Wife In Training

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed to discover that we are not different, naughty or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

WIFE IN TRAINING — a shocking story, certainly, but which may not be as unbelievable nit first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.


She did hate the old bastard. Myrna told herself that if Bernie Perkins wasn’t her boss she wouldn’t stoop to spit on him. Let alone do what she was doing now.

But she did have this cushy little job as his secretary and she was not about to throw it away. She did what he wanted and when he wanted it. She entertained him.

Now she was sitting in his office without her dress. Bernie knew she had a husband, but of course Bernie didn’t care about that. The old bastard liked his fun. He liked her in undies.

She wore white today, a white bra and a white garter belt and white panties without a crotch so that her dark hairy pussy showed in the slit. She wore beige nylons and white high-heeled sandals, and Bernie’s eyes were so hot she thought he’d float up to the ceiling at any moment.

She knew what she did to him. She sat in a chair facing Bernie and she had her right leg raised, her right foot resting on her left knee, her legs wide open so that Bernie could see the slit in the crotch of her panties.

The right cup of her bra was pulled down to show nearly all of her right tit. She touched her tit now, just a light touch with her fingertips on the point of her nipple. She looked at Bernie and smiled as she wagged her nipple back and forth.

If her husband Neal knew what she was doing, he would certainly kill her. Neal had no idea that she sometimes dressed like this, in a garter belt and stockings and crotchless panties. She always put them on only after she reached the office. Neal never saw her in anything but pantyhose. The modest housewife with her little part-time job as a secretary. Well, if she had to work, she didn’t want anything but this. Old Bernie never put any pressure on her and the pay was good. So what if she had to entertain him once in a while.

Her real fear was that one of these days Bernie’s heart would give out while she was doing her thing for him. The old fuck. Go on, look at my cunt, she taught. You rat prick, think about sucking it.

That’s what he would do when he was ready. He never fucked her. All he did was suck her pussy while she was wearing a garter belt and nylons and crotchless panties. He said that was what turned him on and that was all he wanted to do.

She didn’t mind getting the old bastard’s tongue in her cunt. He didn’t get to fuck her but she got to keep her comfortable little job.

She put her leg down now. But she kept her knees wide apart to show him what he wanted to see. She ran her hands along the insides of her thighs to tease him. Her fingers got close to her pussy but she didn’t touch it.

She smiled at him. “What’ll it be today, Mr. Perkins? Are we finished now or do you want something else?”

The old man licked his lips. “Your husband is a lucky fellow, Myrna.”

“Yes, I guess he is, isn’t he?”

“Pull your pussy-lips out a little. Those are new panties, aren’t they? The crotch is a little tight and I can’t see too much through the slit.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, that’s much better.”

She had her hairy cuntlips pulled out through the slit now so he could see them. She pulled them apart at the top to show him her clit. The old fuck always started drooling when she had her clit out. She pulled at the hood of her clit to get the pink little knob nosing out in the air, and sure enough she heard him groaning as he looked at it.

It wasn’t long before he was eating her cunt. She stood with her ass against the desk and her legs apart. She had her bra off now, her tits dangling over his bead as she bent her neck to look down at him.

He had such a long tongue. She remembered she once read that older men were usually good at sucking. Well, Bernie was good, all right. She didn’t like fucking that much, but she liked a tongue on her clit. She liked it when the man was down on his knees like Bernie.

Neal never sucked her pussy because and she wouldn’t suck his cock. Well, fuck Neal. And fuck Bernie, too. She did it only to keep her job.

Bernie’s tongue licked slowly up and down her pussy. He never rushed it. He always acted like he wanted it to last forever.

He kept stroking her nylon-covered legs with his hands. She was always amused at the way he liked to see her in a garter belt and nylons. Men were so easy to turn on if a girl knew what they wanted.

She suddenly wished she could piss on Bernie’s face. How nice it would be to piss on the old bastard’s face. Or on anyone’s face. She hoped he was getting a good whiff of her cunt. Go on, smell it, you old fuck.

She held her right tit now. She rolled her nipple with her fingers as she watched him suck her snatch.

Then he looked up at her, his tongue still in her pussy. She smiled down at him and rolled her eyes to feign excitement. She told him he was a marvelous lover. “You really do it for me, Mr. Perkins.”

He pulled his tongue out of her cunt and said he hoped she didn’t mind that he didn’t fuck her. “I don’t even do it to my wife any more.”

Myrna batted her eyes at his. “Oh, I don’t mind. I’d love it if you did, but this is just as good.”

He said he was crazy about her pussy. His eyes glittered as he rubbed her legs with his hands. She could see signs of her cuntjuice on his lips and chin. What a horny old fuck he was.

Then he buried his face in her snatch again. She spread her legs wider this time. She rubbed his bald head as he worked his tongue in her gash. She humped her pussy at his face and told herself well, all right, you’ll make it today, you’ll get your buzzer off. She pushed her clit at his nose, rubbing her little knob against his pointed beak.

She moaned as she came. She told herself maybe next week she would ask him for a raise. In the meantime she had her goodies. She looked down at his face as he continued lapping her. Her pussy was flooded with cuntjuice now and she had a yen to see it on his tongue. The old bastard loved it. He sucked at the slime pouring out of her gaping cunthole. Now she could see it. A froth of white around his lips. Oh yes, she liked that. Go on, suck it, you old fart. Suck the goodies out of my snatch.

He fell away from her finally. He did what he always did. He unzipped his fly and brought his prick out and then jerked himself off into a large white handkerchief while she watching him. As always, he came quickly and groaned as he tossed the handkerchief into the waste basket. Myrna blew him a kiss and carried her clothes into his private john to get dressed.

The sun was still shining when she arrived home. She found a message from Neal on the answer machine telling her he wouldn’t be home until seven. She made herself a drink and relaxed. Or she tried to relax. Whenever old man Perkins did his thing with her, it always made her restless.

Now she sat there on the recliner in the living room with the sun shining through the blinds and her fingers toying with her pussy through the nylon crotch of her pantyhose. She wasn’t sure why she was doing it, but she was doing it, all right.

She had her skirt off. Her silk blouse was still on, but unbuttoned in front and pulled away to expose her bare tits. She hadn’t put her bra back on after leaving Perkins’ office because she liked her tits free and it was almost time to go home.

Below the blouse, she wore nothing but the pantyhose, and now she pulled at the waistband and peeled the nylon off her legs and tossed it away. She draped her left forearm across her body under her tits and slid her right hand down between her thighs with her finger in her gash.

She gasped and turned her head to the side as she touched her clit. Her eyes closed, she slowly rubbed her pussy.

She hated doing it. She always told herself she hated sex, but she couldn’t help rubbing herself off when she was too restless.

She always became so wet and messy and she hated having her pussy like that. Of course it was different when old Perkins was sucking her, because then she had the satisfaction of having him sucking her cuntjuice in his mouth. What a freaky old bastard he was, the way he sucked the slime out of her pussy.

Sometimes Neal was annoyed when he wanted to fuck her and he found her cunt dry. But she couldn’t help it if she didn’t like fucking. That was the way she was and he ought to know it by now.

Her fingers kept moving in her cunt. Her legs were spread wide apart, her right leg extended and her left leg raised and moved to the side. She could feel the sun on her open cunt. She kept her eyes closed. She never liked looking at her pussy when she did it. She disliked seeing the juice glistening on her fingers.

Suddenly she thought maybe the blinds weren’t draw enough and maybe someone could see her.

But she was too tired to get up now. She was too close. She rubbed her cunt faster, one finger on the shaft of her clit. She told herself Neal would die of shock if he ever saw her like this.

Then she was coming. Oh God, it’s here, oh God yes!

She quivered and moaned as she made it. She kept rubbing her cunt, her fingers working frantically in her pussy to finish it off. Her legs opened and closed, and then at the end she groaned again and closed her legs on her hand and went limp.

After a few moments she tossed the blouse away and she walked naked to the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom. She stood there in front of the mirror and sighed as she looked at herself. Hello, Myrna, you’re not so happy, are you? She gazed at her tits. Neal was crazy about her nipples because they were so long. He always said she had the most beautiful nipples he’d ever seen. She liked her tits, but she hated it when Neal got turned on. When he got turned on, he always wanted to fuck her and that was what she hated.

She stood there in the bathroom thinking about him, her eyes on her nipples, the two dark spikes sticking out from the ends of her tits and still stiff from the climax she’d had downstairs. She touched one nipple now, then pulled her finger away. No, don’t start again, you stupid little girl.

She thought about Neal. How nice marriage would be without sex. Then she touched one of her tits again and pulled at the nipple with her fingers. Yes, her nipples were really long. She remembered a girl in high school who made fun of her because of her long nipples. The stupid little bitch. She never really liked anyone in high school.

I don’t want it again, she thought. She didn’t want it with her fingers and she didn’t want it with Neal. Still feeling sorry for herself, she sat down on the toilet and started pissing. She pushed down on the top of her cunt mound as she pissed. It always felt good when she did that. Just a little massage of her cuntbush couldn’t be so terrible.

Then the piss was finished and she stopped. She wiped her pussy and flushed the toilet, and then she walked out of the bathroom wondering when Neal would get home and what kind of mood he’d be in.

What Neal was in the mood for that evening was fucking. As soon as the evening news was finished, he had her on the sofa.

“You won’t admit you like it,” he said. “What a crazy bitch you are.”

But she hated it. And at that moment she hated him too. She felt as though he was crushing her. He had her on her back, his chest pressing against the underside of her right thigh and the back of her knee. He had the knee pressed back all the way, almost touching her chin.

He pounded her cunt, driving his cock in and out. She didn’t want to look at his face. She kept her head turned to the side so she wouldn’t see his face as he fucked her. She hated looking at him when he fucked her.

His balls kept slapping against her asscrack as his cock rammed in and out of her cunt. She saw it once. He made her look at it in a mirror. He forced her to look at his cock as he fucked it in and out of her cunt. He said she had to look at it because she had to learn about sex.

Thank God that was all passed. These days he just fucked her when he felt like it without trying to teach her anything. He gave up teaching her a long time ago.

His cock felt so huge in her cunt now. She prayed he would come soon and be finished with her. He was such an animal when he was like this. She thought of old man Perkins and how he’d sucked her pussy that afternoon. At least with the old bastard she had him on his knees. What did she have with her husband except him pounding at her like she was a rag doll.

Neal suddenly pulled out of her cunt, his cock pink and throbbing as it dangled over her belly. “Let’s go to the bedroom. I’m breaking my back here.”

“Well, then maybe you ought to stop.”

Now he sounded angry. “In the bedroom, Myrna!”

So she went to the bedroom with him. When they arrived there, he stretched out on the bed and he told her to get on top of him. He wanted her to ride him. He said she could do the work.

She was naked now, her tits jiggling as she moved. All right, she would do it. She climbed over him, straddled his hips and stuffed his cock inside her cunt. She hated this position because his cock went so deep if he had a strong hard-on.

She started moving on him. He fondled her ass and told her she was doing fine. “You know how to fuck when you want to.”

She knew why he liked this position. It was because of the mirror on the closet door in front of the bed. If he looked over her shoulder, he could see her ass moving up and down. He could probably see everything she had, her ass and cunt, her cunthole sliding up and down on his cock.

She felt the wetness. She was dripping cuntjuice on his cock and balls. She hated him for making her do this with the lights on. They’re all the same, she thought. Old man Perkins got his rocks off sucking her pussy and her husband got his rocks off fucking it. All they wanted from her was that hole she had down there, that dark hairy hole between her legs. The rotten bastards.

Then she told herself maybe Neal wasn’t that bad. She did love him when he wasn’t fucking her. When he treated her like this, she hated him.

Well, at least she had her shoes off. Sometimes he made her parade around the house wearing nothing but a pair of high heels. He said he was crazy about her legs. Like old Perkins. She couldn’t blame them. She did have good legs.

Neal’s prick was so long and hard, it kept pushing at her insides each time she came down on it.

Now he sot one of her tits in his mouth and his teeth closed around her nipple and pulled on it. She heard him making noises in his throat. She wanted him to finish with her. Tomorrow morning he was leaving on a business trip and she’d be rid of him for a few weeks. She wished she could be rid of him now. She hated the way he squeezed and pinched her ass when he fucked her. Sometimes he talked about fucking her ass, but she would never allow it. Not that. She’d never take a cock in there. She even hated it in her mouth.

Now he squeezed her ass again, humping up at her. He was close. He was about to come. She could tell he was about to blast off and she was grateful for it.

Go on, make it, she thought.

God, how she hated it.

Then he was grunting and groaning and a moment later she felt his jism oozing out of the mouth of her cunthole as he shot off.

She kept bouncing her ass up and down as long as he wanted her to, and then she fell away to the side and she buried her head in a pillow.


The next day was Saturday and in the morning when Myrna got up Neal had already left on his business trip. She spent a lazy morning drinking coffee and fussing with some clothes, and then in the afternoon she decided to go shopping.

She had two hours in the department stores before she became weary of it and decided to return home. After coming off the speedway, she zoomed into one of the boulevards and then ten seconds later she saw the flashing lights behind her.

Oh shit, she thought. The one thing she didn’t need was a speeding ticket.

The cop who came to the window looked as tough as they make them. Myrna smiled at him as she handed over her driver’s license. “Was I doing something wrong?”

He growled at her. “You were doing fifty in a thirty-mile-an-hour zone, lady.”

“Oh God, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it. Honestly, I didn’t.”

“I’m writing you a ticket.”

“Do you really have to?”

She started flirting with him. She hated the idea of getting a ticket and she thought what the hell, give it a try. She was sure it wouldn’t work, but she was very wrong. He flirted back. He seemed in no hurry at all to write the ticket. In a moment he was calling her Myrna. Another few minutes and they were talking about what kind of Italian food they liked. He teased her and said she just didn’t want him to write a ticket against her. She teased him right back and said it wasn’t true. “I like cops.”

He grinned at her. “Really.”

“Yes, really.”

“Okay, let’s go somewhere and find out.”

“Find out what?”

“We’ll find out how much you like it when I eat your pussy.”

A quiver went through her. “Oh boy! You come on fast, don’t you?”

“All right, forget it.”

“Na, wait a moment.” He looked so hard and mean, but she had no reason to be afraid of him. “I didn’t say no.”

He snickered at her. He named a cocktail lounge not too far away and said he would meet her there for a drink.

“And after that I get to eat my lunch, right?” She blushed as she looked at his sunglasses. “Is that a promise?”

His name was Frank. In the cocktail lounge she found out he was singe and that he lived alone in an old frame house on the edge of town. They had only one drink and then he said his shift was finished and why didn’t they continue drinking at his place? He’d already put the patrol car back in the motor pool and they could move right on.

She told herself she’d already more or less agreed to something. She said she would follow him in her car. They left the cocktail lounge soon after that, and then twenty minutes later she found herself in his living room.

He fixed a drink for her and told her to relax. “Make yourself at home.”

“All right, I’ll do that.”

She relaxed on the sofa, half-lying on it as she held the drink in her hand. She was intrigued by him. He had such a strong look. And that hint of cruelty in his eyes. She thought maybe it was dangerous to be with him, but he was a cap, wasn’t he? How could she be safer than with a cop? She chided herself for flirting with him and then agreeing to come to his house. For a woman who told herself she hated sex, she sometimes certainly didn’t act like it.

She looked at him as he puttered with the stereo, and suddenly she wondered what he was like in bed. She wondered if he was as tough as he looked. She quivered as she imagined his cock. She was sure he had a big one, big and thick with huge hairy balls. A huge package of dangling fuckmeat.

Now he turned and gazed at her as he sipped his drink. Her dress was pulled back a bit and he could see her knees. A thrill went through Myrna as she remembered his offer to eat her. Yes, that’s what she wanted. His mouth on her pussy. After that she could find some way to get out. Make up some story. If he thought he was going to fuck her he had another guess coming. What she wanted was that cruel mouth of his between her legs. They were all like puppies when they got to sniff at a wet pussy.

Before long some slow rock came out of the speakers and he talked her into dancing with him. “Let’s get loose,” he said.

She didn’t mind. She danced with him. She felt good, full of energy, her hips and arms moving as she danced, her pulse quickening when she saw the interest in his eyes.

It wasn’t long before he took her in his arms and kissed her. They danced some more, and then he backed her against a wall and kissed her again. The kissing was much hotter now. She had her back against the wall as he pressed against her and slipped his arm around her waist.

He was so strong. She could feel his warm breath against her ear. She kept her head turned to the side, looking around at the room as he pushed against her.

Now she could feel the bulge of his cock against her left hip. He had his hand close to the underside of one of her tits, and now he stroked the tit with his thumb.

Just his thumb stroking her tit through the material of her dress.

As she studied the room, she decided it was a bit seedy-looking. He was certainly no Arabian prince. Neal made more money than a cop. Was it really cheating if she just let the cop eat her pussy? She did want it. She could feel her pussy quivering for it.

She could smell the liquor on his breath now. He’d had more to drink than she. His hands were so strong. When she covered his hand with hers, his hand felt so huge under her palm.

He started talking to her about himself and about his job. When he asked if she was married, she told him the truth. She told him Neal was out of town. Frank nodded and told her to forget about her husband, just concentrate on him.

After a while they moved to the window. She stood at the window looking out at the dreary street while Frank moved partly behind her and started working at the zipper of her dress. He slowly pulled the zipper down and she kept her eyes on the street as he did it. So now it starts, she thought. She told herself she was crazy. Here she was with a cop, of all people. She was in the cop’s house and about to be undressed.

Frank kissed her neck and she shivered at the feel of his warm lips. He was a lover, all right. His lips were hot and wet against her skin. He had one hand on her back and the other hand in front, and the hand that was in front now closed over on of her tit through ha dress.

He whispered in her ear. “I bet you’ve got a juicy pussy.”

Myrna quivered. “You’re fast.”

He chuckled softly. “Only during this part.”

His hand felt good on her tit. She wondered if he sucked pussy as good as old Mr. Perkins. She was excited at the idea of having this macho cop’s mouth on her cunt. Oh yes, that would be nice. She wiggled her hips a bit to encourage him now. She wasn’t awry any more. Just a little adventure while Neal was away. She’d been cheating with Mr. Perkins for a long time, so what difference would the cop make? Anyway, she deserved it. And it did save her a speeding ticket.

When Frank had the top of her dress down, he pulled her away from the window and they faced each other. He smiled at her bra-covered tits and then kissed her again. She did like his kisses. He covered her right tit with his hand, and squeezing her tit as he kissed her mouth. She moaned under his lip. She covered his hand with hers. He was so strong, the hand squeezing her tits was beginning to hurt her. She pulled at his hand, but she didn’t have the strength to pull his hand away.

Finally she broke away from the kiss. “You’re squeezing too hard.”

He chuckled and kissed her again, his hand still squeezing her tit. Then at last his hand relaxed and he asked her what she was wearing under her dress below her waist.

She looked up at him. “Why?”

“Tell me.”

“Pantyhose, what do you think?”

He frowned and said he had some things for her to put on. He said he liked his women in garter belts and stockings.

Myrna thought of old man Perkins and she laughed. She teased Frank, asked him if he also liked his women in five-inch spike heels.

The annoyance showed in Frank’s eyes and he asked her once again to put the stuff on for him. “It’s expensive stuff.”

She told him she wouldn’t do it. “I’m not a little dolly, you know.”

He grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm and she cried out at the pain. He was hurting her. She struggled with him but she couldn’t do anything against his strength. He continued holding her wrist as he snarled at her. “You’re a little twit, aren’t you, baby?”

“Let me go, you bastard!”

“You’ll do whatever I want.”

He twisted her arm again and she had to bend her body to the side to avoid the pain. She cried out that he was hurting her, but he didn’t care. She begged him to stop hurting her, begged him to let her arm go.

He said now that he had her here, he wasn’t about to let her get away from him. Then he pulled her against him and he kissed her neck. He still held her wrist but he stopped twisting it.

“Well have a good time,” he said in a low voice. He said she turned him on. He said he was going to make her crazy sucking her pussy.

His face was very close to hers and she could smell the liquor on his breath. She was afraid of him now. She saw the violence in his eyes. He was definitely capable of hurting her. She was afraid not to do what he wanted. He had her in his house and she had to avoid him hurting her.

She found the stuff he wanted her to wear on the bed in the cluttered bedroom. She trembled as she slipped out of her clothes and then into things on the bed. Five minutes later she was into the living room again. She stood with her back against the wall while he gazed at her from where he sat on the sofa.

The stuff wasn’t that fancy. What he’d given her to wear was a plain white garter belt and dark brown stockings and a pair of red pumps with stiletto heels. She’d found a shark’s tooth necklace in the bedroom, and she had that around her neck, the long necklace hanging down to her belly-button.

She could see the lust in his eyes as he looked at her. He sat on the sofa with a long cigar in one hand and a drink in the other hand and he grinned at her. “That’s nice.”

He could see her pussy, of course. She wore no panties and he could see her thick dark cuntbush. She lifted her arms now. She put her hands an top of her head. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“You’re a knockout.”

She wasn’t afraid of him any more. She decided he was like all the others, just a little puppy.

His eyes were so hot as he gazed at her tits and cuntbush. “Show me the ass.”

She did it. She turned slowly to show him her butt, to show him the full cheeks of her ass below the band of her garter belt. She did a complete turn and then she faced him again. She ran her hands over her tits as she smiled at him.

She said he promised her he would eat her pussy. “I’m just reminding you.”

He gave her what she wanted. Before long, they were on the sofa together. Frank was on his back while Myrna swaddled his face. She had her cunt hanging over his mouth. In a moment he stuck his tongue out and he started licking her pussy.

She looked down at it with intense excitement, her hands sliding down to her crotch, her fingers spreading her cuntlips as he sucked her. She could feel the wetness, her cuntjuice flowing out of her pussy and into his mouth. She squirmed around on his face.

Go on, suck my cunt, she thought. She decided he wasn’t as good as old man Perkins. Maybe Frank the cop was too macho. But she liked it anyway. And she was hot. Her nipples were hard. She shifted her hips to get his tongue on her clit. She was amused because the way he was sucking her cunt put his nose against her asshole.

She moved her hips steadily now. She fucked Frank’s face with her wet pussy. He still had his clothes on, but when she glanced down at the front of his pants, she could see his hard-on. His cock looked big.

Then she told herself she had to think about hot to get away after this. She certainly didn’t want to fuck him. She’d promised to let him eat her cunt and now that he’d done it he ought to let her leave. He couldn’t keep her in his house against her will. The trick was to get away without him hurting her.

Of course she soon found out she wasn’t going anywhere. When he tired of sucking her cunt, he pushed her away and he wiped his mouth and rose from the sofa.

He patted the bulge in his crotch and grinned at her. “I hope you like big cocks.”

“Can I have another drink?”

“Later, honey. My friend here wants to meet you.”

He unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. He wasn’t bragging about being big. His prick was huge, the biggest she’d ever seen.

He came forward. “Get the head in your mouth.”

Myrna shook her head. “I don’t do that! I don’t like doing it and I don’t do it? I don’t even do it to my husband.”

Frank grabbed her head and snarled at her. “Then your husband is a fucking fool, lady. You either suck this cock or you get hurt.”

When she tried pulling away from him, he slapped her head and forced her down on her knees on the rug. She whimpered as she realized she had to do it. She trembled with a mixture of fear and revulsion as she covered his fat knob with her mouth.

He had such a huge cock. She could smell him, the heady male smell of his cock and balls. She was horrified by what he was making her do. She hadn’t planned on this. She hadn’t sucked a prick in years. Not since the honeymoon with Neal, and after that she never did it again.

And this cock was so big and thick and ugly. A good nine inches. He made Neal’s cock look small and she’d always thought Neal was big.

Frank grabbed her head now. He pulled her head towards him to get more of his cock in her mouth. Her jaws were as wide open as possible. He shoved his cock forward and she gagged when his knob pushed at her throat.

He chuckled and pulled back a bit. “Too much, huh? Be nice to it, baby. It’s a big hunk of meat.”

He started fucking her mouth slowly. He talked to her. He said she was wrong to refuse to suck his cock. He said he liked her. He said they were going to have a nice time together.

He said she had nice tits and a hot-looking ass. He said she looked good with her mouth filled with his cock.

“Hold my balls, honey. You don’t want to suck a dick without being nice to the balls.”

She did it. She was too afraid of him to refuse. She reached between his thighs and she closed her hand around his big hairy ball-bag. She held his nuts as he continued sliding his huge cock in and out of her mouth.

She was terribly afraid of him now. She realized she had better do what he wanted or he might get angry and hurt her. She hated sucking his cock. She hated the way his big prick stuffed her mouth and the way his cockhead pushed at her throat. She told herself a woman could choke on a cock like this.

Then with a shock she realized she’d have to take his come in her mouth.

Because if he didn’t come in her mouth he would certainly want to fuck her.


Myrna was terrified that Frank would want to fuck her. She was afraid to take his cock in her pussy. She had never been fucked by a cock this big. But she also hated the idea of having him come in her mouth. The thought of his jism in her mouth was revolting. She couldn’t bear that. His disgusting slime. She was frantic now because she didn’t know what to do.

In a moment Frank decided for her. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to sit in one of the armchairs. Grateful to get away from him, she did what he wanted. He grinned at her as he stripped his clothes off. Then he came to her. She was helpless, like a limp doll as he arranged her body the way he wanted it. He pushed her legs nearly all the way back to her chin and slowly worked his huge cock inside her cunt.

She moaned. She was sure he would kill her with that monstrous prick. His enormous cock pushed inside her stretched cunthole. She could see it and it horrified her. She could see the way his thick cockshaft distorted the mouth of her pussy.

Frank ran his hands over her body, over her nylon-covered legs and down her belly. He played with her cuntbush as he fucked her cunt. His cock was like a battering ram as it slid in and out of her gaping cunthole.

Myrna groaned and shuddered. No one had ever fucked her like this. Now his thumb was rubbing her clit. She hated it. She hadn’t planned on fucking him. But he was so strong. Each time he pushed forward she could feel his hairy balls slapping against her asshole. The position was so undignified, the way her legs were raised and pushed back to her face. She still wore the pumps. She had her left leg pressed against the side of his neck and now he was kissing her nylon-covered knee.

She looked at his cock again and she could see her cuntjuice shining on his cockshaft as it moved in and out. She groaned. She wanted it to be finished. She bated the way he was using her. His cock felt so huge as it slammed into her body, like a huge club pummeling her insides.

She hoped he would come but he didn’t. After a while he stopped fucking her on the chair and he wanted her on the floor. He made her get down on her back on the rug. She protested, but he wouldn’t listen to her. He wanted her on the rug and he would have what he wanted. He grabbed her ankles and raised her legs. Then he drove his cock inside her cunt again, muttering as he did it, telling her she had a tight cunt, snickering at her when he had all of his prick buried inside her.

His cock was so big and stiff, she went wild with helplessness as he pounded her pussy with it. She still wore the nylons and heels, and she knew how obscene it must look with her ass turned up the way it was and his big cock sliding jammed out of her wide-open cunt. She could feel his balls tickling her asshole, his big hairy balls like a pair of huge plums in a leathery sack of wrinkled skin.

He grinned down at her now. “You like it, baby?”

He laughed at her. He pushed her knees even farther back and slammed her cunt again. He said he liked her legs in nylon. He said she had nice legs and a sweet little pussy. And a nice bunghole. He told her he liked it when a woman had some hair around her asshole.

Myrna groaned and blushed at the way he talked about her. He laughed at her modesty. She had a sudden fear that his cock would stay hard forever and he would fuck her until she died. He was so strong and she was so helpless before his strength.

His hands were closed completely around her ankles as he fucked her. She moaned under the onslaught. She hated the way he had her on the rug. She was certain the rug was filthy. God, how she regretted flirting with him now.

After a while he pulled his cock out of her cunt without coming. She groaned with relief as he put her legs down. But then he straddled her, shifting forward over her tits, his knees on either side of her shoulders and his wet cock dangling over her face.

He teased her with his big prick. “How’s this for a salami, baby?” He took his big prick in his hand and rubbed his knob across her lips. “Come on, open up.”

His cock was wet with her cuntjuice. She tried turning her head away, but he laughed and slapped her face to make her take his cock. He ordered her to open her mouth and she did it.

He pushed his huge cock-knob at her lips. She had to open her jaws as wide as possible in order to take his prick. He pushed forward, stuffing his juice-coated cock in her mouth. He kept the knob in her mouth and he closed his fingers around his cockshaft. He slowly jacked his prick while she sucked on his cockhead. He said he was going to take her to the bedroom so he could fuck her on the bed. He laughed at her helplessness.

Then he pulled his cockhead out of her mouth and he rubbed the wet tip of his prick across her nose. He ordered her to smell his cock. He pushed the tip of his prick at each nostril, teasing her with it, whipping it back and forth across her face. He said he liked the smell of her ass when he was sucking her cunt. He said she had a cute little asshole, a shithole made for fucking.

“That’s the glory hole,” he said. “We’re going to have a little party, aren’t we, baby?”

Myrna closed her eyes and shuddered. She was horrified at the idea that he might want to fuck her ass. She was certain if he tried it he would kill her. She groaned as he pulled her to her feet. He laughed at her and stroked her ass as he led her to the bedroom.

“Bend over the bed,” he said. “Keep your feet on the floor and put your hands on the mattress.”

He knew exactly what he wanted. When he had her bent over the edge of the bed, he moved behind her and pushed his cock inside her cunt. He grunted as he went in. He said she had a tight pussy. He kept running his hands over her ass as he fucked her.

She had never been fucked like this, like an animal with the man taking her from behind. She hated the indignity of it. She felt so vulnerable and helpless with him. She was embarrassed because she knew be could see her asshole. She remembered what he’d said about liking women who had hair around their assholes. No one had ever talked to her that way.

He slapped her ass now, grunting and treating her like an animal. She felt his big ball-bag hitting her cuntlips. Her crotch was a mess of sweat and cuntjuice. She suddenly wondered what her cunt looked like from the back when it was stretched by such a huge cock.

Her pussy was numb now from all the fucking. His cock was like a huge club sliding in and out of her cunthole, rattling her insides and causing her body to shake. She wanted him to shoot his load and get it over with. She wanted him to finish so that she could get dressed and get out of his house.

The suddenly he roared and started coming, his belly slapping against her ass as he shot his load. He churned his cock around in her cunt, grinding against her cuntlips as he finished spurting.

“Yeah, you’re a good fuck,” he said as he pulled his prick out. “You can stick around awhile.”

She could feel his jism dripping out of her cunt as she turned around. “I can’t stick around, I’m leaving!”

He chuckled and shook his head. “The hell you are.”

“What do you mean?”

She found out soon enough.

Ten minutes later he had her at the top of the steps to the basement. He already had the hands and wrists and her ankles shackled. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. “You look like a jailbird,” he said. Then he laughed. “Except I don’t think they let the ladies wear garter belts in jail. Nice legs, baby. The legs really turn me on.”

She felt so helpless as he practically carried her down the basement stairs. Her shoes came off and he was hurting her as he dragged her feet down the stairs. He seemed unconcerned how much he hurt her.

Finally they were down the stairs and into the basement. The floor was carpeted and the walls paneled. In the center of the basement was a wooden post with rings in it that went from the floor to the ceiling, and beside the post was a leather exercise bench.

He grabbed her wrists now and dragged her to the post. Myrna groaned as he attached the handcuffs to one of the metal rings. He taunted her about her captivity. He said he was going to have a great deal of fun with her and that this had to be his lucky day. “God gave me a little present.”

She begged him to let her go. She cried and said the handcuffs hurt her wrists and the way her arms were twisted she couldn’t bear it.

He just laughed at her, and then he took one of her nipples between his fingers and he pinched it brutally until she started screaming.

“Go on, scream,” he said. “Nobody can help you and the more you scream the more I like it.”

“Oh God, you’re a beast!”

“I just want some fun, that’s all.”

“I’ll do whatever you want if you don’t hurt me.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Yes, I promise.”

He grinned at her and released her nipple. “Okay, do a little piss for me.”


“Piss, baby, piss! Show me the piss coming out!”

She was horrified. Her heart sank when she realized he was serious. He wanted her to piss all over herself. She couldn’t spread her legs because of the shackles, and if she pissed, she’d get her thighs and legs wet with it.

But she couldn’t bear being hurt again. She closed her eyes and pretended he wasn’t there. She started pissing. She heard him chuckling as the warm piss spurted out of her pussy to wet her legs. She felt completely degraded. Like a helpless animal in the clutches of a fiend.

After that he brought a towel and wiped her body. He kept her attached to the post. He said she didn’t need her hands. He made her turn around and he pressed against her and fondled her tits and ass.

He snickered at her as his fingers worked inside her asscrack. “Bend over a little.”

When she did it, he rubbed up and down her asscrack and then finally settled his finger on her asshole.

“Your old man fuck you here?” Myrna groaned. “Never!”

“How come? Doesn’t he like it?”

“Please don’t touch me there!”

“Come on, baby, relax your ass. It’ll be easier for you if you relax. You know I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“You’re a beast!”

He laughed at her. Then he made her bend over farther to make her ass more prominent. He crouched behind her and she gasped as she suddenly felt his face against her butt. He spread her asscheeks wide apart with his big hands and started licking her brownie.

She moaned. She swayed her ass from side to side, and then a great shudder went through her when she felt his mouth on her asshole. He licked and sucked her asshole, wetting it with his saliva, getting it ready for his cock.

“You’ll need more than spit if you’re going to take my prick,” he said. “Anyway, turn around and take my prick in your mouth. What we want is a hard salami, right?”

He laughed as he made her turn around. He wagged his cock at her face and forced her to kneel in front of him. She stumbled because of the handcuffs and shackles.

He snickered as he helped her regain her balance. “Come on, baby, get it ready for your ass!”

She felt so helpless as she took his cock-knob in her mouth. His cock was still soft after fucking her in the bedroom, and now she had to get his prick hard so he could fuck her ass. She rolled her tongue over the tip of his prick, bathing it in her warm saliva. A quiver went through her as she remembered the feel of him sucking her hole. What an animal he was. How disgusting to do that to someone, sucking their asshole like that.

She felt his cock getting thick in her mouth. He helped her by stroking his cockshaft with his fingers. Then finally his prick was huge again, nine inches of firm fuck-muscle ready for action.

He pushed her away and told her to roll over again. He made her stay that way while he walked over to a cabinet against the wall. She started trembling when she saw the jar of Vaseline in his hand. She told herself it wouldn’t matter. Vaseline or no Vaseline, he’d kill her if he tried getting his cock in her ass.

“You’re too big!”

He chuckled. “I’m not too big. I’ve got a girlfriend who loves it.”

She didn’t believe him. She begged him not to fuck her ass. She told him he’d kill her if he tried doing it. But of course he wouldn’t listen. He was determined to get his prick in her butt. He toyed with her asshole, then greased it with Vaseline and told her to stay bent over with her legs apart or he’d get mad and hurt her again.

Before long, she groaned as she felt the pushing of his knob at her asshole, the tremendous pressure of it and the fear that he was ripping her body apart. He held her asscheeks with his hands, squeezing her flesh as he pushed his cock relentlessly inside her shithole.

“Christ, you’re as tight as a drum,” he said. The pain was awful, the pain and the fear and the pressure that was already building in her chest. She’d known it would be bad, but she hadn’t imagined it would be as bad as this. Her asshole felt as though it were stretched a mile wide and now she had enough of his cock in her shitter to feel him in her belly.

“Oh God, you’re killing me!”

He laughed at her. “Hell, you’re taking it, all right. I bet it feels good.”

“I hate it!”

He laughed again and drove the final few inches of his cock inside her stretched shit-tube. “It’s a good cock, baby. Just relax and enjoy it.”

She couldn’t believe any woman could like something like this. It was too painful. Too dirty. Too animal-like. He had to be lying about his girlfriend. If he had a girlfriend.

He grunted now. He said something about her ass being open and he started fucking her with a steady thrusting of his cock. Slowly at first, and then gradually more quickly. She suddenly realized the pain was gone. Her ass now felt like a hot oven, hot and wide-open to his thrusting cock. Each time he thrust forward, his big balls slapped against her cuntlips. But even if the pain was gone, it was still horrible. Such a dirty animalistic act. Fucking her ass with his donkey prick. She felt her tits bouncing each time he rammed her asshole. She told herself that if she ever got away from him, she’d see to it that he went to prison for what he was doing to her. She promised herself she would see him in prison.

“How is it?” he said.

“Please, no more! Stop it! I can’t stand it!”

“Hell, your hole is open now, baby. You don’t want to stop now. Just stay with it and you’ll see how good it is.”

“I don’t want it!”

He laughed. He didn’t care about what she wanted or didn’t want. He said he liked her ass. He said he had her shit on his cock now and he teased her about it. “Streaks of brown, baby. I got your shit all over my dick!”

She wanted to die. But she held on, kept her head against the post as he rammed her ass again and again. Finally she could tell by his breathing that he was about to make it. She felt his hands grab her asscheeks more firmly. Then the ramming of her ass became more forceful. He grunted and called out. He made a croaking sound in his throat as he started pumping his jism inside her shit-tube.

She felt it. She hardly ever felt it when a man came in her cunt, but she felt it now as he shot off in her ass. She felt him spurting and then she felt the warm wetness at the ring of her asshole. She heard him snickering as he finished dumping his load in her ass.

He finally pulled his cock out of her shitter. “That’s a good fuck.”

Myrna pulled away from him with a groan. She sagged against the post, praying he’d be finished with her now and release her.

He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her forward, pulled her so that her face pressed against his belly.

“Suck my prick clean, baby. You don’t want to leave your shit on a man’s cock!”

He forced her. She told herself it was the most disgusting act she could ever imagine. He forced his shit-covered cock inside her mouth and made her clean it. She had to suck the whole length of his dick and then lick it up and down until it was completely clean.

And then after that he pushed her away and he pissed on her. He laughed as the hot piss splashed on her tits. “Now you’re baptized, baby. Now you’ve got a real baptism.”


Myrna found herself a prisoner in the cop’s basement. He’d fucked her twice, once in the cunt and once in the ass, and then he left her down there and went upstairs. She lay crumpled on the floor at the base of the wooden post. She was too exhausted to move, too filled with misery. She wondered what she had done in her life to warrant punishment like this.

Her ass was still sore. She shuddered as she recalled the feel of his huge cock in her ass. She told herself she ought to be thankful she wasn’t dead. Or maybe it wasn’t so. Maybe she’d be better off dead than a prisoner like this.

Sometime during the evening, Frank came down with some food for her. He was dressed now in his cop’s uniform. He watched her while she ate. He said he’d be putting in a few hours overtime at police headquarters and that he’d be back about midnight. He told her she might want to get some sleep. “You look terrible, baby.”

Myrna groaned. “You can’t keep me here, it’s kidnapping.”

Frank shrugged. “I don’t give a fuck what it is. You just stay down here and wait for me to get home.”

After that he left her and locked the basement door. She was still secured to the wooden post. She realized any attempt at escape would be hopeless. Maybe Superwoman could get out of this, but she wasn’t Superwoman.

So she slept. She was thankful the basement was warm enough. She still wore nothing but the garter belt and nylons. She curled up on the floor and slept and tried to dream about a garden somewhere. A beautiful garden filled with sunshine and flowers. Then a sudden noise woke her up and she realized it was the slamming of the basement door.

Frank was back. And he had somebody with him. Another cop. Myrna cringed when she saw the way the both of them were grinning at her as they came down the stairs.

They stood over her.

“This is my buddy Earl,” Frank said. Earl was as big and mean-looking as Frank was. His lips twisted in a sneer as he looked down at Myrna. “Christ, she’s a mess, Frankie! You gotta let her get cleaned up. She’s a fucking mess!”

Frank agreed. He got the handcuffs free of the post and he made her stand up. He pushed her toward the stairs. “You, get yourself fixed up and then you can make us something to cat. Look at that ass, Earl. What did I tell you about her? Was I lying about her?”

“Yeah, she’s nice.”

“She’s perfect. She’s got the sweetest little asshole. Man, it’s like a hot glove. You fuck her ass later and you’ll feel better about Louise.”

“The hell with Louise, I’m glad she’s gone. Does Linda know about, this one?”

Frank chuckled. “Not yet, she don’t. But I’ll tell her when I’m good and ready.”

“Maybe she won’t like it.”

“Don’t worry about Linda.”

They pushed her upstairs and let her clean up in the bathroom. Frank told her to put some make-up on, and then when she did that he gave her a little apron to wear. He said he wanted her to look pretty for Earl. He gave her a new pair of sheer black nylons with elastic in the tops to hold them up. She was to wear the nylons and the red pumps again. He wanted her tits naked.

“Like a topless dancer,” he said with a chuckle. He pinched one of her nipples and laughed at the way she blushed. “Come on, be a sport, baby. Just behave yourself and you won’t get hurt.”

She was afraid to ask him when he would let her go because she was afraid the answer would be never. She had the crazy idea she was doomed to be a slave for life in this seedy old house.

A slave to Frank and all his cop friends.

She made ham and eggs for them in the kitchen and served it to them in the small dining room. They filled their eyes with her, watching her walk back and forth to the kitchen. Each time she had her back to them she was aware of their eyes on her bare ass. Now she wished Neal had never gone any on that business trip. Nobody would miss her until Monday and by then she might be dead or she might be in China.

Oh God, what do I do? she thought.

Then the meal was finished, and right after he finished his coffee Earl decided that what he needed was a blowjob. “I’m getting to be a tired old man.”

Frank chuckled. “Hell, you’re not forty yet.”

“Louise made me gray.”

“Don’t think about Louise, think about Myrna here. Look at the mouth on her. She’s going to make you feel real nice with that mouth, aren’t you, Myrna?”

Earl brought his cock out and Myrna went down on her knees to suck him off. She was awkward at first. She still wasn’t used to haying a cock in her mouth. His prick wasn’t as big as Frank’s, but she still gagged when his knob pushed at her throat.

He stroked her head. “Keep the lips tight, honey. Keep your head moving and the lips tight.”

He didn’t last long. After maybe a dozen strokes with her mouth, he shot his wad on her tongue. She wasn’t prepared for it and spluttered and gagged as she fell to the floor. They laughed at her.

Frank said she ought to know how to swallow a load of jism without choking on it. “Don’t tell me you never sucked a guy off before.”

After that Earl was in better spirits. They made her go into the living room with them and they started drinking. Earl stripped down to his shorts and sat on the sofa with a glass of bourbon in his hand. He teased Frank about Myrna’s legs. “You always like the legs.”

“She turns me on, Frank. Nice pussy, nice tits, nice ass. How long are you going to keep her?”

Frank shrugged. “I’ll fuck her up the chimney and see if she flies away.”

“Is she a hot-ass?”

“Maybe. Her old man don’t fuck it and she’s not broken in. You can’t tell until they’re broken in, right?”

“Let’s have a look at it.”

Frank ordered Myrna to come over to them. When she walked over, he told her to turn around and bend over. “Spread your cheeks, baby. Earl here wants a look at paradise.”

She did what they wanted. She turned around and bent over and spread her asscheeks so they could look at her asshole. She tried to blank out what was happening to her. And what would happen to her. The follow-up, of course, was completely predictable.

Earl took one look at her asshole and decided he had to fuck it. They made her turn around and get down on her knees to get his cock hard again. She licked and sucked his prick until he had a respectable hard-on, and then she had to go over to an armchair and bend over it while Earl came behind her.

“I need some corn oil,” Earl said as he stroked her ass.

His good friend Frank brought the corn oil from the kitchen. Earl anointed Myrna’s asshole and pushed his cock inside her shitter without any delay. He told Frank he was right about Myrna. She had a lovely asshole. “Man, look at that thing suck on my prick!”

Pretend you’re alone, Myrna thought. But what was the use of pretending when she had a hard cock up her ass and it hurt like hell?

“Yeah, she’s good,” Earl said. “Nice legs, Frankie.”

“I told you about the legs.”

“That’s right, you did. I’m going off!”

“Go on, make it, pal!”

Earl shot his wad up her ass, ramming her shit-tube with his spurting cock, his belly pounding her butt and his low-hanging balls swinging again and again against her cuntlips.

When he finally pulled his prick out of he ass, Earl wanted her to clean him up. He made her turn around to suck his prick. Myrna did it without protest. She knew it was useless to beg for mercy. They intended doing anything they wanted with her. Maybe at the end they would kill her. All she could hope for was that if she did what they wanted they wouldn’t hurt her too much.

She sucked Earl’s cock clean of her shit. She did a good job of it, licking up and down his cockshaft and even cleaning his balls with her tongue. He liked it.

He patted her head and said she reminded him a bit of his wife Louise. “Except for the nipples. Those nipples are crazy, honey. Those are real fancy nipples, aren’t they?”

And then he grabbed both nipples at once and twisted them while he pissed in her mouth.

She went crazy. She coughed and spluttered and fell down sobbing on the floor.

Earl laughed and kicked her and told her to get his prick in her mouth again. He was holding his piss for her. She finally went up on her knees again. She was too afraid of them to refuse them anything. She took Earl’s prick in her mouth and waited for the inevitable.

He started pissing again and this time she took it. She swallowed it. She swallowed everything that came out of his pisshole until he was finished.

“Yeah, that’s good!” he said. “Now let’s have another drink and watch a little TV. Okay, Frankie?”

For the next hour she lay curled up on the rug praying they wouldn’t touch her any more. The two cops watched a ballgame on TV. They called her a few times to put fresh ice in their drinks. But otherwise they let her alone and she was thankful for it. She wished she could get out of the room so they wouldn’t see her. If they didn’t see her, maybe they wouldn’t think about sex any more.

Then Earl said he wanted her to sit with him on the sofa. She walked over and trembled as she sat down beside him. He slipped his arm around her shoulders and cupped one of her tits with his hand. He asked her if she liked cops. “Some women really dig them, don’t they?”

“I-I don’t like to get hurt,” Myrna said.

He laughed and pulled her hand into his lap.

He made her hold his balls. He said she was a good-looking woman, and when he was with a good-looking woman he always liked to have her face in a special place. “You know what I mean?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Okay, I’ll show you.” He rose up and stood with his ass directly in front of her face. “In the crack, honey. Put your face in there and suck my ass.”

Myrna’s heart sank. She watched his hands as he leaned forward and pulled his muscular asscheeks apart. Frank was giggling beside her. She couldn’t help looking at Earl’s asshole. She was horrified at what he wanted. She told herself no woman should be made to do such a thing. But she had to do it. Frank prodded her and told her to go on and do it. He said if she didn’t do what his friend wanted, he’d work on her nipples again. He lifted one of her tits in his hand and squeezed it to warn her.

So she leaned forward to get her face against Earl’s ass. The big cop chuckled as she did it. He squirmed his ass against her face. He kept his asscheeks spread with his hands so she had room to work on him. She licked him first, her tongue swabbing up and down his asscrack. Then she zeroed in on his hairy shiner and gave him what he wanted. She licked and sucked his hole. He started giggling when he felt her tongue pushing inside.

“Yeah, she’s good,” Frankie said. “I didn’t lie about her, did I, Earl?”

She was grateful that it didn’t last too long. All they wanted was to degrade her. Earl finally lost interest in it and pushed her face away from his ass. He yawned and started talking to Frank about the baseball game they were watching. Frank seemed concerned that his friend would get bored. He rose up and told Myrna to came with him.

When they were out of the room, he wanted her to put fresh make-up on and wear something he had for her. He took her to his bedroom and pulled a black lace teddy out of a drawer. Then he rummaged in the closet until he found a pair of black high-heeled sandals.

“These belong to Linda, but maybe they’ll fit. I want you to keep Earl happy. Make him forget about his bitch of a wife.”

When Myrna came out again with her face fixed and wearing the black teddy, Earl smiled and said she looked good. He said maybe she could dance for them. He told her to find something on the stereo that she could dance to.

They turned the ballgame down as Myrna went to look for a tape. She told herself it was better to dance than do some of the other things they could make her do. She found something she thought would work and she put the tape in the machine and started it. Then she turned and began dancing.

They laughed at her at first. They commented about the way her tits bounced around. But then they stopped laughing and she could see them getting turned on. Their eyes were hot as they watched her body move.

All right, give them what they want, she thought. At least it was better than getting hurt by them. She made the dancing hot, pumping her pussy at them, wiggling her ass and deliberately jiggling her tits from side to side like a pair of melons.

Before long, they had their hands in their crotches rubbing their cocks, and soon after that she had to stop dancing and get down on her knees to give them head.

“There’s nothing like a broad with a good mouth,” Frank said.

Earl agreed, holding his cock with his hand as he shoved his knob between Myrna’s lips.

They made her stop when she had both cocks stiff and throbbing. Earl said what they ought to do now is fuck her in the bedroom and Frank agreed.

Myrna looked at Frank. “Can I go to the bathroom first?”

Frank snickered. “What for?”

“I got to!”

“I said what for?”

Myrna blushed. “I’ve got to pee.”

Frank chuckled. “Hell, you can do that here. Go bring a pot from the kitchen and we’ll watch you. How about that, Earl? If the lady has to piss, she has to piss, right?”

They laughed at her as she went to the kitchen to find a pot. She told herself they were just animals, beasts masquerading as human beings. And cops no less. All right, if they wanted to watch her piss, she would piss for them.

She found a large pot in one of the cabinets and she brought it to the living room. They sat there stroking their cocks while they watched her. She squatted over the pot. She deliberately held the piss back a moment while she stroked her pussy with her fingers. She spread her cuntlips with her fingers to tease them. Then she pulled her fingers away and kept her hands on her knees as she started pissing. They laughed as her piss splashed into the pot. She quivered and told herself they were filthy pigs.

After that they led her into the bedroom and both of them climbed onto the bed with her. Earl stretched out on his back and she had to mount him. He squeezed her hanging tits while she worked his prick inside her pussy. She couldn’t help groaning as she sat down on his. His cock was like a bar of iron, filling her cunt channel and pushing at her insides.

Then Frank moved behind her with a jar of Vaseline to grease her asshole. She trembled at the thought of taking his huge cock in there. But this time she knew what to expect. At least he wouldn’t kill her with it. Then she realized her asshole would be extremely tight because Earl’s cock was in her cunt. The fear hit her again and she started sobbing. She begged them to stop, but all they did was laugh at her. The next moment Frank was pushing his knob at her asshole and she was too busy reacting to the pain to beg any more.

He pushed and pushed. She thought for sure he was tearing her. But gradually he screwed his prick inside her shitter without killing her. She was packed solid down there now, both holes filled with cockmeat and her crotch on fire. She gasped as they started moving. She soon realized they knew what they were doing. This wasn’t the first time they’d had a girl in a sandwich. I’m getting fucked up the wall, she thought. All that hot fuckmeat stuffing her body. She felt surrounded by them, surrounded by the male sweat and the muscles and hard cocks filling her cunt and ass. The pain in her ass gradually lessened and then there was only the pressure and the stretching and the feel of their hands on her body.

The two cops kept moving and pumping, fucking her ass and cunt until they shot off. She thought of them spurting in her shitter and cunt channel, all that jism in there, two cocks blasting off in her insides, raped by two cops when all she’d ever wanted was to get out of a speeding ticket.


Linda was a blonde, a tough-looking blonde in a tight dress and high heels. She giggled when she saw Myrna, then she stopped giggling and she frowned at Frank. “I bet you’ve been having a time with her. I don’t like it, Frankie. You know I don’t like it when you do things without me.”

Frank explained about Earl. He said Myrna had done wonders for Earl. He said Linda knew they always did things together.

“You’re still my best girl,” he snickered, then put his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

Myrna wore one of Linda’s wrappers, but under the wrapper she was naked. She knew she didn’t look good. Her face was a mess and she needed a bath. She felt so vulnerable next to the attractive blonde. She, was also afraid. There was something in Linda’s eyes that frightened her.

They sat in the living room and Myrna brought them cold beer. After a while Linda started asking Myrna questions about herself. Myrna wanted to beg the blonde to find some way to set her free, but instead she just answered the questions.

Linda was amused when she learned Myrna was married. “And where’s the hubby?”

“He’s out of town.”

“Frankie, she looks like hell. She looks like one of them gas-station whores you told me about.”

Frank nodded. “Yeah, I guess she needs some cleaning up.”

“First she can do something for me.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. She can kiss my feet. My feet hurt and maybe if she kissed them they won’t hurt any more.”

Linda giggled as she slipped her shoes off and wriggled her bare foes. She ordered Myrna to get down on her knees. Myrna shuddered as she slipped off the chair to do the blonde’s bidding. She went down on her knees in front of Linda to kiss Linda’s feet.

Linda pushed her toes at Myrna’s mouth and told her to suck. “Make them feel good, honey. Give them a good wash.”

Myrna was miserable as she did it. She was nothing but a slave now. First to Frank and Earl, and now to Linda. She was a kidnapped slave in the house of a cop and here she was sucking on the toes of the cop’s girlfriend.

After a while Linda pushed Myrna’s face away with her foot. The blonde pulled her skirt back and raised her ass to peel her panties off. “She turns me on, Frankie. Let’s find out what she can do with some pussy. Down in the manger, honey. Oct the goodies out of my cunt.”

Myrna gazed at the blonde’s hairy snatch and told herself she’d rather be dead. She wouldn’t do it. It was one thing to suck a cock, but this was something else.

Linda fumed when she saw Myrna was refusing her. “She’s not doing it, Frankie.”

Frank looked at Myrna and snickered. “Go on, go down on her.”

Myrna shuddered. “You can’t make me do that!”

Frank grabbed one of Myrna’s tits and squeezed it so hard Myrna started sobbing and groveling at his feet. He ordered Myrna again and this time Myrna crawled to Linda to obey him. She told herself she had to do it. They were both animals and they would kill her. She pushed her head between Linda’s thighs as the blonde chuckled and spread her knees.

“It’s her first time, Frankie. She’s never sucked a pussy before. I can always tell when it’s the first time.”

Myrna wanted to throw up, but she held it back. The blonde’s cunt was wide open, no more than a foot from her eyes, a pink gash already oozing pussy-juice out of the gaping cunthole. Linda seemed delighted by Myrna’s revulsion. The blonde held her cunt open with her fingers as she urged Myrna to get in there and stick it.

“It’s not that bad,” Linda said with a giggle. “Lick around the hole first. I’ll tell you when you do something wrong.”

Myrna closed her eyes and moved her face forward. She stuck her tongue out and licked the blonde’s cunthole. It was either that or get hurt by Frank. She could smell Linda’s cunt now. She could smell it and feel the heat of it on her face. Then her tongue made contact and for the first time in her life she had the feel and taste of a woman’s cuntflesh.

Linda laughed and grabbed Myrna’s head, pulling Myrna’s face firmly against her wet gash. “Go on, suck it, bitch! Keep your tongue moving!”

They kept her at it for a good five minutes. The blonde’s hot cuntjuice flowed out on Myrna’s tongue. Then she was ordered to suck Linda’s clit and she had to move her lips to the little bean and do it. She licked and sucked the blonde’s passion-button until Linda groaned and quivered and went off. At the end Linda closed her thighs around Myrna’s head and told Frank that Myrna had definite possibilities.

“At least she brought me off,” Linda said. “I’ve had them suck more than that and they couldn’t make me come.”

After that Linda took Myrna to the bedroom to get her med up.

“You need rehabilitation, honey. You look a sight.”

When they were in the bedroom, Myrna said. “Can’t you help me get out of here?”

Linda laughed. “You must be crazy! Do you think I’d cross Frankie? Come on, get that wrapper off and let’s see what we can find for you.”

When Myrna slipped the wrapper off, Linda made her turn around to show her body.

“Well, you’re all tits and ass, aren’t you?” Linda said. She hefted one of Myrna’s tits in her hand. Then she went to one of the drawers and she started pulling out some lingerie. The blonde eventually found what she wanted. She held up a red garter belt and black nylons. Then she brought a black negligee out of the closet. “He goes crazy with this stuff. Come on, let’s get you in the john and we’ll clean you up and put some make-up on you.”

Linda did a job on her. The blonde knew something about make-up, and, when they were finished, Myrna thought she looked prettier than she had in ages. Certainly it was better than what she’d looked like just a few minutes ago.

Then Linda stroked Myrna’s ass and started talking about the way Frank liked assfucking. She asked Myrna if she liked it, and, when Myrna said she hated it, Linda laughed. “Sooner or later you’ll change your mind.”

When Linda brought Myrna back to Frank, the interest in his eyes was immediately obvious.

“She looks great.”

Linda smiled. “You’ve got to give a girl a chance to fix herself up, Frankie. Men don’t understand anything at all.”

They made Myrna serve them drinks and they were soon amusing themselves with her again.

This time they took her to the bedroom and Myrna found herself on the bed with both of them. They had her kneeling on the bed while Frank stood behind her fondling her ass. The negligee was off. All she wore now was the red garter belt and black nylons. Frank’s hands roamed over her asscheeks, squeezing and pinching her butt and then tickling her cuntlips and asscrack.

Linda sat on the edge of the bed near Myrna. The blonde had one of Myrna’s tits in her hand, her fingers pulling at the long nipple. “She’s got nice tits, Frankie. I bet you like these big boobs.”

Frank laughed. “Sure, why not?”

“Let me see you fuck her ass.”

He laughed again. “Whatever you say, baby.”

Myrna was helpless. Linda brought the Vaseline and the blonde greased Myrna’s hole herself. She teased Myrna about taking Frank’s big cock up her ass. Then the blonde stepped back and Frank moved in. He shoved his thumb inside Myrna’s asshole and screwed it around. Then he used two fingers to stretch her ass some more. Finally he pushed his cockknob inside her shithole as Linda stood beside them and watched it.

“God, what a banana you’ve got, Frankie.”

“She takes it, all right.”

“She sure does. Do I look like that? I mean all stretched open like that?”

Myrna paid no attention to them. She was too busy worrying about her insides. He was hurting her again. He had such a huge cock. Then Linda’s hands were on her tits again and the blonde was teasing her about having Frank’s cock in her ass. Linda pulled at Myrna’s nipples and then walked her fingers along Myrna’s belly until she found Myrna’s cunt. She pushed two fingers inside Myrna’s cunthole and joked with Frank about feeling his cock through the wall that separated Myrna’s cunt-channel and shit-tube.

Frank started fucking Myrna’s ass with more energy, and then finally his cock was ramming her asshole and she could hear him grunting as he shot his load into her shitter.

“Christ, I like her ass,” Frank said.

Linda didn’t look too happy about that. Now she seemed annoyed that Frank like Myrna so much. She started calling Myrna names. She made Myrna lie down on the bed on her back and then she squatted down on Myrna’s face and made Myrna suck her cunt.

Frank laughed at them and walked out to get a beer. Linda continued grinding her wet cunt on Myrna’s mouth, and then suddenly the blonde climbed off the bed and pulled at Myrna’s hair. She told Myrna to come into the bathroom with her.

Myrna stumbled into the bathroom with Linda, and when they were inside Linda ordered her to get in the tub and lie down.

“I’ll show you a few tricks,” Linda said with a giggle. “Oh boy, I’m going to like this!”

When Myrna was lying on her back in the tub, Linda straddled her. She faced Myrna’s feet, and as Myrna looked up she could see the blonde’s round ass above her. Then Linda dropped down, squatting over Myrna’s face, her creamy white ass directly over Myrna’s eyes.

Myrna shuddered as she looked up. She could see everything the blonde had, the hairy gash of her cunt, her cunthole and the pinkish-brown star of her asshole.

Linda started pissing. Myrna gasped with shock as the hot piss rained down on her. In a moment she was drenched with it. She had Linda’s hot piss on her tits and throat and face. Some of it ran into her nose and mouth and she could taste the salt. Linda pissed without stopping, giggling as she flooded Myrna’s face and body.

When the pissing was finished, Myrna groaned with relief, but in a moment she found herself involved in something much worse.

Linda was grunting now. At first Myrna refused to believe it, but then the reality of it hit her. She had the evidence right in front of her eyes. Right there above her eyes was Linda’s asshole, and now as Myrna watched with a shudder, the blonde’s asshole opened like a round mouth and a brown turd of Linda’s shit started squeezing out.

Out and out. Linda grunted as she pushed her shit out. The long brown turd came out like a fat sausage and hung there a moment before it finally dropped on Myrna’s tits.

“That’s all I’ve got for you now,” Linda said with a giggle. She climbed out of the tub and turned around to snicker at Myrna. “Go on, smear it on your tits. I want Frank to see what you look like.”

She threatened Myrna. She said she’d take Myrna down to the basement and use a whip on her if she didn’t do it. Myrna closed her eyes and did it. She smeared the warm shit all over her tits.

When Frank came into the bathroom a few moments later, he started giggling when he saw Myrna in the tub. “Linda, baby, you’re a nut!”

“I’ll get her to like it and we’ll sell her. Ten grand, Frankie.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not kidding, I know some people who’ll take care of it.”

“You just don’t like the poor girl.”

“Sure, I hate her. But what about the ten grand?”

Myrna had her face turned away. She had the smell of Linda’s shit in her nose. She was sure it was the end of things for her.

They made her clean up after that and they brought her down to Frank’s basement. Myrna was naked now, down on her knees sucking Frank’s cock while Linda made her plans. The blonde kept talking about things Myrna didn’t understand. A network of some kind. People dealing in slaves. How soon it would take to make Myrna ready for the market. None of it seemed real to Myrna. But the cock in her mouth was real. Her captivity was real. And the memory of Linda’s shilling on her was as real as could be.

Frank’s cock was only half hard. But his prick was so long and thick, it stuffed her mouth to capacity. Her jaws were hurting from all the sucking she’d been doing. They were wrecking her and she wasn’t sure she could survive it.

Linda sat in a chair watching them, thinking about things. The blonde had all her clothes off, one knee raised and her fingers idly stroking her pussy as she watched Myrna’s mouth move up and down.

Frank’s cock slowly became hard. Myrna shuddered as she thought about him fucking her again. She was so miserable. Nothing she’d ever experienced had prepared her for what was happening to her.

Now Linda started teasing Frank about Myrna again. “I think you like her too much or maybe you’re trying to get me jealous.”

Frank denied it. “Come on, Linda, you know it’s not true.”

“Get her on the post, Frankie. Get her on the post so I can play with her.”

Myrna was in a daze as Frank did what Linda wanted. Within moments Myrna was handcuffed and secured to the wooden post in the center of the basement. Linda giggled and came forward. The blonde told Frank to sit down and watch her. She said she would show him what kind of treatment Myrna needed.

Myrna trembled with fear. She understood now that Linda was a vicious sadist. She quivered as Linda started playing with her tits. The blondes eyes glittered as she teased Myrna about her tits. Myrna was hanging a bit forward and tits were like a pair of melons in Linda’s hands.

Than the slapping began. Linda cooed at Myrna as she slapped Myrna’s tits from side to side. At first it was playful. Then the slaps became stronger. Before long, Myrna was feeling the pain. Her tits felt as though they were on fire. She groaned and sobbed. She screamed and begged. All Linda did was giggle and slap her tits some more.

“I’d like to cut her but I won’t,” Linda said. “If she gets messed up, they won’t pay so much for her. But I sure would like to cut her.”

Frank sat there on the chair with his cock in his hand as he watched them. He was always turned on when Linda was crazy like this. He watched Linda’s ass as she moved around in front of Myrna. That blonde ass that did such nice things to his cock. Oh, he was nuts about it, all right. She was wrong about Myrna. He fled Linda much better than Myrna.

Linda rubbed her cunt with her fingers, scooped some cuntjuice out of her pussy and painted Myrna’s face with it.

She giggled and leaned over to whisper in Myrna’s ear. “Did you like my shit, honey? Next time I’ll do it right in your mouth. How would you like that? I used to know a girl I did that to all the time. Everyone did it to her. All her boyfriends.”

Then Linda went to the cabinet against the wall and she brought back something. Myrna looked at it with glazed eyes. A pair of needle nose pliers. Red plastic around the handles.

Myrna was so afraid she wanted to die. Linda’s eyes were so fiendish.

Linda snickered at Myrna. The blonde took hold of Myrna’s right tit and lifted it. She squeezed the nipple with her fingers. Then she giggled and touched the point of the needle-nose pliers to the long nipple.

“Watch this, Frankie.”

Myrna watched it with horror. She watched the pointed tip of the pliers open like the mouth of an alligator. She watched the spread points come down, one pointed jaw on either side of her nipple. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe the blonde would actually do it.

Linda chuckled and slowly closed the jaws of the pliers. The metal pressed against Myrna’s nipple, pressed and pinched, continued pinching, the flesh giving way, the pinching getting worse and then finally the pain hit Myrna’s brain and she stared sobbing and screaming and pissing all over her legs.

“She’s got the nipples for it,” Linda said with a soft laugh.

Myrna didn’t hear her because she’d already passed out.


“Oh, she’s a beauty,” Edith Albert said. They sat there in a stuffy living room filled with relics of the fifties. First there was Edith Albert, a tall woman with graying hair, a pink placid face and white teeth. Beside her sat her husband, the Reverend Henry Albert, as tall as Edith and as thin as a reed, a thin face and a thin nose and watery blue eyes that had never left Myrna since they’d brought her into the room.

Delivered, that’s what she was. Myrna had been delivered. She’d been brought by Frank and Linda to the Alberts for training.

“Obedience training,” Linda said. “They’ll turn you into something useful, honey. I wouldn’t pull any tricks on them, if I were you. Not on the Alberts.”

So here she was. Myrna stood there with a cape covering her body and a ball-gag in her mouth. Frank and Linda had introduced her to a few things. Chains and clamps and ball-gags. This one was a black rubber ball with straps that tied around her head to keep it in place. The ball stuffed her mouth, stretched her jaws. She’d seen herself in a mirror once with a ball in her mouth and she’d almost fainted when she saw how obscene it was.

Under the cape she had her wrists handcuffed behind her back. She wore leather undies today, a touch introduced by Linda. The crotch was something special, the crotch absent, her cuntlips pushing out like a pair of hairy flaps. Linda had dressed her in opaque black nylons and black pumps with five-inch heels. The blonde had teased Myrna about the heels because they were so thin and high Myrna could hardly walk in them.

“Oh, you’ll learn,” Linda said. “You’ll either learn or suffer for it.”

So now Myrna had the Alberts to contend with. Obedience training. They looked so harmless, so middle class, middle American, middle everything, it was hard to imagine them involved with people like Frank and Linda. But of course they were involved up to their necks and Myrna was certain the Alberts would get a cut when Frank and Linda sold her as a slave.

Myrna trembled as she thought about it. She did not want to be a slave. She’d heard about people who were slaves and she did not want to be one. What she wanted to be was what she always was: just an ordinary wife. But here she was a captive in the clutches of two strangers. Was Henry Albert really a minister?

Edith rose up now. Yes, she was tall, all right. She smiled as she came forward. She came so close, Myrna could see the spit at the corners of the woman’s bloodless mouth.

“Let’s have a look at what’s under the cape,” Edith said. She giggled softly as she worked at the clasp that held the cape together.

Myrna could smell the woman, a smell of perfumed soap and talcum powder and a dash of a boring scent off a counter at J.C. Penney. She suddenly wondered what Edith and Albert looked like when they fucked. If they fucked.

Maybe they just held hands and said their prayers together. Then Myrna told herself she was crazy because she was standing there in a bondage costume and they had complete power over her.

When the cape came off, Edith’s eyes lit up. “Henry, look at her! Look how pretty she is!”

They both looked at her. Edith started talking to Myrna, teasing her about the way she was dressed, about the special bra that showed her nipples and the nipple clamps and the special panties that showed her pussy.

“Gorgeous legs,” Edith said. Then her palm moved in a circle over Myrna’s ass and she finally slapped it lightly to test its firmness. “We’re all going to love you. Especially the children. Oh, I’m sure the children will adore you.”

The children? Myrna trembled as the woman continued fondling her ass through the leather panties. Henry sat there and watched them like a wax mummy, the only sign of life the glitter in his pale blue eyes.

Edith walked around Myrna, talking about how pretty she was. She kept one hand on Myrna’s body, stroking her ass and then her belly above the panties and garter belt that held up her nylons. Then finally she settled herself in front of Myrna and she focused her attention on Myrna’s tits.

At first all Edith did was smile. Then she ran her fingers around the bulge of each tit, prodding a bit to see how firm they were under the leather of the bra. Finally her fingers moved to Myrna’s exposed nipples and she touched the nipple clamps.

“They hurt a bit, don’t they?”

Myrna could say nothing because of the ball gag in her mouth. By now her nipples were numb. The only time she felt pain was when the pressure was increased or when the clamps were pulled.

The older woman seemed amused by the nipple clamps, but she did nothing to them except touch them carefully. Then she turned to her husband and asked him what he thought of Myrna. Did he think they’d have any difficulty with her? They might give her to the children if he wanted that. Edith said she’d like a few days with Myrna, but after that she wouldn’t mind giving her to the children. Unless Henry had other ideas.

“Do you like her, darling? The tits are nice, aren’t they?”

Myrna closed her eyes. She wished she could shut her ears. She hated listening to them. She was so helpless. She was nothing now, just a pet for these people. They would do what they want with her, train her as they called it, and then she’d be sent off somewhere in bondage.

Now Edith wanted the panties off. They had snaps it the sides. She unsnapped the panties and pulled them away from Myrna’s body. The woman chuckled as she stroked Myrna’s bare ass. She pushed her fingers inside Myrna’s asscrack and looked at Myrna’s eyes with amusement as she tickled Myrna’s asshole.

“She’s skittish, Henry. Oh, I do like her.” She suddenly pulled the ball-gag out of Myrna’s mouth and shoved three fingers between Myrna’s lips.

“Suck my fingers! Get them good and wet!”

Myrna did it. She sucked Edith’s three fingers until Edith was satisfied. Then the older woman giggled and dropped the fingers down to Myrna’s asscrack. Myrna groaned as the first finger pushed inside her asshole. First one finger and then two fingers and then three fingers. She took the fingers without crying out. She had to bend over a bit, but she took them. After all the weeks of having Frank’s huge cock in there, she could take three fingers now without agony.

Edith was pleased. She said Myrna’s ass was still elastic enough to have a good grip. She pulled her fingers out of Myrna’s ass and brought the fingers up to Myrna’s mouth so Myrna could clean them.

“She won’t be difficult to train,” Edith said to Henry, her fingers sliding in and out of Myrna’s mouth. “I don’t think she’ll need more than a month with us. I don’t like it when they’re here too long. It’s not good for us, Henry. They ought to go out of here still fresh. We’ve had too much trouble in the past when we keep them too long. You do agree, don’t you, darling? I want you to promise we’ll get her back to Linda when she’s ready.”

Then Edith’s fingers moved over Myrna’s belly and into her cuntbush. She pinched Myrna’s cuntlips, then probed between them to find Myrna’s clit. She poked around Myrna’s clit as if gauging its size, then her fingers pushed inside Myrna’s cunthole, two fingers pushing inside and then sliding out again. The older woman seemed satisfied. She moved away from Myrna, walked back to the sofa and sat down beside her husband again.

She smiled at Myrna. “On your knees now. Always on your knees unless you are told otherwise. Do it now, darling. Down on our knees.”

Myrna did it. She slumped to her knees on the carpet. She knelt there quivering, waiting for the next command. By this time she knew how useless it was to resist. Linda had taught her that. And Mrs. Albert seemed more capable than Linda. Myrna closed her eyes and prayed they wouldn’t hurt her.

Edith began talking to Myrna, warning her about obedience, telling her of all the things they intended to teach her. She spoke of the children again, and now Myrna learned the children were actually in their early twenties. The Albert children. A boy and a girl. Myrna would meet them soon enough.

“Now come here,” Edith said. “Crawl over here and lick me.”

Myrna crawled. She had no need to ask where Edith wanted to be licked. Edith had already pulled her dress up to her waist to reveal her full white thighs and the wiry bush of cunt hair between them. She wore no panties. Just beige stockings with garters in the tops. The older woman smiled and spread her cuntlips with her fingers to show Myrna her clit.

Myrna gasped as she looked at it. Edith had the biggest clit Myrna had ever seen or imagined. As thick as her thumb and almost as king. The pink thing dangled there in the upper part of Edith’s gash. Not a pretty pussy. An ugly gash of a cunt, the outer lips lined with coarse brown hair and the inner lips thick and protruding. Edith touched her cunthole, scooped out some cuntjuice on her finger and brought it up to paint the shaft of her huge clit. Her cunthole gaped like an open pink mouth, the rim covered with a white froth of cunt slime.

Edith giggled when she saw the revulsion in Myrna’s eyes. “Oh yes, Linda warned me you were a bit slow about pussy. Well, get your nose in it, darling. You’re to be good friends with it. Kissing friends.”

And she laughed at her joke, laughing and looking at Henry until he chuckled along with her.

Myrna had no choice. In a moment she had her face between Edith’s thighs, her tongue licking at the woman’s oozing cunthole, her nose pushing at Edith’s big clit. Edith’s cunt was like a boiling cauldron, hot and wet and twitching under Myrna’s lips. Myrna chewed and sucked the woman’s reeking cuntflesh. If they wanted her to be an animal, she’d be an animal. She knew that sooner or later they would find some reason to hurt her. She’d come to expect it now. She’d already seen the meanness in Edith’s eyes.

Edith was amused at Myrna’s accomplished sucking. “She’s good, Henry. Once she puts her mind to it, she’s quite good. What a good little slut she is.”

Then for no reason at all she suddenly slammed her fist into the side of Myrna’s head. Myrna was caught by surprise and she fell back with a cry of pain. Edith cackled with glee and kicked at Myrna’s face with her foot. Myrna managed to dodge the blow. Now she was frightened. The woman had a crazy look in her eyes. Myrna was terrified now completely terrified.

Edith kept her skirt at her hips. She slid forward on the sofa. She pulled her knees up to reveal the lower part of her crotch and calmly told Myrna to lick her asshole.

Myrna shuddered and slid forward to do the woman’s bidding. She nuzzled in, pushing her nose at Edith’s sopping cunthole as she started licking her grommet. Edith made a sound of pleasure as she felt Myrna’s tongue. She stroked Myrna’s head, ran her fingers around Myrna’s ear. Myrna kept her tongue moving. Up and down, then around in circles, the tip of her tongue tickling the center of Edith’s asshole.

After a while Edith tired of it and pushed Myrna’s face away. Myrna looked at Henry and saw that he already had his cock out. He was waiting for her. And smiling. For the first time she saw how cruel his smile was. She crawled to him without waiting for the order. She moved between his spread knees to get his cock in her mouth. Reverend Albert sighed with contentment as she began rolling her tongue over his bloated cockhead.

Myrna sucked on his spongy cock-knob. He had a big prick for a little man, a big hot fuckstick that surprised her by its hardness. Now he held her head with both hands and directed her movements. She could tell he was no novice at this. She could tell he’d been sucked a thousand times in just this way. She wondered about these people. She wondered who they really were and what they would do to her. In a moment Henry pushed her back and rose up on his feet. He wanted her mouth on his cock again. He wagged it at her, then smiled as she covered his knob with her lips again. Now he began fucking her face, holding her head again with his hands while he rocked on his toes to fuck his cock in and out of her open mouth.

“She has a wicked mouth,” Henry said with a groan.

Edith chuckled. “We’ll teach her how to use it, won’t we, darling?”

Henry never answered her. The next moment he grunted as his cock exploded in Myrna’s mouth. She held still and took it. He pumped in her mouth, shooting his spunk on her tongue, his hot jism spurting on her tongue and then rolling down her gullet.

Myrna swallowed his load. She closed her eyes and swallowed the wad of cock-slime he’d given her. She quivered with revulsion as it went down. She always hated it. She hated the spunk and the cuntjuice and all the other disgusting things they put in her mouth.

Henry finally pulled his cock out of Myrna’s mouth and started questioning her. He wanted to know if she liked men. He said too many women who came to them liked sex with women. He said the world could tolerate only so much of that.

“We have to think of the importance of the family,” he said. Then he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and shorts. His pants at his ankles, he turned around to present Myrna with his scrawny ass. He leaned forward, pulling his asscheeks open with his hands and told her to clean his asshole.

Myrna shuddered and moved forward. She pressed her face against the reverend’s ass and started licking his asscrack. Henry talked to her while she did it. He said they would teach her to behave. He said they’d been quite successful at it and he was sure she would make a good pupil. He wiggled his ass against her face, then grunted with approval when Myrna nibbled with her teeth at his asshole.

“Yes, that’s good,” he said. “Always do a bit more, my dear. The true slave always does a bit more than she’s asked to do.”

When he told her to bend over one of the chairs so that he could fuck her, Myrna thought he was kidding. But when Henry turned around, she saw that his cock was indeed ready for fucking. Sucking his ass had evidently given him another hard-on. She was surprised because he wasn’t that young any more.

Myrna rose up and went to one of the chairs. She bent over it with her ass in the air. In a moment Henry was behind her with his, hands on her hips. He kept muttering about obedience and sin and how important it was for a woman to behave herself, and all time he spoke his hands fondled her ass and played with her cunt. Edith sat there watching it all, sipping some sherry now, her cunt still exposed and her fingers teasing her cuntlips.

Henry pushed his belly against Myrna’s ass. She found herself wondering about them, what they were like when they were alone. Did he fuck her this way? She suspected that somehow called the shots in their marriage. Edith might bend over to get fucked, but she still called the shots. You could never tell about people just looking at them. You had to be in the bedroom and watch them.

Now Henry pried her cuntlips apart and tickled the mouth of her cunthole. In a moment she felt his cock pushing inside her cunt. He started fucking her with an easy rhythm, talking all the time while his cock slid in and out of her pussy. He rubbed her asshole with his thumb, then shoved his thumb inside and screwed it around. Myrna groaned as she felt the double penetration. God, how she hated them! It was awful to have other people have such control over her body. She told herself she would have to escape somehow. She had no idea how she would do it, but she told herself she would have to find a way.

Henry started slamming her now. He grunted each time his belly slapped against her ass. His thumb continued reaming out her asshole, stretching her grommet, almost tearing at it. She knew what was coming. She whimpered as he suddenly pulled his dick out of her cunt and pressed his knob against her asshole. No lubrication. The bastard was going in without using anything. She moaned as he pushed forward. Henry giggled as he rammed his prick home inside her shit-tube.

“Lovely,” he said. “Now roll your hips, my dear. You want to pull a bit on the cock as it goes in and out.” He rubbed the stretched ring of her asshole with his finger. “My yes, now the brown comes out. A sign of passion, isn’t it?”

He ordered Myrna to hold his balls while he fucked her ass. She reached back with her hand and did it, quivering with embarrassment as he talked about the shit on his cock. His belly kept slapping against her butt as he talked. She felt no pain, only the pressure of his cock in her bowels and a tingling warmth. She was shocked because he hadn’t used any lubrication and yet she felt no pain. They’re ruining me? she thought. They’re completely ruining me!

Then Henry’s hands gripped Myrna’s hips with more strength. Myrna heard Edith teasing him about how much he liked having shit on his cock. Henry paid no attention to her. He kept ramming Myrna’s ass until the end. He shot off with a great heave of his rump, buried his cock to the hilt inside Myrna’s shit-tube as he dumped his load.

Myrna quivered and came. She couldn’t believe it, but she could certainly feel the orgasm. The bastards! she thought. The rotten fucking bastards!


It was a week before Myrna actually met the Albert children. They’d been away during her first week with the Alberts, but as won as they returned she was introduced to them. Kim Albert was in her early twenties, an athletic looking blonde girl with a nice smile. Her brother Brian was a few years older, good looking and obviously spoiled. Myrna found herself alone with the two of them in the living room one afternoon. They seemed kind to her at first. They offered her a drink, and after Brian made it for her Myrna sat sipping her drink and wondering what new horrors she’d have to face.

The two young people did make her nervous. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was exactly. Maybe it was the amusement in their eyes whenever they looked at her. They talked to her about trivial things, but all the time they had that amusement in their eyes.

It was Brian who finally brought up the real reason for Myrna’s presence in the Albert house. He asked her what she thought of his mother. “She’s not easy, is she?”

Myrna blushed and shook her head. She looked at Kim and she saw the blonde’s eyes were smoldering now. The blonde was sitting beside her brother, and now she smiled at Myrna as she leaned against Brian’s shoulder.

Myrna wondered about them. Were they capable of being as cruel as their parents? You couldn’t tell about people just by looking at them. The older Alberts looked perfectly harmless and respectable, and yet they were so beastly to her.

Brian continued talking to Myrna, questioning her about what she thought of his parents.

Then Kim seemed to get impatient with him.

“Oh, knock it off, Brian. Lets find out what makes her tick.” She smiled at Myrna, but now the smile was hard and malevolent. “Stand up, will you? I bet the folks have been having a time with you. Oh yes, I bet they have.”

Myrna put her drink down and stood up. She trembled as the blonde girl rose and came to her. Kim wore a teeshirt and a pair of tight jeans and the girl’s lovely figure was plainly visible. Her tits pushed at the cotton of the teeshirt, her nipples clearly visible. She smirked as she approached Myrna. When she was close to Myrna, she stopped and looked directly into Myrna’s eyes.

“You’re to be trained here, aren’t you? That means Brian and I get to have some fun with you. We’re going to play with you, and if you’re good we’ll be easy with you. If you’re not so good, then you’ll have to learn a few things, won’t you?” She giggled and poked at Myrna’s side with a finger.

Then the blonde turned away and walked back to Brian. Her jeans were so tight, the deep crack of her ass was clearly visible. Myrna quivered as she watched the girl’s ass wiggle from side to side. She was afraid of what would happen next. She felt her pulse racing, her heart pounding. The one thing she’d learned was not to resist. Whenever she resisted, they always found some way to hurt her brutally. The one thing she hated was the pain.

Kim was actually a ripe and lovely young girl. Yet the blonde was showing such meanness now that Myrna was certain she was as dangerous as her mother. Or maybe worse. Myrna suddenly trembled at the possibility that the Albert children might be worse than their parents.

Then it started. Kim said something to Brian, then put her drink down and stood up to walk over to a chair. The blonde began undressing. First the flat sandals came off, then the teeshirt and jeans. Myrna saw the girl’s ass first, a lush firm ass with a deep spilt between the ripe cheeks. When Kim turned to face them, her tits jiggled and bounced. Her nipples had wide pink areolas.

Myrna looked at Brian to see what effect his sister was having on him. He was interested, all right. He’d been bored before, but now that his sister was naked his interest was evident. Myrna could see the bulge in the crotch of his pants.

Kim opened a drawer in one of the tables and pulled out a length of rope.

When Brian saw the rope, he shook his head. “Let’s do something else first.”

He went down on his knees to look for something under the sofa. When he came up again, Myrna shuddered at the sight of the whip in his hand.

“Goody,” Kim said with a giggle. Brian smiled at Myrna, a suddenly cruel smile amplified by the whip in his hand. Not a short whip Myrna guessed the whip to be six or seven feet long. Long and black and as menacing as a snake. She knew she’d have trouble now. She knew she wouldn’t be let off so easy by these two. Not with that whip in his hand.

Then suddenly Brian shot his wrist forward and the black leather dithered across the carpet toward Myrna. “On your feet, sweetie.”

Myrna put her glass down and rose to her feet. “You don’t need the whip, I’ll do what you want.”

He snickered and flicked his wrist and she felt a sudden burning pain on the surface of her thighs. When she looked down, she saw the end of the whip curled around her legs.

The whiplash hadn’t been severe, but it hurt terribly. “Please, I beg you…”

“You’re talking too much,” Kim said. She seemed delighted that Myrna had been hurt by the whip. She was facing Myrna now and they looked at each other. It seemed so odd to Myrna that it was Kim who was naked while she herself was still dressed. She had to admit the blonde girl was a beauty. Lovely full tits and those large pink nipples. Her body was curved, narrow at the waist, then flaring out at the hips again. Her cuntbush was dark blonde in color, a full bush that completely covered the upper part of her slit. Myrna found herself comparing Kim to her mother. They were quite different. The mother was dark, getting grey now, but still dark-haired at her crotch. Edith’s tits were heavier than Kim’s, the nipples dark and more pointed.

I don’t want to think about it, Myrna thought. She did not want to think about Kim’s body. But she knew that sooner or later she’d be forced to do things. Kim hadn’t removed her clothes just to get comfortable. The girl had intentions. A quiver went through Myrna as she imagined herself at the mercy of the blonde girl. She couldn’t help wondering what it would be like. With Kim or with Brian. She couldn’t help wondering how mean they would be.

But at the moment it was the whip that was the real danger. Brian’s wrist moved and the whip struck again. Myrna looked down and gasped as she saw that now her skirt was torn. Brian snickered and struck her again, this time across her blouse. Myrna stood there petrified as he demonstrated how skillful he was. He soon had her clothes in shreds. He hadn’t hurt her that much, but her blouse and skirt hung there in tatters after successive cuffing by the long thin whip.

Kim giggled as she gazed at Myrna. The blonde ran a hand over her pink nipples, tasted her drink and looked at Myrna with amusement and lust in her eyes. Definitely lust. Myrna could see it now. Kim was hungry for her. She wanted Myrna and Myrna felt her pussy twitch in response. Myrna suddenly imagined she could smell Kim’s cunt, a smell of hot and horny pussy. Maybe I’m going crazy, Myrna thought. As if reading her mind, Kim smiled at her and moved her legs apart a little.

The blonde sipped her drink as she stroked her cuntbush with her fingers. “Mother says you’re very good at sucking. Is that true, Myrna?”

Myrna blushed. “I don’t know.”

“Oh yes, you do know. When I ask a question, I want an answer. Are you good at sucking?”

“I… I think so.”

Myrna wondered if Kim was a complete lesbian. But there was no time for speculation. She hugged her tits and moaned as the whip whistled towards them. The top of her blouse fell away and now her tits were almost completely exposed.

Kim laughed. “Look at the titties, Brian. I bet those nipples make your mouth water.”

“She’s built, isn’t she?”

“You do have a thing about boobs, don’t you? With Daddy, it’s the ass, and with you, it’s the boobs.”

Brian snorted. “And what’s it with you, love? You like the clit right?”

Kim flushed with annoyance. “Well, I haven’t seen hers yet.”

Myrna trembled as she looked at Kim. The blonde was fingering her nipples now, brazenly fondling her tits as she gazed at Myrna. And was that a hint of cuntjuice glistening on the inside of Kim’s thighs? Myrna tried to turn her thoughts away from Kim’s pussy.

Brian worked the whip again, this time using it to cut away Myrna’s skirt. He soon had her down to her garter belt and nylons. She wore no panties. Edith had forbidden her to wear anything underneath except a belt and stockings.

“She’s hairy,” Kim said. The girl seemed more excited now that Myrna’s cuntbush was exposed. And Brian too. When Myrna looked at him, she saw that he had his cock out of his pants. He had a long thin dick with a cherry colored knob. Kim glanced at her brother and giggled when she saw his prick dangling out of his pants. “Is that a weenie I see there? Brian, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

Brian paid no attention to her. His eyes were hot as he gazed at Myrna. She suddenly realized her only hope to avoid real pain was to keep him interested in her. It was Kim who was the dangerous one. She was experienced enough now to realize the women were always more dangerous than the men. Well, let him look at you then, she thought. She pulled away the remnants of her clothes. She made sure to turn a bit so that he could see the full curve of her ass. She hoped he liked her legs in the sheer nylons. She prayed he liked her enough to protect her from his sister.

Her fingers rubbing her cuntbush, Kim looked at her brother. “Mark her, Brian.”

Brian frowned. “Mother won’t like it. You know she doesn’t like them marked.”

“Just a little bit. Between her thighs. If you do it, I’ll let you screw me.”

“You mean it?”

“If you get me hot enough by marking her.” Brian snickered and looked at Myrna. “Sorry, doll. My sister here wants you marked. Open your legs a bit, will you? I’ll try not to cut you.”

Myrna trembled. “Please, I really can’t take this.”

“Just open the legs and you’ll be all right.” Myrna opened her legs. She was helpless. She saw Brian study the distance and the target. Then the whip suddenly moved and she felt a flash of pain on the inside of one thigh. It happened so quickly, she was stunned. When she looked down, she saw the red welt on the inside of her left thigh. She began weeping. The burning pain was so terrible.

“Don’t move,” Brian said, and once again the whip struck. This time he marked the inside of the other thigh. Brian grunted with satisfaction and looked at his sister. “Okay, I did it. I’m not doing anything more because of Mother.”

Kim had a look of intense excitement in her eyes. She walked over to Myrna and bent to look at the insides of Myrna’s thighs. The blonde seemed fascinated by the red welts. “You broke her skin.”

Brian cursed. “Is she bleeding?”

“Just a tiny bit. For God’s sake, don’t worry about it, Brian. If Mother says something, I’ll say it was my fault.”

“You can say you did it, that’s what you can say.”

“All right, that’s what I’ll say.”

“If you need to hurt her, use the paddle.” Kim smiled. “I’ve already thought of it.” The blonde went to a drawer and brought out a ping-pong paddle. Myrna froze when she saw it. It was just an ordinary paddle, but in the hands of a girl like Kim it was something to fear. She trembled as the blonde approached her now. Kim came up to Myrna and sneered at her. The blonde teased one of Myrna’s tits, stroking the underside of the globe with her fingers and then moving her fingers to the thick nipple. She told Myrna to turn around so that Brian could see her ass. When Myrna did it, Kim told her to spread her legs and hold her knees.

“Show my dear brother some cunt,” Kim said. She chuckled as Myrna bent over. The blonde girl’s hand moved over Myrna’s ass and down between Myrna’s thighs to pinch her cuntlips. “Hairy and meaty. Just what you like, Brian. She’s got the right sort of cunt for you.”

And the next moment Myrna moaned as the paddle came down on her ass.

She set about beating her with a degree of cruel precision Myrna had not experienced. Her suspicions about the blonde were accurate. Kim was much worse than Edith, more sadistic and more energetic. She soon had Myrna sobbing and begging for mercy. The blonde kept on, paddling Myrna’s ass until Myrna cried out and fell to the carpet. Myrna didn’t care any more. She told herself she was better off dead. If they wanted to kill her, let them do it now.

Kim tossed the paddle away and put her foot on Myrna’s back. She ordered Myrna to roll over, and when Myrna did it she pressed her foot against Myrna’s cunt. She wanted Myrna’s legs spread. Myrna groaned as she opened her knees.

Kim laughed and pushed her foot against Myrna’s cunt. “She’s wet, Brian. The bitch is as wet as can be.”

Then Kim straddled Myrna, facing Myrna’s feet with her ass settling down on Myrna’s head. The girl’s sapping cunt came down on Myrna’s mouth. Kim squirmed and ordered Myrna to start sucking. Myrna was too afraid to do anything but obey. She had to be obedient. At least while she was sucking the girl’s twat they wouldn’t whip her or beat her with the paddle. She sucked the girl’s oozing cuntflesh, pulling at it with her teeth and ups. Kim wiggled her butt again and Myrna realized she had her nose pushing at the girl’s asshole. Of course Kim was aware of it. The blonde giggled as she pushed down. Myrna was helpless as Kim’s asshole grabbed at the tip of her nose. Now she had her tongue in Kim’s cunthole and her nose in Kim’s asshole.

Kim begins rocking bock and forth on Myrna’s face, fucking her crotch at Myrna’s mouth and nose, giggling as she felt Myrna’s nose sliding in and out of her asshole.

“Some cock in my mouth, silly. Come over here and I’ll suck your filthy prick.”

Brian hissed under his breath as he hurried over to give his sister what she wanted. In a moment he had his long white dick in her mouth. He grunted as he spread her lips with it. “Suck my meat, love.”

“I’m pissing, Brian. I’m pissing on her silly face.”

Myrna shuddered as the hot piss gushed out to drench her. She couldn’t see Kim sucking Brian’s cock but she could imagine it. Brother and sister. And the girl’s asshole sucking at her [missing text]. Myrna groaned as she continued swallowing Kim’s piss.


A party was announced. Myrna heard the news from Kim first. The blonde said Myrna would be decked out for the guests. She said her mother always took special pains to make her parties a success.

“You’ll be hit,” Kim said to Myrna with a snicker. “You’ll be trotted out for fun and games.”

Myrna was fearful. She was a prisoner in the house, always watched, always locked in at night. She had a comfortable room and decent food, but she was a total captive. She wondered if Neal was back. Did he have the police looking for her? Her former life seemed so distant now. It was hard to imagine she’d ever been free.

In the afternoon Edith and Kim came to dress her. Myrna thought that at least she’d wear something decent to the party, but she soon discovered that wasn’t what Edith had in mind.

Mrs. Albert smiled at Myrna as she brought out some sexy lingerie. “Get undressed, dear. I want to see what you look like in these.”

What Edith had for Myrna was a black lace ensemble, a bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and shoes. Everything sheer black. When they had her in the lingerie and she looked in the mirror, Myrna saw that her nipples and cunt bush were clearly visible through the transparent lace.

Then Edith decided she didn’t like the bra and it had to be replaced with another one. The new bra had holes in front to show her nipples. Edith chuckled and immediately brought out a pair of rhinestone nipple clamps. “These will be perfect.”

Perfect and beastly. The clamps hurt Myrna’s nipples, pinching her tender nipple flesh. But both Edith and Kim seemed pleased with the way Myrna looked.

“She’s luscious,” Kim said, giggling softly as she passed her hands over Myrna’s lace covered ass.

Edith amused herself tightening Myrna’s bra straps to raise her tits. She told her daughter to stop fondling Myrna. “You’ve been at her too much, darling. You know I don’t like that.”

“Oh, Mother.”

“Well, it’s true.”

“I would like to see her do you.”

Edith chuckled. “You would, would you? Well, all right, but I don’t want you mixing in, darling. We don’t have time now for anything complicated.”

And then the older woman stepped back and raised her dress to her waist to expose her belly and cuntbush, her crotch bare of panties, naked between the tops of her nylons and her garter belt. She ordered Myrna down on her knees and Myrna obediently dropped to the carpet. In a moment Edith had her hairy cunt pressed against Myrna’s mouth, her ass rocking as she humped her pussy at Myrna’s face.

Kim sat on the bed and watched it. Myrna could taste the woman’s hot cuntjuice flowing over her tongue. She could tell that Edith was turned on. Was it Kim watching that excited her? Before long Edith quivered in that way she had when she came. A moment later she hissed at Myrna to say put and she started pissing in Myrna’s mouth. She always did it. She always used Myrna’s mouth as a toilet after she came. Myrna swallowed the woman’s piss, thankful there wasn’t that much, hoping that now they’d leave her alone awhile.

They did leave her alone, but only until the party started. Then Kim came for Myrna and led her downstairs with a dog’s leash attached to a leather collar around Myrna’s neck. Myrna wore nothing but the black lace undies, the black nylons and five-inch heels, and the two rhinestone nipple clamps. Her face was freshly made up and she wore the bright orange lipstick Edith had chosen for her. She felt totally helpless as she was led into the Albert living room, a helpless almost naked slave in the midst of a crowd of well-dressed people.

There were snickers all around as Kim led Myrna across the center of the room to where Edith was standing with a small group. Myrna heard some of the comments about the way she looked. They talked about her body.

Edith smiled and slipped her arm around Myrna’s waist. “And this is my new little dove. Her name is Myrna and she’s promised to be a good little girl tonight. Haven’t you promised me that, darling?”

She patted Myrna’s ass and Myrna nodded. Yes, she had promised. Edith had warned her she’d be whipped if she didn’t behave.

When Edith told Myrna now to get her panties off so the guests could have a bettor look at her, Myrna obediently did what Edith wanted.

She slipped the panties off and exposed herself. She did a slow turn, then she bent forward to emphasize her ass. They chuckled with approval as she pulled her asscheeks apart to show her asshole and cunt from the rear.

Edith was pleased. She patted Myrna’s ass, said something to the crowd and raked her fingers inside Myrna’s cunt. Myrna groaned as Edith’s fingers tore at her cuntflesh.

“She likes a little pain,” Edith said.

It wasn’t true. Myrna hated it. But she was used to the way Edith treated her and Edith had told her to pretend she did like it.

Then Edith made Myrna stand straight. The older woman toyed with Myrna’s nipple clamps, demonstrating to the crowd how firmly they bit into Myrna’s tits. Myrna’s nipples were swollen from the abuse they’d received.

“Kiss my feet, now,” Edith whispered to Myrna, and Myrna quickly dropped down to kiss the woman’s shoes and then her insteps.

Edith was satisfied. She made a few more remarks to the crowd about Myrna and then she said they could touch her if they wanted.

“No blood, please,” Edith said with a giggle. “We don’t want her bleeding on the rug, do we?”

Myrna was soon fondled by the crowd, pinched and stroked, her nipples twisted, her cunt and ass torn by probing fingers. They seemed determined to hurt her. It seemed that each one of them wanted a turn at her. They giggled with satisfaction each time she groaned. They said she wan beauty, a lovely slave, such nice tits and marvelous legs. They complimented Edith and questioned her about how long it would take to finish Myrna’s training.

She tried not to cry. Edith had warned her that she wouldn’t like it if Myrna cried during the party. She said Myrna had to learn to control her tears.

Then someone, came to Edith and whispered in her car. Edith turned to Myrna and smiled and said Brian wanted her. “He’s in the dining room, darling. Why don’t you go to him.”

Myrna went to Brian. She found him with his cock out of his pants. Hr was with a group of people and they were smiling as they looked at him. He ordered Myrna to get on her knees in front of him.

Myrna went down. Brian stuck his cock in her mouth and started fucking her face. After a while he pulled his prick away and an older woman who had been standing beside him fondled his dick and complimented him. “Well, that’s better, darling. She’s good, isn’t she?”

The woman turned and bent over the edge of the table. She raised her dress to her hips to bare her creamy white ass. She wore only gartered stockings under the dress, her ass and cunt exposed now that the dress was raised.

Brian fingered the woman’s hairy gulch. Then he drove his prick inside her cunt from the rear. The woman groaned and wiggled her ass. Brian fucked her with an easy rhythm as the people around them watched him humping.

Then finally Brian made a sound in his throat as he went off. He shot his load in the woman’s cunt. When he was finished, she turned around, dropped her dress and kissed his cheek. Then she smiled at Myrna and told Myrna to come with her.

“I’ve had my eye on you,” the woman said with a soft laugh.

Myrna went along with the woman, walking carefully on the five-inch heels, afraid that at any moment she would stumble and make a fool of herself. The woman patted Myrna’s ass as they left the crowded room. They walked down the hall to one of the bathrooms and the woman smiled and told Myrna to come inside with her.

She said her name was Pauline. She locked the bathroom door and then turned to smile at Myrna. She asked if Myrna liked living with the Alberts. “But I guess you must like it if you’re here.”

Myrna did not know what to say, and Pauline was amused when she saw how reticent Myrna was. She said maybe Myrna was right, maybe she oughtn’t to talk about the Alberts. Then Pauline raised her dress to her hips to show Myrna her cuntbush. “Did you watch him fuck me?”

Myrna blushed. “Yes.”

“You can lick it if you want. You’ll get a taste of his spunk.”

It was an order, of course. Myrna took it as an order and went down on her knees on the bathroom rug. Pauline giggled and moved her legs apart, and then Myrna moved in to run her tongue through the woman a gash.

Myrna caught some of Brian’s jism as it leaked out of Pauline’s cunthole. Pauline was excited by it. She opened her cunt with her fingers. She had thick cuntlips and a large pink clit. “Get whatever you can before I piss.”

Myrna sucked Pauline’s pussy to salvage as much of Brian’s jism as she could get. Then Pauline pushed her away and she raised the lid of the toilet to sit down. Myrna remained on her knees on the small rug, her eyes on Pauline’s crotch. The older woman smiled and opened her legs farther.

“Edith says you’re almost finished training. She says you’re almost a perfect little slave.” Pauline started pissing. She kept her legs spread and rubbed her clit while she did it.

Myrna was disgusted. She thought it was awful for the woman to play with her clit while she pissed. Pauline had such a raunchy cunt.

Then Pauline wanted Myrna’s face between her legs while she was still on the toilet. Myrna did what she wanted. She pushed her face into Pauline’s crotch. She could smell the woman’s pussy.

Pauline giggled and pushed her crotch forward. “Wipe me off, dear. Clean me with your tongue.”

Myrna licked the remnants of Pauline’s piss out of her trench. Then Pauline told Myrna to lick her clit. The older woman used her fingers to get the hood of her clit retracted. She exposed the pink little knob to Myrna’s flapping tongue.

Myrna had to lick Pauline’s clit until Pauline came. The older woman’s pussy gushed heavily, and Myrna’s face was wet when she finished. Pauline finally pushed Myrna away and told her to remain in the bathroom until she returned.

“Just a minute or two,” Pauline said as she rose up and dropped her dress.

Myrna remained where she was. Pauline was back in much less than a minute and now she had a man with her.

“This is my husband Morton,” Pauline said with a giggle.

Myrna was still sitting on the floor of the john, and Morton looked down at her with some interest in his glazed eyes. He was quite drunk. Pauline giggled again and whispered something in his ear. Morton grunted and said he wanted Myrna to stand up so he could see her ass.

Myrna rose up and turned to show her ass. She heard Morton mutter something to Pauline and then she heard him say Myrna had a fine ass.

“That’s a prime butt,” he said. “That’s very prime, Pauline.”

Pauline ordered Myrna to get naked. “We don’t want to ruin those pretty things.”

Myrna stripped off the undies and nylons. Then Pauline told her to get in the bathtub and lie down. “On your back, dear.”

Myrna lay down on her back in the tub. She quivered as her skin touched the cold porcelain.

Morton started teasing his wife about her inclinations. “You’re a pervert, Pauline. You were such a sweet girl when we got married. What the fuck happened to you?”

“You taught me everything, didn’t you, dear?” Her dress raised at her hips, she climbed into the tub with Myrna. She straddled Myrna’s body, facing Myrna’s feet. Then the older woman squatted down a bit to show Myrna her asshole. “Can you see my shithole, darling?”

Myrna’s voice caught in her throat. “Yes.” Pauline asked Myrna what she did before she got involved with people like the Alberts. The older woman snickered with derision when Myrna said she’d been a secretary.

Myrna knew what was coming. She trembled as Pauline squatted down further with her hands on her knees. The older woman wiggled her ass a bit and grunted as she started shitting on Myrna.

Myrna was mesmerized as she watched the shit come out. Morton was sitting on the closed toilet now. He was smoking a cigar as he watched his wife in action. He started talking to Myrna, telling her about Pauline and what she’d been like years ago. He chuckled and made fun of Pauline. He said her asshole was now too big to be good for anything except a large English cucumber. Pauline became annoyed and told Morton he wasn’t worth a decent fuck any more. She said all he knew how to do was drink and smoke his smelly cigars. They bickered with each other as Pauline continued shifting on Myrna. Every moment or so Pauline would grunt and another turd would come out.

Finally it as over. Pauline told Morton to give Myrna some toilet paper so Myrna could wipe Pauline’s ass. Morton gave the paper to Myrna and Myrna did what Pauline wanted. Then Pauline climbed out of the tub. She held her dress at her waist and told Morton she was hot for a fuck now. She bent over the sink and told him to fuck her.

Morton swayed drunkenly behind her. He worked at his belt buckle, then dropped his pants and shorts. He fingered Pauline’s cunt and managed to get his prick in her cunthole. Pauline giggled as she rolled her ass from side to side.

Myrna watched them. She could see Morton’s heavy balls swinging against his wife’s long clit. Morton grunted and started ramming Pauline’s cunt. She called out to him to fuck her harder. He tickled her asshole with his thumb, then pushed his thumb inside and screwed it around. A moment later he pulled his cock out of her cunt and drove it up her ass.

Pauline went wild. She churned her ass around on his dick. Morton heaved and groaned and finally shot off. He dumped his load up his wife’s ass and shook his hips at the end to get everything out of his balls.

Then Morton pulled his cock out of Pauline’s ass and turned around to face Myrna. He told Myrna to sit up in the tub, and when she did it he went to her and said he wanted her to clean his dick.

Myrna took his shitty cock in her mouth and cleaned it. She still had Pauline’s shit all over her tits. Pauline turned around to watch Myrna suck Morton’s cock and Myrna shuddered as their eyes met.

When Morton’s cock was clean, he took it between his fingers and started pissing on Myrna. He pissed all over her. He giggled as she was drenched by his piss. Pauline came behind him and fondled his ass as he continued pissing. Finally the piss was finished and Myrna lay in the tub covered with their filth. Once again Pauline asked Myrna what she did before she came to the Alberts. Once again Pauline laughed with derision when Myrna said she’d been a secretary.


“You’re looking good,” Frank the cop said with a chuckle.

Myrna stood in front of Frank and Linda in Frank’s house. She was naked except for a garter belt and nylons and heels. She also had a leather collar around her neck. A long leash was attached to the collar and Frank held the end of the leash in his hand. Myrna also hat clamps attached to her nipples. Not the rhinestone clamps used by Edith Albert, but plain metal clamp, that were larger and more painful when they were pulled.

Frank and Linda were both dressed, sitting beside each other on Frank’s sofa. They’d both been drinking and Myrna could see that Linda’s eyes were glazed.

Frank teased Myrna. He said now that she’d finished her training, they intended to sell her into slavery.

“We’ve got a couple of buyers,” he said. He told her one buyer was a wealthy widow and the other buyer was a psychiatrist and his wife. Frank said he was inclined to sell Myrna to the psychiatrist because the widow was a sadistic old bitch end would probably kill Myrna a within a month. “But you can choose. If you want the widow you can have her.”

Myrna trembled as she thought about it. She would be given to someone as a slave now and there was nothing she could do about that. But she realized she might be better off with the psychiatrist and his wife. The old widow sounded too frightening. She told Frank she preferred the psychiatrist. Frank chuckled and nodded and said she was making a smart decision. “Better for your health, ha ha.”

Then he jerked on the leash and Myrna fell down at his feet. Linda giggled as Frank ordered Myrna to bring his cock out and suck him off. “She looks like she’s choking in that collar.”

Frank grunted. “I don’t give a shit. Maybe if she chokes, I’ll get some good head.”

Myrna unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. She took his huge prick in her mouth. Frank’s cock was still the biggest she’d ever had in her mouth. She had to open her jaws as wide as possible to get his knob between her lips. She frigged his cockshaft with her fingers as she sucked on his cockhead. She was good at it now and he didn’t last long. He gave out a long groan and heaved his ass as he spurted in her mouth. Myrna wondered about her future as his hot jism slid down her throat.

Myrna’s curiosity about the psychiatrist and his wife was satisfied the very next day when the couple arrived at Frank’s place to inspect her. Myrna was brought out fully dressed and she sat quietly as they talked about her. The psychiatrist’s name was Ted Coleman and his wife was Roberta. They were in their late thirties, two attractive well-dressed people who had come to Frank the cop’s house to buy a slave.

Roberta Coleman sat quietly, her eyes always on Myrna. Ted did most of the talking to Frank and Linda. Then Frank looked at Myrna and told her to show the Colemans her pussy clamps.

Myrna trembled as she pulled her dress up to her waist. She remained seated. She opened her legs to show her crotch. She wore only a garter without nylons and her pussy was bare. She had a large clamp pinching both inner cuntlips at the top of her slit. The pussy clamp had been Linda’s idea. Maybe as a way of getting even with Myrna because Frank seemed to like Myrna so much now. In any case, the pussy clamp was big enough and painful enough so that Myrna always knew it was there.

The Colemans seemed fascinated by the pussy clamp. Roberta had been quiet before, but now she said she’d like to see the clamp closer. Frank told Myrna to get up and go to her and Myrna did it. She stood in front of Roberta with her dress held at her hips and her legs apart.

“My God, it’s pinching her clit!” Roberta said.

But the clamp wasn’t pinching Myrna’s clit, just her cuntlips above her clit. She told that to Roberta and showed her how it was done. “It’s just on the outside.”

Roberta’s eyes were bright as she studied Myrna’s pussy. Then Roberta looked up at Myrna’s face. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

Myrna blushed. “Not as much as in the beginning.”

Then Ted wanted a better look at Myrna’s ass and she had to turn her back and stand in front of him with her ass exposed. He seemed to like her butt. He ran his fingers over the curves of her asscheeks, prodding them a little to see how firm they were. By this time Myrna was praying they would buy her. The more she thought about being a slave to an old widow, the more she hated the idea. If she had to serve anyone as a slave, she would rather it be these two. Maybe they would be kind to her. They seemed new at it. Roberta didn’t seem too experienced. Myrna had found herself turned on a bit by the hungry way Roberta had looked at her cunt.

Now Ted spread Myrna’s asscheeks to have a brief look at her asshole. He said she seemed healthy enough. “We don’t want anyone who’s not healthy. She’s okay, isn’t she, Frank?”

Frank assured him Myrna was in good health. “Hell, you’re a doctor, you can see for yourself.”

Then Roberta spoke again and asked Frank if Myrna was really obedient. “Will she do everything?”

Frank assured her. “She’ll do anything you want.”

Roberta seemed reticent to do anything with Myrna in public. She looked at her husband and smiled. Ted said that if it was all right with Frank, he and his wife would like to have Myrna for an hour or so in private. “I suppose there’s a room we could use here.”

Frank told them which bedroom they could use. “You can take two hours if you want. Don’t worry about the time.”

The Colemans rose up and Ted took Myrna’s hand. He led Myrna out of the room with his wife following them. They walked down the hall to the bedroom Frank had offered, and when they were inside the room, Ted closed the door. “This is much better.”

Roberta sat down on the edge of the bed and looked around the room. It wasn’t much of a room and Roberta frowned at how dusty it was.

Ted smiled at Myrna and told her to undress. “It’s a pity we can’t take you home for a day or two, but I suppose this will be all right. They’ve both been drinking, haven’t they?”

Myrna nodded. She was thankful that Ted didn’t ask any more questions because she wasn’t sure she ought to say anything about Frank and Linda. When she had her dress off, she asked him if he wanted her to take her stockings off. Ted looked at his wife and Roberta said no, Myrna was all right the way she was.

Then Roberta said she wanted to see the pussy clamp again, and Myrna approached Roberta and moved her legs apart. Roberts seemed excited again as she looked at the clamp. “I can’t believe it doesn’t hurt.”

Myrna quivered. “I guess I’m used to it.” Roberta touched the clamp, pulled it out, the clamp pulling Myrna’s cuntlips with it. Roberta seemed fascinated by the extent to which she could pull out Myrna’s cuntlips.

Then Roberta’s fingers left the clamp and she raised her hand to one of Myrna’s tits. Myrna’s heart pounded as she leaned forward so the woman could fondle her tit. Roberta fingered Myrna’s long nipple and asked if Myrna had ever had them clamped. Myrna said yes and then Roberta pulled at Myrna’s tits with her whale hand and Myrna had to bend over even further. What Roberta wanted was to have Myrna’s nipple in her mouth, and Myrna was relieved when she realized it. The pulling at her tit had made her afraid Roberta wanted to hurt her. But instead what Roberta wanted was to suck at Myrna’s hanging tit.

Myrna held her tit in her hand and stuffed it inside Roberta’s mouth. She could sect Roberta trembling with excitement. She thought maybe it was Roberta’s first time with another woman. Or if it wasn’t her first time, maybe she was very new at it. The sucking was certainly nice. Myrna felt her pussy twitch as Roberta’s lips worked on her nipple. Then suddenly Roberta’s teeth closed down on Myrna’s long nipple and Myrna moaned as she felt the pain.

When Roberta finally pulled her mouth away, she licked her lips. “I like her tits.”

Her face was flushed and she was obviously turned on by Myrna. Roberta looked at Ted as she stroked Myrna’s tits. Ted was seated in a chair now, his cock out of his pants and his hand stroking his cockshaft. He suddenly rose up and unbuckled his belt. He dropped his pants and shorts down to his ankles and ordered Myrna to come to him.

When Myrna walked over to Ted, he smiled at her and whispered in her ear. He wanted her to suck his ass. Myrna quivered as she went down on her knees. She crouched behind him as Ted started talking to his wife about Myrna. “What do you think, honey?”

Roberta shrugged. “It’s up to you.”

Ted chuckled. “You’ve got to be more positive about it. If you want her, you’ve got to say so.”

“I just hope if I say yes I won’t be sorry.”

Ted was amused. He teased Roberta about her indecision. “It’s not the money, is it?”

Roberta shook her head. “No, it’s not the money. What is she doing to you now?”

“She’s kissing my ass.”

Myrna was now doing more than that. She was licking his asscrack. She hadn’t spread his asscheeks yet. She was just licking the crack as it was, nuzzling her face against it. Now she pried his asscheeks apart with her hands to expose his asshole. She lapped her tongue over his grommet and Ted groaned as he felt the tickling sensation. He made a sound in his throat and leaned forward. He told her to get her tongue inside his ass. Myrna quivered as she pressed her lips against his puckered shithole. She was sorry Roberta couldn’t see everything. She wondered if Roberta ever did this to Ted. For some reason she couldn’t imagine Roberta sucking Ted’s ass. Roberta didn’t seem the type.

Don’t think about her now, Myrna thought. She wanted Ted to enjoy what she was doing to him. She wanted very badly now to be bought by the Colemans. They would take her away from Frank and Linda and that would be an improvement.

Myrna tongued and sucked Ted’s asshole.

Myrna went down on the floor on her back. She moved her face under Roberta’s ass and Roberta spread her knees to make room for her. Roberta kept Ted’s cock in her mouth. She kept sucking him as Myrna sniffed at her crotch.

All Myrna did was sniff at her first. She discovered she liked Roberta. She liked her womanly smell. She could see Roberta’s hairy cuntlips pressed flat by the tight crotch of her pantyhose. Roberta’s pussy had been drizzling juice for some time arid her crotch was soaked with it.

Yes, I like it, Myrna thought. She liked sucking cunt. She liked smelling it and licking it and sucking it. She would rather have sex with a man, but a hot pussy was exciting. She was doubly happy now that she had chosen to be bought by the Colemans. She stopped sniffing Roberta’s cunt-smell and pressed her face more firmly against the woman’s crotch.

Roberta sighed as she settled her cunt down on Myrna’s upturned face. Myrna sucked Roberta’s cunt through the nylon of her pantyhose. Roberta wiggled around on Myrna’s face, rubbing her clit against Myrna’s nose and moaning around Ted’s cock because it felt so good. In the meantime Ted held his wife’s head with his hands as he fucked her face. He could see how Myrna had her face under Roberta’s ass and he smiled down at it. He liked watching Roberta with another woman. She was always so bashful about it, but she always enjoyed it.

Myrna lost herself in Roberta’s warm crotch. A good deal of cuntjuice had seeped through the nylon and Myrna was able to get some of it with her tongue and lips. She told herself she and Roberta had a special bond now.

Ted speeded up his fucking of his wife’s mouth. In a few moments he warned her he was about to come.

Roberta held on. She kept his cock-knob in her mouth as he shot off. She gulped as she swallowed his load. Then she sat down harder on Myrna’s face and squirmed around to get more friction on her clit.

Ted kept his cock in Roberta’s mouth until his balls were drained, and then he finished and pulled away from her and went to the bed. He lay down on the mattress with his cock hanging out of his fly and his eyes on the two women. He thought his wife looked especially beautiful now, the way she had her dress at her hips and her lovely ass slowly rolling around on Myrna’s face.

He wondered how much time they’d used up. Then he told himself the hell with it, the time didn’t matter.

Roberta remained on Myrna’s face. She began humping now, fucking Myrna’s face with her crotch. She maintained the rhythm, her eyes closed, moaning as she worked herself up to a climax. Then she came, shuddering and groaning, grinding her pussy against Myrna’s face as she went off. When the spasms were finished, Roberta giggled and started pissing through her pantyhose. She told Ted about it.

“I’m getting soaked,” Roberta said with a laugh.

Ted smiled and encouraged her. “You talked about doing it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” Roberta said. “Oh Ted, it’s fun!”

She was still pissing, her crotch still on Myrna’s upturned face. Myrna took the drenching. It turned her on now. She liked it when they pissed on her. She slid a hand down to her own crotch to finger her pussy. She frigged herself as Roberta continued pissing on her. It was coming out in dribbles now. Most of it was on Myrna, but a good deal of it was on Roberta’s thighs and all over her nylon-covered crotch.

Myrna was sure they would buy her now. She wondered what she’d be in for after they took her home. She was certain she hadn’t used all the kinks in Roberta yet. She hadn’t even seen Roberta naked yet. Would Roberta want her in a bathtub to shit on her? Myrna shuddered as she thought about it. Roberta seemed so sedate. She couldn’t imagine Roberta actually squatting over her to do something like that.

But she does a good job squatting to piss, Myrna thought. She decided Roberta would be like all the others. Roberta would shit on her slave just like all the others had.

Suddenly someone was pounding on the door. They heard Frank’s voice. He sounded frantic.

“Get out!” Frank yelled at them. “The FBI is here and you’d better run!”


It was late afternoon and Myrna hummed a tune as she carried the packages into the house. As she expected, Neal wasn’t home yet. She carried everything up to the bedroom and put the packages on the bed. She looked at the clock. She had an hour to get ready far him. He’d promised he’d be home by seven and now she prayed nothing would keep him at the office. Not tonight, she thought. She’d planned something special for tonight. Something exquisitely special.

She quickly stripped her clothes off, climbed into the shower and burned to jet her body fresh and clean again. She was already tingling with anticipation. You’re a horny bitch, she thought. How exciting it was. How marvelous it was to look forward to an evening with Neal like this.

Then finally she was out of the shower. She dried off with a large towel, wrapped the towel around her body and walked into the bedroom. What first? What the hell should she do first? Then she told herself to calm down. She had plenty of time.

She used the towel to dry up a few more wet spots on her body and then she tossed it away. She wanted heels. She always felt sexier when she wore high heels. After rummaging in the closet, she pulled out a pair of high-heeled mules and slipped them on. She walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. She full-length briefly cupped her tits in her hands and then dropped her hands down to her hips. She turned to look at the curve of her ass. Well, she still had it. Not an ounce of fat. The body was still there the fruity tits and the full ass and the lovely legs. Nothing the worse for wear. All those weeks and weeks of horrible things happening to her, but she still looked good.

She hurried away now to do her make-up at her dressing table. She worked on her face nearly a half hour, and then when she was finished she put some lipstick on her nipples. Just a touch to make them stand out even more. Mostly because it made her feel sexier. She ran her fingers between her cuntlips and then brought the fingers to her nose to sniff at them. Hot pussy, little girl. Oh, yes, she was hot, all right. She fought off the urge to give herself a climax. Save it for Neal, she thought. She’d get her clit stroked plenty tonight.

After that she went to the bed to unwrap the packages she’d brought home from downtown. Out came three different lingerie sets. And some bondage items.

Myrna quivered as she looked at the stuff. Wrist-cuffs and a leather collar and a ball-gag and some other things. She put on a black leather garter belt first. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled on a pair of black nylons, smoothing the nylon over her long legs, pulling them tight at the tops and attaching the straps of the garter belt. She slipped the mules back on and went to look at her legs in the full length mirror. She smiled at what she saw.

Then she decided she could do better than the mules. She decided she’d wear pumps. She found the black pumps with the five-inch heels and put them on. Yes, that was much better. Very sexy. She felt happy as she went to get the other things she wanted. Her pussy was already wet even as she was getting ready for him.

Ten minutes later she heard the front door opening and she went down to meet Neal.

“Hello, darling.” They smiled as they greeted each other, and then she moved into his arms and they kissed. Yes, this was what she wanted. Frank and all the others were in jail and now she was back with Neal and a new life. She pressed against him. Then she pulled back and offered to fix the drinks while he showered. “But you won’t be long, will you?”

He smiled at her. “No more than five minutes.”

She turned some music on as he left and she went to the bar to make the drinks. Then she stopped before she was doing and she went down to the hall mirror to look at her legs in the nylons. Yes, she liked them. She pulled the bottom part of her robe open to expose her thighs above the tops of her stockings. Finally she untied the belt of the robe end opened it all the way. Now she had the whole effect. Nylons and panties and garter belt and the mounds of her tits in her bra. The bra had holes to show her nipples. The panties had no crotch. She wore a gold ring through one cuntlip, the ring clearly visible at the top of her slit. The sheer black nylons were pulled tight on her thighs by the garter straps. She flicked one of her nipples back and forth with a fingertip. She was afraid to touch her pussy because she knew she would find it soaked, and once she touched herself there she’d go on with it and just make herself more crazy. Crazy hot. Myrna, control yourself, she thought.

She went back to the bar to finish making the drinks and before long Neal was back. He was wearing a robe now. He came behind her and stroked her ass through the wrapper. She giggled with delight and swayed her ass against his hand. Then she handed him his drink and they toasted each other.

“To us, darling,” Neal said.

They looked at each other’s eyes and smiled as they sipped their drinks.

Then Myrna put her drink down. She untied her robe, slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

She watched his face. She saw the heat in his eyes as he looked at her body.

He pursed his lips and whistled softly. “Jesus, Myrna!”

“Do you like it?”

“That ring down there.”

“It’s pure gold.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It’s like an earring, silly. It goes right through. I had a time finding a place where they do it, but once I was there the whole thing took about three minutes.”

Pretending she needed something at the bar, she deliberately turned to show him her ass. She hoped she could get her butt on his mind tonight. They’d been doing nothing but straight fucking since she’d got back and tonight she was in the mood to get her back door unhinged. Frank the cop had been theist one. Neal’s cock wasn’t as big as Frank’s, but it was nice enough and her shit-tube was aching for it. He’d get her ass after the surprise, of course. She glanced at the cock and saw that it was almost time. Another twenty minutes or so.

She turned to face Neal again. Without saying a word, she knelt on the rug in front of him.

She opened his robe and pushed it aside to reveal his dangling cock and bars.

She touched him lightly at first. His cock was already thick with his excitement and she could see it twitching now as she touched it. She ran her fingers along the tube of his cockshaft as it slowly lengthened. Then her fingertips moved over his solid ball-bag. She took hold of his nuts and pulled gently at them, jiggling them on her fingers, her middle finger grazing just once over his hairy asshole to tease him. She knew all about men now. She knew what turned them upside down and inside out.

She dropped her right hand down to her crotch and ran her fingers through her pussy to get them wet. Then her hand went back to his balls, her fingers on the leathery skin, her fingers sliding under his balls to find his asshole. He groaned as she slowly slid her middle finger inside his hot grommet.

Another first tonight. Her finger in his ass. She moved the finger gently, using the other fingers to grip his ball-bag. He had such big swollen nuts tonight. She thought of all the goodies in there, all that lovely hot jism.

She squeezed his balls, screwed her finger slowly in and out of his ass as she pressed her nose against the tip of his cock.

Then she moved his cock up with the other hand, her fingers pushing at the underside until she had his knob at her lips. Neal groaned as she opened her mouth and took him in. She closed her lips over his fat knob and started sucking it.

“Oh, yeah, suck it,” he said, his chest heaving.

It wasn’t the first time since her return home. But after all the years during which she wouldn’t do it, fucking his cock now was an event. She did it slowly. She wet his cock-knob with saliva, rolled her tongue around his cockflesh as her fingers toyed with his dangling balls.

Before long his cock was at full length and she stopped sucking it to admire it. She ran her fingers along the underside of his rod. “God, I love your prick,” she said.

He smiled down at her. “And it loves you, honey.”

“Get naked, Neal.”

He slipped his robe off and dropped a on the sofa. He stood before her naked. Now he was both lover and husband to her. She closed her lips over the tip of his prick again. Just the tip, half his cockhead in her mouth. She felt the heat of it. Tightening her lips, she bit him lightly, pressed her teeth into the spongy flesh of his knob. He had such a nicely shaped prick, the knob like a helmet, the rim flaring out, his cockhead pink and swollen now. She ran her tongue over the soft flesh on the underside of his cockhead. Then she took all of his knob in her mouth, kept he lips behind the rim of his cockhead as she sucked on it.

He stroked her head. “That’s good, honey. Suck the tip like that. Oh yeah, that’s good. You’ve got me as hard as a rock. Come on now, take some more. Open, baby, open your mouth to my cock.”

His sexy talk drove her wild. She soon moved her mouth from his cock to his balls. Her hands pulled at him to get him to turn around. This was something she hadn’t done yet. Not to Neal. When he had his back to her, she pressed her face to his ass. Then she bent low to lick his balls from behind. He chuckled as he moved his legs apart to make room for her head. “Yeah, suck those balls, baby.”

She made love to his hanging ball-bag. Then she moved back and spread his asscheeks with her hands and looked at his hairy asshole. Her husband’s asshole. She’d never even thought about Neal’s asshole before she’d been kidnapped by Frank the cop. She gazed at the puckered brown ring, at the curled hairs than ran around it and all over his asscrack, at the seam that ran into his ball-bag. She thought of all the assholes she’d looked at recently. Looked at and sucked. Usually when she’d sucked them they weren’t clean. She’d never grown used to the smell and taste of shit and she still hated it. But Neal’s shitter looked as clean as could be. She teased him by blowing on it. He chuckled as he wagged his ass at her. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Right now I’m just looking.”

“Okay, it’s free.”

“What do they call it when a girl kisses a man’s ass?”

Neal snickered! “I think they call that love.”

“Kissing and licking.”

“That’s even better.”

“And what about sucking?”

“That’s the best, baby.”

“Ever done it before?”

“Before we were married.”

She leaned forward and tongued his asscrack. She teased him by avoiding his asshole. He shuddered and groaned as he felt her tongue in the crack of his ass. Finally she gave him what he wanted. She licked his bunghole. She lapped her tongue back and forth over his shitter. Then she pushed her tongue inside his ass. She fucked his ass with her tongue, flipping it in and out, twirling it around inside and outside the puckered ring of his shiner.

Finally she pulled her face away from his ass and she rose up. She went to an armchair and she bent over it, her knees on the cushion and her ass offered to Neal.

He made a sound of approval as he moved behind her. “Christ, you’re beautiful, Myrna.”

She asked him if be liked the way she sucked his ass. “Get to you?”

“I loved it.”

“You can fuck me there if you want.”

“You mean it?”

“I want it, Neal.”

“Okay, but later. We’ve got time for other things too.”

“We’ve got all the time in the world.”

“Open your cunt with your fingers. Pull it wide open.”

She ran her hands around her ass, grabbed her cuntlips with her fingers and pulled them apart. Her pussy was wide open, suddenly cooled by the air.

“Tell me what you see,” she said. Neal snickered. “What I see is a wide-open cunt. I can see all the way inside the hole. A red fuckhole with lots of hot juice inside.”

Myrna quivered with excitement. He stroked her ass now as she pulled her hands away from her pussy. He fingered her cuntlips, tugging gently at the gold ring. Then she felt hit a knob at her cunthole. She groaned as be pushed in, her ass swaying as he slowly drove his cock up her cunt-channel.

He fucked her slowly, his cock sliding in and out, his hands squeezing her butt. She loved it, but now she was worried about the surprise she had for him and she asked him what time it was. “Is it eight o’clock yet?”

Neal snorted. “Who cares? We’re not going anywhere. Anyway, you’re right, it’s almost eight o’clock.”

“I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

He questioned her, but she wouldn’t tell him. She said he’d find out soon enough. She enjoyed the mystery, enjoyed the puzzlement in his voice as he tried to get her to tell him what the surprise was.

“You’re teasing me,” he said. “There’s no surprise.”

“Oh yes there is. And maybe it’ll knock you off your feet, too.”

“Jesus, Myrna, why don’t you tell me?”

“I said you’ll find out soon enough,” she said with a giggle. “Anyway, why don’t you concentrate on my pussy now?”

So he stated fucking her again. She reached underneath to grab his balls and held onto them while he drove his cock in and out of her cunt. His nuts felt bloated. They’d fucked that very morning, and now here he was with a tankful again like a teenage stud. Their marriage had certainly been turned around by her kidnapping.

Then suddenly the front doorbell rang and Neal cursed and pulled his cock out of Myrna’s cunt. Myrna chuckled and said he should let her get the door. She slipped into her robe and left him sitting on the sofa.

Neal watched her go. He sat there waiting for her, annoyed at the interruption. He told himself a man shouldn’t be interrupted when he was fucking his wife. And what a piece she was now. When she bent over like that with her ass in the air it drove him crazy. His cock twitched as he thought about fucking her ass later on. Up the old dirt road. Oh yes, he could go for that.

Then he heard the front door close. He assumed someone had been selling something or a neighbor wanting something and that would get rid of them and return to him. But when he looked up, he saw Myrna standing there with another woman and Myrna was smiling at him. “This is Karen, Neal.”

He was speechless. She was a blonde and very beautiful. Myrna explained that she’d met Karen recently and invited her to the house. She smiled at Karen and slipped her arm around Karen’s waist. Amazed, Neal watched his wife move her free hand to Karen’s tits. Myrna fondled Karen’s the through the blonde’s blouse. Then she unbuttoned the first button of the blouse and told Karen to make herself comfortable.

Karen did it. She smiled at Neal as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. Neal sat there frozen, afraid to say a word for fear the girl would suddenly disappear and he would discover it was all a mirage.

Karen unhooked her bra and carefully draped it over her blouse on the back of the chair. She was less certain now. She blushed as she faced them. Her tits were gorgeous.

Myrna looked at Karen and smiled. Then she [missing text].

“She’s pretty, isn’t she?”

Neal nodded. “She’s a knockout.” Myrna giggled at the look on Neal’s face and moved closer to Karen. She covered one of the blonde’s boobs with her hand. Then she took hold of the nipple with her fingers. She pinched and twisted. Karen groaned and sobbed and suddenly fell to her knew.

The blonde begged Myrna not to hurt her.

Myrna sneered at her and told her not to be ta fool.

Neal was shocked as he sat there watching them.

Then Myrna ordered the blonde to get all her clothes off. Karen obediently rose to her feet, unhooked her skirt and stepped out of it. Then she peeled off her pantyhose, pulled the nylon off her legs and tossed it away. She stood there naked, her face flushed as she waited for Myrna’s instructions.

Myrna told the girl to kneel on one of the armchairs and Karen did it. The blonde bent over the back of the chair to show them her cunt from the rear. Myrna told her to stay like that. “Keep your legs apart.”

Then Myrna went to the kitchen and in a moment she was back with a bottle of corn oil. Neal groaned as he watched Myrna pour some of the oil into Karen’s asscrack.

Myrna giggled as she oiled the girl’s pink asshole. She looked at Neal and smiled. “She likes to be hurt. I think the more she’s hurt, the better she likes it. When you fuck her ass, don’t hold back. Mmmmm, what a tight little shithole she has.”

Myrna shoved two fingers inside the blonde’s ass and worked them around. Then Myrna told Neal to come over and get his cock in Karen’s ass.

“My little surprise,” Myrna said with a chuckle.

Neal rose up, filled with amazement and excitement at his new wife. He dropped his robe and moved behind Karen to fondle her ass. Myrna directed his cock, positioning his knob at Karen’s hole.

The blonde groaned as Neal pushed his prick inside her ass. He kept pushing until he had all his cock in her shit-tube. He looked down at the way her pink asshole was stretched like a rubber band around the shaft of his prick. He started fucking her, his hands holding her hips. His cock sliding in and out of her gaping shithole.

Myrna was satisfied. She moved behind Neal and crouched down to get her face against his ass. She spread his asscheeks and began lapping his hole as he groaned in response.

Myrna quivered with happiness, her tongue working inside his hot ass as he fucked the blonde girl. Maybe next time she’d find a redhead for them. There’s tomorrow and tomorrow, Myrna thought. She moaned against Neal’s ass as she thought of all the fun they were going to have.

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