Tied Up Cousin

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normalcy many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed — and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear — and the consequences would be devastating.

Carol Tyler — the heroine of TIED UP COUSIN — is an unwilling victim of a subculture. Caught up in a convert world she never dreamed existed, Carol struggles to free herself — until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


Carol Tyler sobbed, blinking away the tears as she pulled at the ropes chafing her wrists. This was obscene, perverted! Why had her cousin tied her up like this?

Draped over a sawhorse in her uncle’s barn, the young woman found her wrists and ankles tied to the four roughly hewn legs of the device. The top connecting two-by-four pressed hard against her belly. Twisting her head around, the teenage blonde stared at her handsome cousin. He stood spread-legged some ten feet behind the saw, his shirt hanging loosely open against his broad chest while his Levi’s were opened down to the third button.

“Why, Billy, why?”

Carol couldn’t understand. She and her first cousin had been fooling around, touching one another and doing some light kissing. Certainly it wasn’t anything more than she’d done back home in Los Angeles. Kissing someone as hunky and good-looking as Billy was an exciting act, especially out here in the high chaparral country. The smell of the hay, the clean air, the slight overhanging odor of animal urine — all of it seemed a kind of aphrodisiac to the young virgin.

And then all of a sudden, as if Billy had tripped out on some wild drug, he pinned her down, rolled her over as if she were some criminal, then held her there for a while calling her all sorts of dirty names. How her back and arms hurt as he pinned her to the floor with his knees, then dragged her like a common slut over the dirt floor to the sawhorse where he bound her tightly.

“You’re all alike… all cunts, all alike, all wanna get a guy hot then shoot ’em down,” the young man said, his voice quivering with anger.

Carol shivered. She’d never suspected her cousin was a psychopath. Blood rushed to her head, making her face flush and her brain spin. The cool air in the barn chilled her bare asscheeks. Billy had yanked down her sheer white cotton panties, bitching her dress up to her waist before finally binding her ankles to the sawhorse.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Carol cried, twisting her wrists. That movement only made the pain worse. Oh, God, this had to be a nightmare. Nothing in her life had prepared the young teenager for this. She looked at her cousin upside down. He was fumbling with his fly, stroking the fat bulge she’d noticed earlier this evening when he watched her watching the sunset on the porch. How handsome and romantic he looked to her then, standing against a tall oak, his thick muscled arms folded over his chest while he chewed on a weed and stared at her. A romance with her cousin. How that thought chilled the impressionable city girl to the bone. Of course, there wouldn’t be anything too physical about what happened. It would be just like the stories in Seventeen… lots of kissing, lots of guilt mixed with happiness, then the final parting when she left her uncle’s farm and went back to Los Angeles. But oh, how differently things turned out!

“No, sure you don’t,” Billy growled, finally unbuttoning his fly, then reaching around and puffing his thick black leather belt from the pant loops. Carol’s eyes widened, watching the strip of animal bide hang loosely from his right hand. He flicked his wrists, making the belt dance across the floor toward her. “None of you fuckin’ cunts know what I’m talkin’ about. Well, you’re gonna find out. You’re gonna find out,” he continued, spit flecking his lips, “find out you can’t fuck with a… man!”

With that, Billy jerked his right arm back, snapping the belt over his head. Carol cried out, her body shivering with terror as she watched the leather arc in the air, snap in the middle, then slice down toward her buttocks. She closed her eyes, tensing her ass-muscles, waiting for the sharp jolt of pain that was bound to come.


Carol’s eyes fluttered open, bugging out, while her lower jaw slackened and her head shook with pain. She snapped her body back and forth, her fingers clawing at the rough wood of the sawhorse while her leg muscles tensed and pushed against her lightly tanned flesh. The belt had cut a searing path across the center of both buttocks. Billy watched as her asscheeks jiggled from the force of that blow. A long, narrow red mark slowly appeared on her white, smooth butt-flesh, Carol felt tortured and humiliated. No man had seen her even partially naked, let alone bound up in this kind of dirty position. Now her own cousin was beating her, was possibly going to commit a more foul act.

“Little cunt!” he sneered, coiling the buckled end of the belt tighter around his hand and looking slant-eyed at the young woman. Carol sucked in a ragged breath holding it, waiting for the next painful blow mid-strike. Her bare feet moved uncomfortably over the hay-strewn barn floor while splinters dug into her wrists and ankles. Her belly hurt from the constant pressure of that connecting two-by-four of the sawhorse.


The belt sliced into her buttock just above her thigh, drawing a large purple welt up from her flesh. Carol’s hair whipped across her face as her body thrashed in its bonds.

“Little slut! You’re all alike,” Billy said in a low voice, his breath becoming shallow and uneven. He was examining the belt now, drawing the smooth leather across his cheek while staring at his cousin’s white, plump buttocks. Carol was a virgin — a young, athletic, blonde teenager whose body had only recently matured. Her full rounded tits with their long red nipples, her boyish hips, those rounded asscheeks, and her long, tapered legs all called attention to her as she passed by groups of staring men on the street.

But the blonde teen didn’t quite realize the stir she caused in men’s crotches. She was still teetering between the days of her childhood and those of the woman she was to be. As a result, Carol said and did things men took to be a sexual invitation, but that turned out to be nothing but childish teasing. Billy had been one of those victims… a victim who was now fighting back in his own fashion.

“Oh man, you ain’t gonna tease me no more,” Billy said, pushing his Levi’s down past his jutting hipbones. Carol twists her head around, blinking away the tears to clear her vision. Ohhh, he was stroking a… cock… his dick, something that should have been hanging between the hindquarters of a donkey.

“Help! Ohhhh, God, help!” Carol shrieked, feeling her flesh pucker up into goosepimples. He was going to rape her. He was going to stick that thing up her pussy. Carol pulled hard at the ropes binding her to the sawhorse. Blood started oozing from her wrists and ankles while her belly scraped across the top board. She clawed at the rough wood, actually moving the apparatus several inches by her violent body motions. But the bonds held, keeping Carol’s ass high and tilted up for easy entry from behind.

“Man, it’s gonna feel real nice shovin’ my dick into you,” he said, licking his lips while moving his fingers up and down the hot hunk of his cockmeat. Drops of pre-cum oozed from the fat head. Billy smeared them over his prong, using the sticky jizz as a lubricant to enhance the feeling of his fingers over his cock.

Carol stared in horror. She watched as Billy closed his deep-blue eyes and shuddered. A line of saliva trickled from between his tightly closed lips. She could hear him grinding his teeth together. Oh, yes, he was going to rape her. The young blonde had no doubt of that. And there was no one home. Her aunt and uncle had left earlier that evening for a movie in town some ten miles away. The few hands they hired never stayed the night. She was alone, alone with this savage animal of a man.

“Billy, you’re my own cousin! Please, how could you do this to me?” she whined.

“You were doin’ it to me and you’re my cousin,” he said, cruelly imitating her terrified voice.

“Step it, stop it or I’ll tell your mother and father!” Carol cried as he advanced.

Billy stopped, his face twitching with anger.

“Threats!” he bellowed.

Carol watched in terror as Billy stopped and jerked his hand holding the belt over his head. The young woman turned her head around, closing her eyes and waiting for the terrible burning pain.


The force of his blow would have sent her heaving over the top of the sawhorse if it hadn’t been for the ropes. Cool air on her inner thighs and the slow, heavy trickle down her legs told Carol the belt had broken her flesh. She tried to ignore the sharp, fiery pain radiating from her ass to her navel and cunt. Mother and another blow followed. After her initial scream, the blonde teenager tried to fight down the pain that went on and on. Her vacation, something her mother and father thought she richly deserved after a particularly difficult year at school, was to be spent on the scenic small ranch of her aunt and uncle. How little anyone realized what a maniac lived with those two wonderful people.

“Ohhhhh, God! God in heaved, help me,” Carol whimpered as the belt sliced through the air and curled around her leg, the tip biting close to her cunt.


Another blow nearly peeled flesh from behind her knee. Carol writhed with the pain of the whip. Her dress stuck uncomfortably to her chest and tits as more and more sweat oozed from her pores. Ohhh, if only she could wake up from this terrible nightmare.

“Stop it, stop it!” she cried, her voice now no louder than a whisper. What was happening? What was going on in her pussy? Fighting through the cloud of pain that had settled over her brain, Carol realized her tight little cunt was on fire. She was juicing herself! The liquid she’d felt running down her thighs now wasn’t blood or sweat, but it was cunt-juice — thick, bubbly, frothy cunt-juice that oozed from her tight pussy-slit.

Carol moved her buttocks subtly back and forth, and she groaned. The smooth rubbing sensation of her slick cuntal walls against one another and her clit made the girl gasp for breath. Oh, dear God, she was in heat. That beating had actually triggered something sick, something foul in her body, something that made her so hot and wet. She closed her eyes and tried to fight that electric spark that made her thighs twitch and her pussy-lips swell. She shuddered, drawing her head up between her shoulder blades. Was Billy right? Was she nothing more than a slut?

Billy stared at her, licking his lips. The tortured body in front of him aroused the young farm boy. He groaned, feeling his fat, hanging balls tighten up against his dick root. Billy jerked his cock harder, moving his callused fingers up and down the sensitive ridge of his prong while he caressed his balls with the leather belt.

“Man, you’re fuckin’ hot. I can see it! Shit, you’re like a fuckin’ bitch in heat!”

Carol closed her eyes, sucking in her lower lip and biting down hard. It was true. She couldn’t lie to herself. This was worse than when she lay naked in her bed at night and thought about boys. Ohhh, how her clit burned then. How she wished she could touch herself to relieve the tight, throbbing pressure plaguing her. Yet her mother had caught her once and created such a scene that the blonde girl could never jerk off again.

“No, no, it’s not true,” she moaned.


Billy reached forward and grabbed at her cunt, twisting the hairs and her outer pussy-lips in his fist. The pulling, tearing sensation blasted through the girl fiercely. No man had ever done that to her. No map had ever touched her. She cried out in offended rage and pain, trying to bring her knee up.

Billy retreated for the moment, lashing her with the belt until Carol’s body sagged atop the sawhorse. Billy stopped then, throwing the leather instrument away and bending down to untie the ropes binding her ankles.


Carol felt her legs go free. She should break free once her wrists were untied and bait for the doorway. But where would she run? She was injured, weak, unable to go very far. And there was no one home, no one around the house for miles. Billy would catch her easily. And then… He was crazy! God only knows what he’d do to her once he caught her.

“I’m gonna fuck you, bitch. I’m gonna take care of that cunt of yours so you won’t be able to piss for a week!” he growled, moving around and cutting the ropes holding her wrists to the sawhorse. Carol stared at the long metal blade and shivered, wondering if he would use that knife on her. Nothing would have surprised her at this point.

Billy stood up, sliding his big hands under her waist and lifting her gently from the sawhorse. Carol groaned, closing her eyes, refusing to watch what was going to happen. Her pussy was so hot, so tight, so itchy. Every move made her clit throb like a festering wound. She felt the bulge of his dick pressing against her thighs as he carried her over to a pile of straw near an abandoned stall and slid her down onto the floor.

Carol winced. The stubble bit into the welts and cuts created by the savage whipping she’d just received. Billy breathed more heavily, shrugging his shirt off his shoulders and shoving his Levi’s down to his ankles. He threw himself down on top of her, burying his face in her tits, biting her smooth flesh while pawing her body shamelessly.

The blonde teenager ground her teeth together, feeling her stomach turn over with terror. No, this couldn’t be happening to her. The day had started out just like all the others in her life. Nothing during the day had suggested she was going to experience one of the worst events in her young life that evening. She’d been so happy. And now…!

Carol’s joints hurt from the grotesque position she’d been forced into. Billy’s weight was increasing the pain, making her shoulders and hips throb with discomfort as he writhed on top of the girl. She should have been crying out with agony. But instead Carol kept silent, concentrating on the increasing heat in her pussy.

She felt his dick pushing along the groove separating her leg from her torso. He was dry fucking her, moving his ass high in the air, then bringing it down, shoving his throbbing cock along her hot smooth flesh. He groaned obscene endearments in her ear, occasionally flicking his tongue in the narrow canal while kneading her big tits.

Carol thought she’d explode when he strummed her stiffened nipples with his thumbs. She moved her buttocks back and forth, ignoring the sharp sensation of the straw and hay as it tickled across her ass and up into her cunt. The horror of the resent situation gradually evaporated under the girl’s rising sexuality. Carol thought less and less of Billy as a maniac and more than as a man who could satisfy that strange itchy ache that was growing hotter and tighter between her legs.

“Mmmmm, yeah, baby, oh, man, Carol, you’re somethin’ else.”

He moved one hand between their grinding bodies. She felt his fingers sliding down her belly, pushing through the tangled forest of her cunthairs. Every nerve-ending in her pussy seemed to be straining upward toward his hand.

“Good hot pussy, good wet cunt,” he whispered in her ear, biting the lobe while continuing to dry fuck her leg. Carol was almost babbling, staring up heavy-lidded at her cousin. His palm pressed against her furry cuntal mound. Oh, she could feel her pussy actually move as he applied pressure. And then he curled his fingers and dipped them into her hot, juicy slit up to the second joint. The girl arched her back, wallowing her shoulders against the loose hay on the floor while drawing her knees up toward her chest slowly, feeling her pussy opening up more and more to Billy.

“Oh, no, no, no,” Carol groaned, unable to keep pace with her body. Things were going on she couldn’t understand. Her ass bounced around in frantic circles as she breathed with a wheezing, whistling sound through her nostrils. He was greedily working his fingers over her pussy, rubbing the slick slippery edges of her outer cunt-lips together while sliding his palm over her clit. Carol thought she was going to go out of her mind. She screamed, kicked out one leg, and actually moved her hands around her cousin’s neck and pulled him more tightly to her body. Oh, God, what was happening to her?

“Kiss, kiss,” Billy said thickly, moving his face to hers and cementing his lips tightly against her mouth.

Carol felt his tongue lashing against hers, felt it sliding down to her throat. She fought back, feeling spittle ooze down her cheeks, chin and throat. She moaned through the spit-slicked kiss, feeling him squirm more wildly on top of her. The thick muscled, hairy hardness of Billy’s chest, legs and belly excited her more and more.


The blonde teen pulled away from his hard kiss, her head throbbing after the wild thrusts of his tongue. She spread her legs even farther apart, shamelessly inviting her cousin to finger her naked pussy harder. Billy accepted, sliding his hand deeper into her crotch. The sliding, rolling fingertips moved from the top of her cuntal mound to the wet slippery area down below. She was being raped, raped by her cousin’s fingers. Rashes of guilt and terror shot through the confused young woman’s mind as she pitched and tossed under Billy’s body.

Carol felt the long, thick ridge of Billy’s dick slide up across one leg toward her cunt. Yes, he was getting ready to fuck her. She tensed, folded one leg over the other, and tried to twist away from the young man’s cock.

But Billy was too strong for her, kicking her legs apart. She groaned, feeling the hands on her cunt move up and down. He was squeezing her pussylips together, rubbing her inner cunt-lips against her clit. Carol sighed with relief, feeling a mini orgasm take some of the pressure from her spasming cunt. But still she knew there was something more, something better in store for her.

Billy was breathing harder against her, their bellies pressed tightly together. The girl could feel his cock rubbing a new, strange kind of life into her pussy. Heavy, frothy juices flowed from her cunt, wetting down both her thighs and her cousin’s dick. Ohhh, how hot she was! The young man rolled his hips, his prick shoving against the top of the girl’s cuntal mound. His hands now moved to her small shoulders, pinning her down. Carol involuntarily moved her thighs toward him.


The knob of his prick pressed against her clit. Carol stiffened. She felt an electric charge seep from her tiny clit. She rocked her asscheeks from side to side, feeling his cock touch one cunt-lip, then the other. Oh, my God, I’m going crazy! the girl thought as she prepared herself for her first fuck.


Carol shivered, rocking her hips forward, sliding the greasy crack of her pussy over his dick-head. Billy raised his asscheeks, pulling his cock away from the girl’s snatch. For an instant, the blonde teen had felt something enter her pussy, something shove apart the itchy walls of her snatch and start to screw itself in. The sensation was exhilarating, thrilling!

Carol curled her fingers and dragged them across Billy’s bunching back. Fuck, fuck, her mind concentrated on that filthy word, a word that had made her blush and become angry when she heard it several days ago. But now…

“Fuck, you’re a fuckin’ little animal!”

Carol didn’t care what he called her anymore. She needed him, needed to feel something new in her cunt. Now the blonde teenager realized her life had been leading up to this moment. Maybe there were better, more gentle ways of getting fucked. But somehow Carol thought that wasn’t so… at least for her. The beating, the cruelty, the abuse had made her so horny. Now she felt him teasingly probing her crotch, poking his hot dick-head between her fat cunt-lips, then pulling it out, watching her squirm and arch her back, tilt her pussy mound up in a silent plea for his cock.

“Man, you’re fuckin’ wet all over!” he yelled. It was true. Her body glistened with sweat while more cunt-juice oozed from her slit and dampened her curly blonde pussy-hairs. Soon the big head of his cock was between her little, bloated pussy-lips. Both of them let out small grunts, Carol’s turning into a warm sigh and going on as her cousin stopped with the head of his dick inside her cunt. She twisted around, jerking her head back and groaning when she felt her pussy-lips fit tightly over his dick-head.

Billy said nothing, smiling after wiping the sweat from his forehead. Both his hands were braced on the ground, pressing hard against her shoulders. Billy moved his body from side to side, reaming out the throat of her pussy, making his cousin grunt and sob as he sank more and more of his thick cock into her pussy.


She felt gobs of hot pussy-oil bubble out of her slit. It wet down Billy’s dick and nuts as he trenched out her snatch.

“Fucking, fucking, man, that’s what’s gain on, and the two of us, man, two of us are dam’ it.”

Billy was fucking her with short, jerky thrusts, his cock-head just barely touching her cherry. Carol’s legs fell apart at times, then jerked together in a butterfly motion, trapping his body. When his cock finally reached her cherry, the young man felt it give. He wasn’t ready to shove through, yet. He watched, watched as Carol tensed, her face becoming a mask of intense concentration when he pushed his dick-head against the fleshy barrier. Backing away, Billy saw the young woman relax and get back into the swing of things.

Carol was panting out broken phrases, her head rolling from side to side as her body heaved and thrashed under him. They both could hear the squishy sounds of his cock pistoning in and out of her hole. She seemed to be almost out of her mind with lust. At that time, the young man decided he was going to take care of her cherry.

Billy gave his cousin no warning. Holding on to her shoulders more tightly while drawing his legs up a little to pin her knees tightly to the ground, he shoved down hard, his thigh muscles tensing. The thin barrier put up little resistance. His cock-head sailed through with ease, ripping the cherry from her twat.

The sudden lunge had taken the teenage girl by surprise. Carol let out a sharp high-pitched cry, her body twisting and stiffening. But she still panted hard, her arms holding her cousin tightly as his dick sank all the way into her pussy.

“Man, yeah, yeah, you ain’t hurt are you? Fuck, I fucked broads who passed out. But, man, you’re so fuckin’ hot I’ll bet you didn’t feel a Goddamned thing!”

That wasn’t true. The pain had shot to her head and nearly knocked her out. But her cunt was so hot Carol soon forgot about her ruptured membrane. Her thoughts centered around that pistoning dick and how it was rushing through her pussy. Waves of fiery sensations washed over the panting young woman as Billy started fucking her in earnest, his long hot cock going all the way in, then dragging back, making Carol feel as if he were pulling out her insides.

Billy kissed her hard again. Carol groaned into his mouth. His hairy belly ground against her cunt mound, flashes of mindless joy shooting through her confused brain. Her cousin had slipped his hand to her asscheeks, sliding his fingers under the cloth of her torn, wrinkled dress. His fingertips dug into her asscheeks, forcing her hips to move as he chose. Carol cried out once more, her body matching the fucking rhythm of his dick.

“No, nooooo!”

Carol ground her clit against him, loving the sensation of stretching in her cunt. And the steady beat of his cock-head against her cuntal walls drove her wild. Carol felt herself stretching thin. A weird kind of insanity had taken her over. She dripped sweat, the salty sting of that liquid adding to her wild excitement.

“Man, fuck it out, baby, fuck it out!” She was all the way down on his fat, long dick now. She moved her ass in tight little circles, feeling Billy’s cock stir her insides savagely. The growing mass of tension in her body swelled up hotly. Something was going to happen, something tremendously pleasurable and painful. Carol could feel the pressure building up in her cunt, asshole and belly. Her entire body was melting into a hot, bubbly sex-pool.

“Huhhhhh! Huhhhhh!”

The blonde teen tossed her hips crazily, nearly knocking Billy off. She gasped for air desperately. A chilly flash of sexual heat ripped through her cunt as she jerked from side to side, begging the young man to fuck her harder.

“In, uhhnng, unnghh!” Carol cried with each forward fucking thrust. Her feet pounded against the farm boy’s back while her body scraped across the floor. Strands of bet blonde hair clung to her face and throat while stubble clung to her asscheeks and back. The girl could feel something new happening inside her — it was the rising of her sexual heat, climbing higher and higher. It rose steadily, driving up into her brain. She started holding her breath, waiting for the explosion she knew was going to nearly knock her unconscious.

“Man, gonna shoot, gonna come!” the boy yelled.

The words made Carol cry out again, and scissor her legs more tightly around his body, hammering her feet against his pumping ass. Every square inch of her body was alive to his touch. She could feel the stiff hairs on his chest and belly scraping her hot wet skin.


Carol was going crazy. Holding a deep, sobbing breath, she felt her cunt crash down on Billy’s cock. Her cuntal mouth hurt from the steady friction of the big man’s pistoning cock. She was drained of all strength. And yet somehow, the young woman found the energy to fuck harder, thrash more furiously, beg for more dick-meat to feed her tightening, hot, wet pussy.

“SHOOTIN’!” Billy hissed.

Carol felt him stiffen on top of her, his fingertips digging painfully into her upper arms. He threw his head back and closed his eyes tightly, his face a strange mask of pain. Sweat oozed down from his forehead, dripping onto his nose and down, his neck. His legs jerked against her thighs, forcing her legs farther apart while big dick thrust harder. An angry fire started at the mouth of her furry hole. Carol’s entire belly seemed to bulge with dick, swelling up with growing sexual excitement. She grunted, ramming her cunt up and down his rock-hard bar of cock.

Then the girl felt something hot and wet scalding the quivering walls of her snatch. He was firing his load into her pussy. Carol had read ail the books she could on the male orgasm. But nothing in print could have ever suggested the mind-blowing sensation of a man’s cock shooting out wads of cum into her cunt. The young girl snapped her head back, rolling it from side to side. The hard, heavy jolt of his cum blasted against her pussy, making the girl scream as if someone had stabbed her with a knife. She wept and struggled, beating at the young man with her fists.


Still, the orgasm refused to come to Carol. She felt Billy thrashing on top of her, his dick shooting more jism into her hole. She was filling up. Already the girl could feel his jizz oozing from her cunt, spilling out of her pussy and wetting down her bouncing asscheeks. Then it came, came with violent force.


Carol was out of control, feeling herself nothing more than a wet, hot, milking cunt. She clenched at his jerking cock, bouncing him up and down on her body. Her tits jiggled like pudding while the girl and her cunt-walls grip down on his cock at least twice for every one that was still shooting from his prick-head. Even when Billy’s orgasm faded, Carol’s climax continued. She was drifting contentedly, her pussy squeezing out the last drop from Billy’s dick before it finally slackened off.

The young blonde didn’t know how long the two of them lay naked like that in the barn. A half hour, perhaps an hour passed before Billy even made an attempt to get off of her. What would he say? What would he do to her? How should she act?

“Good little piece of ass,” Billy grunted, pushing himself off Carol and staring down at her. Oh, how his eyes made her flesh crawl! They were cold, unfeeling, not at all like the friendly gaze he gave her when she first arrived. “All the guys in the valley oughtta know about you.”

Carol felt her heart skip a beat. She sat up after the young man crawled off.

“Don’t tell anyone. Oh, God, don’t!”

Shame and guilt settled on the girl’s mind. She could picture her relatives now as they heard the news about her fucking. How could she face her aunt and uncle, her mother and father? Carol wrinkled her forehead, folding her fingers together and begging her cousin not to say anything.

“Maybe…” Billy said, reaching down and scratching his balls. Carol watched his soft long cock move slowly back and forth as the young man played with himself and smiled strangely at her. “All depends on you…”

Carol felt her stomach turn. “What do you mean?” She watched him carefully as he pulled on his shirt and pants.

“You just do like I tell you and everything’s gonna be fine.”

There was nothing reassuring at all in the tone of her cousin’s voice. Carol reached out and slowly drew her hands to her sides. She wanted to be left alone for a while. But Billy was still there, enjoying her discomfiture, enjoying her growing shame. It was as if he’d fucked her purposely so he could watch this after play of guilt on her mind.

“Enjoy it? Enjoy my dick?” he asked, reaching down and slipping one hand under her thin. Carol closed her eyes and shuddered. His touch now was repulsive. The young boy closed his fingers over her jaw, squeezing hard until he heard her moan. “Little bitch! You do like I tell you, or…” Billy jerked his hand forward, knocking Carol back onto the floor. She let out a tiny cry, choking it down when she saw him raising his hand high above his head. Oh, no, no, she didn’t want another beating. Her body still ached from the last one.

“I promise I won’t say anything,” Carol said rapidly, pushing her dress back down to her knees.

“Yeah, yeah, better be sure,” Billy said, rocking back and forth on his heels. She could tell he was satisfied, satisfied that he’d managed to force her to bend to his will. For an eighteen-year-old, her cousin was acting like the chief commandant of a concentration camp. And to think he was doing all these things without his mother and father knowing about them. God knows how many other young women had fallen prey to his weird desires.

Carol waited for him to leave. She felt a growing apprehension crawl over her the longer he stayed.

“Man, you know, just thinkin’ about your pussy makes me hot again,” Billy said, still playing with his dick. Carol saw his cock growing hard again. She felt sick. Oh, no, she couldn’t go through another fuck. Was he going to rape her again? She was so sore from the last session. Certainly she couldn’t survive another one.

“Please…” Carol didn’t dare say anything about asking him to leave. She saw his face darken the second she spoke. No, no, she had to keep still. No matter what he did to her, sooner or later he’d grow tired and leave her alone. Carol sat on the barn floor then, her eyes fastened on his quickly growing cock. He was so huge, so hard, able to get it up so quickly.

“Please, what? You wanna fuck my dick again? Or maybe you got other plans for it?”

She watched as her cousin’s mouth turned up into a broad smile. He was jerking his fingers back and forth rapidly on his cock now, pulling the relatively loose outer skin over the steely inner core, milking out cum. She watched as his goose fleshed balls rolled back and forth, then slowly tightened against his fat dick-root.

“Blow me!”

Carol’s eyes widened. She knew what the term meant, and the idea of her putting her lips against his cock sickened her!

“No, no, that’s… perverted!”

Billy threw his head back and laughed.

“Man, baby, the way you went after my dick a few seconds ago, and you’re worried about perversion?”

Billy’s laughs died down and he glanced at his dick. It was throbbing, dark-red and ready for action. It jerked between his milking fingers.

“I don’t give a fuck what the hell you think about sucking dick. You’re gonna put your mouth on that thing.”

Billy stepped forward, his cock bouncing up against her cheek. Carol jerked back as if someone had touched her face with a hot poker. Something wet was dripping down her cheek — cum oozing from his piss-slit. She shivered, wiping the foul stuff off her face and scooting back on the hay. She felt the rough stubble tickling the insides of her thighs as she moved farther back into the stall.

Billy smiled, seeming to enjoy her growing revulsion. Then the girl felt herself backed against the wall, her asscheeks pressing hard against the corner. There was no place else to run. Billy stood in front of her, his dick sticking straight out lewdly the fat flanged red head pulsed.

“Show’s over, baby. Suck it!”

He reached down and slipped his hands around the back of her head, drawing Carol forcibly toward him. She wrinkled up her nose when she smelled his crotch. The heat radiating from his cock and balls made her face blush. Oh, was he going to force her to do this terrible thing?

“Suck it!”

Billy guided his cock to her lips. Carol fought back, reaching up and trying to scratch at the young man’s wrists. No, she didn’t want to do this terrible, sick thing. But he was far too strong for her, actually enjoying the small amount of pain she was inflicting in his wrists with her fingernails. Carol’s eyes crossed as she tried to keep the closing dick in sight. Then she sighed, closed her eyes and gave in. What was the use?

“That’s it man,” he purred, rubbing his cockhead back and forth over her lips. The girl swallowed hard, tasting the salty, bleachy flavor of his cum as it seeped through the crack between her tightly closed lips. She was going to have a man’s dick in her mouth — actually in her mouth! Only once or twice did Carol hear her mother talk about this kind of act. And then the older woman called it one of the sickest sex acts thought up by man… second only to getting fucked in the ass!

Billy squeezed his hairy ass forward, shoving his dick hard against her mouth. He warned her not to try anything funny like biting him or he’d knock all her teeth out with one powerful, blow.

In a second, the blonde teenager felt the meaty knob slide past her lips, over her front teeth and start its slow, awful journey toward the back of her mouth. Carol swallowed again, breathing through her nose with a whistling sound as her mouth quickly filled with that fat hunk of cock-meat. Billy was grunting and groaning as he savored the hot, wet sensation of Carol’s mouth against his dick. It was a real oral fuck. He was pushing his dick in and out of her mouth as if he were fucking a cunt. The young man told her to suck and wouldn’t stop harassing her until he saw her cheeks cave in from the force of the suction.

Carol slowly grew accustomed to the awful act. She sucked and slathered his pistoning cock with spittle, moving her tongue around the sensitive underside of his cock. The knob was so thick, so large, so meaty! Against her will, the teenager was beginning to get into the act more than she would have originally believed.

“Yeah, yeah!” Billy hissed.

Carol dug her teeth into the groove behind his flanged dick-head, flicking her tongue around the arrow-shaped bulb until Billy pulled back with a groan. He plunged back and forth in his cousin’s mouth until she thought she’d choke up on her own saliva.

“Suck it harder, bitch.”

Carol did as she was told, sucking as hard as she could. Billy let out a groan, then shoved his dick in again, bouncing the knob off the roof of her mouth. Carol sucked again, almost as hard as before, wondering if he was going to shoot off in her mouth. Oh, dear God, would she be able to take all that it without gagging? Remembering how much, spunk had hot into her cunt-hole before, the young girl was afraid she would drown in her cousin’s jizz.


Billy whimpered, drawing his cock back and glancing down. His rod was slick with his cousin’s spit. He shoved it back in, pressing his fingertips hard against the sides of her head. The sensation of her wet cheeks brushing the throbbing flesh of his rod, the feel of her tongue flicking around his cock was driving him crazy.

“Man, feel my asshole. Go on, get your Goddamned hands over to that asshole!”

Carol did as she was told, forgetting all about modesty, about what society would say about this sort of incestuous playing around. She let one finger slide along the perineum toward Billy’s shitter. The girl sensed she was hurrying her cousin along toward another orgasm. He was groaning, fucking her mouth while squatting down slightly and letting the girl’s finger rim his asshole.

Carol dug her fingers into his buttocks while she moved her other hand over to his balls and stroked the bottom of his swinging nut-sac.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, keep it goin’ that way! Man, you’re somethin’ else,” Billy groaned, pistoning his dick rapidly in and out of her mouth. The young woman didn’t have a chance to suck even if she wanted to. The back of her throat was being pounded hard and fast by Billy’s cock. All of this was making her dizzy, making her head reel around and around. Her knees scraped over the stubble strewn floor while her head bounced back and forth from the force of her cousin’s hammering cock.


Carol moved her hand from his balls to his fucking prick. She was fingering and sucking his cock at the same time. Billy was groaning more loudly now. The girl was sucking hard, pushing her tongue against his cock while worming her finger into Billy’s shitter. Oh, God, she could feel his ass tensing, a sign that he was going to shoot his wad in her mouth. The muscles all over his body were tensing in expectation.

“Shit fuck! Man, I’m gonna shoot, shootin’ your Goddamned fuckin’ mouth!”

Carol felt him digging his fingernails hard into her scalp. His breath was coming in short, shallow gasps while sweat streaked his face and chest. His cock slammed in and out so hard, Carol’s mouth hurt from the friction of the mouth-fucking.

He was crying out something unintelligible, his legs shaking with growing tension. Spittle and jizz oozed from the corners of the girl’s stretched mouth. At times, Billy held his groin hard against her face, shoving his dick in so far the girl could feel it pushing against the back of her throat and then slowly sliding down toward her belly. It was then Carol couldn’t breathe. Even the passages leading from her nose to her lungs seemed blocked. She clawed at the big man’s thighs with one hand, gagging, choking, groaning loudly as she could to relate to her cousin how desperate she was.

Then Billy finally relaxed, slowly pulling his cock back and giving his cousin a chance to catch her breath.

“Man, cum, cum!”

Billy sounded frantic as he pumped in her mouth. Gum, spurt after spurt of it, shot down into her throat. Then he slowed down, giving the girl a second’s rest.

“Man, oh, man,” he gasped while he caressed the sides of Carol’s head. Then his mouth-fucking resumed its intensity, the girl had thought his climax was over. But he surprised her by coming back with an even greater force. There was more pumping, more jizz shooting into her mouth before he was finished. With a sigh of sexual relief, the young man pulled his softening cock from her lips. Carol rolled her eyes up and saw how he was grinning down at her. She held her belly and turned to one side, spitting out the mixture of spit and cum onto the dirt. Oh, she almost felt like vomiting. What a sick thing she’d done… and with her own cousin.

Billy scratched his right temple and stared down at the still kneeling young woman.

“Man, you were somethin’ else. I mean, for a bitch who ain’t done this kinda thing before, you were somethin’ else. Gotta keep you around for a long time.”

Carol didn’t comment. She just hoped this would be enough to satisfy the young man’s incredible sexual appetite. After he left, she’d have to think about leaving. No, she couldn’t stay under the same roof with her cousin for another day. God only knows what he’d try the next time his mother and father left the two of them alone.

“Gotta get some rest far tomorrow. Get dressed and get back to the house. And remember, keep your mouth shut,” he said, pointing a warning finger at Carol. The girl was too tired, too terrified to do anything but nod her head up and down.

She still knelt there, holding her breath until she heard her cousin’s footsteps fade away. When she hard the front screen door of the barn open and slam shut, the girl sighed with relief. She fell back, rolling onto her belly. She wanted to cry, to scream, to shout out to the world what had happened to her that evening. She’d been raped in the cunt and mouth. In a way, Carol expected the sky to fall down, for thunder to roll through the valley. But nothing happened. She could hear the crickets outside chirping merrily. Occasionally, the hooting of a white owl broke the relative silence of the nighttime. No, it was all peaceful. Above her the stars winked while a soft breeze rustled the tall grass growing on both sides of the barn. Raped. Sodomized. And nothing happened.

“Ohhhhh, no.” Carol groaned. She could feel the tears welling up hotly in her eyes. Yes, she was going to cry, going to let it all out. Not only had she been raped, but she had actually enjoyed it, encouraged her own cousin to practice his brutal kind of sexuality on her without complaining. He knew it and was going to exploit her feelings to the limit if she didn’t run from this place soon.

Lying in the hay, the girl softly cried herself to sleep, wondering what to do.

Something during the night she awoke, pulling herself up from the pile of hay she’d been sleeping on and wondering what her aunt and uncle would say about her coming in so late. Straw clung to her arms and legs, and was tangled in her hair. She was a mess. Standing up a little unsteadily, Carol brushed the loose hay from her dress and made her way out of the barn toward the main house. The car still wasn’t there. She saw a light burning in her cousin’s window and drew in a sharp breath. Could she enter the same building that Billy occupied?

Would he try anything further with her?

No, she didn’t think so. He was too tired, too exhausted, too spent. Slowly, Carol made her way into the darkened house, walking quietly up the stairs to the second floor, feeling as if she were taking the weight of the world up with her. Fucked, raped. Those words raced through her mind as she walked down the narrow hall to her room. A band of light appeared under Billy’s door. She felt herself walking on tip-toe, hoping he wouldn’t hear her.


The door shot open and Billy appeared in the doorway, stark naked, his semi-rigid cock in his hand while he leaned against the doorway. Carol jumped with a loud scream, hitting the other wall of the hall.

“Don’t… touch me,” she said in a soft whisper, terror creeping over her. Keeping both eyes fastened on the young man, she slid along the wall until she felt her doorknob. Only when she had slipped the bolt on her door did the girl feel safe. Oh, God, safe, safe here? Her cousin could break the door down, rape her again in her own room. Confused, terrified, Carol stumbled to her bed and fell down, curling up in a tight fetal position and sobbing herself to sleep.

The next few days passed as if nothing had happened in the barn. Billy hadn’t made many appearances at the table since that fateful night, easing the terror Carol felt whenever she caught sight of him. Her aunt and uncle commented on how hard their son worked in the fields, not coming home until very late. Carol wondered what Billy was doing in the fields and shuddered when various thoughts shot through her mind. Did he and his cronies have other girls, torturing them out there, doing all sorts of weird things to them before letting them go? Something told the young blonde that what had happened to her there in the barn was only a taste of what her cousin was capable of.

Any thoughts she had of leaving were postponed when she learned her mother and father had gone on a vacation to Reno and Lake Tahoe. There could be no way she’d be able to convince her aunt and uncle to let her go to an unattended house in Los Angeles. She’d have to stick it out somehow, clinging to their side, going with them wherever they went, avoiding her cousin like the plague.

And for the next few days Carol’s plan seemed to be working. She went with her aunt everywhere during the night and day, refusing to be alone even for an instant with her cousin. Shopping, movies, church meetings, the most boring of socials were everyday events for the blonde teen. Carol would have much preferred running through the rolling beautiful countryside around the small ranch. But thoughts of what might happen when Billy cornered her made her think better of that idea. No, she’d confine herself to helping her aunt and uncle and save the running for another time.

It was the night of the third evening after her initial fuck that Carol’s luck ran out. Having finished dinner and after helping her aunt wash the dishes, Carol strolled to the living room and sat near her uncle, feeling it would be another boring night of television watching with the folks. Outside thunder rolled, shaking the windows as a storm threatened the valley. Occasionally, Carol could see the streaks of lightning slice through the black sky, revealing for a second the rolling thunderheads. Wind whistled through the cracks in the doors and windows.

“Martha, get the phone,” her uncle said, rolling his cigar between his yellow teeth.

Carol heard her aunt running from the kitchen, pick up the receiver and begin to talk.

“Oh, my God, no! We’ll be right over.”

“What is it, honey?”

Carol pushed herself forward in the chair, sensing something terrible had happened.

“Tornado… a freak one, hit the north side of town. Come on, Fred, we’ve got to help,” the old woman said quickly, wiping her hands on her apron, then pulling it off and hanging it neatly on a nearby peg.

“I’m going, too,” Carol said, standing up as her aunt and uncle raced for the front door.

“No, don’t, Carol. It’s going to be terrible. Believe me, I’ve seen these things. You’d be better off staying at home. Just lock all the doors and keep by the phone. And remember, if you hear rumbling, it’s a funnel cloud. Go to the fruit cellar just outside and hide there until it’s over,” her aunt said, comforting her briefly, then turning around and racing for the door.

The young blonde held her hands tightly together in front of her, wishing she could tell her aunt and uncle the real reason for her terror. Where was Billy? They were so concerned about the people in town they failed to tell her where her cousin was. She hadn’t seen him since lunch. Was he out in the fields, out with his buddies, perhaps in town buried under rubble?

“Oh, God,” she groaned, running to the door and bolting it, then moving quickly to the back and locking the kitchen door. In the living room the television droned on as the storm worsened. There was the sound of the car starting, crunching over the gravel drive, then shifting into high gear as it turned around and headed toward the main highway. Carol sat back down in the chair in front of the TV, holding her hands tightly against her upper arms and listening to the howling wind. Her heart beat so loudly, she could hear it over the news announcer now broadcasting about the disaster that had just bit.


The blonde jumped from her chair, standing terrified in front of the television screen and listening very carefully. Was there, someone else in the house? There were so many creaks and groans she couldn’t tell. Opening her eyes the blonde girl saw it was her cousin!

“Leave me alone!” she cried in terror.

“Shut up and get back in. We’re gonna get killed if we stay out here!”

Carol didn’t want to go inside. She’d rather take her chances with the storm. Breaking free, she circled Billy, heading for the barn.

“Get her!”

The blonde twisted her head around and saw the young man wasn’t alone. The wind let up briefly. Brushing her wet hair from her eyes, Carol saw two other boys racing for her, their arms outstretched, their faces wearing the same smile Billy had.

“Oh, no, no!”

The girl turned around and plodded through the storm toward the barn. Could she find safety there? No, no, she had to go beyond it, keep running, run for town, for the next farm, run anywhere to get away from these brutes. For something told the blonde teen that Billy and his friends would put her through the worst if they ever got their hands on her. Her aunt and uncle would doubtlessly be away for a long time, helping out with the disaster in town. The boys must have seen the car drive away and waited for Carol either to go to bed or race from the house.

“The barn!” Billy cried.

One of the taller boys moved in front of the others, his boots squishing in the mud. Carol heard him getting closer, the sounds of his racing feet drowning out the slackening storm. Then she felt his hands down her back. He missed her once, twice, then finally grabbed onto her.

“Lemme go!” Carol screamed, her feet twisting around one another in the mud while the wind blew her wet hair in ha face.

“A fighter!” the tall, dark-haired young man said, shaking the water from his eyes. He held her tightly, his fingers pressing into her upper arms while his legs knocked hers apart. What was he planning to do, fuck her right there in the storm with rain and hail pelting them both? Carol threw back her head and let out a hellish scream of terror and revulsion. The dress she wore clung to her body wetly.

“Billy said you were a hot little number. Let’s see just how hot you are.”

The young man pawed the girl’s tits, moving one hand up front and ripping the top buttons off her dress. He tore the garment, found her bra strap and pulled. Carol struggled futilely, grunting, clawing, kicking, scratching as best she could while trying to keep her balance on the wet dirt. Then there were more tearing sounds and the bra ripped loose from her body. She was naked from the waist up, her tits swinging free.

“No… no,” she whispered, managing to pull one hand up, dragging her fingernails across his cheek.

The young man screamed, jerking back and dropping his hands from Carol’s body. The young woman turned, desperate, holding up her torn dress, stumbling forward. But the boy wasn’t about to be put off. While Billy and the other friend stood to one side, he lunged forward, grabbing one hand and hauling Carol to the ground.


“Stupid slut!” the young man said, holding his cheek as Carol lay in the mud, her hair hanging in front of her eyes while wet dirt covered her legs and part of her belly.

“Hey, Jack, she too much for you?” Billy shouted over the wind.

The dark-haired youth said nothing, reaching down and dragging her by one arm toward the barn. Her heels dug trenches in the mud while the girl still struggled. Carol’s heart raced. The wind had increased again, raising gooseflesh all over her body. The damp chill cut to her bones.

Jack dragged her to the doorway of the large old wooden barn, Billy and the other boy following close behind. He dropped her in the dirt. Carol looked up. He was soaked to the skin as she was, his dark blue Levi’s clinging to his flesh, revealing a bulge between his legs that promised as much cockmeat as her cousin had.

“Open this fuckin’ thing up and let’s get goin’ on her,” Billy said, nodding at the door.

“Oh, no, no!” Carol cried, wiggling desperately.

Jack advanced slowly while Billy and the other boy pushed the door open with a loud rumbling sound. His boots squished in the mud as the girl scooted backward.

“Please, leave me alone, let me go back to the house. I haven’t hurt you,” the girl whimpered. Rain pelted her, cleaning some of the mud off her legs and arms.

“Don’t care. Let’s go,” Jack said, hauling Carol off the ground and dragging her screaming into the barn.


“No, don’t… don’t,” Carol cried, her pleas growing louder as Billy approached her. She was standing against the stall where he’d raped her the first time. She shivered, rubbing her palms up and down her arms while keeping her knees pressed tightly together. Her dress clung to her upper chest, still protecting her tits from view.

“Hey, Ron, you wanna get into her? Man, she’s got a nice, tight little pussy. I know, I’m the only one who’s fucked her.”

“Hey, Christ, with that fat rod you got between your legs, she’s about as tight as a tunnel,” the smaller of the three young men laughed, running his fingers through his long blond hair.

Carol stared from one to the other, brushing the wet hair from her eyes. For a second, at least she was out of their reach. Oh, how good and warm the barn was… compared to that awful damp chill outside. The storm seemed to be letting up. The howling wind had stopped shaking the old wooden building. Maybe her aunt and uncle would be coming back soon. How good that would be! Then Billy and his friends couldn’t torture her anymore.

“Come here, baby.”

Carol stared at Jack’s outstretched hand, her eyes then dropping to his crotch. She could see his dick straining against his wet Levi’s, tenting up the material. Her body trembled. This was a nightmare… a terrible, horrible nightmare. Terror knifed through her mind. This was no dream, no illusion. She knew what her cousin was capable of and could only guess at what the others would do at his suggestion. The girl could only imagine what he told the others laughingly… that when he was through with her he’d turn her over to his buddies the way a cook tosses an old piece of meat to the dogs.

“No, you’re going to hurt me!”

“Not… much.”

That wasn’t very reassuring to the young girl.

She moved back, away from the three young men who stood like hangmen in front of her. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Her terror-stricken eyes were wide and focused on the advancing hulk of Jack’s body. He reached out and Carol shivered, turning her face away and letting out a low groan.

“Oh, no, no,” she moaned.

Jack sucked in a deep breath, moving his hand sharply to one side, then drawing it back across her face. The force of that slap knocked the girl to her knees. Stars exploded in front of her, as her brain reeled from the blow. Carol cried out, scooting past Jack on all fours like an animal. The three boys watched, fascinated at the blonde teenager’s reaction. The top of her tarn dress fell away from her body, letting her huge tits hang down low. The stiff red tips brushed over the hay. Jack moved behind her, raising one leg and kicking out.


Carol pitched forward as the booted foot smacked hard against her big asscheeks. Her hands flew out in front of her while her knees left the ground. Landing on her belly, the blonde teenager quickly scrambled back to her crawling position. Useless, futile! They closed in on her now, standing in a tight circle, advancing on her. Carol sobbed, covering her mouth with one hand, choking down a rifled scream as she backed into the stall.

“The race’s over, baby. Come on, Carol, give ‘im your paw.” Billy shouted.

The girl shook her head slowly from side to side, watching in horror as her cousin slowly unbuckled his dreadful black leather belt and drew it through the loops of his soaked Levi’s.

“Don’t… don’t!” Carol cried. She twisted around, her arms flailing as she tried to cover bawl! Billy brought the belt down, the tip slicing the flesh just below her tits.

“Aggghhh!” Carol squealed, her body snapping to one side. She rolled over, feeling hands on her body, hands tearing at her dress, pulling the wet material away. She felt the dress rip from her sides. Now only her panties were left.

“Just warmin’ you up for more.”

Billy swung the belt over his head. Carol twisted around. She saw him, standing spread-legged in front, seeing him as she’d seen him days before when he fucked her si brutally in the same spot. The belt chewed the flesh along her hips. She was still screaming a mindless babble of sound, crawling along the hay, trying to get away from this man.

The belt came down again. Carol rolled away, straw sticking uncomfortably to her body. Again and again the belt whipped down. But instead of pain, gradually the young woman began to foci a odd bright warmth explode in her cunt, spreading to all puts of her flesh. At times, the belt smacked the old wounds from two days ago. Carol wondered briefly how much more heat could explode in her? What terrible thing had Billy unleashed in her body earlier and was now resurrecting? That strange force and now the pain from the actual whipping terrified Carol.

“Okay, okay, man, don’t turn her into ground meat,” Jack said, putting a restraining hand on his buddy’s arm.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Billy said under his breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of one hand. Carol curled into a tight ball, sobbing hysterically as she covered her face with both hands.

“Man, let’s put her through her paces now, you know what I mean?” Ron said, winking at Billy. “Let’s see if she’s as good as Betty Randall.”

The three young boys smiled.

“We got Ranger in the car out back,” Jack said. The three boys watched Carol. She pulled her head from between her arms and looked curiously at them. What were they talking about? Betty Randall? Ranger? Was there someone else around to torment her?

“Come on, let’s get it over with,” Jack said, shrugging his shoulders as Ron and Billy left the barn. Carol rubbed her fingers tenderly over the injured spots on her body. God, she thought, must be very angry with her. How could He allow this sort of terrible thing to happen to her otherwise? Tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she turned away from the young man in front of her. Shame, guilt, and a growing fear of those three men gradually began to overpower her thoughts. Something told the young woman her ordeal was far from over.


“No, no, no!”

Carol rolled her head from side to side, feeling pieces of straw clinging to her dampened cheeks. She rocked her ass around like a boat tossed in a storm.

“Not bad, honey. Too bad we don’t have a camera. We could make bucks taking shots of you in town,” Ron said.

“Come on, let’s clean ‘er up. I’m kinda tired of her already,” Billy said with a touch of disgust in his voice.

“Hey, man, we ain’t even got started with this one,” Jack protested, rubbing his dick.

“Yeah, man, it’s so fuckin’ dull around here. The only thing we got iss cunt… lots of it… hot, juicy… like this one here.”

Billy scratched his chin, thinking over what he should do. Glancing out the barn door, he noticed the storm had abated. He’d heard about the tornado in town and knew his parents would be leaving to help out. That was why he’d mustered his friends together even in the driving rain to have some “fun” with his cousin. And yet now that the dog had gotten to her, Billy felt some doubt as to doing anything more with her. She was his first cousin, even though she was — in his twisted mind — a woman who was just a cock-tease and deserved the degradation she was getting.

“Yeah, what the fuck,” he said in a low whisper.

Jack and Ron smiled.

“Come one and let’s get this bitch cleaned up,” Ron said, bending down and taking one of Carol’s legs. He dragged her out of the stall. Carol groaned, feeling the straw building up against her cunt, some of the stubble working painfully into her snatch and asshole. They were driving away the relaxing golden glow that had settled over her.

“Clean ‘er up my way,” Billy said, motioning for his buddies to stop pulling her toward the door. Ron and Jack moved back as the big farm boy strutted up to his cousin, smirking down at her. “I’m gonna show you just what the fuck I think about you.”

“You don’t have to,” Carol said softly. “I already know.”

“Man, you don’t have any idea,” Billy said, angry at her presumption. He moved above her, his legs pressing against hers. Carol leaned back, fear leaping to her throat. Hadn’t he done enough to her? Hadn’t he ruined her utterly by that last foul act? What more did he want to put her through?

“Just don’t move, honey.”

Billy was unbuttoning his fly, pulling out his dick. Carol stared at it, big, thick and yet limp between his fingers. What did he want? Was he going to make her suck him?

“Man, he’s really tripped out,” Ron whispered to Jack.

“I… uhhhhhhhh!”

Carol felt revulsion sweep over her, sucking in her breath as the hot yellowish piss suddenly shot from his piss-slit and splashed over her belly. The urine spilled down into her cunt-mound, filling the slot up to her tiny inner pussy-lips. She felt the hot oily piss dribble over her hips and finally wet the pound just under her ass. She shivered, her eyelids blinking. Oh, God, what an awful thing to do. Her hips wiggled, instinctively trying to shake free of the hot, disgusting droplets.

“Man, I said don’t move a fuckin’ muscle,” Billy warned with a growl.

Carol shut her eyes and bit her lips to keep from crying out with frustration and disgust. The thin hot spray splashed across her nipples, washed down over her dirtied tits and down her chest. She felt the urine spray over her chin. Carol couldn’t help herself. She jerked one hand up and covered her mouth, trying to hide her gagging.

“What’s the matter, can’t you understand English?” the young man barked, raising his hand threateningly while directing the thin stream of piss across her tits. Carol forced down the vomit rising in her throat, trying to ignore the foul droplets splashing up from her tits to her face. He was pissing on her.

“Get ‘er in the mouth!”

Billy smiled broadly, directing his piss up to the young blonde’s lips. Carol groaned, twisting her head away. She felt the stream rush into her ears, dirty her hair, trickle down her sides to her asscheeks. She was sticky with urine, covered with piss. And still more shot out of the young man’s prick-head.

She brought her hands down to her sides, curling her fingers and digging her nails into her thighs.

Finally the stream stopped. Billy looked down, flicking off a tiny drop that struck one eye.

“Come on, man, piss on ‘er. Let ‘er know just where’s she’s comin’ from.”

Jack looked at Ron, shrugged and grinned.

“Sure, why not. She’s your cousin,” he said, stepping up in front of the growing puddle of urine and unzipping his Levi’s. Carol watched the young man pull his flaccid cock from inside his Levi’s and hold it between his thumb and forefinger, aiming the fat head right at her face. She closed her eyes and held her breath, waiting for the onrush of piss. Already the stink of her cousin’s urine rose like steam from a sewer. She didn’t know how much more of this foul treatment she could take. What had happened with her cousin was one thing. A fuck, even though it started out as a rape, was relatively natural. Everyone did it, even though Carol hadn’t planned on having a man until after marriage. Yet she could still live with that, could find some way to deal with Billy’s savagery. But the dog, and now… now this horror!

Jack positioned himself much as did Billy, his legs spread widely apart on either side of her body. He looked down at her big tits, at her stiff, red nipples still erect.

Carol stared up, watching his fat balls tighten against his cock-root. The girl swore she could, see them twitch with excitement. For a moment, Carol wasn’t sure if he was going to piss on her or make her blow him. Her doubts were resolved in a moment.

“Open your mouth.”

Carol considered for a moment what would happen if she refused. She glanced up at her cousin and Ron and the dog. No, she didn’t want them to hurt her, to scar her for life. And she was sure none of them would think twice about permanently maiming her beautiful body and face if it pleased them. Reluctantly, she closed her eyes and took in deep breaths. Her tits rose and slapped together with each breath.

Jack looked down and licked his chops. He could feel blood slowly rushing to his cock, making it warm, pulsating, stiff. He wouldn’t be able to on her in a second. Rolling his eyes around, he saw Billy staring at him impatiently. No, it was best not to go against the handsome tall farm boy. He’d seen Carol’s cousin permanently cripple two other boys in a fight just outside the high school grounds. Jack had forgotten what the battle was about — nothing, he was sure.

Billy was almost psychopathic jumping on people at the slightest provocation. He enjoyed imposing his will on others, watching them twist and bend to his liking. Jack sometimes resented this. But he would rather be on Billy’s side than oppose him. So, even though the young dark-haired teen would have preferred to have taken Carol sexually, he fought down his rising desire and reined his groin muscles, feeling the piss slowly boil up to his dick-head.

The urine started. Jack shuddered, directing the stream along her lips, down to her chin, then up to her eyes and hairline.


Carol grunted, her pulse leaping in her throat. The stink spread, grew more intense. The terrible warm stream cascaded down her body. She was drowning in this piss. Every square inch of her body, it seemed, was drenched in foul urine. Carol was choking, gagging, unable to hold back her revulsion any more. Her panties reeked of piss. Jack sprayed her body in an up and down motion, watching the droplets splash off her thighs, her elbows, her tits, her chin. The young blonde teenager kept her eyes closed tightly, her torso now swaying slightly back and forth as she folded her hands in front of her and waited for the stream to end.

“Man, I’m empty.” Jack said, flicking the last few drops off the head of his prong, then stuffing it back into his Levi’s.

“Hey, your turn, Ron.”

The short blond was ready, holding his small dick in one hand, directing the thick yellow stream right at her crotch. That sudden wet pressure nearly knocked Carol off the floor. She opened her eyes and sobbed, drawing her hands over her crotch. The piss splashed off her knuckles and fingertips.

“Okay,” the young farm boy said, grinning sheepishly at his buddies.

“Whew, you’re a regular shit-bowl, you know that?” Billy said, wrinkling up his nose. The other followed [missing text].

“Let’s hose ‘er down,” Jack said.

Carol let them scoop her from the floor and take her outside. She was as limp as a rag doll. Her will had been stripped from her by this last unspeakable act. Let them do to her what they would!


Carol picked herself up from the ground. She was in a crouching position, her knees sliding across the soft mud. The storm had ended. Occasionally, she could see glimpses of the stars and moon through the tumbling clouds.

The light from the opened barn door illuminated the area where she was sprawled. A cold wind from the north chilled her flesh. Shivering, the blonde teen rubbed her fingers over her arms, clenching her thighs together to protect her warm little pussy.

She was dirty, smelly, fouled. Carol couldn’t stand herself. Her flesh reeked of piss. She’d been nothing more than a human urinal. And now she was crouched down in the dirt, shivering in front of three men while they made all sorts of lewd remarks. The weight of her tits pulled at her upper chest while her fingers clawed into the wet dirt. They were going to clean her up? How, by rolling her around in the mud? Another blast of wind blew her hair out behind her, raising goosepimples all over her body.

“Hey, baby, what’s the matter, a little chilly for you?” Billy called out. He buttoned his shirt, running his fingers through his hair while rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Whew, glad she’s downwind. With all that fucking’ piss on ‘er she’d make me throw up if I smelled it,” Jack said, rubbing his chin with one hand while scratching his balls with the other.

“Yeah, she needs a good bath,” Ron grinned, looking at Billy. Reaching out, he ripped her stained panties off.

The older farm boy walked around to one side of the barn building and uncoiled a long green hose. Carol watched as he flipped the hose over and over, untangling it, muttering curses while Jack helped him and Ron tighten the end fixture to the wall spigot.

In a second they were through.

“Get up and get cleaned,” Billy ordered.

Carol sobbed, pushing her hair from her eyes and staggering to her feet. Another chilly blast made her fold one leg over the other, trying to protect her cunt. The wind made her pussy-hairs flutter as Ron turned on the spigot at Billy’s command.

A blast of ice-cold water smashed into the girl’s rib cage. Carol opened her mouth in surprise, making odd gagging sounds. Billy and Jack worked the heavy hose, playing the stream of cold water over her body. The blonde teenager backed away, her feet slipping on the icy mud as she struggled to keep her balance. But it was so difficult. The streaming jet of water splashed around her, sending up small sprays of mud that pelted her thighs and face.

“Clean ‘er up good. I don’t wanna fuck a toilet seat,” Billy said.

Carol glared at him. For the first time rage overcame her terror. She summoned enough energy and will to spit in his direction. But her action only made her cousin laugh and move the hard stream of water down to her ankles. Unprepared for that, Carol spun around, her arms flailing out helplessly as she fell heavily to the ground.

“Oh, God!” she cried between her clenched teeth, trying to struggle to her feet. But Billy enjoyed watching her struggle in the mud. He directed the stream of water at her crotch. The spray hit the sensitive flesh, opening her wide as the blast of water nearly paralyzed all movement.

Carol screamed, dropping her hands to her crotch. She was going to freeze to death, die of exposure. The wind was picking up, moving her wet hair against her face. The young blonde could feel the droplets of cold water hitting the sensitive folds of her cuntal mouth. Some tickled her clit, creating a strange erotic sensation. Carol scooted back, leaving a trail in the cold mud.

She rolled onto her belly, clawing at the wet dirty, trying to get her pussy away from the moving stream. Her long hair tangled around her neck, catching under her shoulders as the young men followed her carefully. She was covered with slime, shivering like a cornered animal. This was being cleaned up? She fought to get free of the spray. But the boys followed her with it, hitting her ankles with the water whenever Carol seemed to be getting her balance.


The water shot straight up between her thighs. The blast against her asshole felt like a long, cold tongue. The streaks on her buttocks and sides from the belt throbbed under the constant cold pressure of the shooting water.


Carol gasped, her slick body sliding on the wet smooth ground. She didn’t want to turn to face the stream. She could imagine Billy drowning her with the water if he felt like it. The girl tried to turn sideways, keeping her back to her cousin. Her flesh turned blue as the roaring water drove the life from her body. Her tits jiggled, bouncing violently as the girl struggled against the powerful spray.

Billy stepped around, directing the water against all parts of Carol’s body. The young blonde tried to keep her face and tits away. But there was no chance of doing that in the face of her cousin. All the muscles in her body were stiffening and contracting. She turned and twisted every way to keep the water from her face and cunt.

Carol twisted her head around finally. In front of the brightly lit barn doorway were the three men. Billy held the hose level with his cock. For a second, the girl thought of him pissing on her, his bright yellow urine splashing against her face and tits and cunt. Then the hose blasted against her tits. Her nipples twitched, becoming stiff under the constant cold stimulation. She felt the whole mass of each round heavy tit aching with strange arousal. The cold water contrasted oddly with the inner heat throbbing in her books. Carol panted, crying out, putting her hands up to break the constant steady spray of water.

“She clean yet?”

“Gotta take care of her ass, Jack,” Billy said, lowering the hose and shooting the water against the soles of her feet.

Carol cried out, feeling her body slowly becoming numb to the steady cold. In a way, the water was heating up her flesh, almost giving her a pleasurable sensation. She sprawled on her back, weeping as her cousin played the hose from her tits to her cunt.


The heavy rush of water on her clit and her pussy made Carol’s hips rise and fall. She cried out with a mixture of pain and shame, letting her raised knees fail apart. How could she be doing this, in public, and with a stream of cold water? And yet the odd contrast of cold and hot, of rushing water and throbbing cunt, was turning the young teenager on. It was insane, awful! And yet, in spite of this train of thought, her hips still rolled in a fucking motion.

Every time Carol moved her hands over her pussy to try to stop that odd pleasure from the stream, Billy moved the water to blast at her asshole or her nipples. The splashing water bounced off her tits, splashed into her nostrils and mouth, threatening to drown her. Carol then turned her head and gasped, coughing, struggling for air, trying to spit out the water.

Carol had tried but couldn’t hide the wild heat from the young men laughing at her. She knew she was rutting there in front of them. Oh, God, could she be so shameless as to do this terrible thing publicly? The girl put her fist to her mouth and gnawed at her knuckles. No matter how much the hosing aroused her, she didn’t want them to see her starting to come.

“Man, she’s fuckin’ the water,” Ron said, a smile crossing his lips.

“Yeah, fuck, she’s a regular sex machine,” Billy said, impressed by his cousin’s sexuality. He played the stream more carefully now, concentrating on her nipples, cunt and bunghole.

Carol cried out again, feeling the unmistakable pressure and tension in her crotch. She felt the slow opening and closing of her cuntal muscles. Water, cold water, was actually doing this to her. She’d heard stories about how some women achieved orgasm by sitting in a tub and directing a stream of warm water on their cunts. But this was cold water, drawn from the ground. And yet she was turning on to it, actually fucking it!

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh!”

It wouldn’t be long before the climax built in her crotch. She closed her eyes and remained totally exposed to the water. She hoped the men would stop when she started to come. If they kept on, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist.

Carol twisted her hips around, actually looking for the stream. It was starting to feel more and more erotic. The wild, hot, tight feelings in her crotch grew more intense. The water beat at her clit, making Carol clench her teeth tightly together and gasp for air. She was going to come, going to shoot off. The young girl tried to fight off her feelings, but they were so strong she could only float along with them.

Her asscheeks slid on the cold ground. Carol knew all the sweat and piss and cum were washed off her now. But still she wanted to come, to feel that water tickling her pussy while she came and came and came. Gritting her teeth, she tried to force her orgasm.

Then Billy moved the stream from her crotch, blasting it across her tits. Carol thought the freezing water would strangle her. She fought with all her strength for short breaths as water splashed into her mouth and nose. Her chest spasmed, while her pussy ached and throbbed crazily. She heard the young men laughing.

Totally out of control, Carol wanted to scream. The water and the gut-wrenching force of her cum wouldn’t let her. She thrashed on the ground, agonized by the growing tension in her snatch. She knew her mind was fading even as she tried to regain control of her body. The sound of the rushing water drowned everything out.

“Ohhh, yeah, baby, come on, come on the water, go on bitch, work it on out,” Billy said. He moved the water up and down, fucking her with the stream, closing his eyes and pressing the hose against his crotch. He was fucking her, using the water was an extension of his dick. Opening her pussy with the stream, tickling her clit with it, spreading her asscheeks while making her jerk and twitch on the wet ground, make him gasp for breath. He thought he was going to shoot off right there in his pants. The young farm boy struggled for control, inhaling deep breaths while leaving off touching his stiff dick. No, he had other plans for his cock. He knew he was ready to fuck with his cousin again. Now she was cleaned off, hot, ready to trot, ready to submit to more of his perversions without a whimper. “Nooooo!”

Carol rolled over, feeling the water blasting against the spasming ring of her asshole. The girl strangled on her sobs and gasps, her breath driven out of her lungs by her powerful orgasm. The bright light streaming from the barn doorway darkened as her nerves exploded. With a howl, the girl rolled away from the cold mud, landing in a clump of high grass.

Billy followed her, blasting the dirt and hay from her flesh while Carol thrashed, crying out wild, broken phrases as she dropped over the edge and into the throes of orgasm.

Carol dragged her clawed fingers over the dry, cold ground now as if she were trying to get away from the wild power of her own reaction. Her flesh was painfully tight, stretched over her bones and muscles by the chill. The tightness of her hard nipples hurt. Everything seemed to throb in her body as the last droplets of the cleansing stream of water fell away. Now the young blonde could feel the cold wind even more. She was going to die from exposure, she knew it! Carol crawled slowly over the clean dry grass, still clawing to get away.

The naked, tortured, still-climaxing young woman managed to stagger up to her feet, her head snapping as she still felt her pussy climaxing. Billy turned the hose on the blonde’s asscheeks, making those fleshy globes jiggle and spread apart. Carol felt her pussy-walls crash down and grind against nothing. She thought of cocks, of tongues, of anything that would fit inside her pussy. Rolling on her back, the teenager rubbed her right hand over her spasming cuntal mound, feeling the furry labes moving under her pressure. Oh, how good it was to climax!

Carol lay there for several minutes while the boys shut off the hose and rolled it up by the side of the barn. She was floating half in a dream. Her head lolled. Two of the boys were carrying her back into the barn. What else could they possible do to her?

Everything was light again. She squinted, turning her face away from the brightness. Carol felt someone covering her with a coarse woolen horse blanket. One of the boys shifted his grip on her torso and shoved her forward.

“Let’s get ‘er on the table. We’ll show ‘er how to behave, not to trot that little ass of hers around and tease guys,” Billy growled.

“I swear, I haven’t done that. Oh, Billy, haven’t you done enough to me? I’m your cousin, your own cousin,” she sobbed, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Man, it’s worse when you don’t know what the fuck you’ve been doin’. All you cunts are the same… tease a dude, then not put out. Well, you’re gonna put-out… lots tonight,” Billy said as Ron and Jack pulled the blanket off her shoulders and forced her down on a saddle table.

She was in another stall.

In the center of the table was a drawer. Billy now opened it, dipping his hand in and drawing out a weird assortment of metal objects. They all looked like things that would be used on the farm. But on closer inspection, Carol saw these weren’t work instruments. Her uncle had nothing like this in his basement.

Billy tugged her thighs widely apart as Jack and Ron held her arms back, pressing her wrists against the back of the table. Billy took the first stirrup-like clamp and opened the screw, slipping the cold metal over her cuntlips and tightening it down. Carol stiffened her back, throwing her head to one side and letting out a low moan. Her tits rolled gently forward, slapping back, on her chest as she felt the cold metal pressing at first gently, then far more intensely against her labes. Billy had her cunt-lip trapped in the screw and was tugging it against her thigh.

“Yeah,” Billy said, smiling as the young teenager gritted her teeth in pain. The pulling sensation was grueling. All the beating she’d, received earlier paled under the possible agony waiting her. Carol watched as her cousin took out another screw and clamped it to her left labe, screwing it against her other thigh. Her cunt-lips were pulled far apart now. Oh, God, how grotesque!

“How about the rings?” Ron said, licking his lips in excitement. He and Jack pulled her arms back tightly, feeling a thrill of power when Carol moaned. Her shoulders and arms were aching.

“Sure… but not for the ears, Carol,” Billy said, taking out a pair of heavy rings from the drawer, opening them, then attaching them to her nipples. Carol shivered under the heavy pull of the metal on her cunt-lips and her tit-tips. They were pushing her to the limit, watching to see what would drive her mad. No, no, she wouldn’t give Billy and his friends the pleasure of watching her break down in front of them. They could throw anything they wanted at her, even laugh as they forced her to come. There seemed to be nothing she could do to control her pussy. But Carol could control her stamina, finding new strength in her sexuality to oppose these boys, to fight off their struggle to bring her to heel. They could make her cum shamelessly, but they couldn’t crush her in the dirt permanently. She clenched her teeth, refusing to scream. She had to survive.

Billy took out some cord and threw it to Jack. The two young farm boys bound her wrists to the legs of the table, stretching her arms over her head. The cord was thin, cutting into the already chafed flesh. Carol knew the more she struggled the more damage she’d do to her wrists.

“Tight up there?” Billy asked, pulling more rope from the drawer.

“Hog-tied!” Ron yelled.

Carol’s cousin bound her ankles to her thighs with the thicker twine, making sure, her knees would point up straight in the air. Then he attached a broad loop to one knee, ran the twine under the table, then slid it around her other knee. Carol saw that this method of knotting prevented her from snapping her knees and thighs together. She was completely opened now, vulnerable to anything.

“Okay,” he told her as she lay there, “I’m really gonna start on you.”

Carol groaned. Her body was distorted, pain cramping her muscles. As she watched, Billy opened his shirt, tugging open his Levi’s, pushing them down to his knees. Ron and Jack did the same. She stretched her neck, watching as the three men worked their fingers over their limp cocks until their rods grew thick and long.

“I’ve beaten the fuck outta you with this thing,” Billy said, holding his belt in his hand and trailing the tip over her thighs, “But I ain’t never hit down there.”

Billy snapped his hand back, and jerked it forward, letting the looped belt strike down hard at her clit.

“Eeeeeyyyahhhhh!” Carol shrieked. She couldn’t believe anything could hurt like that. Agonizing pain ripped through her crotch, radiating to all parts of her body. The girl’s back arched, her head snapping from side to side while her fingers and toes fanned out. The muscles bulged out against her welted flesh as scream after scream ripped from her throat.

Billy waited until his cousin calmed down, then struck at her pussy again. Carol bounced her asscheeks wildly on the table, desperately puffing at the twine cutting into her skin at every move, trying to get away. The girl tried to clamp her thighs together, but of course the ropes held her cunt wide open. Was this the ultimate torture? Was he going to ruin her for life? Looking up at Billy’s savage, twisted face, Carol was sure he was!


The pulling of the screws seemed to increase the intensity of the pain as Billy concentrated his light whipping of Carol’s pussy. The girl wallowed her shoulders against the table, pulling wildly at the ropes, ignoring the chafing against her wrists and ankles. Every muscle in her body tensed and strained. The twine gouged, sliding back and forth against the blonde’s wrists and the table. Billy kept striking her body, whipping heir thighs, knees and cunt with the looped belt until he had his cousin screaming crazily. Carol realized dimly that her rape and further experience with Billy and his friends made her discover this awful streak of hidden masochism in her. The more pain she felt, the more actual pleasure built in her body. Looking at Billy, she saw his trip was different — he enjoyed inflicting pain, enjoyed watching others suffer as he crushed them in the dirt under his boot. Yes, they made a perfect, unholy match. As the belt crashed down again the thrill of pleasure overpowered the pain. Slowly her body was getting used to the beating, deadening itself to the pain.

“Beg, bitch!” he demanded, holding the belt in front of her, dangling it like a noose.

“No, no, you go to hell!” she screamed back.

“Fuckin’ bitch!”

But there was no anger in this comment. Instead, Billy seemed to enjoy what she said, hoping she’d repeat herself when he finished with her.

Throwing the belt to one side, he jumped onto the table, his mouth hungrily looking for hers. When he found it, he chewed on her lips, drawing blood.


Carol felt a power she’d never sensed before flowing through her veins. For a second, she thought she could tear through the ropes. Sexuality made her muscles tense, her blood race, her heart pound wildly. Then she realized something hot and wet was touching her forehead. Rolling her eyes up, the girl saw two fat, dark-red cock-heads. Ron and Jack were moving their dicks over her forehead, grunting with pleasure. She was surrounded with cock-meat. Carol arched her back again, feeling a rush of unholy lust course through her veins.

“You wanna get fucked again — fucked like this, pinned down? Man, you’re gonna get it whether you want it or not,” Billy growled, moving his face down her throat and biting the side of her neck.

Carol’s body squirmed and strained under his pawing hands as he drove his tongue into her mouth. Carol wanted to bite the wiggling thing. But oh, what it was doing to her mind. She felt her throat tighten, her heart beat quickly, her cunt wink shut with heat. His tongue fluttered in and out of her mouth, now caressing her lips, now driving back in over her tonsils and nearly touching the back of her throat. He grabbed her hair with one of his large hands while he slid his other under the girl’s butt and squeezed the tortured asscheeks. The pressure of his fingers against her rounded buns only inflamed her burning lust more.


The sounds coming from her mouth could have been screams. But Billy’s mouth blocked the way. The young boy hoped they were screams. Knowing he had tied and beaten his cousin into a sexual frenzy nearly made him shoot his wad right there.

Carol could taste his spit running down her throat. And even though one part of her wanted to claw him to pieces, another part enjoyed the flames of wild thrills building higher and higher in her pussy. Her body didn’t care about how her cousin was treating her. Her body wanted more excitement, more stimulation. She felt his hot breath against her forehead, in her nostrils. Carol knew he was going to fuck her again, fuck her without mercy, fuck her with those horrible-looking screws pulling her labes apart. She didn’t care. Yes, those clamps were actually adding to the excitement. Their screw-like handles were rubbing against her slick, velvety cuntal surfaces, drawing more juice up from her snatch.


The pressure of the screws on her cunt-lips and nipples made her beg silently for Billy’s cock. She thought of the first time he fucked her and she gasped for air. Now she could feel his dick rubbing against her inner thighs, sliding up and down her legs, getting closer to her snatch. There was still some pain. And something told the young girl that the pain would actually make her orgasm that much more intense.

“Ohhh, baby, hey, get that dick outta my face!” Billy cried out. Ron had become carried away and shoved his dick over the girl’s face nearly into the farm boy’s eye.

“Sorry. Shit, almost came,” he panted.

Carol felt wild thrills surge through her as Billy shoved his fat cock into her belly. He ground his hips from side to side, sliding the fat, overheated dick-head over her sensitive flesh. Carol felt the hot tip and groaned once more. Tears streamed out from under her closed eyes. Her face was a mask of lust and desire as she gasped loudly. Billy still was tonguing her wildly, clawing at her writhing body. Her head throbbed with desire as she felt the two dicks working in her hair. The two boys above her were getting hotter, jacking off in her blonde hair. She’d be swimming in a sea of jizz soon.

“Man, you’re somethin’ else,” Billy gasped, pulling his mouth away from hers. Soon his lips were all over her face, kissing her cheeks, her throat, sucking her tits. His fingers traveled over her body, pinching her nipples. He used the flat of his palm to massage her clit, dipping his fingers into her hole to draw up more juice.

Hate filled Carol’s mind. She loathed this young man now beyond belief. He had betrayed her, a member of her own family… betrayed and humiliated her in front of his friends. If she could have wrapped her fingers around a knife and plunged it in his belly she would have. But she was tied up helplessly, a victim to her cousin’s warped desires.

And yet his kisses aroused her body. She couldn’t deny the stiffness of her nipples and clit, the wetness of her excited flesh. And strangely enough, what she enjoyed most of all was the pain. In her overheated brain, Carol reasoned that it was punishment for letting herself enjoy all the warped sex she’d been having. And she deserved every bit of pain. Yes, yes, she loved what was going on between her legs. She enjoyed being fucked by all these men, enjoyed their laughter, their humiliation, their cruelty. Once again she concentrated on the two dicks sliding in and out of her hair. Yes, she wanted to feel their cum spurting against her scalp, wetting down her skin, making the strands cling together.

Her big tits heaved up and down as Billy’s fingers pulled on her ringed nipples. She bit at him, only to have him slap her. It was obvious the young boy enjoyed hurting her. He knew she loved pain. Carol’s buttocks thumped on the table, her ankles straining to tear free of the rapes.

In a moment Billy raised his asscheeks, dragging his dick-head up to her cunt-hole. Carol felt him centering his cock, then pushing it down, letting it sink into her swampy, musky cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she cried with a shiver, wallowing her body against the table. She felt the young man’s dick sink into her pussy, pushing away the itchy, velvety lining. He was going so deeeeeep! The blonde teen heard squishy sounds as Billy’s prong split her cunt in two.

“Oh, yeah, baby, yeah, you’re still a good tight fuck!”

“Man, I’m gonna shoot!” Ron suddenly cried, his body snapping back.

“Me, too!” Jack added.

“Hey, don’t shoot off in my face or I’ll cut your fuckin’ dicks off!”

Billy’s two friends twisted to one side, holding strands of her hair around their throbbing dicks. Carol cried out, thrashing as best she could on the table. Her legs scraped across the barn floor as both Ron and Jack fired their jizz into her hair.

“Think about it, baby, think about that rich cum shootin’ off! Baby, I got that and more.”

Carol bit her lips, rolling her eyes up, trying to see the two men as they came in her hair. At times she felt something ooze against her scalp. That, she was sure, was some of their hot spunk. Their grunts mixed with hers and Billy’s. The air was thick with sex, stinking with the odor of cum, piss and sweat. This was heaven for the girl… to be surrounded by these men, to be the object of their desires, to be swimming in jizz.

“Oh, yeah!”

Billy drew his dick back halfway, then pushed it back in deep.

“Oh, God, God!”

Carol was going crazy. His dick seemed to be pulling out her insides. She felt her pussy-walls collapse behind the retreating head. This was awful… terrible… wonderful! The young girl felt the itching, burning sensation in and around her cunt and it was driving her crazy. She thrust back up at her cousin’s hammering dick, her ass weaving and swirling while her back arched over the table top.

“Man, she’s goin’ nuts!” Ron commented, flicking the last few droplets of jizz from his cockhead.

Billy’s fingernails clawed at her nipples. Carol grunted and sobbed with the pain. The combination of the awful stretching in her cunt and the gouging, tearing pain around her nipples was almost too much. All she wanted, was to have the feeling increase until the wild swelling and spinning knot in her belly swept over her.

Carol cursed and slavered, her head rolling from side to side. She clawed desperately at nothing, driving her shoulders back and forth against the table top. Billy instinctively pulled at the rings clamped tightly to her nipples, watching her shiver and thrash. The twisting, scratching sensation in her tit tips was like a fire that raced through all her nerves.


Carol growled like a dog. Low, harsh noises ripped at her throat. The knot of lust in her crotch was about to explode. She hated that feeling, hated the dick and hands causing it. And yet the girl wished she could embrace Billy, run her fingers through his hair, scissor her legs around his humping lower back.

The girl tried to hold off. No, she didn’t want to come right now. She wanted to feel the maximum amount of pleasure, and something told Carol there was still more to be had.

“Ride it out, Carol, come on,” Billy panted, riding her with insane fuck-thrusts.


The knot of tension in her belly slipped. She knew the young man’s dick was ready to go off at any second. His cock seemed to thicken. The pounding beat of his prick-thrusts slowed for a second, then resumed more viciously than before. Carol heard Billy grunt. Then suddenly he stopped, backing off, pulling his throbbing cock out slowly. The blonde teenager shivered with frustration. She’d been close, oh so close, and now he was holding back both his and her orgasm.

“Gonna go for the mouth again, babe. Don’t wanna spoil your snatch for somethin’ else,” Billy said. “I’d gonna untie your fuckin’ hands. Try anything and I’ll make sure ol’ Ranger goes a little crazy with you understand?”

Carol nodded her head up and down. She would have agreed to anything now. Billy was soon on her, his dick out of her hole, wagging like a fat tail in front of her glazed eyes as he pressed his knees into her arms, reached down and untied her wrists. The girl sighed. How good it was to have those ropes off her flesh. She rubbed her injured wrists together and shuddered.

“Open up!”

Carol’s face was streaked with perspiration. Her long blonde hair was fanned out on the table. She looked up and saw the wolf-like stare of Billy. He wanted her more than ever, in the most perverse ways, she thought. His knees pressed harder into her arm muscles as he leaned forward, taking the weight off his butt. With one hand he twisted strands of her cum-streaked hair in his fingers while his other hand gripped his cock and aimed the head at her tightly closed lips. He prodded her mouth with the tip of his prong, a few drops of cum smearing over her lips. Then the hand holding her hair tugged her head up, making his dick press harder against her mouth.

“I said open up. Come on, it shouldn’t be hard. Shit, you done it!”

Billy stared down, watching his dick tremble with anticipation. He wanted to cram the full length down her throat until her lips were being scrubbed by his curly cock hairs. He enjoyed fucking a woman’s mouth, the best way to make a girl humble.

Carol stared at his fat cock, seeing it with a mixture of fascination and repulsion. She’d seen it so often. But now on the table, pinned like a laboratory experiment, Carol saw his cock as more menacing. Slowly she opened her mouth, unable to fight back.

“Yeah, yeah!” Billy whispered, sucking in deep breaths as he fed her his prong. “Get your fuckin’ fingers around it and start jackin’ it back and forth.”

As he talked, he reached back and grabbed her tiny clit between his thumb and forefinger. He twisted harder, hearing the young woman sigh with pain. Carol thought she was going to pass out as the pinching became more intense. And yet more pussy-oil seeped out of her hole.

“Fuck, fuck!”

Billy’s fingers tightened around Carol’s clit as her lips pressed harder around his dick-head. Carol felt lightning shoot through her and sparks jump from her aunt as the hand kept tightening, ready to yank her clit from her body. She cried out again and again, her screams muffled by the mouthful of dick meat. The warmth and wetness of her mouth and tongue over his dick sent shivers through Billy. He stared heavy-lidded down at the girl. There was more than just the physical act of having his cousin suck him off. There was a real joy in watching her mouth moving round the big prong without having to tell the girl what to do. She hated him. That Billy knew. He also realized part of her was repulsed by everything he forced her to commit. But the young man reveled in the blonde’s struggle against herself, the struggle of morality versus the desire to submit to every perversion the farm boy threw at her.

The pain of her clit being twisted added a new weird dimension of delight to the thrills racing through her body. And the fast jerking rod pushing into her mouth was adding to the wild, throbbing sensations. She parted her lips a little more, making sucking sounds as she licked at the underside of his dick. Carol could taste her cunt-juice on Billy’s mouth-fucking rod. At times she felt his balls scrape over her chin and press against her nose. There was the pungent aroma of the young man’s sweaty groin as he moved his hips back and forth, feeding the willing girl his fat prick.


Carol caressed the young man’s fat, leathery nuts lovingly. She instinctively knew what to do, knew how to excite Billy as he hammered the fat dick-head against the back of her throat.

“Take her in the cunt, man.” Jack said.

“Yeah, yeah, gotta do it that way,” Billy panted, pulling his dick out with a squishy popping sound. Spittle and cum drooled from the corners of Carol’s mouth. Before she could focus in on what had happened, Billy was sprawled over her, his dick slipping between her bloated cunt-lips.


Billy stabbed his hard cock into her savagely. The girl bubbled and gurgled with a mixture of pain and lust, arousing Billy all the more. His hands gripped her shoulders while the girl raked his back with her long fingernails. The hugeness of his fucking cock made her feel everything against her cuntal walls at once as he kept on stabbing his cock into her mercilessly. He pulled all the way back, letting the flanged red head rest in the opening of her cunt-hole. Carol went crazy, bit her lips, worked her hips back and forth, screamed for his dick. That was all he could take.

The young farm boy lunged forward, his hips slamming against Carol’s as he nailed his dick into the center of her cunt. Her hot pussy-tunnel clamped shut, holding his dick tightly in place. Carol felt the world exploding. She was cumming, heaving her pussy against his pelvis. She heaved and gasped, seeing whirling stars explode in her head. Convulsions shook both of them again and again as the big young man fired off his load in Carol’s clenching pussy.


The force of that last orgasm had knocked Carol almost unconscious. She lay on the table, moaning for minutes after Billy had slipped his dick from her snatch and wiped it off with an old towel handed to him by Jack. He hitched up his Levi’s looking around and smiling at the drooling snatch in front of him, pulled wide apart by the ropes holding her knees apart and by the screws still clamped to her labes.

“Untie her fuckin’ legs, and get those screws off her cunt!”

Jack and Ron worked quickly, slipping the loops from her knees, then unlacing the thinner ropes holding her wrists tightly to the table.

When they were through, Ron and Jack slipped their arms under Carol’s and scooped her up off the table, feeling her tits, working their fingers over her wet cunt, making lewd suggestions as they lowered her to the floor.

Carol rolled over on her belly, clawing at the dirt, trying to get away. But she had no energy left. She wanted to sleep, sleep deeply as if in a coma. And yet she knew the boys weren’t about to let her relax. They still wanted a show. No pleas, no reasoning would deter them from that path.

“Get on over,” Billy growled, slipping one toe under her sides and kicking her onto her back.

“Stop it! Oh, God, let me go! I’m not gonna do your filthy things!”

Then suddenly everything went black. Even later the girl wasn’t sure if she had fainted or if someone had sneaked behind her and knocked her out. All she realized was that the sleep she’d been wanting finally came. With a groan, Carol sank to the floor.

The blonde teen had no idea how long she’d been unconscious. Slowly she awoke, stifling a groan when she thought she heard movement nearby. Even though she was awake Carol wanted them to think she still slept. Let her have a few more minutes rest before they go at her again.

Carol lay quietly for several moments, then slowly opened her eyes and looked around. No one was there. She lay where she’d fallen — naked, shivering, partly covered with stubble. In a flash the girl thought of escape. Certainly her aunt and uncle would soon be on the road back here. They could find her as she ran down toward them. But would they believe her story? It sounded wild, strange. How could they believe her, a near stranger, especially when she told them about their own son?

Carol drew one hand up to her mouth, stifling the sobs. She was alone, abandoned here. People would laugh at her, accuse her of making up stories, of trying to put the blame on her cousin for what she started.

Then she thought of all the pain she’d endured at the hands of men. They were the ones who beat her, humiliated her.


The boys teased Carol mercilessly for the next half-hour. Billy yanked her from the floor and forced her to parade around than while they beat her asscheeks, shoved her down, then kicked her, calling her all sorts of vile names.

Carol sobbed, begging them to stop, knowing full well they wouldn’t.

“Goddamned little slut,” Billy snarled, stopping his beating and staring hotly down at his cousin. Carol fought back the tears, wiping the few that oozed from her eyes with her clenched fists. Oh, God, how she ached all over. When would this end? When would her aunt and uncle come in from town and put a stop to this night? The young girl hung her head, clawing desperately at the loose straw on the barn floor, letting her hair fall over her face and touch the ground. She was in a crouching position, crouching like a bitch, like the bitch everyone was calling her.

She looked up and saw the swell of his hot cock-meat inside his Levi’s bulge out. He was ready to put her through hell once more.

“Hey, man, we really ain’t got into the fuckin’ bitch,” Ron protested.

Billy raised his eyebrows. This was something new. Usually his buddies went, along with everything he said and did.

“Okay, okay, we got time. Ma and pa ain’t gonna be back for a while. Hey, bitch, you gotta take care of my buddies.”

Carol saw she was being passed around like some piece of meat. They were all having their bite.

Carol felt her scalp crawl. Tucking her feet under her ass, the girl struggled up, tearing loose of Ron and backing away. She shook her head slowly from side to side, her eyes wide with fear. Carol held her hands tightly to her belly.

“No, no, you’re not going to do that to me. Oh, God, you’ve pushed me too far,” she said in a low, trembling voice.

Her sudden defiance took Billy and his friends by surprise. Carol saw this and decided to take quick advantage of it. Twisting around, she made a break for the door.

“Get ‘er!”

Carol lifted the heavy bar locking the door and slid it to the ground with a grunt. She pressed her naked shoulder to the door, shoving with all her might. When she felt cool air strike her forehead, she smiled, knowing escape was only seconds away.

“Man, she’s gonna make it!”

The warning sounded like music to Carol’s ears.

The whole process of attempted escape had taken only seconds… perhaps less than that. And yet she was still far from safe. The dog! They could sic him on her, tear her to pieces before they even got near her.

When she slipped out from the barn and started running full speed, the girl decided that would have to be a chance she’d take. Carol thought she couldn’t take much more of the beating and humiliation.

Where should I run? There was fog everywhere, obscuring the most familiar of landmarks. Carol felt the damp air settle on her flesh, leaving tiny droplets on her skin as she ran blindly in the dark. Behind her she could hear the boys shouting and the Doberman barking. Thank God for the fog. They were just as blind as she was. And as the wind was at her back, the dog wouldn’t be able to pick up her scent.

Carol had just finished congratulating herself on outwitting the boys when she stumbled over a pail, pitching forward and crashing to the ground with a scream. The loss of time and her noisy fall alerted her pursuers. She saw their shapes coming through the fog.

“Oh, God, no, no!” she screamed hoarsely, holding her hands to the sides of her head. “Why did you let me get this far?”

She smelled a foul breath and turned. It was Jack, grinning at her with his glazed eyes. He grabbed her arm and pulled her away from where she’d fallen. Carol kept screaming and twisting, clawing at the young man’s fingers, trying to get away again. Mother pair of hands pawed her body. Jack? Billy? It didn’t matter anymore. Let them fuck her again and again. Let them string her up from the trees and beat her. What was the difference?

Jack threw her on the ground, shoving a knee on her belly and slapped her hard across the mouth.

“Maybe we should carve out her pussy. That’d take care of her problems,” the young man said, reaching in his back pocket and pulling out a switchblade. He pressed a small button on the top of the ivory handle and a long silvery blade shot out with a snap.

“NO!” Carol screamed, her eyes bugging out. She could sense a growing insanity among the three boys as they stood in the fog, their hair getting wet from the heavy damp air.

“Let’s get ‘er outta here. Don’t want my folks seein’ what we’re doin’ if they get back early,” Billy warned.

Jack and Ron dragged her kicking, biting and screaming from the area where she’d fallen into a ditch. Carol still twisted around, trying to get away as they pulled her beyond the area, dragging her finally into the brush back near the barn. The prickly weeds tore at her face and snagged her hair. Carol shut her eyes, wondering what they were going to do next.


“Shut ‘er up!”

The two boys dropped her near a fallen tree, one of them jamming a foul-smelling handkerchief in her mouth. Carol struggled, hitting Ron in the face. The young man struck back, knocking her to the ground with a muffled curse.

“Man, she’s a fuckin’ prize. Even though we’ve been fuckin’ the shit outta her, site’s still better ‘n most of the cunts up here,” Jack said, his voice thick with emotion.

They were both squatting down next to her, holding her by the knees and shoulders. Carol’s eyes were wide and unblinking. A pulse erupted in her throat. She could feel her cunt getting hot again, spilling out more juice. Ron and Jack each took a tit and squeezed and fondled it. She was going to take on both of them… that she was certain of. Of course, when Billy made her blow him, the two friends jacked off in her hair. But that was different. Now she was, going to feel both cocks in her… possibly at the same time! The thought of that made her boil with anticipation.

“Fuckin’, baby, that’s all that matters,” Jack said, getting up and unhitching his pants. Ron followed suit, Billy standing guard over the girl and fingering his swollen dick through his trousers. Once more the girl scrambled to her feet and darted backward on her knees. She fell back into the brush, stumbled, pitched down on her ass. The men laughed and got hold of her, pulling her back into the small clearing.

“Get ‘er over the fuckin’ tree.”

The boys shoved Carol down over a fallen trunk, pulling her hands behind her back and holding them there while they shoved her crotch against the rough bark. The young blonde twisted her head around to see what was happening. Her eyes were wide with lust and terror. Sweat made her bare ass glisten under the dim moonlight. Her cheeks were clenched. She pressed her crotch against the wide, dead trunk. The rough trunk scratched her cunt pleasantly. How good that sensation was of bark scratching against her hard clit. She bent her knees, opened wide enough to get her clit against the rough exterior.

“Man, this cunt is fuckin’ unreal,” Ron said. “She’s fuckin’ the Goddamned tree!”

“Can’t have that!”

Billy slapped her hard in the butt, backed up, then aimed the toe of one boot right for her asscrack. Carol tensed, waiting for the blow. It came with a terrible force, knocking the wind from her, making her cry out in pain and frustration. When would this horror end? Once more she thought of her aunt and uncle, of their devotion to their only son, and the cruel deception fate played on them! He had taken her, an innocent virgin, and in the space of less than one week turned her into a screaming sex maniac. Every square inch of her young body had been cruelly violated. She had been subjected to the worst kinds of sex imaginable. And still he kept at her, kept degrading her, humiliating her, hurting her until she was almost mad with terror.

“She’s all wet in there,” Ron said, sticking one finger up her cunt. Involuntarily her pussy snapped shut, trapping the young man’s finger up to the second joint. Carol ground her teeth together, moving her crotch more carefully back and forth over the trunk. Yes, oh, how good it felt to have those sharp wooden shards piercing her clit, making her juice run all the more heavily out of her slot. She felt Ron’s finger move around inside like a tiny worm, his dirty fingernails scraping the sides of her cunt.

“Fuck ‘er so I can get a crack at her pussy,” Jack said impatiently.

Ron moved in position, running his hands up and down her spine, tucking his knees under her buttocks and centering his drooling cock-head over her fuck-slit. He drove in, the wet lips cushioning his hard driving upward thrust.


Carol twisted her head, throwing her long hair back and forth. She felt the strands tangle with the branches in front of her. A wild riot erupted in her pussy. Never before had she been so easily aroused. Time and time again this evening she’d felt her pussy rise to the occasion, heat up and juice only minutes after the last sexual outrage. But now her cunt seemed to be in a continual state of heat, flaring up from a slow simmer whenever a man touched her cunt or looked at her in a certain way.

Had they turned her into an insatiable nymphomaniac?

As Ron pummeled her snatch, digging his fingertips hard into her butt and thighs, the girl felt her tits flopping back and forth, scraping against the tree trunk. Everything in her body exploded with lust. Her belly muscles contracted, matching the throbbing rhythm of her stimulated pussy. She shook her ass, making the heavy muscles dance and jiggle. She was driving herself wild, driving the young man behind her wild.

“Man, she’s good, she’s… unnnghhh!”

Oh, no, no! Carol had secretly been hoping that both of them would fuck her at the same time. She wasn’t brazen enough yet to beg for that. But still she’d hoped that somehow one of them would read her mind, would throw her on the ground and shove his dick in her cunt while the other tried to fuck her in the ass.

“Fuck, gonna… shoot!”

Carol screamed, matching his strangled sound of triumph. The ferocity of his lust was matched by hers. Fucking this way in this obscene, doggie-like position drove her to wild sexual heights. Oh, yes, she enjoyed being raped and beaten this way. All her complaints evaporated under the heat of her raging pussy. The humiliation was a small price to pay for the wonderful sensations burning her. Ron had fucked her quickly, his cum scalding the sides of her cunt and spilling out onto her thighs. His jizz caked on her thick pussy-hairs, the force of his attack wrinkling her cunt-lips. He drew out his cock, grunting like a satisfied animal.

“She good?”

“Man, like nothin’ you ever fucked before. She milks your cock, milks it!” Ron said with surprise.

Carol groaned. It was true. She felt her pussy muscles contracting, relaxing, then contracting again, grabbing at the hammering dick, letting it go, then clenching at it again. She was so hot she couldn’t control what was happening down there. Her cunt had taken on a life of its own.

“She gobbles it up.”

Ron laughed, pushing his dick back into his Levi’s. Now she was the subject of derision, something to be used, laughed at and thrown away.

“Okay, man, get outta the way. I’m next.”

Somewhere in the distance Carol heard the birds singing. It was the calm after that terrible storm that had driven her aunt and uncle into town to help the less fortunate. A faint breeze came up, fresh and clean, bringing in the smell of the wet grass and ground ahead. The fog was breaking up. Everything was deceptively peaceful.

Jack came over. Carol gasped and tensed, breathing deeply through her nose. She wondered what more degradation would be worked against her.

As with Ron, Billy’s other friend took Carol quickly, holding onto her butt, drilling his cock into her with little ceremony. With each fucking thrust, the blonde woman imagined how big his dick must be. Neither of the men had anything the size of Billy. Still their cocks had stirred up a morass of emotions, making her pant for more dick-meat.

“Man, gonna shoot!”

The strained quality of his voice told Carol the young man was near orgasm. She clenched her thighs, wiggling them back and forth, feeling the hard bark scraping her flesh as bursts of hot jizz spattered against her cuntal walls. Ohhh, she was being stuffed with cum. Billy laughed as he watched Jack’s spunk drive out Ron’s. The young girl shivered as she felt the hot liquid burn down the backs of her legs.

“Man, hot little twat!” Jack said, pulling his cock out with a squishy sound.

“And she’s still ready for more,” Billy observed. He raised one leg and pressed his toe against her cunt. They watched as Carol shivered, moved her ass back and tilted it up as if she were ready for more cock.

“Man, she’ll take on anything any time!” Ron commented dryly.

“How about that knife?”

Jack had shoved the switchblade back in his rear pocket. But when Billy made that suggestion he grinned, reached back, and pulled out the ivory handled instrument. Pressing the button, the young man smiled more broadly, twisting the blade back and forth, staring at the cutting edge, then moving his eyes down to Carol’s butt.

“Oh, no!” she moaned, her eyes bugging out when she saw what was going to happen. She tried to fight down the new surge of growing terror. Being fucked and beaten with a bolt was one thing. But this, this could kill her. She had been so close to mutilation so many times that for a few seconds the threat of this blade did little for her. Then the thought that the instrument could do far more damage than a belt or whip scorched her mind.

“Let ‘er squeal, just like the pig she is,” Billy said.

Carol raised her head, eyes wide, and focused on the knife. Her lower lip pouted and quivered, Jack let the blade move almost as if it had its own power. Down it went, shaving the tiny body hairs growing out of her buttocks. Carol let out a shivery moan, her flesh puckering up into goosepimples. Then Jack let the blade cut the girl’s asscheeks, drawing a faint trickle of blood.

Carol screamed, throwing her head back. Jack laughed and bore down harder, making a tiny slit in her smooth rounded buttocks. Her hands beat the earth, scattering the brown and gray twigs. Her legs stirred dust. Caked mud flew up in all directions as she struggled with her tormentors.

The blonde teen screamed again, twisting, trying to break free. But it was futile. The knife traced a circular trail down to her pussy. Carol tensed, waiting for the blade to cut out her snatch. That was what they’d threatened to do to her, and she was certain they would carry out their threat.


The difference between the cold cutting blade and her hot pussy-lips made her snatch tremble, then snap shut. The edge of the knife cut into her trembling outer labes, leaving tiny silts that burned as her snatch-juice trickled over them.

“Stop it!” Carol pleaded. Her chest hurt from the growing terror. Her breath came in gasps. Soon, soon it would be all over. Soon they would kill her and she would be at peace. Death, Carol began to think, would be the only way she could escape.


“Hey, my old man’s gonna be home soon. Let’s get ‘er down and get outta here,” Billy said.

Jack twisted the blade in the girl’s pussy, watching as she bobbed her ass, moving it away from him, then plunging it back. Carol shamelessly felt her juice flowing out from her cunt-hole, burning like acid into the tiny slits caused by the cutting edge of that big switchblade. The thought that he could mutilate her for life with that knife excited the boil out of her.

Then Jack dragged the end of the blade back to the bottom of her cunt-mouth, slid it up to her clit and toyed with her clit.

“No, don’t… cut… that…”

Her face was a mask of extreme concentration.

Buzzing, spinning flashes of terror tore through her mind as the big farm boy slowly moved the tip of the knife wound and around her tiny sex organ.

Involuntarily, Carol shoved her ass back at Jack. The tip of the knife slipped around the rim of her cunt, then moved away.

“All right, man,” Jack said reluctantly, taking the knife away and closing the blade.

Carol let out her breath, her muscles slackening. Something told her ordeal was nearly over. One or two more hurdles and she’d be through with it.

Carol almost laughed, pressing her knuckles in her mouth and shaking her head from side to side.

Carol shook her head violently back and forth, trying to drive thoughts like those away. Still, some shreds of decency remained, the girl thought grimly to herself. Still, something was telling her not to do this.

The blonde girl didn’t care if Billy and his friends stood over her and watched or not. The last shred of decency left her. Now the only thing remaining was her cunt… a throbbing, pulsing organ that had to be satisfied with anything at hand. She growled, biting her fingers, sliding her face over the tough tree trunk, feeling her pussy grow hotter, wetter and tighter under the man’s ministrations. She let out short gasps in between her moans, feeling her cunt closing down on his prick. Ohh, how she wished she could have something inside her, something big, something that would stretch her pussy membranes apart. Carol wanted to be fucked, to have that sensation of being filled. As awful as the boys were, at least they had big dicks, had something that took care of the raging fire in her pussy.


Carol twisted her body, dipping her ass, making her asscheeks shiver as they glistened with spit. She was swaying from side to side, clawing now, splitting her fingernails. Oh, why couldn’t the licking be harder. Carol took another sharp breath, backing into the man, wagging her ass slowly from side to side.

The girl’s juicy cunt-lips clicked around his prick. Carol’s head spun around. What kind of strange world had she entered now? What kind of weird thing was she embracing? And now the man was edging his teeth against the hollows of her thighs. Carol cried out. He lapped noisily at her cunt, shoving his tongue into her pussy and searching around for the most sensitive spots on the young woman.

That touch brought a whimpery gasp from the girl’s throat. Ohhh, how she wanted him to fuck her. All reservations about having a man’s tongue in her disappeared. Yes, yes, she needed a fuck, any kind of fuck! She had to have something to fill herself with. Tongues weren’t too good, neither were fingers. She wanted to be stuffed. It was a need that seemed to go beyond orgasm.

“Harder, harder!”

He was going wild over her seeping cunt. He concentrated his licking there. Each time he shoved his tongue down into the steamy folds, Carol had to think of a cock. A man’s dick, anything that would take care of that increasingly terrible need.

The man growled and gouged roughly around the edges of the teenager’s pussy. His back humped as his sexual instincts guided him. Carol sucked in another ragged breath. Her body was on fire. Her lungs felt as if they were burning while her throat ached from the continuous tightness.

“God, God,” she whimpered softly.

The big man was licking her ass, wetting each cheek so much that spittle dribbled down her thighs. Could she go this far? What a stupid question! She already had! She had encouraged the man so much there could be nowhere else to go except fucking the man. Carol now realized that she had been looking forward to that terrible act all along. She wanted to be covered with the man’s body. “Fuck, fuck!”

She was shoving her knees farther apart to give the man more room.

Carol felt the scratching at her asscheeks and lower back. There was a sudden weight. She felt his hands move along her sides, wrapping around her body, holding his torso steady while he moved his legs up against the backs of her knees. The young woman tried to picture how the two of them must look — a young woman, crouched down over a log, her tits flattened by the bark, while most of her body was covered by that man.

“Fuck ‘er man, fuck ‘er good!” Billy said, his eyes bugging out with excitement. The others murmured the same thing as the man started humping. She felt his dick sliding along her inner thighs, scraping her flesh. Oh, he was trying to find her cunt-hole. She heard his whimpering in frustration as he hugged her body harder, humping up and down, sliding from side to side as he searched for her pussy.

A wild thrill filled the girl’s body. Her long blonde hair hung down to hide her shamed face. She felt the weight of her large tits as she backed away from the log and let them fall freely. Her plump ass moved and dipped. Something very hot brushed her pussy-crack, sliding through her frizzy cunt-hairs.

“Fuck… fuck!”

Carol was babbling now, throwing her ass around to urge the man on. A flash of wild fear and excitement combined to burn out her mind. Her excitement was at a wild pitch. Nothing could have stopped her from her frenzied sex act now. Were there any limits? Carol didn’t know and could care less. She sobbed in confusion and heat, letting the man’s red knobby cock slip into the mouth of her cunt.


It was done. Now she could feel the red prick burning though her snatch, gouging against her slick pussy-folds, going deeper and deeper while the man held on more tightly. Oh, how quickly she’d hit the bottom of the barrel!

And instead of groaning with shame, Carol could only wish for more!


“Hey, I hear somethin’,” Billy said as Carol finally sagged under the man’s weight.

“Ain’t that your folks?” Jack said, pointing at a pair of headlights coming up the road.

“Dunno. Probably. Come on, let’s get the bitch inside.”

The three boys hurried, dragging the moaning girl from the field into the house, up the stairs and finally to her bedroom. Billy threw her on the narrow bed while Jack and Ron ran back down the steps to the rear door.

“Okay, baby, you got saved this time. I had plans… other kind of plans,” he said, his voice dropping off for a second.

Carol shivered, not wanting to know what they were.

“Just don’t think you can say somethin’ about this. Nobody’s gonna believe you. They all think I’m some goody-two-shoes like them. And you open that mouth and try to say somethin’, and you’ll get punished like you ain’t never dreamed. Unnerstan’?”

Carol shook her head up and down quickly, her eyes riveted to the young man’s crotch. She couldn’t imagine what could be more harsh than the events that had taken place that evening. But the blonde teen was reasonably sure if there were more crud acts of sexuality, Billy knew of them.

Satisfied he’d adequately warned her, the young man slammed the door, going down the stairs to meet his parents who had just driven into the yard.

For hours, Carol lay like a zombie in bed, not wishing to move. She was terrified that the slightest sound would bring Billy and his friends back in to torment her. It was only when the house drew quiet, when she heard her aunt and uncle climbing the stairs slowly and discussing the carnage in town, that Carol realized her nightmare was over. Now she would think about her transgressions, about how she willingly accepted all the horror flung at her.


Waves of shame and horror crashed down on her. Grabbing a pillow, Carol covered her head with it, rolling over and sobbing hysterically. No, she couldn’t let her aunt and uncle hear her. She cried and cried, tearing at the sheets with her fingers, fighting down the nausea that swept over her mind. After several more hours, late in the evening, Carol fell asleep, her dreams replays of the torture she’d endured that night. For days later, the girl avoided her cousin, growing so quiet that even her aunt and uncle noticed it. They wanted to take her to the doctor. But Carol adamantly refused, saying it was just a phase she was going through. It had been hard to find clothes to cover the bruises and marks of the previous evening. She didn’t dare go to a doctor. A physician would know automatically something strange had happened. And he would be obligated to tell her aunt and uncle. As sick and confused as Carol was, the girl couldn’t see telling on her cousin. She remembered his warning as he stood in the doorway, his crotch bulging with a stiff dick. The young woman was sure he wanted to fuck her at that point.

Days turned into weeks and still nothing happened. Carol was still haunted by terrible dreams. At times, she awoke screaming and drenched in sweat. Her aunt and uncle would come running to the door, thinking a prowler had entered the house. And somewhere in the dark Carol knew Billy was laughing, knowing full well the reason for her terror.

And yet something clue was happening to her. As the marks healed, the young woman realized she wanted Billy… wanted him in any way he chose. She watched him like a cat in hunt at dinner the third week, trying desperately to musk her true feelings. Once or twice he caught her staring at him and he smiled. He knew what he’d unleashed in her. He could feel its power growing, taking her over, destroying all sense of decency in the girl.

It was the beginning of the fourth week after her ordeal that her aunt and uncle went out once more. This time Carol wasn’t terrified. No, she had been hoping for the two of them to leave. At times the young woman tried to think of reasons to get them out of the house. Oh, God, what a slut she’d turned into. And yet she couldn’t help it. Her pussy was healed and hot now. She wanted Billy, wanted him to do anything to her. She thought of his thick muscled body, his sneering face, his rough way of handling her. And all those thoughts drove her wild!

As her aunt and uncle drove away, Carol moved away from the window. In the background the television droned. Somewhere in the house Billy was lying down… probably in his room.

Carol sat down in front of the television. She was wearing the sexiest thing she could think of now… a flimsy robe with nothing underneath. She watched the stupid TV show drone on as she waited for Billy to come down the stairs.

Footsteps! Some one was walking down the stairs, coming toward her. Carol stiffened, holding the edges of her robe together while her eyes stared blankly in front of her. She was coming to him, actually begging him to destroy her. She hauled in a lungful of air, not caring now what the significance of that desire meant.

“Been watchin’ you.”

The words shot out like cannon fire in the quiet room. Carol could smell her hot cunt. She felt she couldn’t get her breath. It had been so long weeks since anything had touched her cunt. And now it ached… actually ached with sexual tension!


Carol still stared at the television, flat daring to turn around and face Billy’s stare. She knew she’d melt under it, and the young woman still wanted to play coy.

“Been thinkin’ about you, too. Man, you dig the kind of stuff I do. We could be a real team, know that? I mean,” Billy said, moving away from the doorway up behind the chair Carol satin, “I mean I started in on you ’cause I thought you was just another cunt. But, man, you dig me… dig me and what I like, right?”

Carol shivered. Could she admit to something like that… admit it to him? She nodded her head up and down.

Billy moved around to a stool in front of her and sat down. Reaching forward, he opened her robe. She felt the silken edge of the robe inch down the tops of her tits, cling for a second on her large red nipples, then fall completely apart. Billy lowered his mouth, his tongue lightly wetting one dark nipple, then the other. She cried out, letting her head fall back and her knees fall apart.

“Man, you’re good and hot, good and ready for one hell of a fuckin’. Ain’t gonna let my buddies have you this time,” Billy growled.

Carol trembled. Her ass squirmed on the chair, her thighs moving apart for his fingers. When one of those fingers slid into the flooding crack of her pussy, she groaned loudly. Billy kissed Carol, her tongue moving quickly inside his mouth as his fingering became more intense. Carol couldn’t believe this was happening. Oh, it was so good, wonderful!

Billy’s fingers cased up into her cunt. She tightened her pussy-lips around his touch, clamping one of her hands over his to shove him in deeper. How exciting, how thrilling that touching and fingering was. Oh, Carol wished it could go on all evening. She cursed her aunt and uncle, wishing they would stay away forever as she and Billy fucked on for an eternity!

“Please, fuck, fuck,” Carol panted.

“Man, no problem there,” he said.

“I can’t walk,” she complained as he stood up. Billy smiled down at her, scooped her up and carried the overheated young teenager up the stairs to his bedroom. In seconds he was undressed. She had glimpses of his movements — first bare shoulders, bare chest, his fat long dick, and those powerful hairy legs.

Then he was on top of her, pinning her down on the bed while his cock gouged her pussy-lips.

“Man, gonna fuck you silly. Then we’ll talk about other kinds of stuff… you know, the kinda shit you and I dig.”

Carol looked at his eyes… strong, intense, wolf-like. Ohhh, how she loved that. Letting out a cry of joy, the girl linked her arms over his head and kissed him passionately.

It was nice, wonderful. Billy stuck his dick in her pussy fast, reaching between them and strumming her clit-shaft violently. And whenever he touched the sensitive tip, grabbing it between two fingers and rolling it around like a marble, Carol almost pissed on the bed. Oh, God, it was at a time like this she could almost convince herself she loved Billy. Her own cousin! Incest! But considering everything else she’d done, incest was the mildest.

“Fuck me, fuck me, Billy!” she moaned in a low voice.

He was biting each of her tits, taking the nipples one at a time and nibbling on them gently. They continued on that way for what seemed like hours, the room filled with the sounds of sucking and fucking. Carol almost gagged as he lashed out with his tongue.

Then Billy shouted something. Carol shouted back. And soon they were writhing in the throes of mutual orgasm. They bucked and clawed at one another, the bed groaning and squeaking under their wild release.

When it was over, Billy still lay on top of Carol, telling her he was going to fuck her again and again until he was dried up. And then, tomorrow maybe, they could at more daring, more exotic.

Carol remembered that fateful night and smiled back at him… the smile of a willing slave. Yes, she had become Billy’s servant in sex. He could fuck her, best her, anything to bring about their satisfaction. With a sigh of happiness, Carol caressed his back, waiting for the young farm boy’s usual strength to come back.

Her aunt and uncle had gone to practice their religion. Well, thought Carol, It’s time I start practicing mine… again!

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