Trained To Be Chained

Oftentimes, strange and unconventional desires lurk beneath the veneer of normally many individuals project. Given the right set of circumstances, these desires cease to be repressed and are eventually acted out.

Certain individuals attempt to retaliate against the increasing necessity to comply with society’s demands by embracing unorthodox modes of behavior. Subcultures exist in our society, catering to a wide range of tastes. If these cultural avenues of expression did not exist, the pressure to conform would become too much for some people to bear and the consequences would be devastating.

Zelda Reed, the heroine of TRAINED TO BE CHAINED is an unwilling victim of a suburban subculture. Caught up in a coven world she never dreamed existed, Zelda struggles to free herself until she comes to understand the ultimate value of her new experience.


She pushed at his head with her hands.

“Go on, eat it.”

Zelda Reed looked down at him. She liked to get in her office, after hours when she was alone. She had something going with each of the men who worked for her, and she would call one of them in when she was in the mood. Or sometimes she would call one of the women. There were three men and seven women and they all worked on commission in Zelda’s employment agency. She had worked hard to build the business up to where it was and she was determined to get full satisfaction out of it. They all serviced her. They knew the score. She had made that plain to them the day they were hired. Giving a little head never ruined anyone’s health, she told them. It keeps me happy and if I’m happy you’ll be happy too.

The man munching at her pussy now was Henry Allen. He wasn’t one of her favorites. Her favorite was out sick and today Henry was nothing but a substitute. He wasn’t very good at it. He sucked her pussy without enthusiasm.

“Move your tongue,” she said.

Zelda was a tall blonde, platinum-blonde hair and a full set of tits and a firm ass. She kept her body in shape by playing tennis as often as she could. She liked to dress well. She pulled a good deal of money out of the agency and she liked expensive clothes. She pampered herself. She lived alone, no husband, no children, no family, nothing but herself to spend her money on. She had a smart-looking hi-rise condo and a cute little English sports car. And in the office she had her slaves.

In the office she could sit in her swivel chair and spread her legs and amuse herself by having someone like Henry Allen suck her pussy.

Zelda was convinced that’s what the circus was all about. Nothing in the world meant anything except the power you over other people. If you had, no power, you were nothing but a slave.

And she did get her jollies out of it. She fondled Henry’s ears now. Her cunt was sopping and it turned her on to hear the slurping. She decided maybe Henry was better than usual today.

“Hold it a minute,” she said. She pushed Henry’s face away. He looked groggy. Using her fingers, she peeled her cunt-lips apart to open her cunt. “All right, here it is,” she said. “Lots of tongue up and down.”

She wondered if he ever did it to his wife, if he ever sucked his wife off. She doubted it. Henry didn’t look the type. He was down on his knees now because he needed his job. She guessed at home Henry wasn’t even sure what his wife’s pussy looked like.

She watched his tongue. She could see her clit was out, like a tiny red prick down there at the top of her cunt-slit. She pulled at the hood to bring more of the knob out and told Henry to lick it.

He worked on her with broad swipes of his tongue. Up and down, the knob of her clit jerking each time he touched it. What a nice little cunt-lapper he was. He’d improved since he’d started working for her. She pulled at one of his ears, his face tighter against her cunt. She liked to see her cunt-juices on his face.

His mouth was dripping with her cream. He had a white froth of cunt-juice on her upper lip and the sight of it turned her on. She suspected he liked sucking her cunt. He did it because she made him do it, but maybe he liked it too. He liked the smell and taste of her.

What a nauseating little creep he was, like an animal, a slobbering animal sucking at her cunt. But she loved watching it. She loved the sense of power it gave her.

She groaned and pulled his face hard against her cunt. She pushed and pulled at his head to get his nose rubbing at her clit. Her buzzer was going off, her pussy fluttering as she climaxed.

“Suck my cunt,” she said with a rasping voice. But her thighs were clamped against his ears and it was doubtful he heard her.

After it was over, Zelda pushed Henry away with her foot and teased him about the sucking. “Did you like it?”

He looked at her with forlorn eyes. “It was all right.”

“Come on, Henry, you can do better than that.”

“Yes, I liked it.”

“I don’t believe you. But anyway it doesn’t matter, does it? You get to eat me whether you like it or not. But I think you do like it. I can see it in your eyes. The way you look at my pussy. Take your cock out, Henry. I’ll keep my legs open. Do you like my legs?”

Yes, he did like her legs. She wore sheer black nylons and a wispy black garterbelt and she knew how inviting she looked. The hair down there was dark rather than blonde and thick enough to be neatly trimmed into a triangle. She kept her thighs open as she watched Henry unzip his fly and bring his prick out.

“Go on,” she said.

He knew what she wanted. He started pulling at his cock. She always had them jerk off after they ate her, both the men and the women. It was more fun to watch the men because at the end she could see the jism squirt out.

Henry was already half-hard. His cock quickly stiffened in his fist. He had a short thick prick with a long foreskin and a cherry colored cock-knob. He pulled on his prick with his closed fist and at the end of each stroke his foreskin completely covered his cock-head. She was always fascinated by their cocks. She never touched any of them. Not the people who worked for her. Not the men. Sometimes she finger-fucked a woman to watch the woman get off, but that was all. No one in the office ever fucked her. When she wanted that, she got it elsewhere.

“Hurry up,” she said.

It was almost as if telling him that made him come. The white spunk started bubbling out of his piss-hole and the next moment he squirted. Some of it hit one of the legs of her desk, but most of it went on the rug. She watched him milk his prick with his fingers.

“Clean it up and go home,” she said.

He didn’t move. “I need a raise,” he said.

She smiled at him. “Having trouble?”

“A bigger draw would help.”

“All right, I’ll think about it, Henry. Now please clean the mess up and get out of here.”

A few minutes later she heard the front office door slam shut and finally she was alone.

She got her things together and made ready to close up the office. It was Friday evening. She’d had a busy week and she told herself she ought to relax this weekend. Zelda needs a littie fun, she thought. Maybe it was time to get fucked. Having Henry lick her cunt was amusing, but she needed more than that to be satisfied. She wanted a strong cock sliding in and out of her pussy. A stud with muscles and heavy equipment. She would have him go down on her and then he could pound her pussy to a frazzle.

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted it. Maybe she could find someone quickly. She knew a few bars she might try, places where a woman like her could foci comfortable about picking up a man. They had to be strangers. She never let anyone she knew fuck her. She never let anyone she knew get the best of her. Sometimes she wanted a woman instead of a man and there were bars for that, too. She always caused a stir when she walked into one of those dyke joints. They were at her like a pack of bloodhounds, their tongues wagging as they made their pitches.

But the men were more fun. What she wanted tonight was a man. She put fresh make-up on, brushed her hair, straightened her dross and sauntered out of the office with an image of a long thick cock in her mind. A fat cock dripping jism, a pair of heavy balls, a hard good looking ass. Nice chest and big biceps.

She thought about where to go. She picked a place. She climbed into her little sports car in front of the building and zoomed away down the boulevard. Ten minutes later she walked into a crowded bar and sat down to have a Bloody Mary.

The noise was a din and there was hardly room to cross her legs. Most of the women looked like college kids. The men were something else, all ages and types, even a few past fifty. She knew what she wanted. She sat with her back partly turned to the bar and kept looking. Within fifteen minutes she picked up a young man named Malcolm.

“I work out a lot,” he said.

He certainly looked it. He wore a denim jacket with the sleeves torn off to show his brawny arms. The tight jeans hugged his hard little ass and around in front was a promise of something big.

“You’ll do it,” Zelda said.

“Do what?”

“I mean I like your looks.”

He nodded. “Okay, that’s cool. What’s your name?”

“Zelda, huh? It’s not Zelda Reed, is it?”

She was immediately more wary. “That’s right. How did you know that?”

He shrugged. “My sister used to work for a woman named Zelda Reed. An employment agency or something.”

“What’s her name?”


“Yes, I think I remember.”

“It was about a year ago.”

“So it was.”

“Anyway, what’s the difference?” he said. “Whenever you’d like to split, let’s go.”

Her first inclination was to forget it. Her policy was not to ball anyone she knew or anyone connected with the agency. But his sister didn’t work for her anymore. Zelda remembered the girl as being attractive and smart, but too hard-nosed and unwilling to take orders. Besides, Malcolm was too nice to give up. All those muscles. She was already turned on by him. She wanted him.

She teased him for awhile. She was in no rush and she knew he’d hang on. She turned him on by talking about sex. First she talked about how dangerous it could be sometimes for a woman to pick up strangers and then she talked about how exciting it could be.

“You never know what to expect,” she said. “It’s hard to predict what people might like. You for instance. What do you like.”


“What do you like to do with a woman.”

“I like to fuck.”

Zelda chuckled. “Yes, I suppose you do. But what else? Do you like sucking a woman?”

“Boy, you sure ask the questions, don’t you?”

“I like to know what I’m getting into.”

“Sure, I like to suck. I always suck it before I fuck it. Come on, let’s make it.”

She nodded and lifted her purse. He didn’t seem too bright, but she didn’t need his brain. What she wanted was his tongue and cock and his hard little ass.

She drove him to a motel, checked in and received the key to a room. Then outside she gave Malcolm ten dollars and told him to find a bottle of Scotch. He was back in a few minutes, and at last she had the room and the booze and this healthy young stud ready to fuck her.

“How often do you do this?” she said, pouring Scotch into a glass and handing it to him.

He looked at her. “Do what?”

“Make it with a woman like me you pick up in a bar.”

He smiled at her. “Every chance I get.”

“Maybe you like blondes.”

“I like tits and ass.”

“Is that what I have?”

“That’s right.”

She moved close to him and put her hand on the bulge in his crotch. “I’ve been looking at this all evening. Mmmmmm, it feels big.”

“It is big.”

“How big?”

“Eight inches.”

“Oh my, how nice. Let’s have a look.”

She unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. He had a handsome prick, the foreskin cut away completely, the knob pink and juicy looking. She fingered the soft skin behind his cock-head, pulling it back to look at the veins. His cock wasn’t completely hard yet, but it dangled long and thick and she could tell he hadn’t been exaggerating about it. He certainly had a big cock. Then he pushed her fingers any and closed his own hand around his cock-shaft.

“Come on, show me something,” he said. “Let me see your tits.”

She stepped back and started stripping. She kept her eyes on his prick. She watched his fist as he stroked himself. When her tits were free, she held them in her hands and pointed her nipples at him. “Nice?”

“You’re good shape.”

“Squeeze some juice out of the tip of your prick. I like to see that.”

“Makes you hot, huh?”

“That’s right. I hope you know how to fuck. I need a good fucking tonight.”

“You’ll get it.”

“But before you fuck you eat, right?”

“Show me some cunt.”

She peeled her panties off. Now she wore nothing but the garterbelt and nylons. She loved the heat in his eyes. She sat down in one of the chairs, pulled her knees up and opened her legs wide.

“Here’s dinner,” she said.

He went down on her without any preliminaries. He came to the chair, went down on his knees and zoomed in to get his mouth on her cunt. She liked a bit more subtlety, but she told herself maybe he would make up for it in other ways. She couldn’t really order him around. It wasn’t like he worked for her. She wished he did work for her. Then she would tell him to sniff and lick before he sucked. She would make him do it right. With this one she had to worry about getting him mad. She still wanted to get fucked. She wanted that big cock he had.

But he did have a nice tongue. A big fat tongue like his big fat cock. He lapped up and down. No matter she had just had her pussy eaten less than an hour ago. Her cunt was running again, the juice oozing out as though a damn had opened. All that juice streaming over his mouth. She couldn’t help teasing him a little.

“You’re getting your face wet,” she said.

“You’re like a faucet.”

“Yes. I know.” She pushed at the top of her cunt with her fingers and managed to get her clit rubbing against his nose. “Mmmmmm, keep sucking,” she said. “Get your tongue all the way inside.”

He did that, his big tongue wriggling inside her cunt-hole, and after a few moments of it, she came. She rubbed her clit vigorously with her fingers as she blew her cunt on his face.

After that she told him to get the rest of his clothes off. She sat in the chair with her fingers in her cunt and watched him strip. She hadn’t been wrong about him. He had a gorgeous body: big shoulders, lots of muscle, a small hard ass and all that equipment in front.

She called him over and made him stand in front of her while she handled his cock and balls. She grabbed his balls at the top and twisted the bag around. Holding his balls like that with one hand, she fingered the knob of his prick with the other hand.

“I’ll get you hard,” she said.

She used her fingers. She knew how to jack a cock. She took him along until she had the full eight inches standing out like a baseball bat. What a gorgeous cock he had. She was careful with her fingers now. She had no desire to bring him off.

“On the bed,” she said. “Get on your back and I’ll ride you.”

He moved immediately to the bed and stretched out on his back with his big cock flopping around on his belly. She climbed over him, straddled his body and then cased down to get his cock in her cunt. She had him in a moment. She loved taking a big cock like this, sitting down on it and feeling inch after inch slide into her. He was thick, too. When her ass finally came down on his balls, she could really feel his meat in there.

“Nice cock,” she said. “You’ve got it where it counts.”

She started fucking him. On her hands and knees, she began rocking back and forth along the length of his cock. He played with her tits, pulling at them and pinching her nipples. She prayed he would stay as hard as he was. She liked a cock to be hard when she rode it like this.

She swiveled her ass around, working his cock in her cunt-channel. What a hot prick, she thought. What a big fucking cock she had in her pussy! Each time she snapped her hips, the underside of his cock rasped against her clit. She worked herself on him, gradually increasing the pace, pumping her cunt at his cock as she fucked him. She kept looking at his face. She could tell he would come soon. All that hot jism shooting off in her cunt-hole.

“Come on, make it,” she said, her voice strained. “Blow it in my cunt! Let me have it, you bastard, let me have it!”

They went off together. She came as he started squirting inside her pussy. She fucked her cunt at him in a frenzy, pumping his cock with her cunt-channel as he shot off.

After that she let him rest awhile. She went to the bathroom to pee. She quivered as she felt his jism dripping out of her cunt. She thought about the married women who had this all the time, a hard cock and then a cunt full of spunk. Sometimes it was nice. But it was nothing she wanted that much. The action she really liked she got at the office.

When she returned to Malcolm, he asked her to suck his cock.

“Get it hard and I’ll fuck you again,” he said.

“Maybe you’ve had enough.”

“The hell with that, suck my cock.”

“Lick my pussy again and then I’ll do it.”

So she had his mouth again. She hadn’t planned on it, but if he was willing, why not? This time she squatted over him. She made him move down on the bed so he could get his face under her crotch and then she eased her cunt down on his mouth.

Gobble it, she thought. She did love when they ate her pussy. She groaned as his nose slammed against her clit. She rode his face, smearing her cunt over his mouth. It wasn’t long before she was juiced up again. She could feel the wetness. Her wet cunt rubbing over his open mouth.

Finally she decided she’d had enough. It wasn’t that good. She was getting bored with him. She climbed off his face and went to get her clothes.

“It’s getting late,” she said. “I’ve had a nice time, but I’ve really got to go.”

He growled at her. “The hell you do.”

She turned and looked at him. She was amused by his wet face. He had her juices all over his mouth and chin. “I’ve got to get home.”

“You said you’d suck my cock.”

She snickered at him. “All right, I’ll unload you again.”

She went to the bed, climbed between his knees and took hold of his cock. But instead of sucking it, she started jerking him off.

“Hey, suck it!” he said.

She continued pumping his prick with her right hand. Sliding her left hand under his balls, she found his asshole and worked a finger inside his shitter. He groaned as she reamed his shithole.

“Oh fuck, suck my cock!” he said.

“I don’t want to,” she said. “Come on, shoot it, I haven’t got all night.”

He shot his load. She was amazed at all the spunk he had. He’d already had his gun go off once, but he still had enough jism in his balls to make a nice load.

“Oh, you fucking bitch!” he said.

She laughed at him. She wiped her fingers on his belly and left the bed. “Don’t complain,” she said. “Tomorrow you’ll remember what a nice time you had.”

“My sister said you were a rotten bitch.”

Zelda was suddenly angry. “I don’t care about your shitty little sister. Go home and maybe you can get her to suck you off.”

He was on her in an instant. He seemed to be flying at her and then spinning her around and then something hit her jaw and all the lights went out.


When she opened her eyes again, Zelda found herself on the bed. She had a wad of cloth in her mouth and her hands were tied behind her back. She’d never had a chance to get her clothes on before Malcolm knocked her out and she was still naked. She twisted her body, turned on the bed to look for Malcolm. She found him sifting in one of the small chairs. In the other chair was a young woman.

Malcolm smiled at Zelda. “Hello, cutie. In case you don’t remember, this is my sister, Josie.”

Unable to say anything because of the gag in her mouth, Zelda looked at the girl. Yes, she did remember Josie. A tall thin brunette with dark eyes. Josie was attractive but mean-looking. She had small tits and long legs. She wore a tank top and jeans, her long legs crossed as she calmly puffed a cigarette.

Zelda was afraid. The fact that they had her hands tied and her mouth gagged was definitely not a good sign. She didn’t like the way Josie looked at her. Like a panther sizing up its prey. Zelda cursed herself for having chosen Malcolm at that bar. There were a dozen others available and she had to pick him.

Josie suddenly crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray at her elbow. She hadn’t said a word yet. She rose from the chair and came to sit down on the edge of the bed near Zelda. Now Josie spoke for the first time, her voice flat and without emotion.

“You do remember me, don’t you? You gave me a real hard time. I wanted that job, but all I got from you was a hard time.”

Zelda cringed as Josie’s hand moved across her shoulder and down to fondle one of her tits. Josie bounced Zelda’s tit back and forth, her eyes watching Zelda’s face. Then Josie fingered her nipple, pulling at it and smiling when Zelda winced.

“You don’t like it? No, I guess you don’t. But it doesn’t make any difference, does it? I mean you can’t do anything and I can do anything I want to you.” Josie snickered. “Or make you do to me. Like sucking my cunt. Do you dig that? I love it. That’s how I like to get off. Some foxy bitch laying some tongue in there. We’ll see how foxy you are. You better be foxy or maybe I’ll slice you up and throw the pieces away.”

Josie pulled something out of a pocket and Zelda shuddered when she saw what it was. A small straight razor. Josie opened the razor and showed Zelda the four-inch blade.

“You just do whatever Josie wants,” the brunette said. “Either that or I slice your nipples off and stuff them up your nostrils.” She suddenly pulled the gag out of Zelda’s mouth. “Do you understand me?”

Zelda made a gurgling noise. “What do you want?”

Josie chuckled and lay the razor flat on one of Zelda’s tits. “Just a good time, honey. You gave me a hard time when I worked for you and now you’ll give me a good time to even us out.”

“I’ll give you money if you let me go.” Josie laughed. “You hear that, Malcolm? The lady wants to give us money.” She pulled at one of Zelda’s nipples and held the razor near it. “Money’s not the point, baby. I don’t need your stinking money.” Her fingers released Zelda’s nipple and now her hand moved down over Zelda’s belly to cup Zelda’s cunt-bush. “Nice little cunt-bush.” Zelda tried keeping her legs closed, but Josie threatened her with the razor. “Open tern,” Josie said. “That’s the girl. Let’s have some hospitality here.” She snickered. “She’s got a big clit. You didn’t tell me that, Malcolm.”

“I figured you’d have a surprise,” Malcolm said.

Josie stroked the shaft of Zelda’s clit and smiled at her. “The Arabs cut them off. One little flick of a razor and it’s all gone.”

Zelda trembled. “Please let me go. We’ll just forget the whole thing. I won’t do anything to make trouble for you.”

“I know you won’t, honey. Oh, here we are, I think that little prick down there is waking up.”

Zelda groaned. A sudden rage came over her.

“Damn you, get your filthy hands off me. You’re both pigs!”

“Is that what we are?”

“I remember you. You were a stupid little smart-ass slut. I’ll put you away for this! I’ll see that you rot in prison!”

Josie slapped her face. Then she slapped her again, this time harder. The blows stung Zelda. With her hands tied behind her back, she was helpless. She moaned as Josie pinched her nipples. Josie used her fingernails to cut into Zelda’s tender flesh.

“You’re the stupid slut,” Josie said. “You’ll find out how stupid you are.”

She let the razor rest lightly on Zelda’s throat and she leaned down to get close to Zelda’s face.

“One cut right here and you’re done,” Josie said. “Do you understand me?”

Subdued now, frozen with fear, Zelda whispered: “Yes.”

After that Josie rose. “I want some fun with her,” she said to Malcolm.

“We ought to get her out of here,” Malcolm said.

“In a little while,” Josie said. “First I see what her face feels like.”

Josie put the razor down and unbuckled the belt of her jeans. Zelda was dismayed as she watched the girl. She had an idea what was coming.

She watched Josie strip her jeans off. Thin Josie’s panties came sliding down her long legs. Josie’s pussy-hair was thin and black. She had a small round ass and long smooth thighs. Zelda thought Josie had the thighs and legs of a dancer. Then Zelda realized how stupid it was to admire Josie’s sleek body. I ought to be considering how to kill her, Zelda thought.

But she had no time to consider anything except what Josie wanted her to consider. In a moment Josie was at the bed again, this time climbing over Zelda to squat over her face.

“Get friendly with it,” Josie said. “It’s going to be your best friend.”

Zelda looked up at Josie’s crotch. She could see everything, Josie’s cunt and cunt-hole, and then beyond that the girl’s dark, puckered asshole. Josie’s dark cunt-lips gaped obscenely. Zelda grimaced as she got a whiff of the girl’s cunt-smell.

Josie snickered. “Yes, it’s a little gamey, honey. I’ve been running around all day looking after a few things. Just right for you, though. You look like a chick who likes them on the ripe side. That’s right, isn’t it?”

“You’re a pig!” Zelda said.

“Then have some pig-pussy,” Josie said with a chuckle. She settled her crotch down on Zelda’s face and squirmed around until she had her cunt on Zelda’s mouth.

Zelda was forced to suck. It was either that or stop breathing. Whenever she stopped sucking, Josie pushed down to cut off her oxygen. Zelda got the message. Eat Josie’s cunt or suffocate.

Zelda had never sucked a pussy before. She’d had it done to her, many times just like this, but she’d never had her own mouth on a cunt.

She found it nauseating. She hated the smell and taste of Josie’s cunt. The brunette was right about being gamey. Josie’s pussy wasn’t all that clean. There was a definite smell of piss in Josie’s cunt and cunt-bush.

As for Josie, she was having herself a time. When Malcolm had telephoned her and told her about having Zelda Reed in a motel room, Josie had gone wild with glee. What a break! What a Goddamn fucking lovely break! She would make it up to Malcolm, she really would. She had stopped letting him fuck her a few years back, but now she would let him do it again. He could have her any time he wanted her. Letting Malcolm fuck her was a small price to pay for having Zelda Reed. And she knew what to do with Zelda. She’d have her fun with Zelda and after that she knew what to do with her.

She had already talked to Malcolm about it and Malcolm had agreed.

In the meantime there was Zelda’s mouth. Josie could tell how much Zelda hated sucking her pussy, but that just made it more fun. Josie didn’t need Zelda’s affection, just her face. Josie liked to be the aggressor like this when she received head. She liked to rub her cunt over the person’s face while they struggled to breathe and suck her juices at the same time. She was running now. Her cunt was hot and juicy and the slime was pouring out of her to drench Zelda’s nose and mouth and chin.

Then Josie snickered and moved forward to get her ass-crack on Zelda’s mouth. There, she had it. Her asshole pressing against the blonde’s lips. Zelda had such pretty hair. Nice tits, too. Lots of hang and pretty nipples. Josie’s tits wet nothing at all and she liked women who had something to bounce around. And that clit Zelda had was something! The way she’d almost crapped out when Josie had talked about sucking it off! Cute little girlie-prick, Josie thought. She adored hot-looking women with big clit. Too bad she couldn’t keep Zelda forever, the rotten stuck-up bitch.

At the moment Zelda wasn’t feeling stuck up at all. She had Josie’s whole pushing at her mouth and she wanted to die. She knew Josie wanted some action there, but Zelda was paralyzed. She couldn’t do it. No matter what the threat, the idea of licking Josie’s asshole was so revolting it was unbearable.

“She’s a classy lady,” Josie said to Malcolm. “She doesn’t want to lick my asshole.”

“Make her,” Malcolm said. He had his cock in his hand. He slowly stroked his prick as he watched Josie squirm on Zelda’s face.

“I think I will,” Josie said. She reached behind her and pinched one of Zelda’s nipples. “Slice this one off, Malcolm.”

A bolt of fear swept through Zelda. She was helpless. She was totally in their power. She had no choice but to do what Josie wanted. As Josie’s ass hung suspended over her face, Zelda stuck her tongue out and started licking Josie’s asshole.

Josie chuckled. “She’d doing it now. Oooooh, she’s good. The classy lady has a nice tongue!”

Zelda’s mind was in a whirl of loathing and despair. She lapped her tongue back and forth over the puckered grommet of Josie’s asshole. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing it. Sometimes when she had a real submissive type working for her, she would have it done to her.

She would have her asshole licked and sucked.

She would tell them to do it and they would do it, that’s how simple it was. Usually the women took orders better than the men. And the women were better at it, more thorough when they sucked her ass.

But now she was the one doing the sucking. She was the one being degraded. It was either that or have them use the razor. She would take no chances about whether they were bluffing. She was much too afraid.

Then suddenly Zelda’s face was wet, her forehead and eyes, something gushing all over her face, raining down on her. She almost fainted when she realized what it was. Josie was pissing on her. The brunette was pissing on Zelda’s face while Zelda licked her asshole.

“Don’t stop licking,” Josie said. “You stop and you get hurt.”

Zelda was horrified. She couldn’t believe that anyone could actually do that to her. It was more than she could stand. And then she felt Josie’s fingers rubbing against her nose and she realized Josie was masturbating. The brunette was bringing herself off while Zelda licked her asshole. Oh dear God, Zelda thought. She moaned as Josie came. They moaned together, Josie moaning as she climaxed and Zelda moaning in her despair.

After that Josie wiped Zelda’s face with a towel and shoved the gag back into Zelda’s mouth. Zelda now knew the gag was her own panties. She didn’t care. She was vanquished. They could do anything they wanted to her. She remained limp as they put her dress on. She put up no resistance as they bundled her out of the motel room and into a car. It wasn’t her car, it was their car. They pushed her into the back and Josie climbed in beside her.

“Time to cover up,” Josie said, and the next moment Zelda’s head was covered by a pillowcase and she could no longer see anything.

Malcolm drove the car. They rode for what seemed like an hour, Zelda pushed down on the floor in the back with Josie’s foot on her stomach. At intervals Josie and Malcolm would joke about something. It was almost as if Zelda wasn’t there. I’m just a package, Zelda thought. She suddenly realized how tired and hungry she was. And miserable. She was so miserable. Having Josie sit on her face like that had broken her spirit.

They finally arrived wherever they’d been going. Zelda felt the car slow down and then she heard the sound of the tires on gravel. In a moment the car stopped and she was hustled outside. She felt the gravel under her feet. The air smelled like country air. Then she was pushed forward, helped up some porch steps and guided through a doorway. When the door closed, Josie pulled the pillowcase off Zelda’s head and Zelda found herself with Malcolm and Josie in the hallway of a house.

“Welcome to the palace.” Josie said with a chuckle.

It was no palace at all. It was an ordinary house with a worn carpet on the floor and paint peeling off the walls. The place had a faint smell of mold and stale beer and Zelda was more miserable than ever. She still had her panties stuffed inside her mouth and all she could do was look and pray she would find some way to get out.

Josie pushed Zelda into a living room and made Zelda stand still while she removed Zelda’s dress and then her garterbelt and nylons.

“Completely bare-ass,” Josie said. “Malcolm digs your ass, so why hide it?”

Malcolm protested. “The garterbelt doesn’t hide her ass.”

“Come on, Malcolm, I like her better this way. I count too, you know. You said it was my party.”

“Okay, okay.”

“God, look at her tits. How about that, Malcolm? Do you like these tits?” She hefted one of Zelda’s tits in her hand.

“She’s a sexy piece,” Malcolm said. “Are you still going to do what you said?”

“Of course I am. We’ll get enough for a bash in Vegas. Wouldn’t you like that, Malcolm? But first we have a little fun with her.”

Josie suddenly pinched Zelda’s nipple. The pain was so intense, Zelda thought she’d pass out. Instead, all she could do was groan and beg with her eyes. Josie laughed and pulled the gag out of Zelda’s mouth. Gasping, Zelda pleaded with Josie.

“Please don’t hurt me like that.”

Josie snickered. “Honey, wait until you see the toy I have for you. Where’s the prod, Malcolm?”

“Jesus, Josie, take it easy with that thing.”

“All right, I’ll take it easy, but in the meantime get it for me, will you?”

Malcolm walked out and returned in a moment carrying a two-foot long metal rod with a knob on one end and an electric line cord on the other end.

“Go easy,” Malcolm said.

“Plug it in.”

Zelda was terribly frightened. She had no idea what the device was, but she guessed it was something fiendish. She stood there naked, her wrists tied behind her back, her tits heaving and her legs trembling.

After Malcolm plugged the thing in, Josie held the rod in her hand with the knob pointed at Zelda.

“Do you know what this is?”

“No,” Zelda said.

“I’ll show you.” She touched the knob to Zelda’s stomach and pressed a button at the handle end. An electric shock suddenly made Zelda cry out and fall to the floor.

“How about that?” Josie said with a crazy giggle. “How do you like that, honey?”

After that Zelda was at their mercy. Josie made her bend over a footstool. Zelda had to spread her legs apart to expose her cunt and ass to their gaze. They talked about her. Josie crouched down and ran her hands over Zelda’s ass.

“Tomorrow you can take a few pictures of her like this,” Josie said. She probed Zelda’s asshole with her finger. Zelda moaned and tried tightening her asshole to close it. Josie merely laughed and shoved her finger deep inside. “Come on, Malcolm, fuck her ass. I’d like to watch that.”

Zelda wanted to die. She had never had a cock in her ass. She’d beep tempted a few times just to see what it was like, but she’d never been able to bring herself to let a man do it. Having her cunt fucked was one thing, but giving her asshole to a man was something else. She never even liked a finger in there. Having someone’s finger in her ass meant the other person was in control. Like now. Josie’s finger was deep in her ass and Zelda felt completely violated.

Malcolm moved behind Zelda. He crouched down behind her ass and Josie shifted away.

“Get me some Vaseline,” Malcolm said.

Josie refused. “I want you to hurt her.”

“Sure, but it’ll hurt my cock too,” Malcolm said. “I won’t do it unless she’s greased.”

Josie brought the Vaseline. Zelda knelt there helpless as they lubricated her asshole. She prayed she would pass out when he did it. Maybe that way she could avoid the pain and humiliation.

Then finally the greasing was finished and Zelda could feel Malcolm’s cock rubbing up and down her ass-crack. The knob of his prick pressed against her asshole. She remembered how big his cock was. She pictured his huge cock-head pushing at her tiny shit-hole. He’ll kill me, she thought. She knew there were women who took it in the ass all the time and she wondered how they did it. Then she stopped thinking as a sudden pain ripped through her ass. Malcolm grunted as he broke through her asshole and into her shit-tube.

“Like a hot fist,” he said.

Josie chuckled. “You like it, huh?”

“You don’t let me do it anymore.”

“You’re too big.”

Zelda was dizzy with pain and shock. She understood now that Malcolm and his sister were incestuous lovers. But at the moment she didn’t care about that. What she cared about was the hot cock up her ass. Malcolm’s cock felt enormous. The pain was awful. She realized she had all of his cock in her ass when she felt his bills pushing against her cunt-lips. He stopped moving, his cock deep inside her ass.

“Maybe she’s not clean,” Malcolm said.

Josie laughed. “Come on, Malcolm, if you fuck a woman’s ass you can’t complain about getting shit on your cock.”

“I don’t like it.”

“You can make her suck it clean. Pull out a little and let’s see.”

Malcolm pulled his cock halfway out of Zelda’s ass. “She’s dirty.”

Josie made a clucking sound. “Go on, fuck her and get it over with.”

Zelda was in agony. She couldn’t bear the embarrassment of having her shit on his cock. Then she told herself it wasn’t her fault, she hadn’t asked him to fuck her in the ass. She hadn’t asked for any of this. The two of them deserved to be shot for doing this to her.

Shit or no shit, Malcolm’s cock was still in her ass and he was now fucking her. Zelda realized it was tolerable. The humiliation was still there, the sense of being completely violated, but the physical pain had diminished and turned into a feeling of incredible pressure in her belly and chest. When he pulled out it was almost pleasant. When he pushed in again the pressure was awful. Her asshole was completely open to him now, and he reamed her out with a steady thrusting.

Josie watched it. She found it exciting. She hated having a cock in her ass. She never liked yielding so much to a man. Or a woman, even. Some of them liked to get their fingers in your ass. Some of the dykes like to fuck your ass with two or three fingers until you went nuts. She didn’t like it. She would take a tongue in her ass if they wanted tense that, but that was all. What she liked was getting head. Josie liked to be sucked off and then to piss on them when she came. She usually had to pretend she lost control. Once in a while she found a man or a woman who liked it and then she went to town with them.

Now she had Zelda Reed for a few days. She would go to town with Zelda. She had important plans for this platinum blonde with hanging tits and a big clit.

Yummy, Josie thought. She reached under Malcolm’s ass to hold his balls while he came.


Outside the window there seemed to be nothing but miles and miles of empty farmland. Zelda was in a room, the room she had been sleeping in for four days. But she wasn’t in the room that much. Most of the time she was out of the room being abused by Malcolm and his sister.

She’d had four days of it. They’d made her call the agency on Monday and give them some story about her going on a vacation. Josie had stood behind her with the razor pressed against her neck. Zelda had spoken to Henry. As she expected, Henry was too stupid to understand the signals she tried to send him. Now the people in the office thought she was on vacation and no one would look for her.

The rage boiled within her. I’m not on vacation, she thought. I’ve been kidnapped by two lunatics.

She was terrified by the electric prod now. Josie used it to control her, and just the threat of the prod was enough to make her do whatever they wanted. They made her meek and submissive. It made no difference that she hated what they made her do. She was afraid of them and she had to do everything they wanted.

Was there anything out there beyond the farmland? As she gazed at the bleak landscape, at the rays of the sating sun slanting across the empty space, she suddenly heard something on the gravel. She was at the back of the old house and she couldn’t see, but it sounded like a car or a truck had driven up to the entrance.

Then she heard the front door open. Someone had arrived. A guest. Josie had hinted about someone important arriving late in the afternoon. Zelda folded her arms across her chest and shivered. She was naked. She wondered who the guest was and what it would mean for her. Forlorn, she continued staring at the distant hills.

Then after a while the door opened and Josie came in. She held a big hatbox with one arm and the electric prod with her free hand. She smiled at Zelda.

“Time to get you dolled up, honey. You’ve got to meet someone.”

Zelda asked who it was. She tried to get some information out of Josie, but the brunette only smiled and said wait and see. “Just do as you’re told when you get down there,” Josie said. “If you make any trouble, you’ll be sorry.”

Then Josie opened the hatbox and dumped the contents out on the bed. Zelda stared at the stuff. It took her awhile before she realized what it was. She had seen some of these things in magazines. Chains and leather restraints and a black ball-gag and some other things. Bondage gear. And a few pieces of lingerie and a pair of high-heeled pumps. Zelda trembled.

“You can’t put me in those things,” she said. Josie snickered. “Of course I can. Or maybe you want this prod up your cunt. You haven’t felt it inside yet. You get a few jolts of this thing in that pretty cunt of yours and maybe your guts will get ripped out. How about that? Would you like to try it?”

“I hate you!”

“I hate you too, honey, I really do. Now stand still while I get you looking interesting for our friend down there.”

Zelda was helpless as Josie dressed her. First a leather belt, then Zelda’s hands behind her back in a pair of restraining cuffs attached to the belt. Then a studded leather collar around Zelda’s neck and a long dog-chain attached to a D-ring in the collar. Then the ball-gag, Zelda’s mouth opening wide to take it. Josie carefully adjusted the strap of the gag to make it tight. After that the black lingerie. A peek-a-boo bra that left most of Zelda’s tits completely bare. Then a thin black garterbelt followed by opera length, black nylons and the high-heeled black pumps.

“You look delicious,” Josie said. “Now the clips and we’re all done.”

Zelda trembled at the sight of the clips. In a few moments she had a clip attached to each nipple and one on each cunt-lip. All four clips were connected by thin gold chains.

Josie smiled at her handiwork. She touched one of the nipple-clips.

“These things are ingenious. They don’t bite unless they’re pulled. Like this.”

Suddenly a sharp searing pain tore through Zelda’s right nipple as Josie pulled the clip. She moaned through the ball-gag. Josie laughed.

“And down there, too,” Josie said. “Be careful you don’t get the chains caught on something. You’ll tear your pussy apart.”

Zelda was paralyzed with apprehension. She had seen pictures of women dressed in bondage gear. She had always wondered what it would be like to have one of those women as her slave. Now here she was a slave herself. And Josie wasn’t kidding about the clips. They could tear her flesh apart.

Josie finally took the dog-leash in her hand and led Zelda out of the room. Zelda walked carefully. She was afraid she would trip because of the high heels. She felt like a pet animal being led to a show. She prayed nothing would happen to make her fall. She was afraid the clips would hurt her. And the ball-gag made her miserable. She’d had it in her mouth only a few minutes and already her jaws were hurting.

When they were downstairs, Josie took Zelda to the living room, and there for the first time Zelda saw the mysterious guest.

He was a middle-aged man, distinguished looking, with gray hair at his temples and a nice suntan. He looked prosperous. He looked like a man who was used to having things his way. His penetrating eyes gazed at Zelda without a spark of emotion.

“So here we are,” he said.

“Her name is Zelda,” Josie said.

“Mr. Bronson. Do a turn, Zelda. Let Mr. Bronson see what you look like.”

Zelda had to do a complete turn. She was mortified. She was almost naked in the presence of a complete stranger. She was used to Josie and Malcolm seeing her naked, but this man was new. And he was so distinguished looking. Somehow that made it worse. Under normal circumstances, he might be a man she would know socially. Here she was naked while the others were dressed. Her tits and pussy and ass were completely exposed. And the peek-a-boo bra made her tits look obscene. The way they protruded out of the cups of the bra like two ripe melons, her fat nipples swollen and clipped.

As if reading her mind, Bronson said: “Her tits are nice.”

Josie nodded. “And what about her ass, Mr. Bronson. Look at this ass.” Josie ran her hand over Zelda’s ass to show Bronson the high curve. “Malcolm calls it high and hot.”

“She’s been around the track a few times,” Bronson said.

“But she’s as tight as a virgin. Isn’t that true, Malcolm?”

“You bet,” Malcolm said.

Zelda wanted to go out. She couldn’t believe what was going on. She felt like she was on an auction block. Except in this case Bronson was the only bidder. Dear God, help me, she thought.

Bronson studied her. He walked around her. His face remained completely impassive. Like a buyer sizing up an expensive purchase. Then he touched her. He extended his hand and ran his fingers over one of her tits. His fingertips moved lightly over her tit-globe, underneath and on top. Then he touched the nipple-clip. He wiggled the clip back and forth.

“Yes, I like her,” he said. He dropped his hand to her belly and then further down to her cunt. He looked straight into her eyes as he pushed two fingers between her cunt-lips and then inside her cunt-hole. He speared her. He pushed his fingers deep inside her cunt-channel and wiggled them around.

Abruptly the fingers came out of her cunt and he stepped back. He pulled a large white handkerchief out of the inside pocket of his jacket and wiped his hand.

“I want a few minutes with her,” he said.

Josie nodded. “That’s fine, Mr. Bronson. You take all the time you want.”

Josie and Malcolm left the room and closed the door behind them. Bronson touched one of Zelda’s tits again, and then his hand moved to the ball-gag and he pulled the ball out of Zelda’s mouth.

“Zelda what?” he said. “What’s your last name?”

Zelda worked her jaws to get the stiffness out. “Zelda Reed. Please help me. They’ve kidnapped me.”

His hand was at her tits again. “I’m going to buy you.”

“You won’t help me?”

He shrugged. “Help has many meanings. I think you’ll be better off with me. This place is a filthy hole.”

Zelda kept her head high. “I won’t be a prisoner. I won’t go anywhere.”

For the fir at time, Bronson showed some emotion. His mouth widened in a thin smile. “If I buy you, you’ll go wherever I want you to. And if I don’t buy you, I think those two animals will quickly make you wish you weren’t born. I suppose that means I’m helping you. Isn’t that true?”

Zelda’s heart sank. She was determined not to cry.

“Do what you want,” she said.

Bronson seemed amused again. He opened his suit jacket. Then he unzipped his fly, fished inside for his cock and brought it out. His prick thickened between his fingers. He pulled his foreskin back to expose his cockhead.

“Suck me off,” he said. “With your hands behind your back like that, it may take some skill. Let’s find out how skillful you are.”

She knew it was hopeless. He was right about the danger of his rejection of her. Josie and Malcolm had planned all along to sell her to him, and they would be furious with her if he refused to buy her. They might even kill her. Her best hope now was to get out of this house. Her best hope was to please Bronson so that he would agree to buy her.

She went down on her knees. His cock had stiffened considerably by now. He had a meaty prick, the knob plump and dark pink, his pisshole already dribbling a bit of juice. She ran her tongue over the tip of his prick and then took his cock-knob in her mouth and started sucking.

“Down to the root,” Bronson said calmly. “Let me feel it in your throat a moment.”

She did it. She gave him what he wanted. As much as she hated the idea of sucking his cock, or any man’s cock, she was no stranger to the act. She had seen women do it in films. She had read about it in books. If he wanted the knob of his prick in her throat, she would let him have it there. Let him buy me, she thought. She opened her throat and Bronson sighed as his cock had slipped inside.

“That’s good,” he said. “Hold it there a moment. Yes, like that.”

He made a sound in his chest. He pulled back and suddenly she could breathe again. He pulled his cock all the way back until only his cock-tip was in her mouth. Then he held her head with his hands and pushed forward again.

“Now just hold still,” he said. “Keep your mouth open and hold still.”

He started fucking her face. She had never had anyone do it to her. It was like her mouth had suddenly become a cunt, a wide-open hole receptive to a sliding cock. His thick cock moved in and out as he pumped his hips.

“Tighten your lips,” he said. And the next moment he started coming. The jism boiled out of his cock, spurted out of his piss-hole on her tongue and against the back of her throat. She had to swallow to avoid choking. There was so much, of it. She had thought there wouldn’t be that much because of his age. Instead, she had to take a full load of hot spunk. His gluey jism slid down her throat.

Bronson took Zelda away with him. She had no idea what the arrangements were, how much he paid or how he paid it. She was allowed to wear her own clothes. She came out of the front of the house and there she saw an enormous Mercedes with a uniformed chauffeur behind the wheel. She climbed into the back, and then Bronson followed her and sat down beside her. In a moment the chauffeur started the motor and the limo eased away from the house.

“The doors are locked electrically,” Bronson said. “Please don’t attempt anything foolish.”

Then he drew the window curtains and covered all of the chauffeur screen. She was as good as blindfolded. He had her locked inside the car and there was no way she could see where they were going.

“I think you’re as bad as the others,” she said.

Bronson chuckled and patted her thigh. His fingers pulled the hem of her dress back and he lay his palm over the soft flesh above her stocking.

“No, I don’t think so. What did they use on you?”

“They have an electric rod of some kind.” He nodded. “I have one too, but mine is probably smaller. I had it specially made. It’s small, but quite effective.” He pulled something out of his jacket pocket and showed it to her. A small box the size of a cigarette package, with two short prongs coming out of one end. “It’s portable,” he said. “It’s called a stun-gun. The police have a larger version but this actually has more power. PU show you if you like.”

“Please, no…”

“Then I assume you’ll behave yourself.”


He put the stun-gun away. “You cost me a great deal of money,” he said. “I expect you to demonstrate that you’re worth it.” He unzipped his fly and brought his cock out.

Zelda looked down at his lap. Hit cock was soft, his cock-knob hidden by his foreskin. “Do you want me to suck you?”

“Do you like doing that?”

“I hate it.”

“Yes, I thought so. It makes it more pleasant to force you. No, I don’t want that now.” They were on a highway somewhere. Zelda could tell that by the smooth road and the steady speed of the limo. Bronson’s hand moved back and forth along the inside of her thigh. “You have lovely skin.”

“Thank you,” Zelda said.

“The woman was worse than the man, wasn’t she?”

“Did she pee on you?”

Zelda shuddered. She could feel the flush in her cheeks. “Yes.”

“In your mouth?”

She quivered again. “No, not that.”

“Has anyone ever done that to you?”

“Thank God, no.”

“Not a lover?”

“Not anyone.”

He chuckled. “Then it’ll be something different for you, won’t it? I want that now. It’s too much bother to have Baldwin stop the car and I’m afraid I have to go. Keep just the tip in your mouth, otherwise you’ll have trouble and spill it. We don’t want that, do we? I don’t like it when there’s a mess.”

She was horrified. He was ordering her to take his prick between her lips while he pissed in her mouth. He was so calm about it. As though it were the most ordinary thing in the world. She suspected he was used to it. Other women had done it for him. He was a rich man and he could have anything he wanted. At the moment what he wanted was to piss in her mouth.

“Do it,” he said.

“I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. It’s either that or the stun-gun. I promise you in the end you’ll do as I say.”

Yes, he was right. He would hurt her and then she would do it anyway. A quiver of loathing ran through her as she lowered her head to his lap. He pushed at her shoulders. He wanted her on the floor between his legs.

“It’s better that way,” he said. “I’ll stop a few times to give you a chance to swallow.”

So there she was, kneeling on the floor between his legs with his cock in her mouth. Only this time she was not to suck him off. His knob lay on her tongue, a soft spongy mass still covered by his foreskin. She closed her eyes and prayed something would happen to make him change his mind. Her prayers were useless. In a moment he started gushing. The hot piss came out of his piss-hole like a stream of water out of a garden hose.

In the beginning she almost choked. She remembered his warning about not spilling it.

She kept her lips tight around the knob of his prick. Then she realized she had to swallow. Her mouth would soon be filled. Bronson suddenly stopped pissing.

“Go on,” he said, “swallow it before you spill it.”

She swallowed. The salty liquid burned as it went down. He started pissing again, and then after a while he stopped and she swallowed once more. Soon she had the hang of it. He emptied his bladder in her mouth and she swallowed it all without spilling a drop on his pants. He complimented her skill as he put his cock away and zipped his fly.

“That was very well done,” he said.

As crazy as it seemed to her, she felt a twinge of pride. Dear God, she thought.

They finally arrived somewhere. The limo stopped moving. When the curtains were pulled back, she saw the limo was inside a garage. She had no idea what direction they had traveled. They could be anywhere now. First a blindfolded trip to Josie and Malcolm’s place and now this. The chauffeur opened the limo door. He was a man about Bronson’s age with sleepy eyes. If he had any idea what had happened in the back of the limo, he showed no sign of it. Bronson climbed out and then she followed him.

Bronson took her hand and led her to a side door in the garage and in a moment they were inside a house.

It was more like a mansion than a house. The place had the feel of a mansion. Deep carpets on the floor and expensive old paintings on the walls. It wet certainly different than the place they had come from. Maybe it won’t be so bad, she thought. Then she told herself she was being stupid. Br onion had brought her here to be a slave. He was very polite, but he certainly had no qualms about pissing in her mouth. She knew there would be other horrible things she would have to do. She could sense it. He hadn’t paid a great deal of money for her to give her an easy time.

He took her to an elegantly furnished leisure room. The drapes were drawn. A few small lamps were lit. A thick Chinese rug covered much of the floor. On one side of the rug, near one of the sofas, was a red velvet footstool. Bronson told her to kneel on the rug near the footstool and bend over it.

She did it. She knew it was useless to resist. There was no harm in kneeling like that. Not after what she had already done. She knelt on the rug and leaned forward to rest her elbows on the footstool.

“Head down,” Bronson said. She crossed her arms and lowered her head to rest on them.

He came behind her. He pulled her dress up to expose her ass. He carefully tucked her dress beneath the leather belt she wore around her waist. Then he pulled her panties down to her knees. She wore a garterbelt and nylons. Now her cunt and ass were exposed from behind. She had to keep her knees together because of the panties, but that didn’t seem to bother him.

“Don’t move,” he said. “Don’t move at all.” Then he went to the door, opened it and talked to someone. By the way he talked she guessed it was a servant. The door closed. A full minute went by and nothing happened. Then the door opened and someone entered the room. Zelda could sense the person behind her.

“Oh my,” a woman’s voice said. The woman chuckled. “Roger, you’ve brought me a present.”


They had her gagged and undressed and strung up in the dining room from the overhead beam. Mr. and Mrs. Bronson sat at the table eating while Zelda watched them with aching limbs and despair in her bean.

The woman’s name was Carol. She was younger than Bronson, about Zelda’s age, and she was a beauty. A wan like Bronson would have as a wife what his money could buy, and he had the money to buy the best.

She’s got class, Zelda thought. But maybe she was wrong. You couldn’t tell about people just by looking at them. These days any woman could put on the right clothes and look classy.

Classy or not, Carol had shown no sympathy for Zelda. She had insisted Zelda be stripped before she was strung up. So now Zelda wore nothing but her garterbelt and nylons and she felt more naked than if she’d been totally without a stitch. It seemed obscene to be undressed like that while the two of them sat there eating.

Now and then Carol looked at Zelda. Always with amusement in her eyes. Finally, Carol told Bronson she was pleased with his present.

“Yes, I like her,” Carol said. “She’s not ordinary. Too many of them are boring. This one, I think, might be interesting. Where did you find her?”

Bronson smiled. He continued eating his soup.

“I won’t reveal that,” he said. “Enjoy her and don’t concern yourself with that.”

Carol smiled. “All right, I won’t ask any more questions.”

They continued eating. All Zelda could do was watch them and pray something would happen to save her. She knew that sooner or later they would get down to business and abuse her. Bronson hadn’t brought her to his house to decorate the dining room. And in the meantime the rants passed in and out, and each time that happened Zelda thought she would die. The way they looked at her. She was like a chicken strung up before everyone’s eyes. But the servants said nothing and Zelda was certain they wouldn’t help her. She suspected she wasn’t the first woman they’d seen like this. The Bronson’s would not expose her to the servants if they thought the servants would make trouble.

They won’t make trouble, Zelda thought. It was the Bronsons who would make trouble and they would make the trouble for Zelda. She had an idea Mrs. Bronson was worse than her husband. Carol’s eyes were cruel. Like Josie’s eyes. Carol had more class than Josie, but maybe she was worse. Bronson was bad enough. Zelda remembered the way he had pissed in her mouth as they rode in his limousine. How awful that was. How degrading. She cringed now as she thought of it.

I’ve got to escape, Zelda thought. But it seemed impossible. She was with someone all the time. Maybe at some point it would be possible to get to a telephone. She had to pray for that. At least a telephone.

When the Bronson’s finished eating, they untied Zelda and took her out of the dining room. She had to walk in front of them. Carol made a crack about the wiggling of Zelda’s ass, but Zelda kept her mouth shut. Let them talk, she thought. As long as they didn’t hurt her, she didn’t care.

They brought her to a plush living room and told her to lie down on the rug.

“On your back,” Carol said.

She whispered something to Bronson and he chuckled.

Zelda lay down on the carpet on her back. In a moment Carol straddled her, standing over Zelda’s chest, looking down at Zelda’s face, and the lifting her dress up to her hips.

“Through the pantyhose first,” Carol said. “See if you can find my clit.” And then Carol slowly squatted down to get her crotch on Zelda’s mouth.

Zelda sometimes liked to have her cunt eaten while she wore panties or pantyhose. It was pleasant to be licked and sucked through wet nylon. Part of the pleasure, for Zelda at least, was that she knew the other person was having a difficult time. She could always more or less see that. The business seemed to be more difficult for women than for men. Whenever she had one of the women in her office eat her cunt through her pantyhose, Zelda could see that the woman was bothered by it. It was the same with panties. Maybe they thought her crotch wasn’t clean. Well, maybe it wasn’t. She put on clean underwear every morning, but after a whole day in the office she couldn’t guarantee anything. In any case, she didn’t much care. They had to suck her pussy with or without underwear and it wasn’t her business to care about whether they liked it.

Now Zelda had the crotch of Carol’s pantyhose on her mouth, and for the first time in her life she understood how difficult it was to suck a pussy through nylon. She had no idea whether Carol was dean. She did smell nice. Not at all like a raunchy cunt. More like talcum powder and Lancome. And more than a little wet. Almost dripping, in fact. Having Zelda to look at and tease for the past two hours had started Carol’s cunt-juices flowing and Zelda now had the wet nylon against her lips.

Carol squirmed around on Zelda’s face awhile. She murmured encouragement. Then after a while she pulled back, pulled her crotch away from Zelda’s mouth. Zelda looked up. A small scissors had appeared in Carol’s hand. As Zelda watched with amazement, Carol snipped at the crotch of her pantyhose. In a moment Carol’s cunt-bush burst through the hole in the nylon, her wet cunt suddenly exposed and available.

“Start munching,” Carol said.

She shifted forward and once again Zelda had her face covered. This time she had bare cuntflesh on her mouth. Carol squirmed until she had Zelda’s nose between her cunt-lips and against her clit.

“That’s good,” Carol said. She started rubbing.

Zelda was in agony. Carol was using her face as a washboard for her pussy. Carol’s cunt-juice flowed heavily, a thick stream of cunt-slime pouring out of Carol’s cunt-hole and into Zelda’s open mouth. Zelda couldn’t help taking it. She had no choke. She had to take the juice and swallow it. She could hardly breathe. She had Carol’s hairy cunt-lips wrapped around her nose. She wants to smother me, Zelda thought.

But Carol had other plans. After a while she tore the pantyhose with her hands, completely opening the crotch. Then she squirmed around on Zelda’s face again, this time to get her asshole over Zelda’s mouth. She gave Zelda some room. She kept her asshole about an inch above Zelda’s lips.

“Let’s find out how good you are,” Carol said. “Don’t be bashful or I’ll have Roger use his little toy on you.”

Zelda knew what she wanted. She had no choice but to do it. Extending her tongue, she fluttered the tip over Carol’s puckered little asshole. But Carol wasn’t satisfied.

“Get it inside,” the brunette said.

Zelda hated her. She had to strain a bit to lift her head. She lapped Carol’s asshole and then she stiffened her tongue and pushed it inside. Carol murmured something. Zelda didn’t hear it. Then Carol settled down a bit to capture all of Zelda’s tongue with her ass.

“Now feel this,” Carol said.

A sudden jolt bit Zelda in her belly. Carol had used Bronson’s stun-gun. Zelda groaned as she rammed her face into Carol’s crotch. Desperate to avoid another electric shock, she tongued and sucked Carol’s ass.

After a time Carol shifted her ass away. She said Zelda wasn’t too bad. What she didn’t know she could learn.

“I know it’s difficult when I sit on your face,” Carol said. “Next time I’ll make it easier for you.”

Then Carol said Bronson had told her what had happened in the limo. Zelda felt the flush in her face. She cringed at the amusement in Carol’s eyes.

“It’s a horrible thing to make me do that,” Zelda said.

Carol snickered. “You don’t understand yet, do you?”

“Understand what?” Zelda said.

“You don’t have any choice, darling. Don’t you understand that? In any case, I really don’t care about what you understand or don’t understand. You can do far me what you did for Roger. That’s only fair, isn’t it?” Then she chuckled and added: “I’ll try to avoid drowning you, but I won’t be pleased with you if you don’t get it all and it spills.”

And so once again Zelda had her mouth used as a toilet. This time it was Bronson’s wife. Carol positioned herself over Zelda’s face and ordered Zelda to open her mouth. Helpless, Zelda closed her eyes and did so. A moment later the hot piss gushed out of Carol’s piss-hole to fill Zelda’s mouth to the point of overflowing. Carol stopped pissing and Zelda swallowed. Then Carol pissed again and the procedure was repeated once more.

“She’s good,” Carol said to Bronson. “I like the way she takes it.”

Bronson had his cock in is hand. Watching Carol always turned him on. He ant pt to see it except when she did it to someone like this. What she wasn’t engaged in one of he nutty tricks like this, Carol was always reserved and private.

“Let me see you shit on her,” Bronson said.

Carol chuckled. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I certainly would.”

“I don’t know if she’d ready for that. She’s still a bit spunky. And I’m not sure I want to see it, either.”

“I’ve seen you do it before.”

“Yes, darling, but not in a long time. All right, don’t be annoyed. When I think she’s ready, I’ll let you watch. Now let me finish this.”

As the pissing finished, Carol slipped two fingers into the top of her cunt and started masturbating. She rubbed her clit vigorously with circular motion of her fingers and before she climaxed. Another spurt of piss gushed out. Zelda was caught unaware and some of it went up her nose.

“Oh God,” Zelda cursed. “YOU lousy fuckers! I hate you!”

Carol laughed and slapped Zelda’s face.

“You talk too much, darling. You need to be shown your place.”

Zelda was forced to turn and bend over a footstool. Carol made Zelda lift her ass to make it more prominent. Then Carol showed Zelda what she had a leather-covered ping pong paddle.

“And it’s not used with a ball,” Carol said with a snicker.

The next moment Zelda cried out as the paddle slammed down on her ass. Before Zelda had a chance to adjust to the burning pain, Carol hit her again.

After a half-dozen strokes, Bronson took over. He grunted as he beat Zelda’s ass. Carol sat on the side masturbating while she watched Zelda’s suffering.

“She’s pretty when she cries,” Carol said.

Zelda sobbed. Her ass felt like it was on fire. After all the degradation she’d received, now she had this. She was on the point of passing out when the paddling suddenly stopped.

“Me you going to be a good girl?” Carol said.

Zelda groaned. “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Yes, of course you will,” Carol said. Then to Bronson she said: “That turned me on. How about poking me, Roger! I think I want it now.”

Zelda turned her head and watched Carol strip her clothes off. The tall brunettes elegant clothes fell away. Then she tossed away her bra and the torn pantyhose. Zelda saw that Carol was lovely. She had the body of a fashion model. Long legs and hardly any ass and small tits. Everything was sleek and streamlined and lovely to look at. Her full dark cunt-bush was a surprise. Zelda quivered as she remembered the lushness of Carol’s cunt and the taste of her piss. Zelda had a front seat as the Bronson’s went about pleasuring each other. Carol bent at the waist, her legs apart, her long slender body doubled over with her hands on the arms of an easy chair. Bronson, who had stripped when Carol did, moved behind her and pushed his cock inside her wet cunt.

Carol grunted. “Lovely, Roger. You’re as hard as a rock.”

“All for you, honey.”

“Screw it around a bit. Yes, like that.”

Zelda couldn’t help setting turned on. She found it exciting to watch them fuck. Carol was beautiful. Her small tits hung down like a pair of ripe pears. Zelda had an urge to get under there and suck Carol’s nipples.

But Bronson had his own ideas for Zelda. “Get behind me and work on my ass,” he said to Zelda. “Do what you did to her.”

Crawling on her hands and knees, Zelda moved behind him. She had never done anything like this before, never been so close to people fucking. She watched Bronson’s ass as he fucked his wife. Then Bronson growled at her and she quickly pressed her face against his ass-crack. She pushed forward, dug her nose between his ass-cheeks until she found his asshole. Bronson grunted when he felt her tongue on his shit-hole.

Zelda licked and sucked Bronson’s ass as he fucked Carol. Bronson was happy. He had something nice at both ends. His cock in Carol’s tight cunt and his asshole filled with Zelda’s long tongue. He had never regretted his marriage to Carol. After his first wife died he wanted someone younger. Someone with more zest. Carol was just right. She looked good in expensive clothes and she had a snappy pussy. And she knew how to enjoy herself. He was certain Carol would turn this blonde into mush. In the meantime the blonde had her tongue in his ass and the job she was doing wasn’t bad.

Good job or not, Zelda was lost in Bronson’s asshole. It was different than doing it to Carol. Bronson was a man and his ass tasted like a man’s ass. Rough and hairy, Zelda thought. She scoured his asshole. She sucked on his puckered grommet, pulled at the hairs around his asshole with her teeth. His balls kept slapping at her chin as he fucked his wife. She had an urge to suck his balls, but she was afraid to move her mouth from his asshole. Would he mind? She hated the idea of having them hurt her again. She gave his whole a thorough reaming with her tongue, hoped it would last him awhile as she moved her mouth down to his swinging balls.

Bronson was pleased when he realized what Zelda was doing. He grunted as he felt her lips close around one of his balls.

“Hang on,” he said.

And the next moment he started shooting is jism. He made a croaking sound and slammed forward. Zelda kept that one ball in her mouth as he climaxed. She felt the pull of his ball-bag. She was thrilled by it. She had a sudden fantasy of having her mouth on a stallion’s balls while he fucked a mare. Maybe I’m going any, she thought.

After that Bronson moved to the sofa and stretched out to recuperate. He tried to keep his eyes open, but it didn’t work. In a moment he was asleep, dead to everything around him.

Carol was in the easy chair, sitting in it now with her face flushed and her legs apart. She smiled at Zelda. “I gathered you had your tongue up his ass. Did you like it?”

Zelda groaned. She was afraid to show her anger. “I’m just doing what I’m told.”

Carol laughed. “You’re being sensible. Would you rather suck a man or a woman?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do. You liked it when you did me. I had you pegged from the start. I can always tell.” She opened her legs even further, deliberately exposing her cunt to Zelda’s eyes. “You’re a natural,” Carol said. “You like it and you have a pretty mouth for it. A pretty mouth and a pretty face. Nice tits, too. In ten years they’ll be down at your belly, but they’re still okay. Come over here and give me some head. Suck his jism out of my pussy.”

Zelda thought the idea was disgusting, but she had no choice. She crawled towards Carol. The brunette’s fucked-out cunt was wide open, her cunt-lips sagging, a froth of white cum-juice at the mouth of her cunt-hole. Holding back the urge to express her loathing, Zelda moved in to give Carol what she wanted.

“Lots of tongue,” Carol said.

She kept her eyes on Zelda’s face. She watched Zelda’s pink tongue as it came out to lick her. It turned her on to have a woman do her cunt after it had just fucked by her husband. She liked Zelda. She liked her ripe tits and her pretty blonde cunt and her pink asshole. The last woman they’d had as a slave had been a brunette like Carol. A girl with a dark pussy and a dark asshole. Carol liked blondes better. They were more tender. They seemed to cry more easily. She liked it when they cried. She liked to hurt them.

Zelda had the taste of Bronson’s jism in her mouth now. She was amazed how much of it she could get out of Carol’s cunt-hole. The trick was to get her tongue way inside and then apply some suction to pull the spunk out. She felt as though she were feeding on Carol, sucking all the goodies out and making a meal of her.

After the sucking was finished, Carol made Zelda turn around so she could play with her ass. First Carol used her foot. She ran her toes up and down Zelda’s ass-crack and chuckled as Zelda squirmed with discomfort. Both feet, Carol spread Zelda’s ass-cheeks apart to expose Zelda’s pink asshole.

“Cute little bum,” Carol said. “Do you like a cock in there?”

Zelda trembled. “Definitely not.”

“I thought you wouldn’t. You’re too uptight. Tight little brain and tight little asshole. Push it out. Open your asshole.”

Zelda moaned. She pushed out. Behind her, Carol chuckled as Zelda’s asshole opened like a tiny mouth. Carol pushed one of her big toes at Zelda’s grommet. She pushed until the tip of her toe popped inside Zelda’s ass.

Zelda moaned again. “Please don’t.”

“Stop complaining,” Carol said. “When was the last time you had a cock in there?”

“I don’t know, I guess a few days ago.”

“Did you like it?”

“I hated it.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Carol pushed at Zelda’s asshole with her big toe and insisted Zelda was lying. Zelda finally yielded. She said yes, it sometimes felt good. Carol laughed at her victory. She pulled her foot away and leaned forward to run her fingers along Zelda’s ass-crack. Zelda gasped as one of Carol’s fingers slipped inside her asshole.

“Please…” Zelda said.

Carol laughed and added another finger. Her forefinger and middle finger in Zelda’s ass, Carol fucked her fingers in and out.

“This is almost as good as a cock, isn’t it?” Zelda groaned. She had her head down on the rug. She couldn’t help wiggling her ass as Carol’s fingers flicked in and out. Yes it did feel good. Zelda, hated to admit it, but the fingers in there felt delicious. And then Carol added another finger and Zelda went a little crazy. Her as gyrated as she came. She felt like she had a big cock pumping in her shitter. She felt like her guts were being tickled by Carol’s finger.

“Next time I’ll use a cucumber,” Carol said. “I’ll get you to adore it. You’re going to be my personal slave and I’ll fuck you in the ass all the time.”

Zelda shuddered and collapsed on the rug.


“Over here,” Carol said.

Three days had passed. Zelda lay on the bed with them in the master bedroom. The morning sun streamed in through the blinds. When Zelda was slow in moving, Carol pushed at her with her foot.

“I said over here. Start fucking before I get angry.”

Zelda shifted her body to get her head between Carol’s thighs. They had called her in only a few minutes before and none of them were fully awake yet. Certainly not Zelda.

She had become their slave. She had to be ready any time they called her. Sometimes it was Bronson and sometimes it was Carol and sometimes it was both of them. They were familiar to her now. She had an intimate acquaintance with their bodies, their moods, the cruelties they liked to inflict on her. They beat her when they felt like it. The pissed on her when they felt like it. And some of it took place before the eyes of the servants. Zelda now realized the servants were not any better off than she was.

After a while Carol pushed Zelda away. The brunette left the bed and walked into the john. Zelda heard the bathroom door close. She was tired. She wanted to sleep another hour or two, but of course they wouldn’t let her. She lay there in her misery, thankful that at least Bronson seemed too lazy to make demands on her.

Then the bathroom door opened and Carol called to Zelda.

“Come in here,” Carol said.

Zelda left the bed and walked into the bathroom. They were both naked. Carol was standing at the bathroom sink, facing the mirror as she rubbed some lotion over her face.

“Do you know anything about toilet paper?”

Zelda was puzzled. “Toilet paper?”

“Yes, darling, toilet paper. There are all kinds. Some of the brands are quite soft, aren’t they?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“But there’s something that’s even softer than toilet paper, something that can be used just as well. I haven’t forced it on you because I was hoping you’d be clever enough to realize it yourself. You do want to please me, don’t you?”

“I don’t want to be hurt.”

“Yes, of course, and that means you want to please me. Do my ass, will you? I think it’s time you offered me that little service. I just did a shit and a wet tongue is so much nicer than toilet paper.”

Zelda now understood what Carol wanted. She was horrified.

“You can’t make me do that.”

“Yes, I can,” Carol said.

“It’s disgusting.”

“That’s why I’ll enjoy it so much when you do it. And you will, too.”

“No, I won’t!”

“Hurry, darling. If I lose my temper, you’ll get the prod again. It wasn’t so pleasant the last time, was it?”

Zelda trembled. She moved behind Carol and crouched down to get her face opposite Carol’s lush ass. The brunette snickered, leaned forward against the sink and told Zelda to get on with it.

“Don’t be bashful,” Carol said. “You’ll be doing it as often as I want it and you may as well get used to it.”

Quivering with revulsion at what she was being forced to do, Zelda put her hands on Carol’s ass-cheeks and pulled them apart.

As Zelda feared, Carol’s ass-crack was dirty. The brunette had indeed made a shit. She’d been shitting before she called Zelda into the bathroom. Her whole had not yet been wiped and the puckered ring still had a glob of shit on it.

Zelda knew she had no choice. She closed her eyes and prayed for some miracle to get her out of the Bronson home. Then she extended her tongue and moved in.

Gingerly, at first. Then she realized the best thing to do was get it over with. If she used plenty of spit, the taste might be diluted enough to be bearable. Holding Carol’s ass-cheeks wide apart, she put her mouth directly on Carol’s asshole and flooded it with her saliva.

“That’s good,” Carol said with a purring sound. She liked the tickling feeling produced by the wetness. She pushed her sphincter out to open her ass to Zelda’s tongue.

Zelda licked and sucked the brunette’s shitty ass. It wasn’t long before the funky taste was gone. She had rimmed Carol many times, and now what she was doing was really no more than that. All right, she’s clean, Zelda thought. Just to make sure, she swabbed her tongue once more up and down the entire length of Carol’s asscrack.

Carol was pleased. She patted Zelda’s head when the job was done.

“You’ll get even better at it,” Carol said. “You’ll take good care of me, won’t you, darling?”

They finally moved out of the bathroom and returned to the bedroom. Bronson was fully awake now. He sipped his morning coffee and smiled at them.

“What have you two been up to in there?”

“Fun and games,” Carol said. “I’m going to fuck her now. She’s been clever enough to turn me on and I owe her that much.”

Zelda sat on the edge of the bed and watched Carol strap on a large pink dildo. This one wasn’t as large as some of the others Carol had used on Zelda. But it was large enough. Zelda couldn’t help trembling as she thought of the big rubber cock reaming out her pussy.

I used to think I was so strong, Zelda thought. She didn’t think so anymore. She didn’t think like that at all now.

His back against the headboard, Bronson sat there watching his wife. He joked with her about the dildo.

“Maybe you have penis envy,” he said.

Carol smirked. “Jealous, Roger? This thing never gets soft, you know.”

After that Zelda had to kneel on the bed while Carol stood behind her. It was like an ordinary fuck. If Zelda closed her eyes she could imagine it was a man fucking her. The dude was well made, and when it slipped inside her cunt it felt just like a cock.

“She has a lovely ass,” Carol said.

Bronson chuckled. “Why don’t you fuck it? Stick it up her ass.”

“Not now, darling. But why don’t you get behind me?”

“In your ass.”

“Not your cock, if you don’t mind. I’d like your tongue.”

“The hell with that.”


“Okay, okay.”

Bronson was annoyed. He never liked it when she ordered him to do it. But she knew him well enough to know he would give in. He went down behind her and in a few moments he forgot all about his reluctance. He opened her ass-cheeks and, slipped his tongue deep inside her asshole. Carol purred as she continued to fuck Zelda’s cunt with the dildo.

Zelda couldn’t see what was going on, but she’d heard everything and she knew Bronson was sucking Carol’s ass while Carol fucked her. It serves him right, Zelda thought. The idea that Bronson had his tongue up his wife’s ass turned her on. The dildo felt good as it slid in and out of her cunt, and the image of Bronson’s tongue in Carol’s shitter caused Zelda to have a sudden and unexpected orgasm. She moaned and gyrated her ass as she came.

Carol was amused. She continued fucking Zelda and told her to come again.

The next afternoon, Carol was at Zelda with the dildo again. As usual, Bronson was watching. They were in a small conservatory at the back of the house, the sun warming everything through the glass roof. Zelda was bent double, holding the back of a chair, her legs apart while Carol baked her ant Zelda had thin chain attached to her nipples, and at intervals would pull at the chains and Zelda would moan.

“Do it harder!” Carol said. Bronson pulled harder. Zelda groaned. “Do you want him to stop?”

“Yes,” Zelda gaped. “Beg me to fuck your ass!”

“I won’t!”

“Again, Roger. I don’t care if you pull one of her nipples off. I want the little bitch to beg for it.”

Bronson pulled both chains and Zelda screamed.

“All right, anything you want,” Zelda said. “Beg me to fuck your ass.”

“Please fuck my ass!”

The dildo came out of Zelda’s cunt and a moment later she groaned as it pushed inside her whole.

Carol chuckled. “Are you hurting?”

“It’s too big!” Zelda said. “But you’re not hurting. I can tell. In fact, I think you like it!”

“I don’t!”

“Yes, you do.”

Zelda was in agony. The only lubrication was her own cunt-juice and it wasn’t hardly enough. But after a while her shitter relaxed. She was used to having something in there now, and when the pain was absent she often liked the feeling.

Carol saw what was happening and began a deep thrusting.

“Go on, make it,” Carol said.

Zelda did make it. She had a climax. The feel of the big dildo sliding in and out of her ass was delicious. Her asshole felt like it was a mile wide and the orgasm put a tingling feeling in her guts.

“Look at the little slut,” Carol said with a laugh. “She adores having her ass reamed out.”

Zelda made no reply. She was coming again and she was too far gone. She cared about nothing now except the lovely feel of the dildo in her ass.

Carol finally pulled the dildo out of Zelda’s ass and undid the straps around her waist and thighs. The brunette tossed the dildo onto a chair and smiled at her husband.

“Playing with yourself again, Roger?”

Bronson had his cock out of his pants and his fist around his cock-shaft. He gazed at Carol’s tall naked body.

“It turns me on to watch you fuck her.”

“How would you like to watch something else?”

“Like what?”

“I’ll do a poop on her. Would you like to see that? I think I promised it to you.”

Bronson smiled as he stroked his cock. “Yes, you did, go on, do it. Let me see you crap at over her.”

Zelda was terrified. She knew Carol wasn’t joking. She knew Carol well enough by now to know the brunette was capable of anything.

“Please,” Zelda said. “I’ll do anything you want, but don’t do that to me.”

Carol smirked. She teased Zelda. “You’ll do anything we want anyway. Isn’t that true?”

“Please don’t do it.”

Carol shook her head. “On the floor, sweet. On the floor on your back. You’re about to get baptized. I won’t make you catch it and play with it. Not this time. This time you just get it on your tits.”

Zelda was forced to lie on the floor while Carol straddled her. Then the brunette eased down to squat over Zelda’s tits. Zelda could see all of Carol’s gaping clit but not her asshole.

Carol called down at Zelda. Then a strained expression came over Carol’s face, a strained expression followed by a sigh. Zelda craned her neck to look. She groaned as she saw the tip of a turd appear behind Carol’s cunt.

It was Bronson who could see everything. He had moved behind Carol’s ass to watch her shit. He stroked his cock as he watched the first turd come out. What a sexy bitch Carol was. She was worth all the money she cost him. She ran up a fortune in bills for clothes and jewelry, but she was definitely worth it. He gave a short grunt as the first turd squeezed out of Carol’s stretched asshole to fall on Zelda’s tits.

Carol sighed. “Are you watching, Roger?”

“I am, honey.”

“Turn you on?”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Here’s another one.”

The second turd was thicker and longer. Zelda was in a daze, a mixture of astonishment and disgust. She was also more than a little excited. There was something supremely sexual about it. Carol had such a lovely body. Such a luscious ass and pert little asshole. She wished she could see Carol’s little asshole. That little hole, stretched open into a gaping tunnel while a brown sausage of shit cased out of it. Zelda moaned as the hot turd fell across her tits to join the other one.

After that Carol was finished. Bronson watched her asshole close up to a tight pucker again. He gave her his hand to help bet rise.

“Magnificent!” he said.

Carol chuckled and kissed his cheek. She looked down at Zelda, at the pile of shit on Zelda’s tits.

“Don’t move,” Carol said to Zelda. “Just stay as you are.”

A maid was called. Zelda wanted to die when the girl came in. She had seen the girl before. Her name was Millie and the girl now stared with a pale face at the scene in the conservatory.

“Clean my ass first,” Carol said to the maid. The girl moved without delay. Carol bent forward and used her hands to open her ass-cheeks. Millie crouched behind her and began swabbing Carol’s ass-crack with her tongue.

Quivering on the floor, Zelda watched it. She watched Millie the maid do to Carol what she herself had done several times. So I’m not the only one, Zelda thought. There was some consolation in that. She felt sorry for Millie. She knew what the girl was going through.

But when Millie was finished and Zelda saw the girl’s face, Zelda changed her mind. There was no reason to feel sorry for Millie. She had a pleased look on her face. She obviously had enjoyed cleaning Carol’s ass. She was a pretty girl and the only thing on her pretty face was an expression of quiet pleasure.

Carol patted Millie’s head and told her to get Zelda cleaned up.

“Don’t tickle her too much,” Carol said. “She gets excited easily.”

Millie giggled and Zelda blushed when their eyes met. The next moment the girl crouched beside Zelda and began cleaning the shit off Zelda’s tits. After the shit was cleaned away, the maid brought some soap and water and washed Zelda’s chest. Carol and Bronson sat nearby and watched. Then Carol ordered the maid to suck Zelda’s tits.

“See if you can turn her on,” Carol said.

Zelda tried her best to remain cold. But the feel of the girl’s lips on her nipples was too exciting. Millie knew what she was doing. In a few moments she had Zelda’s nipples stiff and swollen and Zelda knew her pussy was dripping wet.

Carol smiled. “Go down on her,” she said to the maid. “Turn the oven on.”

Zelda lay there without hope. The last thing in the world she wanted was to show them how excited she was, but she couldn’t help it. Her pussy had a mind of its own. She was already turned on, and now Millie went to work on her to drive her wild.

After pushing Zelda’s knees back to her tits, Millie bent forward to fix her mouth on Zelda’s cunt. Zelda gasped as she felt the girl’s hot tongue working in her cunt. She had to admit Millie was an expert. The maid knew how to tickle and tease. Zelda moaned when Millie’s tongue probed her asshole. Millie swirled her tongue over Zelda’s ass, tickled the tight opening with her tongue-tip and then moved up again to Zelda’s stiff clit.

Zelda couldn’t last long, not with such an expert. Before long she started shuddering and then a moment later she came. Millie kept Zelda’s knees pushed back as she sucked at Zelda’s convulsing cunt. Then, when the orgasm was finished, Millie moved her tongue down to Zelda’s asshole again and this time worked it inside.

Zelda cried out and came for the second time. This time she pissed. She lost control and started gushing piss on the maid’s face.

The Bronson’s were amused. Carol laughed and said: “Finish it, Zelda. Piss in her mouth, she likes it.”

Zelda did it. She let herself go. For the first time in weeks she forgot where she was and enjoyed herself. Yes, the maid did like it. She fastened her mouth to Zelda’s cunt and drank down everything Zelda had to give her. Then she started sucking Zelda’s clit again and Zelda found herself going crazy.

In the meantime Bronson came behind the maid. He crouched behind her and raised her skirt to expose her ass. She wore no panties and her ass was naked. She had a thick growth of hair in her crotch and some of it grew into her ass-crack. Bronson diddled her cunt-slit a moment, and then he moved his hand up and screwed, his middle finger inside her dark little asshole.

The girl groaned into Zelda’s cunt. She wagged her ass around, trying to dislodge Bronson’s finger. He chuckled as he worked his finger around in her shithole. He added a second finger. And then a third. The girl’s asshole opened wide. He had once seen her take a cucumber a foot long. He knew all about her. She went nuts when she had something in her shitter.

Meanwhile Zelda was coming again. The maid’s mouth drove her wild. Zelda’s clit felt as though it were swollen to the size of her thumb. She’d kill me, Zelda thought. No one had ever sucked her cunt with such thoroughness.

Bronson looked at his wife. “Why don’t you fuck Millie? She’s as hot as can be. It’s like butter in here.”

Carol smiled. “All right, I will. Get your fingers out of her ass.”

After Carol had the dildo strapped on, she came behind Millie and ran her hands over the girl’s broad ass.

“She’s putting on weight,” Carol said.

Bronson chuckled. “I thought you liked them that.”

“Plump but not fat,” Carol said. “She goes on a diet tomorrow.”

A moment later the big dildo slid inside the girl’s gaping asshole. Carol made a sound of satisfaction, gripped the maid’s ass with her hands and drove in as deeply as she could. She started pumping Millie’s ass, pulling the dildo out and then pushing it in again.

Millie lost her marbles. She threw her head back and wailed as the dildo reamed out her shit-tube.

“Oh sweet Jesus, fuck my ass!” the girl cried. Bronson laughed. “She goes bananas when she has a cock in her ass!”

He moved behind his wife. He watched Carol’s ass as she fucked the maid’s asshole. He ran his hand over Carol’s ass and slid his fingers inside her ass-crack.

Carol mewled. “Play with me, darling.”

Bronson found her asshole and drilled a finger inside. He worked the finger around to loosen her ass. Then he added two more fingers and proceeded to finger-fuck her shithole until she started groaning.

“How’s that?” he said.

Carol gasped. “I love it, Roger. I love doing it like this.”

She came a few moments later. She slammed the dildo into the girl’s ass as though she were a man shooting his load in the girl’s shit-tube. The force of that brought Millie off. A moment later Carol whirled around to take Bronson’s cock in her mouth. He held her face in his hands as he emptied his balls down her throat.

Zelda slipped out of the conservatory. The Bronsons and the maid lay on the floor exhausted and paid no attention to her. Zelda trembled as she quietly closed the door connecting the conservatory to the house.

She heard nothing. She was in a long corridor, a hallway with a deep carpet on the floor and dim yellow lights along the walls. She was confused at first, but then she remembered where the stairway was. She headed for it, talking softly on her bare feet. She was completely naked. She had no idea where her clothes were. And even if she did know, she wouldn’t have time to get them. This was her chance and she had to grab it without delay.

When she reached the stairway, she quickly went down. The house seemed empty. Maybe the servants were all eating. If that was true, then luck was on her side.

She went directly to the bank of hall closets near the front door of the house. She couldn’t risk anything else. She had to find something in one of the closets. When she opened the third door, she found it. One of Carol’s raincoats. And an old pair of boots. The weather was a bit warm for boots, but they would have to do. She needed something on her feet.

Wearing the boots and raincoat, Zelda opened the front door as quietly as possible. She prayed. She heard nothing from within the house. Her heart in her mouth, she slipped outside. Out of the front door. Down the short flight of steps. Down to the sidewalk and the quiet street.

She ran. A half block to the corner. Then another block and another. She met no one. The world seemed deserted. At the end of five blocks she saw the beginning of a park of some kind. And then she saw the car standing at the curb, the man leaning against the front fender. A police car. The man was a policeman. A tall cop leaning against the fender with his arms crossed. A burst of joy went through Zelda’s heart as she ran towards him.

“Please help me,” she cried as she came up to him.

She began explaining. She talked too fast and he made her stop and start over again. Her raincoat had come open in front and she was aware of his eyes on her naked body.

The cop gazed a moment longer at the open raincoat, and then he grinned and turned to talk to the other cop, the one still sitting in the car.

“Hey, Tony, you like blonde pussy? It looks like we got a blonde cunt for a change.”

Zelda cringed as the cop’s big hand suddenly closed around her neck.


Their names were Harry and Tony. Harry was the big one, the one now in the back of the patrol car with her. Her neck still hurt from the grip of his big hand.

“Please help me,” she said. “You’re police and you ought to help me!”

Harry chuckled. “Relax, honey. Don’t worry about a thing. We’ll take care of you just fine. Isn’t that right, Tony?”

Tony snickered and slapped his hand against the wheel. “Ask her what color hair she’s got on her pussy. Some of these blondes have dark hair.”

Harry grinned and looked at her. “How about it?”

“How about what?” Zelda said.

“You heard Tony. What’s your pussy like? Blonde or brunette?”

Zelda trembled. She knew she was in trouble. “I guess I’m dark blonde down there.”

“I told you,” Harry said to Tony. “We’ve got us a blonde cunt.”

Harry put his arm around her shoulders. He held her steady and used his free hand to open her raincoat all the way. He pawed her tits, weighing them in his hand and pulling at her nipples. Then he dropped his hand between her thighs and pinched her cunt-lips.

“This is prime stuff, Tony! She’s got nice tits and a fat little cunt!”

Tony chuckled. “You’re getting to me.” Harry raised his hand to her tits again and suddenly pinched one of her nipples hard.

She cried out. “That hurts, you brute!” Harry laughed. “I enjoy it, honey. The more you hurt, the better I like it.”

“Then you’re sadistic!”

“Okay, I’m sadistic. What’s your name?”

“Zelda Reed. I was kidnapped by some people and I’m sure the police know about it. You’re going to be in a great deal of trouble if you don’t take me to a police station immediately.”

He pinched her nipple again, twisting it with his thick fingers. “You let us worry about that, baby. You just do as you’re told and everything will be fine. Do you like to fuck?”

“I won’t answer that.”

“Yes, you will!”

“All right, the answer is yes. If the man is nice to me, I like to fuck. Are you satisfied?”

“Not yet?”

“You can fuck me if you want. Get it over with and then let me go!”

Harry laughed. “You don’t have any choice, honey!”

“Come on, that’s enough bullshit!” Tony said.

“Okay,” Harry said. “Let’s get her out of here. We can find a place on the south side.”

Tony started the motor of the patrol car. Then he turned and smiled at Zelda. “We’re going for a little ride, lady. You can use the time to loosen up your asshole.”

They both laughed. Zelda sat back with a sinking heart.

They drove her to the south side of town, to an abandoned warehouse with broken windows and a smell of sawdust inside. The first floor was nothing but a large open space interrupted by the pillars that supported the ceiling. They pushed her to a stack of wooden boards in a corner and told her to get the raincoat off.

She had no choice. She let the raincoat drop and they looked at her with hot eyes.

“Nice,” Tony said. “Turn around, baby, let me see your ass.”

Zelda turned. “Listen, if I let you fuck me, will you let me go?”

Tony ignored the question. “She’s got an ass like a beach-ball. I love it.”

Then they hauled their cocks out of their pants. Tony had a dangling prick with a long foreskin that completely covered his cock-knob. Harry’s cock was enormous, a thick salami with a fat cock-head. Tony told her to start sucking.

Zelda refused. “I won’t do it unless you promise to let me go afterward.”

“What the fuck is she talking about?” Tony said. “I guess she wants to be hurt.”

Harry nodded. “It sure looks like it.”

She trembled. “You can’t do this. You’re supposed to be police officers.”

Harry hit her face with the back of his hand. She crumpled to the floor and started sobbing.

He reached down, grabbed her arm and lifted her to her feet. Then he slapped her again. “You talk too much honey.” He grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it hard with his big hand. Zelda groaned and rolled her eyes back in her head. Harry continued squeezing her tit. “Do you like the way it feels? How about it now, are you going to suck?”

She gasped. “Yes, I’ll do what you want!” She knew it was useless to resist. If all they wanted wet to get sucked off, it wasn’t that what she’d been through these past weeks. She thought she might be able to suck them off quickly and then they would release her. She cursed her luck in stumbling into two cops like these instead of someone who would help her.

She began with Tony. His cock was still dangling. She crouched in front of him and lifted his prick with her fingers. Pulling at his foreskin, she skinned his cock-knob. The pink bulb came out, the tip already wet. She opened her mouth and took his cock-knob between her lips. Tony grunted. He ran his hands over her head. Then he held her head still and began fucking her mouth. He still had his pants on, and each time he thrust forward he slammed his zipper against her nose.

“Open, baby,” he said. “It’s getting hard, huh? Man, she’s got a nice mouth. Nice blonde hair and a nice mouth!”

But he stopped fucking her face before he came. She tried to tighten her lips to bring him off, but he pushed her away before he finished.

Then it was Harry’s turn. She was afraid as she moved to the big cop. He had such a huge prick. A cock like that could hurt a woman’s throat. Or even choke her to death. If he tried to get that big prick in her throat, she was afraid she wouldn’t survive it.

“Go on,” Harry said.

He held his long cock-shaft with his hand and pushed his cock-head against her lips. She opened her mouth. Harry grunted and rammed forward.

All the way. He gave her the full length of his cock, his thick prick forcing her jaws wide open. Then his cock-knob was at the back her throat. She thought he would stop, but he didn’t. He pushed forward. Another inch. Her throat suddenly opened and she had his cockhead inside.

“She’s got it!” Harry said. “She’s got the whole fucking thing!”

Tony chuckled. “Careful, Harry, you’ll kill her with that cock of yours.”

And then suddenly he grunted and slammed forward as he dumped his load in her cunt-channel. He pulled his cock out, she felt the wetness around her cunt-mouth. It felt like Harry had shot off a gallon of jism in her pussy. Then Steve moved behind her.

“Man, what an ass!” he said. “And look at the gravy coming out. What’s the matter Harry, your old lady on strike? You’ve got this broad flooded.”

He pushed his fingers inside Zelda’s cunthole, two fingers churning in her cunt, whipping Harry’s jism and her cunt-juice to a froth.

Then he pulled his fingers out and moved them up to her asshole. She cringed with fear, but she knew that unless she opened herself he would hurt her. When his fingers pushed, she relaxed her asshole. Tony chuckled and drilled two fingers inside her shitter. Then he added another finger and began reaming out her ass.

“You’re a good girl,” Tony said. “It’s a nice little shit-hole. You like taking it in the ass? You ever had a cock in there?”

Zelda groaned. “Yes, I’ve had a cock in there, you lousy fucker!”

Tony slapped her ass. “Cool it, bitch. You’re nothing but a slut to me. I ought to break your neck while I fuck you!”

“Please don’t hurt me!”

He made a snorting sound of derision. The next moment his fingers were out of her ass and his cock-head pushing at her asshole. She opened herself. After all the weeks of bondage, she knew enough to stay loose when a cock was forced inside her ass. Tony pushed inch after inch of his cock inside her shitter, until finally he had his balls pressed against her cunt-lips.

She hoped he would come fast. She tightened her ass a bit. She wanted to get a good grip on his cock with her asshole and make him come. But Tony wasn’t that easy. He controlled his thrusting. He made sure not to shoot off before he was ready.

Then he began slamming her. Quick jabs in and out with his cock. Her ass was wide open now, her shit-tube smooth and easy and fully lubricated. The sliding cock felt good to her. When he started coming, she tightened her ass and brought a roar of pleasure out of his throat.

“Christ, it’s like a hot rubber glove!” Tony said.

Harry laughed. “You got any shit on your cock?”

Tony shook his head. “She’s as clean as could be.”

Tony shook his head. “Not so fast.”

“What more do you want?”

“How’s your ass?”

“It hurt, damn you!”

“You’re nothing but a slut, and a slut gets it in the ass.”

“That’s right,” Harry said. “I think she liked it up the ass! Maybe she came.”

Tony looked at her. “Did you make it?”

“You must be dreaming,” Zelda said.

“Listen, I’ll give you money if you let me go. We can go to my bank and I’ll draw some money out. How about a thousand apiece?”

Tony laughed. “Now it’s you that’s dreaming. We don’t want money, baby. We want a little service!”

“You bastards!”

Harry lumbered over to her and slapped her. She fell down. She lay there sobbing on the grimy floor until they told her to get up.

Tony smiled at her. “Get yourself some stiff cock again. Let’s see what your tongue can do with my asshole!”

So that’s what they wanted. She realized she had no way to get free of them. It was either do what they wanted or get hurt. She had to hope that sooner or later they would get tired of her and let her go. In the meantime she had to give them what they wanted. What Tony wanted now was a rimming. He had no idea she was an expert at it. She decided she would show him. Maybe the way to get even was to show him what he was missing with his dull little wife.

She looked at Tony. “How do you want it?” Tony was puzzled. “What do you mean, how do I want it?”

She realized he wasn’t that experienced. “If you want me to do your ass, maybe you better bend over.”

He grinned. He turned and leaned forward against the stack of wood and spread his legs. “Go on, say hello!” he said. “Let’s have a littie tongue where it counts!”

She went behind him and then lowered herself in a crouch. He had dark hair growing in his asscrack, the hair curling up from his dangling balls. She opened him. Using her hands, she pulled his muscular ass-cheeks open to expose the brown nut of his asshole. She had done this so many times to others, it meant nothing now. She even liked it sometimes. She liked the feel of an asshole spasming around her tongue.

She licked him first. She swabbed her tongue up and down over his hairy asshole. She was thankful he was clean.

“This one is better!” Tony said. Zelda didn’t mind. She was used to his ass now. She had her lips plastered against the ring of his asshole. She worked her tongue in and out, let him have some spit and then sucked it out again. She held his balls in one hand, and after a while she could feel his nuts tightening as the excitement got to his cock. Sure enough, when she felt his cock she found him hard.

Harry wanted her now. “Okay, he’s got a hard-on!” Harry said. “Now it’s my turn!”

Tony chuckled as she pulled her tongue out of his ass. “She’ll knock your socks off, Harry.”

Harry looked at Zelda. “You’re good, huh?” Zelda blushed. “Yes, I’m good.”

“You get to do me the same way,” Harry said. “Lots of tongue and make it deep! Show me how good you are!”

So she showed him. Within a few minutes she had his cock as hard as iron. She gave a little nose, too. She hadn’t done that to Tony. She pushed the tip of her nose into Harry’s hot asshole and worked it around a bit. He loved it. He said she was first class.

After that she sucked their cocks one after the other, jacking them with her fingers as she gobbled their cock-heads. They refused to come. At one point she pleaded with them to come in her mouth, but they wouldn’t do it.

“What we do now is fuck!” Tony said.

He wanted her cunt. He put some boards down on the floor, and then he stretched out on his back and told her to get on his cock. She climbed over him, pushed his cock-head inside her cunt-hole and eased herself down.

She was hot now. She started wriggling her ass, fucking her cunt up and down on his cock. Tony laughed and told her to slow down. He grabbed her tits and forced her to stop.

“Take it easy!” he said. “There’s more cock on the way!”

Harry went behind her. He played with her ass, pinched and fondled her ass-cheeks and rubbed her asshole with his thumb. Her ass was stretched and loose now and his thumb slipped inside easily.

She guessed what was about to happen. They would double fuck her, make a sandwich out of her with one cock in her cunt and the other in her ass. She was afraid because of the size of Harry’s cock. It was Harry’s turn to her and she was afraid he would split her in two.

Then the time for thinking about it was past. She felt Harry’s cock-knob at her asshole. She held her breath and opened her ass. Harry snickered and started easing his cock inside her shitter.

“Like butter,” Harry said. “She’s wide open!”

Tony told him to take it easy. “Be careful you don’t kill her.”

“Never mind that, she loves it. Look at the way she wiggles!”

Tony squeezed Zelda’s tits. “Do you like it?”

Zelda groaned. “He’s big.”

“But it feels good, huh?”


When Harry had all of his big cock in her ass, he screwed it around a bit to widen her shit-tube.

“Okay, let’s go,” he said. “Let’s fuck her brains out.”

Zelda wondered how often they did it together like this. They were a team. They drove around town as a team in their patrol car, and then maybe sometimes they did a woman together, fucked her fore and aft until she couldn’t walk.

But they were damn good. She had never had it like this, two cocks at the same time. She had thought about it often, like most women probably did. She had two holes between her legs and it was natural to think about having them both filled at the same time. Well, now I’m finding out what it’s like, she thought. She had to admit she liked it. She felt like she had just one big hole down there and she liked the feeling.

“Christ, what an asshole she’s got!” Harry said.

Tony grunted. “Nice, huh? You remember that redhead we had about a month ago?”

Harry chuckled. “Who could forget? She started pissing on you as soon as she had my cock in her ass.”

Zelda was past caring about what they said. Her brain was frazzled. Her cunt and ass were on fire. She wanted them to finish. She wanted them shooting off in both holes at the same time. She began pumping her body between them, fucking one cock and then the other.

They laughed and made her slow down.

“It’s better if you let us lead!” Tony said.

Harry grunted: “Feel my cock, baby! Put this big mother up your ass! You like it, huh? You like Harry’s cock packing the shit in there?”

She went wild. She cried out, begging them to fuck her. They had her hanging on the edge and she wanted them to finish it.

“She’s going crazy.” Tony said. Harry agreed. “Okay, let’s pop her off!” They finally came. The two cocks shot off in her almost at the same time. She thought it was some kind of miracle. She thought it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her. Her own orgasm was stupendous. A hot blast of pleasure that wiped her out.

After they broke apart, after she regained her senses, she once again begged them to let her go.

“You’ve had enough of me,” she said. “What else do you want?”

But they were unwilling to let her go that easily. They teased her. They told her if she tried she could get them to fuck her again. This time one of them would do her mouth while the other one did her ass. Harry ordered her to suck his ass again to get him hard.

“I’ll remember the way you do my ass!” he said.

She did what he warned. She was exhausted now and she was revolted by his funky asshole. He wasn’t as clean as Tony. He wriggled his ass on her face and made her miserable. He made her give him a deep tongue-fucking, her tongue deep inside his hot asshole. But no matter what she did, his cock stayed as limp as an airless balloon. He finally pushed her away in disgust.

Then Tony said he had to piss.

“Keep an eye on her,” he said to Harry.

Zelda looked at him. “Do it in my mouth.”

Tony’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I said do it in my mouth. You can piss in my mouth if you like. Both of you. Then maybe after that you can let me.”

Harry laughed. “You ever done that before?”

Zelda nodded. “Yes, I know how to do it. You don’t have to worry about that!”

They agreed. They told each other she was the craziest slut they had ever known. But she could see the idea of pissing in her mouth excited them. They agreed that afterward she would be free of them.

She did Tony first. She knelt before him, took his limp cock in her mouth and in a moment he started pissing. During those weeks of bondage, she had learned how to swallow fast while she had just the tip of the cock in her mouth. Tony emptied himself in a steady stream and not a drop of his piss was spilled. “Jesus fucking Christ!” he said.

Harry giggled. “Come on, it’s my turn.”

Harry’s fat cock-head was soon in Zelda’s mouth. He pissed like a horse. She gulped ad swallowed, her throat burning now. But she got it all and his bladder was finally empty.

They kept their end of the bargain. They kept their clothes on and left her. She lay there in the empty warehouse, waiting until she heard the patrol car drive away. The only thing she could think about was that they might have killed her. The idea of that had been in the back of her head all the time. Two cops could kill her as easily as anything and get away with it. They knew how.

Ten minutes later she left the warehouse and started walking. She had only a vague idea where she was. This pert of town was unfamiliar to her. The district was commercial and the streets were deserted. All she could do was keep walking.

She walked block after block for about a mile. Then, at the end of an empty stretch of land, she came across a small church. She stopped and looked at it. Why not? she thought. If anyone could help her, it would be in there.

The door was unlocked. She walked inside and found the little church empty. Then suddenly a door at the side opened and a man appeared. He had a round face and a white collar around his throat. The preacher.

“Yes?” he said.

Zelda poured everything out, sobbing out a story of slavery and rape. She opened her raincoat to show him she was naked. The preacher stared at her with astonished eyes. Then his eyes turned empty.

“Cover yourself,” he said. “Cover yourself and come with me.”

She followed him through the side door and into a vestry. Then through another door and into a small kitchen. He opened a drawer.

“What’s your name?” the preacher said.

She looked at him. “Zelda Reed.”

He nodded. “That’s a good name. It means obedience. Now give me your hands.”

In a daze, she extended her hands. The preacher smiled at her, held her hands with his, and then suddenly something clicked and Zelda was horrified to see her wrists in handcuffs.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” the preacher said. “And now at last the good Lord has brought you to us.”

Holding her shackled wrists, he slammed his knee into Zelda’s stomach.


“Praise the Lord!” the woman said.

Thee were about two dozen people in the small church, half men and half women. They sat in the pews, their eyes fixed on the dais whet Zelda sat in a chair.

Zelda was bound to the chair. She was naked. She was gagged. Her legs were spread and everyone in the congregation could see the bush of her cunt between her thighs.

The preacher was in the small pulpit. He began talking. Zelda was in a daze and she only half listened. She heard him say she had been given to the congregation by the Lord. She had been given as a gift in reward for their virtue.

Zelda was mortified by the way they looked at her. All those people. Their eyes on her tits and exposed pussy. She felt helpless. Like a cornered animal bound and displayed for public inspection.

Now the preacher was talking about sin. He recounted the dreadful punishments that awaited the sinner. He said Zelda had been sent to them as an example. He said Zelda was a sinner now repenting in her bondage. Zelda trembled as she listened. She wondered what they would do with her. Nothing seemed to have gone right since her escape from the Bronson house. First the two cops and now this.

She tried closing her legs, but it was no use. They had her securely tied. She felt all those eyes on her. She had never been exposed to so many people at one time before. Then she remembered all the horrible things she had experienced and she told herself this wasn’t so terrible. In a way it was even exciting. Her cunt was certainly the center of everyone’s attention. She had an urge to giggle. You’re going crazy, she thought. But the excitement was there. She could feel it in her pussy. She suspected her pussy was wet and maybe they could see it. The thought of that turned her on even further. Finally the sermon was finished. A bowl moved from hand to hand in the audience, one person after another tossing money into it. They were a mix of people, some young and some old. Zelda realized she was hungry. She hadn’t eaten anything in a long time.

Then the preacher said something to the congregation. Two men stepped forward. They came to Zelda, lifted her and the chair together, and carried her away into the adjoining vestry.

Bound and gagged, she sat there in the vestry while the preacher and the two men talked to each other. Then suddenly the preacher came to Zelda and pulled the gag out of her mouth.

Zelda wanted to shout. She warned to demand her release. To beg them to release her. But her jaws were stiff and no sound came out. The preacher held her jaw open while one of the men came forward with a muzzle of some kind. In a moment they had the muzzle in place. The contraption kept Zelda’s jaws wide open. She had trouble swallowing. She was terrified.

“All right, Zelda,” the preacher said. “You can be the first.”

The man called Zeb positioned himself in front of Zelda. Her eyes wide, she watched him unzip his fly and bring his cock out. He fingered his soft cock and began to stroke it. His prick gradually stiffened in his hand and he moved forward to get his cock-knob resting on Zelda’s tongue. A moment later he grunted and shot off in her mouth. Four jets of hot spunk splashed over the back of her tongue and started leaking down her throat. Because her jaws were clamped open, she had to work her throat muscles in order to swallow. It was either that or choke on his jism.

Before she had it all down, the second man was in front of her. Once again she had a prickhead on her tongue, the man’s fingers stroking his cock-shaft. This one chuckled as he came. He wagged his cock-head around inside her mouth, rolling it over her tongue as the jism spurted out of his piss-hole.

“It’s a whore’s mouth!” he said. “I bet she’s had a thousand cocks in it!”

After that ten more men filed into the vestry one after the other to jerk off in Zelda’s mouth. Her tongue and palate and teeth were covered with spunk. She had the smell of it in her nose and the feel of it sliding down her throat.

One of the men who dumped his load in her mouth looked familiar. Like someone from Zelda’s past life. Had she ever had a past life? She couldn’t tell any more. These days she could hardly remember it. She quickly forgot about the man. The hem sliding down her throat required all her attention.

Finally the men were gone and only the preacher remained. He smiled at her. His fingers worked at the muzzle and in a moment her jaws were free.

“You did well,” he said. “They will all pray for you.”

Zelda worked her jaws to get the stiffness out. “Please let me go!” she said. “You can’t keep me here. It’s kidnapping, you know. But if you let me go now, I promise not to tell anyone!”

The preacher chuckled. He reached down, hefted one of her tits in his hand and pulled at her nipple. “You’re a Jezebel!”

Then he opened his fly and brought his cock out. He ran his cock-head back and forth over her lips.

“Please let me go,” she said.

He smiled at her and shook his head. “Suck it, woman. Bring the cum-juice out of my balls.”

He forced his prick inside her mouth and she had no choice but to suck. In a few moments his cock thickened into a stiff club. He worked his prick in and out of her open mouth, sliding his cock back and forth as he fucked her face.

Finally he came. After having twelve men come in her mouth, she hardly noticed the preacher’s jism. He emptied himself in her mouth, and then suddenly she cried out as he started pissing.

He slapped her. He told her not to move. Keeping just his cock-head in her mouth, he pissed a steady stream down her throat.

She had been trained well and she knew how to handle it. She swallowed in great gulps, the hot piss gushing down her throat until he finished.

He was pleased. “That was good,” he said. “Now you come home with me and we’ll decide what to do with you.”

“Jonah, she’s a peach,” the preacher’s wife said.

She was a big woman with big tits and pretty legs. She patted Zelda’s cheek and squeezed one of Zelda’s tits.

Zelda was naked. She felt uncomfortable because there was a boy in the kitchen with them. He couldn’t be more than eighteen. His name was Luke and he was the preacher’s son. Jonah slapped Zelda’s ass.

“You’d better give her something to eat,” he said to Flora. “I’m going to town.”

After Jonah left, Flora made Zelda sit at the kitchen table while she brought food out of the refrigerator. But she was still naked while the others were dressed. Flora and her son Luke. Zelda was aware of the boy’s eyes on her nakedness.

Flora was evidently aware of it too. She teased Luke. “You look ready to eat up her tits!” Flora said.

The boy blushed. “She’s pretty.”

Flora smiled. “As pretty as me?”

“Aw Mom…”

Flora chuckled. “Okay, I won’t make you answer that. Anyway, stand up and let me see what she’s doing to you!”

The boy rose, and as Zelda watched with amazement, Flora ran her hand over the front of Luke’s pants to gauge the state of his cock. Then Flora’s fingers worked at the zipper of Luke’s fly and in a moment she had his cock and balls out in the open.

He had a big cock. Zelda was impressed. His cock dangled like a big fat sausage, and when Flora skinned his cock-knob Zelda saw that Luke’s cock was beautiful.

Flora fondled him. The way they were relaxed about it, it was certainly not the first time. She squeezed his big ball-bag and stroked his cock with her fingers. The boy’s prick twitched under his mother’s fingers and a glob of cum juice dropped away from his piss-hole.

Zelda expected what happened next. She felt like doing the same thing and she couldn’t blame Flora. Stirred by the sight of it, Zelda watched as Flora filled her mouth with the boy’s cock and began sucking him off.

The blow-job was smooth and expert. Flora held his balls with one hand and the base of his cock-shaft with the other. Her mouth moved back and forth on his rigid prick, and each time she pulled back she left a trail of saliva on his cock-skin.

Finally Flora stopped moving and Luke took over. He held his mother’s head in his hands as he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Coming soon!” he said through clenched teeth. And the next moment he groaned as he shot his cum-load down his mother’s throat.

Zelda watched as Flora swallowed her son’s jism. Zelda remembered what had happened in the vestry of the church. The taste of jism came back to her and she had a sudden hunger for it. She wanted to throw herself on the boy and suck another cum-load out of his balls. But she was afraid Flora would get angry, and instead she did nothing.

Zelda quivered. “Doesn’t Jonah mind?” Flora laughed. “You got to know how to handle men, honey. Anyway, let’s not talk about that. I got worked up sucking his cock and now you can take care of me. Why don’t you lie down on the floor and I’ll sit on your face!”

Zelda blushed. “I don’t know…”

“You want me to turn mean?”


“Then get down there!”

Flora slipped her hands beneath her skirt and pulled her panties off as Zelda stretched out on the floor. Holding her skirt up to her waist, Flora straddled Zelda and that eased her crotch down towards Zelda’s face.

Zelda trembled as she gazed at Flora’s hairy cunt. A moment later the view went dark as Flora’s crotch settled on Zelda’s face.

“Suck some pussy-juice,” Flora said with a chuckle.

Zelda sucked Flora’s meaty cunt. The big woman’s crotch had a heavy cunt-smell and Zelda found herself turned on by it. Yes, she did like it. She liked the smell of a man’s balls and she liked the smell of a woman’s cunt. She had learned a few things about herself these past weeks.

Flora rubbed her cunt back and forth over Zelda’s nose and mouth awhile, and then she turned completely around and settled down again to offer her ass.

“Now work on my ass!” Flora said with a snicker.

Zelda discovered that Flora’s asshole was a big, sloppy thing. Wide open and hot and eager to be probed. Her asshole was loose enough so that it felt almost like a cunt when Zelda’s tongue went inside. Then Flora moved again and this time it was Zelda’s nose she wanted. Flora got her jollies like that. She kept Zelda’s nose in her ass while she beat herself off with her fingers.

That evening, Zelda found herself in bed with Jonah and Flora. Zelda had done cleaning chores all day in the kitchen and bathrooms, and now after dinner the preacher and his wife and brought Zelda to their bed to entertain them.

Flora giggled and kicked Zelda. “Eat my clit, cutie. Suck on my clit!”

As Zelda moved her mouth into Flora’s raunchy cunt, Flora told Jonah how clever Zelda was at giving head.

“I had her nose in my asshole.” Flora said to Jonah. “You never do that to me anymore.”

Jonah chuckled. “Sometimes I think you’re a wicked woman.”

“She’s good!” Flora said.

“How good?”

“Good enough to make me come when she sucks my ass!”

“Turns you on to hear about it, huh?”

“Get her any from you, woman. Jonah wants his whale!”

They laughed. Flora pushed Zelda away from her cunt and opened her legs to her husband.

Jonah mounted her, held her legs with his arms and socked his cock inside her gaping cunt. Then he looked over his shoulder at Zelda and ordered her to get her face against his ass.

“Get your nose in my asshole!” he said. “Let’s see if you’re any good at that!”

Zelda did what he wanted. As Jonah fucked Flora, she pressed her face between his asscheeks. First she wet his asshole down with her tongue. Then, when his asshole was wet and loose, she pushed her nose inside.

“Yeah, that’s good,” Jonah said. He grinned down at Flora. “Come on, woman, roll that ass!”

Zelda found herself turned on. She found pleasure in the service she was giving. She reamed out the preacher’s ass with her nose. She pulled at his balls, pulled them back until she had one of his balls in her mouth. Sucking the one ball, she jammed her nose even deeper inside his hot ass.

Then Jonah pulled his cock out of Flora’s cunt and told her to get on her hands and knees.

“Let’s have a look at your ass!” he said.

Flora quickly obliged him. Perched on her hands and knees, she wagged her ass back and forth.

“Up the alley, honey!”

“You want it in your ass?”

“You bet!”

Jonah chuckled and turned to Zelda. “Suck her asshole and get it ready!”

Zelda quivered with excitement. She moved behind Flora’s big luscious ass and covered the woman’s asshole with her mouth. After a full minute of sucking, she had Flora’s asshole loose and wet with her saliva.

Jonah checked it out, ran a finger inside Flora’s asshole to see how ready she was. Then he pulled the finger out and pushed the knob of his cock at Flora’s brownie.

“Here it comes, honey.”

Zelda quivered as she watched the preacher’s cock slide inside his wife’s big asshole. Flora’s ass opened like a round mouth, the ring of her asshole stretched around his cock-shaft, and the next moment he was in her ass to the hilt.

He fucked her ass hard. As far as Zelda could see, he made no attempt to be careful. Flora loved it. She groaned and grunted. Then they were both coming, snorting at each other as the jism spurted out of his cock. Her asshole clamped down on his prick to suck the last dregs of his load out of his balls.

When Jonah pulled his cock out of Flora’s ass, his cock had streaks of her shit on it. He turned to Zelda.

“Get it in your mouth and clean it!” he said. Zelda shuddered. She opened her mouth and Jonah pushed his shit-covered cock inside. He pumped his prick in and out. Then he stopped pumping and made Zelda suck and lick until his cock was clean.

Flora lay on her side and watched it.

“She likes it!” Flora said. “The slut likes the taste of shit in her mouth. We’ll have to see that she gets what she wants!”

The next morning Zelda was in the kitchen again. She helped Flora fix breakfast for Jonah and Luke, and then after the men left the house she helped Flora clean the kitchen and dust the living room.

Zelda was feeling content. So far they hadn’t beat her or tried to hurt her in any way. She was a slave, all right, but she was satisfied as long as they didn’t hurt her. She didn’t mind the sex. She didn’t mind the things they made her do. She had been forced to do worse with the other masters she’d had. The worst thing Jonah did was piss in her mouth. As for Flora, she liked having her asshole licked. After Zelda finished the cleaning chores, Flora made Zelda suck her ass again. She had her tongue deep inside Flora’s ass when Luke walked in.

The boy crouched behind Zelda to play with her twat. Zelda hoped he would fuck her. She hadn’t been fucked in days and she wants it badly. When Luke stuck his thumb in her ass, she wiggled her hips to encourage him.

Flora was on her back, her faces pressed against her tits and her crotch rolled up to make her asshole accessible to Zelda’s tongue. The preacher’s wife looked ever Zelda’s head and smiled at her son. “What are you doing to her?”

Luke shrugged. “I got a finger in her ass. She seems to like it.”

Flora chuckled. “Sure she does!”

“Can I fuck her ass?”

“Only if you use some grease. Your father said she’s not to be ruined. You can get the Crisco in the kitchen.”

Zelda trembled as she waited. She was dying to have the boy’s big cock in her ass. She worked her tongue more forcefully inside Flora’s shithole. Flora was amused. “You’re all excited about getting a cock up your ass!” Flora said. “Well, that’s all right, honey, I’m a woman, too, and I understand.”

Then Luke was back with the Crisco. He greased his cock and then rubbed some Crisco over Zelda’s asshole. She moaned against Flora’s hole. Trembling with anticipation, Zelda pushed her nose inside Flora’s cunt-hole and waited for the boy’s cocks.

Then she had it. His fat cock-head pushing against her asshole. She opened herself, opened her shitter to his fat cock. The next moment she groaned as he broke in and filled her shit-tube with his fuck-meat.

They were a trio now. Zelda worked her nose in Flora’s cunt and her tongue in Flora’s asshole. The boy held Zelda’s ass-cheeks with his hands as he slid his big cock in and out of her stretched asshole.

“It’s good,” Luke said. “She’s got a nice ass.”

Flora chuckled. “Tight, honey?”

“Real nice, Mom. Is she going to stay with us awhile?”

Flora tickled Zelda’s ears. “I don’t think so. Ooooh, what a nice tongue she has!”

Zelda loved it. Her tongue felt at home in Flora’s ass. She knew all the little tricks now. She found it exciting to make an asshole quiver and spasm around her tongue. And all the while she had Luke’s big cock sliding in and out of her ass, reaming out her shit-tube like a big tamping iron in the barrel of a cannon.

When the boy finally shot off, Zelda held herself still while she took his cum-load. She felt him pop, felt the jism gush out of his young prick to fill her shitter. Then Flora came, her cunt spuming around Zelda’s nose, and a moment later the big woman started pissing on Zelda’s face. They all laughed as Zelda hustled to get as much of the piss in her mouth as she could. After that Zelda turned around and cleaned Luke’s cock. She sucked all the Crisco and shit off his cock and then she lay that licking his balls while they rested.

Later Zelda had to get lunch ready for the family. She no longer minded her slavery. She liked the idea of not having to make any decisions for herself. It seemed so odd to her that she had once been something else. Now she was meek and she liked being that way. She liked serving the preacher and his family.

When the preacher came home for lunch, the next thing he did was call Zelda and piss in her mouth. She knelt on the floor in front of him, his prick in her mouth while he pissed. He talked to Flora while he did it. Then he finished and Zelda sucked at the tip of his prick before fucking it back in his pants.

“No, leave it out,” Jonah said to Zelda. “Empty my balls, too.”

Flora was annoyed. “Why don’t you let me do that?” she said. “Let her get it hard and then you can fuck me!”

Jonah said no. “I want her mouth. She’s not going to be around much longer.”

Zelda had no idea what he meant. She took his prick in her mouth and staffed sucking him off. It took a while to get him hard, but after that it was all right. She squeezed his balls and jerked his prick with her fingers until he shot off a load of jism in her mouth.

Flora was still jealous, and when Jonah was finished with Zelda, she dragged Zelda to one of the johns. She made Zelda get in the bathtub, and then she climbed over Zelda and started shitting on Zelda’s face.

“Here, you can have some of my shit!” Flora said. “It’s hot and tasty, fresh out of the oven!”

Zelda discovered she didn’t mind it. She rubbed the hot shit over her face and neck. She wanted Flora to sit down on her face, but Flora cursed her and climbed out of the tub.

“You’re a filthy slut!” Flora said. “How come you like this so much?”

“I don’t know,” Zelda said. “I just like it. I guess different people like different things.”

Flora sneered at her. “You’re filthy with it, honey. You better clean up.”

Zelda wagged her tongue. “Don’t you want me to clean your ass?”

Flora snorted. “You must be crazy. You’ve got shit all over your face and if you clean my ass you’ll get me dirty.”

Flora went out and Zelda cleaned up. When she came out again, Zelda went to the kitchen and there she found a stranger with Jonah and the others.

Jonah introduced the man as a member of the congregation. Zelda didn’t catch the stranger’s name, but she thought he looked familiar. Maybe he was one of the men who had jerked off in her mouth that first day at the church. Or maybe she knew him from somewhere else. She couldn’t tell.

But he did look familiar. She could see the interest in his eyes. She was completely naked, of course. She never wore clothes in the preacher’s house. The man looked her up and down and she could see the approval in his eyes. She thought if they were alone she wouldn’t mind sucking his cock and balls and then his whole. She imagined the pleasure she could give him with her tongue in his ass.

Then Jonah explained the stranger had acquired Zelda in exchange for a large gift to the church.

“He’s taking you away,” Jonah said. “You belong to him now.”

Zelda was thrilled. She and the man looked at each other and she suddenly realized she knew him.

She gasped: “It’s Henry Allen.”

The man smiled. “That’s right.”

It was Henry Allen, one of the people who had worked for Zelda when she’d been running the employment agency.

Zelda was stunned. She quivered. It was Henry Allen and now he was the one she belonged to. Henry Allen was her new master.


Six months later Zelda became Mrs. Henry Allen. Henry’s first wife walked out on him a week after Henry brought Zelda home and Zelda was happy to take her place.

Zelda immediately went down on her knees. She loved Henry’s prick. She teased him at first by just licking his piss-hole. He had such a darling cock. She skinned his cock-knob and sucked on the fat pink plum. Henry murmured his approval and started pissing. He stopped at intervals to give Zelda a chance to swallow. She took it all. She loved it. She took all his hot piss down her throat and before he finished she had a small orgasm.

Henry teased her about it. “You came, bitch!”

Zelda smiled at him and nodded. “You know I always do. Let me suck you off now so you can come too!”

Henry shook his head. “Not now, I’m too bushed.”

“Please, Henry!”

“I said no. You just had your kicks with a mouthful of piss. What more do you want?”

“I want jism.”

“Christ, you’re a vampire!”

“Every woman is a vampire, Henry!”

“You’re the first woman who ever got off on my piss. Gloria would have used a baseball bat on me if I ever suggested it!”

Zelda chuckled. “But deep inside that’s what she wanted. She was dying to have you piss in her mouth. I’m glad it never happened. I’m glad I was the one to get it instead. Come on, Henry, let me suck you off! I’ll rim you and then suck the juice out of your balls. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“I said no.”

“I’m turned on!”

“Use your finger. Better yet, use a hairbrush or something! Come on, slut, show Daddy how you get off!”

Zelda laughed and went to get her hairbrush. She sat down in the armchair near the window and pulled her dress up to her waist. As usual, she wore no panties, just a garter belt and stockings. She spread her legs wide and slowly worked the handle of the hairbrush inside her cunt-hole.

“I’d rather have your cock in here,” she said. Henry lit a cigar and sat down to watch her. “Go on, fuck it in and out. Get your rocks off and maybe I’ll have some peace!”

Zelda screwed the hairbrush in and out of her cunt for five minutes, but it did no good. She begged Henry to fuck her.

“It’s our honeymoon,” she said. “It’s our first night in Las Vegas and I think you ought to fuck me!” She finally convinced him. He put the cigar in the ashtray she tossed the hairbrush onto the bed. Henry gazed at her sopping cunt a moment and then he told her to turn around and bend over on the chair.

Zelda mewled with pleasure and hurried to get herself into position. She looked over her shoulder and watched Henry drop his pants and shorts.

“Will you do my ass, Henry?”

“Is that what you want?”

“Fuck my ass and then let me suck your cock afterward.”

“You’re a filthy slut!”

“You know I like doing it!”

“Okay, that’s what you get!”

He brought a tube of Vaseline from the dresser and spread some grease over his cock. Then he did her asshole, dabbing some grease on the ring and pushing his finger inside.

Zelda moaned softly as she felt his finger screw inside her ass. Henry continued teasing her asshole. He could feel how hot she was. Her asshole was on fire.

“Christ, what a beauty!” he said. Zelda purred. “You like it?”

“Sure I like it.”

“Is it nicer than Gloria’s?”

“Shut up and hold still while I get in!”

Then he pushed his knob at her shit-hole. Zelda groaned and opened herself and in moment Henry’s cock slid smoothly inside her shit-tube.

“Oh, that’s good!” she said with a groan.

“Hold still, slut!”

He took it easy at first. He wanted her ass to be wide open before he started ramming her. He worked his cock in and out with short, slow strokes. Zelda’s ass gradually softened and she moaned as her asshole turned into butter.

Henry grunted. He watched his cock-shaft as he started the ride. Her asshole was like a big round mouth around his sliding cock. He smiled as Zelda began revolving her ass in circles. Her timing was perfect. Each time he thrust in, she screwed her ass around to give both of them the most pleasure.

Then Zelda began the clamping. She had a trained asshole and she knew how to clamp down on a cock when she was being fucked. Henry had been impressed by that the first time he fucked her shitter. He hadn’t yet told her that was the reason he agreed to marry her. That and the way she liked being a slave. She was so different than Gloria. His first wife took a cock in her ass only as a last resort and then she would run to the bathroom to let the jism drip out. Zelda didn’t run anywhere. After she had her ass fucked, she always turned around to clean his cock with her mouth.

“Geronimo!” Henry said.

The next moment he started spurting his jism in Zelda’s hot shit-tube.

Later they went downstairs to the casino. Henry gambled at the roulette table while Zelda watched. She really had no interest in what was going on. She could think about nothing except what they would do when they were in their room again.

She was always turned on now. She seemed to be in a state of constant sexual arousal. Here in Las Vegas they were pretending to be an ordinary couple. But she knew they weren’t ordinary at all. She was a total slave to Henry and she doubted there were many women here like that. Things had changed so much since the days before her first enslavement by Malcolm and Josie.

Henry finally tired of gambling. Zelda had no idea how much money he lost. It was all her money and she didn’t care one way or the other. Money wasn’t important to her anymore.

She wiggled her ass with anticipation as she rode the elevator with Henry back to their room. Once they were inside the room, she immediately turned to him and kissed him.

“Do something nasty to me!” she said. “Piss in my mouth again!”

Henry was annoyed. He pushed her away. When she moved back to him, he slapped her face. “Cut it out, bitch!”

Zelda’s pulse raced. “Go on, hit me, Henry. Beat me up!”

“Christ, you’re crazy.”

“I’m your slave. Didn’t you say I was your slave?”

“That’s right, you’re my slave. Fix me a drink!”

When she handed him a glass half-filled with Scotch, he smirked at her. “You want the whip?”

Zelda quivered. “Yes, I’d like it!” So that’s what they did. Henry brought the small black whip out of the suitcase and Zelda knelt on the bed with her dress pulled up to expose her ass.

He teased her. He knew how to make her crazy with want. First he stroked the handle of the whip up and down her ass-crack until he had her gyrating her ass and begging for it. “Please, Henry!”

“You’ve got a fat little cunt. I like the way it looks from the back like this.”

She moved her legs further apart and opened her cuntlips with her fingers. “Can you see my clit?”

“Sure, I can see it. Stick your fingers in your cunt.”

He made her diddle herself while he watched. Then he poked the handle of the whip at her asshole and slowly pushed it inside. Zelda loved it. She squirmed her ass to get more of the handle. Henry chuckled and pushed a good six inches of the handle inside her tight shitter. Then he pulled the handle out and told her to suck it.

“I can’t hold it until you clean it,” he said. Zelda licked and sucked the leather whip handle. She loved the whip. The handle was almost as thick as a cock and it always felt marvelous when she had it in her ass. And the other end of the whip, the business end, was always delicious when Henry used it on her ass.

After the handle was clean, Henry took the whip in his hand and told Zelda to bend over again. Zelda mewled as she lowered her shoulders to the mattress. “I’m so hot for it, Henry!”

He chuckled. He clenched his teeth, raised his arm and gave her the first stroke. It was a well made whip of fine leather and Zelda immediately cried out.

Henry raised the whip again. “Keep your mouth shut, I don’t want any trouble with the hotel.” And down slashed the whip again to make the second red stripe on Zelda’s creamy white ass.

Once Henry started whipping her, he never let up until he was bored with it. Tonight it took him a long time to get bored. Zelda sobbed into the pillow. Her cunt was like a waterfall, the juice running out in a steady stream down the insides of her thighs. She moaned and sobbed, and then finally the pain became too much and she fainted.

She was out awhile, and then something made her open her eyes and she found Henry pissing on her. Zelda shuddered as the warm piss flowed over her neck and back.

Henry grunted as he shook his prick over her. “The chambermaid will freak out when she sees the bed,” he said. “You can sleep in this bed and I’ll take the other one.”

But after a while he relented and Zelda was able to crawl into bed beside him.

The next day Henry rented a car and they went shopping in a large mall near the hotel.

On the way back Henry spotted a high class lingerie boutique and he stopped the car.

“Let’s see what they’ve got for you,” he said. Zelda was glad to stretch her legs. The place had no other customers in it, but the set-up was nice and it was pleasantly air-conditioned. The girl who came out seemed surprised to see them in the shop. When Zelda asked her about it, the girl looked Zelda up and down and said. “We do mostly showgirls here.”

Henry chuckled. “My wife’s a showgirl, too.”

Zelda laughed. “That’s not true!”

“Yes, it is!” Henry said. “Show the girl something!”

The girl was looking at them like they were crazy. Zelda blushed and shook her head at Henry. “No, Henry, I won’t.”

“Yes, you will!” Henry said.

“Now listen,” the girl said, “I don’t want to get mixed up in anything!”

Henry smiled. “There’s nothing to get mixed up in, honey.” Then he looked at Zelda. “Go on, Zelda, show the girl something.”

Zelda blushed. Then she took hold of her dress at the sides and slowly raised it. She kept lifting the dress until she had it up to her waist. She was naked under the dress. The salesgirl stared at Zelda’s blonde cunt-bush. She saw the gold chain clipped to each of Zelda’s clit-lips. The chain hung down in a loop between Zelda’s creamy thighs.

The girl giggled. “Oh boy, I know what she is.”

“She’ll do anything you want,” Henry said.

“You mean now?”

Henry nodded. “That’s what I mean.”

The girl looked doubtful. “I don’t know, I only work here and I don’t want to get into any trouble.”

“There’s no one here,” Henry said. “We’re the only customers. We’ll buy something later. Come on, tell her what you want!”

The girl looked at Zelda, at the chain attached to Zelda’s pussy. Then she raised her eyes to Zelda’s face. Zelda blushed and looked away. The girl snickered. “Maybe she can suck me off,” the girl said. “Yeah, that’s what I want!”

And that’s what Zelda had to do. She dropped her dress now. No one had any more interest in her pussy. It was the salesgirl’s pussy that required attention.

The girl took them to the back of the store where they couldn’t be seen from the street.

“I thought this was going to be a boring day,” the salesgirl said.

She quickly dropped her shorts and panties and stepped out of them.

Henry chuckled as be gazed at the girl’s round little ass. Then he chuckled again when the girl turned and he saw that her pussy was shaved.

The girl smiled, raised one leg and placed her foot on a chair.

“My boyfriend likes it this way. He likes to lick it and I like it too.”

“What’s your name?” Henry said.

“Cindy,” the girl said.

Henry turned to Zelda. “Go on, Zelda, suck Cindy’s pussy!”

Zelda went down on her knees. She was hungry for it now. The girl had such a luscious looking cunt. Cindy spread her bald cunt-lips with her fingers and Zelda’s tongue came out to find her cunt-hole.

“Oooooh, she’s good!” Cindy said.

Henry laughed. “You’re damn right she’s good. She gives great head. If you want, you can piss in her mouth.”

Cindy giggled. “You mean it?”

“Of course I mean it.”

“She’s a slave, isn’t she?”

“That’s right.”

“Tell her to open her mouth and I’ll do it!”

“You tell her. Slap her round if you want.”

The girl giggled again and slapped Zelda’s head.

“Open your mouth so I can piss in it!” Cindy said.

Zelda got herself into position under Cindy’s crotch and opened her mouth. Cindy had a flushed face and wide eyes as she looked down at the woman between her legs. Then the next moment the yellow piss gushed out of Cindy’s pisshole and straight into Zelda’s mouth.

“Ooooh, I love it!” Cindy said. She rubbed her clit with her fingers as she pissed.

After that Henry bought two nightgowns for Zelda and they walked out of the shop and climbed into the car.

“I think you had a good time,” Henry said. Zelda blushed. “It was nice.”

“She has a sweet little pussy.”

Zelda nodded. “She’s adorable.”

“Would you rather suck a pussy or a cock?” Zelda smiled. “A cock, any day.”

“Go on, suck me off!”

Zelda looked around. “Here?”

Henry nodded. “Right here. If anyone looks, I’ll tell them you lost an earring.”

The danger of being seen turned Zelda on. That plus the effect of what had happened in the lingerie shop. The girl hid been delicious.

Such a luscious little pussy without a hair on it. Even her piss had a sweet taste. Zelda was sorry she hadn’t had a chance at the girl’s asshole. Henry ought to have told her to. Maybe he didn’t understand how much she liked to do a girl’s asshole. How important it was to have a taste of a girl’s ass.

She went down on Henry’s cock. He was big and hard, obviously turned on by watching the little shop girl piss in Zelda’s mouth. His cockhead throbbed on Zelda’s tongue. She sucked his prick, bobbing her head up and down as she worked to bring him off.

Then she heard Henry chuckle. “We’ve got an audience,” he said. “I don’t know if they know what’s going on, but they’re sure looking.”

Zelda tried to raise her head, but he held her down. He told her to keep sucking. He made her suck his cock until he shot his cum-load. He emptied his balls down her throat and then he told her she could sit up.

Sure enough, when she straightened up, she saw four or five people standing near the car and laughing at them.

“She’s a great little cock-sucker,” Henry said. Then he started the motor and drove off.

Zelda quivered. She loved everything Henry did.

That evening, after dinner, Henry told Zelda to remain in the room awhile without him. He said he would return soon, but he gave her no information about where he was going. Zelda was puzzled, but she did what he wanted. These days she always did what Henry wanted. It made her life simple and sweet and that was the way she wanted it.

Henry returned in less than an hour, but he was not alone. He had a beautiful girl with him. Henry said she was a showgirl, a performer in one of the shows in the hotel. The girl was tall and gorgeous and she looked at Zelda with amusement in her eyes.

“Hello,” the girl said to Zelda.

Zelda was jealous. How could she possibly compete with a girl as beautiful as this one? She nodded at the girl.

“Pleased to meet you,” Zelda said.

Marylou chuckled and looked at Henry. “She’s sweet. Are you sure you weren’t lying to me about her?”

Henry shook his head. “No way.”

Marylou wasn’t convinced. “I’m not interested in any party unless she’s what you say she is.”

“Ask her,” Henry said.

Marylou looked at Zelda. “He says you’re a slave. Is he telling the truth?”

“Show your ass,” Henry said. “Let her see the marks on your ass!”

Zelda did it. She turned her back to them and raised her skirt to show the welts on her ass-cheeks.

“Oh wow!” Marylou said.

Henry snorted. “You believe me now?”

“Yes, I do.”

“You can whip her if you want! I’ve got the whip.”

A purring sound came out of Marylou. “I wouldn’t mind.”

Henry told Zelda to bend over a chair and stick her ass out. Zelda trembled as she did it. She kept her legs apart in order to steady herself. She hoped Marylou wouldn’t be too mean. Zelda hadn’t been whipped by a woman in a long time, but she remembered how awful it could be.

Marylou brandished the whip. “This is a nice one!”

Henry chuckled. “You like doing it, huh?”

“Sure I like it.” Then Marylou looked at Zelda’s ass. She smiled when she saw the gold chain attached to Zelda’s cunt-lips. “She’s a sweetie. Look at the way that pussy sticks out in the back. Can I hurt her there?”

Henry shrugged. “Do whatever you want. I think the more you hurt her, the more she likes it!”

Marylou snickered. “Okay, we’ll find out.” Zelda trembled and waited, and then the next moment the whip came slashing down across her ass and the pouch of her pussy.

The searing pain made Zelda cry out. The next stroke of the whip was even worse. Zelda understood that Marylou was vicious.

“Hey, this turns me on,” Marylou said. She struck again, aiming directly at Zelda’s exposed cuntlips. Zelda groaned and started sobbing. Then a moment later she had an orgasm. A full blown climax that left her trembling.

“I told you!” Henry said to Marylou.

Marylou giggled. “What else can I do?”

“What would you like?”

Marylou turned the whip around and pushed the handle at Zelda’s asshole. “I don’t know,” Marylou said. “Give me a moment and I’ll think about it.”

Zelda shuddered. Her clit was on fire. She hoped Marylou wouldn’t take too long.

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