Wife Going Down

Normal. A frequently used word, yet a word whose exact meaning is as elusive as the term “perverse”. What those two words imply seems to vary from nation to nation, from community to community, from person to person.

Among one African tribe it is considered obscene to expose ones back to others. In many Eskimo communities it is the height of hospitality for a man to offer his wife to a quest.

The Bacons appear outwardly to be an average American family. Phil Bacon is a typical-looking father, Louise Bacon considers herself to be like today’s housewife, and Monty Bacon could pass for anybody’s son. Yet the three of them behave in ways that many others would consider abnormal. But even they are eventually convinced that they are doing nothing wrong.

And who is to say whether they are normal or perverse? WIFE GOING DOWN — a novel of major interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior.


She had huge, pointed tits and a beautiful cunt. The man couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared down at the woman’s naked, irresistible body languishing on the tied. At first, when he had picked her up, in the bar, he had felt normal desire for her. That same desire had now turned into sheer driving lust as he stared at the glistening lips of her pussy between widely splayed, creamy thighs.

His nostrils flared with the heavy scent of her erotic perfume as his eyes delved into the deep valley between her thrusting tits.

Slowly lifting his gaze from her huge breasts, a hot grin spread across his face. It had been a long time since he had seen such an exquisite face as that of the woman lying before him. And the perfect features were framed by rich, raven-colored hair, softly cascading down around her bare shoulders.

“Take off your shorts,” she said her voice a low, throaty growl full of her own lust. “I want to see your cock.”


“What’s the matter?” she said, glancing momentarily up at his face.

“I don’t know… it’s just so strange.”

“What’s strange about a cock and a cunt getting together?”

“But I don’t even know your name.”

“I don’t know yours, either. So what? We didn’t come up to your hotel room for name guessing games, did we?”

“No… uh, I guess not.” Her candid bluntness made him a little embarrassed. “What do you like?”

“Everything,” she crooned, shaking her dark hair over his cock and tickling the head with it. “I like everything!”

Suddenly her head swooped down. Her ruby, burning lips seized the bulging head of his meat.

She sucked, using her cheeks and lips like a milking machine, sending a sharp thrill through his body.

“Good Christ Almighty.” He lunged forward, feeding her prick into her face.

The next moment she was using her lips and tongue with diabolical skill, teasing and applying suction gently one moment and feverishly the next, circling him with her hot tongue, then vibrating it so rapidly that he groaned with pleasure. She used her soft hands along with her lips, stroking and fondling delicately, then with firm, eager pressure, until wild ripples of bliss shuddered through his loins.

She suddenly stopped and lay back on the bed, drawing her knees up and parting her thighs. Her eyes blazed with excitement.

“Come on,” she urged. “Hurry!”

Her cold, crisp manner filled him with distaste, but she had aroused him to a tremendous pitch of excitement, priming him to fuck. He mounted her and cautiously probed the soft wetness between her pubic hairs. With a moan of impatience, she grasped him by the base of his swollen cock and jerked up sharply. He groaned as her moist cunt meat gripped him firmly in its luscious tightness. Violent, tingling thrills surged through him as she applied waves of pleasure with her taut pussy.

She gave him a hard, passionate kiss on the lips, pressing her hot body to him. Then she raised her legs high, resting them on his shoulders for maximum penetration.

“C’mon, lover, you wanted to fuck… let’s fuck!”

“Yes, yes, fuck… FUCK!”

“Pour your cock into me,” she hissed, as if in anger. “Give it all to me!”

Her fingers dug into his buttocks firmly as she began to jerk her hips in a steady rhythm, purring in her throat like an animal. She commanded the tempo of their lunging to a slow, dreamy pace, clamping fiercely on his cock, making him suck in his breath at the delicious tightness, shifting easily from a back-and-forth jerking to a slow, circular swinging of her hips.

She was in charge of the situation, and she let him know it. She wanted a long, satisfying fuck, not a quick bunny hump. “You a fast come?”

“Some… sometimes,” he gasped.

“Well, don’t be tonight.”

There was no sense of urgency in their fucking, no haste to rush for a come. Beneath him, she seemed to be lost in bliss, moaning softly as he lunged in an even rhythm. Each time he tried to quicken his thrust into her succulent hot depths she dug her nails into his ass and told him to slow down.

“Oh shit, it’s good. Your cunt is so good!”

“I know it’s good, lover. It’s the best.”

With her legs and the muscles in her milking cunt, she guided his meat back and forth between her hairy lower lips. She reached between his legs and bounced his balls in one hand while she stroked his inner thigh with the other.

Then he was pounding harder and she was responding. She began to utter little grunts of anguished rapture every time he penetrated her deeply. Each time he went all the way into her, she clutched his body convulsively, flattening her big tits against the hard wall of his chest.

He looked into her half-closed eyes, hooded with passion and desire. What a whore this cunt was, he thought, and what a fuck she gave!

And then she lost all the control she had been maintaining. Her moans became gasps of joy as she abruptly began jerking her hips in a furious pace. She rammed her tongue between his lips and squeezed his buttocks hard. She shuddered and quivered her frantic, slippery cunt on his prick, twisting and squirming deliriously each time he slid in to the hilt, gorging her. She arched her hot, damp body to his and sobbed praise in his ear, shocking, vulgar words that added fire to his excitement.

A searing release exploded in his loins and she twitched her hips convulsively in ecstasy, draining him eagerly.

His gushing come seemed to trigger hers.

“Are you comin’? Are you comin’, too?” he panted.

Her whole body shook spastically as her muscles strained in her orgasm. “Yes, yes! I’m coming! OH FUCK! SHIT! I’M COMING LIKE A FOUNTAIN!”

The straining body beneath him and the clasping, velvet cunt over his cock brought him to the summit of his raging lust. Like a raging torrent, streams of molten cum poured into her belly in great, thick gushes. Waves of bliss flowed over the beautiful woman as she felt his cum puddle and form pools in her waiting cunt. The agonizing beauty of her orgasm flowed through every fiber of her body.

“Don’t stop… not yet!” she screamed as she grabbed his cock and forced its length inside her again. “Oh God, fuck me, keep fucking me!”

She was nearly out of her mind with desire as wave after wave of orgasmic release flooded her writhing, battered flesh. She wailed and cried out her ecstasy as, at last, she stretched to her final peak and then felt it subside.

Then she lay still. She felt his limp cock slip from her cunt with a lewd, wet, sucking sound, and felt him move away from her.

Not bad, she thought, opening her eyes and gazing dully at the ceiling. I’ve had better, but then I’ve had a lot worse.

She checked her watch. Two o’clock. She had an hour before Monty would be home from school. Maybe she could get one more fuck out of the salesman before she had to split.

Then she remembered his words: “I don’t even know your name.” Hell, he was the third one this week, and she didn’t know any of their names! They were just cocks to her, and that’s all she wanted them for. She didn’t love thin. She saved all her love far her husband and her son, even though she and her husband had been separated for nearly a year.

Her mind drifted to the coming weekend, to the last chance they were going to give themselves for reconciliation. After the weekend she would either remain Mrs. Philip Bacon, or become just plain Louise Bacon.

The man came back from the bathroom and lay down beside her.

“That was wonderful,” he offered.

“Was it?”

“The best.”

“Want some more?”

“I… I don’t know if I can get it up,” he replied sheepishly.

Her hand crept down to his limp cock and casually began to heft and caress it with practiced fingers. In spite of his recent come, he responded to her soft, expert touch quickly. In seconds, he was nearly erect again.

“Goddamn, you really know what you’re doing!”

“I should,” she chuckled.

With a shake of her head she rolled between his spread legs and primed him again with her hungry wet lips and probing tongue. Soon he was throbbing and swollen with readiness. She released him and got off the bed, her eyes smoldering.

“Sit on the edge,” she ordered crisply.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and she turned her back to him and lowered herself on his lap, her legs dangling over his. She reached between her thighs and rasped his meat, rubbing its crest for a minute in the fiery wetness of her cunt, thoroughly moistening it.

The next moment she gave him the surprise of his life.

She suddenly slid forward a few inches, and, holding him firmly, probed the crevice of her soft, warm buttocks. Then she slid dawn with a sharp cry.

Along with his astonishment, a violent, searing thrill tore through his cock at the incredible tightness of her asshole. Her body trembled wildly for a minute, and she clutched his outer thighs so fiercely with her fingers that he winced in pain. She began to sob, half in bliss, half in pain, as she gently squirmed her asshole on his cock, making him grit his teeth at the fiery pressure.

“Am I hurting you?” he panted.

“Of course you’re hurting me,” she hissed. “You’ve got a big cock and it’s all the way up my asshole. It’s bound to hurt. That’s why I’m doing it!”

The man was floored. No woman had ever taken his dick so easily up her ass. He could hardly believe it when he felt the flesh part, as if commanded by his cock, and the huge knob slip easily in her rear hole.

She bucked and rammed her ass backward against him. He paused for a moment, straightening up on his knees to look down at the firm joint of their bodies. The monstrous head of his prick had disappeared entirely, swallowed up between the honey-like globes of her ass in a hole that he swore had to be stretched to the breaking point.

They fell forward onto the floor until he was on his knees, dog-fashion, behind her gleaming buttocks.

“OH GOD! It’s good… it’s so fucking good!” she shrieked. “It feels like your cock is right in the middle of my throat! Is your prick all the way in? Is that all of it? Give it to me! All your cock! Ram the whole fucking thing up my ass!”

“You sure? You really want it all?”

“Yes, yes, you idiot, give it to me!” she cried.

In answer, he rammed forward, impaling her ass on the full length of his thick meat. As he started his long, hard strokes, her ass began furiously meeting his hips, its muscles tightening and loosening around his cock to aid in his complete satisfaction.

Faster and faster he fucked her ass, his need and lust heightened by the sight of her head and tits bobbing wildly. Her dark hair flew, bouncing around her shoulders and falling in soft waves over her back. Saliva dripped from her mouth and curled onto her chin. The snowy globes of her big tits were trembling and rippling, swinging to and fro as they slapped against each other noisily.

Then, as she had before in her cunt, she now went crazy with the cock up her asshole.

She began lunging like an animal on his erect meat. Her sobs and wails got louder and louder as the silken tautness of her asshole drove fierce jolts of electricity through his cock.

“Now, NOW!” she wailed. “Play with my tits! Squeeze ’em, hurt ’em! Make me come!”

He hungrily cupped her huge melon-like globes in his hands and squeezed and tweaked them from behind, until she was twisting and jerking on him frantically, sucking in her breath with pain and ecstasy. Less than a minute later, an electrifying climax burst in his cock, racing through every nerve in his body.

She came with him, the combined pain and pleasure of her anal climax sending rippling waves of heat across her skin and making her pussy gush its juices.

Her wild, wriggling buttocks finally subsided, and with a groan she pitched forward onto the carpet.

“Why? Why do you do it if it hurts?” the man asked, heaving for breath, but intensely curious.

She smiled. “Because it feels damn good, too… once you get used to it. The other stuff becomes sort of a drag after a while. You know, honey… new kicks!”

This woman was the best fuck he had ever had. And, now, it was he who wanted more.

“If you can stick around another half hour or so, I think I can get hard again.”

“No way,” she replied, slipping from his grasp and heading for the bathroom, her flashy ass cheeks bobbing delightfully.

“Maybe if I eat you a little I can get hard right away!”

She paused in the doorway. “I don’t have time. My kid gets out of school in half an hour. I gotta take him to Little League practice.”


The knuckles on Phil Bacon’s right hand gleamed white where he gripped the glass. The feel of the glass in his hand helped. What the glass would give him was going to do the job. Three drinks, maybe four, and he could walk the block and a half to her apartment and play out the hand that he had dealt himself. The smiles, the tenderness, the loving words… and the caressing and hard sex. That would be the route with Gloria… all she expected and all he needed.

And then he would be able to go home and sleep, home to his apartment.

He would like to go to his real home and fuck his real wife. She would probably let him. And then she would make fun of him. And the fuck she gave him would be cold and calculating, as it had been ever since the first time she had caught him cheating on her.

Where had it all started? Who had been the first to step out on the other? When would it all end? Would the coming weekend make any difference?

Phil doubted it.

Phil was the type of man that needed more than one woman. Did that make him a heel? He didn’t feel he fit that description.

People who knew him considered him a right guy — genial, intelligent, and honest, with a touch of humor sparking his gray eyes. Thirty years old, he was medium-height, with the athletically slim body of a college letterman, dark-haired, rather lean faced and serious.

He was marked for great things in the firm of Harris and Associates. He was, people said, the man to watch. He had just brought a couple of good-sized accounts into the fold and old man Harris had let him know that he was in line for the first upper-level opening that occurred. At that rate, if all went well, he would be a vice-president before he was 40, and by the time he was 50… Well, who could say?

But Phil was far from being a happy man. He let the liquor slide dawn his throat, warming him all the way. He followed the first one with a second quickly and, by the time he was almost through with that, he felt the stuff in his blood, beginning to work on his brain.

Good! That was the feeling he wanted. He didn’t want to think when he went to see Gloria. Not think — just feel. It wasn’t that Gloria was so bad, though she was common enough… part-time model, sometime lancer, and playmate of many before he had found her.

His main complaint against Gloria was that she had become too serious, and that was something Phil wouldn’t permit himself. There was only one woman in the world fin him, really, and that was his wife. He felt certain that they eventually would work out their problems. But now he needed some kicks — sex kicks. And Gloria was the kinkiest lady he knew.

The fourth drink did the job. He moved from the bar to the street and walked the distance to Gloria’s pad.

He followed the concrete walk past the pool, which was deserted cm that cool evening, and up the stone steps to the outside corridor of the second floor. He stopped in front of the door marked ‘F’ and pressed the tiny white button on the wall. That ‘F’ had always struck him humorously, it seemed so damned appropriate.

Gloria opened the door immediately.

She wore a red sweater, buttoned down the front, and a black skirt, with dusky hose. Tumbling over the red on her shoulders was her long, loose hair that was very dark brown. He liked her hair. It was one of the most attractive things about her. She wore pendulous gold earrings that shook as she moved.

Gloria’s face was happy and girlish… oval in shape, the nose a bit too large, teeth very white, and her mouth full-lipped and wide, with dimples at its corners. She had warm dark-brown eyes and heavy brows.

She wasn’t too tall, just about right for Phil, and her body was inclined toward plumpness without having actually reached that stage yet. She had told him how careful she had to be of her diet. It was obvious that in ten or fifteen years she would definitely be on the fat side if she didn’t watch it. Well, that wouldn’t mean anything to him, would it? He wouldn’t know her then.

“Hello, baby,” he whispered as he took her into his arms, kissed the smooth skin of her neck, and smelled her perfume. She smelled good… just the way a woman ought to… and her body was warm and softly firm against him. He let his right hand slide down from her waist, as he usually did when they kissed, and spread over the fleshy mounds of her ample ass.

Her tits were like two hats, cushiony pillows flattened against his chest. She reached behind him and shut the door. “You’ve had a few,” she sniffed.

“A couple,” he said, cupping her tits.

“Can you stay the night?”

“No. I have a meeting in the morning.”

“Hey, c’mon. Don’t get on my back!” He took her in his arms.

She kissed his ear. “Okay. Just tell me you love me. If you keep saying that, I can’t be angry with you.”

He lied to her, but with passion, then added, “Want a drink?”

“Let’s forget about drinks,” she said huskily as she pressed herself closer to him. “Right now, I don’t need anything but you.”

Their mouths blended while he dropped both hands to her buttocks and pressed her cunt mound tightly against his crotch. Her lips were soft and moist and they tasted like raspberries. Her tongue was anxious and darting. He captured it, holding it lightly between his teeth, then pushed his own against it, shoving it back into her mouth, and he ran his tongue all around it. Their tongues played together passionately as his hands kneaded her soft ass. He worked it around and up and down, feeling the elastic of her panties at their lush under curves. He held one melon-like curve in each hand and moved them lightly up and down.

Finally Gloria pulled her mouth away from his, gasped, and shoved herself back. “WOW!”

“What’s the matter?” he asked with a playful smile.

“You’re ready, mister!” she teased.

“You think I don’t know that?”

She took his hand and looked warmly into his eyes. “Let’s do something about it, then.”

She led him into the softly lit bedroom and pulled the covers down over the foot of the wide bed, exposing what looked like an acre of smooth, pale-blue sheet.

Phil undressed himself and she did the same. There was none of the frantic scrambling after one another and the pulling at each other’s clothes which had marked their first few meetings. They were old hands at this, now.

He still liked to watch her, however… now as she unbuttoned the red sweater and took it off, exposing a neat black brassiere, its cups not too large and just full, not brimming. They tilted saucily upward. She unclasped the fasteners at the side of her skirt, let the short zipper down, and then stepped out of the garment, flexing trim but fully fleshed legs in black nylons.

Gloria kept looking at him as she undressed, smiling, and liking his interest in her. She wasn’t ally. She stretched the elastic of her slip, let it down, and stepped from it. Her black panties, sleek and shining, were sheer enough to see through.

She reached around to unclasp her bra.

Phil was just stepping out of his trousers as he continued to watch her. He watched the black satin bra come away from her breasts, slip down her creamy arms, and be gone. Succulent was the word for Gloria’s tits. They were softly ripe, full below, but quite concave at the top, giving their tips a particularly outthrust appearance. They didn’t have the all-over roundness of his wife’s, and neither were they as big as Louise’s. But Gloria’s tits were good. They had a saucy shape and her nipples were thick and could surge far out when she was fully aroused. They, and the medium-sized crinkly rings that surrounded them, were a dark rose-red. The breasts jiggled nicely with a kind of all-over tautness that made it seem as if they were mounted on springs.

Phil was nude before she was and he sat on the bed and waited for her. When she finally had slipped out of her thin panties and tossed them on top of the rest of her clothes on a chair, he watched her walk around the foot of the bed to the opposite side. Her tummy had a sexy swell to it where it rolled down to the darkness of her pubic bush.

His cock was quickly filling with blood and rising to its full length from his own hairy groin.

Gloria crossed to him and he took her in his arms. Gently he kissed her and took her big breasts in his hands. Then the kiss became harder, more passionate.

Her tits were already ripe with desire, the nipples erect under his caressing hands. Phil bent her back onto the bed and let his hands roam down along the flat planes of her belly to the smooth sweep of her long legs.

She squirmed under his exploring hands. “You don’t have to do that,” she breathed. “I’ve been ready since you got here. I want you, Phil darling. God, how I want you!”

Phil eagerly lay down beside her, all thoughts of Louise lost as his naked skin contacted the willing body beside him, a body of his own kind.

She moaned eagerly and turned toward him, her arms going around his shoulders to pull him to her. Her mouth closed on his, and he felt the hot pressure of her tongue between his teeth. His hand moved down her back, sliding easily because of the perspiration that had already started oozing from her pores.

He placed his face between her swollen tits and tasted their sweetness, enjoying the musky scent he found there. Her breath came quicker as he kissed the soft mounds and teased the erect tips with his tongue.

Then the heat hit Gloria’s mind and her cunt at the same time, causing an animal desire, the kind of desire Phil loved, to course through her body.

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers as she crushed her pelvis against his groin and mashed the pillowy fullness of her tits to his chest.

“Baby,” he breathed, toppled backward by the surprise and force of her lunging body.

“Fuck me, Phil!” she cried, as if in some wild agony of passion. “Rack your cock into my body, fill my pussy with it! I need it, I need it right now, this second! FUCK ME!”

She crushed her mouth to his and jammed her tongue into the cavity, using it like a spongy cock to fuck his mouth.

She grappled his hands around her body with her own and placed them on her taut asscheeks. He squeezed the fleshy globes without realizing that she had already stirred the passion in his body by just her proximity. His cock began to swell as he felt her hips grind against him.

He knew that no more fondling was necessary. He mounted her and lunged with an eager surge of passion into her frothing cunt. Her body twisted beneath his in spasms of delight. Deeper and deeper he pumped his cock, until a deep groan of satisfaction burst from her, and he felt her body thrust up against him, to cling and to shudder in sudden ecstasy.

“Again, again,” she mumbled. “Again, Phil darling, harder!”

He renewed his efforts, fucking as if he were trying to merge their bodies into one entity. Her excitement flourished again, and her body matched the wild rhythms of his own while the musky smell of their perspiration reached their nostrils and intensified their wild desire.

He felt her nails dig into his back and her heels beat a tattoo on his legs and butt as her passion reached a peak. Her body shook convulsively as she rammed against him bringing her hips up from the bed.

“Oh God, God, I love your cock, darling! I wish it were mine forever! I wish it would fill my cunt every hour of every day! Fuck me… FUCK MEEEEEE!”

“Get on top,” Phil said, pulling his meat from her velvety sheath and rolling over on his back.

Gloria straddled his throbbing tool with her body. The soft, juice-matted pubic hairs of her pussy tickled the head of his cock as she grabbed it and ran it up and down her oozing gash.

She lowered herself just enough to rub the knob of his cock between her legs, hoping to put out the fire that raged there. But each rub created an urge for another and another, harder and harder.

Phil was fascinated by the complete attention Gloria gave his cock, oblivious to his presence. Just her and the cock. It almost exploded his orgasm the way she looked at it. But it felt too good to end now, not without knowing what she would do next. She had it in her fist, rubbing it on her pussy and staying down at the union of his sex and hers, making Phil delirious with the urge to grab her and pull her down on the upright spear.

She rubbed the knob harder and faster into her slit, until she had an orgasm, thinking that would put out the fire. But his tickling, throbbing knob made it impossible to stop, even after the orgasm. She noticed that it felt best in a certain spot, bent her head lower to see if she could find it, spread the moist hair so she could see better, and felt a gratifying relief when it nestled between the pink, moist lips that seemed to gobble up the knob. As she lowered herself slowly, she went wild again.

Phil’s hands reached up and cupped her aching breasts. Her head was suddenly hot and mushy. With one quick bounce she impaled herself on his cock, sending the hard, throbbing meat into the depths of her belly. It hurt, stung, burned as the spear penetrated her completely, hurt all the way into her, all the time it was in her. But the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure.

She could feel the thick slab of meat pulsing, throbbing deep in her tight channel. She paused for a moment before going into another orgasm, when she felt the hot lava spray the walls of her pussy. She dove on Phil’s chest, dug her nails into him and cried, “More, more, MORE… OOWWWWW, uhhhmmm, harder, darling, harder… AARRRGGGHHHHH!”

Phil’s fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass and pulled her down with all his might, driving his cock up as hard and as deep as possible, his cum shooting into the depths of her belly. Gloria jerked and convulsed with pleasure, drawing every drop of jism out of his pounding prick.

“Uh… Mmmmmm,” she sighed as Phil splashed his juices onto the walls of her red hot furnace. Instead of quenching the fire, it kindled another.

“Ohhh, more, more… MORE!” Gloria’s voice came from deep in her throat. “Ohhh, yeah, that’s good… good… mmmm!”

It took several more minutes to come down from their mutual peaks. Gloria remained astride his body, his depleting cock still up her cuntal channel.

Phil lay staring blankly up at the ceiling, his eyes a mirror of his now satiated and nerveless body.

“You still love the bitch, don’t you?” Gloria said suddenly.

“You know fucking well who… your wife!”

“How can you tell?”

Gloria crawled from his body, her cunt oozing sperm across his belly and thighs, and headed for the bathroom. “A girl can always tell, darling. Are you still meeting her this weekend?”


Gloria paused at the door. “Well, don’t bother to come up here again until after the weekend. And, if you spend more than the weekend with her, don’t come back at all.”


Louise slowed the car and turned into the gate of the baseball field. Beside her, Monty fingered his gave apprehensively.

“MI right,” she said, “I’ll stay and watch far a few minutes.”

“Gee, thanks, Mom,” Monty beamed.

She returned his smile. God, how much like Phil he was, she thought. And he was growing almost too fast. His shoulders were filling out and he was already an inch taller than she. Sometimes, when he didn’t notice, Louise would look at her sixteen-year-old son and see Phil. This was disturbing to her because, during these times, she would feel the same desire for her son that she felt for her husband.

“Have a good practice, honey.”

“I will,” the boy said, jumping from the car and sprinting onto the field.

Louise started toward the bleachers and spotted the small cement house that served as restrooms for the field.

It will save a trip later, she thought, feeling a little of the salesman’s sperm ooze from her cunt to dampen her panties.

She crossed around the near side of the building until she found the door marked, ‘LADIES’.

Louise was all the way inside the dim room before she realized that she wasn’t alone. There were three, black-jacketed youths standing in a circle around a teenaged girl. As her eyes became accustomed to the light, she realized that the boys had their cocks out and the girl was going from one to the other, sucking them off.

They hadn’t heard or seen Louise enter. Not wanting to get involved, she started to turn and flee. But her heel caught in a crack in the floor. She cried out and grabbed one of the booth doors to keep her balance.

“Shit!” the girl cried. “She’s seen us!” She leapt to her feet and bolted for the door like a frightened rabbit.


“Grab her… don’t let her get out the door!”


The girl was gone and all three boys were now turned, watching Louise. Their cocks still protruded, long, thick and hard, from their jeans. Louise tried to look away, but she found herself staring at the three luscious hunks of male meat.

“Shit, lady,” one of them exclaimed, “you just busted up one fine blow job!”

“Yeah,” said a second. “We ought to make you take her place. It took us an hour to get that young cunt in here!”

“Hey, men,” said the third, “look at the way she’s starin’ at our pricks! I think she wants a little cock!”

They had advanced until Louise could feel their hot breath on her face and neck. And that wasn’t all she felt. One boy was behind her, running his cock up and down the crease of her ass right through her skirt. Another was in front of her, a using the bulbous knob of his cock against the bulge of her cuntal mound. The third boy was reaching for her hand to pull it down to his prick.

“Hey, lady, c’mon… feel my prick!”

“You know what?” said the boy behind her. “I think she likes it!”

“No… no,” Louise mumbled. “Stop this at once! I’ll call the police!”

“Shit,” said the boy in front of her. “We ain’t no cherries with the cops, lady. Now why don’t you just admit that you’d like to take that young cunt’s place? Shit, you can’t take your eyes off my cock. Wanna taste it?”

Oh, my God, Louise thought, he was right! Three beautiful cocks. I do want them! The thrill would be ten times what it had been that afternoon, fucking that tired salesman!

Suddenly all three of them jammed their hard pricks against her. Her cunt was oozing sex juice like a fountain. There was nothing she could do. Her body had taken over her mind.

Abruptly she leaned forward and kissed the boy in front of her, thrusting her hot, wet tongue between his startled lips.

With her free hand she placed his hands on her tits and then used it to massage the cock where it thrust achingly against the material of her skirt.

He accepted the kiss and felt the warmth of the woman’s heavy breasts shoot clear through his body down to his throbbing cock.

He was nearly breathless and gasping with desire when at last Louise brought her head away, her lips making a loud sucking noise as they left his.

She smiled at their youthful discomfort and, for the first time in her life, felt totally in command of a sexual situation. It gave her a sense of total freedom, and she loved it.

Then she suddenly unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it from her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. “Take my bra off,” she said, turning and thrusting her huge, heaving tits toward the boy behind her.

“Jesus, lady, you mean it?”

“Of course,” she said, “Don’t you want to feel my tits?”

“Yeah… yes,” he gasped, his mouth suddenly dry.

“Then take my bra off. Then you can all suck my nipples!”

They nearly tripped over each other getting to the clasp in the middle of the wide strap at her back. She shrugged the bra to the floor and shook her shoulders so that her huge, melon-like tits danced invitingly in front of their staring eyes.

Together, their heads bent and their mouths became fiery flesh as they laved and sucked on the long buds at the ends of her heaving tits.

“Undo your belts,” she said, reveling in the total conquest of the three virile young men. “I want to play with your beautiful cocks while you suck on my tits. I want to see them in my hands. Hurry!”

Still sucking greedily on her big breasts, they did as she ordered and kicked their pants from their ankles. Louise looked down around their heads where they bobbed and danced in youthful lust on her tits, and saw their cocks thrusting like brown rods of steel, straight out from their pubic mats.

She groaned in anticipation as she grasped the hunks of thick meat and slowly jacked them off. She could feel the seepage of sticky male cum from their pricks wetting the heels of her hands.

“I want you,” she moaned, thrusting her chest forward, burying her hard nipples farther between their sucking cheeks. “I want to suck your cocks in my mouth all at the same time! I want to have you fuck me in the cunt, in the ass, in the mouth. I want to feel you come all over me and inside me!”

They moaned and nodded eagerly as they sucked at her glorious tits and let their hands roam wildly over the smooth, sensuous flesh of her willing body.

“Do you want to do all that to me?” Louise panted, releasing their cocks and pulling their heads off her tits by yanking on their long black hair.

“Yeah… oh, shit, yeah!” they all cried, nearly in unison.

“Then c’mon,” she said, laughing and tripping across the room. As she moved, leading them like lambs with the provocative sway of her hips and ass cheeks, she unzipped her skirt and let it trail behind her.

Suddenly she turned and, with her legs spread wide and her hands on her hips, she hissed at them. “All right, you hot studs, you want a fuck, and I’ll give you a fuck you won’t soon forget! Pile your clothes here on the floor and make a bed out of them!”

They all three hastened to comply. Louise trembled hotly with desire as she knelt to the floor, then dropped on top of the pile of clothes. She stretched her legs out wide, then lifted her knees invitingly.

“All right… who’s first?”

“Me… I’m the leader!”

“What’s your name?”

“Oh no, I ain’t gonna give you no name to go runnin’ to the cops with!”

“What’s your fucking name? I’m not going to call you ‘hey, you’ when I want more of your cock!”

“Stan,” the boy replied meekly.

“All right, Stan,” Louise smiled. “C’mere, put your dick in a real woman’s pussy.”

Stan knelt down next to her legs. He was a slim boy. He couldn’t have been more than fifteen, but he had a mature-looking face. His hair was coal black and curly and he had dark, piercing eyes.

Grabbing Louise’s knees, he spread her legs wide apart, then moved over between them. He dropped to his elbows, looking at her titties as he sat down nearly on top of her.

“Okay, lady. My Goddamn cock is hot and ready for your pussy. Go ahead… suck it in!”

Louise let her hand fall from her breasts, reaching down to grab hold of his throbbing prick. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed the bulbous knob of his big prick up and down her slit, making it wet for easy entry. Then she inserted the end, jerking away her hand just as soon as it was in her cunt.

“Aaaaerrgghghh!” the boy groaned, as he hunched the hot prick into her. “Ohhhhhhhhh, Goddddd!”

Louise knew she wasn’t really hot enough yet, and her pussy was as tight as a young girl’s. The clenching muscles separated hesitantly when the rod went up into her belly.

“Uuuunnnggghhh!” she moaned. “Oh, Christ! Take it easy! It feels like you’ve got your fucking arm up my pussy!”

“I thought you wanted a fuck.”

“I do,” Louise gasped, surprised at the size of his young prick. “But I wanna come, too. Fuck me, don’t tear me!”

“Okay, lady, I’ll take it easy. But don’t talk any more. Just pump that ass!” The boy hunched his ass higher into the air, then dropped back down to stab his fiery tool into her cunt.

“Uuuunnnggghhh!” Louise murmured again. The boy’s balls were slamming hard against her ass, sending thrills throughout her body. Unable to help herself, her cunt moistened quickly, aiding the pounding meat inside her.

“Now… you… got… it… lady!” he wheezed. “Fuck it hard!”

“Ohhh, God,” Louise moaned. “Oooohhh!”

“Okay, put your legs… around… me! F-fuck m-me like… you mean… it!”

Moaning uncontrollably, Louise lifted her legs and wrapped them around his slim waist.

“Oh, shit, what a cunt!” Stan stammered to his friends. “Now this is real pussy!”

“Fuck the livin’ shit out of her!” one of the other boys shouted. “Throw that piece of meat to her good!”

“Hurry up and blow!” another cried. “I’m gonna pop my nuts in a minute! Ohhhh, Jeeeeesus Christ!” His hand gripped his jerking rod tightly, as he watched Stan stuff his dick into Louise’s tight cunt.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” the woman moaned softly, deep in her throat, as the enlarged shaft plunged far inside her. Jesus, Louise thought, what a hunk of good cock meat he’s got for a boy his age. And then her mind started to whirl, his age. He was the same age as her own son! Could Monty have a beautiful cock like this?

“Oh shit,” Stan howled, arching his back as the head of his prick exploded inside her cunt. Throwing his head back and bellowing, he remained motionless as his hot juice jetted out the tip of his cock, washing against the woman’s womb with surprising force. He felt it oozing back out of her hole and covering his banging balls as he hit her twice more with his pelvis. Then he lay still.

“Get up, Goddamn it!” someone screamed wildly. “Get up!”

Stan extracted his cock, then rolled off the woman, his chest heaving with the effort.

“Yes, yes,” Louise cried, “gimme another cock. HURRY! FILL UP MY CUNT!”

“I will, lady. Don’t you worry!”

“Nah, Perry, I’m next!”

“Fuck you, Lester. You can fuck her in the face, but her pussy’s mine!”

The boy called Lester crawled around to Louise’s face. Reaching down, he grabbed a handful of her own rich hair and jerked her up to a sifting position. Still clutching her hair, he stepped forward until his naked prick was brushing against her face.

“Suck it!” he commanded. “Go ahead, suck my prick! I promise you that you’ll like it!”

Louise stared longingly at the shaft of throbbing meat. Then, gingerly, she grabbed it and pulled it to her lips. Her mouth made a wide oval, and then slipped over the cock. She sucked, wildly flailing her head from side to side as half the boy’s prick found its way down her throat.

“Oh, Christ,” the boy mumbled. “Ohhhhhh, lady!” He began running his fingers through her hair as she used her lips and tongue to push his foreskin back. Then, bobbing her head, she applied suction to the hard prick.

“Uuummffff! Aaarrghhh!” Lester’s ass was hunching with her, forcing his cock farther and farther into her throat.

Stan had recovered from his come and was watching in fascination as Louise bobbed her head back and forth on Lester’s large prick. His hand was still on his rod as he crawled over to the couple. He got behind the woman, stuck his cock between the cheeks of her ass, and then began jacking off quickly.

“Lick my balls, you lovely woman!” Lester gasped. “Please, suck my balls!”

Louise withdrew his prick and began to lap fiercely at the boy’s smooth testicles. She loved it.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough!” Lester cried. “Suck some more on my prick!”

“Goddamn it, somebody fuck me while I’m sucking him off! You, what’s your name?”

“Perry,” said the wide-eyed boy crouched next to her.

“Well, Perry, don’t just sit there. Fuck me! Put your meat up my hole!” She returned her hot mouth to Lester’s cock with a loud slurping sound, and sucked it harder than ever.

With her hands, Louise guided Stan’s half-hard cock to her asshole and Perry’s to her pussy. Then she placed Perry’s cock between her thighs so that the hard ridge at the top of his root was splitting her furrow and tickling her clitoris. She tightened her thighs over his cock and pulled him along as she backed into Stan, so that his raging prick insinuated itself between her ass cheeks.

Then the boys began humping and fucking, while Louise turned her head from side to side, kissing and sucking Lester’s cock with her heated mouth.

Louise could feel her stomach and thighs growing hot and moist from the twin cocks massaging her lusting flesh. Her body and mind joined with an intense desire to have all the naked, turgid cocks stampeding inside her awakened body with cum.

Three cocks at once, she thought gleefully, three beautiful young rods pumping cum into her body all at the same time. Her cunt gushed and her mouth watered at the thought.

“Ahhh, shit, I’m blowin’… I’m shootin’ like hell,” Lester cried, and rammed his spurting prick down deep into her throat.

She was still forcing the warm liquid down her gullet when she felt Stan’s cream spurt into the crack of her ass. He reached around her to take hold of both of her huge tits, squeezing them tightly as he blew off for the second time.

Then the two boys rolled away and Louise was on her back with Perry still between her legs, still wildly humping into her pussy.

“Do you like my big cunt, Perry?”

“Oh, yeah, lady! Oh shit, yeah! I could pour my dick to you for hours!”

“You’d better, you little bastard,” Louise groaned. “You’d better fuck me ’til I get a come!”

Her body was going crazy. Her fleshy ass slapped the floor and then rammed upward to drive her cunt over his plunging cock.

Perry raised his body from hers, trying to pull himself slightly away. “Easy, lady, I’m comin’. Oh shit, I can’t stop!”

Louise came with him, feeling the warm, sticky fluid flowing in great spurts against the very back of her cunt. It felt as though she were swimming in his cum.

She was still pounding her hips against him and rubbing her cunt up and down his cock when Lester came to life beside her. He rolled toward her face and placed the head of his cock on her lips.

“Lady,” he said, “that was about the best blow job I’ve ever had. Would you do it again so I won’t think the first time was just a dream?”

As he rolled over and straddled her face, Louise felt Lester’s limp cock leave her cunt. She had had enough for a while and was about to clamp her mouth shut and roll her head away from Lester’s thickening prick when she felt someone else between her legs.

She looked around and saw Stan’s head between her thighs. “What the hell?” she gasped.

“It’s Stan,” Lester said. “He’s gonna eat the cum outta your pussy, just like you’re gonna eat me?”

Wild, Louise thought. She had really found herself three live ones, she mused, when she felt Stan begin to carefully run his tongue and lips up and down the delicate flesh on the insides of her quivering thighs.

She moaned softly as this new pleasure began to filter up her backbone. The moans turned into little cries of lust as Stan’s lips found their way to her hot cuntlips.

Stan found what he was looking for and, with a low growl, settled his face into her pussy. He began to suck steadily and gently, sending electric shocks of joy up into Louise’s stomach.

Lester gently lifted her head so that his heavily throbbing cock was in a direct line with her parted lips.

He inched his loins forward slightly until the trembling tip of his cock brushed teasingly over her lips. A groan escaped his mouth as the delightful sensation shot back up to his loins. Pushing forward again, he slowly forced the pulsating head down between her warm, eager lips.

She licked the heavy masculine-tasting smoothness. She could feel him jerking back and forth whenever she touched the sensitive swollen tip of his cockhead.

So he had liked it the first time, huh? Louise thought. Well, this time he was going to wish he’d passed.

She was going to suck him until he pleaded with her to stop, until his sperm-laden balls were drained dry. She intended to lick him until he screamed with sexual pain.

But Lester had the same idea.

Wrapping his fingers in her hair, he rammed his cock into her throat even deeper, shaking madly as the tip of his rod exploded with incredible force.

Again Louise swallowed a load of his cum as her hips danced her cunt around and around Stan’s face. She pushed the boy from her mouth and looked down between her legs to where Stan was driving his hot tongue into her pussy.

“Stick your cock in me, you little bastard,” she cried.

“I ain’t got a hard-on,” Stan replied.

“I do!” Perry said, thrusting his meat toward her.

Louise pushed Stan from between her legs. “Then you fuck me!”

Perry didn’t need another invitation. He crawled down to her horny pussy. With a smile on his lips, he pushed his face into the wetness of her cunt and began drinking the precious juices.

But Louise didn’t want to be eaten. She wanted to feel his thick shaft slamming into her drenched hole. She wanted to feel his burning cock searing the walls of her velvet channel.

“I SAID FUCK, NOT SUCK, YOU BASTARD!” she shrieked, wrapping her fingers around his cock and pulling it toward the dripping gash of her pussy.

Within seconds, Perry had positioned himself between her outstretched legs. But he didn’t get the chance to make the first move. Lifting her entire body off the floor, Louise captured it and plunged it into her steaming cunt.

With the first feeling of burning, hard flesh between her pussy lips, Louise began to climax. Over and over again, the waves of lusting pleasures flooded her mind, sending her soaring to the very heights of ecstasy.

She locked her legs around the boy’s slender waist as she fought to hold every inch of his cock inside her. Her head rocked from side to side as his strong fingers tore at her sweaty tits. She could feel his fingers twisting her nipples brutally, increasing her pleasure tenfold.

In no time, his young meat had turned the woman’s cunt into a blazing inferno. “Yes… come… COME WITH ME!”

His bursting prick drove her mad. Her fingers clawed at the pile of clothes under her as she responded to each new thrust of his hips, each new spurt of liquid splashing against the walls of her cunt. “AARRRGGGHHHH!”

At last her body came back to rest on the cold floor. With a shock, she realized that it was the bare floor. She must have passed out for a moment. She opened her eyes to an empty room. Her own clothes were piled neatly beside her well-fucked body.

But she didn’t move for several seconds. Instead, she lay there, thinking.

Three young, very young, cocks. And they had fucked hell out of her. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so well-fucked.

Young cocks.

About the age of her own son’s cock.


“Mom, I’m leaving.”

“Monty, you be home by ten, do you hear?”

“Aww, Mom.”

“Your father is picking us up at eight in the morning. I want you home early.”

“Okay,” the boy called back and let the door slam behind him as he ran down the walk and mounted his bicycle.

Jeez, he wished he didn’t have to go to the beach with his mom and dad over the weekend. If they would go alone, he could invite Valerie over and they could fuck all day Saturday.

As it was, Monty was lucky to have a good friend like Russell Morgan. Russ was sixteen, he had his own car, and his folks were out of town most of the time. That always left the Morgan house empty for strip poker parties, like the kind they were going to have tonight.

With any luck, he and Russell would be the only boys there. And Valerie said she was bringing along two of her friends. And if they were Valerie’s friends, they were sure to fuck. Monty almost got a hard-on right there riding his bicycle as he thought of the last time they had had a strip poker party, with just him and Russell and Valerie.

Valerie had quickly tired of the game, had thrown down her cards and said, “This is shit. C’mon, you guys… let’s just fuck!”

Wow, what a time it had been. Russ had fucked her first, then Monty, then they had both eaten her while she had sucked both their cocks at the same time.

A couple more sessions with Valerie, Monty thought, and he would know all there was about fucking!

He parked his bike by the back door and rang the bell.

“Jeez, where you been?” Russell said, opening the door and pulling Monty into the kitchen. “Everybody’s all set to start the game.”

“My mom held me up,” Monty replied, following Russ into the living room.

“Hey, everybody, this is Monty Bacon,” Russell said. “Monty, this is Donna and Marie. You know Val and Bob.”

Manly said ‘Hi’ all around and blushed when he heard Donna lean over and whisper to Marie, “Hey, he’s cute!”

Monty had never met Donna or Marie before, and as he sat down on the couch, he had a good chance to check them out. And their bodies were well worth checking out!

He had never seen an ass so perfectly formed as Donna’s. The mounds of flesh were just the right size, firm and smooth. His eyes delved into the deep crack between her cheeks as he imagined what it would be like to sink his prick into her tight asshole.

Then his eyes traveled to Marie. Her legs and thighs looked as though they were molded from the finest marble. He could almost feel her hot inner thighs wrapped around his neck, pulling his face into the churning heat of her quivering pussy.

And then there was Valerie, her dark skin shining in the brightly lit room. She was one hell of a sex machine. Monty could remember the last time he fucked her. He could remember how strong her cunt muscles were as they sucked the cum from his balls. He could remember the sweet taste of her big pointed nipples.

As Donna lowered a beer in front of Russell, she felt his meaty hand toying with her ass. Only the thin material of her shorts lay between his fingers and the deep crack between her buttocks.

As Marie handed Monty his beer, he clamped his fingers around her wrist. He smiled at the thrilling contrast between her light skin and his tanned flesh. Her body was remarkably hot to the touch as he pulled her down beside him on the sofa.

“Now, now,” she teased, as his hand moved from her wrist to the swelling mound of her right tit. “Remember, Monty, we’ve just met, and the game hasn’t started yet.”

Monty smiled and placed his hand on her bare inner thigh. “Since all you girls wore shorts and halters, it won’t take many hands to get you naked anyway.”

“How do you know I’m that kind of girl?” Marie giggled.

“You’re a friend of Valerie’s, aren’t you?”

He could feel his prick straining the material of the front of his pants as his fingers moved closer to the churning heat of the girl’s cunt. His eyes caressed the creamy skin of her tits.

He would rather start off with Donna, but Marie sure wasn’t bad. He leaned over and kissed the bulging mounds of her youthful tits above the halter.

“Wow, you’re fast and horny, aren’t you?”

“That’s ’cause you’re so pretty, and these are so big.” Out of the corner of his eye, Monty could see Russ’ fingers curling up under Donna’s shorts to enter her pussy. On the other side of the warn, Bob already had Valerie’s top off and he was wildly sucking on her right tit.

Monty knew there was not going to be, any poker game that night. They were all going to get right down to the action. He ran his tongue down one of Marie’s mounds until it nearly reached her nipple under the halter.

A deep-pitched moan slipped from her throat as she relaxed into the sofa. Monty’s tongue left a wet trail across the mounds as her long legs drifted apart. He could feel the heat rising from her cunt as he pulled down the front of her brief halter top with his teeth.

“Wanna go up to one of the bedrooms?” he gurgled from around her soft tit-flesh.

“What for?” she said coyly.

“So I can show you my collection,” he replied.

“Collection of what?”

“Inches,” Monty whispered in her ear.

Giggling, Marie bounded off the couch and toward the stairs, pulling Monty along behind her.

“See you later,” he said, passing Russell and Donna.

“You better,” Donna said. “The only reason Marie got you first is she called heads!”

In the bedroom, Marie turned to him and pulled down the other half of her halter so that now both heavy tits hung out over the material.


“You like my titties?”

“They’re neat.”

“You don’t think they’re too big and heavy?”

“Never too big, Marie.”

“How old are you, Monty?”

“Seventeen,” Monty lied.

“Good. I’m seventeen, too, and I don’t like to fuck boys who are younger than I am. You look even older.”

He flushed with pride and pushed out his chest to meet her tits as she pushed them against him. Their two bodies melted into one. Her tits flattened across his chest as his tongue sought out the sweetness of her mouth.

“Holy shit,” he wheezed, slipping his fingers under the back of her shorts and tracing the deep crease of her abundant ass.

As Marie’s tongue sucked the saliva from the walls of his mouth, she thrilled to the feel of the strong fingers working their way into the deep crack of her ass.

She bit down on his tongue hungrily as his finger forced its way into her tight asshole. He could feel his nails scraping against the sensitive walls of the girl’s anus.

“Owww,” the girl moaned. “I can tell you’re gonna be a lot of fun!” She dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly.

“Hey, why don’t we get naked?”

“Great!” She whipped her shorts off and reached up to undo ha top. “But hurry!”

As she waited impatiently for Monty to get his clothes off, she reached up to cup the perfect, pink-tipped cones of her breasts. They were high and widely set and firm, almost hard, and the sharp little nipples were swollen go twice their normal size. She kneaded her breasts gently at first, then harder, squeezing them so that the flint-hard nipples punched against her palms.

She was beginning to perspire a little already, she noticed, which pleased her, because she knew that boys liked her body best when it was slightly moist all over. She inhaled the pure female aroma of herself and began to roll one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger, pulling it out farther and farther until it slipped from her grasp, and then puffing it out again and again, while she continued to knead the other breast as hard as she could.

Her cunt was streaming, she knew. She could feel the warm crawl of the juice across her cuntal furrow and down the tops of her thighs. And that, too, pleased her, because there was nothing that boys liked so much as for her cunt to be overflowing with juice when they sucked her.

She spread her feet farther apart so that the lips of her pussy would open a little and let the perfume escape more readily. She loved the scent of herself, and now she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, savoring the sweet, young-girl aroma until she began to get a little dizzy.

“Hurry, Monty,” she breathed. “Hurry up!”

“All set, Marie,” he said as he stepped out of his shorts. His cock stood straight out, the big dark-pink glans at the end of the thick shaft moist and glistening, his balls swollen and drawn up tight to the root, obviously near to bursting with cum. “How do you want it? Standing up, or on the bed, or…”

Marie grabbed him by the hand and pulled him over to the bed. She pushed him down until he was sitting on the side of the bed. “First I want to taste you. Jeez, you got a beautiful prick!”

“It isn’t too big for you to suck, is it?” Monty remembered how he had gone wild with Valerie the previous week and had gagged her as he was fucking her face.

Marie licked her lips. “You kidding?” she said. “The bigger the better!” She leaned forward and planted a long kiss on the purple head. “Mmmmm, I’m going to love this!”

Monty groaned and Marie took it as a cue to start sucking.

She took the head and four inches of his big cock into her mouth as easily as if it had been no bigger than her finger.

“Oh shit, oh God, that feels good, Marie,” Monty wailed, surprised at the feelings that this girl was causing in his body. Even Valerie hadn’t been able to do this.

Marie was so pleased by his words that she immediately took two more inches of his prick into her hot mouth, although that pushed the head hard against the back of her twat and almost made her gag. She couldn’t breathe with so much cock in her mouth, and after a few moments she drew her lips back until she had only the head and two inches of the shaft, and began to suck.

While she sucked his meat, Monty studied her youthful perfection. He decided in his mind that maybe he had lucked out after all. Donna couldn’t be any more beautiful than Marie was, kneeling there before him in only her panties, expertly sucking his cock.

Marie was the same age as Valerie, and was built along the same lines, with high-riding tits and a subtle flare to her hips. His eyes lowered to her crotch where her tight panties snugged into the cleft of her pussy, separating her lips into two soft mounds. The smooth hump above her tight vee indicated that she had a prominent mound, and he pictured his face resting in her pink cuntlips.

He then thought of Valerie, and fantasized about having them both in bed at the same time. The thought almost made him came.

Marie broke into his reverie. “You ever have a girl take it all?”


“Suck it all?” Marie asked. “You know, all the way down her throat?”

“Relax, then. You just watch while I suck you.” And suddenly she was down on his pulsing cock, her mouth pulling all of his inches inside her warmth.

“Wow!” he gulped, as electric tremors danced over his meat. He lay back and watched as her head bobbed up and down, her hair flouncing wildly about. She was pulling on his prick like a human suction pump, and he wouldn’t have cared if everyone at the party came up to watch.

Marie hollowed her cheeks and sucked voraciously while her slender fingers hefted his balls, as if trying to determine how much sperm she could expect him to deliver.

Up and down, up and down, her hot mouth slid, sucking his anguished cock. She hummed and her voice vibrated over the length of his cock, adding to the delirium he was feeling.

“God, Marie, you can sure suck!” he wheezed, his ass pumping in erratic circles.

The young boy hadn’t yet learned the art of climactic control, and Marie quickly brought him off. She greedily gulped down the spewing cum and then looked up at him as he lay limply on the bed, his eyes glassy. His young prick remained hard, and her hand kept it that way.

“Want me to stick you again?” she asked, unsatisfied with the volume of his cum.

“Sure,” he blurted out.

Her head lowered and his cock once again disappeared into her hungry mouth.

“Ooooohhhh, God!” he wheezed. Her lips were like live wires attached to the head of his cock, and static electricity crackled through his raw nerves.

Marie sucked on the purplish knob and pulled frantically at the trunk, until she once again felt the sac of his balls tighten.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!”

The gushing juice filled her mouth, and she gulped it down as fast as she could. When his meat finally stopped spasming, she squeezed it upward, draining every drop of the delicious fluid.

“Mmmmmm, that tasted so good, Monty! Can you come again?”

“Yeah,” he gasped, hotter than he had ever been before. “I can if I’m in your pussy.”

“Okay, get me ready,” she said, pulling her panties off and jumping up on the bed.


“Eat me, silly. Suck my pussy and make me come good, then fuck me!”

Rut Monty didn’t want to rush into it. He began to kiss her neck and let his hands play with her full, upright breasts. She squirmed and sighed as her passion rose still higher. He moved his mouth to her tit and sucked hungrily on her stiffened nipple while he dragged his fingers over her belly, slowly making his way to the wet cunt between her thighs.

His fingers pressured the flesh above her clitoris and her legs parted. He slipped aver the edge and followed the slim line of her pussy lips. They were smooth and warm and soft, and he could feel them suction the two fingers he slipped into her hole.

“Now, Monty,” she moaned. “Now get your mouth on it… get your tongue on it! Suck it… SUCK MY PUSSY!”

Moray left her succulent tit and let the tip of his tongue paint a trail across the middle of her body, stopping momentarily to tickle her bellybutton. Then he continued downward, tonguing his way into the mat of fur. He grabbed her by the insides of her thighs and pushed her leg up and out, opening the gap to its widest spread. He looked at the delicate sweetness between her legs and held his breath.

Her pussy lips were creamy pink and unwrinkled, molded subtly into her ass and pubic mound. He gently applied pressure with his thumbs on either side of her puffy mounds and the lips popped open. Marie’s vulva was a delicate pink, glistening with her female juices.

“Oh shit, what a pretty pussy,” he crooned, as he snuggled his face into the tight crease. His tongue darted between his lips to rummage with eagerness between hers.

Marie was whimpering and mewling ecstatically, her body wriggling as wave after wave of rapturous tremors crashed into her guts.

“Ohh, wonderful, wonderful, Monty!” she sighed, her tiny fists beating on the mattress.

Monty knew that she was close to her came. He laved along the meaty path of her vulva, seeking out her clitoris. She was bucking and bouncing so hard that he had a difficult time locating the tiny bud of nerve-filled flesh.

He snapped at it with his teeth and mashed it between his lips while the tip of his tongue whiplashed over it.

Marie’s body arched stiffly and shuddered uncontrollably. She wailed like a mournful siren as an orgasm erupted in her guts like a volcano, bathing his face with hot juice.

“Now, NOW! Before my come goes down, fuck me! Ream my pussy with your cock!”

He dropped between her legs and moved one hand to the smoothness of her full buttocks, pressing her pussy hard against his cock.

“Damn,” he murmured, “you sure feel good there.”

He crushed his lips against hers and moved his hand over her seeping cuntal lips while the other hand continued to knead the silky flesh of her ass. His fingers caressed slowly at first, then began a fast, rotating motion around her quivering clitoris.

“Damn it, Monty, don’t play with it… FUCK IT!”

Her eyes filled with desire as she felt her vagina tingle and her pelvis begin grinding up against his warmly throbbing prick. She clenched her teeth tightly together and moaned as the smooth rubbery tip of his cock began tantalizing her wet pussy lips.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, baby. I’m going to feed this cock into you!”

Monty lunged forward and drove the head of his dripping cock into her.

She gasped as the long throbbing prick slid far up into her sucking cunt. It raced into her until his soft balls slapped against her ass cheeks and the rubbery tip of his cock pounded against the far back wall of her cunt.

Waves of passion shook her body and she began to grind her steaming pussy up against his thick meat. She drew her knees up to meet his pounding thrusts.

“God, it’s good. It’s so unbelievably good!” she crooned. “I knew it would be this good, especially with someone like you!”

Flaming desire coursed through her loins. The only thing that mattered to her at that point in time was the fact that this cock was fucking her. She wanted him to fuck her, wanted him and his big, wonderful prick sunk deep up inside her.

She gripped him even tighter, opening and closing her thighs, in time to the long smooth thrusts that jolted her body. Soon she was pounding her heels rapidly against his laboring buttocks, spurring him on, while she gyrated wildly beneath him.

She started to come just when he really decided to get going faster. Her long leg carried more muscle and fury than Monty had given her credit for. The wildness of her returning lunges made him wonder if they might not end up on the floor.

He kept shoving it in.

She gasped and moaned as the hot shaft stuffed itself into her pussy faster and harder. She choked and wept on the heat and the lust that drove up from her clitoris.

Monty shifted his ass from side to side, letting his cock explore the walls and the creases of her cunt flesh. Dropping all pretense of self-control after the girl had passed into a state where she was being racked with spasms of climax, he quickly brought himself up to the very edge of ecstasy.

Then, without warning, he shot his load of hot, searing semen deeply into her.

She milked and squeezed his cock with her cunt muscles until he thought she would suck it right off his body.

Then it was over. He felt cold air on his prick and she was tugging him from the bed. “C’mon… c’mon!”

“Where?” He rolled from the bed and stumbled after her to the door.

“The living room, silly.”

“But… but we’re still naked!”

“So what? C’mon, we’ll go downstairs and get some more fucking!”


Phil drove by the house four times before he stopped. He would see Louise the next morning, and they would probably sleep together the next night. But for some perverse reason, he wanted her now, that very moment.

He had left Gloria with a rancid taste in his mouth and a lot of cum left in his balls. He could have picked up another woman in one of the bars, but he didn’t want another woman — he wanted his wife. And when he saw Monty ride away on his bicycle and realized that Louise was alone in the house, he wanted her all the more.

He let himself in with his old key and was about to call out when he heard water running in the upstairs bathroom. Smiling, he took the stairs, quietly, two at a time.

He entered the master bedroom that he remembered so well and heard splashing sounds coming from the bath.

“Monty is that you?”

He pushed the door aside and lounged against the jamb. “Want a rubber duck to play with?”

It was a long, oval tub, and Louise filled it beautifully. The sight of her fabulous body, the lushness of its nudeness in the tub brought his dick to instant hardness. Louise had the biggest, most beautiful tits he had ever sucked. They bobbed like white watermelons above the clear water. They were topped by huge, purplish areoles and inch long nipples that stood like spears from the perfectly rounded, fleshy globes. Beneath them, a lightly curved belly flowed into a striking cunt that looked big enough for Phil to lose his whole body in.

The bush was wide, and even in the water, matted as it was, the hair curled like wire over the pulpy mass of her cuntlips. The pink ups weaved like rivers of fascinating flesh down between her full thighs.

“You look better with your clothes off,” he said, still leaning against the door jamb, leering.

“Wha… what the hell do you want?”


“I’m busy.”

“I’ve got a hard-on.”

“GO stick it in one of your whores.”

“I already did. It wasn’t very good.”

“We start tomorrow. Tonight, I’m busy.”

“Who with?”

“Nobody,” she replied. “I’m fucked out.”

“You’re never fucked out, Louise,” he hissed.

He leaned over and plunged his arm, clear to the elbow, into the water. He twined his fingers in her wealth of pubic hair and pulled her crotch up to the edge of the tub.

Louise was shocked into silence by the pain brought on by his hand on her cunt hair.

Wrapping her big thighs around his ears, he dove his face between them into the thick, wet mat that covered her cunt. He parted his lips and, with them, started to chew on the fleshy folds that surrounded her clit.

“You son-of-a-bitch!” she screamed, floundering half in, half out of the tub. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m eatin’ your pussy, honey. Now why don’t you just settle back and enjoy it. You’re gonna drown splashing around like that. My, my, you got some kinda cunt luv.”

“Like hell I will, you bastard!” Louise shouted, beating the back of his head with her fists. “Get the fuck out of here!”

“No. I want some.”

“Well, I don’t!”

He had his arms around her hips and his hands locked across her belly, holding her in a viselike grip that mashed her big ass cheeks against the side of the tub and her wet cunt against his face. She tasted good to him, sweet as honey. And even though she was tightening her muscles and closing up her hole, he knew it was only a matter of time until the juices would start to flow.

He ground his nose and upper lip against her clitoris while he reamed her pussy with the hard length of his tongue. He would swirl the tip around and around the gooey walls and then ram it as far up her channel as it would go.

The action was doing a job on both of them. Phil’s cock was up hard in his pants. The head was throbbing against his navel and hurting like hell as it tried to crawl under the tightness of his belt buckle.

He let go of her body with one arm and undid his pants. They slid easily down his legs to his ankles and he kicked them off. He was just rolling his shorts down, wrestling them around the long pole of his cock, when Louise pulled her legs up, got the balls of her feet against his shoulders, and shoved with all her might. He rocketed across the room and sprawled in a corner by the toilet.

She jumped, wringing wet, from the tub and went into the bedroom. Rather than inhibiting him, the proportions of her tall body, with its huge, bouncing tits and ass cheeks only made his cock harder and more lustful for her.

By the time he got through the door, she had donned a pair of lounging pajamas and stood in the middle of the room.

Goddamn, Phil thought, as he reached her and cupped her ass in his strong hands, she was one hell of a woman. His face, standing in front of her, was buried between the fleshy melons of her breasts. The silky material covering them had soaked up the moisture from her skin and it stuck to her tits like a second skin.

Louise gaped in amazement when she suddenly felt herself being wrestled to the bed. Phil threw her down and crawled up on top of her.

He held her face in his hands as she tried to twist away. He kissed her hard, then moved his hands down to cup her supple buttocks so sensuously covered with the thin silk.

Louise mumbled and moaned unintelligibly under the pressure of his insistent mouth. Slowly he hard her protesting grunts turn softer as he continued to tongue-fuck her mouth. His cock was still trapped in his shads, throbbing painfully. It pounded against her quivering belly. He moved down a little and found the mound of her cunt with his prick. He could hear the breath catching in her throat as he ground his straining cock against her though the silky material.

As he pulled his face away from hers and reached one hand up to capture a luscious tit, she bit his lip.

“Goddamn you,” she hissed, still squirming beneath him.

“What’s the difference if we fuck tomorrow night at the beach house, or tonight, right here?”

“Who says we were gonna fuck tomorrow night at all?” she spat into his face.

“I thought this was supposed to be a try at getting back together?”

“It is. But I don’t know if I’m gonna give you any, until I’m sure you can handle it.”

“You bitch. You pass it around to everyone else!”

“Sure I do… but not to you. That’s your punishment, Phil, for making a whore out of me.”

She pushed him from her and leapt from the bed. He followed her, full of anger now, and cut her off at the door.

She backed again to the center of the room and stood glaring at him.

She was as beautiful as ever, and through the silky material Phil could see all the equipment he so desired. High proud tits, pointed firm nipples, and the matted triangle of pussy hair between wide, fully flared hips formed a dancing picture of exquisite beauty, lustful beauty before his eyes.

“I love you, Louise,” he growled, and pulled her back into his arms.

He kissed her and felt her warmth melt against his body as he cupped one of her tits in his hand. The nipple through the cloth tickled his palm, and he felt the excess of her huge breast squeeze out across her chest. He sucked greedily on her tongue when she rammed it into his mouth.

And then her knee came up, hard, between his legs, barely missing his balls. He pushed her away, barely missing her face with an open-handed slap.

“You bitch!”

“Get out, Phil.”

“Like hell I will!”

Now he let all the lust of his emotion boil into anger. It surged like a volcano throughout his body.

Suddenly, Louise realized his intent, recognized the red flow of blood in his face and the hate stamped into his tightly clenched jaws.

“You bastard,” she rasped, making a move toward him and then deciding against it.

She backed from him, slowly at first, and then faster as his pace quickened. Too late, she tried to turn from his grasping arms. With one hand he held her lightly by the throat. With the other he backhanded her across the face — first once, then twice. She wrenched from his grip, tears streaming from her eyes in pain, and ran stumbling across the room.

Quickly, he caught her. Wrapping a hand in the material above her tits, he gave one powerful pull and shredded the gown from her body.

The sight of her perfect nudity added sensual excitement to the feigned hate and anger already consuming him.

She stood moaning in pain before him. He wound his hand in her hair, jerking her head back. With his other hand, he one-by-one squeezed and pulled her arched titties as if to remove them completely from her body.

Suddenly, the groaning from Louise’s throat became a sighing, a rasping desire of lust mixed with the emotion and pleasure of pain.

“Oh, yeah… yes! God, yes!” she hissed.

The body beneath his hands no longer jerked in spasms of fear. It trembled, quivering, and squirmed in rapt anticipation.

“I could kill you easily now,” he said, his smile evil as he looked down on her helpless, but desirable form, naked and alluring in passion.

“But you won’t,” she rasped.

“No… but close, very close.”

Again he pummeled her body, searching for areas still unmarked by his vicious hands. He threw her to the floor, but she raised herself to her knees and began clawing at him.

“You’ve got to me, dammit. Don’t stop!”

Her voice was a combination of pain and hot, ecstatic stabs of delight. She caressed the hard bulge she found in the front of his shorts as he stood, motionless, before her.

Suddenly, caught up in the passion of the moment, Phil found his own belt in his hands and saw her spread herself before him on the thick rug.

The gleaming wide hips were outlined clearly against the darker rug. He held the belt by the buckle and swung it with all his strength, slashing it across her bare butt cheeks. The only sounds she made were those of pleasure, of infinite ecstasy. Again and again he struck, his arm cracking the leather against her skin. His fury mounted with each new stroke.

“Scream, damn you! Goddamn you, whore, bitch, scream… SCREAM!” he shouted down at her, his face a mask of passion and fury.

Louise turned over on her back, arms extended from her body, her legs spread wide so that he could clearly see the perfect pink line running downward between her hairy cuntlips.

“Make me scream, stud! Make me scream!” she rasped, a smile of masochistic lust on her red lips.

She closed her eyes and waited, muscles tensing under her skin, for the leather’s sting.

Phil stood staring, panting, down at her body, alternately white and gold where the sun had tanned it, and all over a red swell where his hands and the belt had done their work. The tips of her tits pointed up at an angle away from each other. They heaved and arched as she breathed. Heavy thighs and legs molded into full, quivering hips and a flat belly.

“Do it, dammit! Hurry! DO IT!” she shouted, her eyes flaming, alight with the same ardor and passion she saw in his.

The belt whistled as it flew through the air to smack across her tits and nipples. Then she screamed, loud and long rending the air with the passion of pain.

Again and again Phil hit her, until her screaming voice came back into his drugged brain.


“Oh baby, I want it too!” Phil cried, raising up and gazing down at her writhing, lusting body.


“You need some punishment, you bitch cunt!”


She closed her eyes, knowing what he was seeing and knowing that it would inflame him even more. She knew how she looked with the huge dark-ringed nipples on her tits, the flat heaving stomach with its dark curling vee of pubic hair. The curvaceous, wide hips and thighs now held far apart.

She squeezed her knees around him and locked her ankles as she felt him lower his hard cock and push against the top of her cunt. His prick slid between her legs. She could feel the ridge of the crown nestling between her ass cheeks and the hard barrel nudging the soft lips around her clitoris.

It felt so good that she couldn’t help but moan aloud and squeeze her thighs together around his cock-shaft. He started an up-and-down motion that was bound to drive her crazy.

“Do it,” she sighed, as he continued to fuck the soft flesh between her thighs. She bent her knees just a little and braced her feet. She practically lifted him in the air with her womanly thighs as she helped him fuck the warmth of her cuntal slit and the crack of her ass without actually getting his cock inside her.

“Oh, God!” Phil panted. “That feels so Goddamn good!”

He was driving Louise crazy. The pressure of his cock on her clitoris was soaking the rug beneath them and the crack between her ass cheeks where the juices ran down in streams.

Suddenly she was coming. She could feel the pressure building like the water behind a dam on the inside of her hot cunt. She wanted his cock inside her and there was nothing she could do about it.


Her legs scissored open and her hips came upward to meet him. She could see his nostrils flare and his eyes grow wide. He smelled the strong musk rising in waves from her pussy. Louise could smell it too as it mingled with the strong odor of his glistening cock.

Hurriedly, Phil’s arms swept back, catching her behind the knees. He rocked her forward, her ass rising to meet his down-coming cock. He felt the soft curling hair of her cunt first. Then the warmth of her cuntlips, wetting his cockhead, and then caressing his shaft. And then he was inside her, clear to his balls. Her damp heat flooded his body. It drove his blood to pound with desire as his hips went down, burying his cock deep in her throbbing hole.

Up and down went his hips as his cock filled and retreated from her tight pussy. She could feel his huge cockhead at the very entrance to her cunt. It hesitated and then plunged in again. Her pubic hair blended with his forming a soft mat between them. With each stroke came more cock and more power into her cunt as she felt, again and again, his balls bounce delightfully against the puckered hole of her anus.

“Oh, drive those hips, honey,” Phil sighed, loving the way she was grinding her pubic bone into his.

“Fuck me, Phil! Pound my cunt with your cock!”

“I’ll give it to you, honey, don’t you worry!”

His grasping hands left her knees. They slid down inside her thighs. They became anchored on her spreading ass cheeks, his fingers playing, kneading.

Louise twisted under him, squealing and lunging. Her clitoris was heated by his cock until she was sure that it would explode. She felt her hot cunt juice saturate his prick as his cock made sucking sauna going in and out of her pussy.

He reached behind her and carefully slid one of his fingers into her asshole as he felt her come. It added total joy to the thrill already coursing through her pussy. When her hips came down again, his whole finger entered her rear channel. Her hips rose. Her asshole contracted around his finger. Her hips came back down and she was grabbing cock and finger from both ends at the same time.

“Oh, Phil lover, darling, that feels good as shit in my ass!”

His fingers held her ass tightly, pulling her to him. He felt his balls tingle. It was a sure sign that he was ready to come. He lunged against her with all his strength. She took the full size and heat of his cock and, with her clutching cunt, begged him for more.

A whining, loving sound escaped her lips as she felt the first wave of his hot cum shoot against the far reaches of her pussy.

Phil screamed as the vibration of his rocketing cum trembled through his body from head to toe. Again and again his meat spurted male jism into her hot hole.

Her ass made short, jerky motions and her cunt muscles contracted like a vise, milking every last drop of cum from his aching balls.

Phil raised up above her on outstretched arms. “Now that was the kind of fuck I remember you for.”

Louise opened her eyes and looked up into his grinning, almost leering, face. There was something in his look that disgusted her. It made her feel that he had somehow won again.

“Get out of here, you bastard.”

“Sure,” he said, crawling to his feet. “I’ll pick you up at eight in the morning. Keep your pussy warm!”

“You prick.”


Marie had been right.

When they returned to the living room, Monty was both amazed and pleased that the other four young people were totally naked.

Valerie was with Russell now. They sat on a group of pillows in the middle of the living room floor. Other than being quite nude, they sat facing each other, talking calmly and drinking beer.

Other than their nudity, the one thing that caught Monty’s eye was what they were doing while calmly talking. Valerie was nonchalantly grasping Russell’s rigid cock and pumping it as if there weren’t another soul in the room. Russell, in turn, had his foot against her pussy, and Monty could plainly see that all five of his toes had disappeared up the girl’s cunt.

A few feet away, on the other side of the room, he could see Donna’s long, tapering legs thrown high and wide into the air. Bob’s head was buried in her crotch and, from the licking, slurping sounds, there was no doubt that he was eating away at her pussy like a wild man. His head bobbed rhythmically, and Donna’s face was filled with the rapture caused by his plunging, lapping tongue. They, too, scented oblivious to anyone else in the room.

At the sight of so much sexual activity, Monty’s prick started to regain life. He turned towards Marie to repeat their performance, but she had disappeared.

Then he felt a tugging on his cock. Val had left Russell and now stood by Monty’s side. He slid into a chair.

“Axe you having a good time?” Val asked him, climbing into his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck.

She could feel his hard cock pressing into her ass as she squirmed down against him. Pushing her naked tits against his hard chest, she clamped her hot lips to his quivering mouth. Growling sounds slipped from her throat.

“Yeah… yeah, a great time,” Monty finally gasped when her lips left his.

“I told Marie that you have a beautiful dick. She wanted to try it out in private before the party really got started. Did you give her as good a fuck as you gave me last week?”

“I… I think so,” Monty stammered.

“I was a little jealous,” Val giggled.

Before Monty could say more, she had slipped from his lap and grabbed his meat. “Owwww, pretty, hard prick,” she cooed. She didn’t waste any time satisfying the hunger for cock that burned in her belly. Reaching out, her fingers grasped the thickness of his fully erect prick, and began working up and down the length of the hard flesh. Opening her lips as wide as she could, she plunged the swollen head of his tool into her steaming mouth.

Her fat tits dragged against Monty’s naked skin as she slithered down to her knees. While Val stuffed more and more of his fat prick into her mouth, her fingers caressed the hardness of his hairy buttocks.

Ramming his hips forward, Monty felt her hands parting the spheres of his ass. As his prick pushed its way deep into the tightness of her throat, he felt a soft finger against the puckered rim of his asshole.

He was just on the verge of blowing a load of hot cum into her throat when a blood-curdling scream erupted from the pile of pillows on the floor.

Valerie’s head popped from his cock. “Oh shit, Marie’s gonna do her tricks!”

“She’s what?” Monty asked, seeing Bob’s head come from between Donna’s legs and turn to the center of the room with a look of rapt anticipation on his face.

“You’ll see,” Val said, pulling him down beside her on the rug. “Marie’s a real exhibitionist. Whenever a party looks like it’s getting a little slow, she goes into her act!”

Everybody crawled across the carpet until they were lying in a ring around Marie, on their bellies. All the faces had that concentrated look of fanatic lust that Monty had seen on Bob’s a second before.

Marie lay on her back with one heel pressed tightly to the slit of matted pussy hair between her already throbbing thighs. With her hands she massaged the straining whiteness of her upthrust tits, kneading and pulling on them until it looked as though she would rip them loose from her chest.

“Ooooohhhh,” she groaned aloud. “I can see a big, fat, hard cock fucking in and out of me when I press my heel into my own cunt! I love to play with my titties. I love to stretch and hurt the nipples!”

Monty had seen the same look of contorted lust on the girl’s face just a few minutes before, upstairs, beneath his pounding body. But now, for some reason, watching Marie bring herself to a peak of sexual readiness, it was even more exciting for him. He reached over, found Val’s hand, and wrapped it around his cock.

She smiled at him. “Wait ’til she really gets going!”

Marie was rolling her head from side to side, obviously making sure that she had everyone’s attention.

Then she let loose with a shrill scream of pained frustration and flipped her body over on the pillows. She lay on her stomach, pressing the rigid bud of her clitoris tightly against the padding, attempting to put out the fire that she screamed raged there.

From Monty’s and Val’s vantage point, they could look directly up between her thighs and see the gaping gash of her hair-ringed cuntal slit.

“Is that your cum dripping out of her cunt?” Valerie whispered to Monty.

“Yeah. Jesus, it’s wild.”

Marie’s hands burrowed down between her body and the pillows. She clawed and groped wildly at the throbbing mass of her pussy hair. Her lest scissored open, a foot dangling wide on either side. She could feel her own moist slit palpitating against the tip of her fingers which drew the narrow hole open, exposing the lips of her pulsing cunt to the warm air underneath her body.

“That’s my cunt… see it!” she shouted. “It’s so beautiful… it’s mine and I love it! I love to feel myself! I love to suck… to fuck… and I love my cunt!”

With a groan, she sank one of her middle fingers deep into the moistened pussy mouth. She held her breath, relieving for the moment the fires built there. But it lasted only a moment. She inserted another finger, drawing her knees up to a kneeling position, with her butt high in the air.

Then she jammed four fingers into her hole. It still wasn’t enough. Putting the weight of her upper body on her forehead, she reached up and behind her with her other hand. In desperation, she searched the wet crevice, and rammed a consoling finger deep into the puckered hole between her moon-shaped ass cheeks. She gasped aloud as, in her haste, a fingernail dug into the soft fleshy walls, sending a sharp jolt of pain through her quivering body. She stilled for a moment, then took up a wildly writhing, passionate rhythm.

Her full tits hung down, the nipples brushing sensuously against the pillows as they swayed beneath her kneeling body.

Electric tingles of pleasure raced through her body and the bodies of her audience as she loudly recounted the sight of her body under the hammering body of a big-cocked lover. She screamed aloud the picture of herself under the nameless pounding form of a man who was pumping like a mighty piston and driving his powerful prick into her cunt. Her face flushed crimson as she felt her climax coming. White cream came suddenly from her cunt as her whole body shook and vibrated on the pillows. Hot juice gushed from around her plunging fingers, covering her hand and running onto the pillows below.

A piercing scream reverberated through the room. “MORE! Oh shit, more! I came… I made myself come… but I need more! I NEED COCK!”

Her wish was their command. Bob and Russell immediately crawled toward Marie’s writhing body.

Monty started to move, but Valerie yanked on his rigid tool and held him down beside her.

“Oh no,” she smiled. “She’s already had this once tonight. Now it’s my turn!”

As soon as Russell had scooted his body along side Marie’s on the pillows, he stuffed his thrusting hard-on deep into her cunt. Sighing at the blissful penetration, she reached behind her and grasped Bob’s jutting prick. Hiking herself up high on her knees so that her billowing ass pointed high into the air, Marie gradually pulled Bob’s cock closer to her prick-filled cunt. Then, before the amazed eyes of Monty and Valerie, she proceeded to jam Bob’s big tool alongside Russell’s cock and into her painfully stretched cunt.

“Jesus Christ,” Monty gasped, “she’s taking both their pricks up her posy at the same time!”

“I know,” Valerie cooed. “I’ve seen her do some wild things before, but never this! Jesus, I’m gettin’ hot!”

She lifted one leg and rammed four fingers of her hand up her cunt while she continued to pump Monty’s hard-on.

Before their wide eyes, Marie moved slowly, sensuously, plunging her cunt up and down on the two cocks, simultaneously jamming herself full of rigid male meat.

Her movements became more erotic as she ground her hips from side to side; her hands made little darting motions to her hair. The long coarseness billowed down around her face, caressing her pendulously swaying tits.

Her hips became blurred whiteness as they pistoned up and down in a frenzy of motion. It was obvious that Marie was enjoying the two cocks as much as she was enjoying having all the others watch her take two big pricks into her gasping cunt.

“All of it, dammit! ALL OF IT!” she shrieked, bouncing harder, seemingly trying to devour both pricks inside her hole.

Her whole body was in a state of constant motion, her head thrown back and rocking from side to side. Her white teeth gleamed between parted lips as she threw herself harder and harder onto the two cocks jammed inside her.

Suddenly an ear-piercing scream erupted from her lips. Her body was arching, her muscles corded, her tits thrust out. Her ass cheeks were like pistons themselves as they and her hips drove her splayed-open crotch down to meet the jerking cocks. Spurt after spurt, until it seemed as though gallons of the boys’ sperm were being shot into her ripe body. Again and again she screamed for more… wanting more of their cum… wanting them to fill her steaming cunt with the hot, sticky, white juice.

Her own orgasm started with a roar deep in her throat, to culminate in the sliding, twisting passion of her body.

Then she collapsed in spent passion on Russell beneath her as the two pricks continued spurting white sperm in stream after stream inside her ravaged cunt hole.

“Oh shit, that’s wild,” Valerie cried. “Fuck me, Monty! Stick your cock in me!”

She scooted up on her hands and knees and wriggled the pink, furry gash of her cunt in his face. Just above the meaty folds of her pussy, Monty could see the puckered hole of her anus. It was irresistible.

His cock throbbed for the tightness of Valerie’s asshole.

He got to his knees behind her and grasped his cock with one hand and her ample hips with the other. With his knees he spread her legs wider. Then he grasped her by the ankles and pushed until they could be pulled apart no farther. The gap between her legs, in the middle of the matted, hairy bush, parted even more until he could see past the pure pink of the flesh on into the red tint of her inner cunt. He ran his throbbing cock up and down the inside of her wet thighs. It felt hotter and hotter the more he did it.

At last he placed the red, jumping tip of his prick directly against her tight, rear hole. She responded with only a slight quiver of her body. With his hands, Monty spread her butt even wider so the cheeks formed an oval, with the hair-rimmed hole directly in its perfect center.

“Can I put it in there? Can I fuck your asshole?” he gasped, knowing that he would, even if Valerie refused his request.

She didn’t.

“I don’t care. Sure, just fuck me! Just get your beautiful dick in me. HURRY!”

Monty shoved his hips forward with a mighty, plunging thrust, burying his cock all the way up her ass.

Valerie raised herself from the floor with her hands and filled the room with an ear-shattering, piercing scream from somewhere deep within her ruptured bowels.

Monty withdrew until just the cock-tip was inside her rear gash, then, answering another splitting scream, he shoved it again to the hilt, his balls making a splatting sound as they collided with her dribbling cunt below.

“YES! Rack my ass, Monty! Hurt me with your big dick! Ream out my shit hole good, lover!”

Valerie had been wild the last time he had fucked her, in the cunt. She was even wilder this time in the ass.

He pulled back, nearly out of her, and eased forward again.

“Back! Back in!” she screamed. “Fuck me, hurt me! Make me scream!”

And scream she did. Only she didn’t scream for him to stop. She screamed for more cock, all he could give her, in a loud, piercing voice. She felt as though her body were being torn down the middle and that she would be ripped in half by this giant fuck-stick deeply jammed up her ass.

But she loved it and she let him know it by wriggling her ass and hips backward, trying to shove even more of his prick inside her bowels.

The steaming, plunging tool felt as though it would came out of her throat as its blood-filled head rammed harder and harder inside her ass.

At the same time, Monty could stand it no longer. He rammed forward with everything he had, sinking his lust-inflated prick all the way to the balls in her butt.

“Oh, God, I’m coming… I’M COMING!” Valerie shrieked, clawing at her own cunt as Monty left his prick deeply embedded in her hole.

Suddenly, Monty looked up to see Donna. She had stepped over Valerie’s back and was now wiggling her pussy in his face.

“Eat me!” she begged. “Suck my pussy while you fuck her ass!”

Monty had never eaten cunt before, but Donna’s pussy, combined with the elastic spasms around his throbbing meat, convinced him that it was the only thing he suddenly had to do.

He gave himself up completely to the two lusting females that worked over him. With open mouth and darting tongue, he welcomed Donna’s gushing pink pussy when she eased her gooey thighs to his face.

Tiny groans of ecstasy escaped her throat as his tongue explored her hard-knobbed clitoris, then her cunt hole and back to her clitoris again. Suddenly the rhythm of her hips accelerated as she fucked his face harder, harder. With a barely audible scream somewhere between pain and pleasure, she arched her body, forcing her gushing cunt against his mouth, then fell from him to sprawl limply on the floor.

Almost at the same time, Valerie fell away from his prick. It was jutting hard and long from his body, quivering and coated with her body juices.

Donna was the only one of the three girls that he hadn’t fucked. And now she was lying directly in front of him, with her legs splayed and her pussy glistening with his own saliva.

He pulled her toward him and poised his rigid meat just above her pussy. Her thighs separated willingly as her heels nestled into his butt, pulling him to her. In one savage thrust, he was in her cunt to the balls. The fire in her body had been stoked when his lips had nibbled her hard clit. Now she became a wild, squirming bundle of passion beneath him, her heels beating a drum-like tattoo of urgency on the small of his back.

“Play with me!” Donna screamed to Valerie, in a rasping, lust-filled voice. “Play with my nipples. Suck on ’em. HELP ME!”

Valerie came out of her stupor on the floor beside them and thrust her head beneath Monty’s chest, between his and Donna’s throbbing bodies. Hungrily, she took a pendulous tit into her greedy mouth. Then she took both Donna’s huge tits in her hands and squeezed them together so she could alternate her sucking mouth on each hardened, pink nipple.

“Yes! Oh, God, yes… suck on ’em! Suck ’em good and help me come!” Donna cried, fucking her hips even harder upward to impale her cunt completely on Monty’s pounding cock.

He felt bodies behind his. He turned his head around and saw Marie’s head directly beneath his ass. Her own legs were split wide and Russell was eating his own cum out of her cunt.

She had locked her legs around his head and entwined the fingers of one hand in his ample head of hair. With this hand she moved his head around and around on her wet crotch while forcing his tongue deeper inside her flowing slit with her legs.

Then, to his surprise, Marie reached up until she found the taut cheeks of Monty’s pounding ass. He felt first her fingers and then the sweet caress of her hair as she raised her face to his ass. Then he felt the wonderful, erotic feeling of her tongue being jammed lovingly into his asshole.

“Uggghhhh!” he cried. “Oh, God, yes… YES!”

It was the impetus he needed, just as Donna had needed Valerie’s hot, red lips on her tits.

With a savage final thrust, he buried his cock deeply in Donna’s cunt and flooded her with his cum.

“You did it!” Donna screamed at him, her body now writhing beneath him in a wild torrent of tormented passion and lust. “You did it! Do it again! Come again… AGAIN! HARDER!”

Monty felt his cock stiffen again at once as he renewed his attack on her wet, gooey slit.

“Valerie… Valerie!” Donna shrieked.

“Yes… tell me!” the girl replied. “Tell me what you want me to do!”

“Sit on my face. Sit on my face and choke me with cunt while Monty fucks me!”

Valerie eagerly did as the girl asked. She mounted Donna’s face and drove the moist mass of her matted, black-haired crotch hard onto the girl’s willing lips and tongue. She moaned aloud as she felt Donna’s tongue run up inside her hole, exploring the sweetness of her wet pussy.

Again and again Monty shoved his cock into Donna’s writhing cunt as he watched, just in front of him, Valerie’s jerking butt as she ground her cunt harder and harder into Donna’s bobbing face.

Suddenly her body twisted beneath them in final spasms of pure ecstasy. Deeper and deeper his cock went into her hot cavern until, with wild shrieks, all three of them orgasmed together.

When the last or his cum had poured from his balls, Monty rolled away from the girls and lay, panting, trying to catch his breath.

“Jesus, what a fuck… what a fucking fuck!”

“Yeah. We’ll probably go all night, and tomorrow too,” Russell said, from beside him. “Can you stick around?”

“Nah,” Monty answered. “Ain’t your folks coming home?”

“No, they’re down at the beach with my sister for the whole weekend.”

Monty hadn’t been looking forward to going to the beach with his folks, but the fad that Russell’s sister, Janice, was down there might be interesting Janice was beautiful and fifteen, with a body that wouldn’t quit. He had wanted to fuck her for over a year.

And their beach houses were right next to each other.


Mavis Morgan leaned forward and rested her weight on the window sill as she watched Phil and Louise Bacon step from their car and enter the house next door.

Behind her, her husband, Fred Morgan, was pumping his cock into her pussy.

Janice, their beautiful blonde, fifteen-year-old daughter, was lying on the bed watching her mother and father fuck. She was also easing two fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, Momma, Momma,” Janice suddenly cried out, “I love to watch Daddy fuck you. It always makes… oh, oh, oh… I’m coming!”

The young girl’s hand became a blur as she pounded her fingers in and out of her soggy hole and tightly pressed the heel of her hand against her erupting clitoris. “Hurry… hurry and come over here, baby. There’s young Monty Bacon. He came down with his parents, just like Russell told us on the phone?”

Janice completed her orgasm and rushed to the window.

“Oh God, he’s cute,” Janice cooed. “I wonder if his cock is as nice as Russell said it was!”

“I don’t know, baby, but we’ll find out this afternoon.”

“But what if he doesn’t want to fuck us?”

“He will, baby,” Mavis replied. “We’ll make sure of it!”

“Hey, you two,” Fred chuckled, “right now you’re fucking me! How about getting with it?”

“All right, Daddy,” Janice squealed, leaning over and tonguing one of her father’s nipples as she watched his cock go in and out of her mother’s cunt. “Let’s all get on the bed!”

The young girl ran across the room to the big bed. She flopped down on her back and watched her father pull his gigantic tool from her mother’s cunt. Janice had never fucked anyone except her father and her brother. And now the opportunity of fucking Monty Bacon, an outside boy near her own age, was exciting.

“Do you suppose there’s something wrong with me, Daddy?” Janice asked, as her parents crawled into the bed beside her.

“Why, baby?”

“‘Cause I like it all the time. I mean, I dig sex all the time, morning, noon, and night!”

Both older people laughed. “There’s nothing wrong with you, baby,” Fred said placing a hand on his daughter’s swollen tit. “Your husband is just going to be a lucky man, that’s all!”

“I got a fire in me right now,” Mavis giggled.

“Is the fire in there?” Janice asked, placing her hand flat on her mother’s belly.

“No, baby,” Mavis said, pushing the girl’s hand down over her cunt and squeezing her hot thighs over it. “It’s in there… way up inside there!” She gazed with open lust down at her daughter’s body. “We haven’t made it together for days, Janice darling. Why don’t we put on a little show for Daddy and get him really hot?” Her mouth was already drooling as her eyes fastened on Janice’s blonde-covered pussy.

“Suits me,” Fred said, letting his hand slide down to his cock so he could fist it while he watched.

He had barely spoken before Mavis was all over Janice. “God, you got a nice body, baby,” she cooed. “I been wantin’ to taste you all day.”

Her hands sought the girl’s breasts. The fingers skimmed the deep valley between them, and then found the hard nipples. Catching the buds between her fingers, the woman twisted and pinched them hard. Janice closed her eyes and emitted a low, long moan. She loved to have her sensitive nipples hurt like that.

The girl’s eyes popped open as her mother started working on her other tit. She stared at Mavis’ gigantic, melon-like globes swaying beneath the older woman’s body.

“Touch them, baby,” Mavis urged her in a gentle voice. She ceased her rough tweaking and caressed the mounds again, rubbing and squeezing here and there.

Janice reached out and grasped her mother’s magnificent tits.

“Squeeze me. Dig your fingers right in, honey,” Mavis said.

Janice sank all her fingers into the warm flesh. The his sharply pointed nipples pressed into the palms of her hands, adding to the growing pleasure she was reaping.

Mavis’ soft moans mingled with Janice’s. Both females loved having their tins caressed.

“Lot me on top of you,” Mavis breathed. “I’ll show you something that you’ll love!”

Janice eagerly allowed her mother to mount her, and Mavis planted a sudden, passionate kiss on her mouth before introducing her daughter to what she called “tit-fucking”.

Grasping her own marvelous breasts in her hands, she rubbed the nipples hard against Janice’s twin peaks.

The result was electrifying.

Both women gasped loudly as lust flashed from their tits to every fiber of their bodies.

“Ohhhh, Jeez, Mom… we’ve never done this before!”

“You like it? You like my tits rubbing against yours, baby?”

“Oh, yes, yes! Do it harder, HARDER!”

Again, Mavis steered her nipples into contact with Janice’s, and again a startled gasp erupted from the blonde’s lungs, uniting with an identical cry that escaped from Mavis’ contorted lips.

The two females grasped their own tits and mashed them against the other’s. They rubbed the nipples together in a sexual frenzy.

“Oh, shit,” Janice moaned. “I never had it like this! Oh, Momma, you got hard tits! I didn’t dream it could be like this. It’s fantastic… absolutely fantastic!”

“Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” the woman said, rubbing her pointed breasts even harder over her daughter’s thirsty melons.

She kissed Janice again, long and hot. Her daughter’s tongue darted out, licking the hidden crevices of Mavis’ mouth.

They french-kissed each other with passion and, when their lips finally separated, Mavis kissed the young blonde’s eyes, chin, nose, and the slender white column of her neck.

The woman’s hands roamed at will, probing recesses and mounds. Feeling her taut, firm ass, caressing her delicate nipples, ploughing through the silky strands of her cunt hair.

And then Mavis’ hands were on her thighs, rubbing the soft skin inches beneath her bushy mat.

One hand carefully moved up onto the kinky fleece and located the pussy lips hidden under the hairy triangle. Her fingers parted the lips. She raised her other hand from her creamy thigh and sent three fingers plunging inside.

The blonde’s young cunt was a moist, boiling cauldron. Mavis’ three fingers were joined by a fourth and the quartet struck deeply into Janice’s syrupy pussy.

“You’re amazing, baby! Your cunt must be even bigger than mine. It’s swallowed four fingers past the knuckles. A little girl like you!”

Janice groaned and writhed beneath her mother’s manipulations. “More, Momma, more! I love it! I love it!”

Mavis quickly changed her position, sprawling on the bed next to her daughter, her fingers still buried in the damp cunt.

“I’ll do it more, honey, if you’ll do mine at the same time,” she whispered hotly.

Janice’s hand rocketed to her mother’s dark pubic hair. She jammed three fingers past the thick outer lips and immediately began fucking her.

It was Mavis who set the pace. Stroking her fingers back and forth in the girl’s wet hole, fluidly, not too fast or too slow, she created a consistent movement that the girl copied.

The two females finger-fucked for countless, joyous moments, totally enraptured, muttering terms of love and passionate whimpers and moans.

Then Mavis glanced at her husband. Fred’s cock was throbbing and rock-hard as the head disappeared and reappeared above his fist.

“Don’t just lie there, Fred! Put me out of my misery. Give it to me!” she said.

Her tone was more demanding than he would have liked it to be, as if she were giving him an order. Come on, stud, get that thing up and go to work!

“Beg me a little, baby,” Fred said, a wide grin splitting his handsome face.

Mavis smiled back at him. With her fist still ramming in and out of Janice’s cunt, she managed to roll her own body, along with Janice, off the bed and onto the floor.

“Oh yeah, yeah!” Janice said, her eyes popping open as they landed. “C’mon down and join us, Daddy!”

Fred Morgan rolled to the floor beside them. He lay with his gigantic tool ramrod straight above his hairy groin.

Janice shoved one hand up her mother’s cunt and reached for her father’s cock with the other. She started at his leg, just above the knee, and moved upward to his prick. At least her fingers found the hard staff and folded around it.

As Janice started jacking him off, Mavis took the bulbous knob on the end of his dick between her red lips. The blonde daughter fisted and stroked while the mother sucked.

Suddenly Janice twisted her body around until she was between her father’s legs, her face poised over his cock, right next to her mother’s lips. “Can I suck him a little, too?” she whimpered.

“Want to eat me, honey?” Mavis asked her husband.

“Give me your sweet pussy, darlin’,” Fred smiled up at his wife. “Come on, get on my face!”

Mavis lay sideways. As she adjusted herself, bringing her steaming cunt in line with Fred’s face, Janice held his prick tightly, massaging and kissing it passionately.

The damp scent of Mavis’ snatch was overwhelming to the man. The black hair and pink gash descended onto his mouth, and Fred’s lips met hers. He kissed her pink petals greedily, his head swirling with the smell and the taste.

“Yes, yes, eat me, eat me!” Mavis screeched. “Use your tongue… yes, that’s it! Tongue me, darling! Eat me! Give my pussy all you’ve got!”

There was nothing like an appreciative female to stir Fred’s efforts. He kissed and tongued her pussy lips, then shoved his tongue inside, licking the inner walls. When he located her slit, he decided to concentrate on teasing it with relentlessly hard jabs.

Mavis squirmed and gasped, but she kept her cunt riveted to his mouth. Meanwhile, Janice succumbed to her desire to do more than simply massage and kiss her father’s immense cock. Her mouth opened, and she drew it inside, then sucked away happily.

Fred felt as though he were being attacked by thunderbolts. His mind was fuzzy, the only emotion occupying it was lust.

Mavis’ cunt was dripping wet and boiling hot.

Slurping noises originated in its depths, and moisture flowed into his mouth and down his chin. Her woman scent filled his nostrils and was a more beautiful smell to him than any perfume.

Janice’s sucking gained speed. Her mouth was a savage, persistent instrument, carrying him nearer and nearer to orgasm. He groaned, but the sound went unheard, muffled by the slit that was pressed hotly to his face.

“Go to it, Fred, it won’t take much more to set me off! I’m almost there already!” Mavis cried.

His tongue, red and wet, scooted out and dived into her crack. Mavis gasped and writhed as the fleshy tip of his tongue tickled her cunt and lapped her searing insides.

“I’m gonna come… oh shit, I’m coming like a fucking dam bursting! Feed me your tongue, Fred! I’M THERE!”

Mavis erupted violently. Her cunt drowned his face with its juices. Her tits slapped together as she ground her pussy over his face until her orgasm ebbed and she finally rolled away.

Fred looked down between his legs. Janice’s head was a bobbing piston art his cock.

“Baby, roll over,” he cried. “I wanna blow my cock off in your sweet pussy!”

“Oh yes, Daddy!” the blonde crooned, flopping onto her back and throwing her legs high into the air. “Fuck my cunt, Daddy! Give me your cock!”

Fred moved his bulk forward until he knelt directly between his daughter’s wide-spread legs. His face broke into a leer of pure lust as he looked down at her gaping cunt.

Her own face seemed to reflect his obvious lust. She returned his smile, flicking the red tip of her tongue out and moistening the already gleaming lips.

Fred lowered himself to his knees before her. Even in that position he had to bend his head and shoulders lower before he could kiss the soft insides of the girl’s quivering legs. He was an expert at what he was doing. The girl squirmed harder than ever, trying to force her hips and cunt mound closer to meet his advancing lips. Already a clear, wet liquid had begun to appear on the hair between her parted cuntlips. It shone and glistened in the light.

At last his tongue found her open slit, and little gasps of encouragement came from the girl-child’s throat. Her thighs engulfed and seemed to swallow his head as she contorted her body in spasms of desire.

When it seemed as if she would burst, Fred halted his cunt-lapping and picked her up off the floor. He deposited her on the edge of the bed and resumed his position between her legs, with the giant head of his meat bobbing up and down on her rippling belly.

“Oh, Daddy, what a beautiful cock,” Janice sighed, rubbing the head around her navel.

“And what a beautiful body,” he replied gently. “You’ve got the kind of a body that can take a lot of cock, honey.”

She moved her body against his, losing herself in the rapture of desire. His skin rippled under her touch, as her fingers moved across the well-muscled shoulders and down to the small of his back. He kissed each part of her luscious body. She answered his touch with slow ripples of her skin that told him he was driving her near the same peak of passion.

He rocked back to look at her beautiful form, his cock dangling right at the opening to her muff. She raised her hips as if she could suck the huge shaft into her with just the pressure of her need. Her eyes were glazed as she looked up at him and smiled.

“DO anything,” she purred. “Anything you want.”

“Fuck her, Fred!” Mavis urged. “Hurry! I want to watch your dick go in and out of her from down here!”

“Yes, Daddy, fuck me!” Janice echoed in anguished passion. “Go ahead and fuck my cunt! Fill it with your beautiful cock!”

Fred eased her trembling legs apart with his knees and shoved his tongue deeply into the hot wetness of her mouth. His hand went down to his prick and guided it toward her oozing cunt. The contact was thrilling as his bulbous cockhead touched first her clitoris and then her asshole in the search.

Suddenly he became a man of uncontrolled passion. He went mad with desire for the body beneath him. He ground his lust-hardened prick in among the softly curling pubic hairs that lined the lips of her throbbing pussy.

Janice felt the violently pulsating hardness of his prick searching for the opening to her cuntal channel. Each jab of the huge head against her sensitive cunt mouth resulted in new and greater waves of ecstasy. She wanted to help him, to secure the prize of his massive tool. But, just as she reached down to assist him, he found it.

The throbbing cockhead sank through the elastic opening and, without hesitation, rammed into the heated depths of her gyrating pussy. It sent a shock wave of pure bliss through Janice’s body that seemed to seep from the nipples of her thrusting tits. She screeched in joy as she sent her hands around his ass cheeks to increase the impalement of her willing hungry cunt.


Fred reared his hips and thrust to the hilt, splitting his daughter’s waits and spreading the lips of her cunt over his prick. The force of his impalement brought a long, sustained howl from her throat.

He flexed his cock inside her, and she answered with a low, mewling groan of desire and satisfaction. She opened her lips and breathed the words into his mouth. “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!”

He pulled his prick out until just the tip of the head was between her cuntlips. He let it linger there until she squeezed her thighs and brought her heels against his ass. She pulled hard until his cock did like a saber back into her sheath. The moist, powerful muscles of her cunt once again skinned the cockhead dear as it plunged back into her steamy hole.

“Yes, yes… it’s good, soooo gooooood!” she moaned as she guided him with her leg.

He began to fuck into her with slow, deep strokes. The heat of his cock deep up inside her tightly clenching belly was indicated from her anal walls to her thrusting tits. Her cunt moved eagerly upward against him, opening all the way to receive him. Her hips ground around wildly as she fucked him back with all the desire and need in her passion-racked, sweat-stained body.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. She felt his hands dig under her own pumping ass cheeks and cup his balls up tight against her asshole. His chest mashed against the pillows of her heated breasts. The wiry hair scraped her nipples and stimulated them even more.

Her mother’s face appeared above her own, smiling down at her. “Is it good, baby? Is Daddy’s cock good for you?”

“Oh yes, Momma, YESSSSSS!” Janice cried, tears of joy and passion dripping from the corners of her eyes. “Daddy, you’re so deep, so deep inside my pussy! You fill up my cunt so good!”

“I know, baby, I love it too. I can feel every part of your pussy with the head of my cock. It’s beautiful! Fuck me back, honey… give your cunt to me!”

Janice chanted softly into his ear as he established a rhythm, fucking into her in deep, powerful strokes. He bored his hard, pulsing prick into the quivering slit of her wide-open cunt. On each down stroke he felt her lift up to meet him so that pelvic bone met pelvic bone, and wiry crotch hair entwined. It was a shattering union that shook them bath to their heated cores.

Janice was loving it and giving her body totally. She wanted his hot, throbbing prick in her so badly that she was crooning and begging him to fuck her harder, faster. She squirmed her pussy up to sheath his cock like a bitch in heat.

She became lost in the sensations of pure, loving sex. Her cunt became a soaking, yearning receptacle for her father’s thundering cock. Her hands feverishly kneaded his ass cheeks pulling him deeper and deeper inside her as her nails dug frantically into his flesh.

Nothing, she thought, there was nothing in the world so beautiful as being fucked by the cock of a loving, big-cocked man!

She writhed and moaned beneath him in total ecstasy, using her hips in ever-widening circles to drive him into throes of wild abandon. A scream of joy escaped her lips as he tightened the muscles of his ass cheeks and drove his cock to the root up her cunt. He stayed there, grinding his bone and the ridge of his prick against her rock-hard little clit.

Her whole body was quivering, her clit vibrating like a turning fork under his chest. She thought it was the ultimate until he again cupped her ass and raised her up to gain even easier access to the fire that raged in her pussy.

His fingers separated the cheeks of her ass. He could feel the seepage of her cunt juices as they ran from around his prick and bathed her asshole. She was flooding the bed beneath her, and still she gushed.

His fingers found her puckered rear hole. It, too, was soaking with the juices from her cunt. She felt his touch and willed her asshole to open and clutch at his finger. It slid up her tight hole to the second knuckle. Her trembling legs jerked wide apart to wave frantically as she automatically screwed her buttocks down over the impaling finger.

“Good, good,” she moaned. “Good from both ends!”

His finger worked farther and farther up into her ass until it was sucked into her wildly flailing flesh all the way to the palm of his hand. It began to rotate, moving around and around in the warm depths. She could feel the finger caress the cock through the thin membrane that separated her asshole from her cunt.

Fred became insane in the pure, unadulterated joy of her wanton, loving young body. He ground the length of his big cock down into her with all the strength of his hips, his ass, and his thighs. He could feel the pulsating lips of her hot cunt clasping and releasing the head and staff of his mammoth prick. He fucked into her with everything he had, straining to ram even his balls between her clutching cuntlips.

New screams of blissful pleasure gurgled from her twat as he maintained the sine savage rhythm with his cock in her cunt and his finger in her sucking asshole.

“That’s it… oh yes, Daddy, that’s the way! Fuck me, fuck me with everything you’ve got!”

She grunted and screamed with alternate intensity as she felt him boring into her, fucking her with cock and finger. She felt the blood-gorged head of his prick slide back and forth along the walls of her pussy while his finger reamed her ass with the same wonderful, sensual stimulus.

She was coming. She wanted him to know, wanted to tell him. She did it with her body by jerking her widespread knees back over her shoulders and exposing her cunt even more to his driving strokes.

Wildly, he drove himself, plunging his expanding cock deeper and deeper into her churning cuntal chute that clasped and milked him.

“Harder… HARDER!” she gasped. “I’m there, Daddy… oh, fuck me… fuck it into me! I’M THERE!”

He jerked his finger from her clenching asshole and clutched her to him, her flowing, gushing cunt taking all of his prick as he matched her come with his own.

He grabbed the smooth cheeks of her buttocks with all his strength and pistoned in and out of her with grinding, surging strokes that literally pulled the cum from his balls into his cock-shaft.

Sweat poured in streams from both their bodies as they thrashed about, their arms and legs tangled in the mind-shattering explosion of release. His violently exploding cock boiled creamy jism the full length of his shaft and jetted the liquid into the convulsing depths of her cunt. There seemed to be no end for both of them as they continued pumping, his cock shooting cum and her pussy sucking wildly at the gift.

The amount of his cum and his obvious joy triggered a second orgasm far inside her. Janice’s body convulsed and expanded. Her flesh seemed to melt into his arms as she wound down through it by delicately kissing his lips and neck.

She settled beneath him, loving the feeling as her cunt muscles sucked the last of the male cream from his cock. He slowly shifted his weight to the side and tenderly, without words, kissed her body all over.

“Oh, baby, you’re such a good fuck,” he whispered gently.

“So are you, Daddy. So are you. I love you.”

And then Mavis was between Janice’s legs.

“What are you gonna do, Momma?”

“Clean you up, baby, with my tongue. I’m going to suck all Daddy’s cum out of your pussy so it will be nice and clean for that young boy next door this afternoon!”


Mavis felt Janice’s firm, buoyant breasts pressing against hers as she slid her hands under the girl’s armpits and supported her. The rich curves were lifted by the waves, then dragged slightly downward by the undertow, making them bobble rhythmically every few seconds. Under the water, Janice’s bare tummy moved wetly against her mother’s.

“Do you think he’s watching us?”

“We saw him on the other side of that dune, didn’t we?” Mavis chuckled. “Don’t you worry, honey. He may be only sixteen, but he’s a man. When he hears us sucking on each other’s pussies, he’ll come running.”

“Let’s get started then!” Janice said, and started racing toward the share. “Beat you in!”

Mavis was off like a shot after the glistening body of her daughter. She caught her by the elastic at the top of her bikini bottoms just as they approached the blanket on the sand. With a hard yank downward, Mavis pulled them don to the girl’s ankles, tripping her.

“Oh, shit,” Janice yelled coyly, “now you can see my cunt and my ass!”

“I sure can, baby,” Mavis giggled. “And they’re beautiful.”

The two females began wrestling, squirming and wriggling on the blanket. At last Mavis managed to pin Janice down and sit directly on her tits. And, since Janice was naked, apart from her top, her mother had a magnificent view of her pussy.

“Oh, baby, you are so beautiful,” Mavis moaned. “I can’t help wanting to eat your pussy every time I see it.”

“Then why don’t you do it, Mommy? But first take your bottoms off so I can see your pussy, too!”

Mavis quickly drew the skimpy garment down her thighs, making herself as naked as her daughter. Janice smiled and spread her legs wide.

“Do you think he sees us?” she whispered.

“Yes,” Mavis replied, “I think I just saw his head pop up over that sand dune.”

Looking down between the parted legs, Mavis could plainly see the mound of the girl’s pussy, the soft tufts of curly blonde hair at the entrance to her beautifully long and deep slit.

She put one hand on the cheek nearest to her, then pried the globe open, watching breathlessly as her daughter’s tightly-closed anus was peeled slowly into view. Mavis twisted her head slightly, and was able to see the pink opening below — a subtle, mysterious cleft which grew wider and wider as she forced Janice’s ass apart.

Finally, the whole of her cunt was visible. Mails licked her lips in anticipation as she studied the beautiful cunt in the dazzling light of day.

She put out her finger and ran it slowly from the base to the top of her daughter’s pussy. The digit sank greedily into the liquid of the girl’s silt, dipping as far as the first joint.

She brought it up out of the hole and let it wander idly into Janice’s open ass. The finger traced a loving path over the hot crease, pausing at her asshole and worming tightly around in a tantalizing attempt to penetrate the tiny hole.

Her mouth watering, Mavis repeated the movement, again and then again. Soon Janice was squirming and wriggling in torment, aching to be penetrated by the woman’s constantly warning finger.

Since Mavis was now crouching alongside Janice with her bottom facing the girl, Janice was able to touch her mother’s ass and give Mavis the same, tormenting treatment.

“Oh shit, I’d like to eat your pussy even if Monty wasn’t up there watching,” Janice whispered.

“Let’s take our bras off, too,” Mavis said, her voice carrying over the beach.

Instead of answering, Janice turned around and offered her back to her mother. The woman quickly unclipped the brief bikini top and ran her hands possessively over Janice’s naked breasts, passing her arms around the girl’s shoulders.

Then Mavis removed her own bra and fell back to the blanket, pulling Janice with her. “Let me kiss you, baby.”

Janice smiled dreamily, her head moving in an almost invisible nod. She pursed her full, ripe lips and her eyelids closed sweetly.

Mavis rolled over on top of the girl, molding her thighs against Janice’s, letting her breasts fit snugly into the girl’s, feeling their cold, erect nipples meeting in an intimate kiss. Their hard crotches pressed tightly together, the daughter’s pubic hairs merging hotly with the mother’s.

Mavis cupped the girl’s face in her hands, studying the beautiful features. Her mouth was only a fraction of an inch from Janice’s.

“That wasn’t quite what I had in mind, darling,” she whispered, her lips brushing sexily against the girl’s. “But I suppose we could start with an ordinary kiss!”

She brought her mouth firmly onto Janice’s, feeling the softness open under the pressure of her kiss and the girl’s tongue quivering against her own. She kept her hands on Janice’s face, caressing the soft cheeks and rubbing the tips of her fingers beneath the girl’s earlobes.

Janice moaned sweetly into her open mouth, her lower lip trembling suddenly as the woman’s gentle caress made her feel weak and helpless.

Mavis writhed her body slowly, making her breasts and cunt rub with a hot, sexual rhythm against Janice’s.

It was suddenly too much for Mavis to bear. She wriggled her body down Janice’s, breaking their kiss, and slid her hands over the girl’s breasts, giving them a firm squeeze, letting her fingers come to rest on the upper slopes of the thighs.

She urged them apart, fitting herself between them and staring at the revealed opening of Janice’s cunt.

The pink cuntal lips yawned wide as her legs came apart. Mavis, lying on her side, lifted her daughter’s right thigh over her shoulder. The movement caused the pink silt to yawn even wider and more invitation.

“Beautiful, sweet pussy,” Mavis moaned, using her thumbs to part the wet crease even farther.

Then she moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue and pressed them lovingly into the soft redness of Janice’s cunt. She kissed the very center of the hole, her nose rubbing hotly against the girl’s stiff clitoris.

She felt Janice’s thighs tense momentarily. But as she soothed the precious cunt flesh with her mouth, moving her lips from side to side and pushing them right into the outer lips, Janice relaxed again.

Mavis let her tongue steal out of her mouth, easing it gently into the girl’s slit. It tasted tangy and pungent, the rich odors of the girl’s cunt mingling with the salt water to form a sweet, intoxicating aroma.

She extended it further, making her tongue thrust deeply into the fleshy pussy until the lips quivered and pulsed around him, trapping it and sucking it between their sticky walls.

“Oh, Mommy, yes, yes! Oh, you suck my pussy so good!” Janice was rolling her head from side to side on the towel, clenching and unclenching her hands, wriggling her inflamed pussy wildly against Mavis’ sucking lips.

Then she stopped, remaining absolutely still. Mavis felt the girl’s cunt throb urgently. Then suddenly she came.

Mavis lifted her head and smiled up at her daughter between the girl’s quivering tits. “There,” she whispered, “if that doesn’t turn him on, nothing will! Good luck, honey! I’ll see you back at the house!”

“I thought we came down her to fuck,” Phil Bacon said, gazing longingly at Louise’s body in the partially opened robe.

She sat at the vanity, calmly running a brush through her long hair. “We came down her to talk, first of all.”

“Look,” he said, running his hand across the bulge in the front of his tight swim trunks. “We can talk in bed. Admit it, you’re just as horny as I am. Monty’s out on the beach… now’s a perfect time!”

Louise was horny. She was hotter than hell. But she wasn’t going to admit it, and she wasn’t going to give Phil the satisfaction of being his sex slave the first hour they were together.

“Now we talk… maybe tonight we fuck.”

“Jesus Christ,” he shouted, “my son’s out on the beach, probably chasing more pussy than I’m going to get!”

Louise set the brush down and stood up. “Maybe you should go join him then.”

“Maybe I should,” Phil hissed, and stalked out of the room.

Louise waited until she heard the door slam and then went into the living room. She put on some music, fixed a drink, and sat down to think.

She lost track of time, but two drinks later there was a rapping on the back door.

“What’s the matter, did you forget your key? Oh… hello.”

Fred Morgan stood on the back porch with his mouth hanging open and his eyes staring. Too late, Louise realized that she had forgotten to close her robe.

She was about to do it when she saw the mounting bulge in the front of Fred’s swim trunks. If the bulge meant anything, this man had the biggest cock Louise had ever seen.

She left the robe open.

“I… I thought you were my husband,” she breathed.

“I wish I were,” Fred managed to gasp, lifting his eyes to hers. “I’m Fred Morgan. We live next door. Since our kids go to school together in ton, I thought I’d come over and introduce myself, Mrs. Bacon.”

“It’s Louise. Come on in, Fred. Drink?”

“Sure,” he said, following her into the living room. His cock was throbbing painfully now. He readjusted it so that the huge head and about two inches of the shaft poked out above the top of his suit.

Louise saw it when she handed him his drink, and her eyes grew wide in delight. “My God… is that all you?”

“Just like that’s all you,” he said, reaching out and combing his fingers through the thick mat of dark pubic fur that covered her cunt.

Louise smiled. “Where’s your wife?”

“Out on the beach looking for some cock. Where’s your husband?”

“Out on the beach,” Louise said, “looking for some pussy.”

“Hot damn,” Fred chortled, “this is gonna be some fucking weekend!”

“The bedroom’s this way,” Louise breathed, hooking a thumb in the top of his trunks beside his cock and pulling him along behind her.

In the bedroom, Fred became so hot and nervous that he had to sit down before he fell down. “Jeez, this is something else!”

“What is?” Louise said, stretching and twisting her body, teasing him and loving the reaction of awe on his face.

“Well, I didn’t come over to get laid, but…”

“But now you’re going to get laid.”

“I sure as hell hope so,” Fred laughed. “But if your old man comes back…”

“You let me worry about him.”

Louise walked slowly over to him, undulating her hips seductively. She knew that she could not give him the time to calm down, to gain control of himself. She saw the way he lacked up at her, as if hypnotized, helpless in the grip of her power.

Her robe clung to the curvy swell of her thighs as she moved toward him. The fabric curved into the “V” of her cunt, promising warmth and lust.

Reaching him, she spread her legs wide and sat down on his throbbing cock, her naked pussy pressing down on it as her leg dangled down on either side of him. She rubbed her steaming cunt over the jerking shaft.

“I want you,” she whispered hotly, breathing her words as her naked pussy rubbed over the huge rod of meat, her robe hiked up to her hips. She leaned her tits against his chest and slowly pressed her lips to his.

They both felt drugged with lust. She kept her lips to his, parting them, slowly moving her tongue out to tease it over his lips. Her finger curled in his hair and tickled over his ears. She brushed her tits over his chest and he could feel the aroused points of her nipples as she dragged them back and forth. The promise was too much for him to reject.

She pressed her enormous breasts harder against his chest and shifted her lush buttocks on his lap, working her pulsing, naked slit over the huge, hard bulge of his cock.

The throbbing prick was hard as a rock under the squirming of her buttocks and the rubbing of her mound. Her feet touched the floor on either side of him as he sat, perspiring, beneath her. He was locked on the edge of the bed as she squirmed her irresistible body over him.

Louise grinned wantonly. Her fingers continued to delicately caress his neck and ears as she kissed his flushed face. She kissed his eyes, dancing her tongue over his closed lids. He was the captive of her seduction. Over his face she dragged a trail of fluttering kisses, touching his lips gently. She had seduced him. She knew that. Now she was deliberately delaying taking him. It made her feel all-powerful. She nibbled at his earlobe and breathed into his ear.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered. “My little pussy’s so hungry for you. Oh, it loves the feel of your big cock!”

Her juicy tongue flicked into his ear, then down across his cheek, into his parted lips. She pressed her twitching cunt closer to him, hard against his fat cock. Her tongue darted in and out between his lips. Her kiss was sweet and heady, and the musky scent of her body was driving him insane.

“How does that feel, lover?” she asked softly.

“Oh, baby, don’t stop. It feels great.”

“Oh, I’m going to make you feel so good, lover. I love the way you feel under my hands. You’re such a man.”

She began to rotate her hips, moving herself back on his lap, off his cock, so she could see the long, hard ridge of it.

“Do you like my tits, Fred honey?” she asked, cupping her huge breasts in her hands, offering them to him.

“Gad, you’re beautiful,” he gasped heavily.

She leaned her body forward and began to rub her swaying tits over his chest.

“Feel my fifties, lover,” she cried.

His hands quickly went up to her luscious mounds, fondling and kneading them passionately.

Louise moaned and sighed as his palms rotated around the sensitive flesh. Her nipples tensed harder, jumping out at his expert touch. Her eyes fluttered and she arched her back with lust, shoving her tits hard into his caressing hands.

Her lips took his, fusing them in a wild, tongue-stabbing kiss. Her lips and tongue possessed him, her hot tongue bursting into his mouth with wild passion. They kissed hungrily, her tits crushed against his chest, her nipples drilling into his body.

Louise gurgled with pleasure as he gently closed his teeth on her nipple and licked it with his tongue.

“Oh, yes, yes, lover… suck my titties! Bite them! Oh, God, yes, that way! Oh, you suck so good! I love the way it feels… don’t stop!”

She thrashed about on his lap, her legs dangling down on either side of him as he sucked hungrily on her firm cones. He rolled his tongue around and round over the taut nipples, sending shock waves and tremors through her. She squeezed her eyes tightly.

“Oh, lover, I love it!” she crooned with lust as she arched her back, mashing her tits more fully into his craving mouth. He was going mad. He couldn’t get enough of her beautiful tits.

And then suddenly her tits were gone. She was off his lap, pushing him back on the bed and tugging at his trunks. His hard-on was massive, ramming straight up from his swollen balls. She crawled forward slowly on his lap, her eyes fixed on his straining cock.

“Oh, God… oh my God!” she cried. “That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in my life! What is it, ten inches?”

“An even twelve, baby. Think you can handle it?”

Louise laughed huskily. “Oh, lover, wait till I put your cock in my pussy! I can handle it, all tight. You’ll love it!”

She reached forward and took hold of his throbbing prick with her hand. Then she suddenly shifted her buttocks back so that she was virtually lying forward on his thighs. Ha hands pointed his cock toward her swaying tits, holding a breast over the knob of his hot cock.

“Why don’t you put your hands on either side of my tits and push them together? I really like flint!”

Fred eagerly did as she asked and looked at those firm globes as she slithered forward over his lap. She gently placed his throbbing cock in the deep deft between her breasts, then told him to press in on them. His cock was locked in between her two mountains of flesh.

He clutched firmly. He pushed them closer together. Then he pressed harder and her nipples rubbed up against each other, making her moan with lust.

“Oh, lover, lover, it feels so good!” she cried.

She began moving her shoulders, making his cock slide back and forth in the soft, deep valley between her tits. He began to rock his hips, jabbing his cock up and down between the twin, throbbing mounds. She watched excitedly as his cock poked up, then disappeared in the deep cleft. When the big prick reappeared, she dove her face down and lapped the drop of cock juice from the tip with a tiny giggle. She licked and nipped with her teeth, making him groan.

“How does it feel, lover? Do you like the way I tit-fuck your cock?”

“Oh yeah, baby… just keep it up!”

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked as his erect prick rubbed back and forth between her crushed tits.

“Great… great!” he gasped.

“Are you gonna come soon?”

Suddenly she wanted it, she wanted to taste his cum. Louise pulled his prick forward, opened her lips wide, and slipped them over his meat.


Fred arched his back, driving his cock into her throat.


The dam broke into her sucking mouth. She felt his balls tense and then his cock went off, pouring hot cum into her hungry throat.

She was ready for it. When the eruption came, she worked the muscles of her throat rapidly to swallow each and every drop. On and on the spewing cunts came in thick streams. She gulped them down greedily.

At last, with an anguished cry, he wiled to her side, panting.

“Oh God, I’m sorry, Louise,” he moaned. “I just couldn’t hold it back.”

“That’s okay,” she cooed, licking the remains of his cum from her lips and chin. “I’ll get you up again, baby. I’ll get you good and hard and you can put that big, beautiful hunk of meat up my cunt!”


Monty could hardly believe his eyes.

Was it true?

Had he actually seen Mavis Morgan and her beautiful young daughter, Janice, making it together on the beach?

Then the mother had left, moved on up the beach, and Janice had called to him.

He could hardly believe his ears.

Had the young blonde known he was there all the time?

She must have.

Like a zombie he had stepped out from his hiding place and approached the young girl. His cock was a rigid line beneath his bathing trunks. The head protruded above the material, almost to his navel.

Without a word, Janice had rolled his trunks down, down his legs, and now it appeared as if she were about to suck his cock!

“Oh, Monty, your cock is beautiful! Why haven’t you ever tried to fuck me before?”

“I… uh, shit, I don’t know,” the boy stammered. Then he blurted, “Do you always have sex with your mother?”

“Of course and with Daddy, too,” Janice replied. “But now I want this.”

She moved her face close to his bare, throbbing cock and breathed hot, moist air over the swollen, rubbery tip.

“You really gonna suck me?”

She said nothing. Grinning, she flicked her moistened tongue out at his jerking prick-head, lashing the sensitive underside again and again.

“You want me to suck your cock, Monty?”

“Yeah… oh, God, yes!” he cried, and slipped to his knees on the blanket beside her. “Suck me while I play with your pussy!”

The warm, smooth flesh of her pussy seemed to pull at his fingers as he drove them deep into her liquid heat. He looked down at her face to see if he was pleasing her. She formed her full red mouth into an O shape while her fingers played sensually up and down the hard, pulsing length of his excited cock. Then, slowly, she lowered her face toward his cock-shaft.

With a groan, Monty thrust his hips upward as the warm moistness of her soft lips closed around the sensitive head. Her tongue moved like lightning around the glans as her teeth gently nibbled at his hardened thickness.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, yeah… suck it like that!” he moaned as he reached down with his free hand to tangle his fingers tightly in her long hair. He intended to guide the rhythm of her bobbing head as she slowly took more and more of his pulsating cock into her soft, warm mouth. The swirling heat and wetness of her saliva engulfed his cockhead. He arched his hips up violently, driving his stiff cock to the back of her throat.

“Ohhh, Jeez, that’s good. My cock in your mouth feels so fucking good!”

He looked down and groaned as he watched the beautiful young girl’s lust-contorted mouth curl around the length of his meat. He became more and more excited as he watched his wetly glistening thickness sliding in and out of her sucking lips. It always amazed him that a girl could take so much of him inside. He was sure he was pushing into her tonsils.

Janice purred around his plunging cock while she increased the swirling of her tongue over the blood-inflated knob. Again and again she nipped at it with her teeth as her lips drew hard on his meat.

His working fingers in her cunt began to move in and out. The young girl gave in to his insistent force, eagerly bobbing her head, sliding her rounded lips up and down his long prick, sucking on his throbbing shaft with wanton frenzy.

“Suck it… suck it!” he babbled, shoving his loins up violently into her contorted face. Her mouth was like hot, melted butter, and he stand down at her bobbing head as his cock rhythmically sawed in and out of her ovalled lips. The sight of it caused his aching loins to tense and jerk up into her face until it looked as though the full length of his straining prick was sinking all the way into her throat. The whole hardened length disappeared with each upward thrust he made until only a little stretch of it showed white and glistening, protruding from between her lush lips.

Her cheeks bloated out, then drew in again as her tongue flicked with urgency on the out stroke, making the head throb and jerk. He watched with fascination as the inner flesh of her lips pulled out, clinging to the rigid flesh of his cock while she sucked hungrily.

Her naked breasts swayed and danced below her rocking body. He pushed his fingers deep up inside her seething cunt.

“Oh, oh, Janice, I’m almost there! My balls hurt so bad!”

She groaned in pleasure as she felt the ripples of his impending orgasm along her tongue. She spread her thighs and jammed the wet walls of her cunt over his plunging fingers so she could bring herself off with him.

Her beautiful body quivered sensuously with the growing intensity of her own passion. With the little bit of sadism that every passionate woman has, she bit down hard with her sharp teeth, leaving white streaks up the length of his solid cock. She raised her head, then plunged down again, taking nearly the whole of his long, throbbing shaft into her throat.

Monty was nearly bursting with the pressure of his cum, and his churning balls felt like lead weights hung between his tensed thighs, throbbing with the need for release. He jammed his fingers harder and harder into her quivering cunt, signaling her that he was close to erupting.

The naked blonde responded with her tongue, teeth and lips all working to make him come. And, incredibly, she was there before him, her hips pumping wildly against his hand.

“MMMMMMM!” she moaned suddenly around the throbbing cock sliding in and out of her throat.

Then Monty realized what was happening as he felt the hot juices of her cum gushing around his fingers inside her clasping pussy.

Shit! She was coming!

He shoved his hip harder up into her face, hearing her mumbles of lust-filled joy as he arched his hips up in preparation far the final shoot of his sperm up the length of his jerking prick. He gasped and his lips bared back over his teeth.

“NOW… I’M COMING! OH SHIT, SHIT, TAKE IT! Suck it right out of me!”

His huge cock began jerking wildly as his pent-up cum roared out of his balls, up the tube on the underside to the tip of his pulsing cockhead, racing to suddenly spurt deep into her throat.

Her greedily sucking mouth was flooded with gush after gush of his heated sperm. Her cheeks bloated outward with each explosion as she swallowed frantically to keep up with the never-ending supply of male jism.

“Uuuggghhhh! Suck, suck, suck it! Ohhhhh yeah… don’t stop… don’t stop sucking… yyeeeaaahhhh!” Monty gasped as he thrust his hips upward, convulsively ramming his spewing cock farther and farther down her throat. The kneeling girl continued sucking, taking all he could give her, eager for more.

Falling back heavily onto the blanket, Monty groaned loudly while he emptied the last of his sperm between her voraciously sucking lips. She went on nibbling gently, sucking every last drop from the spurting cock. After a few moments, his satiated prick began deflating in her mouth, and he pulled his fingers from her still hotly contracting cunt.

Janice continued to suck his meat until it started to hurt. He tried to push her head away, but she only removed his hands and gobbled his dick back into her mouth.

“Jeez, what the hell you doin’?”

“I’m gonna get you hard again so you can ream my pussy!”

Phil Bacon had removed his own trunks and now fisted his cock as he watched the young blonde suck his son’s cock.

Damn! What he had said in jest had turned out to be true! His son was getting a little while he, Phil, could only watch!

“Shit,” he murmured aloud. “And I have to beat off!”

“Not really.”

Phil whirled around, his cock still in his hand.

There, directly behind him was Mavis Morgan. She was stark naked and plunging two fingers of her right hand deep up into her pussy.

“I’d love to take care of that for you, just like my daughter is taking care of your son.”

Phil was in no mood to argue. He had seen Mavis Morgan many, many times in the back yard next door to his house, and every time he had seen her, his cock had jumped to attention.

“Uh, where’s your husband?” Phil said, stepping toward her and wrapping his hands around her fleshy ass cheeks.

“Around. But don’t worry about him.”


“He gets his pussy… I get my cock. Let’s fuck. Watching my daughter suck your son off has gotten my pussy hotter than hell!”

Jesus, Phil thought, it’s a weird family! But, who am I to give a shit?

Mavis glued her eyes to the jutting pole of Phil’s rigid cock as she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue and cupped a breast in each hand. The hardened nipples jutted from her twin peaks as an invitation to his tongue and lips.

“Jesus, what a set of tits,” Phil groaned as he rubbed the head of his throbbing cock up and down in her furry bush.

Then her hands were stroking her belly, moving down ever so slowly, until the tips of her nails were just touching the soft fleece of her cuntal triangle. She stayed like that for a long moment, thumbs pressing against her slender sides, displayed across her belly. Phil stood transfixed, unable to move, unable to speak, captured by the fascinating sight of this woman before him, the absolute sexuality of the scene he was witnessing. His cock seemed to be screaming with lust.

Slowly, Mavis’ hands began to move again, the finger-tips dipping lower through her downy pubic hair, blazing a path toward the glistening pink slit between her legs. When she reached it, she placed the thumb and forefinger of her left hand on either side of the soft, glistening lips and spread them slowly, slowly apart, revealing the pink bud of her erect clitoris.

“Slit, I need a cock… a big cock. Like yours,” she groaned.

Mewling sounds erupted from her throat as her finger found the hardened clit. She began to stroke it, back and forth, round and round, sending streams of cuntal juice trailing down her inner thighs. And while she stroked her clit, rubbing her finger along the gaping crevice of her pink cunt, she began to talk to him in her mesmerizing voice.

“I want you, lover. I want to fuck you, fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I want to put my finger in your asshole while you’re fucking me, and I want you to do the same to me. And, afterward, I want to suck your big cock, suck it until I milk you dry. And then I’ll suck your asshole. I’ll put my tongue in it until I make you hard again. I want you to kiss my pussy. I want your tongue where my finger is now, licking, biting, kissing my clit. I want…”

Phil could take no more. His cock was screaming for release, and there could be no waiting.

Pushing her to the sand, he flung himself down beside her. He dragged her into his arms and pressed his rigid meat across her belly as he kneaded a huge tit with his hand.

He showered hot, moist kisses over her face, her throat, into the valley between her tits, his hands moving over the smooth hills of her buttocks, cupping them, squeezing them together.

Mavis was breathing into his ear, hot and sweet, and her tongue flicked out to dance inside, racing along the skin of his inner ear. Her hand searched don between their tightly clasped bodies, located the rock-hardness of his cock.

Phil gasped as the hot, searing tips of her fingers closed over his rigid meat. Then his mouth closed over her and their tongues lashed and dueled with one another, trying to blend into one. Mavis crushed the full length of her body against his and pound her cunt hard into him. Then she twisted suddenly, pulling him over astride her, opening her legs as wide as they would go. Her cunt flared open, dripping, waiting.

“Fuck me, you bastard… pour your meat into my pussy!”

Her hot hands ran wildly up and down his body, tracing the hard muscles of his shoulders, the cleft of his back, the cheeks of his ass. His cock rested hard, trailing dribbles of cum against her thighs, pressed into the narrow hair-lined slit of her cunt. She arched for a moment, levering their bodies up with the strength of her back. She reached under her ass with both hands, pulling her cunt lips slowly apart, giving his cock greater contact with the moist, sensitive flesh as it lay cradled in the full length of her wet, throbbing crevice. She relaxed, dropping her body back, his rigid shaft trapped hotly between her soft thighs.

“Mmmmm, you feel good, lover,” she wailed. “All of you feels good, but your cock feels the best of all!” Her nails trailed across his back, leaving small red welts in their sharp path.

Phil pushed his hands farther down beneath her, cupping the fullness of her ass in the palms of his sweat-slick hands, pulling her crotch hard against him. He moved up and down the fiery slit, sensing it grow wetter and wetter as passion seethed out of her. Her ass cheeks began a more desperate rotation up against his meat until her legs, without warning, snaked out wide on either side of him, her calves locking against the back of his thighs, pulling him tighter to her.

“Ohhhh, fuck me, lover!” she hissed. “Fuck me now, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Phil thrust forward. Her cunt was already grinding forward and her hands were already between their bodies, circling around his cock to guide it between the lips of her surging cunt.

He groaned deep in his throat as he felt her hands move his prick up and down between her legs, running the length of her crotch, parting the soft, fleecy hair of her pussy.

He flexed his hips with a sudden cruel, driving thrust that drove his huge, rock-hard cock deep up into the hot gaping mouth of her pussy, driving it home with a flesh-splitting crash.

“AAARRRGGGHHHH!” Mavis shrieked beneath him.

He felt the elastic sheath slip wetly, hotly, around his fleshy prick, consuming it as it raced to the full length of her belly.

Suddenly, he hit bottom, his balls slapping with a resounding staccato sound against the cheeks of her ass.

“OOOOHHHHH!” she screamed again. “Ohhhh, yes! That’s it, lover, that’s the way to fuck me! That’s it!”

Phil pound his meat into the squirming flesh beneath him, fucking into her with long, hard strokes. She strained back under him, arching her hips up at him, lifting them both a few inches off the soft sand.

She moaned wildly under his pounding, driving body now, opening and closing her legs around his hips as she worked up and down with her cunt. Her mouth gaped open wide, her head flailing from side to side with wild, insane abandon.

“Ohhhh, good, so good, like I knew it would be good! That’s the way, that’s it. Now shove your finger in my ass! Do it now, do it now! Shove your finger in my ass and make me scream for you!”

Phil reached under her, between her rotating buttocks as he drove his cock into the hot moistness of her pussy. He stretched the cheeks of her ass wide with his hands, and then dipped his middle finger toward her asshole.

A small stream of warm moisture was running down the widespread crevice from where he was fucking into her. It lubricated his finger and the tight puckered anal ring. He probed for a moment, then thrust forward, hard, feeling the rubbery opening yield slightly. Suddenly, the ring gave way and his finger slid in up to the first knuckle in the tight elasticity of her asshole.

Mavis arched her body upward to crash into his with a wet, slapping sound at the sudden pain. And then she was screaming for him. “Ohhh, God, it… it hurts like fucking hell! But I love it, I love it!”

He thrust again, sinking his finger to the second knuckle.

“AAAAHHHH! Yesss, hurt me, hurt me!”

Despite her cries, Phil felt Mavis suddenly begin to screw her ass back don on his worming finger until it was sunk to the palm of his hand. He wiggled it inside, causing more cries of pain and passion.

He could feel through the thin wall of flesh separating her two passages, the underside of his driving prick sliding in and out of her wet cunt. He timed the thrusts of his finger with the forward stabs of his cock, impaling her on two strong, hard objects.

Mavis groaned wildly beneath him, and he could feel his cock growing and expanding inside her until it felt as though it were going to burst from the exquisite pleasure building in his balls.

“Mavis. Mavis!”

“Yeah, baby, yeah!”

“Can you make it? I can’t hold back much longer. My fucking balls are about to explode!”

“Go ahead, lover, go ahead! COME! Pill up my belly with your fuck juice! I’ll come with you!”

Phil began ramming his prick into her still harder, in time with his plunging finger skewering into the depths of her rectum. She gripped him tight between her thighs, opening and closing them around him in time to his long, hard thrusts. He continued the merciless thrusting of his cock and finger with all the strength he had in his body.

“AAARRRGGHHH, FUCK! FUCK ME, LOVER! FUUUUCK!” Mavis screamed into his ear, pounding her heels on his back as she jack-knifed her legs up to mash them against her breasts, offering him the full expanse of her upturned cunt. Her eyes wiled, her face contorted with lust as she sought to achieve her ultimate release.


The words burst from her throat in a low, guttural wail. She pulled her thighs back tighter until the whole of her widespread cunt was open to his heaving cock. Her ankles locked over his shoulders, and she squirmed her hips beneath him in a wild dance of ecstasy, screaming out her orgasm to him.

Phil felt the warm, gushing juices of her come seethe and flow around his thundering cock as he battered his body brutally against her. She locked herself up on his prick with all the power in her thighs, as her belly spasmed convulsively against his.

Phil growled low in his throat and finally the hot, sticky load began its frenzied rush along the tube of his cock. He began to spew hot streams into her sucking cunt in a thundering burst, emptying his very being deep up into the warm cavity of her lusting pussy. He moaned his final drop, and then his cock began to deflate. He withdrew it slowly, with a soft popping sound, trailing thin threads of jism along her belly as he rolled over beside her, his mouth open and his breath coming in deep, heavy gasps.

“Damn, you were good, Phil,” Mavis cooed, dipping her fingers into the semen-soaked crack of her cunt and then bringing them up to her lips. “Was I good for you?”


“As good as your own wife?”

“That’s an unfair question,” Phil replied, rolling up on his elbow to look down at his neighbor’s wife.

“No matter. I’ll find out how good a fuck she is.”

“Oh? How?”

“Fred will tell me. He’s probably over at your place right now, fucking the shit out of her!”


Louise stumbled in the dark as she made her way down the beach to where Fred had told her he would meet her for another round of good fucking. His cock that afternoon had been delightful. So, when he had phoned her an hour later to set up the meeting, she had readily agreed.

The moon suddenly came out from under a cloud, bathing the beach in light. Seeing her destination clearly now, Louise broke into a slow trot.

Just as she broke through a clump of trees and some brush at the edge of the beach, she heard low voices. And then she heard a voice wailing loudly. “Ohhhhh, shit yessss, Daddy! Fuck me! Oh, lover, fuck my ass hard! Shove your cock clear up my asshole!”

“It’s good, Janice, baby… your asshole’s tight as hell around my cock!”

Janice? Fred?

It’s Fred and…

Oh, my God, Louise thought, it is Fred! And he’s fucking his own daughter! Not only that, but he’s flicking her in the ass!

Louise was drawn to the sounds of fucking like a magnet. All the daydreaming about coupling with her awn son suddenly became a reality as she thought of seeing Fred’s enormous cock ramming in and out of his own daughter’s ass.

And then she saw their naked bodies, bathed in moonlight, wildly fucking.

Janice was bent over on a blanket, a dress bunched up around her neck while her nude young breasts swayed and danced with rolling motions beneath her. Her firmly round ass checks were lifted up in the air, and a huge cock was slamming in and out of her tight young asshole with tremendous force.

It was her own father’s cock screwing in to the helpless girl’s tightly stretched rectum. His fingers massaged the quivering moons of her soft, wildly rotating cheeks as his granite-hard cock ground deep inside her savagely clenching anus.

She was grunting and mewling crazily from the pleasure and pain, and then ramming her buttocks back against his hard driving cock as if begging for more. They were both completely immersed in their fucking, neither one caring if they were heard or not.

My God, Louise thought, I’m watching Fred fuck his own daughter… and it’s turning me on! There was a tremendous surge of heat in her pussy, and Louise felt cuntal juices fill her palm. She had worn no bra or panties, and she suddenly wanted to be as naked as the couple in front of her.

She narrowed her eyes to the point where Fred’s body joined the girl, the tight brownish-pink asshole stretched wide around the thickness of rock-hard flesh. She felt her own cunt secreting a continuous flow of her passion juices. The soft hair-lined silt of her pussy was soaked up between her legs and she felt the delightful tingling in her clitoris and nipples. Watching Fred fuck the girl aroused her to such a feverish state of passion that she knew she, too, had to find release, and soon!

His cock was slamming into Janice’s asshole with greater and greater fury, and she was moaning continually, her buttocks moving in circles as she raised her hips up to him. Janice reached back under her body, her hand extended, and she suddenly wormed three fingers into her aroused pussy. She took up his rhythm with her fingers, fucking them up her tight young curd while her father mercilessly pounded her stretched rectum with his gigantic cock.

God, Louise thought, she should be outraged at seeing Fred fucking the young teenager from behind like this, but the only emotion she felt was desire.

She wanted a thick, hard cock up her own ass. Her hands flew down the buttons of her dress until it was open. Her tits bounced free.

She lifted her trembling hands and cupped the twin, sweaty mounds, then teasingly rolled the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She shivered with the sensation. She couldn’t stop her hands as she felt her body coming to life like never before. She needed satisfaction, and nothing else mattered.

Dropping her right hand down over her smooth belly, she placed the flat of her palm over the soft curling pubic hair covering her pulsing slit. Then quickly, she slid her fingers along the wet slit, finally coming to rest on the erect bud of her clitoris. She began to shake with silent pleasure as she watched Fred and the young girl in their fucking. Her finger moved faster and faster over her wildly throbbing clit, sending pleasure over the nerves in her entire body.

Suddenly she heard footsteps at her side. She pulled her fingers from her cunt and whirled around.

It was her son, Monty, and he was heading directly toward her.

Louise was frozen in her tracks. She couldn’t move. It was almost as though she wanted Monty to see the lewd sight of Fred fucking his own teenage daughter.

She was shaking violently as Monty came up to her, and all she could manage to do was put her finger to her lips to indicate his keeping silent. She had forgotten about her open dress.

Monty saw his mother’s voluptuous, naked body first, and then, over her shoulder, Fred lamming his huge dick up Janice’s ass.

“Jeez,” he gulped. “It was true!”

“What was true, Monty?” Louise asked, partially coming out of her own daze.

“What Janice said. She said that she screwed her old man all the time!”

“My God,” Louise gasped, and whirled to look at the couple on the sand with even more amazement.

Beyond her, his eyes also fixed on the couple, Monty moved in until his crotch was pressed against his mother’s trembling ass cheeks.

“God, they’re really digging each other,” he said, putting his arms absently around his mother’s body.

Louise could feel her son’s hard cock against her. She wanted to say something, but the words wouldn’t come. All she could do was sense the erect lump of his aroused cock where it pushed against her burning ass. It filled her mind with waves of dizzying lust.

Slowly she pulled her dress up until her naked ass cheeks pressed against his cock beneath the taut jeans.

“Oh, Jeez,” he groaned as she turned to him and he looked down to see her huge, naked tits leaping toward his chest. “Jeez, we… we shouldn’t…”

But they bath knew he didn’t mean it. Naked lust had gripped both their minds.

Suddenly he wasn’t her son any more. He was a hard, virile cock, a cock she must have to satisfy the burning fire in her body.

She knew that she was losing control of herself, being consumed by the forces of her lust, and she couldn’t stop herself from grinding her pussy against her son’s gain.

“Oh, Monty, we…” She tried to fight off the passion as she realized what she was thinking. It was wrong! With her own son! But her cunt was on fire. Almost with an unconscious response, Monty’s hands slid into the opening of her dress, and he grasped her full, rich breasts, squeezing them until the flesh rolled out between his fingers. His prick seemed bigger than it had ever been, and he wanted his mother’s hand around it, holding it.

They were watching the fucking taking place so close to them, and their actions seemed to emulate each motion of the other couple.

Everything was suddenly wildly free, as if all of the problems of the past had just disappeared, replaced with loving desire. The truth had come out, and Louise knew that she had all along wanted to have her son’s cock driving hotly up inside her belly.

She pulled at the zipper of his jeans, groping at the material and shoving it down over his hips to let it fall to the ground as her hand wrapped possessively around his erect young cock. At the same moment he drew her dress away from her body.

His mother’s voluptuous body was completely naked and open to him.

She squeezed the hard flesh of his prick, feeling the blood rapidly flowing through it and giving it life.

“I want you,” he murmured.

“Take me, Monty, take me!”

Kneeling down on the ground, she pulled him with her, and lay trembling on her back, her legs spread wide in invitation. The image of her and her son writhing hotly together added to the sensuality of the moment.

And then he was rolling over, pulling her atop his body. Her thighs were spread wide as she straddled him until she was kneeling on either side of his hips, hovering sensually above him. His swollen cock was jutting straight up toward the pink-lined slit of her pussy, and she held it in her hand, moving the thick head back and forth to part the hair-lined slit of her demanding cunt.

“Please, Mom! I’ve got to fuck you now, please!” her young son moaned, and he arched his hips up, trying desperately to drive his cock into the slickness of her open cuntal passage.

“Yes! Yes, fuck me, my little darling! Now!” she hissed, and reaching down with her other hand, she parted the lips of her flowing pussy. She hesitated for only an instant, and then plunged down against her son’s cock, the throbbing head expanding the lips of her cunt until they almost upped with the pressure.

“AAaaagggghhhh! Oooahhhh!” she screamed as she felt the young shaft lurch upwards inside her welcoming channel. It filled her cunt far more than she had expected. He was leaning up on his elbows to look down between his mother’s open thighs and watch his hard prick disappear into her gaping cunt. With one hungry surge, he jammed it up driving it all the way up inside until her whole belly was filled with his meat.

Louise was rocking back and forth, loving every wrinkle of every inch of her son’s cock, when she became aware of someone else in front of her.

She looked up into her husband’s smiling face. The head of his hard, naked cock brushed across her chin.

“You knew?” she gasped.

“Yes,” he smiled. “And everything’s going to be great from now on.”

“And later tonight we’ll go over to Fred and Mavis’?”

“Yes,” Phil said. “Just as soon as you bring Monty off with your pussy and me off with your mouth. Everything’s going to be perfect from now on!”

And, as Louise took Phil’s cock into her mouth and settled her cunt down over her son’s cock, she knew it would be.

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