In Heat Wild Wife

Normal. A frequently used word, yet a word whose exact meaning is as elusive as the term “perversion”. What those two words imply seems to vary from nation to nation, from community to community, from person to person.

Among one African tribe it is considered obscene to expose one’s back to others. In many Eskimo communities it is the height of hospitality for a man to offer his wife to a guest.

The characters in the book appear to be average Americans. Yet they behave in ways that many others would consider abnormal.

But who is to say whether these characters are normal or perverse? IN HEAT WILD WIFE is a novel of major interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A story of one woman seeking to resolve conflicts and find happiness.


Cindy’s most telling natural attribute was her enormous sex drive. She was the horniest girl around, bar none, and she could suck and fuck any man under the nearest table. Fucking was on her mind almost twenty-four hours a day; she lived for cumming and for getting off on stiff, spurting cocks.

She’d only been a kid when she’d lost her cherry, but that event had been preceded by four years of compulsive, feverish finger fucking. After getting her pussy pierced by her first cock, Cindy went on to fuck half the boys in her high school. Her parents didn’t know what to do with her. Other girls at school called her whore, slut, or mattress-back. Cindy didn’t care.

Part of her schoolmates’ scorn was motivated by jealousy, as Cindy had a perfect body. She was a petite girl at five-foot-three, with slender legs, a nipped-in waist was a girlishly small, rounded ass. But her tits were huge, two firm, obscenely oversized melons that jiggled provocatively as she walked and could barely be stuffed into a D-cup bra.

Boys invariably looked down at her because of her height, at wavy, long brown hair parted down the middle, and an angelic face that was always bright with a smile. Then they looked down farther and saw those enormous tits, so wonderfully out of place on her girl’s body, capped by big, dark-red nipples that seemed to always protrude stiffly through whatever clothes she wore.

Then the boys would grow nervous as their pricks swelled painfully in their jeans. In high school, Cindy had loved to watch young studs get hard-ons in front of her. She never teased them, except as foreplay. She was always eager to take them to the nearest place where they could fuck.

Cindy graduated from high school and spent the next two years living at home and working at odd jobs, while spending all her free time dating and fucking.

She met Todd Sullivan while working as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. Todd fell in love with her the moment he saw her huge tits jiggling under her smock; later that night, his love was confirmed as she sucked the cum out of his cock again and again.

Todd was different from most of the men Cindy fucked. At twenty-eight, he was older, and he had a real job, as the highly paid manager of a factory in the city thirty miles away. The parent corporation had great things in mind for their young, handsome, ambitious and hard-working manager. For most women, Todd was the ideal catch.

He was innocent sexually, though, and he mistook his lust for Cindy’s tits and pussy and mouth for true love. In any case, he continued to court her long after other men would have realized that she wasn’t meant to settle down.

His parents and friends told him to find another girl better suited to helping him up the ladder in his career. Even Cindy’s parents hinted as much, but Todd didn’t care. He proposed to her shortly after her twentieth birthday, and then took two weeks off for their honeymoon following the marriage.

“Uhhhhh! Oh yes, oh Jesus Christ! Do it, fucker! Nnnggg! Oh yes, I’m gonna cream!”

Two days after the honeymoon, with unpacked boxes still stacked in the halls, Cindy was sprawled naked on her double bed. Her enormous, firm tits jiggled as her ass wiggled on the mattress. Her legs were spread-eagled, and her little arms pistoned between her thighs, ramming an eight-inch dildo in and out of her black-haired cunt.

A porno magazine rested on the bed beside her arm, open to a spread of a hung stud feeding his cock to a sleazy-looking blonde. Hornily, Cindy studied the picture as she slammed the big dildo in and out of her greasy, sucking pussy.

She wasn’t thinking about Todd, though she’d only been married to him a few weeks. She wasn’t thinking about anyone. A man’s face didn’t make too much difference to her. Cindy just craved stiff cock.

“Cu-cu-cumming,” she hissed.

She fucked her ass off the bed as she felt her cunt tunnel sucking convulsively around the dildo. She stuck her hand in her mouth, grimaced, and bit her fingers as the satisfying spasms swept through her pussy.

“Unnnggghh! Fuck me, fuck meee… oh shit… nnnnggggg!”

Afterwards, she tossed the dildo and the porno magazine onto the floor and lay staring at the ceiling for a moment, thinking of nothing in particular. Less than a minute later, she was playing with her pussy all over again, fucking her fingers into her pouting cunt slit while she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

I need some prick, Cindy thought hungrily. It didn’t matter to her that she was practically still honeymooning, or that she was supposed to be faithful to Todd now that she was married.

She loved Todd okay, but that wasn’t the point. What was she supposed to do for relief while he was away at work? She had had plenty of studs to fuck her when she was still at home. She needed to get fucked.

The doorbell rang. Cindy took her hand from her aching cunt and sighed as she reached for her bra and panties. Then, mischievously, she decided to put on her little robe instead.

The robe barely covered her ass cheeks and pussy triangle, exposing all of her slim, shapely legs. It tied with a sash around her waist, and the halves could barely contain her grapefruit-sized tits.

Cindy admired herself in the mirror, giggling as she watched her cleavage undulate with every breath she took. I hope my caller is a man, she thought, hurrying to the front door.

The caller was a sloppily dressed door-to-door salesman in his early thirties. A gleaming vacuum cleaner sat on the step beside him. Mechanically, he launched into his pitch as soon as Cindy opened the door.

“Insto-cleaner calling, ma’am! Look, I know you’re busy, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to just demonstrate a couple of features that will show you that you can’t possibly survive without owning one.”

Then the salesman saw what Cindy was wearing. He stopped talking as a flush spread through his face and his gaze riveted to her huge tits.

“Hey,” Cindy said aggressively. “What are you looking at?”

The salesman just stood there. Cindy’s pussy immediately started to burn and juice with anticipation. Taking a step back, she brazenly pulled apart the halves of the robe, exposing her huge, firm tits.

“Were you looking at my tits?”

“Oh, Jesus!” the salesman gulped. His cock swelled stiffly in the crotch of his dress slacks, stretching obscenely down his leg.

“God, you must really get horny selling that shit all the time!”

Giggling, Cindy stepped close enough to give his cock head a playful pinch through his pants. Then she stepped back and wantonly massaged her tits with her little hands, rolling and kneading her huge, sensitive tit-flesh, making her crimson nipples pop out stiffly.

“Do you want to suck on my tits, mister?” she purred. “Is that why you got that huge boner in your fucking pants?”

The salesman’s mouth sagged open as if he’d fallen into a trance. Dazedly, he moved towards Cindy as she backed to the center of the living room, leaving his vacuum cleaner on the steps. His big prick twitched noticeably. He left the door open behind them.

“Well, you can suck my tits if you want to. I’ll even let you fuck me.” Cindy lay on the living room’s shag carpet and continued to rub her tits as she splayed her legs wide, revealing the hair-fringed fissure of her burning cunt. “But first you got to suck on my cunt!”

At the sight of her delectable pussy, the salesman licked his lips like a hungry animal. Then he literally dove to the floor between her legs, groaning with lust as he buried his face between her thighs.

Cindy stared down between her enormous tits, watching his head wiggle as he savored the tantalizing, salty aroma of her wet pussy. He thrust his hands under her thighs, cupping the rounded cheeks of her ass.

Then he started to eat out her cunt like a starving man, slipping his tongue rapidly up and down her pink, dripping pussy slit, lapping up the cunt cream that oozed from the inner depths of her cunt.

“Unngghh! Do it mister!”

A sleepy expression of sexual satisfaction crossed Cindy’s face as the man went to work on her cunt. She lifted her legs higher, until her knees nearly touched her shoulders. Hornily, she bucked her ass as he squeezed her asscheeks.

“Suck me! Oh God, that feels so good! I’ve needed this all day! Unnggghhh! That’s right, lick my pussy! Unnggghhh! If you make me cum, I’ll let you fuck me as hard as you want!”

The salesman separated her ass cheeks and pushed his hand into her ass crack. She grunted as she felt his finger first massage her pink, hairless asshole, then push into her puckered shitter. She immediately humped her ass much harder, fucking her drenched, hairy pussy mound all over her face.

“Unnggghh, I said suck my cunt, mister!”

First she clawed his head with her long nails, then pushed her fingers through her pussy curls and separated her swollen cuntlips, exposing her clit.

“Suck my clit for me! Unngghh! Yes, jack off my asshole! You’ve got to make me cum, I’m getting so close!”

The salesman glued his lips to her swollen little clit and sucked it hard, making her enormous tits jiggle and bounce as she writhed in helpless ecstasy on the floor. At the same time, his finger burrowed all the way into her asshole, massaging the rubbery depths of her throbbing shit tunnel.

“Unnggghh! Cumming now!” Cindy humped madly in a helpless fever of lust, trying to free her ass cheeks from his grip so she could freely pound and grind her pussy onto his lips. “Unnggghh! Harder, harder, suck off my clit! Oh God, oh yes, I’m cuummiinnngg!”

The burning heat of cumming gushed explosively through her body, making her tits ache, her clit throb, and her pussy cream fuck juices into the salesman’s mouth. He kept finger-fucking her throbbing asshole and sucking her clit, keeping his lips on her pussy until the last spasms subsided.

“Oooooh!” Cindy slowly lowered her ass to the floor and stared up at her living room ceiling, whimpering as she felt the tingling warmth that always followed a good cum. “Ummmm, I needed that so much!”

The salesman’s stiff cock tented his slacks as he lovingly cleaned up her pussy with his tongue. Just looking at his big prick made her horny all over again, as if she hadn’t fucked at all.

“Gee, mister, you really got a cock on you,” she whispered seductively. “Why don’t you take your prick out so I can see if it’s as big as it looks?”

Panting, the salesman rose to his feet and tore off his clothes. Off came his shoes, slacks and shirt, revealing hairy legs and a torso that was surprisingly muscular. Cindy wondered what he’d done to develop such a build while selling door to door.

His jockey shorts were obscenely stretched around his throbbing cock, and the cotton was soaked through with his cum drippings. Then he stripped off his shorts, leaving himself naked. Cindy’s ever horny pussy pulsed at the sight of a cock that was even longer and thicker than her husband’s.

“Oh, you’ve really got a whopper of a cock!” she gushed. “And it’s so fucking stiff! You must’ve really gotten off on the taste of my cunt!”

The salesman groaned and started to crouch between her legs to fuck her but Cindy beat him to it by climbing onto her knees. He stared down as she pressed close to him, flattening her huge tits on his thighs as she hungrily wrapped both hands around his swollen prick.

“God, I love big cocks like this!” She tightened her fingers around his burning cock and milked it expertly, whimpering as she watched his clear pre-cum drip from his pus hole and onto her hands. “Oh shit, your cock’s already leaking! I just gotta give your prick a good sucking first…”

The salesman watched the housewife extend her tongue and lick a tantalizing circle around his heart-shaped cock head, slurping up the cum-cream that drooled up from his balls. Then she took a deep breath and dove into his loins, stuffing almost half of his big prick down her throat.

His cock tasted salty and fleshy and hot, and she was immediately seized by the shameless warmth and satisfaction she always felt when first wrapping her lips around a thick cock. She gurgled and puckered her cheeks, increasing the suction around his long pink cock.

Then she started sucking his prick as hard as she could. The salesman shuddered and curled his fingers possessively in her long dark hair as she bobbed her head over his prick, fucking her face with the meaty stiffness of his cock.

“Ungghh! Oooh, baby! You better stop soon, honey! Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Cindy ignored him. She gnawed and sucked his delicious, blue-veined prick, coaxing up the jism from the orbs of his bloated balls. Her pussy was creaming again, and she desperately needed him to fuck her. But not before she gulped down the hot shower of his cum.

Her left hand reluctantly pulled away from his rock-hard cock, dropping between his thighs to fondle his hairy, wrinkled balls. At the same time, she pushed her right hand to the root of his cock and lewdly started to beat on his prick, jacking off his cock meat so hard, her wrist ached.

“Unngggghhhhhh!” The cum leaked more freely from the salesman’s cock as his balls tightened. “Can’t hold it, honey!” he gasped, pulling her hair. “Unngggh, shit, here it comes!”

His drooling cock knob puffed out like a bellows, becoming so swollen that Cindy nearly gagged as she swirled her tongue madly around the crown of his prick. Then he came, and her cocksucking efforts were rewarded with spurt after spurt of his hot, gushing cum.

“Ahnnnhhh!” As his balls erupted, the salesman clung to Cindy’s head and fucked his squirting prick madly in and out of her mouth. “Suck my cock, baby! Suck my jizz all down!”

But he didn’t have to ask; there, was no taste Cindy craved more than the salty wetness of cum. As the jism rushed out of his balls, she jacked his prick with a steady, pumping rhythm, nursing every drop of cum out of his balls.

Lewdly, she gurgled, making smacking sounds as her throat muscles worked, gulping down every drop of his satisfying fuck-cream.

“Ahhh!” The salesman stared at his wet, throbbing-hard cock as he pulled it out of her mouth. “Oh baby, that’s the best blow job I ever had in my life!”

“You’ve got to keep your cock up now,” Cindy whimpered. “You’ve got to keep your cock stiff so you can fuck me!”

The salesman watched as the wanton housewife again stretched out on her back on the living room rug, wiggling her ass on the shag and spreading her legs as wide apart as they could go.

“Fuck me, now!” Cindy looked up between her huge, billowing tits at the salesman’s prick. “Can’t you see how wet my pussy is? Can’t you smell it? Put your cock in my cunt! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”

The salesman quickly crouched between her thighs, feeling fresh blood rush into his cock at the sight of her dripping, hair-fringed pussy. Holding his cock in his fist, he slipped his bloated prick knob between the syrupy folds of her pussy.

“Unnggghh!” Cindy’s spongy tits quivered lewdly as she felt her cunt being invaded by the long, stiff cock she craved so insatiably. “Oh fuck! You’ve really got a big cock! Unngghhh! Fuck me now! Your prick feels so gooood!”

The salesman looked down, panting as he saw his blue-veined cock, piercing the buttery wetness of the housewife’s horny fuck hole. Then he humped his hairy ass, driving the swollen inches of his prick into the burning heat of her pussy.

“Nnnggg, fuck me, fuck me good!”

Cindy grimaced and twisted her head to and fro on the rug, feeling the walls of her pussy spreading and sucking around the man’s stone-hard prick.

“Ram your cock up my cunt now! Unnggh, want to be fucked by your cock!”

He buried his cock to the balls in her fuck tunnel, gasping as every inch of his prick was encased by the slippery, clinging walls of her pussy. She squealed and furiously bucked her ass, making her lush, creamy tits jiggle as she pounded her cunt up for more of his hard cock.

“Fuck me! Fuck me good!”

Furiously, the salesman started to pound his prick in and out of her pussy, feeling the pressure of her cunt muscles sucking his cock with every thrust. She moaned with satisfaction as she felt his heavy prick fucking in and out of her pussy.

“Haaaarder!” She spread her legs wider and lifted her knees to her shoulders, completing opening up her pussy sheath for the spearing thrust of his cock. “Unggh! Oh shit, you’re such a good fucker! My pussy’s burning! Fuck my cunt!”

Lowering his head, the salesman caught one huge, bouncing tit between his lips. Cindy squealed as he wrapped his lips around her silver-dollar-sized nipple and started sucking it like a hungry baby, making the crimson cap stiffen and crinkle into a rubbery tip. “Haaaaaarder!”

Feverishly, she thrust her fingers through her pussy curls and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her. Her cunt muscles seemed to tighten and squeeze with a will of their own, milking the pumping hardness of his cock.

“Keep fucking me, bastard! Make me cum!”

The man’s fucking rhythms became hard and steady as his balls swelled with a fresh load. Cindy felt his prick grow longer in her pussy and knew he was about to unload.

Her clit burned as she rubbed it, and her hairy, cock-filled pussy was so wet that her fuck cream had formed an obscene puddle on the rug beneath her humping ass.

“Cumming!” Cindy cried suddenly and fucked up her ass as hard as she could.

“Oh, God,” the man sighed.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder!” Cindy shouted. She clawed his shoulders and scissored her thighs around his midsection, trying to get as much of his prick in her creaming fuck hole as she could. “Unnggghhhh! Oh yes, fuck me like a dog! Unh! Nnnnggggggg! I’m cuuummmiiing!”

Her frantic groans echoed in the man’s ears as he felt her pussy throbbing and gushing around his pistoning cock. The pressure was unbearably intense. Collapsing between her thighs, sucking furiously on her tit, he speared his cock as far into her pussy as it would go.


Cindy whimpered happily as the white gushers of his jism lubricated the burning walls of her pussy. The man sucked her big tit and convulsively humped his ass, letting his balls drain off their creamy load into the buttery wetness of her cunt.

Cindy lightly humped her ass, helping him pop his rocks. She’d just cheated on her husband two days after their honeymoon, and she didn’t feel guilty at all. She knew it was only a matter of time — a short, time, she hoped — before she spread her legs to fuck again.


“I’m still horny, Todd! You have to fuck me! I’ll cheat on you if you don’t!”

It was well after midnight; the tag line of the Johnny Carson show shone on the unwatched television set on the other side of the bedroom. Cindy was on her hands and knees with her head cradled on the pillow and a dreamy smile on her face as her new husband sucked her asshole.

Todd rimmed her ass as diligently as a slave.

It was the one fuck act he didn’t like doing with Cindy, even though licking her asshole always preceded the insertion of his cock into her extra-tight, rubbery shitter. But her brazen threat of cheating on him still rang in his ears.

“Suck my ass good, Todd!” Cindy thrust her hand between her legs and started to play with her pussy as his tongue darted into her asshole. “Unnggghh! That feels so good! Keep sucking on my ass, and make me cum!”

Actually, Todd was so tired, he didn’t want to fuck Cindy at all. After a long day at work, his new wife had given him a feverish blow job as soon as he walked through the door.

Dinner had been one, of the fastest ones he had ever eaten. It had been more like a pit stop, as his insatiable wife eagerly squeezed his cock under the kitchen table.

From his return at six in the evening, till one in the morning, it had been non-stop fucking. Todd’s body ached from too much fucking. He didn’t see how he could get another drop of cum out of his balls.

“Unnggghhh!” Cindy rubbed her clit and helplessly started humping her ass, making her little asshole throb on Todd’s tongue. “I’m getting close, lover! Do it to me! Oh shit, I’m cumming, I’m cuuummmiiinnng!”

Her asshole puckered rhythmically and obscenely in and out. She stiffened, then shuddered with intense satisfaction as her body was satiated with another series of spasms.

“Enough?” Todd rolled his tongue around his mouth a little distastefully. “I’m really tired, honey. I got a big day at work tomorrow!”

“No!” Cindy stayed in the same doggie position and giggled. “Now comes your reward, Toddy! You get to fuck me up the ass!”

“I’ll get my reward some other time.” Todd’s voice was almost a whine. “Come on, honey! We’ve already fucked at least a dozen times!”

“Then it’s my reward!” Cindy giggled and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. “Come an, lover! Dip your cock in my pussy first, then fuck that big cock of yours up my ass!”

Groaning resignedly, Todd crawled into position between his wife’s thighs. His hands slid around her torso, cupping her huge, milk white tits. Then he pushed the knob of his cock between the fur-fringed lips of her pussy.

“Unnngggghhhhhh,” Cindy moaned, as her husband’s cock bored all the way into her greasy pussy. “That’s good, Todd!” Feverishly, she bucked her ass. “Fuck my cunt for a minute, make me really hot!”

Todd found her stiff nipples and pinched them hard. Then he wearily slammed his swollen cock in and out of her tight pussy. Soon he felt himself getting turned on in spite of his exhaustion, as the walls of her cunt and milked the hardness of his prick.

“Harder, Todd! Get your prick all wet with my pussy juices!” Cindy squealed. “Then you can shove it up my ass!”

Todd fucked her cunt hard and fast, until his cum-drained prick was again as hard as stone.

“Fuck my asshole!” Cindy cried wantonly. “Now, Todd! I’m ready! Fuck me now!”

Obediently, Todd pulled his cock from her pussy and, holding the root in his fist, pressed his cock knob onto the pink, hairless ring of her asshole. She dug her fingers into her shapely ass cheeks and held them wide apart, eagerly helping her husband push his long cock all the way up her asshole.

“Feels so good!” She gasped with intense pleasure as she felt the crown of his cock going into her ass, the rubbery walls of her shitter spreading and stretching to admit the stiffened thickness of his cock. “Ram your prick up my asshole, Toddy! Unnggghh, unhhhh! I love getting fucked up the ass!”

With half of his prick embedded in her burning asshole, Todd moaned with pleasure as he felt the rubbery walls of her ass tunnel clutch and suck around his bloated cock. His hands clung to her enormous, stiff-nippled tits; slowly he fell on top of her, burying inch after inch of his aching cock into the forbidden heat of her asshole.

“Awwwnnnggghh!” Cindy moaned with lewd pleasure as she felt her asshole clenching around every inch of her husband’s cock. “I love it, Toddy! I’m gonna cum! Oh please fuck me hard! Make my asshole cum!”

Cindy pulled her hands from her ass, letting her ass cheeks jiggle and enfold her husband’s prick. She clawed the sheets and wantonly started humping, contracting her ass muscles around his cock.

“Fuck me, Toddy! Fuck my ass!”

Her screams and moans drowned out the whisper from the television set. Todd pulled his big prick out from between her ass cheeks, sighing as he felt the pink ring of her asshole nip the tip of his cock.

Then he speared his cock back in again, spreading her ass walls around his cock, and started reaming out his wife hard and fast, feeling his cum-laden balls slap her hairy pussy crack with every thrust.


Cindy shamelessly jacked off her clit as he pumped his prick into her asshole. Already, she could feel the tingling heat that told her she was about to cum.

“I love it, Todd! Unnggghhh! You’ve got such a big fucking prick! Kill me with it, kill my asshole with your cock!”

Her asshole seemed to loosen around his driving cock, making the path of his cock easier as he steadily pounded it in and out between her jiggling ass cheeks.

Todd groaned as he felt another load of jism building up in his hairy balls. He panted and fucked her asshole harder, piercing her throbbing shit tunnel more deeply with every thrust.

“I’m cumming!” Cindy cried. Her asshole started to suck and throb convulsively around his prick. “Unggh!”

Cindy rubbed her clit and humped in a frenzy off the bed, making the mattress creak obscenely beneath them. “Fuck me, fuck my asshole! Oh Toddy, unh unh yes! Oh God, I’m cuuummmiiinnng!”

The fury of her orgasm pumped through her loins, drenching her pussy with fuck cream and forcing her ass muscles to suck around Todd’s cock. Todd sighed and buried his prick in the burning heat of her asshole.

Then he came, too, shooting the last drops of cum out of his ravaged balls. There wasn’t much jism left after a whole night of fucking, but his climax was still painfully intense. He cried out like a wounded animal as every trace of jizz in his balls seemed to gush out of his wildly-throbbing prick.

“Ahhhhh!” Cindy whimpered as she felt her husband’s salty cum bathing the sucking walls of her asshole. “Ummm, good… so fucking good…”

Todd pulled his softening cock out of her asshole and collapsed, sweating and panting heavily. Cindy immediately rolled onto her back, dropped her hand between her legs and started jacking off.

“I can’t believe it!” Todd gaped at her in amazement. “Honey, aren’t you ever through?”

“I’m still horny,” Cindy mewled. She spread her legs wide and groaned as she pounded two fingers in and out of her sopping, hairy cunt. “If you can’t fuck me enough, I’ll… unngghhh! So good… oh fuck… unnhhh…”

Todd watched his wife jack off for a minute, with his jaw sagging open in awe. He was beginning to understand that marrying her had been a big mistake.


An old song wafted from the radio on the kitchen windowsill into the backyard. Cindy groaned as she lay on the patio lounger, wearing a tiny blue bikini with a top that barely covered her huge tits.

She wasn’t really sunbathing, though she wore dark glasses and the day was very bright and hot. Rather, she just like to be outdoors when she beat off.

“Mmmmm,” Cindy whimpered. She spread her legs, and slipped her fingers into her bikini bottom. Her pussy curls were already matted with her cunt cream. She found her ever-hot pussy slit and lightly started to jack off.

A waist-high picket fence divided her house from the lot next door. She turned her head and saw her neighbor’s back yard and his picture window facing her. He could see everything if he was watching her, she realized, but she didn’t think the risk was sufficient to interrupt a good finger-fucking session in the hot sun.

Then Cindy turned her head on the lounger, and her lips parted in surprise. She was being watched after all!

An old man stood behind the picture window of the house next door. He was holding a pair of binoculars to his eyes. The old fart was watching her jack off!

Cindy was delighted, then slightly irritated, then very, very turned on. Brazenly, she spread her legs wider apart, lowering one foot to the grass. She groaned audibly and started to finger-fuck her pussy in earnest, spearing her fingers in and out of her hairy cunt slit, hoping the old man had a good view.

But with those binoculars, he could probably see the cunt curls peeking out of the sides of her bikini bottom. Suddenly, she realized that the situation was too good just for jacking off. She had to get fucked, right in her back yard, and he had to be there to watch.

Her huge tits bounced as she climbed out of the lounge and sashayed into her kitchen. She opened the phone book to home delivery and quickly ordered twenty dollars worth of groceries, specifying that the delivery boy would find her sunning in the backyard.

Eagerly, Cindy returned to the lounger. A quick glance across the picket fence showed that the old man was still watching her with the binoculars. She shamelessly stripped off the bikini, leaving herself completely naked.

She turned the lounger around so that she would be able to see the delivery boy’s arrival through the small gate beside her house. Then she wiggled her ass into a comfortable position, spread and lifted her legs, and began finger-fucking her pussy as hard as she could.

“Unnggghh!” she groaned loudly, hoping that the old man would hear. “I’m so horny! Nnnggghhhh… my cunt’s all hot… fuck me… fuck my cunt!”

Every so often, she turned her head to peer at the old man through her dark glasses. As he aimed the binoculars at her, he rubbed his cock-bulge through his baggy slacks. She hoped the delivery boy would arrive soon.

Her wish was answered by the sound of a small truck rumbling to a halt outside her house. She waited as she heard footsteps on the gravel beside her house.

Then the gate opened, and she looked up just in time to see a strapping blond teenaged delivery boy drop the bag of groceries and gape at her in awe.

“Be careful there, lover,” Cindy giggled. “I’m not going to pay for it if you break the eggs!”

A name tag on the delivery boy’s uniform said his name was Steve. As he stood there staring at Cindy, she buried two fingers in her curly-haired pussy slit and made her enormous tits jiggle and dance as she bucked her ass off the cushioned lounger.

“What are you standing there for, lover? Aren’t you going to come over here and get paid?”

“Jee-sus!” A shy, horny smile spread across Steve’s face. He crossed the back yard and stood next to Cindy’s lounger, watching her jack off. His big, stiff cock grew in his uniform as his gaze moved from her enormous, rounded tits to her hairy, wet cunt.

“So how much do I owe you, Steve?” Cindy was conscious of the old man watching her as she shamelessly finger-fucked herself under the boy’s nose. “I’ll go get my purse as soon as I… unhhh… finish up… unhhh!”

“Do you do this every time you order groceries, lady?”

“N-no, Steven,” Cindy replied, grunting as she stabbed two fingers through the gurgling wetness of her fuck hole. “I just happen to be very horny today. My husband won’t come home to fuck me, Steve. I need some stiff prick right away!”

“Jesus, lady! Jesus Christ!”

Steve kicked off his shoes and quickly pulled off his uniform. His body was lean, muscular and hairless. She was delighted when he took off his underwear, revealing a long, very thick and stiff cock.

“Oh God, that’s just what I needed!”

Cindy wiggled her ass impatiently on the lounger. She lifted her legs until her knees almost reached her shoulders, opening her pussy for the invasion of his cock.

“Fuck me, lover! Fuck me, and I’ll give you a really big tip! Fuck my cunt hard!”

Steve climbed onto the lounger between her spread-eagled legs, his big prick throbbing and jerking with its engorgement of blood. Turning her head, she saw that he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was rubbing it as he watched her through the binoculars.

Then she stopped thinking about him as the rosy knob of the delivery boy’s cock pushed between the slippery lips of her cunt.

“Unnnggghh!” Looking down the valley between her enormous tit-mounds, the horny housewife watched his cock disappearing into her pussy bush. “Oh God, that’s a thick prick!”

Her legs came up, scissoring across the delivery boy’s back. Then she started humping her ass like a machine, tirelessly pounding her pussy onto his rock-hard prick.

“Fuck me, lover!” Hotly, she wiggled her ass, helping him fit the length of his cock into her tight cunt. “God, you’re hung!”

The delivery boy sighed in ecstasy as he felt his bursting cock enveloped by the big-titted woman’s syrupy, velvety pussy. He lay motionless between her thighs with all of his cock inside her cunt, feeling the pressure of her cunt muscles milk and suck his straining cock.

Then he started fucking her, contracting his lean ass cheeks between her legs. He was only a boy, but she was amazed at his expertise as he rhythmically sawed his swollen prick through the slippery grip of her cunt.

“You’re making me cum, Steve!”

Cindy’s nipples popped up stiffly, continually rubbed by the teen’s chest. She clawed the cheeks of his hard ass, trying to make him sink another half inch of his cock into her churning pussy.

“Unnggghh! My cunt’s burning so hard! I’m gonna cum on your prick!”

Steve slammed his cock into her fuck hole with increasing speed as his balls slapped her ass crack and his cock grew stiffer with every thrust. The jism leaked heavily from his pisshole now, and Cindy’s pussy was so wet that the pouting lips made lewd, squishing sounds as they clung to Steve’s big prick.


Cindy shuddered and bucked so hard that the lounger shook beneath their writhing bodies. Her clit was tingling; she could feel the heat building to the exploding point deep inside her cock-filled pussy.

“I’m gonna cum, Steve! Unh! Unh! Fuck me lover! Unh — do it harder! Unh, uunhhhh! I’m cumiiiiiiiing!”

Cindy didn’t try to restrain her screams, wanting the old man to hear her cries of ecstasy as the stud fucked her pussy with his huge, throbbing cock. Helplessly, she bucked beneath him, clinging to his shoulders and grunting sluttishly as her tight pussy gushed fuck cream onto his cock.

Steve’s prick was still as hard as iron, pounding relentlessly through the clinging depths of her buttery cunt tunnel. She wanted to keep on fucking, but she pushed him off her. More than anything else, she wanted to taste his spurts of cum as they poured down her throat.

“But I was about to shoot!” Steve’s cock made a wet popping sound as he pulled it out of her hairy cunt.

“You will, lover! And I’m going to suck your jizz up when you do!”

Her huge tits jiggling, Cindy climbed out of the lounger. Then she pushed the delivery boy onto his back on the grass, with his massive prick bobbing and twitching and oozing jizz in mid-air.

She crouched beside his hip, facing her house, so the old man would have an unobstructed view of her cocksucking. Then, with a deep groan, she lowered her head to the boy’s burning cock.

“Unnggghh!” Steve shuddered convulsively as he watched the big-titted housewife take his straining prick between her lips. “Oh Jesus, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! You’re such a hot fucking slut!”

Cindy giggled, her mouth stuffed with the boy’s cock. Her hand slid up and down his meaty fuck pole, finally resting on the base of his prick to hold it in position. Then she caved in her cheeks and sucked his cock as hard as she could.

“Unnggghh!” Steve thrust his fingers through her long, dark hair. Grimacing with lust, he humped his hips off the grass. “Suck my cock, honey! Oh God, my cock feels like lead! You’re making me cum!”

His big prick tasted wonderful to her, and she was tempted to prolong the wanton pleasure of the blow job. But his cock was as hard as bone, and she was dying to make him cum and drink his fuck cream.

Pushing her head down, she took over half of his throbbing cock between her lips. Then she sucked his prick even harder.

She had always been a very noisy cocksucker, but now the slurping, gurgling, smacking sounds were almost loud enough to be heard by the old voyeur through his picture window. She tightened her hand around his cock and feverishly jacked it off as she sucked the knob.


The boy clawed her head and lifted his ass off the grass, biting his lip and sighing as the spasms throbbed up his prick from his balls.

“Oh shit, lady! Unh! Unhhhh, here it comes!”

His piss-hole opened, allowing a huge gusher of jism to spurt from the shiny-skinned knob of his cock. His jism was thick and salty and Cindy whimpered happily as she worked her throat muscles, slurping down his cum.

The first shot of jizz was followed by spurt after spurt of greasy cum. Gasping, Steve let the horny wife take all of his load. She eagerly jacked and sucked his squirting prick, refusing to release his cockmeat until she’d drained it of all of his hot, white cum.

Steve was ecstatic. “Oh God,” he moaned. “Fucking God…”

Cindy withdrew his prick from her lips and studied it coolly. His big shaft of prick meat it was soaked with a lewd mixture of her saliva and his running cum. And his cock was still rock-hard, ready for another fuck.

Steve’s gaze was glued to her enormous, melon-sized tits. She quickly straddled him, planting her knees on the grass to either side of his hips. Then she reached between her thighs and pulled his pulsing cock to her cunt.

“Oh God, lady!”

For a moment, Cindy rubbed his drooling prick head all over her hairy cunt, whimpering as his piss-hole brushed her swollen, hard clit. Then she centered his cock between her pouting pussy lips and sat down on it, groaning as his cock again speared into her horny, clinging cunt.

“Fuck me, Stevie!” With all of his cock inside her pussy, Cindy pumped her ass, furiously fucking her own up and down on his big, hard prick. “Your cock’s still so fucking stiff! Fuck me hard, shoot your wad!”

Steve lifted his hands to her bouncing tits and squeezed them lustfully. She cried as he pinched her nipples. Then he moved his ass, and then they were fucking in horny unison on the grass.

Cindy looked up just in time to see her old neighbor spray his cum all over his picture window glass.


The old man who’d watched Cindy jack off and fuck lived in a house nearly identical to Todd and Cindy’s, except that it was older and painted a different color. The lettering on the mailbox informed her that he was named Ken Patterson. The weeds in the front yard told her that he lived alone.

Cindy walked up the flagstone pathway to Patterson’s door, feeling her heart beating rapidly. She wore a pair of skimpy denim cut-offs that bared half of her ass cheeks, and a light sweater that stretched to cover her huge, braless tits.

Cindy imagined Ken Patterson’s face when he saw her and groaned as the fuck cream rushed into her cunt. I’ve just got to fuck him, she thought hornily. After Todd had dropped off the night before, she’d jacked off until two in the morning, remembering how the old man’s jism had splashed on the picture window.

She knocked on the front door and waited. A minute later, it opened, revealing an old, unshaven face staring at her suspiciously. Then Ken Patterson recognized his visitor, and his jaw sagged as he gaped at the outline of her nipples through her sweater.

“Hi, Mr. Patterson!” Cindy said cheerfully. “I’m Cindy, your next door neighbor! I thought I’d come by so we could get better acquainted. Do you mind if I come in?”

An embarrassed flush spread through Patterson’s face in spite of his age. He didn’t know that Cindy was aware of his secret life as a voyeur.

“Of course,” he said nervously, holding open the door. “I’m glad you stopped by.”

The living room was well furnished but very dusty; Cindy guessed that his wife had been gone for several years. Now that she saw him up close, Cindy guessed that he was in his mid-sixties. Loneliness showed on his face and in his posture, but his body looked pretty healthy under his robe. And Cindy already knew that he had a very healthy prick.

She crossed the room and plopped her burning ass on an old couch. Patterson sat in an easy chair across from her, with his gaze riveted on her tits.

“Gee, this house is just like ours,” Cindy said brightly, scanning the walls. “I guess the developer built them all the same, huh?”

“I suppose so.”

“How long have you been living here, Mr. Patterson?”

“Four years… well, excuse me — make that six,” Patterson said sorrowfully. “I guess I’ve forgotten the years since my wife’s death.”

“Oh, that’s terrible. You must be awfully lonely now that she’s gone.”

Patterson nodded his head and remained silent. Cindy wanted to laugh at the way he was staring at her tits. He wasn’t nearly as lonely as he was horny.

“I saw you yesterday,” Patterson said suddenly.

“You saw me? Doing what?”

“Fornicating with that young man in the backyard.” Patterson’s old face suddenly twisted in a leering smile. “I could tell your husband about that little episode. Hah! What would you think of that, hmmm?”

“Why, what a dirty old man!” Cindy exclaimed in delight. “Well, I saw you too! Standing in front of the window and playing with your cock while you watched me fuck!”

Patterson’s evil old grin vanished into a fearful frown. The obscene flavor of the situation made Cindy’s pussy cream and burn violently. She was about, to fuck a man old enough to be her grandfather.

“What… what did you say?” Patterson stammered.

“I said I saw you! You were holding those binoculars on me and jacking off your prick!” Cindy lowered her voice to a purr. “And Mr. Patterson, why do you keep staring at my tits that way? If you want to see them so bad, why don’t you just ask me to take off my sweater?”

Her boldness upset the old man completely. Boldly, she rose to her feet, crossed the room, and stood over him arrogantly.

“You dirty old man! Look at the way you’re shaking! Well? Do you want me to take off the sweater or don’t you?”

“Take it off,” Patterson grunted, shaking with lust. “Yes, that’s right. Take it off.”

Cindy stripped the sweater off over her head, unfettering her enormous tits. The old man’s eyes widened at the size of her large spongy tits and her huge, red nipples, now stiff and crinkled with excitement.

“Why, look at you, Mr. Patterson!” Cindy stared hungrily at the thick shaft of cock meat protruding through his bathrobe. “You’re getting a big hard-on! What a dirty old man!”

Patterson quivered as if on the verge of a seizure. Suddenly, he lunged at her, nearly falling off the chair as he pawed at her ass through her cut-offs.

“Why, you filthy old pervert!” Cindy cried, and made no effort to stop him or move away. “Didn’t anybody ever tell you to say please? Why don’t you just ask, if you want to see my pussy?”

“Yes, please,” Patterson gurgled. He knelt on the floor before her and feverishly caressed her ass and legs. “Please, yes, that’s what I want, oh please…”

Calmly, Cindy kicked off her sandals and skinned the cut-offs over the rounded cheeks of her ass, leaving herself naked. Her pussy triangle was very large and dark; the pouting, fur-fringed lips of her cunt were dripping wet with lust.

“Oh God! Oh my God!”

Patterson lowered his face onto her cunt. She watched hornily as he rubbed his mouth all over her steaming pussy, savoring the pungent aroma of hot, horny cunt. Then he darted his tongue into her cunt, and she felt her knees going rubbery.

“Just take your time, Mr. Patterson,” she said breathlessly. “I’ll let you suck my pussy if you want to so much. Here… just let me lie down…”

She stretched out on the rug, and sighed as she spread her legs. Patterson was on her in a moment, caressing her thighs and ass and her huge, jiggling tits as he burrowed his face in her cunt.

He sucked her pussy like an animal, as if he were starved for the rich fuck cream that flowed from the depths of her cunt. His hands pushed under her thighs and gripped her shapely ass cheeks, squeezing and pinching the twin globes as he reveled in the sticky wetness of her horny cunt.

“Unggghh, Mr. Patterson!” Cindy’s pretty face contorted dreamily with lust as his tongue worked on the flowering folds of her pussy. “That’s right, Mr. Patterson!” Automatically, she dropped her hand and pressed the back of his head. “Suck my cunt now! Then I’ll let you fuck me!”

Patterson slid his tongue greedily up and down her pink pussy slit, cleaning up the fuck juices that made her cunt foam with desire. He pulled one hand from her humping ass and slid a finger into her pussy, groaning as he felt her cunt muscles clench around it tightly.

“Unngghh, Mr. Patterson!” Cindy pulled his thinning hair and urgently humped her ass off the rug, fucking her cunt all over the old man’s face. “That feels good, lover! Unh, unh, you’re making me cum!”

Patterson panted as he thrust a second finger into her cunt and jacked off her pussy. His lips moved farther up her cunt and she stiffened as they brushed her clit.

“Suck my clit for me!” She pushed her fingers through her thick cunt curls and spread her pussy lips, making her aching, slippery clit pop out of its protective covering. “Unhhhhh, please, Mr. Patterson! I’m so fucking horny! Make my pussy cream!”

Eagerly, Patterson glued his lips to her clit. He sucked it hard, stabbing his fingers in and out of her clinging fuck tunnel at the same time.

“Cumming now!” Cindy humped up her ass in a fury, moaning and squealing as she ground her throbbing pussy on the old man’s lips. “Unnggghh! Oh fuck, that’s so good! Suck my cunt! Suck it… nnnnnggg! Yes I’m cummiiinnngggg!”

The spasms of cumming surged through her hairy cunt, making her clit tingle, her nipples ache, and her cunt gush fuck cream into Patterson’s mouth. Patterson sighed and continued to suck and tongue and kiss her throbbing cunt, licking up every drop of cunt oil from the pouting folds of her pussy.

“Ooooh, yes,” Cindy gasped, lowering her ass to the floor.

The next thing she knew, Patterson was lying on top of her with his bathrobe wide open and his mouth hornily sucking her nipples. She was about to protest, when she felt his big, thick cock head pushing against her cunt.

“Unhhh, yes!” Convulsively, she spread her legs wide and wrapped them tightly around the old man’s back. “That’s right! Fuck me now, lover! My pussy needs some big, hard prick!”

Cindy gasped with pleasure as she felt the meaty thickness of his cock penetrating her pussy tunnel, making her cunt walls stretch to cling wetly around his invading prick.

“Unnggghh!” Her nipples tingled as he sucked them. Her pussy juiced fresh cunt cream onto his big cock. “Fuck me, Mr. Patterson!” She eagerly wiggled and humped her ass, trying to get his prick all the way up her pussy. “Fuck my cunt!”

The old man groaned and contracted his hairy ass, burying his cock to the balls in the hairy bush of Cindy’s pussy. For a long time, he simply lay on top of her, sucking her tits, partly because he was tired and pertly because he hadn’t fucked such a tight young pissy in over forty years.

“Bullshit!” Cindy clawed his shoulders and squealed as she bucked her ass tirelessly off the floor. “God, you’re really hung, Mr. Patterson! Unggghhh! Your cock feels so big inside my cunt! Fuck me with your cock! Unh, unh! Fuck my pussy with your cock!”

Patterson groaned and moved his ass. Seconds later, he was fucking his prick into her pussy with a rhythm she found amazing for a man his age.

“Unngghhh, yes, ahhhhh!” Cindy’s lips curled with pleasure as she felt his fat, swollen cock stabbing in and out of her pussy. “Fuck me!”

Her clit tingled, chafed by the upper side of his massive cock. She could feel her pussy tunnel squeezing and juicing repeatedly around his invading prick.

“Oh Lord, you’re so beautiful!” Patterson gasped. “I can’t control myself. I’m going to cum!”

“Keep fucking me!” Cindy cried.

Her pleading grows were loud enough to be heard on the street, but she was too horny to care. She twined her ankles around Patterson’s back and fucked up her ass as fast as she could.

“My pussy’s burning! Oh fuck, I’m cumming too!”

Patterson returned his lips to her fat, goose bumped nipples, already glistening obscenely with the saliva from his lips. Then he mustered up all his strength and fucked her pussy as hard as he could, sawing his big prick relentlessly through the velvety grip of her fuck tunnel.

“Nnnggh! Awwwwwwww, cumming, Mr. Patterson!” Cindy felt her pussy muscles throbbing and contracting around his pistoning cock. “Nnngggg! Yes, yes! Oh, fuck! Oh shit! I’m cuuummmiiiing!”

Her clit tingled stiffly through the duration of her cum. The pressure of Patterson’s lips on her nipple seemed to intensify her cum until her hairy pussy mound was completely drenched, and her fuck cream had formed a puddle on the floor.

“Ahhh!” Patterson pounded his meaty cock furiously into her pussy, seeming to sink his purplish cock head into her belly with every savage thrust. Then he came in mid-stroke, squirting what felt like whole pints of jism into the gooey wetness of her fuck hole.

“Unhh! Keep cumming, Mr. Patterson!” Cindy held onto his shoulders and pistoned her ass, repeatedly flexing her pussy to drain his gushing prick of fuck cream. “I like… unh… like the way it feels… spurting inside me! Keep cumming!”

Patterson fucked into her cunt until his balls had nothing left to give. Then he collapsed between her thighs, and his big cock softened and slipped out of her clasping pussy.

“Thank you,” he murmured dreamily. “Make an old man happy… thank you so much…”

Cindy giggled and affectionately stroked Patterson’s hair. Her pussy was still burning, but she knew her lover was too old to get it up for a second fuck. She’d just have to wait for Todd to return.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Patterson,” she murmured. “I’ll keep coming over here. You don’t have to be horny anymore. I’ll fuck you anytime you want.”

Patterson sighed, kissed her nipple and sucked it like a hungry child. Her pussy creamed as she started thinking about other neighborhood men she could fuck.


“Unhhh! Yes, Toddy! Keep sucking me! Ungggghhhh! Ooooh, I love your tongue in my pussy! Suck my cunt some more! You’re making me cum!”

It was nearly three o’clock in the morning. Exhausted, red-eyed, Todd lay between his wife’s spread-eagled thighs. His face was plastered to her pussy; he tongued up the fuck cream flowing from deep inside her horny cunt.

Five minutes earlier, he’d been dreaming about being promoted to corporate headquarters in Seattle. Then Cindy had awakened him. She’d had a wet dream, she explained, and needed her pussy sucked immediately. She wouldn’t let him go to sleep until he complied.

“Awwwnnngggghh!” Cindy clawed her husband’s neck. Her curly-haired pussy slit burned and juiced on his lips. “That’s so fucking goooooood! Unhh, my clit’s so stiff! Keep sucking meeeeee!”

“Mmmppph!” He tried to speak, but his words were muffled by her pussy bush.

Cindy wantonly humped her ass, pounding her cunt onto his lips. He thrust his hands under her thighs and squeezed, her ass cheeks tightly to hold her writhing hips in position.

His prick was long and stiff, throbbing warmly as it pressed the mattress. He hated himself for getting horny, but he couldn’t help it. Cindy had the most delicious cunt he’d ever sucked.

“Nnnnggggg!” Cindy’s pretty face contorted with pleasure as her husband’s tongue brought waves of burning pleasure to the foaming lips of her pussy. “Oh, Todd!” she cried, throwing her legs wide. “I’m gonna cum! Keep sucking meeeee!”

Partly out of lust and partly because he was dying to get back to sleep, Todd sucked her pussy as eagerly as he could. His fingers pulled from her bouncing ass and speared into her gooey pussy slit, massaging the inner walls of her fuck tunnel.

Then he wrapped his lips around her stiff, swollen clit. Wildly he sucked it, wriggling his tongue on its twitching tip.

“Unnnggghhhh!” Cindy’s piercing moan was incredibly loud. “Cumming, Toddy! Suck my cunt! Suck my pussy! I’m cuuummmiinnnggg!”

Her pussy overflowed with fuck oil, smearing his lips and cheeks. Todd squeezed his wife’s ass cheeks and avidly lapped his tongue up and down her throbbing pussy slit until her orgasm had completely drained her naked, stacked body. Then he immediately rolled over beside her.

“Aw, Todd! Come on and fuck me!” Cindy whined. “I can see you’ve got a hard-on!”

“No!” Todd looked at her crossly over his shoulder. “I’m going the fuck to bed right now! Don’t wake me up again! I swear, if you keep acting like this, I’m going to have to send you to a fucking psychiatrist!”

Todd went to sleep, the sound of Cindy’s fingers squishing hornily in her pussy filling the room.

A few days later, with his balls aching and the skin on his cock raw from so much fucking, Todd insisted that Cindy join a charity to take her mind off fucking.

This wasn’t a very good idea.

The only operational charity in the suburbs that year was a Food for Tots campaign, in which teenagers and housewives went door to door selling cookies for donations to the local fund. It was a completely legitimate campaign, but to Cindy, it represented a fantastic opportunity to fuck and suck a lot of neighborhood men.

Todd insisted that she wear a conservative pants suit while going door to door, but there was no outfit that could conceal her big tits or the voluptuous contours of her petite, stacked body. And her burning pussy kept a seductive smile always on her lips. If the man was alone in the house, she was an open invitation to a long, delicious fuck.

Fred Higgins was a brawny, forty year old with a hairy chest and a drunken red face. When he opened the door to Cindy that Saturday morning, the first thing she saw was a football game blaring on the enormous television console. Then she saw his eyes leering at her body. Apparently, Mr. Higgins was alone in the house.

“Food for Tots calling,” Cindy said automatically, stepping inside. “We’re conducing a special campaign this year to help the starving children of other countries, and I was wondering if you’d buy some of these cookies to support…”

“Goddamn! You are one fuck of a lot better-looking than the bitches they sent out on this last year,” Higgins interrupted.

Higgins leered at her straining tits. Shamelessly she returned his smile. Her pussy was already starting to juice in her panties.

“Well, thank you very much, Mr. Higgins. But what I’d like to know is if you could…”

“Tell you what, little lady. I’ll give you ten fucking skins for that box of rotten fucking cookies if you’ll open that fucking suit you got on and show me your big fucking tits.”

A construction worker, Cindy thought. A blue-collar laborer on his day off. The thought of fucking a red neck made her nipples tingle and stiffen, a fact that Higgins noticed immediately.

“God, but you got an enormous set of tits!” Cindy’s smile was an unmistakable invitation. “Did you say ten dollars?”

“Make it twenty.”

Cindy put down her cookie bag and started to unbutton her pants suit. “Well, it is for a good cause.”

She took off the jacket of the suit, leaving her naked from the waist up except for her lacy, D-cup bra. Higgins sighed as a big hard-on grew in his Bermuda shorts. Cindy stripped off the bra, baring her tits.

Her enormous, creamy white tits rose proudly from her rib cage, with fat, crimson nipples that protruded nearly an inch from the surface of her tit-flesh. She put her hands on her hips and looked at Higgins hornily.

“Well? Where’s my twenty dollars?”

“Oh, fuck!”

Cindy remained where she was as Higgins lunged at her. Wrapping his big, hairy arms around her waist, he glued his lips to one stiff nipple and sucked it noisily, slurping as he wiggled his tongue on her hardened nipple. She whimpered and did nothing to stop him.

“Really, Mr. Higgins!” She sighed and stared impatiently at the ceiling. “You can stop sucking my tit now and get me the money. I wish you’d remember that I’m doing this for a cause.”

Higgins stepped back, panting. Then he dropped his Bermuda shorts, revealing the thickest cock Cindy had ever seen in her life. His prick rose out of his hairy balls like a steel pipe, throbbing and twitching in mid-air.

“How much do I have to give to the fucking Food for Tots to get you to suck on my cock, baby?” he asked hoarsely.

Cindy stared at his enormously thick prick and felt her act falling away from her like so much clothing. “You don’t have to pay me a thing,” she replied huskily, and she fell to her knees before him.

His cock was so thick, she couldn’t get her hand around it. She clung to the root of his big prick with her chubby little fingers and held it in position, groaning as she saw clear pre-cum drip from the piss-hole in his cock’s knob.

“Oh, baby, suck my cock for me,” Higgins groaned. “You turn me on so Goddamn much!”

Extending her tongue, Cindy licked teasing circles around the knob of his bloated cock. Then she opened her mouth wide and stuffed his heart-shaped prick head into her mouth.

His prick was so thick that she had to stretch her lips to the bursting point just to get the knob in. She flushed and nearly gagged as she slid her tongue all over the shiny-skinned crown of his cock.

Then she started sucking his prick, caving in her cheeks to increase the pressure around his fucker. Immediately, fresh drooling jism baked out of his cock, and she eagerly sucked it down as she continued sucking.

“Unhhh!” Higgins grabbed her head and started bucking his hairy ass, brutally fucking her face with his rigid prick. “Harder, baby! Unhhh! Fuck, make my prick squirt!”

Cindy curled her lips over her teeth so she wouldn’t bite the sensitive flesh of his cock; the last thing she wanted was to make his hard-on wilt. Her hand began to move along the base of his cock, jacking him off into her buttery mouth.

Then she sucked his fat cock as hard as she could. Higgins moaned helplessly as his prick twitched and throbbed furiously between her lips, teased to the point of exploding by her hot tongue bath.

“Harder, baby! Suck hard!” He pulled her hair with one hand and fondled her big tit with the other. “I’m gonna blow my fucking wad down your throat!”

The slurping, smacking sounds of her horny blow job filled the room. As she grew accustomed to the size of his cock, she began to bob her head, shamelessly fucking her face with her neighbor’s cock.

Higgins’ prick grew longer and stiffer by the moment, until his cock was so swollen with blood that it was like sucking bone. Dropping her free hand between his thighs, she eagerly clutched his hairy balls and squeezed them hard.


He came, gushing long ribbons of jism down her throat. She tasted the salty nectar from his balls and wantonly started gulping it down. But there was more of his cum than she could ever swallow. His jizz filled her mouth as he continued spurting, then burbled out of her lips around the shaft of his cock and dripped luridly down her chin.

Cindy let his cock pop out of her mouth and lapped up the stray drops of jizz with her tongue. Then she squeezed his prick like a hungry child. “Gimme some more,” she said hornily.

“Jee-sus!” Higgins said admiringly. “You really are a slut!”

His fat prick was still stiff, throbbing warmly on her fingers with its engorgement of blood. Rising, staring vixenishly at his prick, she stripped off the rest of her suit. His big cock grew harder than ever when he saw her luscious, bare legs and the fleecy-haired triangle of her pussy.

“I guess I am a slut, Mr. Higgins,” she whispered huskily. “Whenever I see a big prick like yours, my pussy gets all hot and creamy. So I guess you’re going to have to give my cunt the fucking it needs!”

Higgins licked his lips and stared at her in amazement, obviously turned on by her wanton language. She dropped to her hands and knees on the rug. Her tits swung heavily over the carpet as she dropped her shoulders and lifted her ass, opening her fur-fringed pussy slit for the invasion of his cock.

“Fuck my pussy, Mr. Higgins!” Cindy wiggled her ass and looked at him expectantly aver her shoulder. “Can’t you see how wet my cunt is? I need a big prick inside my pussy immediately!”

Higgins quickly knelt between Cindy’s spread-eagled legs, crouching over her heartshaped ass in the dog-fucking position. She whimpered deliriously as he rubbed his spongy cock head up and down her cunt slit.

“Unhhh! Push your cock inside my cunt, Mr. Higgins! Oh shit, fuck that huge cock up my cunt!”

His bloated cock-knob rubbed her pouting pussy furrow, then centered itself between her cunt lips. She bit her lip and quivered like a bitch in heat as she felt his meaty cock boring into her cunt tunnel, stretching the walls of her pussy.

Instinctively, her pussy muscles contracted, clinging wetly to his prick. Higgins moaned, slid his hands up her torso, and wrapped his hands tightly around her banging tits.

His cock was too thick to slide easily into her tight pussy, even though her hairy cunt was very wet. He clawed her tits and fucked brutally into her cunt, forcing more of his prick into her cunt tunnel with every thrust.

“Nnnggg-ahhh-annnnnnggghhh!” Cindy’s pretty face contorted with lust us she felt the hot stabbing thrusts of his thick prick. “More!”

She pulled the strands of the carpet and hornily pistoned her ass, fucking up her pussy for more of his cock.

“Ram your prick up my pussy, Mr. Higgins! Oh fuck, I love your big cock!”

With all of his cock engulfed by her hairy cunt, Higgins savored the pressure of her pussy muscles as they milked and sucked the tingling stiffness of his prick. Then he pulled his cock out of her cunt and feverishly started fucking, slamming his wet, cum-oozing cock all the way into her pussy with his humping thrusts.


Cindy’s gigantic tits danced in his hands as she fucked up her ass to meet his fuck-strokes. Her cunt was burning, spilling hot-scented fuck cream all over his pistoning prick.

“Oh shit, I can feel it on my clit! Your cock’s so thick! Make me cum!”

Her tight pussy was lubed for the thickness of Higgins’ cock. His fat cock now speared easily through the clinging grip of her cunt tunnel.

Cindy’s pussy was throbbing violently now, her clit stiff and aching as the underside of Higgins’ cock brushed it with each stroke. She lowered her head to her folded arms, and whimpered and mewled as she humped her ass as hard as she could.

“Cumming!” she shrieked. “Fuck meeeee! Fuck my pussy! Oh God, oh fuck! Do it haaarder! Unnggghh! Unh-unh — cumming! Cumming, oh — unh — ye-yesss! Cummiiing!”

The cunt-satisfying heat flowed lusciously through her loins, puckering her asshole and forcing her cunt to milk in long, muscular spasms around the stabbing shaft of Higgins prick.

Higgins groaned as the hairy sac of his balls swelled with his churning load of cum. “Here it cums, baby,” he grunted, hammering his big prick harder than ever through the churning wetness of her pussy. “I’m gonna blow now… can’t hold my wad. Awww fuck… here it comes!”

Cindy felt hot jizz gushing into her pussy, seeming to spray the innermost depths of her cunt. Then Higgins fucked wildly over her ass, and spurt after spurt of thick, salty cum showered her pussy with juice.

“Ahhhh!” Cindy smiled shamelessly as she felt the hot jism soothing the burning walls of her cunt. She flexed her pussy around his gushing prick, milking out every drop of his ca.

“Ohhhh!” Exhausted by the strength of his cum, Higgins pulled his fuck-wilted prick out of her hairy pussy and collapsed on the rug. “Goddamn… best fuck of my life!”

Cindy dressed hurriedly and picked up her Food for Tots bag. “Have a cookie,” she said, tossing it on his chest and leaving without collecting the money.

Gary Reynolds was a blond, boyish-looking, thirty-five-year-old bachelor who lived with his mother. This wasn’t any financial hardship on her; the Reynolds were nearly as rich as the Whites.

Gary was a reckless man who drank and chased women and apparently had no self-esteem at all. Most of the proper young housewives in town either greeted him stiffly or refused to say hello to him at all.

Cindy felt more affectionate towards Gary. Especially now that they were naked in his bedroom, and he had eight inches of stiff cock buried up her cunt.

“Move that ass, baby!” Crouching over her in the dog-fucking position, Gary milked her huge tits as he slammed his cock into her pussy. “God, you are a hot fucker! Don’t worry about the Goddamn Food for Tots! I’ll root around in momma’s purse and get you any kind of bread you want!”

“Fuck meeeeeeeee,” Cindy groaned. She hugged the pillow and deliriously lifted her ass for more of Gary’s stiff cock. “Unhh, feels so good inside me! My pussy’s wet, fuck it hard!”

Gary groaned as he held onto her tits, pinching her stiff, red nipples. Then he fucked into her pussy with a brutal intensity, gasping as her cunt slit sucked tightly around his pistoning prick.

“Cumming,” Cindy burbled. Her tits swelled, and her pussy juiced as the spasms made her clit tingle and burn. “Unnhhh, fuck me Gary! Oh shit! Fuck my pussy! Unh-unh! I’m cuuummmiiing!”

The spasms blasted through her pussy with gut-wrenching intensity, making every inch of her cock-stuffed fuck tunnel burn and pulse as Gary fed it full with his prick.

“Oh, God!” The aging bachelor felt the jism building in his balls as Cindy’s cumming pussy squeezed his prick. “I can’t… unh… can’t hold it back, baby! Oh fuck! Here comes the juice!”

He slammed his cock all the way into her cunt, then groaned with pleasure as jism jetted out of the swollen, beet-red knob of his cock.

Cindy squealed and hornily worked her ass, helping him drain his load completely into the buttery depths of her pussy. His wad filled her cunt and ran out of her hairy pussy around his cock, forming a puddle on the sheets.

Cindy sighed happily. The whole neighborhood had been strangers to her, but now she was getting to know them all with her tits and pussy and mouth. It was even more fun than being back at home, letting all those teenaged studs suck her big tits and fuck her in the back seats of their parents’ cars.


Cindy didn’t know who told the secret, but within a couple of days, Todd had a good idea of what she’d really done on behalf of Food for Tots.

“I mean it, Cindy!” he shouted, trying to sound as ferocious as possible. “It’s bad enough to hurt my feelings like this, but I absolutely cannot have my wife fucking every man in the neighborhood! Do you know what that would look like at corporate head quarters? I mean it! I’ll get a divorce if you keep it up!”

Cindy stood before her husband in their bedroom with her best wide-eyed, innocent expression. She wore a transparent baby-doll nightie that barely covered her pussy triangle and exposed all of her enormous, stiff-nippled tits.

He was trying to sound furious, but she was pleased at the way he glanced nervously at her tits between every sentence.

“But Toddy. I just can’t help it,” she said innocently. “I tried not to cheat on you, but I’d just melt as soon as they’d touch me. I can’t help it Todd. I’m horny all the time!”

“Well, Goddamn it, I’m going to have to send you to a therapist!” Todd roared. “I don’t care how horny you are, you can’t go around fucking everything in pants after we’ve been married a lousy couple of fucking weeks! I mean, Jesus! How the fuck do you think that makes me look around here, huh? Huh!”

“Aw, now Todd…”

Cindy sidled up to her husband and slid her arms lovingly around his shoulder. Then she pressed close to him, kissing his cheek and chin and lips, pressing her huge tits against his chest.

“Now you cut that out!”

“Aw, Toddy, don’t be angry with me,” Cindy cooed as she rubbed his stomach and thighs, then fished for his prick through the opening in his pajamas. “You know how horny I am. I just can’t help myself.”

“Don’t pull that shit on me, Cindy!”

But his prick was already completely hard as she pulled it out of his pajamas. Giggling, she squeezed his cock hard, pinching the spongy knob between her thumb and forefinger.

Todd groaned helplessly. Cindy slid to her knees submissively before him. She deftly pulled his pajama bottoms to his ankles, freeing his big cock completely from confinement.

“Stop it, Cindy!” Todd said weakly. “I mean it! I want to talk seriously about this!”

“Aw, Toddy, your cock’s so hard!” Cindy mewled playfully. “Does my big baby boy want his cocky sucked?”

With that, she slid her hand to the root of his prick and popped the swollen knob between her lips. His piss-hole was already beginning to drool. She swiped her tongue around it, lapping up the pre-cum that oozed up from his balls.

“No!” Todd stared helplessly down at his horny wife, watching as she began the blow job. “Please, Cindy. We can’t do this all the time…”

Ignoring his protests, Cindy wrapped her lips in a tight circle around the center of his swollen, veined cock. Then she started sucking his prick very hard, caving her cheeks in to increase the pressure around his prick.

His cock tasted salty and good. She felt the warmth spreading through her pussy as it always did when she had a man’s stiff prick pulsing in her mouth. She gurgled and slurped noisily around his prick, then feverishly began to bob her head, fucking her face with her husband’s oversized cock.

“Unnggghhh!” Todd’s handsome face contorted with arousal as he felt the wet, slinky pressure of his wife’s lips and tongue around his cock. “Oh, fuck!” He held the back of her head and rocked his hips, thrusting his aching prick down her throat. “I just can’t help it,” he moaned miserably.

Cindy giggled around the mouth-filling shaft of his cock. Then she tightened her fingers around his prick root and skillfully started to beat his cock meat, milking and tugging the loose flesh of his prick.

His prick knob swelled and puffed like an adder in her buttery mouth, and more jism leaked from his cum-slit. She knew he was about to cum. Her pussy burned as she awaited the taste of his jizz, the bot, salty drops splashing down her throat.

“Ummphhh…” Wet, gurgling sounds came from her throat as she sucked on Todd’s cock as hard us she could. “Give it to me, Toddy… umphhhh-nnnnggg…”

Todd bucked forward, ramming a good two inches of his throbbing, stiff cock down her throat. She pushed her hand between his thighs and squeezed his balls hard. She was rewarded with a torrent of hot, sticky cum.

She kept on gushing and squirting out of his prick, perhaps because Cindy had given him a whole day since his last cum. She gurgled contentedly, beat off his prick with her little fist, and worked her throat muscles, slurping down every drop of his thick, squirting cum.

“Do you forgive me now, Toddy?” she asked, licking stray drops of cum happily from her lips.

“Oh, Cindy,” Todd sighed. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you.”


One of the most peculiar aspects of Cindy’s personality was her stunning knowledge of history. She’d flunked virtually every other class in high school, but in history, she’d always gotten straight A’s.

Since her girlhood, she’d loved stories about the past. It had always been easy for her to go back in time and imagine herself a part of any age. More than once in high school, she’d jacked herself off to imagining she was spreading her legs for Hercules or Alexander the Great.

For this reason, Todd now demanded that Cindy get a job as a history tutor to take her mind off fucking. His reasoning was that history distracted her from the needs of her pussy, and she wouldn’t stoop to fucking the teenaged boys who would be her clients.

He was wrong on both counts; Cindy’s career as a tutor turned out to be a bigger mistake than her short time with Food for Tots.

“…and Athens and Sparta were completely different places to live. The Athenians were more cultured, more interested in the arts. But Sparta was an almost completely militaristic society. The saying… Mitch, are you paying attention to me at all?”

The tall, lanky redhead shrugged his shoulders and slumped on Cindy’s living room couch. He was the fifth student she had tutored and by far the most difficult.

Mitch had no trouble learning; if he’d wanted, he could have become the best student in his class. Rather, he was a classic study in teenage rebelliousness. Before she’d taken him on, Mitch’s parents had nervously warned her that his arrest record was considerable.

Cindy was genuinely angry. “Mitch, this is our second session, and you still haven’t said three words to me. I’ll bet you didn’t even glance at your homework assignment, did you?”

“Nope,” Mitch said insolently.

“Would you like me to tell your parents how little attention you pay to your lessons with me?”

“I don’t give a fuck what you tell my parents.”

The color rose in Cindy’s cheeks. She wanted to order him to do as she said, but she already knew she was taking her role too seriously. She was, after all, only three years older than her student.

“Okay, Mitch. Look.” Cindy dropped the textbook and smiled at him broadly. “To tell you the truth, I was really shitty in high school, too. But I was always good at history and if you’d give me a chance, I could at least teach you that much.”

“What I’d really like,” Mitch said easily, “would be for you to teach me how to fuck!”

Cindy blushed, put her hands on her lap and looked confusedly around her living room. The mere use of the word sent thrills of horniness coursing through her pussy, but she made a real effort to suppress them. With five clients on her payroll, she’d only fucked one of her pupils thus far — Tommy. She took the job seriously.

“Mitch, what gives you the right to make that sort of suggestion to me?”

“Cut the shit!” Mitch’s grin was broad and leering. “You know Gary Reynolds? I get loaded with him all the time. He told me you can suck prick so fucking hard, you make a guy shoot stars out of his Goddamn balls. He said you’ve got the hottest cunt of any woman he’s ever fucked in his life!”

“Mitch, stop this!” But Cindy’s pussy was juicing profusely, and deep down inside, she already knew she was going to spread her legs for the young delinquent. “Mr. Reynolds was lying. I don’t know bullshit.”

Mitch rose from the couch, sat on the arm of Cindy’s easy chair and dropped his hand to her lap. She whimpered and did nothing to stop him as he pushed his fingers between her legs and started massaging her pussy through her skin-tight jeans.

“Does that feel good, teach?”

“Mitch, you’ve got to stop this!” Cindy’s voice was girlishly high with excitement. “Unnggghh! Please, I’m a married woman! Please…”

Confidently, arrogantly, Mitch knelt on the floor before the chair. Calmly, he unbuckled and unzipped Cindy’s designer jeans, knowing she would do nothing to stop him.

Cindy watched silently as he pulled her pants and panties down over her ass cheeks, down her creamy white, tapering legs. Then she was naked from the waist down, and Mitch grinned as he smelled the pungent aroma wafting from her dripping cunt.

“Shit, your pussy’s wet…”

He thrust his hands under her ass cheeks and pulled her hot little ass to the edge of the chair cushion. Then he sank his head between her thighs and glued his lips to her bearded pussy, hungrily tonguing up the fuck juices that flowed from her pouting cunt.

“Unnggghh! No, Mitch, no… nnnnggg!” Cindy twisted and grimaced as the pleasure of his cunt sucking drenched her pussy with cream. Again, she felt the thin veneer of the tutor’s personality slipping away from her, replaced by the cock-hungry slut she’d always been.

“Do you like it, teach?”

“Suck on my cunt!” Cindy grabbed his thick red hair and hornily pulled his mouth back to her steaming cunt. “Yes, you little bastard. Now you’ve got to make me cum! Suck off my cunt!”

Mitch slurped up her pussy juices, making his tongue wriggle quickly between the flowering folds of her aching cunt. She grunted and humped her ass off the springy cushion, fucking her cunt on his mouth.

“Harder, bastard!” She thrust her hand between her legs and spread her cunt, exposing her twitching clit. “Suck on my clit now! Unnggghhh, shit! That feels good! You little bastard, make me cream!”

Mitch squeezed her ass cheeks savagely, as if intent upon pulling them from her body. He wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked it very hard, teasing the stiff pink tip with his tongue.

“Cumming!” Cindy’s groan was loud and guttural as the spasms throbbed through her fuck hole. “Unnnggghhh! Oh fuck it, Mitch! Suck my pussy! I’m gonna cum!”

Mitch kept sucking her clit, making the pleasure much more intense as the spasms drenched her fuck slit again and again. When she came to, she was surprised to see him standing over her, glowering at her furiously.

“You called me a bastard,” he said softly.

“That’s what you are, you conceited little fuck!” Cindy giggled and sat up on the chair, fumbling for his belt buckle. “Now take off those Goddamn pants. I want to see what it feels like to have a teenaged stud’s cock rooting up my cunt!”

Mitch slapped her hand away. His expression became angrier.

“No one calls me a bastard,” he whispered. “Nobody.”

Suddenly, he whipped off his belt and lunged at her. She shrieked helplessly as she watched him using it to tie up her ankles. Then she bellowed, and he tied up her hands with her jeans and shoved her panties in her mouth. Cindy struggled, but apparently Mitch had learned at least one useful thing in school; the knots were very good. A new fear spread through her as she realized that she was captive in the hands of a very young, very real sadist.

“Now I call the shots,” Mitch said.

Slowly, casually, he kicked off his boots and stripped naked, revealing a lean, white body and a very big cock. Then he propped her bound body up on the chair and rubbed his spongy, rosy cock head all over her face.

“Like that, baby? Like my big prick?”

Cindy wanted to scream, but she couldn’t get the panties out of her mouth. Mitch shredded her blouse and bra from her body, exposing all of her nakedness. His big cock bounded to a new stiffness at the sight of her grapefruit sized tits.

“Jee-sus!” He caught one enormous tit in his hand and pinched the stiff, red nipple. “Man, Gary wasn’t lying. You really are stacked!”

Abruptly, he pulled the panties out of her mouth. Before she could scream, he crammed his throbbing prick between her lips.

“Bite it, and I kill you,” he whispered softly. “Honey, you’re about to give me the best blow job of my life, or your husband’s going to be picking up pieces of you from all over this room. Understand? Now suck my cock! Now!”

Obediently, Cindy wrapped her lips around the veined stalk of the teenager’s prick and started sucking as hard as she could. She believed he would hurt her, if not really murder her, and that made her feel terribly afraid.

But she knew the fear was secondary to the lust she felt at having his big cock throbbing in her mouth.

“Ahhh!” Mitch clawed her neck and rocked his ass, staring delightedly at the spectacle of the pretty, big-titted tutor with her mouth full of his cock.

“Does my cock taste good, baby? Do you like sucking off my big, fat prick?”

Cindy gurgled and nodded her head. She wanted Mitch to release her hands so she could jack off his cock while she sucked it. But she knew her buttery-wet mouth was enough to get him off.

Almost gagging around the thickness of his cock, Cindy feverishly bobbed her head. The teenaged hood groaned with pleasure as he fucked her face with his bone-hard cock.

“Oh, baby!” Mitch’s prick swelled and pulsed between her sucking lips. “You really are a good cock sucker! Unnggghh! Better watch it! You’re making me cum!”

Cindy made slurping, gurgling sounds as she slid her tongue all ova Mitch’s fat cock head, drinking up the cum drippings that oozed from the crown of his prick.

Suddenly, his prick started to throb violently. He pushed her head away and withdrew his cock from her lips, his shaft and knob swollen a deep red, dripping fuck juice onto the rug.

“Not in your mouth, baby. I’m gonna fuck my load up your sweet little cunt!”

Cindy’s enormous tits jiggled wildly as Mitch roughly turned her onto her knees on the chair, lifting the rounded cheeks of her ass. Her pussy slit formed a hairy pouch between her compressed thighs, held shut by the belt binding her ankles.

Mitch held his cock in his fist and jammed every inch of it into her cunt with one thrust.

“Unnggghhh!” Cindy winced with pain as she felt her pussy invaded by all of his cock. “Easy, Mitch! Please!”

“Don’t lie to me, bitch! I can feel how wet your pussy is!”

And her pussy was wet, dripping with fuck cream as the slippery walls clung tightly to Mitch’s big cock. He pulled out his cock until only the knob parted her pussy lips. Then he slammed it back in again, fucking her harder than she’d ever been fucked in her life.

“Awwwnnnggghhh!” she squealed and immediately started humping back at him clumsily. “Yes, Mitch! Oooooh, that’s good! Unnggh! Awwww, fuck me, Mitch! Yes, yes! Fuck my pussy as hard as you want!”

Mitch wrapped his hand around one bouncing tit and clawed at it savagely. His big, throbbing cock slammed rhythmically in and out of her pussy, filling her gushing fuck hole with every stroke.

“Do you like it, baby? You like getting your cunt fucked hard, don’t you?”

“Fuuuuuuck me!” Cindy’s ankles strained against the best as she desperately tried to fuck her ass back to meet his thrusts. “You’re making me cum, Mitch! Oh Jesus! I love your big cock! Fuck meeeee, make me cum!”

Mitch’s balls slapped heavily against her thighs with every stroke, of his rock-hard cock. Suddenly, he panted and fucked her pussy harder than ever, slamming his prick so brutally into her cunt that the chair skittered on the living room floor.

“Cumming,” he moaned. “Tight sucking cunt… ahhh, baby, here it comes!”

He rammed his cock to the balls in her burning pussy, gasping as the walls of her pussy sucked tightly around his spasming prick. Then his cock unloaded in her churning cunt, gushing spurt after spurt of hot, gooey cum into her womb.

“Fuck me, Mitch!” The hot spurts of his cum gushing into her pussy put Cindy over the edge. “Yes, yes, I’m cumming too! Bastard, fuck me harder! Unggghhh! Oh slit, Mitch, oh fucking shit!”

Mitch kept on fucking into her pussy until both of their climaxes had subsided. Then he pulled his prick out of her cunt, dressed hurriedly and left her still tied up on the chair.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with you,” Todd sighed.

“He raped me!” Cindy frowned at her husband irritably. “You know he did! It wasn’t my fault!”

Todd pursed his lips and nodded his reluctant agreement. The police had been called an hour ago. Mitch had been picked up and was probably already in jail. If Cindy didn’t press charges, Todd would.

The police said Mitch hadn’t contested the charge. But Todd wouldn’t forget the way she’d looked when he’d come home from work, tied up with a belt and a pair of jeans, with jism still dripping from her cunt.

“I mean, I can’t help it if I get attacked!” Cindy pleaded. “Jesus, first I work for Food for Tots, and you don’t like that…”

“You were fucking two guys for every cookie you sold,” Todd interrupted quietly.

“Well? So then I became a tutor, and you didn’t like that either!”

“Cindy, how old is your brother Roger now?”

Cindy looked at him curiously. “Senior in high school. Why?”

“You know, I’ll bet at that age, he’s dying to get out from under the parental thumb.” Todd managed a weak smile and stroked Cindy’s hair affectionately. “Darling, why don’t we ask your parents if he could stay with us for a while? I think it might change your… ways if you had, a little brother, to look after.”

A broad smile shone on Cindy’s face. She threw her arms around Todd’s neck and kissed him adoringly. “Oh, Todd, that would be wonderful! Could he really stay with us? I love my little brother so much!”

Then Cindy’s hand strayed into his lap, groping for his cock. Todd sighed as she pulled his prick out of his pants and hornily started to beat it off. Only his wife could be so eager to fuck three hours after she’d been raped.


“Gee, Roger this is really making me nervous,” Sally said. The slim teenaged blonde looked nervously over her shoulder as she followed him up the stairs. “Are you sure your big sister isn’t coming home?”

“She went shopping,” Roger replied soothingly. “Don’t worry. She had a whole shitload of stuff to buy. I saw the list. She won’t be back far hours.”

At the top of the stairs, Roger stopped and let Sally walk ahead of him to the bedroom. Then he followed her, holding the quart of Vodka loosely in his hand, staring hungrily at the peach-shaped cheeks of her ass under her jeans.

He’d never had any trouble picking up girls. He was short for his age, but very well built, with broad shoulders and healthy thighs and a promising bulge in the crotch of his pants. He could woo any girl with his dazzling white smile, and he often did. He’d been fucking since he was just a kid.

Cindy didn’t know it, but her extreme sex drive ran in the family. All teenaged boys dreamed about pussy, but cunt was on Roger’s mind twenty-four hours a day.

He liked living with Cindy, especially watching her big tits bounce around when she forgot to wear a bra, just like in the old days at home. What he didn’t like was that he’d been staying with her a week now, and he hadn’t had any pussy in seven whole days.

He was just glad he’d managed to pick up this dumb slut Sally in the shopping mall.

“How’d you get that stuff, anyhow?” Sally wiggled her ass on the edge of Roger’s bed and looked up at him as he entered the bedroom.

“It’s my sister’s old man’s,” Roger replied.

He sat next to Sally, opened the bottle and took a healthy swig of the burning Vodka. “Whew! Don’t worry, he won’t miss it. He’s a real prick.”

Then they took turns with the bottle, taking deep gulps, gasping as the Vodka bit their stomachs. Sally had wanted to mix it with some orange juice, but Roger had insisted that it was somehow more admirable to drink it straight up. The real reason, of course, was that he knew it would make Sally drunk faster, and the fast she got drunk, the faster he’d be able to fuck her.

Less than ten minutes later, Sally passed the bottle to Roger for the last time and collapsed on the bed.

“Gee, Roger, I don’t think I should have drunk so much,” she moaned. “I really feel funny.”

The nipples of her small, rounded tits were stiff through her sheer blouse. Realizing the time was at hand, Roger screwed the cap on the quart and placed it carefully on the floor. Then he kissed Sally lustfully, thrusting his tongue between her lips.

Sally was too drink to protest seriously. “Aw, Roger, don’t do that,” she giggled.

“Now, Sally.” Roger kissed her more hotly and slipped his hand up her leg. “You know that feels good.”

“But I’ve only known you a couple of hours! I don’t know if I’m ready yet.”

Then Roger pressed his hand to her pussy, rubbing it tenderly through her jeans. She stopped protesting. Perhaps unconsciously, she spread her legs a little farther. Then she just lay there, staring sleepily at the ceiling as Roger pushed his fingers up and down her cunt.

“Do you like that?” Roger asked hoarsely. His huge prick was so stiff, it felt like it was going to burst out of his pants. “Doesn’t that feel nice? Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if we took off our clothes?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Sally giggled. “I guess.”

Quickly, Roger undid her pants, sliding them with her bikini panties down her long, slender legs. He parted her thighs and stared hungrily at her cunt.

Her pussy was perfect. It was lightly furred with fleecy brown curls and it had soft, pouting pink lips that were moistening rapidly with her drunken excitement.

Roger knelt on the floor before the bed and thrust his hands under Sally’s ass cheeks. Then, with a happy sigh, he buried his face between her legs.

“Unnggghh!” Sally seemed to come out of her drunken trance as she felt his tongue pierce her pussy slit. “Don’t do that, Roger! Unnggghh! I can’t let you do that to me!”

Roger ignored her complaining, knowing that his tongue would now be more convincing than his words. He kneaded the young girl’s ass and tenderly licked and sucked her sweetly scented pussy, licking up the fuck cream that oozed profusely from the depths of her cunt tunnel.

“Unnggghhh!” Sally’s fearful expression changed into one of dreamy, willing lust. “Oh, Roger!” Lightly, she humped her ass off the mattress, fucking her cunt onto his lips. “You better not do that to me… oh fuck, that feels good!”

Roger separated her pussy folds with his fingers, exposing her hard, swollen clit. He took it between his lips and sucked it gently but forcefully, sliding his tongue across the ultra-sensitive tip.

“Awwwnnggghh!” Suddenly, Sally grabbed his thick, brown hair and humped her ass like a bitch in heat. “Yes! Oh fuck, Roger, that feels so good!” Her cunt was steaming and foaming pussy cream, ready to cum. “I’m so hot, Roger! Unngghh it’s good, it’s so fucking gooooooood…”

Roger’s huge cock stretched the crotch of his jeans into a tent. Pushing his fingers together, he slipped two into the sopping sheath of her aching pussy. Then he buried them to the knuckles, in her cunt and rhythmically jacked her off, still sucking on her clit.

“Cumming!” Sally clawed his neck and bucked her ass as if in the throes of a fit, grunting as she ground her steaming pussy on his lips. “Suck my cunt! Oh shit, suck it hard! Ummmmmm, can’t stand it! Unh, Roger! Unhhhhh! I’m cummiiinnggg!”

Her pussy throbbed on his mouth as she came, and her cunt became dripping wet with fuck oil. Roger kept tonguing, sucking and kissing her pussy until the spasms had faded completely.

Then he stood up, dropped his pants, and showed her his huge, stiff prick.

Sally’s eyes widened enormously. “Oh, I fuck!”

“Now, don’t worry!” Roger quickly mounted her, climbing between her thighs and directing his bloated cock head to the gurgling slit of her pussy. “It won’t hurt you. You can stop me if it hurts. Believe me, my cock’ll feel really good.”

Sally tried to shut her thighs, but she was too late. Roger sighed as he embedded his cock knob and first several inches of his oversized hard-on into the buttery wetness of her cunt.

His prick was nine inches long and very thick. This wasn’t the first time a woman had been frightened at the sight of his cock, but he had always been able to ease their fears in the end. And, with his huge cock stretching their pussies as he thrust inside, they’d always been glad that he had.

“Your prick’s too big, Roger!” Sally whimpered, fearfully as she watched his enormous hot shaft disappearing into her light brown pussy bush. “Unnnggghh! Oh God, it’s stretching my cunt wide apart!”

“Now, don’t worry.” Roger gasped and humped his ass lightly, slowly fucking his nine-inch cock into her tight pussy. “You’ll get used to it. You’ll see. It feels really good…”

He paused with all of his cock inside her cunt, letting her little pussy accustom itself to the length and thickness of his prick meat. She groaned and lay throbbing and sweating beneath him.

Then her pussy started to suck and milk around his prick. Whimpering, the horny girl tossed her long legs around his back.

“You can fuck me now, Roger,” she squealed. “You’re right, it does feel good…”

Roger lifted his lean, muscular ass, withdrawing his cock until only his plum-sized prick knob parted her pussy slit. Then he slid his prick back into her greasy cunt tunnel. “Do you like that?” he asked teasingly.

“Unnggghhh!” Sally bit her lip and feverishly started humping her ass. “Yes, Roger! Oh fuck, your cock feels super good! You’ve got the biggest prick I’ve ever fucked! Unnggghh! Oh fuck me, Roger! Fuck me hard!”

Chuckling, Roger started to ease his massive prick in and out of her sopping pussy. Within a minute, he was fucking her hard and fast, groaning as her cunt clung to his swollen cock with every thrust.

“Harder!” Now that she was used to the size of his cock, Sally was incredibly horny for his fucking. “I love your cock, Roger! It’s so fucking big! Fuck me super haaaard!”

Roger thrust his hands under her lithe hips, holding the cheeks of her humping ass. Then he grunted and fucked into her pussy as fast as possible, working his ass cheeks like a machine between her white thighs.

“Unnggghh! Unnnggghhh!” Sally’s pussy throbbed violently around his cock, wetly clasping his stone-hard, pistoning prick shaft. “You’re making me cum, Roger! Unngggh! Oh fuck, I’m cummming!”

She came fast and hard, gushing fuck cream all over his hammering prick. He held onto her bucking ass and slammed his swollen cock as far into her pussy as it would go.

“I’m cumming too, Sally! Ahhhhh…”

A white torrent of jism rushed up out of his balls, shooting violently into Sally’s pussy. The first blast was followed by heavy spurts of thick, white cum.

Roger moaned and worked his ass frantically, draining his load of jism completely into Sally’s syrupy pussy. She squealed and flexed her cunt muscles, helping her new boyfriend to shoot out every drop of cum.

Neither of them heard the footsteps move away from his room down the hall. It was Cindy, who immediately went to her bedroom, stripped naked, and spent the rest of the afternoon finger-fucking herself, fantasizing about that huge prick she’d seen between her young brother’s legs.


For the next two days, Cindy struggled valiantly to control her lust for her brother’s prick. For years, she’d eagerly spread her legs for any man who wanted to fuck her, but it made her feel ashamed of herself to know how much she wanted to give her pussy to her own flesh and blood.

But it was impossible. Roger had one of the biggest cocks she’d ever seen. The way his prick had pushed out of his pants when he’d gone down on that young blonde slut, the way his thick, veined cock shaft had gleamed as he’d stabbed it into her pussy.

Cindy was both happy and miserable that she’d come home early from her shopping trip. If she hadn’t, she never would have known that her brother was so incredibly well-hung. But she also wouldn’t have been tortured by incestuous lust.

His massive prick was on her mind constantly. She thought of his cock when she was giving her husband blow jobs, imagining it was her kid brother’s cum that shot so heavily down her throat.

She started going braless around the house, knowing that Roger was aroused by the sight of her big tits bouncing and jiggling under her light blouse. The boy would watch her and get a big hard-on. She would study the shape of his cock through his jeans, then go to her room and finger-fuck her pussy raw.

Forty-eight hours later, she knew she had to have some relief.

It was mid-afternoon. Roger was home early from school, where he had apparently had little trouble fitting in after the move. Cindy lay naked on her mattress, rubbing her pussy, fantasizing about his cock.

Upstairs, she heard the shower run. She rubbed her cunt harder as she imagined him taking off his clothes and stepping into the shower. Soaping down that big, thick prick…

Cindy couldn’t stand it. Throwing on the skimpy robe she’d used to seduce the vacuum cleaner salesman, she ran up the stairs and quietly entered the bathroom without knocking.

The steam from the shower filled the room. Through the translucent shower door, she could see her brother’s naked form as he washed himself under the spray.

Her burning pussy made it impossible to hesitate. She threw open the door and stared hungrily at him, immediately riveting her gaze on his big, hanging cock.

“Jesus, Sis!” Roger blushed with surprise and made a hopeless attempt to cover his big cock with his hands. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing in here?”

“I’m just trying to save water,” Cindy said huskily. “My dear husband does have to pay the utility bill, you know. Do you mind if I come in?”

Then she stripped off the robe and let it fall to the tiled floor, showing her kid brother her naked tits and cunt for the first time in years. Roger’s eyes bulged at the sight of her stacked figure. Quickly, his big cock started to swell between his legs.

“God, you’ve got it hot inhere!” Cindy stepped under the spray and faced him, the stiff nipples of her huge tits nearly touching his chest. She pulled her gaze from his prick and stared seductively into his eyes. “I guess you like hot showers after working out in gym class at school.”

Roger didn’t answer. Instead, he stared helplessly at his big sister’s lush body, moving his gaze up her shapely thighs to her profusely haired pussy triangle, groaning as he gaped at her enormous tits. There was no use in trying to hide his hard-on anymore, and he didn’t try. His huge prick stood straight out before him, his cock knob bobbing and twitching more inches away from her wet cunt.

“Roger, why do you have such a big hard-on?” Cindy tried to speak evenly, but her voice cracked with lust. “Your cock is so gigantic. It looks like it’s going to break. Here. Let me help you wash it.”

Grabbing the soap tar, she knelt on the tile and looked up at his cock, giggling as his beet red prick knob slapped her cheek. Roger gasped with pleasure as she gently soaped his stiff prick into a lather, fondling it as she did so until it was as hard as a rock.

“Oh, fuck!” Roger moaned.

“What’s the matter, little brother? Am I hurting you?” Cindy put down the soap bar and wrapped her fingers tightly around his prick, squeezing his hot, throbbing cock shaft hungrily. “God, your cock is so big and hard. Did my washing it make you all horny?”

“S-s-suck it,” Roger stammered. He thrust his hands in his big sister’s long, dark hair and pulled her face to his prick. “Please. I can’t take it. Suck off my prick!”

“Well, if you insist.”

Cindy held up his cock and let the shower spray wash off all the soap. She pushed her hand to the base of his nine-inch prick, holding it in position. Then she opened her mouth wide and took as much of his cock as she could down her throat.

His fucker was delicious — one of the longest, thickest cocks she’d ever sucked. She gurgled with shameless ecstasy as she puckered her cheeks and pursed her lips in a tight, sucking circle around the center of his bursting prick.

“Suck my cock!” Roger pulled her hair and hornily bucked his ass, fucking his prick down her throat. “I can’t stand it! I’m so fucking horny! Suck my cock! Make me cream!”

Then Cindy started sucking his cock, rolling her tongue feverishly over and around the fast, shiny knob of his prick meat. The shower spray cascaded on her wet hair, dripping off her ass and stiff-nippled tits. Gurgling and slurping, she forced even more of her brother’s prick down her hungry threat.

“Unnggghh!” Roger dropped his hand and pawed her big tits, squeezing and pinching her spongy tit-globes. “Oh fuck, Sis… I wanted to do this with you so long…”

His cock swelled longer and stiffer, and Cindy knew that he was already close to a good, hard cum. Pushing her hand to the base of his prick, she tightened her chubby fingers around it and skillfully started to beat his cock meat, milking and tugging more of his cock between her wantonly sucking lips.

“Haaarder!” Roger mauled her tits and bucked his ass furiously, fucking her mouth with his cum-swollen prick. “I’m gonna cum, Sis! Oh fuck! Here it comes!”

Suddenly, Cindy took his prick out of her mouth, watching his huge hard-on bob and twitch wildly before her. Before his prick could start leaking, she pinched his cock knob hard with her thumb and forefinger.

“Jesus, Sis!”

“Not yet, little brother!” Cindy giggled hornily. “You can cum in my mouth some other time. First, I want to feel this whopper of a cock up my cunt!”

Her enormous tits jiggled as she rose to her feet and stood on her tip-toes to turn off the shower. She threw open the shower door, dripped water across the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat. It was one of the few places in the house where she hadn’t fucked yet.

“Give it to me!” She squirmed her burning ass on the porcelain seat, spread her legs wide, and lifted her knees to her shoulders. “Fuck that cock up my little cunt!”

Moaning, Roger crouched over her and rubbed his spongy cock head on her pussy furrow. Then he pushed the crown between her pouting pussy lips, and she bit her lip hard as she felt the meaty thickness of his huge hard-on invading her tight little cunt.

Fucking my brother now, she thought hornily. Oh Jesus, what a big fucking cock! My brother’s hung like a horse!

His prick kept pushing into her, stretching her pussy tunnel to bursting around the steely thickness of his swollen cock shaft. She wiggled her ass and whimpered with lust as her pussy struggled to take all of his prick.

Then she looked down between her huge tits and saw that all of his cock had disappeared into her wet pussy. Deep, deep inside her cunt, she felt his cock knob, pulsing and oozing cum.

“Fuck me!” Cindy bounced her ass on the toilet seat, fucking her cunt up on her brother’s big cock. “Yes, so fucking good! Ram me with your prick, Roger! Ram me with your cock!”

Roger pulled up his ass, watching the slimy length of his hard-on reappear from the curly hairs of his sister’s clinging cunt. She had such a tight, hot pussy — one of the best he’d ever fucked.

Slowly, he pushed his cock back in her pussy again, feeling her cunt muscles clutch and suck around his aching prick. Then he started fucking her, making her tits shake as he reamed out her pussy with long, driving strokes of his blood-engorged cock.

“Nnnngggg!” Cindy’s face contorted obscenely with lust as she felt the thrusts of Roger’s cock sawing in and out of her little pussy. “Harder!”

She threw out her legs and twined them tightly around his heaving ass, trying to draw another inch of his nine-inch cock into the buttery depths of her fuck hole.

“I’m gonna cum, Roger! Fuck my cunt!”

Roger pounded his prick furiously into his sister’s hot pussy, making the toilet rattle. Cindy’s ass cheeks bounced hard on the seat with every thrust. She felt as if she were being fucked by a bull.

“Cumming!” she cried. Her pussy juiced and pulsed around her brother’s cock, sucking the satisfying length of his huge prick. “Unngggh! Fuck me harder, little brother! Ummm! Love your big fucking prick! Awww, harder, harder! I’m cuuummmmiiiing!”

The heat of her climax pumped through her loins, making her nipples ache and her clit throb. She felt as if she’d never stop cumming. The fuck oil oozed out of her cunt hole around his prick until her pussy was so wet, her pouting cunt lips made squishing sounds as they sucked around his cock.

“Ahhh!” Roger gasped. He fucked her pussy harder than ever as he felt a tingling climax mounting deep inside his balls. “Oh fuck, Sis!”

“Take your cock out!” Cindy squealed. “Not yet!”

Groaning, Roger obediently withdrew his cock from her steaming pussy. She slid off the toilet and crawled to the throw rug on the center of the bathroom floor. Then she got in the dog-fucking position and spread her ass cheeks with her hands, exposing the pink, puckered ring of her asshole.

“Fuck me there, Roger!” she moaned. “That’s where I want to feel you spurt your cum! Fuck me up my little asshole!”

Roger looked at her in shock. Only one woman had let him try to put his nine-inch cock up her ass, and she’d made him stop before he had it halfway inside. He couldn’t believe his foxy, big-titted sister craved his prick up her ass tunnel.

But the thought made his cock grow stiffer than ever. Crouching between her thighs, he directed the juicing knob of his prick to the hairless ring of her asshole. Then he pushed it in, and both of them groaned with pleasure as the heart-shaped head of his cock pierced her asshole.

“Unhhhh!” Cindy clawed the throw rug and immediately started humping, feeling her asshole muscles beginning to suck and spasm around her brother’s prick. “Oh God, Roger! I really need that! Oh fuck, shove your cock in deeper! It feels so gooooood!”

Roger slid his hands up his sister’s nipped-in waist, lustfully squeezing her huge, swinging tits for support. Then he steadily started fucking his massive cock up her asshole, shuddering as inch after inch of his rock-hard prick bored into the furnace-like heat of her ass tunnel.

“Nnnnggg! Oh fuck me, Roger! Fuck my asshole, do it haaaaard!”

His prick felt like a battering ram as he stuffed it up her ass. Her brother’s nine-inch cock was much too large for her little asshole, and she felt pain as her rubbery ass muscles stretched and tore to admit his oversized prick.

But there was pleasure at the same time… intense, forbidden pleasure that more than drowned out the pain. Wantonly, Cindy grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart with her hands trying to open up her puckered ass hole completely for the invasion of her brother’s prick.

“All the way,” she gurgled. “Fuck your cock all the way up my ass!”

Roger wiggled his hips, stuffing the meaty base of his cock in her stretched, sucking asshole. Then all nine inches of his prick was embedded in his sister’s churning bowels.

Slowly, he lifted his ass, squeezing her tits, making her groan wantonly as her asshole was again emptied of his big, throbbing cock. Just as slowly, he eased his prick back into her sucking ass tunnel.

“Fuck me!” Cindy bit her lip and humped wildly, incredibly horny with the mixture of pleasure and pain shooting through her. “Unh unh! It feels good now! Fuck my asshole, Roger! Fuck my ass as hard as you can!”

Roger’s fuck-strokes became more urgent as his sister’s ravished asshole gradually loosened around the spearing shaft of his cock. Soon, he was fucking into her ass in a frenzied blur, spearing deeper into her pulsing asshole with every thrust.

“I’m cumming!” Cindy shoved her hands between her legs and feverishly jacked off her dripping pussy, slamming two fingers into her hairy cunt hole, rubbing her clit with her thumb. “Fuck me harder, Roger! Unh! Fuck my ass — unnnggghhhhh — so good! Harder! Awwwwww, Roger, I’m gonna cum!”

Roger sank on top of her, sighing in ecstasy as he pushed his hotly throbbing prick into her asshole.

Cindy’s orgasm was intensified by the hot spurts of jism she now felt shooting up her burning ass. His cum soothed her hot, pink ass walls as he stabbed his gushing prick into her asshole again and again.

“Keep cumming, Roger,” she moaned.

He was one of the best fucks she’d ever had, and she knew that she wouldn’t have to go out of the house anymore to get the fucking satisfaction her husband couldn’t give her.

“Oh, Roger… I love you, little brother keep shooting that thick, hot cum!”


At that moment, in the little house Cindy had grown up in twenty miles away, her baby sister, Marsha, was giving her pussy to her boyfriend, Bobby, for the fifth time in her life.

Marsha was a slender, wide-eyed brunette who was still torn between her parents’ puritanical ethics and the demands of her lust. Bobby had tried to fuck her for over a year, and she had always refused him.

Then, a week ago, she’d let him fuck her cunt for the first time. She had felt terribly ashamed of herself, but ever since, she’d been unable to stop thinking about cock.

“Put your prick in slow, Bobby,” she said huskily. “I’m still awful sore down there. Oh God, your prick is so big!”

Panting, Bobby crouched between her thighs and tenderly rubbed his fat, drooling cock head up and down her gushing pussy slit. She whimpered as his spongy cock head touched her hard clit. Instinctively, she humped her ass, thrusting up her hairy pussy for the invasion of his stiff prick.

“Unnggghh! Okay, Bobby, I’m ready now!” she squealed excitedly. “Unhhhh! Your prick feels so good!”

Bobby slipped his cock head between the pouting lips of her curly-haired pussy. Then he lightly bucked his hard ass, pushing more and more of his aching hard-on into the velvety sheath of her cunt.

“Unhhh! Oh Bobby, Bobby! Love your cock inside my pussy!”

The nipples of her plump tits were stiff and protruding with excitement. Her pretty face was a dreamy mask of lust.

Throwing her long, slender legs wide apart, Marsha clasped them tightly around Bobby’s back. Then she feverishly started humping, pounding and grinding up her cunt to meet, his greasy cock.

“My cunt’s wet, Bobby! Ummmm, I’m ready now! Give me all of your prick!”

Groaning, Bobby stuffed all seven inches of his cock into her syrupy pussy tunnel. She shut her eyes and clung to him tightly as she felt all of his cock throbbing in her fuck hole.

Since she was a little girl, she’d finger fucked herself every night, but there was no comparison to having a boy’s cock deep inside her cunt. His cock’s so big and hard, Marsha thought hornily. She could feel her stretched pussy silt sucking around the root of his prick, his cock knob pulsing in the gurgling depths of her cunt.

Her cunt was still sore from their first bloody fuck of a week ago, and this made Marsha think that her boyfriends prick was unusually big. But her clit started tingling now every time she so much as saw the bulge his cock made in his jeans. She was ashamed, but she couldn’t get enough cock.

“Fuck me, Bobby!” She embraced his shoulders with her slender arms and humped her ass much harder. “Push… push your prick in and out… I like it… oh Bobby, please, fuck my pussy!”

Bobby withdrew his stiff cock, feeling her slippery pussy walls clinging to his prick until only his cock knob parted her cunt. Then he pushed his prick to the depths of her churning cunt hole.

“Fuck meeee!” Marsha impatiently started humping so fast that the bed creaked beneath them. “I’m horny, Bobby! Fuck my pussy, fuck it haaaaaard!”

Bobby’s fuck rhythm quickened as he sawed his massive prick in and out of her buttery cunt. Soon, he was fucking her almost as hard as he could, slamming his cock in and out of her clasping pussy, feeling his heavy, hairy balls slapping her bucking ass crack with every thrust.

Marsha shut her eyes and lay motionless beneath him, completely still except for the feverish humping motions after ass and the hungry contractions of her cunt around his prick. She was being pushed into a dreamy state by the repeated thrusts of his big, hard prick.

“Harder,” she murmured wantonly. “I love it, Bobby! Oh yes… fuck my pussy hard.”

Bobby labored between her thighs, twitching his ass cheeks, furiously stabbing his veined cock into her buttery cunt. Unlike Marsha, he’d fucked a lot, and he knew that she had an exceptionally tight, juicy pussy. Her pussy seemed to milk his cock like it had a will of its own.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned. “So fucking tight… I can’t hold my wad, Marsha! I’m gonna blow my nuts!”

Bobby fucked into her pussy with a frantic intensity, as if trying to kill her steaming cunt with his pistoning cock. Until their third fuck session, Marsha would have been hurt and turned off by his savage fucking. But now, she was horny for as much prick as she could get.

“Fuck me, Bobby! I’m cumming too!” Tightening her slender legs around his midsection, she panted and puffed as she worked her ass. “Unnggghh! NW pussy’s burning! Awww, Bobby, love your big prick! Cumming! Unhhh-nnnnnnn! I’m cuummmiiing!”

Her pussy spasmed wildly as her orgasm rushed through her loins. Her cunt filled with hot fuck cream, and her small pussy slit contracted tightly around Bobby’s throbbing prick.

Bobby couldn’t take the pressure wound his prick. Grimacing, he fucked her faster than ever, making the cum rush out of his balls.

“Ahhhhhhhh, Marsha! Here it comes, unhhhh…”

Marsha cried out in ecstasy as she felt hot spurts of jism flooding up her cunt, filling her pussy with the salty blast of her boyfriend’s load.

Bobby groaned with wanton pleasure as thick fuck cream pumped out of his puffy cock head. Faster and faster, he fucked into her pussy, letting all of the jism drain out of his balls.

When he finally pulled his still-throbbing prick out of her pussy, her hairy cunt was sopping wet with cunt cream and jism. His load had been too big for her little pussy to take, and a lot of the white gop had run down her thighs and formed a puddle on the sheets.

“Oh Bobby, look at me!” Marsha cried. “I’m a real mess!”

“I don’t think you’re a mess,” Bobby said softly.

He seemed transfixed by the spectacle of her dripping, foaming, hairy cunt. Marsha watched his still-hard cock twitch luridly as he savored the unmistakable aroma of hot pussy.

Bobby buried his face in her furry cunt. She was excited and amazed as he kissed her pussy and lapped up her cunt cream and his own jism.

“Oh, Bobby, I can’t believe you’re… unhhhhh!” Marsha’s face contorted with fresh lust as she felt the pressure of his mouth on her clit. “Oh, Bobby! That feels so good! Suck it, Bobby! Suck my pussy!”

Bobby spread her pussy slit with his fingers, delighted by the bright pinkness of her cunt tunnel. His tongue moved in a blur up and down her cunt furrow, and he moaned contentedly as he relished the taste of her hot, ripe pussy juice.

“Unnnnnggggggg!” Marsha humped her ass, fucking her cunt on his face. “Suck my clit, Bobby! Nnnnggg-nnggg! Oh fuck, I’m cumming again! Keep sucking my cunt!”

Bobby glued his lips to her clit and sucked it tenderly. She bucked and writhed hard enough to break the bed.

“Awwnnggghh! Suck my pussy, Bobby! Unh, shit, oh fuck, I’m cumming! Nnnngggg! Cuuummmiiing!”

Marsha grabbed Bobby’s head and pounded her pussy on his lips as a climax gushed through her fuck hole. Bobby lovingly tongued and kissed and sucked her pussy until it was over.

Then they both looked up in time to see Marsha’s horrified parents standing in the open door of her bedroom.


After having so much trouble with Cindy, Marsha’s parents had determined that their youngest daughter would grow up to be a good girl. This made her fuck session with Bobby even more shocking to them, and they made the next week the worst of her life.

They grounded her, denied her any privileges, nagged her constantly and made her feel as guilty as they could. Finally, she pleaded with them to let her move away for a while. Her parents would have said no, but they’d heard nothing but good reports of how Roger was getting along with Cindy and Todd. So they all agreed that Marsha should move there too.

And this made Roger very, very happy.

He’d always wanted to fuck his cute little sister, but she’d been such a prissy cherry that he’d had to put the idea aside. Now, it was common knowledge that she’d been thrown out of the house for fucking her boyfriend. That made her a fair target for anyone, including him.

Roger loved sucking Cindy’s huge tits and fucking her insatiable pussy, but Cindy still wanted to fuck her husband at night. This meant that he spent a lot of time beating on his cock meat, when he would have much preferred to have his prick buried inside a nice, juicy cunt.

His baby sister was the perfect answer to his problems.

On her fourth day in Cindy’s house, Marsha awoke at five-thirty in the morning. As she came slowly to consciousness, she wondered sleepily why she’d waked so early. She didn’t have to use the bathroom; she always slept until eight or nine.

Cold air touched her belly and rounded tits, and dimly, she realized that the blankets had been thrown to the foot of the bed, and she was lying on her back, completely naked. Something was touching her inner thigh, moving towards her pussy.

She turned her head and saw her big brother Roger sitting naked beside her on the bed. She was still too sleepy to understand what was going on.

“What’re you doing, Roger?” she murmured.

“Just seeing if this sweet little pussy of yours is as juicy as Bobby must have thought,” he replied, burying a finger between the curly-haired lips of her, moistening cunt.

Marsha woke up fast.

“Roger!” She pushed his hand away from her cunt and desperately tried to cover her hairy cunt mound with her hands. “Oh my God! What do you think you’re doing to me? Don’t you know I’m your sister?”

“Come on, Sis. I really want to fuck you bad,” Roger said lightly. “Ever since we were little kids. You’re not a cherry anymore, so why not?”

“Because you’re my brother!” Marsha cried. “Now you get out of here, or I’m gonna start screaming!”

“Aw, Sis…”

Then Roger rose from the bed and stood facing her. Her eyes bulged at the sight of the biggest prick she’d ever seen.

Her brother’s nine-inch prick seemed vastly larger than Bobby’s — incredibly long and as thick as a gigantic salami. Blue veins showed on the swollen, throbbing shaft of his prick, and the knob was fat and rosy, the piss hole oozing cum.

Until then, Marsha had never realized how much she was into cock. Now her cheeks flushed as she felt her nipples tingling stiffly, and seconds later, her pussy was drenched with cunt cream.

Roger noted her lustful expression and smiled proudly. “You like a big cock, don’t you, little sister?”

“Oh, fuck,” Marsha whispered.

She kept on staring helplessly at his enormous prick, unconsciously licking her lips. She did nothing as he climbed onto the bed with her and straddled her tits, planting his knees on the mattress between her arms and ribcage.

Then he held her head up gently, and she felt his big, drooling cock head touching her lips.

“Suck my cock,” he said. “Come on, Sis. You know you want to. Give me a blow job. Make it a good one, and I’ll let you suck on my prick any time you want.”

Marsha was ashamed of herself, but she didn’t hesitate. Her cunt was spasming too hard to be ignored. Groaning submissively, she opened her mouth and let her brother push his fat cock between her lips.

His prick tasted as good as it looked. A warm, secure feeling washed through her as she wrapped her lips in a tight circle around the shaft of her brother’s cock. Her pussy pulsed with her sudden horniness. Dropping her left hand between her thighs, she wantonly started finger-fucking her wet cunt.

“Suck my cock,” Roger moaned.

Marsha caved in her cheeks, increasing the suction around his cum-swollen prick. Then she started sucking her brother’s big prick, rolling her tongue all over his puffy, rosy cock knob, lapping up the cum juices that drooled from his piss slit.

“Oh, God!” Roger held the back of her head, grimacing and working his ass, lightly fucking his massive prick in and out of her buttery lips. “That’s, good, Sis! Oh fuck, you’re a good little cock sucker! Harder! Make me cum!”

Marsha had given Bobby a lot of blow jobs before finally letting him push his cock into her cunt. She’d liked it — liked it a lot — but she’d never felt anything like this.

Her pussy was burning and juicing profusely as she savored the taste of her brother’s prick, rolling her tongue around it and gnawing it as if savoring the taste of an all-day lollipop. She loved the rubbery stiffness of his cock shaft, the salty taste of the pre-cum oozing up from his balls. She didn’t want his prick to ever go down; she just wanted to suck and suck and suck some more, for hours.

Now that she’d given in, she let herself enjoy his body. Hornily, she slid her hands over his chest and thighs, pausing between his legs to cup and knead his big, hairy balls.

Then she put her left hand on her gushing pussy, pumping her fingers between her puffy, swollen cunt lips, rubbing her aching clit hard. Her right hand closed around the throbbing shaft of her brother’s cock.

Marsha eagerly and expertly beat his cock meat, tugging and stroking the loose flesh as she sucked feverishly on his bloated prick knob.

“I’m gonna cum!” Roger gasped.

He started fucking her face hard, until her mouth was stuffed with over half of his prick. She started to gag, but then breathed through her nose and sucked harder than ever, until her cheeks were flushed brightly with the intensity of the blow job.

“Oh, fuck, Sis! Ahhhhh!”

Roger lunged forward, stabbing two-thirds of his fat cock down her buttery throat. Marsha started to choke and gag when his hot jism gushed from the tip of his pulsing cock.

It was delicious cum, and there was, a lot of it — more even than Bobby had produced. Repeatedly, his white, thick jizz squirted from his open piss slit, spraying down her throat in a torrent.

Marsha whimpered hornily around the mouth-filling thickness of his spurting prick. Her throat muscles worked, gulping down every drop. As his cock kept spurting, she finger-fucked her foaming pussy and nursed hornily on his delicious hard-on, determined to milk every drop of hot cum out of his balls.

Roger groaned and pulled his prick out of Marsha’s mouth. His prick was still as hard as stone, and his sister eagerly toyed with his big fucker, raking her fingernails up his cock shaft, pinching his spongy knob.

She didn’t feel ashamed anymore, though she’d just given her own brother a blow job. She just felt turned on.

Then Roger climbed off of her tits, moved down the bed, and crouched between her widespread thighs. She felt a twinge of fear as she realized he was going to put his fat cock in her little pussy.

“Be careful,” she whimpered. “Please, Roger. I’m not big down there. Don’t hurt my pussy!”

“It won’t hurt,” Roger murmured.

Holding his throbbing cock in his fist, he rubbed his prick knob against her pussy. She quivered and lifted her ass as she felt fresh lust coursing through her cunt. Then his cock head was inside her cunt, his big cock pushing deep into her pussy.

“Awww, Roger!” Marsha bit her lip and writhed helplessly on the bed, unable to bear the incredible sensations as her cunt was filled with her brother’s enormous cock. “Your prick’s so big inside me! Unhhh Roger, it’s stretching my pussy! Your prick is so big!”

But his cock kept fucking into her cunt, and it didn’t hurt at all. She lifted her head and groaned as she watched his slimy, veined prick shaft disappearing into her pussy. At the same time, she felt the thickness of his cock growing bigger in her cunt as it plowed farther up her hot fuckhole.

Roger paused with all of his prick up her fuck hole. “Does it hurt, Marsha?”

“Fuck me!”

Marsha wrapped her long legs tightly around his back. Then she feverishly humped and bucked her ass, pounding her dripping pussy onto his prick.

“It doesn’t hurt at all! Oh fuck, Roger! It feels so good! I love your big cock! Fuck my pussy hard!”

Roger pulled out his prick, then eased it back into her greasy fuck tunnel. She squealed loudly as his prick shaft brushed her clit. Then he started fucking her pussy, sawing his throbbing cock through the clasping wetness of her cunt.

Marsha writhed and shuddered beneath him on the bed, feeling her little cunt throb and burn with every thrust.

“I’m gonna cum,” she groaned. “Unh! Keep fucking me! Unhhhh — what a big prick! Oh fuck, oh shit! Fuck me hard!”

Her obscenities were almost loud enough to wake up Cindy and Todd. She humped her ass with an eagerness only a teenaged girl could muster, making the bed shake, slamming up her drenched pussy mound to meet her brother’s pistoning cock. Their bellies slapped together as they fucked.

“I’m gonna cum,” Roger moaned. “Oh, shit… really tight pussy.”

“I’m cumming too!” Marsha’s nipples tingled as the heat built in her cock-stuffed pussy. “Harder, Roger! Oh yes, fuck me hard! Unnngggghhh! It’s coming up now! Oh fuck, I feel it burning! Fuck meeeeeeee! Nnngg! Nnnggg — yes! I’m cuuummiiinnng!”

Her pussy throbbed and creamed all over his cock. He gritted his teeth and fucked her cumming cunt as hard as he could, thinking of nothing but the jism clotting his swollen balls. Then he fell between her thighs, and a torrent of thick jism burst from his balls, rushing up his cock shaft and spurting wildly into his sister’s tight, ravaged cunt.

“Unhhhh, Roger!” Marsha tightened her thighs around his waist and tightened her spasming pussy around his prick. “You’re cumming inside me… love to feel your cum…”

Furiously, she humped her ass, letting him drain his balls into the hot, syrupy tunnel of her cunt. She knew she’d committed incest, but it didn’t bother her. Her days of meaningless adolescent guilt were behind her completely. She couldn’t wait to suck and fuck her brother’s big prick all over again.


A few days later, Roger told Cindy how much he loved fucking his baby sister’s hot little cunt.

He told her because he knew she wouldn’t mind, and he was right. She was ready to spread her legs for anyone and thought it was wonderful that her young brother could enjoy the delights of their sister’s sweet pussy. As long as he had some hard prick left over for her.

Cindy’s main reaction was a lewd desire to taste Marsha’s pussy too. She hadn’t fucked another woman since Mrs. White had gone down on her. More and more, she found herself noticing Marsha’s tits, watching the cheeks of her small, plump ass.

Cindy bided her time, waiting for the opportunity to seduce the girl. She knew that her big tits on her little body could inspire a hard-on in any man; it was only logical that her oversized tits could incite the same arousal in a girl.

Finally, Todd took Roger fishing on the nearby lake one hot Sunday afternoon; this left Cindy alone with her baby sister in the house. Todd and she had to attend a party the next week, and while trying on clothes, for it, she realized that Marsha might get turned on to her body if she asked for her help.

“Marsha, honey,” she called. “Could you come in here for a second?”

Gnawing on a peach, the young girl entered the bedroom. Cindy turned to her, wearing a floor-length gown with a neckline that plunged to reveal her deep, jiggling cleavage.

“Shit! I’m sorry to bother you, Marsha, but you know I’ve got to go to that Goddamn party with Todd, and I still don’t know what to wear. How’s this look to you?”

Cindy took a deep breath, making her tits almost burst through the gown. She was gratified when Marsha stole a startled look at her tits.

“Fine, I guess.”

“Do you think it’s too revealing? I mean, I want to look nice, but I don’t want every asshole there pawing at my tits.”

“Well, I don’t know. I guess the neckline is pretty low.”

“Do me a favor, and stick around while I try on something else.” Cindy turned her back to be unzipped.

Cindy felt Marsha’s fingers tremble as she tugged down the zipper. She stepped out of the gown, leaving herself naked except for her bra and panties. Her big red nipples showed clearly through the lacy white cups.

“Gee, maybe I’ll wear this one,” she said, rummaging through her closet. “What do you think… no… no, better try this one instead. Only I’ll need another bra…”

Cindy turned towards her kid sister and took off her bra as casually as she could. Her enormous, bare tits bounced out. Her silver dollar-sized nipples were stiff and crinkled with excitement.

Marsha made a whimpering sound, opening her mouth wide and dropping the peach on the rug.

“Is something wrong, honey?” Cindy asked innocently. “What’re you staring at me like that for?”

“God, you’ve got a big bust,” Marsha whispered.

“Oh?” Cindy felt her pussy getting wet as she stepped close to the girl, her crimson nipples nearly brushing her arm. “I know that, honey. Do you really like the way my tits look?”

The invitation in her voice was unmistakable, as was the arousal in Marsha’s wide-eyed face. She was obviously very horny for her sister’s body, but was too scared to make the first move.

“Go ahead.” Taking Marsha’s hand, Cindy lifted it to her heaving tits. “Feel my tits up a little.”

Marsha groaned as she closed her fingers around Cindy’s big, spongy tit. Cindy giggled as she saw her sister’s nipples stiffening through her halter top. She cupped her hand gently behind Marsha’s neck, drawing her head to her nipple.

“You like the way my tits feel, don’t you?” she purred. “Suck my nipple. That really turns me on.”

Trembling, Marsha bent her head and wrapped her lips around Cindy’s cherry-red nipple. She sucked it like a baby, tweaking the rubbery tit-tip between her lips and teeth.

“Oh fuck, that’s really turning me on! Suck harder, baby! Unhhh! Play with my cunt!”

Marsha sucked feverishly, making hungry slurping sounds as she nursed on Cindy’s big tit. Cindy took her hand and put it on her steaming pussy.

Boldly now, Marsha separated Cindy’s panty crotch from her wet cunt and pushed a long finger into her syrupy pussy.

“Are you getting horny now, honey?” Cindy asked. “Is your pussy all wet?”

Marsha stopped sucking, blushed, and nodded her head. Cindy pushed her to the bed, made her lie down and struggled with her cutoffs. “I’m glad, baby sister, because I’m horny too. And now I’m going to suck your sweet little cunt.”

Cindy tore off the girl’s cut-offs, tossing them to the floor. She spread her sister’s slender legs and stared at the hairy lips of her pussy. Then she sighed and buried her head between her thighs, hungrily starting to suck her hot cunt.

“Unnggghhh!” Marsha stiffened and lifted her ass as she felt her big-titted sister wiggle her tongue between her pussy folds. “That feels good, Cindy! Unhhh! Suck my cunt some more!”

Cindy thrust her hands under Marsha’s humping ass, digging her fingers into her firm ass cheeks. Then she sucked the girl’s pussy wildly, lapping, up the hot fuck juices that oozed from her cunt.

“Nnnnggg!” Cindy felt her sister’s pussy throbbing on her mouth, growing wetter and hotter by the second. “I like that!” Marsha feverishly bucked her ass, pounding her pussy onto her lips. “Suck my cunt some more! Unhhhh, eat my cunt!”

Her ass was bucking so quickly that Cindy stopped trying to hold it in position. Withdrawing her hands, she ran them caressingly all over her young sister’s body, squeezing and stroking her thighs, running her fingers lightly up her arms and peck and face.

Marsha’s tits were heaving, and her pussy was very wet and hot. Keeping her tongue buried in the girl’s juicing cunt, Cindy pulled off her halter top, leaving her completely naked. She massaged Marsha’s full, firm tits and pinched her nipples as she ate out her fuck hole, pausing occasionally to lick her clit.

“Ummm! Unnggghhh, Cindy! Ummmm!” Marsha gasped and whipped up her ass so hard that she writhed all over the bed, unable to bear the heat pumping inside her gurgling cunt. “Suck meeee! Unggghh, Cindy! It feels so good! I’m cumming now! Suck my clit! Unh — unh — unh — unh! Yes, unh, oh God! Unh! Cuummiiinng!”

Marsha’s hairy cunt throbbed on Cindy’s mouth, and Cindy felt her tongue slipping through a fresh tide of slippery fuck cream. Wrapping her lips around her sister’s throbbing clit, she sucked it tenderly through the duration of her orgasm.

Nearly two minutes later, Marsha stopped cumming and let her ass cheeks fall back onto the bed. With stray cunt curls sticking to her lips, Cindy lifted her head from between the teen’s slender legs.

“Now you get to suck my cunt, honey.” She climbed up on her sister’s lithe body and sat on her face, grinding her hot pussy onto her lips.

Marsha breathed around the thick muff covering her lips and groaned with pleasure as she tasted the wetness of her first cunt.

“Doesn’t my pussy taste good?” Cindy giggled.

Marsha responded by groaning and wrapping her hands tightly around Cindy’s ass cheeks. Then she thrust up her tongue, spearing and wriggling it between the flowering folds of her big sister’s pussy.

“Unnggghhh!” Cindy grimaced and lifted her head, feeling her clit tingle and protrude from its protective covering. “Oh fuck, Marsha!” Her enormous tits bounced and swayed as she started humping her ass, grinding and fucking her pussy onto Marsha’s lips. “Suck my clit, honey! Make me cream!”

Marsha tongued and sucked and licked and kissed her big sister’s pussy like a hungry animal, shamelessly delighting in the pungent aroma of her fuck slit. The enthusiasm with which she ate her out told Cindy that deep down inside, whether she knew it on not, Marsha had always wanted to suck another woman’s cunt.

“Get my clit!” Cindy separated her pussy slit to show her hard, twitching, little bud. “Oh fuck, I’m horny! Suck my clit, Marsha! I’ve got to cum!”

Excitedly, Cindy kneaded her own huge tits, pinching her nipples very hard as she felt her little sister spearing her tongue into her pussy.

Marsha wrapped her lips around Cindy’s clit and sucked it gently, sliding her tongue around the protruding clit button.

“I’m gonna cum, Marsha!” Cindy gasped as she felt the burning twat start to gush through her aching pussy. “Suck my clit hard!”

Marsha stiffened two fingers, thrust them into Cindy’s gushing pussy tunnel and jacked her off hard and fast. She puckered her cheeks and sucked Cindy’s clit harder, like she was sucking the big, stiff cock of her brother.

“Cumming!” Wildly, Cindy pulled her own nipples and pounded her hairy pussy onto her sister’s mouth, groaning and sighing as the spasms shot through the depths of her fuck hole. “Unnngggghh! Oh fuck, Marsha! Oh fuck! It feels good! Suck me now! Ummnnnggg! I’m cummiiing!”

Cindy’s nipples and clit tingled, and her pussy throbbed and juiced. Excitedly, Marsha squeezed her ass cheeks, finger-fucked her pulsing pussy and sucked off her swollen, pink clit.

Then Cindy’s cum subsided, and Marsha tenderly lapped the cunt foam from the open lips of her horny pussy.

Cindy looked down and saw that Marsha’s face was covered with cunt juice. “You really taste good, Cindy,” the girl giggled. “I liked your cunt a lot.”

“Suck my pussy some more,” Cindy demanded, and fucked her cunt on Marsha’s face all over again.

With three people in her household to fuck, Cindy wondered if she’d ever have to hit the street for fucking and sucking again.


Todd and Marsha sat on the living room couch downstairs, paying only slight attention to the TV. Since she’d moved in with them, Todd had become very close to his wife’s smart, seemingly innocent sister. It thrilled him that someone in his house seemed interested in his business.

“Manufacturing’s really very exciting when you get into it,” he continued, facing the girl on the couch. “I mean, you’ve got to figure output and demand by everything from the interest rates to the December futures price on some weird commodity. You’re betting big money all the time, and if you miss, well it’s really nerve-wracking, but it’s exciting at the same time.”

Marsha politely nodded her head, Todd was about to continue when they were interrupted by a moan from the upstairs bedroom.

“Fuck me, Roger!” It was Cindy’s lustful voice. “Oh Jesus, your prick feels huge inside my cunt! Unnggghhh! All the way… that’s right… fuck my pussy, Roger! Unh! Unh, fuck me haaaard!”

The frenzied moans were followed by rhythmic humping and creaking from the upstairs bed. Todd blushed fiercely and looked at Marsha as if trying to retrieve the threads of their polite conversation. Then he gave up, let his expression crack and miserably buried his head in his hands.

“She is such a total fucking slut!” he cried miserably. “I give her a good home, two-thirds of my Goddamn income, and all she wants to do is fuck anything that Goddamn well moves on two feet!”

“Aw, Todd.” Marsha wiggled her ass close to him on the couch and sympathetically touched his arm. “It’s not that bad. Cindy loves you.”

“I swear, all she wants to do is fuck!” Todd moaned. “If it’s not in her pussy it’s in her mouth, and if I just can’t get it up anymore, she makes me go down on her till my tongue feels like it’s going to fall out of my head. I swear, sometimes at work, I’m ready to pass out on the Goddamn desk! She wants me to fuck her ten times a night! Jesus, she wakes me up at three in the morning to fuck! And if I won’t fuck her, she jacks off so hard that I can’t get back to sleep!”

“Harder, Roger!” Cindy cried, as if providing the proof to her husband’s complaint. “Unngghhh! My pussy’s all wet! Fuck your prick in it, little brother! Make my pussy cum!”

“Aw, Todd, don’t feel bad,” Marsha said. Todd glanced up at the ceiling and shook his head as he watched bits of plaster flutter to the living room floor, shaken by the heaving, humping bed.

“First she started fucking all the neighbors. Then I made her be a tutor, so she started fucking all the teenagers too. She knows God damn well that those big tits of hers can get her any guy she wants. So I ask her kid brother to stay with us, figuring he’ll calm her down a little and you can hear what happened because of that. Jesus! Fucking her own kid brother!”

“And her kid sister, too,” Marsha said softly.

Todd looked at Marsha in dismay. She smiled at him both sympathetically and seductively and placed her hand on the inside of his leg.

“I used to be the same way you are, Todd,” she whispered. “My parents told me it was wrong to fuck, so I felt ashamed of myself when I did. But that’s ridiculous. Fucking feels so good. As long as you don’t hurt anybody, you should fuck as much as you can!”

“But what about making money!” Todd bellowed. “I’ve got my career to look after! Who do you think bought this house?”

“Cindy doesn’t care about the house,” Marsha giggled. “All she cares about is fucking. It feels so good, Todd. You should fuck more often.”

Then she placed her hand on the bulge his cock made in his slacks, massaging it lewdly. Todd’s jaw sagged as he watched his wife’s little sister work on his prick.

“Marsha, what are you doing?”

“I’m trying to give you a hard-on,” she purred huskily. “Todd, why don’t you let me give you a nice, juicy blow job? That’ll show you what I mean.”

Todd gaped at her. Expertly, she undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. Then she pushed his pants and shorts down to his ankles, exposing his big, hard cock.

“Umm, Todd, you’ve really got a big prick!”

Crouching beside him on the couch, Marsha giggled as she wrapped her little hand tightly around the swollen shaft of his prick.

“And your prick’s all stiff and twitchy, too. You’re horny for my mouth, aren’t you?”

“Oh, God.” Todd seemed torn between his lust and the last traces of his puritanical morality. “Oh, Jesus… I guess I am.”

Sighing softly, Marsha stretched out in a comfortable position beside him. Then, resting her cheek on his hard, hairy stomach, she popped the spongy knob of his cock into her mouth.

His prick wasn’t as big as Roger’s, but it was still very large. She had to stretch her lips wide to get his shiny-skinned cock knob down her throat. She gurgled contentedly as she tasted the salty heat of his prick, realizing that she would now have one more delicious prick to suck.

“Oh fuck, that feels good…” Todd groaned and thrust his hands in her long hair.

Marsha contentedly sucked his prick for a while, swishing her tongue around his puffy cock knob, lapping up his pre-cum, noisily smacking her lips on the steely stiffness of his cock.

But her pussy was getting wet, end she had to suck harder. Gurgling, she pushed more of his cock down her throat. She puckered her cheeks and flushed brightly as she sucked his prick as hard as she could, bobbing her head over his lap.

Todd’s big prick grew stiffer than ever between her lips. He felt amazingly horny, partly because she was such a good prick sucker and party from the forbidden pleasure of having such a young girl nursing on his prick.

“Harder, Marsha!” Hungrily, he bucked his ass, fucking her pretty face with his stone hard cock. “Unhh, that feels good! Suck off my prick! Oh fuck, I want to cum!”

Marsha wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of his prick. Furiously, she began to beat his cock meat, milking and tugging more of his cock down her throat. The smacking, gurgling sounds of the wet blow job filled the living room.

“Cumming!” Todd gasped. His balls swelled with fuck cream, and his cock twitched and jerked to total stiffness in her buttery mouth. “Suck it… suck my prick!”

But just as he was about to shoot, Marsha took his cock from her lips and tightly pinched his knob to keep the cum from spurting out.

Todd winced in pain and frustration. “God damn it! Why’d you have to stop sucking my cock now!”

“Because you’re going to fuck me, lover,” Marsha replied simply. “You’ve really got a big hard-on. I want to feel your cock in my cunt!”

Marsha rose from the couch and hurriedly stripped, throwing her blouse and jeans, bra and panties cross the room. Her naked body was voluptuous for her age, without the extremely oversized tits of her older sister.

Todd felt his cock start to ache and burn as he studied her long, slender legs and the hairy mound of her horny cunt.

Marsha got on her hands and knees on the floor in front of the television, making his mouth water at the sight of her small, peach shaped ass. Then she spread her knees in the dog-fucking position, opening her pussy slit. She looked at him expectantly over her shoulder.

“Fuck me, Todd! Fuck that big cock up my cunt!”

Todd moaned as he joined her on the floor. He crouched over her lithe body, held his cock in his fist and pushed his prick knob between the pouting, puffy lips of her pussy. He almost came on the spat as he felt the slippery walls of her cunt tunnel embracing the aching hardness of his prick.

“Unngggghh!” Marsha bit her lips and grimaced as she felt his big cock going into her pussy, spreading her velvety cunt walls around his prick shaft. “Oh Todd, you’ve got such a big cock! No wonder Cindy married you! Fuck me with it, Todd! Fuck my cunt hard!”

Todd slid his hands up her slender waist, cupping her firm, full tits. Then he started to fuck rapidly in and out of her hairy pussy, feeling her pink cunt clink to his prick with every thrust.

“Haaarder!” Marsha feverishly humped her ass, grunting every time his cock was buried to the balls in her syrupy cunt. “Unnhhhh! My cunts so wet! I’m gonna cum, Todd! Fuck me hard!”

Todd concentrated on keeping his load down. He’d been on the verge of spurting when Marsha had stopped sucking prick; now the juicy tightness of her pussy made it very hard not to spray her cunt with jizz.

He tightened his hold on her tits and fucked her fast, groaning as a bone-like stiffness tingled and swelled through his cock. Her cunt was very wet, and his prick juiced profusely, oozing cum drippings into the depths of her hungry fuck tunnel.

“Cumming!” Marsha cried.

Todd felt her cunt spasming around his prick as an orgasm overwhelmed her.

“Fuck me, fuck me haaard! Unggh! Oh fuck! Oh fucking shit! Cuuummmiiinnng!”

Todd fucked her pussy frantically through the duration of her cum, sighing as he prepared to drop his load of jism into her ravished fuck hole. But Marsha pulled away from him, falling flat on her belly on the floor.

“Goddamn it!” Todd bellowed.

Then Marsha spread her ass cheeks with her fingers, exposing the pink, hairless ring of her asshole.

“Shoot your cum in there!” she moaned wantonly. “Fuck me up the ass!”

Before his eyes, her little asshole throbbed and puckered lewdly. He thought his prick was going to explode. His big cock shaft twitched and jerked wildly as he centered his knob on her asshole. Then she pushed down hard, feeling the walls of her shitter open to admit his aching, burning prick.

“Unggghhh!” Marsha clawed the floor and flushed brightly as her asshole stretched to admit his cock. “Big fucking prick… so good… hurt me with it… fuck me awwwwww!”

Her asshole was very tight and hot. Todd held onto her tits and bucked savagely above her, forcing his prick down her rubbery ass tunnel. She screamed with mingled pain and pleasure, steadily humping and wriggling her ass beneath him.

Finally, his cock was all the way inside her ass, buried to the balls. He groaned and pulled out his cock, watching his blue-veined prick shaft reappear from the tightly muscled ring of her asshole.

Then he started fucking her asshole hard and fast, oblivious to her needs, thinking of nothing but the load of jism boiling in his balls.

“Haarder! Unhhhhh, good!”

Humping frantically, Marsha thrust her hand under her belly and shamelessly started jacking off her pussy as Todd filled her tender asshole with his long, thick cock.

“I’m gonna cum again, Todd! Keep fucking my ass!”

“Unh, unh, unh…” Todd grunted as his big prick started to tremble in the churning depths of her asshole. “Oh, Marsha… unh, unh, unh…”

“Fuck meeeee!” Marsha bucked and writhed as if in the throes of a fit, flexing her asshole around his cock, massaging her clit with her fingers. “Unngggghh, Todd! I love it! Fuck my asshole! Unnggghh! Oh yes, oh fuck, it’s good! Cuuummmiiinnng!”

Her asshole clenched and squeezed around his pistoning prick. He collapsed on her sweating body and dropped his load.

It was one of the biggest cums he’d had in his life. Torrents of jizz spurted from his piss hole, bathing the inner walls of Marsha’s asshole.

Marsha groaned obscenely and wiggled her ass, letting her ravished asshole milk all the cum out of Todd’s balls. He kept pumping his prick between her jiggling ass cheeks, feeling as if his cock would never stop gushing cum.

But finally, the spurts of jism subsided into a trickle. Moaning, Todd embraced Marsha and kissed her tenderly.

He had enjoyed fucking his wife’s little sister, and he’d cum buckets up her asshole, though it hadn’t been more than a few hours since Cindy had last drained his balls of cum. Maybe his wife had been right all while.

Fucking was all that mattered.

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