Training our Toy Part 2 (mff)

“Take her knickers and bra off Sarah.” I order.

You smile as Sarah stands close in front of you and reaches
behind to unclip your bra, she seems to have worked out how to
tease women as well as men, and knows you’ll enjoy the close
proximity of her sexy body. Her fingers slide over your smooth
skin as she lowers the straps from your shoulders. Then she
kneels in front of you and slowly pulls your knickers down,
exposing your pussy.

She stares for a moment then remembers herself and stands up
again, head bowed, waiting. You take her in your arms and pull
her close to you as you kiss her, your breasts pressing against
hers through the thin material of her dress. Her fingers stroke
up and down your bare back as the two of you tongue fight. Your
hands find the hem of her dress and lift it slightly so that you
can rub your fingers over her very red bum, playing with the tiny
back of her g-string, pulling it so that it rubs against her
pussy, pulling the coarse material against her clit and sending
waves of pleasure through her. You feel her shaking in your arms
as she kisses with more and more passion, you know that if you
keep this up for much longer she wont be able to stand, let alone
do what you want her to do!

I’m watching with pleasure and just wondering how long you’ll
last before that tiny dress of hers ends up on the floor with
yours. Considering her superb lithe young body, my money is on
not long, mainly because if you don’t take it off soon, I will!

But for now she’s yours to play with and you’re going to make
sure that you enjoy it! You break the kiss and find her leash
again, when the dress comes off, that dog collar is staying on,
its proving to be rather useful tonight, and it looks so sexy!

You move on to the bed, pulling her behind you on the leash. You
lie down on your back, legs over the side so your pussy is on the
edge, making sure that her leash runs under your body, making it
very obvious to our little slave what she’s going to have to do
whether she likes it or not.

“Kneel please.” You tell her and she quickly does as she is told.
Now you have her just where you want her as you start to pull on
her leash.

I’m perched back on the dresser again, cock in hand, rubbing it
slowly and steadily as I watch you pull her head closer and
closer to your crotch by tugging on the leash. Not that she is
objecting much anyway now! When her mouth is a matter of inches
from your wet pussy and you can feel her warm breath on your open
lips you stop pulling the leash.

“Now Sarah, remember what I told you.” I say, “Pretend its me
licking your pussy, think of what I do that makes you feel good,
that’s what I want you to do to Sharon.”

She looks a bit nervous and she swallows before she begins to
gently kiss her way around your pussy, your inner things and your
pubes, as much as the freedom of the leash will allow.
Unfortunately for you one of the things I do to her is tease her
a little first!

Then you feel her lips touch your pussy, pressing hard against
your wetness. You gasp then the sensation is gone. I watch as she
pulls back slightly to lick her lips, getting the taste of your
juices. It obviously meets with her approval, she slides her
tongue out and begins to run it up and down your slit, from your
hole to your clit, not concentrating on anywhere in particular
yet. You moan and this seems to encourage her. Just like I do to
her, she brings a finger up and starts to tease your hole,
pressing it against the opening but not moving inside yet.

I’m in heaven now, watching my little Sarah perform oral on
another woman, the fact that she appears to be enjoying it is
mildly surprising as well. But maybe it shouldn’t be considering
her desire to please…. This is what I dreamt of when I offered
Sarah to you as a slave and prayed that you would accept.

She pauses for a moment and looks up at you. The sight of her
innocent face, wide eyes and mouth covered in your pussy juices
makes you shudder with pleasure, as does her finger as she
finally stops teasing you and slides it into your soaking pussy
until her knuckle is pressed against your clit. Your eyes lock
with hers as she begins to slide her finger in and out, adding
another one to it, watching the look on your face and figuring
out where all your most sensitive spots are. Then she lowers her
head and you groan loudly as you feel her pointed little tongue
find your clit.

“Craig, she can’t be allowed to get away with teasing me like
this, we need to tease her.” You manage to say in between

I get up off the dresser and move to beside you on the bed. I
feel Sarah’s eyes watching me as she licks you, as I whisper
something in your ear and you nod and then tell me they’re in the
top drawer. Her eyes follow me until I move out of her field of
vision, if she wanted to see what I was fetching she’d have to
stop licking you to turn around, and she knows that would be a
bad idea. Besides, she’ll find out very soon anyway!

She feels my hands on her hips and guesses correctly that I want
her on her knees with her bum in the air, so without missing a
lick she does so. As she kneels on the floor I move behind her
and lift her dress slightly revealing the rest of her behind, it
wasn’t covering much anyway in that position believe me! One of
these days I think I’ll take her to a party in that dress and see
how many men she can “accidentally” give an eyeful to.

I slide the crotch of the g-string aside, exposing her soaking
hot pussy again and before she knows what’s happening the tip of
my cock is pressing against her opening and then I’m inside her.
She gasps and arches her back as I penetrate her as far as my
cock can go. She feels so full. I reach up and grab her
shoulders, sliding my hands under the material of her dress,
feeing her smooth skin, pulling her into me even harder as I
lean down so I can mumour in her ear.

“If you stop licking her again without permission I’ll give you
such a spanking that you wont be able to sit down for a month.”

Her tongue quickly returns to licking its way around the wet
folds of your pussy until she locates your clit again.

I was only going to slide into her once, we had a plan. But she’s
so hot. So tight. So wet. I can’t resist it. I pull out most of
the way and then slide back into her. I’d almost forgotten how
good it feels to fuck her tight pussy. I give her a couple more
strokes of my cock to get her really moaning before I return to
what we’d agreed.

I find the dildo I’d got from your top drawer and as she groans
into your pussy as she feels me pull out of her, I slide it
inside her where my cock has just been. She gasps, its just as
long and even wider. I suppose I could have warmed it up a bit
first as well! I can almost hear her begging that it isn’t a
vibrator. I know what those things do to her and I know she
wouldn’t be able to keep licking with one of them buzzing inside
her! I pull the crotch of her g-string back in place and pull her
dress back down.

I feel her eyes watching me as I move back on to the bed, lying
down beside you. But now my head is level with your crotch and
Sarah’s head, and my cock is next to your mouth. Sarah can’t help
but watch as you take my cock in your hand and start to lick your
way around the tip of my shaft, licking it clean of Sarah’s hot

“She tastes nice doesn’t she.” You comment, tasting the mixture
of her juice and my pre-cum. I nod, its a taste I know quite well
after all!. “I’m going to enjoy licking you later, Sarah.” You
tell her.

The smile on her face is obvious even though we can’t see her
mouth. As is the look of sheer envy as you take the head of my
cock into your mouth and start to suck on it as she works on your

I reach between your legs and use my fingers to hold your pussy
open even further, making it even easier for Sarah to suck on
your clitoris. Your tongue slows its swirling actions down a bit,
you know how much I like blowjobs and how they make me cum!

Pretty soon she has you on the brink of orgasm and you tell her
this, her tongue goes into overdrive as she pushes you over. Your
lips are still wrapped tight around my shaft but you stop sucking
to moan out loud as she makes you cum on her tongue, fingers
moving even quicker in and out of your pussy as you arch your
back. Sarah’s mouth has a firm grip on your clit, lashing it with
her tongue, so I move my hand up to tweak your nipples, small
shockwaves of pleasure tracing through you in the aftermath of
the orgasm.

“That was brilliant Sarah.” You gasp once you’re able to talk
again. “I think she deserves a little treat for that, don’t you?”
You ask me.

I nod and slowly ease her leash from under you as you give the
tip of my cock one last passionate kiss before I move.

“Stand up Sarah.” I tell her.

She does so, eyes still watching you on the bed as your breathing
slowly returns to something like normal. She has a proud look on
her face, quite rightly, she did well for her first pussy eating
session I think! She has something else on her face as well, your
hot juices! I stand up and join her beside the bed and as she
watches you recover I start to lick her skin clean, little licks
all over her mouth and chin. As you watch us my licks turn to
kisses and I move behind her, kissing my way up and down her
neck. Her eyes close as my hands find her hips, pulling her
against me so that she can feel my hard cock pressing against her
shapely bum through the thin material of the dress When I start
to make rocking movements with my hips she becomes putty in my
hands. Sweet and innocent and willing to be molded however we