The great afternoon spanking

I almost went up the steps… onto the back porch. They certainly would have heard me and things probably would have been different. I happened to see through the screen door before stepping on the first step. There was Mrs. Addison sitting on a chair and Beth was laying face down over her thighs! Beth was going to get a spanking!

I stared, not making a sound. Beth’s pants and underpants were pushed down and her rear was completely bare. I’d figured Beth was too old to get a spanking–she was a year younger than me. I’d never gotten a spanking, at least nothing like *this*–I didn’t remember the last time I’d ever gotten a spanking. Mrs. Addison was talking away, telling her what- for, but I don’t remember what it was about. She raised her hand and brought it right down on Beth’s rear. And again. I was like a statue–I’m sure I couldn’t have moved if I’d wanted to. She just spanked her again and again.

Then she was done. I quietly slipped away. I thought about how lucky I was and how mean Mrs. Addison was and wondered how Beth could stand it. I figured it wasn’t happening very often, but just the one time I saw seemed like too much.

But soon I forgot about it–or at least never thought about it–until I was about 17. I was laying in bed one night, almost going to sleep, and suddenly I had the weirdest thoughts. Beth and I had gone swimming that day. Laying there, an image of Beth popped in my mind–in her swimming suit. I remember that vision of her back–her rear–right in my head. Her swimming suit wasn’t really that skimpy, but it certainly didn’t hide anything about the shape of her body. Then I remembered the spanking. And I lay there, that vision of her in the swimming suit coming back to me again and again, as well as the memory of that spanking I’d happened upon. I wondered about myself the next day and found myself thinking about her again that night as I tried to fall asleep.

But that was a long time ago–before we went off to college. This is about last night. I’ve been home on break and Beth and I went out. We stopped at a club, meeting Don, whom we’d known in high school, and a couple of Don’s friends. We talked and danced some and drank and generally celebrated. It was Beth’s birthday–actually today is Beth’s birthday but she said she wanted to celebrate last night because today she’ll be doing the family thing. Finally, at about 12:30 we left and started home.

“So Happy Birthday,” I offered, “It’s after midnight.”

She giggled. “Yeah, do I look more grown up?”

“Oh, you’re so old…” Then I don’t know what made me say it–I guess there’s a part of me that looks for trouble: “Ready for your birthday spanking?” I asked.

She immediately turned the car into a driveway. It was so sudden, I felt caught by surprise. We weren’t anywhere near home. She looked at me for a few seconds, but I couldn’t see her expression. “So you’re interested in spankings?” she asked me. I just froze not knowing what to say. I didn’t know what I expected, but certainly not for her to make any kind of deal about it. Then she backed the car out and went back the way we came.

We weren’t headed for home anymore. “Where are we going?” I finally

ventured. She didn’t answer; she just kept driving.

Finally she turned into a driveway. I had no idea where we were. There were some lights on in the house. She got out of the car and told me to come on. I still had no idea what was going on and just followed her, more or less in a daze.

She rang the doorbell. The door opened and a woman looked out–she was maybe forty or so. She looked bored. She took one look at us and turned around and called: “Jeffrey!” Then she stood there and waited and a guy came. He had long scraggly hair, blondish, and looked kind of young–I would have guessed he was a freshman or sophomore in college. Very good looking. He was dressed rather casually and looked at us.

“Oh, hi,” he said. Beth walked in and I followed. The woman went back into the living room. We walked by and I glanced in to see her watching television with a girl who looked high-school aged. We followed the guy, Jeffrey, down the hall and then downstairs into the basement. He led us across a large area and then through a door into a small room furnished with a bed made up like a couch–it looked like a little bedroom that someone wanted to live in, or perhaps a guest room. He turned around and sat on the edge of a chair and looked up at me.

“She’s never done this,” he said. He was talking to Beth as he looked at me. I didn’t say anything and neither did Beth. “Come, get down here,” he finally continued, patting the top of his thighs. I stared. They were both looking at me. “Come on,” he continued and smiled a little, “we’ll pretend you’re turning ten today.”

“I… I don’t…” I started, but stopped and looked at Beth. She was looking at me, watching my eyes, though she didn’t say a thing. I could just feel that she was expecting me to lay across Jeffrey’s thighs. It was so strange, the two of them looking at me expectantly, and me feeling foolish for not going along.

I did it. I lay down there. I was looking at the floor and Jeffrey’s shoes and waiting for this guy that I didn’t even know to spank me. The last position I’d ever expect to let myself get into. “Don’t worry,” he said, “it won’t be bad.”

He did it. He spanked me. I heard the sound and felt the pain. He really didn’t do it very hard and it didn’t really hurt that much. And he did it again. And more. I silently counted. Yes, he stopped at ten, then helped me up. I stood there, looking at them. They didn’t say anything.

Beth reached under her skirt and pulled down her underpants, then she kicked them off. Then she lay over Jeffrey’s thighs just like I did. “Let’s see, you’re 22, aren’t you?” he said. He raised her skirt and her rear was completely bare. My heart was in my throat. He’d just spanked me through my clothes. Now he’d pulled his belt out of his pants and looped it double. He smacked her with it. Hard. I heard her breath catch though she didn’t vocalize a bit. He didn’t pause, but started smacking her rear over and over again. She just lay there, face down, taking it. It was plain to see that he was swinging a *lot* harder than when he had spanked me.

Suddenly he stopped. Beth just lay there, then looked up from her position. He just sat there and she finally stood up and dropped her skirt back over herself. He just sat there and Beth led me out of the room. She hadn’t retrieved her underpants. Back upstairs and past the living room where the woman and the daughter were still there, watching TV.

In the front yard I said quietly “What does *she* think?”

“Oh, they both *know*,” Beth answered. I was aghast. We got in the car, Beth sitting down gingerly. She didn’t start it right away, but just sat there. She didn’t look at me, but just stared at the steering wheel. I waited a minute for her to get started, but something kept me from saying anything.

Then suddenly, she pulled up the front of her skirt and started rubbing herself, frantically. She wasn’t being the least bit shy about it or trying to hide a thing. I stared, not believing it. She started breathing harder and harder, just continuing to rub herself as if her life depended on it.

My hand edged under my skirt. I slipped my fingers over the waste-band of my underpants and started fingering myself. Beth just kept rubbing and rubbing and breathing harder and harder. It was contagious or something: I felt myself getting closer and closer to the verge. Then I was coming– and so was Beth; there was no doubt about *that*.

Then we were both just sitting there. I was catching my breath. I wondered about the two of us, sitting there in the car like that. Then Beth started the car and drove. Neither of us said another word the whole time she drove. Then we were in her driveway and getting out of the car. I felt I just had to say something–things were too weird–but I couldn’t make myself talk and I turned to go without either of us having said a word. As I was walking away, she spoke: “Will you be back home when it’s *your* birthday?” I didn’t turn or say a word.