles and he could see the blue Pacific way out
beyond Santa Monica.
‘Well, just when things were getting a little dull,’ he thought. ‘My
brother makes me an offer I can’t refuse? The lucky son-of-a-bitch
shouldn’t be the only one having fun. I’ll just drive out and screw this
new chickie.’
He opened the drawer of his desk and pulled out the Polaroid Lance
had sent him. Carmen was one hot looking woman. In the photo, she
was wearing a skimpy white bikini that contrasted nicely with her deep
tanned skin. Long, dark-brown hair with some blonde highlights.
‘She must have some Latin blood in her…maybe even some black
ancestors,’ Jonas mused, trying to remember who she reminded him of.
Then it came to him – Paula Abdul, the singer. His daughter had pointed
her out to him at a Kings game a couple of years ago. Carmen’s face
had that same look, the full lips, longer legs though. And Carmen’s chest
was much bigger, obviously she had had some work done.
“I’m going to enjoy doing that,” he said out loud. He could almost kiss
Lance for even bringing up the idea. He’d been talking to his brother at a
cook-out at his Brentwood home several weeks ago and Lance, who was
ten years younger than he, had started kidding him about slowing down
at his old age of 41. Of course, he was referring to the number of women
he was sleeping around with behind Stella’s back.
Years ago, Jonas had sold his soul to the Devil – namely the former
owner of the law firm he worked for, Stella’s father. Jonas had seen the
opportunity of marrying his way to partner status. He’d tried to remain
faithful for five or six years, even had a child because Stella wanted one
so bad. But temptations were around every door and once Stella’s father
passed away, leaving him firmly entrenched in the law firm, he’d begun
to open some of those doors.
He’d been discreet and the thrill had been good. Finding willing
partners had not been a problem; he worked out at the LA Sports Club
several times a week and was in pretty good shape. 6’1″, black hair with
a smattering of gray, a mustache that was going grayer faster, good
definition on the chest, legs in pretty good shape from racquetball.
Women wanted him and didn’t care if he was married. Clandestine
motel meetings with secretaries, an occasional female lawyer or even
some escort girls. He’d pay for it if it was good stuff, no problem with
that. Hell, he had enough money to retire on comfortably even if Stella
found out and took him for half.
Anyway, Lance had been kidding him about whether he could still get
it up. He’d remarked to Lance that he was getting enough on the side
but he did wished he had Lance’s life once in a while; Lance’s life
seemed to be a string of parties and loose women, many of them in their
Lance had gotten sort of serious and had taken him aside and told him
that he had fallen in with a crowd out in Palm Springs that liked to
wife-swap, fly in call girls from LA or Vegas. There was a lot of money in
Palm Springs, old and new, and Lance had made some connections and
gotten invited to some parties, swinger parties. His good looks and the
ability to bring some hot girlfriends had made him a regular. And he said
they were always looking for new faces, preferably people with money to
minimize the chance of someone going to the press.
So, that’s how he had arrived at where he was today. He’d tried to talk
Stella into trying a little swinging with Lance and Carmen to begin with.
He’d known the odds were stacked against him but he’d pitched the idea
with all his might. If Stella would agree, their marriage would have gone
up to the point that he could stand it. Of course, Stella, the ice queen,
had vetoed the idea before it saw the light of day.
‘Well, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ he thought, knowing it
applied to Stella and himself also. He put the picture of Carmen back in
his drawer and got up and walked to the window, rubbing the back of his
neck as he pondered how he should proceed.

Jonas waited three days before he took the plunge.
He’d originally thought he might tell Stella he was going to San Diego
on an overnight business trip or maybe to Vegas for a convention. But
he was worried she might try to call him and the whole secret would
unravel. Talking it over with Lance, they had decided he should just
drive out one work day.
“Just drive the hell out…tell your office you’re at a meeting and
call in for messages. Easy as pie, Jonesy,” Lance promised.
“You know, I think that’s the best…..I should get out there around
lunchtime. Let me buy you two a lunch…..someplace nice.”
“Shit, partner! The only thing you’ll be eating when you get out here
a little Carmen pussy!”
“Lance, I better not be wasting a day driving out there…..your little
piece of ass better put out,” Jonas said.
“Buddy, this is a sure thing! Carmen can’t wait to get it on with
you….I’ve shown her your picture, too. Know this…when you get out
here, you will be getting you’re noodle wet.”
He’d tried to act like himself the next morning. He got up, showered,
went downstairs and said good-bye to Stella like a thousand other days.
He took his briefcase and went out and got into his Lexus sedan. He’d
put some things in the briefcase that he normally would not have – a
toothbrush, another bottle of his usual cologne, a pair of underwear and
some condoms. He wasn’t sure if he’d need any of it but it was there if
need be.
He drove south into Century City and went up to his office briefly. He
put on a show of having forgot some papers for a meeting that he had to
go to and hurried out, saying he’d call in for messages.
Then, it was out on the freeway and he headed east toward the desert.

The drive was almost two and a half hours; he’d done the trip faster in
the past but he wasn’t going to risk getting a ticket.
‘That’s how they caught Son of Sam,’ Jonas thought and chuckled at
the analogy. Him, an attorney, worried about leaving clues.
The desert heat was shimmering across Highway 11 as he came
within view of the outskirts of Palm Springs; it was probably already in
the low 90’s.
It had surprised him when Lance had moved to Palm Springs from
Florida a year ago. Lance only said that he liked the heat and the desert
but Jonas was pretty sure he’d had to leave Florida to avoid some
trouble. He had an idea that Lance might have been running drugs; he
led a somewhat extravagant lifestyle for a man with no high school
Whatever he was into, Jonas loved the guy. Especially if Lance was
going to start throwing some tail at him.
He pulled up in front of Lance’s condo and shut off the car. He got
looking around the lush manicured grounds of the community. He
removed his suit jacket and tie and left them in the backseat. Taking his
briefcase, he walked toward the front door of the condo and Lance came
out before he was halfway there.
“Jonas, welcome to Shangri-La,” he said, dramatically waving his arms
back at his place. His brother was dressed for the weather in a pair of
shorts and a sleeveless mesh football jersey. His longish hair, mustache
and scruffy beard gave him a Hell’s Angel-like look, at least that early
the morning. When Lance wanted to clean up, he got melt some hearts
with that smile and his hair done back in a ponytail. “Hey, you could
have left the briefcase at home…you’re not going to be taking a depo,
“Maybe it’s full of money,” Jonas kidded him as they shook hands.
“You know how I hate to be in your debt.”
“Yeah, well, believe me, you are going to be after today. Come on in
before the neighbors get the idea that I’m respectable.”
Jonas followed him to the door and then entered as Lance ushered
him in. Jonas walked down the entrance hallway, passing the stairs that
led to the two bedrooms above and stopped at the doorway to the
livingroom which was to his left. It was empty, so he turned to see where
Lance would direct him.
“Go ahead and set your case down there inside the door,” Lance said.
When Jonas straightened up from doing so, he saw Lance was standing
on the bottom step of the stairs. “Come on up,” he said with a grin.
Jonas followed Lance upstairs and into his bedroom where he saw
Carmen for the first time. Lance’s bedroom had a small solarium off one
side and he saw Carmen, wearing Wayfarers, laying on a towel-draped,
wood slat sunchair in the patch of sunlight that came down through the
rectangular chimney-like room.
It was a nice private set-up and Carmen was topless. He had been
right about the non-authenticity of her breasts; real breasts didn’t stand
up like that. They were beauties. Jonas guessed they were maybe
38C’s, like softballs with skin stretched over them. Beautiful, flawless
bronze skin capped by half dollar sized pinkish aureole. She had on a
bright blue bikini bottom, the kind that rode high on her hips and then
plunged down between her legs in a V pattern. Her legs looked like she
had been into weight training at some point in the past; her thighs were
powerful looking but her calves looked small.
“Look at that little honey,” Lance said in a whisper. “Acting like she
don’t know we’re here watching her.” Jonas turned to look at his brother.
“That’s right, I told her you had arrived. She’s just giving you a little
show…oh, look at that.”
Jonas looked quickly back at Carmen to see her slowly dragging the
fingers of her right hand down her stomach. As they both watched,
Carmen ran those fingers under the front of her bikini bottoms,
tantalizingly slow, as she also moved her feet onto the solarium floor,
one on each side of the chair. Then, with the junction of her legs on
display and half of her hand hidden in the bikini, Jonas saw her fingers
begin slowly moving. Carmen was obviously indulging herself in a little
self-stimulation and Jonas certainly felt stimulated himself.
“What a cockteaser!” Jonas said in a complimentary way.
“She don’t tease, bro….she puts out, don’t you worry.” Lance promised
as he walked over to the solarium door. He opened it and Carmen raised
her head to look at him, drawing her hand from her bottoms, as he said,
“He’s here, baby.”
“Oh..great!'” Carmen gushed, certainly sounding surprised.
Carmen sat up and swung her shapely legs into a pair of open-toed
heeled shoes and stood up as Lance walked back toward where he
stood. Lance gave him a wink.
Carmen came into the bedroom, taking off her sunglasses. Her face
was flawless, high cheekbones, manicured eyebrows that arched
unnaturally over a pair of grey-blue eyes, a dazzling white smile. She
walked toward him. She hadn’t made any attempt to cover herself and
Jonas found himself beginning to grow in his pants.
“Hi, Jonas…I’m Carmen.” she said simply extending her hand.
Jonas shook it, of course. “Carmen, it’s my pleasure….to meet such a
beautiful woman.”
“Well, he’s quite a charmer, Lance,” she said, her eyes flashing with
mischief as she stared up at Jonas. The picture had made her look taller
but she was maybe 5′ 6″ in person. “And such a tall drink of water,”
Carmen continued as she moved closer to Jonas and slid her arm
around him.
Jonas let his left arm circle her neck and his left hand came down on
her shoulder, the skin feeling unusually hot and oily from her
sunbathing. She smelled like a pina colada and felt so soft. He wanted
to throw her down and fuck the shit out of her, lunch or no lunch.
“I can tell I’m going to enjoy your brother,” Carmen said to Lance and
then looked up at him, “I hope your offer still stands for lunch…I’m
“Yeah, sure,” Jonas said, running his hand down Carmen’s side, his
fingers just reaching around enough to graze the outside swell of her left
breast, “I can’t promise that I won’t tip over the table.” Jonas let the
vixen know that he was aroused at the contact they were having.
“Oh, we can’t have that, honey,” Carmen said, giving his side a
squeeze and pressing her right tit into his side. As she said this, her
right hand traveled up from the front of his thigh, where it had been
lightly laying, and her palm ran across his groin where it couldn’t help
but encounter his coiled, stiffening member. “Ooooooo…..I think I’ve
found something here!”
“You sure have, darling,” Jonas said, moving his groin into her hand.
Jonas saw her head tilt down to watch her palm move back and forth
across a now undeniable tent in his pants. He looked at his brother and
he was headed for the bedroom door.
“I just got a little work to take care of before we go eat…uh, it
looks like
you two will be OK for a few minutes,” he laughed knowingly as he
disappeared down the stairs.
Jonas felt Carmen’s hand move up onto his belt buckle and her fingers
went to work undoing it. “Jonas, I think Lance would like me to take care
of you before we go….you don’t mind, do you?”
“That may be the world’s dumbest question,” he said, rubbing his
fingers across her lithe back as she skillfully undid his pant’s button
unzipped him with her one hand. She hooked her fingers in the front of
his underwear and yanked them down far enough for his penis to pop
“Big dick’s must run in your family,” Carmen said as her hot little
latched onto his semi-erect and felt its weight.
Jonas was in heaven. Carmen was certainly not a shy one!
“Sit down on the bed and I’ll work a little magic,” Carmen promised.
“We’ll calm this thing down so it won’t bother us during lunch.”
Jonas sat on the edge of the bed, hardly believing how quickly things
were happening but happy it was as Carmen dropped to her knees in
front of him. Her hands pulled his pants and briefs down to around his
knees as her eyes locked on his.
“Do they call you Jonas because of this whale-sized dick?!” she said
hotly as her small hand wrapped around his drunkenly swaying dick and
began jacking it. It only took four strokes to get it rock-hard. He was
about eight inches long and pretty thick. He could only smile at the
thought of what the afternoon would be like.
“Let me see you get that thing in that pretty little mouth,” Jonas
suggested as he ran a finger across her full lips and off her chin. Any
thoughts of Stella, his family, repercussions, anything…. went right out
the window. He had a gorgeous lady jacking him and it felt so good.
“Well, this is just going to be a quickie, so don’t try to impress me
your stamina….remember, I’m hungry,” she said with a wink and scooted
closer between his spread legs. Her hot mouth stretched over his
bulbous dickhead and she began sucking him.
“Jeeezzzzzuusss!” Jonas groaned at the incredible sensation of young
lips wrapped around his dick and the exotic sight of Carmen’s lovely face
looking up at him. He fell back on his elbows on the bed and Carmen
began jacking him in her mouth.
“UUnnnnngghhhh!” he groaned again. Carmen wasn’t making love to
his dick, she was jerking on it like she was milking a cow! “That’s it,
nasty girl…aaahhhhh….you are one fucking hot cocksucker….shiitttttt
……can’t you get more than that in your mouth?”
Carmen made a little mewing sound around his thick stick and
shocked the hell out of him by doing a quick deepthroat on him. Her lips
just kept right on sinking and he felt his cockhead being pushed and
bent forward to get a little ways down her throat. Just as quickly she
drew her mouth off of him and smiled devilishly as she kept jacking him.
“Does that answer your question?” she said and gave the underside of
his shaft a long slow lick from the bottom to the glans. With her mouth
back on top, she started sucking and jacking him again.
Jonas was going to shoot soon, he just couldn’t hold back. He
imagined himself just letting go….imagined her pulling off and his cum
flying all over his lap and on his shirt….oh, Christ! the shirt! He
go home with a cum-stained shirt!
“Wait!” he gasp, as he tried to sit up and begin unbuttoning his shirt
from the bottom. Carmen took her mouth off his ready-to-pop prick. “This
is the only shirt I brought.”
Carmen brushed his hands away and said, “Don’t worry….Carmen’s
not going to let anything get on your shirt…..ooooo, come in my mouth
and I’ll swallow every drop!” Her hand strongly milked his organ again.
“All right, baby, get your mouth over it and I’ll blow the back of your
head off!” Jonas halfway kidded her. This sexpot was going to make him
shoot his nuts through his dick.
She took him in her mouth again and swallowed him to the back of her
throat in a long slow descent, moving her head up against his stomach
to get the proper angle. Jonas felt her hand cup his balls and lightly
squeezed them. Jonas just had to come for his voracious cocksucking
slut. It was everything he’d dreamed…. just having sex for the sake of
having sex, no strings, no commitments.
“Carmen, get ready!……Here it comes, baby,” he warned her
He felt her lips slide back up to just underneath the rim of his crown
and her hand started jacking him and he just let go. Three days worth of
his cum shot up into Carmen’s skillful mouth and she just kept right on
jacking, both of them moaning in his brother’s bedroom.
“AAAAGGGHHHHH!” Jonas shuddered as his brother’s latest talent
swallowed all he could give her. He could feel her concave cheeks mold
themselves around his trembling shaft as she sucked him off. He thought
he’d never stop coming; it was like he was supercharged or had thrown
the switch to a reserve cum tank. His nuts actually hurt when he was
He came out of his post-sex stupor to find Carmen licking her lips over
his slick dick tip. She gave him a knowing look and milked another drop
of pearly discharge out of his pisshole with a strong tug on his deflating
dick. Her tongue lapped it up like a white chocolate treat.
“Oh, shit…that was…..mind-blowing,” Jonas complimented her.
She kissed the bottom of his wilting wand and said, “I might have to
skip lunch, you devil….hold this for me.” Jonas held his dick up off his
shirt as she walked in the bathroom and came back with a washcloth
which she handed to him. She leaned down and gave him a quick kiss.
“I’m gonna take a quick shower….tell Lance he better change, I’m not
gonna be long.” She headed for the bathroom and Jonas mopped up his
crotch as he watched her ass jiggle out of sight.
‘Can you believe this shit?!’ he thought to himself as he pulled his
pants back up. ‘Fuck, what a little sex doll…so at ease with the whole
thing…hi, how are ya….come in my mouth!’
He went down the stairs feeling particularly light on his feet and
Lance sitting on the couch in the livingroom.
“Did I tell you?…did I tell you?” he said bounding off the couch and
punching Jonas in the arm. Lance seemed as excited as Jonas had
been upstairs.
“Lance, how you are able to still walk is beyond me,” Jonas said,
feigning exhaustion as he sat in a chair. “Where the hell did you find
“Yeah, she’s a ballbuster, all right…..I met her at one of those
parties I
told you about. Some guy flew her up from Puerto Rico for this
party…and I took her home,” Lance said proudly.
“This guy didn’t have a problem with that?”
“Who knows? Hell, the guy was doing two blondes last time I saw
“You’re talking an orgy, right?”
“I don’t know any other word to describe it, Jonas…bodies going at it
right and left.”
Jonas had to find a women to take to those parties. Lance had said
they were strictly a couples thing…no singles were allowed. He’d hire a
girl if he had to…. the problem would be keeping it from getting back to
Stella. Well, he’d think about that later.
“Carmen said you should change. She’s taking a quick shower.”
“Great…..welcome to the swinging world, my brother,” Lance said,
slapping him on the shoulder before running upstairs.

They went to eat lunch at Giordino’s, an out-of-the-way Italian place.
Carmen turned a lot of heads in a tight white miniskirt with a bippy top
that left her stomach bare and white, heeled boots that came up almost
to her knees; she sure knew how to package herself. They got a booth in
the back and Carmen made a point to sit real close to Jonas.
They ordered some drinks and Carmen rubbed his leg while they
waited for them to arrive.
“So, Carmen, tell me about yourself,” Jonas said, openly looking down
her top.
“Well, I liked sucking you off earlier,” she said and they all laughed
her little declaration.
“I was thinking a little further back than that,” Jonas said, “Where
you grow up?”
“In Panama.”
“Yes, my father was an exporter, an Italian, coincidentally. My mother
was Brazilian.”
“Brazil….. I knew you had some Latin blood. I bet your mother was a
beautiful woman…. to have such a beautiful daughter.”
“Lance, why can’t you say such sweet things?” she teased his brother
as the waiter arrived with their drinks.
“Jonas has always had the silver tongue,” Lance conceded. “I got the
good looks.”
“From where I’m sitting, you both look good to me,” Carmen said,
raising her drink in toast.
“Well, at least we got that out of the way. We’re all good looking.”
Jonas said laughingly as the waiter came back.
“Are you ready to order? An appetizer, perhaps?” he inquired.
“Yes,” Carmen said, “these two strong men will each have an order of
oysters on the halfshell. That’ll be all.”
The waiter went away smiling.
“You believe in that oyster stuff, Jonas?” Lance asked, looking at
“I’ll take any help I can get.”
“I think you are understating your capabilities,” Carmen said, her hand
flirting with his crouch again. Jonas took her hand in his to keep it from
causing any more commotion.
“Are you always like this?” he asked Carmen.
“Always,” Carmen promised.
“Carmen, tell Jonas how you got into swinging,” Lance said sipping his
drink. “You’ll love this, Jonas.” Jonas gave Carmen his full attention.
“I was living in Panama and wanted desperately to get out. So I got a
job on a cruise ship; they used to dock at Colon. The job was shit,
housekeeping stuff but I knew the ship traveled to Florida and all along
the Mexican coast and it was exciting to see other parts of the world. So,
we dock in Miami and take on a new group of passengers. I worked the
early morning and afternoons, so my evenings were my own. One
evening I got tired of sitting around and I put on my best dress and went
walking up on deck. Anyway, I met this couple that was in one of the
rooms I cleaned, the Jordans, and they invited me back to their room, to
give me a gift for the fine job I’d done. Well….when we got to their
I soon found out they were swingers.”
“The plot thickens,” Jonas said, giving her hand a squeeze.
“We had a wild night. They were so open about it and very attentive to
my needs, if you know what I mean.” Carmen said wickedly.
“The two spent all night taking turns with her,” Lance chimed in,
dropping his voice a bit. The nearest other patrons were two booths
down. He continued painting the picture for Jonas. “The wife does her
first…Carmen’s first female lover…and then the husband climbs on, does
his business…then the wife goes down on her, cleans things up….let’s
Carmen get a little practice in,” Lance wiggled his tongue at Carmen and
Jonas got the picture, “then the husband’s ready to go again…”
“I think he gets the picture,” Carmen purred.
“Yeah, well, tell him the rest,” Lance said, draining his drink.
“So, work the next morning was hell, I think I’d gotten about an hour’s
sleep. The next night I just slept in. I’m cleaning the swinger’s cabin
following morning and the wife comes back and asks me to join them
again that night. She didn’t have to do much of a sale job…I was
certainly up for it.”
“Sounds like the Jordans had a hell of a good cruise,” Jonas said,
getting turned on by the scene Carmen was painting.
“So I’m back in their cabin,” Carmen continued, “right after dinner,
we’re getting into it and the guy tells me they aren’t the only swingers
board…the whole hallway had been booked by a swinging club! So Mr.
Jordan gets on the phone and other couples start showing up and ….
clothes start coming off.”
Carmen steered his hand onto her bare knee and covered it with her
“There I was, a sixteen year old ‘native’ girl…..the men were lined
up to
three to four deep. I was the flavor of the night….after that, I was
I just fell right into the whole hedonistic lifestyle.”
“Is that a story or what?!” Lance said and crunched some ice between
his teeth. Jonas had to admit that it was; his trousers were tented up
“So how did you get into the US?” he asked, massaging her leg.
“The Jordans sponsored me. Filled out all the forms, told the nice
immigration people that they just wanted to help me get a start, help me
get an education……when all they really wanted was to fuck my brains
out……mmmmmm, those were some good years.”
The waiter came back with the two orders of oysters, breaking the
erotic spell Carmen had weaved over him.
“Eat up, boys,” Carmen giggled as she twirled her hair.

An hour and a half later, they were back at Lance’s condo.
Lance opened the door and deactivated the security system as
Carmen led Jonas back upstairs. They were all pretty well horny from
the ride back; Carmen, sitting in the passenger seat, had been busy with
her hand in Jonas’s lap while Lance had scooted up behind her seat to
drape a hand down her top. All a result of more Carmen stories during
“Unzip me,” Carmen said when they were in the bedroom, keeping her
back to Jonas as she shook her ass at him. He quickly unzipped her
tight skirt and slid it down her legs, exposing the thin straps of her
panties and her gorgeous, soft butt. Jonas turned his palms away from
himself and pressed them into her downy derriere, digging his fingers in
and lifting her up slightly.
“That’s the spirit, Jonas,” Carmen said, spinning in front of him and
whipping her top open, holding it out like a pair of wings. “Feel these,
He grabbed her high-riding knockers and squeezed them together,
using his thumbs to rub her stiff nipples. Carmen pulled her top off her
shoulders and let it drop behind her before moving against him, bringing
her arms up around his neck as he continued to play with her tanned
tits. He could tell she wanted to be kissed and he lowered his face to
hers. Carmen kissed like she gave head – real well. Her tongue was in
his mouth like a shot as he let his hands drop down her sides and pulled
her against him.
“Save some for me, Jonesy,” he heard Lance say and he broke their
kiss to look over at his brother, who had his shirt off and was
unbuttoning his jeans. Carmen had made them promise they would both
fuck her together when they got back…the idea of doing two brothers
turned her on.
“I’m more than you two can handle!” Carmen challenged them as she
pushed herself away from him and flopped back on the bed, scooting to
the middle of the king-size spread, the heels of her boots digging into
the cover. Apparently she was going to leave them on.
Jonas began to take his pants off as Carmen let her legs flop open.
The small cloth of her thong hid her charms but he could see she kept
herself neatly trimmed. He lay his pants carefully over a chair and turned
back to find she had bunched the material of the thong with her right
hand, reshaping it into what amounted to a large piece of dental floss.
Jonas could now see she had trimmed her muff in a narrow, three-inch
strip that terminated in the top folds of her sex, right around the hood
her clitoris. She began pulling the cloth through her pussy lips as she
eyed the progress of their disrobement.