Tying the knot

With Joyce still spread completely open Richard stood on his haunches,
placing his feet on either side of her waist, and lowered his still
bobbing pelvis to her lap. They stopped all movement as Richard, with
Joyce’s help, guided the erect and jerking penis back to the wet and
winking vulva. Richard stroked to mid length for several minutes,
receiving additional lubricant from the moaning Joyce. With no warning
he moved his feet forward to her breast level and plunged his full
length into her. He was very deep and arched high in her inner
recesses. His legs were widely spread and he appeared to be sitting
against Joyce’s mid region. He kept the penetration depth while Joyce
raised her legs and wrapped them around Richard’s chest. She had
raised her bottom off the bed and now exposed more of her opened hole
than any of them thought possible. Richard’s balls were pushing at the
bottom of her vagina and he squirmed in circular motions as if trying
to force them in. Both bodies pushed harder together to put more of
Richard inside her beckoning vagina. Richard’s penis was completely
sheathed within the hot recesses of Joyce’s private sanctuary, but
still she strived to draw more of him inside of her. Sensing the
frenzied lovers intent, John reached behind Richard and carefully
pushed his tight ballshack harder against the wet vagina, Joyce moving
her legs higher on Richard’s chest, moving her exposed and spread
bottom upward to draw more in. John felt the initial resistance to
the opening as he pushed on one of the balls and felt the resistance
diminish, watching as it slipped in through the lower unoccupied
region of the pink hole. The second ball almost followed on it’s own
and only required a gentle push to disappear into the opening . Lips
closed around the disappearing sack and a shuttering from both bodies
marked the realization that Richard and Joyce like two dogs, had tied
the knot. John looked and could no longer distinguish any sign of the
scrotal bag, now totally beyond the narrow entrance way. The testicles
had cleared the short restrictive passageway to be freed within the
vaginal chamber. Like a finger knuckle being caught in a bottle neck,
it was far easier to push in, than to remove. Joyce’s vaginal lips
could now surround the shaft and tightly hold it in place. John
remarked loudly that Richard had her now and must complete the tie.
Joyce in the depth of orgasm did not understand John’s statement, but
it sounded somewhat ominous. Both lay motionless, not wanting to alter
the precious tie, realizing how special the shared bonding was and
wondered what was to happen now. Gentle pelvic squeezes from Joyce and
penile twitches from Richard brought them to their climatic explosive
release. Joyce felt wave after wave of testicle spasm inside the
walls of her closed vaginal opening from the encapsulated ballsack and
penis, and groped for John to bond with her breasts. John seeing the
building climax, grabbed both heaving and wet breasts and massaged
strongly. The first ejaculate was felt by her in both ball movement
and hot spurting deep inside. A steadily increasing loud moan came
from her closed mouth. Her body shuttered involuntarily and chest and
pelvis arched upward. Richard fully tied and locked within Joyce
experienced a multi-orgasmic ejaculation. After spurting a full load
of hot ejaculate, his manhood quickly rose in uncontrollable fervor,
to again release a second continuous wave of hot jism deep inside her.
Joyce’s steady moans from her tight locked mouth became a load, but
trapped scream as she felt a second movement of testicles against
inner walls, and felt again the hot spurting from the trapped organ.
All of their juices and ejaculate were trapped inside her, the heat
causing her to swoon. Her breasts were so engorged and tender she was
sure that milk would be pulled out from John’s manipulative fingers.
She could feel the tiny breast sacks behind her extended nipples
trickling and filling with fluid. The intensity of her special orgasm
triggered the most primitive of sensual instincts and being filled
completely inside her sex chamber with his hot organ of pleasure
including his balls, released unfamiliar hormones that prepared her
body for something yet to come. She had no control now of the internal
actions occurring, and could not stop the secession of body changes
necessary during this preparatory phase. The internal pressure of
Richard’s trapped balls pressing downward against her rectal sphincter
gland inside her closed chamber provided the proper signal to Joyce’s
primeval senses, and a quick series of chemical releases readied her
for the inevitable conclusion . John’s thumb and forefinger squeezed
an extended nipple and a pearly drop of pre-milk rolled out. Richard
in the throe of pleasure and seeing the ooze of milk from breast,
almost stood up and then realized just how securely the knot was tied.
His sunken penis and encased balls would not dislodge from his pull,
and they remained firmly implanted in Joyce’s vagina, lips wrapping
tightly. John immediately lowered his open mouth to a wet nipple. Her
breasts were very swollen and the aeora now protruded with extended
nipple to form a second mound. Drawing in the nipple and pink aeora,
John gently sucked the breast. Richard was still very much erect
inside Joyce, tied by the smooth and pliant scrotal bag with it’s two
large testicles preventing removal. Joyce could feel an increased
tingling slowly surfacing to the nipple and raised aeora being
suckled. John moaned loudly as fluid from the tip and sides of the
extended nipple were coaxed to freedom. An exquisite feeling flooded
through her chest, spreading it’s way down her wet stomach to the
lodged and trapped member inside of her. Her skin on her chest and
belly flushed red as uncontrollable contractions pulsed inside her
filled chamber, induced by the sucking of her breast and discharge of
milk. The blond and downy hair on her stomach, thickening as it
descended to her pubic mound, glistened with dewy moisture. Deep
beyond the ravishes of sensuality, Joyce knew that no seed from either
man had reached her egg chamber yet. Thousands of sperm from both
men’s deposits were traveling upward, but were not as well prepared as
to what would follow. Johns loud words echoed back at her and the
meaning became fully realized. Contractions moved in waves to
Richard’s trapped member providing a stimulus to his penis never felt
before. At the head of his penis, deep inside the vaginal chamber,
confining walls that pushed and squeezed, relaxed to let the suddenly
swelling gland find additional depth and an unrestricted passage for
the forthcoming impregnating semen. During each of her contractions
his penis swelled larger, both in girth and length, and soon filled
the stretched chamber completely. Locked at the groin, both
instinctively knew the impending conclusion, that Joyce would be
impregnated with the next load of sperm released. Joyce’s hands held
Richard’s face and they looked at each other with total passion and
total understanding. Building slowly to receive his seed, Joyce’s
tongue stuck out of parted lips., and saliva rolled out the side of
her opening mouth. .A new discharge of milk squirted into John’s
sucking mouth, and he sensed something building within Joyce’s loins
and chest. Joyce’s body became a receptacle to the soon to be
deposited seed. Both locked lovers began grunting at each new
involuntary contraction. Joyce’s insides were convulsing inwards
carrying Richard’s swelled member deeper inside. Her labia closed
tighter against the base of the captured penis, as if to seal off any
retreat or escape of fluids. Their grunting became louder and more
frequent as the contractions came faster and both now shut their eyes
as the final climax approached. Milk was now flowing in a steady
stream from a fattened and extended nipple. Richard screamed as a
final massive contraction from Joyce literally sucked the spurting
jism from the bulbous swelled penis up and into the waiting egg
chamber. Joyce could feel the hot liquid being shot high into her
stomach. And she knew already that thousands of Richard’s sperm had
already coated one of her eggs. The most complete sexual satisfaction
then occurred as one more orgasm from Joyce matched the final
ejaculation from the swollen penis directly to her eggs. Both lay very
still for a long time. John had stopped his breast sucking when the
milk production suddenly halted. Only a few drops of the sweet milk
could now be coaxed out. Joyce and Richard lay in the awkward locked
position for another fifteen minutes, allowing the enormously swollen
penis to subside. Richard with a quick pulling motion managed to pull
himself free from the now tightening vagina. Both men watched
mesmerized as the enflamed and wet vagina slowly closed it’s lips to
the outside, trapping all fluids within. Joyce’s pelvic mound looked
swollen and enlarged as if being pushed out from the inside. Her
vaginal lips twitched in their closing and finally met in tight union.
It was over. Most parts of Joyce were tender and sensitive to touch.
She didn’t want to be fondled anywhere. She only wanted to lay in the
arms of her lovers, breathing in the passion that had filled her with
seed. It was about an hour of laying in the bed, receiving gentle
kisses and hugs from her lovers, when she arouse and ended the
session. She cleaned herself and dressed and asked to be taken home.
Both men asked Joyce if they could see her again soon and she replied
that that would be great.

Joyce returned to the apartment late in the morning. Val was up and
concerned about her friends late arrival. Joyce produced the marijuana
and said it was pretty good stuff. She said the party was boring and
nothing much happened. They both went to bed. Val had a sore stomach.
Joyce was pretty much sore all over and twitched at the remembrance of
events that ravaged her earlier. Yes, it was pretty good pot.

Joyce closed the diary and wondered if what she had just written
captured all she remembered of the previous night. She was no longer
sure if any of it were true, but she wanted to commit it to paper
while her memories were fresh. She truly believed that indeed there
were two men. And she had no doubt that she had sex with them, or did
she? Her breasts were sore and swollen and her private areas tender.
Not much different than a period, she thought, but where did all the
images come from then. How could she make anything like this up? Then
again the marijuana was like nothing she ever had before. Was there
something else in the stuff that caused her to hallucinate? She had
decided not to confide in Val with what happened to her. She was
embarrassed that she had let two men take her so easily, and what
apparently she had let them do to her, was shocking, but at the same
time it invoked a certain degree of excitement. With what she felt now
she doubted her sex life would ever be the same again. Somehow she had
to find a way of learning the truth. She was afraid to go to either
Richard or John and ask outright. She actually was afraid to go
anywhere near them, for fear that what happened was real, and that
they would want more, and worse, maybe she would too. She wondered
what the images meant. The term “tying the knot”. Was that real and
could she have made it up if she didn’t even know what it meant? Was
it possible to do what they did? Was she big enough to take in a man’s
penis and balls? Joyce remembered John being enormous and that he had
apparently entered her deeply. He would have stretched her and pushed
things deeper. Would that have prepared her sufficiently for the
acceptance of a man’s balls, and the remembered depth that Richard’s
penis eventually reached. She shuttered at the thought of it all and
inwardly giggled at her promiscuity, even if only imagined.