My husband being fucked by the boyfriend of the woman

My name is Kay. I’m 32 and I live in London. I’ve always thought of myself
as fairly average, in pretty well every department: good but not brilliant
job, decent looks but not a catwalk model, nice house. You get the idea.
Sexually as well I’d say I’m average: I have a husband with whom I’m
faithful, and predictable fantasies, which I occasionally indulge by
trawling the net for appropriate stuff. But I don’t obsess about it – just
the odd time when I’m in the mood. Basically I’m a normal middle class
thirties woman.

My name is Bee. I’m 18, and I’d say I’m fairly average. I live in London,
where I work for a legal firm, dealing with their IT. It’s not an important
job in the firm (you have to be a lawyer to count) but as I only left school
last year it’s a pretty good job for me. I’ve a sort-of boyfriend, Paul:
we’re basically mates who occasionally fuck, but we know that we’re not
compatible for a long-term thing – for one thing he likes fucking men way
too much. I’ve no moral objection to that, just that when I want to settle
down it’s got to be with someone who is going to be faithful, and Paul just
couldn’t do that. Paul and I will all end in tears sometime soon, but at
present we’re both pretty content with where we are.

[K] I’d been working really hard all summer, and my holiday had been put
off time and again. Eventually we got away, and I wanted something quiet
and simple. My husband had a client he needed to see in Marseille, so we
thought we’d just put our tent in the car and drive to the South of France.
We’d camp if we felt like it, book into a hotel if we didn’t, and just sit
on the beach and do nothing. I booked an initial few nights at a camp site
I got off the web, but we’d then take it from there.

[B] Summer had been long. I’d begun to obsess about someone at work, but
while they hung out with their lawyer colleagues, I mixed with the other IT
people, and never did I get a chance to try and pull. We had a few simple
friendly chats while I was working on a printer that kept going wrong (OK, I
kept messing up the print queue as an excuse to be round there), but it went
no further. When I discovered she would be holidaying in France, I snooped
on her web logs, and discovered her holiday booking.

[K] Actually, I didn’t get the campsite off the net, but I did book it that
way. In fact the campsite – Serignan Plage – was recommended by a friend as
it opens right on to a great beach. The beach is a normal family beach, but
about twenty yards down from a nude beach – which I’d never done but fancied
trying. (I didn’t tell my husband that bit.)

[B] The campsite booked by Kay was called Serignan Plage, and as far as I
could see it was slap next to a naturist campsite and beach. I’d never been
to a nude beach, but I knew Paul had and loved it. So that’s the one I
Camping Cuckold
[K] The campsite was great. If you think of a campsite as a muddy field
with a caravan, then you’re on completely the wrong track. It has several
nice swimming pools, good restaurants, hairdresser, tennis courts, and
supermarket. And, of course, the beach. Before I tell you about the beach,
I’ve got to tell you about my swimsuits. I have a variety of suits and
bikinis, of varying decency. But a couple of days before I left a package
came from a company called Wicked Weasel, with the tiniest things you’ve
ever seen. Inside was a note, saying “wear these in France, and pretend you
bought them yourself. TAKE NO OTHER SWIMWEAR — love, Mark” They really
were very small, and to be honest I was unsure I could wear them – but if
that’s what he wants, I’ll indulge him. I put the (slightly) more modest
one on, but then put a pair of shorts over as well.

[B] The campsite was OK. We weren’t actually camping – we’d hired a
chalet, there were shops a nice pool and the normal sort of stuff. We got
there about 3, and pretty well went straight off to the beach. Knowing it
would be a nudie beach I’d had a few sessions in a tanning salon to get rid
of my bikini lines. Frankly, I looked hot, but in the end it all seemed a
bit pointless: a nude beach wasn’t anything like I’d expected. It was nice,
but, well, just not sexy. There were some good looking people, and a lot
of old very shriveled people, but there seemed to be little flirting, posing
or generally putting your stuff about. Hm. Paul was a bit put out as well,
complaining that this was a family beach. He’d been to some mainly gay nude
beaches in Oz, and this was nothing like them.

[k] I loved this place. As soon as we got to the beach I could see that
the nude area was to the right, clothed to the left. I saw Mark saw this as
well, but before he could comment I steered him to the clothed area. We
found a spot, and I peeled off my shorts, revealing my almost not there
bikini bottom. Mark’s jaw dropped – “What the fuck are you wearing? I love
it!” “I got them from the net – do you approve?” Well obviously he
approved, having bought them, but I played along. His cock quite clearly
showed what he thought – both while we were on the beach and in bed as soon
as we got back.

[B] Although this wasn’t quite as either Paul or I were expecting, I don’t
want to give the impression that it wasn’t good. We spent a happy couple of
hour’s nude on a nice beach, and then had a wonderful – though clothed –
meal in the restaurant. I also briefed Paul on his role tomorrow, when I
was confident that Kay would venture up to “our” beach.

[K] Mark was clearly intrigued by the nude beach, while I expressed
complete surprise as to its existence. And so the next morning after a
leisurely shag and breakfast we wandered up there, stripped off and relaxed.
It was wonderful. Peace, quiet, no lecherous old men or yobs with ghetto
blasters. Just relaxed and sexy in an almost unsexy way.

[B] Kay and her husband were at the beach before we got there, and I
pitched down about thirty yards away.

[K] After a while, I looked up and suddenly saw someone I knew from work.
Shit! This is SO embarrassing, I thought. I whispered my predicament to
Mark, who languidly pointed out that as my colleague was also on a nude
beach she was hardly going to be taking the piss out of me for it. Good
point. Anyway, she was someone I liked, even if I didn’t know her well.
She was always fixing my printer whenever it broke, and we shared friendly
jokes. She was nice, but young and some how always seemed very nervous of
me. She wasn’t trouble.

[B] Kay looked up at me and waved. Score! I pretended to look puzzled, and
then let a big smile spread across my face.. I decided to interpret Kay’s
wave as an invitation over, and picked up my towel and joined her. We did
the “fancy meeting you here” stuff, and then settled down to chat. Kay’s
husband seemed nice, and had the exactly right combination of ogling me yet
pretending not to.

[K] Damn, she’s coming over. Ah what the hell, she’s nice. We sat and
chatted for a while. Actually, she IS nice – I like her. Mark was
beginning to get a stiffy at one point, so rolled over and lay face down. I
caught her eye and she smiled in an understanding, not offended, way. She
seemed so innocent – my husband was checking her out and getting hard as a
result, and she reacted so, well, sweetly.
Time passed and I needed to get into the shade and get a drink. I asked Bee
if she and her boyfriend wanted to come and get a drink from the bar

[B] Kay suggested that we go get a drink. I said that would be good but
we’d have to take it at the naturist side, as Paul and I had no shorts or
swimming stuff – we had the clothes we arrived in and clothes for if the
evenings turned cool, but nothing else. Kay seemed slightly phased by this
but it was soon agreed, and in the end we went back to our chalet, as we had
a couple of nice bottles cooling in the fridge.

[K] Bee introduced us to her boyfriend Paul while we walked back. Paul and
Mark soon discovered several common interests and were happily chatting
inconsequential man talk of some kind.

[B] I’ve got to confess something else here, or things won’t make any sense.
One of my tasks at work was anti-virus policy, and I persuaded management
to a policy that required employees to run corporate AV software on their
home PCs, to try and prevent them importing malicious programs when they
worked at home. We gave them a (licensed!) copy of an anti-virus suite
which periodically contacted our corporate server for updates. They were
happy, we were happy. I was particularly happy as I took the chance for
installing some extra software on Kay’s PC (and, as an added bonus, her
husband’s) to snoop on what they were interested in. I had primed Paul to
indulge Mark’s interest in the American Civil War, French wine and cognac.
Having a huge dildo inserted up your arse was an interest I kept from him
just for the moment.

[K] In the end we had lunch with them, and stayed lounging in and around
their chalet all afternoon.

[B] I’d so wanted to fuck Kay this afternoon. I’m sure I could have had
her, but I resisted trying till I was sure she was ready, and that just
didn’t happen. Paul was pretty keen on having either or both of them. But
we stuck to my script: innocent, a trifle naďf and definitely not up for
anything like that at all.

[K] Mark and I had booked a table out for dinner, so we parted late
afternoon, but agreed to meet on the beach the next day. We talked about
them over dinner, and we’d come to the same conclusion: they were nice, and
sexy without being overt or pushy. That night Mark was completely
insatiable, but gave no hints as to what he was thinking about. If it was
me, it wasn’t me alone. (I snoop on his internet sessions – he has some
pretty kinky fantasies …)

[B] The next day started much the same: beach then lunch at ours. I was
contemplating how to turn the subject to sex when Kay did it for me. We’d
mentioned that we usually went to nudist beaches, because they were so
relaxed and you didn’t feel you were being eyed up all the time. (I didn’t
mention Paul’s gay beach visit). Bee sort of agreed on this but then asked
how that could be. For example, she said, she’d been passed by three well
hung guys this morning, and had day dreamed sucking them off. How did
habitual naturists resist? Did she slip off to give Paul a blow job when
no-one was looking?

[k] Bee looked staggered when I asked about giving Paul a blow job in the
dunes. She hesitated, and then confessed: “I’ve never given anyone a blow
job, especially not on the beach.” Why not? Paul’s the only man she’d been
with (she’s only 18), and while she might do it, she wouldn’t unless he’d
lick her, which he wouldn’t. I thought back: the first guy I went with
wouldn’t go down on me, but I lived with it. Good for Bee to stick up for
herself, but she didn’t know what she was missing. So I turned my fire on
Paul, and told him he didn’t know what he was missing. I meant he didn’t
appreciate the pleasure of having his cock sucked, but he clearly thought I
meant that licking pussy was good.

[B] Paul was a trooper, positively daring Kay to go down on me while at the
same time sounding entirely innocent – after all, on the face of it HAD been
Kay’s suggestion.

[K] I don’t suppose my husband’s perversions are much different from most
men’s: top (or near) of his list was seeing two women together. And here
were two naked women, both slightly drunk, being encouraged to do – well,
something. Was he going to talk me into or out of it? What do you think?

[B] Kay’s husband said something encouraging – something about it would be a
public service to show Paul what to do. Before Kay could back out I looked
at Paul and said – well I’d prefer it was you, but pay close attention as
I’m sure she knows what a woman needs. Then I opened my legs and looked
expectantly at Kay. She’d offered, hadn’t she?

[K] It was like a conspiracy: Bee, her boyfriend and my husband all
assuming I was some kind of lesbian! Was it this kind of pressure, or just
a well suppressed desire? Or just the alcohol?

[B] She hesitated, but not for long. And she was good. I wonder if men
give other men better blow jobs, because Kay knew what to do with a clitty.
And she kept stopping to show Paul what to do, but she did this at each
point I was about to come, so delaying the moment again and again. But I
did come, and like I never had before. Fuck, it was good.

[K] OK, it was good. I enjoyed doing it. Both physically, but also the
sheer wanton exhibitionism of it was a real rush.

[B] After I calmed down I looked around and saw the two guys had both come
as well, and were feeling somewhat embarrassed. So I whispered to Kay that
that had been mind-blowing, and asked if she’d join me at the beach for a
swim while the guys cleaned themselves up. In other words, I wanted her to
myself before she and Mark established some “kinky one off but never again”

[K] Bee basically told the boys to fuck off while she and I went for a swim.
We talked about not very much, but after we’d swum she said that she had
never done anything like that before, but – and there seemed a hint of
desperation in her voice – that she really hoped we could again. I felt
almost like a guy who’d picked her up for a one night stand. We were
standing thigh deep in the sea and I just gave her a slow kiss on the lips,
and told her that this was all new to me but I certainly wasn’t running off
in a panic.

[B] She kissed me! The sex had been great, but that slow, delicate kiss was
what I’d really wanted. Her nipples brushed against mine, she fiddled with
my hair, and she held me close and looked into my eyes. I didn’t want her
to move away, ever again.

[K] MY husband may get off on seeing a couple of dykes at it, but I
suspected that lingering kisses on our own may just get him pissed off: it
was time for Bee and me to show some favours to our men folk. They had
appeared on the beach, so we headed back and after a while I asked Paul
whether my demonstration had given him an idea on what he was expected to
do. He said he’d got the idea, thanks, but then Bee butted in and asked
when Mark was going to demonstrate how to give a blow job. Mark looked

[B] I owed Paul one, so I suggested Mark give him a blow job. I didn’t for
one minute think he’d take it up, but I wanted to sow the idea: perhaps it
would turn Kay on and she’d talk him into it.

[K] I liked the way this was going all of a sudden. He does have a really
nice looking cock, I added, and I really would like you to know how it feels
to have someone spurt in your mouth. If you won’t do it for Paul and Bee’s
benefit, will you do it for me?

[B] I didn’t want to turn Mark into an outsider in this, and he wasn’t going
to be persuaded there and then. So I said that I’d see what Paul and I
could manage on our own tonight, and we’d report back on where we’d got to
tomorrow. Kay made excuses for her and Mark, and we went our separate ways
for the evening.

[K] We’d left some clothes on the beach, so dressed and went back to our
tent. I was very unsure how to take what had happened – I knew what I
thought of it, and I knew that Mark had encouraged me, and so had no
reasonable grounds for complaint. But what did he actually think? Pissed
off or turned on?

[B] Remember, Paul fucks me , but he really is very bi. He’d done me such
a huge favour helping me get Kay, I wanted to know what reward he wanted.
He looked slightly puzzled and asked if I really hadn’t seeing what was
going on while Kay had been doing me? Turns out they weren’t, as I had
assumed, playing with themselves, but that Paul had leaned over and wanked
Mark off. Mark had not responded, but neither had he resisted in any way
whatsoever. Well fuck me.

[K] Mark just didn’t seem to want to talk about it, but fucked me
thoroughly. He went down on me repeatedly, each time trying to mimic what
he’d seen me do. I lay back and thought of …, well a whole series of
things I was half-planning for tomorrow.

[B] It rained. It fucking rained in the South of fucking France in August,
all fucking day. We got dressed, wandered round to pick up Kay and Mark,
and did touristy things. And I didn’t get screwed once, all day by anyone.

[K] Rain wasn’t what I’d planned, but we had a really nice day anyway. We
went out as a foursome, saw some Roman remains, bought tourist tat, had an
excellent lunch and dinner, and went to a club and danced. Bee was so
frustrated, but that just made her sexier in my view. Am I going to make a
fool of myself and fall in love? Mark and Paul I can’t suss out – there’s
some tension, presumably over the “was-it-a-joke-or-not blow-job”.

[B] Back to sun – perfect. Actually, yesterday was quite a good day, just
not what I’d planned. Kay was – well Kay: gorgeous, sexy, funny, smart
generally adorable: out of my league unless I can get my act together and
stop getting stroppy about a drop of rain.

[K] Bee and I had plotted over a really smoochy dance last night, and had
refined our plans during a morning swim. We were both determined to see
some action between our men.

[B] The beach in the morning was not relaxed – we all knew that the
afternoon would be hot and sticky, but not which bits would be stuck to
which other. Lunch was full of tension, until Kay asked whether Paul and I
had “managed without their help” I had my reply ready, primed by Kay and my
knowledge of Mark’s web browsing: that we had now mastered oral sex, thank
you, but were looking for guidance on anal. Specifically, how to train Paul
to be gentle enough with his thrusting.

[K] As we had rehearsed this question, my answer was clear (and, of course,
true): that before I’d let Mark bugger me he’d had a month of being taken by
me with a strap-on. He soon appreciated when thrusts should be gentle and
when more vigorous.

[B] Kay hadn’t told me what answer she was going to give, just the question
to ask, so I was genuinely rather surprised. I couldn’t help but say that
that’s such a fucking sexy idea, can we watch it now? (Presumably, after
setting me up to ask, Kay had come prepared with one?)

[K] I explained that I didn’t normally go out to lunch with an emergency
strap-on in my hand-bag, and that for a demo Paul would have to fuck Mark or
be fucked by him, whichever way Bee thought the lesson would work best.

[B] Mark and Paul both started to answer but I shut them up. Mark clearly
didn’t know whether he wanted it or not, so was easy to out shout, while
Paul could see advantage in piping down. I said that if Mark was used to
taking it that way he could give experienced advice to Paul on when to
thrust and when to relax.

[K] I looked questioningly at Mark. I may have changed in several ways
over the past 48 hours, but I love my husband and while I genuinely thought
he’d want this I wasn’t going to brow-beat him into it. His voice said
“anything for a quiet-life”; his body language said he wanted it up him as
soon as possible.

[B] We had Olive Oil on the table for lunch, and Mark was, like all of us,
already naked. KY would have been better, I’m sure, but I stood him up and
gently lubed his back-side with what we had to hand. Kay told him she loved
him, as she prepared him with one, then two and finally three fingers up his
arse. Paul was slowly wanking himself in anticipation.

[K] It didn’t last long, but it was the most erotic thing I’ve seen: my
husband being fucked by the boyfriend of the woman I was definitely falling
in love with.

[B] Kay and I stood and held hands while they fucked. We didn’t frig
ourselves or each other: we just stood transfixed at the scene. Man on man
sex – between these two, at least – is raw: not gentle and loving. It’s
just pure fucking.

[K] And that’s about all there is to say, really. Paul and Mark certainly
never fell in love like Bee and I have, but frankly I’d be appalled if they
did. Of a Saturday they often have a couple of raw animal fucks and then do
something macho like watching a football match, while Bee and I spend a
whole half day in bed and then wander round town shopping.

[B] I’ve never told Kay I sent her those swimsuits pretending to be Mark.
Later in the week at Serignan we got bored of nudity – it just isn’t sexy –
so she lent me one and we went posing down the clothed beach, regularly
stopping for the sloppiest kisses we could get away with in public. Go look
at Wicked Weasel suits, and imagine the two of us wearing them and snogging.
Think how hot you would feel watching that scene in real life unfolding in
front of you. That’s how she makes me feel whenever I see her, even bleary
eyed, hung-over and with no makeup. I love her.