Twice the fun 2.

The next morning Terri and Tammy showed up at my door at ten o’clock;
exactly when the pool opened, I might add. It was already 80 degrees
outside, a typical, early August morning, and the girls were barefoot and
wearing only their warm up gym suits. They said their mom wouldn’t let
them put on their swimming-suits until I said we could go, so I wouldn’t
feel obligated. I told them to go ahead and get ready and I’d take them
when they came back, all the while trying to nonchalantly gaze at their
prepubescent bodies, so smooth and soft-looking, under those outfits,
wondering about that young girl skin that I longed to touch. Before they
left I said, “Wait a minute. I want to see if I have you two figured out
yet.” I looked at the girl on the right. “You’re Tammy, right?”

“Right!” she beamed, obviously pleased.

“And, my dear Watson,” I said, doing my Sherlock Holmes impersonation,
“through the process of elimination I can deduce that your identical
sibling is therefore the esteemed Terri.”

“Elementary,” said Terri, with the same British accent and an impish grin.
Either they had read the books or seen the old movies with Basil Rathbone
(THE Sherlock Holmes, in my opinion). These two were definitely not your
average nine-year-olds. “We saw the movies,” Tammy informed me, even
though I hadn’t asked. Her twin grabbed her by the arm and pulled, saying
it was getting hotter every minute so let’s get moving before we all
melted. I watched them head back to their place, Terri still holding her
sister by the arm, obviously agitated about something. Tammy said
something that sounded like, “I can’t help it! I LIKE him!” I didn’t know
what the problem was; I liked them, too.

I changed into my swimming trunks and just as I was grabbing a towel from
the closet the girls returned. They knocked on the door and opened it
themselves this time, coming inside to wait asking impatiently if I was
ready yet. I turned to look at them, waiting to see what I could see. I
was hoping to see more exposed girl-skin, but they were each wearing those
one-piece little girl bathing suits, the kind that covered up everything
between their shoulders and their crotches. Their bodies were as identical
as their faces: a light sprinkling of freckles on their narrow shoulders,
their flat chests showing no signs of breasts yet, and their slightly
rounded bellies with just the right amount of baby-fat, and long,
gorgeously formed legs that were tanned and smooth down to their little
feet. Simply beautiful. They still looked quite appealing, but I had hoped
they would be wearing bikini-styled suits. My disappointment must have
shown because Tammy looked down at her suit and back at me with a
perplexed expression. “You don’t like our swim suits?” she asked.

How to explain to her that a girl should be unencumbered by all that cloth
when swimming? That she should show off as much of her beautiful body as
was legally permitted? That I wanted to SEE as much of her beautiful body
as I could? “Oh, they’re OK, I guess,” I said, not wanting to hurt their
feelings. “Personally though, I think those things look old-fashioned, not
like the Sports Illustrated models that I’m sure you both will grow up to
be, but these are okay. You’re still a little young for that kind, I
guess,” I added with a sigh. They looked thoughtfully at each other,
probably wondering why I made a big deal over swim-suits, no doubt, but
obviously pleased at the compliment. I put a hand on each small shoulder
and ran both down their backs, pushing them out the door and heading off
any further questions.

There were a few other people at the pool and the twins threw their towels
on a chair and tested the water with dainty feet. The antics began
immediately as Terri pushed her ‘baby sister’ in. Tammy came up
spluttering, shaking the water out of her eyes as she tried splashing
Terri, who ran back to the fence and made a running dive into the pool.
They were in the deep end, but I could tell they were both competent
swimmers as they treaded water, beckoning me to join them. I threw my
towel next to theirs and ran straight at them, doing a cannonball. I
stayed under-water and swam for the shallow end, coming up to see them
looking for me. They laughed when they saw me and swam over. I grabbed one
and threw her light body into the air, watching her splash into the water
with arms and legs akimbo and a gleeful scream. Of course, her twin wanted
the same action and I gladly obliged. I took turns, throwing first one and
then the other, my hands roaming freely over their slippery suits,
delighting in the hardness of their little nipples when I casually brushed
over them.

We played in the water until I was exhausted, but of course their own
energy was boundless. One of them jumped on my back while I was heading
for the side, intending to take a rest. “Where do think you’re going?” she
demanded, playfully.

“I need a break, Tammy,” I said. As I said her name I wondered how I knew
it was her, since I was unable to see her and their voices were exactly
alike. I knew it was Tammy though, somehow.

“He’s tired, Tammy,” said her sister. “I think we wore him out already.
He’s old, you know.”

Of course I couldn’t let her get away with that, so with Tammy still on my
back I whirled around and grabbed Terri, which was what she had intended
by her jibe. I poked and dug my fingers in her sides, chest and belly,
tickling her until she begged for mercy. I released her and she jumped on
me in the shallow water, grabbing me around the neck and wrapping her legs
around me and the legs of Tammy, still on my back. “Now we’ve got you,” she
said, stating the obvious. Tammy giggled in my ear.

I put my hands on her sides, running them over her water slick skin, my
face inches from her. “OK, you’ve got me,” I said, playing along. “What’re
you going to do?”

“Let’s dunk him!” said Tammy, and immediately they began pushing down on
my shoulders, trying to get me to go under. I was standing in four or five
feet of water, but I slid beneath the surface to make them happy. I had
dunked them repeatedly, and it was only fair to let them do the same. When
I came back up the girls climbed on me again, front and back, only now
Tammy was in front.

“I know how to get you girls off,” I teased. Not that I really wanted to;
I could go several weeks at least before getting tired of being in the
middle of a twin-sandwich, but their mother might want them back,

“Bet you can’t!” said Tammy, smiling and hugging me tighter. I took a deep
breath and sank to the bottom, taking them with me, and simply sat there,
waiting. Tammy was the first to run out of air and break for the surface,
followed a few seconds later by Terri. I stayed under for a while longer,
watching them stand on their toes to keep their heads above water,
admiring their suits tightening in their crotches, the cloth slipping into
the creases of their young pussies. “No fair,” they yelled, “your lungs
are bigger!” I just smiled at them as I headed for the steps leading out
of the pool. Tammy came at me again, intending to stop me.

“No Tammy,” said her sister, looking serious, “let him take a break. He
really IS tired.” I was, but I didn’t think I looked it. I saw Tammy give
her a surprised look, and Terri’s expression looked exactly like Tammy’s
had yesterday, when Tammy had said she already knew my name. I wondered
about it, as I went to the chair and grabbed my towel, sitting down as
they resumed their play. They seemed to be especially adept at reading
other people’s expressions. It didn’t seem to be anything to be
embarrassed about, although it could be unsettling at times. One of the
neighborhood girls, Maryann, a very cute twelve year-old that I met here
at the pool a year ago, came through the gate. She saw me and waved,
smiling, and came over to say ‘hi’. She had on a tight bikini, showing
most of her smooth body and legs. She was one of the reasons I came to the
pool so often. “Hi Tom!” she said. “You’ll never finish your book if you
keep coming here every day.” She wagged her finger at me, scolding with
mock seriousness.

“I know, I know, but I promised my new neighbors I’d take them swimming
while their mom finished unpacking.” I pointed at Terri and Tammy,
frolicking in the water. Maryann studied them, sizing up the younger girls.
“Twins?” she asked.

“You’re quick,” I said teasing her. She swatted my shoulder in return.
“The one doing the dunking is Tammy, and the one getting dunked is Terri,”
I informed her. “How can you tell them apart?” she asked, obviously unable
to do so herself.

I realized again that I was sure of which one was which, even though they
were at the other end of the pool, and I didn’t really know how I was
doing it. I was absolutely positive though. “I guess it’s because I’ve
gotten to know them,”

I said lamely, not really believing it. They looked exactly alike from
this distance, but I seemed to be able to tell them apart anyway. Maryann
accepted my explanation though, and tossed her towel on the ground before
jumping in the pool. She was a friendly girl, and swam over to the twins
to introduce herself. Soon enough, they were all playing together,
splashing and having races, which Maryann won since she was older. The
twins made her work for it though, being excellent swimmers themselves,
and she climbed out of the pool to catch her breath, sitting on the edge
with her feet in the water.

I found my eyes drifting over to her, admiring her golden tan and
pubescent tits, which were just beginning to show the promise of things to
come. But every time I looked at Maryann, Tammy would yell, “Hey Tom!
Watch this!” and do a handstand or some other childish stunt. It was
almost as if Tammy didn’t want me looking at Maryann, but that sounded

I was almost dry when Susan came over to get the girls for lunch, telling
them to get out of the water and asking if I wanted to join them. I
thanked her but said I wanted to stay by the pool a little longer, and
after she called two more times to the twins they finally came out,
sensing her growing irritation. “Thanks for watching them,” said Susan, as
Terri and Tammy grabbed towels and dried themselves off, the water
sparkling on their four-foot frames.

“No problem at all,” I told her sincerely. “I had as much fun as they
did.” The twins flashed their sunny smiles at me, and that was all the
thanks I really needed.

They said their goodbyes, and my eyes returned to watching Maryann, who
was now swimming back and forth, doing laps. I felt someone looking at me
and turned to see Tammy watching me over her shoulder as she walked away.
Her eyes darted to Maryann before returning to me, and her expression
showed she was frustrated, before she turned around again. Could she
really be jealous? Don’t flatter yourself, I thought, she’s just upset
because she couldn’t stay here and swim. When Maryann left –making me
promise to let her read my book if I ever finished it– I went home and
fixed lunch, not bothering to change out of my swim-suit, and ate a
sandwich in front of my computer while playing a game. It was one of those
role-playing games, where you take on the attributes of a certain
character and have to find things, uncover clues, battle monsters, and
save the world and some unfortunate princess from certain doom. I always
chose to be a sorcerer in these games. Something about magic and casting
spells attracted the boy in me, I guess.

I was battling a rather troublesome beast, trying to find the right spell
to kill it before getting killed myself (again), when the twins knocked
and came in, asking belatedly if they could do so. I was glad they felt at
home here, opening the door without waiting for me to get up and answer
it. I waved them over to me, noticing that they had changed back into
their loose fitting gym suits, t- shirts and shorts, but they still looked
sexy to me. Both girls’ t-shirts were halter-type and really too small for
them, and when they came over to see what I was doing I put a hand on
Terri’s bare back beneath the shirt, loving the feel of her warm skin
beneath my fingers. Tammy asked if they could play too, and I said sure,
as long as I could be the sorcerer. They agreed to my terms, and I started
the game over, punching in three players. I showed them the options, and
Terri chose to be a warrior, while Tammy decided on the sorcerer’s
apprentice, which also had some magical abilities. Terri went and got a
chair, but Tammy decided to sit on my knee, which was fine with me. I
showed them how to control the figures and actions in the game, but since
only one person actually controlled everything they had to tell me what
they wanted their character to do, such as fight, talk, or cast a spell.
We took turns at the keyboard however, to keep it interesting, and had
arguments over what certain clues meant or where we should go exploring.

“Maybe I should write down some of these clues before we forget ’em,” said
Terri, while Tammy threw spells at a monster.

“Good idea, Ms. Watson,” I said, making her grin. “There’s paper and a pen
right in front of you.” We went over the clues we had already come across
and Terri dutifully wrote each one down before taking her turn at the
computer. I noticed they didn’t argue about whose turn it was, unlike most
sisters or little girls in general, but simply switched without saying
anything. They certainly got along well with each other, I thought. Tammy
leaned back a little, still sitting on my knee, and I placed my hand on her shoulder, letting it rest there a few seconds before running it lightly
over the soft, warm skin of her back. She turned her head and smiled at
me, letting me know that she liked it. Even though we had only met
yesterday it was like the three of us were old friends already, I thought,

As if to confirm this, Tammy moved back on my leg, leaning her back
against my chest and sitting in my lap. I folded my hands across her belly
as we leaned back in the chair, holding her against me in a loose hug. She
put her hands on top of mine, making herself comfortable, and the feeling
of holding this warm, soft young girl against me filled me with pleasure.
I was glad she didn’t think she was too old for such cuddling. I moved a
thumb in small circles over her smooth tummy, and felt the beginnings of
an erection in my swim-suit. I hoped Tammy wouldn’t be able to feel it
under her butt, and I tried to relax and stop myself from getting turned
on. Her naked skin against my own made that hard to do though. Terri,
sitting at the computer, reached down between her legs and began
absentmindedly fondling herself through her shorts, almost as if she were
searching for something down there, but I couldn’t tell from this angle.
Tammy giggled when she saw her sister had let her attention wander and had
gotten our characters into a bad situation.

“Better let Tom take his turn if you’re going to play with yourself
instead of the game,” she told Terri tauntingly. Terri turned and gave me
a reproachful look, as if it was MY fault her mind had wandered into some
other area, then got out of the chair, pulling her shorts up tight into
her crotch. “Can I get something to drink?” she asked, ignoring her
sister’s remarks.

“Sure Terri,” I said, my voice shaking. “Help yourself. You know where
everything is.” She turned and went to the kitchen, and Tammy yelled for
Terri to get a Coke for her, too. I was about to add that she get me a
beer while she was at it when she returned, holding two cans of Coke in
one hand and a beer in the other. “I thought you might want something,
too,” she explained, and handed me one of the Cokes, her eyes dancing with
mischief as she tried not to smile.

“Thank you,” I answered, “but I think I’ll have the beer. We don’t want
your mother to beat me silly when we’ve only just met.”

“You’re no fun,” she accused, pouting and giving me the beer.

“I’m old, remember? You said so yourself.”

“I was just kidding,” she said seriously. “Are you gonna take your turn or

“No, I’ll pass this time. Tammy, you can go ahead if you want.” I tickled
her sides, making her giggle and squirm in my lap, causing my dick to get
even harder.

“OK,” she said, getting up suddenly and taking Terri’s chair. Terri
immediately replaced her sister on my lap. Apparently I was being shared,
I thought to myself. Tammy giggled. “What’s so funny?” I asked her, as
Terri leaned back against me.

“Oh, nothing,” she said cryptically, as she took control of the game.
Before I opened my beer I rolled the cold can over Terri’s bare belly, making her
yelp in surprise as I held it against her. We opened our cans and took a
drink, and then we all belched in unison, making us laugh until we were out
of breath. “Can I have a sip?” asked Terri, eyeing my beer hopefully.

“Okay, but just a swallow,” I said, figuring it wouldn’t hurt her. She
took two giant gulps before I pulled the can away, and then performed a
long, deep belch. “I suppose you want some, too,” I said to Tammy.

“No thanks, I don’t like beer,” she declared, making a sour face. “It
gives me a headache.” She took another sip from her Coke before turning
back to the game.

I put my can of beer on the desk and Terri sank deeper into my lap,
hanging her right leg over the padded armrest of the chair and giving me a
blood-stirring view of her crotch as the hem of her shorts rose upwards.
Yielding to my instinctual desires I put my hand on her bare thigh, while
my other hand rested on her stomach. Unable to resist her enticing flesh,
and receiving no complaint from Terri, I started slowly moving my hand in
small circles over the satiny, dreamy softness of her leg, boldly inching
farther up towards the young girl’s groin until I was stroking from her
knee almost to her crotch. She must have been able to feel my hard-on
pressing into her back but she said nothing, and I noticed Tammy glancing
over at her occasionally and smiling briefly. Daringly, I ran my hand to
the edge of the fabric and stopped, my fingers tracing along the border.
Terri responded by lifting her leg farther up on the armrest, spreading
herself and letting me know I could continue. My fingers explored just
under her shorts, expecting to make contact with her underpants and
failing to find any as I touched the incredibly tender junction of leg and
tender preteen vagina.

“Sorry,” I apologized as I felt the girl’s leg twitch reflexively. I moved
my hand a safe distance from her crotch, hoping she would think it had
been an accident. I couldn’t believe I had been so daring, touching her so
intimately when we had only known each other for one day! I had been
unable to pass up the opportunity, however.

“That’s OK,” she said calmly. “It just tickled.” Tammy looked over her
shoulder at us and smiled again, an uncomfortably knowing smile. Did they
realize what I was thinking? That I thought they were the most incredibly
beautiful girls I had ever seen? As much as I wanted to touch Terri there
again I didn’t dare; even though she hadn’t complained I wasn’t ready to
start openly fondling her. I couldn’t move that fast even if SHE wanted me
to. Seeming to sense my hesitation, Terri sighed and lowered her leg so
she could lean forward and grab her pop. Tammy cocked her head as if she
were listening to something and said, “Mom’s looking for us.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“Um…I heard her call. Didn’t you?” She looked quickly at her sister, as
if seeking confirmation.

Terri nodded. I hadn’t heard anything, but then my ears were filled with a
pounding heartbeat from touching her. “You better go see what she wants
then,” I told them, but just then someone knocked on the door.

“Come on in, Mom!” Tammy yelled, looking at me with a shrug. Susan walked
in and I didn’t have time to ask how she knew it was her, or how she knew
they were here. My erection quickly wilted as I tried not to appear guilty
of what I had just done.

“Are these two bothering you?” she asked, giving the girls a stern look.
The fact that Terri was sitting calmly in the lap of someone they had just
met didn’t seem to bother her.

“No, not at all. We were just playing a game on the computer.”

She laughed and said, “You realize you’ll never get rid of them now, don’t
you? They’ve been badgering me to get one for quite a while now but they
don’t seem to understand how expensive it is. They have to settle for
Nintendo.” “Sometimes I think I use it more for playing games than I do
for writing books,” I grinned. “It’s nice to have someone to play with for
a change,” I added, tickling Terri.

“Well, I need to get some groceries now that the unpacking is finished.”
She looked at the girls. “Come on you two. Leave Tom alone for awhile. I’m
sure he has better things to do.” Actually, I didn’t. How better to spend
one’s time than with these girls?

The twins immediately protested. “Oh, Mom,” said one. “Can’t we stay
home?” said the other. “No,” she said firmly. “I’m not leaving you two
alone. You’re not THAT old, yet.”

I was debating whether to volunteer to babysit when Tammy looked at me
hopefully, obviously thinking the same thing. “I wouldn’t mind watching
them,” I told her. “That’s basically what I was doing before you got
here.” Tammy gave me a big smile, then watched her mother for the verdict.

She looked at Tammy, and something unspoken seemed to pass between them.
She nodded, and said to me, “If you’re sure you don’t mind, I guess it’s
ok. I won’t be gone long.” She looked at Tammy again and then turned to
leave, closing the door behind her.

“Thanks, Tom,” said the twins in unison. “We promise we’ll be very good,”
Terri added with a mischievous smile, her eyes twinkling. What was THAT
supposed to mean, I worried? We continued the game, talking about school,
their friends, and generally just getting to know each other better. They
were both very articulate; I was quite impressed with their vocabulary, and
felt a small amount of pride that my books had helped. Tammy asked what my
new one was about, and we paused the game so I could bring it up on the
screen and show her. I let them read the beginning so they could get an
idea. It was about a young girl who writes a computer program to do all
her homework, and while that may sound like a good idea the girl wasn’t
learning anything that way. “But if she could write a program like that
wouldn’t she already be pretty smart?” asked Tammy.

“Yes, she’s smart when it comes to computers but if the computer answers
all her homework for her she doesn’t learn about anything else.”

They both pondered the pros and cons of this, which is what most of my
books intend for them to do. In the end Terri decided the computer sounded
like a good idea, but Tammy thought the girl in the story was only
cheating herself. Before we knew it Susan was back with her groceries and
the girls went off to help her. She thanked me for watching them and I
told her with honest sincerity, “Anytime!”

Apparently Susan took me seriously, because the next morning she came over
with a proposition. “I have to go back to work tomorrow,” she began, “and
I’m looking for someone to watch the girls. They seem to be quite taken
with you; you’re all they talk about lately. Would you be interested?” she
asked hopefully.

Before I could answer she added, “I wouldn’t be able to pay you very much,
and my hours change a lot, but the girls are fairly well-behaved and I’m
sure they wouldn’t be too much trouble. In fact, they’re the ones who
talked me into asking you.”

I couldn’t believe this! Here was a woman I had only met two days ago and
she was willing to practically give me her daughters! I hesitated, not
wanting to appear overly anxious. “Well…Sure, I guess that would be
alright. I’m home all day anyway, so it wouldn’t be any trouble or

She looked at me as if she saw right through me, just like Tammy did, but
she looked relieved as well. “That would really be great, Tom. My mother
was going to commute every day from the north-side, but she’s not really
comfortable with the twins.” She hesitated. “They have a way of
knowing…How to put this?” she frowned. “They’re very good at sensing
other people’s feelings, and it makes some people uncomfortable.” She
looked at me as if this revelation might change my mind. It also seemed as
if she wasn’t telling me everything.

“As a matter of fact, I’d noticed that myself,” I told her. “It doesn’t
really bother me. As far as paying me goes, you can forget that right now.
Like I said, I’m at home all day anyways. Besides,” I added slyly, “they
might give me inspiration for another book.”

“Well then we’ll have to talk royalties,” she joked, laughingly.
“Seriously Tom, I really appreciate this. You have no idea how much this
helps.” Shortly after she left, as I was sitting there in a kind of
dumbfounded haze, the twins burst in with huge grins on their impish
faces. “I TOLD her you’d say ‘yes’,” Tammy informed me triumphantly,
jumping next to me on the couch.

“Oh?” I looked at her skeptically. “What made you so sure?”

“I just knew,” she said simply. “Wanna go swimming?” she asked hopefully.
They were conveniently wearing their swim suits, I noticed.

“Well, since you seem to know everything,” I teased, “what do YOU think I
want to do?” Tammy looked at me, her brown eyes penetrating.

“What you REALLY want to do is–”

“Tammy!” Terri yelled at her in warning, looking alarmed. Tammy’s eyes

“–go swimming.” She looked at her sister innocently, and Terri scowled at
her. Did the girl really know what I would have liked to do? Namely, love
her intimately? These two had me completely off balance. I was used to the
black-on-white girls printed in my books, not to flesh-and-blood vamps who
seemed to see right through me. I never knew where I stood with these two.
I shrugged it off and went to my bedroom to put on my swim-suit, glad that
they appeared to like me as much as I liked them.