Three-way Sister

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society such as ours.

Many an adult has smiled in nostalgic remembrance of the time he snuck out back to enjoy a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag race. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Suzi Stephenson’s story is that of a teenage girl growing up in her own way: breaking the moral code she has been taught. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any and every new wanton experience. Indeed, Suzi makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

THREE-WAY SISTER, she is growing up, going over the threshold into young adulthood. This is the story of one teenager’s coming of age in our society.


Suzi Stephenson gave her reflection one last check. She had to make sure everything was perfect. Each hair must be in place, just the right shade of eye shadow to bring out the smoldering beauty of her cat-like gray eyes, a mere hint of perfume. She pulled the elastic of the peasant blouse further down her shoulders, revealing the already blooming tits that belied a young teenage girl. Everything simply had to be perfect.

Tonight, if she had her way, she was going to suck her first cock.

“I’m going to gobble Chad’s dick into my throat and suck down every drop of his cum,” she whispered aloud, her voice echoing her thoughts.

Just hearing the words made her shiver all over, giving her a feeling of expectation she had never known before. She stood up slowly and ran her fingers down her waist, barely massaging the firm mound of her cunt outlined in her tight jeans.

“Oh, Chad, please let me,” she said softly, her eyes closing, her lips half-parted.

A picture of her brother flashed in her mind. God, was he handsome! No wonder the girls were all over him. Tall, taller even than her father, and that body! Massive, muscular and lush with hair. And he had her own coloring, not like her other brothers, jet-black hair, deeply tanned skin, and bedroom eyes, the color of wet coal.

Thank God her parents had finally left on their twentieth anniversary vacation, and would be gone for three whole weeks. She could do a lot in three weeks, and she planned on starting tonight in a big way. She walked out of her room and into the hall. She took a deep breath and purposefully approached Chad’s bedroom.

She started to knock, but heard him speaking on the telephone. She leaned her ear closer to hear what was being said.

“I’m sorry, Beth,” he was saying, a slight irritation in his deep baritone voice, “but my folks left today and I told you while they were away I couldn’t stay out at night. I’ve got to look after my sister.” There was a slight pause, then he continued, “Well, I know, baby, but… yes, I know… look you’ve got to stop talking like that, you’re making me horny.” He laughed suddenly, then was silent, obviously listening. “Maybe you could come over here, I’d show you a really good time. I’ve got a big hard cock just begging to sink in your little pussy.” More silence, then, “Well, shit, I can’t help it. Look, I said I was sorry, I… shit!”

Suzi heard the receiver slam down as he said the last word, then a rustling as he obviously got off the bed. The door swung open just then and she jumped back.

“What the hell are… hey, don’t you look good,” he said his mood changing in mid sentence. “But I’m sorry you little witch, I promised Mom and Dad I wouldn’t let you stay out past eight, and it’s…” consulting his watch, “way after nine now…”

“I didn’t want to go out,” Suzi said, hoping he didn’t notice the tremor in her voice, “I just came down to see you.”

“See me?” he asked, puzzled. “What for?”

“Just to, uh, talk,” she said, glancing down to the thick outline of his prick as it formed a bulge on the inside of his thigh. It was pretty plain he was still excited from the conversation with his girlfriend. “Do you mind?”

“Hell no,” he said, sweeping his right arm out, “I’m not doing anything tonight anyway.” He cast a dark look toward the phone.

“I’m sorry you missed your date with Beth,” Suzi said walking into his room and sitting on the foot of the bed, “I guess it’s all my fault. You having to stay me and all…”

“Aw, fuck Beth,” Chad said with a smile as he sat down beside her, “I’d rather be with my little sister any day.”

“I know you don’t mean that. Now,” she said softly, measuring each word.

She leaned back, thrusting her full, rounded tits, noticing that when she did it, Chad gave them a quick glance. He averted his eyes suddenly and cracked his knuckles.

“Hey, little sister, I don’t know how to tell you this,” he said, his voice slightly nervous, “but you’d better get back to your own room. You’re getting to be one hell of a good-looking lady, and even if you are my sister, I might…”

As he spoke, Suzi knew it was now or never. She crawled off the bed and knelt before him, spreading his legs with both of her tiny hands. Quickly, she unzipped his jeans and flopped out his huge, rubbery cock before he could react. She gave it one quick glance, taking in the thick, meaty size, the loose foreskin that collared the gigantic head, the dark-purplish vein that ran the length of the long underside, then jammed her face into his crotch. Burying her nose in his musky-smelling cock hairs, she lapped his cockhead onto her tongue and pursed her lips.

“What the fuck!” Chad cried, frozen with shock. Not in his wildest imagination could he even begin to understand what was happening. His sister! Jesus Christ Almighty! Sucking his cock! Finally, he was able to gain some control over his movements and pushed her away. “Are you fucking nuts?”

Suzi wasn’t at all surprised with his reaction. In fact, she had even planned on it, and had made plans of her own. She slipped her peasant blouse down, revealing her two, perfectly-formed breasts, tipped with rose-colored nipples. She stood up and thrust them into his face.

“Oh my God,” Chad said, still unable to believe what was happening. “You… you can’t do this!”

As he said the words, his lips moved over the silky texture of the perfumed mounds, his eyes riveted on the satiny creaminess of her skin. He could even smell the steamy warmth of her pussy. He raised his arms to push her away once more, but found his hands cupping her jutting tits, his palms burning against the delicate nipples. His cock was standing ram-rod straight, pulsating like a puff adder.

“Can I suck your dick, big brother?” she asked quietly, her voice not betraying the fact that she was just as scared, just as nervous and confused as he was. “Please?”

“Yes,” Chad heard himself answer, his lips involuntarily encircling the tip of her tit. The nipple slipped between his teeth, throbbed over the roof of his mouth. “I mean… no!” he said suddenly, pulling his mouth away.

“Try and stop me,” his sister said, slowly dropping to her knees once more. She clutched his cock, pulling it down from his stomach.

“Oh, Suzi, I wish you wouldn’t,” he began, his voice trailing off to a whimper when he felt her hot, sucking mouth inch down his hard shaft. She licked back up, digging her tongue under his foreskin. “Please, Suzi, you can’t… suck me. It isn’t right. I’m… your brother… and don’t… don’t… unhhhhhhhh… suck me. God, suck me.”

She slipped her mouth off his cockhead and lapped down the underside until she reached his balls. She chewed gently over the loose skin, then sucked them into her mouth, washing them one at a time, then together. “Did I hear you right?” she whispered. “I can suck you?”

“Unhhhhh, yes,” Chad answered, defeated. He placed his hands on her narrow shoulders, slipping them down to those taut, delicious tits. “Yes. Oh shit, yes. Suck me!”

With a smile of victory, Suzi began her first blow-job. Not really knowing how to do it, or what to expect, except from what a girlfriend had told her, she pulled the shaft inside her mouth as far as it would go. She felt like gagging and stopped, relaxing her throat muscles. Carefully, she inched in a bit more. She felt the cockhead glide between her tonsils, pulsate over the back of her tongue. Only a couple more inches to go, she thought. Right down to that big, hairy base. She just hoped she could do it.

“My Jesus God,” Chad grunted, clearly amazed, “when the fuck did you learn to suck cock like this?”

In answer, Suzi lunged forward, grinding her lips into his crotch hairs. She stayed there for several seconds before slowly pulling back up.

“This is my first time,” she whispered, his cockhead still between her lips.

“Like shit it is,” Chad winced. “I’ve never had a girl in my life who knew how to suck this good!”

Suzi shivered with the compliment, and became even more determined to give him no reason for regrets. She began bobbing her head up and down, her fingers milking his huge, hairy balls. As she sucked furiously, she could feel his shaft grow even harder, his cockhead begin to balloon. In a few seconds, she knew, he would be shooting his load in her mouth. She wondered what it would taste like, how it would come out. In a stream, like piss? Would it be bitter? Sweet? She felt her pussy ripple with pleasure from the mere thoughts.

“Oh, Goddamn,” Chad winced, lifting his hands to the back of her head. He jammed her face brutally into his crotch, sinking the entire length of his shaft into her mouth. “Suck, you little cocksucker! Suck it good! Oh, shit, I’m gonna… unhhhh… can I cum in your mouth?”

“Mmmmmmm,” Suzi murmured, wanting his jism just as bad as he wanted to give it to her.

She increased her efforts, her head a blur, her long black hair sweeping around her neck and shoulders like some dark flame on a windy night.

“Oh Jesus, thank you!” Chad grunted. “Because… I’m… fuck! I’m… UNHHHHHH!”

When her first taste of jism exploded in the back of her throat, Suzi felt her own climax begin to thunder. Her pussy throbbed and rippled, exuding a trickle of hot juice that glued her panties to her crack. She humped his leg, making her spasming clit almost burst with pleasure. She sucked and gulped furiously, gobbling every thick, greasy drop into her stomach until he was completely drained. And even then, she kept lapping and pulling, enjoying the creamy flavor, the smooth texture of his cock.

Chad fell back on the bed and exhaled loudly, his eyes closed in total satisfaction. For a brief moment be forgot that it was his sister who had just given him the wildest and the best suck-job he’d ever known. All he could think of was that delicious feeling, those hot lips engulfing his sensitive dick. He was brought back to reality when he felt Suzi pull away and sit beside him.

“Would you lick mine now?” she asked, pulling her jeans and panties down.

“Yes,” Chad answered, looking at the dark patch of cunt hair, the oozing streams of pussy juice that glistened in the amber light of the room.

He locked his lips around the dark, steamy hole. “God, yes!” he murmured.

Suzi felt another storm of climax begin to build when his tongue thrust between her tight cunt lips. She leaned over his face and humped quickly, driving his tongue further inside, constricting her pussy tunnel each time it thrust forward.

“Until… Unh! Unh!” she groaned, her climax so close she could taste it. She arched her back, her face contorted in agonized pleasure. Then it hit her like a toll of bricks, a sweeping, throbbing explosion of pure, raw release. It was the best feeling she had ever known. “UNHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed loudly, peaking to a near-painful level of ecstasy.

A few moments later, she pulled away, gasping for air. She had expected it to be good, but nothing like this! She smacked her lips, savoring the lingering flavor of his sperm. The subsiding ripples of pleasure still burned up and down her pussy canal.

“Can we do it together now?” she asked. “Can I suck you while you eat me?”

Chad shucked out of his clothes in record speed. When they lay there naked, he flung himself on her body, digging his face between her legs. As he slipped his tongue once more into that luscious, tasty box, he felt her mouth slide down his cock. He gave a loud grunt of pleasure, his nuts already aching with another thick load of hot jism.

“Baby sister, baby sister,” he groaned. “you’ve got the tightest, sweetest pussy in the whole fucking world!”

Within a few seconds, he felt a spurt of cum blast into the base of his cock. It was useless to even attempt any kind of control at this point. Her steamy cunt, her hungry mouth… it was just too much for any man. He jammed his hips against her face, slapping his balls between her eyes.

“Suck it!” he gasped, feeling his orgasm shower into the back of her throat. At the same time, his tongue was momentarily trapped inside her hot sucking pussy as she climaxed too. “UNHHHHH! SUCK! SUCK!”

For several moments they lay like that, giving and receiving pleasure until they slumped with exhaustion. Chad pulled away finally and looked at his sister.

“Come on, don’t lie to me,” he said. “Who’s cock have you been practicing on?”

“I swear, Chad,” Suzi answered, “this was my first cock.” She kissed the tip of it, tenderly, reverently. “And it’s the most beautiful cock in the world.” She sat up and pulled him over on top of her body. “And now you’re going to fuck me,” she said. “I want you to pap my cherry with this big, hard cock of yours.”

Chad looked startled. After a few quick swallows and some rapid thinking, he shook his head, his brows furrowed.

“No,” he said evenly, slowly. “Letting my sister suck my dick is one thing, but I draw the line here. I’m not going to fuck you. I’m not going to deflower you. That’s that.” He looked up as Suzi got off the bed, her jeans and blouse in her hands. “Hey, where are YOU going?” he asked.

“I’m going to get my cherry popped tonight,” she said simply, “and I don’t care who does it. I’ll ask the first man I see. Or, if I can’t find a man, I’ll use a Coke bottle, or a broom handle or… something. I don’t care. I’ve waited long enough.” She turned toward the door, reached for the knob, a half-smile playing on her lips. She had played her trump card.

“Shit,” Chad said, his shoulders sagging in defeat, “come on back.”

“You’ll fuck me?” she asked. “You’ll fuck your little virgin sister?”

Chad nodded, his lips set in a grim line before his face finally broke into a wide grin. “Damn, you sure drive a hard bargain,” he said.

“And I’ll just bet you drive a harder bargain,” she said, stroking his stiff, rock-hard shaft.


Suzi looked at her brother’s cock and almost swooned. In only a few minutes that big slab of meat would be jamming into her tight little virgin pussy, ripping her cherry apart. She remembered the feel of his gushing orgasm slapping into the back of her throat, and couldn’t wait for the same sensations to explode in her guts.

“I think it would really be better if you got yourself a boyfriend to do this,” Chad said halfheartedly. “It should be done with someone you like.”

“But I love you,” Suzi protested. She touched the underside of his massive organ. “And besides,” she added, “I’d have to look a long time to find a cock so big… and beautiful!”

“Well, just remember,” be said, pushing her to her back and spreading her legs with his large hands, “you asked for it. I didn’t.”

“Will you just shut up and fuck me?” Suzi said, exasperation now in her voice. Her cunt was throbbing, oozing with juices that steamed from the narrow slit. “Hurry, I need it!”

“At least if I’m going to do it,” Chad said softly, “let me do it my way. And no hurrying. We’ll take it very slow. I don’t want to hurt you.” He rolled on top of her and held her shoulders, nuzzling his cock in the furry patch of pussy hair. “Oh God, I never want to hurt you,” he whispered, pressing his lips into the hollow of her throat.

Suzi gasped with pleasure when his big, muscular body engulfed hers like a hairy, taut blanket. She jutted her breasts, stabbing the rubbery ends into his sculptured chest, feeling the soft hairs tickle the flesh over her pounding heart.

“Oh, Chad,” she murmured, stroking his back, inching her fingers down to the tight crack of his small ass, “I just knew it would feel like this!”

“I haven’t done anything yet,” he grinned, happy that his sister was getting so carried away, “but you just wait, I’ll try to make it as good for you as I can.”

“I know you will!” she said, her voice barely audible. She squirmed her ass around, rubbing her pussy slit tip and down his huge shaft. His balls were vibrating with a rich, creamy load of cum, lodged between her thighs.

Chad bared his teeth and gently bit down on her shoulder, feeling her shiver as he trailed his mouth downward, to the bend of her elbow. As his face slipped down, her silky tit stroked his cheek like a gentle hand. It took every ounce of control he could muster to keep from yanking her legs apart and thrusting forward violently, reaming her out with one lunge. He held back, however, fighting his own emotions. He ran his mouth across her chest, nuzzling it between her full, ripened boobs.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered, cupping her tits, pulling them around his face. The rubbery, rose-colored nipples throbbed against his temples, like twin clits. He opened his mouth wide and gulped one into his throat. “Mmmmmmm, so beautiful and… delicious!”

His hot searching mouth, chewing and sucking on her breast sent hungry thrills into Suzi’s ready body. She began writhing beneath him, cupping his ass cheeks, wanting him now more than every.

Would he ever stick that huge prod inside her and rip her apart? Her muscles began to tighten, her panting breath coming more quickly, louder.

“Let me have it,” she begged. “I feel like my pussy is on fire, Chad! I can’t wait much longer! Fuck me!”

Chad wanted to do exactly that, but he had to make certain that she was ready. He continued sucking on her tits, but now letting himself go slightly, biting down harder, chewing the satiny flesh between his teeth. He lowered his right hand to her hip, then slipped his fingers between them, touching the wet patch of cunt hair. He stroked the tiny projection of her clit as it peeked from the loose folds of skin that haloed her tight, steaming hole. She flinched hard, thrusting her hips upward.

“Is… is it in?” she gasped.

“No, it’s just my finger,” he answered, “but soon, baby. Real soon.”

After he worked his finger in and out of her hole for several seconds, he removed his hand, gliding it upward. He raised his head slightly and smeared the hot cunt juice over her taut nipples. He looked at the glistening projections for a couple of seconds, as if memorizing each line, each soft angle, then lapped them over his tongue. The flavor of her pussy, mixed with the delicious texture of her melon-like breasts sent a tingle of hot urgency up and down his spine. His nuts were boiling now, begging for relief.

“Oh, baby, you ready?” he murmured, “I… I’m about to go fucking crazy!”

“Yes,” Suzi answered, her entire body ready, waiting for what she knew would be a delicious assault. “Now! Fuck me!”

Chad sucked upward until his lips brushed over her mouth. He parted his lips slightly, flicking out his tongue. As his sister gasped from his tender touch, he drove the tip of his tongue between her teeth, curling it upward to the roof of her mouth. At the same time, he lowered both hands to her thighs and spread her a little wider. Humping his ass backward, he nudged his cockhead into her slit opening. As the sucking warmth of her pussy pulled and bathed the end of his prick, he stopped all movement.

“We’re gonna have to go real slow,” he murmured. “You’re even tighter than I thought. You just tell rue when it starts to hurt and I’ll slow down.”

At this moment Suzi would have settled for any amount of pain, in fact, somewhere in the back of her mind she wanted it to hurt. She locked her mouth around his and held him more tightly, pumping her hips upward.

Chad returned her feverish kisses while he slipped his cockhead between the tight cunt rim. He could feel her opening stretch like a rubber band, and it seemed like an eternity before the round ball of his cock lay fully, inside.

“My God, that’s good!” Suzi cried out, her voice shaking with passion. “Is… is it all the way in yet?”

“Not by a long shot,” Chad grinned. “Hurt?”

“It feels wonderful! Stick it all the way in!”

Chad slowly inched forward, slipping his cockhead more deeply into her tunnel until he felt a thin, rubbery membrane. He paused, withdrew slightly, then eased back inward until he again nudged her virginity.

“Now is it?” Suzi groaned. It had to be! Her guts felt like they were being shoved up between her lungs. “Have… have you popped my cherry?”

“You’ll know,” Chad whispered, getting ready to thrust forward. He knew it would be better to do it quickly, like ripping a bandage off, rather than slowly tearing it away. “It’s… it’s coming now, baby. Get ready.”

Suzi held her breath, her mind about to explode. She wanted to remember this moment forever, to savor each sensation. She shivered with anticipation waiting.

Chad withdrew about two inches of his cock then thrust forward with all his might. His cockhead stabbed through the delicate sheath, ripping it like a soap bubble. The rest of his prick hammered inward, until her cunt lips were locked around the base of his prod like a greasy vise. His balls slapped into the crack of her ass with a dull thud.

When Suzi felt the explosion of her virginity, she screamed like a tortured animal, her voice vibrating in her brother’s throat like a violent wind in an empty desert. Pleasure and pain, mixed with such intensity, she couldn’t name either sensation. She knew only that every cell, every nerve in her body burned, flashed, burst into a million tiny flames.

Chad kept his cock inside her, waiting for her taut muscles to adjust to his enormous size. He pulled his mouth away and looked at her, noticing the painful, agonized expression on her face.

“Did I hurt you… much?” he asked, concerned.

God, I should never have done this, he thought, never! Here she was just a tiny girl, coming barely up to his armpits, and her tiny pussy no bigger than a thimble, it seemed. I must have been crazy to agree to this, he thought. She must be dying inside, having this much cock in her guts. He’d fucked a lot of women, some of them pretty damned big, and they had even complained. He felt horrible, like an animal. I’ve probably ripped her so bad she’ll be crippled for life, he thought. He felt a warm trickle of what he knew was blood ooze around his throbbing shaft, and hated himself.

“AIEEEEEEEE!” Suzi screamed out, her lungs almost collapsing. Her face was the picture of horror. She gave another blood-curdling cry.

“My God, Suzi, I’m… sorry!” Chad groaned, pulling away suddenly.

Suzi dug her fingers into the tight muscled flesh of his ass, jamming him forward with all her strength. His prick slipped back in, buried to the hilt. She gave another wail, but this time it was more than obvious it was from gut-crunching, raw pleasure. She had exploded in a violent orgasm the moment her virginity had been destroyed, and her body racked with convulsive spasms.

“Jesus,” Chad moaned, feeling like a condemned man who suddenly received a reprieve just before the switch was thrown. “I… I thought I’d killed you.”

“No… unhhhhhh… mmmmmm!” Suzi winced, her voice now more under control. “It… Gail, it was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life! Oh, big brother, fuck me!” She began jerking her hips upward, as if trying to suck his entire body into her pussy. “Fuck me! Shove that big wonderful dick in me and fuck my virgin pussy to pieces!”

Chad exhaled with relief, his own body now burning with throbbing aches of ecstasy. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Here he was, fucking the best, the tightest, the hottest little pussy he’d ever had, and she was loving it just as much as he was, perhaps more. He knew right then and there she would drive every boy she met crazy with lust. And, God, he would be the first!

“OK, baby sister,” he whispered, “you want to get fucked. I’m gonna fuck you so good, you’ll stay fucked.”

He placed his hands between her thighs, slipping them down to the backs of her knees. Bending her legs, he pulled them wide, and at the same time, yanked them upward, crushing her knees into her armpits. Her ass tilted upward, giving him a far better angle to shove his entire meat inside.

“Ohhhhhh!” Suzi wailed when she felt his thick, probing shaft begin to hammer in and out of her bleeding, spasming pussy. “That’s right… just like… unh… that!”

Chad had only begun to fuck, this was the gentle part. Soon he was drilling into her cunt with the speed of a jackhammer. His moves were so violent, so furious, he inched forward on the bed until Suzi’s head banged on the headboard. Using her own body as greater leverage, he increased the passion of his hammering cock, until his small hairy ass was a flesh-colored blur.

“Take it, you little virgin cocksucker,” he gasped between her tits, his tongue lapping the backs of her knees, “take it right in your little pussy! I’m gonna shove a fucking gallon of cum right into your dick-loving brains!”

When he said those words, a million inflamed thoughts shot into Suzi’s mind. She could almost see the rich, creamy loads of sperm splashing into her torn, throbbing cunt. Almost smell the heady aroma of his maleness, steaming into every fiber of her being. A thundering, crashing climax tore into her pussy with the force of a pounding fist.

“EEEIIIIIII!” she screamed, thrashing around like a snake in hot coals. Another stab rippled up and down the length of her cunt canal, then exploded around the base of his thrusting cock. She gave a long, silence of release, the air rattling and gurgling as it hissed from her lungs.

“Goddamn, I love it when a lady likes to fuck as much as I do,” Chad growled. “Jesus… this is going to be… the best. Baby… take it! Goddamn you, you fucking whore in heat, take your first big dick and suck it right up into your cock loving throat!”

He hammered and pounded as wildly as his body would allow until he felt his joints burn as if splashed with acid. His nuts were swollen, pumped full of swirling, pulsating cum. The base of his prick was jerking wildly, the sphincter muscle being battered by the bubbling wads of buttery juice.

“Give it to me!” Suzi begged. She, too, could tell that his orgasm was just seconds away from the way her pussy entrance stretched. His cock was bloated, ballooning to rock-hard stiffness. “Shove me full! Fuck my cherry apart with a whole gallon of that hot cum!”

As she spoke, Chad felt the first hot glob of jism blast from his nuts, storm up the center of his shaft and spit from the end of his cock. Another quick blast followed almost immediately.

“TAKE… TAKE IT, YOU FUCKING WHORE!” he shouted, his voice cracking with emotion. “God… Goddamn you… TAKE IT!”

Suzi was overwhelmed with another explosive orgasm as her insides were baffled, soothed from his gigantic release. She worked her muscles around his shaft, milking, sucking on him. She could feel the slashing wads splatter back and forth, the blast from her cunt lips. A hot, volcanic-like stream of liquid seared into the crack of her ass, sticking to the bud of her shitter.

“OHHHHEEEEEE!” she screamed, joining his cries of release, her body buckling with ultimate pleasure.

Chad plowed furiously into her yielding cunt for several seconds until he felt the last of his load jerk up the inside of his plunging shaft. He withdrew quickly, then shoved the final glob of sperm into the back of her pussy with his full weight.

“All… of… it,” he gasped, his body ribboned in bands of steel-like muscles. He relaxed slowly, his breath hot and wet between her tits, letting her legs flop back down on the bed. “God, baby, take it…” he whispered again, his voice trailing off to a satisfied groan.

Suzi was still buzzing with a subsiding pangs of her fantastic climax. She puckered her cunt opening as the ripples died down to a dull throb, then she, too, relaxed.

“That was wonderful,” she said, hugging him tightly. “If I’d known it was going to be this good, I’d have been doing it a long time ago.”

“And if I knew it was going to be this good, I’d have been doing it with you,” Chad replied.

Suzi stroked his firm body as she looked at his handsome face. A slight pang of jealousy hit her suddenly, when she thought of the many times he’d done this very same thing with Beth. Had she screamed with pleasure? Torn at his back with her nails? Had he fucked her as beautifully, as violently? She envied and hated the girl at the same time.

“How was it for you?” she asked. “Was, was it OK?”

“OK?” Chad asked. “Jesus, it was the best I’ve ever had!”

“Even better than Beth?” Suzi asked, trying to sound casual.

“Let me tell you something, little sister,” Chad said, “there are some things, a lot of things, you could teach her. You’re a fucking natural, and baby, the guy who lands you is gonna have himself one hell of a woman.”

His words made her shiver with growing excitement. They were spoken honestly, almost matter of factly, and she knew he was telling the truth. Her pussy began to burn, to ache for more of his wild fucking.

“You’ve landed me,” she said, kissing him lightly on the lips, “and I’m glad you have. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to pop my cherry.” She smiled suddenly. “Just think, I’m no longer a virgin.”

“Well, part of you still is,” Chad said, wondering if he had the courage to ask what he was thinking.

“Huh?” Suzi asked, perplexed.

“That cute little ass of your hasn’t ever had a big dick in it, has it?”

Suzi’s eyes were wide with terror. It was a couple of seconds before she could speak.

“You mean… you want to stick that big thing in my ass?” she asked.

“Mmmmmm,” Chad said. “Can I?” Then with a shrewd move he added, “Beth won’t let me.”

“Go ahead,” Suzi heard of herself say, knowing full-well she was first to agree, but anything to score over Beth. “Fuck me anywhere, any place you want to.”

“Roll over, baby,” Chad whispered, his voice eager. “It’s not going to be as bad as you think it is. Some girls even like it, but they’re hard to find…”

“Well, Jesus, with a big cock like that, it’s no small. Wonder,” Suzi said, her fear returning. “You’ll rip my guts out!”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Chad said. “We’ll just have to find out, won’t we?”


Suzi lay on her stomach, her eyes closed in fear. When she felt her brother spread her legs and cup her firm, rounded ass, she flinched.

“Don’t be so jittery,” Chad said, slipping his fingers up and down her crack, occasionally lingering near the small opening of her shitter. “We have all night. IL won’t rush you. Probably won’t even hurt you.” He grinned at her smooth, unblemished back. “Much,” he added, enjoying her tortured anticipation.

Gently, and so slowly that Suzi hardly realized what was happening, he inched his middle finger into her asshole. He withdrew just as slowly, then thrust back in, until the tight, greasy rim pursed around his knuckle. This is going to be a piece, of cake, he thought. He worked his finger back out, slightly curving in, gliding the tip of it over her soft, slippery membrane.

“Oh, that’s not bad at all,” Suzi whispered, as if trying to convince herself. “It probably won’t hurt a bit.”

Chad recognized the fear still in her voice and lay back, his palm on her ass. He put one arm behind his head and looked over. She was lying there, her eyes tightly closed, as if waiting for a horrible duty she must perform. He removed his hand from her ass and rubbed his chest, turning his gaze toward the ceiling.

“Aren’t you… going to fuck me in the ass?” she asked finally, looking toward him.

“Nope,” Chad answered. He noticed that she exhaled loudly, the winced expression melting in relief. “You are,” he added.

“Me? What do you mean?”

“Just straddle me, your back to my face. You put it in. And you take as much as you want. When you want it. I won’t do a thing.” He pulled her over on top of him. “Not until you ask me to, that is.”

Suzi did as she was told, draping her legs over his hips. She sat down gingerly on his crotch, nuzzling the underside of his huge, bobbing cock into the crack of her ass. Not really knowing what to do, or how to do it, she leaned forward, grabbing his ankles. His large, Greek feet were just inches from her mouth, the perfectly shaped toes slightly curved downward.

“What do I do now?” she asked, moving closer to his feet.

“Whatever you want to, baby sister. We have plenty of time. Just relax.”

“God, it feels so big and hard!”

Chad looked at his cock. “Well, there’s quite a bit more of it to go in,” he said.

Suzi wiggled her ass, pressing firmly downward. About five inches of his prick pierced into her shit canal, stretching and pulling her tunnel to the breaking point. Yet, strangely enough, it still didn’t hurt. Just a mild pressure. She worked in about three more inches.

“Is it all in?” she asked.

“Just about,” Chad grunted. “Couple more inches. Can you take it all?”

“I’ll die trying,” Suzi moaned. She withdrew his prick slightly, then jammed her body down hard, thrusting her shit rim right down to the base of his cock. “Oh God!” she winced, “It’s… it’s so big and… ummm… wonderful!”

Chad shook his head in disbelief. This kid was a natural, and she’d certainly go places. And still so young! God, I’ll bet she’ll be one hell of a lady by the time she’s twenty. He grabbed the outsides of her thighs, digging his fingers into the soft, yielding flesh. He began working her body up and down, thrusting his hips, pumping his cock in and out.

“You like that?” he asked. “You like a big dick in your asshole?”

Suzi nodded her head and sat up, pressing her full weight down on his crotch. She touched the area between her tits and could have sworn the end of his cock was right there. She seemed to impaled, stuffed like a sausage, and the hot, hard sensation was unbelievably delicious.

“Fuck me,” she groaned. “Fuck me hard, shove a big load of cum in my asshole, big brother. God, ream out my little shitter!”

Chad sat up, pushing her to her knees. He spread her legs wide with both hands then gripped her waist. He began pumping in and out of her ass with increasing speed, his nuts slapping upward, occasionally brushing into her slick patch of cunt hair.

“Oh! Oh!” Suzi whimpered, her pleasure mounting with each driving stroke of his dick. “That’s good! So good! Fuck me, Chad! Fuck me as hard as you can! I can take it!”

Her urgency infected Chad. He began hammering wildly into her shitter, his mouth slack with ecstasy. He could feel the churning gobs of sperm boiling in his nuts, just begging to spit into that cute little hole. Her ass muscles rippled, sucking on his shaft like a mouth, drawing him harder inside her warm, slick body.

“Fuck, little sister,” he grunted, leaning forward. He nuzzled his head under her arm and clamped his mouth around one hanging tit, biting into the silky flesh. “I’m so fucking close to blowing out your guts, it… hurts.”

He had hardly gotten the words out what he felt her lips gurgle with a scream. Her shitter locked around his cock like a fist, her body tightening violently.

“GOD! GOD! UNHHHHHHH!” she shrieked, a stabbing, thundering climax tearing into her body. “F… F… FUCKKK MEEEEEE!”

Her climax was like a vacuum, pulling his own out of his body with savage force. His nuts squirted the bubbling masses of cum upward, through his cum-shaft, and into her hole. His cockhead ballooned quickly, then began spitting out more, completely filling her insides to overflowing.

“Goddamn you, you fucking whore,” he grunted, “here’s your first assfucking! Take it, you little cocksucker, take your first load of cum up your ass!”

Another piercing spasm of pleasure drilled into Suzi’s shitter, more powerful than the last. She writhed around like a tortured animal, her face contorted in anguished release, her body buckling.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she chanted over and over, thinking she could never get enough of his cock.

Chad used the last ounce of strength he could muster and whammed the final spasm of cum into her asshole. He humped forward, then fell, crushing her beneath his huge frame.

“Jesus,” he whispered, still enjoying the sucking sensations around his spent shaft. “It gets better every time. I don’t fucking believe it. Next time I think my brain will explode and splatter on the walls!”

Suzi relaxed also, thoroughly enjoying his hulking body wrapped around hers. She never wanted to move, to remain just like this. She thought for a second that sue knew exactly what an unborn baby must feel like, completely surrounded with hugging warmth. She snuggled even closer.

“Would you like to sleep with me tonight?” Chad asked, himself enjoying the tiny form of his sister beneath him, her delicate features, the tightness of her body, the sweet smell of her perfumed flesh.

“Yes,” she answered, “but I don’t think I’ll get much sleep.” She wiggled her ass, slightly moving his withering cock in and out of her shitter. “Not when I have such a big cock to play with.”

A few moments later, Chad pulled away and sat up. He turned off tile lamp, plunging the room into darkness. The only illumination in the room was a small amber light filtering through the curtains from the street lamp outside.

“I feel like I could sleep a million years,” he whispered, holding her close, molding his body against hers. “Good night, sweet baby sister.”

Suzi lay in his arms for a few seconds thinking about what had happened. First that big, thick cock in her mouth, spitting out that delicious juice, and then getting her pussy fucked, then having her asshole reamed out. Her excitement began to grow, the ache in the back of her throat becoming unbearable.

“Chad?” she whispered. “Chad? Can I suck you all night?”

“Hmmmm,” he asked, half-asleep. He rolled over and spread his legs, kicking the sheets down. “Sure, baby. Suck all you want. Just so long as you stay right here all night long. Do anything you want.”

Suzi squeezed between his leg and lowered her face to his cum-smeared crotch. A small pool of sperm lay in his black hairs, glistening in the pale light. She touched the fluid to the tip of her tongue and drew it into her mouth. Now cold, it seemed to have jelled, become thicker. She wallowed it around in her cheeks, thrust it between her teeth, then drank it down.

“Mmmmmm, this is going to be wonderful,” she gasped, placing her mouth on his half-hard cock, “sucking this thing all night long.”

She gobbled his cockhead between her lips and let it slide across the roof of her mouth and into the back of her throat. As the wiry brush of crotch hair tickled her upper lip, she felt his cock bend almost in half, the end of it poling into one cheek. She lapped and swirled her tongue around it, feeling it throb to life. It began to stiffen, lengthen. Soon it was rock-hard, jamming into the back of her throat.

“Jesus,” Chad groaned, “you are one hell of a cocksucker, baby sister. I bet you could get cum out of a crowbar!”

Suzi shivered with excitement, knowing that in just a few moments she could have another huge load of cum gushing into her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down quickly, digging her chin between his balls. She could already feel the vibration of a fresh lump of jism, boiling, steaming upward.

“That’s good,” he grunted. “Goddamn, you keep that up and…”

The doorbell rang, barely audible, but unmistakable. They both sat upright, then got off the bed.

“You’d better get back to your room,” Chad said. “Justin and Alex are supposed to be over at Jim’s for the night, but it might be one of them. If it’s not them, I’ll get rid of whoever it is and we can get back together.”

Suzi scurried to her room and threw on a robe. She checked her hair, running her fingers through it quickly, then calmly walked into the living room. Chad was standing in the doorway in his terrycloth robe, sporting his firm, muscular legs. She tried not looking at him, but found it almost impossible.

“Oh, Beth,” Chad said, opening the door.


Suzi’s heart sank. There stood her brother’s girlfriend looking better than she ever had. Perhaps it was because Suzi felt that she, too, was a woman now, giving her a better perspective. No wonder Chad was so crazy about her. Those long shapely legs, the nicely rounded ass, the jutting, melon-like tits, the flaming red hair which surrounded a peach colored complexion. Her eyes were green as a cat’s, oval-shaped and expressive.

“I changed my mind,” Beth said, embracing Chad warmly. “I got to thinking of all that I would miss.” She rubbed her body against his. “Mmmmm,” she murmured, “and do you have a lot!”

Chad was about to say something when he noticed that Suzi had entered the room. He shot her a pleading, guilty look, pain written in his expression.

“Oh, hello, Suzi,” Beth said, pulling back sharply. “Isn’t it way past your bedtime?” She gave the girl an amused stare, then furrowed her brows. “You look different,” she said. “Did you do something with your hair?” Before Suzi could answer, Beth turned back to Chad. “Your little sister, how old is she now?”

“Eighteen,” Suzi answered evenly. “How old are you? Thirty?”

Beth, who was two years older than Chad, and very much aware of that fact, gave Suzi a withering glance. She had hardly even noticed the girl before, and now she felt threatened. Also angry. Why was she looking at me so defiantly when I came in?

“Well, run along,” she said, as if speaking to a very backward child, “Chad and I would like to be alone.” She placed her hand on his shoulder and gave him a flashing smile. “Wouldn’t we, Chad?”


Sometime during the gray of dawn, Suzi reached over and touched Chad’s chest. She had awakened from an exhausted sleep, her dreams filled with creamy, liquid images. When her fingertips brushed over the hairy, sculptured form, she felt that familiar ache return, the oozing warmth between her legs. And although her jaws were sore from sucking his cock for hours, she wanted more, to taste that delicious texture of his sperm crawling into the back of her throat.

“Oh, Chad,” she whispered, rolling over and kneeling between his legs, “I want you again!”

She stroked his thighs with both hands, finally resting her fingertips in the wiry brush of crotch hair. His enormous prick lay at an angle, slightly bent, like a sleeping serpent on the inside of his leg. The foreskin, rubbery and loose, almost completely covered the large ball of his dick. She lowered her face slowly, savoring the aroma of dried cum and sweat.

“Oh, yes,” she murmured, darting her tongue between the two flaccid balls. She got on the draped flesh and sucked one into her, mouth after rolling it around on the top of her tongue, she pulled the other one between her lips. His cock began to stir, throb to lift, repositioning itself, barely brushing the tip of her nose. “Mmmmmmm,” she whispered, letting his nuts drop from her mouth.

She held the base of his rubbery prick and flopped the end of it toward her face, sucking the swelling cockhead between her lips. She closed her eyes with growing ecstasy, gliding the end of his prick slowly across the roof of her mouth. She pursed her lips and felt his shaft balloon, pump harder with life. A few seconds later it was rigid, stiff as a rod of iron.

A delicate throb of urgency burned in the back of her pussy, sweeping along her slit canal. She squeezed her thighs together, stimulating her clit, feeling a surge of warmth burn upward. She bobbed her head up and down, gobbling the full length of his prick, each stroke bringing her closer to a delicious release.

“Unhhhhhh!” she gurgled, locking her mouth around the base of his cock, digging her nose into the bushy growth of his crotch. An explosion of pleasure churned in her guts, totally engulfing her insides. Again she moaned as another, even more powerful spasm ripped through her body.

“Huh?” Chad whispered, his eyes fluttering open. “Suzi?” he asked, looking down at the top of her heat. “What… ohhhh, that’s good, little sister. Suck it.” He draped his legs over her shoulders and pulled her to her side. “Damn, what a way to wake up,” he murmured into the pillow. “Getting sucked!”

When Suzi’s orgasm subsided, she pulled her mouth away and rubbed her forehead over her brother’s stomach. She looked up into his sleepy eyes and smiled.

“I’m sorry if I woke you,” she said.

“Well, I’m not,” he replied. “Keep sucking. It was feeling just great!”

“Does Beth suck your cock?” Suzi asked.

“Aw come on, Suzi, let’s not talk about Beth right now. Fuck her.”

“No, I really want to know,” Suzi insisted. “Does she suck you?”

“Well, yes she does,” Chad admitted. “But not as good as you do. Believe me.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“Wish I were,” Chad said. “She’ll suck it all right, but she won’t lick out my cum. Says it tastes terrible.”

“Tastes terrible!” Suzi said, scandalized. “She’s crazy! I could drink a barrel of it. It’s so creamy and thick and juicy and…”

“Please,” Chad said, “not on an empty stomach.” He nudged her with his knee. “Come on, suck it some more.”

“What if I said no.” Suzi ask playfully.

“Then I’d just throw you on your back and fuck that little mouth of yours like it was a pussy,” he answered.

“Then I’m saying no,” she said.

“All right you little cocktease,” Chad said, flinging her to her back and straddling her waist. “You fucking asked for it, and I’m not stopping until I cram that little mouth of yours so full of cum you choke!”

He jabbed his knees into her, armpits and humped forward, holding her head up with both hands. Ramming the entire length of his cock fully into her mouth, he jerked in a grinding motion, squeezing the base of his huge prod between her teeth.

“Now, don’t you wish you’d been a good little girl and sucked me like I asked?” he said. “Now, you’re gonna get it the hard way!”

With that he began hammering his prick deeply into her throat with increasing speed. Each time he lunged forward, he yanked her head into his crotch. His balls crawled up and down her chest, tickling her tits.

“Mmmmmm!” Suzi groaned, throwing her arms around his waist. She inched them down to his pumping ass and cupped the hairy, taut flesh. Now totally engulfed in his rough masculinity, she felt another stab of ecstasy constrict her pussy canal.

“You like it this way?” Chad winced. “You like have your mouth fucked? Goddamn, I sure as hell hope you do, ’cause baby, I ain’t stopping till I blow my wad out the back of your throat!”

Suzi knew he would have a big load after a night’s rest, and she couldn’t wait to wallow the thick juices around in her throat and eat them down, lust the idea made her shiver with expectation. She inhaled quickly, smelling the steam of his fucking, the musky aroma of his crotch. She gave another low, throaty moan, gliding her fingertips up and down the crack of his ass.

“Suck it you cocksucking little whore,” Chad grunted. “Lick it right down into your fucking lungs. Goddamn you, I’m getting so… fucking close… I’m… shit, suck it!”

Suzi pursed her mouth as tightly as possible while she lapped her tongue under and around his thrusting shaft. She felt his cockhead swell to what seemed almost twice its size, then begin to throb violently. At the same time, her own climax began to build, to storm upward.

“Here… it… comes,” Chad barked, crunching his full weight over her face. “Get ready, you little cocksucker… I’m… I’m… UNHH!”

The first molten blast hit the back of Suzi’s throat with a slap, then, exploded. Half his load shot upward, behind her nose, the other gushed into her stomach. A thick trickle of hot juice oozed from her nostrils, sand other streams splattered from the corners of her mouth. While she licked and sucked, her own body exploded violently, millions of icy sensations churning inside her cunt. She choked, spit and gurgled loudly, her entire mouth now full to overflowing. And still he kept shoving in more of his orgasm. Soon it seemed, he was slinging cum everywhere. Over her face, down on her neck, onto her shoulders. She felt as if she had been bobbing for cock in a whole vat of cum.

“Alllll of… it!” Chad winced, blasting the last of his load into her mouth with a punching move. He held his cock there for a few seconds, then relaxed, falling to one side. “Jesus God, that was so fucking good!”

“Mmmmmmmm!” Suzi agreed, savoring the last few wads of sperm that still dribbled from the end of his cock. “And to think that that stupid Beth doesn’t like this stuff!”

“I said fuck Beth,” Chad said. He was getting rather irritated with his sister’s preoccupation with the woman, and jealousy was something he just didn’t want to get involved in.

“I’d rather you fuck me,” Suzi said, licking down the film of cum which had oozed onto his balls. “My little cherry might have grown back in the night. You want to see?”

“Sure I’ll fuck you, you little cockhound,” he grinned. “But this time, it’s my way.” He flipped her onto her stomach, positioning her on her knees and elbows. “And before you ask,” he added, hoping she would take the hint, “Beth and I don’t usually do it this way, in case you’re wondering.” He spread her legs and lunged forward, driving the end of his cock into her pussy opening. “She… unh… says she doesn’t like it this way because she can’t see my handsome face.”

Suzi had almost forgotten how good it felt to have his cock inside her cunt. She flexed her pussy muscles, sucking more of his shaft through her opening. When he had penetrated fully, she squirmed her ass around and arched her back.

“Well, I can say this for Beth,” she whispered, “not being able to see you is pretty bad. Because you are handsome!”

“Aw shut the fuck up, you little cunt,” he growled, “before I hammer your little pussy up through your cocksucking throat.”

“You do that and I never will shut up,” she said. “You asked for it,” Chad grunted. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t walk right for a fucking month.”

Before she could reply, he yanked her legs apart like a wishbone. At the same time he lunged forward with his full weight, forcing his cock so violently into her pussy, her backbone almost snapped. Quickly he withdrew and repeated the motion, just as hard. He felt his sister buckle, saw her grab fistfuls of the sheets.

“You like it this way?” he asked, leaning forward, biting down on her neck. “You like a big cock poking out of your fucking guts?”

“Unh… yes… unh… yes!” she answered, her body trembling with spasms of pain and pleasure. She didn’t know which sensation was better. “Fuck me, you stud! Goddamn you, ram that big prick in me and fuck my little pussy to death!”

“You got it, bitch,” Chad barked, sinking his teeth into her flesh. He reached under and grabbed her dangling tits brutally. While he fucked wildly into her cunt, he chewed like an animal, his hands tearing at her tits. “Like… this, you little whore?” he gasped.

Suzi thought for a second he would rip her apart, but strangely enough, she loved every minute of it. Already tipples of orgasm were shivering up and down her pussy canal, ready to explode. A couple of hard punches later, her entire body seemed to be on fire, every muscle jerking and throbbing. When her pleasure peaked, she felt the first hard gush of sperm smack into the back of her cunt.

“UNHHHHHH!” Chad winced, falling forward, crushing her beneath his pumping, grinding cock. “Oh… baby… baby… my sweet little… pussy!”

For several long moments they molded themselves together into a mass of jerking, climaxing flesh until they lay there exhausted, panting for air. It was a while before either had the energy even to speak.

“Can we do this all day long?” Suzi asked finally. “I’d like a whole day of nothing but fucking and sucking.” Before he could say anything, she added, “I wonder what it would be like to have a cock inside me all day? Never taking it out for a second.”

“Justin and Alex will be home in a few hours,” Chad said. “What would they think?”

Suzi thought of her other two brothers and smiled, thinking of them now in a new light.

“Maybe they wouldn’t mind,” she said. “I wonder if their cocks are as big and hard as yours. I think I’ll find out today.”

“Suzi!” Chad said, flabbergasted, “are you fucking nuts?” He rolled her over and looked into her eyes. “You don’t mean to tell me that you’re thinking of…”

“Why not?” she asked, raising one eyebrow. “You’re my brother and you don’t seem to mind fucking your little sister. Why not them?”

Chad was silent for a couple of moments before talking. Finally, he broke into a large grin. “You know, that would be kinda funny,” he said, “I wonder how ol’ Alex would react. Justin, sure, but Alex? I don’t think he even likes girls at all. He’d shit down both legs if you put the make on him.”

“You don’t think I can do it?” Suzi challenged. “What do you want to bet?”

“I’ll bet you can’t,” Chad said firmly. “If I win, you have to suck me off all night tonight. And if you win, I have to fuck you all night. Deal?”

“My God, I hope I lose. I mean win. No, lose.” She hugged Chad and laughed. “How can I possibly lose, even if I lose?” she asked.

“OK, little sister,” Chad said, “enough small talk. I got something bigger in mind right now.”

“Mmmmm, and I’ll bet I know what it is!” she said, finding out almost immediately.


Suzi handed Alex a glass rifled with an amber colored liquid. He looked up from where he was sitting and took it absent-mindedly, then returned his attention to the chess game before him. He took a big sip of the drink, choked loudly and stood upright, almost overturning the chess board.

“W-what is this stuff?” he bellowed. “You trying to poison me?”

“It’s ten-year-old-scotch,” Suzi answered nonchalantly, taking a sip of her own drink. “Smooth, isn’t it?”

“Are you nuts?” Alex said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Mom and Dad will kill you if they find out!”

“So, who’s to tell them?” she said, sitting in front of him. Before he could say anything else, she picked up the white king and placed it to her lips. Darting her tongue over the small, hand-carved cross on top of the crown, she added, “Would you teach me how to play… chess?”

“You? Play chess?” he asked. “You’re too stupid.”

This wasn’t getting off to a very good start, Suzi thought. Perhaps another tactic.

“Bet I can chug-a-lug this drink faster than you,” she said, raising the glass to her lips.

Alex, prude though he may be, was competitive. Too much so, his parents thought. He was never satisfied with getting A’s in school. He had to get the best A’s. He had recently resigned from the chess club because he found it easy to beat even the best players. He was now corresponding with a Russian Grand Master, and if the truth were known, had the better of the man in the game they were playing by mail. The only area where he found competition dull was in athletics. “Everyone has a body,” he was fond of saying. “Not everyone has a brain.”

“You’re on,” he said, grabbing his glass. He emptied the contents before Suzi had even begun drinking. “Beat you,” he said.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” she said, refilling his glass, this time to the brim. “We have to start together.”

Making an elaborate show of getting ready, she looked over the top of her glass and watched him down the tumbler of scotch. She only took a small sip.

“She… I mean, see,” he said triumphantly. “Still beat you.” His eyes were turning glassy, his face flushed. “Wow,” he said, shaking his head, “this stuff is strong.”

“Like you,” Suzi said, admiring his body.

Although he didn’t engage in sports, he sure looked, like it. Perhaps all that nervous mental energy kept him so lean and trim. He was almost as tall as Chad, but where the rest of the family was dark, he was blond, his hair almost white. Yet like all the Stephenson men, he was muscular, trim hipped and broad-shouldered. His eyes were a dark blue, under jet-black lashes.

“Hey, you know?” he said, his brows furrowed, as if pronouncing a great scientific discovery, “I’m ineber… anebri… inebri… drunk.”

Suzi was more than thrilled at the turn of events. Convincing him, logically, of course, that the best thing would be for him to sleep it off, she somehow managed to half-drag, half-carry him to his bedroom. Although not suffering from a complete personality change, he nonetheless was a little looser, even managed to grin idiotically when he knocked over a lamp.

“Let me get you out of your clothes,” Suzi said, plopping him on the bed.

“Hey, you can’t do that… you’re my sister,” he argued drunkenly. “Damn,” he added, “it’s so hot in here.”

Working quickly, she pulled his clothes away, and although he fought rather weakly, yanked his jockey shorts down. He thick, rubbery cock flopped to one side, surrounded by a pale brush of silky crotch hair. His stomach, hard and muscled, was smooth as satin.

“W-what are you doing?” he asked, trying to focus. He pulled the sheet up over his body. “You’re… you’re getting undressed!”

“Gee you’re so smart,” Suzi said, removing her blouse. “I guess it’s true you have an IQ of about a thousand. No one else would have figured that out.”

Still horrified, Alex managed to giggle. He thought it was one of the funniest things he’d ever heard. Then he returned his attention to his sister. Was she crazy? Part of him thought, what a nice pair of tits! She’s really getting undressed, she must be nuts. Jesus, the way her flat stomach sets off the dark patch of pussy hair. My sister! And that little crack, just barely hidden under the soft matted strands of hair. Was that juice oozing out? He felt an unmistakable stirring in his loins.

“W-what…” he stammered, when she lay on the bed and snuggled under the covers.

“You’re going to fuck me,” Suzi whispered, placing her hand on his stomach. His cockhead was throbbing, crawling upward. “You’re going to put this big cock in my pussy and blast me full of hot cum.”

Before he could protest, she locked her lips around his mouth. She darted her teeth between his clenched teeth for several seconds, her hand now grasping his thick shaft, then felt him relax slightly. “You want to fuck me?” she asked. She jacked his dick slowly, squeezing her thumb and middle finger around the indentation below his cockhead. “I know you do. Don’t you?”

“I… I don’t know,” he said nervously. “I… I’ve never…”

Before he finished talking, she again closed her mouth on his. This time, he returned her kisses. Tentatively at first, then with growing urgency. His mind was filled with a million disjointed thoughts, and for the first time in his life, he didn’t understand what was going on. He was only aware of two things. First, the throb in his nuts as his sperm churned violently. Secondly, the soft texture of his sister’s skin, her hungry, hot mouth, the fine, soft angles of her body, the smell of her steaming pussy.

Suzi rolled over on top of him and pressed her cunt down on the underside of his jerking cock. Still kissing and licking his mouth and lips, she ran her hands over his massive shoulders, down to his sculptured chest.

“You like this?” she asked.

“Yes,” Alex whimpered. “It’s just that I never…”

“Well, now you will,” Suzi moaned, her own pleasure about to drive her crazy. She grabbed his cock and held it at an angle. She got to her knees and sat down on the end of his prick, slipping the round, pulsating cockhead between her slick cunt lips. “Now… you are,” she added, sinking her opening down to his huge, throbbing base.

“Jesus Christ!” Alex almost screamed. The first sensation of having his dick surrounded by a greasy, sucking mass of pussy flesh was too much. He couldn’t believe that physical pleasures could be so overwhelming. “My… my dick is… inside you!”

“And that’s exactly where it’s going to stay until you shove a whole gallon of cum in my pussy,” Suzi whispered.

“Oh, Suzi,” he sinced, “I didn’t know anything could feel this good. God, your little cunt is so tight and hot!”

Suzi sat up, her hands still on his chest. Slit closed her eyes and began pumping up and down, quickly jamming his prick in and out of her cunt. Soon the room was filled with squishy, smacking noises, their panting gasps.

“Oh, fuck me,” Suzi moaned, her climax nearing rapidly. “Stick this big cock in my guts and fuck me hard!”

Alex couldn’t take it any longer. He flipped her to her back and rammed forward, driving his cock wildly into her slit, his face buried between her tits. While he fucked violently, his balls about to explode from the pressure of his bubbling sperm, he chewed and sucked on her nipples like a hungry calf.

“God!” he grunted, feeling his prick swell painfully. “I’m… I’m… UNHHHHH!”

Her orgasm was savage, ripping into ha body with quick, thundering spasms. As her pussy convulsed, locking her muscles around his plunging shaft, his sperm shot from her cunt like bulks. For a brief moment she wished she had sucked him so she could have enjoyed all that pent-up liquid. It probably would have to…

“Oh God!” she screamed again, another flash of ecstasy piercing into her body. The pleasure peaked violently, then subsided with dull throbs near the base of her spine. “Oh, Alex,” she groaned, “you are the one dynamite fuck.”

Ales lay on top of her, gasping for breath. Finally he rolled off and closed his eyes. His head was spinning, whether from the alcohol or the wild fucking, he didn’t know. A sharp pang of guilt stabbed into his body and he looked over at his sister.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” he whispered. “You’re my sister.”

“Well, put your cock back in and suck your cum back out,” Suzi said. She snuggled closer to him, running her fingers over his smooth chest. “Want to do that, huh?”

“I’m being serious,” Alex said. “This is wrong.”

“My God, Alex, must everything be right? Do you have to have some good reason to do everything, you do?” She propped herself on one elbow and looked into his handsome face. “Wouldn’t you do other things to make me happy? Like do my homework, or even teach me how to play chess?”

“Well, sure, but…”

“This is just making me happier. Can’t you understand that? Who’s to make moral judgments?”

“You’re talking pretty high and mighty,” he said.

“And you sound like some old man,” Suzi said. “I can just see you now, when you’re twenty-five or thirty, sitting in some stuffy room with a lot of books and leather chairs, looking at your stamp collection, or wondering which Goddamned pawn to move in some stupid game.” Before he could interrupt, she continued, spitting her words out like they were spoiled clams, “And don’t lie to me. You know damned well you liked it. You liked fucking me. And, Alex, you’ll like fucking other girls, and they’ll like fucking you. You’re good-looking, have a great body, and you could not only make yourself happy with that big… cock of yours, you could make me happy. Why don’t you get off that pedestal and live like a human?”

“I don’t know,” he said weakly. “I… I…” his voice trailed off.

He got off the bed and began dressing, not looking at his sister. He stood there for several seconds, half of him wanting to stay, to mold himself once more into his sister’s body, the other wanting to run. This wasn’t right, not logical, not correct.

“I’ve got to think,” he said. “I’ve got to work things out.” He didn’t look at her as he left, merely shrugged his shoulders as he left the room.

Suzi lay there wondering if she had completely destroyed him, or had been the reason for his salvation. Only time would tell. She closed her eyes and fell into a fitful sleep, her body still throbbing with the delicious sensations of her spent passion.


Suzi was brushing her hair when Chad entered her room. She turned and gave him a big smile, showing more confidence than she felt.

“How’d it go?” Chad asked, walking over and kissing her on the shoulder. “Who won the bet?”

“We both did, I guess,” answered. “Alex is out now. Thinking.”

“What’s to think about?” Chad asked. Then before she could answer, he pulled her to her feet and embraced her. “Let’s go to bed. I’ve been thinking about you all evening… Justin is staying over at Jim’s again, and we have the whole house to ourselves.”

Although still very much concerned about Alex, Suzi felt herself melt with ecstasy when her brother held her tighter, thrusting his hips forward. His thick cock was rigid, ready for action. She kissed him passionately as she fumbled with his zipper.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured into his mouth as she held his dick in both her small hands, “looks like you’re thinking about the same thing I am.”

“You got that right,” he said, pulling her toward the bed. He pushed her down and undressed her quickly, then got out of his own clothes. “I’m in the mood for one hell of a wild fuck!” he said, nuzzling his legs between hers.

“Oh, me too!” Suzi gasped, flinching beneath his hulking form. She held his prick and rubbed the underside over her slick, puckered cunt opening. “Fuck it in real hard. Don’t wait any longer. God, I want it now!”

Chad lifted his hips slightly and thrust forward, stabbing the full length of his shaft deeply into her box. When his balls crawled up the insides of her thighs and nudged into the crack of her ass, he gave a low, growling moan of pleasure.

“Baby, you’ve got to have the tightest, nicest cunt in the whole fucking world,” he whispered, then locked his mouth around hers.

Suzi accepted his darting tongue, then gave him hers. For several seconds they intertwined them, like dancing snakes. Finally, she pulled her mouth away, brushing her lips up and down his thick, veined neck.

“What about Beth?” she asked.

“Beth and I are no more,” he murmured. “Saw her tonight at the movies, by the way. She was with this other guy. You know it was real funny. Two days ago I’d have been crazy with jealousy. Tonight, I couldn’t have given a shit less.” He laughed suddenly. “You know, I think she was really pissed that it didn’t bother inc. God, women are vain.” He gave Suzi a few quick punches with his prick. “No more big dick for that broad,” he said.

“Look who’s vain,” Suzi said with a grin.

“Shut up, you little witch,” Chad whispered. “Now that my steady girlfriend is gone, you’re gonna have to service me until I find another. And, baby, from the way this feels, I ain’t about to start looking any time soon!”

“That’s good,” Suzi moaned, her passion mounting with each hard thrust of his cock. “I want to fuck you forever!”

They didn’t say anything else for the next several moments, each simply enjoying the union of their bodies. Chad was driving his cock into her pussy wildly, covering her shoulders, her neck and tits with kisses. Suzi lay there, her eyes half-closed in ecstasy, feeling the throbbing sensations in her pussy begin to grow more urgent, more demanding. They had almost gotten their fucking down to a science, each instinctively knowing what the other wanted.

Chad stopped all movement suddenly, his face contorted in an anguished wince. He held his head back and gave a low, howling groan.

“Don’t move,” he said. “God, if you move a fucking inch… I’ll blow my wad right now. Please, Suzi, just lay there! I want this feeling to last!”

Suzi was worked into such a frenzy, she found it next to impossible to obey. She bit her lower lip, waiting, hoping he would hurry. Maybe he wanted to prolong the agony, but she knew she couldn’t. Mercifully, after a couple of minutes, he resumed his fucking.

“Damn, this is so good,” he grunted. “SO fucking nice and tight and… don’t move!”

This time, however, Suzi couldn’t control herself. She wanted that delicious load of spume to come charging into her cunt, to soak up her insides with liquid fire. She jerked her hips up and down with rapid abandon, sucking his prick in and out of her hole as quickly as possible.

“No!” she gasped. “I… I can’t wait! I… I need it!” Her body buckled with agonized torture. “Fuck me! Goddamn you, fuck! FUCKKKKMEEEEE!”

“Ohhhh, Suzi!” Chad barked. “Why’d… you… do… UNHHHHH… THAT! I… I… UNHHHHH!”

They climaxed together in an almost rage-like passion, their bodies slamming together with loud smacking sounds. Chad’s cock exploded like a bomb, showering her insides with his thick, pentup release. Suzi’s pussy sucked and pulled on the fluid, gobbling it into the back of her cunt canal.

“OHHHHHHH!” they cried out in unison as they peaked, their pleasure almost bordering pain.

Finally, they relaxed, gasping for air, moaning into each other’s mouths. Chad shook his head, exhaustion in his expression.

“Why’d you do that?” he grunted. “It was feeling just perfect. I ought to slap the shit out of you. You little cum-hungry cunt, couldn’t wait, could you?”

“Right,” Suzi said. “Next question?”

“What am I going to do with you,” Chad said, giving her a long, wet kiss. A few seconds later he pulled his face away and looked at her for a long time. “You know,” he began, “lately I’ve begun to feel that you’re… well, older than you are. More mature, you know. In fact, at times, I feel like I’m even younger than you.”

“Well, I thought you liked older woman,” she grinned. “Take Beth, for instance.”

“No, you take Beth,” he said, pulling away and flipping her to her stomach. “I’m going to take you. Right in your rosy red asshole.”

“Remember to go easy,” she said, spreading her legs for him. “That big dick of yours is nice, but it’s about the size of a baseball bat!”

“Sorry, lady,” he replied. “I asked you a favor a couple of minutes ago, which you refused. So…”

“OH! MY… GOD!” Suzi screamed. When his prick slammed into her shitter with full force, she thought her asshole had ripped apart. “You’re… killing me! You… bastard!”

“Want me to stop?” he grunted, slamming the base of his cock into the rim of her shitter.

“No, Goddamn you! You know I don’t!” Her insides were on fire, a delicious mixture of pleasure and pain, torture and ecstasy. “Fuck me! Hurt me! Just… do it!”

Chad gave a sadistic grin and leaned forward. Holding the tops of her thighs, he yanked her fully apart and began hammering into her shitter like a crazed animal. Each powerful lunge brought a loud gasp from Suzi, whose head was now banging the headboard.

“Take it you little cock-licking cunt!” he barked. “Take every fucking inch in your guts and suck it up into your lungs!”

For Suzi it was the strangest sensation she had ever experienced. Each time his cock withdrew, she felt her ecstasy explode upward, almost in an orgasmic peak. But then when he plunged back in, the pain slapping her pleasure back down. It was frustrating and delicious at the same time, driving her emotions to the breaking point.

“Fuck me!” she groaned, now quivering with an ache, a dull throb that rippled into every muscle of her body. “Shove it in harder! God, harder!”

She reached under and grabbed his swinging balls. Holding them in her palms, she rubbed them over her pussy crack, touching her throbbing clit. The feeling was electric, sending jolts of pleasure up and down her slit canal. Her orgasm shot upward, unable to be stopped by anything now. It blossomed slowly, then blasted into her insides. Every muscle in her body became taut, stretching to the breaking point.

“AIEEEEEE!” she screamed, pursing her shitter muscles around his lunging cock.

Chad felt her shiver with another orgasm and increased his efforts. While he plowed in and out of her shitter, he thrust his hand between her legs, gouging his fist into her oozing pussy hole. Any other time it would have been but now she was completely yielding. Her cunt rim slipped up to his wrist, sucking and pulling on his arm like a mouth.

Another spasm of hot pleasure seared into Suzi’s guts when she felt her entire body being violated. She fell forward, now totally exhausted, allowing her brother to sling her around like a rag doll.

“Ready for some hot cum.” Chad grunted, feeling his prick swell painfully.

“I’m… I’m… OHHHH, BABY SISTER!” Suzi could only nod her head in response. Any other time she would have begun writhing, buckling beneath him when she felt that hot splash explode in her body. But now, she was simply too weak to move. It took great effort just to breathe. She felt Chad shove the last of his thick load into her shitter with a low groan, then collapse.

“Jesus,” he grunted, “I thought I’d be able to fuck all night long, but now I don’t know if I’m gonna make it! I feel like someone has yanked my guts out.”

“Oh, you won’t have to do anything at all,” Suzi said, gently pushing him off. Her energy returned as she thought about that big meaty cock of his. “I’ll just suck you all night while you lay there.”

She slipped her mouth around his withering shaft, trying to chew it back to life. Try as she would, however, it refused to grow. In fact, it got limper.

“You really must be tired,” she whispered, sitting back on her haunches. She looked at his face, noticing that his eyes were closed. “Chad?” she asked.

“Are you asleep?”

He didn’t answer, giving only a low snort. It was obvious he was done for the night. Suzi settled herself back between his legs and studied his cock. It was so big and wonderful, she thought. But then, I’ve only had two in my whole life.

Then she thought of Alex and sat back up.

“Good night,” she whispered to Chad as she got out of bed and slipped into her robe.

She left the room and walked down the hall, pausing before she went into Alex’s room. Finally, she entered, and looked around.

The room was typical of Alex. Neat, orderly lined with books. A hand-carved jade chess set was in one corner, in another, as if on display, were several models of atoms. She sat down in the one chair in the room and looked toward the bed, thinking of all the times he must have slipped between those sheets, thinking not of girls, but valences, atomic weights, theories of… whatever.

A soft noise interrupted her thoughts, like the closing of a door. Perhaps it was Alex, she thought. Chad was in no condition even to move. She pulled her knees up to her chin, her hands on her ankles and waited.

He opened the door and looked startled when he saw her. Then, as if he were alone, he began undressing. He stripped down to his shorts and pulled the covers back. Then, lying on his back, he stared at the ceiling. For Suzi, the silence was deafening. She felt compelled to speak, but something stopped her. At least he hadn’t told me to get out, she thought.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said finally. “About you… us.”


“Am I really the way you say I am?” he asked, as if still trying to convince himself of something.

“You don’t have to be,” she answered.

He looked over at her and studied her face for the longest time, then his lips spread in a wide grin.

“Come here,” he said.


Suzi removed her robe and moved to Alex’s bed. She pulled the sheet back, draping it around his ankles. For several moments she just looked at him, her body trembling with excitement as she took in each detail.

He looked like a Greek God, powerfully built, his skin as smooth as marble. Even motionless, he looked like a cat ready to pounce, every muscle defined. He was returning her gaze, his eyes filled with longing, unblinking.

“Come here,” he said, his voice just above a whisper. “Show me how to love you.”

She lay beside him, placing her right hand on the inside of his thigh, the other stretched over his well-developed chest.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered, his eyes devouring her luscious form. He touched her tits, swirling his fingertips over the taut, rubbery nipples. “I never realized before just how beautiful you are.”

He rolled to his side, studying her more carefully, as if memorizing each plane, each soft angle. He moved his hand down to her stomach until the heel of his palm slipped into the dark, silky patch of cunt hair. Leaning over, he pressed his mouth on hers, inching his hand further down to cup her firm mound of cunt. As he thrust his tongue between her teeth, he dug his middle finger into her slit.

“Oh, Alex!” Suzi murmured, feeling her insides become buttery. “Let me show you how good this can be.”

She pushed him to his back and squeezed between his legs, spreading them wider with her hands. Lowering her face, she pressed her lips to the underside of his cockhead, then bared her teeth. Gently, she pulled the loose skin back, inhaling the delicious musky aroma of dried piss and cum. She held the skin with her fingers, keeping the space open, and darted the tip of her tongue inside, lapping around the small indentation. The end of his prick reacted to her touch by ballooning, glistening a dark purple.

“Are… are you going to put it in your mouth?” he asked, his voice cracking.

Answering with action rather than words, she encircled his huge cockhead with her lips and slowly sank her mouth down to the full, meaty base. When her nose brushed into his crotch hairs, she pursed her lips tightly, then pulled upward, running her tongue around the shaft.

“Jesus, how do you do that?” he asked, clearly amazed that, such a small mouth could possibly take all he had to offer. “Where are you putting it, anyway?”

“In my throat,” she answered from the corner of her mouth. She gulped the entire length down once more. This time she pulled up more quickly. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Damn, it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had… except maybe earlier when it was in your pussy.”

“I’m going to suck you as best as I can, Alex,” she said, holding his cock with both hands, her mouth just a fraction of an inch from the ball of his cock, “and I want you to cum in my mouth. I’m going to suck you dry.”

“Go… ahead,” he murmured, bending his knees. He placed his hands behind her head, forcing her mouth back down on his prick. “Suck it, Suzi. Suck it all night long!”

Suzi gobbled down his dick now with more urgency, until her head was bobbing up and down, her forehead slapping against his stomach. She knew be must really be enjoying it because his knees were squeezing her shoulders as if she were in a vise. She could hear his soft moans, feel his breath on the top of her head. She cupped his balls and milked them, pulling them apart, rolling them over her cheeks.

“Fuck, that’s good!” he grunted, half-sitting, exerting more pressure on the back of her head. “Goddamn, little sister, suck just like that… unhhhhh… Jesus, you know how to do it!” He felt his nuts about to explode, his rumbling wad of sperm already squeezing into the base of his prod. “I’m… I’m… getting close,” he gasped. “Fuck, suck it, you little cocksucker, suck it!”

Although Suzi was trying to give her entire concentration on pleasing him, she found it difficult to ignore the hot spasms of pleasure that began to drill into her cunt. She rubbed her thighs together, stimulating her clit. Without warning, a massive convulsion of ecstasy stormed up and down her cunt canal, exploding under the folds of skin that surrounded the top of her pussy. She froze for a second, then began sucking wildly, each inward stroke giving her new peaks of pleasure. Only a couple of seconds later, she felt his prick burst to ram-rod stiffness, the end of his dick jerking furiously.

“Oh… yes!” Alex cried out. “Suck… UNHHHHHH!”

Suzi felt another hot flash of delicious ecstasy when the first tremendous gush of sperm slapped into the back of her throat. She gulped it down quickly, feeling it sear into her body, just behind her tits. Almost immediately another quick spurt shot from the end of his prick, filming up her tongue, the insides of her cheeks, behind her nose.

“MMMMMMMMM!” she gurgled, lapping hungrily on each steamy, volcanic-like glob.

Alex turned his head sideways to get a better view of her cocksucking. He watched her lips move up and down his shaft, leaving a glistening stream of his release. Several milky wads spurted from under her lips, dribbling onto his nuts, into his crotch hairs. He slipped his hands down her back and cupped her ass, jerking her entire body forward, crushing her face into his loins.

“Damn you!” he spat, running his mouth over the back of her neck. “Suck… it… ALL.”

When he pumped in the last of his huge load, he flinched, crushing her harder into his body. He held her like this for several seconds, enjoying the way his prick throbbed over her tongue, then slowly released his grasp. He fell back panting.

“Whew!” he whistled. “I think you sucked out my guts!”

Suzi pulled her hands up his shaft, releasing a thick glob of cum that lay hidden in his cum-tube. It squished from the end of his cock, then oozed down to his foreskin. She licked it into her mouth with the tip of her tongue, then spewed it between her teeth. Mixing it with spit, she leaned her head back, letting it glide into her throat.

“You’ve got the best tasting cum,” she said, her voice greasy from the residue of his climax.

“What does it taste like?” he asked.

“Why don’t you kiss me and find out?” she asked.

“Uh, no thanks,” he said. “Just tell me.”

“It’s creamy and kinda salty and… oh, I don’t know, just delicious. I could drink a quart of it!”

“Could we… that is, uh, could we do what we did before?” he asked. “You know… fuck?”

“Sure,” she said, sitting back on her haunches. “I’d planned on that. As a matter of fact, don’t plan on getting any sleep at all, plan on riding this cock for a long time.”

He grabbed her, trying to push her to her, back, but she resisted, “Fuck me doggy-style,” she said, turning, facing the foot of the bed. She wiggled her ass in his face and turned her head, grinning. “Like this.”

When Alex saw her cute, rounded ass, he felt a new rush of pleasure in his balls. He quickly knelt behind her and aimed the end of his cock between her thighs. His shafts slipped easily, piercing through the tunnel of sucking, hugging muscle. A warm, oozing fluid bathed him, making it feel almost like it did when she was sucking him.

“Goddamn,” he grunted, “you’re so tight and hot! Are all girls this way?”

“I don’t know,” she answered, “you’ll have to fuck all girls and find out. But right now, fuck this girl! Come on, Alex, fuck me hard!”

Like all mild-mannered men, when aroused they seem to become animals, surpassing the passion of their more demonstrative brothers. Alex was no exception. He began drilling his prick into his sister’s pussy like it was the last one on earth and it might disappear any second.

“This way?” he grunted, his voice barely audible through the heavy grunts. “Am… I doing it right?”

“Yes!” Sad wailed, harder, able to believe she was about to climax so soon. “God, yes! Fuck me, oh big stud!”

Alex pounded into her guts as if in a rage, then a glint shown in his eyes. Quickly, he hopped off the bed, dragging Suzi with him until her knees almost slipped off the side. He yanked her apart violently and standing up, jammed his body forward while he slapped her ass against his stomach.

Suzi screamed with agonized release, never having been taken so brutally, so deliciously. As she slipped back and forth on the but, wave after wave of ecstasy tore into her pussy with grinding force. There was no way in heaven it could possibly get any better.

And then it did. When his cock exploded in a huge climax of gushing release, totally soaking up her insides, she screamed silently, her teeth chattering painfully.

“AIEEEEEEEE!” she finally bellowed, the sheets clenched in her hands until her knuckle were dead white.

“Oh… baby!” Alex cried out, digging in more of his orgasm. He felt his pleasure peak and fell forward, plowing his body into hers. “Yes, yes, yes,” he gasped, his mouth on her neck. “Unhhhh… fuck, yes!”

“God, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” she asked after a few seconds. “My pussy feels like hamburger!”

“I guess I got a little carried away,” he said, embarrassed, yet proud. “Sorry if I hurt you.”

“Alex, you can hurt me like that any day of the week,” she moaned.

“Well, what next?” he asked, holding her close, “I can’t believe it, but I’m ready to go again.”

“What would you like to do?” Suzi asked.

“Well, I don’t know,” Alex began, “I’ve never really thought about it before, but… is it possible, I mean, can I fuck your tits? I mean, do people do that?”

“If they don’t, they do now!” Suzi giggled.

Alex straddled her waist and leaned forward, holding his hands on the outsides of her breasts. Squeezing them together until the pink, throbbing nipples touched, he slipped his prick into the creamy valley. Since his cock was still slick with a greasy film of sperm, his shaft eased in and out with hardly any effort at all. And when he thrust completely forward, his cockhead nudged into his sister’s neck.

For Suzi it was still getting better and better. She was now licking and sucking in the stray wads of cum gathering the pools with her fingers. After her face and shoulders were completely clean, she held her tits with both hands. Drawing upward, she sucked the glob of cooling jism that lay between her nipples. As the liquid scared into her mouth an idea hit her.

“Roll over,” she gurgled, holding her head back to keep the fluid from oozing out of her mouth. “I’m going to lick out your asshole.”

Suzi locked her mouth around his asshole and thrust the mouthful of cum into the dark, hairy hole. A few seconds later, she sucked it back over her tongue. Tempted right then to gulp it down, she resisted, and spewed it once more into his shitter.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” she moaned, lapping it back out slowly. When her mouth was full once more, she wallowed the wads around on her tongue then swallowed it with a sigh. “Delicious!” she whispered, “shit-flavored cum!”

She placed her mouth back an his shiner and began running her tongue in and out, her body once more responding to her growing hunger. Her pussy ached, throbbed, wanting nothing more than a huge cock pumping in it, filling it full of more of this wonderful fluid.

Like an answer to her prayers, the bedroom door opened. Chad entered silently, looked at the two for several seconds, then grinned. He knelt behind Suzi and touched her squirming ass.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked. “That OK?”

“Oh yes!” Suzi grunted, recognizing his voice. “You fuck my ass while I suck out his!”

“Who’s that?” Alex murmured vaguely aware that someone had entered the room.

“It’s my other big-cocked brother,” Suzi grunted.

“Justin?” he asked.

“No, it’s Chad,” she said. “But it won’t belong before I get Justin to come around, too. Then I can have three big cocks!”

“Jesus, what does it take to satisfy you?” Chad said.

“Just fuck me,” Suzi answered, “and I’ll tell you when you’re getting close!”


Suzi reached between Alex’s legs and grabbed his cock with both hands. She jacked the thick shaft slowly while she worked her mouth around his cum-stained shitter.

“Hurry and fuck me,” she groaned to Chad who was kneeling behind her. “Shove that big dick in and ream me out!”

“Where do you want it, little sister?” he asked, spreading her thighs wider, aiming his cock inward.

“I don’t care,” she said, her voice trembling with urgency. “Just fuck me… unhhhhhhhh!”

As she spoke, Chad thrust his cock deeply into her churning pussy. The move was so quick, his dangling balls slapped upward, into the brush of hair just over her cunt. When she felt the hard, lunging cockhead slip into her canal, she dug her tongue fully into Alex’s asshole.

“God, that’s good,” she murmured, inhaling deeply. The heady aroma from the crack of her brother’s ass was, intoxicating. She jammed her tongue in and out with furious strokes until a painful throb centered in the back other throat. “Roll over,” she gasped, “let me have your cock again!”

Alex turned, spreading his legs. Hardly had he gotten in this new position before Suzi struck down at his crotch like an angry cobra. Her mouth was a vacuum, pulling the entire slab of cock into her throat with one suck.

“Goddamn, out little sister sure loves cock, doesn’t she?” Chad said to his brother, watching Suzi bob her head up and down over Alex’s crotch.

“I’m glad, too,” Alex whispered. “Damn, she’s one fine cocksucker. Go to it, Suzi! Suck it good! I’ll have some hot cum for you in a few seconds.”

Suzi shivered with anticipation. She couldn’t believe anything could be so wonderful. Two huge cocks inside her at the same time! One pumping away in her pussy, and one to chew on. Ripples of pleasure throbbed up and down her spine. She began humping backward wildly, stabbing her pussy around Chad’s cock for all she was worth.

“Faster!” she cried out from the corner of her mouth. “Gods fuck me harder! Jesus, shove it in as hard as you can!”

Chad obeyed happily, driving forward with every ounce of strength he could muster. And from his huge, hulking frame, it was a lot. Soon Suzi was being pummeled back and forth like a rag doll.

“Like this?” Chad grunted, hoping he could hold out long enough to phase her. His ass was a flesh-colored blur, every muscle in his body ribboned taut. “This… the way?”

“Mmmmmm.” Suzi gurgled, her passion mounting with violent spasms inside her pussy. She milked and pulled on Alex’s balls, trying desperately to let him to aim right then. She wanted a huge gush of sperm to blast into her throat the moment she climaxed.

Alex felt the hot urgency of her mouth almost driving him crazy. He threw his legs around her neck and locked his ankles together, cramming her face harder into his crotch. He began humping furiously upward, supporting his weight with his elbows.

“Goddamn you, you little cum-gargling cocksucker,” he gasped, “now, you’re fucking gonna get… it. I’m… I’m… F-FUCK! FUCK!”

Suzi almost got her wish, but not quite. Her orgasm hadn’t peaked when she felt the first throbbing mass of jism poke into the back of her throat. But the intensity of his climax seemed to inflame hers, immediately sending her into a thrashing fit of total, raw release. She screwed, her voice muffled over his plunging cock. As the air hissed from her lungs, it mixed with his steaming globs of cum and spewed from under her lips, showering his crotch.

“EEEEIIIIII!” she cried out, accepting more of his thick, greasy load. Part of it blasted upward, behind her nose and oozed from her nostrils. The rest of it churned around his shaft, dividing itself, half going into her throat, the other blasting into her cheeks.

Barely had she even realized the fantastic pleasure of what was happening when her pussy exploded with Chad’s orgasm. Nothing could have possibly been better, she thought. Having two hot, lava-like rivers of jism smacking into her body from each end. She climaxed again and again until her body finally went limp.

“Baby, baby, baby,” Chad whispered, leaning over her back. “You’ve… got such a… fine… hot… unhhhh… pussy!”

They lay molded together for several moments, their bodies slowly relaxing. Finally, when Chad pulled away, Suzi fell to her side, letting Alex’s prick glide out of her mouth. She smacked her lips, still savoring the flavor of his cum as it filmed the insides of her cheeks.

“More cock,” she whispered, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

“Damn, this little lady has a tapeworm for dick,” Chad said. “She fucked you out yet?” he asked Alex.

“Not quite,” he admitted. “Seems like when I think it’s the last time, she does something else to me and it’s like the first time all over.”

“So she won you over,” Chad said.

Everything had seemed so natural, so normal, it hadn’t even occurred to Alex that what they had done was, to say the least, rather unusual. He tried to analyze the situation, looking from his sister to his brother. He gave up finally, shrugging his shoulders. When something feels that good, why question it? Any guilt he might have had was spent like his withering cock.

“Yep,” he answered, “she won me over.” He leaned over and kissed the inside of her neck. “Hey, sister, want to win me over again?”

“She’s gonna take care of me,” Chad said quickly. “She and I had a bet. And my ol’ cock isn’t gonna see the light of day for a long time. Isn’t that right, Suzi?”

“I think I can take care of both of you,” she said. “Or rather, you two can take care of me. I want both of you to fuck me at the same time. I’d love to have a dick in my pussy and one in my asshole at the same time.” She closed her eyes and grinned. “Then, if I only had one to suck on…” she added dreamily.

“Well, until such time,” Chad said, pulling her over on top of his body, “let me shove my dick right… unh… here.”

Suzi felt his cock slip inside her with one quick motion. Her pussy entrance was hugging the thick base, stretching her tight rim to the breaking point. She rubbed the insides of her thighs over the two, hairy nuts, shivering to the touch.

Alex watched his sister’s pussy gulp his brother’s prick down like a mouth. Just seeing the meat disappear completely made his own dick spring to life. He crawled over and positioned himself between their legs, nudging them apart. He spread Suzi’s ass cheeks wide with his thumbs and leaned forward, dragging the end of his meat upward over her silky smooth skin.

“You sure you can take two cocks at the same time?” he asked, wondering where the hell she was putting even one. He wasn’t small by any means, and Chad was even bigger.

“Yes,” Suzi answered, “I know I can. Just hurry and fuck me. Push it in hard! Fuck me together.”

Alex nuzzled his cockhead into the crack of her ass and thrust forward. Immediately his shaft sank inside her, wrapped in a delicious, sucking warmth. When the base of his prick burned into the rim of her shitter, he leaned forward, placing his mouth on the back of her neck.

“Ohhhhh!” Suzi gasped, thundering sensations of pleasure searing into her body. She could almost see the cocks as they lay inside her, separated only by a thin membrane. The ends of their pricks throbbed together, squeezing her guts upward. “Yes!” she moaned, running her mouth over Chad’s shoulder. “This is so… good! And so much cock. They feel like they might come out of my mouth!”

For several moments they lay like that, locked together. Then finally, the boys began a slow, rhythmic fucking, pushing their cocks in and out of her hot, sucking holes. As they increased the momentum of their thrusts, they began to vary slightly, one shoving in, while the other withdrew.

“Oh God!” Suzi groaned, he body flinching. “I never knew it would be this good! My cunt is so hot!”

Chad could attest to that fact. As his prick plunged in and out of the dark, greasy hole, her oozing juices buttered up his shaft, causing sloshing sounds. His nuts were already covered with a delicate film from the hot liquid that bubbled around the base of his prod.

“Take it, you little cock lover,” he grunted. “We’re going to fuck you until you stay fucked.”

“Yes sir, baby sister,” Alex whispered, chewing down on her neck and shoulders, “you’re gonna get a cum bath you won’t ever forget. I’m gonna load up this asshole of yours so full of cum it’ll squirt out your ears!”

“Shoot off together,” Suzi whispered.

She had hardly gotten the words out before she was sandwiched between two hard, thrusting bodies. Both boys felt their lust grow each time they drilled into her body, but somehow a mental telepathy was taking place. When he felt his nuts about to explode, he slowed down, waiting for Chad to get closer. Then, as his brother increased the speed of his fucking, he again lunged in, trying to get the timing perfect. It was something they all wanted, this first time. To shoot off together, to share the same orgasm.

“You about to shove her full… of cum, Alex?” Chad winced. “I… I don’t know if I can hold back… much longer.”

“I’m glad,” Alex answered, “I’m so close I… UNHHGGG!”

When his thundering release slammed into Suzi’s shitter, she felt an identical sensation deep inside her pussy. She opened her mouth to scream, but only a hissing rattle escaped her lips. Every bit of strength was devoted to one thing, the hot, stabbing surges of climax that tore into her guts.

“Oh… yes, you little cum-hungry whore,” Alex groaned, emptying the last of his climax into her shitter, “take it… all. Right up to your fucking brains!”

Long after the boys had stopped blasting into her holes, they kept fucking, hardly slacking their moves at all. Suzi’s body seemed to suck like a mouth, keeping them hard, their pricks throbbing deliciously. Alex was the first to relax, slipping to his side, pulling Suzi with him.

“Now… I’m fucked out,” he grunted.

“Me too,” Chad said, rolling to his side also, keeping his sister sandwiched between their bodies. “I don’t think I could get it up if you put my nuts in your mouth and hummed the Star Spangled Banner!”

Suzi giggled, wondering if she should take him at his word and try it. Instead, she lay there and ran her fingers over their anus, enjoying the subsiding throbs of ecstasy that rippled near the base of her spine.

“I’m hungry,” Alex said. “We got anything to eat?”

Suzi pushed them away and sat between them, each hand on a hot, cum-stained cock. She licked one, then the other, lapping down the stray pools of jism.

“I’ve got all I want to eat right here,” she smacked, pursing her lips around a thick glob of semen. “Mmmmm, I could live on this stuff.”

“Don’t tell me… you’re ready to go again,” Chad said, wondering where she got the energy.

“Then I won’t tell you,” his sister answered, straddling their knees and pushing them closer together. “I’ll just show you.”

She lowered her face as she pushed both cocks together, molding the four balls into each other with the heels of her palms. She ran her tongue between the two, half-hard shafts of meat, regretting the fact that she couldn’t possibly fit both of them into her throat at the same time. Taking them separately, she sucked and chewed them back to life.

“Jesus,” Alex moaned, “even if you do suck me again, I doubt if I can shoot off. I’m fucking dry as the desert.”

“Maybe so,” Suzi said softly. “Let’s find out.”

She began sucking quickly, going from one cock to the other, until both slabs of prod were glistening with spit. When her jaws began to ache, she pulled away and jacked them. She did it together at first, then began pulling in a milking motion, yanking one up while she pushed the other down.

Neither Chad nor Alex thought there was a chance in hell to satisfy her hunger at first. But as her obvious urgency expressed itself with her half-glazed eyes and her gaping jaw, they felt a need to please her, or at least to try. After a few moments of bucking their hips upward, they found it rather easy to let themselves go.

“I don’t fucking believe this,” Chad grunted, feeling a painful throb in his nuts. Sperm was collecting once more, churning upward with hard, jerking pressure. The base of his cock was swelling, relaxing the tiny muscle that blocked his cum-tube.

Suzi could tell from the ballooning size of their dicks that they were getting just as excited as she was. She increased her efforts until her elbows felt like they were on fire. And if they hadn’t shot off when they did, she knew her arms would have fallen off.

“I’m almost there,” Alex whispered, placing his left hand on her head. “You want to suck it out? If there is any?”

When they left for the kitchen, she lay back and thought about seducing her other brother. How would she go about it? He was still pretty young, probably curious, but not into sex. She would enjoy teaching him.

She would make sure that Chad and Alex were out of the house tomorrow night, so she could be alone with Justin. Just the two of them. First, she would go into his room, and then [missing text].

As her plan unfolded, she felt her pussy throb once more, wanting a big, hard cock pounding away inside it. She raised herself on her elbows and called out.

“Hurry up!” she said. “I’m getting lonely in here!”

She thought she heard two groans from the kitchen. She lay back down and grinned, ready to make a long night of it.

A few moments later, the boys returned, laden down with food, and large glasses of milk. They sat on the bed and offered some to Suzi.

“I told you I have all I could eat right here,” she said. “Now you boys hurry up and set strong again, because you’re not going to leave this bed any more tonight.”

“I think she’s serious,” Alex said.

“I know she is,” Chad replied.

But neither fully realized exactly how serious she was until the following morning when they dragged out of bed.


With Alex and Chad safely, out of the house, Suzi was in the process of making herself as attractive as possible for Justin. She had taken a long, leisurely bath and now sat at her vanity, applying a pale shade of orange lipstick. The plum-colored, tight dress showed off her figure to its best advantage, especially the low-cut bodice. As she brushed on just a hint of emerald-green eye shadow, she heard the front door open and close.

When she didn’t hear his usual noisy entrance, she cocked her head to one side. It was so unlike Justin not to bellow out a, “I’m home! What’s to eat?” followed by a few appropriate crashes as he threw a basketball into the closet, tripped over a couple of chairs. He was at an awkward age, his body growing much faster than his balance could manage, and not the height of grace.

Suzi stood up and walked to the door. Still waiting for some familiar sound, she opened the door and peered out. She was about to call his name when she heard a definite feminine voice, followed by laughter. How many voices? Three at least, she knew. Now dejected because her plans would be postponed — she couldn’t possibly put the make on him if he had a whole room full of friends — she started to go back into her room. Then she heard it.

“Oh, Justin, your cock is just as big as Jim’s!” the girlish voice cried out.

Suzi stopped in her tracks. Surely she had heard wrong! The girl couldn’t have possibly said…

“Just think, two great big dicks to fuck,” the voice said. “Hurry! My pussy is on fire.”

Totally confused, Suzi padded down the hallway and stood outside Justin’s door. She heard the bed squeak, and the obvious sounds of sex. With her heart in her throat, she touched the doorknob and opened the door.

For several seconds the three writhing people on the bed weren’t even aware that Suzi had entered, giving her the chance to see enact what was happening. And what was happening almost made her knees buckle.

A young girl was lying on her stomach, supporting herself with her knees. She had her face plastered on Jim’s crotch, gobbling on his cock like it was the last one on earth. Behind her, and on his knees, his hips thrusting back and forth, was her brother, Justin, his huge prick fully embedded in the girls cunt. His large hairy balls were swinging back and forth between her thighs, gently slapping upward with each inward lunge.

“Damn, this is good,” Justin whispered, hammering his dick in a little quicker, “you’ve got the best piece of ass I ever fucked.”

The girl gave a low groan, her mouth smacking furiously on the other boy’s prod. Her small hands were massaging and kneading his nuts, rolling them around on her cheeks.

“She sure sucks cock good, too,” Jim grunted looking down at the girl, “Just like that, Debby,” he whispered, his hands on the back of her head, “you’re doing it just great… all the way in that little cocksucking throat of…”

He looked up and saw Suzi. Surprised and unable to speak, he shot Justin an quick glance and cleared his throat. Justin followed his friend’s gaze and saw Suzi, his chin dropping in shock. He drilled his prick into the girl’s box a few more times, then slowed down, as if he couldn’t control his body. He pulled away and stood up, facing Suzi, blabbering incoherently at first, his hands shaking.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” he spluttered, “I mean, uh, I, uh, can explain I…”

Suzi didn’t mean to embarrass him by not responding, but she, herself, was just as shocked. She looked at her brother, hardly even aware of the other two. He was standing there, his legs slightly parted, his gigantic cock bobbing up and down as if being pulled by an invisible string. His dark blue eyes were wide, almost vacant. The hair around his stiff cock was the same color as the sandy brown, curly mat that surrounded his angular face.

“It not going to tell Mom and Dad,” Justin said, his voice trembling, “are you? God, Dad would knock the shit out of me and…”

“I’m not going to tell anyone,” Suzi said finally. Then thanking her good luck, she held out her right hand. “But I would like to talk to you for a few minutes.”

“W-what are you going to do?” the girl said from the bed, her expression also uncertain.

“The same thing you’re doing,” Suzi answered. Then to Justin, “Want to fuck your sister?”


“Let’s leave them for a while,” she said, taking his hand in hers, “and get to know each other better.” She turned to the girl on the bed. “And don’t you worry, I’ll send him back as soon as I’m finished with him. I’m not taking him away from you permanently.” Then she looked at Jim. He was rather short and stocky, blond and good looking. “Then maybe we can tradeoff. That is, if you wouldn’t mind fucking me, Jim?”

“Mind? Shit no!” he said, relief in his voice. Then he looked at her more carefully, taking in the projecting mounds of her tits, the rounded curve of her body, the silky black hair. “I wouldn’t mind at a bit,” he whispered.

Although still confused, Justin allowed himself to be pulled from the room and down the hall. When they entered his sister’s room, Suzi pushed him to the bed and began undressing. She did it slowly, sensuously, looking him straight in the eye the whole time. From they way his cock was swelling and patting his stomach, it was more than apparent he was getting excited.

“My God, Suzi,” he whistled, when she was fully naked. I never knew you looked like that, or I would have.

“Would have what?” she asked, kneeling on the bed beside him, her pussy just inches from his face.

“This,” he grunted, pushing her to her back and crawling between her legs. He gobbled down on her tits for several seconds, then ran his mouth down to her pussy. He spread the loose folds of skin that haloed her opening, and dug his tongue into the puckered, oozing opening. “God, this!” he moaned, cupping and squeezing her ass with both hands.

Suzi gave a yelp of pleasure when she felt the tip of his tongue curl upward, gliding over the top of her curt canal. His teeth were scraping over her clit, making it throb deliciously. She spread her legs wider and arched her back.

“Oh, Justin!” she groaned, wrapping her legs around his shoulders, “you suck pussy so good! God, it’s almost as good as fucking!”

“Mmmmmmmm,” Justin agreed, driving his tongue in and out with growing urgency. The clear drops of pussy juice glistened on his chin and the tip of his nose. “What a nice little pussy you have,” he moaned.

Whether it was the speed that all this had taken place with or the fantastic way he was eating her cunt, Suzi didn’t know, but she was now getting hotter than a firecracker. Already her pussy was rippling with an oncoming orgasm.

“Eat me,” she cried out. “Oh, Justin, chew up my pussy and swallow it!”

Justin was rooting around between her legs as his own pleasure mounted quickly. His nuts felt like they were on fire, completely filled with a throbbing, churning mass of cum. He couldn’t wait to ram his cock into this little pussy and shove it right up into her guts. He would have done it right then and there, but the ache in his throat was almost overpowering. He lapped and sucked eagerly, pulling her rubbery, swollen clit between his teeth. Somehow it gave him as much pleasure as it did Suzi, knowing he was driving her wild with ecstasy.

“Yes! Yes! God, yes!” Suzi screamed. Her pussy exploded with a furious spasm of raw release. The rim of he cunt opening locked around his probing tongue, drawing him fully inside her canal. “UNHHHHHHH. LICK IT! EAT ME!”

She humped upward with furious pumps until she could take the torture no longer. Quickly, she flipped him to his back and straddled his shoulders, shoving her full weight against his mouth. She leaned forward, her face contorted in what looked like agony, jerking her hips up and down, digging his tongue into her pussy as hard as possible. Another searing ripple of release tore into her body.

Her orgasm had peaked and was slowly subsiding when she felt Justin sit up, throwing her to her back. For a split second she felt empty when his tongue pulled from her box, but it was almost immediately filled with a huge slab of throbbing cock. The movement shoved her orgasm back up to peak level, making her writhe with total pleasure.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Justin grunted, “I just couldn’t hold back any long. I had… to… unhhhhh… fuck this little pussy of yours!”

“Yes!” she cried out. “Fuck me! Ram that big hard cock in me and fuck me to pieces!”

Justin was doing exactly that. His hands were gripping the insides of her thighs, pulling her legs wide apart, his hips working like a jackhammer, blasting into her cunt. His face was between her tits, his tongue running around the silky mounds like an angry snake.

“Take it, you little whore,” he winced, knowing he couldn’t last much longer. Suzi’s pussy was just too fucking delicious and tight! The base of his prick was already throbbing painfully, just barely able to hold back the huge pressure in his balls.

Suzi lifted her legs and placed her feet on his shoulders, positioning her knees so they held his head like a vise. Holding his head with both hands for added support, she began hammering her cunt upward, sucking and pulling on his lunging cock. This way he seemed even bigger, thicker, totally filling her insides. More spasms of climax ripped into her body with the power of a punching fist. She screamed and panted, her eyes shut tightly, hoping this ultimate feeling would never end.

It didn’t end, it only got better. When she thought that pure ecstasy was what she felt, she shrieked when the first blasting globs of sperm shot into the back of her cunt.

“Now, you little cockhound,” Justin grunted loudly. “Take a big dick full of cum! Take it! Goddamn you, you fucking cocksucker… TAKE IT! UNHHHHHHHHH!”

While his prick exploded with a huge blast of boiling jism, he felt her cunt tighten even harder around his spearing shaft, drawing the fluid further inside her hole. Then as the liquid accumulated, finding no more room, it began sloshing around his cock, spewing from under her pussy lips. Thick, steaming streams of cum gushed between her legs, smearing up her asshole.

“UNH! UNH! UNH!” Suzi chanted, her voice echoing the hard thrusts of orgasm that riddled her body. It seemed as though the sensations would never end, she would remain like this forever, a writhing mass of climaxing flesh.

Finally, Justin hammered in the last of his tremendous load and crushed his full weight forward, grinding the base of his cock into her tiny, cum-soaked hole. He held himself there for several moments while he sucked and pulled on her nipples with his teeth and lips, then slowly relaxed.

Suzi’s cunt was still buzzing with pleasure even when he rolled to his side, his long prod still halfway inside her box. She turned with him, forcing it back in, and dropped her right hand between them. She kneaded his vibrating balls with her fingertips, feeling the sticky texture of his release. She kissed his open mouth and ran the tip of her tongue over his teeth.

“Where’d you learn to fuck like that?” she murmured. “God, you’re like a machine!”

“I was about to ask you the same question,” Justin laughed. “Jesus I’ve had pussy in my day, but… now I’ve had pussy!”

They kissed more passionately, their lust returning. Justin began thrusting his cock in and out quicker now, molding himself to his sister’s body. And just when it was getting good, the door opened. Jim locked at them and smiled, his hungry eyes on Suzi’s ass.

“You guys ready to switch partners?” he asked. “Not really,” Justin said, stopping all movement. He looked at his sister and grinned. “How about you? You want to fuck this creep?”

Suzi looked at Jim, her glance lingering on his half-hard cock. It was huge, and she wandered how big it would be when it got rock-hard. But, she also wanted to keep fucking her brother. On the other hand, she hadn’t ever fucked anyone but her brothers. Then she grinned. What a delicious decision, she thought.

“I need someone… now!” Debby called out from Justin’s room. “Justin? Jim? Someone!”

“Go to her,” Suzi told her brother, “She sounds like she’s about to climb the walls.”

“You don’t mind?” he asked.

“Not if Jim is half as good as he looks,” she said.

“Better,” the boy said with a wry grin.

“Well get over here and let me be the judge of that,” she said. Then to Justin, “We’ll be in there in a few minutes and take up where we started.”

After he left, she held her arms out and pulled Jim down on the bed.

“Mmmmmmm, nice,” she whispered, commenting both on his good looks and the touch of his cockhead against her stomach. “Now, you ready to show me just how good you are?” she asked.

“How about showing me instead,” he said, brushing his lips over her mouth. “These lips of yours look just like they were made far sucking cock.”

“Believe me, they were,” she whispered. “You just hang on, little boy, I’m gonna suck you so dry you’ll blow away in the first wind!”


Suzi nestled herself between Jim’s thighs and lowered her face to the cum-stained crotch. As her lips neared the acrid-smelling, half-bent cock, she felt a ripple of pleasure race up and down her spine. She darted her tongue out, licking around his foreskin, causing his cockhead to swell, glistening in the dim light of the room. She cupped his balls, spreading them, able to feel the tiny vibration of a thick, creamy load of cum.

“Come on, suck it,” Jim urged. “I like to feel it get hard in a chick’s mouth.”

Suzi gulped the full length of his shaft over her tongue and pursed her lips around the meaty base. He was right, it did feel good to have it balloon, slowly inching toward the back of her throat. She slipped her mouth upward a few inches, then gobbled back down. His meat grew a little stiffer, squeezing into her cheeks, against the roof of her mouth.

“That’s just fine,” the boy grunted, bending his legs. He draped his feet around her neck and pulled her head closer into his crotch. “Now… just let me have a nice, long suck job.”

Somehow, Suzi knew instinctively that he would want to be tantalized, suffer the agony of waiting to cum in her mouth. She began doing exactly that, moving her mouth, up and down his shaft so slowly, that to the casual observer, it would appear that she was hardly moving at all. She could tell she was doing it right, however, from the way his cockhead began throbbing.

“That’s it,” he grunted, “baby, you’ve fucking got it down right! I like it this way so much… God, it’s heaven!”

Suzi didn’t know how long she’d he able to keep this up, since her pussy was still rippling with pleasure from the wild sex she and her brother had had. She concentrated totally on his enjoyment, trying to ignore the horrible itch in the back of her cunt.

Jim looked down, enjoying the sight of what she was doing almost as much as the tight, warm feeling her mouth gave him. And from the glazed expression in her half-closed eyes, he wondered which of them would break the slow rhythm of her sucking. He had a feeling it would be himself from the way his balls were tightening up, his cum churning like the lava in a volcano before it erupts.

Suzi ran her fingers down the backs of his thighs, to the hot, hairy crack of his ass. Gently, she nudged her fingertips over the bud of his shitter, feeling him flinch slightly. She arched her back, making her tits jut forward. Using her right hand to guide it, she nudged her nipple into the dark hole.

“Goddamn, what’s that?” Jim whispered, never having experienced this sensation before.

Suzi didn’t answer, but instead, merely drove her finger deep into his shitter. When it lodged fully inside, she felt his muscles purse around it, trying to pull it further into his canal. She bared her teeth, gently chewing around the base of his cock, her bottom lip brushing over the top of his nuts.

“God… you sure know what the fuck you’re doing,” Jim winced. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!”

Suzi was thinking exactly the same thing. Her pussy was spasming hard, forcing a hot film of cunt juice to the insides of her thighs.

“Faster,” Jim said finally, his voice pleading. “God, suck it! Come on, you little cocksucking whore, suck fast now!”

Suzi needed absolutely no encouragement. She jammed her nails into the taut muscles of his ass and pushed his hips upward. At the same time she dug her head between his legs, gobbling his cock into the back of her throat. Immediately, she withdrew, then plunged back down. She began repeating this until her forehead started slapping his stomach, her chin plowing between his nuts.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” Jim groaned, his eyes closed in ecstasy. He slipped his feet from her shoulders to her back and locked her head between his thighs, then pulled her to one side. He began humping his body back and forth, increasing his grip around her neck. “Suck, you bitch!” he spat. “Suck my dick right into your fucking stomach!”

Perhaps because they had been going so slowly before, and now with such intensity, was the reason Suzi’s body reacted so violently to his assault. Or, perhaps it was, the idea that soon she would be tasting her first cum from someone who wasn’t her brother. Whatever it was, though, made her shiver like she never had before. She began sucking as hard as possible, meeting him move for move. Soon the room was filled with loud smacking, gurgling sounds as his cock slipped in and out of her mouth with each brutal pump.

“You… ready?” Jim winced, totally engulfing her head and shoulders with his writhing body. “Get… get that cocksucking throat open for some… some… UNH! UUNHHHHHH!”

The first blast from his cock was unbelievably powerful, burning into her throat like acid. She tried gulping it down, but another quick jerk of sperm shot from the end of his prick, making her choke on the huge, bubbling mass. A creamy stream of jism poured from under her lips, rolling down her cheeks and onto his balls.

“Ahhhmmmmm!” she gurgled, at last able to swallow some of the boiling liquid. As it seared downward, it brought waves of pleasure that darted into her guts. A massive ripple of orgasm tore into her pussy, starting at the back of her canal and storming forward. A split-second later, it exploded around her entrance, making her clit throb painfully. She jammed her thighs together, trying to relieve some of the pressure. She gave a low moan once more, her entire mouth now full of his spewing juices.

Jim sloshed his cock in and out with even wilder strokes as his climax peaked, thrusting out the bulk of his load. For a second he tried to remember when anyone had made him feel this good, with a mouth or a pussy, and couldn’t. This little girl could make a million dollars the way she sucks!

“This is… is… the last,” he grunted, pumping his final glob of cum into her mouth. He held her tightly for several more seconds before slowly relaxing, letting his leg fall to the bed. “Goddamn,” he moaned softly, “you are one fine cocksucker.”

Suzi finished washing him clean until his crotch glistened with spit. She lapped her tongue around her lips and chin as she sat up, wondering how it was possible for anything to taste so good. She eyed his cock longingly, wishing there were more.

“Have a lot of girls sucked you off?” she asked. “Oh, a few,” Jim answered modestly. “But not the way you do. You sure could give Debby some lessons. I mean, she’s good, but you’re… fantastic!”

“I think that would be fun,” she said. “You want to go join them now?”

“Naw,” he said, “I got a couple more ideas I want to try on you first.”

“Anything you want,” she said with a wicked grin.

“Then, how about letting me ream out that little shitter of yours?”

“You won’t hurt me, will you?” she asked playfully.

“Yep,” he said, flipping her to her stomach. He pushed her legs apart and leaned forward. “I’m gonna hurt you so fucking good…”

Suzi wiggled her ass when she felt his cockhead slip into her crack. Knowing that his thick cock would probably kill her if he went too fast, she slipped her hand under her body and blocked the entrance.

“What the fuck you doing?” Jim asked, meeting the resistance.

“Say please,” she said.

“OK… please!” he grunted, thrusting hard. His prick slipped between her fingers, pushing her hand down to her pussy. The end of his dick pierced brutally into her shitter.

“Oh!” Suzi cried out, trying to relax her constricted muscles. “That… hurts!”

“I know,” Jim winced, “Doesn’t it feel… great?”

Suzi exhaled loudly, emptying her lungs entirely of air. Somehow it made it better, relieving some of the pressure in her guts. She worked her shitter rim around the base of his cock and took a few quick gasps.

“Mmmmmmm, yes!” she murmured, “that’s much… better!”

“I’ll say,” the boy said, his eyes closed, enthralled with the sucking sensation that surrounded his prick. “Jesus, anywhere I fuck you is so good!”

“Are you going to fuck my pussy, too?” Suzi asked, feeling her hole swell from the size of his meat in her asshole.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass and your pussy at the same time,” he answered, withdrawing his cock from her shitter and plunging it deeply into her cunt.

Suzi thought she’d go crazy from the pleasure that seared into her body. This was something in her inexperience that she’s never even thought of. She’d have to try it on Alex. She felt Jim’s cock tear from her pussy and lunge back into her asshole. A soft moan escaped her lips.

“You ever had it this way?” the bay asked, now shoving in and out of both holes with such force, it seemed to Suzi that he had two cocks.

“No,” she moaned, barely able to muster the strength to answer. “Just… fuck me, you stud, fuck me… hard!”

Jim held her hips tightly with his large hands, digging his fingers into her soft flesh until his knuckles turned white. He cleaned forward, his mouth slack with lust, nuzzling his lips up her back.

“Suck my tits,” Suzi whispered, turning slightly to her side. “Fuck me and suck me all over!”

Jim jammed his head under her arm and locked his mouth around her tit, chewing savagely on the upturned, throbbing nipple. And the more he sucked, the greater his intensity became, until he was hammering into her body like a mad man. He tried holding back, wanting to prolong this feeling for as long as possible, but it was useless. The base of his cock was jerking painfully, already wet with the steam from his balls.

“I can’t… hold out much longer,” he gasped. “You ready for some… UNH… BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Suzi was so accustomed to pleasure by this time that when her orgasm hit her, it only defined the ecstasy she was experiencing. Her pussy tube contracted, accepting the quick jerks of cum, then buzzed, hugging his plunging cock like a mouth. Her ass canal was now flooded with sperm, some of it trickling out, smearing up the insides of her thighs.

Jim gave a few more quick punches, then relaxed, falling forward. His breath was hot on her neck, his groans satisfied and happy. He slipped his hands under her arms and held her tits squeezing the nipples between his thumbs and middle fingers.

“Fine, fine,” he whispered. “Baby, you are so fucking good I don’t believe it.”

“You ready to go again?” Suzi asked. “I think I could do this all night long.”

“I’ll do it ’til I drop,” he grinned. “But something tells me you could outlast five just like me.”

“Five, huh?” Suzi mused, then thought of her brother in the other room. She wondered what he was doing to Debby, and how she was liking it. “I’ll settle for two,” she said. “Come on, let’s see what’s happening in the other room.”

Just then they heard a loud moan coming from Justin’s room, followed by a loud crash. They bounced off the bed and hurried to the other room. What they saw made them both laugh.

Justin and Debby lay on the floor, obviously having fallen from the bed, knocking over a lamp. The lamp shade was on Justin’s bobbing ass, like a hat askew. Probably neither had even noticed anything had happened.

“I’ve heard of putting a lampshade on your head at a party, but this is ridiculous,” Suzi said.

They watched Justin ram his cock in and out of the girl with growing passion, his balls sliding over the insides of her thighs. After a few seconds, they saw Debby’s cunt explode with thick, gushing globs of sperm. They fucked wildly for quite a while, then collapsed in each other’s arms, their mouths locked together. Seeing her brother fuck another girl made Suzi tremble with anticipation. She couldn’t wait to be where she was, under that massive frame, having his gigantic prod blowing thick wads of cum into her pussy.

“Let’s fuck,” she said suddenly. “Come on, let’s tall fuck!”


When Suzi saw Debby’s cum-soaked pussy, a strange, but very exciting thought occurred to her. She wondered what boys liked so much about sticking their tongues in a pussy. Feeling very wicked, she decided to find out.

“Let me clean you out a little,” she said to the girl, pushing her onto the bed and spreading her legs. “If these two studs are going to fuck us all night, we’d better make some more room for their cunt.”

Debby was still glassy-eyed from the wild fucking Justin had given her and would have probably agreed to any suggestion. She placed her hands on Suzi’s lowering head and humped her cunt upward.

Suzi looked at the approaching cunt as if mesmerized, noticing the soft angles, the loose folds of skin that covered the girl’s clit, the reddish tunnel now coated with a delicious mixture of pussy juice and jism. She placed her thumbs at the crotch hairline and spread the hole wider, revealing more of the dark, sweet-smelling pit. A thick blob of jism dropped from the top of the canal, looking like a milky spider web.

“Oh God,” Suzi whispered, touching the tip of her tongue to the fluid. Sperm mixed with cunt juice was better than, anything she’d ever tasted! It burned into her mouth like acid, inflaming the back of her throat with hunger.

Slowly she began scooping the hot liquid out, almost swooning as it oozed over her tongue, filming up the back of her throat. And the best part of it was when she thought she had licked Debby clean, another stream rolled forward from the back of the girl’s cunt. Justin must have shot a whole gallon inside her, she thought. She wondered how far up his cock had gone, inching her tongue deeper inside.

Debby cried out with a low, gurgling moan when she felt Suzi’s mouth grow hotter, more urgent. She half-sat, pressing her hands on the back of Suzi’s head, driving her face harder into her crotch.

“Eat me,” she gasped. “Eat my pussy… that feels so good! Don’t ever stop!”

The boys decided to give the girl an entire tongue bath. Justin knelt over her stomach and latched his lips around her tits, gently nibbling down on the soft, yielding flesh. Jim lay at the foot of the bed and held the girl’s feet, pressing her toes into his mouth. He darted his tongue like a frightened snake, wetting her all the way up to her ankles.

Debby flinched, now panting as if she’d run a mile. It was like she was, in some creamy fluid while a million unseen tongues lapped over her body, washing her free of all exhaustion. About a minute after they had been doing this, she experienced a powerful, all-consuming climax. The ripples of ecstasy tore into her guts with hard, jerking throbs until she thought her backbone would snap.

“Don’t stop!” she begged. “God, don’t ever stop!”

She had hardly gotten the words out when her voice gurgled with a muffled scream. Justin had repositioned himself over her, his knees in her armpits. The end of his cock was stabbing between her lips, his nuts crawling up the hollow of her throat.

“Suck it, cunt,” he grunted, forcing in more of his meat. “Lick my big dick right into your cocksucking throat!”

Suzi looked up, through the gauzy forest of the girl’s cunt hair, watching her brother’s pumping ass. She reached up and grabbed his dangling balls with her right hand, milking them gently. Then gathering a thick glob of cum from Debby’s pussy, she inched her mouth upward to his dark, hairy crack. Locking her mouth around his asshole, she squeezed the hot liquid into his shitter, then sucked it back out. She repeated this a few times before returning to the girl’s puckered, spasming hole.

“Yes!” Suzi groaned, now tasting the delicious combination of sperm and pussy juice laced with the heady flavor of Justin’s slitter. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

While she renewed her efforts, each lick sending an ache into her throat, she felt Jim’s hands on her ass, his knees brushing against her ankles.

“Now I’m gonna get me some of this little pussy,” the boy grunted. He jerked his hips forward, driving the full length of his prick into Suzi’s churning, slicked-up hole. “Oh… fuck!” he grunted, leaning forward, “there ought to be a law against a cunt being this fucking tight!”

Suzi whimpered into Debby’s pussy when she felt the hard projection sink into her cunt. Never before had such a feeling ever occurred to her, having a pussy to suck on while getting her own pussy fucked!

“Fuck me!” she moaned, pushing her body back and forth to meet his hard lunges. “Goddamn you, fuck me!”

She reached up once more, this time digging her middle finger into Justin’s asshole, her little finger spreading the cum-filled nuts. The heel of her palm brushed over Debby’s nipples. The combination of these sensations, the hardness of the boys’ bodies, the silky texture of Debby’s flesh, the swelling inside her cunt, the locking muscle around her tongue, made her body explode with a shower of hard, pulsating throbs. She gave a silent scream of release that soon turned into a loud cry.

At the same time, Debby pumped her hips upward, sucking her pussy furiously around Suzi’s probing tongue, her entire body shivering with climax.

“AEIIIIII!” both girls yelled, their voices cracking with passion.

Debby’s scream was soon cut short by a thick gush of sperm from Justin’s hammering cock. The liquid splattered over her vocal cords, causing a choking, spluttering noise to spit from her lungs.

“Suck it,” Justin whispered, driving his body a little faster forward. “Goddamn you, suck every fucking drop!”

Suzi knew that her brother was gouging his orgasm into the girl’s throat and had an overwhelming desire to throw him to his back and get her share too. Before the desire became too powerful a temptation, however, she felt a delicious explosion in her pussy as Jim drilled his climaxing prick deeply into her guts.

“Now!” he grunted, bouncing back and forth, shoving in more of his release. “Take… it, you cum-lover! Damn you, take it in your hot, little pussy!”

Suzi and Debby climaxed over and over as the boys dug their cocks into their bodies, until they all finally lay there in a heap, like a littler of sleeping puppies. Pleasure still swept into their bodies, but the throbs came more slowly now, like a soft heartbeat.

When Justin rolled off Debby and onto his back, Suzi squirmed upward, rubbing her tits over the girl’s stomach, then finally crushed them over the hard, rubbery nipples. She lapped her tongue into the hollow of Debby’s throat for several seconds, then darted it over her chin and between the girl’s lips. Their cunts were vibrating together, their clits pulsating with a hew life.

“Let’s pussy fuck,” Suzi moaned, humping her crotch over Debby’s slick, steamy cunt.

The boys watched the girls mold their bodies together, their mouths and cunts completely enmeshed in each other until they couldn’t take it any longer. With a quick nod of the head, the boys made a silent agreement and positioned the girls so that they lay on their sides, still locked in a passionate embrace.

“Mmmmmm?” Suzi moaned, only vaguely aware that she’d been moved.

“You two go right ahead,” Jim said, “we’re gonna fuck out your shitters while you pussy fuck.”

Both girls flinched immediately with just the idea of that. They began humping together savagely, as if trying to savor one last moment together before the hard, digging cocks pierced into their bodies. A storming, thundering climax almost ripped them apart with its intensity and they cried out, their voice raspy and muffled.

“I think we got ourselves a couple of hot pieces here,” Justin said, nudging his sister’s ass cheeks apart. “Maybe we can make them a little hotter.”

As he thrust his cockhead into the rim of Suzi’s shitter, Jim barreled his cock forward, stretching Debby’s whole savagely open. Both boys hammered forward until the bases of their pricks crunched into the tight, greasy openings.

“UNHHHHHHH!” Suzi and Debby wailed, their voices a heady mixture of pain and pleasure.

“You like this, you little whores?” Jim grunted, withdrawing slightly, then blasting back in. “You like two big clicks reaming out your cum-loving assholes?”

As the girls lay there totally sandwiched between the hard, muscled bodies, each could feel both cocks. The pressure was delicious, as if they were skewered together by one long throbbing shaft of meat. Another quick release shot into their cunts, not as powerful as before, but still fantastic.

“That’s good,” Suzi moaned, “just keep fucking me… like that. Now a little harder… yes! Fuck me Justin!”

Jim and Justin plowed in together, squeezing the girls tighter, then varied their rhythm, until all four rocked back and forth. The sounds and smells of their fucking hung heavy in the air like a cloud of ecstasy.

Suzi felt Justin’s prod grow larger as it hammered wildly into her shitter. Knowing that he was about to spill his climax into her shiner, she matched him stroke for stroke, gobbling the full length of his prick deeply into her asshole. As she jerked her hips back and forth, her clit banged off Debby’s, giving her an even greater thrill. What she thought was giving her brother greater pleasure was now a storm of delicious pangs for her own benefit.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, her face contorted in agony. “All… three of you fuck me!”

Suddenly all three of them buckled with ultimate, raw release. Justin was the first to climax, plowing his cum into his sister’s shitter with hard thrusts, but soon Suzi joined him. Then, like a chain reaction, Debby screamed out, her voice pained and gasping. Jim shoved the first of his load into her asshole just as her climax peaked.

The room was now filled with screams, pants and gasps of pleasure as they writhed together, molding flesh into flesh. Between the girls a large pool of sperm collected, as the gushing wads blasted from their shitters, finding no more room. A soft, sloshing noise could be heard when their cries died down, as the boys continued pumping their spent cocks into their holes.

Finally, they lay there without moving for the longest time. Occasionally either Justin or Jim would give a half-hearted lunge, then stop. The aftermath of the wild sex scene was almost as delicious as the tortured climaxes. Each felt secure, warm and satisfied.

A few moments later they were breathing rhythmically, their eyes closed, their taut muscles relaxing. Although not fully asleep, they were in a shadowy reverie where nothing mattered except the warmth that surged through their bodies.

About an hour later Chad and Alex walked softly into the house, each wondering if Suzi had had any success with Justin. They stopped and listened, and not hearing anything first, went to Suzi’s room. Finally they pushed the door to Justin’s room open.

“I wonder if Suzi had any luck,” Alex said to Chad, then looked toward the bed and gasped.

“I’ll be Goddamned,” Chad grinned. “Looks like she hit the fucking jackpot!”

Seeing his sister engulfed in the mass of flesh made Alex hungry for her body. He walked over and pulled on her arm, waking her.

“Oh, hi, Alex,” she murmured.

“Hi, yourself,” he said, pulling her to a sitting position. He looked at the other three bodies. “Let me take you away from all this,” he said, then giggled.


The short rest, coupled with seeing her brother’s naked body was enough to make Suzi’s cunt throb with a new, hungry sensation. She had hardly even given him time to undress before she pushed him to the bed and straddled his waist.

“Fuck me, Alex,” she whispered, working her cunt crack over the underside of his thick, meaty shaft. “Shove this big dick in my guts and blow my brains full of cum!”

“Not so fast, baby,” he grunted, sitting up and nestling his face between her upturned, jutting tits. He rolled the tip of his tongue over the hard, rubbery nipples, gently, biting into the silky, tender flesh. “I just want to taste you for a while,” he murmured.

“Oh, Alex!” she cried, her heart almost beating in her throat with passion, “I… can’t wait any longer! Fuck me!”

“By the way,” Alex said, pulling away, “how long has that little party been going on in there?”

“We started right after you left,” Suzi answered. “Why?”

“Shit,” Alex said. “And to think I was sitting in a fucking movie with Chad! And I could have been here fucking the hell out of you!”

“Well, let’s just make up for lost time,” Suzi said. She reached under and clutched his cock, aiming the end of it into her dark, steamy snatch. “Just slip… it… unhhhh…”

She sat down fully on his crotch, driving the entire length of his meat deeply inside her. As the base of his dick stretched into her tight, sucking rim, she wiggled her ass, pulling on the loose folds of skin that encased his balls with the crack of her ass.

“Goddamn, you are ready, aren’t you?” Alex grunted. “Your little pussy is tighter than your fucking cock-licking, throat!”

Suzi pulled her feet out from under her and rested the soles of her feet in his armpits. Placing her hands behind her, on his knees, she began humping up and down, fully lifting her body away from him. Her head was thrown back, the expression on her face on of sheer agony.

“Holy fucking God,” Alex grunted when he felt her pussy thrust around his stiff, throbbing cock, “nothing… should feel this good! Jesus, go faster, baby sister!”

Suzi gave it her all, fucking wilder and wilder, until her cunt began spasming, jerking furiously. A steamy stream of juice oozed from her opening and slicked up her brother’s crotch, connecting their bodies with several clear, web-like strands. The sloshing sounds of flesh smacking against flesh echoed off the walls.

“UNHHHHHHH!” she screamed out suddenly, her cunt exploding with hot, hard jerks of release. When another brilliant flash of orgasm burned up and down her pussy canal, she gave an even louder cry, her voice raspy and strained.

Alex could have gone at that moment, too, but he wanted to wait a while longer, to enjoy the tight, sucking sensations of her climaxing slit. He held his breath, bit down on his lower lip and concentrated on tightening the muscle at the base of his cock, trapping the sperm for a few, more seconds.

“Go easy now,” he gasped, feeling the throbs in his nuts die down slightly. “I want a really good, nice and slow fuck.”

Suzi wanted to please him, but her body defiantly moved of its own accord. She jammed her ass down savagely, gulping his dick into the back of her cunt, then jerked back up. Only a couple of seconds after doing this as quickly as possible, she felt the base of his shaft expand to rock-hard stiffness. A delicate throb soon turned into powerful spasms.

“Oh, shit, Suzi,” Alex groaned, knowing it was useless to fight it any longer. Already, he could feel the first glob of cum plow up the center of his aching cock. “I told you to… go… slow, and now… I’m… OHHHHHHHH!!”

Suzi’s orgasm was just peaking when she felt the first blast of his climax. The thick, lava-like juice splattered upward, filming up her insides, then rolled back down the outsides of his plunging shaft. A quick, bubbling wad of fluid spurted from under her pussy lips and showered his balls.

“Give… it… to… MEEEEEE!” she screamed. She pounded her ass down on his thighs with every ounce of strength she could manage, driving his spitting cock savagely into her cunt. “Goddamn you, you fucking cum-machine, poke it to me! Fuck… fuck me! UNHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKMEEEEEE!”

Alex gave a powerful lunge upward, lifting them both off the bed, digging the thickest wad of his climax into the back of her cunt. Still holding himself and her up, supported by his heels and elbows, he pushed her to her side. Slamming his cock savagely into her pussy, he jerked his body upward, impaling his prick into the vibrating mass of cunt.

“Take it! Take it! Take it!” he said, thrusting his face between her tits and lapping furiously around her taut, throbbing nipples. “Goddamn you, you fucking cocksucking whore, take my cock right into your cum-gargling throat!”

While he hammered his prick violently into her box, Suzi felt another hard, blasting sensation in the back of her cunt. The spasming explosions shivered along the length of her cunt canal, then convulsed her opening.

For several long moments they molded themselves together, sharing pleasure, agony, and total raw release. Finally, they slowed their movements as the ecstasy subsided, filling them both with satisfaction and warmth.

“Damn, what could be better?” Alex said, his voice barely a whisper. “I was thinking about this all night. As a matter of fact, I haven’t thought about anything else since I first fucked you.”

“Not even chess? Or the theory of relativity?” Suzi teased.

They both laughed, snuggling tighter into each other’s arms. Although contented, it didn’t take long until they were once more moving together, renewing their passion.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to fuck me again so soon,” Suzi said, stroking his smooth back.

“OK, I won’t tell you,” he said, humping a little faster into her pussy.

“Wouldn’t you rather fuck my mouth now?” she asked, thinking about the rich texture of his jism oozing into her throat. “I wish you would.”

Alex stopped moving, thinking about her request. He certainly didn’t want to leave her pussy, it was so tight and warm, like a greasy glove around his shaft, but the idea of ramming his dick into her throat was equally fantastic. With mixed feelings of reluctance and anticipation, he pulled away, his huge cock slapping upward, sticking to his stomach from the residue of his sperm.

“Oh yes!” Suzi said, eyeing the thick meat nearing her face. “Stick it in my mouth and fuck my…”

Before she could finish speaking, Alex thrust his body upward, his knees in her armpits. His gigantic cockhead slipped between her tits, nudged her chin, then pierced between her lips. He leaned forward, holding the back of her head in both hands, crushing his stomach down on her forehead. His move was so powerful, he could feel the top part of the loose sac that held his nuts squeezed between her teeth.

“Like this?” he grunted, slipping his feet under her back and flexing his thighs, placing her in a vise-like grip. “Huh, baby? You like a big dick fucking into your throat?”

“Mmmmmmmm,” Suzi gurgled over his cock, feeling the end of it squeeze into the back of her throat, deeper than she’d ever had one before.

Alex held his prick there for several seconds, enjoying the lapping of his sister’s tongue around his embedded shaft. Finally he began withdrawing slowly, letting her bared teeth gently scrape the hard tenure. He baked under his arm when his cockhead reached her parted lips and watched her hungrily suck and pull, her tiny fingers massaging and squeezing the thick, hairy base. Unable to take the tortured pleasure any longer, he thrust back in, cramming his meat violently to the hilt.

“Get ready, you little cock-loving cunt, I’m gonna fuck your mouth ’til it fucking stays fucked!” he growled.

Suzi shivered with growing excitement. Now totally engulfed by his hard, muscular body, and with a throat full of thick, plunging cock, she could hardly wait for his climax. To feel the gushing wads of jism pounding into her mouth. A delicate pang of ecstasy inside her pussy began to ripple more demandingly.

“Unh! Unh!” she gasped, jerking her face upward, encouraging him to fuck her mouth harder. She clutched his small, hairy ass, jabbing her fingertips into the dark, wiry crack.

“Goddamn, you want it as bad as I do,” Alex moaned, sensing her urgency. “Well, by God… take it!”

With that, he began an assault so brutal and savage he was almost frightened that he would spear his cock through her throat. Yet his driving passion far out ruled any reason, making him lunge even faster, harder.

Suzi took his cock eagerly, her own agonized ecstasy so powerful that her pussy began aching. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to get some relief, but each time her clit was touched, the itch became more horrible. Her muscles tightened, growing almost as hard as the delicious stabbing cock that hammered into her throat. She thrust her middle fingers into his shitter and pursed her lips as tightly as possible, milking, begging for his cum.

“Suck it, you cunt!” Alex barked. “Suck it good, you little cum-hound! I’m gonna shove a whole fucking gallon of cream into this little throat of yours!”

As he spoke, Suzi’s pussy exploded with a delicious, although somewhat empty, orgasm, sending ripples of pleasure up and down her spine. She had hoped that at the moment her climax peaked, he would blast his cum into her throat, but he didn’t, obviously still holding beck.

“Mmmmhmmmeeee!” she begged, her voice choking around his cock. “Mmmmhmmmeee!”

“You want it?” Alex said sadistically. “Well, baby, I’m gonna give it to you, don’t you worry. But you gotta beg me for it, you little cocksucker. Come on, bitch! Beg! Suck me like you want a whole fucking truckload of cum!”

Suzi sucked and licked until her jaws throbbed with pain. Her throat and lungs were on fire, the horrible hunger so intense, she almost fainted. She thrashed around beneath him, digging her fingers in and out of his asshole, trying to show him with her actions that she wanted his jism more than anything else in the world. She was begging, pleading with every move, her thoughts exploding in her brain, trying to reach him, make him understand that if he didn’t shoot off soon, she’d go crazy.

Although Alex enjoyed his sister’s torture, and wanted to keep holding back, he knew he couldn’t last much longer. Half his energy was devoted to hard fucking, the other half concentrated on tightening the muscle that blocked his pulsating globs of jism from blasting from his nuts. Finally, he relented, allowing the first explosion of cum to gush up the center of his dick.

“Here, cocksucker!” he spat. “Take… it… UNHHHHH!”

For Suzi, it was well worth waiting for. The splattering gobs of cum showered the back of her throat with delicious warmth, and each time another wad spurted from his cockhead, it brought with it a fantastic feeling that shivered down her throat. Her pussy was like a fiery furnace, jerking and spasming violently. Her aching throat was locked around his cock, milking and sucking as fast as possible.

“Oh yes,” Alex whispered, his mouth slack with ecstasy, “take it… take it… ALL… FUCK! TAKE ALL OF IT!”

Suzi gargled the peak of his orgasm down, then relaxed, her body spent. Alex, however, was still pumping and grinding furiously, his cock attacking her mouth. Milky streams of sperm oozed from her lips, from her nostrils, slicking up her cheeks and chin. One long strand of semen roped itself from her earlobe to her shoulder.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Alex groaned, sending the last of his orgasm into her mouth. He fell to his side and panted, his eyes half-closed and glazed over with satisfaction. “Baby sister, you’ve got the best cock-sucking mouth in the world!”

“How would you know?” she asked. “How many girls have sucked you off?”

“I’ll tell you one thing,” he answered, “from now on, I’m gonna devote a lot more time to fucking, and a lot less to studying and playing chess. Jesus, I can’t believe I’ve been missing this all these years.”

They talked and caressed for a long time, both surprised that their passions were mounting so quickly. Alex crawled between her legs and plunged his hard cock deeply into her slit. Before he could really begin, however, the door opened.

“OK, break it up,” Chad said, walking over to the bed. He pushed Alex off and knelt between his sister’s legs. “You’re wanted in the other room,” he said to a disappointed Alex. “That little girl is almost as bad as Suzi. She can’t get enough cock, it seems.” He looked back at Suzi and grinned. “And I can’t get enough of my little sister!”

“We’ll have to see about that,” Suzi said, crushing his face down on her tits and thrusting her hips up. “I’m going to fuck your cock into hamburger!”


Suzi exhaled loudly when she felt Chad’s huge cock drill into her pussy. She slipped her fingers down his chest and encircled the hard base of his shaft with her fingers, gently jacking it over her clit. An immediate ripple of pleasure stung the surrounding folds of skin, then quivered backward, up her pussy tube.

“Remember the first time you fucked me?” she gasped, pressing her lips on the top of his head.

Chad licked and sucked her tits for several seconds before answering. “Mmmmmmhmmm,” he murmured, “Why?”

“Do it to me again, just like that,” she whispered.

“Baby, I’ll fuck you anyway you want. Just name it,” Chad replied, then once more gobbled down on her tits.

Suzi’s excitement was building at a tremendous pace, just thinking about what she was doing. Her brother’s cock was plunging in and out, through the tight rim of her cunt, thrusting near the base of her spine. His balls were crawling over the insides of her thighs, vibrating with a rich, thick load of sperm. She spread her legs wider and wrapped them around his waist, digging her heels into the crack of his ass.

“Oh God, that’s so good!” she gasped, feeling the entire slab of dick jam into her guts. “You have such a big, hard cock! Fuck me, brother, fuck me!”

Although Chad was somewhat exhausted from fucking the hell out of Debby, Suzi’s urgency seemed to fill him with power and new strength. He began hammering violently into her slit as he chewed on her nipples, engulfing her entire body with his huge hulking frame.

“Harder!” Suzi groaned, her excitement bordering so close to orgasm she could taste it. “Fuck me as hard as you can! God, Chad fuck me so it hurts!”

Chad plowed into her for a couple more minutes, then pulled on her thighs as he slipped off the bed. When his feet touched the floor, he stood up, dragging his sister until her shoulders and neck touched the edge of the bed. He yanked her legs from around his waist and spread them brutally like a wishbone, then jerked forward.

There was nothing for Suzi to do but lay there and enjoy it. She clutched the sheet for support and tried to match his hard lunges, but he was now going like a jackhammer, driving his cock in and out with the power of a crazed animal.

“You like it this way?” he grunted, looking down at their crotches, watching his cock slip in and out with ever increasing speed. “Huh, baby sister, tell me how you like my big cock!”

“Yes!” Suzi cried out, her eyes glazed with pleasure. “It’s… unh… great! Just fuck me as hard as you can, you big bastard! Shove that beautiful cock in and fuck my pussy into a million pieces!”

Chad let his gaze go from her crotch to the delicious set of tits that flopped up and down while he banged her. And although he wanted to stay just like this, he felt his head drawn down as if by a magnet. He stumbled slightly and crushed over her body, his full weight pounding into tier cunt.

For Suzi, that was all it took. The hot, chewing lips on her tits and now the tremendous force of his blasting cock drove hers pleasure up to ultimate ecstasy. She gave a loud shrieking scream, her face contorted in anguished release.


As her words blended into a howling plea, she felt his cock expand, becoming engorged with the steaming globs of sperm that shot from his balls. Her climax tore upward to its peak just as the first splatter of hot, volcanic-like juice gushed into the back of her cunt.

Chad joined her groans with a cry of his own. His balls seemed to be on fire, his cock being stabbed with a million icy-hot needles. And each time a thick glob of cum spewed from his ballooning cockhead, the intensity of his release grew more powerful.

“UNH! UNH! UNH!” he chanted, his words punctuating each spasm of his prick. Finally, he spat the last of his load into her pussy. “All… of… it, cunt,” he gasped, rolling to his side, his eyes closed with satisfaction.

Any other time Suzi would have felt the same exhaustion, but just knowing that in another room was a huge fucking party, and she could have four different boys, maybe all four at once, gave her new strength. She rolled over on top of Chad and began pumping her ass up and down until she climaxed again. Even then she felt like she could do it a hundred more times. She lowered her face and ran her mouth over her brother’s hairy, sculptured chest, darting her tongue over the small pectoral nipples.

“You’re not finished, are you?” she asked. “I’m just getting started.”

“No, I’m just getting my second wind,” Chad answered. “Or maybe it’s my third or fourth. Shit, I forget.”

“Come on, big brother, my little ass is just itching to be fucked. Will you fuck me there?”

“Man, you have the hots bad, don’t you?” he said, although there wasn’t a hint of complaint in his tone.

“With a big cock like this around?” she said. “And two more in the next room? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“OK, baby, maybe I can put that fire out a little,” he said, flipping her onto her stomach. He spread her ass cheeks and nuzzled the end of his cum-stained cock into the dark, puckered hole.

“Shove it in hard!” Suzi whispered over her shoulder. “Don’t do it slow. DQ it… UNHH!”

Chad interrupted her request by lunging forward with all his might. When the base of his prick stretched her tiny rim almost to the breaking point, he jabbed his hips forward, slightly moving her upward on the bed.

“Like this?” he grunted, now holding her shoulders to keep her still. He punched in a few more times. “This okay?”

“Yes! God, yes!” Suzi cried out a few seconds later. His cock was so big and powerful it seemed to be rearranging her guts, squeezing her stomach between her lungs. “Just… fuck me! God, ram it in and fuck my shitter apart!”

Chad thrust in a little faster, leaning over her body, feeling her go with him, humping her ass backward to meet his moves. He slipped his head under her arm and opened his mouth, pulling the dangling tits between his teeth. At the same time, he nudged his right hand under her waist and stroked her tiny cunt opening.

“Stick your hand in my pussy!” Suzi groaned when she felt his fingertips rubbing over her opening. “Fuck both my holes at the same time!”

Chad squeezed his fingertips together and pressed them inward until her pussy rim locked around his knuckles. He withdrew slightly, then dug further inward. After doing this for several moments, he was finally able to thrust his entire hand inside. He could feel his cock through the membrane that separated her cunt and shitter, and let his hand open slowly. The underside of his shaft glided across his palm.

“Oh, baby,” he murmured, biting down on her silky, soft tits, “I’m gonna fucking rip out your cock-loving guts!”

Suzi didn’t know it was possible to have such feelings. She seemed to be impaled on one huge cock, her entire body assaulted at once. Her toes curled sending a spasm of pain up her legs, then every muscle in her body flinched.

“Oh God!” she screamed, “I can’t take it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

As she spat out the last word an explosion of pure, raw release tore into her guts. Each spasm of ecstasy got better and better until she peaked with such violence she thought her bones would crack.

Chad could sense that his sister was peaking and let himself go completely. He yanked his hand in and out of her cunt with greater speed, holding his thumb up so that it brushed over her clit. His cock was now a blur, hammering in and out of her shitter, his mouth working on her tits with near rage.

“Take it,” he grunted as he blasted forward. His cum shot from his nuts at lightning speed and gushed from his cum-hole. “Goddamn you, you little whore, take… TAKE IT!”

Suzi almost lost consciousness because of the grinding power that surged into her body. She was now limp as a rag doll, totally engulfed in Chad’s hard, squeezing form, her asshole on fire from his splashing release.

Chad finally churned the last of his load into her shitter and relaxed, panting and groaning with satisfaction. For several moments, it was even impossible to speak. When he did, it was a low, hoarse growl.

“Baby, I can’t think of when I’ve felt better,” he said. “I could stay parked between your legs for a year!”

“Mmmmm, I’d like that,” Suzi replied. “But let’s go see what the others are doing. Give you a little rest. I’ve got some big plans for you the rest of the night!”

Reluctantly, Chad pulled away and let Suzi lick him clean of the stray globs of cum that had splattered into his crotch hairs. When she finished, they walked hand in hand out of the room.

Immediately, they heard loud grunts and moans from Justin’s room. “My God,” Suzi whispered when she saw what they were doing. Both Justin and Jim were hammering their cocks over her face, their balls slapping into the hollow of her throat. “My God,” she repeated, “I want some of that too!”

As she squirmed into the bed, she saw Alex sitting in the corner, his legs draped over the arms of a chair. His head was back, his eyes closed, obviously totally exhausted. She was torn between going over and kneeling between his legs and sucking his limp cock back to life, or helping Debby suck Justin and Jim. She looked once more as the two boys crammed their cocks over the girl’s face.

“Let me in there too,” she moaned, letting her throat make the decision. She slipped in next to Debby and opened her mouth, accepting one of the thick meaty pricks.

“Alex!” she cried out just before Justin shoved his dick into her mouth, “fuck me!”

Alex shook his head and looked over at the writhing mass of bodies. Recognizing his sister’s tiny, black-haired cunt, he stumbled out of the chair and knelt on the bed. He felt her hands on his middle, pulling him down on her body. Slowly, she jacked him, pulling his prod to rock-hard stiffness. He spread her legs wider and nudged his knees under her ass, pulling her to an angle. Thrusting inward with one powerful move, he embedded his prick fully into her cunt.

Chad joined him on the bed, ramming his cock into Debby’s hot, steaming hole. The girl gave a low, choking moan and wiggled her ass around, pulling his dick fully inside.

Suzi couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful as she lay there next to Debby. The touch of the girl’s features and the hard muscled crotches over her face almost drove her crazy. She humped and sucked as fast and furiously as possible, knowing that a situation like this might not come up again any time soon, and she wanted to enjoy it fully.

A quick stab of pleasure seared into her pussy suddenly as Alex increased his efforts, punching into her pussy with renewed strength. His cock base was now swelling with what Suzi knew would, be a thick, creamy load of cum. She clamped her pussy around his meat as tightly as possible, milking, sucking, drawing the steam from his nuts into the back of her hole.

Almost without warning, because she had been concentrating on one dick at a time, both her brothers climaxed at the same time. It was a delicious, all-consuming experience, having one prick splatter in her throat and the other explode inside her box. As the fluid blasted from his cock, the heat from it seemed to melt her body, churning in her chest. Quick spasms of climax thundered in her guts, making her flinch, muffle out cries of pleasure.

“Take it, bitch!” Justin grunted, shoving more of his climax into her throat. Seeing a thick trickle of juice spew from the corners of her mouth, he squeezed her lips shut with his fingers. “Goddamn you, you cum-sucking cocksucker, lick it all out and eat it!”

Suzi choked and spluttered, so wrapped up in her own pleasure that she didn’t even know what was happening beside her. But Debby was going through much the same thing, gargling down Jim’s cum while Chad poked wildly into her cunt.

A short while later, they all lay in a gasping heap, murmuring with satisfaction, gathering strength for what they knew would be a wild night of fucking.

Suzi suddenly thought of her parents, knowing they would be back in only a few days. She wondered if an opportunity like this would ever present itself again. Probably not, she mused, so I’d better make this count.

With determination, she was going to make damned sure she didn’t miss a single moment of pleasure. The others seemed to sense the same thing, and when the morning sun filtered through the curtains, they lay in an exhausted heap, totally fucked-out.


Suzi lay in bed and squeezed her thighs together, working out a small trickle of cum from her pussy. Only moments before she had left Alex’s room where he now lay exhausted from their, lovemaking. She had taken care of Chad and Justin earlier, and they, too, were sleeping. She fingered her cunt and from the shivers of ecstasy that constricted her pussy canal, she realized she wanted more. The fact that her parents would return from vacation on the following day had a lot to do with her sense of urgency, also.

“I’ll just spend the rest of the night going from room to room,” she whispered to herself. “There’s a lot of cock out there and I’m going to have it!”

She opened the door to Justin’s bedroom and walked inside, hardly able to contain her excitement. She pulled the covers back and slipped between the sheets, snuggling up next to him.

“Huh?” Justin said sleepily. He opened his eyes and looked over at his sister’s eager expression.

“Mmmm, I was just dreaming about you,” he whispered, placing his left arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer.

“What were we doing?” she asked wickedly, running her fingers over his smooth, flat stomach. “This,” Justin answered, rolling over and spreading her legs with his knees. He rubbed his half-hard cock over her dark patch of cunt hair until it stood ram-rod stiff. He humped inward, jabbing about half the length of his shaft into her pussy. “Oh yes,” he murmured, brushing his lips into the hollow of her throat, “we… were doing this and… unh, this is better than any fucking dream!”

Suzi clamped her cunt lips around his thrusting prick, pulling him fully inside. When the base of his prod stretched her tiny opening, she lowered her hands and began milking and squeezing his cum-filled nuts.

“Oh, baby sister,” he whispered, feeling her jutting tits throb into his chest, “you’ve got the tightest, hottest little pussy in the world!”

“That’s only because you have such a big cock,” Suzi grunted. “Now fuck me with it, you little stud. Ram that big hard dick in my guts and fuck me full of cum!”

Justin held her shoulders for support and began drilling his prick into her pussy with ever increasing speed. As his nuts crawled up and down the insides of her thighs, he could feel them throb with a fresh load of sperm just begging to squirt into Suzi’s cunt. He could have gone right then, but held back, choosing rather to keep this feeling as long as possible.

While he struggled for control, Suzi was letting herself go completely, thrusting her hips up violently to meet his inward lunges. Her cunt was buzzing, on fire with ecstasy, ready to burst with a delicious, spasming orgasm. She ran her hands around his waist and cupped his bobbing ass, rubbing into the greasy crack of his shitter.

“Fuck me!” she gasped, her climax only seconds away. “Hurry! God, I need it! EEEEIHIIII!”

When the crushing waves of pleasure swept into her body convulsing her cunt canal tightly around Justin’s prod, she jerked her body upward, lifting them both slightly off the bed. The agony grew to torture as she took his cock over and over, knowing that the only thing that would completely satisfy that hungry itch in her box would be a huge dose of hot, creamy cum.

“Give… it to… ME!” she screamed. “Goddamn you, fuck my pussy with some. CUM!”

Had Justin wanted to hold out any longer it would have been useless. Her cunt was like a sucking mouth, working around his shaft with greasy, hot ripples. He felt his orgasm blast from his nuts and shoot up the center of his shaft.

“NOW, YOU COCKSUCKING WHORE!” he growled, hammering with wild, brutal moves. The first wad of semen blasted from the end of his prick. “UNHHHHH!” he moaned, “TAKE IT! UNH! UNH!”

While he poked in more of his steaming juices, Suzi felt her body buckle with raw passion. Each hot throb, each delicious ripple became more intense than the last, until she writhed beneath him in total release. The ecstasy slowly subsided, filling her with warmth.

“Good,” Justin murmured, his body now a dead weight over hers. “So… good.”

They lay like that for several seconds simply enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies. Suzi stroked his smooth back and kissed his neck while she pursed her cunt muscles around his spent cock. Finally, she pushed against him, but he didn’t budge.

“You little prick,” she said, “you’re asleep.”

She finally managed to push him away, and realizing it was useless to get him awake, got off the bed. She walked out of his room and toward where Alex was.

“One down, two to go,” she said with a happy grin as she entered his room.

She looked down at Alex’s sleeping form and studied him for a long while. He lay there like a sleeping Adonis, the moonlight streaming over his body, luminating his hard, beautiful masculinity.

His cock lay on the inside of his left thigh, nestled in a halo of blond hair.

“Alex,” she whispered, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Alex, wake up.”

His eyes fluttered open and he smiled when he saw her. He pulled her into his arms and held her tightly for a few moments before his grip relaxed.

“Wake up, Alex,” Suzi said again, a little louder. “I… want it!”

“Want what?” he asked sleepily. “Anything for you, little sister, anything.”

As his voice trailed off, Suzi pulled away and pushed him to his back. She straddled his hips and lowered her shiner down on the underside of his cock. Bending his legs, she pulled his feet upward and leaned forward, licking her tongue between his toes.

“This is what I want,” she murmured, wiggling her ass around on his prick. “Fuck my ass, you stud! Come on, Alex, wake up and fuck me!”

Although still not awake, Alex raised both hands and placed them around her waist. He began thrusting his hips upward, squirming his shaft into her shiner until he felt it grow to rock-hard stiffness. He lowered his hands slightly and spread her cheeks with his thumbs, slightly lifting her body with the heels of his palms.

“OK, Suzi,” he murmured, now fully awake, “is this what you wanted?”

Suzi felt his thick meat pierce into her shitter with one quick thrust. As it dug violently into her body, she bared her teeth and bit down on his toes. With one hand she reached under and cupped his balls, then rubbed them over her mound of pussy. The touch was almost electric, sending immediate jolts of pleasure up and down her cunt canal.

“Oh… yes!” she gurgled. “That’s just what my little ass needs! A big hard cock reaming it out! Mmmmm, fuck me!”

Alex began plowing into her shitter with growing pleasure, driving his cock upward to meet her downward lunges. Soon their bodies were moving rhythmically, the sounds of smacking flesh on flesh filling the room. His body was bathed with her warmth, slightly flinching from both the hungry licks she was giving his feet and the tightness of her asshole.

“Goddamn, this is fantastic,” he murmured, sitting up. He grabbed her tits and pulled them toward, her armpits. He licked over the rubbery nipples with a panting breath, leaving a trail of spit over her back as he went from one to the other. “Baby, I think I could fuck you twenty-four hours a day!”

“I sure wish you could!” Suzi grunted. She felt the first hard spasms of her orgasm begin to convulse her cunt canal and poked his nuts inside the hot, churning hole. “I sure wish… you… could… UNHHHHHHH! OH! OH! OH! FUCK ME! OH GOD, FUCKKKKKMEEEEE!”

While her body exploded with the delicious sensations of release she milked his nuts, trying to drive out the boiling jism. Nothing could possibly satisfy that ache in her cunt except a blasting stream of cum. She hadn’t long to wait.

“Jesus… fucking… Christ!” Alex winced, throwing her to her stomach. The first gush of sperm was now storming up the center of his plunging cock, ready to splatter from his cum hole. “Take… UNHHHHH… IT!”

For several seconds they seemed to share the same orgasm, pulling it back and forth between their writhing, humping bodies. And each hot explosion from Alex’s cock made the pleasure even greater. Finally, he pumped in the last of his load and fell forward, crushing her beneath him.

“Baby, baby, baby,” he groaned, his prick still pulsating inside her cum-filled shitter. “Stay here all night and fuck me. God, don’t ever leave me!”

“Don’t you worry,” Suzi whispered, struggling to pull from beneath him, “now that I know what a great little stud you are, I’ll be fucking you every night for the rest of my life.”

“Hey, where are you going?” Alex asked when she got off the bed and stood up. “I want you to stay here with me! All night!”

“I’ll be back in a little while,” she said, bending over and kissing his shoulder. “I want to say goodnight to Chad, then I’ll be right back. Promise.”

“Five minutes,” he said. “Any longer and I’ll come in there and drag you back by your hair.”

“Five minutes, huh?” Suzi said. “Guess I’d better work fast!”

She scurried down the hall and opened Chad’s door, expecting him to be asleep. To her surprise, he was sitting up in bed, his legs spread wide. His big, meaty cock was standing straight up, slightly bobbing over his stomach.

“You’re awake!” she said, her eyes on his prick. “Yep,” he answered, giving her a flashing grin, “I figured you’d be in here sooner or later.”

“Pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” she said, crossing the room. “How’d you know I’d come?”

“The same way I know I’ll be coming any minute now,” he replied, looking down at his dick. “Now trot your cute little ass over here and suck me.”

“You’d better be glad you’re my brother and have such a beautiful cock, or I’d slap that handsome face of yours,” Suzi said as she sat down on the bed. “You might start taking me for granted.”

“Nope, baby, I’m taking you for one hell of a ride,” he said, pushing her face down on his cockhead. “And if you do a real good job of sucking out my cum, I’ll tear that little pussy of yours into a million pieces!”

Suzi enjoyed the banter they were exchanging, but not as much as the hot flavor of his cock. She gulped her mouth down around the pulsating shaft until her lips squeezed around the thick, hairy base.

She held her face there for several seconds, lapping her tongue around his foreskin, then pulled back up.

“Mmmmmmm,” she groaned from the corner of her mouth, “you gonna give me a lot of cum to suck?”

“You can have all you want,” Chad answered, draping his legs over her shoulders and pulling her face back down into his crotch.

Suzi bobbed her head up and down in an almost rage, her throat crying for his release. Each time her nose dug into his wiry hairs she was brought closer to her own pleasure, her body now shaking with anguish. She dropped her right hand to her pussy and rubbed her fingertips over her swollen, rubbery clit, feeling it throb with excitement.

“God, you do that so… unh… good,” Chad groaned. “Just suck away, little sister, you’ve got a fucking mouth that’s unbelievable!”

A few seconds later they both climaxed together. Chad rammed his cock brutally into her eager mouth, shoving a massive load of sperm over her tongue. Suzi gulped and choked, trying to swallow it all, but even her hungry mouth couldn’t take it all. Small streams of juice spewed from the corners of her mouth, dribbling down to her chin. And as the delicious liquid pumped into her throat, she could think of only one thing.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have three cocks jamming into her at the same time? One churning away in her mouth, just like Chad was doing now, and another in her pussy, and the last one in her shitter! The mere thought made her convulse with an explosive orgasm.

“You know what I would like?” she asked a few moments later after she had licked him clean.

“We know what you’d like,” Alex said from the doorway. “The same thing we want.”

Suzi looked up and saw not only Alex, but Justin, too. They were standing side by side, their thick, massive cocks standing at an angle from their bodies. She looked back at Chad’s cock, her excitement growing.

“I want you all!” she gasped, realizing that she could have three cocks. “And… and I love you!”

“You know what I like?” Alex said, approaching the bed. “I like my little sister’s loving lips.”

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