The P.E. Teacher

I was just beginning my senior year with what seemed like the easiest class schedule. My girlfriend had just dumped me for some guy she met that was on Real World MTV.

The first day of school I had a P.E. class to fill in some credits and to my surprise to new volleyball coach was this college graduate, about 24 years old. She was about 5’7”, 115lbs, 36C tits, long legs, and the tightest, roundest and firmest ass at school. I think she was Indian; she was just so damn fine. Everyday she wore her college cheer leading skirt or some spandex butt shorts (you know the kind that stop just where the ass checks meet the thighs) and a white spandex shirt. At the beginning of class she would stand in front of the class, with her back to the class, of which was 15% male and rest female, and conduct stretches. First was on the ground stretches, then on your feet and touch your toes (mind you she would sometimes were a short cheer leading skirt or short spandex shorts.) Then, she would spread her legs and go down between her legs and look at us.

After that we would pair up three girls to one boy and stretch our backs and shoulders. Many of the girls were juniors or seniors and the stretches required them to touch their elbows behind their back which made their chest pop forward, and other things pop forward. The rest of the period we just talked about volleyball and what we should wear. The men were to wear ball shorts and shirts and the girls were to wear spandex shorts, skirts, and white tops. Oh yeah, this class is outside, in the morning around 8 am.

One day, we got to go inside the gym and play, which was when all the fun started to happen. She made all the girls line up in front of the boys backs facing the boys. Then she stepping in front of us, but behind the girls with her back facing us and told the girls to touch their toes and if any of them bent their knees then they would be failed. Now you could see pussy outlines and all of the beautiful ass in the world. I started to get a semi-hard just think about these women, what I could do to them. I am about 6’5”, 185 lbs, muscular, and a big 13 in long 5.5 around cock.

I mean my cock would definitely bounce up and down when I jumped and stuff. Back to the story, the teacher told all the girls to turn around and for the boys to drop their shorts. We all did and stood there naked, semi-hard, and nervous. The teacher walked by us and measured our dicks; mine being the longest and the shortest being 5 inches. She walked back to mine and gave me the best blowjob in the whole world. She somehow deep throated me, how she gagged like no other trying to get it down her throat so when I came it went down.

When I did come, she really started choking on my load, and I tried pulling out of her warm mouth but she held me there. Some of the cum started coming out of her nose, but she swallowed the majority of it. I came out still hard so she called two of the hottest girls in school to come fuck me, while the rest of the men got three girls. Sex filled the gym and people were moaning everywhere. Everyman was satisfied. I was kissing one girl, fucking the teacher, and fingering the third while she was fingering the teacher and the other girl. I was in heaven.

When I came with the teacher again they rotated and switched positions. My cock was starting to get very tired, but I loved it. The girls on me were screaming the loudest when they went down on my big dick, making me love it more. I switched condoms with each new girl. I think I cummed like 7 times and they came like 9 times each. I fucked the teacher 3 times. She was just so fuckin hot. The third time was in her ass, all she could yell was “ ahhhhhhhh, too big, too big,” “give me more, more, harder, uuuggggghhhhh.” She was in heaven. I gave it too her so many times. She even let me cum in her w/o a condom, in her ass of course. Pretty much, every day that we had gym we fucked, I always got the teacher, the other two students would switch. Soon it got around campus how big of a dick I had and I think I ended up fucking 30 girls that year just from that school.

After high school I stopped fucking so much and just fucked the teacher of my P.E. class. Being Indian myself I ended up marrying her, after I graduated, and didn’t have to marry a prude from India. We had the best sex ever and I was just in heaven. Everybody told me she was the hottest chick they had every seen, and she was all mine. She only fucked me at school which made it that much hotter, she has never gotten used to the size of my dick, which makes it all the more fun.

Her pussy is always tight and she is always aching for a dick. Just wait till part two when I meet her blonde, sorority sister from college.