Widespread Mom

WIDESPREAD MOM is the story of two teenage boys and their mother. They find themselves victims of the ravages of sent need, and seek release in the heat of each other’s bodies. They have no trouble setting aside the traditional taboo against incest as their lust becomes the most important factor in their lives.

Once they break the taboo, one perversion leads to another until they are enmeshed in a sordid imbroglio of lasciviousness. Their friends are drawn into the web of carnal delight and their lives are devoted to greater and greater pleasures.

This account of sexual aberration is strictly fictional, but we all know that some of our neighbors and acquaintances are acting out these scenes in their real, everyday lives. In these pages, those of us who’ve had no firsthand knowledge of these practices can get a glimpse of what goes on behind the drawn drapes of middle America.


Ruby Anderson loved cock.

That was her downfall. Big, throbbing pricks made her mouth water, her golden haired pussy steam with delight.

It hadn’t always been like that. Before her husband had run off with her best friend — and true to form, she was the last to know — she had concerned herself with raising three boys, the care of her home and keeping up with soap operas.

With the almost nightly ritual of making love taken away from her, and after she had cried herself out, she had felt so hungry for affection that her own boys were beginning to look good to her.

The thought had appalled her, as if the mere idea had somehow been the very act. She was in bed, stroking her pussy, wishing it were a cock instead of her fingers, when she heard Mike, her youngest, start the shower.

While her fingers probed deep inside her frothy cunt, she wondered what her boy was going to do with his new girlfriend. Oh, sure they were going to the drive-in, but what were they going to do?

She could see it clear as day. Mike would place his strong arms around the girl, then let his fingers drop to the area of her breasts. While kissing her passionately, he would expertly unbutton her blouse, then touch the soft, yielding flesh.

The rubbery, pink nipples would stiffen, become rock-hard. His mouth would move from hers, kiss across the hollow of her throat. The girl would shiver, feel her pussy pucker with desire.

Suddenly, it wasn’t the girl anymore, but Ruby, herself. Her mouth opened, accepting the exploring, snake-like tongue. Her fingers were moving over his taut, muscular body, searching for the thick mound between his powerful thighs.

Naked flesh touched naked flesh, setting the blood to boiling. She clawed his back, pulled him down on her, fumbled with his zipper.

“Fuck me,” she gasped, spreading her thighs, forcing the tip of his purplish-colored cockhead into the furry opening of her pussy. “God… stick it in and load me up with hot cum.”

His prick entered her cunt slowly, sliding deliciously over the fluttering membranes. And as it became fully molded in her guts, she could see the hard, angular outline, the loose sheath of foreskin pulled away from the tip of the massive shaft.

His mouth was on her breast, sucking the nipple almost to his tonsils. His teeth nipped her skin, causing electric-like jolts of pleasure to race into her chest. She arched her back, tightened the ring of muscle at her cunt opening, looked him inside.

Pleasure flooded her body, yet with each hard thrust, the ache, the delicious itch became more demanding. Her insides were sucking, pulling, demanding his thick, creamy load of cum.

“Screw me, stud,” she panted, throwing her head to one side, inhaling the steamy aroma of sex in the car. “All the way in, you little bastard… push your cock up my pussy and…”

Her orgasm was explosive, even more powerful than the one she’d had when her husband had screwed out her cherry twenty years before.

And although she was alone in her bedroom, and her son was in the shower, she could actually see the thick globs of molten cum splatter deeply inside the yearning pussy. Each drop was like a liquid pearl, etching into the sensitive membranes.

She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming, tasting the salty flavor of blood. While her back arched, lifting itself to some invisible, masculine body, her orgasm became more intense. Pleasure, however, wouldn’t be fulfilled. Her fingers just couldn’t do what a big, rock-hard cock could.

She lay back, gasping for air, hearing the flood of water on her son’s naked body. Then gathering her courage, she slipped her feet over the side of the bed and stood up on wobbly legs.

There was nothing unusual about anyone in the family barging in on anyone else, whether they were in the shower, or on the pot, or anything. They had no secrets.

This time, however, Ruby felt guilty. She wasn’t going into the bathroom to get her deodorant or throw a dirty pair of underwear in the laundry hamper. She was going into the bathroom for one purpose and one purpose alone — to see the hard, angular lines of her son’s body, to memorize the shape of his cock if possible.

She had to see what that little girl was going to get. She wanted to be close to that slab of cock that would soon drive in and out of tight pussy, fill her with boiling, milky wads of cum.

“That you, Mom?” Mike called out, hearing the door open.

“Yes,” Ruby answered a little too loudly, trying to make her voice sound motherly casual. “Just had to get my… uh, comb.”

There he was, not two feet away. She sat down on the toilet seat, her mouth slowly gaping open. While he rinsed off, he occasionally rubbed against the shower curtain. The outlines of muscular flesh and wiry hairs were more than evident. And for a brief second, she saw his limp, swinging cock.

Was it possible that she’d actually diapered him? Jesus, that little peanut dick of his had grown to the size of an overripe cucumber.

And it would soon sink into a sweet, hot pussy, filling it with acid-like cum. She suddenly hated that girl, and envied her just as much.

“Hey, Ma, hand me a towel, would you?” Mike said, startling her.

“Sure,” she said, reaching for the towel. She wondered if he noticed that her voice was high-pitched, almost a scream, “Here.”

Her hand touched his, causing a spasm of pleasure inside her pussy. It was all she could do to keep from, jumping in the tub with him and kneeling before his hard, muscular body.

To take his limp cock in her mouth and make it hard as a rock. Then, stuff it into her itchy pussy.

Her own son!

God, her own son!

She fled the room as if it were on fire. When she reached her bedroom, she quickly threw on some clothes and raced out of the house. Not to find something or go someplace, but to escape her desires.

As she drove down the busy street, she could barely steer the car. Her pussy was bubbling, sucking on the silky material of her panties. At last, she pulled into a fast-food restaurant and leaned over the steering wheel, tears stinging her face.

After a long while, she sat back and tried to collect her thoughts. Before she had a chance to consider her terrible fantasies, however, she saw a young man — about the same age as her son — come out of the restaurant and approach her car.

“Hey, lady, you OK?” the boy asked. “You sick or something?”

Yes, I’m sick! Christ, am I ever sick! Would you like to hear the full story? You seem like such a nice kid. I was beating off in my bedroom and started thinking about screwing my own son. So, I had to get out of the house or only God knows what I might have done.

“I’m fine,” she muttered, swallowing hard. “I just got a little dizzy, I guess.”

“Is there anything I can do?” the boy asked.

Will you repeat that? Shit yes, there’s plenty you can do. You can take that big cock of yours out of those tight pants and stick it in my pussy. No, you can let me suck you off. Or would you rather screw me in the butt? Or slam that thing between my tits?

“I’m fine,” she repeated. “Really.”

As she looked at him, she noticed that his eyes were on her breasts. Well, why not? They were heaving, thrusting upward in her confused excitement. And even if she were almost forty, she still prided herself on her looks.

She stood as tall as almost any man yet retained her femininity. Surrounding her oval shaped face was a halo of burnished-red hair, accentuating the dark-emerald color of her eyes. Because her waist was so tiny, it made her hips appear fuller than they were. Her legs were tanned the color of ripe peaches, long and shapely, giving way to perfectly formed feet.

She hardly ever wore makeup, as her natural coloring made it unnecessary.

With this boy, however, she seemed aware for the first time of her innate beauty. For some reason, it made her embarrassed, causing her to turn beet-red.

“Could you give me a lift?” the boy asked suddenly. “I mean… you don’t know me or anything, but I’m getting off work and…”

“Hop in,” she said, unable to believe what was happening. “I… I’m not doing anything… sure.”

For the life of her, she couldn’t recount what happened next. One moment they were driving down Cooper Street, the next, they were in Meadowbrook Park, surrounded by darkness. When she pulled to the curb and turned off the ignition and lights, it was as if she were watching, instead of participating.

“I… I haven’t had a cock in so long,” she said, not believing her words. “I… I…”

“You’ve got one now,” the boy said, moving closer. He kissed her hard on the mouth, driving his tongue firmly between her teeth. “Ohhhh… yes, baby, you’ve got all the cock you want… right now.”

Ruby flung herself on his young body like the widow at an Indian funeral pyre. And as she clutched him, she felt an ache, a horrible itch that almost drove her crazy.

“Fuck me… God… baby, fuck me,” she panted, locking her lips around his open mouth. The mere taste of his body was enough to cause her cunt to spasm with the first welling of climax. She clawed at his shoulders with her fingernails. “Give… give it to me… cock… cock… damn you… cock!”

Suddenly, they were both naked, their bodies locked in a passionate embrace. Ruby’s mouth was all over him, sucking across the yard-wide shoulders, tasting the sweaty flavor of his neck. She molded her lips over the sculptured angles of his chest, felt the wiry texture of hair. His cock throbbed upward, touching her chin.

She hadn’t had a prick in so long. Too long.

That’s why she had had those horrible ideas about her son. About Mike’s cock. Oh… Jesus, that sweet, big, hard cock!

“I’m gonna suck you dry, Mike,” she groaned, hardly recognizing her own voice.

“Mike?” the boy said. “My name isn’t Mike. I’m Larry.”

“Larry, Mike, who fucking cares?” she gasped, “Cock… that’s what matters big, hard cock to suck!”

Her lips engulfed his massive shaft, sank to the hairy, throbbing base. As her nose pushed into the taut muscles of his flat stomach, she felt her insides become a cauldron of desire. She wanted nothing mote than to throw herself on him, yank his cock into her pussy, but her throat was even more demanding.

She hadn’t tasted cum in months. Christ, an eternity!

But, here it was! Big cock and all that sweet cum just a couple of inches away. She cupped his furry balls and tolled them over her cheeks. The mere touch inflamed her with greater hunger.

“Mmmmmfffff!” she choked, closing her eyes with anguished ecstasy. Her pussy was oozing, steaming up the insides of her thighs. She squeezed her knees together and felt a convulsion of pleasure. She screamed out again, her voice lost in the dark, hairy crotch.

“Goddamn… you can fucking take it all,” Larry said, lifting his hips and placing his hands on the back of her head. “Shit! I’ve never seen anything like, it!”

“Mmmmm-hmmmm,” Ruby groaned, twisting her head around.

“Hey, baby… you take it in the mouth?”

Larry asked, pressing her face harder against his middle.

Ruby pulled her mouth away from his cock, let it flop against his stomach. She then ran her tongue over his hairy balls, felt them vibrate to her touch.

“You mean, do I suck cum?” she murmured, letting her fingers move over his hips and stomach.

“Yeah,” the boy grunted, his face a picture of anguish. “You take it in the mouth?”

“I’ll suck every delicious drop in my throat and gargle it down,” Ruby murmured, sliding her wet lips up the underside of his pulsating cockshaft. “Yes… God, yes… there’s nothing I love better than eating down globs of hot cum.”

“Jesus… fucking shit!” Larry said. He dug his fingers into her scalp and forced her mouth back down on his cock. When her lips reached the furry base, he flinched, every muscle bulging. “Suck me… then,” he panted. “I… I’m gonna blow that cocksucking throat full… now, bitch!”

Ruby hardly had time to let her mouth and throat get used to the size of his climaxing cock. It expanded, totally filling her, then exploded with warmth. The juices were like bombs, bursting over her tongue. Some of the molten fluid shot upward, behind her nose, then streamed from both nostrils. Other lumps, alive with energy, swept under her tongue, between her teeth.

“Suck me, you motherfucking cocksucker!” he cried, thrusting his hips up and down. More of his fiery fluid spat into her throat. “Jesus… Christ… Goddamned fuck… lick it all the way… in… unhhhhh!”

While, his cock pounded her throat with release, covering her sucking membranes with acid-like warmth, Ruby experienced one delicious climax after another. The sensations were better than she could possibly imagine, inflaming not only her pussy, but every cell, each nerve in her body.

“Aaaaghhhhh,” she choked, sending a fine, milky spray of creamy jism into his brown crotch hairs. She inhaled, her air mixing with cum, rattling down her throat. “Mmmmfffff… agghhhhhhh,” she spluttered again.

The boy heaved upward as the bulk of his load shot from his cockhead, then got to his knees. He lunged over her body, jamming her between the steering wheel and the back of the seat. His full weight crushed down, his cock plunged noisily into the back of her throat.

“Fuck my cock with your mouth, whore,” he cried. “Lick it… cocksucker… all the way in… ream out my prick… suck it…”

Ruby pulled and chewed on his prick like it was the only one on earth. And for her, it was. Each sweet drop of his jism gave her greater pleasure until finally, her ecstasy bordered on pain. At last, she went limp, exhausted from the intensity of his release.

“Mmmmmm,” she gurgled, wallowing his still throbbing cock around in her mouth.

“Holy… fuck, lady, I’ve never been sucked like that in my life!” Larry gasped. “Hell, it was like I had my dick in a milking machine!”

Slowly, Ruby pulled her lips up his meaty cockshaft, pursing tightly, releasing the last of his full, thick load. When the juice burned over her tonsils, her pussy gave one last pang of pleasure, then seemed to melt. She turned her head to one side and kissed into the chocolate-brown hairs.

“I… I love your big prick,” she murmured. “God I’d forgotten just how wonderful it was…”

“Huh?” Larry said. “What are you talking about?”

“Mmmmmm, nothing,” she replied, not wanting to go into the horrible complications.

For not only was she cock-hungry, she was craving her own son’s cum!

Suddenly, she hated herself. Not for what she’d just done, but for her thoughts. The whole time the boy was driving his jism into her throat, she had been thinking about Mike.


By now, he and his girlfriend must be at the drive-in. Were they lacked in that embrace she’d imagined? Was his massive cock drilling in and out of her pussy? Was his cum bursting from his cockhead at this very moment?

“Ohhhh… fuck me,” she whimpered, feeling her pleasures renew themselves. “Will you… stick it in my cunt and load me up with hot cum? God… please?”

The boy shook his head as he looked at her. What in the hell had he done to deserve such luck? Shit, he’d been cleaning out stoves just twenty minutes ago? Sacking up chicken, for Christ’s sake! Mid now he was in a dark, secluded park with one fantastic woman who’d just eaten his cock like there was no tomorrow!

She might be a little old, but she was still as firm as any of the chicks he’d screwed lately. And besides that, she’d taken all his cock in her throat!

Remembering what it felt like caused his balls to rumble with an agonized pressure he’d never felt before.

He wanted to return the favor.

“Can I lick on your pussy?” he asked, slipping his fingers between the area of her breasts. “Hmmmmmm. You gonna let me do that?”

For a moment Ruby hardly realized what he was talking about. She had been the one to do it all. And now, he wanted to stick his tongue in, ream out her cunt. She felt wonderfully warm.

He wanted it too!

She closed her eyes, pretending it was Mike who wanted it, who had said the words.

“Yes… lick my pussy, Son,” she moaned. “Stick your tongue in your mommy and lick her clean.”

Jesus, Larry thought, the lady sure talks crazy! But who the fuck cares? With a sweet, smoldering pussy like this, she could be a raving lunatic!

“Hang on,” he whispered, moving his face toward her pussy, “I’m gonna do you as good as you did me.”

Ruby closed her eyes and waited.

Waited for Mike.


Ruby spread her legs and thrust her hips upward when she felt Larry’s lips against her thigh. It had been so long since a man had been this close to her pussy that she almost climaxed just thinking about it.

“Eat out my cunt,” she gasped, touching the muscular shoulders. “Run… run your tongue like a wet cock…”

As she said the words, she felt the boy pull back the loose folds of skin around her opening.

Her clit stood out from the sensitive membranes, so swollen it felt as if it would burst.

“Damn… you’re hot,” Larry said, darting his tongue into the pink, frothy hole. Her juices burned the inside of his mouth like acid, causing his throat muscles to constrict with hunger. “Mmmmm… sweet pussy.”

Ruby bent her legs, then draped them about his neck. She then locked her ankles together and pulled him forward with her full strength. As his face molded between her steamy thighs, she felt the first flutterings of orgasm.

“Yes… yes… suck me… eat me up, you little cunt sucker,” she whimpered, her eyes flashing a darker green.

Larry began lapping his tongue quickly in and out of her spasming hole, feeling her insides get hotter, more creamy. And with each thrust of his tongue, he felt the pressure inside his balls become more intense.

“Want me to fuck you now?” he murmured, his voice a vibration inside her canal.

“No… not yet,” Ruby grunted, pumping her ass up and down. “A… a little more, God, that’s good… even better than a prick…”

Well, maybe not better, but at least deliciously different. It seemed to cover areas a cock couldn’t get to, like a slippery snake.

While Larry chewed on her cunt, he slowly moved his hands around her hips and cupped her firm, rounded ass. After playing up and down the narrow crack of her shitter, he scraped his nails against the tiny, puckered opening.

Ruby flinched, then cried out with delicious release. And as her climax culminated in a frenzy of ecstasy, she felt his fingers probe more deeply inside her asshole. She locked her pussy muscles tightly around his tongue, trapping him inside until her orgasm was spent.

“Ohhhh… God,” she moaned, slowly relaxing, feeling the subsiding pangs of pleasure swirl around in her cunt like warm water. “You’re… good, the best!”

“Mmmmmmm, with a sweet pussy like this to eat it’s easy,” Larry said, still reaming out her insides with his slithering tongue. “Can’t wait to stick my cock up here and fuck you…”

Just the thought of his massive prick easing in and out of her body was enough to make Ruby’s climax renew itself. The swellings quickly became rapid spasms, filling her with passion that almost stunned her with its intensity.

“More… a lot more,” she panted, twisting her body back and forth. “Fuck me with that sweet tongue… like a big hard cock… fuck me.”

Larry worked on her furiously, driving his tongue in and out with smacking noises. Soon, however, he couldn’t take the pressure inside his balls. He kissed through the red-gold hairs that haloed her opening and kissed her smooth, flat stomach. After leaving a glistening trail of spit, he moved his mouth over her jutting breasts, bit on each nipple.

“Now… got to have some pussy now,” he gasped, chewing at the hollow of her throat.

Although Ruby felt empty when he moved his mouth away from her cunt, the idea of having it filled with cock pretty soon more than made up for her momentary disappointment. She lowered her face and locked her mouth around his, sucked his tongue fully between her lips.

While she kissed him savagely, she felt his throbbing cockhead slide up the insides of her thighs, then squeeze against her puckered cunt opening.

Her first cock in… how long? It seemed like a million years. And as she waited for that first delicious sensation when his shaft would squeeze into her sucking membranes, she couldn’t remember wanting anything so bad.

“Give it to me,” she begged, thrusting he hips upward. His cockhead seared between her pussy lips, inched along the tight canal. “Ohhhh… God… give it to me, you bull stud!”

Larry took a deep breath and pressed forward with his full weight. As his cock slipped deep into her cunt and his cum-filled nuts crawled up the insides of her thighs, he flinched.

“Goddamn… you’re tight as any girl I’ve ever screwed,” he said into her mouth. “You sure you’re not a virgin?”

“I’ll bet they’re all tight for you,” Ruby gasped. The size of his cock caused a little pain, but the pleasure made it worth it. “Mmmmmmm, now fuck me full of cum.” She clawed at his back with her fingernails.

The boy began pumping his ass up and down, slowly at first, then with greater speed. When his lower body became a fleshy blur, Ruby began meeting his thrusts with upward movements. Soon, their bodies were smacking together noisily. The windows of the car steamed up completely.

“Faster… harder,” she begged, gritting her teeth, feeling a fantastic wave of ecstasy sweep from the back of her cunt. Suddenly, her climax blasted around the root of his hairy prick, sucking some of the flesh around his balls into her opening. “Aaaahhhhhhh!” she shrieked, freezing in a paroxysm of raw, total release.

Larry couldn’t believe what happened next. The woman’s climax was like a force-vacuum practically yanking his cum from his nuts.

“Mother… fuck!” he cried, spilling the first of his explosive load into her yearning cunt. “Screw it, you cocksucking whore!”

Ruby’s pleasure shot to such a level that it bordered pain when she felt his cum-load scald her pussy membranes. And when she was certain it couldn’t possibly get any better, it did.

She seemed to shake with release for an eternity. And each second of that delicious eternity gave her more wads of cum to pull into her climaxing pussy.

Finally, her ecstasy slowly ebbed, leaving her exhausted. She went limp, but the bay kept fucking into her hole quickly, emptying the last of his juices in her guts. When he, too, collapsed with satisfied exhaustion, she could feel the globs of milky cum ooze around the root of his cock, slide to her shitter hole.

So this was what it was like to have sex in a car, she thought. She was doing — had done — exactly what her son would probably do tonight. If he hadn’t already.

She tried to clear her mind, to forget her fantasies, but it was impossible. In fact, when she closed her eyes, she realized that this boy on top of her could be her son.

But if all she wanted was cock, then why all this worry over Mike? She couldn’t understand it at all. Sure, she had been denied love for so long she might be having a few crazy thoughts, but…

Fucking her own son?

Suddenly, she thought of her other two boys. Brian and Jason were just as attractive.

Mmmmmmm, yes. Very attractive. Hard and muscular. With big cocks.

“Big… cocks,” she murmured, snuggling closer to Larry.

“Jesus, lady,” the boy laughed, “you some kind of nymphomaniac?”

Ruby giggled, then realized that perhaps she was. At least for the evening. She had a lot of catching up to do. She just hoped he was willing.

“Want to fuck me some more?” she asked, stroking his smooth, muscular back. “Hmmmmmm?”

“I got all night,” Larry laughed.

“Good,” she said, running her fingers down to his tight hairy ass. She spread his cheeks and scratched at the dark opening of his shitter. “How about fucking me in the butt?”

“Really?” Larry said, surprise on his face. “You’ll let me? Shit, most girls go crazy if you even mention it.”

Quite frankly, Ruby wasn’t as worldly as she would have had him believe. It was just that she wanted to experience everything all at once. Dismissing any fear, any thought of pain, she felt her passion build dramatically.

“Do it doggy-style,” she whispered, pushing against his chest. “OK?”

“Anything you want, lady,” Larry chuckled.

After he pulled away from her body and got to his knees, she squirmed over on her stomach, then braced herself on the arm rest. She spread her legs and squeezed her knees up under her body.

“Jesus, you got a pretty ass,” Larry said, sliding his fingers over the soft angles. The mere touch caused his cock to jerk upward and hit his stomach. “I… I have a confession to make,” he added, “I’ve never done this.”

Ruby almost laughed. From what the newspapers and television would have you believe, the younger generation was into everything. Well, maybe they were so strung out on drugs they didn’t have the energy left to all the possibilities of sex.

“Just go easy at first,” she said, looking over her shoulder. “But don’t worry about it. It comes natural.”

She turned her face back to the window and rested her forehead on the damp, cool window. She then exhaled loudly, waiting for the electric-like touch of his cockhead. When the smooth, satiny flesh nudged her opening, she emitted a loud grunt.

“Hurt?” Larry asked, pulling back.

“No… stick it in,” Ruby said. “It felt great. Mmmmm, I can’t wait, to have it all inside me.”

“OK,” the boy said, uncertainty in his voice. “But you sure are little here.”

Ruby saw that her knuckles were white as her anticipation grew. She forced herself to relax, but when the boy again pushed his cockhead against her shitter opening, she tensed.

“Ohhhh… this is fucking tight,” Larry said, moving his hips forward. The end of his prick sank into the delicate membranes, stretching her opening to the breaking point. “Just as good as your pussy.”

Ruby had expected a blinding flash of pain, but there was none. Of course, because of the monstrous size of his cock, there was, an intense pressure, but it still felt good.

She cautiously worked her ass around and flexed her shitter muscles, drawing him fully inside. When the furry growth surrounding his cock base touched her ass crack, she felt a shiver of ecstasy race up her spine. The pressure lessened a couple of seconds later, causing her insides to throb with growing pleasure.

“Aahhh… that’s nice,” she said, half-closing her eyes. “Go… easy… then fuck me as hard as you want.”

“Ohhh… shit,” Larry grunted, kissing the back of her neck. “I’ve been missing a lot!”

Ruby was only vaguely aware of his words, even the warm pressure of his lips against her neck. All that seemed to matter was the delicious size of his cock, the way it pressed fully into her guts.

She reached under her body and grasped his dangling balls. After massaging and caressing them for a few moments, she lifted the hairy orbs and rolled them over her cum-soaked cunt opening. The touch was electric, causing her back to arch.

“Now… give it to me now,” she gasped, jerking her ass backward. “In and out faster… please… fuck me, stud!”

While Larry began fucking his prick in and out rhythmically, he kissed from her neck to her shoulders. A few moments later, building the speed of his screwing, he nudged his head under her right arm and lapped at the sides of her right breast.

“Mmmmm, that’s what I want,” Ruby said, twisting slightly sideways to give him a better angle. “My… my tits licked while I get fucked.”

Larry closed his lips around her right breast and sucked as much of the firm flesh as he could into his mouth. As her ripened nipple throbbed over his tongue like a swollen clit, he felt spasms of pleasure tingle his loins. He withdrew his prick and thrust back inside with his full weight.

“How’s this?” he gurgled. “Mmmmmmm, want it hard.”

In answer, Ruby began working with him. Each time he fucked his cock forward, she slapped backward with her ass. Soon, his balls were swinging back and forth like a pendulum, occasionally slapping the insides of her thighs.

Within a matter of seconds, her passion was so intense she thought the top of her head would blow off. She writhed and bucked, clawed at his legs with her fingernails.

“Fuck me, you little bastard,” she cried out. “Stick it all the way in and ream out my asshole!”

Larry gave it to her fast and furious. And each time his prick seared into her guts, he bit into the soft flesh of her breasts. Soon, his balls were throbbing like they never had before. He tightened the ring of muscle at the base of his shaft, trying to hold back the pressure for a little while longer, but even as he did, he knew it was almost useless.

“Goddamn… I can’t stop,” he said, more to himself than to Ruby. The first of his cum-load squeezed into the root of his cock. “I… I wanted it to last.”

“Go ahead!” Ruby said, her voice tortured with ecstasy. “Fuck me full of hot cum! Load up my shitter and blow it apart with… with… aieeeeee!”

Her climax tore into her asshole with enormous force. The sensations seemed first to freeze her insides, then flame with release. Vibrations swept downward, constricted her cunt opening.

“Take it… slut!” Larry said, humping forward. His cum shot into her shitter, then sloshed backward, wetting up his plunging shaft. “Goddamn… baby, screw my cock all the way up… here! Unhhhh… fucking take it… here!”

His fiery jism caused Ruby’s climax to explode, sending a shower of warmth into every cell, each nerve. She bucked and writhed wildly, then threw herself backward as her orgasm peaked.

She grabbed the boy’s ankles and jerked his legs up until his feet touched the roof of the car. She then squirmed over his crotch, milking his cock of every last drop of molten cum.

“Jesus… fucking Christ,” Larry said, surprised with the quickness of her movement. His head was against the arm rest, his hands on her hips. “All… of it, baby… screw me dry!”

Ruby humped up and down until she finally went limp from exhaustion. She then leaned against the back of the seat and closed her eyes. His cum was bubbling from her opening, gluing their flesh together.

“Wow… I’d forgotten how good it was,” she said, her voice uneven, her chest heaving with satisfaction.

She was about to say something else, when the car door opened suddenly. The light from a flashlight caused her to freeze. Two, uniformed policemen stood beside the car.

“Jesus Christ, lady,” the one closest to her said, “can’t you take your act home? This is a public park.”

Ruby was so embarrassed, so humiliated, she wished she could faint. God, what must it look like? A forty year old woman, screwing a kid in the park!

A million disjointed thoughts swept into her mind. Would they arrest her? Would her sons have to come down to the jail and bail her out? How could she ever face them again? How could she explain?

You see, your mother got so hot between the legs she couldn’t help herself. I was sneaking a peek at your cock, Mike, and raced out of the house and fucked the first man I could find.

“How old are you?” the cop asked, flashing the light in Larry’s eyes.

“Eighteen,” he answered, his voice shaky.

“OK, you two,” the cop said, “get your clothes on and get out of here.”

“Yes, sir,” both Ruby and Larry said at the same time.

While she quickly dressed, Ruby didn’t say a word, couldn’t bring herself to even look at the boy. She’d never felt so humiliated in her entire life. Her heart was thundering in her chest, her mouth so dry her lips clicked noisily when she swallowed.

In silence she drove him home, not even noticing the address. The boy, however, had recovered quite well, had shrugged the incident off. When he suggested that they get together again as he opened the door, she didn’t answer.

“Goodbye,” she said, giving him a humorless smile.

She sped out of the parking lot and made for home, feeling tears of shame sting her cheeks.

Fortunately, her three sons were still out and she didn’t have to face them. She went to her bedroom and collapsed on the bed. After a few moments, she undressed and slipped between the cool sheets.

The boy’s cum was still warm inside her pussy and shitter, preventing her from blocking out the memory of what had happened. Well, she didn’t want to block that part out, did she? Just when they were caught.

And yet, she knew if she had to do it all over again, the same thing would have happened. She would just have to be more careful in the future.

She slipped her fingers over her thighs and pulled the loose folds of skin away from her pussy. The creamy cum was like acid to her touch, causing her to tremble.

Yes, that was what she had to do. Whenever she thought about having sex with one of her sans, she would go out and find someone.

Anyone with a big cock!

It wasn’t normal, or right to have these feelings. The very idea repelled her.

With her pussy still buzzing, she relaxed on the pillow, hoping for sleep. When she closed her eyes, however, she heard the front door open.

“Are you sure it’s OK?” she heard a girl’s voice say.

“Sure,” Mike said. “Mom’s probably asleep, and anyway, I don’t think she’d go crazy if you spent the night with me.”

Ruby jerked to a sitting position, her eyes wide with horror. No! God, no! Don’t let her spend the night!

She heard them pad down the hallway, then her son’s door open and close. A couple of seconds later, the girl giggled.

Is that my punishment, Ruby wondered? To lie here, alone, to listen to my son fuck that little girl all night long?

Then, as if her body were controlled by some unseen force, she got out of bed and walked to the door. Like a zombie, she crept down the hall and knelt outside Mike’s room.

You old pervert, she said to herself. What are you going to do?

She carefully touched the door knob and eased the door open, hoping they wouldn’t notice. She then peered through the crack. She bit her lower lip and tasted blood, fighting back an anguished scream at what she saw.


Beneath her son’s squirming body was a young, sensuous-looking blonde girl. Her shapely legs were spread wide, her knees half bent. Between them, Mike was plunging his cock in and out of her swollen, slippery pussy entrance. His mouth was locked tightly to her mouth.

Ruby quietly crawled inside, the room and knelt beside the desk, out of view. She didn’t take her eyes off them for a second.

They were such a delicious contrast. Mike was dark and hairy, his muscular body a study in hard angles. A shock of chocolate-brown hair framed his face. The girl’s skin was creamy white, her hair the color of corn. Ruby could see that her eyes were a dark blue.

Not until this moment did she realize just how beautiful the human body was — male or female. The two of them looked like statues she’d seen in books on Greek mythology. Unlike the statues, however, their bodies were supple, interlocking like pieces of a puzzle.

The most arresting thing, however, was Mike’s cock. From this angle it looked to be ten or twelve inches long. At the end were two, furry balls, large as peaches. How the girl was taking it all was a mystery to Ruby.

“Fuck me,” the girl whispered, lifting her hips when Mike thrust downward. “Ohhhh… yes, Mike, just like that… in and out… you’ve got the best cock in the world.”

Mike increased the speed of his fucking, really diving his cock into her pussy for all he was worth. And when his ass became a fleshy, hairy blur, he kissed from her mouth, across her chin, and into the hollow of her throat. After leaving her flesh glistening with his spit, he bit down on her breasts one at a time.

As Ruby watched the expect way he fucked and licked on the girl’s tits, her eyes glazed with pleasure. For a second, she hated that little girl, wishing it were herself under that hulking, muscular frame.

“Damn… you sure have a juicy pussy,” Mike smacked, slowing his movements. “If… if I don’t slow down, I’ll blow my load right now.”

“Not yet,” the girl cried. “Keep fucking me like this… all night… please…”

All night, Ruby thought. That little bitch is going to have that wonderful prick to fuck all Goddamned night!

“It’s better than the last time, huh?” Mike said, looking up at her face.

“Oh, yes,” the girl answered. “Mmmmm, when you poked out my cherry I thought I’d go crazy. But… but I’d sure do it again… for you.”

Her words caused a minor tremor inside Ruby’s pussy. So this was only her second time. And Mike had reamed out her virginity! Where had he done it, she wondered? On this very bed?

She could almost see it. His massive cock driving through those sweet cunt lips, nudging the delicate membranes, then tearing into areas where no other prick had been.

Frothy, pink juices seeped out, then her virgin blood mixed with his throbbing globs of cum. They burned from the bottom of her cunt, oozed over the insides of her thighs.

That big, hard, wonderful cock had done it all. Made a woman of her.

“Baby… I can’t fucking help it,” Mike said, his words interrupting Ruby’s thoughts. “I… I’m gonna fuck it to you now… my nuts feel like they’re on fire!”

“Give it to me, you bastard,” the girl whimpered, freezing, obviously experiencing a thundering climax. “Yes… yes… screw my pussy to pieces!”

Ruby found it almost impossible not to jump up, yank her son off the girl and suck his prick into her own pussy. Never before had she wanted the feel of something so bad. Instead, she settled for getting a closer look at what was happening.

She crept from behind the desk and crawled across the carpet, crouching at the foot of the bed. Her son’s feet were just inches from her face, his sliding balls within reaching distance.

“Now!” Mike yelled, hammering forward with his full weight. He slammed his cock so hard, the girl gave a gasping, choking grunt, her air exploding from her lungs. “Screw my hot… cum in your pussy… fucking… Unhhhhhh!”

Ruby watched mesmerized as his cock root throbbed, jerked with life. A few seconds later, she saw the thick, milky wads of cum ooze back out of her burning hole and steam around the bottom of her opening. One thick strand slid further downward, clung to the crack of her ass.

Just watching was enough to cause Ruby’s pussy to throb, then fill with delicious, aching warmth. She squeezed her knees together to relieve some of the itch, but, it only made it worse. Just when she was about to experience a climax, the sensations became dulled. She had to bite her lip again to keep from screaming.

“Fuck it, whore,” Mike gasped, thrusting harder into the girl’s pussy. “Take every cocksucking drop in your cunt and suck it up to your brains.”

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” the girl cried, her voice trembling with passion. “Such a big… delicious cock… fuck me, Mike, keep fucking me like this forever…”

Ruby couldn’t take it any more. She crept back to the door and crawled out into the hallway. Carefully, she shut the door and stood up on wobbly legs. She leaned against the walls and closed her eyes, letting her fingers play over her mound of glistening cunt.

“Fuck her, Son,” she whispered. “Ohhhhh… Jesus… give it to her like I want it!”

Suddenly, it dawned on her that it was her son she wanted to fuck. It hadn’t been her lack of affection that had caused her to race out and seduce the first man she saw. The thought frightened her more than she could imagine.

“No,” she gasped, quickly padding to her bedroom and closing the door.

Her heart was in her throat, her mind exploding with a million disjointed thoughts. What was wrong with her? She sat down on the edge of the bed and tried to sort out her feelings.

She was attracted to her own sons. Fact. She had a healthy sexual appetite. Fact. And while she’d been fucking that other boy, she’d been thinking of Mike. Fact.

She had two possible courses of action. She could either forget about sex altogether or go with her feelings.

Well, hell, what was wrong with it? Assuming, of course, that her sons might find her attractive. They might even enjoy making it with an older woman, with someone they loved.

Although she found a thousand holes in her logic, she no longer cared about right and wrong. Come what may, she was going to make love to Mike.

And perhaps Brian and Jason, also.

She lay back on the bed, trying to visualize how it might happen. She would be taking a shower, then while drying off, she’d let the towel slip from her fingers. She would be standing naked before her son, watch his eyes move over her body. Her arms would lift slightly, letting her breasts jut fully forward.

His mouth would be against her warm flesh, his hands caressing her body. He would embrace her and slip his throbbing cock deeply into her pussy.

“Fuck me… God, fuck me, Son,” she gasped, jabbing her fingers into her boiling, yearning cunt hole. “Yes… just like that… stick it to me!”

Her fingers simply couldn’t do the job. They only inflamed her with greater passion. She looked about the room like a hunted animal, then spotted her hair brush. The handle was long and stiff — not a cock, but the only thing available.

After taking the brush off the dresser, she got back in bed and spread her legs wide.

Holding the bristles with both hands, she began sliding the handle in and out of her pussy.

By closing her eyes and pretending, it almost became a cock. Hard and long, slipping over her sensitive membranes. She increased the speed, felt her insides bubble with nearing climax.

“That’s it,” she gasped to an imaginary Mike, “stick it to your mother. Fuck me… fuck me hard… give me… me… ohhhh… Jesus!”

Her cunt exploded with delicious spasms of release. And as the heat from her climax swept into every corner of her guts, she began writhing around. When her orgasm peaked, she threw herself to her stomach and flicked the handle, burying her face in the pillows.

After a delicious eternity of ecstasy, she reined, her chest heaving with satisfaction. She pulled the brush away from her cunt and dropped it to the side of the bed.

If there had been any doubt before, her mind was fully made up now. She was going to seduce Mike and pretty damned soon.

Either that or go crazy.

Tonight was out of the question, she realized sadly. When that little girl was through with him, he’d be lucky if he could walk.

Tomorrow night would be fine. He was always tired after football practice and liked to watch television. And Brian and Jason had dates.

It would be the two of them, alone.

She slipped under the sheets, then turned off the lamp. As she lay back and tried to relax, she heard the girl’s voice again, muffled through the wall.

Whatever it was that Mike was doing must really be pleasing her. How could it be otherwise?

That gorgeous, sweet hunk of cock. Grinding in and out, loading her up with cum. Giving her one orgasm after another.

She rolled to her side and slipped the fingers of her right hand between her thighs. As they played about her opening, she felt her insides grow buttery. She began moving her ass back and forth, sucking her fingers more deeply inside her pussy.

A few moments later, she choked into the pillow, experiencing a fantastic spasm of release. Then, when the pangs of pleasure subsided to dull throbs, she went limp.


Ruby slipped the damp towel from her body and studied her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. She wanted to see herself, as her son, Mike, might.

Well, the old girl isn’t half-bad, she mused. Her stomach was still flat, and her breasts jutted upward, firm as they were twenty years ago. The nipples were pink, standing away from the silky masses like twin clits.

She ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair and held a few strands outward. The red-gold color was still bright, and she was glad she’d never done anything with it.

After dabbing some of her best perfume behind her ears and on her wrists, she wrapped the towel about her body and walked out of the room. Her heartbeat quickened as she padded down the hall toward Mike’s room.

After football practice, he’d showered and gone to his room as he always did on Saturdays.

And now she was going to make her move…

She pushed the door open and walked inside, trying to make her, moves as casual as possible. She didn’t even look in his direction as she went over to the dresser.

“Mind if I borrow that pull-over of yours?” she asked, opening the drawer. She then dropped her towel as she’d planned. “Oh, my goodness!” she gasped, then looked toward the bed.

To her disappointment, he was fast asleep. Now, what da you do, she asked herself? Wake him up and try to do it again?

“Slit,” she whispered to herself.

Suddenly, she brightened. Maybe this was even better, she thought. She just might be able to get a taste of him without him waking up. Perhaps that would satisfy these horrible urges, and he would never know.

She walked over to the bed and gently sat down beside his reined form. Although he was naked, he’d balled the sheets up about his middle. Carefully, she pulled the sheets back with trembling hands.

“My… God!” she gasped, seeing his fully naked body. Not until this moment did she truly realize how good looking he was. “Beautiful.” Her eyes took in the hard angles of his body.

He stood over six-feet, not an ounce of fat on him anywhere. His involvement with sports had given him a muscular frame like a junior Mr. America. The fine, sculptured chest — covered with dark, short hairs — gave way to a waspish waist, and even relaxed, the muscles of his stomach looked like a scrub board. About his head was a shock of chocolate-brown, curly hair. Behind his closed lids, his eyes were dark as coal.

The most outstanding feature, however, was the thick slab of cock between his legs. She was glad that she hadn’t had any of her boys circumcised, for the rubbery sheath of foreskin seemed to frame the swollen, purplish head like a picture.

She reached out and touched the underside of his prick, then jerked her hand back as if she’d received an electric shock. She had touched him there many times, but this was the first time sexually. She swallowed hard.

“Just a… small taste is all I want,” she whispered, her voice barely audible. Slowly, she lowered her face to his hairy crotch and touched the tip of her tongue against the loose foreskin.

“Ohhhhh… yes,” she murmured, inhaling the clean, masculine smell of his body.

As her ups parted, then sucked a little of the flesh between her teeth, she felt her pussy tighten, become wet with warm juices. She positioned herself on the bed — careful not to wake him — and gently spread his hairy, muscular legs.

It was more than obvious that the night of fucking and football practice had taken its toll. He was dead to the world.

She gulped his cockhead into her mouth and closed her lips around the thick, throbbing shaft. Slowly, she sucked toward the massive root, taking the entire slab into her throat. As her nose became buried in the wiry hairs, she felt his balls vibrate against her chin.

She held herself there for a long while, letting her tongue play over the smooth texture of his shaft, then pulled her head back up. While holding his cockhead between her teeth, she grasped the base of his shaft and gently jacked him. She saw his balls swell with what she knew was a thick mass of hot cum.

Just thinking about sucking it into her throat was enough to cause her cunt to jerk with life. She squeezed her knees together and felt the beginnings of climax. When the sensations became more intense, she sucked fully back to the base of his cock.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured, closing her eyes, feeling her passion become almost unbearable.

So this is what it’s like to suck off your own son, she thought. In a way, she felt guilty because she didn’t feel guilty. And anyway, what could it hurt? If he felt anything, it was just part of his dream.

She would eat his cum down without waking him, and it would be all over. Her curiosity satisfied, she would concentrate on finding herself a man.

As simple as that.

She began working her mouth more quickly up and down his cock, feeling it stiffen. And with each stroke, her insides became more demanding, craving what her throat was getting. Her orgasm was like some tiny animal, trying to get out of her pussy. It slipped from the back of her canal, squeezed through the fluttering membranes, spread her opening.

She locked her lips firmly around the base of his cock when it hit her with full force. And thank God her mouth was stuffed full or she would have let out a scream that would have awakened the dead!

The pleasures raced upward, exploded, then renewed themselves. She experienced one fantastic release after another, until finally, the pangs subsided, leaving her guts empty, shaken.

There, she thought. Now, I’ll just spit his prick out and leave while I can. Yet when she tried to pull her mouth away from his shaft she couldn’t, as if some unseen force were holding her head down. She felt her son’s body tighten, his hips begin to move around.

He was about to blow his wad!

Her feelings of lust returned, causing another spasm of pleasure to constrict her boiling insides. She began moving her mouth up and down his glistening shaft, massaging his balls with her fingers.

“Mmmmmmm,” she heard him murmur in his sleep. His right hand moved away from his side and plopped down on the back of her head. He gave another groan, squeezing his fingers around her scalp.

Deliciously trapped, Ruby worked on him wildly, sucking as if it were the last cock on earth. And with each stroke she knew that when he climaxed her mouth would fill up entirely. She couldn’t wait.

“Suck… suck me,” Mike murmured, slipping his other hand to the back of her head.

Suddenly, Ruby felt his cock expand to such a size it cut off her air. A split-second later, his cockhead exploded, sending a lava-like shower of jism into the back of her throat. Some of the fluid shot upward, behind her nose. When both nostrils burned with his acid-like cum, more thick globs spewed from the tip of his prick. And as she’d imagined, her mouth quickly became full of the delicious stuff. It swirled under her lapping tongue, between her teeth, scalded her tonsils.

“Mmmmfffff!” she choked, spluttering out a fine spray of frothy spit mixed with jism. The liquid clung to his dark-brown crotch hairs, glistened like tiny, milky pearls.

“Suck me… suck me,” Mike groaned, humping his ass up and down, driving in the bulk of his load. “All… of it…”

His fiery climax made Ruby’s body react almost violently. She writhed and bucked, experiencing delicious convulsions of orgasm, each more wonderful than the last. Finally, when the last of his juices had blown into her stomach, and her own pleasures had subsided to dull throbs, she pulled away and let his shaft flop against his stomach.

Leave now, she told herself. You’ve done it and found out what it was like, and thank Jesus, he hasn’t awakened. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to just look at him for a little while longer, she said to herself.

She let her eyes move over his feet, to his trim ankles, up the meaty, hairy thighs. After memorizing the beauty of his crotch, she gazed at his stomach, his hard, muscular chest, the thick column of neck, the wide shoulders, his handsome face, the dark-brown eyes.

He was looking at her!

Stunned, she jerked her hand away from his balls as if she’d been struck. Her mouth gaped open, but instead of some hasty explanation only a squeak burst from her lips.

“Did you just suck me off?” her son said, giving her a puzzled, sleepy look.

“Yes,” Ruby admitted. “You… you were lying here and I didn’t think you’d wake up and… and… well, it’s been so long since I…”

Her voice trailed off to a grunt. What on earth would be his reaction! Would he hate her forever? Call her names — names that were true?

“Why didn’t you wake me?” the boy grinned. “Shit… that was the best dream I’ve ever had.”

“You mean… you didn’t… uh, don’t mind?” Ruby gasped. He looked as if he couldn’t give a shit less! “That… that your own mother… uh… did that?”

“Why should I mind?” he chuckled. “Hell, I’m glad. I was talking to Brian and Jason about it.”

“About what?” she asked, totally perplexed.

“About how I’d like to fuck you,” he said, his voice so calm it was maddening.

“Wha-what’d they say?” she asked. “They said you’d kick my ass if I even mentioned it,” he laughed. “Boy are they gonna be surprised.”

“You want to fuck me?” she asked, still trying to understand what was happening.

Christ, she had expected anything but this!

“Sure would,” he said, sitting up and placing his hands around her waist. “I used to think about you and beat off in the bathroom all the time.”

Ruby felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Tears of happiness welled in her eyes.

“Oh… Mike,” she whispered, kissing him gently on the mouth, “you don’t know what I’ve been through… what I’ve been thinking… how hard it’s been.”

“Hey, hang on,” Mike said, stroking her back, “You’re fine now. You’re with me and I love you.”

His words inflamed her with a passion that was almost painful. Her kiss became more demanding, almost savage in its intensity. Mike returned it with equal fervor, letting his tongue slide around in her mouth like a snake.

“Fuck… fuck me,” Ruby moaned, crushing her body down on his. She spread her legs and humped her cunt over the underside of his rock-hard shaft. “Mmmmm… stick this big thing in your mother and screw me full of hot cum.”

“Now that I’m awake, how about another blow-job first?” Mike grinned.

“Later… I promise,” Ruby said quickly. “My pussy is on fire and if I don’t get a big cock in there soon, I’ll go crazy!”

“Can I lick on your cunt a little first?” Mike asked.

Ruby was in a frenzy of anguished ecstasy. How could she possibly wait? The itch inside her pussy was unbearable. She had little choice in the matter, however, for Mike quickly knelt between her legs and lowered his face to her steaming opening.

“Wow… this is so sweet,” he said, squeezing back the loose folds of flesh. “Just like I thought it would be.”

He looked into the pink hole for a couple of seconds, then thrust the tip of his tongue deeply inside. When his teeth brushed over her exposed clit, she jerked her hips upward, then threw her legs over his shoulders. As she locked her ankles together, burying his face in her pussy, she raked her nails over his muscular biceps.

“Godddddd!” she shrieked, experiencing a savage convulsion of release that dissolved all her pent-up feelings. “Eat! Eat me alive, you bastard!”

“Holy… fucking Jesus,” Mike grunted, amazed that his mother was so strong. Her legs were locked around him like a vise, and her pussy was practically yanking his tongue out by the roots!

When Ruby’s orgasm peaked, sending waves of delicious warmth into every cell of her body, she began rocking back and forth, squeezing and relaxing her cunt muscles around his probing tongue.

At last, her body went limp and she let her legs fall back to the bed. And as she lay there gasping for air, still feeling his tongue lap over her quivering membranes, she couldn’t believe what had happened. Her orgasm had made all others seem like handshakes!

“That… that was wonderful,” she murmured.

“Still is,” Mike said, nipping at her opening with his teeth. “Mmmmm, I think I could lick your pussy out for hours.”

“Oh, and I’d let you, too,” Ruby said, “if I didn’t want that big cock of yours in me right now.”

“You ready for a fucking?” the boy said, his eyes twinkling.

“I sure am,” she said, pulling him upon her body. “God, I’ve waited so long for this,” she added, shivering under his touch.

“Me, too,” Mike said, grasping her breasts with both hands. While he kneaded the silky flesh, he squirmed his ass around, felt her oozing cunt juices burn the underside of his shaft. “And shit, I know you’re gonna be tight.”

Ruby couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to be beneath his hulking, muscular frame. And that cock against, her cunt! In just a few seconds it would squeeze into her puckered opening and… “Please,” she begged, “give it to me… now, you stud.”

She slipped her hands under his body and grasped his shaft. As it throbbed against her palms, she guided the end of it against her mound of pussy. Slowly, the massive cockhead seared between her cunt lips, stretched her opening with a fantastic mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Ohhhh… God, this feels great,” she gasped, running the tip of her tongue over his bottom lip. “Fuck… fuck it all in… really stuff my pussy with this hard thing.”

“Here it comes,” Mike said, pushing forward with his full weight. “Every Goddamned inch, baby.”

Before, Ruby had thought that she would go crazy if she didn’t get it, and now that she had, she was sure she would. God, it was the best feeling she could imagine. His prick completely rearranged her guts, seemed to poke into areas she didn’t know existed. And if he’d been a fraction of an inch larger, she was sure her cunt would burst wide open.

“Ohhhh… God… fuck your mother, you little motherfucker,” she panted, clawing at his back with her nails.

“Christ Almighty,” Mike said, withdrawing, then plunging back inside her damp hole, “you’re as tight and hot as Cindy.”

So that’s who the girl was, Ruby thought. And her son had reamed out her little cherry. For some reason, it made him more attractive. She felt waves of pleasure inside her body, tightening every muscle.

“Fuck me like you did her,” she said, working with him, letting her upward thrusts meet his downward movements. “Screw it in and blow my pussy apart with lots of hot cum, Son.”

While he kissed her and squeezed her tits, Mike began fucking as quickly as possible. His ass was a fleshy blur, his balls slapping up and down, hitting the crack of her ass.

“Take it, you cocksucker,” he gasped into her mouth. “All the way up your pussy, Mom. Suck on it with your cunt.”

After a few more hard thrusts of his cock, Ruby’s body flamed with passion. She froze for a second as her orgasm built, then exploded, then began writhing and bucking as if she were on fire.

“Fuckkkkkkk!” she screamed throwing her head to one side. The pleasure was so delicious, so intense, it almost bordered pain. And each time she thought it simply had to be over, another massive convulsion of raw ecstasy would riddle her guts.

“Ready for some cum?” Mike gasped, feeling the pressure build inside his balls. “Got a load that’s gonna blow your sweet, little pussy into a million fucking pieces.”

“Yes… God, yes!” Ruby yelled, thrashing about, her pussy in a constant state of excitement.

Suddenly, his cock ballooned, then began jerking, just as it had in her throat. An instant later, she could almost imagine the massive globs of cum as they vibrated up the center of his shaft. His cockhead burst with slick warmth, splashing her insides with wad after wad of molten cum.

“Screw it, whore cocksucker,” Mike grunted, withdrawing and fucking back inside, depositing another lump of juice. “Up… up your pussy and fuck it, Mom.”

After the bulk of his load had boiled into her pussy, Ruby felt some of the liquid seep from the bottom of her opening. Slowly, it ran to the crack of her ass, glued his balls to her shitter. A new spasms of pleasure raced into her body.

“Fuck me… all over,” she gasped, feeling her body go limp from exhaustion. “Mmmmmm, I want your hard cock in me everywhere… my mouth… my pussy, my asshole…”

Mike blew in the last of his cum, then crushed his full weight against her pussy. He squirmed his ass around for a few seconds longer, then relaxed.

“Wow… now that’s what I call a fucking,” he said, his breathing labored. “And I guess you were right,” he added, a wide grin on his mouth, “you did go crazy.”

“Crazy?” Ruby murmured, still enjoying the way his shaft throbbed inside her pussy. “Mmmmmm?”

“Yeah when you came, you said I could fuck you everywhere,” he laughed. “You even said I could screw your ass.”

“I wasn’t crazy when I said that,” she giggled. “I meant it. I want you to.”

“You serious?” he said quickly, licking his lips. “In the butt?”

“In the butt,” she replied.

“Jesus, I’ve only done that once,” Mike said, “and the girl made me stop before I shot my wad.”

“Why?” Ruby asked. Girls these days must be nuts!

“She said it hurt,” Mike said a little proudly, “that I was too big.”

“Mmmmmm, there’s no such thing as a cock that’s too big,” Ruby laughed. “And believe me, I won’t stop you. I want all that hot cum inside my asshole.”

“Jesus, I’m ready to go,” Mike said, pulling off her body. “Just let me at it.”

“Tell you what,” Ruby said. “Let me do it. You can just lay there and enjoy it.”

She pushed him to his back, then straddled his middle. She then grasped his cock and held it at a right angle to his body. Slowly, she cased the cream-coated head into her shitter entrance.

“Ohhhh… you are big!” she cried, experiencing a mixture of pain and pleasure as his shaft entered her. “Just… just the way I like it.” His wiry crotch hairs brushed against her ass cheeks.

“Goddamn… where you putting it?” Mike said, fascinated by the way his prick slipped inside her so easily.

“Right between here, it feels like,” Ruby said, touching the area of her breasts. “You want to see?” She leaned down and rolled her nipples over his face. “Hmmmmmm?”

“Ohhh… yes,” Mike said, gulping her left tit between his lips. He munched over the firm flesh, then bit around the base of her rubbery nipple. “Perfect… fucking perfect.”

While he chewed on her tits, Ruby crushed her full weight down on his crotch. The base of his cock was now throbbing through the ring of muscle at her shitter opening. The entire, almost foot-long cock was embedded in her guts.

“Lick my tits, Son,” she moaned, twisting her upper body back and forth. “Ohhhh… yes, just like that. Fuck me and suck me at the same time.”

While Mike gobbled down on both her breasts, he let his hands slide up and down her body. Finally, he rested them on the sides of her thighs and squeezed into the soft, yielding flesh. He held her down and began humping his ass up and down as quickly as possible.

“Fuck me,” he grunted, his eyes glazed with pleasure. “Damn… Mom, wrap that little shitter around my cock and suck out my cum!”

Ruby needed absolutely no encouragement. The way her body was buzzing with ecstasy, it was all she could do to keep from bucking off the bed. She lifted and lowered her body quickly, loving the way his shaft slid noisily in and out of her burning hole.

“Give it to me,” she begged, feeling her pussy throb with hard spasms. The sensations seemed to melt downward and backward, flowing into her slit canal. “Yes… God, yes… all the way in… faster… fuck me, you bastard.”

Her words became a wail of release as her orgasm burst inside her body. She froze for a second as the pleasures peaked, then began jerking up and down with all her might. Their bodies slapped together, the sounds echoing off the walls.

“Mom… God… Mom, now,” Mike grunted, feeling her slitter suck on his prick like a starving mouth. “Take… take it!”

When his boiling jism burst from his nuts and shot up the center of his throbbing cock, jerked forward, throwing her to her back. He then dug his toes into the sheets and yanked her legs up in the air. As her knees crushed against her tits, he shoved forward, thrusting in the first of his massive cum load.

“Fuckkkkk!” he gasped, throwing his head back. Her insides were like a hot vacuum, milking him greedily. “Fuck me… fuck me right up your butt, Mom!”

What Ruby thought was pleasure before was nothing in comparison to the sensations that now swept into her body. With each wad of cum that splashed into her shitter, she experienced a hard convulsion of pure, raw release. Soon, her entire body was shaking as if she had a chill.

“Fuckkkk meeee!” she screamed, then went limp from exhaustion.

Mike continued fucking her until every ounce of his strength was drained. Finally, he collapsed over her body and released her legs, letting them fall to the bed. His lips were against the side of her neck, his breath warm and wet.

“Damn… that was the best ever,” he said, a few moments later when he was in control of his voice. “Shit, I wish there was some way I could talk Cindy into doing this.” He was silent for a couple of minutes, then added, “Hey, would you talk to her about it?”

“Me?” Ruby said. “Why, that’s ridiculous. She’d think I was crazy!”

“Please?” Mike insisted. “Maybe you could even show her.”

“You mean…”

“Why not?” Mike laughed. “I always wondered what it would be like to have two ladies in bed with me at the same time.”

Ruby thought she should be scandalized, but for some reason, she wasn’t. In fact, the idea of the three of them together made her pussy throb with renewed pleasure.

“Maybe,” she teased. “But let’s talk about it later. I’ve got all kinds of fucking to catch up on.”

“You mean you’re ready to go again?” Mike asked. “So soon?”

“Sure, aren’t you?”

“I think you wiped me out,” her son said, “We’ll have to see about that,” Ruby said, slipping from under his body.

She pushed him to his back and held up his greasy, half-hard cock with both hands. “I’ll just suck you to sleep, honey,” she murmured, lowering her face to his crotch.

“Hell no,” Mike said. “And miss that blow-job again?”

Her lips closed around his cum-stained cock, then slid to the furry base. And to Mike’s astonishment he felt his cock begin to throb with new life.


Mike watched with fascination as his mother sucked the entire length of his cock into her throat.

“Jesus… God,” he gasped, “you… you can take it all!”

“Mmmmm-hmmm,” Ruby murmured, munching into the wiry hairs surrounding the full, thick base of his cockshaft.

“Hey, that’s something else you can teach Cindy,” be said. “She can barely get half of it in her mouth.”

Ruby held herself there for a few long moments, then slowly pulled her mouth back up the glistening shaft. As her lips reached the oval-shaped, purplish head, a last glob of cum was released. She let his prick flop from her mouth and held her head back, letting the force of gravity pull the thick lump into her stomach.

“Oh, that’s delicious,” she said, smacking her lips. “I could drink gallons of cum.”

“Well, get after it,” Mike said, grabbing her head with both hands.

He squirmed his ass around, forced the tip of his cock back into her mouth. “Shit… yes,” he gasped, “all the way down like you did before, feels so good almost like a pussy…”

When her mouth encircled the root of his cock, Ruby began twisting her head around, slowly pulling upward. He was now fully hard, his shaft deliciously thick and long. And when she touched his furry balls, she could feel a fresh load of cum begin to bubble.

“Want to fuck me?” she asked from the corner of her mouth. “Hmmmmm?”

“No… uh, I mean yes, but not right now,” Mike said. “Hell, I want you to suck me some more.”

Ruby sat back on her haunches and gave him a wicked smile. The look in his eye was so hungry, pleading. This is what she loved about sucking cock the most. The power to please, to tantalize.

“That’s what I meant,” she whispered, raking her nails over his thighs. “You can fuck my mouth. Screw it just like it’s a pussy.”

“Huh?” her son said, his eyes widening with pleasure. “Wha-what do you mean?”

“Like this,” she said, getting to her back. “Get on top of me and stick that sweet thing in my throat. If want you to really ream out my mouth, Son.”

Mike looked stunned for a few seconds, then quickly straddled her middle. He slipped his knees up her sides and planted them in her armpits, leaning over at the same time. As he did, his cock slipped back between her lips. His balls hung over her chin, throbbed against the hollow of her throat.

“Shit… yes,” he gasped, feeling the sticky warmth of her mouth around his shaft. “I… I never even thought about doing this before.”

Ruby ran her fingers over his back, then lowered her hands to his tight, hairy ass. She pulled the cheeks apart and squirmed her upper body around. The nipple of her right breast slipped into the dark, furry crack and pushed against the puckered, greasy slitter opening.

“Jesus!” Mike cried, hardly able to believe the spasms of pleasure that swept into his loins. “Is… is that your tits in my asshole?”

“Mmm-hmmmm,” Ruby murmured, holding her breast and sliding the tip of it farther inside his shitter.

Mike pushed his cock all the way inside her throat, then held himself there, feeling her lips munch into his dark, wiry hairs. His balls felt like they were on fire, throbbing with the delicious pressure of another load of cum.

“Suck it, cocksucker,” he gasped to his mother. “God, eat me all the fucking shit… way down.”

Ruby twisted her head around, fully burying her face in his crotch. And each time his massive cockhead throbbed down her throat, she felt her pussy tighten, ready to explode with her nearing climax.

Mike was moving over her body wildly, pumping his hips up and down so quickly his ass cheeks were a fleshy blur. The sound of his cock sliding in and out of his mother’s mouth grew louder. His chest was heaving with increased passion, his breath raspy.

“God… so fucking good,” he whispered. “Nothing should be this fucking good.”

Ruby did every trick in the book to make his pleasure the best possible. She nipped at his cockshaft with her teeth, ran her tongue up and down the rubber surfaces, even used her chin to knead his balls.

“Mmmmmmm,” she gurgled, tasting the steam from his nearing climax. She felt the heat from his cock spread throughout her chest, sweep lower. She gave another moan of ecstasy, then jerked.

“You… getting off?” Mike grunted, feeling her mouth close tightly around the base of his cock. “Shit, Mom… so am I!”

As Ruby’s thundering release riddled her guts, she felt his cock expand, then exploded with massive waves of creamy warmth. The cum splattered everywhere, soaking into her membranes, covering her tonsils.

“Aaaagggggg!” she spluttered, her pleasures mounting, then peaking with a sudden violence.

“Screw… it in your throat, you cum licking whore,” Mike panted, thrusting in more of his molten jism. “Suck out every drop and eat it.”

Ruby couldn’t believe the amount of his release. She had expected some — maybe just a little since he’d already blown his load several times before — but this was enough to gag a horse! His cockhead seemed like it would never stop blowing out those fantastic juices.

When the bulk of his cum showered her throat and oozed into her stomach, she experienced another long, electric-like convulsion of pleasure. Finally, with the last of his juices, her orgasm subsided to a dull throb. Slowly, she relaxed, letting her nipple slip from his shitter.

“Oh… Mom,” Mike grunted, thrusting one last time into her throat. He squirmed his ass around, then went limp, crushing his full weight between her lips. “That… that was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life.”

Ruby licked him clean, then gently pushed him to his side. She then washed his entire crotch, taking the curly hairs between her teeth, leaving them glistening with her warm spit.

“You liked it, huh?” she asked. “Well, honey, if you liked it half as much as I did, you must have loved it.”

“Sure did,” the boy murmured, his eyes closing. “And now I can sleep like a fucking log.”

“You go right ahead,” Ruby said, pushing him to his back. She sat back on her haunches and looked at him for a long while.

“I’ll just lick you to sleep,” she added a couple of moments later, watching his chest rise and fall rhythmically.

“Hmmmmmm.” Mike grunted, almost asleep.

Ruby ran her fingers over his sweaty, muscular form, as if memorizing each hard angle by touch. God, was he handsome! And that cock. Even half-hard like this, it was a work of art. She lowered her face and kissed the thick underside.

“I’ll… lick you all over,” she whispered, running the tip of her tongue down to his balls.

After leaving both giant, hairy orbs wet with her spit, she sucked them inside her mouth one at a time. They throbbed inside her cheeks like twin hives of angry bees, and she knew that another thick load of cum was already forming.

If she just took her time, she might be rewarded with another big load of cum to suck…

She lifted his legs and bent his knees, gently rolling him into a ball. When his ass came into view, with his balls hanging half-way down the dark, hairy crack, she felt the back of her throat twitch with a new hunger.

“Ohhhhh… yes… all over,” she whispered, kissing into the crevice of his ass.

The next few seconds were electrifying. The acrid taste of his shitter was wonderful, drawing her tongue more deeply inside like a magnet. And when the rubbery, greasy opening closed around her, she felt his body tighten.

“Hey… what you doing?” Mike grunted, his eyes fluttering open.

“Sucking on your shiner, baby,” his mother murmured, lapping her tongue, in and out of the tight ring of muscle.

“Damn… is there anything you can’t do with that mouth?” Mike said. “Christ, I was almost asleep and then…”

“You want me to stop?” Ruby said teasingly. She scraped her teeth over the puckered shit hole, then munched the slick ring of muscle between her lips. “Hmmmmmmm?”

“Fuck no,” Mike replied. “I was just saying that I thought I was tired. Not any more. Hell, I’m ready to go again.”

“Well, you’ll just have to wait,” Ruby said. “I’m going to take my sweet time.”

She pushed against his outstretched hands and went back to her work. And forte next few moments, she reamed out his ass until he was writhing in agonized pleasure. At last, she slipped her head from under his body and lowered his legs.

“Suck me,” Mike begged, again reaching for her head.

“Not yet,” Ruby said. “Not until I’ve licked every square inch of your hot, young body.”

With that, she began a slow, sucking assault. She moved her lips down his hairy thighs, across his calves, to his feet. She then took each of his toes and sucked and chewed on them as if they were small pricks. When they were sticky with her spit, she ran the tip of her tongue across both soles of his feet.

“Now?” Mike gasped, looking down at his swollen cock. It was slapping up and down quickly, the head smooth and silky, ready to explode. “I… I don’t know how much longer I can take this. I… I might blow my fucking load on my stomach.”

“Just hold on.” Ruby grinned, kissing back up his legs. “I’ve only just begun.”

Her lips moved around the furry patch of hair at his crotch, then brushed across his flat, muscular stomach. After darting the tip of her tongue in and out of his belly button for a few seconds, she chewed upward, rolling her tongue over both his tiny tits.

“So… hard and sweet,” she groaned, tasting the sweaty flavor of his body. “I never knew my little boy was so good to eat!”

She turned her head, with her mouth still open, and licked into the hairs under his right arm. After leaving them damp with her spit, she kissed down his arm. She treated his fingers to the same suck-job she’d done on his toes.

“I’m warning you, Mom, I’m almost there,” Mike said, half-sitting. “I… I can’t hold back.”

“Where do you want to stick it?” Ruby teased, reaching for his prick. “Hmmmmm? My mouth? My pussy?”

“Slit… it’s too fucking late!” Mike grunted, jerking his hips upward. “I’m… shit… there!”

As her fingers wrapped tightly around his cock, Ruby felt his shaft explode. And before she could react, his stomach was suddenly steaming with the first of his cum-load.

“Ouch… God!” Mike grunted as if in pain. He held his hands out in mid-air as his face contorted, with anguished ecstasy. “Shooting… off…”

Ruby watched fascinated as his massive cock blew out enormous wads of cum. The liquid was like molten silver, gathering, spreading, oozing to his sides. Some of the fluid seeped down the underside of his shaft and burned over her knuckles.

After what seemed an eternity, she quickly lowered her face and gulped the jerking shaft into her throat. Immediately, the back of her mouth became scalded with the juices. She closed her lips tightly around the hairy root and flicked her tongue around the rubbery shaft.

“Mmmmffff,” she gurgled, laying her head on his stomach. As the hot turn touched her cheek, she gave another moan of pleasure.

“Suck… Goddamn you… suck,” Mike barked, thrusting his hips up and down, letting his climaxing cock slide noisily in and out of her mouth. “Yes… that’s better… a lot… better…”

Ruby worked with him, moving her head quickly up and down, sucking in the last of his boiling cum. When he was completely dry and had fallen back, gasping for air, she lapped up the shaft and turned her head.

“Sweet, hot cum,” she murmured, letting his prick flop from her mouth. “Love to lick it down…”

She pressed her parted lips into the cooling masses of cum and sucked them greedily into her mouth. And as the fluid soaked into her stomach, she felt her pussy tingle, then begin to spasm.

“Ohhhh… baby,” she moaned, twisting her body over his, feeling her passion rise dramatically. She licked and chewed noisily, each sweet drop causing the pressure to build in her guts. “Cum… yes… hot cum… love… sucking!”

Suddenly her body flamed with a jerking, convulsing release of raw ecstasy. And even without a cock in her mouth or stomach, her orgasm was just as good. She moved her face over his stomach quickly, running her tongue out like that of an exploring snake.

At last, with the subsiding pangs of pleasure fluttering in the back of her pussy, she dropped against his body. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, still savoring the rich texture of his cum.

“Mmmmm… Mike,” she murmured, her voice a purr of pleasure.

While she lay there, she felt her son’s body relax, then heard his even, steady breathing. This time he was really asleep, and something told her that he was finished for the night.

Oh, well, there was always tomorrow, she thought. But I could really go at it again. At least one more time.

She slowly got to her knees and studied his sleeping form. And as her eyes hungrily went over his body, she felt a raw itch in her cunt that became so demanding her lungs seemed to explode.

If only she’d remembered where that guy lived, she thought, the one in the park that night. She could call him up and.

Oddly enough, she really didn’t want him that much, as she thought about it. What she really wanted was her son.

Maybe if she sucked him a little more, he might come back to life.

God, could her pussy use a good, hard fucking!

She again lowered her face to his crotch and sucked the limp cock into her throat. She wallowed her tongue around the rubbery shaft, nipped at the cockhead with her teeth, but it was useless.

The itch in her cunt became almost unbearable. She had to have something hard in there, or she’d go crazy.

“There’s always the hair brush,” she said, a sad smile on her lips. “I guess I’ll…”

She heard a noise in the living room and perked up. And like all mothers, she knew which son it was by the way he walked.

It was Jason, the oldest. But he usually stayed out all night on Saturdays.

She got off Mike’s bed and left the room. After a moment’s consideration, she went into her own room and slipped into her bathrobe. She then padded out to the hall and into the living room.

“Jason?” she asked, tying the sash. “What are you doing home so early?”

“Aw, you don’t want to hear,” her son said, standing before the open refrigerator in the kitchen. He took a big swig of orange juice from a bottle. “Little bitch.”

“You have a fight with your girl?” Ruby asked. She tried to sound casual, but her heart was in her throat. Christ, that huge mound of cock! Why hadn’t she ever noticed it before?

“I mean, you want to talk about it?”

“Naw, it’s not worth it,” the boy said, closing the refrigerator door. “She just wants to cool it for a while.”

“Really?” Ruby said, licking her lower lip.

“Yeah,” Jason said, walking past her with hardly a glance. “Think I’ll take a shower and hit the sack.”

“Why don’t you do that,” Ruby said, her voice trembling, “and I’ll come in and wash your back.”

She heard him laugh as he entered the bedroom, obviously not taking her seriously.

She waited for a few moments until she heard the shower start running. Then gathering her courage, she walked into the bathroom and slipped out of her robe.

Slowly, she pulled back the shower curtain and stepped into the tub.


When Jason felt the pressure of two nipples against his bare back, he flinched as if he’d been shot. He whirled around, trying to look through the stinging soap in his eyes.

“Mother!” he said, recoiling.

“I came in to wash your back,” Ruby said, laughing at his reaction. “I used to do it when you were a little boy and you didn’t mind then,” she added, reaching for a wash cloth.

“But… but you’re naked,” Jason sputtered, blinking his eyes.

“Would you rather I got on a rain coat?” she giggled.

Before he could say anything else, she rubbed the wash cloth over his chest, then slipped it to his lower back. After sliding it a little lower, into the crack of his ass, she dropped it. Quickly, she reached between his legs and caught the cloth with the other hand. She then moved it upward, over his balls and up the underside of his long, limp shaft.

“My… God, are you crazy, Mom?” Jason said, his eyes wide, even though they still stung from the soap.

“Just relax,” Ruby cooed, “I’m not going to hurt you, Son.”

She applied soap to the wash cloth, then wrapped it around his prick. With massaging motions, she squeezed the cloth up and down, felt his shaft buzz to life.

“You have a nice big one,” she said, working the lather through his crotch hairs. “I’ll bet it feels so nice in a hot, oozing pussy, doesn’t it?”

Jason couldn’t have answered if he’d known what to say. This was insane! His own mother in the shower with him, rubbing his cock! And the way she was looking at him. It sent chills up and down his spine.

“Ohhhh… it’s getting bigger,” Ruby said, dropping the wash cloth and grasping his meat with the fingers of both hands. “Just how big does it get?”

Jason was still so stunned he could only stand there and try to make some sense out of what was happening. Try as he may, he couldn’t.

While Ruby slowly jacked his cock up and down, pulling the loose foreskin over the monstrous tip, she let her eyes trail over his glistening body. She liked what she saw.

He was powerfully built, like his father, and just as blond, like a Viking. Damp blond strands of hair hung about his square face, set off the blue of his eyes. Deeply tanned, his flesh was stretched tight over thick, bulging muscles. His body was covered with short, wiry hairs the color of ripe corn. At nineteen, he was a magnificent specimen of manhood.

She stood back and spread her legs, placing her hands on her hips. As she did, her breasts jutted forward, her nipples just inches from his mouth.

“Now you wash me,” she said, her eyes glinting with passion. “Want to do that?”

Like a robot, Jason reached down for the wash cloth. He then slowly lifted it and pressed it against her breasts. He jerked his hand back as if he’d been burned, then dropped the cloth.

“I… I can’t do that,” he gasped.

“You’re my… my own mother!”

“Would you rather I leave?” Ruby teased, gyrating her hips around.

Jason’s mouth dropped open so wide his chin almost touched his chest. His eyes were burning into the soft mounds of her breasts. His cock was slapping his stomach like a metronome.

“No… I mean, yes, I mean… Jesus,” he stammered, his eyes dropping to the area of her red-haired cunt. The delicate curves of her pussy lips made his mind explode. And if she were just fucking with his mind, what would she do if I crammed my cock into that little hole? “Uh… what did you say?”

“Want me to leave?” Ruby repeated. “But we could save water if we showered together.”

He’d heard of seductive mothers, but, Christ, this was ridiculous!

And what if she were joking? He would never live down the humiliation! Still, she had held his cock, made it rock-hard.

With a move that surprised even himself, he lurched forward and buried his face between her silky breasts. As her flesh touched his, he felt a raw jolt of pleasure sear into his loins. The pressure inside his balls became almost unbearable, like the time he’d fallen forward on his bicycle.

“Mom,” he gasped, twisting his head to the right and moving his lips over her breasts. “Goddamn… Mom!”

Ruby placed her hand under her left tit and guided the rose-colored nipple into his mouth. When she felt his warm lips munch down, she threw her head back and moaned.

“Fuck me… Jason, sweetheart,” she said, her voice just above a whisper. “Ohhhhh… yes, give me that hard cock and poke it up my pussy.”

Jason couldn’t believe his ears, but it was no time to think, to ponder. Here was a hot pussy just begging for cock, and what if it was his own mother!

His hands moved over her firm, ripened body, kneaded the soft flesh. At last, his fingers found the rounded contours of her ass, and he pulled her closer. At the same time, he worked his mouth over her upturned breast, felt her nipple buzz like a clit.

“I… I’m gonna fuck you,” he said, as if admitting the statement to himself.

“Yes,” Ruby said, clawing at his shoulders with her long, red nails. “Fuck me, Son. Fuck your mother full of hot cum…”

Although Jason wanted nothing more than to stick it in her right then, he loved the anticipation, wanted to torture himself. He dropped slowly to his knees and reached for the soap.

“OK, I’ll wash you,” he said softly, lathering up the soap in her red-gold cunt hairs. “And then I’ll fuck the living shit out of you.”

While she stood there, her feet planted wide, her son cleaned out her cunt with the soap. He then turned his head and opened his mouth, catching some water from the shower. He turned his face and spewed the water inside her hole while he held the loose folds of skin back with both thumbs.

Ruby shivered with delight when the warm water hit her insides. And just knowing it came from his mouth was enough to make her body flame with passion.

Jason repeated the motion with the water, then closed his lips, around her hole. When he thrust his tongue deep inside her body, he moved his fingertips to her sides, then cupped her ass.

“Goddamn… you have the sweetest, tightest pussy, Mom,” he gasped, his voice a lusty vibration inside her body.

“Lick me, baby,” Ruby cried out, pushing her hips forward. “Suck on my pussy, then fuck it… fuck it with that big, hard cock of yours.”

While he licked and chewed on her fluttering pussy membranes, he inched his fingers over the soft, rounded angles of her ass cheeks, then rested them in the crack of her ass cheeks.

Slowly, he pushed forward, spearing two fingers inside her shitter.

Ruby reacted almost violently to the sensations that swept inside her body. With his fingers in her ass and his tongue searching around inside her pussy, she felt the first delicate spasms of climax burn around her hole.

“Oh! Hold me… tight… suck on me,” she begged, holding the back of his head with both hands. “Yes… just like that… lick all the way up and chew on my clit.”

Although Jason had the urge to jerk to his feet and plunge his cock inside her steaming hole, his throat was begging for more. He twisted his face around in her crotch and shoved his tongue deeply inside until the roots throbbed with exhaustion. She was so sweet, so hot.

And his mother!

God, what am I doing? On my knees sucking on my mom’s pussy!

The idea inflamed him even more, and he suddenly remembered a childhood experience. He’d walked in on his parents and seen them fucking. He could still see his father’s hairy ass pumping up and down, his mother’s glazed expression of pleasure. His monster cock driving in and out of her swollen, red-gold pussy.

He had always wondered what that pussy would feel like, taste like.

And now he knew. Christ, did he ever know!

“Godddddd!” Ruby screamed out, interrupting his thoughts. A hard convulsion of pure climax locked her cunt opening around his tongue. “Eat… eat… Goddamn you, you little cocksucking bastard… Ohhhh!”

Jason’s cock just couldn’t take it any longer. As if it had a mind of its own, it ordered him to fuck her. And now!

He stood up and jerked her around so that her back was against his chest. He then spread her legs with his bent knees and crushed his weight over her upper body. At the same time, he thrust forward with his hips. The end of his cock found the furry, oozing hole, slid swiftly through the tight canal.

“Jesus… fuck!” he gasped, kissing the back of her neck. “Mom, you’ve got the hottest… best little pussy I’ve ever fucked in my life!”

The sudden move had caught Ruby off guard. But when the monstrous shaft pierced her cunt opening, she was mote than happy for what had happened. He entered her completely, so far, his balls were throbbing just outside her quivering cunt lips.

“Ohhhhh… that’s… good,” she panted, her face turning ashen with pleasure.

“Really… give it to me, you big stud… stick it to me and… and… yessss!”

Jason withdrew his prick, then thrust it quickly back in. At the same time, he kissed from her neck to her shoulders, then worked his head under her right arm. Again he sucked her tit into his starving mouth, tasted the delicate flavor of her rubbery nipple.

“Take it, Mom,” tie gurgled, embracing her tightly. He bucked, then squirmed his ass around. “Fucking take it up your sweet pussy.”

Locked in his arms, Ruby felt her climax renew itself. And with each stroke of his throbbing shaft, she let her pleasure burn hotter. Soon, her insides were fluttering around his prick like a swallowing throat.

“Faster… harder,” she begged, working with him. She reached down and rolled his balls into the damp hairs of her cunt. “Yes… that’s the way, Son… all the way in… faster… screw my pussy to pieces.”

Jason plunged in and out of her cunt until his ass was like a jackhammer out of control. And although he wanted this delicious feeling to last, to prolong it as long as possible, he knew it was useless. Already, his balls were ready to burst. He felt the first glob of cum squeezed between the constricted ring of muscle at the root of his shaft.

“Gonna have to fuck you full of cum… now,” he gasped, spitting her tit from his mouth. He chewed down on her shoulder, then froze. “Shit… can’t help it… now!”

“Give it to me… fuck me… full,” Ruby choked, her own pleasure so intense they were almost painful. Nothing could possibly make it better but a thick load of scalding cum. “Do it… fuck me.”

The first explosion of jism shot into her insides with the pressure of a power hose. And as the juices burned over her fluttering membranes, seeming to burn like acid, she felt her ecstasy reach even new heights. She threw her head to one side and emitted a long, silent scream of release.

“Take it… slut Mother,” Jason growled, tearing in and out of her pussy for all he was worth. Her cunt was like a throat, gulping him dry. Shit… screw me… take every inch up your guts… lick it with your pussy.

Ruby couldn’t believe the tremendous amount of jism that bolted into her cunt. Soon she was full to overflowing, and the juices seeped from her cunt and melted over his swinging balls.

To keep any of the fantastic cum from going down the drain, she held her hands under his nuts and let the fluid collect on her palms. When she had a thick, massive amount of jism, she brought her hands to her face.

“Sweet… hot cum,” she groaned, licking her hands clean. “Mmmmmm… fuck in more, baby,” she added, placing her hands back between her thighs.

For what seemed a delicious eternity, he thrust in huge wads of boiling jism. And with each burst of his cockhead, she felt new, more wonderful spasms of pleasure constrict her guts.

“Ohhhh… fucking take it,” Jason said, finally pushing in the last two lumps of jism. He held her close, then squirmed his ass around, forcing the root of his hairy prick firmly between her puckered cunt lips. “Ahhh… yes, so fucking nice!”

Ruby stood up straight a short while later and reached around behind his body. Cupping his tight, hairy ass, she pressed him fully forward, could still feel the delicious throbs of his shaft. His balls buzzed against the insides of her thighs.

“Ohhhhh… Son, that was perfect,” she murmured, turning her head and kissing the side of his neck. “That little girl is crazy not to want to keep close to you.”

“What girl? Huh? Oh, you mean her,” Jason said, hardly able even to think. He was in a completely different world with his mother. And for the first time, he really felt as if he’d shared sex with another person.

“Ohhhhh… Mom,” he murmured, “you’re the only girl I’ve ever cared for.”

“You mean you don’t mind fucking an older woman?” she teased, rubbing her ass around against his crotch.

“Your pussy sure isn’t old,” the boy laughed. “Shit, it feels brand new!”

They stayed locked in the front-to-back embrace for a long while before pulling away.

When they did, Ruby turned slowly and faced him. All pain and confusion had been wiped from his face. He looked completely relaxed and satisfied.

She kissed him on the mouth and let her tongue slide between his lips. They embraced again and shivered, cock against cunt.

“You’re not going to believe this,” he murmured into her mouth, “but I think I could go again.”

“I wouldn’t believe it if you said you couldn’t,” Ruby laughed.

“Huh?” Jason asked. “My God, Mom, you been out diddling some guy?”

“Your brother,” Ruby admitted.

“That little fucker,” Jason laughed. “So he got to you first, huh?”

“Yeah, and he’s got a lot of talent,” she said.

“Is that a fact?” Jason said, a strange glint in his eye. “Well, let me show you how talented I am.”

“What do you have in mind?” Ruby asked, her voice coy.

“Just bend over and I’ll show you,” Jason said, spreading her ass cheeks.

“Mmmmmm… show me real good,” she said, feeling his cockhead slip into the crack of her shitter. “I… I just love a wild butt fucking.”

“So do I,” Jason grunted, thrusting in about half of his cock. Her shitter muscles slipped around his meat like a warm, greasy glove. “Christ… this is better than pussy sometimes.”

Although Ruby wasn’t quite ready for his sudden movement, she still savored the delicious sensations of pleasure and pain. His cock was so massive, so hard, it stretched her opening almost to the breaking point. And when he was fully embedded and his balls hung just outside her opening, she felt the beginnings of another climax.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, reaching between her legs and massaging his furry balls. “Mmmmmmm, really stick it to your mother and poke in some more hot cum.”

While he stayed inside her, hardly moving at all, she lifted his nuts and rolled them around in her pussy hairs. The mere touch of his rubbery flesh against her fluttering lips was enough to cause both her canals to tighten.

“Damn… where the fuck are you putting it?” Jason gasped. “I… I didn’t think you could take it all!”

“Right here,” she murmured, twisting her upper body around and jutting her breasts upward. A Jason leaned down and rubbed his lips into the valley of her tits. When the silky texture of her flesh burned against his mouth, he felt a sudden flash of pleasure in his loins. He withdrew his prick slowly, then eased it back inside.

“Christ… Mom… you’re so good all over,” he moaned, nipping at the inside of her right breast. The delicate nipple throbbed like a clit against his cheek. He opened his mouth wide and sucked it across his tongue.

“Suck me and fuck me, Son,” Ruby gasped, placing her right arm around his neck. She crushed his face fully against her heaving chest, felt his lapping tongue move over her upturned breasts. “Oh… yes… I love getting fucked this way… cock up my ass, your mouth on my tits…”

As she said the words, her pussy puckered so tight her clit was sucked backward. When it became nestled in the loose folds of flesh, it began jerking with tiny explosions of pleasure. She moved her ass quickly back and forth, gulped his cock totally in and out of her shitter.

“Give it to me… faster… all the way in, you little bastard… be a real motherfucker for me,” she begged.

Jason spit her tit from his mouth and kissed back across her side. He then chewed the flesh at the back of her neck while he increased the momentum of his fucking.

“Like it?” he murmured, his ass a fleshy blur. “Hmmmmm, Mom? You like your little boy’s big dick screwing in your ass like this?”

“Love it,” Ruby cried out. The flames of orgasm were so intense in her pussy and shitter she thought the top of her head would blow off. “God… it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had, Son!”

“Then you’d better fucking hang on, lady,” Jason said, his voice a throaty growl, “because I’m gonna make certain it gets a whole lot better.”

With that, he grabbed her thighs and lifted them, causing her body to fall forward. Before her head hit the bottom of the tub, he yanked her fully around his waist. The top of her head was between his large, well-shaped feet, her hands on his ankles.

In this position, Ruby was totally aware of the enormous size of his cock. It seemed to stab all the way through her guts like some rock-hard snake. She opened her mouth, wide and bit down on his instep.

“Screw it to me,” she moaned, her body twitching with anguished desire. “Really… poke me full of cum, baby.”

Jason took a couple of steps backward in the tub until the shower head was against the back of his neck. He then leaned against the porcelain and braced her upper body against the tops of his thighs.

“Here it comes, whore,” he panted, slapping his body forward while jerking her against him at the same time. “All the way up your sweet butt, baby.”

Ruby knew he was strong, but the way he was flinging her about, she felt like a rag doll.

And each time their bodies met in a hard slap, she felt his cock plunge savagely into her asshole. It only took about three or four quick stabs before her body reacted violently.

“Fuckkkkk meeeee!” she wailed, experiencing a massive convulsion of climax.

The jerking sensations swept up and down her shit canal, then seemed to eat through her membranes, infecting her cunt with delicious ecstasy. And although she found it almost impossible to believe, she was having two orgasms at the same time!

Her climax caused her body to tighten, her shitter hole to lock around his cock like a vise. Jason tried to hold back, but it was ridiculous even to try. Her insides were like a pressure vacuum, practically yanking his cum from his balls.

“Mom… Goddamn… fucking… Mom… now,” he said, wincing. “Gotta go… fucking now!”

Although Ruby couldn’t hear his words over her own screams and the noise of the shower, she knew he was about to blow his load from the way his cock was jerking.

“Yesssss!” she hissed, then felt the first of his scalding load shower her insides. Another massive ripple of climax tore into her guts. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she began chanting, her voice an echo of each delicious spasm of raw release.

“Every… drop, you slut bitch,” Jason growled, heaving in more of his thick cum. “Screw it up your shitter and suck it into your brains!”

While he thrust his cock in and out, Ruby felt her pleasures culminate, then gently subside, leaving her exhausted with relief. She relaxed completely and let him finish it off all by himself.

He held himself against her body, then slowly relaxed, letting her drop to the bottom of the tub. “Christ… Mom, that asshole of yours is a dangerous weapon.”

For Ruby, the aftermath of their lovemaking was more wonderful than she could imagine. Being with a hard, hulking teen, and having the gentle rain of water on her body was a delicious combination. She was both satisfied and refreshed at the same time.

“How do you feel about it?” she asked at last, wondering if his spent passion would make any guilt he might have return. “About what we… did.”

“Hell, I thought you were crazy at first,” Jason laughed. “Now… shit, I don’t care! How could anything that feels so good be wrong?”

“That’s what I’ve been thinking,” Ruby said. She thought for a moment, then added, “I… I got so horny the other night — after watching Mike and Cindy in his bedroom — that I went out and picked up the first man I saw. God, it was terrible.”

“Terrible?” Jason asked, a slight twinge of jealousy in his voice.

“Yeah, the cops caught us,” she admitted. “We were in the park.”

“What?” Jason said, his eyes wide with humor. “My own mother? Making out in a public park? Jesus!”

“Well, I couldn’t help it,” she said, rubbing her cum-soaked pussy opening. “My cunt was on fire.”

“The next time your pussy gets on fire, let me put it out with some cum,” Jason laughed. “I’m always willing to do a lady a favor.”

“Well,” she began slowly, “right now it’s not exactly on fire, but you’d better find yourself an asbestos rubber.”

Jason laughed as he pushed her to her back and crawled between her parted thighs. He then squirmed his ass around, inching in the tip of his meaty cock.

“You’re right,” he gasped, “it’s hotter than a firecracker… just the way I like them.”

Although Ruby could have stayed like this forever, with his prick stretching her pussy opening wide, she felt a deep hunger in her throat. She had to have that big, magnificent thing in her mouth, to taste his acrid cum bubbling over her tonsils.

“You want to fuck me some more?” she asked. “Or would you rather I give you a blow-job that will knock your eyes out?”

“You like sucking cock?” Jason asked, stopping all movement.

“Sometimes better than fucking,” she replied.

“Anything for Mommy,” Jason laughed, pulling his prick out of her juicy pussy.

He got to his knees and spread his legs, his eyes wide with anticipation. Then, when he felt her warm lips suck around his cock, he felt his body tense.

“Mmmmmmm,” Ruby murmured, nuzzling her nose in his damp, blond hairs. She held herself there, lapped her tongue greedily around the massive root of his shaft. Another moan of pleasure vibrated into his crotch.

Suddenly, they both heard the bathroom door open, then her other son’s voice.

“That you, Jason?” he asked, coming into the room.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Jason said, giving his mother a sharp look.

“Hey, who you got in there with you?” Brian said, sitting down on the toilet. “Anybody who likes sharing?”

“Mmmmmmmm,” Ruby moaned, new passion flooding her body.

“What’s she doing?” Brian asked, unable to see clearly through the opaque shower curtain. “Sounds like she’s got a mouth full of something.”

“She sure does,” Jason said. “You ought to see her. Sucks dick like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Well, I’m not opposed to sloppy seconds,” Brian said. “When you get finished with her, send her on out and let a real man fuck her.”

Ruby’s mind was about to explode with the possibilities that now faced her. Before, she’d thought about fucking and sucking each of her sons, but now… why not two of them at the same time?

A big cock in her throat, while another fucked her pussy to pieces!

Or even three!

She gave a choking, spluttering grunt, feeling her orgasm burst just from her fantasies.

“Can I take a look at how good she is?” Brian asked, hearing the lust in the feminine voice.

“Sure,” Jason said, unable to keep a straight face.

Brian’s grin froze when he pulled the shower curtain back and looked down.

“Mother!” he gasped.


Before Brian had a chance to react, Ruby reached out and ran her fingertips over the thick mound between his legs. The boy flinched, then froze. His mouth was agape, his eyes wide with shock.

“Mother!” he said again, his eyes going quickly over her naked, glistening body. His gaze rested briefly on the upturned mounds of breasts. “Wha-what are you… doing in the shower with Jason?”

“This.” Ruby grinned, turning her head back toward Jason’s crotch. She sucked the enormous cockshaft between her lips. As she did, she looked from the corner of her eye to register his reaction. His expression was still one of disbelief.

“Jesus… Christ,” Brian said at last, watching his mother’s mouth move up and down his brother’s shaft.

“Want to join us?” Ruby said, spitting Jason’s prick from her mouth and standing up. “Maybe in the bedroom. Both of you are such… big boys, we will need more room.”

A few moments later, after leading both her sons by the hand to her bedroom, she felt her heart thunder with anticipation.

“Two… big, hard cocks,” she whispered, rubbing her fingers over both their crotches. “Mmmmmm, now you get undressed, sweetheart.”

She then pushed Jason to the bed and knelt between his legs. With her eyes on Brian, as he stood beside the bed, fumbling with his shirt, she lowered her face to the steaming crotch and gulped the rock-hard cock between her lips.

Brian was just as handsome as his other two brothers. He was tall and muscular, his body covered with, short, wiry black hairs. His face was angular, his eyes a dark blue, and he sported a shock of silky, black hair around his face. Springing from the mass of crotch hair was a delicious-looking shaft of hard cock.

“Mmmmmmm, come over here,” she said from the corner of her mouth. “I’ll suck you both off at the same time.”

Brian got onto the bed and lay next to his brother. Still somewhat dazed with what he’d seen — and what he was doing now — he allowed himself to be swept along with their moods.

“Ohhhh… yes,” Ruby said, grasping both cocks in her hands and pushing them side by side, “this is going to be one hell of an evening. Christ… two cocks to suck!”

She lowered her face to their bodies and licked the two massive cockheads together, lapped between them. Immediately, an electric-like jolt of anticipation rushed down her throat. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and tried to take both cockheads inside. Knowing it was ridiculous even to try, she still enjoyed the rubbery texture against her teeth.

“Just suck me for a while,” Brian said.

“Fuck you man,” Jason said.

“Now, boys,” Ruby giggled, “just be patient. I’ll do you both.”

With that, she took Jason’s cock first and gulped to the hairy root. She held herself there for a few long seconds, then slowly moved her mouth back up to the cockhead. After letting his shaft flop to his stomach, she munched down on Brian’s prick, treating him to the same thing.

“I’ll… be Goddamned,” Brian gasped. “Did you see that? She can suck it all in!”

“That’s not all she can do,” Jason said, grinning down at his mother. “You ought to feel what that little pussy is like…”

“You fucked her?” Brian gasped, realizing for the first time, it seemed, what they were actually doing.

“Like a Goddamned mink,” Jason laughed. Brian was about to say something else, but his voice was locked in his throat when he felt the smooth, warm lips again suck to his furry base. He lifted his hips and gyrated his ass, felt his balls almost grind with pleasure.

Ruby sucked and pulled on his cock more greedily as she felt it throb hard as steel. And each time she lapped downward, she felt her pussy buzz with growing excitement. In fact, she realized she’d never been so horny before. She gave a throaty grunt and pulled her face back up. In a split-second, she switched from Brian’s cock to Jason’s.

“Ah… now that’s more like it,” Jason said, placing his hands at the back of his mother’s head. “Suck me good, Mom, really fucking ream out my prick.”

While she licked and chewed on his cock, she jacked Brian’s prick up and down quickly with her right hand.

“Shit… I’m so fucking close,” Brian said, trying to pull her mouth off Jason’s prick. “Better… get that mouth back on my dick, or I’ll blow my load right on my stomach.”

Just the mention of his climax was enough to cause Ruby’s cunt to explode with climax. She twisted about, squeezing her knees together and increased her efforts with both cocks.

Suddenly, her mouth was flooded with Jason’s cum. It had bolted from his nuts almost without warning, splashing wildly against the back of her throat.

“Aaaghhhhh!” she choked, spitting a fine spray of jism into his crotch hairs.

As her climax peaked, nearing the level of pain, she felt Brian’s cock expand, squeeze her fingers apart. She rolled his cockhead against her cheek and felt the first of his scalding bum spew over her flesh.

Quickly, she pulled her head up and jacked them both at the same time, watching the cockheads gush with more wads of cum. She held her tongue out, catching some of the fluid, and washed it into her throat. The combination was delicious, inflaming her to even greater heights of ecstasy.

“Fuck… my mouth,” she begged, jabbing both cockheads between her lips. The fluid splashed around, melted over their shafts, into their crotches. “Ahhhhh… give me gallons to suck…”

To her amazement, she somehow managed to suck both cockheads into her mouth. The last of their jism blew over her tongue and hit her tonsils. As the molten fluid oozed into her stomach, a raw convulsion of pleasure seemed to twist in her guts like a knife.

“Aaaaeeeee!” she screamed, dropping her head over their pricks. She squirmed around as if being tortured, then finally went limp. “Jesus… Jesus… God!”

After lying there for a few moments to get her breath back, she began cleaning them up. She did it slowly, careful not to miss a single, silvery drop. When their crotches glistened with her warm spit, she sat back on her haunches and gave them a warm smile.

“Think I might get a good fucking from my studs right now?” she asked.

Both boys looked at her fantastic body, almost as if seeing the female form for the first time. Christ, was she a beautiful woman. All ripened and yet firm. Especially her enormous breasts.

“I… I’ll fuck you,” Brian said quickly, reaching for her tits.

“No, I will,” Jason said.

“Both of you will,” Ruby said, already imagining what it would feel like to have two cocks digging out her guts at the same time. “One of you in my pussy and the other reaming out my shitter.” She fell back on the bed and twisted onto her side.

Both boys lunged forward, Brian in front of her and Jason scrambling to her backside. They embraced her tightly, sandwiching her body between theirs.

“Mmmmmmm, better go slow,” Ruby said, feeling their hard, sticky cocks against her flesh, “I… I don’t know if I’ll be able to take you on at first.”

Now that she had time to think about it, it might not be such a good idea. Christ, just one of them was enough to tear her apart. Both of them…?

She felt Brian’s cockhead slip between her puckered cunt lips. At the same time, Jason’s prick was sliding into her shitter.

“Ohhhhhh!” she panted, her face turning ashen with the intense pressure.

Although Jason and Brian both realized she must be experiencing some pain, they couldn’t stop. They pushed forward until every inch of their cocks were inside her.

“God… what a pussy!” Brian grunted, burying his face between her breasts. He squirmed his ass around for a few seconds, then withdrew his cock until just the tip of it remained inside her pussy. “So… tight… hot and…”

Ruby yelled with a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure when he stabbed back inside her cunt. How could anything be so wonderful and so horrible at the same time, she wondered?

“Screw it, Mom,” Jason gasped against the back of her neck. He was fucking in and out of her shitter quickly, unaware of the horrible pressure inside her body. “Take both of us and fuck us dry…”

Ruby was about to scream out for them to stop, that she couldn’t take it any longer. Suddenly, however, a flash of delicious pleasure seemed to explode inside her guts. As their cocks became fully embedded in her body, she experienced an orgasm to end all orgasms. It flooded her insides, even seemed to seep through her skin and bones. She began jerking and writhing, clawing at their naked bodies with her nails.

“Fuck me, you big bastards,” she moaned, her eyes half-closed with total ecstasy. “Screw me… hard… faster… ream me out… fuck me to pieces… both of you!”

The boys needed absolutely no encouragement. They began thrashing about, slamming their bodies forward so hard it knocked the breath out of her. And as her orgasm peaked, causing her insides to suck on their pricks like a starving mouth, they felt rumblings in their balls.

“Shit… here it comes,” Jason gasped, plunging the first of his cum-load deeply into her shitter. “Take it, Mom… fuck it right up to your cum-sucking brains!”

After about six or seven wads of cum had splashed into her butt, Ruby felt her pussy lips stretch to the breaking point. Brian’s prick exploded with savage, warmth.

“Now… fuck me now, whore,” he gasped, biting down on her left tit and sucking the tip of it across the roof of his mouth.

Ruby couldn’t believe how wonderful it was like this. Two cocks not only fucking her at the same time, but emptying out their juices together!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she chanted, her words a throaty echo of the constant stream of spasms that fluttered along her canals.

“Ohhhhhh… shit… all of it,” Jason said, grinding in the last of his cum. He held himself against, her ass, then slowly relaxed, his chest heaving against her back. “Mom… fuck… me… Mom.”

While his prick throbbed inside her shitter, Ruby felt the last of Brian’s jism boil into her pussy. Both shafts seem to jerk and quiver like one fantastic slab of meat. Another lingering convulsion of climax caused her to buck, then fall limp.

“Mmmmmm, boys,” she panted, pulling them closer to her body, “I can’t think of anything I’d like better than doing this all night.”

She thought about it, tried to etch it into her mind forever. Both boys inside her, their cocks so ripe and hard.

If only Mike were here now. I’d have three cocks! Just think, my mouth full of hard meat also! she thought.

“One of you get up and see if Mike is asleep,” she said, her voice cracking with anticipation. “Mmmmmm, I want all three of my boys.”

“You go, Jason,” Brian said. “No, you,” his brother replied. “Well, if neither of you wants to go, I will,” Ruby teased.

“No, we want you to stay here,” Jason said, holding her tight. “Let the little motherfucker sleep. It’s his tough luck that he’s missing out on all…”

“How can anyone sleep around here with all that screaming and yelling going on?” Mike said, standing in the doorway.

“Ohhhhh, just what the doctor ordered,” Ruby said, a hungry glint in her eye as she gazed at his half-hard cock. “Get your ass over here. Mommy wants you.”

“Holy… fuck!” Mike said, now fully awake. “What’s going on here?”

“We’re having a fucking party, and you’re invited, stupid,” Jason said.

Ruby fell back on the bed and closed her eyes, waited for the third, delicious cock.

“My boys,” she murmured softly, her voice quivering.


Ruby fondled all three cocks for a long time, savoring the way they felt against her flesh. And with each passing moment, she got more and more excited. She wanted to devour them completely, yet loved the waiting.

“Come on, Mom,” Mike said, pulling her face down to his crotch, “suck me, don’t just play with it.”

“Glad to,” Ruby said, gulping the tip of his prick into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm, good.”

She nestled her nose in the wiry hairs surrounded the root of his shaft.

“Goddamn, you’re so good doing that,” Mike said. “Remember what you promised…”

“Promised?” Brian asked his brother. “What’d she promise?”

“She said she’d teach my girl to lick dick like that,” Mike said, although his eyes were on what Ruby was doing.

“Cindy?” Jason asked, perking up. “She’s a nice-looking piece of tail, I’ll tell you that. You into sharing a little of it with your brothers?”

“I don’t know if she’d go for that,” Mike said, although it was difficult to concentrate. The pressure inside his balls was so intense it was about to drive him crazy. “No, I don’t think so. Hell, I had to practically strangle her to fuck me.”

Their conversation inflamed Ruby even more. And for some reason, she wanted nothing more than to see her three sons fuck a girl. She moved her mouth away from Mike’s cock and sat back on her haunches.

“Mmmmmmm, I think when we’re finished with Cindy, she just might be in the market for all the cock she can get,” she said. “Let’s try it tomorrow night. Make a real orgy of it.”

“Sounds great to me,” Jason chuckled.

“But let’s just make it Mike and Cindy and meat first,” Ruby said. “Three big cocks like this without a little warming-up might scare her to death!”

“Come on, let’s talk later,” Mike said, urgency in his voice. “Suck me, Mom.”

While Ruby gulped his cock back into her throat, she squirmed her legs over Jason’s middle and grasped his shaft with both hands. She inched it inside her pussy, groaning as it slid deeply inside her guts.

After his entire shaft was throbbing inside her pussy, she reached for Brian and pulled him to her backside. Immediately getting the message, her son spread her ass cheeks and poked his cockhead into her shitter opening.

Three cocks!

Ruby trembled, already feeling the first spasms of climax. And it was nothing like she thought it would be, it was a hundred times better!

Her insides were churning, becoming a cauldron of lust. She relaxed and flexed the muscles of her shitter and pussy, sucking them fully inside. At the same time, she clamped her lips firmly around Mike’s cock, felt it throb in her throat.

“Goddamn, did you ever see a woman so fucking cock-hungry?” Brian said. “Shit, they don’t make ladies like you anymore, Mom.”

Ruby was so enraptured with the feel of the cocks she didn’t even hear what he said. Nothing else mattered but the quivering sensations, the way they filled her up entirely.

Cock… delicious… wonderful cock. While Jason and Brian fucked her with growing speed, she gobbled up Mike’s cock as fast as she could. The room filled with their tortured moans sounds of flesh slapping flesh.

“Screw it in your sweet pussy, Mom,” Jason said, humping upward, driving his cock quickly in and out of her cunt.

“Damn… why didn’t you tell me this little shitter was so perfect?” Brian said, pounding at her asshole. “I… I’ve never had a pussy this good before!”

With both cocks slipping in and out of her body, sending shivers of ecstasy up and down her spine, Ruby buried her face between Mike’s legs. Holding herself there, she felt her body tighten, then explode with such hard convulsions of release, she thought the top of her head would blow off. The pleasure was so intense, she couldn’t even scream.

“Jesus… fucking Christ!” Mike groaned. Her mouth was like a vise around his prick. “I… don’t believe it, but I… I… Unhhhhhh!”

His cum load burst from his mats practically without warning. And as the thick, creamy juices shot up the center of his shaft, pleasure and pain mixed in his loins. The best part, however, was when his jism splashed the back of her throat, filling him with satisfied release.

Ruby choked down his cum as quickly as she could, but even her hungry mouth couldn’t take all he had to offer. His nap had totally refreshed him, given him a huge amount of jism. Still, she sucked as furiously as she could.

When his prick was dry, she pulled her mouth away and lapped at the stray globs of jism that had streamed from under her lips. As she smacked them down, her pussy was throbbing in a constant state of excitement. Her asshole was on fire with pleasure.

“Fuck me… God, fuck me, boys,” she cried, her voice a greasy muffled sound against Mike’s crotch hairs.

Jason and Brian pushed forward together, then withdrew at the same time. Then after doing this for several moments, they varied their rhythm. As if by instinct they were soothing the itching membranes inside her body.

A short while later, Brian shoved forward and held himself against her backside. He dug his fingers into the soft, yielding flesh of her hips and panted against the back of her neck.

“Screw it in your slitter, Mom,” he said, wincing with pleasure. “Take… Christ, I’m going to screw you to… fucking… pieces, whore.”

In a way, Ruby had wished that all three of them would have blown their loads at the same time, but now she was glad they hadn’t. This way, it gave her a chance to enjoy it totally. And besides, she didn’t know if she could handle the pressure, if they had.

She threw her head to one side and yelled as Brian’s cum scalded her slitter canal. The load was enormous, and when it could find no more room, began sloshing backward, stinging the area just under her opening.

He had barely stopped moving, when Jason froze. He gouged his cock savagely into her cunt, then taking a deep breath, hammered so hard she felt sharp spasms of pain in her chest.

“Take it, Mom… Goddamn… you, fucking take it flow,” Jason cried out. His fiery cum burst into her pussy, splashing over the quivering walls with full force. “Shit… shit… unhhh… screw it up… here! Unhhhhh! Here, bitch!”

Ruby experienced yet another orgasm when his flood of creamy jism entered her body. She worked with him, driving her hips back and forth until her muscles ached with burning exhilaration.

“Screw me, you bastard,” she panted, at last going limp. “Yes… yes… God, yes screw me like this all night…”

After they had all collapsed in a heap of writhing flesh, she was almost glad it was over. The pleasure had just been too good, almost like a dessert that was too sweet. And besides that, her insides felt as if some tiny animal had sharpened its claws on her membranes.

“I’m gonna have to take another shower,” she whispered as she struggled from between Jason and Brian. “My pussy and shitter feel like hamburger.”

“Can I take one with you?” Brian said, sitting up.

“Hey, what about us?” Mike said.

“Don’t worry, boys,” Ruby laughed. “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t think for a moment you’re gonna get a bit of sleep tonight.”

She padded toward the bathroom, followed by Brian, leaving Mike and Jason scowling.

A few moments later, she and Brian were embracing under the warm spray of water, his cock against her damp pussy. And as they kissed, they both felt their energies return. Brian humped downward and drove the tip of his prick into her slick, warm pussy hole.

“Ohhhh… go easy,” Ruby grunted, feeling a sharp spasm of pain. “I… I think, it’ll take me a month to get used to you boys. You’re all so big!”

“Aw, come on, Ma, you know you like it.” Brian smiled, grinding his ass around, holding her tighter.

Yes, she did. Even the pain, for it was the result of their pleasures also. Her pulse quickened.

“Mmmm, fuck me,” she whispered into his mouth. “I… I don’t care if I never walk right again… just stick it to me and cram in some more cum…”

While their tongues danced together like mating snakes, they smacked against each other, totally embedding his monstrous cock in her cunt. And before long, Ruby could feel his shaft jerk, ready to spit out his juices.

“Don’t go yet,” she whispered, reaching between them and grasping the root of his cock. “Let’s see how long we can fuck without popping our nuts.”

“I… I think I can go about five seconds longer,” Brian grunted. His loins were flaming with desire, his balls so swollen they throbbed painfully. “Your sweet, little pussy is just too good, Mom…”

“You can do it,” she said, tightening her grip around his cock. “I… I love the torture of waiting.”

It took all his effort, but Brian somehow managed to hold back the onslaught of cum.

The only way he could do it, however, was to remain motionless.

Ruby pulled away from him a couple of moments later, letting his cock slide from her pussy. When it popped upward and hit his stomach with a dull smack, she dropped to her knees.

“Let me tease you a little,” she said, touching his balls with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh… why’d you do that?” Brian said with a tortured voice. “It… it was so nice and hot…”

He didn’t seem to mind, however, when she gulped his cock fully into her mouth and locked her lips at the furry base.

Ruby didn’t mind either. A woman couldn’t really appreciate a good cock unless it was in her mouth. She slowly twisted her face around, felt the insides of her pussy steam with greater pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” she gurgled, inhaling the sweet aroma of soap and masculine flavor.

“Suck me, Mom,” Brian said, holding the sides of her head as he pushed his hips back and forth. “This time… you’re not getting away, either.”

Ruby didn’t want to get away. In fact, the time of teasing was far gone. She wanted nothing more than to taste the heady flavor of his cum, to feel it splash to her stomach. She began working on him furiously, bobbing her head back and forth with wild abandon.

“Yeah… just like that,” Brian gasped, every muscle in his body tightening. “Christ, this is good… gonna fill that little cocksucking mouth so full of cum it blows out your Goddamned ears.”

As he said the words, Ruby felt his shaft expand, totally fill her throat. A couple of seconds later, the back of her tongue became etched with a couple of drops of clear fluid. She knew that the rich, creamy release was just seconds away.

“Ohhhmmmmmm,” she gurgled, lapping at his balls with her bottom lip. Suddenly, her insides flamed with massive waves of raw climax. She froze, then began tearing into his crotch like an animal. Another spluttering groan burst around his cockroot.

“Now… cocksucker… fucking take it now!” Brian barked, humping forward. His stomach hit her forehead with a sharp smack. “Lick me, Mom… shit… suck me… suck… unhhhhhhh!”

The boiling, churning globs shot pinto Ruby’s mouth with delicious pressure. Some of the liquid steamed upward, behind her nose, where it soon dribbled from both nostrils. Other lumps of jism swept into her cheeks, between her teeth, under her tongue.

“Aaaaaghhhhh,” she choked, feeling her own orgasm peak to new heights each time a delicious wad of jism burst from his ballooning cockhead.

“Suck me… suck me fucking dry,” Brian cried out, pumping in the bulk of his massive load. He could feel the juices swish about his plunging shaft, ooze from the corners of her mouth, causing smacking sounds as their bodies hit. “Every… fucking drop, whore…”

Ruby couldn’t believe the tremendous amount of his release. Christ, he seemed like a cum machine! And she loved every second of it.

She experienced mote thundering waves of pleasure as her orgasm seemed to explode around her puckered cunt opening. And as her climax reached a level bordering pain, she knew that nothing would satisfy that horrible itch but another hot cock in her cunt.

After Ruby licked him clean and had made sure of scooping up every stray wad from his balls and crotch hairs, she sat back on her haunches. Slowly, she let her eyes run up his body, finally looking him in the face.

“You can have my pussy back now,” she grinned. “You want to fuck your mother?”

“Sure,” Brian gasped, “but give me a minute to get my second wind.”

Ruby didn’t think she could wait that long. She stood up and got out of the shower, leaving him alone.

“I’ll go see how Mike and Jason are,” she said. “You join us as soon as you can.”

“Sure thing,” Brian said, sitting down in the tub and letting the water splash over his body. He closed his eyes and smiled. “Be there soon, Mom…”

Ruby didn’t hear the rest of his words. By the time he finished speaking, she was already outside her bedroom door.

“How are things in here?” she asked, entering her room.

“Well, the big stud is crapped out, but I’m ready,” Jason said.

“Mmmmmmmmm, nice,” Ruby whispered, getting onto the bed. She held his massive cock up with both hands as she knelt between his legs. “You think you could scratch an itch I seem to have?”

“I’ll give it a shot,” Jason laughed. “Why don’t you hop on and ride me like a fucking horse?”

That’s exactly what Ruby had in mind. She quickly straddled his middle and slipped his monstrous prick deeply inside her swollen pussy hole. As it entered her fully, she felt the first sparks of climax.

“Mmmmmm, this is fantastic,” she said, clawing at his sculptured chest. “Nothing I love better than a good fucking with my son’s cock.”

While she squirmed over his crotch, Jason half-sat and buried his face between her upturned, ripened breasts. Slowly, he began moving with her, jerking his ass up and down, while he sucked on her pink, rubbery nipples.

“Screw it all the way in, Mom,” he panted, feeling his balls begin to boil with a fresh load of cum. “Sure like doing this to you… all tight and greasy like this.”

Ruby quickened her movements, bouncing wildly up and down. And within a matter of seconds, her pussy was twitching like a swallowing throat. She opened her mouth wide and turned her head slightly to one side. “Give it to me… God, screw it all the way blow in and my pussy apart,” she begged.

As his own pressures built more dramatically, Jason seemed to lose control. He thrust himself forward suddenly, rolling her to her back. At the same time, he grabbed the backs of her thighs and crushed her tits against her knees.

“Fuck it, whore,” he grunted, planting his toes into the covers and slamming forward with his full strength. “Take it… right up… here!”

Ruby’s body exploded with one shooting wave of pleasure after another as he pounded his cock unmercifully in and out of her pussy. Yet she knew that the best was to come when his cock burst with his release. She fucked her body upward, trying desperately to milk him.

“I… I want it,” she pleaded, clawing at his shoulders. “I… I have to have your cum, you fucking bastard!”

Jason gave a last, futile attempt at holding back his release, but as he tightened the undulating muscles at the base of his cock, sharp, electric-like jolts of pain seared into his balls.

“Then… take it now,” he cried out, his body glistening with sweat. “Screw me, Mother!”

Ruby felt her pussy opening stretch, then jerk under the vibrations of his cum-load. A split-second later, her insides became a cauldron of hot, creamy jism. The liquid was like acid, etching into her cunt walls.

“Aieeee!” she screamed, throwing her head back and forth. She grabbed him by the hair of the head and slammed his face against her breasts. “Suck me… fuck me… do it, Son… do it… all!”

Jason tore into her pussy like some sort of savage animal, totally filling up her cunt with his jism. And even after his cock had stopped spitting out the warm juices, he pumped without slackening his speed. At last, however, he went limp, his body burning with exhaustion.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… Mom,” he murmured, crushing his full weight against her spent cunt. “Fuck… fuck me… all night!”

As his words became a satisfied grunt, Ruby’s legs fell to the bed. He slipped his fingers up and rested the tips of them in her armpits. A few seconds later, he went to sleep, his mouth on her right breast.

Although Ruby felt she could go at least one more time, she didn’t think she’d have any takers. Brian was probably asleep in the shower, and Mike looked like he was dead. Jason was so relaxed she couldn’t have gotten him off her with a crane.

Oh, well, she thought, there’s always tomorrow night. And it will be better. Tonight was a hit-or-miss thing. With Cindy coming over, she could have it all planned out.

Three studs and two cock-hungry women! What a night it was going to be.


Ruby had expected Mike’s girlfriend to be horribly shocked with his suggestion that they make a threesome of it. The girl, however, seemed to get so excited that Ruby thought she was going to attack her son!

And as it turned out, Cindy didn’t need any instruction after all. When the three of them piled into bed, Cindy crouched between Mike’s legs and buried her face in his crotch. She did gag a little, but she managed to take every hard inch of his prick into her throat.

“Jesus… Christ!” Mike said, flinching with pleasure. “How… come you never could do that before?”

To be honest, Cindy, herself, didn’t know. It had something to da with his mother, however, she did know that. When she’d first seen the firm, naked body, something inside her pussy seemed to snap. An unbearable hunger throbbed the back of her throat.

Ruby was also experiencing a strange emotion. Instead of looking at her son, her eyes were going over the soft angles of Cindy’s body. It was almost as if she were looking at another woman for the first time. At least, how a man would.

The blonde girl was a work of art, every inch of her body deliciously perfect. She was slim and trim, making her breasts seem even larger, her hips more rounded. And the tiny, oozing cunt hole was so small Ruby couldn’t believe she could actually take all of her son inside.

She saw her hand move toward the girl’s ass. Slowly, she ran her fingers over the delicate contours, then tickled the area just below the puckered cunt hole.

For Cindy, Ruby’s touch was electric. She jerked her head away from Mike’s crotch and whirled around. She had a hunted look in her eyes.

Ruby and Cindy looked at each other for a long while, communicating with their minds. And although they were both afraid to name it, they couldn’t help but let their bodies respond to their desires. Their heads moved together, their lips parted slowly.

Mike watched with fascination as his mother and his girlfriend kissed. It was an almost friendly kiss at first, but it soon turned into one of deep passion. He saw their tongues move together like exploring snakes.

“Jesus,” he said, his eyes widening. The mere sight of what they were doing made his cock throb painfully. In a way he wanted them to stop and take care of him, but another part of his mind told him to remain silent, he might never see anything this erotic again.

Ruby embraced Cindy, then fell to her back. As the girl’s body came down on hers, their cunts buzzed together, just like their mouths.

“Ohhhhh… God,” Cindy moaned, squirming over Ruby’s middle. “I… I’ve never even thought about doing this… is it wrong?”

“If it is, let’s be sinners,” Ruby gasped.

Their kiss became almost savage as they squirmed together. Then suddenly, Ruby pulled away and pushed the girl to her back. She got between Cindy’s legs and rubbed her fingers over the glistening patch of cunt hair.

“I… I’ve always wondered what he liked about sucking pussy,” Ruby said, lowering her face to Cindy’s pussy. Although she hadn’t ever wondered any such thing, she felt she had to justify her urges to herself, if not to them. “Can… I?”

When Cindy felt Ruby’s warm lips press against her cunt opening, she jerked as if she’d been bitten by a snake. It was so delicious, so warm and inviting. Not like what a man would do, but more gentle. Somehow, it made her realize just what her body was capable of.

“Lick me,” she said, sliding her fingers over Ruby’s shoulders. “God… you do that as good as Mike does… maybe even better…”

“Is that a fact?” Mike grinned. “Well, how about a comparison?”

He slipped beside his mother and nuzzled his nose into the damp pussy hairs. He then darted his tongue out, letting it touch his mother’s. They entered the girl’s pussy together, touching the sweet insides with the tips of their tongues.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Cindy cried, feeling her orgasm so close she could taste it. She writhed and squirmed around, grasping at their bodies. “Eat… eat me… both of you!”

For Ruby, the experience was so wonderful, she thought she would go crazy. Feeling the combination of soft flesh and hard muscle made her pussy buzz, then jerk as if it were about to explode.

“Oh, I can’t wait to see you fuck her,” Ruby whispered, then turned her head slightly. She lapped her tongue over her son’s pussy stained lips. “Want… want to give it to her now?”

“No, I want to do this some more,” Mike said. Any other time, he’d been more than willing to slip his cock into such a warm, tight pussy. But what was happening now filled him with an urgency he couldn’t explain. He wanted to see exactly what they would do to each other. “You take over.”

As he sat back, his eyes on Cindy’s pussy, he watched Ruby slip her tongue in and out with growing speed. Slowly, his mouth dropped open.

A woman licking out another woman!

Christ, was it beautiful.

“So hot and sweet,” Ruby murmured into the girls cunt. She slipped her thumbs into the loose folds of skin that surrounded her golden haired pussy. Carefully, she pulled back the sheaths of flesh and saw the rubbery, swollen clit come into view. “Mmmmmmm, so this is what it’s like.”

“Aieeeeee!” Cindy screamed, grasping at the sheets. She balled up the material, then quickly placed her palms against the back of Ruby’s head. “Suck… suck me… fuck me with your tongue!”

The girl’s orgasm was so intense, Ruby’s tongue was pulled savagely inside. And as the heat from her climax steamed into her nostrils, Ruby felt her own orgasm ready to burst inside her pussy.

Mike couldn’t take it any longer. His cock was so rigid, so ripe for fucking he knew if he even touched it, he would blow his load right then. He gave his mother a hunted look, then glanced at Cindy’s open mouth.

“Want some more cocksucking practice?” he asked, getting to his knees and bending over her face.

At first, Cindy couldn’t even understand his words. Nothing seemed to matter but the delicious spasms of climax that fluttered her guts. When she saw his cock, however, her throat became a magnet.

“Fuck my… mouth,” she said, reaching for his prick.

Mike straddled her chest and slipped his knees into her armpits. Then guiding the tip of his cock between her lips, he leaned forward. Slowly, he crushed his full weight down, embedding his prick in her throat.

“Take it all, you little cocksucking whore,” he grunted, resting his head against the headboard.

He began squirming around as he moved his ass up and down. “Shit… yes baby, just lie there and let me poke your mouth full of hot cum.”

Cindy couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. What was happening made all other pleasures pale by comparison. A woman licking on her cunt, and a big cock to suck at the same time!

She gave another choking scream as her orgasm renewed itself, filled her with delicious spasms of ecstasy.

Below, Ruby was chewing and lapping eagerly on Cindy’s cunt, but her eyes were on Mike’s pumping ass. She reached up with her right hand and cupped the furry balls as they slid between Cindy’s upturned, ripened breasts.

“Fuck it to her, Son,” she murmured, letting her fingers slide upward, into the crack of his ass. “But tell me when you’re really to give it to her. I… I want some too.”

If Mike heard, he gave no indication. He was concentrating fully on how Cindy’s warm, slippery throat felt around his cock. He pumped in and out quickly, his ass soon becoming a blur.

“Eat on it, bitch,” he ordered, placing his hands under her head and crushing her face against his crotch. “Gobble it down… all of it…”

After treating Cindy’s pussy to a thorough lick-job, Ruby slowly kissed through the patch of glistening hair, then nuzzled her nose into Mike’s hairy shitter crack. She held herself there for a few minutes as she diddled the girl’s cunt with her fingers, then locked her lips around the dark, hairy asshole.

For Mike, the effect was immediate. He froze for a second, then began yelling with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh… that’s good… suck my ass, Mom… suck my cock, Cindy,” he cried. His body flooded with delicious warmth.

While she sucked and chewed on his shitter with her teeth and lips, Ruby let her fingers move over both their bodies. At times she clawed at his muscular form, then kneaded Cindy’s soft breasts. With each passing second, her ecstasy mounted.

“Shit… I’m there!” Mike said suddenly. “Gonna… blow you fucking wide open!”

When Ruby heard his words, she quickly slipped her body beside Cindy’s. She pushed her face against the girl’s cheek and opened her mouth. The rubbery texture of Mike’s balls was hot and hairy against her lips, and she could feel the heavy vibrations of his nearing cum load.

“I want some!” she begged, scratching at his hips with her nails. “Let… I have to have it!”

Mike ground the first lump of cum into Cindy’s throat, then quickly withdrew. As his cock slipped from her lips and banged toward his mother’s waiting mouth, a thick glob of cum burst from his cockhead and splashed her between the eyes. She got the next wad, however, taking it fully into her throat.

“Give it back to me,” Cindy begged, her lips glistening with a smoldering residue of creamy cum.

For the next several seconds, Mike plunged his cock in and out of both their mouths, letting them share his cum equally. The last glob he gave to his mother, then pressed his body down on their heads. As he squirmed around, he gave out a low, throaty groan of pure satisfaction.

When Cindy and Ruby were certain that his prick was dry, they kissed, exchanged the delicious flavor of his cum. The mere taste was enough to cause both their cunts to flame once more with desire.

“I… I want to suck some more cum.” Ruby said. “But this time, I want to lick it out of her pussy. Fuck her, Mike. Shove in another hot load so your mother can eat it out.”

“Roll over, baby,” Mike said to Cindy. “Gonna ream you out doggy-style.”

With some effort, Cindy got to her stomach, then raised herself on her knees and elbows. Then, as she buried her face in the pillows, she felt the burning sensation of his massive cock inside her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh… fuck me!” she screamed, already experiencing another flash of hot climax. “All the way in and… and… fuck me all over!”

“You think you could take it in the butt?” Mike grunted, moving his prick in and out of her pussy.

“Yes… God, I think I could take it anywhere,” Cindy replied. “Just… give me cock.”

“Fuck her in both places,” Ruby said, her eyes glazed with pleasure. She was behind her son, watching his monstrous cock driving in and out of the girl’s swollen pussy hole. “Her ass… her pussy and my mouth.”

She got to her back and scooted between his legs, finally positioning herself under their bodies. As her lips touched the girl’s cunt hairs, she felt her son withdraw his cock and nuzzle the tip of it against her mouth.

“Have a little taste, Mom,” Mike said, pushing the full length of his cock into her throat.

Ruby sucked greedily on his prick, then closed her lips around Cindy’s pussy when he pulled it out, inching the tip of it toward the girl’s ass crack.

Cindy’s body went limp from so much pleasure. But when she felt her asshole begin to stretch with pain, she became fully alert.

He was screwing that horrible thing up her butt!

And had she actually said yes? She must have been insane.

Pressure built but as he entered her with his cock, the pain lessened. Having Ruby lick on her pussy at the same time must have something to do with it, she realized.

“There… you’ve got it all, baby,” Mike grunted, twisting his ass around as the root of his cock met her shitter entrance. “How… is it?”

“Ohhhhh… it’s wonderful,” Cindy moaned, running her fingers over her lips, kissing them as if they were pricks. “Now fuck me… fuck me hard.”

Mike began plunging his prick in and out of her shitter with rhythmic momentum. And as he did, he felt his mother nip at his swinging balls with her teeth.

“God… I think I could go right now,” he said, amazed by the pressure inside his nuts.

“Go ahead,” Ruby said, lapping at both their bodies. “Just remember to give me some of your warm cum to lick down, baby.”

While Cindy froze, then bucked with one climax after another, Mike drilled into her asshole. At times, he withdrew it quickly and plunged it a little downward, stabbing it into her cunt. Occasionally, he let his mother suck on him. Soon, he was going from all three places as fast as he could, delighting, in the delicious difference to his prick.

Ruby began lapping her tongue up and down the girl’s tight crack, then finally rested her lips in the area between her pussy and shitter, waiting for Mike’s thick release of cum. Her hands were between her legs, pulling and tugging at her fluttering cunt opening.

“Ready?” Mike grunted, stopping all movement for a brief second. “I… I’m gonna go now… I can’t hold back any longer.”

“Give it to me!” both Cindy and Ruby cried out.

As his cum-load boiled from his slightly receding balls, Mike thrust his prick deeply into Cindy’s shitter. The first limp of cum splashed deeply into her fluttering canal. He quickly withdrew and shot the second and third globs into her pussy. His mother’s mouth got the next few wads. Then, as his pressure built and his prick spit out the bulk of his release, he didn’t care where he shoved his cock.

Just so long as it was a warm hole.

Ruby couldn’t believe the amount of cum he had. Christ, he was bathing her face with it. And although she lapped and sucked, she still couldn’t take it all in. When he was finished, she was almost glad. She wanted to slowly savor every sweet drop.

“God… this has to be the best,” Mike grunted, kissing the back of Cindy’s neck.

Cindy was so weak with satisfaction, she could only nod. And even though it was over, she still felt her pussy sting with delicious pangs. Ruby’s mouth was covering her cumsoaked opening with eager kisses.

When Ruby had sucked in all the cum she could get at, she pushed them to their sides, then to their backs. She spread their legs and gobbled down on Cindy’s pussy. As she did, she felt Mike’s cock against her chin. He was still firmly planted up her ass.

“Now… the best part,” she murmured, scooping out the wads of pussy-flavored cum with her tongue. “Ohhhh… yes… cream out of a cunt.”

“Wow, you sure are a fast learner,” Mike said to Cindy. “I hope I didn’t hurt you any.”

“It was perfect,” Cindy said, trembling to the touch of Ruby’s searching tongue.

“Mmmmmmm, it still is. God, I don’t see how it could get any better.”

“Oh, it might.” Ruby grinned, lifting her face from the girl’s pussy. “How would you like a couple of more cocks to suck and fuck?”

“Huh?” Cindy said, her eyes widening with shock and pleasure. “More… cock?”

“I think Brian and Jason just might join us if we want them to,” Ruby said teasingly. “Would you like that?”

“Three… cocks?” Cindy gasped, still unable to comprehend the thought.

“Yes, and they’re all so big and juicy and…”

“I’d love it!” Cindy gasped, her body flaming suddenly with renewed ecstasy.

“Well, until they get here, I’ll just warm up your pussy for them,” Ruby said, getting back to the girl’s cunt.

After about five or ten minutes of licking and chewing, Ruby heard Jason and Brian come in the front door. She sat back on her haunches and called out to them.

“We’re in here,” she said.

A couple of seconds later, the boys entered the room. Quickly, they shucked out of their clothes and joined the others on the bed. Jason knelt behind his mother, while Brian sat beside Cindy’s head.

“Mmmmm, and now let’s all get after it,” Ruby said, feeling her insides churn with desire.

While Mike screwed his cock in and out of Cindy’s shitter, Brian pulled her head over to his crotch and stabbed his rock-hard cock between her lips. Jason thrust his prick deeply into his mother’s pussy. Ruby pushed her tongue inside Cindy’s cunt.

All locked together, they began writhing like a mass of quivering flesh, their gasps of pleasure growing louder and louder.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… sons, fuck us,” Ruby murmured into Cindy’s frothy, boiling cunt. “Really show us what a good screwing is all about.”

While she clamped her lips around the girl’s hole, she felt Jason’s cock become more demanding. She began working with him, thrusting her ass against his stomach.

“Take it, Mom,” Jason said, digging his fingers into the soft, yielding flesh of her hips.

“Christ… I’m so fucking hot… take… it…”

Ruby climaxed suddenly, and as she did, she burrowed her head forward between Cindy’s legs. Her lapping tongue was lodged fully inside the girl’s burning hole.

“Mmmmmfffffff!” she choked, clawing at their bodies as her ecstasy peaked violently.

Her pleasure seemed to infect Cindy. The girl began bouncing around, experiencing a delicious rush of molten ecstasy. She muffled and choked around Brian’s cock, then grasped for his balls. As she kneaded them, she felt a sudden vibration at the root of his prick.

“Suck it, you little cocksucker,” Brian grunted, heaving against her face. “I… I’m gonna blow your throat to pieces… right now!”

His jism splattered her tonsils, then oozed into her stomach. At the same time, Cindy felt her asshole widen as Mike’s cock began spitting scalding wads of cum into her guts.

“Aaaghhmmmmmmmmfffff,” she choked, sending a spray of bubbly cum into Brian’s crotch hairs.

“Take it, Mom!” Jason gasped, plunging his load into Ruby’s swollen pussy.

For the next several moments, they all seemed to share the same climax, as if spitting it back and forth among them. At last, they fell in a heap, their moans filling the room.

“Mmmmmm, don’t stop,” Ruby whispered into Cindy’s pussy. “Come on, Jason, screw me some more with that big, hard cock of yours.”

Jason began moving slowly at first, then with growing speed. In a few moments, his balls were slapping the insides of her thighs with smacking noises.

“In… in my ass, too.” Ruby said, reaching behind her. “Fuck me all over!”

Jason withdrew his cock from her pussy and plunged it inside her shitter with one move. As the greasy warmth of her guts surrounded his meat, he threw his head back and gave a throaty grunt of pleasure.

“Goddamn… you gonna eat my cock off with your ass?” he grunted, feeling her muscles lock firmly at the root of his prick.

“Sure am,” Ruby replied. She sat back, pushing her son to his ass. She then squirmed over his crotch while holding his knees. “Oh… yes, give it to me, baby… fuck it all the way in.”

While she pumped up and down on his cock, she watched Cindy become sandwiched between her other two sons. Brian had slipped down on the bed and embraced the young girl, then plunged his cock inside her cunt. Mike moved to his side and began fucking her ass again.

“Fuck… fuck us both,” Ruby grunted watching the massive slabs of cock move in and out of Cindy’s holes. “Fuck us like this all night long.”

Suddenly, her shitter was filled with molten globs of cum. Jason jerked her body down hard, squeezing his cock base into the tight rim of her shitter.

“Take it, Mom… God, screw all of it inside and… and… unhhh… fuck it here! All the way up…”

Ruby bounced up and down until her body burned with exhaustion. At last, she went limp, unable to take it any longer. She fell back against his body and shivered with pleasure.

Her reverie was soon interrupted, however, when she heard Cindy scream. Ruby jerked her head up and watched with fascination as Brian and Mike blew their loads together. The girl’s middle was bathed with the silky strands of cum that seemed to etch into the soft flesh.

Quickly, Ruby sat up and began licking over all three bodies, collecting as much of the stray wads of cum as she could. When there was none left, she pushed against her sons and reamed out both of the girl’s holes.

At the same time, Jason was working his cock in and out of her shitter, feeling his own energies return. About three minutes later, he thrust a thick glob of cum into her butt, then withdrew, hammering the bulk of his jism into her pussy.

He gave a loud groan, then fell forward, dazed with satisfaction.

For the rest of the night they fucked, sometimes wildly, sometimes almost gently. And each time they thought it surely must be over, a new spasm of desire would hit their loins.

At last, as the gray of dawn came, everyone became still, except for Ruby. She slowly got up from the bed and walked into the living room.

Something had happened to her, but she didn’t know exactly what. The desire for her sons was still there, but it wasn’t as intense as before. The experience was like a stepping stone to do something else.

In a way, it saddened her. Her sons would go off and get married probably, leaving her alone. Nothing lasts forever. And she would probably find someone, herself. That part made her happy.

She closed her eyes and leaned back, feeling her pussy throb deliciously.


Ruby pushed her son’s bedroom door open and peered inside. Bob, the man she’d been seeing lately, had asked her to marry him, and she wanted her sons to be the first to know. Also, she wanted to say goodbye to them in her own special way.

“Brian?” she whispered, entering the darkened room. “You awake?”

She was answered with a sleepy snort from the boy.

She closed the door and walked over to where he lay on the bed, and pulled back the sheets. The sight of his naked, hard body caused her insides to throb with pleasure.

“Brian, wake up,” she whispered, leaning over his body. “I’ve got something to tell you.”

“Hmmmmm?” Brian murmured, still asleep.

Ruby grasped his meaty cock and gently stroked it to life. She then slipped out of her clothes and straddled his middle. And although Bob had practically screwed her silly, she still craved the feeling of cock inside her pussy.

“Ohhhh… Son,” she murmured softly, rolling the ball of his prick over her cum stained opening. Slowly, she sat down fully, taking the entire shaft of meat inside her body.

She rested against his crotch while she scraped her nails over his chest. A few moments later, she saw Brian’s eyes flutter open.

“Oh… Mom,” he said sleepily. “You home already?”

“Mmm-hmmmm,” she whispered, gently squirming her ass around over his body.

“Hey, that feels nice,” the boy said. “I think every time I fuck you, you get smaller.”

“I… I’m getting married,” she said without further conversation. “Bob asked me tonight.”

“Hey, that’s great,” Brian said, although there wasn’t much conviction in his voice.

“But don’t you worry any,” Ruby grinned. “I’ve told him all about us, and he understands.”

“You mean, you won’t stop…”

“Fucking you?” she finished for him. “Of course not, silly. Why do you think I’m here now?”

“Mmmmm, all I want to think about is your sweet pussy,” Brian said. He half-sat and squeezed her tits together until the rubbery nipples throbbed as one. “And these nice, big boobs of yours,” he added, lapping the tip of his tongue over the firm masses of flesh.

The sensation was electric for Ruby. He held her son close and ran her fingers through his hair. At the same time, she began pumping her ass up and down, taking his monstrous cock inside her pussy. Each stroke gave her greater passion, filled her with delicious longing.

“Fuck me, baby,” she whispered, kissing the top of his head. “Give it to me hard… give me something to remember always.”

While Brian licked and chewed on her upturned breasts, he squeezed his fingers into the delicate, yielding flesh of her hips. His fucking moves came faster, more demanding.

“God, I don’t think I’ll ever find a woman as good as you,” he whispered, his breath hot against her tits. “You’ve got the best pussy in the world. Bob sure is a lucky man.”

Ruby fell forward, pushing him to his back. She then began bucking her body up and down, sucking his cock fully into her swollen pussy. A couple of moments later, the first stirrings of climax fluttered the back of her cunt.

“Yes… yes… God, yes,” she groaned, clawing at his shoulders with her long, red nails. “Give it to me, Son… screw that big, wonderful cock in your mother and pump her full of cum.”

While she worked over his prick with her sucking cunt muscles, she felt his cock grow rock-hard, then jerk. She thrust herself down hard and tightened the ring of muscle at her pussy entrance.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… take it,” Brian grunted, heaving his body upward, plunging in the first molten wad of cum. “Mom… fuck me… Mom… all of me… inside you!”

When the scalding wads of cum burned her pussy lining, Ruby thrashed about as if in pain. Her climax was delicious, inflaming every cell, each nerve. “Ohhhhh!” she cried, freezing for a second as the sensations peaked violently. She then began bucking and squirming around, fucking in the rest of his thick, greasy load. “Every… drop, Son… fuck me… full,” she gasped, then collapsed against his warm body.

She lay against him fpr a long while, until she felt the steady rising and falling of his chest. When she knew he was asleep once more, she slowly pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed.

Before she left his room, she lowered her face and kissed him tenderly on the mouth.

As she walked down the hall, she skipped Mike’s room, wanting to save him for last, since he had been the first. She pushed open Jason’s bedroom door, and walked inside.

“Hi,” he said, giving her a wide grin.

“Oh, you’re awake,” Ruby said, somewhat startled.

“Yeah, I heard you and Brian going at it,” he said, sitting up and pulling back the sheets. “I thought if I was lucky, I might get a little of the action too.”

With her excitement growing dramatically, Ruby padded across the room and slipped in the bed beside him. After she told him about her and Bob, she waited for his reaction.

“I think it’s great,” he said. “It’s about time you got yourself a steady guy. It’s just that I’m gonna miss these little nightly visits.”

“Oh, we might be able to work something out,” Ruby giggled. “After all, my sons will always be first in my book.”

“Mmmmmmmm, good,” Jason whispered, embracing her and kissing her passionately on the mouth. “Now roll over and I’ll put it to your butt doggy-style.”

Just thinking about his monstrous cock drilling in and out of her shitter was enough to cause Ruby’s body to flood with pleasure. She did as he asked and spread her legs wide.

“Christ, I’m gonna miss fucking this sweet asshole of yours,” Jason said, kneeling behind her and squeezing his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips. “I wonder if I’ll ever find a woman like you.”

“Sure you will,” Ruby said softly, “now shut up and fuck me, Son. I want you to tear the hell out of my asshole.”

Jason spread her ass cheeks, revealing the tiny, puckered hole. And each time he did this, it always amazed him that she could take it this way. So little! But that’s what made it so good. Hugged his prick like a warm, greasy glove.

“Hurry,” Ruby said, her voice filled with lust. “Give me that big cock… please.”

Although Jason wanted to prolong it as long as possible, her ecstasy infected him. As he slipped the ball of his cock into the crack of her ass, he felt his balls rumble with a thick load of cum.

“OK, here it comes,” he said, pushing his prick inside her asshole. As his shaft slipped through the steamy membranes, he felt the base of his cock begin to jerk with pleasure, “Shit… I don’t know what it is, but every time I fuck you, I think I could blow my wad with one jab.”

“Not yet,” Ruby said quickly. “Mmmmm, I want you to fuck me for a long time. I love the way your cock slides in and out. Like some big, greasy snake!”

Jason bit down on his lower lip, and fucked her rhythmically, trying desperately to hid back the enormous pressure inside his balls. After about two minutes, however, he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

“Can… can I go now?” he begged. “Christ, Mom, I’m gonna go nuts if I don’t fuck my cum in… soon.”

Although Ruby could have lain there forever and enjoyed the way his prick gouged her insides, she nodded her head up and down. That was the bad thing about sex. It always had to end.

“Yes… fuck me, Son,” she said, gritting her teeth. The pressure of his cock seemed to squeeze her pussy canal shut, causing her insides to throb with jolts of raw pleasure. “Give me… hot cum… fuck me full.”

The instant his cock exploded with creamy warmth, her own ecstasy culminated with hard, convulsing sensations. She threw her head to one side and reached around with both hands. As her fingers found his ass crack, she pushed him hard against her body.

“Unhhhhh!” Jason growled, plowing in the first of his molten load. He began slapping his ass back and forth wildly, driving his cockhead deeper and deeper.

The juices that spat from his cockhead soon filled her shitter, then oozed from her tiny hole. As the liquid seared downward and melted across her cunt lips, Ruby felt more spasms of pleasure race in and out of her body. She bucked and writhed wildly, then fell limp from exhaustion.

“Mmmmmmmm, that was wonderful,” she said a few moments later. “I just might come back for seconds.”

“Comeback?” Jason said. “Aren’t you going to stay the rest of the night with me?”

“Well,” she said slowly, “let me go in and see how Mike is doing and then I’ll let you know, OK?”

“That little fucker,” Jason said with a chuckle. “How come he gets all the breaks?”

They lay together for a long while, stroking each other’s bodies, communicating their love without speaking. Finally, Ruby squirmed from beneath his hulking frame and got off the bed.

“You’ll come back?” Jason said.

“I’ll always come back,” she said, giving him a warm smile.

After leaving his room, she felt her heart skip a beat as she neared Mike’s door. He would always be special to her, she realized. He had given her that first wonderful experience.

She could vividly recall that evening. She had walked into his room just as she was doing now.

And there he lay, naked and beautiful.

She walked over to the bed and crawled between his knees. She merely looked at him for a few moments, memorizing the hard angles of his body. Finally, feeling a throb of hunger in the back of her throat, she lowered her face to his crotch.

When Mike felt the sticky warmth of his mother’s lips slide down his shaft, he jerked awake. A big grin was on his face.

“Wow… I was just dreaming about this,” he said, touching her shoulders. He was silent for a few moments, watching her mouth move up and down his shaft, then told her something that stunned her…

“Huh?” she said, spitting his cock from her mouth. “What’d you say?”

“I said Cindy and I are getting married. Do you mind?” he repeated.

Ruby laughed, then kissed the underside of his rock-hard cock.

“I was going to tell you the same thing,” she said. “Bob asked me tonight.”

“That’s great!” Mike said, his eyes wide with pleasure. “Maybe we could make it a double wedding.”

“Why not?” Ruby said. “We could even go on our honeymoons together if you liked.”

“Sure,” Mike said. He was silent for a moment, then added, “By the way, could Cindy and I live here for a little while?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Ruby said, shivering with the thoughts of what she and the girl had done together.

“Good,” Mike said, then ran his fingers through her red-gold hair. “Now get back to what you were doing.”

Ruby did exactly that. She gulped the entire slab of prick into her mouth and held his balls with her fingers. She held her face against his crotch for a long while, then began moving her head quickly up and down. Soon, her smacking sounds filled the room.

“Mmmmmm,” she gurgled, feeling her insides bubble with pleasure.

“Suck… faster… almost there,” Mike panted, thrusting his hips upward to meet her downward strokes. “Lot… of hot cum for you to… to… suck!”

As he said the last word, his cockhead exploded with savage warmth, filling Ruby’s mouth with thick globs of molten jism. She swallowed eagerly, and, although his load was enormous, she managed to gulp it all down. When he was dry, she slowly pulled her mouth away, letting his cock slap his stomach. She sat back on her haunches and looked at him.

“Would you mind if Jason joined us?” she asked him.

Before he could answer, the door opened. There stood Brian and Jason.

“And how about Brian, too?” Brian said, moving into the room.

“Mmmmmm, fine,” Ruby said, her excitement growing suddenly as she was surrounded by naked, male bodies. “My three… horny sons!”

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