The horny maid

When im home alone and the cleaner comes to visit, she teases me like no other. Im a single guy, and she isnt shy to show me just what she wants

I’m home alone and my house is a mess. I’m free today and feeling lazy, so I quickly google to find a local cheap cleaner to come and do my chores, so I can sit with my feet up and watch netflix, whilst my house is getting cleaned.

She knocks on the door around an hour after I call her, she is middle aged, petite, and wearing a loose white tshirt and tight sweat pants. I am wearing a vest and black shorts. We say hello and I tell her what I want her to do, and she gets on with the job, until a few hours later, she comes back into the room I’m in and begins to tease.

She starts to mop the floor, leaning over in my direction so her loose tshirt exposes her cleavage. She stays in this position for a while and keeps coming back. it becomes evident she is trying to tease me, and and then notice, she isnt wearing a bra. My cock instantly becomes thick and hard as I try to hide it with my hands. Suddenly She gets on her knees to pick something up off the floor. I can see completely down her shirt and her hard tiny nipples are exposed. She looks up at me and gives eye contact, thats when i move my hands to slyly show off the outline of my thick cock. She stares for a while, and stands up, and moves to the kitchen.

Moments later, she returns to the room, with a rag and some cleaning spray. She turns around to wipe the table that the TV sits on, but as she turns, she pushes her tight ass towards me, and in perfect fashion, her ‘whale-tail’ thong peaks out of her sweat pants. I known she wants to me see. As she wipes the surfaces she subtly shakes her ass. I know this is the perfect time. At this moment I begin to take of my shirt. ‘It’s so hot in here, don’t you think?’ I say to her. She agrees, stands up, and turns to me, also taking off her shirt, to reveal her perky breasts, tiny nipples, and toned naked upper body.

With no hesitation, she turns around and bents over the counter top, pulling down her sweat pants and thong. she is completely naked and she spreads her ass cheeks. In this moment I kneel down, and begin painting her clean and hairless ass hole with my tongue. She moans and forces her ass around my pointed tongue to make sure I am penetrating her deeply. After some moments. She pulls me up, pushing me onto the sofa, takes off my pants, and begins deepthroating my rock hard penis until she gags and spits all over me.