The Control of Louis

I approached the next day with caution. What else could I do? I must admit
that I did sleep late and when I did venture from my room, Georgina had all
ready left for the store.

I spent the day in a hot and uneven quandary. She had escalated her control
over me and I liked it, no, enjoyed it. With care, I prepared the evening
meal and waited for her return. Nervously, I watched her sweep into the
room, dressed in a red skirt and jacket, white blouse and black stockings.

Georgina smiled when she saw the set table and the light meal I had
prepared. “Why, Louis,” she said. “How sweet.” I blushed with pleasure as
she sat. When the meal was completed, I cleared the table while she relaxed
on the sofa and I brought her coffee. I then retreated to my room where,
with heart pounding, I removed my clothing. Heart pounding, cock throbbing,
I moved into the other room and knelt in front of her.

“Miss Georgina, please let me jerk off,” I asked softly.

She smiled at me, that beautiful smile, and slowly uncrossed her legs, the
skirt riding up to show me her wonderful thighs clad in the sheer black

“Why, Louis,” she said smoothly, ” you seem to be in a constant state of
excitement these days.” She pointed down at me. “Legs further apart,
darling,” she instructed. “I want to see all of you, especially your balls.”

Calmly, she raised her skirt until her black lace panties were revealed,
framed by her black garter belt and white thighs. I stared at them, my cock
pounding with excitement.

“Would you like to kiss these?”

“Please, Miss Georgina, can I kiss your panties?”

“Hands behind your back, Louis,” she snapped and I quickly complied.

Languidly, she lowered her skirt and stood in front of me. I could feel her
looking down at me but I kept my head lowered, staring at her legs in sheer
black nylon. “Will you do what I ask, Louis?” she said softly and I nodded

“Miss Georgina, yes. I’ll do anything?” My cock pulsed with the humiliation
of it all.

“Anything?” I nodded again and she smiled at me. “Kiss my shoes, darling,”
she purred. “Both of them.” I leaned forward in total subordination and
gently kissed the shiny black leather of her shoes. She smiled and I felt as
if I had given myself to her. “Now, lick them,” she ordered and, again, I
leaned forward and cleaned her shoes with a trembling tongue.

“You’re cock is so hard, Louis. I think you love this,” she said and I
blushed as I finished licking. “I didn’t tell you to stop,” she said sharply
and I hurriedly returned to licking her shoes. “You can stop now,” she said
softly and I rocked back on my heels, hands still held behind my back and
my cock jutting sharply from my crotch.

“I love controlling you, Louis. You’re so eager you make my panties wet. Do
you like me controlling you?”

“Yes, Miss Georgia,” I croaked.

There was a rustle of clothing as she raised the hem of her skirt until I
was staring at her black lace panties. “Do you want more?”

“Yes, Miss Georgina,” I panted.

“Do you want to kiss my panties?”

“Please, Miss Georgina,” I pleaded.

“My wet panties? Do you want to kiss my wet panties?”

“Please, Miss Georgina. Please let me kiss your wet panties!”

“Move closer, Louis,” she purred and I moved my face just inches from her
panties. “Do you want to be my slave, darling? “she said softly and my cock
jerked at the sound of the word.

“Yes. Yes. Please!” I panted.

“Kiss my panties, slave,” she commanded and I pushed my mouth to her sweet
crotch, her special perfume rolling over and around me as my cock trembled.
Her gentle fingers ran through my hair and she pulled me back. “Slave,” she
said softly, testing the word and I tingled. “Say it.”

“Slave,” I echoed and her fingers tightened in my hair.

“No. Tell me what you are.”

“I am your slave, Miss Georgina.”

“Mistress!” she corrected.

“I am your slave, Mistress,” I whispered, crossing the final line.

“It is always your choice, slave,” she said. “You can always stop.” She
dropped her skirt. “Do you want to stop, slave?”

“No, Mistress,” I answered desperately.

“I will have total obedience, slave. Total! I will control you, humiliate
you, degrade you and use you.” She smiled mockingly. “And you will love it,
won’t you, slave?” she demanded.

“Yes Mistress,” I moaned, body trembling.

She turned and sat down on the couch. “You will find a package on my bed,
slave. You will put the collar and leash on as well as the ball-gag.
Tightly, slave, so you can’t make a sound. Understand?”

She was actually going to make me put it on! And she knew I would willingly
do it. “Yes, Mistress, “I said and crawled away to her room.

After placing the collar around my throat, I studied my face in the mirror
to see if I had altered in some discernible way. Was this a new Louis? What
was I becoming? A few months ago, I would never have dreamed this was
possible, that I would willingly abase myself to another person.

Slowly, I slipped the ball-gag into my mouth, my cheeks filling as I pulled
it tight and buckled it closed. My cock swelled even more as I stared into
mirror and a helpless, powerless slave gazed back.

The leash rubbed against me as I crawled back to her, and knelt before her
feet. She smiled down at me and produced a small metal article from her
handbag. “This is your controller, slave.” I stared at the small metal tube
and it’s collection of small chains and rings. “I pull your cock through
this tube and lock it in place around your balls and your legs.” She
giggled. “You have to sit down to piss, Louise! And you’ll experience a
little discomfort when you try to get hard. But you will be controlled. I
know you’ll love it.” She smiled down at my throbbing cock. “Of course, you
can’t put it on now, can you?”

Georgina stood, jerking the leash so I stood and followed her. Without
hesitation she opened the balcony door and walked out to the open area that
was two floors about the street. Even though it had a low wall around it,
taller buildings looked down from all sides and I shrank back against the

She stopped and smiled. “You’re embarrassed? Too bad, I choose to display
you.” She sat down on the out-door chair and stared at me as I hovered
uncertainly. Leaning back in the chair, she slowly slid her skirt up so her
sheer black stocking tops and the start of her garter belt was revealed.
“Walk out here, slave, with your hands behind your back and stand in front
of me.”

Slowly, I walked into the open air, my skin feeling the slight breeze as I
tingled in delicious humiliation. I stood trembling in front of her in my
gag and collar, totally exposed as she smiled up at me. “Look,” she said
softly, slowly sliding her skirt up to reveal her black panties. “You love
this, don’t you?” I nodded feebly. “Kneel, slave. Kneel in front of your

I fell to my knees on the rough concrete. “Do you want to cum, slave?” I
nodded feverishly. “There are probably people looking out their windows at
you right now. Do you still want to cum?” I nodded my head urgently and she
smiled. “When you cum, slave, I will put your controller on. I don’t know
when I’ll decide to take it off. Do you want me to control you?” This time,
she didn’t wait for my bobbing head and she laughed. ” Look at my panties,
slave and jerk off. Now!”

Totally exposed to anyone watching in the adjoining buildings, I crouched
behind the low wall and gripped my slippery, throbbing cock. Her panties
swam in front of me as I tugged and within a few short pulls, I erupted with
a shuddering groan, milking myself of passion as I collapsed on the
concrete floor.

I heard her laugh and felt her pull my arms behind me and lock them into
place with the handcuffs. Where she got them from, I have no idea but she is
a well organised person. She stepped over me and left me alone on the
balcony, curled up on the floor in my shame and humiliation.

A little later, Georgina slipped my shrunken cock into its new tubular
prison and locked it and the small chains that circled each leg in place
with a small golden padlock. The key was hung on a small gold chain around
her slender throat. It felt strange and the slight pressure on my cock and
the metal ring circling my balls would always serve as a constant reminder
of my slavery.

She walked into the apartment, pulling the leash so I followed behind her.
Disdainfully, she left me alone for a few moments until she returned and
removed my gag, tossing it into a corner.

Slowly, she pulled her panties down, elegantly kicking them in front of me
and sat back on the couch, legs spread so her wet pussy beckoned me with its
moist pinkness. I felt the first pangs of pain as my cock vainly tried to
grow within its metal prison.

“Lick, slave,” she said, sinking back into the sofa with eyes half closed in
exquisite victory.