The Hottest Wife

I got out of bed and looked at myself in the full-length mirror. Why was my husband neglecting me? Amber, I love you. That’s what he used to say to me four months ago, just before we were married. It seemed like he couldn’t get enough of my body to satisfy him then. Now he hardly looks at me.

I tried to see myself objectively in the mirror to figure out why Jeff didn’t want to ram his cock into me any more. At twenty I was a long way from being over the hill, that’s for sure. The men at the hospital never resisted a chance to rub up against me. Why wouldn’t Jeff?

I peeled out of my tight T-shirt and threw it on the floor. My full, firm tits jiggled without a hint of any sagging. The nipples were hard little buds and the areolas a dark brown, the size of silver dollars. My waist was slim and my hips flared. All in all I had one hell of a shapely body.

The thick blonde bush between my legs needed something badly from Jeff — his cock. I watched my own hand slowly creep from nay hip to between my legs, the long fingernails gently scratching near the pink slit.

I looked at my face in the mirror, at my large, crystal-blue eyes and thick, sensual lips. My hair falls in loose waves down to the small of my back, honey-colored, like my twat.

It suddenly occurred to me that I was fingering my own pussy at six in the morning. Six in the morning — I should be in bed with my husband snuggled up close to his warm body. I slipped back into bed without waking Jeff up. I closed nay eyes. Though I didn’t need to be at the hospital until ten thirty, I was wide awake and horny as hell.

“Jeff, honey, are you awake?” I asked quietly. He didn’t move a muscle. Easing the covers off his body, I curled my knees under me. I gently unsnapped the fly of his pajamas and picked up his cock. It was warm and soft in my hand, all full of wrinkles. I knew what his cock could do to me, hard, and getting it hard is one of my greatest abilities.

Bending forward, my tits mashing against my thighs, I flicked my tongue out, just touching the very tip of Jeff’s prick. I swirled my tongue around the head, getting it slick with my saliva. His cock tasted heavenly against my tongue.

Letting his cock lie flat against his body, pointing toward his hairy chest, I licked down the shaft to the sac holding his two large nuts. I licked the loose skin, then sucked one ball into my mouth. I basted the egg-shaped nut with my spit, holding it for a long time in my mouth. After warming his other nut with my tender mouth, I slowly began to work my way back to his cockhead.

A large, blue vein showed an the underside of his cock, pumping blood into his tool. I felt his pulse under my lips as I kneaded the growing flesh tenderly. Taking his prick once again in my hand, I hefted it, feeling it swell with unconscious passion.

Jeff hasn’t got a real big cock — maybe six inches long when fully hard — so I had no trouble taking his tool completely into my mouth. Slowly his slick cock passed through my lips, sliding over my tongue before finally resting at the opening of my throat. I chewed timidly on the shaft, wanting to stimulate it to full length with my mouth and lips, but not wanting to be so exciting that Jeff would wakeup.

The prick became hard quickly. With his curly pubic hairs tickling my nose I could feel his mushroomed knob throbbing at the back of my mouth. Slowly I pulled my head up, the smooth cock lightly rubbing against my lips, until the crown was all that remained in my moist mouth. I rotated my head, then pressed my face down again, taking the cock in my mouth.

I toyed with Jeff’s balls, scratching and squeezing one nut with each hand. My head moved faster at his crotch as the thought of tasting Jeff’s cum for the first time filtered through my brain.

“Mmmmmmmm!” I moaned, unable to keep silent any longer. My pussy was dewy with my own passion. Maybe… just maybe I could convince Jeff to fuck me.

The hard shaft was trembling between my lips and the crown throbbed with each lick of my tongue. My breath hissed through my nose as I jerked my mouth along the cocks rigid surface.

A tiny bit of cream oozed out of the tip, tasting salty against my tongue, and I moaned again, louder than before. A thick strand of blonde hair fell across my face, sticking against the wet surface of Jeff’s cock. I pulled the hair away and threw the strand over my shoulder, not wanting anything to disturb my fervent cocksucking.

“Ugggg!” Jeff hissed, still sleeping. I glanced up at him quickly. He was waking up. I curled my fingers around his veined shaft and whacked the hot cock, twisting my tongue hungrily around the knob. Soon, very soon I would get to suck his hot, bubbling cum.

Suddenly the clock’s alarm went off, rattling my already ragged nerves so badly that I took the cock out of my mouth. Jeff snapped to a sitting position, staring at me with eyes the size of saucers. Before he had a chance to say anything I clamped my lips tightly over his cockhead and beat his hot prick.

“What are you doing?” Jeff screamed, trying to jump out of bed. I held on tight, sucking hard with my lips as his balls jumped in their tight sac. “Get away from me!”

Jeff grabbed a handful of hair and snapped my head back, pulling his hips away from me. His cock unplugged from my clenching mouth with a loud pop. His balls jumped between his legs again as I fisted his prick, then a thick jet of white cum shot through the air and smacked against the side of my face, making a sticky line from my cheek to my neck.

As much as Jeff wanted to get away from me, his balls had something else to say about it. I beat my tiny fist over his shank as a second stream exploded from his dick. This time the jism landed on my jouncing tits.

“You filthy…” Jeff said, leaving the thought unfinished. He pulled me by my hair further from his spewing cock and stepped out of bed. Fighting against the pain I pushed toward him, leaning over the edge of our bed to whack his cock. I pointed the tip at my open mouth, hoping against the odds that he could shoot his wad far enough to splash it against my tongue. Luck wasn’t with me and the remainder of his cum ended up slowly trickling down my arm.

“I really can’t believe you would do that to me,” Jeff said, looking at me with sheer disgust. “You know that I believe oral intercourse is filthy and still you did such a thing.”

“But Jeff, hasn’t it occurred to you that maybe I don’t think giving head is so disgusting?”

“Just look at you! You’ve got it all over your body!” His face twisted disdainfully and he went into the bathroom for his morning shower. Such a silly man, he doesn’t like it when his own wife gives him a blow-job!

I stepped in front of the mirror again and looked at myself. The cum on my face felt warm and moist as it slowly trickled down my cheek. Using a finger I scooped a little of the white cream over my lips, then licked them. The cum — the first I had ever tasted — was exactly as I was told it would taste. Jeff’s jism was pungent, sort of salty. I swirled the little drop of spunk around in my mouth briefly before swallowing it.

There was a great deal of cum on my arm and I wiped it between my tits, rubbing it in like cold cream. I cupped my titties in my hands, tweaking the nipples between my fingers. My smooth, tanned skin was shining with Jeff’s cum.

Jeff shouted something at me from the bathroom, but the shower was too loud for me to understand what it was he wanted. I really didn’t care. If my open attitude toward sex was disgusting to Jeff, then he should try and consider how disgusting his inhibited attitude strikes me. Of course, looking at our spat objectively was out of the question for Jeff.

Why am I so fascinated with sucking pricks? Probably because Jeff has never let me do it. Whenever I’m told that I shouldn’t do something, I almost always make a point of doing that very thing. Jeff says it’s a fault in my personality. Jeff is fucked up.

“Right now the very sight of you unsettles me,” Jeff said, blitzing into the bedroom with a towel around his waist. “I’m going to go to work and try to forget about what happened this morning. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll find it in my heart to forgive you. I just don’t understand you any…”

I turned toward Jeff and smiled. His face twisted into an even more hideous mask of contempt when he saw my cum-streaked face. “Can’t you wipe that stuff off?” He turned his back to me, dropped the towel, then quickly put on a pair of shorts. Jeff has never intentionally allowed me to look at his naked body.

“I just don’t understand why you’re getting so upset,” I said, wiping the spunk from my face with a Kleenex. “I’ve been told by same of the girls at work that their boyfriends really enjoy it when they suck cocks.”

“Put some clothes on. I don’t want you to parade yourself around this bedroom like a harlot. Also, I don’t want you to talk to me again in the same tone and manner that you’ve talked to me today. You sound like a cheap streetwalker.”

Jeff left without having breakfast, which didn’t bother me a bit. I didn’t want to look at him, either. I wiggled back into my panties and T-shirt and went to the living room for a cigarette and some morning coffee.

With a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and a smoldering cigarette in the other, I looked out our most unscenic picture window and cursed life in general and Jeff in particular. The apartment building we live in is built like a horseshoe and all I had to look at was someone else having his morning coffee and cigarette.

I stepped out on our balcony, feeling the cool morning air against my body. I knew I shouldn’t be outside wearing just panties and a too-tight T-shirt, but I was feeling daring and horny. The guy across the way turned his attention to me, but I ignored him, pretending not to see him though I watched his every move out of the corner of my eye.

Eventually I stepped back into the living room, set my coffee cup down, and decided to give my interested stranger a show. I started jogging in place, my tits bouncing frantically under the cotton shirt. Then I dropped into a sitting position and locked my fingers behind my head. Stretching out, I took a big gulp of air — causing my boobs to rise and fall in the most inviting way — and then snapped off ten quick sit-ups. On my way up with each one I checked and was pleased to find that my stranger in the other apartment was still interested in me.

I studied the stranger for a moment. He looked solidly built, though I really couldn’t see much because of his rather loose-fitting bathrobe. His hair was dark and curly, cut fashionably short in the disco style. He had a trim, neatly cut moustache and sideburns that came just to the bottom of his ears. Beyond that, my adoring stranger was too far to judge.

With my fingers still hooked behind my head I rested prone on the floor, then picked my legs up and held them straight in the air. After a moment I split them wide, giving the stranger a good view of my crotch. With my legs splayed out I felt wonderfully exposed, feeling as though the whole world could see me while knowing all along that just ones gentleman I had never met was feasting his eyes on my body.

“My, my, my,” I murmured when I saw the man untie the belt on his robe. His hand worked inside his shorts and I could faintly make out the tip of his cock peaking through the end of his fist as he jacked off.

I continued to give him a show, working my legs up and down so that he could see my panty-clad crotch. The stranger’s fist worked frantically on his cock and I felt my cunt becoming moist for the second time that day. A stranger wanted my body and was probably dreaming some lustful fantasy in his mind about me. He was, no doubt, fucking me rather than his hand. At least that’s what his imagination would be telling him.

I looked at him between my spread thighs. His hand was just a blur at his waist. The stranger stared straight into my crotch as little spurts of cum shot through the air.

Memorial Hospital was quiet as I walked through the familiar doors, dressed in a crisp white uniform with a starched cap held on top of my piled hair with several bobby pins.

“Hello, Amber,” Dr. Bruce Joseph Dean said, smiling his aristocratic smile. “How is it going today?”

“Not very good, actually,” I replied, taking in his broad smile and dark, brooding eyes. He had a commanding presence that I had tried to ignore in the past. Now, horny as hell, I looked at him in a way I never dreamed I would.

“Something I can help you with? You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Yes, I know that and believe me, it’s a comfort. I’ve got problems and I don’t really feel like seeing a shrink about them.”

“A psychiatrist?” he said, raising his bushy eyebrows.

“Actually, a marriage counselor would be more like it.” His dark eyes took mine in, then quickly panned down to catch a glimpse of my cleavage. “I’ve done my rounds in two hours before, I’ll try and do it again today. Could you meet me in the lunch room at twelve-thirty?”

“I’ll be there.” Bruce’s eyes caught mine again. He looked at me with concern, with honest concern. I looked at him trying to hide my lust for his body.

Bruce had never really interested me before. At thirty-five he was fifteen years my senior and a colleague of my husband. His father, Bruce Joseph Dean, Sr., was the Chief Surgeon of Memorial Hospital. He took the position after his father left it and, among those in the know, Bruce was the leading candidate to fill the position after his father retired. All in all, Bruce had seemed too success oriented to be my kind of man. Both he and Jeff spent too much time worrying about how much money and fame they could get.

I did my afternoon rounds quickly, giving shots and medication to patients without my usual short conversations with each of them. At precisely twelve-thirty I was in the lunch room smoking a cigarette with hard, long drags. I was nervous about seeing Bruce. On one hand, I wanted to get fucked madly and Bruce’s long, lean body excited me. On the other hand I wanted my marriage with Jeff to work and never before had I been unfaithful to him.

“Deep in thought,” Bruce said, towering over me. I hadn’t seen him walk in and he surprised me.

“I’m worried. I’ve got a lot of things on my mind,” I said. “Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

“No, I haven’t got much time. Now what is it that’s bothering you so?”

“It’s Jeff. It’s Jeff and me. It’s everything about our marriage. It seems like what I like to do he can’t stand and our values are getting all twisted up.”

“How long have you been married now?”

“Just four months. He didn’t seem like this before we were married and…” I broke off quickly, noticing one of the older, and more nosey, nurses listening to my confession. “Perhaps we could talk some place else, Bruce. I don’t feel very comfortable here.”

Bruce and I walked in silence until we found a laundry room. The workers there wouldn’t be back for a half-hour as they had just taken their lunch break.

Bruce leaned against the door and I stood in front of him, feeling my knees shaking. A sudden feeling — fear, if you will — of fucking Bruce came over me.

“What is troubling you? I promise, I’ll help in any way possible and everything that goes on in this room will go no further.”

“Jeff and I aren’t making love much any more. Hell, it used to be he couldn’t get enough of my body and I couldn’t get enough of his. But now he hardly touches me and when he does… well… he doesn’t let me do the things to him that I want to do.”

“He doesn’t like to… ah… how should I say this?”

“He doesn’t let me suck his cock,” I said, surprised at myself for coming right out and saying it. “Today, while he was asleep, I started sucking him. His cock sure enjoyed it because he got hard as hell. I sucked him and sucked him, taking his cock deeply into my mouth and stroking his balls. Suddenly be woke up and grabbed me by the hair. He pulled my face away but I kept stroking him until he came. For the first time in my life I got to suck him and taste him cum.”

“He let you suck him off?”

“No, not really. I jacked him off and his cum landed on my face and tits. He cursed and called me all sorts of filthy things and took a shower. When he was in the bathroom I took some of it from my body and tasted it.”

Bruce was not unaffected by my story. I pretended to look at the floor, but I really was staring at his crotch. The bulge excited me more than watching the stranger jack himself off.

“Oh, Bruce, I just don’t know what to do with these feelings I’ve kept trapped inside of me.” Bruce put his hand on my shoulder and I circled his waist with mine. Since he was so much taller than I, his bulging cock pressed against my stomach, just below my boobs. I pulled him tighter, resting the side of my face on his chest.

“I feel for you, Amber. I really do. There was a girl a long, long time ago. I was going with a girl and I wanted her to suck my cock. She just wouldn’t. She said it was a terrible thing for me to ask her to do.”

I tightened my hold on Bruce, mashing my tits against him and feeling the heat of his cock against my stomach. Tilting my head up, I parted my lips and licked them quickly. Bruce caught the hint and bent down to kiss me. His strong harms bent me backward as his hot, hungry lips sealed over mine. His tongue flicked over my lips then dashed into my mouth. I tongued his lips, too, drinking his lustful spirit.

“Sweet, tortured Amber,” Bruce whispered. His hand moved around my body, cupping my ripe tit. My nipple was already hard with lust and once his fingers pressed over the sensitive bud my breathing became ragged, strained.

With his other hand Bruce squeezed my asscheeks, rubbing them with the flat of his hand and pressing me even closer to him. Tingles of pleasure and passion sped through my body, urging me on.

Bruce pulled up my dress in back and felt my butt. His fingers toyed with my asscheeks, squeezing each one in turn before exploring further down between my legs. I felt his finger pressing against my pantyhose, finding my little bunghole. He searched further and reached between my legs to feel the moist heat of my twat.

I was turned around so that my back was to the door, then Bruce backed away, holding me at arm’s length. His eyes feasted on my body — my eyes feasted on his. Bruce placed his hands over my tits, fondling them tenderly.

“You can’t imagine how many times I have wanted to bring you into this room and run my hands all over your body,” Bruce said, squeezing my tingling tits. “I’ve watched that cute ass of yours walking away from me hundreds of times and every time I’ve wanted to walk up behind you and squeeze it.”

“This is wrong,” I said suddenly, not knowing where the words came from. “I… I don’t know what I mean.”

Bruce shook his head slowly, his eyes never leaving mine. His right hand left my tit and traveled down my body, the fingertips lightly trailing over my stomach down to the hem of my dress. I felt his fingers touching my thigh, igniting an even more intense flame in my snatch.

“Spread your legs,” Bruce commanded. I shook my head and he squeezed my boob a little harder. “I said spread your legs.”

“No, I can’t. I’m a married woman,” I whimpered. My body said give him what he wanted, but something else inside of me said to resist.

Bruce’s hand moved higher, pushing up my dress. I quivered when his fingers traced an outline of my burning pussy. My knees shook even more and, to my own surprise, I spread my legs to give his hand more room. The strong hand with its experienced, long fingers worked over my twat, rubbing my hot clit through the pantyhose.

“No, no, no. This is wrong. Bruce,” I said, closing my eyes. His hand worked in circles over my cunt, driving me wild. I bunched my dress in my hands, not wanting to touch Bruce while wanting him to feel me.

Bruce took his hand from my seething twat and for just a moment I thought he would quit. Then, before I realized what had happened, he hooked his fingers in the elastic band of my pantyhose and jerked them down, exposing my blonde snatch.

“Stop it, damn it! This has gone too far,” I said, grabbing Bruce’s hand just before it got to my wet crease.

“I can’t stop, baby. You’ll enjoy it, I promise.” Bruce grabbed both of my wrists in one hand and freed his other hand. I struggled against him and he held me so tightly my hands began to hurt. With his free hand he reached between my legs once again, flicking his fingers through my cunthair. His middle finger found the opening of my gash and pushed into the moist hole while his thumb rubbed against my burning, distended clit. Now I knew I couldn’t stop him and didn’t want to. All I cared about was having my first climax in months.

“Your pussy is so nice and warm,” he said, pushing his finger into me until his palm pushed flat against my pelvis. “Amber, I want to fuck you so much!”

“No, never will I let you fuck me!”

Bruce pulled his finger most of the way out of my twat before be shoved it back in. He did this several times, nice and slow to tantalize my twat as much as possible. My snatch clamped around his finger as the clear oil trickled down his linger into his palm. My cunt had taken over my entire body. It needed something and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“Please get me off, Bruce. Ohhhhhh!” I humped my hips each time the long finger jammed into my snatch. There was nothing I wanted more than to have his cock slam past my pussylips, but I couldn’t allow myself to be that unfaithful to Jeff. Letting someone fingerfuck me into a beautiful orgasm, I figured, wasn’t quite as bad as letting someone fuck me into climaxing.

“No! Nooooo!” I hissed through clenched teeth. “I’m going to… ahhhhhhh!” My body tightened and my limbs shook uncontrollably as my hot snatch contracted around his invading finger. Sweat beaded on my forehead and my tits bulged out even more as I gasped for air. Then, almost unexpectedly, my twat, which had been neglected by Jeff for so long, began to shower Bruce’s finger and palms with my cuntjuice. The clear fluid came out of me in rushes as I thrashed around. I twisted my hips and bunched Bruce’s white smock in my fists to keep from falling. I saw blinding light in my head and the world exploded before me as I wrenched my body on Bruce’s hand.

When my climax finally finished, I slumped to my knees, exhausted. My body tingled all over. I just sat there, head down, catching my breath.

“Now you can suck me off,” Bruce said, jerking down his fly. “I’m so hot now I can’t stand it!”

“No, Bruce,” I said in a low voice. “I can’t take your cock in my mouth. I’m sorry. I know you think I’m a tease, but won’t suck your cock.” I looked down at my pussy and the hair was glistening and matted with the cum that had spewed out of me during my climax. Looking up at Bruce again I saw his cock, extremely long and thick with a huge, rounded knob, pointing at me just inches from my lips.

“But you’ve got to. I’m so horny now I’ll have a hard-on all day unless I relieve it!” He started to work his hand over the smooth, reddish flesh. A drop of cum formed at the little slit and he smoothed it over the crown.

His cock was just inches away. I could smell its acrid odor and my mouth began to water. Why didn’t Jeff want me to suck him? Bruce was dying to shove his cock between my legs, yet my very own husband thought cocksucking was a filthy, disgusting desire.

Bruce worked his hand faster on his strong, hard cock. The skin was stretched tight over his tool, the blue veins showing clearly. Reaching down, Bruce grabbed my hand and held it on his cock. It felt hotter than I could imagine, hard and trembling to my touch.

“Stroke it,” Bruce commanded. “At least stroke me off.”

I curled my fingers around the throbbing shank, pleased that it was so thick I couldn’t touch my thumb to my fingers. I squeezed his tool, testing the hardness. Bruce’s prick was as hard as a rock.

“Don’t play with it, stroke the mother-fucker!” I loosened my grip and pulled the skin toward the knob, then back toward his balls. His pulse was strong against my fingers as I increased speed, jerking him harder and faster.

“I’d better move or you’ll cum all over me,” I said, pulling my knees under me. “I don’t want you to mess…” My words were cut short when Bruce cupped his hand behind my head and pulled my face toward his cock. The big cockhead pushed against my pouting lips, then forced past them. His big cock scratched again my teeth as the mushroom crown pushed my tongue back in my throat. I slipped my tongue down to keep from gagging and it slithered along the underside of his cock. Bruce kept pushing forward, with me struggling to get away, until his cock was wedged deep into my mouth with the knob jammed at the opening of my throat.

“Mmmmmmm!” I mumbled, not out of passion but out of surprise. I tried to bull away, but that was impossible.

“You’re so beautiful with a cock in your mouth, Amber. So motherfucking beautiful.” Bruce pulled his cock out, allowing me to catch my breath. Looking up at him I could see his eyes were glazed with lust.

“I told you I wasn’t going to suck your cock! Just let me move to one side and I’ll stroke you off, I pro…” Again I was cut off as the fleshy prick stabbed at my full lips. The bulbous crown pushed my lips apart, ovalling them while trapping my tongue to the bottom of my mouth.

“Ohhhh! Arrrggghh!” Bruce wheezed, still holding my head still. “My balls are so tight!”

I put my hands on Bruce’s hips and pushed, hoping to uncork his tool before he came in my hot, moist mouths just before I succeeded in pushing the bludgeoning cockhead from my lips the first gush of cum splattered against my tongue.

“Don’t stop,” Bruce said, trying to force his prick back in my mouth. I squeezed my lips tightly together and spit out what cum was in my mouth. It dripped slowly down my chin, warm and wet against my cool flesh.

“Beautiful face.” Bruce saw almost reverently. He whacked on his cock and more cum shot out of it, smacking against my lips. I turned my head to one side, fighting to get away from Bruce, all that accomplished was nothing. Bruce held his cock against my cheek while his balls exploded, sending what seemed like a gallon of cum cascading down the side of my face in a river that slowly trickled between my tits.

“Damn you! A thousand times I damn you!” I got to my feet and looked at Bruce with all the anger I could muster. Of course, I really wasn’t as mad as I was letting on, but I didn’t want him to think that I had enjoyed his cum-shower. “I told you not to put that thing of yours in my mouth and you forced me to do it anyway. Then you blow your wad all over my face! How am I going to face the other nurses this way?”

Bruce was supporting himself by holding up the door. Like me, his body turned to me after he climaxed. I watched his prick as it slowly dwindled in size, hanging limp and useless out of his fly.

The cum on my face felt warm, sticky. I wanted to scoop all of it up with my finger and swallow it, but the same voice that prevented me from sucking Bruce also prevented me from doing that.

I pulled my pantyhose up while Bruce caught one last glimpse of my snatch. Pulling the knit panties against my wet pussy sent another shiver through my body. Bruce had gladly relieved me of tension that surely would have driven me crazy, so I decided to give him one more look at my body.

“Hot damn, when you blow your nuts you really blow a wad, don’t you?” I said, giving him a sheepish smile. “I never thought you were going to quit! It just keep splashing and splashing on me!” I unbuttoned my top and pulled my arms out of it, then turned my back to Bruce. “Be a sweetie and unhook nit. You’ve got cum all down my front.”

Bruce unhooked my bra with trembling fingers. Dropping the bra on a stretcher I picked up a towel to wipe the jism off my face.

“Wait a minute, Amber. Turn around. I want to look at you.”

I looked at Bruce over my shoulder, smiling like a teenager about to give her boyfriend a look for the first time. “Okay, but no touching. Promise?”

“I’ve got to see you. God damnit, Amber, I’ve got to see those gorgeous tits of yours.”

I turned to Bruce and his body tightened visibly. One side of my face was covered with cum. Tiny rivers of the sticky goo dribbled down my neck, moving over the swell of my tits and following the valley of my jugs to my tummy.

“Do you have any idea how erotic you look? Do you know how sexy your body is?” Bruce said in a whisper. Once again his voice took on a reverent tone. “I look at you with my cum all over your face and tits and I can’t imagine any woman in the world being more sensual.”

I needed to hear his words just as much as I needed to have him finger me into a wrenching orgasm. Jeff had shaken my confidence, destroyed my ego so badly I needed every word Bruce said. I dropped the towel and, with both hands, began wiping his jism over my titties. I smeared the jism from my face like cold cream, working it into my flesh. Working the pungent cum into my skin brought another gasp from Bruce.

“Will I see you again?”

“I don’t know, sweetie,” I answered, tweaking my nipples. “This happened because I was so horny I couldn’t take Jeff’s rejection any more. Maybe in a week, if Jeff doesn’t give me what I need, I’ll see you in this silly laundry room. I can’t give you any promises. I just can’t. I really do want my marriage to work. Please try and remember that.”

Bruce nodded his head, tucking his prick back in his pants and zipping the fly up. “I’m late for my appointment,” he said, then left me without another word.

I continued to finger my titties until all the jism had been worked into my skin, then put on my bra again and buttoned the top of my uniform. “Amber, old girl, I believe the floodgates have just been opened,” I said to myself with a chuckle. I felt lightheaded for the first time in weeks.


“See you girls later,” I said to the other nurses. “Seven is the magic time for me.”

“Bet it’s not going to be that magic tonight,” Kim said. Kim was about my age and we had often talked in private about our sex lives.

“What do you mean?”

“Hate to spoil your day, but you’re not going to find Jeff when you get home. He’s up with the old man, kissing ass, I’m sure.”

The old man. That was what all the nurses called Bruce’s father, the Chief Surgeon.

“God damn him! He goes to work two hours before me and comes home three hours, after me. He’s getting to be a fucking stranger even in his own apartment!”

“Sorry, kiddo, I didn’t want your hopes to be shattered,” Kim said, her almond eyes sparkling. “Getting kind of horny for your hubby, aren’t you?”

“Figure it out for yourself,” I said. “Well, I’ve got a date with a big bottle of wine then. See you tomorrow.”

I was half crocked by ten, which was when Jeff finally dragged his ass out of the hospital and got home. He looked like he had had a long day (which actually made sense, but I wanted him to look full of energy and hot for my body) with his tie pulled loose from, his neck and his eyes at half-mast.

I had dressed in my baby-doll pajamas that had lots of lace around the boobs and gave anyone who cared to look a daring shot of my cleavage. Reclining in the couch, a glass of wine in my hand, I kicked up my foot on the back of the couch, spreading my legs as an invitation to Jeff.

“Drinking on a week night,” he said, giving me just a casual glance as he headed for the bathroom. “It’s not a good sign when a woman drinks on a week night.”

“And it’s not a good sign when a husband ignores his wife, you idiot! How many men would love to have their wife waiting for them dressed like this when they get home?”

Jeff stuck his head around the corner, giving me his most bored look. “But I’m not most men, Amber. You knew that when you married me.”

I gulped the wine in my glass and poured another. That bastard I married was cold as ice. Listening to him shower and, without saying a word to me, climb into bed, made me more angry than I had ever been with him. I recalled a time when Jeff continually pawed my body. Clumsy as it was, I enjoy his touch tremendously.

Then I thought back further in my life to a time when I was just a kid, dating a twenty-eight-year-old doctor my mother had said would be a gentleman with me. That gentleman was Jeff and, though I didn’t want him to, he was indeed a gentleman, I remembered.

I looked at Jeff, hoping ho would look at me. He didn’t. Who had ever heard of going to a drive-in movie without fooling around a little? I was tired of my virginity and tired of the heavy, inexperienced hands of boys my age. Jeff would be different, I figured. Dr. Jeff Simmons, a hunk of a man that even my mother approved of. She didn’t seem to mind that he was so much older than I. In fact, she had set the date up for me.

“Like the movie?” I asked, sliding across the seat to snuggle against Jeff’s shoulder. He kept wolfing down the popcorn.

“I always enjoy John Wayne movies,” he said, never taking his eyes off the screen.

“Put your arm around me, I’m a little cold.” Jeff put his arm around me, keeping his hand a long way from my tit, which is what really needed warming up. “I feel so safe here with you.”

“What was that?”

“I said… look at me, will you?” When Jeff turned to look at me I kissed him lightly on the lips. He backed away quickly before I got a second chance. “What’s wrong?”

“I told your mother I wouldn’t… well, you know. I’m going to keep that promise.”

“You’re not at a drive-in with my mother and I’m not, going to make you keep that promise, so why don’t you kiss me? All the boys at school want to kiss me.”

“I’m not like those teenage boys you go to school with.” He jammed a fistful of popcorn in his mouth and turned his attention back to the screen. I took his hand from my side and placed it over my tit. Jeff jerked his hand away and pushed me away. “Get on the other side of the car. You’re just a kid, young lady, and I’m not going to be putting my hands on any girl that young!”

“What the fuck is wrong with you, anyway? I’ve got bigger tits than damn near any woman!”

“I’m going to tell your mother what you did tonight, Amber. You’re acting like a tramp!”

“Fuck you, coward!” I shouted. With that I got out of his shining new Cadillac and slammed the door. Before Jeff could get out I was dashing away into the darkness. My darling date wouldn’t tell my mother anything, that much I was sure of. If he said a word I’d just say that he was actually trying to cover up the fact that he forced his intentions on me.

Jeff demanded that we park in the front row of the drive-in and I headed straight for the back row where I knew there would be couples making out. If I couldn’t feel hands on my body, maybe I would get a chance to see other girls enjoying the hands of their boyfriends.

I crept low, trying to sneak up on unsuspecting lovers. My first few attempts were futile, just boys drinking beer and telling dirty jokes. They didn’t interest me very much. I warned to be fucked, but I didn’t want to go from virginity to being someone who had been gang banged.

Finally I found a young couple sitting close to each other, kissing softly. I crept along, approaching the car from behind, wary that I wouldn’t be seen in the rear view mirror. Since it was a warm night the car’s windows were rolled down. Getting down on my knees I crawled to the passengers’ side window and listened carefully.

“Come on, everyone is doing it,” the boy said. “But I’m scared,” the girl replied. “I’ve never done it before. What happens if I do it wrong?”

“Just try it. If, after a few minutes, you don’t like it I won’t ask you to do it again. I promise.”

“As long as you promise, I guess there’s no harm in trying it once.”

There was a long, silent pause, then I heard the boy moan softly, then louder and louder.

“Oh, yeah, that’s the way to do it. Lick around the head real soft like. Yeah. Ohhhhhh! Okay… yeah… now take it into your mouth as far as you can. Not too far so it’s uncomfortable for you, just deep enough so we both can enjoy it. Oops, careful for your teeth.”

I finally got enough courage to look in the car and boy was I surprised. The boy was twisted in the seat, turned toward me. His head hung out the window and his eyes were closed. His girlfriend was lying on her side with her head at the boy’s lap, bobbing up and down slowly. I couldn’t see her face, but I knew right away what it was she was doing and it interested me. It interested me so much that I felt my little pussy begin to tingle and get moist.

Each time the girl’s head went down, she bumped against the steering wheel. Finally she pulled her face from the boy’s lap. When she did so I ducked down once again.

“What’s wrong? You’ve hardly given it a chance,” the boy said.

“I’m not stopping. Just move over this way a little. I need more room.”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s okay, I guess. Your thing tasted funny at first, but I got used to it real quick.”

I heard them moving in the car, then heard the boy groan in ecstasy again and knew that it was safe to look. This time the boy was sitting in the middle of the car and the girl was sitting on the floor between his legs. She had one hand wrapped around the base of his prick and was taking the remainder of his cock in and out of her mouth. The girl’s cheeks hollowed in as she pulled her head up, her lips puffed out, molding to the contours of the fleshy shaft. When she reached the rounded bulb at the end of the boy’s cock, I could see her cheek puff out as she swirled her tongue around. Then she took the cockhead completely from her mouth and kissed it. Her face looked so serene and tranquil I could only feel envy for her. Her pink tongue flicked out several times, lapping over the crown, then she licked down the slick shank. She nibbled on the tube with her teeth, causing her boyfriend to groan with pleasure. Evidently, using the teeth at just the right moment and just hard enough was pleasurable for men.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” the girl purred, her mouth stuffed with cock. “Nnnnnnggggg!” She unplugged the cock from her lips and I heard a slight smacking sound. “I’m really beginning to enjoy this, honey. Are you enjoying it, too?”

“Less talking and more sucking,” the boy said, hooking his hand behind the girl’s head and pulling her face toward the hard prick sticking out from his pants.

“Okay, but please don’t come in my mouth. Promise?”

“I promise.”

The girl resumed her sucking, this time throwing her head back and forth on the cock faster than before. Her lips puckered in as she pushed down, taking the swollen rod as deeply as she could.

“Faster… faster…” the boy panted. “Just a little harder!”

The girl jerked her head to and for several more times before releasing the prick from her lips. The rod jerked mightily, glistening with her spit as she beat on it. The boy’s face was twisted from the excruciating pleasure his girlfriend provided.

His cock finally shot several gushes of milky cum in the air. It landed on the girl’s hand as she slid it along the hard, quivering shank.

“Stop now,” the boy said, gasping for breath. “My cock gets really sensitive once I cum.”

“Did you like it, honey? Did you really enjoy it?”

“You were wonderful. Maybe next time you’ll try and take my cum in your mouth.” He put his hands on each side of her face, pushing the hair from her eyes. “Why don’t you just try tasting a little of it now? Maybe you’ll like it.”

The girl looked at the cock in her hand with a determined sneer. Clearly, she wasn’t in a hurry to taste cum. After some hesitation she bent down and licked the crown that was smeared with the gobs of cum. Immediately her expression changed.

She opened her lips wide and practically dove at the boy’s lance, taking it deep in her mouth even while it shrunk in size.

“Mmmmmmmm!” She tossed her head up and down a couple of times before releasing the cock. “I like the taste! I really do! I want you to come in my mouth next time! I wish you had come in my mouth this time!”

“I knew you’d like it!”

“Damn it all, how stupid I was to let all this good cum go to waste!” The girl began sucking her fingers to get all the jism she could and I decided it was time to find a cock for me to chew on. I, however, wouldn’t make the mistake the other girl had made. I wouldn’t jack my guy off first and then find out if I liked the taste of jism, I’d find out first if I enjoyed the chunky, thick cream.

I walked from car to car, pretending that I had lost my way. Finally, after some searching, I found a man sitting alone in his car.

“Excuse me,” I said, shuffling my feet, affecting nervousness.

“Yeah, what is it?” he said. I guessed his age at eighteen. He had fashionably long blonde hair, parted down the middle and a sparse moustache. Actually, he was sort of cute in an unusual way.

“I’ve had a fight with my boyfriend and I was wondering if you would mind if I sat in your car and watched the movie. I mean, I know this is sort of crazy for me to come up and…”

“Don’t worry about it, short stuff! Come on in and set your cute little behind down.”

I got in the car and sat right near the door. Short stuff! It didn’t matter that I had big boobs and a shapely ass, five-feet tall makes me a short stuff!

“So you and your old man bad a failing out, eh? Well, don’t you worry about a thing, I’ll take his place for the night.” He slid over next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders. “You just close your eyes and let me take all that anger right out of you.”

“No. Hey, I didn’t think you were going to act like this when I came in here.”

He tried to kiss me on the lips and I turned my face away, playing the coy, innocent virgin role for all it was worth. Undeterred, he kissed me on the neck, pulling my blouse a little more open.

“Ohhhh, that feels nice, but I really shouldn’t let you kiss me. I don’t even know your name.”

He grunted some reply that I really didn’t care to hear and kept kissing the side of my neck. His moist lips nibbled on my ear, then be stuck his tongue right in my ear. A billion shivers coursed through my body as his tongue slithered in my ear. I gasped and clenched my hands together in my lap.

“Kiss me, little one,” he said, turning my face to his. This time I didn’t deny myself the pleasure of his lips. His tongue darted in my mouth and I accepted it without reservation, sucking and gently biting it.

The boy put his hand over my tit and squeezed it for a second, then quickly unbuttoned my blouse. I couldn’t believe anyone could get the things undone that fast! His hands were like magic on my body.

“Bend forward,” he instructed. I shook my head and he gave me an angry look. “You’re not a virgin, are you?”

“Of course not. Take me, you bastard!”

He jerked my blouse off and unhooked my bra. Before I really knew what happened both garments were deposited in the back seat. The boy kissed my nipples, licking around the big areolas and nipping lightly on the firm flesh. I ran my fingers through his hair, guiding him from one tit to the other, more than happy that he found my body worthy of his desire.

When he put his hand between my legs I found myself gasping for air. With the hot, wet tongue licking my nipples and his hand massaging my cuntlips through my jeans, I was completely engulfed with passion. I groped between his legs and found a bulge waiting for me. Tugging down his zipper, I felt his cock almost jump out by its own power.

“I love a girl who knows how to get what she wants,” He said, then added something else but it was muffled when I stuffed my ripe tit in his mouth.

Curling my fingers around his shaft, I pulled the loose skin back to reveal a rigid prick that beat with horny pleasure. His cock was burning hot in my palm as I stroked it, urging it to get even bigger. He pulled me closer to him, kissing me fiercely on the lips. My tits mashed against his chest and the rough texture of his shirt stimulated my nipples even more. As big and sensitive as they were, almost anything would have driven the fire in me into an inferno.

He pushed me away and unsnapped my jeans. I raised my hips and together we pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles. I tried to get the whole mess completely off, but they were wrapped tightly around my ankles and stuck on my shoes.

“Forget it,” he said, pushing me back in the seat. With both hands he pushed my knees apart, then bent down and put his head between my legs. When his tongue lashed out, thrashing against my clit, I thought I would go crazy. I whimpered, running my fingers through his long hair and clawing at the seat. I was insane with cock-hungry desire. His tongue worked quickly and expertly on my snatch, digging between the cuntlips to find my seething clit.

“I can’t take any more,” I gasped, pulling his head from my twat. “I’ve got to fuck you!”

The boy moved around and got in a sitting position, then helped me straddle his body with my knees. It didn’t matter than my ankles were locked together, fortunately, because neither of us could have stopped at that point in the game.

He reached between our bodies and fitted his cockhead between my pussylips and I lowered myself slowly. There was just a little bit of pain as my twat got spread for the first time by a big, strong cock, but I got over it quickly. I moved up and down slowly, just taking an inch or two of his tool into my stretching crease.

“You’ve got such a tight pussy, short stuff,” he gasped. I held his head in my hands and he sucked on my jouncing boobs that waggled in front of his face.

Just as I was really beginning to enjoy his cock in my twat, rubbing against my tender clit, the guy grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me down. His prick stabbed up me mercilessly. I felt something tear inside me and my whole body twisted and shook with pain.

“Wait, wait,” I said in a choked voice. “Let’s just rest here a moment.” I rested my chin on his forehead, feeling his sweat mesh with my own. As long as we didn’t move, my tender cunt didn’t hurt at all.

“I thought you said you weren’t a virgin,” he whispered.

“I’m not… now.” I raised my ass a little and my juices began to flow again, coating his cock and making it slide more easily in and out of me. Within a few minutes I was humping up and down, throwing my head from side to side as his cock jabbed up me while he sucked my nipples. And then I felt his prick expand even more in my twat and fill my belly with something hot and I, too, released my cum.

It’s been said that the first come a person has is always the best. Well that may or may not be true, but while I was cumming someone could have told me that the car was on fire and would explode any second and I wouldn’t have given a damn. Waves of pure bliss poured out of my body. I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming, it felt so good. And when it was finally over I laughed, happy to have rid myself of that unnecessary membrane and even happier to understand truly what it felt like to be a woman.

We sat there for a long time until his cock finally slipped from my pussy. I got dressed quickly, ignoring my lover’s pleas as he asked for my name, phone number and another date. I wouldn’t see him again, but he had served his purpose better than I had ever expected.


“Wake up! Hey, wake up!” Jeff shook my leg angrily. I blinked my eyes, trying unsuccessfully to focus my vision. “Get your bottom off that couch and have same coffee.”

“Ohhhhhhh, Christ,” I groaned miserably. My head felt like someone had used it for a battering ram. I rubbed my face and finally I could see straight. Near me, on the coffee table, was the empty bottle of wine that had helped to get me through the night. Unfortunately, it provided for a very rotten morning.

“Since when did you start sleeping on the couch?” Jeff asked with a sneer.

“Don’t raz me today. I’ve got a hangover you just wouldn’t believe,” I said, easing my aching body into a sitting position.

“You’re becoming worse and worse with each day. Yesterday you did that filthy thing with your mouth and this morning I find you with a hangover.”

“Drunkenness is preferable to your neglect. If you won’t go to bed with me, maybe a bottle will keep me company.”

“That’s great! That’s just fantastic!” Jeff grabbed his suit coat and raced for the door. I almost expected him to spit on me as he went by. When the door slammed I thought my head would fall right off my shoulders.

I sat on the couch for more than fifteen minutes, trying to find some reason for staying with Jeff. Eventually I made my way rather unsteadily to the kitchen and had half a dozen cups of coffee, which straightened me out pretty good.

“Drinkers get fat, Amber,” I mumbled quietly, watching the smoke curl from my cigarette. My exercise for exhibition the other morning would have to be a ritual if I started drinking. When there didn’t seem to be any alternative that made sense, I walked to the window and filled my lungs with the morning air. To my surprise, the stranger across the way was standing on his balcony, almost as if he were waiting for me.

I tried to do ten sit-ups and finally stopped at seven. The pain in my head was too great. Kicking my legs up, I spread them wide and looked at my stranger over the mountain of my tits. Even though I was dressed in just a skimpy baby-doll nightie, even he appeared to be bored with me and my body.

Being rejected by a stranger and my husband all on the same morning was more than I could take so I chucked the idea of exercises, promising myself to start them in earnest tomorrow, and decided that a long, hot shower might wash away all my troubles.

I turned the water on as hot as I could possibly stand it. The steam rose to the ceiling and quickly enveloped the bathroom in a thick fog. Scrubbing my body with a bar of soap made me feel clean and, surprisingly, very refreshed. By the time I had washed the shampoo out of my hair I actually felt like a human again.

“Let’s be together, on our own,” I sang into the steam, recalling an old Melanie tune. “Let’s be together a-a-alone.”

“That’s beautiful singing,” the stranger across the way said, opening the shower door.

“What are you doing here?” I streamed, vainly trying to cover my huge tits with one hand (a futile attempt, to be sure) and hide my twat with the other. “Get the hell out of here before I call the cops!”

“If you scream at me once more,” the stranger said, an evil glint sparkling in his eyes, “I’ll break every fucking bone in your body.”

I believed him. There was something cold and unyielding in his eyes that frightened me. He stood much taller than I and his biceps bulged impressively under his shirt. Only his mouth, which twitched at one corner, gave any sign of inner emotion.

“Please don’t hurt me?”

“I have no intention of hurting you… unless you decide to be uncooperative. Just do as I say and we’ll have ourselves a ball.” He reached over and turned the water off.

“We should get to know each other better,” he said evenly. “My name is John and your name is Amber. Shall we have some breakfast?” He turned his back and headed out of the bathroom. I stepped out and grabbed a towel before he said, “That won’t be necessary. It is advisable to ask me whether you can do anything. That way you won’t get your neck broken in the most slow and painful manner.”

I followed John, still trying to cover myself with just my hands. We went into the kitchen and he sat down at the table.

“I’d like some orange juice first, then you can start on the eggs.” John looked at me, a sardonic grin pursing his lips. “Please don’t delay with my breakfast. I get very angry when I’m hungry.”

“Yes, sir.” I abandoned my attempt to conceal my nakedness and got John the orange juice.

“Stick your tit in it, and then feed it to me.”

I was so scared I didn’t know if my legs, would keep me standing. With shaking hands I held my boob and dipped the nipple into the cold liquid, then held it toward John. He licked the liquid off the brown nipple and, to my dismay, his tongue felt good against my flesh.

“Now make the eggs and be quick about it. By the way, I’ve already taken all the knives so you needn’t try and find any.”

I made his eggs just as he ordered. Leaning over the stove my big boobs wiggled freely and John seemed to find that sexy because he mumbled something obscene about them under his breath. While I made the eggs he undressed himself, carefully draping each article of clothing on the back of a chair.

“You really like showing off your body, don’t you?” I didn’t answer. “I really can’t blame you for being proud. There aren’t many women around who have curves like you’ve got. In fact, I would venture to say that there’s not another body quite as good as yours in the entire city.”

I scraped the eggs from the frying pan onto a plate and put them in front of John. He looked at me casually, his eyes scanning my pendulous tits, then moving down to my crotch. His cock was bigger than I had dreamed. Though only half erect, it was probably eight inches long and two inches in diameter. Never in my life had I seen a weapon like that — it looked dangerous.

“Mmmmmmmm! These are quite good. Now get below the table.”

“I can’t,” I whispered, knees shaking.

John exploded from the chair. Before I could move a muscle he slapped me across the face hard enough to knock me backwards against the wall. I tried to scream — I really wanted to. I was paralyzed with fear. John grabbed my wet hair in both hands and shook me, the muscles in his body easily capable of throwing me clear across the room.

“Don’t you ever disobey me, cunt! Do you understand? Now get on your knees and suck my big prick, you cocksucker!”

He bounced my head off the wall and walked back to his chair. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I got to my knees between his spread thighs. By now his cock was rock-solid and a full nine inches long. I held the pulsating, blunt cock in my hand and pointed it toward my face. Opening my mouth wide I wrapped my moist lips around the red tip.

“That’s right, bitch, wrap those thick lips of yours around my cock. And if I even think I feel your teeth… I’ll cut your fucking tits off.”

John’s prick was a mouthful and a half. I pushed down on it, the massive girth puffing my cheeks out. Tears trickled down my face and I could taste them when they dropped onto the big tool wedged firmly between my lips. I whined softly, not daring to look up at John for fear of setting off another tirade. The cock in my mouth was so large that I held it with both hands, and worked my lips and tongue slowly over the remaining crown and shaft. My body had dried but my long, thick hair was still dripping wet and I felt a cold trickle of water running down my back, moving between my asscheeks, then cooling my snatch before falling to the floor.

I wanted to dry my hair. I wanted to have my husband make love to me I wanted my mouth to caress my husband’s cock. I wanted many, many things, but I was at the mercy of a demented man I had excited because I was bored with my life.

A drop of cum oozed out the tip of John’s cock, tasting sharp and potent. I tightened my lips around the knob, squeezing the hot flesh and scrubbing the tip with my tongue. Up and down I bobbed, sliding my face over the fat roll of blood and muscle.

“You’re a real good little cocksucker, Amber. No shit, you really know how to suck a mean cock.”

I twisted my hands in opposite directions, flicking my tongue in the tiny pisshole. John’s breath wheezed through his nostrils so apparently I was getting to him.

“Suck my balls, cunt,” John demanded, jerking my head up by yanking my hair. It hurt like hell but I tried not to show it. At this point I was sure that anything would set him off.

The tight, curly hair on his nutsac tickled my nose as I rolled my tongue over the big rocks. When both nuts were suitably moistened I tucked one in my mouth. John’s smoldering cock rested against my forehead as my nose pressed in that little space between his nuts and cock.

I stroked the entire length of John’s cock, tightening my grip slightly when I reached the cockhead. Maybe once his massive balls exploded all that pent-up cum, he would release me unharmed. With that in mind I nursed on the egg shaped nut and serviced John’s cock with my hand, working my fingers over every inch of rigid meat.

“I’ve finished my breakfast, cunt, now clean the table and be quick about it.”

I cleared the table faster than I ever had before. John eyed my every move, taking in the swinging tits with their cherry nipples and my pink-slitted twat. When I finished he led me into the bedroom, motioning for me to remain standing while he sat on the edge of the bed.

John reached between my thighs, running his middle finger up and down my snatch. I felt a strange tinge each time his finger rubbed against my clit. I didn’t want to respond to his caresses, but I couldn’t control my body’s reactions.

“You’re getting wet. My, my, my! You really are a hot little slut!” John studied my face as he eased his finger between my pussylips and up my snatch. He pushed his finger deep into me until his palm rested against my crotch, then pulled his finger out, nice and gentle.

“Suck my finger,” he said, holding his hand up to my face. “Find out what your cunt tastes like.”

I held his hand by the wrist, closed my eyes and puckered my lips around John’s middle finger. The cunt juice tasted mild and pleasant. I sucked on his finger, moving my head back and forth, glad that John’s attitude toward me was more sexual than violent. Also, it was the first time I had ever tasted my own juice and I liked it.

“Now I want you to play with your pussy. Spread those pink lips and let me see you finger yourself.”

With one hand I spread my puffy cuntlips and with the other I rubbed my hard, juicy clit. Since my fingernails are very long I had to be careful not to hurt myself as I pushed one up my snatch.

“Ohhhhh,” I hissed softly, feeling a warm glow building in my body. I pushed my finger hard in me, trying to jam it in as far as possible. John watched my progress with wide, excited eyes. His big cock twitched and jerked, standing straight out from his body.

Deeper, harder, faster I stabbed in my twat, feeling the rising tide of an orgasm approach me. My hips undulated by their own will as my finger jerked frantically to and fro. Soft, squishy noises came from my cunt as it oozed thick, clear oil on my finger and hand.

“Oh, John, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum on my own hand,” I sighed, looking down between my trembling tits to see my finger jabbing in my dewy slit.

“On your knees! Suck my cock, you dirty cunt, while you finger yourself off!”

This time I really wanted to suck his big tool. Dropping to my knees, sitting on my ankles, I grabbed the heated prick and aimed it at my open mouth. My lips stretched massively, making room for the bulbous prickhead as I lowered my face over it. His cum leaked out onto my tongue more quickly than before. The tip beat harder, throbbing lustfully on my tongue.

“Finger your asshole! Do it quick, you dirty bitch!”

I pulled my finger from my twat and reached around my side to coat my bunghole with cuntjuice. Though I had often thought of getting cornholed I had never taken a finger up my ass. Releasing John’s cock, I used that hand to tantalize my clit while I cautiously tested my asshole’s ability to accept my finger.

Within seconds I had both hands stabbing frantically, one jerking a finger in and out my overheated quim, the other plunging up my virgin bunghole. To feel something wedged in my ass was a new, sultry experience for me and one that I enjoyed more than I dreamed I would.

“Mmmmmmmm! Arrggggggg!” I groaned, thrashing my head over John’s cock. I tightened my lips around it, urging it to spit out his passion over my tongue. My hair brushed over his naked thighs as the hard nipples rubbed against the bed.

My body quivered, trembled, shook fiercely and then I reached my peak. Cum streamed from my pussy, flowing down the inside of my thighs and soaking my hand. I momentarily stopped sucking on John’s tool, just letting it rest in the moist warmth of my mouth.

Even before my cum had finished John picked me up and threw me belly down on the bed. At that point I was so crazy with lust I didn’t give a damn who or what he was, I just wanted to feel the delicious orgasm take control of my body.

At the same moment I jammed a finger in my twat John’s cockhead pushed through the tight opening of my bunghole.

“Nooooo! John, you’ll killing me!” I screamed, my fantastic cum having been cut short with the searing pain in my butt. I felt John’s muscular chest press down on my back, heaving and sweating with his exertion. His hot breath burned against the side of my face as his unyielding cock was thrust full-length up my ass. Bright, flashing colors burst in my head as I went crazy with pain. John’s cock was just too big, too hard for my tiny, virgin ass to accept. I tried to twist away from his heaving body but his weight was too great for inc.

John’s hips smacked against my firm, tortured butt as he bore into me, driving me down on the mattress. The big, cum-laden balls flopped against the inside of my thighs, jumping with anticipation.

“I’m gonna cum. You beautiful bitch, I’m gonna cum!”

“Don’t! You’re tearing me apart! Stop, please! Let me suck you off, John! I’ll suck you off!” The agonizing pain in my backside subsided only marginally when I felt John’s cock jerk and pump his cum up my bunghole. His prick rammed into me, seemingly tearing my ass apart as he tilled my ass with his spunk.

Finally his balls released everything they had and John rested on top of me, his chest heaving for air, his cheek pressed down against mine.

“If you tell anyone about this,” John panted, “I’ll kill you and your husband.”

“I won’t tell anyone. I’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone about this. I feet so ashamed.”

John stayed on top of me for a long time, his massive cock slowly shrinking in size until it slipped from my ass. He kissed me on the back of the neck, then got up and left the room. I stayed there on the bed, feeling John’s warm cum inside me, wondering what had just happened to me. I wanted to cry because I had been so terribly violated, but I just couldn’t. The pain in my bunghole had dwindled to just the memory of a hot, urgent cock plowing up me until a big load of my rapist’s wad was squirted. I wanted to cry, but the memory of my own orgasm kept me from crying. I recalled how my neglected body had responded to John’s fingers. I tasted his cock in my mouth and remembered how I had dropped down on it, wanting it to jerk and pump his cum against my tongue. No, I wouldn’t tell the police about what John had done to me. Perhaps, though I really didn’t know it, he had done exactly what I had been afraid to ask him to do.

My mind was is a whirl as I entered Memorial Hospital.

Everything that I had been told I would feel after being raped — hate, anger, frustration, self loathing — proved to be a falsehood. Instead, I found myself wishing for a cock, to suck on so I could finally get a mouthful of someone’s spunk. I still wanted that jism to come from my husband’s balls, but I didn’t feel he would be necessary. There are many cocks in this world and his is just one of them.

For some reason the sights, sounds and smells of the hospital pleased me more than they had in months. I was needed here. I had a job to do and I did it well. People depended on me and I never let them down. In short, I felt useful. Something I hadn’t been feeling lately whenever I was with Jeff, that’s for sure.

I did my afternoon rounds cheerfully, talking with each patient a few minutes before moving to the next. When I opened the door to young Arthur McDaniels’ room, I got quite a surprise.

The sheet was tenting at his crotch, a strong hardon, pushing the sheet up. His hand was beneath the covers, but from the way the sheet was moving I knew he was fingering his prick.

“Hi!” I chirped, pretending not to notice what it was he was doing. When Art saw me he quickly rolled onto his side, hiding his hard-on.

“Oh, yeah, aw… good morning,” he stammered, trying to act nonchalant. “I wasn’t expecting you until later.”

Art was a rugged young man, in the hospital with a severely broken leg he had gotten while playing baseball. He had a mass of long brown hair that spilt over his pillow and his body was lean and muscular from hours of working out.

“Time for your shot,” I said, pulling a needle from my tray. “Roll over and let me see a cheek.”

Art rolled away from me and unfastened the snap of his pajamas. I pulled the sheet down to his knees, feeling a strange tingling in my cunt. My mouth began to water as if I were about to have some delicious meal.

“Sorry, it’s the other cheek that gets the needle today, Art. You’ll have to roll over and face me.”

“But… no, you gave me the shot in the other one yesterday.” His face turned slightly pink.

“Come on, don’t fight me now,” I said, grabbing him by the hip and rolling him over so he faced me. His cock, long but slender, stuck out the fly of his pajamas.

“I’m sorry,” Art said, his eyes pleading for understanding. “I didn’t know you would be in here. Please, don’t tell my parents.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off Art’s prick. The smooth, pink flesh was stretched taut over the rigid inner core. I set the needle back on the tray and reached out, touching his spear lightly with my fingertips.

“You’ve got a real nice cock, Art. It’s a real man-sized one.” I scratched from the tip to his balls with my painted fingernails, watching the prick throb and quiver at my touch.

“Then you’re not going to tell my parents?”

“No, of course not,” I whispered, unable to take my eyes from his prick. “A young man like you probably has a hard-on all the time.”

“I didn’t mean for you to see it,” he said, his voice cracking with emotion. “It’s just that it’s been so long since I’ve seen my girlfriend.”

“I know what you mean. There are times when my husband and I don’t get to see much of each other, either,” I lied. I didn’t need to drag a young boy into my marital problems. “Does your girlfriend like to fuck you?”

“Not really. Actually, we’ve never gone all the way.” Art was warming up to my caresses and had moved his hand to the edge of the bed, just inches from my belly. “When we go parking she just jacks me off and then I finger her.”

“You mean she doesn’t suck your cock? Why on earth not?” I curled ray finger around the shaft, beginning to work the smooth foreskin back and forth over the bone-hard inner muscle. “Don’t you ever suck her pussy until she cum all over your face?”

“No, we never do that.” Art said, his voice still choked with emotion. He put his hand around me, resting it on my ass. “I’ve asked her a couple times but she doesn’t want to. Whenever I try to suck her pussy she pushes me away and gets angry.”

Art squeezed my firm ass, moving his hand back and forth from cheek to cheek. I gripped his cock in one hand, jerking on it slowly, while I cradled his tight nutsac in the other. His balls were hot and heavy in my palm.

“You’re so beautiful, Nurse Simmons. You’re the prettiest nurse in the whole hospital.” Art moved his hand around to the front, sliding it under my dress to feel my thigh. His fingers crept up slowly until he reached my seething cunt. I knew my pantyhose were moist with my juices.

“Oh, sweet Art! Young Arty! Your hand feels so good there,” I whispered, trying to control my trembling knees. Art tried to pull my pantyhose down to get a feel of my naked snatch, but abandoned the idea when the hose wouldn’t pull down easily. I cursed myself for wearing the damn things, which are about as close to having a chastity belt as you can get these days, and made a promise to go out and buy a garter belt and hose, insuring that a similar situation wouldn’t prevent my cunt from getting what it wanted ever again.

“Your cunt is so warm, so wet,” Art hissed, pushing his palm harder between my legs.

“I can’t help myself,” I whispered, jerking on the long prick, “I’ve got to suck you!”

Bending forward at the waist I encased Art’s cockhead in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the oversized cockhead briefly, feeling it grow even larger, then pushed down, taking more of his slender shaft in my mouth. When the tip of his cock was wedged snuggly against the back of my throat I chewed on the stem with my lips, whetting it to an even harder state.

“Nurse Simmons, I never thought it would feel that good,” Art said, rubbing my twat with his palm.

I squeezed his balls and sucked hard on his cock, molding my cheeks perfectly to his girth. Pulling my head up, I frisked my tongue along the underside of his tool. Since his girth wasn’t as great as John’s, my jaws didn’t ache from being opened too wide. Licking the mushroomed bead, I caught a quick look at Art’s face. His eyes were closed, his mouth open, gasping for air.

“Look at me while I suck you,” I whispered. When Art opened his eyes I made a production of loving his cock. I licked the tip, then down the shank, all the while staring at Art. I rubbed his prick over my lips, cheeks and eyes, showing him how much I appreciated his cock.

I nibbled my way down to his balls, working on the hard, slick flesh with my lips and nipping it with my teeth. While licking Art’s balls I stroked the head of his cock.

“I can’t take much more,” Art hissed, rubbing my cunt faster.

I released Art’s nut from my mouth and poised myself over the tip of his prick. I grabbed his prick by the base with determination as I took the bulbous end between my full, moist lips. Jerking my head up and down over it, sucking on that part of his cock that stuck through my fist, I scraped his flesh with my tongue. I whacked on his meat with short jerks as my head pivoted and rotated around the knob. Art grabbed my head and pushed me down, messing up my hair and knocking my cap off, and I braced myself for his spunk.

“Tongue me!” he hissed, jabbing his cock between my clamping lips. “Arrrggghhhhh!” he wheezed as his body thrashed about on the bed.

“Mmmmmnunmm!” I mumbled as his rich cum boiled out of his balls, filling my mouth. My tongue danced over the tip of his cock, urging it to continue erupting the hot cream. His jism tasted sharp as it coated the inside of my mouth. The spurts became less and less fierce, then finally stopped altogether. With the crown still between my lips I swallowed his cum, then took his cock as deeply into my mouth as possible. I stayed like that, tonguing his slick cock, until I was sure that every drop of cum in his balls was in my belly.

“I never thought it could feel that good, Nurse Simmons,” Art said, pushing the hair from my face. “That was the best cum I’ve ever had.”

“I enjoyed it also,” I said, pleased with the strong aftertaste his jism left in my mouth. “And in case you’re interested, it was a first for me, too.”

I gave Art his shot after promising to give his cock the same oral treatment again and left the room, looking a little disheveled. A quick stop in a bathroom got my hair and cap back in place. Only my lipstick, which had smeared off on Art’s hard prick, left a trace of guilt on my looks.


When the alarm went off Jeff jumped out of the bed and headed for the shower. I got up after the water started and combed my hair and put on fresh make-up, then went into the bathroom dressed in my usual T-shirt and panties.

“Hey, honey,” I said, looking at his naked body through the shower door. “I’m really sorry about how I’ve been acting lately. I promise I’ll behave myself from now on.”

“I was wondering if you’d apologize. If you’re big enough to do that then I guess I’m big enough to forgive you for your sins.”

“I hoped you would understand. Want me to make you any breakfast?”

“Naw, I’m going to eat at the office,” he said, shutting, the water off. Knowing that he wouldn’t like me to see his naked body, I got the hell out of the bathroom and slipped back into bed.

When I heard Jeff leave the apartment I got out of bed again and decided just what clothes I would need to get the fucking I needed. I finally narrowed the necessities down to a garter belt, several pairs of hose and some bras with the clasp between the breast (making it easy to get to my tits without taking my uniform completely off).

I started the coffee pot going, then opened the door to get the morning newspaper. Just as I was bending down to pick it up, my next-door neighbor opened his door to get his paper.

“Good morning,” I said cheerfully, leaning against the edge of the door and giving him a good view of my slender legs and baby blue bikini panties.

“Oh… hi!” he said, grinning sheepishly. “I don’t believe we’ve met yet. I’m Steve Jordan.”

“I’m Amber Simmons,” I replied, walking across the hall, hand extended. Steve was dressed just in a bathrobe.

“Hello,” he said, shaking my hand as his eyes looked down my body.

“How long have you lived here?” I said, feeling a little foolish about standing in the ball as scantily dressed as I was. My nipples hardened into little buds as I looked up at Steve’s face. They made sharp points, pushing out visibly against the T-shirt.

“Not long. Just a month. Listen, would you like to have some coffee?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said, walking past him into his neatly arranged apartment.

I plopped down on a chair and crossed my legs, looking at Steve innocently while knowing that he was lusting for my body.

Steve poured two cups, setting one in front of me before pulling a chair close to mine. There was a slight bulge at the crotch in his bathrobe.

“I’ve seen you around some,” he said nervously, “and I wanted to meet you. Surprising how people can live so close to each other but never get together, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it certainly is,” I replied, folding my arms under my tits to make them look even larger. Steve’s eyes traveled from my face to my tits, then back again. The lump at his crotch grew more, straining against whatever it was he wore under the robe.

“You’re married, aren’t you?”

“No, but my husband is,” I said with a laugh. I got up and paced around the kitchen. Everything was in its place, nothing was disorderly or dirty. “You do keep a neat apartment.”

“I try,” Steve said, standing up. He walked over to me, resting his hands on my shoulders. “Do you always walk in someone’s apartment dressed the way you are?”

“Not always, just when I’m feeling dangerous.” Steve pulled me against his bulging hard-on and tried to kiss me on the mouth. I turned my head to one side and he kissed my smooth neck.

“Please, Steve,” I said, feigning annoyance. “I don’t take my little visit here for anything more than what it is!”

“You can’t just stand there with a body like yours and expect me to act like a gentleman,” he said, nuzzling my neck and squeezing my asscheeks.

Steve slipped his hands under the tight elastic waistband of my panties and grabbed my firm butt, pressing my crotch against his.

“Get your hands out of there!” I said without much conviction, pushing him away. “I never should have come here in the first place. I assumed you would conduct yourself like a gentleman!”

Steve pulled me close again and I jabbed at his stomach with my fingernails, not so much trying to scratch him as trying to tickle him. As intended, he burst into laughter and backed away from me. Advancing, I grabbed at his stomach again, joining him in laughter.

“Ha! I’m so… ha ha ha! I can’t stand it,” he cackled, backing away from me, trying to cover his stomach with his hands.

It was no accident that my hands untied the belt of his robe. I noticed he was wearing only shorts under the robe.

“Okay you little vixen,” Steve said, his cock pressing hard against his shorts. “Now I’m going to give you the spanking you’ve been asking for!”

Steve started for me and I dashed out of the way, rushing through the living room into his bedroom. Steve made a lunge for me and missed, falling flat on the bed. I vaulted his bed, suddenly finding myself in a corner without any escape. When he trapped me I grabbed his face and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then ducked under his arm and jumped on the bed once again.

“You hedonist!” I shrieked, attacking his ticklish stomach once again. Steve caught my wrists and threw me down on the bed. Before I really knew what was happening he had my wrists and was tying them together with the belt from his robe. For a brief moment I was afraid he would hurt me, then he twisted me onto my back and I knew he wouldn’t do anything terrible to me.

“You hot-blooded vixen! Now you’re going to get it but good!” Steve curled his fingers in the band of my bikini panties and tried to pull them down my legs. When I curled my knees up, pulling them close to my tits, he merely ripped my panties to shreds, throwing them against the wall.

“This is rape,” I said, trying to sound serious. “You can be put in prison for this!”

I got my knees under me as Steve was trying to grab my tits and dashed toward the door, hands tied behind my back. Steve caught me before I even got close (thank goodness) and twisted me around to face him. His hot lips mashed down against mine and I opened my mouth to accept his wet, hungry tongue. With my honey-colored twat naked to his gaze and my hands tied behind my back, I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before he got down to business and rammed his hard cock up my pussy.

Steve grabbed the straps of my T-shirt and jerked them over my shoulders and down to my elbows, stretching the shirt tightly around my middle. My tits wiggled seductively, the areolas a deep brown and the pebble-like nipples almost begging for attention.

“Jesus, what jugs! Just look at those jugs!” Steve hissed. He grabbed my boobs from the underside and squeezed them, causing the nipples to stand out even more prominently. He flicked his tongue over one rosy bead, then gave it a little nip with his teeth. A tremor of passion bolted through my body, causing my tits to shake a little. Steve kissed one nipple for a while, then transferred his attentions to the other nipple.

“Steve, you’re driving me crazy,” I whined, feeling my pussy become wet with cunt juice.

“I’m going to fuck you and fuck you until you beg for more, you little vixen,” Steve replied, burying his face in the valley of my tits.

When he grabbed me by the elbow and started pulling me toward the bed, I didn’t protest. My snatch was so hot for his prick I already was thinking of begging for him to fuck me. He pushed me on the bed and I wiggled over until I was in the middle. It bothered me a little to have my hands under the small of my back.

“Steve, please untie my hands.”

“I could never handle you,” he said, sitting next to me and caressing both nipples. “Maybe this way I’ll have an even chance.”

“An even chance of what? Damn it, honey, I want to fuck you! Just untie my hands, please!” I begged while he tugged my nipples.

Steve got off the bed and went to his closet. He pulled a couple ties off a rack and came back to the bed, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“I think you like being dominated,” he said glancing up and down my body. “I think you like being tied up and fucked. What’s the matter, isn’t your husband man enough for you?”

“Why don’t you just shut up and fuck me like any normal man would do?” I got to a sitting position and watched as Steve took off his robe and shorts. His prick pointed straight at me, almost as if it were seeking some hole to fuck. The thought of it sent a warm tingle through my body.

Steve took one of the ties and looped it around my ankle, then tied it to the bed post. I made a playful attempt at stopping him, but really had no intention of refusing Steve anything, particularly my body.

“You’re crazy,” I said, forcing down a smile.

“You should be locked up in a prison somewhere.”

Steve took my other ankle and tied it to the bed post, leaving me completely helpless with my hands cinched under me and my legs splayed out. Sitting on the bed between my thighs, Steve used both hands to spread my puffy cuntlips, then bent forward and lashed at my exposed clit with his hot, wet tongue.

“Mmmmm! That’s nice,” I murmured, closing my eyes to concentrate just on his tongue as it worked expertly on my most sensitive organ.

Steve got a finger good and moist with my juices, then slithered it up my cunthole while his tongue continued to tantalize my pink slit. The strange combination of having a finger moving in and out while a tongue worked on my clit was unusually sensual for me. I hunched my hips up, forcing my twat harder against Steve’s hungry mouth. Pulling against the ties I found that Steve had indeed fastened me to the bed tightly. I wouldn’t be able to leave until he released me and that, like his tongue and plunging finger, turned me on incredibly.

“Eat me, baby,” I whispered, looking down at Steve.

My undulating hips moved rapidly as the heat in my loins grew hotter. I arched my back, driving my seething cunt against Steve’s face as his tongue buried in my pussylips. Then, just as my orgasm seemed to be seconds away, Steve sat up and pulled his finger from my cunthole.

“Oh no! You can’t stop now! I’m almost there, Stevie! I’m going to cum soon!”

He looked at me, smirking with the knowledge that he was in complete control. His cock wagged deliciously at his waist, sprouting from the thick bush of curly hair.

“Do you want my cock, baby? Huh? Tell me you want my prick.”

“Please give it to me! I want it! I want you so badly!” I threw my head from side to side, causing my long blonde hair to whirl around, partially hiding my tits.

Steve moved up on the bed, planting a few light kisses on my stomach along the way, until he was sort of sitting on my tits, his cock just inches from my wet, desperate lips.

“Don’t tease me, let me suck your cock!” I screamed frantically, wanting to taste his hard cock as it plowed down my throat.

“Nope,” Steve said simply. “First you’ve got to lick my balls to show me how much you love me.”

Steve moved higher up my body until his balls hung over my mouth and his long, twitching cock arched out over my face. As he lowered himself on my open mouth, his hot prick touched my forehead. I licked the tight, wrinkled skin of his balls, smelling his freshly soaped crotch.

My tongue worked in circles against Steve’s nuts, frisking over the hairy flesh. Opening my eyes, I saw the look of sheer pleasure on my lover’s face and attacked his rocks with my tongue more urgently than before Steve reached down and took strands of my hair in each hand, fondling the silky locks while I tongued his nuts.

“Okay, baby,” Steve said, sliding down my body a little. “Use that hot tongue on my cock.”

I tried to capture his cockhead between my lips but Steve kept moving it just out of my reach. I acted like the worst nymphomaniac in the world, mouth open, tongue searching for cockflesh. What would Jeff think if he saw me now? I didn’t want to think about it — I only wanted Steve’s prick wedged in my mouth.

It suddenly occurred to me that being tied and completely vulnerable — totally helpless — was turning me on. It was new and exciting, which were the two things sadly lacking in my sex life with Jeff.

Steve finally tired of the cat and mouse game and plugged his cock between my lips. His burgeoning prick pressed against the roof of my mouth, making it difficult for me to suck on because of the position Steve and I were in.

“I know a better way,” Steve said, getting off my body. “We can sixty-nine each other!”

With his knees on both sides of my head, his cock was lowered down to me once again, this time the hard-on angling toward my throat. I opened my lips wide for his drooling tip, a low, cat-like purr coming from my throat as his jism smeared off on my tongue.

Steve curled his arms around my thighs and, from behind, spread my cuntlips to make way for his hungry mouth. His little tongue jabbed between my swollen pussy lips, causing my clit to ooze more clear, delicious oil.

As Steve propelled his hips down, his fat knob slithered over my tongue until his cock was resting at the opening of my throat. I gnawed on the hard flesh, feasting on its manliness. As he withdrew his cock from my mouth, my lips puckered out, holding on tightly. I didn’t want it ever to leave my mouth. Not ever. I couldn’t imagine anything being as good for me as his cock. In my lewd state of mind I dreamed of living on Steve’s cock, getting all my food and nourishment from it.

“Nnnuuummm!” I groaned as his prick moved deeper in my clenching mouth. I watched his big balls descending and wanted to feel them resting on my face, but then he stopped, his crown having reached my throat.

I arched my back, pushing my pussy at Steve. He gladly accepted my offering, attacking my tender, seething pussy with renewed energy. Chewing on the prick’s slick shaft, I rubbed my tongue along the smooth underside, hoping to taste his spitting cum. Then, before I was ready for it, Steve slammed his hips down further, forcefully stabbing his cock down my throat. I had never deep throated anyone before and I thought I would die. I was forced to keep from gagging, though I desperately wanted to. I fought at the ropes around my wrists and ankles, but there was no give in the bindings. I tried to turn my head to one side to uncork Steve’s choking prick from my throat, but that, too, was impossible. Finally, with no ether choice available, I concentrated on relaxing the muscles in my throat.

Steve lashed out, tonguing my pink pussy urgently as he pulled his cock from my throat. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with air as pools of spit formed at the corners of my mouth. Then he was pressing down again, his plundering cock sliding between my lips and down my throat. I relaxed and, surprisingly, his mushroomed cockhead wedged easily in my throat. His balls, hot and heavy with cum, rested over my nose and eyes. My nipples tingled delightfully, mashed flat against Steve’s firm body.

I had done it. I deep-throated Steve without the slightest bit of discomfort for me. His cock jabbed down my throat a few more times and then I began to love the feel of his big knob tucked neatly in my throat. From the way Steve was groaning and thrashing his hips, he was enjoying my blowjob as much as I enjoyed doing it.

“Enough!” Steve gasped, taking his face from my crotch. “Let’s fuck!”

I sighed sadly when he took his prick from my mouth. It had given me so much pleasure, and a new-found sense of achievement and confidence, that I wanted him to turn in my mouth. I wondered if his spunk would taste anything like my husband’s cum.

Steve looked down at me, his face wet from my cunt juice. He grabbed his prick in one hand and fitted it to the opening of my snatch, then pressed down on me, simultaneously crushing my tits with his chest, kissing me with his cum-slick lips and easing his cock in me.

My fur-lined cunthole stretched wide to accept Steve’s cockhead, then firmly embraced his shaft as he drove deep in me. He held my face in his hands and kissed me long and hard and I tasted my own juices on my lips.

“Fuck me, lover,” I panted, twisting my hips as best I could to get the maximum amount of friction on my clit. “Drive me deep! Fuck me, Steve! Fuck me hard, Stevie!”

Spurred on by my words, Steve rocked his hips with incredible speed, sending me skyward into a shattering explosion of cuntjuice. His tongue had done such an excellent job on my clit that it didn’t take long at all for his cock to push me over the edge into the abyss of sexual gratification.

When my climax finished, Steve jerked his prick from my wet cunt and gave me another mischievous smile.

“What are you going to do, Stevie? Come on, baby, give me your cum somewhere! Anywhere!” I begged.

“There’s something I’ve never done before and, with a set of tits like yours, I’ve finally got the chance.” Steve slid up my body once again, tugging my T-shirt a little further down my stomach, and rubbed his cock between my jugs. It dripped with my juices, making my firm, pliable titflesh glisten in the early morning sunlight.

“I’ve never gotten off by titty-fucking a girl before,” Steve said, tweaking my nipples. “You, my love, are the first whore I’ve found with tits big enough to get the job done right?”

He pushed my tits together and speared his prick between the heaving mounds. I stuck my tongue out and just caught the tip of his cock as he paused near my face.

“Amber, you’re a slut,” he said, moving his cock between my cushy pillows. “I’m going to blow my wad all over your tits and face and you’re going to love every minute of it. Tell me! Tell me you want my cum on your skin!”

“Please give it to me,” I begged, raking Steve’s cockhead with my tongue whenever I got the chance. “I want to feel it against my warm skin, all sticky and gooey! I want your cum on my face! Do it to me, Stevie! Make sue do what you want!”

I stared at the purple tip as it appeared and disappeared between my boobs. It throbbed massively, turning a darker shade of color, with each thrust through my titflesh.

“I’m cumming! You cheap slut, I’m cumming!” As Steve’s cock seesawed between my jugs, I opened my mouth in anticipation. Then the first spurting jet of cream erupted from the cockhead, arching through the air and making a long, white line from my forehead, along the bridge of my nose, over my lips and finally over my neck. A second explosion, slightly weaker than the first, landed right in my open mouth. I gobbled it down quickly and prepared for more of his sweet, delicious spunk.

I almost cried when the rest of Steve’s jism fell short of my mouth. He deposited his cum on my neck and tits, then leaned forward to let me suck the very last drop of cream from his prick. Finally, he got off the bed and stared at me, his cock red and satisfied.

“That was the craziest experience I’ve ever had in bed with a woman,” he said, fingering his dick. “I don’t know what came over me. I really don’t. Fuck, you’re the sexiest woman in the whole world.”

I listened to him without saying anything, too intent on licking the cum from my lips and cherishing it before gulping it down. When Steve untied my ankles, I just stayed there, legs spread wide and cunt exposed, hoping that maybe he would want another round with me.

“Roll over,” he said. “Let me untie your hands.”

“Stevie, that was crazy far me, too,” I said, trying to work some blood back into my numb hands. “I loved it, I really did. When you’ve got a husband who’s so timid he can’t make a decent pass at his own wife, you begin to appreciate a man who knows what he wants and gets it.”

I picked up my torn panties from the floor and handed them to Steve. “Keep these as a little reminder of what happened here this morning.”

My T-shirt was stretched all out of shape, and my hair was a complete mess. My twat was matted with juice and I felt like I needed a shower badly. For some reason I didn’t wipe off the cum on my face and tits, I wanted to keep it there as long as possible.

“Maybe we can do this again some time,” I said, turning to Steve. “But don’t expect me to make the first move. I have to do that with my husband so I don’t want to do it with my lover. If you want me, throw me down and take me. Make me do whatever you want. That’s the way I like it. I don’t want a pantywaist for a lover.”

I opened the door to the hallway slowly and checked to make sure no one else was around, then dashed into my apartment. If I showered quickly, I could make it to the store and then to the hospital without being late.


I got to the hospital just as my shift was starting. I felt absolutely devilish, wearing a garter belt and white hose with panties over the belt. If I needed to take off my panties — as I hoped I would — I wouldn’t have to fight with the rest of my clothing. Also, with my new bra having the hook between the cups, I could simply unbutton the front of my uniform, unfasten my bra, and give my lover the twin moons without any problem. God, I was horny as a nymphomaniac!

I did my initial rounds quickly, spending enough time with each patient to determine whether or not I wanted to get fucked before moving on. When none of the patients really interested me, I went straight to my shift supervisor.

“I’m not feeling very well,” I told the head nurse, a portly old lady with a heart of gold.

“That’s okay, Amber, you can go home. It’s not very busy today.”

“No, I don’t need to go home. I just want to lie down for an hour, or so. Will you see that no one disturbs me? I’m going to stay in room 343. It’s vacant now.”

“Sure I will,” she said, smiling kindly. “If there’s anything I can get for you, just let me know.”

“I will,” I replied, then quickly kissed her on the cheek. “I owe you a favor.”

Just as I was about to step in 343 I saw a young orderly out of the corner of my eye. Immediately my cunthairs began to tingle, telling me silently what I craved for.

“Excuse me,” I said, motioning with my finger for the orderly to come closer. He was about my age with wire-framed glasses, a hawkish nose, darting eyes and an intelligent air about him. I guessed him to be a college student, working afternoons to pay for his tuition.

“Something I can help you with?” he asked in a bored tone.

“Will you please go find Dr. Dean and ask him to come to this room? I’m not feeling well.”

“Which one? The Chief Surgeon?” His eyes took mine in, then danced over my cleavage quickly. He tried to act bored but behind those intelligent eyes I could see he wanted to feast on my body.

“No, his son. Can you get him for me?” The orderly agreed to do me the favor and walked away. I went into the single room and stretched out on the clean, starched sheet. Face down, I closed my eyes and imagined Bruce’s lean, agile body thrashing over mine as his long, hard dick plowed into my twat. Just thinking about it made my pussy moist. My mouth salivated as I thought about sucking on Bruce’s cock.

There was a soft knock on the door and I beckoned for whoever it was to come in, fighting down a smile. My cunt was just moments away from getting what it needed!

“Ma’am, Dr. Dean is busy at the moment,” the orderly said, shattering my dreams. “He said to tell you he’ll be here in a half hour, maybe a bit more. Is there anything I can do for you?”

I cursed under my breath. My nipples were hard, little nubs, pressed flat under my weight. Would this freaky intellectual orderly be able to make my wait for Bruce be less painful?

“Ah, well maybe. I’ve got kind of a sore back. Do you think you could give me a rub down?”

“Nothing to it,” he said, standing beside the bed. His hands began squeezing the muscles on each side of my neck, then moved down to my shoulders. As my muscles were relaxing, a warm glow became noticeable in my snatch.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” I whispered. “That’s really good. You’ve got really good hands.” Opening my eyes, I got a pleasant surprise when I noticed that the bed was at crotch-level for my orderly.

His hands kneaded my muscles slowly, expertly, until he reached the small of my back. He started working his strong fingers up again and I whined softly.

“No, lower still,” I whispered.

The orderly bent down, his face just inches from mine. I could smell his cologne and it drove me crazy with lust.

“Pardon me?” he said.

“I said you’ve got to keep going lower. Right down to my feet. I don’t want you to miss a muscle.”

He grabbed my tight asscheeks, one in each hand, and squeezed them while pressing me down harder on the bed. My cunt was really going insane now, seething with cunt-juice, preparing for my delicious fucking by Bruce. I purred like a kitten as the orderly squeezed my ass, then moved down to my thighs. I wanted him desperately to get forceful, commanding. I wanted him to shove his hands under my uniform and tear my panties off.

When the orderly got to my calves, I rolled onto my back and threw an arm over my eyes, not wanting him to see my eyes, which would surely give my plan away.

“Can you do the front, too?”

“No trouble,” he said, his voice sounding a little strained.

He moved up to my thighs, but when he got to the hem of my uniform he didn’t slide his hands under it, as I had hoped. I had to consciously keep from squirming around on the bed as he squeezed my thighs. Damn it, was this orderly going to be as meek as my husband?

The hands crept up my body, working momentarily on my stomach before inching higher. I assumed that the orderly would skip my tits and move up to my shoulders. How wrong I was! Taking my big tits, he squeezed them gently. His hands toyed with my pliable moons, the palms sliding over my nipples.

“I guess I’m a little tight myself,” the orderly said, taking one hand off my boobs. “Right about here.”

I heard him unzip his pants and I looked at his crotch. There was a massive tent below his belt as his turgid dong hardened beneath his pants. He fought with his clothing for a moment before his hard cock finally sprung free, pointing toward my face. The orderly gave my tit one last squeeze, then he hooked his hand around my head and pulled me to the edge of the bed, close enough to catch a whiff of his throbbing cock.

I took his prick by the base, testing its hardness with my fingers. His cock was like iron. There wasn’t a bit of softness in it.

He placed his hands on my tits again, compressing them against my body. I licked my lips, wetting them for the orderly’s benefit so he could see how much I wanted his cock. Taking a step closer to the bed, he put the hot tool firmly between my puckered lips. I scrubbed the big crown, licking the ridge that separates the knob from the shaft.

“Keee-rist! I haven’t cum in weeks,” the orderly hissed, unbuttoning my uniform. “I’ve got to put those God damn books down more often.”

“Then give it to me,” I said, smacking my lips on the drooling tip. “Shoot your cum in my mouth. I want to drink it.”

He threw his hips at me again, burying his cock deep in my mouth. Releasing his shaft from my grip, the orderly wedged the rest of his throbbing prick in my mouth until the head was firmly embedded in my throat. I chewed on the base of his cock, thrusting my tongue along the side and out of my mouth to caress a little of his crinkled nutsac.

The orderly pulled my uniform open and unhooked my bra easily, just as I had planned. He tugged on my tender nipples. I felt his cock gave an extra quiver when he touched my naked boobs and I felt good about being able to give a bookworm so much pleasure.

As he withdrew his cock from my throat, I saw a faint red ring around the base of his tool. At first I thought my lips had been too demanding on his prick, then I realized it was just my lipstick. The sight of his fleshy organ sticking out the fly of his pants, aiming straight at me with the crown just parting my lips, turned me on even more. I moaned softly, watching his cock move toward me, feeling it rub over my lips, then jam down my throat. Finally, with all of it buried in the wet warmth of my mouth, I realized that I needed cocksucking just as much as I needed fucking. I craved cum in my mouth just as much as I craved having my clit tantalized until I thrashed around in orgasm.

“I’m sorry,” the orderly said softly. “I’m not going to be able to hold off much longer.” When he pulled back so just the drooling knob was in my mouth, I frisked my tongue over the tip, trying to fuck it into the little slit.

“Don’t worry,” I said, taking his cock in my hand and rubbing the slick head over my cheek as I spoke. “This doesn’t have to be a marathon cocksucking session. Just give your jism to me and I’ll be happy. We can get the job done right at another time.” I kissed the head again, feeling the orderly stiffen even more. “Come on, give, it to me!”

It was as if I had pulled a switch and suddenly turned on a jerking, quivering machine. The orderly threw his hips back and forth, slamming his legs against the side of the bed as his hard cock pierced the red ring of my lips. I slurped on the cock, wetting it as much as possible with my saliva while squeezing tightly with my full lips.

The orderly grunted as his cockhead slammed at the back of my mouth. He squeezed my tits, pinching the nipples between his thumb and finger. His breathing came in gulps as he tried unsuccessfully to hold his spunk back just a little longer.

“Take it! Don’t stop sucking, you cunt!” he hissed, his tool pistoning in my mouth.

“Mmmmm!” I moaned as his cum squirted in my mouth. My tongue worked overtime, stabbing at the cockhead that rubbed over it in short, determined, strokes.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” the orderly grunted as each blast of jism exploded out his lurching balls, through his cock and into my mouth.

I slurped on the cock as it slammed between my lips frantically. His cream, thick and rich, filled my mouth almost to overflowing. Finally, when his balls quit pumping out his jism, I released my grip on his cock and swallowed his cum. While I did this, a drop of cream oozed out the tip and I licked that off, then sucked his slimy cock clean.

“You’d better get out of here before Dr. Dean comes in,” I said, looking up at the orderly. “We wouldn’t want to get caught in this… er… position.”

“Yeah, right,” be stammered, gently tucking his prick back in his pants and zipping up.

I hooked my bra together and buttoned my uniform again. The strong aftertaste of cum in my mouth delighted me, a reminder of the cocksucking I had so enjoyed. Barely had I gotten comfortable again, dressed properly and a fresh coat of lipstick applied, when Bruce entered the room.

“Amber, what’s wrong? They told me you were sick,” he said, taking my hand in his. “Where does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt, actually,” I replied, giving his hands a little squeeze. “It’s more like an itch. An itch that only your cock can get rid of.”

Bruce flattened himself over me, his weight pressing my tits flat. His mouth crushed down on mine, our tongues feverishly tasting each other’s juices. I clawed at his back, running my fingernails from his ass to his shoulders.

Bruce moved slightly and I opened my legs so he could get between them. I lifted my knees, trapping him between my legs as his crotch rubbed against mine. His hands were all over me, between our bodies to squeeze my compressed titties, down my side to fondle my thigh. While his hands roamed over my body, his hungry mouth never left mine.

A surgeon’s hands are his tools, and Bruce certainly knew how to use his. He slipped over to one side and unbuttoned my uniform in a flash. Next the bra was undone, baring my big tits to his warm, practiced fingers. Bruce tugged on my nipples for a moment, then bent down and took one between his lips. The sudden warm, wet sensation on my nipples caused my whole body to quiver in anticipation.

“I’m so hot for you, Bruce. Give it to me! Damn it, lover, I need to feel you in me!”

Bruce peeled my bikini panties down my nylon clad legs, then pulled frantically at his zipper. When his long, thick cock sprung out from his pants, I pulled at his belt, wanting to feel his warm crotch against mine rather than just his zipper. There was some more fumbling around, but finally his pants were down to his knees. My uniform was bunched around my stomach, my dewy blonde pussy bared for his gaze. Bruce leaned back on his thighs to eye my snatch and I sat up, shoulders near my knees, and grabbed the straining prick. I took his cock deeply in my mouth, tasting the cream that trickled out as I got it wet. Finally, when his prick was suitably moistened, I fell back on the bed and kicked my heels up on Bruce’s shoulders.

“Here it comes, baby,” Bruce hissed, leaning over me. I reached down and aimed his hard prick at my juicy cunt and he inserted it full-length on the first stroke. My cuntlips pushed inward, molding around the blood-engorged cock as it stabbed deep in my fuck hole.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Do it to me you bastard!” I hissed, throwing my head from side to side.

Bruce held himself up with his hands as his rocking torso drove his rigid cock deep in me. His hot cock throbbed in the warmth of my pussy each time he ground his crotch against mine. I tweaked the distended nipple, pulling them, before taking a handful of the firm, jiggling flesh in my hands to squeeze.

My ass was tilted upward, meeting Bruce’s charging thrusts. In and out his prick worked, tirelessly driving me into a heavenly sense of happiness. I reached up and took Bruce’s face in my hands, caressing his cheeks.

“You’re so good,” I purred. “You’ll fuck me straight into heaven!”

“W-warm,” Bruce hissed through clenched teeth. “Your cunt is so wet and warm. Hot. Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Bruce’s large nuts flopped crazily against my tight ass each time he plunged into my sloppy pussy. I worked my bottom a little to one side, increasing the friction against my burning clit. Apparently realizing what I wanted, Bruce picked my ankle off one shoulder and put it with my other ankle, causing my pussy to clamp down harder on his cock. My knees mashed my tits as his invading prick slammed home with determination.

“I’m almost there,” he said, thrashing over me. “Arrrrrggggghhhhh!” I groaned, feeling my stomach begin a series of convulsions.

Bruce picked my leg up again and pulled it over his head, then pushed my legs down to his waist. I hooked my ankles together around him as his heaving chest mashed down on my wiggling tits. I clawed at Bruce’s back as his balls flooded my cunt with spunk. Feeling his cum spurting inside my pussy set me off, too. I squirmed beneath him, arching my back up to bury his prick even deeper in my snatch.

We thrashed on the bed, straining to get as much satisfaction from each ether’s body as possible. Our lips mashed together, the kiss never stopping until the tempest had subsided.

“My sweet lover,” I said, finally breaking the kiss. “You were fantastic, lover. Just fantastic.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to fuck you,” Bruce said, kissing me on the eyes and forehead. “Jesus, since our meeting in the laundry room I couldn’t get you out of my mind.”

Bruce gently worked his cock in and out of my sloppy twat a couple more times, then pulled it out and rolled off me. His shrinking cock was coated with his jism and my oil.

“Please,” I said, touching his face. “Let me clean it with my mouth I want to taste our juices.”

Bruce got off the bed and moved in front of me, the same way the orderly had done earlier. I took the cock in my hand and guided it to my moist lips. The mixture of cum and cuntjuice was exciting, but I was so completely fucked that I couldn’t even imagine asking Bruce if he was ready for round number two.

Once the prick was clean, except for the slight coat of saliva on it, Bruce pulled his pants up and left me alone in the room. I stayed there for another fifteen minutes, basking in the warm afterglow of my orgasm.

For the rest of the day I behaved myself just as Jeff would want me to. I talked with the patients and made them laugh whenever possible. I didn’t have the slightest urge to fuck any of them, though one or two of the male patients did register in my memory for a later date.

When I got home I prepared a delicious meal for Jeff, then we went to bed together and I slept soundly in his arms. Not once did I try to seduce him and, naturally, he didn’t try anything with me. We had come to an unspoken truth — at least I had come to a truth about myself. I would live with Jeff as his wife and make love to him whenever he sought the comfort of my body. I would deny him nothing and force nothing. I would also deny myself nothing and get the good fucking and sucking I needed from other sources.

And so it was.


Jeff was out of the apartment by the time I get up. He had made fresh coffee for me and even left a little note saying that he was sorry he had yelled at me before and that he was glad I was acting in a “proper and dignified manner”.

I couldn’t help but smile when I read the note. My sweet husband may be considered an up-and-coming genius at the hospital, but he was considered a damn fool at home. Still, he meant no harm.

I opened the apartment door to get the morning newspaper and, as I was bending down to get it, Steve burst out of his apartment, knocking me back into mine.

“Charge!” he screamed, grabbing me by the arm. He was in his bathrobe, as before, only he had a fistful of neckties with him this time.

“Steve, stop it!” I shrieked, trying to regain my balance. He barged his way into the apartment and closed the door behind him. “I haven’t got time for this kind of thing today!”

“So, we meet again, my sweet!” he said, a playful sparkle in his eyes. “I’ve come to kidnap you, take you to my place, then fuck the living shit right out of you.” His eyes scanned down to my legs, then up my body again. I was dressed in my usual T-shirt and panties.

I burst into a giggle and twisted free from Bruce, dashing through the kitchen and into the living room with my wonderfully demanding lover at my heels. Steve made a lunge for me, missed, and ended up falling on the couch. I rushed into the bedroom and hopped up on the bed, waiting for him anxiously. When he appeared at the bedroom door, I started bouncing on the bed, my big tits wobbling as the nipples turned hard.

“It’s the big, bad wolf! And look what a big cock he has!”

Steve’s prick stuck out through the opening of his robe. I bounced on the bed, feeling my sensitive nipples rub against my T-shirt. When Steve leaped for me I made no attempt to get away. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and together we came crashing down on the bed. He rolled me onto my stomach and tied my hands behind my back, just as before. Though I fought him, I certainly didn’t fight very hard.

“Help! Someone help me! Rape!” I giggled, not loud enough for anyone outside the apartment to hear. The last thing I wanted was for the police to come charging in and break this up.

Steve tied my ankles together, then used a third necktie to gag me.

“This way you won’t be calling for help in the hallway,” Steve said as he tied the gag tight. Grabbing me by the shoulders, he hoisted me into a sitting position on the edge of the bed, then flopped me over his shoulder and stood up. With my fanny in the air and my long blonde hair hanging down over my face, I couldn’t do anything but let him take me to his apartment and, no doubt, fuck me into ecstasy once again.

As Steve carried me through the hallway to his apartment, I heard another man’s voice.

“What the fuck is going on here? Don’t move, mister!”

“Hey, this really isn’t what it looks like,” Steve said, stumbling for an excuse. “Why don’t we step into my place and talk this thing over?”

Steve carried me into his apartment and closed the door. The voice of the other person was familiar, but I just couldn’t place it and, because of my hair, I couldn’t see who it was. I was placed gently on the kitchen floor and finally got a chance to see who my intended hero was.

“Now, would you like to explain all this?” John said.

“It’s really very simple,” Steve said, trying to hide his burgeoning cock.

John looked at me and smiled. It was the same smile that sent cold shivers of fear through me before. His eyes were icy as they took in my body. The incredible pain he had caused in my bunghole when his enormous cock was rammed up it flashed once again in my memory. Would he fuck me in the ass again?

“So, you’re getting in on a little of this action, eh?” John said, striking a nonchalant pose. “My name’s John and, well, I’ve already introduced myself to Amber.”

“I’m Steve. Listen, there’s enough of her to go around, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean,” John replied. He grabbed me under one arm and Steve took the other. Together they dragged me into the living room in front of the couch. The two men sat down and John started undressing as Steve took the gag from my mouth.

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” I asked John.

“Not if you do exactly as you’re told.” His big cock, several inches longer than Steve’s, flopped down from his waist as he pulled his shorts off.

“Suck my cock, Amber,” Steve demanded, holding his cock by the base.

“Of course, lover,” I murmured, licking my lips to make them shine even more. “I’ll do anything you ask me to.”

Lashing my tongue over the cock’s big crown, I licked off the cum that trickled out, then opened my mouth wide to encase the head in my lips. Steve moaned and leaned back on the couch, watching his cock disappear in my mouth. I bobbed my head several times over Steve’s prick, taking just a few inches of it in my mouth as I adjusted my tied feet beneath me, then pushed my face down, feeling the trembling cock slither past the back of my mouth until it was wedged firmly in my throat. My painted lips chewed on the very base of the cockshaft as I worked my tongue as best I could on the underside of the fleshy prick. My mouth was completely stuffed with hard prickflesh.

“Amber sure sucks a mean cock,” Steve said quietly, watching me as I slowly pulled my head off his prick. “Yes, sir, she sure does a cock justice.”

“Let’s see how she does on this big bastard,” John said, slowly fingering his prick.

I uncorked Steve’s cock from my mouth, planting a few light kisses on the slick head before wiggling over to kneel in front of John. His cock wasn’t even half-hard yet, so I had little trouble taking it all the way down my throat. With his flaccid tool embedded in my mouth, my tongue worked frantically. I could feel his prick steadily growing, stretching further down my throat. It twitched and trembled, reacting to the wet warmth and soft caresses of my lips and tongue.

John’s big cock, which bad caused me so much pain before, now was a delicious piece, of hot meat that delighted me. I bobbed my head over it, feeling my smooth lips sliding easily over the slick, saliva-coated cockflesh.

“Damn it, John,” Steve said, “you’ve got one hell of a big cock there.”

John didn’t reply. He just moaned deep in his throat as I tightened my lips on his prick. Licking around the big crown, I looked at John with complete reverence. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth. I planted a few light kisses on the head, then stretched my lips wide and pushed down on his hard prick, feeling it push into my mouth until the bulbous cockhead was jammed down my throat.

“Mrnmmmm!” I moaned, feeling John’s hot rod throbbing with excitement in my throat. My pussy grew moist, anticipating the hard cock it would soon be getting. The picture of either John’s or Steve’s cock ramming up my tight bunghole filtered through my mind. Would it hurt as bad again, or would the wild ass-fucking drive me into a wrenching orgasm?

“Hey there, Amber, let’s not forget about me,” Steve said, stroking the side of my face as I worked on John’s cock.

“Mmmmmmm!” I moaned, pulling my lips along John’s quivering shaft. I let the cockhead slip from my mouth, then licked down to his big, hot cum-laden balls. “This is so good. Two cocks at once,” I murmured, taking a whiff of John’s crotch.

“As long as she seems so preoccupied with that huge pole of yours,” Steve said, “I might as well find a hole somewhere.”

“Oh, yes! Fuck me, lover. Fuck me while I suck this big, beautiful cock.”

Steve got off the couch end moved behind me, taking my asscheeks in his hands. He caressed my butt, then took his hot tool and rubbed the crown up and down the crack of my ass. I raised myself slightly, giving Steve more room to get at my warm, tight pussy. Finally Steve found my wet crease and worked his cockhead against my clit several times.

“Ohhhhhhh! Fuck me, Stevie! Give it to me good!” I said, mumbling into John’s crotch. I licked his nutsac for a few more moments, then licked my way back up to the tip of his cock.

When my twat was stretched tide by Steve’s prick, I wrapped my moist lips around John’s cockhead again and bobbed my head quickly, wanting to taste his cum in my mouth at the same time Steve shot his wad in my snatch. Could anything be better in the whole world than having a cock in your mouth, another in your cunt, while the men are strong, forceful and, thank goodness, manly?

Steve thrust his hard cock in me from behind, smacking his pelvis against my firm asscheeks. I was bumped forward slightly, forcing me to deepthroat John. I twisted my head from side to side, pivoting on the blood-filled prick while Steve pistoned his cock in my clasping twat. My honey colored hair spilled into John’s lap as I took his rod between my lips. He took strands of hair between his fingers and thumbs and caressed the silky locks, groaning low in his throat.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Steve grunted each time his hips slapped against my butt and his trembling cock embedded deep in my cunt. He slumped over me, taking a handful of tit in each hand as his torso jerked frantically.

John jerked my bobbing head off his cock and I looked at him with wild, frightened eyes. His eyes had turned cold, that vicious glint having returned. I froze under his stare, hardly conscious of Steve’s urgent fucking and mauling of my tits.

“Hey, buddy,” John said to Steve. “Let’s fuck her at the same time. I’ll fuck that tight little pussy and you can jam it up her butt.”

“Ohhhhhhh! Man, she’s got such a fine cunt, I don’t want to stop.” Steve kissed me on the back of the neck, his hot tongue making a wet trail to my car. And then, without warning, he pulled his cock from my twat and backed away from me.

John pulled a switchblade knife from his pants and slashed the bindings around my ankles. I turned my back toward him, hoping that he would also cut my hands free. No such luck. Instead, he lay on the floor with his fat cock resting lazily against his belly.

“Get on top of me,” he ordered, dropping the knife on the floor beside him. “I want to suck on those firm tits!”

I moved over, putting a knee on either side of his body. John aimed his cock at my snatch as I lowered myself and it pushed easily past the furry opening. I bounced up and down, my tits jiggling freely with the nipples hard and pointed, until John’s long, fat prick was completely pushed in me.

“Ohhhh! Fuck me, John! Awwwww! That feels so good!” I moaned, throwing my head from side to side, causing my hair to fling about wildly. As Steve moved behind me, I caught his cock and felt that it was hard but dry.

“Wait a minute, lover,” I said, still bouncing on John’s prick. “Let me suck you a little bit. We’ll need some lubrication or you’ll kill me.”

Steve moved to the side, his cock aiming straight at my open, hungry mouth. I took his rod right down my throat straight away, chewing on the tender flesh with my lips. I salivated freely, getting the hot prick covered with my spit. As I worked on the tool with my mouth, John squeezed my plump tits, pulling on the little brown nipples.

I pictured myself, as if there were another Amber standing outside my body and watching me. A young married woman, hands tied behind her back, long, wavy hair falling down her back as she humps up and down on a big cock. Her smooth features are twisted, distorted from a second cock which sticks out from her face as she throws her head to and fro along its length. Her tits are being roughly squeezed and she loves it. Low, animal-like moans come from her throat as her lips slide over the cock. She’s in heaven, sent there by two men who have tied her up and forced her to service their lusty pricks.

“Fuck me in the ass,” I suddenly screamed, driven wild by the image in my mind. “Butt fuck me, Steve! Cornhole me hard, you bastard!” Were those words really coming from my mouth? I couldn’t believe it, yet I knew exactly what it was that I wanted.

Steve got behind me again and pushed me down so that my tits mashed against John’s heaving chest. I felt his round cockhead push against my bunghole and I relaxed. His tool pushed up my ass, stretching my bunghole pleasantly. It didn’t hurt at all to have Steve work his hard tool in my ass. John had opened me up so much when he raped me that Steve’s cock felt just big enough to give me pleasure without the pain.

I was stuffed with cock fore and aft. I squirmed between the two heaving, sweating, straining bodies. Their cocks sawed into my pussy and ass as I wriggled my hips from side to side. I kissed John on the lips, working my tongue into his mouth as his stabbing prick rammed up my crease. Steve kissed me on the back of the neck, his hot breath cooling my even hotter flesh.

My hands were crushed under Steve’s weight as he bore into me, driving his tool full-length into my ass until his balls flopped against my cock-filled cunt.

“I’m so hot,” I hissed, turning my face away from John. He kissed one side of my face as Steve kissed the other, flicking his tongue in my ear.

“Arrrrrggggghhhhh!” Steve groaned, biting my ear as jets, of his boiling cum shot up my ass. “Fuuuuuck!” His prick stabbed into me as he pushed me down harder against John’s cock. My clit, forced to rub against John, exploded and I, too, screamed out obscenities as I climaxed.

“Here it is, cunt.” John whispered in my ear as his massive balls pumped his spunk in my tight, juicy twat. His long cock expanded to an even greater size as he filled my cunt with jism that warmed my insides.

“So… so fucking good,” I panted, resting my cheek against John’s. “I’ve never cum that hard in my life. Never before have I cum that hard. The two of you are the greatest. The greatest fuckers in the whole world.”

We stayed there on the floor with me sandwiched between them. Steve started to groan and pumped his cock into my ass a few more times.

“No, don’t get off me,” I whispered. “Don’t take your prick out of my ass. I want it there. It feels so good, too good to take it out of me.”

After several minutes Steve finally got off me and I rolled off John, releasing his limp rod from my pussy. John got on his knees near my face and grabbed a handful of hair.

“Suck it, cunt! Clean my cock,” he said, jerking my head up by the hair.

“Owww! I’ll suck your cock,” I said, “just don’t pull my…” John cut me short by stuffing his limp prick in my mouth. His fleshy tool tasted tart with that unforgettable combination of cuntjuice and spunk. I took his rod down my throat, sucking hard, pleased when I drew a final drop of cream. John pulled my head back and forth along his shaft a couple times, then pushed me off his cock and stood up.

“Now me,” Steve said, waving his prick in front of my face.

“No, Stevie, it’s been in my ass.”

“If you want the bitch to suck your cock,” John told Steve, “just make her do it. What the fuck can she do to stop you with her hands tied?”

“Hey, that’s right.” Steve straddled my head and touched the tip of his cock to my lips. It was futile to try and stop him, so I licked his cock clean without another word. His cock did taste a little weird, but nothing terribly bad and that surprised me. When his cock was clean of everything but a little bit of my spit, he got up and started to dress.

“Someone untie me,” I said, getting up to my knees.

John and Steve joked around a while, saying they weren’t going to untie me. Finally I promised to suck both their cocks and fuck them crazy at a later date. When they left I hardly had time to get dressed for work.


The afterglow of getting fucked by two men at once only lasted about four hours. After that, I was walking around the hospital horny as hell, looking for some patient to suck off. When the head nurse told me that I had a message at the desk, I hoped it was a note from Bruce, saying he just had to fuck me. Surprisingly, it was a note from my father, saying that he was in town for the day. I quickly called the number he left, not really knowing why I was so excited.

“Hello, Daddy,” I said into the receiver, grinning from ear to ear. “It’s your little girl!”

“Baby! I’m in town for the night and I was wondering if you’d like to have supper with, your old man. Bring Jeff along and we’ll have a great time.”

“Daddy, I’d love to have supper with you, but Jeff has to work late tonight.”

“Can I get a rain check then?”

“We don’t have to drop the dinner altogether, Daddy. Just you and I will go and we’ll have a great time.”

“What time should I pick you up? Maybe at the hospital?”

“Shouldn’t I get out of my uniform first?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Daddy said with a chuckle. “People will thing that you’re my personal nurse. Hell, an old man like me probably should have one.”

“Now Daddy, don’t talk like that! You’re in excellent shape!”

We talked like that for some time, Daddy always being critical of himself and me always defending him. Finally we decided on a time and I found myself walking away from the telephone with the strangest tingling in my twat.

I told Jeff that I had to talk to my father about my mother and Jeff said he wouldn’t mind if dinner was late. Family obligations, he said, were very important and should be carefully maintained.

It seemed to take forever for my shift to end, then I dashed out of the hospital just as Daddy was pulling into the short-term parking lot.

Daddy looked as good as ever. Still in his late forties, his wavy hair was thinning just a little bit on top. He worked out every day and his stomach had just the slightest hint of flab under his vest. My father never wears anything but three-piece suits and he wears them without seeming like a stuffy character.

“Daddy!” I shrieked, jumping into the car next to him. He kissed me on the lips lightly, but I pulled him close and we kissed longer than we ever have before. Finally he pushed me away, embarrassment showing in his face, and headed out of the parking lot.

“I thought we might eat at my hotel,” he said. “They have a very fine restaurant there.”

“That’s fine with me,” I said, sliding over in the seat to sit so close that my hip touched his. Daddy was, no doubt, uncomfortable with me sitting so close. I, however, had every intent of seducing him before the night was over. In a way he reminded me of Jeff — untouchable. That made me want his cock all the more.

Before long Daddy and I were sitting in a corner booth, sipping red wine and saying a thousand times how good it is to see the other. Finally we ordered our food and ate quietly. As we sipped more after-dinner wine, I slid over in the bench seat to sit next to Daddy.

“Daddy, I’ve really been wanting to talk with you,” I said, pretending to innocently drop my hand on his thigh. “You see, things haven’t really been going so good between Jeff and myself. It’s… well… it’s sort of embarrassing to talk about it, but you’re my daddy, so I guess it’s okay.”

“Go ahead, dear. You can tell me anything.”

“Daddy, it’s my sex life with Jeff. He doesn’t like to do it very often and when he does he doesn’t let me do anything but lie there like, a zombie. I like to move around, you know, and do things with my mouth. You know, put his cock in my mouth, and so forth. Well, Jeff doesn’t let me do anything.”

“It sounds like Jeff and your mother would get along just fine. She doesn’t like to do much of anything when we’re in bed, either. I’ve pleaded with her countless times and all she does is tell me that I’m a sex fiend.”

“Daddy, I knew that a man like you would understand my problem.” I slid my hand a little higher up his thigh and he caught my wrist. “I thought you said that…”

“It doesn’t make any difference what I said! I’m sure that you’re pretty frustrated by now, but you’ll just have to work this problem out with Jeff. This is one problem that your father shouldn’t try and solve himself.” Daddy took a big drink of wine and gave me a stern look. One I hadn’t seen in years.

“But Daddy,” I said, intentionally brushing my tit against his arm. “I don’t know how much longer I can stand it. I’ve been thinking of going to the bars and just picking up the first man who talks to me. Now wouldn’t you rather I come to you with my problems than some total stranger?”

“No, this is definitely wrong. I won’t let you do…” he said, cut short when I squeezed his balls through his pants. He closed his eyes, obviously fighting with himself. It didn’t take much thinking to figure out that Daddy hadn’t gotten any pussy in a long time, or a good blow-job in an even longer time. Besides, I didn’t get to suck off either Steve or John so I was thirsty for spunk.

“Just be cool, Daddy,” I purred, rubbing my tit against his arm. “Just sit there like nothing is happening and we’ll both do each other a great deal of good.”

“When you were a little girl I used to think about this. Your tits were so big, even when you were just thirteen or fourteen. Damn it, Amber, it’s been years since anyone has actually reached out and grabbed my cock.”

I unzipped his fly and took his prick out. It was a nice size, neither very big nor very small. I squeezed it and pulled the foreskin back as I felt it twitch and grow in my fist. Daddy slipped his hand under my arm and squeezed my thigh, pulling my uniform up just a little to feel my nylon-clad leg.

“Daddy,” I whispered, “I’ve got to suck your cock.”

“Wait until we get to my hotel room,” he replied.

“No, I can’t wait that long.” I moved my hand over his solid shaft, smoothing a drop of pre-cum over the head. “It’s dark in here and the tablecloth goes almost to the floor. If I get under the table no one will see me.”

“What if we get caught?” Daddy asked, pulling the hem of my uniform up even higher so that he touched the top of my hose and a little bit of naked flesh.

“I don’t care! I’ve got to have it!”

There weren’t a lot of people in the restaurant and none were sitting very, close. I picked my ass off the seat, pulled my uniform up, then hooked my thumbs in my panties and jerked them down to my knees. No one appeared to notice the rather odd movement, so I worked my legs together until my panties were at my ankles. Bending down quickly I picked them off the floor and handed them to Daddy.

“Take these,” I whispered, wrapping my fingers around his lusty cock again. “You can keep them to remind you of this evening.”

Daddy picked up his napkin and stuffed my panties in it, then held it to his nose, pretending to be dabbing at his mouth. I checked the waiter and the other customers and when no one was looking, I slipped below the table. Daddy straightened out the tablecloth, hiding any evidence of what I had done.

When I finally got a chance to see the cock I had been stroking, I was even more pleased. Daddy’s cock was perfectly shaped, like the pricks on Roman statues. It stood out through the fly of his pants, hard and hot.

I got to my knees between Daddy’s thighs, touching the rod with the fingertips of both hands. It quivered and throbbed just inches from my lips. My daddy’s cock — I was finally going to suck my daddy’s cock.

“I love you, Daddy,” I whispered, loud enough for him to hear but no one else.

“And I love you, Amber. Let’s go to my room and we can do this right.”

“Later, lover. Later…” I flicked my wet, pink tongue out, frisking it around his rod just under his cockhead. Taking it in my fist, I licked the drooling crown like an ice cream cone, not missing the smallest portion of cockhead. When the rounded tip was wet, I took my hand away and licked down the underside of his tool to his zipper.

I hiked my dress above my wet snatch and began to rub my hot clit as I took Daddy’s cockhead between my lips. Downward I pushed, taking his cock to the back of my mouth. My tongue rubbed tenderly against the smooth flesh as my middle finger pushed between the fleshy folds of my pussylips.

This was incredible for me. In the morning I’m happily raped by two men, then in the evening I get to suck my father’s cock. Just thinking about the cock in my mouth belonging to my father got me even hotter, caused my snatch to get even wetter. I tensed my lips around Daddy’s shaft as I engulfed more of his rod in my mouth. When my nose was pressed against his zipper I tightened the suction on his tool while jabbing a finger faster into my twat.

When just the head of Daddy’s cock was in my mouth, I jerked on the shaft at the same speed I fingered my hot pussy. If I timed things right Daddy’s balls would explode at the same time my clit released all the tension and passion in my body. Daddy’s cock pulsed in my mouth as I tongued him feverishly, speeding his eruption. The palm of my hand was wet with cunt juice as I worked it between my cuntlips.

“Is there something wrong with the lady?” the waiter asked.

I released Daddy’s cock from my lips as my heart pounded nervously. Would they call the police? What would happen if the press ever found out that a daughter was sucking her father’s prick in a public restaurant?

“No! Nothing’s wrong!” father stammered.

“I dropped my contact, I think,” I replied from below the table. It took a little bit of wiggling around but I finally got back in a sitting position next to Daddy. “I’m practically blind without them,” I added to the waiter. He looked at me with unaffected distrust.

“Oh… I see,” the waiter said. “Would you like me to get you a flashlight?”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” I said, feeling pretty fucking foolish. “The damn thing is probably broken by now. It always happens.”

“Yes… of course. You needn’t explain. The management will thank you to stay above the table or we’ll have to ask you to leave.”

“Yes, I can understand your misunderstanding of this whole silly thing,” I said, trying my best not to sound stupid and failing miserably. Both Daddy and I gave a long, low sight of relief when the waiter left.

“I told you we shouldn’t have done this in public. I shouldn’t have let you do anything at all.”

“Now Daddy, let’s not second guess ourselves. I need your cum and you need a blow-job.”

“Fuck, I was almost going to cum,” Daddy whispered, finally showing me his dazzling smile.

“I’ve got an interesting idea for an after dinner drink,” I said, filling my glass half-full with wine. Though the waiter was keeping a close eye on us, when he turned his back for a second I put the glass below the table.

“What the hell are you doing?” Daddy asked.

“Jack yourself off in my glass. If I can’t suck you off, at least I’ll be able to taste your cum.”

“This is insanity, you know that?”

“Of course I know that. I also know that you’ve got a hard cock below the table that isn’t going to go down unless you blow your wad. That’s a fact we’ve got to deal with, so why don’t we deal with it as imaginatively and pleasurably as possible?”

Daddy touched the rim of my glass with his cockhead while aiming his prick downward. He fisted his cock slowly, running his fingers over the hot, sensitive flesh. Finally I saw his face go completely void of expression, then heard faint splashing sounds in my glass.

“Awwwwww!” he moaned, leaning back in the booth. “I needed to cum, but I never thought I’d have to jack myself off.”

I brought the glass above the table and there were several long, string blobs of jism in the wine. I swirled the wine in the glass, causing the jism to spin slowly in the stemmed glass. At Daddy’s age he didn’t cum as much as John, but he shot enough spunk to give me a good mouthful of cream.

“This is the kind of after-dinner drink that I should have every night,” I said, staring at the spunk in my wine. “Watch me, Daddy. Watch me as I drink your cum.”

I turned to Daddy, seeing him glance down at my exposed snatch. “Later you can have my cunt,” I told him. “For now, just watch how much I love your cum. I want it now, but not as much as I’ll want it tomorrow.”

I stared into my father’s eyes, then threw the wine down my throat. The combination of wine and spunk was even better than spunk and cuntjuice. With a big swallow I took the whole thing down, then licked my glistening lips.

“Now why don’t you pay the bill and we’ll see how fast we can get your cock up again? There’s a lot of my body you still have to explore.”

Daddy left a very generous tip for the waiter and we left the restaurant. Within minutes we were in his hotel room, hugging and kissing on the big double bed.

“Oh, Daddy, this is like a dream come true for me,” I murmured, unbuttoning his vest while he unbuttoned the top of my uniform. I wiggled out of it and stood up to let Daddy look at me, now dressed in just a garter belt and hose.

“Your body is even better than your mother’s was when she was your age,” Daddy said, staring at my tits. He stripped out of his vest and shirt and started on his pants before I stopped him.

“Let me do it,” I said, getting on my knees near the bed. I took his shoes off, then unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and shorts off. Finally I took his socks off and started sucking on his toes.

“I’ve never had anyone do that,” Daddy whispered, leaning back on his elbows. “Christ! That feels good.”

I sucked on all of his toes one at a time, then slowly licked up his legs until I reached his crotch. His limp cock hung down, small and lifeless. I scratched Daddy’s thighs with my fingernails and bent forward, licking the tip of his cock. I ran my tongue over the head and top side until I felt it began to stir, becoming aroused from my hot, pink tongue.

“My God, you’re pretty. Oh, sweet Amber, lick it. Suck me until I get hard and then we’ll stick it in your pussy.”

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll suck your cock. I’ll fuck you and fuck you and fuck you.” I bobbed my head over his cock, getting it good and moist with my spit, then let it slip from my mouth. Taking his balls in my hand, I tucked one of the nuggets in my mouth and sucked on it as I jerked on his prick. It didn’t take long for his cock to be fully hard, throbbing and beating with the lusty fire in his heart.

I got on the bed again and Daddy pulled me close, kissing me hard on the lips. We sucked on each other’s tongue as he got in position between my parted legs. I reached down, grabbed his cock and guided it to my warm, puffy cuntlips. His prick slipped in immediately, splitting my twat wide.

“Ohhhhhh,” I hissed, feeling his hard cock plunge deep into my cunt. I hooked my ankles together, locking him close to me. “Fuck me, Daddy! Give me everything you’ve got!”

Though Daddy might not be able to cum as much as a younger man, age had given him the cocksmanship young men just don’t have. He stabbed his prick into me from the right, then from the left. I wiggled my hips, urging his cock to spit out the hot cream I needed so badly. My clit was on fire, pulsing with the fast pounding of my heart.

Daddy pushed his hands between our bodies to press my firm tits down even harder against my chest. He squeezed the ample mounds of titflesh as his hips rocked up and down, throwing his rigid prick into my snatch until his balls flopped against my upturned ass.

As we kissed Daddy flooded my twat with cum. He moaned softly as his balls jerked out the jism I so desired. And, when his climax subsided, my insides were nice and warm from his hot cum.

“Mnnnmmmmm! That was wonderful, Daddy! You really know how to use your cock.”

“Your mother doesn’t think so. I use every trick I know of to make her respond and still she just lies there, eyes wide open as she stares at the ceiling.”

He rolled off me and I sucked his cock clean of my juices as it shrunk in size. Daddy was soon asleep and I was dressed in my uniform, waiting for a cab to take me home where Jeff would be sleeping.


Work was a bore until I walked into the private room of a pretty woman a few years older than myself. I walked in quietly, thinking she might be asleep, and caught her fingering her snatch. When she noticed me, she turned scarlet red and pulled the blankets over her naked body.

“Hey,” I said, smiling. “You don’t need to be afraid of me. I know what it’s like to need your clit played with and not have anyone around to do it.”

“But… oh, God, I’m so embarrassed,” she said, puffing the blankets tighter around her chin. I picked up her health charts and found her name — Mary. Pretty name for a pretty woman. Beneath the covers I could tell that she had small, firm tits. She had a wide, generous mouth and big, clear blue eyes.

“Come on, let me watch you do it, Mary. I promise I won’t touch you. I’ve never touched a woman before, but I want to watch you get off.” I pulled the covers down, revealing her slender body. The curly bush between her legs was matted with cuntjuice and the lips were open slightly, showing a slit of pink flesh.

“Will you finger me? It seems wrong that I have to do it myself. Hell, I’ve never had any problem getting men! Being in this fucking hospital is driving me right up the wall,” she said, spreading her pussylips with the fingers of one hand as she rubbed her clit with the other.

The idea of making it with another woman excited me. In the past I never really had any desire to be with a woman, but now I found myself wondering what her snatch tasted like. As I watched her finger moving up and down along her juicy crease, I noticed that my snatch was getting hot and moist.

“Can I… lick your cunt?” I whispered, my eyes locked on her pink slit. “Please, I’ve never sucked a pussy before and I want to try it.”

“Yes! Do it now! Lick my cunt!” Mary said, spreading her legs wide for me to get between. Her hands moved up to caress her tits as I sat down on the edge of the bed with my legs hanging down.

“It looks delicious,” I murmured, spreading her lips to see her red clit. Slowly I bent down, lips slightly parted, until I could smell her pussy. It was new and exciting as I gently touched her cunt with my tongue. After the first taste of her juices, I went crazy. I attacked her cunt with my tongue, digging it as deep as possible between the fat pussylips. I sucked, the clit into my mouth and chewed on it lightly with my lips as I worked my middle finger into her snatch. Mary’s oil poured out of her cunt, making my cheeks wet as I chomped lightly on her clit. My finger worked easily, smoothly in and out of her twat as Mary rolled her nipples between her fingers.

“Awwwwww!” she moaned, tugging her tits.

“Cum in my mouth, Mary,” I said between licks. “I want to drink all of your juices.” I used my tongue like a shovel, starting at the bottom of Mary’s twat and moving up, keeping my tongue buried between the folds of her pussylips.

“Let me eat your pussy, too,” Mary said, running her fingers over my face lightly.

I pulled my uniform up and almost tore my panties in my haste to get them off. Mary helped me kneel over her head as we got in a sixty-nine position. I slipped my arms under her legs and spread her cuntlips from behind. Mary’s lips moved like soft feathers on my twat, gently kissing the hot flesh before jabbing at the crease with her tongue. I moaned as my tongue stabbed between her puffy, tasty cuntlips.

“Lick me,” she whispered, closing her thighs around my head, trapping my mouth against her snatch. She squirmed on the bed, opening and closing her legs and knocking my white nurse’s cap off.

When the door opened I was terribly frightened at first, then terribly happy. Bruce had come in to make his rounds and now he just stood there frozen in his tracks, mouth open, staring at us in amazement.

“Well don’t just stand there, Bruce. Come on in and join us,” I said, pushing Mary’s thighs apart as she wiggled around trying to see who had come in. “Relax,” I said to her. “He’s not going to tell anyone about this.”

“I’ve never made it with two women at once before,” he said, walking forward and unbuttoning his smock. He already had a growing bulge under his pants.

“Come on, Mary, let’s give him some head together. I’ve never had to share a cock before.”

I spun around on the bed and kissed Mary on the mouth, lying down on her so that my body covered hers. She squeezed my naked ass while I sucked on her hot tongue, then we turned our faces toward Bruce. His pants were pulled down to his knees and a semi-erect prick was pointing at us. Bruce stuck it in my mouth first, jamming his big rod between my hot lips. He pumped his tool to and fro several times while I tongued the hard flesh feverishly, then he aimed it at Mary’s open mouth and I watched as she put her lips and tongue to work. Mary’s face was the picture of happiness as she licked the slick, hot flesh. She sighed, gnawing on the cock like it was an expensive steak.

“I’ll eat your cunt while you suck him,” I said, kissing Mary’s cheek as it puffed out from the hard cock. Moving down her body, I bit her hard little nipples until she squirmed. Looking up, I watched Mary’s lips push in and puff out as Bruce fucked her face in short, urgent strokes.

I pulled my uniform up, bunching it at my stomach, as I reached Mary’s twat. I slid my tongue over her clit as I fingered my own hot snatch. The low moaning of the three of us filled the room. I devoured Mary’s snatch, spurred on by the promise of tasting a full load of cuntjuice for the first time. Eating her cunt gave me a strange sense of versatility and power that I had never experienced before. From this point on I knew that if Jeff didn’t give me the fucking I needed, I could either find a man or a woman to service my needs. My choice of lovers had doubled, all because a young hospitalized woman was fingering herself when I walked in.

“Let me watch you two eat each other out,” Bruce said, uncorking his fat prick from Mary’s mouth.

I twisted around again, kneeling over Mary’s hungry mouth before lowering my hot snatch to her waiting tongue. As we eagerly tongued our twats, Bruce kept whispering about how erotic it looked and how horny it was making him. He finally got on the bed near my head after taking his pants off. I tilted my head up toward him and he slammed his cock down my throat until his balls warmed my chin and my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I chewed on the hot flesh as he slowly withdrew it, sliding his prick over my tongue. He jabbed it partially in my mouth a few more times, then let me return to licking Mary’s snatch.

“God, Amber… I’ve got to blow my wad before I go nuts,” Bruce said, squeezing Mary’s thigh as he watched me eat cunt.

“Give it to me,” I said, picking my head up and opening my mouth wide for his huge cockhead. Bruce plugged his cock back in my mouth as a small amount of pre-cum oozed out of the tip. I lashed my tongue over the big crown, urging his balls to give me their spunk.

“Hey, I want his cum, too!” Mary complained. “I’ve got an idea,” Bruce said, motioning for me to spin around and lie down on Mary again. My hands immediately went to her rose-colored nipples as we started kissing.

“This is going to work out just fine,” Bruce said, getting off the bed and moving near our heads as he had before.

I ground my cunt down against Mary as Bruce thrust his cock between our kissing lips. Mary used her tongue and lips on the underside as I chomped on the topside of Bruce’s throbbing tool. I squeezed Mary’s tits, moaning and writhing on top of her naked body as the pulsating cock slipped back and forth under my lips. It was like we were kissing, except there was a rock-hard cock between our faces.

“Awwwww! Tongue me, you cunts! I’m going to blow it! I’m going to cum.”

Bruce’s hips slammed against the side of the bed, causing it to squeak crazily. His beating cock rocketed between our lips, the red crown burgeoning greatly. Knowing that he couldn’t last more than a few seconds, I grabbed his prick and whacked at the base while sucking hard on the head.

“You bitches!” Bruce hissed through clenched teeth, trying to hold off his climax for just a little bit longer. His balls jumped in their sac as the first eruption of cum splattered against my tongue. I pushed the pungent cum out of my mouth with my tongue as a second blast spurted into my throat.

Below me, Mary was thrashing and moaning, begging for the cum. As the white cream dripped off my chin, Mary caught it on her tongue and swallowed it down, waiting anxiously for more. With each liquid explosion I swirled the cum in my mouth before forcing it out between my lips and Bruce’s cock. When his balls had released their full load, I withdrew the cock from my mouth and then kissed Mary on the lips with a mouthful of tart spunk. We spit the cream back and forth into each other’s mouth until we had swallowed all of it. Then I licked off the few drops that had missed Mary’s mouth and landed on her cheek.

“I’ve never seen anything quite so erotic in my life,” Bruce said, pulling his pants up. “I’ve never seen two women who love to suck cocks or drink cum quite like the two of you.”

“Amber, I needed that,” Mary said, hugging me close. “I think that’s the medicine I really needed.”

“I needed it, too,” I said, rolling off her. I picked up my panties and stepped into them. My hat was crumpled on the floor and my hair, which had been in a bun, was messy as hell. One look at me and everyone would know right away I had been up to.

“I’ve got to finish my rounds,” Bruce said. “Take your time in getting ready, Amber. I’ll make sure no one comes inhere.”

After Bruce left I resumed sucking Mary’s pussy until she climaxed, oozing her rich oil on my tongue. In minutes she was asleep, murmuring about finally being able to relax.

Every Friday night Jeff takes me out for dinner at a small, romantic Italian restaurant that’s just a few blocks from our apartment. Though he said he was tired, I insisted that he take me out. He hadn’t seen me in my new attire of hose and garter belt and I hoped he would find the combination sexy enough to want to fuck. During dinner we talked about the hospital and he told me for the hundredth time his dreams and goals of becoming the most influential surgeon of his time. I listened without saying much, plotting in quiet confidence of how I would take my clothes off in front of him, then fuck him senseless.

On the walk home Jeff surprisingly put his arm around my shoulders and I twisted whenever possible so that my tits would rub against his side. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to notice it very much because he didn’t give me any feedback.

Once in the apartment Jeff said he would watch some television before hitting the sack. I said I was going to change into something a little more comfortable and practically ran into the bedroom and pulled off my dress and bra. Wearing just platform shoes, garter belt and dark hose I returned to the living room to find Jeff sleeping.

“You son of a bitch,” I cursed under my breath, feeling pretty fucking stupid about being virtually naked while my husband slept on the couch. I grabbed my knee-length tan trench coat, stuffed a twenty-dollar bill, pack of cigarettes and a tube of lip gloss in the pockets, then raced out of the apartment, slamming the door behind me.

My big tits bounced freely, unconfined without a bra, as I buttoned my coat and tied the belt around my waist. I felt like a walking sexual dynamo. For all anyone could tell, I was fully dressed beneath the coat. However, all I would have to do would be open it up and anyone could see my tits and cunt. I may not be able to keep my husband awake, but something told me that I’d be able to keep the attention of some man… any man.

As I walked quickly down the street, I decided that I wouldn’t be too discriminating as to who my first lover would be. Any man with a cock between his legs would suit my immediate needs. After that, I might settle down and find a nice, gentle lover.

A blinking light caught my attention and then I knew exactly where I would find a cock. A small adult bookstore, advertising short moves for a quarter, would certainly have plenty of horny men to suit my needs.

I stepped inside and got a bunch of quarters, pleased to see that the guy behind the counter tried to look down the front of my coat.

“Hey, lady,” the guy said, grinning as he stared at my cleavage. “What’s a foxy mania like you doing in a place like this?”

“Don’t you mean — what’s a nice girl like me doing in a place like this? Anyway, to answer your question, I’m here because I like watching people get it on.” I took the quarters and dropped them in my pocket. “Maybe I’ll talk to you a little later.”

“DO these movies make you horny?” the guy asked.

“You’ll find out a little later,” I said, flashing him a smile.

The booths were in a back room. Dozens of small booths with just pull curtains to keep the other patrons from watching the movie you paid to watch. There were about four or five guys milling around, plus, from what I could tell, about three more guys watching movies. When the first guy saw me he was so surprised that the cigar fell from his mouth.

“Hi, guys,” I said, walking up to the guy as I lit a cigarette. “Any of these movies any good?”

He just stared at me dumbfounded. I guess they weren’t used to seeing young women in porn theatres. Since the guy didn’t seem very forward, I walked away, deciding which booth I would try first. I unbuttoned the top three buttons on my coat, making it possible to see all the way down to my navel. The insides of my big tits were visible, but I wondered if anyone could see them in the dim light.

A man watching a movie heard me talking and opened the curtain of his booth. I guessed his age at somewhere around thirty-five or forty. Even in the dim light I could see that he was jacking himself off. Stepping up, I saw that he had a short, extremely thick cock. I couldn’t even guess at the radius of his prick, but I knew that I’d never be able to touch my thumb with my fingers if I held it in my hand.

On the screen a beautiful girl was giving head to some guy with a cock that looked to be about a foot long. She was whacking on the long, fat stem while her lips slid over the mushroomed cockhead. The look of sheer pleasure on her face started a familiar glow in my cunt.

As I watched the screen, the guy sitting in the booth slipped his hand inside my coat and began tweaking my nipple. I never even looked at him as he untied the belt and opened my coat up. His hand groped between my legs, the palm getting wet from my juices.

I put my hands on either side of the booth and moved my feet back and apart, sort of in a position the police put a person in before frisking them. In doing this, my boobs jounced and hung down a little more.

“That’s right, buddy,” I said as his rough palm pressed against my hot clit. “Do whatever you want. I don’t mind. I won’t stop you.”

The guy slipped a finger up my blonde pussy as he fisted his red-hot cock. On the screen the actress was splayed out on her back, legs spread wide as she begged for the actor to fuck her. Yeah, she needed a good fucking as much as I did.

Behind me some other men had gathered around. I moved my hips a little to get the maximum amount of friction from the invading finger on my clit and they could see that. Someone lifted my coat up and I heard them gasp as they saw my naked ass.

“Son of a bitch!” I heard one guy exclaim. “She ain’t got nothin’ under the coat!”

Immediately I had hands all over my body, feeling my legs and tits. They moved my coat higher up my body and to one side, giving them an unobstructed view of my ass.

On the screen was a close-up of the actor’s huge prick being rammed into the girl’s snatch. As I watched the fucking on the screen, the guy finger fucking me climaxed, his cum shooting in the air and landing on his lap. Almost sadly he withdrew his finger from my cunt and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and started cleaning up the mess.

His finger had hardly left my cunt before I felt someone’s hot, hard cock slip between my legs. My unseen lover lunged at me but missed and his cock just rubbed against the outside of my gash. He tried again and again before finally hitting the mark and slamming his prick to the hilt up my moist crease.

“Mmmmmmmm! So good! Fuck me hard and fast,” I whispered, not taking my eyes off the screen.

The guy pounded his tool into me quickly, with the urgency only someone who hasn’t been laid in a long time would have. My tits rose and fell, wiggling erotically with each smacking of hip against butt.

Another guy slipped under my arm and started sucking on my nipple. The hard, dark nub had already been aroused by mauling hands. When I felt the warm wetness of lips and tongue against my nipple, I almost fell over. My knees went weak and I teetered on my four-inch platform heels.

“Here we go, love,” the guy fucking me hissed. He moved his hands from my hips and wrapped his arms around my stomach, holding my ass tightly against his plundering prick. A moment later his cum splashed up my hot cunt and squishy sounds filled the air as his cock hammered borne.

Hardly had the first fucker pulled his cock from my snatch when a second hard prick was slapped in me. The second fucker climaxed quickly, even before I could get the rhythm of his thrusts.

The screen went blank and there was a blind scramble among the men to find a quarter. As someone shoved a quarter in the slot, the screen blazed to life with the beautiful young woman once again writhing under the onslaught of the foot-long prick. Someone shoved his cock in my cunt.

I wiggled my ass, pushing back against the plundering prick that worked smoothly into my well-oiled cunt. My clit began to burn, oozing out oil to mingle with the cum.

“Give it to me,” I hissed, shaking my ass more fiercely. “Fuck me hard and make me cum!”

Hands were all over my body, tugging at my nipples, feeling my hair, squeezing my flexed thighs. The anonymity of this fucking excited me. It was like getting it on with a dream. There were no faces, bodies — not even cocks. I never saw anything. I just felt the pawing hands and the plundering cocks and knew that they would send me skyward until my fiery clit exploded. I was the woman on the screen, begging for the foot-long cock. I was a she-wolf, looking for fresh meat.

“What a body,” the guy ramming his prick in me whispered as his tool worked easily in my twat. “I could fuck this cunt all day.”

“Then do it! Fuck me, bastard!” I shot back, taunting him into fucking harder.

My whole body rippled with each powerful insertion of cock into tender, inflamed snatch. My tits jerked crazily, moving in all directions with the brown nipples hard as little rocks.

“Fucking hot damn!” the guy screamed, hot jism pouring out the end of his prick and into my cunt. I wiggled my hips against his, working the muscles in my snatch harder to milk all the juice from his balls.

“One more,” I said over my shoulder. “I just need one more of you to fuck me and I’ll cum!”

Instantly the others pulled the guy away and a new, hard cock was whacked into my soaked cunt.

Rich, thick spunk trickled slowly down the insides of my thighs. My knees trembled as I clutched at the booth to keep myself standing. I stared at the screen, living the dream that I was being fucked by a huge cock. I saw myself fucking the actor, with the cameras rolling and the director giving me directions. I was the actress, humping my ass up to receive the cock.

When my lover climaxed, showering my cunt with his jism, I groaned loudly. At that instant the actor pulled his cock from the actress’ cunt and moved up her body, sticking the head of his cock in her mouth while stroking the long stalk. My climax burst as I watched the actress take the cum on her smooth, lovely face.

“I’m cummiiiinnngggg!” I wailed, twisting my ass in all sorts of directions to increase my pleasure. Hands tugged at my tits and my lover grabbed my hips painfully hard to jam them back against his tool.

The actor’s cum poured slowly but steadily out of his mushroomed tip as he directed the cream across the girl’s lips, tongue and cheeks. She cuddled his balls in her hand, urging them to continue giving her the hot juice.

Another man got in position behind me as the screen went blank. Having released my cunt juice, I didn’t want any more fucking at the moment.

“Sorry,” I said, “but I just can’t take any more right now. Don’t worry, I’ll come back here again some day. Maybe I’ll fuck the rest of you then.” I turned around and gave the men their first good look at my body. “Do any of you have a handkerchief so I can clean myself up a little?”

Several white handkerchiefs were handed to me and I let the men watch as I dabbed at my thighs, wiping away the excess cum that escaped my clamping pussylips. When I was finished I buttoned my coat, tied the belt, and left them all open mouthed and wondering what the fuck actually happened.


I walked around for a while, smoking cigarettes and smiling at the young couples I passed. Did they know that I was naked under my coat? Of course not, but I felt sinfully daring and erotic just the same. Perhaps my deception is what made it so exciting — only I knew the truth.

Eventually I found a quiet bar, filled almost entirely with men. I went in and sat on a bar stool. Even before I could order a drink for myself a handsome young man with a neatly trimmed moustache and a gold chain around his wrist sat down next to me.

“Hello,” he said, turning to me. “I haven’t seen you here before. I’m…”

“No! Don’t tell me your name,” I said, touching the side of his face with my fingertips. “Let’s not have any names tonight, shall we?”

“Sure,” he replied, a baffled look on his face. “Whatever you want.”

“Right now all I want is a drink.” I turned to him, allowing my coat to part slightly, showing off my thigh. “We’ll see how things progress from there.”

Drinks were ordered and I gulped mine down quickly. A second and then a third round were ordered before a second man came by, saying he was a friend of my companion. He sat down on the other side of me.

“Why don’t you take your coat off?” he asked. “Because I’m not wearing anything but a garter belt and nylons underneath it, that’s why,” I replied frankly, looking him right in the eyes. My boldness shocked him and he took a big swallow of his drink.

“Come on, you’re kidding me, aren’t you?”

“Why don’t you find out?” I said with a challenge in my voice.

Moustache-man looked quickly around the bar to make sure nobody was looking, then he reached into the top of my coat and cupped my tit in his hand. The other guy pushed my coat up and brushed his fingers over my cum-slick cunthair.

“Son of a bitch!” moustache-man exclaimed to his friend. “She ain’t wearing a fucking thing!”

The bartender moved over to us quickly, his face set in a scowl. “Listen, lady, if you want to let these guys feel you up, that’s fine with me. You gotta do it somewhere else though, lady. I can’t let that sort of thing happen right at the bar.”

“Apparently we’re no longer welcome here, gentlemen. Shall we take a walk?”

Moustache-man put his arm around my shoulders and the other held me by the waist… I put my arms around their waists and let them head me for the back door.

“A sneaking hunch tells me that there is nothing more than a dark alley back there,” I said. “A place where, no, doubt, the two of you will expect me to do terrible things.”

“Not terrible things, baby,” moustache-man said, “soft, beautiful things.”

“I like the way you think!” I replied, laughing as the men in the bar gawked at the three of us leaving arm in arm.

There was, as I had suspected, an alley. Unfortunately, it was too well-lit for my needs so we walked a little further until we found a space between two buildings that had been boarded off near the main road, leaving a darkened cul-de-sac just perfect for cock-hungry bitches such as myself. Discarded wine bottles were littered everywhere, many of them broken and crunching under our shoes.

The men started to clutch as me and I pushed them away firmly. Moustache-man started mumbling something about me being a cock-teaser and I frowned at him as a teacher would frown at a student complaining about homework.

“Just give me a little time and I’ll show you how to really enjoy yourself,” I said, taking my coat off. “The ground is filthy. One of you put your coat down for me to kneel on. And find some place to put my coat where it won’t get dirty.”

I peeled out of my coat and the men gasped, taking in my naked body. By the bulges in their crotches, they were more than ready to shove their cocks down my throat.

Moustache-man put his coat on the ground and the other guy looped my trench coat over a low hanging electrical wire that ran from one building to the next. I bent forward at the waist and grabbed my ankles, showing the men how much larger my tits got when they were allowed to hang freely, then shook my shoulders. My tits danced wildly, tumbling against each other. They were big, yet surprisingly firm and I proudly showed them off.

After displaying my jugs, I repleased my ankles and stood up slowly, caressing my legs all the way.

Hands to my crotch, I slipped a finger in my snatch and tweaked a nipple as I licked my lips invitingly for my men.

“Just stand there,” I commanded, sinking to my knees on the coat. “Take your cocks out and let me watch you play with yourselves. Let’s wait until you can’t do anything but ram your cocks in my mouth.”

I fingered my clit and rolled my nipples as the men jerked out their hard cocks and fisted them. Taking the finger out from my cunt, I put it to my lips and sucked on it, like it was a tiny cock. Doing that was just too erotic for moustache-man and his friend. They stepped forward and both tried to wedge their cocks in my mouth at the same time.

“Don’t be in such a hurry,” I purred, taking a cock in each hand. “I’ll get you both off. All in good time… all in good time.”

I fisted the hard shafts, waiting for small drops of juice to form at the tip. When both cocks were suitably heated, I licked the cum off moustache-man’s big cockhead. He sighed lustfully as I pursed my lips and pushed my face over his prick, caressing it in a warm, tight embrace with my lips. My tongue darted along the underside, working in continual jabs.

As I sucked moustache-man, sliding my lips along his hard cock, I ran my fingers lightly over the other prick.

“Ohhhhhh! Suck it, baby! Use your tongue on my cock! That’s right. Ohhhhhh! Suck me, bitch!”

Holding moustache-man’s rod by the base, I tossed my head over the remaining three inches of hot prick. His big cockhead popped back and forth between my lips, throbbing powerfully. I squeezed his cock where it sprouted from his body, relaxing and tensing my fingers around the thick shaft.

When the cock was slick with my spit, I turned my attention to the other man’s cock, kissing it lightly all over the crown and shank. My fingers moved easily over moustache-man’s cock, now that it was lubricated. I whacked at his prick while gulping solid flesh down my throat.

“I can’t take this,” the friend gasped when I deep-throated him. “You cunt!”

I jerked my head frantically at his waist, mashing my bobbing tits against his legs. Then, when I knew he was going to give me his cum, I took him deep down my throat again and chewed on the base of his cock with my lips. Spurting jets of jism shot straight down my throat, warming my insides as I nuzzled my nose in his curly hair.

“Motherfuck that was good,” he said meekly, cupping my head in his hand. “Just suck me a little bit longer, though. Let me watch you while you suck.”

I tilted my head a little to one side and pulled my lips back and forth over his cock in slow, swan-like movements, giving him a good show. I chewed on the stalk with my lips, kneading the fleshy pole lightly.

“That’s beautiful,” he whispered. “That’s just beautiful.”

I gave his cockhead a few smacking kisses, then turned my attention back to moustache-man. His rod was trembling, throbbing powerfully. My fingers had driven him almost to the brink of climax and the hot embrace of my mouth would push him over the edge, that much I was sure about.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” I said, rubbing the rounded head over my lips as I looked up at him.

“You fuckin’ right. Suck me, bitch! I’ll give you a load of cum you ain’t never had!”

“Conceited bastard, aren’t you?” I replied, slipping the tip between my lips. As I worked on his wand, I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down around his knees. His big balls, full of the jism I wanted, were tight in his sac. Taking a tit in each hand, I lifted them and pushed them together, squeezing his balls between the fleshy pillows.

“Ohhhhhh! You bitch, that feels so good,” moustache-man whispered, moving his hips back and forth slowly to fuck my face.

I let his prick slip from my lips and he immediately lowered his cum and rammed the red-hot prick through the valley of my tits. As the tip pushed up I licked at it, scraping off the drop of white spunk that formed at the tip.

“Mmmmmmm!” I murmured. “That tastes so good. Fuck my tits, then give me your spunk! I want it in my mouth, you big, horny bastard! I want your cum in my mouth! So hot and creamy!” I released my tits, knowing that moustache-man was going to cum soon and wanting his jism in my mouth and not on my tits. He picked up the tempo, slapping his sizzling cock between my lips in frantic strokes.

“Take it! Take my cum, you cocksucker!”

I grabbed his tool by the base, preventing him from stabbing it down my throat, and squeezed his balls as I tongued the burgeoning crown. The big head jerked and throbbed as he twisted his hips from the agony and ecstasy of my blow-job. Each time he pushed into me, my lips pulled tight over the knob, then mashed against my fist. His balls jumped in my hand, then spurting rivulets of tart slime splattered against my tongue.

“Suuuuuck!” moustache-man hissed, hunched over my head as he rammed his tool between my lips. “Eat me, baby!”

“Nnnuuummmmmm!” I choked, taking all his cum in my mouth. I urged his balls to give me everything he had, lifting them in my palm and squeezing lightly as my lips formed a tight seal around the pistoning cockflesh.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Awwwwww!” moustache-man grunted as his cum splashed into my mouth, then ceased as his passion subsided. Finally, just when I thought I couldn’t hold any more cum in my mouth, his balls finished their deluge.

I swirled my tongue around the crown, sucking hard on the tip until I was sure every drop of cum from his balls was in my mouth, then I swallowed it all down with one massive gulp. The jism left a strong aftertaste in my mouth that I liked very much.

Moustache-man was just pulling up his pants when his friend returned with every man in the bar. I guessed there were fifteen men, all eyeing my naked body, moving in close to get a good look.

“You going to suck us, too?” one man asked. Another replied. “Of course she is! She loves sucking cock!”

I rolled my nipples between my fingers, smiling at the men seductively. “Yeah, I’ll suck you. Just get in line. A neat, orderly cock line.”

The men battled for position fort while, all pulling their hard cocks out of their pants. Many of them were jacking on their pricks, getting them hot and hard.

“I’ll take you on three at a time. One cock in my mouth, the other two in my hands. When those of you who are getting whacked off feel you’re ready to cum, let me know and I’ll suck you the rest of the way off.”

Three men moved in position in front of me. I took one huge cock in my lips and the other two guided my groping hands to their throbbing pricks. My hair swirled as I threw my head over the big cock, taking it to the back of my mouth, then pulling back to caress just the very tip. I jerked on the other two cocks hard, intent on getting them off as quickly as possible.

The three men moaned and groaned, thoroughly enjoying the working out I gave their hard pricks. It didn’t take long for the orderly line to disband and soon the remaining twelve guys were all crowded around me, trying to watch as I sucked cock.

The cock in my right hand throbbed mightily and I turned my attention to it, sucking on the drooling crown while jacking on the shank. In just seconds my mouth was flooded with white, slimy spunk. As soon as the balls had given me all they had to give, I released it from my mouth and went back to sucking the guy directly in front of me.

A fresh, rigid cock suddenly appeared in my hand, taking the place of the one guy who had already cum, and I was in heaven. Cocks! Cocks everywhere! Hands were all over my body, tweaking my nipples, feeling my ass, slipping between my puffy cuntlips to fondle and tantalize my clit.

The big cock in my mouth exploded, giving me another mouthful of spunk. I hardly had time to swallow it down before a third guy grabbed my hair and pulled my face to his hot cock. He blew his load with gusto, shouting about how good it felt to have hot lips sliding over his prick. I gulped down his load, then released the cocks in my hands.

“Wait a minute, guys,” I said, exhausted. “My lips are getting sore. I’ve swallowed five loads of cumin the last ten minutes.” The men started complaining and I knew I had better think of something pretty quick or they could get in a real ugly mood. “My lips just can’t take much more! They’re getting swollen.”

“Fuck it! Let’s fuck the cunt!” someone shouted.

I had already been fucked countless times by the guys in the porn theatre and I didn’t want any more cocks rammed up my tiny — and tender — slit.

“Jack yourselves off on me,” I suggested. “Just get yourself most of the way there and I’ll finish you off. I promise! Every one of you can cum in my mouth. I just can’t swallow any more, that’s all.”

“That’s fine by me, cocksucker,” a guy said, cupping his hand at the back of my head and pulling me — open-mouthed — over his prick.

The hard cocks were everything I needed. My tender, swollen lips rode over the hard, slick flesh. I caressed prick after prick with my lips and tongue. I jacked on even more cocks with my hands, urging them to release a load of cum. Hands pulled at my nipples and slapped my tight little ass as the men cursed and praised me.

Even though I simply couldn’t swallow any more of the passionate jism, that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy the feeling of having a prick erupt like a volcano in my mouth. Each time someone released a load of spunk in my mouth, I pushed the hot cream out the corner of my lips, allowing it to trickle down my chin and drip onto my tits. Load after load of jism was deposited in my mouth, only to end up warming my tits.

Someone used my hair to wrap around his cock as he jerked off. When be let my hair fall against my back, I could feel the sticky cum matting the strands together.

With all the men jerking on their pricks at the same time, it took less than a half hour before the last man blew his load. When it was all over, they left me there, kneeling in the darkened alley. Blobs of cum covered the front of my naked body. Long white lines went from both corners of my mouth, down my chin and neck before trailing down to the sweeping fullness of my jugs. There was so much jism on me that rivers, starting from either side of my body, joined together between my tits and ran down to my already cum-soaked cunthairs.

I wanted the cum on my body. Jeff — dear husband Jeff — had never done anything so daring as jerked off on me. Every time we fucked was just the same as the time before. Grab my tits a little, stick his prick in and blow his nuts as quickly as possible. After that he just rolled over and went to sleep, or got out of bed and studied some new theory of medicine that might help his rise in the chain of command in the hospital.

I used the back of my hand to smear away the cum on my chin and neck, then took my coat off the electrical wire. Whoever had allowed me to kneel on his coat either forgot to take his coat with him, or decided that it would be too soaked with cum to bother with ever again. As I stuck my arms in the trench coat and pulled it around me, the fabric stuck to my body, glued to me from the juices sticking to my tits.

When I finally made it home, Jeff was still asleep in the chair with the television on. I took a shower to get the spunk off me, then climbed into a pair of panties and a T-shirt and went to sleep feeling satisfied. Briefly I tried to figure out how many cocks had erupted in my mouth or cunt. Getting the exact number was an impossibility and I slept with a smile pursing my lips.

Saturday morning and afternoon were a bore. I watched television while Jeff caught up on some reading. It seemed like he was always patching up on reading while never catching up on me. Still, there was a quiet peacefulness that I felt whenever Jeff was around, so I didn’t feel too bad or, even worse, too alone.

Finally, at about six o’clock, I told him I needed to do some shopping and I left the apartment, dressed in a pair of tight, faded jeans and a western-style cotton shirt. It was a small miracle that I made it out of the apartment without him noticing that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

In the elevator I unbuttoned my shirt and rolled it up to my tits, then tied it ma knot right below the swell of my tits. This exposed my flat stomach and gave anyone who cared to look a view of my mounding, milky cleavage.

I took a cab clean across town to the state university, where my brother is a philosophy student. When the driver asked for the fare, I pulled out his cock and gave him a quick blow-job, swallowing all of his cum. More than happy with the exchange, he said to call him whenever I needed a ride.

Tim, my brother, lives in a fraternity house with ten or twelve other guys. Though he is a very serious student, much like myself when I was in nursing school, I knew that Saturday nights meant a night on the town chasing girls.

When I knocked on the door, a boy approximately my age, wearing grubby clothes and holding an open beer bottle, opened the door. His eyes moved over my body, not missing anything. I was a little annoyed that he made no attempt to hide his lust, then I realized that it was really a compliment to my good looks.

“Tim’s up in his room studying,” the boy said. “You want me to go get him or are you the kind that will go down… I mean up?”

“I’m his sister,” I said, walking past him. “And I know everything your dirty little mind is thinking. Furthermore, to answer your question, I am the kind of girl that will go down, but not with a grubby creep like you.”

I went up the stairs past the piles of dirty clothes, scattered text books and discarded beer cans. These boys certainly could use a cleaning lady. The first door I came to I knocked on and same one inside shouted for me to came m. Inside a muscular young man, clean-cut and squeaky clean from the shower he had just taken, was drying his hair. His cock, limp and jiggling beautifully as he dried his hair, looked very tempting.

“Hey, where’s Tim’s room?” I asked, hands on my hips.

The boy immediately pulled the towel around his waist and gawked at me, open mouthed. “Who are you?”

“You don’t need to worry about covering up. I’m a nurse. Also, I’m Tim’s sister. Now where is his room?”

“Last door on the right,” the boy answered, still in shock.

As I headed for Tim’s room, I made a mental note to fuck the clean-cut boy. He would, I had no doubt, really know how to use his cock.

I walked into Tim’s room without knocking. He was lying on his back in bed, already dressed for the evening, with a book open on his chest.

“Amber!” he said, giving me his beautiful smile. “What the hell are you doing here?” He started to get up, but I sat on the bed next to him and pushed him back down.

“Tim, you’re my brother and you’re my friend. That being the case, I’ve came to do both of us a great service.” I picked the book off his chest and closed it, setting it on the floor. “You’re going to the bars tonight, aren’t you?”


“And you’re going to try and convince some young girl with a pretty face and a nice set of tits to come to this room with you so you can fuck her, right?”

“Well… yes, I suppose so.”

“How long has it been since you’ve rammed your cock in some girl’s pussy?”

Tim turned red with embarrassment before answering. “Two weeks. Two weeks ago I hit the bars. Last weekend I had mid-terms.”

“That means that you’re pretty fucking horny right now,” I said, still in my matter-of-fact tone. “You’ll probably be a bit too energetic for the young lady to cope with, and if you do get her back here you’ll probably cum too quickly. That’s not going to make her too happy. I know. I’m speaking from experience.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that…” I paused and stood up. Untying the knot in my shift, I let my big tits fall out. Shaking my shoulders caused them to wiggle erotically, the brown nipples hard and pointed, wanting to be touched.

“Tim, I’m saying that I’ll take the edge off your frustrations if you take the edge off mine. Tonight Jeff is going to fuck me, just like he does every Saturday night, and I’m going to be left high and dry without cumming. I never cum with him.”

Tim raised his arms to me and I melted in them, mashing my tits against his broad chest. We clutched each other, my tongue darting in his mouth as he pulled my shirt down my shoulders before throwing it across the room.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for along, long time,” Tim murmured in my ear. “Ever since I walked into the bathroom and saw you naked.”

“I’ve got to have your cock I I’ve got to have my brother’s cock!”

I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees. Tim helped me get his shorts down, then I grabbed his growing cock and took it between my lips. As I sucked on it, running my tongue over the fat, red cockhead, it grew to full-size.

“Okay, brother, now you’re going to fuck me,” I hissed like a wildcat in heat. I pulled down my jeans and panties in one motion and stepped out of them. Straddling Tim’s erect prick, I guided it to my feverish snatch. Letting myself sink on Tim’s cock, I wondered why in the hell I hadn’t been fucking him for years.

I bounced up-and-down on Tim’s rigid cock, taking it up my snatch until our hips ground together. He blew his nuts quickly, just as I suspected he would, filling my belly with his pungent juices.

Tim grabbed my bouncing tits as he shot cum into my fuck hole, arching his back to maintain maximum insertion of cock in cunt. Neither of us said a word, afraid that his fraternity brothers would hear our frenzied, lustful screams.

And when Tim’s heavy balls stopped erupting, when all his lusty spunk was in my twat, I lay down on him, kissing his neck. I worked my cunt muscles on his shaft, trying to milk him dry.

“Sweet, adorable, precious brother,” I whispered, licking his ear. “We’re going to be fucking each other for the rest of our lives. I love Jeff, but I hate the boring way he fucks.”

“Your pussy is hotter than I ever imagined it would be,” Tim said, stroking my hair with one hand and squeezing my ass with the other as his cock dwindled in size in my twat. “I want to fuck you every night. Sometimes I jerk off looking at the picture you gave me.”

“We’ll take some nudes of me. I’ll suck one of your friends and you can take the pictures, or something.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Tim said softly, moving his cock gingerly through my pussylips. “That way, even when you’re not here I can pretend that it’s you sucking my cock. I can shoot my nuts while looking at your smooth body.”

When I got off Tim, I stood across the room and let him look at my body, as he asked. He just kept shaking his head slowly, stunned that I had so brazenly asked him to fuck me and even more amazed that I would want to fuck him again.

On the way home I thought of Jeff and of our lives together. I couldn’t divorce Jeff. I didn’t even want to. He would fuck me later. I would pretend to cum, just as I do every Saturday night. I would fuck Jeff every Saturday night for the rest of my life, but I would never again go frustrated. Never again would I feel the agonizing pain of needing a cock to suck on or have plowing in my cunt and feel that I had no way out. I would live with Jeff as his wife, but I would also be my own woman. When he wanted to fuck me, I would be there.

When I wanted a hard, lusty prick, I’d go find it wherever I could.